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Air Date: Aug. 12, 2007
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This is going to be a very important broadcast today.
We've got a lot of important news that's been developing in the last few days and weeks.
The picture of global tyranny forming is becoming even
We have a completely jam-packed show today.
In fact, I don't even know if we can even take phone calls.
I know I'll pick a few this hour and a few next.
But I do hope that of the six or seven subjects I've got, you do call in on one of those.
We don't screen your calls, but sometimes I do ask that you talk about one of the topics I raise and I bring up.
And there's a lot of them here.
I have really ten different stacks here.
One of them is what's happening with the economy, and it is thick.
Cracks may appear in Manhattan apartment market.
That's the strongest in the country.
And then you go on and read in Reuters, they say it's already happening.
Milk prices rise to record highs.
That's always a key indicator of massive inflation.
There was over $200 billion U.S.
dollars pumped in in the last two weeks to try to hold up the stock market.
And over $300 billion converted into U.S.
dollars over in Europe alone trying to shore up the stock markets.
And it's not just the subprime and the arms and those type of problem mortgages, it's the jumbos, it's all of them.
We'll be talking about that and trying to put in the layman's terms, but I've been doing hours and hours of study on this.
So we've got a big stack of news there.
Also, Congressman Ron Paul showed up number 5th in the
I don't know.
Well, routinely, presidential candidates don't, quote, compete and go campaign in the Iowa Straw Poll.
There were more than ten people on the Straw Poll, and Ron Paul came in fifth.
And that's with, as was predicted, Diebold Optical Scan System fails in Iowa, GOP Straw Poll.
Now, I even heard Fox News last night on the station I'm broadcasting out of, that I broadcast from, it's a syndicated show, but then I am, the mothership as I call it, the Kelby J590, was listening last night, driving back into work,
And I heard Fox News admit, well, they said there would be problems with the Bible machines, and there were.
And it wasn't just one system that crashed, it was a bunch of them.
Very, very suspicious, so we'll be going over that a little bit today.
We're having a little debate coming up in the third hour, third hour, second hour.
I do three hours weekdays, so I think of it as the last hour.
In the last hour, coming up next hour,
They wanted me in studio, and I just couldn't do it because I'm in the last week of finishing my new film, Endgame.
That'll be out nationwide in October, and so I'm working about 18 hours a day on that, literally, so I couldn't go to San Antonio, but that doesn't matter.
I debated him via telephone.
He was in the studios of KENS5CBS in San Antonio, and I had no idea what a powerful neocon this guy is.
He literally has written a book on much of the new military law and new stuff on, well, you name it, that we've all been hearing and seeing.
And he was telling me how wonderful PDD 51 was.
And that we're not in danger of losing our freedom.
But we do have to give up some, because the Al-Qaeda is going to be getting us.
He was a special forces lawyer, first assigned to special forces, all over the world, and did all these interesting things, and did a lot of research on him.
He didn't tell me who I was debating until last night.
And then I did a couple hours of research on him in between telling the editors what to do on the film.
Very nice boy.
I don't have the time to get into him.
We're not going to spend too much time about him.
He's just going to be debating me about some issues coming up.
But before I went any further and got into the other news that is coming up, I wanted to let you know that they've also been planning for a long time to reinstate the draft.
And they've got two different bills introduced consecutively for the last five years.
And they're always saying, though, when you criticize it, it doesn't exist.
Kind of like, Amnesty didn't exist, or the North American Union doesn't exist, or they weren't spying on you domestically, then they got caught and it was illegal, so they have Congress retroactively pass a law saying there's no Fourth Amendment.
Then they lie and say it's just for overseas calls.
You can read the bill, it's for domestic.
No more Fourth.
You know, that was even in the headline of the Drugs Report in the AP.
Just no more warrants.
I mean, America is a changing country.
And they try to put perfume on a pig.
It's not working.
But I wanted to play a few minutes.
This is from my film.
We got this from the Congressional Archives.
This was back before C-SPAN.
And this is in the mid-1980s.
This is Oliver North being grilled.
And Congressman Jack Brooks brings up the FEMA camps.
Because that came out in Rex 84.
How they were going to either stage terror attacks or have illegal aliens riot.
Boy, they don't change their tune, do they?
And then bring in martial law, and how they were quietly trying to federalize things.
Now back then, they didn't have the muscle to do it.
Now it's in place.
I mean, we broke the news last year, and it's since made major news in the mainline press, that they've recruited 13,000 plus prominent preachers to tell their parishioners to turn their guns in when the government says, and to submit and go to the FEMA camps.
See, this war on terror, and that even came out in the John Warner Defense Authorization Act.
Go read the text.
It says, for any insurrection or rebellion or resistance to the government.
All this anti-terror stuff is for you.
Because if you throw a fit when they tell you the dollar's worth toilet paper, or not even toilet paper,
I mean, worthless.
You won't be able to buy toilet paper with it.
When they tell you they destroyed your country, they think you're going to throw a fit.
Then they're going to send some special ops to gun you down the streets.
And they don't want you complaining about that before they pull it, okay?
You're going into slavery.
We're all going into it, unless we speak up and get involved.
By the way, if you type martial law into Google,
Most of the top links are my videos and articles I've written.
I mean, we've been talking about this forever.
Because you see, I discovered the official federal documents, and then I went to urban warfare drills, and I went and interviewed police chiefs like Allie Phillips in San Antonio, when Delta Force showed up with bags of cash trying to bribe him.
And I interviewed Lt.
Beck, the head of the Travis County SWAT team, when they came and visited him.
A year before they visited him, I said, you're going to get a visit.
And he laughed at me.
He was a Marine Corps sniper, Vietnam, pilot decorated.
He said, that's illegal.
There's no Delta Force, Alex.
And they're not involved.
And all of a sudden, he called me in his office.
He said, it's all true.
I can't tell you a lot of them.
They were here.
My God, here's their card.
They want it.
Oh, my God.
And then I talked to the head of emergency management in Kingsville, Thomas Sanchez, another Vietnam vet.
They let him see PDD 25.
They said, we're going to be taking over and taking the guns.
We need you to work with us.
I mean, that's what these guys are doing.
So of course I've been running around freaking out.
I said they're going to use terror to bring in the police state.
I read Rand Corporation and FEMA documents and a lot of this is public.
And CFR documents.
Do we have time to play this one and a half minute clip before we go to break or we don't?
Okay, let's go ahead and roll this.
This is Congressman Jack Brooks.
This is where they bring up martial law and he's told you're not allowed... A congressman's not allowed to talk about this.
Here it is.
Colonel North, in your work at the NSC,
Were you not assigned at one time to work on plans for the continuity of government in the event of a major disaster, Mr. Chairman?
I believe that question touches upon a highly sensitive and classified area, so may I request that you not touch upon that, sir.
I was particularly concerned, Chairman, because
I read in Miami Papers and several others that there had been a plan developed by that same agency, a contingency plan in the event of an emergency that would suspend the American Constitution.
And I was deeply concerned about it and wondered if that was the area in which he had worked.
I most respectfully request that that matter not be touched upon at this stage.
All right.
If we wish to get into this... All right, back it up about 20 seconds.
We come backward for the rest of the clip.
And I'm just setting the table for this debate in the next hour.
Okay, and I know he's listening down in San Antonio right now, so we'll see if this Jeffrey Atticott still shows up.
Let me just tell the military and everybody else something.
This is our republic, and if you think you're going to take it down,
And if you think you're taking over, you've got another thing coming.
Real Americans will defend this republic 110% and we know what's going on.
Mama didn't raise no fool.
We know who's behind the terror as well.
We'll be right back.
It's here!
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It is the 12th day of August, 2007.
Now, we're going back into the mid-1980s.
Oliver North's been grilled.
The chairman of the House and Senate committee, they were both meeting together, tells Jack Brooks from Texas, the congressman, you can't see any of these plans, you can't talk about them publicly.
If you want to, we'll make arrangements in executive session.
That's because he wasn't on the High Security Committee.
Now, a hundred years ago, our congressmen could all see the material.
They were in the government.
They were elected by the people.
It was separate.
Then the executive, after World War II, started saying, well, we might let you see and grab the power.
And then now, I have the AP.
I have the Oregonian right here in front of me.
And it says that DeFazio asked, but he's denied access.
The Congressman wanted to see government plans for after terror attack, was told no.
And he's on the Homeland Security Board Committee.
Since this happened and was in the press July 20th, now the whole committee's asked and the committee chairman's asked and been told no.
Because PDD 51 and the re-issuance of Executive Order 20 by Bush says you're not in continuity with government.
And that doesn't mean the executive.
It's got some flowery language in there about that.
Now, this is for the executive.
But it also says the other branches.
Judicial, legislative.
That's the courts and Congress, folks.
And if you really read, even the Federalist Papers agree, but the Anti-Federalist Papers are certainly clear.
Congress, because it has a greater separation of powers, and has more members that represent the people, is really superior to the Executive, and then Judicial is beneath that.
Executive, though, really since the Civil War, has become preeminent, but that's illegitimate.
I mean, they can argue, well, we've got new powers because Lincoln got them, but that's like saying, uh, courts once said that black people weren't human beings and we're two-thirds human.
I reject that argument, and I have the organic law of a free human being to say no to the tyrant.
Now, there have been hundreds of civilizations, and there have been thousands of empires, because there have been many hundreds of empires per region of the world over the years.
Sometimes there would be an empire of a few months.
Think Mexico, it had many incarnations of kings and emperors and Austrian kings running it, just in its history.
But there have been, I could say, hundreds, if not thousands, of different empires and elites throughout
History Review added them all up together.
And generally the military builds up and then the generals just start taking over.
That usually happens when some political leader like Julius Caesar comes in and takes his troops into Rome, takes his troops into Italy, crosses the Rubicon in the north, brings the men out of Austria, brings the men out of Germania, brings the men out of Gaul, and just says, hey man, I got the troops, shut up, I'm taking over, it's for your security.
And then you see the decline of Rome from that point on, and that's what's happening here.
And they can have all these bought-and-paid poor troops and JAG officers and propagandists come out and tell us, well, the President can order torture if he wants, but it's not torture, because they say, we've redefined torture, because the President can redefine what that is.
We can kill someone.
Their heart can stop, and it's not torture.
I mean, these are the memos.
I have them here today.
And I want to give our friend who's coming up to debate with us next hour a chance to hear me.
You know, lay out all my cards.
See, I can lay my cards out because I have royal flushes.
I have all these audio clips and all these videos and all these documents and I'm just waiting in them here.
Just, just, just waiting in it.
I'm not bought and paid for by Fort Bragg.
And again, patriotism.
A lot of Romans got fooled.
They saw Caesar with the troops.
They said, well, that must be Rome.
Okay, take over.
And it all began.
And just a few decades later, the Senators were grabbing and killing each other and stealing each other's lands themselves.
This system breaking down is not good even for the elite.
Which is why a lot of elites are now getting really upset about what's happening.
They're saying, this is destabilizing.
We don't need this.
The people are already slaves.
Why are you being so aggressive?
And it's because, well, the elite says, we want to fully have our way with them.
Which is what they always do.
So the decline is happening, and my point about history is, in the majority of cases in history, the vast majority, liberty is this rare jewel that only came along one time in 6,000 years.
The Founding Fathers said that.
And miracles do not often cluster.
And it happened here, and now it's being flushed down the toilet!
One of my biggest pieces of evidence, of thousands, is Tommy Frank's.
I know he was still on government payroll.
Remember three years ago you heard about billions in fake news and billions in fake newscasts and all this fake news had been bought and fake radio and fake TV and reporters had been bought to go out and pitch different programs?
And the media, the control press did what it does best, it diverted, it lied by distraction.
They focused in on Armstrong Williams, $240-something thousand a year to go push a federal program and to act like he's for it.
But it was thousands of reporters that were paid.
And most of it for military, domestically.
Now folks, when the Pentagon's domestically propagandizing, and putting up fake blogs, and buying fake newscasts, and buying reporters, that's called high treason.
It's not just a violation of posse commentatus.
It's not just a violation of any basic canon of a free society.
And Tommy Franks, man, I saw him on Fox, CNN, everywhere, going, it's real sad, but the people are gonna want it.
Because he couldn't come out and say it was a good thing, he had to pitch it this way.
It's real sad, but it's what's gonna happen.
I'm afraid we're going to set aside the Constitution for a military form of government after the next big attack.
It's what the people want.
And I went on there and I said, that guy is on payroll.
Guess what?
This is after he left Iraq for six months in 2003.
And guess who was right?
It later came out in mainstream news, he was being paid $455,000 a year to go on television and call for martial law.
Just unbelievable evil.
Unspeakable un-American wickedness.
Go back to the clip before we run out of time.
Now here is Jack Brooks being told to shut up by Senator Inouye, still in the Senate, being told to shut up and to not bring up the martial law.
Here it is.
American Constitution, and I was deeply concerned about it, and wondering if that was the area in which he had worked.
Yeah, I most respectfully request that that matter not be touched upon at this stage.
If we wish to get into this, uncertain arrangements can be made for an executive session.
And tragically, the only member who got close was Jack Brooks, and he was stopped by the chairman.
But the truth of the matter is that, yes, you do have the standby provisions, and the plans are there, and the statutory emergency plans are there, whereby
Uh, you could, in the name of, uh, stopping terrorism, apprehend, invoke the military, in times of passion, and in times of great fear, what to the, uh, eyes of the person and the mind of a person in time of relative peace and stability seem impossible, become very real, very logical, very possible.
That is from my film that I made in 1996, put out in 97.
My first film, America Destroyed by Design.
There's the archive footage, there's the interview with Henry B. Gonzalez, now deceased.
His son has the same seat in San Antonio.
Now there's my first film!
Now what do you hear about?
Now, now, now, here's the difference.
Back then, congressmen, because you hadn't had the legislative destroyed and turned into a puppet, nothing but a shill, a viceroy of the imperial presidency.
Back then, it turned out Jack Brooks had actually seen it all and knew about it, but he couldn't say he'd seen it, he had to say, oh, I saw it in the paper.
See, that's the difference to get the stuff out.
Now, the Homeland Security Committee.
The chairman wants to see it.
They're told, no, the executive runs you, and you're not allowed to see it.
Well, we've already reverse-engineered it, and we know what's in it.
We're going to tell you what's in it later.
They want the National Draft.
I've got a bunch of other news.
We'll cover that when we get back, and a lot more, and take some calls.
We've got Luke Rodowski coming up as well, too.
Stay with us.
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Yes, the Republic is fading away in front of all of us.
Foreign corporations have completely bought up our government, our politicians, our debt.
The Bill of Rights and Constitution, which truly is the heart and soul of the country, is warmed, eaten through and through.
And new armies of bureaucrats and agents are being spilled out upon us to eat out our substance.
Go read the Declaration of Independence and ask yourself if we're not living that.
I know we have callers from Tampa, Florida, Ohio, Florida, Corpus Christi, Texas, all over the place.
And look, I want to get to you, but it's days like these I could talk for the whole show
About how they're engineering this credit crunch, how they are by design doing this.
I mean, it's not just me saying it.
I interviewed twice the Nobel Prize winner, former chief economist, World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz, who quit a few years ago because they were planning to engineer all this.
But again, the very people that are engineering it all are now going to sit up there as your saviors, and they'll put talking heads up on TV to tell you how they've got a new solution, which only puts your neck that much more in the noose.
It's about consolidation.
It's about control.
The private banks issue the currencies worldwide.
They issue it and design it to create bubbles, to get you overextended, to get real assets, and to blow out real estate and the middle class, which they've done a great job of destroying.
It's almost gone now.
I'm already digressing.
We've got him trying to cheat Ron Paul.
He still came out number 5th beating Giuliani and McCain and of course Fred Thompson in the Iowa Straw Poll.
Very important news.
I want to get into the market and the currency and everything else.
This is really some huge news right here.
When Bill Clinton was about to leave office, 6 months before, he called for a congressional
uh... body to both houses to look at the military and they had a commission and they said we need a draft but we need to call it this is all public but they know you don't read they said we need to call it national service and then we'll have a corps where the women will serve here or in support roles and I want to be called the military like a new giant compulsory uh... you know secure corps as a division of ameriCorps this is like
Discozy, you know, like this Nazi class of tattletales and high schoolers will run checkpoints.
He started pilot programs of that and kids in gray uniforms out helping the cops.
I mean, you know, National Night Out is kind of the Campbell's Dozen of the Tent Flap, getting you introduced to all this.
And they say it all!
I mean, imagine if you'd go read all this, you'd see them talking about the destruction of this country while the border stays wide open and the illegal aliens are above the law and they're told to release them and they give them bank loans without ID cards.
I mean, it's just, again, the war on terror is a fraud.
That's AP.
It's about keeping you, the cattle, in line.
That's what all this is for, ladies and gentlemen.
So, then they start introducing different bills.
Rangel puts in a bill, other bills are put in.
The Pentagon starts saying, we need it.
Four years ago, they reformed the draft boards, gave them massive funding, more than triple their funding.
Draft board heads start saying, yeah, we're told the draft's coming again.
I mean, oh no, no, no, no, no.
Then I talk to people in the military.
They say, yeah, we're told it's coming after the next terror attack.
Which, of course, conveniently will happen whenever they're ready.
And then Bush is giving a speech.
He goes, there's going to be a draft.
You can be sure of that.
And he goes, I mean, no draft, no draft.
You know, he messed up.
But the funny thing is, when you can tell they're really going to do something, every time we cover this, they then come out and say, you're insane, no one has said that, there's not even bills introduced, it doesn't exist.
Just like the amnesty bill, we found out it was the biggest amnesty ever, and five years of no taxes and aggravated violent felons were going to be legalized, and we got the bill, which they tried to keep secret, now Congress tries to keep bills secret, which says, we promise it's not an amnesty!
So, so you know they're planning it when they then lie about it.
If they just said, yeah, those are dumb bills, they're not going to pass,
You know, this session, you know, then it'd be one thing.
But when they start saying it doesn't exist, which they've been doing, you've all heard them, then you know that is major alarms go off.
That, ooh, that's a bad sign.
Well, here's Associated Press.
Okay, now, this is how their propaganda works.
They'll say they're going to do it, or say it's a good idea, or say, well, maybe we should have it, or, well, we need something like a draft where you've got to serve, but we won't call it a draft.
I've got Fox and CNN pundits saying that.
They're selling you on it, but they're not wanting to form oppositions.
They go, yeah, we need it, but no, it doesn't exist.
This is AP.
Bush War Advisor says draft worth a look.
Frequent tours of U.S.
forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have stressed the all-volunteer force.
I thought, they said it wasn't, I thought four or five tours was good for troops.
And made it worth considering a return to a military draft.
President Bush's new War Advisor said Friday.
I think it makes sense to certainly consider it.
Army Lieutenant General Douglas Lute wants to loot America, let me tell you.
Said in an interview, loot our young people's blood for their fraud.
The military doesn't work for us anymore, folks.
The average person that joins us is a good person.
I know they mean well, but Thomas Barnett, the head of the Naval War College, said on C-SPAN, and I've talked to him,
As I said, we work for the global banks.
We work for the New World Order.
I mean, just not your government, not your Congress, not your media.
I mean, let's get that straight.
It's been hijacked.
You know, like if hijackers hijack a plane, it doesn't belong to American Airlines anymore?
Or Lufthansa?
Or LL?
Well, if your government gets hijacked, let's use a childlike analogy for the public school educated folks like myself out there.
Emperor Palpatine isn't legitimate in Revenge of the Sith.
He's bad.
He's not the government.
Hitler got elected, but then hijacked dictatorial power afterwards.
See, he wasn't legitimate.
Government isn't God.
You're not patriotic by worshipping the government.
You're patriotic by knowing what your Bill of Rights and Constitution is and defending it.
Bush War Advisor says, draft worth a look.
I think it makes sense to certainly consider it, Army Lieutenant General Douglas Lutz said in an interview with National Public Radio's All Things Considered, and I can tell you that this has always been an option on the table.
I thought it was never on the table!
That Bush is said off the table!
Well, you better believe it's the opposite.
But ultimately this is a policy matter between meeting the demands of the nation's security and one that means another.
Lute added in his first interview since he was confirmed in the Senate in June, President Nixon abolished the draft in 1973.
Okay, they've set up the draft boards, they're getting ready for it.
And just as soon as somebody flips the switch and the globalist dirty bombers set off a nuke or pull off another one of their ops, just Google Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin now admitted to be staged,
The NATO option, our special forces all over Europe carrying out bomb attacks, blaming it on their political enemies, that's now declassified.
I mean, I'm not just going to sit here and put up with it anymore.
They admit Kermit Roosevelt staged terror attacks to blame it on Iran in 53.
Overthrew that government doing that.
I mean, I'm not going to sit here while they pull this dirty CIA overthrow business in my country so your big fat banker owners can loot the daylights out of us!
Well, we do what we do, because we read Machiavelli when we graduated from the Sequel Special Ops, and it's the end justifies the means, and we gotta, you know, 3,000 die, or we, or America loses its edge in global supremacy, and then the other evil takes over.
We're just gonna go ahead and plant the explosives in the buildings and do what's needed.
See, it's that, it's that idea, and then you go, and then now, now what's in the news?
I'll talk to Luke Rudowsky about this when we come back and then I'll try to get to some of your calls here.
I'm sure you've heard they've had a senator, a former senator, a top neocon, Republican Party head in a major state, now two states, internal Republican memos, now confirmed, we were reporting on it two years ago, now confirmed.
And they say they want another 9-11 and it will be good for America.
In fact, let's play that first Fox News clip where they're defending, where they're defending, where they're defending the Philadelphia news writer who put this out.
But all he's doing is putting out the Republican memo of two years ago that they need an attack.
Funny, man, Al-Qaeda does what they need.
Every time they need Al-Qaeda to give a speech or something.
Every time they put out new terror alerts, new Al-Qaeda videos come out right on time, too.
I mean, this is just magical.
And then, Wired Magazine's computer experts looked at the latest videos being released.
It turned out that Al-Qaeda watermarks are being put on the same time as the Intel Center, which is run by a former CIA high-level operative.
That's just, oh, it's no big deal.
I mean, the government loves you.
It's very legitimate.
The Federal Reserve is very legitimate.
Everything's just wonderful.
PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.com, JonesReport.com are the websites.
If we expose state-sponsored terror, we can stop it.
Government-sponsored terror.
Inside job terror.
If we expose who's running the implosion of the economy, we can stop them.
And if we expose who's trying to start another war, we can stop it.
This is life and death, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
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He's Alex Jones.
On another issue, they passed a horrible gun control bill a few months ago federally.
They're trying to pass a new one now for federalization of our local communities.
I just heard a local promo over the local station on News Radio 590KLBJ.
And they were talking about the Texas legislature.
They've got guns in their desk.
Give them machine guns!
That's the whole point of liberty and freedom in a society.
Don't take our guns, you can have yours!
That's what it's all about.
And yes, I've actually seen the crime statistics from the 1800s, and there was much lower levels of crime.
When you had everybody basically wearing a gun on their head, people were very polite, too.
It's fiction that there was all this killing and shooting and murdering.
Now, there were a few border regions where there were high crime rates, but that mean crime rate, that'd be the
Indians and the Native Americans and the settlers killing each other.
But I'm already digressed here.
We got Luke Radowsky on the line.
I said I'd play this Fox clip.
I've actually got two of these.
They're up on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com right now.
This guy came out and he said we need another 9-11.
That was the headline.
To save America, we need another 9-11.
Now, what's scary about this is, and we wrote an article,
That's up on PrisonPlanet.com and the News in Focus section a few days ago about this, is that we have internal Republican memos that say we need a terror attack.
And then we have the PNAC document before 9-11 with Dick Cheney saying we need a big terror attack on the order of Pearl Harbor to be able to get our police state through.
And he actually said that.
He actually says, so now I'm in a threat, but we'll claim he's got WMDs, and then he published this!
And notice the liberal media never talks about that because it's staged, folks.
Hillary's for the war.
The war's gone great, by the way.
They're meant to stay there, break it in three parts.
Now you heard they're going to send the U.N.
As I predicted, I said after six, seven years, they're going to totally phase out U.S.
forces and have it be a U.N.
I-4 force that'll be U.S.
forces under U.N.
And now that was in the AP two days ago.
How did I know?
They put it in policy reports!
I just read it!
They've got the public stuff, they say, and, oh, we're going to bring democracy and freedom.
It was genocide.
Break them down, break them up in three parts, take them from First World down to Third World.
Now Iran's First World.
I've talked to people that have been over there.
I heard a BBC report on my XM radio yesterday admitting that Iran in many areas is better than London.
They're not about to allow that.
They're going to bomb that place till it's big slag heaps.
The bankers can't have any sovereign nations.
And by the way, Iran's blood sucking too.
Governments are all bad.
Listen to the Founding Fathers.
You know, our media goes, well you're not with Ahmadinejad, are you?
No, they're all scum!
That's my point!
Stop trusting them!
Play the Fox News clip.
Here they are trying to make excuses for this guy, and one of the commentators on Fox says, sounds like a good idea, another 9-11.
I mean, this is despicable.
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely blows my mind.
Well, Stu Bajofsky blames the fact that this country has come apart on the war.
The fact that we've made mistakes in the Iraq war.
The fact that we have Democrats and Republicans arguing with each other about the Iraq war.
We've forgotten what war we're actually in, and that's the one that was declared on us on 9-11.
But that's not the part that's so shocking about his column in the Philadelphia Daily News.
The part that's so shocking is that he says, another 9-11 attack would really help us.
It would help this country be unified and come together again.
I know what he means.
And have that sort of... Well, I mean, it's true that after 9-11, we had... We were unified.
We were unified.
We all wrapped our arms around each other in a collective... Alright.
And then it goes on.
It gets even worse, folks.
I've got a whole other clip with John Gibson saying it.
I mean, this is so sick.
And then Giuliani said he did more than the firefighters and police in the dust.
We have that clip.
I'm not going to play it.
It's up on presentplanet.com.
I mean, the guy was out there for a few hours a few times and would pull his mask off only for the cameras and then strut around acting tough.
They knew.
The documents have now come out.
They knew it was mercury and pulverized concrete and it was going to kill him.
And then they said, block all funding for the firemen and police.
I mean, this is what they do.
They don't care about you.
It's not our government.
Do you understand that?
It's the new world order crime syndicate.
And they can't get away with this stuff if we have a revelation and begin to understand this.
A revelation of understanding.
I mean, go read Stu Bravosky's column.
It says, to save America we need another 9-11.
Which is exactly what Pinak said.
We need a big terror attack to mobilize these people.
And Zbigniew Brzezinski said in 97, founder of the Trilateral Commission, he said we need a big terror attack to mobilize our slaves
He actually says this, to fight the barbarians.
Hey, I don't like you and government calling me your slave, punk.
By the way, he wrote in another book before that one, that our government actually helped Pol Pot, and he brags about it.
That guy killed two million.
He said, well, it was a good policy.
Folks, the US government funded Pol Pot.
This guy writes books bragging about it because it was better for the greater good and you don't think they won't go after 3,000 of you?
It's a military system going back 5,000 years to put your troops out there as a sacrifice to bring in the other troops and expose them or set them up in a trap.
It's like losing your pawn or even your knight or your rook in chess.
Well, listen, I'm not a chess set.
You understand?
I don't.
You sit up there on your little power trips, and you sit up there and you play with our lives like they're your little toy, as Bob Dylan said.
I got news for you, you Genesis and the rest of you.
If humans are so bad, and human life's cheap, and we're a disease, then you go first.
Not me!
Not me!
You asked for this fight!
And the people aren't buying your bull, and your psyops, and your frauds anymore!
All right, I wanted to get him on even longer, but so much has developed and happened, and I've got this debate coming up in the next hour.
Let's call our guest to make sure he knows he's on 15 after.
But Luke Rodowski, heads up, wearechange.org.
I'm going to be in New York, and we'll be reporting on this show.
We'll have it rebroadcast that Sunday, but I'm going to have to leave a segment open so I can call in with a report.
Trey Kincaid is doing a great job producing the daily show and the weekend show.
Trey's going to be here.
I mean, these people are sick and demented and it really shows.
Well, that wasn't good.
Now, we don't normally just say this, but it is true.
Luke has, we have police on tape and others saying that Luke is a terrorist for videotaping the police and they do tap his phone and they do play a lot of games up in New York.
And they're really afraid that Luke's taking so much action.
He just confronted Mayor Bloomberg last week.
He confronted Giuliani before that.
He's been all over national TV about 20-30 times, I don't know, the last few months.
Well, we got Luke back.
Our little friends cut you off there, Luke.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I'm sorry, man, but John Gibson and that writer are sick and they're disgusted and it really shows the mentality of the government, the mentality of the people who are in charge, the mentality of the New World Order, that they want this to happen, that it helps them.
And they're just blatantly doing it.
They're blatantly telling us they want another one that is going to help us out.
And we, the American people, have to wake up to this.
Well, I've heard Weiner Savage say, you just wait.
There's going to be another terror attack.
And when there is, we're going to put you in FEMA camps.
And let me tell you something.
You're not going to just get your food for free.
It's going to be forced labor.
And they're building those camps.
It's now been in mainstream news.
Yeah, man, FEMA camps are located all over.
All over the United States.
There's even one in Coney Island, Brooklyn, here, right next to me.
I mean, how obvious is it now, where they just gleefully hop around going, we have Republican memos saying they need terror attacks.
Can't you figure this out, people?
Yeah, I mean, people need to wake up.
I mean, we have to stop being stupid, and we have to understand the situation we're in right now.
There's concentration camps in America.
We just went through a rice tag fire, 9-11.
Folks, I mean, this is scary stuff what I do.
It's scary stuff what Luke does.
And we're in their face 110%.
And believe me, this stuff's real.
And to see our country hijacked, to see what's happened.
I got a family.
I'm a family man.
I'd love to be out by the pool today.
I'd love to be, you know, at the park.
I'd love to be at the zoo.
I can't, folks.
I have to fight these people.
They are blood thirsty!
Yeah, it's a moral obligation to do this.
I mean, I really would love to spend my time doing something else, but this feels so right.
We have to do this to take this country back.
We have to confront these criminals.
We have to fight this New World Order to make sure we have a good life and our children's children's have a good life.
You know, Luke, we are Change.org, one of the fastest growing organizations in the country in the fight against the New World Order and its tyranny, but the police state, 9-11, you name it.
Two years ago, we got that Republican memo about how they needed terror attacks.
People didn't believe it was real.
Then it got confirmed, mainstream news, that yes, there is a memo, because then it got released by state chairs of the Republican Party.
Now they're out in the open talking about it.
We've got Senators Santorum calling for it.
I mean, my God, they are just... How dumb do they think we are?
Yeah, they're treating us like we're stupid, but we're not.
We're waking up to this, and we've got to confront these people on it.
I mean, they're openly talking about having another 9-11 to supposedly help them.
God, I mean, 9-11 was an inside job, but it's clearly evidence that it was an inside job, and we have to understand that.
Now they're dancing around, that's what criminals do.
It's good, but it's good what we did.
It's good, we need more.
You know, 3,000 died for the greater good.
They've got to fight the Muslim extremists while they pump them in at record levels.
A couple minutes on the other side.
Luke, stay there.
I want to plug the big events coming up in New York in less than a month from now.
We've got the debate coming up.
Yes, I know we've got your calls.
And there's calls for a national draft.
Stay with us.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Coming up in the next segment for the rest of the hour, Jeffrey F. Atticott, Professor of Law, Director for Center for Terrorism Law.
We'll be joining this former JAG officer in the military.
And he's helped write the new book of the new special way that the military operates and the things they do.
So we'll be debating with him, martial law, the police state, the military involved in our lives, all of it in the new climate since Al-Qaeda attacked us, L-C-I-A-D-A attacked us.
That's coming up.
Right now I'm going back to Luke Rudowsky of WeAreChange.org who does a lot of reporting for InfoWars.com.
He's going to be running the big event up in New York this 6th anniversary.
We had about 3,000 people total last year's show.
About 2,000 in one time.
Big protest down at Ground Zero and 9-11.
It's going to kick off on Friday, go right through Tuesday.
And you need to RSVP because some of these events have had to rent halls and event centers.
You need to RSVP so they can definitely know how many tickets to have available.
You can also start buying tickets now at WeAreChange.org.
By the way, I'm flying up there on my own.
I'm paying for it, bringing my own people, and showing my film for free up there as part of all the things that are happening.
And all the proceeds of the stuff that's being set up is going to the Feel Good Foundation, a couple other groups, firefighters and police, and other groups that weren't given any treatment for their illnesses.
The media just uses them and, of course, gives them nothing.
We're doing that and it's so important.
Luke, let's get into that for a few minutes here and then I'm going to let you go.
What are some of the things that are coming up and why is it so important, even if you don't come to the showings or the events or the speeches, that you do show up to the street actions and the demonstrations, especially 9-11?
What time is that?
About what?
10 in the morning?
9 in the morning?
We're going to be showing up on 9-11 right outside on the edge of Ground Zero there.
All the perpetrators try to use the event to push their police state and pose as saviors.
Yeah, we're going to be there at 8 o'clock in the morning and we're going to be standing side-by-side with family members and rescue workers.
Get ready to meet family members who want a new investigation that were ignored by the mainstream media.
And get ready to meet first responders who will basically diffuse the whole official story of 9-11 and destroy the whole official accounts that are there.
And we're going to have a peaceful vigil.
We're going to stand with family members, with rescuers, and we're going to mourn the ones that were lost on 9-11 peacefully.
By the way, a year and a half ago, Bill Doyle, the head of the Biggest Victims Family Group, that's according to the New York Times, went on my show and said the majority of his members and families believe it's a total inside job, and that he believes that.
The media, the controlled corporate CIA media, has done a good job of covering that fact up.
Exactly, they cover up, they don't give these people stories, they don't give these stories anytime on the airwaves.
And people don't understand, We Are Change is comprised of family members, of first responders, that want a new independent investigation into 9-11, a criminal investigation of the real perpetrators that show up there every year and grandstand.
The same criminals come back to the crime scene.
They're the ones responsible for 9-11 and we're going to have to show them that.
We're going to stand, you know, in unity with the family members and with the rescue workers.
We're good to go.
Folks, if you can make any of it, most of it is free and public demonstrations and rallies and things like that, and if you can't make it to the speeches, the movies, which you should RSVP for and get your pass to, regardless, you need to come down on 9-11 in the morning and throughout the afternoon with us to hold the vigil and to let the establishment know that we're not going to let them continue to push their whole police state on the backs of those that they murdered, just like Hitler blew up his own Reichstag and blamed it on his political enemies.
Set up a police state.
Luke Rodowski, WeAreChange.org.
Thank you for spending time with us, my friend.
Thanks for having me, brother.
It really means a lot.
Absolutely, folks.
Go there.
This 20-year-old young man has been fighting for, I don't know, two, three years now or longer.
He has become a very prominent leader in the 9-11 Truth Movement.
You know, he came here as a little bitty boy when his parents fled as anti-communists from Poland.
And he remembers the fear and people getting arrested and people getting grabbed in his family and everything he saw.
I don't know, was he six or seven when he came here?
And all the things that he witnessed, and of course they were part of the movement there to overthrow the communists.
And now we're fighting the very same crowd here in America, the very same globalists that energized Hitler, energized Mao, energized Stalin, the CIA section chief admitted on History Channel that they put Mao in.
We already knew that.
Now it's admitted he killed 60 million.
Now Brzezinski brags they put Pol Pot in and supported him.
We're not putting up with it and we're tired of it.
And the people that claim they're patriots and claim that they are fighting for the people, most of them are frauds.
And we're here to expose it.
We have a corrupt, sick, criminal group running our government and running our economy and our dollar and our sovereignty into the ground.
The very same crowd that is running the Iraq war, the Afghan war, for profit and control and hegemony and to build permanent bases to project power in the region, are the very same think tank experts and the very same technocrats that are getting rid of our borders, pushing mass amnesty, destroying our sovereignty, destroying our Bill of Rights, making our military become, a very large percentage of it, foreigners who aren't even citizens.
The literal Hessian-type mercenaries to oppress the people.
It's absolutely amazing, and we're not going to put up with it.
When we get back, we're going to get into martial law, the police state, and I have up on PrisonPlanet.com right now the timeline to tyranny.
Ten advances towards the end of freedom and privacy in the United States.
We put this together last week.
It's in the News and Focus section on the right-hand side of the column of PrisonPlanet.com.
The Patriot Act No. 1.
Number two, they gave us the Total Information Awareness Network.
Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy, every medical prescription you fill, every website you visit, email you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book, and every event you attend, all these transactions and communications will go into what the Defense Department describes as a virtual centralized grand database.
And then now they tell you, by the way, that was the infamously wrote the New York Times writer William Sapphire, saying it was good by the way.
Announcing the birth of Total Information Awareness, a kind of echelon on steroids introduced a year after 9-11.
They'd already put this into place, remember?
I told you 10 years ago, in 96, 11 years ago, that I read in industry publications, because see, you can have secrets in government, but then the intelligence is there to see right on the surface, as they implement.
And it was industry publications saying, yeah, we were given $9 billion to put in hubs and all the phone companies, hubs and the internet, everything goes through the NSA first.
Now that broke last year with AT&T.
They're in San Francisco where the whole floor was NSA.
Then they tell you, oh Bush illegally spied on Americans without warrants.
So then he's in trouble so Congress passes a law saying that he's allowed to do it last week.
And then they lie to the public and say, oh it's just to listen to Bin Laden overseas.
And if Bin Laden calls America, total bull.
I mean, it just went into effect last month that every prescription you get is instantly loaded to the federal government.
No warrant, no nothing, no dupe.
And they're counting on you to be stupid!
They're counting on you to not go look this up!
They're counting on you to not find out the truth!
I remember when Bush passed it in 2004, it was on CNN as a healthcare privacy bill.
And then it was implemented, they always grandfather it, it was implemented and went into effect late last month.
It became law that prosthesis, IV-proven prescription strength, diaphragms, it doesn't matter.
It's all instantly uploaded to the feds.
Everything, every prescription you get.
Put the borders wide open and illegal aliens don't have to show ID cards to get housing loans, Associated Press.
It's all about you, the fat, dumb cattle.
They see you as the mark.
You to be there to be shoved around and controlled and dominated.
This is out of control, ladies and gentlemen, and we've got to resist this tyranny now if we're going to save this country.
They're looking at us and watching us right now, and if they think we're going to put up with it, if they think we're going to go along with tyranny like the Germans and the Russians and the Chinese and the Cubans, they're going to do it here.
Well, I've got news for the globalists.
We know David Rockefeller and the Federal Reserve and the CFR funded the Communists and the Fascists.
We know that you run these regimes and we know you want to do that here.
And we're here to tell you, the people of America and the Republic are standing against you!
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Go ask Scarlett.
Welcome back.
It is August 12, 2007.
We've got about 40 minutes left here in this transmission against tyranny.
Jeffrey F. Atticott retired in 2000 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel out of the Army and he was one of the chief advisors.
For Army Special Forces.
I'm trying to condense all this down.
He has a huge bio.
You just type Jeffrey F. Atticott into Google.
You can go to the Center for Terrorism Law at St.
Mary's University and read the, I don't know, ten pages of bio here.
He's a doctor of
Judicial science, masters of law, on and on and on it goes.
And he's been all over the world with special forces, I guess force multiplying, and helping free the planet and bring us love and happiness.
And now he's one of the chief individuals out there.
I wasn't aware of this until I found out I was supposed to debate him this morning.
I learned this last night.
I couldn't drive down to San Antonio, so I'm finishing a film, but they wanted me to come on and debate him about articles in the paper about Bush and martial law.
Again, he sees himself as a pioneer of new law and new systems and new ideas and perhaps he can describe himself a little bit better than I can.
Mr. Atticott, did I give you a good description?
No, that sounds great.
My mother would be proud.
Boy would she, let me tell you.
Briefly, there are 200 law schools in the United States of America approved by the ABA.
And we are the only law school that has a center that's devoted to studying all the legal issues associated with the quote-unquote war on terror, which is a term I hate but we're stuck with.
No, you're a key individual.
In fact, you've written up something entitled, Terrorism, Law Cases, Materials, and Comments.
And so really, you're there churning it out, this whole new, brave new world, because things changed on 9-11, so things are changing in the military and domestically.
I mean, describe that.
Sum that up for us.
Well, it's a fourth edition of a textbook, and it's pretty unique in the country.
I think so.
We have Congress passing a variety of legislation.
No, Sam, they're saying they can domestically spy without warrants.
We've got the military commission, the Bush administration expanding the Bush doctrine.
I mean, you can't hardly keep up with it.
I'm working on the fifth edition.
Oh, I agree.
I have trouble keeping up with it.
How our country has literally got a thousand wounds, bleeding to death, in a ditch right now.
Well, I wouldn't characterize it as that, but we certainly are challenged, as we've never been before, and here's the dilemma.
We're using the laws of war in a way that was never envisioned when the laws of war were last codified significantly.
Well, domestically, they're certainly codifying it.
Let me just ask you a couple questions, because we were debating this morning about this Presidential Decision Directive 51.
I brought up the fact, or it may have been the reporter that countered, was that you were the reporter that said, why does members of Congress, or the Homeland Security Board, why should they be able to see the continuity of government?
Because first Congressman DeFazio and then others on the committee, on Homeland Security Board, wanted to be able to see the secret plan, which they could always see before because they're co-equal, right?
Aren't the branches co-equal?
They are co-equal.
However, you know, you have executive privilege, and all presidents, Democrats and Republicans, have exercised that when they come into conflict with Congress.
And so this is, you know, this is not the first time that the executive branch has said no.
No, you're right.
Lincoln actually had members of Congress arrested and did destroy much of the Tenth Amendment.
Yeah, you don't have to worry about that.
But that precedent, that reconstruction was later overturned and the 1878 posse commentatus has fully rebuked what you guys are pushing now and isn't it true that we've just basically scrapped posse commentatus by fiat?
Well, I wouldn't say you guys, because I consider myself, believe it or not, you know, kind of a neutral voice in this.
I'm not really picking political issues, and I have, you know, I have taken issue with the Bush administration.
I've written an amicus brief to the Supreme Court opposing them in the Cree case, and unfortunately the Supreme Court didn't agree with me on the law.
Since when can the President tell even the highest level security clearance body in the legislative branch, you're not allowed to see our plan?
Well, again, you know, we have a variety of these conflicts, and ultimately he can do it until the Supreme Court says, no, you can't.
That has not been done in modern history, and Eisenhower warned of this in his farewell address.
Well, that's been done a lot of times.
I mean, with the War Powers Act passed with Nixon's veto.
Every president, Democrat and Republican, have said that we're not complying with the War Powers Act.
They have not made it secret.
The plans have not ever been made secret from Congress.
There are hundreds of PDDs that have classified annexes that are secret from Congress.
Oh, absolutely.
Let me ask you a question.
Have you seen PDD 25?
I have not seen the classified section of it.
It's gun confiscation, brother.
It's what you see the Marines in every town.
Hold on a minute.
You know why I woke up to all this?
Because I'm a real conservative.
Let's just get that straight.
I kept getting calls as a radio host about black helicopters covertly leasing buildings and then blowing them to bits, making people have heart attacks at Casa Ricarta in Kingsville.
And I went down there and interviewed the police chief who said they, who was former Army intel himself, said they were here with bags of cash trying to basically buy me.
Did you ever hear about that in San Antonio?
You're not supposed to run black ops inside the country and you know it!
Is the CIA authorized to operate domestically?
You're now claiming it is with these fusion threat centers which really take over the cities.
The C.I.A.
is, you know, I guess the basic premise here is what is our government doing and how fast are they moving and what direction are we going into?
We can talk about the specifics, but I agree that it's vitally important because power corrupts, and any administration,
What do you think about Cheney saying he's even outside the executive, that via that imperial power of executive, he can now claim a special creature status above literal pure precept?
Well, again, our agencies, which were started by Franklin Delano Roosevelt... With the War Powers Act, emergency relocation, set up the state police... Yeah, we went under martial law again then, I understand that.
No, I mean... So really, that's your argument.
We've been under this for a long time, and now we're just putting the screws down a little bit tighter.
Well, I mean, you know, there are a lot of things in our government that is... Who was it?
I think it was...
Ah, Churchill said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others.
But this isn't a democracy.
This is a small clique taking control of the centralized levers.
This is exactly what Julius Caesar did.
Well, I wouldn't say it's exactly, but we do, you know, you have human beings running the system, and any system you have is not going to be perfect.
I don't feel good with that.
They've crossed the Rubicon.
He's brought the legions into Rome.
Stay there, stay there, sir.
We'll be right back after news.
Continue to talk to our guest, Jeffrey Atticott.
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Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
Colonel North, in your work at the NSC,
Were you not assigned at one time to work on plans for the continuity of government in the event of a major disaster, Mr. Chairman?
I believe that question touches upon a highly sensitive and classified area, so may I request that you not touch upon that, sir.
I was particularly concerned, Mr. Chairman, because
I read in Miami Papers and several others that there had been a plan developed by that same agency, a contingency plan in the event of an emergency that would suspend the American Constitution.
And I was deeply concerned about it and wondered if that was the area in which he had worked.
I most respectfully request that that matter not be touched upon.
Okay, so that's Jack Brooks back in 86 when they're grilling Oliver North about our Ram Contra.
And see, over the years I've interviewed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, probably 30, 40, 50, I don't know, JAG officers, JAG generals, Captain Ward Boston, later Admiral Boston.
I've interviewed them all.
I mean, literally, all total hundreds.
And after they saw the company start going bad, and a lot of you heard the interviews here, they said, yeah, there's been martial law plans for a long time, but we never had the apparatchik.
And now they've got it, and mainly it's so they can take your pension funds, your bank accounts, have a national draft, and use us basically as slave Hessians for foreign corporations in the new global, new world order operation.
And then even a lot of JAG officers lower down, they're all compartmentalized, and they don't see all the pieces of it.
But yeah, 33, emergency reorganization, we go under the private bank's ownership, they set up the state police, start setting up what you see, but it was a big free country.
It took a lot of time to take us over and fully destroy us.
And now they're just completely butchering the Bill of Rights, Constitution, you name it.
All in the name of fighting Al-Qaeda!
But again, illegal aliens don't have to have ID cards to get bank loans.
And the Feds say they're for that.
But I've got to go through living you-know-what.
Going back to a man who's a pretty friendly, nice guy.
We appreciate him coming on, Jeffrey F. Attikai, who I discovered was one of the key people
We've been putting out kind of the new law that the government loves and is adopting and pushing and selling.
Mr. Atticott, you've got the floor.
You're here, I'm rambling.
Would you like to comment on what you earlier heard or any other facets of this?
You're flattering me.
I'm not putting out new law.
I'm simply recording what our government is doing.
I'd be happy to send you a copy of my latest textbook.
We can look at that.
Well, wait a minute.
I've seen a lot of advice you've put out, a lot of ideas, and a lot of little findings.
I see you all over Fox and CNN.
You're quite a darling.
Well, I don't know.
You're not their darling?
I talk about what the Supreme Court has done.
For example, you hear people say that the United States engages in a policy of torture, and it's just not true.
We do not have a policy of torture.
We've had individuals
Can you tell me the motto of black cops in psychological warfare?
What's their motto about deception and lying?
Well, in combat, as you know, Sun Tzu and many great Von Clausewitz, I mean, part of combat is you have a deception, a psychological operation.
No, I know, but we have those domestically.
You heard about all the fake news a few years ago, and thousands of fake reporters being paid by the White House.
Do you think that's lawful?
Well, I don't know the specifics of that particular story, but I was wondering, what golden age are you thinking about when you're saying that things are going to hell?
I mean, when... Can you tell me the special ops term, though?
What's that, what's that... What's that?
Special operations, psychological... What's the motto on the patch?
Oh, I wasn't in Psy-Ops, so I don't know what their motto is.
It's probably we eat beans or something.
I don't know.
But that's a legitimate aspect of warfare.
Psy-Ops are not used against American people.
They're used against... Oh, they're not?
No, absolutely not.
Now, but admit it, that they are being used.
Let me throw out something for thought.
I mean, suppose that you woke up one day and you opened the newspaper and it said, Chicago gone.
I mean, we would truly then have... Oh, Chicago!
You think that's... That's where I think that...
Well, I mean, if America is able to set off a weapon of mass destruction that takes out a major city, we will truly have a police state at that point.
So, yeah, my basic premise is that we are in a conflict with these madmen, and that we do have to break up their sleeper cells.
We need the tools to do that.
Let me stop that line of thought right there, sir, please.
Now, they have built two miles of fence, and they use illegal aliens to build it.
That's Associated Press.
It was theater.
They put 2,000 troops, no more than 200 at one time, on one area.
The Border Patrol's been told not to fire back.
They're routinely shot and killed.
It's a war zone on the South Texas border.
800 deaths in 2005 alone.
More dangerous than Israel's West Bank State Department travel advisory.
Illegal aliens don't have to have IDs to get bank loans.
But the border's going to stay wide open, but we're going to have to have a police state, as Tommy Frank said, later it turned out he was on illegal payroll after he got out, to go say that.
After another attack, we quote, set aside the Constitution.
Are you saying that's a good idea?
No, I mean, we need to take prudent steps.
We need to balance civil liberties with increased security, obviously.
Nope, when you give up liberty, you get tyranny.
That's a false equation.
Well, you know, as Justice Jackson said, the Constitution is not a suicide pact.
I mean, we have to... Yeah, that's right.
Oh, really?
Have you heard what the Founding Fathers said?
Because that's the opposite.
Well, yeah, the Founding Fathers, of course, our nation was founded in conflict, and, you know, in times of war... Real men.
You always have that balance that's going to shift towards increased security.
Now, have we made missteps?
Again, we've got human beings in our Congress, in our executive branch, in our judicial branch.
They'll make mistakes, but the good news about it, you know, we're not...
I don't think it was me.
But I remember on the tape, I mean, it sounded like your voice, somebody saying, well, why does Congress get to see these plans?
They were allowed by the gracious President, who says they're under him, to see them in the past.
Why suddenly?
Now, PDDs are policy statements by the Executive Branch to run the Executive Branch.
Yes, but the Executive Branch has now taken over almost the entire mechanism and machinery of Continuity of Government.
No, if you read Paragraph 9 of the Implementation, it says that... Who commands FEMA?
Who commands FEMA?
Who commands FEMA?
FEMA is commanded by the Executive Branch.
And who commands the military?
The Executive Branch.
That's right.
That's why it's Congress that declares war, and that's why they haven't declared war since World War II, because they don't want Congress over the President in their true command oversight position.
Do you know how many times Congress has declared war in our history?
They have not declared war since World War II!
Five times.
You know how many wars we've been in?
Two hundred and seventy-something by my count.
You don't need to declare war in order for the government to exercise war powers.
Well, let me just tell you something.
I was also on the show with you today, and you did come in and say that I was misrepresenting what John knew when he was one of the head counsels in the White House under Chief Counsel Alberto Gonzalez, now Attorney General, saying that, and he wrote in that memo, and I have the memo, by the way, buddy, right here, and he said the President has the power to order children to be tortured with vices on their genitals.
And at the Council on Foreign Relations in Chicago, Professor Castle, who I've interviewed, and we have the tape right now, said, did you say that?
And John, you said, yes, the President has that power!
No, the President does not have the power to order toddlers to be tortured!
I don't care what you say!
Uh, yeah, again, I haven't been privileged to that particular, you know, what he stated, but your general statement is what I'm responding to, and that is that we have a policy to endorse this torture by official fiat.
Let's have that.
You know what, when you guys thought, or when the White House thought that everybody was drinking the Kool-Aid in 2002, I sat in a hotel room in LA and saw the then-Defense Secretary Rumsfeld say, we've taken the gloves off, we're getting rough with people.
And if you don't think the CIA going in there and waterboarding people is torture,
And you say that isn't the policy?
When they wrote the memos saying we don't call it torture, even when someone dies of organ failure from being beaten?
I mean, now death is a torture!
Well, the person that died of organ failure from being beaten, that soldier, the soldiers engaged in that conduct are being tortured.
No, you guys burned a few people, you burned a few people who were under orders, and I challenge you to stay there, final segment.
When we get back, I'm going to play John Yoo!
Being confronted, even the CFR is gasping!
Even the elite of this country are... Oh my God, he just agreed with it!
I mean, even when challenged on it, you're going to hear this monster!
The CFR members broke their own rules to record this monster, who literally has codified the policy we're following!
We'll hear from this former JAG officer and the head of a major law body when we get back.
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You're listening to GCN.
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Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
Defending the Republic.
Very dark days.
As the dollar, by design, is being devaluated.
As we're doing the dirty work of the globalists and getting the blame for it in Iraq, all planned decades ago, all written up by the trilateralists in the 1970s.
And we're interviewing Jeffrey F. Atticott, Center for Terrorism Law.
He heads that up at St.
Mary's University.
Definitely a well-lettered man and very, very, very friendly.
They say the devil is as well.
But you know, you're not the devil, are you?
I guess you're not like John Yoo.
I mean, you're not...
You're not defending John Yoo putting in a memo.
I mean, are you saying John Yoo didn't put in a memo that the President had such great God-like powers that law flowed from him?
Well, again, John Yoo and other knuckleheads up there may have written this nonsense, but that has never been the policy.
It was never adopted.
If you read the 22nd of June, 2004, where DOD released all their details in the interrogation process, it's very clear that we have never had a policy that engaged in the type of activity that
What about Copper Green?
That's been around since the 60's and I've interviewed special forces colonels who attach the electrodes from Vietnam to Latin America.
Well, we're talking about the war on terror.
I can't say what went on.
I don't have any personal... Are you saying torture training doesn't go on at School of America's?
No, it has not.
The word torture, again, is defined as a torture convention.
And, you know, anybody can say this is torture or that's torture.
And it depends on what sex is.
Like Clinton said, I've had no relations with that woman.
And then he said oral sex wasn't relational.
Well, Alex, what you've got to do, you've got to go to the case law to see what falls above and below certain things.
It's like pornography.
You know it when you see it.
Obviously, you know, pliers on the fingernails and those types of activities, everybody would say, yes, that's torture.
Well, let me ask you a business question.
What about playing music for, you know, for five minutes at a certain level?
Is that torture?
Or is that just to make someone...
Or having menstruating prostitutes raping Muslims at Camp X-Ray?
Yeah, a lot of this stuff is urban legend.
Okay, well hold on.
John Hughes is an urban legend.
This has been in mainstream newspapers.
Here is the audio.
This is admitted by John Hughes.
He wrote the memo.
It's public.
Here he is being questioned by a law professor, Mr. Castle, at the Council on Foreign Relations.
It's only about a minute long.
Here it is.
Please listen to it.
But John, your August 2002 memo said that the President, as Commander-in-Chief, had a constitutional vow to order torture, and there was nothing that the Congress or the Chief could do to stop it.
And now you're saying, well, you're not really saying that.
Have you changed your mind since August of 2002?
No, I think it's a matter of pure domestic constitutional law.
So I think, for example, that I don't think a treaty can constrain the President's management.
The argument I'm making about adaptation of the rules is a question of what the United States should do as a matter of international law, which I treat as being a separate and distinct body of law from domestic law.
I think that's the argument.
So in other words, if the President deems that he's going to have to torture somebody, including by oppression just because of the person's child, there is no way that he'd stop that.
So you heard the CFR, the second largest body of the CFR in Chicago, gasping and laughing.
Yeah, he's got the knucklehead.
But that has never been U.S.
I mean, you've got some money up there that's writing opinions to the executive branch that were never followed.
And a lot of the problems with the Bush administration, they have not had good quality legal advisors at the top echelon.
You know, it's alright to tell the boss he's wrong, but then tell the boss how to do it legally, and we need to get information.
Let me ask you this.
Well, the Army Secretary told him, for the public thing of stabilize Iraq, turn the lights on, leave them with a democracy, they said we need 500,000 troops, and Bush said, you're fired, White!
So, you're saying they've got to go up there and tell him the truth?
Look, Bush does what he wants, Dick Cheney does what he wants,
And we know John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales weren't his pets, and it has come out in the press.
And by the way, I've talked to General Togumbo in the Army Report, and have you read that report?
I've read all the reports.
That was Togumbo's report, raping people with acid.
Yeah, well, there have been individuals in their individual capacity.
No, they weren't.
No, I've interviewed Janice Karpinski.
They tried to set up the general on this.
She should be in jail.
She wasn't allowed into that wing.
The CIA ran that arm.
There are 15-6 reports that went to her.
That's not true at all.
She ignored it.
She was culpable.
She didn't order it, but she did not do her duty in my opinion.
She should be charged with dereliction of duty.
No, they went after her because they knew she was innocent and they'd find a dead end.
They went after her.
They should have gone after her even more.
Are you saying Rumsfeld didn't get up on TV and brag about taking the gloves off John Wayne?
Well, no, I'm not saying that at all.
So what if he did?
I mean, you know... These memos written by the White House, the Pentagon came to them and said, you're telling us to take the gloves off, give us direction.
They said, okay, crush children with pliers!
Now, I mean, you're really spinning that, but... You know what?
I'm going to take everything you're saying on the web, we're going to put documents up over this audio.
Well, I mean, what you're saying is correct.
You're cherry picking knuckleheads that made legal opinions, but that was never the policy.
Cherry picking?
I've been driving down the road in the middle of the country and come to checkpoints with cops in black masks, buddy.
That is never the policy of the United States to engage in torture, and that's just a fact.
I mean, you have individuals and they're individuals.
They changed the definition of torture.
Do you think this lawyer trick's working?
Look, the definition of torture, again, we could spend about an hour on that.
I've got a whole chapter in my book on how you define it.
Go ahead and plug your book.
Go ahead and plug your book.
Just give me your address and I'll be happy to send you an autograph.
I'll send you a copy.
The book is Terrorism, Law, Cases, Materials.
$95, but I'll give you a free copy.
It looks like a big hardbound law tome.
It looks good from five feet away.
God Almighty.
Okay, please send me a copy.
I'd be very appreciative.
Yes, I mean, you're right.
There have been abuses that has never been the official policy by my research.
Now, maybe there's something out there that I don't know, but all the research I have done... Have you actually read this bill about domestic spying?
Because it does say domestically, and it's not just foreign calls.
It's whole scoops, and then they lie to the public and say something else.
But that's our Congress that passed it by a very healthy majority.
Because Bush was doing it without them.
Well, the Supreme Court hasn't directly spoken on it, but in my opinion, yes, it's probably illegal for the executive to exert that power.
Well, I don't think Congress can say that there's no more Fourth Amendment, and clearly the body of pre-1860 law clearly states that.
Well, again, you call them constitutional scholars if they agree with you, and they're knuckleheads if they don't.
No, I mean the vast body on the left and the right, the vast body, are totally freaked out trying to leave the country.
Well, it's our Supreme Court that is going to tell us what the law is, and they've been very slow at coming to legal conclusions.
Listen, the Supreme Court said black people weren't human beings.
And the blacks said, you know what, I'm going to grab this axe handle out of master's hand, and I'm going to quit being the master.
And you know what, they said that was illegal for that black man to rise up.
No, I say it's his God-given, inalienable right.
And I don't care if Congress says I'm their slave tomorrow, they're going to have to physically enforce that.
Force majeure!
Do you understand that?
Ultimately, the American people control because we can vote folks in and out of office.
If we don't like what our Congress is doing, we vote them out.
Yeah, with the die-bolt machines?
There are inalienable truths.
I have a lot of biases.
One of my biases is that I believe that human rights are universal concepts.
I believe in the words of Thomas Jefferson in that regard, even though he was a hypocrite himself.
You know the jewel is being approached.
I'm sorry, the jewel?
The jewel of liberty.
And you know that miracles do not cluster often.
You know this republic's going in the wrong direction.
Well, again, in my opinion, I don't like a lot of things that are happening, but I'm more of a... I look at the glass as being half full instead of half empty.
I have hope for our country.
I think we can move forward.
I think your service is absolutely necessary because we need voices to bang our heads and say, ìHey, wait a minute.
Look at this.
Think outside the box.î You may not be right 100%.
You know what's incredible about when I talk to you guys over and over again?
You always sound so reasonable.
I mean, have you read the Houston Chronicle about FEMA camps?
It's in the John Warner Defense Authorization Act for, quote, domestic rebellion.
The president seizes control of the state and national guards.
Did you see that?
I mean, there's a variety of emergency...
Well, yeah.
What is he doing funding it to fight the domestic... I mean, they're talking about war with us.
What are they planning that's so bad that they have open defense authorizations under NORTHCOM controlling the domestic area of the United States?
This has never before been done in the modern time.
Well, you know, President Clinton in 1995 unilaterally declared an emergency in the Oklahoma bombing, which had never been done before.
Which was a stage... Oh, that's my last question.
It's now admitted that Galton Tonkin was staged.
We have the White House audio of the President and McNamara.
It's now admitted that Kermit Roosevelt wrote a book about it, and I heard him on NPR before he died, that they staged terror attacks to blame it on Mohammed Mosaddegh.
Have you ever heard of Operation Northwoods?
Northwoods, I have it, sir.
Will you Google that for me?
I will Google it.
That was a plan by the U.S.
government, green-lighted all the way up to the President, who said no, to hijack jets by remote control and crash them, bomb D.C.
and to bring martial law in and attack Russia.
Well, I'm not familiar with it.
I'll Google it and take a look at it.
ABC News reported on that in April of 2000, as well as the Baltimore Sun Associated Press.
Well, I also wrote a chapter in the book predicting that we were going to be hit.
That came out in 2000 in the summer by the Al-Qaeda.
The Al-Qaeda?
The Al-Qaeda.
Do you know what Al-Qaeda's name comes from?
A 1979 computer file for the Mujahideen.
Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Uh, I don't know about that, but my information, it's called the base that we set up.
Well, the CF, yeah, the CFR are the ones that said the terror attack was coming, they were sure right.
Hey, thanks a lot for joining us, Mr. Jones.
Alright, Alex.
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