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Air Date: Aug. 8, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome!
It is Wednesday, the 8th day of August, 2007.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We have Dr. Nick Begich joining us to talk about high technology control grids and what the latest activities of the New World Order are on the surveillance front and special weapons front in the second hour.
Then in the studio, my good friend and New American
Magazine writer Bob Dacey, fellow Austinite, will be joining us in studio.
He went to a two-day Smart Growth slash North American Union slash Toll Roads meeting.
That's what it's all about.
And they've got some new inside skinny.
That story just out today.
And we're going to be getting that up on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com here in just the next few minutes because I was just
Just looking on Infowars, and I didn't see his news story there, so I'm going to call Bob and make sure we get that posted up there.
In the meantime, China threatens nuclear option of dollar sales.
Translated, and Drudge did properly translate this last night with his headline he gave it, China threatens to crash the dollar.
And they certainly do have a heart plug in our sternum, ladies and gentlemen.
I haven't seen the adaptation of Dune, kind of a cheesy movie.
Not one of my favorites from David Lynch.
Baron Harkonnen, he doesn't like you.
Everyone has a heart plug.
It's attached to your heart just to open up a major artery.
I guess you're aorta and he just pulls it and the blood spews out.
Well, China's got their index finger wrapped around our heart plug and it's going, don't make me pull it!
So, these are the same people that routinely on a monthly basis threaten to nuke us at press conferences with their head of their military, their chairman of their Joint Chiefs of Staff, the equivalent
And they say, if we complain about lead paint in the toys, if we complain about corruption, if we complain about how they're not letting our goods in there, it's just over.
We'll just slit your throat, America.
This is the telegraph out of the UK.
We'll be going over that.
Also, it was done by the time I got off air yesterday.
Paul Watson put a lot of work into this.
Two days ago, I did the timeline to tyranny.
He translated that into the timeline to tyranny.
It's a very important, short, succinct, 5-6 page article that walks through exactly the progression of events that have led us to where we're at and then where it's going.
It's a very important article and it went up last night and it's gotten basically no attention.
We can write an article about some mindlessness that doesn't really matter and millions will read it, some earth-shattering article, maybe 10-20,000 will have read it.
Folks, you need to go to PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com and get the Timeline to Tyranny.
It is of the utmost
It's also the top story on InfoWars.com.
Probably the easiest place to find it is InfoWars.com.
It's a top story right now.
Paul Watson and his brother Steve put out so much news and information that just since last night on Prison Planet, it's already moved into News & Focus, which is the top stories the last day or two on the right-hand side column.
You scroll down and you can find it right there.
The timeline to tyranny.
When we get back, I'm going to be going over that.
I talked to Jesse Benton yesterday, and we've got him or Ron Paul's coming on next week, but we've got Jesse Benton, our media guy at the Ron Paul campaign, or the campaign chairman, coming on to talk about this.
But since it broke, I might as well just get somebody on about it now.
Iowa GOP extorting Ron Paul campaign.
Yeah, that's the headline.
You heard it right.
We're going to get into all the important news and information on the other side of this break.
Call everybody you know, because I'm about to read over this timeline to Tierney, and it's important.
Chemical attacks, dirty bombs, fallout, biological attack, anthrax, and to top it all off, duct tape and plastic!
Alarming words for our time!
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My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Iowa GOP extorting Ron Paul campaign.
We'll be getting into that.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Investigators probe whether government lab deliberately released virus.
That is the mainstream news saying that.
It came out over the weekend that the government had been the source of the weapons-grade foot-and-mouth being released.
It's now popped up in several separate areas, disparate areas of England.
It was, of course, 2001, six, seven years ago when the British government deliberately released it last time, and then used it to literally take over much of the property and farms of the British people from Scotland down, of course, to the coast, Cornwall,
It is happening everywhere, and this is economic warfare by the government.
They use it to set up more of a police state.
And now they just do it right out in the open, so we'll try to get into some of that as well.
UK foot-and-mouth possible sabotage is one headline.
They're admitting the government released it after a drill.
It's always a drill.
That's why we pay so much attention to these nuke drills, and dirty bomb drills, and martial law drills, because I frankly haven't seen a case where there's not a drill.
I have not seen a modern case where there's a big spectacular.
And again, the government does this because you've got compartments right next to good people in government, and they don't want the good people right next to them to know what they're doing.
And a drill is a perfect compartment to cover it up and to hide it and to bootleg the funding.
And most of you already know that and understand that.
It's just, when does it end?
We're winning on so many fronts for the hearts and minds of men and women across the planet, but it's gotten to the point where even I've become conditioned to where, yeah, okay, the government did it again.
And then there's not that sense of urgency, that sense of how serious this is.
And we need to capture and rekindle deliberately every day that sense of urgency.
This is urgent.
And I mean, if you're fighting with your wife, or your husband, or you're arguing with your boss, or you're being mean to your employees, or you're being mean to your neighbor, or whatever, just think of how petty and stupid it is.
The housing market's gyrating out of control, sinking.
The dollar's plunging in value.
They're building FEMA camps.
The President's announced he's a dictator.
And still, we're acting like an evil country.
A decadent, evil country.
And we all need to look at ourselves, and look at how we act, and how we behave, and the things we do.
And just look at all the avarice you see in your daily life.
And then you think about what's going on in the higher sectors of human society and greater levels of wealth.
Alright, so we got the foot and mouth thing.
Looks like I've got stacks of vital news here.
We Are Change is just on fire as usual on JonesReport.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We have the stories posted up there where they confronted Mayor Bloomberg.
And they went on the subway with him and are confronting him up close, yelling at him, saying, how dare you try to ban cameras?
How dare you try to restrict our freedom?
I mean, this is the type of physical activism.
This is what I was doing 12 years ago.
And it's so good to see others doing it.
And then it's spreading.
A generation of young people out there.
To physically, at a human level, go, listen, tyrant, we know what you're doing.
We know 9-11's an inside job.
It's freaking them out.
And they've lost the initiative.
They're scared.
They're scared, and they should be.
I can look in their eyes.
They should be scared of the dark evil they're serving.
And they should thank us for trying to put the brakes on how out of control things have gotten.
Okay, it's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
And I haven't asked you for, you know, a week or two to dig something for me, to get it up on the main page of Dig, though they try to censor us.
So go dig the Infowars posting of it, go dig the Prison Planet posting, go dig the Jones Report posting.
Regardless, get it out there, go put it out on MySpace, put it out on your email list.
This needs to be seen.
I wrote an analysis of Patriot Act 1 that really got out there and had a big effect.
And a lot of lawyers looked at it and said, wow, this is accurate, this is really bad.
I spent literal days reading and analyzing the U.S.
Code and that bill.
Then I analyzed Patriot Act 2 and won the Project Censored Award for that.
And, uh, they have their lawyers, people look at that, and people couldn't believe it for several years, and now it's admitted, yes, it authorizes a secret torture, and secret arrest, and all that's been recodified and executive ordered.
So, remember, all the... I was talking about torture before 9-11, because I saw them gearing up for it.
My point is, is we've done the base research, okay?
I'm not tooting horn here, I'm saying, listen, take notice, put your ears on, this is serious.
And we've got this report, the Timeline to Tyranny, up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
And I want you to go get it, and help us get it out, people.
Because, you know, we see a John Warren Defense Authorization Act, we see an enemy, you know, combatant designation, or an enemy, you know, military commissions act.
Or we see a Patriot 1 or 2.
Or we see a Victory Act.
Or we see a PDD 51.
Or we see a Supreme Court ruling.
Or we see Congress pass no more warrants for spying domestically.
Or we see a FEMA camp article in the Houston Chronicle.
And this article doesn't have all that in it.
It can't.
It can't be 100 pages long.
But at the bottom of the article we have a link to the 45 minute analysis that I laid out, which people need to hear.
I mean, I went to bed about 3 in the morning.
We worked until about 2 or 3 in the morning last night.
And I woke up this morning.
My eyes popped open.
Martial Law.
New World Order.
And I'll be all day just hammering these people as hard as I can.
I mean, this is life and death.
For me more than others.
This is no quarter fight with these people.
And listen, we give them quarter.
We want them to just stop their evil.
They're not going to give us quarter.
So we can't give them quarter in the Infowar.
Remember, the people running America today killed 60 million people under Stalin alone, another 10 million under other communist leaders in Russia.
They killed at least, some numbers are as high as 80 million, at least 60 million under Mao.
That's official Chinese government admits that.
And they sent his wife to prison after it happened because it was just such a great evil.
Most people don't even know that.
Mal's like a hero over here and they've got restaurants after him and Hollywood stars and boxers, you know, have festooned themselves with tattoos and handbags with it on it.
But he's not even really liked over there.
They took his picture down.
By the way, he'd have sex with four women a day, refused to bathe, his teeth were all falling out, and he just smoked cigarettes.
And he just loved killing people with his degenerate scumbag wife.
Look, I'm already digressing.
The point is, they admit he's evil, but the dumb yuppies can't!
The New World Order financed all that, and look, I've talked about this many times.
I'll never forget back when I watched more TV about six, seven years ago.
It was before 9-11.
I guess it was 2000.
And I'm sitting there eating pizza with my girlfriend, now my wife, and I'm watching television.
And I'm watching History Channel about the history of Mao in China, and I don't know what the show was, and somebody's got to find it, and people sent me other TV shows where they say basically the same thing, but it isn't the same guy.
And it's this ancient, it said CIA Section Chief, but it said formerly OSS during this period.
And it says, you know, in 49, we decided to put Mao in, we didn't like Chiang Kai-shek, and we put Mao in.
Well, we already knew that, but to have him say that, I was like, my, do people know what that admission means?
But my point is, when I get up here and I tell you, these people killed 200 mil last century, I mean it.
I mean, we have the memorandums.
And then he even published it in one of his books by Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor, founder of the Trilateral Commission, saying, yeah, we support Pol Pot and killing people.
I mean, he says, yeah, we actually backed him up to do that.
Two million!
I mean, you wore glasses, folks, they walked you out and blew your head off!
You ever heard the term killing fields?
That's because you can go over there and there's just whole, you know, 50 acres at a plot with just piles of skulls!
They did it old-fashioned.
The U.S.
and the Chinese funded the money.
They lined those families up and they greased their brains all over the wall.
And let me tell you something folks, they want to do it.
You look at Hillary, you look at Chuckie Schumer, you look at George Bush, you look at them, they want dearly to watch you squeal and yell and beg and line you up and have their dogs have their way with you.
And until you get that through your head, we're in a lot of danger.
Real simple.
Now we've got the
Timeline to tyranny, ten advances towards the end of freedom and privacy in the United States.
And, you know, I'd like this to get out there.
I'd like this to become as popular as that, you know, that thing you see on the line of the ten stages of fascism, ten signs of it.
And it's pretty good.
Some of it's a little off-kilter, a little left-wing.
This isn't.
This isn't left-wing or right-wing.
This is just the facts, the cold hard facts with hyperlinks backing up every statement we make.
The USA Patriot Act, number one.
Total Information Awareness Network, number two.
Military Commissions Act, number three.
John Warner Defense Authorization Act.
Illegal Domestic Wiretapping Program.
Expansion of Illegal Domestic Wiretapping Program.
Martial Law Presidential Decision Directive 51.
Destruction of the Dollar.
Amnesty in the North American Union.
And in here he has links to some of the other things that have happened.
Is the Military Commissions Act in here?
I know I read this.
I'm going to make sure that's in there.
And add to this.
Grab this and put it on your website.
Change the name.
I don't care.
All little patriots only care about their name being big so they can be sure and go to a FEMA camp.
Just get it.
And just change the name, and just add whatever you want to it.
Okay, I don't care.
Just get this information out there, ladies and gentlemen, and get it out there now, because that's what matters.
Because no one has done what we've done right here, that I know of, just simply... Perhaps we should have a timeline to tyranny in depth, too, and like have hundreds of links, hundreds of points,
Because this is a clear direction the tyranny is going in, and we ask you to help us get this out so people can see it in the big picture.
So they can see it all in context.
We'll be right back.
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Hedge funds caught in the malaise of mortgage bankruptcies.
The bond market continues to slump.
JP Morgan gets caught in it.
10 billion bad deal for Chrysler.
Housing sales fell 6.6 percent.
Mortgage giant Countrywide showed mortgage payment woes spreading to the middle and upper class.
Investors cast doubt on investment banks.
Credit protection insurance for mortgage lenders are skyrocketing due to the increased risk.
The U.S.
dollar is free falling against foreign currencies and countries that previously financed the U.S.
are now seeking safer alternatives.
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The United States has been targeted for overthrow for world government.
The United Nations has been established to redistribute the wealth of the world away from the United States, Great Britain, and Western Europe.
You need to know, as a specific individual citizen of the United States of America, why these things are happening and what you can do about it.
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They're coming.
They created Hitler, they created Stalin, they created Mao.
They've killed people planetary wide.
And now they're dressing America up for the main course.
And I got news for the New World Order.
They're gonna get beat.
We're not a bunch of chicken necks.
Not all of us.
All right.
China threatens nuclear option of dollar sales.
The Chinese government has begun a concerted campaign
...of economic threats against the United States, hinting that it may liquidate its vast holding of U.S.
Treasuries in Washington, impose trade sanctions to force a yen revaluation.
Two officials at the leading Communist Party bodies have given interviews in recent days, warning for the first time that Beijing may use its 1.33 trillion... 1.33 trillion
Now that's major financial paper in England saying that.
Oh boy!
I'm sure the yuppies could care less out there.
Described as China's nuclear option in the state media, such action could trigger a dollar crash.
I guess it's not enough to slowly burn down the house.
At a time when the U.S.
currency is already breaking down through historic support levels.
Nice way of saying going to hell in a handbasket.
It would also cause a spike in U.S.
bond yields
Hammering the U.S.
housing market and perhaps tipping the economy into recession.
Into recession?
We're already in that.
It is estimated that China holds over $900 billion in a mix of U.S.
bonds alone.
Xi Ban, finance chief at the Development Research Center,
Which has cabinet rank kicked off what now appears to be a government policy with a comment last week that Beijing's foreign reserves should be used as a bargaining chip in talks with the United States.
They're already a year and a half ago went to a basket.
They almost exclusively held U.S.
treasuries and securities, different types.
And the EU, everybody but Japan, the Arabs began running.
Asians began running, but the Chinese began creeping towards the door, dumping dollars.
It's kind of like the first few people that show up at the bank, at a bank run, they get their money out.
But see, then people start kind of shoving, and there's kind of a line, and, wait a minute, wait, we're out of money, what?
And they got security guards to throw you out.
That's kind of what, well it's not kind of, that's what a dollar crash is.
For all the thumb-sucking, know-it-all, smiley-faced liberals and conservatives and people that listen to mainline radio and believe all the propaganda you're shoveled, just cram some more Prozac down your throat, drink another whiskey, and strut around acting cool at the country club, or get a green mohawk, whatever makes you feel powerful and individualistic, and just get out there and enjoy yourselves.
Don't get involved in politics.
Don't get involved in society.
Don't get involved in the culture.
Don't get involved in being truly informed.
Just act cool.
And again, I don't care if you're a good old boy and I don't care if you've got, you know, you've had body augmentation and had a lizard tail added to your nose.
My point is you better spend a little time on this.
You better spend a little time, because again, if people speak out and call Congress and call the White House, and I just need to write an article saying this, and have a call to action saying, we know you're behind this, we know globally the decision was made and publicly announced in 2002, I was in Kansas City in a Sheraton Hotel, and I saw a Treasury Secretary say,
We've decided, is that 2003?
We've decided to deep six the dollar, but slowly.
Then I read it in the Financial Times of London.
And they're doing it.
And they're deciding to basically destroy this country.
But I will repeat, that if we expose them and we speak out and we get involved, they're going to have to reverse what they're doing.
Now, I'm just saying, spend 10 hours acting cool.
But spend another two hours or so calling the White House, calling Congress, writing emails, getting this information together, warning people.
Because when the Great Depression comes, and it may come, they're the ones saying that, not even me, you're going to wish you'd have done something then.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Thank you.
They won't slit the throat of the economy completely unless they think you'll go along with it.
That's how criminals operate.
So I guess I've got to come up with a plan, some stories, some articles.
Some manifestos to hopefully... I lost Operation Expose the Government Terrorist right before 9-11.
I guess I didn't do that right either.
I just don't have a lot of power.
Enough pull to change it much.
But you can, if you took action, you could change it.
And they're going to blow up the economy even further unless we take serious action.
Remember, they're in control.
They dominate and almost completely steer it.
They're not under total complete control, but they can certainly steer it.
And they admit they're engineering this, as Joseph Stiklitz, Nobel Prize winner, former Chief Economist at World Bank, said on this show last year.
We also interviewed him for video, but that ended up hitting the cutting room floor.
It may be in the extras of Endgame that I've almost completed.
We're going to tell you about the attempted extortion of Ron Paul.
Coming up here in just about 10 minutes.
You hear me talk a lot about it because I really believe in it.
And for those that haven't heard the whole story, let me just briefly give it to you.
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And Marty, when Marty got back from World War II, and now Marty's son runs it with him.
And they're out in Oakland, California.
And with the economy the way it is now, Marty, people more than ever... I have employees here who believe in it so much, they've tried the soap as soon as they've been buying it now.
People who work here have bought it.
I mean, folks, people really believe in the soap.
And yes, I'm pitching it hard, because I think it's a great product.
Pleasure to talk to you again, Alex.
We want to just share everything.
We call our products, Homeland Cleanliness.
And our slogan here is, our business is going down the drain.
Marty, tell them about your basic product line, and about the free catalog, or about the tester tote bag, or right up to a six-month, a year supply.
Tell them, I mean, just tell them about the products themselves.
Well, basically, we make a granulated laundry soap.
Which was made in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century.
This was soap working in clothes washing machines that didn't have lint traps, that didn't deteriorate the clothing, didn't rust out the machine.
It's so concentrated, you use it by the spoonful, and this is what has been so successful in commercial laundries and hospitals and schools.
We make a pure bar soap.
Now, this is a bar soap for showers, for bathing, for brushing your teeth, for all-purpose cleaning.
You know, Marty, I have to interrupt because I never talk about that angle.
It's one of the strongest points here.
These guys have been selling to hotels and nursing homes and hospitals since 47.
They know quality, and corporations want to save money.
They just want to shell the public garbage.
Go ahead.
That's exactly why we started in the commercial enterprises.
It's only since our connection with Genesis that we started selling direct to the consumer, saving the markups and the commissions.
And that's all because Trudeau liked your show and learned about it, you know.
And this is our introduction to the families of the United States, including Canada and Puerto Rico, and now Hong Kong, where we're shipping every month.
And this is what we've been doing.
We're a family company, family operated.
We're not a corporation.
We're a family partnership with my son, who's my general manager.
And we go forward to please the people, to guarantee everything, to save them a small fortune every week, month, year, etc.
To start you off, we make a one-month supply.
It's a less than average family of four anywhere from four to eight weeks.
It's a sampler.
It's a $26 value that we sell it at a cost of $16 plus shipping.
No tax.
And we figure this is a way to get people introduced to old-fashioned pure soaps.
Tell them what's in the tote bag.
Well, you got four bars of our pure soap.
Nothing like it in the country.
You got an 18 ounce jar of our triple concentrated laundry soap powder with a little tiny scoop to measure it out.
You get a 16 ounce dispenser bottle of our triple concentrated cocoa butter shampoo.
A 16 ounce dispenser bottle of our liquid cream dish soap, a large nylon scarring pad, a book of instructions, weighs out about 6 pounds.
We use United Parcel to your door.
Nothing like it.
It'll introduce you to a whole new way of cleaning, a better way.
A pure way, a cost-saving way.
You'll not only use the products, you'll not even like the products.
You will love them.
We guarantee you will love them.
Well, I'll tell you right now, folks, it's not hype that I literally got a box of this and like, what is this?
You know, I don't care about soap.
Here, honey, you take it.
And then believe me, my wife came back and said, I like this.
And then now I know why people at the network like it so much.
Folks, give Marty a call right now.
Marty, give him your number.
You'll be calling my secretary, or my son, or myself.
That's 1-800-340-7091.
We're ready to help you.
We're ready to save you money.
Remember our slogan, our business is going down the drain.
From 45 to 47.
I was in the armed forces in chemical warfare stationed in Japan when we won the war.
After when I got out of the army
My father just retired from civil service, working for the government at the shipyards, and he said, Marty, you know what we should do?
You got a lot of training in chemicals, being in chemical warfare.
We should start a soap company, because soap is being discontinued, detergents are going on the shelves, and do you know what detergents are made from?
It's terrible stuff!
So I said, well, gee, Dad, how are we going to compete with Procter & Gamble or Lever Brothers and Colgate?
These are billion-dollar monsters, and we're not that way.
He says, simple.
Four words will make our success.
And those four words are, be twice as good.
And that's what we are.
We're twice as good as anybody else in whatever they've offered, and this is the way our philosophy has blossomed over all these years.
Well, I want to see if my memory serves.
The website's 5starsoap.com.
You can also order there.
5starsoap.com or calbinpuresoap.com.
There's a big banner on the left-hand side, about halfway down, on infowars.com.
We also have hyperlinks on prisonplanet.com, off and on.
I mean, that's interesting about the chemical warfare, because I remember talking to you about, I don't know, two years ago, when we first were talking, I think you mentioned that, just on the side, about how you knew about chemicals, that's why you, and refresh my memory, but you were looking at the backs of chemicals, and the soaps and detergents, and because you'd been trained in this, you recognized how deadly it was, because you'd been in chemical warfare, and that's why you decided to make an organic soap?
Is my memory serving?
That's correct!
You hit it right on the head!
All that knowledge I acquired,
Courtesy of the U.S.
Government, I was able to understand what sodium chlorides were, which is table salt, what all the surfactants were, which are petrochemical detergents, what all the alkali's were, all the perfumes that they put in there to cover the bad smell of these petrochemicals.
I got to know that.
I helped formulate the products.
So that they could be better for the consumer, not rust out the machine, not create lint, not be expensive.
And we decided to be factory direct and sell without the markups, without the broker fees, without the freight situations on all the products.
This has been our success, and due to Alex Jones' endorsement, we've really blossomed with all the families, coast-to-coast, including Canada, that we're doing a great job with.
Well, absolutely, Marty, and we really appreciate you.
1-800-340-7091, calvinpearsonsoap.com, or fivestarsoap.com.
We'll talk to you again soon, Marty.
Tune in.
I'll do some Shakespeare for you.
Give us a limerick now, please.
You got time?
Sure, why not?
I like talking to you.
This is a eulogy from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
Now, Julius Caesar was written by William Shakespeare, and he was talking about the senators, and you know the senators they had in the Roman Senate, pretty equal to what we've got now.
And the one that was the great senator was Mark Antony.
And Shakespeare wrote a eulogy for Julius Caesar,
Given by Mark Antony, and this is with apologies to William Shakespeare, because I rewrote it a little bit.
It's Act 4, Scene 1.
Friends, listeners, countrymen, lend me your ears.
I've come to bury detergents, not to praise them.
The evil they do lives after them.
The good has yet to be found.
Our dearly departed was whiter than white, cleaner than clean, superior, intensified, fortified, controlled, newly improved, triple strength, a new dimension, a white tornado, condensed, bold, full strength.
Daily the noble screaming airwaves and media have told you, stronger than dirt,
Enzymes eat the dirt away!
Tis true.
But what of the destruction this strength engulfs?
You gave us commercials unheard of!
Promises and dreams unsurpassed!
Now, you're down the drain.
Or you just won't stop foaming.
What do I mean?
Words without meaning, meaning without worth, worth without value, value without truth.
We all use you so.
Remember Cold Water All Power?
Known affectionately by its world-famous initials, C-W-A-P?
Remember when Procter took a gamble and gave the whole country the biz?
And shouted to all consumed consumers, our gain is your loss.
Remember when Arthur Godfrey got fired off the networks for spelling Dial Backwards?
Remember when everyone was spelling Saratan backwards?
And Tide said, Me too!
Eat it!
But nobody would except Lake Erie may it rest in peace.
Remember when that dove flew into Mary's kitchen and no one put newspapers down on the floor?
Are those dove doves are?
Now, our joy, thrill, cheer, all, bold, pollutes, destroys, corrodes, harms and heavily costs
Oh beautiful for spacious sun, happy snappy names.
Oh man.
This opera is written by Johann Sebastian Ruxedal.
Foaming lakes, dead fish.
Okay Marty, Marty, Marty.
Give us part two next month when you join us.
We're out of time, but God bless you my friend.
You're a real character.
All right, see ya.
Talk to you soon.
Folks, that guy is something else, man.
I mean, you ought to talk to him in person.
He is just something.
Well, you can.
Back to martial law and everything else that's happening.
I wanted to play this Ron Paul clip, but now I'm going to play it in the next segment.
I'll just forego plugging videos and play the Ron Paul thing next segment because we had Marty go off on that.
That was certainly interesting.
I got a Ron Paul clip where Alan Greenspan's wife on NBC
Their news editor sits up there and spouts off about him, but as promised, Iowa GOP extorting Ron Paul campaign, and this is out of the National Expositor News, and I'm going to try to get him on today, maybe the last ten minutes or so.
One of the Ron Paul people to talk about this a little bit more on air specifically.
But the Director of Communications for the Ron Paul campaign, Jesse Benton, stated today that the Iowa GOP would charge the Paul camp $1,084,000.
$1,084,000 if they wanted to verify a paper count of the coming Iowa straw poll.
Now that's what they do.
They get real upset that
That they're asking to verify votes, which by law they're supposed to do, and Congress has now passed the law.
They just say, well you gotta pay for that.
It's like, I remember whenever we caught open fraud, double counting ballot boxes, changing safety seals, falsifying signatures.
That's what the state board said.
There were admissions, there were people at the counting facility here in Travis County when it happened in 98.
And they flipped the numbers and a bunch of other stuff, and when we went before to challenge the vote, they said, yeah, you can pay, I forget, it was like $70,000 or something, and then we'll just feed the Scantrons back in the same computer and just laughed at us.
And the state board said, well, they did steal the election, but it was an accident.
To double count the ballot boxes and falsify signatures and break safety seals.
And it goes on, today on the Dale Watson Radio Show, Mr. Benton said there will be a manual electronic count on the Iowa poll results.
What Mr. Benton did not explain, as exposed in previous national article, is it is commonly known that the manual count with die-bolt machines would only consist of spot checks of the voting machines for device calibration purposes.
This does not constitute a verifiable check of the accuracy from either an engineering or statistical perspective.
And so, the neocon asks for a recount, they get it.
But, whenever there's been other problems, they just say, no, you gotta pay all this money.
And what amounts to extortion, the Iowa GOP is telling Ron Paul campaign they must pay an excessive amount of money to manually verify the results in this week's poll.
Both Florida and California have recently decertified the same electronic Diebold voting machines will be used in Iowa.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
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Call 877-873-9626.
Alright, here is, uh... But last night, MSNBC
Talking about Ron Paul.
Now remember, they don't tell you.
Oh, by the way, I'm the wife of the former Federal Reserve Chairman of New World Order.
I'm a total insider.
Here it is.
If the Republican presidential primaries were held on the internet, it's very likely that Republican Congressman Ron Paul would get the nomination.
The name Ron Paul is the most searched term on the blogging website Technorati.
His campaign website gets more hits by far than any other Republican candidate, and he has more friends than any other Republican candidate on the social networking website MySpace.
In the real world, another thing.
He is stuck firmly among the lesser known candidates.
Can he turn that internet popularity into a viable shot at the presidency?
Congressman Paul is on the phone from Sioux City, Iowa.
Congressman, thanks for joining us today.
Have you been surprised by the success that you've enjoyed on the internet?
And did you know what Myspace was before you...
Well, I am surprised but very pleased and I knew the message was very powerful.
I had no idea about how the internet worked in detail.
I'm a user of the internet but MySpace and Facebook and all these other activities that are going on and the meetup groups, I had no idea but I don't think anybody else quite realized
How spontaneous something like this could be because I think there's already over 600 meetup groups have spontaneously popped up around the country.
So it's an organization that has been a grassroots spontaneous organization rather than something that we have organized.
Of course we find out where they are and they become our organization and our supporters.
So it's in a way a bit of a miracle that has happened.
Now, to translate that miracle into actual votes is a challenge.
We saw what happened to Howard Dean.
How can you learn lessons from what happened to his campaign and make sure that you have greater success?
Well, I think our message is quite different and more powerful and is a strong anti-war, pro-liberty message and pro-free enterprise and pro-American and pro-Constitution, and it's attracting young people.
But I think the Internet is even more sophisticated than it was three or four years ago, so things are changing all the time.
But I think you're absolutely right.
We have a ways to go.
We have to translate that tremendous support we have on the internet into real votes and we may learn about that this Saturday.
Alright, that's enough right there.
We're going to play more of this later.
No, the internet is the real world where real people are actually interacting.
It's not totally controlled by you people.
Since they killed Kennedy, Voter News Services took over and they announce who wins on election night.
And they announce in many of the regional and state elections.
And they announce false information on exit polls.
And they've been caught doing it everywhere.
And these other big polls have been found to be frauds.
They're calling certain key demographics and numbers they've called before and numbers they know that have certain voters on the other end.
And yes, they're calling people on average above 65 in extremely liberal areas and extremely poor areas
Uh, who only have maybe three or four channels of basic television with rabbit ears.
And that's come out in analysis of, uh, different groups have looked at.
And so, yeah, you call some poor old lady on Social Security who eats dog food three nights a week, and you ask her about Ron Paul, you're absolutely right, uh, that, uh, she's not gonna know him.
Or you call some old black woman, or some old black man, in Detroit, okay, or in, or in Houston, Texas,
Uh, or in L.A.
and they're not going to hear about him because they're too busy barring the door and trying not to die in the heat from the, you know, 110 degree temperatures.
And that's where they poll and that's what they do.
And so, Ron Paul's strategy of, uh, going, yeah, we've got to do a better job, we've got to, we've got to, you know, in the real world, uh, it's baloney.
Ron Paul's raised more money than McCain.
Ron Paul in votes and in text message votes and in IP address votes that only let you vote once is dwarfing the competition.
We'll be right back.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now already in to the second hour of this worldwide broadcast against tyranny.
Some of the news we'll be getting into more detail on in this hour.
China threatens nuclear option of dollar sales and sub-headline could crash the dollar.
We'll be going over that.
Also, I want to go over the timeline to tyranny, the top ten tyrannical actions Bush has carried out with our guest, Dr. Nick Baggage, who I really appreciate coming on with us.
And also, Bush has confirmed he will seek even more dictatorial power after the Congress said, yes, no more Fourth Amendment, domestically do whatever you want.
Also, the British government admits they've released the foot and mouth yet again, but will now pose as the saviors.
We're entering a new zone of tyranny, but I don't pre-screen my interviews.
I don't sit there and say, hey, we're going to talk about Dr. Nick.
I probably should, but it's always kind of fun to find out what he thinks is most important.
Dr. Nick Begich, thank you for coming on with us.
Hey, thanks for having me again, Alex.
It's always good to be on with you.
You know, all these issues, I think, are really pressing.
The Chinese currency dump is an important one.
The other one that people don't remember and don't really think much about is
Everyone thinks of Russia as impoverished, because of where they came out in the 1990s, defaulted on all their loans, but they're actually the third largest holder of U.S.
currency, and currency generally, because of their raw natural resource production.
And that grab has happened again.
The Russian grab on the Arctic is a major deal, because it's one of the last major oil and gas basins.
In fact, they say the largest oil and gas basin in the world today.
We need to get into that and of course you're ideally positioned up there with your brother being a mayor of a major city and of course your father being in Congress and you've been involved in tribal government as well and a lot of other areas.
You know, there's a lot happening here also that started to make the news.
We've talked about it for several months now on GCN, and it's the whole issue of the congressional meltdown up here.
Yeah, and you know, there's actually 2,300 local and state investigations by the Justice Department going on now.
That involves local, state, and national elected officials.
And you know, our most senior senator, Ted Stevens,
No, and you know this is the same crew that brought us the bridges to nowhere, which when you look at the needs in Alaska there's
A lot greater needs than that, and we still have no running water in a third of our rural communities.
Most people don't even realize that we have a third world nation buried in the first world right here in Alaska that we're not taking care of.
Infrastructure is a big deal.
You know, all these issues really do tie together, and it's the sellout for special interests, the stuff that you and I have talked about often.
Uh, in multi-generational terms.
And what they did with capitalism, everyone embraced it and thought it was a wonderful, fluffy deal.
And the real deal is, they're following a philosophy that Mao followed when he won in the first place, and it was Sun Tzu, the art of war.
And he's applying it in economics.
I want to get your take, your expertise, your angle on what's happening with China, what's happening with the economy, the housing market, the dollar.
And this latest foot-and-mouth situation in England and a lot more.
And calls for Nick Baggage at the bottom of the hour.
You can go ahead and start stacking up if you'd like.
Love to hear from you.
First-time callers, go to the head of the line.
He is an author and also a documentary filmmaker.
We'll be right back.
The War on Terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas or will it affect us here at home?
If you are like most folks, you want to be prepared, but can't afford an underground shelter.
So what do you do?
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Sheltering in Place, Surviving Acts of Terrorism from Biological, Chemical, and Radioactive Fallout, developed by Wayne LeBaron, a health physicist who has served as a specialist in environmental health, communicable diseases, and has worked as a nuclear specialist for the U.S.
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It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Dr. Nick Begich, it's always a real honor to have him on with us.
The book is, Controlling the Human Mind, The Technologies of Political Control, Our Tools for Peak Performance.
We've only got you for an hour today, so I want to move through things quickly.
I want to get your take on what's happening with the economy, China and the dollar, and then I want to get into transhumanism.
I just had that big conference with a top, you know, a thousand top futurists.
I know you're one of the top futurists recognized out there, but on the side of the good guys, because we need to look forward and not be afraid of technology, but also be aware that it's a double-edged
Sword and how the transhumanists really have grown out of the eugenicists founded by Julian Huxley.
But before we get to all of that, I just want to give people some foreshadowing, a prelude.
Where are you in your gut?
And then just by studying the economy and just looking at what's happening, see things going.
Because literally now, whereas the criminal, corrupt government, the oligarchy in the past could sell
Ice Cubes or the Eskimos, pun intended because you're up in Alaska, now they can't sell a life preserver to a drowning man.
I mean, do you think they know their credibility is completely blown now?
Where do you see that going?
Where do you see the housing market gyrating and the dollar plunging and China threatening to dump it and globally currencies and nations moving away?
I mean, let's be idiosyncratic here.
Let's just look at ourselves, the United States, which then the rest of the world is connected to.
This is really a global program now more than ever.
Where do you see this going?
Give us your preview of what you think is happening.
We're on a real edge where we could see it go horribly wrong based on what you've just covered.
I mean, those things stand in the way.
The dollar slide, I mean, what the Chinese have done is accumulate currency and financial instruments, and they used to trade oil.
All oil was traded in U.S.
It's now mixed currencies, and when you look at the high price of oil,
That's one of the very few things sort of propping it all up because it's sucking up at least enough dollars out of the market.
But where it's being concentrated, in the countries in which it's being concentrated, Russia, China and the Middle East, these are not necessarily our buddies.
I mean, what they've done is use
I think?
But when you look at that, sort of the contrasting of that, is look at the raw materials wealth of this nation.
And here in Alaska we've got a pretty good sense of what's going on.
20% of the land mass is here.
We have most of the natural resources here, sufficient enough, incidentally, to bail out the national debt if we really started looking at it.
I mean, our oil and gas fields and what's been going to be fought over, what's going to drive a wedge right between us and Russia, is going to be the Arctic.
I think?
I think?
That's right, the average American who owns some oil, say out in their pasture, is getting about 8%.
We are designed to be schmucks, because we think we know it all, we think we're stylish, we think we're sophisticated, and really we've turned into a bunch of slugs.
We're still a great nation, but I think to build ourselves back up, we've got to realize how pathetic we've gotten.
Well, you know, the national wealth belongs to all of us, and this is what gets forgotten.
We all support capitalism and development and risk and rewards, but today technology exists for us to narrow the risks and increase the rewards for the owners, which is you and I, of these natural resources.
No, you're right.
Even national treasures are being shunned for fractions of what the Russians or Saudis get.
I mean, we're just made to be right.
And it's happening.
I mean, when you look at it, here in Alaska, our oil and gas fields generate about 12.5% royalties.
They're being underproduced, not because of infrastructure lacking, but because it's more advantageous to go ahead and keep the squeeze here.
And then do what you can in areas that are very unstable.
Now you're a real expert on this because you worked in tribal government and your dad was the main congressman from there.
Your brother is the mayor of a major city there.
And you've been involved in lawsuits over this.
You're an activist.
But tell me if I'm right from my study of this.
There's enough oil and clean, clear burning oil to run this country for a hundred plus years just in a few fields in Alaska.
The media claims it's environmental groups that block drilling and new pipelines, which really aren't an environmental problem if they're done correctly.
But the oil companies use them as a shill to block development because they actually, there's so much oil they don't want to overproduce because they want to have an olive
Absolutely, and I believe that that is exactly the case, and it's used to maximize profits.
I mean, that's what it's about.
But globalists have no national interest, so they don't care how they get it, what they do.
Their interest is their shareholders.
And the government's interest ought to be its shareholders, which is the citizenry.
That's you and I, and it doesn't work out that way.
And Dad, when he was in the Congress, was during the time of the Native Land Claims Settlement Act, the biggest indigenous settlement in the history of the United States in cash and land.
44 million acres, including all the mineral rights, energy rights, etc.
that ran with that land.
In addition, it was a time where the pipeline for Alaska was being planned, and they couldn't do it without settling the indigenous lands issue first, because of
Title issues that were associated with it, but they've discovered and had discovered on the North Slope of Alaska, just natural gas alone, which has never been produced.
It's been held hostage for the last 30 decades, while they've produced other areas and the price of natural gas in the United States has doubled.
We have enough here to run the country for many, many decades in what's proven reserves and acknowledged, much less what we know about reserves that are undefined.
Usually it's one-tenth
of what resources eventually come to bear.
The North Slope was a 900 million barrel field according to the USGS in 1969 and they passed the 11 billionth barrel of production not too long ago and there's no end in sight.
But these are things that most people outside of our region don't see much on.
The scandals right now are all about oil and gas corruption here in our state legislature and at the national level along with a lot of other things
But ultimately, when you start to look at the value of these resources, if we were taxing industry on a par with average citizens, which we're not even close, I mean, one zinc mine here produced $1.5 billion in gross revenue, $1.1 billion in net revenue in 2005, which is huge profits, and they paid less than a million dollars in taxes.
And that's less than one percent.
I mean, we pay more than that on our deduction for Medicaid, six times more for a deduction for Social Security on our payroll checks.
It's a question of fairness.
These are multinational companies that are literally hijacking the last treasury of the country at a penny on the dollar.
When we ought to be collecting a fair tax, using that to retire the national debt through non-renewable resources, and guess what?
We could actually create
some renewable resources in the energy area here and elsewhere in the country that would sustain this nation well into the future and in the 21st century about technology it's all about energy and energy independence and individual energy independence is a direction we really ought to be going and not the other way around.
Well, let's talk about that.
I mean, let's look forward to just the basic police state that's being set up right now, and the overarching plan of the global elite, the whole transhumanist movement, going in the direction of control.
Speak to that.
Yeah, you know, it really is.
When you start to look at it, you know, there's a lot of fear on the part of government, because, you know, when the American citizens and citizens of other countries wake up, you see these sweeping changes, like what happened at the end of the Cold War, what happened in
I think?
And just like they sold eugenics a hundred years ago, 75 years ago, 50 years ago, and they're going to maximize and streamline humanity and empower us, that's the public persona.
You read the actual eugenics books and the leaders and the people who run this, who created transhumanism, and they say, no, it's really what we're going to do is enslave and kill people and actually go after our competition.
This is really another monopoly system.
It is and you know when you look at the elites and it's been the battle for 200 years I mean even back in the founding of the country there was a certain segment that really believed the average guy didn't deserve a vote or a say in anything and that mindset persists but it's it's a little bit more clouded it's a little bit more hidden
But there really is that attitude, and unfortunately, you know, we see it sort of corrupt those who go in with purity of heart even when they enter political life.
And I've watched it, you know, over 50 years.
My family's been involved in politics at state, national, and local levels, and over time the system itself even corrupts.
And when you look at public policy, when you look at these issues, ultimately technology, I mean, has such huge potential to free us as individuals
And it's not being used that way.
It's just the opposite.
Instead, the very architecture is being designed for oppression.
It's for slavery.
A new form of slavery.
And we should talk about it.
It's economic slavery.
And bankers and political leaders... Well, let's discuss that.
Dr. Nick Begich on the other side.
He's the author of Earth Rising 1 and 2.
Right now, the big, hot book he's got out is Controlling the Human Mind.
The Technologies of Political Control.
And the new video, Mind Control.
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Housing sales fell 6.6%.
Mortgage giant Countrywide showed mortgage payment woes spreading to the middle and upper class.
Investors cast doubt on investment banks.
Credit protection insurance for mortgage lenders are skyrocketing due to the increased risk.
The U.S.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
Dr. Nick Begich is our guest.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment on any subject you want to discuss.
He's very well versed on it and also does a talk show right here on the weekends on the GCN Radio Network.
Again, Dr. Nick Begich is our guest.
Doc, I mean, with technology doubling really every year now, not just the memory space or not just computing power, and with the exponential growth, and Lord knows the suppressed technologies, the thousands of incredible filings and patents you found, you know, back in the fifties, the stuff people don't even think exists today,
I mean, I agree the elite are scared right now.
I wonder why they're scared, but at the same time they're also doing all these crazy things like cross-species genetic engineering, which is admittedly extremely dangerous to the entire biosphere, and at the same time pushing a fraud for a global tax on carbon, which is a hoax.
I know I keep saying, where is it going?
Because that is really everything now.
Where is it going?
I don't think the general public, even my listeners, even myself many times consciously, realize just how fluid and dynamic and dangerous, but also there's incredible opportunities right now.
Absolutely, and the danger in all this is, I think part of the reason they run scared is when people fully realize what we are as created human beings, and part of the whole consciousness studies, the mind effects issue, the mind control issue, the thing we've been covering recently
I think it ultimately was about that.
The more I learn, the more I research in that area, and we've been following it for a number of years, over a decade now, and what we see in that is when you really start to look at the anomalous human capabilities, what we used to call extrasensory perceptions, they show up in the military literature.
And I think as they discovered what was possible, not just with an elite, but with everyone, it scared the hell out of them, quite frankly.
I think when people really realize what we are as created human beings, and we begin to access that, that scares the hell out of the elites.
And I think there's really the use of what we are, I mean in terms of good and evil, right and wrong, that's all up to us individually, but it doesn't mean that we don't have within us
These latent capabilities, because we do, if you really believe in the whole concept of created in the image of the Creator.
It's not what we look like, it's what we are.
And that's, I think, a pretty stunning thing, and why I say we're at a crossroads.
You just hit the nail on the head.
Stop right there.
I want you to continue, because that's what's so key.
That's why the enemy does everything they can to make it about surface, about looks, about baubles, and trappings, and they try to make us focus on the most petty
Things that don't matter, because they are afraid of people developing and truly being conscious, just good decent people.
They're afraid of just baseline creativity, not to mention what humans could become.
Absolutely, and as you look at all of that, as you start to look at that, and see, you know, sort of where the technology goes, because technology kind of follows, you know, where we are in life.
It's sort of an outward projection of what we are interiorly, and when you start to see technologies develop, that have developed,
that begin to enhance these capabilities is because we're already developing.
You know, we had this conference, and I mentioned it last time we were on in Dallas, and it was on mind effects.
In fact, we've loaded a bunch of data in the last couple of days, in fact, literally in the last couple of days, on the Lay Institute site, including some video of what to play with.
Give us that website.
We're going to make sure there's a link to it up on InfoWars.com.
Give us the website.
It's www.layinstitute.org and then we have new information also at www.earthpulse.com but the thing that we've found in all of this and all of our experts and you'll see it in their own presentations you know this kind of recognition that we are really headed that way and these are some of the brightest minds on the subject in the world.
Let me just add the addendum here that look at humans 3,000 years ago would envision something and then within a generation or two build it
Now, within just a few years, you look at science fiction writers a hundred years ago, literally, the technologies they envisioned were then developed.
It is that in the image of the Creator.
We literally can create what we envision.
This is incredible, incredible promises that God gave us.
Yeah, I absolutely believe that.
It's the faith of a mustard seed story as well.
You've got to believe it.
You've got to understand it.
You've got to know it.
The other one I always remind people of is the widow's mite.
It's not how big you think things are.
It's just doing what you think is right.
I think that's the widow's mite story for me.
You do what you believe is right and true and what you can succeed in.
It reflects in everything about you, but when you look at an elite that's focused on money, greed, and really the lower sort of emotions that people go through, not that we should end all those emotions.
I think they balance us out.
They make us learn.
As young people, we get through all that stuff, but some people never do, and they stay in this sort of
Little rut.
In fact, they get worse!
Yeah, absolutely, because they habituate to that behavior, and then they don't have a conscience anymore, and they become quite evil in the world.
And what we're seeing is a reflection of that evil, and we can still turn that around.
We're going to come back and continue on this line of discussion, and then take some of your calls with Dr. Nick Begich, right here on the GCN Radio Network.
Stay there.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Elizabeth Border.
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Just majesty, mystery, beauty, love, passion, all around you, in the middle of it, unhappy, greedy, petulant people.
You know, I was never even into money until I realized I needed a little bit of it to protect myself from the greedy and from the people that are full of avarice and control and those that are into hijacking and enslaving and positioning themselves and taking over organizations and, you know, doing things along those lines.
And really, you have to understand the mindset of the New World Order, the mindset of the Controllers, and then the mindset of their Minion Servant Class.
And to do that, I really can think of no better place to start than the book, Controlling the Human Mind, the Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance.
We have it available at discount at InfoWars.com.
And Mind Control, A Brave New World or Enhancing Human Performance.
And this is just a very powerful film, very powerful presentation by Dr. Nick Baggage with his decades of research, and really he's one of the top minds out there, and his information is always so well-balanced and well-vetted.
I've learned really a lot of what I know in many sectors of this research from him, and it really is an intrigue, too.
Intrigue tends to have a bad connotation, but I mean, you do get entwined and ensnared in this in a way, but it's better than being ensnared in Madison Avenue and baubles and logos of trinketry, because
Once you really find out the real world is out there, and you find out how little you do know, and you really find out about human potential, it is magic, folks.
I mean, and I don't mean that in the connotation of ooga-booga magic.
I mean, that's the term of just, it's amazing.
It's enthralling.
It's such a bigger, wider area of life.
And then you discover that the New World Order is doing everything they can to block you from thinking about that, to block you from truly growing into being a healthy, well-balanced, loving individual.
And then you can really see the evil and the propaganda for what it is, and it makes it that much more amazing that our fellow men and women are still buying into this.
So please go to Infowars.com and get Mind Control, the DVD by Dr. Nick Baggage, and the book, Controlling the Mind, The Human Mind, all available there at the website, or you can just also go to his fine websites and organizations, earthpulse.com or delaneyinstitute.org.
Now before we go back
Yes, we are.
Basic Road to Tyranny that we're now on is titled, The Timeline to Tyranny, Ten Advances Towards the End of Freedom and Privacy in the United States.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Please get this article and get it out to everybody.
It's a very important article so you don't just see one piece of the tyranny here or one piece of the tyranny there.
You can really see just the last seven years and of course it started way before that, but this is for people
We're just now waking up.
They need to see it in its continuum, see it together.
And please continue.
The show is just exploding on the AM and FM dial, shortwave internet satellite, and that's because of you and my passion, my dedication, my drive is to warn people.
Literally my treasure is waking people up, freeing minds, unlocking souls.
I mean, I just, it is in my bones to fight evil and to stand up against bullies, and really it's a survival mechanism.
I understand that we're all tied together.
And so if someone else is being oppressed or dominated, that means I'm next, my family's next.
And so it's an instinctive drive to do that.
I hope you'll tell people about the podcast.
You can download it at Infowars.com for free every day.
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And we also restream the show 21 hours a day.
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And 21 hours a day until the next show starts, we restream it there.
Going back to Dr. Nick Baggage, I want to go to Carl's here in a moment.
Obviously, I beg you to come on, beseech you to come on for a full two hours in the near future, but just speaking of the tangible movement towards tyranny,
I mean, when Bush signs PDD 50 and says he's above Congress, and Congress says, we want to see your martial law plan, and he says, no, you're not involved in government anymore.
I mean, we have really crossed the Rubicon.
There have been many Rubicons they've crossed, but this is really the big Rubicon in my view.
A, do you agree?
B, how do we counter this?
I absolutely agree, and the Congress is not doing a darn thing.
You know, that's why they're even a lower rating right now than Bush is.
And, you know, the reality is,
We have three branches of government.
They're trying to corrupt the judiciary, and there's reasons for that.
All this wiretapping scenarios that we're hearing about, it's not just about listening in on what's going on.
You can also piggyback signals on everything going on.
In other words, you can use any carrier to carry a signal in, and this is something that they've looked at for TV, radio, internet, cell phones, and regular telephone telecommunications.
But you've got to be able to intercept the signals and then embed your own.
This is what Project Solo does in battlefields and what many of these systems can do right here at home.
And what they've done, the executive has shielded itself against the proper scrutiny and accountability that the Congress is entitled to and the courts are entitled to.
And then on the court side, by trying to dump all the prosecutors in the country, and we've got liberal prosecutors and conservative prosecutors, but most of those prosecutors
They make Nixon look like an angel.
He was an amateur compared to these guys.
But you take the same guys that were in the Ford administration, Rumsfeld and Cheney, different roles but the same players, they all pop up again.
Bush Sr.
being the CIA director in those days, and going back to just where everybody fit in the big scheme of things, and you look at how the world has manifested since,
And you see it quite clearly.
There was a book by Zbigniew Brzezinski that I've quoted often, and it was Between Two Ages.
And this book was written when he was at Columbia University in the early 70s, and not just sort of the projection of economics and politics and technologies in the 21st century as we hit this century, a 30-year prediction that reads like a history.
One of the guys that founded the Trilateral Commission, one of the insiders.
People got to remember back around the time that was written, you know, Rockefeller had slid in as Vice President, Ford was running the show, and they were still hiding what the CIA recently released as the family jewels.
It all covers that period of time when dad was in the Congress.
And I remember it well.
And you know what happened is technology advanced.
The evil nature of these guys never got disclosed because of presidential pardons.
And today, the same players are in power, but with much, much greater technologies.
Controlling the human mind was about those technologies, and the first step towards that is fear generation.
And fear doesn't come from any place that I like to go, and that's what this administration has used so effectively against the Congress, against the American population.
That's why the Patriot Act passed by such an overwhelming majority on the first go-through, and yet 300 legislators and local politicians from around the country, legislative bodies,
We're good to go.
To further their political ends would be greater than their good sense to restrain.
And this is why we not only need legislation, you know, we were able to breach a little bit of this in Europe, where we got a resolution dealing with mind control as a topic, but nothing in this country where the science is advanced in the open literature to a point where we have to pay attention.
If liberty is to be maintained, if freedom is to be the reflection of who we are as Americans, we have to jump in the middle of this debate.
Well, I agree with you.
Now, we see, for every action, of course, there's a reaction back to it.
We see people really waking up now.
The question is, though, will they put it into some type of action?
And I say, look, don't wait for orders from headquarters.
Your action isn't going to be perfect.
No one is.
Just getting involved.
Just researching.
Just going down to city council with even no idea of why you're going.
Just to watch.
You're going to see corruption.
You're going to see weirdness.
Television is a medium that's used pretty easily.
In the book, we describe a little bit of that, but just the passive watching
And then the generation of fear with the six o'clock news put a person in a very suggestive state.
It's like a disconnect, you know.
And if you watch, in fact, there's a program out now that uses the disconnections in the brain process to exploit people.
And you can watch it in action.
It's a show called Mind Control on one of the cable networks.
But, you know, when you start to look
I think?
The flicker rate of images in a cartoon can influence the brain, and an advertisement can put you in a very suggestive state where they add open words that you hear clearly, but they anchor differently.
And then there's old baseline propaganda of say, Ron Paul's at the debates for Amy Shee,
He's got three-to-one people for him, but ABC shows a photo of one guy with a Ron Paul sign, and then shows photos of Mitt Romney's people and other people's with just hundreds of signs.
It's just baseline deception that way.
Absolutely, and when you look at the technologies as they advance, and now what's capable and possible, and what is coming, this generation
I think?
Get the control grid in place, then have organized bioweapons releases and other staged terror crises that are meant to hurt us even more under total control, and then once they've got that total police state in place, kill 90% of us.
Well, you know, a lot of people have that view, and there's good reasons for it.
You know, when you look at the places that aren't producing useful eaters, and I hate to say it that way, but it's true.
You know, you look at African nations.
They produce some raw materials.
There are millions and millions dying from AIDS, a disease that many have believed and actually documented as perhaps something that we even created.
And, you know, when you start to think about biological weapons, I mean, many are race-specific.
They've developed race-specific bioweapons.
Think about this.
It started getting released in terms of information in South Africa when apartheid fell.
And then Israel, and now Dick Cheney says it's a useful tool.
Yeah, and so when you start to look at
People developing technologies based on DNA structures and the uniqueness of the DNA, people wanting to manipulate the outcomes to the extent that this administration and others have demonstrated, it's absolutely time to take a different look.
And for freedom to be maintained in this century, it's about the mind, it's about consciousness ultimately, and it's about where we decide it goes.
And this is the last
Battlefield, if you will, because if you lose that, I mean, all the rest doesn't even matter.
I mean, if our constitutional framers could even contemplate such a thing.
Because if you lose the mind, then you can't even ever counter at that point.
It's checkmate.
It's over.
We're about to go to calls, but I just want to elaborate this for people and also simplify it at the same time and put a bow on it.
Folks, the point is you just better start looking around you.
Don't have to believe us.
We're telling you the truth.
We've done the research.
But don't believe us.
This is true.
Look into what we've said and just start looking around you and stop thinking that you're just supposed to go through life responding to stimuli and that this is all like Disneyland and that you're not part of the decision-making process.
If you don't get involved now in the structure of life and in the infrastructure
But if you don't start chasing something other than bubbles, and I'm not saying that's not part of our psyche and shouldn't be some part of our lives, but when that's all you're doing, you're dead already.
Doctor, do you agree with that statement?
You know, there's a simple thing I always tell people.
Grab the blue pages of your phone book, and in there is your U.S.
Congressman, U.S.
And literally, millions of people calling him, millions of letters to the editor, millions of emails on the street, street actions, all of it.
We're mammals, folks, and it's all about what the tribe does, what is seen.
It's peer pressure for the
Androids, basically, are people who are mesmerized by television who aren't even conscious.
They're not even really human anymore.
We can literally resurrect them with the information.
We can literally get them to turn their humanity back on.
We can reactivate that.
And that's what we're trying to do, but if you don't do it, it's not going to happen.
I can guarantee you that.
Let's go to calls.
Mike just hung up, so we'll go to Andrew in Louisiana.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Andrew.
Hello, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Hey, how you doing?
I just wanted to call and encourage you first off, because there's not enough people who do that.
I've listened to you off and on for, you know, a couple years now, and I've heard you get real upset and everything and have to take a break, and I just wanted to let you know that I am part of this new generation.
I'm only 21 years old, and I just want to strengthen your spirit and encourage you and let you know that we're going to fight this.
We're going to win, and you are waking up.
Well, fantastic.
Fantastic, my friend.
Okay, well listen, I'm a student, I am a debater, a martial artist, and I went to a meeting in Natchez, Mississippi in April, and I have some information that you might be interested in.
It's kind of on topic for today.
So we started out with conventional burning of fossil fuels, and you get pellets, and then you have methane ethanol, and then you have the enzymatic hydrolysis,
Then you go on to syngas fermentation, and then the last part of the frontier is the nanotechnology.
You know anything about that?
Yeah, actually, you know, this is an important area, but there's some new things coming in energy.
We just posted a video where they take and use radio frequency energy to stimulate the molecules where you can literally burn seawater.
All you need is a little salt water to do the job.
And, you know, what's interesting is we had said, I think it was on Alex's show, it might have been on one of the other ones we were on recently.
We talked about the idea that Paritch, an inventor back in the 60s, was able to crack hydrogen efficiently out of
water using ultrasonic which takes a little more energy than radiofrequency and what was amazing is a little amount of energy that it took radiofrequency energy to literally cause water to burn and we have that video it's free it's at earthpulse.com
I think these are the alternatives that are going to ultimately just burn this system out in terms of what's going on with oil and gas.
And oil and gas will be used for things like plastics and other extracted molecules that are useful.
But at the same time, it's going to change the game.
Because if you can do this without a distribution system, without being reliant on those old infrastructures, then you're free and independent.
We've got a break and I appreciate your call.
Andrew, good to have you on board and God bless you.
Yeah, you see, the establishment creates counterfeits.
There are real environmental problems, so they take control of the movement and say global tax.
But there's good environmental ideas, like getting off the grid, solar power, that make you independent.
And I encourage everybody to do it.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
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We're good to go.
I'm good.
We're good.
I am the man of constant sorrow.
I've seen trouble all my days.
I'm a bit fairway.
I'm gonna keep Dr. Baggage five minutes to the next hour if he can do that.
And we got Bob Dacey for the balance.
He was one of these big smart growth slash highway
Trans-Texas Corridor, NAFTA Superhighway meetings for two days and boy he's got the skinny.
He's got a big article in the New American Magazine's website.
We've got it up on InfoWars.com.
They're in the guest section on the main page.
Just under him you've got a highway robbery story is the headline.
You can click on that and get it out to everybody right now.
It's extremely important.
They claim they're backing off the toll roads and handing them over.
Complete fraud as usual.
Again, it's enemy propaganda.
They claim there's no more amnesty bill.
They're introducing it.
First they claim it's not an amnesty, then they claim there is no bill, there is a North American Union, there is no, you know, George Bush doesn't exist, none of it's real, everything's fine, just hand over your guns and the nice men in black uniforms will take good care of you.
Kevin in Boston, you're on the air with Dr. Nick Begich, author of Controlling the Human Mind and of the film Mind Control.
Go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call.
I'll be brief.
I had one Ron Paul activist campaign action item and
Comment, question for Dr. Begich.
Do you remember when Saul in Michigan tried to block Ron Paul for the debate?
And everyone, all the activists got out there and they made some phone calls and they were able to have them back.
Well, Mr. Steele, the head of GOPAC also did it, yes.
Well, activists in the campaign, and I've sent some contact information to you and some others, Alex,
I think?
We've got an article up there right now, and I appreciate your call, sir.
We've got an article up on PrisonPlanet.com right now about how they're trying to block them from having a clean vote up there in this key straw poll.
And I mean, that's the thing, is that corruption really is
System-wide right now, and it's like a viral or bacterial bloom.
Once it goes past a certain point, it just goes crazy and even endangers the system for the corrupt elite.
And I think the elite realize that now, Dr. Baggage, that one of the things that really brought Hitler down wasn't just the Allied armies, but that the Nazi corruption got so bad and the little fiefdoms being set up got so big that things degenerated.
And you really studied government at the local and national level.
Give us your take on that.
I think it's the same game.
If you look in every community, it's the same contractors, the same insiders, the same political hacks that end up somehow going in with nothing and coming out millionaires.
And you know, there's something wrong with a system that does that, because it sure doesn't look like public service to me anymore.
And it looks like whatever can serve them and their interests.
And a lot of politicians
Are really not the best you can generate.
They're just the ones that will go along with their special interests that are driving so much of the political parties.
And so, getting involved does matter.
I mean, if you don't get involved, then the insiders, if you've ever gone to any of these meetings, and if you go to the inside of the Republican Party's precinct meetings, where they start to pick delegates and you work your way up through there, or the Democratic side,
of that same equation.
What you see is all the special interests well represented, but not the common man.
We're not there anymore, folks.
We need to get involved and put the party last and people first and the country before party politics, which is corrupting the thing as well.
Dr. Nick Baggett's final segment with him.
We'll talk to Jason, Ed, and a few others in this little five-minute segment.
Then Bob Dacey in studio with big, new, very serious developments on the
North American Union Taxation Grid.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Final signal with Dr. Nick Baggage.
Then the National Grid of toll roads to, from the North American Union, New Developments, Bob Dacey, in studio.
I want to get to Mike in New York and try to jam in Jason and Eddie, and we'll get to Ray and others later in the hour they want to hold.
Mike in New York, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, you're on the air with Dr. Nick Baggish and myself.
Alright, Alex, this is for you.
First comment, I'd love all you listeners to first go out and get the movie Children of Men.
Are you familiar with it?
Yes, it's an excellent film.
Okay, that's what America is going to turn into.
Second, I would love to be on, you know, your future shows, because I have tons of classified government documents.
I have a friend in the NSA, and I would like for, you know, some of these documents to come out, you know, one at a time, and we could discuss them on your show.
Go ahead, sir.
First question.
We know this global warming thing is a big lie, and we're moving towards, you know, Mother Earth religion.
And I feel they're going to drop the earth, I mean, the war on terror, and pick up this, you know, Mother Earth.
Well, there is an open debate about what's really the organizing principle, the war on terror, or global taxation through Mother Earth worship.
Dr. Nick Baggage, where do you see that going?
You know, I think that that's a little bit of both.
You know, I mean, I think what we're seeing is this sort of collectivism, is what I call it.
You know, and it's stimulated by the United Nations.
And always my comment with the United Nations is I didn't vote for anybody there.
So they don't represent me.
But you know when you think about climate change as an issue and I think it's been skewed and politicized in the very wrong way.
We did a video on this and someday we'll have to do a program on that Alex.
I'll get it down to you.
But you know the whole issue of energy and climate change and what it might turn into.
The one thing we definitely know regardless of the debate over the cause is
Hey, we are in for some changes, folks.
We're seeing droughts like we've never seen before through the Agribelt of this nation.
But we also know there's weather manipulation going on.
And there's a lot of things that add into this that are way beyond carbon emissions.
And there's, you know, methane gas, as an example, is 20 times more powerful.
And based on what's happening in the northern regions of the world right now, it's contributing dramatically more than all of the releases of man combined.
But there's not big money in taxing cow flatulence.
No, or the melting of permafrost in the Arctic, which is one of the biggest contributors right now to methane releases.
And it's a sort of accelerating process, and it's cyclic.
But the evidence is that this is what energized civilization's development, starting 9,000 and terminating 4,000, the Bronze Age, and the agrarian development, was that heating up.
Yeah, Manhattan.
Yeah, actually all of the changes generate a lot of, all's it is, I mean it's a natural thing.
The sun is heating up, it's being noted in all the planets, that's the biggest contributor when you look at the sun's energy.
And when you start to think about what's happening, well, it just means we've got to adjust, move some of our agricultural thinking a little differently, but we can do that.
I mean, we have more abundance on this planet, more possibilities on this planet, and yet we're all scared into this sense by our governments, who ought to be looking at the real innovation and not suppressing it.
We need to turn it around.
I agree, and we need to have that debate.
We're out of time, Dr. Begich.
I appreciate your call.
Mike, if all the other callers want to hold, we'll get to you later with Bob Dacey.
You can still bring up your issues because Bob is well-versed on all these subjects.
Dr. Baggett, it's always great to have you on.
Let's have you up for a full two hours to get into global warming, climate change, all of it.
I look forward to doing it again, Alex, and my best to all of your listeners.
We'll do it.
You bet.
Good to hear from you.
That's Dr. Nick Baggett joining us today.
Bob Dacey coming up in the next segment.
The video is Mind Control, A Brave New World, or Enhancing Human Performance?
You need to get this DVD at InfoWars.com or call 888-253-3139.
Extremely informative.
This is all part of the education process.
And the book, Controlling the Human Mind, The Technologies of Political Control, Our Tools for Peak Performance.
They both accompany each other.
You can get a discount when you get both of them together or get them both individually at Infowars.com or 888-253-3139.
I wanted to get to your calls, but each subject is so complex, we've got to give our guests time to speak.
But we'll get to everybody.
Stay with us.
Key information with Bob Dasey straight ahead.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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Bob Dacey is my guest in studio.
Bob woke up a decade ago now and he's been doing a television show for many years here in Austin.
He's also written quite a few articles, a few of them cover stories.
One of them a cover story for the New American Magazine.
He's a long time member of the John Birch Society as well.
And you know Texas is the front line for the takeover of 8,000 miles of roads.
They take over hard existing roads.
They literally have the state pay to put a toll booth on it.
Then they want to put in the tracker chips and all the inspection stickers.
For now, they just make you get the tracker chip.
Or pay a higher penalty when you pay cash or coins.
Running the operation.
And so the legislature says no, and the governor vetoes it.
Then he says, okay, no more toll roads.
But then they move full bore ahead.
They say no toll road on Mopac.
And then they announce the thing's going to be a toll road.
And then, still the public knows they're being lied to, but they don't understand how ball faced.
It's like with the amnesty.
They say, there is no amnesty.
And then we prove it's an amnesty, and literally a pardon for those that have felonies, aggravated felonies, haven't paid taxes in five years.
End of the nation.
First visit, given basic citizenship for twelve years.
You get to go on welfare and social security card first visit.
I mean, complete end of the country.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
And they said, no, no, no.
First, they said the bill was secret, though.
And down here in Texas, TexDOT told the legislature, it's secret.
You can't see our agreement.
Suits were filed.
Some of it came out.
And basically, it's just the multinationals give a few paltry campaign contributions, and the government is signed over to them.
Bob Dacey is a stickler for detail, and he went and attended this conference.
And there's a whole other area of this on First Amendment.
They wouldn't let him in.
As a TV host, and so we decide what the press is, but they did let him in with the New American press credentials, so that's a whole other subject as well.
But Bob, it's always great to have you here.
You got the floor.
Give us the basics, then go through the details of what we're facing and how they are going ahead with the roads.
Of course, while telling the public, militarily, that this is not an assault.
You know, don't run.
We are your friends.
Everything is fine.
Bob, good to have you here.
Thank you, Alex.
I really appreciate you letting me come on because I got some really big news nationwide, worldwide, that only, well actually I was trying to cover this for my local TV show, The Simple Truth.
Which is on Monday nights from 6 to 7 on Channel 10 here in Austin on Cable Access.
My two producers Jeff Cantoff and Kelly Taylor and I, what we're going to do is we're going to go down this Texas Transportation Forum which was held this last July a couple of weeks ago.
Uh... at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Austin because it was going to be a huge confab of everybody involved in making money on tolling roads.
And the critical thing here is
This is the test case for the whole nation.
Every other department of transportation in the state, in the world, in the country, is watching what happens at TxDOT in order to determine what they can get away with.
In fact, that's been in Australian and other newspapers that this is the global battle that's happening right now in Texas.
You had representatives from Cintra there, you had Royal Bank of Scotland, Goldman Sachs,
You had these multinational investor types.
You had highway contractors, subcontractors, lawyers, designers, engineers.
It was all a huge confab of these people determining what the future of transportation in Texas was going to be, and thereby, by extension, the United States.
So, initially, I want to make this clear.
My story, which is up on Infowars.com, which is a link to the New American website, thenewamerican.com, the story is entitled, Highway Robbery, and they just posted it on the New American website the other day.
That story is, I put up the story because of being credentialed by the New American magazine.
That is very important for people to know.
Kelly Taylor and I were admitted into the conference as freelance reporters for the New American, not as reporters for our own TV news talk show, which has been in Austin for eight years.
And which, if I may say, has been covering the Trans-Texas Corridor, NAFTA Superhighway, since October of 2015.
Yeah, let's just cut to the meat of the issue.
They didn't let you in as a Texan, as someone who's been on the air for seven, eight years.
They blocked you.
And let's cover that First Amendment issue now, and then let's get into what they're doing.
Alright, you want to get into why they wouldn't let us in?
No, I mean, go ahead and talk about the First Amendment issue.
Alright, the First Amendment issue is this.
We apply, they have on their website, they were inviting the media to come to the conference.
But then they defined what the media was.
I mean, picture this, you've got a government agency defining media.
And that's what they do now.
They define firearms, they define citizens, they say, oh you have rights, but under our definition you don't.
They stepped on the wrong pipsqueak.
This is what happened.
They define media this way.
In order to be credentialed to attend the conference,
You had to be a full-time, paid, salaried employee of a TV station, a licensed TV station, licensed by who?
A licensed TV station, a licensed radio station, or a newspaper, full-time, comma, who receives none of his income from any other source, period.
Now, that was their definition of media.
Well, obviously, because we work for free, doing our stuff for the last eight years, we didn't qualify.
But we said, what the heck, we're not going to put up with this.
So this is an example of how this happens.
Let's go ahead and cover the part now and then get to what happened at the conference.
Okay, well, anyway, we weren't allowed.
We were rejected as Simple Truth TV.
And that's called tyranny.
Yeah, yeah.
And we reapplied as freelance correspondents for the New American.
I've written for the New American.
And of course we are.
Kelly Taylor writes a lot for the New American.
I understand.
And she's on JBS Speakers Bureau, too.
So we reapplied to be credentialed as reporters for the New American.
And even the New American didn't qualify under their definition
of media because... So the point is they're very, very secretive and they don't want media there unless it's corporate lapdog media.
They don't want... because at these conferences they tend to be more honest.
I mean, I remember going... Yes, I do.
...to a Smart Road conference in 98 here.
And they had all the big bank heads.
I mean, there were like 5,000 people there at the Boston Convention Center.
And they said, this is about taking property, it's about money.
They were laughing.
I would say, I would ask questions.
I would say, so you admit it's not about environment, it's about taking property and ruling.
And they said, they would just laugh and just cackle like witches.
So, I mean, this is really where they let their hair down.
Bob, get into what you discovered.
Okay, well, what I discovered here, and again, Kelly Taylor and I spent two and a half, two days at this conference, and they split it off into many different segments.
Basically, the bottom line, hardcore, what we discovered is that the powers that be are taking what I call a stuff approach to try to figure out how to toll everything.
They are trying everything.
They're bringing out all the stops.
They're taking a bunch of stuff, and I'm using stuff because this is a G-rated show, and they're throwing it on the wall and seeing what sticks.
I mean, this is extremely important news, and I want to point out that none of the mainstream media that was credentialable to be there
Covered anything.
Houston Chronicle showed up and did a fluff piece.
KXAN local TV showed up and shot some video of the governor speaking or whatever.
No one has revealed what happened in this meeting.
Let's reveal what happened at the meeting.
Alright, what happened at the meeting is that they are planning, TxDOT is planning to toll existing interstate highways by virtue of telling the federal government, this is what we want you to do.
They are planning on, now get this Alex, say ten years ago we, the American people, through taxpayer money, paid for a chunk of interstate highway.
We paid for it, it's ours.
It was built with a prohibition on ever tolling it.
Because it used to be... It was a federal law, but it was just a federal executive order.
It used to be a federal law that if money was spent, you know, federal money was spent on a highway, you couldn't toll it.
So they're just seizing the infrastructure.
So what they're doing is they are wanting the Feds to say, oh look, you've already changed the law a little bit to allow us to toll stuff on a pilot basis.
By the way, that was a story I did on your show last year.
You know, Feds paved the way to toll the interstates as part of the North American Union.
All right, what we're doing now is we want to buy back segments of interstate from the federal government with more of our taxpayer money so we can slap tolls on those roads.
That's what they're doing.
You know, people say, oh, they're never going to toll existing interstate.
Oh, yes, they are.
That is their plan.
Now, A, 99% in an Austin poll, 97% in a poll in Houston Chronicle.
But it's always above 90%.
They've had polls on CNN, 99%.
And we have those, are against this.
And that's even with just a little bit of truth they've got.
Meanwhile, they're saying, oh, we're stopping all the toll roads moratorium as they put them in, as they do this, and then you go to the meeting, and they're openly in front of the international media, talking about how they're going to toll the existing roads, and then Perry marches out and says, it's a conspiracy theory, he's not doing it!
Well, Rick, did you get video of this?
I got a little video of Rick Perry's speech, but it's basically what he said, that he was reaffirming his commitment to public-private partnership
I have a Texas Department of Transportation document called Forward Momentum and they passed this out to all the participants and I'm sure this is public record.
The problem is the mainstream media is not interested in it at all.
and in here it says tolling authority expansion and it says right here let me just quote this despite our successes in safety loo to expand tolling options that was the bill I talked about last year safety loo section 1604
Federal law still severely curtails states' ability to utilize tolling to meet their financial and mobility needs.
Federal law generally prohibits imposing tolls on interstate highways for which federal funds have been used.
In several situations, however, Congress has enacted specific legislation to allow states to buy back or reimburse the federal government with federal funds.
Now let's be clear, that's the scam here.
Not only are the toll companies not paying for the roads in their existing
The states even pay to then hand it over to them, and then it doesn't even make money.
Literally, folks, it's raping.
Bob Desi, this is very important information.
That's all it is.
Stay right there.
We're going to come back and continue.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
There's an article up on InfoWars.com, Highway Robbery, online exclusive.
Links over to the New American Magazine.
Robert L. Dacey wrote it, and of course Kelly Taylor contributed.
She was there witnessing all of this chicanery as well, and think about that.
That accredited press wouldn't let him in.
He had to then go get the magazine credentials.
And the litmus test they had in the bar was so high, even the New American wouldn't have been allowed in according to what they were saying.
But they went ahead and backed off of that.
Now let's get into the meat and potatoes.
This is huge, folks.
Because whether you live in Chicago, or whether you live in Detroit, or you live in LA, or New York, or Houston, or Austin, or in Spain, or in England, I mean, congestion taxes, taxes into the cities, transponders, this tracking grid, they put the stuff in, and when you complain, they say it doesn't exist, while they put, I mean, they'll put the toll roads in and be saying it doesn't exist.
I mean, this psychology of just lying, but then you went to the conference, what some of the others, you got
50-something pages there of notes.
What all did you see?
Alex, again, on this tolling authority expansion, I was reading before the break from their documents that says they want to buy back segments of interstate from the federal government
So that they can slap tolls on them.
I mean, you know, a couple years ago they said, Oh, we'll never put toll roads on existing interstate.
It's only for new roads.
And now here it is in their own document, which I'm sure is a public document.
I mean, they were passing it out to all the people trying to make money off of tolling everybody.
I mean, I've got one right here and it says, uh,
That they want to buy back or reimburse the federal government for federal funds applied to a highway segment, thereby relieving it of the prohibition against tolls.
There it is!
Right there!
They have a list of their priorities.
We propose to
And one of them is to reduce restrictions on tolling programs and remove their pilot project status to give states such as Texas as many opportunities as possible for new funding alternatives.
Now the headline, the headline should have read in the Houston Chronicle, lots of American statesmen, all these rats that were there, you know, the foreign newspapers that were there, hundreds of them, it should have read, you know, state of Texas sets global precedent, sets US precedent to toll existing paid-for roads.
I mean, again, this is what they're doing.
Yeah, that should have been the big headline.
It says right here on their legislative agenda for the U.S.
Congress, allow the states to buy back or reimburse the federal government for its share of investment in energy.
Now again, let's be clear.
They're going to take our tax money.
Pay for a road that's already paid for, to then literally for 50 to 75 years, depending on the lease, there's different ones, hand it over to Sintra Zachary, who gave a paltry sum.
Folks, we're talking billions and billions per sector of Texas alone, not to mention all over the country and globally, and they do nothing!
The state even pays to put the toll booths in!
Yeah, you know, a lot of people are griping about double taxation.
Well this, I don't know what this is, triple taxation.
We paid for it.
It's called rape.
We paid for it with our tax money a long time ago.
You know, the feds took our money, they paid for the highway, and now the state's going to take more of our money and buy back the segment we paid for before, and then they're going to slap toll roads on it, and probably turn it over to Zintra Zachary so they can charge us forever.
But they're still going to charge you for gas, and they're still going to charge you for all the cops who are going to be giving you tickets on it, so that's six
Yeah, right.
It's crazy.
Then there's a tire tax, a battery tax.
There's another very important thing I want to tell everybody here, because we were watching this conference, and we know exactly what their strategy is to con us into going along with this.
See, when I was reading your article, it blew me away.
That's why I'm like, let's get to it, because this is so huge, what you discovered, you and Kelly.
Well, you know, here's the deal.
They tried to, you know, back a couple of years ago, they snuck the thing through, the bill to authorize the Trans-Texas Corridor.
You know, Mike Crucian and his compadres and Rick Perry, they snuck the thing through the legislature.
Okay, they, when people got mad because of people like you and me and, uh, well, the
Yes, I
Well, it wasn't what we should have gotten, let's just say that.
But anyway, what their strategy is now, is they're saying, you know what, these people, we really made them mad.
We stirred up the masses, you know, the peons, the cretins, you know, the bubba's, the people from deliverance.
We stirred them up, and we need to do something about that now.
So now what they're going to do, is they're going to do the smiley face routine on us.
Stay there, we've got a break.
Long segment coming up.
Walk through, because you were there for two days.
I've been to these things.
It was nauseating, wasn't it?
Oh, yeah.
Also, we haven't brought up another point to all of this.
I predicted when the bridge collapsed last week.
It was like predicting that the sun would come up.
It wasn't hard.
I predicted that they would say, see, the roads aren't good.
We've got to privatize them.
And, man, now they are full tilt buggy, 24-7 schlepping that.
So we'll be right back with Bob Badescu.
I really appreciate coming over here to give us the story.
Thank you, Bob.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're going to go back to Bob Dacey and even take a few of your calls coming up.
Always love to hear from you.
Wish we had more time.
But I do want to tell you about a couple sponsors here first.
Bob, this is so big.
I'm going to have to have you back sometime next week for a part two.
We can't let this die.
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Guess you can't be a local radio sponsor on a national show.
It's two different animals.
But Bob's got a great hardware store where they've got guns, they've got books, they've got my videos.
He's sold out of Ron Paul signs three times and Ron Paul t-shirts.
So that's another example of the phenomenon of Ron Paul.
Isn't it, my friend?
Yeah, well, we got Ron Paul yard signs over there.
I don't have any t-shirts, but you have Ron Paul yard signs.
But you did tell me they're out, though.
You sold out.
Oh, I sold out three times.
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Oh, good.
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You know, you've got to join the Ron Paul revolution.
That's all there is to it.
And they're selling like hot cakes, I'll tell you what.
It's kind of neat.
But according to the media, there's two hackers in the basement eating Hot Pockets.
Well, the media's a crock.
Yeah, they're not the mainstream media.
They are the corporate CIA propaganda.
Big Fat Lie Machine is what they are.
Big Fat Lie Machine!
That's right, absolutely.
Somebody ought to grab that domain.
That's what they are, Alex.
I bet somebody's going to get it.
And you know it.
But speaking of propaganda,
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Reset for those that just joined us in about 60 seconds.
Recap what this meeting was, when it was held, who was there, what happened, and then you got the floor.
Go with it.
This is the Texas Transportation Forum held last month at the Hilton downtown Austin where all the people that are set to make tons of money tolling the roads in Texas were all there together to learn how to do it.
It basically was a how-to forum.
How to screw the people of Texas and take their money and steal their infrastructure
And by the way, I've been to these with Smart Growth and other grabs.
They go, this is big money and the corporations that are going to make hundreds of billions in the next 20 years.
I mean, we're not kidding.
Just, you know, in Texas and a few other states alone, they had out a few million here, a few million there to grease the skids.
It's called Mordito.
Go ahead.
Well, you know, if you actually, I was, I kind of, in my own mind, this is me talking, just me, I kind of compared it to like a NAMBLA convention, you know, the National American Man-Boy Love Association.
They're all a bunch of perverts, but they don't know it because they're just amongst each other, you know, they think it's normal, you know.
That's why these are so important.
They're just out there to make money.
And they're openly running around screaming, cash, money!
Well, we shot video of the former mayor.
A few weeks ago, he was at the Alamo Draft House.
We were there setting up for a showing.
So we went in and shot video.
Actually, he let us up in the area with the projections.
He didn't know we were there.
It was a secret little group.
It was like, this is big money.
We're taking over.
But go ahead.
Yeah, well, that's what it is.
But anyway, what they're doing is, they're going to toll everything.
You name it, they're going to try to toll it.
We're good to go.
I think so.
Billion dollars.
And if you boys in Texas don't want to play ball, you know, we'll take our money elsewhere and confiscate somebody else's infrastructure.
I mean, that's how big this is, Alex.
It's huge!
It's exactly what they do in the third world.
We're being treated like that now.
I mean, literally, in the third world, there have been cases where they'll give a dictator only $50 million, and he hands everything over and moves to Spain.
But, you know, they're treating us like third world, but the scope of this was enormous.
Can you imagine $700 billion dollars waving around?
And what they're doing is they're saying, listen, we need to propagandize the people of Texas and tell them, listen,
Now again, Bob, you're a stickler for facts.
If you say they're saying we've got a propaganda, it means they said it.
I mean, now you've got a lot of notes there.
They're just specifically saying, oh, they're mad, we've got to sell them.
It's a PR campaign, and listen, they had examples of it there already.
They had a Toyota Prius parked out in front of the place saying, this vehicle doesn't pay enough taxes in gas tax, and that's why we have to do this, ladies and gentlemen.
But in truth, they've gone from 15 million barrels a day to 21 million barrels a day.
And if you look at the graphs, gas tax, they're making record profits.
The old-fashioned way no longer works, Alex.
That's going to be the theme.
But don't worry, they're going to keep that tax, too.
Yeah, but it doesn't work, okay?
Just like Neal Bort says we've got to have a sales tax, quote, fair tax, but you watch, they're going to keep that income tax, too.
And the other thing, one of the other things they did was, you know, you have all these landowners in Texas that are hopping mad because their land is in the way of the Trans-Texas Corridor, right?
We're good to go.
Rick Perry, when he got back from the Bilderberg meeting, which is about the handover of the land, after the legislature had already, the session was over, he's got 20 days extra to play with bills.
They can't do anything about it.
By the way, we're the 8th largest economy in the world.
Sorry to go ahead.
He vetoes House Bill 2006, which was overwhelmingly passed by the Texas State Legislature.
House Bill 2006
would have prohibited Kelo-style takings in Texas.
I remember Kelo v. City of New London, where the Supreme Court said, well, what the Founding Fathers really meant is, you get private interest, once you're land, and pays the politician.
It actually legalizes bribery!
I mean, that'd be like if I went and paid a politician to give me Bob Dacey's house that's worth $150,000 for $5.00.
They said, well, we're allowed to give you Bob's land.
Well, let's get, I'm a stickler, this is the way it works.
The Supreme Court in 2005 in the Kelo decision said that the Founding Fathers really meant that it's okay to take private land not only for a public purpose but also for a private purpose as long as the state can see maybe they'll get more income from taxes off the new use of the land.
But in the ruling which we read on air in one of the decisions by Pro
Someone who voted for it.
I forget exactly who said it, but it's in there.
They said that they're even allowed to come lobby.
Well, of course!
All they've got to do is bribe the local politician, kick you off your house, and, hey, turn it over to this other guy.
I mean, anyway, nobody could figure out Kelo.
We figured it out right away.
They needed to try to move the Fifth Amendment away because it's in the way of the Trans-Texas Corridor.
And if that wasn't bad enough, then they had Bush sign an executive order saying you can grab the existing roads.
So here's the bottom line.
Perry, when he gets back from the Bilderberg Conference,
vetoes House Bill 2006, which prohibited kilo seizures in Texas.
So Perry said, wait a minute now, this is going to cost the state of Texas too much money to steal people's land now.
So they vetoed that.
So the kilo thing is on in Texas, you know, turning private people's property over to other private people.
And it's already happening.
They're already going to, it's Gore Seafood, owned by the Gores down in Freeport.
They've had it since World War II.
And they just said, we're not even paying you, we're just taking it and giving it to the heir of Exxon Mobil.
To build his own private marina, I'm sorry.
In this particular case, in this particular decision, Kelo is now wonderful in Texas, although Perry bragged a couple of years ago about how he was going to stop it.
General public doesn't even know what Kelo is.
In the new Texas law, which Perry vetoed, there was a definition of market value.
You know, if I'm going to take your land and you don't want to sell it, well, the idea was in the new bill, they're going to define market value as what it really is.
If you and I were hands, you know, you didn't have to buy it, I don't have to sell it, we come to an agreement on what the value is,
That's what the market value is.
It's the real definition.
That bill had a real market value definition in the bill.
Perry vetoes that, and of course what that means is they can confiscate land and pay you less than it's worth.
By the way, since Kelo two years ago, we see cases all the time where people have got 160 acres.
There was that one case up north last year, and they just don't even give money.
They just send cops in and say, we're taking it.
Well, the case that we're most familiar with is the Harrell Ranch taking east of Austin.
Where Sam Harrell and Bubba K had this 260 acre ranch east of Austin, and it was raising this certified organic beef cattle.
I remember meeting them.
Yeah, well, you know, Kelly Tiller and I went out there, and she interviewed them and put an article in the New American, and we were out there, and bottom line with these guys, they have a property that has a market value of $6 million bucks about, and the state gives them $2 million.
How many acres do they have?
Two hundred out there.
One acre.
Lots are going for three hundred grand out there.
That thing's probably worth fifty million.
Market value evaluation.
That's what they say.
I'm being conservative.
Six million bucks.
They drove the Highway 160 thing that Sintra's doing straight through the middle of the ranch and destroyed it, right?
They only paid them two million for a six million dollar property.
The thing's in court, but who can fight them?
They paid at least a third of what it's worth, and now Perry wants that to continue, so he vetoes House Bill 2006.
It's great.
If they're going to steal your land, they don't even want to pay you for it.
Perry has now made that okay, you see?
It's just great.
And you go on with this thing, the National... Well, there's also, notice a lot of these roads, the 8,000 miles are in key oil belts.
They're also setting a precedent where they're taking mineral rights, I saw, when they take it.
And they also want to con you into believing that the Trans-Texas Corridor is going to relieve traffic congestion in the cities, even though the Trans-Texas Corridor doesn't get anywhere near a city.
It's ridiculous!
No, it just taxes travel.
These people think that the American people are a bunch of milk cows.
And we all have udders on us, okay?
And they're sucking off every udder they can find.
They're actually chewing them off.
They're looking for places to stick new udders.
And that's what they think we are.
Oh look, he's driving around and he's not paying.
Well stick another on that old boy and start sucking.
That is exactly what to do.
But these cows, you see the bones, hip bones sticking out, they're all skinny.
Well that's because they shoved human growth hormone in the cows to produce more milk.
I mean, the bottom line here Alex, this is serious, this is nationwide.
And on top of it, they're devaluing the dollar.
Yeah, but what they're doing is they're turning our basically east-west highway system.
They're neglecting that.
And focusing all their emphasis on North-South to bring in Communist Chinese goods from Mexico.
And the precious illegals.
And let me tell you something.
This is another big part of this story.
We've talked about the Puerto Lazaro Cardenas before.
How they're going to expand it.
Walmart and the Chinese and the Mexican government.
Well, I knew they were going to expand it, but I didn't realize the scope
It's 83 Major Roads.
One of the presenters was Tom Cornegay.
He is the director of the Houston Port Authority.
He was talking about this tsunami, this flood of goods coming, that the Houston Port Authority is going to have to expand to handle it.
All this food with plastic and lead paint toys.
Right, and the Chinese are expanding the Panama Canal and making it bigger, so there's huge containers waiting to go through it.
Which we gave them.
Which we gave them, right.
Thank you, Jimmy.
I asked him how big the Port of Houston is in terms of capacity.
And he said, well, in 2005, we handled 1.6 million TEUs of freight.
Now a TEU is a 20-foot equivalent unit.
It's a standard small container.
So 1.6 million.
And I said, well, what's Lazaro Cardenas going to do?
He said, oh, it'll have a capacity of 2.2 million.
That port is going to be bigger than the Port of Houston.
Which is one of the biggest in the world.
I mean, I had no idea what the scope was.
It's over, folks.
Folks, as bad as you think it is now, they haven't even gotten started.
And they're going to have goon cops everywhere running around.
Now, your son's a good cop, though.
He'll be nice to you.
My son's a good cop.
In the FEMA camp?
That's right.
He'll be nice to you in the FEMA camp.
And remember when he was going to the big law enforcement school, they were telling him, we serve the U.N.
now, and you got all the documents?
Yeah, that's right.
We're in deep trouble.
But listen, here's the other deal.
This thing about
Okay, you know, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out because I'm not a rocket scientist.
If they're going to have a port bigger than the Port of Houston down on the southwestern coast of Mexico, they have got to get the money to build the highways and the railroads to go north.
They're not going to let that stuff pile on down there.
No, no, no.
Cornyn introduced the bill at Senate level where we are going to pay, and it's actually in the documents, SPP, we're going to pay for the infrastructure to destroy us and then pay tax to use it on top of it.
Yeah, exactly.
That's the way it works.
Now, Cornyn introduced that bill last year.
I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it.
It's 3622.
That was the second time he had introduced it.
You know, to force American taxpayers by funding the North American Development Bank.
And then he puts on these acts like he's against the immigration bill?
Oh, it was just accidentally word for word what was in building North American Community, which is what they say we have to do, is create this North American Development Bank.
But then he doesn't know about the NAU.
It doesn't exist.
It doesn't exist, no.
Just like they're not going to put tolls on existing roads, Bob.
Yeah, right.
You know what, I said we'd take calls, but I'm really in a quandary here, a paradox, and I want to take them, but I want Bob to be able to finish up.
Bob, you know, I think we're going to have you back in this week for part two, because I noticed you haven't gotten through half your notes there.
Can you just shotgun through your notes when we get back?
Now, this is up on InfoWars.com right now in the guest section, folks.
Get it, dig it, get it out to everybody.
This needs to be known.
The media is not talking about how they publicly announced they're going to grab the existing roads while lying about it on the other side of...
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Next week we're going to have Bob in here as a guest again to do a part two.
He's going to a hardware convention in Houston, so he can't come back in tomorrow or the next day.
I'm going to try to go to Lance and Rob.
Sorry to everybody else, but they're not calling in on topics specifically on this issue.
But just in closing, what are a few of the other facets to this, Bob?
I want to communicate here Alex, the fact of the matter is this is national importance.
This is to build the North American Union.
They're using it as a funding mechanism to shift to north-south highways so we can get all this Chinese slave goods up from Mexico.
It's for the North American Union.
And this is the key assault and we can't even convince the average yuppie it's going on.
Well, a lot of Americans are waking up.
I mean, you know, the Congress has even come up with some resolutions overwhelmingly passed to say, hey, we're not going to put up with the North American Union.
We need to put teeth in that.
Rick Perry needs to be impeached.
Rick Perry is a traitor.
I mean, bottom line traitor.
You cannot be a conservative Republican governor of Texas and rape the concept of the sanctity of private property.
You can't do that.
And selling out to foreigners.
And sell the country out to foreigners.
It'd be one thing if it was boss hog stealing stuff locally.
That'd be bad enough.
But foreigners boss hogging us?
You know, they say that the Texas governor is a relatively weak executive.
We learned that in high school.
Not true.
Not true.
Obviously, where is he getting his power from?
Where is he getting it from?
Certainly, from his 39% constituency that voted for him, because Carol got in there and took away all the independent votes.
I mean, come on, give me a break.
Where's the power coming from?
Part 2 is going to be out next week.
Why don't you write a part 2?
And Bob, you're going to be in what day next week?
Let's pick a day right now.
Oh, gosh.
Let's do it Monday.
Monday, yeah, that's fine.
Monday will be good.
30-hour Monday.
That'll be good.
Let's go to Lansing, Arizona, and then Rob.
Lancer on the air.
Go ahead, please, quickly.
Lance just dropped.
Rob in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
You're on the air.
Thanks, Alex, for taking my call.
You know, this transportation corridor is very similar to the energy corridor they're trying to push through in the Northeast.
But my jaw has been dropping listening to all the specifics about what's going on in Texas and the rest of the country.
And my question is a little bit trivial now after listening to all this.
But I'm wondering, if a road is under foreign control and private ownership, will they be able to bring their own police force?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
In fact, in Texas, there's a model, and they say the global front line to decide.
They're saying it, not us.
And it clearly is.
We pay for the cops.
We pay for the infrastructure.
We build the roads.
We pay for the toll roads.
They just are given the money.
Bob, you want to comment?
Well, you know, it depends on how much public-private partnership they're allowed to get away with.
They were upset that they had a setback because of the lukewarm moratorium that was passed.
And some of the international banker types were saying, you know, you guys got to get your act together here, we'll take our money elsewhere.
They were arrogantly just... And steal somebody else's.
By the way, that $700 billion they're talking about, that's just fiat.
They just issued Bank of England.
Yeah, so they were upset about what happened in the Texas Legislature.
Our job is to make them really upset.
Well see, that's the key.
We had a victory.
The people are waking up, so they just lie, and then now they're reforming themselves.
They're now mashing, and now building up for another assault.
Preparing for another assault.
They're regrouping is the word I'm looking for.
And Bob, the story is up on InfoWars.com.
It's one of the top stories on the New American Magazine's website.
We have a link to that up on InfoWars.com.
You and Kelly Tabor and also, of course, Jeff Cantop, a good friend of mine.
I never get a chance to see him anymore.
I want to say hi to him as well and thank him for all his great work.
Bob, thanks for being with us.
Appreciate it, Alex.
Take care.
You bet.
And you're going to be here next Monday, third hour, because you didn't get to a lot of this, did you?
Now, before you leave, I'm going to go back and be an entrepreneur and run the store, family store, but I want to get these scanned to get these added to the article we've got.
Is that cool?
That's cool.
We're going to get these scanned and we'll have that version up on Jones Report in the next couple hours.
So look for that, folks.
Take care.
God bless you all.
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