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Air Date: Aug. 3, 2007
2200 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
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We're offering it for free, and it costs us a lot of money, bandwidth-wise, and it's money I love to spend, because I love getting the information out there in the fight against the New World Order.
We are serious in this fight, so please help us in this fight get the word out and reach more people.
Coming up in 30 minutes on this Friday edition, it's a jam-packed broadcast, Connie Fogel, and she's with a political action party up in Canada who is effectively fighting the North American Union and the New World Order.
She's the leader of the Canadian Action Party, and so she'll be coming on with us.
Then we have Frank Albo,
Joining us a little bit later in the show as well to get into a bunch of different key issues.
Then we also of course have Steve Schenck joining us in the last 30 minutes of the show to talk about preparedness.
Right now I've got some very good news for everybody.
Remember the folks up in North Carolina?
And remember how they got basically assaulted and arrested?
uh... for doing nothing more than having an upside down flag flying outside their house that even had signs on it saying this is a sign of a country in distress not a sign of disrespect didn't matter he came out and arrested them well now the sheriff has done the right thing and dropped that charge we're going to be giving you a little bit of info on that i'm also trying to get a hold uh... of the uh...
Coots family.
They were listeners to the show and she's already called in a few days ago and given us a report.
That was back on Monday, but we're trying to get a hold of her again today.
I know her mother is very, very sick with a brain tumor, but to just talk about how they feel now with this being dropped and are they going to be pursuing it any further?
So that's coming up.
We'll get into that.
Also yesterday, a huge story on PrisonPlanet.com where a computer expert, one of the top recognized
In the field of analyzing video, said conclusively, conclusively, that the Intel Center had laid down their logo at the same time the Al Qaeda logo was laid down on the film, on the digital video.
And then the Intel Center freaked out, called Wired Magazine, called the computer expert,
And the computer expert recanted and said, well, it doesn't necessarily mean that.
But then when asked again, admitted that earlier he had said that.
Of course, the Intel Center is run by former top CIA officials and it's pretty obvious what they're up to.
I mean, if they're not doing this and designing these videos and releasing them, somebody is and then giving it to them.
So we'll get into that first.
When we get back, a lot of other news as oil goes up to 80
Dollars a barrel as the dollar continues its ongoing Nosedive like a shooting star coming into the atmosphere burning up As the housing prices begin to plunge and the entire economy rocks on its hinges
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Frank Albo, a couple of years ago, he's a scholar up in Canada with a major university.
That's a professor who doesn't teach, basically.
Discovered that all the major public buildings are occultic in nature and mainstream newspapers picked up the news.
He's now got a hardcover coffee table sized book out on it.
And he's a secular guy just reporting on how the dimensions of the Parliament are 666 and how there's devil heads everywhere.
He'll be joining us coming up in the middle of the show.
Deborah Kuhn will be joining us coming up in 55 minutes.
She and her husband were arrested, her husband was assaulted, their door was kicked in, and they were accused of smashing the door themselves, though there were witnesses.
By a crazed sheriff's deputy who was even out of his jurisdiction because they were flying a flag upside down.
He thought it was disrespectful.
He thought he was back in Iraq, where if you look at the troops wrong, you get a stay in Hotel Abu Ghraib.
And if you don't think they can't wait to turn America into Abu Ghraib, you've got another thing coming.
They're setting up FBI shazzy spies everywhere as we speak.
And I don't say that for a hyperbole or effect.
That is what's happening.
I mean, we are on the razor's edge.
Even mainstream Democratic websites, like BuzzFlash, Mainline, are saying that, okay, Marshall Locke could be coming, Bush could suspend the election,
I mean, we already saw him steal the first election and then steal the second, and I'm not saying those candidates were good either.
That's how rigged the New World Order has got the elections, where they've got multi-layers of rigging going.
Turns out, of course, Rupert Murdoch almost completely owns John Edwards.
Well, John Edwards is a Bilderberg Group boy.
And of course he owns Hillary, just like he owns the Republicans.
I mean, they own all the horses in the race, but I already digress.
The good news is they've dropped charges against Deborah Kuhn and her husband and we'll be talking to her.
So we've got Connie Fogel of the Canadian Action Party fighting the North American Union coming up in about 25 minutes who is going to be trying to cover with Jerome Corsi and others the big North American Union meeting coming up in about 18 days up in Canada that the public's been banned from.
And Frank Aldo about the occultic architecture.
And then we've got, of course, Deborah Kuhn as well.
And then we're going to have open phones for the first 30 minutes of the third hour.
I will go to calls for that 30 minutes exclusively.
And then we're going to have another special guest on that you definitely do not want to miss.
I did two hours of Talk Sport, the biggest private talk network in the UK, yesterday.
I did another interview on top of that and then Coast to Coast AM, so I'm in a little bit.
Then I couldn't go to bed after I got off Coast to Coast AM at 4 in the morning.
So I'm a wreck right now, folks, so bear with me today.
I only say that not so you feel sorry for me.
Just so you know sometimes I sound a little dingy here and it's because of over driving the engine, being ridden hard, put away wet repeatedly.
But when you work too much it's like you feel hungover.
It's like a work hangover.
You like feel grungy.
You know the feeling I'm talking about?
What I need is more coffee.
In fact, I slurped down the one cup I had.
I've been trying to cut back to one cup, but I'm giving in.
Will you guys bring me a cup of coffee in here?
Please, a big hot one.
Thank you.
A lot of good news here.
They've dropped the charges of being with Al Qaeda for flying an upside-down American flag in North Carolina.
Ron Paul leads Republicans in web traffic by a whopping 45% of total web traffic.
And being in the top three search functions for the last month.
Also, the U.S.
Senate willing to torpedo the Law of the Sea Treaty.
Very good news.
Very nice.
Pay-as-you-drive in England and the U.S.
is a threat to privacy with the tracker chips.
They're already putting the systems in the last five years and they're not asking us if we want it and just doing it.
Again, government completely out of control.
Russian flag on Arctic seabed.
No legal claim to U.S.
There was a big fight on the house floor.
I mean by fight, yelling, screaming, shoving, fit-throwing, and you know what?
That's good.
Back when this country was a lot freer, people beat each other with canes, assaulted each other, there was actually a division of power, the House was actually running the legislative, and the Senate were basically minions of the state.
That's all been reversed now, and the executive is declaring it's God on Earth, and not even letting down the entire committee.
First it was one member, then two members, now the entire committee wrote a letter yesterday.
follow-up story on this at PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
I haven't told folks to do that yet, but we need to.
And now the entire committee says we'd like to see the Continuity of Government plans, and the executive is saying, no, you're not part of the government now.
And by the way, the executive then says, we're not part of the government either.
We are our own special creature.
And I agree with that.
They are outside the government.
The District of Columbia, chartered in 1913,
Is a separate corporation.
We have their corporate filing papers in Puerto Rico and Guam.
By the way, for cops driving around and FBI listening like Joe Bannister, when he was a treasury agent assigned to the FBI, I mean, just check out what we're saying.
You're going to find out it's true.
You're investigators, go look it up.
Find out the government really is a private corporation, chartered in Puerto Rico and Guam.
And find out it's owned by the Bank of England, and the Rothschilds, and just find out it's all a fraud.
I mean, just if you'll go look, then it's over.
You'll at least be able to choose sides then.
I mean, if you choose to serve the Crown, and you choose to continue the evil you're involved in, and lying to yourself, then fine.
But at least check out what we're saying, like so many FBI and others have done, have now come over to the side of reality and honor and truth.
You know what the media does is they point at the kooks in the Patriot and Truth movement, a lot of them are COINTELPRO themselves, or they're just completely insane, and they try to then say that that is the American people.
They try to say that that's our movement, and no, you know that isn't.
You know we've been right about everything.
We know what's going on because really the founders of our modern movement, going back 30-40 years, were in Congress.
They were aides.
They were Senate aides.
They were Senate historians.
They were Special Forces commanders.
They were generals.
They were patriots who were inside the government and saw all of this.
When James Warburg came before the Senate in 1951 and said, we're ending the United States and breaking it up into regions and entering the New World Order.
By the way, I just remembered this.
I forgot to put it in the end game.
If we have time, I'll go put it in there.
We have the Senate record, thanks to a listener sending it to us, because I mentioned last week that I remembered seeing stuff in the 20s about how they were going to create a North American Union, and then somebody dug it up in the National Archives and emailed it to us.
See, we're wallowing in evidence.
I mean, that's how old this is.
I have a 1937 New York Times showing the ten FEMA regions.
FEMA wasn't set up in 79, folks.
It was set up in 1937.
It's called something different.
I mean, these people are literally crafting everything.
And you can see what they've created.
A cesspit.
And I'm already digressing.
It's just that
We have been completely run in the ground and they have devalued now your and I keep saying this because I'm watching it with absolute horror.
They've now devalued the dollar by 58 percent.
Now to be technical it's at 138 plus right now people go that's 38 that's not 58.
Well I'm going off of
2000 trading on the Euro opening at 80 cents to the dollar.
So, 80 changing now to 138 difference.
It's worth 138 to the dollar.
What is that?
What's 38 and 20?
I don't know.
Yeah, there you go.
That's 58.
Now, if you look at British Sterling, it's about a point worse.
I mean, I just... And we're all still in denial about this.
I'm in it too.
By denial, I'm so busy making endgame and working all the time that I'm not really preparing with the meager savings we've got.
I know I can go out and buy currency stocks, and I can go out and buy raw currencies and have a little bit of Euros, you know?
But if stuff goes to hell in a handbasket, it'll be hard to even trade that stuff in.
Gold is the way to go.
I've got some meager amounts of that.
I mean, this is not a pretty situation.
And it was all done by design.
And I said, when they really get ready to drop the hammer,
They're going to have the Ex-Im Bank and the International Bank of Settlements and the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England all owned by 12 families.
They'll start pre-positioning themselves as, oh we're about to crash, oh it's all your fault, and they'll create some scapegoats.
Well, they're now doing that.
They're now like a tree full of parrots or a tree full of monkeys, chattering and telling you this is all going to happen and it's your fault.
And blaming it on some adjustable rate mortgage groups and some little billion dollar deals that don't even show up as chump change in their pocket.
And they'll have the very minions that orchestrated all of this on TV explaining it all away and telling you how they've got a new plan to reorganize things to save you.
And how they're going to monetize into a North American debt structure and then reissue the dollar but under an Amero benchmark.
They're just going to dollarize it.
It's still going to be the dollar.
It'll just be on a North American exchange.
And then it'll have standardized numbers for Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.
and still have signants and trinkets.
It's just like we have a national ID card, but it's in your state driver's license flavor.
Just like there's a Sports Illustrated for every region.
So you think it's your local Sports Illustrated.
It's not.
See, it's all branding.
Now, we could expose this.
We could point out who's behind it.
See, that's why they're getting ready, though, to just dump everything on Bush and then bring in a Hillary.
I mean, they are getting ready to really hurt all of us.
And most of you will thank them.
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The economic situation is so complex that I have racked my brain about the best financial course to take, to be diversified, and, I mean, take real estate.
The dollar's being devalued, so real estate should still be going up, even though it's overvalued overall.
It's not overvalued compared to dollar loss.
Just like the stock market is really down from 2,000 levels, even though it's at 14,000 points.
2,000 plus points above what it was in 2000.
Because the dollar's been devalued by more than half, so of course the stock market should be, if it was just at 2,000 levels, it would be at about 24,000.
So see, it's actually down by close to half.
This is all very, very complex because then you've got to add in different factors to it.
So real estate is going down 20% in June alone.
I mean down 20% in June alone from its high last year.
That is a 20% national drop on average in one month.
There was just a 6-7% drop in the months before that.
So you're looking at a 20-plus percent drop overall combined in the aggregate.
And so I say to myself, well my gosh, you know, at least I could, I don't have my house paid off, but at least I can probably keep paying that mortgage.
I don't have two mortgages and that little bit of money saved, it's being devalued quickly.
You know, should I pay my cars off or should I try to
Should I go out and get another car?
Or should I try to go buy some property out in the country?
Or could I ever pay the property tax on that if everything goes belly up?
Should I buy a little bit more gold?
And really, at the end of the day, precious metals is really the way to go, because that's another thing.
Gold should be, gold doubled the last five years, and it should have.
Because the dollar was cut in half, so gold's going to go from $330 to $680, like it is right now.
More than doubling.
And it's been at a high of $700 plus.
But if the dollar continues to nosedive, and by the way, that's at a devalued level.
That was gold doubling from an artificially devalued $330 or so.
It gyrated in between $320 and $350 five years ago, six years ago now.
And I know I'm just babbling about this.
I have a big stack of news, but I just catch myself on air because I just cover whatever I feel like on this show every day now.
I just drift back to this.
I mean, this is serious!
And I don't hear people talking about it at coffee shops.
I don't hear people talking about it when I, you know, might go every few months to an occasional cocktail party.
I mean, maybe if I was at some little get-together, people would be talking about it.
But I talk to real estate agents and they don't even seem to know what currencies are.
And I talk to... I'll be at my parents' house occasionally.
They'll have friends over.
I'll try to talk to them.
They don't seem to know what's going on.
I mean, it's hard to believe that there's not a national debate about the inflation tax.
Ron Paul has made it a big issue.
And he's been popular with the intelligentsia, and by intelligentsia I mean people that are informed and read books, and some of them have degrees, some of them don't necessarily have degrees.
I mean, I've met air conditioner repairmen who know as much as I do or more, and who know all about the French Revolution and Caesar and everything else, and then you meet people with three degrees who literally know absolutely nothing but how to act smart.
But there is the real intelligentsia out there, and a lot of them do happen to be educated, you know, officially.
And they're aware of what's going on.
You know, Dr. Paul is aware, and his supporters, and people trying to push him to hopefully avert things.
I mean, it really is the law of for every action there's an equal reaction or greater reaction.
We have great evil rising, so of course Ron Paul is rising, and of course shows like this are exploding in popularity, but is it too little too late?
I mean, the New World Order has so wrecked our society, but we could rebuild ourselves if we were moral, as Ron Paul has said.
We could rebuild ourselves if we had the ideals of liberty.
If we weren't a lethargic, obese, decadent,
Wicked, overall, and I mean on average, people.
And I mean, everybody knows.
We're the evil pig people.
I mean, let's just be honest about it.
We're the evil, vain, self-centered, know-it-all pig people.
Myself included.
Very boorish, at a certain level.
But in the pig pen, I am a lesser piggy than many.
And, uh... Can you imagine when all these self-centered know-it-alls
Who really don't know anything.
Finally realize what's happened to them.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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We're good.
Democracy don't rule the world.
Better get that through your head.
Welcome back.
You know, I've got it on good authority that Bob Dylan knows all about the New World Order, but I guess you could listen to his songs to know that.
I have it on very good authority, but I'm not going to say from who.
That song is really old, by the way, Sundown on the Union.
The end of the United States Union, the end of the union up in Canada, the end of Mexico, but the birth of a new union with no Bill of Rights, no Constitution, no liberty, no due process, no freedom.
And the traitors who are doing all of this, met in secret in Banff, Canada in September of last year,
And it then leaked out in local papers that there were hundreds of top government officials from Canada, Mexico, and, of course, the United States, meeting in secret at a lavish five-star resort.
I've seen photos of it.
It's in Endgame.
Ultimately beautiful.
I've never seen anything this pretty.
I want to go up there.
I'm afraid to fly out to Canada now after my interrogation last year on the Bilderberg.
But to make a long story short,
That now they're having another meeting, but this time they've announced 18 mile perimeter.
It was in the news.
I mean 18 a mile, 25 kilometer perimeter.
They're going to be checking papers when you come in.
No protests.
They've called different organizations and media groups and said you can't book hotel rooms, you can't book rooms in the area.
They're taking over this entire town, a suburb of a major city.
And one of the government officials
Got confronted a few days ago at a public barbecue picnic, and he says, this is a family thing, why don't you quit asking me questions about it?
But then he denied all of this was going on.
But think about it, they're engaging in treason, ending our countries, ending our liberties, ending our freedoms.
They're literally hijacking everything.
We got through the lawsuit, the judicial watch file, we got by January the minutes
of the Banff meeting, and they were saying, gotta keep it secret, can't let the public know that we're setting up a union, can't let them know the carbon tax is a fraud, which Canada's now passed in several states.
It's incredible.
And Connie Fogel is on the front lines fighting this.
She's going to be there trying to get into the city, which is again under martial law lockdown for this coming up on the August 20th, 21st.
And she'll be calling into the show and giving us reports, and we'll be there certainly supporting what she's doing.
And you can go to their website that we have links to up on InfoWars.com.
They have several websites.
She is the leader of the Canadian Action Party, which is really growing by leaps and bounds as Canadians, who I have to say are quite dumbed down generally, but not as much as Americans.
We found that being in England, being in the U.S., the U.S.
public is the most dumbed down.
Then next is England, and statistically, man on the street in Canada, and just with phone calls, and we have a disproportionate amount of Canadian listeners, also for their population of what, 30 million?
We can see that statistically with the demographics on our website heads, that they are quite informed.
Still, the general public is completely mindless and idiotic, but at least there is a larger cadre that is awake up there, so that's quite a brash ring.
For the Canadians, and I mean that as a compliment.
But it's your job now to wake up the rest of the Canadians, because you are slipping into real tyranny.
Connie, thank you for joining us.
Well, thank you very, very much for having me.
I appreciate the opportunity to talk with you again.
Tell us, there's a couple of websites that carry your information, your organization's great reports, very accurate from our research.
We've learned a lot from you as our eyes and ears up there in the Great North.
Tell us about some of the websites and about the organization and how Canadians can join.
Well, of course our website CanadianActionParty.ca has a mechanism on it for people to join and be a member.
It only costs $10 to be a member.
And then they will receive all the information that we do send out, so it's a very simple process.
Basically, the main thing that we're trying to be is a vehicle for Canadians, if they're ready, if they want to have a means of asserting their independence and their sovereignty and taking back control over their lives.
To become a member of the Canadian Action Party, but more importantly to become a candidate.
We have to have individuals who go forward to represent people who are individuals who still believe in freedom and democracy.
And unfortunately it appears in our country as well as in yours, the people who have gone forward and are elected, particularly that up here, the majority of them still lie, pretending the whole North American Union isn't even happening.
They can't be, they can't be, they can't be that stupid not to hear what, you know, what's now fairly, readily accessible information.
Well this should make Canadians, Britons, Americans even madder.
That it's the same program.
In England, we have Gordon Brown's letters, we have, he's publicly declared that he's signing England on to the EU referendum expansion, which no one's even allowed to vote on, though they call it a referendum, but it's a referendum by the parliaments, it's a play on words, in the European Parliament with their member heads, and his letter says we can't let them learn that we are ending
UK sovereignty.
We get the documents from the SPP, and it's the same thing for the NAU.
Gotta keep it secret.
I mean, the fact that not only are they doing it, but they're lying about it, and doing it by stealth, should freak everybody out.
And that's how the EU started.
They just had their 50th anniversary, but they didn't announce it until 10 years ago, and they didn't launch it until 7 years ago.
Folks, we're not talking about 50 years now to build this.
Everything is accelerated, double, triple, quadruple time, and then exponentially accelerated again.
We're talking about stuff happening in one year that used to happen in 30 years.
Connie, let's skip ahead to how you discovered they're going to have the U.S.
military bullying Canadian citizens and civilians with the federal police and the French police up there, the local state police.
Let's go over exactly what's happening, where they're going to be meeting, and the security cordon.
Well, a citizen's group in Canada called the Council of Canadians wanted to hold a meeting, just a public gathering, in a building in a town just very, very near to the actual location where the leaders will be meeting.
The Council of Canadians wanted to meet in Papineauville and the place where the leaders are meeting is Montebello.
They actually booked the hall and then subsequently were told by representatives from the US military, the Canadian RCMP and the Quebec police that the officials there were told, no you can't, you're not allowed, we don't want you to lend to
To rent to the people.
You're just not going to do it.
No, you know from the documents that NORTHCOM basically is running the SPP and the great dream of the New World Order that we learned about in the 20s and Senate hearings was for the US to take over Canada.
That is the elites that run us taking over Canada.
That is now happening and imagine in a major town you want to get a little room at a hotel for a meeting that is miles away and they say no!
And there's an 18-mile security perimeter you're not even allowed in to the city.
Folks, this is worse than Russia and China.
I mean, this is incredible and they're setting this precedent.
Go ahead.
I mean, you're quite right.
Well, that's right.
NORTHCOM is in operation and in 2002 there was an agreement, a bi-national planning agreement between, a military agreement, between Canada and the United States which essentially said there's going to be a growing
Um, integration of the military and the police forces, based primarily on the military between Canada and the United States, under the domination of the U.S., and essentially under NORAD, NORTHCOM, the Binational Planning Agreement, Canada has basically just lain down and gone dead.
Well, remember two years ago, the...
Two years ago, the headline Connie, it was in one of the western papers, it was in British Columbia, Texas State Police, Police Canada, and hundreds of our state police, they've been trained to search and violate rights and think it's normal, were sent up there to teach the state police how to run checkpoints, remember that?
Yes, and I remember the fact that there were U.S.
police on our highways stopping citizens and just checking them.
Most citizens just very politely going along submitting into the check and finally one guy who was a policeman himself he said
He's the guy that blew the whistle and said, who are you?
You have no authority here.
You can't be stopping people and asking them questions.
Let me stop you.
Three years ago, BBC, Ukrainian troops took over seven towns in North England and on the edge of Scotland.
People were panicking and then there was actually fights started because foreign troops were grabbing families out of cars
And the British government said it was just a drill.
Folks, this is Red Dawn in slow motion.
They're going to use Latin Americans in the U.S., U.S.
and Canada.
This is just what Russia would do, sending troops from one end of the country to the other.
It's happening, Red Dawn, in slow motion.
But Connie, what is it like?
To know that mainline groups aren't even allowed to enter the city, that you're not allowed to rent hotel rooms, that they're literally saying they're going to have checkpoints out, checking everyone.
My God!
Not only are they criminally ending our countries, and then denying it even exists, but at the same time engaging in Russian-style tyranny!
Yes, well of course this is not new, Alex.
You know, I mean, this is the approach and the practice that has been exercised for many, many years as the leaders of the world have met.
Whether it's the Free Trade Area of the Americas or the World Trade Organization, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, all these, whenever they have the G8 meetings and then the protesters go and they always have these massive perimeters and police.
I was in Germany last summer when the G8 meeting was meeting and they were moving, you could see them on the highways, the German military moving from the south
I don't know.
Just be peaceful, standing there, just staring, singing, carrying your batteries.
And make no mistake, and we've documented this, this hasn't even come out in mainstream news, they do hire provocateurs.
And they have a core of about 200 anarchists that under U.S.
government and British government funding, they literally fly first class around the world.
They stay in hotels, they're paid cash, and they believe in global government.
They're hardcore.
No, and that's what people have to understand.
Stay away from participating in any of that, because I'm very concerned this time.
Every time there's a protest, the kinds of
Assault that's directed against the citizenry gets more violent.
They want to set the precedent to ban protests.
It's already happened.
That's why if I wasn't finishing Endgame, I may not have to have totally complete by the 20th, and I would go to Canada and I would cover this, but you're going to be there, Dr. Quarsh is going to be there, and we want to have you there reporting for us.
We have to make a statement, but the other thing is I'm calling for a general strike for a lot of people who can't get there.
You know, our countries are large, and people can't all travel.
There's going to be, as you know, there's going to be also a simultaneous protest on the 18th in Seattle, and that's at the Seattle Center, and it starts at 1 p.m., and it's a number of patriot groups in the United States who are obviously opposed to the North American Union and the
PSP, the agreement between the three leaders to effect the North American Union.
It's easier to get to Seattle than it is to get to Montebello.
People should go.
Those who can't go, I'm saying stay home from work that day.
Let it be a day of protest.
The two days, the 20th and the 21st.
And that's the way of registering without anybody having to do a particular something, without putting yourself... And while you're at it, make calls to the Canadian Parliament, make calls to the Bilderberg Prime Minister, join the organization.
But, you know, I have a friend who's doing graphics on my film, whose mother's been a big Bush supporter.
She's now woken up, and she is traveling from Houston
Is it Houston?
All the way up to Canada to protest it with one of her friends.
So it's starting to happen, Connie.
People are finally waking up.
Yes, I think that's good.
And the fact that the reason it's important for people to be either in Seattle on the 18th or in Montebello on the 20th and 21st
Is we want to raise an awareness of the people, something's going on, and so they'll finally maybe pay attention, those who don't already know, and get people to understand why that people are, why those of us who do know, are protesting.
Connie, Connie, I know I keep stating the obvious, but I want everybody to calm down, take a breath, we always, and it's my fault, we speed up here, we cover it all, and we lose the forest for the trees.
Think about this.
In supposedly free Canada, and they do the same thing here in the U.S.
now, but the cordons get bigger and bigger.
For 18 miles they're saying no one is allowed in, we're going to check everybody's IDs, ask if you have business there, we're going to have troops, we're going to have foreign troops, and it's foreign troops for the Canadians, searching people.
And you're not allowed to even book hotel rooms if you're another political group in supposedly free Canada.
This is a precedent for total police state.
It went into effect today.
Banning having a tripod for more than 10 minutes.
Banning even if you're in line to get in the Empire State's building.
No video cameras.
But the police laughing at us saying, you know, they have cameras.
I mean, my friends, this is real.
This is happening.
You have traitors openly meeting behind secret closed doors, running the North American Union government.
That's what this is.
It is a tri-parliamentary meeting.
Trilateral meeting.
And they openly admit this, and then we have their own documents and they lie to the public.
And we have 90 plus percent in major polls.
It's as high as 99 percent in some of the polls.
97 in the lowest poll I've seen are against this.
Does that not prove, Connie, these governments are tyrannical?
I mean, no wonder they respond with cops in black uniforms and masks.
I mean, this is an illegitimate government.
Yes, it does.
However, in spite of all the unhappy, depressing kind of process that's going on,
I'm very encouraged by the work of the people in the United States under leadership from people like you with your shows.
The organization of the citizen who have forced your political people, your Congress, your Senate, wherever the level goes, where you stopped that immigration bill and you got
A result, a good result from, was it your Congress who said, and I guess it goes up to the Senate, there will be no funding for these meetings that are going on, working groups who are creating the process of implementing this.
No, you're right.
Standard, let's talk about the positive news.
They're also saying they're not going to fund the North American Union highways, which is the key.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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I was sittin' in traffic, listenin' to the radio.
Yard Street was singin', seashores of old Mexico.
It sounded so good, I got an idea.
I'm gonna go there since they're all over here.
Longstar State should be renamed Texico.
So long, Texas.
Hello, Mexico.
I'm gonna swim the Rio Grande at El Paso.
I'm leaving tonight.
I ain't gonna pack.
I'm only taking the clothes on my back.
So long Texas, hello Mexico.
I'm gonna drive a rattle-trap truck with no liability insurance.
That's the best part, here it is.
I'll drive a rattle-trap car with no liability.
I'll demand equal rights, though I'm there illegally.
Welcome back.
All of our countries are dying.
Mexico's losing its sovereignty, the United States is losing its, and of course, Canada.
And folks, let me tell you, I've been in third world cesspits.
And I've been down in Nicaragua, places like that, and I have never been treated like I was in Canada when I flew in there, and then they knew I was coming to the Bilderberg Grid.
And Canadians need to know that you are going into a big, bad police state, same thing here, with U.S.
Army patrolling.
And it's the same thing here.
They've had all these drills, and now foreign troops are showing up at events here.
It's happening, folks.
This is the New World Order.
Connie Vogel is the head of the Canadian Action Party.
You can visit her website by linking through at infowars.com.
Connie, again, tell folks where the meeting's going to be, where you guys, I guess you can't say where you're planning to meet up.
I guess you're going to try to go into the security perimeter, or are you going to stay 18 miles outside?
I mean, I know they're going to have a general perimeter, but then a lockdown perimeter around the hotel itself.
What are you planning to do?
Well, I mean, I'm definitely urging people not to try to breach the perimeter.
Because people will be attacked.
When they next say it's Canada, it's shelf as a perimeter.
Because first it's a mile, then 18 miles, and then well there's no protest in New York allowed, and then no protest in America allowed, and we've got... I mean how far does this go?
Well it goes all the way to the total police state, you know that.
I mean you just had Bush making an order, was it last week?
Uh, that anybody who speaks out against the Iraq War in the States, uh, essentially can be imprisoned, can have their property seized.
I mean, that's Orwell all over a blend, isn't it?
And then wasn't it just yesterday or the day before another executive order, um, that, uh, duplicates the previous one, but this time it's, uh, it deals with Syria and Lebanon instead of Iraq.
Any, any, any, any protests or statements or, um,
Any suggestions that oppose the official position?
Listen, I get emails from these neocons saying they want to kill me like Pat Tillman.
I get emails saying they want to shut me down and get me off the radio.
And then they talk about how I'm against freedom.
They say I need to die.
They say I need to be taken off the radio because I'm against freedom.
Hey, Bob!
This isn't... And a lot of these guys mean well.
They really think we're the enemies, Connie.
They don't know foreign banks have taken over our government.
They don't know we're losing... I mean, they just don't know!
They just don't... They think it's good to email us and threaten us.
They think it's good to end America.
They think that saves it.
Stay there, Connie.
Five more minutes with you.
Then the lady who got arrested with her husband, he got assaulted for having a flag upside down on his house by the military.
And this is America, folks.
They're not playing games, okay?
A lot of these guys will kill you and your family if they're given the orders.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
Mainstream media.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, the military, when they executed Pat Tillman, they felt patriotic.
Oh, he's a dumb liberal.
He doesn't see the bigger picture.
Get rid of him.
Clean it up after you do it.
What you don't know is the very people that killed Pat Tillman work for the very individuals that are destroying our country right now.
They're banning protests for 18 miles, 25 kilometers up in Canada.
The U.S.
military is going to be up there running things under NORTHCOM.
It's all in the news.
It is just absolutely incredible to see how far we've fallen, what this nation has turned into, what the North American Union is becoming, a total police state, and the general public still isn't even aware this is happening.
Connie Vogel is the leader of the Canadian Action Party.
Fire out your websites again and tell folks how they can support you and get involved in standing up against this ultimate tyranny, August 20th and 21st, up in Quebec, Canada, in Montebello.
And they can phone me at 604-872-2128.
They can phone me directly.
Give that number out slowly.
Everybody get a pen and paper.
If you're Canadians, call her.
Come to the event.
Support the organization.
Run as candidates.
And don't say it's too hard, it's too big.
This is how the journey of a thousand miles starts.
It's just like when you've got to clean your garage out and you haven't done it in five years and it's jam-packed full of baloney.
As soon as you start, in a few hours, you're done.
It's just like doing a garden, plowing a field.
It's just like an oil painting.
It's just like making a film.
It's just like, you know, when you're in college pursuing that woman and you look back ten years later and you've got children with her.
Everything takes time.
It takes initiating that first step.
Engage the enemy.
Connie, give them your number.
That will get me directly.
I think we may discover that people will have trouble getting across the border if it's known that they're gunning up to Montebello.
Don't come in cars with more than four people in them.
We've been told they're not going to allow
uh... any car vehicles that have five or more people in it's freedom it's it's freedom look what our continent is turning into ridiculous i mean i mean let's just say it's good to have a world government okay a loving world government it's not it's founded to have tyranny do you understand that liberals?
Go ahead, sorry.
That's okay.
I want to remind the people of august eighteenth march in seattle starting at one p m at the seattle center uh... it may be
Logical, it'll be easier for people to get there.
You won't have the stress and the difficulty of the border.
But if you do come, if you're going to be in any kind of a protest mass, carry water with you, carry vinegar with you, because if tear gas is used against you, you need to have a solution of water and vinegar, vinegar and water to keep the tear gas against you.
Don't be mistaken.
I think we can expect that the policing apparatus is going to look for any excuse possible to move against citizens that are just standing even and being still.
So, I'm just saying, if you're going to be there and trying to get close to the perimeter, go with a little bit of protection for yourself and realize that there could be some risk because
The authorities are already talking about the violence that there's going to be there.
Well, that's all the more reason, folks, this is your chance to literally be in the front lines, to join the rebellion against tyranny.
I mean, you want to live it, folks.
You want to really be part of history.
Believe me, I wish.
Wild horses are having to drag me away from this because of all the other things I'm doing here in the position I'm in.
Connie Fogel, give your number out again for people.
The website is www.canadianactionparty.ca, telephone number 604-872-2128.
Okay, and I want to have my producer call you right now and get all your cell phone numbers and things, because Connie, I do want to have you on that Monday reporting to us on what's happening there.
Fantastic, because it's going to be Monday and Tuesday.
I want you both days, different hours than Dr. Corsi.
Just make sure we have that, because we want to give people live reports from there on the front lines against tyranny.
Connie, we're praying for you.
We salute you, and we appreciate you.
Well, thank you for all the work you're doing.
You're necessary.
Thank you.
Well, we don't have a choice.
They're coming down on us, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spying.
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Ease the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Maryland 1-4, please report.
Hi, we've got an officer here who is violating our rights and we need some assistance.
We're at 68 Brevard Road, please.
Maryland 1-4, please.
Officer Jones, we are getting help.
I don't want to get involved with that.
That's fine.
Leave my husband alone.
Department, what is your emergency?
Yes, we're at 68th Boulevard Road and we've got an officer here that has broken into our home and is violating our rights.
Now, that is what happened two weeks ago when this individual, right out of the military, out of his jurisdiction,
We looked up the law there in Nashville and there in the county, and if there is an emergency and assistance is requested, this is the agreements they have everywhere, then the Sheriff's Department can come in, or if they see a crime being committed.
But instead, they're out of the jurisdiction, he's on a mission because his commander at the base sent him out there,
He kicked in their door in front of witnesses, smashed it, cut himself, and then blamed it on them, and then choked her husband, who didn't resist wisely, or he'd probably be going six feet under right now.
They'd be planting daisies right on top of mound out there right now.
There'd be some guys giving high fives, going, good job, rogue leader, just like you did in Iraq.
Yeah, I took that traitor down, didn't I?
So we're going to be going to
Deborah Kuhn here in just a moment.
Before we do that, I want to tell you about a couple sponsors.
Number one, this broadcast is brought to you by my documentary films.
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It is an armory of resistance.
And as the darkness intensifies, the light only shines that much brighter.
And we are no, make no mistake, we're fighting the black pits of hell, ladies and gentlemen.
And all these weak minions of the enemy like to festoon themselves with skulls and trappings of death.
That's because they've never actually been in the middle of it and seen death for what it is.
And believe me, but the true architects of the New World Order, they dress in fancy $5,000 suits and they bring death.
But they look like angels, folks.
They talk like angels.
But they are devils, and you can be absolutely assured of that.
We need to fight these murderers, these killers now, who bring the stench of death with them.
The stench of the millions they've murdered.
And we do this by exposing government-sponsored terrorists.
They can't carry it out in the future.
This is absolutely essential.
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Brain cancer and is having surgery.
And they also take care of their father there in the house.
You know, just middle-class people under assault from a goon out of his jurisdiction, completely insane, thinking he's a patriot.
That's the sick part.
A lot of Nazis in Germany thought they were good.
I mean, these guys thought they were good.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
He's an ignoramus, doesn't know an upside-down flag.
When your country is in crisis, and who could say it isn't?
I mean, the country's ending right now.
I mean, it's happening.
The people he loves and who he thinks support this government and support this country, he thinks worshiping government is patriotic, not following the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and supporting the nation.
Love your country, fear your government, hate your government.
That's the founding fathers, but again, FEMA teaches the police that they're evil and bad, and that we have a new America.
I mean, I have it on video.
And, uh, you couldn't be attacking America at more of its heart, more viciously, more savagely, more hatefully, than what you're doing right now.
And, uh... Well, I'm going to shut up because I want to just get her on and then let her continue with what she's doing.
Flag charges dropped.
This was up on PrisonPlanet.com, Citizen Times.
Deputy shouldn't have been at scene, says the sheriff.
Now let me say, this sheriff is to be commended.
We gave his number out.
You rarely see him do the right thing.
Usually it's an ego deal.
Usually the family would be SWAT teamed within hours of us complaining.
They would, a lot of times, plant drugs on him or somebody would just shoot, you know, her or Mr. Kuhn in the back of the head.
By the way, I'm not joking.
We've seen this before.
But the right thing was done.
Of course, there's witnesses that he kicked in the door and rampaged and lied and falsified the report on them, so that's why they're doing this, but the sheriff is doing the right thing.
His goon shouldn't have been there, needs to be removed right now.
He's probably mentally ill, he needs to be under psychiatric evaluation.
What about the First Amendment?
Do you not understand, Scarborough?
What is your major malfunction, you punk?
You cancer virus to this country.
You are not patriotic, you are a slug
You are an enemy of everything this country is.
You have approached the jewel of liberty, and you are being resisted, slimebag!
Now, if you apologized and repented, and you sent a letter to this lady, or you came up and apologized to her, and said you were sorry, I would say, you know, leave you alone.
But you're not going to do that.
I guarantee it.
You're sitting around with your buddies talking trash all day, and I'm calling for you to be fired, slimebag.
But they go on to admit that this is a very serious issue.
Let's go back now to Debra Kuhn.
Debra, thank you for coming on with us.
Hi Alex, how are you doing?
Speaking of fired, I just wanted to let you know that I immediately fired my lawyer after talking to you because he was trying to get us to plea bargain to get the charges dropped.
So we fired him and got the charges dropped without any conditions attached.
And see, as soon as they knew that you were going to face them on the field, they backed down.
It's that commitment, but you have the eye of the tiger, and it's literally spiritual.
They sense that.
It's like some guy can act tough when he's about to start a fight with you, but you can tell when the person really means it.
I mean, you can look in their eye, and generally they're not shooting their mouth off.
You can tell they want to tear somebody's head off.
See, that's the difference.
These guys want to bluster.
They want to lead you into a pig pen where they can hang you up by your feet and slit your throat, and you didn't go along with it, so I commend you.
And you know, we're really glad that, of course, the charges got dropped.
We were not looking forward to going to jail, but... You still need to watch yourself.
Watch yourself in the early morning hours.
They're being very, very, very nice to us right now.
And I said, I wonder how long this is going to last.
And one year... See, there are cliques in here.
There's going to be... There's a lower level of people you've got to worry about.
So, anyway, while we're glad it happened, we're still not praising anyone for dropping these charges, because it's a no-brainer.
It was the right thing to do.
Still, it's a rarity, but it's rare that you have courage.
See, the other guy that this happened to, he was going to come on the air, his lawyer told him not to, he's not listening to me, and he may end up going down the river.
And I have a bad feeling that they or someone got to our witness, because
He's kind of shying back.
He hasn't... I guess he hasn't wanted to talk to the Internal Affairs Department about the investigation and I have a bad feeling they're putting pressure on him.
Yeah, he probably got a 3 a.m.
Yes, but he gave his testimony basically on live TV that night, okay?
They had him on Channel 13 and he said what he saw.
So as far as I'm concerned... And what did he see?
What did he see along with the other witnesses?
He saw... I'm hoping this gets up on YouTube.
I'm not sure if it's up there yet, but channel 13 WLOS.
Send a hyperlink to Aaron with two A's.
We'll get it up.
He basically said he saw us on the porch talking to the officer and he saw us turn and go back into the house.
No scuffle.
Nothing happened on the porch.
And he saw the officer kick the door and then take his hand and punch it down.
Well just for everybody else, when a cop comes to your door,
Okay, and you haven't called them.
It is best to talk to them, even if you have to go to Home Depot and put in a speaker phone.
And that's only if they keep banging.
Do not answer the door.
You see a lady with a clipboard.
You see cops.
Folks, this country is not free like it used to be.
Do not open the door to the KGB.
Stay there.
I want to talk to you one more segment and discuss you taking the proper course.
And not taking the course of fear.
That's why you prevailed.
And also I'm sure it's the thousands of phone calls.
And that's what our listeners do.
You're the best out there.
I commend you for calling for these dear sweet people.
And we are going to be putting a t-shirt out with an upside down flag because of this.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Can you imagine McGarrett and Dano coming to somebody's house in a Y5O, kicking in the door, choking people and taking them to jail for an upside-down flag?
Look, Dano, they've got an upside-down flag.
Duh, we don't know what that means.
And Ron Paul signs, let's go beat them up.
Yeah, that's what we do in the U.S.
Going back to Deborah Kuhn.
Deborah, of course we forgot to mention the prayers I'm sure helped as well.
I have faith in that.
But just watch your six and I need your neighbors to be watching you.
But it sounds like this guy is going to get in trouble.
Are you calling for his termination?
We have always asked the sheriff to do the right thing.
Meaning, you know, this man has no business being on the force.
But I guess it boils down to, Alex, that if the people of this county, Buncombe County,
And this country are okay with law enforcement using violent force over misdemeanors, then, you know, I guess this is all over.
But I hope it's not over.
Well, here's the deal.
He's been running these Iraqi checkpoints.
He's come back home and thinks it's Iraq.
He's going to keep doing this, and they're going to look in his file and say, okay, buddy, go wash cars for a living.
And so it's important to complain on these people, even if they don't get terminated, because they're going to rack up so many problems.
And then they're going to get fired down the road.
And it's going to happen again and again and again because now every good old boy out there in law enforcement is going to think he's got the green light to do this.
Well, I just hope they know their dollar's been devalued and their back pocket and their whole country's going down right now.
But that's the sick thing, Debra.
They think they're patriotic.
They don't know that they're anti-American.
Oh, yes.
I agree, and it's really sad, the ignorance.
That's why I've been saying, please, if you say you love your country, if you say you're offended by the flag, just give even 30 minutes of your time and look into what's going on.
Well, I guarantee you this guy isn't upset about the open borders, he's not upset about the fact that
Our currency's been devalued, or that we're going into a North American Union, and he probably listens to Limbaugh, who says it doesn't exist.
He feels like he's a conservative.
He doesn't know what it means to be a conservative.
He doesn't know his head from the hole.
He probably thinks Ron Paul's bad.
Yes, yes, I understand.
And that Ron Paul sign is in my yard, too.
I could see it in my mind's eye, yes.
So I guess that upset him even more?
Yeah, I'm not sure, but I just hope that the people step forward on this, because it's really not over.
Our part might be over in that our witness is scared, so I'm not sure what we can pursue there, but I do plan on... Hey, your witness is on record, and you bring that into court, and you play that, and he's not going to impeach himself.
I mean, he's not going to commit perjury if he's got half a brain.
It doesn't matter.
You've got your testimony.
This has been dropped, which they usually don't like to do, because now they've got major liability.
The Sheriff's done the right thing.
I would almost drop it, in respect for the fact that the incredibly rare thing... I mean, this Sheriff sounds like he's pretty good.
I mean, usually these are pig-headed people, and they just do not care, and usually they'd throw the book at you, stubbornly.
This is so rare,
To see them do this, that you might turn the other cheek.
I'm not saying that's the right thing.
I don't know.
You know, that's up to you.
Well, like I said, I would really like to leave it up to the people of this county.
I mean, he's their sheriff.
This is their deputy, you know, walking the streets doing this.
So, if the people of this county don't mind, if they think it's okay, then so be it.
You know, that's how the process works.
If they're a little bit uneasy with this guy knocking down your door over misdemeanors, then they need to speak up.
No, no, listen.
I mean, let me be clear.
He needs to go to prison.
In a perfect world, he would be arrested and he'd serve a couple years busting rocks.
I mean, he came in your house, he assaulted you.
Folks, when that happens in uniform, it's ten times worse.
I mean, if some thug busted down your door and choked your husband, he'd spend ten years in the pen.
And he should, so the cop does it, why isn't he going to go to jail?
My only point is, is this is, this is, this is, things are so evil right now that it is such a good sign.
All I'm saying is this sheriff did the right thing.
And he's going to get a lot of heat from his deputies who are in a gang-like mentality.
Let everybody go by and spank him.
So that's his solution to it, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
Well, I've got to tell you, 300 years ago or 250 years ago before this country was founded, it was pretty much outlawed by the time, you know, 230 years ago and this nation being founded and formed.
But they would take judges and magistrates and constables that acted like this and they'd stick them in the stocks for a week.
And believe me, they would behave themselves after that.
In fact, a lot of times it was uppity people.
I mean, they respected public officials, servants, as long as they followed the letter of the law and were very respectful.
I mean, in fact, I read a lot of history books and things, and I mean, cops a hundred years ago would literally click their heels at citizens and take their hat off.
And they were also respected, too.
I mean, you act like a bunch of goons.
You ought to look at New York cops, man.
They are literally like slimeballs.
Okay, well, Deborah, Godspeed, and we commend you for your work, and we'll be praying for you.
Same to you, Alex.
Thanks for taking the right course.
Thanks for not listening to that lawyer.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't wish many years from now that you would have done something, that you would have stood up, that you would have spoken out against the NAU, the police state, the New World Order, the war, the currency devaluation, which Canadians have really noticed because they see the dollar plunging.
For so many years, the dollar was worth a lot more than the Canadian maple leaf.
Now it's way below it.
As incredible tyranny unfolds upon our society, as all the blessings the United States enjoyed are now being ripped and stripped away from us, as our journey into serfdom and economic bondage intensifies.
We're about to go to our guest.
I interviewed him two, three years ago.
Frank Albo is a research fellow at the University of Winnipeg and a specialist in ancient Near Eastern religions and Western esoteric traditions.
That's why when he started looking at government buildings, he went, my gosh, these are exact replicas of ancient temples!
His groundbreaking discoveries of the Freemasonic symbolism in Manitoba Legislative Building have been featured in several national media as well as recently published bestseller, The Hermetic Code, which we're now offering
Uh, at Infowars.com and it's a big, glossy, full-color, you know, one of these coffee table books.
It's costing us like 25 bucks, folks.
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And, uh, I mean, it is a, you know, one of these books that cost $20 to print, I'm told.
You know, every page is, you know, glossy, creamy paper, full-colored, I mean, high-res.
And it's something to have on your coffee table to wake friends and family up.
Uh, Frank is presently
A Huggins Scholar in the Department of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents at the University of Amsterdam, and a Doctoral Candidate in the History of Architecture at the University of Cambridge, UK.
The Hermetic Code, Unlocking One of Manitoba's Greatest Secrets.
I interviewed him like two, three years ago, I forget, he can remind us, and I said, when this book comes out, I want you on it.
Boom, he called us, the book came out, and we are carrying it.
And this is admitted, and he went back to who founded it, the Masonic group that paid to have it put up, and they're very secretive about this now.
You talk about not just what's in Manitoba, then you go, this is more the ancient Babylonian slash Egyptian Greek sun god 666 type stuff, which again predates Christianity, calculation for the sun, which I've studied, and it's, but then you go to
I don't
The Luciferians walk around in white robes and they're all about the higher level, but death is needed, of course.
Very wicked folks.
Very icy people.
But they laugh at their little attack brood, the pentagram, you know, Pib Danzig type crowd.
Enough said.
Frank Albo, your great work, as they say, I'm being sarcastic there, is now completed, and it is quite a book, and we are now carrying it at the shopping cart at InfoWars.com, and it certainly is a masterpiece that you've created.
How long ago was that I interviewed you?
Was it two or three years ago?
I think it was about two years ago, and I do want to send you a special tribute of acknowledgement for being the first person to break this very important story into the U.S.
So, hats off to you and your mission.
Well, I didn't know I was the first to break it here, but thank you for helping us break it here.
Just go over your research, how you got into all this, and basically what these buildings symbolize and why this book is so important.
Well, you know, my research actually is stemmed on one building, and I know this sounds like almost ridiculous that I've spent the last six years studying one building, but this is a unique, extremely unique monument.
Perhaps, in my opinion, I think it is bar none the most sophisticated and complex occult
Masonic designed building in the world.
I've matched this up against other buildings with purported Masonic influence and other things, and this is really a unique building.
And it really happened to me by accident.
I was driving by the building that most people in Manitoba see and just kind of give a tilting glance to, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed it had these two giant Egyptian sphinxes that flank its front entrance.
And I was very curious with this because as I was going through my graduate studies in the Near East at the University of Toronto, sphinxes are an important temple, a piece of kind of temple monument.
And so anyway, the journey through the building and very slowly after, you know, painstaking kind of efforts of research found that the building is an entirely coded monument.
There are
Bizarre astronomical alignments.
Strange numerological codes.
You mentioned one of them, the 666, which is in the Grand Staircase Hall.
I'd like to get to that.
Also, you know, those sphinxes in particular, they bear an inscription, Alex.
This is totally spectacular because you cannot see this even from the ground.
You actually have to go on the roof to find that they have an inscription in ancient hieroglyphs.
And the inscription in hieroglyphs
reads as an invocation to the Sun God.
This is not subject to debate or, you know, it's not like my interpretation.
This is a bonafide Egyptian invocation to the Sun God, and it basically acknowledges that the everlasting manifestation of the Sun God Ray, the good God who gives life, basically empowered this building.
It's a giant Sun Temple!
And among other things.
In my opinion, the building is a temple to two particular deities.
One is the blazing image effigy on the dome, which is really Hermes.
And if you know anything about occult history and lore, Hermes is the grand magus of all occult knowledge, stemming from alchemy to numerology, in principle magic.
And is, in Masonic history, seen as the first person that basically gave the secrets of the Masonic craft.
In the earliest Masonic documents, Hermes is the person who basically passes on the torch of Masonic knowledge.
It is the Hermetic Code!
He is the George Washington of it all.
Oh yeah, and this is kind of, you know, ubiquitous in the whole history of occult philosophy.
Hermes is the kind of patron of all of this esoteric knowledge.
He really assigned to numbers their numerological meaning.
Yes, among other things.
He's got a whole litany of responsibilities that basically deal in the divinization of the self and there was a time in European history where the Hermetic writings paralleled the Bible.
This is in the 15th and 16th century when the writings of
The mysterious Hermes Trismegistus, who is the figure on the dome, basically is this Magus who comes to Earth and teaches us how we can be this spark of divinity that's inside of us.
And for a time, his words were, as I mentioned, you know, equaled on par with Moses.
And he was even seen as being earlier than Moses.
He was the first Magus.
Okay, now let's walk through this.
Who built it from your research?
Go through the different layouts.
I mean, all the keys.
Run through it.
It was finished in 1913.
Sorry, it started in 1913, finished in 1920.
It's designed in a tripartite fashion, which is kind of a fancy academic term for temples being designed in terms of a portico, a room which wards off evil.
And so when you enter into the legislative building, you find these two giant horned bulls.
A menacing image of the goddess Medusa with her snake hairs like it's right there.
It's not like you walk into the building you see it and other ornaments.
And these are the guardians and what we know about state capitals and federal capitals is they do clear them out occasionally and actually do rituals in them.
Please continue.
So it's guarded by these loving demons.
Yes and then as you kind of carry on through the building you enter into and this is modeled on
Basically, the earliest temples in the Ancient Near East followed this program.
Ward off evil, alter room, and then ultimately, the Holy of Holies.
And in Solomon's Temple, this is where the Ark of the Covenant rested.
And so as you kind of journey through the building, which is meant as this kind of grand, you know, Masonic,
Encyclopedia of World Sacred Architecture, you kind of symbolically, so to speak, get purified by these icons that ward off evil, you ascend up these three flights of thirteen stairs, you enter into this altar room, and initially when I published my research and I told, I mentioned to, you know, my faculty advisors that this was modeled on an altar, they didn't find it very surprising because this is basically the principles of temple design.
And in the first document ever printed, Interpretive Guide of the Building, you know, it reads about this one room which has a star in the center, that there should be an altar here, you know, and if you turn to page 24 of my book, you'll read this verbatim description from a government document, Alex, that talks about, you know, ritual sacrifice, a victim on this altar, I mean, it is uber pagan!
And so anyways, as you kind of journey through this building,
You kind of ultimately end up in the Holy of Holies.
Now, this is a room that's strictly forbidden from the public.
No one is allowed to go on it, even on a government-sponsored tour.
Now, let's be clear.
The citizens of Canada are not allowed to go into the Holy of Holies at this Capitol.
That is right.
And the Holy of Holies is the office
The reception suite of the Lieutenant Governor, who is the highest appointed person by the Queen, and I know you're going to make a lot of sense out of this, but the Lieutenant Governor in Canadian politics is the person who really enacts all legislative power.
He is like the quote-unquote high priest of the ancient temple.
Yes, it's the same thing in Texas.
The Governor really doesn't run anything.
It's all the Lieutenant Governor.
And so in the ancient world, the high priest was allowed to go into the Holy of Holies once a year.
And this was a date, you know, in Jewish history called Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.
And there, you have dialogue with God, who is basically in the Ark.
Now, in the Legislative Building in Manitoba, this is the one room totally forbidden from the public.
You can't, you're not even allowed to step in, and they'll tell you it's because of the carpet.
And inside... Ah, yes, the carpet.
Meanwhile, the cult members run everything.
Well, anyways, I looked at this one room, expecting to find the Ark, because it was built to the actual cubit dimensions of the Holy of Holies of Solomon's Temple.
I know there's a lot of information here, and I'm sorry to kind of cram it in.
Well, talk about how you were able to get into there.
Well, I had a government-sponsored grant, which initially, based on my early research, that the building was modeled on a classical temple.
And this was kind of a euphemism I used to basically gain access to the building.
And then once I gained access, and access to the original drawings and the plans, I began to measure things, and then I basically published my work, which of all places now sits and rests in the Library of Canada, until very recently, the free press busted the kind of story open,
And it's now kind of become a popular bestseller.
Well, I want to walk through it, and Alistair Crowley's in your book, and go through a lot of this in detail.
But before we do that, have you been contacted since the book came out in the last few months, or were you ever threatened?
I really see across the board, they believe
A lot of them that it is now time to admit what they're doing.
So do they believe this is all just part of their New World Order now becoming more public and revealed?
Well, the champion of getting this book published has since been let go from the paper.
And so that was, I found that very curious about two weeks after the, you know, maybe a month after the book came out.
He was let go and he was really somebody who was actually kind of nervous
About publishing this research, because he thought it would be immediately suppressed, and we were able to get it to print, and it's now kind of out and circulating, and that's why, you know, appearing on your show and getting this kind of out more, to make this more public, people kind of see the efforts of a single movement.
That's right.
You know, Winnipeg was destined to be this great breadbasket of the world.
They imagined that all trade and all tourism would generate out from the center.
And there's even monuments in places as far away as New Orleans that read, all roads lead to Winnipeg.
And Winnipeg was kind of destined to be the central capital
And it has the most, you know, the largest and most abundant grain anywhere in the world.
And so they expected this to be this railway hub that was going to extend the kind of the fertility of the province everywhere across North America.
And that actually didn't happen.
But it's funny to notice that very recently, that great vision is now starting to come to pass with things like the, I don't know if you're familiar with NASCO.
Yes, I am.
Right, and so this North American Super Corridor Coalition and the Asia-Pacific Gateway Corridor Initiative... We're saying this is a key point as well.
Oh, yeah, that, you know, basically the ports are getting flooded, the coastal ports are getting flooded, and so there's this new kind of commerce of trade that's going to all centralize out of Manitoba and Winnipeg and go straight down, you know, into, well, interestingly, one of the major corridors for this superhighway with megatrucks
was going to move out of Winnipeg and straight down the I-35, which I believe there was a major accident on the yesterday.
Oh, and so now we need toll roads to fix it.
That's now their solution.
Yes, so again, you're on separately here.
We were just talking about earlier, by the way, all roads keep leading back to this main nexus point, no matter where you go, folks.
North American Union, please continue.
Let's go back to who funded this, how it got built, your research into that.
Oh, you mean who funded my research, or who funded the... No, the building of the structure.
Oh, well, it was the early legislatures of Manitoba envisioned that this was going to be this grand metropolis, and so they spared no expense in getting the world's most important designers, some of which that did the sculpture work, also did the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., and other significant monuments in the U.S.
And they were hired to build this building in Winnipeg.
However, there was a huge scandal that took place.
And now the architect, I think his initial vision was, you know, somewhat benevolent.
I know this might sound strange, but I believe that he thought that this building, and he mentions this a number of times, would in the course of time, based on these kind of symbols and designs and iconography in the building,
would lead to a kind of stage of enlightenment for the people that act as a representative of government.
Yeah, that's right.
They believe that they're like Stonehenge, that these structures, these temples, are power resident amulets.
Yes, exactly.
They're huge vortexes into another dimension.
This is what they believe.
Why don't you explain that?
Yeah, exactly.
Quite frankly, I don't think it's working, but
The idea is that, and this is very, very important in kind of Masonic terminology, is that buildings act as a conduit to move the soul.
And there was something that was passed down from God to the first architect, Hiram Abiff, that allowed for a building to kind of purify the soul and act as a kind of vehicle for transformation.
And so this building, you've got to think of it as a
A kind of device.
A very, very sophisticatedly designed, you know, occult talisman.
A kind of 3D talisman, that as you walk through it... Yeah, stay there.
It's a vortex.
We'll be right back.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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The Hermetic Code, we've got it right here in the U.S.
on the deal with the Canadian customs people.
Winnipeg Free Press, head of the paper and publishing organization, got fired within a month of this coming out.
Not surprising.
Their lordships are very angry right now.
And you can see the all-seeing eye right when you walk into the building.
I mean, there's so much to this building.
I mean, as you say, different areas are to different gods.
It's kind of like a pantheon temple to all the gods, but as you said, mainly centered around the Sun God and then, of course, the Hermetic Code itself and kind of the Moses or the Light Bearer of all this stuff.
But as you said, there's a human sacrifice facility right when you come in.
The blueprints, the plans call for the human sacrifice.
Uh, a facility.
And I always love how the Pagans and the Druids and the Wiccans, as they like to call themselves,
Well, email me and say, we're not into human sacrifice.
That's a Christian lie.
Folks, it's a National Geographic.
They pull people out of the bogs all the time in Scotland and Ireland and England and Wales.
I mean, a lot of times it's the Chief.
If stuff got bad, he would give himself up and they'd bash his brains out, slit his throat, throw him into the peat bog, wearing all his regalia to the peat bog entities that they believe.
And they'd burn their best warrior during bad harvest, you know, in a wicker man.
I mean, that stuff all comes from real events.
The Germanic groups did it, the Indians did it, and I'm talking about India itself, not Native Americans.
They did some human sacrifice too.
People aren't supposed to talk about that, but that went on.
I mean, why do they get so mad, Frank Albo, if we talk about the human sacrifice?
Are we just not supposed to talk about that?
Well, I mean, it's kind of...
This is a difficult subject because the idea of human sacrifice in the Masonic tradition stems around this architect who's been kind of killed and then raised from the dead.
And just kind of as a point of clarification, you did mention that the building is a kind of pantheon of gods and that is very true.
And there's even extremely hidden, I mean this is all hidden in plain view,
Except when you see it, you can see it so plainly there.
There is even in this altar room that I'm talking about, which is in the center of the temple, there is this wonderful illustration of the Passion of Christ, right there.
It's this massive mural that hangs above the altar that is called, you know, a war mural, and it's just a scene of all these war soldiers.
But if you look at it closely, and I have illustrations of this in the book, it just comes, like, clean out at you.
That it is really a portrayal of the Passion of Christ.
There is this figure in the center who is bearing a cross, and above him there is an altar with a Madonna and Child.
And the occult is taking that, saying, see, this is another example of the Grand Architect being killed and then raised again.
And it gets into Hiram or Biff, Tubal, Cain, Jabulon, all of it.
But expanding on... Go ahead.
Yeah, and in terms of
We're good to go.
That you dedicated your gods to deities that were seen to naturally reside in your area.
So Athens is named Athens after the Greek goddess Athena, who is seen as the patron of the olives, which Athenians loved, and so they dedicated the Parthenon to Athena.
And so this is where it gets her name.
And kind of following this tradition, here in Winnipeg, this building is dedicated to two gods.
One is Hermes,
Who is this swift messenger god, you see him as the FTD Flores guy, you know, the messenger of the god, the father of occult philosophy, whatever, who is the image on the dome.
And then, directly beneath him, is this eight-pointed star, which, in kind of religious history, the first eight-pointed star was this sign of this deity named Inanna.
She was a fertility goddess, and she changed her name to a whole host of things, Aphrodite... Yeah, it's always, yeah, it's a goddess.
They always have the male and the female.
Stay there, we'll be right back on the other side with our guest, who is a scholar and an expert on the occult, and we're talking about this temple.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are already into the third and final hour, jam-packed with news and information.
Another great guest joining us, Steve Schenck, in about 30 minutes.
I need to have Frank Albo up for two hours some time to open the phones up and take your calls.
He's not just an expert on the occult here and a scholar, I mean, you name it, from Cambridge and also over in
The Netherlands and in Canada.
I mean, this guy has been schooled all over the planet on these things.
He is a researcher fellow at the University of Winnipeg and a specialist in ancient near-Eastern religions and Western esoteric traditions.
His groundbreaking discoveries of the primasonic symbolism in Manitoba Legislative Building have been featured in several national media as well as in recently published bestseller, The Hermetic Code, now available at InfoWars.com.
Now, Frank, we're going to break here in a minute and come back with a long segment, but right now, I just want to bring this up.
I'm in England.
I'm in Canada.
I'm at the, which they admit, you walk into the Capitol, at least it was up there last month when I was there, and you walk in, they have a big display saying this building is dedicated to the Goddess of Liberty, and here she is, and she's up there, and she's got the one star in her hand, and a sword in the other.
It's the same thing over and over again.
The horn god or the male god guards one side, and then the female goddess, and then as you said, all the other goddesses, whether it be Eulogia or Diana, it's all the same thing.
It's just different names, whether it be Roman or Greek or Babylonian or Egyptian or Germanic.
It doesn't matter.
It's always Indian, Japanese.
I mean, this is even cultures that didn't communicate with each other, they worship the same things.
And we go back 12,000 years, we've got the goddesses really being the first thing that was worshipped.
Now fertility, like, wow, women can make babies.
That's where all this starts, as you know well.
But for the listeners, what's really sick about the sacrifices in England, wherever they have the goddess being drawn by a chariot or cherubim or by demons or by goblins, it depends.
You will have that set in a giant star, and then in front of her, you will have a huge war dead.
I mean, in one case, it was one for two hundred and something thousand in England.
Here, it'll be the Alamo in front of her.
There's always that sacrifice of war dead placed before the altar, or placed around it as offerings.
Is that not what you've also found in your research?
Yeah, well, as you're walking up to the entrance of the legislative building, the figure in the center, who is like the kind of god, the resident goddess,
called Lady Manitoba.
Interesting that in Cree, the word, the aboriginal language, Manitoba, means where the creator sat.
And for indigenous people here, they believe this is kind of the center of all creation, where all the other tribes of indigenous tribes first, you know, where man was created.
There are powerful places, there are magnetic fields, no one knows why.
They think D.C.
is one of these, Austin, Texas, San Francisco, Bohemian Grove is another one, yeah.
No, but this figure in the center has, on either side of her, this is this seated Lady Manitoba fully dressed in military regalia.
On one side of her is a woman offering her child, and on the other side is this kind of cornucopia from the field.
And so these are all kind of icons to represent that this fertility goddess in the center
Well, I mean, you go to the Bohemian Grove headquarters in San Francisco and carved in stone on the four corners is a man throwing a baby in a fire.
These people don't play games.
Well, you know, to turn things full circle, I really want to get this point out to your listeners.
This isn't just some detached building in Canada that has no connection to a
A larger picture, because when the building was dedicated, and this is a very important kind of feature of dedicating a temple, is the laying of the cornerstone.
You see evidence of this even with George Washington.
The corn and the wine?
Right, now when the cornerstone... Stay there, I want to hear it.
Long segment coming up, plenty of time.
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Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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I think so.
I'm good.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You wonder why the governments of the world have such unity in the Western world.
You wonder why they do so many wicked things.
They believe when they kill a child with Ritalin or Prozac or with pesticide, like we do in the pesticide forced trials on kidnapped children here in the U.S., that this is a sacrifice.
It's the ultimate excuse for whatever evil they do.
They believe in... The Illuminati believes, when they use that 17th century term, the illuminated ones, the enlightened ones, they believe that they do destructive things to only rebuild it later.
So see, it's not even a religion of psychopaths.
Their servants are psychopaths.
That's their attack dogs that they take very good care of, and they destroy them as well.
But to them, it's a great work.
It's a beautiful thing.
Oh, look at them dying.
The goddess is suffering on their blood.
And then she will give us back a bounty.
They move the blood of our dead as a fertilizer.
Well, I got news.
How about you all line up elite, and you throw yourselves into pits?
Or how about you?
No, you're a bunch of freaks, and you're a bunch of scum, and you're a bunch of inbred trash.
And all you do is create evil.
And you are not in balance, even if you take their baloney religion.
You are not in balance, okay?
You're about as in balance as Emperor Palpatine.
And they're just a bunch of hedonist psychopaths.
And it's all a big joke to them, but they go have orgies, and rituals, and murders, and it's just, oh, it's so fun.
And the general public has no idea it's even going on.
I mean, right up here at the Capitol, they have a giant black pentagram with two double obelisks facing in towards each other, with a pentagram with the bottom facing east, completely satanic, and they have thousands of dead Texas police officers around it as the sacrifice.
Going back to our guest, the book is The Hermetic Code.
I hope you get it at Infowars.com.
It's out of the Winnipeg Free Press.
It's a big, glossy coffee table book.
You know, we got about 20 minutes left.
Any area, any fashion, anything you want to get into that we haven't covered, sir?
Yeah, well, I just wanted to kind of clarify the context of, you know, this building, because I don't want it to kind of seem as some kind of regional building out in Winnipeg that has kind of no connection to the kind of larger kind of Masonic picture, but... The Masonic Kingdom!
Well, yeah, you know, and this was very much true of the visionaries of Washington, D.C., but no one's actually seen the kind of northern side of this story, which is rather quite elaborate.
And, you know, I'd size this building up against every other building with... What about the San Francisco City Hall?
It has some similar dimensions.
Oh, well, you know, I don't know if you're going to find another building in the world that I know of that enacts
Legislative power that has, you know, a 666 in it, an Ark of the Covenant, references to sacrificial deities, and with a blazing image of the occult magus Hermes on the dome, and hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions.
There are hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions on the roof that I've had... Well, I want to talk about that.
Go ahead and talk about the context of it all connected, and then go ahead.
Well, yeah, I mean, it's just, it's a grand
massive cathedral of occult philosophy.
It's just inscribed in stone and the idea is that this building acts as a kind of conduit for these two principal deities that the building is dedicated to.
One is a goddess of fertility and the other is Mercury, the messenger god.
Now these two figures symbolically are in the center of the building.
The star in the center and right above them this image of Hermes.
Now it turns out when the cornerstone of the building was laid
In 1913, there was an alignment in heaven exactly like what was happening in the Legislative Building.
A superimposition between Venus and Mercury in the heavens.
Now it turns out, and I have evidence of this, that there is to be conducted in that building a Masonic initiation rite on the exact same conjunction of Mercury and Venus.
So, this is, you know, I've looked at evidence of other buildings, Alex, that, you know, there's seemingly esoteric symbols and whatever, but this is the Bible of occult philosophy in one building, in one place, which is seated in the center of our great country.
Well, really, studying the building and reading your book, and then years ago we had you on looking at it, it's almost like a Rosetta Stone.
It's got love.
Like, all of the designs kind of put into one.
That's right.
I mean, I think of Rosetta Stone as a perfect term for it, because, you know, that's why I've spent so much time on it, is that I've just kind of been unfolding it more and more, and it's just revealing a greater history, so much so that I've been able to, I mean, I've just been fascinated, to the point where, and this might even, you know, be an anathema to some of your listeners,
I've, you know, joined the Masonic Fellowship to find out what exactly these people do, and what exactly is the basis of their rites, so that I can understand the context of what's going on.
Now, you know, though, you know that 99% of Masons are porch Masons, in fact, more than 99.
Maybe one out of a thousand becomes a real Mason.
That is correct.
And there's really 360 degrees.
Now, humans only go up into the 186 or so.
There's a few honorary degrees above that, and then it's deities.
Masonic degrees.
Everybody that seems so concerned with the 33 degrees of Scottish Rite... Well, I'm talking about major degrees.
Well, I mean, give us your perspective.
Tell us.
Well, I mean, that 33 degrees of Scottish Rite, which is often toted as being kind of the highest, you know, pinnacle of the kind of Masonic hierarchy, is really a misnomer, because Freemasonry emerged out of, you know, continental... well, out of Europe.
And there, you have a whole majority of degrees that deal with theurgy, which is a kind of fancy term for magical invocation of spirits.
You do not find this in any of the 33 degrees.
And then you've got a pantheon of spirits on that 360 degree, then you have sub-degrees in between those.
And you also get into Aleister Crowley in your book.
Yeah, that's because my hypothesis is that the only people that could be really responsible for this
Like, super occult building would have been members of the most foremost occult order at the turn of the 20th century, which was the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
And Aleister Crowley was given the number, or he actually self-designated himself as the number 666.
He said 666 the Beast.
That's right.
I mean, but that's because he was kind of an occult rock star in a showboat and he just wanted to shock people.
But anyways, this is something that I found right on the architectural drawings.
The architect writes 666 in the Grand Staircase Hall, which is the most noted staircase hall in all of Canada.
So in the plans, it's not just the Sun God calculations, 666 is in them?
Yeah, and I was always surprised with this.
And then when I measured the length and width of this Grand Staircase,
It turns out to be 66.6 feet in width and 66.6 feet in length.
This is not subject to debate.
There is a 666 in this building where legislative power is enacted.
And this, of course, creates a lot of fervor among the government here, which have tried to shut down my tour, and to some degree have been not very supportive with the publication and dissemination of this material.
And you could understand why.
Well, what degree have you gotten to now in your exploration?
Of the craft?
The third.
Well, I mean, they're never going to let you get very high.
I mean, they know you're not supposed to give any of the secrets away.
And now you can say you reverse-engineered it, so now you're going to try to go through the front door you've already gone through, the back door, and I'm going to tell you right now... I've always been transparent with my approach.
I basically told them that, you know, anthropologists do ethnographies of foreign cultures all the time, and no one's actually done a bona fide ethnography.
of Freemasonry as a kind of participant observer and... But at the higher levels, even above the, you know, the White Brotherhood and all this baloney, they really worship a blood-drinking black dragon.
I mean, have you gotten to that level yet?
No, God, no.
In fact, I don't know any evidence of such a thing, at least from my research.
I spent a number of years in Europe looking at... I mean, I did an MA in Western Esoteric Traditions, and I specialized in Freemasonry, and I wasn't able to find
Even in my research at the Ingolstadt Library, where the birthplace of the Illuminati is, I was surprised to find I was the only visitor to that archive in 30 years.
Ingolstadt University with Adam Weisshaupt?
I was at the Stadt Museum in Ingolstadt, where it was founded, and I was surprised to find, when I was presented with a number of original documents,
That's right.
That no one's actually visited this stuff.
So, there's a lot of mispublication on it.
Sure, sure, hold on.
Now, obviously there's different veils here, but obviously, I mean, the general public still doesn't even know the Illuminati was even a real thing.
I mean, just like they don't know there's a North American Union, and the elite actually believe that's a lesser magic.
The fact that they have it in plain view, and that we're not aware of it, they believe even resonates more powerfully.
Well, I teach an entire course on the history of secret societies at university, so we kind of cover all of these domains, and the kind of showboat of this all is how you can record things in symbols, and that's why this building is the kind of beacon for this kind of occult technology.
Well, I'll tell you right now that they believe these wars and everything they're doing
uh... is is is giving power under them and and nurturing uh... the goddess in the horn god
And they're very destructive people, and obviously being in a nest of them is very dangerous, unless you're just at the pizza party level where they sit around playing poker.
You're not going to find very much going on in the front door.
Yeah, that's true, but there's a whole new vanguard of scholarship going on in Europe, where you have people that are getting their chairs of Masonic history, chairs of
These are unrecognized universities.
These are people that are not members of any kind of fraternal organization.
Well, what do you say to the fact that the British are mad that almost every judge, every major barrister is a Mason.
Masons can't seem to be put in prison, even when they kill kids.
I mean, do you have comments on that?
Oh, well, I mean, this is just part of, you know, there are 330,000 Freemasons in England, and a lot of them are extremely powerful.
Of course, you're going to expect this nepotism.
Stay there.
The book, The Hermetic Code, this is like announcing that North America exists and the public doesn't even know about it.
You need to get the book, folks, and put it on your coffee table.
We'll be right back.
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You shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars.
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
And there shall be famines, disease, and earthquakes in many places.
We are living in this time of earth's history.
Many people are trying to understand the climactic world events in light of human wisdom.
But without the wisdom of God, this is impossible.
2 Peter says, We have a more sure word of prophecy, and you do well if you take heed.
But first know this, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.
The Bible says, we'd like you to receive this new offer.
Packet B, The Unholy Alliance.
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That's 1-888-211-1715.
And ask...
Well, we've got to have him back up in the near future.
That's clear, because he really is an expert on so many facets.
You get a lot of these people that claim they're occult experts, and they don't know the head from the hole in the ground.
He's got, what, two coming up on three degrees in this.
He is a top scholar, trained in Europe, England, and Canada.
And I've been interviewing him now for two years, this is our second interview, and the Hermetic Code is out.
He's signing each edition that you get through us.
So we just did the deal.
He's shipping us the books right now, and so then we'll ship them out to you here in the U.S., and he's going to ship them to us signed, and then we'll get them out to you folks.
They are $35.
I'll tell you right now, it's a big, expensive coffee book, coffee table book.
And literally, we're getting them for $25.
And then with shipping and stuff.
But the point is, we're getting them out for you and $35 is cheap.
That's how much these cost retail.
Because this is such a thick book and it's, again, color pages.
This is something everybody needs to have.
Because you need to show people, hey, did you know all this?
Did you know that these temples are everywhere?
Did you know they're running things?
You can order right now or call 888.
253-3139, the Hermetic Code.
We've got about three or four minutes left.
Frank, you've got the floor.
Elaborate more on how this is interconnected and how these masons put out maps showing Winnipeg as really what they see as the center of North America.
Well, that's right.
I think the great vision in the 20s collapsed when the building opened
Because of the opening of the Panama Canal, but this new vision has reached a kind of resurrection with the North American Super Corridor Coalition.
And the Asia-Pacific Gateway, which is all centered out of, you know, out of Winnipeg.
And again, roads are architecture, and all roads lead to Rome.
They know that brings power.
Where they put commerce cities, they believe the roads are magical.
I mean, folks, they believe where you travel, they like to build their buildings on the ends of bridges.
They believe they get power.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, I know this sounds like a lot of hocus-pocus,
And, you know, I don't certainly buy into it, but there are a lot of extremely powerful people that do.
And then they say the proof is in the pudding.
They have all this power.
Well, you know, when you see exactly how they kind of configure this stuff, you can see how, you know, the belief is that this stuff does have power.
And even anybody that steps into this place, they feel a kind of an aura.
That if you stand in the center of this star, it is totally outrageous, the kind of acoustics that goes on.
And nobody knows that it's right there in their own backyard.
Well, even as a child, stepping into the Texas star, the huge goddess temple, you know, that's what the mounding domes are breast, folks, and they always have obelisks around, and we know what those are.
That's the male member.
And of course the doorways are the female genitalia, and this is all mainstream.
I remember as a child, it wasn't placebos stepping into the star.
I wonder what that is, what the stone does on these energy points of the planet.
Well yeah, I'm not too schooled in that department, but I would suggest to other people that are wanting to do research in their own country, that you should really look at what's called the laying in state right, that happens in a number of legislative capitals in your country.
And, uh, look at the symbolism of how that is conducted.
One of the... Well, it's a sacrifice.
It's just a minimum of a star.
Yeah, and it's entirely modeled on the third degree of Freemasonry, and every single person that has gone through this rite in Minnesota that I found out, and the archivists didn't even know why these guys are chosen, but I found out that they were all master masons, and so these guys die and get resurrected on the star in state capitals, and this is
You know, really groundbreaking research that I think somebody should take charge with it, because I think they'd find a lot of...
Well, that was like Bohemian Grove when I was there.
You know, people could say it's a play.
Well, plays come from... the first plays were religion.
It's done in a stylized format, folks.
It's like The Preacher.
And let me tell you, those old men and that crowd of a thousand people, they were taking it deadly serious.
They were breathing heavy.
Some of them had tears in their eyes.
Others were going... right next to me.
And it is very serious.
Well I know that during the break you said to me that I should be careful and my response to you was, you know what Alex, you got into the bohemian grove and you exposed that from the inside and that's basically what I'm trying to do here is I'm going in from the inside because there's not a lot of people that are doing their job appropriately from the outside.
All of the masons called me today and said come down to our rituals, I'd go down there but they wouldn't do that.
Those guys already know all the little things they do.
So I mean the point is is that
These guys always act like they've got something hidden.
And really, it's all just mind control, and it's the most ancient intelligence agencies with religious trappings all around it.
The point is, even if you're an atheist, folks who don't believe in all this, they believe in it.
You know, the old saying is, you don't believe in the devil, but the devil believes in you.
You don't believe in God, but God believes in you.
We'll talk to you soon, Frank.
Although, any websites you want to fire out, Frank?
Oh yeah, you could consult my own website, FrankAlbo.com, the books also.
I want to direct all sales to you there, Alex.
I don't care, they can get it from FrankAlbo.com if they want.
FrankAlbo.com, we've got links to it on InfoWars.com.
Take care, my friend.
Take care, you too.
Thanks for having me on.
I want to have you on for two hours soon, okay?
Do it.
Alright, thanks.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 866-885-6625.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that Communism has stated that America would not jump from Capitalism to Communism?
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Well, I've been meaning to get him on for months.
Even before he was a sponsor.
Andy, Steve Shank, eFoods Direct is the website of the J. Michael Stevens Group.
It is the longest continually operating company in the United States with storable foods.
What, 27 years?
I'm going from memory here.
I got storable foods from them about six, seven years ago.
They don't even remember that.
I think so.
And I put stuff I believe in.
I've been telling you to buy gold, preferably bullion or semi-numismatic, where you get a collector value on top, pretty much at melt value.
I've been saying that for seven years, and your money has doubled in the last five.
The dollar has been devalued by 58 percent.
I mean, it's really no-brainer stuff.
I say, buy guns.
Guns are for buying, not for selling.
All my guns have gone up in value, and I don't even want to say how many I've got.
I've got a couple.
And I've got guns, gold, and storable food.
And I've got some food that's got to be about six years old, and I gave it to family, and I told them, you know, it'll last a few more years than I store it in the house, so it'll last a long time.
Regardless, like Steve Shank says, and he's the real expert on this, is that you put
Uh, that stuff up front, if it ever goes to martial law, you got the other stuff hidden, you go, okay, go ahead and take my food, and you give them the stuff that's ten years old.
And it'll last more than ten in the house, but just technically, you don't want to keep it longer than that.
And, uh, you saw what happened in New Orleans, where people were high and dry, and they came and took their guns.
Uh, but then they couldn't get all the guns, so mainly they waited for you to starve to come in and get food.
Then they did a laboratory test for two days with food and water, not giving it to the tens of thousands in the Superdome.
Folks, bottom line,
I'm going to get even more storable food.
I believe in water filters, guns, gold, and storable food.
And food and water are the keys.
Okay, I'm sorry I don't have any magical cure-all products here.
We do sell good quality vitamins and stuff, but we won't tell you it'll make you live forever.
But I'm telling you, without food you will die.
And they could have martial law, depression.
Folks, there were middle class people who were starving almost to death in the Great Depression.
Okay, I'm telling you.
You need to call Steve Shank and you need to get his catalog.
You need to order your supply of food.
It is cheap.
It is high quality.
Go to PrisonPlanet.com.
Huge banner at the top.
If you don't get horrible food from Steve Shank, you are insane.
Steve Shank, thanks for coming on with us.
Well, thank you very much.
The only thing that I resent about your program is that you called me an expert, and I know the definition of that, Alex.
It's a grip under pressure.
But you know what?
It's true.
Exactly, yeah.
Anyway, you know, you mentioned Louisiana, Reno.
Well, I had an interview on my program a couple weeks ago from a man that was cordoned off.
You see, a day before that storm hit, there was concertina wire spread.
It was stretched four blocks away from the beach, right along the railroad track there.
One of the fellows that called in and put in a supply of food as a result of hearing your program,
We got to talking, and I got to tell you, he's a phenomenal guy, and what happened was that a day before the storm hit, they stretched concertina wire along four blocks away from the beach.
Nobody could get in or out.
You could not evacuate if you wanted to.
His home was hit.
It wasn't knocked off just for the simple reason that it was behind a big casino that took the brunt of the waves, but he had five feet of water in his home, so they lived in a tent on the beach.
The only reason that they survived at all is because some friends that happened to be in the military, friends of his son, came by and dropped off a case of the MREs that will make you glow in the dark, walk sideways, and when I travel... Oh, they taste terrible, yeah.
Yeah, but anyway...
But listen to this.
He had $200 in his pocket cash.
They had no food, no water.
He came on the program and the very thing that you and I have been telling folks all the way along, at the point where food is not available, it doesn't make any difference how much money you've got in your pocket, you don't eat.
And now there were some horrendous, horrendous stories that this gentleman and his boy, his 13-year-old son, got on the radio with me on the interview.
And just to give you an idea of what happens with the relief organizations, Feed the Children was down there.
They make you come enroll with the CPS.
They make you go through all the social work stuff and beg.
Uh-huh, but it's even worse than that.
They came down with empty trucks and then they hired some of the young people that were down there behind the concertina wire and went down the whole row of schools, broke into the schools and looted the cafeterias, then took the food out and grilled it and had these same kids that were helping them loot the cafeteria give portions, give portions,
And if they gave more of a portion, they were reprimanded.
And if somebody had the gall or the audacity to ask for a little bit more food, they had a rifle muzzle pointed in their face and told to drop what they had and leave the line.
And also, the feds blocked Walmart and everybody else and tens of thousands of firemen and valiant police and others that showed up to try to help.
They blocked them from getting in.
This was all a laboratory test.
But regardless, folks,
Yes, sir.
And, you know, you buy car insurance, it doesn't feel good.
You buy house insurance, it doesn't feel good.
Because you know, you're probably not going to use it.
You're not even sure you can get it.
This is take possession.
That's why guns, gold, and food, and things like that are so important.
Because this is in your hands.
You now are in control.
We don't do this because we live in fear.
We do this because I'm in charge of my family, and I'm not going to let my babies go hungry.
And anybody that comes around wanting my food is going to get their head blown off, and I'm going to take care of my family.
Now, it's real simple.
And I hope none of this stuff happens, but the feds are putting up billboards saying, get ready for nuclear attacks, you know, all this baloney, have a weak supply and all this.
And let me tell you, major cities will turn into madhouses in a matter of days as these yuppies.
So I'm ready to throw my food in the back of the truck and get out of Dodge, and nobody better get my way on the way out of this cesspit.
Steve Schenck?
Tell you what.
I waited to announce this because I knew that this program was coming up.
Now, here's the deal, guys.
Keep on going for your three, four, five year supply of food.
You will need it.
Everything that we're saying on my program, Fearless Radio, is right in accord with what you're hearing here with Alex.
But I'm making an announcement today.
Those of you that have web access,
Get up on the internet and go to efoodsdirect.com.
Alex, we've got a brand new website up there and it shows something that I'm going to announce right now.
It's called the Patriot Pack.
This is not, I repeat, not intended
To replace your food supply.
Put in that three, four, five year supply and I don't care what you have to do, get it.
If you can't stand us and you can't stand Alex because we're too obnoxious, go find some retailer but read the warnings on our site before you do it.
But the fact is, this is not intended to replace your regular food supply that's going to save the lives of your families.
This is called a Patriot PAC.
It's a two case pack.
It has 196 meals in it.
That's 16 more meals than it takes to feed you three meals, three good solid 150% meals a day for two months.
It's for one adult.
It's absolutely essential, a bare minimum.
This is something, two cases.
They measure a foot and a half by a foot by seven inches high.
You throw these in the trunk of your car and you get out of Dodge and it's a month's supply for two people, a two-month supply for one person, and these are all what we call quick fix items.
Highly nutritious.
Half the stuff in there is health food stuff that is sold by the supplier that we have, the health food stores and us.
And the other half are some meals that we have had formulated specifically, all you do is add water and heat.
Add water and heat, that's it.
Now the objective here, what this was stimulated by is this family that gave us their their testimonies on radio, on my program, of what happened in the hurricane situation.
This is hurricane season, guys.
Any of you that are close to storm areas,
Get a hold of us, get a pack of these, one of these packs in for each adult you got.
And again, these last 10 years like the other food?
Oh yeah, 12 to 15 years.
Say 10 to 12 just because some of it's formulated and we have to go with the least common denominator.
Now, the pricing on these, and I hesitate usually to quote pricing, but it's important to you guys.
You see, not only for the people
that are in in disaster areas, like the people that are up in the storm areas that got hit with the ice storms, people in earthquake areas.
Get some of these in for your immediate family.
This is the ultimate grab-and-run kit.
This has never been done before.
Give them the phone number.
Give them the website.
Okay, the website is efoodsdirect.com.
eFoodsDirect.com and the phone number is 800-409-5633.
That's 800-409-5633.
Now our phone lines are going to light up.
It's going to go far beyond our staff's ability to answer the phones.
Leave a message and a phone number, address, and we can get staff back to you right away.
But the main thing is
Over and above the grab-and-run thing, here's what we're finding.
We did some experiments with this, Alex.
What we're finding is that families that have students that are away, get them one of these, stick it under their bed.
When they go through the starving student era, they can open it up and have something to eat, but the main thing is it'll give them two months to find their way home and have food to do it.
Now, in this thing, in addition to all the meals, and they can just get up on the website and see that, and those of you that don't have web access,
We have the phone lines.
We'll send out a packet to you that lists what's in it, and you can order right straight if you ask us what's in it.
But the main thing is... You'll send them a catalog?
Yeah, we'll send them.
It's a worksheet and some recordings, but it'll do what it needs to be done.
But here's the list of other things.
You've got the starving student syndrome.
What we're finding is disabled veterans that have limited cooking abilities, they can put water in these things, heat them up, and they have extremely nutritious meals.
If you have elderly folks that are still taking care of themselves, but elderly people, nutritionally, are in trouble, these things are super nutritious, and they're better than the food that people are eating regularly.
You've got a lot of old folks paying more for dog food, and that's not an urban legend.
Yeah, that's absolutely right.
These things are running about a $1.70, $1.80 a meal.
And these are, what I mean by 150% meals, Alex, is this is half again, half again what you would normally consider a good meal.
This is 16 ounces, 2 cups
of good quality, nutritious, tasty food.
Highly fortified.
Folks, ants store food for emergencies.
Squirrels store food.
Wolves when they're done eating will go stick it under something or try to bury it or bury bones.
The point is, is that growing up with my grandparents,
I think so.
That's what I have, and you need to take advantage of this 1-800-409-5633 or efoodsdirect.com.
Up on prisonplanet.com, we have a big fat link up at the top.
If you forget the website, please, ladies and gentlemen,
They're great sponsors.
They're the oldest continually operating company.
They're patriots.
They're good people.
It's high quality and they support this broadcast.
It's a win, win, win, win, win situation.
Get your water filters too!
All of this.
And by the way, Steve Shank on his radio show that he does every weekend here on Genesis, he spends about 10% of his time, I tune in and never hear him talk about his food.
He talks about, has experts on about guns, about wood stoves, about preparation, about cold weather gear, about how to get out of cities.
Tell them about your show here on Genesis.
Well, what we do on that, we call it fearless radio guys, not just because we're stupid enough to say anything and we're fearless to take the consequences.
The whole idea is there's a lot of stuff out there that you've got no control of.
You can't control foreign policy, you can't control whether the dollar crashes, you can't control anything.
And so what we come up with is we believe that if you have the solution, there's no problem.
And the whole objective is we take every single dependency that people have.
The most important one, obviously, is food, but also emergency preparedness.
And the gun's safe to defend it.
I don't care, folks.
If you can buy two acres of scrub bush somewhere and have an army tent, if the cities unfold and everything unravels, imagine, you can go to the hills for a year while everything falls apart.
And we're not saying that's going to happen.
The feds are saying it probably is.
The dollar is plunging.
Regardless, I had storable food ten years ago.
I mean, I believe in this.
I know it is a sound investment.
It is an absolute essential 1-800-409-5633.
And in closing, Steve Schenck with the J. Michael Stevens Company, you're also doing a new deal where folks can also bring more people to buy food and then get big discounts.
Yes, it's going to be an interesting situation.
We're going to announce that probably next week.
I think we'll be ready for it.
It will be absolutely phenomenal.
It's never been done in the United States before, and for that portion of it, let's wait and just tell people that it's going to be coming, and we'll announce it first time on your show, Alex, because we want your listeners to have the first shot at it.
And by the way, you're the longest continual company because of quality, dedication.
You're not fly-by-night.
You believe in this.
I said 27 from memory.
How many years have you been doing this?
My brain gets things backwards.
Okay, 26.
Okay, so 26 years doing this because you're very competitive as well.
That's why you're the biggest.
That's why you're the best.
And Steve Shank, we are honored to have you.
And by the way, I'm getting another year's supply because I just gave family a year's supply.
By the way, I bought all my family water filters.
I probably bought 20 of them over the last 10 years.
I'm buying more water filters.
I mean, folks, we need to be prepared.
That is normal.
That's what our forefathers did.
It is abnormal to not be prepared.
Do you agree with that?
Absolutely, and the thing is, you look at a scripture, you look at it any other way, the only way that you can be fearless is to take every single dependency that you've got and take control of it.
I want to have you back up, Steve, to talk about this fear-based system.
People tell me, oh, you're paranoid about... No, no, no.
I know what's going on.
I'm making... It's as Patrick Henry said, I want to know the truth of it, no matter how bad it is, and make provision for it.
Give them a call, 1-800-409-5633, efoodsdirect.com, giant banner, onprisonplanet.com.
You never thought about this, folks, because you were bred to be slaves.
Free man is armed and has food and water for his family.
Get over there today.
Steve Schenck, thank you so much for your sponsorship and your support.
And I want to have you back up just for your expertise as a guest on the show in the near future.
We'll be right back with the final segment.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
There certainly is, ladies and gentlemen, and they want us dependent.
And that's what this show is all about, is getting you un-dependent, getting you independent.
And so I certainly hope you'll visit eFootage Direct right now, because
I believe passionately in this.
I think if you look at the evidence, you'll believe in it as well.
I've got a sneaking suspicion in the next ten years, you're going to need food.
And by the way, these are good meals.
I don't mean to get off into it.
I don't want to end up babbling forever, but this is good stuff.
This is stuff you can eat your investment.
Win, win, win, win, win.
We're out of time.
The good news is Ron Paul is leading Republicans in web traffic by a whopping 45%.
And that's out of Gambling911.com, one of the big sites that does the numbers and looks at it.
So Las Vegas is even upping him even higher.
The good news is the U.S.
Senate is saying they may be willing to torpedo the law of the Sea Treaty, which gives ownership and control and regulatory taxation power to the United Nations of the world's oceans.
You think Russia claiming part of the North Pole is bad, which frankly Russia really did used to claim that during their empire.
The British claim the rest of it.
I mean, this is a million times more illegitimate than that.
They have no claim, but it's just to tax it and regulate it.
And that's from the JBS, Brian Farmer.
It's up on theprisonpilot.com.
It's not surprising the Council on Foreign Relations would support the Law of the Sea Treaty.
After all, the CFR has always believed that promoting world government is a good idea.
And it goes on to how they're trying to pass the Law of the Sea Treaty, but the Senate's not going along with it, so we need to push on that to make sure that stops.
Pay-as-you-drive threat to privacy.
I heard a radio talk show on this network yesterday talking about, is it true that they want to put transponders in the inspection stickers?
In Missouri, in Texas.
I've seen bills in both state houses that were narrowly defeated the last two legislative sessions.
We've posted them, we've linked them,
I have seen TxDOT reports where they put the readers in the ground and they have readers already put up six years ago in San Antonio and Houston and I talked to people installing them once in Houston and they said, yeah, it's to read transponders.
They're going to make the trucks taken to differentiate Mexican versus U.S.
but then they're going to universalize it.
Yes, it's true.
Yes, they're doing it.
I mean, when even our own talk shows can't figure this out, we've got a problem.
The enemy is lying about this.
The good news to mention is flag charges were dropped against Deborah Kuhn and her husband.
So that is certainly a big victory there as well.
I wanted to play this clip.
And maybe we'll just play 30 seconds of it.
A big argument erupted.
People stormed out of the House chambers.
That's good!
They're supposed to be fighting with each other.
You want gridlock.
You don't want everyone being decorum and agreeing and greasing the skins to hell on earth.
This is over trying to stop the illegal aliens.
People wouldn't go along with it.
Uh, and so there was a fit thrown.
Here it is.
I'd like to briefly comment to my, uh, colleague from California when he talks about, uh, and laments on behalf of the Pentagon, uh, about all of the problems they're potentially going to have, uh, making all of these units up and doing all of these things.
I'd like to remind my colleague that the Pentagon has plenty of people speaking for them and working for them.
It is our job as a member of the House of Representatives to speak for our voices.
I ask unanimous consent to vacate the vote that we have just taken.
Okay, this is what real liberty looks like.
They start beating each other in the heads with canes and there's deaths.
We know that liberty is rising again and the jewel is protected.
This hasn't happened in 75 years.
I was trying to look.
I know it happened in the 1920s.
Some beating on the head with canes, but it's getting close again.
And that's a good, healthy sign of red-blooded activity.
Now, what were they trying to ban?
The Republicans were able to pass that they're not going to have the feds pay for illegal aliens to have free housing and illegal aliens to be given housing loans through federal loans.
The Democrats tried to get up and block and tried to nullify the vote.
And they just threw a fit and stormed out.
That's liberty.
God bless you all.
See you Sunday, 4 to 6.
God bless.
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