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Air Date: Aug. 2, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is already the second day of August.
2007, as we race towards a head-on collision with the New World Order.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We have a jam-packed radio show for you today.
In 30 minutes, Luke Rudowsky is joining us.
They're banning videotaping the police, or basically anything else in New York, coming up starting this Friday.
A full-on criminal assault on the First Amendment.
Don't do an interview in a park.
Don't talk to anybody.
We've already had cops tell us it's illegal to videotape anything in New York.
They've made quite a few arrests right in front of my own eyeballs.
Now they'll actually have a, quote, regulation.
And that goes into effect in just a couple days.
Well, it goes into effect Friday.
I guess it goes into effect in about 24 hours.
And they're going to be out demonstrating in front of Mr. Bloomberg, the media mogul, the media robber baron titan, who by the way is doing this also for business reasons, right in front of his house tomorrow.
We've got Alan Watt coming on as an expert on the New World Order architecture and on their mindset to understand their psychology and where they're coming from for a part three interview.
We've been interviewing him about once a month the last two months.
He'll be joining us in the third hour today.
And I have the loose change crew of the three, the two that are not under duress right now, and that of course is Dylan Avery and Jason Burmess.
But they're not coming on to talk about Corey Rowe, though I'm sure they'll give us a brief update on his situation.
They're coming on because they are under the same gun that I'm under, and I'm just going to leave it at that until I start the second hour.
And yes, I'm trying to build suspense, because there is suspense involved.
And we talk about
So many serious issues here that I even tend to get conditioned into not seeing how serious something is, not seeing how important something is when it's right in front of your face.
So that is important information is coming up.
Very important information is coming up in the second hour today.
But I'll do a 20 minute prelude before they join us at 20 after.
That's one hour and 15 minutes from now.
20 after in the next hour.
So call your friends, call your family, call your neighbors.
Tell them to tune in to this because this is very important information you're going to be hearing.
And it goes to the heart of everything that's wrong in this society.
So that is coming up.
Later in the broadcast, Luke Rodowsky, Jason Bermes, Nolan Avery, Alan Watt, and then tonight at 5 o'clock central, I guess that's like 10 o'clock at night over there, or 11, I'm going to be on National British Radio yet again, just for any of our British listeners.
I'll be on Talk Sport, a little program note there for you.
I'll be on there for an hour.
Whatever 5 o'clock central translates into Greenwich Mean Time, I guess 11 at night.
Now, when we come back from break, I'm going to get into all of the news that is in front of me.
There's a new Bin Laden tape every day or two.
There's new Al-Qaeda leaders saying they're going to attack the U.S.
They're going to burn the White House down.
They're going to unleash hell any second.
We'd better just get ready.
Well, now, U.S.
terror attack only 90 days away at most, Fox News.
Elton John says shut down the internet.
Chinese woman commits suicide to protest forced demolitions of their homes to make way for the Olympic Games.
By the way, they're not being given compensation in most cases.
And a lot more.
We'll talk about that huge bridge collapse up in Minnesota.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
In current costs, the Iraq war has already cost, has already, more money has been spent than one trillion dollars.
Iraq war price tag well above one trillion dollars.
That out of the Boston Globe, and that's not counting any of the expenses of the 75,000 amputees, of all the people that are having mental breakdowns, generally when they're on the police force a year after getting out.
When they go home and gut their entire family, or blast them, or shoot their supervisor, or at the post office, or all of the pensions and the rest of it, over a trillion dollars.
They never have any intention of paying any of it off.
is bound for the scrapheap.
The U.S.
The Trilateral Commission, CFR, they all openly brag, I've even heard them on NPR brag, that we're all going to live as third world sirs, but it's what we deserve for the earth.
And the yuppies are running around giggling and laughing so I have that report here.
I'm really mad at myself because I had it at my house and I forgot to bring it this morning and the reason I'm mad at myself is because I can't remember the exact headline so I've been unable to pull it up but it was out of Illinois and it said in rural Illinois and I'd actually been faxed another story out of South Dakota so two stories I left
We're all over the country, we're getting a chance to see how they are setting up these FBI Tattletale squads.
They announced a few years ago they were going to have
Domestic, Stasi, anti-terror tattletales.
And we told you folks, there's no real terrorism in the classical sense.
That's why their definition is all misdemeanors or the attempt to commit them are terrorism.
And they say that clearly in law and in executive order over and over again, in new laws and executive orders that have been foisted and laid upon us.
And it's sad that, oh, in towns all over the state,
People are being asked to come down to pre-dinners and to come to different facilities, put on by the FBI, to learn how to fight terror and be the eyes and ears, and also to fight crime.
You see, this network of spies is not to fight Al-Qaeda, even if you believe people with turbans and beards are sneaking around in the bushes at night around all your houses, and if you believe in the boogeyman when you were little.
And for those that don't know history and don't know how this has been sold many times before, just in the last hundred years, they're not even aware.
They just hear, oh yeah, I get a little badge and a little computer login that's secure on the FBI website and I get to just sit around all day reporting people.
So they go get all jazzed up at these meetings and then they go home and a month goes by and they look over their neighbor's fence and they see the neighbor spank the child.
Well, it said crime, so they call the FBI and the FBI gives it to CPS.
Or they hear fighting.
Or the neighbor's got cars that are too nice and doesn't he just work at the local steel mill and she works at a restaurant?
Of course, you don't know that her mama died and she got $100,000.
Doesn't matter.
The neighbor still suspiciously looks over and why do they have two cars that are too expensive for their lifestyle?
Or maybe you don't even know that the neighbor writes for a fishing magazine.
Who knows?
There's been many of these type cases where they go ahead and just call the IRS, call the tax assessor,
It is the Snitch Society, and it's in Road to Tyranny.
We show them right here in Austin, giving them $200 a piece, and little debit cards that have all these free gifts on them, and discounts everywhere.
for reporting on what their parents do, on what's in the medicine cabinet.
They have them in sixth grade, coast to coast.
They write in an entire semester class what your parents do, what they, where they go, do they smoke marijuana.
It's a quote journal class but they always, it's a federal grant, the school gets money.
Tell us what mommy and daddy do.
Write about them.
I mean this is diabolical.
Meanwhile, literally, illegal aliens are above the law.
All over the news, they're let go for DWI, they're let go for no driver's license.
Today, I was in a long red light, and I was watching motorcycle cops swarming at William Cannon and Mopac, and there were a couple motorcycle cops, and I noticed they would pull right up.
They're in the median, and they would look at the inspection sticker
Or the registration sticker.
And they would immediately just pull you over in the Whataburger parking lot and give you tickets.
And so I pulled over, because I left a little bit early this morning, I pulled over in Whataburger, got a cup of coffee, and sat there and watched it.
And folks, I was watching clearly illegal aliens in big work trucks with stickers that were 2-3 years old.
The cops weren't stopping them.
I'm gonna go, and I'm letting the cops know.
When I get time, when Endgame's done, I'm gonna go out and surveil ya.
And I'm going to show what you're doing.
I know you don't care.
You'll openly say, yeah, we've been ordered to do this.
I bet cops admit it, so I guess you're like, fine.
But I'm going to go out with, of course, you're the one that would probably just pass a lock and videotape them.
We're going to put cameras everywhere on you and in the school bathrooms, but you're, uh, not allowed to videotape the officer.
You know, make that little noise they make of, we're good.
But I'm going to go out and I'm going to show it.
I'm going to go out for months and I'm just going to show Austin, Texas.
I say I'm going to do this.
I've got all this other work I want to do.
I don't know.
I'm tempted to do it.
Somebody should do it!
Somebody should go out and they've got these high zoom cameras you can buy for $300 now.
I mean, I've got a little cheap Panasonic I bought for like $350 that you'll see footage of in the end game.
We also shot the rest of it in high def.
This thing has a digital zoom where you can zoom up at 100 yards away literally on a fly.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
And I'm just going to go show all these people's inspection stickers.
And I'm going to show how the illegal aliens are let off.
And I'm going to show it downtown.
I mean, I've had enough of this.
They've got spies everywhere being recruited to spy on their fellow citizens and their neighbors.
They're brainwashing the children in the school to spy on their families and other students in and out of the school.
The borders are completely wide open, illegal aliens are running all over us waving their foreign flag, and I've got the mayor of a major town in Southern California saying, on video, at a city council meeting with illegals griping at him that, hey, we let you go for DWIs and no driver's license.
And he's like, why are you griping at me?
I mean, I've had enough of it!
These cops strut up off their motorcycles feeling real officially.
Well, you violated the... you don't have your sticker.
Meanwhile, we have almost $4 trillion missing from the Pentagon.
Criminals are running the government.
There's every form of scam you can imagine.
And I know I'm already digressing off onto one of my pet peeves.
By the way, 10-20 years ago, and I've actually done some newspaper micro-fiche investigations on this, you hardly ever heard about a collapsing bridge.
Now, every week or so, I hear about a bridge collapsing, but usually it's some interstate connector, and it only kills one person.
I mean, they've had a couple bridge collapses in the last year, right here in Texas, on I-35 alone, overpasses.
That's because you got good ol' boys and they're dosing the concrete, they're putting too much sand in it, they're running all sorts of scams.
And so, remember about a month ago, a month and a half ago, in the Bay Area between Oakland and San Francisco, a big overpass collapsed.
An 18-wheeler crashed into it, flew off full of gasoline, blew up, and then melted the asphalt.
And it just bowed and sagged.
Now that's different construction than a 110 story steel building.
Apples and oranges.
And the debunkers, Popular Mechanics and Disinfo Agents said, Oh look, see it collapsed from fire.
And I went, look at all these examples of other bridges collapsing.
They had one in Corpus Christi.
Remember that?
The collapse going to Padre a few years ago?
I mean just huge sections of it collapsed.
So this stuff is ongoing.
It doesn't even need a fire to be under it for a couple hours for it to collapse.
It's different construction.
And now up in Minnesota, over the Mississippi, it's killed the number of fluctuations between four and six people and injured more than 40, they're reporting.
And we've got a report up on PrisonPlanet.com titled, Getting Ahead of the Debunkers on the Latest Bridge Collapse.
Well, they again compare a cracked and weakened bridge to a
1,300 foot tall steel reinforced building.
Let's go to John Harmon, who runs the show.
He's up in Minnesota.
What is it like for folks up in Minnesota to see a huge overpass?
I mean, how many lanes is this?
One, two, three, four, five, six.
It looks like a six or eight lane.
Six lane.
Six lane, I guess with big shoulders.
How bad is it really?
You're up there.
Yeah, it's pretty puzzling how the whole thing just collapsed.
Probably Al-Qaeda!
Yeah, right.
No, it definitely looks like just structural failure, but yeah, I guess all the concrete gave out because they were doing so much construction.
But I guess it was closed down to just the one lane, so I guess the traffic was pretty light for its usual traffic.
Now, they were admitting that it was structurally already failing because of shoddy craftsmanship to begin with.
I mean, folks, there are roads and bridges built by Romans 2,200 years ago, 2,000 years ago, 1,800 years ago, that have 18 wheelers driving across it right now because they were built right.
And the reason I thought of the bridge, John,
Yeah, and it's only, what, 40 years old.
It's pretty wild.
How was traffic getting into work, or did it affect you?
It didn't affect me.
I just, uh, it's ten minutes away, just on a local road.
But, uh, it's pretty weird.
Well, don't question it, young man, or you're with Al Qaeda.
Again, question anything, question the dollar devalued again, oil prices at all time world record highs, you're with Al Qaeda.
And if you don't believe, uh, that that isn't even Paul Harvey on the radio, by the way, they now admit it's not Paul Harvey on the radio, but someone who sounds like him,
See, they know you don't care, so they're going to lie to you, folks.
They don't care.
This little side issue, we'll be right back.
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To actually live to see the United States being turned into a third world Stasi state.
To live to see our children openly brainwashed.
It all starts with the war on drugs and the war on terror.
The government has to stop the drugs they license and ship in while they push deadly prescription drugs on the children.
It's all transparent right in front of your face.
But going back here to the news that I have in front of me.
This is from Fox News, and notice they're pulling out all the stops, see?
And I said, years ago, when we're in danger of another terror attack is when they start saying this.
We have tried to keep you safe, we tried to pass laws and set up security systems to keep you safe, but you fought against them.
And now when the terrorists hit us, it's going to be your fault, and next time we're taking all your rights.
When it happens, because we care about you.
We love you and you can trust us.
We don't want power or control.
We're not ruthless.
We're totally trustworthy.
Never mind we're making everything secret and announcing that Congress isn't involved in the continuity of government and isn't allowed to see the continuity of government plan.
That's all been announced.
Just unbelievable in your face.
It's here.
Everything the old-timers talked about is now happening.
And they have Nubin Laden tapes on the weekend and then again yesterday.
Every three days now they're releasing a Nubin Laden tape, and within hours, Fox and Shinning report a Nubin Laden tape as he declares he's determined to strike and destroy the U.S.
and Israel.
And then within hours, sometimes in the same report, it's not clear of this, and they'll literally say it even quieter, it's not clear if this is just old footage.
And then the next day, it was old footage.
They don't care though, see, for people who aren't paying attention, it's just a bit long!
And it doesn't matter if known CIA front websites, I mean admittedly run by former top CIA people, keep releasing the videos.
Oh, that's okay, they're the good guys.
Yes, they're the good guys.
The guys that killed Kennedy, the guys that shipped the heroin and cocaine in, the guys that run every vice you can imagine, oh, they're the good guys.
Operating in secrecy, founded by the criminal elite in 1947, they're just doing good for us.
You know how long we've been corrupt?
See, now, they're just not even putting any pretense in there.
For those of us that are in the know, they're like, yeah, what are you going to do about it?
Yeah, okay, we're evil.
Yeah, we're taking your freedom and setting up a one world government.
And they literally look at us and say, and by the way, the cattle can't even understand you when you warn them.
And they just laugh.
And the cattle go around and just, you know, decide which clique they want to be part of, which costume they want to wear, which little subgroup they're going to be part of.
Pretty sick, ladies and gentlemen, pretty sick.
So U.S.
terror attack 90 days away at most, Fox News counterterrorism expert Julian Juval Aviva, I don't know if I'm pronouncing that right, spoke with Fox Fan Central about what Americans can do to protect themselves in case of terror attack.
How about shut down our border and deport anybody
Who isn't a U.S.
citizen who has affiliations with groups that have been known to associate with the CIA front group, Al Qaeda?
Oh, that's not... and again, not that that would even do anything, but if the threat was real, that's what you'd see.
Oh no, that's not going to happen.
Do you believe another terror attack in American soil is likely?
He went on to say,
And I predict, based primarily on information that is floating in Europe and the Middle East, that an event is imminent and around the corner here in the United States.
It could happen as soon as tomorrow, or it could happen in the next few months, 90 days at most.
They say, what advice do you give for individuals without finding themselves in the middle of a terror attack?
Since mass transportation is the next attack,
When you travel to work, have with you a bottle of water, a small towel, and a flashlight.
He goes on to say, what happened in London is exactly a point to look at.
Don't be bashful.
Go with your gut feelings.
Report everyone, it goes on to say.
Try to break up your routine so the terrorists don't get you.
It actually says that, folks.
Again, they want you to habitualize fear rituals.
This is all right out of Pavlov, okay?
This is Bay psychology.
See, the environmental groups don't really care about the environment, the big dominant ones.
They care about grabbing private property.
But they will have you habitualize rituals, like recycling.
And like getting light bulbs that last longer, and I'm not saying that's a bad thing, though they're much more toxic, and they've done cost-benefit analysis, different groups have, and actually they're worse, but so what?
Just feel good.
The point is, when we get back, I'll finish up with this.
See, they want you to habitualize.
I mean, imagine, take different routes every day!
As if that statistically would keep you from having terrorists attack you.
Only if terrorists were targeting you specifically.
This is pure baloney, but they want you to personalize.
That's what the drills are about, so you can fantasize about it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think so.
Thank you.
Government is best, which governs least.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
There is a huge New World Order attack that is going to be launched against the people of the United States and the world in the next week and a half.
And I want to let you know about that in the next hour with the loose change crew.
So that's coming up.
Call everybody you know.
Tell them to tune in because this is key analysis.
Coming up in the first 20 minutes of the next hour, I'm going to have them on for the next 40 minutes to go over their own perspective from the angle that they've witnessed this.
You'll find out what we're talking about coming up in the next hour, but this is important info.
Please email your email list, your MySpace.
Get your co-workers to tune in.
It's perfect for you during the next lunch hour or if you're listening to this as a rebroadcast overnight on some great affiliate.
CB your truck driver buddies and tell them to tune in.
Just finishing up here, they're saying that we're going to have another terror attack.
And with Cheney now sinking down to 10 points in major polls, Bush plunging to the low 20s, they have to teach us to love them again.
And you notice that Barack Obama, two days ago, came out and said, I want to go ahead and attack Pakistan, I want to go ahead and invade the area between their border.
And as I said a few weeks ago, you can see that
This is actually a positive of this happens.
It's bad, but it is a lesser of evils.
And explain, I don't believe in your personal choices you should ever make a lesser of two evils, or two weevils as they say in Master and Commander.
I don't believe that you should ever personally choose a lesser of two evils.
Unless you're absolutely forced to.
And I hope the Globalists won't kill anybody, and I hope they won't launch any military attacks.
But I've been saying for a long time, if they decide that they can't go into Iran, that they're going to bomb Syria and claim that they've killed a nest of terrorists.
They may even bomb a empty hillside.
They may go in and just kill a village of innocent people on the Pakistan-Afghan border.
And remember, I said that again last week.
Because I know how they operate, folks.
We've been watching them as long as I have.
You learn their game plan.
You learn their M.O.
You learn how they work, how they move.
And they also know that people are mad the borders are open.
This is the number two.
The issue of Pakistan is number two.
Number one is people know the borders are open, the war on terror is a hoax.
But number two in that, they also go, why haven't you captured Bin Laden?
First you said you wanted to get him, now you're saying it's impossible to get him.
And then now we hear for the last five years that he's right here on the Pakistan-Afghan border, and that Peres Musarraf can't get him.
And so what'll happen is, you'll have an attack, they'll bomb some village, kill some innocent people, show some smoking ruins, claim they killed Bin Laden, that's also in the Republican memo of two and a half years ago, of barring another terror attack or capturing or killing Bin Laden, their goose is cooked, the neocons.
And that means their agenda through Hillary and
Barack Obama as well.
So Barack Obama comes out and says, if I was president, I would attack and invade Afghanistan.
Afghanistan, excuse me, Pakistan will then complain about that attack that Bush will launch when they're actually fostering and going along with it.
It'll be a limited strike.
That will actually boost Perez Musharraf's numbers when he then becomes a enemy of the U.S.
That, of course, will be staged.
He was a puppet put in by our government.
So to make it as clear as possible, they may stage some type of event in Pakistan, wipe out some innocent village, or they might even kill some little rebel group that's up there, some Wahhabist Pashtun group, Pashtuns following the Wahhabist system of Islamic belief.
And then, oh my gosh, they took out Al-Qaeda, they got tough, they neutralized the threat, because see how they're building up this, oh my gosh, they're getting ready to hit us, Al-Qaeda right on cue releases all these new tapes that, you know, they're going to destroy the U.S., a big surprise is coming, they issue photos of Perez Musharraf and Bush together with the White House on fire, it comes out of known neocon websites, they don't even care, they just lazily do it in your face.
All of this is being done.
And it either means that they're getting ready to stage a big terror attack here domestically, and Al-Qaeda is saying it's going to be bigger than anything previously seen.
God forbid that happens.
Or they'll go with, no, we hit them, and stop the major attack where they were going to blow up the Freedom Tower.
I remember a year and a half ago they were going to blow up the Freedom Tower, and people checked, there wasn't even a building with that name.
They just picked a big building in LA and just called it the Freedom Tower because
Why even tell people the right name?
They don't pay attention.
Just show a big building and call it a Freedom Tower.
And then show a flying saucer blowing it up.
The public's so dumbed down, they'll associate it with alien space invasion.
Fox News actually showed aliens blowing it up and said Bin Laden was in control.
Okay, I'm gonna shut up.
Luke Rudowsky's online with us.
I just had to finish that because we've got so many guests coming up and we won't have time to get into it much more later, though I'm gonna try with Alan Watt coming up in the third hour.
Luke, you want to comment on what I was just discussing about how they're rigging this and setting this up?
The CIA set up the Pakistani ISI, and we know Joe Biden was meeting with the head of the ISI before 9-11.
They work together.
You know, they're partners.
The United States and McGee gives nuclear secrets to the Pakistanis, and, you know, they may play enemies within each other, but they clearly work together.
And whatever they try to do, it's clearly evident, you know, that Pakistan is nefarious and that their part in this is not in any way, shape, or form any way positive or helping us.
And whatever they do, we shouldn't trust them anyway.
They're extremely nefarious, so here's the breaks, and I want to see if you agree.
Either they're going to attack Pakistan and claim they neutralized the threat, or they will carry out a new attack in the U.S., then attack Pakistan in rural areas, not the actual government, and then claim that they fought back and the approval ratings will go back up.
I just tend to think that they won't go up to 95% like they were, maybe 40%.
They might go up another 15, 20 points, because the paradigm false flag has now been entered into the nomenclature.
I mean, yeah, it's very likely.
I mean, with this fake left-wing paradigm, Hillary Obama could come into office, and they could so-called fight this war on terror better.
And that's what they're talking about.
They're talking about allying themselves with European countries and fighting this war on terror better.
And that's one of the possibilities.
They could go into Pakistan, and that could set up a whole nother war.
Hopefully that doesn't happen.
Hopefully there's not another terrorist attack, and hopefully we all prevent that by exposing it like we're doing right now.
Uh, Luke, filming is banned in New York.
And look, the cops already come up when I've been there many times and say, turn your camera off.
You're not allowed to videotape in Central Park.
You're not allowed, I mean, with small handhelds.
You're not allowed to videotape at Ground Zero.
Uh, it's all intimidation.
They waddle up and it's, they all look just the same.
It's really strange.
I'm not knocking short guys.
I'm kind of short too, but they're all little short guys.
They waddle up and they go, listen, turn it off, you're going to jail.
And now they don't even have a law.
It's the Film Commission of the city says if you're doing professional filming, you've got to have this.
But then they enforce it on any tourist, anyone with a tripod, anyone standing in the same place for 10 minutes, anyone in an area for 30 minutes.
It'll ban people videotaping in the park.
You've got to have a million dollars of insurance.
This basically shuts everything down.
Yeah, it's a huge attack on the First Amendment and what Bloomberg's doing, he's gonna make it illegal for people to film on the streets.
It's not a law, it's actually a regulation that takes place actually today.
And what we're gonna do about it, we're gonna go outside Bloomberg's house tomorrow at 5 p.m.
And, uh, we're gonna demonstrate outside his house, and we're gonna have a camera out there.
For more than 30 minutes.
It states that you can't have a camera out in New York City for 30 minutes, this regulation.
And by the way, I would have somebody parked in a car a hundred yards away, so they try to grab the three cameras you'll have on site.
More people need to show up, folks.
So there's hundreds of cameras.
Uh, I mean, potentially hundreds should show up with cameras, but y'alls need to have a crew down the street to catch whatever the cops do.
And that image of them arresting people for having cameras will be another shot heard around the world.
Yeah, man, I'll be there.
I don't know if anybody else is going to be there, but I'm definitely going to be there with my camera.
And we're going to test if they're really going to, you know, how they're going to use this regulation against us.
And we're going to be out there.
And we don't need no permit.
We're going to be out there as citizens with our cameras.
Their regulations don't trump private property, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, states' rights.
That's right.
I mean, since when?
I mean, that guy is such a crook.
He is a crook.
And if you go on weirdercase.org, you can actually see us confronting Bloomberg.
And we have a new video up on that on We Are Change.
And what they're trying to do, they're trying to make our freedoms into permissions.
That's right.
They're permissions.
That just came out.
We're going to get a story out on JonesReport.com on how he confronted him.
In fact, go grab that video.
We'll play that later, John.
John Harmon of The Network, doing a great job.
I have to mention that people say, who's this John person you imaginarily talk to?
I'm in Texas.
He's in Minnesota, folks.
Tell us about the Bloomberg confrontation.
I mean, we just walked out.
He basically has police officers all around him at all times, and our good friends.
We were stalking his house up for a while, and we just faced him when we called him on him.
He blatantly ignored us.
He just walked in his car and got in the car and left.
But we're out there, and we're going to let him know, man, that we're always going to be out there, and we're not going to stop until our freedoms are taken back.
That's right.
Bloomberg doesn't own us.
He can pose on the cover of Time Magazine, and believe me, that was approved by him, with Schwarzenegger wearing a Nazi belt buckle.
We're not putting up with you, Bloomberg.
You do not own us.
I was researching William Randolph Hearst last night, and the quotes were, he talked to people as if he owned them.
He treated people like animals.
And it's the same way.
We are not your property, you scumbag criminal.
And another thing in New York City,
Yeah, exactly.
New York City Police Department is doing.
They're also going to make it illegal for people to film in the subway stations.
It used to be illegal before.
They took it back.
They're thinking about doing it again.
Well, it was never illegal.
They just say, we say you can't take because of terrorists.
That's what they're doing.
And if you go on We Are Change, we actually released a 30 minute police state video where you actually see me and my friend Nathan Evans being assaulted by police officers for filming them.
And what they were doing, it was at a critical mass protest where they were arresting bike riders.
We released a whole video about how the police department arrests people who ride their bikes in the street.
That's how crazy it has gotten here.
Arrests people for, you know, going in the subway surges and having something illegal on them.
It's crazy here.
We have a new video.
That's right, you went up and shot video and we're also doing a report on that at JonesReport.com.
You have video where they're just, they have the checkpoints in the subway just like the airports and they're arresting people.
And of course it's, oh, you got some marijuana.
Oh, those pills aren't in the prescription, brother.
But then illegal aliens are running around all over us above the law.
This war on terror is the war on the American people, and we have to understand that to take this country back.
And that's what they're doing.
We have a videotape of somebody being arrested, not for terrorism.
We're good to go.
And, you know, when they don't blow and kill their families, they're killing citizens out on the street.
Now, let's go ahead and... I've got a clip here.
You shot video of this.
A lot of other folks shot video of this.
I've got multiple camera angles on this, and it's just incredible.
The audio isn't the best, but you can hear it.
Describe this video where the cop in the Darth Vader Hercules team outfit with the Heckler & Koch submachine gun says, I do not work for the citizens.
You do not pay my salary.
I do not work for you.
Oh yeah, this is a street action that took place at the New York Stock Exchange this July 11th.
On every 11th we're doing street action, and on this 11th, me and the crew went to the New York Stock Exchange, and one of my friends, Jason, you know, just talked, confronted, and asked for our badge number for one of these thugs with M16s.
And as you see in the video, the officer says, we do not serve you.
You know, we have no allegiance to you, and he just blatantly ignores them.
You see, first they admitted about ten years ago that we have no compulsion to protect you, we have no liability, and now I've had Austin cops tell me to get out of a public meeting before, and I go, listen man, I pay your salary, and he goes, you don't pay my salary, I pay taxes, I pay my own.
It's now begun, folks, and then from we don't serve you to you serve us is only one degree of separation.
So now we actually serve them.
Tell us about it.
I mean, that's exactly what they're doing with this police state.
They're above the law.
They're above the people.
They're being treated as kings, and it's disgusting.
I mean, these people are not above the law.
The police are not above the law.
They serve us.
We are the people.
We paid their, you know, we paid them.
They're supposed to serve us, and it's disgusting what they're doing here in New York City.
I mean, they're arresting people for riding bikes.
I mean, it's a crime to ride a bike in New York City, Rota-Hoba.
By the way, they had the FBI and CIA surveil Critical Mass.
Remember that two years ago?
And totally infiltrated.
There's actually video of undercover police officers on bikes within the Critical Mass, within the other bike riders, that as soon as everybody's arrested, a couple guys get let go and they're on the clock.
And you know, even in the video that we have, you see police officers not on the clock, you know, with cameras.
You know, with the badge underneath them, and it's disgusting.
And you know, this is... And they're laughing, going, hey, guess what?
I get to have one, but you don't!
Yeah, we can't stand for that.
We always... We have to educate the police one, and we have to stand up for our rights.
Hey, look, look, I want to tell these cops something.
You like being a thug, you were a bully in high school, you like going to the New York PD, a pathetic police department if there ever was one, and I'm here to tell you, I want you to know something stupid.
They devalued your money and your little bank account.
And they're ruining your future too, dirtbag.
And that's what they're doing.
What they're also doing here in New York City, they're lowering the raises, the pay, of the police department.
Cops love it!
They want... Look, it's going to end up being gang member thugs, okay?
And sadly, that's what it is.
I mean, it used to be the finest.
It's not the finest no more.
The NYPD, we have to educate the NYPD.
I know a lot of officers that are just sick of what they're doing, but they're forced to do it.
No, I know.
Three years ago, when they were ordered to arrest, like a pregnant woman sat down on a bench for more than three minutes.
You're not allowed to sit for more than three.
They arrested a nine-month pregnant woman, and the cop union bought them that.
And remember, said, we apologize.
We've been ordered to be mean to you.
You ought to dig that out.
They have been ordered to be mean, folks.
And so the bad cops just love it.
The good cops are leaving.
Folks, it was in the paper.
The cops bought an ad saying we've been ordered to be mean to you and to have zero tolerance.
Yeah, I mean, that's the case that I get from the police officers, from the good police officers that I talk to.
And, you know, that lady, that happened about a year ago, that lady was sitting on a milk crate.
It's illegal to sit on a milk crate.
You'll get a summons for it.
It's illegal to sit wrong on a subway.
I mean, it's illegal to drink something in a subway now.
They're making our freedoms into permissions, and we can't allow that to exist.
I mean...
Look, it's prison.
It's prison.
It's the children in public schools' fences, iron doors, searches, tags, permissions, don't run at recess.
Now it's in the companies.
Now it's in the subways.
Now it's Viper teams on the streets.
Look, tell people where Bloomberg, the cockroach, lives so people can go out there and confront this public servant about him trying to become God.
Tomorrow we're going to be outside Bloomberg's house on East 79th Street and Madison Avenue.
East 79th Street and Madison Avenue.
More info is going to come up on We Are Change today.
And bring your cameras.
You know, bring the Constitution.
Bring your freedoms.
And get ready to make a stand for what's right.
For your freedoms.
We are Change.org, folks.
People always tell me I should start an organization.
I should start a group.
I've always said I'm looking for other leaders.
I'm looking for other people instead of ninnying in this movement, instead of telling me what I need to do for them.
I need people like Luke Radowski and his team who go out and take action.
That's what we're looking for, and other groups have now imitated them, and other groups have imitated those.
We are changing chapters all over the country.
There are other groups forming.
Just don't look for orders from headquarters.
Take action.
Go with the New World Orders juggler.
Engage them in the info war.
Take over YouTube.
Take over MySpace.
Get aggressive, ladies and gentlemen.
We are not going to stop.
And the fact that they're trying to ban filming in New York is a direct response because of Luke and others and what they've done.
And by the way, the guy who's been following We Are Change The Best is Aaron Dyches.
He was up here until one in the morning last night.
He's not here yet.
That's okay.
He's going to write articles on this new Bloomberg and on the other reports that we have very soon.
Stay there, Luke.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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I was a highwayman.
Along the coach roads I did ride.
With sword and pistol by my side.
Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade.
Many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade.
The bastards hung me in the spring of .85.
First they domesticated us, now they're enslaving us.
And they're gonna butcher us like Christmas hogs.
I was a sailor.
I was born upon the tide.
Not me.
That's not my destiny, and I know that's not yours.
We're not going down without a fight.
We're gonna fight.
We've only begun to fight.
I'm telling you folks, you gotta just set your mind in motion.
That means setting your teeth together and giving them a good grind, that's what it means.
Anyone that comes to you saying they want to be your leader.
Beware those that come to your organizations and your groups and tell you to come under their banner.
What we need is leaders, individually in every hamlet, every town, every city, forming their own organizations.
We are unstoppable.
They're trying to set up domestic police states, spies.
Luke, you grew up in Poland, your family was politically persecuted, you came here as political dissidents.
Political refugees.
What is it like to see them setting up the exact type and even hiring the former head of the East German Stasi to set up domestic spy rings in the U.S.
to quote fight terror and crime?
What is it like for you fleeing Polo when you were a little kid and your parents?
What is it like for you to see this now happening?
It's an extremely sad situation because my parents came here for freedom, for the Constitution, for the Bill of Rights, and seeing it being destroyed by the New World Order, by the elite, is disgusting.
And it makes me pissed off, and I'm pissed off
And I'm taking my anger, and I'm using it for good, and I'm using it to fight the New World Order, to fight for my freedom, to stand up for what's right.
Just like the people stood up during the Solidarity Movement, we have to stand up for what's right, we have to stand up for the truth, we have to stand up for our rights.
I mean, that's the only thing we have.
These elite...
These elite, these New World Order, they changed our lives for the worse.
We have to change their lives back.
We can't allow them to be in the streets, to have their own meetings.
We have to confront them, we have to talk, we have to call them on their lies, on what they're doing to us.
And unless we do that, unless we all become leaders...
You know, we're not going to do nothing.
And that's what we need to do.
We have to stop looking up to other people.
We have to become our own leaders.
We have to look up to ourselves.
And then we can do anything we want.
And as long as we want it, we can do anything.
That's what I've always said.
Now, Luke, you know, people ask me, the loose change guys, you did, others to be involved in the organization and running of the 9-11 stuff coming up in New York.
I just I've got trust and confidence in you guys and so Luke you're running the whole New York thing coming up.
I'm going to be up there in New York.
I wasn't going to come this year but I was threatened that if I came I was going to get it so I'm going and I'm glad because I want to see you and others and be in New York and also face down the cops trying to say you can't film.
Don't let that work folks.
Let's have instead of 2,000 like we had last year, let's have 10,000.
I want everybody to book trains, book planes.
I want everybody to go to New York.
I want to see everybody there over that weekend, September 8th, 9th, and then 10th and the 11th on Tuesday.
I'll be there for all four of those days, and we've got a lot of events coming up, but Luke needs you to RSVP, and Luke needs funds
To be able to book a few of these venues that he's got on the line.
They're meager funds, but by RSVPing, they'll be able to get an idea and get some support.
Luke, stay there for 60 seconds.
We're going to come back to you, let you plug that and how folks can support it.
And you'll develop more of a plan as things go on.
But you've got a few venues.
You seem to know people are RSVPing for tickets to pay for these venues.
And then we'll be right back to talk about that.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, I've got Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas to give us a little update on what's happening with Cory Roe and the situation with the Pentagon.
As we predicted, the Pentagon later did admit that they were up there videotaping a military base and that's why they came after him and it was a vendetta.
Uh, and he had been discharged once and arrested, discharged again, and now picked up again, and so he voluntarily went down there, and now they've gra- basically he's not- he doesn't know what's gonna happen.
But that's a small update coming up.
The big news is a major New World Order offensive is about to be launched again, and we want to give you word of this Tet Offensive before it's launched.
So key information coming up in the next segment.
Luke Radowski, I've been so busy finishing Endgame.
As soon as I'm done in a few weeks, I will be able to help you more.
And I apologize for not helping you more when you've been asking my advice and trying to get me to confer with you on how to set this up and what to do.
But I've got full confidence in you and your team.
If people will donate some seed money and also RSVP so you know you've got that many tickets you'll be able to get a few of these venues which are not cheap but you're trying to keep ticket prices down like $11 and people say why do you charge?
Well that's the way this works folks.
I rented a home
No, I don't.
I mean the point is is that we need to have events in New York and Luke is running this and so you need to go to WeAreChange.org and RSVP.
Luke, anything else?
I mean 9-11-07 is going to be historic.
All five days of events are going to be fundraisers for the first responders, for the John Fieldgood Foundation.
We're going to be hearing family members, we're going to be hearing rescue workers, we're going to hear people that were affected by 9-11.
We're going to be premiering Luke's Change final cut as well as other great films.
And it's really going to be historic.
It's going to be something that people are not going to forget because we're going to be doing street actions every day.
We're going to be educating people.
We're going to be networking.
We're all going to be coming together at the same time.
And let's be clear.
Let's be clear.
Whatever expenses there are, literally no one makes any money.
Whatever expenses there are, it pays for the venue, things like that.
And the rest of it's going to the first responders.
First responders, it's all a benefit, it's all a fundraiser.
These people need your help.
They're being screwed by the government, they're being screwed by the media.
Nobody's helping them out, so it's up to us to help them out.
And most of these first responders, I just talked to some yesterday, they all support 9-1-1 Truth and 9-1-1 Inside Job.
They may not go public on it, but they're on our side, they're behind us, and we're the only ones helping us.
And 9-1-1 07,
We're going to get a chance to do everything, to do activism together.
Also, that's an image, and this 9-11 is focusing on the survivors and the heroes, because by focusing on them, number one, they deserve it.
Number two, it's really hard for the media to demonize us.
They've been trying as hard as they can to claim all the survivors and victims are on their side, when we've had Bill Doyle and others on to say, and he's the head of the biggest group, that the majority believe inside job.
That's not the case.
The family members support us.
You're going to hear from family members what they think really happened on 9-11.
And it's amazing.
It's amazing what the media spends on us, but we're going to show the world what we're about.
It's about all coming together at Ground Zero.
At least, minimum, we're going to have 10,000 people out there.
We need people to RSVP.
We need people to help us donate.
We need people to help us make this happen.
We're doing this for free.
I'm organizing it.
Me and Corey were organizing it until Corey got picked up.
So we're working very hard on this, and we need your help.
And it's going to be something historic, and the people will come.
I'm going to tell you, you're not going to forget it.
It's going to be something historic.
All right, look, I want to talk to you for one moment during the break.
I'm going to let you go now.
Thank you for coming on.
Thank you for all the fine work you're doing.
And thanks to all the other people around the country who are confronting these scumbag politicians, these New World Order minions, these candidates.
Doesn't matter from Seattle to Houston to New York City to Miami.
They are being confronted everywhere and knowing there's a rising tide of liberty and freedom and honor against their wickedness.
Remember, people in the establishment, they are aiding and abetting those that carried out 9-11.
Many of those we've confronted were actually involved in the attacks.
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Get it?
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Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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That toll-free number again?
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
First hour.
I rarely do this.
Only every few weeks.
Really every few months.
But lately I've been doing it more.
I say we've got something very important for you.
Tune in in the second hour.
And we'll get into that for the balance of the hour here in just a few minutes.
First off, Terror Storm Special Edition.
The final cut.
17 minutes of added new footage.
So the film is now over.
130 minutes long, then with 67 minutes of extras, it's like three and a half hours or something of footage on one DVD.
It is the best work I've ever done.
It proves 9-11 and 7-7 were inside jobs.
It's got so many great and important experts who lay it all out.
This film needs to be seen now, folks, because if we expose government-sponsored terror, the elite will have to cease carrying out these attacks.
So, last year, that was the first one of my videos to ever be in stores, first edition, and quite a few got out in stores around the country.
This time, because they did get orders last time, they ordered a little bit more.
See, at first, they only get a copy or two, or a lot of stores refuse to carry it, even if you have a distributor, because they don't know who you are.
Now, a few more stores picked it up.
We're slowly reaching out, breaking into the market, as they say.
And discounting it mightily, so we can do that.
And it is in stores right now, ladies and gentlemen, so please go to Barnes & Noble, Borders, call them first, make sure they have it.
Even if you already bought the DVD from Amazon or Infowars.com, the new edition that's been out for a few weeks now, just now hitting stores though.
We reach out to people.
This is how we then also accrue the capital to continue our websites and making further films.
Our goal is the InfoWars and when you purchase the videos, it allows us to move forward.
You can get it at Amazon.com right now for $12, ladies and gentlemen.
You can order it at Amazon.com.
That's $8 off the regular price, $12.
Right now at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
You can link through and order it at Amazon.com.
Now again, I'm literally cutting off my nose to spite my face, but I want you to know what we're doing here.
I literally almost make nothing when we sell them in stores, but I've counted the cost.
Would I rather make almost nothing, but reach five times as many people?
Or would I rather not reach as many people and greedily keep a bunch of stupid money that does nothing, but sit there in a bank account?
I know a lot of other people put out films and they don't even put them on Amazon.
They don't because they want, you know, higher prices.
They don't have a distributor.
But you can't take that money with you to hell.
And you sure can't take it to heaven.
So, what I'm saying here is, folks, we're making a sacrifice even putting these in stores.
Unless, blue moon, we happen to hit the triple sevens and it sold, it would have to sell to even make money, like 100,000 copies or something.
Which doesn't happen.
We'll probably end up selling about 10,000-20,000 in stores.
But that's versus 4,000-5,000 myself.
I count the cost.
I know I've already explained this.
It's just that's an even better and more important reason for you to order it via Amazon.com or in the stores.
Because you get a discount.
And it helps reach more people.
And when we get driven up into the top 100 of Amazon, we went as high as 8 last year.
Number 8 for about 2 days.
And stayed in the top 20 for a week.
Then thousands of people never heard of us.
We were right there by Mission Impossible 2 and Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.
I mean it was... And people were doing their shopping there and ordering and never would have.
That is the goal here.
Okay, I'm going to shut up now and get into the big issue, ladies and gentlemen.
I want to try to be calm and walk through this before Jason Bermes and Nolan Avery join us coming up.
Because I saw with horror last night in an email that I got that this History Channel special produced by NBC News Productions, they do a lot of production, which is owned by General Electric, the big, what, number six defense contractor.
I noticed with horror that when I linked through to the History Channel website, it said that James Meggs of Popular Mechanics disproves and debunks and puts to bed, disproves the conspiracy theories.
And I went, oh my gosh.
I knew it was a hit piece day one.
Others locally said, oh no, they're friendly, they say so.
I looked right in this Brad Davis' eyes and could see what he was doing.
He's a big hit producer.
He does big hit pieces, and I'm sure some of them well deserve.
He did the big NBC hit piece on Michael Jackson on Dateline NBC.
He came here, and he was originally coming to interview me, but we also had him scheduled to come when we had the local 9-11 conference here that PNAC put on.
I just watched in horror as they went to every cookie person they could in the crowd, and the few that were there.
I certainly knew, and I was, of course, rebuffed by locals.
Oh no, they're good guys.
Yes, we can totally trust them.
And I said, no, that's not the case.
This is going to be a monumental hit piece.
And there, of course, people said, we will see.
We will see.
And last night, I ended up doing about an hour of research in between doing sweetening on endgame.
Sweetening is, I guess, a film term, folks.
Where the film's done, we're now just getting the graphics together, tweaking the audio, color correction, things like that, so I could have time to be off and do some research.
And within five minutes, the horror began.
I didn't know this.
History Channel is majority owned by Hirsch Publishing.
And so you have a conflict of interest.
You have James Meggs
With his totally debunked, disproven by David Ray Griffin, debunking 9-11, debunking all lies, all spin, all straw men, just front to back.
But again, it's a media that knows the general public doesn't know the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni, and they don't know how many continents there are, so they know they can do this.
On TV, they've shown photos of the World Financial Center with a side gouged out, and they say it's Building 7, and then we have the blow-up showing it's not.
It's what William Randolph Hearst, Cole Remington, the painter, he said, you supply the pitchers, I supply the war.
He was the son of the third richest robber baron in the United States, making his money off coal miners dying and strikers they killed.
Literal slave masters.
And folks, let me tell you, the coal miners have had it worse than black slaves for a long time.
These would be white slaves.
And, um, so he's a slave master.
And when this punk was twenty-something years old, he got kicked out of Harvard for a bunch of shenanigans, and then he goes and buys up most of the newspapers in the country, and he's nothing but a Rockefeller Rothschild tool, one hundred and ten percent.
They literally, in the encyclopedia, I even pulled an encyclopedia out last night, we have a condensed world book, there was William Randolph Hearst.
In the Encyclopedia Britannica online, it's William Randolph Hearst.
They wrote
The book on yellow journalism.
We have made clear CIA connections.
The editor that wrote the piece is the cousin of Michael Chertoff, Benjamin Chertoff.
You know about all that.
But imagine Brad Davis of NBC telling me point blank, I promise you, Mr. Jones, this is not a hit piece.
You have my word.
We're going to show both sides.
This is not a debunking exercise.
And I was thinking, my God, this is shades of exactly what Chertoff said.
And I remember being on the phone with Chertoff, and I said, this isn't a hit piece.
No, you're not related to Chertoff, are you?
Who's Chertoff?
I'll never forget that.
And then his writers called me, and they were so unprofessional, I thought it was fake.
I thought it wasn't real.
I thought it was some high school or college prank.
And I called back and got the editor over the Hearst building lines.
And talked to Chertoff again.
Megs has refused to debate me.
I called him one time when he was on Jack Blood and confronted him.
And he didn't want to talk about the yellow journalism or lying about NORAD stand downs or any of this.
He just didn't want to address it.
They're cowards.
They're enemies of the Republic.
And that's it, man.
We're going after you full bore.
We have never really even turned our intellects on to you.
We've never even turned our gaze directly on to you.
You're going to get some especially delicious thumping.
And because I found out they've done price fixing, they've cheated their subscribers, it's come out, I'm talking about Hearst Publishing, all sorts of scams, they've been sued over, just all sorts of corruption.
I mean, they are the name.
They made Fox News look tame a hundred years ago.
And I'm not going to stand here while you do this conflict of interest with James Meigs as your independent researcher when it turns out your company is selling a book which they're cross-promoting on the TV program.
See, it's an infomercial, but I coined the term propaganda placement.
It's product placement when it's somebody, Doritos, buying an ad, you know, say in the Simpsons to have Doritos mentioned.
Okay, but it's propaganda placement when they do it and don't tell you, and it's government paying for it.
Or it's propaganda for a position.
And I see this and catch it all the time.
We don't have time to cover it all, so I just glaze over it.
This is clear propaganda placement, clear conflict of interest.
You've got the editor who's in deep with the heads of Hearst.
You've got Hearst involved with Bloomberg and all sorts of media manipulations and machinations.
They are in a subsidiary with Disney, the other part of it's owned by Disney, A&E History Channel, and the rest of their holdings.
And so you're going to have an independent, so independent experts disprove the theories.
They debunk them.
Oh, that's not a hit piece when you say that out of the gates on the History Channel website.
And so we've got all the facts here in front of us.
A&E is owned by Hearst Corporation, who, by the way, the corporation doesn't have to pay taxes.
It's a tax-free corporation.
Only its owners have to pay a tax.
So you've got to love that, too.
None of this is free market.
See, they don't have to pay a tax.
They haven't paid taxes in 107 years.
The trusts were never busted up, by the way.
And so they own that.
They own the controlling membership in it.
There's another interest with Walt Disney Company, 37.5%, and NBCUniversal has 25%.
But Hearst are the dominant players, and then of course you've got NBC, the defense contractor, with the incestuous Walt Disney Company, with the whole thing run by Megs.
I bet if you get into the notes, and by the way, Loose Change guys, we're able to see some of their notes, if you get into their notes, you're going to find he's running the whole lot.
You're not going to run your off on us, and that's why you're losing all your credibility.
I demand this program have a disclaimer that it's a conflict of interest and that it's staged, and that it's an infomercial.
We'll be right back.
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Once again, that's 866-885-6625 for BioSolutions.
Alright, welcome back folks.
You talk about an inside job, that's what's happening.
Maybe I should give you some background on this.
Coming up on the 12th, prime time, Sunday night, come up in about a week and a half, not this Sunday but next Sunday, a two hour 9-11 conspiracy special.
Two hours long.
Two full hours long.
And this guy called us about six months ago.
He swore up and down it wasn't a hit piece.
Cross his heart.
You're good to die.
Stick a needle in his eye.
Brad Davis.
NBC producer.
News producing for History Channel.
And I'm busy.
And even if it's a hit piece, I'll be interviewed.
I don't care.
Just, you know, I believe in our information.
People will end up checking out what we're saying and find out the truth.
But they had to lie and say it's not a hit piece, it's going to be fair.
Then we learn, I learned last night doing some research, that Hearst Publishing, the name in yellow journalism, owns this.
And that they produced it and they've got Meggs as their quote, independent expert researcher debunking us when he's been fully debunked.
And I remember he brought up Meggs once and I said, are you affiliated with him?
He's like, oh no, no, no, no, no.
So this Brad Davis guy,
This Brad Davis guy lied to us, just like from all evidence we have.
I mean, on the History Channel site it says that they disprove us.
I mean, when the write-up, the three-line write-up says they disprove us, with all these experts, James Meigs leading them, you know what it means.
Now, folks, people watching this are going to think, oh, it's History Channel Independent, James Maggs is their independent expert.
No, he works for them.
The people that own the channel are selling and pitching a book as an infomercial through the program as the Bible of it.
And when you go over to History Channel, they're experts at selling products with the show and merchandising.
So I am calling NBC, and I'm demanding that they point out that this conflict of interest is going on.
And regardless, we're going to have all the articles out today and tomorrow and the next week.
We'll end up having ten of them.
But by the time we're done, research on these people, you name it,
Not to mention the fact that Loose Change crew, and they do this, shot video of these guys while they were there shooting their video.
So they tried any editing tricks.
We'll be able to show that.
They've got some photos up on their forum that show all of this.
And they were able to look at some of their files while they were there, while they weren't looking.
I mean, this is bad.
Dylan Avery, Jason Burmas, good to have you guys on.
Hey, it's just Jason.
But yeah, we were able to check out some of their material while we were in there.
I was just talking to Dylan during the break, dragging him back over here.
He jumped into the editing suite.
I'll try to get him.
Okay, go ahead.
We'll get him on before the show ends.
It's okay.
Go ahead.
Alright, you got it.
And we did look through and, you know, there were some questionable names that they were going to interview and I called them on.
There were actually a couple other names that I was impressed with that other documentaries hadn't followed up on.
Well, I had the eerie feeling that these guys were not going to be straightforward.
Of course, they had the debunking 9-11 conspiracies book, the Popular Mechanics book there, and everything else.
And I asked if they'd contact them.
They're like, oh, well, we're going to get to them.
It's very interesting to me that you... That's what they told me.
Oh, I really haven't talked to him.
Is he good to interview?
Turns out he's running the whole operation.
Absolutely, and if there was any real credibility to what they were saying, James Meggs would take us on directly.
But they have now refused to entertain 9-11 truth debates because they get crushed in every one.
It's happened on radio, it's happened on TV, because they say things like, the major spokesman over in ORAD said they never intercepted any plane in US history but Payne Stewart.
And then we have the same guy in a press conference saying, we intercepted 167 last year.
I mean, just incredible lies!
Absolutely, and then they go and say, well, we know that World Trade Center Building 7 had up to 25% of the lower level scooped out.
And they show another building!
Well, they show that picture, and recently, I don't know if you've checked this out, but they said that they don't have the original of that picture, and the only picture that they have is the one that's embedded in the PDF file.
So there's no way to tell where they got that from.
But we know that it's another building, and they flipped it upside down.
Yeah, and they went out and said, you know, on television that they had seen pictures that, you know, Dylan, myself, and yourself had never seen because they weren't available to the public.
Now, why isn't all this information forthcoming?
Look, it's Hearst Publishing.
You supply the pictures, I'll supply the war.
Absolutely, and that dates back to, uh, remember the Maine when we needed the, uh, Spanish-American War.
Listen folks, they literally, we always make the joke of next to ugly in the dictionary, there's a picture of you.
Well literally, next to yellow journalism, there's a picture of these people.
Absolutely, Hearst Publishing is the one that started it all and if people don't think that they still have close government ties, they need to take a closer look.
Well, you know, I knew all about William Randolph Hearst and I've been out to Sam Simeon and
I've done a lot of studying.
Very occultic guy.
He was, but I didn't know this until last night, the third richest person.
He was literally Rockefeller level.
I didn't know that.
Well, I knew he was wealthy, but I wasn't aware of that wealthy.
Well, I mean, I knew he was in coal mining and his dad was a steel and coal baron, but I didn't know he was one of the head guys.
I mean, he was Carnegie level.
And we're dealing with this filth today.
And they think they're going to run their op?
They're not going to with Chertoff.
I mean, what a sick nest of filth.
We'll be right back with Burmess.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You know, when we're on Discovery Channel, History Channel, ABC News, it isn't strutting around, hey, look, we're on TV.
We realize it means the enemy's looking directly at us.
We literally are under enemy bombardment.
It's literally like we're a firebase with incoming 50mm shells exploding all around us.
This is info war.
The people running things want to enslave us.
They're destroying the country's currency, our borders, our sovereignty, our Bill of Rights.
The country's dying right now.
This is serious.
Serious business and the reason it's not just there's a two-hour special And I've looked at this past a series of programs.
It will air 15 times by Christmas Okay, it airs five times the next week on their main schedule it airs twice But I looked at the same slot and the same group of NBC produced documentaries I mean everybody who knows history channel knows the air stuff over and over again and
Between 15 to 20 times.
15 is the lower end.
They're going to air a two-hour special over and over and over.
It's going to be part of a marathon on 9-11.
It starts airing next Sunday night, primetime, 8 o'clock Eastern.
And on average, they have about 5 million viewers an hour during that slot.
So 10 million viewers.
And I even looked up ratings numbers.
Those are conservative numbers in the U.S.
By the way, history's on globally.
10 million people, and that's real numbers.
There's little rinky-dink radio stations that lie and say, we've got an audience of 25 million because their station reaches six or seven states and they just say that.
No, no, this is real numbers.
There will be 10 million people, conservatively, in the US alone.
Watching this, there'll be over a million in England.
It's really big in England.
There'll be hundreds of thousands in Canada.
And it airs over and over and over again.
And folks, I can guarantee you now, we've done an analysis of who they're interviewing.
It's gonna be, if you think 9-11 is an inside job, you hate Jews, you have a lightbulb head that looks like you're a space alien,
That's a little joke at one of their disinfo agents, Mr. Alien Head.
They are going, it is going to be the biggest hit piece we have ever seen, literally engineered and produced by Popular Mechanics' James Maggs as his own little stardom.
This is wave three in their assault.
First there was the publication that was used as a script nationwide by all the media.
Then there was the book used as a script.
Now there's going to be this TV show used as a script and a relaunch of a new edition of the book.
It is conflict of interest, but let's go to Jason Burmas and Dylan Avery.
Men, you were there.
They came and interviewed you guys after they interviewed us.
Break down how long they were there, what they did.
Brad Davis, you said, did tell you it wasn't a hit piece.
He was very genuine, too.
Like, oh, I am concerned.
I mean, it's very deceptive.
Well, I don't think necessarily that it might have been Brad being deceptive.
I think Brad had his own questions about 9-11, and I think that he made it pretty clear to us that he did.
I just think what happened is that more or less the corporate interest stepped in, and, you know, the History Channel, as far as I know, owned by NBC, is also tied back to Hearst Publications.
I could be wrong about that.
No, no, they own it.
No, I have it.
They own it.
I have it directly off Hearst's website, okay?
It's one of their holdings.
But let me just go back here.
They don't send producers who do major hit pieces from NBC, Disney, and then the whole thing owned by Hearst.
They don't send Mr. Tiddlywinks.
That's why.
He was very good at selling it, but I could look into his eyes, and I told my people, I said, it's a hit piece, and they're like, no, it's not.
And I said, yes, it is.
And I'm telling you, I'm telling you, and I've already asked Brad to come on.
He hasn't called back.
Well, just go ahead, Dylan.
Well, hey, man, I guess we're just going to have to take this with a grain of salt and wait until we see it.
I mean, if they interviewed Eric Huffman, but then again they also interviewed Mark Eltis of 911timeline.net, so I don't really know what to think, but the fact when you check the website and in the description it confidently says that James Meigs has destroyed every single one of these, when we made them look like a bunch of school children on Democracy Now!, I really can't expect a fair and balanced peace.
The funny thing is that James Meigs will only do these kind of appearances now when he appears unopposed.
He used to do debates, he used to do
TV appearances with other people after Democracy Now!, that pretty much went out the window.
Well said, Dylan, but not just that he won't do debates now.
He's only going on a TV show that his company, that he's an editor for, owns.
I mean, this is conflict of interest.
They need to tell people.
You know, just like when CNN's talking about Time Warner corporate news, they say, the parent company of CNN.
They have to make that point.
Just with FEC filings, anybody else, I mean reporters all the time will say I have a conflict of interest.
I'm asking you both, is it a conflict of interest to have him be an editor selling a book for the company that's selling a book that they're promoting in the TV show attacking us?
It's absolutely a conflict of interest when one corporation who owns another produces a documentary or a piece about that information that's going to side with the other corporation that they own, which is exactly what's happened.
This book now has been around for over a year.
This documentary has been in the works now for at least six or seven months.
At least.
And look at when it's airing.
It's airing just about a month before the sixth anniversary of 9-11, and I believe that is to prep the public
For the 9-11 truth debate that will be seen throughout the media in the next month.
You know, as it gets closer and closer to 9-11, local news stations as well as national news are going to have to pick up our story.
And let's see where they point people to.
I won't be surprised if they point people to this History Channel documentary debunking all of our claims.
It's probably going to be an American rehash of the BBC piece.
Exactly, but here's the good news, and I emailed Brad last night and I said, listen, you and GE and Disney and of course Hearst, you wouldn't be doing this if we weren't kicking your butt.
So I just said, you just go ahead and put perfume on a pig, you just go ahead and keep trying to sell the same baloney that people aren't buying anymore, and
The reason it's important we get articles out on this, that the articles be emailed to everybody, that it get high-ranking on Google and Yahoo in the search request, and that articles about this have the headline, 9-11 Conspiracies History Channel, show that when people type that into Google, or people do searches, and already, third or fourth, if you type in James Meggs's PrisonPlanet.com and other sites, we need it to be the top link
We need it to be people learn the truth in the info war.
We've got about a week and a half to reach at least 5 million people so that they preemptively know it's a staged event.
Gentlemen comments?
I absolutely agree and the more stories that the independent media can put out as quickly as possible is only going to be beneficial to this movement.
So get out there, you know, people that write for 9-11 blog or people that write for your site.
Now is the time to attack this head-on.
See who you can contact and see what you can find out before this piece even airs.
Yeah, the big issue that we need, he's there at Rockefeller Center, I've got his phone number, we'll see if he gets back in contact with me, so I don't have to give out NBC's number, but you need to call NBC folks and say, hey, what about the conflict of interest that you actually own this channel, part of it?
What about the fact that the controlling interest is owned by Hearst, who's putting out a book debunking, and that the very person that they have in it, James Maggs, who they claim is independent, is part of the corporation and schlepping the book.
We demand
Do they at least have a disclaimer that this is a conflict of interest?
And the point is, have a national call for that.
They probably won't do it, but at least when people do a Google search, they're going to find out Chertoff's involved.
They're going to find out that Yellow Journalism's involved.
They're going to find out that Hearst Publishing's been sued and gotten in trouble for lying to their people and double-charging them with prescriptions, with subscriptions.
I mean, this is serious.
Any other key points, gentlemen?
Well, I just want to point out that we're going to encourage the people to look at the evidence for themselves no matter what it says in this 9-11 documentary.
And I just want to let people know that if this is a hit piece that involves, you know, saying that we're all blaming the Jews or the Zionists or something ridiculous where we go after an ethnic group, we need to put this thing ten times full throttle.
We cannot be associated
We're good to go.
And folks, I've tracked these people.
They all were either formerly in intelligence or connected to the Bushes.
The space beam thing came from, again, an almost cabinet-level Bush member of this administration.
And folks, this is a setup to poison our movement.
Now, it's not going to work, but this is classic intelligence op, and here's the deal.
This year and next year is the most explosive growth rate for 9-11 Truth ever.
We are
Blocking them from staging more terror attacks by exposing the fact that they're behind it.
They want to be able to put this to rest.
Have Hillary come in and stage an even bigger attack.
This is life and death for the country.
Probably physical life and death for all of you out there.
This is the same people that put Hitler in and Stalin in.
Want to do that here.
They want to use terror to do it.
We are fighting for our lives, folks.
This is life and death.
These people are enemies of you and your family.
These people literally want to put you in FEMA camps.
And I say that literally.
They literally want dictatorship.
They are literally murdering killers.
And anyone defending their lies and their frauds are guilty of treason and enemies of the Republic.
See them for what they are and go absolutely ape.
Literally ripping your hair out to fight them.
Jam it completely down their throat.
And Paul Watson is going to have an article up in the next few hours.
Countdown, ladies and gentlemen.
Because when this article goes up with all the details
Of the conflicts of interest and the scams and Chertoff and the lies.
We're going to have another article off of Griffin's book detailing all the lies of their last debunking.
We have got to re-triple and then re-quadruple and then re-double and then re-double again our attack pattern on them now.
We've got to go absolutely ape, gentlemen.
Well, I just want to say now's the time.
If you're not part of an organization, if you're not taking street actions on the 11th, if you're not coming down to New York City, you need to go to WeAreChange.org, see where the events are.
We're doing it all weekend throughout Tuesday of this 9-11, and you need to get involved.
You need to make a commitment to yourself to actually do something and not just be a lawn jockey by your radio talking about this stuff.
We need your support.
Now, talk about Snake Boy, Brad Davis, when he was there at your house.
Well, he wasn't at our house.
We were actually in Los Angeles when we interviewed him, and we went down to a... Okay, I saw the pictures.
It looked like your house.
Okay, so fill me in on the story, what you saw, what happened while he was there.
Well, basically, you know, he just talked to us, and then... Didn't we have a follow-up to that one, Dylan, where they did send somebody to our house?
Yeah, yeah, you did.
The photographer actually seemed really cool.
He had some questions about that.
Yeah, see, my memory was that they were going to New York.
That's what I remember.
Well, like I said, we did the initial interview over in Los Angeles.
Go ahead.
And then they did a follow-up in New York.
Yeah, and then they did a follow-up interview in New York, where I talked to the cameraman, and he was all about it.
He's like, yeah, you know, I've seen your picture.
Building 7 doesn't make sense to me.
I'm not quite sold on the demolitions of Tower 1 and 2.
However, there are a lot of questions there.
There are a lot of explosions.
It doesn't make sense to me that those buildings went down the way they did, but you know, I'm not quite there yet.
But on record, on record for quotes, did Davis tell you it wasn't a hit piece?
Oh yeah.
He said he was going to be fair.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, well again, it might not necessarily be Brad Davis.
It could be people above him.
I mean, we shouldn't
We shouldn't be getting on the radio saying, Brad Davis this, Brad Davis that.
Are you kidding?
Brad Davis fully knows.
Brad Davis is the producer, Dylan.
No, I know.
I'm aware of that, Alex.
But I'm just saying, it may not be Brad Davis making a conscientious decision to make a hit piece so much as it's the higher-ups who are saying that it's mandatory.
I'm just saying, I don't think we should be character assassinating Brad Davis unless we know for a fact that he was in a room with NBC saying, all right, we're going to make these guys look like school- Well, you've opened up this debate, now I'm going to give it to you, Dylan.
Let me tell you how this works at Hearst Publishing, okay?
They own this operation, they select the producer, they pre-write up the whole angle, that's how these shows are pitched, down to exactly what they're going to do.
Okay, and so if it is a hit piece, and they're saying on their website, it is.
So if it is a hit piece, that was foreordained, and this guy does, he specializes in hit pieces.
There you go.
I just want to say this.
Anybody that would get behind and put their name on something that is clearly telling lies to the American public about the most important event in our lifetimes, based on the fact that all of our foreign and domestic policy are based on 9-11, should be charged criminally.
Well, I mean, let's say Brad could be a nice guy.
He just went and told me that it was a fair, good piece, and, hey, do you know Mags?
Oh, should I interview him?
And it turns out he's working for the company that owns it!
He's the big star of the show!
I mean, Dylan, I understand what you're saying, and I'm hoping, and I know Brad Davis was very convincing.
So let's get it on record so when the hit piece does air, we can get it out there.
Davis told you it was not a hit piece.
Yeah, Davis told us he was going to be fair.
Well, not in so many words, but that's essentially the gist of it.
He said it was going to be a fair presentation.
Yeah, he said it was going to be a fair presentation, and he was looking at all angles.
Like I said, I was a little dismayed with some of the people that he chose to pick, but then I was, you know, pleased with some of the people he chose to pick to interview.
Really, let's see who makes the documentary, and let's see what quotes they use from those people.
Let's see if they quote mine.
Um, if they try to make us into a band of lunatics who are anti-semitic, or they actually let us bring out some real points, like the hijackers were trained at military bases in the United States, like the FBI tried to go after them, like Able Danger did exist, and did identify Atta and others.
Let's see if they go with that, instead of things like pods,
And TV, bakery, and space beam.
Well, not only that, but let's see if they actually took the time to interview the Jersey Girls, Bob McIlvain, Bill Doyle.
Look, it's going to be light bulb head.
Yeah, light bulb head front and center, huh?
I sure hope not, but that's what we have to be expecting.
We always have to be on the offensive, Alex, and especially when we now know we're being put on the defensive.
When it says on their site,
That this man has debunked our claims.
We have to know that we have to go full throttle ahead.
And look, Dylan, don't get me wrong.
I appreciate you trying to be measured and friendly about this.
This guy told me, I promise you, it is not a hit piece.
And I said, so this isn't like a popular mechanics deal?
And he said, no, no, but I am talking to them.
No, no.
And it turns out they're producing it.
I mean, come on, man.
Davis, listen, he's the guy that weaseled up to Michael Jackson where he let him in.
Is that right?
Oh yeah, man.
Michael Jackson, wait, what?
This is the, this Brad Davis was able to get that famous Michael Jackson piece out where he weaseled up to him and made him think he was good.
Remember that one?
I do.
I totally remember that.
I do.
I remember that.
It was like that hour and a half long interview.
Yeah, just brace yourself, buddy boy.
Well, I'm ready for anything, Alex, because these guys can say what they want and they can try to slander us, but the bottom line is if we can just get the people to look at the information, which is the goal, 90% of them will turn towards us.
No, they're also going to throw a menace with Lightbulbhead and others.
I know, and that's very unfortunate, and we can only stress that we're not associated with people like that.
Yeah, in fact, I think we might have even said that on camera.
I know I mentioned Eric on camera.
I also mentioned that on camera, that, you know, we don't want to be associated with these people that want to blame an ethnic organization for this.
That's what COINTELPRO, whether they are or not, always does.
They say, you won't join our clique and say it's all this group.
We're here exposing the New World Order.
We talk about Israeli-sponsored terror every day.
They asked me about that and I started pulling out news articles.
Well, here's the Jerusalem Post saying Israel stages terror attacks.
That was a previous one from back when they admitted they were creating fake Al-Qaeda.
Now there's the new ones about how they staged the Idi Amin deal.
And he's like, oh no, we don't want that.
Oh no, we don't want that.
And so that's my point.
We do cover it all.
We just don't put out wild, you know, just craziness and attack every other group that's out there.
To say that the Mossad had no involvement at all is ignorant.
I mean, you can quote
Uh, you know, the actual guys that were arrested, um, that day that were filming the attack, uh, in International News, where they said our job was to film the attack.
Okay, so someone in that organization had prior knowledge.
Did those guys know what they were doing?
Probably not.
They were probably given that job, but the fact that Odigo got out of the building and... Not only that, man.
Not only that, man.
Urban Moving Systems.
I mean, they had to pay a $50,000 penalty for breaking their lease.
I mean, they just often vacated their offices a month or two before the attack.
Absolutely, but there was definitely foreknowledge, but to go so far of a leap and to say that the Mossad did everything, I think that's just ignorant to the facts.
Exactly, and the main next point we bring up is the fact that the ISI can be proven without a doubt to have a hand in this.
Stay there, stay there gentlemen.
One more segment with you both.
Maybe keep you one more segment after that and we'll get Alan Watt on with us.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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We're good to go.
I don't know.
By the way, ladies and gentlemen, Dylan did record much of the interview himself on a scammer phone.
A little Blackberry he's got.
He also got some shots of it.
It's up on their message board.
The LooseChange911.com message board.
We're going to be putting that all in a story.
Paul Watson is going to be finishing up in the next few hours.
And I'm telling you, start your engines, get lined up.
For the green flag, ladies and gentlemen.
Because we need you to attack with viciousness.
I mean, they are attacking us.
They attacked those buildings.
And then they tried to use it to turn our country into a police state in the world.
And they attacked the Iraqis with it.
I'm not putting up with it.
And I want to annihilate Hearst.
I mean, this is Rosebud, folks.
This is Citizen Kane.
This is the big, dark evil.
And I'm sick of it.
During the break we were all conferring, and I just want to say the same things we said off air and we said on air.
Jason, Dylan, I mean bottom line, you guys do believe this is going to be a headpiece?
Oh yeah, without a doubt.
I mean, just look at the website.
Yeah, I mean, all you have to do is look at the website and their descriptions and know that they're going to be gunning for us.
But, you know, I'd like to think that, speaking personally for ourselves, we didn't give them much ammunition.
I think that we held our ground very well.
Well, we'll see.
Anybody can be misquoted.
Anybody can be taken out of context.
Anybody can be edited in with a loon right after them.
You know what they're going to do, Burmins?
They're going to take that sentence where we were like, well, we don't think we should blame anything on the Jews.
And they're just going to cut out, the Jews!
And they're going to play that over and over and over again.
And then they'll also say, the Burmese believe did 9-11.
The Jews!
But we'll see, you know?
We'll see what they do in the editing room.
It doesn't matter, but you know why it doesn't matter in the final equation, as long as we expose them?
Because they've lost all credibility.
I mean, I've seen polls where mainstream media has like 25% credibility, and that number is eroding rapidly.
And then alternative media has a lot of credibility.
Sometimes I don't think we deserve it, but at least we're trying to tell the truth.
There's a big difference, isn't there?
There absolutely is a big difference between us trying to get to the bottom of real news stories and what is propagated on CBS, NBC, Fox News, and others.
I mean, they literally go off a script.
On what they want you to know and hear every day of fear and just more fear.
I mean, it's constantly fear.
How many times this summer have I heard Chertoff say that he's got a gut feeling it's not if but when?
And I think I was reading an article on an ex-Israeli ambassador saying, oh, we have about 90 days.
Yeah, yeah.
They're saying we're going to be hit for sure within 90 days.
And always scripted with perfect timing, new al-Qaeda tapes come out agreeing with Bush.
Absolutely, and at the same time, they're actually perpetrating the fact that Al-Qaeda is back to pre-911 levels in Pakistan.
You know, again, bringing Pakistan up as this enemy, when in fact, you know, Musharraf was put in power by us.
We used Pakistan as a launching ground for our other... Yeah, they may just have a staged attack in Pakistan just for public consumption.
I could see it happening.
Man, I mean, there is no end to their Splendid Little Wars.
That's what Hearst called it, was a Splendid Little War, and then it got picked up by everybody else.
But isn't it a red badge of honor?
I mean, I'm really kind of excited that Hearst Publishing... I mean, we're being written into history just like Orson Welles or something, guys.
Well, the bizarre thing is, Alex, that, you know, when I first got started on this project on Loose Change, when I had just seen the first edition, I said to myself, you know what?
This is the one that's going to be on the History Channel.
This is the one that's going to get out to the public and really change things.
And last year on September 11th, you know, our movie actually played on the History Channel, on History Channel International out in Australia, out in Sweden, I believe, and a couple other countries.
And now we're actually going to be on the History Channel.
You know, we're young guys.
We're not even, you know, we're around 25, 26 years old.
And to be on the History Channel at this point in our lives,
It's an accomplishment unto itself.
Stay there, Dylan.
Five more minutes, then we'll get Alan Watt on, because I want you guys to be able to finish up, and Dylan was trying to talk.
So stay there.
I was interrupting.
We'll come back, tie this up.
I'm going to recap some of the key facts here.
Conflict of interest.
It's propaganda placement.
Worse than product placement.
It's a giant infomercial for tyranny and lies.
Bottom line, they admit it.
It's disgusting.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The world-famous Hearst Publishing owns History Channel and has produced a giant two-hour hit piece just as they made a declaratory statement admitting that they were putting out a Popular Mechanics magazine and book hit piece before it came out.
They've now announced that it is a massive debunking of us.
They told us it was not a debunking and that it wasn't a quote Popular Mechanics style piece.
Little did I know it was literally being run by them.
This is unbelievable and we're demanding that they have a disclaimer that it is the parent company of Hopper Mechanics that has put out the book.
I demand that go and be added.
They're always adding stuff right up to the minute.
Or just cut me out.
I'm going to call Brad Davis and I'm going to tell him, you listen, you lied to me, you misrepresented.
They also weaseled some footage from us and they haven't even honored some stuff on that end and I'm going to come after them.
I mean, I want these weasels to know this.
I'm tired of their bull, and I'm not going to put up with it.
You need to just get the big piece we're putting out, our counter-propaganda, to counter their propaganda.
We've got the truth, they've got lies, we're going to win.
Jason Burmas, Dylan Avery, just in closing here, gentlemen, any other comments you've got about the situation?
Nothing really comes to my mind.
What about you, Burmas?
You know, I just want to tell people that in light of this, we need to redouble our efforts.
This is going to be airing one month before the September 11th anniversary down in New York City, and as many people as can make it need to get there.
Yeah, just so everybody knows, Corey Rowe is fine.
Yeah, Corey is doing well and wants to be back in a few weeks.
He's just having to go through all his paperwork.
We're hoping to see him very, very shortly, Alex.
Well, I need to get on the phone with him.
I've been playing phone tag with him, but it's just absolutely amazing the type of... You know, I had Colonel Craig Roberts on a couple days ago, and he said, after 30 years in, they tried to tell him he had to come back or they'd do an AWOL on him.
That's ridiculous.
That is amazing.
30 years.
I mean, come on.
You couldn't find anyone better?
Tell Tim Spark there, I say, hi, gentlemen, and
Just feel free to send any information to Paul Watson, who's doing a big report on this, to go ahead and send that to him, because he's going to be writing it right now.
Alright, well I just sent that picture to you and Aaron, and if you want I'll go through my cell phone video and extract a couple clips.
That would be absolute heaven.
Valhalla, if you could send us some clips of the weasels, interviewing you for the website as well.
Sure thing, man.
I think I recorded about an hour and a half of my interview with the whole thing, so I'll go through there probably at some point today and try and clip out some stuff.
Thanks a million, Dylan.
Don't spend too much time.
Just keep working on Final Cut, which is nearing completion.
God bless.
Thanks, Alex.
It's good to be on.
You better take care.
There goes Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas.
And I spent about 45 minutes on that because this is important.
A massive two-hour hit piece that will be seen by 10 million people conservatively.
Their top audiences are 5.9 million an hour.
This is their top slot.
Sunday nights on History after 8 p.m.
is their prime slot.
I looked at their ratings.
This could potentially be 12 million viewers.
And then they're going to air it the next day.
And then they're going to air it a week later, and then over and over and over and over and over again.
And that's just in the US.
Hundreds of millions will see this wicked hit piece, and we've got to make sure when they do Google searches or they look, we've got to make sure they find out conflict of interest.
I literally said to Brad Davis, I said, this isn't a popper mechanics type deal, is it?
And he said,
Oh, no, no, no.
Nothing like that.
We're looking at both sides, and we're going to give 50-50 time.
And I said, are you interviewing Megs?
Oh, I might talk to him.
I might talk to him.
Turns out, it's the same company, same people, and I bet my bottom dollar that he wrote the whole thing and is running the operation.
I think I'm going to go give Megs a little visit when I'm in New York up there next month.
I think I'm going to drop by Hearst.
I've had enough of these people.
I think I'm going to drop by there with some cameras.
Of course, the cops will show up and say, no more filming in America, because these dirtbags think they're taking this country down.
They think they're going to destroy this country.
They got another thing coming.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Well, they got the government running around saying, have a weak supply of food, you know, because the Al-Qaeda is going to nuke us.
That's not the real threat.
The threat is the military industrial complex staging some type of nuke attack.
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Okay, because preparedness is the key.
Being ready, being prepared.
Speaking of somebody who's prepared, he's up in the outback of Canada.
He lives off a wood-burning stove out in the country, but he's got a website.
We've got links to it up on InfoWars.com.
He's Alan Watt.
I meant to have him up for an hour and a half, but this hit piece of news broke.
And so we're talking about that, but I want to get him back up in the next few weeks for a full two hours.
Alan Watt, tell us again a little bit about your background, and let's get into this whole Hearst Publishing thing and media manipulation, because you're well-versed on that.
Yes, I've been following the history of these characters that give us our perceptions, and that's the whole thing.
Perception just becomes reality for the general public.
They don't imagine that they're being lied to on a daily basis every day of their lives by the major media and yet you go into the histories of these medias, especially the Hertzon and other families.
These are the guys who helped start wars by saying it was already underway, nothing was really happening.
They did that with the American-Spanish War and Hertzon sent his men down there to
To see what was happening.
Nothing was happening.
He says, well, make it happen.
Just write about it.
Say there's a war started, and that's how the whole thing started.
Next thing you know, the American citizenry was all gung-ho for it, thinking it was really happening.
So they created a war, a fictional war to begin with.
Yeah, they wrote stories about how the Cubans were raping all the women, and atrocities, and camps, and then finally blew the battleship up, and that got things going nicely.
Oh yeah, so this is nothing new to them.
If people could just understand that major media has always been in the business of controlling the minds of the populations, they'd begin to catch on.
But they've been trained over the last 30 years especially.
Now, Zygmunt Brzezinski went into this whole process when he said, in his own book, The Great Chessboard, The Grand Chessboard, and Between Two Ages, he said, shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves.
They'll only be able to repeat what they've learned on the previous night's news.
Well, that's happened for most people.
They cannot imagine they're being lied to on such an incredibly grand scale, even though Goebbels, the propagandist for Adolf Hitler, said, when you're going to tell a lie, you tell the biggest lie possible.
Well, I use this example a lot because it's simple.
Both the Chairman of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees do not know the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni.
So, I mean, the general public can't even find these countries on maps.
They can't.
I watched that on a so-called newscast not long ago, and they were asking the average American where these countries were, and a few of them were actually pinpointing Australia.
So that's what they thought.
Oh yeah, I saw that video.
They thought that was where Al-Qaeda live, yeah.
That's right.
So, you know, they have an ignorant population, easily led, easily manipulated.
They're on a roll now.
The whole thing is run through fear.
Well, remember two years ago, everybody, or a year ago, when gas hit 78 a barrel, they got mad?
It's now almost $80 a barrel, and people don't even know what that means.
The dollar's plunging at freefall speeds.
I'm totally freaked out.
The average yuppie's just getting more nose rings.
Well, it's funny because Donald Rumsfeld
Came on the news when the oil went through or passed the $50 a barrel mark and he said the psychological barrier has been broken.
He said don't be surprised to see if it doubles in the course of a year.
The New York Times saying $100 a barrel, folks, that's going to mean $5 to $6 a gallon depending on where you live within a year.
And that goes right along with, again, the Kyoto Accord.
People better take note of this Kyoto Accord.
We're all the leaders assigned then to cut back all emissions.
And they say it's not just to form a taxation grid, but to blow out the middle class further in England, Canada and Western Europe to where we're so broke we literally have to go into their system.
We must go, that's the whole thing.
We're good to go.
There'll be no private property.
Federal courts have now ruled if you live in housing you have no Bill of Rights.
Well, in Canada I cannot buy oil from my tank if I wanted to use oil heating.
That's why I'm getting wood in.
Unless I pay the government to inspect my premises and my old burner.
And I told them where to go with it.
People have no idea, Alan, how vicious this elite is.
How soon do you think, on the timeline, where they're at right now until they'll be doing just the huge mass exterminations?
Within the next two to five years, because they have to do something to keep this panic going, this change, this change thereafter.
Panic and change get us all panicking.
They'll direct the changes and where we're supposed to go.
And it's on a roll.
Rumsfeld said something after 9-11.
And these characters don't just talk off the top of their heads.
It's all symbolic and occultic for the higher boys involved.
He said this war might take 100 years.
He didn't mean just a war with the Middle East.
It was a war to change the whole structure and society of the world.
It's a war on humanity!
It is.
It's a war on goodness.
Briefly, because I concur with your analysis, but I want to get your angle on it, how they revel in hurting innocence, how they have a kind of profane logic, and it is genius, how they work things.
They're ordered out of chaos system.
Well, it's well known in the higher sciences, even in ancient times, and Plato and others wrote about it, of how to change society drastically at the end of ages, as they call it.
And how you must completely destroy all that was in order to make room for all that will be new.
They're talking about a completely reorganized, structured society coming from a caring society with some humanity or humanitarian causes being at the top of the list and changing it into a society of service, service to a world state.
They opened the Club of Rome last year with the Prince of
Jordan leading it, and of course they publicly say reduce 80% of the public, and he started with a H.G.
Wells quote, and to paraphrase, I actually have it here on the stack, maybe during a break I'll dig it out, Allen, but he says in there, and I'm sure you're aware of it, he says, well, he said there was no morals, no compass, that we should be ruthless like the universe, and we should be, and so they say it's scientific that they're allowed to kill and murder and that it's a good thing, but I guarantee you, if they're the ones getting killed or murdered, they don't see it that way.
These guys are psychopathic.
They're inbred.
And at the top of every country in the world, the people who have arisen there and become the aristocracy of all cultures and races tend to be psychopathic, to fight and claw and kill to get up there and hold on to power and garnish all the wealth from the people below them.
So we have inbred hereditary psychopaths that have formed a huge club.
They are the global elites.
They all go over to London to get knighted, even the Japanese ones at the top.
And a lot of the United States ones, that's what gets me.
Even the top gangsters want to get knighted by the Queen.
It's quite an amazing thing to see how they all
Oh yeah.
And of course, Papa Bush got knighted and Kissinger got knighted.
That's right, they did.
Incredibly amazing to show the royal family's propagandist team making propaganda movies about royalty, and two or three years later they're allowed to expose how they did it and how it was all fictional.
They're so arrogant about it.
Yep, and then the average person says, oh the Queen's a joke, she can't run anything, and I'm like, she produced all that.
She literally owns half of Canada, the oil.
Every time I say that, I get an email going, that's not true.
And then we have all the proof where she literally owns Australia, Canada, South Africa.
The blacks didn't get South Africa, folks.
We'll be right back with Alan Watt to talk about a lot more, tell you about his website.
Please stay with us.
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Folks, elites thousands of years ago learned about psychology, how to control civilizations.
And then it wasn't about who could create the best art, or who was the best craftsman, or who knew how to plant crops the best.
It was who knew how to manipulate and lie to people.
And so we now have a synthesis, and private guilds who guard this knowledge.
Private intelligence agencies.
And they have a lot of occult trappings because they're so ancient, and they've, you know, vestigially kept all of that, but they also believe in it.
And they are predatory.
They revel in hurting us.
They revel in being ruthless.
Just like a killer whale might play with a baby seal before it eats it as it slings it about its head.
And then we've been conditioned, though, a baby seal will run from a killer whale.
We've been conditioned to hop right over to it so it can eat us at its leisure and then rip us apart in front of everyone and the baby seals run forward thinking it's mama.
This is mind control.
Alan Watt, you're up in Canada.
Bush, a few months ago, on C-SPAN, it's in my film, Endgame, coming out, says they're merging the North American Union with Europe.
They say we're now merging.
They're already merging that, and we can't even get Americans and Canadians to know, when we have the SPP documents, that they're merging them.
They just say it's all lies, all lies, and about 30-40% of the public still buys it.
The rest know it's happening, but still just get caught up in arguing with the denial.
That's mind control, isn't it?
It is mind control.
It's also legalistic.
They legally tell you what they're doing and then you have the media coming on and almost drifting your back off into the irrelevant little stories.
And people think, well, things are really still normal, and so they're in a form of, they are under mind control, there's no doubt.
Yeah, they introduce it to Pavlovianly acclimate you to accepting, and then at the same time come in and deny, which psychologically creates, or you like the media.
The government tells you, Al-Qaeda's gonna get you, and then the media says, oh no, it wasn't a real threat, they were just warning you, everything's okay.
Or Bush will say Al-Qaeda's gonna hit, and then the next day say, no, it isn't a threat, so, oh, he scares you, but then he also comforts you.
Yeah, it puts you in a form of dissociation.
You're dissociated with reality.
And because it seems so confusing, that person will just close down to that and put it out of their minds and carry on as usual.
That is a psychological process.
But Alan, it's so obvious to me, it's so obvious to you.
It was obvious to me just growing up, and then I read history books and there it was.
Is there something wrong with us, or is there something different with us, and those millions of people out there that instinctively, organically, are almost immune to this?
I think, personally, because I do know that they did intentionally give everyone inoculations which were meant to target specific areas of the brain beginning around the 1950s.
This is documented to kill off the higher levels of thinking.
They wanted a passive population that they were going to bring through incredible changes.
But not all of us got affected the same way, so there's no doubt about it.
Some people have lost their ability to reason, and these are critical thinking abilities which you need for survival.
Yeah, they've been given chemical lobotomies.
You're literally talking to zombies.
And you were mentioning earlier about leadership qualities amongst the people.
Well, the reason they gave the Ritalin, for instance, to children, mainly young males, was to knock out those who had potential leadership qualities.
Well, everybody knows when you go pick a puppy for hunting, you generally want the male puppy that's the most, not even aggressive, but the most hyper.
Yes, absolutely.
Same thing with racehorses.
And it's the same thing with people, young boys who are intelligent and got lots of energy and ask questions.
In fact, asking questions is, when they put you on Ritalin, disrupting.
It's that leadership, yes.
That's what they're after.
Yeah, they said a long time ago they'd have to eradicate those with leadership qualities to bring up a whole world population through massive changes.
And that's what they've been doing.
It's been warfare on us all.
We're all one, you see.
We're all one.
Alan, what's your website right now?
It's CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com and the European site is also AlanWattSentinel.eu where you can download transcripts of my talks in other languages.
Yeah, you're smart to have a mirror site too.
Oh yeah, these days you have to.
Yeah, give the websites again.
It's CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com I also have other ones CuttingThroughTheMatrix.us
Does that ever frustrate you?
You have this burning desire to warn people, and a lot of times there's nobody home.
They're just glassy-eyed zombies.
They are, and they've been brought up again with television from day one.
The fiction on television, which is constantly programming them through fiction,
Uh, that becomes the reality, and they cannot tell hard fact from reality anymore.
It's all one big mushy thought in their head, this whole reality they're living in.
In fact, often the characters on TV are more real than their next-door neighbors.
Well, they say that's their friends.
They have little relationships with the television.
And, oh, it's all about making you feel inadequate, powerless.
Oh, it's sick.
Stay there, Ellen Wan.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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We're here live.
Big report coming out in the next few hours by Paul Joseph Watson at PrisonPlanet.com.
More reports at JonesReport.com coming out in the next few hours as well.
Watch those spaces for key information.
Our guest is Alan Watt.
Links to his website up on Infowars.com.
That's what we do.
We bring you the leaders.
The people that have the info.
The people that we can tell are pure of heart and have the right spirit in this fight.
And we try to give them a platform to reach a wider audience.
And we always hope in turn that they magnify our work as well.
It's through that synergy that we can move forward against the New World Order.
Alan, there's so many examples of this control.
But take a police officer who's been told, you've got to guard society, you've got to manage the people, that's what they tell them now in Canada, the U.S., England.
You've got to mind them like they're children.
I want the cops to know, they give you the shots with the mercury.
And by the way, they didn't take it out, they increased it.
And then Bush, when they tried to take it out in Congress, vetoed it and said it stays in.
And then we got studies written, and we've got Julian Huxley and all the rest of them, Bertrand Russell, these are the people that set everything up today, saying they were going to use mercury to brain damage you.
They'd done studies 80 years ago.
They knew it attacked the cerebral cortex, you know, the key areas where they believe, you know, consciousness rests, where it integrates all the rest of the data from the brain.
I mean, can you speak to the police, the military, people who have been conditioned, and just hear us, and just don't... I mean, when the government got caught buying billions of dollars in fake news, and it turned out the very people bought to go put out fake news were saying, well, martial law is the next step, and the police state's good, and they're putting transponders and inspection stickers from Missouri to Texas to start the taxing of the roads, the people don't want it, government doesn't ask now, they just do it,
I mean, just speak to those points I'm raising.
Well, what they've created is, again, you see, they understand tribalism.
And when you create a dysfunctional society, and that's what we have at the moment, it's dysfunctional, intentionally so, through incredible indoctrination and the creation of dissatisfaction throughout society and families, etc., who've been under attack for a long time.
People still crave this this cohesiveness of a form of tribal nature and so they bring these guys into the military or the police and they use the bolster they give them all those tribal outlets for those tribal instincts to bond until they see themselves as almost a separate species.
And that's the key.
They start attacking the family, and I read in the 20s and 30s and 40s, I mean I have textbooks right here at UT, I have textbooks in England, they say, we're going to take the true tribe of the family away, we're going to turn men and women against each other, we're going to create modern feminism, we're going to do all this, Margaret Sanger, the eugenicists, they all create it, and then we're going to give them the state as their new tribe, just as 1984 says.
Go ahead.
Yes, and if you go back into, see all these guys, Russell, etc., and H.G.
Wells was writing on behalf of this elite as a propagandist in the late 1800s even.
And he says this!
He says this!
Yeah, he was recruited by Huxley's grandfather, Sir Thomas Huxley, who was a professor at a university there.
And each member of the propagandists that were recruited were given a red tie for revolution, their revolution, you see, funded and chartered by the royal family.
They were chartered to exist, to do this job.
And Wells was writing about the creation of what they called free love back in the late 1890s.
So this is not a new thing at all.
He said we must destroy the family unit to bring in the scientifically controlled society.
And now I look at it, I look at the general public, now you see people who are aware, you can see it in their eyes, they still have that fire, that electricity.
Look at photos from a hundred years ago, black and white.
Do you see how the photos stand out?
There's this energy.
Yes, we are.
They see that we have elect... and I'm not trying to get kooky here, folks, I mean it.
You can see the consciousness in the eye.
Alan, you want to talk to that?
Again, going back to what we were talking about there with the elite.
They all say, every one of these authors say that Plato's Republic was the blueprint for their world agenda.
The Republic was to be their utopia of a guardian class that owned the whole world and everything in it, and everyone in it.
And the commoners would be called the It's, not human.
And they would breed, this was written 2,300 years ago, they would breed the commoners to do specific tasks, tall ones to pick apples, and short ones to be miners, and all this kind of thing, by selective breeding.
And they would also create a military class.
And then at the end they said they'd bring in females into the military and they would work alongside doing the same work as the average soldier.
And that's the big secret about positive and negative eugenics, and that's their term, is that when you actually read the writings they say, we tell the public it's to make the race better, but actually we want to dumb people down.
We want to hurt people.
We want to make them as Huxley wrote in 1932 in Brave New World.
And also, once they get inbreeding between the male and female military class, then you have a more permanent type of separate class over society again, who also think they're superior, this military class.
We see that already in police and military today.
They're being taught drastically that they are different, they are superior than the common civilians, and the power is going to their head.
And we're looking at TEL coming shortly here, because
These characters are pretty vicious.
They see us as the enemy, and they plan to let loose these characters on those who are speaking out.
Well, we see now two of our listeners, actually three, separately.
At two different events, the cops came to their home and said, I'm under military orders to arrest you, and beat the daylights, choked one of them, busted the window out, and then charged them with that, even though there were witnesses that he assaulted them, and then they just take them to jail now!
You're not allowed to fly a flag upside down!
And again, that's becoming policy.
They're not borrowing about laws.
It's our policy to do this.
It's our policy you can't videotape in New York.
It's our policy to take your children.
I did an interview with Butch Chancellor, whose wife had been in the hospital and they wanted to put her in the hospice.
And he managed to get her back because they did a show on him and they bombarded that hospital with emails and letters.
Tell us briefly about that story.
Well, ten years ago, he'd taken his wife in the hospital.
She was a little bit busy.
And in the hospital they brought in a top surgeon who was doing experimental surgery who basically drilled two holes through her brain to relieve pressure and left her paralyzed and with short-term memory and then they kicked her out at that time.
So he took care of her for 10 years.
Then recently she had to go into some kidney problems, kidney stones and they decided they wanted her back in again because you see it's a business.
The healthcare industry is a business.
Oh, well they admit it now, and I'm not saying there aren't some good individual doctors, but the system, well the Rockefellers took it over in the 20s, and then you can actually found the university documents where they put money into how to spread cancer through vaccines, how to put in a crystallized form cancer to spread it, and look now it's up, since the 20s, 3000% Alan!
Oh yes, but I've got the videotape of the talk that was given by Dr. Salk and his staff, the guy who did the polio vaccine.
And he admitted, he admitted right in it, it's his own, yeah, we knew we were putting cancer viruses in.
There's over 400 cancer viruses, simian viruses, that could only create cancer.
There's no other function in every polio shot.
And then it ends his history, and Dr. Salk was one of the leaders of the whole eugenicist movement.
He admitted that.
Why was the wolf coming out to help the public?
Well, there's a lot of evidence now showing that they actually released the polio itself.
So they created these problems.
Again, back to Butch.
He's got his wife back because we did some shows on him.
And he had a visit a few nights ago from a social worker who lied about the department.
He got his video camera, went to the door... Start over.
Your phone cut out.
Start over.
A few days ago, he got a visit from the social worker department.
And at least that's what she said she was from, this feminazi type.
And he went and grabbed his video camera and went to the door.
And, uh, two cops appeared from either side of the door.
Now they're coming to your door for a social work visit with policemen.
Well, let's stop right there.
In 1900, the British created social workers nationwide to be spies in the community, uh, to sterilize and in England actually kill people quietly who had any type of mental illness or deformity.
And so that was then brought here.
Social workers are their social change agents.
They are literally the frontline core of this.
Well, absolutely.
And you cannot get a straight answer from them.
These public servants, as they call themselves, you can't get a straight answer.
They lie as to what department they came from.
They leave you no card, calling card, or business card, or any ID.
And after they've gone, Boots tried to get even the police report.
Which is supposed to be public information, and he couldn't get a police report either.
Well, now, coast to coast, they're going to the smallest towns and going, we want you to fight terrorists, and people go to the meetings and it says in the paper, oh, you're here actually to fight crime and spy on your neighbors, and we're going to give you file endpoints, login points to just report on your neighbors routinely, at these files, and you can get some money to do this.
I mean, they're setting up people just to report on neighbors.
What are your neighbors doing?
I mean, it's already going, folks!
It's already happening!
It's actually worse than that because what I found out was for the last 50 years, civil servants who often intermarry on the federal level, they're another interbred crew, and have been for a few hundred years,
When they semi-retire, they're given training to go into communities, and they're given housing... Oh no, it's worse than that!
Exactly, they get bonus checks and are continually paid for doing just a few hours a week work, and they're literally funded to become the sheriffs, the police chiefs, the heads of the environmental groups, exactly.
All of those, the NGOs, and they set up committees in your local area, and then they collect the data on every individual in that area.
They've been doing that for years, yeah.
I've run into them.
They'll just admit... I mean, I've had them before, like they're doing the old lady act real friendly to me, and all of a sudden, if they see you don't have a camera, they'll get you by the arm and kind of pinch you and go, you just better stop what you're doing.
They'll even show their teeth.
I mean, I guess it's a gang thing.
They love the evil.
And they love that the cattle can't see them.
They just revel that you can't see them, folks.
Well, one of them in the last place I lived was collecting data from even the dog catcher.
On all the local inhabitants, every pet that they had, all this stuff was going into your house.
It's worse than that.
The carpet cleaners, the plumbers are spying on you.
And folks, don't get paranoid about this.
Get angry.
Get a family plumber.
Somebody you trust.
Work in our own communities.
The good point is, a lot of folks are waking up now and aren't going along with this.
By the way, they say in this article,
They say Al-Qaeda on Fox News is sure to hit us in the next 90 days, but it says just be paranoid, don't ever go the same route to work.
Now when they say that on Fox News, they're wanting you to habitualize and ritualize being personally afraid.
That's why they have terror drills and report wars.
This technique was tried and tested in the Soviet Union and Solzhenitsyn talked about how they set it up there.
And how it's now set up here.
The same techniques of fear and terror and impending doom, and terror is going to hit you at any moment, was used and tested at the Soviet Union.
It's even better here because there's more media coverage here to indoctrinate you.
But that's why four years ago they hired Prima Cop, the former head of the KGB, in Mainstream News to help set up Homeland Security, and Marcus Wolff, the head of the Stasi.
That's exactly right.
This is amazing.
They've actually brought the experts in from our supposed arch enemies to do the same thing here.
Because really, as we know, there was no such thing as a big bad bear over there in Russia.
It was all set up and funded from the West.
But it was a great experimental tank to test the subjects of whole populations and see how they react.
That's why they hope to have it work here even more perfectly since it's been tried and tested and all the problems ironed out.
But once you have a society that's living in fear, no one looks at anyone else on the street.
That's what happened in Moscow.
No one dared look at your neighbor as you passed them by.
You looked at the sidewalk and the pavement.
Then you have a society where there's no communication between the people, and then the ones at the top communicate directly to them via the TV.
And then you've got a class of psychopath cops that just run around enjoying themselves.
Oh, there's no doubt now.
You see it on these ride checks that you see in town.
It's become habitual now, each time they have a holiday weekend, they're out there, and not just with their breathalyzers or smelling your breath, which again is an aggressive instinct.
When a man shoves his face through your windshield and sniffs two inches from your nose to see if you're drinking, that's an aggressive act.
That's getting in your space, and that's only training you, so when they put hands on you to take you to an execution center, you'll go.
It's truly an aggressive time.
Well, that's what the rubber bullets and the black uniforms are with the images of fire shooting out.
They're getting us ready for Tiananmen Squares, mowing us down en masse.
We're being conditioned to accept that image.
And again, as you probably see, and this is what really gets people upset, gets everyone upset,
Most people today are buckling under, and when you tell them, look, you're getting no privacy, they don't mind.
That tells you something's happened to their brains.
They don't mind.
Well, by the way, they admit, this is not a conspiracy, folks.
Mainstream universities will teach you, when you take RTF, that of course they're subliminals.
It's in billboards, it's in any highly produced TV program, and they've had mainstream articles about it, where most of the time it's Satan, death, blood, kill your baby, death, death, death, and they explain to them why they put death, death, death into the TV show.
Yes, everyone is, again, afraid of this death thing, especially in today's society.
Death used to be pretty well understood, even by youngsters, a hundred years ago, because we took care of our dying in our own family homes, and we matured much earlier, and we had more respect for life, because we handled the death of the loved ones around us, our grandmas and grandparents.
That's actually a very holy thing.
Very holy.
Now, today, everything is sterilized, your meat comes into the grocers,
He just disappears, we just warehouse him and let him die, and MedStor's the humanity, the adoring the elders is gone, the literal humanity being ripped out, and of course the eugenicists started transhumanism.
I want to give you four or five minutes on the other side to talk about that, but the transhumanists
I mean, they are incredibly wicked, and they say, oh, the gloriousness of merging with machines.
Actually, it is humanity being destroyed.
It is, absolutely.
It's a new race of people to be created as better servants.
Which is what the elite always said.
They would create a master race for themselves, and then a servant sub-race, and then kill the rest.
That's right.
You have 30 seconds.
Speak to transhumanism.
Yeah, this has been on the go for 50 years, mainly through the science fiction writers who take their orders for their stories from the Futurist Society.
That's the big one.
That's the one that gives us predictive programming from Tavistock.
And they fund these guys to write them in novels, make it sound very exciting.
And that's how it works.
Then they get the awards, they get the publishing deals.
That's actually come out in the news before.
Again, guiding everything.
Star Trek with the UN symbol.
All of it, ladies and gentlemen.
All mass programming.
We are facing the greatest threat to humanity ever.
We've got to pray that the Spirit of the Lord be with us against this evil.
Because that's the only thing that can prevail.
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Believe me, I wish it wasn't true.
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Alan, how do we get out of this nightmare?
How do we turn this thing around?
How do we stand up and expose the transhumanists and show people what this real agenda is?
I think what they're going for really, as you probably know, they're going for the youngsters.
They always bypass the older generation because they're always looking towards the future.
And it's the youngsters who are already watching cartoons
With their heroes being with brain chips and all this kind of thing, with special powers.
People have to start to communicate with the young.
And then again, well I agree, very quickly interfacing with the young, also how the schools have been turned into prisons, thumbscaling to get lunches, go ahead.
And they've got to start this because if they don't, it's game over.
As the up-and-coming young ones, they're really targets for the biggest changes.
And we are... Cameras are now in thousands of school bathrooms?
I mean, that's 1984!
They're learning to go to the bathroom with a camera!
Yeah, they're training them for adulthood, actually.
They're training them for their adulthood in a totally controlled society where everyone is watched 24 hours a day.
And that's why they start them off at school with this, to get them used to the idea, so they think there's nothing wrong with it when they grow up.
We need to create a counter...
I mean, that's the wondrous thing about what I'm doing here.
I do get so much feedback from the young who stop beating their own heads against the walls and blaming themselves for not making it in the system, the system that's drastically changing.
That's the number one thing, and we were on the same page.
Folks, you don't have to make a bunch of money.
You are adequate.
You're not inadequate.
Stop trying to be cool.
All of that is scientifically crafted to destroy you.
Go ahead, Alan.
Yeah, and once they start putting the pieces together, or at least you're having them to do it,
I don't know.
And they've got more chance waking their friends up in the young generation than the older ones have, actually.
And bottom line, folks, when you wear... I don't care how you dress.
That doesn't matter to me.
The point is the media and the government tell you to dress in a certain way.
They tell you it's cool.
Then the cops are taught that that's an enemy uniform to be alerted on.
It's like they're pit bulls that have been trained to attack what you're wearing.
Alan, do you agree with that?
A man at the FBI Academy
Uh, sent me a whole bunch of all these logos that the gangs use throughout the United States.
They're all very high occultic, masonic logos, and they all agree that these children did not invent these logos themselves.
They were done by very clever people above them, uh, to-to-to, uh, so they could join these gangs.
Gangs were very important to disrupt society, and to-to keep it going.
And then they put your child in jail for petty no reasons, then they get initiated into the gang or they get raped.
Yeah, and the police love it because the police can then recruit more cops all the time to control the whole of society.
And then they actually also recruit out-of-the-games.
Alan Watt, gotta have you back up.
Thanks for all the time.
It's a pleasure.
You bet.
We'll have you up soon again.
God bless everybody, ladies and gentlemen.
Get out there and take on the New World Order!
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.