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Air Date: July 31, 2007
2220 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The final day of July, 2007.
It is the 31st.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
I hadn't had him on in eight, nine months.
Good personal friend of mine.
Great political mind.
Colonel Craig Roberts.
And we had him on for just an hour last week.
We're going to have him on for a full two hours today to talk about an entire gamut, an entire pantheon of different important issues and most importantly to have open phones for Colonel Craig Roberts.
So that's coming up in the second and third hour today.
Big news on the microchip front, you know I talked about how I have family in the military and one of them assigned to special operations
When he was being sent over to Iraq, I was told they were going to be given microchips.
And now I ask him about it, and he says, no comment.
But again, things that they're told are classified really aren't and are available.
Tens of thousands of our troops already have implantable microchips, ladies and gentlemen.
That was what, three and a half years ago, he told me they were soon going to be getting microchips.
First, the officers.
They say certain things roll downhill.
Pentagon to implant microchips in soldiers, and this is mainstream news.
This is out of Press ESC, and that's Citizen Reporting, but when you link through in the article, it's well sourced with direct links, direct links, ladies and gentlemen, to U.S.
Amazing, at the Center for Bioelectronics, Biosensors, and Biochips at Clemson University, and then it links off into DARPA.
And they say that they are not just going to put chips under the skin of the troops, but brain chips.
And they've got photos of them and a lot more.
So that is all coming up after this first break.
We had a caller yesterday named Mario from New York who didn't believe that the cameras were being used to surveil him.
And I had a stack of news in front of me where they were admitting infrared face scanning, lip reading.
Just yesterday how they're putting the software in.
Here's one today out of the newspaper.
California City to transform red light cameras into spy cams.
We literally see 10, 15, 20, 30.
of these a day, sometimes more.
I mean, it's just federal, internationally designed, standardized grid.
They even call it a grid of control.
Going in, Dick Cheney is saying that he is a, quote, unique creature.
Refuses to say if he's part of executive branch.
So, see, he says he was executive last week.
The week before that, he said he was outside the executive.
Now he just says he's a special creature.
Yeah, cockroach, absolutely you are a special creature.
Also, Mario yesterday went into denial, that caller, about quite a few issues.
And there's also been denial by others concerning the police state here in the United States, so I thought I would cover some new developments there as well.
Also, we have
A high-level government authority official, not a servant, but a god, and I want you to know they're very lordly and over you, openly saying, openly saying, that the SPP is a good thing and that they're not going to use the military from the US to control the population and that there aren't zones being set up
Up in Canada to block any type of demonstration.
He'll be playing that audio as well.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm on the Clemson University website, C-3-B.
Envio biosensors, implantable biosensors for trauma monitoring during mass casualties.
And it says that the Department of Defense is funding them for implantable brain chips that can be quickly implanted.
They just simply attach it to the outside of the head and then put a little hole through it and implant the chip.
It's being mass produced for mass implementation.
You can go read it.
And it's so when the soldiers are hurt, they can just hook up to the brain chip and to the little port and know what's wrong with the soldier, their blood type, or their whole history.
So first they secretly implant the officers with the chips.
And you ought to go read this page.
Now remember back in 2000, a 1998 report that had been classified got leaked
by the American Federation of Scientists, and the Pentagon got very upset.
We actually reprinted some of these classified documents in my book, 9-11, Descent into Tyranny, and they're on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Just type into Google, Pentagon plan to implant microchips in troops' brains.
It should pop up for you.
And they said that first they're going to implant the public with chips, that they're going to use it in the name of security, also in the name of style, and also for compatibility for certain jobs, and that just like people didn't like pacemakers, but later they accepted it, they'll accept this, and that they would then, by 2025, have the public all implanted with brain chips, and all then entering a hive system
By the way, this was written before the movie The Matrix.
Okay, so this is all part of throwing in your face.
Now, I'm not the one saying this.
The Army says they'll be implanting you in your pod, and this is the new America.
I mean, you talk about right out of the literal pits of hell itself.
This is the most nightmarish stuff you can imagine.
And it says we'll all just be implanted and all then just go into pods.
And they're gonna have the young people going, I want my new activator chip!
It's totally rad!
That's how you hook into all the cool games and all the cool discounts and all the old people are against it.
They're not.
They're not.
Radical and futuristic and totally stylish!
It'll be just like, you know, the iPhone of the future.
And the Pentagon says this is how they're gonna sell it.
And of course, the Pentagon has this front that they're dumb and can't run anything and don't know what they're doing.
That's the low level.
That's the flypaper we're meant to get caught up in.
At the highest levels, they can shoot missiles down chimneys and through windows, and they can hijack jets by remote control and crash them into buildings.
And 30 years ago, they could have planes take off in L.A.
and land in Australia without anybody on board.
And they can fire a missile from Texas or New Mexico and have it hit an island in the Bikinis in the South Pacific.
So, Iraq is precision, the breakdown of the family is precision, the huge prisons everywhere is precision, the total unraveling of society is precision, going from
5 to 6 percent illegitimacy 50 years ago to over half now for whites, 90 plus percent with blacks, total precision, breaking Iraq up into three parts, creating sectarian violence, building permanent bases, preparing the launch of the next phase, as they said they would do, as we told you they would do a year before the war, total precision!
Number one, we need to stop buying the mainline propaganda.
Every time I'm on some national show and they're attacking me for 9-11, they go, they can't even get Iraq right!
How could they get 9-11 right?
And then they blame everything on Bush, and he just goes off into the sunset, and the next criminal comes in, and they blame it all on them, and then the next criminal comes in, while the globalist agenda moves forward.
They said 100 years ago everything they were going to do to us now, and they've done it with two words, total precision.
Let me say it again, total precision.
And they're going to set up a bigger police state, they're going to crash the economy, they're going to have released bio-weapons at limited levels, millions dead, you'll think it's huge, then there'll be bigger attacks after that, each time more police state is the answer, until finally, almost all of us are dead.
Now, this is their plan, and they're carrying it out with two words.
Total precision.
Cops, military, all of you.
You're all dead.
If they win, you're dead.
And, uh, you know, in the interim, whether it's a decade or twenty years it takes them to put all this in place, they're a little bit behind schedule.
If they're able to put all this in place, just heaven help us.
But in the interim, it's going to be mindless trendies running around, literally with ports on the sides of their heads, you know, hooking into computers.
And you're asking, well, how are they going to get us to literally ejaculation?
They just put you in a pod like some Philip K. Dick book from 30 years ago and then just slide you into your rack.
And that's just what they're saying they're going to do.
Well, it's called Wireheads, folks.
40 years ago.
Aldous Huxley talks about it in his speech.
I'm going to play parts of Huxley's speech tomorrow.
We played like 7 minutes a few weeks ago.
I'm going to play 30-40 minutes of that hour-plus speech.
Because he talks about rats 40 plus years ago with a chip in their brain, a transistor just with primitive technology into the pleasure center and the rat would just sit there hitting it 20 something thousand times a day not eating until it died.
Now they would also implant them in the rat or the mouse at the dividing point between absolute pleasure and excruciating pain and it would still creep up and hit the button.
But only a few hundred times a day not 20,000.
And, folks, once they have these implanted, you literally will have zombie forces.
And it's simple.
Go do what we say, and then you get your pleasure one hour a day.
Just excruciating pleasure.
Just untold, pure pleasure.
And your soul ends, your life ends, it all ends.
Everything humans have developed into, everything we were, our past, our heritage, everything we could have been, controlling technology, using it, maintaining our humanity, integrating it, being careful, this elite will just simply get to have their way with us.
And they're doing it.
You know, there's U.S.
companies make their employees take chips.
That's Times of London.
Mexican Attorney General makes hundreds of his employees take the chips.
It's all happening.
And it's simple.
Oh, you want to be like the Amish.
You don't want the chip.
It's fine.
You just can't work at IBM.
You just can't join the Defense Department.
You just can't work at Dell.
Oh, come on.
They're a bunch of old fogies.
You know, first you just get the chip put in your finger so you can access and activate things, but the cooler people, you know, oh, you're gotta be rich!
Hollywood's got it!
Oh, I can't afford the new IOM-12 chip upgrade!
Oh, it saved this woman!
When she had the stroke, it immediately, you know, called the authorities, and they knew what drugs to administer, and told her what to get from her new smart fridge that already was licensed to have the drugs ready, because it had already done a DNA calculation with her age variant and hormonal levels, and she was at risk for stroke.
She had it!
It accurately predicted the stroke, down to the day and hour it happened, so she was already at the hospital, and, oh, good, it did!
The new IM-12!
I must have it!
You understand how this is, and you're going to laugh now, but as you see it unfold, you will remember, remember, and then if you can remember, you won't take the augmentations, the transhuman augmentations founded by Julian Huxley, first director general of the UN and the head of the World Eugenics Society.
I'm begging you to listen to me.
I'm begging you to listen now, before this horror comes upon you.
Before your teenagers run off and, I'm 14, I'm of age to have the augmentation!
You're just backwards!
I'm gonna have it!
My friends have all got it!
And again, I don't want to get your emails, you're just afraid of technology.
No, ladies and gentlemen, it's just like firearms.
I like firearms, but I know they're a tool that can be used for ill.
Just like, I love technology, and it's a good thing overall, but it's being, the architecture of its implementation is scientifically crafted to literally rip the human community limb from limb.
Very wicked, sadistic, psychopathic geniuses who revel in destroying beauty.
I mean, I found out the type of art the elite are into in my research of them, from Schwarzenegger to the Rothschilds, and it's like, I've seen a Schwarzenegger in Germany with some famous artist, I forget his name, I didn't even put it in the film about him because the photos were too gross, of dead children and aborted babies and Schwarzeneggers looking at it going, how beautiful.
Travel to Germany just to meet with the artist and look at images of dead babies, okay?
They love death.
And I don't know how else to explain this to you, how to get this across to you.
They are coming for us.
We must rally with courage against the enemy.
And we must do it now, ladies and gentlemen.
We must do it now.
I can't believe that the public's become so dumbed down and is going along with this.
Now again, this is up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
We need to get a big report out on this.
This is important.
This is the tail.
Pentagon to implant microchips in soldiers.
The Department of Defense is planning to implant microchips in soldiers.
Brains for monitoring their health information and has already awarded a contract to the Center for Bioelectronics, Biosensors, and Biochips at Clemson University for the development of an implantable biochip.
And this isn't this front group of IBM Applied Digital, which is just meant to take the heat.
It's not even a real company.
Never made money.
Stock's basically worthless.
IBM's owned it from the start.
It's just a front.
Well, IBM literally is involved in scores of other companies really developing all this.
Apply Digital is just their PR front.
Literally just a conditioning implement.
Soldiers fear that the biochip about the size of a grain of rice, which measures and relays information on soldiers' vitals 24 hours a day, can be used to put them under surveillance even when they're off duty.
Oh, but the director of the chemical and bio
Well, we'll go over all this when we get back.
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Day after day, alone,
I'm 16.
I could get a job.
But I need the augmentation to be able to get one at the tech factory.
You know, I've got skills and they recognize those skills at the... at the... down at Dell.
Down at IBM.
And you're just holding me back.
As soon as I'm old enough, I'm getting the augmentation.
On my birthday, I'm getting the augmentation.
It's so sick.
Oh, look at that Hollywood star.
She's got the latest.
Oh, my gosh, the brain chip can also, with expert control, keep you from having hunger craving.
Oh, my God, look at the supermodel.
She's so sexy.
It's because she's got the new ZL-12 chip with a new upgrade.
Oh, it's so wonderful.
And for those of us that won't take it, they can just sprinkle it into the food with a nanotech, which they already have.
And we're talking grain size with RFID.
And we already know they're doing all manner of testing on us en masse.
And we're going to have to watch the trendies literally go into bondage.
And they're already harassing.
And you see, we can see Amish
Today are what we will be comparatively to the technology in just a few years.
They've already got CPS grabbing their kids left and right.
They're making them get driver's licenses now.
The cops are being shipped on them all over the states that they're in.
I see reports every few weeks about the poor Amish.
Amish have no instances, and there's hundreds of thousands of them by the way, no instances in Illinois and Ohio, in the areas where they're most populated with Amish, no
No autism, ever recorded, doesn't exist.
Because they're drinking out of glass and wood cups.
They're not drinking out of plastic.
Which also attacks the sperm and damages its DNA.
They're not injecting their kids with mercury.
It doesn't matter because now there's all sorts of TV shows and specials demonizing the Amish.
Well, you don't want a brain chip, you're going to be seen as backward.
And they'll show all the most beautiful women are going to just love the brain chip.
And it's going to be on TV, and it's going to give unlimited pleasure.
And there'll be all these new sexual fetishes with the electronics and the implanted nodes.
Oh, the seduction of your destruction is so laid out and so ready.
So as you see, these exact forms of conditioning
Now, even before 2000, in January 6th, when this was released and declassified, now 7 years ago, I had already surmised how they would do it, how they'd pitch everything.
They created all the major countercultures of the 60s.
How else were they going to get you on drugs and then put you in prison?
That's all now declassified.
They created all the other major trends to try to control and re-steer revolution.
They engineered the Vietnam War to be a failure by design, to break down this country internally.
They have done it, and by the way, that's now been declassified.
And they have done it all with masterful precision.
A dark force guiding all of it inexorably towards absolute hell on earth.
And it's now upon us.
The Defense Department is planning to implant microchips in soldiers' brains for monitoring their health information.
Soldiers fear that the biochip, about the size of a grain of rice, which measures and relays information on soldiers' vital signs 24 hours a day, can be used to put them under surveillance even when they are off-duty.
But Anthony Gillespie-Elli, C-3B Director and Professor of Chemical and Bio,
Eculier Engineering and Bioengineering claims that the vivo biosensors will save lives as first responders to the trauma scene can inject the biochip into the wounded victim and gather data almost immediately.
You see, that's the thing about these chips.
It goes on to say, you go to their actual university website, that you're already going to have a chip implanted in you, in your head.
They have some that are just into the skull and then it picks up brain waves and things.
And then they have others that go directly into the brain.
And they're tiny, by the way.
And then, I mean, these are light years ahead of the little transponder system that just gets powered up by a wand and then retransmits back an ID number that goes to a database.
I mean, this is the power of computing now.
It's a little bit bigger than that.
It has everything on it.
And it hooks directly into the brain.
But then also, this is for rapid injection.
Just, aah, into your brain.
He believes the device has other long-term potential applications such as monitoring astronauts' vital signs during long-duration spaceflights and reading blood sugar levels of diabetics.
Oh, how wonderful.
You can go to their website, go to prisonplanet.com, scroll down, you'll see the link under Big Brother, and then you read the story we've got posted and you can link through to theclemson.edu.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Government is best, which governs least.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
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We're good to go.
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The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
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Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act.
We're good to go.
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On a lonely, lonesome highway, on the east of Omaha, I listen to the engine moanin' out this one old song, and I think about the woman
The girl you knew the night before.
But your powers will soon be wandering, the way they always do.
When you're riding sixteen hours, there's nothing much to do.
And you don't feel much like riding, you just wish the twist was through.
We're just a year or so away from having to thumb scan to get on the internet.
And all over the U.S.
and England and Canada, thumb scanning for school lunches that I told you about 10 years ago, Pentagon Plan, is now going into place.
Let's hear a little bit more of this song.
We're good to go.
I don't know.
Welcome back.
All right.
Back to the serious news here, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, we see these literally every other day.
We're not even looking.
This is the Daily Breeze.
Headlines, school plan to scan fingerprints.
Has critics, an elementary campus in Lancaster is to use a scanner to control the lunch line.
And it goes on, elementary school in Lancaster is to use a fingerprint scanner to control the lunch line.
It was reported Sunday.
The idea is to educate and reduce the delays that occur now when children have to enter the ID numbers on a keypad to buy lunch at El Dorado School.
See, first it's you've got to enter your ID number.
They do that at universities.
Then, oh, we've got a quicker way for you.
Just like we've read the transcripts from big biometrics and other big meetings they've had, conventions.
And they'll say, well first we take out some of the checkout lines and put in self-serve, then we get rid of all of them and make you use it.
Then we add thumb scanning to verify.
Then they have to submit.
But this is how we implement it.
Our internal polling shows that 79% are very violently against this, but it doesn't matter.
Past studies show that they will finally submit.
I mean, they're not, folks, that's almost an exact quote from one of the transcripts we read many years ago on air.
I mean, they're talking about you submitting.
This is all done.
Remember last year in England, it was a big scandal?
They would tell the elementary students, line up in the lunchroom, don't tell your parents you're playing James Bond.
You're going to come up and look in this machine, and it's going to scan your eye, and you're going to take digital fingerprints.
We're playing James Bond.
Don't tell your parents.
There was no law yet in England to do that.
They didn't care.
They just entered them all.
Almost all the children in the country did it.
Parents got mad and were told, shut up.
They even sent police to their homes to intimidate them and ask, why are you asking questions?
And by the way, if you didn't know that, when you're in England now, you can go down the street videotaping pigeons, minding your own business, and cops walk over and say, I.D.
Let me see it.
right now.
Alright, and I'm entering you in a terror database.
Well, it's already started down in New York.
I've had them do it in Dallas.
See, I mean, folks, this is all done by design.
Now, the idiot cop doesn't know that, just like the idiot woman driving down the street behind doesn't know what time of day it is.
But I'm here to tell you, folks, this is going to hurt you and your family, too.
This is diabolical.
Diabolicus, ladies and gentlemen.
And it continues, the idea is to reduce the delays that occur now when children have entered their ID numbers in the keypad.
With kindergartners and first grade, even students who go away for a summer on break, there are issues with remembering their numbers, Connie Conrad said.
See, let's not teach them to remember, even if you were for the numbers, which is bad enough.
See, that's why kids can't remember now because everything's in their computers.
Connie Conrad, Director of Child Nutrition, told the Daily News.
And see, they watch the parents.
If the parents don't forget and don't put their money in their account, CPS is called.
This is a way to track what your kids are eating, what they choose.
Then they call in social workers because, oh, it shows your child's eating too much chocolate milk.
You're not educating them properly.
That's been in the news as well.
It's a lot easier not to have a crying child trying to get their name from them.
The American Civil Liberties Union has expressed concern.
They always express concern and do nothing.
Anytime we collect biometric data, it creates a huge danger that the data can end up misplaced or someone else can get a hold of it.
So they always make it about that debate, not why in the world are we doing this?
Or, this was a MIT control grid designed 21 years ago and now put into place with high-tech upgrades.
This whole thing is Pentagon designed.
They admit it.
It's all Pentagon designed.
Just like the Pentagon announced last week, oh, we're going to have a global matrix that watches every person in real time.
Off of your purchases, your internet surfing, what you do.
And with the RFID, just like Google, search engines track everything in real time and cyberspace.
This is used to track all the real products that have the RFID in cyberspace.
Now integrating it for a total Pentagon World Control System.
If that isn't beefed, I don't know what is.
Are you starting to understand this, ladies and gentlemen?
Are you starting to fathom?
And I remember six, seven years ago, Microsoft started putting standards
In all of their computers, that is in their operating systems, the program for keyboards to be biometrically accessed with the index finger or the thumb.
Then about three years ago, many of the computer standards started coming with them.
And I've been in businesses, I've seen most businesses now log in and out or get the cash register to open, or dealers, department stores, HEBs, the employees, now in selected areas, they're making the customers do it.
Workout, you know, gyms are doing it.
Restaurants are doing it.
Oh, we've got to verify your check.
Remember they started with, remember 10 years ago, the ink pad that had a red sticker on the top and an image of a thumbprint in the banks?
Now those are being replaced with actual thumb scanners that also have a red dot.
It's all Pavlovian conditioning.
And if you were to turn those ink pads over, it will say paid for by the Biometrica
And consortium biometric companies have paid for 10 years for free ink pads to get you used to putting your thumb down.
Just Pavlovian psych... This is admitted!
This is... Do you understand that coal... I mean, listen... I mean, cops out there listening.
Do you like being played like this?
You think you're part of the system?
I mean, do you realize how diabolical that is?
How they're literally conditioning a nation?
And see, I have this knowledge because I've studied it, and I don't have the writers, the time, the energy to put it all down.
I wish listeners would listen to this whole 45 minutes I've been ranting, or 42 minutes, 50 seconds, and would take all these data points, type in keywords on everything I say, you'll find it in Replicant, and then create articles with just hyperlinks to everything I say being documented.
Because I don't have the time or energy to do it, and we don't have the AI computers like the enemy does to put it together.
We need you organically to respond as a mass organism against the New World Order.
Biomechanical flesh is more powerful than them, ladies and gentlemen, and the psyches and the dynamic human spirit literally crafted over eons and designed from the foundations of the earth.
We're literally part of the earth.
We can defeat them.
We've got to tap into our survival mechanism and start literally broadcasting in our very actions, in our very spirit,
At every level that we are going to resist this, and have a light of God shining through us to stand against this, or there will be no flesh spared, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a cancer taking over.
They're moving against us!
It's all been laid, it's all been crafted.
They're brainwashing the children, where they're searched and checked and prodded and thumb scanned and face scanned and metal detectors.
This is the future.
And they want this control grid so they can literally gut us, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, my God, if from Chicago to New York they're already feeding little kids pesticides and CPS kids they take until they die.
I mean, they're killing kids right now and it even comes out in New York Daily News and no one stops them.
I mean, they're murdering children in public.
These people are doing that to set precedence.
They even put that stuff out in the news on purpose.
They even go to the Chicago Tribune, I'm convinced, to admit they run giant child kidnapping rings, just to throw it out and say, and there's nothing you can do to stop us, we even got lobbyists on the Hill.
I mean, they, they, they are sick!
By the way,
I am trying to raise the money to have our own networks, our own websites, and our own big content distribution networks.
Because we're going to need this in the near future to supply our own videos to you.
Right now we can't afford it.
Because YouTube and Google Video and all this are not going to be around long.
There is a, no exaggeration, hundred-plus front war right now on the web.
They're hitting it with taxation, with state taxation, with regulation, with shutdowns of the major hubs, with force over to Internet 2 without even really telling people it's already started, with peer-to-peer transfers being blocked, all just hundreds of things are being done.
I told you about how Microsoft put the software in six and a half, seven years ago.
Uh, now it's coming out.
Now you see all the new Macs have cameras and microphones built in.
Every other PC brand, I was at the store last week, had microphones or cameras built in that I saw.
Uh, they admit they're remotely accessing that whenever they want, but don't worry, only AI systems watch you and listen to you, and then collate the data as if that's okay.
See, that shit right there is just out of this world.
But it's so bold, you tell the average person, they just laugh at you.
Doesn't matter that it's all been announced.
YouTube video fingerprinting due in September.
This is the registered major technology publications.
And YouTube has announced that they're going to unveil FBI quality video fingerprinting technology in September.
And that's all going on.
Start trying to block everything.
They're talking about making people thumb scan to get on the Internet.
That was just being discussed last week in Congress.
We covered that.
Literal fingerprinting.
By confusion, this is video fingerprinting, not literal fingerprinting.
But they are integrating the literal fingerprinting.
It is just absolutely incredible what's happening.
And then the Pentagon just announces, yeah, we want to put brain chips in the troops.
And then it just gets to the point where
I see articles where a company forces its employees to all take them.
Well, you don't have to work here.
We're not making you.
Just, you know, if you want the job, you've got to do it.
And it gets to the point where I'm so used to, you know, covering this that I get conditioned or I'm not even going to talk about it.
That's why they drone on every day on TV about this stuff.
Just to acclimate you.
Even if you don't like it, you still get accustomed to it.
Folks, you've got to study basic psychology.
You've got to study basic psychology.
Because they are using it on you with devastating effect.
And I see the guys with the, keep the troops in Iraq.
I love Sean Hannity stickers.
And I just feel sorry for you, because they're well-meaning guys.
You'll see them driving along with a self-satisfied look.
They're feeling good about themselves, and boy.
And they just, it's just, they just don't know this is meant to hurt the troops.
It's meant to hurt America's image.
It's meant to blow out our currency.
The people running the war are destroying the country.
It's by design.
They are the enemies.
And they're just like Germans in Nazi Germany.
Most of them were good people.
I studied them.
They meant well.
I don't mean actual SS officers, but the general German people, the general soldiers.
They didn't know.
They didn't understand.
And I don't know what to say to you.
The people running things now literally make Hitler look like a low-grade moron.
I mean, this is like Einstein compared to some poor retarded child.
That is the separation here in intellect and evil.
And I've read Hitler's writings, and I've read Mein Kampf three times, and I've listened to Hitler's speeches translated.
I know all about Hitler, folks.
And let me tell you right now, Hitler literally is a low-grade moron.
It's the equivalent of a dog to Einstein.
And all I can do is sit here and if I've got any skills, it's not even oratory, it's not even...
It is that I am able to look at hundreds of complex, thousands of complex pieces of data and literally weave them together into a clear vision of the overall plan.
I can organically reverse engineer enemy operations but now there's not even a need to do this anymore because they admit much of what they're doing.
It's just separated in different compartments and I just simply integrate it together and I'm able to
Then present what they're doing.
But now, I've been rendered passé and obsolete.
Because now, it is right out in the open.
Their current phase is now right out in the open.
So I'm telling you, we are in a mayday, mayday, mayday emergency.
And I don't want to get up here every week and say mayday, mayday, mayday and have it lose its effect.
Folks, we are in... We basically have got this giant anaconda wrapped around us like we're a little pig, squeezing the life right out of us right now.
And I'm telling you, if you're a little pig, just fight to the death.
At least bite the anaconda who's got its coil around your face.
At least kick and squeal and try to call in your mama to come gore the snake, which I've actually read about accounts of that.
That's why I bring that analogy up.
And get the piglet loose.
I mean, I just sit here squealing, squealing, squealing, squealing, folks, and we are the piglet.
And I don't know what to say to you.
And you giggle and you snicker and you laugh and it's all real funny.
Folks, this isn't funny.
These people mean business.
They mean to kill us.
And I don't say that as hyperbole.
Let me say it again to you.
This is what they've sworn to do.
This is what they're setting up.
This is what they're doing.
Do you understand?
Police officers, military, everybody, please look at the evidence.
Check into what I'm saying.
It's true.
It's true.
Just look at the evidence.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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We're good to go.
Yeah, this song is the opposite of what we're becoming.
Totally dependent, under centralized control.
With the technology run by very evil people.
Let's play a little bit of this and I'll get into some more news.
I live back in the woods, you see A woman and the kids and the dogs and me I got a shotgun, a rifle and a four-wheel drive And a country boy can survive Country folks can survive
I can plow a field all day long.
I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn.
We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too.
Ain't too many things these old boys can't do.
We grow good old tomatoes and homemade wine and country boy can survive.
Because you can't starve us out, and you can't make us run.
Those wooden old boys raised on shotguns.
We say grace, we say man.
If you ain't into that, well don't give a damn.
We came from the West Virginia coal mines, and the Rocky Mountains, and the Western strides.
And we can skin a bus, we can run a trot line, and a country boy can survive.
Country folks can survive!
I had a good friend in New York City.
He never called me by my name, just Hillbilly.
My grandpa taught me how to live off the land, and his taught him to be a businessman.
He used to send me pictures of the Broadway nights, and I'd send him some homemade wine.
But he was killed by a man with a switchblade knife.
For $43 my friend lost his life.
I'd love to spit some beach nuts in that dude's eyes.
And shoot him with my old .45.
Cause a country boy can survive.
Country folks can survive.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I appreciate you joining us today.
I appreciate all our affiliates, all of our listeners, everybody.
Before I end this hour and come back with Colonel Craig Roberts to do part two, too much to talk about in just one hour last week, I do hope you'll support us.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You can't starve us out and you can't make us run.
We're here to fight the New World Order and our fight has just begun.
I had him on for an hour last week.
It wasn't enough time.
We're going to talk about 30 minutes today and then take calls.
For the second half of the show, coming up in 30 minutes.
In fact, that's a toll-free number to join us on air, any issue.
The JFK assassination, the fait complete, the coup de grace, admitted to the government, killed him now.
And of course, Colonel Roberts' book, written many years ago, turned out to be one of the most accurate, if not the most accurate out there, according to one of the top hitmen's own confessions.
E. Howard Hunt, we can talk about Oklahoma City, which I want to do first, the new developments there, with Jesse Trinidou, the lawyer, whose brother was tortured to death, and we'll also get into all the police state activities that are happening.
I've got a clip we're going to play later, in New York a few weeks ago, where the police are telling people to turn their cameras off first, and they say no, and then they say you're our public servants, and they say no, we don't serve the public.
And I have cops on video, in the black,
Darth Vader outfits, out there with the machine guns, as if that's going to stop a real terrorist.
You know, with a truck bomb or something.
Even if they did exist, it's ridiculous.
It's intelligence that would do that.
You know, action on the ground, preemptively.
But the side issue, it's just amazing.
And they just go, no, we don't serve you.
No, I don't serve you.
No, we don't serve the public.
So, quite a corner to turn.
Of course, Craig Roberts was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, worked in intelligence.
He, of course, was a Marine Corps sniper in Vietnam.
Well-decorated and, of course, wrote a best-selling book about it.
One of the premier experts in sniping.
A lot of the techniques he then codifies in that book have been adopted.
And, of course, he was also on the SWAT team there in the city.
He lived there in Oklahoma.
And at the same time, he of course investigated the Oklahoma City bombing and exposed a lot of that.
Also a helicopter pilot for the police department there in Tucson.
Was in quite a crash.
We were getting to tell that crash story one time.
And that's basically that.
But just out of the gates, Craig, it's good to have you on with us.
Tulsa, not Tucson.
Tucson, I know.
Listen, I'm having problems with my brain today.
I was up until three again working.
Yeah, I gotta watch you like a hawk.
No, you worked in Egypt for the Ayatollah of Japan.
Well, that was just before I was a Mexican admiral in the Portuguese Navy.
I know, as soon as I said Tucson, I knew that was Arizona.
Tulsa and Tucson, you can see how you get those.
Some place with a T and a U in there somewhere.
Hey, let's get serious here for a minute.
I'm going to play this video later that you haven't seen, but what do you think of cops in New York when people politely say, hey, don't you work for us?
Don't you work for the people?
And they go, no, we don't work for the people.
We're not public servants.
Well, you know, there are some cities that just absolutely flabbergast me on how some of their officers talk to the public and get away with it and have for years.
You wouldn't get away with that here.
That wouldn't happen in a heartbeat in the central part of the United States.
That wouldn't happen in Tucson?
Well, I don't know about Tucson.
I'm joking.
It's a joke.
It's a joke.
Do you tell jokes?
I didn't know you did.
I'm doing it now with you.
Anyway, you and I are the only guys on your show that ever have any fun with it.
Everybody else is so serious it gives people bad dreams and heart attacks, but we lighten it up because we end up winning in the end.
You've got to do that.
We found out in combat, if you lose your sense of humor, then you're going to lose, period.
You've got to keep your sense of humor up on all this stuff, because that's the gasoline that drives everything else.
Keep your morale up.
Well, exactly.
I'll get real serious, but then next I'll joke around, because you've got to... I mean, that really does... you fuel everything.
You've got to, because if you don't keep maintaining a sense of humor, you go nuts with this stuff.
Oh, it does.
Like you said before, it is so serious right now, it's incredible.
And so many things are happening all at once, it just makes you feel like you're overwhelmed and surrounded.
But like old Chesty Puller used to say in the Marine Corps, I like them to surround me because I can attack in any direction.
Colonel Roberts, stay there.
Let's come back, get into Oklahoma City.
We ran out of time last week to cover the new developments there that you've been all over and in the middle of for years since it happened 12 years ago.
And then we'll get into the geopolitical scene, what's happening with the dollar.
We'll get into all these food recalls, the mad cow, the botulism, because you've researched all of it.
And we'll take calls.
Stay with us.
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After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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Best-selling author of One Shot, One Kill.
He's written many other books that have done quite well.
Like The Medusa File, just an expert analysis of a large chunk of history with the New World Order.
You literally can't put it down.
It's a thick book, but it's broken into sections.
We carry that at InfoWars.com.
Also, his book on the JFK assassination, Killzone, A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza.
And that's available right now on Infowars.com as well.
There's been new Oklahoma City developments since I last had him on, and to just briefly recap those for the listeners, Jesse Trinidou found out his brother died in the federal prison, in the federal jail, and when he got him, they were trying to cremate him, he'd been tortured from end to end.
I mean, electrical burns, cuts, his throat slit, just every inch of him was black and blue.
And it was because he looked like somebody who the Feds believe was John Doe number two, including even the dragon tattoo.
And I remember years ago, Craig Robertson had mentioned this case, and even when he mentioned it, I wasn't aware of what he was talking about.
That was probably five, six years ago.
Then about three years ago, Trinity broke a lot of this news nationally in the papers up in Salt Lake City, where he lives.
And he was able to sue the federal government, he was able to get in,
They wouldn't let the media get in to see Terry Nichols, but he was able to get in because he was a lawyer.
And Nichols requested and said that he would be his counsel.
And he did a deposition and said, look, McVeigh was a fed.
He'd been brought into covert operations and sheep dipped.
He had said that they were going to bomb a building, that they changed it to OKC because it had a daycare, and that he was tracking the militias, and that he was part of a secret assassination squad.
And that they were basically creating front groups, you know, going around creating a ledger, as Craig Robertson said, with the white supremacists in Elohim City and Andre Stroessmeier, the known CIA operative.
A classic operation.
He went to Waco, he went to gun shows, he was, you know, trying to create a history of being with that rising patriot movement that they wanted to demonize by binding up with bank robbers and white supremacists that it has nothing to do with in 95% of the cases.
And so,
That all broke, and it turned out that Nichols tried to go in 2004 to John Ashcroft to give him all this info, and Ashcroft responded by putting a media gag order on Terry Nichols.
So Craig Roberts, first off, just a nutshell from your research, working on the case, doing detective work on the case, walk us through in a nutshell what really happened, as if we're laymen, and then get into the more complex issues of Oklahoma City, and then bring us up to speed on
What this new info means and how it hooks into the larger investigation and if it brings in any more clarity to an already pretty clear picture despite some of the black ops smoke screens of what really happened.
Well you know there's so many things that happened all at once.
I've never seen a case like it before because it was like you're standing in the middle of a crossroads and all these rabbit trails ran off every direction and they all seemed to be coming to the same spot but they weren't necessarily connected to each other.
It was incredible.
That was Oklahoma City.
Of course, you know, we all know the initial deal on 902 AM on the 19th of April, 1995.
There was a reported gas explosion in Oklahoma City.
It later became a car bomb, then it became a truck bomb, then it became a bigger truck bomb, and then it was a moving van bomb, and so on down the line.
And on that Wednesday, I was on my way to work, and it seemed the first incident on the news, and then picked up the rest after I got to work.
Our bomb squad called us and wanted to know if we'd fly the helicopter down there and take their bomb robot down to the ruins to help look for more devices and stuff, but as it turned out, the robot was too big to fit in our helicopter, so we ended up hooking them up with the National Guard with a Blackhawk.
So I didn't get in on it until Friday when I was notified by the local FBI office that they asked if I could help and track down any leads that I might come up with on this thing because they didn't really have anything.
Now to be clear, people will say, oh that means the FBI is good or that means Roberts is in with them.
No, the FBI is departmentalized.
There are good people in there in local offices.
Go ahead.
Right, and I knew a couple of the guys here in the local office.
I've worked with them in the past and they were pretty heads up guys.
But the problem was later, jumping ahead and I'll have to jump around on this because that's the way the case worked, is that all of the local offices got compartmentalized out of the case and they brought other people in who spent all of their time doing cover-ups and creating a massive paperwork that just obscured everything and intimidating witnesses and destroying evidence.
You know, we watched this happen over and over and over again and they created trails that went off to no place.
In fact, I even talked to the guy I was assigned to work with, and one day, this was a few months in the investigation, and I said, look, I'm seeing a repeat here, like a blueprint operation.
I said, let me ask you something.
I said, in 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated, the Dallas office of the FBI was sent by the Washington office, hither and on, to interview all kinds of people who had nothing to do with anything, and just generate a lot of paperwork, and make it look like there's a huge investigation going on.
You know, it's like, Agent So-and-so, go out to Denton, Texas, and interview Aunt Matilda, and find out what she was doing, and saw that day.
I mean, it's just nonsense stuff.
And that's a tactic, because then the media gets all those FBI files, and then goes down rabbit trails.
Yeah, and they can't find anything.
I mean, like, Trinidad's got to go through 10,000 documents to find one that means anything.
Because of all this junk that they generate.
They say the biggest investigation we ever did to date, and we got, you know, 20 billion pieces of paper or whatever.
Well, yeah, I mean, anybody can do that, but it doesn't mean anything.
You know, what's the meat of the matter?
Well, I asked him, I said, is this the same thing that's happening in Oklahoma City?
He looked at me and he said, pretty much.
So basically... And that's an FBI agent?
Yeah, they were relegated to do other things, stay out of the way, or investigate stuff that really was inconsequential.
I was not handcuffed like that.
He told me with kind of a wink and a nod, he said, you keep driving on, you're going the right direction.
Because I was turning, you know, everything I found out I'd give them copies of.
Well, the one thing they wanted me to do was check on McVeigh.
Find out if he'd ever been to Oklahoma, who he'd been with, anything.
Had he camped out here on a campground, had he attended any militia meetings, all this sort of stuff.
Now let's explain why your department, since you were somewhat of a celebrity with all these best-selling books and books on espionage, and you'd already had all sorts of different things go on in the past, so that's why they sent you.
Well, interestingly, my department didn't send me.
The FBI requested me.
That's right.
uh... and i and i had just got back from washington the week before from testified before congress for the second amendment and against brady too and because of that the liberal chief of police we had at the time was uh... extremely irritated with me but you know i i'd twenty-something years on my really care attacks at twenty six years on that time and and i was kind of a loose cannon anyways not that anybody would believe that
And we had just had a running gun battle in the newspaper about several issues, and I ended up winning in the end, but in the end, when you're not the chief of police, you don't really win.
You know, they hammer you with something else.
Well, it's, you know, a week later, you hear the FBI calls.
Me, personally, because the chief of station here had read Killzone, and he'd read a couple other of my books, and Medusafile wasn't out yet.
And he said, look, you've got contacts we can't even buy.
He said, you know, you can go places we can't go, and out in the Patriot community, you know, these people I already know respect you.
He said, can you, you know, check around and see what you can find out about this McVeigh character, because we've got him in jail in Perry, but we don't know anything about him.
Because this is just day three.
This is on Friday.
And I said, well, I will if you'll do one thing.
I said, you're going to have to go through the chief's office and you're going to have to get me officially assigned to the case.
And that's the smartest thing I ever did because it would come back to haunt me later when I started turning over rocks that they didn't want turned over.
So I officially got assigned to the case and I still had to do my regular job and then work that on the side.
But you know, when you're a helicopter pilot, you can, you know, you're on the ground a lot.
So I was able to, and it was the infancy of the internet then too.
And I was able to, to make some contacts on the internet with people and, and they started putting information out.
Some of the things that went out were, I put out information, you know, if you want to, if you know anything about this case, not just McVeigh or, we didn't even know Nichols yet, I said, or anything else, I said, anything at all, I don't care who you are, if you want to remain anonymous, here's my office phone number.
Call me.
If you don't want to talk to the feds, you can talk to me, I'll do an anonymous report and turn it over to them for whatever it's worth.
And then we'll go from there, because I know some people would talk to me, but they don't want their name, they're afraid, you know?
So, this went out in about a week, week and a half later.
Interestingly enough, I got a phone call, and the guy said that he was a federal agent, but he wasn't FBI, and he wasn't CIA, which left IRS and DEA.
He said he was in Little Rock, and that if I looked real close, the answer to the case would come on what happened the first hour, or the second hour, or whatever it was on day one.
And I said, what are you talking about?
And he said, well look up what happened then.
He said, the whole thing revolves around what was in the building.
And I'm thinking people or offices, you know.
And he said, we did an investigation on the Clintons and on the Iran-Contra stuff and the cocaine smuggling.
He says, and all those records were taken to Oklahoma City.
He says, what happened on day one?
I says, well, they pulled everybody back after they said they found another device.
Well, there's video news footage of them running out with those filing cabinets.
Yeah, but pulling out files and putting them on these box ambulances.
He said, that's what you need to look at.
Yeah, they weren't even getting victims.
They were running out with files.
They pulled everybody back and left victims trapped in the rubble.
And the only reason we know that this happened for sure is there's a fireman up on the sixth floor who didn't come down and he saw this happen and he reported it later.
So, that was, you know, because you ask why all of a sudden...
Does the Justice Department decide they really don't want to pursue this case beyond Nichols and McVeigh?
And I think the answer is, if you did, you'd have to go find out what these files were and why they were so important.
People always get confused.
Now, let's be clear.
Like with 9-11, they say, well, why would they blow those up?
Oh, they did it for records.
Or was it for insurance?
Or was it for war?
They also pick places to carry out false flag events where it also aids them in getting rid of something else, too.
They cluster things.
A member of the Israeli Defense Intelligence Agency came and talked to me.
He happened to be in Tulsa at that time.
He called me and said, I need to talk to you.
I went over there and he plugged in a videotape showing building after building after building.
The Middle East had been blown up the same way to get rid of what was inside of them that we've never seen in this country.
This happens over there all the time.
He says, if Middle Easterners are involved in this, and this is the key I want to make, because sometimes we get shunned off into this Elephant City false deal, but he said, if Middle Easterners are involved in this, they'll take out a whole building to get rid of what's inside it.
He says, this is an exact mark of Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad, and he named off several others.
And again, we've got the Black Ops Squad, the Clintons, have got Arabs on the scene who have been brought in by Bush and Clinton from the Iraq War.
We've got the white supremacist, Link, all a smokescreen.
Stay there, we'll be right back.
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Craig Roberts investigating the Oklahoma City bombing.
All this new stuff's come out.
Walk us through this, because I was talking to you during the break, and it goes right back to the government, right back to George Bush Sr.
Please continue.
Well, you know, what we couldn't figure out was, we had eyewitnesses at the scene who saw Middle Easterners.
They saw them standing in front of the front door of the building, two guys in blue jogging suits, and they held the parking place for McVeigh to drive up in the Ryder truck.
Two people got out of the Ryder truck, and we now know that there might be possibly three, but we won't know until we get our hands on the videotape, if we ever can.
There's actually two or three videotapes.
We know McVeigh got out.
We also know another guy got out of the Middle Eastern Extraction, who Janey Davis says is a guy named Al Hussainy Hussain, or Hussain Al Hussainy, depending on which ID card you read, and that he was involved in a group
Of twelve guys that we know of and can name, and did name to the FBI in reports, that were directly tied to Iraq.
They were former Republican Guards.
One of them was a Lieutenant Republican Guard, captured west of Basra, and brought to this country with 3,500 or more Iraqis, POWs that surrendered to us, that we brought over here instead of sending back and settled all over the country in ten and twelve man groups, which
It's a real convenient way to have terrorist cells all over the place.
This was done during the Bush Senior and the Clinton Administration, both, through Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania.
So I'm looking at all this and going, something's just not right here.
And we've got all this Middle Eastern stuff, and by, I think it's Sunday, they raided Nichols' brother's farm.
They'd found Nichols by then, he'd already turned himself in, and then they raided his brother's farm up in Michigan.
And all of a sudden, the news media comes out with this big blitz campaign against the right wing, the militia, radio talk show host, ad infinitum.
Uh, and totally ignores all of the Middle Eastern connection that we've got.
It's all the right wing, it's all the militia, it's all these wackos out here with guns and so on and so forth.
We had absolutely no evidence going that direction.
We had no evidence of any militia or militia member being involved in this thing or anything else.
So, I knew there was something wrong.
Well, I wanted to know what was happening here because this was ruining the case.
This is not where we were, you know, we were going.
And so I started doing some checking through my media contacts, and they were coming out of two places.
All this press release and this pressure on Washington, on the Justice Department, was coming out of the Southern Poverty Law Center, down there with Morris Dease.
Which, interestingly enough, crops up later on in the Trinidad.
Yeah, you said that ten years later.
I mean, you said that ten years ago.
Ten years later, now the documents have come out incriminating them.
Talk about that now.
Okay, well, the Trinidad comes up with documents that he puts together, and it looks like they had someone inside of Elohim City before this thing ever happened, and they knew in advance that something was going to happen.
And we think that someone may have been Andrew Strassmeyer.
And, you know, I mean, if we jump to Strassmeier, there's another strange case.
But before I do that, let me... Well, it's now admitted he was brought in by the CIA, and then we have Jane Graham, the head of HUD, seeing him and one other white guy planting large sticks of gray butter.
They're putting what she calls putty
And cable between the putty on the columns in the parking area.
So we got Arabs running around brought in by the government, we've got white supremacist camps, and then we've got all of this swirling around, and then a connection to the Philippines right back to Bin Laden and CIA.
If you follow Nichols, he made we don't know how many trips to the Philippines, to Cebu City in Manila, and he met with members of Abu Sayyaf, including a guy named Sheikh Khalid Mohammed,
Who was Osama Bin Laden's left-hand man out of Pakistan.
And we follow Bin Laden, and before he had Al-Qaeda, he was working for the CIA against the Russians in Afghanistan with what they call the Foreign Arab Group.
And they were being financed by opium being grown by the Northern Alliance.
I mean, it's the same old ballplayers, you know, wearing different uniforms.
And then they use Al-Qaeda in 1998 to attack the Serbs, and that's admitted.
Boy, Al-Qaeda really is always helping.
Now Al-Qaeda in Iraq is admittedly attacking Iran, but then they say Iran is Al-Qaeda when they're really Shiite.
How dumb do they think the public is?
Well, they think we're pretty dumb.
I mean, this stuff comes out, and it's, blame everything on the boogeyman, you know?
We don't know who he is, but we know he's big, he's ugly, he's out there.
That's kind of the direction that went.
Well, we followed it to the Philippines, but then we go the other direction, and I got a call one day from my Fed contact, and he says, have you ever heard of Elohim City?
And I said, no.
Where's that at?
He says, in Oklahoma.
I said, well, I've been here for 40 years and I've never heard of it.
I said, where's it supposed to be?
He says, well, we're not sure, but we think it's in eastern Oklahoma.
Well, I got out the map.
It's not on the map, you know.
And I started checking around.
I couldn't find anything about it.
And it was later, the media started coming up with
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Elizabeth Border, author of the two book set, America Attacked and Chaos and Chemtrails.
I wrote these books because I believe that every American should have the vital chemtrails research info.
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Look at your young men fighting Look at your women crying Look at your young men dying The way they've always done before
Back in the 70s, we had more than 130 bombings.
Killing police, military, you name it.
In the United States.
And because they were real terror attacks,
The media was encouraged to play it down and not even cover it.
In many cases, not even covering it.
And so the average American isn't aware of it.
Now you have attacks when they're government-sponsored, and it is unending hype, unending hysteria.
We've got to change the way we live.
We've got to submit.
It's obvious who the terrorists are and who's using the terrorism.
And bottom line, from all of my years studying this, and we have one of the experts on right now, it's classic blackout.
You've got backup teams, you've got, you know, is it the Corsicans, you know, is it the Italian mob, is it the Cubans, is it the... And then of course it's all those people hired by the larger group, i.e.
Black Ops, CIA, shadow government.
And in this case, you've got these Iraqis, you've got connections with funding right through the CIA through Bin Laden, you've got white supremacists in the background who it's admitted are CIA brought in and protected,
When Arabs are flying out of the country with jogging suits and bomb materials, they're told to be released by the Clintons.
All of this with the white guys inside planting the bombs, seen in the maintenance shaft that she'd take to get up to work quicker and for exercise.
Jane Graham there at HUD on the top floor.
And so basically, and Craig Roberts, tell me if you think I'm wrong on this, but from all the intel I've got, and this is the way they've worked in the past,
If something would have gone wrong, they would have then grabbed some Arab and said that they were behind it.
But the plan A was to go with, after they got the official story out, that it was the evil militias are attacking us and we've got to take all the guns and bring in the New World Order.
And Oklahoma, of course, had passed a legislative law to not support the UN integration and not support the New World Order and North American Union and the rest of it.
And so they were very mad at Oklahoma as well, and it was to get the heartland in line.
Clinton couldn't get his crime bill passed.
What do you say to that take?
Well, you know, when I was in Washington that year on the 4th and 5th of April, I talked to congressmen.
I was before the subcommittee on the Judiciary in there.
I talked to all kinds of other people in Washington.
No one on that side of the Potomac had ever heard of a militia.
No one knew anything about it.
I said, you know, you guys, you don't understand all these gun laws.
Your passing just one after another is scaring everybody across the country.
You go out in the Midwest, everybody's got guns and they're looking at you like, you know, you're a bunch of Yankees out here who are out of contact with reality and you want to disarm us and we're not going to put up with it.
So what they do is they form groups and they form militias and they do it under what they think the Constitution allows them to do.
And they're going, you're crazy.
That can't be happening.
So jump from there to two weeks later,
And all of a sudden, the militias are at fault.
They knew about it all along, and they're going to go after them, and they're going to go after the guns, and they're going to pass more gun laws, and so on and so forth.
And immediately following that, what else did we have?
We had the Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1995 get passed.
It had been on hang fire forever.
And they ramrodded that thing through on the tail of this.
So what they do is they use the Reichstag fire mentality to put a scare in everybody.
And they say, we've got to do this.
Just like the Patriot Act, we've got to do this.
We've got to get it through.
And they overreact to the whole thing.
And if you look at the original draft of that ominous Crime Control Act, if you remember back, Alex, they had stuff in there that was absolutely incredible.
Not only did they have the extended magazine ban,
And the assault weapons ban and a whole bunch of other stuff like that.
But they had a deal in there to hire Hong Kong policemen and bring them to this country and make police officers out of them because Hong Kong was getting ready to revert to the Red Chinese.
They had plans and they had a law in there that said it was a federal offense with a death sentence for an American to kill a foreign national on U.S.
Now stop and think about that for a minute.
Murder laws all over the place.
But this one was a federal offense to kill a foreign national on U.S.
Now, that's not some German terrorist landing at Miami that gets mugged.
What they're talking about here, I think, in my mind, it's a blanket coverage that says if they brought in
uh... you know chinese u-n troops or rwandan u-n troops or whatever and they got out here in your part of the country or my part of the country and somebody says we're not going to have these guys running around telling us what to do and uh... so you go shoot them or you go whack them then the next thing you know you're facing a federal offense by our own government for resisting borders you know for for uh... repelling borders and and so that's the only that's the only thing that's the only feature of that that i could figure out what was happening so all of these things were coming in on the table of oklahoma city
Plus, the media onslaught was incredible, got totally away from every piece of evidence we did have, and went in directions where we had no evidence whatsoever.
So we ended up looking at this Elohim City thing, and of course they went back to when there was the Covenant Arm and Sword of the Lord group over in Arkansas, and Richard Snell that ended up being executed the very same day, and then picked up by Robert Millar and brought back to Elohim City and buried.
Reverend Millar buried him.
And so I started researching the city through my own contacts and come to find out most of them are family members, most of them are related or interrelated or intermarried.
They stayed pretty much to themselves and never really bothered anybody until a guy named Andrew Strassmeyer showed up one day and he was brought in through Texas and ends up there and he tells them that
He wants to help them defend themselves so they don't become another Waco.
Well, if I had never heard of this place, I'll guarantee nobody else had ever heard of this place.
So how are they going to be another Waco?
You always got to watch the guy that shows up to be the head of your security and then wards everyone off to protect you.
But I tell you, these hillbillies buy into it every time.
Well, and he tells them, you know, sell your deer rifles and buy SKS's and when we get out here, I'll show you how to march and I'll show you how to patrol.
And we'll do all this stuff and so we start checking on him and he turns out to be a lieutenant in the Panzer Grenadiers and his dad was the secretary for Helmut Kohl.
uh... it was you know uh... uh... popular in government uh... it has come out he's not a little german intelligence that's in mainstream news yeah and and and we're finding this out back then i'm saying that you know this this dog don't hunt there's something wrong you know we got german intelligence we got bin laden connections we got iraqis brought in by bush senior and clinton we got people inside the building this is an international crime network carrying this attack up order and it gets deeper we got dennis may on who was a nobody he was a rabble rouser he was the uh...
Grand Dragon of the KKK in Tulsa for years and then later gets mixed up with the war, the White Area Resistance, which is Metzger out of Kirtland, Idaho.
And by the way, it just came out a few months ago, front page of the Miami Herald, that they have this big, huge rally and it turned out feds were running it, the skinheads.
Folks, I've been to these rallies, they're complete feds.
Well, most of them up there, the rallies, five guys show up.
You know, they got more deputies guarding the road than they got guys that show up.
Metzger, it turns out, his whole White Aryan resistance, we find out, is pretty much owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
I'm going, what?
What are you talking about?
I went up to Coeur d'Alene... And now the documents have come out!
I mean, they were handled... Well, then, that goes right back to Israel, Craig.
I mean, you talk about Southern Poverty Law Center... Well, because they're connected to Abe Foxman with the... I'm really getting sick of this.
Yeah, with the, you know, the...
That bunch over there.
But what really bothered me, or what I thought was hilarious, I went up to Coeur d'Alene to investigate that end of it, and up to Sandpoint, that area.
And what it was, was at one time, Metzger and his whole group gets sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center and loses the lawsuit.
Now, you've got Metzger and three or four little old ladies that stuff envelopes and make a newsletter to send out to all these skinheads.
They send dues in, and the dues are intercepted, and it goes over to the lawsuit.
And then they implode the whole facility and give it right over to the people that owned it to begin with.
No, it's just incredible.
Well, then we find out that Strassmeier was brought into this country, but we don't know if it was the S.P.L.C.
or whoever brought him in, but we do know that when he was taken out of the country,
Even though, and Trinidad got these documents, the documents showed that the FBI knew that he'd left Oklahoma and he was hiding up at Kurt Lyons' place up in Black Mountain, North Carolina.
And Kurt Lyons was a lawyer who defended the Waco survivors, and they all got 40 years.
He did such a good job.
And he was the one, you know, he did all the right-wing, and I say right-wing, it's not really right-wing at all, it's National Socialist, he does all this
Law work for the KKK and all these wacko outfits.
And then he, in turn, hides Strassmeier out.
Now, wait a minute.
Trinidad comes up with documents showing that what he believes is that the Southern Poverty Law Center was getting information from Strassmeier and they had possibly been instrumental in placing him into Elohim City through a family named Eaton, E-A-T-O-N.
At the same time, this is going on, when he goes to L.A.
City, there's a guy named George Eaton, who is putting out a newsletter that was really amateur, it looked like it was cranked off of a mimeograph machine, about all kinds of New World Order stuff, and all kinds of U.N., you know, 10,000 Russian troops hiding, you know, in the suburbs of Denver, and I mean, all this stuff he was putting out.
Yeah, they always put out this info to then discredit us.
Then they take it to gun shows, and what he does is he gives them away free, and he has you sign up for the newsletters.
Well, where does that list go?
Well, he was in Ponderay, Idaho when he first started these newsletters out.
He ends up disappearing from there, and he shows up in Uniontown, Arkansas, which is right across the border from Elohim City.
During the investigation, David Hoffman and I, who David wrote the book, Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror,
David and I went down to Dallas and we interviewed a gal named Ishelle Torres who was from Nicaragua and her dad was the head of the PLO in Nicaragua, PLO contacts, and she'd grown up in a communist youth camp there and had escaped and made her way to the United States and she was staying with a family in Dallas.
We interviewed her at that place.
Come to find out, that house and that family was George Eaton's brother.
What a small world.
Oh yeah, and Strassmeier evidently had gone through there.
So now Strassmeier's in Black Mountain, North Carolina and the next thing we know he gets shuttled out through Mexico by that bunch and ends up back in Germany and no one ever touches him, no one ever goes after him, no one ever questions him or anything else.
Now let's back the tape up a little bit and let me tell you one of the things that did happen while he was here.
While he was in L.M.
City, he had a station wagon.
He let his roommate borrow it.
Roommate goes to town, gets caught in an OHP roadblock.
He doesn't have a driver's license, so they impound the car.
The car goes to the record service.
The guy opens the car up, and he inventories what's inside, and he finds a briefcase.
He opens the briefcase, and he finds letters that come from some colonel at Fort Bragg.
State Department, ATF, all kinds of different things, and so he goes to report this to the OHP that, hey, you know, I don't know who this guy is here that owns this briefcase, but here's a bunch of important stuff.
He gets a phone call from the governor's office, Keating, in Oklahoma.
He gets a phone call from Fort Bragg, and they're telling him, don't look at anything, put everything back, and give the car back.
You don't want any part of this.
And some of my files, I mean, they have a big newspaper article about this wrecker driver here that came out.
And so here, who is Strassmeier that he can draw this much heat on down when his car goes down?
Well, it's his mother.
His dad was like number two in the German government.
So we find out later on that, and when I say we, I'm talking about by this point, I've pretty much divorced myself from helping anybody else other than the three or four people I'm working with in Oklahoma City.
Now, since this time, have they killed the top of the year yet?
No, not Yankee yet.
That's a little bit later.
But I was working with Jayna Davis and Hoffman and Jimmy Rothstein and a few other guys down there, and we were turning up more stuff than we knew what to do with.
We didn't know what it all meant yet.
And we're finding out that this whole Elohim City deal, you know, there's just something wrong here.
And we got Dennis Mahon, we find out, who's making trips back and forth, and he's living over there with a girl named Carol Howe.
Turns out Carol Howe, as we all know, is an ATF informant.
She told them ahead of time.
She tells them they're going to bomb Oklahoma City, and then they try to indict her to stop her from warning people.
Now, a little bit later on, we find out, and I'm working with our own Special Investigations Division people on this right now, we find out that there's some dancers at Lady Godiva's Club in Tulsa, which is a strip club, who claim that
There are some guys that came in in a yellow Ryder truck, parked in the parking lot, came in, was drinking beer, and was bragging about what was going to happen on the 19th.
And one of them was McVeigh, one of them was Strassmayer, and they described Dennis Mahon as being in there as well, plus some other people, one of Mid-Eastern Extraction.
This gal, her stage name was Sean T, and I don't know what her real name was, within a few days of this coming out in the news, and I think it was even on television,
Within a few days, she's found dead in her apartment, had committed suicide.
And so, I got the crime scene photos, and I said, from my SID guy, and I said, I said, I said, Randy, I said, I said, have you looked at all these photos?
He said, well, I just scanned through them, I thought you'd like to see them.
I said, yeah, I said, but here we got a gal, who's nude, leaning on the floor, leaning up against the couch like she's resting,
And, uh, an open bottle of pills.
He said, yeah, we think she's overdosed.
I said, well, there's a problem.
I said, look at this other picture.
And there's another picture taken across the room and there was a sliding patio glass door.
And right next to it on the wall was bloody handprints.
I says, you don't get bloody handprints by taking pills.
He said, I think we better go back and look at this again.
I said, this girl was whacked.
It's a typical deal.
Try to make it, write it up as a suicide.
Um, and so they didn't take her real serious because they didn't put a lot of credibility in dancers.
And I said, you know, I said, when somebody gets killed, uh, when they mention a high profile case, I would consider it more than just, you know, uh, being a dancer.
This, this gal knew something.
She was talking about something and they shut her up.
That's what happened, Randy.
Well, it wasn't long after that, that Terrence Yankee comes up dead.
And we've talked about that before, and we know that, uh, he was beaten, slashed, shot.
Recap, he says, I got feds following me, and next he's found tortured to death.
He was either the first or the second officer to respond and go into the building right after the explosions.
He pulled a lot of people out.
He's a great big strong black guy.
He got an officer the year before or was up for it for that year.
He couldn't believe what he saw in the building before anything had been altered.
He ended up trying to tell his own department, hey, you know, there's more to this case than meets the eye and we need to look at it.
And they kept telling him, you stay out of it.
It's a federal case.
It's federal property.
We don't belong there.
Shut up and go back and, you know, write traffic tickets or whatever.
And he wouldn't do it.
It just bothered him so much that he got in with some of the survivors and was telling them at their house that, hey, you know,
This is what I saw.
What did you guys see?
And they were comparing notes and so on and so forth.
So he started working the case on his own and he kept going back to his supervisor and saying, look, this is what I found.
This is what I found.
And they started threatening him saying, either you back off and leave this stuff alone.
We don't want to know anything about it.
This is a federal case.
You're going to get in trouble.
And so after the break, I'll tell you what happened to him.
And folks, I know I said I'd go to call a little while ago.
You notice I'm listening too.
We're going to go to your calls.
We'll finish up when we get back and then we'll start your calls in the next hour.
Chris, Randall, Judy, Mike, John, many others, stay with us.
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I want to drive it up and it's been as high as number 8 before last year.
I want to try to do that again.
Well, Yankee had gone to some of the people he was working with and showed them what he had come up with.
And he was accumulating all of his stuff, and he kept it in his briefcase.
Well, his house got broken, or his apartment got broken into, his car got broken into, but he kept his briefcase with him all the time.
And this one particular day, he had just left Ramona McDonald's house.
She was one of the bombing victims.
And he was on his way to the police station when a friend called him and said, are we still going to dinner tonight?
And he said, yeah, I want to get done, but I got to go by the station so they can chew my rear again.
And then I'm going to take some stuff out to El Reno and put it in my mini storage.
And then I'll be back.
And we'll go to dinner.
He says, but at first I'm going to have to shake these feds that are following me.
And a guy said, well, you know, what, what feds are you talking about?
And he said, he said, well, I don't know, there are two guys with sunglasses and a white sedan.
He says, I can tell Fed when I see one.
I mean, as far as he's concerned, it could have been Mafia.
He doesn't know.
How do you think they tricked him in a smart, strong guy with a gun?
They just said, all right, we're federal officers, hands up.
Once they had the handcuffs on, I mean, how do you... And you saw the crimes and you saw the reports.
I mean, how did this play out?
Well, it's hard to tell because it gets real obscured after that.
He disappears and he's found.
His car is found the next morning.
In a rural area about a mile from the El Reno Federal Penitentiary, next to a big field.
Did they torture him at the facility?
It happened out in the field.
Because he was drugged through the field with open cuts, from his car to, I don't know how far, half a mile or something out in this field, across a creek, over a fence, the whole bit, a barbed wire fence.
And when his body was finally found,
The next day, next morning, he had like three cuts in one wrist, four in another, and if you go to my website at RifleWarrior.com... Yeah, stay there.
You've got the police diagrams, the coroner reports.
We'll be right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, I promise we're going to get your calls as soon as we're done with the Terrence Yeagy case.
Chris, Randall, Julie, Mike, John, everybody that's holding 1-800-259-9231.
Have your questions and comments ready because we're going to go to the calls quickly once we do.
Finishing up, from the crime scene, from the reports, from what you saw in the bloody car and out in the field, how do you think they tricked him or stopped him and then how did this play out?
Yeah, I don't know how they did it.
Because all we really know is when they found his body,
It had cuts on both wrists, inside both elbows, both jugular veins on the side of his neck were slashed and he was shot by a small caliber weapon from the top side of his right side of his skull down through his left cheek in a downward angle and no powder was there.
Um, so that leads me to believe... And then the cops say, and then the cops, his comrades say, oh, he committed suicide.
That is shameful.
Well, the police chief at the time flew out to the scene, and later the FBI flew out there in helicopters and landed, and they declared it a suicide.
And then when he was sent to the medical examiner's office, they ended up declaring it a suicide as well.
Under, I think, great duress because what happened later is that myself and Chris Emery of the Oklahoma Bombing Commission and the mother and the sister of Yakey all went and met with a medical examiner.
Now the one that did it at the time, Jordan, is dead now.
So we met with his assistant and a security guy that was there who's a retired Oklahoma City police officer who knew Yakey and now worked at the medical examiner's office in Oklahoma City.
We met with him
Asking if we can see the original photographs and the original, you know, autopsy stuff and everything.
And they said that, yeah, that we could after she went to the court and she got a court order to open the files and all that stuff, the mother, since she was next of kin.
And so that was, that was, that was going to be in the works.
But I got, I talked to these guys a little bit of myself and I said, look, I said, this whole thing stinks.
It just, there's no way.
I showed him my diagrams.
I said, is this correct?
I said, what about the rope burns?
And what about the handcuff marks?
And the guy says, well, we're just going to have to go back in the files and look, but it was a declared suicide.
And I could never get him to budge off of that.
I wrote letters to the chief that followed Gonzalez, asking him to reopen the case.
His name was M.T.
And he wrote me back a letter, pretty much telling me, mind my own business and go away and stay out of it.
So I waited until a new chief came along, who's the chief now named Sitte, C-I-T-T-Y.
I wrote him a letter with all the evidence, all the stuff I'd compiled, saying to copy my file.
And he told me that, uh, uh, you know, pretty much mind my own business and stay out of the deal.
It was a tragic deal and I want to forget about it.
You don't want to forget it.
I always use that.
Oh, let's let him die in peace.
Let's not talk about how he was tortured to death.
Here's the problem.
If that had happened a hundred miles away at the Tulsa Police Department,
The officers would have got up in arms, got pitchforks and torches, and stormed the castle, and the chief would have to run and hide with his tail between his legs, because we would find out what happened to our brother officer.
I cannot understand why the Oklahoma City PD officers let this thing go.
I just can't understand that, because that would have never happened on my department.
I'll guarantee it.
Anyway, that's the source of the spot, and I'm not going to get on a soapbox with it.
But, uh, anyway, Yankee gets killed, and later, Dr. Chumley,
Who was running the medical aid station outside of the building.
And the two had been hooked up together.
Well, Chumlee had ATF agents come up and want bandages when they weren't even hurt and wanted him to falsify stories about where they were that day in the elevator and in the office and so on.
He said, I won't do it.
I know you guys weren't in there and you're not hurt and I'm not going to do that.
And later on, he's flying back with a couple of friends in a Cessna 210.
From a hunting trip in New Mexico, and an airplane all of a sudden mysteriously goes straight down, in good weather, goes straight down into a cabbage patch outside of Shamrock, Texas.
I checked with the FAA investigator on that, and he said, I've never seen anything like it.
He said, there's no reason for that airplane to come straight down, even if the wings had come off, which they didn't.
Well, you're a pilot.
What do you think did it?
Well, I think that there was something aboard the airplane that caused them to have heart attacks or cease breathing.
You know, some kind of explosive dust or something there where they went totally unconscious and the plane spun in.
He would have had to have leaned forward onto the column and not recovered to make that plane go down.
Yeah, that's your loving government torturing cops to death and murdering doctors.
We'll be back with your calls.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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And that supports us as well as Colonel Roberts and his work he's doing.
Again, Killzone and Medusafile are his two books that we carry.
To find out about more titles and more information, riflewarrior.com, riflewarrior.com.
Let's go ahead and go to calls now.
Thank you for holding.
Chris in Kentucky, then Randall and others.
Go ahead, Chris.
Yes, sir.
How you doing, Alex?
I'm from Connecticut, actually.
Well, whatever.
I think I got it wrong.
Is it Chris?
Is it Chris?
Okay, go ahead, Chris.
I just want to say thanks for taking my call.
I really love your guy's show.
You do a lot of good stuff for the 9-11 Truth Movement and getting information out there to the rest of the American people who are asleep at the wheel, so to speak.
Well, thank you.
Do you have any questions?
Yeah, I got a question about 9-11, actually.
Okay, go ahead.
I know the Moose Change video is coming out, the final cut, and I can't wait to go see that, but there's some recent stuff I've seen on YouTube and on the Internet and stuff like that regarding 9-11 TV fakery.
Is loose change going to Bill and Avery and those guys?
Are they going to address that?
Or no?
You mean people claiming that planes didn't really hit the towers?
Yeah, I've seen the video.
That's elaborate.
That's elaborate disinfo.
Classic hunting.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
I talked about 9-11 two months before it happened.
I'm on the board with government-sponsored terror.
And I appreciate your call, sir.
I have friends.
I have family.
I have seen literally dozens and dozens of different camera shots from independent individuals.
I've talked to hundreds of people.
Firefighters, police, widows, workers who saw the planes.
I had family.
I don't think so.
They don't want to talk about controlled demolition.
They don't want to talk about NORAD standing down their drills that day.
They don't want to talk about $100,000 wired by the head of Pakistani intelligence to Mohammed Adda.
They don't want to talk about FBI paying for the houses of the supposed hijackers or the dean of the defense language school going public and saying he was forced to train the hijackers.
They were U.S.
government agents.
Or the head of the U.S.
Embassy in Ottawa who I interviewed saying that they were CIA operatives.
None of that, hundreds of real things want to be discussed and Fox News and CNN and others won't counter me and won't counter serious engineers and the hundreds of architects and physicists on real issues.
They have the kooks on over and over again who say everything from space beams to lizards to blood drinking chihuahuas did it and I'm telling you it's a bunch of bull
And Craig Roberts, how many times have you seen people and operatives and others try to plant ridiculous stuff in the middle of an investigation?
It happens.
If it's a high-level investigation that needs to be derailed, they set up these rabbit trails.
They try to break everybody into cliques and groups on what do you really believe.
They did it to the Kennedy assassination, for instance.
You had authors who wrote nothing but, the Mafia did it, or the Cubans did it, or Castro did it, or KGB did it, or the CIA did it, or, or, or.
And if you've got all these people, and together, it'd fill up the Super Bowl.
You know, you couldn't pack them all in a diesel tank.
So, yeah, all those are false trails for people to go on to dilute the case.
I've been to several of these JFK seminars down in Dallas, and you get these little groups in areas
And they will argue and fight and almost have fist fights over who's right and who's wrong about the deal.
It doesn't matter what the evidence proves.
And they always want to argue some little, how many angels can dance with the head of a pen, instead of with 9-11 and other issues.
We know the official story is a lie.
And we have a fact that these hijackers were being protected and shepherded and had U.S.
government control numbers.
It's over.
The case is done right there.
Then you have to figure out what really happened.
Well, you know, in my case, I'm an engineer.
And I look at something like the Pentagon and I say there's no way you're going to fit a 757 into that hole and not leave everything, you know, the ground tore up outside and all the rest of that.
Let's identify these parts.
Let's find out where these parts really did come from that they did find.
And, and, you know, we can blow this thing.
Every case has an Achilles heel.
And Oklahoma City's Achilles heel is the videotapes.
If they would just show us the videotapes that were from the different surveyors.
Now, an FBI agent, one of the ones you talked to, did get mad and told the LA Times that it did show these Arabs on the tape.
We've talked to others that have seen them, but they've declared national security on these.
And why?
What's the national security?
National security means we can't talk about it because somebody will get in trouble.
You know, that's ridiculous.
It's ludicrous.
And Hoffman filed two lawsuits to try to get the videotapes.
And his lawyer filed one to try to get the videotapes.
I think Trinidad even filed one.
And they keep saying, either we don't have them, or you can't see them, or it's national security, or we can't find them, or, or, or.
Talking about 9-11, I mean, when you've got the supposed hijackers,
All with control numbers and being let back in the country and then they tell him as he had none other CIA And you've got the FBI paying for their houses and following them and then all these Masada around them And what does that look like to you?
Well, yeah, you know, it's I don't I don't know how many cases we've seen like the original 1993 World Trade Center bombing
Uh, you know, you've got the FBI that had the guy right in the middle of the whole thing who was Lieutenant in Egyptian Intelligence working for them.
They couldn't have stopped him in advance?
And he didn't want to build a real bomb.
They said, build a real bomb, get him a real detonator.
He said, let's go Boston now.
They said, uh-uh, buddy.
Yeah, and while I'm making this up, this was in the New York Times.
This was in the court documents.
That he was working for them.
And, uh, somehow it got away from them.
Well, you heard about what happened in 98, and they even got a Bumsteer Award that year in Texas Monthly, where the FBI created, out of thin air, a Klan group and tried to get them to blow up a chemical plant, but the people were so literally drunken they couldn't even get out of their trailers.
They were all on welfare.
So the guy just got them to talk about how they were going to do it, and then it was all over the news how deadly they were, and it turned out it was all fake.
And what would be the purpose?
You know, I mean, that's the first thing.
You've got to look for motive.
Why would they go to all this trouble and all this expense to do something with a bunch of morons like that?
By the way, in the first hour, you mentioned a low-grade moron, and I was just wondering, Alex, is there such a thing as a high-grade moron, and if so, are they oxymorons?
Well, yeah, I think on the scale, you've got somebody who's mildly moronic.
I think we all are to a certain extent, and you've got the... Oh, man.
Let's go ahead and talk to Randall in Texas.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I just wanted to, while ago Colonel Craig Roberts was talking about the Omnibus Crime Act and reminds me of the freedom of speech that we're about to lose with the Senate Bill 1105.
And I'll tell you, y'all are really doing a good job.
I just really love the mix of a little bit of humor along with a lot of serious facts.
But the Senate Bill is kind of the
ominous crime bill of uh... today and uh... let's see, the way that's interpreted and the way the president could use it is to say if you're anti-war or you do anything else the president doesn't like basically they can just take all your property and uh... they've done this before with other asset forfeiture seizures.
I take it very very serious.
Go ahead, Randall.
That's not all of it.
It's just that if you uh...
If they don't like what you're saying, such as the program today, they can shut it down and haul you off.
And that's basically it.
And we need to call our Senators.
That's right, because Bush has signed the executive order.
And it can be, though, in 30 days, challenged.
They rarely are.
And you've got Cheney announcing
Well, Randall, and this is Randall Mott, a friend of mine, but Randall, before you get into that number, I wanted to bring this up to Craig Roberts.
Well, go ahead and give the number and I'll bring something up.
Go ahead.
You want to get it now?
There's a toll-free to the Senators at 877-220-0044.
And then there's another free one at 888-355-3588.
And we need to call
Well, John Cornyn and K. Bailey Hutchinson here, and everybody in the country needs to barrage their senators and say, there's no way that we want to give up the freedom of speech.
And one of the organizations that's also joining is Coral Ridge Ministries out there in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
And I'm going to call them personally and make sure that they're in fact active, just not recruiting funds on it.
But he did do a
D. James Kennedy out there did a video on it that I'm going to get and we'll show here at a meeting in Austin.
And by the way, Colonel Craig, if you can get out this way, well, you just give Alex the holler and we'll have you in front of 500 people or 1,000 people real quick.
Get the message out.
We love what you're doing.
Thank you, Randall.
Good to hear from you.
Randall does the Truthseeker meetings here locally.
Craig, speaking of the devil,
Cheney has now announced he is above the executive and outside of it, but then also can't announce executive privilege.
PDD 51 clearly says Congress is not involved in continuity of government for the first time in history, and now three members of the Homeland Security Committee, two Democrat, one Republican, have requested to see the continuity of government plan, and Bush said, no, you're not involved in that anymore, you're not allowed to see it, when Congress, again, funds and really controls the executive,
I mean, that is open announcement of dictatorship.
Well, Bush doesn't work for the people and he doesn't work for the government.
You know, he works for the New World Order crowd, and always has, just as his dad Clinton did.
And so, you know, he puts himself above them any time he wants to, and then they all want to shake their heads and wonder, well, you can't do this, but he doesn't.
I've never seen them be this open with it though.
It makes me wonder if they're going to go ahead and pull the trigger and go to the next level fast instead of slow.
Are they taking the training wheels off the tyranny we're already living in?
We'll get Craig Roberts to comment on that and we'll go to Julie and Mike and John and many others.
Stay with us.
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Ted Anderson for Midas.
June 4th, 2007.
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Dr. Corsi interviewed Robert Pastor
I don't know.
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Corey Rowe had his DD2-13 discharged, and they said we're automatic free-upping, he's stop-loss.
He said, Sayonara!
About two years ago, they arrested him, then released him.
Then they arrested him again and said, no, we are releasing you.
And he said, nope, I'm going.
to Fort Campbell and he got to Fort Campbell and they're going back and forth saying well we may send you back to Iraq we may not it's been in the newspapers again it's up on Infowars.com we're all praying for Corey he spent more than three years in the military over a year in Iraq close to a year in Afghanistan they were sending him back he said no I didn't sign up for this all I know is my granddaddies didn't have to serve but a year in World War II
This is a side issue, and then we're going to go back to calls, Craig Roberts, and I understand you're an officer man type.
I mean, you're retired, but once an officer, always an officer, but come on.
I mean, this new thing of making them serve tour after tour after tour, and then his contract says three years, and they say, no, we're going to make you stay, and he just says, no.
I mean, how can you just keep, I mean, how do they keep making them serve and serve and serve?
Well, you know, they get these programs they call stop-loss under national emergency and all that sort of thing.
They tried to pull that on me when I retired, but the problem was the Army regs say that 30 years was the max, and I had 30 in in 1999, and I got a card that they said they wanted to send me to someplace called Kosovo for 270 days, and I said, I don't think I want to go to Kosovo because I don't even know where it's at.
And the Robert's Rules of Order black hole theory is if there's a country out there that if it falls into a black hole and you never see it again, does it affect us?
Yes or no?
And if the answer is no, don't go there!
And so I...
I notified my headquarters that they could send my retirement packet, and they said, well, we've got stop-loss, and we're not letting anybody out.
And I said, son, you better look up my record so you can see what I did in Vietnam.
Don't make me come to St.
And I had this packet the next day.
But sometimes you have to put a little pressure to get things done.
There are people on hot air, the big Michelle Malcolm neocon site, saying, send him, we want to frag him.
And they're actually all on there saying they want him back to killing.
And I mean, he literally, and his record is a good record, I've looked at it.
He doesn't like to brag about it, but he's been in a lot of combat.
And the last six months, he was at a hospital, and that's what he couldn't handle, was the kids blown to bits.
He was guarding the door.
And he just said, I'm done!
I served my time!
And they say, no!
And then they keep arresting him, and then releasing him, and then arresting him, and then releasing him.
Well, you know, they're trying to send a message to other troops, don't even try to pull this with us, we'll do what we want to with you.
And you know, we talked about this last time,
I think that Bush's deal was to wear the military down during Desert Storm, and Clinton's deal was to destroy the military as much as possible, then Bush Jr.'
's deal is to deploy them until you wear them out and we don't have a military left.
And then we have to do what McCaffrey said, and that was if we have a national emergency in this country, we'll have to bring in foreign troops to police our streets.
Now it's been a few years since I've talked to you about this, but didn't you say you had a... didn't you die on the operating table from cancer?
Yeah, I flatlined in August of 1997.
I came down with a strange form of colon cancer and it doesn't run in my family or anything.
I'm not real sure what that's all about.
But I ended up, they took out half my large bowel and then they put me on chemotherapy and the chemicals they were giving me just started to destroy me.
There's a product called 5FU and it was a drip and I had to go in, you know, five days in a week and then off two weeks and do it again.
I did this for about three months and then the next thing I knew I was getting so sick I couldn't do anything and I ended up passing out one night in the hospital, or the ambulance took me to the hospital and I got in there and
They just started hooking me up with some tubes, and the doctor said, we're going to lose you tonight.
He said, you're hemorrhaging internally.
We don't know what's causing it.
We can't stop it.
And I said, well, don't worry, Doc.
I said, I'll be all right.
It's not my time yet.
And about that time, the lights just went out, and immediately I woke up in another place.
I was sitting in a chair in this large, cool, comfortable room, and my guardian angel was standing behind me telling me that a decision was being made to take me on or send me back.
And at that time I started getting all kinds of information kind of downloaded into me.
The stuff I didn't even know what it was all about, but I knew that, you know, someday it would be useful somewhere.
I would run into somebody on the street that I would talk to and I would give them some information that I was supposed to give them.
I don't, you know, it wouldn't mean anything to me, but it would to them.
That sort of thing.
And one of the things I got was, you know, get off the poison, which means don't take any more chemotherapy.
And then it seemed like I was gone about three minutes.
And, uh, instantaneously, I woke up.
And, uh, oh, by the way, while I was sitting there, I knew that there was a door to my left and a door to my right.
The door to my left is where I came from, and I didn't even care about this life anymore through that door.
And the door to my right was where I was going to go to.
And, uh, that was the next, you know, go to the mountain, see the elephant, go to heaven type thing.
And, uh, I ended up coming back.
It was 36 hours later, and I had no idea what happened.
I'm sorry, it was 18 hours.
18 hours later, I had no idea what happened at that time, and I was in ICU.
I had flatlined for those three minutes.
I brought that up because after you already died on the operating table, they were trying to send you back after 30 years into service.
I mean, this is the type of stuff we're talking about.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Riddles and stone.
It goes on and on.
Craig, I want to rush through these calls now.
I want people to visit RifleWarrior.com as well.
It's always great to have you up.
I didn't mean to get off into your death experience, but I've talked to family that's happened to.
I've talked to other really serious people.
It's happened to.
I've had stuff in my life, you know, life and death situations happen.
And just when that happens, you can feel the height and awareness and stuff flashing through your mind.
One time I had a guy out of nowhere just put a butcher knife to my neck and start jerking it so hard against my neck, blood was coming out.
He did it for about five minutes, you know, threatening to kill me and enjoying, I guess, the fear it created.
And it was like at that point, it was like information was being downloaded.
My life flashed in about two seconds and all of a sudden I started
I don't want to get off into it.
It's hard to describe.
I can't imagine actually dying.
Talk a little bit more about that.
You're flat-lined for three minutes.
Any other details about when you're at this crossroads that you've gone to?
I had absolutely no fear of death after that.
I knew that you didn't die.
You just simply left this particular plane of existence.
I knew that everything in the Bible that was written is true.
I knew that there would be wars that would be coming up such as the one in the Mideast that would fulfill Bible prophecy.
I knew that I was to tell anybody that had cancer what my experience was and that how I defeated it later by using natural products and using, you know, prayer and by using things that you can get at the health food store by correcting your diet and eating live foods instead of canned garbage.
And all of these things to help your body to naturally fight against cancer, because cancer cannot live in a body that's fortified in the right direction, including beingcoming alkaline by drinking ionized water every day.
And all of these things were given to me.
Well, I went back to my oncologist to tell him I would not be taking any more chemo after I was finally out of the hospital, which was a couple of weeks later.
And he said, and he looked at me and he got this devil look on his face.
I mean, it was, it was evil.
And he looked at me and he said, if you don't do what I tell you to do, you'll be dead in a year and there's nothing we can do about it.
And, and my guardian angel just whispered, he whispered in my ear.
And, and I said, I looked at him and I, and I repeated, I said, well, I said, I'll tell you what, Doc, one of these days I'll be dancing on your grave, but I'll still be here.
I'm not taking any more of your poison.
And now you're as healthy as an ox, huh?
Well, it's ten years later, or eight years later, and no, it's ten, not 1997, 2000, it's ten years later, and my last checkup, they can't find any trace of cancer, and it had gone everywhere.
I was stage two metastasized.
Have you seen him since then?
No, in fact, I went by his office about three months ago, and it's no longer there.
I don't know where he's gone to.
He's not even in the phone book anymore.
It makes me wonder if this guy wasn't some demon from hell that came up here to try to kill me.
I don't know.
It's real interesting that he just disappeared.
And the people that knew him, he was in an army reserve unit, and they said they don't even know where he went to.
So, anyway, if you know people out there who have cancer, if you go to my webpage, I put all the stuff that I do
I did.
On my webpage, you can print it off, you can go down to the health food store, buy products, doesn't matter what brand it is as long as it's a good brand and you can start fortifying your own body against this stuff and then you can beat it.
Describe more of what it was like when you were in that different place.
Well, it was August in Oklahoma, so it was extremely hot.
And as soon as I was there, I was cool and very comfortable.
I was sitting down.
I was very relaxed.
I felt like I was 23 years old again.
I felt like I was in perfect shape.
I couldn't see my body because it was dark.
I couldn't see it, but I knew it was there, but I knew it wasn't a physical body.
I mean, it was the normal body I would have, except I wouldn't say invisible, but it's really hard to describe.
It was there, but it wasn't there.
I knew that if I went through that door,
uh... on the right that i would probably uh... run into people i knew who'd gone before me or to relatives that they would be waiting there so it wouldn't be strangers you know you you would you would be welcomed in by people you know and you would recognize them and they would all be in good shape if you had an uncle who lost a leg he'd have both legs uh... they'd be back in perfect condition again um... i knew that my guardian angel had been with me all my life uh... you'd call him a guardian angel or spirit guide whatever you want you've got somebody who's who's there and you know they're there
Anybody out there that says there's no one there that's with them, you're closing your eyes and ears and denying what actually happens.
This turns out to be the same guy that when I was a little bitty kid, he was my invisible playmate, and we would defend my backyard against the Mexicans at the Alamo, you know?
Me and Joe.
I used to call him Joe.
Well, this was the same guy.
He was with me when I was a little kid watching over me and probably kept me from getting hurt on several times.
For various reasons.
He was with me in Vietnam.
I know that for a fact.
I knew there was a presence there.
I knew that somebody was with me.
And, you know, they say there's no atheists in foxholes.
I'll guarantee there wasn't any in mine.
And so I knew he was there.
And he's with you your entire life.
I mean, you could have a female one if you're a girl.
Or she, either.
And this is the guy who is going to remember everything you did in your life when it comes time to answer up for what you did.
You know, God doesn't have to remember everything you did, because this guy's going to report it all.
And so, this guy is with you, and if you'll just listen to him.
He's the one that tells you when not to do something.
He's the one that tells you, you know, do the right thing, don't do the wrong thing.
He's your conscience, so to speak.
He's there all the time.
So, I knew this guy was there.
And he's the one that put his hand on my shoulder.
I knew he put his hand on my shoulder, but I couldn't feel it.
I just knew it was there, and it was a very...
Welcoming presence or very, uh, uh, reinforcing presence.
And he said, he said, look, he said, uh, you're going to be going back.
He said, uh, take this information with you and, uh, uh, do what you have to do.
And then bang, I opened my eyes.
It was, I was in ICU.
It was, it was 18 hours later and I had no feeling of the time at all.
I thought I was gone three minutes.
Well, when the doctor came in later, I was talking to him and he said, ìYeah, we lost you.î He said, ìI donít know what happened.
We were unplugging you and all of a sudden there was a heartbeat.î He said, ìWe waited three minutes.î
He said, but you were gone for three minutes.
And I said, well, three minutes is how long I felt like I was gone.
But time didn't mean anything.
Time absolutely had no meaning whatsoever.
And so there was 18 hours that was gone that I can't place.
I can't put it anyplace.
So, you know, it says it that, you know, God made the earth six days and rested on the seventh.
I don't know how long those days were, you know, because time really doesn't mean anything to him.
I think?
Well, these people have what I call false power.
They think they have power, but they don't have anywhere near the power you have when you do good.
Good always overcomes evil.
One of the big questions that everybody has is, why do bad things happen to good people?
How come good people die and bad people are still here and so on and so forth?
What happens in this world, mainly what God cares about what happens in this world, is basically what did you do while you were here?
It's not how long you're going to live.
You may not get to accomplish everything you tried to accomplish, but you got to accomplish what He wanted you to accomplish.
And if you stand firm, if you're like Travis at the Alamo and you draw that line in the sand and you refuse to budge beyond that.
If you say, this is the buck stops here and I am not going to suffer some temptation.
I'm not going to allow this evil to occur in my presence.
I'm going to stand up, I'm going to be counted.
I'm not going to put my head in the sand.
I'm not going to be a couch potato.
I'm going to fight against evil.
And be open and plain about it.
Jesus was open and plain about it.
You are.
I mean, you're out there every day doing this stuff.
It's the people who don't do anything except they listen, they read, and they get scared, and they hide.
They're not doing themselves any good.
They're not doing anybody else any good, but mostly God looks at that and He says, you know what?
You're not a brave warrior.
You're not a centurion fighting for me.
You're just a little coward hiding in the corner.
I want brave angels out there.
I don't want cowards.
And people have got to get that word across to their own minds and tell your friends what's going on.
Tell your neighbors what's going on.
If they brand you as a nutcase, so what?
Your job is to carry the water.
It's not to force them to drink it, okay?
You can't make somebody a Christian by running down the street and beating them over the head with the Bible.
You can only deliver the information and they have to make the decisions themselves.
Same thing with this.
You can only be an educator.
You can only deliver the information.
What they do with it after that
It's up to them.
But if they're smart, they're going to pick up the shield and the sword and they're going to join the battle line.
Amen, amen my friend.
Let's take some calls.
Julie in Washington, thanks for holding.
Go ahead, you're on the air with Craig Roberts.
Hi, can you hear me gentlemen?
Yes we can.
Thank you.
The original reason I called was because I had a brief amusing anecdote for Dr. Col.
Paul Craig Roberts.
But now that I have listened to him the last ten minutes, I realize it's a little more serious than just the amusement.
Two weeks ago, Dr. Paul Craig, I was advertising you all over the U.S.
Well, I mean, there's Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and there's Colonel Craig Roberts, but go ahead.
Oh, I'm sorry, I got, okay?
It's okay, but go ahead.
There are two different people?
I am so sorry.
Is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts different than Colonel Roberts?
Yes, he is.
Yeah, and if I say anything wrong, it's his fault.
One guy's the father of Reaganomics and is from Georgia, and the other guy is from Oklahoma.
That blows my whole joke, because, and I apologize.
It's okay, ma'am, but go ahead and make a point.
Go ahead.
Two weeks ago, I was advertising Dr. Paul Craig Roberts all over the Internet, because he was supposed to do New World Order disorder.
And I'm sending the professor, who hostesses the show,
He copies the very place I'm advertising that guy.
Then all of a sudden, on the internet, it's, Julie, do my show!
This guy can't make it.
So I did his show.
Now, to me it was funny because I was going to tell this guy... Now I'll tell you what, it sounds like this is a long story.
I'm going to put you on hold and talk to you during our break.
I'm not really picking up, I'm not understanding any of this.
Mike in Kansas, you're on the air, go ahead.
Uh, hello.
I think this will fit in with what you were talking about.
It was Timothy McVeigh who claimed he had a chip in him.
You were talking about it at the beginning of the show about brain chips.
Well yeah, the military wants to put them in the troops, yeah.
Anyway, I got involved in a, through no fault of my own, a black budget project back in 1981.
That project was somewhat documented through ABC News 2020 when they stumbled onto him.
Basically what they were doing,
I'm no scientist or anything.
They were picking up the generated signal from your brain, as you think, you know, and obviously transmitting it.
Yeah, they're actually doing that now with brain scanners, but go ahead.
Well, as you can imagine, they have this technology for like 30 some years that I don't know if you could build yourself up quite a network.
Sure, sure.
And here just the other day, yesterday, I think it was Bush was talking about
We're good to go.
You know, if you are trying to enslave a nation.
Well yeah, the chips they're talking about supposedly are supposed to monitor your vital signs and also have your health record in there and your blood type and everything so if you get wounded on the battlefield and you're unconscious they scan that and they can bring up your whole medical history and plus your vital signs and everything else but the problem is
They can also put geo-tracking devices in there, and they've developed those for special operations troops.
And I remember McVeigh complaining that the chip in his rear end was hurting him and bothering him when he was in jail.
And when I asked the FBI if they'd even run him in front of a scanner or a jail x-ray, they laughed at me and said, nothing like that exists.
Until the next day when I brought up catalogs where they could actually buy the things.
Stay there, stay there.
We'll be right back.
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You know, I just got informed that Ron Paul is going to be co-hosting.
He'll be popping in each week.
That it's somebody with the Ron Paul campaign and have a show 4 to 5 p.m.
weekdays here on the network.
Wow, that's going to be interesting.
Yeah, the Ron Paul campaign admits that this show, in the first two quarters of their campaign, was half their support.
Now that it's shot up, it's only about 10%, but that's still just completely inordinate.
So I'm glad to hear that Ron Paul will be joining Genesis.
That's crazy.
We've got to get an article out on that.
I'm always first to go, last to know.
Let's keep taking some calls here for Colonel Craig Roberts.
We've got to have him up yet again.
I just love having him on as one of the listeners.
Lucas in Texas and Larry in Idaho.
Go ahead, Lucas.
Guys, amazing new video just hit YouTube where the reports of Flight 93 crashed at Camp David.
I sent the link over to your guy there at GCN.
Do me a favor, send it to Aaron with two A's at Infowars.com.
Okay, and yeah, it's amazing that it actually happened.
So is that false, false scripting beforehand is what you're saying?
Basically what it is, is it shows that what they're trying to say is that there was a crash of a plane that happened at Camp David, and also in the clip you'll notice that they also mention a car bomb going off.
It's a pretty amazing clip.
You know, I remember that.
I kept seeing car bombs going off in D.C.
and Virginia and Maryland.
But it's pretty amazing because there's two parts to it.
They're both ten minutes long.
Where did you find this?
I actually found it searching through different YouTube stuff.
Okay, do me a favor.
Send it right now to Aaron with two A's.
Send it to Ryan at Infowars.com.
If you go over to Prison Planet, it says Conduct Webmaster.
Send it to Waddle.
Lucas, you always call in with great stuff.
Anything else you want to add?
Nope, that's it.
This is pretty amazing stuff.
I think you'll find it very enlightening.
Absolutely amazing.
Craig Roberts, you know, on Oklahoma City and many other cases, the BATF later claimed they were running a drill.
That's why they were in their bomb gear.
With 7-7, they were running drills with exact targets being attacked at the same time.
9-11, World Trade Center, Pentagon attacked at the same time.
End quote, a drill.
Then NORAD stood down thinking it was a drill.
How important are these drills?
Well, you know, it's amazing.
When they become coincidental to something that happens right around that time, if not on the same day, I think it shows something that somebody's playing some kind of game up there.
And it's amazing to me that you have something like that happen, especially when you look at the old Northwoods document and that sort of thing, of what gets planned in the future of scenarios, what could actually make people do things if we do something to ourselves, the old Reichstag syndrome.
Then you turn right around and you see these things that happen, and you find out, well, they were having a drill the day before, or the day after, or that day, or the week before, of exactly the same type of scenario.
Let's jam in one more.
Larry in Idaho.
Last caller.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Colonel?
And how you doing, Alex?
Go ahead.
The technology, you know, for the microchip and stuff like that came in the early 50s, you know, with all them Kielter stuff when they brought all them psychopaths over here from other countries.
Infiltrated up into a place like in Medford, Oregon, and this one guy went to Canada, one of the big doctors, and did a lot of... Ewing Cameron!
That's exactly right.
And something else I wanted to say, Colonel, is that I met Timothy McVeigh and Nichols when they used to come into Kingman, Arizona, and go to the swap meet.
And they used to stay at the Hilltop Motel, which is right as they start out, it used to go over to
Better finish fast.
Call me back tomorrow.
I want to hear more about this.
Craig Roberts, we got to do it again in the next month or so.
Thanks for spending time with us.
Well, do it then.
All right, God bless.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, get the new Terror Storm.
It's available on Amazon.com right now.
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