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Air Date: July 30, 2007
2454 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
They've got a new poll out saying that the majority of Americans want to be surveilled, but they were asked the question,
If we had better surveillance systems like the Brits that help stop bombings, would you be for it?
An incredibly leading question.
And so, of course, 71% of that particular subgroup that they uphold said that they were for it.
Now, where they asked, do you want cameras reading your lips and scanning your face with infrared inside your car?
Do you want Big Brother to be able to totally and completely shut up a nightmare police state?
The answer would be 70 plus percent no.
So we'll be going over that report today and some of the new technologies that are being integrated.
There was a story just last week I had in the stack that I never got to in China where they told their population don't kiss at parks and on the streets because our new artificially intelligent software on the cameras will think it may be a rape starting.
Or more than two or three people congregating and talking, they'll call the police, because that could be some type of demonstration forming.
Again, don't congregate slaves, and we'll send the police after you.
They actually said that, the official Government Chinese Daily.
Well, that software is in place here domestically.
We are already in the grid.
And now they're just selling you on the grid.
So we'll be breaking that down.
It is the 30th day already of July 2007, the year now more than halfway over.
We will be taking calls throughout the full three hours of the transmission at 1-800-259-9231 on any issue or any news item that you wish to discuss, whether it's the stock market, the dollar, the economy, gold prices overall,
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We've got a lot of biotech news as well that we'll be going over here.
Citizen Journalism website gets a multi-million dollar boost.
Now Public.com announced Monday the fast-growing citizen journalism website has scored 10.6 million dollars and financing to fuel its drive to become the world's largest news agency.
That is exciting because that is somewhat open source unlike places like Wikipedia and Dig and others that claim that they've got democratization of information and they're really frauds.
So we'll be going over that as well
And there was big developments Saturday night at the Browns.
I talked about, up in New Hampshire, I talked about this on my Sunday show from 4 to 6 p.m.
We're going to have Elaine Brown and Danny Riley on with us in about 25 minutes to just briefly recap what's happened and talk about any new developments that may have happened last night or this morning.
More than 30 shots were fired within 100 yards of their home, right behind their home.
And then someone came on the property and beat on one of the people staying on the property's trailer and then ran off into the woods.
It was, quote, crashing in the woods that went on all night, Saturday night.
People just crashing around and stomping around as noisily as they could.
And that fits in with the helicopter two weeks ago when they had that concert out there.
Homeland Security helicopter flying very low, as low as 30 feet in some cases, right around the house and property.
uh... for hours and then at night turning his lights off at night turning his lights off just amazing provocations the police chief of course of uh... Plainfield saturday afternoon Danny Riley was coming back he parked in front of the driveway stared at him and then squealed out violently fish tailing down the street spraying gravel everywhere just a lot of bizarre behavior from the criminal state
So we'll have a little recap for you on that as well.
A lot of important news today.
Some big EU, North American Union news as well.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
Newt Gingrich, as you know, is a top globalist.
He's on the Council on Foreign Relations Hart-Rudman Commission that drew up plans for homeland security before it happened, who drew up plans, the 50-point plan, almost every one of them has been fully implemented.
For the national ID card, right down to the threat integration centers, to mass spying.
They literally get together for the major global corporations.
They write up the policy in the direction of the planet's owners, the direction they wish things to go, and then it is implemented lock, stock, and barrel, even if the people are against it and it's unconstitutional.
They just ram it through.
Though that process has become more transparent now, because people have become aware of it and know what to look for, now their popularity has plunged to all-time lows.
Gingrich is now telling us something that anyone with half a brain could tell from their past actions in the Senate, their body language and the way the Clintons operate, and the way the media has been behaving, as well as Rupert Murdoch, towards Barack Obama.
And that is that Hillary Clinton is going to be running for President, and he's going to be the Vice President.
And that's going to be your dream team, and we've been saying that now here for at least eight months.
And now, it is in the Associated Press.
Gienrich predicts Clinton-Obama ticket.
Democrats will nominate Hillary Clinton.
The President in 2008 and Barack Obama will be her running mate, former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicts.
Not very hard when he is friends with her and it's all staged.
Again, Rupert Murdoch running the entire operation.
The GOP will have three formidable choices in Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson, said Gingrich.
Again, all there to fall down all horses that have been drugged in the race, completely staged.
They've all been hamstrung.
They all understand that.
It's completely staged.
The GOP will have three formidable choices.
That is, dead horses, the trader says.
Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and Fred Thompson said Gingrich was considering whether he will get into the race.
Gingrich is running and is ruling out John McCain's chances among Republican contenders.
The Arizona senator has taken position so deeply at odds with his party's base
He hasn't learned how to act conservative, at least, that I don't see how he can get the nomination, Gienrich said, Sunday in a broadcast interview.
Like, that's a hard prediction to make, that McCain just runs to collect campaign contributions, never had any intention of winning.
Gienrich said he had dinner recently with Thompson, the Bush favorite, I would add, the former Tennessee Senator, an actor who has been set up a political committee that allows him to raise money for a presidential bid,
An official launch is likely in September, an official launch after the Labor Day holiday.
So, what you have is the elite passing the baton in a relay race.
It is completely staged and the public is just now beginning to realize that.
Might be too late, but at least people now are beginning to
understand who wields the knife that has been plunged deeply into our collective our collective backs but just to hear how much time is wasted on the candidates and I like Hillary, I like Fred Thompson, I like Obama, I like Giuliani on and on and on and on but in the intelligentsia, in the informed, in those that can read
In the camps of liberals, conservatives, libertarians, the politically aware are saying one name and one name only.
And that's Ron Paul.
Now imposters call up small little cloistered, sequestered groups they've been calling on for years.
They call phone numbers that they've called before.
They call in certain demographic phone tree areas where they know they'll get certain... They know this area is extremely mainline, old-partied, yellow-dog Democrat.
This area is blue-blood, rock-ribbed, hand-over-your-gun Republican conservative.
Hand-over-the-borders, hand-over-America conservative.
Down-with-the-ship, fake conservative.
And they know how to call certain areas to get the answers they want.
And of course Ron Paul shows up 3% of the vote there.
Doesn't matter, John McCain shows up at 3%, they still push him like there's no end.
But when you come to the internet and you come to areas with people that are successful and upper middle class, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul.
And you literally have two Americas now.
We've always had a stratified society, but not as much as it was in other parts of the world.
But you've always had a middle class, and then a tiny elite, who were... The elite always conned the middle class, thinking it was part of the elite to try to tie up their energies.
Now there's just an open assault by the elite against what's left of the dwindling middle class.
And the middle class is beginning to wake up to that scam.
But the giant growing underclass watches television, watches all the TV programs, can tell you all about American Idol, and can tell you all about how to act cool, and how to have the newest accoutrement of styling of whatever supposed niche group they're part of.
I think?
This weekend.
Pulled up behind me in a red light.
Was revving his engine up.
Pulled up beside somebody else and did it.
Violently drove around a shoulder.
Threw a beer can out.
As if this was just, he was James Dean, man.
No, you're not.
You think it's cool you've been in prison a couple times.
You think it's cool you're going to be going back.
But I'm already digressing.
You've got other people, you know, festooning themselves in the good old boy outfits, or the country boy outfits, and then they just feel good in this little image they have of themselves, and they repeat it over and over again as the ship goes down.
So you've got that America, and then you've got the America that is horrified at what's happening, that is into being informed, that is into technology, that is into being on the cutting edge,
Who is into being real and fiercely independent and who wants to be on top of things and in control of their destiny and their life.
And they're old, they're young, they're black, they're white.
They live all over this country and all over this world.
And they see the hype, they see the Madison Avenue propaganda.
And they don't feel inadequate, and they don't feel powerless, and they don't feel mindless, and they just try to be left alone, and they look at the rest of the population, and frankly, with sardonic disgust, and they just desperately want to try to save this country, because they understand this is where they live, this is where their future hangs.
Now, whereas those that are under the television
And PR, cultural peer pressure, mind control, they're all getting worse.
They're all now... I mean, I'm watching people in restaurants and on the street grunting and snickering.
They can't even... Talking is beginning to be phased out.
People are driving worse.
I mean, the degeneration is accelerating.
Society is just completely unraveling.
Let me just give you the newsflash.
The young people are completely unraveling.
And literally acting like animals.
You can watch them.
They don't even talk.
They don't even interact.
They just text message each other.
So they're using technology, but in an overall bad way.
You also have the group that is into technology, but they're part of the same subculture.
All they do is game 10 hours a day and eat microwave food.
It's mind control.
It is a society being seduced.
And so we need to have this debate, we need to have this discussion and really admit to ourselves how far we've fallen so that we can turn it around.
To have discussions with adults who have no
Inkling of how the world even works, or the geopolitical basic structure, even the false geopolitical mainline template.
You see, they know most people don't even care, most people aren't even involved, but if you do get involved in politics or start looking at the world, then they've got all these false models for you, which you've got to wade through.
You talk to the average yuppie, they're not even aware of the false model.
And then you run into other yuppies who do understand the false model, they will regurgitate it and smile at you as if regurgitating by rote something they got off Meet the Press as if repeating something gives them some type of intellectual acumen and some type of historical laurel.
It's very concerning.
I don't know, last night I
I watched a video with like this heroic music.
Some heavy metal music.
About how, get out of my way, you're not going to stop.
And how these guys are heroes.
As they were snickering, shooting people.
And I was watching and I just thought, man, an 18 year old watching this is going to get all fired up and go join the army.
And then of course they'll get over there and find out it's not what they thought it was.
I want to comment on that video I saw when we get back.
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I don't want to talk about myself all day, but I'm going to play the clip later and go back over it.
We're going to take calls on the subject if you'd like to discuss it.
World Net Daily attacked us on Friday and Saturday, their top story, that we made up the fact that Wesley Clark and the family of the Tillmans, and of course the Keith Oberman, talking about this could be murder and that the White House could have covered it up.
They say that in clear English repeatedly, but World Net Daily just said we're liars.
And we've already made WorldNetDaily, what, twice last year?
Retract Stories.
Remember they said that Professor Stephen Jones called for armed insurrection on the C-SPAN program?
So everybody went and watched it online and watched it on C-SPAN.
He said nothing like it.
Nothing even remotely connected to it.
And they had to retract that.
And I just wish they'd knock it off.
Because I actually like a lot of what WorldNetDaily does.
But see, they then add in that neocon stuff.
I mean, they're nothing like Newsmax or others.
They're a lot better.
I've got a love-hate relationship with them, but I'm just tired of it.
I sell their book, they put out, because it's excellent.
The Late Great USA, they published that.
I put links to them.
We've got it cheaper than they sell it, though, at Infowars.com.
Maybe that's why they're mad, but they said I could sell it for that.
Folks are selling that for $28.
We're selling it for... They're not.
We're selling it for $19.95, but I'm already digressing.
Other people are.
It's just, they've been caught with their pants down again with this allegation, so I'm just going to go over that too.
Back to this, I thought we downloaded it, the network hasn't, so we're going to play it later in the show.
It's part of the music, but it's pretty worthless without the video itself, though you can hear the troops talking under the audio.
And it's a collection of army soldiers, and it shows them wearing John Wayne shirts under their body armor, and John Wayne flags,
They're laughing and having fun, going, you know, watch this, and shooting missiles into buildings with deadly precision.
They're just having a huge celebration.
And they think they're really fighting for the USA.
I mean, they're feeling good.
And I would say 25-30% from the troops I've talked to coming back and
From asking, you know, military on this show, what percentage buy into all of it?
And they say, oh, about 25-30% buy everything they're told.
Now, a lot of them go over there with that attitude and then find out it's not what they were told it is, and then they come back and say it's terrible.
We've had, you know, master sergeants on from the Marine Corps who saw all these dead women and children and families they killed and then saw people laughing about it, officers laughing about it, and they just couldn't handle it.
And their lives are ruined, folks.
But there's about 20-25% that enjoy it and thrive in the environment.
Now, they become highly addicted.
Anybody who's ever been involved, I guess, in things that are high-stress, most of us, nothing like that, you do become addicted to it.
And they come back and they become police officers and they're coming back and killing their whole families.
They're coming back and shooting, executing people at checkpoints and robbing banks.
Hells Angels was made up of Korean War vets.
That's who founded that.
And a lot of your other big, famous motorcycle gangs were because they want the thrill of the motorcycle, the drug dealing, the bar fights, the shoot-em-ups.
That's why the Hells Angels and other groups were so vicious because they'd been in the trenches in Korea.
And then once the group got bigger, they recruited out of Vietnam vets.
And those are the type of people you want when a drug deal goes bad, because they want to kill people.
They're used to it.
They've done it over and over again.
They like the thrill.
And God help us, we're going to be cursed by this war seven times seven.
And the three million dead Iraqis since the war started in 1990, the siege and the attack of 1991, and the ongoing monthly bombing of their infrastructure, and 700 plus thousand dead just in the last four years.
It was 600,000 three years ago.
And 700,000 is a conservative number.
By the way, the two different studies, one says 635,000, one says 644,000.
I just say 700,000.
If it was roughly 210,000 every year admittedly die, and other years passed, I'm just, in another year, only moving it up less than 50,000.
So I'm saying 700,000.
I guess it would really be about 850,000 now.
If those trends continue, but we're getting in the daily reports, the killings actually accelerated, so maybe more.
But let's just say 600.
Let's use a three-year number.
600 and something thousand, and then the Lansing... Well, we get back, I'll get into all that.
We got the Browns coming on.
It's just that this war is to destroy America's name.
This war is being run by the very people dismantling our sovereignty, destroying our currency.
And they're carrying out the war with young men who signed up
Because their grandpa liked John Wayne and they watched John Wayne Westerns.
This isn't a Western, folks.
This is the real world.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Over the last 40 years, we've seen prayer and God thrown out of the schools by decisions of the U.S.
Supreme Court.
Yet on February 29th, 1892, in an eye-nothing decision of the U.S.
Supreme Court, America was declared a Christian nation.
There is an ongoing assault on your First Amendment right of freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.
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We're good to go.
All those young soldiers.
The strongest men have lifelong problems after a year of heavy combat.
Serious problems.
You can take two roads.
You can get right with God after you've done things like that, been involved in things like that, and try to channel it, or you do what most of them do.
They start drinking, start fighting, start shooting people up, start killing their families, end up in prison, most of them.
Because you just don't come back from that, ladies and gentlemen.
War is a nasty business, and it's only done when you've absolutely got to defend your country's sovereignty.
Instead, our very country is dying right now, into the North American Union.
Our currency, the very lifeblood of the nation, all we had left financially, the industry's gone, is now being imploded in front of us.
And these guys are listening to heavy metal music and running around screaming, we're John Wayne.
Killing folks who are not historically known for being very good with firearms.
I even saw a Muslim website where they were admitting that.
There's not a lot of firearms training over there.
There's a lot of guns, but not a lot of firearms training.
And poor people, 3 million of them dead since the liberation of 1990 began.
It'll be going on 20 years from now.
It's genocide.
The Pentagon says they're running a de-industrialization op.
How to break the country in three parts and how to stop them from being first world.
Same thing with Serbia.
They've now been knocked down and brought down to their knees and turned into a third world country.
And that's the game.
No one can be sovereign.
No one can develop industry.
We have the official British reports that were then adopted as U.S.
policy in State Department Plan 200.
And this was the plan.
You know, the Malthusian eugenicists say, oh, we want forced sterilization and inoculations and the rest of this in Africa and Asia and Latin America to stop the destruction of the earth.
But really, it's to stop industrialization and it's actually to keep those people in a weakened supine position.
It's very cold-blooded.
Very cold-blooded.
I had a friend here last night when he found out Bertrand Russell, because he's kind of a liberal,
Was involved in eugenics and all these things.
He was in denial until I started showing him all these documents.
Or that Planned Parenthood had been a Nazi operation.
They just can't believe it.
They have to be shown.
Just like the troops have to be shown that you're not working for the U.S.
You're not working for the American people.
And I know it's spree decor and history.
I know your granddaddy and his granddaddy was in it and you grew up seeing the medals on the wall and
They teach you that's how you become a man.
Well, a man also needs to be smart enough to see the lay of the land and to really know what's going on.
Being mindless and serving this evil system is not manly.
And I've got more to say on that later.
We have got so much news here.
Brown's EU fraud exposed by letter.
This is big news on how they're trying to not let the Brits have any say on entering the European Union.
And Brown says in the letter, we've got to keep this secret from the people.
They're mad.
Same thing.
Parliament's not voters to ratify a new EU treaty.
We have news on this dovetailing with what's happening here in the United States and Canada and Mexico.
A New Haven officer was hit by a car by the Bushes, by one of the Bush boys, and it was all covered up.
That's out of the Hartford Current mainstream news.
Man, if I hit a cop, you better believe I'm not going to get a pass on that.
Also, there's an international call out for everybody to help analyzing a bunch of declassified FBI documents, but there's tens of thousands of pages of it.
We'll get into that.
Sex for the Motherland, Russia Youths Encouraged to Procreate at Massive Sex Camp, Daily Mail.
Also, beware of Mr. Brown.
He's after your rights.
Another story on what's happening in England.
Fake Fly Wants to be Spy in the Sky, New Forms of Surveillance, Big Brother's putting out.
We'll be going over all of this today as well.
I know we got Marcel in New York disagrees with me.
He'll be first up when we go to calls, then Debbie, Jonathan, Ed, Jeffrey, and others.
Shifting gears here, and I won't take much of their time, we're very glad that everything's been diffused.
It's also a Catch-22, as so many things are, kind of a paradox or a quandary.
Because if we do what the Feds want,
It's meant to get everybody hyped up, everybody afraid, everybody on edge.
This is right out of the Pentagon Manual.
And then, when they really move in, two or three of these provocations later, as I've been saying since day one two months ago, when this all started in Plainfield up in New Hampshire, that when they really move in, people won't respond.
You have to respond each time, even if it's ten more of these.
It's just you have to do it in a measured, focused way.
And that's what people did to some extent.
There were some headlines out there like, they're under attack!
They're being assaulted and killed right now!
It's the end of Earth!
You know, red level!
The war has begun!
Just as two months ago that was said and was put out, and I said, no folks, we need to be cool here so the Browns don't have bad things happen to them, and so the Feds don't create some martyrs.
You know, we as patriots care a lot more about the Feds and their bosses.
I mean, they want them to die.
That's why they bombed themselves at OKC and made sure, as McVeigh said to his cohorts, yeah, I'm a Fed, this is a big black op, we need a daycare center.
To get people upset.
So, I don't want Feds being killed.
I mean, literally, I don't want anything to happen to Bush.
They would turn him into a martyr.
We need to fully show people how he's a puppet, and show how he doesn't speak for America, and destroy his name.
To make sure America's name isn't further destroyed.
We need to make sure.
Just, oh, keep Bush as safe as possible.
Ladies and gentlemen, because he's a puppet nobody.
And we don't want to give him martyrdom.
We don't want to give Hillary martyrdom.
We need to destroy their name.
Convict them in the court of public opinion.
So, we've seen provocation after provocation.
They flew in there with a helicopter during the concert to draw attention to what's happening.
I mean, I saw it lower than trees.
I saw it because they've got trees and fields behind their house.
They're up on a hill.
And they were at the level of the house because they were flying down on the side of the hill.
I mean, I was watching it live on the internet with the internet stream that Von Kleist put out.
And I was sitting there watching it.
I couldn't believe it.
And you've seen a lot of the video and photos online.
I put a story out on this yesterday.
All right.
He stares at him for a moment and then squeals out, fishtailing violently up the road.
They call the police department.
They said, oh yeah, the sheriff's there leaving tire marks so he can see who drives across the, the, the, the bird out.
No, it's a provocation.
It's all snickering evil.
Helicopters, Danny being tasered and grabbed.
They lied about it, then had to admit they lied.
Don't forget, they've been caught lying.
A helicopter, all of this stuff, and now 30 plus shots fired, people banging on trailer walls, trying to get some kind of provocation.
So the cops can say, we were in the woods and they shot at us, and then they're going to go in there with an armored SWAT team and it's going to be a big military shootout.
You're going to see a column of armored vehicles coming down the road, and they want to kick off World War III, and as patriots we have to ask ourselves, with their approval ratings plunging, the NAU in trouble, Ron Paul surging in the polls, surging in the amount of money he's collecting, we're having victory after victory in the Info War, do we want the shooting to start?
And cops and military and FBI need to ask yourselves, you know, your hostage rescue team, your CERT teams, do you want to start being deployed against the American people?
I mean, do you really want to be the targets out there?
I mean, do you like this?
And I guess a lot of you have been in Iraq or in other wars, and you get off on it, and I guess you do.
You better look at your bank accounts and your children's futures, though, because this economy is going to go right in the toilet if this stuff starts.
I mean, you may like to go around and shoot guns and kill people.
It's a lot more fun, I guess, than deer hunting for you.
But this is the real deal here.
Okay, I'm going to shut up and go to Elaine Brown, and then we've also got Danny Riley on the line.
Elaine, thank you for coming on with us.
Good morning, Alex.
Did anything else happen since we talked last night on air?
It's been very quiet, except we've had
Not at all.
Dozens and dozens of people coming by lending their support.
They started at 8 o'clock yesterday morning and went up until about 9 o'clock last night and people are coming in again this morning.
It's really wonderful to see all the support.
Well you had about 300 people out there for the concert two weeks ago.
Yes, yes we did.
And so I guess the numbers are building up right now then.
Oh, yeah.
I feel it across the country.
There's a mass awakening going on, Alex, and it's wonderful to see.
People are finally getting angry.
They're getting past the denial, they're getting past the fear, and finally getting angry enough to start waking up and doing something about it.
We've got Danny Riley on the line.
Let's bring him up too.
Danny, I want to talk about the shooting and you as well.
You were there, but get into the police chief as much detail as you can give us.
Walk through, you pull up, what he did, how he looked at you, how he screeched off the specifics.
What had happened was I came back from town.
As soon as I came up to the driveway, I seen Police Chief Gillings in his police car locking the driveway.
I pulled up right up to him and was bumper to bumper facing each other.
He was looking at me, I was looking at him.
He got on his TV, I got on my radio.
How was he looking at you?
Through the window, through the car window.
How would you describe his facial expressions?
Just, um, no excitement or nothing in his face or nothing.
He just looked at me.
He got on the CB immediately.
I got on my, uh, handheld and, uh, called down to Ed and, uh, the other supporters down there to let him know the police are at the top of the driveway.
So then he put his car in reverse and backed up to allow me to go into the driveway.
I sped down the driveway real quick, grabbed my video camera, grabbed another supporter, we turned around, went back up to the end of the driveway, and all we seen was a huge peel-out mark, probably at least 15 feet long, where you can see he just punched and peeled out, and he took off.
And I got that video online, just videos of the peel-out mark.
And then you called the police department and they admitted, oh, he was laying down marks.
Yeah, yeah, that is true.
Yup, they called the police and said that was some kind of marking system because the other one came up missing, so that's his new marking system or something, which makes no sense to me.
For those who don't know about it, there was one of those little cord systems and the Tooth Fairy took that.
So then he just sped away and I just filmed the peel-out marks and put it on the internet.
And, uh, that was the end of that, uh, incident.
And it's funny, it was just the day of, um, the, uh, assault that occurred that night.
So, or PSYOP, whatever you want to call it.
Now, I've already talked to Elaine last night about her recollection and the way, you know, the angle she saw the shooting going on from.
Uh, were you there, Danny, when all that happened?
Yes, I was.
Why don't you give us your take on what you heard and what happened that night?
Okay, uh, I was in Jim's trailer.
Me and him were in Jim's trailer, and another supporter had just left the trailer a couple minutes ago and was walking down to the house.
And Jim said to me, I think I just heard something.
It sounded like a gunshot.
And I said, I think I heard it too.
So we stepped outside the trailer, and we heard, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, coming down from in the woods behind the house.
And I went over the radio, gunshots, I hear gunshots.
And as I was saying that, more went off, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
And it was like, we hear them too, we hear them too.
At that time, we all grabbed our liberty tools and prepared battle stations.
After I first heard the first one, I ran into the trailer and wrote that email real quick and sent it out to my address book.
After that, I grabbed my liberty tool and got in a position where I could see everything pretty clearly in case something did happen.
The shots leaned off.
There were no more shots.
Jim was still in the trailer.
I was in a strategic spot on the property.
I came back up to the trailer after about 10 minutes and Jim says, I hear something moving over by a tent that was pitched on the property.
And when he said that, we heard a branch break.
And I said, Jim, I heard it too.
There's somebody in the woods right there.
And then, God, that was probably 20 yards from the trailer.
So me and Jim were just looking around in that area with the flashlight shining them in the woods.
We couldn't really see nothing.
But we could hear the stuff all moving in the woods.
And so then,
About five more minutes went by and I said, listen, we can't stay in this trailer.
We got to get into the house.
So I radioed ahead to the house and said, listen, I'm coming down.
Get ready to open the door for me.
So I grabbed my liberty tool, had it in my hand and went down, you know, weaving down to the driveway, down to the house.
And I could hear him literally 15, 20 feet from me in the woods, moving around as I was walking by.
Uh, very, uh, fast.
And as I got onto the front porch to, uh, go in, uh, the door was locked.
When I was on the front porch, the motion light came on, lit me up, so the whole area I was standing in was all lit up.
I'm like, hurry up, hurry up, open the door, they're right behind the generator shed, I can hear them!
And, uh, they had an unbarricaded door, of course, which took a few minutes, so finally I got in the house and closed the door, and then Jim radioed down and said, hey, listen, I'm coming down next, watch my back.
So then Jim made his move,
And then he got to the door.
We opened it real quick for him.
He got in and said, listen, I heard him in the woods.
I heard him in the woods.
It was all over in the woods.
And I said,
I said, I told you, Ed, they're everywhere.
And on the South Side, at least, I estimate, at least five or six million.
I'd like to see it go to the point where the IRS is finally going to be disbanded and get out of people's lives and get out of their pockets.
Well, if we finally get to this revolution, I'm sure it's going to be one of the first things that's going to disappear.
It has to be.
You know, the power to tax is the power to control.
And that's kind of what this country is about.
Well, the power to tax is the power to destroy.
Yeah, absolutely.
Look at all the lives these people have destroyed.
My gracious.
I mean, even to the point of death of people.
For what?
Fake Federal Reserve notes that have nothing of value in them?
It's all a control.
It's all a control, Alex.
You know all that.
Well, you know, they've got motion sensors that go off solar power.
I would put motion sensor lights all around in the woods.
I know you have them at the edge of the woods.
But I would put them all, you know, further out in the woods.
That way, you know, when there's people out there, you can really get an idea of it.
And I would just tell the feds, stop it.
I mean, flying with a helicopter over, trying to get somebody to shoot at you.
Having the police chief do that, tasering Riley, all the things they've done.
Stay there.
Let's do five more minutes and we'll start the second hour and go to Marcelle, Debbie, Jonathan, Ed, Jeffrey and many others.
Second hour, third hour, open phones and news today.
We do things a little backwards here.
It'll be open line Monday at 1-800-259-9231.
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You know, I have a rule here that if you disagree with something I've said, you can call into the board at 1-800-259-9231 and then I'll push you to the head of the line.
If you volunteer that you disagree with us, but you can't call my office and then demand that we call you and have you on air because you disagree.
It doesn't work like that.
You have to wait until somebody hangs up and you can get in and then we'll put you out of the line.
And speaking of the devil, we will be taking people's calls of disagreeing and others coming up when we start the next hour in about five minutes.
Well, in closing, I'm glad that everybody was calm.
This is really disconcerting and it shows me how bad they really are because I try to humanize these people.
I try to hope that some type of decency will prevail.
But it's a big game and they want you to... They may pull something next.
Shoot it themselves or claim they were shot at.
They're trying to get you to shoot the helicopter.
The police chief's out there provocateuring.
People have already tasered Danny and grabbed him.
Now they're shooting and firing and banging on the side of trailers.
And this is a Psy-Op.
And uh... just I'm praying for you and just guys, Elaine, I know there's a lot of people who want some type of revolution to start and if they start it like Lexington and Concord, that's one thing, but I just hope that, and I think you guys have demonstrated too, that cooler heads are prevailing, that I don't think it's a good thing for violence to kick up.
Do you concur with that?
Oh, absolutely.
We'll certainly be on a defensive mode.
But you know Alex, we pray daily that the Lord will help these people to see what's right and what's true and to come to do the right thing.
Well, I mean, it's just a lot of people are treating this like a peanut gallery, like a soap opera, and they want to kind of see the thumbs up or thumbs down at the end of the gladiatorial event, or like it's pit bull fighting or something, and I don't see you and Ed as pit bulls, and I don't see the Feds as pit bulls either, and I just don't want to see this dogfight take place.
I'm trying to end this, basically.
Yeah, I mean, you know, unfortunately, every so often we hear a comment from somebody like, well why don't they just go over the house and drop a bomb on it and get rid of the whole mess and get rid of the grounds and destroy them.
I know, yeah.
Yeah, we've gotten emails like that.
Yeah, I know, that's a horrid way to think.
Yeah, they're pieces of filth.
Well, anything else you want to add, Elaine?
No, I just think we're nice and peaceful here and we are at ease, always alert.
But we're right with the Lord, and we know that right will eventually win.
Well, that's good.
And Danny Riley, thank you for reporting to us as well.
We love you.
We're so glad you're safe.
All right.
Thank you both.
God bless you.
There goes Elaine Brown and, of course, Danny Riley.
And this just continues to get worse and worse, frankly.
There's no doubt the feds are provocateuring.
I mean, with the police chief, and the shooting, and the grabbing, and the helicopter.
I mean, this helicopter was flying right over him, over and over again, at treetop level, and then getting down in openings lower than the trees.
Extremely dangerous.
Right over 300 people.
200, 300, whatever it was.
In the video, it looks like 200, but you can't see everybody in the video.
I'll give different numbers.
This is out of control.
And, uh, I'm tired of it, and I just want to live my life feds.
You've already destroyed the country, you've already destroyed the dollar, you've already destroyed our name internationally, you've already, by fiat, got the borders open, and the nation's falling apart, everything's falling apart.
You're federalizing everything.
Can't you just stop and just rule us?
No, you've got to have full war with us, full, full destruction of America, and you're not going to stop.
I understand that and, uh,
That's just wonderful.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot.
And in the long run, it's going to be bad for you and yours, but you don't care.
It's all about you being the boss.
All about your own little personal power trips.
Your own little Nazi-punk power trips.
And there's a bunch of people who just can't wait to go out and start blasting police.
And then everything goes to hell in a handbasket.
It's just unbelievable.
I just can't believe it's just... everything!
The planets are aligning, folks!
We're on the edge!
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're now into hour number two.
I'm going to get into the economy.
Huge North American and EU news.
Big Brother information jam-packed in the second and third hour.
Also, we were hacked Sunday.
Either way you cut it, we're being hacked off of Wikipedia.
Mainline news is all being erased.
Massive concerted efforts, all sorts of stuff happening to the network as well and other networks.
The Browns have been having shots fired.
It's all out of control.
World Net Daily attacking me as their lead story for two days.
I've been listening for a while, and I like the show, I think it's real good, but I think you exaggerate a bit on things, or, like, you make things worse than they really seem.
You know, I would love to think that.
I laid in bed last night at about one in the morning wishing I was wrong.
Actually, and listeners who really pay attention have seen this, I'm generally, it's generally worse than I say.
So, I mean, give me some examples.
Like you said, HR 6166, this was a while back, but you said that it overdue 9 out of 10 are Bill of Rights in the Constitution.
Now, refresh my memory, H.R.
6166, which one was that?
I don't know.
You mentioned it on the show and you said it overthrew 900 Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
Well, I know I said that Patriot Act 1 eviscerated at least half of it, and then we have the Military Commissions Act that butchered several, and of course they re-butcher.
They just lay it on top, you know, they stack it like cordwood,
It's kind of like dropping five nukes on the same city.
They overkilled.
And then they had the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, and then now they've had PDD 51.
Let me just tell you something.
Mainline conservative and liberal scholars, mainline headlines, the father of Reaganomics, Bob Woodward, even Dianne Feinstein, have said
We are going into dictatorship.
This is dictatorship.
Did you know?
In fact, I've gotten so conditioned to this to just accept it.
In fact, that's at my house.
I forgot to bring it to the office.
I'll have to Google it and print it again.
Guys, do that for me, please.
Because I can't talk and Google at the same time.
I know some can.
I can't.
It's like talking and showing them.
I guess I'm not.
But the point is that two more congressmen on the Homeland Security Board went to the White House and said,
We need to see your new PDD 50 plan.
And they said, no, Congress isn't allowed to know about Continuity of Government.
Congress was always in Continuity of Government, co-equal to the President.
Now, the President is wrongfully saying, now, we don't even need to see the document because we know in his declarative statement of 51 of, what was it, May 9th of this year, he says Congress isn't involved in the Continuity of Government.
It says it in paragraph 3!
So, believe me, man, I wish this wasn't true.
And I wish the dollar hadn't been devalued by more than half.
I am really mad about that.
This is ruining my children's future financially.
As long as you abide by the law.
Pardon me?
You still have your rights as long as you abide by the law.
The government is becoming completely lawless.
They don't follow the law themselves.
And how do they get away with this, though?
It's called tyranny, sir.
It happens thousands of times in history.
It is the norm.
I mean, imagine a riverbed filled with thousands and millions of stones.
And most of them are tan or gray or black.
And there's one that has a big diamond in it.
But what's your chances of finding that?
You know, there's a diamond in that riverbed.
Okay, one diamond.
How are you going to find it?
That's America.
That was the Bill of Rights.
It is incredibly rare jewel.
I don't know how else to explain it to you.
This is the norm.
Stay there Mario.
We'll come back and continue to walk through this with you.
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My new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Mario in New York disagrees with me.
Mario, spell it out.
I mean, you said you think I'm exaggerating, and then you restated that
Well, if you obey the law, you've still got your rights.
Tell us your understanding of what rights are and how this country's supposed to operate versus what the President is doing.
I don't... I'm a law-abiding citizen, sir.
I just think you exaggerate sometimes, especially on the whole Big Brother aspect when you mention infrared and stuff like that.
Has that ever come to fruition?
Yes, sir.
I mean, do you live in New York City?
You're in the most surveilled city in the United States and they have infrared, in fact I have that news today, they have lip reading software, they have face scanning software installed on most of the cameras, so that's just mainstream news.
And it's being used to control and track and trace the population.
They have put all over the country cameras in the school bathrooms, sir.
I mean, that's right out of 1984.
What about this guy Corey Rowe?
You said he was going to get tortured?
You said he was going to get tortured?
No, I didn't say he was going to be tortured.
I said, with a government that says they torture people, we've got to find out where he's at.
There's no telling what they could do to him in the system.
Are you saying people aren't beaten in the brig?
Are you saying there aren't TV specials every day about jails where they torture and beat people, in many cases, to death out of hand?
They've had, last time I checked, more than 25 deaths in the Travis County Jail that are suspicious, right where I live.
In fact, the Wackenhut prison outside town got shut down because they were raping and torturing the women and shooting videos of it.
Just where I live, we're wallowing in that.
So again, it's that you're not aware of the type of things that are going on.
Let me bring something else up to you, sir.
Did you hear about the couple who
But did he come with a ski mask?
I guess so.
I don't know, the newspaper doesn't say.
Let me ask you another question.
It's in the Canadian news, it's also in a few U.S.
newspapers, that they're going to be having a meeting up in Canada coming up in 20 days.
From the 20th to the 23rd.
And that for 18 miles around the major town, no one is even allowed in without proper papers.
And that there's no demonstrations or no media allowed, and media and others, and different Canadian organizations are being denied access to even get hotel rooms in the town.
Now, is that freedom?
By the way, the U.S.
military is going to be there... That's the U.S.
The U.S.
military is going to be there enforcing it.
Excuse me, go ahead, say what you were saying.
No, that's Canada, it's not the U.S.
No, no, no, no, no, no, it is the North American SPP, North American Union, and they are setting the policy, they're inviting the U.S.
This is joint policing.
Announced by Northcombe.
We had Jerome Corsi on it, it's been in several publications.
It's also on the Canadian News.
How are they going to put together this North American Union?
You guys defeated the amnesty bill.
How are they going to put this to paper?
Now, do you remember the media saying it was an amnesty?
So we had to go through several years of, because they've been trying to pass it for five, six years, of first proving it is, then we finally, remember the bill was secret, but then a senator leaked it, and oh my gosh, convicted felons were legalized.
It said five years of no taxes, they were giving tax amnesty, pardons.
It said if you were MS-13 or other gangs, that you could just sign a form promising not to do it again.
Now, that was all in the bill, sir, and that's why it was defeated.
Now, we were told we were liars there, too.
Are you saying there isn't a move for North American Union?
I'm not saying there isn't, but how is this going to come into fruition?
Well, see, through the bureaucracies, they're already issued, in Texas alone, North American Union IDs for business codes.
They are standardizing the police and military and the FAA coordinates and the GPS coordinates.
They're merging the laws and the regulatory systems.
They're going to allow the Mexican government to run inland ports in San Antonio and Kansas City.
See, the bureaucracy is separate from what you think of as the Congress and even the Executive.
They just do what the Executive says, in many cases what they want, and this is a form of governance.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you know how the European Union was founded?
First off, do you know about the European Union existing?
Yes, I do.
Well, somebody will email me and say it doesn't exist.
I just wanted to talk with you first about that.
We have now the declassified release documents, hundreds of them, with the Treaty of Rome, the Treaty of London, the Steele Cooperative.
And this is in 1946, and they're saying, well, we've got to say it's just a steel deal and a way to speed goods across borders, but really it's going to grow into a union.
And it took them 30 plus years to really get it set up.
Now, everything's accelerated now.
They've been sitting it up here for 20 years.
And you know, NAFTA was the really big kickoff in 94.
And so we're already integrated in many respects.
And in fact, I have, you know what, let me just
Put him on hold for a minute.
I'm gonna... Oh, I've got so much here.
I just had the stories in front of me.
I just had it.
But again, it doesn't matter if I document.
It's just... It doesn't matter to people anymore.
They just deny it and deny it and deny it.
Where's my Gordon Brown stuff out of England?
I wanted to cover that.
Oh, here's an important one.
Forgot about this one.
Globalists admit U.S.
workers suffering.
I need to get into that.
Where is my stack?
I had my Gordon Brown stack here.
I'll try to find it during the break.
Sir, later in the show, if you'll stay tuned in, I will read to you where the mayor signed on to a North American Union to integrate the countries.
Hundreds signed on, but this one mayor got confronted of Oklahoma City and now he's recanted and apologized.
I also have where Gordon Brown wrote a secret letter to the head of the EU saying don't let them know we're secretly integrating.
We're just going to claim this is a trade deal too.
That's major British newspapers Saturday.
We have SPP four-year documents we got via judicial watch suing to get them from last year's Banff Canada meeting in September where they said we need to keep this secret from the public and use stealth integration to set up the North American Union.
They say we're going to have a carbon tax to fund our government.
It has nothing to do with climate.
I mean, we have it.
So, if you won't go search it out when it's on the website every day.
By the way, I'm looking at prisonplanet.com.
This is on the main page today.
There's still stuff up there from the weekend.
Parliament's not voters to ratify a new EU treaty and then under it, let me click on it, I can't find the article but I can actually go to the website.
Prison Planet's crawling today, here it is.
Brown's EU fraud exposed by letter.
The new European Union treaty has been designed to quote, keep the advances of the old constitution that we were not, have dared present directly.
That's a direct quote.
It goes on, Senior Brussels figure has admitted in letters, and it goes on, Hans-Gert Pottering, President of the European Parliament, and a close ally of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, made the admission in a letter to Valerie Giscard d'Esteg, the architect of the discarded EU Constitution.
The people voted it down, but one time they were able to vote in Europe, they just come back with it.
Mr. Pottering,
I think?
Consultation will be uncovered as pure spin if he does not keep his promise to give the British people the final say in the referendum, adding that the criticism of the government yesterday was a Labour MP would draw the EU Constitution, which was restricted by French and Dutch voters two years ago.
And then it goes into more letters.
But let me just go back here and read the Parliament.
Parliament's not voters to ratify a new EU treaty.
London Telegraph
The new European Union Treaty has several hurdles to jump before it can become law.
Ireland, where voters rejected the Nice Treaty in 2001, looks set for another vote next year.
I'm assuming we will have to have a referendum.
Bertie Aron, the Irish Prime Minister, told opposition leaders last month Ireland's shock 2001 rejection of the original treaty forced Dublin to seek an amendment ensuring the country would not be
Dragged unwittingly into EU action.
It goes on to talk about that, how they're bringing it in.
I mean, this is just every day, how they're trying to do it by stealth.
Listen, I got a lot of other callers that are holding here, Mario, but I just, let's just say this.
I wish that your idea that things aren't as bad as you say was true.
Unfortunately, I don't have words to describe how serious this is.
Anything else you wanted to add, Mario?
I think sometimes you say also statements or facts.
I don't know if they're quoted, but you once said President Reagan said that all the IRS tax isn't to help fund the country, but it goes to a New World Order fund.
Yes, that's exactly, yes.
That's well known.
That's been in hundreds of books and newspapers.
Stay there.
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Japanese refiners buy 550,000 barrels, switching dollar to yen.
Bad news for U.S.
China and Japan hold large positions in dollar.
Trading equals permanent loss.
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What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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Mario, I just spent about two minutes of that break looking for Ronald Reagan.
I talked Ronald Reagan, not one cent.
into Google, and I haven't found it yet, I will.
He had a congressional commission in 1981 look at the income tax and his famous quote, I believe it's an exact quote, but serving memory here, listeners all know Ronald Reagan, though I'll call him with it in a minute, and he said, not one red cent of the income tax goes to run the country, it goes to pay for debt with the federal reserve.
And then he was quoting the congressional study
He had commissioned.
And so what I said last week was, and I remember saying it, maybe it was two weeks ago, was even Ronald Reagan said that not one red cent of the income tax goes around the country.
And then I went on to say, no, it goes to the international bankers, our private Federal Reserve, that are pushing this New World Order.
And so again, sir,
I don't know.
I mean, are you shamed that not one red cent doesn't go to run the country?
Are you shamed the dollar hasn't been devalued?
I mean, are you shamed that he hasn't told Congress?
Mario, it's real simple.
Have you been to WhiteHouse.gov?
Have you read PDD 51?
Okay, what did you get from PDD 51?
It seems it's tyrannical.
I asked a fellow politician who was campaigning around here in the area, and they said that can never happen.
So you went to one of the criminals that rules over you and constantly lies?
I mean, a politician?
I wouldn't ask a politician.
Let me just talk for a second.
The politicians, we have hundreds of them, literally, are writing letters to their constituents saying there's no such thing as SPP or a move towards North American Union.
Come on, man, I can't help you.
Mario, I'm not trying to be mean to you, but have you heard, it's been in the Associated Press, that members of the Homeland Security Committee with high-level security clearances aren't allowed to see Bush's Continued Government Plan?
Have you heard that?
I mean, anywhere in your brain, Mario, does that concern you?
But a local politician told you it can't happen here?
The cliché of clichés.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
I can't help you, man.
Oh, God.
Oh, I literally, I just, I got a headache now.
It can't happen here.
Just like a guy who walked up to me when I was at a pizza place, picking a pizza up and said, you're a liar.
There's no such thing as cross species.
And I just, I didn't even argue with him.
I just went, fine man, whatever.
He was like, got real mad that, hey, you heard me.
Don't appreciate your lies.
And I'm just sitting there thinking, you know, I'd like to rip your head off, sir.
Get out of my face, you weak scum!
A, I try to tell the truth.
I try to do the best job I can and tell you exactly how bad it is.
Sometimes I won't even tell you how bad I think it is because I don't think you can handle it.
If anything, folks, I hold back.
Now, I'm not mad at you, Mario.
I'm just sad.
But, you know, somebody who calls me a liar when I've done the research and all I'm trying to do is warn people.
I mean, they funded martial law last year.
For this year.
Now, does that mean they're going to fully implement it or drop the hammer, pull the trigger?
Whatever cliche you want to use?
I don't know!
But I got a job to report to you that they are lined up.
I mean, it's like if a big army came and lined up on your border and was announcing it was going to invade you.
You'd have a major problem if you didn't say, look, there's 10,000 army tanks lined up on our border with a million troops.
If I didn't go on air and say, hey, they're lining up on our border and they're saying they may invade, I mean, I'd have a problem.
And they are lined up.
And they are saying they're going to go.
And they've got paid people on government payroll to run around on TV saying martial law is coming, but that it's going to be a good thing.
I mean, I don't know what to say to people like you.
I don't know what I can do for you.
I just know we're in for a world of hurt.
And by the way, we always say we're in for a world of hurt.
It's already here.
I mean, have you seen the checkpoints and the cops coming out of our ears?
We got hot and cold running cops, man!
I mean, they're just coming out our ears!
We're swimming!
And I just am so tired of being proven right.
I wish things would slow down and stop in reverse.
But I got a sneaking suspicion we're all gonna get to see it get a lot worse a lot quicker.
And you'll still be in denial.
Until they take your house or haul you off and... Then there won't be anybody to stand up for you, Mario.
You could have fought for your country.
You could have stood up, but... You just... You were just bred to be a slave.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We at The Bible Says want to alert the world to the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
Soon, it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
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Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the REAL ID Act.
We're good to go.
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Yeah, this is a fitting song for Mario.
That's 1-800-890-3525.
Denial, my friend, isn't going to save you.
There must be some kind of way out of here.
Said a joker to the beat.
There's too much confusion.
I can't get no relief.
Business man, dear, drink my wine.
Come and dig my earth.
None will level on the mind.
Nobody other than
No reason to get excited, cause we be kind as foes.
There are many here among us, who feel they're lifeless but are chosen.
But you and I, we've been through that, and this is not our fate.
Welcome back.
We are here on the Watchtower trying to warn the people what we see.
And as the enemy approaches the gates, as the enemy enters the gates, as the enemy bayonets us, our children, our women, our society, our name, right in front of our eyes, we still are in denial.
Because the enemy blares from its trumpet a swan song, a siren song to mesmerize.
Speak sweet nothings in our ear until we stand down and let the black waters of hell engulf our society.
Alright, let's go to the calls.
I took 30 minutes out with that caller and I apologize to the others but he disagreed and we were trying to explore that mindset.
A politician told him it never happened here and that's exactly why we're in so much danger because even as it happens people can't even recognize it because they're still saying it can't happen here because it is happening.
And then as it fully comes into fruition they'll still be in denial saying it can't happen here even though it did.
Debbie in North Carolina, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hi Alex, maybe Mario will change his mind when they come to his door and bust it down and come after him with billy clubs over a misdemeanor that was overruled by the freaking Supreme Court anyway.
What happened?
Did that happen to you?
Yeah, we're the people with the flag incident, the upside down flag.
Oh my God, I've been trying to get a hold of you.
I had my producer on this.
I wanted to have you for a full hour.
Debbie, I wish you would have told the... I mean, we don't stream calls, which is a good thing, but it's also a bad thing because we never know people like you call in.
You know, I had a sneaking suspicion with that Ron Paul sign in your house.
Yes, I am.
But then we are, as people are being arrested, oh my God, I don't have the article because Trey, my producer, just ran out with it to call you guys again.
Let me pull it up.
Tell folks your name and who you are and what happened.
This is Debbie Kuhn and we live in Asheville, North Carolina and we had an upside down flag on our porch.
Basically, an officer came and busted down our door and came in.
He did not beat us.
He whipped out his billy club.
We were inches from being beaten.
Is that Kuhn?
Is that Kuhn with a C or a K?
Okay, great.
I'm just Googling.
Go ahead.
The important issue here that you might be interested in is that the deputy that arrested us had just gotten back from Iraq, and his staff sergeant... As I predicted, it wasn't hard to predict.
The staff sergeant from the local National Guard stated on TV that he sent his buddy to deal with us.
So he was on a mission.
He was on a mission.
I can't say too much about it because just like the other person, our lawyer, has said, don't talk about it.
But I feel so strongly about your show and your listeners that they need to know.
No, no, no.
Your lawyer is giving you bad advice.
Remember the guy who got arrested for videotaping cops when they pulled him over?
They charged him with felonies and they were laughing.
Once we talked about the case, once we wrote an article at PrisonPlanet.com, it got national attention, the police chief dropped it, and had to apologize.
Your lawyer, I can just tell you right now, is giving you bad advice.
You do what you want.
I told our lawyer that I don't care if we go to jail or not, quite frankly.
I just want this to go down.
I want these people to go down that are responsible for it.
So I'm not concerned about saying the wrong thing and maybe having charges stick or something.
I'm not concerned about that.
Well, the newspaper reported that he did.
Rough you guys up, so I guess that was wrong.
Let's walk through exactly what you hung up, what you did, but here's the bigger story.
Just like Mao had his little violent corps that would go after people, citizens that worked with the police, just like Stalin had it, just like Hitler had it, we're now seeing this.
The same thing happened with our other listener who hung a flag up, period.
It wasn't even upside down.
They just thought that was disrespectful and illegal to even have a flag.
And they came and arrested him because a truck driver who had gotten out of the military called his buddy on the force.
That's how it works.
Everybody goes, they're violating America!
They don't care if the Bill of Rights is dying.
They don't care if the Constitution is dying.
They don't care if the very country is dying or the flag was made by slaves.
I've got the headline now, Arrested Activist in a Row over Flag Protest and Alleged Abuse by Buckham Deputy.
Let's walk through exactly what happened, what he did, but the big news here is, and this is what's in the article we're going to write at Prison Planet about this, is that he admitted his buddy called him from his unit, goes on the news and says, I sicked him on her, and now he has to understand, he literally
Like a pit bull grabbing the throat of a baby.
Grab the Constitution in America and everything we fought for directly by the throat when Americans are being arrested.
See, that's why they love these flag laws.
Because once you get that, it's other things you can't say or do.
So you've got the floor.
I'm actually hyperventilating to have you on air with us.
Debbie Coon, walk through what happened.
Well, let me say first about the military aspect of it.
What's so disturbing about it is, you know, exactly what you've been saying, is that these people are trained over there to be killers, and then they come over here and they join the police force.
They join the, you know, and he was a different man, you know, from what he was before, and he came back from Iraq.
And it's like they have no business being in law enforcement, because... Well, here's the deal.
They've been searching upwards of a hundred homes a day, kicking in doors, I mean, and I told everybody, and most of the new recruits are coming directly from Baghdad, or from Bosnia, or Macedonia, or Africa, and hell is upon us.
That's why they're now going to double the force again, from one million, from three hundred thou, to over two million, and hell is now upon us.
But, but, but, but, and they've been in a country
Well, it starts a week before because we put the flag out with nothing on it and the local police came by.
Uh, who was very cool.
And he said, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.
You have... No, no, that's not cool.
That's not cool.
In America, cops coming around because of a flag you're flying.
Folks, this hit in America.
And now the FBI's announced tens of thousands of on-the-ground shtozy, to quote, fight terror and crime.
Go ahead.
Well, basically, he said he was checking us to make sure we were okay, and I asked him then, I said, we're not breaking any ordinances or anything, are we here, you know?
And he said, no, no, no, you have a perfect right to fly that flag that way.
You know, you have every right.
We just want to make sure you're okay.
Okay, that was awesome.
Now, we started noticing gentlemen in fatigues around our house, and one of them came up to our door, harassed my husband about the flag, you know, I don't appreciate, you know, you flyin' flag that way, you know, what is this idiot's name?
I do not know.
We don't know his name.
Let me just warn everybody.
They can't wait to come for us.
Michael Savage talks about it every day.
They got 20% of the population, folks, that want to man camps.
Folks, if it goes to that, you know what you gotta do.
Go ahead.
The next thing we knew, the staff sergeant admitted taking photos of our house.
So Wednesday morning we were gotten out of bed with a knock on the door.
Now this is another person, Staff Sergeant.
They took the photo.
Yeah, who was this?
The guy at the door was the deputy.
Deputy Scarborough from the Sheriff's Department.
So he showed up in camo?
No, no, no.
Okay, slowly go through because we're going to write an article about this.
Okay, first you get one visit, then somebody in fatigues is running around your house.
Describe that.
The gentleman in fatigues came to our door and complained about the flag being blown upside down.
What did he say to your husband?
Uh, he basically said, you know, I don't appreciate it.
A lot of my buddies have died.
I'm a god.
I'm a king.
You're not.
Okay, so let's just stop right there.
Let's just stop right there, though.
I gotta add this.
He doesn't care the borders are open and overrun.
He doesn't care the dollar, which is the blood of the country, is being devalued.
He doesn't care if our name's been destroyed.
He doesn't care... He doesn't care why the flag is upside down.
Again, it's all little symbols and trinkets.
Go ahead.
What else did he say?
What else did he say?
I really don't know, Alex.
I'm not sure.
You have to ask my husband.
He's not here right now.
I would imagine it was something like, well, I'll be back.
We're going to get you.
I don't recall.
I'm not sure.
A couple days went by and on Wednesday morning, we're in bed, we're awakened by the door, and I'm in my housecoat, my husband threw on some clothes, and we go answer the door, and it is a sheriff at the door, sheriff's deputy at the door, and he said, uh, I'm here because you're, you're, you know, desecrating the flag.
It's a violation of North Carolina statute.
He hands us a computer printout paper with the statute on it, I'm reading it, and I'm going,
You know, desecration.
I'm going, wait, wait, wait a minute.
This is a distress signal.
We're not trying to desecrate the flag.
You know, it's a distress signal.
And then he says something about you can't pin pictures on the flag.
That's something that the U.S.
could... And you had pictures that said, it is a distress signal.
Help your country, the upside down flag.
With a picture of George Bush.
And this is exactly what we need, folks.
We are in Mayday level.
All flags should be flown upside down.
You idiots out there.
And I believe there's a national movement going to happen with that.
But anyway... That's it.
I never put bumper stickers on.
We are going to start selling American flags.
I'm going to have them printed up that say, at the top, we'll sell them at cost, that say, distress signal, help your country, and I'm putting them on my car.
Because he did this, we're starting, that's it!
We're launching, exactly!
That's how we counter him!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
When they viciously attack the heart of the country, I get mad.
Well, we were discussing the issue about it being desecration versus a distress signal.
And he started just saying, you know,
Show me your ID.
Never gone out.
And we're like, why?
Never gone outside.
You're just lucky he didn't.
He never said anything about, you know, going to arrest you or anything or I'm trying to issue a citation.
Very little was said.
He said very few words.
He was very nervous.
Very focused.
Yeah, tell us this guy's name, and I have it in the article.
And the Citizen Times says, flag defiling charge ends in fight arrest.
Now, now... No, there was no fight.
Tell us what happened, sure.
It was Scarborough.
Deputy Scarborough is his name.
And he said, hands behind your back.
And we're like, are you arresting us?
You know, we couldn't believe it.
It's like... He needs to be arrested.
This is high prison.
He needs to be arrested.
What are we doing?
What's wrong?
It didn't feel right.
There was something not right about it.
He did not conduct himself in a manner of, you know, just coming there.
He's been in Iraq.
He's been in Iraq running, running, running.
He was on a mission from his staff sergeant.
And anyway, at that time we said, no, no, no.
He kept insisting on the ID and we're like, no, we're not going to show you our ID.
So it turns out the guy running around your property is his commander in the military.
I don't know if he's the commander.
He is the one.
He admitted taking the photo of our house though, the staff sergeant.
I don't know if he's his commander, but there's some link there.
There's some link.
Well, it's the same thing.
Obviously they're buddies.
The gang members can be privates in the military and they can order colonels around now.
But that's a whole other gang mentality, so please continue.
Well, that's where it stopped.
We said, this isn't right, something's wrong, because we listen to your show, and we know to look for these things.
This guy is a hardcore enemy of the Republic.
Yes, and so we turned around, went back in the house, we tried to close the door, he put his foot in the door,
Um, we pushed on it, he took his foot out of the door, and we got the door locked, deadbolted with a lock.
We walked away from the door, he's kicking the door several times, hard.
And the next thing we know, the glass is flying, he unlocks the deadbolt, and he comes into our house after us.
So basically, he went crazy, and then he's gotta tell a lie, you need to civilly sue him.
Yes, yes.
We're gonna get his phone number out, that's it.
I'm not having, okay, go ahead.
He pursued my husband to the back of the house.
All the time my husband is backing away from him.
And he got my husband in the kitchen, got him in a choke hold.
So he assaulted you?
Well, he got him in trouble.
Is your lawyer telling you to say that is an assault?
That is a deadly form of assault.
I can't believe how they tell you guys to speak.
This is how the system works.
That lawyer works there locally.
They're trying to tell us that because he was pursuing an arrest, he had a right to break into our home and do that.
And then manhandle you.
Okay, so he starts the pleasure joking.
He's in a chokehold.
I called 9-1-1.
I said, officer has broken into our home.
He's assaulting our husband.
Look, look, look.
I'm going to boil this down right now and you can finish up in a minute.
This is the political commissariat.
You wanted to see what the death of this country looks like, folks.
And you want to see a lot more of this.
These mindless goons are everywhere.
And they think it's our job to live like Iraqis and just bow down to them.
And this punk has got another thing coming.
So now he's choking your husband.
You're calling 9-1-1.
Go ahead.
My husband knows how to get out of a chokehold.
So he got himself out.
We're still in shock.
And he walked away and he turned around and looked at the officer.
And it's like, what are you doing?
The officer pulls out his mace, pepper spray.
And my husband goes, are you going to spray me in my house?
You know, like I said, we're still in disbelief.
What does the God do next?
He puts his mace away and he whips out his billy club, a telescoping billy club.
He whips it out and at that point
We ran out of the house.
I ran into the middle of the street, in my housecoat, bare feet, stopping traffic, screaming for help.
That's the way to handle it.
Don't go like they went in Russia, where they would come and you'd quietly get in the car and go away.
No, we're going to, exactly, we're going to... You're not doing this to America, you enemies.
No, no, no.
Man, I'm telling you, they hired Primakov, the former head of the KGB, and they hired Marcus Wolf, the head of the Stasi.
They're running it all.
We are so... Do you realize how much trouble we're in, Debbie?
Yes, I do.
I do, I absolutely do.
We are, and they're building camps?
Nine, nine cars showed up.
One police and several sheriff's cars showed up.
They whipped out the tasers.
They said, get down, we're going to taser you.
And I said to my husband, I said, honey, please get down, please get down.
Don't get tasered.
So he got down.
In the future, they'll just have you kneel down and grease you right there.
Stay there, stay there.
We're going to be right back.
This is hell on earth, folks.
Two of our listeners in a month this has happened to.
One of them just was at an anti-war sign out.
Whoa, remember that?
The young pastors had their child taken.
The seven-year-old boy, they came and CPS'd him for protesting.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is a definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today on InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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This is the end of the republic, my friends.
This is the end, beautiful friends.
This is the end.
The fall of the republic, and see, in Nazi Germany it was all about flags and symbols.
The flag symbolizes the Bill of Rights, your First Amendment.
But see, the bigger news is here, they're being charged with assault on a government employee, resisting arrest, and a rarely used charge of desecrating an American flag.
We've had listeners like Kelly Rushing arrested for giving the cops a Ron Paul video.
And they went to court, and the jury found them not guilty, and then the cops got mad.
They'll feel good sending you to prison for Ron Paul, folks.
That was in the newspaper.
Now, here it is, folks.
The cop, and I see this all the time, you won't even resist them, but you'll get the charge if they don't like you of assaulting them.
It is the Buckham County Sheriff's Deputy, Brian Scarborough.
Buckham County, it's up there in North Carolina, Asheville in the center of it.
We're getting that phone number right now.
I want you to call the Sheriff's Department.
And I also want you to, we're going to also get the County Commissioner number, and this is serious, and you let them know this is a national issue.
Because it's not just that he's a political officer and assaulted them, it's also that they now are falsely charging them.
And of course they're going to try to make you plea bargain, you just shut up Missy, and things are going well.
I sure taught her a lesson boss.
We just all do like we do in Iraq.
Things are going real well now.
Let's go back to Debbie Coon.
Debbie, please continue.
So now you're on the ground.
What happened next?
Was there a celebration of evil when they arrested you or what happened?
They did arrest us.
They handcuffed us both and put us in the car.
Mind you, I'm still in my house coat, naked underneath, with bare feet.
And that shining light, one little star of light in this, Alex, and you're going to appreciate this, is that our neighbors all came outside and they were asking the cops, they're going, what are they being arrested for?
And the cops said, you know, go back in your house.
This does not concern you.
And our neighbor said, excuse me.
These are my neighbors.
This is my neighborhood.
It does consume me.
By the way, you guys are middle class professionals.
You're in a nice neighborhood.
I mean, it's going to get worse.
I'll tell you, the cops are in trouble.
Go ahead.
So anyway, kudos to our neighbors for standing up and also for getting on the line immediately when we were taken away.
They got on the line and contacted the local news.
They got on the web.
They took action.
And I think that's what really helped to get what truth got out.
It got out quickly.
First of all, we begged them not to let this deputy take us.
We wanted someone else to ride in the car.
We were, you know, that leery of this meeting.
They love it when you beg, by the way.
I videotaped a guy, a black guy, crying and begging the cops out here this weekend in front of my office.
And I could see the cops were like just sucking the pleasure.
Oh, the begging!
I'm sorry, go ahead.
And anyway, they did not.
They had us go down alone with this man.
What did he say when you were in the car with him?
He said very little.
He always said very little.
Throughout this whole ordeal, he said very little, which was one of the reasons that we were so nervous about this event.
I guarantee you in his head was the, you know, the song, at least I know I'm free and I'll stand up next to you.
He has no idea that the government he works for is literally killing the country right now.
Did you say anything to this pea brain?
Uh, we did not because at this point we, you know, we realized that this was a really bad situation and we weren't sure of all of our rights.
What about once you got there?
But we did not know what we were arrested for yet at this point.
Did you ever hear him have talks about what do I charge him with?
How do I get him?
Yeah, we did ask him, you know, what are we charged with?
What, you know, what are we arrested for?
And that he told us in the car.
That's it.
That was all of our conversation.
I want to hear about that and the rest of this, and I want to get you up for a full interview soon.
Stay there.
They're getting me the phone number.
Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to do this every week, but these issues are coming up.
By the way, I'm ordering bumper stickers right now, upside down flags.
I'm going to give it to all our listeners.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Sooner or later gonna cut you down.
Sooner or later gonna cut you down.
Go tell that long-tongued liar Go and tell that midnight rider Tell the rambler, the gambler, the backbiter Tell him that God's gonna cut him down Tell him that God's gonna cut him down
Well my goodness gracious let me tell you the news My head's been wet with the midnight dew I've been down on bended knee Talking to the man from Galilee He spoke to me in a voice so sweet I thought I heard the shuffle of angels sing He called my name and my heart stood still When he said, John go do my will Go tell that long-tongued liar
Alright, we're back live.
That's why they want to pass these don't burn the flag national amendments.
Because it's going to grow into many other things.
And Debbie Coon beat up, arrested her husband, assaulted, choked.
I mean, that's assault right there.
And then, that's what happens.
I've seen 20 plus videos myself.
More, I mean conservative, where the cops punch you and they charge you for their fist getting hurt.
Or they slam your head right in the concrete and put a charge on you.
They'll show video to a jury where you don't touch them and you'll still go to prison.
So you get to jail, what happens there?
Well, we were processed, you know, as normally.
I had my son bail us out.
When he said that you assaulted him, when he said that was the charge, did you say in the car, hey, that's not true?
No, we didn't discuss it at all.
You know, we weren't quite sure what to do, what to say and what not to say, so we just decided let's just be quiet and, you know... So what happened once you got there?
We were booked.
We got bailed out.
We were only there for a brief time in the actual cell.
But we were in the cell for a while, and my son bailed us out.
He had to post the bail on my husband, and then they let me go by signing a promise that I would appear in court.
So the $1,500 bail was just for one of us.
There was a $3,000 total bail put on us.
But immediately when we walked outside, the newspaper was there to do an interview.
And from there, we went home.
Channel 13 came, did an interview with us.
And we had talked to Channel 13 before and said that we suspected the National Guard might be somehow involved in this.
And we told them about the fatigued gentleman coming up to the door and stuff.
And also, I don't know if you read in the article, but there were three eyewitnesses and one of them went on TV that day stating what he saw, that he saw the officer
Kicking the door several times, he saw him take his bare fist, not covered, didn't take his billy club or anything, his bare fist and punch through the glass.
So, uh, we were so lucky.
Money on it, he was having Iraq flashbacks.
Money on it, he's going to have serious problems with his family.
Folks, there's going to be hundreds of thousands of them just running around, phoning at the mouth all over us.
Stay there, Debbie, one more segment.
We're going to give the phone numbers out to the Sheriff's Department, to the courts,
We let them know this is the United States, not Russia, not Nazi Germany.
We know they've hired the former KGB to run all this.
That's mainstream news, but we're going to stand against them and the KGB.
The War on Terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas, or will it affect us here at home?
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It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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I'll be right back.
I'm getting some callus for my heels.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Right here in Texas, a lot of people are filing criminal charges on the police.
And you go file them, and then the
It goes up the chain of command as they refuse, and then you just keep filing it above them until it gets up to the grand jury.
There's a process of doing this.
I should have some of the expert guests on who have been doing this successfully.
But you go in and they'll say, Little Missy, we don't allow things to be filed on our gods, on our officers.
And you have to make them let you file the criminal charge.
And see, that's why people are telling you, now you just drop.
You just dropped, you weren't assaulted.
Now he did grab your husband around the neck and he did kick in doors and punch and do all that but you just you just you just shut your mouth and we'll plea bargain you out of this and you can pay us ten twenty thousand dollars and we'll we'll we'll take the check we won't put a case on and uh you can just go to jail how does that sound and have felonies on your record no
You stand up on your hind legs.
According to you, you did not assault him.
That's a false charge.
That's a huge felony.
Official oppression, false charges, the crimes go on and on.
Since when do we put up with them committing crimes on us?
And just, oh well, he's an officer.
Let him assault us and then we'll just be nice.
I remember Kelly rushing.
He gives a police officer he lived down the street from a Ron Paul video with a road attorney on the back end, but they charged him for both videos.
They said, no, that Ron Paul was illegal.
And I talked to the judge, he said, yeah, that's anti-police, that's illegal in America.
I talked to the judge, it was in the newspaper, and I couldn't believe it!
Lyon County man from the Rushing family arrested, you know, business owner, you know, churchgoer, family man, no criminal record.
Old family, actually somewhat well-to-do in the area.
I mean, I couldn't believe it.
I was naive three years ago, three and a half, four years ago, and I made phone calls randomly to the town.
You know Kelly Rush?
You know, very, very good man.
I'm friends with him.
Yes, his family.
I'd call another number.
Then I called the judge on a Sunday.
I'll never forget, in the Home Depot parking lot, that's what I do, I'd write phone numbers down and do business as I drive around because I'm so busy.
I really shouldn't do that, folks, but I was.
And I was going through phone numbers there and I'll never forget the judge answers.
And then I just went, whoa, he might actually trump something on me, so I hung up.
And then when I went home, I called my wife in front of me on speakerphone.
He was like, hello?
And I said, is this Judge Sutton?
So she goes, well, I can't talk about the case, but we are going to, there are charges are going ahead and it's anti-police video.
And then they convened trial, two charges of, uh, terroristic threats.
And they said the video was threatening to the officer.
And he went up and the jury said, not guilty.
And Kelly Rushin walked over and tried to shake his hand.
The cop refused.
And I told Kelly that day when he got out of court,
On the show, I said, Kelly, they're going to start harassing you now.
You know, you might have done the right thing trying to shake his hand, but I go, Kelly walked over and I said, I'm real sorry about all this trouble.
Maybe we can be friends and now I can talk to you and you'll understand things.
But I didn't mean anything by that.
That's exactly how Kelly talks.
The officer just literally turned his back on him and was probably thinking, I want to send you to prison.
You're not a human being to me.
I'm a psychopath.
I'm a sociopath at the bare minimum.
You're not a human to me.
I put false charges on you, and they didn't stick, and now you're gonna pay.
Cause it's all about my ego and showing you that I rule.
Now that's the spirit of it.
That's the spirit of it.
It's about I win.
You learn.
You're gonna learn.
And folks, they started pulling him over every other day.
They started
Jerking him out of his car.
They started having him spread eagle.
Everything started happening.
And then they started, whenever he'd ride his horse off of his property and ride it down the country road, they pulled him over and took his buddy to jail claiming he was drunk driving a horse.
And supposedly it's just ongoing.
I need to get a hold of Kelly.
I tried to find his number and I couldn't.
I got to get a look at the information and it's not listed, no.
But see,
Remove the guy in Tennessee, put a sign up, he was a lumberyard owner, one of the wealthiest guys in the small town.
Put a sign up saying our court system's a joke.
He lived outside the county in the jurisdiction.
The judge said in the newspaper, you're not allowed to be disrespectful to law enforcement and the judge.
And they sent deputies and they arrested him.
And they took him to jail.
And that was in the mainstream news.
I mean, folks, they think they rule us.
And they act like it.
I mean, going back to Debbie Coon, who this happened to, you can look at pictures of her up on PrisonPlanet.com, or just type in, flag defiling charge ends in fight arrest.
Sheriff's Office denies allegations Debbie assaulted a couple.
Now, where in all this have you been convinced now to start saying, okay, it's not assault?
Because, see, they just want to protect him.
They will not return the favor to you.
They'll try to send you to prison with enjoyment, Debbie.
You understand?
They will feel good and laugh about you in jail.
They revel in the evil.
How did this suddenly transmute?
Did your lawyer advise you to drop that?
Well, we've only met with her lawyer like twice in this, which is really bizarre.
Yeah, you'll just need checks.
Yeah, exactly.
But I'll tell you something, Alex.
We have reason to believe that the local sheriff
Might do the right thing.
And I can't really say why.
Not in the past.
They'll only do that until you draw the heat off and they'll attack with triple power.
He is a newly elected sheriff and the department that he came into had several issues.
So he's been cleaning house quite a bit.
Well, let's encourage him right now.
There's an internal affairs investigation, of course, going to go into this.
If, in fact, the truth comes out and the people responsible
are severely dealt with in this, then that will be a shining light for the people, you know, beaming down on Asheville.
If not, we absolutely refuse to make any deals.
I will go to jail before I will deal this out.
Sure, Debbie, I don't want to try to scare you, but I would tell you, I think you're in real danger.
I don't think they're done.
And you need to really be careful.
These are veterans who have been severely brainwashed and traumatized and don't know it.
And I'm not trying to scare you, but I would be very careful when you're leaving and exiting your house.
I'd watch for being followed because if you are going to fight them, these people don't play games.
I just want you to know that.
Yes, and exactly.
I guess the point I want to make is that I fear more the National Guard
No, exactly.
Very dangerous.
But you're already being stopped by the military.
By the way, as far as we can tell, North Carolina
Uh, is the first place, North Carolina and Virginia, the coastlines, where they had Marines and Army and police uniforms doing gun confiscations and door-to-door activities in the mid-eighties.
So a lot of this integration of the military and the police started right where you are.
Let me, uh, uh, Debbie, do you think we should give the number out to the Sheriff's Department?
Oh, absolutely.
And we are encouraging people to encourage him to quote, do the right thing and he knows what that is.
But here's the issue, your husband, have you been falsely charged with assault?
Oh, yes.
I was charged with assault.
He says I slapped him or did something to him while my husband was in a chokehold, while I was on 911 call, I suppose.
I'm bearing false witness.
That guy just doesn't know.
He better repent before God right now, because when you're in authority and you bear false witness, it is ten times worse, folks, both legally, civilly, and spiritually.
And I can just tell you this right now.
When you're in authority and you use authority to hurt innocent people,
You got God to deal with.
I mean, God is just not pleased with you right now.
And I know people don't believe in God, and life's a big joke, ha ha ha.
Let me tell you something.
This guy is in, oh my God.
I mean, these cops all day, and I'm not saying all cops, but a lot of them will send people to jail on false charges, and there's nothing making me madder than this.
This is how the new tyranny works.
Call the courthouse, folks.
Do you know if you've been given the hanging judge yet, or what judge have you been given?
That's another key in all this.
No, I have no idea.
I have no idea.
As a matter of fact, I believe, I don't know.
Like I said, we only met twice with our lawyers, so we're waiting to hear from you again.
You may just be a great person.
I just, whoever's giving you advice to say this isn't assault, because you, who's telling you that?
We have an ACLU lawyer, actually.
Oh my God, give me a break.
Absolute demons.
I mean, I don't know about your particular branch or your particular, or maybe a wonderful person.
What we've found with ACLU is they lose cases.
They're there to act like they're advocates.
They're basically one step up from a public defender.
And then they create bad case law, and so they're telling you be friendly, and they're telling you, when you've been assaulted, to remove that.
Number one, you always tell the truth, may the heavens fall.
Okay, Justice P. Diamond to Heaven's Fall.
Number two, now you just pretend... In my experience, when you submit to them, they actually attack ten times harder.
It's all gang member predatory stuff.
I mean, your lawyer might be right.
I'm not 100% right all the time, only about 95% accurate.
Let me give you the number, folks, and check on that number.
821... I'm so mad, folks, I can't even read her.
Because, folks, this means the death of the country.
Okay, it is... here is the proper number.
It is 8283... You know what?
That's why, because I'm looking at two different numbers here.
This computer kind of smudged this.
Let me give you the Van Duncan... Van...
Van Duncan is the God in the area, the Lord, the Sheriff, and you call Zeus to talk about his lower deities from Iraq, what they're doing.
Van Duncan.
Van Duncan the Sheriff.
You can call this lord if you wish.
And I'm going to give you other numbers.
Stay there.
This will be the final segment with our guests.
And I promise I'll get to all your calls in the news.
This is a big story for America and the world as we fall into fascism.
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No matter how hard you try, you can't stop us now!
No matter how hard you...
Welcome back.
Imagine how far we've fallen.
You fly a flag upside down with your Ron Paul sign saying, America is in distress, help your country.
And they put out signs saying this is not a sign of disrespect because the troops had already been by thinking they were still in Baghdad where they arrest people for their speech and heaven help us folks this is the real deal right now and I'm just so glad that she's I figured she was a listener these are Ron Paul supporters in really deep trouble and maybe the ACLU will help them that's not been my experience
They'll just get a bunch of donations off their back and then, you know, use it as a PR stunt, and then plea bargain it out.
We need this dropped right now, and we need criminal charges, and you need to say, oh, my lord, you know, I was confused because they were telling me choking isn't assault.
Well, now we've talked to others.
We know it's deadly assault.
Okay, let's give you the number to Van Duncan, the sheriff, and you heard the lady.
She's being reasonable, cop.
She said, if you just drop it and leave them alone, this will all go away.
The assault, the kicking in, the evil, the stalking, just the incredible wickedness that your people have visited upon this family.
You have just committed unbelievable, unspeakable crimes.
This is why this country kicked off, okay?
This is how it all started.
This is the United States, not Russia, you pieces of filth!
And folks, you're supposed to get mad.
Look at how everybody's compliant and sweet and makes excuses and we've been taught to be so nice.
I'm tired of it!
I'm not your slave!
And I want that message to go out!
We pay your salaries, you dirtbags!
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, that's Lord Van Duncan.
King of that area!
And here's the commissioners for the Bacombe County Cesspit of Evil.
You need to call these twits and tell them they got something wrong in their county when people are getting raided by Commissariat Political Police.
And be polite to them, but tell them you don't appreciate what's happening.
People are assaulted and drug out of their house by commissariat.
This is how it started in Germany, folks.
People arresting, people getting beat up.
They have the essay out there with the cops, intimidating people.
I'm not putting up with it!
They haven't castrated me!
Now here is the number to the Buncombe County Courthouse, 828-325-7000.
For some reason this number is weird.
It's got a little mark.
It's a little messed up.
I'm trying to read it here.
It's 828-232-2605.
And call them and just say, we can't believe the incredible crimes they commit there.
We can't believe how they've turned troops loose on the American people.
You've got the last word.
I'm sorry I've been hyperventilating.
This just really has been upsetting me for days.
Thank God we got you on.
Debbie Coutts, we're all going to be praying for you and your husband.
What else would you like to add?
Two things.
First of all, I have a different number for the Sheriff's Department in the phone book.
It's 255-5000.
And also, I would be more than happy to go to jail.
It would be nice if they dropped the charges.
I would really like that.
But they absolutely must, must,
...that justice is done against these people and I don't know how.
I don't know if there's any lawyers out there that can help us out with somehow dealing with the National Guard involvement in this.
That is the scariest part and I know nothing about, you know, the ability to sue any individuals in the National Guard.
You need to criminally, you need to file criminal charges
And you need to go down to the local armory and get video of who this guy is, so you can then file a criminal report of stalking on him.
Well, he's been on TV, so we haven't.
Oh, he's been on TV?
What, somebody caught video of him?
Oh, that's right, he bragged!
He bragged on TV!
I'll tell you what, one more minute on the other side, because I want to
I mean, I've got their website here, 828-250-4503, and then I want to get the number you've got with the Sheriff, compare notes.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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By the way, he was out of his jurisdiction.
It's here in the Nashville newspaper.
We'll tell you about that in a minute.
There's witnesses to him kicking out the window.
He lied on the report and said they broke it out.
Oh man, wait till they drag those people in court.
It won't matter.
A lot of these juries will probably put his uncles and aunts right on it.
They'll probably put a bunch of troops on it.
Oh man, we're in a lot of trouble in this country.
Of course, the Bar Association is talking about getting rid of juries altogether.
They can't wait until that happens.
Then you don't have a prayer.
I haven't even plugged my videos yet today in two and a half hours, folks.
That's how we fund everything around here.
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And then you've just activated them.
You've unlocked them.
A chain reaction, unstoppable, in defense of the Republic.
And you bet I get crazed when I talk about it, because I am not going to back off, and I'm in this 110%.
I am past the point of no return a long time ago, and I'm committed.
And I smell the blood of the New World Order.
The rising giant that is the Republic smells the blood of the Englishman, Lord Rothschild!
It is that simple, ladies and gentlemen.
And we are going to defend the Republic!
We're going to commit, we're going to take our instincts for warfare, and we're going to put them into effect for what they're meant for.
Not getting upset about a football game, or acting tough with our neighbors, or strutting around at the gym, but actually fighting a last-ditch effort for the Republic, and turning that last-ditch defense into a rout of the enemy!
We're going to go back to our guests, and I promise, I'll take your calls.
I'm going to run through them quickly.
Jonathan, Ed, Tim, Sean, and a few others.
But you can call 888-253-3139 to get my documentary films, 888-253-3139.
I'm just telling you folks, you just gotta get mad, you gotta get angry, and you gotta turn on that area in your brain.
Not the animalistic area, but the defense mode area, where you'll actually increase and boost your intelligence level to a heightened awareness, and you'll just feel the energy of liberty boiling in your guts, boiling in your mind.
Oh, we're gonna defeat the New World Order.
I can just feel it!
I'm just sick of the New World Order and I'm sick of... I hate bullies and I'm just sick of them!
Alright, I just gotta... This gets me so mad.
I just... I just... I just think about the false charges and the swagger and how they think they're patriots when they're working for a criminal system destroying our Republic.
Let me tell you about a couple sponsors.
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All right, Debbie, I want you to know you got me in the rant mode today because I already imaged what happened to you.
And now I've run into this and just in closing here with you before I get into this jurisdiction issue, I wanted to comment.
It says we have jurisdictions throughout the whole county of Buckholm.
Well, I've seen how they've munialized things.
I pulled up what the law they passed a few years ago.
It just says during emergencies, they can ask for assistance from both.
So, but see, he says somebody outside in the county reported you in the city and then he came.
He said that
He also claims that they slammed it on the hand and that that broke the glass, but you have witnesses that he kicked it out.
So we also have him lying right there.
This is very serious, and if it's in a report, not just the paper, you're talking about hardcore criminal charges, felonies for a false report.
Well, yes, there are some very serious inconsistencies and lies in what's coming out of the Sheriff's Department.
That's part of it.
The people who are trying to cover this up also must go down.
We will not settle for anything less.
Creating an injustice in this has to be held responsible.
And you just need to let Boss Hogg and the rest of them know that you're not their slaves and you're a human being.
I would tell them, when you call them, say, we are humans.
False charges and sending people to prison isn't right.
We're not going to put up with you anymore.
We're not putting up with you ruining our lives.
Because I can't tell you how many times I've seen video of them just smack a lady right in the face and she goes down.
And then they talk on the squad car about how they're going to frame her.
I mean, you can see it on the video.
They don't care.
They don't think of us as humans.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yes, on top of all this, Alex, we've had a family emergency.
I have my mother in the hospital.
And so, so far, as far as our personal being here, you know, we've not had any kind of interference.
I just ask people out there to, you know, hope and pray for us that nothing bad goes down because I have my 85, my 80-year-old father here and my mother's in the hospital on top of everything else.
Oh, so she went to the hospital after this happened?
We are really, really, really stressed.
And I'm just hoping, you know, I did want to take time especially to call you and to make sure that the correct word, the truth, gets out.
But we do have to lay back a little bit and I have to deal with my personal family now.
God bless you.
You said you have another number.
This is on their website, 828-250-4503.
What's the number you've got?
In the local phone book, the administration number is, of course, 828-255-5000.
And then there's the non-emergency number, which is 255-5555.
That's what is in the phone book.
We need to give out the non-emergency number.
Well, that's a key number.
Thank you.
Can we get you?
I know you're taking care of your mother.
How bad off is she?
What happened after that?
She has a brain tumor.
Oh my gosh.
She'll be operated on soon.
I don't know.
Evelyn, everybody should pray for Evelyn Schiffer and your whole family.
And I want you to know this is not an amputation or hyperbole when I get frothing angry.
I just know it is ultimately evil for people with authority to lie with impunity and just ruin lives all day with arrogant pleasure.
And it literally makes me boil.
I mean, I boil with anger.
We're boiling too, Alex.
Well, God bless you and take care and I've got your number.
I want to check in with you tomorrow.
We've also got some people who are real experts on this and on how to file criminal charges.
We'll get you in touch with.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I apologize.
I said I'd take calls today and each caller would be on for 30 minutes because it was just incredible issues.
But once you go into tyranny, it's over.
Once this happens, once you drop to this level, it's over.
Now they've got these troops coming back and I keep telling you that we're in trouble.
And these people are ruined.
I mean, when you serve two, three tours, folks, in hardcore combat, low intensity, asymmetrical warfare, it goes from a third of you having post-traumatic stress disorder to more than half.
And the troops are literally falling apart.
And all they've got is this mental patient ideology to hold it together.
I did it for America!
I did it for America!
I'm in the war!
I'm in the war!
I'm in the war!
I'm in the war!
And they come back here, folks, and your children, your wives, your neighbors, God help us, because they have been racking them and stacking them in Iraq.
They've been knee-deep in blood and guts, folks.
I mean, carrying out pure evil.
We are so judged, folks.
We are so judged.
We're in a lot of trouble, folks.
When they stomp up in a yard full of Ron Paul signs and an upside-down flag, and they're so stupid.
You know, when your ship's in trouble, your country's in trouble, flags with a form of communication at sea and at forts and in heraldry, of course, is all a form of language.
Everyone, and I thought everybody, knew an upside-down flag meant distress.
According to these idiots.
And that's not even debating the unconstitutional law.
They haven't had charges since 1908.
Okay, I'm going to shut up.
Jonathan in Michigan.
Thank you for holding.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
This is Jonathan from Missouri.
Okay, Missouri.
Go ahead, sir.
You're on the air.
Okay, I was going to talk to you a little bit about what the market is doing.
As a free market anarchist, I've been judging the dollar for the last couple of
My point was that I'm seeing what they call a deflationary spiral, which is where the dollar drops so low that the prices fall with it, and that's why we're seeing a larger increase in the unreported unemployment in this country, and that's what I've been looking at.
The general price level going down, businesses shrinking their investment, thus reducing prices.
And of course, the purchasing power is going up, but that's the deception that the Federal Reserve has done to restrict the... And generally, when it starts dropping, that's right before the explosion of real palpable inflation.
You know, they call that in the stock market a dead cat bounce.
I saw a guy on TV last week say this, it reminded me of a saying, and what happens is,
Even a dead cat will bounce, and so when you drop it, it hits, and then it bounces up, and then it falls back down again.
When it falls back, when it hits again, folks, then you'll start seeing it just spiral out of control.
And yeah, that's the point here.
Usually, if you see massive inflation of the currency, you see things keep going up and up and up.
But instead, you see the real estate and other things going down for a time, but a lot of other key indicators are going up.
So I wouldn't say we have a completely downward spike right now in cost.
Only in a few areas.
You could say stock market, and then you could say in housing.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
The Dow Jones fell last week at 677 points.
Where is it right now?
I haven't looked.
It actually went up.
Yeah, that's the Plunge Protection Team trying to pump it up.
Again, it's just all out of control.
I appreciate you holding to tell us that, sir.
It's a very good point.
I meant to talk about economics a lot today, but you know.
Ed in North Carolina, where these chess-filled police are operating.
Go ahead.
Yes, how are you doing today?
The good news is that pharmacists are waking up to the New World Order, and the bad news is the July 1st Pharmacy Law.
Have you heard about that?
Yeah, tell folks about it.
Okay, a pharmacist told me about a month ago that he had to spend $10,000 plus for a federal computer program that tracks
No, let me give folks the details.
It was passed in 2004 by an executive order.
Then Bush put it into place and so the big chains, Walgreens, CBC, all those big groups, they already had it.
Uh, but then it had to be kicked in by July 1st, 2007 with everybody and it doesn't matter if it's prosthesis, it doesn't matter if it's a diaphragm, it doesn't matter if it's prescription ibuprofen.
Everything is instantly uploaded, no 4th Amendment, no nothing.
Every, folks, we are so far gone.
I don't know how long you've been listening, but I told people in 96 that they were putting in NSA offices at every major phone hub.
People laughed when it was in the financial papers.
Now it's announced.
What do you have to say to it?
I just wanted to move on, but it's a great talking point for everybody.
Talk to pharmacists.
Get them to plug into your videos and websites.
Anybody is open to that.
Nobody likes it.
Uh, so, uh, another thing I wanted to say is, uh, Debbie Coon illustrates that, uh, we all need, uh, a special speed dial safety network, I think, to, uh, uh, you know, get people to, uh, come to our aid if we need it.
Uh, and there's really no risk in having one, uh, but, uh, not having one could be very risky.
What would you have said if this cop was at your house?
I mean, it's just, it's, I would just go, you're insane.
Oh, man, it's a nightmare.
Nobody wants to go through that.
They're so brainwashed.
That guy was feeling good about himself while he was doing that.
But if you can speed dial ten people and they can speed dial ten people and mobilize media and everybody, whether it's the police station, jail, wherever.
Just be men and men.
This is why they're in trouble.
They've already fed on the blacks and poor Hispanics and other people like that.
Now they're moving on to the middle class and everybody.
That's what the cops should know.
You're not going to win all these fights with the middle class.
I mean, you guys have been getting away with a lot for a long time.
You've been running on for a long time, but you're not going to get down to the brick wall.
Well, I've done that work big time.
I'm a Christian, and I talk to God, and He talks to me, and I ask Him, you know, what can I intelligently do to hurt the New World Order?
And for people that believe in God, you know what He said?
What'd He say?
Basically, what you're doing, He said, you need to grind them down with the system.
And, um, you kind of gave me a picture of a couple times where I had to call the Sheriff's Department.
I live way out in the country.
And, um, I had someone surveilling my farmhouse, you know, when nobody should be on my land.
So I called the Sheriff's Department, you know, and, um, uh, you know, about 20 minutes later I ran by them, you know, and honked and waved at them, you know.
And so, uh, they gave him a hard time.
He looked like a, you know, a federal FBI agent, really.
Well, yeah, you must have some nice property.
It's just an old farm.
Yeah, well, where I grew up, this FBI agent moved into the house he seized.
Down the street from us, big house.
He seized it, and then he lived in it.
We'll be right back.
God bless you, sir.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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That's 800-317-9547.
We'll have to play it tomorrow.
I think Terry Melton shot it.
We're calling him to find out, local camera guy.
He was up in New York a few weeks ago, and I just saw the footage online during the break.
It shows the cops in the black uniforms with the machine guns.
They don't have badge numbers.
They walk over nicely and say, aren't you supposed to have badge numbers?
You're public servants.
They go, we don't serve the public.
We're not public servants.
They go, no, we don't have to have badge numbers anymore.
And they said, yeah, but you serve us.
And they go, no, we don't.
I mean, it's going to get right out in the open, folks.
Well, they're like in golden chariots and stuff.
That's what happened in Rome.
Let's go to Tim, Sean, and then Mike real fast.
Tim in Ohio, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, always I'll try to be brief, but I got a few things for Debbie Coon.
Everyone in their town should be turning their flag upside down right now.
See if they can arrest all of them.
Debbie, you got to look up Title IV USC, which says that the American flag is precisely defined by law and anything
Put on it other than three colors, mutilates that flag, and carries a one-year prison term.
Now, all the local state feds and the government, it's so ironic that they're the ones desecrating the flag.
And they have the wrong shape flag, yeah.
She needs to also look up Title 42, Section 1983.
That's where she can sue them under.
Official oppression, yeah.
Yes, under the color of law.
And I want to tell you real quickly, Alex, about what I observed last week here in my county.
A convoy of all city cops in the county, including the county bounties, the state highway patrol, black and white vans, all with their sirens blaring down one of the main drags in the center of the town, followed very shortly by six black unmarked choppers in double delta formation.
Yeah, no, no, no.
They do that to show off and go, look, we rule you.
Let us... Look, man, wait until they tell the people they've devalued the dollar.
It's gonna just...
I've seen Riddles and Stones and the New Atlantis.
Wondering, I hear you talk about the banks and the central banks.
Does this go much further back to the eradication of the Indians and the start of America?
And if so, are we trying to take something back that was never ours to begin with?
Well, there's something to that, but I mean what we're getting now is certainly worse than what we had.
And so the whole point is we're fighting tyranny for our own selves and our country.
I mean, it's that simple.
I'm just wondering, does this go much further back than the federal banks and the banking system?
Yes, but I mean, that's their expansion.
That's their main toehold.
I see.
All right.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
I appreciate your call.
Mike in Washington.
Last caller.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
My heart goes out to Debbie.
My story broke in 1996.
I was a veteran at the VA hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I was assaulted by two officers.
And you're absolutely right.
When your story breaks and it goes press, the other officers take it.
There's a hive mentality that goes on with these people.
And I was stalked by, not federal, but local police for a period of five years after that.
I've been incarcerated two times.
Uh, beaten by police and given false charges of assaulting them after they, uh, after they had goaded me, uh, in similar, into similar things.
And the ACLU is worthless.
The next, the next high profile thing that comes along, they will be dropping their case.
They're all about press and getting donations into their 501c3.
All right.
I appreciate your call, sir.
We're out of time.
The show retransmits at Infowars.com.
Restreams for 21 hours.
We'll be back here in 21 hours live on the GCN Radio Network.
We also have the free podcast at Infowars.com.
And a lot of you know about that.
We'll help others learn about it.
That's how we reach more people and fight this tyranny.
We don't have a choice.
We didn't ask for this fight.
They're coming for us.
And we're standing up and fighting back.
God bless you all.
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