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Air Date: July 29, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
Thank you for joining us for this live Sunday edition.
I'm here every Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
I do live talk radio six days a week because there's so much news and information.
unfolding on a daily basis.
The websites are PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, JonesReport.com, InfoWars.net.
Why do I have so many websites?
Well, I have a rule.
Every time we get a real hack, a real attack that is successful, we like to expand what we're doing.
We like to always start a new website and put a new webmaster over it with their own perspective and information.
And because this is such a massive attack we sustained yesterday, I've always lived up to this promise, we will be launching two new websites in the next month.
Yes, two!
I even called a very well-known individual who runs a website that I've been wanting to work with for a while, and I think it looks like I'm going to go ahead and just hire him to come on over to the team and run a whole new website.
It's kind of like you attack one of our sites, and of course it's only down about 10 hours off and on, well we just divide
And like a cell.
But I've decided now we're going to double the growth each time we're attacked.
Now why are hackers attacking PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.com, JonesReport.com,
Simultaneously, and then of course, WeAreChange.org, not because it's not my website, but because I promote them and they're affiliated with me as freelance reporters out there, and now caught fire across the country, and hundreds of others have started their own WeAreChange groups.
That was what I wanted to do from the beginning.
That's the answer here, not Alex Jones as some leader, but others becoming leaders and moving against the new world order.
Instead, people always want to tell me that I need to then follow them and do what they say.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I create more organizations.
That's what I do.
We'll talk about massive web censorship, not just against my websites, but against the alternative media period today that we're seeing from MySpace, Dig, Wikipedia, you name it.
And we'll be talking about that coming up in the second hour today.
It dovetails with the fact that the Browns up in New Hampshire, the couple that's gotten national attention from CNN to Fox News to Coast to Coast AM, where they have been convicted supposedly of tax evasion, of not paying taxes to the private run-for-profit Federal Reserve System.
And so they're saying, no, we're going to stay here in our wooded home and you can come and get us.
Well, last night, 20 minutes after, different websites owned by different people were simultaneously hacked.
And a lot of folks, when they have web traffic problems, or don't pay their bills, or don't know what they're doing with a website, claim they were hacked.
I mean, we see this a dime a dozen.
And no, ladies and gentlemen, we have the login, we have where they were bouncing from, which servers they were bouncing off of, where the attacks came from, specifically what the orders were, the backdoor into the servers, which normally government has.
Occasionally higher quality hackers are able to get those backdoor keys.
And so simultaneously with a big event at the Browns' home last night,
Which could trigger, some have said, including the Southern Poverty Law Center that studies this, because they're trying to provocateur it, they have said this could trigger some type of national insurrection or some type of national conflagration.
And that's what the bad boys want on the New Orleans side.
They don't want to fight this thing peacefully and have it be a fight for liberty and the Republic.
on a level playing field of intellectual ideas and information.
They want to censor and cheat and stage terror attacks and blame it on Patriot groups, as the Feds did with Oklahoma City bombing.
And we're trying to avert this and stop this from happening.
When we break here in a few minutes, we're going to get Ed and Elaine Brown on about what happened at their home last night.
I'm going to tell you about that in just a moment.
Shots were fired.
I'll just tell you that happened.
But before we go there, stocks continue their massive slide Thursday and Friday, a 500 point drop on news of a weakening dollar and stocks dropping close to 20% in June and that is stocks on building stocks and then of course over a 20% drop with housing sales nationwide in June.
We're just now getting the numbers for June, generally about a month after when you get those.
It looks like the numbers may even be worse once July
elapses in the middle of next month when we actually get those housing numbers.
So we'll talk about what's really happening with the economy a little bit later.
Also a free speech issue.
This happened to a fella about a month ago.
And I tried to get him on the show.
It was all over the newspapers where it happened to him.
But his lawyer basically told him not to.
And now it's happened again.
This is out of the Asheville Citizen Times.
Couple arrested
for flying upside down U.S.
And of course that was just, they were Ron Paul supporters and they had signs up saying America's in distress, North American Union's taking over.
The signs even said this is not a sign of disrespect.
Trying to explain to the idiots.
You gotta love these folks that want to ban any type of quote desecration of the flag.
They don't care if it's made by Chinese slaves.
They love that.
They don't care if places fly until they fall apart.
What they care about, and they don't care about the country that the flag symbolizes in the Bill of Rights, are literally ending right now.
What they care about is just the symbol, and it says it right here in the paper.
The cop came to their house, beat both of them up, and took them to jail.
I mean, he knocked on their door, beat them up, and took them to jail.
And you're going to see more and more of this, as ignorant Americans, very low-grade morons, wonder why the economy is getting bad, why things are falling apart.
The mainline media is going to say, well, it's these people.
It's those that don't go along with the homeland.
It's all their fault.
So I'm going to be interviewing them coming up Monday or Tuesday.
We're working on that.
But we'll tell you about that report.
Also, scientists breed the world's first mentally ill mouse.
Times of London.
We'll tell you why that's so important.
But the really big news of the day is what's happening with the Browns because of what that could turn into and how that could widen.
And then after we talk to Edna Lane Brown coming up in the next segment, new evidence clearly indicates Pat Tillman was executed.
Now, this is old news for our listeners, that he was murdered.
The question, we know he was murdered now, and we've known this since they killed him.
The question is, was this ordered up on high by the brass?
Or was this just a fragging?
Now, we knew day one that the colonel who investigated said it looks like foul play and murder.
He was told to shut up.
The higher level general, three-star general, has now been demoted for covering that up.
The army coroner said that he had three M16 bullet holes, 223 bullet holes, roughly an inch and a half apart.
He was triple-tapped at a three-burst.
After being shot repeatedly and begging them and screaming, I'm Pat Tillman, the executioners came right up on him and shot him directly in the head.
Then members of his unit were told to shut up about it.
Others mysteriously, of course, had accidents.
And we do know from letters he wrote and things his brother, who was in the same country with him, said, and letters he wrote to Noam Chomsky and others, he was going to come back and be an anti-war leader, and my gut and all the evidence in past
Operations They've Run shows me that they fragged him from on high.
Probably came directly out of the Joint Chiefs of Staff office, Pentagon war planning.
And if you think they won't kill a soldier to keep PR down, then you're living on another planet.
But regardless, he was fragged and it was covered up.
So we'll go over what really happened with Pat Tillman.
And then WorldNetDaily attacked me with a cover story.
Their top story, Friday and all of yesterday,
Was that, uh... This could have something to do with the hacking, I don't know.
I did get some threats over this story about Pat Tillman.
They're very upset right now that we're defending the Republic and that we will never stop.
See, we're the actual patriots, folks.
We're the actual good guys.
We're actually trying to stop the country going to the North American Union.
So that's coming up.
Oh, and speaking of the North American Union, new documents released about how the government's trying to keep it secret from the public.
That's right, we have the actual letter.
Now mainstream news.
Heh, but they're telling us the new order doesn't exist and the NAU doesn't exist and the EU doesn't exist.
The defense of liberty!
Let me get back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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I don't know.
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Alright, I do want to thank News Radio 590 KLVJ, where we syndicate this broadcast out of, and the GCN Radio Network that does the actual syndication in association with EMIS.
By the way, I have a great cover story on Ron Paul this month's Texas Monthly.
Pretty much endorsing him.
Ron Paul is gaining steam.
I know Craig Kincaid and they're running the show.
Certainly he's constantly wearing Ron Paul gear.
Alright, we're about to go to the Browns and we've got the economy really teetering on the edge of going thermonuclear.
It isn't just a collapse, it will explode.
This will make the Depression
Look like a tea party.
Everybody feels the tension.
Even people who aren't politically abreast of the situation, who aren't cued in, go, man, I'm feeling something.
I've had like neighbors just walk up and go, aren't you feeling something?
Trey, have you seen folks that are out there saying that they're feeling something?
Because, I mean, everywhere I go, people feel the tension and they don't know why, but it's kind of like my snow when a tornado is coming today before it even hits.
Or, you know, snakes know, or groundhogs know and take shelter.
We've got that same innate understanding deep in us that all is not going well.
When my dad votes Libertarian after voting Republican for like 30 something years, I tend to notice a change in the air.
Well, I mean, there's those manifestations as well.
But then what's happening with the economy?
We're going to go to the Browns here in just a moment.
I'll hold them over to the next segment.
Let me just read this article put out by Paul Watson at PrisonPlanet.com.
People were up all night long getting the sites back up to the little hackers who went in and expertly did a whole bunch of mischief.
Shots fired at Browns.
Probable attempt at provocation.
Now, 11 o'clock at night, roughly, Eastern.
Off working on my film, Endgame, and I missed the phone calls from folks there at the property.
But I did get them after I got an affair.
But all of that's a side issue.
I have a problem going over my news show when I tell a story because I start imaging everything.
But I heard more than 30 shots fired down in what they call the Beaver Dam, or the little swamp right behind their house.
I talked to Danny Riley.
Who's out on the property, who was already grabbed once.
This was in the news, this was admitted.
Tasered, shot at, just for walking a dog on the property.
Then they kidnapped him, then they claimed they hadn't, then they admitted they'd lied.
I mean, this came out in the news.
This was national news.
I mean, this is what the feds are doing.
And he pulled up at the property yesterday afternoon, and the police chief of the town was parked there, staring at him, crosswise, blocking the driveway to their rural home, off the main road.
And then he just floored it and fishtailed, spraying gravel and driving through the grass, leaving huge black street marks.
They said, yeah, the chief was doing that so he could tell when people were driving across the property.
They called the police department.
The screech marks are his new tire marking system.
He's mad that somebody stole his car numbering system.
Somebody, you know, put those cables across the road the cops had with the boxes and some video crews had actually gotten tape of that, what local film crew headed up by
Some great folks had gone and done that.
Terry Melton.
And so we shot video of that weeks ago.
And a few weeks ago they had this concert, you could call it, to draw attention to the Browns and the private nature of the IRS as a collection agency of the private Federal Reserve.
And now juries are actually ruling over and over again.
The IRS is now losing in court over and over again as this comes out.
In fact, that's mainstream news just today.
I wanted to go over later.
So all of this is happening.
And all of this is developing.
And while they're having this day-long party with about 300 people there, and by the way, I was here in Austin.
I happened to tune in on a video feed via cell phone, great technology, and watching crisp video quality.
I'm going, oh look, there's a rock band playing, Poker Face.
And then all of a sudden, from behind the trees, a Homeland Security helicopter rises up like a movie.
This was all photographed and videoed all over the web.
You can go to PrisonPlanet.com and link through the stories that have it.
Uh, the, you know, still photos of it and video clips.
And so, this goes on for like an hour.
I'm at my office eating dinner on a Saturday night.
We're working on Endgame.
We're all basically speechless watching this helicopter.
Then it starts flying like 30 feet over the party.
With flashing lights on.
Wanting somebody to shoot at them.
Wanting to provocateur something, okay?
Wanting the Feds, you know, to go in, I guess.
The Feds want someone to shoot at them so that then they can come in and have some conflagration, I guess, with 300 people that were there.
So, clear intimidation.
Clear provocateuring.
Very provocative action.
There's no other way to see this.
And it was in the local news that, yeah, the Feds were flying over with helicopters.
This was crazy!
Now, they're blocking the street, they screech out in front of people, they've already tasered Danny and then kidnapped him and told him he was going to be an informant for him, or he'd go to prison, then he said no, then they released him, now they screech out, now they fire 30-something shots, and then Jim, who's pulled his trailer onto the property, he just goes by Jim, after this happens, somebody runs up and bangs on the side and then runs off.
I mean, folks, let me tell you why the feds are doing this.
They're doing this to try to provocateur somebody to shoot back at them.
But in their cost-benefit analysis, so they can then move in and claim, you know, they're a bunch of nuts.
But in the cost-benefit analysis, because I've studied past actions of the FBI at Waco and Ribi Ridge and countless other... Wounded Knee 2 and, you know, the modern Wounded Knee, all these other examples.
They're doing this up in New Hampshire and Plainfield so that people put out headlines, and I'm not blaming them, but this is the type of headlines that were out on the web last night.
Where is my stack?
No, it doesn't matter.
I've got so many articles here, I can't even find it.
Red alert!
Oh, here it is!
Shots fired!
Brown's under attack!
And, you know, everybody just goes crazy.
But see, you've only got so many cylinders in that InfoWar guide.
If it continues to do that over and over again, see, when it finally really happens, when it finally really happens, people won't respond as much as they would have.
And this is probing.
Here's an example, then we'll go to Ed and Elaine Brown, who I really appreciate being on hold, waiting to come on, because this is very important to hear directly from them.
I studied the invasion of Panama in 89.
And I even saw this on the History Channel, but I'd already studied it in Army manuals that they put out at West Point.
For six months before they invaded, the U.S.
landed helicopters, took them off, flew over them, did troop insertions, took them out, until finally the Panamanian Defense Forces just stood down when the real attack came.
Oh, that's another drill.
And the drills got more and more hectic, more and more abusive, more and more out of control.
So this is before the Germans started the war with the Poles.
They would march up and down and fire their guns in the air and have cross-border skirmishes and provocations before World War II started.
It's the same thing.
And so that's why we've got to be very careful that we report the facts as they come out.
We have to be very careful that
That we also have not called for violence.
Because that's what the New World Order wants, to then neutralize a political discussion and a political movement that is winning.
When Congress now has 12% approval ratings and Dick Cheney has a 10% approval rating, the New World Order is in trouble.
The North American Union has a 1% approval rating in major polls.
They're in trouble.
The CFR put out a report two days ago on their website.
This is the group that openly swears to destroy the U.S.
They openly say it, but they run the government.
They want to destroy our sovereignty.
They say that globalism is imploding and everyone now is waking up to them and hating them.
I meant to talk about that today, but now all this other news is taking place.
So, we're having victories.
We'll be right back with Ed and Elaine Brown.
Stay with us.
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Raging for the truth.
Exposing corruption.
Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
That's right, my friends.
Waging war on corruption.
So, again, you've got Edna Lane Brown.
She's a dentist.
He's a successful contractor.
$2 million house.
They, for years, wrote letters to the IRS saying, we hear that you're a private collection agency for an offshore corporation, which, by the way, they are.
That's documented.
That's now coming out in federal and state court.
It's all a big scam.
We didn't have it until 1913.
People didn't have to pay it until the 1950s, and it was 2% then.
And so they found out about this scam, this hoax.
And the Feds have said they're going to come in there, and then they claim they weren't, but now helicopters over their property, tasering people for no reason, peeling out in police cars, firing automatic weapons in their direction.
Man, this is incredible.
And we're going to go ahead and go to Elaine Brown with Ed there in the wings.
Elaine, we're all praying for you up there, but I tell you, this is becoming quite a saga.
Unfortunately, it is Alex, yes.
And we certainly appreciate all your prayers and all your support.
We're very, very grateful.
And, of course, we're all fighting the same fight here.
We all have our different ways of fighting it, and this is the stand we have taken.
Just in a nutshell, go through what happened to Danny Riley yesterday afternoon, and then what happened last night.
I mean, just as much detail as you can give us, Elaine.
Oh, you talking about the shooting at Danny?
Well, I mean, let's start with... No, let's start with him seeing the police chief, and then move on from there.
Oh, okay, yeah.
Danny had gone into town, and on his way back, when he got up to our driveway, he found the Plainfield police car sitting across our driveway, blocking our driveway, and Chief Gordon Gillins was in the vehicle.
As Danny came up, he backed his patrol car up and allowed Danny to come in.
So we called the police department and Chief Gillen said that he was there
We're good to go.
Elaine, now you're being friendly towards the local police chief.
I talked to Danny last night and this morning.
He said that the guy violently screeched out of there.
He actually photographed the mocks that he made cheering up the gravel road as he peeled out.
And then they admitted that he did that to, quote, mark the road.
So they could count the tire marks crossing his skid marks coming in here.
I mean, why is he acting crazy?
I mean, you have a... Folks, I've seen a helicopter at 30 feet, okay?
I'm not exaggerating.
You know, at times it was at 200, but other times it was below the trees, very dangerous, at night, then it turned its lights off at night.
Yeah, shining lights into our living room windows.
Let's be clear, because I was watching on a live link video, but you saw it in person.
It showed up at about 7.30 near dusk, flew around until it got dark.
No, no, actually Alex, they were here from about 1.30 to 9.30.
Okay, I was just never able to see them until... Didn't they get closer and fly right over you though once it got dark?
Yeah, they were very, very low at times.
Talk about like Star Trek type technology.
Star Trek type technology.
I'm just sitting here in Austin going, hey, let's see how the concert's going.
And I click on the internet and there's a live feed, you know, via cell phone internet connection.
And then literally like on cue, like the program started, here comes the helicopter from behind the trees.
But go ahead.
Oh, so early in the evening, Ed called the Lebanon Airport to tell them, to tell the helicopter, the Homeland Security people, that they had best leave by 9.30 because we were going to be setting off firecrackers, fireworks at that time, and we wouldn't want to have them in harm's way.
So we thanked them very much for the air show and for the security.
And then at actually 9.38 they did pull out.
I did see in the darkness until about 930 your time that there was the silhouette of the helicopter flying around.
Also, they turned their lights off, they flew down behind your house, literally below the trees.
Uh, how close to the ground did they get?
It looked like 30 feet to me.
Yeah, they were just at the treetops at some point, yeah.
I saw video of them below trees, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, that was... But I guess there was kind of a hill behind your house, so maybe they were behind the hill, so they weren't that low.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, we're on a hill, so, you know, it depends where.
I mean, I'm seeing a helicopter fly below trees.
I'm going, man, this is crazy.
Okay, so we've got this insanity endangering the helicopter pilot's life.
We just saw those news choppers crash this week and kill everybody.
A great tragedy.
We've got the feds running around endangering our lives, endangering your lives.
And we've already had them taser Danny a few months ago when this all started.
And then kidnap him and try to make him lie and let him admit they had done it.
Where does it go from here with what happened last night?
Well, if they're trying to provoke us into doing the first strike, they're going to be very disappointed, Alex.
We have stated from day one, we will always be in a defensive position.
We will never fire unless we are attacked.
Then we will defend.
And they can provoke all they want, but that's not going to change.
At all.
Well, that's certainly good.
Can you give us the ballpark time that this all happened and the chain of events as carefully as you can so we can glean any details that are in our ongoing investigation?
It started about 11.15 last night.
We heard shots, about 30-35 shots coming from down the bottom of the hills behind our house where our beaver pond is.
And shortly thereafter, we started hearing noises in the woods and around the perimeter of our record area.
Uh, that went on pretty much all night, and then, um, a couple of times, um... What type of noises?
Roughly how many shots?
I know you've said more than 30, but... About 30, 35, somewhere in there, yeah.
Okay, and then, uh, noises.
Describe those noises.
Uh, noises of, uh, something in the, uh, in the bushes around our house, in the woods.
So, crunching around?
Crunching around, or crashing around?
Well, yeah, kind of crashing around.
We saw a couple of areas today where the grass or the ferns and such were all crushed down as if someone had been lying there.
So basically, it wasn't just the sound of somebody walking around.
It was like they had sticks throwing them or really trying to... Well, yeah, they were crashing through, running through.
Not trying to be quiet, certainly.
And two different times someone banged on Jim's RV and started locking it down.
Okay, now Elaine you know I've been very measured throughout this whole saga and my goal is to get you out of this safely and to have them obey the law and stop violating you and also it wouldn't take any pleasure in Feds getting killed because they're just brainwashed minions and as your husband said mercenaries.
I mean, the New World Order could care less about them.
The New World Order would actually like to have some martyr cops.
It's not that I just don't want them to get hurt.
I actively care about them.
Not as much as I care about you, but I do not want them to be used as martyrs.
And I do care about their families.
So, let me just go through a chain of events here.
We had sophisticated hacks done last night.
Not just of our websites, but of WeAreChange.org, but also PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.com, JonesReport.com, with backdoors into mainline, state-of-the-art software, with command codes.
That happened, eh?
That happened 20 minutes before... Tell me again, because I've gotten from talking to different folks, roughly what time did this happen, Eastern Time?
Okay, at approximately 10.50, your time,
Uh, that is when PrisonPlanet.com, We Are Change... These aren't all about the same people.
We Are Change is Luke Radowski.
I mean, he's a protégé, but the point is that they know he's affiliated with me.
And so they went after him, shut him down, and uh...
Did that because they know that he's been reporting live out there very often.
They shut us down.
I think they may have been trying to cause a major provocation and kill you guys and they didn't want us getting the news out.
Because the feds have said PrisonPlanet.com has brought the majority of the support.
There's been a lot of other great sites but you know we've got the elephant gun, they got BB guns in the Info War.
I wish there were more elephant guns out there.
People aren't willing to do the work that it takes to do that.
The point is, is that you add that together with the helicopter, with the cars, with all of this...
Uh, this, uh, and also, the Genesis Network and others got 500 plus prank calls last night, trying to shut the phone lines down.
Uh, this was a huge concerted effort, and definitely federal in nature.
And we may have had some idiot hackers, you don't even know they're being provocateur, but that's the Snowball flash mob system the Pentagon's been testing.
That's to try to manipulate the web to their aims.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, Elaine Brown.
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Welcome back.
We're talking to Ed and Elaine Brown.
Ed can pop in any time he'd like.
Coming up, did the government kill Pat Gelman?
We know he was murdered, but was he politically murdered for a reason?
We'll be going over that in the next hour.
Also, what's happening with the economy, the North American Union, and a lot more.
This Pat Tillman situation is huge, as well as your calls.
Going back to Elaine Brown there with the ongoing standoff, now going for several months in Plainfield, New Hampshire, the live free or die state, one of the states where the Revolutionary War started over unjust taxation.
The feds are doing everything they can to get somebody to shoot at the helicopter, to shoot at the police.
Now, no doubt, I mean they're out in a very rural area, not a lot of people around them.
Somebody running around firing 30 plus shots, banging on people's trailers that are out there in support of them.
Right on.
Well, it's just too coincidental.
It just paints a picture of a concerted effort.
By the way, we have technical problems two or three times a year, we're not perfect, we get a lot of traffic, and we don't blame it on being hacked when that happens.
We have where they came in and did it.
This is absolute open and shut.
These little creatures came in and did this to us, and they did it to other sites affiliated with us that report on you guys.
That's what's key, Elaine.
Right, right.
Are you still down, Alex?
No, we weren't.
See, we had backup servers that we were able to shift over to, but then you've got to get IT people on that and other things are happening.
But then they also did some things there.
It gets complex.
This was young.
I just wanted to say that I had, of the many calls we've had today, of the dozens of people who have come by today, I had a call from Jack McLean, Alex.
Which was good news.
And he has, I know in the past he has tried many times to have a conversation with our Sheriff Prozo.
That's right, he's a Vietnam veteran, most highly decorated police officer in Phoenix, Arizona, cop of the year twice, found out about the world government takeover plan, and he's been fighting them for 27 years, and he helped end the Ruby Ridge siege, for those that don't know.
And a couple of weeks ago, I was told by someone who had a rather lengthy conversation with Sheriff Prozo, that he has decided he would be amenable to speaking with Jack McClain.
Oh good, so Jack called you, or had they talked to you?
Right, right.
And I gave Jack that message today and asked him if he still has a way of contacting Sheriff Richard Mack, if he could ask Sheriff Mack to call Sheriff Prozo, and he did agree to do that.
Of course, Sheriff Mack's the sheriff who shot down the Brady Bill, but the feds continue to enforce it.
Yeah, of course.
When he threw the feds out of his county, that went to court and he did win his case that he does have, you know, the jurisdiction over the feds in his county.
So that's all plus.
That is a huge plus.
How tense did it get in those morning hours?
How long did the shooting and crashing go on for?
Well, the shooting only lasted for maybe 10 minutes.
But the crashing time was on and off all night long until maybe about 6 o'clock.
Well, that's Waco, where they have the sound machines and the banging and the chanting monks and the sounds of dying rabbits.
And Time Magazine reported they brought in Russians with some type of a special mind control beam.
Folks, I'm not kidding, type Russians at Waco into Google, mainstream newspapers.
You cannot make this type of stuff up.
Uh, and they're out there doing a psych warfare job on you and I think they thought from their assessment that you were going to open up on them and that they were going to get to come in there and have a slaughter.
Uh, but it looks like that again you guys did the right thing.
Yep, yep, and we will continue to do that.
Now, now, now, I've gotten different reports that it's, I mean you can tell which way guns are aimed, that these shots, that some of the shots can be heard streaking through the air, you know the, the
That's not true.
Okay, so it was just a boom, boom, boom?
Yes, yes, yes.
And not automatic.
Okay, so it was pow, pow, pow.
And so for those that don't know, a pow, pow, pow means it's close up and hitting its target close up or fired into the ground.
A whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
People started coming in here about 8 o'clock this morning, but it has not stopped.
We've had people coming in, four gentlemen arrived about two hours ago from Michigan.
We've got a beautiful family of five who stopped by.
They're from Virginia.
A young man from Texas came by.
What is it with Texas?
We must have had half the population of Texas here these days.
What new Texans there are left.
Like to stand up to tyranny, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
So we've had a real busy day, a very uplifting day Alex.
People are just drowning to our support and just so heartwarming and it's such a wonderful positive thing to see and hopefully Ron Paul can pull this off and make our country all better again.
Well you know Ron Paul has spoken out about and compared you guys to Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Jesus because saying no to the tyranny is what it's all about.
That's the land of the free, home of the brave, not land of the surveilled cowards.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Could Ed pop on for a moment Elaine?
Ed is surrounded by about 13 people right now.
That's fine.
Don't go bother him.
I would like to on my syndicated show tomorrow, maybe in the first 30 minutes of the show, to have you pop in and repeat, recap, and also add any new developments Elaine.
Tell us about a couple of the blogs you have where people can visit and get your side of the story.
Same time?
What time?
Yeah, let me just get you guys on at 1230 Eastern, 1130 Central.
And which particular blogs or MySpace accounts are the best for folks to check out?
I haven't been able to get computer access in so long.
I don't even know what's up anymore.
Well, we've got a link to a bunch of them.
Yeah, there's MySpace, of course.
Show me the law.
Show Ed the law.
Make the stand.
I guess those are all...
All right, well Elaine Brown and the ongoing standoff there outside Plainfield, New Hampshire.
Our prayers go with you.
Thank you for joining us.
Absolutely, thank you.
You bet.
There goes Elaine Brown, imagine with the Fed saying they could come in at any time.
And she's up there with supporters from all over the country, but predominantly from Texas because of the hotbed of resistance to tyranny that we see here.
But it's also because this state is in the jaws of the North American Union integration right now, with the traitor Perry visibly destroying our sovereignty.
When we come back, I'm going to get directly into Pat Tillman, ladies and gentlemen.
In fact, let me just start now by reading a few paragraphs from an article that Paul Watson did up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Now, I thought when we first got hacked last night, it was one in the morning when I found out about it, and I called my IT guy and he was up.
And I thought it was this and then I began learning about all the stuff that was happening with the Browns and checking my voicemail and getting on the phone and talking to them.
I thought we'd been hacked when I found out it was a hack because of
This Pat Tillman thing, because we got some threats and big news sites attacking us over it.
Because first off, they lied and said he died literally fighting Bin Laden.
Then it turned out there wasn't any enemy for 50 miles away.
Then it turned out he wasn't 100 yards or 300 yards.
He was 50 yards.
Then it was 20 yards.
Then it was 10 yards.
Then it turns out he said it's Pat Tillman.
They still shot him.
Then they shot him more.
He said it's Pat Tillman.
He put his hand up.
They shot his hand.
And they just walked right up and shot him in the forehead.
And he was fragged.
He was murdered.
That's not Alex Jones.
That's Associated Press.
Hidden right there in the body of the article, Friday.
It had already been the San Francisco Chronicle a year ago.
I talked to Kevin Tillman, his brother.
My producer talked to him at length about a year ago.
He kept saying he'd come on the show and then I guess he got so much heat from the media he ended up changing his number.
We haven't been able to get back in touch with his brother who served with him in the Army Rangers.
But his brother said, yeah, we think they fragged him, we think it came from the top, but that was off record at the time.
Now his mother has come out and said she believes they killed him.
And so we're able to now talk about that.
That the family believes they killed him.
I kind of hinted at that a year ago from our contact with him, but now we have the army coroner saying they believe he was murdered.
Now we have the army colonel above him who first said he was murdered, but then the general who just got demoted
Lost a star, from three stars to two.
He needs to be indicted, court-martialed.
You see, the good ol' boys wrote articles all over the place saying, alright, he got killed in friendly fire, so we lied and said he died fighting Al-Qaeda.
Let's give this hero a good run.
Lying's good!
See, once you start that, the government's going to lie to you about the dollar's worth, or about the stock market, or about inflation.
Or the daycare is going to lie to you about your children, or the school is.
See, lying isn't good.
Somehow you accepted, America, that lying was good.
Lying is not good.
Constantly lying, lying, lying.
Who wants to be around a bunch of liars?
I want to be around truth-tellers.
The point is, society falls apart when you get a bunch of lying.
And I don't mean lying saying your wife looks good in something she doesn't.
I mean lying about serious issues, okay?
That's what I'm talking about.
Because the liars like to say, well, you know, you don't kill your wife.
She looks bad when she does.
And you see, you lie too.
You lie about everything.
No, that's not... That's being polite.
We're talking about lying about serious issues.
It's not acceptable.
And we know... When we start the next hour, I'm going to get into what happened with Jessica Lynch.
Because you've got to understand the history of murders for political purposes.
Then into Pat Tillman.
I've been telling you for two years this was political.
Now it's admitted.
And what is this going to mean as this gets out?
Because they can't shut this down.
They murdered him.
The question is, did it come from an order on top?
Or did his unit decide to frag him?
Well, the unit wouldn't make a decision like that.
It has all the evidence of being covered up at the top.
And so, yeah, 95% chance this came directly from the White House.
We'll be right back.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Back live, now into the second hour.
We're here every Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
If you're listening out in California, that'd be 2 to 4, Mountain, 3 to 5, Eastern, that'd be 5 to 7.
Thank you so much for joining us, and then we repodcast it out and stream it out at mfowars.com for another 24 hours or so for you.
Alright, Pat Tillman murdered.
I've got a lot of global financial news and phone calls.
I've been taking your calls as well that I want to be going over.
But right now, let's talk about Pat Tillman.
I mean, this is a guy making millions of dollars a year.
Very patriotic.
He believed the hubbub, the propaganda about Al-Qaeda attacking us on 9-11.
His brother joined the military.
He said, I'm joining the army too.
He served with distinction.
He was in Iraq.
He was in Afghanistan.
Sent back to Afghanistan.
And he saw the same things that Corey Rhoades, who's the producer of Loose Change, a good friend of mine, saw.
With CNN, I mean, they'd go stage events and claim, we just fought Al-Qaeda, we're going to show all of you firing your grenades and shooting machine guns, and they hadn't fought anybody.
It was just staged.
They would just say, we just killed Al-Qaeda, and would literally stage these events.
Tillman saw that.
Top brass, I mean, generals who weren't under globalist control and colonels went public and said, we would capture top Taliban leaders.
And then we would be ordered to release them.
It was staged, ladies and gentlemen.
I interviewed the CIA section chief at the time.
He was all over the news a few years ago.
He even admitted that the Taliban, there would be rewards of $25,000 for any member of the Taliban.
And so, the Taliban itself would go and grab whole villages of rural people, who literally didn't have maps, had heard of America as some mythical place.
I mean, they've been interviewing these people where they think there's like, you know, it's like Buck Rogers here.
I mean, they don't even know where it is.
I mean, literal cavemen, folks, in Afghanistan.
I'm not knocking them, they're just incredibly... This is more primitive than the most primitive places in Africa.
And these people are Stone Age.
The ones outside the cities.
They would tell them, oh, we're having a roast of some free sheep or goats and a side of beef.
They would come down out of the hills and they'd grab them, as young as 10 years of age, and take them to Guantanamo, sell them to the U.S.
for 25 grand apiece.
I mean, that's mainstream news, by the way.
You can go find those accounts.
Totally staged, okay?
They just basically had a staged fight with their old CIA buddies, the Mujahideen.
It wasn't real.
They would take farmers and the goat herders, and that's all there is.
You can either be a soldier, a goat herder, or an opium dealer, grower, and they would take them and just stick them in the front line.
The Northern Alliance would say, we're not allowed to bomb the main lines behind them.
We're only allowed to shell, and the Americans only bomb the front line troops.
Those are conscripts.
Those aren't the Taliban.
It was like, shut your mouth.
This is how we take over a country in two weeks.
The Russians couldn't take over in nine.
And the British could never take over.
They would invade and invade for over a hundred years and be kicked out.
But oh, magically it all worked perfectly!
That's how sophisticated the globalists are.
So Pat Tillman was writing letters about this.
He was getting mad.
He contacted Noam Chomsky.
Misguided, of course, but controlled leftist at MIT.
That might have been his problem.
And he wanted to go public when he got back.
His brother was already writing letters and going public.
And magically, right when he was about to get sent back,
He got shot.
Now they've had to admit it wasn't 300 yards away.
It wasn't 100.
It wasn't 50.
The story gets...no.
It was from about 25 yards away.
They just start shooting him.
And it hits his body armor.
A lot of it goes through.
Shatters ribs.
He falls back.
He's got a couple of his guys.
He's saying, Pat, tell them what's wrong with you.
They keep shooting.
He jumps up again.
They shoot at him again.
He falls down again.
He puts his hand up.
They shoot at his hand.
This is the full story.
Bloody pulp.
They walk right up and shoot him three times, in the head, triple tap.
I mean, an inch and a half away with a triple burst M16, folks.
The best shots out there with a triple burst at, you know, any more than 20 or 30 yards, it's going to be wider than an inch and a half, because of the way the cartridge is loaded.
And I've looked at the dynamics on this, and I'm son of a shooter myself.
The way it's gas powered from the energy of the last shell,
being expended that that you get serious wobble
And you're going to get muzzle rise even with the coolest shooter who knows how to run a relaxed fashion fire.
And that's why the forensics experts in the Army were then told to shut up and the coroner said 10 yards.
Actually, the report says less than 10 yards.
Less than 10 yards away, perfect triple tap with expert precision.
Delta Force type precision because he was wearing a heavy Kevlar helmet.
Folks, they shot him right above the eyes.
Triple shot right in the forehead.
Right below the helmet.
I mean, whoever this was knew exactly how to kill him.
I mean, they did an excellent job.
And they'd already shot the living daylights, you know, they sprayed him, and he fell down, they tried to get back up, they shot him again.
He'd been shot over and over again by the time they had their way with him.
Because they were not going to let a former NFL star come back and badmouth this war.
He was going to die.
And he did die.
Now, you could say, well, his unit was jealous of him and tragged him because he would, you know,
You know, try to push him harder.
He actually wanted to... He found it was a staged event.
He said, this war is totally illegal.
This whole thing is a fraud.
The info we've got is he's starting to look into 9-11 Truth.
He wasn't a dumb guy.
And he had convictions.
Can you imagine Pat Tillman as a 9-11 Truth-er?
They killed him, folks.
You can read the letters he wrote home.
They're on PrisonPlanet.com.
I mean, it's incredible stuff.
And so they killed him.
And 95% chance... I mean, it's very low probability that he was fragged.
Uh, by his unit alone.
And it looks like special experts were sent in to do this.
And, uh, the whole thing's been a giant cover-up, and now it's unraveling.
And, uh, this is very, very serious.
Now, on the heels of all of this, go read our report at PrisonPlanet.com, made up of the AP, made up of the actual reports, most of it blacked out.
Uh, just the stuff we have is, is, uh,
I mean, we have the colonels saying they believed it was homicide.
They believed it was premeditated murder.
And he was relieved.
They brought in special people.
The whole thing was shut down within hours.
I mean, this was a big deal.
When we break, I'm going to come back and play a clip of Countdown with Keith Oberman, where he had Wesley Clark on.
And I'm no fan of Rhodes Scholar, New World Order, attack Serbia, Highway of Death, Wesley Clark, Waco fame.
He sent in the Delta Force to kill the Davidians.
And we now have that in the congressional report, the Delta Force letter, where they said, okay, we'll follow orders to go in.
And they said, this is a non-arrest situation.
This is a seek and destroy op.
They went in, placed the charge over the church records vault, the one concrete structure where the 30 children were in.
It blew the hole in.
We have the forensic photos.
The children were turned into absolute splattered soup.
I mean, they were literally soup in there.
They didn't even burn when the building burned down because it was a concrete vault.
That's what infantry do.
You go in, you put a satchel explosive with a shape charge on the roof, and it directs all that energy into a confined space and just totally splattered everyone into jelly.
Then they, uh, people try to get out the back.
You've got the flare footage.
They're sitting there.
Infantry positions behind the Bradley vehicles.
Machine gunning people.
You see the Christmas tree flashes off the end of their muzzles.
You see them moving out.
You see them firing incendiary devices into the structure.
Excellent Delta Force op.
Uh, good job men.
So, uh, the Americans murdered.
Good job.
They'll certainly learn next time.
And we see the same thing here.
So Clark and Overman start talking about, well, the mother thinks he's been murdered.
And Clark says, yeah, it could be.
Could it be murder?
The cover-up looks like it goes all the way to the top.
They say it three separate times.
Well, actually, four times.
Overman says it twice.
He says it twice.
And WorldNetDaily does a cover story attacking me, saying it doesn't exist.
They just flat out said there was no discussion of murder and no discussion of it going to the top on MSNBC.
Or in the AP.
I mean, they just... I don't know what to say.
I have a love-hate relationship with Roland Daly.
I interview a lot of their writers like Jerome Corsi and others about the North American Union.
They're not as bad as some of the other neocon sites.
They'll tell the truth on some issues.
But, I mean, they already had to retract two stories about us last year.
I mean, we made them retract stories.
That's in the article.
I mean, and they get real mad each time.
I mean... I'm not even going to call for a retraction this time.
I don't want to fight with them.
I want them to join the team.
I mean, I want to defeat the New World Order here.
Come in for the big win, boys!
I mean, you've really fallen on your face again.
Maybe the hack will shut me up, but, uh, it says the World Net Daily attempts to debunk Tillman murder of evidence as leftist conspiracy theory.
Huh, yeah.
I'm about as leftist as, uh, Easter Bunny.
Uh, ladies and gentlemen, I'm about as leftist as... George Washington.
We'll be right back.
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It's Alex Jones.
Look, I fight the New World Order because I don't like the fact that they run child kidnapping rings, they've devalued our dollar, that they're getting rid of our border, that they're anti-Second Amendment.
I don't do this because I want to be some stud radio host or because I want to make documentaries and have people know who I am on the street.
Frankly, it's annoying.
But what's happened is, it's gotten basically half the people in the Patriot Movement, the Truth Movement, not the good listeners and people that take action, but quote, leaders, just frothing in jealousy.
Because I'm supposed to just worship them and just give over my radio show, my sponsors, everything else to them.
And just literally worship them.
And then have them hate me on top of it.
And no, I'm just done with all of that.
And it's the same thing with World Net Daily.
They admit in this article, these websites are gigantic and they're evil and everyone's visiting them and oh, it's so... They can't even hide it anymore!
I mean, I'm sorry you're not real conservatives, real libertarians, and we are.
I'm sorry you're not real Republicans and Ron Paul is.
I'm sorry it makes you look bad.
I mean, they wrote an article last year saying Stephen Jones, the physicist, called for a violent insurrection.
The guy is like the most soft-spoken, grandfatherly person.
And then we went and watched the whole tape that aired on C-SPAN of him.
Nothing about violence.
Just made up.
They had to retract it.
Next, I got threatening emails from him.
About other issues.
Then they had to retract something else.
We're tired of it.
They just made up a front page story.
They're almost as big as the drugs report.
I mean, millions of people read this.
That I'm lying about what was said on Keith Oberman.
And we just said that they said that the evidence points towards murder.
That the mother thinks it's murder.
That the forensics people think... We were quoting the A.P.
says this.
Go read our article.
But see, they don't mention any of that.
They just say we're leftist liars.
I'm not the one for amnesty.
I'm not the one for high taxes.
I'm not the one for gun control.
I'm not the one that signed back onto the U.N.
I'm not the one.
I'm not the one, okay?
I'm sorry.
I can't be a fake conservative with you.
I got offered the big national show.
I got offered limbodum repeatedly.
I can't sell out my country.
I can't be like you phony conservatives and just say I'm a conservative and butcher the country.
When they kill Pat Tillman, I gotta talk about it.
When they carry out terror attacks, I gotta talk about it.
When the CPS grabs kids, I gotta talk about it.
Republicans and Democrats are not different.
They're criminals.
Fox News now admits
That Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch are funding Hillary and advising her and basically running her campaign.
I told you that five years ago, now it's mainstream news.
It's fake, folks!
It's fake!
You understand that?
It's the elite trying to pacify you.
Let's go to what they actually said on the TV program.
But this is a diversion.
They claim that Oberman and Wesley Clark don't talk about murder and how the cover-up of what could be murder going all the way to the top.
But see, that's a shill.
It says that in the AP.
It says in the AP they believe it's murder.
But the Army believes it's murder, and was told to shut up and cover it up.
People have now gotten in trouble over this.
Not enough.
See, so there's also shills within shills here.
This is what they do, man.
And you can really tell where people really stand when they pull stuff like this.
Here it is.
Terrell Clark, let me turn from this story.
We expected to spend all of our time with you tonight talking about this, but there have been two developments in the Pat Tillman story.
A fiasco.
There's no other word for it now.
In this awful report tonight, parsing through these documents obtained by the Associated Press that indicate that
Army investigators were denied permission to see whether or not Pat Tillman's death in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger was a deliberate fragging, was a case of murder, even though the shots were seemingly so close together in his head that they looked to the doctors on the scene that they might have been fired from only 10 yards away.
Not only was their access denied here, but the Army lawyers were congratulating themselves in email traffic from keeping this from becoming a criminal investigation.
Do you think this case is still wide open?
Absolutely, and it should be.
The evidence of some problems is very, very clear.
Mary Tillman and the Tillman family have been incredibly courageous in pursuing the truth in this, and the truth is not yet out.
If there's even a hint that there was something like a homicide or a murder in this case, it should have been fully investigated and proved or disproved, and we don't really know how far up
Was it the Secretary of Defense's office?
Was it the White House?
Where did the idea that you shouldn't give any indication of what happened to Tillman, just go ahead and go through with the burial ceremony, give him the silver star, where did that, where was that idea blessed?
You can be sure that that idea did not originate or stop at the two or three star level.
That was someone approved that all the way to the top because Pat Tillman was a political symbol used by the administration when it suited their purposes.
Well, we have assumed from the beginning that that was exactly the scenario, that this possibility that his death from friendly fire would somehow affect, in some way that neither of us, as everybody will understand, somehow affect people's appreciation for his patriotism and sacrifice.
Does it not begin to look more and more like that we're going the wrong direction in this?
That they were not trying to protect something slightly negative from coming out, but in fact they're protecting the accusation that his mother has made and has not gotten a lot of attention to, that perhaps he was indeed murdered.
Were we actually underestimating what was being covered up here?
It is very possible.
We just don't know, Keith.
I think the responsible thing for the Pentagon to do
And for the Congress to do is to demand that the investigation be reopened and people all the way up to jail.
Let me go on and talk about murder some more.
So there you have it.
Now, we took the AP, we took that, we put a report together, and you see instead of addressing what they said, instead of addressing what the AP said, they just said we're liars.
I mean, that is amazing!
And see, what happens with these people in the mainline media and the so-called alternative media, the neocon fake alternative media, is they're getting called in their bluff over and over again.
That's what we're able to do over and over again.
And we're not going to stop, folks.
You know, I'll say this.
We are on the tip of the spear, folks.
I mean, I do more work than anybody in the fight against the New World Order.
I've got the best team in the fight against the New World Order.
We're a small group that we've reached single-handedly, with God's help, tens of millions of people.
And that couldn't have happened without you, the listeners, ladies and gentlemen.
And A, I want you to be leaders.
And B, I want you to realize that if we don't take this country back, the world is going to fall to world government.
And it's not going to be pretty.
And C, the way you can support us is by spreading the word about this broadcast.
I mean, if you're listening on the AM station in upstate New York, or Southern California, or Tennessee, or right here in Central Texas, or North Texas, if you're listening to us,
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That's why we've got so many websites, folks.
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And we're also getting into really expensive content distribution networks, but I mean, those are just so much money.
All these people that play at InfoWars have no idea what it's like.
But we're here to engage in a fight with the New World Order.
We're here to win it.
And we know we can win it.
And we see the poll numbers changing.
We see the whole structure of the nation changing.
The CFR comes out Friday and says we are imploding.
Everybody's waking up to us.
Globalism could die.
The people now, the jig is up.
They've now learned what's happening.
And I'm asking you right now, ladies and gentlemen,
To go to InfoWars.com.
To email the website URL to everybody.
Tell them to get our stories every day and post them on Digg and MySpace and show them to your co-workers.
So they can know the treason.
So they can know how the Pentagon murdered Pat Tillman.
The evidence is in.
We're going to come right back and get into how the globalists are in retreat on a host of issues and take some of your advice.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, after this quick break.
Stay with us.
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Alright, welcome back.
I haven't taken a lot of calls today because I've had a lot of news I wanted to cover.
We've got Robert in Canada, James in Indiana, Ted in New Jersey, many others that, uh,
We're also holding.
James Indiana says Kilman was also robbed.
Yeah, they took his uniform and buried it.
That's now admitted.
And stole his diary.
And there was weird units there of soldiers without names and patches.
Yeah, it was a black op, folks.
Right out of the White House, you can have some.
Well, he's about to come back and be anti-war?
Kill that little bugger!
You can just hear the order coming down.
And same thing with Private Lynch.
They killed, in one week, four people.
Talk about how she didn't save anybody.
She cowered in fear.
The Pentagon was going, that's a conspiracy theory.
That's all lies.
And she was still out lying because they told her to.
And then people who had survived, who had actually seen, one Hispanic fellow had killed a bunch of the Iraqis when they got ambushed in that convoy.
He'd been killed.
And she did all the things she got awards for.
They wanted to sell women in the military.
And so
People that have witnessed this, one guy was having a barbecue in a nice neighborhood, had a privacy fence, somebody in a black uniform with a black mask, at 20 yards away, double tapped him in the head, and the local police in Phoenix said it was gang activity.
People in black ghillie suits double tapping the head of people in the unit, and then they grabbed one lady,
I don't
Oh, the hero committed suicide.
There was so much pressure.
She came out and said, OK, it's all a hoax.
It's a fable.
They told me to lie.
I cowered in fear.
They said it was a plan to make women look good.
It was all a lie.
See, folks, that's Pentagon lies.
They've been caught buying billions in fake news.
It's been in the news.
It's been admitted in mainstream news that they have thousands of reporters in fake news and outplanting news.
This is not our military.
They work for foreign banks.
We don't own the country!
The British... Let me give you the order of the ownership.
The British, the French, the Dutch, the Germans, the Japanese, the Arabs.
And the Arabs are about to overtake the Japanese.
They own this country.
They own the military, and they own the police, and they own most of the mayors.
And they own the currency.
And they've made the decision to get rid of the dollar's value and turn us into a third world country.
And every major corporation that we know of is leaving and making their main headquarters in either London or in Dubai.
They're leaving!
Do you understand?
They're gone!
They've slit your throat!
They've scammed you!
But as long as they flap an American flag in front of your face, you'll like zombies go, I love America!
I love America!
I mean, literally,
When they're the people killing America and bringing us into a North American Union.
Let's take calls and I'll get into the latest North American Union slash EU news.
It is huge.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert in Canada.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon.
Thank you for holding, sir.
I've found a most curious detail which nobody else seems to have noticed on a publicly available thing on YouTube.
This is concerning 9-11.
I've actually spoken to Dylan Avery at People at Loose Change, and they're looking into it.
Well, thank you, sir.
Tell us about it.
It's a very long piece, which is like of the World Trade Center, which it runs, and it runs for 26 minutes odd.
And the piece on it is basically only approximately half a second long.
It's 7 minutes and 52 seconds to 7 minutes and 53 seconds.
And you actually see two of the cutting charges, one hour before the collapse of the North Tower, two of the cutting charges, you actually see them detonate with a bright flash, and then you hear the bang.
Well, there's now hundreds of videos of rings of explosions with white flashes before it starts collapsing, and cops going, look at the bombs!
And firefighters going, it's bombs!
I mean, they know, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!
And then molten steel, thousands of degrees hotter than what jet fuel burns.
People right next to columns that have spewing lava coming out, but the heat's so localized, slag, that it's not even melting human flesh.
Precision destruction with thermate, and then double-jacketed with high-powered plastic explosives.
Oh yes, oh no.
It's all completely normal what happened.
But I will definitely check out this new footage.
Specifically, what does it show?
It literally shows the tower, an hour before it collapses, because the final collapse, of course, any flashes you won't actually get to see, and nobody's actually registered directly.
I think you've missed the point.
No, there's footage of flashes.
Well, just give everybody the headline on the YouTube video, seven minutes plus in, and people will then be able to go see it with just a keyword search.
Okay, uh, well, people tried the keyboard search, it hasn't worked so far.
I've only got the, I've got the... Well, well, what's the headline on its side?
Just, just humor me.
Um, uh, it's, whoops, it says, um, whoops, it says...
What we saw never before released video of the WTC attack.
What we saw never before released video of the WTC attack.
And it's 7 minutes 52 seconds to 7 minutes 53 and it ties in on time and everything with people who said they heard explosions at approximately the Sky Lobby.
Well, many people, including the hero janitor, are one of the last people to get out.
William Rodriguez said that before the planes even hit, there's explosions and people are coming out with, like, skin melting off, and then the planes hit.
A lot of bizarre stuff going on.
You know, I tell you what, I'm going to put you on hold, and yes, specifically, or, I mean, I guess on air, give us this long YouTube URL.
Okay, it's, uh, four, uh, sorry, five, four, seven,
And that's after the slash YouTube?
Uh, you just put it into on, um, I think it's either YouTube or Google search, and it will come up.
Okay, oh, so, so, uh, Cray says he's seen the video.
Actually, it was sent to us this week.
Thank you, sir.
And again, it's listeners who call up and go,
The BBC just released on their own web page archived footage of them saying that Building 7 was blown up before it even fell down 25 minutes.
And then we go to the BBC's website and there it is, them admitting it.
Hidden in plain view.
And it's listeners that call in years ago and said, Larry Silverstein was just on PBS saying they blew up the building, the owner.
And then we get that.
So it is you, always, the millions of eyes and ears out there that pick up on this.
Let's talk to James in Indiana.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hi Alex.
You've got the best show on the planet.
I'm just trying to survive here, yeah, but I'm just fighting the New World Order, sir, but thank you.
Okay, well, there's some people out there and there's some people listening right now who believe that, hey, Pat Tillman, yeah, was friendly fire.
Are you kidding me?
People are still saying he died fighting Al-Qaeda.
Well, there's no hope for them.
But there are some people who think it was friendly fire.
They covered up because they panicked.
What's the big deal?
Well, the big deal is, it wasn't just friendly fire, even if you believe that.
He was robbed.
This makes this different.
There's a whole bunch of reasons why this is different.
This is one of the main ones.
They robbed him.
They stole his diary.
They destroyed it.
They don't do that to everybody.
They also buried the uniform.
Yeah, they did that, too.
And the other thing is, I was in the military.
I've worked at War Chemicals before.
I don't see, I don't believe he was wearing a helmet when those shots entered his forehead.
Because you may be real lucky and sneak one in, I don't see how you can get three shots in the forehead wearing a helmet like that.
I don't think he had his helmet on.
Yeah, well it comes down right to the eyes.
I mean right to past the eyebrows, right above the eyes.
Well, the point is here, they lied continually and you heard Wesley Clark, the order to cover this up came from the White House.
Generals wouldn't cover this up.
We know Donald Rumsfeld should go to prison just for this alone because he knew about that cover-up because there were emails to the President of the United States warning him not to talk about Tillman's death because it was friendly fire.
Well, that came from the General.
The White House, of course, says they never got that email and Bush was lucky enough not to talk about how he died.
But, the chain of command of the military, everybody knows it, they're not going to go over Roseville to go to the President.
But Rumsfeld knows about it, that's proof.
Yeah, I mean, the brass isn't going to have a huge cover-up of a football star dying in combat without the president giving the okay or the vice president, who's the real president.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much.
We're going to come back into North American news.
Talk to Joe, Ted, and a few others.
A lot of key stuff coming up.
Stay with us.
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He's Alex Jones.
In just two days, Terror Storm, special edition, the final cut, 17 minutes of added footage where the BBC admits that
They scripted, basically, blowing up building 7.
Oh, FEMA tells us it's fallen because of the fires.
They give the official... and there's the building behind them, still standing and seeing it as the same thing.
That's just 5 minutes of the 17 new minutes in the over now 3 hour long film, The History of Government Sponsored Terror.
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That's why we've been successful.
But it's scary to be this successful against the New World Order, because not only does the New World Order hate you, but other people in the quote, patriot movement start getting really upset.
Because they're not in it for the right reasons.
And see, that's why they haven't been successful.
You've got to be in things for the right reasons when you're standing up against evil folks.
I mean, I literally am risking my life every day doing this.
And it just... And I understand the cost, but I do it because I realize that
Life is short and I want to stand up for the people that are weak and people that are being abused and I hate tyrants and I hate to see what the globalists are up to and the things they are doing.
So please get Terror Storm in stores everywhere or if you want to support us, get it at InfoWars.com.
You can already get it.
We're already shipping it at InfoWars.com, the special edition that is out right now.
And again, spread the word about this broadcast and what we do.
I'm going to blitz through your calls quickly.
Let's talk to Ted in New Jersey.
Ted, you're on the air.
How are you doing today?
Good, sir.
I understand you've been at this for a while.
I just found you about three months ago.
I want to say good job and thanks for not giving up.
Oh, I'll never give up.
I'm totally obsessed with this.
Are you kidding?
I know there's a pack of murdering criminals running things.
None of us are safe till we stop them.
Till they're brought to justice.
That's true.
And I'm not going to listen to their propaganda that we can't fight them or defeat them.
Then we might as well just curl up and die if we don't think that we have a hell's chance of beating them.
Go ahead.
That's okay.
Just settle down.
I've got two points to make real quick.
My sweetie is from the Lakes region in New Hampshire.
We go back and forth there all the time.
We were there last weekend, which would be the week after, I guess, Ed and Brown's party.
Yes, and what did you see?
What happened?
Well, I asked some of the family members and friends of the family had they heard anything about the Ed and Elaine Brown saga, and they were like, oh yeah, the party.
They covered that, and I'm like, no, what about the middle of June when they went in there to kill him?
And they said, who went in there to kill him?
And I said, the Federal Marshals.
And they were just like, oh.
So they hadn't heard anything about that.
They'll play the party on the TV to make you think they're summoning nose at them, but they won't.
I know, that's why I personally, but again, who am I?
I'm not supposed to have an opinion.
I don't know about the party.
Overall, I guess it turned out good, thank God, but I just, I don't know.
I had a chance to see Michael Moore when he was broadcasting a lot of CNN about his latest movie.
I'm not a big fan of him or anything.
But he was admitting the dust is killing the firemen and police and for that he is courageous.
Michael Moore, our reporters talked to him about a month ago and he said 9-11 could be an inside job and Michael Moore is now coming around.
But you wanted to comment, that video is up on Prison Planet and people want to watch it.
Yeah, I don't know how much of it got cut or edited, but I saw it live the night it came on as I was eating my dinner, and he was flipping out on Wolf Blitzer because of how they cut stuff out that he says and changed around what he says.
It's just... It's an amazing video clip.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Thank you so much, sir.
Interesting to get a perspective from locals in New Hampshire when he was up there visiting.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Clark in Canada.
Clark, you are on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Clark.
Go ahead.
You're on the air worldwide, sir.
Yeah, my name is Clark, actually.
I want to ask... Clark, correct?
Your name's Clark?
No, Tark.
Okay, Chark.
Go ahead, Chark.
I'm a Palestinian, actually.
Yes, sir.
Most of my life in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
And earlier on, you were talking about the Arabs that own part of the Federal Reserve, probably.
And I was wondering if you could tell me which families?
Well, when I said own the Federal Reserve, I'm saying own the major institutions.
They do, I believe, own some stock in the Federal Reserve, which is probably held predominantly by less than 12 families.
But, yeah, the Saudis and that group who set up a deal with the British about 90 years ago are some of the kingpin players.
And, I mean, that's well known.
Like the Bin Laden?
The Bin Ladens are a British intelligence family.
They've been serving British intelligence for more than a hundred years.
That's why they're one of the richest families in the Middle East and until 9-11 built all US military bases in Saudi Arabia.
Yeah, well, my father is actually a subcontractor in Saudi Arabia and he gets a lot of contracts from the Bin Ladens.
Oh, absolutely.
Yeah, they air-conditioned.
Well, I mean, you know all about it.
Tell us about it.
Well, right now they're building, like, cities practically in
I think so.
The treacherous Arabs that have sold our country.
Well, pick one.
I mean, pick the guy, you know, pick Haji Mubarak, pick the Royal House Assad and all the, you know, most of the princelings.
Look at the head of Pakistan, General Perez Musharraf.
I mean, all of them.
I mean, if they're not under bombardment or under attack or being demonized, they're in the hip pocket of the New World Order.
Call me back next week, sir, and we'll have more time to talk.
I'm sorry to all the callers.
We're out of time.
I've got to hit this at the end of the show.
Last week it came out that the mayor of Oklahoma City had signed on to a North American Union plan, and we have the actual document he signed on with over 100 top city leaders two years ago.
In May of 2004, almost three years ago, Internet Archive summary report, and they pledged to create the North American Union.
And it goes into that, talking about how they would integrate the cities under North American Union law.
Seeming that's how far along this is.
We got the FOIA request last year.
This is new.
Where they were all saying, we gotta keep it secret.
We can't let them know global warming's fake.
And it's all for a tax.
We can't let them know Bush is supporting us.
They're gonna be meeting next month.
Jerome Corsi's going up there.
I'm gonna have Dr. Corsi on doing live reports on the Sunday show, this show, and on the weekday show.
But it's really going on that Sunday.
And they've announced the U.S.
Army will be there.
Mainstream news.
It's up on Prison Planet.
And no one is allowed to protest for 18 miles around the major city in French Canada with a meeting.
I mean, they're going to get into the city itself of over 80,000 people.
They're going to search each car and check each passport.
I mean, a literal Nazi-style, Russian-style control grid.
Well, Bush and the new Canadian Prime Minister and the new Mexican President and others called Iran, all meet up there and it's a secret meeting for the NAU.
It is a North American Union meeting and you're not allowed in the city!
The press was able beforehand, mainstream news was able to get hotel rooms and groups were able to get
I mean, folks, that's Russia!
China isn't that bad right now!
I mean, how is this freedom?
Number one, they're engaged in treason, selling out our countries.
And getting rid of our Bill of Rights and Constitution and supplanting it with foreign tribunals, which they control.
But then they say you don't have any rights to even come into the city and cover it or protest it.
But media is not even allowed.
Now in cities are zones.
See, first it's, oh, a free speech zone, and then, oh, you can't even be in the city, and then, oh, we're going to search everyone.
I mean, folks, this is
If I wasn't finishing Endgame right now, I already got kidnapped by these people up in Canada when I flied in for Bilderberg.
They said, you're here for Bilderberg, we're going to detain you, we're going to arrest you, you may go to prison here.
And I said, I'm American, I'm a media.
And they said, you are not the media.
We didn't actually have French accents, we didn't have to know.
You piece of trash!
Here's another one.
Parliament's not voters to ratify a new EU treaty.
Secret deal.
London Telegraph.
The new British Prime Minister.
EU fraud exposed by letter.
He wrote a letter to the head of the EU saying, quote,
We have to keep the advances secret from the public.
We can't let them know that we're bringing England in.
God bless you!
Hi, Ted Anderson here.
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