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Air Date: July 26, 2007
2269 lines.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome and thank you so much for joining us today.
It is already the 26th day of July 2007, and we're going to be live for the next three hours.
Well, Corey Rowe was released last night.
He had told us and told his family and told others that had been able to get a hold of him in the brig that he was being sent from Fort Drum down to Fort Campbell, Kentucky to find out his fate.
But after all the phone calls and the rigmarole, they released him.
But they did that almost two years ago and then picked him up again.
So he's voluntarily going down to Kentucky to try to expunge this.
Spurious charge off of his record.
For those that just joined us, quite a way to start an international radio show.
Corey Rowe, of course, the producer of Loose Change.
I am executive producing the final cut with Dylan Avery, Corey Rowe, and of course, Jason Bermas.
And he got picked up on Monday, we reported on it yesterday, and certainly expedited the process.
Your phone calls.
So you are to be commended, and I thank you for taking action.
Out of this, we saw some massive censorship.
Eleven hundred digs on the Big Dig website.
Normally a hundred will get you up on the main page, and not even in the up-and-comers.
Just completely shut down, completely censored.
Also, Google.
I happened to get an email saying, hey, Marshall Law was number one on Google Video.
It was a couple days old.
It was sitting in a stack.
Somebody printed it for me.
I thought, oh, let me check that out.
I went over there, and there it was.
500,000 viewers in the last couple weeks.
It had been number one off and on.
I thought, well, that's nice.
That's a film I made back in 2005.
Then I clicked to watch it, and I noticed it was a dead link.
Took it down!
Now, you could find versions of it that had 50,000 views, 10,000 views, 40,000 views, but that big one that had gotten up there at the top echelon where hundreds of thousands were watching in every couple days, Google just knocked that out.
You know, I mean, I've got Google as an advertiser.
They wanted to approach us to be advertisers.
That's fine.
You know, we can block out some of the advertisers we don't like.
We have that control.
That funds what we're doing here.
That's fine.
I don't see a
I don't see a problem there.
I use the Google service.
It's one of the best search engines we've found.
But I am getting sick and tired of Google.
And we've caught them doing a lot of other stuff.
I'm about two inches away from just completely severing any ties with them.
And they just do other stuff.
It just never ends the things they do.
It never seems to end.
Supposedly the winners get to be at the top, and you choose, you vote, and it's a scam.
It's not real.
The top videos are not in the top 100.
You can get up there, but then they cheat you.
And it's the same thing with Digg.
Digg is a fraud.
Digg is a scam.
Digg is a joke.
They, in January of this year, banned us, and they admitted they banned us.
There was a big hoopla, and they said,
We'll let PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com be unbanned.
But really, they just sit there with their hand at the switch, playing all sorts of games.
The ratings for InfoWars and Prison Planet, because I know bandwidth-wise, just go up and up, but we know rating services play games.
That's even come out in the news now.
So, here's the news flash.
We're hurting them because across the board, they're doing everything they can to censor the news and information
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Senators are publicly backing web censorship.
That's a mainstream news headline right now.
Protests are removed from Fred Thompson event for pointing out that he's not a real conservative.
Defiant Cory Rose says, I'm not going anywhere.
One of the producers of Loose Change arrested for supposed desertion.
When he'd served his three-year tour, they wanted to automatically up him.
He didn't go back.
They grabbed him again and then just let him go and then picked him up again and then now because of your phone calls let him go but he's going down to Fort Campbell Kentucky to try to get this off his record or figure out exactly what's going on but he did say that the phones were ringing off the hook there at the brig and that your phone calls did have the effect and did result in his release.
He also put out this public statement via
uh... video from the airport he he was in boston with a connection about to go to kentucky uh... last night and uh... here's the audio you can clearly hear him say that uh... a political prisoner corey roe here uh... they have uh... released me but i'm going down to kentucky to try to get this cleared up once and for all you know thank you alex thank you everybody for what you've done thanks for the article
By the time websites got this, they did, quote, transcripts.
That's a whole other story.
And said, I've never been a political prisoner.
Everything's fine.
I'm wonderful.
And then you could watch the video, and it doesn't say that.
He says, political prisoner here, and then he goes on to say, so I'm no longer a political prisoner, they have released me.
So there's also attempts to spin this.
There isn't a lot of indices that this is politically motivated.
Hello, political prisoner here, Boston Airport, on my way to Fort Campbell.
Here it is.
I have been released, however, I'm still going down there to make sure I'm out of the system once and for all, so I'm no longer a political prisoner.
Thanks for all your support, your phone calls, Alex.
Thanks for the article.
Screw this change.
I'm not going anywhere.
Two separate transcripts I saw on the web of this, and again, it's just curious.
I don't care if my name's cut out, but when people start then having him saying, I'm not a political prisoner, and then literally the transcripts they put out were no, even, even, even close to what he said.
Let's play it again here.
In fact, look, I got up late this morning.
I was up here again until 2.30 in the morning working on endgame, and I haven't even tried to call the loose change crew.
I'll probably try to get them on later in the day just for the comment.
I know Corey is down in Fort Campbell, Kentucky right now.
We ought to just call his cell phone, try to get him on with a quick comment later.
I got a bunch of news, international news to cover, but I just want to thank you, the listeners, for taking action.
and uh... having an effect in getting quarry out because that clearly they had told him you're going to fort campbell were sitting down there and the phone calls came in and they just said just get him out of here uh... but uh... here is uh... his republic statement one more time for you political prisoner here at boston airport on my way to fort campbell i have been released however i'm still going down there to make sure i'm out of the system once and for all so i'm no longer a political prisoner thank you for all your support your phone calls alex thanks for the uh... for the article screw this change i'm not going anywhere
All right.
We have an article up on PrisonPlanet.com, DefiantCoreyRowe.
I'm not going anywhere.
And the big news here is that 1140-something digs.
I've never seen a dig go that high without even being on the up-and-comers or on the main page.
That's how it works.
You supposedly vote news to the front page.
That is not how it works.
It's rigged, folks, like a rigged casino.
It isn't real.
It isn't people voting it down.
It isn't the Berry Brigade, as they call themselves.
And all these different sites have self-appointed censors.
I found a group last night, not even looking for it, I was doing some research online,
And it just popped up under a total different search term, my name popped up, and I thought, oh, let me click on that.
It was somebody wearing a tinfoil hat.
They never respond to us on the North American Union, or the dollar plunging, or the lies in the war, or anything, or the Jerusalem Post saying Israel stages terror attacks.
They just repeat the term, tinfoil hat, like some mantra.
I mean, I expect to see neocons next at the airport chanting tinfoil hat, tinfoil hat, tinfoil hat, tinfoil hat.
And I go to this big Wikipedia user page, and it's all these hundreds of pages they've deleted.
And I mean,
They've deleted preeminent, best-selling books on the JFK assassination.
Just write-ups on them, which I think should be an encyclopedia.
They've deleted, I don't have it in front of me.
Hey, Trey, since you're in here, call Corey Rowe and all those guys.
Let's try to get them on for like ten minutes to the third hour.
Just to, you know, recite what happened to him.
Call, sell, all those things.
Trey just walked in here, so I've given him that message.
What was I getting off into?
I mean, you ought to just read about it.
I told Aaron Dykes I wanted to write an article about it today for Jones Report, and they just say, we don't believe that there's such a thing as government-sponsored terror ever in history, so in a section on false flag terror, we delete it.
Or, we don't think an Alex Jones page about his radio show is proper, we just delete it.
And they go in every day and they vandalize my Wikipedia page, and they put up lies and false things like, Alex, it's not up there now, Alex Jones said the government was going to kill 11 million people on his July 25th, 2001 show where he supposedly predicted the attacks.
I never said that!
They just lie!
And then they sit there with Wikipedia protecting them, and loving them, and their little, and they've got all these Wikipedia certifications, and on their page it's all of them, page after page of them wearing tinfoil hats, all soft moric, and cuss words, and it's just like a, literally, it's like Mao Zedong's youth corps.
Or Putin's creating a youth corps now.
Homeland Security's done it here.
Tony Blair's doing it.
Al Gore had them sign little pledges and swear to join his jihadist crusade.
I mean, it goes on and on.
Their whole system is shipwrecked.
Their whole system is run aground, broke back.
The vast majority of people are waking up to the New World Order.
The vast majority are now, in every even mainstream poll, we've seen a 180 shift in opinion in the last couple years.
Like we've never seen in modern history.
I mean, this is a major realignment away from both parties.
That's never happened before.
This is a shattering of the paradigm.
But it doesn't matter.
They've got 20% of the public, folks, who literally would run firing squads.
And I saw it on Hot Air, I saw it on News Busters, I got emails yesterday, I saw it in the Dig Comments saying they need to kill Corey Rowe.
Saying, uh, we, I wish they had a firing squad, we need to line him up and other deserters and kill him.
And we need to put all these people in camps.
I mean, Michelle Malkin writes books saying put everybody in camps.
Michael Wiener Savage, the beatnik, literal beatnik of the 60s, now neocon fascist, says this.
I mean, they're not playing games, folks.
They would line every one of us up and stick a Mauser right to the back of our heads and blow our brains all over at the wall.
And they do it all day long.
Okay, we've got about 20% and they're going to command the heights.
They're going to be given power.
They're going to be put over Digg.
They're going to be put over Wikipedia.
They're being put over everything and only one thing can stop them.
That's you.
Now we're not all centralized and we don't have big giant organizations to then create covies and bivouacs and nests and cadres of these people.
Flotillas of these little ticks and harvest mites, but you can go to the Sound of the Guns and I say take it to their websites, take over their websites, post the truth on their sub-pages, get aggressive with these people, get on Hot Air, get on Wikipedia, and that's more important.
Hot Air is tiny.
My little sites are much bigger than that.
And it's a cult over there just chanting tinfoil hats, so it doesn't really matter.
I mean, you can try to post on these sites that they passed the biggest gun control act in 1968 two months ago, and they'll just say it's not true.
You can have SPP documents directly from the government.
They say it's not true.
I mean, folks, they say Bush is a conservative.
They say the dollar's strong.
They say the stock market's good.
And at a certain point, you've got to think, are they really just sitcom spooks?
I mean, CENTCOM has now admitted that they, quote, fight disinfo and propaganda in the blogosphere.
They admit that they, quote, fight it on radio.
I mean, admittedly, they're out there and they get other people to copy them and snowball them.
That is, it gets bigger and bigger as it goes downhill.
And Mockingbird, repeat what they say, but no, a lot of this really is just... I was watching this video of Fred Thompson when this lady confronts him and they have her drug out.
I don't know.
50 times, 100, I don't know, many, many times.
More than 50 times.
We are at events and they will come up, just if you've got a video camera.
I mean, I've been at UT videotaping some CFR member, trilateral commission member, it's happened many times.
Many of you have seen it on my TV show or on the web.
And they'll have a guy, high and tight haircut, assigned to the general that runs UT over there and runs the public affairs office.
And they'll literally come over and they'll grab you hard by the arm and say, let me talk to you.
I want to talk to you.
They're one step away, folks, from putting us on trucks.
I mean, when you've already got folks grabbing you by the arm, I want to talk to you.
Why don't you come out with me?
Get your hand off me right now!
And you've got to talk to them like that and say, do not touch me again or I'm going to litigate.
And you have to mean it.
It's an animal level thing.
They know you're going to litigate them.
Get your hands off me.
You can beat the rap criminal, but you can't beat the ride.
Don't try to push me around.
And then they back off.
Well, they did that to her.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back.
This is the type of news I have in front of me from the Washington Post.
This favor for Bush hits rare heights.
President Bush is a competitive guy, but this is one contest he would rather lose.
And it goes on to say, with 18 months left in office, he is in the running for the most unpopular president in the history of modern polling.
And this is a whitewash poll with Bush with like 30% of the approval rating.
They have mainline scientific polls as low as 20% for the president.
Cheney's highest poll numbers in Gallup Poll are 14.
Summer is low as 10.
Congress on average now has a 12%
Approval Rating.
Now, 12% and every day, I saw Newt Gingrich last night on Fox, in the few minutes I watched, spinning his little pygmy comment about the Republican candidates, and here's the CFR architect of the
Homeland Security System.
I mean, he literally, on the Hart-Rudman Council on Foreign Relations Committee, right before 9-11, wrote up the whole plan for what we're living under.
He is definitely a high-level technician.
Extremely wicked, ladies and gentlemen.
Extremely phony.
He's about as conservative as a drag queen.
I mean, there's nothing conservative about this guy.
He's about as conservative as a wild drunkard running around with her hair on fire.
I mean, there's nothing conservative.
He's about as conservative as Mousy Tongue.
But he sits up there with that fake act, up there selling the public, and he kept saying, well, see, the American people are mad because we couldn't get all the things the President wants, and because we haven't gone into Iran, and because we haven't done all the things they want.
They want action.
They want movement in government.
They want to see things done.
The lowest approval rating of 12% ever seen in Congress.
Both parties.
The people now know the jig is up, but they're still there trying to fool those that haven't woken up yet and trying to hopefully fool some of those that have gotten off the reservation back onto the reservation.
Just repeating, spinning it.
That's total spin.
The American people are mad that we haven't done enough.
They're mad that we haven't gotten things done.
They're mad at this pathetic Congress who can't get anything done on Iran.
They're upset about the things that are going on.
They're upset that these Republican candidates aren't going into Iran yet and aren't getting tough on the terrorists.
Yes, that's exactly it, Newt Gingrich.
It is total and complete lies, and looking at Sean Hannity and looking at Newt Gingrich when they were up there on Fox, I mean, they fully, consciously know that they're anti-American.
They fully, consciously know they work for the big international banks.
And understand, I want you to know, I'm not just figuring this out this second.
I want all of us to consciously remember that.
I mean, obviously we've known they've been bought and paid for and know that they're sellouts.
But I want to just restate that on the record.
Restate it on the record that I fully understand exactly what's going on.
And that the American people understand what's going on.
We know you're a pack of criminals, but there's still that final illusion going that we all understand they're crooks.
We're a very small minority, but we still don't consciously realize that we're the majority.
You see, all out here across the country, individually, we understand that they're a pack of New World Order traitors and trash.
And just absolute
Prostitutes to the Global Crime Syndicate.
But we have not consciously realized that the majority of people also know they've been sold a bill of goods.
And, you know, maybe in a few blue-blood corners, you will find Republicans that will literally go to the ends of the earth and literally throw their children off cliffs if George Bush ordered them to, or if Newt Gingrich did, or if Israel did, or if Gordon Brown did.
And you can find groups of liberals out there who are openly worshipping Hillary Clinton, openly worshipping the war, openly... They just don't care.
It's about the party for them.
But they don't count!
I mean, they literally are a minority!
They are a minority!
And I don't know what the new order is going to do, because their little trick of changing horses in this little pony express riding system
In between every four or eight years, it's broken.
We'll come back into the really big news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to have wine over sponge today.
This is the type of news I have in front of me, and Steve Watson is reportedly doing a big report on this.
At 1-800-259-9231.
It'll be going up on PrisonPlanet.com in the next few minutes.
You can
Just, I guess, type into Google to get the story.
This is not up on PrisonPlanet.com.
The FBI proposes building network of U.S.
The FBI is taking cues from the CIA to recruit thousands of covert informants in the United States as part of a sprawling effort to boost its intelligence capabilities.
We're going to be getting into this top story today, coming up here in just a few minutes.
Also, a protester removed from Fred Thompson event.
And this is a very serious attack on free speech.
This is how they operate everywhere.
Remember at the Rose Garden at the White House, that medical doctor, Falun Gong member, stood up when the Chinese murdering dictator... Murdering dictator!
No one's killed more.
This is as evil as it gets.
Stands up and is giving a question and answer during a press conference with Bush.
And she butts in with her question, her confrontation, which the press always did in the past.
And folks, the cops took them a few 30 seconds to get over there.
They didn't need the cops.
TV reporters, TV camera people grabbed her like just zombies, all these hands, you ought to pull that video up on the web and watch it, just all these hands, just shoot to grab her, destroy liberty, destroy freedom, crush the First Amendment, get her!
It was like they didn't even need to be told.
Now again, the average person isn't like that.
But that's who they have surrounding them.
That's who gets to be a top-line videographer in the Rose Garden.
That's the type of reporters, because they all are guardians of the corrupt system, of the rotten, bloated, stinking, maggot-filled carcass that is this illegal, criminal, illegitimate government that just sits there like a cancer in the District of Columbia, better known as the District of Criminals.
Where the Congress critters nest and feed and whore and sell out this country.
And I say whore, folks.
I don't mean literal whoring.
I mean selling out this country.
Literally whoring us out.
So we'll be getting into those reports as well.
I hope that everyone who is out there
We'll visit Infowars.com today and I hope that you will get my new film.
I mean, they cannot stop you, at least for now, from ordering the DVD.
We are under massive censorship and gatekeeping and blocking everywhere.
Which again, lets me know that we are hurting them, but at the same time I realize we would break through
I'm here to win this fight against the New World Order.
I'm here to make sure every big story we write goes viral and millions see it.
That's what's happening.
It's Ron Paul's the biggest thing, you know, in the top five, routinely number one now, in the top search functions in the last month.
New World Order is in the top 20 or 30 now, continually.
Globalism, NAU, that's now in the top search functions.
We are taking over the blogosphere, and so they're announcing today massive net censorship.
They are moving against us right now, not just me.
I'm one small part of that.
What we do at PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com and the websites are one small part of that.
But listen, they cannot stop you from going to InfoWars.com and ordering Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terrorism, the new expanded
Special Edition 17 minutes on Building 7 being blown up and how BBC and CNN reported it had fallen with the same exact words and scripting before it fell under FEMA scripting.
I mean, that's five minutes of the 17 new minutes of added information.
It's all in Terror Storm Special Edition.
It's all in Terror Storm Special Edition right now available at InfoWars.com.
I sincerely hope you'll visit the website and order Terror Storm Special Edition, or order The Late Great USA by Dr. Jerome Corsi on the North American Union, full of documents and information, or America, Freedom to Fascism, or Loose Change Second Edition.
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Or go get a PrisonPlanet.tv membership.
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So six different formats total and you can burn them right to disk with an easy to download application and I mean literally just hand out.
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And just give these out to everybody.
And then that will circumvent the censorship.
Go get a PrisonPlanet.tv membership and that just pays for us to have the bandwidth which we are just having to buy more and more of, obviously.
And then you actually support us.
We're able to continue to get this information out.
PrisonPlanet.tv, ladies and gentlemen.
It is available
uh... right now and you can go there and you can download my weekly TV report special reports uh... there is just so much there on the website thousands of pieces of media at PrisonPlanet.tv to download and put on disk whatever subject you want covered please go get a PrisonPlanet.tv membership and aggressively use this armory
This weapons cache in the InfoWar against the enemy.
The weapons are laying there ready for you to use them.
And I mean, I've consciously known this for a long time, but to have it really burn into my brain, to have it really hit me right in the brain last night, that man,
We're the main focus of well-organized groups on Wikipedia that have run their flag up and swung their guns around and are blasting the living daylights out of us folks and really hurting us getting the word out and celebrating that.
And we've got Dig and other venues we found to reach larger audiences have swung their guns around and are blasting us right down to the waterline.
And again, we're still charging forward, and we're still engaging, and we're reaching more people, but it is not one-tenth of what it could be.
They're blocking us at every viral point.
I have no doubt they don't have a government analyst tracking specifically teams on what we're doing just to counter it.
There is no doubt.
There are men walking around in uniforms, in CENTCOM, and this has come out, this is admitted,
No, I don't.
Well, see, it's the same thing with CENTCOM and all these contractors.
And they are engaging us, folks.
They want to bring down America.
They're very close to being able to bring down the Republic, to dissolving the borders, to getting the gun confiscation, to being able to use their FEMA camps.
They cannot allow their phony conservative leaders to be exposed.
They cannot afford to have their
Wolfpacks with cloaking devices as conservatives who are hitting us and hitting us hard.
I mean, the country is literally almost dead.
I mean, even Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul says that.
I mean, that is not hyperbole.
We are in red-level crisis, folks.
Fortress USA is on fire.
And we're doing everything we can to put these fires out, and we've got a bunch of cult members in CENTCOM, most of them are hardcore Baptists, they're not real Christians, they literally listen to Pastor Hagee, because I've been tracking all this, who openly says normal Christians aren't good, only Jews are good, even if they're not Christians, they're going to heaven, they're above us, total blasphemy!
And this is the opposite of what Christ said.
And we've got to nuke people and the Arabs are going to kill us any minute.
And these guys literally just chant, tinfoil hat, Muslims are going to get us, tinfoil hat, Muslims are going to get us.
And if you say to them, well, why is the government bringing in Muslims at record levels?
And they'll go, cannot compute, cannot compute, cannot compute.
And they'll literally just say, tinfoil, tinfoil.
Right back to you.
They cannot.
And boy, I know Sitcom's listening.
I got your number, brother.
Okay, I know you go to church three times a week, and you're a deacon, and you're in Bible study, and you're in weird little secret orders of Christians.
You're in the Brotherhood that was all set up with subgroups 30 years ago in DC.
You ought to research the people above you.
And you're not Christians, okay?
They just used you as a vehicle to carry out their system.
Now, that's on the sitcom side.
Above that, it's a lot more just evil people.
Who openly write books about how they use the Christians and they openly laugh at you.
But again, we're getting off into how all this stuff works.
I'm telling you folks, there's nothing better than beating them.
And they have really swung their guns around on us, and that's good.
But I'm telling you, we need to supercharge.
I'm starting more websites because of this.
I'm going to try to raise the funds to hire more writers and more web developers.
And we are actively redesigning InfoWars right now.
We did that once before.
It didn't work out too well.
There were some bugs.
We'll see if this works again.
I just can't seem to be able to, you know, get everything done I need to.
But regardless,
If you want to create mirrors of our websites and help in the info war, whatever, that gets through their filters.
We've learned some tricks to get around them to prove that they're filtering.
Help us now in this fight, ladies and gentlemen.
Help us now in the fight against the New World Order.
The battle is joined, and a lot of you are on the bench, a lot of you in heart and spirit are with us, but you haven't gone on MySpace and posted a link to PrisonPlanet.com or Infowars.com.
You haven't gone online and gone in and attacked Digg and gone into all their other posts and attacked the fact that they're censors.
You haven't gone in, this is key to Wikipedia, and taken over the websites and taken over the subpages like they do to us.
And of course we're not going to sit there and claim we're guardians of the truth like the tinfoil hat people.
I call them that because in their photos they all wear tinfoil hats.
It's like their little uniform, their joke.
We're going to go right in and just say, you guys are censoring us, you guys, we're disinfo, and we're not encyclopedia material.
You certainly aren't.
And what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
And I mean, bring them down every time they pop up.
I mean, just start hitting them, folks.
It feels good.
Get in there.
Literally, you're like a B-17 tail gunner.
or belly gunner or roof gunner and we've got the enemy coming in on us folks and all you gotta do is jump in the seat pull back the lever and just put your iron sights on them and just open fire that is all you gotta do
You just gotta wheel those guns around and stop thinking about it and stop thinking about it.
You're not the best aimer.
You've never done this before and you just pick up a bead and you just let them have it.
You just aim and you just fire in the NFL war.
And I'm telling you folks, we've been blowing the living daylights out of them.
We've been smashing them, crushing them, overrunning them, just all over the web in a thousand ways and it's only getting better.
But I'm telling you, when they counterattack, we've got to hit them and use their counterattack as a way to catch them in the open and just run them over.
We're going to be posting some of their websites, some of their... I mean, they want to play games, and they want to get aggressive, and they want to try to shove us around.
We've got the muscle, and we're ready for a fight.
And they want to fight us out in the open, we're going to give it to them.
In fact, I think we're going to just go ahead and start giving out CENTCOM's websites and their message boards and their info and their contact.
They want to fight, folks?
We're going to give them one.
I mean, think about it.
The military is openly engaging in propaganda and buying fake news.
Billions of dollars of fake news.
They own thousands of reporters in their hip pockets.
That isn't Alex Jones!
It's like Dr. Paul Greg Roberts said last week on the show.
You know, this is in the newspaper.
But they report it like it's normal.
Oh, yes, we're buying reporters and fake news and planting it domestically.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
It's for the homeland.
I mean, right there, they're all convicted.
It's over.
That's illegal.
I use this one example a lot because it's so incredible.
There were thousands of them.
Tommy Franks, 500 plus thousand dollars a year.
I kept saying 440-something thousand.
That was in the Associated Press.
Turned out he was getting some more money on top of that.
To just make a media appearance once or twice a week and give speeches saying that martial law is where we're going and that it's what the people demand and he would always preface it with, I'm not with the party and I don't have an axe to grind.
But this war is fabulous, and we need martial law in America.
I'm real sad about that.
I mean, folks, that's high treason in your face.
Paid by the CIA, mainstream news reported, to go lie on television.
They're everywhere.
There's big money.
There are people living in 500,000 million dollar houses right now who run teams of disinfo people.
10, 20, 30 of them.
Under them.
They go into offices every day and they attack us.
They go into office spaces every day and they go after us.
And they go in every day and they try to drudge up, bull, and sling it.
And let me tell you something, your time has run out, traitors.
It isn't going to work.
You can hoax all day and claim there's no North American Union.
We're going to use your own lies against you.
You understand, you gutter snipes?
And you can all day try to push your amnesty at 30 million anti-American illegal aliens, and tell us it's like mother's milk to the country when it's really cyanide.
Keep lying!
Because we're going to show everybody how you're lying.
You're not operating in the paradigm of 10 years ago where you could lie and get away with it.
And you just keep lying about your war, and you keep lying and saying there's no government-sponsored terror, when we can show people a thousand news articles about it.
And you just keep lying about everything else, and you keep trying to play your game.
Let me tell you another reason they're failing so bad.
They got about 20-30% of the media, mainline media, on the payroll.
Another 20-30% that just parrot what they say and don't even know it.
But you got about half the mainline media, even news wires and reporters who aren't on the payroll, and who aren't under control, and who are now breaking their paradigm, and the editors can't control it and block it all.
Because the enemy's lazy.
Now the controllers aren't lazy, they're high energy people.
But their little minions are a bunch of lazy cowards.
And let me tell you something, we're gonna beat you.
And we're gonna get all the records of who worked for domestic propaganda, and you're gonna be going to Leavenworth.
You understand?
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today on InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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I remember in 2002, it was reported, and I didn't believe it, and I tracked it down and confirmed it, that Marcus Wolfe, the former head of the Stasi,
East German secret police have been hired as a consultant for Homeland Security in the formation of it.
And I was like, that is not true.
This is being made up.
And I made phone calls and checked the web and looked at purchase orders and looked at federal funding.
And sure enough, they paid that guy more than a million dollars to move to D.C.
and consult in between his home and Germany.
Then I found out they hired Primakov, the former head of the KGB.
That was in mainstream news, folks, when they start hiring former heads of the KGB.
We all better look at our children and ask if we want them to live in a free country or even live.
Even survive.
Now, that's why all this is so off the chart.
I mean, it's so bold to what they're doing.
The level of America-killing hatred
Would be hard to believe, even if the person was in an enemy uniform, that it was actually happening would stun some.
The fact that they're in our uniforms, the fact they got armies of well-meaning fools and low-grade morons serving them, is just, it's unbelievable.
It's absolutely unbelievable that we have fallen this far.
And then I see this last night, and there is a report up on PrisonPlanet.com on this,
And I hope you get it and get it out to everyone because it is of the utmost importance.
The FBI proposes building a network of U.S.
The FBI is taking cues from the CIA to recruit thousands of covert informants in the United States as part of a sprawling effort to boost its intelligence capabilities.
According to a recent unclassified report to Congress, the FBI expects its informants to provide secrets
Now, I could talk about this all day, and I am now.
I'm going to talk about this quite a bit after we take calls next hour.
Now, do you notice that it's going to be a nationwide grid of FBI informants?
And, before I ever read the article, when I saw the headline, I thought, oh my gosh, there'll be no real terrorism to fight, but under Section 802 of the Patriot Act, all misdemeanors of terrorism, and it says that.
You should go read it.
And so, don't just laugh, neocons, you go read it.
They're like, that's right, we're going to have the power to arrest you soon, so we can fight the Muslims!
Oh my gosh.
FBI proposes building network of U.S.
informants, and it says, although some may also be expected to aid with criminal investigations in the tradition of law enforcement confidential informants.
So, they're going to take Homeland Security funding,
And they're literally going to have federal informants.
Now they have the biggest dirt bags on the planet are already federal informants and there's not a lot of them and they're out there in drug cases and other things.
Mainly this is just top-down integration where the bank reports everything you're doing, the pharmacy reports everything you're doing, your doctor reports everything.
It already all goes right in the federal database anyways.
But now we're going to have thousands and by the way we told you four years ago they already have them.
They have CIA liaisons right here in Austin.
They're over the Threat Integration Center.
And the Emergency Management Command Base.
They have them in every major town, even rural areas.
We'll have them for every four or five counties.
And they're gonna be looking for terrorists, folks.
I mean, you want a Shavano in every corner?
Telling you what to eat, when to sleep, what to wear?
You want to be a sheep?
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I don't know what a Chavano is, but I can speak Spanish and call in, and my wife couldn't tell us.
I just the last hour finished up with a quote from Scarface.
When he's gotten off the boat,
Fidel Castro has kicked his prisoners out of the country.
And, uh, based on true story, at least that part of it is, and he's in there with the police detective, uh, you know, asking him, uh, where'd he get his scar from, and, you know, why's he got a gang tattoo on his hand.
And Tony Montana says, hey man, I want my human rights just like the president says.
I'm here.
I hate communists.
Are you a communist?
And he said, I am sick and tired of living my life with people watching me and spies on every corner and people controlling me and telling me what to eat and what to wear.
He said, I've been eating squid three meals a day.
I got it coming out of me.
He goes, and I want my rights and I want them right now.
Well, folks, that's exactly what we're going to have here in America.
I mean, you think the carpet cleaner at your house is constantly spying on you to get 10% of any convictions that he splits with the carpet cleaner owners.
You think the plumber in your office spying on you is bad.
I mean, I'll be quite frank with you folks.
I see criminal stuff going on all the time.
And if it doesn't affect me and it didn't hurt some type of innocent person, I don't report it.
And that's what Liberty's all about.
I mean, give me a break, folks.
In the neighborhood I'm in, I know, because I've driven by and I've seen it, and of course the cops know, too.
This is why it's all a joke.
But these people are connected.
There are drug dealers all over the place in the neighborhood I'm in.
Right here in a kind of yuppie, trendy, liberal neighborhood where my office is.
I mean, there is drug operations going on.
And I remember about ten years ago, some people bought this gas station by my house in a lower middle class area and I mean they were running whores out of it.
It went from being a nice gas station to stinking and it was all weird and they barely even had products in there and I started noticing they were running whores out of there and they had women standing around in the back and up front and sitting out and they'd pull up and a man would walk out and they'd get in a car with them and they were selling drugs out of there too.
And there were some cops out radaring people, and I pulled up to them, and I got out and acted all paranoid.
Oh my God, a citizen talking to us.
And I walked up and I said, alright, that, uh, Texaco station, right down the street, do you see it right there?
They're running prostitutes and drugs out of there right now.
I've seen them doing handoffs, I've seen them doing it, and I'm not even trying to see it.
The cops didn't do a thing, folks.
They did absolutely nothing.
They said, alright, we'll say something about it.
I mean, they know.
They're not out there arresting the crack dealers in the east side.
They're not out there to stop the dealers.
They're out there to stop the young black kid when he finally gets caught with a rock that he bought.
They're not there to stop the illegal alien.
They're there to pull over the dumb yuppie that's got money and throw the book at them.
I got articles right here where they're selectively not enforcing law including DWI's on illegal aliens.
They're above the law.
And so was that
I couldn't tell if he was Pakistani or Indian running that whorehouse right out of South Austin.
So, and you know, I don't particularly like the street type operations of street whoring.
It was really a dirty site.
And the whole thing was seedy as Hades.
So, I mean, I did report it.
But now, now there's a, there's, I don't know what they're selling.
I think it's probably marijuana and cocaine by the looks of the people.
Down the street from here.
I don't say a word.
Just, you know, the cops know for sure they're up and down this area.
They don't care.
Just, you know, it's a big joke.
Everything's a big joke.
Everything's funny.
But let me tell you, now we're going to have thousands of Stasi going around looking for what you say, what you do.
They've already had the criminal Pentagon spying on every peace group you can imagine.
Going to their meetings.
Trying to trump stuff up on them.
Trying to provocateur violence.
You are traitors and enemies of the Republic.
Come back, take your call, stay with me.
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It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today on InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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That's 888-216-2461.
Do it today!
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I'm going to get into this Fred Thompson news and we'll take your calls.
I know the phones are loaded up at 1-800-259-9923.
We'll have open phones for the rest of the broadcast and a bunch of other important news, open attacks, open announcements to basically start shutting the web down.
We're now up to that point.
It's now happening.
We barely, by like three votes, defeated it last year.
The same crowd is back with a vengeance as they see all their power slipping away.
I mean, Tony Blair gave his last speech and said we've got to ban
Alternative news, they're defeating us and taking over.
I mean, he actually said that.
You're absolutely right, you crooks.
By the way, the genie's out of the bottle.
You are not going to stop us.
You can kill individuals, but you cannot kill ideas.
And for all of the things I've done, all the havoc I've wreaked against the New World Order, if they ever kill me, folks, it'll be like setting off a hydrogen weapon against them in the Info War.
And I hope that never happens, because we'll be more effective in the long run against them.
But it doesn't matter.
This idea goes forward.
Alright, I want to get to this Fred Thompson situation.
He was here in Texas, I mean, wearing a giant cowboy hat,
And again, number one, it's a stereotype of Texans that we all wear giant cowboy hats.
And Tennesseans are more Texas than Texas, because that's where really the folks that mainly founded, Kentuckians, Tennesseans, the volunteer state, most people at the Alamo are from Tennessee.
So I'm not saying Fred Thompson can't wear a cowboy hat.
My point is, and I'm not saying it's some special thing to wear a cowboy hat either.
I'm not saying it's some great honor he isn't allowed to have.
The point is, it's a costume.
And I have a pet peeve about costumes.
Everybody knows that.
I mean, I really do.
And it is a costume.
Now, if I'm going to be working out, which I never do anymore, in 105 degree heat all day with cattle in corrals and dragging them around and dehorning them and giving them shots or whatever, I'll be wearing a big old straw hat.
You better believe it so the sun isn't on me to keep me cool.
I'll be wearing a long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans and boots.
And to keep dust and brambles and stuff off my neck, I might even be wearing a bandana around my neck.
I've worn bandanas around my face.
I mean, that's gear.
But he gets off the airplane in his clown suit and some 20-gallon hat, and he puts on that good old boy actor thing.
I mean, it is so disgusting.
It makes me sick.
He looks like he's death warmed over.
The Democrats have raised more than a hundred million dollars.
That's the last quarter coming in.
It's a lot more than that now, than the Republicans.
That's never before happened.
Usually one party's ten, twenty million ahead than the other.
That's because there is no one... They are all pygmies, as Gingrich said, and he knows that.
It's a big little inside joke for him.
None of them are going to win.
They're not meant to win.
Only Ron Paul could defeat Hillary or Obama.
And Las Vegas has said that.
They've done the odds.
I didn't need to do some big formula.
I could look at it and tell you that.
We did.
Only Ron Paul, A, could win against a Democrat, and only Ron Paul out of those candidates is worth anything.
I mean, Tim Tancredo is good on immigration, and that's it, folks.
He's pro-war on everything else.
And all he's going to do is take away from Ron Paul, and he might be the straw that could defeat Paul, but Paul's gone from nowhere, and Paul's a 3% more than McCain, raised more money than him, and we've already gone through that whole discussion.
The point is, Thompson is just showing up out of nowhere to be the frontrunner.
They're trying to run somebody a little bit stronger, and they admit that the Bush family is literally consulting and behind his campaign.
And that, again, is to make sure Hillary is positioned to get into power.
Who meets with Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, the Bushes.
They vacation with them.
Three words.
It is staged.
Liberals have to figure this out.
And, again, that's not some hyperbole or nomenclature.
I mean, it's staged, folks.
Like, if you bought $10 tickets to the local playhouse, and you went down there and saw
I don't know.
What's some stupid play that's popular?
Cats or Aladdin or something.
I mean, I don't know.
It'd be like if you bought tickets and went to the theater.
It isn't real.
The Tooth Fairy isn't real.
There aren't boogeymen or bogeymen under your bed.
It is not real.
Skeletons don't walk around at 3 a.m.
in the graveyard.
It is not real.
And I have to realize that when I'm watching the news.
Because you believe this acting.
It is total acting.
It has been total acting since they blew Kennedy's head off.
They didn't want Reagan.
He got so popular.
And he fought with Bush and called him CFR, New World Order, said he was a traitor to America.
And by the way, we have the transcripts of that.
I talked to Republicans that were there.
And then they called him aside and said, if you don't put him on your ticket, you lose.
And not that Reagan was even perfect.
But the point is that he was quasi, but Bush Sr.
ran that whole thing too.
There have been no real presidents since Kennedy.
And you can say he was good, bad, or indifferent.
The point is there have been no real presidents since then.
I know I'm on a rant today, but the news here is that this woman and her testimony of what happened is exactly... First, I saw this this morning and thought, I bet that's what happened, because I could hear it, and I could see the camera, and I could hear the guy talking to her, whispering, and then we did find her testimony.
We're trying to get her on the show, and they came up and grabbed her by the arm, and then grabbed both arms and started squeezing.
And they tell them how to do this.
They started dragging her out.
She said, no, get your hands off me.
No, no.
That made her mad, so then she starts yelling at the traitor.
She was polite.
She asked her question.
They start dragging her out.
Now remember, I brought this same question up to George Bush.
In fact, I didn't think of that until just now.
Will you go YouTube Alex Jones arrested by George Bush and get that clip ready, John?
Yeah, you got it on the computer.
If you can't, you can find it online.
And again, they tell him how to do this.
Now, in Bush's case, we knew the end of his speech, because for some reason they'd been posting the speeches he was going to give on the Governor's website.
He was going to have a press conference, we get there, he finishes his speech, everybody claps, he's about to walk off stage and introduce other people, I butt in with, well, you're CFR, you know, you're selling out America, don't you care, Governor, about America?
He has me arrested.
This is months before he announced for President.
Well, I think that folks probably know that I've been thinking very seriously about it.
And those are the kinds of things that you do as you go along.
Make adjustments as you go along.
That's what we've done.
So you're a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the same group that's forming the North American Union with Mexico and Canada, and you call yourself a conservative, and we are in Texas.
And I need to understand why you're a member of that and why you support the North American Union.
Well, I didn't know they were up to that.
Oh, really?
Now, don't fuss up in there.
You asked me a question, let me answer it.
So you're a member of... Stop it right there!
Again, years of polished fakery and quackery.
Now, now, don't fuss at me there, little lady.
Let me treat you like a little girl.
Like a five-year-old.
Let me pat you on the head.
Let me put on a Southern Gentleman Act when I actually want to bring down this country, and we're going to.
I didn't know they were up to that.
I didn't know they were up to that North American Union.
I didn't know we were up to that, little lady.
You're a lying traitor, piece of trash, Thompson.
You piece of filth.
Go back to him.
That's a good question.
Let me answer it.
There's several conservatives over the years that have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations.
I try to learn as much as I can from all viewpoints.
I have been a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, which is one of the conservative think tanks there in town, and enjoy having intellectual exercises and discussions whether I agree with everybody or not on any particular issue.
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, sir.
Oh, you hired him?
That's my other point.
I mean, to watch this video, just these groveling, effeminate sycophants just all around me going, oh, sir, ooh, and giggling and every little laugh.
This is a pro-immigration, pro-open border, pro-North American Union,
Piece of trash.
This guy, I'm just so sick of phonies.
Back to the traitor.
Well, I don't know where he came from, and tried to call me out.
It's his campaign, you know, it'd be a little precocious of me here, not having formally announced myself.
But Senator McCain is still in the campaign.
He is a tough, hard fighter, and if he says that he is going to remain in it, then I take him at his word, and as long as he's in it, we'll be fine with it.
Senator, do you have a response to Dick Morris' recent column about ACT money going to your son?
I haven't seen that column.
I heard that he was writing one.
It's a column that's been written three or four different times.
I have the benefit now of being apparently the main target of the Democratic National Committee.
Michael Moore has taken a couple of shots at me.
Hillary Clinton has taken a couple of shots at me.
And this is kind of a matter of...
The allegation is that my son lobbied on the state level, not on the federal level, or not anything that I had anything to do with, and I suppose he pleads guilty to that.
The allegation in the column is that your PAC paid him money, but he didn't really do the work.
No, that last part, of course, is totally false.
He handled my back.
He had to make decisions with regard to that.
He did all the administrative work and absorbed administrative expenses with regard to that.
It's a common practice.
And I'd rather have him doing it than somebody that I trust, whose judgment I trust, as anybody else.
I've seen her run another stand here in Texas.
All right.
The finale when we get back, when they drag her out.
They've already been grabbing on her.
Come with me.
Come with me.
See, there's no law.
No, no, no.
It's just a little, a little nobody.
Come here.
Come here with me.
Come here with me.
And it's going to get like that with the secret police, too.
Just knock, knock.
Come with us.
Get in the back of the truck.
The officers are here.
No laws, no nothing.
We'll be right back.
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Oh, yeah.
Let's go ahead and finish up.
Fred Thompson, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.
Other reporters are asking repeated questions.
But you don't ask people about the CFR.
Not here in Land of the Enslaved Cowards.
Here we go.
The last part, of course, is totally false.
He had to make decisions with regard to it.
He handled my back.
He did all the administrative work, and it absorbed administrative expenses with regard to the... It's a common practice, and I'd rather have him doing it than somebody that I trust, whose judgment I trust, as anybody else.
That's what I'm never saying here in Texas.
Again, more fake colloquialisms with all these fake Texans.
I mean, again, I don't care where they're from.
It's just all the fakeness, the frothing and the effeminateness of all of them scaring around pure scum.
Back to Thompson.
Well, you know, people are just coming out to see me because they want to.
And I suppose that they've paid attention and they know that I'm very serious about considering it.
And I'll be making a final decision a little bit after this.
But the formality of it is something else again.
And, you know, all things in good time.
This is considered historically to be kind of early.
People have announced in times past in October and
Uh, November, I think on one occasion, and Canada announced next January.
But, uh, because a couple people moved their priorities up a little bit, all the politicians jumped in about a year earlier and started spending money.
Uh, they said that you had to raise a hundred million dollars this calendar year, uh, in order to, uh, compete.
So I was, uh, you know, halfway into the year, hadn't raised a little money.
Don't, don't, don't block my show.
We're good to go.
Calm Azaria big men were manhandling a little woman all over she's just standing there
What happens is, an aide comes up, some minion, some guy in a suit, grabs her by the arms.
She says, get off me.
He scurries off, tells a fake story to the cops.
And here they come.
All they know is, and see, in a police state, the tattler is an honored creature.
Their word is always taken.
They'll tell you, if somebody puts in a terror report on you, you're almost always arrested.
They just go ahead and bring you in.
Uh, and uh, this is, this is what we got.
And now we're, now we've, they've already set it up.
Now they're announcing it.
So by the time they tell you it's coming, it's already in place.
Tens of thousands of spies everywhere.
They hired the former head of the Stasi.
I mean, you cannot make stuff up like this.
And I try to laugh, but it's cause I'm trying to keep from crying.
You know it's one thing for him to almost break my arm off.
I just this morning had a lot of pain in my shoulder from what they did to me back in 1999 in Texas.
They took my arm and they put my arm behind my back and when they had me up against the wall they just had fun and were telling me you're going to jail, you're going to jail, you're getting charged.
And one of them just leaned right up behind me and just pushed my fist right up by my neck.
And I just heard my shoulder going... Hey, we're gonna leave you with a little hurt for the rest of your life.
Here you go.
We're gonna kill this country, boy.
We're bringing it down.
We got the guns.
We're gonna run things.
Ain't nothing you gonna do about it.
That's basically the spirit of these people.
I'm so sick of all you scum and filth!
And I can't wait till this country rises up and gets its hands around your necks!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The victory will be more than just politics, Mr. President.
The victory will be an endorsement of a philosophy.
I believe in my heart of hearts the victory in 1998 is going to be good for Texas.
And that's the most important thing about the campaign.
Sir, shouldn't we abolish the Federal Reserve and the CFR?
That's the real reality that none of you will talk about and most of you are members.
That's what's destroying this country, Governor.
Don't you stand for America, sir?
What about the Federal Reserve and the CFR?
You people are being lied to!
This country's been taken over by Europe!
And I'm being drug outp... Laugh at it!
Alright, we are back live here, ladies and gentlemen.
And I remember, I mean, they had those local constables in Williamson County and the
Governor's protective detail from the DPS piling on me like they were dogs on a little deer that was down wanting to, you know, get a bite in.
I mean, it was just a swarm.
Just, oh, let's get him.
And they all grab me, wants to get me out.
Oh, let's, we got a really bad one.
Let's, let's rip his arm off.
Let's have, you know, just on and on and on.
And they're all like, he's going to go to jail with a lot of charges.
Well, we're going to get him on.
All kinds of things he's doing.
Security issues.
Get on the radio and find out.
And then they, they drive me around for about 20 minutes and the phone call comes in.
Well, the radio says go to cell phone.
So the guy, and I forgot it was 98, yeah, not 99.
And the, he goes to cell phone and he goes, so, so they say drive him around and drop him off.
Well, we're not going to.
And the guy had been real arrogant, but after that he was like, alright sir, sorry about all this.
I'm going to have to drive you around for a while and then drop you off.
And then they dropped me off at the Williamson County, Travis County line.
You have a nice one now.
Now, they basically did that to this little woman, but they didn't arrest her.
Now, there have been people who have had anti-war t-shirts that get arrested.
There have been people who have anti-war bumper stickers.
There have been people who have shirts that say, Peace on Earth, and they think it's a peace activist shirt at Christmas.
And they get arrested.
This is the new America, folks.
And they've got people... Well, I mean, I hear Michael Savage say it.
There's going to be another terror attack.
They're going to say, we kept them from keeping us safe.
And they're going to put people in camps.
And if you disagree with them, you're going to a camp.
Now, if you had half the public on your side, you might be able to get away with that.
You don't even have 20%.
Now, I know after you nuke a city, you'll get 30-40% back real fast.
But see, the cat's out of the bag.
That support will erode even faster.
We've got all the graphs on this from the other staged events you guys have done.
And the cat's out of the bag.
And so, I've got to tell you, nine times out of ten, you are endangering your whole operation by a hail Mary, go for it all, terror attack, attack Iran, go to martial law, plunge the dollar any further.
But I've got to say that despite the fact that my analysis says it is the worst course for them to take, it looks like there's a probability of more than 50% they're going to do it.
If I had to get on or off the fence, if I was forced to choose, because I don't think they're even clear.
I mean, they've got the green light on, they've got their finger on the trigger, they are ready to engage, but the question is, will they pull the trigger?
Or do they need to go ahead and get all their Stasi in place first and beef that up?
We know it's a process.
I just want all these phony conservatives out there, when Hillary's in there, and Fred Thompson has deserted you, or dropped out, or some sex scandals come out, and all that staged event has happened, I want you, when we've got Democrats ruling over us, and we are in literal hell on earth, I want you to remember that you were warned.
I just want you to remember that.
By the way, it usually takes about two years for the full effects of a currency devaluation to be felt, and the major plunging has happened in the last year and a half.
And see, we're just now feeling it.
Housing prices have imploded by 20%.
Well, that's all coming up in the next hour.
I said I'd go to calls, and I've been on a rare tear here today, as they say.
Chris in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, go ahead sir.
I'm sorry about that.
I don't care, go ahead.
I wanted to point out, my call to Neal Bortz two days ago, when he denied that he had ever suggested or stated that
You and your supporters should be put in a concentration camp and lead us in a daily prayer vigil.
And he actually told me that when I called him three months ago, asked him what he thought about the CNN and the BBC, that they had both said that before Building 7 had collapsed that it had collapsed.
And I asked Neil, well what do you think of
of them saying that Building 7 had collapsed and he then asked me, no you're not one of those Alex Jones supporters are you?
And I said, I asked you first.
So he hung up on me, as I told you, and that's when he said that we should be putting concentration camps.
Well, I've got to track down the date that he had said that, but yesterday when I called in, he was inviting people to call in about you.
And so I did, and I said that you're basically one-stop shopping for fighting corruption and tyranny in the police state.
And he asked me, how much have I spent on supporting you?
I said, absolutely nothing, because I put most of my money into copying the type of material that you purvey.
Well, number one, he sells his U.N.-sponsored, fake conservative book to give us a sales tax.
They're going to keep the income tax.
I've been saying this for ten years before Neil Bortz ever even got syndicated out of Atlanta, Georgia.
Okay, so I'm on record for now 11 years actually documenting this, and all they ever do is say, oh we make money.
You better believe, I hope we make some money, because now I'm going to be approaching, if I expand my operation, bandwidth wise, to, I don't even want to say it folks,
We're talking well over $15,000 a month in bandwidth.
We're already close to $12,000 in bandwidth.
I'm having trouble paying the bills.
I put my films out for free.
I shame make copies, but see, I'm not good.
See, I'm making money, but that slug, that fake conservative, that enemy of America, a literal Benedict Arnold, a literal enemy in our own uniform, posing as a conservative,
Yes, and he said that's exactly the kind of mindset you'd expect from an Alex Jones supporter as if I was not the one who he had told that.
He's a lawyer.
Look, most people who are smart, like Bortz is, and he is smart, they make an early decision to sell out to the establishment.
And they think that all they care about is, like he says, his three or four big mansions, and his airplanes, and helicopters, and jet skis, and every time I tune in he's bragging about how he only works four days a week, and how much he loves perverted forms of sex.
He's lying.
The point is he's a complete phony.
And I don't care!
I don't care!
Neil Borch will probably be alive after I'm dead, but at least I'm not a piece of garbage like you.
Okay, you're right.
Before that happens, we need to stand up for you, and before we feel a need for vengeance, we need to confront these talk show hosts when they allow us to.
Well, you better know that when Neil Gortz is publicly calling me out, as he routinely does, I don't even have time to listen, I'm sent clips, that believe me, folks, the eye of the New World Order is directly upon me right now.
And I think people should be listening to him so that if he does try to go back and call for your
Being thrown into a concentration camp that he will be called on.
And of course, my call to him on Tuesday, I recorded where he denied it.
And also I told him that, yes, you do encourage people to download your documentary, your 15 documentaries, and to share them with others, and watch them on Google Video and YouTube.
I got that on the air, so at least people will, you know... And Google responded by pulling my videos down, but go ahead.
Well, any publicity is good publicity, so I mention that because they're trying to malign you in that way and also saying that you're blaming the administration for 9-11.
So I wanted to confront him on that.
So he made a big announcement that it's Attack Alex Jones Day?
Well, the first caller, it's interesting that the very first caller named
Julie called in to ask, within the first 10 minutes of the show, and he rarely takes calls in the first 10 minutes, to ask what he thinks about Alex Jones.
And so he said that he doesn't even think that you believe the quote-unquote dog squeeze that you put out there.
And so, and it's interesting that my local station that carries Neal Bortz used Julie's call as a promo later on the very same day, on Tuesday.
So it's interesting, at least my local station is promoting you as well.
Yeah, they've told me to keep my mouth shut or they're going to deep sex me.
And you know what?
I can't stop.
And I'm not going to stop.
These traitors will not kill the country.
If I have anything to do with it and if you do.
And they are censuring and attacking me from pillar to post.
And our own movement needs to get that through their heads.
Well, and now they're really upset because everybody else is now repeating what I've been warning, that we've got to expose government-sponsored terror to short-circuit them carrying out the next attack.
Finally, David Ray Griffin is coming out and saying that, and that's great.
He'll now be crowned the progenitor of it, but it doesn't matter to me.
As long as we survive this thing, and that means we, that means you guys, I'm on the front line for a reason, and I've willingly taken up
This duty, but I just want people to know that this is literally, you know, this is so extremely serious what we're facing.
How long did the bashing go on?
Well, he took a couple calls.
I just tuned in by chance, so I was lucky enough to hear him take the first call and then somebody else called in who actually did bash you.
So I only heard one call bashing you.
The first call didn't, uh, Julie, you know, she was just asking a question about you.
What did the call say?
I lie about the NAU, I lie about gun control, I'm... No, he never... I've asked Neil before.
I've asked him, what is it that you lie about?
What is it that you would claim is false that Alex Jones perpetuates?
And he says, I'm not going to talk about Alex Jones and give him any extra publicity.
So he's obviously afraid, but the point is that... Well, he doublespeaks.
He doublespeaks.
He won't ever address issues.
Anybody who's worth their salt, who's worth saving, is going to check into this kind of thing, as you say, and when you're above the target, you catch the flak.
And since you're catching flak from someone of his caliber, who admits to lying, and who, you know, he also has said to me before that depleted uranium has been shown to be safe.
So, and you know, I know you're on KLBJ with him, and so the people listening, I want them to research and check out the meal boards.
It's just full of it.
And he might tell the truth on a few little things.
Now, when it comes to the North American Union in the past, I've heard him say to a British caller who asked him to talk about the consolidation of the continent,
Well, he said, I'm just one little man.
I can't do anything about it.
So he refuses to talk about it.
Well, that's what Limbaugh and all of them do.
They make fun of some stupid liberal, and it's all a big joke, like we're pilloring somebody in the Middle Ages, and then nothing really happens.
They're their... Look, look, look.
Literally, Shenil Bortz and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as Thorazine injectors.
That's all they are, is a literal high-powered elephant tranquilizer.
And they're there to literally tranquilize Republicans.
They are there to make you feel good, and to snicker and giggle, and to seduce you into their way of thinking just long enough for them to gut this country.
And they've done an excellent job.
I've asked Neal if he's really against the immigration policies and why don't you call for a boycott of these major food producers besides the fact that they produce crappy food and they feed animals, vegetarian animals, but the fact that they give the illegal aliens spontaneously their own holiday whenever they demand it or whenever they announce that they're going to take out a paid holiday, you know, Cargill, Hormel, Bison, etc.
Well no, they pay them to go to protests, yeah.
Yes, and I asked him, why don't you beat a boycott?
Why don't you call for a boycott if you want to fight this influx of illegal aliens?
And he said, I am not the one who's going to call for a boycott.
So, obviously he wants to... No, they go up to a line.
I appreciate your calling.
I appreciate you defending me.
They go up to a line and then they don't cross it.
I mean, I remember one day, I've told this story before, but I heard Sean Hannity for an entire segment going, the border's open, we're under attack, America's falling, we've got to deal with it.
And I said, I know what's coming.
And boom.
I know what's coming.
We need to, you know, get something in place.
The President's plan is what we need.
It's not perfect, but we need to secure this border.
Just because somebody pulls up in front of your house while it's on fire and admits it's on fire, then their answer is throw more gasoline on it.
No, that's not your friend.
And they know it, folks.
They know you're wise to them.
And I think what's happened is they've just picked me as kind of the symbol of why their listeners now hate them and why their ratings are dropping and, you know, why they get all this hate email.
And they see my website and they hear my name a lot.
But I'm a small part of all this, folks.
It's all of us together in this fight.
I don't want to sit around and talk about myself all day, but really we are becoming more and more the center and the focus of what's happening and going on.
And it's because we do do the research, we work the long hours, and we take action.
And we have the best listeners out there that empower our actions.
So I say go after Borts, go after Hannity, go after Wikipedia, go after Digg, go after them all.
Let's talk to, uh, who's up next here?
Summer in California, thanks for holding for Eons.
You're on the air.
Hi, uh, thank you for taking my call.
You bet.
Um, I had a couple of things I actually wanted to talk about.
Um, first of all, unlike your last caller, I do support you and I do have a subscription to Prison Planet TV and I share, uh, movies with my friends and try to show as many people as I can your material.
And I really appreciate everything you guys do.
And I wanted to talk about, um, one of the things is Ward Churchill.
Do you know who he is?
Yes, Ward Churchill got, uh, fired for plagiarism earlier this week from his university in Colorado.
Yes, for supposed plagiarism.
Um, he wrote a book called A Little Matter of Genocide, which is actually about how this country was built on the genocide of the Native Americans here.
Yes, it is wrong.
I meant to talk about Ward Churchill when he got fired on Monday.
I just forgot, but go ahead.
Yeah, well basically he wrote the essay or whatever it was supposedly four years ago and now all of a sudden they fire him over it out of nowhere.
Which just that alone seems kind of fishy that they're using that as an excuse to fire the man.
Have you ever met Ward Churchill?
No, I've read one of his books, A Little Matter of Genocide, and it really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I had no idea about.
Well, I was down at the TV studio locally one day when he was down there.
And he's not a very nice person.
I'll tell you, he's a big, gigantic, arrogant, mean, rude person.
But still, I don't like censorship, and I think it's a very dangerous trend.
Stay there, because you've been holding a long time, Summer.
I want you to be able to finish up and respond to what I said about Ward Churchill when we get back.
But yeah, he said that some of the people that died in the towers were like Nazi war criminals and that the Arabs were attacking.
And they tried to bind him to 9-11 truth when he is the antithesis of what we are.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Welcome back.
We'll be watching the New World Order.
They'll have their new Stasi.
Political police everywhere across America.
ABC News.
You want to be slaves, folks, you're going to get to be.
Land of the free, home of the brave.
Land of the obese, brainwashed, Prozac-popping cowards.
I love this country, folks, but I do not love what we've become, and we're not going to get it back unless we admit it.
I'm going to go back to summer, and I'm going to hurry through Chuck, Robert, Jonathan, Don, John.
I promise I'm going to hurry through your calls, because I've got a ton of news and clips coming up next hour, too, before we go back to summer, talk about the Ward-Churchill situation.
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Let me just say this.
Professor Jones was persecuted at Brigham Young.
Award-winning physicist.
I mean, he's famous.
He's in the top tier of physicists in the world.
You have to say he's in the top 50 or so.
I mean, he's just very respected.
And, you know, he knows that steel doesn't melt at 1500 degrees, and things like that.
And so, because he said that, and he said the world was round, and the Sun was the center of the solar system, they said, we want you to go, and they forced him out.
Now, even though I disagree with Professor Jones, which I don't, I would be against what happened to him.
Because I believe in, I mean there's a black professor up in what, Illinois, another one in Virginia, that says kill all whites, you know, whites need to all die.
I don't agree with that.
I don't agree with Dr. Bianca saying 90% of all of us need to die.
But I say he should be watched very closely and people like that that have access to bio labs and are talking like that, you need to
Keep an eye on him.
I would keep him away from any of those facilities, even level 2, but I don't think he should be arrested.
Ward Churchill said the people that were in there were political Nazis, basically, and it was an act of war, and we bombed their countries, and we killed millions of Native Americans, and so they deserved it.
Number one, they were janitors, and they were tax accountants, and they were secretaries, and they were mothers, and they were fathers, and they were firefighters, and they were police.
Stay there, Summer.
I mean, it's a big subject.
We'll be back in 70 seconds.
I'll call right to you and let you comment.
So, I don't like Ward Churchill.
And just because the natives got slaughtered, that doesn't mean people six, seven generations later all need to die.
When most of them weren't even born in this country and didn't have ancestors here when all this happened.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're now into hour number three.
Ward Churchill got brought up.
A self-righteousness comes from my group was persecuted and we had genocide committed against us and I'm gonna stomp around and just scream at everybody and be real arrogant and rude and I saw him be real rude to my friend Don Darling who was a submarine rescue ship captain and just an amazing guy and
We've had him on the show, and he had him on his show, and I had to be up there when they were doing it.
And Churchill, I was up there doing my own business, and I later saw the Tate program on TV.
He was even Ruder on TV, and I was like, it's one thing to be up front and authoritative.
I mean, he was just like, basically told, whites are all evil, and we're bad, and he's a white guy.
I really love these white guys that may have like, you know, 1-8 Cherokee or something in them.
And it's another form of supremacy.
You see, what happened is, this is normal tribalism.
Whites came into here, you really had Vikings here for a thousand years before that.
Like, they found 4,000, 5,000, 8,000-year-old Anglo settlements and dug up the skeletons.
And it's in universities and it's in mainstream books, but no one's not supposed to talk about it.
So that's why a lot of the natives, they've actually done DNA testing now on some of the bones of supposedly 100% pure Native Americans, and they're not.
They have Anglo blood in them.
And why is that?
Well, because you have those groups already intermingling with the Mongols.
And that word Mongol has a bad connotation.
That's the name of people in the steppes of Russia.
And then Europeans just put a bad connotation on it.
But they're Mongols.
They're a mix between Asian and Anglo.
So those people came across the Bering Strait into the Americas, and they'd already mixed.
They'd already mixed with Asians, had basically the same genotype of the Chinese, had mixed with the whites.
So they actually already found that.
So really what happened was, new groups come over, they build up settlements, and the natives did not have, just like the Germans got taken over by the Italians, under Caesar.
It's the same thing.
Okay, the Germans got taken over and those that didn't fully submit were completely exterminated.
I mean, entire tribes were killed.
Except for children under five and women.
And most of them were killed.
And they hauled them back to Rome.
And, uh, that's how it works.
And, uh, so see, there's... It's this modern political correctness where we feel so bad and we cry for the natives and, oh, it's so horrible and, oh, it's so evil.
And it is!
It's like everybody talks about black slavery and oh, black people.
The UN admits 1.2 million women and children kidnapped a year, most of them out of Central and Eastern Europe.
I mean folks, that's so industrialized, but not a word is said, not a tear is shed, no one even cares.
Oh, those are white people!
Slavery doesn't know a color.
But I understand what the lady, Summer, is saying.
I'm going to get to her in a minute.
I just want to flesh this out.
This is a key point.
To understand this, the Natives were able to be brought down, Native Americans, because they did not work together.
A few tried, and they failed up against Andrew Jackson in Tennessee and other areas.
But the point is, is that Andrew Jackson in some of those battles was fighting four or five to one.
I mean, up until the 1860s, it wasn't like it was the white guys like you see in the movies, you know, with some Indian villagers killing them and they're defenseless.
It'd be, you know, huge masses of, you know, huge raiding war parties of 10, 20,000 braves overrushing entire settlements and killing everyone.
And then the settlers would rally and go back and have, I mean, huge battles, folks!
The Native Americans were defeated in the 1830s.
Really before that, in the 1820s, in the Midwest, okay?
Because they rallied and did unify and raised major armies, and they waged war against the Anglo-Saxon, who had no history like war, like the Anglo-Saxons, and they got totally, got their butts kicked!
Didn't matter if they had four to one, five to one, because the Anglo-Saxons, number one, were warlike, just like the Indians.
Number two, had better weapons.
Alright, we'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The history of the world is different groups overrunning and dominating each other.
Only now in the 21st century is it a global elite playing us off against each other.
They've always done it to a certain extent.
Now it's much worse.
There were literally thousands of massacres on both sides up until the 1830s.
Then the tide turned and there was an open extermination program giving Native Americans diseased blankets, killing them, starving them to death, putting them on reservations, putting them on plantations.
The same thing they do to the inner city communities today.
They used blankets, whereas now they use vaccines.
It was terrible what happened to the Native Americans.
But the point is, is that we can learn from that.
That this is the way human societies operate.
And we're being usurped and dominated by the New World Order today.
And so for Ward Churchill to get up and say that the people that died in the towers represented those that killed the Native Americans, is just ridiculous.
Absolutely ridiculous.
I mean, I would imagine 90 plus percent of those that died had no connection to the New World Order.
They were people hustling their hind ends up in there, fighting traffic for hours, getting on subways, working in an expensive city where they could barely live, and the firemen that went in there, they didn't deserve to die.
But I do defend Ward Churchill's right to say what he said.
What I don't like is Sean Hannity and others going, oh look, another 9-11 truther, which I've heard them do.
Ward Churchill, he says they deserve to die.
9-11 truthers have never said they deserve to die.
The majority of families believe it's an inside job and have been on this show.
And the heads of major groups have been on this show saying the majority believe it's an inside job.
And they sure didn't deserve to die.
Now to say that America is evil, America actually has been quite restrained with the power it's had until the last 30-40 years.
And clearly we have been totally hijacked and are being used for evil.
But you know we think America is evil, we have slavery.
Well the end of slavery began in England and continued through the United States.
It just goes on under other names worldwide right now.
It is taught in colleges that slavery began with the Anglo-Saxons and the Norman, and that is not true.
And then they also teach, well, Africa had slavery, but it was a different type.
Well, no, it really wasn't a different type.
In some cases, it was the part where they would capture you and then bring you in as a lower class, and then be merged and expand the size of the tribe.
That certainly went on.
Or to supply wives for the warriors.
Who might have as many as 10.
And they would kill the males there as well from the neighboring tribe and keep their females.
I mean, humans pretty much act the same.
And I just want us to get over all of this skin pigmentation and realize today we're fighting the New World Order, a hereditary clique of elites that are intermarried, who are waging war against us, with technology doubling every two years or even faster, and that that is all in the past, folks.
We need to study it and know it and look at it.
But the obsession!
I mean, I'll be out there and talking to a crowd of people or talking to somebody on the street and they're like, yeah, but what about the Native Americans?
What about the blacks?
What about the... I'm like, yeah, they're doing it right now.
Native American children are being given vaccines right now.
Black children, Hispanic children, white children.
We're all under attack the same system.
Just with captive groups that don't have as much money, who aren't as high on the socioeconomic scale, they are under heavier bombardment.
But we're all under attack, folks.
We're all together.
Do you understand that?
We are together.
We have to understand this.
And whatever the New World Order is doing, whatever their program is, we have to oppose it.
The New World Order is for gun control.
We're against it.
The New World Order is for the North American Union.
We're against it.
The New World Order is for open borders.
And we're against it.
And you can go through all the reasons why, but you better believe, whatever the new old order's for, it ain't good for you and I. Okay, now I've been babbling and I said I'd go to your calls.
This is summer in California.
Do you have any comments to my ranting?
Um, I also wanted to let your viewers know, and I agree with you on Mr. Churchill, if that's really his stance on 9-11.
I've been taking the Enterfood and the Chillicin.
The Sheathene, however you pronounce it?
Yes, it's the mineral, yes.
Yeah, and both of those products are amazing.
I have more energy than I can remember having even when I was a kid.
And they're both really great products.
Well, I'm not just saying this.
We all started taking it a few months ago.
I took it before that, and then they sent us a bunch to the office.
Everybody started taking it.
And literally, literally, Aaron Dykes looks like he's ten years younger.
Rob, I mean, I'm like looking at them going, man, they look younger.
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But then I keep forgetting to take it.
I'm not in the habit of taking these things.
I have to remember and mix it with fruit juice, but it's great stuff.
Thank you for the call, Summer.
And I've done my whole rant now about history and things that happened and
The world people were living in 160 years ago, 170 years ago, was kill or be killed.
I mean, most Europeans were scared to death to come over here.
They read the newspaper reports.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chuck in Illinois.
Thanks for holding, Chuck.
Hello, Alex.
You're a trooper.
What's on your mind?
Okay, you know, you talk about eugenics and everything.
Um, there's an obscure book by Wendell M. Levi called The Pigeon.
And in this book, it outlines from the Greeks all the way up until 19... let me see... The Greeks started eugenics.
Yes, exactly.
But he goes through the French... I mean, he goes through everything.
It runs everything.
It is the guiding force.
It is the Bible of the New World Order.
But if people want to go to their public library, the book is called The Pigeon by Wendell M. Levi.
...reprint with, um, changes and updates was 1974.
And now this was a Jewish man that was trying to expose this, and he made fun of Darwin, he made fun of all these people, how they were, you know... Well, Plato, who always gets worshipped as this good guy, he openly says, we need to exterminate the poor.
He says we need to have a ruling council that decides who can breathe.
This stuff is 2,400 years old.
Well, he starts with English, and then he tells about Darwin, and he basically paints Charles Darwin as a fumbling fool.
Well, he also stole his idea.
He didn't invent any of the theory of evolution.
No, he didn't.
And then you were just talking about the Native Americans, and there's an author, Alan W. Eckert.
He wrote, let's see, one, two, three, four, five books, six books, and it's called The Frontiersman, The Wilderness of the Empire, The Conquerors, The Wilderness Wall, The Gateway to the Empire, and The Twilight of the Empire.
And it tells how we put the American Natives into submission.
Well, it's quite a battle.
I mean, you want to... I think I may have even read one of those volumes like 15 years ago.
Oh, I mean, you talk about action-packed every page.
I mean, and... But see, what's not taught is the natives would literally slaughter everyone.
Sometimes they'd take two-year-olds.
I mean, they would just kill everybody.
And by the way, they were doing that day one.
You know, there was the Jamestown expedition, the one before that failed.
They don't even know where anyone went.
Well, they killed everybody.
Anything else?
Oh, he tells in there where they kill their own villages completely.
Not to submit to the Anglos.
Yeah, it depended on the tribe.
There were quite a few.
A lot of wild stuff.
I appreciate your call.
I mean, let's just be honest about cultures.
We're told that Greeks are these shining, happy guys walking around in white marbled edifices, just perfectly loving.
Several sects of the Greeks, including the Spartans, the most powerful group, had a human sacrifice ritual where they would kill their subclass
The Spartans had a slave-servant clash, and when a Spartan young'un had passed his wilderness trial, he would then kill, so he could have committed his first killing, he would then kill an unarmed local peasant.
There's nothing laudable about that, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, you weren't told that, were you?
I mean, the Greeks were completely psychopathic.
I mean, the things they were doing.
And I'm not knocking the Greeks here.
I mean, let's be honest about these cultures, folks.
I mean, I get up here and I talk about the Aztecs killing 10,000 people on a single day every year.
I mean, killing their children, having hallucinogenic pain orgies where they would do things I can't even mention on air, folks.
I mean, imagine hallucinating while you draw huge ropes with glass through your genitalia, through your mouth, for 24 hours straight.
I mean, demonic stuff, and it is demonic.
The Nazis were bad, the Aztecs were bad, the Greeks were sick freaks, and I can morally sit here, you know, they always tell you don't make a moral decision, but the very crowd that tells you don't criticize a culture, they're the very ones that will then tell you how the Nazis are bad.
Try that with a slack-jawed, politically correct, brainwashed eugenicist.
They won't even know they're a eugenicist.
They'll first tell you we've got to reduce human population numbers.
You can say, well, how are you to say what is?
There is nothing.
How are you to say there's a moral compass or one thing's good or one thing's bad?
You're being discriminatory.
Oh, well, then I say we should have 10 billion more people.
Oh, no, the science shows.
See, they always just try to tell you you can't have an opinion or you can't have science or you can't have evidence.
Or, the Aztecs had a wonderful culture.
Oh, and I go, oh, well, did the Nazis?
Oh, very evil.
But wait a minute.
The Nazis just took those they oppressed and killed them.
And they go, oh, oh, oh.
Look, they take them in these college courses, sociology, stuff like that, and they tell them, anthropology, you're a genius because you believe this.
And they walk around and say, we're geniuses, and then they believe it.
It's just a self-congratulatory club.
You're a pack of idiots.
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We're good to go.
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Yeah, a lot of the people in the 1860s, 1880s that went around killing whole villages of Native Americans that had their mother, their father, their sister killed.
I mean, their throats slit.
By rating parties.
And so, let's just be honest about the type of fight that we're talking about here.
I don't defend it.
The point is, is that that was the nature of the world at that time.
And see, that's the nature of the world now.
It's just got a friendly facade on it.
Let's go to Robert in California.
You're on the air.
How you doing, sir?
Good, thanks for calling.
Okay, just a couple quick points.
One, you know, there was an article printed in the Guardian on April 24, 2007, Fascist America and 10 Easy Steps, by Naomi Wolf.
I remember that, yeah, that was it.
It's all happened, yeah.
Yeah, number four on the list is get groups or people to spy on people.
Well, I'm glad you called about that, because think about how far we've slipped that now it can be ABC News headline that the FBI is to spy on the American people.
It says, for terror and other crime, a new national spy network in every town and city.
And if you actually read into the plan, it is tens of thousands of spies.
Does that sound good to you?
No, no it doesn't.
But, you know, people just don't really pay attention to their history, as you're saying.
Today they just look like they never went to the bathroom or something and they just lived in this marble house.
And you made it like it sounded like his child, but... Cue it up!
You're talking about, um, what's his name?
Cue it up!
The head of, uh, he's the chairman of the Texas Psychiatric Group.
Yeah, but the way they, uh, the way a lot of these guys, uh, people talk about even children on their caseload, it's like it's their children.
And I was, uh, I was asking your production crew or somebody to actually recheck the fact that he's married and does have a five-year-old on these medications.
Yeah, we did as best checking as we can.
We can just go off the English language.
And he said, I have a child, I have a five-year-old, who I have on five drugs.
Yeah, they talk like that all the time though.
I mean, I work around social workers and psychiatrists all the time, and they talk like that with children on their caseload.
Well, I mean, regardless, the guy's talking about how children are on a bunch of drugs.
Oh yeah, it's terrible.
And a lot of them know it too.
But it's not openly, you know,
frowned upon on not doing it because especially with the courts involved.
I believe he's talking about his child.
We were able to confirm he's married because he talks about how he got consultations from other doctors and generally people in the medical field will say that they don't like to treat their own families, it's kind of unethical and so they'll mention, oh but I'm getting consultations and I believe in whole and what the clear English says, he's saying it's his child.
Yeah, but, like I said, when it goes on, is this something that I've noticed about being around this all the time?
Yeah, they're very possessive.
Well, I mean, schools now say the children are theirs.
Yeah, it's the state taking over.
Right, right.
Thanks for the call.
We're going to go ahead and play a clip of that.
This is where he's talking about how, this may be the Associated Press, they're testifying why the children are on so many drugs, over two-thirds are on them in Texas, and that's the national average, too.
He tells the committee at the Statehouse that they are mentally ill.
Because they have bad gene pool.
Go ahead and play it.
Hi, I'm the chair called Joe Burkett, MD.
Dr. Burkett, thank you for being here.
If you could state your name and who you represent, please.
I feel like the best introduction should be, my name is Joe and I'm a psychiatrist.
But I'm willing to recover.
The tone of this... I'm Joe Burkett.
I'm a psychiatrist from Fort Worth.
I'm here representing the Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians.
I served on the advisory committee and wrote the first draft of some of the sections that appear in the report.
I work for the MHMR system in Fort Worth and I'm not supported by any pharmaceutical funding or grants.
If you look for just a minute into what's going on when we've got a bunch of kids on a bunch of meds.
From a doctor's perspective and even from a peer review quality manager kind of perspective.
What that means to me is we got a lot of kids with a lot of problems.
Because those kids wouldn't have gotten to any doctors in the first place if they hadn't had a lot of problems.
And they wouldn't have gotten on a lot of medications unless the doctors couldn't figure out anything else to do with them.
So we've got a lot of foster kids and we've got a lot of mental health problems.
And we have to recognize at the same time there is a parallel development in the field where we're using medications more freely in children.
Because we're seeing some benefits of that.
Stay there.
Come back, play him talking about how they got a bad gene pool twice.
He says it two times in a row, then he gets into drugging his child.
You can take from it what you will.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
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Alright, let's go right back to the broadcast so we can finish up this clip and then go to your calls.
He continues talking about why they're increasing the number of children on drugs, more than two-thirds, in the government clutches.
You cry when they take you for mommy?
You must be mentally ill.
That's not normal.
I heard a talk show host yesterday talking about it.
I've seen these ads too and I'm not even watching TV.
For restless leg syndrome, I mean folks,
When your nervous system starts powering down and routinely when you fall asleep, if you've ever been sleeping next to your wife or your husband, you know when they fall asleep they jolt in their leg kicks.
That's literally the brain consciously turning off.
They've even hooked EKGs up and monitored that.
That's a scientific fact.
They know.
Well, if you're kicking around or restless or feel like you want to walk around, that's now a mental illness and you need drugs.
But it says it will make you a compulsive gambler and a sex maniac.
They actually say that in the app.
And last time I was watching some other, uh, we were actually trying to find drug ads, to put a little clip of one in Endgame, just like a few seconds of the video, like a Prozac ad.
So I was scanning through and I was seeing these ads, and I mean it was just like, basically this drug's gonna kill ya, but it'll make you not have to go to the bathroom a lot.
I mean it's just, and magazines, the magazines we take at my house, it doesn't matter if it's, you know, something about cooking, or something about
You know, catalogs or whatever, it's just all, I mean when I say all, like half of it's drug ads.
And I'm reading this stuff.
And I'm reading what it does, admittedly.
Hundreds of horrible side effects.
And they report that about 70% of those that call about a drug get on them.
I don't know, it just makes my head spin sometimes.
I'm already getting off the trackers, the caller brought this up.
Here is the psychiatrist.
Regardless, he's there.
Head guy testifying that they've got bat gene pool.
And he says, my child is on five and do I confer with other physicians?
Here it is.
We should remember and keep in the back of our minds what are our original problems.
Our original problems is that we have abuse, neglect.
We have danger to the children.
We have mental illness.
And I should stretch and give you a little bit more medical perspective on the mental illness.
A lot of these kids come from bad gene pools.
They don't have stable parents making good decisions.
Or else they wouldn't, or most, or many of them would not be in, most of them would not be in foster care.
And so, besides the gene pools, they've then been traumatized by abuse, neglect, and problems, and then they've been traumatized by separation and all those things predisposed to mental illness.
So here we are with problems.
The original solutions to the original problems include removal, emplacement, safety considerations, and then sort of the observations that we've got some kids here with some emotional scars, need some help, and we wind up with psychiatric and psychological referrals.
What is your general opinion, leaving a door open for those
Weird, unusual, incredibly rare cases.
What is your general opinion of let's say a 7 year old being on 8 psychotropic meds at one time?
When I encounter a case like that, I look at the child.
If the child can relate to me in an office visit in a way that's
Reasonably normative.
I begin to wonder to myself wonder how many problems this kid had to get on this many medications.
If the child is obviously showing side effects of medications I make note of that too and I try to start getting some history to figure out what's going on.
The situation you describe is highly unusual in my experience and hopefully it will remain unusual
It may be that you know kind of like the headlines that you were talking about it may be that we just get stuck with the unusual rare cases but boy it just seems like I've been handed quite a few of those.
Well I can confess to you that I have a five-year-old for whom I prescribed five medications.
Any of them?
Am I rushing into that?
Have I gotten other consultations from other psychiatrists?
Do we have better results than we've had before?
Do we still have a lot of problems?
So there are cases.
I've seen cases where a patient exhibited
And the more psychiatrists we get and psychologists, the more people are mentally ill.
And I've got to take drugs that one of them has hundreds of deadly side effects.
I mean, go read it for yourself.
Don't believe me.
This is what they put in the package.
Go read it.
Now, the average Texas foster child, according to a WOAI-TV San Antonio year-long investigation, is on four psychotropics in Texas.
And 66 percent, this was two years ago, I haven't looked at it lately,
Yes sir, I want to thank you for taking my call.
Well, thank you for calling.
What's on your mind?
Uh, there's an incident that happened recently, uh, that's worried me.
And earlier in your program, you were talking about the Stasi.
The, uh, FBI showed up at my house and had a little chat with me.
Now, luckily I had my mom here as like a witness, so they couldn't really get away with anything.
Well, tell me the story.
Why do they show up?
What do they say the reason for being there was?
They just said that they had heard some things from people.
They said they couldn't get into specifics because it's an ongoing investigation.
You know, because I was asking questions of where did the investigation origin come from?
And they're like, we can't disclose that.
So they're being real secretive.
I'm like, uh, this is privileged information.
Well, how old are you?
How old are you?
Okay, so at work, you talk about 9-11, made an inside job, you got a neocon that works there, and they told the FBI you're a terrorist, and they respond to every call they get.
That's probably it, or I mean, are you involved in anything?
Uh, like the tax honesty, you know, the fraud of the Federal Reserve and the income tax.
Well, look, this is all intimidation.
When they announce, we're listening to you with wiretaps, and then they pull it back for it.
See, they announce that to scare everybody who's in the know.
Then, for the cattle, they say, no, we're not doing that.
For the general cowards, they go, oh, it's okay.
When they announce, hey, we've hired the former head of the KGB and the former head of the SCSI, and we're going to spy on everybody, that's mint.
So we go, there's agents everywhere, and then they'll tell the general public that it doesn't exist, even when it's in ABC News.
See, it's double-sided propaganda.
Intensify your operations.
Intensify what you're doing.
Most of these FBI guys can't stand their job.
I said it earlier in the show, I said every call they get,
They respond to it.
And people are doing this in business now against each other.
In fact, Debbie Morrow, New Millennium Concepts, and this was many years ago.
Uh, just somebody at the apartment complex, and you know, her dad's a white guy, can you imagine being an Arab?
Just said he's a terrorist, and the FBI came and interviewed him, and they went ahead and took him on down to jail just to talk to him, and said, okay, you're not a terrorist.
I mean, look, we're now here.
They're now having knockin' talks.
Hello, uh, I'd like to talk about the firearms you own.
We're going door to door.
Can we look and see if they're properly stowed?
Mind if we come in?
It's just random.
Okay, and people say, well, I better not own a gun then, even though they're legal.
This is happening in Texas and Alabama and places you'd think are pro-gun.
New Mexico.
They're doing this everywhere.
And they're telling the hair salon people.
I just talked to a lady cutting my hair a few weeks ago.
And it's all over the news.
They come in and they tell them, if you see a bruise on a woman or a man, go ahead and call... They're now sending a health department out for adults saying it's abuse.
I mean, it is a... Look, they're going predator, brother.
And they're everywhere.
And I say we get more bold, more in their face.
Because this isn't going to work.
Anything else?
Yeah, because I had talked to a lot of my fellow brothers, because I'm Muslim.
And so there's a lot of conversations that come up.
Oh, that's why you got to visit right there.
Oh, really?
And probably one of them
One of your friends is probably on the payroll informing on your community.
How do you route someone like that out?
The key here is, you're not guilty of anything, you're out in the open.
And you've done nothing wrong.
When you start acting paranoid, it's like blood in the water.
So I would talk to all the same friends, and I would just talk about what happened to you and what you experienced.
You see, basically it's like you're a Jew in Nazi Germany.
And they always test it out on that group first.
Now the high command was ready to go after Hitler later once they figured out, this guy's grabbing our property, this guy's doing whatever he wants.
So it's the same thing.
I mean, it's just being tested out.
Of course, they're not doing anything real.
Every time there's a real Muslim terrorist that we've seen in the U.S.
or England or Europe, it's been totally staged.
But do you have crazy Wahhabis, CIA-founded, running around, who really believe they're committing a jihad?
Just like you've got white supremacist groups that have robbed banks and they never knew that their commander was an FBI agent.
Until they all go to prison.
So, if I was you, number one, are you talking to people you've known for a long time?
Because they always, family and friends and neighbors, see someone talking about politics as showing off.
And a salesman will tell you, you're always going to have more trouble selling your family and your friends than you're going to have selling a complete stranger.
Well, I talk to anyone that will listen and that's good.
Your movies like Terry Storm and Marshall Law.
Did you do this at work outside of your community?
I've done it at work and also like within the community.
Like within family.
Well look, I mean it's not just that you're Muslim.
I could give you a hundred cases but remember Kelly Rushing?
Lyons County, Kentucky?
And he gave them a Ron Paul video and they arrested him.
They said that's illegal.
And they charged him with
Three counts of harassment.
They said giving an officer this video threatened him.
And it had Ron Paul on the front and Road Attorney on the back end.
But in court, the judge said, you're not allowed to give Ron Paul videos out.
These are illegal.
I called the judge, talked to him at home.
And they said, yeah, we're charging him.
And it went to jury.
And the jury found him not guilty.
And then they started following him, arresting him, stopping him after that.
I mean, they are psychopathic.
I mean, they think that Ron Paul is illegal.
I don't know how else you say it.
I mean, that's what they've turned into.
And, uh, it's just going to get worse.
So should I still just keep going and... Well, that's a decision for you.
You'll never be able to face yourself in the mirror or never feel good about yourself if you give in to this.
Uh, you know, when the FBI, you know, said we can't tell you about the threat, and what, they would just sit there quietly waiting for you to say something?
Yeah, yeah, essentially.
And then later I talked to him later and I was telling him, you know, because they called up my boss and asked if this is a legit business.
And, you know, he found out.
And so then I leveled with him.
And later on, I was talking to the FBI and like, Oh, you aren't supposed to tell anyone.
Yeah, they do that under one of the... Now, if they told you, they'd tell you, but see now it's for everybody.
You're not supposed to tell anyone.
They also take the First Amendment away.
No law, no judge, no jury, no indictment.
They claim that you can't defend yourself.
Borders Books, they were taking all their records in 2002, and then told Borders they would arrest the CEO if he told anyone that they were being forced to upload every day all book purchases and names.
Borders refused and finally went public.
Uh, but look, it's simple.
They carried out the attacks.
They're very upset that we're exposing them.
And, uh, that's just the end of it.
And, uh, if I was you, number one, you'd never talk to any of these people.
Never open your mouth.
It doesn't matter that you're innocent.
Look, remember the Air Marshal six months ago?
And it was a high-level Air Marshal, went public in Denver with a bunch of his companions, saying, we're forced to put innocent people every day on list.
There are no terrorists, there are no people, we just, a woman snaps a shot out the window of the plane, people laugh, people frown, we're putting them for the rest of their lives in terror databases just to boost numbers and show that there's a threat.
And we don't like doing it.
I mean, listen, when the FBI was really getting calls about, these guys don't want to know how to land or take off, just how to fly, and they said they want to fly them into the World Trade Center, high-level FBI agents who I've interviewed said, and this is in the mainstream news, said, it's as if Al-Qaeda has moles in the Justice Department at the top.
Well, no, no, no, you got it backwards.
Al-Qaeda is the Justice Department.
You see?
So, of course,
You've got FBI living with them, paying for their cars, their houses.
These were guys at topless bars, using drugs with the prostitutes, drinking fifths of liquor, stumbling around.
They were just doing drills!
They were known CIA!
Mainstream news!
The heads of the embassy said they were ordered to let them in, that the terror designation on the computer was a cover for their CIA operative status!
Totally staged!
And then two magic passports appear in the rubble of the World Trade Centers with the supposed hijackers and they... I mean, it's just all staged!
Remember the Dean of the Defense Language School, Butler, went public how they were forced to train hijackers in spy training at their base?
It's totally staged!
And so, but you've got to know that the Muslim nations
Nine out of ten or more are run by the West, set up by the British, most of your Muslim leaders are bought and paid for, and especially the radical ones, and it's just, they're worried you're a billion plus people and they're setting you up to nuke you and kill most of you.
Because they see you as a threat to their hegemon.
So that's basically it.
And they've radicalized the Muslims,
Wasn't very hard, and, uh, so, I mean, that's what you face.
That's just pretty much it.
But I wouldn't talk to the FBI.
If the FBI showed up here, uh, if I opened the door and it was the FBI, I'd say, uh, you need to go ahead and go do some indictments or do some arrests, boys.
Uh, if you want to follow me around for a month, you might catch me speeding in a 50 and a 45.
That's about it.
You want to trump something up, that's fine.
Now, you have a nice day.
I appreciate your call.
It's here!
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There's gonna be tens of thousands of spies.
They've already got the main heart seed groups out there.
Just filing lies and data on everybody.
And we're all supposed to shhh, they'll hear you.
No, I'm going to say even more.
I'm going to be even more bold than in your face, New World Order.
It's not going to work.
It's just not going to work.
I've had so many people say, there's no tyranny, but shhh, they'll hear you.
They'll get you.
So that's double think.
There's no tyranny, but the government's going to get you.
You wait till these yuppies get their houses and everything taken, boy.
I'm not El Cato!
What'd you do that for me?
Let's go ahead and talk to Jessica in Texas.
Jessica, you're on the air.
Hi, Jessica.
Hi, I'm the girl from the video you were talking about earlier.
Oh wow, you're a listener.
Oh wow, let me get your name and number and have you on as a guest tomorrow.
We've been trying to figure out how to get in touch with you.
So exactly where were you when this thing with Fred Thompson happened?
I was at Hobby Airport.
It was a hangar.
Yeah, Houston.
So, I mean, specifically though, you were right there in the hangar and from what I got in blurbs, I mean, so somebody comes up and grabs you, you don't go, then more come and grab you?
Well, I was in a group of press and, I guess, followers of Fred Thompson, and someone got my arm and I looked over and I said, don't grab me.
And I think it was a female, because then she just walked away.
And then, so I just continued filming, as you can see, and then not three or four minutes later, the three or four cops tapped my shoulder and I turned around.
And that's how it works.
If you ask a question, which you did politely, that they don't like,
Then, uh, they come and grab you by the arm, and then when that doesn't work, they go lie and tell the cops something.
Right, I think what they did, I think they said I was doing something wrong, because... Well, that's what they... Look, look, look.
That little witch doesn't know that by her doing that, she's destroyed this country.
She doesn't know that the evil that good people like you have been holding back wants her.
She doesn't know that.
It was pretty crazy.
So the video ends with him just swarming around you and grabbing on you.
How did it really end?
I think I accidentally hit the off button on my camera, which in hindsight I wish I wouldn't have done.
I just went around the corner and then Fred Thompson was walking out that door and into his Black Suburban and all of his fans were following him out.
I mean, the cops were like, stand here while he gets in his car, because they thought I was going to do something, I guess.
Oh yeah, well see, first it's free speech zones, and then Putin did that, now he's banned protests, period.
Same thing is now happening here, and again, those cops are literally stabbing the country to death, right in front of you, and they love it.
They absolutely love it, and we need to realize that.
They are America killers.
When you do stuff like that, like what they did to you, it's killing this country.
Will you write us up a statement and email it to Aaron2A's at InfoWars.com and can I have Trey Kincaid call you in about three minutes and set you up for like 10-15 minutes tomorrow to tell the whole story?
Yeah, that's fine.
Where do you live?
Well, I'm honored that you're one of our listeners and I mean I figured it from what you were saying and it's just I mean it's really great to talk to somebody like yourself.
Well, thank you.
I was pointed by Greg Johnson.
He was the one that sent you a video earlier of Houston Police harassing people in a nightclub about half a month or six months ago.
Yeah, I can't keep track of all the evil.
Tell us about that tomorrow and Jessica, we'll talk to you soon.
In fact, I'm going to get your number and give you our number right now.
I'm sorry to Don and John and Eric.
Call me back tomorrow to go ahead of the line.
All the news is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Steve Watson has done a detailed report about the new American Stasi.
It's so important.
It connects the dots.
And when you read the article, notice that it says that it's for crime.
First, it's terror, but there's no real terror, so it's crime.
FBI wants its own Stasi, ladies and gentlemen.
Get the article.
Get it out to everybody.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.