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Air Date: July 25, 2007
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are witnessing the most intense wall-to-wall
Fear-mongering by the neocons in retreat that I have ever seen since they staged the attacks of September 11th, 2001.
It is now the 25th day of July 2007, approaching six years since the horrible
Tragic attacks launched by the military-industrial complex against us they see as their aphids, their minions, their serfs, their slaves, in an attempt to stir up our primitive instincts, our mass psychology, to serve them in their global war for complete hegemon and dehumanization.
I made martial law in 2004-2005.
It was released in early 2005.
Martial law.
9-1-1, rise of the police state.
One hour is on the police state.
One hour is on 9-11.
And one hour is on the Nazi connection.
Well, here it is from the BBC yesterday headline.
Bush's grandfather planned fascist coup in America.
They're claiming they broke this news.
It's fine.
Take credit.
I don't care.
Just get the information out.
There were books written about this in the 40s, in the 50s, in the 60s, in the 70s, in the 80s.
Volumes were written, of course, like The Secret Establishment and Skull and Bones by people like Anthony Sutton.
I mean, if we're going to talk about credit, Anthony Sutton deserves it.
Back in the mid-1990s, Webster Tarpley wrote the unauthorized biography of George Bush Sr.
that had a lot of this in there, a lot of Sutton's information.
And then, of course, John Buchanan, who we interviewed in New York during the RNC in 2004, did take Leningradian, who wrote this nationally again for the first time since the 50s,
broke it mainstream news, he took them to the National Archives and showed them the McCormick-Dickstein Committee transcripts.
Since then, we have dug out actual newsreels of some of the committee hearings.
Endgame has a few minutes of these, by the way.
I hadn't told you what's in Endgame.
Endgame has newsreel.
I'm tempted to grab a clip of Endgame right now, because that part of the film is done.
It's almost done right now.
And just put that on the web with Watson's work today.
Because Watson wrote a story about this.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Dig is hundreds of times bigger, as we've talked about, than Drudge, but it's not well known, at least by national media, because the really big websites are still
You know, somewhat unknown by the... You've got two publics, those that still routinely watch television, have no idea what's going on, and then the majority now that are Internet and are literally divorcing themselves from the television.
That's why CNN is merging with YouTube, trying to... TV is trying to get the Internet audience back.
You can't put perfume on a pig, guys, over at the CIA, and you know that.
So, I don't know why you're trying.
Can't put the genie back in the bottle, boys.
You're going down.
We're going to defend the Republic.
We're going to save the United States.
With God's help.
I know that upsets a lot of the leadership.
I'm sorry.
I know it makes a lot of the mid-level and low-level folks happy.
And that's why we're going to win, too.
That we are going to win.
Makes them happy.
Got a lot of friends throughout the system, and that's good.
Paul Watson put this together, and not only was it blocked out of the up-and-coming on Dig, it was literally expunged from there, and admitted censorship.
They've done this before, last time was six months ago, of this story.
So this is really upsetting people right now.
The credibility that we've had, and the information we've put out, they're really trying to block this from going viral.
Because it's just so unbelievable when people are faced with the fact that it is real, then they can start believing that they carried out the attacks of 9-11.
Get this story out.
That's only the tip of the iceberg.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Prescott Bush?
The President's grandfather, the President's father's father, was one of the top five Nazi agents in the United States during World War II, and of course in the lead up to the war.
After the war he was one of the chief, if not the chief, bag man, positioning and money laundering and acting as an agent in the United States
For Nazi billions that were put into Argentine banks, New Mexican, Texas banks, and other locations.
And they were all over Texas, all over Latin America, all over the United States, and they were protected publicly.
And the Bushes got to handle the money and keep large portions of it.
That's why by the sixties they owned oil companies, oil carrying tankers.
That's why they've always had a lot of very quiet, secret wealth.
Since they got in bed with the Nazis and attempted to orchestrate with the Harrimans that funded their family.
The Bushes were mainly servants of the Harrimans.
And of course then their power got even greater after the fall of
Because a lot of those funds were then available to them, especially when Fritz Thiessen died in 1951.
And we've already talked about that here.
That's old news for our audience.
It's big breaking news over at the BBC.
Now, why is this coming out now?
It means the stock of the Bush family is dropping like a lead weight dropped off the Empire States Building.
And the establishment is clearly getting ready to plunge the dollar even further.
It's dropping like a rock right now, just like the Bush's stock.
They're clearly getting ready to offload every evil, every perceived problem of the New World Order onto their backs.
When despite their
Thank you.
And again, a legate was under the Roman Emperors, the one individual who could speak in the Emperor's name, so the Emperor or the Caesar would not have to be dispatched to, say, Spain, or Britannia, or Judea, or Babylon, or in trade deals to India.
They would send an imperial legate, generally only one, sometimes more than one.
They don't call him Leggetts in the movies you'll see about ancient Rome, but the guy that walks up and holds both his arms up and then speaking for the Caesar, Grand Supreme Emperor, and then reading out his big long name.
That's what the Bush's are, ladies and gentlemen.
They are given power from this wicked world system.
And that's why, you know, Bush had been a fighter pilot and done a good job and showed he had a little bit of courage and he'd already run some CIA ops.
was founded by the British through their British arm.
It was set up in 1832 at Skull and Bones.
They then set up the C.I.A.
right out of the O.S.S.
in 1947.
They recruited him directly into Central Intelligence.
Daddy had been the top Nazi and of course as soon as it came out in the papers in 1943 that he was a Nazi,
He got in about a month's lead up.
They were about to come after him because they found out about the coup.
And he was falling out of favor, and they felt strong enough to go after him.
And so he started the USO.
Oh, we send stars out to sing and dance and Bob Hope for the troops.
Oh, Prescott.
When it came out, they said, Prescott, he's for the troops.
Well, yeah, just like Prince Bernhard was an SS officer from Germany, married to the princess who later became Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix, their daughter now running things today, head of the Bilderberg Group today, she's the head honcho, as they say.
The point is, these connections just go on and on and on and on.
He ran over by 41 when he realized things weren't going to go well for the Nazis, and then joined the British.
But the point is, he was a Nazi.
But this wasn't just jumping back over to our side.
This was after the war, continuing to protect Nazis and knew all of this.
And that's why the Feds have got our police in black uniforms.
That's why they changed the post office symbol to the Nazi eagle.
That's why in 1950 they went ahead and brought
The fascist symbol, you can see in photos, Herman Goering holding it up, it's a bundle of sticks with a hatchet on the top, as his signet, as his scepter.
You can see the head of the military and then the head overall of the Luftwaffe, and they're standing behind Hitler and they both got their symbols of office and are holding them up, fascii on both sides of Hitler.
Well, they brought those into the U.S.
I mean, they put Nazi symbols right out in front of you, and it was a big joke!
It's so funny!
And it was called Reich Security, or Land Security.
Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein F├╝hrer!
And now we have Homeland, or Reich Security.
Reich security.
Let me say it again.
Reich security.
And they openly talk about how the president is above the law.
The president can do no wrong.
You can't arrest or indict any of his employees.
The vice president isn't part of the executive, but when he wants to, he is.
Congress isn't part of the continuity of government.
Congress can't see documents from the SPP and from the North American Union meetings.
You can't protest within 18 miles of a North American Union meeting, but it also doesn't exist at the same time.
As Karl Rove said, they now control reality.
And then we have these articles in front of us today.
General, attack could happen any day, Associated Press.
Do you like it that we have a Homeland General?
We have a war czar, we have a Homeland General, yes, over the United States, over our government, the real government, the illegitimate criminal government, is now in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
The U.S.
military commander in charge of defending the U.S.
Again, Caesar bringing his legions into Rome, crossing north into Italy.
Weren't even allowed to really bring them into Italy proper.
Weren't allowed to bring them into the homeland.
But once they went into total tyranny, they could.
The U.S.
military commander, who's also called for an in-deposit commentatus, which they're operating as if there isn't one.
Because, again, the President is God, so he can just say so.
And now Congress can't see the Continuity of Government plans.
Oregonian two days ago?
Remember that?
The U.S.
military commander in charge of defending the U.S., like they did on 9-11, on defending the U.S.
homeland, said Tuesday that he believes there are Al-Qaeda cells in the United States or people working to create them.
Air Force General Victor Gene Renard
Said that while the terrorism threat within the nation's boundaries has increased in the past year, officials have strengthened intelligence sharing, particularly in an effort to shore up weaknesses in security at U.S.
Sure they have.
I believe there are cells in the United States, or at least people who aspire to create cells in the United States.
said in an interview with the Associated Press, to assume that there are not these cells is naive, so we have to take that threat seriously.
Well, I'm glad the military's here.
It's always so good to have the military keeping your country safe domestically and internally.
By the way, I was at Luby's yesterday eating dinner with my wife and children and I saw two police officers.
I didn't pay attention, you know, where I sat down and suddenly I look over and they're going, Hey, Alex, how you doing?
And I go, Hey, my friend got arrested because his driver's license was expired, but the illegal aliens don't.
And he goes, Mm-hmm.
He goes, Yeah, we're told.
And he was a higher level officer.
And he was there with, he was a narcotics squad officer.
He was in, you know, he had body armor on the front and a black uniform with a white patch instead of red.
And he said, Oh, yeah.
In the few times that INS is around, we're not supposed to help them even if they ask for it, or set up roadblocks, and we are pretty much encouraged to let illegal aliens go.
And I said, do you have any problem with that?
And he said, listen Alex, good to see you, I like the show, I gotta go.
And the other officer, a female, was shaking her head, like, yeah, it's sad.
So, I mean, we have 30 million illegal aliens running around.
The borders are wide open.
They're not checking anything.
They're getting ready to just let traffic just pour across without even being searched.
But, if a citizen has a crooked toenail, I mean, if we haven't shaved properly, we're going to jail.
Because, again, we have been trained to be the dumb cattle.
We've been under conditioning, and there's no one more enslaved than those that think they're free.
And aren't.
As the Founding Fathers said, I forget which one.
And because you don't know the truth, and because you believe the stock market is really at higher than it was in 2001, or 2000, and because you believe that the moon is made of cheese, and again, $14,000 with the dollar devalued by half is not up, but it doesn't matter, fine.
I mean, because you believe Mercury is good for you, they've decided just to go wild on you, and they've been given the green light,
And they're taking the country down right now.
And the literal grandson of Nazis, the son of the guy who was there in support of E. Howard Hunt killing the President, is in control.
They flew planes into buildings, and they're going for broke.
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Look out your window, babe!
Could be the local priest.
Oh, sometimes.
Gotta keep us safe from Al-Qaeda.
Tell em!
Well, first he's in the background, and then he's in the front.
Both eyes are looking like they're on a rabbit hunt.
Nobody can speak to him, not even the chief of police.
You know that sometimes,
So, coming up on the play, a few minutes of this BBC report, so we can critique it and comment on it.
It starts out by trying to spin it, but then admits it's all true.
Well, alright, they plan to overthrow the United States.
Understand, Prescott Bush, the President's grandfather, George Herbert Walker Bush's father,
We're good to go.
I mean, this is before the CIA came in and brought it to a fine art.
He'd done it all over.
He had run all sorts of operations in the Middle East, Latin America, Asia.
I mean, Schmedley Butler had been in China, Guatemala the first time they overthrew it.
And he was their boy.
And they came to him and they said, all right, you're going to lead 500,000 men.
And I've got him as testimony.
He testified before the McCormick-Dickstein Committee.
And he said, they came to him and they said, you're going to lead a group of 500,000 men, police and military, we're going to overthrow the government and set up a fascist dictatorship, and we're going to merge with Hitler.
And Smedley Butler, of course, then finally said, look, I did all this other stuff for the United States, but I'm not about to do this and merge with Hitler.
And he was very quiet about it for a few months until he learned the full plan, the full extent,
And he had meetings with them.
Big smokey room meetings in New York and D.C.
And folks, they were going to kill.
with them.
And this came out that we have the hearing testimony.
And they had others there.
They were going to set up death camps in the U.S.
And they were going to take private property.
These people don't play games.
And they got a taste of it.
They came very close.
When Prescott was on the board of directors of the Nazi bank that was funding all of this, and then he was the main back man, top 5 to 6, you could debate where he was, he was probably about number 5 in the 6 guys on the board.
He was junior, but very powerful, a certified Nazi agent.
I mean certified, very high level Nazi agent, but of the top 6 Nazi agents in the US, it looks like 4 or 5 were ahead of him.
But very high level.
I mean, he could go anywhere he wanted in Berlin.
He could walk right into the Reich Chancellery.
I mean, he had full deal.
And then after the war, he becomes the chief Nazi bag man, number one UNO.
Becomes a super powerful senator.
His boy shoots up like a rocket.
That's Prescott Bush.
And can you imagine George growing up and daddy telling him, this is how we're going to do it.
We failed once, we're going to do it this time.
And they did it.
They had a partial coup in 1963, getting rid of the presidency.
Then the shadow government that had already pretty much run things took full control.
Then they set about getting the cities, counties, water districts, state governments to invest most of their tax money in private offshore corporations.
Now they own over 80% of the total stock market globally, and then also assets that are not publicly traded.
Now they've built the huge police state apparatus of the war on drugs.
They launched.
Now they've got the huge federalized police force.
And their dream has always been to bring this country down.
And you know what?
It was the Rockefellers involved in this, of course, others.
I mean, David Rockefeller was involved in all this too, and he is still alive.
And he's probably going to get to live to see the death of America, what he's always dreamed of.
By the way, he said that in his own memoir.
I'm not putting words in his mouth.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, huge breaking news ladies and gentlemen.
Corey Rowe, who of course you know is the producer of Loose Change Final Cut.
I am of course an executive producer of Loose Change Final Cut.
They've been visibly getting more interviews, honing it.
We know it's upset the establishment and the system.
We know that tens of thousands of the military, who would serve a year in Afghanistan, a year in Iraq, promised they were going to be able to go home, whenever they were able to go home, would just leave the military.
I knew that Corey, when he left the military two years ago and came and helped Dylan produce the second edition of Loose Change, he had left the military and hadn't gone back.
And it was just kind of a footnote in my mind
99% of those that, quote, desert, they keep it real quiet, that large portions of the military have deserted.
They haven't deserted.
In Vietnam, they kept you there 11 and a half months, and that was it.
In World War II, you flew 22 missions, and you still had about a 50-50 chance of dying, but you flew the 22 missions, and then that was it, unless you wanted to volunteer.
I know because that's all my dad's dad had to fly.
And he never even talked about it until after he died.
My dad got out his B-17 flying manual, and the photos of him, and the letters, and the stories about all the stuff that happened.
I mean, he knew he was in the Army Air Corps, but just all the stuff that went on, those guys didn't talk about it.
The point is, my grandfather only had to fly 22 missions in the invasion of Italy, which I'm told wasn't very fun.
But the point is that he was in Afghanistan a year, Iraq in a year.
He had joined the military right before 9-11.
He was in basic training in the Army when 9-11 happened.
And they sent him over there.
By the way, he doesn't talk about it.
In fact, I really wasn't even supposed to say it on air, but I'm just going to tell you.
I mentioned it earlier.
He coughs up blood every day from DU in his lungs.
Now he's been arrested, ladies and gentlemen, with no bail.
This is clear.
This is the Pentagon coming after us.
There is no debating this.
I am so angry right now.
I want Dylan Avery.
I want Jason Bermas.
I want one of them on now.
Get them on.
If you guys are listening to me, I know my phone's been ringing off the hook.
I just haven't been checking messages the last few days because I've been so locked in to trying to make Endgame that
This is just absolutely incredible.
Call Burmese's cell phone.
Call all of their numbers right now.
We've got like 10 numbers in there for them.
Half of them are old numbers that aren't right.
Have you gotten any luck yet, John?
Who are you talking to?
Okay, I want them on right now.
I want them on right now.
I want them to call into the board.
They've got a show on the network.
They know the number.
We don't have to wait to dial in on Skype or ISDN line.
Get them on now.
This is very upsetting.
9-1-1 loose change producer Corey Rowe arrested for deserting the army.
We have a president whose grandfather was the top Nazi agent in the United States who tried to overthrow our country.
We've got troops starting their fifth tours in Iraq in a literal hellhole.
When the Pentagon's own plan says they want to sow destruction and divide the country in three pieces, we are not there to bring those people freedom.
And he saw absolute carnage.
He was part of mistakes where they machine-gunned, you know, just highways full of cars of people.
He saw dead children.
He worked in the hospital.
And he told me a few of the stories.
He didn't like to talk about them.
And I remember we were at
Somebody's house out in L.A., I'll just leave it at that, and they had some workmen upstairs working on something, and one of them got hurt, and we heard the screaming.
You could just see the look on Corey's face like a flashback happening, and he didn't say anything.
I could just see it happening.
He's been through a lot, ladies and gentlemen.
He's been through a lot.
You can go onto Google Video or PrisonPlanet.tv and watch the 30-minute interview we did to him about
You know, just all the things that happened in the massacres and the blood and everything else that he saw.
Two years in combat.
And you're right.
You know what he did?
He left a government that has been hijacked.
Leave them.
A government run by deserter, traitorous scum.
He left the Nazi military, ladies and gentlemen, and that's who runs our government.
Our military are great people.
And now he gets to go to prison.
By the way, they selectively enforce this.
They are not arresting anybody.
I mean, the desertions two years ago were in the tens of thousands.
I mean, that's why they don't let him go home.
They don't let him have leave out of the country.
Do we have him yet?
Well, regardless, I know they don't know anything yet, and they're waiting to hear from Corey.
Just get them on so we can find out the basics of when they last saw Corey, where Corey was, where he was going when this happened.
Or, you know what?
I guess I'll just call them up.
Tell them to call into the board right now.
We'll play this John Buchanan interview, because I need to find out.
They may not think they know anything, but believe me, people always know more than they think they do, and they need to be basically interrogated and debriefed.
Where he was last,
Where he was so we know which jurisdiction got him, where they picked him up, what happened.
They know a hell of a lot.
I know they're freaked out right now and I'm upset about this.
We need to get them on air to get the specific details.
We'll have a report up on PrisonPlanet.com.
And it goes on to say, an Otonian man, I think that's the name of the place they live in New York, upstate New York, has helped produce a 9-11 conspiracy documentary that became an internet hit, was arrested for allegedly deserting the army.
Corey Rowe, 24, a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, was picked up by deputies at about 1045 p.m.
And see, I haven't even been told about this.
I had to learn about this from the newspaper.
The county sheriff Richard Delvin Jr.
said, Roe, along with Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas are members of Louder Than Words, a production company that is working on a third edition of the movie Loose Change.
This is army intelligence, you can guarantee it, who criminally, as traitors
We're good to go.
Either get him to call into the board or give me the specific number to call him on right now.
Rowe, along with Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas are members of Louder Than Words, a production company that is working on a third edition of the movie Loose Change, which contends the U.S.
government was involved in the 9-11 terror attacks.
The edition is intended to be a theatrical release.
Rowe and other members of Louder Than Words have appeared on radio shows, including the Alex Jones Show, and have been mentioned in Time Magazine.
Vanity Fair was a cover story.
Published a feature story on the group last year.
Since 2002, Roe was interviewed by the Daily Star several times about loose change and his experiences in the military.
We developed information that he was at County Route 47 residence in Wantonia last night, Delvin said Tuesday.
Roe was arrested on a military warrant.
That Delvin said was brought to the attention of deputies by the police department who received information from a source outside of that department.
Yeah, scumbag military intelligence who are busy stabbing this country to death right now.
They're the ones setting up the North American Union.
They're the ones getting rid of our borders.
They're the ones imploding our dollar.
They're the ones announcing Al Qaeda's about to hit us and Tommy Frank's on CIA payroll, illegally going around saying martial law's the next step, propagandizing us.
This is not our government.
And I have had enough of it.
City police officials were able to comment on the case.
We're unavailable.
Tuesday night, so I guess they grabbed him somewhere and they've been wondering where he was for a few days.
After deputies received the information from the police, they reached out to the army.
Oh, how nice of them!
And officials at Fort Knox faxed a copy of the warrant, deputies said.
So these cops love it, too.
Oh, let's go arrest this combat veteran who made this evil film.
See, it's political persecution.
Tens of thousands that have left the military after being used like toilet paper.
Road hard over and over again, put away wet over and over again, leaving the plantation, leaving the slave pit.
Road previously told the Daily Star he enlisted in August of 01, he left the Army in June of 05, according to the Louder Than Words website.
He's being held without bail in the
Austin County Jail and is waiting to be picked up by Army officials.
Man, we should get this out immediately and we should get major heat on these people and make a serious issue out of this.
That's the only way to make this a major political issue.
It's like all these other people that have deserted, they've tried to charge.
We've had them on the show when they're out on bail.
See, they're not doing that.
And then we've got it reversed.
Play this quiet, play this low down.
Corey's going to spend 5-10 years in prison, folks.
You'll never see Corey Rove again unless we get this word out right now.
The Associated Press reported last month that deserters are rarely court-martialed by the Army.
They are.
Rarely, folks.
I mean, this is unheard of because they don't want to talk about it.
They don't want to discuss it.
This is going to backfire on them, folks.
They don't want to talk about how upwards of 20% of the troops in Iraq have deserted.
The Associated Press reported that most observers are rarely court-martialed by the Army.
Well, he's going to be court-martialed.
They're going to crucify him unless we raise a huge stink now.
And they'll get me next, folks.
They'll trump something up on me.
They'll get Dylan next.
This is not a game we're playing.
Do you understand that?
We've got to get up on our hind legs and fight right now!
The AP report said some deserters are returning to their units while others are discharged in non-criminal proceedings.
Desertion rates have been rising since 04, but the Army does little to seek out deserters and instead relies on the database that can be cross-checked by local law enforcement agencies during encounters, such as traffic stops, the report states.
You have the Army with a database with local police.
The Department of Defense Public Affairs Office did not immediately return calls for comment Tuesday.
I want all the pertinent numbers on Prison Planet and InfoWars, and I want them now.
And on Jones Report.
I want the numbers to the Police Department, the Sheriff's Department.
I want the phone numbers to Fort Knox that issued this.
And I want the phone numbers to the specific office, the Department of Defense Public Affairs Office.
A woman who answered Roe's cell phone Tuesday and identified herself only as Christy said Roe was taken from the house Monday night.
I know they've been trying to call me and I just haven't even answered my phone.
I was up here until 2 again in the morning working on Endgame.
The Louder Than Words website lists Christy Kisner as the administrative assistant for the group.
All we know is that he has been arrested, the woman said.
We know nothing.
We just hope that whatever happened comes out.
Yeah, Corey was someplace at a house, definitely being followed by military intelligence.
We know that.
He was at a separate location.
They just came out and grabbed him.
Rose, parents on immediate return calls today
In many interviews, Rose has criticized the Iraq War and the Bush Administration, desertion under Article 85 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice as being when a soldier leaves his or her unit or place of duty with the intent to remain away from there permanently or quits his or her unit with the intent to avoid hazardous duty is considered a felony.
They're really mad at him talking about how in Afghanistan they'd have them go to locations and stage CNN shoots that Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda had been there when no one had been there.
Or how they would just, how somebody would get a, you know, they'd have a unit set up and they would just open fire on cars.
There'd be dead bodies spilling out, you know, bridegrooms and brides and just hospitals with dead children everywhere.
And two, I guess he spent more than actually two years over there.
You talk about the year in Afghanistan and the year in Iraq, but the point is, it goes in before 9-11 in early 2001, gets out in 2005, I guess three and a half, four years isn't enough for all the chicken hawks in D.C.
that have never been in combat.
You gotta keep serving them.
You gotta keep serving the evil.
And you make a film exposing their evil and how they carried out those attacks, you're gonna go to prison.
Absolutely incredible.
We're getting this all up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
We'll get the most information.
We've also got some information right now.
I'm going to go ahead and go to this John Buchanan interview.
We're going to come back after the break and play the rest of it.
This is during the RNC in 2004, in September, early September, interviewing John Buchanan.
He went to the National Archives at the London Guardian to first break this.
Now it's in the BBC yesterday and today.
Here it is.
I've been an investigative reporter and a journalist for 35 years.
I've worked in every major media market in the United States and I've written for more than a hundred newspapers and magazines nationally and internationally.
So last September 17th,
I became the first journalist in U.S.
history to go to the U.S.
National Archives and the Library of Congress and pore over the thousands of pages of documents in both places to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt or any refutation of the facts
That Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W. Bush, and George Herbert Walker, his maternal great-grandfather for whom his daddy is named, were Nazi traitors to the country who should have been tried for treason.
Two weeks ago in early August,
A major world newspaper, The Guardian of London, finally got on the story internationally and they flew a renowned reporter of theirs named Duncan Campbell over to Washington to take me back to the archives and Library of Congress so that they could verify that these explosive documents were real and I didn't have forged copies.
Prescott Bush was the grandfather of George W. Bush and the father
of George Herbert Walker Bush, and George Herbert Walker Bush is named for his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker.
Prescott Bush graduated from Yale in 1917 and was in Skull and Bones with E. Roland Harriman, who was the younger brother of W. Averill Harriman.
The Bush family really had nothing going.
They were essentially social climbers and opportunistic people.
At the time that Prescott Bush met Dorothy Walker, he was a tire salesman.
And George Herbert Walker, as all fathers do when their daughter is going to marry someone, said in his heart, you know, it's not an appropriate thing socially that my daughter marry a tire salesman.
So he brought Prescott Bush first into Brown Brothers Harriman and then
Union Banking Corporation.
In actuality, it was anything but a bank.
It was essentially a Nazi money laundering operation that had a lot of tentacles into a lot of different other businesses.
They owned a shipping line called Hamburg American Line, for example, which was the first Nazi front business seized, although the line was no longer operational in 1942.
In the early 1930s, it transported Nazi spies into the U.S.
And then their promotional ads offered cash rewards to any American citizens who would go back on Hamburg American lines and proselytize for Hitler.
Eight months after the U.S.
had entered the war, the New York Herald Tribune ran a front-page article, Hitler's Angel has 3 million in U.S.
And it caused a major scandal and just rocked the world of politics.
Brown Brothers Harriman, which George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush were affiliated with and partners in, worked with IG Farben, which operated Auschwitz.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Once again, that's 866-885-6625 for Biosolutions.
Prescott Bush, he did a number of things that were not only anti-American, but were pro-Hitler, and he did all that he could to proselytize for Hitler and the rise of his third Reich, because the largest client, Fritz Thyssen, of his patron W. Averill Harriman,
Dictated what kind of behavior he would practice to enhance his own career.
So he was put on the board of directors of Union Banking Corporation and he was also a shareholder in Union Banking Corporation along with E. Roland Harriman.
What's interesting about what the documents show is that they clearly state that all of the shareholders were phantom shareholders for Fitzpheason and did his bidding directly.
So the point I'm making is it's not as if they bought these shares of stock as a passive investment to hopefully profit from the war.
They were directly doing the bidding of the individual who built the Nazi war machine.
Some very shocking documents that I saw at the Library of Congress two weeks ago on August 10th.
I think?
tried to overthrow the U.S.
government, assassinate FDR, and put a Hitler-style fascist state in place.
I have in my possession testimony from the McCormick-Dickstein Committee in November of 1934 by one of the fascist plotters that they were going to follow Hitler's model exactly and impose martial law on the United States, round up unemployed people that were worthless to the economy and troublemakers and Jews and put them into internment camps
And their plan was, if necessary, to exterminate the people that could not be part of the effort.
The only reason the coup attempt in 1934 didn't succeed is that they hired the wrong general to lead it, General Schmedley Butler, the great Marine hero, two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner,
We're good to go.
There have been 28 additional seizures of Nazi assets and Nazi business fronts between late 1942 and 1951, and that they had moved Nazi assets into Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, and Panama, and they had continued to do business with their primary Nazi patron, who was Fritz Fiesen, who backed Hitler beginning in 1921, and who was the wealthiest man in Germany, and a steel and coal baron, who with his partner, Friedrich Flick,
Essentially built the Nazi war machine along with IG Farben.
In 1951 when Fritz Thiessen died in Argentina, Union Banking Corporation was liquidated by the US government and Prescott Bush received 1.5 million dollars for his holdings in his Nazi business and that was the beginning of the Bush family fortune for all intents and purposes.
George Bush doesn't take his philosophical foundation from the Bible or the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.
George Bush takes his inspiration from what he learned in Skull and Bones and from the fool society that Hitler and Goebbels and Goring cut their teeth in.
Bohemian Grove, these evil organizations that perpetrate the ugly things that these criminals are doing to this country for which they must be held accountable.
Now you look at the Republican National Convention this week, and you bring in Arnold Schwarzenegger to speak last night.
Schwarzenegger is the son of a Nazi.
He has praised Nazis.
He has praised Hitler.
He talked last night in terms like, we will not falter, we will not waver, we will win this war on terror.
He's a leader who doesn't flinch, who doesn't waver, and does not back down.
Well, that's exactly the speeches that Hitler made after the Reichstag fire.
Terrorism and the homeland being under attack are precisely the issues that Hitler used to subvert everything.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, they've been trying to get a hold of me as I feared.
I haven't checked my messages in days.
I've been totally overwhelmed with in-game.
I have the scoop for you on the other side of what's happening with Cory Rowe.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
He joined the military months before 9-11, was in basic training in the Army.
When 9-11 took place, he went right to Afghanistan,
And the first wave of the invasion and was there for a tour.
Then he spent a tour in Iraq and they told him you're gonna stay in basically for a couple more years and he'd already been in hospitals, he'd already been in frontline combat, he'd already seen dead children, a whole family's machine gun in their cars just because people had happy triggers right next to him.
And because he had leadership skills, he became, you know, generally the aid to officers.
So we saw a lot of the inside things that were going on.
He raised DU and buildings had been bombed by DU.
He started coughing up blood in the military.
He got back and saw his high school friend, Dylan Avery, at his little apartment and helped him do loose change second edition.
Woke up to the New World Order.
And ladies and gentlemen, I knew about some of this.
I never talked about it on air.
We now have the skinny and what happened to Corey Rowe two days ago.
They've been trying to get in touch with me.
And I just had to check my cell phone and I... We only have a few people at this office when we get hundreds of phone calls.
I just... We've got to get like some special hotline or something and then you have to... The point is I didn't get the message quick enough and I've got to get to the point where I do.
I'm so tied up with trying to make Endgame that I don't see my grandmother anymore who lives here in town.
I hardly see my children.
And I'm not whining about myself.
I feel bad.
I can't respond to your emails.
I've got all these old friends that are mad at me now.
Other talk show hosts that are mad at me now because I never call them or talk to them.
It's not that I don't like you.
It's the people I'm even producing films with right now I haven't been in touch with in the last few weeks even though they've been calling me off and on because I've been trying to finish Endgame.
So with that said, let me tell you what happened.
Corey, a year and a half ago, six months out of the military, six months out of not showing back up for duty, got picked up at a police checkpoint and got sent in and then they just discharged him.
And I've been with Corey when he's flying, getting on and off airplanes.
And then the military warrant system is in there.
Corey had told Dylan, told others, he told me on the side when we interviewed him, we put it on the web about his experiences in Iraq, that he just left and hadn't been part of it, and I just, it was kind of a footnote, and that they picked him up, but then that had been dropped.
They released him, no time in the brig, they said, okay, like they do with most people, we're dropping this warrant.
Understand, he's flown probably 30, 40, 50 times.
I don't know how many.
I've flown a few times and picked him up at the airport a few times and been around him quite a bit at airports.
I mean, I've seen him get on planes.
I've seen him walk off planes with his ID card.
I've gone through checkpoints with him.
He had no warrants.
I mean, you're not flying on airplanes when you got warrants.
They picked him up.
They released him because he wasn't a year and a half ago known yet.
Loose Change 2 was just starting to get big.
His name wasn't known.
It hadn't gotten 100 million downloads.
The media keeps saying 10 million.
That was a year ago.
It's gotten over 100 million downloads.
Conservatively, just from what I've seen.
International phenomenon.
Most downloaded film ever.
I mean, the Democratic debates on YouTube got 2.5 million views and they're saying that's a record.
No, it's not.
Live Earth got 7 million people listening online.
This is 100 million!
Just we're on big sites where we can watch the counters.
Man on a laptop for $4,000.
So they arrest this veteran.
Now, this is what happened.
I was confused earlier if they were telling me IMs I was getting from them was being relayed to me by the network and I misspoke.
When we get back, I'm going to try to calmly walk through this and tell you what you need to do.
Right now, because I was too flustered during the last segment talking to Corey, I mean, talking to Jason Berman and reading the IMs, to get this from my producers, I need the numbers for the brig.
Well, we'll tell you which brig he's in when we get back.
He's in the brig and he's not in Kansas anymore.
As they say, he's not in New York anymore.
He is now in the brig at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
He was moved from Drum to Fort Campbell.
They've had him for two days and they're not, he hasn't called them yet.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv The War on Terrorism.
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Call 1-800-894-5152.
That's 1-800-894-5152.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, Corey Rowe, no criminal record, volunteers for the Army right before 9-11, goes in, spends a year in Afghanistan, a year in Iraq, he's in the military from 2001-2005, they won't let him out.
He had his three-year commitment, they won't let him out.
He just says, I'm gone.
Now, as the mainstream news has reported, as the AP reported, they have charged very few, I mean not even 100 people, with desertion.
Because they know it looks bad in the court of public opinion that A, there's massive desertion going on, and that B, it isn't really desertion.
I mean, when you've already served 1, 2, 3, 4, some people are starting 5th tours in combat, and you want out.
This is incredibly abusive.
About a third of the people that serve a year or roughly 11 months in serious combat are basket cases afterwards.
Military scientists have known since World War I, someone cannot serve more than a year in combat.
The adrenaline level, all of it, you fall apart.
And I mean, these guys were doing, some days, hundreds of raids.
I mean, just door-to-door, kicking down doors.
Some of the hardest stuff you can do.
He did it in Afghanistan.
He did it in Iraq.
He witnessed untold slaughter.
Then he was at the Green Zone Hospital.
He spent all day watching dead kids and guts and just stuff in front of him being brought in.
Over and over and over and over and over and over again.
And he came home.
We're about to give you all the details.
He came home.
In 2005, I helped Dylan make loose change.
He's his high school buddy.
And then of course, then Burmus joined the team right there in the community.
One of their friends, Jason Burmus.
And I talked to the guys, and I'm going to get into all that here in just a moment.
But I just want to set this up for you so you know the background and know what happened.
Corey, also, I interviewed him in June of last year at the Big 9-11 Conference in Chicago.
We were sitting around drinking beers in their hotel room and some of his army buddies came over who were on leave, still in the military, and they were talking and he had just heard me give a speech to talk about some of the military things that were happening.
He said, you know, you're right about all that.
I saw a lot of things in Afghanistan.
This is how it all started.
You know, they would have a staged photo ops with CNN claiming we've been fighting Al-Qaeda when they didn't really exist.
We were just fighting some of the local drug lords and we'd go into empty areas, they would just bomb areas where no one was even at and then claim that we just killed a bunch of Al-Qaeda.
They would have us fire our weapons and mortars and everything else at hilltops for CNN and they admitted it was all staged and everybody knew it was staged and then he talked about going to Iraq and all the things that happened there.
So, I mean, he saw quite a lot and went through quite a lot and was forced to stay, you know, in combat for two years.
And it was seeing the starving children.
It was seeing how they didn't have running water anymore and the children dying of dysentery.
And he said every day they were just bringing masses of children shriveling up with diarrhea, no food, no clean water.
He said even the Green Zone didn't have power all the time.
He said he saw just how we had destroyed these people.
And just, you know, whole families just machine gunned at checkpoints.
I mean, dead bodies, dead children everywhere.
And a lot of it he wouldn't even talk about on camera.
He told quite a bit on camera.
And just the descriptions of the things he saw.
So I'm humanizing Corey Rowe for you right now.
Now here's the key.
A year and a half ago, he gets pulled over by the police, there's a military warrant, they arrest him, take him into the rig,
And then they just say, okay, you're discharged, don't worry about it.
The warrant goes away, he flies all over the country, he flies to different countries, he flies to Canada, he gets pulled over by police, never has a problem, he had no warrants, he'd been discharged.
Then, Monday night, there's a knock at the door, Corey goes to the door, it is four sheriff's deputies, two cars,
They're from the local sheriff's department.
They arrest him.
And by the time the other guys even get to the door, I mean, literally, he comes to the door, they go, come with us.
They knew who he was.
Corey Rowe, you're being arrested for desertion on a military warrant out of Fort Knox.
They put him in the squad car, they drive away.
And of course, the loose change guys, because he's the leader of the group, basically, have been trying to wait, and also trying to get a hold of me,
Trying to wait till they get a call from Corey and their lawyer and others are saying, well, he should already have called you from the brig.
Folks, this is not a normal case.
In fact, they admit that there were tips and that they got calls from outside and were communicating with the military.
The spooks are very mad.
They've made a very bad decision if, strategically, Corey and the Loose Change guys make the right decision and go absolutely ape with it.
But we're making the right decision.
It doesn't matter.
I'm going ape with this.
How many veterans have we had on who served in Iraq, served in Afghanistan,
One, two, three tours, and then say, I'm not going to be part of this anymore, and leave.
And then they tell them, okay, you're 50 years in prison, your life's over, you know, we're going to destroy you, you better plea bargain.
And they say, no, no, no, no, no.
In every case, they take it right to court, and it's dismissed by the military tribunals.
We need to make a big deal out of this, like all the other veterans that we've gotten on who they were court-martialing.
We need to point out, they picked him up, and then released him, and then brought this warrant back.
I mean, they got people on the news every few nights who've deserted saying why they didn't, they don't pick them up.
You understand that we need to get all the peace groups behind Corey now.
Just like they've done all the other people that have left this criminal system.
We need to get them on now.
We need to reach out to these people right now and make this a serious issue.
Paul Watson, I know you're listening.
I want the basic facts put down.
I want the phone numbers and I want to demand
I mean, I've interviewed like 20 of them who they were court-martialing, and there was a guy in Hawaii who interviewed his dad and him.
It's a Hawaiian name.
What's his name?
Is it Kawaja?
Just dig them all up.
I need all my people.
Bring me it all.
I'm flustered and angry right now because this is personal.
Personal things get me mad.
And this will backfire on them.
They will end up having to drop the charges on Corey, or he'll be a huge martyr.
They're going to throw the book at him now.
What they're going to tell him is this.
Well, let me just give you the facts.
Picked up Monday, taken to the brig.
The AP and the local news is wrong.
He's not still in the local county brig, Hooskow Police Station.
He was taken to Fort Drum.
Then he was taken to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
Flown, we believe.
We know he was taken, reportedly, to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
That directly from Jason Burmas.
Guaranteed, once he got there, I mean, I would bet my bottom dollar, Army Intelligence comes in, they'll see how far they can go with him, he'll never turn in his buddies, they'll try to say, well, you're going to work for us now, you're going to go scuttle this film.
Things can get real tough.
Hell, folks, they might torture him.
They might take him out of the country.
I mean, this is the kind of stuff these criminals do.
Just like Nazi Germany, our government's been hijacked by criminals.
Now, it's not our military, it's not America.
They've taken our name, they've done this to us, just like Hitler did to the Germans.
And if we don't turn our back on these people, if we don't turn away from them and announce to the world we're not part of this, it is being done in our name.
So, he's arrested Monday night, late Monday night.
He's taken to the police station, the Sheriff's Department.
Then he's taken in the morning to Fort Drum, and then now to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, home of the Night Stalkers.
And that's where he is now, reportedly located, in their brig.
Now that's what the police told them.
That could be a complete lie.
And they are upset about this film.
They're worried about the final cut coming out.
They are very upset about what's going on.
I can't even tell you the behind the scenes stuff.
Just pray for everybody.
Pray for Dylan.
Pray for Corey.
Pray for Jason Bermas.
Pray for myself.
I'm the executive producer on this.
Trying to help them get it done.
Trying to bring support when they invited me into it.
So, this is basically what's going on.
And they're going to call him in and they're going to say,
We know this.
I've interviewed 20 plus of these guys.
I don't know.
I just say 20.
Over the last 3-4 years, it's been a lot of them.
Dozens and dozens.
On this show, their fathers, their mothers, or them.
Who, they take them in and they say, listen, just plea bargain that you admit you deserted and that you're bad.
And we'll just give you dishonorable discharge and 2 months, 6 months in the brig, depending on the case.
If you don't, you're facing 20 to 50 years.
And that's scary.
If he does that, they'll just get the plea bargain.
They don't honor it.
He could get as many as ten years in prison.
They'll come in and say, he admits to it, your honor, and they'll slam down the gavel and give him ten years.
Now, I don't want to be proven right as usual by people not listening to me.
I actually know what's going on.
I've lived this so many times.
I study this constantly.
This is what I do.
I don't sit around playing tiddlywinks, okay?
This is what I do.
This is who I am.
And so I'm telling the listeners, everybody out there, how I would address this, and how I would do this.
I know they're waiting for Corey, and I honor that, and I thank them for giving me the info, and I'm sorry I didn't get in contact with them earlier.
We need to pray for everybody, but the point is, you know, there's conferring with lawyers, and let's do this, let's do that.
The few people that have gone to prison, or have been a few convictions, I think it's less than five or six that we've seen, for desertion, in the last three years, have been people that stayed quiet and played ball.
And I mean, they're serving five to ten years in the cases I remember.
We're going to do a big report on this.
Paul Watson's researching it.
I want Aaron Dykes on this right now.
I want everybody on this right now.
I want Steve Watson to do a report on this right now.
Different angles of it.
Because this is an attempt to scuttle the film.
They know that Dylan is the creative person behind Blue Shades.
They know that Cory is the administrator and the tribal leader and Jason is the glue that holds it all together.
And this is, again, a resurrected warrant that disappeared.
They told him, you're done.
Which they did in all the other cases, by the way.
AP reports.
That they just discharged you.
A lot of times they don't even give you a dishonorable, because they don't want to show you were a deserter.
They don't want to keep it a secret.
They just get you out.
They just give you a discharge.
An honorable, not a dishonorable.
They did that with him, and now it came back.
The locals were liaisoning with the military.
You see.
Alright, I want big reports out on this now.
We've got to mobilize and let the enemies of the Republic know we're not going to put up with it.
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GAO is warning about the debt spiraling out of control.
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Jerome O. Corsi's Iran leads attack against the U.S.
dollar document spells it out.
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Okay, I was just talking to Weldon Hinson, who works here in the office.
He's also a well-known country music singer around here in Austin, Texas.
And he just got out of the Air Force after three years.
And he's heard about people deserting, and that's what they do.
There's a warrant at first, they arrest you, and then they don't put you in jail.
You might spend a few weeks in the brig, and they just drop it, give you a dishonorable or just a neutral discharge.
And that's what I'm trying to explain to everybody out there.
They arrested him, and then even if he never showed back up or whatever for the next hearing, the point is they released him, and there was no warrant for a year and a half as he flew all over the place.
They released him.
What I'm telling you is, and it's in the Associated Press, because they've had articles about this procedure.
It's been on the news.
We've had more than 20 of these people on the show.
I've been to New York to hear at local events, hear a bunch of Marines that deserted, who'd been in Iraq for several years, tell their stories.
They're left alone.
In some cases, though, they have a warrant out, they pick them up, but they quietly just get rid of them.
That's been all over the news, because they don't want to make a big issue of it and start sending people to prison who serve one, two, three tours.
Just like they try to court-martial people, base doctors who wouldn't give people the anthrax shot because they saw it killing people, or base doctors who wouldn't take it themselves.
Remember all that?
And then they'd threaten them, and if they would refuse and go ahead and go to court, they'd drop it.
I mean, how are they going to call Corey Rove into a court-martial and say, well, you served, you signed up for three years, and then we did an automatic re-up on you, and you were in Afghanistan and Iraq and served honorably there with high marks and got a bunch of medals for it.
But then you came home and found out 9-11 was an inside job on leave and didn't want to go back.
So we're saying you're a deserter.
See, they don't do that.
They just quietly keep that.
I mean, folks, they've had... Last year, it was more than 10,000 desertions.
I don't know what it is now.
Admitted desertions.
So, this is a big news story.
It's going up on PrisonPlanet.com.
And the answer here is to call Fort Drum.
We believe he's been transferred from Fort Drum.
We're posting their public affairs phone numbers.
Also, we're putting up the 101 Airborne Division Air Assault Fort Campbell Telephone Directory and information.
He's been called back to the base he was out of.
And we've got every phone number in here.
We've got the number to the military police, the staff duty officers.
We've got the number to the brig.
We've got the number to just whatever you think is the important number, be polite, but be very bold about it.
And you say, you know, we don't appreciate you taking a Patriot Corey Rove and having your spooks go track down who and where he was and then have the military just waiting.
And by the way, they were just waiting, folks.
The fact that they picked him up that morning
The fact that he was gone.
They came and got him at night and then he was gone.
The military picked him up that morning and that they admit they were quote got a call and that the military was talking to him.
Oh, this is where this guy lives.
We want him.
When they've got just every state has got masses of people that have left.
I mean, I've seen articles where they're automatic recall of officers who are 65 years old and have cancer.
Remember, that was in Tennessee a few years ago.
And they're talking about a draft.
We already have a draft of those that have already served.
You sign up for three years, three years they go, sorry, you're staying and you're not going to be stuck in a desk somewhere.
You're going back to Iraq, boy.
But that's not the point here.
It's the selective enforcement.
Even if you believe they should arrest people that don't literally work as slaves, as Centurion Hessian slaves for the New World Order, even if you believe that's good, this is selective enforcement.
So I'm sure there is great celebrating.
Someday if they gun me down or arrest me or trump something up on me, I'm sure there'll be a lot of celebrating.
But understand, we win in the end because we did the right thing.
We stood up for what was right.
Corey stood up for what was right.
He told the truth.
He had an effect.
He truly lived.
He stood up against tyrants.
He helped make a film that reached tens of millions of people.
And whatever course, whatever happens to him, when he gets out of prison, and we beat this new world order, and they don't just exterminate him later with the rest of us, he's a hero.
Corey Rowe is a hero for his courage, what he did in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Even though they were evil wars, he did it for a good reason.
He did it because he believed.
He went and signed up for the military.
And I talked to him about that.
He said, well, a lot of his friends were signing up.
He was a jock.
He was into sports.
He wanted to fight for America.
He loves this country!
And he went there and he saw it was all a staged lie!
And he saw them killing innocent children and families!
And he saw people's little children dying of dysentery!
And he came home and his high school buddy made a film about an inside job and he helped him remake it better.
And now Army Intelligence, a bunch of criminals, who spy on the American people in violation of federal law, are redcoating around, grabbing patriots!
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
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We're good.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Riders on the storm.
Riders on the storm.
Into this house we're born.
Into this world we're thrown.
Like a dog without a bone and packer out of loan.
Riders on the storm.
There's a killer on the road His brain is squirming like a toad Take a long holiday Let your children play
I'm going to look through all these literally hundreds of phone numbers I have and decide which ones to give out.
I want to air a few minutes of this BBC report about the Bushes and the Nazis.
Really a whitewash.
We'll tell you the facts because it's now breaking internationally.
Then I want to go through some of the top stories we have economically and on a few other issues and then
We've got a guest coming on in the next hour.
We'll tell you about that guest when they join us, but here's the BBC.
A plot of Wall Street interest to overthrow President Roosevelt and establish a fascist dictatorship backed by a private army of half a million ex-soldiers and others appeared before the House of Representatives Committee on Un-American Activities, which began hearings on the charges.
If these long-forgotten accounts can be relied on, I seem to be looking at an attempt to set up a fascist government in the land of the free.
A coup that could have toppled one of America's most revered presidents, paved the way for a possible alliance with Italy and Germany, and thereby change the complexion of World War II.
Fascism was seen as a example to be learned from because it seemed like a quick fix.
All you needed to do was get people to shape up.
You could have had a handful of the wealthiest people in the United States found guilty of treason and sentenced to death.
But just what was this plot?
Who were the Wall Street interests?
Was this nothing more than a moment of paranoia from a national media not renowned for its self-restraint?
Well, the answers to some of these questions may have to wait until I can get my hands on the bulk of the evidence.
Documents detailing evidence heard behind closed doors by a congressional committee.
But I already have the official statement released by that committee when it reported back to Congress.
Its members clearly had no doubt that a fascist coup was in the offing.
In the last few weeks of the committee's official life, it received evidence showing that certain persons had made an attempt to establish a fascist organization in this country.
There is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned, and might have been placed in execution when and if the financial backers deemed it expedient.
So, such a plot, backed by powerful people, was waiting in the wings.
That much is very clear.
But how did it come to this?
Well, it all happened during one of the bleakest moments in U.S.
The America of 1933 was in the teeth of the Great Depression, a time of extreme poverty, desperation, and the barren plains of the Grapes of Wrath.
The Great Depression is not called the Great Depression in this country by accident.
Michael Kazin is Professor of History at Georgetown University in Washington DC.
It was the deepest and the longest economic downturn in American history.
As many as one-third of the labor forces were deployed in the early 1930s especially.
Really the core of the industrial economy was all but shut down.
All of this added to a sense that American society was coming apart, not just the economy.
People no longer had much faith in the authorities, at any level, economic or political.
Yet the image of those days we've been left with is not social unrest, fascism and treasonous plots, but one of dignified suffering and resilient faith in the American dream.
No one illustrated that better than President Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose New Deal reforms promised jobs, pride, and fresh hope to ordinary Americans.
I, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend
The Constitution of the United States.
So help me God.
FDR's New Deal policies brought an increase in public work programs, more help for the poor, and the removal of the dollar from the gold standard.
Yet while history remembers FDR as a visionary saviour in America's hour of need, some at the time saw him in a very different light.
There was major elements of the business community that hated Roosevelt.
And they hated Roosevelt out of all proportion to the scale of the measures that he had actually brought in.
Professor Tony Badger is Master of Clare College, Cambridge and author of several books on Roosevelt's New Deal.
These were businessmen who essentially thought that Roosevelt was putting America on the wrong road in a big way in 1933 and that it was setting the federal government up as a sort of arbiter and enforcer and intervener.
...in the American economy in a way that they were deeply afraid of.
Such powerful enemies had been made within a hundred days of FDR taking office in 1933.
Businesses were also aware that out in the country there were demagogues who were making really popular, apparently radical-sounding appeals, and they were always worried that Roosevelt was unleashing these forces, would encourage these, what they thought of as crackpots, to wreak havoc.
This is like a 25-minute piece, and I wanted to air just a little bit of it so you get an idea.
He says, I have to get the documents first.
Now, he has them, he interviewed Buchanan and all the others that we've interviewed years ago.
And, you know, he says, okay, well I have the statement from the committee, but I have to get the documents.
And then later he goes and gets the documents, and indeed there's the testimony from all these people, including Smedley Butler, you know, second highest Marine Corps officer, a Brigadier General,
Was it Major General?
Whatever the top general is.
He was about to become Marine Corps Commandant.
And they tried to hire him.
He was a two-time Congressional Medal Honor winner.
To do this.
And he went and gave a testimony.
I was to lead 500,000 men to take over the U.S.
It was for the Harrimans, the Bushes, the Rockefellers, and others.
Now, they frame it here that the good, liberal, you know, socialist Roosevelt was under attack because the fascists didn't like him.
The British King
At that very time was a Nazi, and Germany was pro-Nazi, and about to go Nazi.
It was happening here, too.
But it was actually a higher level deal by the globalists to double-deal Hitler and make him think he was going to be able to take over.
That's now come out in Carol Quigley's documents and others, the British National Archives, Royal Archives, that the British set him up and even played their own people to think he was going to be the winner.
They're slick, folks.
They're slick.
So the point here is that the Anglo-American establishment, the British, publicly set up Skell and Bones as part of the Opium Trust in 1832.
That's Time Magazine.
That's Associated Press.
That's admitted.
And it was a British aristocracy being set up.
Then they set up Pratt House, the CFR, in 21.
I mean, this is the ongoing deal.
And so that's where the Bushes come from.
President Taft and the rest of it.
And so they just kind of, they admit the whole thing in a piece, but they just kind of poo-poo it, almost like, well, depending on your view, maybe they were good guys, maybe they were bad guys.
You know, they didn't really know Hitler was bad, then it gets into Bush and all the rest of it.
Prescott Bush got the money after the war.
He continued.
And then, look at what they're setting up today.
That is the larger point and the larger issue that we're looking at.
So, this story is being censored by Myspace, being censored by Digg.
They're very afraid of the article Paul Watson put out yesterday.
Headline, BBC, Bush's grandfather planned a fascist coup in America.
And now, just look around you.
The President's above the law.
His staff are above the law.
The Congress isn't allowed to know about continuity of government.
The President says publicly in an executive order in PDD 51, Whitehouse.gov, go read it right now.
Just type Presidential Directive 51 in, go read it, that the Congress no longer has any authority.
I mean, this is incredible stuff, folks.
The Oregonian, the AP report, in the last four days, both of them, that they told the committee and members of the committee, you can't see it.
Well, we know what's in it.
Look at the order.
It says he runs everything.
I mean, they're not joking, but they flew planes into buildings.
These are the 9-11 coup operators.
We're all on the edge here.
The dollar plunged another almost cent yesterday.
Everybody using complex currency analysis numbers, you know, is it going down to 75, 74, overlaid?
You know, just put it simply.
I get emails saying the dollar isn't down by 57%.
It's down from a 100 basis point down 20 plus percent.
But if you count where it was at versus the euro opening at 81,
To the dollar, 81 cents to the dollar in 2000, now being at 1.39, pushing 1.39, 1.39 euro to the dollar, even higher with British sterling, a couple cents, a couple pence as they say, I mean it's just off the chart!
A 50 plus percent reduction in value!
But let's just say it's only 20 something, the way the media is cooking it.
That's horrible!
And it's going down!
And we've got the same economic
We're good to go.
That's in mainstream history books.
Watch this power!
And they launched it right there.
It was all done to grab farms, and ranches, and to divest all the gold that was in our hands.
My grandmother, 82 years old, remembers her daddy, was he called Pappy, there in Dallas, having to go and turn his gold in.
My grandfather remembers, his dad was upper middle class, owned the first Chevy dealership in Dallas, remembers him having to go turn his gold in for paper, that they then started devaluing rapidly, and then they shipped it all to Europe publicly, and then doubled the value one year later.
We're going to give you some paper script, give us that gold.
Now, you tell some slack-jawed yuppie that, they don't even know what a currency is.
They don't even know what devaluing means.
All they know is $14,000 is bigger than $11,874, like it was right before 9-11.
That stock market is devalued by over 40%, and if it truly showed the inflationary curve, it'd be at 57%, but it's still overvalued via currency purchase availability.
I mean, this is just off... I mean, it's all happening!
We're living in it!
I mean, they're winning this time!
They're doing it!
Because they didn't have remote-control airplanes to fly them into buildings in the late, late 1930s.
They didn't have all the sophistication, folks.
They got it now.
And they blew our President's head off just as sure as the sun came up this morning, 43 years ago in Dallas.
And you can have the lead commando running the op, go public in a deathbed confession and the media ignores it.
And they're racing because now with the alternative media exploding, they're losing credibility, they're falling apart.
They have got to fail forward.
They've got to start World War III.
They've got to pull the depression in.
They will only back off and then start losing ground if you redouble your efforts to wake everybody up, if you get that much more aggressive in the info war now.
Now, Corey Rove, producer of Loose Change, and again, I'm executive producer of the new film we're trying to finish.
It's incredible, folks.
It is just absolutely amazing what's going on.
Absolutely amazing what's happening.
He has been arrested for being a deserter when he served three plus years, 2001 to 2005, in the military, in combat, in Afghanistan and Iraq.
And then they picked him up, dropped it, and now they've
Picked it up again, and believe me, now the police are trying to spin it in the military.
Oh no, we never dropped it.
He wouldn't have been flying for the last two years if it hadn't been dropped.
He wouldn't have been pulled over before and it dropped.
The military, and it says they were contacted and the military liaisoned with the local sheriffs and got in contact with them.
And this is all a big special event.
They don't go arrest any of these deserters.
Except for the few
Who are captains, in other cases, where they go on national TV, where they go on Democracy Now!, like the, uh, his name's not popped, I interviewed him and his dad several times.
I meant to pull that up, uh, we had him on a few months ago, he, you know, he went on Democracy Now!, other shows, boom, they arrested him in hours.
Again, it's the political action of him, he is being selectively enforced on, and that is criminal.
Now, we're posting on PrisonPlanet.com the full list of phone numbers at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the 101st Airborne Division Air Assault.
And that's where he reportedly is being held.
Directory assistance is the best number to give out.
Just ask for the brig, and ask for the commander of the base.
The strange thing about it is I just said I'd give out directory assistance, and then they only give
I guess it's 7, 9, 8, 4, 1, 2, 9, 5, 6, 1.
There's so many of these, I'm just going to
Because it only gives three numbers at the end and then has three numbers out at the end of it.
I don't know what that means.
Let me give you the Installation Operations Center.
I'm ignorant.
Let me give you the Installation Operations Center.
Disregard that last number.
7-9-8-6-1-6-0 6-4-0-3 7-9-8-6-1-6-0 6-4-0-3
Okay, this is the people masquerading as our military with our young, well-meaning cream of the crop.
They're dying for a lie.
And then these goons have gone to selectively go up to New York and grab Corey.
I guess they had run out of sewing circles and PTAs that were anti-war to criminally spy on.
Yeah, it's illegal for you to do what you've been doing.
I've been at events where your goons are videotaping me in uniform.
You're criminals, and I've had enough of your criminal activity!
You pieces of trash!
I'll give you more numbers when we get back.
Stand by as the Info War in defense of the United States continues!
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Don't worry.
That's right.
No matter how bad things look, God's with us.
God is with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Make no mistake.
And good always wins in the end.
Evil always destroys itself.
And the scum, the enemies of the Republic, will be defeated.
Corey Rove, Lou Shane's producer.
He is producing with me and Dylan Avery and everybody else, Jason Bermas, the loose change final cut.
I'm going to be up in New York with these guys on 9-11, Luke Radowsky and everybody else.
I haven't even gotten to all that yet.
We do have a report up on PrisonPlanet.com.
We need to add a term to our lexicon here into the headline.
Corey Rove is a political prisoner.
There is no debating that.
Even the AP in front of me that I read the last hour admits, there's been a big controversy over this, that they haven't been charging deserters.
Because so many have done it, and because they know they've really violated a lot of the commercial code, a lot of the military code, by making them serve tour after tour.
Very abusive, never before been done.
It's like driving
I don't know.
It's just incredible.
I'm going to give these numbers out and finish up this article and read those exact quotes coming up in the next five minutes.
When we start the next segment, we've got a guest coming on who's trying to expose what's happening with the mercury and the rest of it and the vaccines.
Hey, Scourge, we've got to continue to fight.
Before I end this hour, I want to encourage all of you more than ever to support the Loose Change crew by going to LooseChange911.com
By going to Infowars.com and getting their DVDs that we actually buy from them to actually support them.
No one seems to do that.
And to continue to make copies of Loose Change, and to continue to make copies of Terror Storm, knowing they're trying to stop us, knowing they're arresting people who have been in this fight.
It's admitted in the newspaper.
They contacted him and said, we want this guy.
They don't do that anywhere.
I mean, they went after him specifically.
We hear he's living up there.
Is that true?
We want to get him.
Bring him to us by political prisoner.
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That's the quickest, cheapest, fastest way to do it.
And let's all pray for our hero in the fight against the New World Order, a soldier for America on the front line, Corey Rove!
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Here's an example of what's happened to Cory Rowe.
Here is Reuters, February 24th, 2007.
If there's any debate about what they've done to him, U.S.
Army refiles charges against war objector.
They lost, so they refile.
Same thing with Corey.
They didn't know he was supposed to be a political prisoner.
They arrest him, then they just drop it all, okay?
And then they bring it back, specifically coming after him.
But this case is another political prisoner.
The U.S.
government refiled charges on Friday against an Army officer who refused to fight in Iraq after his first court-martial ended in mistrial.
I didn't even know that had happened.
That case was back.
Get them on right now!
The Army charged First Lieutenant
Aaron Watana, with one count of missing movements and four counts of conduct unbecoming of an officer.
Watana, 28, faces a dishonorable discharge after six years of military prison and convicted on all counts.
Earlier this month, a military judge declared a mistrial in the first known court-martial of a U.S.
Army officer for publicly refusing to serve in Iraq.
See, there have been no other officers, and as best we can see, we found six cases of court-martials for desertion.
They're not doing it!
They're doing it to Corey Rowe, because he is the producer of Loose Change and the Final Cut that they're scared to death of.
And we gotta get as much light on this as we can right now.
Earlier this month, a military judge declared a mistrial.
At one time, Watata's lawyer said the retrial would constitute double jeopardy, but it doesn't matter in this new system, which forbids a defendant from being tried twice before the same crime, and would seek to have a second case thrown out.
There is no date set for the retrial.
A suit was refiled at Fort Lewis Army Base, south of Seattle.
There you go!
I mean, you see, the New America folks... Oh!
We're gonna try you twice!
Three times!
Boy, it happens all the time now.
And again, the average public doesn't even know what double jeopardy is.
They're just walking around, drooling, with their iPhones.
I want you to call... This is where the police told him he's been taken.
Out of New York, out of upstate New York,
And they believe he has been taken to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
First taken to Drama.
He may be there, still be there for all we know.
And then to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
Installations Operations Center.
And you call them and you say, I want the phone number to the brig.
We can't find it in here.
We want the phone number.
Maybe you can call the MPs.
Their number is online at presentplanet.com right now.
And just call there.
And ask them.
And call them and say that the American people are aware of what they're doing to this veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq in the invasion.
He was in the invasion of Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq both.
And then got to see all manner of wickedness.
But he said it wasn't just the machine gunning up bridal processions, it wasn't just that, and it wasn't the children dying of dysentery around him.
It was being at the hospital, seeing all those kids come in with their arms and legs blown off every day was the worst thing Corey had to see over and over again for months at the big green zone hospital when he was finally put there.
He wanted out, back in, combat.
Instead of standing at the front door on guard duty, watching the liberation of the lives of those people.
That's what it is.
The open extermination and genocide of the Iraqi people.
And he spoke out against the war, just like Lieutenant Wattada?
First Lieutenant Wattada?
And he is a political prisoner right now!
My friend, Corey Rowe, is a political prisoner right now!
This appeared in the black hole of non-military justice.
This is not our military anymore.
It is a foreign alien force.
The head of the Naval War College admitted it on C-SPAN and said, we work for the banks.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I've had some new developments come up with the Cory Rowe case, and we're going to be getting into that a little bit later.
We have Jack Doubleday online.
He's an individual who made the challenge of $25,000, now $75,000, any doctor or vaccine maker that will drink the concoction they inject in our children.
That's coming up in just a few minutes.
Here's a little bit more of that BBC piece we're analyzing, talking about our government and the attempted fascist overthrow back in the 1930s that Smedley Butler confronted, and we'll be right back with our guest.
Curious alliance of rich and poor, North and South, they were united by one central concern.
America was changing in a way they didn't like.
Professor Kazin.
The idea that the government would create jobs, the idea that these jobs would be given to all religious groups and all racial groups was very threatening.
And so a lot of people who didn't like what Roosevelt seemed to be doing with the government didn't like it, partly because the very people who were cheering Roosevelt were people who this still majority of white Protestant Americans believed should not have
Any power at all in government should be subservient.
American society was fracturing along racial lines as well as political ones, and the right was sensing a new power.
There were insurgencies we could call sort of proto-fascist.
We could call them the Silver Legion, the Silver Shirts, or the Black Legion.
Most of these groups were continuing some of the themes of the Ku Klux Klan, and these groups often carried out vigilante violence against
It's into this world that the plot to overthrow FDR was born.
But who was going to lead it?
And how did they think they'd get away with it?
I'm hoping the answers lie amongst the formerly secret papers of the Congressional Committee that investigated the planned coup.
These, I'm told, are locked away in the National Archives of America, a few hundred yards from the White House in downtown Washington.
Well, this seems to be it, the National Archives Research Centre.
Fantastically rammed building.
Looks like there's strict security in operation here.
Airport scanner machine.
Sir, how can I help?
I'm from the BBC.
I've got an appointment with archivist Jessica Krantz.
401 check, let me give you a call.
Thank you very much.
Jessica led me down increasingly claustrophobic corridors into the heart of the archive.
The documents I'm after are from a committee known as the McCormack-Dickstein Committee, after the two men who chaired it.
And so here are the papers, the official committee papers.
They're kind of organized by, you know, this file up here, HR 73A-F.
The Special Committee on Un-American Activities on Nazi Propaganda.
It was established to investigate the activities of fascist sympathizers in the U.S.
in the early years of Roosevelt's presidency.
Very small amount.
Only, what, four boxes?
Four and a half boxes for what they did in executive session.
So it doesn't look that much, and there's even less than it looks?
Before the committee investigated and how much testimony they heard, yes.
I mean, it's a very small amount.
Despite the paucity of documents, there are some that catch my eye.
It starts with some interesting disputes between the General and the Committee.
The Chairman, General, you are a retired Commandant of the Marine Corps.
The most important testimony in these records is from a Senior Commander of the US Marines, Major General Smedley Butler.
I was in the Marine Corps 33 years and 4 months on the activity.
Major General Butler came before the Committee of his own free will.
He had, he said, been contacted by a well-connected New York City broker called Gerald Maguire.
McGuire met Butler a number of times, and slowly revealed his audacious plan.
He and his financial backers wanted Butler, a highly decorated war hero, hugely respected by rank-and-file soldiers, to rouse an army of World War I veterans, many of whom were angry that a bonus they'd been promised had yet to be paid.
The idea was that the General would use these men to help seize the White House, just like Hitler and Mussolini had used their private armies to bully their way into power.
At the time, Butler, a staunch defender of democracy, went along with the plan, but he was secretly appalled.
Inside the National Archives, I was joined by writer John Buchanan, who's made a study of right-wing America in the 1930s.
These super-wealthy capitalists essentially wanted to pose such a threat to Roosevelt that he would basically step aside.
If FDR would not cooperate and step aside, they would execute him.
Kill him.
Smedley Butler's testimony shows the plot was at an advanced stage.
McGuire said to me, I went abroad to study the part that the veterans play in the various setups of the governments that they have abroad, like France, and I found just exactly the organization we're gonna have.
It is an organization of 500,000 super soldiers here in America.
Well, I said,
Now suppose you get these 500,000 men in America.
What are you going to do with them?
He said, Did it ever occur to you that the president is overworked?
We might have an assistant president.
He went on to say that the position would be a secretary of general affairs.
A sort of super secretary.
He said, You know the American people will swallow that.
We have got the newspapers.
We will start a campaign that the President's health is failing.
Everybody can tell that by looking at him.
And the dumb American people will fall for it in a second.
Now in his 90s, Jules Archer was a young man of 18 when General Smedley Butler gave his testimony.
He remembers just how idolized the man still was by the tens of thousands of veterans who'd been under his command.
He was a fantastic anti-war general.
He was very popular with the soldiers and sailors.
He fought for them and he fought for their rights.
That was one of the reasons he was selected for the plot because they knew he could raise a paramilitary army of veterans who would follow him because they believed in him.
It was here at the Association of the Bar in central New York City, just a stone's throw from Wall Street, that the case against the plotters came to a head.
The chief witness, Major General Smedley Butler, walked up these steps, past the giant stone pillars that tower above me here, and through the rather elegant doors.
Even today, all the officers on either side of me, behind the large wooden doors,
A pact with people who are going through today's important legal cases.
But back on Tuesday the 20th of November 1934, this was perhaps the most serious case the country could possibly have faced.
And the room where it all took place is up several flights of stairs in what's known as the Supper Room.
One of the most important witnesses who came here was Paul Cumley French.
A journalist, Smedley Butler, took him to his confidence after the conspirators had tried to recruit him.
French had also met Chief Plotter Gerald Maguire at his Wall Street offices, and he recounted their conversation to the committee.
We need a fascist government in this country, he insisted, to save the nation from the communists who want to tear it down and wreck all that we have built in America.
The only men who have the patriotism to do it are the soldiers, and Smedley Butler is the ideal leader.
He could organize a million men overnight.
During the course of the conversation, he continually discussed the need of a man on a white horse, as he called it.
A dictator who would come galloping in on his white horse.
He said that was the only way to save the capitalistic system.
But it was Smedley Butler, war hero and soldier's friend, who exposed the plot.
He continued his meetings with Maguire until he gathered enough information on the plotters to bring the evidence before the McCormack-Bixtein Committee.
But given that there were no recordings of these meetings, or letters written by Maguire outlining his plans, how can we be sure that the General didn't exaggerate or even make up the whole story?
Jules Archer, who went on to study the lives of Smedley Butler and Representative John McCormack, is convinced the plot was real.
He remembers talking to McCormack about his time as chairman of the committee that investigated the case.
McCormack was a veteran politician.
He was an advisor to Roosevelt and other presidents.
He had a heavy Irish accent.
He told me General Smedley Butler was one of the outstanding Americans in our history.
I cannot emphasize too strongly the very important part he played in exposing the fascist plot in the early 1930s backed by and planned by persons possessing tremendous wealth.
There was no doubt about it that McCormick was absolutely convinced that it was telling the truth.
...on the Nazi movement in the United States.
In this early radio archive, you can just make out the other co-chairman, Representative Samuel Dickstein, warning Americans to be aware of the threat from fascist forces from within.
We have discreetly unearthed evidence to define the Nazi government here as the most dangerous threat to our democracy that has ever existed.
And the central character of the plot, the plain speaking Major General Smedley Butler, was caught on early newsreel from the time, explaining his part in exposing the plot.
I talked with an investigator for this committee.
He told me they had on earth evidence linking my name with several such veteran organizations.
As it then seemed to me to be getting serious, I felt it was my duty to tell all I knew of such activities to this committee.
My main interest in all this is to preserve our democratic institution.
So Smedley Butler remained adamant that he was the target of a fascist plot.
And there was never any doubt either in the mind of committee chairman John McCormack that the forces of fascism were gathering to storm the White House.
But who was going to fund the coup?
Even with the backing of 500,000 veterans, a plot of this sort against the most powerful government on Earth needs money as well as muscle.
And an awful lot of it, too.
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Alright, I apologized to our guest.
First we pushed him back an hour, then we made him hold for 20 minutes, but he understands.
This is a personal thing happening with us right now.
You know, some people are going to say, with the Corey Rowe thing, well just wait and see what they do.
We know this was political, and now I've learned more information than it absolutely was.
But, uh, Corey has now made contact with his family.
And I talked to them.
And all I'm going to say is this.
We're going to give it a few days to see if they discharge him like they did the last time and drop it.
Now, in my experience, if you go along with them, they don't.
Or they'll tell you they are and then they slam you.
Just like I said in the first hour.
I said how this would play out.
What they'd say.
Just keep your mouth shut and everything will be alright.
We'll see what happens with this.
We're going to be watching it.
He is in Fort Drum.
He is now being sent tomorrow to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
And you do whatever you need to do out there, folks.
I guess we can quote, call off the dogs.
That's not what Corey specifically said, but that seems to be what some people want.
I live this every day.
I constantly study this.
I know exactly how all this works.
And kind of like this, I've done a thousand brain surgeries, and folks who haven't always think they know how to do one, but sometimes, you know, things are correct.
I think there's a lot of confusion right now.
You know, the point is, this was out of the bag the moment those news stories came out this morning.
This is a big, big story, no matter whether people want it to be a big story or not.
And this inquiry is a political prisoner.
Now, the criminals at Fort Campbell, when he gets there tonight or tomorrow, I need to release him.
He's leaving Fort Drum.
Let's just cool off for a couple days, see what happens, and if they do the right thing.
Because again, we're posting articles of the AP and others report, they don't charge anybody.
I mean, out of tens of thousands, you can count on two hands who they've charged.
And, oh my God, the stuff I just learned.
Army intelligence up one side and down the other, folks.
And I mean, what a pack of crooks.
What a pack of crooks.
That's all.
And I've seen so many families when they call me and they go, the CPS is here and saying sign this document or I won't be able to keep my child.
I go, don't sign it or they're going to take them.
They sign it, they take them.
They don't sign, they don't get them.
You've heard all the lawyers I've had on like
Dozens over the years who fight these cases and then I get their knowledge.
See how that works?
I have expert after expert after expert after expert after expert on and I get their knowledge.
You get their knowledge.
This is class every day.
And I just continue to gain their knowledge, gobbling it up, the experience, how the enemy operates.
Like Lord Wellington said, who beat Napoleon, Colonel Roberts talked about it yesterday, said on his deathbed, well, what do you say about your life?
Well, I've spent my life wondering what the other guy on the other side of the hill is thinking.
Now, is it the perfectly safe course to just grovel before the military and let them run their black op against Cory Rowe?
Could it be better to let them do that?
Five, ten percent chance.
I go with the vast numbers.
I know in my gut, number one.
Number two, I know how they operate.
Number three, I know it's selectively enforced.
And he's a political prisoner.
And you know, one of the biggest problems in my life, and we're going to go to our guest.
It's just absolutely incredible.
Jock Doubleday, what do you think of all this stuff that's going on?
The world's a mess, Alex.
Tell folks about yourself and your website and your challenge you put up.
It certainly is.
Alright, well nine years ago I started a non-profit corporation called Natural Woman Natural Man which advocates natural health practices and I began researching natural childbirth and I did that for several years and wrote a book called Spontaneous Creation 101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital and the first volume of that, the first 51 reasons
It's available as an e-book right now through the nonprofit corporation which is at spontaneouscreation.org.
Tell us about your challenge.
Yeah, okay.
So then, anyway, as I was researching this book, I'd been on the local radio station a few times talking about breastfeeding and childbirth, and they said, the next time you're on, we want you to talk about vaccines.
I said, well, I don't know anything about vaccines.
I'd really like to just stick with my natural childbirth talks.
And I said, well, we want you to only just do vaccines.
So I said, well, man, I have to research this too.
It took me years to get the childbirth thing figured out.
So I did a little bit of research.
I found some really strange things.
And I began researching it more deeply.
And then I couldn't believe what I was seeing about the lack of safety and efficacy of vaccines.
So I made this challenge to doctors.
It was $20,000 originally.
Because I thought that was a lot of money, but I guess for doctors that's nothing.
So they didn't respond to it.
And basically the challenge was, I was offering $20,000 for any MD, U.S.
licensed MD, or pharmaceutical company CEO, to publicly drink a mixture of vaccine additive ingredients that is normally injected into a child.
Stay there!
Stay there!
And I cover this at least once a week, folks.
Because this is one of the number one killers and maimers of our people worldwide.
It's their main attack point and their eugenics op.
Stay with us, sir.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Welcome back!
We're about to go back to our guest and then I'm going to get into some other news.
We'll have to reschedule him sometime to give him a full hour to talk about his experiences and research of vaccines.
Before I go any further on the whole Corey Rove situation, he was grabbed Monday night.
It was kept quiet until the day when it broke in the newspaper.
It's all over the internet.
I mean, people who expect this to stay quiet, expect gasoline to not explode when you, you know, touch it off with a sparkler.
Or when you run around and set a fireworks factory on fire.
It's just not going to happen.
And I did confirm that it was due to
There are investigations of 9-11.
That has even come up.
The military didn't like the fact of what Corey was doing and sicked one other branch on him.
We know they dropped this stuff and released him before and brought it back up.
That's confirmed.
And you know, make an endgame watching, not just footage of the Nazis running people into pits and shooting them or running them into different extermination facilities, but watching the Russians doing it.
I got footage of that.
And you wonder, how do people do that?
How do people... Well, the authorities tell you, just be nice and everything is going to be okay, okay?
Run right down in that pit.
Wouldn't matter that you're going to run into a pit that's already got dead bodies in it.
People do it.
It's the same thing with the CPS and the police.
They tell you, just plea bargain.
It's a bunch of baloning.
Nine times out of ten.
It's that simple.
And so we're going to wait and see if these cretins release him.
And if they do, it's because of people taking action and being bold.
Because this is political, clearly what happened.
And I'm not going to stand by while this happens to my friend.
That's just the way it is.
And believe me, anything ever happens to me, people are running around going, oh, just don't make a big deal about it.
Don't worry about Alex.
You tell him to go straight to Hades, okay?
But we're going to wait and see, in the interest of the family,
Just to see, because that's what they're being told.
Just be nice and things will go better for you.
Now that's the... I said in the first hour we're going to hear this line.
It's not very hard.
I've seen it hundreds and hundreds of times.
But one cannot be told about the Matrix.
One must see it.
One must not be told about being hit in the head with a hammer.
One must be hit in the head with it.
I guess you don't know what a two-by-four across the face feels like until you've been slapped upside the head with it.
Well, folks, I remember when I was up in Canada.
We get off the plane.
They tell us, you're going to be going to prison.
I said, why?
And they said, oh, you've probably committed crimes.
We're going to find something.
And you're here for the Bilderberg Group, the conference.
We're going to get you.
And, uh,
They took everything from us, checked us, but they were fools.
We were out there in this locked room with them, but I didn't care.
I just got Aaron's cell phone that they hadn't gotten nobody's cell phone and dialed it, called the media, and they were laughing and cussing at us.
It was so they were going to get us and it was all over for us.
Man, the media showed up and they were like dogs with their tails between their legs.
Now, obviously if things don't clear up and get better, I've already talked to his daddy, we're going to get on airplanes and we're going to fly there.
But for now, let's just see if this is the one time out of ten, or if releasing the dogs on them, which others have done before we did, makes them stop.
All that matters is that we pray for Cory Rowe.
That's what matters.
Okay, let's go back to our guest.
Please continue, Jacques Doubleday.
You've got a, at SpontaneousCreation.org, you've got a $25,000, now expanded to $75,000.
If one of these doctors will drink, how much of the mercury do they have to drink?
Oh, it's in standard, well it's basically body weight calibrated, so it depends on the weight of the doctor.
And it's based on all of the vaccines that a child who is six years old, at the beginning of her sixth year, has received.
So if you look at all those vaccines, and then you body weight calibrate all those vaccines and the ingredients in them, then you put those ingredients into a mixture.
And I'm going to have three doctors that I name and three doctors that the participant names.
So the six-year-old weighs 60 pounds and then the doctor weighs 200, you would just upgrade that a few times?
Right, it would be 3.33, you know, times the ingredients that are in the kid's vaccine.
So it's bodyweight calibrated, which, you know,
It might scare some doctors off, but what's hopefully bringing them to the table is the money.
And the money is now up to $90,000 on the 1st of August.
Because every month it increases $5,000.
Alright, and how many of them have you actually contacted?
I mean, they could argue that they don't know about your challenge, even though it's all over the Internet.
It's true.
It's all over the Internet, and most doctors probably don't know about the challenge.
They're busy vaccinating children with poisons.
I don't have time to look at my challenge, but I've been contacted by 16 doctors since January of 2001, when I first put the offer out.
So in six and a half years, 16 doctors, only one actually saw a hard copy of Part A of the contract that they would have to sign, and he just declined as soon as he read it, because it makes them jump through a few hoops.
They have to get medical
to make sure that they're not about to die so that they can't claim if he dies or is harmed by these poisons they can't that his friends and associates can't claim that oh he was going to die anyway you know not that I want to harm some well-meaning doctor that's absolutely not the point of this but these are poisons and are documented poisons and for someone to drink them they'd have to be nuts but there is also a psychiatric evaluation that goes along with this the doctor cannot
Drink these poisons unless he's certified to be sane.
Because I don't want to just have them say, oh, you killed some nutty doctor and you're a bad person for that.
By having them drink these poisons that they inject into babies.
So for the ratio, I mean, how much have you calculated out the poisons?
A, what are the poisons?
We know what they are, but let's state them.
B, what is the amount for a six-year-old versus a 200-pound male?
The poisons are so numerous that I can't name them right now because they're standard vaccinative ingredients and the list goes on and on, but I'll give you the main ones.
The Marisol, which is, as you know, a mercury derivative.
That's the key element that anyone should be afraid of.
Formaldehyde is another.
It's another preservative that they use.
Now, it's really important to know, Alex, that
Although the CDC did recommend that thimerosal be removed from childhood vaccines, that doesn't mean that thimerosal is in fact removed from childhood vaccines.
Even in vaccines where they say it's removed or it's preservative-free,
That doesn't mean that the Marisol is not in there and trading them out.
Well, PR Newswire, the AP and Reuters reported last Friday, we had a story out last Friday on Infowars.net, Bush to veto ban on mercury in vaccines.
Well, why would he veto a ban on mercury if the mercury was taken out five years ago?
They just changed federal regulations to recommend vaccine makers do produce some small lots of mercury-free.
Well, yeah, I mean, there are a lot of vaccines now that have no mercury in them at all.
They've added other little goodies.
Yeah, but there are still vaccines that are formulated with... Let me just read you a package insert real quick.
Just a few sentences that are going to clue you in.
Here's Fluorix package insert.
This is the little piece of paper that comes with every single vaccine vial that the doctors get.
And this is not meant to be read by you or me or any of your listeners.
This is meant to be read only by doctors.
So, it's really good that we have this information.
This is GlaxoSmithKline's Fluorix vaccine.
It's a new vaccine.
It says, the very first sentence about ingredients says, the vaccine is formulated without preservatives.
Now, thimerosal is a preservative.
Now, listen to the next sentence.
Thimerosal is used at the early stages of manufacture.
Thimerosal is removed by subsequent purification to a trace amount less than or equal to one microgram of mercury per dose.
So, in other words, even though they say it's formulated without preservatives, it has preservatives in it.
It has somarisol in it, in an amount that's about one microgram per dose.
And that's been shown to be able to cause autism.
One microgram per dose has been able to cause autism.
So, the fact that they call it a trace amount, and therefore it has no quote biological effect, is a lie.
So this is a really, this is a key ingredient.
Now formaldehyde is a suspected human carcinogen or a probable human carcinogen depending on who you talk to.
And it's lethal dose is about an ounce of formaldehyde.
But it's the stuff that they embalm brains in and body parts and it kills everything.
Timerosal will kill any cell it's put into a petri dish with.
Formaldehyde will kill any bacterium it comes in contact with.
These are really deadly poisons, and they're known to be deadly, and they're in vaccines.
So, all I'm doing is saying, hey, if you're going to inject these into babies, some of whom, their kidneys have not even started functioning yet, they don't start functioning until 48 or 72 hours, and so they can't detoxify.
If you're going to inject them into babies, then maybe you should drink these ingredients to show us how safe they are.
Now again,
How much does a six-year-old, on average, have in their body?
Well, that's a question that... Well, let me just tell you, I want your listeners to know that I'm an independent researcher with no formal medical education.
So I don't really know the answer to that, and that's why I'm going to enlist the help of... But the point is, I've had 50 doctors plus on over the years, medical doctors, about the dangerous effects.
You can read the medical reports, sir.
We're asking why you're putting this challenge out.
You're talking about the amount of six-year-old.
How did you come up to the amount that a six-year-old would be taking versus for a doctor to take?
Well, I just said you're going to take the same amount, but because you're heavier and, you know, poison's effects depend on body weight, we're just going to body weight calibrate it.
And I just made an arbitrary cutoff at six years old.
You know, I could have said it at 18 years old, but
Well, I hope that they will take you up on your challenge.
What do you think of Bush saying he's going to block a ban on thimerosal, but then the general public thinks it's all out of the vaccines?
Yeah, um, it's, that's, that's, well, you nailed it.
You nailed it earlier.
You said, why would he, why would he block it?
Why would he do that if thimerosal was out of vaccines?
It's not.
And it's really important for people to realize that even though thimerosal has supposedly been banned,
The thimerosal containing vaccines from before, the ones that had 25 micrograms before that were causing a lot to them, are still in hospital stockpiles.
And so there's no way to know for sure that without reading the package insert of the specific vaccine, that your vaccine does not contain thimerosal.
And even if you read that package insert, it's very difficult to determine.
So I'd be very skeptical about that, about that supposed removal.
Alright, well, sir, we really appreciate you coming back on.
Sometime when I have a medical doctor on, talking about all these issues, we'll get you back on, because I would imagine they're not going to take you up on your challenge to drink all these.
Now, the general trigger day we've seen, and medical doctors have seen, is 18 months or the third round of shots.
That's when it really triggers.
And then, of course, people ask, well, why does it affect boys?
It's because of genetic differences.
Makes the mercury more powerful.
It's more difficult for boys to excrete this stuff.
Well, there's excretion out of the gut and also there's a gene tied to blood-brain barrier too, isn't there?
That's the info we've got.
Well, listen, thank you so much for spending time with us, Jock Doubleday, and the website, ladies and gentlemen, is spontaneouscreation.org.
God bless you, my friend.
Thank you very much, Alex.
You bet.
Very good interview there.
And a challenge like this, $75,000 to drink this stuff, really illustrates it for everyone.
It's like the million-dollar challenges to show how Building 7 fell, or the rest of it.
They just can't do it.
Most doctors and nurses I know don't vaccinate their own children.
Or they'll give them a tetanus shot and that's about it.
If tetanus is actually a problem.
It is.
The problem is we've caught the U.N.
and others putting stuff in the tetanus shots.
That's their favorite thing to bind to the pathogen in it.
And then, of course, your body has autoimmune responses to whatever else is in the shot.
There's all sorts of stuff being put in the vaccines.
And with a bunch of eugenicists running things, I'm not saying vaccines couldn't have some uses if they were clean, properly regulated, controlled.
But when you've got psychopathic killers running things, you can't be for them.
End of debate.
It's like the death penalty.
Do I think somebody like Henry Lee Lucas, who admittedly killed 20-something people and tortured them to death, or Ted Bundy need to be killed, or John Wayne Gacy?
I'll pull the switch.
I mean, just like if there was a crocodile running around behind my village trying to eat the children, I'd go up and throw spears at it till I killed it.
Even if it meant the thing ran up on me and pulled me into the water, my instinct would be kill it.
I saw a pretty coral snake a few months ago in my backyard.
It was beautiful.
But it was red on yellow kills a fella three foot long.
I got the hoe out and shot that sucker in five pieces.
So... That's just the way it is.
But I'm not for the death penalty because you can't trust the criminals running this government.
And now they've done the DNA test and upwards of 35% on average are completely innocent.
Folks, I learned this system was criminal because I'm a pretty straight-laced person.
I've told the story and I've admitted it.
When I was about three, I tried to steal a candy bar.
Now, granted, I didn't really know I was stealing.
I thought I was at home sneaking something and I got the candy bar.
She said no and I was eating it in the back of the car and she drug me in and made me apologize and took me home and I got in a bunch of trouble.
Then a few times, I did.
There was a neighborhood next to us that had a golf course and boy, I tell you, those golfers were drunks.
And you're 14 and you want to drink beer, because that's what the grown-ups do.
You know, a few times, I think four or five times, I might have reached into a cooler and gotten a six-pack out.
But that's about it.
And so, it was shocking when I was about 14.
I was a 13 freshman in high school.
And I learned they were doing it to everybody.
You'd see people called out of class.
And we were a big school in Rockwell.
They had the cops in the school and they just sat me down and they said, we know you stole all the stereo equipment from Happy Country Homes.
And I'd, up until that point, never been to Happy Country Homes.
That was a big trailer park out on the edge of town.
And I looked at him and I said, what?
And he goes, yeah, we were told you did.
And I said, you got to be joking.
I said, I don't, I've, you know, don't steal stuff.
And he said, listen, we're going to get you.
And he said,
I've learned, I think in these schools, these weirdos that want to work in schools actually weren't cool in school.
I never knew I was the coolest person or one of the coolest people in school.
I was like so animalistic and just like unconscious.
My animalistic, you know, just mindless, mindlessly chasing girls or none.
That I didn't even know what popularity was and I think it was there's actually some of the popular kids were getting harassed and I was real good-looking I guess that made him mad as I later learned that guy was involved in a bunch of criminal stuff too and the sheriff went to prison for drug dealing you've all heard of that and I'd shot my mouth off about how they were drug dealers that was the main reason but I'm already digressing the point is and then another time they found out we were moving when I was 16 down here
Because I've been in fist fights, stuff like that.
We're just trying to get away from all that.
And my dad had a different business down here, a new business.
And when I was leaving that day, I was driving off in my truck, and he comes over.
He goes, let me talk to you, Alex.
He said, listen, you're a criminal, and I know you're a criminal, and we're going to get you.
One way or another, we're going to get you someday.
And I guess he innately knew I was a good person.
And I guess that threatened him, because later I found out he owned bars and was in a bunch of really shady stuff.
So that was all it was.
They didn't like the fact that I was laughing going, why are there checkpoints for drugs?
They deal them!
So they thought, hey, we'll just set this boy up.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Hot air, news busters, National Review, a whole bunch of neocons were celebrating Corey's arrest.
Turns out they were celebrating it even before we got it out.
Celebrating this from early this morning.
They're going to make a big deal out of it, and they're going to try to crucify him.
And if we stand idly by, he could have some problems.
Maybe they'll get smart and let him go.
Go check out the Corey Rove story at PrisonPlanet.com.
I don't know.
Watch the video interview we did, and hurriedly rushed up on the web about a year ago, more than a year ago.
It's Corey with a K, not with a C like one of my editors put it up there, but that's okay.
At least we got it up there.
And the story is up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
The neocons are in massive celebration.
Dig is now just outright censoring us.
People aren't digging them down.
They're just not even letting them on the page.
That doesn't mean you don't still try to dig them, because you show all the diggers that do see it how there's censorship, and it's getting really embarrassing for Dig.
So everybody go dig the story right now.
Political prisoner.
Loose change producer.
Corey Rove arrested Michelle Malkin, who wrote the book, The Case for Internment Camps, who says we should be put in prison if we disagree with the government.
The Michael Savage types are all gonna be good.
Look at this cowardly deserter!
He isn't, you know, doesn't weigh 500 pounds and eat 100 oxycontin a day like me, who's never been in combat.
He went in the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq for two full tours in combat!
And had members of his unit die many times.
He's a coward!
And then he came and made a 9-11 film that sent shockwaves across the planet.
He's a pathetic coward.
Bunch of un-American trash.
I'm so sick of all of them.
Meanwhile they're having a North American Union meeting next month and they're banning any protests in the entire city where George Bush is going.
How's that what we're fighting for?
And they're banning it in New York and everywhere else.
This is freedom.
We fight so we can be slaves and so the Arabs can take over all our ports and Halliburton can move to Dubai and the whole country can fall apart.
When are we going to stop
...being conned and realize the criminals have hijacked our name, our flag, who we are, and they're using our young men like Corey to carry out their evil, and when they wake up and fight them, they get mad.
Absolutely incredible.
I want you to get these stories, and I want you to get them out to everybody right now.
Everybody knows what's happened to this political prisoner.
So, Michelle Malkin and all of them and Hot Air and all the big neocon sites.
I just saw a string of them.
No, that is not a good policy to sit here while they call for his crucifixion.
Who does this every day?
Who literally has energized the 9-11 movement?
Who was there day one when people, even on this very network, were criticizing me, telling me I've gone too far, who now run around and say they're the head honchos of 9-11?
Who's been there the whole time?
Who's had army intelligence put guns to my chest when I'm out in the middle of this country filming their criminal actions?
Who's had people physically attack them?
Who's been there when the CPS has snatched people's babies?
Who's been fighting the new old order?
Who works till 3 in the morning almost every day?
And I'm nothing special, folks, but I got my head in the game.
Okay, I'm the Super Bowl coach.
I know how to call the plays.
And I don't tell you how to call the plays, but my point to America is, you've got to start listening to me on all these issues.
I was the kook when I said they were gearing up for martial law.
I was the kook when I said they were going to carry out the 9-11 attacks two months before it happened.
I didn't know what I was talking about on issue after issue.
No, I do know what I'm talking about.
Now I want you to pray for the whole Loose Change crew, and Cory, and his family.
And I want you to join us back tonight, 9 to midnight, here on the network.
Restreaming 24-7 here on Genesis at Infowars.com.
Don't forget the free podcast.
Please tell everybody about it.
That's how we reach more people and win this fight.
This is a fight for the Republic.
And if you're listening in Europe or Asia, it's a fight for your humanity.
We are all in this together!
Now, go to PrisonPlanet.tv, get the new Terror Storm, and get it out to everybody!
God bless you all!
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.