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Air Date: July 24, 2007
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Currency and derivative stock traders worldwide ask the question, that's the Financial Times of London today, how low can the dollar go?
How low can it go?
How far will it drop?
Is there no end to how far the dollar will drop?
That's one of the headlines we have here in front of us today.
Also, how long until the neocons either get impeached or launch some distractionary attack against Iran, Syria, maybe, maybe Pakistan.
Maybe they'll go into Darfur and claim they're finally doing something.
Whatever they need to create some type of massive distraction.
Also, Pakistan officials say that U.S.
newspapers are, quote, making us very angry, and that's because the neocons and Bill Kristol on Fox News yesterday are saying that they may launch military strikes on Pakistan.
Now remember, Pakistan is the country.
With AQ Khan Laboratories under Clinton and Bush,
Who allowed the transfer of nuclear weapons systems to that nation.
They have what would be called mid-tech, compared to even what North Korea has, nuclear weapons in their standoff with India.
And they are openly
Talking about attacking Pakistan after arming them to the teeth.
Now, at the same time, you have open discussions of attacking Iran, who is at least eight years away from having even a primitive weapon that they have to load into a container ship or onto an 18-wheeler.
They don't even have a delivery system, but we've got to strike them just any second now because they're so deadly.
No, it's because compared to Pakistan, compared to North Korea, compared to China, compared to Russia,
They are a pushover and they're already encircled with globalist forces in Iraq and of course forces in Afghanistan.
So when we get back we will go over all of this for you today.
I haven't had him on
In about, I don't know, eight, nine, ten months.
It's been a long time.
Might even be a year since we've had Colonel Craig Roberts on.
And I'm just going to have him on about a host of issues.
The police state here in the United States.
All the new JFK information that has come out with E. Howard Hunt's son, St.
John Hunt, going public.
And his father's deathbed confession.
What's happening with the economy?
What's happening with the moves towards martial law?
The war?
He's a very interesting fellow.
He was a Marine Corps sniper in Vietnam.
And of course a police officer, SWAT team commander, police helicopter pilot, colonel in the Army.
Army intelligence of all things.
So he's very well-rounded when it comes to having a lot of different life experiences.
He also investigated the Oklahoma City bombing case.
As a liaison from his department to Oklahoma City.
So Colonel Craig Roberts will be joining us coming up in an hour and a half.
We'll also have open phones when he is on air with us.
So that is
That is coming up.
Traders ask how low can the dollar go?
Pakistan officials, U.S.
newspapers are making us very angry.
Iraqis blame U.S.
depleted uranium for surge in cancer.
New York Times editor, founding fathers feared such an imperial presidency.
FDA says food recall is urgent health threat.
C-SPAN cuts off caller who discussed Bush executive order.
It's all coming up.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
My good friend Colonel Craig Roberts will be joining us coming up in the middle of the second hour, the second half of this worldwide transmission against tyranny.
He's not only a best-selling author of One Shot One Kill and other books, he is also an expert on the New World Order and a whole host of issues and I always look forward to having him on the broadcast.
Let me just run through some of the headlines as I did in the first segment that are coming up.
$100 oil prices, maybe months away, says CIBC Goldman Sachs analysis.
This is from Bloomberg Financial.
And reading a headline like that, really, when I saw that last night, I got home early last night, about midnight, and I went in and fired up the computers to check headlines again, and I saw that in my
My heart actually jumped in my chest because, well, that's going to have some serious, serious ramifications.
So we'll be going over that report.
Also, traders ask, how low can the dollar go?
That is clearly tied to the benchmark on light crude.
Pakistan officials are very upset about open war drum beating against their nation.
seen in Iraq until at least 2009.
They play that trick every year.
Iraqis blame U.S.
depleted uranium for surge in cancer.
New York Times editor, founding fathers feared such an imperial presidency.
This is a big one.
This is scary.
FDA says food recall is urgent health threat.
Botulism, ladies and gentlemen.
Hundreds of thousands of cans and other packages being recalled right now.
And I've always told people, because I've talked to some plant managers years ago, that these ready-made hot dogs and chilies that are big brand names are made in dog food factories.
You're basically just eating dog food.
Well, this was a dog food plant that was also making human food.
So we'll be getting into that.
This makes some of the news with the Chinese putting plastic in the food.
Pale in significance.
People are in the hospital right now.
They're keeping this pretty quiet.
Comparatively for how big it is.
C-SPAN cuts off caller who discussed Bush Executive Order.
I'm going to play some of this coming up as well.
Canadians completely unaware of looming North American Union.
This is out of Global Research.
I think we'll get Global Research on next week.
We're going to have Dr. Corsi reporting next month from the secret North American Union meeting in Canada that was secret, it's now leaked out, and the police said, yeah, no protest for 18 miles around, no one is allowed into the city.
I mean, it'll just be random arrest and checkpoints.
A secret meeting of traitors, selling out our countries, and you're not allowed to even get into the city where they're meeting.
I mean, that's the end, folks.
They're exercising dictator powers right now.
And I know there's a lot of minions of the system giggling, laughing, thinking it's their time.
They're devaluing your dollar right now, cop.
They're devaluing your whole future and your family's future right now.
Okay, I know a lot of cops are good, but there's some of them out there who think this is all cute and funny.
That goes for prosecutors and lawyers and people and bureaucrats, fine.
I mean, you think you're pushing us off the cliff, but there's a big chain tied around you tied to us.
Just like Christ said, suffer the little ones to come unto me.
It'd be better for you to tie a millstone around your neck, a giant boulder around your neck, and throw it in the ocean.
Don't you understand when you hurt somebody else, nine times out of ten, it hurts you immediately, and it always comes back on you.
And I'm telling you, it's a law of the universe.
I talk a lot about it because I don't believe it.
I know it.
And I actually feel sorry for you.
I feel sorry for all of us.
We stood by while 50 million abortions were performed.
Plus now, we have stood by while every manner of wickedness has been engaged in thinking it was funny and cute.
And I'm telling you folks, the chickens come home to roost.
Big story from Paul Watson from our interview yesterday, codifying it into article form at PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
Maddow, big names, may be on client list.
There's also a bunch of big news.
I'll tell you, Aaron Dykes is doing a fabulous job.
Every day he breaks four or five big stories himself in blurblet form.
Sometimes they're big stories, meaty, but always powerful info blurbs.
And the site is exploding and so we want to remind you there's a bunch of news there that will also be going over if we have time.
Also, Ron Paul has written a great story titled, Exposing the True Isolationist.
We ought to call his toll free number and just get this weekly alert instead of just reading it, instead of me just babbling it.
Perhaps we should call his, if you don't have it John, you can go to the
LibertyCommittee.org or go to Ron Paul's website.
He has his weekly legislative update line.
You can call that and record it.
The network used to play that every day over Derry-Brownfield, first segment of Derry-Brownfield.
It was just a bunch of commercials.
Does the network still air that every week?
I think we have news there.
It used to be easier when we had it.
We could just play it.
Maybe we ought to reinstitute that.
Not that I run anything.
Side issue, just maybe you can scrabble around and find that doing the job of three people.
John Harmon, oh my gosh, he is great.
Alright, exposing the true isolationist, excellent little piece from the congressman there.
Got a bunch of news about brainwashing children in the US, Canada, and England here.
In the stack, and that dovetails with an article that came out Friday on Infowars.net that I just spent one minute on at the end of the show yesterday, and I think I'll bring that up with Colonel Roberts because he's done a lot of research on that.
There is mercury in the shots, okay?
And first they told you that there wasn't mercury in them when you got upset about it, and now Bush has signed an executive order saying Congress can't pass a law ordering this out of the vaccines.
And I know parents who have got autistic children.
I know people who've got two-year-olds right now who just became autistic.
The baby was running around, the baby was playing, the baby was happy.
The 18-month-old was talking, was saying the baby sees and they get the third round of shots.
It builds up the toxic levels, creates lesions on the cerebral cortex, and the baby goes bye-bye.
In some cases they re-emerge out of the brain damage.
And I've had these parents go, yeah, but they haven't put it in in four years.
And so how did my son have it?
And I just go, did you read the ampules?
Did you ask to see, uh, the containers that the shots were drawn from?
Well, no, I just, they just told me I had it.
A lot of them even had concerns.
They asked the nurse, well, there's mercury.
Oh no, there's not, hon.
They increased it four to five times depending on the shot.
I have an AP headline from four years ago saying 250 times safe levels.
Increased it by five times in the MMR, in the measles, mumps, rubella, in the flu.
Well, I'm already digressing.
I just can't believe the level of lies anymore.
We do the best we can to find out the truth and we let the chips fall where they may and we come on the air here and we cover it.
We come on the air here and we talk about it.
We come on the air here and we just tell it like it is.
They haven't just not taken it out.
They increased it.
It was like a sick joke.
Oh, you don't like it?
Well, we'll just increase it.
Enough said.
I already digress.
I already digress because
I just can't believe how cold-blooded they are.
And then I actually found documents and elitist bragging, and some of the richest men in the world bragging, and some of the most powerful men in the world, and best-selling authors bragging for now a hundred years that they were going to put mercury in your shots and do it to you.
I mean, they publicly say it!
And then when you get upset about it, they tell you it isn't in there.
It doesn't matter if you're a cop or an illegal alien.
It doesn't matter who you are.
They're attacking you and your family.
And they just get away with it right out in the open.
And they get to pose as the good guys and pose as the saviors over and over and over again.
And they're so arrogant and so secure, they don't even care that I'm on air doing this.
As best as we can reckon.
Let me just tell you about this first.
Let me just get into this first.
England has been in Pakistan for over 150 years.
England has controlled Pakistan for 150 years.
That is the criminals that run that country and run their base of operations for global government out of London, London.
The city of London within London.
And 15 years ago, they set AQ Khan up as their front man.
The US, Israel, and England all transferred the pieces.
And I've got BBC, AP, Reuters on this.
I've been talking about this since 9-11.
Transferred all the pieces that they needed to build high-tech atomic bombs and then hydrogen weapons.
They also transferred the know-how to India.
Again, to play those powers off against each other.
Basically, they wanted India, China, and Pakistan to fight with each other, so they dropped a bunch of weapons around.
It's like that
Sean Connery movies, Zardoz, where they fly around with the primitives, disgorging shotguns and shotgun shells to them, so they'll run around and murder each other.
And so, they go and they give them atomics.
They give them the next level, since the invention of fire in the wheel.
They say, here you go!
The stuff that Plank and Einstein and others developed, you can have it!
When we get back, we'll break down what's happened.
And now they're saying they want to attack Pakistan.
I mean, I've got video.
Krystal-on-Fox saying it.
Then we'll get into the economy.
Then we'll get into Iraq.
We'll take your calls and Colonel Roberts will join us.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
Colonel Craig Roberts coming up in one hour and five minutes from now.
Your call's coming up later in the shower at 1-800-259-9231.
All right.
Getting back to history.
So, Pakistan has been set up in a juxtaposition against India.
They're now allied with China somewhat with technological transfers back and forth.
Bill Clinton and of course George Bush in his first ten months in office blocked any FBI investigations, anything dealing with AQ Khan Laboratories.
Then they started their atomic testing publicly in an arms race with India.
And we also found mainstream British newspaper articles, several of them about right before 9-11.
These were articles published before 9-11.
about uh... british reporters in the uh... border region in pakistan right by the border with afghanistan being in small towns with all these troops and british troops protecting and there in the center of the square was Osama Bin Laden.
I mean just british troops there protecting Osama Bin Laden.
That was in the british news before Bin Laden even attacked us.
This was major british papers going we don't know why they claim Bin Laden's wanted and involved in the coal and the Tanzania and
Kenya, embassy bombing, because we saw British troops guarding them.
That was in two different British newspapers.
We ought to dig those back out.
I want to say it was this is in London, Ananova, and one other.
I remember in my mind's eye.
We need to pull those back out and do a story on that.
People forget these things.
And then of course the attacks take place and they stage the attack on the Taliban.
You know, the Russians couldn't take it over in nine years.
From 79 until the late 80s.
But magically, in just a few weeks, our forces could go into Kabul and a few other cities.
Let me tell you what happened.
And now they had the CIA section chief, who was over the operation, admit this in a book.
The Taliban, which was set up by the CIA, would literally grab local goat herders and the poor, out of the mountains, the mountain folk, the tiny village folk,
The drug cartels would, and stick them in a third ring of emplacements to be bombed.
And then, of course, the Northern Alliance would complain.
They'd been backed by the Soviets previously.
Why aren't we allowed to shell the actual emplacements, the third ring, where the command bases, where the armored vehicles are, where the artillery is?
Why are the U.S.
planes and aircraft bombing, and why are their guns shelling only the front ring?
That's not even their main fighters.
Because they're not going to shell their own guys, that's why.
And then a few times our special forces, and this came out in the San Francisco Chronicle, AP, Reuters, hundreds of papers, but it never made it on the nightly news, that special forces colonels and others would arrest the top Taliban generals.
And then helicopters would land, CIA would get off and say, release them!
And they would give them gold!
Because they were there to buy off the tribe of gold, and the forces would be commanded to give them a sackle of gold, weapons, and give them helicopter escort by convoy out to the Taliban.
I mean, any time our troops did a good job, and weren't under command and control fully,
And went and actually grabbed Taliban leadership, they were ordered to release them.
And the troops would say, well, and Pat Tillman and others we know were getting upset about this.
Well, this isn't real!
And of course you've heard Corey Rowe, who was over there with Luce Change.
He was over there for a year.
And they would have them just go to photo ops and claim that they just had battles with Taliban and claim Al-Qaeda was here.
They would just bomb empty villages and then go claim they were Al-Qaeda strongholds.
It was totally and completely, absolutely staged.
Totally staged.
All our troops did was team up with the Taliban and then go after other Taliban groups that weren't on the end, that weren't the darlings to consolidate OVM production.
That's all that happened.
So let's get that straight.
Then remember the airlift of evil as it was called by the BBC and by the Times of London and by the Yorker Magazine.
The airlift of evil.
That term was coined by Cy Hirsch.
Remember, thousands of Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders, that's the headline, flown out to safety out of U.S.
controlled air bases to Pakistan.
Then they set up camps again, and now the government of the U.S., the supposed government, needs to attack those bases because Al-Qaeda has built up its stronghold again.
I mean, this is so in your face.
It's so in your face.
And it looks like Perez Musharraf may even let the neocons stage an attack.
They'll bomb some innocent village, show some dead bodies, and say they've killed Al-Qaeda.
And then approval ratings will go back up.
That's better than Bush starting World War III.
I say, Bush, if you need to, that's better than setting off nukes.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Way up north, to Alaska Way up north, to Alaska North to Alaska, go north for us is home North to Alaska, go north for us is home Big Sam left Seattle in the year of 92 With George Pratt, his partner, and brother Billy too
Thank you so much for tuning in.
We're here Monday through Friday, 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
This broadcast grows.
We reach more people via our AM and FM affiliates out there.
Global shortwave.
And the internet, satellite as well, because of you spreading the word.
Please never forget that.
Stan, Charles, Kevin, Chris, and many others that are holding, we're going to get to your calls coming up.
I've got some more news I want to cover.
And then of course, several audio clips we're going to play before we do that, but we will get to everybody.
Of course, I say that tongue-in-cheek.
What I said is we went to break there and got cut off by the commercials.
That's better for Bush to just go bomb some villages and claim they were Al Qaeda strongholds to get his approval ratings up and to teach us how to love them again and how to respect them again so they can be big heroes than them setting off a nuke in Chicago or Dallas or Cleveland or Denver, as the CFR has said they believe will happen.
Nick Cheney, though, is back again saying, nukes are going to hit us, we're all going to die.
This is the guy who had television commercials made of wolves stalking people.
I mean, it just shows their psychology.
They've used subliminal messages in political commercials, superimposing the word rats.
I mean, they know what they're doing.
They know how to go at your primitive fears.
And if you would just become conscious of their manipulation, conscious of the fact that there is manipulation, then you would start noticing it.
It's kind of like those hidden picture books where each page has hidden things in the tree, in the river, in the flowers, little faces.
But if you're not looking for them, you won't notice them.
But if you are looking for them, you will.
But they've even conditioned you that when you do see the hidden pictures, which, once you see them, were in plain view and you can't believe you never saw it before,
That once you even see something, you've been convinced to say, no, I don't see that.
No, no, no, that's just a figment of my imagination.
I mean, we know what they're doing, but they understand, the global controllers understand that we have a population that's been conditioned to not look at any of the details.
It's admitted that Al-Qaeda is CIA.
It's admitted that the Taliban was flown out to safety.
It's admitted the Afghan war was staged.
It's admitted that our criminal government helped build the bomb for Pakistan, and Musharraf has been caught staging several failed assassination attempts on himself.
Remember a few years ago the Taiwanese President, it came out, and they're good guys, comparatively speaking, but they do it too, staged an assassination of himself and staged a hospital visit that he'd been shot.
Turned out it wasn't the case, it was just all fake!
In a parade, in a open convertible, staged an assassination attempt on himself.
His approval rating went up massively until it came out later that he'd staged it and then he had to leave office.
But, I mean, we have admitted examples of this.
So, Musharraf has admittedly staged two assassination attempts on himself.
He'll drive over a bridge in some rural district and then ten minutes after he passes the bridge, military explosives blow it up.
And then he has martial law crackdowns, you know, in the name of keeping himself safe.
And look what a hero he is.
They tried to kill him.
And Cheney goes to Afghanistan and, you know, a mortar shell blows up, whether real or promulgated.
I mean, this stuff is pretty staged.
And if we've caught them staging it so many times in the past, we look at motive.
Who's staging it now?
So Pakistan officials, U.S.
newspapers are making us very angry.
CNN Wolf's Blitzer on Sunday asked Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khurshid Qasari, will the Pakistan military go into the tribal area along the border with Afghanistan and crush the Taliban and Al-Qaeda?
The Minister's irate response was that the Pakistani military is already there.
Pakistan's commitment
Cannot be doubted by anyone, he continued, and that is why some of our people do not like what we read in some of your newspapers.
Well, you ought to watch William Crystal saying they're going to attack you on TV.
It really makes us very angry when we are suffering so many casualties.
The minister made it clear that he was particularly concerned about stories suggesting the U.S.
military might attack the tribal areas itself, since Pakistan cannot tolerate the level of civilian casualties along
It's own people that the US finds completely acceptable in Iraq.
We do not want something said just for the purpose of having an effect on American public opinion, he said.
The whole purpose of this exercise is to win hearts and minds of the people.
Let's go into the twisted logic of the New World Order.
And by the way, I understand this logic because I've read Kissinger 25 years after the fact, brag about it.
I've read Brzezinski 30 years, 25 years after the fact, brag about it.
Let me explain what's happening with Pakistan, okay?
Perez Musharraf is a military dictator who came in right before Bush went into office in a staged military coup.
For some reason they removed the previous British puppet.
They put in a new puppet.
Then they activate the bomb.
Right after he has a coup, then they start nuclear detonations and testing.
Taliban and Al Qaeda are shepherded in and protected there in the same zone where Bin Laden was staying before the 9-11 attacks under British protection.
Now we're up to that point.
Paresh Musharraf, the military dictator of Pakistan, now in place for more than seven years, is extremely unpopular.
There are real Wahhabis, there are real Muslims there, who want to kill him and want him out.
The people know he is a British puppet.
They know that he's protecting Al-Qaeda.
This is all over the alternative papers there, but they go arrest him, shoot him, kill him, but they're having trouble dealing with that.
If there is a limited military strike in the Pashtun areas of Pakistan, they will then be able to claim that it is an attack on their country, and Musharraf will be able to come out and have anti-U.S.
rhetoric, and then start a staged Cold War with the United States, which will then actually bolster him and make him more popular with his people.
It will make him more popular, just like an attack on Iran will make Ahmadinejad more popular, and it will also make Bush and the neocons more popular here.
If they're not able to launch an attack on Iran in the next year, you are going to see an attack on Pakistan, or maybe an even out-of-the-blue attack by Israel on Syria one morning when you wake up.
You'll see video of smoking skyscrapers in Damascus.
They've got a lot of things in their grab bag, folks, but I'm telling you what three or four plays they're going to run.
We've watched this coach, the New World Order coaches, the generals, the dark chieftains, the dark builders, enough to know what they've got in their bag and what play they're going to run.
And you're going to see that play get run sooner than a year from now if the dollar continues to fall.
I would say if the dollar drops another ten cents in the next two months, you will see giant military actions.
Okay, you'll see big ones.
If it drops another six cents or so, you might just see some Israeli escalation as a distraction.
But if you see a massive depression starting, the day that depression starts, you'll see depression-type data coming out, but they won't announce it as a depression.
There'll be a huge terror attack within two days, because they can launch it that fast.
I mean, they've got their players lined up, folks, on the 50-yard line, ready to hut, hut, hut.
I mean, they snap their fingers, folks.
Things will light up like a Christmas tree, a Christmas tree of death.
I mean, serious business will kick off just like you snapped your fingers.
Just like you snapped your fingers.
And I don't know which play they're going to call, but I know which playbook they're going out of, and I know which chapter.
In the playbook they're in, and it's the Hail Mary passes.
It is the go deep, go long, go for broke section.
I don't know which player they're going to go to.
I don't know if they're going to use a tight end, or I don't know if they're going to... We don't know exactly what game they're going to play here, but we know it is a major scam they're running.
And then we see stuff like this.
You can go back and pull up the articles, 2003.
We're going to be there through 2004, but we're leaving then.
We're going to be there through 2005, but we're leaving then.
Then they made the debate about, oh, Bush won't even give us an exit date.
Remember, he promised six months.
Then it became a debate about, he won't give us an exit date.
He says, okay, we'll start Bill Down in a year, another doublespeak term, Bill Down, and we'll be gone within two.
And then, oh, we'll be gone within another year and a half.
We'll be gone within another two.
We are now up to the new announcement, and again,
We will be in late 2008 and they will announce again, it will be the same New York Times headline, same Washington Post headline, that okay, we're leaving in 2011.
It won't matter if it's Hillary, by then it will be depoliticized and Iraq will actually become kind of a back burner.
Okay, another 10 troops died this week, but
It won't be as political football anymore.
The liberals won't mind it as much.
They didn't mind Serbia attack, the Kosovo attack, as long as it's their attack.
They'll kind of feel good and Hillary will talk about how she's internationalizing the force and she's sorry to the international community that America is so evil but we're going to stay there now and the UN will come in and they'll stabilize it a little bit and they'll cut back
On the stage bombings that the globalists are carrying out, and by then the country will be subdivided into three parts, which we told you they do in 2002, a year before the invasion.
And again, if you've got any memories, you'll see all this happen, and you'll go, man, Alex really knows what he's talking about.
Maybe you'll listen then.
Of course, I'm really not that smart.
I'm reading their official plans that are public.
So that's what will happen.
And twenty years from now, there will be U.S.
forces under I-4, under the global government,
So, that's the facts.
All right.
seen in Iraq until at least 2009, while Washington is mired in political debate over the future of Iraq, the American command here has prepared a detailed plan that foresees a significant American role for the next two years.
The classified plan, which of course they leaked through their organ, the New York Times, represents the coordinated strategy of the top American commander
And the American Ambassador calls for restoring security in local areas, including Baghdad, by the summer of 2008.
Sustainable security is to be established on a nationwide basis by the summer of 2009, according to American officials familiar with the document.
Remember, the surge was going to do it in a year, and we're now nine months into the surge, and now they go, oh, we're going to, it's two years from now, now, just everything's fine.
They put it all into a process, you see.
Let's go to Ron Paul talking about the real isolationist.
This is his weekly legislative update just out.
Here it is.
Hello, this is Ron Paul with the weekly update for Monday, July 23rd.
Last week I wrote about the ideology of globalism and how it underlies certain government policies.
Managed trade agreements, international military adventurism, an amnesty for illegal immigrants,
All emanate from this ideology.
Yet globalism has a consequence that is, if we are to believe the rhetoric of its greatest proponents, entirely unintended.
Globalists often label those of us who resist their schemes as isolationists.
Yet it is, somewhat remarkably, the globalists themselves who promote policies that isolate our nation from the rest of the world.
In terms of modern politics, isolationism is not so much an approach to American foreign policy as it is the result of the policies enacted by proponents of globalism.
From offensive statements about old Europe, as differentiated from New York, necessitated by the desire to justify a military presence in Iraq,
To conflicts at the WTO, the flowery rhetoric of the neoconservatives often take vicious turns when unrealistic policies meet with reality.
In their hopes to remake the world in their image, the globalist elite, who run much of America's policymaking apparatus, simply further isolate our country from the rest of the world.
By claiming a moral superiority that is so evidently absent when the effects of their policies are witnessed,
Neoconservatives have made America seem hypocritical to many abroad.
America is now held in low esteem in many nations, not because we follow our own interests, but because the elites make claims that are not reflected in reality.
They have, for example, undertaken economic sanctions in an entirely new way in recent years.
When they wanted to take aim at Iraq and Iran,
They imposed sanctions against those countries, but also against countries doing business with them.
This meant we were in no position to negotiate with our adversaries, and we also could not rely on support from our allies.
Yet this globalism often bumps into itself because of our second-party sanctions against Iran.
Our international commitments to the space station, for example, were put into jeopardy.
Also consider the fiasco that happened as a result of sanctions on Iraq.
Thousands of Iraqi children starved to death, causing, according to the 9-11 Commission report, great resentment against America.
Yet some managed trade was allowed to continue, managed, of course, by the globalists in the UN Oil for Food Program.
This program resulted in yet another UN scandal.
Despite the protestations of the neoconservatives, this UN program is not the only example of personal enrichment that comes to mind of those who doubt America's authenticity due to these policies.
Does anybody remember Richard Perle's resignation from the Defense Policy Board?
To reset the debate in a way that reflects reality, it is important for us to reject the idea that the choice is between globalism and isolation.
Instead, we must stand firm for national sovereignty, constitutional republicanism, and international cooperation.
We should realize that America's current isolation is simply a consequence of globalism gone awry.
Thank you for calling this update at 888-322-1414.
A new message is recorded every Monday morning and can be found on my congressional website at www.house.gov slash paul under the heading entitled Texas Straight Talk.
Thanks for calling.
Alright, that is the congressman's little telephone call-in that he does each week there.
You can download that on the web on his congressional website or dial into that number that you just heard.
Think of the cold-bloodedness, the foresight of always having policies that actually increase the breakdown of society, the order out of chaos.
That's their logo.
That's their maxim.
In fact, Bush one time said, we need to create chaos so we can then bring order out of the chaos.
Order out of chaos.
They create the crises, they orchestrate, they facilitate them,
And then they have the solution.
They come down like little angels to save the day with a new solution that always makes it even worse.
But then it's a process, so a few years later you don't go, wait a minute, they're the ones that recommended this, now they're recommending a new solution.
See how that works?
We're going to come back.
Hit some more important news and then take 30 minutes of your calls in the next hour before Colonel Craig Roberts joins us.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
It's here.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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That's 866-885-6625.
Once again, that's 866-885-6625 for BioSolutions.
There's no doubt of this.
We're going to see the New World Order.
And we're living in it right now to a great extent.
And nothing's going to stop the fact that whatever's going to happen, we're going to live through it.
Many of us are going to live through it.
We're going to see what needs to be.
It's really that simple.
All right, we're going to come back and start the next hour, and then I'm going to get into Iraqis blame U.S.
depleted uranium for surgeon cancer.
And the Novostat News Agency
They don't, the U.S.
forces don't debate that cancer is way up.
It's been way up since the first bombardment in 1991 and it's way up again and the troops' cancer levels are way up and that's just the way it is.
They're going to keep using it and they're going to die.
Your son or daughter is going to come home and they're going to have a baby and it's going to be deformed and you're going to get the news that your son is suddenly 25 years old in the hospital and you're going to go there and
They're going to die, like thousands of others have died since they got home to DU.
And all the yellow stickers in the world aren't going to help them.
And I think some of these sick families kind of think that's manly.
Kind of in some weird Viking psychology of cattle die and kinsmen die, but those that die in the glory of battle are never forgotten.
To paraphrase the North saying, they didn't die in a good war, they died in a war of evil.
They didn't die fighting with a sword and a shield up against a well-matched enemy.
They died for the New World Order in just a sick cancer war.
Just a literal cancer on the face of the planet.
And I'm sad they're dying.
But you wanted to laugh and giggle about how DU was nutritious and I had people call into the show and say, well I know a tanker and they give them radiation bracelets.
And why do you think they give them radiation bracelets?
And their bracelet isn't alerting.
It's a different type of radiation that that bracelet reads.
And we've had the father
of the D.U.
program, the expert of the D.U.
program on.
We've read the Army's own reports.
We've played clips on air of the Army's own safety videos made in the 1990s.
But still, you just go, D.U.
is nutritious.
Well, okay, and so is Mercury, right?
I'm not going to argue with you.
But just know this, it isn't just the Iraqis that are going to be cursed by this.
I do want to spend just a minute or two telling you, Terror Storm final cut is out.
Terror Storm is a special edition and it's got 17 minutes of new footage.
A large portion of that is how BBC reported that Building 7 fell before it even fell.
I remember breaking that news thanks to listeners of the show who got us the tip.
Great job.
That is in the film.
And it just wakes people up like nothing we've seen before.
The media reporting Building 7 had fallen before it fell.
That is in the new Terror Storm.
Get it at InfoWars.com.
The DVDs are now shipping out to you, ladies and gentlemen.
You can now order it and it's now shipped to you, UPS.
InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's real simple.
I discovered that there was a criminal oligarchy openly declaring war on free humanity.
I did what any normal person would do.
I attempted to wage war in defense against them.
And we are doing that now here, ladies and gentlemen.
And our limited success in our own small sphere is testament to the fact that if you set your mind in motion and you take action and you put your trust in God and ask God to guide you, to lead you, guide and direct you, that you will have a great effect against evil.
It is when good men and women decide they don't have power and decide they can't affect change, or decide that it isn't their job to stand against wickedness,
And decide that we don't have power over this world, and that we can't affect change, and that we're not actors in history, that great tyranny and great suffering comes.
As for me, I will fight against these degenerate scum that are ruling over us.
I will ring the alarm bell.
I will follow this course until the end.
Until it opens out into the sea.
Until I die.
I have chosen the course.
I have chosen
To marshal my energies to attempt to control my own destiny.
I ask you, will you truly live or will you continue to simply be a creature that responds to the stimuli on this planet?
Let's go to Stan in Kentucky.
I'm told this agrees with Charles, Kevin, Craig, Linda and others.
Go ahead, Stan.
I'll let that person go.
Frank Collar's there, which is fine.
Charles in Louisiana.
Charles, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, my friend?
I wanted to tell you what's happening down here with these FEMA trailers.
They put everybody in.
They're causing people to have lung cancer.
I don't know if you heard about it.
Yeah, they put them right next to the chemical smelting plants.
And then when ABC reporter tried to cover it, they put out a national arrest warrant saying he filmed vital infrastructure.
He was to be arrested under treason charges.
Well, let me say, we come out in the news yesterday.
Now listen to this, how programmed people are.
One woman died next to this one woman with cancer.
You know, lung cancer.
So she's spitting up blood.
Now her daughter's spitting up blood.
But nobody's moving out the trailers.
They go right back into them.
And Phoenix says, open your windows, open your doors, and it won't be as bad.
People are programmed.
And of course, this time of year, there is black clouds of mosquitoes in Louisiana, Mississippi, where they've got these big plants.
And literally, because it's oil company scams, they get paid on property they own, right up against the chemical plant fences.
And so they built fences right around, literally in the plants, so it's all hitting them.
And yeah, open your windows so the mosquitoes can attack.
You got it, Al.
You up on it, Mr. Jones, like all the time.
But I just wanted to say thank you.
I haven't been calling much, but I want to thank you and I want to still ask people to give somebody a tape today or tomorrow.
Do something.
Just don't sit there and be comfortable.
Be used to getting uncomfortable.
Because we don't have that long to go.
I think you agree with me, Mr. Jones.
I can hardly control myself.
All I want to do is fight them.
I literally cannot stop working to fight the enemy because I know how evil they are, and I know how fast they're moving on us, Charles.
Yes, well, you've been doing that for years, my friend, but you need some help, too.
Most of these people, they listen to these programs, and they turn them off, and they go about their business.
It's not meant for that.
This program is meant to get people to motivate, to do something for their country, or their family, or God, or whatever reason.
But it's meant to do something.
We need emergency total maximum mobilization.
And folks, if you're looking for leaders to give you orders, it isn't coming.
You gotta look in the mirror, you gotta decide whether it's printing up, you know, a thousand one sheets,
Plugging PrisonPlanet.com or whatever you think is the best information and handing them out, or putting them in the green sheets, or whether it's starting a website, starting a newspaper, if you own a radio station, putting shows like this on, if you've got the money, buy TerrorStorm, make 10,000 copies of it, give it to people.
I mean this, whatever you think is the most effective, this is the time for the maximum output.
Stay there Charles, I want to hear more about your ideas to take action against the enemy on the other side.
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After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Call 1-800-894-5152.
That's 1-800-894-5152.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Continuing with your phone calls.
Coming up, Iraqis blame the U.S.
depleted uranium for surgeon cancer that's admitted as a surgeon cancer.
New York Times editor, founding fathers feared such an imperial presidency.
FDA says food recall is urgent health threat.
I'm going to get to that first.
That's pretty darn important.
It's Castleberry Foods and several other wines.
We'll tell you about that with botulism.
This is serious business.
Charles in Louisiana, go ahead and finish up your point, sir, about people taking action.
If they just would invite the neighbor, the couple neighbors over, have some coffee and cake, and throw in a tape.
Say, look, I'd like to get your opinion.
I respect your opinion.
Give me your opinion about this.
And throw in a documentary.
And then they're going to ask, somebody's going to say, can I get a copy of that?
It's that simple.
It's no big deal.
I did this for years, you know that.
It's no big deal.
But people has to do it.
What you gave out over 6,000 copies of the videos.
A little over 7,000.
And I know Katrina slowed you down for a while.
Oh yeah, it put some hurt on me, but I mean, I'm back on my feet now.
I'm glad I actually seen what our government will do to people.
And everybody, I wish everybody would have seen it.
If they think the government's gonna be nice to them, and they in need, they got another thought coming.
I'm still sick over it.
Well, they wouldn't give them water for like two or three days in our dome stadium.
And by the way, they had big piles of it, but wouldn't do it.
We sent boats full of water, little bottles of water.
They were passing with helicopters.
They wouldn't take the water and drop it on the people on the roofs.
And then when they did, about three days, they were sending back ice trucks and everything else.
And the people would come out, and this is the truth, so help me, I know this is going to be hard to believe, Connie, I want water.
They would actually put a dog on you, a police dog.
We're good to go.
Did you see what they would do with the piles of water, and huge piles of food, not letting them have it?
People trying to walk out on the highways?
You could get out of the city, but they would shoot you, and they did, if you tried to leave.
Well, the police are proud now.
Some of them got found guilty for shooting people in the back up there.
I was telling people this happened a long time ago.
I remember you called in, Charles, because you were there as part of the rescue effort, and you were saying they were just machine-gunning people.
They were just shooting people on bridges.
It was unbelievable.
Mr. Jones, I would leave here at 3 o'clock in the morning, I would get down there at about 5, and I would come, I would get out, you know, and they would make us come back at 9, and we were running shifts.
And I would come back here about 11.30, and I would call in.
But it was unbelievable, I mean,
If anybody depends on this government, something's really got to be wrong with them.
Something's got to be wrong with them.
These trigger-happy punks, they want to shoot something.
They give them this gun and this authority, and they can't wait to shoot something.
It's just like a 10-year-old on their first deer hunt, and when the deer walks out, they don't even aim, they just shoot.
It's buck fever.
And if these people don't think that they ought to take their guns away, you should have seen this.
They took a woman to come to the door with a knife and a gun.
They threw her down like she was a 16-year-old kid, and the boy just jumped all over her.
Very few people resisted.
Very few.
But I never seen it.
I mean, some argued, but they would say, we'll just come and we'll kill every kid.
I want the guns now.
And they were putting them in the yards and just taking everything.
I'm sure they didn't get all the guns, but the military... By the way, the NRA and others sued.
No one ever got their guns back.
They didn't even mark them.
And they would even have, like, emergency workers who had passes to get in.
You'd have people in their own SUVs, convoys from different power companies, in there trying to get the power back on, called by FEMA
And the police would come over, and this is on the news, and take guns out of their cars and say, you're hired to come here and get the power back on, but you're not allowed to have a gun to protect yourself.
Well, they was letting the 9th Ward have their guns, though.
The 9th Ward ran the police back.
And it's the truth.
The police were scared to go in the Ninth Ward.
But they took your guns from the good people.
And if you was an ex-policeman, they took your gun.
Ex-military, they took your gun.
Well, listen, listen.
That's what they do, Charles, and I appreciate your call.
God bless you.
I'm going to tell this story right now, and I've told it three or four times, but I'm going to briefly tell it again, and then add a part two to it.
I have a friend who also does some contracting work for me.
Who had an expired driver's license and I was pulling up to my office and there they were in handcuffs being put in a squad car and I pulled up and the cops laughed and said, yeah, if he was an illegal alien, we wouldn't arrest him.
If they did, they only give them $50 fines.
By the way, that's also been in the news.
It's not just me telling the story.
That's all over the news all over the country.
And they,
They were arresting him, and they laughed, and they said, yeah, we're not really supposed to arrest illegal aliens for this stuff, but even if we do, nothing happens to them.
Well, then he got those charges, and he went to jail, and then when he went to face the charges, they said, oh, it's suddenly been taken off the records, you can't have a court date.
Then he still had to drive to get to work, so he was out driving, and he got arrested again.
And this time they put a bunch of other charges on him and then he was trying to go get a court date there and pay these lawyers thousands of dollars and then couldn't ever get that so got caught again out driving and took him to jail again and now it's like all these charges and five thousand plus dollars and he's asked the prosecutors you know can I have a deal can I just pay I mean it just gets worse and worse and they just laugh
But, in those courts, you can go watch it.
Illegal aliens line up all day and pay $50 fines for anything you can imagine.
No ID, no nothing.
They just say, pay us cash right now.
The illegal is paying lien.
They know Americans are here to be fed on.
We are here to be abused.
And it's the same thing where you've got the Ninth Ward, known for one of the highest crime rates in the country.
And there are good people in there as well.
What, Fats Domino was in there and got stuck.
But it's one of the most dangerous places in the country.
And yeah, the police didn't go in there, they left it alone.
They went where the cattle are, the rich white areas.
When I say million-dollar homes, folks, I've got some architecture book of the finest homes in America, and I saw these on the news with them in the houses taking guns.
I mean, these are houses that look like the Supreme Court building.
I mean, twenty-five, thirty million dollar houses.
I mean, houses built back, you know, right after the Civil War, before the Civil War, were some of the most wealthy people.
New Orleans was more powerful than New York back in the 1830s and 40s and 50s.
With the tobacco, and the cotton, and the slaves, and everything coming in there.
They're going into areas where the average home is worth about two million dollars, and they're going right in, and you see these rich white people out there lined up with their guns being taken, with troops just laughing with enjoyment.
We've aired the audio fifty times here.
The video's all online.
And that's my point to all these yuppies.
You are the first people they're going to come after when martial law comes in.
You're going to be saying, I got George Bush stickers on my car, right when they take that rifle butt and go, BAM!
Right in your teeth, right when you hit the ground.
And they'll just high-five, YEAH!
I mean, that's what these people are about.
And of course the military didn't go into the Ninth Ward, folks.
Half the military are gangbangers or illegal aliens.
You didn't know that?
You weren't given the newsflash?
So, I just want all the yuppies, the thumb-sucking, cowardly, pot-bellied, golf-playing, and I'm not saying you're bad if you play golf, folks.
I grew up playing golf.
My point is that you think you're an elitist because you live in a $500,000 house, and you've got a $100,000 jet boat, and your wife's good-looking.
You're nothing.
And you need to get that through your pea brain right now.
Because if people like you in the middle class with a little bit of money would join us in the fight.
And I don't say call me and join me.
I'm saying go out and do something.
Go out and fight the New World Order.
Go out and get involved.
Go out and stand up to tyranny.
We could turn this around.
But no, you feel like you're part of the system.
Well just go down with the ship then.
Let's go to Kevin in Connecticut.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
I'm here to speak with you.
I've got two quick things I want to run by you.
Number one, on the access producer that I have, Luke Radowsky and Matt Lipasek on my TV show recently.
Oh, they're great!
Yeah, and they were fantastic.
But what I'm calling about is this.
That executive order, that puppet in the White House just signed recently, people should be really up in arms about because it does two things, Alex.
Number one, it takes away all the freedom of speech and it takes away all property protection.
I want to be clear.
Bush can declare himself king of the moon tomorrow.
That doesn't make him king of the moon.
He can say the moon is made out of Swiss cheese.
It isn't.
And that executive order is very vague.
It could be interpreted
Well, the way I look at it is this.
That's an executive order.
It hasn't been posted yet to the National Registry.
And there is checks and balances to some level in our government.
Number one... Well, I mean, it does say U.S.A.
Okay, go ahead.
People should be melting the phones of Congress.
They should be faxing our congressmen until those fax machines break, and they should be emailing those servers until they crash to tell these people to write up legislation to defeat that, because the powers in the Congress, they want to put heat on us.
No, no, I agree.
We should.
Put him on hold for a minute.
We should.
Yeah, I mean, we really should.
Fight this.
But in a way, let it come, like Patrick Henry said.
I mean, let them start arresting protesters, which they're doing.
Let them start seizing bank accounts of people that protest the war.
Let everybody see what this is.
Let them experience tyranny.
Alright, I'll let you briefly finish up, Kevin, when we get back.
I'm going to go to Linda in Rhode Island, Josh in
Chicago and others.
And then Colonel Craig Roberts is going to be joining us for an hour and a half.
I'm going to go over the news with him and talk about a host of issues.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
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Alright, I want to get to Lyndon and Josh, so let's move quick.
Kevin, finish your point.
Yeah, I just wanted to say that, you know, we should be calling up our congressman and quoting the movie Network.
Hey, I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.
And ask these people to write up legislation to rescind that executive order when the time comes.
Because we did the same thing with that immigration, and we were able to shut that down because we got in their faces.
And we need to do the same thing with this because they're connecting our First Amendment rights
To our property rights and connecting those and taking them... Oh, I know.
It's great, eh, Tierney?
And I appreciate you calling, sir.
Good to have you on board.
This is what's happened over and over again.
They signed executive orders in the 60s saying the same thing.
It's just now people are concerned because Bush uses the executive orders he puts in place.
Government's been claiming these godlike powers for a long time.
Linda, in Rhode Island, you're on the air.
I have a 12-year-old.
Back in September, I refused to give him his 12-year booster vaccines.
And about a month ago, I received a letter from the CDC telling me that in my area, my zip code, several people were chosen to have a questionnaire over the telephone.
They would be calling me.
They called me this morning, and they said, um, we're not going to ask you anything about vaccines, they said, but we're concerned about the health of the child.
Yeah, so now you have the Feds acting as social workers calling you, claiming they're not asking about vaccines.
Again, that's how they get you to talk about it, using cop terminology.
This is just the police state.
They love your child so much, they want them to have those special, special injections with heavy metals.
I know, and this is... Well, number one, I would just hang up, okay?
I did.
Anytime a bureaucrat's at your door, the feds show up, these are criminals who are there to just get in your life.
This is literal mafia.
Kids out of school.
My child is coming out of school this year.
I mean, Rhode Island's terrible compared to a lot of states, but they're all doing it now.
They reported your child to the feds.
I know.
When they first called me, they called me once already, and I was screaming at them telling them, you know, my kid's not taking vaccines, they're poisoned, go do your research.
And they reported you to the feds.
Yeah, they probably called me again this morning, but they're telling me that they got my number at random and they don't know who I am.
They're total liars, ma'am.
You're under... Listen, you're... Look, listen.
The next move will probably be some bureaucrat at your door.
He'll say, oh I'm here from CPS or Child Protective Services or Family Services.
Do you mind if I come in and talk?
And they're gonna be, they'll probably have their camera phone going and they'll just be looking.
You're not coming in my door.
You're not getting in my door.
Well listen, don't yell at them.
Don't get mad at them.
I understand that's a mammalian trigger.
It's to defend your young.
Just don't engage with the hyenas.
Stay in your cave.
Do not engage with them.
Thank you, Alex.
Alright, anything else?
I'm sorry you're under enemy attack.
Thank you, Linda.
This is our country.
This is what we've turned into.
Illegal aliens can drunk drive and are literally above the law, but mothers are being harassed by the feds now.
Listen, the social workers were set up by the eugenicists a hundred years ago.
Then they got caught after World War II, they went underground.
But all the people in command right now were taught by eugenicists.
I mean, we haven't found any organization, any group, Ray Kurzweil, it doesn't matter, who isn't being funded by these people.
I'm telling you, 98% of the intelligentsia are with them.
That's why Bill Joy, the head of Sun Microsystems, worth $4 billion, owns a bunch of companies, top programmer, 180 IQ,
Went to a globalist meeting, he just said an international meeting, met with 200 people, and he came out and said, my God, the consensus is they're gonna kill everybody.
That's the rare person from their own group that will warn you because he's courageous.
We don't try to get Bill Joy on, by the way.
Never even thought to even try to do that.
We are in absolute crisis, okay?
The killers are in control!
I wish it wasn't true, I'm completely freaked out!
I just want to live an innocent life.
I want to go to camping and fishing lodges and go around in little aluminum boats with five horsepower motors and fish.
I want to eat bologna sandwiches under a big cypress tree on Caddo Lake in East Texas.
I want to hike up the Rocky Mountains, folks.
I don't want to be here having to tell you psychopathic demons are in control.
But they are!
I don't know how else to tell you!
How else to warn ya?
I mean, you think it's freedom that this poor woman doesn't want to shoot her kid up with deadly poison?
Until the school calls the feds on her?
And now the feds are calling her and sneaking around and asking questions?
It's happening all over the place.
These poor mothers, even lower middle class mothers, are setting their kids up for head start.
They think it means, you know, free daycare for their two-year-old.
And what they didn't know is it means three CPS visits a year to your house.
Upwards of 20% of the children put in Head Start are now being taken.
Folks, they are, the system is predatory.
Completely wicked and getting more wicked by the millisecond.
We're in an emergency Mayday situation.
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.
Recognize it for what it is.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
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Well, he's got a long and distinguished career.
He's a great guy, good friend of mine.
Colonel Craig Roberts, Marine Corps Sniper, best-selling author of One Shot One Kill, written a bunch of other books, many of them big sellers.
Very intelligent guy.
The kind of person I like because he has a wide range of understanding.
Isn't just an expert in one or two areas.
Very informed.
Been a radio talk show host in his own right for more than a decade.
Syndicated broadcast across the country and local shows in Oklahoma.
He of course was a SWAT team leader, police helicopter pilot.
Amazing stories.
Getting a chance to drive with him from
Oklahoma up to Kansas City one time for an event and back was just great to get to hear all those stories.
And of course he investigated the Oklahoma City bombing.
That's how I met him and first started interviewing him I guess 10 years ago.
And then of course he also is a colonel in the Army and has worked in intelligence.
So he has been all over the map.
Craig, earlier we were, before you got on, each show has a theme, even though we don't try to have a theme.
Eugenics, the master plan, the globalists who have a different world view than us, a different logic than us, a different system than us, and it's hard for the average person to interface with that mindset.
But just out of the gates, from your decades of research, your life experiences, the things you've seen,
Well, I did a lot of work in that area while I was working on the book The Medusaphile.
You introduced me real fast, but then you said I was a colonel in the army.
I was a lieutenant colonel.
I'm now retired and have been for a number of years, so I don't want anybody coming after me saying you're representing something you're not, you know?
So we'll keep that up there right up front.
On the population control deal, because that's what we're really talking about.
We're talking about the globalists deciding how many people are allowed to inhabit the real estate, so to speak, in every country.
And they try different things.
They've tried everything from the Holocaust under Hitler to
Different types of, you know, authorizing abortion, to trying to kill off as many people as they can in wars of attrition, to letting tribal warfare go unchecked in places like Rwanda, political warfare go unchecked in places like Cambodia, you know, watching what socialism does and communism does.
Oh, and by the way, I was just rereading Dr. Henry Kissinger's 1974
Well it is, and then you add to that
You know, I mean, it's almost like they've got different branches that work on different projects.
You add the medical branch on that, where, you know, they alter the vaccines, or they put something in the vaccines, or they put something in the water, or they put something in the atmosphere.
You know, back in World War II, Hitler asked his staff members, you know, what's the best way to get rid of a large number of people?
Because, you know, when you shoot them, it costs a lot of money.
You can't just keep lining people up and shooting them.
It's, you know, it takes ammunition we need to use on the front lines.
And they came up with different things, you know, the gas chambers, burying them alive, running over them with bulldozers, you know, so on and so forth.
So that question has always been in the mind of the globalists who want to reduce the world's population by eighty percent.
And they want, that includes you and me.
And so they're trying to find ways to do it to where A, we won't notice it, or B, we can't stop it, or both.
And I think they probably get together and come up with all kinds of schemes and they use
They use great amounts of money and all the resources they can in the scientific community to come up with ways of dealing with things such as, you know, I mean you talk to Dr. Stan Monteith and he talks about where AIDS came from and how it could target an entire race or an entire generic population or whatever and it was unleashed, you know, years ago to see what it would do.
You were talking about thimerosal in the vaccines earlier, which is thimerosal as mercury.
They also put that in contact lens solution, and in saline solution you put it right in your eyes.
And the only people that really know what happens are those that are allergic to it.
It just so happens that I was allergic to it when I wore contact lenses.
And I couldn't figure out why my eyes were burning until I started doing some research because there was no disclaimers that what mercury or thimerosal did.
They said, well, it's a preservative.
Well, don't preserve it.
You know, let's just use it fresh.
But, you know, just regular saline solution.
This is crazy.
So I started digging into it and I found out that they were putting thimerosal in the vaccines.
As a preservative.
And then, you know, later on they finally admit, after enough people, you know, get educated and start screaming and yelling and jumping up and down, that, oh, you know, some people might be allergic to this and it might cause autism and it might do this and it might do that.
But yet, you watch television tonight and every pill that comes out that the pharmaceutical industry produces, they tell you what a great thing it is and how you ought to talk to your doctor about it and right after that it tells you all the organs it destroys.
Yeah, I mean, we're finally getting at least some truth out of these people on what happens if you do take this stuff.
But the problem with human beings is we always want to think it happens to the other guy.
Surely that won't happen to me.
I mean, I'm in good health.
My organs are strong.
I can take it.
That's just for a small part of the population without realizing there's nothing in there that says it only happens to people with type A or type B blood.
It happens to a lot of people, and maybe everybody, but just different degrees.
Well, they also try other deceptions, like saying five years ago, oh, we've taken the mercury out, but then Bush signed an executive order last week saying no, no laws to ban mercury in vaccines.
Well, and that's insanity, but even if they took it out, they would find something else to put in there.
You know, when we have these guys that went off to Desert Shield, and then later Desert Storm,
It was mandatory that they took certain vaccinations, and one of them was for nerve gas.
I had never heard, in all my years in the military, of a vaccination for nerve gas.
And I wondered, where did they come up with this?
Because a nerve gas, what you use is an atropine injection after you know you've been affected with it.
You've got, you know, like a minute or two that you can get this thing and you jam it in your leg.
It comes in your bio kit that you carry on your person.
And you're trained on how to detect whether or not you've been in a nerve gas, you know?
Did you smell pneumone?
Hey, do you have a burning place on your skin that all of a sudden you start to feel giddy and yada yada yada?
And at that point, you know, if you know you've been in... Well, there's no vaccine that can stop a toxin from attacking your nerves.
Well, that's right, but they gave all these guys these shots that I knew
There's no way that these things could be effective for anything.
There's never been any testing on it.
There's never been any advertising in the military that, hey, we've got a new vaccine that stops the effects of nerve gas.
There's never been anything.
But all of a sudden, all the troops line up and take this shot.
After they come home, which, you know, when you're talking in terms of warfare, six months to a year is a very short war.
These guys come home, and within a very short time, they start having all kinds of problems.
And there's only two things that could have affected them over there that was different than every other war we've been in or every other peacetime exercise or whatever.
There was only two things.
Well, actually, there was three.
There was three things.
There was, of course, the depleted uranium.
There was the nerve gas shots.
And here's one more that no one talks about.
And I want you to think about this, Alex.
No place had we ever had so much communication set up at one time as we did in Desert Shield.
We had microwave towers all over the place for communications using microwave transmissions which we did not use in wars previous to that because we didn't have microwave technology then.
We used FM and AM and UHF.
But then, we went into the different types of high burst rate communication systems that use satellite technology and so on.
We got into the microwave towers.
Now, you start putting microwave energy all around a tent camp area, what's going to happen to the people that are there?
It's like putting them in a microwave oven.
Microwave relay towers can even knock birds out of the sky and kill them!
Oh sure!
And in fact, you can do that with HF if you crank up the wattage high enough.
I know a friend of mine that was in Reykjavik, Iceland at a naval retransmission center up there on a big tower.
He could crank up enough wattage in an HF transmitter to key the mic and knock seagulls down.
So it's out there.
Radio energy is radiation.
It's all around, right now, all over the place.
We are being impacted and absorbing every type of frequency known to science right now, no matter where we are as we speak.
You know, I used to laugh at these guys when I was on the police department.
They would call in and talk about the Martians were on their roof and were pouring poison through the roof and things like that.
They always do that, yeah.
We got all the nutcases.
We had one, her name was Nurse Irene.
She would call and she would...
She was a retired Air Force nurse that had gone off the deep end and she would read the little metal tags on the telephone poles for the serial numbers of the poles.
And she would walk around town listing them all, then she'd call in and report them in a very whispery, hushed voice, and then tell us what they really meant, because the communists were here, and so on and so forth.
And I used to laugh at these guys that put the tinfoil over their heads, and I'm starting to wonder, maybe they knew something that we don't.
But, you know, you talk about Faraday Shields protecting against EMP on electronic equipment, and so on and so forth.
Well, all this energy is out there, and if we go back to Desert Storm and Desert Shield,
These guys were living right next to these towers that were transmitting 24-7, and you can't help but wonder what that did to cell structure, and what that did to immune systems, and what that did to blood cells.
And this is something that I've never seen addressed anywhere.
Now we're starting to hear that cell phones can cause brain cancer if you use them all the time.
Uh, you know, overuse of anything that has radiation to it, uh, you know, whether... Well, we know the radar guns give the cops testicular cancer.
Well, you know, we found out back in the fifties on the dew line when these idiots up there would try to warm their coffee in front of the big radar set and stand there while they turned the radar on and then...
I think?
I think?
Using different types of frequencies to stimulate different parts of your brain.
DARPA now admits that they've developed this.
Oh yeah, we followed suit later on, but I mean the Russians were up on this and it makes me wonder if they weren't using some of this stuff at WACO when they were covering up everything with that, you know, the big loudspeakers with the dogs dying.
Now again, before people discount what you're saying,
People forget it was in the cover of Time Magazine that the Russians and Israelis were there, and that it was literally a laboratory for international hostage rescue teams and crisis management groups, and they admit that, quote, the Russians had secret devices there.
Well, yeah, and that could only be the directed energy stuff, because what they were really trying to experiment with was they were trying to find out
On human beings, what they could trigger was different ELF, extra low frequency stimulation to different parts of the brain.
They could make you nauseous, they could make you vomit, they could make you commit suicide, they could make you laugh uncontrollably, they could make you go to sleep, they could keep you up and you couldn't go to sleep, depending on what they stimulated in the brain and what chemicals they produced.
And that's what they were working on to find out what worked best for given scenarios.
And so when it says that, look, all these guys in there committed suicide, it starts making me wonder, well, did they push the button that says suicide on the big black box?
You know, we don't know.
We may never know.
But the thing is, they were out there experimenting with that stuff in the field, you know, different parts of the world previous to this.
And then they brought in all of this equipment and started playing these big loudspeakers, supposedly to keep them awake, when they could actually be covering up all these other things that were going on.
So we're seeing all of this technology being developed and used.
And the sad part is, it's being used.
And it's being used on people.
The political aspect, there's two types of political warfare.
One is direct action and one is no action.
Direct action is when you go in and you have an armed conflict someplace.
No action is when you stay out of it and let everybody else have the armed conflict.
You arm both sides and let them kill each other off.
You know, the Rothschild plan back in 1773 said, when they went to finance a war someplace, it was finance both sides.
It matters not who wins or loses, for in the end they will both be in our debt and we will be in charge.
And it's the same thing when you start supplying people with armaments.
We supply one side, the Russians supply the other, they kill each other off, everybody's happy.
You talked about the Taliban, you talked about the Northern Alliance, you talked about what went on in Afghanistan.
You can chase that pony all the way back into the 1800s.
When the British went into Afghanistan through the Khyber Pass the first time, they didn't learn a very important tactical lesson in that area.
The Afghanis, who were in the hills,
Don't fight heads up.
They don't do conventional warfare.
They don't line up in little red suits and shoot at each other.
They'll attack you a little bit.
They'll do probing.
Then they'll step back.
In the first incursion into Afghanistan, they waited two years until the British decided, well, we've won.
Everything's okay.
We're out of here.
uh... and they took their best troops back to india for problems that were happening in the in the cashmere and and and uh... places and they left their stay behind second-rate colonial troops and logistical people in Kabul who as soon as the main troops left they came in and got wiped out
They went right back in, I think it was like ten years later, and they did the same thing again, and the rebels, they called them, waited two years before they started the counter-attack.
And then they did it with guerrilla warfare.
So the British didn't go back a third time.
The Russians went in, and it was almost two years before the Mujahideen mounted any serious attacks on them, but they really weren't getting anywhere until a U.S.
Congressman named Charlie Wilson, a Democrat from Texas, by the way,
Did everything he could to arm the Mujahideen with modern weapons, and of course his thing is he wanted the Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun to shoot down Hind helicopters, and he was working deals with the Swiss to buy him the Oerlikon.
The problem was the Oerlikon was too big and heavy, and there's no way you can carry it around, and if you broke it down and put it on mules, you couldn't even carry it around very much, and it took you a while to assemble it and so on.
Bottom line was eventually they ended up with the Stinger Missile, shot down the Hines and the MiGs and the Russians couldn't do anything and went home.
It took them ten years to learn that lesson.
But we had been supporting them all that time, but they waited almost two years before they started bleeding the Russians down.
They're doing the same thing to us.
Eventually, you know, we don't hear anything about what's going on in Afghanistan.
We're doing a lot of good stuff over there.
The problem is, when you start having the Taliban come out of their holes after a period of time when we think everything's okay, that's when they counter-attack.
And it probably will start pulling people out, thinking everything's okay, and then they'll end up going into Kabul and taking the whole place over again.
Then we go to the Northern Alliance.
They really don't care what happens in Kabul as long as they can grow their opium.
It's one of the biggest, you know, there's only three things you can do in Afghanistan if you're a male.
That's farm goats, be a soldier, or grow opium.
That's the only three jobs there are, because it's a desert.
And there's been Afghanis that have been interviewed, and they've said, hey, this is the only thing I can do.
I can grow drugs, which pays good money, or I can be a soldier, which is very honorable, or whatever.
There's no herd goats, and there's no money there.
That's the entire culture of that place.
You talked about India and Pakistan and, you know, the nuclear bombs and all that sort of thing.
There's going to be a war there someday, in my opinion.
And I'm just going to throw this out real quickly.
I know I'm talking about 100 miles an hour, but... That's good, go ahead.
We haven't talked in a long time.
You're going to have a culture-slash-religious conflict develop into something major.
The Pakistanis know it's coming.
They prepare for it all the time.
That's why they wanted nuclear material, because the Indians already had it.
They'd gotten it from the Chinese.
And you've got the Hindus in India, and you've got the Muslims in Pakistan.
Those guys are not going to get along, and there's going to be a conflict, and both of them are overpopulated, and they're growing into each other's territory.
So, we're just going to have to hold our breath and see what fuse gets lit over there.
Well, the globalists have helped get them the weapons, so they will kill each other, and again, that gets into the depopulation tactics.
When we get back, I want to continue along this depopulation line, because I want to talk about the psychology of the elite versus the general public.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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I think so.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
My good friend, Lieutenant Colonel Craig Roberts, Vietnam sniper, SWAT team, helicopter pilot, a lot of stories.
We ought to have him up sometime we should talk about.
All the stories of Vietnam and also on the SWAT team and helicopters and just everything.
It's amazing.
We've had him on many times to talk about Oklahoma City and there's been big new developments there, as you know, in the last few months.
We're going to talk about that next hour with him.
Also big new developments on the Kennedy front.
So we'll get his expert take on that.
He's really researched that and written, what, two, three books on it.
I know two books are fully on that and another book is partially on it.
So we'll get his take on that and also take your phone calls.
Before we go back to Colonel Roberts,
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And then just briefly,
We carry with three or four of Colonel Roberts books like a sniper looks at Dealey Plaza.
Killzone, the Medusa file, all available at InfoWars.com.
And later in the next hour, we'll actually plug those books and go over them and tell you how you can get them.
You can also get them from Colonel Roberts' website that we'll plug later as well.
But tying up the eugenics angle, I mean, we all knew they planned to kill everybody, or 90%.
And we knew that was their documents and their plans.
And we have the CIA and IMF and World Bank and
We have the United Nations plans, and we have the Club of Rome plans.
We have them all.
And all the statements by Ted Turner and Prince Philip and Prince Bernhard and the World Wildlife Fund.
We understand that.
I mean, we all knew that, at least in this movement.
But I, now the last six months, and really the last two months, have spent hours every day actually reading the books by these people.
Actually reading 700-page policy reports.
And I mean stuff that's classified, that's now been released.
Craig, and I'm sure you've seen a lot of this, but I would imagine you haven't seen it all, because I'm making a film about it.
I've really immersed myself in it.
They openly call us cattle.
They openly said we're so stupid that we're not going to read this.
They say they love to kill us.
They say they're going to do it.
They described 80 years ago.
Ninety-five years ago, atomic bombs and how they put mercury in shots.
No, no, no, excuse me.
I mean, these guys... And then you really realize it's spiritual at that point.
There's no way human beings could continue this evil and know the type of stuff they knew in the 1870s.
You want to speak to that?
Well, you know, this plan goes back a long ways.
In fact, you could probably chase it back to the Garden of Eden when the snake fell out of the tree.
You know, we talked off the air a minute ago.
We have to understand, and until we understand who the players are on the field, we're not going to understand how the game is being played.
Years ago, I used to have some of these guys that were in some of these militia groups and stuff would walk up to me after a seminar or book signing or something like that, and they would say, well, this and that about Washington, and this and that about the Russians, and this and that about so-and-so.
And I said, you guys are going to have to look higher on the ladder than that.
You don't understand.
You're not ever going to be able to defeat an enemy until you understand who runs the show, who the enemy really is.
Lord Wellington, before he died, they asked him, they said, if you had to sum up your military career, how would you do it?
What would you say?
He said, well, I've spent my entire military career wondering what the fellow on the other side of the hill was doing.
Stay there, stay there.
We're going to be back in 70 seconds, Colonel Roberts.
And we'll get into all this, we'll take your phone calls, we'll get into a host of other issues.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Craig Roberts is our guest.
We've got an hour left with him coming up at the bottom of the hour to open the phones up.
We will be getting into all the new Oklahoma City inside job news that's been coming out that he personally investigated when he was a police officer there in the area.
Also, we'll be talking about the new JFK info that's come out, but right now we were talking about knowing who the enemy is.
And it really is a spirit of evil.
I mean, it could be a Chinese globalist versus an American globalist.
They have the same literal wickedness.
They love to hurt innocents.
Like, whereas we like innocent, happy people, and we like good things, they like bad things.
Craig, continue.
Well, as I was telling these guys, I said, you know, I don't care if you go to church or read the Bible or not, the bottom line is, I do.
And I found out through, you know, all my years in the service and all my years in the police work,
There's two forces at work in the world around us, whether we see it or not, and that's good and evil, because you see things every day, even if you don't personally see it on the news, that is just plain evil.
It doesn't make sense, and the guy that does it doesn't seem to care, like he has no soul.
Marina Oswald, who was Lee Harvey Oswald's wife, her name is now Marina Porter.
You know her well, yes.
Yeah, I know her, and we were on a road trip going someplace to do a lecture,
I think it was up in Kansas and she said, you know Mr. Roberts, she says, my grandmother used to look at people in Russia and she would tell me, that person has no soul, probably KGB.
And she elaborated on that, and she said that there were people who would do anything and wouldn't even think about it, had no trouble sleeping afterwards.
Mark Hornke describes it as shark eyes.
They have the great white eyes.
Even if their eyes are blue, it's like they're black.
It's like you're staring into a bottomless pit.
Well, she said her grandmother could spot them a mile away and say, that person has no soul.
Do not go near them.
You know, that sort of thing.
Anyway, you take the good and evil, God and Satan, and you start breaking it down, and it all starts to make sense.
But is there a connection going up the ladder?
Yes, there is.
After I wrote the book, Killzone, A Sniper Looks at Diggity Plaza, I gave a copy to a relative who spent many years in the CIA, in various positions.
And we had a family reunion, and he said, let's take a walk outside.
I need to talk to you for a minute.
So we walked outside, and he was retired.
He'd been retired for a number of years.
And he said, you talk about different things in this book, and he says, you hit everything right on the head.
All this is what happened.
He says, but you didn't name the people in charge.
I said, well, I kind of thought I did.
He says, oh, you talk about the Council on Foreign Relations and that sort of thing, and then you make a quantum jump to, you know, the satanic influence on the whole thing.
But you didn't talk about the Council of 33 or the Council of 13.
And I said, what are you talking about?
And he said, well, it's actually the Committee of 33.
There's a number of people who make the decisions and their plans are part of an agenda that go back for years, decades, centuries.
And that's the inner ring of the Bilderberg Group, and you'll see those 33 heading up every other major organization.
And they've got their hands in everything.
You're talking military, banking, politics, drugs, money laundering.
They've got their hands in everything.
But over them is another one called the Council of 13.
And he said, these people meet, there's twelve, six on each side of a long table, and they meet in a lead-lined room, no one can ever hear what they say, they don't carry anything in, they don't carry anything out, and they make all the decisions.
They've all come up through different organizations, like, I guess, I don't know, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, all those guys.
They all have different
Stay there.
When we get back, we're going to explain who sits in that.
And ladies and gentlemen, again, this is, uh, I mean, just before we break, tell us again who this was in your family.
I mean, not by name, but just specifically, this was?
It was my wife's cousin.
And you confirmed and know that he was, I mean, how high level in the CIA?
Well, he knew Colby, he knew Casey, he knew Shackley and Clines, and a few others.
Well, I know that you are a stickler, you know, for documenting, and I've also gotten this from other sources, and these groups pop up, we know they exist.
And, uh, we know that there is, uh, less than 15 people that actually sit at the round table.
We'll be right back with Colonel Roberts.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Colonel Roberts is a best-selling author.
One of his most powerful books, and I've read quite a few of them, is The Medusafile, Crimes and Cover-Ups of the U.S.
It's available at InfoWars.com VR, safe, secure, shopping cart.
And it starts with the Devil Unit, 731 in World War II, and moves right into government assassinations, CIA operations, the true stories behind the bombing of the World Trade Center, the Oklahoma City bombing,
The Department of Amtrak Sunset Limited and what could have happened next to the American people on a nationwide scale.
He's talking about the first World Trade Center bombing where the FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver, and he predicts massive terror attacks to bring in a police state in this book written before 9-11.
The Medusa file.
I mean, you want to read something that's powerful.
That's what he was just talking about with this retired high-level CIA person that's in his family.
I think so.
He went and looked out the window and said, that's ridiculous.
There's an oak tree in the way, but we'll get him to talk about that too in the new JFK developments.
An hour and a half is never enough time with him.
We've got some time left and I'll have to get him up in the near future for a full, maybe a full two and a half, three hours.
I guess people just love hearing him.
I know I do.
One of the few people I'll actually shut up for so he can talk.
But the back of the book says, not the CIA, not the Mafia, not the Cubans.
And then it goes into what really happened.
Both these books are available at InfoWars.com.
Killzone and The Medusa File, or call 888-253-3139.
You can also write to us at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78704, and you can
Of course, also go to RifleWarrior.com to check out all his articles, his other books and materials.
We have a link to it up on InfoWars.com if you missed that website.
Craig, you were getting back to... I mean, tell us the story slowly.
Any details, because you were hurrying there.
He read your book.
You'd given it to him.
Tell us the whole story.
He walks you outside.
What does he tell you?
Well, he says that, you know, I had everything right in the book, but I didn't go high enough on the ladder as far as explaining who was in charge of all the stuff that
You know, all these organizations and stuff that I discussed in the book Killzone.
And he said, you didn't talk about the Council of Thirteen.
And I said, well, what's that?
And I've heard of this Committee of 300 and all that stuff, and of course the CFR and the Roundtable Group and the Royal Society for International Affairs, you know, ad nauseum.
And you try to do an organizational chart and all this and it looks like a hairball.
And he said, now he says, there's one in charge, there's one group, and it's only, it's called the Committee of Thirteen or Council of Thirteen, whatever it was.
And he told me that they met in a lead line room.
They met in a different place all the time.
And he told me that, you know, if a decision was made, it was made in that room, and it could happen anywhere in the world, they would decide who would go to war, when they would go to war, who would win and lose, and so on and so forth.
And of course, I'm just shaking my head like, well, no one has that much power.
He told me that there were six, around this table, there were six chairs on each side, and then one at the head of the table, and the one at the head of the table was empty.
And I said, well, what's that for?
Is that symbolic?
He said, well, I guess you could say it's symbolic, but it isn't to these people.
I said, well, what's it for?
He said, that's for the boss.
I said, well, who's the boss?
And he said, Lucifer.
And I said, you've got to be kidding me.
He says, no.
He says, they call him Lucifer the Light Bearer, and that's the god that they believe in.
And they get all their power from him.
And, uh, so I just kind of shook my head and I said, okay, yeah, you, you know, well, I'm gonna, you're pulling my leg, you know, and, and, but the more I started thinking about it, the more I started digging into it and, and, and confirming some of the stuff that he was telling me, um, the more sense it made.
So, yeah, okay, that now just as a basic street cop.
I'm down here going good and evil, God and Lucifer, God and the devil, God and Satan, whatever you want to call him.
Yeah, it makes sense now.
It exists.
So once you understand that evil people do evil things, then you have to go back to basics and figure out what side are you going to be on.
And that's why the humanists and the transhumanists that were literally founded by Julian Huxley, head of the UN, the first transhumanist, that's why they always tell us there is no good, there is no right and wrong.
They open a club of Rome, a committee of 300 meetings, by reading quotes by H.G.
Wells about how there are no morals, we can kill and do whatever we want.
They tell us that because they really know it's the opposite.
They know there is good and evil, and of course they believe Lucifer is good, that's why they really call it.
One of the other names of this group of 13, of course, is the Brotherhood of White, the Brotherhood of Light.
They really believe in what they're doing, and they believe they're going to be given with this merger with nanotech.
And they say this, Kurzweil and all of them say it, and he's definitely in with them, that they're going to merge with the light, merge with the technology, live forever.
But to do that, they've got to kill us.
Their master's telling them, because we're hurting the sacred earth.
So if they'll just kill everyone, then they can get the... I mean, this is... And again, for atheists out there listening, let's say you don't believe in God, okay?
That's your prerogative of your business.
I came at this from a secular perspective, just researching politics, okay?
And every time I ran into the occult...
The occult is real.
Skull and Bones is real.
When I was at Bohemian Grove, you or I look at it and say, that's a dumb, you know, play about Babylon.
Well, no, the men in the audience were getting off on it and were becoming... the only word to describe it is violently aroused.
They went, oh, yeah.
And I didn't understand it all at the time.
I didn't know what was so exciting about this.
But the point is, they believe it.
This really is their religion.
So even if you don't believe in God and the devil, they do, Colonel.
Well, yeah, and they think they get their power from him, whether they do or not.
And, you know, when you've got that much money that goes back for, you know, decades and decades and decades in these families because, you know, my dad, who was deeply involved in a lot of covert operations back, you know, years ago in the oil business when his international oil company was used by the government to do a lot of things overseas that they couldn't do without having a front, so to speak.
Um, such things as raising that Russian sub with the Glomar Explorer, uh, figuring out if they could rebuild the entire oil field in Libya after the strike that Reagan did if we needed to knock out the oil fields and so on and so forth.
He told me, you're gonna chase a lot of this back to money-powered drugs and money-laundering banks, he says, and it's gonna be in Europe.
It's gonna be the monarchies of Europe, it's gonna be, uh, certain families in Europe, and the bankers in Europe, and so on and so forth.
Well, he had a limited understanding of where I ended up going eventually, but at that particular time, he was way above me.
And he was saying that when you get into these monarchies, you're going to find out that they have plans, that they've worked together for centuries, to come to an ultimate conclusion of where they're back in charge of the world again.
Well, I don't know if it's them that's going to be back in charge of the world, or this committee of 13, or it's going to come down to the final battle of Armageddon or what, but I do know we're headed that direction, we're doing it full steam ahead,
And we're finding that they have set a date that they wanted to... They have set two dates, actually.
The first date they set was 2007, and they didn't get there.
So now they're looking at 2011.
These people are very, uh, occultic in their numerology.
And they're looking at 2011, and we're going to start seeing shows on TV more and more on the Discovery and History Channel and A&E and stuff about prophecy from different religions, not just Christianity, about what they talk about the end times, the Battle of Armageddon and what's going to happen at the end of the world.
I saw one just the other day, and they're talking about the Mayans and the Incas and the Aztecs and what they predicted, you know, with floods and explosions and volcanoes going off and changes in the weather pattern and earthquakes and all this sort of thing.
Not that it's necessarily going to end, but there's sure going to be a lot of things that happen, and somebody's going to end up controlling what's left over.
Did your dad work with Howard Hughes?
He was the president of B.J.
When it was oil to a company, he didn't personally know Howard Hughes.
He was pretty low on the spectrum.
When Hughes was around, it was after Hughes left the company that he started going up, and he ended up retiring about 15 years ago as president of the corporation.
Yeah, and I know that's how you, just really growing up on the inside of it, or at least in a higher echelon, learned about a lot of this.
When did the light bulb really go off for you, when you started saying, I better investigate this New World Order?
Well, I didn't even know there was such a thing until 1988.
I knew there was a lot of things going on I didn't understand.
And I started smelling a rat in Vietnam when they wouldn't let us go where we needed to go and do what we needed to do and win.
I kept thinking, why don't they just cut us loose and let us do our job and we'll get out of here and go home.
And LBJ just kept us there and kept us there and kept us there because when I landed in Vietnam with the Marines in 1965, we could have won that war in 30 days.
No kidding, because we couldn't find anybody to fight.
We were chasing Viet Cong all over the place, and the NVA hadn't come south yet.
But they kept us bogged down, dug in, you know, hold us a little operation there, take this little village here, and so on and so forth, and wouldn't let us go defeat the enemy like we were trained to do in the World War II classic and Korean War style.
It just, you know, it was just a...
But it was meant to create a counterculture.
It was meant to demoralize our name worldwide.
It was meant to take us to the point where Clinton destroys the military readiness, Bush destroys whatever's left of it, and here we go!
Well, that's why I started looking at things and wondering what's going on, because something just wasn't right.
Then in 1988, of course, I went down to Dallas.
I flew a helicopter down there for a law enforcement convention of helicopter pilots.
And, uh, I had, you know, three days down there and I got a rental car and I ended up in Dealey Plaza, just drove, driving around one day to get out of going to some of the seminars.
And, uh, I looked at the place and of course, you know, we've, we've, we've told this story before, but I knew that there's no way that Oswald could have done what they said he did with that equipment from that location at that time in this area.
It just couldn't have happened.
And that's why I started.
What was it like when you actually walked up and saw it?
I mean, when you actually walked in there?
Well, I didn't think too much about it because, uh, until I got up to the sixth floor,
I walked around the plaza and looked at different angles and things like that.
Then I went up to the sixth floor and I was just kind of killing time before lunch.
They had just turned the sixth floor into a museum and I walked over to the window next to where he was supposed to have taken these shots because they've got that one all glassed in.
You can't get to it, but you can stand right next to it.
I looked out from basically the same angle.
And I knew instantaneously that that didn't happen with a Manley Karkano in 5.6 seconds with three shots on a target that's going down the hill, around the bend, through the trees, and going to, you know, ever increasing over the last round at 88 yards and so on and so forth.
And I started looking at that, and what hit me was the government lied to me.
All the stuff about Oswald did it, Jack Ruby killed Oswald, Jack Ruby died, case closed, was hogwash.
And if they lied to me about this, what else did they lie to me about?
And there are 56,000 names on a wall in Washington that demanded some answers.
Stay there.
When we come back, let's get into the new developments on JFK and Oklahoma City and then take calls.
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Ah, my good friend Jimmy Vaughn.
Another good friend of mine, Colonel Craig Roberts, is our guest.
We're coming up, I'm going to play a few minutes of that to E. Howard Hunt, Deathbed Confession, and Craig, listening to that, it meshes with your books, with your research, with your information.
Give us your analysis of that confession.
Well, there's several things that struck me, but the one thing that really struck me as I was reading through it, because it really pretty much follows everything I said in the book Killzone, and Killzone's the only one that addressed everything that Hunt's extrapolation talked about.
But the one thing that really jumped out at me, and almost knocked me out of my chair when I read it, was he named
Lucy Ansarti is the main shooter, and that's exactly who I named, who was the Corsican hitman that was brought over here.
I'm not going to take credit for it, I'm going to take credit for printing it, but it actually was done by a reporter named Steve Revell, who had interviewed a guy named Christian David in a French prison, who named three Corsican hitmen that had been sent over here.
And the other thing was, I knew that in Vietnam, we talked about the frangible bullets, the ones that were mercury-filled.
Yeah, you've always talked about that, exploding bullets.
Yeah, and when I saw the Zapruder film, I saw a mercury-filled exploding bullet hit a frangible bullet, hit Kennedy in the front of the head, which made it look like there was a puff there.
And then later, I actually got to see the x-rays that were taken at Parkland of his head,
Showing the little white dots through his brain, which meant mercury, because it shows on the x-ray, metal.
And the little white round dots are not from, you know, pieces of lead or anything else.
That had to be mercury.
Well, look, it's even worse.
I mean, we have the guy at the morgue.
admitting that the FBI comes in with a rifle and puts Kennedy's hand on it.
I mean, not Kennedy's, Oswald's hand on it.
I mean, it just gets so ridiculously obvious and now we have E. Howard Hunt, I mean, the CIA section chief from Mexico City, the guy that overthrew, you know, Guatemala and Ardennes and all these other countries, and here is this, I mean, the guy that they call Ethan Hunt, E. Howard Hunt, you know, from Mission Impossible, folks, and he's saying, yeah, we did it!
Well, he was involved with Shaqton Clines down at JM Wave down in Florida during all the Anikastro stuff.
He was involved with Felix Rodriguez, the ZR Rifle team whose mission was to assassinate Castro, Operation Mongoose, the whole bit.
I mean, this guy, he was knee-deep in the whole thing, so he knows all the players, he knows what was going on.
I don't know.
uh... that's why uh... you know that this group film shows everything the way it did and that's what he says he says though that that he was in an administrative position does that match with uh... you know as a commanding position and not on the ground as a shooter though we have the Dallas Morning News and Dallas Times Herald photos with him and two other well-known high-level CIA guys dressed up like tramps well when you hold an ambush operation you've got your main ambush people up front
You've got your teams.
You've got probably a triangulation of fire.
You've got two teams of two or three guys each.
One is security, one's a shooter, and one's the backup guy.
And then you have an outer ring around that that keeps anybody from coming up behind them, and also functions as command and control.
If you look at the umbrella man out front, he raises the umbrella and he lowers it as the limo starts to pull up, telling everybody the mission's a go.
He's got a walkie-talkie in his back pocket.
I mean, how many people go down to see the president with a walkie-talkie and an umbrella on a sunny day?
Especially in 1963.
It's a small one, too, for that era.
It looks like a military radio.
Oh, obviously it wasn't a civilian one, because they looked like bricks back then.
Then you've got other people outside of that ring that make sure everything goes right.
And they're also the ones that coordinate the pickup cars, the escape routes, and so on and so forth.
Getting rid of the weapons and everything like that.
So you have a handoff that goes on to the third ring out there.
I talk about all this in Kills and I talk about the levels of insulation that have to occur between the decision makers and the field teams.
And what the sad thing is, is a lot of these field teams in covert operations don't understand it, but they are totally expendable, not only during the operation, but afterwards.
And what happened to all three of those shooters, Lucy and Sarti, they're all paid a million dollars worth of uncut heroin,
In Brazil.
That's where they all ended up.
Then they split up and went three directions.
Lucien Sarti went to Mexico, and in 1975, he was in a house that was burned down by the Mexican police and died in it.
George Bocognini was another one, and he was, I think, on top of the Dallas County Records building.
It was either him or George Bocognini.
But those two guys ended up, one of them ended up in prison, died in prison, and the other one disappeared and has never been seen or heard from since.
Well, they've got to know, I mean, when you're whacking the president, you're dead meat.
And that's what I don't get about these people that serve this evil.
I mean, even if you're a psychopath and don't care about us, the average person, you're working for people that are going to kill you just as sure as you're breathing.
Craig Roberts, stay there.
We're going to come back, air some of this audio, then get into OKC.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to play just the second half, a little clip of E. Howard Hunt.
He also put out a more detailed, written expose of how they ran the assassination of JFK.
And notice the mainstream media keeps real quiet about this.
But they responded, not completely quiet, they responded by a bunch of TV specials and all these big prominent people coming out and saying, oh no, one person did it, one person acted alone.
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Now, just briefly, I will also remind you
That Terror Storm 2nd Edition is now out and is now available at InfoWars.com.
The final edition, the special edition, 17 minutes of new info on how they reported that Building 7 fell before it fell, showing FEMA scripting.
Interviews with Jesse Ventura and Gore Vidal and many others.
A protest at Ground Zero last year is in there.
It's really an expanded film.
I'm really proud of it.
Get the special edition of Terror Storm at InfoWars.com.
And get Killzone, A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza by Colonel Craig Roberts, as well as The Medusa File.
Both excellent books that we carry.
I hope you get them all or visit RifleWarrior.com as well to see some of his other books and materials.
Now let's just play a minute or two.
This is E. Howard Hunt.
He thought he was going to die.
This is back in 2004 and then he didn't end up dying until earlier this year in January.
And then they finally released this and it fits exactly with Colonel Craig Robertson and many others detailed research.
Here it is.
Brought in to work on Guatemalan operations.
Sturges and Morales and people of that yoke stayed in apartment houses during preparations for the big event.
Their addresses were very subject to change so that
Quite a fellow like Wallace admitted one day, he was not necessarily associated with that same address the following day.
In short, it was a very mobile experience.
Let me point out at this point that if I had wanted to fictionalize what went on in Miami and elsewhere during the run-up for the big event, I would have done so.
But I don't want any unreality to tinge this particular story or the information I should say.
I was a bench warmer on it and I had a reputation for honesty.
I think it's essential to refocus on what this information that I've been providing you
Uh, and you alone, by the way, consists of.
What is important in the story is that we've backtracked the chain of command up, uh, through, uh, up through Kordmeier and laying the, uh, the, uh, doings at the doorstep of LBJ.
He, in my opinion, had a, an almost maniacal
The LBJ had an urge to become president.
He regarded JFK as he was, in fact, an obstacle to achieving that.
He could have waited for JFK to finish out his term and then undoubtedly a second term.
So that would have put the LBJ at the head of a long list of people who were waiting for some change in the executive branch.
Now, I would imagine a lot of people died whenever he did that, and sure enough, I noticed that Charles Harrelson died.
Just about a month or so after this information came out, because that's how the Mafia is, and we think of Mafia as La Cosa Nostra, or our thing, but the wider global Mafia is that they did kill most people in association with it, or who investigated it, or who were witnesses to it, but they left people like Hunt alive, though he was surrounded, his son said, by Cubans there in Miami, who he's second wife of that killed his mother.
Yeah, I think there was probably a lot of teeth gnashing and chest beating and screaming and yelling that went on.
Then, of course, immediately they go into damage control mode.
And they can either ignore it and say nothing, and just wait until it's yesterday news and it goes away.
They can discredit it, they can debunk it, or they can destroy it.
The three D's.
Which is, they all tried to do to me on the Medusa file in Killzone.
I mean, at first they ignored it, then there was all these shows that came up that, you know, there's no way this could have happened, it had to be a lone gunman.
Then Posner comes out with his book Case Closed, where Oswald did it by himself, you know.
No matter what the evidence showed, no matter what the witnesses saw or heard.
And so that's what they're doing.
When Oliver Stone came out with the movie, GFK, which was basically the Garrison investigation out of New Orleans, who Jim Garrison was the district attorney there.
And it's turned out to be pretty darn accurate.
It was accurate.
It followed Garrison's book, actually.
Garrison's book, On the Trail of the Assassins, was very factual.
He only got up to a certain level.
He was just trying to get to the Louisiana area.
We get criticized by the benchwarmers and the spectator, so-called Patriot talk show host.
Oh, by the way, that's another thing.
Going, Alex Jones is pushing this line that it only went up to LBJ with this Hunt thing.
I've heard them.
No, no.
No, no.
It was these other groups.
Obviously, the CIA commander is going to only talk about who he knew it went to in the chain.
Obviously, we're not saying there aren't people above LBJ.
Well, there had to be because LBJ was just a cog in the wheel.
You could go to the Murchison connections on the meeting they had in the ranch the night before Nixon got there.
You could go to the
I think so.
Of course, the Secret Service, they didn't do what they normally do.
They chose Texas, didn't they?
Because he was really unpopular down here, and they had an establishment that was known for getting stuff done.
Well, they could control the investigation afterwards.
They could destroy the evidence and get rid of witnesses.
There's all kinds of things they could do in Texas because of LBJ and Connelly's power down there.
They tried to do it in Miami a few weeks before, and that didn't work out.
And then if they didn't do it in Miami, they were going to do it in Dallas.
The next target was going to be Austin.
And of course he didn't go to Austin.
It was too late by then.
But they couldn't get shots off in Miami where it happened.
They couldn't get any clean shots out where it was originally planned.
But that was the first place because they could also control the investigation in Miami because of all of the Bay of Pigs stuff, Alpha 16.
And you notice he keeps talking about the transcript and in the tape about the Miami operation.
Yeah, and that's what that was going to be.
Well, I don't know if he's talking about that one, which was the operation leading up to the big event he was talking about, or he's talking about the planning that went on there, or the equipment that came out of there, or he was talking about the Miami operations prior to that, where Kennedy left the lads on the beach at the Bay of Pigs.
I'm not sure exactly which one he's talking about.
Exactly, he could be talking about any of it.
But, I mean, Rolling Stone covered it, but it's very telling how the mainline media, no coverage of this, but just suddenly, within two months, huge barrage just on every TV show and all these specials and this new 1,500 page book explaining how it, you know, couldn't happen.
Then they get on the news, they never give any facts, they just say, we've been debunked.
But then you read their books, it's totally manufactured baloney.
Yeah, all they have to do is they get a few talking heads together on the news and they just laugh and look at each other and say, oh, that's just all a bunch of conspiracy wackos and all of that's been proven false.
All of that's been debunked.
There's no substance to it.
And the average potato head out here goes, oh, okay.
They don't do their own research.
They've been dumbed down in the government school system and they think that this is all ancient history and it doesn't affect them.
So why should they even be concerned about it?
I don't care about that.
I care about who's playing football on Sunday.
And so what happens is all this goes under the bridge and it washes downstream and it's yesterday's history.
And that's how they play it.
They don't react to something unless they consider it to be a threat, and then they try to kill it as soon as possible, and then make it go away as quickly as possible.
And if they don't perceive it to be a threat, you won't hear a peep out of them, and no one will notice it.
Well, they certainly consider this a threat, though, because they've been going ape for the last four months.
Oh, yeah, yeah, because, you know, when you get somebody like Howard Hunt that jumps up and says, yeah, we did it, and no, Oswald wasn't alone in this deal,
Uh, then they're going, wait a minute, then it's a homicide and a homicide does not have a statute of limitations and a homicide should be reopened in the case investigated.
By the way, did you notice that even the big neocomposter boy...
Bruce Willis went public to Vanity Fair saying, yeah, the government killed Kennedy, and the same people that killed him run things today.
Right there, he summed it up.
Now, I privately knew, and Richard Linklater, our movie director I'm friends with, had broke it here on air without me even knowing he was going to do it, that he'd given him my videos, and then he'd woken up last year, and then now he does this.
I mean, if we're convincing Bruce Willis, Craig, this means we really are starting to turn the corner.
Well, and I think you'll see more and more people coming on board because, you know, I had a phone call not long ago from my own department, from my own police department, from the Special Investigations Division, from a guy that I knew that worked there back when I was on the department before I retired.
And when I was talking about this stuff, trying to enlighten other officers, I was kind of like the local Jack McGlam, I guess, and there was a lot of them that, you know, they thought I was wacko and crazy for talking about this stuff because
Their heads were still in the ground, and I said, guys, just look!
Read this!
Look at this!
Look at this!
Read this!
And I was told just about a year and a half ago, I got a phone call from one of these guys.
He had been assigned to investigate me because of some of the stuff I was talking about.
And when I went to Washington to testify before Congress for the Law Enforcement Alliance of America and came back and packed the chief off and he was after me and I ended up beating him down on that deal and so on and so forth.
He set special investigations on me to try to get something on me.
They couldn't get anything.
There wasn't anything to do it.
And I still passed my next top secret clearance with the military, so evidently there wasn't anything they could hang their hat on.
But he called me a year and a half ago and he said, you know, Craig, he said, I've got to tell you something.
He said, you were ten years ahead of your time.
Everything you talked about has happened.
It's all come true.
I can't believe it.
I said, well, do this, Randy.
You go back and you tell everybody else.
You take the torch right now and you go back into the bat cave and you start telling everybody this stuff is real.
Now they're going to brand you crazy or nutcase or whatever, but they did that to Jesus Christ.
You're going to have to stand there and you're going to have to stand firm like Travis at the Alamo.
Draw that line in the sand and don't budge from it.
And if you can educate one guy who will educate one guy who will educate one guy, then we're going to win this war.
Or at least we're going to establish what side we stand on.
Well, they're racing to hire every skinhead, roidhead they can now.
I mean, have you seen how the police are changing?
Well, you know, there is so much going on that's scary.
We're talking about cross-deputization with national agencies.
They're trying to create a national police force where they have their fingers in everything.
They're going to have sheriffs and they're going to use this immigration thing to spur the deal.
They're going to try to make everybody trained and certified ICE agents to be able to handle the border problem.
Then they make us take ID cards and then they selectively enforce on the illegals and federalize all the police in the name of a crisis they created.
The New World Order formula.
That's all they do.
This is what I said last year.
I said they will find a way to federalize the police forces.
Our own department, who for years and years and years had one of the most beautiful uniforms in the world.
It was a green shirt with gray shoulder boards and gray slacks with a green stripe down it.
Last year changed to all dark blue.
Yeah, they don't want the police to look good and respectable and to act that way.
They want them to wear these little black goon outfits with baseball caps.
Well, they want everybody to look alike.
They want a standard uniform and the only thing that's going to differentiate agencies is what's on your shoulder.
And, uh, other than that, and they can do away with that, like, if you start looking at some of these SWAT team uniforms now, they don't put any identification on them, or they have it on Velcro where they can tear it off like the SAS.
And the other thing that really just sends me up the wall are SWAT team guys that wear these balaclavas over their face, these ski masks.
The bad guys and the terrorists are supposed to do that, not the good guys.
Who cares what you look like?
Show them your face!
When I was on the SWAT team, we went in and all we had was a jumpsuit, and this was before Kevlar helmets, and we had a ball cap, and we'd have a ballistics vest we'd wear under our jumpsuit, and then our weapons and gear.
We didn't try to hide our identity from anybody because we were part of the citizenry.
We were part of the people.
Good deeds are done out in the light.
Tyranny is done in the dark.
What about in every case of Columbine or Virginia Tech?
I mean, you know, 20, 30 years ago, there's a UT sniper.
They go right up the building with the citizens.
Now, cops will sit there for three hours putting on all this stupid gear, and they literally, you look at their faces, they look like cowards.
What happened?
Used to, cops would charge right in.
Yeah, they're seeing a whole new school of thought on tactical operations, and a lot of it's good.
They've learned from our mistakes and so on, but a lot of it I don't understand.
When you've got somebody in there who's being executed, you don't sit there and worry about getting your shoelaces tightened up right.
You know, whether or not you've got your latest issue Sunglasses on.
But see, the Feds had already taken control of that school.
It turned out three months before.
And so they weren't allowed to even move in.
I mean, imagine when you were on to the Tucson Department.
There's somebody in there executing people.
The cops would have been there in 15 minutes.
They'd have gone in and killed the guy.
Well, and you know, at Columbine, why didn't they rush right in as soon as they got there?
I mean, they've got a whole school to maneuver in.
Four hours, fifteen minutes.
Yeah, well, I have done hostage situations before.
I've done building searches many times.
I've gone to a prison riot.
And once you make entry, you start taking the place down.
And you do it one room at a time.
You move down the hall.
You bring your people in behind you.
You take up strategic positions.
They didn't do any of that.
It's almost like they wanted the thing to happen, and I've never figured that out.
It's the Building 7 of Columbine.
It doesn't make sense.
Well, we know the Fed's there to tell them to stand down.
We know they had to wait till the feds got there in Virginia from DC.
And they ordered the locals to stand down.
See, that's insane, but you know, when you start, if you read the Medusa file, and you start reading about MKUltra, and you start wondering, you know, what motivated this guy to do this?
Oh, there's no doubt, there's no doubt.
The first reports were a bunch of shooters in black, and then it turns out that the FBI agent's son started it, and it was the first school in the country to have death education, and a CIA grant.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
Well, the deeper you dig, the farther you get.
It's just that the bigger the hole gets.
It's incredible about some of these things.
You go back in the MKUltra and the Chaos and all of those different mind control programs, they're not dead.
They're still out there.
They're under different code names now.
But the biggest mind control weapon they've got in their arsenal right now is the media.
So television, you know what?
We've got a load of the phone lines.
I'm going to give each caller 30, 45 seconds to ask a question.
We'll get to two or three of you.
Josh and Chris and Josh and Tim, William, we'll try to get to you.
I gotta get Craig Roberts back up for two hours here in the near future.
Final segment straight ahead.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
That's right, ramming speed, right at the New World Order.
Colonel Craig Roberts is our guest.
Look, folks, we're gonna get him up next week, two hours.
I haven't had him on in nine months, ten months, something like that.
We're gonna get him, he just agreed, he's been out of town, busy with a lot of stuff, haven't been able to get him on lately.
He said, well, come on next week, two hours.
Bam, let's go fast.
Josh in Chicago, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
First-time caller here.
I know we're running out of time, so I'll be really quick.
I just want to call and give you a lead on a story that I found out here in Chicago.
About a year ago, Mayor Daley created a job for Fire Chief Cortez Trotter.
A few weeks ago, I was watching the news and saw that he just recently retired to work in private sector for a company called James Lee Whitten Associates.
I just looked up that company a few weeks ago and found that it's comprised of ex-FEMA, NATO, and Homeland Security people.
And he, along with some lady that just recently retired from Homeland Security, are heading up Chicago's chapter.
Thanks for the call.
Call me back tomorrow.
We'll talk more about that.
Listen, what happens is, they don't just build the police state, they then also give the contracts to themselves, and it's a revolving door.
They're putting feds in over most sheriffs, most of your police chiefs are spooks.
Colonel Roberts, comments?
Yeah, I mean, you feather your own nest.
It's as simple as that.
It is.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Florida.
Chris, go ahead.
Eugenics versus nutrigenomics.
That's a topic you might want to look into.
The expression of certain genes can be enhanced or stimulated by nutrition and even by laughter.
I understand.
Do you have any questions for Craig or anything?
Well, I'll have to call back tomorrow.
Call him back tomorrow.
I appreciate your call.
Like I said, I wanted to take calls for our guests.
I know you've been holding a long time.
I probably shouldn't even take calls when I've got three or four minutes left, but hell, we're doing it.
Josh in Minnesota.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Hey, I wanted to ask Craig about what he thinks about the Militia Reorganization Act that's been talked about.
I've just kind of initiated it, thrown it around, contacted Ron Paul about it, tried to get it to attach to the Freedom Project movement.
Well, every state has the ability to have a state militia other than the National Guard.
And most state militias are not an armed organization.
They're the guys that go turn the lights off at the armory when the guard's overseas.
They want to reorganize some of these and train them to where they can actually be a military unit that can function underneath the governor when the National Guard's gone and he needs to handle a crisis, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and so on.
And that's probably a good idea because most of the people are veterans who are no longer
And the retirees, they've already served, and they still want to continue to serve in some capacity.
Absolutely, sir.
Thank you for the call, Josh.
Tim in Texas, go ahead, you're on the air.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
I've been watching a lot of Discovery Time shows.
A couple Saturday nights ago, they had a SWAT team on there from Detroit, and the head of the SWAT team himself stated that we are a paramilitary group.
For those naysayers that don't believe it.
Well, all police organizations are a paramilitary group.
They have rank structure.
They show rank.
They carry weapons.
They wear uniforms.
They've always been.
They've always been a paramilitary group.
They told me that 30 years ago in the police academy.
It's just the rules of operation have changed.
Yeah, what they've done is... Don't worry about all that eyewash.
The key phrases that you don't understand blow them off.
What you have to worry about is when they start getting connected on a national basis as a national police force, then we're going to start having problems.
And they started doing this back in the 70s under the LEAA LEAP money grants when they started buying us equipment, buying us right gear and so on.
Well, once they buy you stuff, you're on the dole then, and you're part of the puppet strings, and then things get worse from there when they start telling you what you can't do.
Thank you, Tim.
William, we can't get to you.
We're out of time.
Craig Roberts, thank you so much.
RifleWarrior.com is the website.
I'm going to have my producer call you right now, and we've got you on our clutches.
We're going to have you on for two hours next week.
That looks like I'm doomed.
Take care, my friend.
All right, buddy.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, spread the word about the broadcast.
God bless you all.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.