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Air Date: July 20, 2007
2026 lines.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
The dollar drops further.
Oil prices explode.
The housing market shakes from Miami to San Francisco.
But the average American is just beginning to become concerned.
The average American is just beginning to get an inkling that we face major crises in this society.
We have three guests today, and I'll be telling you about those three special guests coming up in the next segment.
One of them is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who's now just come right out with the fact that 9-11's an inside job, and he's now come right out with the fact that he believes they're getting ready to stage massive terror attacks.
He feels it in his belly, and he'll be joining us coming up today.
We've got two other guests we'll tell you about as well.
But I've been noticing now that I'm getting a lot of emails, a lot of phone calls, a lot of letters, and I'm seeing a lot of videos on YouTube as well-known conservative bloggers, but that were not on the government payroll that were actually conservative bloggers.
And just a lot of other individuals are now admitting that George Bush is bad, or may have been lied to, and are now basically shattering their left-right blinders.
And we're seeing the same thing at an accelerated pace on the left.
The left is forged, controlled, owned by the New World Order.
The so-called conservative movement is bought and paid for by the New World Order.
And that's why they always win, because they've had the illusion that there is choice when there hasn't been.
Finally, and I keep harping on this, but now we have some new developments, finally,
We see approval ratings now of 12% in Congress.
It was 14-ish a month ago.
We see Dick Cheney with approval rating plunging.
We see Bush's approval rating plunging.
Both parties are now hated.
Both parties are now despised.
And what do they do in Washington?
They continue the arrogant lying.
They continue the absconding with the truth.
They continue the fraud.
And they behave like cockroaches.
If you talk to any exterminator, you spray a bunch of cockroaches with poison, they just go wild and start trying to eat even faster.
They start fornicating.
They start breeding.
They start trying to basically loot even faster in the few minutes they've got before they roll over on their backs and twitch their little legs into oblivion.
And that's what's happening, but I mean they are just wildly running around, stealing, grabbing, just like nothing I've ever seen.
They're very upset they didn't shot the country's head completely off with the amnesty program.
They've still got 14 daggers shoved in our back, just on the immigration issue alone, but
We're not completely dead yet, and so they know that the economy can implode anytime.
They know that there's a hundred crises plus they face, and they wanted to get that blanket amnesty before they also brought in the economic collapse.
So the mere fact that we're holding back their plans, the mere fact that we're holding back their programs, means that they cannot institute the next phase.
See, we're in the game.
We don't have to be idle spectators.
If we expose that the New World Order is behind the dollar devaluation, they may hold off the complete devaluation.
If we expose that they're behind the attempt to pop the housing bubble, they may back off that.
If we expose all this government-sponsored terror, they may back off.
We're trying to save lives.
We're trying to save what's left of the economy.
We're trying to salvage what's left of the nation.
This is literal
Life and death for this country, this economy, and many of our physical lives.
We'll come back, tell you about the news, get into the three guests we've got coming up, and we'll be taking your calls later today as well.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, coming up today we have Edwin Black,
The author of the War on the Week and also IBM and the Holocaust scheduled to be joining us.
Then we have Dr. Paul Craig Roberts who's coming right out and saying the neocons are getting ready to stage a terror attack.
And we've got Richard Gage who I had on for about 45 minutes last week or two weeks ago that I rescheduled for a longer hour and a half interview so we can take your calls on the controlled demolitions of Tower 1, 2, and 7.
And I know that
Most of you understand this.
You're informed on this issue.
But we need to have all the specific scientific evidence from an engineer, from an architect, whose group has hundreds and hundreds of members that is exponentially growing.
We need to go over this data.
We need to be fully schooled in this data.
Other architects that are out there, or if you have friends or family that are architects or engineers, call them.
Tell them to tune in to the internet stream or on your local AM or FM dial.
Tell them to tune in on the shortwave.
Tell them to tune in.
Go subscribe to the podcast this evening or tomorrow and they can hear today's show.
Because this is scientific evidence.
These are measurements.
These are facts.
You know, Mr. Rothschild can say that Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto,
are closer to the sun than earth but the scientific fact shows that's not the case and they're trying to bring in non-reality more and more by design and the people are rejecting it.
That is the good news.
The social planners, the sociologists of the new world order, the technicians went too far, ladies and gentlemen.
They've lost all credibility now.
So that's coming up with Richard Gage
later in the transmission today also iPhone a Trojan horse for government surveillance the most detailed report on this and this is the next wave this is the next step in the evolution of technology I actually my wife got an iPhone and she likes technology stuff
And I thought it was all hype.
Everything I heard about it is true.
It's very intuitive, and it's used very nice.
I'd call it Web 3.0.
I mean, it's definitely the future.
And it is a little Trojan horse in every way, so she says she's going to get rid of hers.
But we've done an investigation of it, since it broke in Russian newspapers on Monday, that it's a Trojan horse.
We have a report up on
PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com on that front.
Also, again, as I mentioned, Dr. Paul Kirk-Roberts coming up in about 20 minutes.
My wake-up call, watch for another 9-11 WMD exercise.
Also, Agency French Press, U.S.
might strike Pakistan, the White House says.
It's not even big news here in the United States.
Should be.
Public discussion of Iraq withdrawal reinforces enemy propaganda.
So, they lied to us about the war by design.
We have all our own memos and Pentagon documents.
And now if we as American citizens say, hey, you lied to us.
Oh, you're not allowed to question and you're helping the enemy.
Funny, your own Pentagon plan says you actually want to create enemies where there were none and stir up and create resistance as a pretext to not just stay in the Middle East but widen operations.
So, that is coming up as well.
Also on the economy front, Miami condo glut pushes Florida economy to brink of recession.
Talk about condo glut, they're building a
55 story mega condo building right here in Austin, Texas.
I mean, we're not that big of a city.
And they're building, it's gotta be, last time I counted it, 20 other at least 15 story condo buildings just downtown.
I mean, everywhere.
They're tearing down neighborhoods, they're tearing down other houses, other areas, and they're building condos.
And I saw this in the 80s, I saw it in the 70s.
Every time there's about to be a big recession, my dad, growing up, he said, you see all those cranes, son?
That means a recession's coming.
I go, what do you mean?
He goes, every time I've seen them build like that, a recession's coming.
Why that's the formula, I'm not sure, but we'll be getting into that a little bit later as well.
We've only got him until the bottom of the hour, then Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former editor of Wall Street Journal, the father of Reaganomics, comes on to discuss that he believes we're about to go into martial law.
A lot of other people are saying the same thing.
Even Barbara Boxer said that we've never been this close to a dictatorship.
These are the times that try men and women's souls, but I always like to go back in time to the mirror to the future.
You know, we've done a four-part series on eugenics in its current context, under its current rubrics that it's operating under, but as we've discussed over and over again, the research of Edwin Black
comes up, and he wrote a book about IBM and the Holocaust, and also the War on the Weak, and I've read the IBM Holocaust book years ago.
I've just purchased the War on the Weak book, continuing my investigation of the history of eugenics and just how widespread it was.
So, joining us is Edwin Black, author, he is a
Good afternoon.
How are you?
Just in the time we've got with you, how did you discover how dominant eugenics was in the last century?
And then, I mean, from my research, it seems as if it was the dominant scientific group that really spawned many of the so-called modern disciplines that we see today, or certainly co-opted them.
When I first rode IBM in the Holocaust, I encountered a continuing thread of identification of individuals along eugenic guidelines.
And like many people, I thought that this was just some sort of a wacky science that had been taken to absurd extremes by the Nazis.
It was only later
That I learned when I did the research for War Against the Weak that all the Nazi notions of a master race and of the eradication of those deemed unfit to live on this earth, genocide, were actually created in the United States
In many cases, the Nazi laws duplicated those developed decades before in California.
Their research was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Institution.
And the whole idea in America was to create a master race of blonde, blue-eyed Nordics
Which Hitler studied and transmogrified into blonde, blue-eyed Aryans.
And so you have the horrible experiments of Mengele in Auschwitz.
Uh, where he attempted to, uh, put, um, uh, uh, blue eyes into, um, twins who had brown eyes and did all these monster experiments.
He was actually part of a program funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.
This is all lost to history.
And of course, nothing that our Holocaust Museum in Washington is going to ever bring out because, um, they, um,
They have an unwritten taboo against mentioning corporate involvement in the Holocaust.
So I did this research, and I discovered that eugenics really began in Victorian England, and was designed to just create a mathematical formula for a healthy marriage.
You know, rich, talented people marrying other rich, talented people would undoubtedly create rich, talented offspring.
But by the time it was transplanted to the United States and infused with a racist ideology that was caused by the socioeconomic upheavals of the 1900s,
It became a pretext for extermination.
When did Thomas Watson, in your research on him and IBM, when did he get the eugenics bug and become a wholehearted follower and adherent?
I wouldn't say that Thomas Watson of IBM was any more of an adherent.
than Theodore Roosevelt, or the governor of Massachusetts, or Woodrow Wilson.
I understand it was very widespread, yeah.
So basically, Thomas Edison reflected the mores of the time, the institutional mores of the time, and don't forget in 1927, the concept of eugenics, which was extermination, and
And reproductive halting of those deemed unfit was a law in 27 states.
No, I understand.
That's my point, is that I found that this was the mainline view, and that basically Graham Bell, it didn't matter, they were all into this, and now
Today, many of their children and grandchildren are the power structure and actually hold many of the same views just under new names.
Well, you're most correct because after it was proved at Nuremberg that what Hitler engaged in was not a war of plunder and conquest as much as a biological war to create a master race, eugenics fell out of favor
And the very same, the very same scientist... Stay there, sir.
Let's talk about this.
Let's talk about how it went underground and then became even more powerful.
Stay with us, sir.
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Welcome back.
Edwin Black is our guest, and he's written several best-selling books.
Well, Eugenics went underground and all the same institutions of Cold Spring
Harbor and the universities renamed their departments of eugenics departments of genetics and all the foundation grants and all that continued the research and in some cases many of these same Nazi monsters continued on as leading members of the genetics community.
Now, is that why I talk to biology students and even graduate students and they send me emails going, yes, all humans should die, we are a scourge on the earth, and I'll email back saying, you're a eugenicist.
They go, how dare you say that?
It's like so inculcated, they don't even know!
Well, I think what your listeners need to understand is that there's creeping eugenics.
The main way you have creeping eugenics
is to start to devalue human life.
The original eugenicists claimed that white guys with brown hair had to be exterminated and in fact in many states starting back to about 1911
Now let's be clear, repeat that for people with more detail.
Well, the original concept of the American Eugenicist, which was supported by the government, the American Agriculture Department, etc., was that the way to perfect a human race
was to exterminate the bottom tenth and the original proposal was gas chambers and some states like Ohio legislation had actually been put into the state advocating for doctors to prescribe a gas chamber.
Now that did not succeed and so they went to the other idea which is forced surgical sterilization.
Now inhibiting reproduction
Uh, deliberately, was later held, uh, after the Nazis did it systematically, uh, to be, uh, a form of genocide.
In the few minutes we've got left, sir, it's clear I'm gonna have to, uh, you know, beseech you to come on for a full hour, because you've got even, you know, a lot more knowledge than I have on this, and I've been studying it for years.
There's just so much.
I just learned more.
I know you meticulously document.
Skipping ahead, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, they give
67 billion.
I tracked most of it is to eugenics, creeping eugenics operations in the third world.
Comments on that?
Well, I don't think your listeners have a clue as to what the next eugenics is.
It's not going to be one based on race.
It's going to be based on corporate power and economy.
The insurance companies are going to lead the way.
The major corporations are going to lead the way.
And I'm afraid that the technology that's going to be used is not going to be DNA and fingerprinting and index cards.
As much as RFID tracking as they identify who will have a right to buy.
And by the way, biometrics was invented by Galton a hundred years ago.
We think that term's new.
Biometrics was invented a hundred years ago by a eugenicist.
Well, I don't think that Galton invented biometrics.
Actually, let me take that back.
Uh, Galton invented fingerprint science, and he began to try to, uh, launch a science called biometrics, and there was a journal called Biometrica.
Something of that nature, but Galton himself was not a negative eugenicist.
Yeah, I've got him.
Who tried to destroy anybody.
He was a positive.
He thought good people should breed together, and then the extremists came.
Well, Dr. Pianka at UT says 90% should die, and his students email me and say, no, we must all die.
Well, who's doing that?
I mean, that's just silly.
Dr. Pianka at UT.
Have you heard about him?
No, I really don't know, but I would just say that there is a group of people who do not want mankind to die, but they want mankind
To split into two groups, self-directed evolution and those who will serve it.
And that's a whole other topic that one day we can talk about.
Listen, can I have my producer call you and set you up in the next month for a full hour?
It's possible.
Thank you very, very much.
Hey, thank you.
Fire out any websites, sir.
The website is edwinblack.com, and the eugenics website is waragainsttheweek.com.
We've got links to that up on infowars.com.
Thank you, sir.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Glad you joined us today.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, here's the good news.
The Congress now has a 12% approval rate, down 2 points in just 30 days.
Cheney is now sitting in a major Gallup poll at 10 points, down from 12.
Mainline, hardcore, neocon, drooling base, who have never been conservative, they just bought into phony neoconism like they bought into a new Pepsi slogan, has now woken up to the fraud.
The troops just a year ago, 70% in major polls won it out, now it's over 80%.
Ladies and gentlemen, the criminal government, both parties working together, have blown their cover.
The left-right paradigm is imploding.
People are waking up.
But they know they're being lied to.
They don't have the details.
But, when Dr. Roberts has warned of this in the past, it hasn't gotten as much attention.
It's another indices that people are now finally listening.
He put out a warning last week saying they may stage a big terror attack, i.e.
the globalists, the neocons, a particularly virulent strain running things right now.
And finally, it's been picked up.
It's all over the web.
The web is on fire with the columns he wrote a few days ago and another one yesterday.
One of them is, My Wake Up Call.
Watch for another 9-11 WMD experience.
Here's another one from Raw Story.
Old Line Republican Warrant.
Something in the works to trigger a police state.
And with the PDD-51.
With the John Warren Defense Authorization Act, with the enemy combatant designations, with this whole host of issues, the Military Commissions Act, with Bush announcing that he's above the Congress, they are clearly testing the water.
We also know they had Tommy Franks for $540,000 a year, going around for a full year saying we're going to have martial law after another attack.
It turned out he was illegally on the payroll as part of the multi-billion dollar fake news buy.
Remember Armstrong Williams?
Well, that's the tip of the iceberg.
Joining us is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and we're trying to avert going into total dictatorship.
Dr. Roberts, thanks for coming on.
You've got Paul William Roberts, not Paul Craig Roberts, but I'm aware of his work, and we write similar things.
This is very bizarre, because I had Dr. Roberts coming on today.
It's not Dr. Roberts, but it's Dr. Paul Williams.
We must have switched the numbers.
And then you know what happened?
Sir, tell us about yourself.
Well, my last book... I wrote a book on the Iraq invasion.
I was there.
My last book was a novel, which really was the history of America, the history of American foreign policy from the late 70s on.
I mean, I can talk about this issue just as easily as he can, and I'm aware of his... Yes, I'm aware of your work.
This is interesting how we got our wires crossed, but you're on the same page.
Why don't you go ahead and speak to what's happening?
Well, I think, you know, one of the interesting things now is that, you know, not that the corporate media will let you know this, is that, you know, where does the U.S.
military support stand for the Republican candidates?
Well, it turns out that over half the military and veterans donated money to Ron Paul.
More than any other candidate.
So, you know, Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who wants to withdraw the troops.
So, I mean, it's quite clear where their views stand, where their sympathies lie in terms of Republican candidates who are voicing their view.
And, again, that's not been reported in your papers there.
Where do you see all this going?
Well, it just seems to be an inexorable spiral towards tightening everything down.
I mean, I'm in Canada, and here the problems are growing because we're so intimately tied to your economy, and now we're in this odd position of being the principal supplier of energy to America, and there are a lot of people here who seriously think that the US will invade.
You know, probably do it in a very subtle, you know, financial way, but our resources are now considered as your resources.
And as our economy thrives and yours begins to decline, it will look more and more attractive to gain control of the assets up here.
But, I mean, the overall drift is towards
A new kind of Nazi state.
And I think that's unmistakable.
And it doesn't matter, you know, which candidate is in.
I mean, the whole political system is rotten.
You've got cash wars in Congress and, you know, a system of lobbyists that basically counteract democracy.
And, you know, people are frustrated, but they have no outlet.
They have no voice.
But as I was saying earlier, people now are not buying into the fraud anymore.
I mean, that's really the good news.
Well, yeah, that is the good news, but how are they going to translate that into political action?
I was talking to Cindy Sheehan, we were both speaking at the same convention, and she had an offer to run for Congress, and probably would have been a shoo-in, but she realized that once she was there, she would be able to do far less than she can do now.
That's the issue.
The people who are supposed to be acting on behalf of the American public are not.
Now, is Cindy still going to run?
She didn't rule it out further down the line.
We interviewed her just last week and she said she's gonna run and I think she can beat Nancy Pelosi and I disagree with her.
I think with her bully pulpit once she was in Congress, plus that'd be a great defeat to the Democrats saying, hey, you know, you do what the people want and what's constitutional or you're gone.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But I mean, look at the Democrats in terms of their support for the war.
Yeah, go over that!
I mean, talk about that.
Well, most of them.
In fact, I was talking about this to Cindy Sheehan, and she was going on about when the feminine principle enters politics.
And I said, well, what about Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi and Hillary Clinton?
And she said, well, these are women who've made themselves more like men than men in order to compete in that environment.
That is not the same thing.
As bringing in, you know, the principle of, you know, the true feminine principle.
And to some extent I agree with that.
I mean, look at Hillary's position.
You know, it's more kind of hawk-like than the hawks.
I mean, they're... McGraw said just after the invasion that, you know, he would have done the same thing but done it differently.
So, there's been very little substantive difference between Democrats and Republicans.
In fact, some of the worst, most egregious errors or tightening of restrictions of liberty have come under the Democrats.
On the central issues, there's almost no difference once they're in power.
I mean, Clinton, when he was running against George I,
He said that he actually ran on a program of reduced military spending that was going to bring troops home.
And the result, when he got into power, and nobody called him on it, is that he increased military spending and put more Americans out there around the world than any president before him.
You know, besides bombing Iraq virtually every day.
It's a difference in style that the American public seems to have been suckered into for too long now.
They need to wake up to the fact that for a start, two parties is really not a choice, it's an alternative.
And when the alternative proves to be virtually identical, the country is being run for a handful of oligarchs and that needs to stop and it needs to be replaced with a real democracy.
Well, tell us specifically about your work and some of the things you've been doing.
Well, I started off writing books about countries that had gone through the colonial period and were emerging from it, like Egypt and India, and I became interested in the Middle East, and I went to Iraq first in the late 80s and interviewed Saddam, and then went back during the embargo
I saw the incredible condition the country has been reduced to.
I mean, this is a rich country.
It's not a basket case as it's presented in the corporate media.
It's an incredibly rich country.
Besides oil, there's uranium and all kinds of other natural resources.
And Iraqis will be the first to tell you that.
We can pay for everything ourselves.
Just give us our oil and our resources and leave us alone.
But the image you get now, and most journalists
Never saw the country before and don't realize how splendid a city Baghdad was.
They just see the smoldering wasteland it's become.
So it's hard to realize how rich the country actually is.
But your troops would not be there if that was not the case.
So I wrote a book about Iraq during the embargo and Saddam's rule.
I was opposed to Saddam as anybody else was.
That was a terrible regime.
But again, you know, he was helped into power by the CIA and the British, and kept there by them, by all accounts, until his usefulness outran, and a lot of Iraqis still believe
That he was a CIA agent whose job was to deliver the country into the hands of America when the time came.
Well we know that Saddam Hussein in 1958 was trained by the CIA in Cairo, Egypt as an assassin.
We know that they told the Ba'athists they would stop trying to overthrow them and they made him the head of security in 69.
We're good to go.
I mean, we are now into 16, 17 plus years of this extermination going on.
Our first world nation is now a smoldering wasteland.
I've talked to many tribes that have come back.
I mean, in the cities, most people literally are throwing their human waste out in the streets now.
It's all falling apart.
One of the first things they did, of course, as you know better than I, when they took over, was to make the data on the number of dead a secret.
We did get the Lansing Journal, and then John Hopkins did a study.
It is over 600,000 plus dead in the first three years.
We're now four years and three months into this, so the numbers when they come out will be much higher now.
All the ministries in Baghdad were destroyed.
During the bombing, deliberately.
And in fact, that in itself is a war crime.
You don't destroy a country's infrastructure.
It's all the previous records are gone.
Population records, things like that.
So it's very easy to fudge the figures.
But I mean, the facts remain.
I mean, I'm amazed that we've allowed Paul Wolfowitz to simply walk away from this mess, because he had had this in planning since 1978.
Then he did a contingency study, which is a kind of what-if scenario.
What if the Russians made an alliance with the Iraqis and gained access to a warm water port in the Gulf, thereby threatening America's strategic interest, i.e.
the oil?
He couldn't push that plan back then because Sudan was still a useful ally, but he kept on pushing it
Uh, and the odd thing is he kept on pushing it after the Soviet Union collapsed and its reasons ceased to exist.
So, uh, you can induce by that that the reasons were not the reasons given.
If the reason then was to thwart Russia's aims to get a warm water port and threaten the oil, what were the reasons after the collapse of the Soviet Union?
Well, they just want to have weapons sales, and the Pentagon tells us they want to destabilize the whole region, and then they tell us, oh no, we're there to stabilize it, when it's actually the opposite.
I mean, to see a population of 24 million go down to less than 22 million, millions are now dead.
Okay, fair.
Wolfowitz must have known this.
I think so.
You know, anyone who'd do anything about Iraq, including myself, you know, we're urging them not to do this because the result would be chaos, sectarian violence.
Well, have you read P2OG?
That's the plan, break the country in three parts, have endless war.
That's right, that's right.
And also to, you know, reduce the Sunni part.
Do you ever hear U.S.
talk radio where they just snicker and say kill all Arabs?
But it's all these real soft people who've never even lived or ever humanized these people, never been to Iraq like you and others have been.
I'd like them to go to Iraq and look at the dead and dying children and the sewage running down the roads.
If they want them all dead, they need to go get a gun and go over there and start killing these kids.
No, when I was there during the embargo, I went there for the New York Times, in fact, they wanted me to write an article on Uday Hussain.
And when I got there, I realized the embargo is the story.
I mean, there was nothing.
The pharmacies, you know, we were lucky if there was a bottle of aspirin on the shelves, and the children were dying of malnutrition.
Malnutrition is not as dramatic as starvation.
Uh, you know, but it's every bit as lethal.
You just get weak, you get sick, and you die.
That's right.
600,000 children under the age of 5 died.
And then they run little propaganda pieces going, look, warehouses of dental chairs Saddam won't give his people.
But what they didn't tell you is, they were letting the media in, thinking they'd tell the truth.
They could have a dental chair, but then no tubing or systems to run it, because that could be used in weapons.
I mean, it was ridiculous.
The embargo included things like pencils, because the graphite could be used on the nose cones of missiles.
It included spiral bindings.
The calendars from Scotland were kept out.
An Iraqi girl applying to do research at the British Library was told that that came under the embargo.
Now, we weren't told that intellectual activities came under the embargo.
I mean, there was no paper in Baghdad at that point.
I mean, I got my hotel bill on the back of some old government letter.
It was a really sad state of affairs, and every other person seemed as if they were on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
And to see them go through that, and I was there during the Gulf War as well, and the country was in pretty bad shape after Iran-Iraq.
But to see what's going on now is heartbreaking.
Well, Mr. Roberts, I'm really honored to have you and I'm glad we got our wires crossed because we've got like three Paul Gregg Roberts in the computer and this happened today.
Tell folks, because I'm very familiar with your work, I'd like to get you on for a full hour sometime to really talk about your experiences in Baghdad so we can humanize these people for these yuppies that have never been outside their city.
Who just dehumanize that it's like the plague is over in the Middle East and they all need to die.
Tell folks about your book.
Well, it's a novel that really is a condensation of the history of America from the Carter era onwards.
But I meant the book about Iraq, yeah.
No, the book about Iraq.
Stay there, stay there, sir.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Well, we're going to get that other...
Paul Gregg Roberts on again to talk about Baghdad and his trips over there and what he witnessed and that's funny I've never had that happen in my years on air that we got so many names in our database never interviewed that gentleman before that we got our wires crossed and ended up on somebody I never interviewed before on and then magically he agreed and then written books about the same stuff and was aware and said we're going into martial law police state and
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who I hope you'll just keep for about 10 minutes because he's leaving the country tomorrow, is with us right now.
He's put out a warning that they may be staging some type of terror event or getting us into martial law, and finally people are listening.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, thank you for coming on, sir.
Sure, Alex.
Just in a nutshell, in the time we've got, finally people are listening to you and you're putting out your strongest warnings.
Why are you doing that?
Well, Alex, I think what really made it so obvious was the July 18th Los Angeles Times report by Ronald Brownstein, which reminded us all that unpopular presidents have consistently undercut their party in the next election.
Based on everything we know about unpopular presidents in elections,
Los Angeles Times reports that 88% of voters who disapprove of the retiring president's job performance vote against his party's nominee in the next elections.
And on average, 80% of voters who disapprove of the president's performance have voted against his party's candidates even in House races.
So if you figure currently that you've got
Seventy-five, seventy-four, seventy-five percent of the American people who disapprove of Bush, and the vast majority of those are going to be voting for the other candidates in the other party, then you face a total Republican wipeout.
It'll be a total wipeout.
And so you have to ask yourself,
Do we think that Cheney and Karl Rove don't know this?
And so why is it they are persisting on a highly unpopular path that leads to electoral wipeout?
Because they've got an ace in the hole and that's mushroom clouds.
They've got an ace in the hole and that's going to be another 9-11 attack which will unify
People, make them scared again, unify them around the President, and you can hear right now what Bush's speech will be after the next 9-11 attack, whether it's authentic or orchestrated.
You can hear his speech.
It'll go something like this.
My administration knew there would be more attacks from these terrorists who hate us and hate our way of life.
And are determined to destroy every one of us.
If only more of you had believed me and supported my war on terror, these new attacks would not have happened.
Our security efforts were impaired by the Democrats' determined attempts to surrender to the terrorists by forcing our withdrawal from Iraq.
And by civil libertarian assaults on our necessary security measures, if only more Americans had trusted their government, this would not have happened.
Anyone should be able to write the script.
And so on.
Well, we already hear Talk Radio saying that.
We already have seen Chertoff saying, well, you're not letting us do the security we need.
We're going to get hit.
Bin Laden's back to full power.
There's all this Bin Laden chatter.
We're in deep trouble.
I mean, it really looks like the balloon's going up, Dr. Roberts.
Yes, of course it is.
The National Intelligence Report says that
The outdater is regrouped.
They're strong again.
They're determined to hit us here at home.
Sir, we've only got a 70-second break, and I know you've got to leave in just a moment.
They'll come back for just five more as you can finish your thoughts on this subject, and then we say bon voyage to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the father of Reaganomics.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got Richard Gage coming up, architect engineer.
With his big national organization, Architects and Engineers, 9-11 Truth, coming up after this break, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, father of Reaganomics, No.
2 Department of Treasury, associate editor at the Wall Street Journal, he joins us and I appreciate him doing that because he put out
Okay, Alex, they're setting us up for another 9-11 type event.
That's one way they could go.
Another way they can go, as Pat Buchanan pointed out this week, they can have another Gulf of Tonkin event, because we've got three carrier strike forces in congested waters off Iran.
And what they really want to do is to hit Iran, and they want to hold this war together long enough to hit Iran.
And Ron Paul was saying that last week.
Well, they say it over and over.
Don't forget that we had Cheney a month or two back over there on board a ship in the Persian Gulf telling the Trumps we had to hit Iran.
So even the Vice President is determined.
It's in the press almost every day that he's pushing to hit Iran.
Did you hear about Pastor Hagee and these weird Christian groups demanding the President attack now and saying it's our new religion?
Alex, they're put into motion by Cheney and Rove.
This is something that's not coming from Hagee.
He's just mobilizing the Christian fundamentalists to get behind the attack when it happens.
They wouldn't have to have another 9-11 event unless the situation gets dire for Bush.
In which case, they would resort to that in order to scare the people behind him again and have a way of shutting up all the war critics.
Do you think that's going to happen and do you think we're going to go into a martial law type scenario?
If it happens, he'll declare a national emergency.
And that's the end.
What do we do at that point?
Do we submit?
Well, you can't do anything.
They can arrest you at will.
And you become an enemy combatant if you complain about the war.
Look, didn't you see the Pentagon yesterday or this morning?
Said we're aiding enemies, yeah.
Denounced Hillary Clinton for aiding the enemy, for talking about withdrawal.
And you may know that on the 17th of July, Bush issued this new national executive order that they can freeze the assets of anybody who is contributing to instability in Iraq.
So you could see them use that on Hillary.
People don't really realize how dire the situation is.
So here are the possibilities.
They can finesse the issue by having an incident.
Oh, Iran attacked our Navy.
People will fall for that just like they fell for it every other time.
And then that'll let them strike Iran.
You know, they've set Iran up.
We had the Senate resolution last week, I guess it was, 97 to nothing, to condemn Iran for killing our troops in Iraq.
So that's all ready to go.
Now, if they think they need more than that, then they can stage a
I think?
If they can infiltrate those kind of groups, they could probably provoke them into action.
I agree with you, sir.
We're going to let you go.
Let me just speak to you one moment off here.
We've got Richard Gates coming up.
Dr. Paul Gregg Roberts has been our guest.
Dire news, but it's the facts.
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It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, I just completed our interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about impending martial law and state government terror attacks that precipitate that.
This is what I've been saying for four or five years.
The next attack will be when you start hearing them say, well, we're trying to keep you safe, but you wouldn't let us take all your freedoms to keep you safe, so now Al Qaeda is going to get you.
And they're now saying that, and you notice Dr. Paul Greg Roberts, a real conservative, is saying we are literally going down the tubes right now.
It's happening not tomorrow, not next week, and
I could have held him over, but I just made the final point he didn't have time to make, and I'll make the yes and I'll make it for him.
He said, we don't even have to conjecture or analyze history anymore.
It's in the newspaper.
I mean, there's open talk of dictatorship, there's open talk of arresting people, there's open talk of World War III, they're saying we're going to be attacked by terrorists, we have Republican memos about how they want terrorism.
It's happening.
Okay, we're going to open the phones up later for our guest.
He'll be with us into the next hour.
We're examining the big terror attack, the staged event that kicked all this off.
I want him to start back over with his 18 major points to make about the collapse.
He got to about the first 8 or 9.
Maybe he can accelerate back through those and give us the other 10 or so.
We're good.
A lot of Scholar Reports, so have other members of his organization.
He's very well spoken, very articulate, very effective.
And they're bringing forward the scientific evidence of an inside job that's irrefutable.
But before we get into the 18 points and then take calls, Richard, first off, thanks for coming on with us.
And secondarily, what do you think about Dr. Paul Craig Roberts saying that he thinks the balloon may be going up?
Okay, that is not our guest.
We put the wrong caller on.
This is a fun house day here at the network at every level and every way.
Do we have Mr. Gage back on the line now?
What happened is we let Gage go and then just so happened, Murphy's Law, the planets must be aligned here.
Lord Rothschild must be correct.
In that Jupiter and Saturn are now closer to the sun.
That was a new one here.
That's what happens though, once there's one mistake in one area, and that's what happened with this criminal government, it just leads to one after the other until you end up with things like what we just heard there.
Interesting story up on
PrisonPlanet.com right now.
iPhone, a Trojan horse for government surveillance.
Backdoor spyware modules allows state corporations and hackers to listen in.
An alarming white paper concludes that the Apple iPhone contains a backdoor spyware module that allows hackers or the government to conduct secret surveillance of the user, part of the established trend of corporations and states working hand-in-hand to eavesdrop on citizens via widely used software and hardware products.
Earlier this week, a technology group in Russia released the results of their attempts
To reverse engineer the iPhone, concluding that the product has a built-in function which sends all data from an iPhone to a specified web server, contacts from phone book, SMS, recent calls, history of Safari browser, all your personal information can be stolen.
The module could act as a backdoor for Trojan horse developers.
AT&T said the report adding that government structures would have access to the information.
Well, I mean, there's been reports about how they make all these telecommunications companies and hardware and software developers put backdoors in.
I mean, Microsoft basically is NSA.
And if you don't think that all based up there in Washington State that Apple isn't riddled with spooks, you got another thing coming.
Since AT&T displayed no hesitation in handing over information about their subscribers to the U.S.
government as part of the controversially legal NSA wiretapping scandal, well, I mean, they have whole floors at every facility that just are NSA.
It would be no surprise to learn that included in the trendy new must-have gadget is a spyware module that allows the government to listen in on your conversations.
I told people eight, nine years ago, as I'd read it in industry publications, that all of the
Cell phones have it built in that they can tune in and listen even when your phone is off and now that's in the news.
It goes on and on.
Digital cable boxes at the Scientific Atlanta have secret built-in microphones inside them since their inception in the 90s and these originally dormant devices were planted to be activated when the invasive advertising revolution arrived in 2006.
Mark that date.
Google admits they can tune in over your microphone on your computer for key words.
The article is very important.
Alright, we do have our guest there I appreciate holding and Richard Gage with
The founding member of AE911Truth.org, and I want to go over his 18 points, and I also want to take time out to take calls.
And at the same time, Dr. Paul Cray Roberts, who we just had on, sir, talked about how he thinks Bush may stage a big terror attack, because they've got to go into Iran.
He talked about how all the ducks are lined up in a row.
Are you getting that same sense of urgency, Mr. Gage?
Well, I do share that sense of urgency, although I don't have time, unfortunately, to research the events that he and you do.
I'm out there as much as I can trying to wake up as many architects, engineers, and others to the evidence that I'll be sharing with your listeners today.
Just tell us about yourself and then let's go through the 18 points.
You got halfway through them last time.
Let's just rock it through all of them and then get into where this is going from here and take calls.
Well, I've been a practicing architect for about 20 years, and I've designed a whole lot of steel-framed, fire-protected buildings, including in the Bay Area here.
We've recently concluded the construction administration for this local high school, steel-framed, $120 million campus.
And now we've got
A project in Nevada with a $360 million project budget construction.
So, that's going to have 1,200 tons of steel.
A very, very large project, including some high-rise office and commercial.
So, a very exciting project for us.
Please continue.
We started talking about Building 7, World Trade Center 7, the last time you and I talked, and what we discovered was that it's a 47-story skyscraper that was not hit by an airplane on 9-11 that dropped 6.5 seconds for almost free-fall speed into its own footprint.
And we talked about all of the evidence for controlled explosive demolition in that building, including squibs that your listeners can see on our website on the upper right-hand corner, our website being AE911Truth.org.
Of course, that stands for Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth.
Take a look at that evidence.
It's extraordinary.
By the way, I got into this twelve months ago when I heard David Ray Griffin on the radio and he was talking about the World Trade Center towers because the Court of Appeals in New York forced the city to release the oral histories of
A thousand first responders that were recorded on tape and held in secret by Giuliani and Blomberg.
Now, the reason they were holding this in secret is because 118 of these first responders were talking about explosions.
Very specific descriptions of explosions wrapping all the way around the building.
Near the point of the jet airliner impact.
And they talk about flashes of light occurring here and there in different ways.
This is extraordinary evidence that can and will be taken to court.
Now, so, Dr. Griffin was talking about all of this and I was stunned.
This was 12 months ago.
I had to pull over in my car and listen to the rest of this interview.
Which was played on KPFA radio, People's Radio here in the Bay Area.
Bonnie Falkner, her show, Guns and Butter.
It's extraordinary.
He talked about the beams that were ejected laterally 500 feet, individually dissected from each other, and ejected up to 500 feet, landing in the buildings beyond, across the street.
Hitting even building 47.
Excuse me, building 7.
And these beams are welded and bolted together in this moment-resisting frame.
Structural engineering term.
According to the official theory, if you were going to have a gravitational collapse, these beams would not be ejected outside the footprint in a 1,200-foot radius.
They would be stacked up.
Down below, in a fairly chaotic pile, but a pile nevertheless, we have 110 floors in each of the towers.
They're composed of 4 and 5 inch thick concrete.
This material is not found at the bottom of either tower.
What we have is, the debris field is spread out over this entire area of the World Trade Center
So, it's quite unbelievable, the official story, because the guy in fact who brought these trusses, that's the forts, the floors, he looked for them because he was hired to do the demolition work, he couldn't find any of them.
No floor trusses, no microscopic chunks of concrete.
It's quite amazing.
Stay there, stay there.
Let's keep going through these points and talk about the big question.
What is the establishment going to do as more and more scientists become heretics and say 2 plus 2 equals 4?
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Japanese refiners buy 550,000 barrels switching dollar to yen.
Bad news for U.S.
China and Japan hold large positions in dollar.
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A lot of people think that if they just say something is one way it makes it that way.
Like when we had Lord Rothschild on running the live earth propaganda a few weeks ago and he said that Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are closer to the Sun.
And he just laughed and said that's the way it is.
Karl Rove said a few years ago to the Washington Post and New York Times reporters that he controls reality, they say what reality is, and we just follow what they say.
They really believe that.
And that's why they blew up those buildings right in front of us.
Tower 1 and 2, top-down, Building 7, classic demolition, blowing the bottom as it collapsed into its own footprint.
They did it right in front of everybody for a theatrical event, and now, literally thousands of engineers and scientists and physicists
There's close to 200 members of this group.
It's pretty new.
And they're having big conferences.
They're going all over North America and all over the planet.
And the word is spreading and people are looking at the scientific evidence.
What you were on a few weeks ago with us, Richard, and what percentage of you said the vast majority of your colleagues that when you do show an engineer or an architect the evidence, they're converted because they understand the basic mathematics and the basic engineering?
What percentage was it, Richard?
Average about 70%, but one firm I went to, there are 15 architects there, virtually all of them agreed with me and signed on to our website.
And one couldn't because he had a Middle Eastern name and he was concerned.
The other firm I went to, we had 38 show up, and we had about half of those.
So it seems to vary, but I only gave the building 7
Information then and I think people are more emotionally tied to the Twin Towers so I'll start with the Twin Towers I think from now on at the Architects.
We're going to try to hit one architecture firm every other week now and until we reach all of them.
And in addition to that I will be speaking around the country.
I'm going to New York the week of 9-11.
And I'm very excited to be speaking the day after that with Stephen Jones and Kevin Ryan in Indiana on September 10th.
Then I come back to Oakland at the Grand Lake Theater on September 11th itself.
And we go down to Santa Cruz September 15th, and it just goes on and on.
Oh, and we'll be in Cambridge, Massachusetts, hopefully at MIT or Harvard on December 15th.
And we talked about coming to Austin as well, your neck of the woods.
It's pretty exciting.
So regarding the continued points that I want to make, 18 of them, I've got about 10 more to make just on World Trade Center 1 and 2 alone.
What we have at the
Below the ensuing onset of destruction, which we talked about was explosive and fast, and then, they said, the top of the towers started coming down.
It wasn't that the top of the towers came down and then it was squirting out of these building materials.
It's very, very different from that.
So what we have, 20 floors or 40 floors down below this wave of collapse,
If you will, in quotation marks, destruction really, is squibs, or explosive ejections of pulverized building material.
And they occur precisely at the midpoint, interestingly enough, between the corners of the buildings, 20 and 40 floors down.
We don't just have squib points, what you're saying is they're at the exact points where you place the charges.
Well, it's curious, actually, because we don't know why these occur exactly at the midpoints.
We're doing some research to determine that.
The point is they're symmetrical.
They're not randomly coming out.
They have a symmetrical, planted look.
That's right, and you wouldn't have that if the NIST theory, National Institute of Science Standards and Technology, gives us their theory that this pile driver, which is 20 to 40 stories
High, depending on the tower we're talking about, is pushing down the structure, the air through the elevator shaft.
No, you have the squib, and then it starts collapsing.
Well, the squibs occur after the onset of the collapse.
But NIST is saying that it's a result of air being pushed down through the elevator shaft, which is ludicrous, because if that were the case,
The air would fill the open office plan outside of the elevator shaft, and then it would kind of uniformly pressurize the space and blow out many windows.
Sure, stay there.
And I want to go back through the points you made last week, because we have, you know, different people tuning in right now.
Some of those first points we made, too, about the molten metal and the rest of it.
People need to hear all this put together.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act.
We're good to go.
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That's 1-888-211-1715.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Okay, folks, I'm gonna do this because I'm tired of it.
You've heard Troy from West Virginia call in here to the network and say I better not go to New York or
You know, it's not going to be good if I do, and you've heard him call into other talk shows here on the network and say he'd like to punch him in the nose and things like that.
And what he did is, we were calling Richard Gage to have him on.
And I don't appreciate people messing my show up.
And I don't appreciate deception.
And things that are very uncivil.
And I mean that in the meaning of civil.
It's one thing, we let Troy have the floor when he calls in here and makes fun of us.
We let Troy, you know, have his say.
But I knew it was him calling up saying, cuckoo, cuckoo, in the past.
I could recognize the voice.
I don't care.
That's funny.
Because it shows how cuckoo you are.
We're talking about life and death issues.
I'm looking at the end of the country where I live.
I'm totally freaked out.
We got terrorists that blow buildings up in front of us that run the government.
We got the father of Reaganomics on talking about it.
And then you call up, and he admitted it to John Harmon in front of a witness on speakerphone because we call our I.D.
The main numbers don't have caller I.D.
to him.
The back line, you call the office, it does, Troy.
And Troy likes to call the extensions and make jokes and do things and he's admitted he's called in the past.
Well today he called up and he said, this is Richard Gage.
This is architect Richard Gage.
And so we went on air and then Richard Gage never got on and ended up getting on 15 minutes late because of that.
So, I'm going to give you the number of the car dealership.
You've heard Troy call in here before.
And he's the manager there, by the way.
When you ask the manager to get in, you need to ask for the owner of the car dealership and you need to explain that we don't like the prank phone calls and impersonating people to get on the radio here and messing up my show.
I don't think it's funny, Troy.
Don't play games.
Now, you guys gave me that number quick during the break.
You were too busy giving me the story.
Read it back.
I want to make sure I give out the right number here on air.
Now, what dealership is that?
I know he's called them before and bragged how rich he is and how he's a big manager at a car dealership.
He is.
It's in West Virginia.
And, uh, in fact, do a Google search on that number.
I want to find the name of the dealership.
I want to find out, oh, you're already doing it.
I want to find out who the owners are.
And I want their owners called.
Don't call up and threaten people like Troy does.
Don't call up impersonating people.
And I, let me tell you something.
I will take civil action against you.
Troy, if you impersonate and you call in and screw my show up anymore and you call in back business hotline numbers that you're not supposed to even have and you impersonate people.
We're not calling up to your office impersonating people that you work with.
You know, I guarantee you, Troy would probably call the cops if we called in faking the name of a manager or something and messed up some car sale deal or something.
I mean, that's the same thing.
You're calling up a company, and you're impersonating people.
I'm sorry, Mr. Gage, you've got a hold for this.
But this is the type of stuff we deal with.
There's a lot of other stuff behind the scenes that other people do.
And I, frankly, am sick of it, and we're going after people that do this.
Now, I want you to call this number in West Virginia.
Now, Troy, you've been calling in for a year.
We've let you shoot your mouth off.
We had your caller ID before, because you've been calling the office.
We didn't call and complain about your threats.
We don't care about that.
But what we don't like is you calling up impersonating people on my radio show, on back business lines, keeping us from getting a guest on.
And he did admit to John.
John, just turn your mic on and come on air.
What exactly did Troy, when he answered, say and do?
Well, I asked for the management, and I recognized his voice right away.
And I said, why are you calling into the Alex Jones Show and pranking us?
And he was just like, yeah, so?
Yeah, so I just repeated that over and over again.
And I ended up hanging up on him.
Okay, 304, call and let the ownership, whoever's above Troy, no, do not get involved in the inner activities of the GCN Radio Network, a corporation owned by Ted Anderson.
I mean, just get out of our business.
I mean, I've let him call in, I've put him in the front of the line, I've given him more time than anybody else when he's called in.
But I'm not going to put up with you screwing up my show, Troy.
Go to their website.
Find out his full name.
You can find that out real quick on their website.
You crossed a line, little boy.
Turnpike Chevrolet.
Nitro, West Virginia.
Turnpike Chevrolet, Nitro, West Virginia, 304-755-8301.
You call him up, we don't appreciate him calling in to our company and impersonating people on business lines, back lines, hot lines, to get on air and prank call this radio show.
By the way, in many states, prank calls that are malicious are felonies.
By the way, go Google, prank call felony, pull up laws on West Virginia.
He also did it in the state of Minnesota and Texas.
And go to their website.
I want his full name on air.
Look, just don't... You people don't know when to quit pushing.
Alright, I apologize to Richard Gage.
Richard, you got the floor.
Go through your points.
I'm sorry.
Okay, Alex.
That's why we didn't have you on until 15 after for us to figure out what had gone on.
Go ahead.
Back to the Twin Towers anyway.
These squibs are also explosive velocity at 100 to 200 feet per second.
This is not the rate of air moving through a window.
You can calculate it, it's on the video.
So then we go to this incredible pulverization of all of these building materials.
Let's talk about the concrete.
There's 90,000 tons of concrete in each building.
I already mentioned that they're not found at the bottom in any kind of a pile.
It's not found at all.
There's no macroscopic chunks.
It's all in this incredible quantity of dust, ten times the volume of the building, that is spread out through lower Manhattan and drifted across the river to New Jersey.
Where is it?
We're talking about 10 to 100 micron particles.
This is powder.
Almost talcum powder, most of it.
Some gravel, certainly.
But this doesn't happen by any kind of a gravitational collapse.
Neither does the deposit of over 700 bone fragments, human bone fragments, found across the street on the top of the Deutsche Bank building.
Bone fragments that are only a half an inch long, maximum.
How, what kind of mechanism reduced these people, who apparently were murdered, clearly were murdered, apparently, by some force, some people, I'm sure we'll get to, that apparently were not Al-Qaeda, because Al-Qaeda did not have access to these three buildings, which were almost as highly secure, or the next highest secure, to the Pentagon.
That's the pulverization of these, including file cabinets, by the way.
One million file cabinets estimated in these buildings.
There's none of them down at the bottom.
The fireman described the biggest piece of the telephone he found was a keypad about two or three inches.
Unbelievable vaporization, almost.
And I have some of this World Trade Center dust that was given to me.
By somebody who was in an apartment across the street from the World Trade Center.
And you can put a magnet over it and all of these tiny, tiny, tiny fragments of metal come up.
Yeah, the globulins that were discovered when he interviewed her and many others and got the samples, Dr. Stephen Jones.
Yeah, in fact, let me talk about that because Dr. Jones found in the World Trade Center dust perfectly round microspheres
Uh, up to the size of a BB, most of them much smaller.
Where in the hell did these come from?
Uh, they're hollow, they're predominantly iron, as he did a chemical analysis, and, uh, they have all of the trace, uh, elements of a aluminothermic reaction, which is what thermite, or thermate, is.
Now, the, Dr. Jones found, uh, fluorine, uh, zinc,
Manganese and several other components in the right chemical proportion that he concludes very clearly that this is indeed the byproduct of the aluminothermic reaction.
Well, let's talk about that.
If you were going to try to take a building down and blame it on the fact that fires produce weakness in the steel and therefore we have a gravitational collapse,
You would start these charges, the placement of all of these charges, you would do it very quietly, which it turned out not very quiet, but much more quiet than RDX or C4, common explosives in controlled demolition.
Thermate is a cutter charge used by the military to cut through steel like a knife through butter.
So you'd place thousands of these at the column and beam connections, which is
By the way, why they all appear in these photos and videos as being dissected from one another.
And then, the explosions apparently happened a fraction of a second later and atomized this molten iron, which is the byproduct of therming.
And so, in repeated scans, electron microscopes, microprobes, it shows the exact signature from multiple chain-of-custody controlled samples
From all over the country and even samples he got covertly through government sources that keep showing the same thing, the same signature, where you find these trace elements and trace chemicals and compounds and signatures that are never involved in the melting of steel unless you have these thermate accelerants which are also highly explosive involved.
And going back to before the last break, when I said that
The squibs are preceding the explosions.
I know that the top's already exploding and collapsing, but I'm saying, as it continues to blow, I mean, you see explosions on the top, then it starts collapsing, and then well below it, as far as, in some cases, 10 floors down, you then see them blowing it and atomizing it as it falls, almost like it was, you know, top-down, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
Do you see my point?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, no, that's an excellent point.
And I wanted to corroborate your other point,
FEMA itself found these microspheres in the dust, and the USGS did the chemical analysis for them, and they showed perfectly round spheres too.
Well, this is how they used to make bullets in the Revolutionary War time.
They dropped molten lead off a very high, I don't know how high, a cliff or something, and it went into a vat of water to cool off, and the surface tension forms.
I think?
And none of the evidence points to and supports the NIST theory.
Well, here's another point.
If you've got jet fuel with air injected with a bellows, burning at a maximum of 1800 degrees,
And then you can't start really melting steel, even getting it soft, until 2750 plus.
To have it in splattering spheres, we're talking about 33 or higher, how do you have 2500 plus degree temperatures a month later in molten pits below from fires that wouldn't even melt people who were standing there for 20 minutes waiting for help, supposedly by the hottest fires?
I mean, this is, it won't melt flesh, but it melts giant
Yeah, in fact, John Gross, the head engineer of NIST National, I mentioned NIST before, he actually claims verbally, and he's on record, and we have added in my presentation, there's no evidence of molten metal, and yet, so what are you guys talking about?
They have to deny it because there's no explanation for it.
As you mentioned, there's a thousand to two thousand degree difference
In the temperature of office fires versus flowing molten metal.
And there's also a world of difference between just steel that you get to melt temp, where it oozes, and white hot splattering imperfect globulins.
I mean, we're talking liquefied.
Yeah, and it's not steel either.
It's molten iron, which is the direct byproduct of thermate.
So, I mean, there you have it.
Now back to
They deny the molten metal completely, even though we have firemen on video saying it's flowing like lava.
And we have plenty of witnesses describing it, and we have the World Trade Center structural engineer, Leslie Robertson, describing it flowing molten metal.
There's also four different videos of it pouring out like a foundry, as the firemen say.
That's right, right out of the South Tower.
Uh, at the point of impact of the plane shortly before the collapse.
Well, it's clear.
For cutter charges, you know, just a few minutes before, right before it collapses, suddenly you see it pouring out of orifices, this yellow hot iron, the byproduct of the steel being melted, and then they have, you know, the classic explosives packed with that to then shatter it.
I mean, clearly, from the experts we've talked to on demolitions, they had both types of explosives, which we now have learned they do in a lot of demolitions.
And not only that, Dr. Jones found on the slag which was sticking to the steel, which was incorporated in a monument at Clarkston University, and this artist sent him this slag, he found that also it was predominantly iron.
Also, it had the exact, not exact, but likely proportions of fluorine, manganese, zinc, and barium, which are completely
By the way, in the top ten list under federal guidelines for arson investigators, state and federal arson investigators, in the top ten things they look for is arson by thermate or thermite, and we've now gotten the handbooks on this, it shows exactly how they look for those derivatives in steel from a melt, because it's one of the favorites of arsonists.
Well, and FEMA actually helps us corroborate this as well in their report, because they find evidence of intergranular melting, which again requires temperatures over 20 degrees.
And sulfidation!
Sulfidation, which is the sulfur deposits from the thermate, and rapid oxidation, which I don't completely understand, but I'm told is direct evidence of extremely hot temperatures not found in any office fires.
So FEMA hands it to us on a silver platter, and what does NIST do with this information?
They completely bury it in their follow-up interview, or follow-up report.
Alright, stay there.
Richard Gage, I want to come back, I want to rock it through the other points you haven't gotten to yet.
There's so many in this giant mountain of smoking guns.
And then in the next hour, you want to talk about 9-11, you want to talk about the collapse of the towers.
Well, you can talk to Richard Gage, a just amazing individual, really having a great effect, actively spending many hours a week going out just in California alone, visiting with all the major architecture and engineering firms, and converting around 70% of those he comes in contact with, with the basic science.
This is how we're going to defeat the New World Order.
It's a life and death situation.
We'll be right back.
We'll give out the number and take calls.
Stay with us.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Going back to Richard Gage, continuing with your point, sir.
Well, we left off with this incredible concrete powder, but
The amazing thing about this is that the dust expands at this incredible rate through this pyroclastic flow, and only a tremendous amount of heat can produce this.
Now, there's only so much energy available in a gravitational collapse, so that energy can't go into all four of the following things.
It can't go into an amazing
I think so.
I think it's ten times the required amount of energy just to expand this cloud as is available in the gravitational collapse.
But in addition, the production of all of this molten metal, it can't produce that even, let alone all these things together.
Basically, it'd be like if somebody shot a cow with an 80mm howitzer and the cow was blown into a splattered mess over 500 yards.
And then the government told us that somebody shot the cow with a BB gun.
That's right.
And not only that, it's the amazing hurling of debris 500 feet.
That has an energy source as well.
And there's another one I'm neglecting that I can't think of right now.
So we go on.
Oh, crushing the 100,000 tons of intact structural steel
It takes more energy than the gravitational, the kinetic available, gravitational available, it takes more than that.
So I'll slow down and think more clearly.
What we have is a free fall speed of collapse, meaning that the columns in the structures, in all three of these structures, gave virtually no resistance.
Structural engineers design these structures to resist not only the loads of wind and earthquake, but the gravity loads of the building itself and the people, the occupants.
And this is completely ignored because of the free fall speed.
Those columns have to be removed a fraction of a second before the pile driver, if you will, up above, is pushing it down.
Now, in all the videos, in two to three to four seconds,
You don't have a pile driver anymore.
It's disintegrating at the top, such that after that time, all you see, you don't see a pile driver pushing the building down.
There's no gravitational energy even available.
What you see is a series of explosions, like a belt around the building, creating this mushroom without any pile driver.
In fact, in one of the photos, many actually, in videos, you can see small portions of the core structure that managed to remain for a while.
They're not pushing anything down.
Everything is being blown up around these core structures.
Next, we have blast waves that blew up... You know what?
We got a break.
Stay there.
Third hour coming up.
Your calls straight ahead after Richard Gage, architects,
And engineers, for 9-11, truth, ladies and gentlemen, on the other side, 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
Third hour is only 70 seconds away.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Already into the third and final hour, Richard Gage, founder of AE911truth.org, Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, hundreds and hundreds of members now, getting more and more every day, and just exponentially growing, as they go out and confront engineers and architects with the video evidence, with the diagrams, with the documents, on Building 7, Tower 1 and 2, and we're getting a 70% conversion rate.
But before we get back into the final points on this and take calls, Richard, the individuals that carried this out, whoever really did this, whoever had access, who had the control of security to be able to stage this event, who had the motive, we know who it is, military-industrial complex, but you as an architect, as a scientist, you just, you know, in this study, you just look at this one area, and I understand that, you're just looking at the scientific facts and then people can politically do what they, you know, will with that political question.
I don't know, Alex.
I know they had a purpose, though.
Because if you look at what happened after 9-11, we're talking about the invasion of two countries that placed the United States in preeminent global position to achieve militarily and the United States major corporations to achieve economically.
So maybe you can fill in the gaps.
But I mean, scientifically, the people doing it, why did they think engineers and physicists and scientists and architects would go along with it?
Well, they have.
I went along with it for four years.
I was a sleeping architect.
David Ray Griffin woke me up.
Here's the problem.
We look at an apple and we're told by our government that it's an orange.
And we just go into paralysis, mental, rational paralysis, after being shocked, you know, emotionally, by this incredible series of attacks on our country, on our people, on our iconic institutions and buildings.
And we're set up, I think, emotionally, to accept what's fed to us.
And they're experts that are backing the government story up, that produce $20 million three-year studies, which Jim Hoffman, by the way, calls the three-year $20 million cover-up of the crime of the century.
But then that's got to mean the people that are really compiling these reports, who are engineers in their own right, then they've got to consciously be knowing that they're covering up?
Yeah, that's pretty sad, isn't it?
And there's precedent for that with the Bush administration's science, which has been euphemistically called Bush science.
So I don't know what to say about the conscience of those scientists and engineers, but I'm not one of them.
And right now I have over 120 architects and engineers, and within a year we're going to have a thousand.
That's right.
You just started all of this pretty recently.
A month and a half ago.
It's growing like lightning.
I mean, we're fortunately, by the grace of God, we're a force to be reckoned with.
And we're demanding of Congress a new investigation with subpoena power.
And anyone can join us.
You don't have to be an architect or engineer.
We'll categorize you as what we call an
Yeah, you have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of those, but over 120 architects and engineers.
And then of course there's the 9-11 Scholars for Truth and other groups, 9-11 Investigations, all these different groups.
Some of them have 500 plus engineers and scientists that are members of those different organizations.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Richard Gates, founding member of American... He's a member of the American Institute of Architects, founding member of AE911truth.org.
We're again very, very honored to have him on with us.
And, you know, this show is not about child's play, it's not about jokes, it's not about screwing around.
We take what we do here very, very serious.
Troy from West Virginia has called in for like a year.
It's been semi-entertainment.
Just to illustrate how mindless the people are that disagree with us.
His little petty threats and all the rest of it.
He called in on a hotline at the network on a separate business line that we use for the hotline for people to call.
Because the main 1-800 number doesn't have a caller ID.
But if you call the office lines that we use as hotlines, which are not public numbers by the way, there's a caller ID on it.
And so he called in, said he was the guest, got on the air, did his little prank call, and so I gave the number out a couple times, and one time I gave the prefix out incorrectly.
Have you called that number?
Call them and apologize to them.
They've got hundreds of calls.
Poor, nice company.
But they know who the other people are and gave the right number out.
Now, I did give it out right the two other times.
Just one time, I gave it out wrong.
Because frankly, I've got to stop working until 3 a.m.
It's just really getting bad.
every day.
Because my brain is not working as well as it was just a few months ago.
But I've got to finish endgame.
Uh, let me give you the number correctly, okay?
Just to make sure, because I gave it out three times, one time wrong.
It's 304-755-8301.
That is the, uh, he's the manager.
And we want to talk to the owners.
We want to talk, be polite when you call.
Uh, and because, you know, the poor secretary answering the phone, people like that, they're not involved in all this.
It's the manager of a Chevy dealership in Nitro, West Virginia.
They're in the coal mining country.
A lot of good folks up there.
Uh, who, I mean, literally, man, I don't call up his work and impersonate myself as a manager or something on into the sales department and then start, you know, screwing up what they're doing.
I mean, this is serious business.
When you start pulling stuff like that.
304-755-8301 is correct.
What happened is I reversed the numbers on the last number.
Of those last four, I reversed it.
So, again, 304-755-8301.
Going back to our guest, Richard Gage.
Sir, please continue with the other smoking gun points, then we're going to go to some phone calls.
Okay, we talked about the concrete coming down.
What we didn't talk about yet is the blast wave that blew out windows for 400 feet all around the building.
That alone is also evidence that can stand up in a court of law, very scientific evidence.
So now, let's shift back to
World Trade Center 7, Building 7, because we just briefly flew over that evidence.
And what we have is the building that I mentioned wasn't hit by an airplane, fell down symmetrically, straight down through the path of greatest resistance.
Now, buildings, when they do fail, and by the way, do buildings,
Well, no steel frame high-rise building has ever failed due to fire, and we have a hundred examples, at least, in the world, where there's been very hot, very large, and very long-lasting fires.
And these have not failed.
And I want to give you a few examples of those.
Caracas, Venezuela.
A 56-story building burned for 17 hours over 26 floors.
And mind you, the fireproofing is only good for two to three hours in these buildings.
It fries after that.
It's useless.
And yet, these buildings do not fall down.
So, Los Angeles, First Interstate Bank, burned three and a half hours over five floors.
Philadelphia in 1991, the Meridian Plaza building,
burned 18 hours over eight floors and yet on 9-11 we have three small fires and a lot of smoke in building seven and all of a sudden it comes down in six and a half seconds at virtually free fall speed right through the path of greatest resistance in a classic alignment of controlled demolition.
In the presentation which is on the two-hour video that you can look at
On our website now, you'll see a side-by-side controlled demolition next to Building 7.
You'll see squibs which go off on the 40th through the 47th floor, synchronistically timed, 4 by 4.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
Just in that timing, these black puffs of smoke in the upper right-hand corner
You can see that on the flash video on the right side as soon as you log on to the website.
It's unbelievable.
These fires do not bring down high-rise buildings, ever.
And yet, what are the chances on 9-11 we have three high-rise buildings brought down by fire?
It's essentially a fire theory.
The fact that the plane hit the towers is irrelevant.
In terms of the hotness of the fire, in terms of the jet fuel itself, which doesn't burn more than 1,400 to 1,700 degrees, and NIST even claims that the impact of the jet itself in the twin towers did no lasting damage.
In fact, the building stood for 56 minutes and 102 minutes after the jet impact.
What they do say
Is that the jet impacts with the kinetic energy of them knocked some of the fireproofing off?
Well, the jet hit one side of this building, and in the case of the South Tower, the corner.
It would only have knocked the fireproofing off where it hit.
And so we might have believed NIST if the building toppled in the direction of the weakness the fireproofing having protected.
Uh, until it was knocked off the, the, uh, the fire, the, the, uh, the steel.
And in the case of the South Tower, we did have such a toppling, but then you immediately begin to see that the South Tower, after it tips, being destroyed from the point of airplane impacts up, we would have expected this 40-story mass to continue falling at its angular momentum
And fall all the way down to the ground.
This is a giant steel cage, but instead it blows up.
Oh yeah, it's completely disintegrated.
We don't see its mass down on the floor.
But I go back, I go back.
I mean, why do they do stuff so obvious right in front of us?
And we know it's only government and slash private corporations that have access to the buildings that could do this.
Why do they do stuff just so blatantly obvious?
I mean, they turned two 110-story buildings into ash in front of us!
Well, if you want the American people to align with you in invading a couple of countries in the Middle East, you're going to have to shock them into submission, if you will.
Well, yes sir, I agree with you on that, and we all understand what PNAC said and what they've done, but I mean, why?
They think we're so dumb.
Here's another example.
Iran is Shiite.
They're enemies of classical Al-Qaeda, where that imaginary supposed group comes from, but there are some real Wahhabist, you know, kookball sects out there.
I mean, there's a real Taliban.
Well, that's the same group out of Saudi Arabia.
Now, they're admittedly
We're good.
But when you have both committee chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees who don't know the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni, I guess they know the general public has no connection to reality on any front.
But I just wonder if the public knows how dangerous that is to go through life not knowing anything!
I mean, we're in a war, folks!
We've lost 3,000 plus troops, really well over 12,000.
They don't count it if you die out of country after you've been wounded.
We're talking millions of dead Iraqis in the last 16, 17 years of sanctions.
700 plus thousand dead now.
A year and a half ago it was 600,000, just since the war started.
I mean, this is... and you don't even know where it is on a map?
You don't know who a Shiite or a Sunni is?
And we're about to go to war with Iran?
Listen, you better figure it out.
I mean, do you see what I'm saying, Richard?
No, I do.
I do.
I mean, how dumb do they think we are that they call Shiites Al-Qaeda?
I mean, that is just unbelievable!
That is simple!
That is not hard!
Well, I think there are a lot of Americans who really want to believe that the government is safe, and I was one of those, and I'm questioning everything at this point.
But I mean, you're a smart guy, and it took you a while to wake up because somebody spurred your thought process.
You were trusting.
I think that's the key.
People are smart out there.
They're just trusting, and it's kind of like a rat in a rat maze, or a bird in a bird cage, or a fish in a fish tank.
They don't question what's outside that contained world.
And I think what's happening now, Richard, is people are getting outside now that containment and just questioning.
And folks, let me tell you, you're going to find nightmares.
Believe me, it's always worse than I thought.
I mean, I cannot describe to you how bad it is.
And I think that's because we thought we were the land of the free and home of the brave for hundreds of years, and it gave evil a chance to grow like never before.
That's true.
Now, we're not alone.
The architects and engineers are not experts in controlled demolition.
So, we, just like NIST does, have their experts, we have ours.
I mean, we have the top European controlled demolition experts.
Let's talk about that when we get back, and I promise we're going to go to phone calls.
Stay there.
Richard Gage is our guest.
We're very honored to have him.
We appreciate him coming on the show, despite the antics.
The antics.
We'll be right back.
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I was a highway man Along the coach roads I did ride
With sword and pistol by my side Many a young maid lost her marbles to my trade Many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade The bastards hung me in the spring of twenty-five But I am still alive
We're good to go.
I was a dam builder, across the river deep and wide, where steel and water did collide.
A place called Boulder.
A place called Boulder on the wild Colorado.
Oh man, Waylon Jennings.
A western fella to the wet concrete below.
I could listen to that voice all day, what about you?
They buried me in that great tent that knows no sound.
That's an amazing story about how they were freezing their hind ends off in New Mexico about to fly into Texas and Buddy Holly and them were getting on the little plane there wasn't enough room for him and they said we hope you freeze your butt off driving in that car and he says I hope you crash and die.
And he says he has nightmares about it to this day because they did crash and die.
So watch those portents or oaths or things you call out because there's a little more in this world than what you see on just the surface.
That's why it's very evil to make jokes about dead and dying.
It's very evil to make jokes about dying Iraqi children.
I am, in my soul, I am scared to be involved in evil.
I mean, just in my very makeup, I know what you do comes back on you and comes back on those you love.
In fact, that's how the universe works.
And for all these people that have gone along with 9-11 and you're trying to go along with killing this country right now, let me tell you, you don't have to worry about us and the Patriot or the Truth Movement.
You've got to worry about God.
That's who you've got a major problem with.
We're going to do a short segment, Richard.
I appreciate you being with us.
We're going to come back and go to the calls immediately.
But yeah, get into
You guys have got top demolition experts, including the top guy in Europe.
Yeah, Danny Jowenko, he's extraordinary, because he says, oh yeah, this guy's 27 years in the demolition business.
It starts from below.
They've simply blown away the column.
This is a controlled demolition.
A team of experts did this.
It's professional work, without any doubt.
So we have the experts.
Here's Hugo Bachmann, Professor Emeritus and former Chairman of the Department of Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.
He says, in my opinion, the building World Trade Center 7 was, with great probability, professionally demolished.
Then, over at the World Trade Center, we have two interesting gentlemen.
Van Romero, a top explosive
Expert from New Mexico.
He says, uh, televised images of the attacks in the World Trade Center suggest that explosive devices caused the collapse of both towers.
Too methodical, he says, to be a chance result of airplanes colliding with the structure.
My opinion is based on the videotapes that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center towers, there were some explosive devices inside the building that caused the towers to collapse.
Then we have Mike Taylor, a demolition expert.
Uh, on the New Scientist, uh, 12 September, 01.
It looked like a classic, controlled demolition.
He's from the National Association of Demolition Contractors.
We have Kevin Ryan, who found out about an internal report by Underwriting Laboratories that, uh, that FIRE couldn't have done what happened to, uh, Shevin.
That's a fascinating story because NIST themselves hired Underwriting Laboratories to build four, four different sections
Emulating the construction of the World Trade Center.
Very expensive, huge secret test.
Oh yeah.
They put 2000 degrees of fire.
And guess what?
Well, way above what ever would be expected in a normal, typical office fire.
And this is for ASTM E119.
Stay there, finish that and we'll get back in calls.
We will not stop you murdering terrorists.
Because we don't have a choice.
This is life and death.
Make no mistake, folks.
We face total tyranny.
You heard Dr. Roberts earlier.
Father of Reaganomics.
I talked to him off air.
He's completely upset.
And he knows the country's dying right now.
They're getting ready to make another move.
They're killers.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The place is where you used to play.
It was an inside joke.
Kind of well-connected.
You're synesthetic.
So merrily receptive.
It was an inside joke.
Like it always is.
Chalk it up to a business as usual.
Yeah, I know it's hard to always live out in the light.
But we better do it, my friends.
George in Indiana.
Joe in Wisconsin.
Justin in Arizona.
Bob in Wisconsin.
Emily in Ohio.
We're going to get to all of you.
But before we go any further here with our guest, I haven't even plugged my films today.
I'll be quite frank with you.
I've been so upset by what's happening with the build-up to war with Iran, to the news in front of me, what's happening to our dollar, our precious currency.
I just can't believe how far they've already taken this country down the tubes.
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This is where I live.
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There's really nowhere else to go.
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What they've done... I just want to live a happy, peaceful life.
And I know that's what you want.
I never wanted to do what I'm doing.
Frankly, I've gotten to the point because I do it too much.
Kind of like if you love hot dogs but you're made to eat a hundred of them, you don't like them anymore.
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Okay, I want to go to these loaded phone lines here, but you were finishing up a point, Mr. Gage, before we do that.
Well, I think we made that point earlier in that NIST
hired UL to create these assemblies.
UL lit a 2,000 degree fire underneath, put twice the amount of known loading on top, and the fire did not fail the trusses.
These were exactly as built by the World Trade Center.
In fact, NIST turned around and said, oh, well, the sag was only 2 to 3 inches.
NIST claimed a 42 inch sag in these trusses, directly lying and betraying the
The integrity of the tests themselves.
And that's never happened before, but let's say it did.
The building would just shag down into a pile and fall over sideways.
It wouldn't just perfectly boom, boom, boom, boom, boom and fall at free-fall speed.
That's right.
We made that point earlier.
So that's the point I wanted to make.
But the last point is NIST's overall objective.
Their stated objective was to determine how and why World Trade Center 1 and 2 collapsed and World Trade Center 7.
Listen to this.
They say in their... This is the scope of their work.
The focus of the investigation was on the sequence of events from the instant of aircraft impact to the initiation of collapse for each tower.
For brevity in this report, the sequence is referred to as the probable collapse sequence.
Although it does not actually include the structural behavior of the tower after the conditions for collapse initiation were reached,
And collapse became, they say, inevitable.
So, first of all, they make this incredible assumption that this ensuing grand collapse occurs, and of course it would occur.
It's inevitable.
But they have no justification whatsoever in this 10,000 page report.
They have one and a half pages on this ridiculous assumption, because there's never ever been a collapse
of the steel frame structure, a total collapse based on some initiating event.
I agree.
Let's jump to some calls here.
George in Indiana, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, before I finish, don't hang up, I have a question for you.
But that Shilazine, I've been on it for about a month.
I just got my cholesterol count back.
It's been as high as 290.
It was down to around 230 six months ago.
It's 110.
I about fell out of my chair.
So I don't know if that's the Shilazine doing it, but
Well, really what it is is a bunch of different minerals and it's formed, you know, dug out of alluvial deposits in the Himalayas from when that was an ancient sea.
And so I don't know how to, it's also got like biological elements in it from different little microorganism plants that grow.
Before we took it as a sponsor, our research, we turned down nine out of ten sponsors and we took them as a sponsor because it looks to be really good to me and I'm taking it, so yeah.
Yeah, well, I'm hooked on it.
Now, here's what I wanted to mention.
A friend and I got together and we worked out odds of probability on all of this.
And we figure as a control number, we don't have a control number because it's never happened.
So we picked a hundred to one chance that a plane would fly into a building, cause it to collapse, something we've never experienced on this planet.
Then we figured a thousand to one for a second plane on the same day to go into another building and cause it to collapse.
Then the third building, we had to give it a number of 10,000 to 1 because it's also going to fall by fire with no plane hitting it in free fall.
You multiply those threes together, you have one billion to one odd if this could ever happen.
But then calculate in the chances that the government would be running a drill, applying hijacked jets into the very same targets at the exact same time, which they were doing in reality, and on 7-7, and it comes into numbers that are hard for me to even pronounce.
Oh, they would extend right on out to the end of the universe.
All eight engines on those planes were never found.
I sent you a picture this morning of an engine, a crashed plane, where the engine lay right next to a car.
This engine is twice the size of this car, in complete... Well, in all fairness, they did found an internal part of a jet engine there, or what appeared to be, but... Well, I could pick it up, put it in my truck.
This thing, you couldn't... Oh, yeah, that little bitty thing, I remember, yeah.
Yeah, so that's all... So the whole idea of this is just...
Unbelievable to me.
One question.
Have you heard of Benjamin Fulford?
What do you think?
I've never heard of Benjamin Fulford.
Refresh my memory.
Well, Alex, if you go to Reese.com you can read about it.
This guy wrote for Forbes Magazine.
I know all about it.
I actually heard the interview.
It's the whole thing that the Chinese mafia is going to save us.
Yeah, listen, I'm going to get the guy on.
I've been saying I want to get him on for weeks.
We need to call Jeff up and get his number and get that guy on.
I think he believes it.
I'll just leave it at that.
I know there are members of the elite structures in the world that don't like what the globalists are doing, so I don't say that's not true.
I just, it's gotten a lot of attention, which is fine and dandy, and we're going to get on it.
So you'll definitely hear that here.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Joe in Wisconsin.
You're on the air.
Hey, for the guest.
Has anyone taken a look at the economic reasons for having Twin Towers collapse?
Like the last minute insurance policy changes and how they collected twice on it?
And some of the reactions from people in New York.
I mean, why wasn't Giuliani concerned for himself?
Why didn't he say, oh my God, I was supposed to be in that building?
Or Silverstein and his indignation.
How could he use my buildings to do this?
I mean, the reactions just don't add up.
And then even the Pentagon having their audit records destroyed miraculously.
Well, and then the media uses this to debunk us, and I appreciate your call, Joe.
They say, well, is it about Iraq?
Is it about weapons sales?
Is it about a domestic police state?
Is it about seven million in insurance payouts?
Is it about
Anything the globalists do, they do in a cost-benefit analysis, then they cluster events around one big operation they do, and they do a bunch of stuff while that happens.
You know, two days after they brought China into the World Trade Organization.
A bunch of things happened.
Do you want to comment on that, Mr. Gage?
No, I don't have a comment, but there are plenty of economic benefits, so I'll certainly agree to that.
Yeah, but the media implies to the public that it has to only be one thing or the other.
No, this is cost-benefit analysis.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Let's talk to Justin in Arizona.
You're on the air with Richard Gage.
Go ahead.
Hey, from Tucson, guys.
Three quick things.
First, I think I have a phrase that's a little more effective than 9-11 was an inside job when we're standing out with our signs, and that is
Jumbo jets cannot demolish skyscrapers.
It seems to get under the radar.
Well, it wasn't a jumbo jet anyway, so... Well, jets cannot demolish skyscrapers.
You know, it's just ridiculous.
People would say, duh, if you told them... Well, have you heard the analogy of a lumberjack hits a tree and it turns into sawdust?
Yeah, I like that analogy.
That's a great analogy, because you have the complete dismemberment of the structure, you have pulverized dust down to 10 microns,
Let's say a lumberjack swings and hits a big oak tree, and not only does the one whack cut the tree down, it chops it into sawdust.
Very efficient.
We've got to hire that lumberjack.
Oh, man.
Well, we gotta know this, folks.
Anybody that would carry out an attack like this will do it again with no qualms.
And look what the administration's saying.
They're gonna hit us.
Al-Qaeda's back.
Al-Qaeda's built the pre-911 levels.
You haven't given up all your rights, so Al-Qaeda's gonna get you.
Does that sound good to you, Richard Gage?
No, I don't want to live in such a country.
Yeah, I want to go back to feeling a little bit of security.
You know, they tell me, oh, they'd be afraid of Al-Qaeda.
I mean, let's say Al-Qaeda was real, which it isn't.
I'm a lot more concerned about this government.
I mean, my goodness!
Do any of you feel secure with these people running things?
And think about my shoes!
I'm out here fighting them!
Richard, I mean, I know you had to do some gut-checking before you did this.
When did you finally... You said you woke up two years ago, three years ago.
I mean, how long did it take you to finally go public a few months ago?
When did you finally make the plunge?
It was a year ago that I heard David Ray Griffin's
And it took me nine months of researching to get to the point where we firmly decided to go forward with the website.
We had a temporary website up for a while.
I finally got some time and some backing from an incredible series of gentlemen that are helping me.
I can't.
We're just rocketing.
We're rocketing.
I'm like you.
I'm working now, I don't know, a hundred hours a week.
It's two full-time jobs plus.
In other words, I've got a family, I've got a wife, I've got a kid, and I've got lots of responsibilities besides these two full-time jobs.
It's tough.
I hear you.
I'd much rather be living in peace, as you suggest.
I don't want to do this.
I wasn't made for this.
I mean, I'm not a great speaker.
I'm not a great architect.
I get confused with my words and my thoughts sometimes.
And surely there's somebody else, some other architect or engineer out there,
He wants to step forward and be the spokesman because I'm looking for lots of help.
Oh, that's ridiculous.
You're an excellent, very well spoken, that's why people are resonating with your message and 120 plus members who are architects and engineers and thousands of others supporting you.
And you know, leadership, that's who we need as leaders, not those that want it, but those that it literally is thrust upon.
And you're a leader, Richard Gage, you've taken action.
And you may, people like you may save this country and this planet with God's help.
We'll be right back with a few final calls.
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Hey Alex, remember me, your little info warrior down in Stockton, Ohio?
I do remember you, yes.
Okay, well I plan on trying to come up to New York and see you on September 11th.
And, um, me and my mom were talking with some people yesterday and we heard this thing about that when they have martial law come in, they shut down Walmarts for two hours and then they turn it into like a concentration camp.
Did you hear this on mainstream radio?
I might have, me and my wife have... Well, no, I mean, Walmart is involved.
I remember hearing this 15 years ago, I didn't believe it.
But I've known for about 10 years, they're involved in continuity of government, and they are going to use them as holding facilities and mass inoculation forced drugging centers.
Alright, that's what I wanted to talk about.
They are working with the government, and remember the smallpox shot?
They were going to make the cops and firemen take it, but they literally 99.9% LA Times reported refused, and Walmart was going to be involved in staging areas in that.
Very, very wicked.
Look, most of these big companies aren't real companies.
They're government fronts.
Microsoft, IBM, Walmart, pure New World Order.
You want to comment on that, Richard Gage?
I don't know about Walmart and those guys.
I do not know.
I can't research everything.
I understand you, but we try.
Believe me, you can't.
Okay, hey listen, call me back later if you want to tell me more, Emily.
I appreciate your call.
Let's talk to Bob in Wisconsin.
Bob, go ahead.
Okay, Bob's not there.
Let's talk to Dale in Arkansas.
Dale, you're on the air.
Okay, we're not going to go to Dale.
Ted in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, how are you doing today?
Good, go ahead.
Last caller.
It's very interesting.
She talked about Walmart closing at an interesting time.
I really wanted to let you know that a guy called into Jack Blood the other day that he was very concerned.
He works at Giuliani and Associates in New York.
It's going to be closed on August 21st and 22nd for 48 hours.
Complete power down and everything.
He was very concerned.
He was very alarmed and I noticed that time coincided with the dog days of August.
Yeah, I've been hearing a lot of talk about that and there's some San Diego groups out saying that.
We'll see.
It seems like every month there's a new date.
You know, we're going to attack Iran on this day.
It's going to be an attack on that day.
The New World Order will strike when you least expect it.
That's what they continue to do.
But yeah, they do want to go into Iran, and that is a prime time for it, so we'll watch that.
Thank you.
Richard Gage, we're going to have you back up soon.
I appreciate you spending time with us, and I want to encourage other architects and engineers to check out the organization, AE911Truth.org.
Thank you, my friend.
You're very welcome, Alex.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
We'll talk to you soon.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, here on the network, on the satellites, and the AM and FM dial.
The internet, 24 hours a day, restreamed.
The show's about to re-kick off all the antics and bloopers of today.
The Cluster Program.
And I'll be back Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Be sure and join me.
God bless you all.
Thank you all as well.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.