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Air Date: July 19, 2007
2206 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
It is the 19th day of July 2007 and we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We have Dr. Jerome Corsi who just joined us for about 15 minutes last week.
Joining us for a full hour today to talk about the whole history of the North American Union, the Trans-Texas Corridors, the NAFTA superhighways with the actual documents and his new book that I now have in my hot little hand and have read several sections of.
It is particularly powerful information, The Late Great USA.
That's coming up in the second hour.
If you have friends, family, neighbors,
People who have been skeptical about what's really happening, make sure they tune in second hour.
Now, I was going to have Corsi on for two, but we're going to keep him to one today, because at about 1.30 a.m.
last night, we made devastating discoveries here at the office.
By devastating, it's taken us to a whole new level of understanding of the New World Order.
And this information is so important that we're going to have Aaron Dykes back in studio in the fourth hour today.
And I made an initial discovery about 1.30 by the time we left close to 3 a.m.
We had continued down a line of research and made some connections
That were fleshed out and it's amazing.
So brace yourselves for the third hour.
In fact, I can barely control myself.
It took me about an hour to go to sleep last night when I got home and I hadn't had coffee since the middle of the day.
So it wasn't coffee keeping me up.
And I got up with some ease this morning.
Though I did sleep late.
Bounding to the shower and then bounding out the front door to get over here to the radio studio and warn you.
We are in a race for humanity.
We are in a race for our very survival.
We have conclusively documented this and now can clearly see the threat matrix, the enemy attack profile.
Heaven help us, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, we all know that they want population reduction, but to hold it in your hand, to have the documents, and to see the overarching architecture and structure of a world government system forged for one purpose, and that is to kill human beings.
World government is a factory of genocide, a machine forged in the pit of hell.
I can literally see Satan with his hammer at the forge, striking it, polishing it, preparing it, scalding the weapon in the icy waters.
So we will
Cover that in the third hour today.
These new developments.
And you're absolutely right.
I say that to build it up.
I say that so you'll email everybody you know right now and go on the MySpace accounts and go on the IMs and tell your co-workers.
In one hour and 55 minutes, I want you tuned in to the third hour today.
Because the information
Is of the greatest import to all who wish to live.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an in-job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Huge new developments on the overall globalist master plan that we've discovered.
Key research areas that we have burrowed into.
Coming up in the third hour, we'll have a part four on eugenics.
I didn't intend to have one of these, but you need to know this information and know it now.
Just absolutely amazing info hidden in plain view.
So that's coming up.
Dr. Jerome Corsi joining us for a full hour in the second hour.
It is the 19th day of July 2007.
We're also going to have open phones in this first hour and in the second hour with Dr. Corsi and we're going to open the phones up with Aaron Dykes.
Coming up the third hour for a eugenics slash new world order extermination plan discussion today.
on this live edition.
A Bush administration official thought WTC towers were charged.
Now, this came out yesterday afternoon, it went up on PrisonPlanet.com, it scrolled down the page as new news was posted with the late night update, and frankly it hasn't gotten one micron of the attention it should have gotten.
I can gauge that by the paltry sum of digs it got.
This is a big story, as big as BBC, four months ago, five months ago, reporting that Building 7 had fallen, that Building 7 had fallen into its own footprint from fires
20 plus minutes before it collapsed perfectly into a symmetrical pile.
This is huge!
And I really think a lot of us get to the point where we take this stuff for granted.
I do too.
I mean, three or four years ago I would have been dancing around the office to get this type of victory in on the New World Order to have them try to spin things and put out a cover story.
Because the debunking crowd says we're insane, we're nuts,
How could we ever think it looked like a controlled demolition?
How could we ever think there were bombs in the buildings?
I mean, you could see blast squibs going down the sides.
We have fire chiefs and police captains saying the building was ringed with white explosions.
It looked like controlled demolition.
We were told to get back that the government was going to bring it down, blow it up.
Hundreds and hundreds of them.
And then we're supposed to just, oh, forget about that in hindsight.
This would be like if a professional boxer beat somebody to death in front of an international audience of a billion people and then they said, oh no, the person collapsed and died from just a regular aneurysm.
You're saying, no, no, we saw the championship boxer
Beat the person to death, and no, you didn't see that.
And you're like, but we all saw it.
No, no, you didn't see that.
Move along.
Move along.
It's a mind trick.
It's a scam.
So I'm going to go over this story right now.
And this is from the Weekly Standard, by the way.
This is from the neocons.
They posted sections of this book to promote it.
And no doubt, just like Silverstein said, well yeah, we gave the order to pull the building and gave the order to watch it come down.
Why did he, in 2002, tell PBS that?
To cover himself?
Because they're worried about all these hundreds of cops and hundreds of firefighters and all these witnesses.
So he's just kind of, oh yeah, it magically fell on its own, but we're going to also say that we did blow it up, but then hold both ideas out there for the public.
Bush administration official,
Thought WTC towers were charged.
That's a quote.
Chaney was, quote, surprised that buildings collapsed.
His counsel, David Addington, thought they were imploding, according to official biography.
Now, this is the official biography of Dick Chaney.
And of course, Peter Jennings thought they were blown up, Dan Rather thought they were blown up, but not just thinking they were blown up, the people on the ground said, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, that there were rings around the building, that it was like white flashes going all around the building, and in symmetrical rows, just like Las Vegas when they bring down a building.
These are quotes.
Jacketed, in rings, boom, boom, boom, boom.
Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.
With the flashes, we have video of this, and the blast squibs.
Before it falls, flashes, and boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, all over the building.
Up and down and all around it.
And in squibs, as the sections begin collapsing, and there are ejections from the explosions.
And then you can watch a hundred-plus other buildings be collapsed in the same squibs, the same blast.
I mean, just in your face.
Again, just like Rothschild, when he was on a few weeks ago, said, with the Live Earth concert that he's one of the chief architects of, I said, well, you know, if our ice caps are receding, why are Mars receding and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, the ice moons, melting?
He said, because they're closer to the sun.
He laughed.
I said, that's not true.
And he laughed again.
He said, it doesn't matter.
Because he knows.
I know I keep hammering this home, folks, but this is how dumb they think you are.
This is how dumb they think I am.
And frankly, a lot of people are that dumb.
Willfully ignorant.
They like being conned.
Now, of course, for the generally dumbed-down public out there who might be tuning in for the first time,
I'll at least tell you you're ignorant.
See, they tell you how smart you are and just do everything they can to keep you from waking up, to keep you from getting involved, to keep you pacified and comfortable until it's too late.
That's what it's all about.
I mean, they have literally, literally thousands of think tanks and organizations and top psychiatrists and sociologists and anthropologists, and they've written thousands of books on it, thousands of books, about how to enslave you, how to control you.
They literally call you slaves and sheep and laugh at you and bugs and useless eaters.
I mean, I'm talking about Ted Turner, all these people, because they know, they say in their books, and the slaves aren't going to even read this.
I mean, I read books from 80 years ago going, the slaves aren't going to read this.
They're too busy buying beer and lottery tickets.
And so they come on the air and they tell you planets.
But the nearest gas giant is like 900 million miles away.
Further from the sun than we are.
Some of the gas giants are more than a billion miles away.
Their moons are melting.
Of course, that doesn't work either, because even if the gas giants and Mars were closer to the Sun, they were ice before, why would they be melting now?
It doesn't even work if you believe they're closer to the Sun.
You see?
Point is, we're melting, so are they.
The point is, 9,000 to 5,000 years ago, in between that period, from 9,000 starting to about 6,000 at its peak, to 4,000 years ago, there was the Climate Maximum.
They have a bunch of different names for the period.
In fact, I just, you know what, I want to play it.
It's all over the web.
It's the Great Global Warming Swindle.
I just want to play the first ten minutes of that.
It was on InfoWars last week.
But just go there.
I want to play the first five, ten minutes of that, John.
Can you go start grabbing that for me?
Thank you, my friend.
John Harmon.
Oh my gosh.
He is just the best.
That guy does the job of three or four people.
All right.
Let me get back into the Cheney situation.
They treat you like you're complete fools.
They blow buildings up right in front of you.
Bush administration officials thought WTC towers were charged.
You may actually already have it in the computer, John.
I think I sent it to you several times.
We just never played it.
Bush administration official thought WTC towers were charged.
Cheney was surprised that buildings collapsed.
His counsel, David Addington, thought they were imploded, according to official biography.
A senior Bush administration official's first reaction to seeing the Twin Towers collapse on 9-11 was that the buildings had been deliberately imploded with explosive charges, according to an account in Dick Cheney's new official biography, which also reveals that Cheney thought Flight 93 had been shot down after hearing of its demise in Pennsylvania.
We've already reported that a long time ago, and again that's his cover story.
About the plane, 93.
Mark Chaney, the untold story of America's most powerful and controversial Vice President by Stephen F. Hayes, is the VP's new official biography and segments from his book featured on the Neocon Weekly Standard website today.
Some are already claiming that the long passage about Chaney's activities on 9-11, which was also reprinted at Yahoo's website today, is nothing more than a cover story to absolve Chaney of the suspicion that he played a key role in facilitating the attack itself.
After the collapse of the towers, the account records the fact that one of Chaney's close aides,
Now, his Chief of Staff, David Addington, who was once described by the U.S.
News & World Report as the most powerful man you've ever heard of, instantly concluded that the towers must have been charged with explosives.
At 1028, the North Tower collapsed.
The frenzy in the bunker came to a halt.
This is from the book.
But for an unoccasional whisper, the room went silent.
On the television, one floor away, another gave away a bit of
Order amidst the catastrophe, the building must have been charged, thought David Addington, counsel to the Vice President, who was standing against the outer wall of the bunker.
And it goes on, with more quotes when we get back.
You see, I've been debating these people on national radio before, neocon minions, and they'll say, yes, there were bombs in the buildings, but
Al Qaeda planted them.
Yeah, with the help of the Little Mermaid and the Tooth Fairy and Rumpelstiltskin.
We'll be right back.
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This is the end.
Beautiful prayer.
This is the end, my only friend, the end of our beloved lives, the end of everything that starts, the end
Welcome back.
All right.
Headline up on presentplanet.com, jonesreport.com.
In fact, I'm going to make sure this is up on the very top of jonesreport.com because it came out yesterday afternoon and just got missed by everybody.
It's big news.
Bush administration officials thought WTC towers were charged.
At 1028, the North Tower collapsed.
The frenzy in the bunker came to a halt.
But for the occasional whisper, the room went silent on the television.
On the floor, after another, gave way.
A bit of order amidst the catastrophe.
The building must have been charged.
Did you hear that?
Now listen to that cryptic New World Order little inside joke, snickering at every one of us.
One floor gave away, after another.
One floor after another gave way.
A bit of order amidst the catastrophe.
Oh, there's a little bit of order with the bombs.
A little bit of order.
It's so sick.
These people are so sick.
Listen to this.
One floor after another gave way.
A bit of order amidst the catastrophe.
The building must have been charged, said David Addington.
Council to the President, who is standing against the outer wall of the bunker.
Later on in the account, we learn that Dick Cheney was also surprised that the towers collapsed.
It had never crossed Cheney's mind that the towers would crumble.
He remembers being surprised.
Oh, so surprising.
Oh, they found another dead young lady in the woods.
Oh, so surprising.
Oh, Hitler.
Oh, there's death camps.
So surprising.
It had never crossed Cheney's mind that the towers would crumble.
He remembers being surprised.
I think everybody was.
He would later say, I think Osama bin Laden.
I think Osama bin Laden was.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
David adding, there's an awesome little photo of him.
The excerpt also reveals that upon hearing of Flight I-3's demise in Pennsylvania Field, Cheney and Connolly's survivors immediately concluded that it had been shot down.
An assertion generator communicated via phone to Donald Rumsfeld.
Everyone had the same question, says Rice.
Was it down because it had been shot down or crashed?
And now they're trying to create a cover story for what the aides and Norman Mineta heard them talking about.
The plane's 50 miles out.
It's 20 miles out.
It's 10 miles out.
Does the order still stand?
Of course it still stands!
They had missiles on top of that building, fighter aircraft in the air.
The order still stood, didn't it, with whatever came in.
And it goes on and on, folks.
It's just, you need to go read this article.
It's very important.
And it nexuses in with all of the other testimony of firefighters, police, emergency workers, engineers who were there.
I mean, I interviewed an engineer that day who I knew, who also lives part of the year in Fredericksburg, Texas, family, friends, who was there and saw
Tower 1 and 2 be blown up, Shaw Building 7 be blown up, and said it was blown up.
But we had him on just about 45 minutes after the second tower, about an hour after the second tower had collapsed, while he was waiting at the end of the dock in this debris, in the dust.
When we get back, I want to read a little satirical piece here that really breaks down the
We're good to go.
Just how conclusive the data is, but I didn't believe them.
I spent probably, in the aggregate, three days, you know, two hours here, four hours there, hour here, couple hours there, studying it piece by piece, minute by minute, just for one minute of voiceover in the endgame.
I wanted to make sure that I had the exact science and little section in the endgame about it, because I'd already studied Global Warming quite a bit, man-made versus natural, and what it means.
It's absolutely fabulous news, by the way.
Ah, to have it happening.
It couldn't be better.
Which also upsets the global elite.
The planet is just so much more healthy when the carbon dioxide and oxygen levels boost.
We've actually been in an oxygen-carbon dioxide-poor position for about 4,000 years.
Alright, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Ah, the oxygen's increasing.
How delicious!
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Renegades of funk.
All right, if you think you're a renegade by being funky, so be it.
Welcome back.
Well, we're on a mission here, ladies and gentlemen, and we're glad that you're on board with us, right beside us, ahead of us and behind us, in the fight against the New World Order.
All right.
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Okay, let me get into continuing with Dick Cheney.
And the fact that Dick Cheney and his chief aide thought the buildings had bombs in them.
Yeah, I bet you did.
This is a story put out on Dig today.
Where do these conspiracy theorists get these crazy ideas?
And that's what I was asking myself, too.
I'm glad that they agree with me.
Listen to this.
My fellow debunkers will get a kick out of this.
It's a good tactic to get them to actually read this.
The other day, this conspiracy theorist and I were watching a lumberjack chop down a tree.
Timber, the guy yells.
And when he swings his axe, the tree falls.
The last time, the tree almost completely turned into sawdust as it collapsed down in a cloud, landing in a small pile just a little bit wider than the base of the tree.
How did this happen?
The conspiracy loon asked.
It was hit by an axe.
We know that trees turn into sawdust when they're hit by an axe.
I properly scolded him.
Last month, I was with the same guy when he had some kids hold up a lighter to a metal lamppost.
Of course, the entire lamppost melted instantly, falling into a puddle a little wider than the original base where it remained glowing white hot for weeks, actually two months.
He actually thinks that the fire didn't cause that to happen.
Can you believe him?
What a crazy person.
He said that the lighter was nowhere near hot enough to melt the pole, and even if it had, the pole would have bent and fallen sideways, not immediately turn to liquid and fallen straight down.
That's because he just doesn't understand how things work.
He says the only time anything does this is through the use of explosives.
Where do these conspiracy theorists get these crazy ideas?
I mean, we see things like this happen all the time.
I mean, you get a fire burning a lot hotter than kerosene, jet fuel, in your fireplace.
You know, a bunch of logs in there, and you look deep into there, and you see the white hot coals.
It melts.
The metal grate that it's sitting in and then it melts to the concrete and causes your house to explode and powder dust to shoot out hundreds of feet in the air.
That's what steel buildings do.
They just magically implode and shatter and beams are turned to dust along with everything else.
And no body parts bigger than one inch long bones are found shot hundreds of yards on top of other buildings.
It's completely normal, ladies and gentlemen, completely
And, of course, none of the supposed pancaked concrete was found in the big stacks at the bottom.
It was all aerosolized down to particle sizes only found with high-powered explosives.
But again, ladies and gentlemen, again, everything's fine.
It doesn't matter if policemen and hundreds of witnesses saw men behind the knoll with guns and flashes and plumes of smoke and Kennedy's head jerked back.
It doesn't matter if well-known government CIA assassins and hitmen were arrested by police in order to be released.
It doesn't matter because Kennedy was shot by a guy in six and a half seconds three times through an oak tree in six seconds.
Totally impossible.
The best snipers can't even get off three shots.
But again,
It doesn't matter, just trust your government.
And according to Rothschild, the Jupiter and Saturn are closer to the Sun than Earth, because the order of the planets is, Jupiter, well actually the order is from the Sun.
Pluto is first, it's closest to the Sun, then Neptune, then Uranus, then Saturn, then Jupiter, then the asteroid belt, then Mars, then Earth, then Venus, and then the furthest planet out is Mercury.
Now, folks, I'm joking.
I know most of our audience are smarter than I am, but for those who are driving along, and who are neocons or liberals, listen, that was a joke.
Okay, Mercury's the closest, alright?
They think you're dumb, they treat you like you're dumb, they laugh at you.
It's not funny.
It's not cute.
This is very, very, very serious business.
And I know I'm harping.
I know I'm harping a lot on
How they treat us like we're dumb, but when Al-Qaeda is a creation of Zbigniew Brzezinski and the New World Order, publicly, the CIA, when Al-Qaeda is openly attacking the Serbs, openly attacking Iran right now, openly doing this in front of everyone, and then the media has the nerve to claim Iran is funding Al-Qaeda in Iraq,
I mean, folks, it's the same thing as saying that Pluto is the closest planet.
It is not true.
And it's as big a lie.
But they know you don't know the order of the planets.
They brag about how you don't know how many continents there are.
They brag you don't even know, most of you, where your state capitals are.
Over 80% of high school seniors don't know who the vice president is.
They know, folks, and they're scamming you!
Alright, this breaks down what's really going on with global warming.
You can also find places online where you can buy the DVD.
I think you should support the filmmakers.
Here's a little clip of it that we're going to review and comment on here.
Great global warming, swindle,
Uh, here it is, and we'll take it out to Brighton and come back and, uh, get into some other issues and get Dr. Corsi on to take your calls.
You ready with that now, John?
Okay, go ahead and roll it.
When people say we don't believe in global warming, I say, no, I believe in global warming.
I don't believe that human CO2 is causing that warming.
A few years ago, if you would ask me, I would tell you it's CO2.
Because just like everyone else in the public, I listened to what the media had to say.
Each day, the news reports grow more fantastically apocalyptic.
Politicians no longer dare to express any doubt about climate change.
There is such intolerance of any dissenting voice by some of the worst climate criminals on the planet.
This is the most politically incorrect thing possible, is to doubt this climate change orthodoxy.
Global warming has gone beyond politics.
It is a new kind of morality.
Now, the Prime Minister is back from his holidays, unrepentant and unembarrassed about yet another long-haul destination.
Yet, as the frenzy over man-made global warming grows shriller, many senior climate scientists say the actual scientific basis for the theory is crumbling.
There were periods, for example, in Earth's history when we had three times as much CO2 as we have today.
There were periods when we had ten times as much CO2 as we have today.
And if CO2 has a large effect on climate, then you should see it in the temperature reconstruction.
If we look at climate through the geological time frame, we would never suspect CO2 as a major climate driver.
None of the major climate changes in the last thousand years can be explained by CO2.
We can't say that CO2 will drive climate.
It certainly never did in the past.
I've often heard it said that there is a consensus of thousands of scientists on the global warming issue and that humans are causing a catastrophic change to the climate system.
Well, I am one scientist, and there are many that simply think that is not true.
Man-made global warming is no ordinary scientific theory.
This morning, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change made a... It is presented in the media as having the stamp of authority of an impressive international organization.
...from the IPCC... The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC.
The IPCC, like any UN body, is political.
The final conclusion
...are politically driven.
This claim that the IPCC is the world's top 1,500 or 2,500 scientists, you look at the bibliographies of the people and it's simply not true.
There are quite a number of non-scientists.
And to build the number up to 2,500 they have to start taking reviewers and government people and so on, anyone who ever came close to them.
And none of them are asked to agree.
Many of them disagree.
Those people who are specialists but don't agree with the polemic and resign, and there have been a number that I know of, they are simply put on the author list and become part of this 2,500 of the world's top scientists.
People have decided you have to convince other people that since no scientist disagrees, you shouldn't disagree either.
But whenever you hear that in science, that's pure propaganda.
This is the story of how a theory about climate turned into a political ideology.
See, I don't even like to call it the environmental movement anymore, because really it is a political activist movement, and they have become hugely influential at a global level.
It is the story of the distortion of a whole area of science.
Climate scientists need there to be a problem in order to get funding.
We have a vested interest in creating panic because then money will flow to climate science.
There's one thing you shouldn't say and that is this might not be a problem.
It is the story of how a political campaign turned into a bureaucratic bandwagon.
The fact of the matter is that tens of thousands of jobs depend upon global warming right now.
It's a big business.
It's become a great industry in itself.
And if the whole global warming farrago collapsed, there'd be an awful lot of people out of jobs and looking for work.
This is a story of censorship and intimidation.
I have seen and heard that
One clear thing that emerges from the whole environmental debate is the point that there's somebody keen to kill the African dream, and the African dream is to develop.
The environmental movement has evolved into the strongest force there is for preventing development in the developing countries.
The global warming story is a cautionary tale of how a media scare became the defining idea of a generation.
The whole global warming business has become like a religion.
And people who disagree are called heretics.
I'm a heretic.
The makers of this program are all heretics.
In 2005, a House of Lords inquiry was set up to examine the scientific evidence of man-made global warming.
A leading figure in that inquiry was Lord Lawson of Blaby, who, as Chancellor of the Exchequer in the 1980s, was the first politician to commit government money to global warming research.
We had a very, very thorough inquiry, took evidence from a whole lot of people, experts in this area, and produced a report.
What surprised me was to discover how weak and uncertain the science was.
In fact, there are more and more thoughtful people, some of them a little bit frightened to come out in the open, but who quietly, privately, and some of them publicly, are saying, hang on, wait a minute, this simply doesn't add up.
We are told that the Earth's climate is changing.
But the Earth's climate is always changing.
In Earth's long history, there have been countless periods when it was much warmer and much cooler than it is today.
When much of the world was covered by tropical forests, or else vast ice sheets.
The climate has always changed, and changed without any help from us humans.
We can trace the present warming trend back at least 200 years, to the end of a very cold
We're going to just play three or four more minutes of this where it goes over the admitted ice core and the sun sampling they've done.
And you talk about being conclusive in the scientific community.
This is conclusive.
It is a hoax.
Man-made global warming is a hoax.
We are much colder than we were 4,000 years ago.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying,
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Someone to hear your prayers.
Someone who cares.
Alright, continuing with the actual climate record from the scientific proof in quadruplicate.
Here it is.
The climate has always changed, and changed without any help from us humans.
We can trace the present warming trend back at least 200 years, to the end of a very cold period in Earth's history.
This cold spell is known to climatologists as the Little Ice Age.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
It doesn't show sign to stop.
In the 14th century, Europe plunged into the Little Ice Age.
And where we would look for evidence of this are the old illustrations and prints and pictures of Old Father Thames.
Because during the hardest and toughest winters of that little ice age, the Thames would freeze over.
And there were wonderful ice fairs held on the Thames.
Skating, and people actually selling things on the ice.
If we look back further in time, before the Little Ice Age, we find a balmy golden era, when temperatures were higher than they are today, a time known to climatologists as the Medieval Warm Period.
It's important that people know that climate enabled a quite different lifestyle in the Medieval Period.
We have this view today that warming
...is going to have apocalyptic outcomes.
In fact, wherever you describe this war period, it appears to be associated with riches.
In Europe, this was the great age of the cathedral builders.
A time when, according to Chaucer, vineyards flourished even in the north of England.
All over the city of London, there are little memories of the vineyards that grew in the medieval Warmbier.
So this was a wonderfully rich time.
And this little church, in a sense, symbolizes it.
Because it comes from a period of great wealth.
Going back in time further still, before the medieval warm period, we find more warm spells, including a very prolonged period during the Bronze Age, known to geologists as the Holocene Maximum, when temperatures were significantly higher than they are now for more than three millennia.
If we go back 8,000 years in the Holocene period, our current interglacial, it was much warmer than it is today.
Now, the polar bears obviously survived that period.
They're with us today.
They're very adaptable, and these warm periods in the past, what we call hypsothermals, posed no problem for them.
Climate variation in the past is clearly natural.
So why do we think it's any different today?
In the current alarm about global warming, the culprit is industrial society.
Thanks to modern industry, luxuries once enjoyed exclusively by the rich are now available in abundance to ordinary people.
Novel technologies have made life easier and richer.
Modern transport and communications have made the world seem less foreign and distant.
Industrial progress has changed our lives.
But has it also changed the climate?
According to the theory of man-made global warming, industrial growth should cause the temperature to rise.
But does it?
Anyone who goes around and says that carbon dioxide is responsible for most of the warming of the 20th century hasn't looked at the basic numbers.
And in a few days, maybe even tomorrow, I'll play a little bit more of it.
It's just excellent.
Yeah, we hit our actual peak in the 60s, and carbon dioxide, by the way, follows warming.
It is not causal ever in the ice core records going back 20,000 plus years.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're going to have Dr. Jerome Coursey with us for this hour and part of the next.
Then Aaron Doxell joins us in the studio at Part 4 on Eugenics.
We've made some shocking new discoveries about just how dominant this is and some of the connections just await.
Now, of course there's been a supposed controversy.
Just like the Bush administration, along with Hillary and others, claimed that the amnesty plan was not an amnesty and that we got the bill, it was worse than an amnesty.
It was a pardon for felons and people who hadn't paid taxes.
For five years.
And they're hoaxing again, claiming there's no North American Union move, no SPP, even though we have the four-year documents, thanks to Judicial Watch and Dr. Corsi and others.
And I just got the book last week.
I've read part of it.
It is a beautiful, hard-bound book, The Late Great USA.
You can get it for $19.95 at InfoWars.com.
And I know you may know all about
and the New World Order, but you need to have the actual book with the documents.
He only goes off the facts.
And then when you're done reading this book, so you can increase your knowledge and really be informed, give it to your friends, your family, your neighbors, your skeptical boss or skeptical employee.
I don't care.
Every mind that we unlock, every person we wake up, is vital because we are in a fight for this Republic.
We are literally on the edge of losing this country.
They're integrating the three nations right now, simultaneously signing agreements with the EU, already integrating that bloc.
This stealth integration, as they call it, continues.
So the late great USA, the coming merger with Mexico and Canada,
And it is just absolutely vital that you get this book.
And joining us is Dr. Corsi.
We're about to break and come back in a long segment, but Dr. Corsi, you really hit one out of the park again with The Late Great U.S.
I'm excited to see that it's doing very well.
Well, Alex, it's a great honor to be back with you.
And we just got notified yesterday it's going to be on the extended New York Times bestseller list.
It's going to be number 28.
Debuting, which we're pretty amazed at.
Well, we haven't even gotten them fully in the bookstores yet.
I mean, you've got some.
Thank you for marketing it as well.
We really appreciate it.
But even the bookstores are yet being stocked and we had to go into a third printing.
So we're scrambling as hard as we can to meet the demand for the books.
And I'm just, I thank the readers.
I thank God that we've got this interest.
I think it's a vital story to tell.
We've got to get this detailed documentation in front of people so that they can judge for themselves.
The North American Union Plan is alive and well.
And instead of being duped by the government to say, don't worry about this, it's just a dialogue between three friendly nations, go look at the documents yourselves.
That's why I put in 30 pages of footnotes in a 235-page book.
Well, people have got to get to this now, because it's one thing to have heard we have SPP documents, it's another thing to hear this is happening and then argue with people.
I mean, you'll actually have it when you get the book.
And I want to do a part two next week on this because there's too much to cover in just an hour and 15 minutes that we've got together today, Dr. Corsi.
But when we get back from break, what should we start on first?
Because my audience is already somewhat informed, but I think we should try to give people still the overarching skeleton of this and then start putting meat on it.
I think it's great.
It's a great honor to be with you and your audience, and I think we should do that.
Make sure we cover the details of how this all got started so people know where the documents are that they can go look at and argue over with those people who don't yet see this plan.
Now, Dr. Corsi, when we get back we'll also talk about
How you effectively have woken up a lot of skeptics, because people don't want to believe that they're also being hoaxed.
I want to talk about the deception and the twisting.
Like David Rockefeller says, we're not for global government, we're for global governance.
Well, the two things are the same in the dictionary, but they know the general public doesn't know that governance is government.
We'll be back with Dr. Jerome Corsi, the book, The Late Great USA, the Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada.
It's ongoing.
Jerome Corsi, PhD, co-author of the New York Times bestseller,
Unfit for command.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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It's a beautiful hardcover book.
The Late Great USA or go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order it today.
He has their own documents in here.
I know these documents well because I'm putting them in my film in-game and I'm looking at them right now.
I'm looking at the shadow government's SPP model.
It's all here and people tend to separate this out where NAFTA highways, trans-Texas corridors, inland ports run by Mexico and Kansas City, San Antonio,
They tend to separate out all the illegal aliens running around.
They tend to separate out how they're above the law and get bank loans without even IDs.
People separate all these new regulations and taxes out.
Or the fact that they've introduced legislation to pay for roads in Mexico.
That's right, our government can take your tax money to build roads in Mexico to bring more goods up here.
I mean, it's incredible!
And it's all interconnected, and that's what the late, great USA does, and that's what Dr. Jerome Corsi does.
It shows you it's all part of one agenda.
Dr. Corsi, out of the gates, the secrecy, the lying, what it's taken to get these four-year documents, the years I spent, the years you spent, and many others fighting this,
And we have the smoking gun evidence.
I mean, literally an armory of smoking guns.
But still, the big Hitler lie, you know, tell a big enough lie some people will buy it, still is working with some people thinking we just make all this stuff up.
I mean, can you go over some of the lies we've seen?
What it's taken for you to get the documents?
And then, I mean, even conservative groups have attacked you and claimed you're lying.
I mean, this is incredible.
The White House attacks me, the Commerce Department again.
Did yesterday in the Washington Times.
Let's talk about one of the core lines here, Alex.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership on its website, spp.gov, sanpeterpaul.gov, website maintained in the Department of Commerce, it has a section called Myths vs. Facts, and it claims that, it properly states that the Security and Prosperity Partnership is not a law, not a treaty,
Though the website brags about that.
I mean, I think that they'd be ashamed to admit that because it means that the government's operating under what's nothing more than a press release.
We have no law, no treaty to justify all this activity.
And the 2005-2000 report of the leaders say there are 20 working groups that are meeting with Canada and Mexico, the bureaucrats of the three countries, integrating and harmonizing our laws, changing our administrative regulations, opening our borders,
And the Miss vs. Fact says, well, this is just a dialogue.
Well, Alex, on page 81 of the book I published, I got from our government the government's own organizational chart for the various working groups, and I published the U.S.
version of it.
So in all these boxes, we've got the Transportation North American Working Group, and it's headed in the U.S.
by Jeffrey Shane, who is an Undersecretary of Transportation for Policy.
And these little boxes of the working groups report to three cabinet secretaries.
You can see it reporting to Secretary Rice, Secretary of State, Chertoff and Homeland Security, Gutierrez and Commerce.
The next level, the boxes report to the Homeland Security Council and the National Security Council and the White House, and finally to the office of the President.
Now, Alex, the government has never published this organizational chart.
This is one of the things I got in the Freedom of Information Act request.
But if I can get an organizational chart that works, and is published by our government privately, that means that these bureaucratic trilateral structures are operating as a shadow government.
They're an official organized structure, not just a dialogue like myths versus facts, lies, and states.
I mean, these are shocking things to me.
When I got that, when I got this organizational chart and I looked at it, I said, wait a minute, this is a formal structure.
A formal structure doesn't exist when you're just talking with your neighbors.
Formal structure means that, you know, in each of the three countries, bureaucrats are organized to report to the three cabinet levels in each country, to the office of the, you know, whatever
Our council is within the government.
And now, a year and a half into SPP meetings, two years plus after the March 23rd signing back in 2005 in Waco, Texas, or outside Waco at the ranch, I mean, we have all this going on, and we now see the effects.
We now see the deals being made.
We now see the infrastructure merger happening.
Well, we do because, I mean, let's just take a few of the examples.
Mary Peters is now
Secretary of Transportation continues to announce that we're going to have the Mexican Truck Demonstration, which I think is really a permanent project.
100 Mexican trucking companies with their long-haul rigs running anywhere they want to in the United States.
And Alex, they're going to come in at the border on FAST lanes, these F-A-S-T lanes, that the SPP working groups have created.
They're going to have RFID identification stickers in the windshield, which will match the RFID identification the drivers have been given as trusted traders.
All of the cargo of these trucks will have been e-manifest logged, and the trucks will not be opened.
Under the SPP working group it's set up that the Mexican trucks will enter the United States at about a 15 second interval.
Now let's be clear.
And then they are under another regulatory system and the state police and others are being told just leave them alone.
They're a trusted traveler.
And then at the same time, the cities and states are trying to implement RFID chips to tax Americans on the new toll roads to pay for infrastructure in Mexico.
So really, it's a total control grid.
It's a total control grid.
And Alex, when the Department of Transportation published these regulations, remember the House of Representatives voted 411 to 3 to block the Mexican truck experiment.
The Department of Transportation ignored that.
The administration went and lobbied the Senate Transportation... By the way, sir, they're here.
I mean, people keep saying it's coming.
I mean, for years, I see big, giant trucks with Mexican tags on them.
And this is just going to open up the border so really an unlimited number of trucks can come across.
A hundred trucking companies.
I want to know who's going to monitor that there's just a hundred.
And nobody's putting any limitation on the number of trucks those hundred companies can have.
Now, the regulations that the Department of Transportation filed in the Federal Register says ridiculous things.
Like, they developed a form, if you'll believe it, Alex, for the Mexicans to fill out to prove these drivers were drug tested.
Well, Mexico is a drug cartel controlled country.
Their commercial driver's license bureaus can't even prove that the Mexicans they give the licenses to are the people they say they are.
They may fill out the forms, but they won't drug test the drivers.
Get all the forms filled out, I'm sure.
But it's going to be totally unreliable.
And the Department of Transportation is going to say, fine, come across the border, the form is filled out.
That to me is just shocking.
Well, I mean, can you imagine trying to merge Mexico and the U.S.?
I mean, I've been in Mexico many times, folks.
The last time I was down there, I was down near the Guatemalan border in Costa Maya, checking out some of the pyramids, and we were on a big mainline bus, and they were stopping all the buses, and the bus driver had to go give cash to Mexican troops with machine guns.
I mean, this is who we're being merged with.
And the Department of State regularly issues advisories for Americans, saying,
If you're going to go into Mexico, don't leave the resorts.
Go directly to the resorts and stay there, because you could be kidnapped, killed, or otherwise robbed and harassed while in Mexico.
It's a lawless, drug cartel-controlled country, and the police and the politicians operate in the system of bribery.
That's the way Mexico is.
Alex, but the working groups are doing everything to open the borders.
Mary Peters,
Department of Transportation just held in April 27th in Tucson, Arizona, the first North American Transportation Trilateral Meeting.
And she called it Trilateral Meeting.
Into Tucson came her counterparts, Secretaries of Transportation of Mexico and Canada, and they announced that the SPP Working Groups have built five
Wide Area Augmentation Stations for Mexico and Canada.
Now understand, they're building the buildings, setting up the infrastructure, and you still call Congress, and most congressmen and women will say, it doesn't exist, there's no such thing, and will laugh at you and say, go find a flying saucer.
That's right, and these Wide Area Augmentation Systems they built for Mexico and Canada are the technology needed to draw down the Global Positioning Satellite data
That is at the core of our air traffic control system.
So we've just given our air traffic control system, and to Mexico and Canada, so they can fly their airlines into the United States airspace as if we're all just North Americans.
And by the way, that means that the Canadian and Mexican air traffic controllers can also know where the military airplanes are.
And by the way, that is totally key, because when you start merging your secret navigational systems, when you start going on to the same metrics, when you start going on to the same scales and systems and merging bureaucracies, which this does on a hundred fronts, that's it.
That is the essence of merger.
That's right.
And Alex, then they announced, Mary Peters announced this,
First, North American Transportation Trilateral that soon Mexican and Canadian Airlines are going to be able to operate in U.S.
airports out of the domestic terminals and to serve completely domestic routes within the United States.
So you can have Aeromexico and Canadian Airlines
We're good to go.
We're all now in the same air traffic control system.
And of course you found out last year that business owners in Texas and other areas are getting their North American Union ID numbers.
That's right.
In order to qualify now today in Texas for what business classification number you are for tax and other identification reasons.
You have to go into a North American code to get your number.
You can't go into a strictly Texas or U.S.
code book.
Let me give people an example of how this happens.
When we get back, I will.
Stay there, Dr. Courts.
You'll want to learn more about that.
That's why this book is so important, ladies and gentlemen.
Don't say you weren't warned.
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We're good.
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Bad news for U.S.
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Trading equals permanent loss.
Dollars fall into 65% of Euro.
Erosion accelerates.
Countries despise imperialistic policy of U.S.
Loss of confidence causing more selling.
GAO is warning about the debt spiraling out of control.
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Dr. Corsi is our guest.
We're going to open the phones up in about 15 minutes at 1-800-259-9231.
But specifically, I want to talk about the North American Union, NAFTA highways, the open borders, any of the issues that tie in together here, the New World Order.
Dr. Corsi can talk about it, so I'm asking callers that you call in on that subject.
I do that once or twice a week when we have a guest on a specific issue.
I'm going to hang up on you and move on if it's not New World Order related.
Basically, because I want to be able to focus in on this.
Dr. Corsi, I want to get more into these ID numbers for Texas businesses with the trader Rick Perry.
He went to the Bilderberg meeting a few months ago.
But before we do that, overall, Bush and the Democrats tried to pass an amnesty.
The hoax didn't work.
They lost even more credibility.
Congress now has a 12% approval rating.
Cheney has a 12% down from 14%, respectively.
But they still think they can just blanket lie to us.
Is it the jig starting to go up?
I mean, some people will still, you know, will still, you know, buy ice at the North Pole.
But my point is that I do see a mass awakening happening.
And are they still as just arrogant and hubris-filled as before?
Because it seems like they just continue the congenital lying.
Or are they starting to figure out that the hoax is up?
I think they're going to continue the lying.
I think this defeat, for instance, in Congress was classic.
You know, the whole attempt here, Alex, is exactly the incremental approach I say that the globalists are taking.
So, George W. Bush opens the border.
In six years as president, he does not secure our borders with Mexico and Canada.
We've got a war on terror going, and the open border makes a lie of that war on terror.
So you've got to say, why is George Bush leaving the border open?
Well, he's doing it intentionally.
Income 12 million, and admitted 12 million, which probably means there's 20 or 30 million illegal aliens.
Three quarters of which come under George W. Bush's term.
That means today, admittedly, the government admits that one in every ten people born in Mexico is living in the United States as a Mexican citizen.
Then Bush goes to Congress and he says twice, you've got to pass this Kennedy-McCain bill, which will legitimate these illegal aliens to stay.
Because we can't do anything about it.
You know, we can't send them home, we can't round them up.
So the fait accompli, the problem that George Bush created intentionally, the illegal aliens being here with an open border policy, then he comes back to finally get the law passed when he's trying to say to the Congress, the American people, there's nothing you can do about it except compromise your sovereignty.
That was the plan.
And the people did see through it.
The people did raise up in arms and say, no, we're not going to do this.
And it was the phone calls, the overwhelming calls, shows like yours that exposed the hypocrisy and this incrementalism.
But the problem is we haven't solved anything.
The borders are still open.
The 12 or 20 or 30 million illegal aliens are still here.
By 2010 or 2015, it will be
One out of every five people born in Mexico are living in the United States.
I would liken it to this.
We're like a jumbo jet, and the hijackers have taken over the main body of the plane.
They haven't gotten to the cockpit door.
Bush was trying to get the pilots to hand over the plane completely, but now we're just in a stalemate, or a literal Mexican standoff, where they've overrun the plane.
They're literally running most of the major cities, openly, you know, have mayors apologizing and going, I don't arrest you for DWIs, you're already above the law.
Oh, please, please!
And it gets worse because, you see, the people say, okay, we have this great victory.
We beat the shamnesty bill.
But the problem is we didn't accomplish anything fundamentally.
We prevented a disaster, which would have been some form of, you know, legitimating... The coup de grace!
The coup de grace would have been... But it still is continuing, but the people go back to sleep thinking we've accomplished something.
And then
The globalists continue down the path.
The multinational corporations continue down the path.
So, in August, on the 20th and 21st, in Quebec, there's going to be the third summit meeting of the Security and Prosperity Partnership in North America.
It'll be a totally closed meeting again.
They're going to have a 25-kilometer security perimeter that nobody will be allowed in or out of.
No protesters at all.
Uh, and at the meeting, the press won't even attend the working session.
It'll be George Bush who's gonna fly up to the meeting with Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and Mexico.
25 kilometer, ladies, that's like 18... 25 kilometer... 18 mile radius, no one... 18 mile, no protest.
Security perimeter.
Dr. Corsi, stay there.
We'll come back and continue with this.
This is your supposed free government Canada to U.S.
Meeting in secret to further butcher our countries.
Secretly operating.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Day after day, alone on a hill,
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
But nobody wants to know him.
They can see that he's just a fool.
And he never gives an answer.
What's the fool under here?
Welcome back.
By the way, I have thousands of documents, I mean hundreds of books, where globalists 80 years ago, 100 years ago, 50 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago,
Write books and say, we've got to keep it secret from the public.
We're going to set up a one world government incrementally.
It's going to be world socialism, so that the elites don't ever have any competition to deal with.
Again, it's the big money that's actually for the socialism.
That's where conservatives get fooled.
They think, oh, big corporations must be perfect.
Well, yeah, most corporations are producing products, doing a good job.
It's the big elite, maybe top 20 of the Fortune 500.
And they are predatory.
And when you go to these SPP meetings, when you get their documents, they're there calling the shots.
Okay, this is governmental action.
This is major policies being decided on in secret.
They kept the Banff meeting secret last year.
Dr. Corsi learned of it.
A local reporter learned of it and leaked details.
Then they tried for a couple days to deny there was even a meeting.
Now, literally, what was it, like 300 plus top people from the governments and all their aides, over a thousand people there,
with this huge resort in the beautiful mountains and in Canada and they're saying it doesn't exist with George Shultz and all these top people all these top Bush administration and they're all there and now they're having another one and they say 25 kilometer or 17 18 miles whatever it comes to mile perimeter and you see the free speech zones
And all these so-called conservatives have loved it when the liberals get arrested protesting Bush.
Well, now when Hillary's president, or whatever monster Democrat it's going to be, you're going to get to have that done to you now.
I remember when Clinton started it against free republic people, and I spoke out against it, and went out and supported him, and went out and protested Bill Clinton, daring them locally to arrest me.
With the Freepers.
Now the Freepers don't like me and I shouldn't criticize Bush and let's arrest everyone when they protest.
Okay, fine.
Then you're going to have that happen to you.
Look, either we're for the First Amendment or we aren't.
But I'm already digressing.
Dr. Corsi has written this book, and it is a powerhouse.
If I wasn't working until 2 or 3 in the morning every day finishing Endgame, I would have already read the whole thing.
But I've read quite a bit of it with a copy I was sent last week.
Then we got in a hundred of these.
They're almost sold out, but we've got another 400 on the way.
Folks, you need to get The Late Great USA.
Order it now.
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The coming merger with Mexico and Canada.
Call toll-free 888.
Dr. Corsi, there is so much going on here.
There is so much happening here that it just makes my head swim to have this compounded now
Not just with the fact that they're denying it when we got their four-year documents in January of this year, and it's clearly government, it's clearly treason, and talk about merging our military, everything.
And then on top of it, now they're having another secret meeting, and then they're saying no protest allowed when it got revealed.
I mean, secret government treason going on against supposedly free Canada and the U.S.
We expect this from Mexico.
And then they say, but even in Mexico City you can protest.
There's not free speech zones.
I mean, my gosh!
Can you speak to that?
Well, that's right.
There's going to be a 25 kilometer, about 18 mile,
A security perimeter around this meeting up in Ottawa, Canada.
It's going to be held in Montebello, Canada.
Montebello, Quebec.
At another beautiful resort.
And no protesters are going to be allowed.
It's going to be a security zone for 25 kilometers.
And Alex, you're exactly right because it will be closed to the press except for the final ceremony.
All staged.
And the group that's going to attend is the North American Competitiveness Council.
Now, I wrote a whole chapter about the Competitiveness Council and the secret meeting that was held in Banff, and you're right about that too, another secret meeting, that we got the agenda and the attendee list, and we published those in the book.
You can see the government officials that attended that secret meeting up in Banff, Canada.
The North American Competitiveness Council is 30 top multinational corporations, 10 from Mexico, 10 from Canada, 10 from the United States,
And they're going to be the only internal participants in this SPP meeting, because the multinational corporations are setting the agenda for how the North American integration is going to go.
We got the minutes from last... We have the minutes!
We got a Freedom of Information Act request, and we finally got the minutes out of the BAMF meeting.
We got a few of the papers, and the minutes even discussed the stealth method, discussed keeping this information from the public.
One Wall Street Journal reporter was allowed to attend, and she was sworn not to publish anything about the meeting.
We publish her name in the book.
These are the kinds of steps that are being taken, and when we get a hold of the participant list, the agenda, the papers through Freedom of Information Act requests, or we got these at the Banff meeting because some of the Canadian groups got a hold of them and sent them to us at WorldNetDaily, and we published them.
And again,
There's a major attempt to keep the public out of this, and there will be, August 20th and 21st, I'm in Quebec, Canada.
I'm going to go off to the meeting.
I'm going to report on the meeting in person.
I'm going to bring my camcorder.
Right now, I'm calling First Dibs.
I'm demanding.
I've got to have it, sir.
At least a little 10-15 minute pop-in report.
Absolutely, Janet.
You've got it.
I'd love to, and we'll report to you live from the streets up there.
I'm going to bring my camcorder and record it and start putting it on YouTube.
Because there could be as many as 10,000 protesters organized from all over Canada and the United States to go to this meeting.
But one of the groups, the Council of Canadians, rented a hotel the day before to have a private meeting, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police called them up and told them that they were getting their deposit back.
So let's just stop right there.
When I flew in to cover Bilderberg last June, it's all an endgame,
They literally arrested me and said, you're here for the meeting, we're not going to let you in.
They said, we're going to try to put you in prison if we find any reason to.
And they said, because we know you're here for Bilderberg.
I mean, folks, where is the freedom of our societies that for 18 miles, they're going to be arresting and stopping people, and then now they're saying people can't even rent hotels in the city?
I mean, this is red alert tyranny!
This is the Soviet Union!
I mean, this is like Communist China, Dr. Gordy!
Can you speak to this?
I didn't know this!
Now, tell me the name of the group, and exactly, this is an outrage!
This is the Next Security and Prosperity Partnership Summit Meeting, up in Quebec, Canada.
It's going to be in Montebello, Quebec.
It's going to be August 20th and 21st.
And I've written about it.
I've written two articles in World Net Daily about it.
They have declared a 25-mile, a 25-kilometer, 18-mile perimeter around the meeting.
There will be a security perimeter.
No protests are going to be allowed.
People are going to be screened coming in and out of this zone.
It's going to be totally closed to the press.
Press are only going to be allowed to attend the opening and closing ceremonies.
But yet the invited guests of the North American Competitiveness Council, the 30 top multinational businesses in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, they're going to set the agenda for the SPP working groups, and all those sessions are going to be closed to the public.
Now, if that isn't police state, I mean, people email me and say, we're not in a police state.
Folks, when they arrest you in Austin, if you don't have a permit, when five of you stand there with signs on the street corner, or when they arrest you in New York or D.C.
and tell you you can't videotape anymore, the police, but they can videotape you, and when they arrest you in Canada or detain you because you're coming to cover event, or they say, no one is allowed in, we can randomly grab whoever we want for 18 miles, 25 kilometers, I mean, folks, that is, that is
The stuff I read about the Soviet Union in the 50s, 60s, 70s.
I mean, that is hardcore police state.
And by the way, it fits the bill.
They're engaging in treason.
They're selling on our countries.
And they're mad that it's been exposed.
And they're scared of exposure.
So they want to have, just like
Remember last year we exposed the September meeting with Dr. Corsi's help and everybody else's work, and then they impromptu, a few months later then, staged that deal in Ottawa with Condoleezza Rice and the rest of them and had a little staged press conference and talked about non-issues.
So see, literally, Dr. Corsi, I am speechless.
I am speechless.
I didn't know this.
It just gets worse by the minute.
Not only are they engaging in treason, now they're engaging in treason against our freedoms!
Well, I'm going to fly into Ottawa with my press credentials.
I'm going to bring my camera and my camcorder.
I'm going to go report on it.
And you're a multiple-time New York Times bestseller.
You write columns read by millions.
That's right.
And they're probably going to tell you you're not real media, like they told me.
They'll probably tell me I'm not real media when I try to enter Canada.
But I've got my ticket.
I'm going to go on up there.
And I'm planning to stay.
I'll be a day before, and I'll be a day after.
I'm going to stay up there for the whole event.
I'm sure I won't be allowed over to Montebello.
I'm sure I won't be able to get press credentials to attend the meeting.
I'm sure I won't be able to cover even the closing ceremony.
But I'll cover the protest, and I'll cover what people are doing in Canada to oppose the SPP, and I'll report on that there, but not allowed to visit the meetings.
Man, this is incredible.
Dr. Corsi, continuing, um,
I mean, I'm literally speechless on this.
Why do you think they're behaving and acting like this?
Well, I think it's getting more... I think they're more fearful of the... I know the book is already pulling all this information in one place to make it easy to read, getting the footnotes.
I know the book is scaring people in Washington.
The administration's already starting to attack the book.
There was comments yesterday in the Washington Times with the Department of Commerce.
But Alex, it's getting more and more visible.
I just documented that the Trans-Texas Corridor plans are now fully adopted all the way up to Denver.
The Ports to Plains Coalition, Corridor Coalition in Denver, which is another one of these, you know, Corridor Coalition groups supporting these NAFTA highways, Ports to Plains,
I've lived in Denver.
I can't find any port anywhere around Denver.
And the only water around Denver is the Plant River.
You didn't see the Pacific Ocean there?
Well, the port they're talking about is down in Lozano, Cardenas, and Manzanilla on the Pacific in Mexico.
Because the idea is to bring the containers from China.
They're going to come into Mexican ports unloaded by Mexican dock workers, not only up the Trans-Texas Corridor,
But now, they're going to build this rural version of the Trans-Texas Corridor, and it's going to go across Delhart, Texas, right through the panhandle of Oklahoma, and it's going to enter Denver at Lyman just by Interstate 70.
And they've actually got on the Ports to Plains website, I wrote about this as well, they've got the actual plans of the Trans-Texas Corridor for the transportation of Texas
Gave to all these other states to make part of the Ports to Plains plan.
They're going to build the exact same highway structure.
And now they're looking for the international financing.
And groups like Cintra, the investment consortium in Spain, are interested.
So it's not just going to be four football fields wide a highway through Texas, up parallel to Interstate 35.
It's 83 major roads.
That's exactly right.
83 major roads and this new corridor
Which is going to cut through the panhandle of Oklahoma and head right on into Denver, which is another route to bring the containers.
Well, Dr. Corsi, I want you to know that was not an affectation.
That really only happens every few months.
I was thinking a few minutes ago about not letting people for 18 miles protest or even be there and the police state that will be there.
And I've already had a taste of it in Canada, and I was just speechless that it's come.
Charity is here.
It's here.
I mean, once you get to that point, I was just envisioning forward, you know, logically, as you do once you've studied history, and I know you, you know, studied it as well, you got a PhD in it.
I mean, looking at this, people don't realize, once you get to the point of banning protests for 18 miles, you've already dropped off the edge, the slippery slope, hell, you're down it.
It's here right now.
Because I was talking with the groups in Canada that rented this hall.
They said they were just going to have a meeting before the Summit meeting for the SPP started, the day before.
They were going to be out of there, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police called them up.
I interviewed the head of the town, a town named Poppinville, and this head of this town, town manager, said, that's right, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Sûreté du Quebec, which is the state police in Quebec,
Called him up and said he had to cancel the meeting.
He had to give the Council of Canadians back their deposit, and tell them that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the SIRTE to Quebec, were themselves going to rent the entire facility.
Now imagine a mainline, conservative, pro-national sovereignty, pro-Canada group.
He wants to be able to rent a hotel where they live and they're told, no, a bunch of traitors are coming and we're... I mean, folks, this is just... They're saying because of this meeting, even the day before, the 25 mile perimeter is going to be created and the Royal Canadian Bound Police are going to rent all facilities if they have to, so nobody else does.
Folks, we've got them in stock.
They are sold out, the first and second printing in most stores.
We've got 400 more with the tracking number on the way.
We've got about 50 left right now.
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I apologize, there aren't more in the stores.
Alex, you've got some of the last.
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Uh, we're rushing them out as quickly as we can.
Well, no, no, I mean, I mean, that's good, though, that they're good.
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So we've got them right now here.
Absolutely, folks.
The Late Great USA, the coming merger with Mexico and Canada.
I want you to get a copy of this.
1-888-253-3139 or infowares.com or presentplanet.com and listen.
In fact, I think I'll even discount it more.
I think you should get two copies, folks.
You should keep one for yourself and then mail it to Congress.
And listen, the congressman or woman may not read it, but their aides are.
People know Dr. Corsi.
This is the guy that shot down Kerry.
So the point is that you need to get this book and mail it to Congress because Corsi now is in the real meat and potatoes, hardcore issues here, folks.
And this is a powerful book.
People will listen to Dr. Corsi.
You need to buy multiple copies.
Give them to your mayor.
I mean, listen, it's our country, folks.
And it's not just like, you know, some of the mainline liberals and neocon-type conservatives say, well, we are a global government.
It's the next phase of human development.
First we were hunter-gatherer, then agrarian, then city-state, then nation-state, then empire.
It's not like we're going to some new level.
You're losing your due process, your liberty, your freedom, your property rights under this.
You understand?
This global government, this SPP, is taking your basic liberties that our forefathers literally fought, bled, and died.
Millions of our men have died for this country.
And I'm not going to sit here and watch a bunch of criminals
Go have secret meetings and then tell people you can't even cover it.
That is not the U.S.
That is not Canada.
This is disgusting!
And I demand you get the late, great USA and get it out to everybody.
By the way, Endgame covers these issues, but it's not going to be out until October.
We need to get this out to people now.
Available at Infowars.com.
Dr. Korsi is our guest.
He'll be with us about 15-20 minutes to the next hour.
Then, huge news with Aaron Dykes in studio.
Big stuff we learned.
Joshua, Mike, Steve, Kyle, many others, your calls are straight ahead.
On the other side, get your copy of the late great, USA.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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On a lonely, lonesome highway, on the east of Omaha.
I listen to the engine moanin' and this one old song.
And I think about the woman, the girl you knew the night before.
But your thoughts will soon be lost,
Dr. Jerome, of course, is our guest.
We are fighting the New World Order.
It's going to backfire on these arrogant creatures saying none of this exists when we have all the documents.
It's going to backfire on them.
We've got to take the fact they're lying, show the people how they've been lied to, and then explain to them
That you better get involved or our way of life, our Bill of Rights, our Constitution is gone.
Dr. Corsi, let's take some calls.
That's great, let's do it.
Frank in Arizona, you're on the air with Dr. Corsi, go ahead.
Hi Mr. Corsi, I just have two questions.
One, what do you think that they'll declare this North American Union?
And two, what do you think the political system will be like?
Will they still have elections?
Well, I think the discussion, certainly the Council on Foreign Relations has called for 2010 to be the first stage, which is a North American community, and Robert Pastor seems to be on that plan.
Academic at American University has been proposing this North American community for 10 years.
And historically they always use some front dummy claiming it was all his idea, like with Woodrow Wilson.
And if I can get your take on this, Dr. Corsi, from my study, basically it took 45 years to get the EU by stealth.
We're on the same exact names and paradigm, but it's telescoped down to 10 years.
Correct, sir?
Well, that's right.
And I write in the book, I show how the parallel exists.
And a quote from the intellectual elite that did the EU, people like Jean Monnet, we now have his memoirs, he wrote them before he died, and admitted that it was all a stealth process, he'd been lying.
Put in the economic agreement.
I read his memoirs, we actually own them, yeah.
Yeah, and the people would, they could deny that it had anything to do with a governmental, a regional government.
And he says that!
And we read the book here at the office for Endgame, and of course I saw it in your book, which is, we're on the same parallel.
Same parallel.
And so, if we could look at their game plan for the elite that created the European Union, and they admit
They knew going down the economic path would force the political path to happen.
And now the same plan.
And they could deny the political plan while they were putting in the Coal and Steel Agreement and the European Common Market.
And the Treaty of Rome.
Now, Frank, you had a second question.
What will it look like?
I think, again, let's look at Robert Pastor.
Robert Pastor, with students every summer, runs a North American mock parliament.
He's talking about having parliamentary groups.
So I think there will be, ultimately, a regional parliamentary group.
We've already had joint congresses every year for, what, five years in Mexico.
We'll have a regional... The North American Competitiveness Council is the beginning of a new executive business advisory group where the multinational corporations will set the agenda for what the executive branch of the regional government's going to do.
We already have the beginnings of the judicial.
We've got Chapter 11 tribunals.
In NAFTA, they can overturn U.S.
state and federal laws.
And under World Trade, they already supersede the authority of Congress in an abdication.
And on the Mexican trucks, our Supreme Court has already issued a decision saying that our environmental laws cannot be made to apply to the Mexican trucks coming across the border.
Which, again, is unfair trade practices, but this whole thing's written to be unfair.
When you hear free trade, folks, it's the opposite.
We'll be right back with Dr. Corsi.
Does that answer your question, Frank?
Yeah, I just wanted to really know if the people would still have a voice in voting or not.
You'll never know.
Let's get Dr. Corsi's take on that.
I'm sure it'll be the same.
I've got mine.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I am double and triple vetting every statement, every document in Endgame right now.
The film's basically done.
We're just polishing it for the next month before it goes off to the distributor.
And I was doing more research on eugenics, neo-eugenics, and I found even more horrible stuff than I thought.
I mean, this is just like a practice and nightmare.
This film is a real-life horror movie in the real-life world.
These people are worse than Freddy Krueger.
That's coming up in 20 minutes with Aaron Dykes, who was up here at 3 a.m.
with me doing this research.
Along with other crew members up here.
He's in the studio with us coming up in just a little while.
But first, we're going to continue with your phone calls.
And we were talking to Frank in Arizona, and his last question was, would he have voting rights?
Would he have power in this North American Union?
And basically, what I've seen with globalism is they let the locals still vote, but never on anything of importance.
And then regional governorships that are unelected that answer to the international councils truly set all the real policies.
And so they let you kind of play act, like a child plays that they're a policeman or a nurse or a fireman or cowboys or Indians.
They're not really a cowboy with that little pony that's a mop stick and some rope for a mane.
It's not real.
And we already see this with Europe.
They don't let people ever vote on EU expansion.
When they finally did, they voted no.
So the bureaucrats said, we're just going to continue.
We've got Gordon Brown, the new globalist running things, openly saying he wants a one world government in speeches.
And he has said that he's going to go ahead and bring England into the EU without them being able to vote.
When now in polls, it was 76% 10 years ago, and then 85%, and then the polls were all in that area.
I simplify.
And now it's over 90% are against it.
And he just goes, I don't care.
Do you agree with that take, or can you add Dr. Corsi to... Because people say, well, okay, I'll accept the North American Union, because it'll just be a new, bigger country.
No, I agree with it entirely.
What happens is, the working groups take over.
And then even the legislature.
So you think you voted for a legislature.
Well, in Italy, France, Germany, the countries of the EU, it's the bureaucrats in Brussels and Luxembourg who tell the legislatures of each country what laws they can pass and what laws they can't pass.
So if you voted for the legislatures, you haven't accomplished a thing.
They don't make the decisions anymore.
They're told what to do.
That's what happens under these regional governments.
That's what the loss of sovereignty and autonomy means.
And it would be the same here.
Even voting for the judges, you'd have a...
European Union judicial system which regularly overturns the judicial decisions of the various states when the bureaucrats in Luxembourg and Brussels, the EU bureaucrats, think that those impede their regional government desires.
And notice, there's no law in Canada.
They just say the new policy is no protesting for 25 kilometers or 18 miles.
It's the same thing here.
We're already going under that regional policy where there's no Bill of Rights, no Constitution.
It's just, we got cops that'll follow orders.
Shut up!
That's right, they've got the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the National Police, and the Sorte de Quebec, which is the State Police, and they just declared there's a 25-kilometer radius around Montebello, Quebec, and there's going to be no protest, period.
They're going to enforce that perimeter, and they've rented facilities, they're going to stage operations from the town's neighboring, and nobody's going to get in or out of Montebello, or near it, unless they know who you are and they allow you to be there.
The North American Competitiveness Council and the Multinational Corporations will be brought in a limousine.
Anybody who doesn't want the beating to occur and wants to protest it is likely to be arrested.
That's the way to sneak in, again, into a whole major town, a small city, is to simply, even if you happen to be in a nearby town, rent a limo.
And of course they're going to ask for special documents, but imagine, now it's whole cities you can't go into, see?
And that's their model.
They openly talk about it.
They want the police state read in place, like the British report that came out a few months ago.
And this is their projection.
And they say there's going to be mass revolt worldwide, quote, because of world government.
Folks, they are positioning themselves to tyrannize us.
I mean, this is in the open.
Your call, straight ahead.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got it in stock right now.
The late, great USA just out.
Already going into its third printing.
The coming merger with Mexico and Canada.
Jerome R. Courtsey, Ph.D.
Available at Infowars.com.
Let's continue with your phone calls.
Let's talk to Mike.
Mike, where are you calling us from today?
First of all, I've got to tell you, you are a patriot.
Go ahead.
I had two questions dealing with the implementation of the NAU and start of the New World Order.
With those readiment assessment drills, i.e.
practice, that the government did back in April, with the nuclear detonation at a major Virginia harbor, what do you think the chances are Bush, and especially with all the recent terrorist hoo-ha going on, what are the chances that Bush would actually create a terrorist attack, take his dictatorial power that he gave himself back in March,
Therefore, he'd have no argument at all, and no one could challenge him to bring up the NAU.
The bigger point is that even if we cede, there are these real terrorists that have got these superweapons, which, you know, I mean, obviously they don't have superweapons.
There are real terrorists, but they don't have superweapons.
But the point is that, let's say they're real.
The government knows the borders are open.
They know there's record levels of influxes from these nations where supposed terrorists are at.
And we have Republican memos and statements by Republican leaders and former senators saying we need a terror attack to get back on track.
So there's no debating that if there's an attack that it's reckless endangerment, wanton, you know, it's kind of like putting your child out in the street because you want the baby run over because you don't want it.
You're going to be comfortable when that semi comes down the road that didn't see the baby and squashes it flat.
So for the sake of debate,
Let's just say the terrorists are real, they're going to come get us and drink our blood.
Okay, why then do I have cops wanting to search my car on the highway, but the border is wide open?
Dr. Gorsing?
Well, you know, I wrote extensively, and Alec, I was very concerned when in May, President Bush signed these two executive directives, the Homeland Security Directive 51 and National Security Directive, if National Security Directive 51 and Homeland Security Directive
In fact, one of your headlines was Bush Power Grab.
Power Grab.
Because he could declare an emergency of any kind that he wants.
The emergency is very broadly defined.
Insurrection, a riot, influenza, another Katrina.
Whatever he declared was an emergency, President Bush then could assume command of all state, federal, local, tribal, and territorial governments.
And these powers will go to the next president of it, Hillary Clinton, or whomever it is.
And the president, this has been a bipartisan move.
Now if we have a... Oh yeah, this is the government circling the wagon, setting up the police station.
Going back, going back to last year, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act says martial law for citizens revolting.
Go ahead.
Well that repealed the Posse Comitatus Act.
So now the president, whomever the president is, whichever globalist is in the office at the time,
Could easily say I'm going to federalize the National Guard and I'm sending in the U.S.
military in a domestic situation and I'm in control and I don't need even to consult Congress.
And bottom line, bottom line here, any way you slice it, government-sponsored terror or provocateur-ing, letting it happen, either way they do it, they're letting it happen, they didn't take any of the steps, they built two miles of fence, used illegal aliens to build it, they told you they'd secured the borders, they actually hired
They sent away thousands of the Border Patrol to go make them air marshals.
They knew what they'd done.
They're hiring them away to go to Iraq.
They knew.
So, bottom line, Dr. Corsi, you're saying the New World Order is empowered by terror attacks.
In fact, I quoted Robert Pastor, the professor, the American University professor, who's been arguing for ten years for North American community, and he said in a Spanish interview, and I called him up and questioned about it, he agreed
That, you know, the next 9-11, whatever it was, could be used to advance the North American integration agenda.
That's exactly what they're doing!
Imagine, they get rid of our security, and then they're going to tell us more tyranny, more death of America is the solution.
And Pastor published that.
And I read it, I thought it fell over.
He actually published it.
I called him up.
I wrote about it, World Death Daily.
I put it in the book.
I quoted, I referenced it.
You've got all the footnotes.
Go read the article where, in the Spanish interview, where Pastor said that it may just take a 9-11, he said, another 9-11 to get North American integration to be advanced.
Folks, we're seeing the death of our country.
There's no way you slice it.
This is high treason, and we have got to make this the major issue.
Our country is literally being dissected, butchered, right in front of us, expertly.
Anything else?
Quickly, Mike.
I've got something about our papers, the national ID.
Again, it's only for citizens.
The illegals are all exempt.
It's just a total fraud.
The citizens can all be counted, numbered, watched, spied upon, the whole nine yards.
And it's more control over data by a government that's going to become suspicious increasingly of its own population.
And they just passed the biggest gun control bill since 68 a month ago.
I mean, folks, we're in trouble.
Mike, thank you, sir, and you're a patriot.
Let's talk to Steve in California.
Steve, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good morning.
Just a question and then I'd like to follow up with a comment.
Just to respond to what your caller said, it doesn't matter if we have elections when virtually all the current presidential candidates are either CFR or trilateral members who both drafted and support this plan.
But then the question is, if they have both parties owned, why then do they want to have martial law ready?
And that's because they're tanking the dollar, tanking the sovereignty, and... I'll shut up, go ahead.
My question just was, Dr. Corsi, thanks for the book.
Do you discuss this in your book?
Yes, absolutely.
I discuss it at length in the book, and I say that the problem is that, you know, it's bipartisan.
It doesn't make any difference.
And I caution people to be aware, you know, Rudy Giuliani, his law firm, Bracewell and Giuliani, is the sole legal representative of Cintra, C-I-N-T-R-A, the Spanish Investment Consortium.
That is, building the Trans-Texas Corridor and at least the Chicago Skyway and the Indiana Toll Road.
He's in favor of the International Foreign Corporation leasing
Our highway infrastructure and turning them into toll roads.
Absolute demon.
And Fred Thompson.
Fred Thompson is a Council on Foreign Relations member, as is Newt Gingrich.
Well, we know the Republicans are running dead horses against Hillary.
They're passing the baton of power.
Ron Paul and the show agreed.
They are not running real candidates.
Coursey, comments?
Oh, they're not running anybody that has a chance to win, that's for sure.
And with Hillary, you've got the Bush-Clinton dynasty rolling right along.
And I see now, increasingly, Bill is beside Hillary's side.
I mean, it's just going to be more globalism.
There's no question about it.
And it doesn't make any difference.
The candidates from both parties... We may, like, a thousand years from now have Clinton, the 80th, and Bush, the 74th.
I mean, it's just... I'd be happy to do it.
I mean, it's... And all the candidates... Ron Paul is the only candidate, with, you know, possible exception, Tom Tancredo.
Colorado and Duncan Hunter, who are strong in the border, but not nearly as strong in this issue, in the North American Union, who are speaking out and see this.
And there's grassroots movements starting.
The controlled state legislatures that have passed anti-NAU and get out... What about when you talk to the police and military?
I mean, I've noticed they're starting to get angry, too.
They're starting to get angry, too.
They're starting to feel like, especially when you've got
Ramos and Campion, the two border patrol agents at federal prison for 11 and 12 years each, respectively, and the drug dealer, Davila, who they shot after, you know, going scot-free, immunity, border pass... Listen, I know you've seen these in San Diego, where the illegals beat people up, and then the cops come arrest the people they beat up.
It's unbelievable, you know, and what's going on is a backing off of law enforcement away from the border.
I attended an FBI gang conference in El Salvador at the FBI's invitation, and then it was clear, they told us, the MS-13, the drug dealing gang from El Salvador, tattooed head to toe, is in 42 states and 2,500 American communities.
This is the consequence of overwork.
Let's jam in a few final calls.
Kyle in Denver, quickly.
You're on the air with Jared Horsey.
Yeah, a couple questions for you.
I'm from Denver, so I was concerned, of course, about you talking about Denver being in line for the next port.
I'm looking on the NAO, or the NASCO's website, the Inland Ports, and it mentions Central Mexico, San Antonio, Alliance, Kansas City, Iowa Inland Port, which is now, but you were saying about the Denver one.
Can you tell me a little bit more about that?
Yeah, go look up the ports, ports to plane, to planes, ports to planes, corridor coalition.
It's headquartered in Denver, and it's the group, if you look at their website... They're lobbying and have gotten the maps and are moving to do it.
That's right.
And they're going to use the Trans-Texas Corridor Plan.
They've got it on their website.
That's the group that's moving this forward.
Will they have maps on their website?
Yes, I published them on WorldNetDaily.
Just look up Corsi Plus, Ports to Plain, Corridor Coalition.
Google that and you'll find the articles I've read.
We're out of time.
Dr. Corsi, I'm going to have my producer call you right now if that's okay.
That'd be great.
I want to set you up for another hour and a half, part two.
Sure, I'd be delighted to do it.
Sometime next week.
August 20th isn't far away.
I want to go ahead and line up and lock in cell phone numbers.
You got it.
She can pop in with 10 minute reports for us.
Yes, we are.
Again, masses of time studying this, and Corsi spends even more time, so I certainly learn a lot from him, and we all multiplex together and learn even more.
So get the book right now.
The Late Great USA at Infowars.com or 888-253-3139.
Dr. Corsi, we'll talk to you next week, sir.
Alex, great honor to be with you.
I look forward to next week.
Well, it's always a great honor to have you, sir, and thank you for your tireless work in defense of the Republic.
Thank you, sir.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, on the other side.
Just heard Dr. Corsi say the government stands to gain from terror.
You see?
I like Corsi, folks, because when I started talking to him two years ago, he didn't understand this stuff.
He is actually writing and telling the truth and changing, and that's a beautiful thing.
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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
Thank you for joining us.
Now, I wasn't going to do a part four on Eugenics and Aaron's been on this three times in the last few weeks because we're finishing up Endgame right now.
And we knew the globalists planned to kill 80% of us and all their big statements, 80-90%.
We knew this was the dominant push.
But it's always worse than we think.
And last night I was double-checking some facts that appeared about 1.30.
And I knew that Bill Gates had given more than $30 billion total to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation since the mid-nineties to Planned Parenthood and then overseas, really aggressive eugenics organizations and enforced inoculations, you name it.
I mean, just really aggressive stuff in third world countries.
And I was doing more research and then of course Warren Buffett gave them $37 billion.
That was just in one
One Pledge, and we always talk about all these different connections and these nexus points, and how it's all interconnected.
And so I briefly wanted to go over some history, then we're going to go to break here in a minute or two and come back and get into it in more detail with Aaron Dice.
But IBM keeps coming up.
I mean, I don't look for this stuff.
I just have a good memory.
I find out who really owns Applied Digital Solutions with the implantable microchip that loses money year after year after year after year after year, and it's always on TV, and always saying we need to take microchips, and it's so great, and then put them in old people, and put them in prisoners, and put them in children.
And I remember finding out that IBM really basically created them, owns most of their stock, owns most of their debt.
I found out IBM literally has thousands of front companies.
And then, of course, I said, well, let me check, and this is many years ago.
Let me check into IBM.
Are they involved in anything else weird?
Thomas Watson, the founder of International Business Machines, was a top Nazi sympathizer, admired Hitler, went to Germany, got medals put on him by Hitler as late as 37.
And then I found out he developed the first, what you could call, real computers to run race tests in the 1920s, 1928, on blacks, and interbreeding with whites,
Uh, and that he literally said, my company is to go into the future to support all of this agenda.
It was already one of the most successful, most powerful companies in the world by the time he died.
And then of course, uh, his son, Junior continued this, their big globalist, big CFR, big trilateral, big, uh, Bohemian Grove members going on right now in Northern California.
And I'd already read and seen and even seen a PBS special like 10-12 years ago where they basically admitted that IBM couldn't have the operating system for all the computers because that would be a monopoly.
And so they basically did the deal with Gates and let him have the monopoly.
And then I found out his dad changed his name a couple times, was in military, clearly in intelligence, then was the head of Planned Parenthood in Seattle, then nationally, then that he's still on, he's still alive, still on the national, international chairman of the board, and then right now he's just on the board, but he's been chairman of the board.
And then I found out that he's the chairman, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with its, I don't know, it's 27 and
No, 30 and 37 billion.
That's 67 billion dollars in it right now.
Not to mention all the other donations they've gotten from others in the billions.
So, it's all the same people.
And then you can just randomly pick a name out of a globalist and go look and there'll be a eugenicist.
They'll be into population control.
I mean, this is the over-driving system.
So you have IBM, this Nazi company.
Well, they were Nazi before the Nazis even existed, you know what I mean?
It's like it comes from here in England, not Germany.
I mean, you have the progenitors of the Nazis still running things today, and then we find out they're over the Chinese one-child policy with the computers that run it.
They're over the operations here.
They're over the Human Genome Project.
They're over everything.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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I mean, just a few hours into research, specifically on Gates, with our past research, a more and more horrifying picture emerges.
We'll get back into that in just one moment.
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Alright, shifting gears back into the news.
Bill Gates is far more wicked than we even thought.
And I've done quite a bit of research on him.
I knew he was a big eugenicist supporter.
You can change the names all day, that's what it is.
I knew that he'd given, and collected now, over 67 billion dollars for it.
And the sick joke here is, you watch CNN or you read a news article and it's, oh Bill and Melinda, they are on the Marxist websites, they actually have a Marxist website worshipping him and the liberals, so go, give all your money away.
A, he puts it in tax free, the big money, turn of the last century, 1906,
Put their money into tax-free foundations.
They didn't break up Standard Oil.
They just put it under 12 different names.
So number one, that's a whole other area here.
Number one, he's taking the interest and the profits off tax-free company investments, because they get to go out and own companies and everything else.
And they're taking the profit off of that after they pay all their executives and their staff hundreds of millions of dollars.
And so basically, they're just going tax-free.
Which is about a 40% savings for him.
So number one, Bill Gates, I've always said was not the richest man in the world.
There's now a Mexican richer than him.
But those are just nouveau riche, new money.
The old money had tens of billions of dollars a hundred years ago.
Back when a billion was a billion.
The equivalent of trillions today.
The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, they all are foundation money.
The literal palaces, the helicopters, the endowments, the universities they chartered, it's all in the foundation.
You understand?
So there's that fraud there, but this chilled me to my bones.
To learn that he wasn't just funding eugenics, it was the fact that his daddy was the head of Planned Parenthood, changed his name twice, was involved in all sorts of shadowy intelligence operations, and then what I'd already known from sources in industry and little pieces I got in news and PBS where they leaked it,
IBM another front company.
I can clearly say from our research that Microsoft is another, I knew they were allied, but it is another IBM front company to get around trust busting.
And that literally the profits from these companies go to bring in the one world government.
And it is, which again gives them even more power through governmental control.
So just the evidence we gleaned last night and a few hours today is more than we can cover in hours and hours.
But Aaron Dykes, you have the floor my friend.
Go over the research you and I have done.
That's right.
Not only did IBM basically give Microsoft a breakthrough contract
After digital research failed, they gave them the breakthrough contract, DOS became the big operating system, and Microsoft was launched as this big thing, really just an IBM front, more or less.
And then skipping forward, we know that Bill Gates has donated these billions and billions and billions
We're good to go.
I mean, we're talking about Bill Gates not only donates to Planned Parenthood, but his father is on the board.
He's been part of Planned Parenthood for years and years and years.
I mean, that's not donating.
His father has a spook pedigree.
Yeah, he changed his name, dropped the third so he didn't appear elite in the war, so he could appear to be somewhat normal, and then later changed from the second to junior, and then later to senior.
He's been constantly adjusting his name.
There's so many facets to this.
Let's just go over some of the quotes and some of the things you've said and done.
Well, I have an interview with Bill Moyers from 2003, where Bill Gates is discussing philanthropy and how much he's helping Africa.
Moyers kind of brings up the idea of where did you get inspired?
And Bill Gates' response is, when I was growing up my parents were almost involved in various volunteer things.
My dad was, quote, head of Planned Parenthood.
It was very controversial to be involved with that and it's so fascinating.
And he's so obsessed with this, we've now learned, he is financing and owns the biggest gay magazines in the country, OutPlanet, and then all its subsidiaries, just so people don't have children.
He's now financing that.
I mean, it's just cold-blooded, man.
I mean, just because he doesn't want people.
This is eugenics.
Planned Parenthood's one branch of it.
Population control, the things you're talking about.
They are your genesis.
Bill Gates... Margaret Sanger called black people weeds and said don't let them know that we want to kill them.
Planned Parenthood.
Bill Gates' father, head of Planned Parenthood, first locally in Washington, as you said, now a national chairman.
It's absurd.
And Bill Gates admits in the same interview he was an admirer, quote, of Malthus.
He admired these Malthusian leaders.
He was the great granddaddy, he was the fount of it all, 1790.
Yeah, I'd like to read this quote, actually.
And maybe the interesting thing I've learned is this thing that's still surprising when I tell other people, which is that as you improve health and society, population growth goes down.
You know, I thought it was, before I learned about it, I thought it was paradoxical.
I thought, well, if you improve health, aren't you just doing people to deal with such a lack of resources, where they won't be educated, won't have enough food?
You know, sort of a Malthusian view of what would take place.
He admits he was enthralled with Malthus.
But he's actually lying.
They're keeping them from developing, and that's what their foundation does.
And it's actually once you develop, then you start having 2.2 children globally on average, and then things clean up.
It's the opposite.
They're keeping them in squalor, where they run around chewing up everything.
They'd rather just pursue eugenics.
I think that's pretty clear.
Oh yeah, and we've also got Gates quotes about, well, we gave everybody the shots and there was huge outbreaks, but that's just an accident.
It really is.
I mean, it's just, there's so much.
He and his billions just pop up in every African country and, you know, there's always a scandal and it's just coincidence and it's all philanthropy.
I mean, it's no big deal that in some African countries 45% of the population have AIDS.
And then they've done studies where children who have never had sex, and whose mothers don't have it, and fathers don't have it, have it, but all they ever got was a shot.
All they ever got was a shot.
And then also they've done studies in the U.S.
and England, as well as Canada, with blacks.
And they found that someone who has the same amount of partners is 15 times as likely to contract HIV.
Well, that's because it's a bio-weapon.
It's race-specific.
It's been looked at.
And the media, some major magazine, what is it, New Scientist, just attacked me and said, oh, we believe that AIDS was created.
We have the Pentagon documents from the 70s.
What a coincidence.
What a coincidence.
I mean, we have the documents.
I pulled up a story the other day in Nigeria.
When the people started catching on and started protesting being sterilized and vaccinated with polio vaccines, all of a sudden a polio outbreak starts to happen.
That was in the BBC.
They refused to take it because it had cancer virus in it.
They were caught in a hundred plus countries.
Mainly it was Africa, Latin America and Asia.
This was in the 19... I forgot to add that in the film.
We've got to go back and now it's too much.
About how they caught them adding the sterilization hormone to the tetanus shot.
Every time.
It just so happens to be.
Even that particular news report admitted it was all staged and looked to be arranged.
And BBC.
BBC just said it's staged.
Yeah, I saw that.
These people are cold-blooded, man.
I mean, they need to be arrested right now.
If you somehow don't care about the third world, maybe we want to talk about China, where Bill Gates donates other billions of billions into the United Nations Population Fund, which then goes on to fund IBM computer programs that control populations, as they planned in... IBM's behind the chips, they're behind the smart cards, they're behind the genome, and sure enough, they're behind eugenics operations in China donating the computers.
Yep, just as the 1928 Jamaican race study plan that IBM funded and used their first early computers to process, just as IBM used their computers to process concentration camps, select a victim, see who would be healthy enough, see who needed to be exterminated right away, IBM also runs the population program that monitors China's plans to, you know, enforce a one-child policy and, well, you get the picture, I think.
We're in a lot of trouble.
We're in deep trouble, folks.
I'm more freaked out than I was even before, because they literally run the entire infrastructure.
We randomly check high-level officials, and they always are eugenicists.
I mean, it is.
And you'll find their charitable giving.
It could be a Secretary of State, it could be Hillary Clinton, it could be anybody.
I'm talking 95% of the time, this is their religion, and it's their rationale to kill people, it's their rationale to do whatever evil they want,
And they are just, literally, IBM keep showing up as the literal fulcrum.
And I've been saying this for four or five years, IBM, IBM, IBM, or longer.
But now, I mean, it's just, you know, in my hypothesis, Aaron, it doesn't, data doesn't disprove it, it just keeps adding to it worse than I thought.
And I mean, they're arrogant, folks.
People say, well, why don't they kill you?
Well, I mean, they might on this subject.
We've actually been getting some threats and a lot of stuff's been happening.
They're really upset right now.
And I just, I'm not going to shut up and I can't stop.
And so that's just the end of it.
And I noticed you got here bright and early this morning.
I'm just guessing.
I bet this has really energized you, Aaron.
When you find out, man, hardcore killers are in control.
And they're not playing games.
Yeah, I just keep reading.
In fact, I was reading a chapter from Bertrard Russell last night.
Show people the book on TV.
And this is the impact of science on society.
If you heard the quote last week about how we're a bunch of sheep that can't resist, and as selective breeding goes on, it'll be impossible to revolt because we'll basically be sheep.
And that comes from an entire lecture he gave on the scientific technique in an oligarchy, and I don't have time to read it.
I wish I could read literally every sentence, but basically it's a continuation of what Huxley was talking about.
We'll just show folks the chapter head.
The chapter head says that.
Just show it to them, because they'll say it doesn't exist and everything else.
You understand folks, this is all they do.
Everything they're building is so they can do this to you.
They want to kill us.
By the way folks, a lot of white people say, okay, well, you know, let's kill the brown people.
Folks, they want to kill you too.
They want to keep a few of us around.
By the way, eugenics, they brag, is only on the front that they want to increase everybody.
That's not true.
They want to dumb everybody else down.
They want to kill blacks, kill most of the Asians except for the Japanese.
They're going to deal with them where they get to live.
I mean, this is sick.
The Japanese get to live, a few of them, because they say they're, you know, smart enough to join.
It's just totally sick.
And they've got Israels in on it.
They love hearing about being the elite, too.
They buy into that whole idea.
It's perfect with Zionism.
You've got Nazis, weirdo Japanese, and Zionists, all working as a team.
And we're just totally screwed.
I don't know how else to say it.
And it's all out of control in this new century.
It's all the science.
Bertrand, Russell, and Huxley all write about how now with the advances in science, scientific dictatorship is a reality, basically.
It's inevitable.
And now Dick Cheney says we need to legitimize the use of race-specific bioweapons as a politically useful tool.
The systems of control are out of control.
I mean,
Basically, folks, they're coming to kill us.
And I'm talking, listen, cops, fifteen, twenty years from now, five years, whenever it's at, and you're dying in your apartment with your wife and kids, I wish to God you'd listen to me.
Because let me tell you, this stuff is real, man.
This is it.
Aaron, you want to talk to the people out there listening who don't believe us?
Yeah, and by the way, everywhere where IBM is a nexus point, the Rockefeller family also a nexus point.
Not only are they for world government, and Rothschild, basically Rockefeller's the front for the Rothschild.
Rockefeller's behind world government, Rockefeller's behind the UN, Rockefeller's behind eugenics, and oh, it looks like William Gates, the senior, was an admirer of Rockefeller and adopted his
Philanthropic impulses, ideas on philanthropy and how to help the populations.
It's being implemented now.
I don't know what else to say about it.
And the average person, oh Bill Gates, and I have all these pictures of him with black leaders in Africa and they're all always hugging on him.
It's just sick, man!
These black leaders, they'll get a billion dollar grant and they'll keep most of it for themselves.
They love it!
A lot of them know full well, man, they're killing black people, they're killing Asians, they're killing Latin Americans.
By the way, the same globalists want to overrun America with the illegal aliens from Mexico.
The illegal aliens think they're winning.
No, no, no.
They're getting rid of you, too.
You notice that they're setting up all the Planned Parenthood in your country.
They're killing your Raza.
But you don't care.
Just like the yuppies and the blacks and everybody else.
As long as you can feel like you're on top of the game, that's all you care about.
We're going to come back with you in a final segment here.
Stay there, Aaron.
God help us.
They're so evil, ladies and gentlemen.
But I think it's the perfect ideology of killers, because they can kill whoever they want and just go, oh, there's too many of us anyways.
Life's cheap.
See, to them, life isn't just cheap.
Life is bad.
Human life is bad.
A cockroach has more value than we do, as Dr. Peter Singer said.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Look at your young men fighting.
The way they've always done before.
You know, I remember reading a Nazi account of Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Waffen-SS, the head of the SF Total, finally went to a death camp in, like, 43, and they were shooting prisoners in the back of the head, and there were all these dead bodies, started vomiting,
Tell them to get him, you know, get him out of there.
Bill Gates ought to go to Latin America and Africa where they sterilize these women or where they're giving kids shots that are dying.
And that little piece of trash should have to bury every one of them.
He should have to roll around with those dead bodies.
I mean, you just watch him.
He's all affected.
He didn't build anything.
He didn't do anything.
He said it all handed to him so he could be part of a larger front so it wouldn't be a monopoly with IBM.
I'm telling you, man, IBM is just pure scum.
And I'm telling everybody out there, I pledge to fight these people, and I want you to pledge with me to fight them.
We need to stand together against this New World Order, and I'm begging other radio talk show hosts to go do your own research, and to come to the realization that we're telling you the truth, and I'm sure you'll find stuff that we haven't found.
It's always worse.
You can't ever figure it all out.
It just gets worse and worse, more and more proof, more and more evil, more and more in your face, more and more duplicitous,
I'm begging you.
Go and research this and make this a serious issue bigger than 9-11 Truth.
Because this is really the key.
I mean, everybody says they want to kill us.
Population reduction.
Man, they really do!
I mean, I want that to burn into your brains real good.
This isn't a joke!
I mean, frankly,
I've got a dangerous job, and I'm more than happy to face down serious consequences to warn you.
Because that's normal, folks.
This is serious!
And I don't need people to call and support me or whatever, or let me come help you.
You need to go be your own leaders.
You need to go research this.
You need to expose these people.
Aaron, just reading Bertrand Russell, Nobel Prize winner, one of their top planners.
It's the same thing I saw in a UN report from the 60s, but this is written earlier, about human sacrifice being good.
Tell us about that.
Yeah, this chapter, Scientific Technique and Oligarchy, it's really worth a read.
It's an education in cold, objective... Oh, read?
I could watch that new Galaxy Players, Good Looking Wife.
Why should I even care, you know?
It's something else.
I don't know.
It's all about how scientific dictatorship is
Completely inevitable.
They're going to be able to control psychologically and physiologically what we think and do.
And it's all about how through education, you heard this quote the other day, through education we'll be able to control everything.
Diet injections and injunctions will combine from an early age to produce the sort of character and beliefs authorities consider desirable.
He also says if a youth rebels, we'll just kill them.
What was the quote about the Aztecs and human sacrifice you were reading?
Yeah, that's actually after the other quote we read last week, that gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species, or both of the fleas would be almost as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep and... We've got 30 seconds.
Read the part about Aztecs.
And then the next sentence is, the Aztecs kept a domesticated alien tribe for purposes of cannibalism, as an example.
Their regime was totalitarian.
And he goes on to talk about how the laboring class will have to work so long and have so little to eat they'll have nothing else to think about.
The upper class will become so hardened that they'll have the mentality of ascetics.
They'll care only for power and will not shrink from cruelty and the family will be abolished.
Well, I want the New World Order to know something.
And thank you, Aaron.
I want the New World Order to know something.
You can kill us individually, but you cannot kill our spirit.
And we're going to defeat you.
And you're going to pay.
God bless you all.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.