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Air Date: July 18, 2007
2215 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
Wake up, boys, there's a light at the window.
I can hear someone knocking on the door.
There are voices in the street and the sound of running feet.
And they whisper the word, revolution.
There are men coming down from the valley.
There are tall ships flying off the coast And they carry the light in the dark of the night Like a whisper in the wind Revolution!
Bring my gun and a handful of silver By the sea we will gather for the fight
It's been so many years So many tears We have lost once before Now we'll settle the score When our cannons will roar REVOLUTION!
There are many here among us who have not yet seen the sign.
Watch and wait.
Get ready for the sign.
There are many here among us now who have not seen the light.
We must send the word to all the people in the land.
Go to every hill and mountain for the time is now at hand.
We must march the road of the Rocky Hill tonight, my friends.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
It is the 18th day of July 2007 and we're going to be live here for the next two hours and 55 minutes.
The websites are jonesreport.com, infowars.net, prisonplanet.tv.
They have now entered full
Fear effect, full fear-mongering propaganda putsch.
Al-Qaeda is going to attack us any minute.
Brace for your dear leaders to take your freedom for your own safety.
Al-Qaeda plots new attacks on U.S.
They're saying it's going to happen any minute.
They're saying it's a possibility.
It's a, more than a possibility, a probability.
We'll go through all of it on the other side.
Chemical attacks, dirty bombs, fallout, biological attack, anthrax, and to top it all off, duct tape and plastic.
Alarming words for our time.
But how do you protect your family during such a crisis?
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It was as if the gates of Hades were open.
Three and a half weeks ago, the fear-mongering has been intensifying like a drumbeat that builds towards some grand finale in its crescendo.
Every major radio talk show host in neocondom, the liberals, the TV, the radio, the newspapers, scream the headlines that Al-Qaeda has rebuilt to its former strength or even greater.
They're inside the US and Europe.
Why, they've got nukes, they've got biologicals, they've got everything!
And yesterday they had Mrs. Townsend, one of the Homeland Security fearmongers, up there.
And a reporter did finally ask her the pertinent question.
And that was... I'm trying to dig up this video.
I was looking around last night and couldn't find it.
It may be up by the day, and if we find it we'll play it later, part of that press conference.
And she got cornered like a rat, and they said, how is he living five and a half years after the 9-11 attacks, dragging a dialysis machine
Because we know he'd been in critical condition right before 9-11 and hospitals in Dubai and also hospitals in Pakistan.
How was he dragging around this big dialysis machine?
But he's now rebuilt despite all the military and the armies that are there.
And she laughed.
See, it's real funny to them.
It's like when Rothschild was on this show.
I said, well why is Mars ice caps melting at a really fast rate?
Why are the moons of Jupiter and Saturn that were ice covered melting into liquid seas?
And he just laughed and said, because they're closer to the sun.
Now even if they were closer to the sun, they were ice before, why are they melting now?
That would mean the sun was heating up.
But they're not closer to the sun, they're much further away.
Showing just how dramatic the heating has been.
And two more times I said, Rothschild,
Why are you still saying that the planets are closer?
And he would laugh again.
He knew that's why he laughed when he said it.
Because he was tailoring that according to the attack profile the New World Order has for ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN.
I mean, Fox gets up and says, jet fuel melts steel.
In fact, I've seen him say, I've seen Gibson on there say, it burns steel.
They don't care what the facts are, what the reality are.
They know it doesn't burn steel.
They know it doesn't melt steel.
They know the planets are further away.
The gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn.
They're out past Mars.
They're out past the asteroid belt.
They don't care, folks.
But then they come on a show like this, or into the news community on the internet, which is highly informed people who are really into being knowledgeable and rediscovering the renaissance of learning.
It's addictive, and it just... So it's worlds colliding.
It's... Because, I mean, you watch mainstream TV, they talk to you like you're five years old.
Literally, at a five-year-old level, and then you add in all the subliminals, which they admit are in television, and the flicker, right, and the rest of it.
So you've got a captive audience that will buy anything, anytime, anywhere, that you can sell on anything.
And then you've got the rest of the public who've just tuned out and just go, yeah, I know it's corrupt, but so what?
And then you've got that growing minority that is informed, that does know the score, that is in the arena, that is in the ballgame, and realizes this is life and death.
And our numbers are growing dramatically, very quickly.
But frankly, not fast enough.
We need to supercharge this and the sense of urgency, the fire in the belly, the white knuckled, I mean grind your teeth urgency, the gleam in the eye needs to manifest and be redoubled and rekindled and then redoubled again in all of you out there.
Because I myself get apathetic.
I myself get punch drunk.
I myself get kind of exhaustion.
I mean, I get used to hearing about open martial law, and the President being a dictator, and open discussion about it on the news and radio, and it's being legitimized, and the dollar dropped again today, big time.
I mean, this is all... but still, I get...
Conditioned just by the frequency of it, I become acclimated to it and we have to consciously get outside of emotion and just scientifically approach this from a survival position and redouble emailing folks news stories and redouble emailing and posting on message boards in MySpace and telling people at work, go to Google Video, watch Terror Storm, watch Martial Law, watch Road to Tyranny,
Or, better yet, here's a DVD I made you a copy of, so it's higher quality.
I mean, right now, it is so important.
Let me just... I'm gonna go through the whole stack here.
Well, at least part of the stack.
I have two stacks.
Al-Qaeda likely to attack U.S.
intel sys.
Al-Qaeda plots new attacks on U.S.
That's just today.
Proof bin Laden tape is five-year-old, re-released footage.
But this time,
The CIA and the media, certain sectors have admitted it's five plus years old, but still AP Reuters and the Nightly News are announcing that it's real and new.
I mean, now, even after it's admitted to be false, they keep saying it's real.
I mean,
That's what's scaring me, folks, is that, that's what's really concerning me, is I'm seeing a different flavor now, a wanton abandonment in the line that I haven't seen since right before 9-11.
I'm seeing the same propaganda attack profile, but even more intense, and they're even saying it, we haven't seen this type of chatter since right before 9-11.
And they haven't been pre-positioning themselves to be our heroes, to be our saviors.
It's so sick.
I mean, they're going to kill a bunch of people, and then I'm going to have to sit there and watch them on television being worshipped.
And the approval rating went back up.
Oh boy, the agenda's going.
The President's having random checkpoints and increased security, and we're now, for a short time, we're banning any demonstrations against the war.
This aids the terrorists.
There's talk of the election being suspended.
You see, you see that happen.
I'm already digressing.
There's that headline.
Proof Bin Laden taped his five-year-old.
Re-released footage.
top al-Qaeda in Iraq figure captured.
They've killed him and captured him a couple times, but it doesn't matter.
They'll do it again next month.
New York crude soars above $75 a barrel.
Bernanke, he's the Fed chairman, the real CEO of the U.S.
Growth more subdued.
They don't care.
The stock market just surges.
Economic growth will be slower due to housing slump.
Dollar slump to record low versus Euro on Bear Stearns losses.
New York traffic proposal is all but dead.
Some good news.
More good news.
Web censorship is failing, says Chinese official, London Times.
Sick 911 workers sue $1 billion insurance fund.
More good news.
Bad news.
Welfare recipients in San Diego forced to give up Fourth Amendment, New York Times.
Good news.
Janine Garofalo blurts out 9-11 was an inside job on Conan O'Brien while discussing controversial politics.
We're going to play that later.
Bush critics receive additional charge in criminal case for holding up a Impeach Bush sign.
Yep, the officers are charging him with very serious crimes for that.
Pat Buchanan agrees with the Ron Paul headline.
This is written by Pat Buchanan.
This is his headline.
We'll be accused within minutes of making this up to, of course.
Pat Buchanan, Tonkin, Gulf II, and the Guns of August.
And he goes on to say, will the U.S.
government stage a Gulf of Tonkin?
Oh, Deb Buchanan.
Also, I see these every day.
I mean, every day I see an article about these type stories.
And I really usually don't cover them.
I mean, you think I'm bashing cops.
Actually, we could do a really good job of it if we wanted to.
The raping, the killing, the drug dealing, just the constant stuff.
Every day I read about a sheriff caught with cocaine or heroin or running prostitutes.
I mean, literally every day.
There's thousands of counties.
This is a story.
It says, no indictment in Peyton Strickland shooting, Hanover County.
And they went to his house hearing that he had a stolen PlayStation.
And it's the regular deal.
We've seen it right here over in Travis County.
The commander of the SWAT team tripped.
Just like somebody who gets buck fever when they see a buck.
A lot of these guys can't ever actually shoot one because they get too excited and freak out and start pulling the trigger.
He tripped.
Some people say he tripped.
Some of the police do.
They backed off that.
And they just said that he thought their own battering ram hitting the door was a gunshot.
So the sound upset him.
By the way, he's staying on the force in the SWAT team.
That's the problem.
This is probably going to happen two or three more times.
Then he'll finally go to prison.
But they shot this guy to the door three times.
He was coming to the door.
They just shot into the door and then the cops are in here talking about how hard it was for the officer and can't people just leave him alone and it's been real tough on him and the article just basically worships the officer and all he's been through.
I mean you kill somebody because you shouldn't be a cop or much less on a SWAT team because you're a chicken belly.
You're a little chicken neck.
You're a coward.
You kill somebody because your knees are knocking so hard, you're not calm, and then you gotta whine about how tough it is.
Turned out there was nothing stolen, the guy done nothing wrong.
He's dead now, but you're whining and crying.
Just like you hide behind trees when there's a shooter.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Before you slip into unconsciousness, I
Dr. Jerome Corsi joins us to really walk through the whole history of the North American Union.
We're now at the superhighways.
For two hours tomorrow, we're going to go through the big picture and take your calls.
No guests today because I want to open the phones up and cover just a massive news and a bunch of different important audio clips I want to play and critique and go over.
We will have open phones today starting now at 1-800-259-9231.
We're going to be playing that Janine Garofalo 9-11 inside job clip and discussing the
What that signifies, just one more indicator, also another Ron Paul clip with him on Tucker Carlson.
Last night, that's coming up.
I want to play that and give you a chance to give us your take on it as well.
The toll-free number again is 1-800-259-9231.
Getting into Bin Laden and the supposed terror threat, I'm asking you, the audience, this question.
In your gut, as Chertoff likes to say, I really can't criticize him.
I use that term.
I can't criticize him for using the term.
I can criticize him for knowing that the stuff hidden in his gut, he knows full well what's going to be going down as a foreign agent of a foreign government, as a Deputy Reich Fuhrer of this country.
Do you think they're going to shed off a dirty bomb, biological weapons, an attack on a reactor, a truck bomb, or are they trying to provocateur a bunch of patsies to carry something out?
The CIA, the FBI, the media, they're all saying big, spectacular attacks, and right on cue, Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda comes out and says, yes, we're going to attack you.
We're going to attack you any minute.
We've rebuilt!
It's funny how they always parrot exactly what our government's saying.
Whatever the government needs to be said.
Anytime the government's in trouble.
Anytime approval ratings are dropping.
Anytime there's talk of mass indictments.
Suddenly, anytime the CIA makes a claim, oh, here comes Al-Qaeda.
Agreeing completely, I mean, how much more obvious does this have to get for people?
And then on top of it, they admit that they're quote, using Al-Qaeda in Iraq to attack the Iranians on their western flank, while simultaneously claiming Iran is aiding Al-Qaeda in Iraq.
It's just, and I know I keep talking about that because it's so unbelievable.
Al-Qaeda likely to attack U.S.
Intel says the terrorist network Al-Qaeda will likely leverage its contacts and capabilities in Iraq to mount an attack on U.S.
soil according to a new National Intelligence Estimate on threats to the United States.
Now did you hear that?
Al-Qaeda will likely, it's probably going to happen, leverage its contacts and capabilities in Iraq to mount an attack on U.S.
See, we gotta stay in Iraq, because if we don't, Al-Qaeda is going to get us here.
And even though we're staying in Iraq, Al-Qaeda is leveraging its contacts in Iraq to attack us here.
Al-Qaeda was never in Iraq, even if you believe in the real, mainline, organic, Wahhabist sect.
Sunni sect.
Which never operated in Iraq and wasn't allowed to be there by Saddam because he gave speeches and I pulled the news articles rightfully saying they were a CIA slash Mossad front.
I mean these guys have been trying to kill Saddam and overthrow him unsuccessfully for decades.
Now they're all over Iran, led by U.S.
Special Forces.
That's mainstream news.
Attacking the Iranians, and the public is so dumbed down that the media can claim Iran is Al Qaeda.
Every day, a hundred times a day, Iran is behind Al Qaeda.
Iran is directing Al Qaeda in Iraq.
That is like saying leprechauns exist.
I mean, it is
But again, you've got a public, you've got both committee chairmen over the military in the House and Senate don't know the difference between Shiite and Sunni.
I mean, we are in trouble here, folks.
It is off the charts.
And they're saying, get ready for Al Qaeda to attack us.
Get ready!
And the Pentagon and others have said they're getting ready to take over
We're going to come back at more to this and take your calls.
I want to get your take on this issue.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This is Elizabeth Border.
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In 1814 we took a little trip along with Colonel Jackson down to mighty Mississippi.
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans.
We fired our guns and the British kept a coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they began to run it on down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
We looked down the river and we see the British come And there must have been a hundred of them beatin' on the drums They stepped so high and they made their bugles ring We stood beside our cotton fields and didn't say a thing We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin' There wasn't as many as there was a while ago We fired once more and they began to runnin' On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico
We're good to go.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
Our country, this entire economic system,
Is literally being subdivided and I was going to use the word melted down until the song said melted down and that took me back.
I thought, well I better not say melted down.
And what are cities and towns across the country doing?
They're announcing, hey we'll put all the illegal aliens on welfare.
That's actually being announced.
And we're ordering police not to arrest you.
And I have on tape.
In a town outside San Diego, where the mayor says, well hey, we don't arrest you guys for DWI's, it's the illegal aliens there at the City Council griping and complaining about not being given more welfare.
He's saying, listen, we don't even arrest you for DWI's, we don't arrest you for no driver's license.
You know, I'm your friend and see it's not enough.
And that's my whole point, is I'm tired of self-righteous cops,
And self-righteous mayors, when they see a chicken-necked American, I mean, when they see you driving around with your family and you're suburban or whatever, I don't care if you're Hispanic, black, white, it doesn't matter, they know this is a mark.
This is somebody that pays their taxes, has got their insurance, they got money, and they know how to bow to me, and they know how I'm rude to them, and they lick my boots, and I'm here to suck off them, and they're under one rule, they're under one system,
And the illegal aliens get more tuition than citizens.
They already get tax amnesty for 10 years to start businesses, the tax credit.
They would have gotten 5 years on income tax if they would have been able to get that through, income tax amnesty.
Meanwhile, they're telling us Al-Qaeda is about to hit us any minute.
Brace for total destruction.
They released 400,000 plus aggravated felons in 2005 alone, the Houston Chronicle reported.
In Houston alone.
Two million illegal aliens, folks.
And by the way, the cream of criminals.
Two million illegals just in Houston.
The cream of illegal aliens.
Come to America.
I mean, this is a happy hunting ground.
You can have 5, 6, 7, 10 IDs.
They've caught people with more than 30 IDs before.
You can rape, shoot, murder, kill, rob, steal, drunk drive.
It is a lawless, Wild West, Wonderland with a bunch of guilty, liberal yuppies not need running around, literally rolling red carpets out for the illegal aliens.
With cops stomping around in black uniforms, driving around in armored vehicles with cameras everywhere.
I mean, it's a disgusting sight.
And I didn't mean to get off into this, but I was looking into the other stack I've got here with just
Scores of articles with cities saying, we're giving them all welfare.
We're giving them better deals on loans because we know they've had a tough time with no ID.
Oh, we're making total amnesty.
Oh, federal judge blocks Dallas suburb farmer's branch from enforcing law on landlords to not lease to illegal aliens.
I mean, on and on and on and on.
Meanwhile, we've got to pass white glove inspection when these cops pull us over.
I'm tired of it!
And then they've got the nerve to grandstand in front of us.
Oh, the terrorists are going to get you.
Oh, the President is above the Congress now, and he tells them what to do if we get attacked.
And they're not even part of continuity of government now.
And they've actually funded martial law into 2007, 2008.
And they're actually setting up the FEMA command centers with CIA liaisons in every major city and face scanning and
Lip-reading camera software going in everywhere and license plate reading.
It's a joke!
It's a joke!
And in New York and Miami and places like that we've got the reports where just federally funded deputized police run these raid teams, cage teams, random gun confiscations everywhere.
They've got Viper teams.
All over New York, all over other major cities, just randomly shut things down and start searching everyone and have people line up.
I've got photos of it now.
I mean, just, alright, everybody line up!
They just block off streets and families are there with their shopping bags and, uh, kind of officer, up against the wall, please.
I mean, it's happening while the border's wide open.
And let me tell you something, little, little copies.
It feels good to order families to round up against walls.
I understand that.
There's something animalistic deep in you that you feel the dark power rising.
You feel the eye of Sauron high above you energizing your armies.
But let me tell you, it's all being done so your future and my future and all of our children's futures will be very dark indeed.
It's all being done so that we can be brought into economic ruination.
And so you think you're going to make us drink from this black cup of abomination?
Well let me tell you, you may force us to drink from it, but you literally are going to be forced to bathe in it, and to drown in it.
You like skulls, and you like death, and you like the trappings of deviltry.
You like it?
You're going to get more than just the signants and the standards and the logos and the names of it.
You like darkness?
You're going to get to smell the rotten flesh.
You're going to get to bathe in the death.
You're going to learn what it means when a government affixes the symbol of the skull to their standard.
You're going to be blessed with what you've asked for by your God!
What you have called forth!
You are now cursed to the literal depths of hell on this planet!
And what you pour out on the Iraqis, you pour out on your family!
And what you pour out on the American people, you pour out on yourself!
Al-Qaeda likely to attack US intel says I mean what a sick joke and if you watch the cartoons and the TV shows and the stuff on Fox and all of it where everything is dehumanizing everything is turning us into animals my wife you know hardly ever watches TV and last night I was working late she said she turned on the family guy
Where they put a baby down in a pit and the other baby was saying it rubs the lotion on its skin.
You know, real cute, real funny from Silence of the Lambs where the psychopath makes the women put lotion on their skin before he kills them and guts them and wears their skin.
All of that scientifically crafted.
The flicker of the television, the rate, everything.
So you just accept that.
And the television shows where the good guys torture and the good guys torture children.
They're going right at the core of your moral base.
Right at the core of your heart.
They're going right at your soul.
They're turning you into what they are right now.
The spirits of the people are literally mutating in front of all of us right now.
We are falling into evil right now.
We are literally being seduced.
A spell, that's what a spell is, is propaganda, an idea, a vision, is now literally taking control of the country, like a huge black-skinned leviathan pulling a ship down into the waters.
And you're smiling and giggling and snickering.
Oh, it's so much fun!
And I'm being dark here, folks, because we're in dark waters.
And I know even the slack-jawed yuppies out there got the hair on the back of their neck standing up.
You got a little tingle in your belly, even as you snicker.
Because you know you're cowards.
And you decided to serve this system and rationalize and go along with all of it.
Man, I was reading a mainstream news article last night.
Steve Watson wrote an article about it.
It's not in my stack.
I need to print it.
For some reason it's not in the stack.
Where he was quoting a major US magazine that was interviewing neocons.
And it started when this big magazine writer was out with some of her friends at the New York seashore.
And there was these wealthy middle class women, and some old women too, and they were all going, Soon we'll be putting everyone in camps!
And killing them!
That will show them!
Soon we'll be arresting all the anti-war people!
And man, can't wait to kill them!
In fact, I gotta print that article up and read it.
Oh, there.
And then she talks about how she went to some other event and that's all they're doing.
And folks, I mean, I've listened to talk radio.
They just mainly sit there going, we're going to put people in camp soon, oh yes, oh, oh yes, oh, oh.
Like you think you're going to have a good life.
Like you think you're in the driver's seat.
Like you think your life's going to continue on, you fools.
You fools!
You fools!
You know, the Nazis
At least the general public thought they were doing good.
They didn't know an evil death cult was running things.
And by the end of it, 20 million Germans died and their country was a slag heap.
And that's probably what it'll take for you to figure out the error of your ways.
Oh, you will!
You will be punished.
You will pay for what you've done.
You will pay for what you've called forth.
You call it forth.
And you do it.
You know, we mysticize all this, but that's how the universe works.
You are calling this forth by giggling and snickering and writing articles about how great it is and calling in to talk radio and snickering at your church and feeling all important and being seduced by Jack Bauer.
As you sit there and fantasize and role-play, watching your television as your program that torturing innocent people is good?
You fool!
That's so you can be tortured, you buffoon!
And now they beat the drums!
The terrorists are gonna hit us!
The terrorists!
Al-Qaeda plots new attacks on U.S.
The terrorists!
Al-Qaeda is using its growing string in Pakistan and Iraq to plot attacks on U.S.
Heightening the terror threat facing the United States over the next few years.
Intelligence agencies concluded on a report unveiled Tuesday.
And then they also say in these reports that Americans haven't been vigilant enough and civil liberties groups have blocked the government from doing the measures that were needed to keep us safe.
And folks, I told you that when they said that,
That was one of the last tumblers clicking into place.
And let me tell you, balloons went up, red flags went up, and I literally started hearing a siren in my head.
And, uh, notice what it comes on the heels of.
Notice all of this is now being announced and old Bin Laden videos are being released and all of this is going on with Bernanke announcing growth more subdued.
Associated Press, economic growth will be slower due to housing slump.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress today that the economy
Has emerged from its anemic spell.
I thought we've been emerging from that since 2000.
But overall growth for the year will be lower than expected.
Inflation remains the chief concern, he said.
And it goes on that we have less now than a 2.5% growth rate.
And they claim that inflation is only about 6%, folks.
It's 13+.
And so even with wild, uncontrolled devaluation of the currency,
I mean, with them issuing printing money and issuing fractional reserve credits on computer ballot sheets, the economy is folding.
Kind of like a casserole, you know, that's supposed to be puffy but collapses.
It's starting to collapse.
What's the right word?
A frittata?
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress Wednesday the economy has emerged from its anemic spell.
Listen to this double speak.
But overall growth for the year will be lower than expected.
Inflation remains the chief concern, he said.
Oh, inflation!
Oil prices double, housing almost doubling, cars doubling, just everything.
And the dollar devalued!
Oh, but if the stock market's at $14,000!
Delivering a mid-year
Fed economic report to Capitol Hill.
Bernanke struck a somewhat cautious tone.
He suggested that the economy appears likely to expand at a moderate pace over the second half.
Still, the Fed chief told the House Financial Services Committee that the growth this year will be a bit slower than the Fed projected in February.
Growth should strengthen a bit next year, he said.
The inflation forecast, however, wasn't changed.
It calls for prices, other than food and energy, to edge lower.
I mean, that is the biggest lie I've ever heard in my life.
It calls for prices other than food and energy to edge lower.
What does food and energy?
You see, and they just take more and more out of the inflation index.
Now, they've got a bunch of different institutions and companies that do it, and it's between 13 and 15 percent internationally.
That's what the assessment is by the brokerage houses and others in the U.S.
I mean, by the way, folks, 13 percent inflation is just stratospheric.
That's a yearly rate of depreciation of the currency.
By the way, and 13 percent a year doesn't express the massive devaluation we've seen.
It's far worse than that.
Alright, we'll come back, get more into the economy, and I promise we'll go to your phone calls for the second and third hour perpetually at 1-800-259-9231.
PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com are the two flankship websites.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Alarming words for our time.
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Your calls are coming up when we start the next hour at 1-800-259-9231.
We're going to get to everybody.
You see, every time they dip the economy, if they're really going to plunge it, they're going to precipitate a terror attack and then claim that that caused it, so that we can all have collective anger and al-Qaeda.
And times got tough, and the housing market and the stock market crashed, and it caused the dollar to go belly up.
Man, Al-Qaeda hit us and got us down, but then America had the draft and invaded the whole Middle East, and, you know, 500,000 Americans died, but we killed 15 million Arabs and Central Asians, and then, you know, your sons will come back with arms and legs missing, but they'll be big heroes, and there'll be hundreds of movies made about it, and
The European Union can merge with America and we can be strong!
And that's the plan.
After the terrorists hit Chicago or L.A.
with that nuke, America got serious.
A lot of people criticized Bush and his approval rating had gone down at 25%.
He tried to do what he needed to do for his country.
He tried to give them the security they needed, but
Evil traitors talked about liberties and freedoms.
That's how Al-Qaeda was able to kill over 100,000 people with that nuke.
But, America rose to the challenge after the nuke.
Sure, the Bill of Rights did have to be amended, and the military did have to secure the homeland, but thank goodness Bush had seen the threat and at least built some of the infrastructure.
I tell you, now on her third turn, Hillary, our great leader, no one knew a woman could be such a leader, but she's just done a great job.
Has led us to victory after victory.
In seven different countries on five different continents.
Just absolutely incredible.
I'm feeling real good right now about America.
And our good friends, thirty plus percent of our military is from Mexico alone.
It's just a few of us from now, they have their way.
The North American Union is a union.
We're a lot stronger to fight Al-Qaeda.
There's talk of Al-Qaeda hitting us with bio-weapons, but our troops have been raiding strongholds and fighting the bio-weapons labs, and we've been having public trials of many of the terrorist doctors.
They just executed some on TV yesterday.
But there is talk of bio-weapons hitting us.
They claim they've got something that's going to kill tens of millions of us.
Then fast forward ten more years.
After they hit us many times, we lost over a billion people worldwide.
But it backfired and killed Central Asians and Muslims instead of the West that they planned to target.
No one knows why it backfired.
We had heavy casualties, but it mainly hit them.
The Earth's population is at four billion now.
We've had to create a new global federation to control all this technology to stop the releases, but it's getting tougher.
Fast forward five more years later.
They tried to control the situation as best they could, but new super bio-weapons were released and killed even more.
We're now down to one billion, eight hundred million.
Earth united against the threat, against the evil terror group, Chaos, or whatever the new name is they'll have for it.
We struggle on under high security.
The cities are locked down.
There's food shortages because
The viruses have spread in the countryside.
Special inoculations are helping the population.
Of course, there'll be mass brain damaging and mass poisoning and cancer will be spreading like wildfires.
You take more of the injections they're giving you.
And you'll laugh now, but see, we are... I guess like Frank Herbert wrote, planting the Missionaria Protectorate.
If they carry this out, everyone will hear what we have said and then we will defeat the enemy.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome now into our number two.
I was just breaking down how this is going to play out according to the thousands of documents and hundreds of books that we've scanned through as they openly snicker and giggle about how they're going to do this to you.
Doesn't look good.
I will tell you right now.
And we have massive, total, complete government fear-mongering with terrorists.
They're going to hit us any minute.
We'll get more into crude oil soaring above $75 a barrel.
What's really happening with the economy right now, and a lot more later in the shower.
But right now, let's get to your calls.
Dave in Michigan.
Dave, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for taking my call.
I've tried for quite a long time to reach you.
I've been listening to you since you came on the air 10-12 years ago, and I've never talked to you before.
But I have listened to all the problems that are going on, and I want to tell you specifically, I want to talk about Ed and Elaine Brown and why this is happening to them and what can be done.
And I'm addressing the UCC, and I have lived this with my own children for the last six years, so I am living proof that there is a remedy.
You're saying there's a strategy to get the international corporate state off your back?
Well, absolutely.
To be a private individual, because this public law only covers public corporate people.
And that's why as the rules change, it gets worse and worse and worse, and it seems like there's no remedy.
But there is a very simple remedy, and I have found it.
Praise the Almighty.
Because I had to, because I'm older, and I had two children, and they were unvaccinated.
Sure, tell us the remedy.
Well, the remedy is you need to take your public status and turn it into private.
And they cannot stop you or question you and forbid you from doing that.
And once you have that on a UCC1 financing statement, you should have that, your driver's license, your property ID, tax number, your children's, any public records that you have out there, you take those back to private.
Okay, once that's filed, the next time if you're ever arrested, falsely arrested,
You have to give them notice, and that's where everyone that gets involved in this UCC fought fails to know what to do once they're in trouble.
You notice that policeman, that notice to the agent is notice to the principal, and that you have a UCC-1 financing statement, and he better get on the phone and double-check.
I've got to tell you that in some cases you slip through the cracks and they leave you alone, but really this is force majeure, force majeure.
It's just the unstoppable force
Uh, in many cases, individually.
I mean, these guys don't know the 5th Amendment or the 10th.
Much, much, much less.
They don't.
I mean, they just know they got a badge and a gun and they're enforcing something.
Alright, but they've been trained.
When someone notices them, they have to contact and they have to do a UCC1 search to make sure that there's room on you for another charge.
And there's not if you've already gone private.
But you have to notice them.
If you don't notice them,
And they arrest him and torture him and everything else.
I'll tell you what, why don't you write all this down in an email format.
Alex, there's more to this story.
There's teeth.
I've got teeth now that I'm telling you.
Sure, I understand.
I'm just asking you a question.
I'm asking you a question.
I will do that gladly.
Yeah, listen, put it all in an email specifically.
Alex, I'm not online right now.
I'd have to do it in letter form.
Okay, do it however you need to.
But I would like to have a quick talk with you because there's much more to this story that you'll understand why.
So explain to me how they're leaving you alone and how this works.
Well, because I have teeth.
I have the Army behind me.
I have what's called a bond registered.
It was registered with Lawrence Summers in 1999.
And I have a bond registered and that is also on my UCC-1 file.
So if I'm ever, and I have been stopped in November,
I just tell them, I give them my file number, he gets on his computer in the car and verifies, not only do I have a filing, I have a gigantic bond that if they default and come against me, that bond is monetized at that point.
Yeah, what happens is, with all this Patriot alchemy, and I'm not saying that there isn't some reality based to it, is that there's a hundred different things people do, and I just, it's hard to cover on the radio.
Why don't you just send it to me in letter form?
The War on Terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas, or will it affect us here at home?
If you are like most folks, you want to be prepared, but can't afford an underground shelter.
So what do you do?
Did you know that you can use your home as a shelter against fallout and biological or chemical attacks?
With a little know-how, it's not that difficult.
Sheltering in Place, Surviving Acts of Terrorism from Biological, Chemical, and Radioactive Fallout, developed by Wayne LeBaron, a health physicist who has served as a specialist in environmental health, communicable diseases, and has worked as a nuclear specialist for the U.S.
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That's 888-803-4438.
Or order on the web at Berkeywater.com.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, let's move quickly through your calls.
Lucas in Texas, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how's it going today?
I wanted to thank you for taking my call.
Two subjects I wanted to talk about today.
I got The Ultimate Con done.
It's up on Google Video.
I was hoping you guys would link to it.
It's one of the best movies for brand new truthers or people kind of teetering on the edge of wondering what's going on.
Now I bet you a few times, memory serves, you're like taking just clips of the news and showing their propaganda.
Right, exactly.
I made the whole movie out of news clips and some interviews.
It has no conjecture or no narration to it.
So, basically, it's really good for waking up the newbies.
I've looked at the comments sections on the video and a lot of people are like, hey, I never thought about any of this stuff before.
So, I think that's really good.
Well, that's good.
Send it to Aaron at InfoWars.com.
I'll get him to write a blurb and post it.
And the second subject I want to talk about was down in Tampa.
Okay, cool.
Florida last week, they were doing exercise drills on a financial collapse in the financial district.
Yes, I saw that in the news.
I meant to cover that and I didn't.
That's why I'm saying, folks, we are on the edge here.
I mean, it's important to know.
I mean, here they're telling us the economy is doing
You know, one news will tell us the economy is doing good.
The other will tell you it's kind of teetering.
But then here, they're doing these drills for a financial collapse.
I mean, obviously, they're preparing for people to line up to try and get their money, excuse me, and do a rush on the bank.
They've already got plans for these people.
They're going to try and get their money out of the bank.
That's why they're doing these drills.
That's right.
Sending the nice boys with the machine guns out.
Oh, see?
You're a terrorist now.
We're fighting Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda is the American people, folks.
When you hear the war on terror, it's called the war on America.
The war on liberty.
Well, brother, I just want to tell you that history is going to shine a good light on your presence.
You know?
In the future, a hundred years from now, you're going to be one of the Thomas Jeffersons or one of the good guys written about in a good light.
That's all I've got to say.
Well, thank you.
I appreciate your kind words.
You know what?
I'm just an average person that found out there was a one-world government forming and that they had funded a lot of really bad people in the past and that they wanted to take my freedom.
And really, it came down to gun control.
I found out they wanted my guns.
And then they took my guns that history showed I'd become a slave.
And so I got on the radio.
And I got on TV.
And I'm just somebody that if a big powerful organization or person says they're coming for me, I'm going to try to resist and I'm going to defend.
I mean for me it wasn't even a question, it's just a law of nature.
And another thing about the Patriot Movement, the Truth Movement, whatever, the Freedom Movement, it's bigger than just the Truth Movement, than the Patriot Movement, than the Tax Movement, than the Gun Movement, than the Immigration Movement.
It's the Freedom Movement.
The Humanity Movement.
But I guess Truth is the key to it all, so you really could call it Truth Movement.
Veritas Movement.
In the final equation,
So many Patriots and so many other groups demand that every other talk show host, every other organization agree with them, think the way they think, operate the way they operate.
And it's never enough either with a lot of people.
I mean, you can give, give, give, and they want more, more, more.
And because that's their paradigm.
But I see the Patriot Movement moving more and more away from that, as people realize this is life and death now.
And the time is very, very short, and the enemy knows that they're moving very, very quickly.
Mike in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Mike.
Hi, Alex.
I have two things to talk about.
The first one, I was watching the Discovery Channel last night, and on August 5th, they're advertising their show called, Can We Control the Weather?
And you can hear in the commercial, the guy's talking to a scientist, and he's like, so you were able to move Katrina?
And then they also show planes spraying chemicals on it.
That was the first thing.
Yeah, you know, I had meetings with Discovery Channel about a year ago.
They wanted me to host a show about weather weapons, and I had the distinct feeling that literally there was a big show developer, one of their top people,
I had the distinct feeling that all they were doing, it was like they didn't even know how to search the web and do it themselves.
They had to call me up and waste my time in two or three meetings just to prime and get all the info from me.
And I know they watched our interviews with Ben Livingston, the father of Weather Weapons, so I knew that they were producing a show like that.
And I'm also going to be on two different Discovery Channel shows.
This year and next year, and a History Channel program.
But my whole point is that they're definitely tuned in to the facts, and that the people are interested in all this.
But I mean, look, they could knock out and create hurricanes in the mid-60s.
Documented, Stanford Research, Naval War Lab, certified, we have the declassified documents.
And so yes, the answer is they could have stopped Katrina, but they didn't, because the evidence is they were manipulating it.
Of course, you don't stop something that you're doing.
But see, they can't have the public know they've got this stuff off the shelf.
I mean, just like driving a car.
I mean, with seven aircraft, they could have killed that storm.
With just one aircraft, they could create that storm.
And that's with the 60-70 year old cloud seating alone, with the new nuclei dispersal systems they have.
You add into that antenna arrays and other systems like the Chinese and Russians are publicly using, you have weather superiority.
Owning the weather.
And of course the Pentagon plan back in the 60's said they wanted to quote, own the weather.
They now own the weather.
And that's why you can see it right up the line.
Meteorologists that have been watching satellite for 40 years, satellite photos and video for 20 years, said they've never seen anything like it.
They'll just block the storms.
It'll flood the eastern side of the country.
No water on the western.
They just laugh.
As they weather-weapon us up one side and down the other, and it's just going to get worse and worse.
And they can tear up cities, smash things with super hurricanes, floods, whatever, and they'll go, Global Warming!
Oh no!
Oh no!
And then the yuppies will say it doesn't exist!
Yeah, I think that's the way they're going to frame this, like it's a solution to global warming or something.
Well, that's another thing they're going to trot out.
Yeah, while they simultaneously, I agree, wreck things with it.
And then they'll say, oh, we just invented this.
It'll save you.
The other thing I just wanted to say is about the Cashless Society.
I work in a beer distributor.
And I worked there for like a year.
And the guy who works there all the time, he tells me like five years ago, 75% people use cash, 25% credit card.
Now, it's like 90% use credit cards.
People are coming in to buy ice with their credit card, you know?
I mean, they're not even getting a bunch of stuff.
They'll come in and get ice.
And we've got to try to get cash back into circulation.
I mean, and I almost think it's subliminal because they admit they're subliminals in television and the media because
Just five years ago, I almost always used cash.
I compulsively made my... And now it's like I can't help it.
I'm just, ah, credit card.
We've got to get... Something's going on, folks.
It doesn't make sense.
You know what else, Toad?
The inflation's so high now that it's not... You can't carry enough cash to buy the stuff you need.
Because, like, I mean, at our place, if you want to buy a good case of beer, you're spending at least $30.
You know?
Everything, all the beer is so expensive now.
And just in the last year, the beer went up like three times the price.
There's no inflation, everything's fine.
Are you criticizing the homeland, boy?
Which aids Al-Qaeda?
When you criticize your president, and you criticize your government, you're aiding the terrorists, boy.
I tell you what, I've had enough of you.
That's all I have to say, though.
Well, for all of you out there that still think you're neocon followers, thank you for the call, sir.
I want to warn you.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership, Robert Pasture and the rest of them, have all billed it as, okay, you won't let us have the continental security perimeter.
That's going to cause the terrorists to attack.
Oh, you didn't let us have our North American Union.
Which they're doing anyways.
They're saying they failed.
Oh, they're now saying we've got to have this to keep you safe.
Oh, the terrorists did it again.
We need an I-4 international certified force on the continental border of North America from northern Guatemala up to Alaska.
Oh, you didn't let us take all your rights in Al Qaeda?
Yeah, oh... Gee, I'm real sad about it, but we had to set aside the Constitution for a military form of government.
That's a Tommy Franks quote.
Oh, oh, it's so... Oh, we're good.
We're nice government.
Just, oh, it's so nice what we're doing.
Let's go ahead and talk to Paul in Iowa.
You're on the air, welcome.
Oh yeah, thanks Alex for taking my call.
Just one question.
Thanks for all the info too.
You were down in Austin getting your driver's license.
You wouldn't take the thumbprint.
Did you go to court over that?
No, I did take the thumbprint later.
I submitted, as they said, and I now have my slave ID, national, international, standardized driver's license.
We've had a national ID nationwide for at least seven years, and now it's just been publicly federalized.
It isn't coming in 08 like you were lied to and told.
That's all part of psych warfare.
And I made a decision
You see, that was a holding action as I feebly tried to stop its implementation.
After it was fully implemented, I was only restricting myself by not having it so that I could move freely in Nazi Germany.
You see, once we went into full Nazi Germany, ID-wise, I then needed it to move in the Reich to fight Hitler.
I'll explain it when we get back.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
You asked us to make the water level visible to eliminate the guesswork when refilling the water.
We listened.
You asked for an elevated base so the system could be used in places beside on the edge of a counter.
We listened.
You asked us to develop a filter that was made in the USA.
We listened.
You asked us to include an emergency light for camping and during power outages.
We listened.
After 9-11, you asked us to develop a filter that was more powerful in removing chemical agents.
Again, we listened.
Introducing the Berkey Light.
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Citizens would be required to turn in their guns guaranteed to them by the Second Amendment.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A nation of decadent people, divorced from reality, watching Jack Bauer torture children, fantasizing, becoming psychopaths.
Yes, I tried to fight the International ID Card.
It was standardized by 2000.
The pilot of the National ID Card was tested in Texas and just a few other states with the barcode, the magnetic strip on the back, a digital photo, which is a face scan, and a thumbprint.
And now I believe there's only one state that doesn't take the thumbprint.
People will call in from states that do, and they'll argue, and I'll go, don't you remember that black box you put your thumb on?
Oh, yeah, I do.
Or, they didn't face scan me.
Well, what do you think that photo is?
That digital photo?
That's for the face scanning database.
And it's publicly all there.
It's just that
States did it regulatorily, and then by 2008 the Real ID Act had to do it by law, and then you've got to present it as a citizen to get a job.
The illegal aliens are exempt from it!
And then when they talked about the amnesty plan, they said, well, this will stop the illegals.
They'll have to have a card.
That's all selectively enforced.
I mean, if you think that staged arrest they have every two months of a few hundred illegals is anything, I mean, that's nothing, folks.
They could arrest a hundred thousand a year and they wouldn't even put it in.
They don't even arrest that many.
That is out of jobs.
That is a complete joke.
And my point of going back to the illegal aliens is,
There above the law, we aren't.
We are in this system because we are known as the arrogant, stupid Americans that strut around buying any propaganda we're fed.
I mean, what do you expect the elite to do when you think that Iran is Al-Qaeda, when they're Shiite?
I mean, the elite see you buy that and they go, just full speed, boys!
They'll buy anything!
To the point of where Rothschild will come on this show and say that Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are closer to the Sun than Earth.
And that's why they're melting.
I mean, it just comes down to that, at the end of the day.
And so people say, so, you have a driver's license.
By 2000, they were not letting me get on airplanes without one.
That had already started.
And then 2001 happened, and I needed to fly places to fight the New World Order, and they wouldn't let me.
Now, if you want to live out in the country, and you say you have a dairy, or you work on a farm, or you're a small farmer, or you want to work at the gas station and subsidize your farming, and you just want to be left alone, I wouldn't have one.
I'd stay out of the system.
But if you're going to fly to England, fly to Canada, and fly to Europe, and fly to Central America, and file stories, you have to have it now.
People can tell you you can get an international driver's license out of a Cracker Jack box, or you can try to go in there with a family Bible, and it just doesn't work very well.
You know, I understand that we're now in deep trouble.
Now we're in the Reich.
We're in the homeland.
And so I want to have as limited a contact with their goons as possible.
I want to just be left alone.
And so when I walk through an airport line, I look at them with disgust and think about how they're scum and weak, and then they leave me alone.
They just want me through there.
See, they're there because they want the power of you being afraid and you feeling subservient.
I'll walk through a lot of times with my shoes still on and just having a feeling of disgust with them.
And again, it's such an alien feeling for them.
I'm not really disgusted with them.
I know they're just poor sad souls trying to make ten bucks an hour.
But I go through the line and it's just so alien to them that they'll even start nodding and bowing.
Now, one day I was real tired and
wasn't putting on the persona in L.A.
and they thought that I was scared and so they had a celebration and said my feet stunk and had a little humiliate the American party and so that happened there.
But I'm already digressing.
I made the decision to go ahead and go in in thumbprint and be enrolled
And, uh, not as if I don't already have files that'll, you know, fill rooms in the government on me.
And so, uh, again, it's all psychology.
See, in England, they made the mistake of saying ten years ago, we're gonna give you a national ID card.
Blair cried for ten years when he got into 97.
And the people refused and said, no.
Well, here they just say, you don't have a national ID card.
No, no, no, this is just your new driver's license.
And then they say, okay, it's coming in the future once they want to announce it to you, after it's already in place.
So yes, I have a national ID card in my back pocket, right now.
And we live in an increasingly third world fascist dictatorship.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, we've already reached the halfway point here.
And I've got a Ron Paul clip I want to play, a Janine Garofalo clip I want to play, and a Joe Burkett clip that I mentioned yesterday when we were talking about CPS.
He's the chairman of the Texas Organization of Psychiatry.
I think that's the exact name.
It's the big state organization here.
And he testified a few years ago, and we always have the AP article where he said the kids have bad genes, why we've got to put two-thirds of them on drugs.
Total eugenic statement.
Even if he doesn't know it, that just shows how pervasive it is.
And then he goes on to talk about how he put his own five-year-old on it and how he's on five different drugs.
So it's just amazing.
But we actually have the audio from the video, so I thought we might play that too.
Here's the type of stuff I've got in my stack though.
Let me cover this right now.
Homeland Security
She's lasers and heart sensors in the future of anti-terrorist screening.
And it's got a big dial that says threat level from orange to red.
Now, I remember about a month after 9-11, and then I heard it again in 2002 on CBS Radio, I'll never forget it, that five airports have brain scanners, passive MRIs,
That scan your brain activity, the heat signature, I guess, of different areas of the brain to decide if you're upset or angry and might be a terrorist.
Now, they've had to throw out the good old-fashioned lie detector machines because it turned out it was total quackery.
It was just a way to trick you into thinking they knew when you were lying.
And there were some basic
Things that people would manifest when they were lying, but real criminals knew how to fool them every time.
You're just upset the entire time, and convince yourself you're lying.
The CIA teaches their people in case they were captured.
There's a bunch of different, well-known, documented, and there's TV shows on it, ways to beat lie detectors.
And that's even if you think that they're 100%.
They're not.
They're just a gauge.
Plus, there's not just that fraud by the person being tested.
There's the fraud by the tester.
Either they're a quack and don't know what they're doing.
Let's just say it's an art form, not an exact science.
Or they frame you, which governments never do that.
Police have never done that, so that's not a problem.
I'm being sarcastic, folks.
I literally see articles every day about major police departments framing people on industrialized scales.
And by industrialized, they just frame everyone.
I mean, it's just, they don't even... It's just incredible.
And then no one gets in trouble, by the way.
Houston admittedly framed more than 4,000 people, remember?
The police chief had to resign, that was it.
It just continued.
I mean, if you get indicted, you're gonna be convicted.
They're gonna say your beloved's at the scene, or...
The fibers were there.
The dumb public doesn't even know about it.
They think cops don't lie.
That's the funniest thing I've ever heard of, man.
They're just so naive, folks.
They're so naive.
Oh, mortal man, is there nothing you can't be made to believe, as they say.
So now they're getting away from those quack machines.
I mean, I've been at the airport.
And they've got this thing you've got to walk into and it shoots air at you and supposedly blows particulates off of you and snoops them.
And then now they've got other machines they make you step in that scan around you and literally take a 360 image of your naked body.
It is crisper than a 35mm nude in Playboy.
No airbrushing.
Because these things even show your pores.
It has better sight than even the human eye.
And then, what brings it out in a color pattern where you can assess it.
And, uh, they video, I mean, they record this on a computer, too.
Your naked body!
And see, they just, at first they stick them in a few airports, and then they only certain people do they have go in it.
Because if they just shut it up and said everybody should go through it, there'd be a revolt.
See, first it's, oh, it's just seasoned pass holders, uh, at, uh,
It's just season pass holders that have to do it at SeaWorld or Disneyland and then, oh, everybody's got to do it a few years later.
See, it's all animal training.
You see how the government openly uses color of law animal training on all of us, which should upset and concern everyone.
When government starts doing that, I mean actively trying to lie, actively trying to manipulate, actively trying to con,
So see, they phased in the National ID Card the same way.
You already got a National ID Card.
You don't even know you have it.
It's already been regionalized to Canada, Mexico, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Australia.
I think I said Australia twice.
The point is, let me see, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Western Europe, Japan,
UK, I mentioned UK, Mexico, and then now globally the standards are going in all over the place.
Singapore is the world leader.
They are the frontline tester.
They now have urinals that test for drugs with cameras in the bathrooms.
So if you want to use a public bathroom, it's watching you.
Two years in prison in a public caning, if you drop a piece of paper on the ground by accident,
And again, I have newscasts where they show Singapore with video cameras in the bathroom six years ago going, well, we need that here too!
Well, guess what?
They already had it in restrooms all over the country at highway stops and now in schools.
See, it's all happening incrementally by the scientific dictatorship and they're laughing at you.
But then the illegal aliens are legal and they say there's nothing we can do, we can't stop them.
Which isn't true.
And so, you're supposed to go to the airport and, oh, now more of them, not just the first five, but more are putting these in.
And then see, but the tech magazines announce, oh, it's coming!
And it says, and persons involved in or planning to be involved in possible malicious or deceitful acts
We'll show, see that's terrorism now, we'll show various behavioral or psychological abnormalities or if they think that you think they're guilty.
They'll also show that but they don't tell you that.
Through these signs can at times be detected by trained observers
Yeah, that stupid facial expression business.
They often go undetected and even when detected are not qualified in any measurable way.
Quantifiable inputs may include cardiovascular, respiration, infrared, laser, radar, video, audio, eye tracking, as well as promising technology capable of providing behavioral indicators.
It goes into saying this will be put into a threat matrix in order to provide a single decision.
So at the Super Bowl, the Department of Homeland Security has been testing this and it goes on through it.
And it goes on to say that a terrorist could learn to be like a yogi and breathe calmly.
This is ridiculous.
So see, oh, we don't violate your Fourth Amendment, because it's the Super Bowl, it's the shopping mall, it's the airport, it's the street, it's the public school, it's the everywhere.
They've already got face scanning, they've already got lip reading.
Because I always falsely simplify it, and it's not right, I say,
Face scanning cameras.
No, they're not face scanning cameras.
They're cameras hooked into face scanning software.
It's a software update.
And if the camera is digital and of a high enough quality, which most of them are now, they wire them all into computers that face scan, that lip read, a lot of them have microphones with them, and it's big brother on steroids.
And it's everywhere but the border.
And now they just claim, oh, well, the computer says your heart's beating fast.
Well, yeah, I just parked 300 yards out in the parking lot and drug this stuff through here and I just got a call from the office and, uh, you know, some big check somebody paid is bounced and so I'm mad.
Oh, well, the computer's really showing you're mad now.
Why are you so upset?
Uh, because
I guess I'm a remnant of a free society.
I don't like some GED nobody who's read a book with some quack computer aimed at my head saying I have, showing I'm agitated.
I mean, that's a hypothetical example.
You see?
It's quackdom!
I mean, they're done saying that their lie detectors work, so now they're just going to move on to newfangled computers claiming
Uh, with people with GEDs, and I'm not knocking you've got a GED, but my point is, they're not even trained on this stuff, just sitting there looking at scopes that are recording your naked body, your brainwaves, your heartbeat, your respiration rate, I mean, is that freedom?
Well, we gotta keep you safe from Al-Qaeda!
I mean, how much more obvious
Is it going to have to get before people wake up and do something about all this?
The good news is people like Janine Garofalo, more and more people just randomly on national television programs are saying 9-11 is an inside job.
It's been done by a lot of people now and we welcome her now to the 9-11 Truth Movement
I've been told privately that she was aware of it and seen my films and other films, but I hadn't confirmed that.
I've been told she'd been at some events in L.A.
and San Diego, some 9-11 truth events, but here is the confirmation of that, where she discusses the psychology of, you know, somebody could just hold up a puppy and tell you some horrible news, but it must be okay because
They're holding up a puppy.
And that would be a basic psychological warfare op.
They do that when they say it's for the children.
That's why we want to take all your freedom away.
It's the government's for the children.
Everything they do is for the children.
It's similar to holding up a puppy.
Because that's what humans do.
They psychologically imprint on a puppy as a human baby and the nurturative parental
Drive kicks in.
So that's actually what Janine Garofalo is getting in here, but she mentions a 9-11 inside job.
Here it is.
If I could talk about that puppy.
Oh, you have a funny time with the evil puppy.
I mean, right after you read the movie.
But the thing is, there was a puppy.
You saw it.
Evil puppy, yeah.
I was just holding it.
I wanted to see if I could do it for the segment and talk about the most controversial political material, but hold the puppy.
I think 9-11 was an inside job.
But hold on.
The puppy.
So no one can get mad at whatever you're saying?
Yeah, yeah.
George Bush, the worst president in history.
You know what I mean?
Even big Bush supporters would be like, oh, the puppy.
A lot of people, either you like me or you don't.
It's not in the middle.
If you like what Ruffalo's selling, it's good.
If you don't, you don't want it.
9-11's an inside job.
Now, speaking of the puppy, of children, of little ones, of defenseless who we're supposed to protect, I don't know if you've seen the whole clip.
He was asking me what I wanted and I was busy on the phone and now Aaron's left, so I'm not sure.
But we have a longer clip where
Joe Burkett, the chairman of the Texas Psychiatric Association, testifying.
They bring up that a lot of foster kids are on seven drugs.
That's actually the average in Texas from the newspaper a few years ago.
I don't know if it's higher or lower right now.
And Burkett goes on to say, yeah, well my young son's on five drugs.
See, and this is how it starts.
They tell him
You can't yell at the two-year-old when they say, climb up in the windowsill and are jumping off a chair onto the couch and could bust their head open.
You shouldn't yell at them.
I guess you should just let them get hurt.
Or you shouldn't, like you train a puppy,
You never even have to really hurt the puppy.
If you do it when they're a little bitty, when they pee on the floor, you tell them no and you spat them with a rolled up newspaper.
It doesn't even hurt them.
It's just that it's the stimuli.
It's Pavlovian.
That's why I've seen a little deer, a little fawn, run out when I'm deer hunting, and the mama has smelled something and knows there's a predator out there.
I wouldn't shoot the little fawn anyways, and they can still have spots.
I've seen a deer come out and nibble, you know, bite on its back, and then when it doesn't listen, I've seen repeatedly deer kick their young, because they're abusive folks.
CPS needs to come.
No, that's their instinct.
Okay, I've seen, I'll never forget watching a PBS program, I've talked about this a few times, like 10, 12 years ago, it was a long time ago, and it shows this little fur seal in the North Pole, near the Arctic Circle, well that's not accurate, the Arctic Circle is completely frozen, up in the northern hinterland on the coastline, on a nice float.
Going over by a breathing hole, by a seal hole, wanting to get in the water by itself, and she comes over and barks at it and pushes him and moves him away and he goes over again and he doesn't listen.
She goes over and slaps him with his flipper, with her flipper, and then she goes over and bites the blood out of him.
Now she did that because he wasn't listening.
And there was a killer whale, that was the show, killer whales were eating and killing seals.
So she did that so he wouldn't be slinging it around up in the air, you know, 20 feet and catching it like a toy and eating it.
I don't know if you've ever seen those videos.
And I have seen countless, countless examples of that in the wild.
But again, you're not supposed to, and of course the social planners wrote a hundred years ago, they were going to do that so you wouldn't have parental control.
It first started so the state would have it.
Okay, and you notice they take corporal punishment away, out of the schools, 30 years ago, crime, shooting, stabbings, everything explodes exponentially.
Because now, I mean, you get arrested for fist fighting too, you see you didn't, so why not just go ahead and stab each other, see?
So it's the same thing.
This father won't even yell or won't even discipline his child when the child's young.
I mean, I never really got spankings until the third time I tried to walk out in the street and boy, did I get one.
And let me tell you something, I didn't walk out in the street again.
Do not cross the street without us.
Do not leave the backyard and do not walk out in the street.
Third time I got caught, I got in trouble.
My mother told the story of the only time her grandmother
Who is the sweetest, most gentlemanly, lady-like woman.
I knew her well.
She died when I was about eight.
But I mean, she gave her a super whipping.
Because she, in Dallas, kept going out in the street and almost got hit.
And then she cried while she was spanking her, my mother said.
But she just said, I can't let you get killed by that car and you won't listen.
And she was crying while she spanked her.
Spanked her legs.
And hard, my mother said.
And she was crying while she was doing it.
And then even right before she died, she apologized to my mother.
She said, well, I had to spank you, but I feel so bad.
Holt traumatized her having to spank her.
But see, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
This guy, this Burkett guy doesn't spank his child.
He gives him five hardcore drugs.
I mean that kill brain cells, that cause heart swelling, and brain shrinkage, and hundreds of deadly side effects.
Oh, that's not abusive!
Don't train the little mammal.
Just poison them.
We're going to play this clip.
Stay with me.
Then you're called a bunch of other clips.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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That's 850-723-8599.
It wasn't misguided when Dr. Spock in the 60's sold more books than the Bible telling parents never discipline your children.
Don't even yell at them.
Don't even tell them what to wear.
It was all done.
We've now gotten all the documents and information.
They knew it was going to screw everything up.
And they knew it was going to cause society to unravel.
And they knew it would get people in the system.
Can you imagine?
You never discipline or never train your children in any way.
I mean, you don't even take things away from them when they're bad.
That's another effective thing to do.
And so then they go out and become criminals and end up in the system.
So the cops can beat them, or other inmates can beat them.
And then imagine, this guy's testifying, yeah, we put a lot of kids on seven drugs.
My son is on five drugs, my little boy.
He's got problems.
Because, yeah, you raise them up in, I mean, do you know which group of people has the highest suicide rate in the country?
Then it's psychologist.
And it goes on down the line from there.
I'm not attacking these groups either.
Then gay men.
I'm saying, man, you've got bad lifestyles.
I mean, something's going on.
The people with the highest suicide rate, also the highest rate of drug use, prescription drug use, you are advising us when you're cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?
Let's go ahead and play the clip.
Here he is testifying before the Texas Legislature.
Here it is.
I'm the chair called Joe Burkett.
Dr. Burkett, thank you for being here.
If you could state your name and who you represent, please.
I feel like the best introduction should be, my name is Joe and I'm a psychiatrist.
But I'm willing to recover.
The tone of this... I'm Joe Burkett.
I'm a psychiatrist from Fort Worth.
I'm here representing the Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians.
I served on the advisory committee and wrote the first draft of some of the sections that appear in the report.
I work for the MHMR system in Fort Worth and I'm not supported by any pharmaceutical funding or grants.
If you look for just a minute into what's going on when we've got a bunch of kids on a bunch of meds.
From a doctor's perspective and even from a peer review quality manager kind of perspective.
What that means to me is we got a lot of kids with a lot of problems.
Because those kids wouldn't have gotten to any doctors in the first place if they hadn't had a lot of problems.
And they wouldn't have gotten on a lot of medications unless the doctors couldn't figure out anything else to do with them.
So we've got a lot of foster kids and we've got a lot of mental health problems.
And we have to recognize at the same time there is a parallel development in the field where we're using medications more freely in children because we're seeing some benefits of that within the field.
We should
Remember, and keep in the back of our minds, what are our original problems?
Our original problems is that we have abuse, neglect, we have danger to the children, we have mental illness, and I should stretch and give you a little bit more medical perspective on the mental illness.
A lot of these kids come from bad gene pools.
They don't have stable parents making good decisions.
Alright, stay there.
Back it up about 10 seconds.
I'm going to come back out of break and play it from there.
This is the long clip.
And he says it again!
No genetic tests, no checking, it's all just quack made up!
And then he goes on to say, by the way, my kid's on five of them!
I mean, that's hardcore abuse, folks!
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Already into hour number three.
I will be going to your phone calls.
Got a Ron Paul audio clip.
It's very interesting that it's coming up as well, so stay with us for that.
I want to get more into the economy.
Very serious developments there.
I just can't believe this is happening.
The public isn't more concerned.
There is a way out of this.
But let's go back to this clip.
This is the head of the big state psychiatrist organization here in Texas testifying that, well, a whole bunch of kids are on a bunch of meds, more than two-thirds of them in the state, in their clutches because they come from bad gene pools.
Here it is.
Remember and keep in the back of our minds what are our original problems.
Our original problems is that we have abuse, neglect, we have danger to the children,
We have mental illness.
And I should stretch and give you a little bit more medical perspective on the mental illness.
A lot of these kids come from bad gene pools.
They don't have stable parents making good decisions.
Or else they wouldn't, or most, or many of them would not be in, most of them would not be in foster care.
And so, besides the gene pools, they've then been traumatized by abuse, neglect, and problems, and then they've been traumatized by separation, and all those things predispose to mental illness.
So here we are with problems.
The original solutions to the original problems include removal and placement, safety considerations and then sort of the observations that we've got some kids here with some emotional scars need some help and we get and we wind up with psychiatric and psychological referrals.
What is your general opinion?
Leaving a door open for those weird, unusual, incredibly rare cases.
What is your general opinion of, let's say, a seven-year-old being on eight psychotropic meds at one time?
That's Susanna Hupp, whose family got killed at Luby's in Killeen, a state rep friend of mine.
By the way, it's not rare, Susanna.
The average foster child is on seven.
When I encounter a case like that, I look at the child.
If the child can relate to me in an office visit in a way that's reasonably normative, I begin to wonder to myself, I wonder how many problems this kid had to get on this many medications.
If the child is obviously showing side effects of medications, I make note of that too.
And I try to start getting some history to figure out what's going on.
The situation you describe is highly unusual in my experience and hopefully it will remain unusual.
It may be that you know kind of like the headlines that you were talking about it may be that we just get stuck with the unusual rare cases but boy it just seems like I've been handed quite a few of those.
Well I can confess to you that I have a five-year-old for whom I prescribed five medications.
Am I rushing into that?
Have I gotten other consultations from other psychiatrists?
Do we have better results than we've had before?
Do we still have a lot of problems?
So there are cases.
You know he thinks it's real cute too, like B.F.
Skinner had one of his children living in a box as a slave for many years.
A child committed suicide.
This is a very demonic group of people, folks.
Very demonic.
Very evil.
Did you hear him?
The pleasure in his voice?
Five drugs, and he says it like it's a little special treat for himself.
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I want to succinctly break down what's happening with the economy and where things are probably going in the near future.
And the one way to avert it
And if you can't avert it, maybe some ways to protect yourselves.
We'll spend some time on that.
I've got a Ron Paul clip coming up.
I know that we have loaded phone lines with Skip, Joe, John, Steve, Nick, and others.
We're going to take a lot of calls this hour, I promise you.
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But we added new music, better audio mix, more video, more images of our other parts as well.
So really, it's a new film.
And it's got 17 minutes of just powerhouse info.
On how they reported Building 7 had already fallen with the exact cover story 20 plus minutes before it did and that's like 3 minutes of the 17 new minutes.
The 5th anniversary historic march there in New York, that's another 3 minutes.
I mean see, Jesse Ventura's in there, Gore Vidal,
Bill Christensen, the CIA's former section chief, saying it's an inside job.
That's a few more minutes of it.
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Alright, I'm going to shut up now.
And, uh, go to the calls.
Let's talk to Skip in California.
You're on the air, Skip.
Uh, there's two subjects I want to touch upon.
First is in Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday, there was a commercial airline carrying 186 passengers that crashed into a building.
Uh, there's still wing sections, tail sections, luggage, and the building's still standing, from what I understand.
And why didn't that happen at the Pentagon?
In fact, I've been trying to call Paul Watson since last night, and his phone is always busy.
Let's see if it's busy right now.
I'm trying to get him to get an IP phone, because he's in England, so I can get a hold of him sometimes when certain parties are on the telephone.
But I've tried to call him to tell him to do a story on that, to point out the parallels.
Hey Watson, we're on air.
Listen, a caller just pointed out what I've been trying to call you for a day and a half about, or since last night.
Paulo down there with that plane crashing into the building, and there's still wing sections, still engines, still luggage.
Why didn't that happen like at the Pentagon?
Why didn't it just vaporize?
We need to get a blurb out on that ASAP.
Also one on this whole economy situation, my friend, with what happened
With the financial collapse drill they did down in Tampa last week, remember that?
I just have to call you now because the phone's been busy the other time.
No, I know, you're awesome.
Man, you are just awesome, Watson.
I just, we need to get that out ASAP or maybe I can do a blurb.
You know, I'm just tied down here because I'm finishing in-game right now.
Hey, listen, I'm going to call you once the show's over, okay?
See you, bye.
There you go.
Call Watson on air.
There we go.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead, caller.
Okay, the second subject I want to touch upon is I went to the Ron Paul rally at Google.
And a couple things I want to point out.
One is I managed to pass out over 300 copies of America's Freedom from Fascism.
And just so you know, I'm not a typical supporter that just makes copies and passes those out.
I buy Calvin.
I try to, every hundred DVDs, I try to buy at least something from your Infowars site.
So I always try to put stuff back in the city.
Ron Paul had a DVD with a bunch of his highlights on there that you could get for like $15.
It had like Jon Stewart, the three debates.
That's awesome.
Everyone I showed it to so far has now wants to vote for him and support him.
Um, and a suggestion.
For all the celebrities out there that know about 9-11 Truth and they don't want to come out on that, they're afraid to, why not just get them to come out on supporting Ron Paul?
So in a way, we could get their support this way.
You see what I'm saying?
No, no, I agree.
And then if you're at work and you're afraid that, say, Terror Storm's too hardcore to give out, yeah, give out copies of America, Freedom from Fascism, but you know what?
I think people are ready to see Terror Storm.
I think that needs to be gotten out as well, but I commend you and I salute you and thanks for the support, my friend.
There goes Skip in California reminding me, and that's what callers most often do, you remind me of the exact same thing I've been thinking.
Let's go to Joe in Ohio.
Joe, you're on the air.
Alex, you're great.
You're great.
I just wanted that you've really, really given me something, you've really helped wake me up.
I've always known something was wrong and now I'm home raising a child and I've had a lot of time on my hands and I've discovered you and you've been the same voice in my life because I'm surrounded by neocon morons here in Cincinnati.
But something I've noticed that no one's played on yet, I wonder if this earthquake in Japan... I'm sorry about the baby.
It's okay.
This earthquake in Japan is awfully well timed with all the geopolitical events going on.
With Iran demanding Japan buy their oil in yen.
And I wonder if that's not the Pentagon sending a signal to Japan.
I know that Defense Secretary Cohen in 97 said they have earthquake weapons.
He only said it once.
I've seen some government documents that they've had it, but that they... it's like that movie The Core.
They're afraid it could screw stuff up and that it's not very controllable.
We know they can manipulate and control the weather.
And so I don't know.
I mean, Japan is always... it's on the Great Fire Rim.
Uh, and, uh, it's always been having big earthquakes.
A lot of their houses are built out of paper and wood.
Balls of wood.
So, I don't know.
I mean, I, uh, weather weapons are real.
Tectonic weapons, I don't know about.
Uh, anything else you want to add?
That was just awful quick at all times.
Stay there.
Stay there.
We got a break.
Stay there.
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Alright, we're back here.
We're talking to Joe in Ohio.
Joe, finish up your question.
Well, I was just noticing the events on the 13th of July is when Iran ordered Japan to start paying for its oil with yen.
And Japan has been trying to invest in Iran's oil fields, but our government has been pressuring them, pressuring them not to do that.
And it just seems like awful coincidental timing and I did some looking and it's obvious if you look into Tesla and some of our defense papers like you mentioned Cohen, it's a distinct possibility.
Well no, there's massive evidence that they can trigger earthquakes with nukes alone.
They had studies in the 50s underwater that no one would even see.
But here's the problem.
Seismographs would pick that up and also
I'm thinking more along Tesla and HAARP.
How are you doing, Alex?
Just to make one point, just watching the news, just the propaganda has been now very reminiscent of pre-9-11.
It is, and they're intensifying their propaganda.
Yeah, I noticed, and as my profession, I'm a civilian merchant mariner, and I just got this month's magazine, and just like a little blurb they put out, Anthrax Immunization Resumes, the Navy has announced the resumption of the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program, and this is what I want to point out.
Couple sentences down the line, it says there's a strong likelihood that there will be reactivation of ROS, PREPO, MSC, and MARAD vessels in the near future.
The extent and number of which is uncertain.
So it could be set up for another attack, and logistics authorities are going to be put in place for evasion to Iran.
Well, we know that the anthrax shot killed thousands, maimed tens of thousands.
They knew it was experimental.
They knew it was illegal to force troops to take a, quote, experimental vaccine, you know, because they have rights, too.
They had to have, quote, consent.
It was illegal.
But, you know, they gave them orders and gave it to them.
And then, of course, it turned out porting down
Had employees that got sick from it as well over in England that took it.
And it all got made in Lansink, Michigan, up there at BioPort.
And it just caused massive, massive problems.
And yes, I have been reading that they're now injecting people again with that.
Yeah, I passed my head wide for three years.
I'm trying to bring it back.
I don't know.
Because they love you, sir.
They want to take good care of you.
That's definite.
All right, Alex.
Hey, God bless you.
I appreciate the call.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Let's jam in another call here.
Moving quick.
Steve, in Denver, Colorado.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Just touching very briefly on what your former caller said, because I have some other things.
Back in Denver in the 50s and 60s, we had the Army dumping nuclear waste down some wells out of the arsenal north of town.
We had a series of earthquakes, 5, 6, 7 Richters, for a period of, I don't know, 3 or 4 or 5 months.
And then they stopped, and the earthquakes went away.
I just thought I'd bring that up.
You could look it up, probably find the history on that.
It's a very possible connection there between the Army, and that's what we've always come to believe here.
But I had a couple other things I wanted to talk to you about.
You know, I was involved with Roy Beck's numbers thing during the immigration bill, and he had amassed something like 467,000 people on this email list, and we were hitting our congressmen daily with emails and faxes.
I mean, they were coming in by the thousands, just barrages of that.
And I'm wondering if we could do something.
This is a strategy plan.
Could we do the same thing with WTC7?
Because I think that's the weakest link in the entire 9-11 paradigm.
And if we can focus the public on WTC7 and just that one part of 9-11, I think the mass public's attention will see that and the whole 9-11 deception will come apart.
Well, I mean, A, I agree that WTC7 is the weakest link in the whole thing, and that it's the key.
And almost everybody else I talk to, people I respect, agree that they've seen the evidence that 7 is the strongest.
And I think we have had a mass awakening and a mass educational process going on.
But B, I also agree that we've got to continue to expose 9-11.
Some people are saying we'll never get true 9-11 justice, regardless.
If we don't expose and inoculate the public mind to the fact that government-sponsored terror is the majority of terror in history, and that they stand to gain, and that they're behind it, they're going to continue to use it.
Now, I'm surprised they're hyping things as much as they are, and it looks like they may pull something.
This is just out of control, what we're seeing right now.
And yeah, that's a good idea to everybody call Washington and tell them that, you know, we want an investigation of Building 7.
But I think also maybe targeting the media and shutting down maybe the New York Times or Rush Limbaugh with it might be effective as well.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for the suggestion.
We'll come back and talk to many more callers.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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In fact, send those to Aaron at InfoWars.com.
Two A's.
And I'll give those to my IT guy.
I just know everything gets read when it goes to Aaron.
He at least tries to scan through it.
Because I read that everything goes to Aaron and he reads it too.
Together we don't miss much.
The free podcast is there for you.
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Ladies and gentlemen, you can listen anytime you want, where you want on your MP3 or iPod device.
And you go, yes, Alex, we know.
You tell us every day.
Well, please tell other people.
Because let me tell you something.
I don't sit around dreaming of a bigger house.
I don't sit around dreaming of fancier clothes or a fancy pair of cowboy boots.
Though I do have a pair I got years ago.
The point is, and I was looking at them this morning going, why do I have these?
I don't sit around lusting after, you know, silverware.
Or, or, or, de-wrinkle cream.
I sit around, and it's not the right word to use, lust, because that has bad connotations, but I really do.
I mean, I, I, I, but it's not, you know what I mean.
I mean, I crave, I desire, I love to wake people up.
I don't like waking people up.
I love waking people up.
I love showing somebody a scam.
I love standing up for the defenseless.
I like bringing down bullies.
I like seeing scum go to prison.
Because instinctively, I don't like evil growing up around me, folks.
That's because I want to be secure.
I want my family to do good.
I like goodness.
I like the light.
I wear the white hat.
That's why it makes me sick in this culture, people that claim to be good wearing the black hat.
Folks, you know, who even like the trappings of it.
That means something.
And the point is, help me!
I try to help you.
I try to build up everybody else.
And there's wonderful people I work with, like WeAreChange.org and some other organizations that are out there.
I'd love to try to work with and build up a lot of other organizations in this movement, but the people are always predominantly great.
The leadership sometimes has problems and people always wonder later why I just disassociate.
And I do it because, you know, you mess with me three or four times, and you try to push me around, try to guilt me.
180, man.
Forever, I will get away from people fast.
And that's because I don't have time to screw around, and I don't have time to play games, folks.
This is life and death, okay?
This is life and death.
And when we get death threats, and when the weird stuff goes on, and when things happen,
It only causes us to reaffirm how sick society's gotten, just with the general minions out there and the establishment, and just reaffirms to us how real all of this is.
And we are not going to stop, folks.
We are never going to stop.
And again, I'm asking you to help us get the word out.
I'm asking you to help us affect change and to reach out to people.
I got a Ron Paul coming up, Ron Paul clip, I promise to play in some other news I want to hit on, on the economy.
Let's blitz through your calls now.
Up next is Nick in New York.
Nick, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Hey, how's it going?
Hey, listen, first I just want to say
I'm a big fan of your documentaries.
What you're doing is a great job.
It's one step further to actually expose our government's lies.
But I just wanted to touch down on base with something.
I've actually not heard of many stories from teenagers or from my group.
I go to high school in Sun Hill, New York.
It's a borough of New York City.
And something happened a few months ago that really changed my state of thinking.
Um, for the last two years, our schools have been actually threatening us with letters and phone calls stating that they will randomly in place metal detectors, specifically not for weapons of any kind, but for actual... They actually wanted to make us fear them so we would stop bringing either whether it's electronic devices or cell phones to school or whatever, but they kept threatening us for the last two years
Um, but they never actually put the metal detectors in.
Then, uh, I think it was in the winter, a few months before the Virginia Tech shootings.
Um, they in place, uh, metal detectors in our school, uh, which was not announced.
That's why the feds run these shooting ops.
We know Columbine was, uh, Virginia Tech, 95% chance every indicator is there, and Tom will always tell more stuff comes out in our investigation.
We're sure it is, but we can't say for sure, uh, officially.
Uh, but, uh, they do that to train you, and I have official Department of Education documents, but the schools are to train you to live in a prison society.
Go ahead.
Yes, thank you.
Yeah, I remember exactly how it happened.
We got off the city buses and we're about to go into school and I cannot explain to you how many New York City police officers were there with police vans and police cars and there was actually a makeshift line of police officers that led from the gate
To the entrance of the school.
That's all intimidation.
I mean, let me tell you.
Again, they've doubled the number of cops in New York.
It's more than doubled now.
It's all about letting you know you're slaves.
And this is your education.
You were getting your education.
I know, I know.
Let me explain.
When a new boss shows up at prison, you want to write an article up about this, just a blurb, and send it to us.
We post it on JonesReport.com.
Or it's in the submissions at Infowars.com.
But when you show up at prison, the cops all line up, the jail guards, to let you know.
And again, this is literally your prison indoctrination.
Go ahead.
Yes, so um, and this is no exaggeration, they were horning us in like sheep.
If you decide to stop, either to tie your shoelace or whatever, they would come up to you and yell at you, and this is no exaggeration, they would yell at you,
Yeah, but as soon as we got to the entrance of
Uh, the school, there's multiple lines for the metal detectives and the police officers were actually pushing kids into different lines.
Again, this is no exaggeration.
They were pushing us into different lines.
Well, let me tell you, sir, that's nothing.
They go into schools...
Unannounced where there are third graders and scream and point machine guns at them.
Teachers collapse thinking they're going to die and have to go into psychiatric care.
People have had heart attacks and they scream and say it's real until people convulse in fear.
So what you went through is nothing.
I mean in Goose Creek, North Carolina, they had everybody lined up and had dogs biting and ripping bags off their backs.
And of course no drugs were even found.
This is you learning to be a prisoner.
Okay, this is what they do.
This is a shakedown when you first show up at San Quentin.
This is just hardcore prison indoctrination.
So they're shoving you into the slave lines.
What else happened?
Um, and as soon as we got to the male detectives, they made us take off our belts.
I was there with my belt off.
Total shakedown.
Total shakedown.
What else happened?
They were lining many kids up to actually use the handheld metal detectors and see if they had any weapons on them.
Now remember, this isn't the first time that this happens.
And you were all, by the way, under arrest at this point.
This was a huge arrest-dragnet situation.
Remember Swansboro, North Carolina?
Well, then there's also what happened in 2000.
No, 1999, and it happened, by the way, all over the country at the same time, but what made the newspaper, it happened there in Pensacola, Florida, at Hobbs Middle School, where the Marines came in, this was in the newspaper, and said, quote, this is what martial law is like, and put guns to their heads, but... Go ahead.
Yeah, so, and then... Finish up the story, because the show's almost over, and I've got to hit some other stuff.
Yes, I'm sorry.
And so they kept threatening us to arrest us if they didn't give us what they wanted.
And mind you, our school was rated the safest in the city.
That's why they've got to be traumatized, yeah.
Yes, and there's never been an incident where someone brought a knife or a gun to our school, and it's the safest in the city, but yet they still do this, and it really scared the crap out of me.
Well, your parents need to get you out of that death camp!
And they are death camps of Prozac and Ritalin and the culture.
But let me tell you, I've been all over the place and I've never seen anything like New York cops.
They are the most slimy, dirtbag creatures I've ever seen in my life.
The most America-hating blobs of wickedness I've ever seen in my life.
Now again, majority-wise, I'm not saying all of them.
I mean, they hate this country.
In closing, did anything else happen?
No, but I just wanted to say that they are using fear to actually get what they want.
I know, but what you need to do to get back at them is write the article, the name of the school, the date.
You can use a pseudonym, a fake name if you want.
Send it to Aaron at InfoWars.com.
Just a five paragraph story about the date and what happened, and we'll post it.
I appreciate your call.
Here's Ron Paul last night on Tucker Carlson.
We're going to play this and comment on it.
Here it is.
Ah, the golden days of the Republican Party.
Fiscal responsibility, limited government, a cautious approach to foreign intervention.
But after six and a half years of the George W. Bush administration, the Republican franchise has changed.
Right now, Republicans are taking a close look at the frontrunners seeking the nomination for their party.
Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson.
But waiting in the wings is another kind of conservative, a traditional one.
He may be trailing in the polls, but Ron Paul is getting a hard look from voters wondering what happened to their party.
He's quietly raising some pretty decent dollars, even has more cash in the bank than John McCain does at the moment.
How did that happen?
Here to tell us is the man himself, presidential candidate, Republican congressman from Texas, physician, Ron Paul.
Congressman, thanks for joining us.
Thank you.
Nice to be with you.
So, Howard, how did you wind up with more money in the bank than John McCain?
The truth is, we didn't raise more, but we spent it more wisely, I believe.
And the money came in rather easily.
We didn't have to spend a lot of money to raise it.
It was raised spontaneously over the internet.
And this has been good.
We've been improving our campaign all the time.
Our message is spreading.
Our numbers of supporters are growing.
At the same time, we really didn't have to spend any money we raised in the second quarter.
We're still living off the money we raised in the fourth quarter.
That's not the right clip.
I don't know how I got confused in the computer system.
That's Decker Carlson two weeks ago.
It's a new Tucker Carlson today.
I guess you didn't get that clip I sent.
Do we have time to play the other one?
Oh, he didn't think we needed to download.
Oh, c'est la vie!
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com and it's always interesting to hear that clip anyway.
But there's another new clip out on Ron Paul up there on the site.
Right now, let's go ahead and jam in another one of these callers.
I'm going to come back and hit some economic news.
Let's talk to Bill.
Bill, where are you calling us from?
Okay, calling us from Click.
Tom in Texas, where are you calling us from?
Texas, go ahead.
Okay, let's go to Ed in Pennsylvania.
Ed, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
There's a little trick I could share with the listeners.
You go in a Freemason store,
Well, I wouldn't put a Masonic sticker on your car because they get real mad
What will happen is you're going to get pulled over and he's going to walk over and do a passcode or a hand sign and you're not going to respond and they'll, I mean they get viciously angry.
I mean that's like saying you're part of the, you know, Eastside Crew or you're part of MS-13 or you're part of La Cosa Nostra and you're not really.
I mean that's an interesting... I've been studying their hand signs.
Oh, well then you'll be just, well then they'll ask you what lodge you're part of and I guess you can bluff your way through it if you want.
But I mean that's interesting.
Go ahead.
Yeah, about my girlfriend.
The vaccinations, they're just not, you know, causing autism.
They're causing all kinds of health problems out there.
People are getting older.
Yeah, well that's what these vaccines with the mercury...
National Review attacked me yesterday saying I'm a delusional conspiracy theorist.
I believe that cancer viruses have been put in vaccines.
It's been in the news that hundreds of different vaccines have accidentally, in quotes, gotten different types of cancer viruses in them.
I mean, it's famous.
But again, you've got a public that knows nothing.
They just read that and don't know.
It's admitted.
And yeah, and all of these specially designed viruses go after you, generally after you're about 50.
Once you're in the, quote, productive time, it's a eugenics, euthanasia policy to get rid of the old.
And yeah, yuppies and people, they don't want to live past 50.
They don't want all those years of going to the beach and golfing and seeing their grandchildren.
Guy with cancers all over him.
They like the government.
They like to be lied to.
And the wages of a sinner's death.
They want to partake in the lie and they want to drink from the black goblet of death.
Well, they'll get you.
Don't worry.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
Hello folks, Alex Jones here introducing Prudent Places USA, an interactive CD book that is your premier resource for hard-to-find information.
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Order Bruton Places USA now for only $29 plus shipping by calling New Millennium at 888-803-4438 and tell them Alex Jones sent you.
That's 888-803-4438 or order online at murkywater.com.
Government is best, which governs least.
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Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
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Call 877-873-9626.
That's 877-873-9626.
Yeah, there must be some kind of way out of here.
Said the Joker to the thief.
There must be some kind of way out of here.
Said the Joker to the thief.
There's too much confusion.
You know, there are many here among us who think that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we've been through that.
This is not our game.
So let us quit talking softly now.
Time is getting late.
There are many yuppies.
Let us stop talking falsely now.
The hour is getting late.
You think life's a joke, some of you, huh?
You think it gives you power over life to not care?
To festoon yourselves with the trappings of death?
When you get caught in the crosshairs, you won't like death anymore.
You'll squeal, like little rats.
All right.
New York crude served above $75 a barrel because the dollar's been devalued.
That's why it's gone up.
And that's another reason why the stock market is now above $14,000 as people run around celebrating in the streets.
And Bloomberg Financial reports the dollar slumps to record low versus euro on Bear Stearns losses.
Thanks to the housing market, the dollar fell to a record low against the euro and dropped versus the yen after Bear Stearns
Reported hedge fund losses fueling speculation investors will spurn U.S.
assets as the economy slows.
They're trying to blame it on housing and the economy.
It's because they printed the thing like it's toilet paper.
The yen also rose against the euro, the British pound, and New Zealand dollars as investors scaled back carry trades and it just goes into a bunch of babble.
It's now at 1.3833.
It went up to 1.3781 and they say it is set to just keep climbing.
It traded even higher than that earlier in the day, but it went to an all-time low against the Euro at 1.3833.
And really hit the Japanese, who are our biggest owner of debt, and then it's the Chinese after that, but the Chinese are dumping, the Japanese aren't.
All we can do here is expose that the Federal Reserve is in control of the system.
All we can do is expose that the New World Order is running this.
And if we're, because right now they're positioning themselves as the saviors.
The International Bank of Settlements, Federal Reserve, oh it's all your fault, now this was going to happen,
They're the ones behind it.
They're the ones that did this.
They're the ones that designed this.
Then they brag.
Their own chief economist quit, Joseph Stiglitz, World Bank, and said, yeah, they engineer global recessions and depressions to consolidate to get real assets.
They will not do this unless they can have martial law.
And folks,
They may carry out a terror attack and you're going to see the economic collapse right after that.
And I mean, it's going to be bad.
That's why we've got to stop the terror.
For all you selfish people, you better start caring.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7642.