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Air Date: July 8, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome and thank you so much for joining us today.
We are live and we'll be here live for the next three days.
777 has come and gone.
It is the 8th day of July 2007.
We'll be live here roughly for the next two hours.
We will take a lot of your phone calls today.
I will go to them.
In this first hour.
For the namesake of the station we broadcast out of with this worldwide syndicated show on a growing list of AminFM affiliates, Global Shortwave, the Internet, and of course on, what, three different radio satellite systems.
877-590-KLBJ or locally in Central Texas, 836-0590.
Okay, I've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 stacks of news
In front of me.
Number one is the Live Earth Concert put on by Al Gore globally in more than 20 cities yesterday.
From Dallas, Texas to London, England to Johannesburg, South Africa to Tokyo, Japan.
What's really behind it?
We'll be going over that today.
Here's a little hint.
Here's the New York Times.
Energy Chairman floats carbon tax for the U.S.
New Jersey Governor signs toughest U.S.
Here's another one.
carbon law.
That was signed yesterday, part of this Earth Aid, Live Earth.
And we'll be going over that.
Nothing to do with the environment, ladies and gentlemen.
Everything to do with socialism.
But remember that socialism is by the world's central banks.
Big money is behind socialism.
That's where conservatives get fooled.
Big money goes in lobbies for it.
Big money's not free market.
Let me give everybody a newsflash here.
The big money is made in control of governments.
So we'll be getting into that.
Also, this story came out a few days ago, but I want to go back into it and talk about this phenomenon.
Up in Kansas, a woman was stabbed to death.
She was bleeding to death right in the front entrance of a major grocery store, and people just stepped over her, laughed at her, took photos, and she brought to death right there on the floor.
No one was going to help her.
Now, this is very common now, and it fits into
Basically the mass brainwashing that the population has been under for quite some time.
We'll get into that.
Also in terrorism news, this is Reuters, French officials suggest Bush was behind September 11th attacks.
No, Bush was not behind the attacks.
The New World Order was.
See, Bush is literally like a nickel or a penny
In the pocket of the New World Order.
So Bush is like a little pilot fish or a tiny parasite that swims along on the belly of a 500 foot great white megalodon shark.
Okay, so yes, he is a pilot fish on the creature that carried out the attack, just like the Clintons are, and the rest of them.
Santorum, former senator, a globalist favorite, predicts some unfortunate events will give Americans a very different view of the war.
He says in the next year we'll have some big event, some big terror attack, and we'll all love the government and beg them to take all our rights again.
Of course, we have a high-level Republican memo saying they need terror attacks.
To get their New World Order agenda.
That's a quote through.
So we'll be going over that report as well.
And then I have this stack of important news.
I mean, this is even worse than I thought it was.
Frankly, in the last few months I've thought, oh yeah, we know Chinese goods on average are total junk and there's a lot of problems with them.
But I thought, man, this is getting hyped now.
This is some type of economic warfare or something.
Between the two countries, but it looks like I may be wrong on that.
I never even voiced my opinion on it.
I'm saying I was wrong secretly.
We like to admit we're wrong here.
Looks like it's some type of weird Ayn Rand Atlas shrug rebellion by the Chinese where they're purposely in factories sabotaging everything to sabotage the Chinese economy and themselves.
Chinese government report is out upwards of 30% of the food and the products they're putting out are filled with poison.
This is just off the charts big, and frankly a product that my family eats, because we try to go to Whole Foods or Central Market at least and try to eat organic.
And the Veggie Booty.
They got the cheese booty, they got the veggie booty, they got the fruit booty, it's got a pirate on the front, and it turns out that was filled with all sorts of horrible things, so we'll be going over it.
I mean this is just so widespread, ladies and gentlemen, that we're in deep trouble.
And we'll be going over that report for you here today.
Some of the other big news is two more GOP senators break from Bush on Iraq.
That's in the last 24 hours, and it was several members of the House in the days before that.
And these are people like Representative John Doolittle, very conservative.
This is people like Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma.
These are extremely conservative.
Mainline, GOP, stalwart, bulwark.
You can count on them to go along with the Republicans, even though the Republicans started wearing red stars and hammer and sickles.
They would say that was conservative and go along with it, or amnesty, you name it.
But not now.
No, they're actually... I hear about, we've got to give the surge time to work, and in a year it'll be.
We've got to give time for the new surge to work.
The Pentagon has done an excellent job.
I'm not being sarcastic.
They have performed with untold precision.
That's what nobody gets about all this.
Iraq is not a disaster.
Iraq is the science of Machiavellian evil on display.
The Pentagon official battle plan said they were going to go in, they were going to break the country in three parts, I told you this four years ago before they even invaded,
And that they were going to be there for the next hundred years.
It's official.
Pentagon plans.
We've read them all on air.
It's all been written about.
And that the plan was to break the place down and not pump oil and drive up prices through artificial scarcity and use Iraq as a launch base into Iran and Syria.
So now you're meant to publicly consume that Bush is screwed up and that Bush doesn't know what he's doing and, oh gosh, jolly gee, they did mean to get the troops out in six months and Bush didn't lie, he's just an idiot.
Bush doesn't run anything.
Let's get that straight.
Number two, he's not an idiot.
He just is so scripted, he's not good at scripting.
I covered him when he was governor.
Very articulate, very intelligent.
He's got to see everything exactly like they say, and he's not a good actor.
That's what Bush isn't.
Pure evil he is.
Karl Rove, pure evil they are.
I mean, who else could get the biggest gun control law ever known three weeks ago and no one even knows about it?
Who else could bring in the North American Union?
Who else could get us in a war meant to destroy our name worldwide, to bring in the New World Order, and take over the Middle East for Europe?
You see?
But the good ol' boys out there, we're gonna stay the course, we're gonna... Now the problem with the New World Order is, conservatives are starting to find out about this scam.
They're starting to pull out.
Will there be another staged terror attack?
That's a very good possibility.
Let's just leave it at that.
But, um...
I also interviewed one of the richest people in the world.
That was on Friday, thanks to my weekday producer.
Trakin Cain is also running the Sunday show in here.
And he got Lord Rothschild on, David Mayer de Rothschild.
One of the main heirs of the most powerful arm of the Rothschild family.
His father is the head of the British banking dynasty.
They literally own the Bank of England, which owns a fellow reserve and is the predominant owner of U.S.
defense stocks and media stocks.
I mean, these people don't go out and, quote, make money.
They print the money.
They issue the money.
And Trey did get him on.
He's one of the main people behind this whole EarthAid baloney with Al Gore.
They want a huge new taxing mechanism directly into their family.
We had him on for 40 minutes, 45 minutes and literally tore him into shreds.
And so we'll be playing some clips of him coming up in the next hour from that interview that I had on Friday.
And when we get back,
I am going to get into the Save the Earth concert we witnessed yesterday.
It has nothing to do with environmentalism, nothing to do with conservationism, everything to do with global taxes, one-child policies, and micromanaging every facet of your life.
This is Neo-Feudalism.
PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com are the websites.
You're listening to the front line of resistance to the New World Order and the battle for the Republic.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Alright, let me be clear about this.
I'm actually making a full-length feature documentary on the subject now.
And I thought I knew a lot about it.
But in my research, there are literally thousands of different documents, hundreds of books,
UN documents, Rand Corporation documents, Council on Foreign Relations documents, British government documents, Soviet documents.
Where they say we're going to have a one world government and it's going to be funded by a carbon tax.
They say carbon is a tax on life.
When you excel carbon dioxide, they're going to tax that.
Saying that they were going to have a one child policy.
China actually adopted this in the 80s at the request of the IMF and the World Bank.
I even got the documents!
On this, now they were secret in 1973 when Kissinger first penned them with the CIA.
By the way, just type Kissinger CIA documents on population reduction.
And it'll come up in mainstream news, you know, the documents.
Where they told countries, you gotta sterilize half your women, you gotta euthanize, you gotta, I mean, we're talking about killing people.
Or you're not going to get your funding.
You understand, we have them red-handed.
So when I get up here and I say, oh, this whole Live Earth concert is a big scam and it's a fraud and it's to push global taxation, I literally am drowning in documentation, okay?
I literally have been spending the last six months, probably on average, two hours a day just studying eugenics and the subject, because it's the whole eugenics movement that grew into all of this, and then after Hitler carried out his eugenics policies that the U.S.
government, that the Rockefellers, that the Carnegies, that the Harrimans funded, eugenics went underground, and they called it environmentalism.
They changed the name to conservationism, population control, posthumanism, transhumanism,
And the environmental movement's leaders... You've heard about Dr. Bianca at UT coming out saying 90% of us need to die, and then he got a 95% standing ovation.
Everybody freaked out about it, who later saw the transcript of it.
That's because that's normal.
Folks, this is the big secret.
This is what it's all about.
Now, let me be clear.
Burning down the rainforest for charcoal, for steel production, is not a good thing.
It's not good that, just type into Google, Army dumped 63 million gallons of nerve gas into the ocean.
That's just one dumping they did a few years ago off the coast of North Carolina.
You eat seafood anywhere off the major coastline of the U.S.
on the eastern seaboard, you're getting nerve gas derivatives.
Just don't believe me, 63 million gallons of nerve gas.
Don't believe me?
Google it.
They dumped 3 million gallons in the Delaware River in 2002 and killed everything in the river.
Type, 3 million gallons of nerve gas in the Delaware River.
Type that in for you.
And pull it up, okay?
So we have massive, continual, just literally off the charts corruption.
We have genetic engineering cross-species chimera.
Where they will splice insects with plants and put it back into a mammal and do that 30, 40, 50, 60.
They've got some chimeras that are a mix of over a hundred different species.
Like it's Blade Runner or something.
You can go to Hong Kong and Taiwan shops and for a couple hundred bucks buy a glowing monkey.
I mean a living rhesus monkey that has glowing blue skin.
Right now.
It's giving rise to super viruses.
It's spreading to the biosphere.
I'm using one example.
Google, protegene.
Texas company, protegene.
2,000 helicopters, men literally in biospace suits all over the state.
They're in Nebraska.
Over 90 planting locations.
A pharmacological crop with live AIDS virus that is grown in the corn.
It got out, it spread, it's top secret now, they shut it down, no one knows what it really caused.
That's Associated Press.
That's one of hundreds of articles that are just as bad.
Okay, I mean, I remember a guy was in Conant's Pizza about four years ago, my wife was pregnant, she wanted a Conant's Pizza, I'm in there getting a pizza, and this guy pokes me in the back, and I turn around and he goes, I took biology at UT, you're a liar, there's no such thing as spider goats.
And I turned around and I said, well, okay man, just don't poke me and fine, believe what you want.
I want you to prove it.
And I said, look man, let me guess, when were you at UT?
I sized him up, about 50 years old.
I said, were you at UT in the 1970s?
He goes, yeah.
I said, biology's changed since then, Bubba.
And I said, now get out of my face.
I've interviewed the CEOs ten years ago before it was ever on the news, five years ago, that they have goats that have spider udders that create body armor in upstate New York.
And they've got them up at Texas A&M, north of Austin.
But see, the general public is going to come up to me and poke me in the back when I'm getting a pizza and tell me I'm a liar because you are ignorant!
Now, I've already digressed.
I said they've got a global eugenics plan, they've got a mass extermination plan of the population.
They've got all this stuff going on.
They're selling it because eugenics, again, the U.S.
funded Hitler set up the eugenics office.
He wrote in Mein Kampf that the U.S.
taught him how to do it.
He thanked top U.S.
eugenics experts over 30 states, passed forced sterilization, and actually killed children.
Our government!
Hitler learned it from us!
And then after World War II, they took the Nazi spies, including the Angel of Death Mingalab, and his bosses, and they took them to the U.S.
and to Argentina, and took them all over the world, and they set up laboratories, and they pardoned most of them, and let them continue the work, but they changed the names to all these other organizations and groups.
Prince Philip, founder of the World Wildlife Fund with Prince Bernhard, openly writes in his book in the foreword of I Was an Animal,
That he wants 80% of the world population to die from a super-virus.
The PENAC document.
I'm giving you dates here.
September 2000, Rebuilding America's Defenses, written by Dick Cheney, says we need to use the media to legitimize the use of race-specific bio-weapons.
Those are bio-weapons that wipe out certain races of people.
And don't you sit there and tell me he didn't write it.
They've got a website run by Cheney where it's posted right now.
They're proud of it.
Most of the media knows to keep their mouths shut and be a bunch of chicken neck cowards and go along with all this.
Well, I'm not going to do it.
So when we get back, I'm going to tell you what's really behind this whole LiveAid thing.
Just the crust of it is global taxation and what life's going to be like under it.
But before I leave, I talk about people in the media, cowards, people who just parrot and repeat.
Most media reporters
Are repeaters.
They take whatever the press releases from the government, from the county, the city, the feds, the military, and they repeat it.
They repeat it.
That's their job.
It's who can repeat it best.
I don't do that here.
I take the analysis and the wide spectrum information I have, and I integrate this together.
I integrate this together.
And we go off their own documents where they say what their plan is.
Folks, I literally last night probably read 200 pages of bibliograph quotes of just our presidents and leaders saying they're going to totally enslave us, reduce large portions of the population, and bring us into world socialism under a new world order.
Deciding which ones to put in the film I'm making.
Now when we get back, I'm going to get into
What this is really all about is the millions of suckers that win and all felt good at that live aid operation.
This, uh, Earth Aid baloney.
Hold it right back.
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Raging for the truth.
Exposing corruption.
Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
You know, I talk to really intelligent neighbors who I know own successful businesses.
I talk to family who I know are pretty well informed.
And they'll go, what's eugenics?
I've heard of that before.
Folks, you better find out what eugenics is because that pseudoscience
That really grew out of Thomas Malthus, and then into Galton, and runs everything.
That's the religion of the global elite.
But you know elites were already into inbreeding, and thinking that they were the best, and that they were gods compared to the commoners, and elites have always wanted excuses to feed on the population.
Well, they just scientifically codified this in the last 200 years, but really in the last 150.
And the US and England pioneered it.
It was born in England.
The U.S.
energized it.
Mexico, Japan picked it up.
They had fitter families contests.
Churches had the best contests.
They had billboards up around the country saying Jesus believes in eugenics.
And the CPS, the Health and Human Services, was founded in England in around 1900.
Within five years, they had it here.
And over 400 plus thousand women that we know of, when they started keeping records, 40s until the 80s, were forced sterilized.
We know that it was hundreds of thousands before that, and many of them were killed.
In fact, we even have newsreels where it shows the good doctor refusing to take care of a sick baby.
And so now you hear about right to die and hemlock societies and all of this.
It all rolls together.
And let me tell you something, it's so diabolical that I've actually been having nightmares about it, okay?
Now, let me explain something to you folks.
I've had people threaten to kill me.
I've been physically attacked.
I've had all sorts of stuff happen.
And it's never freaked me out.
Learning about this, and I thought I knew.
Now I'm learning it runs everything.
I mean, these people are everywhere.
It is a death cult.
I mean, that's all you can call it, is a cult.
The Nazis!
You know, they wore skull and crossbones on their hats.
Arnold Schwarzenegger three weeks ago was on the front page of Time Magazine wearing an SS Nazi belt buckle.
I knew I'd seen those before at gun shows.
Hundreds of dollars.
Authentic SS Stunstaffel belt buckles.
He's wearing a death's head, not when his dad of course was a high-level SS officer.
He's wearing a Nazi belt buckle on the cover of Time Magazine with Mayor Bloomberg.
In our face!
In our face!
I've had enough of it!
I can't handle it anymore!
Alright, I'm digressing here.
I'm digressing.
The official UN documents, and by the way, they want to put this debate into a left-right paradigm.
They want to make you think conservatives are against this, and Bush is against this, and, oh don't worry, it's not going to happen.
I have documents with Bush Sr.
in 1990, talking to Mikhail Gorbachev and the UN and others,
And to the French Prime Minister about how do we get a carbon tax passed?
And they said, should it be a tax on the wellhead?
And they said, no, we want it to be on human activity.
Well, that's going to be harder.
How are they going to get it?
And now I have mainstream articles where they're now announcing, oh yeah, the carbon tax is going to be also on your children.
And now England and Germany and France, and they're talking about passing in here.
This is Times of London.
A tax if you have more than one child.
See, that's a one-child policy.
That's how it started in China in the 60s was a tax.
Then in 80 they said it's the law.
And now, mainstream news, if you've had more than two, they will come take your baby and drown it in front of you.
And then they take the baby for medical experiments.
They have forced abortion.
Now, you may be all for abortion out there, folks, but are you for forced abortion?
I would think nobody is, but actually some of, when I've talked about it, have emailed me defending it.
Pat Robertson, of all people, remember five years ago, got in all that trouble?
He came and said, well, China is having forced abortions and infanticide, but they're doing what they have to do.
And that was on CNN, and his clarification was, well, yeah, they got a lot of people.
Once you let government have that power, folks, you're going to get a Nazi Germany.
You're going to get a Stalin.
I learned Stalin was funded by the U.S.
and British governments to carry out this stuff.
You always hear about all the poor, starving Russian orphans in the orphanages with thousands of kids, naked, and piles of, you know what, all over the floor.
That was eugenics!
I didn't know that the whole Chinese system was eugenics and that they were getting IMF World Bank loans and being developed because they agreed to do it.
I mean, my God, folks, we are in so much trouble, I cannot even tell you.
It just gets worse and worse.
I always think I know it all, and then, my God, it gets ten times worse.
People say I overstate things.
I cannot state to you how bad it is.
I cannot even... So, the very elite running things, the founder of the Human Genome Project ran the Coal Springs Harbor Research Facility, the big national eugenics lab in the U.S.
that Hitler learned everything from.
The modern genome is for the elites to have all the cures and the people to have nothing.
And they're putting bioweapons.
They've been caught in the vaccines.
They've been caught in mainstream news putting pathogens and vaccines in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to sterilize the women.
They've been caught doing it here.
They've been caught putting cancer viruses, more than 20 varieties, in different shots.
Not just polio and SV40.
And it's still going on.
Of course cancer's up by several thousand percentage points the last 30 years.
And who funded research on cancer?
And on cancer viruses, I got the documents from UT of all places.
UT pioneered fluoride in the water to make you docile.
Then I found out Pulitzer Prize winning books about World War II.
Admit, it wasn't a wives' tale.
The Nazis really did put it in the water in the camps to make them docile.
My God, it's all true, folks!
They're running everything!
Everything, all the major institutions.
There's pockets of resistance out there.
YouTube, stations like you're listening to us on right now, whether it's in Kansas City, or upstate New York, or Tennessee, or California.
Just God, I mean, and there's so many facets, so much info I've got.
I mean, I don't even know what to say.
I mean, we don't just read some quote on some eugenics, you know, university, Harvard University history of eugenics site, or Kansas State, or... We have all those.
We actually go and order the books.
We buy them.
And they come.
We've paid like a hundred bucks before for some rare book written by a eugenicist.
We don't just take the university's word.
We get the stuff.
We go and read in Mein Kampf.
Yes, we went and got Mein Kampf.
We went and read it!
It's in there!
Thanking America for teaching him everything he knew!
That piece of filth, writing that in 1924!
And then they protected all those Nazis?
Not just for rocketry or weapons, but eugenics!
And so they've got all these names for it.
Meanwhile, the very group are the ones doing cross-species splicing, which the top Nobel Prize winners, the real scientists, are saying is deadly dangerous and could actually cause a chain reaction in the biospheres.
That could really mess up the Earth.
I mean, this Earth developed with the radiation of the sun, all the volcanic activities, huge meteor impacts.
It's hard to kill life.
Life is tough.
The Earth is resilient.
But you start tinkering with new genetic forms, it is already causing major crises.
Conclusively been proven that the main, of all the ingredients, the main cocktail, the main ingredient in the cocktail is this BT corn from Monsanto that has a, where the plant produces a pesticide so other bugs won't eat it, but honeybees still will and they're dying.
Well, that's hard to believe.
Oh, really?
That's just one example of what we're talking about.
Yes, they can make the corn, grow the pesticide they want.
And please, if you're some geneticist out there, don't email me and go, well, Monsanto only engineered that the plant grow internally a fungus that naturally grows on the outside in very small amounts.
This is hundreds of times higher of the fungus that's been engineered and altered and it secretes internally in the plant.
For different absorption in the guts of the insects and the humans.
This isn't me.
I interview the top scientists.
I constantly read the papers.
They're scientific papers.
You understand we're eating this stuff?
You understand upwards of 30% of the corn you eat has it in it?
It's killing the bees!
Nerve gasping, dumping the ocean everywhere, burning all the trees down, stuff like that is important.
But the stuff Al Gore and Lord Rothschild are bringing forward does absolutely nothing to deal with that.
It takes your rightful concern and you put all your energy in there like a bunch of suckers to go pay money for these concerts and you go to these things
You pay money to travel there, stay in a hotel, go to them, and you don't know that it's a bunch of eugenicists running it.
Listen, Sting doesn't know he's up there working for a bunch of Nazis.
He's a good guy.
Pink Floyd doesn't know.
They're being used!
You're being conned!
We're going to come back and play the clip of Rothschild and take your calls.
Tell your friends and family to tune in right now.
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Harvey in Florida.
Mark in Illinois.
Paula in Florida.
Ryan in Sacramento, California.
All of you, your calls are coming up at 877-590-5525 or 836-0590 here locally.
Right now, I'm going to get into this.
Brought the child clip, but before I do that, Kansas shoppers step over dying woman.
Now I see these reports every week, and I'm sure you've all seen them or read them.
Famous case a few years ago, the cop, Austin cop gets hit by a car, up at the corner of William Cannon, and I-35 for 45 minutes lays there in the fire ants and dies, nobody helps him.
And every few days, I mean really, it's more than every week, I hear about Detroit, an old man stabbed and mugged in front of a hundred people, or Toronto, a young woman raped and beaten in the head in broad daylight on a main city street, no one helps her.
Well, it's the same thing, I mean, people let the CPS, founded by the eugenicists, in the name of the state, running all our children and helping us, and the health of the state, the health department, that was all set up, it's Nazi.
Or, the Nazis got it from us, I should say.
It's more than Nazi.
It's prime Nazi.
It's the fountainhead.
Of course, most of them don't even know it.
It's all psychologically propagandized and been given different names so we don't recognize it.
It's not wearing a black uniform and an armband so we can't see it.
People don't stand up for their kids when they're being taken.
We've had the survival mechanism bred out of us.
Where all these yuppies in the rest of the society, they're too busy going to get their new iPhone.
They're too busy, you know, going to pick their kids up or whatever they're doing, when they see an old lady with her tire blown out.
Or when their neighbor's in trouble.
They even know their neighbors!
Hell, you gotta watch four hours of TV a day.
Why should you know your neighbors?
And then it leads to a point where people are so desensitized from seeing violence on television, all the major studies show this, that you can have a woman stabbed to death repeatedly, bleeding to death, in the main entrance aisle of a major grocery store.
This is the Associated Press.
And people step over her and then she bleeds to death and they even take pictures.
She was like watching 24 or something.
Oh, it's not real.
Oh, she's bleeding to death there.
I won't even go call anybody.
I've got some shopping to do.
I'm so self-centered that I'm just going to not care.
When you've got a society where 60-70% of the population is like that,
Of course 80 plus percent of high school seniors don't know who the Vice President is.
Of course the vast majority of people don't know what year 9-11 happened.
Or how many continents there are.
Or where Iraq is.
Or both committee chairmen over the Iraq war don't know the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni.
I mean, people don't care!
I mean, I guarantee you those congressmen know all the phone numbers to Bimbos.
In DC where prostitutes are more ubiquitous than water fountains.
I guarantee you they know the name of a good tailor to wear a sharp suit and look cool.
And they know what stocks to buy, but they don't care about anything else.
It's, hey, the lobbyists and the military tells me I'm for this, boom, I'm for it.
I don't know where it is on a map, but I'm pro-America!
Folks, that is a recipe for enslavement if there ever was one.
The people perish for lack of knowledge.
And you're so self-centered to the point there's a woman bleeding to death right in front of you and you stop and take a picture!
If you had any self-preservation, you know why I help people?
Now, it feels good at an instinctive level, because I'm kind of down to my roots.
It feels good to help somebody, because we're designed to help people, because when people help people, when you need help, you get help.
There's an attitude of liberty and freedom.
We were the most rugged, the most individualistic,
Well known to be the first to render aid, had the most courage, the most informed, the highest test scores, just 60 years ago.
We are now the fattest and the dumbest in the world.
In the world!
They got higher test scores than us in Nigeria!
We got the highest cancer rate.
We got the lowest sperm count.
We got the most diabetes.
So you just keep on thinking about yourself.
And I know all the yuppies and their Corvettes and their Mercedes and they got the big house.
I'm not saying any of that's bad, but that's your God.
And I warn you about the stuff where you'll walk by me at the gym and make a little joke.
Hey, Mr. Black Helicopter!
Oh yeah, I read official documents.
They're shooting you up with some cancer, baby.
And let me tell you, when you're dying, and you weigh 250 pounds now, and you weigh 75, and you're only 50, and you wish you had 20 more years,
There ain't going to be no more golf, honey.
There ain't going to be no more acting tough at the local topless bar.
You're going to die!
Just like the rest of us.
So keep drinking their water, and keep letting them take everybody's kids, and everybody just keep going along with it!
You hear me?
Now I want to play Rothschild.
Now this is the heir to the most powerful arm of the Rothschild family.
This is David Mayer Garofshal.
He's the main guy behind Al Gore and this whole deal.
He's got the official companion book, which he says on his own site is targeted at children.
Then he said in the debate it wasn't.
Then I said, well, why is the whole solar system, why are the moons of Jupiter and Saturn melting?
Some of them are ice-covered.
They're liquid now.
Why are the caps of Mars just literally disappearing?
The Sun, by the way, NASA admits, is at double radiance.
Well, let me be clear.
Double radiance in any recorded increase.
And it's set to double that again before the next cycle ends in the next ten years.
If it does that, folks, they don't know what's going to happen.
Believe me, your SUV has nothing to do with that.
One volcano puts out more carbon than all human activity.
One super explosive volcano, like Mount St.
Helens, puts out more particulate, more carbon, than all human activity in the last hundred years.
Those are official numbers.
Go look it up.
Rothschild just says, and he's not stupid, this guy's very smart.
Guys don't show on the eugenics channel, that's what I call it now, every issue is how the animals are dying, humans are bad, we've got to have some control, National Geographic.
He knows that it's Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and then the gas giants, and then Pluto.
He knows that.
But when I bring up that all of those planets are melting, he just says, oh no, that's because they're closer to the Sun.
And then giggles.
See, because he knows!
The committee chairman don't know a Shiite from a Sunni!
Most of you don't know how many continents there are!
You don't know what the Fourth Amendment is!
You don't know what the Fifth is!
You don't know what the Tenth is!
And look, I'm not here saying you're bad!
I'm not like a globalist who tells you you're smart and then snickers at you and pats you on the head and sees you like a piece of meat.
And by the way, they write about how dumb you are and how they want to kill you.
You ought to see this stuff.
Look, here's Rothschild.
I'm telling you, you've been conned.
And I'm telling you, you better get informed.
Here's Rothschild on my show Friday.
Well, all the environmentalists I talk to and conservationists, when they see Disney and when they see the Discovery Channel and Wall Street and the NFL getting behind global warming, man-made global warming, they say something's wrong.
And of course I should bring up to Mr. Rothschild that the polar ice caps of Mars are receding at several miles a year, much faster than ours, and that the moons of Saturn and Jupiter are melting.
In fact, several of their moons were ice and are now liquid seas.
Now, how are SUVs causing that, David Rothschild?
That's because those planets are closer to the sun, my friend.
No, Jupiter and Saturn are not closer to the sun, neither is Mars.
Yes, but I think you'll find, right, that the very simple matter, and what I wanted to say, and this is my final point, and then I'll let you continue with your line that global warming doesn't exist,
I find it very sad that we're still in a day and age where there is a certain mentality or a certain sector that wants to deny that these things are happening.
And you say you don't believe that human beings are responsible for climate change.
That's fine.
And I respect your opinion.
I respect your views.
I think, though, that you have to realize, if you look at the science, forget your taxation theory, because actually it's not taxation.
What it's trying to do, the taxation that is sitting there, is one tiny fragment of saying that the polluters of our planet, the companies that are excessively polluting, the only way that they will respond and listen is if they're incentivized to attack the team.
It goes on and on.
You're going to hear the whole 45-minute interview at PrisonPlanet.com.
It's not about that.
New York Times yesterday, 7-7, the day after he says this.
Energy chairman floats carbon tax.
A powerful House Democrat said Friday that he planned to propose a steep new carbon tax that would raise the cost of burning oil, gas, and coal in a move that could shake up the political debate.
Now, you just heard, everything Rothschild said was baloney or twisting, a spin.
He said, it's not a tax, it's not tax.
Then he goes, the taxing bit is only on the polluters.
No, it's not.
By the way, I have BBC reporters, Greg Pallast, real liberals, real environmental people who are really concerned.
Who found the documents, and by the way, he said it was like he'd overturned the Holy Grail or something, with liberals who respect him, that Dutch Rochelle, 11 years ago, created the peak oil fraud.
There's no oil, and we've got to jack up prices.
The oil companies are at the Bilderberg Group meeting.
We've gotten the minutes out.
They're the ones that want it!
Because the central banks own them!
Don't you understand this?
It's a tax on you.
It's not a tax on them.
It says right here, a tax on your car, your house, everything that uses carbon.
And a tax on more children!
Oh, yeah!
You see?
I promise, we're going to start the next hour.
We're going to go to all your calls at 877-595-525.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with me.
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London Guardian, a really important report.
Made in China, tainted food, fake drugs and dodgy paint.
It's worse than I even thought.
This is a huge crisis and a whole other facet to this is why is it happening?
What's behind it?
Also, Bank of International Settlements warns of Great Depression dangers from Credit Spree.
That's the most important international banking house in the world.
We'll also get into French high-level government officials suggest Bush was behind September 11th attacks.
Two more GOP senators break from Bush on Iraq.
More to come next week.
This is very, very serious.
For the New World Order's operation.
So we'll be talking about that.
In the last hour, I exclusively was discussing the fact that this live aid, this Earth aid, this whole thing is about global taxation.
The pushers of this admit it.
But when you see them up on TV, they don't say that.
It's, we've got to save the woodpeckers.
We've got to save the forest.
We've got to... They're not talking about saving or conserving any of that.
All they're talking about is taking your private property rights away and having you pay huge taxes on hundreds of different items, and micromanaging your life and having new EnviroPolice run your life.
And they're going to introduce it in the House next week.
Energy Chairman is floating a carbon tax.
John D. Dingell of Michigan.
Also, New Jersey Governor signs toughest U.S.
carbon law.
Carbon dioxide is a life driver.
It's what plants breathe.
Again, they're not stopping all the wild open-air genetic engineering, the toxic waste dumping.
They're pushing for one world government.
And that's what this is really all about.
So we're now going to take your calls on this subject and others.
Let's go ahead and talk to Harvey in Florida.
He wants to talk about genetic engineering.
It has reached a new low.
You're on the air, Harvey.
Yes, hello Alex.
How are you doing today?
It's great to hear you.
You're doing a wonderful job.
First, before I get on to the genetic engineering that I wanted to talk to you about, I'll try to make it as brief as I can.
That story you gave about the woman dying on the floor with her guts bleeding out?
Yes, and the people taking pictures and giggling.
Again, they're totally dehumanized.
She was about entertainment for them.
Guaranteed, those people all watch five hours of TV a day.
They can't differentiate now.
They just see the world as like a wonderland.
They don't question where do things come from, how do things work, just how do they build the highways, who's behind the government.
I mean, they literally just go through life like children.
Oh, look, she's bleeding to death!
How entertaining!
I guess if people had to get to the beer and they had to get to the lottery tickets, Alex.
But you know, it's palpable for what you do every day because you actually stop and mend America.
You actually stop and do your homework and study and work so hard and you actually stop the bleeding in America.
You do more to unbrainwash the people in America than all the billions they spend
To brainwash the people of America, and I really commend you for that.
Well, I appreciate it, sir, but I'm only one little sinew of muscle in this fish we're throwing right at the New World Order's jaw in a powerful right hook.
And it's all of us together.
Listen, I wouldn't have millions of listeners and millions of weekly web readers at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com if it wasn't for people like you, sir.
And listen, I understand the responsibility I've got.
I'm not, you know, the best hand at this.
I'm just trying to tell the truth, get the word out, and it scares me that, frankly,
I'm the biggest game in town when it comes to the fight against the New World Order.
Even Ron Paul has said, bigger than his whole operation.
And that lets me know that folks, we need all of you to become leaders and get in the fight now, because this is serious.
Sometimes I wonder, Alex, why you do it, because I don't think America really deserves a wonderful person like yourself.
But then I can understand that you can't.
I understand that.
Not do it.
So, I really have to commend you and I thank you very much.
Well, I appreciate that.
Did you want to comment on genetic engineering?
Oh, yes.
I've been studying this for many, many years.
And I sent you a story.
It was dated July 1st out of the New York Times.
I haven't heard you mention it, so I'll just give you a couple of the highlights from a couple of sentences.
Give me the headline.
I'll Google it.
A challenge to gene theory.
A tougher look at biotech.
And what this, this was July 1st, New York Times, and basically what they say is that everything that they told us about genetic engineering, how they knew how it worked, is absolutely false.
They said, I'll just give you the first sentence.
I've got it.
I've got it.
It's unbelievable, Alex.
It's absolutely unbelievable.
Keep going.
It says that they paid off, get all the genetic foods approved, right, and all the pesticides approved.
The Congress went along with every damn thing that they did.
Well, Monsanto owns them.
It says the 730
I mean, the 73.5 billion global biotech business may soon have a grapple with a discovery that calls into question the scientific principles of which it was founded.
I'm not going to read any further, but I've interviewed all these Nobel Prize winners who are making millions a year, living in the big mansion, and half the rats they'd feed it to would die.
They'd see it approved for human... I mean, that was one type of potato, because you can change the one gene you want, but it changes thousands of others, randomly.
Is that what the article says?
Pretty much, Alex.
It's unbelievable.
But you remember when all these laws were passed that they don't have to label the food that's marked with the genetic foods.
They don't have to do any labeling.
It was all passed without ever being tested.
Well, what they did was even sneakier.
It can be 75% genetically altered, cross-species even.
And that means splicing different families together.
You know, bug with mammal, back into plant, back into mammal, whatever they want.
Well, it goes on to say that they have no idea how the genes work.
And they're really going to have to call into question all the stuff that they did.
But of course, it's already in our environment, and God knows what it does.
Which they already knew.
They had a Monsanto in 2000 bragged to Speak of the Devil, National Geographic, and said, and I have the magazine, said, this is going to take over the entire biosphere, then we're going to own the patents on all of it.
By infecting you, we're going to force you to eat it.
I mean, it's madness.
Go ahead.
Okay, and then in the science section, it's actually still on the New York Times today, and it's a part of another story, but it also says, you know, Craig Ventner?
Remember Craig Ventner?
He did the decoding of the DNA sequencing.
Well, now... You only decoded 4%, then they claim the rest was junk.
It's not junk.
And when you randomly change the 4%, it randomly changes the other, but go ahead.
Okay, well the headline of the story is, forget genetic engineering, the new idea is synthetic biology.
An effort by engineers to rewrite the genetic circuitry of all living organisms.
And this story is also unbelievable.
It's in today's times as a matter of fact.
What's the headline on the other one?
Well, I just printed this.
I'll pull it up too.
It's called, Genetic Engineers Who Don't Just Tinker.
See, they don't just tinker.
They create whole new things.
Whole new wonderful things that we don't need.
I'm typing.
Go ahead.
I want to see this.
Don't just tinker.
Genetic engineers who don't just tinker.
I got it right here.
Well, my friend, that's how they operate.
I appreciate your call.
Having the parties there and listening to the rock bands and pretending they're going to save the earth, Alex?
Well, you were talking about earlier.
I mean, this is pathetic.
Can you imagine just the amount of degradation to the environment?
The military, the thousands and millions of people that we have in the military with their jet planes and their bombs and their plutonium bombs.
Now they're making custom-made nuclear bombs that they're going to be using in Iran and their ships.
Can you imagine if they stopped doing that?
How much pollution?
These criminals?
Perfect point.
I appreciate your call.
Great to hear from you.
Let me comment on what you just said.
I'm going to come back and take more of your calls.
That was a great caller.
They have used the equivalent as of three years ago.
That's when we cut it off.
This is official numbers.
The equivalent of 44,000 Hiroshima A-bombs.
That's how much uranium
By the way, it's radioactive uranium.
It's just not the isotope they want for bombs.
But it's just as poisonous, just as radioactive.
In bombing operations in Iraq twice, Afghanistan, Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
If you don't know what that is, you better find out about those places.
I'm sure you cheered the war when they attacked them.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Folks, they had helicopters burning fields in Texas and Nebraska.
They had people in spacesuits.
In 2000, when that live AIDS virus, corn, got out.
They're randomly splicing it in huge industrial plants everywhere, open-air planting.
It's an environmental holocaust, ongoing.
Cancer's exploding, everything.
Meanwhile, they're getting you ready for a tax on your carbon, which the Earth literally feeds off of, which is a life driver.
It is a life tax, a breathing tax.
We'll be back!
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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July 6, 2007.
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Japanese refiners buy 550,000 barrels, switching dollar to yen.
Bad news for U.S.
China and Japan hold large positions in dollar.
Trading equals permanent loss.
Dollars fall into 65% of euro.
Erosion accelerates.
Countries despise imperialistic policy of U.S.
Loss of confidence causing more selling.
GAO is warning about the debts spiraling out of control.
Why attack Iran?
Jerome Okosi's Iran leads attack against the U.S.
dollar document spells it out.
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It's Alex Jones.
Welcome back as we defend the Republic against enemies foreign and domestic as we expose how governments and powerful institutions try to organize society around manufactured threats of terrorism, man-made global warming.
Global warming, ladies and gentlemen, is why we had civilization develop.
We need a warmer planet.
It's a good thing the earth is heating up because the sun is heating up.
And this whole live earth propaganda is about global taxation, does nothing about real environmental problems, like the genetic engineering companies basically vandalizing the genetic code of the planet.
It's irrevocable, it is massive, it is off the charts, and of course you will hear nothing about it.
And it is the very eugenics crowd that is doing all of this.
They think they're God.
They're completely nuts.
And let's go ahead and go to your calls.
We're going to talk to Mark, then Ryan, Paula, and others.
And Mark from Illinois, you're on the air.
Thank you for holding.
Hi, Alex.
It's been about seven months since I spoke with you.
You know, it just keeps getting worse, it seems, as you're saying.
And I think the people that, you know, we all see every day, that we try to tell this to, all these different subjects, whether it's the North American Union... They've been scientifically mesmerized.
I was allowed into the UT psychology department.
One of my friends is high level there.
And I was allowed to see the unclassified areas.
Most of it's classified DARPA.
And whole floors are just how to flicker a TV at a rate to mesmerize you.
I mean, there's an example right there, America.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, I've heard you speak of that before.
So what I've decided, on my webpage, I've put up this, I'm featuring a movie and I feature different ones every so often, I put a lot of links to you.
I've come to the conclusion that what Barry Zwicker talks about, the cognitive dissonance, is actually a disorder, I think.
Well, explain what cognitive dissonance is for those that don't know.
Well, the real, I like the one I think you used maybe one time, is you live next door to a guy, he's a great guy, he walks your dog, waters your plants, takes care of your house when you're gone on vacation.
You own him for 25 years and one day you're sitting there and police pull up and there's an ambulance and taking women's bodies out of his basement.
And you just look at the cop and you say, what's this all about?
And the cop says, well he murdered these, well we think he murdered these three women, they're buried in his basement.
Oh, Bob wouldn't do that!
That's cognitive dissonance, yeah.
Exactly, and I think we are at a point now through the combination of just the natural
Genetic inability... Well, they're also in such denial that a cop can be bleeding to death in Austin, nobody helps him.
A woman's bleeding to death in the main entrance of a grocery store.
They're taking photos like she's not even human!
That's how... Do you understand, folks?
That means nobody cares about you!
That means you've been dehumanized, too!
It means we're in a lot of trouble!
I think we need to coin this term of cognitive dissonance disorder.
And I think we need to make people aware of this.
And when we say to someone, look, you know, you present someone the material the first time.
Of course, everyone comes to these subjects different times.
I think.
You know, everyone can have their own truth, but they can't have their own set of facts, Alex.
And some of these things are unimpeachable, rather, facts.
You can see the blast squibs and the firefighters are all saying they blew it up, and I mean, it's on record.
There's no debating it.
And some of this has to do, as you say, with the dumbing down.
So clear.
Some of this has to do with understanding simple physics, the temperature that steel melts.
And then they'll deny that because they know.
I mean, look, it's like Rothschild saying that Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are closer to the Sun than Earth.
That's why they're melting too.
And then saying there is no tax when he knows that's what it's all about.
And governors are passing and the US is getting ready.
I mean, it's all just... They lie to these people like they're two-year-olds.
Like, oh, there's no monsters, honey.
And these people act like children and go, okay.
But, you know, worse than cognitive dissonance or a radical form of it is,
Your neighbor, you ask him, you've known him for two years, something on that, he'll be saying, will you house sit?
Will you water my plants?
While you're gone, somebody knows your code, breaks in, steals your jewelry, your television sets, and your computers, and your precious iPhone.
You come back, and Bill, the neighbor, says, uh, look, I don't know how they got in, sorry, and you're kind of gullible, you go, okay, you can watch my house again.
The next time you're gone, you get robbed again.
Then you pull up to the house the third time, he's walking out with a television set in his arms, and he says, oh, I was just helping you move this for the neighbor.
And you go, okay, I mean, I mean, how many times has government lied to us?
How many times have I... Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?
I appreciate your call, sir.
Really good points.
Thanks for holding to say that.
I'm sorry I made everybody hold so long.
I'm out of control.
Ryan in Sacramento, California, shifting gears into the police state, I believe.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Thanks for taking my call.
Hey there, Alex.
Thanks for calling from the capital of your state, where you have a governor who openly wears Nazi belt buckles.
Yeah, I'm thrilled about that.
Yeah, actually, first of all, I just wanted to make a comment about the woman.
Everybody was stepping over in the street.
I think everybody needs to remember the parable of the Good Samaritan right about now.
Yeah, what, three people went by the guy bleeding to death in the road until the Samaritan came and helped him out?
Absolutely, and I'd like to thank you for the good Samaritanship that you're doing right now for us.
Well, let's be clear.
This is self-preservation.
Now, I came to it instinctively because I want to help people, but I have that normal instinct because I have healthy instincts.
I mean, my head's screwed on halfway straight.
You're meant to want to take care of the weak and women and old people.
Okay, because you understand that means your tribe is healthy.
We have had our basic human instincts drilled out of us.
Go ahead.
Well, I'm actually trying to help out a friend of mine.
I'm trying to do whatever I can.
He's actually in court right now, facing some charges.
Probably don't want to go into them.
It's actually his business.
They're trying to get him to waive his constitutional rights.
And I'm not really sure what that's about.
Oh, that's standard.
All over the country they call it personal recognizance bond to begin with.
You're in the drunk tank or whatever and they say sign this.
You agree to armed robbery.
They have different forms, but normally they have seven different crimes.
Robbery, abuse, drunken driving, drug dealing, and of course you're not even arrested for that, but then you're now on probation.
Yeah, he's trying to get more information about, like, what... Yeah, I mean, look, look, look, look.
They're not telling him.
They'll threaten him.
They'll say, look, you waive your constitutional rights and sign this form or you're going to jail.
And all he does is he demands a jury trial.
He just keeps demanding a jury trial.
Now, stuff's gotten so criminal sometimes, they'll just say no jury's allowed and strike a gavel and have cops arrest you.
I mean, folks, it's getting weird out there.
Well, he's got a public defender in his public defense.
No, no, no, no.
There's no such thing as a public defender.
They work for the government, and the prosecutor and the judge, it's a joke.
Yeah, I think he found that out the hard way, and he's getting towards the end of this, and he's trying to figure out what to do.
And I'm telling him, don't waive your constitutional rights, go to trial, that's the only thing I can tell you to do.
And of course, there's a danger there.
But let me expand on this.
This is how reprobate our country's gotten.
Bill Clinton pardoned, what was it, 12 members of the FALM that bombed, 133 bombings, that killed more than, I think it was 16 people, injured hundreds, I know it blinded a bunch of cops, they bombed military bases and police stations.
Now that was real terrorism.
So the government and the media kept it quiet, they didn't want to give it attention.
When it's government sponsored or provocateur, they hype it up, because now the government's the terrorist.
But back then, they weren't completely.
So, no one really knows about the FALN terrorists, but it's in the history books, you can find a few articles when you go to the library.
133 bombings, kill all these people.
It's like the modern branch of the Weathermen or the Simbanese Liberation Army.
But I'm digressing.
Bill Clinton, hundreds of pardons, coke dealers, heroin dealers, known international mobsters, Mossad agents, Shin Bet, Russian KGB agents, FSB, everybody's selling us out.
And then they go, oh, see, it's okay for Bush to do that with Scooter Libby, and the Democrats' hypocrisy supposedly cancels out with the Republicans.
They're all criminals!
It's all wrong!
Because Bill Clinton didn't make it okay for George Bush to do it!
And because George Bush didn't make it okay for Bill Clinton to do it!
They all vacation together at stage!
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
The question is, why did Bill Clinton pardon the FALN?
We'll be right back.
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Alright folks, we're back live.
Thank you so much for joining us.
And we're about to go straight back to your phone calls.
It is July 8, 2007.
Hard to believe that 2007 is already
Yes, I was calling to let the listeners know that this generic engineering, it really exists.
What happened is I bought 40 white turkeys, and after about a month old, they get all crippled up, their legs fold backwards, and I called a hatchery about them, and they said, well, these are broad-breasted turkeys, and they're genetically engineered.
You're overfeeding them.
I said, well, my turkeys are outside.
I said, I can't control what they eat.
And they said, well, the big companies, they have theirs outside, but they cut their food down.
I said, well, I can't cut down the bugs and stuff they eat.
And I just wanted to let people know I haven't bought any chicken or anything, you know, from the store since that, because if it cripples your turkeys, it's probably going to cripple us, too.
Well, let me be clear.
Again, I'm not a genetic engineer.
I've interviewed, I don't know, 20, 30 of them over the years or more.
I mean, top scientists.
We have Nobel Prize winners.
And they'll come on air from England and New York and all over.
And they'll say, hey, I was making two, three million dollars a year, I was running this big genetic firm, I was also doing government studies for the government as well, so you have to do those to get approval, and it was killing half the rats.
One case point example the Nobel Prize winner used is that more than half the rats they would feed this potato to would die.
And they were having deformities after birth.
That doesn't usually happen where you have actual deformities while the organism's already gone past zygote stage.
There was some really weird stuff going on.
And they went ahead and certified it, and the government said, it's okay, we're certifying it.
And he found out that, and so I really appreciate your call, they found out that yes, we've all heard how they claim, well only four to six percent, depending on the species, of genetic code does anything.
The rest is junk in the DNA helix crystal formation.
It's all junk.
We figured it all out.
We've done the human genome, the dog's genome, the horse's genome, the monkey, you know, the rhesus monkey, the chimpanzee's genome.
We've mapped it all.
And a lot of top scientists I've interviewed, I mean, the heads of their fields in this, they're the ones that have gone public, but they don't ever get any attention.
They said, that's like taking a picture of a tiger and saying you have a tiger.
All they have is a picture of it.
All they have is 4 to 6 percent of what the basic building blocks are.
They don't know how it works, but this is how it works.
Again, they don't know specifically how it all interacts, but they know now how it works.
They've known this for at least 20 years.
The stuff in the New York Times yesterday that the caller called up with an interesting article, I read it during a break, does admit a lot of things that are true, but then it kind of just spins it.
It says, well, it's disastrous and taking everything over, and they didn't do anything they were doing, but now they do.
Now they know.
They're getting better at it.
Here's one example.
It's like a wheel of fortune, but instead of it going from 1 to 500, it goes from 1 to a billion.
When you change one major gene sequencer, you can make the tomato last longer, you can make it taste better, you can make it whatever you want, but it will randomly change thousands of other characteristics.
And generally creates new, this is the biggest problem they know of, there's lots of them, because it's so random.
I mean you'll have sometimes just in these genetic crops for some reason some of the tomatoes will start growing what looks like oak leaves, you know, little sprigs out of them, or there'll be little black spots, or it'll have little hairs sticking out, and they'll look at it and it'll be the insect, you know, but it's not just an insect
It's not really hair, it's chitin, but protuberance, but it'll be a mixture with the plant.
Then they'll find stuff that wasn't even in their original genetic splicing.
Now that they've altered it, it's opened it up to mutate with other plant species that were themselves engineered that had basic dams and their genetic protein sequencers broken open.
This is the way top scientists have described it.
And so it changes and makes new amino acids.
And there's what, 54, I forget something amino acids?
Well, they've created hundreds of new ones!
That your gut, in all its development, and God's design, however you look at it, never was designed for.
So now, new proteins, that's all these acids are, go into your stomach that you've never eaten.
Well, you're like the rats.
It totally screws you up.
And then it comes out, oh, starling corn is making people sick.
We'll recall it.
Oh, this corn's doing that.
This corn's killing the bees.
That's just corn.
And you can go try to buy organic, and a lot of that stuff's contaminated.
Then they come out and just brag in this new New York Times article looking at genetic engineers don't just tinker, and it says, well, in the past they screwed everything up, but now they're just going to completely, since they can't control it, if they just change one or two genes and it makes it do random things, they're changing everything!
They're just going to rewrite it all!
They don't even know what 94% of it is!
And then if they ever get that down with the computers, which I'm sure they will soon, they don't know how it's going to mix, or what it's going to mix with other species.
I mean, they are literally running around at the very heart of a planet that's hard to kill, and they are literally doing things that could
...conceivably wipe out.
I don't think it would kill the Earth.
Many scientists believe it couldn't kill the Earth, but it could irrevocably destroy the life forms that are here now and make something new.
I mean, they're doing it at hundreds and hundreds of research facilities right down at Galveston.
They've got two different bioweapons laboratories down there that have university students running them.
They're level 4 organisms and they've got them in level 2 containment, in hurricane prone areas.
And if you don't know what level 2 and level 4 is, you just better learn, listeners, because I don't have time to go over it with you.
They've got stuff that'll kill you and your whole family, and they don't have it in facilities that are safe.
Okay, I'll just make it real simple for you.
It's like they want it to get out.
And they take this stuff and they test it out in the ocean.
I'm sure you heard 20 years ago, 15 years ago, about the genetically engineered bacteria that's so great that eats oil.
Well now they've got hundreds and hundreds of different types of them, but most of them, they're not allowed to release, but still they go out and open ocean test them, having no idea what that organism could do for the whole plankton ecosystem.
The plankton blooms, the phlox, all of it.
I mean, they're literally, folks,
I remember the Air Force three years ago.
It was a couple articles, the biggest one was in the San Francisco Chronicle, and it just said, uh, Air Force gave a briefing, and then it just turned out that the guy had given a classified briefing.
We don't know if this was on purpose, to leak it as a trial balloon, or if he really gave it on accident.
But it was a top kernel of a research.
You can pull it up, just type antimatter bombs into Google, and San Francisco Chronicle, it still comes up.
They said, yeah, we've got antimatter bombs that can destroy the entire solar system.
And of course, I remember reading the top physicist in quantum mechanics and nuclear physicists just five, six years ago saying, yes, they've got antimatter production facilities, yes, they shouldn't test them in superconducting super colliders, speeding these particles up, slamming them into lead, slamming them into uranium, plutonium.
Yes, the government in Europe and here in the U.S.
is slamming antimatter particles into highly unstable isotopes.
Again, we got a public that doesn't know what a Shi'a or a Sunni is.
Folks, I'm not even that smart, and I know this is just pull-your-hair-out insane, could kill all of us at any minute, and you got Al Gore and a bunch of feel-good people out there at a big social event.
Oh, let's save the Earth with global taxes!
Oh, it will save us!
The Earth is dying!
They're genetic engineering everything, just butchering the genetic code of the planet, running around foaming at the mouth like a legion of devils out of the pit of hell!
It couldn't be worse!
Antimatter bombs, D.U.
weapons everywhere, just running around, frothing!
And meanwhile, you're going and having your benefits, and your golf, and your elitism, oh, you're all members of the elite, oh, you've got so much power.
I can't believe these governors and presidents actually like crowds groveling to them, and like all the fakeness, it's just, something's wrong with you people!
I don't even know what to say anymore!
This is insane!
You don't care about your neighbors.
You don't care about your own children.
You don't care about anybody!
Then I know it's the New World Order controllers with their brainwashing, the culture they've given us.
They did it all by design.
I've now found documents in the 40's where they said, we're going to use TV to turn them all against each other and dumb them down.
They're going to be like monkeys.
They call you animals.
They've done it!
They've turned you into dumb monkeys.
And now they're off playing with antimatter bombs.
Well, come back, take some final calls, give me some final news.
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He's Alex Jones.
Let me just give you a news flash.
It isn't just possible, it is somewhat likely, according to the entire body,
...of the physicists that look at this, that if you slam antimatter particles into anything, it could cause a chain reaction that would make all of our nuclear weapons detonating at once look like child's play.
Slamming it into uranium and plutonium isotopes makes it probable... Let me give you a news flash.
They are doing it.
And if we all die and it blows up the whole planet or the solar system or creates a black hole, don't worry, you just won't feel anything.
You might feel a split second of heat on your cheek, maybe.
Just, oh, just you're gone.
Boom, evaporated.
The government's wildly running around doing that.
I know, nuclear reactors and stuff don't exist either, right?
There's not two of them here in Austin.
Every time I mention that we've got reactors here in town... Hey, Trey, I mean, I know you're a smart guy, I'm not putting you down.
Did you know we have reactors here in town?
Every time I talk about that, people... Did not know that.
Yeah, we have reactors.
Right here in town.
But they don't want to bother the public with those, though.
Everything's alright.
We have someone who disagrees, and I'll go to Paula and Kerry.
I promise I'll get to Paula and Kerry.
But Neil in Colorado disagrees with me about stem cell research.
Well, seeing as I didn't talk about stem cell research,
Boy, I didn't know how he disagrees with me, but see, that's one of these fake national debates they have.
Oh, is Bush for it?
They didn't stop any of it.
Is he against it?
It was just federal funds for that on the books.
By the way, there's trillions that have been spent in the aggregate in the last 50 years on secret genetic projects.
Let's go ahead and go to Neil in Colorado.
Go ahead, Neil.
Alex, I just want to say God bless you, sir.
Yes, sir.
You're a great American, and I've been trying to get in for a long time.
It's a pleasure to talk with you.
Well, it's a pleasure to talk to you, but I'm not a great person.
I'm doing my job.
Go ahead.
I just want to say, I'm like a lot of your sisters.
I'm actually blind.
That's why I'm interested in stem cell research because... Did you know they can get just as good of cells out of the breast?
Out of a breast?
Out of your sister or your mother's breast.
Now, that works even better.
Now, you can get it out from any woman.
Yeah, because I think that stem cell research really is pretty scary in the patients, but there are a lot of very, very good
Let's be clear.
That is taking human cells and putting them in Parkinson's patients' brains or in your nerve clusters.
But sir, they already have electrodes in the brain that can give you pretty good sight.
It's just that you're never going to be able to probably get it because the elite isn't going to let you have it.
They're going to blow out the economy, bring in socialized health care first to give them control to make sure you don't get all the life extension.
That's what this is all about.
The elite want to cull our population, reduce our numbers because they don't want to give.
If you're 40 years old,
You should be able to live to be 150.
That's what all the top scientists are saying right now.
Sir, they've got thousands of secret cures, hundreds in the public.
It's just that they've never allowed widespread development.
You haven't heard that they've successfully, for at least 10 years, been doing the neuron implants and giving clear, I mean, black and white sight.
I mean, you could see... No way!
To totally blind people?
Yes, sir.
You've got to be kidding me.
I haven't heard that at all.
At least 10 years.
Actually, secret documents have been released.
They were doing it in the 50s, but that was just, you know, black and white where you could see blobs.
Now, depending on how many neuroinsertions they do into the tissues of the brain, it's very small.
It's just a surgery right to the eye.
Works quite nicely.
Wow, that's incredible.
I have another quick question for you.
I've been thinking a lot about this.
You know, all the presidents that we've had, you know, in the past, however long,
You know, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, they're all obviously, you know, New World Order.
Total puppets run nothing.
Reagan was running things and was good at first, so they shot him.
Go ahead.
Have we ever in our entire history of America had a president that wasn't that?
Yes, we have had.
We have had good presidents off and on, but after they killed Kennedy, we have had nothing but pure evil.
Could you just give me a few examples of ones that would have been good ones?
Well, then, yes.
Then this will start big debates.
Now, remember, the times they were in, there was slavery going on in Africa too at the same time, black on black.
Blacks always want to go become Muslims, and I'm not attacking them for that.
My point is, they think Muslims fought the slave trades.
Muslims wrote the book on it.
At least in more modern times, the transatlantic, they thought the Europeans had to do it.
He was pro-slavery, folks, but back then it wasn't a question.
Andrew Jackson, if you want, anti-New World Order president, who really was for the United States.
He wasn't good for Native Americans or blacks.
But if you want to talk about who was anti-New World Order, Andrew Jackson's as good as it gets, okay?
George Washington was the real deal.
Thomas Jefferson was the real deal.
Anybody they assassinated was the real deal.
And there was quite a few of those.
They have been totally bought and paid for since they greased Kennedy 43 years ago.
Okay, I've got to hurry here.
Paula, in Florida, and then we'll go to Kerry.
Then I've got to hit some final notes here.
Paula, you are on the air.
Oh no, that's Kerry.
We'll just go ahead and Kerry now and Lubbock.
Lubbock, Texas.
Go ahead.
Alex, it's great to talk to you.
I had two or three questions right quick.
There's a movie going around on the internet called Zeke Geist.
It's got some quotes from you on it.
I was wondering if you were aware of it.
Yeah, I don't agree with the thing about Jesus at the front.
That's not true.
It's been disproven.
And I can't help what people do with clips of me and stuff.
But overall, it's got some good 9-11 info, but it's kind of like rat poison.
You know, it's 98% nutritious, but it's the 2% that gets the rat.
And then I was wondering, you mentioned last Thursday about the United Nations Living Zones.
All right.
Can you tell the person where they can find that?
And then my last deal is... What, the United Nations Corridor Biosphere Zones?
Yeah, well they're talking about they're going to do population reduction and they're going to have these zones that humans can live in.
I mean, oh, thousands of pages, hundreds of... UNESCO documents, eugenics documents, it's all in my film, Endgame.
Just type in biosphere, compact cities, type in global one-child policy.
Do you have a computer?
Yes, sir.
Just do keywords on that.
I don't have those in front of me.
I mean, it's basically hundreds of books, thousands of documents, CIA documents.
It's just, it's unbelievable.
And the last thing, most important, and this is very important, Alex, is, you know, in Texas it's legal to use deadly force in defense of a third person.
And I think we need to realize that the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and these type of people, anybody that you've lost in a war or to cancer, is the blood of those people is on their hands.
And I think that we need to make these people, these families, pay for their transgressions against humanity.
Well, listen, I am not calling for physical violence against people.
They want to make it a physical game so they can preemptively try to stop our free speech.
Look, they're trying to ban videotaping cops in New York.
Total attack on the First Amendment.
That is textbook police state.
Textbook Soviet Union.
Death of America.
There's a lot of things that are happening now, like torture, secret arrest of citizens.
That's total police state.
People say, well, you're still on air.
There are people on air until 41, you know, speaking out against Hitler.
He didn't grab the biggest people until the end.
The war had already started.
We're trying to fight going into a full-bore police state.
It's like steps downward.
You know, we're halfway down the stairs towards hell.
And I'm trying to stop that.
And again, when I say police state, it doesn't mean the average cop.
It means the system is out of control.
I do not, you know, there are some good Rockefellers.
I guarantee you there are some good Rothschilds.
It's the prominent ones that we know are evil.
I don't wish them any harm.
I want to intellectually defeat them.
I want to expose them.
Then I want a jury of their peers.
Grand juries to call for indictments.
I mean, that's how this needs to work.
I agree, the Rockefeller documents on eugenics that David was part of, he needs to be, grand juries need to get those and he needs to be indicted.
I'll call for the indictment of David Rockefeller here on air.
I'll call for the indictment of Governor Perry for going to Istanbul in violation of Federal Law Logan Act.
Don't roll your eyes, cops!
Stop Logan acting to Google!
He went there, Bilderberg ribs were out, it's the Dallas Morning News.
I remember seven years ago, the LA Times, I went to the LA Times, the New York Times said I was delusional and Bilderberg didn't exist.
Yeah, it doesn't exist.
You know, you guys are something else.
That's all I can say.
Let's talk to Paula, and Paula is calling from Florida.
Last caller, go ahead, Paula.
Hi, Alex.
What that gentleman said about you was very right, about everything that you're doing.
And people need to listen to you, and more and more people are.
And I mean, you've got the whole country behind you, but anyway... Well, I don't know about that.
We've got millions of people that have woken up, but I'm only one soldier in this fight.
Well, honey, you're a great soldier, but anyway, this thing about the genetic thing, the farmers are now saying they're not going to have anything to do with it.
They're all saying they don't want to happen.
But Bonsanto knew that was going to happen and so did the others that produced this.
Then their pollen infects your plants, your plant shows any history of that, cross-pollinization, then they literally founded and run the St.
Louis Federal Court that does all the genetic engineering cases and then everyone loses.
So again, it's a rigged game.
The dice are loaded.
Everybody knows the dice are loaded.
Who sings that song, Otta?
Um, play that as bumper music.
Folks, we are out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
I got a weekday show course.
I'll be back here next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
I come in on Sundays and do this.
I'm going to work tonight on my film, Endgame, because I know this is deadly serious what we're facing.
I meant to get to all the news that we didn't get to, but it's, we'll have to do it next week or something.
You just can never cover it all, these type of subjects.
I've got a Reuters article
No, AP, excuse me.
Congress looks to boost U.S.
Tourism has fallen massively.
It has plummeted.
I mean, the numbers are just off the charts.
Tens of billions of dollars, 20-plus percent drop.
3.7 million less visits.
Because they're saying in questionnaires it's a police state.
I've got a reporter I sent to China, Paul Watson.
He said, no police state.
You know, if they want to grab you, they just come kill you.
Everybody who comes here says it's an unbelievable police state.
See, we've been living in it so we're used to it.
God bless you all.
Take care.
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