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Air Date: July 3, 2007
2298 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have a very important broadcast lined up for you today.
Tomorrow we do have the campaign chairman for Ron Paul 2008 joining us to talk about the counter-demonstration coming up in Iowa where Congressman Ron Paul has been banned from the debate slash candidates forum by the Republican Party basically.
By one of John McCain's hacks that is running that event.
We'll have his campaign chairman on with us tomorrow to go over that.
Today we have a gentleman who's really got his history down and I always enjoy having him on with us.
It's Alan Watt of Canada.
Just an amazingly well researched individual.
I want him to go through the history of who the New World Order are, what their mindset is, what their game plan is.
It's important to know our enemy, and not just their current strategy, but to understand what makes them tick, how they operate.
That's coming up in an hour and a half.
For the second half of this transmission.
We'll also have wide open phones today at 1-800-259-9231.
Sort of getting calls early this morning.
Called him a few times.
His phone was busy.
Was able to get a hold of him about an hour ago.
Randy Weaver in Arkansas.
Sort of getting calls that a SWAT team had surrounded him and that there were men in black uniforms stalking around the bushes.
I called him and he said indeed that there were men in black uniforms running around in the woods there on his rural property and then his neighbor clearly saw people in black uniforms running and jumping in black SUVs and speeding away.
Then he got a call from the Sheriff's Department saying we just got a call from the FBI.
They're getting calls a few hours into this saying they're not involved, they're not doing anything and generally they'll lie about a lot of things they're doing but generally
Generally, you know, if they're preemptively calling saying, hey, we're not on your property, generally, it could be considered the truth.
But again, they lie so much we don't know.
It's kind of like they were out on the Browns' property three weeks ago surrounding their property with armored vehicles and snipers in the woods and later admitted to others that they had done that.
At first, they lied to the media.
So Randy Weaver will be joining us coming up in the next segment to talk about what happened to him today, and we appreciate him coming on with us.
I know his phone's ringing off the hook.
Were you able to get Randy?
We're doing that right now?
So we're going to have Randy coming up in the next segment, and then as I mentioned, Alan Watt coming up in the middle of the next hour.
The total free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Cheney told an author, 9-11 didn't change Cheney, but gave him the opportunity to put his views into action.
That's the headline of the Washington Post four-part series on the influence and power of Dick Cheney's reveal the tactics of a stealthy operator.
Another headline by NBC, has Cheney gone too far announcing himself above the executive outside the government?
Of course he has!
He needs to be impeached immediately.
As soon as they say they're above the law, as soon as they say they can do whatever they want and are above even their own laws, that's impeachable.
Right there, that's called treason.
Really, it's a resignation from the office of the Vice President.
It's a public resignation.
But he's saying he's going to continue with those executive powers, but saying he's above the law.
And by the way, that's his own statements now.
Now, we had Gonzales saying that a few years ago,
When he was Chief White House Counsel, then as Attorney General.
Yeah, that's right.
The Attorney General saying the President and Vice President are above all laws.
Now, that's what the memos say.
Well, now it's saying, it's publicly saying.
Just out in the open, it is Twilight Zone dangerous.
I mean, this is just unbelievable, off the charts.
We'll get into that.
Also, high schoolers get in Bush's face about torture.
CNN will be playing that.
They're saying they're going to push for the Fairness Doctrine.
Now, just last week they said it was a conspiracy theory.
It wasn't true.
They said that Senator Inhofe was lying about the elevator conversation.
Well, now they reversed and they're saying, yeah, we're going to try to ban talk radio.
If they're coming for us.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Arkansas is in the news today.
Randy Weaver back at his home in Arkansas.
One of the survivors of Ruby Ridge lost his wife and son there to Long-Horiuchi and others at the Ruby Ridge Massacre back in 1992.
With great honor and distinction, he went up there to report for the press and try to diffuse the situation.
He traveled up to the Browns' home, Edna Lane Brown, outside of Plainfield, New Hampshire.
He was there for a couple days.
They had a press conference, not this Monday, not yesterday, but last week, about nine days ago.
And Randy
Spelled it out, that it was high treason and what had happened there was wrong.
Now, Randy was stalked, of course, and they shot the dog as the dog was running away, the Golden Lab, which they said was trying to attack the officers.
If you believe that, I've got a bridge I want to sell you.
But later they did an autopsy of the dog.
It hadn't been shot in the rear end.
The bullet came out of its head.
And then, of course, they then shot his son in the back twice, once blowing his arm off and once right in the back killing him.
And they shot his wife in the head while holding the baby.
So imagine what it's like for Randy to learn that there were black SUVs and people in black uniforms running around his private property in rural, um, Arkansas.
So joining us is Randy Weaver.
So you can get the actual facts from the person himself, because there's a lot of rumors going around and a lot of ring around the rosie where people whisper one thing and then it comes out another.
Randy, thanks for coming on, sir.
Thank you, Alex, for having me.
I appreciate it.
I'd like to say thanks to all your listeners, too, for the support and the ones who helped me get out there to New Hampshire.
I like to meet a man face to face and get to know him a little bit.
And Ed Brown is a very intelligent man and his wife is, too, an intelligent lady.
They've got this figured out and they have told the government all they want is for the government to show them the law that they have to pay their income tax, which there is no law.
So the government is over a barrel on this one, and I tell people this could be the start of the new republic, which is what we want.
We're going to get rid of this de facto federal government.
Randy, let's talk about, because I want you to talk about your experience with the Browns.
I met the good Sean last week, but I knew you were still traveling and probably exhausted, so I was going to wait until this week.
Tell us, but I mean later, discuss what happened while you were there.
But right now, please blow by blow, specifically what happened this morning, when you first learned of this, what was going on on your property?
Okay, well I was just up sitting around in my bathroom, and the neighbor lady,
She was getting ready to go to work.
She came knocking on my door.
At what time?
At what time?
At about 8 o'clock this morning.
She said, 8 o'clock, you're in your robe, knock, knock, knock.
And she says, Lee, are you up?
And I said, yeah, I just got up.
And she came in, she says, uh, I just spooked some guy in a black uniform off the back part of the property up by the garage.
And I go, really?
She said, yeah, they got a real good watchdog.
And she said, Buster was up there raising canes.
She wanted to go see what it was.
She was all dressed up, ready to go to work.
She went out there and didn't see anything right away, and pretty soon this guy jumped up in his black uniform and took off into the woods.
And so then she came back, she figured it had something to do with me, and she said, Randy, she told me about it.
And I told her not to worry about it, and she went on to work about 20 minutes later, and she called me right back after she'd left.
A quarter mile down the road, here comes this black suburban with tinted windows pulling out of my neighbor's pasture.
They came back in, and he's got an old barn in there too.
It's, uh, they're surveilling the place.
I called the local sheriff's department and asked the lady named Jolene.
I said, is there a warrant out for my arrest?
She took a little bit of time and come back.
She said, I don't see anything, Mr. Weaver.
And I said, well, I think there's a SWAT team surveilling my property out here.
And I was wondering why they would be doing that.
And she says, well, maybe, I don't know.
She said, maybe they're just looking around.
I said, we're looking around.
I said, whoever it is, whoever it is, they're trespassing.
And I said, it's probably that federal SWAT team.
She said, well, if it's federal, they can do what they want.
And I said, lady, that's the wrong attitude.
The American people are waking up to it.
They cannot do what they want.
And we're going to put a stop to it.
And she got kind of huffed and hung up on me.
Well, then about an hour later, one of the local deputies come out and come to my door, knocked on the door.
And I stood at the door and talked him through the screen for a while.
And about a minute later, I decided the guy was all right.
And I let him in the house.
And we had a good discussion here in the kitchen.
I don't even know what I knew about it.
And of course, all the people across the country were getting in on it, and my daughters knew about it, and they were calling people.
This deputy said that the FBI from out of Fayetteville called him and wanted to know what was going on over here.
And he said, of course, they didn't know.
Well, I said, if the FBI don't know, and the local Sheriff's Department doesn't know what's going on, it's... Ed Brown, he was on the... He said, too, he believes it's Blackwater, the Blackwater team.
Which is a private corporation.
I figure they work for Homeland Security or whatever, but I guess they operate out of North Carolina.
So it could be Blackwater, a private corporation security type team, or a SWAT team.
Or some other federal agency.
But I mean, Randy, sure, Homeland Security, it sounds like that with the black uniform.
I mean, we know Blackwater was used in New Orleans and a few other areas, and they're wanting to use them domestically against the American people, but I don't know if they'll get away with that.
But, I mean, just because the FBI says they weren't there, they said they weren't in Plainfield, New Hampshire, and we now confirm they were.
They said they weren't on the property with the federal marshals three weeks ago.
I mean, just because the FBI says it doesn't mean it's true.
That's true.
You're right, Alex.
They could just be asking the local Sheriff's Department to get an idea of what they know so far and if they've been tipped off and all that, see?
Now, it could also be some hot dog mad at you from what happened with Something to Prove back in the 1990s.
I don't think it was that.
I believe it was a federal agency or somebody working for them.
Now, you know this neighbor well?
And she's never told you any wild stories before?
No, she's a nurse in town.
No, I believe you.
I'm just saying, so he's credible to you?
Oh, absolutely.
And her husband's just an awesome neighbor.
He don't even run off real estate agents, let alone the preachers, let alone the FBI.
Well, that's too bad that they are credible people.
I wish this wasn't true.
So let's just say it is true.
Sounds like it's true.
She said that he was sneaking around exactly where?
Up around their garage, which is about, oh, I'm going to guess 100 foot or 150 foot maximum behind their place there.
Their house is only just right across the driveway.
And their dogs run in the yard with my dogs and vice versa.
They're about 120 feet away from you.
Did she say he was wearing a mask?
Was he wearing balaclava?
What was he wearing?
She just saw a man take off in a black uniform.
Kevin, help us.
That doesn't sound like police looking for marijuana patches, which is a routine thing, is they'll be running around on your property, or they'll come over with a helicopter and see blood weed, which they think is marijuana, and then they raid your house because this weed grows all over half the country.
But I wish it was that, but no, it doesn't sound too good, Randy.
Yeah, it's... They didn't have no helicopters.
We have helicopters fly around here quite often, but...
There wasn't any helicopter activity this morning, so I think they're doing their footwork on the ground.
They're going to get away out of the property, and then they do that, and then later on they run in with their, uh, dynamic entry type crap.
Well, we know these people don't work alone, these cowards, so there were probably as many as ten of them sneaking around out there then, but you only saw one SUV?
She saw one man and one SUV.
A suburban.
They didn't pack six or eight, them guys with all their equipment crapped in a Suburban.
That's what they... And then Charlie went down to that pasture and he drove in and he said, there's one truckload of trash going in and one coming out.
So I figured just one came and... If it is one person and they were sneaking around, the only thing is it's really stupid to be there in the light, but he may have been trying to... That could have been a... They did that 24 times, at least two dozen times on our property up in Idaho.
They did it over and over again before they came in?
I'm setting up cameras and listening devices and all that stuff.
Well, you better do a policing operation of all the surrounding areas.
Well, I've already got neighbors going turkey hunting.
But I would just search for devices everywhere, because we've seen them do that before.
You know, Randy, he could be casing you out to run a hit on you, kill you.
Could have been a private mechanic.
Yes, well, see, that doesn't bother me.
They can't scare me, Alex.
No, I understand.
I'm just saying, on record, we have to bring it up that it could be a hitman.
Do you want to comment on that?
Well, what I want to do is find out who it is.
And my daughters, you know, they're really worried, and they're contacting Arkansas state legislators and stuff, and they're demanding to find out, have them investigate and find out who's pulling this crap.
We want to know.
I just don't think they can handle, Randy, the fact that you've got courage and stood up against them, and that you're an icon, and that you went to the Browns' property.
And I just hope to God it's some type of intimidation and not preparation for, I mean, you know, God forbid, two months from now we hear, oh, Randy Weaver committed suicide.
Randy, you want to put on record you're not planning to commit suicide?
I'm not planning on committing.
You see, they pulled that on me when they put me in jail the first time up there after the Ruby Ridge deal.
They kept me in medical isolation for quite a while.
And when I got out, I was upset.
I wouldn't watch TV and they wouldn't let me do it.
And they said that they put me in there because the sheriff's excuse was that he was afraid I'd commit suicide.
I said, if I didn't commit suicide, I'd have done that before I put him off the hill.
I wouldn't go to jail and try to hang myself from a short bedpost, for Christ's sake.
Well, that's how they get you.
Well this is extremely serious because of course they shot Gary Webb twice in the head and then had his supposed friends come out and say it was a suicide.
Clearly it wasn't.
They blew his jaw off with the first shot and shot him in the back of the head the next time.
And then everybody just bought the story.
Oh it's a suicide!
Randy you are not going to commit suicide.
No way.
I'm having too much fun now Alex.
I want to see the new republic formed.
This is for my kids and my grandkids.
And yours too.
Well, Randy Weaver, absolutely I'm here, I'm just dumbfounded by what's happening.
Do you want to say anything to the people that were on your property?
Yeah, don't come back.
And you better take your uniforms off and go get a real job because you're going to lose them later and if you wait until the very end, you might get rounded up and they're going to be going to prison.
When we get these local sheriffs educated,
Randy Weaver.
Let me talk to you during the break.
He may come back, he may not.
I know he's very busy.
We'll come right back.
We've got a bunch of international and national news as well.
Stay with me.
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We're back live with Randy Weaver from his home in Arkansas.
And Randy may have to jump off at any time if he gets an important call from the legislature, or the police chief, or his daughters.
But imagine all the terror they've already been through.
Their mother being killed, his son, their brother, being murdered in cold blood, shot in the back, and to have somebody on the property again.
And I really think the Feds do want to start the next revolution.
I think this is what it's all about, and I think there's a good chance that they're casing the place to kill Randy.
And I have to say that because I've just seen it too many times.
They'll be waiting in his house one night, when he comes in when it's dark, and they'll just say, and they'll club him on the head, tie him up, and they'll say, alright, this is why we're going to kill you, and they'll make fun of him first, and they'll say, here's a picture of your daughter, we're going to kill both your daughters, unless you sign this, unless you write out this suicide note, and then they'll laugh at him and shoot him a couple times in the head.
Hell, they may cut his arms.
I'm not trying to be mean here.
He's a former Marine, he can hear this.
They'll cut his arms and legs off, pour gasoline on him in the news.
Fannie Malick in Arkansas will say it's a suicide.
We've had machine gun cops off the road shoot a couple hundred rounds into the car and call it a suicide.
Cut arms and legs off, pour gasoline on people, and claim that you... Imagine cutting your arms, legs, and head off and then pouring gasoline on yourself.
It's impossible, but they do it and call it a suicide.
Uh, and I'm not trying to, uh, you know, get over to Medicare.
This is serious, folks.
They've already murdered two members of his family.
Randy, are you shocked that they'd be creeping around on your property now?
No, not really.
You see, this Ed Brown thing, Alex, uh, this has got him over a barrel.
Ed has got his stuff together.
And, uh, like I say, I have to be around the man a while to judge his character and, uh, get to know him and make my decision.
Ed is very intelligent.
He has got a world of knowledge about things that I'd never heard of, but he explained to me, and it makes sense.
I only believe what makes sense to him, but I don't take anything on faith.
And he has had it up to his eyeballs with federal defense.
And all he's saying is, show me the law, but I have to pay that income tax, and I'll pay him.
And he would.
But he knows, as well as I do, that there is no law saying you have to... See, it's voluntary to file.
What does voluntary mean?
It does not mean mandatory.
And they can't, if they admit that now, if you think of the consequences of them admitting that this has been a hoax all these years, people are going to really be upset.
They'll be about as upset as I am probably, and that'll be getting bad for them, see?
So what are they going to do, Alex?
I mean, I think it's funny myself.
Yeah, it is comical in a way, but it's also so serious after what you've been through.
I know you're just sick of it.
This is just terrible, Randy, and I just want to get it on record about the hit teams so that can hopefully diffuse that.
Randy, I know you don't want to run.
I know you don't have a lot of money, but also I wouldn't just wait out there for them to come get you.
It's perfect for them because your daughter, one of them, is visiting family.
You cut out on me Alex.
Well, I mean, Randy, all I'm saying is you might for a month or two, it's not running, it's just not making it easy for them, you might just try to diffuse it and go visit somebody for a month or so.
What do you think?
Well, I haven't decided yet.
I'm going to figure this out in my own head.
I mean, I've got things to do.
I can't sit here all the time.
I've got a life to live and if they want to cut it off, they can cut it off here or down the road.
It don't matter.
I'm just thinking of ways to
No, I understand that.
This thing is, like you said, maybe they just want to try and intimidate.
Well, they can't do it.
They can forget me.
They better go work on Joe Bo somewhere else because they can't work with me.
I would encourage the listeners all to call the Boone County Sheriff's Department.
I don't have that number right handy, but in that phone book right there.
No, 741.
Oh, well, okay.
That's the Boone County Sheriff's Department.
And the sheriff is Dan Hickman.
And if they just call in and say, you know, this is a bunch of blondie, and while they're at it, they can
You try to educate the sheriff a little bit on what's going on and why they're upset and that we're going to put a stop to it.
We're not going to take orders from the feds anymore.
It sounds like you've got somebody there with you.
Pardon me?
A whole household of neighbors and friends come over.
Well, that's the most valuable thing in the world.
Good friends and family better than all the gold in the hills.
Randy, I want to keep you three more minutes until the other side.
And I want you to plug how people get your book.
I know you didn't come on for that, but I want to have people try to support you.
And I want you to be able to make sure we've got the right number for that sheriff's department.
We'll give that out again on the other side.
Just tell the sheriff, Randy Weaver's been through enough.
You went up there trying to help a family out of trouble, trying to cover it for the free press.
Don't let the feds come in there and grease him.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, Randy Weaver, now I'm going to shift gears into all the other news.
Speaking of Arkansas, vandals splash conspiracy theory on walls of county courthouse.
Some of our listeners, or it could be a false flag that is a way to blame us for this.
I've gotten emails from as far away as New Zealand with photos of big factory spray-painted Infowars.com on them, accusing me of doing it.
And road signs in Colorado and Michigan.
Look, that's not me.
I'm here in Austin, Texas.
And whoever did this, I understand they're trying to get the word out, but I don't want you to go to jail.
And let me tell you folks, they
They did one hell of a job.
I'll put it to you that way.
Wait until you see the video of it.
It's going up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com as we speak.
Well, Dr. Randy Weaver, Randy, we're all praying for you and that's the key.
And we love you and we appreciate you as a reporter going up there and covering what was happening and really trying to do the feds a favor and trying to defuse this situation.
But that didn't happen and I appreciate everybody that supported you and the Browns in going up there.
But give out the name of the county, the nearest town to where you live and where you're at in Arkansas basically so folks can call the city police, the county sheriff and just tell them don't, tell the feds back off Randy Weaver.
Okay, it's Boone County, Arkansas, and the Sheriff's Department is in Harrison.
And they can call there and tell them that what's going on is not right and we want to find out who these guys are.
And I just love them all and appreciate all the support.
And we're gonna put a stop to this de facto federal government.
Well, we're going to go back to constitutional government and we're going to tell the judges to stop.
They're not going to operate in kangaroo courts anymore.
And we want them to show us the law, which they can't.
So that's neither here nor there anymore.
The Federal Reserve runs this country.
Whoever controls the money controls the country.
And they've got a phony money now, fraud note, paper money.
It ain't no good.
Gold and silver.
We need to go back on the standard like the Constitution says.
And that's how they control us.
It's the only legal counterfeit operation in the country that the Federal Reserve is.
They stop Federal, nothing in the Reserve.
I'm going to stop you right there.
I want you to plug, because I know that you don't have a lot of capital, plus it's a great book.
I've got a signed copy from you.
There's two different books out, but one of them really financially supports you, and I think that's the best book on the subject.
In your own words, how do people get The Federal Siege?
How do they get that book?
Okay, uh, there's two, uh, they can get it through Gun Owners of America, GLA, with Larry Pratt.
Or they can, uh, and I don't know what his internet site is, I don't even have a computer myself, but GunOwners.org.
And the, uh, the other one is DeltaPress.com, they're out of El Redo, Arkansas.
And tell folks the full name of the book.
Uh, The Federal Seizure of Ruby Ridge, In Our Own Words, by Randy and Cheryl Weaver.
The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge.
I got a copy from you about four years ago.
And it is an excellent book, ladies and gentlemen.
Everybody needs to get it to really understand what we're facing here.
Before you leave us, I just wanted to bring this last point up.
I know you've been on the road, just got back.
You spent some time in New York.
But Randy, Dick Cheney announced last Thursday
Publicly, that he is now outside the executive and even laws that Bush, executive orders that are even fiat laws, that he's even above those and literally is even above the President.
Now he actually announced this and we posted it in the news articles and in the message board there are neocons in there saying that this is good.
And even NBC has the headline.
Has Vice President gone too far?
ABC has the headline.
Dick Cheney power grabs as he's autonomous from government.
I mean, listen folks, they're not stupid.
They're announcing this for a reason.
And I mean, in my heart, I am very upset.
And, uh, I mean, we know they did all this criminally with the John Warner Defense Authorization Act last year, abolishing the governors, and, uh, also with the Military Commissions Act, and then with Presidential Decision Directive 51, May 9th, where the President said he's above the Congress now, and literally made them puppets.
I mean, folks, this is all, this is all Caesar crossing the Rubicon, Hitler declaring himself Fuhrer, this is, you are witnessing history!
Okay, not even during the Civil War, not even during that period did Lincoln declare powers like this.
Randy, I wanted to get your take on it.
Okay, I heard him one day announce that on the news, so I caught it right away.
Cheney, I figure he's getting scared.
He wants to get away and distance himself from the presidency.
Because he knows that the American people are starting to learn the facts about 9-11.
And that one thing alone right there is going to bring their house of cards down if people get educated on it.
And Bush, and Cheney, and Rumsfeld, and the whole cabinet, and most of Washington, D.C., they need to be indicted on treason.
And I mean indicted.
They say impeachment.
I say indict them all.
They're all treasonous.
It's easy to prove.
And if we get them in a constitutional court of the people, they're all going to go to... They'll get some of the consequences for treason.
They're scared.
Well they better be because they always tell us they're invincible.
They always tell us they can't be defeated.
And I'm telling you right now, folks, they were going to set off nukes.
They were going to release bioweapons.
We'd already be in deeper water.
Now we're fighting them.
That's going to force them to go ahead and do it.
I'm predicting that we will see nukes go off in this country.
I don't know if it's this year or five years from now, but they are going to pull it, whether it's Hillary Clinton or somebody later.
The point is, that's going to be a desperation move.
They are not going to give up.
Just like Hitler and his bunker, just like Mao or anybody, or Ceausescu, they are not going to give up, and I want everybody to know that.
But we don't have a choice.
Look, we didn't start this fight, we didn't draw first blood, we didn't ask for this, they came against us, and I agree with you, Randy, they know that we are kicking their butt.
Yes, and I think their first move, Alex, will be martial law, they'll set up robots, and they will have names of people to arrest, and put them in camps,
And I'm saying, when they do this, when you come to a roadblock, you better be prepared to make up your decision right there whether you're going to a camp or you're going to stand your ground.
Get steeled, the American people better get steeled, because it's coming down and it's going to be a lot of tears and bloodshed before it's over with.
And they better steel up right now, and know who their friends and neighbors are, and the ones who'll stick with them.
For people who don't know what steeling up is, or gearing up, or committing yourself, explain to them what that means.
Getting an attitude of courage.
Getting some courage and being prepared to do what's right.
We would love to see this done peacefully, but I don't think... Uncle got them over a barrel and out of desperation.
See, they don't want to lose their power.
That's what it's all about.
They don't need any more money.
They are power hungry.
They think that they're smarter than we are.
And they want to control us.
And when we're out of control, it just don't sit well with them.
Well, that's too bad.
Randy Weaver, being stalked by the feds or black ops, hitmen, we're not sure.
It doesn't look good.
We'll pray for you.
Thank you for spending time with us.
Thanks, Alex.
Best to y'all.
God bless you.
You know, frankly, in my gut, we did laugh around the office this morning hearing about somebody in Bentonville, Arkansas, vandal splash conspiracy theory on walls of the county courthouse.
This is out of News 5 KFSM TV.
They painted 9-11 was an inside job, InfoWars.com, Google Terror Storm.
Of course they didn't put it in the article where you could actually read it, but they did show video of it.
And I want to tell whoever did this, it probably is not the police.
It looks like the way it was spray-painted that it's not an accomplished graffiti person.
And I would guess they are 16 years old.
15 or 16 years old.
And they are going to probably catch you.
And you're probably listening right now.
And they're going to throw the book at you.
And I just don't like seeing them be able to get away with what they like to do.
But at the same time, we're in a war.
We have a government running giant child kidnapping rings.
That's mainstream news, Chicago Tribune.
It's right there, totally illegitimate.
We have a White House that's declared itself totally illegitimate.
We have counties that are under federal martial law control already.
They've announced NORTHCOM's already running the whole nation.
That is martial law, just they're not fully enforcing it.
We're under martial law, it's just they're not fully turning the heat up.
But it's engaged.
And so, it's just shades of the unraveling.
And I hope the system knows that they need to back off.
I mean, you know, this gets the word out, it gets a bunch of attention, but at the same time, it's not just that I can't endorse it because then I'd be endorsing criminal activity, it's that I've genuinely said, on air, that it's, you know, one thing, and the paper hangs on bridges,
The things of that nature don't hurt anything.
And I've always said I don't think people should target private property.
The excuse here they're using with what's happening, well I mean do we have that audio clip ready yet?
Vandal Splash Conspiracy Theories on Walls of County Courthouse.
And I'm not just reading this because it's about some vandalism or about our listeners or about InfoWars.com.
I'm doing it because it's about a movement.
I mean, folks, Americans are pretty wild people, and the veneer of civilization is paper-thin.
I mean, look, the globalists do understand feds.
I know you don't.
You've been told you're invincible.
They do understand that once they get you to pick a fight with us, we are going to completely, completely open up a can of you-know-what.
And just once this stuff goes physical, you guys and gals are in so much trouble.
I don't want that to happen.
Believe me.
I know you got families.
I see you as human beings.
I don't see you as meat or as dehumanized like you see us.
I'm not a psychopath.
I'm not a sociopath.
I got a big heart, folks.
A big heart.
If you read Conrad Lorenz and animal human psychology, you'll understand why.
The meanest predators, the meanest people, folks, have it built into them to be loving and sweet because you don't want to tear up your pack or your tribe or your troop.
I got a big heart, folks, because I know what it is to be evil, okay?
I've seen both sides of it.
And when I was growing up, I was almost seduced by the dark side, but I pulled back in time.
And I just, uh, I just see their plan, and my God, it's bad.
It's real bad.
Hundreds of thousands of dead cops and military, foreign troops pouring in,
The cities in shambles, starving populations.
The New World Order will pull what they pulled in the Soviet Union here like it's nothing.
And I don't want this to happen.
And I don't want our military five, ten years from now to be just like Hitler's General Staff, desperately trying to take them out.
We need to have cooler heads prevail now and realize your New World Order is sick
And realize all your elitism is wrong and admit to yourselves the government is out of control!
You're going to be used.
Don't you understand?
It's written down.
It's in the plans.
We've written articles about it.
We've linked to it.
They plan for you to pick a fight you can't win.
You cannot win.
People all the time say, oh man, we
You know, once this stuff starts, man, the government's got overwhelming force and power.
If 1% of the gun owners fight, it's 1,600,000.
Folks, 5,000 guerrilla combatants could bring this country to its knees in hours.
Now the reverse of that is they got Russian, British, and Israeli teams all over this country with nukes, pre-placed special ops, ready to go in and nerve gas whole buildings, ready to blow up power plants.
The people guarding the power plants are owned and run by foreign countries openly.
Our entire communication structure is held by foreign governments, namely Israel and England.
We are completely wide open, and while you fools are looking at the people living in the mountains of Arkansas, the enemies of the Republic are in the White House and in the Congress, and they are literally piloting this ship into the rocks, and you're busy kicking the poor serfs around out on the streets, writing them parking tickets, and grabbing our kids and doing everything else you do.
And pushing your Redlin and your Prozac.
I mean, we've gone bad, folks.
The country's gone to hell in a handbasket.
The country has gone to hell in a handbasket.
It's what happens.
It's the norm in history.
We went bad, folks.
And if we don't admit how bad we've gone, it's going to get a lot worse.
That's the thing about once things go bad.
I know y'all want to keep living your lives like there's nothing going on, okay?
The President and the Vice President are openly saying they are dictators, okay?
It's not pretty.
And so what do you say about these young people?
Who knows, they may be older, but I tend to think they're young.
Vandals splash anti-Bush slogans on the Benton County Courthouse.
Over the weekend, they covered the courthouse buildings, annex, and county cars with political graffiti.
Police say surveillance, but other buildings in the area showed no suspects and did not even show the vandalism happening.
One call has come into the police but so far no suspects.
Bentonville residents say graffiti in their town is unusual and is not the way to get the message out.
One resident said, I was shocked partly because it's Bentonville and I don't think I've seen graffiti in Bentonville before.
That's because this isn't graffiti!
This is people desperate to get the word out about terror attacks and who carried them out.
Vandalism now covers the Benton County Courthouse and Annex.
The silver letters splashed on walls.
Glass and even vehicles tout a political message.
9-11 was an inside job, Bush knew, and death a new world order.
Vandals also splashed the address of 9-11 conspiracy theory website.
Well, the police ought to be glad they're dealing with teenage kids, folks.
Wait till all the special forces operators are dealing with them.
Go ahead and pull your martial law and it won't be vandalism.
See, we're trying to stop all this, folks.
Bentonville Police Chief James Allen said, we'll be interested in knowing about anybody that's been going around saying, and acquaintances or someone they know has been saying this repeatedly, or anybody that's bought a lot of silver paint recently.
Well, police look for a suspect.
City workers are cleaning up the mess that could cost thousands.
Don't worry, you'll just write up more taxes.
Like when people sue bad cops, you just tax people hundreds of thou.
So what's a few thousand?
Again, though, I don't want these good people to get in trouble.
That's why they shouldn't have done this.
Because this is tyranny, and they'll think, you know, they'll have a score to settle with you.
Just keep your mouth shut.
That's what they're going to do.
They're going to go and they're going to ask around who's talking about 9-11 in this little tattle-tale town.
Pretty big town, actually.
Who knows, though?
If the cops have got any souls left, they'll probably should agree with it.
They'll see it as a challenge to them.
But they won't.
And that's why this country will probably not make it.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House probe to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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That's net, the number 7, tech, dot com, and start protecting yourself today.
Alright, here is the final quote out of this article.
Chief Allen said nobody wants to see their taxes go up, and this causes tax money to get spent that should have been spent for something else, you know, like grabbing people's children probably.
They're real bad up in Arkansas.
People in Bentonville say it just doesn't make sense.
One citizen said, I don't know what their motive is, because city governments have nothing to do with the federal government.
They're just being federalized.
The people are just here.
If you think it's such an important idea to them, then why don't they stand up and claim it?
Another citizen commented, instead of just sneaking around in the middle of the night and defacing property, if you have any information on the recent vandalism, call the Federalized Local Police Department of Bentonville.
You're federalized.
We know, everybody knows, it's a shut up.
And again, I mean, all the crimes you commit,
Halliburton and DynCorp can openly run giant child kidnapping rings and you don't care.
Oh, but you're all so upset about some spray painting exposing these criminals.
Oh, it's so terrible.
Let's all get real serious and real upset.
While close to four trillion dollars is missing from the Pentagon.
We do have that newscast.
I'm going to play it later.
I do want to take some calls.
We're going to start the next hour.
The really big news is it's now official.
Remember last week it broke that Senator Inhofe from Oklahoma was in an elevator with Hillary and Feinstein and they were talking about how they want to shut talk radio down.
That kind of pulled Trent Lott's bacon out of the fire.
Because Trent Lott had also been calling for doing something about talk radio.
He's such a piece of trash, man.
I hate that.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
I just sometimes just like literally just sink into hatred and it's not good, it's not healthy.
It's just such a twit.
Another male cheerleader, folks.
I mean, Bush, all of them, a bunch of trollops.
The thing is, if they want to be effeminate, that's fine.
The point is they act like they're all manly.
It's just disgusting.
But I see right through all of you.
The point is, that piece of trash called for Go After Top Radio, Tony Blair leaving office.
He actually leaves tomorrow, but officially announcing he's leaving last week, said they need to start shutting down the internet and internet news, quote, because it's taking over.
That's right, punk!
All your criminal activities are being exposed.
You can't just rape the living daylights out of us with no resistance!
They're getting scared.
And they should be scared because you're beginning to realize you can win.
And you're beginning to realize you don't have a choice!
Well, they denied it and called it a quote, conspiracy theory and called Inhofe a liar last week.
And then five days later, five days later, they're in the mainstream news giving speeches calling for it.
So there you go.
You pack a lion trash.
Now, we're going to get into that in the next hour.
Closing out this hour, you can get the new Terror Storm, ladies and gentlemen.
It will be shipping out next month.
We can't ship it until then because we can't ship it until it hits stores.
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It is the special edition.
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That looks pretty close now.
So, if you want to be first to have it, order now.
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We're doing a lot of capital expenditures.
We need your support.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I talked to Congressman Ron Paul's campaign today.
We have his campaign ahead.
Joining us tomorrow to talk about how he's been banned from the next Republican debate, or quote, forum, as it's being called.
Now, Ron Paul will be outside at the protest giving his own speech and probably getting more attention because he's been excluded.
Backfires on them.
And we're going to be getting Ron Paul on probably next week.
They're scheduling that right now.
Right now, let's go ahead and play this newscast, and we'll come back and take a bunch of your phone calls.
This is from Bentonville, Arkansas, where somebody, quote, vandalized a bunch of city structures with 9-11's and InsideJob and Infowars.com.
Here it is.
The weekend, they covered the courthouse building, annex, and county cars with political graffiti.
Tara Campbell's in our Northwest Arkansas newsroom with all the details on this.
Any idea who did this, Tara?
Well, Bridget, police say surveillance on other buildings in the area showed no suspects and did not even show the vandalism happening.
One call has come in to police, but so far no suspects.
Bentonville residents say graffiti in their town is unusual and is not the way to get any message out.
I was shocked.
Partly because it's Bentonville and I don't think I've seen graffiti in Bentonville before.
Vandalism now covers the Benton County Courthouse and Annex.
The silver letters splashed on walls, glass, and even vehicles tout a political message.
9-11 was an inside job, but Bush knew, and death to the New World Order.
The vandals also splashed the address of a 9-11 conspiracy theory website.
I would be interested in knowing about anybody that's
I don't know what their motive is, you know?
I mean, the city government has nothing to do with federal government's work.
When you think it's such an important idea to them, why don't they stand up and claim it instead of just sneaking around in the middle of the night defacing property?
The people that I spoke to on the square today say that they were just, you know, they were thankful that the monuments in the park were not at all touched or harmed in any way and they just don't understand why put a message on these buildings and much of this has already been cleaned off so what you're seeing is just what's left of what they couldn't clean off of.
Yeah, before the people find out that the criminals running the government carried out 9-11.
Just amazing.
Absolutely amazing.
But I do tell whoever did it, folks, seriously, don't do stuff like that.
Because I don't want to see you go to jail.
Frankly, we're in such a crisis that I fully understand why you did it.
But at the same time, I don't want to see you go to prison.
Do banner hangs over the highways.
Paint your car up.
Pull a float around town.
Bullhorn every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
Sue the cops if they try to violate your First Amendment.
Have rallies.
Burn copies of the films, get them out to people.
I mean, look, it's a great coup for Info.
I guarantee you that whole town's talking about 9-11 being an inside job.
They're visiting Infowars.com.
The cops will try to cover up Infowars.com.
Everybody will say, what was that website?
Everybody will... I mean, that'll get the town talking.
And it's actions like that that may save this country.
Gee, we have a Vice President declaring he's above the law.
Well, what do you expect 14 or 15 year old young people to do?
I mean, what message?
Of course you don't have graffiti in the town of Bentonville.
This is not graffiti.
This is a political action.
This is a non-violent rebellion.
Just like the Boston Tea Party.
It doesn't get any more American than this.
By the way, talk about defacing.
That goes back to when a new emperor would come in and they'd knock the faces of the old statues off and put their names on it.
That's just not defacing.
Defacing would have been taking hammers to those police cars.
This can be cleaned off for a few thousand bucks.
The Founding Fathers dumped the equivalent of millions of dollars of tea off of several ships, dressed up in disguises.
By the way, they had short swords.
They would kill probably whoever got in their way.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, for those who just joined us, Randy Weaver was on with us last hour.
Survivor of the River Ridge Massacre.
Went up to Edna Lane Brown's home.
The folks that are standing up against the private run for profit Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve System, IRS system.
And he had some goons stalking around in black uniform off the edge of his property.
His neighbors saw it, ran off and jumped in a black SUV and sped away in his rural home in Arkansas.
And we've got a report coming out on PrisonPlanet.com in the next few hours on that.
Right now, let's go to your calls.
Denise in Montana.
Denise, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead.
I'm very thrilled to be on your show.
I like it.
And I did have two quick comments that I wanted to talk about here.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
The first one is, you know, you're always talking about foreign troops and the dangers of them.
And I can give you a specific example.
A friend of mine was a foreign exchange student in China during Tiananmen Square, and I asked her why it took so long for them to shut down, you know, the protests, and she said they had to bring in militia from outside the area because the local Chinese there wouldn't fire on their cousins and mothers and friends.
And so, you know, it kind of is very analogous to having, you know, foreign troops that would have no connection to
You know, I was just restudying Tiananmen Square last week.
I was considering putting an endgame.
I may still, but the point is that Deng Xiaoping was on his deathbed dying of cancer.
And he was watching the riots on close, not really riots, the protests, the peaceful takeover.
But then when some local police did attack people, then the people revolted, turned over the armored vehicles, did beat the daylights out of some people.
So riots did start up, resistance did start up because of the incredible corruption of the regime.
And it was mainly communists, by the way, who were out, who still believed in the system, knowing you're not following Mao's little book.
You know, you guys are incredibly corrupt, you're living in $50 million houses, and you're claiming you're communist, and so they were out there, but it was leftists and communists and libertarians all out there together, literally sitting peacefully, and they did, just like in Russia, they would station troops from, say, Poland, in another country,
I don't
It happens.
You end up with troops who face their brother.
It always happens.
Imagine your Chinese troops and your brothers out there and your sister and you know they're out there and you know the tanks are about to go kill them.
They can't have that.
They will have revolts.
And that's why, folks, 20 plus percent of the army is now illegal alien.
Legalized from Ukraine and other areas, from Mexico predominantly, but I want to be fair here, Ukraine, other areas, Manila, the Philippines, and they're accelerating that recruiting.
You see, now the announcement's being made now, and so they say, the military's considering, and then you read the next paragraph, it says, they've already recruited masses, now they're gonna, they want foreigners to be our police.
So yes, you're right.
It took them, people took over the square for about, what, 10 hours from that morning until night, and then finally in the middle of the night, the troops from two provinces over, and there they have hundreds of dialects and little subgroups.
The Chinese are not one, you know, homogeneous group, it's a very diverse group, and you're right, they brought in a subgroup to attack them, and still,
A lot of them didn't go along with it.
They only had select officers.
They ordered whole groups of thousands of troops abreast to fire their assault weapons into them, and most of them refused.
Only officers were firing sporadically, but still killed more than 12,000 people.
Now I'm going to shut up and finish the story.
Okay, and then the other part of it was, so I asked my friend, well, how did you get out and stuff, and she had asked the U.S.
State Department for help.
And they knew where these, you know, exchange students were and they never did anything and she ran into a diplomat from the Australian Embassy and he's like, oh my goodness, and it was basically Australians that got all these American students out.
The U.S.
State Department did nothing to
Well, the State Department put Mao in, and the State Department again publicly admits they put Mao in, who killed over 60 mil, just like Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1979 bragged and said, I support the Kremlin Rouge, killed 2 mil, and then it's admitted that they would have failed without U.S.
Again, Zbigniew Brzezinski knowingly is responsible for killing 2 million people.
And then I had like kind of a separate commentary.
You had a story that actually I've been following with a friend of mine who raises and rescues German Shepherds in California about the draconian spay and neuter law that kind of totally changed the subject.
They're going to arrest you now if you don't spay and neuter all animals and there's very expensive special breeding licenses and it's all part of the new control freak world.
Yeah and you know what that's actually from is when they found out when they're trying to evacuate and heard people around and
After Katrina, people just wouldn't leave their pets.
And they hadn't really factored in the fact that people really care about their animals.
And so, you know, a lot of the breeders see this as a
Sort of a New World Order thing to make people think.
Of course it is!
Look, look, look.
They're taking over the farming, the ranching.
Listen, they make you put a $10 tag.
In Texas, of course, the front line did pass it.
Now we're fighting it and trying to stop it.
A $10 tag on a $2, $3 chicken.
That's what you sell them for.
Even big hens.
So, but, then the big mass production plants that could have several million chickens, they just buy a mass license and they don't have to do it.
See, they just buy a mass license and it costs them literally a few cents per chicken, and it was the big agribusinesses that lobbied for the Animal ID and Premises ID Act.
You understand?
It's all about control, ma'am.
And, well, the other thing too is my step-sister in Wisconsin
You know they have horses and things like that on their farm and for the first time the Department of Agriculture is coming out and making them fill out forms and say how many horses they have, how many
Cows they have, chickens they have.
That's the Real ID Act for animals.
It's called the Animal ID Act.
It is not even a law.
It's a guideline, but they send goons out through color of law to lie and say it's the law.
Just like they started telling cops 50 years ago driving was a privilege.
It's not.
We have the federal rulings, but you believe it.
Just like you believe an amnesty bill is an amnesty.
Just like you believe we're really there to give democracy to the Iraqis.
You believe whatever bull you're told.
That's why I'm living in Montana now and not in Seattle.
I've gotten out of Dodge, so to speak.
Well, thank you for calling.
We really appreciate you.
Look, she makes the point, and it's true.
I had forgotten more than I could ever probably learn in the future.
There's so much studying I've done, but I had forgotten that they did bring in troops from two provinces over.
And then I last week relearned that, rediscovered that, remembered that, saw that again, read that again.
And we did play some of those newscasts here on air.
But yeah, they brought in troops from over 100 miles away.
And they did that because when you've got a couple hundred thousand people out there in the streets, just in one square, it was millions total, you're going to have a lot of brothers and sisters out there.
And they told the troops, go shoot them.
And they said, no.
Folks, Filipinos from the Philippines, Mexicans from Mexico, and folks from Poland, and Spain, and other areas they're bringing into our military, and Czech Republic, they will fire on you.
They will kill you.
And you're going to be facing them.
And they'll introduce it, well, yeah, there are some, you know, foreign battalions in our military, but don't worry, they'll be led by
Young political officers in the Marine Corps and the Army and FBI agents.
I have the mainstream articles from 10 years ago where the FBI had to lead domestic units.
It was in the Washington Post again last week.
Now they're operating publicly.
They were operating criminally and secretly going back 20 years ago in the news 10 years ago.
Now publicly announced.
And this is what you saw in Katrina.
Flatback trucks, armored FBI leading thousands of troops.
And they love it, man.
They love going into houses and slamming your head right down on the ground and taking your guns.
In fact, get me the clips where they've got the police chief and then the army captains and people going, all the weapons will be taken.
No guns are allowed.
And you're just in your house sitting on your supply of food.
You've got a well on your property.
You're living in a $20 million house.
Some of these houses are $20 million houses.
This is the richest area, my point is high and dry, richest area, got their own power, own generators.
Here come the mercenaries backed up by troops to make sure you know that you gotta leave the city.
Play it.
That includes New Orleans where today authorities stepped up their efforts to empty the city.
Bob Woodruff is there again tonight with an extraordinary human drama unfolding.
That's true, Elizabeth, and good evening from New Orleans.
Here, the police and the National Guard find themselves in a very difficult position tonight to try to carry out an order to force people from the city without actually using force.
Today in New Orleans, they got a lot tougher on the holdouts.
Not only the flooded areas, but New Orleans' driest and wealthiest neighborhoods, too.
Now, notice that Bob Woodward later got his face blown off.
Notice that he, everything is phrased like, oh they're trying to keep people safe, oh they got a lot tougher on the holdouts, they didn't want to use force.
Now they say that while they show them slamming people to the ground.
See, and they, oh they ask them to leave and it shows them arresting them.
See, it's all double thing.
They say one thing and show you another.
All psychological warfare, folks.
Guarantee, people like Woodward at that area, at that level, ABC, Black Ops Operator.
Go back to the Black Ops Operator.
...in wealthiest neighborhoods, too.
Fire it!
The police and National Guard going street by street, house to house.
We need to make sure, too, that whenever we knock on doors, people refuse to leave.
We need to make a note, call again.
They say there are no orders to use force, just strong persuasion.
Sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn.
And instructions to disarm anyone inside.
You say guns will be taken?
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
That happened today in this party.
Alright, we'll come back and finish it.
Remember, when you're in trouble, your government isn't coming to help because it's not your government.
They're coming to get control of you.
We'll be right back.
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Randy Weaver did say that the sheriff's deputy that came out to his house, without Randy even asking for him to come out, was a nice fella.
And I'm getting emails coming in that say things like this.
Alex, I just called and spoke to Mr. Tim Robertson, Chief Deputy of Boone County Sheriff's Department.
He was very aware of the black SUV and the person in black uniform.
He sounds sympathetic towards our cause and realizes the U.S.
has got a lot of problems and agrees with me that Mr. Weaver is a true American patriot.
And it goes on.
I asked him if it was okay for you to call him.
He said that was fine.
He says they're doing everything they can to find out who the black SUV and the person in black uniform is.
So yeah, I mean, Randy did give out their local's number, but I think they're not involved in this, they're not behind this, so there's no reason to call up and be mean to them.
And it does sound like that the Sheriff's Department doesn't want any problems, and he doesn't want any circuses, and if Randy says the Sheriff's Deputy he talked to was pretty nice, that says a lot.
So we'll try to track this as it develops.
Let's go ahead and talk to Charles in Florida.
Charles, you're on the air.
Hello, sir.
Hi, Mr. Jones.
Thank you so much for having me on.
I want to say thank you for getting your life to this.
The most noble cause is never the most popular.
Well, it wasn't when I started out, but let me tell you, this is an honor to do what I do.
Nobody needs to thank me.
Well, you really have a gift for seeing the big picture.
I was looking into the FEMA camps and if there's 800 with an average of 20,000, capacity of 20,000, that would be 16 million.
And then I think there's one in Alaska that's supposed to be 2 million.
So that would be 18 million total that they could hold there.
And they have built giant federal processing centers that can process upwards of 8,000 a day from Denver to outside Oklahoma City to D.C.
to outside Dallas.
I mean, it's just everywhere.
I was wondering, on a different note, if you're familiar with the Masonic Hand that took over the French Revolution.
Yes, what happened was our revolution was a good one and was based in good ideals.
The Masonic Revolution was ultimately a cult.
In France, they tried to go to a 10-day week and a 9-day week.
They tried to make everyone adopt a cult worship.
They'd always claim they were anti-religion.
It was the opposite.
And that's mainline French history.
And they killed millions.
And it started out with, oh, let's kill the elite.
But it was actually being run by some of the princes.
And it was really a way just to overturn some of the elite above them.
And it was about killing the middle class.
And it was like Pol Pot.
The Illuminati always goes after the middle class, and they killed several million people.
Yeah, I've been listening to you for a couple of years since I was in high school, and you know, as I learn more about the New World Order, I see more of your videos, it occurs to me that the closer you get to, you know, I guess winning the Info War, the more progress you make, the closer we get also to the dark times that you and Mr. Weaver had alluded to earlier.
It's just the whole thing is so confusing because I have the feeling that if you are allowed to stay on air, saying what you say and knowing everything that you know, it
At some level they're aware of that and they're letting you do it.
Well this is why.
They can't move against everyone yet and there's too many other people who are just as smart or more intelligent than I am.
We're about to have one of them on.
And so they can't get us all.
Ideas are bulletproof.
And they know that I've committed, and they know, come hell or high water, that I am committed to this right, and I believe in God, and I'm trying to be a good person, and I know they're evil, and look, a lot of their own police and military are good people.
A lot of people in the system are waking up.
Look, they may not be able to carry this out.
You see, they bought off the churches to tell everybody it's a foregone conclusion.
I mean, if you think you're going to lose a battle from the start of it, even if you're ten to one, and you've got the big guns, you're going to lose.
It's called an initiative.
We have to get the initiative again, okay, and realize that even, number one, they're misinterpreting the Bible and lying and saying, you know, we've got to lay down and go along with evil.
But, I mean, let's say regardless of the ends of next year, we have a responsibility to fight evil.
I mean, I don't see...
The Baptist Church came out Friday and said they're for blanket total amnesty and the amnesty bill.
Okay, the Catholic Church has called for gun control in this country.
I mean, it's just, our institutions have been taken over, they're totally bankrupt, and I want to know why the Baptist Churches aren't talking about DynCorp and Halliburton running jock and having rings.
Well, no, they're just going to ignore that, see?
And then say, oh, we've got to register all the kids in some Masonic DNA database to keep them safe from Al-Qaeda.
When they are al-Qaeda.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That toll free number again?
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
We're about to have a really amazing guest on.
I've had him on before.
He's Alan Watt.
We'll tell you all about him.
I know we've got a lot of callers.
We'll have open phones while he's on with us as well.
But I wanted him to go into some of the history of the New World Order.
The whole eugenics background.
The mass extermination plan.
Why that's really their religion.
And what they're pushing towards.
And really what makes the enemy tick.
And again, the stuff we're about to hear is documented.
It's in history books.
They wrote about it themselves.
No matter how strange it sounds, it's real.
And it's verifiable.
And so the police and military listening need to know who they're working for.
I know they won't listen now, but later they will.
That's the key!
Before we go to Alan, I do want everybody to listen very carefully to me.
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Look at the Superdome.
Look at New Orleans.
How do they control the people?
Through the food.
I don't
That's how they starved them out in Germany in the ghettos first.
That's how they did it in Russia and China.
That's how Mao killed most of the 70 plus mil.
It's really 72 mil he killed.
That's what most of the history books show.
The Chinese government though says we only killed 60 mil.
So people go with that number.
So 60 mil.
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It lasts 10 years.
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We're good to go!
Let's go ahead and go to our guest now.
And Alan Watts really done his homework.
See, my problem is, I literally study till 2-3 in the morning almost every night.
Lately I've been doing as much studying as I'm editing on Endgame.
But that studying itself, like I've even gotten freaked out lately.
I've been finding more quotes and then verifying the quotes.
It's one thing to have a quote online, but to go read
And then to find the audios of Bignam Brzezinski saying that our government supported Pol Pot and kept him in power.
I mean, just to find that they brag about it!
I mean, we're in trouble!
And then I found out that they don't respect each other until they've engaged in mega-deaths.
That's like, they actually honor and worship people who've been responsible for mass murder.
And then to find their quotes on that, and to find all this out, and to find out
Because, you know, years ago I read about Charles Darwin, the grandson of the supposed father of the theory of evolution.
I'm not debating the theory of evolution.
The point is that this is a religion.
And it goes back to the occult of how they're kind of growing through these different levels.
And how they openly talked about sterilizing people and eugenics and CPS started through that.
Our whole architecture, everything you see, is driven by this desire to set up world government so they can orderly exterminate us down to 500 million conservatively.
There's now big camps in the New World Order who want to kill down to only a few hundred thousand.
And, uh, they think they're gods, they're totally sick, and they write about it.
That's the thing is, police, military listening, who don't believe me, you can verify this.
And Alan Watt, of course, just has such a wide range.
When I heard him on air, interviewed him here, read his website, I'm like, man, this guy really gets it.
There's a lot of people out there that are full of baloney.
A lot of people out there who are either egomaniacs and attack everybody in the movement.
Not Alan Watt.
He is just a real deal.
Now I've had people turn around and bite me in the behind many times before, but he looks like the real deal.
It's always great to have somebody up who really knows what they're talking about and can calmly go through it.
Alan, thank you for coming on with us.
It's a pleasure to be on.
Tell folks a little bit about yourself, your website, and then let's just get into, in a nutshell, you know, crash course in this, what their mindset is, who they are, some of the citations, and what we're facing.
Okay, what we're facing is a complete change in everything we've been taught to believe in almost.
To realize that this isn't a recent takeover of a system, but rather is the upgrading of a system that was never ours.
These guys have been at this for centuries and centuries, maybe even thousands of years, when you go back into the old Greek philosophers, with the whole philosophy or religion, it's one and the same thing actually, that the power of might has the right to rule the lesser.
And that the function of society, simply by studying the peoples thousands of years ago, was to, for those who had the insight, the illumined ones, the ones who were brighter, they had the right to exploit those below that they claimed were lesser.
They were the ones who didn't have the higher IQs, the ordinary people.
So it's a psychopathic, elitist organization we're talking about.
that finds the study of nature and use it to back up and rationalize what they're doing with the world.
They believe they are gods in a sense because they're guiding the shape of the planet and the future of the whole of humanity.
Tell us about yourself.
Break down how you woke up and then give us that condensed history and then
Start up with the modern eugenicist and where that comes from, because that's so key.
Yes, well, you know, it's not even modern.
Again, it goes back to Plato.
When he talked in the Republic about this beautiful utopia they would love to create, where the guardians would be in charge of the whole world, the ultra-elite who are inbreed.
And he said it was very important they inbreed to pass on their special genes.
What he meant was their particular psychopathic traits of cunningness.
And he also talked about breeding the lesser people for specialized functions by breeding them like animals to make tall people or short people for different functions.
This was understood that this could be done just by simply selective breeding and forced breeding.
So they've always been involved in a eugenicist movement.
And this came to the fore in the 1800s, more so, and in the 18th century.
Two thousand years ago, we're about five foot eight, five foot seven, depending on the area on average.
But by the 1400s, after just 500, 600 years of feudalism, the average serf was about five-two male, but the average elite was about six feet.
It's even their enjoyment to have the slaves be smaller than them,
Through feudalism, keeping them on tiny pieces of land, controlling them, dominating them, and that's what the Queen of England's into breeding today with horses and dogs and everything else.
It's their religion.
Please continue.
Yes, their religion.
And also, you fight for the Normans came in.
See, the Normans really came in through Europe, this odd nation that sprung up with lots of money and a military of armored knights and a huge treasure chest to fund mercenaries to go into the next country and the next country.
And they took over Europe, especially England, on a scale of World War II.
They built floating barges that were acres and acres wide to carry forks across, you know, wooden forks and constructed them.
And it's been on for years with backups and munitions and all the rest of it.
Incredible agenda.
And they brought in this feudal system with them that really had come from the Middle East, that had been tried and tested for thousands of years.
And with that they started to take in an inventory of their conquered lands.
In Britain it was called the Domesday Book.
So literally every man, woman and child, chicken, pig, cow was listed as property of the king.
And then they started to confiscate the animals from the people and forced them onto a meatier diet.
And that's why they started to get shorter.
And the big joke amongst them, even today, is the little people.
They're not talking about fairies or elves, they're talking about the common people.
Because the elite, of course, had all the meat.
And they tend to be much, much larger.
And that's why.
This was a forced eugenics program.
Hundreds of years ago.
And it hasn't stopped.
And even in World War I, you find when the British troops were being recruited for World War I, the average height was five feet two and five feet three.
And within four or five months of feeding on a military diet, they gained a minimum on average of five or six inches.
Please continue.
Well, you find again, around that time of World War I, the high Masonic societies
Who put so much faith in science, believed that they could alter, again, played by Plato's idea, that the whole of the human world deserve their system in a better, more efficient way.
And it turned out book upon book on eugenics and special breeding.
And that's when the American Eugenics Society sprung up, funded primarily by the Rockefellers.
They've been behind it all for a long time in the U.S.
side of things, but they're interrelated with the rest of them across the world.
And they even had their own magazine out every month on the perfect American families.
And of course they funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Society of Eugenics and all the major arms that created the Nazi Party with the Army Intelligence Officer Adolf A. Louis Hitler.
Again, folks, this is what governs everything.
The social workers, everything.
This is where it comes from.
Please continue.
Yes, and even in the medical books at the time.
You'll find it was widespread, even through the whole process of eliminating disease and inferior types of humans by any means possible to eliminate the bad gene pools, as they called it, the bad traits.
And so that was taught from the 1900s onwards for a long time.
It fell away during World War II because it was well known that Adolf Hitler did support the whole Darwinian eugenics program.
And I don't know if people realize that thousands of German psychiatrists joined the Nazi Party because it fell right in with what they were being taught.
That they would eliminate mental illness and low IQs by simple elimination of the people.
They wouldn't allow them to breathe or they would sterilize them.
Now they're already sterilizing them in the US under the same kind of programs.
I don't know if people realize that.
450 plus thou from the 1920s until the mid-1980s and it's still going on quietly.
That's right.
And so this is a eugenics program.
This is what they really mean about how the study of genetics would cure all the world's ills.
Well it will for them when they make us all a specific type that will serve them much better without the problems.
And that's where they've been going steadily ever since.
And all the different branches of the Illuminati that sprung up were just branches of free hire, free masonry at the time.
And Weishaupt's order was the Bienen Order, the order of the bees.
They had the beehive as the symbol, the perfect society.
The fleur-de-lis!
Yeah, and it goes all the way back to Egypt too.
The fleur-de-lis initiated in Egypt.
You see the top of their columns.
And also, it's the Trinity.
It's the perfect unification of body, soul, spirit.
Whereas the ordinary person supposedly, this is what they joked amongst themselves, the ordinary person didn't have spirit, they just had soul.
Which was nothing much.
So there's all this propaganda to reinforce what they believed in, and they always recruited from the universities.
It's also the perfect
We're good to go.
Now I want to go back though, if we can now, people have a general view, and of course I historically agree with everything you're saying, because it's what they admit.
Let's go back though and look at Charles Darwin I, and walk through their open breeding program, only into what, two other families, and then Charles, his grandson, and then the next million years, and how that ties into Dr. Pianca, saying kill 90% of the public, he of course is at UT, and where all this is going, and how far away they are from being able to launch their main operation.
Yeah, well what they claimed was, in the 1700s, is that the future they envisaged would be one where those families who had acquired wealth and power and managed to hold on to it by selective breeding, picking their wives for special qualities similar to themselves, they had the right to rule the future.
And Charles Darwin's family only intermarried with the Wedgwood family
For about four or five generations.
And now they're completely mentally ill basket cases.
Yeah, Charles' own ten children all died.
Two of them in a mental hospital.
And then his wife died.
She was a Wedgwood.
He then married his mother's sister, who was a Wedgwood.
And his father, of course, married a Wedgwood.
And his grandfather married a Wedgwood.
So they were already practicing
This in-reading program to try and regain what they thought was pure intellect.
They believe that's why they had that cunningness, that power of insight.
But in fact, psychiatrists know when they study it that what they're looking at are really the rationalizations of the psychopath.
Well, you're right, and again, massive inbreeding does actually lower IQ and cause all sorts of physical illnesses, not just mental.
And studying a lot of the eugenicists in this country, most of them ended up in mental institutions, because their families have already been secretly breeding for, in some cases, thousands of years, and they're just completely psychopathic control freaks.
That, of course, in this gene line, is obsessive-compulsive, obsessed with order, and they like to kill people, is their main trait.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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It's like a lot of hybrid breeds of dog.
Basically the breed just dies out.
They become so mentally ill.
They have so many genetic problems.
Imagine the elite are still following a plan that was faulty science from thousands of years ago.
Read Plato's Republic.
Read it all.
About how they are elite and they've been inbreeding with the traits that let their great great great great grandpas be a tribal chieftain or, you know, be good at banking.
Yeah, they had some strong traits that were good at something and then they just keep breeding with others who are more aggressive and they lose.
You're supposed to be balanced.
You're supposed to be aggressive but then also be a loving person.
But no, not these people.
And again, I want to be clear.
Most masons aren't even real masons.
They're porch masons.
They're not even in the higher levels.
And so I want to be clear, when Masons tune in, they think, oh, they're saying Masons run it all.
And then they'll come back with, Founding Fathers were Masons.
Yeah, and most of them were low-level and being co-opted.
They weren't fully co-opted like the French Revolution.
And I want to get our guest to talk about that some and make the differential there, because the elite's always trying to take over any movement and influence it.
And the elite will occasionally even do good things because they'll try to do it for evil or for control and it'll turn into good.
They're not perfect.
They're not invincible.
By the way, huge Norman Mineta news from We Are Change.
It's going up on JonesReport.com right now.
Great job, WeAreChange.org and Seattle911Truth.
Got Norman Mineta, Transportation Secretary with new bombshell info.
That's coming up near the end of the show today.
We will be covering that and we'll get Alan
Masons must realize that they needed a middle class for the industrial era.
Well, yeah.
And that's why they gave, for the first time, what's known as Freemasonry to people who are not of noble birth.
Because the nobles already had their orders going all the way back to ancient times.
The Romans had the equestrian order for their nobility and it's never been any different.
That's why the CFR symbol is the equestrian order symbol from Rome.
Yeah, that's right.
And that's what you see now.
But they needed a sifting pool for the brighter ones and the ordinary people because they had to recruit.
What they knew for the future would be military leaders and police leaders, authoritarian leaders to manage the peoples for the world they envisage coming.
And so they looked for an order that where people could keep secrets and they'd be tested to see if they could keep secrets and that those who do take the secrets and take the little bribes that do come their way that's I've no problem understanding and believing it I know they do and that many of them have told me they get to bank loans instantaneously and so on even on the lower levels and
So, the state is all bribes and keep their mouth shut.
And if they're really good, and if they need them for managing the public, even a local newspaper editor, he'll be recruited and pushed upstairs, as they say, or put into a side order, which goes much higher.
So it's a sifting process of who it can use.
Exactly, and it's like a little Russian doll.
Systems within systems, pyramids within pyramids, all nexusing up to higher levels.
Studying the Masons, of course, in some of the orders there's 360 degrees with Lucifer at the 360.
How high from your study do the humans go in the order?
Because after that, you know, they place goddesses and gods on that panoptagon.
Well, once you get to the Quaternary, which is the 40th degree, you're into the lower gods.
Remember, the Elohim and the angels, this is modelled after, this is the esoteric meaning behind it, there's orders of angels all the way up to the Elohim gods, and that's what they use it after, it's modelled on that.
He begins at 40, you see.
Yeah, and there's several different schools of it, but it all goes with the circle of the snake eating itself.
We'll be right back with Alan Watt, who will tell you about his website and what he does.
Just a really great researcher, we're honored to have him.
Big Norman Mineta News coming up, and they're openly saying they want to shut down talk radio.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we've had Alan Watt on before, but not often enough.
I've got to have him on regularly.
You can visit InfoWars.com and link over to his website.
It's excellent.
But, Alan, before we continue and go on any further, tell folks again a little bit about yourself and about your website and some of the great DVDs and audios that you offer.
Yeah, if you go to CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com
I think so.
To show you, that way there's no debate on this.
Well, here's an example.
Helmut Schmidt, German Chancellor, back in the 80s, he writes a book, Men in Power, as a political retrospective, and he says, hey, we do druidic rituals in the groves in Germany, but I like doing the rituals the most in Northern California.
I mean, there he is saying it's a ritual, they take it serious, but then they tell the public, oh, it's just a play.
Oh, yes, yes.
They always have the two versions.
But for themselves, it is very, very serious, because they do take
When grown men take oaths of killing each other, should they break the oath, they take that seriously.
And they have so much to hide from the general public, they must, at that level, they must take it seriously.
They all know.
Now, they all know what they're doing is wrong in the public's eyes.
But, being psychopathic, they're quite happy to go along with it and keep their mouth shut.
Psychopaths have no conscience, we must remember.
They don't have guilt trips.
Well, they also have a lot of sociopaths in their servant class, and then they have people who are afraid, who make the decision to join them.
A lot of intelligent people I've talked to said, look, I've joined the New World Order because these people are dangerous.
I've talked to some young people who've told me, I want to join the winning side.
And they think they're intellectuals at some university.
Some have been approached to join at the CFR, well at university, from big families, old families.
And they've told me quite plainly that they'll join the winning team.
Yeah, I've had them tell me that too.
They say, they say, they say, I'm joining the winning team, and yeah, you're right.
But he goes, and they'll say, but that's our strength, is that we're going to kill you.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, yeah, that's just the thing.
Even Plato said it.
He said, from the ordinary people, he called them the it's.
The ordinary people were called it's.
They were not considered as people.
By the way, the big secret is...
And my dad's been to big corporate high-level training seminars on recruiting, and they openly say, the New World Order has by design destroyed, this is in major meetings, the New World Order, this is in mainline corporate meetings, the New World Order has destroyed the general public's cognitive capacity by design, they overdid it, now we're headhunting and the homeschoolers are the best, but we even buy up the homeschoolers that aren't that good, because it shows that they're basically free agents,
And so every homeschooler I know gets double, triple, full tuitions when other people don't because they're just trying to get the people that almost escaped them.
That's right.
And again, too, they have tests in school.
People don't realize they're being tested all the time.
It's even more so now.
Every year you're tested and psychologically tested.
And they're also looking for the psychopathic types that are better with their marks at school to recruit into being servants for them.
And these are the guys who become the bureaucrats for them in the federal bureaucracies and local bureaucracies.
That's why they're giving complex psychological tests in every major public school in the Western world and now Asia to build key cores of functionaries, bureaucrats,
Technocracy, functionaries, but also technicians of death.
We'll be right back.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into our number three, eight minutes into a huge
...developments with Norman Mineta, former Transportation Secretary, being asked about, hey, was Dick Cheney with the Pentagon, was he ordering a shoot-down saying it still stood?
Or was he saying that it's not a shoot-down order?
And he said, no, no, no, it definitely was not a shoot-down order.
Whatever the orders were, it wasn't a shoot-down.
That's confirming that the order still stood.
The guy's walking in saying, it's 50 miles out, it's 20 miles out, it's 10 miles out, does it still stand?
Yeah, you've heard the orders.
Have you heard anything else the contrary?
He also confirms that Cheney didn't know if Flight 93 had been shot down over Shanksville and said, let's find out.
Because the order, Cheney, two months before had taken the powers from the Pentagon away.
They'd always been able to shoot down errant crap before.
But he'd taken the powers away from them, conveniently.
Just on the subject of 9-11, Alan Watt, give us your take on that.
Well, it was a plan waiting to happen, as I say.
Because the Project for a New American Century, and all those connected with it, had put out their agenda for the 21st century.
And they said it would be America's century, but they would need something that would happen to motivate the American public behind them in a war against Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Syria.
And lo and behold, as Arthur C. Clarke correctly wrote in his book 2001, you get 9-11, and the second part of this phase is started.
That's what 2001 was all about with Clarke, who is a very high mason.
Well, he's also the inventor of the telecommunications satellite.
Yeah, yeah, let's go back.
I mean, tell folks about the Darwin's, about Clark, about H.G.
Wells, who wrote books like the New World Order, you know, wrote a bunch of non-fiction books, was, you know, their futurist.
I mean, that's how Huxley in the early 30s could write Brave New World, and before he died in 62, he spoke at Berkeley and said, no, no, this is the real plan.
Go ahead.
Yeah, that's a fact.
You see, in the 1800s,
In the early 1800s, the Rothschilds put up the first foundation for novelists and writers, and they started off with the embryo of the futurist society, which they all belong to now.
And all the budding young guys were either picked out of school to go, like H.G.
Wells was, he was trained by Huxley's grandfather and picked by Huxley's grandfather, Thomas,
Who was the champion of Darwin and the best pal of Darwin.
And they picked these particular guys and they would say, look, we want you to write a story and put in these particular topics, because that was what's called predictive programming.
And so they'd write a little fascinating story to captivate the youth.
And in the story, you're being downloaded with possible ideas, which you will then
Except as quite a natural progression when you see them come out in actuality in your lifetime.
That's predictive programming.
But they also wrote a lot of non-fiction books.
And H.G.
Wells, for instance, wrote A History of the World, Part 1 and 2.
And he puts the whole eugenics program in his book that he believed in.
And even had all the races done before Adolf Hitler.
That should be exterminated and those that should be saved.
It was all according to economic value to the system.
Even had the Irish down there at one point.
So, uh, yeah, these guys worked for massive think tanks.
Today, all, pray well, all the big novelists and sci-fi writers belong to the Futurist Society.
Now, who do the Illuminati believe the elite race or races are?
Well, uh, H.E.
Wells did label them according to their
To their help, he said, we need economists and those who are experts in finance and economics.
And he says, therefore, those families who are high up in an aristocracy within the Judaic people will control the finances.
He didn't want to list the other ones where inventions came out of, people who turned out inventors, etc.
Now, by the way, they're writing all of this.
This is HG Wells, folks.
War of the Worlds, Time Machine, all of this.
They're saying all this.
In a non-fiction book, huh?
Yes, but then we're bad to talk about it.
That's right, and HG Wells
In the society he was recruited into and trained in, they gave them all red ties to wear for the color of the Masonic Revolution.
They created Communism, or the basis of it, in the West, not in the Soviet Union.
And they did fund the whole Soviet structure into being.
Well, that's like Marx and Engels being funded out of London.
I mean, you can read the French Revolution propaganda, and it's Communism.
That stuff's not new.
That's right.
It was the same thing.
It was the same format.
Right down to killing off the masses of the peasants.
Because in the French Revolution, what's not talked about much is the fact that they had a map drawn out, already drawn out, and the mountain, as they called it, the part of their parliament system, when it took over, they had the ideal populations for every area of France.
The excess populations.
Now, what they do in this system, they terminate, they get control, then they create a dictator to use the nation as an engine to wage war, which kills the neighbor population and more of your internal population, inner Napoleon.
That's right.
And Napoleon himself had a lot of supporters in Britain who were really based upon this in-between of Communism and Capitalism called Socialism.
And Bonapartism
I don't know.
This is all fast-reaching plans, and these guys are intergenerational planners.
They know if they start this now, they can pull us off in three, four generations down the road.
Maybe even sooner.
And for those that just joined us, this is written.
This is stated.
When you hear the term eugenics or bioethics today, that is the religion and the blueprint for the societal engineering
And it is just the ultimate power trip of these sickos.
And you need to understand, for those that go, something can't be intergenerational.
Yale, Harvard, Princeton, or Oxford in England, it's just like a university.
It grows the people that sit in the positions of power, fund themselves, fund their names as the institution grows, they grow, family names are associated with it.
So just as a university can be 500 years old,
I don't
With Alan Watt, what do you think is going to happen breaking down?
Are they facing resistance?
Are they getting more resistance than they thought?
Is their program seven years behind?
Are people breaking out of the matrix, cutting through the matrix as you say?
And what's the hope at the end of the tunnel?
I mean, break down what their master plan is, where they're going, if they could have what they wanted now, what they would do, and what you realistically think they'll be able to do.
Well, I don't think they're behind, to be honest with you.
They've been preparing for this part of it for a hundred years.
We've seen the build-up of internal military armies, they're called police now, who have two sets of uniforms, one for the street and one for the combat.
And training them all with this multi-jurisdictional task force is to even send them over to the Middle East to get experience in knocking down doors and killing people.
Battle-hardened, yeah.
Yeah, and so this has been a strategy.
They denied all this in the 80s.
Some of us spoke out in the 80s about this.
We knew it was happening.
And they denied they even had an MGTF.
Now they probably print it in their own papers.
So, they're way ahead.
They understand that 2010
Uh, they hope to have the unification of the Americas completed.
Uh, 2012, with more chaos they want, uh, the United Nations to be declared their official frontman.
And that's what it's set up for.
And it's clear they're going to use the man-made global warming hoax as their funding mechanism.
Meanwhile, the army just dumped 63 million gallons of solid nerve gas into the ocean, killing everything.
I mean, by the way, that's mainstream news, but that's not a problem.
Carbon dioxide, a life-giving gas, is what they're going to tax, which is the ultimate global feudal tax.
Go ahead.
Well, it's been a war on all necessities for individual life.
That's just it.
The term interdependence goes back all the way to John Dee and Queen Elizabeth I's court in the 16th century.
They said they'd bring free trade, a new system of free trade.
As they promoted this new system of Great Britain or the British Empire across the world.
That's really to make everybody dependent on them.
Yes, and it was also to rob the people of their ability eventually to sustain themselves uniquely as individuals.
That's the key.
To be tied into this system is their goal.
Chopping wood will be outlawed under this Kyoto.
Anything where you can actually heat yourself, feed yourself independently of the system is going to be illegal.
You must be dependent on them for all of those things.
This is the big feudalist move.
This is the great leap forward, the cultural revolution in China.
This is what Hitler did.
It's what Stalin did.
The collectivization of the Western world under Kyoto, folks.
You see, now you thought it was just a gas tax.
Now it's, oh, one-child policies.
We're going to tax you if you have more than one child.
Oh, you can't have plastic bottles.
Oh, you can't, you've got to spay and neuter.
Oh, you've got to track all your animals on your farm.
Oh, it's total feudalism being launched right now.
Yes, it is.
It's a whole kitten caboodle out in the open now.
It's just like if you looked at the Soviet system that was a big testbed to iron out all the problems.
It's being used here now because
Even some friends at Gorbachev have come out and said, really, that what the West has now is just an updated form of the Soviet, with their special NGO groups, purportedly speaking on behalf of the public, NGO groups which are authorized by the United Nations and are unelected by any government.
And that's non-governmental organizations like, locally, SOS and the rest of the land seizure.
I will be back with Alan Watt.
This is, again, the reality.
It's what we face.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
Alright, going back to Alan Watt.
Alan, we could talk for a hundred hours, and I've got to continue to have you back up, but you're coming back in the next segment with us, too.
You're not leaving us, but, uh, you know, it's just so horrible to see him bragging about it in front of our face, doing this, openly doing all these horrible things, Dick Cheney saying he's above the presidency and can do whatever he wants, on purpose, if they do that.
They on purpose put
Articles in the Chicago Tribune saying they kidnapped millions of children and women and take them to rape facilities.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up.
They purposefully admit four trillion is missing from the Pentagon.
They purposefully are just flaunting it.
But at the same time, Alan, people are waking up.
People are saying no.
I mean, Congress has got a 14% approval rating.
At least people aren't being... I mean, I do see an awakening.
Do you have any hope?
What are you saying?
I think a big and a different kind of awakening, too.
Because, you see, most of the public realized the culture that we have today was given to us, and this has been well studied again, that when psychopaths take over or even give you a structured system, the culture they give out to the people below them is also a form of psychopathic, it's a very
...hardened structure that has no empathy for weak people, the disabled, etc.
Well, that's why they show us Jack Bauer torturing children every episode.
They're giving us their mindset.
Yes, and unfortunately a lot of people who grew up in it, even if they're technically normal, will accept that as being the norm and get recruited into these organizations.
If you notice, I mean, it's not just that they're torturing people in the 21st century that's astounding.
They're a civilized person.
It's the fact that they have no problem getting the recruits to do it.
Where did they get them from?
Well, they get them from all the lower classes, generally for the military, they always have, and there's no shortage of them because they've created a generation who've been brought up in single family homes, no father,
They've been brought up on war video games where the object is to kill, kill, kill.
Invented to desensitize troops for training in the military so they would kill.
They have created the very culture they needed for this particular time in history to use against the people.
So, we're in bad straits that way, and what we have to do now is appeal to the conscience in people.
They've also trained people how to not work together and be a bunch of greedy rats, too.
Yes, it's true enough.
It's a psychopathic dog-eat-dogs culture, survival of the fittest.
And when we lose our compassion and our ability to empathize with others, we have already lost, even if nothing happens beyond that.
That's the first battle.
If we can retain that and win that battle, we can win the rest.
They will get put into more and more compact cities, more and more controlled, always in the name of safety, then more attacks, more attacks, and then finally just more and more controlled bio-releases.
I don't see them culling us off in three generations.
They're openly talking about bringing us down to 500 million in the next 20 years.
Yeah, the Ministry of Defense, the British Department of Defense, the highest think tank they have,
For the British realm.
They put out the new emergency report two months ago saying... Tell them what it says.
It was 90 pages.
And they put 9 in the newspapers.
I have the full 90 on my website in the archives.
And they're talking about what they foresee in the upcoming 20 to 30 years.
I read the whole thing too.
Just on record what he's saying, Zachary.
Go ahead.
And they go on about there'll be flash mobs of people.
Now it doesn't say they'll be unemployed or whatever.
But you've got to understand something would make
Joe, something really awful would happen to make Joe and Jane Sixpack actually get away from the television.
Maybe no television, maybe that would be the motive.
But then they try to claim all revolution will be Marxist, so they're already trying to claim the new revolution won't be a legitimate one.
They're going to hijack it and put commissariats over it.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and they'll also give the leaders to the ones who are rebelling so that they don't get to the destination they thought they'd end up in.
That's classic too.
The Soviets did the same thing.
They had the names of all the revolutionaries that helped in the lower levels.
Then they killed them all off once the revolution was over.
So, this is old technique to be reused.
And that's what we've got to avoid.
We can't think we're fighting the new world order and call for a violent overthrow and then quote some new general pops up who's a patriot.
It'll be even worse.
Exactly, exactly.
But they also said, they expected, because of the fact of creating, and they are really speeding up the process of a multicultural global society,
Stay there!
Tell people what neutrino bombs are.
This is an official Ministry of Defense report.
And this is what they say they believe they're projecting.
They say, we believe this will happen.
Their past reports have been accurate.
Of course, they're orchestrating all of it, so they know.
So, neutrino bombs.
They've got helicopters in every major city rigged with knockout gas right now.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the thing The only thing that's real The needle tears a hole
But I remember everything.
Folks, all I know is the globalists doll up everything they do.
And I just know it brings pain and misery and evil.
And I know these people are sick.
And I know they've got to be stopped.
And I do have faith.
I know that we'd be in a much worse position if good people hadn't stood up and fought since the beginning of time.
But I want all the young people to know your style, your fashion, the destructive things you do, everything we're under is literally weapons being used against you and your family.
And they're engaging in eugenics right now with the different compounds that are in the vaccines and the water, the air.
To all the environmentalists, again, they're doing so many environmental things with the chimeras, the genetic engineering, dumping stuff in the ocean.
You know, it's legal for them to just go out in the ocean and dump whatever they want.
It's off the chart, and then they've got you giggling.
I mean, they're giggling at you, saying, we've got to have a global tax for carbon dioxide.
That's what you exhale, folks.
It's a tax on breathing.
I mean, it's a big joke to them.
And then they've got you dumbed down like primitives with a witch doctor who would say, give me all the power or the sun won't come back during an eclipse.
That's all it is.
And they're now, I hear them going, we need to normalize the climate.
Well, the climate is never normal.
It's never one way.
See, I mean, they're literally just using ancient witch doctor scams on you.
And I don't think the elite control everything.
I think they're out of control.
Their genetic engineering and the rest of it endangers even them.
Most of them end up in mental institutions.
They're not omnipresent.
They're not all-powerful.
They learned how to con people.
They learned how human activity operates thousands of years ago.
They've got a big jump on us, but they've made a lot of mistakes, Alan.
I mean, I think we're in danger.
You talked about neutron bombs or neutrino bombs.
They now admit they've developed antimatter weapons.
Top physicists say that could cause a chain reaction, destroy the whole solar system, or create a black hole, or worse.
I mean, I just, I think they are the biggest threat to humanity.
What do you say?
Well, they are.
They've tested out their HAARP technology.
They are.
Actually, I've got all the frequencies for the shortwave where you can pick it up to anybody who wants it.
They can get in touch with me.
They'll hear the HAARP being used 24 hours a day.
But they've also used the HAARP technology, the standing waves, to cause explosions in the atmosphere.
And that was the very thing that Tesla stopped experimenting with because
Because he was afraid that it could superheat the atmosphere to such an extent it would explode and catch fire.
And two or three years ago you might remember this odd phenomena where supposedly all the experts the next day they were hurriedly brought in and said, well it must have been a giant meteorite went over British Columbia down into Washington State.
And because it set off fire alarms and shop alarms all the way down
And yet, none of the radar characters or the astronomical crew actually saw anything coming in.
And what they were really doing was testing this technology to cause explosions in the atmosphere.
And then a week later, I listened to the Australian news, and lo and behold, the same phenomena happening over a good part of Australia.
So they have been testing these weapons out for a long time.
And they've been using the populations over areas
To be the guinea pigs for them.
That's been declassified here.
The town of Espanola, that's not far from me, were used as the guinea pigs for the heavy spraying a few years ago.
They sprayed day after day.
It was the US planes in conjunction with authority from the Canadian government.
They came up and sprayed them.
The women were having stillbirths.
Even the deer in the fields around were having stillbirths.
And the people of Espanola took it to the court after court, right up to the Supreme Court in Canada, and it was admitted there, yes, this was an experiment carried out by the U.S.
military on the public, but they couldn't give them any more details as to what was used in the chemicals because of reasons of national security.
We are the enemy to them.
They have no countries at the top.
They are internationalists, and the peasant of America or Canada is on no higher a scale than the peasant of China.
Well, you're absolutely right and I am just... I am so upset by the fact that as a society we face this and it's just...
Alan, but again to them, we're weak because we're upset by all the bad things they're doing and we empathize with fellow humans.
For them, that is a great weakness.
I mean, I'm pathetic, you're pathetic because it upsets us and God, I just can't believe it.
I look at all the happy little children, I look at all the beauty in the world and there's this great evil running things and they just go on and on and kill whoever they want and do whatever they want and just
Cold-bloodedly, and it's psychopathic.
They're interested to study up the long-term health effects on those people throughout their lives.
This is how they get fascinated.
When they're children, they probably pick the legs of insects, you know, or stick pins in them and put them on the collection boards.
These characters are really deviant creatures, you understand.
The psychopath is a deviant.
Well, my analogy is they're a cancer.
The cancer thinks it's dominant if it was conscious.
It's taking over, nothing can stop it.
But really, it's killing the host.
It's malfunctioning.
It's not elite.
And there's a lot of them now.
And they have lots of recruits from the lower classes that do look for the psychopathic people within all classes because they do exist all through the strata.
And they recruit them to be their hench boys, their military, their hardened cops.
The new SS, that's who are recruited, the psychopathic types.
And they give them tests when they go into the military to find which ones are psychopathic.
Oh yeah, and they ask them, will you fire on Americans?
And 70 plus percent say no.
They go get deadly shot, shipped overseas to breathe radiation.
But those that say yes get a plainclothes uniform and are driving around right now in black Crown Vics.
And they even had a program on the BBC on how they found the people to work on the nuclear submarines who would avenge nuclear missiles.
And this was at the Holy Loch in Scotland where the US base was.
And the American commander of the base said, we give them a test to find out which ones are psychopathic.
They will obey any order that their boss gives them because we pay them.
In other words, the only respect that the psychopaths had
The guy who would turn the key and launch the missile was to his paymaster.
Well, it's like a tiger eating the Christians, or a lion that is only likely to feed them.
Give us your website.
I want to get you back up in the next few weeks, and this time I mean it, Alan.
Tell folks about your website.
I'm on CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com and AlanWatchSentinel.eu.
And you can download a lot of these facts and books I quote from for free.
And I also have two or three things there for sale.
Yeah, people should support you.
People should support you.
I want to get you back up in the near future, my friend.
And God bless you.
Thank you for spending time with us.
Thanks for having me on.
You bet.
I mean, folks, it's real.
It's scary.
That's why I get so angry.
I mean, I'm the type of person, when somebody's threatening me, I know they're evil.
They're smiling at you.
I know they're bad.
They're laughing at us.
I just want to take them on.
And there's a lot of cops who mean well, a lot of military who aren't psychopaths, you know, who are just conned into all this.
Now, I want to go to Luke Rudowsky here in a minute and play this new Norman Mineta tape.
Pretty powerful stuff.
It's going up on JonesReport.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
It's up on WeAreChange.org right now.
We've got it all going up right now.
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I want to play this Norm Mineta clip.
How long is that clip, John?
Five minutes.
I'm just going to bring Luke up real fast, and then I want to get the numbers to this
Folks with 9-11 Truth Seattle, who reported for WeAreChange.org, and I appreciate the fine job they did in getting this up.
Luke, again, just real fast, and I appreciate you holding for 20 minutes while I have the guest on, just to give us a blurb.
This is an exciting Minetta testimony.
Give us your take on it.
Yeah, this is an amazing testimony.
I mean, 9-11TruthSeattle.org did an amazing job.
I mean, it shows the commission report got it wrong.
It shows
You know, it clears up the timeline when Dick Cheney was in the bunker, and it shows that Dick Cheney's orders were not to shoot down the flight, but to let the flight, you know, let the flight not be shot down.
That's the headline!
That's it!
I mean, Norman Mineta confirms testimony, I mean, confirms that Dick Cheney did not order shoot-down of Flight 77, or a Pentagon flight, and the point here is he's confirming that it was not a shoot-down.
The order stood, and that was a stand-down.
This is huge, Luke.
Yeah, this is huge.
I mean, this is amazing news, and those guys did an excellent job.
It's amazing what these guys are doing.
They're making me proud of what they're doing.
And I hope everybody takes charge and does it also.
I want to bring you back after the break to talk about this.
Let's go ahead and go to this clip.
Here's Norman Mineta, Transportation Secretary, being interviewed.
Now, this is by the independent media.
This is happening more and more.
You know, back when we did this 12 years ago, nobody was doing it.
Now, people are doing it all over.
Young people are doing it all over.
It is bringing them to their knees.
Here it is.
I read the whole book, and I'd love to commission you for it.
I find it a little awkward that they omitted a lot of your testimony.
They left very little information about your testimony.
My main concern is that in your testimony, it stated that your vice president, Dick Cheney, came into the EEOC office at 9.20 when you arrived and he was already there.
I don't know if you got a chance to read it, but it comes in half an hour later, so I don't mean to ask you a total question, but to the best of your recollection, was Vice President Dick Cheney already there when you arrived?
I might have been mistaken on the 925, but he was already there.
It was a 9.38, after some 38 minutes later, which does not make sense to me at all.
No, I don't know how that could happen.
And I mean, it goes against your testimony, and it goes against his own testimony, and he's impressed, where he said he was there at 9.38, that's a full 38 minutes, so... I have no idea.
Well, I was not involved in that.
I overheard that the young man also said to Vice President Obama, and I think when you said it, you actually thought it was a shoot-down order when you learned later that in fact that was not the case.
Something about orders still stand.
And so what I thought of was that they had already made the decision to shoot something down.
Later on, when I heard about the Shanksville plane going down, the Vice President was right
You think that we shot it down ourselves?
He said, I don't know.
I said, let's find out.
So he had someone check with the Pentagon.
That was about maybe, let's say, 10, 30 or so.
We never heard back from the DOD until probably about
And they said, no, we didn't do it.
It's 1230.
I'm very concerned because I read this whole book and it's 400 pages of reading and it took a lot of my time and I read this book and I found your public, in watching the video on your public outlet permission, you mentioned some very important details.
These details that we're talking about right now.
And again, time being, it's the biggest thing that all of us, on my blog anyway, we've been wondering about.
So, and I think this letter was written by a gentleman in Los Angeles.
And basically that's what he was looking for, was basically an answer to, to the best of your recollection, was Vice President Dick Cheney already there, basically sitting comfortable doing his thing prior to your arrival.
And I believe you said yes to that.
Well, I don't know about being comfortable in the P.I.
But he was there.
He was there.
And so was Mrs. Cheney.
They were both there.
And there were other staff there in the P.I.
Because this is prior to any airplane hitting the Pentagon.
This was before American Airlines went into the Pentagon.
Thank you so very much.
I really appreciate you clarifying this.
I really do.
God bless you, sir.
Thank you.
So the neocons have said that he's not even talking about the Pentagon, he's not even talking about Cheney and the testimony.
They try to lie about it, and look, here he is saying, oh no, the commission's lying, saying that Cheney got there later after it had hit, and the commission of course cut his testimony out of the congressional record itself.
Very suspicious, Luke.
This is extremely suspicious.
This shows that the 9-11 Commission Report is a farce.
It shows that they were lying to the American people.
It shows that we need a new independent investigation into 9-11.
And what these guys did in Seattle is a true example of patriot journalism, citizen journalism.
We're not experts, but we will ask the hard questions if the media won't.
I want to come back and get a final comment on
Stay there, Luke.
This from you.
Never even got into Dianne Feinstein last week live so they didn't want to control talk radio and shut it down.
Now she admits it.
UPI reporting has her quotes.
I'll try to cram that in as well.
The attack on free speech intensifies from Europe to the United States.
PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com are the websites.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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We're good.
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We're good to go.
It's UPI, folks.
Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat, California, said Sunday she is looking at the possibility of reviving the Fairness Doctrine for U.S.
She goes on to say that the measure is coming before the U.S.
She asked if she would revise and bring forward the Fairness Doctrine, a nice Orwellian term.
Oh yeah, we are hurting them.
I mean, the YouTube videos,
We're hurting them a lot.
are the new wave of this revolution and and people are seeing it and they're seeing these independent journalists patriot journalists
You know, doing this incredible job that the media is not doing.
And we're embarrassing the corporate mainstream media by doing a better job.
You know, these young kids in Seattle did a better job than MSNBC and CNN will ever do.
You know, what we did in New Hampshire was better than anything.
CNN reporters ask softball questions.
They talk about baseball.
You know, that's what one CNN reporter asked Joe Biden after I asked him the question about his Pakistani-ISI connections.
I mean, it's sad.
It's pathetic.
Well, keep it up, Luke, at WeAreChange.org.
The great reporting you've been doing, ForInfoWars.com, has just been amazing.
Tell everybody out there I said, great job, and take care of my friend.
I'm going to talk to you when we end the show in two minutes about some other stuff.
In closing, folks, I get so busy now, plugging the sponsors and taking the calls and having the guests on, that I'm not even plugging my own films, and frankly, we don't even have enough capital coming in right now to
Continue operating.
That's kind of the catch-22 I've gotten into.
There's a lot of other people I want to support and try to help.
So, I really hope that you will support InfoWars.com and the work we're doing by going to InfoWars.com and getting TerrorStorm, the final cut, the new version that just came out, or getting Loose Change 2nd Edition, or Aaron Russo's America, Freedom to Fascism, or all the other books and videos, Riddles in Stone, The Secret Architecture of the Elite, that gets into what Alan Watt was talking about, available at InfoWars.com.
Or Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, Order of Death Combo DVD.
Two films on one DVD, 1995.
And that's how we operate.
It's how we fund our operation, what we do here in the Infowar.
And hell, if you just want to write us a check, folks, and send it to us, if you mean that, we'd rather you just order a bunch of books and videos from us.
That way you know you're getting materials that you can give to people or show to people that will inform them to a higher level.
That's how you donate.
That's how you support.
But if it makes it easier for you, you can write us a check.
And 90% of it will go to the fight against the New World Order.
About 8% or so, I end up.
That's part of the fight against the New World Order as well.
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We're going to have big stories out today on what's happening with Randy Weaver that had the feds sneaking around today on his property in Arkansas.
Big reports on the attack on free speech and the fairness doctrine.
Big reports on the new video that came out concerning Norman Mineta.
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