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Air Date: June 27, 2007
2339 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, you know, Ron Paul has been banned from the next presidential forum slash debate.
It's being carried nationally.
It's the equivalent of a debate.
And he's going to be there at the gate speaking out with a big rally of supporters.
We have got Kent Snyder, the campaign manager, joining us in 30 minutes from their Virginia presidential office.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts at 12.30.
He's talked so much about the Fuhrer Precept, or Bush and Cheney, saying they are literal God Emperors.
He'll be joining us coming up in the middle of the next hour.
Then at 1, Glenn Spencer of American Patrol, and then at 1.30, the last 30 minutes of the transmission, Terry Anderson of the Terry Anderson Show.
I do not say this from a position of ignorance.
I say this from a position of extreme study.
The problem is, it's one thing to study, then it is another thing to even put on a presentation.
That would take many more hours.
In between looking at edits on Endgame down at the end of the film last night, but frankly I spent about 90% of the time while the editor was working
Just researching the bill, the vote, the debates, the experts.
So, it's so horrible, I can't explain it to you.
I mean, it's that big, it's that bad.
But they, as you know, passed.
They got cloture.
And they've got way more than the 60 votes they needed.
And that means that they, that's a test on the vote, that means they will get the votes tomorrow to pass it out of the Senate.
And I spent two hours studying the House.
Ladies and gentlemen, I believe George Bush was right a few weeks ago when he said, I'll see you at the signing statement.
I believe that by next week they will pass the amnesty bill.
The literal end of America.
I'm not the only one saying that.
They will pass it next week, as things stand.
The neocon sites that claim they're against it are posting and saying that it's been beaten, and that don't worry, they'll beat it in the House.
That is a complete lie.
And if we, as a people, as a country, as fellow countrymen and women, cannot face up to how bad things are, we're not going to be able to defeat it.
I literally printed probably 60-70 articles.
The whole front page of PrisonPlanet.com is going to be this situation and the phone numbers and the analysis.
I began screaming and yelling last night at about 2 a.m.
I don't normally do that when I'm just privately studying.
I began yelling and screaming and running around the office, okay?
That's how bad it is, folks.
Yelling and screaming and cushing and jumping up and down.
Just trying to get violent energy out of me.
So that I wouldn't take it out on somebody.
I had violent dreams last night.
I'm not normally like that.
My violent dreams were just dreams where I was, you know, big fist fights all night.
Those type of dreams.
I mean, that's how much this is upsetting me, folks.
This is the end
Of our country, of where all of our great traditions and our forefathers, it is the end of America.
It is the end.
And there's so many tricks, so many little scams they're pulling, I don't even have words to describe it.
When we get back, I'm going to try.
You know, I spend four or five hours studying this stuff, and then I'm like, it takes me an hour just to staple all the stories I printed, or even try to look at them again and figure out what I'm going to cover first.
I'm just, I'm staggered, is the word.
I'm literally staggering around.
It's so evil, there's so many lies, there's so many traitors, every one of them need to be arrested immediately!
I'm serious!
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, about 9 o'clock last night, I was... About 8.30 last night, I was getting conflicting reports that they passed cloture in the Senate with a test vote of, what, 66 votes.
And that means that they have the votes to pass it out of the Senate.
And I was getting this info from different outlets that, oh, it was probably still going to be beaten.
See, they keep saying for a month, oh, it's never going to pass.
And Bush is like, oh, yeah, it is.
That's a psychological warfare tactic.
We've seen this MO, this attack pattern before many times.
So I went and studied the House side and the Senate side.
They will probably pass it out of the Senate tomorrow, the full bill.
And then it will go to the House and it could pass as soon as Friday.
I doubt that.
It will probably pass sometime next week or the week after that.
They've got to celebrate it and kind of drag it out and ritualize the killing of the U.S.
They've got to stylize it all.
They've got to demoralize us further and also make us think that we were in the fight the whole time.
Kind of like a big cattle play with a
Gazelle, baby, before it finally eats it.
Grab it and let it go.
Grab it and let it go.
It's all predatory celebration, celebratory games that they're playing.
It's a great time of celebration, the destruction of the United States.
There's also a lot of disinfo out.
CNN is reporting that they broke the news of El Cenizo late last year.
I was ignorant that El Cenizo had been in the news, other than this show, because I remember back in the late 90s, I learned that seven South Texas towns, we even went to one of them, was in the San Antonio Express News, a ten-part series, fly the Mexican flag, no English is allowed in city proceedings, and Spanish is the official language, and the police openly tell blacks and whites they're not welcome, and it's illegal alien and drug-running sanctuaries,
Of course, the city and county openly run narcotics.
And that was all in the newspaper, by the way.
Mr. Gonzalez was writing the articles, too.
They couldn't spin it and claim it was some racist gringo, you know.
Saying all this, and I had the reporter on the air, and I remember that in 98 and 99.
For two years, he wrote about it.
I never saw it again.
And I'd talk about it routinely, and people would deny it existed.
I do plan to make an immigration film in the future.
I may not make a film about 9-11 truth the more I think about it.
I may just make my next film be about the borders.
I don't know, I'm juggling thinking about those two right now.
I don't even know what to say anymore.
Let me just try to... Well, we've got a CNN piece that is an abomination from that little CIA... He's admitted, by the way, CIA recruited Anderson Cooper.
You know, he doesn't have good ratings, nobody likes him, but they push him and air him like four times a night on CNN and he's all over TV and at every different TV and video award you can imagine as they push the guy who was recruited into Central Intelligence and then, quote, left after college.
Now anchors CNN and is also an heir to one of the most wealthy dynasties in U.S.
But I'm already digressing and it doesn't really matter.
The way they spun El Cenizo.
The way they spun it.
This wound in the underbelly of America and Texas.
One of many wounds spreading across our pockmarked, diseased, and faltering nation.
And so, let me just go over some of the background issues here.
I was still clearing my mind during the break.
The points I wanted to go over now, as I get on air, just washes into a background of haze.
They're playing all sorts of tricks.
Headlines say, Dianne Feinstein switched her vote at the last minute for the bill.
Yeah, all these Democrats that came out and said they were against the bill the last couple months because it wasn't good to our immigrants, and all the immigrant groups that came out and said that, that was part of a smokescreen to fool conservatives and pro-sovereignty groups.
That was all meant to fool the public.
That was playing possum.
That was military camouflage.
It's deception.
The first rules of war.
That, oh, see, the illegals are against the bill, or the Democrats are against the bill, it must be getting tough.
And then, it was like, oh, look, there's only, you know, 40 votes for and 60 against, and I'm like, oh, no, no.
You watch, they're going to pass that thing on cloture, and I thought it would be 61.
No, it was 66.
Senators, yesterday.
And, of course, all the Democrats suddenly flipped and said, OK, we're for it, and all the immigrant groups said, OK, we're for it.
Now they're one of the big... that's a trick they play.
Just learn their tricks.
Also have been coming out and running Fox News specials, CNN specials, MSNBC specials, newspaper specials, going 6,000 more, border patrol, huge fences, surveillance blimps, special high-tech camera systems, on and on and on and on.
And man, we've got tough amendments
And then they never make the amendments, or you read the amendments, it's just a statement and then the next section will say none of it is to be enforced.
And they'll put up one or two per state big towers that in some cases are 12 to 20 miles.
One's 12, one's 20, I looked it up last night.
Back from the border and just watch the town.
Have nothing to do with it and they're all Pentagon run.
And, uh, you know, so you'll have like, what, seven or eight of these things on the whole 2,200 mile border.
They don't even cover 100 miles of border total.
They'll build five miles of fence and say it's 200.
They'll build one mile of fence and build it with huge drainage ditches, quotes, that are five feet tall, where a man could walk through just leaning down a couple inches, so the quote, wildlife can come through.
I mean, it's built with huge holes in it.
It's absolutely amazing.
I mean, the amount of lies are so off the charts.
It's like they said, we're going to put 2,000 National Guard down there, and then maximum they put 100 at a time, and they're not even allowed to have loaded guns, and they run from the Mexican troops, and they shoot at them every few weeks.
Uh, and they're not allowed to arrest anyone.
They can, quote, call Border Patrol, and the National Guard and Border Patrol are all being caught taking Coyote payments and smuggling them across, and they're encouraged to do so by Homeland Security and their, the foreign Mossad agent that runs it.
I mean, it's just a complete and total joke.
In spades.
In spades.
And they just keep saying that they've amended it and they've added all these provisions and then you actually read the bill.
And all the 20 loopholes, and by the way I found more than Senator
I ended up reading the whole 300-something page bill.
I found more than what Senator Sessions put in there.
It's much worse.
When you go read aggravated felons, child molesters, arsonists are legalized.
The first day they show up, they're given a social security card under any name they give.
They can have multiple identities.
Five years tax amnesty, something citizens have never gotten and never will get on income taxes.
I mean, it's more in-state tuition than citizens that live in the states.
I mean, it's really in there.
Stuff I can't believe.
I mean, it's so over the top, it blows your mind.
And the people making arguments against the bill on TV, they're just sandbagging.
They're not bringing up the real arguments.
The most hardcore argument they'll bring up is,
This isn't fair to immigrants that came here legally and have been going through the process, that now these others are just legalized.
I mean, that's about the strongest... When that is nothing, nothing compared.
And then we've got El Senizo, with a cop in El Senizo saying, frankly, I don't care what you think.
And by the way, folks, you better watch
Being a gringo in El Cenizo.
We're gonna go down there.
I'm probably gonna make that my next film.
And, uh, we'll let them arrest us, do whatever.
We'll have shut-up cars and stuff to catch that on tape.
But, uh, I mean, it's bad.
It's pretty dangerous, too, but we're gonna try to catch the narcotics trafficking and the... I always let the enemy know up front what I'm gonna do, but then they always forget or they don't have the intelligence to even know.
New World War.
Right now, I'm thinking a big in-depth border investigation film is what's next.
I was going to make one on 9-11 Truth, but I just... I just think this is paramount right now.
There's a big extra in Endgame.
It just was too long to put it in the actual film on this whole situation that's going in Endgame.
But, uh...
I just don't even know what to say or do anymore for this country.
When we get back, I'm going to play the CNN piece.
It is... I could talk for 10 hours about it.
How everything's all twisting, a spin, how they try to frame it all like it's a good thing.
I mean, this is an arrogant, anti-America town.
It flies the Mexican flag.
And I just want all the illegal aliens to know something.
The New World Order hates you.
They run eugenics on you.
You're being used by the New World Order and you don't care.
As long as the U.S.
falls for some war we had 140 years ago, you're glad.
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I think so.
I've seen trouble all my day.
I'm a bit far away.
Again, England, Germany, France, the U.S., Canada, we were all taught to hate our sovereignty, that loving our country was bad.
We were all told to stand down, be ashamed of our countries.
That was only so the globalists could move ahead and dissolve our borders and flood our countries and third world populations to destroy the middle class so the new world order elite's victory could be complete.
Elites have always waged war against middle classes, doesn't matter what color they are.
Look at what happened down to the Argentines.
I mean, there was a saying 50, 60 years ago, as rich as an Argentine from Argentina.
Not anymore, folks.
Mission complete.
Tiny elite, giant underclass.
And our government, the Mexican government, have filled the Mexican people full of total hatred of the U.S.
You can go down to some southern Mexico town, they're real nice, friendly people.
But even there, I've been talking to folks in Spanish, and they're like, no, we're going to get America now.
I don't know.
Eight years ago, it was seven towns.
I don't know what it is now.
The fly Mexican flags, no English allowed.
If you go to Wikipedia, they claim that the town just started last year in El Cenizo saying Spanish is the official language.
Here's just some of the spin.
It's up on JonesReport.com, the whole piece, but here it is.
By this point you might have thought you'd seen it all when it comes to immigration.
We've shown you on this program tunnels in Tijuana big enough to march an army through.
You've seen protesters beaten by cops in LA.
National Guardsmen accused of immigrant smuggling.
Politicians on every side of this issue.
You've also gotten to know hard-working immigrants simply trying to make a better life here.
But here's a prediction.
You've probably never seen or heard a town like the one in Texas we're about to take you to.
Because in this American town the official language is now Spanish.
Your CNN's Ed Lavendera.
Hi, how are you?
If you want to find what you're looking for in El Cenizo, more than just a little bit of Español goes a long way.
Am I Español or English?
Consuelo Reyneda works the cash register in this border town's only grocery store.
Most of your customers here, do they speak Spanish?
They speak Spanish.
Okay, pause.
See, first they introduce it to you, they personalize it, they humanize it, and they go, by the way, Spanish is the official language.
I looked for it last night, I couldn't find it, but I covered it so much on air, I have it memorized.
I guess I have to go subscribe to LexisNexis to find it, to go to the library.
I challenge somebody, go find it in the library, scan it, put it up on the web, send it to us, we'll link.
Ten part series, over two years.
The Mexican flag flies.
Now, it looks like they've taken it down now.
They've got American flags everywhere as part of the propaganda.
And English is not allowed.
Let's go back to the propaganda page.
They speak Spanish, yes.
No English?
Uh, they do speak English a little bit.
El Cenizo is a small Texas town of 6,500 people overlooking the Rio Grande.
It's not unusual for people down here to speak Spanish and English.
Nearly everyone does.
But El Cenizo is different.
It officially conducts all of its city business in Spanish.
Today the town is led by a 24-year-old mayor whose first language is English.
He personally translates meeting agendas into Spanish.
So you have a stack in English and a stack in Spanish?
And at the end of the meeting, which stack is empty?
This one.
And these are all just kind of stationary.
The English ones are still sitting there in Spanish, but they're gone.
Reyes says this was nothing more than a gusty border outpost until 1999.
But now, with the city and its people speaking the same language, streets are paved, there's a police force, and a fire station.
I mean, what?
Eight years ago, they said Spanish was the official language.
Okay, I don't care what Wikipedia and Anderson Cooper say, claiming it was six months ago this happened.
You're a pack of liars!
And then watch, they say just speaking Spanish is like magic, man.
It just made everything wonderful.
Here it is.
And you get to that with the support and the collaboration of the residents that reside in this.
And you think that happened because city business here is conducted in Spanish?
That's right.
You know, we speak their language.
Most of El Cenizo's residents are Mexican-Americans here legally.
Reyes says, and city council meetings are conducted in Spanish.
We'll play the rest later.
Total baloney.
All of it.
All lives.
Why I didn't go down there eight years ago to get that Mexican flag flying?
Well, you've seen them take over the post offices in high schools from Arizona to L.A.
running up the Mexican flag or Jolly Roger.
So, that's just unbelievable.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't you know that it's time to get on board And let this train keep on riding, riding on through
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
We are working on getting Ron Paul on sometime next week or the week after that for you.
As he continues to climb in the polls, the polls they allow him to participate in,
And of course the Las Vegas Oddsmakers are now saying he is the only Republican candidate that could beat Hillary Clinton and they have been increasing his odds from 200 to 1 to 15 to 1 and now even better than that.
He is an underdog, he is a dark horse.
Kent Schneider is the head of his campaign and we appreciate his campaign manager for coming on with us from his office in Virginia.
Thanks for having me very much.
What is the skinny with this Republican televised forum?
What is Ron Paul really planning to do and what can we do?
Is it impossible to get him on the roster?
Because we know that the head of this Republican forum is a campaign manager for John McCain.
Where is all this going?
How can we help?
Well, the Iowa for Tax Reform and the Iowa Christian Coalition will be sponsoring a presidential forum this Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa.
Unfortunately, they invited everyone except Congressman Paul, which of course was a little bit disturbing to us.
We didn't know about it until kind of at the last minute and we made a call to that group and they said Dr. Paul would not be invited and they didn't want him to participate.
So they made it clear that he simply wasn't welcome and so we didn't like that so what we decided to do is to go ahead and have our own event next door in the same convention hall which will be this Saturday in Des Moines at the Hy-Vee Center in downtown Des Moines.
We're good to go.
Now the Southern Baptists have endorsed open borders, end of America, amnesty, and I guess they're trying to support fake Republicans who are actually pro-abortion.
Are they mad at Congressman Ron Paul because he isn't for America killing legislation or killing the babies?
Well, I tell you, sometimes I don't really know why some of these groups don't take the Dr. Paul because when you look at it, his record and his voting record and his long record of speeches and what he advocates, you would think that so many of these organizations support him.
The little interesting part about this, the way I look at it, is a lot of times the rank and file members
I don't know.
He quickly found that the rank-and-file members in Michigan, GOP party members who pay his salary, disagreed and they made him change his mind.
So that's been my experience.
So we've got the Iowans for tax reform and what's the other subgroup?
The Iowa Christian Alliance.
Iowa Christian Alliance, that's right.
Now my problem here is, they invited Rulof Giuliani, who's pro-abortion, pro-open border, pro-big government.
I mean, there's nothing conservative or libertarian about him, but I guess that's okay.
It's okay to be pro-abortion, just don't be a constitutionalist.
That's not Christian.
Yeah, and that's a bit perplexing, but you know, again, once the story broke,
We started hearing from the rank-and-file members of those organizations saying that they were disappointed and they were upset and some people said that they had called the leadership there.
And likewise with the Iowans for Tax Relief.
I mean, Mr. Thaler is the head of that organization.
He and I debated this issue.
We're good to go.
That is, it has more of a reputation for lowering taxes, and Ron Paul, you don't want to invite him.
It doesn't make sense.
Well, most of these groups, these immigration groups, these tax groups, are just there to collect money so the director can live in a $5 million house.
They're not really doing anything.
Now, this is a serious conflict of interest, though, because this guy is a minion of one of the other Republican candidates.
Yeah, he is.
He is the senior advisor, as listed on the John McCain website, to John McCain.
So, he also, from some research that some people did, he was instrumental in supporting Pataki out of New York when Pataki was considering running for president.
Who, by the way, is for total gun registration and banning handguns nationwide.
Right, right.
So, when you take a look at these people who are head of these various organizations and see what they're doing in other ways, you know, then that makes them a suspect in my eyes.
I mean, everyone has to have their own favorite candidate, and I have no problem with that, but once you learn who their favorite candidate is or who they're supporting actively when they're not in the duties of the particular position of their jobs for these groups, then that tells you something.
Well, all of them, even mainline Republicans, Bennett and Buchanan, and just literally all of them I've seen on television, are saying this could actually break the Republican Party, this open border, U.S.
ending, total legalization of all these hardcore felons, and the rest of it, instant Social Security cards, instant welfare, TIP being provided.
And it doesn't matter.
Bush doesn't care if 91% in Gallup polls don't want this.
I mean, what does this mean for America that the Republicans and Democrats have circled the wagons against the American people and so-called Christian and so-called taxpayer groups are pro-Giuliani who makes Hillary look conservative?
Well, I'm perplexed by it too.
I'm a lifelong Republican from Kansas and was active in the party when I was starting in junior high school and it really angers me when I see this happening because it shouldn't.
I just feel like anymore that the Republican hierarchy, the elites,
I mean, I don't know of any other way of saying it.
I mean, you're absolutely right when Bush and the other elites in Congress and around the country are going against exactly what most every American is against, whether it's the amnesty program or what have you.
And the Constitution!
And the Constitution in general and a lot of other things.
And of course, as you know, the amnesty bill is being revived.
I mean, Bush has gone to Capitol Hill a couple times now on that, which is an unusual move.
He talks about it.
And I really am just ready for him, Bush and others, other Republican elites, to look at Americans through the camera lens and say, you know,
We really don't care.
We admit it openly.
We don't care what you want.
We are doing this anyway.
Well, Ken Snyder, I know you've seen the amazing spin they've been parroting on every TV show and national radio show that the American people want us to do something.
They want this bill when it's the exact opposite.
I mean, they treat us.
I mean, I really think that they're still playing the game of 10, 20 years ago where their lives were still working.
Do you think they know the jig is now up?
Well, I don't know.
These people consider themselves smart.
Most of them are, but they're certainly not perfect.
A lot of times they just talk amongst themselves inside the beltway.
They have dinner parties.
They go out to the same restaurants.
They socialize.
They date.
Their kids date each other, etc.
It's a bit of an incestuous relationship as far as I'm concerned.
So sometimes, or often, they do lose sight of what's going on outside of the Beltway.
And again, that's why I'm saying I consider Washington to be the Twilight Zone, because as you say, they say one thing and mean the exact opposite.
I don't know how else to describe it.
Ken Schneider, I've only got you a few more minutes.
I want to get into the strategy.
How's the campaign doing?
Obviously, you guys have raised quite a bit of money, but not enough.
What is the TV strategy?
What can the listeners do to support
Well, first of all, I want to share with everybody that the campaign is going much better than we ever anticipated.
Dr. Paul was enthused by the day.
I'm enthused by the day.
We're getting ready to move into new office space.
More and more people are joining us.
Emails are pouring in.
Phone calls are pouring in.
Thank you.
I agree with him, but also he's a big part of it, as you know, because he does embody and personify this sort of message over a long period of time.
I simply would encourage people to keep doing what they're doing.
Our media groups around the country are literally exploding.
Our email list is building by the day.
Just ask people to spread the word.
Ask people to go to our website, RonPaul2008.com.
There's enough material on there probably to interest most folks.
Join a meetup group, make a contribution if you can.
Just keep doing what you're doing now.
We've got a long way to go.
We've got a lot of money to raise.
We're going to be using the Internet as strategically as we possibly can.
We've been getting some good reviews by various technical publications, giving us high marks for doing that.
We're just going to work as hard as we can.
The message is clear.
The need is absolutely essential that we get it out there.
And the good news is people are responding.
And I'm beginning to find it interesting to watch and listen to some of the pundits
We're now kind of scratching their head, kind of getting a little bit uncomfortable because now they realize that the cat's out of the bag and they don't really know what to do with it.
Well I do Kent Snyder, again the campaign manager for Congressman Ron Paul, I do agree with you the cat's out of the bag and I see a lot of the hubris and the arrogance draining out of the eyes of Anderson Cooper and the Fox News crew and the people at MSNBC and CNBC but expanding on that
The old World War II saying of B-17 pilots was that when you're over the target, you're going to be getting the flack.
And I see it as a really good sign that they're finally starting national demonization campaigns.
They're finally starting to try to manufacture dirt and manufacture skeletons and claim a lot of bull that I've looked into.
It's all turned out, of course, to be complete bull.
And the good news is, secondarily, that not only are they attacking, which shows they now see him as a real contender,
But secondarily, then the attacks are bouncing off, and it seems only encouraging people to check out the congressman.
Your take on that?
I agree with what you just said.
Len Noffinger, who passed away about a year or so ago, he was one of the brains behind Reagan back when he was governor and all the way through the White House.
I think so.
Consider us to be a credible threat to them, which is exactly what we want to be and what we need to be.
And so that's that's positive.
But Dr. Paul, as you know, has a long record, and we're just going to keep comparing and contrasting him with all the other candidates.
And the interesting thing is, I know you mentioned just earlier, there are people now outside of Las Vegas, but there are political pundits now who are saying that when you really look at the facts, Ron Paul,
is the best candidate, the best Republican candidate to have a chance to beat whoever the Democrat is.
And there are now people in Washington who actually are saying those words.
And that, when you really think about it, that is very exciting.
Well, it is because if there's, for the body of the Republican Party, you know, the good people, you know, who are not these elites,
As well as grassroots anti-war, you know, true liberals, they love Ron Paul because they know he's credible.
They don't agree with him on every issue, but they know at least what you hear from Ron Paul is what you get.
And they know the Democratic elites are just as corrupt as the Republican elites, and they realize, and they see, I hear a lot of liberals calling into talk shows, noticing how Bush is actually doing everything he can to run the Republican Party in the ground, and we know they pass the batons.
It's like when Bush got in
And told Congressman Dan Burton's committee to leave Bill Clinton alone for Partingate.
We know Hillary's going to do that, or Barack Obama, probably Hillary, folks.
We know that that is now happening, and so the Republicans are power-sharing with the Democrats, and they are intending to run all these dead horses with all these skeletons like Giuliani and, you know, we've got the other guy who's got really bad cancer.
That's totally staged with Thompson, who the Bush family, by the way, it's now turned out is behind him.
It's just like when they ran Bob Dole against Bill Clinton in 96.
They are not running a real viable candidate.
The real contenders are holding back for the next election or the four years after that.
Folks, if you don't want Hillary Clinton in, a warmongering socialist,
No, there's no doubt.
And people who don't understand that or accept that are either, well, just ignorant or they've got their head in the sand or both or something.
I mean, these things, as people like us have talked about for years,
These things are now in the open.
There's no conspiracy.
These people are being very open.
They're being very blatant about it.
I know a lot of people say it's unbelievable, which of course is one of the tactics that propagandists use to say something so outrageous that it is unbelievable.
But these sorts of things are in the works.
They've been in the works for a long time.
They talk about them.
They're there.
The information that you bring up is
Is there for people to simply accept?
It's certainly ripe, and if not, now when?
Kent Schneider, Ron Paul, 2008.com, 1-800-RON-PAUL.
Folks, call, donate, volunteer, get yard signs.
Listen, I know people who aren't even into the Freedom Movement or into America.
I don't
We need the yard signs now.
We need them nationwide.
1-800-RonPaul or RonPaul2008.com.
Kent Schneider, thank you for all the time.
And just in closing, in the 30 seconds we've got, how do you attend the thing in Iowa?
Well, the easiest thing to do is go to RonPaul2008.com.
Check the eventful calendar.
The details are there.
That would be the easiest thing for people to do.
All right, thank you for the time, and again, I'm grabbing you by the hand and lobbying you.
We need the congressman and the listeners wanting.
I understand.
We'll make that happen.
Thank you, sir.
All right, there goes Kent Snyder, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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We'll die.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
In the third hour, focus on the end of the U.S.
and I want to explain something.
Hispanic Americans are wonderful, hard-working, soul-to-the-earth, backbone-of-this-country people.
And you know me, I don't just say something unless I mean it.
Hard-working, good people, and a lot of my best friends.
And I don't like the position of political correctness, the way it makes me feel, to have to go head-on and attack all these illegal aliens and these pro-Mexico people.
But my Mexican friends, Mexican-American friends, they go, we understand, we hear it all, we speak Spanish.
Yeah, we know Alex.
We understand.
Because they hear it.
They were actually the first people decades ago to warn me about this and I literally thought it was some test or something to see if I was racist.
I didn't know they were being serious.
Hey, you know they don't like America.
Hey, you know these illegals, man, they're bad.
Blah, blah, blah.
And I thought it was a joke.
And again, I don't even blame those that hate this country.
They are nationalistic.
That's how you're supposed to be.
I mean, that's more natural than what Americans have become.
But I'm not going to lie to people.
I'm not going to sit here and act like there aren't 700 and something billboards in L.A.
is now Mexico.
saying L.A.
Ha ha ha.
And all these radio stations laughing and saying it and restaurants saying it and people saying it and laughing.
I mean, I'm tired of it!
And I just want all the illegal aliens, or all the people that can talk to the illegal aliens, to let them know that they're setting up Planned Parenthood in your country.
They're setting up all these eugenics programs all over the world.
They're hurting your people.
They're shooting your children up with these vaccines.
And they just see you as more meat to use in their military and in their system.
I want you to have a good life.
I want your children to be strong.
I mean, I like to see other people do good.
It's not some tribal attitude of, uh, of, uh, of, I don't like you.
It's that I understand you've been brainwashed.
You've been turned against this country.
This country has done bad things to Mexico.
That's what elites do.
Your elite's far worse than any elite we've had here.
And I'm just here to tell you that you don't want to kill America!
And this country is literally on its knees, ladies and gentlemen.
On its knees.
And you sink your own lifeboat when you bring her down.
And you certainly can bring her down.
I mean, if that brings you some sick pleasure, fine, but I mean, my God!
You're doing this at the behest of an elite who are totally ruthless, out of New York, out of London, out of Europe.
And they know what they're doing, and they're using you to break down this country and to drive down the wages and bring us into serfdom, bring us into a plantation-style economy.
Everything the globalists are doing is about getting control and destroying any independent wealth.
When you bring down the U.S., I mean, hell, if the Mexicans would come up here and become patriots, red, white, and blue, and become pro-gun, pro-U.S.
freedom fighters, even if it drove down the wages, I'd probably say, so what, bring them in, let's have them as revolutionaries to defend the Republic.
But no, they're controlled by the Democratic Party, anti-gun, pro-open border, pro-socialism.
We are cooked, folks.
We have got, it's like we're a lifeboat that can only hold 50 people.
We've already got 60.
We're about to sink.
The sides of the boat are right at the water line.
I'm bailing, you're bailing.
And we got Mexicans dancing around.
You know, literally screaming down with the U.S.
dancing on our grave.
As the lifeboat goes under into freezing waters.
And they're dancing around thinking they're having a... You're in the boat too, you idiots!
Alright, but you're not as big an idiot as the yuppies in this country that think it's all cute and funny.
I'll say that.
You at least have got some nationalism.
And I can respect that.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, the entire top of PrisonPlanet.com is an action alert stop amnesty section.
Prison Planet is being switched over, InfoWars.com is being switched over, JonesReport.com is being switched over.
This is it, okay?
The last five or six little fence that they've used are distractions before they strike the main blow with their sword right at our heart.
The end of America, total pardons, no taxes, instant welfare, instant social security cards, they're going to completely fill the military, they're going to use the illegal aliens to vote for gun control, the total destruction of the U.S., to drive down the wages, this is it.
This is a hundred times worse than the hate crimes laws.
We'll just ignore that and go forward with our free speech.
A hundred times worse than even the war.
A hundred times worse than all of it.
This is, and they're announcing by the way, no more controls on trucks, no more controls on planes.
They're now announcing mainstream news, what's in the SPP.
NAU documents, North American Union, merging the corporations, merging the laws.
It's happening.
North American Union's happening right now.
This guest worker program is really a North American Union ID for the Canadians, Mexicans, and the people of the U.S., all standardized.
Mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday.
Okay, we're trying to take the country out of a spin right now.
This is it.
Bush is making his move.
It passed the Senate by a whopping 66 yesterday.
Huge margin.
That's veto proof.
It doesn't matter.
Bush is the one pushing it all.
That is a huge margin.
The House, I did an analysis last night.
Look at the analysis of more than 10 top experts, Democrat and Republican on both sides.
It's going to pass the House.
But they knew that they didn't want to have an open revolt, so they've been acting like you've been beating it, and then this way, when it passes,
Psychologically, people will have in their minds that at least they gave them a good run for their money, or it was fixed, or that's all bull.
They even made the bill worse.
It is just mayday, mayday, mayday.
Contact your Senators.
We have a list of the 20 or so swing Senators you've got today and tomorrow, folks.
And you've got to call every one of them.
And if you live in Virginia, or you live in Maryland, or you live in D.C., you need to go park.
You need to go into the Capitol.
You need to go through the checkpoint.
You need to go into the Senators' offices, and you need to tell them, do not do this.
Do not go along with this.
You need to be faxing them.
But I'm telling you, the physical, people need to physically go to the Capitol, the People's House, run by those whores and lecherous traitors,
And you need to go in there and you need to grab them by the hand.
You shake their hand.
You act real friendly to get their hand.
You say, now you listen to me.
We know over 90% are against this and we know this is more than amnesty.
It's more than amnesty.
It's more than a sham-mesty.
It is a pardon.
It gives illegal aliens more tuition than in-state citizens.
I mean, this thing is off the charts.
There are 30 million plus illegals.
It allows them each to bring 11 family members.
It legalizes them total for 12 years.
Instant social security cards.
This is it.
The entire top of PrisonPlanet.com.
See, we waited to take the side over and to make it all about this until it really counted.
This is it.
They're making their move right now.
This is the real one.
Not that I'm any expert on fencing.
In fencing.
But in fencing, again, you put in the fake moves.
You act like you're going this way.
You act like you're going that way.
You act like you're going to lunge in.
You act like it's a parry and you go ahead and stab him right in the heart.
This is the move, folks.
The gleams in the eye.
The little devilish smiles on Bush and Hillary's face, and they are jabbing right now at the heart.
They're moving right now!
Now, they're going to try to stab us again next week if they don't get this, but they will lose momentum on this one.
Up until now, it's all been distractions, diversions.
They're making their move right now.
Right now!
Right now!
And frankly, it doesn't look good.
I'm going to be quite honest with you.
They're probably going to pass it.
But at least we can try.
And I'm telling you, you live in Virginia?
We're gonna put the call out on the web.
You live in Virginia?
You live in Maryland?
You live in surrounding states?
I don't care.
You get on an airplane and you got the time and money.
You fly to Washington right now.
You don't wait.
You go in there and you get them by the hand.
Are terrorist cells or prime terror targets located near you?
Where are military bases and hazardous waste sites located?
How do you find the best area for solar, average rainfall, fish contamination advisories, and major transportation routes?
In the new interactive CD book, Prudent Places USA, you will find the information you want with over 50 interactive parameters that you control.
Find everything from housing prices and taxes to brewing environmental catastrophes.
Locate billion-dollar disaster-prone areas, the safest cities, ideal solar locations, and much, much more.
Complete with over three gigabytes of detailed information on each of the 3,000-plus counties in the U.S., including 550 high-resolution, full-color maps and full-color photographs, as well as detailed information and analysis that you need.
Get this hard-to-find information by ordering Food and Places U.S.A.
now for only $29, plus shipping and handling, by calling New Millennium at 888
It's here!
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv I need to get my feet in shape for summer!
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Hey, there's a drug store!
I'll be right back.
I'm getting some Cal-X.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
PrisonPlanet.com has got all the toll-free numbers.
I need to dig up the non-toll-free, because they have a trick where the toll-free only has, like, so many lines, but the non-toll-free is where you can really get through.
And I'm serious.
I'm going to put out a little release today on Prison Planet and Jones Report.
If you live in Maryland,
You live in West Virginia.
You live in Virginia.
You live in Kentucky.
You live in New York.
You live in anywhere within 200 miles, 300 miles, a day's driving.
Get in your car right now.
Now throw a suit in the back.
Drive in.
Go through the checkpoint.
It's your capital.
When I was a kid, you just walked right in.
Go through the illegal alien guards.
They used the illegal aliens to build the few miles of border fence they built for public consumption.
As a Hollywood set.
And literally go to the illegal alien guards.
Some of them haven't been caught to be illegal aliens.
Go through them and get into there.
I'm not kidding.
You didn't know they have federal guards and ICE people that have been found to be here illegally?
Go in there and go to the key Senators, the key members of Congress.
Also visit the House members.
And we've got
50 plus key House members listed up on PrisonPointed.com and we've got the 20 or so key Senators listed.
We also have the 20 loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill listed.
You need to see this for yourself.
Also, federal bill would rob poor benefit corporations.
That's even liberal writers saying that.
It's real simple.
They live like slaves in Latin America.
The police rule over them.
Chase Manhattan and Citibank own Mexico.
So Mexicans hate the U.S.
They see it as gringo domination.
And that's true.
But it's not the average Americans doing this.
It's the New World Order.
It's the same people.
They're just doing it to America now.
What is it?
And I understand... Let me tell you something.
I remember being 12 years old and...
Going on a five-day trip down to Yucatan, but we wouldn't just stay at a hotel in Cancun.
My parents would rent a car, we'd drive out and see the pyramids.
And we'd go see pyramids that had just been dug up or hadn't even been dug up yet because we'd already been on other trips to see the other pyramids.
We'd go to the really rural areas.
And all over the coast of Mayan, the most beautiful areas of the coastline, right by the Guatemala border, millions of acres had UN signs that said UN Biosphere.
And my dad took Spanish in college, and he can speak some Spanish.
My mother took it.
She can speak it pretty good.
And my dad, I remember going, man, look at these, this is when I didn't know what a U.N.
Biosphere was.
I was 12 years old.
Look at these U.N.
You can buy U.N.
land because they're at the front desk of the hotel.
And, you know, off to the side where you go and, you know, rent cars at the hotel, they were pushing and showing, hey, would you like to buy land?
And I remember my parents looked into it, because it was pretty cheap.
And they were just starting to change the rules, even back then, in those certain sectors where foreigners could buy Mexican land.
But it was still... And I remember my dad looked into it and found out, well, you don't completely own it, and they can take it away from you, so I'm not going to, you know, buy some land down there.
And also he found out, and I remember this by the time I was about 15 or something, I remember them around the dinner table, my dad had done some research, and found out that they had stolen it from the Indians.
That's why they're rioting in Chiapas and all those other places.
They marched in and took about a third of the country and literally rode in at gunpoint and made people get off cornfields that their great great great great great great great great great great great great granddaddy had been on before Cortez even showed up.
And they make them get off their land and because most of them don't have a deed, they just were born.
Everybody knows that's their 20 acres or 30 acres.
And they built their own little aqueducts.
They use their own aqueducts that are literally, in some cases, thousands of years old.
And they're hard-working, good people.
And by the way, I'll never forget Patricia Moore.
She moved to Guatemala about five years ago.
I never saw her again, but she was at AXS TV.
She had grants.
She was a deaf lady.
Really sweet, really smart.
I went to dinner with her some and hung out with her, just a really nice lady, about 50 years old at the time.
I need to find out where she's at in Guatemala.
I know she went down there to start a community TV station and I know she'd been shot at and threatened.
Who knows, I ought to see if she's even alive.
And I remember just walking by Access TV and she was in one of the edit booths and I saw footage of burning villages and troops and I remember it was on the news at the time
That the United Nations was down there, and that there was all this smoke in the Texas skies, and the sunsets were incredible because of all the smoke.
And there was agricultural fires in our news, but the BBC was reporting that helicopters and tanks were burning villages.
Well, months later, Patricia came back and she had the footage.
Folks, this is her hiding in a hut as soldiers in black uniforms are burning the village.
I mean, this is Hollywood power!
I mean, I didn't know what I was seeing at the time.
She was like, you want copies?
You want videos for your show?
And I showed some clips of it, and that's somewhere on tapes around here.
I ought to go see if Access has got the archives still of Patricia Moore.
I know other people took it over after we sent the director to prison when we caught him engaged in that.
He told us it was a conspiracy and didn't exist.
We found out the truth, sent him to prison.
But, side issue, we ought to just find those tapes.
And literally, folks, they just machine gun crowds of people, steal their land,
You know, this is just eight, nine years ago now.
It's an ongoing process.
That's why Mexico City went from 15 million to over 30 million in just a decade.
They forced them all off their land, and they built hotels and houses and condos for yuppies, and diamond mines and oil facilities and everything else.
And then they tell them, oh, the gringos did this to you.
Let's move you up to the Maquiladores on the Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada,
All up on the California border.
And then those jobs all got shut down and shipped to China, so they all come here.
And then they've got their local barrio leaders, controlled by the Ford Foundation and the Democratic Party, handing out comic books, telling them, this is Mexico, you're going to take over.
They've got all the narcotics traffickers giving them money.
I mean, it's just, it is red-level emergency.
Red-level emergency.
And all these people know is men came with guns and ran them off their land.
By the way, U.S.
Special Forces backed up the Mexicans while they did this.
I know that happened back in, what was it, 98?
And just in that wave.
And folks, when you see soldiers in black uniforms burning down villages,
I mean, just right out of a movie, man, walking around, and you hear a woman crying next to her, and she's literally down in a grass hut, uh, where animals were being kept.
They were burning the houses.
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Of course we've had problems, but this was the freest, best place on Earth.
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Canada's got more than double the resources that we have.
But why have we been so wealthy?
Because we had more liberty and more private property than any other country in history, and it created a milk and honey scenario.
That's why we've got to be brought down, ladies and gentlemen, to be incorporated into the New World Order, and it's happening right now!
Do you understand?
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It is all in the balance right now.
And it's gonna be in the balance more in the future if we win this battle.
And it doesn't look like we are.
Like I told you three weeks ago, and I got mean emails saying I was pessimistic.
And now they passed it in the Senate on closure, meaning they'll get the full vote tomorrow.
And the globalists love to brag.
Two weeks ago, I saw a snickering Republican pundit say, the President wants to pass it, and then he wants to sign it on July 4th.
So they plan to pass it out of the house Friday or Monday and they may keep them in session and they're even talking about holding it and doing it on the 4th of July.
Can you imagine driving a stake through the heart on the 4th of July?
I remember watching the Queen of England when she was at Congress last in the 80's being toasted on the 4th of July and they just love humiliating us.
The 4th of July, 1776.
The 4th of July, 2007.
They plan to sign a bill, the coup de grace, bringing us into the North American Union, using huge third world populations of desperate people, who filled with hate of the nation, as a battering ram, to bring down the Republic on the 4th of July, and the military, and the defense contractors, it is admitted, mainstream news are the main lobbyists dumping hundreds of millions,
Right now, buying Senators and House Members in the Congress, lobbying, saying it's for the nation's security, they've got to have the illegals for the military.
And then saying the people demand we do something.
Again, that's like if you cut your toe off and go to the doctor and the doctor goes, we've got to do something, we're going to chop both your legs off and slit your throat and give you a Colombian necktie.
This will hurt everyone's standard of living, including all the illegal aliens that are already here.
Oh, it'll hurt them too.
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You understand?
Problem, reaction, solution.
They kick everybody off their land, force them up here as the steam valve.
They could have never done that if they couldn't have exported them here.
There's a reason we've gone from 5 million illegals to 30 plus mil.
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We're good to go.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was one of the editors of the Wall Street Journal.
He also, of course, was the number two man department of the Treasury, the actual economist who ran it.
He's credited as the father of Reaganomics.
And he comes on because he loves the country.
He's not pitching a book.
I wish he was.
We'd carry it.
He just writes editorials, puts them out there, and tries to fight for this country.
He's not.
And it's just we really always appreciate him coming on.
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Okay, let's go to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who I'm always so honored that he spends time with us.
You know, every time you're on, I say it's like we're getting deeper into a Twilight Zone episode, but it really is getting crazy when 91% of Americans, including Hispanics and a Gallup poll, are against the amnesty plan, but they still
They've gotten closure in the Senate.
It looks like they may pass it tomorrow and then go to the House the next day and pass.
I did an analysis last night.
Right now they've got the votes to pass it.
Bush says he'll sign it July 4th.
We've got Cheney saying he is outside the executive and above all laws, even the President's own fiat laws.
I mean, Calgon, take me away.
Dr. Roberts, what in tarnations is going on?
I wish I knew.
You know, let's start with Cheney.
If Cheney's not part of the executive branch, as he claims, then how can he claim executive privilege?
I don't see how he can claim executive privilege and not be part of the executive branch.
Now, of course, we all know he's part of the Executive Branch because that's the way the government is set up.
The Vice President, he's always been part of the Executive Branch.
In Ft.
Wadden, it would have been discovered, it would not have taken 200 years to discover that.
So, obviously, he's making an assertion to avoid accountability in his handling of secret documents.
So, what is it?
He's done.
What's he afraid of?
Why doesn't he want the National Archives to come in and see how they handle secret documents?
That's the real issue.
Something is being hidden because the claim on its face makes no sense, and I can't really see how it works to change his advantage.
I mean, we have the Democrat who says he's going to
Cut the funding for the Vice President's office that's in the Executive Branch, because if the Vice President isn't there, they shouldn't be funding it.
Dr. Roberts, we have a smart audience, but we have new listeners every millisecond.
Hundreds of thousands a day, new listeners.
Why don't you screw along a little bit, because you were in the Executive yourself.
Explain the three branches of government and that they're supposedly co-equal.
A lot of the Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist Papers I read really state that the Congress
Yeah, the legislative really is preeminent because it has the greatest separation of powers within a branch.
I believe that and I agree with the view that Congress should be the most powerful.
But let's just say co-equal.
Under a co-equal interpretation, what's wrong with this la-la land announcement by the Vice President?
Well, because the Constitution sets the Vice Presidency up as part of the executive branch.
I mean, he's the man to take the place if something happens to the President.
He's always been part of the executive branch.
He has the White House access of the executive branch.
So, it makes no sense for him to say that the Vice President's office is independent of the executive branch.
In fact, he seems to be saying it's also independent of Congress.
He's saying this is the President's executive order.
And the President.
It doesn't make any sense.
Yes, we agree.
It's not in Cheney's interest, because if he's not part of the executive branch, he has no basis for claiming executive privilege.
Under the way the government has been funded for 200 years, he has no way of collecting any taxpayers' monies to run his office.
Well, let me ask you this question, because he's always saying, we're the executive, we can do whatever we want.
The Gonzales Memos saying they're above the law, they can order torture until death.
I wish I knew.
I think there's a difference here between what he's saying and the claims for torture and all the rest, because all of those claims are at least constrained by being at war, and they call terror being at war.
So they can't make those claims that they've made about torture and so on, except on the war conditions.
Now, the Cheney's claim seems to be open-ended.
It doesn't seem to be
Dependent on any condition other than his statement.
And the claim doesn't make any sense.
I don't think it's being taken seriously.
Uh, very seriously, because it makes no sense.
What is the Vice President, then?
But he may not give up the documents, hence, I mean, I think they're cold-bloodedly, this is Karl Rove, they're setting a precedent, and I really see preparation, as Ron Paul and you and others have said, Doctor, for, I think this is precedent-setting for martial law.
I think we're in grave danger of a new false flag event, and they may not even pass the baton to Hillary, or maybe they will pass on these new precedents to Hillary.
Well, they can declare martial law and the president can become a dictator just by declaring a national emergency.
So Cheney doesn't need to say he's not part of the executive branch.
But they have to publicly, though, kind of claim that, though.
I think this is kind of a breaking of the ice.
I mean, I know you saw the May 9th PDD 51, where he just said, for any reason, environmental, international, anywhere in the world, I can supersede the Congress.
I mean, we're seeing things this country's never seen since Lincoln.
But you see, it still remains to be seen.
If the President were to say that, whether the Congress or the courts or the military or anybody would agree with it, there's always a risk in saying something that's outside the Constitution.
I understand.
What did you think of Peter Pace, the chairman, being dismissed weeks after he told the troops, don't follow any unconstitutional orders, you may be tested.
Do you think he balked at something?
Well, I think in Peter Pace, in the general Pace's case, the problem is, as I have written several times and we've discussed, Cheney and the neocons have a definite plan to nuke Iran.
John Bolton is still pushing for it strongly, and the Israeli right-wing government is pushing for it.
Norman Podharts, I mean the whole neocon thing is pushing very hard and if the Chief of Staff of the United States Military says that such an order is illegal and immoral and that every soldier has a right, has a responsibility to disobey it, then they obviously would have to move him out of the way.
So I think moving Pace out of the way
Is removing a barrier to an attack on Iran, particularly a nuclear attack, and I think they still hope to do that.
They may not be able to pull it off, but I think that's why they removed General Pace.
I agree, but isn't that a good sign?
Because we're seeing, and we've seen 20 top generals now in the last, 20 plus in the last couple years go public.
I mean, I've studied psychology somewhat.
I know you've studied a wide range of topics as well, Doctor, mainly economics, but I want to get your take on this.
With really smart, psychopathic or sociopathic type individuals, it's like they make a cold-blooded calculation, but there's also a
A crazy, giddy, hubris driving the analysis.
And when all the top generals and the British and everybody else say, you can't take on Iran, don't do it.
And they kind of want to fail forward and escalate and Ponzi scheme to the next level.
I mean, are we dealing with just megalomania here, where they're just going to go ahead, like you said, like the documents that Cy Hersh has gotten and go ahead and just nuke Iran?
I mean, they may just like, like, like Robe says, they just do whatever they want.
They'll have to set it up in some way.
I think that's why the whole purpose of the surge is to keep the war going after we've been defeated in Iraq until they can orchestrate a war with Iran.
I think that's their intention.
I don't know that they will succeed but they're certainly dangerous and that's a very dangerous intention and I think that's what they're
I think that's what all that's about.
It would be catastrophic if they pull that off, but they have done other things that have proven to be catastrophic.
And they don't seem to be fazed by the terrible situation they've created for themselves and for the Iraqis, or for themselves and for the Afghans.
So, I think they're capable of attacking Iran, and attacking with nukes, if they can arrange it.
If they're not somehow stymied, or blocked, or... which they could be.
But, you know, they've succeeded in getting Toadies to take General Pace's place.
And all the generals that have stood up to them have been removed.
And they always find somebody else who will take the job.
So I don't think they'll be in a situation where they can't find a Cody to serve them.
But of course, it can always bring a general up short if he's actually told to attack somebody with nuclear weapons, even if Cody might
If he's sane, you might wonder if that's an order he wants to follow or whether he wants to resign.
I don't really know what the outcome of Alex will be, except that it's dangerous and people should be aware that
This is an intention they're working for, trying to achieve.
There may be a method to the madness.
We know that Israel is one of the prime lobbying arms, clearly the most powerful arm when it comes to pushing for adventurism in the Middle East, using the U.S.
as a large dumb surrogate.
That what does Israel care if we bankrupt the Treasury and fall apart?
Then the police state here will just gather up any of the goodies for the corrupt elite running this nation.
That helps there as well.
And then Israel's in a stronger position.
So I think, though it's crazy for America, though it's crazy for the American people, though it's crazy for this nation, doesn't it make perfect sense?
So what if your surrogate gets wrecked?
Your comments on that?
You don't have your surrogate to protect you.
I think Israel has made serious miscalculations over the entire period of its existence.
Why is there so much chutzpah?
Well, there's paranoia.
See, what is Israel?
It's the combination of paranoia and the belief that no one else counts.
They're God's chosen people.
The rest of us are dirt under their feet.
And that's the way they think about the rest of humanity.
And so if you put that kind of arrogance together with their paranoia, what it has meant is that the Israeli state has not had any diplomacy in the Middle East for the whole period of its existence.
It's relied on coercion, force, and controlling the explanation in the United States, which they have managed to do.
So the net outcome is that
They have turned everybody in the Middle East against them.
And there's only 5 million Israelis and 200 million Muslims.
And that's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Then we've got the Southern Baptists wanting the end of the world, saying, praise God.
I mean, this is insane!
Yeah, there's a lot of insane people.
And they're very selfish, these rapture Christians.
They think that they'll go to heaven once there's a nuclear war.
It's a very unchristian form of the Christian religion.
Stay there, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, father of Reaganomics, former Wall Street Journal editor, and of course the head of the Treasury Department's policy.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, to talk about
The illegal aliens and the North American Union.
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Before you slip into unconsciousness I'd like to have another kiss, another
If you had a chance to stop Hitler going into Poland, or Czechoslovakia, or Danzig, or Austria, would you have done it?
If you had a chance to stop Lenin from coming to power, or Mao getting in, would you have done it?
Home of the free, land of the brave.
It can happen here too, folks, and these neocons and their controllers.
are just hell-bent, folks.
They're openly talking about dictatorship.
I wanted to read a quote.
Dr. Roberts is going to stay with us five minutes to the next hour.
Then we've got Glenn Spencer coming on.
Then we've got Terry Anderson on the immigration issue.
I wanted to get his take just on imperial hubris and then the border situation.
This is the Washington Post, okay?
And this is from, how many years ago was this article?
I don't want to lose the quote.
What's Karl Rove up to?
Dan Frumkin
October 18, 2004.
Here's the quote.
The aide said that guys like me were in what we call the reality-based community, which he defined as people who believe the solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.
Now this is a bunch of reporters around Karl Rove.
I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricalism.
This is Rove.
He cut me off.
That's not the way the world really works anymore, he continued.
Karl Rove.
We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality,
And when you're studying that reality judiciously, as you will, we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too.
And that's how things will sort out.
We're history's actors, and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.
I mean, is that not the most open announcement of intellectual dictatorship?
Right out of 1984, as you said, CAFA-esque, last time you were on, I mean, this is
This is a man ready for a rubber room, but they control 12 aircraft carriers, 10,000 nukes, huge armies, and they're busy gutting the country right now.
Dr. Paul Greg Roberts.
Well, that seems to be the case summed up fairly well.
And that attitude that the quote displays is clearly one that they do not intend to be a government of the people.
For the people and by the people.
But arrogance, as you know, will only carry you so far.
I mean, the laws of the universe will bring you back to Earth.
That's for sure.
I think they overestimate the power of the dollar.
The dollar's role as a reserve currency is the main basis of American power.
The soft power we had because of our moral reputation, that's now gone.
We see the rise of Russia and China.
China's our biggest banker.
They have tremendous power that they could exercise over us.
And they're now quietly dumping.
Russia is still a nuclear power that can wipe us off the face of the earth.
And they control massive amounts of energy.
And they have Europe under their thumb because of Europe's energy dependence on Russia.
So they're a check.
So there are more checks on us than we realize.
And I guess the biggest check is the tiny, small, lightly armed insurgency in Iraq drawn from a small Sunni population.
And now they're talking about evacuating Baghdad entirely, and then just having purely armored bases in the middle of nowhere.
That's total defeat.
Stay there, final segment.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into hour number three, we got Glenn Spencer of American Probe.
Say what's really in the amnesty bill.
Then Terry Anderson from L.A.
Talk about how they openly say it's Mexico there now.
Bush says it's not amnesty.
I've read the latest version of the bill.
It is not amnesty.
It is complete pardon for taxes, criminals, child molesters.
You couldn't make this up.
Instantly with no background check, no ID, not even a 24 hour wait.
You're given a social security card.
It's designed to incentivize them coming here.
Shifting gears, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, in closing, and of course you can just type Dr. Paul Craig Roberts or Paul Roberts into Google.
He writes for a great syndicated press group and he's published all over the place.
Just an unbelievable researcher and mind on these things on so many key issues and just cuts right to the bone.
We of course link to his stories every day at PrisonPlanet.com.
Dr. Roberts, just in closing, I mean,
Well, um,
It's flabbergasted.
I don't have a take on it.
It makes no sense from the standpoint of any interest group I can think of.
It's certainly not in the interest of the American people.
It's not in the interest of either party.
And it would be very interesting to know, if you could find out, who drafted the bill?
Who pushed it?
Who are the groups that think that this is beneficial?
I know who.
It is the Defense Department, namely.
Then it's the Fortune 500.
You name them.
This is one of the biggest lobbying efforts in the last decade.
Hundreds of millions have been spent.
But Alex, the Fortune 500 is not hiring unskilled labor.
They haven't got any need for these people.
These people are taking other kinds of jobs.
And there's no real need to Amsterdam for them to take these jobs.
So the whole approach is something very odd about it.
I suppose what it effectively does is to destroy the meaning of citizenship.
And maybe it's part of some plot to destroy the meaning of American
It's still hard to see.
It seems to do so much
Yes, it's excellent.
You might get Peter on to see if he has a
Because that's a single issue for them, and I have to cover so many issues.
Well, I know your columns appear there.
I just want to, as a citizen and a statesman, to see this happen to your country.
How do you feel?
Well, I feel like they're taking the meaning of citizenship away.
And Steve, the entire population of Mexico, or China, or everybody.
I hear you.
I want to get you back up again next month.
God bless you.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, thanks for the time.
So long, Alec.
Take care.
We'll be right back.
Do you know where the 78 potentially active volcanoes in the U.S.
are located?
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That's 888-803-4438.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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I'm going to break down here in just a moment with Glenn Spencer exactly why they're killing America.
Dr. Paul Gregg Roberts just couldn't understand it from a political or economic position.
We know why.
We'll break it down.
We're about to go to Glenn Spencer.
Then we've got Terry Anderson coming up as well in about 25 minutes.
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Why would they bring in 30 million illegals, legalize them for chain migration, give them more tuition than citizens, give them five years tax amnesty, when we know, and these are the FedZone numbers, the average illegal alien takes triple in services, from welfare to roads to everything, to the births.
Triple, on average, right at triple.
It's not quite triple.
In LA it's higher, it's more than triple.
But on average, here in Texas, it's triple.
In services.
Why when they know?
Why would they incentivize?
Why would our own government, the Ford Foundation, fill these people full of anti-American hate?
It's globalism, folks.
It's sacrifice on the altar of globalism, as Glenn Spencer said many times.
Why would they get us into a no-win war?
Why building a fence around Iraq and Afghanistan?
But we can't have one.
It's about North American Union.
This new national ID card is the Guest Worker Program.
We all get our ID card.
This is the end of the country.
With El Chonizo, I got cops on tape going, we don't care if you don't like it.
We speak Spanish here.
By the way, it was in the San Antonio Express News in 98 that you are not allowed to speak English in the court proceedings.
And I thank God it's finally in the news, but Anderson Cooper runs whitewashes.
Glenn Spencer, I've been watching AmericanPatrol.com.
I've been tracking your great analysis.
Looks like they've got a good chance of passing it out of the Senate tomorrow.
The House could pass it.
Looks like they may have the votes.
And Bush plans to sign this on the 4th of July.
How on earth do we stop it, my friend?
Well, I can tell you what I'm doing.
I'm going to ship today, a little later on in about three hours, by email and file transfer protocol, a special report
Which will be in the hands of Senator Sessions this afternoon and some other Senators, as a result of our aerial survey of the border.
We completed this on June 5th.
We have been processing the data ever since.
They've built nothing to speak of.
It's all a sham.
Yeah, but the way we're going to present it to them, we've come up with a way.
You know what Google Earth is?
Yes sir.
And you can sit there and zoom in.
You can look at the earth and you can zoom in to Arizona and you can zoom in to Sierra Vista.
You can zoom in to Apache Sky Road where I live and you can zoom in and see my house!
So what we've done is we've taken about 200 high-resolution photographs
of the border from part of New Mexico, all of Arizona, and all of California with our aircraft, plus high-definition video.
We have then gone in and documented exactly what is going on at the border.
We put then these little pushpins and other symbols at each place where we have one of these photographs which reveal what's going on.
This whole system is going to be sent to the Senators
This afternoon.
And you click on it and it shows you that there's nothing there.
And it shows you, for example, here's where this kind of barrier starts, this is where it ends, this is how long it is.
Here's the hole in the fence, here's another hole in the fence, here are thousands of vehicle tracks coming right off of Mexico Highway 2 right into the United States.
We've got 80 miles of border in Arizona
Where there is no fence.
And Mexico Highway 2 is 700 feet.
Parallels the border.
And they just turn?
They just turn and drive right on?
And we have the proof of it because we have photo after photo after photo of these tire tracks pulling right off of Mexico Highway 2 and driving north!
And we have not just that, but all, it is the most complete survey of the border ever done.
But bottom line, the Congress knows it's all a fraud and knows it's a scam and a liar.
Are you planning to shame them?
Are you planning to shame them?
They don't know that you're going to know.
That's going to scare the pants off of them.
When the people finally see for themselves what is real there, and we will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt
That Chertoff is lying!
He is lying!
They have installed two miles of double fence since the President signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006.
And they had illegal aliens build that, and that was in the news.
We don't know about that, I don't know.
Glenn, you must have missed it.
If you type into Google... Oh no, I saw that.
The fencing contractor had
Hired subcontractors who were hiring illegal aliens.
Yeah, yeah.
My point is that that's really happening.
I mean, look, what do you expect from a foreign government chieftain to be doing?
But the point I'm trying to make is that this is going to scare the pants off of them.
I don't think this is going to pass tomorrow.
I think they're going to kill this thing tomorrow.
But if they don't, we're going to expose them.
Chertoff said they're going to have 150 miles of fence built.
But Glenn, you didn't think they were going to get cloture.
Well, they didn't get close.
In other words, they agreed to continue to debate this bill.
They have a closer vote tomorrow.
I don't think it's going to pass.
But they've got closure to bring it out for a vote tomorrow.
No, tomorrow is to shut off debate.
Yeah, we know Bush's plan, and then take it to a vote, we know Bush's plan was to sign on the 4th of July.
Again, tell them to look at the website so they can go there and see this for themselves and email this.
I'm just finishing it up.
Not yet.
I've been working night and day for two weeks to put this, the way we're presenting this, you can't argue with it.
It's right there.
Well, I was looking at your site last night.
It's a pretty good picture right now of how it's wide open.
Oh, well, you haven't seen anything.
I'm withholding this stuff until the entire package is in the hands of the U.S.
I'm just going to tell you, when the people see what is actually down there, and I will tell you this, let me just say this, anybody out there who has a kid or anybody that they know who has been hurt by drugs from Mexico,
There was one person, one organization principally responsible.
The government of the United States of America.
They could have stopped it, and we're going to prove it.
But this has been the greatest... Well, of course we don't want to stop it, Glenn.
They're laundering the money.
Of course!
But now, talking about it is one thing.
Having the absolute graphic proof to show the people we have 80 miles of border
This is on the Barry Goldwater bombing range.
And the reason you haven't seen it before is you can't go there.
You can't drive there.
You can't even fly over it because it has a... There's government land.
There's a place to bring their preciouses.
No, but you cannot... No reporter can go down... There's lousy lousies over here.
But let me explain how we got pictures of it.
I got the FAA guys that I know to allow us to fly along the border, all along the Arizona border,
In Mexico.
And we were flying at 500 feet.
So we flew along the border in Mexico, right along the border.
You can't fly over the Barry Goldwater Range.
The airspace there is restricted up to 80,000 feet.
So we flew it.
And we took pictures of stuff nobody's ever seen before.
Tell folks what you saw on the nutshell.
We have evidence of the greatest betrayal of the American people in history since 1776.
It is, it's total betrayal while Chaptaw gets up there, looking like some kind of space alien, telling us the border is secure and they show images of troops.
It's total Hollywood, isn't it?
We have proof that he ordered all construction on the border, since.
On March 20th.
He's got to ensure the destruction of the country for the globalists.
Dr. Roberts couldn't understand.
He knows what they're doing, he just can't believe.
Remember what Peter Brimelow said in Alien Nation.
He said this is Adolf Hitler's posthumous revenge.
That what happened after World War II was all of the brains and the globalists got together and said we cannot have this happen again.
We're going to open up.
We're going to mix everybody.
We're going to have diversity.
There's not going to be any nation states.
We're not going to be any one race.
Everybody's going to be mixed up in a big jumble to avoid what Hitler did.
Of course, who stopped Hitler?
And I believe that Peter Brimelow is right.
This is Adolf Hitler's posthumous revenge on America.
That's funny.
You know about the treaty and the plan of San Diego, the German World War I plan to have the Mexicans attack the U.S., and then Hitler tried it again in World War II, and that's where a lot of these ideas come from.
Well, you see, World War I was started in part because of a possible alliance between Germany and Mexico.
You know that.
Yeah, but people don't know that.
And that's what prompted Wilson to declare war on Germany.
Tell folks about that affair.
Yeah, well that was the famous, what was it, I'm trying to remember, it was the famous memo.
That's why, it's called the such and such affair, I'm trying to... Right, right, no, it's the memo, it's like the Wahlberg memo.
I'm having one of those moments, it'll pop in my head.
Yeah, I'll get it in a second.
It was a memo sent by the foreign minister of Mexico, of Germany.
To Mexico, saying if they would join them in the war against the United States, if they win, they would get back to Southwest.
Well, they also then had the German plan of San Diego, which they executed during World War I and killed 23 people in one night.
Mexico attacked us during World War I. I mean, they hate this country, folks, with a passion that is bottomless.
I mean, it is just... And they talk about how much they love us on the news.
The War on Terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas, or will it affect us here at home?
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Sheltering in Place, Surviving Acts of Terrorism from Biological, Chemical, and Radioactive Fallout, developed by Wayne LeBaron, a health physicist who has served as a specialist in environmental health, communicable diseases, and has worked as a nuclear specialist for the U.S.
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Ted Anderson for Midas.
June 27, 2007.
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In 1814 we took a little trip along with Colonel Jackson down to mighty Mississippi.
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans.
We fired our guns and the British kept a comin'.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they began to runnin' on down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
Alright, Glenn Spencer is our guest.
He's been fighting this for a long time.
And again, it's total theater.
Oh, the people of Mexico love us.
Oh, they just want to pick strawberries.
Oh, they just want to... Total baloney, folks.
Billboard's saying this is Mexico.
Flyers saying they're going to kill everyone as soon as... I mean, folks, you cannot make this type of stuff up.
Glenn, I've talked to a lot of experts.
I spent four hours last night just looking at this, looking at the votes.
When Bush makes these arrogant statements like I'll see at the signing statement, in the past he's always gotten what he wanted.
We have to take this very serious, don't we?
Shouldn't we be physically going to the Capitol to tell the politicians?
Shouldn't we be calling them right now?
I mean, they try to take our energy calling for true reform and security and sovereignty and then try to go, oh, it's reform, we're going to legalize it.
I mean, where does it go from here?
And did you dig up the document when the Germans and the Mexicans about taking over the U.S.? ?
It's the Zimmerman Telegram.
You can go into Wikipedia.
The telegram instructed the ambassador to approach the Mexican government with a proposal to form a military alliance against the United States.
It was intercepted and decoded by the British, and its contents hastened the entry of the United States into World War I. Now, listen to this!
World War I led to World War II!
And then the Cold War!
And all of this disaster, in the 20th century,
Could well have been precipitated by the Reconquistas!
Well, I know this.
Mexico is the only country I know of that has two animals killing each other on the face, and I'm calling it the wicked Charlie Roger of the South.
And I mean, I'm just sick of it, Glenn.
I'm tired.
Are we supposed to sit here and, you know, take all this bull?
I mean, watching the TV going, oh, the sweet illegals love you!
They love America!
That's total bull, isn't it?
We know that, you know, a Zogby poll found that the majority of Mexicans believe this is their land and they have a right to come and take it.
I mean, this is a hostile operation.
And I think what they're afraid of in Washington is if they don't cave in, they're going to get mad at us.
You've been predicting burn baby burn for a long time.
Oh, I don't think there's any question about it.
This is going to end up in a major civil conflict.
There's no question about it.
And the government wants to hurry and get another 30 mil in to ensure New World Order victory when they go for the burn, baby burn.
That's it.
They need the amnesty now because if they don't have enough of their forces, they're going to lose the fight.
They know it.
They're rushing the gates.
Are they not rushing the gates right now?
Let me tell you something right now.
This morning, and I have a computer that has an indicator of how busy the traffic is, okay?
We are at
Probably one of the highest levels of border crossings right now here at NACO that I've seen.
Sir, you've got sensors.
Well, we have that, but we have another way of measuring it.
I don't want to tell you.
But I would say it's well above average for the last 24 hours.
They're flooding across.
Right now.
Right now.
I can guarantee that.
But then I have video of people in Little Rock, Arkansas, good-looking, you know, good family kids, clean-cut, just out skateboarding, and the cop just freaks out and starts slamming the girl's head in the ground and screaming.
He's obviously mentally ill, running around.
I mean, I see this.
Cops all the time now act like citizens or demons.
Clean-cut Americans, Hispanic, black, white, it doesn't matter.
But the illegals are like God!
I mean, is it starting to hurt the Globalist Glen that the news is coming out that cops let them go and they're above the law?
I think it is.
I think that the bashing of Americans, as we saw that happened with those Duke Lacrosse players, you know?
The people are beginning to see that there is an epidemic of attacks on Americans in our own country!
At a defilement of our flag and our nation and our history and our heritage.
And this is why these Senators are... This is a... I've been watching this now all day.
And they're at each other.
And they understand just how important this is.
Well, they need to know that all the die-bold machines in the world aren't going to help them if they pass this.
They're not going to pass this.
It is so outrageous.
It is so wrong.
And all of the procedures they are using to push this past the Senate without debate are angering.
I know you're super busy.
Can I keep you five more minutes?
I want you to be able to say hi to Terry Anderson.
Sure, I'd love to.
Alright, stay there.
Terry Anderson straight ahead as well.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 800-766-2133.
You know, Bush likes to say you're either with us or against us.
Let me tell you something, if you're not for the sovereignty of this country, and if you don't know that this is the literal gutting of it, this is a fatal blow.
If they are able to get this through and then implement, we're going to fight it at the state level and city level.
We're not done fighting.
If you don't know, this is either with us or against us.
And it doesn't matter.
The media tries to tell all Hispanics you've got to join this, though the Gallup polls again show the 91% of Americans averaged together that are against it.
Almost 70% of Hispanics when polled aren't for this amnesty.
Because they know they're Americans too.
We're always talking about Hispanics all day because it's Mexico, rabidly anti-US to our South.
They didn't have the Southwest.
They couldn't keep it from the natives.
They grabbed a bunch of land that was Guatemala's.
Much of their South wasn't theirs.
It was all up for grabs.
But this is the U.S.
And the point is, we can't merge with the third world population.
Now I got Glenn Spencer on the line with me.
I want to bring Terry Anderson up.
He has a syndicated radio show.
And talk about the most fiery hour radio I know of.
We've got links to their websites, both America Patrol and Terry Anderson's website, up on InfoWars.com right now.
Terry Anderson, Glenn Spencer, it's good to have you both on together at the same time.
Terry, this is the big test right now.
They're trying to ram this through, but even if we beat this bill, they have legalization by fiat.
They're already legalized in 800 plus cities.
You know, that's what Feinstein is saying, Alex.
She's saying this is a de facto amnesty.
And nobody's doing anything about it.
Well, we want to do something about it.
She just won't let us.
And we want to deport these people out of our country.
That's what we want to do.
But she fights us every step of the way on that one.
So don't tell us that it's a de facto amnesty and nobody's doing anything.
She's handcuffed the American people.
I mean, give us your boil down on this legislation.
Your take on why it's bad, how we fight it, where this fight's going, where the momentum is.
Alex, this is the world's worst legislation.
Even those who like it, don't like it.
But the reason patriotic Americans don't like it, because it's what you just said.
Our sovereignty is going down the drain.
We are going to become the third world by importing these people, and here's what gets me about it.
These people run away from a country that they don't like, okay?
They come here illegally, and then they start making demands that they want to be legalized.
Then they bring all of the third world conditions here that they ran away from, and all of a sudden, guess what?
Now there's a place here that they don't want to live anymore either.
They're moving from California to other parts of the country, and when they ask them, why are you moving?
Oh, it's too many illegals in California, and they're illegals themselves.
They have turned this into a cesspool, into a
...into an unlivable situation for Americans and for themselves by bringing the third world conditions here.
And now, what this bill is going to do is legitimize them and make them legal residents of this country.
People say it makes them citizens as well.
And attach them to the welfare tit immediately.
And this lie that they contribute so much.
The average illegal takes almost triple in services what they ever pay in taxes.
And I've never heard of American citizens getting a five year income tax pardon.
How many of them do you know that have less than three kids?
All of them have three, four, five kids.
But let's say the guy's got two.
That'll qualify him for the Guinness Book of Records.
But let's say he's got two children.
Here in California, that's $15,000 a year for those two kids just to educate them.
Now, what illegal alien from whatever country in the world do you know who's paying $15,000 in taxes?
And that's just for the education.
That's not for any subsidized housing he's got.
That's not for anytime the kid gets a snotty nose and has to go to the emergency room.
These are additional costs, but just the education is $7,500 per child.
Nobody pays that kind of tax at that level of work.
No way.
And this bill, Alex, is going to absolutely kill us if it goes in.
Well, I mean, Terry, I have trouble paying my property taxes on my house right now, and they're talking about going up again.
Somebody's got to pay for these people.
Nobody rides free.
Somebody's got to pay for these people.
You know, my son told me one day, he works for FedEx.
He told me, he says, you know, he showed me his paycheck, how much taxes they had taken out of his paycheck.
He says, why don't they just let me have the money and I'll go to these neighbors we have with these illegal alien neighbors.
I'll just give them 200 bucks a week and cut out the middleman.
It's simple that way.
Get rid of the paperwork.
You know what I mean?
But I mean, it's outrageous what they're trying to do to us.
Jump in here, Glenn Spencer, with any takes on... Well, let me just say, Terry is my number one hero.
He has been right about this.
He's testified before the House of Representatives.
He's been out there.
Chewing them up for years and years.
Let me stop you right there, Glenn.
I remember when people thought this guy was crazy, Alex.
Glenn would make statements about what was going to happen in 10 years.
And even I said, well, I like Glenn, but he's a little far out on that one.
Every single thing that Glenn said back in 1993, 1994, 1995 has come to pass.
Every single prediction he made has come to pass.
This guy was a fortune teller and an oracle for his time, and nobody listened to him.
Well, I have the Associated Press here, arsonist illegals burning out U.S.
border security agents.
I mean, they admittedly are shooting at and burning everything down.
In Arizona, what, in one night they set fire to 12 houses?
I mean, my God, we're under military attack!
Well, the drug smugglers are out here burning up our wildlife to divert the border patrol and the police so they can bring the drugs across, starting forest fires.
It's outrageous!
Gentlemen, may I just jump in here for a second and say this?
On this bill, anything in it that will help the Mexicans will be implemented.
Anything in it, such as building the fence, enforcing at the job site, will not be done.
They will never have to pay a fine, they will never have to learn English.
But I just have to say this as I close.
One of the things that we have to prove
Is that they are a bunch of liars, and this is what the American people believe.
They cannot, our government cannot be trusted.
And right now I'm involved in getting a report back to Congress, and to my friends back there, that proves
That Chertoff and the President are lying about what they're doing right now.
When will we be able to, the citizenry, see this report so we can get it out to everybody?
I'm going to get this out in about three hours.
Okay, give us the website.
We're going to be linking to Heritage Foundation and then over to Sessions and some of the others.
And if there's proof positive airtight that they are lying about what they're doing right now.
But when is it going to go up on the American Border Patrol site?
Probably won't be up until Monday.
Thank you so much, Glenn, for joining us.
Anything else?
That's it.
Good talking to you, buddy.
You bet.
Terry Anderson, again.
I wouldn't have known about all this if my wife hadn't grown up in Spain and didn't speak Spanish, or if I didn't have a lot of friends and family that spoke it.
And I remember my Hispanic friends in high school telling me, hey, you know the illegals hate America, we've got to get them out of here.
And I thought it was some test to see if I was racist.
Later I found out, no, they cared about America.
They were telling me the truth.
Because I was this, you know, little, you know, liberal slash, you know, guilty politically correct person.
I mean, it's hard to admit that your government is merging you with a country that hates your guts.
They absolutely are doing that, and it is hard to admit it.
It's hard to get your mind around, Alex.
But let's be real about this.
The government agenda and the American people's agenda is different.
What do we want from life?
We want to be free.
We don't want to live in tyranny, and we want to be left to hell alone.
That's all we ask.
We want to be left alone.
We want to live in peace and die.
We want to have a decent life, raise our kids, and someday slip away very nice and quiet and peacefully.
That's all we want to do.
But they're not leaving us that.
What they are leaving us is a situation where we're going to have to, as the man says, go to the mattresses over this thing.
I mean, if they don't fix this thing, and I don't advocate violence, but I do predict it, if they shove this down our throats,
If Harry Reid and this rotten President Bush, who is the worst president of my lifetime, and the rest of this Congress, who is against us, if they shove this down our throats, they're going to pay a price for it.
And I'm not just talking at the ballot box.
I got a question for you.
Why is it okay, and it's admitted that in L.A.
the illegal aliens are targeting blacks and killing black men every day.
Why is it okay to even put out publications and call whites gringos and blacks myotis, means blackbird.
It's like the N-word in Mexico.
Why is that so acceptable?
Why does our media work so hard to cover that up or cover up the military attacks or the drug dealers, the rocket attacks?
Allow me to answer a question with a question, Alex, and I believe in direct answers, and I will answer your question.
But let me answer it with the question first.
Why is it when Hispanics are victims of hate crimes, they're Hispanics, but when Hispanics commit hate crimes, they're white?
Explain that one to me.
And we're talking about, on all the paperwork, when they're victims, they're Hispanic, but when they commit the crimes, they're considered Caucasian.
Explain that one to me.
The reason why this is going on, if a white man
If a white man or a white group was doing to us in Los Angeles, what would some, and not all Hispanics, because they're not all racist, you and I know that, but the ones who are perpetrating this against us, if white people were doing this to us, the Black Caucus,
Messi, Jesse, the Reverend Al, and all the rest of his group would be marching... The army, like Eisenhower, would be in there.
No justice, no peace.
And everybody would, they would bring the National Guard and fix this problem.
But the fact that it's a quote, and I hate this word, but I will use it, a quote, minority unquote, they can get away with it.
And it's really sad.
And let me do a disclaimer here, and I don't usually do these.
There are some great people in Mexico.
There are some wonderful people who have stayed down there and made a life for themselves.
Some of them are struggling.
They're not making great livings, but they're staying down there trying to build a country as we're trying to build ours.
The enemy of us are the ones who cross this border into our country.
They instantly become my enemy.
The enemy is also the guy that gives them a job, the bank that gives them a loan, the credit card company that gives them a credit card, and our rotten government.
Our rotten government who allows this to be done to us American citizens of all races.
Well, Mexico would have had a real revolution and would have real freedom.
They got triple the resources.
That's official number.
Triple the gold, the oil, the timber.
Alex, I've been down to the southern border of Mexico, okay?
I have too.
It is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen in my life.
It is absolutely... But they're able to export their masses here, just like Castro tried, to stop a rebellion.
They're using us as a steam valve.
When your boiler gets old and you're afraid it's going to explode, but you can't afford a new one, you put a relief valve on it.
It gets to a certain pressure, it blows off, and the boiler stays intact.
And that's what they've done.
They've used us as a relief valve, they're blowing off the pressure of chaos,
Well, for those who don't know, Mexico has riots in every major city almost every payday
Because they bring in the poor Indian populations into the cities, and they get paid, and my parents have been in Mexico, in even a resort town, when the paycheck happens, you see the army out, and then there's people rioting.
I mean, Mexico's on the edge of revolution every second.
I was recently, and I'm talking a couple months ago, in Chiapas, and I witnessed something right downtown Chiapas, in the town square down there.
There was all these people lined up under a tent,
And we asked what was going on.
They were there to get their poor folks checked.
And yeah, there was military there.
There was guns.
And the people were very orderly.
And they filed in and got their checks and everything.
But it just struck me as strange that, you know, here they've got this situation down here where people don't have any work.
With all these resources, why is there no work?
Because the elite is so greedy, they want to make foreign deals with corporations to get the resources out.
They have the most billionaires of any country, not per capita, period.
They have the richest elite in the world, per capita, folks.
And there are some very successful people down there.
They do.
And you know what strikes me, too?
What people don't know.
I've been to Guadalajara.
I've been to Oaxaca.
I've been to Tuxla Gutierrez.
I've been to Merida.
I've been to Tabasco.
All these places I've been to.
You see people coming and going.
There's Blockbusters, there's McDonald's, there's Kentucky Fried Chicken.
You see people coming and going.
They all drive new cars.
They're little bitty piece of junk cars, but they're still new.
There's office buildings.
These places are thriving.
The problem is they don't have a trickle down to those at the bottom.
There's no trickle down.
Either there you've got it or you don't have it and nothing in between.
The guys working at McDonald's can't eat there.
You know, that's the thing, and that's what the global elite want.
They want that system with 5% got a little, and then 1% got it all, and the people under it, 94% don't have anything.
Well, and there are some good people down there, and I'm telling you, they're going to rise up someday, and it's going to be bad.
No, I know, that's what hurts me, is that you've either got really good, hard-working peasant people,
But then by the time they get up here, they're filled with all this culture of hate America and be a spoiled gangster.
It's just sick.
And it's a best of times, worst of times, love-hate relationship because I'm just somebody sitting here reading the literature about how they're going to take down America, and I'm supposed to play along like they like us?
I mean, it's not true.
Well, you're a racist if you don't play along.
You're a xenophobe.
You're a nativist if you don't play along with it.
You have to go for this as a gringo.
And that's what's so stupid.
They think we're just going to sit here and take this?
They can't win this.
They can't win it.
The only way they win it is if we let them and we keep listening to this government who tells us, you know, just be cool, don't say anything, we'll handle it.
Don't worry, we're going to handle this for you and we're going to make it right.
If we wait on that, we'll be drowned.
Sure, but I mean just 5, 6, 7 years ago, you'd have one party in favor of one out.
You'd have one party with a 35% approval rating, the other with a 65.
You know, it would fluctuate a few points.
But, you know, they could come with one party or the other.
People still bought the scam.
Now there's 14% for all of Congress.
Cheney's got 10, 11%.
Bush has got 26.
I mean, this is the lowest approval ratings across the board ever.
Now people don't believe a word comes out of the government because they've been caught in so many lies.
So in a way, I think this is the beginning of our victory.
What do you say?
I think it's really, really changing.
You're absolutely right.
I think we're starting.
We've climbed a hill and we're looking over the horizon now.
Something I didn't know if we were going to see or not, but we are.
American people have woken up.
You know, Alex, come on.
They have really been hard on Congress lately, as they should.
These people are angry in every talk show.
Even the Hannity's, the Kool-Aid drinkers.
Even those guys are saying they've never seen the level of anger on any subject in the history of their being on radio.
Hannity's been on the radio 20 years.
He says he's never seen this.
He's never seen people this angry.
And now, Hillary and Boxer and Feinstein denied it last week.
Now they admit they do want to shut down talk radio and they've done it before.
And buddy, you and me first.
We'll be the first to go.
That's what they want to do, because they can't control us, and they are afraid that our ideas are going to spread like wildfire, and that's exactly what's happening.
Is talk radio controlling the country right now?
I think so, thank God.
And that's only certain pockets, like your syndicated show on how many stations?
Thank God!
We're on the RBN network, on a bunch of stations, plus we're on KFNX in Phoenix, KDWN in Vegas, and Carolina in L.A.
We're on quite a few stations.
We're getting out there.
You know why I show a successful Alex?
It has nothing to do with me being a good talk show host.
It's the subject matter.
People are angry and they want to vent.
We took calls Sunday night from about 11 different states.
About 11 different states called into our show and we're talking about a half an hour we have for calls.
We were running calls in and out for 30 minutes and I'm telling you, these people are hot!
They are angry.
I've never seen anything like this.
I've been involved in this since 93 and right now today I would tell you the level of anger is so high.
You wait until the illegal aliens are running around with Mexican flags burning down U.S.
cities, it is over then.
We've got a picture of a guy on our website setting an American flag on fire right here in downtown LA.
Give him your website.
The TerryAndersonShow.com.
And that picture has incited a lot of people.
Here's a guy lighting a match.
The guy next to him's got a Mexican flag wrapped around him.
The guy lighting the match is burning an American flag.
This is outrageous!
It is absolutely outrageous, and let's be real, it's not all of them, but it's enough of them where I wonder why the ones who aren't doing it aren't saying, hey man, don't do that, you make us all look bad.
They must like it too, because they allow it.
Well I know you saw the video of the guy who was protesting against him in Seattle and they slammed his face in the ground.
Oh yeah?
And the illegals all celebrate.
Terry Anderson, do you think we'll be able to beat this current legislation?
I think we will.
If not, if not in the Senate, definitely in the House.
All right.
Terry Anderson, thank you for spending time with us, my friend.
My pleasure, buddy.
God bless you.
All right, we're going to come back with a final segment with some other key news.
It's all incredible.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back.
Final segment.
Tomorrow I'm going to try to have open phones for the entire show to talk about the amnesty, end of America bill.
Open talk from England to the U.S.
about shutting down internet, free speech, talk radio, everything.
Just open discussion.
Taxing the web.
They'll do it by hook or by crook.
They're not playing games.
They want to bring this country down.
And I just feel sorry for Hispanic Americans.
Because they're good, hard-working, smart, patriotic people.
I mean, it's a fact.
Statistically, more Congressional Medal of Honor winners are Hispanic than any other group, racially.
They love this country.
I know it's very saddening for them to see all this happening.
I know a lot of their ancestors came here from Mexico.
Sure, this was Mexico.
I understand.
But it's not this new crop.
And it's not the people from southern and central Mexico.
And, uh, you speak Spanish out there, you hear it all, you know full well better than I what's going on.
And you cannot expect the American people, regardless of race, color, or creed, to go along with this.
We have to fight it.
I mean, my God, people start saying they want to bring my country down, folks.
I'm gonna get aggressive and I'm gonna fight back.
When you got the evil New World Order pushing it, I mean, that should tell you right there!
Again, I don't see the local Hispanic leaders when I've gone to fight for Hispanic families having CPS take their children.
I don't see the local Hispanic groups.
No, they go along with the El Jefes and the city government, see?
I don't see the black leaders when I'm out there fighting for blacks.
I fight for everybody, folks.
I fight for justice.
And I want you to know, I care about you all.
I want you all to know that I love you all and I want us to all live in freedom.
It upsets me when Iraqi children are being killed.
It upsets me when those Russian children are being grabbed for snuff films.
It just rips my guts out, folks.
Because I know that can happen to any of us.
Now, we know what's going on.
We've figured out what's going on.
Join us in the fight against the New World Order.
Frankly, I wouldn't be upset even about driving down the wages, though it would be bad for everybody's jobs, if the illegals wouldn't vote for gun control.
That's the biggest issue right there, and they are coming in, and they've been voting anti-gun as soon as they're legalized.
That's got to be stopped.
I mean, you're the enemy right there.
Illegal aliens, you are the enemy and you will be fought.
You understand that?
You're aiding the New World Order, you're asking for it, and that's just the end of it.
And I am just, I'm going full bore.
In the defense of this country.
We go after all tyranny.
That's what we do here.
I hope you'll support us, folks.
We need your financial support.
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