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Air Date: June 25, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is already the 25th day of June 2007.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
We're going to have wide open phones as well again today as we had on Friday.
Any news issue, any item, any story, any comment, any questions, you agree with me, you disagree, you have something you want to add, 1-800-259-9231.
They are continuing to try to wear you out psychologically.
Each week saying it's not an amnesty bill while simultaneously saying it's dead and then 24 to 48 hours later saying it was never dead and reintroducing it and saying it is amnesty and then reversing and saying it is an amnesty.
It's all part of creating the fog of war or trying to confound their enemies.
That is the American people.
The government has been hijacked.
It is waging open war.
against the people.
Our job is to somehow try to get the population to realize how dire the straits are.
Immigration bill awaiting key test vote and being reintroduced.
We'll be going over that for you today.
Also home sales hit lowest price in four years.
We'll tie that in with
The fact that we have massive inflation in this country, and they've been printing money like it's going out of style.
The last published number we have is 13.4%, but that's from a year and a half ago.
The numbers have been secret since then, but all the indicators are they may have been increasing the money supply by over 20% per annum, annually.
That is just off the charts.
We use that term a lot here, off the charts, because everything is now becoming off the chart activity.
With all of this going on, we have the backdrop of Dick Cheney announcing, throwing down the gauntlet.
This is meant to be a provocation.
And saying, I am above the executive, I am outside the government entirely, I am outside all laws, even laws made by the executive.
Now folks, most dictators will say they're under their own rules.
This is Caligula level.
This is Nero level.
But it's done by design.
We have the White House lawyers' memos.
Going back five years ago saying they are the law.
Not above the law, they are the law.
Law floweth from a Mount Sinai mosaic type lawgiver mode from Dick Cheney and George Dubb.
Now Cheney here is saying he is even above the president and the president follows his orders and that's what we've always known is the case.
A psychopathic individual who's had five heart attacks
Who has control of the nuclear football, who ran the 9-11 attacks, we know that, now saying he is above the law.
In full command of the military, full command of everything, an imperial legate of the Rothschild Rockefeller crime axis, we are in total and complete crisis right now.
Because they are, every week now, setting precedence, ladies and gentlemen, while they feverishly build more FEMA camps.
And I'm not trying to scare you, ladies and gentlemen, this is just the facts.
They are preparing to move.
Every indicator, every action they take, shows me they are preparing to put troops on the streets, and start mass arrest, and go to red-level tyranny.
We'll be back to break it down on the other side.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Europe is slipping into classical tyranny, secret arrests, no due process, attacks on free speech, unbelievable levels of taxation and control.
England is officially being called a police state by liberals and conservatives alike.
Even the United Nations has said that it looks like an Orwellian society.
But again, that's the pot calling the kettle black.
Tyranny will do that.
It will tattle on itself to try to create the illusion of separation of the overall architecture when it's all run by the same crew.
The United States is slipping into classical tyranny.
And I wanted to remind you the backdrop of the Military Commissions Act
of last year, clearly stating that U.S.
citizens could be secretly arrested, secretly tortured, secretly tried before a secret tribunal, and then secretly executed in some sector of the giant constellation of gulags across the planet.
We have the Military Commissions Act that openly states in it that, well, the President is federalizing the states,
Preemptively for emergencies, environmental, economic, societal, for rebellions and uprisings and resistance.
I mean, he uses those terms.
I mean, what is it they've got planned that they know is going to cause that?
Well, the globalists literally give the order, the illegal aliens will burn down every city in the U.S.
They're fully controlled.
When they snap their fingers, they say, how high to jump.
With those Rob Allen and Co.
Bush Stage protests of last year and this year.
Remember those?
No doubt those were, by the way, Bush Stage with the Sente Fox.
That was even the Dallas Morning News three months before they went out and had the marches.
Or they can simply completely implode the economy and then the yuppies will turn into a pack of ravenous demons.
They've got one or two days of food in their storehouses.
And they'll do one of two things.
Riot, which we know they'll do right up front, some of them.
The rest will literally line up, ask for armbands and say, we'll do whatever we're told.
Just bring back the bread and circus.
Just bring back the baseball.
Just bring back the UT Longhorns and the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings.
Just leave us alone in our living rooms and we'll do whatever you say.
Special Operations prepares for domestic missions.
Remember this from last week?
The U.S.
Northern Command, the military command responsible for homeland defense, has asked the Pentagon if it can establish its own Special Operations Command for domestic missions.
The request reported in the Washington Examiner.
Would establish a permanent sub-command for responses to incidents of domestic terrorism as well as other occasions where special operations may be necessary on American soil.
The establishment of domestic special operations missions and the preparation for contingency plans to employ commandos in the United States would upend decades of tradition.
Uh, no.
Since 1878, it's been against the federal law.
It's still illegal, but they say the President's above all laws now, so...
They don't even repeal laws, they just say, we have machine guns, we have men that are ready to eat their guts and ask for seconds.
Military actions within the United States are the responsibility of the state militias, the National Guard, and federal law enforcement as a function of the FBI.
Employing special operations for domestic missions sounds very ominous, and NORTHCOM's request earlier this year should receive the
Closest possible Pentagon and Congressional scrutiny.
Oh yes, let's have the bought-and-paid-for Congress, where they're literally running from golf course to whore, to golf course to whore, to private jet with foreign lobbyists, Swiss bank account lavishments, to whore, back to cocaine, back to golf course, back to vacation house, to other vacation house, back to whore.
I mean, is this a joke?
Oh, and the Pentagon needs to look at this.
The Pentagon are the people that designed the cameras on the street corners and the tiny four-way stops in one-horse towns.
The Pentagon is the group that built the FEMA Command Centers, the County Fusion Management Centers, as you're called locally.
They're the ones that put it all in.
Oh yes, let's go to Hitler to report to Hitler that there's a new party called the Nazis and they're not very friendly.
Oh, Hitler, save us from the Nazis.
And it goes on.
The NORTHCOM was established in 9-11.
It was established in 1993.
That's not true.
Very quietly.
When NORTHCOM was established in 9-11 to be the military counterpart of the Department of Homeland Security, also set up in 93, within it seemed to pull up AP articles with Bill Clinton giving speeches about NORTHCOM and Homeland Security in 93.
When NORTHCOM was established in 9-11 to be the military counterpart of the Department of Homeland Security, within its headquarters staff had established a
Compartmented Planning and Operations Cell, that's what it's called.
CPOC, Responsible for Planning and Directing a Set of Compartmented and Sensitive Operations on American Soil, Canada, and Mexican Soil.
In other words, these are the very special operations that NORTHCOM is now formally asking the Pentagon to beef up in a public and acknowledged sub-command.
And what do they do?
You can pull this up right now.
Just type in Pentagon Spying on Peace Groups and it'll come up.
Portland, Oregon.
New York, New York.
Literal anti-peaceful mainline anti-war groups that would go out and protest in Houston and Halliburton and hand out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the Halliburton employees as part of the protest because Halliburton was ripping off its own employees, charging them for their own lunches and things overseas and the troops for their lunches.
And the Pentagon, using anti-terror funding, listed them as a subgroup of Al-Qaeda, because as they tried in 2002, remember the Democratic, this is the Democrat, Deputy Attorney General Mr. Calhoun was in the Oakland Tribune saying, all protesting the war is illegal, we will arrest anyone protesting the war, because protesting the war
The war is against Al-Qaeda and so protesting the war, this is in 2002, right before they invaded, and protesting the war then aids Al-Qaeda.
That's a quote, by the way.
See, they've already told them all this, that they want to try all this.
This is what they tell them in briefings.
Al-Qaeda's hit us hard, man.
You know about all the secret terror attacks that we've been, which are really federal attacks, but there's been a lot of attacks that keep quiet.
Power plants, refineries getting blown up, things like that.
And they tell the local cops, you're being let in on the secret, man, that we're really under terror attack.
We can't let the public know, they'll panic and the stock market will drop.
We've gotten documents on this.
It's all part of brainwashing for the troops and the police.
And the police all walk out feeling very important.
This is all being done so they can take your pension funds and your bank accounts and your stock market value.
They need the police state first before they fully implode the economy for good.
If we expose the police state, if we expose the NORTHCOM plan, they won't be able to carry it out, then they'll have to stall imploding the economy and keep the gradual destruction going.
Which is very advantageous for all of us.
Unless you're in the enemy camp.
There is a debate within the New World Order as well about whether to incrementally destroy us, which they've been doing, quite nicely by the way, you can see still total destruction, if you look at it in the aggregate over 50 years,
We're very close here to the bottom, but there's still a long drop from where we're at to the bottom.
Look, I hope you're listening, folks.
This is exactly what's going on.
Now, remember in 1998, the day before Thanksgiving, it's in my film, Police State to the Takeover, Mike Hanson is driving along for visiting family in Dallas through Temple, just south of Waco.
And he sees Army troops pulled up searching a Greyhound bus and he pulls over and a Lieutenant Smart runs over and says, you're not allowed to videotape.
Mike says, no, it's the United States of America, I'll videotape.
What's going on?
And they say it's just a drill with the U.S.
Army Northern Command.
The Northern Command publicly existed, remember that.
We're just trying to keep America safe.
Why are you here?
Why are you causing problems?
Well, this is America.
And so, that's ongoing for a while.
You know, this is so earth-shattering, I almost just want to have silence and not even do the show.
I mean, that's how important it is, where I just ought to just, just like, quit the show for a few days to get people to pay attention to this.
Because I've talked about this so much, I think it loses its effect.
Folks, do you understand what I'm about to tell you?
This is, this is what we have on video.
Do you understand?
They're making a move.
A military dictatorship move.
With the gloves off.
With the velvet glove off the iron fist.
I mean, this is the real enchilada.
This is not
I just can't believe it.
They're doing it.
My wife had asked me what's wrong with me.
And I'm like, do you understand?
The country's, they're doing it.
They're doing it.
We need to take this seriously.
They're not playing games.
They're making their move right now.
They've been quietly making their move
Since the seventies, quietly building this, but now it's all coming to fruition.
This is a lot bigger than Hillary Clinton or George Bush.
They're just puppets, folks.
This is a military move, backed up by the military industrial complex and the banking cartel, to take us over.
It's real simple.
It's happened in Babylon, Rome, Israel.
It's happened in every empire.
It's happened in Greece.
It's happened in Europe.
It's happened in the Soviet Union.
It's happened in China.
It's happening right now.
It's happened all over Latin America.
They're doing it.
And then they told us, oh, it's just a drill, and for nine hours they pulled over a Greyhound bus, they told the people on the bus that it was real, that it was a terror drill, that the terrorists were attacking.
Of course it wasn't, it was just a, quote, drill, but they said it was real, took real people, arrested them, and really all this was was an acclamation of local police.
Then a car pulls up, an FBI guy jumps out and says, here, give this to them.
This is like two hours into it.
We get the document that was supposedly a public press release.
It turned out it was classified.
If you type in Marshall Laws here, it's a three on the Richter scale, the original article will come up with the PDF scans.
And it says, we are here covertly operating in every Texas county, or 77 counties,
We are here to do gun confiscation warrants, bomb disposal.
And folks, it happens all the time, the dead of night.
Helicopters land, troops disgorge.
They're really already running everything.
They're building FEMA camps.
It's serious business.
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Welcome back!
But let me put it just in layman terms for the police, the military, everybody listening, okay?
Do you understand that I have Marine Corps captains and people of that nature on videotape who in the mid and late 1980s were part of secret covert ops with local police departments doing gun confiscations in Norfolk, Virginia, Los Angeles, California, and other areas.
I have been shown photos and documents and then videotaped these men and put it in films like Road to Tyranny.
I mean in Road to Tyranny, that was in 2000.
Mike Hanson films the military.
That's what I loved about Mike.
Most camera people turn their cameras off when troops and police are threatening to arrest him and he just said no.
Not interfering with your behavior.
Literally, they kidnapped these citizens, by the way.
Kidnapped them!
Because for nine hours, they told them it was real, and then when the press got involved, they told them, oh, it's just a drill.
They didn't tell the people on that bus, they just pulled it over, and then ran different army units through it in bomb disposal drills, searching the bags.
And then, the FBI pulls up, and the fool, or maybe it was a good guy and he wanted to come out, gave us a classified document.
Marked eyes only.
Not for distribution, only for Texas law enforcement, out of Fort Hood, running the state of Texas.
And then I happened to have sources who were inside the base, out at Bergstrom.
I not only had family there, I had other sources there.
And I learned from the Austin Police Department, and the Travis County SWAT team, and my cousin, exactly what will my cousin
About to go to work for Blackwater, actually, he thinks it's all wonderful.
Even though they told him they're all getting chips and they don't have.
He'll just admit all this, but just, well, I just, what I do, blah, blah, blah.
It's incredible.
And, uh, out there, and they got helicopters surveilling us in Austin.
They're running around with the police.
It's all real funny to keep it secret from the public.
It's all illegal!
Let me tell you, that Marine Corps captain who quit and then became a police officer and then quit and started a computer company, see, he's not stupid.
And so he was driving up the road in 2000 and saw army troops pulling women out of cars, searching goods all over the street at a checkpoint in Kyle, south of Austin.
And he got upset, man, because the cops pulled him over and wanted to search his car.
With the military.
And he said, what on earth is the Army doing here with you?
Said it was regular Army special ops patches.
The cop's like, you just shut your mouth and get out.
He just got mad.
He said he just almost couldn't control himself.
Because he knew, folks, he'd been in the Marines, he'd been in space command and secret ops, then they dispatched him in secret gun confiscation ops.
And of course later I got news articles about the very ops they'd run.
Decades, you know, a decade plus later it came out in news that, well, we've been assisting secretly the police for over 25 years!
Yeah, criminally!
Do you understand?
There's a huge, secret program to use the military against the American people back when they knew it was illegal.
Now they got a presidency, and see, that's why everybody thought Bill Clinton was going to go for martial law.
Because they were building camps, getting ready, funding it.
But by the last two years of office, I looked at it and I said, you know, it's not big enough yet.
They don't have the force yet.
There ought to be a big terror attack, because the CFR was saying, we're going to have a big terror attack, then we're going to build up a police state, then we're going to totally take over.
See, we haven't gotten to the total takeover point.
Now again, for all the yuppies, and all the good old boys, everybody who thinks they're part of the system, listen, in upstate New York, or Kansas City, or LA right now, or Austin, Texas, listen to me.
You are the target, you fools!
Don't you understand?
You're the people they want to pacify and control.
The people that got American flags all over the trucks.
The people that have gone along with all this stuff, because they know when you find out the truth, that they're getting rid of the borders, they're getting rid of America completely, you're going to go completely ape.
And folks, they're going to have special ops ready to drop by your house and blow your head off.
And I mean, they'll kill your whole family.
They got special ops groups trained to literally kill children.
They've been doing it all over Afghanistan, all over Iraq.
In the news, remember Private Gruckheimer said, oh yeah, we go into villages and we kill every man, woman, and child in Afghanistan.
And then the Pentagon came out and said, well, let us clarify.
Remember on Fox News?
Yes, in certain areas we kill everyone.
It's for our safety.
Now, 20 plus percent of the Army ground force is illegal alien legalized.
Now they're radically expanding that.
Red Dawn in slow motion, folks.
They're going for broke.
Worldwide transmission.
is falling right now.
The U.S.
Dick Cheney openly announced he's a dictator last Friday.
God help us!
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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To watch the Republic die by a thousand cuts.
To watch the enemies of the once great nation leer and smile and show their teeth as they draw the daggers across their flesh.
To see open dictatorship in our once great Republic publicly announced.
To watch the child kidnapping services openly intensify their
Open destruction of the family.
The children as they cry.
Tore from their mother's arms.
Prisons rising up where factories once stood.
The mercury dead eyes of the autistic children en masse.
All the pain replaced with the blue glow of a television set.
We're gonna go to Steve.
Is it Jay, Tom, Robert, Kurt, everybody?
I just, folks, I don't even have words to describe to you how they've plotted, how they've plumbed, how they've built, how they've... like great architects building this thing, and they may hold off.
Cheney may be setting the precedent for presidents to be absolute dictators and vice presidents to be... to give it to Hillary.
But they tend to really get more aggressive under Republicans.
And to go for these type moves, I don't know what's going to happen, folks, but I know one thing.
We are, I mean, this is serious business.
I told the story yesterday on air, and then I'm going to finish up with Dick Cheney announcing himself above the law with more openness than I've ever seen.
I told the story yesterday, and I'll just briefly tell it again.
I was getting some Zbigniew Brzezinski, I was thinking, well, should I put a clip, since we're putting a little clip of Zbigniew Brzezinski in Endgame, should I introduce him with a clip, you know, with a quote?
But see, I don't just ever go off an online quote.
I went and bought his books, we already had them, but went and dug them back out and couldn't find one, so I went and re-bought one to be technical about it, to be precise.
But there was this one quote I couldn't find in that book, so I did like a 45 minutes of searching yesterday afternoon.
For the actual quote, I found a Think Tank website that actually had the speech, and actually had him saying it.
It wasn't the exact quote I'd found previously from a confirmed speech off of a trilateralist meeting.
But it was him saying something even worse, but similar later, and it was, yeah, oh yeah, we were for Pol Pot, and I thought he was really good and did a good thing.
I mean, obviously he was a terrible person, but for our policy he was good, and we told the Chinese to support him and keep him in power.
And yeah, if it wasn't for us, Pol Pot would have never been able to do what he did, but I stand beside what I've done.
He killed two million people conservatively.
The number's probably closer to four.
But they had a big commission that went over there and found over two million skulls.
That's how they counted dead.
Two million plus skulls.
I mean just fields.
What do they call it?
The killing fields.
Just whole fields as far as the eye can see.
Just skulls.
And doing pole pot searches.
I mean I had to sit there and look at big piles.
You learn what a baby skull looks like.
You learn what a toddler skull looks like.
Big piles of those.
There'd be piles of glasses, because if you had glasses, it meant you could read, and that meant you could fight back against them.
And I just thought about that son of a bitch!
Big New Brzezinski.
Excuse me, folks.
Again, I lost control yesterday on air, and I apologize for talking, just how I really feel, and I don't want to hold it back.
But please don't call in here with that type of line.
I'm really, I'm just at the point of... It's making me sick, folks.
I mean, that's...
That inhuman piece of trash can talk about how they put Pol Pot in and how they supported him and he killed two million people and that piece of filth sits around and talks about it and admits it.
And when Luke Rodowski confronted him, Zbigniew Brzezinski said, SIT DOWN HERE AND SHUT UP!
And he literally, just with pleasure, when he says it, you just see him just suck in and grind his teeth.
I mean, they love killing folks.
He's proud that he's got two mil under his belt.
That is a sign of status with these people, folks.
Like they're giant goblins that wear human skulls around their necks.
I mean, you can't put any literature or literary touch to it to describe it.
I mean, these are literal demon kings who shit on the just piles of dead bodies, folks.
I want you to picture them as that.
And his daddy helped sell out the Poles, just like Madeleine Albright helped sell out the Czechoslovakians, her daddy did.
Her daddy, in the mainline history books, is responsible for over a million and a half deaths, shelling out their own people.
Their own people!
You know what?
Sometimes my brain tells me when I'm having a memory failure.
I'm so upset.
Is it Czechoslovakia?
I want to say Albright's from Czechoslovakia.
If not, it's one of those countries.
Yeah, yeah, it's Czech.
And she wasn't even from there either.
And then, yeah, that's why.
Then, when she was a child, she had to run to Serbia, and they shaved her and her family.
And then, of course, they had a 60-minute special interviewing at her house.
And all these Czech survivors, all these people from formerly wealthy families were like, that's my grandfather's painting.
And it was confirmed that her dad had stolen it in part of purges he ran, working with Hitler.
And then, when the Soviets came in, they had to run.
Yeah, that's right.
John Shelley Cashvely.
Daddy was a top Nazi general.
I'll never forget him before the Senate confirmation hearings when they were confirming him as Chairman and Joint Chiefs of Staff.
And they said, well, we want to bring up the fact that your father colluded with the Nazis in Poland and helped kill a million people.
You know, they're reading mainline history passages and, I resent that illusion, Chairman.
Folks, they're in power because their daddies earned bones.
And we're not talking about some mobster who's got to kill two people to earn his bones, or some mobster in my six who's got to do two assassinations to earn his bones.
I'm talking about mega-death bones.
I mean over a million.
You don't join the club until your daddy, or you, killed one million.
That's why David Rockefeller wrote all these books and passages, how much he admired Mao and how great it all was.
Because folks, that's 60 mil.
I mean, they respect that.
They're like, oh, you're a rock star.
They want a rock star here, folks.
And I just can't get the stupid public to realize it.
They're going to get away with it again!
They're going to murder us en masse!
And so many of the yuppies and all the Hollywood people, all the scum, are going to line up to support it because they're going to be scared wanting to go along with it.
Most people are going to know it's the truth and know what they're part of it, so they're going to go along with it just thinking it's going to keep your hind end safe.
And now Cheney.
I mean, these are the headlines I'm looking at every day.
I mean, I've literally got like 30 articles or more like this today.
Special operations prepare for domestic missions.
Bush claims oversight exemption too.
Cheney, neither here nor there.
He says he's autonomous from the executive, above the executive.
Washington Post.
I've got a... I don't have it here.
I thought I had it in the stack.
Let me go to ABC here.
I want to read you this ABC News headline.
But again, ABC isn't your friend.
ABC is reporting this to set the precedent.
ABC is saying this out in the open so they can set the precedent.
Cheney Power Grab!
Cheney Power Grab says White House rules don't apply to him.
Vice President Dick Cheney has asserted his office is not a part of the executive branch of the U.S.
government and therefore not bound by presidential order governing the protection of classified information by government agencies according to a new letter from Representative Henry Waxman, Democrat, California, to Cheney.
Bill Lennard, head of the government's information security oversight office, ISOO, told Waxman's staff that Cheney's office has refused to provide his staff with details regarding classified documents or submit to a routine inspection as required by presidential order according to Waxman.
Good God, folks.
It just goes on from there.
And I'm literally catching my breath right now.
That literally just caused my heart to flutter, folks, because I'm a normal person.
I mean, when I see them, every move, I keep saying, okay, they won't make the next move.
And I said on air a few months ago, I said, okay, they've, May 9th, we saw the PDD 51, Bush saying the Congress isn't even in governmental oversight now.
Total continuity of government from the President alone, or his designates,
I mean, just telling Congress you're not involved, saying that they have no power, which is total baloney.
Congress actually is over the President, if you read even the Federalist Papers, which were for centralization.
I mean, this is Caesar saying, hey, the Senate is my puppet, rubber stamp, and you'll do what I say.
I mean, this is right out of Rome.
This is right out of the decline.
This is right over the Republic dying.
This is it!
This is Revenge of the Sith, folks, when Palpatine goes in and announces he's the Supreme Ruler.
I mean, this is it, folks!
This is Palpatine!
Maybe you can't get Rome, or Julius Caesar, or Hitler, or real stuff, some of you out there, but for the young people, can you get Palpatine going in and saying, I run it all, baby!
The First Galactic Empire!
And I'm sitting here, watching them announce it, exactly the same way, and I'm going, unbelievable!
And then I start thinking, I go, my God, I'm on the air talking about Halliburton and Dinecore running child kidnapping rings.
You know, I had arguably the second biggest documentary makers in the country here last week.
I didn't even realize that until they were here and I looked up who they were.
It's Michael Moore and then it's, uh, and it's people that were here.
I did pretty much convince them.
I mean, they admitted it.
They said, yeah, we thought coming here you would just be kind of interesting and, you know, didn't really agree with you.
My God, we've kicked out everything you're saying.
And I talked about DynCorp and the Halliburton child kidnapping rings.
That was in the newspapers.
He was like, oh, come on, that can't be true.
I printed it up.
He went, oh, my God.
He sat there and read it.
Oh, my God.
Because it was all right there.
They had lobbyists for the child kidnapping to have the Pentagon help them.
I mean, that's the thing, folks.
They're doing things that Hitler, if it would have come out in the newspaper with running child kidnapping rings, Hitler would have gotten arrested in Germany, folks, because still the general public had more morals.
They were just conned and manipulated and dumbed down.
Not in America, folks.
You can come right out in the open and have Alberto Gonzales writing memos about torturing children with vice grips, sexually,
And I thought, my God, I'm on the air calling the Attorney General a criminal.
When he is a criminal, but I have to say it, and this guy's writing memos saying they can torture children with pliers.
I mean, come on, man!
What is wrong with us?
These people are so over the top, they are so incredible.
And it's clear, they're starting to make their move right now.
Now the good news is, 80% of the tribes I've talked to, and polls show this too, don't believe a word they're saying.
No 9-11's an inside job now.
A lot of the police, I'd say 30% now are on our side.
The rest are just in such a weird culture, it's a gang culture, you can't help them.
Just like Eastside Vatos, can't help them.
They're in the culture, there's probably no coming back for them.
But at least the military knows, because a lot of them have been over to Iraq, they've seen the lie, and they see the TV here, and that's what wakes them up.
They go, the propaganda versus what we're seeing is a lie.
But see, it doesn't matter, they're going to bring in foreign troops.
But the good news is, if you have millions of Ed and Elaine Browns around the country, if they try this, if you've got storable food, if you've got firearms, if you're willing to defend yourself, if you can bivouac and get into a citadel type position, and wade this thing out, they already are testing and knowing.
They know that's already, that's what's holding them back.
It's like, they want to jump, they want to attack, they want to start the fight, but they're looking at us going, wait a minute, this guy looks like he's going to give me a hell of a run.
And every person we wake up, our muscles get bigger.
We get stronger.
We get meaner.
You realize the New World Order is watching us rise right now.
And so they're wanting to move, but at the same time, they're not quite in place yet.
They're just watching us like Incredible Hulk.
They're watching our shirts rip and our chest bulge out.
We're going, just starting to grow.
And the New World Order is huge.
They're big and powerful too, but they're going, oh my God.
They're seeing that crazed look in our eye.
They see us swelling up, ripping out of our clothes.
They're going, whoa!
And a lot of their top tacticians and experts are saying, don't move, don't go on them, I'm telling you, you can't take them.
But Cheney's up there with all these heart attacks and the Rothschilds are demanding movement and he's just, I want power now, yeah!
Gets away with shooting people, gets away with running child kidnapping rings, he's moved the thing offshore, just... But don't think they won't pull the ace card out, that's setting off nukes, releasing bird flu.
Folks, they're capable of anything.
And yeah, we all want to live our lives.
We want to live in nice houses, and drive nice cars, and eat good food, and have good friends, and drink a little vino.
You know, you want to have a good life.
And I'm sorry they're trying to steal that from you folks, but that stuff's all going to go away unless you get involved now.
Folks, this is make it or break it.
The Germans didn't have this clear warning.
The Germans didn't have the Internet.
The Russians didn't have a history of liberty and freedom or an Internet.
The Poles didn't have that.
The Chinese farmers poor
Poor peasants that got taken over by the Communists, you know, out of the fire into Hades.
They didn't have a choice.
They didn't get a choice.
You're getting a choice.
And yeah, you know, I know that this scares a lot of people.
And some would say, you know, being this truthful is just going to scare people.
Well, you better be scared, folks.
You better be concerned.
You better be upset.
I mean, this needs to get everybody real serious.
This is serious business.
Believe me, I'm taking it real.
I have never had this much concern in my heart.
I have never, my intellect has never told me that we're in worse trouble.
Now, I know I said we'd have open phones and everybody's been holding for 45 minutes or so.
When we get back, I'm going to plug a few things and then we're going to go to
These loaded phone lines.
We're going to have open phones all throughout the second and third hour, I promise.
Steve, Jay, Tom, Robert, Kurt, many others that are patiently holding.
I got news here in front of me about the money supply.
For the first time, they've now slowed the printing of money.
And for the first time, the real estate's dropping.
You know what that means?
It means the government has made the decision to pull the rug out.
It's just so ruthless, folks.
And they literally see it in raw numbers.
How many more trillions will we get?
How much more if we blow this economy out?
And they're all bragging, we're going to break the Americans back.
We're going to show them something they've never experienced.
Ha ha ha ha!
Just like your grandpa did, right?
In Russia and Poland.
That's right!
Just wait, huh?
Ha ha!
Once we've got the U.S.
totally captured, we're going to use it as an even bigger engine.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Hello friends, Alex Jones here.
I want you to imagine waking up one morning to find out you've been burglarized.
An intruder has taken your personal possessions.
Credit card numbers, social security cards, banking information, and more, all in the hands of a total stranger.
What's worse is, you realize he got it through your front door, because you left it unlocked.
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That's Net, the number 7, Tech.com, and start protecting yourself today.
The second we start, the second hour.
Got a lot of other news on the economy I will be going over today.
Steve Watson's writing an article about this whole martial law incrementalism.
This is statecraft.
Hitler did it.
Many other dictators have done it.
In fact, we published some of the famous writings from people who lived in Germany.
Just a few weeks ago we reposted those.
About how it's incremental.
They do it slowly.
They set the president.
They move forward.
And they're doing it right now.
We'll talk with the listeners about that starting in the next hour.
My friends, I want you to listen very carefully.
We have to store food for our families if we're going to stay free and stay alive.
The prime rule of power is that if you control the nation with oil and the people with food, okay?
If countries with ethnic cleansing, they euthanize the elders and kill the young, preferably before they're born, and starve everyone else in between.
Bullets and the manpower to pull
The triggers are too expensive and time-consuming.
Starvation has always been the preferred method of eliminating undesirables.
I wonder how desirable I will be considered.
If you don't have your own food at this point, well then my friends, I don't know what I can say to you.
But you don't need to stand in a bread line to give up all of your liberty and your freedom and get that national ID card or that chip.
Starvation has always been the preferred method of eliminating undesirables.
You'll never have to stand in a bread line if you have your own bread.
Do what it takes to store the food now.
I've got mine.
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Give them a call.
Great stuff.
And I really have been doing a good job of announcing that starting in the middle of next month,
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Infowars.com to order or 888-253-3139.
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I'm Alex Jones.
We'll be right back.
This is Genesis.
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More than...
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now into the second hour.
Cheney setting the precedent again.
Declaring himself even above his own laws.
Supreme Ruler.
We also have very serious economic news.
The government's also preparing for public martial law.
The regular army to run your major police departments in cities.
Let's go to your phone calls.
God help us.
Thanks for holding.
Steve in California.
We'll go to everybody else too.
Steve, go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
What's on your mind?
Hey, just some good news.
I just want to do a little bit of a plug for Ron Paul.
We've got a few Silicon Valley programers got together and you know how you've been talking about putting together social networking sites with all the bells and whistles?
Well, we've got MySpace online for Ron Paul.
So go to ronpaulonline.com and it's got everything you want without all the corporate censorship.
Okay, what else is going on?
We just spent a lot of time putting that site together.
Not a lot, man.
We just launched it late last week.
I think it's got everything everyone needs for organizing across the country.
Is it an official Ron Paul?
I mean, is it involved with the campaign?
Did you donate it to the campaign, or are you running it?
We just did it.
We just decided to do it.
We're not linked to the campaign.
We knew what he needed from previous campaigns because we're a bunch of programmers, and we just decided to do it and put it out there.
Good, good.
Send me the link.
I appreciate your call, Steve.
Jay in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, what's up, Alex?
We're doing a worldwide transmission, sir.
Alright, cool.
I was looking at a website called I Am The Witness.
I appreciate your call, and they've got a campaign to call in here with a bunch of baloney.
Just grow up, man.
Let's go ahead and see if this is another one.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tom in California.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, I just want to share this experience I had.
I went into Long's Drugs to
I bought a bottle of wine and I held my driver's license up to the guy at the counter.
He said no and grabbed it and swiped it?
He grabbed it and swiped it the first time that happened to me and I was appalled.
I felt violated.
Now they have public federal meetings with the big hundreds of top CEOs and they've just told them you will all start swiping even on ladies' cards.
It's getting you ready for the national sales tax.
Right, right.
I just wanted to share that with the listeners.
So what did you say?
Tell folks what happened.
That's exactly what happened.
I held my driver's license up and he snatched it out of my hand against my will and ran it through the reader.
And I stood there in shock.
I asked him, did he have to do that?
And he said, yes.
I said, is that information stored?
He said he didn't know.
Of course, he doesn't know a law.
There is no law.
So what you do is you say, give me that back, I'm not buying that here.
And you go to the mom and pop that isn't part of the big chain, where there is no law, sir, there is no law, and you call the manager of that place and you say, listen, Walgreens was doing that, it's right down the street from my house, so I go there, and I think Walgreens is a nice store, you know, instead of having to go to the grocery store to buy toiletries or medicine or whatever, I go there, because it's quicker.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in the day I have bought tobacco products, and I look like I'm 45, I'm only 33, and I'd literally be buying cigars or something, and they'd say, I want to see your driver's license.
They'd try to swipe it, and I'd say, nope, nope.
You know, this first happened about five years ago.
I would learn that they were, you know, I'd hand them the license, they'd try to swipe it, and I'd say, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Well, see, I didn't learn until about a year after that, about four years ago,
From a fella who listens every day, by the way, I want to say hi to him.
He was an old vet, good guy.
He managed a Diamond Shamrock, now Valero.
And I saw him card and swipe like a 60, 70 year old woman.
And for buying a six pack of beer.
And she was also buying some Virginia Slims.
And I said, I said, why did you just card him?
And he said, well, wait till everybody gets out of here.
I mean card her.
And he goes, no, those cameras are corporate, but I don't care.
He said, come around here.
I'm quitting soon.
He goes, let me see your license.
I'm not going to show you hers.
He swiped mine, and there was my data, my date of birth, whether I had any convictions.
He goes, I don't know where this goes or what they're doing, but it came down from the corporate office.
Stay there, sir.
We'll talk to you more, Tom, on the other side.
Look, it's all a grid, folks.
Pentagon design.
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Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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I'll be right back.
I'm getting some Cal-X.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Even ABC News calls it a Cheney power grab.
Open announcement that he is above all law, even executive orders.
And they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.
It's just a public
Announcement, a reaffirmation of what's in the Gonzales Memo saying the President is Supreme Dictator.
We'll also get into the economy, that's all coming up, but right now we're talking to Tom in California.
Tom, finish up.
So you go in to buy a bottle of wine at a major chain, and they say, let me see your license, and then they swipe it, and the guy just says, I have to, but I don't know where it goes.
What did you say to him?
I just walked out and I got home and I called the manager.
I called the manager of two different stores actually, Long's Drugs.
The one guy asked him if my information was stored and he said no, not at the local level.
I asked him what he meant by that and he said,
Is Big Brother watching or New World Order?
I kid you not, that's what he said to me.
And I said, yeah, exactly.
That's exactly what I'm talking about.
And he said he didn't know.
He said, we don't store it here at the store, but as far as the feds, I don't know.
That's what he told me.
So, you know, is that information stored now?
Every prescription you get is immediately uploaded to the federal government, if it's a prescription.
Whether, again, whether it's a diaphragm or
Prescription Motrin or acne cream.
I mean, it doesn't matter.
And I remember when they passed it in 2002, they called it a patient's privacy bill.
And it further federalized the doctors and then made everything be uploaded to the feds.
I mean, folks, it's just such a joke.
But it sounds to me like the manager at least knows what's going on, or is at least upset.
Did he say Big Brother sarcastically?
No, he knew where I was coming from.
He was a young kid, and it sounded like he knew what was up.
The way he said that to me, he knew exactly where I was coming from.
See, that's how this is going to work.
The general staff, if they try to go ahead with the New World Order,
There are still good people left in government.
And know this, even if they go ahead with martial law, we're going to win.
We have to first realize we can win, we can beat these people.
And I just want to tell police and military and all of you, you see how you're being replaced with foreigners right now.
I mean, this is so deep and dark.
This is so bad.
This is so all-encompassing.
I don't even have words anymore to even describe to you how serious it is, folks.
What do you think about Cheney announcing he's above even executive orders and his own laws?
Oh, it's frightening.
Personally, I can feel what's coming.
With the concentration camps all over the nation just sitting there empty.
And the steps that they're taking to move on.
This is what we had to look forward to.
The public will be enslaved.
You think you're enslaved now.
Just wait.
And there are billboards and TV ads and print ads and radio.
From California.
We have a local... Let me just finish.
From California to Austin, Texas to New York.
We need more cops!
More cops!
They're just everywhere now.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry.
You mentioned the billboard.
We have an AT&T billboard here.
It says, Your World Delivered.
That's their motto.
Your World Delivered.
You know?
Somebody put a sign up there that said, to the Feds.
But see, AT&T goes, well, it's true, that whole floor was NSA, but we're sorry.
Well, I mean, I told everybody because it was in the telecommunications publications.
It's not a secret.
I don't know how long you've been listening, but how many years before that came out in the news, I tell you, whole floors at every major telecommunications hubs are run by the NSA.
And they pay the phone companies to administer it.
Everything goes through them.
It's not a debate.
Of course it's illegal.
It's illegal to have troops sneaking around.
They've been doing it for 20 plus years.
I appreciate your call.
Now they're just announcing it to you folks because they're beefing it up.
All the rest of it was quiet beta testing.
So every major...
The good news is though, I remember going to the Travis County SWAT Team, I remember going to the Travis County Police Department, I remember going to the Travis County, here in Austin, City Council, County Commissioners, and I said, you will soon be visited by Delta Force.
They will want you to merge with the emergency county system.
This will be a federal, and they would laugh and joke, and then when it started happening, I'd walk in, they'd all look real scared, and they'd whisper into each other, and I'd have members of the County Commissioner's Court off record go, yeah, they all came and said everything you said they would.
How did you know?
And I had the head of the SWAT team call me in his office and go, here's the Delta Force Commander's card.
How did you know all this, Alex?
You know, I was a Marine Corps Sniper, blah, blah, blah.
And then Lieutenant Beck wouldn't go along with it.
They put people in there that will follow orders.
Let me tell you, the respect level shot up real fast with that SWAT team.
Because I went in there and I told them Delta Force is going to be here soon.
So then they were going to every major county in the state.
They'd already been to 15 or 20 or so.
I wasn't sure.
I knew it was more than 10.
And it was all the big cities, and they hadn't been to Austin yet, and I looked at the demographics, and they'd been to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston, I mentioned Houston, and I said they, and I talked to police chiefs, and I knew what they were doing.
Folks, they'd walk into police departments with bags of hundreds of thousands.
I mean, I mean, even give them to captains.
We just want you to take a hundred grand.
Please, just take the cash, sir.
I mean, folks, when you've got special ops with literal black suitcases full of cash, treating us just like we were Guatemala or Nicaragua or El Salvador, they're running the very same ops they used to buy off those military dictatorships.
Of course, Ale Philippus, he had policed San Antonio, he had policed for like eight years.
He was in Army Intelligence himself, patriotic Vietnam vet.
He told them, get out of my office.
This is bribery.
Get out of here.
Oh, you'll regret that, Chief!
And they got him out of office, don't worry.
That was in 1999.
Yeah, there's a reason I'm upset.
By the way, that's in Police State 2000.
Or was that 1998?
Are you beginning to understand what they've been doing, how they've been plotting, the things they've been doing?
They're all around us, folks.
They're all over the place.
And most of them are kind of like Christian cult member types.
They're not real Christians.
They got tats all over them.
You know, they're whatever.
I'm not knocking tattoos.
I'm talking about that type of person.
They like having the $300,000 expense card.
They like thinking they're James Bond.
They like driving Corvettes.
They got long hair and earrings.
You know, it's all their disguise.
There's different branches of special ops, but that's their normal MO.
And they all have them graduate with reading Machiavelli's The Prince, so it justifies the means.
And they just go, well, you know, the Muslims are so deadly, we've got to carry out terror attacks so we can fight the Muslims, get the people mobilized, and yeah, we've got to pay off the police because they don't know what's really going on, and we've got to do this to protect America.
They've been giving all these fake briefings and baloney.
They've all been psychologically tested.
It's all spree decor.
These guys have been to the training, they've been told they're the best.
They get to land on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier and order a captain around, and they're on power trips, and they'll do whatever they're told, folks.
They will do whatever they're told.
Whatever they're told.
And they will lead packs of paramilitary foreign troops into America, and they'll do whatever they're told.
Now the good news is, is that a bunch of Arabs, and I'm not being mean, but Arabs are not known for being able to shoot straight.
It's well known.
They get emotional, they just spray.
That is not going to happen with the American people, if you try it.
And you know that, and we all know that.
And you're going to be fighting real veterans, and real people who really, really fought for this country, or who believe they fought for this country, who now have repented of what they've done, who are 45, 50, 60 years old.
And a lot of people out of your very same classes who were man enough to wake up to what they were part of and break their conditioning.
Because that's the ultimate peer pressure.
They've done psychological tests.
It's easier to run up a hill towards a machine gun nest than it is to say no to your peers and say no to criminal orders.
Now, believe me, I will take no pleasure in the fact that you're going to be completely wiped out.
I take no pleasure in the fact that you're going to be used as set pieces if this thing goes off to literally be chewed up like cordwood.
That's part of the plan, fools.
Everything this government does is to destroy the U.S.
and our infrastructure.
Everything they do is to destroy this country!
So don't give me that baloney that you're doing all this for the end justifies the means for this republic.
You're doing the opposite.
When we get back, we'll talk to Robert, Carl, Tony, Scott, and others.
Let's just get one in now.
Robert in California, you're on the air.
Alex, I wanted to start by just saying you do an awesome job for all of us.
I was just seeing them talk about the amnesty bill they're getting ready to pass, and now I just saw a story they're bringing up at last week's G8 Summit.
The new energy reform bill says they want $6 a gallon by 2010, and this morning in the
They have a picture of George Bush and Laura at a holiday gala for Christmas at the Ford Theater.
A whole huge fake pre-taped holiday special for Christmas last night.
I'm like, oh my God, these guys are like Napoleon and Josephine.
Well they are, and then the Queen of England doesn't really go to Africa.
She has sound stages.
They fly in Africans, or she goes to Africa and does it on a sound stage meeting with the villagers.
I mean, while we're just about to go to war... Sorry, go ahead.
...falling apart as a country, they're posing for fake holiday specials.
That doesn't say the condition of our country breaks my heart.
Thanks, Alex.
Stay there.
You don't want to add more?
He's gone.
You know, he made a point, made me think.
That's why I always want to jump in, because then it makes me think about a point.
Ah, it's just unbelievable.
We'll come back.
Stay with us.
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They railed against the crown Another ragtag band Declaring independence
We'll read the Bill of Rights.
The Constitution.
Declaration of Independence.
Compare it to what we've become.
It's... It's amazing.
Let's go back to your calls.
Carl, where are you calling us from today?
Um, from Montreal.
I'm an American.
I'm being detained here by immigration in Canada.
I think you called last week and I said send me some info on it.
That's right.
Well, I can't.
I don't have any access to the internet.
I can't get people to bring me stuff off the internet.
Okay, well tell us what's going on with you.
Well, um, I've been researching this New World Order, been going out and exposing it, going out to public places like shopping malls, grocery stores, handing out literature and trying to inform the public.
And you're a U.S.
citizen and they're holding you?
Okay, explain to me how that's happening.
Well, they say because of a criminal charge I had in the United States, I bought a stolen laptop I did not know was stolen, and another charge, and they're using that to say I'm inadmissible to Canada.
And I had charged before they're not using against me with harassing telephone calls.
Okay, so they haven't sent you back to the U.S.
No, they're trying.
They're trying to, but I don't want to go back to the United States.
I hear you, sir.
A lot of people are trying to get to Canada and don't want to come back to the U.S.
What else is on your mind?
That's not the reason why I'm calling.
Okay, go ahead.
Well, I believe, you know, that we're living in the end times, too.
I don't know what your view is on that.
Well, I know that that's a big cop-out for everybody, and for 30 years they've been saying the end of the world is next week, it's 1987, it's 1994, it's going to happen next week.
I agree.
And that's the big cop-out for Christians to never do anything and just lay around.
See, I don't believe that way.
Never fighting evil, but I am a Christian and I do believe there's a devil, but I do believe Nineveh was given a hundred year reprieve, and I just know I've got a duty to fight evil.
And I'm going to stand up against it.
I believe the same thing.
I believe in going out and exposing it.
I don't believe in this form of Christianity, this suedo-christianity we have today, and this propaganda.
I believe that the forces that want to keep us asleep, whether religious or political, that put out propaganda to intentionally keep the people from waking up.
What else is on your mind, sir?
Well, I believe that the beast in Revelation are the United Nations and the United States.
I don't know your view on that.
Hey, man, I just know I thought evil.
Keeps it real simple.
Because most people I know just talk about and try to decipher stuff all day instead of ever doing anything.
I just know I'm fighting the open borders, end of the country immigration bill.
I just know I'm fighting the North American Union.
I just know I'm fighting CPS kidnapping children all around me.
I know I'm fighting the destruction of the dollar.
I just know I'm going to stand up against it.
I know it makes me sick.
I'm trying to do something as well.
Trying to educate the people who are here being detained about the New World Order.
And, you know, I'm trying to even do it while I'm... So you're calling me from a customs immigration facility?
Yeah, it's in Laval, right outside of Montreal.
It's right north of the island of Montreal.
Hey, are those Canadian guards incredibly hateful and mean?
Yeah, they work for... they're company guarder.
They're like Blackwater.
Recently I read an article about them going over to Iraq, a private army, to do this fighting over there.
When are they going to deport you back to Northcom?
I don't know.
You're in Northcom now, but back to Northcom Central.
I'm trying to go to an extradition to another country.
I'm fighting.
Somewhere, you know.
Let me just ask you, how did you get into the thing if you had a stolen laptop?
I don't know where to go.
Well, it was a roommate of mine and I bought it and I had a charge in Florida for harassing phone calls and I was picked up on a warrant for Florida and they tried to extradite me back and I had the laptop and they checked the laptop and found out it was stolen.
Yeah, I appreciate your call.
Man, I know they checked our laptops when we went into Canada, boy, and they said, we find anything, you're going to prison.
I mean, they said as much as a Betty Page, folks, topless.
I mean, just mainly, and thank God, the work computers had nothing on them.
Of course, one step in the future, they'll probably plant something, but they were just laughing and enjoying, because I'm sure, I guess up there, everybody would have porn on their computer.
We didn't.
But it was just a big enjoyment for them.
Yeah, they'll find out how enjoyable it is when they live in total tyranny they've helped bring in.
All the good things that you slack-jawed cops helped destroy.
Just remember, when it's all gone, you helped do it, peons.
And I'm not saying all the police, but my God, folks.
I mean, just five years ago, I'd go on the State Capitol, and they were all friendly, and at least they'd talk to you.
I went on the State Capitol last week with a film crew.
And I mean, there were these two state police guys looking at us like, like we literally were firebeaters and dragons.
And I mean, and they were in kind of an assault stance, their arms out, their legs out, like I was a rhinoceros or something.
I was like, hi!
Hey, the Capitol's all shut down, what's going on?
I'm not saying nothing to you!
And their eyes bugging out, and I was just like, okay, boys!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Sure, John.
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We're good to go!
I think so.
Riders on the storm.
Riders on the storm.
Into this house we're born.
Into this world we're thrown.
Like a dog without a bone and actor all alone.
Riders on the storm.
There's a killer on the road His brain is squirming like a toad Take a long holiday Let your children play
That's right, if you give this New World Order a ride, you can go along with them.
You let this man in your car, folks, it's over.
But why did so many women, when I studied criminology, by studying, and I probably read 30, 40 books on it, people can't believe they're going to be victims of crime.
And they can't believe somebody in a sharp,
Brooks Brothers, you know, $800 suit at the time, back in the 80s, 70s, very expensive.
You know, driving on a nice little yellow Volkswagen.
Very polite.
Hey, need a ride home?
You know, the cute young 18, 20 year old girls getting off work at the shopping mall.
Put these handcuffs on and I'm not going to kill you.
Everything will go right.
Just put these handcuffs on.
We'll keep you safe from the terrorists.
Just let Homeland Security run things.
That's the handcuffs.
Let us just put these handcuffs on.
And then they would end up in a very bad place, folks.
You need to go read what Ted Bundy would do to people.
See, the smart psychopaths get to become vice presidents, and then they get to become F├╝hrers, and they get to become leaders, Mao Zedongs.
And that's who we're fighting, folks.
You've got to realize that, see, you're not an evil person, you're not a psychopathic killer, so you can't get your mind around who they are.
You cannot understand the nature of evil.
Because you still have a conscience.
Doesn't mean you're not perfect.
I mean, you know, doesn't mean that you're perfect.
Alright, I know we got Tony and Scott and many others holding.
I'm going to take a few more calls here in a few minutes and I'm going to get into the economy, more on this Marshall Law News.
I got a bunch of key stuff.
I haven't even gotten to the stack yet today, but I will get to it.
But, Marty is somewhat of a poet.
Marty is somewhat of a old-fashioned jokester.
He loves limericks.
He's a World War II vet.
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But today, Marty wants to do, I'm told, a rendition of Hamlet for you.
I haven't heard this.
Marty, how are you doing today?
Oh, pleasure talking to you, Alex.
Before I started some culture, I've got to read you this email I just got.
It said, Hello, I have recently started using your products with the purchase of your sample kit and almond hand lotion.
And I must tell you that I am amazed with all the
With it all.
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My clothes feel more crisp
Now let me go back here.
Folks, it's simple.
There are hundreds of chemicals per ingredient in all your shampoos.
All of those particular, when you see the name perfume or fragrance, that could be hundreds of ingredients.
It's admitted, and they tell people that have children with asthma and stuff, get them off the chemical stuff.
Big petrochemical companies own the big
Subsidiaries, that's their subsidiaries, Procter & Gamble and Lever and Colgate and the rest of it, they're just putting petrochemicals in you folks.
Of course that's why you're all dry and freaked out.
This is so wonderful to reflect what this comment Stephan made, to reflect that and multiply it by a thousand families that are listeners of Alex Jones.
We are so appreciative of that.
It just makes our day.
And our week, and our month, and our year.
Marty, go ahead and get into your Hamlet, and then we'll tell folks about the show.
I thought your show could use a little culture, so I want to offer a culture interlude.
Up in the Colorado mountains, aisle high, above Denver, is a castle.
Residing in the castle is His Majesty King Bates, his beautiful wife, Queen Bates, his lovely daughter, Princess Bates,
And his teenage son, Master.
The king makes a proclamation and says, Today is Monday and it's laundry day.
He calls his stepson, Hamlet, and says, Go to the market and secure a box of laundry detergents.
Now, Hamlet doesn't always listen to the king.
He is still pissed off because the king killed his father to marry his gorgeous mother.
This is a real soap opera.
So Hamlet goes up to his room, gets up on his pedestal, all castles have pedestals by the way, and shouts, Act Two, Scene One.
He's a fan of Shakespeare and also the Alex Jones Show.
Act Two, Scene One.
He proclaims, Dubai!
Or not to buy.
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Buy soap now!
Oh, fair!
Oh, strong!
Oh, Jones!
Nymphs and their orisons!
Be all my ads flow through thee!
Oh my gosh!
Actually, Marty, we have an applause for you.
Hear that?
Oh, they want to applaud again!
Here it is for you, Marty.
Another applause.
There we go.
Marty, I don't think they're going to have Calvin Pure Soap in the FEMA camp.
Oh, it's just, have you heard that Cheney has now announced himself?
Above even executive orders and his own laws that he's been... Oh!
Is this new?
I haven't heard that.
Oh yes, they're declaring themselves Supreme Ruler.
Uh, well listen Marty, let me give folks the number.
Uh, give folks the number so they can call and get a free catalog or get the tote bag or go all the way and get a year's supply of soap from you.
That's 800-340-7091.
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CalvinPureSoap.com or FiveStarSoap.com.
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Again, FiveStarSoap.com or give that number again, Marty.
800-340-7091 or 5Starsoap.com.
Marty, I want to thank you for riding me into Hamlin.
I never knew that would happen, and that was certainly a new frontier in radio.
It sounded great, and you are certainly a character.
Sometime I've got to meet you in person.
I'm never up that way.
I've got to come visit the factory.
I look forward to it, Alex.
Thank you for your sponsorship.
Thank you for your
Endorsement, which we appreciate very much.
Hey, you got a great product, man.
It sells itself.
Marty, thanks for coming on.
Thank you, Alex.
Talk to you soon.
Marty, what a character, folks.
You bet.
It doesn't get any... I mean, that is another one of those World War II vets.
They're just precious people.
And imagine, set that company up in 1947 with his papa, and now he runs it with his son and his son.
Let's go ahead and take a call here.
Let's talk to Tony in Texas.
Thanks for holding your own here, Tony.
Afternoon, Alex.
You were talking about the REAL ID Act and everything.
I've got a couple of friends.
One of them is 22, one of them is 20.
Neither one of them can get social security numbers.
They were born in this country.
I know that sounds crazy, but
They were born, one was born in a TV, one was born in a school bus.
They've never been to public school, they've never been immunized.
They're blessed, they're blessed.
Now what they can do is, they can go in and act like they don't speak English, but let me guess, are they one of them?
Blond hair and blue eyed.
Well, see, that's why they're not going to be able to.
And again, I'm being serious, folks.
It's all selectively enforced.
They allow illegal aliens in this bill.
It's already happening.
First visit, they get a social security number.
Never have to come back again for 12 years.
Now, that's in the bill.
Now, a citizen or even Europeans who come over here and try to get citizenship, it's almost impossible.
And again, this is all part of a larger globalist plan.
And now what they could do is go in under fake names and get several social security cards, but because they're Anglo-Saxon, that is not going to be allowed.
It's only allowed for third world populations, whether they be from Asia or Latin America.
They're also not even as lenient with Africans coming here, though they're a little more lenient compared to Anglos, and you can try to figure it out for yourself while they're doing that.
Well, you know, their parents didn't want to put them in the system.
You know, way back when.
Well, then they ought to be happy.
They got a blessing in the skies.
But the children don't understand that.
They're trying to get these Social Security numbers.
And they've used lawyers, they've tried everything, and nobody can seem to figure this out.
And what the excuse is, is that even though there were 30 people at both births, there were plenty of witnesses, the Social Security Administration will only accept one witness.
As a criteria for getting that social security number.
You have to have baptismal certificates, shot immunization records, school records, something other.
You know, because back then we weren't given our social security numbers at birth.
You know, we were... No, I didn't get my social security number until I was about 15.
I was 16 when I got mine.
I wanted to go get a real job, you know.
Yeah, that's what happened.
I didn't know at that point that I shouldn't do this thing.
You know, I wish I didn't have a social security number.
Same here, because I had jobs before that where there was cash off the books, mowing yards, working for vets, stuff like that.
But all those jobs are being done by illegal immigrants at the moment.
Jobs that they say we can't see.
This is all going to be selectively enforced.
The illegals under the bill don't even really have to have us.
They can still have jobs.
It's really a national ID card for citizens.
That's what the North American Union Guest Worker Card is.
It's a North American standardized ID.
But I mean, watching Meet the Press this weekend was one of those Sunday shows I didn't really pay attention to.
I saw it like five minutes.
But I mean, they just don't even care.
And they put the illegal aliens leaders up there on TV going, we are hard-working, we love your country, we are good, let us have it.
It's not about them.
And they go, it is not amnesty.
I mean, I mean, they just lie, man!
The media, the cult, the TV!
I mean, it's just, it's just, it's unbelievable!
We've read the subsections of the bill!
Remember how they tried to keep it secret for a month, and finally we got copies of it, and it was worse than I'd even thought?
We thought it was the old Kennedy Bill.
No, this was hundreds of times worse, folks.
Hardcore, aggravated felons legalized.
Don't have to pay federal taxes.
You get a pardon.
Citizens never get federal tax pardons!
Man, this is an incentive to not just flood the country, but literally, literally capsize the nation with illegal aliens.
It's incentives for them.
They get higher tuition than U.S.
It's in the bill.
More tuition than native-born.
In Texas, a Texas resident will get a higher tuition rate than an illegal alien.
That is in the bill.
In California, in Utah, it is an incentive!
Go ahead.
Well, wouldn't it meant Romney who refused to pardon a soldier who called him from Iraq, saying, you know, like I've done?
I did some bad things as a youngster, and he wouldn't pardon him because as running for president, he doesn't want to say he's ever pardoned anyone.
Look, Americans have got the mark on us.
We're known to be cowardly scum now.
We're not what we used to be, but the new old order remembers scores and hates who we were.
So they can't kill our great-grandparents, they want to hurt us.
And they're openly laughing.
They go, look what we've turned them into.
We're known for being there to be taken advantage of.
We call our leaders officials and authorities, instead of servants.
We're here to have game run on us, as they say.
That's who we are.
We are seen as the most pathetic group on earth.
The fattest, the dumbest, the stupidest, and also the most prideful.
We've fallen a long way, folks.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
They are trying to pass the immigration bill, the literal end of America bill.
Absolute capitulation.
North American Union.
Coup de Grace.
Crushing blow directly to the... I mean this is just off its scarts.
Now if they pass it, we're not going to stop.
We're going to fight it at the state levels.
But again, they've already hit 800 plus cities as sanctuary cities.
They've already had the Feds dispensing cash to cities by fiat, legalizing illegals.
They've already done everything they can to tear down the Border Patrol.
But I watched some news last night, I was just watching some during the break.
It doesn't matter if it's Fox, CNN, MSNBC, here's how the Pentagon propagandists, and that's what it is folks, and they all know it over there.
This is how the Pentagon propagandists are hitting it.
We've got to do something.
It's too dangerous.
Our borders aren't secure.
Al-Qaeda can attack us.
The cost of doing nothing is too high.
We've got to secure our borders.
Complete 110% line.
I mean, you know it is the end of the border.
It does not specify building any fence.
It has some language about it.
But we know they passed it two years ago and then Chertoff took the money.
Besides, you won't need the fences because anyone who can get here or who is here
He is instantly legalized.
But let me just go back.
This is how the lie is working.
And I know you know this, but you better get on the message boards.
You better call your church, because the last month of them announcing it's dead over and over again has got most conservatives calling into shows now going, Oh, it's dead!
No, folks.
When Bush smirks and says, I'll see you at the signing statement, just like he said, I'm going to win in 2004, he only says that when he's got the big boys behind him.
It's probably going to pass, OK?
Just get ready.
Just get ready.
But let me just go back over this briefly.
This is how the lie works.
We've got to do something.
The cost of doing nothing is too high.
The American people want us to do something to secure the borders, and Congress needs to work together now to do this.
Now, again, it doesn't secure the borders.
It's the opposite.
The American people don't want them to, quote, do something, if that means making it even worse.
Just like you go to the doctor and you say, he broke his finger, do something, doctor, and the doctor beats the child in the head with a ball-peen hammer.
Or takes out a chainsaw and slices the mother in half.
That is not doing something, fixing something.
Okay, so it's just all lies.
And, uh, by the way, they've already got, by fiat, they're legal.
I mean, every time they're trying to pass the bill, they'll go arrest 150 over the weekend, or 1,000.
They could arrest 1,000 every day.
1,000 people every day.
And that wouldn't even be a million people.
There's over 3 million illegals a year pouring in, and over a million legal.
What's 365 times 1,000?
They could arrest 1,000 a day, not 1,000 every few months for some photo op!
And if one more person with a George W. Bush sticker on their car comes up to me and says, Bush isn't an anti-gun and he's pro-control border, I'll probably smack ya!
I literally, I've never keyed a car.
I've never been a vandalist person, but I was going over to a local pizza shop last night to bring food back to the office staff, and there was this Mercedes sitting there, and it had a George Bush sticker, and I literally, folks, had to control myself.
I almost keyed his car.
I'm being honest with you, I'm ashamed of that, but I mean, you know, that's an expression of how I'm just, I'm really getting tired of it, man.
They're killing the country, and these yuppies drive around like it's funny!
It is not funny!
Do you understand?
And folks, I'm telling you, man, if I'm starting to have fantasies about vandalizing somebody's car, believe me, everybody else is mad, too.
I mean, I literally had the key in my hand, folks.
I started drifting over towards the guy's car.
I didn't do it because I was worried about getting caught.
I wouldn't have been.
I just don't do bad things like that.
But, I mean, I'm starting to have fantasies, folks.
And, I mean, because, I mean, it's just the end of the country!
And it's not funny!
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're now back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Third hour, wide open phones, tons of news.
If they don't pass the amnesty bill this time, they'll just keep ramming it through.
The Democrats are now saying if it doesn't pass today, they're going to break it up, the 20 plus provisions in there, and put them on riders and start passing them piecemeal, death by 100 cut mode.
And this doesn't illustrate our government's criminal.
90 plus percent of Americans, including Hispanics, almost 70 percent of Hispanics want our borders controlled.
But they go, it's racist to not be for amnesty.
Hispanics, Republicans and Democrats want their votes.
Well, you're not getting their votes with this!
Now it does fool some weak-minded people, like, well, you're a racist if you're not for the amnesty, or the Hispanics are sticking together.
They're sticking with America.
No, they're not.
But you've got these criminals up there in Washington, D.C.
It's all about cheap labor, number one.
Driving down the wages to almost nothing.
I was talking to an American who happens to be Hispanic.
He comes out to our demonstrations a lot, and he's a truck driver.
He says he's already seen his wages drop over the years with these illegals.
Now the Mexican trucks are coming in.
And they say, hey, you don't want to work for $10 an hour instead of $25?
You see that?
We've got 100 Mexicans right there ready to take your job.
By the way, now, under NAFTA and GATT, it destroyed Mexico's economy so bad, now those jobs are even leaving to China and India.
So then that forces the illegals up here even faster.
And I've got the bad news for you here.
For the first time, there's now indicators that show they're slowing the printing of physical money.
And slowing the issuance now.
Now last I knew they were racing at levels never before seen.
Now it appears that they have abruptly turned off the spigot.
And that means they have basically
Cut our parachute off our back and kicked us out of the door of the aeroplane.
I just, I can't believe they're doing this to this country.
And I see people with Hillary stickers on their car.
And again, I just want to peel them off, man.
I just want to, I want to wait till they come out of their car.
And I want to say, what is wrong with you?
Why do you, why are you, why do you have George Bush stickers?
Don't you realize, but the good news is that is a shrinking minority.
14% approval rating.
The good news is, you can't put Humpy Dumpy back together again.
Go ahead, CNN!
I was watching CNN and the look on the newsreader's face, knowing they're lying.
The body language is just, I'm a liar, I feel bad about myself.
You see, my body language is I'm a big, fat, arrogant, redneck Texan and I feel really good about what I'm doing because I've got a lot of problems, but at least I'm trying to be a good person and tell the truth.
You look at them, they have no pride in what they're doing.
They know they're killing this country.
Up there spewing their lies about how this immigration bill is going to save us and keep us safe from Al-Qaeda and all this bull.
And they know now, you see, a lot of their arrogance is gone because they know that people aren't buying a word that comes out of their fat mouths anymore.
Oh yeah, you got 20% of people that will buy whatever you tell them.
But see, the illusion's gone now.
That 20% still thinks they're running the country, and that this is a republic, and that the 20% of people that are still for the war still have the illusion that the war's still going on because they want it.
They feel like they're part of it.
Kind of like Nazis in 1943 thought they were still with Hitler, and Hitler was still their buddy.
Yeah, you're going to find out real soon, you slack-jawed idiot, that you're not part of anything.
You're not part of NOTHING!
And that goes for all these self-righteous, arrogant, haughty yuppies that I see everywhere who think they're God's gift to Earth and think they know everything.
You don't know NOTHING!
And I'm sick of you acting like you do!
You don't know your head from a hole in the ground!
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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That's KenSolar.com.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Scott, William, John, Tim, many others.
Your calls are coming up in just a minute or two.
Let me get into some news right now.
Immigration bill awaiting key test today.
Senators pushing a new immigration policy appealed Sunday to wavering supporters ahead of renewed debate on securing the borders and dealing with 12 million undocumented immigrants.
Now, it does not secure the borders.
But it does create a continental security zone, so I guess in a way, for North America, it's semi-securism.
But internally, there's no more borders.
So here's AP, Jim Abrams, just incredible lies.
I mean, they're all over the news, just flat-out lying!
And again, you got caught too many times with a hand in the cookie jar.
People know you're a pack of crooks now.
A fragile compromise was pulled from the Senate in early June, then resurrected after bipartisan negotiations with the White House.
The bill awaits a crucial test vote this week, with several Senators defecting and distancing themselves from a proposal the outcome was too close to call.
That's Bilderberg Group member Kay Bailey Hutchinson grandstanding, because she knows it'll destroy our political career to do that.
Hey, don't worry, honey, they've got the special machines in place.
You just cheerlead for the new world order like you did at UT for Bevo, and you'll be fine.
We'll see between the two parties.
We have 60 votes needed to keep the bill moving forward towards the final votes of Senator Dianne Feinstein, a complete enemy of America, I would add.
The measure would tighten borders.
Now that is a complete lie.
It's got some language about if they feel like it, they might build some fence.
And I was watching Fox yesterday and it's like, 6,000 more Border Patrol, getting tough, but will the Congress do the right thing and help Bush?
And I was like, it's lies!
But there are people all over America, they just go, Fox News, that's it, I'm for it, I'm gonna go ahead and call the Congress and work with my president.
The measure would tighten borders, require workplace verification, and create a guest worker program, and also would lay out a way by which the estimated 12 million people illegally in the U.S.
could gain legal status and work towards citizenship.
It says you instantly get a Social Security card, first visit, under any name you wish, with an affidavit you sign.
I'm this person.
Give it.
Just whoever you want to be.
President Bush long has advocated an immigration overhaul.
Again, overhaul has the connotation of fixing something.
This would be like taking your brand new car and taking a jackhammer to it and ripping the tires off and ripping the engine out and throwing it off a cliff and then calling it an overhaul.
It's not an overhaul.
President Bush has long advocated an immigration overhaul.
On Saturday, he urged lawmakers, you know most, even adults, don't know how to look at a word and see what meaning and connotation they're giving it.
Most people who do still read, that's about 10% that actually read news articles and read books, I think the average American reads less than one book a year now, they don't even, they read that and they take it as real!
Because they're TV heads, they're trained to just accept whatever they see.
President Bush has long advocated an immigration overhaul.
No, it's an overhaul.
On Saturday, he urged lawmakers to summon the courage to support what would be the last major legislative achievement of his presidency.
He just agreed to a Kyoto Protocol and $6 a gallon gas in the U.S.
Now, that's not true.
There you go.
by 2010.
You wanted a global tax?
You get it, folks.
There you go.
I told you he was going to do it all along.
The status quo is unacceptable, he said in his weekly radio address.
Yeah, the status quo of by fiat them being legalized and walking all over us.
That's not good enough, is it?
You need the whole national ID card tied into it and everything else.
But he faces dissension from fellow Republicans who demand better border security and oppose any policy that suggests amnesty for undocumented immigrants.
Suggests it's total pardon on taxes, on crime.
Folks, there are aggravated felon pardons in this.
Do I need to read the subsections again to slack-jawed cops out there listening who don't believe a word I say?
No, I know you know.
I don't know why I got so hard on you.
I talked to a lot of cops that are good.
I just, I just... You want to pull me over on I-35 and you want to search my car while there's illegal aliens driving around like it's some kind of circus with no ID, drunk driving, running into everyone, doing whatever they want.
I'm sick of it!
I'm tired of being treated like a slave and treated like dirt!
While a bunch of nationalistic, anti-American people run all over us.
With our government literally paying to bring them here.
Senator Republican Leader Mitch McConnell
McConnell, Republican Kentucky, last week said his support for the bill hinges on the outcome of a series of amendments agreed to as part of the compromise or revival legislation.
Those amendments mean nothing.
This bill right now has nothing substantive about fences or control.
That doesn't matter.
They've put substantive fences in there before, and then Homeland Security controls the money and says we're not funding.
It could say they were going to build a 2,200 mile fence.
It could say they were.
They won't do any of it.
Don't you understand?
They're lawless!
Nick Cheney says he can sign executive orders with Bush, and then he's above it!
And then he's even above the President now, on crimes he's publicly committed.
I mean, folks, back when Nixon did this stuff, he had to resign.
When Clinton was doing mild stuff, and I hated Bill Clinton, he's a total globalist.
My point is, he did mild stuff compared to this, and there was an impeachment process.
I mean, this demands impeachment!
When the President and the Vice President
Through law and military funding and rulings and executive orders and PDDs, Presidential Decision Directives, say they're dictators, they've got to be impeached right now!
And they may not go to martial law, folks.
They may just put it in place and then hand the baton to Hillary.
But I'm telling you, the way they're acting, everything they're doing tells me they could go any time now.
I mean, you wake up, the phone lines are jammed, everybody's saying, haven't you heard?
People are out in their front yards scared, you'll see army helicopters in the air, and they'll say, Chicago's been hit, Dallas has been hit, New York's been hit, LA's been hit, it may be three or four of them, it may be one.
And man, you'll turn on the news, folks, and it will show you theatrically a huge smoke plume, and this camera caught it, and you'll see mushroom clouds, and you'll see the President come on TV, and he'll say, I'm taking full control,
We are, you know, arresting anyone that dissents on our new war, and he will announce simultaneously, we are nuking Iran.
Now, that way people will feel like he's a big leader.
In their fear, they'll rejoice.
In their fear, they'll want to see action.
Even those of us that are somewhat awake, it's very primitive.
Then they'll cut, and you'll see footage from the aircraft carriers, or footage from Iraq, and you will see nukes going off in Iran.
Huge nuclear bombardment.
They may nuke Syria as well.
China will probably move simultaneously in a backroom deal, just like Stalin and Hitler dividing Poland.
We'll move into Taiwan right then.
Then it's on, folks.
Army trucks will be going around trying to arrest people, and that's the day.
That's where it all comes down to it.
Because you can't go with them to the facilities, folks.
And if that is repulsed, then they'll go into a staging and into a starvation mode, making people come and register an ID to get food when the economy falls out.
And, you know, the FEMA control grid, it'll be roving bands of FBI-leading military around the country.
The FEMA command centers will be the local federal command centers, just like Iraq.
Has quote, embassies and bases.
Those are federal command bases.
Where they're ready to go to a citadel, armored fortress mode.
I mean, they're ready, folks.
They're not playing games.
And don't think they won't do it.
Everybody who does the planning for them, fathers, killed at least a million people.
And many of them have killed at least two million.
Like Zbigniew Brzezinski and others.
I mean, they don't play games.
They kill people.
They enjoy it.
They only respect people who've killed.
It literally is like notches on their gun belt.
And I'm not trying to scare you.
I want you to know how real this is.
And again, they will stage attacks.
They will stage biological.
They could stage radiological.
They could do anything.
They could go back to hijack planes flying into buildings.
But that won't be big enough.
Each thing gets more spectacular.
This is not a drill.
This is not a game.
This is not our government.
They're not playing games.
They've openly announced they're dictators.
They're openly setting the precedent, getting everyone accustomed to accepting this right now.
Let's go to a call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Scott in Michigan.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I had a very disturbing observation recently actually at a wedding reception where a gentleman was there who was in Special Forces was wearing a black t-shirt with a skull and cross arrows on the front with ODA 513 which I've come to find out is the Special Forces unit and on the back in huge bold letters it said hearts and minds are just targets
Yeah, and his heart and mind is a target too.
He'll find out that he means nothing to them later.
Look, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and an animation was done of this to compare Hitler's death said units, another book I haven't read, but one of our listeners took it, Schwarzenegger on the cover of Time Magazine with Mayor Bloomberg, with his hands pulling his shirt, his jacket apart so you can see it, is a perfect death said
Nazi belt buckle.
And I actually went online and looked at Nazi memorabilia on eBay.
It is an actual Nazi belt buckle.
He's wearing, probably his father's, he's wearing a Stuhnstaffel armed SS unit belt buckle in front of everybody.
They don't care, folks!
Because he also knows that they've made it popular now.
See, it's all over shirts, all over everything now.
Believe me, in World War II, our boys didn't adopt that.
It means something when your people start wearing the death's hat.
But there's Schwarzenegger who said, I admire Hitler, I want to be worshipped like Hitler.
His dad was SS.
He's the product of an SS marriage.
And his dad was a police chief in his town after that.
He's friends with Kirk Valtime, the top Nazi who hunted down and killed American GIs in Serbia.
I mean, this is a piece of garbage.
Thank God he died two weeks ago.
Kirk Valtime.
The UN knew he was a Nazi, made him Secretary General.
Stay there, I'll let you come back and talk about what you wanted to say.
But, I mean, there's Schwarzenegger, that piece of trash, wearing an SS belt buckle, right out in front of everybody, folks.
Now, that means something.
You better believe that means something.
Chemical attacks, dirty bombs, fallout, biological attacks, anthrax, and to top it all off, duct tape and plastic!
Alarming words for our time!
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It's presented by a housewife as they walk you step-by-step through the process of preparing your home as a shelter.
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Or order on the web at murkywater.com.
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Government is best, which governs least.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
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Alright, let's go back to Scott and we'll go to William and John and others.
Scott, so you're at this wedding and this guy is so into hell, he's a big tough man.
He likes to wear a little skull shirt, you know, real studly.
Probably got his tats all over him.
He's probably enjoying all the experimental shots he's got in the D.U.
he's been breathing.
You know, later when he's dying in the V.A.
and taking care of him, he'll feel real tough.
Or when the C.P.S.
is taking his sister's kids and nobody helps him, he'll feel real manly.
So he's got some psych warfare thing on the back of his shirt, huh?
Yeah, and you know, it's just the attitude in general.
His kind of smirky, God-like, you know, strutting around.
Hey, those guys cry like little girls when they get gut shot and their guts are all over the ground.
They cry like anybody else does for mama.
It's just disgusting.
They bleed just like everybody else does.
Go ahead.
Now go ahead and finish the story.
Tell me about the smirking God-likeness.
Oh, just, you know, he just barely would talk to anyone.
He, you know, just has this aura of evil around him.
And, you know, I feel terrible for his wife and children who really probably have no clue, you know, what this is about or, you know, they're just trying to live and daddy's out doing, you know, whatever for the evil, you know, of the world.
It's just disgusting.
Well, he kind of sounds like he hasn't been in combat yet.
That's what the new ones usually act like.
Once they've actually been around some dead toddlers and stuff, most of them, the smirk goes away.
I mean, they still kind of like it, and it's all about they're in the elite group, but then by the time they hit 30, 40, they usually, you know, hit their knees and find out what they've been part of.
That's part of becoming a real man, but, I mean, describe the aloofness, because, I mean, I've seen it.
I know exactly what you're talking about.
Alex, you know, it's just, you know, he kind of looks at you in the eyes and you can just tell he thinks that you're absolutely nothing.
Sardonic, man.
Yeah, I mean, it's just absolutely disgusting.
Well, you know what?
I think people that don't care about this country and that work for the New World Order, and that's what our government is now, I think nothing of them.
And I want them to know that.
I feel the same way, Alex.
Absolute scum.
I appreciate your call.
I mean, you know, if you're going to be a killer, too, why don't you quit wearing the skull crap?
Excuse me, folks.
I mean, I'm really getting sick of it, okay?
Like Schwarzenegger.
That means something, folks, when they start wearing skulls, okay?
And when skulls are on women's earrings and everywhere else.
And it isn't pretty silver, folks.
It means the stench of dead bodies.
That's what it means.
It means all the fun goes out the window!
I just can't believe my country's been completely destroyed!
There's a bunch of smirking black ops operators that think it's all real funny!
This is where you come from, you stupid twit!
There ain't nowhere for you to come back to, you idiots!
It's all going!
Who's up next here?
John in New York, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
I just want to say from upstate New York, SOS.
We're going down.
I just can't believe I'm at Bex Air Force.
Top secret SCI clearance.
Grandfather fought in World War I. Dad was a spy.
Flew on B-29s.
And I can't believe what's happening.
And I just want to say I'm a first-time caller and thank you, Alex.
I have a story to tell.
Tell us your story.
This weekend we were out with our church.
Just going to tell people about an addiction program we have.
I'm trying to lead people to Christ.
It's the only hope as we're going down.
And, uh, I live about five miles from a nuclear power plant, Guinea power plant.
And this message goes out to the bozos that, uh, pull this maneuver on us.
We pulled alongside the road, nowhere near really the security station of this, uh, nuclear power plant.
Now, mind you, my kids and I used to ride our bikes up to the front of the power plant so that I could show them it when they, just seven years ago.
This is a fortress now.
There is cement barriers, there's Humvees, there's personnel.
Well, the Israelis run security there, don't they?
I wouldn't surprise you.
No, I said Israeli company has the, uh, has the, but go ahead.
Oh my God, that is even more shocking, because I literally live four miles from this place.
It's right on Lake Ontario, and I heard there's, uh, sand, uh, surface-to-air missiles right on the coast there.
But anyways, uh, post-9-11, this is what it's like.
Where I used to ride my old lady's three-speed bike up there with my kids, uh, to take a look at this and show them it, and right on the lake, it was just beautiful, scenic.
Now, we pull up there, and these two goons come up, just staring us down.
Look, guns, M-16s, or whatever they were, walk over, what do you want?
We hand them some, uh, literature, just tracks.
Get out of here.
We don't want them.
Stay there.
Stay there.
And it starts in airports, reactors, then the buses, then the streets, then the schools, then work.
But the border stays open.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 800-766-2133.
Yeah, I want to put our military on notice.
I know there's a lot of good men and women that joined because they believe in this country.
This is not your government.
They hate you.
They shoot you up with experimental vaccines by design.
That's an absolutely proven fact now.
Maming and killing you in mass.
They have you breathe DU.
They could care less about you.
They lie to you.
They lie to you about everything.
All these corporations now that brought us to war have moved offshore.
They've destroyed this country.
I'm really upset, okay, because I have a family that lives here and I love this country.
And I just can't believe it really happened.
Like all the old timers said, like everything they said was going to happen, it all happened.
And you know what?
Everything else they said was going to happen, is going to happen too.
We are completely, completely just in deep trouble.
And if people would just wake up to this, we got some chance of saving this country!
But you just, the police, the military, all of you.
You just like pushing people around, and you like all the bull you've been fed, and I don't know how you could be... I know most of you are awake, but the Special Cadres, the MPs, and the Special Forces, and the Blackwater types, and the mercenaries, that's all you are, are mercenaries.
And you like action, you like flying around in helicopters, and you like the thrill of shooting people, and you like the thrill of all this stuff.
I know you're adrenaline junkies.
I just want you to know, you work for really bad people.
I want you to know you work for people that hurt innocent women and children.
And I know it's all collateral damage, but once you start accepting that idea, it's over for the society.
If we just stand up and get angry and say no, and that's starting to happen on the immigration, it's starting to happen with the approval ratings, some good things are happening.
But then I see Cheney just saying, hey, it doesn't matter if I broke federal laws that me and Bush signed as executive orders.
Bush set up Homeland Security, started signing executive orders, and then enforcing them.
That's never before been done.
And claiming every federal agency is under them.
Now they say Congress is under the executive.
Folks, if you know the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, that's backwards.
Congress passes the laws and the President executes it.
Same thing with a war.
They declare the war, they say what's to be done, the President executes it.
I mean, this is, folks, this is the real deal!
And all your little Special Forces skull shirts aren't going to make it fun, believe me.
I've read history books.
I've read books written by the prison guards and the gulags.
I've read books by people in the gulags.
People in China.
Very few of you at the end of it are going to enjoy it.
Some of you are pure evil and will.
But most of you get all hyped up and all jacked up and you're going to wake up in something you wish you never would have gotten involved in.
Now, I learned of their plan to take over with the military a long time ago.
That's why I've been warning people.
And now,
The Washington Post and ABC News sounds like Alex Jones.
Cheney power grab!
Bush announces he's dictator!
But then they go on and just say, well, maybe it's needed, and they just, okay, you know.
And I know you listen to Michelle Malkin and all these neocons, you think it's for the Arabs, and you really believe there's this tribal threat and all this bull.
They ship those Arabs in here at record levels.
Let's go back and let
John in New York, finish up his story.
I've got a few audio clips I want to play.
Go ahead, John.
So Alex, we could pull over at this security point right on the main road.
Now they've moved out to the main road.
Sure, sure.
The same thing if you're out on a lake by a main power plant.
Guys ride out with machine guns now and ask if you're Al-Qaeda.
Well, you know, people are on the deck fishing, drinking Budweiser.
But again, they don't profile, even if you believe it's the Arabs.
They don't profile.
Everyone gets to be a slave.
But tell me how these goons were dressed, what they said.
Cammy, it was more the urban Cammy gear.
And they came up, they had their little berets on.
Came up, I mean, just stone-faced.
I could have swore they were going to smile.
I told them not to because of your training and telling us what's going on.
I said, don't pull over here, guys.
And all the guys in the car were like, no, it'll be cool, it'll be cool.
These guys need the Lord just as much as anyone.
I could tell in five seconds things were going bad.
They walk up.
One guy's on the walkie-talkie.
And he, uh, we go to hand him, and he says, get out of here.
Just stone face.
Get out of here.
I mean, really.
And both of them had their guns around their waist.
And, uh, one guy had his hand on it.
And I'm like, guys, we really should get out.
So we turn, we pull out.
Next thing you know, county sheriff, SUV, right down the road.
We pull us over.
And I said, guys, watch out here.
I said, uh, they have no, we did nothing wrong because of your train.
I said, we, we did nothing wrong.
All right?
And I look at the cop, I said, Sir, what are you pulling us over for?
Uh, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
What'd you pull us over for, Sir?
And he was a little, you know, little guy, no backbone.
I could instantly tell, like you said, you look him in the eyes, and he had no backbone.
I said, what are we being pulled over for?
Well, it's a semi-secure area, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And the driver didn't have any backbone, unfortunately.
The guy was with, and he hands him over his ID.
I go, you didn't have to do that.
And he runs a check on us.
He goes, you can't do this anymore.
Get out of here.
And, uh,
I actually have another story about a gay wedding.
I protested down in Rochester, New York, the first one.
50 clergy members were there.
And I go, yes!
I got some support here.
It's not just me.
The wedding starts, I realize all 50 clergy members from all the different churches are there in support of it.
And I was alone.
Well, you know, at least you had your First Amendment.
They're arresting people all over, whether they're anti-war, protesting the gay marriage, or whatever it is.
It's getting more and more serious.
But the point is, they leave the main borders open.
That's like leaving the city gates open and then having the castle's garrison guard people in their beds like they're criminals.
I mean, this is a joke, folks.
The borders are wide open.
But citizens have got to be treated like slaves.
I appreciate your call, and I hope that was a wake-up call for everybody who went through that.
I haven't played this in a while.
This is from Open Range.
I think we've cut out the few profane things in it, but it really says it all.
This movie, you've got to see it with Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall.
And by the way, I've studied Western history.
This is based on a lot of true stories.
Things like this happened that were a lot worse.
Helen Colorado, back in the
I'll be having words with you two.
And we'll be having more than that with you, Marshal.
No need to make the cafe messy.
But folks...
I've got a warrant sworn out for your arrest for assaulting Baxter's men.
We got a warrant sworn for attempted murder for them that tried to kill the boy who's laying over there at the docks trying to stay alive.
Sworn out another one for them that murdered the big fella you had in your cell.
Only ours ain't writ by no tin star bought and paid for, Marshal.
It's writ by us.
And we aim to enforce it.
Is that so?
You got no quarrel with none of you folks.
Baxter's men bushwhacked our friend, shot him dead.
Shot a 16-year-old boy, too, and clubbed him so hard, he might not live.
Try to take our cattle.
Your marshal here ain't gonna do nothing about it.
You don't like free grazers in this town.
We don't much like being here.
But a man's got a right to protect his property and his life, and we ain't letting no rancher or his lawman take either.
We got no intention of harming bystanders.
Anyone who helps or comforts these law-breaking free crazes is gonna have to deal with me!
Your call, Marshall.
We don't have to settle this here and now.
You ain't going nowhere in this weather.
But I'll be seeing you gents real soon.
You can count on that.
That Marshal ain't gonna wait.
He's gonna get some men and come looking for us.
You're gonna need us locked up nice and tight in that jail by the time Baxter hits town, because if we ain't, Baxter's gonna start to think that maybe Marshal Poole ain't worth what he's paying.
You got something on your mind, just spit it out.
Well, I say we take him right out of jail.
Lock him up.
Let the Baxter come riding in.
So hell, Charlie, why don't we just ride on out to Baxter's ranch and go straight at him too?
Go outside wherever you want, boss.
Just make a call.
Now hold on, Charlie!
Hold on!
Hold on!
When you asked me, I told you!
Charlie, come on in out of the rain, would you?
Come on!
Just getting tested in my old age.
Sounds like it's not such a bad idea.
Well, just roll it around is all I ask.
What'd you think of my speech in there?
Liked it.
Maybe I oughta run for mayor.
Yeah, well I believe officeholders gotta be living, boss.
Alright, I just wanted to play that clip.
Here's another clip.
This is Gordon Brown, two weeks ago, calling for a new world order.
And yesterday I was doing the Sunny Radio Show and they had him up on C-SPAN, up on the monitor.
And he has got to be one of the most evil looking people I've ever seen.
I mean, talk about that shark eye look that Mark Hornsby always talks about.
That great white shark look where they got just these black pits of eyes.
Even though their eyes are blue, they're just black.
And the evils like burn them out.
It's like the evil isn't even glaring anymore.
It's just like a zombie.
And man, he's evil, boy.
And Tony Blair, my dad just called up here to the office.
He never calls up here about the radio show.
He's listening today.
He said, why aren't you talking about Tony Blair and the Catholic Church?
Yeah, that is big news.
I should have talked about that, but there's this martial law being declared by Cheney, and that's basically what he's done.
When the Vice President says, I'm above all laws and outside the government, I mean, that's martial law, folks.
But yeah, it came out two weeks ago, a week and a half ago, that Blair was going to sign an EU treaty
circumventing the voters to sign over the courts and the laws of England under EU control.
Something that the EU voted down two years ago.
The people of the EU were trying to get out of it.
But Tony Blair's last act, major act, was to just sign an order, a treaty agreement, saying that the British courts and the whole system, no more due process, no more free speech.
You mean the same announcement about shutting down the web?
I mean, it's happening!
They're not playing games!
I mean, I'm not embellishing this.
I can't even tell you how bad it is.
I can read his actual quotes if you want.
And just like they're getting rid of the U.S.
in the name of this amnesty deal, it's a lot more than just amnesty.
Same thing with this EU deal.
And then it came out that he met with Sarkozy of France and that they've agreed to skip the year.
It's supposed to rotate, but again, they do whatever they want.
It's a dictatorship.
So they're going to give him the EU presidency
If he would do this traitorous thing and sell out England.
And then of course Blair lied and said he wasn't getting that, but then it came out that indeed he is going to get the EU Presidency.
If he can ram it through somehow, and it looks like Brown will be able to.
And then he went and met with the Pope.
Doesn't matter if he's a New Ager.
By the way, when I say that he's a devil worshipper, that's mainstream news.
He flops around and is possessed each morning by the spirit of the light, he calls it.
And he goes to all these weird temples like he's some cartoon, you know, like some Cobra Commander show.
They're going to different four corners of the world trying to find the secret amulets.
I mean, he's not here to fruitcake.
His wife's an admitted witch.
But I'm already digressing.
The point is, is that the Pope, Ratzinger, Benedict, has called for a New World Order, One World Religion.
Pope John Paul II called for it four years ago, repeatedly, up until his death.
And he has now converted to Roman Catholicism and met with the Pope.
Now, because every head of Europe has to be a Roman Catholic.
It's Roman Catholic over there, predominantly.
I mean, you're seeing it all happen, folks.
The head of the EU, from the Protestant nation of England, converting to Catholicism, with a Pope that's called for a new world order.
I mean, my God, it's all happening like the old-timers said it would.
Right in front of our face.
And Schwarzenegger is on the
Covered of Time Magazine wearing, and I went and looked it up.
It's either a real one or a replica.
Knowing him, it's real.
I knew I'd seen these at gun shows before for like $500, along with SS daggers.
And sure enough, folks, he's wearing an authentic SS belt buckle.
I mean, there is just no end, folks.
He's wearing an armed SS Stunstaffel Waffen SS belt buckle.
Probably his father's.
Right there on cover of Time Magazine.
He's got his jacket apart so you can look at it.
They just flaunt it in our face so bad.
And that evil ADL and the Zionists that actually funded Hitler, that's now been released in public.
They'll call people that fight Nazism, Nazis.
While rabbis are caught running the different Nazi groups and things to attack free speech.
And the FBI's caught running fake Klan groups and Nazi groups out in Florida and Texas.
Remember all that?
And you fight the Nazis and the ADL says horrible things about you.
Of course, it's the very same ADL crowd that killed those tens of thousands of Jewish children with the U.S.
government in the Bring Worm study.
They got the ADL groups out there that attack me and then Poe's as anti-Zionist groups.
They're really ADL groups.
They attack American Free Press and everybody else.
And it's pretty obvious who they are.
That's why they're getting desperate.
I just don't like Nazis, folks.
I don't like them one bit.
One bit.
And to see that piece of trash, Arnold Schwarzenegger, wearing a Nazi belt buckle right in front of everyone, I just am getting madder and madder and madder.
Play Gordon Brown, that piece of trash.
Play that piece of trash calling for a New World Order.
All these new challenges are bringing together about the biggest restructuring we have ever seen, not just of the global economy, but of the global order as a whole.
And 200 years ago, a famous British Foreign Secretary said that the new world had been called into existence to redress the balance of the old.
In 1990, another old world ended, dominated by the Cold War, and people talked then, in 1990, of a new world order.
What they actually meant then was a new political order.
And what was not foreseen then, but is obvious now from everything that we see and do, what we experience in every day of our life, is the sheer scale and speed and scope of globalisation.
And it's only now that we can begin to understand that the world order
We're good to go.
I suggest that the countries that are going to succeed are those that combine flexibility, free trade, open markets, with proper stewardship of the environment, and investment in education, infrastructure, and education.
Okay, that's enough.
Education and infrastructure means brainwashing the people, and when it talks about the environment, that means the global tax, and being flexible, letting their sovereignty completely be destroyed.
And the power shift, as any national power the US or England or Germany or France had, is gone already.
It's been transferred to the top 50 global corporations, bigger than most governments, their combined strength greater than the GDP of our entire governments combined.
And they're moving hardcore against us.
And then the countries are all weak little puppet corrupt systems that the global order will control and play off against each other like a game of Risk.
Totally ruthless, total precision.
One child policy, that's the game.
Get that world government in so no one country can struggle and start killing us en masse.
If they succeed, I want you to remember years from now that I warned you.
You'll laugh now, later you'll cry, and then we can beat them.
Once you grow up.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Hello friends, Alex Jones here.
I want you to imagine waking up one morning to find out you've been burglarized.
An intruder has taken your personal possessions, credit card numbers, social security cards, banking information, and more, all in the hands of a total stranger.
What's worse is, you realize he got it through your front door, because you left it unlocked.
Every time you walk away from your computer,
I don't know.
We're good to go.
You know, there's never enough time.
I'm sorry to all the callers.
I'll get to you tomorrow.
I did take some calls today, though.
That's always good.
I didn't get into the economy issues.
Those are up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Big report by Steve Watson that's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
It just went up.
Chaney and Bush declare autonomous dictatorial powers.
And this is just a big synopsis of everything that's happening.
It's a very important article.
And I just hope you get it out to everybody because if we don't get the word out on this and stop this and make this a big issue like the immigration, we're in deep trouble.
And for all the conservatives out there that think Bush is still good, Hillary's gonna get all these powers if we don't get Ron Paul in there.
I do hope everybody will financially support us.
I get so caught up in the news now and in the analysis that I don't even really get a lot of calls sometimes or even plug my own videos.
You can get the new TerraStorm Final Cut Expanded Edition.
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I want to encourage everyone out there to
Again, get a Prison Planet, a fantastic activist tool to download all the films in super high quality and burn them to disk.
Please do that as well.
And again, please get this Steve Watson article out to everybody.
It's so important.
It's a big deal.
It puts it all together in one spot, unlike the other articles we've seen.
Here's Dick Cheney saying that he keeps the CFR secret from the public.
Here's how arrogant they are.
It's good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations.
As Pete mentioned, I've been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time.
I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
He can go on C-SPAN and say that.
Cause C-SPAN max might have a million viewers.
At any one time.
He doesn't care.
They write books saying they're going to destroy America.
They write books saying they want to bring down the U.S.
They write books saying Saddam wasn't a threat, but they were going to lie to the public.
Dick Cheney wrote that.
And now that piece of trash, very dangerous if you know psychology with all those heart attacks and bad health and can't even hardly walk, is in a wheelchair most of the time.
He's just a killer, a cold-blooded, hardcore killer.
Where are the men to stand up for the women and children of this country and this world?
Where are you?
Stand up!
God bless you all!
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