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Air Date: June 24, 2007
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Prepare yourself for a talk radio interview.
Strap yourselves in and hold on.
He stands for truth.
He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
Here's Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
Thank you for joining us.
It is the 24th day of June.
2007 will be here live for the next two hours.
What we do here every Sunday is chronicle, at least attempt to take a strike at, the open complete establishment of world government, a new dark age of tyranny, the destruction of any
Liberty in any nation on the face of the earth, the rise of private corporations bigger than governments, creating private security forces, giant child kidnapping rings, huge slave factories worldwide, the dollar being devalued, the public turning into scumbag, decadent, mindless yuppies,
Just total abolishment of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, domestic FEMA camps being built, the President declaring himself Supreme Dictator, the Democrats running around looting and stealing viciously with pure hatred of America, the police running around frothing at the mouth, lying continually, festooning themselves in black ring-wraith uniforms, racial conflict exploding everywhere, absolute degeneration and destruction of the family, everything falling apart.
That's basically what's going on, and we graph this, and it just completely falls off the edge in the next few years.
I don't even know what to say to everybody.
I just hope you enjoy what you've done.
I hope you enjoy what your denial, and your lying about what we faced.
I hope you enjoy what you've created.
And like I said, just keep laughing, and just keep giggling, and just keep snickering, and just festoon your vehicle with your local sports team logos, and just
Go drink a bunch of beer and liquor, and enjoy yourselves.
And that's basically the end of the show today.
All right, let me get a little more serious here with you today.
Our reporters earlier this week, InfoWorks.com reporters working for WeAreChange.org, went and interviewed Michael Moore, and he said, yeah, 9-11 could be an inside job, and the government could be involved in it, could be behind it.
Big departure from what Moore has said in the past.
Claiming that the government was just completely inept, a bunch of buffoons who can build giant nuclear-powered supercarriers of the Gerald R. Ford class and can shoot cruise missiles down your chimney or create a bioweapon that'll suck the paint off your house and give you orange afros, as they say.
But they can't do anything else, though.
They can run secret sets of books and own the entire stock market.
And have mechanized forces that can come into your house and slice your throat, you never knowing it, but they can't carry out 9-11.
Oh no, they just can't run anything.
But he has certainly changed his view on that.
Some good news, you know, I attack the public, including myself.
I'm a fat slob, lazy and stupid just as well, but not as lazy and stupid as most people.
That's what scares me.
We've got a 14% approval rating for Congress total.
That's super good news, because usually one party's in favor, one party's out of favor.
No, now people do know the government is a stinking pack of bloodthirsty criminals, blackmailed, but that is only... Believe me, public, you can't imagine how bad it really is, but at least you're now having some awakening that
There's a problem.
You're feeling a tingle at the back of your neck, and that's your survival mechanism kicking in through all of your decadence.
Oh my God.
You know, when I saw this headline this morning up on presentplanet.com, and I saw it up on the Drug Report as well, before I read it I knew what I would read.
Not because I'm a genius, because I've already read about this class of brain
Lobotomizing agents is really brain-altering.
I mean, this is actually the equivalent of nanotech.
Well, there's no equivalent.
Viruses are nanotech.
Bacteria are the original nanotech.
But viruses, even more so, they're just not man-made.
And so a lot of times you hear about biotech companies, they're really just virus bioweapons facilities or bioengineering facilities, to put a
You know, non-positive or negative connotation to it.
You know, I read this and I knew what I'd read.
And they certainly did say it on the second page.
A jab to halt Alzheimer's could be available within a few years.
And then you read it and it's a live virus.
And it goes in and breaks up plaques in the brain.
But it's in the same class of viruses
I think?
Okay, and I read FDA write-ups and EU write-ups and British Medical Society write-ups and I read the actual studies and the actual reports for approval of these drugs for experimental testing.
I read the laboratory results.
I don't read the baseball scores!
Though I wish in a better world I did have time to do such things.
So, you better take the thumb out of your fat mouth, and you need to go read this for yourself.
Because this is going to affect you, because they're trying to make the public already, in England and the EU, take this stuff.
And it goes in with live viruses that have a field day in the tissues of your brain.
This is a nanotech situation.
The dovetails with the whole cervical cancer shot, which is also a live virus.
There's been some new developments there, so I'll go over some of that a little bit later.
I'm trying to not be nasty, folks, but I'm in a real nasty mood.
And it's because my life's going great, my family's great.
I have a lot of things I want to do.
And I don't feel sorry for myself.
I don't feel like I'm doing anybody a favor.
I'm just pissed off.
You really want to get down to the bottom line that things are as bad as they are.
I mean, this is all off the charts, the stuff I've got here today.
And I just keep hoping that the next little plotting, as I look at the chart here, picture the old maritime analogy of somebody with a compass plotting the chart, going across the chart.
I just keep hoping the road map I'm looking at doesn't continue to go on in the same direction.
Long before George Bush got into office, the entire federal government spent most of its energy and time lying to the public on one hand, and on the other, running around like busy bees, building the architecture of martial law, mass FEMA camps, mass control, and the destruction of the United States, and the merger with the North American Union, then a Pan-American Union to be merged with the Asian-Pacific Union, and then to be merged with the EU.
And that's all they did, was build FEMA camps with love and crafting, and to man them, and to hire foreign troops, and to, uh...
And, you know, we're driving along on the day before Thanksgiving in 98, and there's U.S.
Army out searching vehicles, and we pull up and they say, turn your cameras off, and then the FBI messes up and pulls up and says, get out of here, but we'll give you the public press release.
He gives us a classified document.
It's been on PrisonPlanet.com for eight, nine years now, and it was how they were going to totally take over America.
Happened to fall directly into our hands, and we happen to have video of the FBI giving it to us.
It's not just like we claim we have this document.
We have the FBI giving it to us!
That's why we do all this!
They want police and military in the streets so they can take your $3 million house, you stupid yuppie.
They want it so they can take everything we've got.
And instead, you're at the country club thinking you're members of the establishment.
Same thing for you dirty-legged hippies.
None of you are anything until you get your head screwed on and figure out what's happening in the real world.
The websites are PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com!
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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I think so.
I think so.
Are you tired of searching for great talk radio?
Well, search no more.
We are the GCN Radio Network.
Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Look, I'm going to boil it down to all of you out there to make it real simple.
Throughout history, government has always been the most dangerous force to free humanity and individuals that want to be left alone.
The majority of the time, they just publicly called you slaves and ran you like a bunch of farm animals out on the plantation.
I mean, going back to Rome, Babylon, you name it.
Now today, the governments are there to make sure the public doesn't find out how screwed we've all been.
While they set up a police state control grid to finally enslave the entire public.
Now, I remember the old-timers telling me they were getting ready for martial law, and going to have foreign troops, and going to merge us with Europe, and all of this, and... Then I remember learning they were having urban warfare drills all over the country, and I got federal documents, and I had troops give them to me, and emergency managers gave them to me, and I got them from the FBI, and we put it in films, my three police state films.
You can watch for free on Google Video, by the way.
Police State 2000, Police State 2 The Takeover, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
I think that says it all.
And they are training to put you in camps, take your property, arrest everyone, just on a sector-by-sector basis.
And everything the federal government, continuity of government, underground facilities, bases, refurbishing, it's all about that.
While at the same time using propaganda to make you think you're part of the system and that you're part of the elites.
And so when Bill Clinton left office, everybody went, Oh, I thought Bill Clinton was going to have martial law.
I thought Bill Clinton was going to get us.
And I said, no.
I've been saying for two years, this is before Bill Clinton left, that it was going to be handed over to a Republican.
And now I'm saying it's going to be handed over to a Democrat.
And they just keep increasing the powers.
They keep building up this structure.
While simultaneously building more and more prisons, more and more laws.
Oh, you draw a picture of an army man.
Prison time.
Oh, you lay down on the ground when the police try to arrest you.
That's assaulting them.
Oh, everything gets you into the system.
Oh, you film the police.
You're going to prison.
Meanwhile, they publicly, publicly passed the John Warner Defense Authorization Act last year, in perpetuity, funding
And putting into place that the governors automatically have no power, the states have no power, and the executive, the president, not just Congress, but the executive is a dictator.
Then they had, of course, last year, the Military Commissions Act, which said all U.S.
citizens can be secretly arrested, secretly tried, secretly tortured, secretly executed, under Section 802 of the Patriot Act, and it's all right there.
It says U.S.
citizens, plain as day.
And then, Bush, May 9th, a few months ago, signs an Executive Order and a Presidential Decision Directive at the same time.
Just type in Presidential Directive 51, go to the White House own website, read it for yourself.
It's clearly a Presidential Decision Directive, but for some reason it doesn't come up top link with that.
This Presidential Directive 51 comes up, you'll be at WhiteHouse.gov for yourself, and it just says for any environmental reason, any economic reason, or any reason anywhere in the world, the President wants, he's Supreme Dictator, over the Congress, everything has no oversight, he just is the Supreme.
Now the President, it said the President grants himself this new power.
The President can't do that.
I mean, I can't grant myself the new power of being above the law with murder.
Oh, I grant Alex Jones the right to commit murder.
Or John Doe has it.
Well, I have ABC News here in front of me.
ABC News.
And it says clear as day that the Vice President Cheney declares that the VP is not part of the executive branch.
Now, let me say that again.
The VP declares himself not part of the executive branch.
And let me go to another one here.
I've got a bunch of different headlines.
Here's another ABC News headline.
Cheney Power Grab!
Hey, that ain't me, folks!
That's ABC News!
Cheney Power Grab!
I mean, see, I just want to live my life, folks!
I'm mad at these people!
And they're doing this scientifically!
With that dirty little Enron lawyer, Alberto Gonzales, they got up there running things, that writes memos saying they can squeeze children to death with vices!
It wasn't enough for that little perv to come out and say that they can torture children.
They had to write descriptions in there about how they'd take a three-year-old and put him in a vice and crush him with it in front of their parents.
Now see, I guess there's something wrong with me.
I guess that upsets me and I empathize and I realize, my God, if they can write memos and then have them do that all over the world at these camps,
My God, and then talk radio gets up and says it's okay.
My God, if they can do that to them, they can do it to any one of us!
Don't you fools understand that?
And listen, Cheney's probably going to leave office, Bush will probably leave office, and then Hillary's going to have all these new powers that, by precedent, doesn't mean they're lawful or legal, but it means they got them.
Most of the powers Hitler had had already been given to him because they'd already eroded the checks and balances and their Bill of Rights in Germany and the Weimar Republic.
I'm freaked out, folks!
That's why I get up here and I'm mad.
Believe me, I come in here and I go, I'm going to be calm, I want to be nice, and I just go, what is the reason?
What is the point?
Why in the hell should I get up here and act like everything's alright?
Things aren't alright, folks.
They're bad, okay?
We're on the edge of total martial law, and this isn't 1986 when they set up Rex 84 and started building the FEMA camps and planning all this.
This is 2007, folks, and they got the force to try it now.
And let me tell you, they're not spending hundreds of billions a year on this to play tiddlywinks.
They're planning to make a move.
I don't know if it's next week, or next year, or five years from now.
And let me tell you what they're planning to do.
They're planning to take almost everything we got!
And I don't want to sit there and laugh at you when they take your $500,000 house, or they take your $5 million house, or all these robber baron wannabes that contribute to Bush and the New World Order who think they're part of the establishment that live in this town where I sit, up on their hilltops!
You're nothing to these people!
I've done the studying, folks.
I've done the studying, and I've done it.
Let me tell you something.
The people that are running this country are the very same grandsons of the people that ran Nazi Germany, and Soviet Russia, and the things that England and France did in Africa.
They like killing people, and they like taking things, and they like dominating.
They like being dictators.
You understand that?
Because if they get a dictatorship, folks, they get to get even more aggressive.
Cheney Powergraph, he says, you know what, I'm not even under executive orders signed by other presidents or federal laws.
We are above the law.
Now that's what Gonzales said in those famous memos about we can torture people to death.
We can take a three-year-old and put their body parts in a vice and crush them off in front of their parents and we can kill people because the president is the law.
Now that's a load of bull.
Now that's why shows like 24, that's why Homeland Security throws parties for 24 on C-SPAN and says, you are conditioning the public to accept it.
They know 30 plus million people a week watch that and fantasize about torture of innocent people.
You're being taught a new situational ethic.
You're being totally warped, folks.
Hitler didn't have national TV shows where they tortured Jews.
Hitler didn't have that, where they tortured gypsies and Christians and people who wouldn't go along with it.
Let me tell you what happened under the Nazi system, too.
Let me tell you what happened under the Nazi system.
Every little thug in your town who had the uniform on got to be his own little viceroy.
Got to take over your business and run it for himself.
Got to have your wife.
Not about what you can build or who you are or what you can do.
You see, a lot of you think you're going to be exempt from this tyranny if you just go along with it?
Tyranny isn't good for business, for the general public.
So not a lot of you don't care about America.
But you might care about yourselves.
Well, come back and take calls.
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Exposing corruption.
Dismantling the false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
Yeah, our phone system crashed out with all the callers on it.
We went to the backup, so if you want to call back in at 877-590-5525, 877-590-5525 will get you up on the air.
If you're listening locally in Central Texas, off the mothership station that we broadcast out of, it's 836-0590.
Then we'll get those call names lined back up and get you back up on air here.
Appreciate the folks in there doing that.
Let me cover some news right now.
Listen, I'm not joking about these White House memos where they're so degenerate and so evil that they say, yeah, we can torture small children in front of their families, and then it came out that they do do that.
And I don't mean the public camp, the military laboratory.
They admit it's a torture laboratory.
They know everybody's innocent there.
The CIA deputy director went public a couple years ago.
In fact, we interviewed the CIA section chief.
Who was over the Afghan operations in the war.
This is directly from him.
And they just admitted that they knew that the Taliban would just go grab whole villages that literally didn't even know where the U.S.
was on a map or part of nothing and sell them for between $5,000 and $24,000 a piece per person.
Boys as young as 11 and up to old men.
And they were totally innocent.
And they would just load them on C-130s and fly them out to Gitmo for torture testing.
Where they have a CIA laboratory internally.
This is mainstream news, by the way.
Don't roll your neocon eyes.
I want you to face up to your evil.
Those real cats tried to get us.
No, they weren't.
Even if you believe the fairy tale about 9-11.
These were innocent people.
Have some while, let them die.
I like it.
Thank you, tough.
Oh, you're going to be safe, too, with everything you've got.
So you think, when you don't care about other people, you think you're going to be safe?
That's right, I do.
Just go ahead, then.
Well, good, then.
You little punks!
But I want you to know you're scum, and you're weak!
And you don't know history, and you don't know how dangerous the world is!
My God, just this morning I was researching for Endgame, I'm finishing up right now.
My new film.
You know, I find these quotes by Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, where he was supporting Pol Pot, killing millions.
And I think, oh God, you know, this is on Wikipedia, this could be wrong.
This encyclopedia is wrong sometimes.
I go, this can't be true.
I mean, I know he's evil.
But I go, this can't be true.
And then I'm on an official website of his, one of the think tanks he writes for, where he actually found the entire audio of it from the actual speech, where it was different from the quote I found.
He was repeating it, and it was even worse.
And I was just like, Jesus Christ.
Because every major leader we've got, I've got them where they write books, saying the killing millions of innocent people's good.
I can find quotes where they're saying, torture children, Republican, Democrat, it doesn't matter.
I can find, uh, I can just, just, just, they're a pack of murdering killers.
I mean, that's all I can tell you folks.
They are so bloodthirsty.
You haven't, I mean, they actually one up each other.
They brag to each other about how ruthless they are.
And then they start talking about how they want to get the American people and how they can't wait to get you.
I just, and I see y'all running around like a bunch of children.
I see these men when I'm at the pool or when I'm at the movies or when I'm at the mall or when I'm on the street.
I see these men and they're real proud, they strut, they stick their chin up.
You see their girlfriend or wife behind them just really getting into how manly their man is.
And you'll see them just enjoy opening up their car and getting in it.
You'll just see them loving life and feeling like they're a million dollars and nothing can stop them.
And I'm not even saying any of that's bad.
But I know that they're so haughty that if I was to talk to them and go, hey, there's a plan for world government, there's a plan to take your freedom, there's a plan to... I need you to rally to fight this.
They're just like, ha ha ha, there ain't nothing can touch me!
Everything's great!
Just like Germans, just like Russians, just like the Chinese, just like everybody else.
You've got to learn for yourself, don't you?
You just... most of you don't know history, that's why you're doomed to repeat it.
And I come across
I come across Bush Claims Oversight Exemption 2.
The White House says the President's own order on classified data does not apply to the Office of the Vice President.
Now their own orders don't apply to them.
And I got former Soviet dissident warns of EU dictatorship.
I'll get into that later if I want, but let me cover this now and then we'll go to some of your calls.
This is out of the Associated Press today.
It's up on prisonplanet.com.
Cameron's bag raises a few eyebrows.
And yeah, I talked about this last week.
When you walk up to me and you're wearing a communist starb, frankly, just don't talk to me because I really have a compulsion to punch you in the nose.
I mean, really!
I mean, I mean, it's not a... I see you as a threat!
Believe me, if I saw somebody... I've been out protesting skinheads before, folks.
They got big Nazi flags and Nazi armbands, and I want to punch them in the nose!
Now, I don't do it, but, uh, most of them are feds, and I'd go to prison for punching a federal officer.
That's why there's so many cops guarding them.
Oh, you don't believe me?
Just out in, uh... Out in Orlando a few months ago, it turned out the whole rally was FBI people.
It was just all staged.
Those groups aren't real.
So, yeah, that's why there's so much police protection.
You've got to have your protest, you're not going to have that much.
They've got to protect the feds out there creating the illusion of all this.
But my point is that I feel violent towards it.
Because, folks, Hitler only caused the deaths of 22 million.
That's terrible.
But as Stalin said, when one man dies, it's a statistic.
When a million die, it is a statistic.
I always said, when one man dies, it's a tragedy.
When 10,000 dies, it's a statistic.
I actually was searching for the actual quote.
It was in the Russian archives.
It is.
It was in a speech.
I've said it many times.
And on radio.
It is, when one man dies, it is a tragedy.
When a million dies, it's a statistic.
They killed over 120 million people.
From Pol Pot to Mao Zedong to Vladimir Lenin and
All of them.
Mr. Steele.
And so you got this young Hollywood starlet, and she's out there, and she's out in Peru, and no doubt she did this on purpose.
She probably wanted to think, she's probably scared going to those places she's visiting, so she thinks, oh, Shining Path will like me.
Shining Path would come into a village, and if you didn't convert, they would kill everyone, including newborn babies.
They would cut babies out of women,
They would do whatever they wanted for terror, and thank God they failed.
Actress Cameron Diaz appears to have committed a major fashion crime in Peru.
Oh, see, it's a big, it's a cute little joke here from the Associated Press.
The voice of Princess Fiona in the animated Shrek films may have inadvertently offended Peruvians.
Well, how dare them?
By the way, it wasn't the trendies coming up, it was the little peasants.
Because they knew what it meant.
What she had on there was the banners that the Shining Path used.
They were scared.
They were freaking out.
It's real funny to the trendies.
Oh, look at them.
They're scared.
They don't like being slaughtered.
They're not cool.
They suffered decades of violence from a malice guerrilla insurgency by touring there on Friday with a bag emblazoned with one of Mao Zedong's favorite political slogans.
I wonder how those little Peruvian immigrants feel when they're up in Denver, where they've got Mal's Restaurant, they've got one in London.
All the trendies, you just can't keep them out.
They love going to Mal's Restaurant and buying all the paraphernalia.
While she explored the Inca city of Machu Picchu, high in the Peruvian Andes, Diaz wore over her shoulder an olive green messenger bag emblazoned with a red star and the words, serve the people.
He sure served them when he killed at least 60 mil.
Actual number of those 70 mil will be conservative.
Serve the people printed in Chinese on the flat perhaps Chinese Communist leader Mao's most famous political slogan.
And in another article about it she said there's just something about Mao.
Yeah, gibbering demon creatures like Mike Tyson like him too.
Making 20-30 mil a fight and he's got Mao Zedong on his arm.
I mean, to make up for the number he killed, you'd have to have three Hitlers on you.
But again, the media doesn't ever tell you it's bad, because David Rockefeller and the globalists, they wrote books about it, helped fund Mao, and now admits that the CIA put Mao in over the Nationalists.
And again, the people running America wanted the Khmer Rouge.
The people running America now put Mao in.
The people running America want to do that here.
You understand that, Cameron Diaz?
It says, the Maoist Shining Path insurgency took Peru to the edge of chaos in the 1980s and 90s in a campaign of massacres, assassinations and bombings, claiming the lives of 70,000 people!
So keep your Mao BS!
Excuse me, I'm out of control today.
And keep the rest of your bull to yourself!
We'll be right back with your calls.
I'm Dr. Bill Diggle, M.D.
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Alright ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
Here's an example of how the new old order is all around us.
In the KLBJ studios where I broadcast out of, they've got the television on with Gordon Brown, the new British Prime Minister, with Tony Blair leaving.
Now I happen to have the skinny on Gordon Brown, he publicly gives speeches calling for world government, destruction of England's sovereignty, openly!
He calls himself a conservative, he's about as conservative as... as Mao Zedong.
It's just sick!
And man, you talk about scary when this guy talks.
He's got eyes that look like great white sharks.
Completely dead.
But it's the words that matter.
And I just start thinking about what they're doing.
I mean, here in the U.S., Dick Cheney and Bush have announced they're above the law, even their own federal laws, even their own executive orders.
They're above all laws, including murder and torture.
And that's in White House memos now.
And it's just, this is ABC News.
Cheney power grabs us.
White House rules don't apply to him.
Let me pull up some more for you.
Shaney declares VP not part of executive branch, autonomous from entire government and all laws.
I mean, folks, we are in trouble.
Here's an editorial about it.
Shaney exempts himself from reality.
But again, Dick Shaney is nothing but a complete puppet who runs the now offshore corporation
Halliburton that has a move to Dubai, Pakistan, but will still get all the no-bid contracts on the ongoing war that, by the way, is going exactly as the Pentagon planned.
Expand it, stay there, have chaos, exterminate the population.
That's an official U.S.
and Israeli document, but of course you won't read them.
You'll just make the decision to claim that it's not true what I just said.
The people running the U.S., the people running England, are working to destroy them.
Do you understand that?
I have all the mainstream articles right here in front of me where Tony Blair, the last thing he did leaving office last week, was to sign an executive order, which again has no force of law over the Parliament,
Claiming that something Europe got to vote on two years ago, and the Europeans said, no, we don't want to lose all of our local courts, we don't want to lose our Bill of Rights, under the EU Constitution, a tax on free speech, private property, all these things, it's billed as a, but by the time it's on our media, it is billed as a human rights law.
Oh, Tony Blair just wants human rights, a new law, and then you read it, and it puts England under the EU super courts.
In fact, let me just go to PrisonPlanet.com because I have a bunch of articles I meant to print off and they're not here in the stack.
But if you go down to the globalization section on the site, we have all the headlines.
Treaty hands swaths of power to Brussels.
That's the capital of the EU.
Here's another one.
Blair hands power to EU time bomb as treaty starts to unravel.
Now they always say that to fool you so it can pass.
Over 90% in major polls, it was 80+, but when they did the secret deal, new polls just came out, over 90% of the British people are against this.
What's the government do?
Both major parties, both the conservative Tories and Labour, have circled the wagon and are announcing, sorry, that's the way it is, we're doing it.
We're handing over total control of the EU to the EU of our government.
And there he is, that traitor, right now on the television set, Gordon Brown.
What a piece of filth!
Oh man, I just can't handle it anymore.
Let's go ahead and take some calls.
Coming up, I'm going to get into viruses that are in vaccines that attack your brain, but they tell you they're good for you.
The good news is the people are waking up that the government is corrupt.
Also, Michael Moore, 9-11 could be an inside job.
Of course, on the heels of it, he's putting out a movie about how socialized health care is good, so... It's Michael Moore or something else, man.
We'll get into that.
Oh, by the way, the EU earlier this week, this is mainstream news.
said that if you say the EU is bad and you resist it politically, you're on a terrorist list.
Folks, you can't make this type of stuff up.
I mean, that's what I mean.
It's just incredible!
Do you know what's in the Patriot Act?
I've read it.
Man, it's scary.
Do you know what's in the Military Commissions Act?
Do you know what is in the Enemy Combatant Act?
Do you know?
Well, I do.
And I read what Cheney just said.
Cheney now claims that if he just writes something, it's law.
Folks, this is the same thing as saying that they can kill people on the White House lawn and barbecue people.
I mean, hell, they might as well.
They've said worse things in the memos.
That they can torture children.
I mean, we're living in the Twilight Zone, but you're wedded to them because, well, I'm a conservative and they're better than Hillary.
Don't you understand?
Do you like being gamed and fooled?
Don't you understand that they're running a bunch of dead horse candidates?
I mean, Giuliani is more liberal in many cases than even Hillary.
And more pro-war, so you like him.
Giuliani, the penguin, the son of a known capo mob boss.
I mean, this is what a joke we've become.
You're like, I don't believe that.
Go look it up, it's mainstream news!
I didn't even know that until a few months ago, though.
I thought, well, nobody had mob connections.
And then I went and read, my God!
Mainstream books and newspaper articles, he's a, he, oh my God.
My point is that he will lose the Republican nomination.
If Giuliani was to win the Republican nomination, he would lose hands down against Democrats.
No problem.
And then you're going to get Hillary.
You're going to get Hillary.
Only Ron Paul can beat Hillary.
Then Las Vegas, a month after I've been reporting that, did the odd, one of the biggest
Booking Odds Agency, the big one that does all the NFL stuff, and several others did the analysis and they said Ron Paul is the only one that can beat Hillary.
And they took him from 200-1 to 15-1 and now he's only 5-1.
See, they're saying to win the Republican nomination, but if he was to win it, he could beat Hillary.
And I'm not going to go through the whole breakdown and why, I've done that before, most of you know why.
That's why they're not giving him the attention.
That's why the Republican Party in Iowa is blocking him from that televised forum that they're going to have.
There's going to be a giant demonstration there.
They're not going to distract from Ron Paul.
He's going to be out front talking to the cameras.
Turns out the head of the Iowa group that's blocking Ron Paul from the next forum, they're not calling it a debate, it's a televised forum, a discussion.
It is a debate.
John Payne is one of John McCain's top campaign managers.
He's the manager in that state, but also on his board.
And of course, John McCain's not meant to win.
He's a ringer, too, folks.
They're running a bunch of old, broke-back horses against that demon-eyed, thoroughbred Hillary.
While Fox Television and News Corp and Roger Ailes are advising her, and Rupert Murdoch has dinner with her each week for the last four years, they are behind her.
They got the nerve to have Sean Hannity up there claiming his show's about defeating Hillary.
It's about keeping you in your place and making sure as conservatives you don't actually wake up till it's too late.
You ever heard of camouflage in the military?
You ever heard of enemy forces dressing up in your own uniform?
All these neocon talk show hosts, they dress up in conservative uniforms and they walk right up to you and when you turn your back they stick that stiletto right in your neck.
You're like, oh thank you Hannity, thank you Wiener Savage, thank you all of you!
Oh, thank you for being traitors to the Republic.
Oh, oh, it's so sweet of you!
You just love losing.
You love being conned.
You love being gamed.
See, I won't sit here and tell you, you're a great American.
You're a great American.
Oh, we're great Americans.
Oh, America's great.
Oh, everything's fine.
Oh, we're the good guys.
Oh, we're the da-da-da-da-da.
No, man.
We're decadent.
We're evil.
We're in trouble.
We've been overrun by foreign corporations that are literally looting us and selling us out and acting like the ship's going to sink.
Well, I mean, folks, five years ago you fought corporate.
Moves overseas, and you thought the brain drain was bad in the U.S.
For the first time in history that people are leaving here.
And the elite buying private islands was bad, and escaping.
That was like they'd taken the couches and maybe the bookshelves out.
They're ripping the wallpaper off.
They're taking out the chandeliers.
They're ripping the sinks out of the country right now.
I mean, they're pulling up the flooring, man.
Running out the back door with it.
Hell, they're even pulling the walls out now.
While wrapping themselves in American flags on the news going, America, oh yeah, fighting for your freedom!
They just flap an American flag in front of you like a zombie.
You go, oh, America, patriotic!
It's this very Republican Party with the Democrats in league right now for total amnesty of convicted, aggravated felons.
They get tax exemption, no taxes for five years.
That's in the bill.
That's in there!
But you're like America and you got your big old truck with big old tires and rebel flags and support the troop flags everywhere.
You're driving around, having a few liquors.
Oh yeah, you're feeling real good right now, boy.
America's doing so good for you.
Everything's gonna be alright.
You're a country and you love America.
I mean, that's the spirit of it.
And I'm going, no, no, they've taken over!
They're destroying the nation!
They're lowering our defenses!
They're totally selling us out!
Mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday!
You're just listening to that hardcore commie over there.
And I'm like, no, actually, our own government funded the Soviets and funded the Maoists and funded them all.
Here, here, they wrote books about it!
Here, the people that did it admit it!
Here, here's History Channel with the head of the CIA admitting they put Mao in.
Shut up, commie.
But no, I'm against the communists.
I bet you are, commie.
I just liked Newt Gingrich.
He said we should ban First Amendment and shut you up right now!
And Trent Lott says shut down talk radio.
I kinda like Hillary now.
I like to be conservative.
We will come back and go right to your calls, I promise.
And then we've got the new loving vaccines to attack your brain.
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Well, the people are getting wise now.
When the government tells them amnesty and amnesty, they don't believe them.
Then the bill comes out and it's worse than amnesty.
It's total pardon for every type of criminal you can imagine.
Welfare, more tuition for foreigners and citizens.
The end of the country.
Not just a way to get the illegals here.
Incentivize even more coming.
We'll go into that.
Congress only has a 14% approval rating right now.
That is wonderful news.
Just can't wait till we can arrest all the enemies of the Republic and have trials for their treason.
Of course, it's either that or they're going to set up Khmer Rouge-type ops here.
That's their dear plan for you and your family.
I'm not kidding when I say that, by the way.
And a new jab to hold Alzheimer's could be available within a few years.
Of course, if you believe that, I've got a bridge I want to sell you.
We'll be going over what's really behind these special injections coming up.
But right now, let's go to your calls here.
Let's go ahead and take a call.
I haven't thought about who I should talk to yet.
How about David in Hyde Park here in Austin, Tejas?
I guess he's a NewsRadio 590 KLBJ listener.
David, thanks for holding studiously.
You're on the air.
Alright, man.
I'd like you to address the consequences of the North American Union
Specifically, how it will destroy our rights and negate the Constitution?
Well, rights are for wimps, number one, and hardcore commies.
So I think it's wonderful on that front.
Rights are good.
It's great to not have rights, to be humiliated and be a slave, and have things be about a thousand times worse than they are right now, and that can happen overnight, and I think it's great.
And then as far as the economy, look how great NAFTA and GATT have been!
I think so.
And I just think, number one, the North American Union doesn't exist, unless you're actually reading the agreement that's public, or the CFR stuff.
But see, if you think it's good, then the media says it exists.
But when you criticize it, they say you're delusional, and it doesn't exist.
So, if you want me to talk about the North American Union, David, you have to first say you're for it, first tell me that, and then, because I'm trying to be mainstream here, and then I can talk about how it's good for you.
I'm against it.
It doesn't exist, sir.
If they do an act, it'll cure the amnesty amnesia.
You're insane.
No, no.
There's no amnesty.
It's all lies.
We need to shut down talk radio.
Of course, it's just, please be quiet.
And here in Texas, we have the Genocide Highway for faster emergency evacuations.
Well, you know, it's good that the foreign company is going to pay nothing and hand over all of our roads to them to taxes $168 for a one-way trip from Austin to Dallas and back.
That's official.
I think that is good.
That is what we need.
I think that's wonderful.
And just so what, man?
Hey, the people don't want it, but they're doing it anyways.
So let's do this.
The people didn't want toll roads on Mopac or on Lamar or toll roads on Ben White or, you know, 290 or 183.
And so they just said they weren't doing it.
Though, now that people kind of cooled down, they're now announcing they will put them on Mopac.
Just deny they're there with me, and then you can be a stylish yuppie.
Here, let's do it together.
We're stylish yuppies.
No, you go get them Alex.
I'm looking forward to endgame in two months.
Oh, no.
There's no endgame.
The government has not killed anyone, and everything's fine.
Maybe I'll use reverse psychology here.
I mean, do you like Kirk Watson, that creature who grabbed thousands of acres of private people's land?
First, they pass an ordinance where you couldn't build on your land.
But they kept the property taxes higher than what the people could afford.
So for literally, on average, what was it, eight cents on the dollar, they forced the sale of all those private ranches and property.
Then they turned around and built golf courses, five-star hotels, and million-dollar-plus ranchettes out there.
And microchip assembling plants that dump their affluent right into Barton Creek.
Now, I went to a Smart Growth Conference in 98, and man, it was nothing but bank chairmen and all these world leaders up there, and they said, it's about money, we're taking it over, ha ha!
And I would say, so this is about stealing land?
And they would, on camera, go, yeah, nothing you can do.
Because back then there was no alternative media to speak of.
And we just got video of Kirk Watson at Alamo Draft House.
We just happened to have cameras there, because we had Discovery Channel, the folks that made Brother's Keeper, Metallica,
A Metallica, some kind of monster.
They do the big show.
I mean, folks, these are the darlings of HBO.
I'm so flattered that they came to make a documentary about me.
It's pretty weird.
When they first called, I hung up on them, because I was like, more TV, because I've been on so many TV, and they're just always jerks.
I was like, no, I'm not doing it!
I hung the phone up, and then they called back and told me who it was.
But the point is, they were there setting stuff up to find out what they were going to cover for a screening I had last week that was great and sold out.
Great to see you.
Pre-screening of Endgame and as we tweak it and so we just so happened to find out Kirk Watson was there in a little private group.
It was a little private meeting and then we got him on video going, It's about money!
It's about cash!
We're taking over!
I mean he flat out says it folks.
Now a state senator.
I mean they don't even, of course he didn't know that we had our camera guy up.
You know, through the projector glass with a video camera right on him.
I don't think Watson even cares, though.
It's just... I've already digressed.
Just enjoy your enslavement, folks.
Don't listen to me.
The government loves you.
Everything's fine.
Just hand over all your property.
Nate in Maine.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Nate.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
You're not with Al-Qaeda, are you?
No, sir.
Then declare you hate America and the Bill of Rights.
Yes, yes.
Well, then you're a good American.
No need for the Constitution.
Get rid of that Al-Qaeda document!
Just like Bush says, it's just a goddamn piece of paper.
Hey, well, we've got a lot of Christian stations, and I'm a Christian.
I've been out of control.
I need to control myself, too.
He did say that.
It's confirmed.
And it is true that the FBI training manuals nationwide do say that people that make references to the Constitution are terrorists.
I have the actual manuals.
I'm a terrorist, then.
I have a Bill of Rights right here in my hand.
But go ahead.
I just want to thank you very, very much for opening my eyes, Alex.
No, everything's fine.
Don't listen to me.
Right, right, right.
And I just want to let you know that over here in Maine, I'm setting things up and we're just going to keep the movement moving with you.
Well, I'm glad that you're there fighting, my brother.
Anything else?
I think that's it.
I just wanted to have that opportunity to say that to you.
No, I wanted to say we love you, too.
And I'm being a little sarcastic today.
Because I'm in a very, very bad mood about what's happening in the country.
I mean, just on a weekly basis, the President's re-announcing his dictator powers, and then executing and using the power.
I mean, we ain't doing well, folks.
Let me tell you, people running things kill hundreds of mil.
They don't play games.
Let us take another ring-a-dingy.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Houston, Tejas.
You are on the air, sir.
Hey, thanks Alex for taking the call.
Thank you, I'll cut him.
I got a question for you, sir.
The Century 21 or something like that, or 21st Century Banking, used to be when I would write a check, I'd get my canceled checks back.
Federal law was changed four years ago.
Oh yeah, I know that.
They send you copies of them.
Yeah, the miniaturized ones that I guess are done through a computer and I guess anybody, including the government, can access it.
That's the whole point, brother.
And for five years, every prescription you get, whether it's for a prosthesis or a diaphragm or, you know, whatever, is instantly uploaded.
No Bill of Rights directly to the Fed.
Socialized health care is already here.
The mass raping has already begun.
But the illegal aliens are above the law.
Now, my question for you is this.
Why do they have to do this with the checks?
They don't!
The banks went and lobbied to directly upload everything to the government and do whatever they want.
Because they didn't like the reporting of the Suspicious Transfers, or Suspicious Activities Act, and the Know Your Customer Act, which they didn't get until Patriot Act, under a new name, under a subsection provision.
And so what you said is right.
Everything is directly sent to the government.
Just all of it.
Every phone call, every email, everything directly hubs right through.
Stay there, I'm gonna put you on hold.
Yeah, just everything goes through.
You heard about that AT&T deal?
Where they, uh...
You know, have the AT&T office with, ooh, the government.
Give me a break, folks.
It all goes through them first.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
I remember learning that in 96 and the telecommunications magazines were reporting on it.
They got nine billion to put the hubs in.
Ha, no warrant to search.
Folks, I've been listening forever.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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A fractional reserve system means only a small portion of your deposit is held in reserve for immediate withdrawal.
Deficit spending will skyrocket through FDIC if the government is forced to insure deposits during a bank run followed by a depressed economy.
A current effort is underway by the Fed along with other central banks to increase liquidity for depositors.
However, an increase in money supply without equal expansion in productivity can cause inflation.
In order to achieve strength and stability, I recommend a conservative portion of all investments to be calmly repositioned into gold and silver.
While paper investments currently have been driven by debt, gold on its own has held value for over 6,000 years.
For more information call 1-800-686-2237.
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I think so.
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It's Alex Jones.
That's right, it's Alejandro Jones.
Alright, I'm going to continue with your phone calls and I'm going to get into new vaccines that attack the brain.
But it's good for you, they promise.
We'll also get more into the police state that's unfolding, but hey!
That's a good thing!
That's what keeps you safe!
It did in Germany and Russia, right?
And everywhere else.
Now you get a police state, it's absolutely horrible, but hey!
Americans have never really had a police state since 1776, and they want to try it out!
So, hey!
You know.
Well, let me get in the way of your happiness and success, as they say.
Just drag us all right along with you.
By the way, I wasn't knocking people with big trucks with big tires earlier.
I've had a big truck with big tires back in high school.
But I was saying, with the support of the TRIPS stickers, and you don't even know that now over 80% of the TRIPS want to come home and don't support the war and know it's a fraud.
I'm talking about you.
You know what I mean.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls here.
These calls are all over the map, and some of them are idiosyncratic, I guess you could say, to our movement.
But let's talk to Laurel in Chicago.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
How are you doing?
Pretty good.
What's on your mind today?
Well, tomorrow, Christopher Boylan gets sentenced, and I was just kind of curious, in what ways have you and prison planning, info wars, what have you guys done to help assist him throughout?
Well, we have put links to the reporter who was beat up by the police, and then his People's website have put up links calling it a part of an evil conspiracy of ours, ma'am, so that's why I went ahead and went to your call.
Yeah, um...
I mean, see, my radio show and my websites are a place for me to go crazy on the air, but more importantly, it is a place for me to get serious about serious issues.
And frankly, I'm the biggest thing in this movement to fight the New World Order, which I don't like.
By the way, the fact that I'm the best we've got means we're in trouble.
I mean, seriously.
And so I get a lot of people, a lot of press people attacking me, doing stuff to me, saying stuff about me.
And despite the fact that the people he's run with, this reporter who used to write for American Free Press, has attacked me, I still tried to help him out when he got beat up by the police, even though we don't really know what happened there.
And for that, I was called the ultimate devil.
And so, man, then you have the nerve to call in and go, why don't you've done more to support a reporter?
And by the way, half the country that's tuned in right now,
But, you know, by half the people tuned in in the country, it's like, half the country's listening!
We have 150 million listeners right now!
No, I mean, of half the people listening across the country, very few know what you're talking about.
So, I mean, I don't even talk about myself a lot here.
Much less start getting off into talking about other people.
So, folks, I can lead a horse to water, I can't make it drink.
It's kind of like trying to help a drowning person.
Here, let me help you.
It's like, ah, you're evil, no!
Okay, fine!
And then, oh, you didn't help that drowning?
Man, how dare you!
Anyways, look, everything's fine.
The government loves you.
There's nothing wrong.
The FEMA camps don't exist if you don't like them.
If you're for them, you're a good American and might be able to stay in them as well.
I mean, it just really comes down to this.
What's up?
You want to say something?
Oh, you said you were the best we got.
I said I wish they'd see the rest of the crew.
They'd really be scary.
Ha ha!
You guys are good.
Hell, man, you're doing a great job!
America, oh yeah!
Fighting for your freedom!
Football, yeah!
Water torture, yeah!
Alright, I gotta control myself.
Social Security, yeah!
FEMA camps, yeah!
Anyways, red tape, IRS, yeah!
Open borders!
Illegals above the law, oh yeah!
You know, when I say that,
I mean that.
You know this amnesty bill?
I mean, we read the subsection last week.
Illegals don't have to pay taxes for five years, or if it's back taxes, no taxes need to be paid.
I've never heard of an amnesty for the American people.
I mean, I don't have that big of a house, and I get this gorgantuan property tax bill.
I mean, it just never ends.
But the illegal aliens, they don't have to pay taxes.
The illegal aliens, it's in that they get more tuition in an in-state.
If you are a Texan or a Californian, or you're in Utah,
It's in the bill that the illegals get the number one preferential, highest grade that the state offers.
If that state accepts federal funds, they have to.
That's how the state, you know, what's a fed saying that?
What about the states?
They tell the states, if you want federal funds for education, you've got to give the illegals preferential treatment.
Man, that isn't fair!
Well, you must be with Al-Qaeda, boy!
Don't agree with your president when we're under LCI hater, I mean, attack!
Alright, let's take some of my amount of control, folks.
It is true.
I mean, today I was in a very bad mood.
It's been since I was a teenager, since I wanted to punch walls and overturn things.
I've been, like, controlling myself lately.
This is, I'm trying to put a good face on it, but we're basically completely screwed.
I mean, I don't know what else, but here's the deal.
If we could admit up to how much trouble we're in.
If we could admit that this is classical tyranny.
I mean, when ABC's has got headlines like Cheney Power Grab says he's above all laws, we're in trouble!
I mean, stop being in and go, well, we'll be gone soon.
Yeah, and Hillary's going to have those powers.
Can't you get it through your brain?
Hillary and Cheney and all of them work for the same people.
When Congressman Dan Burton wanted to go after the Clintons and started the procedure to investigate them and Congresswoman left office, Bush went to Congress at no off limits.
You watch, the Clintons are going to get back in and the first thing they're going to do is say, leave Bush alone.
They're on the same team.
They vacation together.
It's a rigged game.
No it's not.
I listen to the big radio hosts and they tell me it's a battle for America.
Well, then why is Bush one amnesty in the North American Union?
There ain't no such thing as NAU.
I mean, the major conservative publications in the last two weeks have attacked Ron Paul, myself, and others, and said it doesn't exist.
We have the actual documents.
We have hundreds of mainstream articles.
What do conservatives do?
It don't exist.
I like Bush.
I like him.
And I talk like that because that's how they talk.
I hear these guys call and talk radio, and I just wish people would get reasonable with Bush on this.
You understand this is the end of the country.
Stick a fork in it, it's done.
If they get this through.
Let's take a call before we go to break.
We got time?
Let's talk to Dan in Jacksonville, Florida.
Dan, you're on the air right now.
Alex, I'd like to say congratulations.
It's the first time I've caught your program.
I have to admit, you're as right on as anybody I've ever heard.
Reason being, in 1980, I hit 2020 with a scandal.
A local newspaper, the second largest in the state of Indiana, and they covered it up in 1980.
To date, 27 years later, to the month, the scandal is yet to be exposed.
I hope to contact you at some point and give you the opportunity to handle it.
Tell me, give me an idea of what the secret scandal is.
National Railroad.
What we lost post World War II and what we have today.
Oh, well they just, they never repaired the rail beds and made a conscious decision to let the main infrastructure fall apart.
Is that it?
Put him on hold.
I want to come back to him.
Don't hang up.
Alright, folks, we'll be right back.
Well, of course they got rid of our manned infrastructure.
Because people running the country are there to destroy America.
We'll be right back.
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Well, the glass has a natural resonance.
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Using a similar principle, Royal Raymond Rife discovered that diseased organisms can be destroyed using different resonant frequencies.
The BioSolutions Frequency Instrument
I think so.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Look, bigger than the fact that they've never repaired any of the major rail lines in this country by design.
I know that because I have a lot of family in the railroad business, back when it still existed.
From conductors down to switchers, brakemen.
My daddy even did that when he was going to dental school in Dallas.
He worked on the railroad.
I think my daddy had like three hours sleep a day for a couple, like, five years.
That's what's wrong with him now, like me.
He's like me, not Chuckie.
Anyways, um... No, here, I'm actually here to be honest with y'all.
There's no new world order.
There's no North American Union.
Government is totally trustworthy in history.
It's good to let government take over and run everything.
That's what keeps you safe.
And the dollar is at full value.
The country's not completely bankrupt.
They're not building FEMA camps.
The war is good.
Bush always told us we'd be there five, six, ten years.
The Pentagon plan that we'll be there for at least a hundred years is good.
And our government did put Saddam in and did give him the nerve gas.
That was good.
Of course, when he used it, it was bad.
But see, you have both those things at the same time in your mind.
It's called double think.
I've learned how to use it.
You should, too.
And PrisonPlanet.com is evil.
InfoWars.com is evil.
My film TerrorStorm is very naughty.
No one should go to Google Video and type it in and get it for free on Google Video, TerrorStorm.
You really shouldn't buy the high quality digital DVD of TerrorStorm at InfoWars.com.
Because that might mean you're with Al-Qaeda.
Having any information is Al-Qaeda.
Being informed, asking questions is Al-Qaeda.
Alright, let's go ahead and be serious here and go back to Dan in Jacksonville, Florida.
Dan, finish up.
Am I getting into the right area about the takeover, the handover, the railroad system?
No, sir.
No, sir.
It goes way beyond that.
It literally can be traced back to the sellout that our government conspired in during World War II with organized crime leaders in this country.
No, but there's no... Now, wait a minute.
I agree with the former FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, when he said it was, quote, in front of the crime committee there in the House.
There is no La Cosa Nostra or Mafia.
It is a conspiracy theory.
It is made up.
There is no Mafia.
I do not agree that the Mafia helped take over the U.S.
and runs everything now.
Our government is loving... Alex... And I did read conspiracy theories about the handover of our infrastructure through Mafia deals, but that doesn't exist.
There's no such thing as a Mafia.
Alex, may I ask you this question?
What was the mindset of organized crime back then?
It's only business.
What is the mindset of our own government today?
It's business!
Selling this country out, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans through medical research, or whatever, is only business!
No, no, you're right, sir.
Actually, I did know about Mafia helping take over the railroads, and that's why they don't fix them anymore, because the Mafia only runs things out.
And again, folks, we think the Italian mob is anything.
I mean, the main wasp mob.
They kind of had a fight in the 50s and 60s with the Italian mob when it got too big.
It's what you saw the G-Men allowed to go after.
But you notice
That is correct, but I want you to think of this.
Here we are, how many years later?
50, 60 years later.
Think about
European Rail.
Think about what we had post-World War II.
Yeah, they're now routinely in France and Germany getting places at 250 miles an hour.
They've got trains going upwards of 400.
And they will soon have routine travel at 350.
And, of course, but that's not going to be allowed, sir.
We are here to be sucked off of and debased.
The New Old Order plan, and I've even heard them on NPR, and I really appreciate your call.
Send me info on that.
I'll have you on as a guest.
We've got some documentation.
Though I've even seen it myself.
Just send me your info.
The point is, is that I've even heard NPR brag, we're not going to have industry here, it's the new global way.
We're going to give up everything for the new world order.
Evil Americans shouldn't have jobs and bad people.
I mean, literally, that's like a fashionable thing when, you know, when these rich yuppies that have got millions in the bank are
Skipping around after going from gym to gym, and then to get their massage, and they'll drive up in their brand new $200,000 Mercedes and get out at their $5 million house here in Austin or L.A., and they'll skip in with their mouse shirt on, and then have the butler get them something, and they'll say, oh, yes, I'm going to take every New World Order.
It's just, again, it's always the same, folks.
Let's go ahead and take a call from Harvey in Florida.
You're on Line 6.
Go ahead, Harvey.
How are you doing, Alex?
I love your sense of humor.
Sometimes you're just too much.
I know.
I am scum.
It is too much.
Go ahead.
By the way, you know, the debut in Iraq of all the military gadgets that they have doesn't seem to be working too well.
It's the laboratory that counts.
But it doesn't matter.
They got microwave guns, SWORD robots, new special belly bomb jellies that they release in cluster bombs.
But that's the whole point of Gitmo in Iraq is an admittedly war-fighting laboratory, and how to kill Americans, how to inject them with experimental shots, to see what DU effects are on masses of our own troops, to practice extermination ops on third-world populations, to build citadel command bases to run the extermination op,
The morons in this country don't seem to realize that everything they've been doing is going to be done to them.
I'm going to shut up.
You've got the floor.
Actually, sir, I'm so freaked out about what's happening that instead of getting here and being really mean for two hours, I'm just going to be sarcastic with dark humor and just throw it in people's face.
I'm going to stop.
Something different.
I do this occasionally, but I'm going to shut up.
You sound like a smart guy.
You have the floor.
Go ahead.
It's so sad that they can't see the analogies between the German people sitting idly by when all the groups, the retarded people, the gypsies, the Jews, were thrown into the ovens.
And these people were sitting around watching their televisions during the advertised shock and awe campaign in Afghanistan and Iraq.
And they think it's not going to happen to them.
And that is the saddest, sickest part about the people that you talk about, the yuppies running around, having a good time, the drunks watching the games, watching the cars spin around on the racetracks, while the innocent people around the world are being slaughtered so they could have a testbed for their technology.
And I'd like to read just one sentence from an article from several, I think about two, three years ago, when they admitted it in the national newspaper.
Actual combat conditions provide an incomparable testing ground for new technology, said John Pike, Director of the National Security Think Tank, GlobalSecurity.org.
It's the best simulation you can get.
So, this is the people that are going along with it in the military, the private contractors, the mercenaries and the police in this country, the people that are going along with it,
I'm glad you tell them all the time and I will tell them too.
Their families will be enslaved as well.
Thanks, Alex.
Well, stay there.
Let me go ahead and expand on that because I like genuine criticism.
You sound like a smart, nice guy.
It probably is over the top today, the sarcasm.
But can you imagine doing what I do every day?
I'm frankly sick of this, man.
I got stacks of news here where they're totally destroying everything right now.
They're literally pulling out the last remnants of our republic.
And I'm just really mad about it.
Well, that's the problem, Alex.
You know too much, and you look too much, and you care too much.
You have to be like the other unthinking morons in this country, and you just can't do it, and neither can I. Well, I just want to let everybody know that your point about empathy, you know, it won't happen the same way it happens in Fallujah, but it'll happen different here.
Folks, when you've got a corrupt elite, it isn't one-sided.
I mean, every time with Napoleon, with Hitler, with any of these guys through history,
Well, with all the British activities, that is going to cost you dearly.
Let me explain something to you.
The New World Order hates the troops.
They hate the unpatriotic men that go join them.
That's why they give them literally hundreds of shots, experimental.
I mean, so many of them come back and literally die a bizarre Ebola-like
Autoimmune disorders?
Or they're dying of DU?
I mean, I know lots of troops.
I mean, I know five different people who've gotten back from Iraq who are personal friends of mine.
Two of them were laughing at me three years ago.
Now, man, they're coughing up blood every morning.
Everybody I know is.
When they come back to this country, Alex, there are no jobs for them.
They have to either be strippers, or police guards, or enslave the children that are taken away from them.
I got CPS here where they just, in Austin, I warned people about this years ago, they just warehouse them in office chairs, beat them, drug them, they just cram pills down their mouths until they pass out.
I know!
They grab one plus million kids a year.
And it's just increasing everywhere.
But it isn't the Jews or the gypsies this time.
It's little kids.
It's blue collar blacks and Hispanics and whites.
It's just the general public.
Just hordes of these.
And every news break is how the cops are saving us and telling us what to do and we need to know best.
I mean, we're in hell, folks.
It's only the beginning.
We'll come back and tell you about the injections they're going to give you that brain damage you.
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What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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You're listening to GCN.
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Exposing corruption.
Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
We're just going to have a news blitz here at the end.
I don't have time to take any more calls, but I always love hearing from you.
See you back next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
I want to thank all of our Aminem affiliates, Internet, Shortwave Satellite as well.
And I do my own weekday show, of course, Infowars.com there.
Okay, you ever notice they have all these cures for cancer and Alzheimer's every few months, but you never ever get access to them?
Don't worry, that's what socialized health care is all about.
It's so that the government can control all the doctors and medicine so you never get access to this and only the elites are going to get access to this.
You see, they write their own policy reports and Bill Joy does and of course
You know, many of the top futurists and scientists and MIT people, that you're not going to have access to this.
Only the elites are.
You can't have the six and a half billion people having access to life extension, not when you've got, you know, a crowd that's into eugenics and only the elite being able to get real health care.
That's what it's all about.
But don't worry, you'll pay everything you've got in taxes to pay for health care that doesn't do a very good job.
Like, you wait on an average for a year and a half in England for a brain tumor, and of course, it's always too late.
I will have that here soon, don't worry.
A jab to hold Alzheimer's could be available within years.
A revolutionary drug that stops Alzheimer's disease in its tracks could be available within a few years.
And you read and read and read for a couple pages and it doesn't tell you why.
Well, I knew why before we got there because I'd already read about the drug.
But on the front they do have a picture of it that says amyloid plaque builds up on the brain and that's mainly from aluminum and
The other metals and heavy metals that we ingest and the special flu shots you all insist on getting each year that have several hundred times the safe level of mercury.
The mercury plaques, don't worry.
After they give you shots with the mercury, they have another thing.
Connections between brain cells are destroyed, causing memory loss.
So it goes
Amyloid plaque builds up on the brain.
Connections between brain cells are destroyed, causing memory loss.
Now, Dr. Dina Dell or somebody will come on the air and say, well, how come just boys are getting it then?
You know, 100 to 1, getting all the autism now.
Because it's the boys that have the genetic marker that allows blood-brain absorption.
And so then when you take the shot, you give it to a girl, it doesn't have the chance of hurting her as bad as it does your little boy.
Everybody I know has got autism.
I go, let me guess, at 18 months, you got the third round, and on the ride home, the seizure started.
How did you know?
Oh, no, they started that night.
Um, just interviewed all the top scientists, that's all.
But again, don't listen to me.
Just continue letting the government continue the injections.
And they go, well, wait, they took the mercury out.
How come it's still going up?
They didn't take the mercury out.
They had a federal regulation saying they should reduce it or make lots available that don't have it.
Continuing here, the Alzheimer's vaccine, a series of vaccine injections are given to patients.
Vaccine provides antibodies which trigger breakup of the plaque.
Levels of antibodies are kept high by booster inoculations and the disease is halted.
But I happen to have actually last year actually read about this particular company of vaccine and that's not exactly right.
It is a virus that attacks the plaques.
And, uh, so I don't know why they're saying this in this article.
I guess, virus is too scary, so they call it an antibody.
Professor, there's a staple through it, Clive Ballard of the Alzheimer's Society said, a successful vaccine would be a groundbreaking treatment, advanced for 25 million people with Alzheimer's disease worldwide.
Vaccines are typically used to provide immunity to a disease as a preventative measure before it can develop.
But this is an example of a therapeutic vaccine used to treat a disease which has already developed.
Known as CAD-106, it is a brainchild of scientist and Zurich-based biotechnology firm, CITOS, which is also developing anti-smoking, obesity, and flu vaccines.
Now, this is where we bring you to the dangerous stuff.
England two years ago said, and tried to make, all of England's school children, 10 plus million, take this.
Until scientists came out and said, wait a minute, you've already got approval for that?
That works by attacking the brain cells and going into the receptor sites on the nerve ganglia and attacking the receptor sites for this whole range of different chemical reactions associated with endorphin responses.
Oh, one shot cures your need for cocaine, your need for cigarettes, caffeine, all this stuff.
Well, yeah, but it also blocks all the natural processes that happen there.
Those receptors are there.
Like when I help an old lady cross the street, I feel good.
Or when I do good in a business deal, I feel good.
Or when I finish a film, I really feel good.
Or, you know, when my wife looks really good and she comes over and gives me a big kiss, I feel good.
You know, that's how this is meant to, you know, like when your dog, you throw it the ball and it catches it happily and it shakes its head with pleasure.
It's getting a little bit of endorphin juice there.
That's what life's all about, baby.
That's what I'm feeling all the time without the drugs.
Alright, I'm high on life.
You ever heard that?
This stuff affects that and attacks that.
So yeah, it'll fix your Alzheimer problem.
I just get a little hungry sometimes and eat some other things.
But I think stuff like this is great for when you have an actual problem, but it needs to be vetted and tested first.
But again, the other side of the equation is people normally get brain tissue dieback as they get older from natural... When you hit the age 30, your brain quits growing at 5, but your brain starts dying.
I mean, millions of brain cells a day at age 30 on average.
I've had a lot of head injuries playing football and stuff.
It's a lot worse for me.
That doesn't matter.
I'm keeping active.
I'm always thinking about new things.
I'm reading philosophy.
I'm doing math problems.
I'm learning how to write better than I used to.
I'm learning how to spell better than I used to.
My brain, because I'm using it, we always heard the average person uses 8%, Einstein used 15.
We all use our brain, folks, as other parts of it die.
We're always building new connections, new neural pathways.
And so major studies, just type into Google, you can read them, scientific studies show
More than just an hour of TV a day causes massive brain damage, even in young people.
And people below 3, European and British studies show, shouldn't watch TV.
It retards development by as much as 20 cognitive IQ points.
That's just one of the studies.
So you take TV brain damage, which average American watches over 4 hours, folks.
And that trend's only growing.
And you've got all this mercury and all these aluminum pots and pans and all this garbage in your brain.
And your brain starts dying back.
And all these old folks I know, all they do is watch television.
And television causes brain damage.
Because you see it.
It doesn't cause any brain activity other than just accepting it.
Whereas the spoken word or the written word, you have to read, you have to image.
As I've said before, when I say Godzilla, you picture Godzilla stomping through Tokyo, swishing his tail, fighting Megalons.
Or, when I say, uh, television set.
You picture a television set.
Or when I say, when I walk down my street every night to walk the dog, I see all the windows glowing blue.
No one interacts anymore.
They just watch the blue glow of the television.
You just pictured all the times you've seen the glowing blue through windows of a television.
See, that's good for your brain.
You had to pull up knowledge, image, background, memory.
You had to integrate it.
You had to create in your mind's eye that image.
Not when you watch television, folks.
It hurts your brain.
And you add to that all this other garbage.
Man, I'm a filmmaker, and I can't really watch television.
I mean, I watch scientific clips of it.
I'm watching the effeminate John Edwards twinking about on C-SPAN right now.
But I mean, again, I objectively watch it in slices.
I read the synopses of TV programs and other analysis.
I can read, you know, as I attack shows like 24, which I have seen a few times, usually on airplanes.
Multiple people around me will be watching it.
On their laptops, and every episode is torture, every episode is evil, every episode is conditioning, military designed.
But then I can just read the synopsis each week at 24, which I do.
In seconds, boom, I can read a page synopsis.
The young child is tortured to get answers.
It gets the answers they need, but Jack Bauer is conflicted.
Next episode, they're forced to torture the President's son, but it was needed.
Again, because the Pentagon runs that show, it's admitted, and all they do is they know they can teach you to torture your babies.
If you can teach a species to torture its own defenseless young, then you've taken people to the actual pit of Nazism, and you've already got them, they'll accept anything else.
That's why all the other major shows do that.
So if you want to truly energize your mind, free your mind, unlock your mind, stop watching television.
Now that doesn't mean you can't have a treat and once a week or every two weeks go see a cinematic event or a film.
Doesn't mean that I didn't last night, uh, you know, watch Brothers Keeper again, uh, because that film crew that made that famous film came to interview me.
And it doesn't mean that I, in a few days, if I have time, won't jump in the bed with my wife at 9 o'clock at night, open up the television set doors, you know, I got it locked up in a box, don't let my kids watch a lot of TV, and I won't watch a film.
Because a little bit of it isn't going to cause brain damage.
Of course, I'm also, it's increasing my cognitive because I'm thinking about filmmaking and different, not that I'm a good filmmaker, but I'm thinking about shots, I'm thinking about, you know, how they shot it and who they shot it, but just the passive, you ever caught yourself just drooling watching TV?
You go down into a REM state, you go down into a deep dreaming state.
It can happen to some people in a few minutes, the average person takes over 20 minutes.
I mean, how many people out there listening have caught yourselves just going, oh, oh, oh?
And like hours have gone by and you're,
You got both fingers lodged up your nose, going for the biggest gold mine possible.
Just trying to have some fun today, folks.
Show's over.
See you next week.
Enjoy your fame again.
Enjoy the Pentagon-designed cameras and control grid going on all around you.
Washington Post did report
Special operations prepare for domestic missions.
They want to set up military offices in your town or area.
And as we reported back in 98, they're already legally doing that.
It's a violation of federal law for any criminal action.
Just law enforcement.
Military against the people, that means the government's declared us the enemy.
And mayors already call us civilians.
We're their servants.
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