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Air Date: June 18, 2007
2305 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas... Welcome.
Already the 18th day, hard to believe, of June 2007.
We're going to have wide open phones today.
We're going to do that several more times this week as well.
Somebody pointed out on my MySpace page, and I went out and checked it out this morning, and was able to confirm that the current issue of Time Magazine has on the cover, Who Needs Washington?
Now, I'd mentioned this cover story last week, put out by Time Magazine, but I hadn't looked closely at the cover.
Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't just have a skull and crossbones belt buckle, it appears to be a Prussian Deathshead.
Which is what the Nazis are modeled after.
But hey, so what if a guy that says he admires Hitler, wants to be like Hitler, quote, worshipped at a Nuremberg-style rally, who publicly screamed the N-word at blacks over and over again in the gym, you know, challenging them to fights during roid rages.
So what if Arnold is the governor?
That's just fine and dandy.
But if you actually fight Nazis, the ADL will list you as a Nazi on their website.
That is the truth.
That is what we face in this country.
That's why I made the film Marshall Laud.
It's really three films in one.
It's over three hours long, and...
First hour is the police state, second hour is 9-11, third hour is the death said, the New World Order, the order of death, the order of the death said that is running our society.
And I don't care if you're a Germanic Nazi or a New World Order Zionist, that is what they're into, that is their God, that is who they support,
They are followers of a death cult, and they mean business.
And it's all a big joke, it's all real funny, that the stupid public doesn't know what's happening or doesn't understand what's going on.
We will take calls early in the shower, if I can control myself.
Okay, I have here in the news today
Articles where they're banning running in school, jogging in school, touching football, everything's being banned.
If you have a toy army man in your bag, or if you have a G.I.
Joe that has the image of a hand grenade in his belt, you are arrested.
And there is a method to this madness.
I wanted to go over that.
Saw a story from AP yesterday.
Backlash against Zero Tolerance.
And it dovetails with another report here.
So we'll be going over that.
Also, they are merging England completely with the EU right now, criminally.
But as usual, the British people have been given a fake savior, just like we are here, as they change horses from the same stable.
So we'll be talking about how that dovetails with the North American Union as well and they are set to pass the amnesty bill it looks like Wednesday and Bush will then let things settle down so there's not a big revolt and sign it in a couple weeks.
Just like he's scheduled later this week to sign the biggest gun control bill since 1968.
I literally
Had a bout of depression yesterday over this, which I rarely have.
It's real.
It's happening.
They're moving on us right now.
If we can simply get the people to realize they're moving against us, we can win.
But the enemy keeps broadcasting, this is not an assault.
Lay down, G.I.
Lay down.
This is Tokyo Rose.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
But we'll have wide open phones today at 1-800-259-9231.
I know I get up here almost every day now and just start screaming Mayday!
And that's really how I feel.
That's really what the evidence and the analysis shows.
Is the New World Order is pulling out all the stops.
And they play lots of different tricks that I've learned that they use.
And it's tricks that politicians and leaders and dictators and oligarchs have used throughout history, but obviously they're a lot more refined and sophisticated today.
There's also multi-layers of propaganda targeting different mindsets, different niche audiences, different classes of people out there.
There's different global propaganda for different regions, different dialects.
It is extremely, extremely sophisticated.
And here in the United States, it is really no different.
And so many times now, when I get ready to start the show, and I have these big stacks of news in front of me, I just say to myself, what is even the point?
What is there to prove?
What is there to show?
We know the government is not our government.
We know it's completely and totally criminal.
If it could put us in FEMA camps and take everything we own, they would do it overnight.
That's how evil these people are.
They just love to control people.
They love to dominate.
They hate everyone around them, including their own families.
They are just absolute demons right out of the pit of hell.
And then you see the general public going about their business like there's not a care in the world, having no idea predatorily
What is growing up in and around them?
It's really that simple.
And so I sit here and I look at the news in front of me today and I think, what should I cover first?
What should I get into?
We will be talking about the North American Union's ongoing merger with the European Union.
We will be talking about the complete total end of the United States with the Amnesty Bill, which is a pardon for all criminals south of the border and in the nation, as well as north of the border, and in transit to this country in perpetuity.
We'll be discussing the flare-ups in the Middle East, getting into a lot of other really interesting news on the science front, and I say interesting putting it lightly.
Horrifying is the proper term, but I don't
It's all horrifying so I just keep saying horrifying and I'll have the reverse of basically just conditioning everybody to accept this stuff.
There's no way to illustrate just how serious and just how off the chart all of this is.
We are watching
Europe being swallowed up and all of their due process, all of their rights being completely abolished.
We're watching England turn into a manifest, complete police state, and admitting it's becoming a manifest police state, while accelerating the hordes of third world populations being dumped in.
We are watching the United States being completely destroyed in its name.
It's standing in the world financially, economically, morally bankrupt.
We are witnessing eugenics programs worldwide heating up.
The state has now organized itself against the people.
It's being directed by the completely ruthless and psychopathic New World Order chieftains.
We are watching total brainwashing unfolding in the U.S.
as every canon of a free society is torn limb from limb in front of us by black-uniformed, black-masked, festooned purveyors of wickedness.
We are seeing open double standards in law flouted and flaunted in our face.
And this is all just the vanguard.
This is all just the edge or the first wave of a dark storm.
We want to use the storm analogy.
We're in 50 mile an hour winds and this maelstrom coming down upon us has winds of 500 miles an hour.
We can see this huge dark spinning mass with huge thunderheads
And explosions of energy and power raging in its engines.
And I look at the general public literally sucking their thumbs, literally bumbling around, and Tony Blair, criminally, through unlawful executive power, is supposedly ceding England under EU expansion and control.
Something EU voters rejected two years ago, themselves, first time they were ever allowed to have a vote.
They never were allowed to vote on going into the EU, but on losing any vestige of their sovereignty, they balked, so there's some remnant left.
The vote was also on expansion, merging with Eastern Europe and the edge of the Middle East into Central Asia.
And so Tony Blair attacks the British people, attacks free speech, he's giving speeches every day, attacking free speech, saying they've got to shut down the internet and the web and regulate internet news and tax it.
And he's openly bad-mouthing the British people and openly bad-mouthing what's left of their sovereignty, the shreds.
And then I watch throngs of so-called conservative publications and the conservatives in England who've been totally co-opted going, Gordon Brown will save us!
Do you have that Gordon Brown clip?
Oh, I thought we had it.
We'll play that later.
Meanwhile, Gordon Brown's running around calling for one world government and the end of nation states.
And I've got conservative U.S.
publications going, Norton Brown's a good conservative.
We like him.
And Tony Blair's good, too.
But Ron Paul's bad.
I have these articles in front of me.
Disgusting, sickening articles.
Meanwhile, our school children are being trained to be absolute, complete prisoners who live in a maximum security prison environment.
No touching, no shaking hands, no jogging, no tag, no dodgeball.
If you draw a picture of a gun, if you write the word gun in an article, you are arrested or suspended.
But meanwhile, you go home and you play video games where you machine gun people all day.
Again, this is all being done by totally sick psychiatrists that run everything.
They know exactly what they're doing.
Everything is about ensnaring the public.
Mass force psychological testing is now starting nationwide under the guise of mental illness screening.
There are hundreds of new designations every year of mental illness.
Millions of people now being banned from gun ownership.
All your health records instantly uploaded to the feds now, under the new gun bill that's been passed.
Federalization of the local police departments, as Ron Paul has now spoken about and written about.
It's all unfolding, it's all happening right now, and you're hearing nothing about it on talk radio.
You're not hearing Neil Borch or Rush Limbaugh talk about how the NRA backed the biggest gun control law since 1968.
You're not hearing about any of it.
Other than they're now having to admit on talk radio that it is amnesty.
Now, like, two or three weeks ago, I heard them kind of going, well, I don't know if it's good.
Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, trying to fool their audience.
They all knew.
Then when it came out that it was even worse than previous amnesty bills, total capitulation, total end of the nation, social security for the illegal aliens overseas, we're out of the nation, more tax,
Amnesty, pardons for five years of no taxes paid, MS-13, child molesters pardoned.
I mean, you couldn't make this type of stuff up.
And so now they all turned against Bush, and his approval rating went from 33 with conservatives to 28 with conservatives.
I mean, Bush's approval rating is gone.
It is in the toilet.
Doesn't matter, though.
They're about to change horses.
This is a big deal with the Globalists, how they fall on their swords, how they have these public- it's like Hulk Hogan staging his defeat at WrestleMania or whatever.
Or right before WrestleMania, then he comes back and wins in WrestleMania.
It's not real.
This is as real as WrestleMania.
It's not real.
But you've got millions of adults that think it is.
It's not real.
And I know that most of you, the listeners, understand that.
But we have to fully, consciously drill it into our heads that this is not our military.
Our military, for decades, has been totally run by the New World Order.
And we've got a bunch of patriotic fools that think they're defending the nation when all they're doing is serving the New World Order.
And that's the low-level people.
Up top, these two-star generals and above are sworn to destroy the U.S., and they're doing it lobbying for the amnesty bill and the end of the country right now.
When the illegal aliens get more tuition than U.S.
citizens, that's incentivizing a gold rush globally.
You think $30 million is bad, and the anchor babies, and the chain migration, and all of it.
So it's all off the charts right now.
We're going to take calls coming up in the next segment, then I'm going to get into Tony Blair, I'm going to get into the super-EU, the North American Union merging right now.
Even people in our own movement don't get how serious it is.
Can't see how deep we're in.
Because the propaganda is so over the top.
There's no amnesty.
There's no open borders.
There's no North American Union.
There's no EU.
There's no... We'll be right back.
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Erosion accelerates.
Countries despise imperialistic policy of U.S.
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I don't think so.
In 1814 we took a little trip along with Colonel Jackson down to mighty Mississippi.
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans.
We fired our guns and the British kept a coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they'd forget to run it.
On down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
All right, folks, we're back live here.
Let me read to you
Some of the voiceover I cut that's close to the end of Endgame, the film I'm going to be finishing in the next month or so, it won't be available until October.
Instead of getting into the EU right now and Tony Blair and all that, then we'll come back, take calls, then I'll get into the EU expansion.
The way they've been deceiving people, the same way they're deceiving us with the North American Union.
But this is why I'm so upset.
Okay, this is the type of thing that's in Endgame.
This is what we're facing.
Why don't we learn from the mistakes of our ancestors?
Why does humankind find itself bound in a cycle of bloodshed and enslavement?
Predatory elites have always rationalized their oppression by claiming they are superior and have the divine right to rule.
When all they really are is a gaggle of ruthless psychopaths, parasitically feeding on the host population until their cancerous movement causes the collapse of the host.
There have been thousands of tyrannical governments in history, and less than ten that can truly be called free.
In the 20th century alone, over 150 million people were murdered at the hands of the state.
We went with the most conservative numbers.
Actually, under the most conservative.
We always try to be under the numbers in my films, actually.
In Russia, the Red Terror consumed the lives of more than 60 million men, women and children.
Stalin, they have the official documents released by the Russian archives, would just say you had a town of 40,000 people.
I was just looking at some of the documents last night.
Actual documents.
He would say, uh, he would sign the orders all day, just sitting in his study.
He would just enjoy it.
7,000, he would just decide, hmm, 7,000 randomly killed here.
And the people he had doing it enjoyed the raping and killing and stealing so much, they would come back and say, increase quota please!
And he would go, of course!
Of course!
We'll increase your quota!
Just randomly killing.
I mean, imagine just thugs in black uniforms blowing your head off right inside your little house, raping your wife in front of you, and killing your children if they were lucky they were taken to a slave camp.
Now, I'm not going to live like that.
And believe me, the people running things in America are the very same crew.
They are the grandchildren of the very same crew that did that stuff in Russia, and I am not going along with it.
I gotta pull up the Alexander Shultz and Itzik Quoto, how we burned in the camps.
I meant to read this whole thing, I always digress.
Let me continue.
There have been thousands of tyrannical governments in history, and less than ten that can be called truly free.
You see, freedom is very rare.
In the 20th century alone, over 150 million people were murdered at the hands of the state.
In Russia, the Red Terror consumed the lives of more than 60 million men, women, and children.
Hitler's war killed 22 million.
During Mao Zedong's reign alone, more than 60 million peasant farmers died.
And the list goes on.
300,000 innocent civilians killed in Guatemala.
More than 2 million souls lost to the government in Cambodia.
1,500,000 in Turkey.
800,000 hacked to death with machetes in Rwanda.
300,000 in Uganda.
That last one was a U.N.
The Guatemala was our loving government.
Sadly, there are too many examples of innocent families being exterminated.
I mean, families.
Lined up, folks.
And I mean, I've watched these film footage of, it's always the same, whether they're Chinese or German or Russian, they just have such pleasure.
They're enjoying splattering heads all day long.
But they always do it in places that didn't have a Second Amendment.
They love it.
They just revel in it.
Sadly, there are too many examples of innocent families being exterminated by their governments on an industrialized scale to name them all.
It is a historical fact that the state is the number one cause of unnatural death.
If you take the 150 million killed by power-mad government in the last century and divide it by 100,000, the number of souls lost would fill the biggest sports stadium packed with 100,000 screaming fans 1,500 times over.
That's 1,500 sports stadiums crammed with 100,000 people each, exterminated.
And for those of you that think it can't happen here, know this.
That's all a dress rehearsal for what's about to happen.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Boy, I'll tell you, I was just trying for three minutes to find the Alexander Sholts and Easton Gulag Archipelago quote about, oh, how we burned in the camps.
Paraphrasing later, wishing that every night when Stalin sent out his secret police, picking up thousands of people randomly.
It was called the Red Terror.
It was meant to just be random.
That we would have met them in the stairways and
We're good to go.
About 7 million people is the average.
I'm averaging the number.
No one knows exactly.
But around, some say 5 million, some say 20 million before Stalin got in.
But let's just say 7, 10 million.
Who knows?
There were a lot of people before Stalin got in.
But when he got in, at least 50 mil died.
Then millions after.
And it's admitted that he would just sit there, literally, sometimes 8 hours a day.
Just roundly looking at maps of countries and what was left population-wise.
He would say, 40,000 in this town, kill 7,000.
A million in this city, kill 300,000.
And literally he just took all the prisons, opened them up, made them his commanders.
He was a bank robber and criminal himself.
And I mean, can you imagine just gangs of hardcore crooks and then mindless commie adulator peasants running around behind him just
Every low-grade moron, you can name it, on petty power trips in their uniforms.
If you didn't look at them right, they just felt like it.
They'd just walk up right up to you with your pistol and just blow your head off.
Just laugh about it.
See, that's the essence of the New World Order.
Just scum, just frothing and feeding on everyone.
This stuff's freaking me out, because I already knew all this, but now I'm like deeply studying it all.
I'm finishing Endgame.
Was showing how they killed people in mass and how they're planning to do it in the future.
And I'm just going back and checking all the facts, checking everything that I've read, and it's always worse than I thought.
Like, I thought Mao killed 60 million.
Most of the major history books say 74 mil.
74 mil!
But we're keeping it at 60 mil.
And I was wrong.
Stalin's quote was not, one man dies, it's a tragedy, 10,000 dies is a statistic.
The actual quote from the Russian archives is, one death is a tragedy, one million deaths is a statistic.
And let me tell you, I'm living it, folks.
I mean, having to sit here and read what these people said and watch Stalin starring in his own movies.
He would have like $20 million, and that was in, you know, U.S.
dollar equivalent back in the 40s and 50s, movies made where he starred in it himself.
With him landing, and it's shot in color, and all these women are worshipping him, and there's these... it's just unbelievable.
I just can't handle it anymore.
My God, how does this happen?
Why does this happen?
And I watched the old film reels of these goons with these power looks on their faces, in their, you know, just real ignorant, stupid,
You know, uh, criminals, people that, you know, the commies put in command.
She's just running around raping and killing everyone, smiling and giggling and snickering.
She's absolutely amazing.
I just don't even know what to say anymore.
Because the average person living in their nice little comfortable house, the average person just living their life, has been told you've got to give up all your rights, and torture is good, and secret arrest is good, and federalization of your local police is good, and we're building these FEMA camps, it's all to keep you safe from Al-Qaeda.
Then you find out Al-Qaeda is a computer program name set up in 79 for all the Mujahideen worldwide that work for the CIA.
Then you find out Bin Laden is CIA.
Then you find out that they blocked the FBI from stopping even the Patsy's doing their flight training.
Then you learn they couldn't even get Cessna's off the ground.
Then you start learning more and more and you find out that it is criminals that carried out 9-11 in our own government.
And then you learn that our government killed over 10,000 children with radiation tests in the 40's alone.
Tens of thousands in the 50s and 60s.
And then you find out our government funded Israel to kill 110,000 of their children.
Well, most of them died.
Some didn't.
With the radiation test known as the ringworm children.
I mean, you've got the film of them shaving their heads.
Healthy kids.
They put them in the radiator.
A lot of them collapsed on the spot.
They don't know how much radiation they gave them.
And they wouldn't carry out 9-11.
Oh, no.
It's all Al-Qaeda.
They're going to get us.
People say, well, if that's true, why haven't they killed you?
Well, for those that haven't deer hunted or hog hunted or for those that haven't hunted quail or dove, if you've got one up close to you, but you know there's a big old covey of quail or
gaggle of a dove by a pond, you don't shoot at the one dove that flies up in front of you before you snuck up on the stock tank a hundred yards further.
You let it fly off, you wait until you get to the tank, until ten or fifteen dove take off so you and your party can shoot them all.
Take them home, marinate them, and eat them.
It's the same thing.
I'm just a dove closer in.
And, or deer hunting.
Let's say there's a little two point yearling who's just got his first antlers growing.
And, but you see back in the woods, about a hundred yards past him, you see a 18 point, big old white tail, huge spread.
You've just got a glimpse of him.
And you know there's a feeder.
Now, are you going to shoot that two point?
Are you going to wait until what you really want comes out of the woods?
So see, I'm running around screaming, warning everybody, right up front, and the New World Order's going, believe me, there's been, they've wanted to kill me a lot of times, they've threatened me, and they've stayed people's hands many times.
Hold on!
Hold on, we're gonna get them all!
Just hold on, wait till, wait till the ones we want come out!
Let's get them all!
And I've studied enough of their propaganda to know, they go, well, Jones ends up scaring people for us,
And that way, you know, because their plan is to scare one segment of the public that's informed with all the stuff they're doing, terrorize the public.
And so I'm kind of useful, they think, in that respect.
And then the rest is their very same propaganda about FEMA camps, torture's good, all this is good, yeah, Dying Corps kidnaps kids, nothing's going to happen, big deal.
That's what's terrorizing the intelligentsia.
And then it's also meant to further condition the public to just accept anything.
Now, I believe that you have courage, and I believe that knowing the truth is better.
And I believe that we can win this thing down the road.
And I know they're never going to get all our guns, and things are going to get so bad one day, if we're unable to defuse what they're doing, that we'll win.
I mean, we're looking at Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. We're trying to go with Plan A, the peaceful solution, kind of a stalling of the New World Order.
We may be able to get that.
They say they're starting to stall, so they're pushing even harder, and they've gotten some movement again forward, but I think at the expense of a lot of what they could have gotten at stealth.
They've always moved by stealth.
Their motto is move by stealth, incrementalism, but they've been forced to really stop that because they got about seven years behind.
But it's kind of like the breaks.
You don't know when you're playing pool and you knock that eight, you know, that
Q ball into the racked set, you don't know exactly what's going to happen.
They don't know.
We don't know.
We just know it's better to have the initiative and go head on against them and tell the truth.
Can you imagine ten years ago talking like this?
I had to do it.
I had to get up on the air and talk like this.
People really thought I was a space alien then.
Now they're listening.
See that's a good indicator.
Revolutions start not physically at first.
They start in the mind by people seeing the big picture.
People understanding the state is not God, and the state is bad, and the state is dangerous.
And it starts when people realize that they can affect change.
And it starts when people realize they're in trouble.
I'm doing everything I can, literally pouring my life out, ladies and gentlemen.
And by that I mean my passion, everything I am in this fight.
And I think a lot of people in our movement are in denial just about how bad it is.
Or to them, they think it's quaint, or, oh, Alex is fear-mongering.
No, I've done the hard study that I frankly don't think many people have done.
I'm probably more studied now on just, on the general New World Order, a lot more specialized, than anyone out there.
That doesn't say a lot.
That's a great responsibility.
And that freaks me out.
People should be much more steady than I am on this.
This is how the world works.
This is how the world operates.
This is the most important thing to your life and your family.
And what does it say about us?
That I'm the best there is?
What does that say?
You see, contrary to me getting a big head, and contrary to me saying that with pleasure, I don't say that with relish or pleasure.
I'm the best we've got.
We're in a lot of trouble, folks.
I mean, when it comes right down to it, Ron Paul and myself, and maybe a few other people you can count on your hand, are the best we've got when it comes to just general knowledge about the New World Order and fighting it.
And Ron Paul has to hold back what he knows because he understands that that would be twisted and turned against him in the media and the spin machine.
No, it's the opposite, ladies and gentlemen.
I am completely... It's not even freaked out anymore.
It's just like a layer of my psyche is just completely upset with myself because I can't muster
The leadership skills and the oratory to the level I need to.
And I frankly am not doing enough to fight the New World Order.
People say, oh you're doing way more than anybody.
No folks, not when you really count the cost.
Not when you know who we're facing.
And if you imagine how frustrated I am with the general public.
I mean I had a friend call me Friday thinking I was talking about him on air.
When I was talking about, you know, Trendy's and the rest of it, and the people in our movement, and how our movement's got a bunch of scum running it.
And I probably exaggerated.
You know, I get depressed, folks, when I see blanket complete into the country.
I mean, I'm not just saying that.
This amnesty bill, I mean, the country's basically already gone.
But it's, it's, it's the nail in the coffin.
I mean, it's the last one.
Maybe they could put a few more in if they wanted to be doubly sure.
But I mean, it's a crushing blow.
It is a mortal wound.
It's one of those wounds of when the EMS gets there, they don't know that they can make it.
They say, you know, he's in shock, it looks bad.
Well, she's in shock.
And I see these globalists leering over and smiling and celebrating and how they enjoy it.
And I look in their eyes, folks, Chuck Schumer, George Bush, Hillary, they want to kill.
I mean, they want to kill millions of Americans.
They want to sit there in their office ordering the deaths of masses.
They're already doing it in Iraq, doing it in Afghanistan, doing it through the vaccines here domestically and a hundred other fronts.
And I mean, I've seen them.
I've seen the look in the commies in Russia and China and in the Nazis and in the Stasi and in Idi Amin's dogs and in the Guatemalan killer dogs.
I've seen it, man.
I've studied them.
And I'm like, my God, that's the look!
My God, that's the smile!
My God, that's the gleam in the eye!
God, help us!
Jesus, help us!
This is out of control!
They're not playing games, folks!
They want to kill you and your family!
They'll go as far as they can.
They'll do as much... You understand?
They killed 3,000 people!
They're not playing games!
This isn't a game!
This isn't a joke!
This is real!
I said I'd go to your calls.
I'm just going to start going to them and I'll get into all the news coming up.
James in Japan.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
James just dropped as we went to him.
Keith in Ohio.
Go ahead.
Hi, Brother Alex.
Yes, go ahead.
Just keep up the good work exposing this evil.
It's so vital, you know.
When all these things come down, large numbers of people die, only one thing is going to matter.
Trust the Lord Jesus Christ alone as payment for their sin, not good works or rituals, because Satan is the God of this world.
The Bible teaches that.
But I would just add, and I agree that it is, let me just say something as you bring this up, but I want to be clear here.
It is grace alone, okay, that is absolutely true.
That is the only thing that counts.
But, if you are truly on the side of good, you will not be able to control yourself, you will be fighting evil.
So, for those out there that think everything's A-OK and they got their ticket out of here, if you're not compelled, driven, burning to fight evil, then you're on the wrong camp.
They're fighting battles, but they're going to lose the war because they ain't saved, and probably three quarters of the people in this country think they're born again or not.
And it starts just like in Jeremiah 23 with the pastors, with the prophets and the priests in the Old Testament.
They've departed from giving us God's Word, teaching.
And so the churchgoers and the Christians are taking the bait of sin, so we're on the devil's side.
That's why everything is going to hell in this country is because people are on the side of hell.
And so, the Lord is against us.
I hear you and I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead, but at the same time, the greatest opiate neutralizing everyone is the fake Christian Church.
I've seen it.
I've known it.
And so that's what we need to realize is there just to wear fancy suits and have gold pinky rings and waddle around and feel important.
Bill in Ohio.
Bill, you're on the air.
Yes, Bill?
Yes, I had a question for you.
Yes, go ahead.
Yeah, I want to tell you to keep up the good work, and I got a friend that spent some time in prison, and I wanted to see if you could do some investigating work and see if he's right about what I found out last night.
Okay, what'd you find out?
He was telling me that Fort Knox is the gold's gone, and that the dollar we're spending right now is worthless.
Well, no, it's not worthless.
It's worth about a cent.
Per dollar, that's admitted.
And yeah, there's not been any gold at Fort Knox in over 40 years.
Oh, really?
And then they got a little display gold for people to come through it.
Yeah, it was all shipped to Europe.
Europe and everybody's got gold reserves.
We don't have gold reserves for a fraction.
It was all by design.
It was a long-term strategic economic military operation to destroy the U.S.
It's been an absolute success.
Okay, do you know anything about the Constitution?
He also said that they've mandated the Constitution and changed some of what was originally in it.
Well, no, they just ignore it and have built a new government side-by-side.
And by practice, they are now abolishing the Constitution.
Well, I appreciate it.
I'm trying to get your word out there, and you're doing a good job.
God bless you, my friend.
Thank you for the call.
Mark, Luis, and others, your calls are straight ahead at 1-800-259-9231.
We've got to admit to ourselves how dark the times are.
How serious they are.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Hello friends, Alex Jones here.
I want you to imagine waking up one morning to find out you've been burglarized.
An intruder has taken your personal possessions, credit card numbers, social security cards, banking information, and more, all in the hands of a total stranger.
What's worse is you realize he got it through your front door because you left it unlocked.
Every time you walk
I don't know.
I think so.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Folks, if you're thinking, oh, this guy, you know, the government's bad, but it wouldn't do mass killings.
They literally have crafted Homeland Security off of Nazi Germany with even the similar names and how it's directed and operated.
They hired the former head of the East German Stasi to help set it up.
Mainstream news.
I mean, you can't make this type of stuff up.
CSI and all these other shows, 24, they torture people's children in front of them.
Then real law enforcement magazines say torturing children is good, in front of their parents.
General Tagumba's report is that they torture children with acid in ways I'm not going to mention.
Under CIA command, with acid, sexually.
With acid.
Do you understand, folks?
We're talking hostile type stuff.
We're talking, we're talking saw type stuff.
Okay, but we're talking, and that's horror movies for those that don't know.
I mean, we're talking hardcore, gouging eyeballs out.
We're talking about drills into kneecaps.
We're talking about stopping hearts with people strapped down medically.
They're introducing you to the terror.
They are the terrorist.
That's the nature of terror, to scare you into submission.
They're not playing games!
Now, I'm going to plug a few things here.
I do think we can turn this around.
I do think we can stop them.
People are not buying into their bull.
Even if they shut off a nuke or a bioweapon, I don't think they're going to be able to carry it out.
It'll fall apart like they tried in New Orleans to control things they couldn't.
And that's the point we want, where they may be able to carry out the attacks and get total federal control, but they won't be able to isolatedly grab everybody, and I think there'll be revolts if it happens, and I think they're going to scald.
And all we're going for is a stalemate, folks.
We're shooting for what we think we can get.
Even if they go ahead with it, okay?
I'm not kidding.
People like me will be dead very quickly once all this stuff starts.
They'll come directly after me and others.
I'm a good canary in the coal mine for you.
And, uh, this is the real deal.
Now, I say go on, keep living your life and enjoying yourself and whatever, but you better spend some time warning people and calling Congress and everything else.
Now, uh, I'm gonna be showing an hour of the two-hour film in-game.
Coming up this Thursday at a sneak peek at the Alamo Draft House South Lamar.
One showing, one time, one hour of it.
I'm going to show 30 minutes of Terror Storm.
17 minutes of it is new, but I'm going to show the section that's got the new stuff.
Maybe 30-35 minutes of that.
I'll also give a speech and take your comments on the film.
I want your feedback.
I'll be getting your feedback out in the foyer as well after you see the film.
I want your feedback.
And we'll be videotaping any feedback.
For people that want to be on video, outside in the foyer, you can walk up and spend two minutes telling us what you think about the film, because I want your feedback.
Because I'm not going to have time to have screenings before I finally finish it.
It's basically almost done.
It's like 90% done right now.
I've got to do the music, but you're going to see the first half of it.
It's an hour and a half of program time with 20 minutes of a speech, 20 minutes of questions, so it's a little over two and a half hours.
And it's 7 to basically 10 o'clock coming up this Thursday.
And we've always sold out every event.
It will sell out.
We have a big fat banner on InfoWars.com.
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It's up on InfoWars.com.
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So, just get your tickets at InfoWars.com right now.
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That's going to be from 7 to 9.
I'll give a speech, take your questions and comments, sign books and videos for an hour.
So that's coming up this Wednesday.
Alright, we'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I talked to Aaron Russo.
Friday night.
Coming up in about 30 minutes, I'll tell you what he said.
And he, of course, as you know, has resigned from his organization and turned that over to Gary Franchi, a great guy.
And is fighting for his life right now.
So we'll tell you about that.
I want to break down the fraud of how they're selling total EU expansion and the destruction of England's sovereignty.
Simultaneously, they're pushing for the end of the U.S.
right now, on the same timetable.
We'll go into how they're trying that.
I've got a bunch of audio clips I want to go through, and your phone calls.
Let's continue with your calls.
Mark in Atlanta, Georgia.
You're on the air.
God bless, bro!
Thanks for ever in our prayers.
How you doing?
And in case anyone wants to get in touch with me, doulovejesus.org, letter U.
One thing I want to clarify, I understand your anger at what they're doing to us.
We need to remember the words in James 2, man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.
In Matthew 5, verse 42, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.
We need to be tough love with people in terms of, we need to be honest that they're on their way to hell.
There was also a time to live, a time to die, a time to rebirth, a time to sow.
I mean, didn't Jesus get mad and beat the money changers with a whip?
That's what I mean by tough love, bro.
Alright, things right quick.
One, I'd appreciate it if you could produce a new kind of DVD for you.
A PDF DVD that basically, it's like my neighbor across the street, I try to explain these things to him, he doesn't get it.
And I'd like to be able to have a resource where I can print out, here's the document, because some people, if I point out to you, they'll dismiss it because they'll claim that you're just making this up, and I'm like, you know, if we could get... Well, then they can go to a FEMA camp!
I mean, people... Amen!
It brings you to the choir on that one.
You know, like I said, I'd just like to suggest that if you could prepare a... I have volumes of documents on this.
I'd appreciate if you could prepare a PDF DVD.
Here's the problem.
I got home pretty early last night.
Here's the problem.
I only worked until 2 a.m.
and I just can't do any more things for the call.
And we don't have the capital.
We don't have the funds to hire the people we need or to train them or to do it.
This is kind of a specialized work.
And I get thousands of emails a week telling me the new thing I need to do or I need to do this or I need to do that.
Folks, I need you to write this stuff up in article format for us, and then I need people to even, I guess, get the email to get it posted, but a lot of it gets posted at JonesReport.com.
And, you know, I need the financial support so I can even do all this stuff.
Now, we did have a listener, a great guy, who created MarshallLaw911.info.
Well, without asking, he went and created a website that would have cost about $10,000 to have made and staffed and built.
Money we don't have.
And this great fella, of course I was so busy when he came to town from Michigan, he called and said, will you come have dinner with me?
And I said, no.
I mean, I hate having to do that.
Because I was working.
I don't think that alienated him.
He's just, he's just, I mean this is a type of great people.
This is, I'm literally working that hard folks.
I mean this is not a joke.
I mean it's like a mini vacation where I get to go have an hour and a half meal at a restaurant.
And I just want you to know that's why we don't do the best job here.
That's why stuff's sometimes kind of haphazard.
You know, held together with baling wire and... I don't even know what to say anymore.
It's just, uh... I don't even know what story I was telling there or what I was getting into.
It's just that martiallaw911.info has every single article and document in that three hour film there with the time code, where it arrives, where it shows up.
There it is!
You want it, you got it.
Online for you.
Better than a disc.
Waiting for you.
So we need you guys to help us spread the word about stuff we have done.
That was a gift from that gentleman to you.
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It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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I'll be right back.
I'm getting some Cal-X.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, I'm going to continue going through your calls and I will get into the EU-American Union nexus, key information, how they're selling it on both fronts, what the movements are camouflaged behind, attacks on Ron Paul by the neocons saying he's not a conservative,
Man, that is just a bunch of Trotskyites saying that.
It's so hilarious.
But Americans don't know what a Trotskyite is, so you can't explain it to them.
Let's go ahead and talk to Luis in South Carolina.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Good, go ahead.
Hey Alex, I had a call last week.
It was a person from Columbia, South America.
Yes sir, you were asking how the New World Order is controlling Columbia.
Right, right.
And just before I say that, I just want to say that as a naturalized American citizen, I just want to tell the people that it just makes me very sick to see my Hispanic brothers and sisters out being puppeted by this government.
Out marching and asking for amnesty.
I think it's very sick because they don't know what
Well, we can't really blame them.
They're not alone in being conned and manipulated.
It's why the new old order keeps winning.
And yes, the globalists are going to use Latin American populations, who would be great members of the society, if they could be brought in slow enough to not drive down wages, and if they could, you know, enjoy the melting pot.
But instead, the globalists... Most Latin Americans aren't really that big anti-U.S.
compared to Mexico.
Mexico has the history of having two wars with the U.S.
And then the Germans, of course, World War I and World War II had Mexico attack the U.S., which they like to keep very quiet, because they know Americans would really wake up then.
And Germany, of course, had Maximilian and several kings, emperors, they called themselves emperors, that ran Mexico.
And so, Americans don't know the history, the Mexicans don't know the history, and it's very sophisticated what's happening.
That is true.
Now, Alex, this question that I was wanting to ask you last week but I didn't get to.
I heard Michael Rupert one time in a speech speaking about concerning about an attack in Colombia from the U.S.
Yeah, he was right.
There are more than 10,000 U.S.
Cribs in any one time and hundreds of deaths a year that are classified, but it's even come out in mainstream news, it's leaked.
And there's ongoing wars going on against the FARC and their coca production facilities.
Right, and so I was wondering if maybe, because I know that the Hugo Chavez thing here is also being
I don't know.
Well, basically from what I understand is the way the guerrilla warfare was formed over there was pretty much it started
It started from humble, you know, from humble farmers that really were against the corrupt government that was being formed over there back in the 40s and the 50s.
And pretty much, you know, as it evolved throughout the years, it started getting corrupt from humble beginnings, you know, coming against the government, you know, not just because of their corrupt deeds.
Of what was taking place, but now, you know, it's become a total war.
They just go in and just shooting up towns and they're infiltrating the cities now.
And as a matter of fact, they've tried to assassinate the president about 10 times now.
But I wasn't sure because I was just I was opened up to the to the New World Order just a few months ago, and I wasn't sure.
That's what I wanted to ask.
How Columbia played a big role in the New World Order.
Well listen, I appreciate your call.
Let me try to break that down.
And again, I've read three or four books about the situation in Columbia, and I've had a lot of top experts guest on for CIA, DEA, to talk about what they witnessed down there.
But I still don't claim to be an expert.
I mean, I'd have to read 50 books on it.
That's why you can't be an expert on everything, folks.
The world's too complex, too big, too much happening.
You know, trying to know everything about just the food, the restaurants, to eat at in your city is more than a full-time job for one person.
I mean, that's my analogy.
You can't know everything.
But I know this.
The globalists decided to have a false bipolar geopolitical system over a hundred years ago.
They would have communism, which would be the controlled steam valve to the revolting populations against the oligarchs and the robber barons.
Which you can prove, historical fact, the communists hate that we can prove this, but it's a fact.
Chase Manhattan City Bank, the Bank of England, funding the communists to again control that revolution.
And there have been I guess a few organic true communist rebellions here and there, but they never take off.
Like the communists in southern Mexico could be one group you could call truly organic.
But in the final equation, Stalin, Mao, all government backed.
And again, the CIA now admits they put Mao into power.
Not the Nationalists.
Chiang Kai-shek.
So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Communists.
You know, the kind of, as you'd call them, bourgeoisie liberals running around thinking it's, you know, living in their million-dollar houses, all trendy, talking about wearing commie shirts.
I mean, when I see your red star, it's like a swastika.
It's very offensive to me.
And I want to knock you upside the head.
But, again, they're masters at controlling the opposition, just like they control the liberals and the conservatives here.
And the FARC are really bad news.
It's human nature.
And they rule by a lot of terror.
And of course, their excuse is, well, in Colombia, the right wing went around with death squads killing people, so we've got to be ruthless too.
And once that cycle starts, there's no end to it.
So both sides are bad.
But I know this, there wouldn't be all that bloodshed and wouldn't be as many problems if Americans didn't snort and smoke cocaine.
By the way, there have been big new developments in the Brown case.
I wasn't even sure if I was going to have anybody on about this today because I
Wanted to let this get fleshed out and let Randy work on things, but I guess we need to go ahead and call Randy and get him set up for about 30 minutes from now.
They are going to be supposedly having a press conference out there.
And there have been some new developments.
WMUR New Hampshire Television 9, where the local city council is calling for definitive action.
They're calling for some type of
They want the Feds to move in, basically.
It says, in the meantime, Plainfield residents and officials, not servants, they're officials.
See, look at the semantics.
Said they are getting increasingly anxious about the situation.
Selectman recently sent a letter to federal officials, officials, see, the officials sent letters to the officials, stating that they believe the time has come for definitive action.
The locals are putting their thumbs down, like it's the gladiatorial event, like the Caesar, going, ahhhh, you know, in the box seats, going down with him, off with his head.
We want to see some action!
I want to see you go in there like this is the Soviet Union or Tiananmen Square.
Marshals recently held a stakeout near the Browns' property, and the letter expressed concern that no local officials knew about it, according to the Senator Peter Berling.
I just want to say, the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office knew nothing about the Plainfield Police Chief, who, in the suburb, had no warning at all.
I don't believe that for ten seconds.
It does kind of make you worry because I'm sure how long they intend to have it go on, she said.
Laura Ward and her daughter live near the Browns and she said the ongoing situation has become stressful.
Well, yeah, living in tyranny is stressful.
Several supporters of the Browns are staying with them and many have thought to be armed, officials said.
Again, officials, not servants.
Some residents said they hope that however it gets resolved, it happens soon.
If you like celebrity, it's a good time to be in Plainville, but most of us don't, said Craig
We do.
All right.
We're going to get... I'm going to go ahead and call the Browns during the break and see how that press conference is coming up and see if that indeed is going to happen and work on that.
Right now, let's go to Daniel in... Well, let's go to... Who's calling from England first?
Yeah, Daniel in London, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yeah, hi Alex, how you doing?
Firstly, I just wanted to see if you've got anything set up yet.
I'm a history graduate, I'm about your age actually, but I've had some training in journalism as well and I was hoping to sort of get on board and do some articles really.
Well, sir, feel free to write them and send them to Watson at PrisonPlanet.com or Aaron at InfoWars.com.
I'm trying to get up a Submissions at InfoWars.com set up.
My IT guy is in the house today, so I'm going to try to have that set up.
Yeah, good, yeah.
I'm just, I think it's marching on at a tremendous pace now and it's really, you know, the parallels between
What the Nazis were bringing in before the onset of World War II and what's happening in this country and yours are quite frightening, I think, really.
Yeah, they're publicly building giant empty camps and saying it's for the American people and the President officially became a dictator.
All the top law professors agree.
I mean, it's happened!
We're here!
Yeah, that's right.
And I speak to my friends about it and I think a lot of them just think I'm nuts until I actually show them this stuff, you know?
I mean, I quite often get into debate or argument with them because they think Michael Moore is pretty radical, really, and they don't want to hear what's really going on, you know?
And it worries me, because I want to have a family one day, and I just think, well, I don't want to with the state of the world that's going on.
You've got to have a family.
You can never give up.
No, no, no, I don't mean that.
Stay there.
I want to talk to you as a historian, get your take on what's happening and some of those parallels, because when you have studied history, which is addictive,
It is just off the charts.
Daniel from London, stay there.
I mean, we're not trying to scare you here, folks.
We're just telling you the truth.
Things are bad.
I mean, it's... I mean, it's off the charts.
They're not playing games.
It's the same signature we've seen when they're gearing up to kill people en masse.
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The press conference from the Browns is going to happen next hour, and cell phones are up and down.
We're going to either have Mack Z, Randy Weaver, or one of them with a cell phone out there at the press conference so you can hear some of it.
Got a lot of world news and other things to cover, but we're going to definitely cover some of it.
Again, no one had thought to have a press conference, so I was 101 with media to say that they should have a press conference, so they are.
That's going to get the needed attention here so we can hopefully get some national attention on this so they don't
I don't know.
To study history, to study the Soviets, to study the Russians, even before that, to study the feudalism, to study the oppression, to see Blair openly announce that he was going to abolish the Magna Carta when he got elected, and to now see him announcing they want to start shutting down free speech and the alternative press, quote, conspiracy media,
To see him saying, oh, it's a rights deal.
I'm going to sign on for more rights.
And then you read, and it's actually signing over the laws of England under EU control.
And to see 5 million cameras in London, and now all the kids are going to be in DNA databases with no law.
They're just doing it.
And to see them arresting people for their speech.
England is actually a few years ahead of the U.S., but my God, we're really becoming Oceania here out of 1984, Daniel.
You are, that's right.
And the thing is, people, I don't know, people seem to justify it over here because of the fear that, you know, all the stuff you see in the media, on the TV and on the news, they're fearful and they think that it's a good thing to have all these laws in place, but they don't really see the other side of it, I guess.
It sounds like Vapor Vendetta.
I know why you did it, you were afraid.
Yeah, well that's right, yeah.
They prey on people's fear, don't they?
Insecurities and... What did people say when Blair came out and said he wants to start regulating online media?
Yeah, well, I mean, I... I don't know.
I mean, the people I spoke to haven't even really seen it.
But, I mean, I've been trying to educate as many people as I can, really, because that's where I get all my news from.
I don't... Generally, I don't watch the TV.
I mean, I haven't for some time, just because it's... it's propaganda, really, what you're getting, or it's not balanced anyway, you know?
Um, so, but I mean, I don't know, I think we're really heading into, if they do that then, um, yeah, we're one foot closer to sort of... Well, I'll tell you what was, well I agree, I'll tell you what was scary was that the media, mainline media, piled on and said, yes, regulate, shut them down!
Now that's because, that's because they're lap dogs and don't like the fact they're being shown up.
Yeah, that's right, and they're worried as well because people aren't using them as much as they were because they're not as trusted, are they?
So it's in their interest as well to try and get rid of the free press and alternative media because it'll be in their best interest in a way, but it won't be in the long run.
That's the short-sightedness of it, really.
You know what's surprising to me, though, is that the globalists are really trying to take over with the old-fashioned Red Terror slash Nazi jackbooted...
I agree.
System, by the way, I've studied Hitler and Stalin.
Stalin admired and loved Hitler, and even used the same propaganda, same type uniforms, and was very upset and basically cried and flopped around.
He hated everybody, but he admired Hitler because he was a big killer.
They actually both admired each other.
Very sick peers.
My point is that
I don't know what my point is anymore.
It's just to see our governments trying the same stuff.
I don't think it's going to work in the 21st century.
I really think the elite is off their rocker.
Yeah, I think you're right.
I mean, I've heard you mention it before on the show where basically they're using a lot of the guys like Bush Senior and that.
They're getting on a bit of an age now and they're trying to use things that would have worked in the 60s.
I mean, we're a lot more educated and switched on these days in those sort of things.
As soon as I saw that those sailors got captured in Iran, I thought, you know, they've given them the wrong map there before they even released that.
I thought, they're trying to instigate that by doing something like that.
And by the way, it turned out that's exactly what happened.
I thought if Thatcher was in power or something like that,
You know, the national feeling in this country.
We'd have been ready to steam in there and, you know, go to war with them.
But, you know, people are a lot more switched on to it.
So although, in one respect, I'm fearful because they're powerful.
I mean, I think people are a lot more switched on and people like yourself and, you know, they've got people who are doing a lot of great work or educating people.
And, you know, it's people are certainly waking up and
I think we can beat them.
You know, I think we can nail them.
Well, I know this, my brother, uh, Daniel, we don't have a choice.
I really do.
No, that's right.
I mean, if they win, bare minimum, super third world police states.
And I don't think that's the direction they're going.
I mean, the people running things really were the architects of Nazism and Communism.
They are the new world order and they killed 200 million last century.
We've got to beat them.
Thanks for the call.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Tell the folks you're born, make the way to fly.
You see, I've been trying to get attention to the ongoing standoff with the Brown family in New Hampshire, outside Plainfield.
And since Randy Weaver decided to go, I thought why not call a press conference.
They reported that there are close to
A dozen TV trucks, radio stations, newspapers there.
There were about a dozen throughout the day already.
And I just talked to Ed Brown during the break.
He said he had to go because more people were, quote, pouring into the gate and they needed to have security.
The feds aren't going to do anything.
I'm sure that's all the advisors there telling them that.
Have to have lots of security right now.
No, that's when you don't need to have security is when the media's there.
The feds aren't going to move in there when there's a bunch of TV trucks and
People walking around and reporters that could get hurt.
That is the exact opposite time.
I'd say it's a 99.9% chance.
Maybe one in a thousand that the feds would move in while they are there.
So we'll see what happens with the press conference.
We'll carry a little bit of it and obviously it'll be out on the web later.
You'll be able to see videotape of it.
But I mean really it isn't even about the news issue for us.
You the listeners already know all about it.
The reason this is important is because we're trying to stop, we're trying to avert an armed standoff, an armed conflict, and now the locals are calling for the feds to quote, end it and end it quickly.
Which could get police injured, could get public servants injured, and it could get citizens injured.
We don't want that to happen over a private tax to the private Federal Reserve, and that is a fact.
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And before I get back into the news, I want to cover some news before I go back to your calls.
Before we get into this press conference and other issues, I'm going to be having a showing of an hour of the two-hour film, Endgame, because I want to get feedback.
It's about what you'll be seeing.
It doesn't have the latest music put on it.
It hasn't had all the graphics added, but it's a really good film.
Endgame, the globalist plan for world government, the master plan, and their plan for mass extermination.
You'll see the first hour of Endgame.
Then I'll show 30 minutes of the new Terror Storm.
And I'm going to give a speech and take your feedback on what's happening with Endgame.
Because that will actually go into some of the final editing we're doing.
So this is a double sneak peek of Terror Storm final cut and Endgame.
A double sneak peek of half of Endgame and 25% of the new Terror Storm.
All the new footage you'll see.
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And it's available there right now at InfoWars.com or by calling 888-253-3139, 888-253-3139.
We do have Randy Weaver with us, because I know the press conference is coming up and that's going to be wild.
Randy, you've got our studio number.
I just want to make sure that you and Matt Kaziz are dialed in on your cell phones.
You can put them in your top pocket, you can lay them on a bench, you can just make sure they're in front of you guys during the press conference so that media doesn't step on them or something.
That way we need a couple feeds in case one goes down.
We'll be able to carry
Yes it is Alex.
I've been doing them one at a time for a couple hours and I got tired and I came inside to rest.
Waiting for this 2 o'clock one and there's a gob of them I can talk to at one time.
I'm supposed to be on live with Diane Sawyer in the morning I guess.
That's what I want, a live national on one of the regular channels or so it should be.
It would be OK if I can keep my voice.
Well, you know, that was my whole point was to have you show up, instantly get on the news so they couldn't put their spin on it, get live.
And I was shocked when I was advised by all the expert patriots not to have a press conference.
But I think I figured how this stuff works over the few years and that's a basic no-brainer.
And so I'm glad, Randy, that you're doing the press conference.
I wish you were here doing it.
Well, no, I don't need the attention.
That's not why I'm there.
I know that.
And I know that's why you're not there either.
I'm just joking with you.
I know that, Alex.
Oh, I know.
Well, the Browns told me about a dozen media earlier and it looks like about a dozen now and more arriving.
I'm supposed to be down there about 2 o'clock and I'll set my phone up.
I'll just leave it on and it's probably getting low on battery, but as you said... Well, we'll do this... Is it Mike Casey you say?
Mike or... Matt Casey.
I haven't met him yet, but I'm right outside.
Don't go outside, I'll ask for him.
Uh, 12 minutes from now, okay, so about 5 till, turn it back on, the network will dial you, just answer it, say okay, we'll put it on hold, and then when the press conference starts at 2, we will join it live and carry it, then we'll have Matt Kazee, has Matt Kazee called in yet to get
He was supposed to, that's why he went out there for us.
So he should be trying to call into the board, so we have a double feed there.
And I asked Ms.
Brown to do it.
Randy, just ask Ms.
Brown on that track phone to dial in.
We'll call her too, just tell her the call's coming in, five minutes till, and just to hold the phone if she can up in front of everybody so we can, so John can have phones to choose from if one's cutting out or one goes down, we'll have a couple feeds.
I'll go down and tell them right now because we're getting close to time.
And if your phone's getting low, like I said, just turn it off.
That'll give it a chance to rebuild some.
And then just turn it on at five minutes till, sir.
And Randy, again, I want to thank you, because I know you don't like the spotlight, and this brings up painful memories.
I know you're doing this because you're desperately trying to avert this.
Did you hear the local TV station, and then I'll let you go, WMUR9, saying that the local city council is asking the feds to go ahead and go in and bring this to a quick, definitive action?
That is just a terrible position and thing to be espousing.
Can you give us your take on that?
Well that's just sick.
But uh, I don't think, I don't think it'll happen.
I think the city council, they must be stumber than the feds.
Do you agree though that attention is positive so they can't do this in the dark?
We know the feds have been trying to keep it quiet.
They must not want this to get attention.
Oh, hey, if they come in and wipe us out now that, you know, there's enough out there now that people will figure it out pretty quick I think.
Well, I'll tell you who the feds will be if they've infiltrated.
It'll be whoever's ninnying around, telling you guys what to do in the name of security.
You guys are totally safe right now with all that media.
You want to identify the feds or their informants, it'll be whoever's ninnying, trying to tell you guys what to do, or telling you not to talk to media, or telling you how to control the situation.
Alright, Randy, I'm going to let you go.
We'll call you in ten minutes.
God bless you.
Same to you, Alex.
Thank you, Randy Weaver.
There he goes, right there.
Now again, things are so fluid, so live action, we have to do battle planning in the InfoWar right here on air, live, as all of this is unfolding.
Let me shift gears right now and get into the really big news, the news that affects our entire nation, our entire country, right now.
And let me, I've had so many new articles dropped in front of me, it's great, my producer, his new stuff comes out, he drops it, and it's like a different strata of
News here in front of me.
Where is my whole stack on the One World Government?
I'm sorry, I'm normally not like this, but stuff is just all crazy right now.
I meant to get into how they passed the biggest gun control bill ever.
I know I talked about it last week.
I just can't get over this.
I mean, that's in my stack.
British body backs inter-species clones.
That means cross-species.
Talk about the island of Dr. Maru.
That's it.
Here is the section of the stack, about two inches down.
Here it is.
Push for Blair as new EU president.
Now, why are they doing that?
Well, a week ago it was headlines like
Secret meeting where French President offered Blair EU President's job in exchange for handing over England to Europe.
Here's another one.
Brown's first great test will be, will he veto Blair's parting act of EU treachery?
Those are both out of the Daily Mail.
Here's another one out of the Express.
Opponents of EU treaty accused of being terrorists.
It actually says that.
Okay, so
Let's just go back.
A week ago, it was the normal thing, just like they say amnesty isn't amnesty.
Bush isn't going to sign campaign finance reform, but he does.
There is no new gun bill until they pass it.
Oh yeah, we passed it.
It does exist.
There's no North American Union.
It's that same military tactic of saying there is no assault, nothing is happening, everything is wonderful.
So first off, the lesson here is a week ago they said there is no plan for EU expansion.
Blair is not planning to sign on to this.
He hasn't had meetings with Barroso and with the new French leader.
Everything's fine.
Then you've got to look at what
The media then announced on Friday, okay Blair is going to sign an executive order as Prime Minister merging and bringing England under EU laws and the EU Criminal Code of Justice and then they build it with another layer of lies as, and I've got the headlines here, just type Tony Blair type into Google, there's a bunch of stories on this, type into Google if you want to see this for yourself
Tony Blair, give the exact headlines I've been saying, Tony Blair pushes for new rights, new human rights law.
You'll get different variants.
Now the average person hears that and goes, oh that sounds great!
Then you read what it does, all it does is mean the British courts are under the EU, which doesn't have due process or juries, and can arrest you for your speech, which Blair is also calling for.
See here's Blair who claims, oh I want to give you all these new rights, then you read it and it takes your rights, takes your sovereignty,
And he's going to be getting the EU chairmanship in exchange for this.
So, first they say it doesn't exist, then they admit it exists, and he comes out and says he's doing it, and then they simultaneously say anybody who isn't for it is a terrorist.
And it gets rid of the control that the British government has where it has left,
By the way, what Blair is signing on to was already rejected in 2005 by France, by Belgium, and a bunch of other countries in EU expansion, which would have taken the last vestiges of sovereignty from those nations, was roundly rejected and imploded.
What did Berlusconi and Barroso and the rest of them do?
They just came right out and said, we don't care, we're going to order the bureaucracy to implement.
So Blair is signing on to something that Europe has rejected.
You understand that?
Now, every time people would complain, they then simultaneously say it doesn't exist.
Just like I've got Town Hall and Human Events saying that the North American Union doesn't exist when some of their own writers are writing about how it exists.
That's like the State Department saying China's killing people for their organs.
I mean, it's in USA Today.
They advertise it.
It's like saying Disney World doesn't exist.
And then the State Department simultaneously says it doesn't exist in another area.
I mean, it's just lying at levels never before seen!
England is falling right now!
By that criminal!
And all these conservatives are going, it's okay, Gordon Brown will save us.
We got a clip of Gordon Brown saying he wants to destroy national sovereignty and bring in the new world order.
Out of the fire, into the ninth circle of hell.
We'll be back, stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Hello friends, Alex Jones here.
I want you to imagine waking up one morning to find out you've been burglarized.
An intruder has taken your personal possessions, credit card numbers, social security cards, banking information, and more, all in the hands of a total stranger.
What's worse is, you realize he got it through your front door, because you left it unlocked.
Every time you walk away from your computer,
We're good to go.
I think so.
We're good to go.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we're back live here.
Now, understand ladies and gentlemen that
Just to boil it down simply, and then I'll go through all the facts, Tony Blair has been unable in seven, eight years as Prime Minister to bring the British people under the rule of the European Union completely.
Though Britain, in 1949, signed the Treaty of London, creating the embryonic phase of the EU with Winston Churchill running it.
So, make no mistake, the elite in London are the ones destroying Europe's sovereignty, but the British people are somewhat independent and nationalistic, once they were fiercely, just like Americans, no longer, and so they're not going along with giving up their pound, the strongest currency in the world.
They're not ready to do this, and Blair has brought up EU merger,
More than six times to a vote.
It's failed each time.
Now by Executive Fiat, he is just issuing an order, which of course is unlawful, but now the bureaucracies follow.
Just like in the U.S.
where they secretly, two years ago, in March of 2005, hit Baylor.
Well, they met there and then drove out to his ranch and signed it there.
Paul Martin of Canada, Fox of Mexico, and Bush of the U.S.
He's still President.
They're not.
Sign the deal in secret.
That agreement is still secret, but memorandums from it are public, thanks to four-year documents, and it is the North American Union, the end of our country, continent-wide taxation grids, carbon taxes, continent-wide toll roads, NAFTA superhighways, you know the story.
But it's the same thing.
They can't get the legislatures to do it.
They can't get the Congress to do it.
They can't even get the Canadian Parliament to do it, or the Mexican Congress.
So the executives just merge it by fiat, which is what Blair is doing with England into the EU.
And see, that's what these things do.
That's what empires do.
They grow.
First it's an EU.
Then it's a North American Union.
They keep them quiet that it's already a union.
They start merging those.
Remember two months ago?
They had Merkel and Barroso of the EU here, and they announced, oh, we've signed a partnership, we're merging economic integration, military integration, regulatory integration.
We're ordering all the heads of the agencies to work in this intercontinental committee.
They're just doing it, just like they passed gun control last week.
Biggest gun control act, now going to the Senate, looks like they're going to pass it, Bush is going to sign it.
Biggest gun control, huge federalization, huge control,
And the average person doesn't even know.
You see, so much is happening right now.
It's all coming down to the wire, right now, today.
In a big way.
And it's absolutely despicable.
to see this happening.
And then I look at Town Hall and the conservative case against Ron Paul and it's, he believes in the imaginary North American Union conspiracy and spreads the lies.
He doesn't support our great leader, the conservative George Bush.
And folks, people read that and they believe it.
They think, oh there's no NAU, Alex is making it up!
Lou Dobbs, Ron Paul, they're just crazy!
And we have thousands of pages.
I mean, I've actually scanned through thousands of pages, folks.
It's so horrible.
Every page is so horrible that you can't even describe it.
We'll come back, get into a bunch of other news, cut into that press conference.
Once it starts, stay with me.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I tell ya, I'm flattered.
And I want to tell them in the future, don't wait for me.
I just popped on the phone with our line up to New Hampshire with the Browns.
And I said, have you guys started the press conference yet?
And they said, no, we're waiting for you.
Well, don't wait for me.
Ed and Elaine Brown and Randy Weaver and everybody else up there.
There's a whole bunch of national media there and local media.
Let's go ahead and go to the press conference, guys.
Yeah, Ed Brown.
How you doing, folks?
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Edward Lewis of the family or clan of Brown.
I am a United States Constitution Ranger.
And what you're about to hear this afternoon here is a moment of truth, of absolute fact beyond a shadow of a doubt.
It's something that this nation began to pay attention to what's really going on, to expose the criminal element with our administrative areas of government and elsewhere, all working in collusion for the detriment of the American people.
As the United States Constitution Ranger, over 13 years ago, we were asked to conduct, so I was not a Constitution Ranger at the time,
But as the Un-American Activities Investigations Commission was asked by a Citizens Ad Hoc Committee to investigate criminal elements within our administrative government.
We've been keeping our mouths shut during that period of time and did just that.
By two or three years later, I entered the investigation by around 94, we had decided, my wife and I had with others, that the Internal Revenue Service was the target agency or department to
Bring to the public's attention as being totally criminal and operating in this nation unlawfully.
We did so and spent all these years in our investigation waiting for them to become offensive against us.
So that we could sell suit against them and make it a public issue because we could not find one single administrative agency, law enforcement agency anywhere, whether it was local town, city, county, state, or national.
To join with us in this investigation, and with the evidence, which was hard evidence, that these people were conducting criminal activity in this nation.
So, finally, in 2004, the Internal Revenue Service, 28 armed agents, along with two Department of Lebanon, New Hampshire officers, there were three observers with a sniper on a hill, there were three other state troopers
Two off on the hill with the snipers to protect their backs, with the snipers to protect their backs, to another state trooper across the street in the Apollo House Mall in West Lebanon, New Hampshire.
These 28 armed plus agents were there just to download a computer.
They wasn't there to just download a computer, but however, that's what they said they were there for.
We said if you had called, could have come at any time, one or two of you
And you would have been happy to oblige and let you download the computer.
I said, why all the firepower?
Oh, well, we were nervous because we heard you were this or you were that.
What nonsense.
A bunch of children.
From that, we now had the lawsuit that we were required to go against these criminal elements within our administration.
We filed suit with Judge Gene Berling in the Superior Court in Grafton County, where the business offices of my wife,
And she immediately took this case, and of course I paid the dues on the filing of the case to the court, and the court then, under Judge Zimbaling again, turned it over to the federal court the same day.
The federal court then invited me to come in and to present testimony, because they said it was their case now, not the state's case, and I said, I am not able to do so, sir, because you have no jurisdiction in this subject matter.
This is a state court case, not a federal case.
For stations out there, we're going to skip the break with this live national press conference.
We're going to skip the break and continue our coverage here of the ongoing standoff outside of the town where they live in New Hampshire, outside Plainfield.
Here it is.
From... I'm sorry, I lost my control where I was.
The federal court has indicted the case after I could not, I totally could not enter, my wife and I said we could not enter into that jurisdiction as it was unlawful.
Federal Jurisdiction, Larry B. Kraft, read it.
Crystal Clegg, you folks, it's on the computer.
It'll come up as the first item when you're going to search for the Federal Jurisdiction of the State or Nation.
They then turned the federal case over to, um, I'm sorry, the federal case was dismissed two weeks later because we wouldn't go on time.
They waited about six months until May 23rd, and then, using trickery with a levitating
Uh, Water Department, the City of Lebanon, the Lebanon Police Department, and the Chief Alexander, uh, then came down and slammed, dunked my wife and myself, arrested us, and brought us in a stiff stretch, had me face the wall, bent over backwards in front of the camera.
It was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen one man do in my life.
The U.S.
Marshals should absolutely be ashamed of themselves.
And it's about high time we started paying close attention to the rules of engagement on any situation that these mercenaries do.
I say mercenaries, ladies and gentlemen, because all police officers today, in this nation, are mercenaries.
They are all guns for hire.
That is all they do.
They will tell you straight out, I'm just working for my pension, and I will do whatever I am told to do, under any circumstance.
Then it goes to the Constitutional Sheriff's Department Office, Sheriff Pozo in this case, in Sullivan County, where the home is, the land is here.
And of course, Sheriff Duthau in Grafton County, where the land is there, we're supposed to protect the people in that county.
They're the most powerful organizations in the state, even over the governor in that county.
And they refuse.
Sheriff Bozo told me directly to my face six years ago, Mr. Brown, he said, I will absolutely do what the state tells me to do.
That man just broke every oath of office that he ever took.
And his position should be terminated.
And he should never be allowed to
They've done it again for them.
At any rate, none of the law enforcement officers are protecting the citizens in their community.
What they're protecting is their own personal and their jobs, their career.
Not all of them, though.
There are some good officers out there.
But the numbers are getting smaller and smaller.
You know that.
However, this case here, uh, somebody remind me where I just left off.
Bottom line, with the Internal Revenue Service, we ask them, show us the law, we will pay what you ask.
Since 1994.
And since 1994, and to this day, we would still take care of that obligation if they feel it was an obligation, and they can prove it is, we'll take care of it immediately.
We'll write them out a check, put in $48, we'll get the monies out there in the field, and we'll get back to them.
They can't do it, folks!
There is no law!
How many times and how many ways do we have to tell that to you?
The news media should know this.
You're a shame to yourselves, folks.
Keep research.
You're not doing it.
I'm going to bring on CNN Radio, Republic Broadcast Network's John Stadmiller and Michael Harzog.
Okay, we're coming back from break right here.
And for those stations that just came back and joined us right now, there's a whole bunch of people up in Plainfield, or right outside Plainfield, with the Brown family.
And it's gotten international attention, that's what we're trying to do, so the Feds don't go in and kill them.
There are a lot of different radio networks and personalities and people that are up there right now.
So we're carrying this press conference live, and I'm glad that we
All set?
Yes, we are all set.
In fact, and Ed, listen, you don't have to hold the phone right up to your, you know, head and then hear the broadcast we're doing.
I'm just advising stations.
If you can just set the phone down in front of the press conference or hold it in your hand, it'll pick up the audio or hold it like a microphone towards who's ever speaking for us.
Thank you, Ed.
Yeah, thank you, sir.
I'll have to hold that.
Uh, Jonah Stagnum, from Radio, I'm sorry, Republic Broadcast Network.
Where is this?
Right here.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What's this?
We'll see how this phone works.
That is correct, sir.
There is no lock.
There is no lock.
How can I put it by word?
You looked and looked and looked, but we're still working today.
There is no lock.
Well, pause for a moment.
There are four things I'd like you to explain to me.
Well, I may have shot us in the foot with that, because that phone doesn't have the best microphone.
Go ahead and put them down for a minute.
That phone doesn't have the best microphone.
And of course, they've cut their power and their internet, so we can't do things over a landline.
Try that other feed.
We have another feed off a computer that's there at the site outside, but it was choppy earlier.
How's that other feed going?
It's no good, yeah.
Yeah, that high-tech stuff is never reliable.
In the field, at least not today.
Maybe in a few years.
But I just didn't want Ed in front of national television holding a phone up to his head like he's George Bush getting orders.
Yeah, but I guess he was smart to be doing that, so we got all the audio.
But c'est la vie.
The point is, the press is there.
It's getting some attention now.
Let's fade it back up and see what's happening.
Hi, this is Connie Over.
Jerry Fields Jackson, a CPA who works for the IRS.
So, she went to work for them.
She was determined she was going to collect the $50,000 reward that the We The People Foundation has set out for about 12 to 15 years to pay anyone who can show them the law.
So, as a CPA working in the IRS, she also did a similar investigation, and at the end, she resigned from the IRS because she knew there was no such law, and she and Joe would no longer participate
I don't think so.
Except for the convoluted manner in which it is written.
All right.
We're going to continue to carry this, but we'll see if the audio gets better a little bit later.
Everything was going great, so I said, hey, don't hold it up to your face.
I guess I was wrong.
But regardless, it isn't even about this show.
It's about getting the information out and trying to stop bloodshed and what could trigger a revolution in this country that we're not ready for.
We need to fight the info war.
We're having big effects there, as Jack McClam has said many times here.
It's beautiful.
I mean, there we are, forcing the mainstream media to cover this, so they're not just going to kill this family for nothing, even if they do that, God forbid.
We're praying that won't happen.
Because if they try this, it'll just bring that much more attention to what the Browns were saying, that the IRS collects money for the private run for private federal reserve, and that not one red cent of it goes to run the country.
And that's Ronald Reagan's own commission in 1981.
That's not even us.
I mean, it is an absolute fact that private banks
They've taken over the administrative law courts, set them up for that matter, taken over the government, over 75% of all the tax money you've paid, county, city, federal, school tax, everything, property tax, goes directly into private banks.
It was 60% just a decade ago.
It's over 75% now.
See, they're buying everything up, they've got the wealth, now they've devalued the dollar, they've already shipped their assets overseas, so they can come back and buy everything up for pennies on the dollar.
That's the fraud of globalization.
And so she's talking about all the IRS agents and top CPAs and Treasury agents that went and looked into it and found out, wow, they didn't ratify the 16th Amendment.
And even if they would have, it was for offshore corporations.
Wait a minute, this money goes to pay debt on the national debt to private interest, which we didn't have before 1913.
And wait, that violates the Constitution.
Well, wait a minute.
Let's go back and see if the press conference is any better now.
I'm stuck with some things about it.
Because they have stated that they have no concern about the legality of the district.
They just want to do what they're told.
So sure, that's a worry.
If they're supposed to be law enforcement officers, well, they should be enforcing the law.
They're not doing so, which means they're mercenaries.
That's all they are.
They're paid mercenaries.
Yeah, they said a lot of things like that, but they lied.
Danny Lally, two weeks ago on Thursday, there were 13 jelly-suited, uh, battle-dressed, uniformed individuals up in the woods, fired two shots at his head.
They would have killed him, but he wasn't running, and missed him a little bit.
The shot missed.
He turned to the side of the road, jumped up, ran him to the ground.
Then, they put a big bullet in his butt, and hit him after he was on the ground.
This is a fool's engagement for getting his petition.
He intended to come in that day, obviously.
If they're going to kill him, they're going to try to kill us.
Now, the whole action has changed.
They have just brought this thing to a new level.
Now, they're playing on things.
They're trying to do the same thing.
Plus, they did it with Rich.
Remember, they should not stop at our door.
They're not going to be at your door.
If you're at our door, remember, they were at Ruby Rich's door.
We didn't stop them there, did we?
Or Waco's, did we?
And now there's other people around.
Now they're like I do.
Then they'll get stressed out.
We can go indefinite.
We're managing.
We're managing.
It's up to them.
It's up to them.
They're setting the game.
They want to go a level further than this.
We're just sitting here minding our own business.
That's their move.
Obeying the law.
They wish to break the law and come onto this land.
And then the paperwork in this land shows clearly who it belongs to and it doesn't belong to us.
As does the land in West Lebanon.
So I don't know how they think they're going to be able to come in with the land and take five feet of land.
And I'm curious to see how they're going to get around that.
We don't appeal to a criminal organization.
We have not appealed to a criminal organization.
I understand and remember that this organization I'm talking about, if you look up the records folks, is Freemasonry.
Whether you like it or not, they're everywhere.
Oh, sure.
What do you think?
Yeah, right.
They're great faces.
If they come in, we're dead.
We will not be arrested.
We will not volunteer to go into their prison for a non-crime.
We have committed no crime.
So we don't submit?
We need to walk out of here free or we die.
Can we do this for you folks?
Don't forget it.
I'm sorry, say that again?
Well, yeah, they're trying to apply the code, the income tax, to all of us.
Most of us here have no liability to pay that back.
You're only liable to pay that tax if you are engaged in
Alcohol or tobacco activities, certain corporate activities, offshore and offshore incomes, that sort of thing.
They know this.
Ladies and gentlemen, they all know this.
This is not the issue of taxes.
This is our investigation.
This tower is no joke.
We're the only lawful agency left in the organization, left in this nation, that is here to investigate this sort of thing, that can investigate it.
Offices of Honor,
Alright, we are about to break, but we'll go ahead and go out with these guys who were able to get the audio.
I know that's choppy, I apologize to the stations.
The other higher quality feed that was off wireless internet with a laptop at the location magically quit working as soon as the press conference started.
During the test it was perfect.
But it probably is just the technology.
That's what we found it does.
We're going to come back from break and then we will continue with Randy Weaver.
In his part of the press conference, he said, I'm going to get back into the EU, North American Union, how it ties into this immigration bill.
This immigration bill, this amnesty bill, this pardon bill.
Pardon bill is the correct term.
This pardon bill is the same thing.
All they need is a mechanism to cloak their bring down of the nation.
Just like Blair, it's a human rights law.
You read it, it has nothing to do with that.
Again, they name things that are completely different with the wrong names to confuse you, and it works like a charm.
Let's go to some of the radio talk show hosts that went up there to cover this.
Here it is.
Would be not opposed to having a grand jury, a county grand jury, investigating this.
All in the hope that this could be resolved peacefully, no one gets harmed.
Whether they be in law enforcement, or Ed and Elaine Brown, or anybody else.
I do not cherish this occasion.
I am not here for giddy-ha-ha's.
I'm not here for fun.
This is a very serious situation.
And it should be treated as such.
And I would urge all of you, when you do your story, no matter what your editors are telling you to do, do what your conscience tells you to do.
This is a serious situation, and it's one that Ed and Elaine Brown are not enjoying, I'm not enjoying, and neither are you.
Yeah, that means we'll come back.
We skipped the last part.
We've got to go to this one.
You notice what he was saying.
That means the reporters are giggling and smirking.
I'll tell you a story about a conversation I had with one of these reporters later in the show if I have time.
And Aaron Russo.
Stay with us.
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All right, Randy Weaver is supposed to come up here sometime.
That should be in a few minutes to get his comments, but he's soft-spoken.
We may not even be able to, with this makeshift microphone, out to Plainfield, New Hampshire, be able to hear him, so we may, uh...
I just have to get the video of it later and play it, but there's a lot of press there.
That's what I wanted.
And so I want to thank all of you that called the media and got them up there so that we can bring some national attention.
A, to the Browns so they don't get killed.
B, so the dumb, fed mercenaries who don't even know who they work for don't get killed.
And C, to expose the fact that the IRS does collect money for a private New World Order operation.
And that's just a fact.
Believe me, I heard this stuff 15 years ago.
I didn't believe it, folks.
I went and looked it up.
And it's all true, and it's worse than even we can describe.
I mean, the entire financial architecture is a fraud.
But let's go back to the press conference.
Filing a tax return and having them audit you and come up with any discrepancy in your return, they can charge you with a felony.
They do this deliberately.
And in my experience, my personal experience, I have been
I've been trying to negotiate diplomatically with the Internal Revenue Service for nigh on 12 years, and you cannot win with these people.
And further research that I've done shows me why.
I don't have enough time today to go and tell you what exactly, how they do this, but the entire currency system that we use today is a fiat currency system.
This United States of America filed bankruptcy in 1933.
For those of you out there that are old enough and you look at your dollar bill, it used to say Gold Certificate.
That Gold Certificate was replaced by Silver Certificate.
That Silver Certificate was replaced in I believe 1971 by what is called a Federal Reserve Note.
The only backing of that note is what your belief is that that note is worth.
This is by design.
They have done this deliberately.
And this taxation that they've allegedly put on you, if you have any doubt about what I'm telling you today, go read the IRS's own packet for filing a return and look under their Proxy Act
And they will tell you in that notice.
It's a Miranda warning that tells you that you are liable, you're responsible to pay any tax that you are liable for.
Now I don't know about you folks, but I went to grammar school.
I know how to read and I know how to write.
The reason that they put that sentence in there, this liable for, period, is because it makes a lot more, it instills a lot more fear into people than to say it
For which you are liable, because that statement makes people think, well, gee, am I liable?
Am I not liable?
But the statement liable for says, ooh, my gosh, I must be liable.
Read that statement.
The United States government wrote that statement.
They don't even know how to, uh, they don't even know how to use proper grammar to do it, but they do it by design.
Uh, these people, these good people that are sitting here,
Randy Weaver, that was sitting on Ruby Ridge 15 years ago.
What we came up here to do, I brought, John Stadmiller brought Randy Weaver up here in the hopes of averting what could possibly be another Ruby Ridge.
The only thing that these people are guilty of is asking the IRS repeatedly, I don't even know how many times, but I know it's at least 20, show me the law.
Ed Schultz has asked, show me the law.
All of this could be averted.
It could have been averted years ago if there was a law.
Why would we go to this extent?
Why are all these people here today?
If they would come out and say, here's the law, right here, this is why you have to pay, they wouldn't be wasting our time right now, okay?
They won't because they can't.
Because there isn't.
That's all I have to say.
Any questions?
You can't hear the questions very well, the questions from the press, but we're going to break here in a moment, come back and perhaps Randy will then be speaking at the press conference.
And again, I really want to thank Randy for going up there.
We had him on last week and he'd been batting around the idea of going up and he committed to go up and we really appreciate Randy Weaver.
uh... for doing that and uh... this is what happened uh... national attention now on it and set to be on diane sawyer tomorrow and more people will google the fact that the taxes voluntary now it was only voluntary when they set it up in nineteen thirteen now by by possession being nine has the law by custom uh... it is under common law under the law of enforcement
A quasi-law.
It has some force.
This is very complex.
You have to study common law, you have to study mosaic law to understand this.
But, just like you would think it would be illegal for the British in 1820 to just pull up to ships, whether they be Armenian or American, it didn't matter, or French, and just grab everybody off at gunpoint and make them come be slaves.
But under admiralty law, the crown claimed it had that law and it enforced it.
And so under their criminal enforcement, under the barrel of a gun law, as Mousy Tung said, uh, they could do it.
Law of the jungle!
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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John is arguing with the combative reporters right now.
Let's go back to the feed.
Looks like we may have gotten a better feed.
We'll have it in a few minutes.
Here it is.
Go ahead and fade it down, try to get that other feed and see what happens with that.
But continuing here, shifting back into the other news, the United States is dying right now.
I don't say that figuratively.
The Federal Reserve taken over in 1913 was just a beachhead.
1933 was the Feds declaring martial law and that we were bankrupt.
But that was again setting up state police, setting up the beachhead, domesticating the American people, getting us on welfare, getting us with an ID number.
Always expanding our power, always getting greater control.
This isn't like Russia where people have always been slaves so they could just take over overnight.
This isn't like Nazi Germany where Germans have been trained to be very subservient and under their local kings.
Had something like 18 different kings, different little sub-counties with different kings over them.
No, this was the United States, ladies and gentlemen, where all the rebels, all the criminals, all the riffraff got shipped.
And people weren't going to put up with it, so it was a slow process.
The Amnesty Immigration Bill is the legalization of 30-plus million predominantly very nationalistic, anti-US Mexicans.
Who are here to blow out the states further, who are all going bankrupt now.
It's to increase the welfare there.
It is to balkanize the nation further.
But more importantly, it's the guest worker program for the North American Union ID card.
That's what's built into there.
And then U.S.
citizens, Canadian and Mexican citizens to have jobs are going to have to have government approved ID cards to have any jobs.
See, this is for citizens.
Then the illegals it's selectively enforced, they don't have to have it.
Homeland Security's announced illegal aliens don't have to have IDs to get bank accounts.
That just came out a few months ago.
They said, no, no, no, they don't have to have them.
We as citizens do.
The illegals get more tuition than citizens.
The illegals get Social Security.
The illegals get $35 fines instead of going to jail for drunk driving.
This is what's happening.
We do have a Channel 9 live feed.
Are you ready with it?
Let's go ahead and go to that.
Quiet it down or answer the question.
Now I'm asking you a question.
Do you want slavery?
Then you will not be served and only... Sir, I don't do legal, sir.
I do lawful.
Legal due process is okay, so long as it's lawful.
But if it's not lawful, sir, throw it out.
No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law.
No court is bound to enforce law.
Sir, be quiet please.
You ask me a question, I'm going to give you the answer.
You're rather rude here, sir.
You're getting me upset.
Sir, you'll be asked to leave if you can't... I'm sorry, sir.
It's an assumed liability, sir.
It is an assumed liability.
Sir, let me just say this.
In everything that you will read in the Internal Revenue Service Code, the clever legal verbiage that is well written, okay, by some really, really smart people, it's all an assumed liability.
Let me ask you a quick question, okay?
You filed a tax return, I'm certain of that, okay?
Who told you you had to file?
Right, but who told you you had to file?
When you first filed a tax return, who told you that you have to file that?
Was it your barber?
Was it your father?
Was it your accountant?
Who was it?
Excuse me!
You're asking to answer my question with a question!
I'm asking... When you first...
No, I'm saying it's constitutional.
But it's an assumed liability.
You are assuming you're liable by the propaganda that they put out.
Oh no, it's no technical error.
They've done this by design, sir.
Because to do so would violate the Constitution.
That's why they had to make it an assumed liability.
That's why.
I'm trying to understand your position.
Next question.
Yeah, quick question, then I want to introduce my friend.
Earlier, you had delayed referral to a criminal organization.
I think, I'm trying to disagree, saying that the court system is a criminal organization.
I thought that you were correct.
That is correct.
The court system falls under Freemasonry.
If you look on the ends of court in Black's Law Dictionary, you will see the answer.
Any other questions?
If not, I'm going to introduce Randy Weaver.
Where'd he go?
A minute or two.
Yeah, go ahead.
Oh, yeah, sure.
I'm going to bow out of this now and take a breath and say, who's for a bath?
As soon as Randy comes back, though, I'm going to cut it to.
Go ahead.
Move on.
Forget about this debate.
Sir, there you go again.
Who do you work for?
What federal agency do you work for, sir?
Okay, that's a good spin.
That's a good spin, sir.
Let me tell you something, sir.
I pay all, and my wife pays all, lawful taxes.
We paid the last year we gave to the IRS and donated to the IRS
Thank you all for coming out here.
You're really at the wrong spot.
You should be down at the IRS Commissioner's office and asking him why all this is going on.
Ask him to show you the law that requires you to pay this federal income tax.
He won't be able to do it.
The closest thing he'll come to is to say, well you have to pay it because we've shown that through the course.
They say you have to.
When you have a government that enforces non-law
Passed by your Congress, you're run by a king, and it usually ends up very tyrannical.
Where are we at now?
George Bush says he don't care what Congress says, he's the king, he's the president, he can do what he wants.
George Bush does not represent me at all.
He's a criminal.
What he is, he should be indicted for war crimes.
My grandpa Harvey Weaver one time said government just like a garden it needs to be weeded every now and then.
You want to know why he said that?
I didn't know for a while but I figured it out since.
This lady here was my wife of almost 20 years.
She was a very intelligent lady.
The best mother I knew, the best wife I knew.
Homeschooled her children.
And my oldest daughter, one example, I won't go through all of them.
One example, my oldest daughter, we thought she taught her through the 8th grade.
When I went to jail and they sent my daughters back to Iowa, they put Sarah in the 11th grade in high school.
She hadn't been in school for a couple years, so we thought she was done.
Went into 11th grade and graduated with three scholarships.
The other kids were just as good.
I'm not going to go through all that.
Very sweet lady, and when they shot her, she was holding, now this baby here was my, that was my oldest daughter.
That's a picture of my wife holding my oldest daughter, Sarah, who is now 31.
But she was holding my youngest daughter, Elisheba, just about the same way.
When they shot my wife through the head, Elisheba was right here, and when I picked her up from underneath my wife's body, she had jawbone,
Glass from the wind of pain and blood all over.
I thought she was wounded or dying too.
That's one reason we need to weed the government down then.
Because they take orders to enforce non-laws.
These people are here under non-laws and we were too.
I was originally on a gun law.
Marshals were up there to get me on a failure to appear.
But U.S.
I got paperwork I can show you.
I had the wrong court date.
By the time they claimed I was a wild crazy man up in the mountains and the U.S.
Marshal was going to come get their man, that's the last straw.
I got mad.
And my wife was mad and my kids were standing behind me.
And we said, this is it, we ain't going to deal with you no more.
What makes people willing to put their lives on the line?
They'll take so much BS from the so-called government, the de facto government, and then they just say back off.
And this is just what's happening right here.
I ain't afraid to die no more.
I'm kind of curious about the next life, and I'm an atheist.
My son Sam, this picture, he was 11 years old.
He died three years later.
Marshals shot his dog, a yellow Labrador, when the dog was running home.
They autopsied the dog, which the U.S.
Marshals didn't realize they would do.
They wouldn't mess with the dog there.
His story was the dog was attacking him.
Well, apparently in North Idaho, yellow Labradors, they attack running backwards, because he was shot right up the rear end and come out his spine here and went through his right ear.
He was running up the road toward home.
He'd already passed these goons.
But their job that day on our property was to kill this dog because he had a big mouth.
Kind of like me, I guess.
And they wanted to silence him.
Sam said, you shot Striker.
JSOB, I'll give you exact words, but I'm going to abbreviate it.
And he fired two rounds in this undercover camouflaged U.S.
Marshal's direction that he just saw shoot his dog, and he turned to run for home.
Another Marshal, who's from Boston, Mass., not too far from here, he shot this little fella in the right arm, about blew his arm off the elbow.
Sam yelled, oh shit, now I'm telling you what my friend Kevin Harris and his stepbrother
He was there to witness this.
He said, Sam yelled, Oh shit!
Come on Kevin!
The US Marshals were shooting at Kevin at the same time.
Sam had shot these two rounds at the US Marshals.
Kevin fired three in their direction while he was being shot at.
So there's five rounds fired between my sons.
They fired a total of 14 rounds.
They didn't hit Kevin, but Kevin heard it when they hit Sam in the back.
He said it sounded like when somebody punched you in the back real hard and takes the wind out of you.
Well later on it had blown his heart right out.
When I picked him up off the ground dead, tons of meat was falling out of his mouth.
His little eyeballs were half way open and rolled back.
And the whites, you don't forget that stuff.
This is coverage of what they're calling the showdown with the Browns on local news there.
This is a live feed.
I think Randy Weaver is broken down.
After they shot Sam, a U.S.
Marshal was shot and killed.
And I honestly believe in my heart, they have never proved otherwise, there was friendly fire.
They can't admit that.
They won't admit that.
That's even, think how much worse that is than blaming it on one of us.
They blamed his death on my stepson.
Said my stepson did it.
Well, he'd come out in court.
He didn't do it.
They even showed one of his own, his men's, they showed his backpack and it had one bullet hole going through it sideways and proved that that came from that silent submachine gun from the guy behind him who was supposed to have killed the dog with that to start with when we weren't present.
This is why I'm here.
Because if this gets out of control, this is going to happen here.
It's happened many times throughout history.
Right in this country, you don't hear about it most of the time.
I'd rather die on my feet right here with the people like this, good American people, than live on my knees anymore under this de facto government that'll lie to you, steal from you, murder you, make you commit suicide.
This is serious stuff.
Bring it on.
Yes, sir.
Real similar situation.
Conviction of a non-law.
There's different parts of it.
I had a failure to a peer deal.
That was another part of the story.
But, uh, these people have been convicted of a non-law.
It's like he said, the judge appealed for him.
Why would he do that?
I say it's a trick to get him back in court where they ain't gonna let him go this time.
They ain't gonna release him cause he's, uh, failed to appear once or whatever.
I don't know what it is, but... They were in court.
They were railroaded.
Uh... You know, these judges... Have you ever heard of anyone going to prison unlawfully?
The prosecutor and the judge knew the guy was innocent and they stuck him there anyway?
What the hell's wrong with these people?
Where's their heart?
The Browns here are smart enough to figure their own thing out, and they already have.
I'm not going to tell them they should do this, they shouldn't do that.
I know the situation they're in now and where they're at mentally, and I support them 100%.
You know, after you get so angry, you overcome your fear, and that's where we're at here, I guess.
But we're, being an atheist, I'm praying for a miracle.
That some common sense will prevail.
And I hope the American people can see how they have been buffaloed and stomped in the dirt.
And these people that do this and enforce it, the IRS, they'll say you have to do this.
So what do they do?
Oh, he didn't do it.
They don't come out and enforce it.
No, they take their U.S.
Go get these guys!
And these U.S.
Marshals, they'll do it because they're paying pretty good money, and they don't understand that really, these people are in the right, and the I.R.S.
isn't wrong, and you know what?
The I.R.S., if they get thrown in the bus and killed like Deegan up there at Ruby Ridge, they don't care, they'll just replace him with another one.
What do you think it is that would lead the situation to escalate to the point they disappear?
Would it be a hate crime on the government's part?
Of course.
It's strictly self-defense from this side, honey.
What would push them to the point that we would fear?
I don't fear anything right now.
I don't fear them.
I'm not afraid, honey.
I'm actually curious about the next life.
You see, I don't pay my tithes to the church because I don't believe in Jesus either.
And I ain't paying my tithes to the U.S.
government because I ain't afraid of them either.
We'll put it that way.
You see, governments and religion go hand-in-hand, you always have throughout history.
Religion was invented to control the masses, and they go like this with the government, you know.
To a religious person, they say religion is necessary.
To the non-religious atheist, I say it's useless.
To the king, he says it's useful.
You say it better than I can.
Well, the mediation part is,
I guess mostly trying to educate people that are just taking orders.
You know, the old, uh, I'm just doing, taking orders.
That isn't going to cut it here.
If you're just taking orders and want to come and cause a problem here, you're going to have a... We'll be right back.
I don't care.
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Alright, bottom line, you can go to presentplanet.com.
We've got links where you can actually watch and listen to the press conference.
Also up on jonesreport.com.
Randy's making a lot of points about the Founding Fathers being the first tax protesters.
That was a 3% tax.
He made that point.
We're going to go back and finish up his press conference right now.
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It's always great.
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We're just going to go out with the press conference from outside Plainfield, New Hampshire, with Randy Weaver.
Here it is.
Fifty nations, separate countries under themselves, are operating under a statutory law.
Which is now nothing more than admiralty law used on the land.
This is a nation under God.
One nation unified of the 50 Union States.
Under the common law, under the Republic, ladies and gentlemen.
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic.
That's what we were guaranteed, as Benford Jim Franklin said in Philadelphia when he came out.
And when the lady asked him,
Well, Mr. Frankel, what have you given us, sir?
Madam, we have given you a republic, if you can keep it.
These people, these Freemasons, now have changed the Freemasonry organization, have now taken over this nation.
They're in the military.
They're in the banking.
They're in the educational section.
They're in the pharmaceutical private industry.
They're a corporation.
So insidious!
They're now conducting sedition.
And they have been for the 40, 60 years that we know for sure of a record.
To take over this nation and all nations of this planet.
Believe it or not, no matter how profound it may sound, it is an absolute fact of record.
What is wrong with you?
Where are, show me one amongst you that is a good investigative journalist because I don't see any.
In 13 years I haven't seen one of you appear.
All I see is a bunch of order takers.
Get the sensationalist story.
You spend more time on the Hilton ladies than you do on serious subject matters.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
A nation's coming apart up there.
They're all around you and you do what?
People died in the last century.
Over 200 million that we can count of.
And guess what?
They were all Christians.
Isn't that interesting?
Mostly all Christians murdered by these same Freemasonry people.
The World War II, World War I, and other wars.
Including Iraq.
Alright, we're out of time.
I'd like to tell you tomorrow about one of those reporters I talked to.
She's like, oh, the cops got a lie that they were running a raid on them.
Yeah, they got a lie.
Oh, that's just how it is.
And they repeat whatever the police tell them.
That's not freedom.
God bless you all.
Don't forget the free podcast at InfoWars.com of each day's show.
God bless.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.