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Air Date: June 17, 2007
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Here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is the 17th day of June 2007.
We're going to be live here for the next two hours, roughly.
And we will have open phones for you today.
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You're always welcome to drop me a call there as well.
And there's a message board on the
On the Homebase Station's website, 590KLBJ.com, we'll be looking at that message board and perhaps going over some of those questions or comments today.
I was up at about 3 in the morning last night working and it's always in the late evening or early morning hours that you can be more reflective and just really honestly look at what we face and what's happening with our society.
And I think the easiest way to describe this is matrix-like.
It's matrix-like.
It's one cannot be told about the matrix, one must see it for themselves.
How many of you, who even think you know about the New World Order, consciously understand that in plain view, over 75% of all the taxes you pay have been delivered directly to private
Predominantly offshore corporations.
And that over 75% of the taxes, all the many, many different types of taxes, really over 50 of them that the average person pays depending on the state you live in, that since the end of World War II, that has taken directly and put into global corporations that are now bigger than most nations.
That those corporations publicly are working to destroy the sovereignty of the United States in the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and they openly admit it in public policy papers.
Or that they publicly admit that they have bought up over 200 refineries in the U.S.
and shut them down to artificially raised gas prices.
How many of you know
This is absolute fact.
It's called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
That's the gateway to learn of the real world of the magician behind the curtain in the land of Oz.
Now, when it comes to the true financial architecture of the world.
See, we all operate and live within that very narrow spectrum where we're supposed to live and be informed and invest.
And that is just a very small area of the total financial world architecture.
And now they've got more than 75% of the wealth.
The middle class of the world is extremely tiny.
Yet again, they've reached their goal.
And they don't need free market anymore.
They don't need freedom anymore.
And the New World Order architects are moving to set up a hellish planet.
And they confuse you with different flavors of liberal, different flavors of conservative, and debates of little or no significance that literally mean nothing or next to nothing.
And they are now moving in with their final face.
What hit me was I was doing the final voiceover for my film, Endgame, because what I do is I write a basic
Outline, but but but I don't really script my documentaries as I make them over a year plus period I I collate the data.
I have the latest information.
I mean when my film comes out.
It'll have stuff in it from a week before I Mean it'll be Italy I mean I'm constantly going back and adding the newest info And there with all my years of studying how many people governments have killed I'm looking at official State Department official Chinese government official Russian archives the admission is
Over 200 million people killed by government last century alone.
Over 200 million.
Now, about 100 million of those were forcibly, by design, starved to death.
The other 100 million or so were shot or hung.
And it's just unbelievable to realize that the number one cause of non-natural death, that is cancer, heart attacks, things like that, are natural.
The number one cause of non-natural death, without any debate, I went and pulled the numbers from the World Almanac, did a lot of number crunching last night, above everything is government.
Government is just an absolute scourge on humanity.
And it is an absolute nightmare.
And there have been thousands of corrupt, tyrannical governments in the last 6,000 years of civilization, since man set up city-states and nation-states and empires.
There have been thousands of corrupt empires, thousands of corrupt leaders.
And there have been less than 10 semi-free societies!
Now, if you think you can sit there and do nothing but watch football, and nothing but go to topless bars, and nothing but party, and nothing but go out on your boat,
Or nothing but smoke pot and drink whiskey and live in a free society and just giggle and laugh at everything, you've got another thing coming.
Now, I'm not saying you can't go out on your boat, I'm not saying you can't drink a beer.
My point is, if that's all you do, you know all the football scores, but you don't know anything about history or anything about the world architecture or what the elite are saying they're going to do.
And for those of you that say it can't happen here, it won't happen here, it isn't going to happen here, every top law professor out there on both sides of the false political paradigm say we're going into tyranny.
Even the UN put out a report today saying that the West is going into pure fascism.
Of course, that's how these tyrants do it, though.
They'll report on the other tyrant.
You know, the fascists will report on the communists, and the communists will report on the fascists.
But bottom line, we have a corrupt elite completely out of control right now.
Just absolutely out of control, and you and your family mean absolutely nothing to them.
I want today to talk about the so-called immigration reform bill.
I have a copy of the bill.
This has only been public now for about a week and a half.
And it was worse than we had first thought.
I talked about that last week.
But more than just the immigration bill,
And how they keep resurrecting it on a daily basis, and how that's a psychological warfare tactic.
I want to cover what it means that we have over 90% of Americans in major Gallup polls against it, and that the government, both parties, don't care and are doing it anyways.
And what it means for the mainstream media, who's still acting like everyone's for it, and trying to spin it.
And I wanted to bring that in and connect that in with the denial by conservatives in this country, because I was on town hall today at a bunch of other big sites, and I noticed that they were saying, Ron Paul isn't a conservative, he's bad, he's not good for America, they're real conservatives, and there is no NAU, there is no North American Union, the immigration bill's good, it's not amnesty, and they're counting on you folks not reading the bill.
I mean, they lie to you.
They lie to you.
They sit there and tell you they're conservative all day long when they're not.
I mean, Free Republic, Town Hall, Human Events, all of them.
They're not stupid, folks.
They know.
They know that they're lying to you, and they know that most of you are not going to go pull up the bill.
And it's just mind-blowing to me that they'll just sit there and lie to you.
And you won't be insulted by that.
And the same thing goes for the fake left in this country.
Global warming, man-made, is such a fraud, even if you believe in it.
Carbon tax is a global tax.
It's a new system of taxation and feudalism.
One-child policy, you name it.
And you don't even know that.
When we get back, I'm going to go into this.
There's been open calls by Trent Lott to start shutting down talk radio.
The Republican Party is very upset.
And Tony Blair is calling for shutting down the internet.
Free speech.
We'll tell you about it, folks.
It's serious news.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
I know we've got calls from as far away as Canada and Michigan, USA.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
But I want to go over some facts.
I know several times in the last few weeks I've covered the 20 loopholes in the immigration bill.
They're not loopholes.
A loophole is something that, you know, built into it so you can get out of it.
This thing is an amnesty.
It's true that they say that.
It's complete capitulation and the end of the country.
And I'm not the only person saying that.
You really should go read this bill for yourself.
But the big news here is that the New York Times a few weeks ago came out and admitted that the states are lobbying and big telecommunications companies are lobbying, literally on the internet, to end net neutrality where you can't travel around where you want, when you want, whole sections of the web being hacked off and private domains and deals with major corporations.
Just a couple years ago, Level 3 and Cogent, two big internet backbone relay systems, had a fight with each other and about 40% of the web was inaccessible.
Remember that?
Remember that?
Maybe you don't.
But this is very, very serious and enforcing us on the Internet too, where you waive your rights, where you don't have free speech, where you've got to register yourself, where you've got to have a subdomain under 50 corporations or 50 universities that are part of a 100 group.
It's a controlled monopoly.
It's like what Texas is doing, handing over our existing roads to some foreign company to throw toll booths on it and tax you.
It's just looting.
That's how they operate.
And the New York Times said, yes, there are bills to tax email.
Yes, there are bills to start shutting down the web.
And they were all for it, of course.
One of the Senate leaders in the Republican Party, Trent Lott, is in a New York Times article today titled, Senate Leaders Agree to Revive Immigration Bill.
It's up on prisonplanet.com.
You can go to Drudge and link through to it as well.
He's changed the headline and the link to Trent Lott Tax Talk Radio.
But you read his actual quote, he says that talk radio
Hate Radio is running America today, and so we've got to start regulating it and controlling it, exactly what Hillary Clinton and others have been talking about.
And hey, since the mid-eighties, folks, we've had quote, free speech on talk radio.
People think they can never take it away.
It didn't exist before, until people challenged it in the courts.
It's called the Fairness Doctrine.
If I got up here and said, Al Gore is a piece of trash, or George Bush is a piece of filth, or they're a bunch of scallywags, then, whoa, someone could demand political equal time.
Now, I got free speech.
By the way, the genie's out of the bottle.
You guys can try this all day long.
Just keep showing everybody who you are.
The scary thing is they've got the major newspaper associations behind them, they've even got a lot of the big talk radio associations behind them, they've got the big TV network execs behind them, all over the planet, not just in the US, and I've got those articles here in front of me today.
Because alternative media is taking over the old media, literally merging with it, and because old media can't survive unless they do it, and it's simply even dwarfing those mergers.
And the exponential growth of alternative media is so straight up in its growth curve that it's like the old line, old guard noticing a tsunami tidal wave is hitting them when it's 100 yards from their front porch on the beach.
There's no running!
There's nothing you can do!
I just want to give you that little newsflash.
I've studied history and trends, and I've also looked at all the big government analysis of this, and you can try to even unplug the whole web.
It isn't going to work.
You can't put perfume on a pig.
But, yeah, Senate leaders agree to revive the immigration bill.
That's a whole other tactic right there.
Remember, I told you three weeks ago, I told you last week, I said, watch, it's not dead, it'll be reintroduced.
And it wasn't a hard call.
They did that with campaign finance reform.
Just because they use the word reform doesn't mean it's good.
Reform just means to change.
Well, I mean, if you gain a hundred pounds, is that a good reform?
No, you've just been reformed.
Again, but semantically we've been taught to believe the word reform means it's good.
Folks, probably one of the worst things in there isn't just that it allows aggravated felons.
That means hardcore rapists.
It says it in the bill.
Uh, felons, armed robbers, to be instantly legalized.
Given a social security card, legalized for 12 years, boom.
Worse than the previous bill, it was for 6 years.
Now, one of the worst things is, 5 years, no taxes.
Back taxes, waived.
It has pardon provisions in it.
I remember my dad basically having everything he had, even though I remember him going, my God, I paid him, and the accountants hired the lawyers, but they did the retroactive 89 tax law, and came back and said, you owe all this.
Remember that?
I remember seeing my dad have everything he had taken.
He didn't get what the Mexicans are going to get, or what the Russians are going to get, or what any other illegal aliens are going to get, because again, Americans, it's open season on us.
Just like cops pull you over when you're an illegal alien, don't have a driver's license, they let you go.
Admit it.
If you're a citizen, you might get your head slammed in the car.
Because you're here to be run over.
You're here to be spit on.
You're here to be treated like trash.
You're here to be run over.
You understand that?
Because you're stupid!
You're fat!
And I mean psychologically you're fat.
You're slovenly.
You think everything's owed to you.
You think you've got rights.
You've been living in denial.
All they've been doing is building concentration camps all around you.
And finally it's in the Houston Chronicle.
And saying we need to get rid of free speech.
Do you understand how late in the game it is?
But here's the deal.
Not only is Trent Lott saying restrict talk radio today.
Tony Blair, now folks, the birthplace of modern free speech, literally 800 years ago in 1215.
790-something years ago.
It run in me.
If you don't know what it is, you better learn about it.
Was England.
Now, Tony Blair, when he got elected in the late 90s, said, I'm getting rid of the Magna Carta.
And man, he meant it.
I remember reading that in the BBC.
He gave a speech saying, we're getting rid of the Magna Carta.
Now that's what the Bill of Rights is based on.
He just came right out and said it.
And you know what?
He's done it, folks.
They arrest you if you criticize the government now in England.
You don't believe me?
I have hundreds of articles.
And the articles are saying it's good.
Folks, I've been in England, and I've been in England two years ago, and they walk right up and say, I'm taking your name down, putting you in a terror database.
You're not allowed to even be out here walking around the streets with a camera.
With just millions of cameras aimed at the people of London.
Now they're making it even more draconian.
They call it hate speech to criticize the government.
See, it starts with some minority group.
You go, oh, that sounds reasonable.
And then it's everything.
Here is Tony Blair, Blair Black's new online journalism regulator.
That is a speech he gave.
He's about to leave office.
Tony Blair comes right out, gives a speech at a media convention to Reuters.
And he says that new restrictions on internet journalism, saying that it has become more pernicious and less balanced, and he said, let me read you the exact quote, that the alternative media behaves like a feral beast.
That means you don't control us.
Yeah, we are feral.
But he had particularly harsh words for the non-traditional media outlets, particularly the internet.
I used to be thought, and I included myself in this, this was a help on the horizon.
New forms of communications would provide new outlets to bypass the increasingly shrill tenor of the traditional media.
In fact, the new forms can be even more pernicious, less balanced, more intent on the latest conspiracy theory multiplied by five.
Now this is a guy who's admittedly taken money and bribes publicly.
And he's mad about that and he wants to be able to shut the media down.
He's already issuing denotices to the mainstream media.
They don't have free speech now in the media in England.
Now he wants to shut the web down.
Now, they're not playing games.
When we get back, we'll tell you what this traitor, the latest thing he's done is, and now it ties into the US.
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It's Alex Jones.
So here's the bottom line.
Every bedrock freedom that we have is being a shale.
First they introduce you to the idea of getting rid of all your liberties by saying, well, terrorists
But now they admit, well, it's not even terror-related, but we need to take your rights.
And by the way, we're not public servants anymore.
We're the authorities.
We're the officials.
You are civilians.
You know, mayors saying that.
They ought to chill you to your bone, folks, because we are under military rule.
NORTHCOM runs the whole country.
Congress now basically just rubber-stamps what the President wants.
The last vestiges of their authority are being removed.
And this is top constitutional scholars that are reporting this.
And in Europe,
They are banning all different types of free speech.
I mean, I've got articles where they're arresting ministers that say that the EU is tyrannical and calling it hate speech.
I mean, folks, it's getting scary.
And so what has Tony Blair done?
He's about to leave office.
Well, he gives a speech and says we need to shut down free speech on the web.
That's what he's saying.
We need to have everything pre-approved for your website before you can put it out.
Boy, that's freedom.
And our internet systems are so tied in with the UK that that will affect things here.
We have companies talking about that here.
We have our media talking about that.
Our children are being trained to go under censors and control in the public schools with zero tolerance laws.
That's up on AOL today, their top story.
There's all of... I mean, we're being brought into tyranny here is what's happening.
And then Tony Blair comes out and he says,
That, yes, he is going to sign.
Now, first, a week ago, it broke in the news that Tony Blair was planning a secret EU super-state expansion.
Now, that means getting rid of any vestiges of national sovereignty, any veto powers that Germany or France or Belgium or Holland, any of these countries had under the EU system.
And they tried to get voters to ratify it.
They were never allowed to vote to get into the EU.
The people were always against it 70 plus percent.
Now it's 80 plus percent in major polls.
So a couple years ago, 2005, they let them have a vote.
And the reason this is important is it's coming here now.
And they overwhelmingly rejected it EU-wide.
Didn't matter.
Berlusconi and now Barroso and the rest of them that run it, this unelected council, just says, we're doing it through the bureaucracy by fiat.
We're just doing it.
Now, England never even got into the earlier phases of the EU.
They've still got the pound.
They've still got some sovereignty.
Blair has brought it up for a vote seven times.
Okay, just like Bush is doing with the immigration bill, which is the end of America.
It's not amnesty.
When they say that, it's true.
It's more than amnesty.
It is the death of this country.
That's why I'm so freaked out.
I mean, folks, I'm actually losing sleep.
I mean, I love this country.
It's dying right now, and they're laughing.
And it's the same thing in Europe.
So the people reject it.
Now, they've already lost most of their freedoms.
Britain hasn't gotten as deep into it as Europe has, continent-wide.
The mainland, as they call it.
They're across the English Channel.
And so, I have American newspaper articles here in front of me, and they've got headlines about, Blair pushes new human rights initiative.
He's hailed!
Blair pushes for new convention on rights.
Now understand, a week ago the news was saying he's in a secret EU deal, and we were all being called conspiracy theorists by even neocon fake conservative sites in this country.
Tony Blair's good, he's tough on war on terror, we need to get behind him in this.
And he's not trying to bring England into the EU!
And then boom, they announce, oh yes, this is Friday, oh yes we are doing a deal, it's a human rights deal!
And then you read it, it's a renamed original package for the entire laws of England being overturned, no more due process, no more juries, their entire court system under the EU court.
I mean, do you see how slick that is?
But the general public here, just like we do, immigration reform, fixing the border, closing the border, it's the opposite.
Yeah, there won't be a border problem because they'll all be legal.
Well, it's the same thing here.
Oh, it's a human rights deal!
Oh, my goody, goody gumdrops!
And then you look at it, and it's total tyranny, no free speech, your courts mean nothing, we're getting rid of your currency, we're gonna run everything.
An unelected 20-something member of the board in Brussels commands you.
It literally is in there.
And then, sure enough, the EU comes out yesterday and says, you could be charged with terrorism if you are against this.
I actually have mainstream news here.
Let me find it.
This is from earlier in the week, back when the media was still saying it didn't exist.
Secret meeting where French President offered Blair EU President's job if he can force the merger of England with the EU.
Daily Mail.
Brown's first test.
Will he veto Blair's parting act of EU treachery?
Now see, this came out a couple days ago, after it was admitted.
See, these are the phases.
First, they always say it doesn't exist.
Oh, this isn't an amnesty plan.
Oh, this doesn't legalize the illegals.
And then, of course, we get the bill, and it's worse than that.
It legalizes aggravated felons, makes them join our military.
They've already swollen it, but it just gets rid of any controls.
Again, it's just total military tactic lying to you.
They are just systematically just unbelievable propaganda.
And the general public, I know we've got a load of phone lines, we're going to get to you in a minute.
The general public just cannot even begin to imagine that the lies are this bad.
The spin is this bad.
So Blair is running around saying that he is trying to pass
Something to give Britons more rights and then you read it and it ends their country and takes all their rights while he's busy giving public speeches saying shut down free speech on the web and make everything go through a censor first and don't allow independent websites.
He says he's trying to create a new agency as he leaves office and then oh by the way I'm going to shine over the country with an executive order which really doesn't have the power to do but the bureaucracy follows his orders.
to hand over England to the EU as I leave, and conservative websites are defending it because he likes to blow up Arabs.
You know, the people getting rid of our sovereignty are the ones running your precious little wars.
Something Al-Qaeda could never do, destroying our sovereignty, they are doing.
So just enjoy yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, and by the way, it's the same thing here.
I've got headlines here
The conservative case against Ron Paul.
Town Hall.
And it says, Ron Paul believes in the North American Union conspiracy and spreads the lies!
We have the official NAU documents!
Bush signed it!
Same thing.
Executive branch with the bureaucracies implementing it.
Texas and Arizona and New Mexico business owners have gotten their new North American Union tax ID number.
That they've handed over to the Mexicans, the Customs Department in Kansas City for the railways.
They're announcing they're going to go from over 20% of our army being illegal alien to even higher percentages.
It's just wall-to-wall capitulation to everything.
And we've got the media running around saying none of this exists.
Out of one side of their mouth, while they'll have a whole other article saying it exists and it's good.
But again, it's mainly the Judas Goat fake conservative media.
Who were there trying to neutralize the number one threat to the New World Order.
That is the middle class in America who is predominantly paleo-conservative slash libertarian.
And that's why they got all these talk show hosts and all the rest of these guys up there always trying to pacify you until there was a revolt in the last year.
You finally started waking up.
You've been conned by these guys.
So now they had to admit the bill was bad and admit it's amnesty.
And so Trent Locke comes out and says, let's start regulating the talk radio.
You know, we heard that from Hillary.
Ten minutes after the Oklahoma City bombing, Bill Clinton's on TV saying, hate radio, talk radio causes, remember?
Well now, when you've got friends like Trent Lott, what else do conservatives need?
I know, you'll just deny Trent Lott said it, I understand.
You'll just do whatever is easy for you and deny this is happening.
So, Blair, secret new plan for EU Superstate.
Now, this was back when we were denying it a few days ago.
Now, it's admitted.
And I just can't take it anymore.
Our country is on its knees right now.
England is falling right now to the New World Order.
It's simple.
Private corporations got together, they came in and bought off our politicians, they handed all the government power over to themselves, and they're liquidating our governments.
We'll be right back with your calls.
Stay with us.
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I think so.
I think so.
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Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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You're listening to the GCN Radio Network.
Coming to you, ladies and gentlemen, from the capital of Texas, Austin.
We're live here.
I'm about to go to your phone calls.
I know there's a lot of good old boys driving around around the country.
You know something?
And they think if they just giggle and laugh at something, it makes it okay.
All that guy's nuts.
Bush is good.
And we need people to do jobs nobody wants.
Nobody wants because
Illegal aliens on average take about triple in welfare and services what they actually pay in taxes.
See, it's subsidized.
Then globalist corporations lower their wages and lower everyone else's wages, so anybody trying to live in the system, anybody trying to pay taxes, can't live and is bankrupt.
And it is the end of the country, this amnesty bill.
There's well over 30 million illegal aliens.
That's what Mexico
Estimates went in last year's numbers the Mexican government says More than 20% of its population lives in the United States And there are over 120 million people of Mexican birth So do the math that's 30 really plus million just Mexicans in the US and
Who, by the way, are virulently nationalistic for their country and their flag that has two animals killing each other on the front of it.
And that's fine, but I want the Laurie Conquistas and the Plan of San Diego crowd to know that the American people, and Hispanics included, know what you're writing, know what you're saying, and are finding out about the larger plan, and
The big corporations that are running this country on the ground are using you to bring down the sovereignty of this country.
And they're not your friends either.
And I know a lot of you are beginning to realize that and understanding what's happening.
But if you legalize another 30 million people and you allow them to bring 11 family members in apiece, that's in the bill, and you legalize, it says MS-13, child molesters, it's all in here, totally legalized, no taxes for five years,
You get Social Security cards your first visit.
You don't have to come back for 12 years.
It says it in the bill.
I have the subsections!
Just, uh... The best thing for you to do, because Senator Sessions has links to the subsections of the bills with each claim he makes, is just type in, Senator Sessions releases list of 20 loopholes.
And then you can go read every one of them.
At, uh, the sessions.senate.gov.
And you can just go in his press releases if you want, just go to Senator Sessions' site, and then you can go to the bill.
They wouldn't allow him to release the bill two weeks ago, so he released a few little subsections, and then finally, Senators revolted.
See, because the government wanted to keep it secret from you!
Oh, it's not amnesty, but we want to keep it secret.
Like, oh, we're not handing over all the roads in Texas to a foreign Spanish company, but the agreement is secret, even from the legislature.
See, oh, that isn't tyranny when the governments, when agencies are saying everything's secret, even from the legislature.
Oh no, everything's fine.
Same thing at the federal level.
Everything's just wonderful.
And then, my God, you read it, and it was worse than anything we've ever seen.
And George, I mean, I heard Tony Snow all over talk radio the last three weeks lying and saying, you guys aren't real conservatives, this gets tough on the borders, blah, blah, blah.
Folks, it builds nothing, it does nothing.
They built a few miles of fence last year and put a couple hundred National Guard down there.
A couple thousand were in total support, but a couple hundred at any one time, not allowed to arrest anyone.
And they hired illegal aliens to build the couple miles of fence on a 2,200 mile border.
It's gimmicks, but you like gimmicks, folks.
You don't know the Federal Reserve's private.
You don't know that private banks totally own and run the city governments.
They own and run Austin, Dallas, everything.
Completely owned.
Fraudulently obtained.
It is fraud, but so what?
You don't know they're trying to set up a worldwide police state to go ahead and take any wealth you've got left.
Not because they want baubles and trinkets of power, but because they're threatened by any independent wealth.
And they write books about it.
Thousand page books about it.
The heads of Georgetown Political Science!
Bill Clinton's mentor writes it, calling you slaves.
Zbigniew Brzezinski calls you slaves!
Talks about how we need terror attacks in America to get you to submit to them!
They just laugh at you because you're never going to go read them actually laughing at you!
Hell, when they're having meetings with the NAU, North American Union, saying it's the North American Union, and saying it's got to be kept secret,
And we get the actual four-year documents, you still don't believe it, and you write articles like, the conservative case against Ron Paul.
Then you ninny around, acting like you're conservatives, when you're a traitor, scum, to this country.
So go ahead and tell everybody, and call into your neocon talk, and claim it isn't amnesty, and just lie, and claim there's no North American Union, and claim there's no EU expansion.
A month ago on television, on C-SPAN,
They have the head of the EU, Barroso, and Merkel from Germany over here, publicly merging the EU and the NAU, saying they're merging them on television!
And people still say it doesn't exist!
Just like amnesty isn't amnesty.
Just like everything else isn't what it is.
And I am the radical, I'm the kook, because I actually read the legislation, and I actually care about this country!
Alright, I know we got Mike in Southeast Texas, Jesse in Toronto, Canada, Jeffrey in Michigan, John in British Columbia, Kevin in Austin, and many others.
And I'll just go ahead and start going through some of your calls, but I mean, my God, I've interviewed BBC reporters who've been arrested for saying rural communities deserve rights.
He just said, we deserve rights.
Robin Page.
Boom, you're arrested.
That was hate of the government.
I mean, folks, it's happening.
Trent Lott's calling for getting rid of our free speech.
Powerful, arrogant, corrupt, special interests have taken over the nation.
None of us are safe.
They're masters at making you think you're part of the power system.
Because you live in a $20 million house.
And you've got $80 million in assets.
And they pat you on the head at little regional board things you go to.
And you get good business deals out of it with them.
But long term, your children have no future.
And they don't tell you, by the way, don't take the MMR shot.
By the way, don't take that HPV shot.
They don't let you into the eugenics meetings.
They don't have you to the Club of Rome, where they talk about how they're going to kill 80% of us.
Folks, they killed over 200 million people last century.
The same individuals that are running things now.
That's a historical fact.
And they are setting everything up to have that simply be a prelude.
A setting the table for the larger feast.
And I've discovered all this stuff.
I just can't believe it.
It's so unbelievable.
Believe me, I can't consciously accept it.
But it is the fact.
Our government has not been our government for a long time, ladies and gentlemen.
Our government in the 20s was funding and financing Lenin.
Our government in the 20s was financing the Nazis.
It's not our government.
But back then they didn't have a big federal government, and people hadn't been trained how to be slaves yet, so they could rob and steal and run scams and print the money and, you know, take your tax money, invest it in private institutions and have double sets of books.
But it took them a long time to take down America, but now they're to the point where they don't even need you anymore.
I mean, what does it say about the political parties that 91% of Americans don't want this amnesty bill in a Gallup poll?
But then the Republicans and Democrats come out and say it's not amnesty and lie to everyone and then get together trying to pass it.
You see, if they'll lie to you on that, what else are they lying to you on?
What else are they doing?
When you find out that the Treasury Department, by design, began a policy of a weak dollar, we were the leader!
And our leaders made the decision to bring us down, to sacrifice us on the altar of global government.
I didn't like our fiat money system 5, 6, 7 years ago, because I knew it gave them great control.
And I knew Trilateral Commission documents from the 70's said that at a point, around 2000, they would begin devaluing the dollar, to bring us into the greater New World Order.
And now we're here, man!
It's happening!
They're doing it!
They have no allegiance.
In fact, they hate this country!
They are literally acting like what the mob, the trick the mob does is they take over a business, run the debts out of it, and then even burn it down on top of it.
I don't even know what to say anymore.
It's so far gone, ladies and gentlemen.
And then I tune into Mainline Talk Radio, mainstream news, and I mean, I was watching CNN today, and they're like, Tony Blair is under fire for introducing a humanitarian increase of human rights.
And the average person watching that would go, well, that's just terrible!
Good ol' Tony!
Can't you read the bill?
It's not even a bill, you read his new order, ordering the British government to merge further with the EU and get rid of the British court systems in due process, and it takes your rights, and he's calling for getting rid of free speech, Trent Lott's calling for it here, New York Times, and oh, Tony Blair is trying to fix your freedoms by taking them away!
Alright, I promise.
We'll go right to your calls after important news and announcement from all our fine affiliates out there.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Well, the traitor Trent Lott is saying they're going to, quote, try to reel in and rein in the younger guys who are huffing and puffing against the bill and the Republican Party.
Went on to say Talk Radio is running America.
We have to deal with that problem.
So he supports Hillary Clinton wanting to regulate and control it.
This is out of the New York Times today.
Because I guess they're big hoax.
They're big fraud.
Remember, they tried to keep the bull secret.
Always a sign things may not be too good.
Oh, it's not amnesty, but it's secret.
There's a secret.
We can't let you see it.
We trust this.
And then, frankly, I thought it was the old Kennedy Bill.
That's what I'd heard from different Senators and people who'd spoken out.
Turned out it was at least double worse, if that's possible.
We're going to talk more about that.
Tony Blair literally trying to slit the throat of England right now.
He has announced that he's going to just, by executive order, hand over England to the EU under all their rules.
No more free speech.
He made the announcement.
Made free news.
No more due process.
All these new hate laws.
Regulation of the web, new taxation, but mainly it destroys British sovereignty, and of course now we learn it was a secret meeting at the EU that he'll be giving the EU presidency out of line.
It's not anyone's turn to get that, but it doesn't matter.
They do whatever they want.
It's dictatorship.
So, just incredible global things happening geopolitically right now, plus tribal warfare as Palestinians slaughter each other over in the West Bank right now.
It's all coming up, and I've got some news here about backlash against zero tolerance growth.
But right now, we have loaded phone lines.
Let's take calls here.
I have no idea who's been holding the longest.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jesse in Toronto, Canada.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Jesse.
Hi, Jesse.
Hi, Alex.
My name is Jesse.
I'm flying from Toronto.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
My dad was in the Army.
He was a filmmaker during the war.
And I just want to talk to you about some of the propaganda the U.S.
has been putting out trying to destroy our name.
Let's see, let's see.
Their propaganda is so slick that you and I say propaganda the U.S.
is putting out.
It's not the U.S.
government anymore.
It's not necessarily the U.S., but it's the Illuminati.
But the U.S.
has a big... I mean, let's be clear.
It's us, the slaves, that are controlled and propagandized and lied to doing whatever we're told and believing that, you know, that boiling water is ice cold.
Well, tell us about the propaganda.
Well, I'll give you a perfect example.
During the war, when the young men used to go on the buses to go to their stations, wherever they were staying at, when their families were saying goodbye to them, they would give them, for example, there was a book, and in Farsi, if you translate it in English, it says it's the key to heaven.
And then when the American reporters found out, they went back to the U.S.
and wrote an article in one of the... Yeah, I don't understand what you're saying.
A key to heaven?
No, no, there's a book back home that they used to... I understand, sir.
How is that propaganda?
Yeah, if you let me finish, I'll tell you.
I'm trying to understand.
Like, when the American reporters came back to the U.S., they put an ad in, like, they wrote a story about how
The Iranians will tell their children, go kill yourself against the enemy.
It doesn't matter what you do.
Go die.
Just kill yourself.
Kill whoever you can.
Okay, finish your story.
I'm not understanding.
I don't understand you.
I'm sorry.
I just can't understand it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Southeast Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, sir.
Hey, Alex.
Happy Father's Day to you, sir.
Thank you.
I got all four of your films I just ordered, and they came in a very timely manner.
I think y'all did a wonderful job of shipping them.
Well, thank you.
Terror Storm, Martial Law, American Freedom from Fascism, and all that.
Before I go on to my topic, how's Aaron Russo doing?
He's got cancer.
He's not doing too well.
Well, I'm praying for him, sir.
Thank you.
About the Iraq War situation, from the calculations that you've been saying about they're only counting 1 out of 15 deaths, well, would you agree that the death toll is closer to probably 13,000 to 14,000 already?
Well, I don't know, you may have misunderstood me because I sometimes get excitable and talk so fast.
What we know is that over 15,000, so that's where you got that number, people have died, troops have died, and that's not counting contractors, that's enlisted.
Over 15,000 have died, but they only count about 3,500 and 20-something right now, because you have to die on the battlefield.
If you die in Rammstein, or if you even die in the air, they don't count that as a combat casualty.
They did in the past.
So the numbers are fixed.
And for those that don't know about this, the real lying about casualties started in Vietnam, before the government was pretty honest about it.
We had troops, of course, from 59 until 64 when the war never got declared, but was more official in Vietnam.
And more than 4,000 troops died, but that was a secret until about 1975 at the end of the war.
Then they were admitted that, yeah, we lost more than 4,000 troops.
So they're real good at it, and it's all part of the lying, yes.
Yes, and also my third topic is the situation with Ed Brown.
What's the latest?
Well, there's really been no new developments.
Ed Brown, of course, they've had to railroad him on income taxes.
He and his wife have said no.
They're holed up in their home in New Hampshire, and it's gotten a lot of national attention, and we're just covering that as it develops.
The feds haven't tried to move in and rate them again like they tried a week and a half ago.
And again, the caller calling from Canada, I wasn't trying to be mean to you, sir.
I just got to move quick, and I just, maybe I'm stupid, I just couldn't understand you.
And then I'm trying to put another call on hold and actually hung up on you.
Let's go ahead and go to Kevin in Austin, Texas.
You're on the air, sir.
Hello, Alex.
Happy Father's Day to you.
Yeah, I'm right up here in Pflugerville.
Thank you.
I was visiting my mother because of the holiday and all.
And we've seen a carload of two cars sitting there with Mexican flags in the back window.
One in front of them, two behind them.
Going down the street here in front of my mother's house.
Meanwhile, the majority of this neighborhood is Hispanic up here.
Like, maybe 5% white.
Right here where the white people live, kind of paraded down here with Mexican music blaring louder than ever.
Uh, it's the first time I've seen it.
And then they looped around and came back weaving back and forth.
People couldn't even get down the street, Alex.
And then I... No, you need to be arrested for hate speech, sir.
I mean, it's all part of the new freedom.
You know, you're evil.
Go ahead.
Then I went up the street and I seen it again by a guy that owns a record service that we know.
And they were doing it in front of his house and they almost swerved and hit me.
He looked at me like I had three heads over there.
I understand, sir.
Let me be very clear about this.
There is no one more Hispanic, no one more patriotic than Hispanic Americans.
No one who cares about this country more than Hispanic American citizens.
But the culture and the media in the U.S.
and in Mexico doesn't teach Hispanics that over a third of the founders of Texas were Hispanic or the father of Texas who wrote our Constitution was Hispanic.
They don't teach that.
They don't teach Santa Ana was a dictator.
They don't teach that Mexico stole most of the land south of it.
They teach that America took over.
America's evil.
The universities teach this.
When I went to Anderson High, I was taken in the art class to UT where the art class to be taught in America was evil.
I spoke up and it was shocking to the UT department.
Then I found out about the plan of San Diego.
The Germans ran Mexico.
Was the Austrian-Hungarian prince.
That was the old name of the German Empire.
And so in World War I they had the Mexican government attack
The Southwest, they killed a whole bunch of people.
That's all kept very quiet that the Germans and Mexicans attacked during World War I. That's when some of the racial tension for the first time really started in Texas.
Then Hitler tried to get Mexico to attack again during World War II, but they put so many Marines on the border that it didn't happen.
It's called the Plan of San Diego.
It's all kept very quiet.
Mainstream history, folks.
Just type Plan of San Diego in, you'll get really scary stuff.
It's all right there.
And in Mexico, it's very nationalistic, very anti-America.
And that's why the government is racing, this government, to get rid of the borders, to get the amnesty now.
Because they know there's only a matter of time before the illegals are going to riot in major cities.
They do it in Mexico all the time.
And burn down large sections of the U.S.
Then they'll have trouble getting amnesty after that.
So they're racing to get it.
And then they'll use the burning down as a means to get a police take on in the U.S.
We'll come back, take more of your calls, stay with me.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
All I'm doing is being honest here about what's happening in the world.
And... I'm here to tell you.
That Mexico is extremely corrupt.
Its people are extremely nationalistic.
I'm not even saying that's a bad thing.
Americans aren't anymore.
We've been all trained as Americans, regardless of what color we are, to be namby-pamby, limp-wristed, political weaklings, and we don't want to hurt anybody's feelings.
And I remember about ten years ago, when they'd have Mexican Independence Day downtown, I'd be down there
It was more than ten years ago.
When was I parking cars?
Fourteen years ago, as a valet.
And I didn't know about any of this stuff.
A couple summers I did that in college to make good money.
And my God, I was down there twice when there'd be Mexican Independence Day.
I mean, wildly waving flags, parades, screaming gringo this and that, just frothing with hate of America.
And I would go, whoa, man, what's this?
And, uh, it was, but it's perfect.
Like, it's a big secret.
Nobody's supposed to know.
And Time Magazine's got it to cover about, well, I guess it is amnesty and it makes sense, and, oh, it's a sweet little worker, wants to be friendly.
And I'm sorry, folks.
They haven't been geldered like we have down in Mexico.
Americans used to be for America.
But now, I mean, frankly, a majority of these newcomers from Mexico, and a lot of them from other Latin American countries, they'll tell you right out, they hate this country.
My wife speaks fluent Spanish.
I remember about five, six years ago, she'd go, aren't you being a little hard on the air?
And I'd go, honey, go look at these websites.
And she was like, my God, they say they're going to kill everyone.
And I'm like, yeah.
She's like, now she's like, look at that grocery store.
It says La Rica and Kista.
This is Mexico.
Look at that.
You know, she lived in Spain all those years.
It says this.
She's like, listen to this radio.
The name of the radio station is The Invader.
The name of the radio station is The Ruler.
The name of the radio station is The Mexican Race.
You can go translate this stuff and it's, we are the supreme, I mean, they had Gus Garcia, the mayor, before he left, I have this on video, had a city proclamation saying that Mexicans are the superior master race, a god race mixed with aliens.
Okay, that's what they had.
They had a, and I have it on video, they had a city function where they called in these people in Aztec outfits,
And they declared Mexicans the Cosmic Race.
And then you go read what the Cosmic Race is, and it is the God Race of the Marie Conquista de Oslo.
And you go read that plan, and it says, YOU GON' DIE, BOY!
And I'm sitting here, I'm supposed to go, oh yes, kill me, oh America's bad, oh I support, I support Tom DeLay and George Bush, get rid of my borders, it's not an amnesty.
And I'm supposed to sit here and play along with it.
So yes sir, you say you're up outside Austin and there's drunk illegal aliens running around waving Mexican flags.
We've all seen it.
Anybody who says they haven't seen it on the highway or anywhere else, and don't worry, they don't have to pay taxes, they don't have to do nothing.
They can be aggravated felons, they can rob banks, whatever, they now get legalized in this bill.
You don't believe me?
Just go read the bill.
Just go read it, but see, they know.
Americans don't know the three branches of government on average, they don't know who their governors are, they don't know who their representatives are, they don't know what a Shiite versus a Sunni is, that's why they can call Shiites Al-Qaeda, when that's like
Jesus versus the devil?
Complete opposites?
I mean, they just treat you like you're complete morons, and they're using a nationalistic third world country, the second most corrupt nation on earth, a nation that has two animals killing each other on the front of it.
There's no flag like that!
I'm sorry, I'm just beginning to recognize these things.
Probably one of the most nationalistic nations in the world.
I mean, there's no problem merging with the Canadians.
They've got the same culture, the same history.
The Mexicans want to destroy America.
I'm talking about the illegal alien Mexicans.
They hate this country with an absolute passion, and I'm supposed to buy into the media lie that, oh, they're these sweet little people that love us and they want to help us.
Pure bull!
And I'm supposed to sit here and watch the mayor
The former mayor, when he was mayor, sit there and declare them the cosmic race!
What do you think La Raza means?
You know what their motto is?
For those inside the race, everything.
For those outside the race, nothing.
Did you know that if you can translate that into an exact Hitler speech, and the different derivations of Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein F├╝hrer,
I mean, I'm hearing people actually with Hitler quotes turned around for their group, and I'm supposed to sit here and take it!
I'm sick of it!
And I'm sick of all the scum yuppies that run this country!
I hate your guts!
And I hate all the stinky, fake, yellow-bellied, scumbag Republicans that love killing this country!
And all the weak, bug-eyed, twit liberals, all a bunch of weak,
Chicken neck scum running this country into the ground!
You don't know history!
You don't know nothing!
They've blown out our dollar!
They've already tanked our sovereignty!
The country's already gone!
You fools!
And you don't even know it!
But this amnesty bill will put us that much deeper into the pit of hell with no chance of digging our way out!
And I gotta sit here as an American and watch illegal aliens who hate our country running all over us!
With that stupid twit president that runs absolutely nothing!
And that bug-eyed scumbag!
That piece of filth!
I hate him!
And I hate Bill Clinton!
And I hate the Rothschilds!
And I hate David Rockefeller!
And I hate Karl Rove!
That little twit!
They think it's funny.
They think it's cute to kill this country.
They think it's funny to build nothing but prisons everywhere and brainwash our children.
I don't think it's funny.
Let's talk to Rodney.
Rodney in Austin, Texas.
You're on the air.
Thanks for taking my call.
I got three things I want to say.
Number one, the Operation Wetback that Eisenhower
Uh, initiated.
Wasn't that in direct response to what you were talking about with Hitler, uh, getting the Mexicans?
Yes, yes.
Hitler tried to launch the attack.
They did kill some people.
It's kept very quiet.
I have the San Diego newspapers.
And, uh, yeah, Hitler, Hitler had his people attacked with the Mexicans and that's why Eisenhower launched it.
But you see, when I read this article about expatriation of Mexicans back to California and them also being given restitution for what Eisenhower did, they never mentioned the fact that many of those people that Eisenhower sent back to Mexico were people who were involved in... The Germans ran Mexico until right after 1870!
Okay, now my second point is you were talking about the high number of illegals that have been involved in traffic fatalities, drunken driving.
Well, wasn't it just two years ago that the governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, while he was out gallivanting around on his motorcycle, was struck by a drunk Mexican?
Well, here's the deal.
You used to have a lot of drunk Americans, too, but we've been conditioned not to do it, and that's good.
And I've seen the statistics.
In North Carolina alone, the illegal aliens are eight times more involved per capita.
Eight times more?
That was in the news.
The state police released it.
We're literally above the law!
My final point, Alex, is that they had this, uh... It's not me playing that, you guys.
Anti-amnesty bill.
Anti-amnesty, uh... No, no, no, this is our new national anthem.
Go ahead and play it.
Let's play it out here.
That's what we should play.
Death to America!
That's a good thing now.
Alright, that was enjoyable.
Are we going to get a break here?
This is Insane Asylum Day, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to put you on hold and come back to you, okay?
You know what, Rodney?
Sure, thank you.
Yeah, that was after Eisenhower became president, but it was because he remembered the two attacks by Mexico for the Army of Germany.
Boy, they want to keep that quiet.
I'm Dr. Bill Diggle, M.D.
I'm the Nutrimedical Report here on Genesis.
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Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
Wow, I went so crazy last segment, I think I caused the computer system to melt down in there.
We're back live.
Seriously, folks, that's how I feel inside.
As I just coldly, calmly read about how Germany attacked us through Mexico twice, and how Mexico has giant parades, and Vicente Fox a couple years ago came down and rode his horse along the border,
You know, to officiate that he's going to attack and take over America.
The Mexican president before him said this is Mexico and they're taking it over.
It's all a big joke and we just sit here like a bunch of chicken necks, not supposed to talk about it, not supposed to deal with it.
Then we're supposed to believe Bush and the Democrats saying it's not amnesty and I've got the bill right here in front of me.
In fact, I'm going to do this right now and I promise I'm going to
I'm going to Rodney, Alex, Lindsey, John.
John, real soon.
He's been holding a long time from British Columbia.
Jeffrey in Michigan, too.
I'll go to those two guys after I finish up with Rodney.
But I'm not going to spend all day reading these.
These are Senator Sessions' lists.
He gives a subsection and a link to the bill where you can read it.
He even has the word-for-word out of the bill.
20 loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill.
Loophole 1.
Legal status before enforcement.
And you come and you instantly get a social security card with no checking who your identity is.
That means you can get multiple ones.
And you get instant welfare, instant social security card.
I'm not kidding.
Legal status before enforcement, loophole two, U.S.
visit, exit not in trigger.
You don't have to leave and then come back to be able to do it.
Loophole number three, remember this is an amnesty.
Well, in a way it's not.
It's a pardon is what it is.
Loophole 3, trigger requirement, no more agents, beds are fencing, the current law.
It actually cuts back on the number of motor patrol, but it doesn't matter if you have the actual subsection.
Just stick a W sticker on your car and just go, I'm good, it ain't true.
Here's another one, loophole 4, three additional years worth of illegal aliens granted status, treated preferential to legal filers.
Legal filers gotta still pay all the thousands of dollars and spend years and years.
Anyone who is here now gets to stay and never come back and check in for 12 years and anyone for three more years can do that.
There was no evidence of when they came in or left.
Loophole 5, completion of background checks not required for appropriationary legal status.
See, I'm kind of jumping ahead there.
Loophole 6, some child molesters are still eligible.
And really, he should do a whole subsection just on aggravated felons, because the section actually says aggravated felons are allowed to become citizens and stay here.
And that means armed stuff.
That means violence.
Raping children, robbing banks.
Of course, I remember the Washington Post happily reporting five years ago they're hiring illegal alien aggravated felons for the Army.
They'll take orders and shoot at American citizens.
They're going to be... Santa Fe says they're going to hire illegal aliens as cops.
You starting to figure this out, folks?
You'll find out soon enough, all of you out there.
And then you'll remember what I said.
Then you'll be screaming and yelling.
Loophole 6, some child molesters are still eligible.
Loophole 7.
Terrorism connections allowed.
Good moral character not required.
I'm not kidding.
In section 204S2611.
This is Senator Sessions.
Reporting on it.
It says that you're allowed to... It goes on loophole 8.
Gang members are eligible.
It says you can be an admitted MS-13 or other hardcore gang member.
It's absolutely fine.
Loophole 9.
And again, it is a racial gang, folks.
It's about RASA!
Race, man!
Shaved heads, whole nine yards, howl Hitler.
Most of them don't even know that, though, that it was all German run.
They don't even know, folks.
It is... It's that little leftover that Germany gave us.
Little, little friendly thing.
Again, the average person's laughing right now.
Type the Treaty of San Diego into Google.
Type Germany ran Mexico.
Type it in.
You'll find out.
Loophole 9.
Absconders are eligible.
It says you could have been catch and release, but they say, okay, you were drunk driving, but you've got to come to this court date, whatever fake name they give.
It just says you're allowed to have absconded and run away from whatever you want.
Now you or I abscond from a drunk driving deal.
They'll come to our house with a SWAT team and kill you and your whole family if they get in the way, and shoot your chihuahua while they're at it.
And I've been to houses where the Austin SWAT team shot small dogs.
You're gonna die!
Because you're the slave!
You're designated as morons!
Because you are!
So do I!
You deserve it!
We're all scum.
Alright, anyways, we are.
We've got to admit how pathetic we are and grow back bones again and get mad.
You know, the biggest thing I found out a week ago, because it was in a bunch of mainstream news articles, AP reported it, I didn't know the Pentagon, I knew 20 plus percent of the Army was illegally and legalized, and I knew about 15 percent of the Marines were, but I knew they'd opened giant recruiting stations five years ago from Mexico City to Manila, Philippines, to Eastern Europe.
But I didn't know that the military was spending tens of millions, and it has defense contractors, to lobby to get the Immigration Reform Bill, the End of America Bill, passed.
That is treason, folks.
It's not our military brass.
They're all CFR, they're all globalists.
The head of the Naval War College, Thomas Barnett, admits they work for the New World Order, says they work for Wall Street.
I mean, there's not even... I mean, our military is lobbying, it said, in the AP, to get rid of the borders, to bring in more foreigners, to get their quotas met on recruitment.
I mean, you couldn't make that up!
I remember talking to old Special Forces officers who were retired 15 years ago when I was waking up, going, I saw plans to bring in the Latin Americans to rule over us.
I classified under PDD 25, and I'd be like, oh, sure you did.
And now I'm seeing it all happen.
And I'm looking at my family going, my God!
I can't believe this is happening!
And I talk to them by the military, and they go, yeah, we're on bases.
And I'm like, half of the people there are Latin American or Eastern Bloc now, and they got their own leaders in there.
And I got video of them doing house-to-house gun confiscation drills.
Loophole 9, absconders are eligible.
Oh, no, this isn't amnesty.
This is a total pardon.
End of the country!
Learning English not required for a decade.
Loophole 11, earned income tax credit will cost taxpayers.
Loophole 12, affidavits from friends except it is evidence that they have been in the country previously.
Loophole 13, taxpayer-funded legal counsel and arbitration to help them get their citizenship.
Loophole 14, an in-state tuition and student loans at a rate higher than U.S.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Yeah, that's GW.
I mean, it's so much fun.
I mean, and they're proud of it.
Guttin' America's a lot of fun, folks.
We pull a fifth... Oh, by the way, type into YouTube.
I went to play it a few weeks ago.
Because they're saying, well, don't worry, Gordon Brown, the conservative, may save England from Blair handing him over to the EU.
But I got Gordon Brown saying he'll do it on tape and saying he's for a new world order.
Just like Gordon Brown, new world order into YouTube, listeners.
Type Gordon Brown, New World Order quote into YouTube.
He says it like ten times in the speech.
It'll be about a three minute clip.
I meant to give that to you and I forgot.
Loophole 15.
Inadequacy of merit system.
Goes on.
Loophole 16.
Visas for individuals that plan to overstay.
Loophole 17.
Chain migration crippled before eliminated.
To 11.
You're allowed to bring 11 found members who are allowed to bring 11 themselves.
And by the way, you're instantly allowed to do it.
You instantly get a social security card.
Under any name you wish!
No verification!
And then the cops will pull you over and want to search my car, looking for schmack and flake their bosses shipped in, when I don't use your trash.
And on TV, they're pushing every type of drug you can imagine on the children.
It's hilarious that all you scum out there think you can just let this happen and your bank accounts are going to be safe.
And no, you're all going to get sucked dry by it, all you yuppies and scum that went along with this.
Loophole 18, back taxes not required.
It says that you, for five years, are not, for any back taxes, you are forgiven any taxes you didn't pay as an illegal worker in this country.
Go read it for yourself, folks.
Uh, no work histories need to be given.
Lukehold 20.
Criminal fines not proportional to conduct.
And it says that it's really loopholes.
Nobody has to pay a fine.
Oh, okay.
Let's go back to Rodney real fast and I'll get to everybody else.
I promise we'll get everybody at least who's holding.
Oh, here we go to break again.
Take us out to break.
Rodney, real fast.
Yeah, I just want to ask you, how do you have a rational discussion with people who say that they don't think a fence needs to be built at the border because we might need to get out one day?
Well, you know, that's pure bull, ladies and gentlemen.
You already can't get out.
They've put up borders so you can't get out on all the highways, part of the FEMA takeover plan.
No, they're killing this country, period.
We'll be right back.
They love it.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
All these new challenges are bringing together about the biggest restructuring we have ever seen, not just of the global economy, but of the global order as a whole.
And 200 years ago, a famous British foreign secretary said that the new world had been called into existence to redress the balance of the old.
In 1990, another old world ended, dominated by the Cold War, and people talked then, in 1990, of a new world order.
What we actually meant then was a new political order.
And what was not foreseen then, but is obvious now from everything that we see and do, what we experience in every day of our life, is the sheer scale and speed and scope of globalization.
And it's only now that we can begin to understand that the world order
The lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
And that was Gordon Brown a few weeks ago.
He's going to be the new Prime Minister.
And all these conservatives in England are going, You saved us from the new world order!
He'll stop Blair from handing a server to Europe!
Actually, you have articles.
Taking all of our freedoms away!
Get them, Brown!
Get them!
He's literally saying, I'm taking everything!
Taking everyone's DNA at birth!
Arresting you for anything!
Massive tax increases!
Total control!
Same thing here.
It's not amnesty!
Ha ha ha!
It's the end of your country, you fool!
That's what the new world order is.
It's like the death of the old, the birth of the new.
It's the end of all of our sovereignties and global corporations ruling us with total taxation, total police state, and they say that's what it is.
Do you understand me?
Quick plug, and I'm in another gamut of six, seven primal calls here.
I'm having a sneak peek.
Endgame, which is the plan for world government, the plan for mass extermination of the population.
Yes, I've documented it.
It's my film coming out in a few months.
I'm going to show an hour of it.
It's unfinished, but it's getting close.
It's a two-hour film.
I'm going to show an hour of it Thursday night, 7 p.m.
at the Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
Just a sneak peek.
And I'm going to show a sneak peek, it hasn't been released yet, of Terror Storm Final Cut.
The second edition is coming out right now.
It's about 30 minutes of that.
And I'm going to give a speech and some other surprises.
So get your tickets at the Alamo Draft House website.
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It's coming up this Thursday.
And coming up this Wednesday, I'm going to be doing a video and book signing at Brave New Books down off Guadalupe on the drag, right at the end of the drag, folks.
You know, the southerly area of the drag.
I'll be there 7 to 9 o'clock.
So I hope to see you there as well, Brave New Books.
Right now, let's go to Jeffrey, then John, then Cheryl and others.
Jeffrey, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding for over an hour.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to know if this is coincidence or if the timings actually match up.
I had heard that George Bush claimed a sore stomach and he couldn't go to the meeting.
And where did... I don't know if you've... Well, people get sore stomachs.
I mean, his dad vomited all over the Japanese Prime Minister, so, you know, people do that.
Well, I was just wondering if it was coincidental with the C4, the people with C4.
I mean, could that have possibly been...
At the G8, when the U.S.
agents tried to sneak in bombs, and the Germans caught them last week, and then we saw it in the German news and reported on it, that was the same day, and I think it was the same time.
My God, our government may have been planning to kill a bunch of people at the G8.
I know the Feds tried to fly a plane into the Capitol on 9-11, but that got shot down when the happy hooligans didn't follow orders and went ahead and shot it down.
Oh my God!
See, this is incredible!
By the way, CNN reported that there was an inside job at the Samara Mosque bombing, but then they pulled it down.
They didn't retract, they pulled it down.
Of course, who even knows what a Samara Mosque is?
You just heard Al-Qaeda did something, didn't you?
Oh, Al-Qaeda's gonna get me.
And they're getting rid of your sovereignty, aren't they?
And they're destroying your dollar.
Al-Qaeda's doing that.
No, you're filthy, degenerate.
Government's doing that, but isn't your government?
You'll find out soon enough, though.
Go ahead and laugh out there.
Ah, let's go ahead and, uh... Hi.
I am angry, folks.
I'm trying to control myself here.
Let's go ahead and take a call from Canada.
John in British Columbia.
Go ahead.
I had a comment and question about the Oklahoma City bombing.
I was reading some of the documents and they're trying to do a lawsuit against the FBI.
Yes, government op.
And Terry Nichols was saying that he had some further information that he was afraid to release through the mail because it would be confiscated about the case.
Is it possible for you to get an interview with Terry Nichols in that?
No, we have tried.
So has George Norey.
I've interviewed the guy that was able to get in because he's a lawyer.
And he did name that McVeigh was a black op, and that he was basically patchy.
We already knew all that and confirmed it.
But that's been in AP and a few major newspapers, but it hasn't been a big national story.
Yeah, but I mean, it would just be great to hear it from a horse's mouth, you know?
We have been trying.
See, when he tried to go to John Ashcroft with the fact that it was a Clinton operation, he was barred from seeing the media.
Then he was only able to get a lawyer in who got the recorded deposition but not videotaped.
Now, Jesse Trinidad has tried to get that interview and has been told no.
So that's where that stands right now.
Cheryl in France.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, hi.
We're just talking about what you said.
There was someone, a junior officer who had worked for the White House at the time, who was interviewing McVeigh, and who had a very, very...
How do you say?
A death.
She was murdered and they never found her and then they found like a bone or something about it.
Well, a lot of people were murdered.
The cop of the year, Terrence Yakey, was there and saw the feds and the bombs.
Seconds after the blast and saw the VATF and bomb there.
Takes 30 minutes to put on.
They told him, shut up or we'll kill you.
His last call was to his partner.
He said, I'm being followed by some feds.
They took him out.
Tortured him real good to death.
Yeah, they said he committed suicide without having... Shooting himself in the back of the head repeatedly and slitting his wrist and stabbing himself... I'm calling about the immigration bill because you didn't speak about it and I've been reading up on it.
And since then, I've written my senator, I've sent mails out to all my family.
And everyone just sort of, you know, tells me, oh well, it's not going to pass.
And, you know, when President Bush comes out and says, I'll meet you at the signing, and everybody's just like, you know, the guy cheated twice to get elected.
You know, he has no squams about cheating to get... But he's a conservative, so it's alright!
Yes, he did cheat, but Gore also took a dive, and so did his cousin, Kerry.
Bush is a cousin on nine sides of the family.
Yes, there's that many sides.
Every angle, they're related.
Just everywhere you look, they're related.
Look into it, MSNBC.
The third cousins, 14th cousins, it just goes on and on.
But nine different angles that they're related.
And, of course, fraternity mates and all the rest of it totally staged.
Oh, no, they don't stage anything.
Everything's trustworthy.
The government loves you.
Fox News isn't behind the Hillary campaign giving her money.
Everything's wonderful.
Just go back to sleep, America.
The liberals will get you if you don't give up all your rights.
Let's go ahead and talk to Lindsey in Victor, Idaho.
You're on the air.
Lindsey, got to jump if you're not there.
Okay, sorry about that.
Alex, in Virginia, you are on the air.
Yes, go ahead.
Yeah, Mr. Jones.
This is Lindsey from Victor.
Listen, I lost your call there, sir.
We got to move quick here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Don in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Hey, how we doing, Alex?
Hey, I got a good question for you.
If the NAU is supposed to go through by 2010,
How much longer are they going to go and allow us to have gun control?
Well, let's explain, sir.
They use all these little semantical tactics.
They keep reintroducing the bill and saying it's dead to make everybody be calm and quit calling and stop the lobbying so they can ram it through.
Okay, that's a tactic they've used on NAFTA, on GATT.
It's a tactic they used on the campaign finance bill, which actually reduced our free speech and doubled the money big corporations could give.
That's a tactic.
You know, that's like the lady just before this.
She had said that, you know, that people just don't believe that amnesty bill is going to pass.
Well, it's the same way the guys at work say to me that they just don't believe that gun control will ever be... Oh my God!
That was the top story I forgot!
I was really frustrated all day here and I knew there was something I was forgetting.
And it's here in my stack and it's driving me crazy.
The biggest gun control bill
Since the 1968 Gun Control Act was passed, massive restrictions on gun ownership, massive federalization of it.
Type into Google.
I can't find it.
It was in my stack here.
Where is it?
Geez, I can't find it.
Type into Google.
NRA and gun control groups team up.
That should bring it up.
It was on Prison Planet Monday and Tuesday.
We tried to warn people Monday they were about to pass it after the Virginia shooting.
And, uh, see, it needs to be a post-traumatic stress, anything.
And we're giving everybody psychological designations now.
You can't own guns, but the key is it brings in federal control and federal funds to start federalizing things.
And, of course, the NRA supported the 68 Gun Control Act.
Does that stop gun crime?
It's about going after citizens, and Governor Pataki's suing manufacturers.
If he wins, it could shut down the industry nationwide.
Again, a Republican.
We're under massive attack.
The NRA is a Judas goat there to make sure we lose.
That's how they operate, folks.
Just like Fox News is behind the Clintons.
We are out of time.
I'll see you back here next week, and I'll see you coming up Thursday night at the Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
Seven o'clock for two sneak peeks at two new films I got coming out.
God bless.
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