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Air Date: June 15, 2007
2414 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome!
It is the 15th day already of June 2007 and we're going to be live here for the next three hours and we're going to have wide open phones today at 1-800-259-9231.
We're finally starting to get national attention for the ongoing standoff
The Feds have told the Brown family outside Plainfield, New Hampshire that they are planning to go in in the near future.
They said we're not going in today, tomorrow, or the next day, but after that we're coming in.
Well, after that was yesterday.
So we'll see what happens.
There's lots of rumors flying around, but I'm not going to report on those.
A lot of people are headed today up from Texas, I know, to
New Hampshire, and of course, Randy Weaver's on his way there as well.
We were on Coast to Coast AM last night, myself and the Browns.
And it was also covered on Fox News and CNN, I'm told.
We did confirm Fox.
I was told CNN as well.
So it is starting to finally get the national attention it deserves, so that hopefully this thing can be resolved peacefully.
I learned a little tidbit yesterday.
You always think you know everything in a case.
But I found out that the Browns tried to pay the two hundred and something thousand in quote claimed back taxes and that wasn't good enough.
The government said you're going to prison and so really that even makes the government's case even that much worse.
But alright, I'm really done talking about that at least for now.
We've got all this really important news in front of us.
Massive fighting breaking out across the Middle East especially in areas of occupied Palestine.
uh... and it is extremely serious and there's such subterfuge going on that it's hard to tell what is really happening but we'll be opening the phones up on that subject but i'm not going to get distracted too much with that we will detail it we need to talk about the immigration bill now this is a false misleading deceptive headline immigration reform gets second chance
It's been reintroduced three times in the last month.
They've been killing it and resurrecting it three times.
This will be a fourth time.
And they've been doing it at least twice a year for the last six years.
So, three times this year, actually four times now.
And then five other years, at least twice.
So that's ten, fourteen times.
No, it should be immigration bill gets 14 chances.
Non-immigration reform gets second chance.
Now, all they're doing here is wearing you out.
Most people have been convinced it's been beaten, so you're not calling.
Now, they're all over the so-called liberal radio and TV and newspapers, they're all over the Spanish-speaking media, saying, call, call, it's going to pass.
Bush has already done his smirk, just like he said, we're going into Iraq, and it happened.
Just like he said, I'm going to win in 2004, the fix was in.
And he said it will pass, see you at the signing ceremony.
Because they got the photographs of these congressmen and senators, for those that are, you know, second-guessing things.
And right now they're just giving you the illusion that you count.
They're giving you the illusion of a process because they know in a major Gallup poll and many other polls, it's over 90% against what's happening.
So they're just... It's kind of like the biggest gun control bill since 1968 passing the House yesterday.
NRA supported it.
They're making their move at every level right now.
And it isn't hyperbole to say
This amnesty bill is America killing.
So we're going to go over this today and somehow we'll see if we can get past the propaganda of the media.
It's like local newspapers here say Trans-Texas Corridor isn't being taken over by Sintra and that Sintra isn't owned by Spain.
They just bald-faced lie, folks.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to have open phones today.
I was just informed that one of everybody's favorite callers, Troy from West Virginia, has called in to the show.
Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis is in the building.
So we'll be going to him coming up here in a few minutes and many others.
I want to go over the 20 loopholes in the immigration bill.
We've never really covered all 20 of them.
We posted them a few weeks ago when Senator Sessions released them.
Republican Senator Sessions.
And I've seen this tactic with NAFTA.
I've seen it with the state level, with the toll roads.
We've all seen it when the politicians want something, they just bring it up for a vote.
White rails, the same thing around the country.
Over and over and over and over and over again until they finally pass it.
And Bush is on the Hill, they're saying industry, they're saying the media, they're pulling out all the stops, all the favors.
The Pentagon is traitorous.
In their action, lobbying and saying it's patriotic to literally get rid of the borders, literally legalize 30 million illegal aliens, allow chain migration of at least 11 of their family members.
They're legalized for 12 years.
I've been saying 6.
Back when the bill was secret, other senators had said, well, it's basically the old Kennedy bill.
So I was going off that and saying 6 years you were legal, totally legalized, given a social security card.
No, no, it's 12.
Unlimited anchor babies, jackpot babies,
It's just, it's just, and now the cover of Time Magazine headline, Why Amnesty Makes Sense.
We're just, this is it.
This is the end, my friend.
At least in this phase of the battle.
This will be a huge, crushing victory for the New World Order if they're able to implement this.
Now, sometimes they pass stuff and we can repeal it.
Like when they put in the Homeland Security Bill a few years ago that
All drug makers of vaccines were given total liability protection out of the gate for all vaccines in perpetuity.
That got repealed and then just pared down to the smallpox shot itself.
Now by the way, they've already got immunity once suits start.
And then there's the vaccine damage fund.
That's three billion dollars last time I heard.
Quietly paying people off for all the autism and problems and autoimmune problems.
That's if it's a federally mandated vaccine, it's automatically paid for by that.
Merck knew they had another bad drug just like the stuff that was causing all the heart attacks.
And with this new HPV live papillomavirus causing all these Ebola-like deaths, literally where you bleed out like a, turn into a bowl of jello.
It's pretty nightmarish.
That's those that die.
Others just start bleeding or get sores all over their bodies.
And they knew it was doing that.
Just like their arthritis drug had been causing major problems.
And so they went ahead and had the governor come in.
It's just always important to announce this.
I know most of you know this.
Rick Perry, and by him mandating it, at least claiming it was on the list of recommended, that then triggered automatic federal lawsuit protection, liability protection.
But I already digress.
Immigration reform gets second chance.
Pressure from activists, industry, and the White House revives the Senate bill.
It's never been dead.
They just keep telling you it's dead every three days, as we've been warning you, so that most... I mean, even I... We are built to believe something when we hear it.
We're built to be pretty truthful creatures in a tribal situation, and, hey, the caribou are over there, their gazelles are over there, or, hey, there's a forest fire coming this way, or we better move south down into the valley for the winter.
That's where the animals go, and, you know, you tend to believe each other.
You tend to believe your eyes with your binocular color vision, you know, when the television lies to you.
You hear them say the bill's dead over and over again, and consciously I want to believe it.
Oh, wow, you know, we're having some... I know it's not the case.
I've seen it over and over again.
We know how they operate.
And they'll tell you there's no North American Union, there's no SPP, there's no Bilderberg Group.
This is not an amnesty bill.
And in a sick way, that's true.
Folks, this isn't just amnesty.
This is a pardon for convicted, aggravated felons.
Child molesters.
Bank robbers.
It's all in there.
MS-13 gang members.
It's off the charts.
And while we're busy watching the tribal warfare that is never going to end in the Middle East, as they all run around killing each other, Palestinians stabbing each other in the back, running around machine gunning each other,
Israeli swarming around.
It's just an anthill over there of battle, and it's never going to stop.
Meanwhile, it's clear evidence that the globalists are involved blowing up the minarets on the mosque.
CNN headline, U.S.
official, Samara attack may have been inside job.
By the way, they pulled that headline.
It didn't retract.
They just pulled that story not before we saved it.
Big news there.
We're going to go over all of it.
But right now, ladies and gentlemen, Troy in West Virginia.
I didn't call you about that.
I wasn't listening to your whole conversation.
I was talking to somebody else.
Well, then why are you calling my show?
Well, I told the guy that answered the phone.
I didn't necessarily... What are you calling for today?
To tell you that I will not be in New York City on 9-11-07.
That's all.
That's very nice, Troy.
Anything else?
That's all.
You're not going to grace us with your intellect?
Not today, no.
America's the greatest country in the world.
Tell me a greater country in the world and you can't do it.
What's the greatest country in the world?
I'm proud to live here.
What does that mean?
I'm talking about them trying to hurt it, and then all you do is respond back with implying, well, you're not saying it's great?
This is the greatest country in the world.
I've been to Atlanta, I've been to Pittsburgh, I'm going to Cincinnati and St.
I get to do things that very few people can do, and this country's given me this opportunity, so I'm not going to trash this country.
Well, now you're implying that we're crashing this country.
Oh, you trash the country all the time.
By criticizing open borders and complete amnesty.
I mean, explain it to me.
You see, because I get these emails from people like you saying, I hate America.
No, I hate the people destroying the Republic and the Bill of Rights that you say you enjoy.
Troy, patriotism is not worshipping Hillary Clinton and George Bush.
They're not America.
Do you understand that?
It's the people, it's the Bill of Rights, it's the Constitution.
I mean, neocons are calling for scrapping the Bill of Rights.
You've called in and called for my free speech to be taken.
It should be.
So my free speech should be taken?
Well, when you start talking utter nonsense, it should.
You're going to decide what's utter nonsense?
Well, it's not hard to decide what's utter nonsense.
And where does it stop?
Who arbitrates?
Who should be arrested for what they say and for speech and who shouldn't?
I don't have all the answers.
I don't know.
You just know?
Well, what should happen to me?
Should the police come and put me in handcuffs?
Describe it.
What should happen?
Well, no.
The United States government should give you fair value for all your assets and a plane ticket to the country of your choice.
You can live there.
That's what they should do.
Well, this is the country of my choice, and just because it's peopled by a bunch of spoiled brats like you, doesn't mean that I'm not going to defend it for the good people that are still here.
You take care.
Are you happy, because I know it hasn't fully hit yet, are you happy with the monetary policy of devaluing the dollar?
Like I said, I got plenty of money.
I can do what I want to do when I want to.
I like money.
Have you seen the movie Idiocracy?
I think you're the star of it.
All I know is I live in the greatest country in the world and I can do things I wouldn't be able to do anywhere else.
I just feel good.
I'm just going to not worry about it.
It's an attitude that you have that's brought us to our knees, sir.
That's not true.
There's a lot of stupid people out there that don't know how to manage their money.
That's the problem.
Oh, the government's not mismanaging it.
Well, I'm sure they are mismanaging it, but I don't mismanage my money.
I see.
I can't help it if your listening audience mismanages their own money.
They've got to buy their cigarettes and have their four-wheelers and boats and God knows what and put themselves in debt.
Then you want to blame the government because they want you to go in debt.
People make stupid choices.
It ain't my problem.
Well, I was talking specifically about the end of the border's total amnesty.
No, I don't like it either, but I ain't going to lose sleep over it.
Ah, the yuppie maxim.
I've seen it a million times.
The giggling, the snickering, the smile, the acceptance.
You tell them something they don't like to hear, and they go, I'm not going to worry about it.
And a lot of times a little tongue will stick out, a little enjoyment.
I don't care.
That gives me power over it.
You go ahead and do that all day, Troy.
You just remember a long time from now.
What I tried to do and what others tried to do for this nation.
Nothing's going to change in the next 50 years.
Nothing will change.
Oh yeah, nothing's changing.
Yeah, nothing's changing, Troy.
I didn't want to get into all that, but you have a good day.
You have a good day, too, Troy.
That's one of his more vague threats right there.
He's called him directly and talked about assaulting myself, John Connor, others.
If you go to New York and talk to me, I'll slug you in the face.
He calls in with the police code and just repeats the police code for murder.
And snickers.
And this time, you know, you just go to New York.
I'll see you in New York.
And now, I'm calling to say I won't be in New York.
Whatever that means.
Well, I'm going to make a film about the 9-11 Truth Movement next, so I'll be there in New York.
It isn't because of you issuing the challenge.
Though it's an added enjoyment for me.
But I will be in New York, and I bet you won't be there.
You probably don't leave your little corner of the woods there.
I don't want to insult hillbillies, though.
Nothing wrong with folks, you know.
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What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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That's 877-873-9626.
That's 877-873-9626.
Call 877-873-9626.
Nothing's going to change.
Everything's going to be alright.
I'm doing real good right now.
I don't want to hear from you about nothing.
And it is that attitude that is going to bring this country to its knees.
Immigration reform gets second chance.
Now I've been telling you for a month they're moving right now.
This is it.
Because I know Bush is a lame duck.
He's going to take the blame for everything.
They revel, and they're going to tear Bush down, and then after he leaves office and it's Hillary or Barack Obama ruling over us, later they'll build him back up.
There'll be Time Magazine stories three years from now about how great he is, and there'll be some disaster, and he'll come up with a plan to save the day, and there'll be the rehabilitation of George Bush, and he'll have best-selling books.
And as soon as Hillary gets in, she'll block any investigations of him, and a few liberals will complain.
It's all part of the baloney wagon.
It's all part of state's craft.
You could figure it out right now, and we could beat them.
But no, I'm getting emails saying I'm a fear monger, that this isn't going to pass, and that there's no plan to reintroduce it as they're reintroducing it.
I sure as enough saw message boards saying I'm a liar, they didn't pass a big gun bill yesterday.
You see, you've got a section of the public
That is living in complete and total denial.
They don't know that this country was great and had literal milk and honey in the streets, 4% of the world's population having more than half the world's wealth, because we weren't perfect, but we had more liberty than any other country, and so people could work and keep what they earned, and they could truly build something.
And Americans were obsessed with tomorrow.
Americans were obsessed with honor.
Americans were obsessed with building.
They were obsessed
They were obsessed with not being screwed.
They were obsessed with not trusting their government.
They were obsessed with their family name.
They were obsessed with their ancestors and their fathers and their mothers.
Now it's the opposite.
Let me tell you, people that intensely care about being honorable and having courage.
I mean, people liked to die in battle 200 years ago, 150 years ago in this country.
They liked to go out in the street and have a duel with somebody if they shot their mouth off.
It wasn't a question of having courage.
They were men.
It isn't even courage, folks.
It's that if somebody slugs you in the face, you're going to fight back and you're not even worried about it.
It's instinctive.
We've gone from people like that, alright?
We've gone from people like that to what you see today.
And frankly, I'm one of them.
I mean, these self-propelled 900-pound stomachs, you know, just waddling down the hallways.
And I'm not bashing individually if you're obese.
I went from weighing 180 pounds and running 6 miles every day to stopping working out and lifting weights for years to 260 pounds, now I'm down to 230 pounds.
I'm losing a lot of weight.
But the point is that it's a decadent society.
It's hard to stay out of it.
If I'd have kept going, I'd have been 400 pounds, folks, by the time I had a heart attack when I was 50-something.
The attitude I used to have was, well, the government's going to kill me soon anyways.
I'll just go ahead and pull in here and eat three hamburgers, literally.
Well, you know what?
You just can't live like that, folks.
That sale of the nihilistic attitude that
Where you don't even care about yourself.
The point here is that we are a decadent, cursed society now.
And you know what?
Maybe things are going to stay the same in a way, Troy from West Virginia.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe we'll have it.
It'll keep being a couple million abortions every year.
And the test scores dropping.
And everything falling apart.
Because the status quo is free-fall plunge.
But see, you mean stay good for you with a big TV set and you're waddling around and feeling important about yourself.
I can't cut my country loose.
I can't just say, you know, forget it all and I'm just going to run off into the sunset and, you know, buy cruise tickets and start trying to dress fancy and, you know, go cheat on my wife and go drink a bunch of liquor.
I mean, I just can't do that, okay?
And I don't understand the attitude of the average American who just thinks that you're going to have a good life and you're going to be fulfilled.
You're all miserable!
Decadent people are miserable, ladies and gentlemen.
And you get burned out on it very quickly.
And we are a decadent society.
When we come back, I'll go directly to your calls.
It's just that we're facing total, complete, absolute,
End of the United States.
And I'm going to go through this.
And they're finally admitting, cover of Time Magazine, that it's amnesty.
Just like one of the big neocons said Monday, let's go ahead and just ban guns.
Let's stop trying to argue.
It's true, you have a right.
We're going to take the right.
And other neocons are saying, let's just get rid of the Bill of Rights.
Bill Clinton told USA Today that, remember?
Tony Blair just said, let's get rid of free speech in England.
They're not playing around.
They're making their move.
They just passed a big fat gun ban bill.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that's real The needle tears the hole
The old familiar sting Try to kill it all away But I remember everything What have I become?
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away in the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down
Welcome back.
Let's go ahead and go to your calls.
Phil, in Maryland, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Listen, I wanted to say, I have a couple points I want to make.
In the beginning, you know, a patriot's a scarce man.
But when his cause succeeds, the timid join him.
And Troy, you're a timid guy.
Let me say one more thing.
Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.
And when you criticize guys like Alex Jones, who are only pointing out what's going wrong with the country, that's anti-American, Troy.
You don't know your history, man.
Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.
That's all I want to say to Troy.
Next point.
I started reading the book by William Shire, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
The point I want to make about that is before I got to the first hundred pages, I had to go back and start reading it again because the parallels... It's everything that's happening here.
Absolutely everything.
I have two full pages of notes of the parallels.
Well, what's happening is a lot of listeners are writing stuff up for us and then we're getting so many emails.
We need to create an email for article submissions.
In fact, right now it's going to be called Submissions at InfoWars.com.
I'm going to have it added.
Submissions at InfoWars.com.
Write your articles up.
Send them there because we're missing a lot of articles.
That people are sending us and they're getting real mad and I understand why.
So send them to Submissions at Infowars.com.
I'll get that email set up for you by the end of the day.
I'll have our IT guy do that and that's basically it.
But go ahead and give us some of your parallels.
I did read that.
I read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich when I was 16.
What is it?
800 pages and it just blew me away.
It's blowing me away right now.
The other thing I wanted to say is Tuesday I called and talked to Sheriff Prozo.
Let me hold off on that a minute and tell you about the third Reich.
I will send it to you, but some of the parallels are Hitler wrote down everything he was going to do and the people went, ah, he would never do that.
Literally, in the book, the quotes are that the people traded their freedom for security.
It's a myth.
The homosexuality in the higher ranks, Ernst Rohn, the head of the SA and the SS... And he got it on the Night of the Long Knives and Hitler got rid of him because he wanted to cover up the fact that Hitler and them were having those big orgies, yeah.
The money from the bankers and the magnets that Hitler had, he was audited by the, you know, I guess what would be the equivalent of the IRS over there, I don't know what it was, but all of the... He got audited over him by, yeah, at first, he almost lost the 30's re-election because he bought all those super Mercedes.
You're talking about that, yeah.
He's driving around in a big car and they're writing him letters and actually, you know, Shire has his actual correspondence.
Shire's account is a first-hand account.
He was there.
So, you know, this book is a must-read.
The point I wanted to make, and I don't want to lie... If you find that informative, read Order of the Deathshed by Heinz Hobel.
I want to get that.
Let me just quickly say, the movie that you made that woke me up was 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State, martial law.
But the point I wanted to make about the next thing that's going to happen, according to
They are following this Nazi plan.
The next thing that's going to happen is they blow out the economy and the dollar dumps.
That's the next thing that's going to happen.
That's the point I wanted to make about Shire's book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
When that happens, that's the clue to everybody.
You know, basically to say, you know, it's here, guys.
Because if the people rallied against the government when that happened, the New World Order would fail.
But instead, most cowards like Troy, when things get tough, will literally run to the closest black boots and start licking.
Listen, I have the government put out comic book version, illustrated version,
Of the 9-11 Commission, and it actually shows Homeland Security in Nazi uniforms.
But this is the government putting this out.
See, they want that archetypal image.
And they're following it.
Fatherland Security, Homeland Security.
In the movie I mentioned, Rise of the Police State, there's a reporter in there who actually went to the Congressional Archives and researched the links.
Yeah, I know.
And see, that's what the people don't know.
And in my film, Arise the Police State, we have that Buchanan interview.
He's a very articulate fellow, but it's all mainstream news.
And then people say, well, are you saying it's Nazis all over again?
It's the same idea.
That's right.
Because the elite was fascinated with it, the British royalty, the Bushes, the elite of the U.S., and there were hundreds of billions, and that's in 1945 money, in gold and diamonds and everything else shipped to Texas and to the Argentinians and the rest of it and the Brazilians, and the Bushes were then the main managers of that money.
The secret wealth of that family is untold.
Well, after the Beer Hall Putsch that Hitler was a part of, Ernst Röhm went to Bolivia.
And right before Hitler's rise, after he himself got out of jail... Now, you're talking about back in the 20s, before Hitler then was sent for a year to prison.
And Ernst Röhm was in Bolivia, so there were ties there.
That's right.
The money ties were incredible, and that's what we're seeing now.
Well, see, there was German, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire colonized Bolivia, colonized Mexico.
And see, they cooked up the whole Reconquista movement.
That's right.
The ties are incredible.
You know, I'm in the greater Baltimore, D.C.
I'm in sales and in my car all the time.
I listen to talk radio.
The major AM talk radio... They talk just like Nazis did in 1933.
I mean, they are on there saying, arrest people, put them in camps, take all the freedoms, torture, torture.
They do.
The big talk today, Alex, and here's the report from Baltimore, greater Baltimore, D.C.
area, the two talking heads on the major AM in D.C.
and the major AM in Baltimore, I actually heard
The guy on AM Baltimore called Tony Snow, Tony Snow Job.
It's a big turnaround and it's all in relation to the immigration bill.
The major guy in DC actually was told
Quote, Trent Lott, this is what he said to Trent Lott, quote, Trent, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the damn kitchen.
Trent Lott took his email link off his website because he criticized talk radio people saying they didn't know what's in the immigration bill.
And this guy on DC talk radio went nuts.
Well, you know, they kept the bill, they kept, and I appreciate your call, sir, send me that, write that article up, send it to me.
Submissions, uh, maybe he's going with an easier email, email, we'll make it submissions at infowars.com.
And seriously, folks, only stuff you write there, okay?
We're going to really start adding more user content, and we'll do it the old-fashioned way.
I've got some guys developing a site right now, but it's all my fault that I'm not getting more done, because I'm just strung out with work here.
But God help us, man.
When they put Hillary in, it's over.
And no, I'm not saying vote for Republicans.
Don't you understand?
They literally vacation together.
They play golf together.
It's a big joke.
It's totally staged at the executive level and the chairman level of the Congress.
It is a joke!
And I just can't believe the history I've studied.
These people killed over 200 mil.
Last century.
And they are openly setting up this whole century to make that look like a dress rehearsal.
I just cannot... I just got chills.
Folks, the analysis is in.
We are in absolute red-level crisis.
And they are going to do it.
And I just... We are going to have a chance to beat them once they start really carrying it out.
A lot of you that laughed are going to remember.
And yet first you're going to try to serve them.
You're going to find out that doesn't help you.
And that all you've got left is your humanity to fight them.
And, you know, we have to go ahead and just try to beat them, try to hold them back in the current phase we're in.
But we also have to really start talking about what we do once night comes.
Once nightfall comes.
And just know in the end that they will fail.
But this time, when they bring America down, let's not just let them blame the U.S.
like they did Germany and the Germans.
They set the Germans up.
They set the Russians up.
When they bring in this next phase that's also meant to destroy the U.S.
in the process and then our name forever, we need to make sure that the people know we're controlled by Europe, we're controlled by elites, we're controlled by the international banks, the cartels, and we need to make sure that the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and the Queen of England
All of them for good are arrested and brought to justice.
You've got to get the word out now so they don't blame a Bush or blame a Hillary or blame whatever Mussolini character comes after them.
It's so vital to humanity's future and our future potential that we root out these puppet masters.
You see, they can use dictators all day long and then use the international model, the international
Matrix power projection system, this matrix of control that they use to project their power through propaganda and physical and police powers, where they continually will play countries off against each other and power blocks off, but overall there's the international financial architecture that's playing it off.
I mean folks, the Germans of the 30s were towering individuals of moral standing, of intellect,
of culture and society compared to Americans today.
I mean, Germans were the world leaders in science and test scores.
They were beginning to rival the United States.
The U.S., frankly, if you look at it side by side, still had overall better people.
But the Germans were next best.
They were definitely peers.
In a realm where there were no peers.
And the New World Order set them up and took them over and put a gutter snipe dictator
Demagogue, in there, with the full intention the entire time, the globalists had assessed him, they had the full M.O., they had the British secret reports on him, they knew exactly what he'd do, they knew exactly what would entice him to invade and expand, and then they smashed him down.
I mean, Hitler was not that smart in many levels.
He would go around and recite all the statistics on the caliber of a tank gun,
But then he had these weird fantasies about Native Americans, and thought didn't really know about Africans, and you really read some of his writings, he was a... You know these people that are smart in a certain way, but they don't have that overall intelligence or that general knowledge?
I mean, Hitler was really a freak.
I mean, he liked women to crap on him.
I don't want to go off into too much detail here, but that's confirmed.
He was a globalist.
He was a devil worshipper.
He was scum.
But he was a tool.
And so, do you dislike Hitler, the boogeyman they hold up in front of you?
Or do you dislike the people that installed him?
And see, this is being done to the U.S.
right now.
Fox, News Corp owned, newspapers, TV is demonizing us all over the world and letting the truth come out in many respects and then domestically trying to pacify the public that we're the good guys and everything's okay.
I mean, it's so sick.
I mean, this is a duplicitous game they play.
You see, they use us to bring in the New World Order and then blame us for the Lebensstrahl, the land, the geographic areas that are being seized.
They use us as an engine, they use us as a juggernaut, a battering ram, a very important knight, or even a queen, in this chess game, but they are forfeiting us, with pleasure.
Because it's about the exercise of power, the raw power to use an empire and then to
Cut it off at the niche.
You want a cheesy analogy?
People love movie analogies.
Revenge of the Sith, Episode 3.
Count Dooku to the public.
You know, Osama Bin Laden, the crisis creator.
And what does the soon-to-be emperor do?
He manipulates it into a position where he gets his head chopped off.
You see?
And America is playing the part of Count Dooku.
And there's other Count Dookus.
That's what Bin Laden is to the Middle East.
This whole war is against us.
Don't you understand?
This whole attack is on us.
Installing Hitler was an attack on Germany!
That's what these people do!
They're threatened by strong people.
They're threatened by intelligent middle classes.
Wherever you got a big fat middle class, and wherever you got big pools of independent wealth, the new world order is going to be there.
Hyping you up.
Telling you you can't be beat.
Telling you you're the empire.
Telling you you're the good guys.
Using you.
Setting you up.
But they ride you like a horse till your heart explodes.
You know, a good horse likes to run.
They'll run till their heart blows.
They got big adrenal glands.
They got big endorphin packets in their brains.
And a horse just loves to run full out, folks.
And it'll run full out till its heart just blows.
And that's all they're doing.
They're just riding us down.
Riding us down.
That heart's going boom, boom, boom, boom.
That heart, I mean that valve is just about to peel off.
That aorta right on the top starts spewing.
And when they're done with us, they'll just throw us off in a ditch and move on.
And the stupid liberals and the Europeans and the rest of them are squawking and screaming and bad-mouthing the U.S.
and England for the war.
When the financial interest
By the way, Kurt Voltham, the big Nazi former UN head Dodger, yesterday inserted the Supreme Lord Rothschild in 98 in France.
Lots of boo-hooing and freaking out by the new world order over that.
Alright, I said I'd take more calls.
Troy, Jonathan, John, many others.
I'm getting my preaching done.
I'll try to get to your calls, then we'll get into the 20 smoking guns.
I covered this a week ago, but we need to hear them again.
If anything is a throat-slitting of the country, it is this amnesty bill.
It's here!
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Yeah, I don't want to flood the family with a bunch of phone calls or have a bunch of people jump on airplanes and run out there to California.
I've known that Aaron Russo has been fighting for his life the last two weeks.
I mean, he was bad two or three, four months ago when I saw him down in Houston when he was undergoing experimental cancer treatment.
He's had it for almost five years now.
He's had, I don't know, it's probably 10 different surgeries or more.
He was in super bad shape and really looked deathly.
You can see death in people's eyes.
I've been around people who are dying.
When I saw him, and I've talked to him the last week, he seemed really out of it.
Like he could talk, rouse himself to talk about fighting the new old order, but then
And so I mean, the point is, is that I'm not going to go into any more details.
I'm not bugging him.
I'm not calling him.
Everybody's calling us, telling us we need to get him on or call him.
Believe me, we know all about it.
And I mean, I guess I could call his wife there at the hospital where Aaron's fighting for his life and ask her to come on and say something.
But in a way, that's catty because we just give people privacy, folks.
Pray for Aaron.
Barring a miracle, he may not make it.
I had to make predictions.
You just need to appreciate Aaron Russo and know that he's probably not along for this world.
He's a fighter, folks.
He may continue, but he almost died two weeks ago.
They told him again he almost died.
He was in the hospital, not this weekend, but last weekend.
He's back in the hospital again.
They said he would have died if he hadn't come in.
He fell down.
He collapsed.
I mean, people want all the gory details.
I mean, let's give the guy some privacy.
I mean, it's almost an entire industry out there with the details of his illness.
And people are wanting us to talk about it.
So there are the facts.
And there's a lot of wild rumors going on, too.
Maybe we should just put out a little blurb or an article about it.
Pray for Aaron.
I mean, maybe he'll pull through this, but it's the worst it's been.
Most of us would be dead in six months with the types of cancer he has.
He's got cancer throughout his torso, the guts, the other areas, it's the kidneys, the bladder.
It's not pretty.
And we're going to start the next hour and I will go to Troy, Jonathan, John, Vandy, Tim, Ron, everybody else.
But yes, I was reminded again about Aaron Russo, so pray for Aaron.
But I'm not too worried about Aaron.
He believes in God.
He's a good guy.
He's something else.
I could really tell he was out of it though last week when I got a phone call from him.
Remember he called in the show too?
But he's the worst I've seen.
Alright, I'm done talking about it.
I really don't want to sit here and ghoulishly continue to talk about it.
But we will see what happens.
There's lots of people running around right now.
I'm having to watch about who the heir apparent is and all the rest of this stuff.
It's just... Holy mackerel.
I do hope that you, the listeners, will support us.
We need your support.
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I actually support Aaron's family that way.
And a lot of other great films we carry at Infowars.com.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're now into the second hour.
And I've already had my rant, so we're trying to take your calls right now.
Trying to get to them.
And I'm going to get into the immigration bill, which of course isn't dead.
They're going to continue to bring it up and up and up until they quote, wear you out.
It's called wearing you out.
Another parlor trick.
That's all the Globals are.
They're just high-tech carnies.
It's not right to compare them to carnies.
It's not fair to the carnies.
Uh, but that's what they are.
They're just charlatans.
You know, like, they're the more fancy form of what you see out there at the psychic parlors on the side of the highway.
What you see in a freak show.
But they got men in black uniforms that are complete idiots who like to force people to do things, so they'll follow orders.
They got some power.
But their real enjoyment is putting cancer viruses in you.
Uh, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Troy in Vancouver, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Good, sir.
Good, um, I just wanted to, like, I agree with pretty much, you know, everything you're doing and, uh, you know, it's definitely, you know, I've, I've, you know, opened my eyes to a lot of things, uh, about what's going on.
I just wanted to make a comment about, uh, like, Paxil.
Um, I happen to be taking that right now.
Serotonin reuptake inhibitor, very strong one.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And, uh, it's actually helped me quite a bit.
Um, you know, uh,
I would say that... You ever taken any hardcore narcotics?
You'll feel pretty good when you're on them, but it's caused problems.
I don't know if it's a... I feel more... Let me ask you a question.
You were depressed.
Why were you... No, no.
It was for anxiety, actually.
Well, I mean, it could have been... Were you drinking caffeine?
No, no, no, no.
You never drank coffee?
Yeah, I drank coffee, but it was... Oh, but that's... I just asked you if you were on caffeine.
No, no, I know, but what I'm saying is... Do you know what a serotonin reuptake inhibitor does to your brain?
Uh, I've looked into it a bit, yeah.
I mean, it is some toxic stuff.
You do better snorting cocaine, my friend.
No, I mean the molecule, it's a scientific fact.
The molecules, those type of fluoride, it's a manipulated fluoride molecule, are extremely detrimental to overall brain chemistry and the tissues of the brain.
And that's some toxic stuff.
Well, I'm not going to argue with that.
Well, number one, most anxiety is caused by people who shouldn't be
I think so.
Oh yeah, I was getting a lot of text messages.
It wasn't something that hit me all of a sudden.
I believe it stemmed from my family growing up.
There's violence and I never knew what was going to happen next.
You need to just accept that violence.
You need to go ahead and go join a boxing class.
And try to fight that out.
Believe me, sir, a high-powered drug, I don't, well, you know what, we need to talk more about this with you.
But how did humans get along before they had designer brain drugs?
I'm going to be honest with you, I don't agree with much of what Frederick Nietzsche said, but I do agree with that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
Let me tell you, uh, you know, being 14 and having two, you know, twenty-something year old black guys try to kill me only made me stronger.
Uh, uh, you know, having, uh, you know, uh, three rednecks pile on me only made me stronger.
Having five Mexicans break my leg only made me stronger, sir.
Having somebody almost cut my, you know, put a knife up to my throat and pull it so hard against my neck and sit there saying they're gonna slit my throat and surviving that only made me stronger.
Stay there.
Let me tell you something.
You can turn everything that's happened to you, sure, into a gift.
But you have to go through it.
Let the fear go through you.
We'll be right back.
I want to talk to you about this.
You need to get off that stuff before it hurts your brain.
You need to be very careful how you get off of it.
Nuclear reactors provide economical energy, but would you be prepared during an accident?
During nuclear disasters, great amounts of radioactive iodine are released into the atmosphere, which are then readily absorbed into the body.
Medical course potassium iodate gives you virtually complete protection from the most feared consequence of a nuclear accident.
We're good to go!
It's here!
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're talking to Troy in Vancouver, who was, I guess, disagreeing with me over my criticism of Serotonin reuptake inhibitors, Prozac, Paxil, all of them, the big family.
Overall, it is a toxic formulation.
We know it has ill health effects and does cause a lot of adverse reactions.
That's been admitted.
It also puts you into a good mood a lot of times because it puts you into a dream state.
Serotonin reuptake inhibitor family is classified as a psychotropic, but that's a psychotropic is a subset of hallucinogens.
Hallucinogenic compounds, hallucinogenic chemical structures, molecule clusters.
You can read the inserts and you can check out Paxil.
It is in the hallucinogenic family.
It is extremely psychoactive, extremely powerful.
And you can talk to the police, but not just the police.
You can read in any news article, every woman we read about who drowns their babies, or drives them off a cliff, or cuts their arms off, or cops pull up and there's some woman on top of a million dollar house dancing around naked, cutting herself with butcher knives.
I mean, that's a real case here in Austin.
Or any of this, they go, oh, that lady's going to be on those pills.
And I mean, they'll be having menstrual cramps, they'll put them on.
You'll be in a car wreck, they'll put you in it.
You're old and complaining about your back hurting, they put you on it.
You've got DU exposure, they put you on it.
And everything's fine until, God forbid, you take too much or you don't take enough, because then there's, you've got to go off this stuff slow.
It's very dangerous.
Or you mix it with something else and you have a psychotic break.
And because it puts you in a dream state, it kills compulsion control.
You know, it kills your impulse control.
And so, you know, cops that are on it, a lot of times when a cop just goes nuts and just shoots some innocent person, you'll find out they're on it.
Because they're like in a dream state.
A lot of people that just pull a gun out and shoot their wife, boom, they're on it.
But it's really bad with women.
Not as bad, statistically, with men.
But look at every mass shooter.
Harrison Kleibel, the guy in Virginia, Kinkle,
I mean, I've never seen Buford Ferro, the Jewish shinner, the supposed shooters with the beltway snipers.
I mean, on and on, they're always on it.
And I dated girls in college, and I'd go after a few dates, I'd go, are you on some kind of Paxil, or are you on some kind of
I mean, I guess Paxil wasn't out that I'd use the main name, you know, for the first big branded one everybody knows about.
And they'd be, yeah, yeah, you want some?
And I've never liked drugs, except I guess alcohol, cigarettes, but, you know, hardcore drugs.
But I had a girlfriend one time and I took one of her Prozac, and I mean folks, and I was able to consciously assess.
Of course, they say, well, that isn't true.
It's got to build up.
No, I took one, and then I took one the next day, and I took it three days in a row when I'd be over there every night.
This was in college, and by the third time I took it, it wasn't placebo, because I would just take it and not think about what the effects would be.
You're sitting there watching TV, and it's like, man, this feels like when I've been mesmerized before.
This feels like the few times, you know, when I was a kid, I'd be playing video games, really into it for like an hour, and they admit it naturally brings you into a super deep state.
That's even below sleep.
It's kind of a low oxygen type sleep.
It's the only time you find this.
It's abnormal.
Because there's something about the intense concentration, but not moving, brings you into that state, into a lower state.
You're hypnotized.
And it makes you highly susceptible to manipulation, to subliminal messages, which they admit are on television.
And now, sir, did you know about 15% of the country, here in the U.S., I know you're in Canada,
But that's about 15 in England, 15 in Canada, 15 in Australia.
The numbers are similar.
Are on those drugs now, sir?
I wouldn't argue that they're over-prescribing it.
I'm just speaking from my own perspective that it really just let me, you know, it put every... How can I explain this?
I found it made me more normal.
Was basically, you know, wasn't participating in certain things because of the anxiety I was having.
You know, I find that I have a higher quality of life.
I'm not going to say it's not over-prescribed, and I'm not going to say that, you know, there isn't super bad reactions to it.
I just wanted to, you know, get my own perspective on it.
And I would like to research it some more.
Do you know any websites where
I could look into it more.
I have done some research into it, but I always want to do some more.
We know Paxil has particularly bad reactions.
It's a pretty strong formula, but it all basically does the same thing.
The main thing is, let's say you think it's psychologically helping you and your overall quality of life.
It is still extremely bad for your body.
Look, this is what I'm trying to say.
I'm not saying there aren't, you know, most mental illnesses that are out there are really caused by something physical.
A lot of times it's something you're eating, it's something in your diet, you've got diabetes and don't know it, you've got blood sugar problems, you've got allergies you don't know about.
But you say you're sort of having anxiety, and I said, are you on caffeine?
I said, you don't drink coffee.
You said, no.
So I'm going to ask you, tell me about your symptoms.
When did this start?
I've noticed it ever since I was young.
It finally got to a point where... Well, you just never learned to get over fear.
So what, your dad would beat the hell out of you?
No, no, he wouldn't beat me up.
I just never knew what was going on.
I'd be at home and I didn't know if there was going to be a brawl with both my parents.
It just sort of put me in a state of always on edge, you know?
Let me ask you a question.
After they had Brawls, would they make a big deal out of it and act like it hurt you psychologically?
No, no.
It was just like nothing happened, usually.
It would all go back to normal, right?
I mean, my brother and sister are fine, but like I said, in my head I know that
I feel like I'm hypersensitive to things.
Like if I would ever not get my... You know, I think you need to go skydiving.
I think you need to go join a local kickboxing club.
I mean, I think you just need to slap yourself upside the head.
I mean really, sir.
That's what you're doing right now with the deadly chemical.
How long have you been on this stuff?
There's no doubt of that.
But generally, most people, they end up increasing the dose, then you have problems, then you get on multiple drugs.
The biggest danger you're in is if you ever miss a couple days on that stuff, man, you will have some big problems.
It's such a hardcore... Oh, you've missed it before?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know, like, I've felt the... Like, basically, what you're trying to combat by taking them is when you're weaning yourself off them
That's what you're going to be feeling is the type of thing that you were taking to begin with.
Well, yeah, that's what it does is that it causes that stuff to come back even worse.
And then see, over time it starts happening when you're on them.
And then suddenly you're shooting people.
Well, I mean, like I said, I don't want to be on drugs.
I mean, who wants to ever have to take drugs?
I mean, I'm sitting here drinking a third cup of black coffee.
I mean, I'm no saint.
This is a pretty hardcore drug.
I think a lot of people do take them because they're, you know, they're, you know, it's just, it's an easy thing to do, or, you know... Well, you just need to type, don't even, you need to get the insert with the pills and read that.
You don't need to go read some website bashing it.
Why don't you go read what it says the drug does?
I did, I read the actual, the information that the doctor reads the, um,
Like the information packet for them.
Well, it'll be a little thin piece of folded paper that's in with the cardboard box the pill bottle comes in.
Oh, I've read all of the reactions to dry mouth, liver problems, anxiety.
Now in the U.S.
and England they're making them put in there that it increases suicide.
This is a drug.
It radically increases suicide.
No doubt.
We always knew that.
Now it is admitted.
You're taking a drug, sir, where you'll feel fine for five years and then one day you'll just have a compulsion.
You could.
This is what they report.
To blow your head off.
If I was you, I would get off that very slowly and go through the anxiety and just accept the anxiety.
And go through it, and you're stronger after that.
Or I mean, maybe people are different, but I don't know that people are different.
I think the danger is, frankly, you'll start becoming, actually on the other side of it, it's fearless, and so you'll actually like to be reckless.
That's the extreme of not, you know, shaking in fear.
I mean, sir, you just need to, you need to do testosterone boosting things.
You need to, you need to just, and I'm not saying you're a wimp,
I mean, fear is something we all have, but you just need to get over it.
I mean, I mean, there's better things you can do.
You need to face fears and get over them, sir.
That's the key.
Well, it's not that, like, oh, okay, I'm going here, I'm going there.
No, I understand.
That's where anxiety comes from, though, sir.
It's fear.
Yeah, I understand.
But it's just, it's always, like, in my gut, like, it's like a tightness on your stomach.
That's great.
That means you're alive, man.
That's great.
Also, don't you know that you're listening to this show?
I mean, shows like this will cause an increase in anxiety.
We should have an increase in anxiety.
You get an increase in anxiety because there's a threat and your brain says, hey man, stuff isn't good.
I mean, everybody should have anxiety.
I've got anxiety over what's happening with the dollar.
I've got anxiety over this bill for amnesty.
We're supposed to have anxiety, brother.
There's a reason for that.
Let me tell you something.
You're dead.
They tell you that being alive is something's wrong with you.
Now, I thought you were talking about fear.
You're supposed to have anxiety.
But these new agers, listen, I appreciate your call.
These new agers that walk around smiling all day, that look like space aliens, you know, their eyes all out.
You know, they're telling you you're not supposed to have anxiety, and it's some higher plane.
Look at the fruits of India.
That's a bunch of bull.
You got anxiety for a reason.
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Hiding in the maze.
I'm a man of constant sorrow.
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I bid farewell to old Kentucky.
The place where I was born and raised.
The place where he was burned and raised.
Alright, let's go ahead and take another call.
Sir, it's your life.
Do what you want.
Those drugs make it very easy for you to be manipulated psychologically through the media, the television, and they're very poisonous, and there's no debating that, and they cause spontaneous, violent, psychopathic breaks.
I mean, the list goes on and on, and, uh, but hey, one man's, uh, you know,
Poison is another man's elixir, so just knock yourself out.
Knock yourself out.
I'm sure you're a great person and I'm not saying you're bad because you're taking that.
I don't think Russ Limbaugh should go to prison for reportedly taking upwards of 100 Oxycontin a day, folks.
Now that's enough to kill an elephant.
He must have a liver the size of a beach ball.
You talk about a hardcore addict.
100 Oxycontin a day.
Even though he said, I remember hearing him say, send black kids to jail.
I remember him defending that one cocaine, and it was mainly used on blacks.
They've had it since the late 80s.
You get caught with one piece of rock cocaine, folks, you're talking upwards of 10 years in prison in many cases.
And I heard Limbaugh defend that all day long.
That guy's been a
Big party animal.
It's well-known forever, folks.
He admittedly was a big doper.
You know, back when he did rock and roll stations and stuff.
Hey, fine, dopehead.
I don't use that stuff.
But don't you sit there and, you know... It's so hypocritical to say, send everybody to prison when you're a drug addict yourself.
So I'm not saying you're bad.
I'm just saying that stuff's dangerous.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jonathan.
Jonathan, where are you calling from?
Hello, Alex.
Where are you calling from?
Springfield, Missouri.
I commend you on a lot of what you're talking about, the New World Order.
I'm all for that.
I believe you're a great man, got a lot of courage to stand up to the New World Order like you have.
Mainly, I'm
I want to thank you for getting the update out there about Aaron Russo.
He's a great man for coming out with America's Freedom to Fascism.
I enjoyed that movie.
That really opened up my eyes.
Well, what it is, is a powerful tool to wake up other people.
That's where its importance comes in.
And also, another movie, was it?
Documentary that you came out with, Dr. Bill Vieth, that also woke up my eyes about the monetary system.
Yeah, when I had Bill Vieth in the studio about the Federal Reserve.
Oh, yes.
I've been knowing about this since 2004.
I've been taking microeconomics in college study, and I really noticed things were going wrong and the numbers were being cooked up.
The employment numbers were being cooked up in my city, and I didn't realize that
The Federal Reserve was actually devaluing the currency, and I've come to realize that over the last few years.
And that is why I've convinced my family and others to get gold and silver coin to compensate.
But I understand it because I'm not rich.
I have debt-based financing where I sit at about $8,000 worth of student loan and credit card debt.
And my incomes really stay stagnant, not much above minimum wage.
Sure, so what's your point?
We've got about a minute left.
But anyway, my point is, I'm just here to talk to you, explain to you what your views are about the Federal Reserve and more or less the Adam L. Brown story, which I strongly support and I wish I could be there myself to support him if I had a firearm and even a bus ticket or something to get out there.
That would help me out, but anyway... Well, we don't need a big shootout out there.
That's what we're trying to avert.
Yeah, but if anything can defuse it, Randy Weaver's a great man to do that, to defuse it.
He is.
Listen, my friend, just wake people up.
The info war is the key.
What you're doing right now, and just realize that you have power, you're having an effect.
It doesn't matter that you're in debt.
It's all fake.
These people, I mean, they create these student loans, these bank loans out of nothing.
It's all zeros and ones.
They want to get you in debt so they can pull the rug out from under you and have you as an indentured serf.
That's what this is all about.
Alright, we'll be right back and we're going to try to move quicker here now to John and Tim and Ron and Jonathan, everybody else.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Please don't miss this train.
That's the station.
Tell all the world!
Welcome back!
Alright, I'm going to go to your calls, I'm going to get into the immigration news after we take five or six more.
Then I'm going to get into some of the international news and what's happening overseas.
You're welcome to call in about whatever you wish.
This same idiot every few weeks sends us one of these emails.
It's just hilarious.
Whenever I'm tired, it's this kind of threat that makes me work a little harder.
You see, we're not like you.
We don't live in fear of you.
See, that's how I've already won, no matter.
The government could kill me tomorrow.
The New World Order could kill me tomorrow.
I could be hit by a car tomorrow.
Whatever, I've already won.
I've done the right thing.
I've done the studying.
I've stood up to corruption.
Don't try to take my victory, my personal victory away from me.
I want you to consciously know that I've made the decisions in my life, no matter what happens, to stay my course.
Listen to this.
You are practicing medicine without a license and have been reported.
Your show to the FBI.
Anyone involved with the production of the show will be held responsible for this idiot.
Stand by.
The person always says stand by.
Number one twit.
Let me tell you where to try to file that false claim.
You would want to go to the state medical boards.
For the state of Texas.
And then you'd want to file that false report with them.
And then they would try to contact the district or county attorney.
And I'm in Austin, Texas.
The county is Travis County.
Now that's where you'd want to file that complaint.
It wouldn't be with the FBI, who you sit there watching 24 fantasizing about.
Fantasizing about torturing people and how good it is.
So there's where you'll need to file your complaint.
Also quit.
I haven't hung out a shingle out front my office here and I'm not practicing medicine.
I can sit here and tell somebody I think it's a bad idea because they have anxiety because they're living in fear for them to take Paxil.
I will tell people to read the inserts where it causes all sorts of health problems and where they admit you twit that it is causing people to commit suicide.
It's called my free speech.
So don't ever try to menace me.
Don't ever try to... In fact, I'm going to work an extra hour today because of your threat.
That's how this works.
You're not in control.
Do you understand?
God is in control.
And if we're doing God's will, we're in control.
I'm in control of the situation.
You understand that?
They gun me down today, I'm in control of the situation.
I get struck by a bolt of lightning, I'm in control of the situation.
Because I'm doing the right thing.
I'm not under the New Order's control.
I've stepped out of their control.
You understand that?
And I'm certainly not under your control.
You are the one under the control of the New World Order, living in fear, so you think this type of crap you probably send from CENTCOM has an effect on us.
I want to go to Tim and Ron and Justin and Ryan and Jeff.
We'll get to all of you.
The big announcement is this.
You can now start pre-ordering Terror Storm Special Edition.
It is the final cut, but we're calling it the Special Edition.
Yeah, the film is now, what, 130-something minutes long.
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We're always rushing making a film.
We had better time to do a better audio mix, you know, so it sounds better on your surround sound.
Better video, higher resolution.
And we spent months on this.
And, uh, the extras have been remastered.
So I didn't particularly like how the extra was remastered, or had been done in the first place.
We remastered that.
Uh, and, uh, it's just a lot better film.
It's got the whole building seven.
Well, they said it was going to collapse before it collapsed on CNN, and, um,
We show how they prescripted that.
We've got, of course, the Gore Vidal interview.
We've got the Jesse Ventura interview.
Very interesting.
We've got the Norman Mineta testimony about Cheney ordering a stand-down.
We've got all these new CIA people going public about it being an inside job.
It exposes the myth that, you know, the media says the families all agree with the official story.
The truth is more than half believe inside job.
Historical footage from the 9-11 neocon agenda.
That's in there, but also the historic 5th anniversary in New York.
That's in there.
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Though I just want to get these out.
And of course, as promised, a few weeks early, we will put it up on PrisonPlanet.tv for you.
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Right there.
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Okay, let's just, I'm going rapid fire now, no matter how good the calls are.
John in Texas, go ahead, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Good afternoon to you.
May I read an email that I sent to a friend in Australia and her comment?
Sure, go ahead.
Okay, I was just listening to an interesting program.
This is May 14th, by the way.
On the internet, the commentator, Alex Jones, indicated in Australia firearms have been confiscated from the general public.
Population and if you do not vote in elections, you lose certain rights like being able to register your vehicle.
I would appreciate a reply from you and have a happy Mother's Day.
Her statement from Canberra, Australia.
The statement, well, is true.
To have a gun, you have to be licensed armed forces, wildlife hunter, police, etc.
All other citizens who have guns have them illegally, and they called for amnesty for a couple of years on firearms, and boy, you should have seen what was handed in.
And then the police knew of others with illegal guns and raided them.
So yes, this is true.
Guns are not common over here.
And if you don't vote, you can lose your rights to register your car and lose your license.
And on top of that,
On a second time around, a jail sentence can be issued if you abstain.
Two comments first.
Oh, Australia used to be completely free.
It's a total police state now.
And the guy they made the movie Crocodile Dundee about looks just like the actor.
They came to take his guns.
He killed two of the thugs, the criminals, in the action.
But they killed the real Crocodile Dundee.
Go ahead.
Oh my goodness.
Yeah, no, no, that was the real Crocodile Dundee was killed in the mid-1990s.
Well, a couple of comments.
I feel like this is a testing ground to see how far people can be pushed.
And can you imagine having to pick between Honda, Lisa Rice, and Hillary Clinton, or go to jail?
Well, see, that way, all the... I mean, people say, oh, we need to get everybody voting.
And back to you.
No, the general public are idiots!
That's how it's always been.
You don't want to... People may, okay, I don't know, I'll just... I'll just pick whoever they say is popular.
Well, there's girls in bikinis for Obama.
He must be good.
And plus, they're electronic fraud machines.
They want to be able to say, see?
You're involved.
You voted for all this.
Now, I have my rights even if I don't vote.
I'm not your slave.
I appreciate your call.
I hear you.
Send me that.
I'd like to post that.
Tim in Ohio.
You're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I have some information for Mr. Kelly.
I believe he was the person arrested for videotaping the God on the street.
Well, yeah, now the local paper in Pennsylvania has all these top attorneys saying the police have no expectation of privacy, exactly what I said, because I know the law, and that it means planning something in someone's home or getting on their phone line, and then they posted all these Pennsylvania Supreme Court rulings, and of course the district attorney said, it's a new America, we don't care, we're going ahead with seven years in prison,
You get pulled over by the cops, they're yelling at you, you videotape them, they falsely charge you.
It's because we're now a cesspit.
What he needs to look up is U.S.
Code Title 42, Chapter, I'm sorry, Section 1983.
I'll briefly read it.
Yeah, that's official oppression.
Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage of any state or charity, or the District of Columbia, subjects or causes to be subjected, any citizen,
of the United States, or other person within the jurisdiction thereof, to the deprivation of any rights, privilege, or immunity secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proceeding for redress.
Go after his pension.
Go after his house.
Go after his car, Mr. Kelly.
Title 42, Section 1983 spells it all out for you.
Don't let him try to say you can't sue him, because you can, and it's right there in the United States.
I appreciate your call, Tim.
You bet.
And here's the deal.
They passed the biggest gun control act since 1968.
It federalizes the local data collection for other purposes.
Any psychological designation given to you, they can ban you owning guns now.
And the NRA supported it, but notice, not with a bang, but with a whimper.
Meanwhile, you're busy worried about Iraq.
You're busy, you know, with this dog and pony show about the immigration.
They've already got amnesty.
Almost every city in the country is a sanctuary city.
I mean, they give the police chiefs awards for not following the law.
Foreign heads of state come here.
We're a joke!
The illegals get a $35 to $65 fine.
You get, you know, $500, $300 fines.
You go to jail for doing stuff that they're allowed to do.
This is just complete capitulation and unlimited skilled and unskilled visas for 12 years.
And I'm going to go over those 20 smoking guns again.
They're important.
I haven't covered them all yet.
This is the reality.
They're making their move right now.
And it's just like Howard Beals says in Network, you first got to get mad.
Then you're not going to be scared anymore.
They're making their move.
They're not playing games.
They're doing everything they can to destroy the economy, the factories, the family.
I mean, this is the target, folks.
They have been working hard.
They're all working together, those Republicans and Democrats together, they're enemies of America.
Now I want you to call Congress and I want you to tell them, we know you're criminal scum, okay?
We're not going to call up and plead with you.
We know you're just trying to wear us out and make us think there was a process and that we had it right.
That little sniveling drug addict pervert, George Bush, got up on TV and he said, I'll see you at the signing statement.
Because he knows.
It's rigged, folks.
Now, we may be able to, I mean, you know, there's some snowball chances in hell that we'll be able to stop this amnesty, but we're trying.
And we gotta go ahead and try.
Meanwhile, we're fighting the fact that the commentators are saying we beat it.
No, you didn't.
This is a military tactic.
And I mean it, folks.
We need veterans to go out to the parades and turn their backs on the troops.
We need to fly our flags upside down.
We need to call all the local National Guard Armories.
We need to call the Pentagon.
We need to call the Generals.
You've got a General that lives down the street from you.
You need to go and knock on his door and tell him when he's off visiting family that you demand he stop engaging in treason.
This is not our military.
We better start realizing that.
They are lobbying to turn the majority of the Army and Marine Corps into foreigners.
They're lobbying for the Amnesty Bill, and they're the strongest lobbyist in there, and they got defense contractors that are all now basically offshore.
They're in there lobbying right now to overturn America.
I mean, the military, and that's usually who kills the country, it's usually the military.
They've turned against us at the top, and it's going to take public declarations of that.
If you go, well, I know, but I still got to support the troops, that means you support the whole thing.
That means they win.
That means they still fool you.
That means they, it's a cloaking device.
The military is not our military anymore.
What does it take?
Thomas Barnett, the head of the Naval War College, has gone public saying they work, quote, for a new world order.
He was supposed to come on one day, then he figured out who I was, so I called him at home.
He goes, now I'm not coming on your show.
I'm not going to dignify you.
And I said, we're going to defeat your New World Order.
And he said, keep on dreaming.
And I said, America will prevail.
And he went, just keep on dreaming.
Folks, imagine saying, we're going to beat you.
America's going to win.
And he goes, you just keep on dreaming.
I know, folks, they're mechanized.
They're focused.
And they take the salt of the earth, the American people, these farm boys, and these young men from the inner cities who are Americans, and they go join, and they're shot up with deadly vaccines.
They're given questionnaires where you fire on Americans if you say yes, you're kept here for covert operations to train the cadres of illegal aliens.
If you say no, you're sent overseas to be used as cannon fodder and breathe radiation.
You understand?
You understand how this works?
Hitler used the German flag to fool the people into serving him.
If you don't stand up and say, this is not our military, this is not our government, Rick Perry is not our governor, George Bush and Hillary Clinton are not our leaders, we have to clearly announce they're enemies.
You need bumper stickers saying, our government's been taken over, it's not our government.
You have to clearly make that designation and you have to do it now.
They're moving against us at every point.
They're scared right now.
That makes them even more dangerous.
They know the wheels are coming off.
It's a collision course.
We need to put more coal in the furnace and push that lever all the way down.
Set your jaw and get ready to ram them.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Welcome back.
Now, we're going to continue with your calls here in a moment.
I am going to go to the 20 points I never got to last week and what's happening with the new immigration bill also.
More news on government-sponsored terror and what's happening over in the Middle East right now, which really all impels the significance to what's happening with real estate and the dollar.
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All right, we will start the next hour and I'm going to finish up with these callers at 1-800-259-9231.
I never got into this properly yesterday.
CNN had this up and took it down and didn't retract it.
They just black-holed it in the memory hole.
This is a CNN headline, U.S.
officials, Samara attack may have been inside job, and then we just kind of glazed over that.
Well, remember, last time we confirmed it was an inside job.
So we'll tell you about that and why they do that.
We're going to get into the big news here.
They're saying now they think they can pass it.
The immigration bill.
And if it didn't work that time, they'll do it again.
And they got the federally funded phone banks for the illegal aliens going around the clock.
We'll be right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
We are live now into the third and final hour.
And what I'm going to do right now, because I need to get to all this news, I'm going to cover news, then we'll continue with all of the callers that are patiently holding right now.
Senate leaders revive immigration bill Reuters.
Senate leaders agreed on Thursday to revive a stalled immigration overhaul.
It's an overhaul.
Again, get your car fixed.
It's an overhaul.
Get your boat redone.
It's an overhaul.
Your house.
See, good connotation.
That's why it's propaganda, folks.
It's the words they use are propaganda.
And I guarantee you this Donna Smith thing is real cute to sit there and sell it to you that way.
When Time Magazine shows some agrarian farm workers heavily calloused, sweet little hands with a pristine pure white shirt on.
It's all meant to look oh godly.
I mean literal think tanks just shat around pouring over what the cover would be to shell you the death of the country.
They just do it with pleasure.
That's why so much local media scum here hates me because they're all about the power of the media.
They're all about how they have power.
And they'll sit there and sell their own countrymen out as long as they get to have the power.
They just revel in it.
Especially the scum at the Chronicle here in town.
That's how they operate.
It goes on, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
A Nevada Democrat and Senator Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican, said in a joint statement the Senate would reconsider the legislation after completing work on an amnesty bill sometime next week.
We met this evening with several of the Senators involved in the immigration bill negotiations.
The two leaders said in a statement, based on that discussion, the immigration bill will return to the Senate floor after completion of the energy bill.
The new agreement would limit the number of amendments and include a measure to ensure funding for China border security.
Folks, that's another bait and switch.
They funded it a year ago and then didn't spend any money for it.
They built a few miles for photo op.
It's a joke!
And they had illegal aliens building that, remember?
It's such a scam!
They ended up giving it for domestic federal takeover of local cities to shove you around and put up some more cameras.
That's so sick.
How they laugh at all of us.
Bunch of criminals.
I mean, they are hardcore criminals up there.
You bet I'm nasty and mean about it.
These people all deserve just absolute treason charges.
The new agreement would limit the number of amendments and include a measure to ensure funding for tighter border security measures.
Something sought by conservatives.
That's like saying we'll chop your leg off, but we'll provide a band-aid.
It legalizes all of them!
It's a joke!
And so they had all along planned to just say they'd do that.
Just say they'd do that.
Oh, then all these idiot fake conservatives will run around telling you they'd had a victory.
There's no end to it.
It legalizes all of them!
Unlimited can come, Unlimited can stay.
They can bring 11 family members for 12 years and get a social security card on the first check-in visit.
And in a few cases, if you've got felonies, you've got to pay $5,000.
But then that's got a loophole big enough to drive a Star Destroyer through.
It's a complete joke!
But again, you like being lied to.
You like being scammed.
You enjoy it.
It's what you like.
And I'm talking to the idiots out there.
As long as you feel good, you don't mind being raped.
We'll be right back to get into this and a lot more.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
This is the type of article we see four or five times a day here in Canada and the United States.
Students suspended after voicing marijuana opinion
Karen King's use of marijuana had led to his suspension from Woatoa Parkland School.
King said he was threatened with police action by Principal Susan Wilson for making the case that marijuana was less harmful than alcohol.
In my opinion, cannabis is safer than they say.
It's not worse than alcohol or tobacco.
I agree, said King, a 15-year-old grade 10 student.
And, uh, they suspended him.
See, it's all about speech.
Gotta get rid of that!
Keep us safe from Al-Qaeda!
There's no real Al-Qaeda, but all crime you see under Section 802.
All misdemeanors is terror.
So, see, that's the terror.
By the way, that federal report came out that... Less than 1%.
It was zero point something.
Was it zero?
It was point zero one five, I believe.
You've got to pull it up.
It was on a few weeks ago.
I mean, it's just non-existent.
There's just federal goons just running around feeding on everyone.
And it's only going to get worse.
All right, I'm already digressing there.
But the illegal aliens, they can take down American flags and run up Mexican flags at federal post offices, and if citizens run over and try to take it down, the cops arrest them.
Or they slam your head in the concrete.
You don't go to a protest, you don't protest the illegal aliens.
Oh no sir!
Not in Seattle, not in L.A.
Now we do right here in Austin, Texas.
I've gone out and done it when they're stomping around declaring this is Mexico, and the cops back off.
But they're only a few inches away.
They tried to threaten us with arrest the other day during a protest at Perry.
They said, we're going to arrest you.
I said, go ahead.
And I had to literally play chicken with the cops.
I had to commit and be ready to be arrested because they felt like killing America is a good thing to do.
Now we got some Chips Highway Patrol thug here in Austin running things.
It'll be a lot worse, and that entire California is completely run by the Central Intelligence Agency.
You better believe that's what we got here now.
But that's good!
Hey man, that's great!
Leave all the illegal aliens alone, let them violate laws, but treat the fat hog citizens however you want, because we're made to be fed on!
We're made to be shoved around!
We're made to be treated like filth!
That's what we're here for!
That's why we exist!
To serve this bloated, degenerate, scumbag government!
So they, uh, are gonna revive the bill, and they're gonna sneak it in on ya next week.
They just say sometime they're gonna bring it to the floor.
On the floor.
I remember the same thing with campaign finance reform that restricted how much money citizens can give but doubled the amount of money corporations could give.
Wasn't a reform at all.
It was an attack on free speech.
Doubled the corruption.
Didn't matter.
Had the word reform in it.
People said, Bush isn't going to sign that.
He's against it.
Neocons will still argue and say he voted against it.
He didn't, but he lobbied for it.
The campaign finance Feingold-Kennedy bill.
Or McCain-Feingold, excuse me.
And they just kept bringing it up for votes, bringing it up for votes, bringing it up for votes, and it all never passed.
Bush will never sign that.
He's a good American.
He campaigned against it.
It's all bull.
This is military attack, and I know I keep saying that.
We are under military-style attack.
It is done with precision.
Precision lies to diffuse you and to pacify you and to brainwash you to accept what you're under.
Now I'm going to read through these now.
I keep meaning to do this and I never did it last week.
I'm going to read to you the current bill.
We got a copy a week and a half ago.
This is Senator Sessions' analysis of the immigration bill and I've now read the bill.
It's frankly worse than everything you're about to hear.
Then I'll go to your calls.
Senator Sessions released the list of 20 loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill from the office of U.S.
Senator Jeff Sessions.
Senator Jeff Sessions of Republican Alabama released a list of 20 loopholes in the Comprehensive Immigration Bill today, which reveals that the bill is fatally flawed.
Well, it's not flawed.
No, it's amnesty.
It does what it's meant to do.
And will not establish a functioning immigration system in the future.
The list of loopholes includes flaws affecting border security.
It's not flaws, it's beautiful design.
The list of loopholes includes flaws affecting border security, chain migration, and assimilation policies.
The list exposes the lack of serious attention given to ensuring that the legislation fixes America's failed immigration system.
I am deeply concerned about the numerous loopholes we have found in legislation.
They are more than technical errors, but rather symptoms of a fundamentally flawed piece of legislation that stands no chance of actually fixing our broken immigration system.
Sessions said, many of the loopholes are indicative of a desire not to have the system work.
Finally, an honest statement.
We've got to rip this gate off its hinges.
We've got to take your door off.
To fix the problem of mosquitoes coming in.
For example, one loophole in the enforcement trigger fails to require the U.S.
visit system, the biometric border check-in and check-out system established by Congress in 1996.
That was only meant for citizens.
See, they said, oh, we're putting biometrics in the thumb scan and your driver's license, but it's really illegal.
And then they were given a waiver not to have to do it.
This is important that they get extra welfare to subsidize them to take our jobs, because they know they can't live on the three bucks an hour they're getting, but the two or three welfare checks on average taken out about three times what they pay in taxes in welfare, that's the subsidy to destroy the middle class by design.
And so they've got to be by a different set of rules.
Again, it forms the blade of the knife to be drawn across the throat of the country.
For example, one loophole in the enforcement trigger fails to require the U.S.
visa system, the biometric border check-in and check-out system established by Congress in 1996, but never implemented, to be fully functioned before the new worker or amnesty programs begin.
Without the system in place, the U.S.
has no method of ensuring that workers and their families do not overstay their visas.
Their visas.
It's a 12-year visa.
I mean, you've got to laugh at this stuff.
Another flaw in the legislation prevents the benefits of merit-based immigration from taking full effect until 2016.
Oh yeah, you've got to penalize folks that try to do it legally.
And they don't let Europeans in, by the way.
Until then, chain migration into the U.S.
will actually triple compared to the disproportionately low increase in skilled-based immigration.
As a result, the merit-based system in the bill is only a shell of what it should have been.
A third loophole in the bill allows immigrants to avoid demonstrating a proficiency in English for more than a decade.
Well, you don't want them to assimilate.
It's part of the reorganization process.
This is race politics.
In the name of fighting it, of course.
You want to hear a racist, go listen to a liberal.
But they're race pimps.
Illegal aliens are not required to learn English to receive full proficiency benefits, probationary benefits,
of citizenship.
Passing a basic English test is only required for the third Z visa renewal 12 years after amnesty is granted.
Oh man, that's beautiful!
It goes on sessions.
I know that's obnoxious when I do that.
Instead of crying, I'm doing that.
It's more of a sickening laugh.
It's like a sick
Tick I'm developing.
This is where I have to go.
More of an insane laugh.
It's all off the chart, ladies and gentlemen.
Sessions will highlight many of the loopholes contained in this list week during the Senate debate on the immigration bill.
They're not allowing debates on that, see, because the bill was secret until a week and a half ago.
They don't want to have all this come out.
A list of the 20 loopholes is attached.
20 loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill.
Loophole 1, legal status before enforcement.
Amnesty Bill does not wait for the enforcement trigger after filing an application and waiting 24 hours.
Illegal aliens will receive full probationary benefits, just complete citizenship basically, complete with the ability to legally live and work in the U.S., travel outside the U.S.
and return, and their own social security card on the first visit.
Oh, excuse me.
Astoundingly, if the trigger is never met and the amnesty applications are therefore never approved, the promotionary benefits granted to the illegal alien population never expire and the new social security cards issued to the illegal aliens populations are not revoked.
It shows instant citizenship.
Fiat citizenship.
Loophole 2.
visit exit not in trigger.
The enforcement trigger requires to be met before the new temporary worker program begins.
It does not require that the exit portion of the U.S.
visa system, the biometric border card check-in and check-out system, first required by Congress in 1996, that is already well past, it's already postponed 2005 implementation due date, to be in place before the new worker or amnesty program begins.
Without the U.S.
visit-exit program, the U.S.
has no method to ensure that the workers or their visiting families do not overstay their visas or current illegal population contains 4.5 million visa overstays.
Therefore, we know that the U.S.
visit-exit component is a key to a successful new temporary worker program.
But it's not a temporary worker program, it's total legalization.
There's 20 of these.
Trigger requires no more agents' beds or fencing than current law.
And it goes on through all of that.
That's really a key area.
Loophole 4, 3 additional years worth of illegal aliens granted status, treated preferentially to legal filers.
Loophole 5, compilation of background checks not requiring probationary legal status, which then again makes you legal for 12 years.
It's not probationary.
But it's just no background check, no nothing.
You're legal.
We'll be right back.
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Federal agents!
We are armed!
We're good to go.
I see a message from the government like every day.
I watch it and listen and call them all suckers.
They're warning me about Osama or whatever.
Picture me buying this scam.
I said never.
You in tune to a hard truth soldier spitting.
I say commit a dissident.
I'm just going to speed through them.
Welfare for 12 years, no come back, no learn English, none of it.
Loophole 6, you can go read, it has the actual subsections under it.
Loophole 6, some child molesters are still eligible.
Loophole 7, terrorism connections allowed, good moral conduct not required.
And it actually says it in the bill.
Loophole 8.
Gang members are eligible.
It says that you can be a member of MS-13 or any other hardcore organized crime organization and page 289 section 3436 of the bill as long as you sign a paper saying you renounce your gang membership.
Loophole 9.
Obsconders are eligible.
People that repeatedly were in jail for other crimes, alien fugitives, page 285, paragraph 19-22, this catch and release where you promise to come back to court, they are given amnesty.
And there's one in here where they're given tax amnesty.
Five years of taxes.
Just boom.
You didn't pay taxes.
Oh, don't worry.
But the Browns?
That's alright.
Oh, no.
That's another subject.
Loophole 10.
Learning English not required for a decade.
Now, again, that's another loophole, another subsection of the Z visa.
Another visa that's not needed for 12 years.
Loophole 11.
Earned income tax credit will cost taxpayers billions in just 10 years.
And then it goes into all of that.
Continuing, loophole 12, affidavits from friends accepted as evidence to show that you were, quote, already in the country and weren't, really let you come in and get citizenship instantly.
You just have a friend or family or anyone else sign a declaration saying you did live here.
Loophole 13, taxpayer-funded legal counsel and arbitration that government is going to pay to make you get into the system.
So it's going to pay to bring them here, too.
It's got skilled and unskilled visas.
That's in here.
Loophole 14, in-state tuition and student loans.
This is a real doozy.
In-state tuition and other higher education benefits such as Stanford loans will be made available to current illegal aliens that are granted initial probationary status.
Even in the same, in-state tuition rates are not offered to all U.S.
You can't move to Texas and get UT
Texas rates, but if you're an illegal alien, it's already like that by the way, you get it automatically.
It's the same thing in Utah and California and a bunch of other places in New York.
You've got to have an incentive to bring them in.
It's military precision, folks!
This would normally violate current law, 8 U.S.C.
Title 1623, which mandates that educational incentives give citizens the same
Post-secondary education benefits that are offered to illegal aliens.
That's right, they got a law saying we at least get the same thing as the illegals.
Not anymore!
Oh, you gotta love it, man.
You gotta love it.
Loophole 15.
Inadequacy of merit system.
We'll come back, finish up with this, get into some other news, go to your calls.
But, I mean, this is just so sick.
This government is not our government.
It's a pack of criminals.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That toll free number again 1-877-928-8822.
You've got front row seats to the battle for the Republic.
You've got front row seats to Mortal Kombat.
Everything they're doing is so they can get you in a position to kill you.
And line you up and shoot a bullet right into the back of your head.
That's the great truth I've come to realize.
History is a road map and a fact.
And I have to admit that the globalists are very strong.
It takes great strength, reckless dark strength, to be able to kill 50 million plus in Russia, 60 million plus in China, 20 plus million in Germany.
Millions here, hundreds of thousands there.
It goes over 200 million total last century.
And I just sit here watching it all get set up for something much bigger, and I am just blown away.
They don't want you having nice golf courses and happy neighborhoods and all this junk.
They want you dead.
It's like the James Bond movie.
Where, you know, Dr. No, I think, and he says, do you expect me to talk?
And he goes, no, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.
Real simple.
It's real simple.
And I just stand here in absolute amazement at it.
Just absolute, abject amazement.
We're going to finish up with the immigration loopholes, and again, it's wearing you out.
It's wearing me out.
I'm sick of talking about it.
You're sick of hearing about it.
You know about it.
You understand it.
You probably understood on your own.
You didn't need to hear some redneck down in Texas flapping his gums.
You're like, yes, stupid, and we know.
Hey, a bunch of these people don't know!
And so, they'll continue to mobilize their unions and the military and the corporations and every organized body to literally end the U.S.
This is the end of the country.
And I'm sorry I can't shut up about it.
I will not shut up about it.
Believe me, I'd like to be doing history shows, having different history professors on every day.
That's neat.
That's interesting.
And it also leads to freedom, because if you know history, you know what's going to happen in the future.
Humans act the same, do the same things over and over again, just in a more complex way in modern times.
I just... It just blows me away.
I mean, I understand intellectually what the New World Order is, how they operate, what they do, what makes them tick, but I just... It's so alien to me, but then I...
I kind of forget how everybody else around me acts.
And then I kind of forget that, well, there are people who are different than some of us.
And there's degrees of that.
I mean, my whole world is about pies getting bigger.
But most people see it as a pie is a certain size and somebody wins and somebody loses.
I believe in win-win.
I believe in win-win.
That's why, here's an example, and this is really kind of mean to do, but I just have to do it, because, see, I can't have people take my dignity away from me.
I can't have people affix to me values that are not what I've always been about.
I mean, I would be really hungry as a third grader, but if somebody asked for my food, I would give it to them.
Because I enjoy giving people things.
I enjoy nurturing.
I enjoy, you know, giving a dog a bath, or taking care of one of my children, or planting little green plants.
You see?
And it just always amazes me.
Not the people, because you didn't seek power, you see.
The listeners, the people in the Patriot Movement are the best in the world and the most informed.
You've got the biggest hearts.
But I'll tell you, the leadership of this movement, by and large, are a bunch of maniac, egomaniac nuts who spend all their time trying to position themselves in posture instead, and always claiming everyone else is doing it, of course,
Instead of actually doing work, writing new stories, trying to have a mission, and so while they're busy talking about the missions they'd like to launch, and building castles in their mind, they never prosecute the war, and they never have an effect, and they never get what they crave, the adulation of the people.
And that's the sick thing about the people that don't want the adulation, and frankly find it annoying, don't
Don't behave like that so they do get the adulation.
And then the people that crave it, the people that crave it, they never get it.
In our movement, the New World Order, they run everything and they do.
And so everything with them is how to control things, how to have monopolies, how to cut down other people.
And of course, it never works for them.
I'm not even going to tell the stories.
It's just so funny.
Because I don't care.
I'm exhausted.
I work all the time.
I just literally break my back.
And I see this from these people and it's so incredible.
And it's not even hard to guess what they're going to do next.
And it's just you see man's fallen position.
But the worst thing isn't even those people grasping like it's the treasure of the Sierra Madres.
You know, they all go crazy in it, looking for the gold.
Start killing each other.
It's that those people, while they're doing that in their crazed mode, they've got to see you in that light.
While they're accusing you of it.
You know me, I've always tried to just work with everybody.
I've tried to be a magnet to literally pull people together and energize them, literally just seeing it as ammunition downrange, as it said.
And I've got to tell you, about 90% of the people in leadership positions, they can't help themselves.
You want to build them up.
You want to launch them.
You want to see them.
For my own safety, by the way.
Again, doing the right thing also has a fringe benefit.
There's lots of leadership, lots of people taking action, and so there's not central targets.
But they can't help it.
They make you isolate yourself and shun them.
And then you give them another chance, and they come right back and they do it again.
You go, I'll give them one more chance, and they do it again.
You see?
Because it's the nature.
And so you take that attitude, and then you times it a million, and you got David Rockefeller.
You times it a million, five hundred thousand, you got Lord Rothschild of England.
Baron Rothschild.
You see?
I mean, I mean, but the globalists, at least, they don't do it the low-level graspers.
See, low-level graspers go quick.
They grab.
They're just so greedy that they literally start just biting everyone like a mad dog, just snapping and flopping and foaming and flopping around.
But globalists don't know that they're together, they're teamed up against us, and they know they can deal with each other later.
And they, and I mean they enjoy it, they love killing masses of people.
They talk about their strength and doing it, and they just, oh, we do it, we have the will to press on the nerve of power!
And just look at how dumb the public is!
They like being slaves!
Oh, it's so good!
But they work together in unison like a pack of predators.
Like a pack of sharks going in circles around a school of fish and then diving through the mass of them.
And then I look at each little fish individually, each little guy with his different costume he wears.
Everybody's got their own costume in America, their identity.
The yuppie costume, the trendy costume, the punk costume, the whatever costume.
They've all got their own little costumes.
Look at the little fish, their little scales glistening in the water.
And they're just feeling good.
I can't even get these little fish to realize they're sharks in the ocean.
Because they don't have the brains to do it.
The brains are too little.
Or the little brains were filled from birth with things that didn't matter.
And trying to talk to one of these people is like trying to talk to a little fish.
Fish don't talk, folks.
They don't have real discussions.
They think if you're trying to have a conversation with them, that it's a challenge.
See, they think a conversation is some type of joust.
They see data transfer as a threat.
But there are millions and billions of good people.
Of spiritual, deep, loving people.
Of courage and honor.
And they must be protected.
But I don't do the things I do for the scum.
I do it for me.
I do it for my family.
And I do it for the good people out there.
Who deserve to be defended and who deserve to be stood up for.
That's why I do what I do.
And so again, no one in this movement can take away
The few accomplishments I've had and the few things that I can be satisfied with, I'm not even proud of it.
I'm satisfied.
It gives me a feeling of just satisfaction like when you've made a new piece of furniture and you're a carpenter.
It's the satisfaction of a builder.
The satisfaction of a farmer.
And I hate the world so much, folks.
I hate all its baubles, its trappings, the squishing of the capes of the people in their costumes, and the... I just can't stand it, folks.
I really want to live in isolation.
I just want to live on a couple thousand acres out in the middle of nowhere.
God, I wish I could do it.
And just be around all the peacock people.
And I know a lot of good people see this and are disgusted with life.
Some of our strongest people do live the life of hermits.
I mean, folks, I see so many plumbers and so many carpenters and so many old men that you literally, you know, the average yuppie would just swish back past some old man out there picking up cans.
Not me.
I want to go up and talk to that old man.
And usually you're talking to some genius.
Somebody who's had all these experiences and just pours love when you talk to them.
And they're so appreciative that you're talking to them.
See, I want to hang around with old people.
The few good ones that are left that aren't just TV heads filled with hate, hating the young people's young bodies, hating children's beauty.
See, it's warped, folks.
I just see the evil all over the place.
I realize how far gone we are.
Let me tell you, we're far gone, folks.
We're far gone.
We're far beyond gone.
And I hate becoming more popular.
I literally hate becoming more successful.
Because then the rage and the jealousy and the envy of the people in this movement only intensifies.
And people I wanted to be friends with, people I counted as friends, just can't help themselves in their malfunctioning primitive action as they try to pull me down.
And I just have to push them away.
And watch them sink.
You know, they take that pleasure away that I have as a good person of wanting to see them rise.
See, I never understood until I was like a teenager that most people don't like to look at a beautiful horse or a beautiful person.
They hate it.
They judge it according to themselves.
Most people hate it when you have a nice car.
Most people hate it when you live in a nice house.
It's not that I don't want the nice car or the nice house.
It's that I don't want the hate that's generated from it.
But see, in my hierarchy of needs, a thing is much lower.
It doesn't have a lot of value.
It just means I'm secure, I'm comfortable.
But after that point, I move on.
It isn't what I worship.
It's not my idol.
And it really does just get down to philosophy, at the end of the day.
But those of us that know Veritas, those of us that know truth, those of us that know what it is, will recognize it.
And we can get mesmerized by the world and all the bad, and I do it.
And then not keep our eye on the prize and sit there and whine and complain about the fallen condition of man.
Hey, people think doing good, they're supposed to get thanked for it and it's supposed to be rewarded for it.
No, you usually get knocked down for it.
People always volunteer for something or do something and then they whine about it later.
What do you think it's all about?
When you do evil, you're going to get rewarded generally by this world.
When you do good, the opposite is going to happen in many cases.
What do you expect?
And see, these people are all just frothing and running around in Washington.
All they know is they get payoffs, and they get more power if they can effectively go in and gut this country and bring it down.
And they know if they bring in a mass that will vote for anything they're told, that they can consolidate more wealth, and they know it'll blow out America, but by then they can retire to their offshore island.
And it's just a cold-blooded, hey, I'm taking care of myself view.
And it's those type of attitudes that destroy civilizations.
It's camaraderie, camaraderie, it's honor, it's the love of beauty, the love of strength, it's virtues that build civilizations, and it's the spoiled progeny that tears them down.
It's the spoiled scum that tears it all down.
And that's what's happening.
You know, these other loopholes in paid in-state tuition for illegal aliens above U.S.
citizens' rates, inadequacy of merit system goes into the fact that people that have done the green card are penalized if they stay in the system, but the new amnesty people can do whatever they want.
Visas for individuals that plan to overstay, chain migration tripled before being eliminated.
It allows you to bring in 11 people instead of 4.
He goes on here, loophole 18, back taxes not required.
Again, that's a key.
You need to go read that.
Page 2, 19 through paragraph 20.
Loophole 19, social security credit.
Allow for some illegal work history.
They're going to pay them social security on it.
And 20, criminal fines not proportional to conduct.
But then the cops got the nerve to pull me over, and walk over with your slack jaw while your boss is shipping narcotics, and your boss is grab people screaming children away from them, and you want to search my car looking for trash your boss has brought in.
I mean, am I not supposed to just go, what?
Is this some kind of sick joke?
Who do you?
I mean, it's just, it's all off the charts.
Everything's off the charts.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Before you slip into unconsciousness I'd like to have another kiss Another flashing chance at bliss Another kiss, another kiss
I'll be back this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
We're going to have Randy Weaver on from the Brown property.
What about a 15-minute report?
I don't know if we're going to do that press conference now on Monday.
But we'll see what happens with that.
You know, in closing, I wasn't going to take calls, but I'm just... I'm not even depressed.
I'm more resigned.
We've got to continue to fight because they'll just run over us that much quicker.
This is how we survive.
But really, when I say the military isn't our military, we have to let them know.
We know they're traitors.
That allows them to totally destroy it and keep control.
You have to admit there's been a hijacking when there's a hijacking.
And not let the guy flash his badge at you and you go, okay, go ahead.
Our military is lobbying for the illegal aliens.
I mean, this needs to be a big deal, folks.
You need to get the story we wrote last Monday.
Get it out to everybody.
I mean, every VFW, all everywhere.
I mean, this is serious, folks.
We need to get angry.
Our country's never been under greater threat than it is right now.
It's never been more serious.
It's never been greater.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Have a great weekend.
I want to thank all the affiliates, the sponsors, John Harmon running the show.
Everybody, take care.
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