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Air Date: June 14, 2007
369 lines.
We have Elaine Brown on.
The cell phone inside their home that the media calls a compound outside Plainfield, New Hampshire.
We have Randy Weaver, Green Beret, father, lost his wife and son and dog, all shot in the back, all shot from their concealed positions, of course, way back in 1992, so many years ago, 15 years ago.
We are joined today by these folks.
We are joined by Ed Delaney Brown and Randy Weaver.
And Randy is going to be leaving tomorrow night.
He is going to be going there to get there by I guess late in the weekend.
And I just want to say, here I was talking to Randy during the break, we are going to, he is an InfoWars.com freelance reporter.
He's welcome to say he's a Genesis reporter.
I would imagine that he would like to report for other people.
He is a freelance reporter reporting to the American people.
He is going there to cover the event.
He's going there to try to diffuse the situation.
And frankly, I think everybody owes him a debt of gratitude for his incredible courage after what he's already been through.
And I mean, I owe him that.
The country owes him that.
The Browns owe him that.
And especially the Feds.
Because we need national attention on this so their bosses tell them to back off and try to come at this from another angle because they have been inside.
They sent in this FBI guy we've identified posing as a quote white supremacist and I guess trying to get dirt on the Browns.
The Browns told him we don't agree with that get out of here.
He matches the MO according to Mr. Riley of the FBI agent who's in command.
We have that in triplicate now.
But bottom line, he works for the Feds.
We know that they didn't cut their power right after he called them and called them wimps.
After he left their home, he called them back and they said, we know you're a Fed.
And he said, well, you're basically a bunch of wimps.
And they said, fine, whatever.
We're just here standing up for our freedoms.
We are wimps.
It's other people you got to worry about.
I'm paraphrasing the history of what's happened, trying to condense it here.
If we can go to Randy and the Browns.
On top of all this, the Feds called them a couple days ago and said, we are going to be coming in on you.
And then locals have told them, some of the locals in the Stabulary, that yeah, they're telling them they're going to use robots or swords.
So that's where it stands, and there's such liars that it may mean they're never going to come in.
They may back off like they did with the Gray family in 2000.
Here we are seven years later, and they've left the Grays alone on their 44 acres there on the Trinity River in East Texas.
But going to Randy Weaver.
Randy, and we'll also bring up Elaine Brown right now.
Randy, you're planning to head out tomorrow?
Yes, probably later tomorrow evening, or early Saturday morning at the latest.
Now Randy, you're located where?
How long will it take you to get to the area of New Hampshire?
I'm in Arkansas, and from my home place, I figure it'll take me upwards of 20 hours.
Well, I think because of the situation you're going into, speed is important, but also, you need to probably stop and get some rest.
We don't want you all tired out when you get there.
I wanted to say this much, Alex.
My daughter, 15-year-old daughter that lives with me, Alicia, the one that Vicki was holding in her arms when they killed Vicki, I put her on a plane this morning.
She's out to visit her sisters for the summer in Montana.
And they give her the total pat down, they check her bag with the little swabs for dynamite or whatever they check for, and she got, she was totally embarrassed and disgusted, and she said, why'd they do that, Dad?
I said, well, welcome to George Orwell's 1984.
They can't profile, so supposedly just every other so many people they'll pick, pull out and do that to.
I said,
Hopefully she was just random and that they don't have dry on her.
You know, I've seen literal foreigners who can hardly speak English in bright blue commando outfits in San Francisco jabbing with their finger at a World War II vet who was flying out, a bunch of them were flying out, this was like five years ago, four years ago, to a Pearl Harbor remembrance.
And this guy looked like he literally was about to collapse and die.
I mean, he looked like death warmed over.
And this foreigner was just relishing jabbing that vet.
That's America, buddy.
Well, I think, you know what, it appears to me that the foreigners have taken over our government, period.
Oh, that's it, yeah?
They cannot claim to be Americans the way they run this country.
And I was just reading a book recently, and it was talking about IQ.
And it says that sometimes IQ can be a detriment.
Because if these people run our country, they're supposed to be the illuminated people, and have such high IQs,
They're sure ruining this country and they're working this one world government which will totally ruin everything for everybody, the common man.
So that doesn't show that high IQ does us any good, does it?
I'm going to be going into the Washington Post saying the economy is beginning its collapse.
I agree.
This is serious news.
But they admit in there, they say, so the elite can consolidate.
See, that's where the real power and the profits come from.
They print the money and they set it up as a Ponzi scheme every generation or so to consolidate.
And this is the final global consolidation.
I mean, I just...
I know, I know.
I cried.
Even after all this time, when I think of that situation that family endured, I still cry.
It was a horrible, horrible thing.
And I have so much admiration for Randy and such gratitude to him for coming out here to help us and be with us.
Elaine, you're not alone.
We've all shed a lot of tears.
But there's going to be more tears coming.
And it won't be just our side doing it.
Oh, you bet.
You bet.
Things are in play, you know.
I mean, they've thrown down the gauntlet.
A week ago today, they let us know they're coming in here to kill us, and there's certainly no doubt about that.
We're going to try and stop that.
Well, yeah, we'd all like it to be stopped, certainly, but we're going to change our stance.
We will not come out.
We have committed no crime.
It was a total sham trial.
The whole thing was just fabricated.
Had we committed a crime, fine, we'd do the time, but we have committed no crime.
We've done nothing wrong.
Well, Randy... Randy, you did nothing wrong.
That was entrapment right along.
Yes, well, even if it wasn't entrapment, the gun thing is totally a farce anyway and totally unconstitutional.
By the way, did you hear?
They now are completely federalizing gun purchases, even at point of sale.
And if the government gives you any psychological designation now, you won't be able to own a gun.
Oh, well, they really are stepping up their program, you know.
Well, legally, you won't be able to own one.
But that's going to be a different story.
Yeah, very different.
Don't ever get all the guns in a row.
Well, it is the gun issue, just like 1775 with Lexington and Concord right in your neck of the woods, Elaine, that triggered it.
Because let's say 99% of people roll over.
But if 1% stand up, that's 1.6 million fighters.
I think it'll be about 95.
Randy, where do you see this?
I mean, we never talk about your military training.
What is it like for you, who served your country, the best of the best, the Green Berets, to then just suddenly be, them tell you, you're going to be our informant, you're perfect, you're going to go into these groups for us, and you say no, so they come out and set you up and kill your family.
I mean, it's just, I mean, where do you see the world going?
Where do you see all this breaking down?
Well, I originally joined the service.
I thought I'd make a career out of it by the time, but by the time I had going on, uh, well into my, just my second out of three years, I was starting to see things I didn't like.
And, uh, you know, the, the old time, uh, military boys would sit around and get to discussing things and they would do nothing.
They complained about the civilians, the civilians and how bad they were.
And I'm thinking you guys are here to serve the civilians.
And, uh, that just didn't sit well with me.
What kind of things would they say?
Oh, it's just complaining about everything.
The civilians do this and they want that and they won't let us do this and just on and on and on.
Well, you know, the way things are, that's the way it's supposed to be.
The civilians are supposed to control the military.
Everybody wants free reign, Randy.
Well, they've got it.
Government's got free reign, and they literally... Folks, when I say this, I mean it.
They literally have already destroyed the country, okay?
I mean, I just want to give people a newsflash.
It's already gone.
It is.
It is.
I don't know if we can get it back.
You know, the court system is just so corrupt.
I know exactly what the Browns are talking about.
They don't have to convince me of what I... I can see it in my own mind, visualize what happened, and it's...
They, these people, and that's why they're passing all these Patriot Acts, supposedly Patriot Act and all this other stuff, because it gives them more money, more police and law enforcement, they call it, officers.
I call them more terrorist groups.
And they talk about the homegrown terrorists.
Well, they are them themselves.
But that's because they're scared.
They're afraid that we're, you know, we don't want to go along with their program and that's why they're doing this.
They're going to try to scare us into bowing down and doing everything they say.
Well, there's some of us out here that are just, you know, when they say when you're 18 you're an adult, you get away and now your parents aren't in control of you anymore.
And that's when people are supposed to start thinking for ourselves.
And if you have any common sense and use any reasoning at all, you can see that
This country, like you're right, it's gone.
We have no constitutional republic anymore.
Well, we've got members of Homeland Security admitting that to police, saying the country's really going to be gone soon, and they've been convinced somehow that's good.
Randy, you should be there by Sunday.
I'm on from 4 to 6 p.m.
Sunday with a syndicated show I do.
I'd like to get a 10-15 minute report Sunday, somewhere between 4 to 6 central, that'd be 5 to 7.
Eastern when you're there at the ground there at the ground property, so let's be sure and line that up and Bottom line.
What are you hoping to do by traveling there?
Just hopefully to prevent any bloodshed on either side and Get national attention on this whole situation Yeah, that's what we need
Well, let's just say that you're going to have a press conference at 2 o'clock.
That's perfect for news time at 5.
Let's say you're going to have a press conference at 2 o'clock on Monday, there in front of the House, and invite national media there.
We should all call the media.
Randy, I'm sure you can get there by 2 o'clock on Monday.
How about we just put out the announcement that you're going to have a press conference at 2 p.m.
out front the Brown House, coming up this Monday?
That's fine with me.
Okay, well, there you have it.
Randy, we were reporting for Genesis Communications, Infowars.com, We The People Radio Network, Republic Radio Network, they got that free speech network.
All of them, just Randy there, reporting for the American people, reporting for duty, a great patriot, going above and beyond the call in the fight for this republic.
Now, when I say the country's gone, you know, it's kind of like if somebody was throwing a baby out the window, and you dropped them for a second, and you might have a second to still grab them.
I mean, it's kind of like the cartoon where Yosemite Sam or Wiley Cote walks out off the cliff and he figures out he's walked out over the cliff and as soon as he realizes it, he falls.
Now, that isn't how reality works with gravity, but that is how it works with the economy and politics of the New World Order.
If we realize we're out over the edge of the cliff and jump back, we can still do that for a very limited time.
Randy, Mrs. Brown, do you agree with that?
Yeah, absolutely.
People are going to have to move.
People are going to have to move.
Alex, I'm not a religious man, but I believe that people do evil things and they do good things, and I believe that miracles can happen, and people have to make it happen.
People have to do it.
Well, Randy, you always say I'm not a religious man.
I know you were a very deeply religious man growing up.
Yes, I come through the whole gamut, but you know, at the time Ruby Ridge came down, Vicki and I
We had given up our fundamentalist-type Christian beliefs by the time that happened, and we were pretty much what you might call Yahweh-separatist beliefs back then.
And if Vicki was here today, we studied together and we would learn things together, and we changed.
There was never more than two weeks apart where we'd have to discuss something until we'd come to an agreement on it and we could see the truth in it.
And we were studying and learning, and we were working our way right out of religion, Alex.
Well, yeah, it was more spiritual than a religious thing, Randy.
I understand.
I don't know if there's an afterlife.
I haven't had any proof of it.
But I know one thing, Elaine,
If there is a creator, and he loves his children more than I love my little boy when I pick him up and lay him in my arms when he's dead, on the road down there in the woods, if he loved me more than that, I can pull a lot more stinkies yet and still be in good state with the old boy.
Or woman, whatever he is or she is or whatever.
You see, I don't know.
But I know one thing, he'd give us, or we are given, I should say, and
Our parents in DNA, we're born with brains and we're supposed to use them in reasoning and education.
And we have to, you know, even the scripture, I know the scripture pretty good, and even the scripture says, study to show yourself approved.
And I have found out why you should study, for sure.
Because it helps you with your reasoning.
Now when you study, you just get smarter.
Well, better educated.
Well, I mean, it makes the brain work better the more you use it.
Well, that's right.
Use it or lose it, like anything.
And I do stand with the Lord and do believe that there is an afterlife.
And these criminals who are coming here, you know, one day, if we all stand before those gates, before that ultimate judge, and they had best be prepared,
Well, I'll tell Randy this.
Randy, I wasn't looking for it my whole life, but I have had experiences and things I don't talk about on air.
Believe me, it's real.
Well, that's fine, but I guess I'm going to have to be forgiven then.
You know, and personally, I believe that that's real possible if it's going to go that route.
Well, we know you're a good man, and we know you've got a good heart, and we love you, Randy.
We know, and you know, we really respect you.
We just appreciate you for going out there.
I mean, I think this is really going to freak the feds out that you're putting yourself in the way of the fist, and they are insane if they decide to go in there while you're in there, Randy.
Well, you know what?
I'm not one lick worried about it.
I'm not afraid of death anymore, Alex.
Not one bit.
I understand.
I'm not either, I'm only afraid of not being able to continue my work.
I just hope that if they shoot me, that they can prove later in the autopsy that it was from the back again.
Why do they like to shoot people in the back?
Well, I don't, it's easier and that way if they miss, there's less possibility you're going to see where the shot came from, I guess.
Who knows?
One final segment with both of you.
This is historic.
Randy Weaver, one of the survivors of the Ruby Ridge Massacre, is getting ready to get in his truck and getting ready to point it northeast.
We'll be right back.
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I remember when I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
Yeah, I was talking to Randy during the break and I talked to him a few days ago.
And we're sending him in there as an Infowars.com reporter.
That way the feds can't trump something up and try to say he's aiding and abetting or something.
Of course, the Browns haven't done anything either.
We just want to diffuse this.
We want to leave them alone.
We don't want bloodshed on either side.
And Randy, again, I can only commend your courage.
You're going to be leaving tomorrow or the next morning, and we'll have a press conference.
We'll announce
Well, let's shoot for 1 o'clock more, I think, about it Monday, because that way we can carry the press conference live via cell phone in the last hour of this show, and on any other shows.
That's when Ed and Elaine normally do their call-in to a show as well.
So we can do it all Monday at 1 o'clock, as long as it's in the afternoon.
That's perfect for the media.
Next Monday, 1 o'clock Central, 2 o'clock Eastern, so it'll still be 2 o'clock for you, Randy.
Mrs. Brown, Elaine Brown, anything else you want to add?
We're just anxiously awaiting Randy's arrival.
We're looking forward to meeting Randy.
Having you with us.
My oldest daughter, Sarah, I talked to her yesterday on the phone and she wanted to come out there too.
If she could get off work, but she's had to take a lot of time off recently for some other business and she wasn't
Really didn't think she could, but she just wanted to come so bad, and I wish she could be there, too, because my daughters are so sweet and courageous that I'd love to have her there with us.
I imagine they are.
Well, Randy, I wouldn't blame you if you kept your daughters that you got left out of this.
You already lost your son and wife.
You know what?
My daughter is 31 years old, and she has a lot of her mother in her, and she knows how to reason, and she knows
Right from wrong, and I would be proud of her to be there.
I would not discourage her.
You're an amazing man.
I really admire you, because I'll tell you right now, I'm ready to die in a minute for this country and this planet, but my children just... The worst thing that can happen is lose your children.
Oh, I can't, yeah.
It'll tear your heart out.
Well, anybody ever messes with my kids, they better get ready to die, because I'm coming for them.
Well, I'm coming to see you, Elaine, and you just hold tight.
Okay, we'll have the light on.
No, we won't have the light on, will we?
We'll probably have a flashlight.
Well, we'll put a candle in the window.
I'll call your cell phone.
You might even buy a $30 track phone, because what they do is they find the number and they jam it, or they call, they've confirmed, and have phones turned off.
So if I was you, I'd have one of those Walmart phones charged out of the package that they don't know about, because we may be in the middle of an interview once you're there, and they'll turn that off.
It has to be accessed before you get here, because
We have no landline to activate it, so... Yeah, so you might go to Slave Mart or wherever and go ahead and activate it, Randy.
And God bless you, and I'll call you later when you get one.
I know you're about to go out, and we'll get that from you as well, my friend.
Okay, keep in touch.
Now, Alex, can I talk to you for a minute after we go off the air?
Sure, Elaine, absolutely.
And do you need to talk to Randy, or do you guys have each other's contact info?
Yeah, exactly.
Okay, so you have her contact info, Randy?
No, I don't.
Well, that's exactly what she's bringing up.
We'll do this.
We'll exchange each other's numbers right now, together, when we go to this break, and we'll give you guys that info.
So I guess we're all thinking on the same page here.
And, uh, again, this is so historical.
I literally just admire Randy Weaver more than I already did, if that's possible.
I absolutely admire him.
And it feels so good to have people that you can see as a model of true patriotism, true manhood, and real strength.
They killed his wife and his son, ladies and gentlemen, and he is going back to put himself in the same position.
It just makes my heart beat.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now into the second hour.
We just had Randy Weaver on of the Ruby Ridge Massacre and Siege with Elaine Brown of Edna Lane Brown up there in New Hampshire and Randy is on his way packing up tonight and tomorrow to leave tomorrow.
We're gonna have him on the Sunday show 4 to 6 p.m.
Central for a report and we'll be carrying the press conference.
We need to get a press release out
Uh, on that at, uh, InfoWars.net or PrisonPlanet.com as soon as possible.
Uh, that he's going to be going there to try to diffuse the siege.