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Air Date: June 13, 2007
2530 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Wednesday, the 13th day of June, 2007, and we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
Coming up later in the broadcast, we only had him on for about 10 minutes yesterday.
I didn't want to cut him short.
We're having the gentleman on who's successfully beaten the police when they arrested him for trying to tape record them while they were interrogating his daughter.
And they're now claiming that you cannot have cameras anywhere in the United States.
You cannot videotape police.
Of course, this is fraud on its face.
Wiretapping is when you hide a microphone or camera or both in somebody's house or tap into their phone line illegally, unlawfully, without a warrant.
That's what Bush has been doing illegally.
But when you go out on the street corner and start videotaping people, or you go to a football game and start videotaping people, or a cop pulls you over and you start videotaping them, even secretly, it's not wiretapping because there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.
But this is the same thing with the police, their penchant for beating you up.
On video, and then using the video of them beating you up as evidence to charge you with assaulting an officer, assaulting a god.
And I see it all the time, and they'll just go, oh yeah, that's an assault.
Yeah, I slammed your face in the concrete, that's an assault.
I want to send you to prison for five years on top of it.
And you'll go, but it isn't an assault.
And everybody that takes it to trial is found not guilty.
I mean, I've had several of my listeners send me videos, and they're about to plea bargain, and I say, no, take it to trial.
The jury says, well, they didn't touch the officer or the officers, but they still try to send you to prison.
And that's what blows me away, is that you would take people to jail for doing nothing, and try to put them in prison, and feel good about it.
I mean, that is one of the Ten Commandments, boys and girls.
I mean, that is, even if you don't believe in God, that is mooey bad.
To lie about people?
To get them in trouble?
But you just do it all day long!
It feels good!
Of course, then, if they don't like what you're doing in your own cop system, they'll set you up, too.
Then you'll learn about how it works real fast.
Now, we've still got a lot of good police left, but I gotta tell ya, the higher in the ranks you go, statistically, the worse they get.
And then Adam, uh, Coish, he's a Marine.
Got national attention a few weeks ago when he wore his uniform in an anti-war march and he's in trouble so we'll be going over that.
Also we'll talk about Denver and several other U.S.
cities are calling for taxing everything.
They are calling for all sorts of regulation, all sorts of control and this is the new carbon tax and it's a tax on living.
Once they've introduced the false idea that carbon dioxide is a deadly poison
Once they've introduced that, then they can start taxing our literal respiration.
And that's not just me saying that.
The Boston Globe has had headlines, you know, taxing you for breathing.
But then they go on to say it's good.
And that's all this is, is a brave new world of taxation.
But also a wholly brave new world of just general transportation taxes on driving and on the toll roads.
And I heard Gary Brownhill talking about a news story today.
Where this woman went into court and she had to wait five hours because the illegal aliens all got to go first and they were given $35 fines for no insurance, no nothing, because the judge knew he couldn't do anything, he just would get them to pay cash around the spot, and then she for one ticket got $250.
And she got mad about it and, you know, got told sit down and shut up.
In fact, Trey, will you call Brownfield's people because they leave pretty quick.
I forgot to tell you about that.
Call Brownfield's people and I want to get that lady and get that story they were talking about.
I want to get that on here because I've already experienced that personally with the illegal aliens getting preferential treatment.
And Brownfield finally got it right.
I'm not saying he didn't have it right in the past, but I mean other people aren't getting this.
This is war against the people.
This is economic war by the elite against the middle class.
Alright, I got a bunch of news I haven't even gotten to.
Tony Blair has called for Chinese-style net controls in the UK.
We'll cover that first.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're doing the best job we can to defend what's left of this country and to try to rally people throughout the society and
The private sector and government everywhere, black, white, old, young, it doesn't matter, to realize the public plan to set up world government and take away our liberties and freedoms and get rid of most of the private wealth in this country as a tool of greater control.
And every day, the illustration has just become that much more obvious.
In fact, we have too much evidence of the facts that we have and
I tend to not focus in on enough detail on each little facet.
Let me get into this right now.
Steve Watson wrote an article last night, he said until two in the morning, London time, to write this article for you.
It's titled, Blair Calls for Chinese-Style Net Controls in the UK.
He declares war on pernicious conspiracy theories and media coverage.
Now, he declared war on conspiracy theory websites and said that it may bring down the government.
You can actually go read the, it's got to be what, ten page long speech.
I haven't found the video of it yet.
He gave it at a Reuters news conference, a Reuters convention.
Reuters being the largest news wire in the world, and by the way, the shocking news here is that the London Guardian and other major publications called for net censorship and said they think it's wonderful.
Shut down the alternative websites, shut down free speech.
And ladies and gentlemen, we don't even need to read Steve's article.
Steve gives you a bigger picture into the calls for shutting down net neutrality.
Maine, by the way, is now passing the end of net neutrality to let them start stopping some of the peer-to-peer and really killing the infrastructure of the web that literally will just cripple it when Cogent and Level 3, two big backbone providers, a couple years ago had a fight and shut off their transfers to each other.
About a third of the web was down.
Remember that for web heads out there that will remember that.
A lot of you just probably remember that a lot of stuff didn't work, a lot of sites weren't up, because you couldn't get to them.
Including InfoWars.com.
Well, see, I'm already digressing.
It's happening.
You know, the New York Times three weeks ago
Came out with a headline saying the end of the web.
And they said that the federal government was lobbied 150 plus mil last year to shut down the web.
They said it.
And to tax it.
They said it.
And to put a huge tax per email and to shut down the free web.
Where there'll still be thousands of sites, but it'll just be like cable TV.
It'll be who is allowed to get on the web, who's allowed to be on the main backbone.
And Internet folks have become a little arrogant.
You've become a little comfortable.
You can't imagine losing it.
And I'm here to tell you, you're gravely mistaken.
Now, they can't ever completely shut it down, but they're in the process of crippling it right now on a hundred fronts.
Let's say you're listening on shortwave, or an AM or FM station right now, or satellite, and you're saying, I don't care about the web, I don't go on the web, or the most I do is go buy baseball tickets on the web.
I don't care if they shut it down.
You better care, because the web, the internet, is their tool for surveillance and control.
That's what they thought it would be, but it's backfired on them, and they are literally panicking right now.
Newspaper circulation is down by over 60% in the last 11 years now.
It's fallen by about 5% on average, some even more, every year.
It's continually dropping.
Some newspapers are dropping by 20-30%.
I mean, you can go pull the numbers up on newspaper circulation being down.
It's no secret.
They're in literal freefall.
And that's twofold, because people are in the instant news cycle now, A. But B, B, and this is what is the biggest thing, people know they're a pack of liars and spinners now.
And so, to see European and even American media, U.S.
media, weighing in on Tony Blair's speech a day ago, and saying, yeah, you know,
This is going to be called censorship by the tinfoil hat brigade, but this is reasonable.
We need to regulate news.
You see, that's because they're jealous.
They've got to go shit every day in front of an editor.
They've got to be told what to write, when to write it.
They've got to be totally controlled.
They've got to do whatever the cops tell them.
They've got to do whatever the bureaucracy gives them a press release.
They've got to repeat it and reprint it verbatim.
And there's no real freedom there.
A hundred years ago there was, because there were thousands of family-owned newspapers.
Now there's maybe a couple hundred family-owned.
They're all basically globalist and five main companies own over 90% of the media.
And so they're all getting together now.
Because they can't play fair, because we're kicking their hind ends, and they're calling for it.
And this isn't Albania.
This isn't Russia, where Putin shot down every independent newspaper.
This isn't Communist China.
This is England, the birthplace of the Magna Carta, the birthplace of the Parliament, the birthplace of the jurisprudence and the system that we have in this country.
Remember, when Blair first got in office, he announced, quote, the end of the Magna Carta.
He announced, he gave a speech, he said, we're going to end the Magna Carta.
We're going to get rid of juries.
And they pretty much have done that.
And we're going to put up millions of cameras.
And when you're out in England and you stop anywhere on the street and talk to somebody, police run up and say, you're not allowed to do that.
You're not allowed to hand out flyers.
I need to fill out a form on who your name is.
We're putting you in a terror database.
See, that was the first phase.
Now they're arresting you in most areas.
See, this is how it works.
The same thing here.
Last Thursday, I'm on a city sidewalk, there at the Omni, protesting the Governor, Rick Perry, who was on the roster as being there, on the program, and the police walk up and they say, look, leave or we're going to arrest you.
And I said, you know what?
I don't want to be arrested, but I have to stay now.
We're planning to leave, because I can't let you violate the First Amendment and set that precedent.
I said, and the cops started laughing, and I said, you know, it's not funny.
I said, a lot of veterans fought and died for that First Amendment, and he laughed at that.
See, it's funny!
You stupid twit!
Your bank account's only safe because of liberty.
I know that's all you care about.
Your property rights are only safe because of people who are willing to put their lives on the line.
Every one of those amendments, people fought and died for.
Most places people are slaves and so there's no freedom.
The free market creates literal milk and honey.
It creates an atmosphere where you can work and feel secure and you want to go out and work hard and build things because you get to keep it.
But you get a system like Russia under communism.
People just start laying around because why should you work when some fat-bellied commissar in a uniform takes it from you?
Or if you don't hand your good-looking wife over to them, you and her go to a labor camp.
You know, that was in Russia and in Nazi Germany.
That was incredibly common.
Just a local Nazi in your town literally would just go up to you at a party, even if you were a well-known business owner in the town, middle class, and would say, I want your wife.
And if you don't give her to me, and the wife would, she'd go, okay, let's go, let's go in the back room right now.
People knew, they just, I want your daughter, boom, hand her right over.
I'm not gonna live like that while a bunch of scum rules over me.
By the way, I see articles every day where cops are making women have sex with them on the side of the road.
I've had enough of it.
I've had enough of the way you're acting, and I've had enough of you making excuses for yourselves.
This country's gone bad, and I want to turn it around.
And then that cop wasn't done.
We've been so busy on Endgame, we haven't even put that video up yet.
We've got him lying.
Well, first we've got him saying he's going to have me arrested, all of us arrested, and we don't leave, and they have the paddy wagons and riot police massing.
Then he goes over and tells reporters that I'm a liar, and I didn't say it, because I get on the bullhorn and say, okay, folks, he's told us he's going to arrest us if we don't leave.
About half of our hundred people left at that point.
Fifty stayed.
That's fine.
I made the announcement.
And then they started celebrating going, one cop we got him on tape going, see it made him leave, keep it up!
I did review the tapes Saturday night up here, it was Thursday, but until Saturday night I got a chance to review them.
And then it wasn't enough for him, I bullhorned and said that so some reporters run over and say, is that true?
And he goes, no, he's not true, he's a liar.
And a reporter runs over, one of them, and believed I was lying.
You can see it in his face.
Oh, like he caught me with my hand in some cookie jar.
And said, and said, oh, you, uh, he says, he didn't say that.
I just blew up.
Because, folks, if you can't stand on a street corner and protest where you want, when you want, there is no America, okay?
And you can't do it in most areas of this country.
Now, a couple years ago, you couldn't do it anywhere because they were trying to enforce this new level of tyranny, but lawsuits were filed coast to coast, so they backed off everywhere but New York.
You can spontaneously demonstrate in LA, you can do it in Chicago, I've done it.
But you do it in New York, man, they come over and they say, I'm going to say you got a bomb.
Get out of here.
But I don't have a bomb.
Well, we know you don't have a bomb, but we're going to say you do.
You see, it's one inch, there's one degree of separation from a police officer saying to me, leave or I'm going to have you all arrested.
And trying to kill the First Amendment, there's one degree of separation from that, and we're going to say you got bombed, you're going to go to a labor camp.
By the way, they tried to pass a law in Oregon a few years ago where if you have a gun illegally, if you download music illegally,
Life in prison in a forced labor camp.
I've read articles about it.
Go pull it up for yourself.
You see, they're now writing bills.
It didn't pass.
It failed by two votes.
And it said, Forest Labor Camp for Life.
You see, they're not... Remember two years ago, the governor of Rhode Island, it was in the news, it said, have you criticized the government?
It's the Sedition Act.
They were trying to pass it at the state level.
He said Homeland Security told him to do it.
And it said if you criticize the government, you would get life in prison.
Remember that?
They want to do it!
But these little cowardly bastards have got to sell you on it first.
Let's beat them together.
Let's admit how bad things are.
You know, I saw the postings on the message board on this story yesterday Steve put out and people couldn't believe it.
When we get back, they've announced they want to start shutting down free speech in England.
That means here.
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Oh, I remember Oh, I remember At a glance, I looked at you But just as fast, I felt brand new Oh, you But look at you If I made a pass at you What would you say that we were through?
Thank you, Jimmy Vaughn, for that introduction.
Blair Bax, new online journalism regulator.
Now that's the London Telegraph.
That is not Steve Watson's headline.
Blair calls for Chinese-style net controls in the UK.
China has threatened to attack the U.S.
again, as usual.
We'll be getting into that.
But they're not a threat.
It's all Iran.
But you know what?
Instead of even reading Steve's article, Steve gives you more.
Steve gives you the big picture.
But people are in denial, so let me just read the London Telegraph for you.
How's that sound?
Let's just read the Telegraph.
Blair Back's new online journalism regulator, and then there's a key link right under George Jones, political editor of Story,
Full text of Blair's speech on politics and media.
You'll want to do what I did last night.
You'll want to read very slowly, if you have any brain in your head, which I'm sure you do.
You'll want to read that, because it's a lot worse than even what's in Steve's article or what's here.
I mean, it's bad.
Now, everything he said he would do, everything he ever shot his mouth off about, they did, other than getting England fully into the European Union, which they're now doing by fiat anyways.
But he hasn't gotten that completely done.
It's kind of like England's heart is still barely beating, just like the US.
Hard to kill.
Tony Blair hinted today at new restrictions on internet journalism, saying online news coverage had become more pernicious and less balanced than traditional political reporting.
In a farewell lecture on Public Live, he said that much of the British media behaved like a feral beast
Just tearing people and reputations to bits.
That means that you're losing control.
By feral, that's true.
We need a feral media.
But I am feral.
I am not tamed.
I am not domesticated.
I am a wild man.
That's what liberty looks like.
But he had particular harsh words for non-traditional media outlets, particularly the internet.
It used to be thought, and I include this myself, that help was on the horizon, he said.
New forms of communication would provide new outlets to bypass the increasingly shrill tenor of traditional media.
He said he always implied, oh I was for that new thing, but now, see I was open-minded, but now it's bad.
Problem, reaction, solution.
New forms of communication will provide new outlets, bypassing increasingly shrill tenor of the traditional media.
In fact, the new forms can be even more pernicious, less balanced, more intent on the latest conspiracy theory multiplied by five.
Multiplied by five.
And then he goes on to say that the internet-based 24-hour news cycle is giving rise to an even faster cycle and it's terrible.
Yeah, because you're spin doctors and you're liars.
I mean, we go out and find out you guys carried out 7-7.
We find out you ran drills, the exact same targets being hit, and then when the Americans get caught four days ago trying to sneak plastic bombs in, plastic explosive bombs into the G8, and it comes out in a German newspaper, we pick it up and make it international news.
And then they said, oh, it's just a drill.
It's always a drill.
When Putin gets caught blowing up buildings, it's a drill.
On 9-11, you're running drills.
It's always a drill, Blair.
You're a murderer.
You're a hardcore killer.
And it really upsets you that we kind of create aggregates, we aggretize all your devil worship news.
We go find, I don't know, 15, 20 different articles, mainstream news, about you flopping around in convulsions, channeling spirits, and worshipping Lucifer, and your wife being a witch, and you going into secret grottos, and being reborn at Aztec temples, and flying around to different sacred sites around the world, like some Dungeons and Dragons game.
And we put it all together, and everybody knows you're a complete fruitcake.
And there's no denying us, we have you!
There's no denying us.
We're beating you and we're going to go on beating you.
And as Steve Watson said at the end of his article, you go ahead and try to shut the web down.
You go ahead and you try to call us out.
You go ahead and you try to kill a few of us or put a few of us in prison to scare us away.
You can't stop what's in motion now.
You can't stop us and you know it.
There's nothing you can do.
You can't win.
And the people are now realizing that your propaganda about how we can't win is the reverse of the reality.
I see this as a major victory.
He's literally flouncing around in the water.
He's a drowning man.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, your calls are coming up at 1-800-259-9231.
Ann and Daniel and others are going to go to you in a minute.
Blair Back's new online journalism regulator.
That's the mainstream headline.
Now, they already have D notices over there, and they've had these for, really, since World War II.
So that's how it starts.
Oh, if the government, just for a limited time, the British would never have put up with that.
Voracious readers, you know, the center of the newspaper world.
Literally, it was like 30-something daily newspapers just in London alone, a hundred years ago.
Made New York look like a joke.
I mean, no one would tell you what to put in the newspaper and what to not.
But, oh, since we're fighting Hitler, just for a limited time,
That, of course, the British Royal's funded, but then set up.
Just for a limited time, we are going to have to screen everything you write, if it's war-related, so that something doesn't slip out, about munitions or troop movements.
Oh, that sounds reasonable!
And then now you write a story about Tony Blair taking huge cash gifts for lordships and handing out patronages, baronages,
I know it's a baronage when they hand out a barony, but what's the proper term for when they hand out those little royal minion titles?
It doesn't matter.
The point is Parliament supposedly, and the Prime Ministership hands those out now, you know, the Queen recommends it and then they hand it out, but it's a public bribe.
But you're getting paid off for that, Saudi princes buying people off, all sorts of corruption, murders, all this stuff is in their news.
And all the time now, we'll see articles in the British News, we'll link to them, and we save them so that we have a record.
That's why we save these articles.
We love nothing more than to link directly to them because people see it saved on our site and don't believe it.
But the reason we save them is because routinely, I mean every few weeks, we link to some article about
Uh, prostitutes and payoffs being used by British Petroleum to get deals in Tajikistan and it will be de-noticed and taken down and when it's de-noticed you don't even know.
It's just the story's gone.
And the government comes in and there's no free speech in England already.
And so the web's gotten away from them.
It's become the dominant means.
They can't cover stuff up anymore when they blow up some buses or blow up some trains or do whatever it is they do.
And so they've got to regulate it.
They've got to shut it down.
But you would expect the mainline media to be against regulation, but no, no, no.
They're already under it, and so they're jealous and envious and angry.
And so he wants a new federal agency in England to allow and regulate and control any news sites.
I wonder if Steve Watson and Paul Watson are going to have to move here to Austin, Texas, or to New York.
They've already been invited.
With the exchange rate, they're insane to stay over there.
They can barely live on what I pay them, but I don't blame them.
It's where they live.
I don't want to leave Texas.
But, I mean, it's serious.
But they're talking about it here, too.
They're talking about regulating the web.
They've talked about it in Congress.
But, see, they're doing something better.
They're going in and saying they're going to tax bandwidth.
You already paid for it with your connection.
They say they're going, and it's hugely profitable.
One of the few sectors still growing in this country since 2000.
They are
Late 2000.
Going after everything.
They are going to tax email.
That's been proposed.
The states are lobbying.
States are doing it by themselves.
Maine just voted to do it.
They are doing a host of things to shut down the web and we're in deep trouble.
We're in deep trouble
When it comes to free speech, and we need to first get people to recognize that this is happening.
It's like yesterday, we put out an article that was a compilation of all these mainstream reports where the Pentagon, admittedly, is lobbying for Bush's amnesty bill.
But just like a military tactic, like everything else they do,
They are saying that this is not an amnesty bill.
They also said again today the bill is dead again.
They're going to keep saying that because we want to be lazy.
I do too.
I want to quit worrying about this.
I want to be able to think we beat this.
And they know.
They just keep crying wolf every day.
Every single day they say the bill is dead, the bill is dead, the bill is dead.
And then, oh, the bill is back.
And that's meant to knock down opposition.
That's meant to stop the phone calls, and stop the angry talk show calls, and to get the talk shows to shut up.
I remember when they passed campaign finance reform.
This is how they engage in deception.
Just one of the many tactics they use.
But it's semantical word manipulation.
Word smithing.
They said, it's campaign finance reform.
You want to get dirty money out of politics, don't you?
Then let us reform.
So when you hear that word, reform, that's a cover word.
And then I saw 700 Club last night.
He was saying, hey, we need this reform.
They need to get something done up there.
People are mad, Pat Robertson said.
They're not getting something done.
So all the public hears is, the public is mad.
And when you hear that, that's meant to shift on sheep thinking, like, oh, everybody's mad, I better be mad.
I don't know any of the facts, but people are mad.
People are upset.
See, when you see Pat Robertson doing that, or you see J.C.
Watts doing that on Wolf Blitzer Show, or you see that Bush saying that, or Harry Reid saying that, they're all in unison pushing the con.
These are just basic tactics.
I ought to write up a manual on this for the web.
There's so much I wish I could do.
There's not enough of us.
Maybe you could take the points I'm making and write it up.
I can't do it all anymore.
I literally get frustrated that I was here until 2 last night.
I'm not whining.
I'm just letting you know that... Let me just go through the tactics here.
In fact, let's just microcosm this right now, then I'll go to your calls.
A. They keep saying the bill is dead on a daily basis to each time confuse people, create a fog of war, a camouflage, so enough of you buy into the fact that, oh, that bill's dead, I don't have to worry about it.
They did that with campaign finance reform.
But then the name of it, it's like immigration reform.
It is not a reform in the way you've been conditioned to believe reform means.
Reform just means to change.
If you take Play-Doh and change it from a sphere to an elephant, you know, there was your children, you have reformed the Play-Doh.
You could reform it into the form of a goblin.
It doesn't make it good or bad, it just means you've reformed it.
But semantically, they've taught us in the last generation, it's word manipulation, that reform means good.
No, if you're hit by an 18-wheeler going 80 miles an hour in the interstate and you are knocked into four or five pieces and literally you're smeared all over the road, you have been reformed.
Now is that good?
Is that a good reform?
Depends on what position you're from.
From some fire ants that are going to eat some bits of your meat?
From a buzzard that might, the cops might not find a finger that got knocked off in the bushes, but a buzzard is, that is a good reform.
For you personally, it's not a good reform.
See, everything is deception, and it's so deep.
And this is how my brain works, and I've learned all their tactics and all their semantical tactics.
That's why I'm so frustrated, because just every sentence they say would take a 10-hour treatise just to describe the level.
And they're trained, paid liars.
These congressmen make millions and millions a year in their payoffs and business deals and influence peddling for being good liars.
They become lawyers, they become city council members, they sell out their local city, then the globalists say, hey good job, like Kirk Watson here in Austin, you're going to be a state senator, you get to be on all these boards, and you get to make tens of millions off the people.
How's that sound?
And all they want is a big fancy house and a mistress and
Let's see, Kirk Watson has one, but, you know, hypothetically.
You know, he's a politician.
And to them, that's just winning.
To a yuppie, that's how it's done.
Just, well, yeah, I'll sell everybody out.
At least I'll be on the winning team.
It's a no-brainer, folks.
That's how cops become corrupt.
It's just, well, I just do, in the social club, with peer pressure, what makes me popular with the commanders.
And that's not to say anything when you see the drug dealing going on, or you see the commander pull the topless dancer over and have sex with her in the back of the cruiser, or you know, whatever you do.
I mean, this is how you operate.
This is how you go about.
But pretty soon, you guys just all start behaving however you want, and everything falls apart.
I mean, even if you're not a good moral person, you should be for rule of law, because things degenerate, and we turn into Nigeria.
Are we turning to Mexico?
And you don't come back from it, by the way.
99 plus percent of the time, countries are tyrannical, empathetic, and third world.
Okay, let me go back and just walk through the statement you're hearing from all of them, and it's this.
Well, the American people are angry at us that we can't work and we can't get anything done.
And we can't get this reform done.
So A, they're installing groupthink and saying that the mass wants this.
Now that's groupthink and sheepthink in and of itself, and it's a lie, because even though they're trying to use sheepthink, on this their lie has been exposed, and 91% in major Gallup polls, and I use Gallup because it's even higher in some polls, but Gallup is very respected, that's scientific, are against it.
Plus or minus 3 points.
So it could be 88, it could be 94.
But not anyone.
Okay, so see, just in that one word, or in those two words, in that one part of the sentence, the American people want it.
They want it.
They're angry.
There's lie after lie.
Not just they're trying to put you into sheep think that everybody's mad that they won't pass this, but then there's also the lie that the people don't want this passed.
And almost unanimously don't want it.
So see, there's a lie there.
Let's continue.
This may take hours.
I may have to cancel all the calls and everybody actually, but I'm just going to walk through just in a couple sentences just to break down the lies, you see.
And then people, and I'll go to your calls, I'm just joking.
But see, that's how it's inculcated.
The average news reporter isn't a government agent, isn't evil.
They're inculcated.
They've been watching TV, they've been working at the newspaper, they've been living with their friends, they've been... They're inculcated with false semantical meanings for words.
You literally, like George Orwell wrote, can't communicate with them.
He was a BBC propagandist, folks, in the war.
He did so many things.
He had such a well-rounded life, been in so many positions, that he was able to write that book.
And you only understand what a masterpiece it is.
That's why Hillary says it's her favorite book.
And Clinton has said that too.
Because for them, it's an evil handbook.
For them, it's like, yeah, this guy gets it.
He puts down in a context what they're doing.
But I'm digressing again.
Harry Reid, George Bush, Pat Robertson, J.C.
Watts, this is just who I saw yesterday.
And I watched probably 30 minutes of TV flipping around.
Everyone must be saying it.
I heard it on talk radio this morning.
The American people are angry that we can't reform this and fix it and get something done and that Congress is ineffectual and pathetic.
As if Congress is supposed to just pass things all day.
No, it's a deliberative body.
You have a separation of powers within the Congress itself so that you don't get things ramrodded, so that things are slow, so that you don't get millions of laws.
It's to stop dictatorship.
The whole three branches of government and the sub-separations within the judicial and legislative are meant to stop a man on a white horse, a Napoleon Bonaparte, a Hitler, a Stalin, a Mao, from taking over.
So, see, that's a lie, too.
That it's all about the government, you know, because when you go into some city council meeting and they're passing some land grab, they'll go, well, we got a consensus, we got to keep moving, we got to move the ball down the field, we got to, okay, we heard what you said, we agree with you, now we're past, but you don't agree with me.
Well, I say I agree with you.
See, it's all tactics.
They're using tactics on you.
And they get better and better.
It's like the, it's like the, uh,
Minor leagues at your city council, and then you go up to the mid-level leagues at the state level, and then you're on the big leagues, and then you're at the federal level, and you're an international superstar in the all-star game when you're at the international level.
That's all it is.
And they love that you're so dumb.
They love that they can con you.
They love that you buy into all of this.
And they're just laughing all the way to the bank.
And it's getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.
And by the way, Blair says that alternative media is destroying confidence.
No, you destroyed confidence by being a criminal, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair.
You destroyed the confidence by the fact that you lied all these times without us ever exposing you.
And then we just accentuated it so that you can hopefully go to prison where you deserve to be so we can hopefully reverse this trend of corruption at least a little bit so everything doesn't go off the edge and the whole society fall apart.
As much as I don't like this fraudulent fiat society, I don't even want it to fall apart.
Like Ron Paul says, we've got to slowly get out of this thing.
I mean, I'm trying to stop... You know, they tell cops, we've got to take people's rights and violate rights, because we're minding the society.
We're keeping it together.
It's your masters destroying it, so they can consolidate.
So, continuing.
Everything there is a lie.
I shouldn't even be talking about this, it'll teach cops and low-level people how to lie even better and then the tactics their bosses are using in wordsmithing.
So, going through all of this, going through the statement, the American people are angry, they want something to be done, they want this reform.
Then you look at the amnesty itself and the word reform.
It is complete total capitulation, complete absolute legalization of felons, aggravated felons, and you find out the military is lobbying and paying money and defense contractors are, and they're literally sending generals down to Capitol Hill to tell them we need more illegal aliens in our military.
I mean, it's already 20 plus percent of the army.
A large percentage, over 10%, close to 15% of the Marines.
It's not going to stop there.
And if as Americans, you can't figure out, or anybody else for that matter...
Let's say you're Romanian, or you're Russian, or you're Chinese.
I mean, can you imagine having large portions of your domestic military being foreigners, predominantly from a country that says the Southwest belongs to them, and who openly fly their flag with two animals killing each other on the front of it, the Mexican flag?
What a bizarre flag.
Shang, this is their country, financed by our own government, merging our nations.
I mean, what is it when your military starts lobbying your government?
If the military lobbied the government in any way, that's a violation of the separation of powers, and that is dangerous, and that's illegal, and that's treason.
But when they start lobbying to end the borders, and to integrate, and to push for the amnesty plan, it's high treason.
And I'm serious, I want state grand juries
To go and indict.
And they're in the news.
They got generals in there testifying yesterday and the day before that we need open borders.
I mean, I want them arrested.
I want them indicted.
And you're like, ooh, that's a little hardcore!
That is treason!
That is THE definition!
Ending the country!
What is it you don't get about this, you stupid military, and you stupid police, and you stupid yuppies, and you stupid Mexicans, and the stupid black people, and the stupid everybody?
All part of your little group, all thinking you know it all, all sitting there, waving your yuppie flag, waving your Mexican flag, waving your rebel flag, and you're all in your own little groups, and you don't realize that we're all under attack by the same New World Order being played off against each other.
Alright, I promise.
We're going to go to Ann and Daryl and others when we get back.
We've got tons of other news, folks, but
British government wants to start restricting free speech.
That's because we're beating their hind end, folks.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Let's talk to Ann in Indiana.
Ann, you're on the air.
Yeah, hi Alex.
I've had a similar thing happen to me in court with the illegal aliens.
Yeah, we're going to do an article on this.
I heard Brownfield talking about some news story about it, but I've witnessed it myself about how they get preferential treatment.
Sure, go ahead.
Oh, yeah.
I was in for the same thing they were.
No license, no insurance.
I was in four different times fighting this.
Every time I was in, the courtroom was full of illegal aliens.
And they get a $65 fine and we're told to, you know, go back on the street.
She did ask every one of them if they could get a license.
And they said no and she said don't drop again and send him back on the street.
I get a $350 fine and lose my license for a year.
And then next time you'll go to jail.
But listen, I had somebody that does work for me arrested in the parking lot.
He pulled in.
The cops thought it looked suspicious.
You know, that person's scared of me.
He pulled in.
No, that's where he works.
And, uh, expired license, jail.
And the cops laughed and said, yeah, we're told really don't arrest illegals because the judges let them go.
They said, yeah, we just follow orders.
We don't like it.
I mean, what is wrong with this picture?
Again, Americans are the dumb idiots, myself included.
We've got to realize how pathetic we are and stop acting like it.
I mean, we are seen as the mark.
We'll put up with anything.
We will go along with anything.
It is open season on us.
The illegals, listen, I've told this story, and I'll tell it again, about four Christmases, three Christmases ago, a good family friend of mine, it's friends with my parents, I've known her since I was three years old, but I don't know why I always tell that part, but the point is, she manages one of the biggest apartment complexes in the, well, the biggest in Austin, and she went to the big management national meeting of managers in Dallas.
Right before Christmas, a few years ago, they told her, they said, listen, we're in a secret deal with the federal government to support the illegal aliens, they said, the immigrants, we want you to roll out all the red carpet, we're getting federal funds for them, but you're not supposed to tell the other tenants this, and if a citizen
Has anybody there staying for more than a week?
You find them, you kick them out.
But let them stay 10 to a one-person apartment?
I mean, actually, and no one understood why.
They just said, listen, we're getting funds to do this.
The government is covertly funding apartment complexes.
This is military.
Do you understand that?
You know, Sam?
Well, no, not really.
But there was one other thing.
When the aliens say they have a right to our country,
We legally purchased Texas, California, and New Mexico.
So, you know, you can just tell them if you want it, you better buy it back.
Well, let's be clear.
There were a couple thousand per territory, what you'd call, you know, Mexican citizens here.
They couldn't hold it from the Indians, from the Comanche, the Arapaho, the Blackfoot, the Apache, all of them.
And so, the Mexican government, even after Spain left, said, in 1822, said, please come here.
And then, Santa Ana took over and said, no, I want the land now.
And over a third of the people that fought for Texas independence were Hispanic.
The media doesn't want you to know that.
The New World Order hates Texas, hates America.
And so, that's why there's the six flags of Texas.
France had this land, Spain had it, the Russians had California.
Mexico had never, look, by the way, about a third of southern Mexico belonged to Guatemala before.
So they don't even have dibs on that.
It's just delusional.
They just tell them that and it feels good and they believe it and they see skyscrapers and swimming pools and think that's all ours and it was stolen and it's just mindless propaganda.
But it works quite nicely.
Anything else?
No, sir.
And did you say anything to the judge?
Like, why do I get 300 and something bucks and they get 65?
No, but I wanted to.
I was kind of sick after she gave me the $350 fine.
Oh, she gave me two months in jail suspended also.
Oh, excuse me.
Stay there for one minute.
I want to come back.
Everybody emails with their stories.
We're going to do an article on this.
Stay there.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
He's just gonna be with us for one segment, so you know you're right.
So we cut him short yesterday.
Kevin Wood, they arrested him for wiretapping the police for publicly recording them.
They're doing it coast to coast now, and so I want you to know how you can sue them and get their badge when they violate America and stab the country in the heart.
That's what it is.
That's why I get mad about it.
And if you're good, cops are good.
We'll support you.
We do support the police, by the way, when they do a good job.
But when you act like traitor or scum of America, we fight back against you.
Uh, Ann, Daryl, Ted, Tom, Paul, we're gonna get to everybody.
Uh, Ann,
And tell us where you live specifically, because I've seen this in the news, I've seen it myself in court.
The illegal aliens on average get about a $35 fine for drunk driving, for no license, no insurance, for wrecks.
I've had an illegal hit me, and the cops just say, let him go, doesn't matter.
Again, for those who just joined us, I've had an employee arrested for an expired license, and the cops laughed and said, yeah, if he was illegal, we'd be told not to arrest him.
You know, we can if we want, but, you know, it's discouraged because they just let him go.
So you got a $360 fine, and then she gave you two months suspended in jail.
Next time, of course, it'll be real.
Of course, that's discrimination, but they don't care.
See, that's all selective.
Mexico's allowed to control seven Texas towns and fly the Mexican flag for at least ten years.
I'm going to go down to El Cenizo and shoot video of that, the one big town.
Where is this?
What did she say?
What was it like to watch this happen?
It was in northern Indiana.
And, uh, you want the town?
Yeah, we want it all.
We're gonna do an article on this.
Okay, it was in Nappanee, Indiana.
How do you spell that?
You got me.
Oh, boy.
N-A-P-P, um... Oh, boy, uh... It's fine.
What's a town close to it?
Oh, uh, Elkhart.
Elkhart, okay.
Please continue.
Okay, well it was interesting.
I'd sit there and there would be one alien after another and they would go up and they would have somebody translate for them.
And then, you know, I was sitting there listening to everything and they just gave me a $65 fine.
And, uh, you know, slapped the wrist and told him to go.
That was that.
She just told him not to drive again.
And you didn't say to the god creature, the judge in her black masonic robe, you didn't tell her that, uh, hey, uh, why are you doing that for them?
She probably would have screamed and said, CONTEMPT!
Oh, God, my slave is revolting.
You will learn to serve us, scum!
I mean, what did she say?
Oh, I didn't say anything.
I just figured I'd go to jail, but, uh... Oh, you're right.
She would have ground her teeth and gone,
No, I've actually seen judges literally shut their teeth and go, ehhh!
I mean, Ian McDermott performances, but go ahead.
Well, that's about it, Alex.
It wasn't just one time.
I was there four different times writing that ticket, and every time I was there, there were illegal aliens in the courtroom every time, and every one of them got a $65 fine, and they were just sent out on the street just like that.
And I get to lose my driver's license.
Let me tell you something, the police are being trained, and I appreciate your call, the police are being trained to selectively enforce.
Well, they literally go door to door.
Well, I'm just supposed to arrest this family and put them in an army truck.
It's what I do.
It's what I do for America.
I mean, a cop will pull you over, man.
They'll act like five miles over the speed limit was like a murder.
They'll get all real sneaky.
Get out!
Need to search!
And boy, the illegal aliens can do whatever they want.
Because again, we are seen literally like fat hogs to them.
And they're like barbecue masters.
And they just go, that looks like a fat juicy hog right there.
That's the hogs that have been trained.
They think they're free.
See, you take people to the land of the free and home of the brave, and you turn them into the land of the slaves, land of the scum.
Land of the abortion.
Land of the open borders.
Land of the decadent.
Land of the obese.
You just have your way with us.
But I got good news for all the people that love the system.
It's all getting ready to crash in on itself.
You'll see how much your masters love you, won't you?
We'll be right back.
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Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, Tony Blair has called for regulating and shutting down the free press in England.
Mainstream news.
We've got big news on the fake environmental movements who want to have global carbon tax.
Now they've started in Montreal, Denver, Colorado.
It's happening everywhere we're getting into that.
I know we've got Ted and Tom and Paul and Chris and Steve, Daniel hung up.
We're going to get to everybody, but
I do want to just briefly remind the listeners.
I didn't even plug my videos last hour.
We're trying to really focus on news here.
But the films are a big part of the solution in the fight against the New World Order.
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You can still get them discounted, by the way.
There's like 20 of them left.
I think it'll last maybe a day or two more.
And that's it.
Terror Storm is going to be sold out.
So if you want the original and all those that are going out, I'm signing.
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We just sold out of Terror Storm, like we said.
About 20 copies left available right now at InfoWars.com by calling toll free 888-253-3139.
All the other great books and videos we carry.
Alright, I had Kevin Wood on yesterday for about five minutes.
We ran out of time because of new developments with the Brown siege in New Hampshire.
We've got more on that coming out too today for you.
But, um,
Here's the headline, Motion to Dismiss in the State of Florida vs. Kevin Wood Case.
ACLU took this and won this.
It's a famous case.
It's been used in some other cases.
And so he's really an expert on this.
Now, he knew more than I knew.
But just from what I know, being in media for 13 years and having to go to different lawyer functions and being made to go to different seminars for different media outlets I've worked for, they make you go learn the basics of this stuff.
And you can video... that's why news doesn't have to... when a news camera's out on the street, you're out at the bar district or the restaurant district or the... or you're at Disney World or you're at a football game or you're walking down your street, there's not a reasonable expectation of privacy.
Now, you got a privacy fence and somebody climbs up in a tree and starts videotaping you in your backyard while you're drinking whiskey, let's say,
And you're a private citizen, you might have some type of civil action.
If you're a public person, you don't have that expectation, there's nothing you can do.
You can, I guess, do a nuisance lawsuit back on.
Okay, now if you climb under somebody's house and drill a hole in the floor and stick a microphone in because you're a pervert, and I see that every few weeks in the news around the country,
Now, you can get, we're talking, depending on the state, you can get ten years in prison to a couple years in prison, and I think you should.
That's eavesdropping.
When the government does it, they should get seven years on average in prison.
Now, this guy from Pennsylvania is facing seven years in prison, though, because the cops pulled him over, started yelling at him, and they pulled the camera out, and the cops said, get out of the car, I'm taping you, but I'm allowed to, this is in the news, and you're going to jail.
So, it's the reasonable expectation of privacy.
It's a false charge, it's official oppression, and it's criminal.
The police officer that did this, it's clear, falsely charged this young man, and now the Deputy District Attorney is going ahead with it.
That District Attorney certainly knows.
The cop may not be a criminal.
He may falsely believe this.
But the Deputy District Attorney is a criminal.
And I'll say it right now, he's a crook.
He's not stupid.
He's got a law degree.
He works in the city and he knows that's a false charge.
And I take it very serious trying to put somebody in jail for seven years.
Now this happens all over the country.
Remember the woman two months ago?
The police were speeding up and down the road.
And so they put a camera out and then she called the department and said, look, I got video.
Your officer's speeding.
I'd like to give it to you.
I'd like him to stop.
And she'd called him personally and he hadn't called back.
Well, they showed up at their house and arrested him.
So this is the new arrogant attitude.
Don't like me speeding, lady.
Well, yeah, she says she has a five-year-old and two-year-old.
She said, they play in the yard.
I don't like you going 20 miles over the speed limit.
They said, how about we come and arrest you?
The cops will beat people up in their front yards, then they'll go ahead and arrest them on top of it for having a surveillance camera on their house.
I got surveillance cameras on my house.
I got surveillance cameras on my business.
I mean, don't come around here and act like crooks and then freak out when I got you on video.
They caught the BATF a few years ago in a small town outside of, uh, it's not Phoenix, what's the other big, Tucson, and I'm not, the famous tape's on the web, and the BATF comes in and starts, after they arrest this guy, a lawful gun owner, but see, they, they, they quietly changed, I'm gonna go to our guest in a minute, they quietly changed a city law that he was in, that he didn't know, saying that gun shops are now under pawn shop rules.
And so he was supposed to register and pay a couple hundred dollar fee.
He didn't know.
So then they called the BATF and they come in.
They got these big trash cans and they're going, I don't want this junk and throwing it in to break it.
I don't want that junk.
And they're going, look at this.
This is probably worth 10,000 or more.
I'm going to keep that.
And the commander's sitting there and they're divvying up what they're going to steal.
He had a hidden camera for crooks.
Now he had a public decoy camera.
But then he had a 24-hour VCR recording continual audio, but just like every second, a snapshot.
They're great systems.
I like to go low-tech.
I got low-tech and high-tech wireless out of the building.
But they had this hidden in the wall, and so they got them.
Alright, I'm going to shut up.
It's just that's the power of this.
They want to put cameras in the school bathrooms, and cameras in rest areas, and where you should have the presumption of privacy.
They want to do all this to us, and track everything we're doing, and track us with RFID chips and inspection stickers, but you stick a camera, and I've had cops walk up and go, that's wiretapping, turn it off.
I go, go ahead and arrest me, I'm going to sue you.
Don't you try to false charge me, buddy.
Well, what's your problem?
You got a problem with police?
Uh, yeah, I got a problem with it.
Well, don't get upset.
You're right.
I go, don't try those tactics of claiming I'm upset.
I have every right to be upset, you goon.
I tell them they're a goon.
Now, if you're nice and don't violate the moral rights and are a guardian of the people, I'll offer to buy you a cup of coffee.
But you get in my face, you're lucky if I don't throw up on you, because you make me sick.
You're destroying my country.
Kevin Wood, thank you for joining us.
Oh, am I online?
You are sir.
In a nutshell, for those that missed your story yesterday, tell us your story and then the basic facts, because it's not just the presumption of privacy, or the reasonable presumption of privacy, it's also that wiretapping means intercepting a private communique.
Please tell us about it.
Absolutely, and of course I sent an email to Trey and to Aaron,
We're going to get it posted in with Steve's article.
Go ahead.
Because there's a clear distinction drawn between the act of intercepting a communication and the act of recording a communication.
You know, as the Tenth Circuit has ruled, and our Eleventh Circuit down here has adopted the Harple decision.
And, you know, intercept, you know, when you go back to the Latin definition, it means to take or seize between the point of origin
And the ending point of the communication.
Just like intercepting an aircraft that's going to be attacking a military base.
Well, it's like intercepting when the quarterback throws to his receiver.
You got it.
And a tied-in interception.
There is no interception if the person doesn't catch the ball between the sender and the receiver of the football.
And there's no interception when a sender or a receiver of a communication merely records the communication.
Merely recording a lawfully acquired communication does not convert a lawful acquisition into an illegal interception.
Well, my analogy is this would be like the cops showing up, putting you in handcuffs, you're in your backyard with a spatula, the kids are running around playing in the blow-up pool, you know, the little baby pool, and you're sitting there and the dog's barking at them and you go, why are you arresting me?
And they say, this was arson.
You burned down the Capitol and you've got three hamburgers cooking on a grill.
I mean, it's a false charge.
You're not involved in arson for cooking hamburgers.
Yeah, and as I mentioned yesterday, you know, I recorded a conversation where my daughters were being interrogated in a McDonald's restaurant by law enforcement and they arrested me when they told me to turn off the tape recorder and I refused.
And later on, of course, the state attorney very quickly dropped the charge because it's not illegal to do so.
We have a First Amendment right to record what public officials do on public property.
Did you file a complaint on that?
He'll probably get promoted for that.
Or did you personally sue him for official oppression?
Well, the problem is that...
There is little futility in filing complaints against police officers when they do this because... You have the wrong lawyer.
You notice I know.
You've been to the case.
You notice I know the law.
I'm not bragging here, but I mean you notice I'm informed about what you're doing.
I'm informed on this as well.
That's not... It comes down to the issue of immunity and qualifying.
You have to show they were acting outside the law.
And you just got to find a lawyer that will file the suit or you can do it personally.
Right, and then getting the ACLU involved is real difficult unless it's really a major issue.
And I think with Brian Kelly's arrest, I think the ACLU needs to get involved.
Because they're going ahead with it.
They're not dropping it.
They say, we want seven years in prison for this young man.
Yeah, as a matter of fact, I called Judge Jessica Brubaker's office, who is the presiding judge in the Kelly case.
He's scheduled for another hearing on July 18th.
And he is now applying for a public defender.
Is that good news?
I don't think so, because public defenders are not constitutional attorneys, and the first thing they do is seek a plea bargain.
And they're going to get this 18-year-old kid probably to plead to a plea bargain, because the kid's terrified.
And he'll lose his Second Amendment rights, another victim of the New World Order.
Videotape some thug.
I mean, folks, this is like China when they start arresting you for cameras.
You see?
It's happening.
I have a different background than Mr. Kelly and I'm 53 years old.
I have some experience and maybe some guts that sometimes get me in trouble.
We need to talk to Mr. Kelly.
He lives with his parents.
We need to talk to his daddy.
We need to get in touch with his attorney.
Stay there.
Stay there.
One more segment with you.
We'll be right back.
I agree.
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Look out your window, babe.
There's a scene you ought to catch.
Welcome back!
Kevin Wood, where does it go?
I'm getting into the mindset.
I mean, I know you beat this in court and they dropped it.
I've seen all the state and other cases.
There's no doubt that this is a joke.
But they've got to be telling police this now nationwide because they're... I mean, I see these stories every few days where they're arresting somebody.
I mean, they'll come to your house, and you'll have a surveillance camera, and they'll get mad as a way to seize it, and just rip the VCR off the wall and take you to jail for that.
I mean, now they're coming to private places and saying you can't have security of them.
So I guess somewhere, nationally, the National Association of Police Chiefs or something, is telling them this, and it's complete fraud.
Do you think the cops believe this when they arrest people who have video cameras on the street?
Do you think they really believe in America?
You can't have cameras, but they can festoon every light pole with their own cameras?
If you're engaged in misconduct as a law enforcement, do you want to be recorded?
Of course not!
So they're going to come up with any excuse they can.
To intimidate and chill the exercise of our First Amendment or due process or Equal Protection Rights to make those recordings get evidence in order to protect ourselves.
And that's why this is so bad.
They know they're chilling and they know this young man didn't do a thing.
And I take it very serious trying to put him in prison for seven years for nothing.
You know, they tried to do the same thing to me.
I spent over a month in jail.
Waiting for hearings, in my case.
But eventually it was overturned on appeal.
The governor appointed a special prosecutor.
When you saw the officer in court, or did you ever see him, was he pleased?
I mean, ruin lives is fun?
Oh, they don't care.
That's the bottom line.
They don't give a crap.
Excuse my language.
You know, it's a system of protectionism.
It's a system of brotherhood.
And, you know, if they engage in misconduct, you know, they're going to do everything they can to keep us from documenting that.
Now, but don't they know how bad luck that is?
I mean, they don't believe in God.
I mean, I've found in life, man, you do bad stuff, it comes back on you.
Yeah, well, for a decade I've been fighting this issue.
And I've won over and over again.
I've made many recordings.
I've used those recordings.
And the bottom line here is that the Pennsylvania law, quite ironically, I just got a copy of the law faxed to me by the library folk up in Pennsylvania because Pennsylvania is the only state in the country that doesn't put their code online.
So nobody can be aware of what the law is to know what they're violating to begin with.
And I just got it faxed right before I went on the air today.
And I'm reviewing it, and it is exactly the same law we have here in Florida.
And here I am in Florida, I repeatedly make recordings down here of public officials or other folk that are used in court proceedings.
But yet, this guy, Kelly, Brian Kelly, is being persecuted up in Pennsylvania under the same law that I have beat over and over again down here in Florida.
ACLU needs to get involved right now.
Before anything else happens.
Well, I mean, have you called them?
Not yet.
I found what they do is they win a few cases, but then they also drop the ball and create bad precedent.
I think some of their branches are very suspect.
I agree with you also, but also they have indeed advocated for me on a couple of cases.
They can do a good job if they get the emphasis and the encouragement to do so.
You should contact ACLU directly on Brian Kelly's behalf and say, what are you going to do about this?
Do you have Kelly's number?
Because we have it.
No, no, I've been trying to find out myself.
I've got the case number to his case.
Listen, I'll have my producer call you with it during this next break, or I'll go get it and give it to you.
But I've left messages, and they're not calling us back, or at least we haven't gotten to that message yet.
You've got a terrified kid, you know, that's going to want to get out of this as easy as possible.
The public defender's going to get a sign, he's going to do a plea bargain, and the state's going to make this case go away.
It shouldn't happen.
That's wrong.
His parents need to be informed as to why his rights have been violated.
ACLU needs to step in and provide free legal service to Brian Kelly.
to finally fight this issue once and for all.
Did you know that in Newcastle, did you know in Newcastle, the AP reported years ago, it was an incredible case, the guy's in a shopping mall parking lot, there's a police cruiser, the window's down, the cop's gone.
A killer German Shepherd's in there, and the dog lunges out, that has happened to me, but like with a poodle, and I still yell, and you know, like that shock, ahhh!
And the dog lunges, almost bites him, and he screams at it, he screams, didn't even scream a cuss word it said,
And the cop came out and said, that's it, you assaulted an officer verbally, and he spent two years in prison.
Now talking back to their dogs.
Yeah, among many other examples.
Well, I just can't believe how far we've slipped as a country.
Land of the free, home of the brave, give me a break.
Uh, Kevin Wood, anything else you need to add?
I'd rather say, this time, Brian Kelly needs our help to get him legitimate constitutional representation.
Do two more minutes on the other side.
I agree.
Stay there.
Then we'll go to everybody else's calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Tony Blair has called for banning free speech, shutting down the web in England.
Mainstream news, ladies and gentlemen.
They're getting ready to start shutting down the web here.
That's the New York Times, not me saying that.
End of the web, the headline.
They're moving on us right now.
And cops are putting people in prison for no reason everywhere and feeling good about it.
Where they get raped and get AIDS and hepatitis, they don't care.
If you talk about having a cursed life, you police have no idea what you've done.
You don't have to worry about us coming after you.
You don't know about the law of the universe, do you?
We're about to go to your calls to get into the whole environmental global law system with the new global tax, hitting Denver, Colorado, hitting Montreal, Canada.
Right now I'm going back to Kevin Wood who successfully beat these guys.
He spent a month in jail.
Did you argue with him after they arrested you and say, hey man, it's a public place, I'm recording you, you want to interrogate my daughter?
I mean, do they have a little celebration laugh, or that'll show you, boy?
But, I mean, after you were found not guilty, did they apologize to you, or what happened?
Well, they were most courteous and put me in the back seat of a car while I saw my daughter standing over there being interrogated by a cop outside of my presence.
Took me down to the jail.
And then, of course, the state attorney dropped the charges real quick within a few days after that.
You know, why don't you... Who cares about money?
Why don't you just sue them?
See, I don't care.
Sue them.
It doesn't even matter if they beat it.
You can't sue them, that's the point.
No, you don't have to hire a lawyer.
You can sue police all day long.
But the qualified immunity thing, all I gotta do is just show to the local courts that they had probable cause to arrest you.
Even if there was no basis for the arrest.
All I gotta do is show an arguable premise of probable cause and then they're entitled to qualified immunity.
And that's something that needs to be addressed.
We need to eliminate... No, you file in federal court civil rights.
Do what?
You file a civil rights violation on them in federal court.
Yeah, but in North Florida down here, our judges in the Florida North District are not exactly... No, I know, but let me just tell you, they can beat the rap, they can't beat the ride.
Eventually, no.
But then they cost money.
It doesn't matter.
That's what this is all about.
See, we don't want to get violent physically.
So, the courts, as you know, are a form of war.
And you just let them know you're going to pay for what you did.
You're going to have to get a lawyer personally.
The local force isn't going to pay for the federal lawsuit.
And I'm going to spend $20,000 and you are too, Bubba.
And I told the local cops this last week, they said, we're arresting you.
You're not allowed to protest in America anymore.
And they publicly said it and laughed about it.
And I said, let me tell you something.
I know you claim you've got immunity.
I'm going to sue you personally.
It's going to cost you $20,000.
Now I'm telling you right now, you look in my eye.
I'm going to sue you.
I told the commander that.
And I said, you just think about that.
And they backed off.
And that's good!
They didn't kill America with one more little death by a thousand stabs.
They did the right thing.
They backed off.
And it can be done, but it is extremely difficult to do so.
And a person needs some intestinal fortitude, as well as money, in order to pursue the process.
Well, the point is, you just gotta go ahead and stand up to them.
They can beat the rap, you can't beat the ride.
The key is, I'm going to drag you through the mud.
You think it's funny to take me to jail?
You think it's real funny to ruin my life?
You don't care about me.
You don't care about anybody but yourself.
It's why you're a drug addict.
It's why your wife left you.
It's why you're miserable.
It's why you're unhappy.
Because you're not a good person, scumbag.
Well, let me tell you something.
I'm going to sue you.
And that's the way it is.
And again, I've had many, many successes.
I've recorded many, many conversations.
Those conversations have been used in official proceedings, and I have not been successfully prosecuted for a single one of them.
And the law in Florida is the same as it is in Pennsylvania.
And Brian Kelly should get the same equal treatment that I got in Florida.
What other cases have you been through?
Well, I've recorded a county commissioner that threatened me on the telephone.
I turned the tape over to law enforcement.
He didn't get prosecuted for the threat, but I didn't get prosecuted for the tape either.
I had a tenant in a rental unit who had committed criminal mischief.
I got evidence of that criminal mischief in a telephone conversation I recorded.
I turned it over to law enforcement.
They turned it over to state attorney's office.
He was convicted of criminal mischief.
I've recorded an ex-wife who committed perjury in custody proceedings.
She was eventually prosecuted for perjury under an executive order by Governor Childs.
I've made many recordings, you know, and for Brian Kelly to get nailed on this one little thing in his case is outrageous because it was out on a public street involving a public officer performing his public functions in a public place.
And the 11th Circuit has ruled that we have a First Amendment right to record what public officials do in the City of Cummings case.
And that's one of the things I emailed to your guys up there, the case citation.
And, you know, we need to, again, the bottom line is
Brian Kelly needs an ACLU attorney to step up to the plate and fight the constitutional issues in this case, and don't let the state or the courts bully him into taking a plea bargain in this case.
When you talk, you've been calling the local public servants, now known as officials, authorities in Pennsylvania, what's their attitude when you talk to them?
Oh, they're hostile.
Especially the state attorney's office up there.
They wouldn't give me a case number, they wouldn't do anything.
So finally I did get through to somebody that gave me the offense tracking number of the case, L353119-4, and then that led me to Judge Jessica Brubaker.
The focus needs to be put on Judge Brubaker in Cumberland County of Pennsylvania.
She is the one who is going to have a preliminary hearing in this case on July 18th.
Did you talk to the judge?
I didn't talk to the judge, but an assistant and her staff.
Well, let me tell you a brief story, then I'm going to let you go into the calls, and I appreciate all your time, sir.
This was four years ago.
Kelly Rushing calls the show, and he says, I just got out of jail.
I was in there for a couple days.
They've charged me with terroristic threats.
Uh, on the state police.
And I said, what did you do?
He goes, I gave them a Ron Paul video.
On the front of the video is a Ron Paul C-Span speech called Neocon.
This is C-Span.
And after that is your film Road to Tyranny.
And they're charging me with two counts for each video.
Ron Paul speech and yours.
And the guy sounded credible.
You know, I've learned to, you know, hear a voice and hear what they sound like.
Uh, but I did never trust that.
But you know, I'm just 90% sure.
And I said, okay, and then he goes, well, let me fax you a news article.
Well, it was in the front page of the paper.
And it said, the state police say that he gave them a video and that they didn't like it and that they thought it was threatening and that he's going to face three years per count of terroristic threat on a state police officer.
And he just gave the state police officer the video and said, you ought to watch this.
And he pulled him over and then he put him in the back and he laughed at him and called his wife and said, I got the videotape bandit in the back.
And it's funny!
See, just some guy about to lose his whole life.
It's real funny.
And then I said, let me check and make sure Kelly Rushin's a good guy.
So I called people randomly in Lyon County, Kentucky.
And I said, it's a small town.
I said, you know Kelly Rushin?
Oh yeah, the Rushin's a great family.
Kelly owns a business.
Very good Christian man.
He's a deacon, blah, blah, blah.
And I said, well, that's what I thought.
And I called two or three numbers.
And I called the judge up on Sunday.
And I was very careful about it.
I didn't record him.
I had my wife there on speakerphone as a witness, because, you know, a lot of judges just make stuff up.
And I said, plus I've been so busy I didn't have recording equipment at that time.
And I said to him, I said, listen, Kelly Rush is charged in your court with terroristic threats.
Now I do.
He's facing three years per count.
And I said, forgiven videotapes.
I said, is that the case?
He goes, well, I'm not going to talk about the case, but it's been in the paper, Mr. Jones.
And yes, the prosecution is going ahead next week.
And I said, well, you ought to really reconsider that, Judge.
I said, you know, the guy just gave him a Ron Paul video.
And he said, look, I'm not going to talk about the case.
Thank you very much, Mr. Jones.
He was very polite, sounded very dignified and gentlemanly, by the way, and hung up on me.
And folks, I had court watchers on.
I had Kelly Rushing on.
They went to trial.
And it was a one-day trial, and the jury found him not guilty of terroristic threats.
Uh, and uh, and then, and Kelly was such a great human, and I told him don't do this, but he went up and apologized to the cop.
And said, you know, I'm real sorry about all this, and tried to shake his hand.
State police officer wouldn't do it.
Well, basically, again, you know,
There is no sorrow on the part of officials when they do things against us.
And again, in the Kelly case, I would highly recommend that you focus on Judge Jessica Brubaker and put pressure on her to do the right thing.
But it's not even cold-blooded!
They enjoy it!
They do.
Oh, they do.
And it's part of the culture.
But how do you enjoy sending innocent people to prison?
Well, you know, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
And when you get the power of a badge, you know, that's what happens.
And even some of the best people tend to cross over the line.
And then when the corruption occurs, then they protect their fellow police officers in the Brotherhood of Protection.
Well, you know, police officers have the highest level of suicide.
You're right.
And by the way, I looked into this, 50 years ago it wasn't like this, because the police weren't like... People liked the cops.
I mean, I've talked to my dad, I've talked to other people.
You know, you'd feel good when you saw them, you waved at them.
They were really helpful, and there's still some like them, but by and large, man, they're steroid head guys with shaved heads and tats all over them, and they're nuts, man.
Let me add in there that I have police officers down here that are good friends of mine, are supporters of what I do.
I have others that would like to see me end up dead in a ditch.
You know, and you gotta, it's just like Martin Luther King said, you gotta judge a person by the content of their character.
You know, not because they're a cop.
Not because they're black.
You know, and each cop behaves differently as to his responsibility.
But the system has gone bad.
It is, because we've lost accountability.
And also we've lost training.
You know, our cops are not trained in the interception laws, the federal and the state interception laws.
It's like the statute up in Pennsylvania says nothing about it being illegal to record a conversation.
It only says that it's illegal to intercept the communication.
And interception and recording are clearly distinguished by the federal courts.
And the Pennsylvania statute, like the Florida statute, was patterned after the federal statute.
Well it's also a public place.
Now, I don't want to give the cop's idea.
The cop could claim that he was interfering in a police officer's duties, but I don't know if they're smart enough to do that.
I mean, there's a few things you could claim were on the line there, but then it gets into free speech and everything else you mentioned.
Well, I commend you.
We're going to get in touch with him, Kevin, and we're going to call you back and give you the number we've got for Kelly, and we appreciate you.
I appreciate it.
Read the emails that I sent to you.
I've got them, and we're going to be posting them.
And look at the coming case out of the 11th Circuit, you know, as far as the First Amendment right to record what cops do on public property.
All right, good job.
Okay, and thank you very much for letting me be heard.
No, thank you, sir, for contacting us.
And last thing, please help Brian Kelly.
Well, we're trying to get in touch with him, but Daddy's probably, I mean, you know, Daddy told the newspaper he's going to fight it, but Daddy probably doesn't know how corrupt the system is.
I appreciate you joining us.
Send me his telephone number.
I will.
Because that's what this really comes down to, is people don't know, they don't know yet how corrupt it is.
Remember the guy in Tennessee?
Owned the big lumber yard, pillar of the community, no criminal record.
Owned a million dollar business in the town.
He put a sign up saying our court system is a joke.
Because the court gave his children to the ex-wife who had the drug convictions.
He put a sign up saying our system's a joke.
He's outside the judge's jurisdiction.
The judge sends police out of jurisdiction to arrest him.
And, of course, the judge got in trouble last time I heard.
They'd been removed.
But the point is, is that judge told the newspaper that, well, you're not allowed to talk bad about me.
You people are nuts!
You're nuts!
You're nuts!
And I'm really upset.
I went to the police in Austin.
I lost sleep.
You may giggle and snicker, and that's why I lost sleep.
Because, man, I'm scared for this country.
When the rule of law goes, folks, it all goes.
And then I had police come up to me and just point blank say, look, if you don't leave, we're going to arrest you.
And I said, officer, very soft voice, I said, we're not blocking anything.
We're here on the sidewalk.
It was the First Amendment.
He said, no, we're going to arrest you if you don't go.
I'm asking you.
And I said, yeah, you're asking me because there's no law.
And I said, I can't believe you said that.
And then he went to the media and said we were lying.
Not only did you lie and try to violate my rights, and our rights are sacred rights.
I mean, what do you think the red, white, and blue is all about?
What do you think this country is all about?
Why is it different?
Because everywhere else the people, the police act like you.
Now I gotta be honest, folks.
I've been to some other third world countries and they don't even act as bad as you.
You don't care though, I know.
It's all funny, and it's cute, and
It's all real cute.
It's not cute.
Let's go ahead and talk to... I know I haven't gone to the calls like I should.
Ted, where are you calling us from today?
Yes, Ted, go ahead.
Yeah, I'm from Las Vegas.
I was wondering, you talk a lot on the show about preparedness and things of that nature.
You know, storing food and water and that sort of thing.
I was wondering if you've heard of
The paper was written by John R. Moore.
It's called No Need for Panic.
Yeah, I think we've interviewed John Moore.
He's a former Green Beret police officer, now a private detective.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, and I got his paper and it shows on there a map of the United States after this alleged natural disaster is supposed to take place where a lot of the East Coast and the
Well, I think John's got really great information on preparation and investigation.
I don't agree with him on some of the tectonic things that are supposed to happen.
Oh, okay.
Well, what is your take on that sort of thing?
Some of your advertisers talk about prudent places.
You know, where is a good place to live in the United States?
Or is it all the same?
Sure, the Bruton Place DVD that New Millennium Concept sells, the big Berkey folks, you can get it free when you get a Berkey, shows where nuclear power plants are, where really big cities are.
Number one, you don't want to be in New York
Chicago, Miami, Houston, L.A.
Mega cities are very dangerous.
Some have like the fires and the earthquakes and the little reconquistas, so it's even worse than, say, L.A.
Being in a town like Austin isn't bad because there's so much rural areas right around it, but it's already starting to get too big.
It's at least good to live on the edge of town.
And yeah, I mean, for the type of things we see happening, and terror attacks, manufactured, whatever, there are prudent places.
Okay, I understand.
And Vegas, what do you think?
What's your take on that?
I think Vegas is a major terror attack point.
Bad place?
I think Las Vegas is a very bad place.
It's not as bad as some others, but I'd say it's in the top 20 bad places to be.
Okay, yeah, well that pretty much sums it up.
And why?
Why do you think that?
Because that's the type of place the globalists would carry out an attack, though they don't want to end all their money laundering and prostitution and the rest of it the government runs there.
It's just talking to a lot of experts and where it's located, some type of event.
It's not as bad as L.A.
I mean L.A.
I think L.A., San Francisco, New York's about as bad as it gets.
Right, so they're not going to lose anything really by losing Las Vegas.
Yeah, it's just out in the middle of nowhere.
It's not a key infrastructure point.
Sure, so they can mess with it and no big deal.
But I think areas in the Midwest, Indiana, places like that, I think they're prime targets too.
Yeah, they can grow food.
Farmers and stuff.
Thanks for the call.
It's good questions.
I want to come back and talk to Paul, Chris, Steve and others.
And we got another guest coming up about 10-15 minutes into the next hour.
I gotta get into the global warming taxation.
Because they are really pulling out all the stops right now.
Hey, but why should yuppies and cops care?
They can just giggle about it and pay their tax.
Who cares?
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Up on PrisonPlanet.com, headline, Brown Siege.
Beds say they are going in.
Randy Weaver may join Browns at their New Hampshire home.
Very important article we'll be covering coming up in the next hour.
Right now let's go ahead and go to Paul in New Mexico.
Thanks for holding.
Hello Alex, how are you?
Good sir, welcome.
Okay, first of all, I just wanted to let you know that you and I have a mutual friend by the name of David Estrada.
He's an actor and he was the first one that let me know about 9-1-1 Road to Tyranny and he let me watch his video.
Okay, and something that happened with me about 17 years ago works in play with everything you've been talking about today.
I was working out at the Johnson Space Center in Houston
And I was working as a cafeteria worker.
I ended up mentioning an idea that I was working on called the Electromagnetic Vortex Reactor.
And when I mentioned it to an engineer within three weeks after I started working there, or after I was working there, and within three weeks I was fired.
The claim was later on, and I heard this from a friend of mine, that I was talking about sensitive compartmentalized information dealing with a
It's a system that the government, the Air Force and NASA were working on in secret.
They had me surveyed.
They had me watched.
Especially with the FBI at that time.
Quite closely.
Okay, are you still there sir?
Yeah, I'm listening.
And this was all prior to the Ruby Ridge incident and to Waco.
And what I'd like to inform your customers, not your customers, but your listeners, in fact, is that we've been living, as you've reported quite a bit in your videos, in a draconian society for a long time, but people never knew it.
I hear you and I appreciate your call, sir.
Send me some info on your case if you'd like.
Now let's go ahead and go back to the calls now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Florida.
Chris, you're on the air.
Alex, this is Chris Steiner in Florida.
I called you before about what I did in court about ten years ago in Pinellas County.
And there are two laws that people can use to apply when they go to discharge their obligation when it comes to, say, a traffic ticket or a code violation or anything like that.
You mentioned the illegal aliens who get off so lightly.
I just had to call in again.
And I want to know if other people who have tried this have had success.
The two laws that I used are the Title 12 of the U.S.
Code, Section 152.
It says, the terms lawful money and lawful money of the United States shall be construed to mean gold and silver coin of the United States.
And when I went to offer that to the clerk of the court, of course operating under the de facto government rather than the de jure government, which we should be under,
Uh, she refused that.
And so then I used, uh, the Uniform Commercial Code, Section 3603.
Truly is uniform because it's, uh, codified throughout all the state statutes.
Uh, and, uh, and in whatever state you're in, the, uh, statute will end in 3603.
Where it says that by the Clerk of Court's intentional voluntary act of refusing tender of the coins, which is lawful money, that she discharged my obligation.
Now I went through about six or seven court hearings, and the state attorney claimed that the UCC does not apply, but when I asked him to make his argument on what principle he based that, he remained silent.
And at the last hearing, they put on a big show with the state attorney, they called on the county attorney, the county clerk, the city clerk, saying how now they can deposit the money into their bank account.
But still they can't, because I had my brothers try the same thing.
Sure, sure.
So you were successful?
Did they drop it?
That's right.
The judge finally ruled.
Good, good.
And of course that is still in the code.
They've got to pay with lawful money.
All right, we'll be right back.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
Already the third and final hour.
I promise to take more calls in this hour and I will, but we do have a guest coming up for one segment.
A Marine, a former Marine who marched in a, was a current Marine, marched in an anti-war parade and is in deep water.
That's coming up in the next segment.
I've got a whole host of other
Hey, what's up?
Just calling from Orem, Utah.
This is Steve.
What's on your mind, Steve?
First off, I'd like to talk about when someone is, you know, their rights are violated and they're jailed or whatever.
You know, they need some kind of lawyer, some kind of defense.
How do we go about getting funds to try and keep this government in check, or the states in check?
Well, number one, most lawyers are part of the same good ol' boy club, and so they're there to plea bargain.
They bring you in, they take your money, and then they plea bargain.
Yeah, they know the judges and, you know, they... Sure, well, let me tell you.
I mean, do you want me to tell you?
Are you asking a question or are you just saying stuff?
No, I'm just kind of saying something.
Hey, we need to figure out where do we go when our rights have been violated and we need some attorneys or we need something or funds to go and file a, you know... Well, thanks for the call.
Let me try to break this down for you, okay?
The system is corrupt.
The money system is based on a fraud.
The Federal Reserve is a fraud.
The country isn't even run by the people.
It's totally bought and paid for by foreign corporations.
You can get family lawyers that are friends of the family.
That's the best thing.
Fighting lawyers are good too.
There are real lawyers, generally lawyers from outside your jurisdiction.
That's why you need to work extra jobs so you've got money to sue people or defend yourself if you need to.
Also, that's why you don't want to be into subcultures.
You don't want to smoke pot.
You don't want to use any of the drugs they ship in.
It's all real funny and cool until they get you in their snares.
We are in under enemy military occupation, sir.
That's why, nothing against long hair, nothing against, you know, nose rings and all that, but MTV culture tells you to wear that.
That's literally a uniform they've showed the police and told them that's an enemy uniform.
They, like attack dogs, have been trained to alert on that.
When you wear the gang member pants hanging down around your, you know, your hind end, that is police alert on that.
I mean, look, I don't care if you got a blue mohawk, folks.
I could care less, okay?
I don't care.
You want to look like a reef fish and have some pretty colors and, you know, it attracts females to you?
I care less.
It doesn't shock me you're blue or you're green thing or you're, you know, whatever.
I don't care.
The point is you are identifying yourself as a subculture to be fed on.
See, they tell you it's cruel so you will regale yourself in it so they can then feed on you.
You're literally saying I'm the type of fish you eat shark.
And then they get you to put on the stripes of what the blue shark likes to eat.
I mean, it's really that simple.
Me, I'm the type of fish that's got colorings on me that says, you better leave me alone.
I don't taste good and I got poison spines sticking out all over the place.
Okay, I'm not a little fat little juicy mackerel for you.
Do you understand comprende?
Leave me alone.
I'm like a moray eel.
I want to be left alone in my little cave.
And when more of us start acting like that, and when more of us sue them, I mean, of course they tell you there's no amnesty.
Then they tell you, oh, you can't sue cops.
Of course you can't.
And they just tell you all this.
They just tell you that.
But the number one thing is to stay out of their system.
Number two is you need to have family that sticks together.
You may be poor, but 10 or 15 of you can take care of each other.
Number one, know where you come from, know who your people are.
Family is where it all starts.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I'm gonna get into how they're pushing a global tax that has nothing to do with the environment.
And I always mention on air, I say, the government dumped millions of gallons of nerve gas off the Carolina coast.
Well, I happened to come across a new article about it.
I'm sorry.
63 million gallons of nerve gas.
I'm sorry.
It's always far worse than I say.
I tend to underestimate, you know what, I'm going from memory.
People always email me and go, I can't, it's just made up.
My point is we have genetic engineering, unbridled, wildly open-air pollination, planted chimeras.
We have toxic waste dumping everywhere, major environmental problems.
I'm not saying that humans can't and don't hurt the earth and that we shouldn't try to clean things up.
We hurt ourselves, by the way.
We're biological, too.
I don't want my children dying.
I don't want to breathe dirty air.
I don't want to drink dirty water.
But everything you see in the modern environmental movement is pure bull.
And it's all meant to take all your environmental concerns and put it into global government and global taxation with carbon dioxide that is a life accelerant and makes plants grow faster and put off more oxygen.
It's a 101 basic simple thing.
And now they're going to implement it.
They're talking about doing it in Austin.
The carbon tax, folks, it's a breathing tax.
They're doing it in Denver.
Like space balls, you know, the president says they're going to tax the air.
I mean, this isn't a joke.
And I'm just so tired of watching everybody get shammed.
And I have all these friends that are environmentalists, they go, yeah, but aren't you for the earth?
And I go, listen to me, don't you get it through your head?
I've actually studied this!
Or do you just like feeling good?
Just like we told you in 2001 that they were going to go into Iraq because we had leaks from the White House and we had public Pentagon battle plans.
And just like we told you in 2002 they were going to attack in 2003, not 2002 because we had Bilderberg inside Intel.
Jim Tucker told you three days before that Bush was going to capitulate to Kyoto and he now did it, didn't he?
Because we have the sources.
And we told you on the Iraq War
We told you repeatedly, because we have our own documents, that they were going to go there and stay there permanently, as Cheney has said, for 100 years.
And that they were going to build permanent bases.
And we had Ray McGovern, former top CIA morning briefing analysis from Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr., saying that our government clearly was involved blowing up that mosque.
Well, that wasn't enough to get the Shiites and Sunnis killing each other.
Now it looks like they've blown up both the minarets yesterday.
The obelisks, the little towers that were left.
We'll get them going again.
They want to stay.
The war is a success.
Not a success in bringing democracy and freedom, as you heard, but in building permanent bases, bringing it down into total bedlam, shutting off the oil supply, which then artificially jacks up oil prices.
What were they mad at Saddam in 1990?
Over-pumping, over-selling.
Pull it up for yourself.
If there's any real journalists listening, you'll want to check out what I say instead of just poo-pooing it.
And now all across this country people are being arrested for their free speech.
Free speech is being banned.
Now they claim people who are in the military don't have that free speech.
And joining us is Adam Kokesh.
And if I'm pronouncing that right, Adam made national news last week.
He was in an anti-war march and somebody noticed him and now he's gotten a bunch of trouble over it and we're trying to support him.
Adam, thanks for coming on with us.
Thank you, sir.
It's an honor.
Just a ballpark, nutshell, sketch, whatever.
Tell us about yourself, what you saw in the military, why you've gone public, what you saw in Iraq, and then what's happened to you.
Well, I joined the Marine Corps at age 17 in 1999, right after my junior year of high school, and I went to boot camp in June of 2000.
And I joined out of patriotism.
I said that I wanted to be a part of the National Defense.
And it meant something to me to be in the Marines, to have a combat MOS, be among the first to fight, and even in the Reserves, to be a part, you know, to have my life on the line for my country.
For whatever small part of the National Defense I was, for whatever short period of time, that really meant something to me.
And that was in 1999.
I wrote that on the form at the Military Entrance Processing Station.
And I had college paid for.
I was ready.
My parents could afford to send me to college, and I joined because I wanted to serve.
And so I joined the Reserves.
Basically, you were 17 and you wanted to be a warrior like every young man wants to be.
Well, that was part of it, but it was a lot more than that.
It was definitely a lot more than that.
I really wanted to serve my country.
I really wanted to be a part of the defense.
No, I mean, I believe you, but consciously, that's all of people's reasons, but deep down... No, absolutely.
I acknowledge that, but for me, it was a secondary reason.
I admit, I wanted to face the ultimate test of manhood, you know?
I understand, who doesn't want to, who's got their head halfway screwed on straight and got something between their legs, but I mean, tell us the story.
Well, I was going to college, I was in the reserves, and when I saw that the Iraq war was kicking off, I was definitely against it.
I'm a non-interventionist.
I could see that it wasn't going to be worth it.
I was thinking more in terms of resources.
The war, you know, we'd be able to steamroll Iraq, which we pretty much did.
We had very low casualties during the war itself.
Of course, the occupation, as you know, has been a little bit different.
And I still thought it wasn't going to be worth it.
And I went to the one-day-a-student walkouts on campus and found myself surrounded by hippies.
And I was like, that was the extent of my protest activities at that point.
Then the war happened and I found out in December 2003 that my unit was not going to be deploying because we were reserve artillery, relatively low priority at that point, but that the Marine Corps was looking for volunteers to go with the 3rd Civil Affairs Group.
And in Civil Affairs, what I learned in the two weeks between the time I was activated and the time we actually got on a plane to go to Iraq, I learned that what we were doing was rebuilding, like really
The meat of it, you know, is the working with local Iraqi contractors, building schools, mosques, clinics, things of that nature.
And, you know, I saw that what President Bush was saying we were doing on TV was exactly what we were going to be doing, and we were the tip of the spear.
And frankly, I was really excited about that.
I actually really believed in that mission.
Even having been against the war, I thought that what we were doing at that point was cleaning up our mess and was really responsible for our policy, and I was proud to be a part of it at the time.
But when I was in Iraq, I realized the futility of what we were doing, and that even though our small teams, our six-man civil affairs teams, were able to do some good on a very small level, compared to the problems we were creating by imposing martial law on this country, it wasn't worth it.
And that became clear to me there, but I didn't really realize the implications of that.
But I did get a sense of the futility, and I had a rationalization for it.
And, you know, everybody has something that they tell themselves to justify being in Iraq, when they're there.
You know, and sometimes that's, the mission is really just.
But for me, it was, at least we're keeping the fight off American soil.
And I know now that that's an absolute fallacy, because for every insurgent we kill today, there's two to kill tomorrow, and we piss off so many people in the process.
That's wonderful for the actual war planners because that expands the war.
Are you aware of the P-2-O-G six million dollar a year Pentagon program to actually create insurgents so they have an excuse to expand the war?
I'm not aware of any programs with that intent, but I'm very, very much aware that that's what's actually happening.
Well, no, I just told you.
I'm saying our military's not incompetent.
They're doing exactly what the real mission is, with precision, and that's chew up our troops, give a bunch of Halliburton contracts to the foreign Dubai company, and to keep the oil from flowing.
See, people always say it's not about oil.
It is about oil.
It's just about not letting that oil flow.
They've been doing a splendid job.
Well, from the sick position of the globalists, sir.
Yes, sir.
I understand where you're coming from.
I hear you.
And it's just one of the reasons why I feel that I have a moral imperative at this point to share my experience and to speak out against the opposition.
Well, tell us about a few of the experiences you had, because you're a window into what's happening in Iraq.
I've interviewed Corey Rowe, who's with the Loose Change crew.
He was in Afghanistan, then in Iraq, and the story's about
You mean repeatedly?
Uh, you know, just, he worked at the hospital and he was in firefights and there'd be cases where somebody just fired and they just machine gunned whole, you know, highways of cars and just, I mean, what type of stuff did you see in Iraq?
Well, I don't want to tell any blood stories, you know, I mean, my job when I was there was to be the good guy.
And now this demonstration question, I'm only going to go into this to bring it back to a story, a personal story from Iraq.
But the demonstration in question that I'm in trouble for was called Operation First Casualty, and it's called that because the first casualty of war is the truth, and the purpose was to bring a part of the truth of the occupation home to the American people, who have largely forgotten that they are ambassadors of their country, running around with guns, imposing martial law on a foreign country.
And so we conducted a mock combat patrol through D.C.
with civilians playing affected peoples, not Iraqis, they weren't
Speaking Arabic, or pretending to speak Arabic, or anything like that.
But we treated them as we treat Iraqis on a daily basis, and they were randomly accosted, and, uh, zip-cuffed, and had sandbags put over their heads.
And, you know, generally screamed at and harassed.
And people say, you know, oh, well, that doesn't happen in Iraq, but, you know, it wasn't even my job to do this, but I was at my checkpoint one day at our Civil Military Operations Center, and this was in June, when the fighting in Fallujah flared up because our car was there,
And if you recall, we bombed the building that he was staying in, and it knocked him down, but it didn't kill him.
And he got into a car, a black Opel, and apparently a helicopter saw this happen, and they lost him.
They were trying to follow him, and they lost him.
And my checkpoint was on the main freeway between Fallujah and Baghdad, and so I get a call on my radio, Hey Cartman, Cartman, this is Keister over.
Yeah, go ahead, get on the hard line.
So I had to get on, like, we had a hard line from my checkpoint back inside of the building, supposed to be secure, calm, and I pick up the telephone handle, and I go, hey, what's going on?
And he says, Carmen, this is Keyster, I need you to get out on the road and stop any Black Opal that comes your way.
And I was like, uh, why?
And he said he couldn't tell me, even over the secure channel.
So, I had one Marine with me in my checkpoint, I had two Marines on a machine gun overwatch,
And so I went out and laid down by the side of the road, pointing my rifle down the freeway.
Now, there's like he-waves coming off.
It's a mile and a half from the city of Fallujah, and there's cars coming down the road, mostly going like 50 miles an hour.
So, I see this black blur coming towards me, and I'm like, well shit.
Maybe that's an Opel.
So I get up and stand on the side of the road, and I tell this Marine who's behind there, hey man, cover me.
And he's like,
Okay, so I stand up on the side of the road and I'm pointing my rifle all the way down the freeway and I put my hand up and I start yelling, stop, stop, at this car that's going 50 miles an hour towards me.
Probably can't even see me because I'm wearing camouflage.
Stay there, let's finish the story on the other side.
We've got a break.
We're talking to our guest who got in trouble for wearing his uniform.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
And we'll also take more of your calls later and get into all that news I mentioned.
Did you ever wonder how an opera singer that hits a high note is able to shatter a wine glass?
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Japanese refiners buy 550,000 barrels switching dollar to yen.
Bad news for US currency.
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Adam Kokesh is our guest.
He's a Marine who dared walk around in D.C.
with his uniform on during a protest.
Honorably discharged Marine, Adam Kokesh, faces his honorable hearing.
It also made USA Today the front page.
Where is all this now going, Adam?
Right now, the case is... Actually, I have some breaking news for you.
This is going to be in the Associated... They're going out on the AP wire tomorrow.
The recommendation of my separation board, which convened last Monday, the three officer panel recommended that I be separated from the inactive reserve with a general discharge, which means that they basically wimped out on taking a stand on the issue, because they did say that the UCMJ, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, is not supposed to apply to members of the inactive reserve, but still decided to downgrade my discharge from an honorable to a general.
That recommendation went to the Convening General, Brigadier General Moore of Marine Corps Normalization Command, who I also told off in a scathing email, concluding by telling him to go F himself, because he offered me a plea bargain that was basically a load of crap.
And he passed the issue on to Lieutenant General Bergman, I believe, who approved the recommendation to the board.
So now we're having another hearing in D.C.
Hopefully, we should be filing the paperwork tomorrow as soon as we get this in hand and it goes before a review board.
But regardless, the final step in this process is to take the case to Congress and file a fraud, waste, and abuse claim to demonstrate that thousands and thousands of dollars of Marine Corps resources were wasted for really no end because I'm going to be out of the Inactive Reserve in two weeks anyways.
And this attempt to downgrade my discharge won't even stand.
Well, let's go back to the story you were telling for those.
I got the rest of it during the break.
Basically, they were looking for a so-called high-profile terrorist.
They just had you guys out randomly pulling over people with their families and their children, and you were just pointing out how you were there to supposedly be rebuilding, but this is what they had you doing.
But then I said, I asked you for some other stories.
You talked about learning about some friendly fire that got covered up.
That's big news.
Tell us about that.
Well, this was during the Siege of Fallujah in April.
We were attached to Gulf 2-1 and we were on the peninsula and our infantry company was responsible for the blockade of the two bridges.
We called them the Washington Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge.
And we had the city surrounded and most of the fighting in that battle in April was relegated to the borders of the city.
You know, there wasn't a whole lot within, but we had enough
uh... enough but i'm not really we had enough going on and we have a lot of bombing of the city going on we have uh... he went there to specter gunships and things are kind of get quiet when the things were fine overhead they basically are able to drop artillery shells from the air uh... with you know laser-guided precision yeah i love the magic dragon yeah these things are these things are good so that you know quiet fighting quieted down when they were in the air and because of our i guess the way we were set up in the city
On the peninsula there, we had a lot of Marines on the northern side of the city.
We ended up getting some mortar fire in our perimeter.
And I don't know how covered up it was.
I haven't really researched it, but when we were there, we had about half a dozen Marines that were severely injured as a result of these mortar attacks.
And they were evacuated by air and everything sort of went according to plan.
And then we were sitting around afterwards and I found out
From our Major, who would happen to be at the Command Operations Center, talking with the Infantry Commander, the Captain, and he had known that this was a friendly fire incident, that it was American mortars that had landed, that had come from the Marines to the north of the city, and... But let me guess, when it hit the news, Al-Qaeda had done it?
Well, I don't know if this particular attack ever hit the news, but it...
It was something they never told the truth, right there at least.
Well, another thing is they keep calling Shiites Al-Qaeda.
Anybody who fights back is called Al-Qaeda.
Can you speak to that?
Well, if they want to redefine Al-Qaeda that way, then they're really doing a good job for their recruiting and growing their organization.
But it's gotten to the point where just our presence has caused 90% of Iraqi civilians to think that it's okay to kill Americans in Iraq.
And from what I saw, and from the attitude of Americans towards Iraq, it doesn't surprise me at all.
And if anything, we're pushing them right into the arms of Al-Qaeda.
That's the whole plan, and it blows up even bigger.
It's a great plan for the Pentagon.
Where do you see this going?
Do you think they'll be able to hold on in Iraq, or do you think it will collapse?
That's a good question.
People ask me often, you know, what do you think is going to happen?
Because we advocate an immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces.
What happens when we pull out?
I'm like, well, what is the Pentagon saying right now?
What's Bush saying right now?
They're saying if we pull out now, it'll be really bad.
Well, a year ago, they said if we pulled out, it would be bad.
I have a feeling that if we pull out a year from now, it'll be really, really, really bad.
Look, over 90%... Let's do five more minutes.
Look, almost all the major analysts, the serious ones, say our presence there makes it worse.
And the Pentagon knows that.
That's the operational plan.
They want it to be bad.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Riders on the storm Riders on the storm Into this house we're born Into this world we're thrown
Like a dog without a bone, an actor out on loan, writers on the store.
There's a killer on the road.
There's a tutor on the road.
His brain is squirming like a toad.
Take a long holiday.
Welcome back!
Adam Krakash is our guest.
Adam, all the troops I've talked to, I mean, like, it's gotta be 19 out of 20 say it's a disaster, it's horrible, they hated even people that were gung-ho a few years ago and bought the propaganda.
But I do still see a few on the news that buy into it, mainly officers, because they're just trying to climb up a social pegging order to get defense contractor jobs later when they retire.
I mean, the morale of the military, how many of the people are still buying the propaganda?
Well, I don't want to try to speak for everyone, but the one statistic that really gets to me is from a Zogby poll that was conducted recently of troops on the ground in Iraq, and 70% of them think we should be out within a year.
That poll's already a year old.
Oh, and 29% of them thought we should be out immediately.
So, if 70% of them thought that a year ago we should be out within a year,
It really makes you wonder what we're still doing there.
Yeah, you're right.
If 70% think we should be out in a year and 29% think we should be out immediately, that's 99% won out.
Remember Bush lying and saying, I promise you'll be home by Christmas?
I mean, but then we have the Pentagon plans.
If you're not aware of them, I'll send them to you.
There's defense contracts through 2015 already.
Yeah, they're never leaving, folks.
And then they just lie and tell you they are.
That just underscores the importance, like you said, of officers that are more concerned about their careers than telling the truth.
This really underscores the importance of the veterans' voices, the ones that are out, and the retired generals, as we're already seeing.
But when a general gets on the ground in Iraq, everybody takes his word as gold for what's going on there.
But really, he wants to say, hey, everything in my area of responsibility is just peachy.
Everything's been getting better.
You know, and then they have like a week-long turnover with the next general coming in.
He goes, oh, well, everything just turned to hell on that last week.
Now we're going to make it better.
Well, they're also lying, saying things have gotten better since the surge, but all that did was put more troops in exposed positions, and the actual troop numbers of deaths have gone up significantly.
Well, that's not true.
It also put a lot more money into Hal Verne's pockets, I think.
Oh, but that's okay.
They're an American company.
Oh wait, they moved to Dubai.
Oh, yeah.
So much for that idea.
Listen, I really appreciate you coming on with us.
Is there any websites where we can check out what you're up to?
Yeah, absolutely.
Iraq Veterans Against the War has a website at IVW.org.
We appreciate all the support we can get.
I'm still trying to raise money for my legal defense fund so that we can keep fighting this and establish a proper precedent so that members of the inactive reserve are able to speak out without fear of reprimand or misapplication of military justice.
And I also have a blog at kokesh.blogspot.com.
But hey, let me tell you a joke, Alex.
You might appreciate this.
How many vets does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Nothing profane.
It's not profane, is it?
You don't know.
You weren't there, man.
You're funny.
That's good.
Listen, I appreciate you joining us.
Thank you, sir.
Take care.
How many vets does it take to screw on a light bulb?
You don't know, you weren't there.
That is funny.
I know I got loaded phones here, and I wanted to get into the environment news today.
But I mean, what am I supposed to say?
Let me just dig it out of the stack here.
Frankly, I'm getting to the point where my head's spinning.
What happens is, when I'm off air, is I voraciously can't stop studying what the New World Order is doing.
And then I get on air, you know, your brain moves a lot faster, you can read a lot faster, and you can put it in words or talk.
It's two separate brain functions, really.
And then I just get up here on air and I'm just like, ah, China's threatening us again.
The Feds have said they are going to go in on the Browns.
That's all up on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.net.
The dollar's continuing to plunge.
I'm completely freaked out about that.
I just can't believe it.
I can't believe that all of this is happening.
Paul Joseph Watson wrote an article, China threatens war escalation over Bush handshake.
Top news story in China, ignored in US, Beijing furious about warning of American-Taiwanese relations.
And I wonder why Paul can report on what's happening inside China.
I wonder where Paul is.
Anyways, in an astounding development that has completely failed to register any attention amongst mainstream U.S.
media, China promised to escalate preparations for war in advance of potential conflict after President Bush shook hands with Taiwanese government officials yesterday.
Now, they threaten to nuke us on a monthly basis, but that even caused national headlines, and he's got links to it.
Bush shook hands and met with Taiwanese representatives of the United States, Joseph Wu on Tuesday, during a commemoration for victims of communism in Washington, D.C.
Yeah, they did kill 60 mil.
By the way, the Chinese government admits 60 mil.
That's a conservative.
60 mil yuppies, 60 mil soft cops, 60 mil liberals,
60 mil fake conservatives.
This is the type of... By the way, they are the world model.
Their internet censoring model is being adopted by Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL.
The British government is trying to adopt it.
You understand, our governments, everything you see in China, where they already have the human tax, where they already have a one-child tax, they already have an environment tax on more than one child.
They don't call it one child.
That's what they call it.
Denver's announcing all that.
Montreal's doing it.
You understand, folks?
This is happening.
This isn't a game.
This isn't a joke!
I only want the military and police to have good lives.
I know I get mad at you.
I yell and scream at you.
It's because you scare the hell out of me because you're so stupid.
And you scare me into this country.
You're a different type of fear.
Not a knee-knocking fear.
But you scare me to let me know that, man, it's really coming down.
And you don't know who your friends are.
You don't realize how bad things are right now.
You don't know who your friends are.
You don't know how you're literally cutting your nose off to spite your face.
You know that old saying?
Cut your nose off to spite your face.
Cut your nose off to be mean to your face.
You don't know who you're being used, you've been brainwashed.
The stuff we talk about is real, everything we warn you about.
The North American Union, Bilderberg, it's all news now.
The mercury and the vaccines, it's news now, all of it.
I don't, I just, it's hard for me to believe the government runs giant child kidnapping rings, but it's real.
You could find it out in five minutes online, mainstream news, but it never made national news.
You can find out it's so bad I can't even, I don't have words and then you guys are running around giggling and laughing and trying to violate people's rights and it's real funny.
It isn't funny!
This stuff isn't funny!
We're all in danger you fools!
They killed 60 million in China!
That's not a game, that's not a joke.
I want you to picture.
Let me do the dividing here.
Using calculators so long I can hardly do basic math.
60 million.
60 million.
How many times can you divide 100,000 into 60 million?
That's how many Super Bowl stadium size
I can't do it and talk on the show.
How many times does $100,000 divide into $60,000,000?
John, do that.
Murdered by the government.
In China alone.
The world model.
Where they're testing it all.
The big laboratory.
How many times does... How many sports stadiums is that?
Because Stalin said, one man dies, it's just... One man dies, it's a tragedy.
Ten thousand die.
It's a statistic.
And it's true.
Sixty million people killed in one country.
Fifty million under the Communists in Russia.
Well over twenty million with Hitler.
Never hear about all the people that died there.
All the Poles and all the Germans and all the other groups.
In fact, governments admittedly, last century, this is an official number, you can pull them up between 200 and 250 million.
Conservatives about 200 million.
Governments killed 200 million.
How many times does 100,000 divide into that?
Into 200 million.
And each one of those is a sports stadium.
A jam-packed stadium.
Next time you look at a sports stadium, that's what I think of when I look at sports stadiums.
I think, my God, the numbers that government has killed!
And that's why when I see some hippie or yuppie wearing a commie star, I just want to slug them!
Because that star, that symbol, flew over the murder of a lot more than Hitler ever killed.
I mean, it's upsetting to me.
Did you do the math on that, John?
Yeah, 60 million divided by 100,000.
How many, uh, 600 sports stadiums with 100,000 apiece.
600, 100,000 jam-packed, full, going down, going under.
But you watch a movie about the Titanic and you cry with a few 800 or something dying.
Or they have Amber Alerts for some kid that's kidnapped.
And the government's all around you, and it's killed.
Over 200 million.
We've killed, in the whole process, over 3 million Iraqis in the 16 years of liberation.
What is that?
That's not even counted into that 200 million.
What is 100,000 divided into 200 million?
I should be able to do that just in my... kind of like a math block, though, when I'm on air.
Maybe I should just repeat the word 200 million over and over again.
I mean, to really let this burn into you.
That's how it always starts.
Giggling cops that like authority.
Corrupt politicians feeding off the trough.
Oh, it's no big deal.
And then, the people up top just start going nuts.
It can just grow and grow.
They go, I need more.
I want more.
Just get rid of those people.
Just do whatever you want with them.
Just line them up.
Just put them in a slave camp.
Why do I care?
Some of the elite's all drunken on drugs with hundreds of women apiece and there's little thug cops everywhere running around in their uniforms and they're all well taken care of and who cares?
And see, it's just a few degrees of separation from coming up to somebody on the street corner and going, you can't demonstrate.
We're going to arrest you.
It's like an inch.
You're one inch away from the very pit.
It's like a cliff.
You jump off the cliff, you're going to fall to the bottom.
See, we've already jumped off the cliff and we're falling now.
Think of it as a small thing.
You think it's manly to be able to just not care and go, ah, it's just the way it is.
Ah, whatever, that guy's evil.
So go ahead and enforce it.
Go ahead.
Just remember later.
Remember when you're destitute.
Remember when you hear about some cousin in another state getting grabbed, and you kind of keep quiet if you don't want to get grabbed.
Or when something happens to your child when they're in college.
Or you know, with your ex-wife in another state.
Just remember.
Just remember it was your system.
It was what you wanted.
And people warned you about it.
People tried to reach out to you in every way they could.
I mean, Tony Blair calls for Chinese-style net controls in the UK.
Mainstream news, ladies and gentlemen.
Manchester schools probe.
Controversial field trip.
This is out of Manchester, New Hampshire, in the Live Freeride Outstate.
The city school board, early this morning, voted for an investigation into last week's field trip that brought middle school students to a Planned Parenthood office in Manchester, where they told them about abortions and handed out condoms.
Folks, that is nothing.
We've seen cases en masse.
I'm not even going to repeat what they teach them there.
They teach them hardcore stuff I didn't know about until I was like 20 years old.
I mean, they teach them, and they teach them, it's fine.
Stuff I can't even mention on air.
I mean, they take children, and it's hardcore.
The school board instructed school administrators to investigate the matter, recommended any changes needed to school policies, and decided if any disciplinary action needs to be taken.
It needs to happen immediately, Mark.
Goodyear said during investigation, he said it shouldn't take more than a few days.
The vote took place in the early morning hour for school board members adopted the 2008 budget.
On Wednesday, students in the STAY program, a program for at-risk middle school students that is operated by the YMCA, visited the Planned Parenthood offices as part of a field trip to social service agencies throughout the city.
See, when you're at risk, but now they're saying all children under New Freedom are going to get, starting at age four, three CPS visits a year, England's already starting it every month for all children, and it's about getting you in the system.
Oh, you're at risk!
Remember the headlines about convicting children before they're born, in the womb, drugging them in the womb, mainstream news?
See, this is eugenics, that's all it is.
And you gotta see the local Hispanic groups, they're all into their Raza and their race and everything, but they don't complain about the death mills the Feds pay for in their cities that the liberals tell them are a treat.
Margaret Sanger gave awards to Hitler, got awards from him.
Literally a Nazi.
Our whole society's set up along these lines.
We're gonna take you kids in and teach you how to get an abortion.
And don't worry, your black and Hispanic leaders aren't gonna tell you how to do it.
They're just going to let you wave a Mexican flag and tell you that's how you stand up for your Raza, but you don't actually stand up for your people.
They were confronted by pro-life groups who normally picket the agency.
That was a big mistake.
See, thank God they were there.
School board member Doug Kruse yesterday said the field trip violated the trust of parents.
Oh, because it was secret, by the way.
They didn't tell them.
The stay program must go ahead.
They have not demonstrated
Must go, because they have not demonstrated they are reasonable and responsible for our children.
He also pointed out that Dawn Mitchen, the principal at Parkstown Middle School, told the New Hampshire Union Leader that she was aware of the visit, but told her supervisor she had no knowledge of the stop.
Somebody doesn't have the story straight.
Well, it's all part of lying, sir.
Mr. Kruse, I'm glad you think this is a big deal to lie, because once you start lying, folks, people start dying.
Bad things happen.
Lies have an effect.
It's not cute.
Assistant Superintendent Frank Bass said, mentioned was flustered by a call from a reporter who was not sure what was happening.
Eh, a bunch of crooks.
They are, man.
Taking children without parents now into some death mill?
They always are trying to pass laws, most states have got them, where your child as young as 11 can go have their baby cut out and not even tell you?
See the state wants to separate the family.
They want to cut the family off.
They want to get control of the family.
Some good news.
Court strikes down Bush power grab.
Claiming unusual authority to designate and hold individuals who are thought to be enemy combatants.
The Bush administration exercised power that has unnerved many constitutional scholars.
Now a federal appeals court has ruled such power exceeds the bounds of the Constitution.
Follow this link to the source.
Judge says U.S.
can't hold man as combatant.
On June 11, the third three-judge panel in Richmond, Virginia ruled 2-1 that President Bush does not have the power to declare a civilian living in the United States an enemy combatant and turn him over to the military for indefinite incarceration.
Good news.
Okay, should I come back and take these loaded calls from George and Jim and Tony and Peggy and Davey?
Or should I cover the global tax?
We'll find out on the other side.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Don't worry.
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You know, I really feel bad for George and Jim and Tony and Peggy and Danny.
I just can't have time to take your calls.
Call me tomorrow.
You go to the head of the line.
I promise, those five callers, you're in the first in line.
You call back tomorrow, you get first dibs.
By the way, I told my producer no guests tomorrow, so we can open the phones up.
There's just so much happening.
I haven't even really plugged my video today or anything else because I'm so busy covering the news.
I just, uh, that's just the way it is some days.
It seems like three hours just goes by in 20 seconds.
By the way, it's simple math.
I just could look at, I guess, look at the decimal place there.
Yeah, it's 2,100 person, 100,000 person.
Imagine, imagine 2,000
Sports stadiums filled with 100,000 people apiece.
It's even hard to say that, it's so big.
Now, picture.
Picture 2,000 sports stadiums filled with 100,000 people per sports stadium.
2,000 of those.
And then they're just gone.
Oh no, the government won't hurt us.
The New World Order wouldn't do 9-11.
I mean, I've gotten emails before and I talk about the government dumping nerve gas in the ocean.
They go, I just heard you say that.
What's your proof?
My God, it's in the news every few months.
They still do it.
They just take it right out off the coast and dump it.
In barrels or in big tanker.
They dumped it in the Delaware River and it killed everything in the river.
It's just a minor footnote in the news.
But, oh my God, we've got to stop carbon dioxide.
We've got to have a global tax.
You know, and then all these guys go join the local hippie group to pick girls up, pick chicks up.
And they all just sit around drinking tea, going, oh, the Earth has got to restrict everything.
Oh my goodness.
Let's go watch The Day After Tomorrow.
They'll be playing it locally.
Oh my goodness.
Meanwhile, they're dumping toxic waste everywhere, across PCs, Chimera, all sorts of serious stuff, folks.
You know what that does to the ocean?
I've got this report, all the dead dolphins and stuff, and when we eat all this seafood that's got it,
Sixty-three million gallons in the latest dumping.
Pop on prisonplanet.com.
Sixty-three million gallons.
When the stuff's sold, they just take it and dump it in the ocean.
The military does.
Oh my God, we've got... We've got carbon dioxide!
It's deadly!
The plants will die if they breathe it!
It's just so sick.
It's so sick.
Just everybody totally gullible.
The military's lobbying for open borders.
Total traitors.
Total enemies of America.
It's not our military.
They don't belong to us anymore.
They're killing the country!
Denver's Green Plan proposal called Looney after hitting the web, Rocky Mountain News,
People around the country, here's Denver Monday, embracing a crap-pot scheme to fight global warming, have the city plan to rewrite for attention on the Internet.
And it goes into the actual plan here.
It doesn't matter.
They're just going to have lots of rock concerts.
Again, that's how you pick up the chicks.
And I've got good friends of mine who I explain this to.
I go, listen, it's a scam.
Let me explain.
No, it's, it's for the Earth.
Oh yeah, it's for the Earth, alright.
Denver targets citizens in global warming fight.
Denver is gearing up to fight global warming and residents may soon be asked to make personal sacrifices to help save the planet.
A special tax you need to pay.
The new plan is aimed at making Denver a national leader in reducing gas emissions.
See, they don't like to say carbon dioxide, they call it gas emissions.
Oh, gas!
They have been linked to global warming.
Have been linked!
Giving a major push to alternative energy, stepping up recycling, and changing building codes to encourage energy conversation.
And it says they're going to have new taxes on the trash, and new taxes on everything.
It's just a new tax is all it is, but a micromanaged tax.
If you believe in us, support us financially by having a prisonplano.tv membership, or getting the videos at InfoWars.com.
We'll see you back here tomorrow.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll free 877-300-7645.