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Air Date: June 10, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We do this little syndicated broadcast out of the studios of NewsRadio 590K LBJ to a great list of Aminem affiliates, the Internet,
Satellite as well as shortwave every Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
Central 5 to 7 p.m.
Eastern I guess that'd be 2 to 4 Pacific We have another jam-packed broadcast for you today There's another Waco that could be shaping up in
New Hampshire, the live, free, or die state.
And we were at the center of national media coverage on that Thursday and Friday with my weekday syndicated show.
And they're coming up later in the broadcast.
We're scheduled.
Their phone lines haven't been cut again.
The police turn them on and off on a really every few hours out there at the... They also jam their cell phones out there at the Brown family property.
in New Hampshire.
So we'll be giving you a report on that coming up a little bit later.
Armored vehicles, helicopters, drones, hundreds of armed police.
People have been fired on.
The police then kidnapped people and told them not to tell anyone that they'd been fired on.
This has now been coming out in the press.
We, of course, broke it.
Pretty serious business.
Pretty serious business.
So that is coming up a little bit later.
And that's what it is, when they shoot at you and then grab you and taser you and then tell you to lie to the media for them.
That's called official oppression and kidnapping.
So we'll be going over that for you today on this June 10, 2007 edition.
Also, it is a tactic by the federal government and the private corporations that own and run this country
Our senators and congressmen and women are nothing but paid representatives who are auctioned off, literally, publicly to the highest bidder.
It's a tactic.
For six years, they've been introducing and reintroducing the Blanket Complete Amnesty Bill.
They've been doing that now for six years.
And when the season comes up every year for them to try it,
They will introduce it three or four times in a row, each time claiming it's been withdrawn forever.
That's a way of acting like you're in a fight and you're getting your butt kicked and you're down on the ground.
You say, okay, I give up, but you grab a handful of sand and throw it in the person's eyes that you started the fight with to begin with.
And that's what's happened here.
Also, to his credit, about a month ago when they first tried to pass it, Senator Sessions released
Some of the subsections of the bill.
Now, they've been told to keep the bill secret.
We all knew it was bad when they said, it's a secret bill, but trust us, it's not amnesty.
But he did release some of the subsections, and they even talked about sanctioning him in the Senate for doing so.
This is the new freedom, where your senators aren't supposed to tell you about bills.
They're just supposed to lie to you.
See, things are a-changing.
Well, earlier last week, the entire text of the bill was released by Senator Sessions.
And frankly, what I found even blew me away.
I really have trouble believing this.
I didn't know that the full text had been released.
I was driving down the road, heard Neil Bortz talking about it, reading subsection by subsection.
Frankly, I see Neil as kind of a fake libertarian, fake conservative.
I mean, some would see him as hardcore.
I see him as
Is it is milk toast, but it did turn out that but wow is he telling the truth He's doing a good job, and I went looked it up sure enough He was there were the subsections of the bill as he had said it legalizes Aggravated child rapists not just child molesters
We're talking about aggravated child kidnappers, child rapists.
It actually says it in the bill.
Just type into Google, uh, 20 loopholes of immigration bill, or 20 loopholes of amnesty bill.
It's up on prisonplanet.com, but go to Senator Sessions' own site.
He shows the subsection and then shows the actual text of the bill.
Now, I got to my office and I literally almost fell out of my chair.
I mean, our government is so evil.
And so illegitimate now.
Because frankly, I was thinking, is Bort joking that it legalizes child molesters?
And no.
In fact, he held back.
It's aggravated, brutal child kidnappers.
Now, you see, this is the Twilight Zone.
And then it got worse from there.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to be talking about that a little bit later.
But I'm hearing all these national announcements.
I've literally received hundreds of emails.
I can barely get through to the serious ones or the important ones.
I'm not knocking you, but the listeners are sending me, hey, drink some champagne.
I'm barbecuing and celebrating.
We saved America, because this is America-killing legislation.
But no, we did not win.
We have not won.
This is like a 12-round heavyweight boxing match.
We're about five rounds through this, six rounds through this, and they are trying to sucker punch you, telling you they're not fighting anymore.
It's the oldest tactic in the book.
To get their North American Union, to get their New World Order, to drive down the wages, to complete the New World Order, and to complete the chain migration and anchor babies, and to bankrupt the states for federalization, they've got to do this.
By the way, it legalizes all criminal gang members, people with admitted aggravated felon records, who are members of MS-13 and other groups, instantly legalized, says it by name in the subsection.
I might as well just cover this now.
There's 20 of these smoking guns.
I demand that you go read it.
I demand that people... But then what blew me away was when all this finally supposedly got beaten in this round, Friday night I watched quite a bit of CNN and Fox and they had these Republican pundits up lying, saying, well it's a good bill but people just didn't work together and folks are mad at Congress that we can't get something done.
They always... That's called spin, folks.
They don't talk about what's in the bill.
It's all about, can't we just get something done?
Can't we just fix this problem?
And they have mainly Republicans up there with Ted Kennedy lying and saying this is going to get tough on immigration when it's the exact opposite.
By the way, it's not amnesty.
It is total capitulation.
End of America.
You know 20 plus percent of the ground force in Iraq and the army is illegal alien legalized?
Did you know that major city departments are now hiring illegal aliens to become cops?
That's AP.
You cannot make... Folks, this is the end of America.
By design, the globalists know exactly what they're doing.
And so, for those of you that aren't going to believe me, aren't going to believe Neil Bortz, you're going to believe the other mainline fake conservative talk show host.
You're going to believe the chairman of GOPAC, Mr. Steele, I saw on CNN and Fox, lying.
You're going to believe
You know, other Republicans that they had out there pushing this.
I saw J.C.
That guy is a congenital liar.
And he's about as conservative as Mao Zedong.
But he puts on a fake, you know, Oklahoma accent and a country boy act.
I mean, these are corporate shills, folks.
When are you going to figure out this is big money and power here?
They're lying to you?
I mean, just the insult of the lying.
Just how they... I remember hearing Tony Schneller all over National Talk Radio, making the rounds.
The White House Press Secretary lying and swearing, going, you can't see the bill, but I promise it'll get tough on illegals.
And it's total, total, complete... See, I'm already running out of time here.
I've got so much news to cover.
But here is the Associated Press, in case you don't want to believe me.
Just go to presentplanet.com or infoware.com or type it into the search engine.
Bush hopes to revive the immigration bill.
This is Friday night, he said while he was still at the G8 overseas in Europe, that he's going to go to Congress personally next week and try to literally control and twist arms, carrot and the stick, to try to get this passed in the Senate and get the ten more votes that they need to do it.
So, Bush hopes to revive the immigration bill.
For any of you that are denying that I'm wrong, and you're saying, oh, we beat it, go celebrate Alex, I've watched these people too long, okay?
And you're going to have to fight this next year.
And by the way, this is just legalizing the illegal aliens.
They're already, by fiat, legal.
Don't have to have cards to give bank accounts, don't have to have anything.
You try drinking a few beers and getting pulled over, you're going to jail.
The Illegal Aliens?
All right, when we get back... U.S.
government caught, as usual, trying to stage a terror attack at the G8 Summit.
Mainstream news, of course, it's not our government, they just say they are.
Massive news there.
Perry last week went to a secret meeting in violation of federal law.
Ron Paul's called for a criminal investigation.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Alright, welcome back.
We're going to go to New Hampshire coming up in the next segment.
With InfoWars.com reporter Matt Lepacek who was inside what the police are calling a compound just a few days ago.
We're also going to be having the Browns on as well.
Let me get into this right now.
This is a headline.
G8 false flag terror attack averted.
security men attempted to smuggle C4 plastic explosives past German checkpoint and were caught by the Germans.
Now before I read you this news article, here's one from 2001.
This is what we do at PrisonPlanet.com.
We go and get you all the past examples.
In Genoa, Italy, the G8, they ran over people with tanks, they killed them, peaceful protesters.
They admittedly planted bombs on them as a way to frame them.
BBC reported Genoa police admit fabrication that they were told to plant bombs on people and attack them, physically kill them, and send others to prison.
Just type in Genoa police admit fabrication into your search engine, you can have that for yourself.
Now there's the article we put together today, G8 false flag terror attack averted.
We're going to get to that, but first I want to cover some of the news that came out over the week.
This is just the news from this week concerning terror.
And one little piece of evidence that I learned seven years ago, but have never really talked about on the radio, or at least not properly talked about at some length.
Now this just came out, this came out six days ago.
Okay, this came out last Monday.
Shin Bet involved in 1976 hijacking.
Shin Bet is the internal Israeli security apparatchik.
You know Mossad is the external.
Shin Bet involved in 1976 hijacking.
Now, this is not from PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
This is from the Jerusalem Post.
We went back and did a flashback of the Jerusalem Post as well as UPIAP, Haras,
Haratz, as well as other Israeli publications, admitting that hundreds of Al-Qaeda attacks in Israel were Mossad operations.
Mossad and Shin Bet dressed up as Arabs in 2002, 2003, until they were caught in 2004, when another arm of Israeli security forces blew the whistle.
Again, the whole government isn't bad.
It's key elements.
This is Jerusalem Post.
A Shin Bet involved in 1976 hijacking declassified British and of course Israeli documents have now come out.
And of course, Yoni Netanyahu died in this.
The brother of the current opposition head, Benjamin Netanyahu, was one of the commandos raiding.
Of course, it's known that Idi Amin in Uganda, it's known that his operation was run by Meshad.
That's even in the excellent movie, by the way, The Last King of Scotland.
Which is very historical.
Very accurate, by the way.
I've read several books on Idi Amin.
But the critics have also held it, and historians have.
And you notice, Mossad's running things early in the film, but then, oh, he turns against Mossad, and they stage the kidnapping and the mass shooting and all the rest of it, and that's in the film.
Ah, well, here's, I'm afraid, the Israeli documents and British documents that it was a staged event, and why?
There was about to be a peace deal, a real peace deal, and they didn't want peace in the Middle East, because then Israel couldn't expand into other territories.
And different U.S.
war hawks, of course, didn't want peace either, but the State Department did.
And so you can understand that they want a wartime economy to dominate not just the Arabs, but the Israeli population, to control the press, and to be able to just oppress the population generally, and then have a pretext for a police state.
Just like Hitler firebombed his own capital to get martial law going in 1933,
The Israelis in 1976, the evidence is clear, were involved.
Oh, by the way, the 40th anniversary came and went yesterday of the Israeli government attacking the USS Liberty for two and a half hours with two different waves of Desant Misery fighter-bombers.
Mirage, French fighter bombers that they bought, three torpedo boats, and Israeli commando helicopters, and now Israeli pilots have gone on record.
You can read whitewashes in USA Today, that's propaganda.
Israeli pilots have gone on record saying, yeah, we saw the American flag and we were told three times to sink it and tried to refuse, but we're told we'd be court-martialed and we didn't.
They tried to sink it to blame it on Egypt to start, basically, World War III.
By the grace of God, that didn't work.
Of course, the U.S.
government was involved, too.
And I've interviewed the admirals who were on the radio phone link when the President came over the phone line when they had launched fighter bombers to go save the ship.
And the President said, no, you turn those craft back.
That ship's going to the bottom.
It needed to go to the bottom to, again, be blamed on the Egyptians.
But this is the Jerusalem Post.
Schoenbeck involved in 1976 hijacking.
But now, have you got a problem with that?
That's the Jerusalem Post.
Of course, I already knew this, but I never wanted to say it on air, because I was just waiting for it to be declassified.
I know a lot of you can't handle that, and we like to... There's some other things we could tell you about, too, but you know what?
Maybe you're like children, some of you out there, and you're not ready for it.
I just heard a national show saying there's no mercury in the vaccines anymore, and it doesn't cause autism.
What the government did with regulations six years ago was announce that
Vaccine makers were, it was recommended, recommended that they make vaccine mercury thimerosal free lots available, but then with the MMR shot and several other triple jabs as well as the flu shot, they actually tripled the dosage from 50 times safe levels to 250.
I guess that's a quadrupling plus.
The source on that is AP.
So I'm sorry, Dr. Dean Adele, who I heard earlier.
That's just not the way it works, sir.
And I don't like to second-guess you, but I've interviewed Nobel Prize-winning medical doctors, and so you can talk about how you're a doctor all day.
And a lot of the stuff he says on there, I agree with him with, but I think he's wrong.
People say, well, I wouldn't give this to my children.
You know, I'm a doctor.
You just don't know what you're doing.
I mean, you know, doctors used to put leeches on people and make them drink lead.
And doctors used to dance around with big headdresses on screaming ooga booga and throwing cow dung on people.
I mean, you know, I'm going to question your orthodoxy.
And we're going to talk about the Fed Zone?
Look, I have CDC documents from secret meetings in 2000 that were released in 2003 by ABC News, you got them, through Congressman Dan Burton's committee, where they fake inclusively that autism has gone up several thousand percentile from 1 in 25,000 20-plus years ago to 1 now in less than 150.
And that's not over-diagnosis.
So I'm sorry, the CDC admits they caused mass brain damage.
Okay, buddy?
Now you stick that in your pipe and you smoke it.
Because I'm not about to sit here and let people be endangered by this.
I've done the research.
We know what we're talking about.
And you better find out the truth.
Back to government-sponsored terror.
I knew that the globalists, the government, the criminal elements had bombed Oklahoma City to blame the conservatives in this country for it.
To try to bring in their new world order in 95.
Now 12 years ago.
I knew that.
But I remember going to the Arbor Cinema in North Austin and watching, one day in September, and I learned something about the hostage crisis of the 1972 Munich Olympics.
And this thing's got Michael Douglas voicing in it, won a bunch of awards, nominated for an Academy Award.
Wait, did it win one?
And yes, it did win an Oscar and three other nominations and awards.
So an Oscar-winning film, and at the end of it,
They admit that a shadowy government group was orchestrating this through the Arabs, and that the Germans, they have the former head of German intelligence admitting that they staged a terror attack.
Oh, he's on video!
So let me see, we've got the Israelis admitting they staged events, we've got the Germans admitting they staged events, we've got our own government doing it, and if you think I was in a cave at 9-11, boys and girls, I've got some bridges I want to sell you.
Give me a phone call.
We'll be right back.
Get into the armed standoff going on right now in New Hampshire.
Stay with me.
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Raging for the truth.
Exposing corruption.
Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
We're going to cover the Brown siege and ongoing standoff in the live-free-or-die state, New Hampshire, here in just a moment.
And then coming up, I'm going to get more into government-sponsored terror.
This week it came out, The Jerusalem Post, what many researchers already knew.
Shin Bet involved in 1976 hijacking, working through, and financing hardcore Muslim terror groups so they could then demonize more moderate organizations because they didn't want peace in the Middle East.
Oh, because the military industrial complex wants the power and control, they get out of an ongoing war.
And our government has been caught trying, of course, as usual, with plastic explosive bombs in a clear attempt to stage a false flag event.
In Germany.
Now this is in several major German papers.
It's a minor footnote that German security forces caught US forces.
And of course every time our people get caught with bombs trying to stage terror, they claim it's part of a drill.
Now remember on 7-7 in London in 2005, they had the government running drills of the exact same trains and exact same bus being bombed at the exact same time.
Now, we had an actuary done by that, by an actuarist at an insurance company, and it was, what, 23-plus tractor-gillion?
That is trillions and trillions of times, of course, more than all the grains of sand in all the world.
And, of course, on 9-11, the government was running drills of flying hijacked jets in the World Trade Center and Pentagon at the exact same time.
That's USA Today reported that two years after we told you about it.
We had inside sources.
Of course, it's just an accident that they run exact drills at the exact time.
No, that's so if they get caught by the other branches of government or other governments that they're running parallel right beside, they say, oh, it's just a drill.
I say there, you're planting plastic explosive.
Ah, yes, we're Americans.
We're just friendly.
It was a drill.
But it's real plastic explosive.
When Putin's people were caught by Moscow police, because the Moscow police are good, they're not a part of it, planting bombs in a fourth building to blow it up to blame it on the Chechens, they said, oh, it's a drill!
With live explosives that they were about to detonate in the parking lot.
Hexogen bombs.
Okay, I'm already digressing.
That's coming up in the second hour with your phone calls.
We have Dustin calling from Germany.
I bet he's calling in about this.
Also, we have a report here about Bush wanting to legalize illegal aliens.
We'll be getting into that.
Also, Rick Perry violated federal law in a big way.
We'll tell you about that in the second hour.
This is an open and shut case, and this time it was even in the Dallas Morning News and Austin American-Statesman, but the average person is still not aware of this.
But now, let me, for this segment and the next, talk to Elaine Brown, Ed Brown, we've got Matt Kaziz, also an InfoWars.com reporter, confusing with our other reporter who just left there a day or so ago, that being Matt Lepacek.
Matt Kaziz is on his way there with wireless internet cameras, so we can hopefully
Catch any further assaults live.
My mother came over to the house Friday night and she said, son, she's coming over to visit her grandchildren.
She said, son, I listened to you the last two days.
Tell me who the Browns are.
Tell me about their case first, what led up to this, before you talk about the siege that took place last week, and then the propaganda, and the police kidnapping someone, and all the things that have happened.
And I thought, you know, that's a good idea.
So we're going to bring Elaine Brown up right now to, just in a nutshell, explain the type of harassment, the things they've gone through.
She's a dentist.
And thank you for coming on with us, Elaine.
Hi Alex.
How are you doing?
Pretty good.
Thank you for holding during my babbling.
Just in a nutshell, for my mother even out there, tell us how it came to this where you guys are there in your house, you know, in the woods, a beautiful, what is it, 5,000 square foot or bigger home.
You're there in your beautiful home and you're saying, we're not going to pay these taxes to the private federal reserve.
You can just come on in here and kill us.
Well, we're not going to pay because they've never been able to show us a law requiring us to pay.
We've been asking them since 1994 to show us a law requiring us or you or any other ordinary American who has a job to pay taxes on that earnings.
And they have never been able to do so.
So, we have told them in 1996 that
Until you do share with such law, then we're not going to pay those taxes.
And so that's when we stopped paying.
And in 2004, they started their attack on us and it has culminated in this.
We were brought to trial in January.
We walked out of the trial.
This is all in a nutshell here.
We refuse to acknowledge their jurisdiction, refuse to acknowledge their verdict, their sentencing, and we return anything, any correspondence we get from the court, we just send it back to them unopened.
Now, of course, you're cutting out how they would lie to you, and just raid your house out of the middle of nowhere, and grab you, and manhandle you, and just all the other things that happened leading up to this.
Right, right.
I didn't know how much she wanted to... And of course, well, sure, and I know you're doing a great job, and of course, going back,
I think so.
And then it turned out, of course, when we finally got sections of it, that literally Centra just bought off the politicians and is investing nothing and being given 8,000 miles of roads.
They'll make $200 billion pure profit with no outlays.
It'd be like if I was the mayor and I said, give me a million dollars and I'll give you a billion dollar building.
I mean, it's just selling things they don't own.
And then when the legislature tried to ask questions, the centrists sued the state saying, you're not allowed to know about our agreement with an unelected agency.
So even the legislature in Texas just sits here saying, okay, you're the boss, we run nothing, foreign companies run things.
What happened is private families took over the Federal Reserve System, set it up in 1913 for those that don't know.
They set up the income tax the same year.
We never had one before.
We had dozens and dozens of other constitutional taxes.
And even Ronald Reagan's own commission reported.
Ron Paul's reported.
I have the U.S.
government documents.
Not one dime of income tax goes around the country.
It goes in an inflationary, complex economy.
And I've interviewed Joseph Stiglitz, chief economist at World Bank, folks, on this, okay?
This is a fact.
This is the same thing in all the industrialized world.
Because they're always inflating the money supply through fractional reserve banking, they have to have an income tax to try to at least cover up most of the inflation.
And then they use that with debt on the issuance of money to control the country.
So it was all designed to bankrupt the U.S.
into the hands of private corporations.
We're now in the consolidation phase.
But please continue.
Well, we've got Ed Brown here, your husband.
Ed, just in a nutshell, tell them about the raids, the lying, the physical stuff.
Well, back in, let me see, November 2004, about 7.30 in the morning, myself and my staff had just come into the office to start the day.
And all of a sudden, the back door opened and about 28 agents, IRS,
Thank you.
Behind the office with his sniper rifle aimed down into the parking lot.
Now this is back when you guys were being friendly.
I mean, you're a nice lady with a big dental office in town.
You know, $2 million house.
You're just like, hey, we got federal documents.
You know, there's top IRS agents going public saying it's all a big scam.
Folks, the reason I brought up Texas is, we're going to be paying taxes forever to a foreign company for no reason, and they're going to tell you it's governmental, and the cops won't even know that.
Just like cops don't know the IRS is a collection agency for private banks.
Please continue.
Right, and they're also chartered out of Puerto Rico, not even... That is a fact.
They're not even an American, yeah.
Just like Halliburton's in Dubai, but people tell you it's red, white, and blue, yeah.
Yep, yep, yep.
So, they did all of this to download information off my computer.
Following that, Ed and I filed a tort suit against the individuals involved in State Superior Court.
Stay there, I want to finish up with the back side on this and then get into what you're facing now.
They were there, they fired at someone on the property, admittedly, then kidnapped him, told him they'd send him to prison if he didn't lie.
Helicopters, armored vehicles, FBI running it all.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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We're locked in to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, we got Matt Kazee, who is a reporter for InfoWars.com.
He did a great job.
He's also a student for 9-11 Truth.
He was there on the campus of Virginia Tech.
It was his friend who got the cell phone video of the shooting going on, the sound of the shots.
He's almost there.
He's got some wireless internet cameras.
We'll hopefully get some feeds of that up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
I don't want to take too much of your time, Ed and Elaine Brown, but
The story is so incredible because for those that don't know, in a nutshell, Thursday morning I got the call and then I pulled it up and sure enough it was on local news.
Six armored vehicles, three helicopters, two drones, other aircraft, over a hundred armed police, federal, state, local.
And then we heard, oh, there was a guy walking a dog on the property, a visitor, a radio listener, you also have your own radio show, and also a listener to my show, who just came out there to see what was happening, and he was about to leave that day, by the way, he was out there walking your dog, out at the end of the property, and all of a sudden somebody says, freeze, and starts shooting at him, and then they run up and taser him, and then sure enough, they went and lied and told him
The FBI called him in.
This is all up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Now a lot of this has been confirmed by the police, but they're trying to spin it.
Now think about this.
And they walked up to him.
This is Danny Riley.
You can watch his testimony up on Google Video.
We have links to that.
I told him it was important to get his, you know, several videos up on the record so they wouldn't whack him.
And by the way, if you don't think black ops doesn't do this in the FBI, you've got another thing coming.
These are serious people, folks.
Hey Alex, I don't believe the FBI was there.
You think they lied and told him they were FBI?
Well, uh, now certainly I interviewed Danny Riley, who you guys say is a good guy, and he said that two of them said were FBI.
Oh, really?
Then I stand corrected then.
I didn't know that.
You guys may have missed that interview because, you know, Danny's sense was... Well, let me just finish the brief story for people.
And so, because, again, I have you guys just telling it, but everybody keeps demanding to hear the story, for those that don't know about it.
And so they told him, do not tell anybody that the FBI is here, and we're going to send you back into the compound, and that's how they dehumanize a home, as they call it a compound.
And they said, find out how many guns they've got, find out what they've got, and if you don't come out, you're going to be imprisoned or be killed when we raid it.
And then he went in and he said he told you the truth, that they told him to come in and say that two guys, two police just tackled him trying to serve a seizure warrant for the dental office in town.
So folks, look at the obviousness of this lie.
Armored vehicles, helicopters, all these police, militarized police, they're on the property.
Then they said to him, we know they've got a .50 cal.
He said, I haven't seen it.
They said, well you're a bleeping liar.
We saw you shooting it yesterday.
You know, out there on your shooting range out in the country.
And so, the story here isn't just that they were planning a raid on you Thursday, but that they ordered him to go lie to the media, and they did lie to the media, and told the media that, oh no, we just tackled him when he came out to the mailbox.
We didn't shoot at him or taser him.
But notice the sheriff was real careful, and also the local head of the federal marshals said, well, we didn't use any deadly force.
Well, they can call shooting, I guess, up in the air or over his head that.
But the incredible thing is... They shot right past his head, yeah.
Listen, you guys got the floor.
Just tell us where you stand, what you're doing, where this is going to go from here.
I don't know where it's going to go from here.
I mean, I can't predict the future.
All I know is I'm going to stand by the laws of this land.
They're not.
They're operating as criminals.
They're worse than the mafia, for God's sakes.
They lied, cheat, steal, con, they have no honor whatsoever.
They're trying to kill us, that's clear, as of Thursday morning, by trying to shoot our houseguest.
That means they had twelve, uh, ghillie-suited, uh, special forces out of Mass- six out of Massachusetts, is what it looks like, and six out of Maine, with their armored, uh, personnel carriers, state police.
I guess now with two FBI orchestrating the whole thing, I thought it was U.S.
Marshals, but I guess it was... No, no, he said U.S.
Marshals were there too.
Yeah, well they've got U.S.
Marshals there too.
It was supposed to be their operation.
But anyway, the orders came from Washington, that's clear.
But they were here to murder us.
Now we know that they have changed the rules of engagement here.
Now, we have nothing to do except protect and defend at any and all cost.
So that's what we're preparing for is the worst situation?
Well Ed, I mean, I understand the live free or die sentiment, but at the same time, it's not going to hurt the New World Order.
If some of these marshals creeping around get shot, and we know they are on your property.
Of course not.
And it's not going to hurt, it's not going to hurt the new order of you and your wife get killed.
Is there, and I'm not trying to be like the federal marshals on the phone with you, but is there any way to end this?
I mean, is there any way to end this peaceably?
Sure, save themselves.
Go away.
Remember, Alex, they have never shown one law that we have broken.
There's just not one law.
Look, Alex, if they will turn themselves in, okay, now, voluntarily,
We won't use any kind of force against them when we arrest them.
You think I'm being facetious or cavalier?
I'm not.
They think that they have the power that they have.
They haven't seen the kind of human power that can rise around them.
The enemy has us surrounded, but they have nowhere to hide.
Remember, this was my case, not their case.
I started this investigation 15 years ago.
I'm a United States Constitution Ranger for real.
I don't tolerate nonsense from my public servants.
They're breaking the law.
But they're officials and authorities.
They're not servants anymore and you are a civilian.
See, all the terms have been changed, folks.
I'm not interested in what they say.
I have no concern with what they say.
They do not exist.
They are a fiction.
They are a standing army in my country, violating the very laws and tenets of the Constitution.
Well, I know this.
I have FEMA on video in Road to Tyranny.
I know this.
Uh, where in FEMA, on tape in a room full of cops, says the Founding Fathers are terrorists, Christians are terrorists, and I have their training manual that says those that make frequent references to the U.S.
Constitution are terrorists, gun groups are terrorists, property rights activists are terrorists, and finally, two weeks ago, the AP had the headline that gay rights groups on terrorist lists
And they were real upset, and it listed Christians, gun owners, gay groups, environmental groups, everybody basically, are listed as terrorists.
And they got off, but it finally made the news because it had the gays in there.
Well, welcome to the club here.
This is insane that this is going on, but this is just human history.
Now, I had to give the back side and spend a lot of time giving the history and then kind of bringing folks up to speed, and I'm sorry I had to do that with you guys hearing it a million times, but for the listeners that weren't aware,
But where is all this going?
Do you think they're going to come in on you soon?
Do you think they're going to leave you alone?
I have no idea, and I'm not going to even try to predict it.
We live our lives here hour by hour.
We're not that concerned one way or the other.
If they come in, fine.
We are a reciprocal people.
Whatever they do with us, we will return, good or bad, tenfold, not a problem.
So, local folks and officers who are waiting to vet these criminals coming into this jurisdiction, hey, they're just as susceptible as anybody else.
Now, for those that don't know, I made the point Thursday, so did Jack McClam, who helped defuse the Ruby Ridge crisis in 1992.
Perhaps we should get Jack on the line next hour to talk more about this.
We believe this could trigger a giant uprising nationwide.
I was frankly pleased
To see POTOC, the head analysis man, number two at the Southern Poverty Law Center, in the Associated Press yesterday.
In fact, I have the article here.
What did that creep say?
He is a creep, but he did say that he doesn't want this to end violently because this will, quote, swell the patriot ranks and could cause a revolution.
But at the same time, I particularly don't want an armed civil war to start.
And I don't think, do you think the local police realize, and the feds realize, that if they kill you, there is a good chance that it is gonna, that they're gonna have some problems?
I mean, I just, this is horrible.
We don't care whether they do or not.
But you see, this is not, they want us to go rally up here and attack them.
That's what they want us to do.
We're not going to do that.
And people behind me, once they kill us, if that's what their plan is to do,
I'm not going to rise up in large numbers and then do anything.
That's what they want to happen so they can declare martial law.
It isn't going to happen that way.
It's going to go to rooftop.
Voting from the rooftops?
You got it.
Rooftop politics.
Okay, anyone who actually continues to break the law the way they are.
Continue to kill people, steal their land, their property, local police, state police, like they did up here yesterday.
They changed the engagements as of Thursday, permanently now.
Now, all these people are being identified.
Local police, sheriff's departments for not doing their job, state police, Mr. Flynn here in New Hampshire, head of the state police and so on, Christopher Alcoyne, who said that was part of the SWAT team, putting the sniper rifle down in our head.
These people are all recognized now, and remember, they live here too.
Hey folks, go ahead and do your thing.
It has nothing to do with me and my wife anymore.
Our job is now done.
Now our job is to warn them of further out there actions.
Go ahead and do your thing.
We're going to stand by it and mind our own business and do absolutely nothing.
So anybody coming in here and doing anything to us will be absolutely murder and it will be from the Freemasons.
The Freemasons will cause our death.
Once we get it, it's out of our hands.
But it will not end there.
No, it will not end there.
At any means.
And they have been told.
They have been told.
They know.
They know.
Gordon Gillins, you hear that?
Mr. Flynn from the State Police, New Hampshire, you hear that?
And the rest of you guys?
See what you think.
Go ahead.
We look for you every day.
Let me do five more minutes with you guys on the other side and get a report from Max Aziz, InfoWars.com reporter, about to be arriving there at your home, known as The Compound.
We'll be right back with a second hour.
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Yes, and your calls are coming up shortly.
I will then get more into government-sponsored terrorism.
Not just the Jerusalem Post headline.
The Israeli government was behind the 1976 hijacking.
The famous one they blamed on Idi Amin, their operative.
Also, G8 false flag terror attack averted.
This just yesterday.
This is in the German newspapers.
government caught trying to carry out terror attacks.
And, uh, so we'll be going over that for you.
The big news, of course, Rick Perry was the Bilderberg Group in violation of federal law last week.
We'll tell you why.
It's really quite clear.
Ron Paul, presidential candidate, now becoming one of the number one people to win, according to Las Vegas odds makers, who haven't been wrong in the past.
Uh, he's calling for that concerning Rick Perry, so we'll be discussing that.
But right now we're talking to Ed and Elaine Brown, who I first interviewed, I guess, about a year ago.
And Ed and Elaine Brown, pretty mainstream folks.
Go look at pictures of them, go watch video interviews with them.
Big old $2 million house, you know, big dental office in town.
They were paying the taxes, and they started hearing that it was to private banks that private banks run the Federal Reserve.
The income tax didn't run the country.
Ronald Reagan had a commission that showed that, and they found out about the fraud, which is, by the way, true.
I wish it wasn't true.
It is true.
It's pretty scary.
And it's this quasi-government, or all this fraud that's going on.
This is just one of the older types of it that's been going on for so long people think it's legitimate.
And then just for asking questions, they got SWAT teamed once, and now they're there at their homes saying, well, come in and kill us if you want, but...
Even the Southern Poverty Law Center, who's kind of the archenemy of liberty and always poses like they're for civil rights.
They're really not.
They're really against free speech and the Bill of Rights.
They're saying this could cause a revolution and really cause some serious things to happen.
That's what many other experts are saying on our side of the fence, like Jack McClam, police and military against the New World Order, who helped defuse the Ruby Ridge situation.
This is happening up in New Hampshire right now and it's extremely serious.
Uh, this is, uh, this is something that we need to somehow diffuse.
I mean, I don't want to see the Browns killed.
It's not going to hurt the New World Order for the police and military to get killed up there, the paramilitary police.
Well, don't worry about that, Alex.
They won't get killed simply because they're cowards.
They'll make sure if they come in, they'll send snipers in just to kill us like they tried to do last Thursday.
That's what they'll do.
They'll try to shoot you at a big distance, or they'll maybe fly in with a helicopter like they did at Ruby Ridge and try to dump gasoline on the roof.
Oh, you're right.
That's the college that they have.
But that doesn't scare us.
Are they really going to kill us and send us to God sooner?
Now, you're right outside the town of Plainfield.
What is the general public there locally saying?
What about all your patients, Mrs. Brown?
What are they saying?
Well, I have a lot of support for my patients, but unfortunately I've not been able to work since January.
So, you know, they've of course had to go elsewhere.
But, as I said, many of my patients stand with me.
And are very supportive of me.
The surveys that we give, Alex, have been 90% in our favor.
I hope the film, America, Freedom to Fascism, is making the rounds there locally.
There it is.
Oh yeah, yeah.
We've passed out thousands.
People are afraid, Alex.
That's what the problem is.
They're afraid of this terror returning from our administration.
From these Freemason administrations is what the problem is.
You believe it's all Freemasons running the system?
Yeah, I know it is.
I don't suspect that it is.
It's not my opinion.
It's not my theory or conjecture.
It's a fact of record.
And we've got, believe me, 17 years of research.
You get pretty good at something, don't you think?
Well, I know that different organized crime groups do use anything that's secret and anything that's fraternal.
Like, you know, La Cosa Nostra, the Italian mob.
It's everywhere in Washington, D.C., Alex.
It's in every courthouse in this country.
It's all over everything.
No, no, I know.
I think I sell a film.
Not just American Freedom to Fascism and Infowars.com, but also Riddles in Stone.
But I think it's key when we talk about Masons, because I agree, they're Luciferian at the top, to point out that 98% of Masons never make it above the third degree.
And then they get the honorary degrees up to 32.
Most Masons don't even know that there is 360 degrees.
Thank you very much Alex.
But I mean, I guess they haven't read the writings of Albert Pike.
The Supreme Grand Mason who said they worship Lucifer.
I mean, that's not me saying that.
That's... But that is a big part of the Secret Society running things.
But I think that's mainly a recruiting ground for them.
I mean, I respectfully... I mean, maybe we don't disagree, but I think that's one unit of it.
Now, York Lake, Scottish Road, Otter Street, John, Knights of Martha, Jesuit Society.
I could go on and on and on.
Skull and Bones.
I've got Trilateral Commission.
I've got the...
Come on, Alex, you know it.
No, no, I mean, that's certainly right.
And by the way, it's a couple hundred people at the top that chair all the other groups.
That's right.
It's a pyramidal structure.
In fact, here's an example for listeners that just joined us and don't believe this.
Twelve years ago I'd talk about the Bilderberg Group.
I would read autobiographies by German Chancellors, by British Prime Ministers, bragging in their own books how they run a world government and how they're going to enslave us, but they know that maybe 5,000 people read their autobiographies and so then they go on TV and say it doesn't exist for the general public.
But finally, the Dallas Morning News headline, Perry off the secret forum in Turkey, I left my
Austin American Statesman article in the other room.
Guys, can you bring me the Austin American Statesman article that I had?
Uh, there's another headline on this.
Finally, uh, this is being admitted.
Mr. Brown, uh, Elaine Brown, what does this mean to now see it becoming mainstream news?
I'm sorry, Alex, what was the, how was the question?
No, I mean, what is it like for you to now see the Bilderberg Group in the national media?
It's about time, don't you think?
Thank God for Mr. So-and-so from the American Free Press and, and, you know,
Well, for keeping us in tune.
Yeah, Jim Tucker.
Yeah, Mr. Tucker.
For all this time.
Well, I think it's wonderful that they're now mainstream.
But I think what it also means is that now they're getting ready to make their move.
Because I think now you're looking at your Supreme Court of the world when you talk about the Bundabergers.
That's their intentions.
Oh yeah, it's 130 members and we've gotten their minutes out and they run everything.
The price of fuel.
And they've decided to destroy the dollar and bring America down.
It's time they went to jail, don't you think?
Well, I'm going to be a yuppie, and I'm going to let, when they implode things, I'm going to watch television as the very people that imploded things pose as my savior, and I'm going to do what they say, Ed.
Oh, yeah?
Go ahead.
I'm being sarcastic.
Perry speaks to secret group in Turkey.
Bilderberg Conference draws international leaders.
That's out of the Austin American Statesman.
I'm going to be covering that later, listeners.
Well, Ed and Elaine Brown, anything else?
Tell folks about your different blogs, what people should visit, or how they can find out the truth of what's happening.
Let's see, we've got Make the Stand, we've got yours Prison Planet, MySpace, Quest for a Fair Trial in Concord, NH, and also Aaron's America, Freedom from Fascism.
Everything links in together.
They all link in together.
I just want you to know that I'm praying for you.
I've sent Luke Rodowski and Matt LePacek there to report.
Someone called and said they're on their way up from Virginia.
Yes, yes.
His name's Matt too.
I know him.
He started reporting for us because he's a college student at Virginia Tech.
He got a lot of the video and stuff that you ended up seeing on the national news concerning that.
He is a freelance reporter for Infowars.com.
And he is Matt Kazee.
In fact, he's here right now.
We've got a moment before we've got a break.
Let's bring Matt Kazee, if his cell phone hasn't caught out.
The poor guy's been driving through Connecticut on his way to New Hampshire.
And we'll see if he's still there.
Is Matt Kazee still there?
Yes, I'm here.
I just want to correct one thing.
I am not a student at Virginia Tech, but I live on campus because the campus is so huge.
Sure, well I knew that I had you and then some students, I guess your roommates then.
Do you have a roommate as a student?
I'm trying to go for memory here.
My whole neighborhood is mainly students.
I live in the student area.
Sure, I just know you did great reporting for us during the Virginia Tech situation.
Well, thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, I've been driving all night.
I left
Actually, you know, they started the so-called bout on my birthday and I heard Elaine on the radio and it broke my heart and I realized
I'll hop in the car and get up there as quick as I could.
Okay, Edna Lane Brown, that is Matt Kazee, okay?
He'll be up there in a few hours.
Okay, we'll be waiting.
Thank you.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thank you for coming on for our listeners.
Be safe.
We'll pray for you.
Okay, Matt, stay there, alright?
We're going to come back to you for a brief report about why you're going, and then we'll get into Rick Perry breaking the law, the open borders, the amnesty bill is not dead, and then we'll take your calls from Germany and you name it.
Stay with us.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Trading equals permanent loss.
Dollars fall into 65% of Euro.
Erosion accelerates.
Countries despise imperialistic policy of U.S.
Loss of confidence causing more selling.
GAO is warning about the debt spiraling out of control.
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In 2005, President Bush signed the REAL ID Act.
We're good to go.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
It is June 10th, 2007.
The year already has way elapsed.
Hard to believe.
I want to go to Dustin in Germany and Morgan Missouri and Don and many others that are patiently holding.
But I want to be clear about something.
Then I'll get into all the other news.
It's easy to get up here and shoot my mouth off and say, yeah, let's get them feds, let's get them cops, yeah, let's go to war, let's start the revolution.
That's not what Ed and Elaine Brown are doing.
They're there, they're back against the wall, pushed so far they can't be pushed anymore, and I'm praying for them, my heart's with them, and at the same time, I don't want them to be killed just for some sick spectator sport so we can sit around and talk about how bad the government is.
Yes, the tax is illegitimate.
Yes, it's a fraud for those of us that are informed.
But still, the general public doesn't know that.
The general public doesn't know that the state of Texas and every other major state and all the infrastructure is being handed over to foreign assets.
They don't know about the New World Order.
They don't know about the private banks that run America.
They don't know that the income taxes for private corporations and that they're using them to suck us dry.
They don't understand that.
And we've got to educate them.
It's the Info War.
We're winning the Info War.
And the government wants to go ahead and start a big conflagration and some big shootout there, and they're hoping it leads to some wider escalating crisis, and I do not want that to happen.
I want to bring the criminals that run the New World Order to justice.
Right now, let's go ahead and talk to Matt Kazee.
On his way up there, he covered the Virginia Tech shootings for us, and now he's on his way out to see what's happening there as a freelance reporter with the Brown family.
What are you going to be covering or looking for while you're there?
Well, Alex, you know, I heard them speaking the other day.
I've been following this case.
I knew as soon as they barricaded themselves in their home, and it's been going on for months now, and I woke up on my birthday trying to take a break away from journalism only to
To hear what had happened and realize what was getting ready to happen.
Well then the police came out and fired at this guy, grabbed some guy on their property, and then told him to go lie and say it hadn't happened.
Now it came out they were lying.
I mean, how scary is that?
They're telling the media, oh, we blocked the roads and evacuated things for two miles for no reason.
We're not planning a raid.
I mean, it's just incredible.
It's like Waco burning and saying, we're not planning a raid.
Well, it's psychological warfare.
They're conditioning us right now for this thing.
Now, here's the thing, Alex.
I think the truth movement's going to defuse this thing.
This is a Christian family whose back is up against the wall.
They're not going to be able to find anything radical on these people to spin it any other way.
It's going to blow up in their face.
Well, it boils down to this.
There's a nice young lady out there who's screening the phone calls, and she put it very well.
Should we kill somebody over taxes?
And that's what this comes down to, is if you don't pay taxes to us, even if these were legitimate taxes, they shouldn't be killing them over it.
Matt, report for me tomorrow, okay, when I'm live from 11 to 2 Central.
Will you call in at the start of the show, or are you going to be there tomorrow?
I'm going to be there as long as I can.
I have to be back at work on Thursday, so I'll be up there.
I'm taking the cameras up there right now.
We're going to try and get that running.
I went out and bought a laptop.
I bounced my rent check to get up here and I tell you the only reason I'm telling anybody that right now is anybody who's thinking about maybe I can help.
You can help!
Get off your butt and come do something.
We gotta stop this.
Alright, I really appreciate your call.
I don't know why the police... I mean I do really appreciate you Matt and thanks for calling in.
Call me tomorrow at the start of the show and I've got your number right here.
That's Matt Kazee.
He was right in the middle of the Virginia Tech shooting, and he and his roommate ran out and got that video you saw on the news.
But it's not going to help the police to go in there and get shot.
It's not going to help the Browns to be killed.
And it's just not good anywhere in shape or form, and this needs to stop.
All right, let's go ahead and go to Germany and talk to Dustin.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey Alex, I want to start out by giving a little shout out, if I could, to my buddy Alexander over here who runs InfoKrieg.tv.
Yeah, he called in a few weeks ago on my show.
He's translated Terror Storm into German and it's gotten millions of views.
Hey, it's awesome, man.
He does a real good job.
That website's real squared away.
Sure, good plug.
What else is on your mind, sir?
Oh no, just this stupid G8 thing that's going on over here.
And with the fake terror attacks or whatever false flag thing going on.
It fits in real nicely with the fear mongering that's been going on.
That's right, they caught American quote agents with plastic explosives trying to sneak in and plant them.
And when they caught them they said, oh it's just a drill, let us go a secret drill.
See, that's why they always run drills on 77911.
Well, for the past month they've been telling us over here that
They've had threats against Americans in Germany and American Post can come under it.
That's right.
The State Department put out a warning not to travel anywhere in Germany because of the G8 being in one city.
They put that out, what, three weeks ago?
Well, at the military post where I work at, I work on a military post, they've had a number of staged protests that have been
With, I mean, you know, protests like right outside the gate protesting the war with, you know, a couple dozen people with the police, the German police out there, you know, coordinating the whole protest deal.
So, you know, everybody knew it was fake and stuff.
So, uh, I mean, you know, there's a lot of fear.
Why is the government staging fake protests?
Well, I mean, you know, I don't know.
I think it's just to, uh, to just kind of, kind of fear monger or whatever.
And I also wanted to... We've been seeing a lot of that Bono dude a lot.
Oh yeah, he poses as a liberal totally to run scams on the third world.
He's a Bilderberg nightmare.
Yeah, I think he's a faker too.
Past a checkpoint at Heiligadam, if I'm pronouncing that right.
The alarming revelation was buried at the end of the Deutsche Press-Augenter news article about the ongoing battles between police and protesters at the Global Forum.
Sources told Deutsche Press-Augenter, DPA, this is from the newspaper, that U.S.
security men tested German security by trying to smuggle C-4 blast explosives at a checkpoint
German surveillance machinery detected the stash in a suitcase and a car, and the Americans in plain clothes identified themselves.
German police declined to comment.
Was this simply a test, as is claimed, or, more likely, an aborted false flag terror attack that was set to be blamed on protesters who legitimized the powerhouse G8 nations and the global elite while demonizing anti-globalization activists and justifying the use of lethal force against demonstrators?
If so, it wouldn't be without precedent.
During the Genoa G8 Summit 2001, police planted petrol bombs in schools and other residences of protest groups in order to justify brutal raids on the properties during which activists were severely beaten, some killed, and jailed by police.
And I have the BBC admitting, headline, Genoa Police Admit Fabrication.
We'll be right back with more calls and Rick Perry's crimes.
I'm Dr. Bill Deagle, M.D.
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This is the Alex Jones Show!
You know, so many years I've done my radio show out of a little bitty broadcast booth.
I've done them out of radio stations before.
But I'm just not accustomed, still, after doing a show here for, what, ten, eleven months now?
It's syndicated about six.
That on the Sundays, looking at people.
Looking at Trey and other folks in there.
And then what happens is we also videotape this and put it on local cable.
There once a week as part of our little series down there.
That's why it's a little different from the accustomed Alex Jones.
People see where I'm all serious and I end up screwing around during the breaks.
Just a little bit of a description there for the camera.
I've got a lot of serious news on the immigration on Rick Perry and the Bilderberg Rip.
A clip of our protest that we had Thursday night of him that I want to get to as well.
But let's get to some more of your calls.
Let's talk to Mark in Missouri.
Or Missouri.
You are on the air.
Thank you for holding.
Yes, sir.
Somebody there?
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
I got a thing in the paper yesterday.
It said that the police departments are relaxing standards.
I just want to get the word out to people that maybe the officials in higher places can, in fact, read the subsections of these things and get them out to people to disseminate this information so that they can know all the truth that's really behind
What's going to be, what's going to happen?
And they're mainly out just collecting taxes and regulating people and helping the CPS snatch people's children or the IRS take property.
And I'm sorry, I've done an analysis of it.
I mean, cops got a tough job when they're hanging their butts out in the middle of the highway, getting wrecks off the road or, you know, doing stuff like that.
That's tough.
I mean, I'm not saying cops got an easy job.
Certain cops on certain details.
You know, the donut-eating bike cops downtown.
I tell you, we had a little run-in with them.
I'm going to be telling that story coming up in the next segment, if I have time.
But, Trey, you just turned your microphone on.
Do you want to say something?
I was just saying, I feel like I'm living in Sherwood Forest, running from Brother Fryer and all the robbing people to take the taxes.
Exactly, it's true.
This stuff's all happened before.
And people in government and the system need to stop acting like it doesn't.
And I want cops to know who they work for is the government bureaucrats that are on the firing corporate you-know-whats and feeding at the trough, and they're the ones living out in the $5 million, $3 million, $1 million houses around this country.
You're not.
And it doesn't matter.
I'm getting into all the brainwashing.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Billy in New Jersey.
You're on the air.
Billy, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I want to discuss what's going on with Ed and Aline Brown.
Well, first of all, I urge everyone to call Chef Michael Prozo at 1603.
Now let's stop though, because a lot of people, probably, I would guess probably 500,000 people with all our stations out there and the rest of it, since I had them on 30 minutes ago, probably tuned in just now, they don't know who Ed and Elaine Brown are.
It hasn't really been a big national story, though it's starting to become a national story.
Throw folks in on, just in a nutshell, who you're talking about.
Well, Ed and Elaine Brown are a couple in New Hampshire up in Sullivan County.
Well, even if you believe you've got to pay private taxes to foreign offshore corporations, which we've been doing for a long time, even if you believe it's legitimate, let's set that aside, it's not legitimate, do they deserve to die?
No, not at all.
And plus, the income tax, there was never a law stating that you had to pay an income tax.
There is not, and it's a fact, and I heard that 12 years ago and didn't believe it, and I went and found it out for myself.
And I've interviewed Joe Bannister and others.
I mean, he was a treasury agent, the armed IRS.
He heard a talk show in 1997, and he then spent two years researching the claim he'd heard on a San Francisco talk station that it was all offshore, private bank accounts, a big fraud, and he found out that it was all a scam, and he went to his superiors, and he said, it's all a lie.
And they said, yeah, keep your mouth shut.
And he said, well, what do you mean?
You know about this?
And they said, yeah.
Now, keep your mouth shut about this.
You watch.
The general public isn't going to know, and every major road in Texas and Indiana and Florida and New York and New Jersey and everywhere else has foreign-controlled toll roads on it.
All they do is put the toll roads on and take the money because they bought off politicians.
And then they're calling it government.
And TxDOT tells the state legislature, you can't see the agreement.
This is, look, private corporations are now the government.
They're bigger than most governments, and people don't understand what happened in 1913.
You better find out, America.
Believe me, you can't make stuff up this big.
The bigger the fraud, the bigger the scam, the bigger the hoax, just like Hitler said, the bigger the lie, the more they will believe it.
And it's just so much of what you're told and see is a hoax.
Let's go ahead and keep taking more calls here.
Let us now talk to Don in Pennsylvania.
Don, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Hey, I've been listening to you for about five months now, and I tell you what, I have been handing out your videos, and, you know, people around here, they, like, hate to hear it.
It's pathetic.
Well, it's always like that.
Listen, when I started out 13 years ago, people hated me around here.
And now, sir, it's obnoxious, and I'm not somebody who likes being, you know, a somebody.
I like being ignored and not noticed.
I'm the type of guy you see wearing a t-shirt with a hole in it and blue jeans and, you know, and sandals.
And I can't hardly buy myself dinner in this town.
And I can go all over the country.
I can be in Canada, England.
People stop me on the street.
And again, people are waking up now.
In your area, they may not have woke up yet, but in time, they will wake up.
Just plant the seed, and then when tyranny bruises them, they'll remember.
Okay, I have two points.
The question is this.
I tell you that Ed and Elaine Brown said you need to stand up.
I mean, do we stop paying taxes, number one?
And number two, where's the militia?
I Google it.
I look for it.
You know, I'm not looking to kill anybody.
I'm not looking to be violent.
The point is, is I don't want to be a lone wolf.
If civil unrest breaks out,
What are we to do with our families?
Sure, sure.
Sir, this is an incredibly complex question.
Let me try to boil it down as simply as possible.
If the mafia comes to you, especially like New York or Chicago where they really run things and they really enforce and will kill you if you don't pay, and they say we own the police, pay us 10% of your profits or we're going to kill you.
I'm not going to tell you don't pay the mafia.
That is a personal decision for you to make.
The guy that comes in my business telling me that isn't going to make it out.
I mean, I'm serious, folks.
I'm that way.
Now, I pay income taxes, and I make no secret about that.
A, because I don't make that much money.
My business brings in a lot of money, but I have a lot of employees, a lot of cost.
I mean, I'm like 25 terabytes of data a month.
I mean, you ought to see it, folks.
It isn't cheap having a website bigger than Dallas Morning News or Rush Limbaugh.com.
So, bottom line, I have, you have to choose your battle.
You have to choose your battle, and you know, I got an accountant, I got QuickBooks, and in the tax bracket I'm in, it's like 20%.
And I know that people say, well don't pay them that money, they use it to oppress us.
No they don't.
They use that to control inflation.
Which is part of the fiat fraud system.
I'm not saying that's good.
The money you pay does not run the government.
You quit paying it tomorrow, they fund it off all the other taxes, okay?
That's a fact.
We've done the big analysis.
I've had top economists on the cover.
But that's an admitted fact.
That's not any secret.
You can find that out if you want for yourself.
And so, make your own decision.
There are over 60 million non-filers.
Just five years ago, that number was 35 million.
And this is the IRS's own numbers.
60 million non-filers out of only about 170 million taxpayers.
A lot of people are children or they're retired or elderly.
They're not paying, quote, the income tax.
They're paying all the other sales taxes and excise taxes or property taxes or everything else.
My God, property taxes?
I can barely pay it!
See, think about all those other taxes you pay and state income taxes and... By the way, the militia is every able-bodied man, 18 to 44,
And the militia is in your heart and soul.
And the Feds infiltrated the militias and broke them out in the 90s.
So if you're in an official militia, there'll be more Feds you can shake a stick at.
So, uh, stay there, sir.
Well, I mean, you're gone, but I mean, stay there, everybody.
When we come back, I'll finish up talking about the point you raised, get into Rick Perry committing a
What appears to be a very serious crime, and Ron Paul agrees, I'm Alex Jones.
JonesReport.com, PrisonPlanet.com are the websites.
Stay with us.
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Now, from handing over most of our power plants to foreign criminal corporations across the West Coast, we're all going to be indicted!
Raging for the truth, exposing corruption, dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
Let me just finish up with this final
Well, big final news piece.
I've got one more comment on the open borders and the immigration bill not being dead, by the way.
They're just playing possum right now on Rick Perry.
I was off last Sunday.
That's why I'm covering this now.
Plus, it's new news because we just protested him two days ago here in Austin.
I woke up and it was the first section of the Dallas Morning News, like on page four, with the headline
Perry off the secret forum in Turkey and then a few days later when he got back there was the headline in the Statesman Perry speaks to secret group in Turkey Bilderberg conference draws international leaders now just six years ago the New York Times attacked me was it six or seven and said Mr. Jones is delusional and believes in a place called Bohemian Grove and the Bilderberg group and says they run the world well I have the UK Daily Mail front page
And today, and it's the New York branch correspondent reporting on the Bohemian Grove, about to kick off.
This is where the world leaders go to party and bring in their male and female prostitutes.
No females allowed.
Female prostitutes have a visit in town, but the males they bring in.
For our Christian conservative leaders mainly to enjoy themselves.
You can't make this stuff up, this is the truth.
So, there it is for you.
But the Bilderberg Group, my upcoming film, Endgame, is about.
We had some crews out there that got some video in this year's, but just ended last week.
That'll be in Endgame.
That's the final section I'm working on right now before the film's complete.
Boy, I've been killing myself the last year making this film.
I mean, just have the media deny a national talk show host attacked me and say, Jones is crazy.
He says there's a secret government.
We've gotten the minutes of their meetings.
We've gotten them out.
They set up the European Union.
They're setting up the North American Union.
They're the ones that control the wars.
This is the 130 most powerful people in the world.
Used to be 120.
Now it's 130.
And when a governor, Bill Clinton, got summoned there in
1991, a little-known governor from Arkansas, Tony Blair, got summoned there two years before he became Prime Minister.
A nobody in the Labor Party, very low-level, not even senior in the Labor Party, not even mid-level.
George Bush Senior, when he was a nobody in the mid-seventies, was summonsed there.
When you get summoned there, it means they got big plans.
By the way, Hillary Clinton has been a regular.
She was there illegally last year.
We were able to confirm in Ottawa, Hillary was there for six hours
Now, that's in my film, how she's violated the Logan Act.
So this is non-partisan.
We're non-partisan here, folks.
And they are, too, by the way.
They own both parties.
They own all the horses in the race.
And Rick Perry violated the Logan Act.
If you type Logan Act into Google, you'll get Cornell Law or the congressional websites.
You can read the law for yourself.
Any state or federal official, government, elected, doesn't matter, goes to an international conference in secret to discuss policy without the express authorization of the President, the State Department, or the Speaker of the House, is guilty of a felony.
It's real simple.
They've had this for 200 plus years, and people have gone to prison for it.
Hillary was fined, interestingly enough, in the mid-90s.
Guess how much she was fined in 96 for it?
Violating her lifetime.
It's not like they haven't gotten in trouble.
Rick Perry and Hillary both need to get in trouble for this.
He went and he put out this burl, well, I went to tell him about how America works.
And he giggled and snickered on the news about it.
This is disgusting.
He went there because he's involved with a bunch of different Bilderberg group members who wrote big articles last week that got picked up, by the way, in the biggest Dutch newspaper.
Got picked up in German newspapers.
See, we're taken serious overseas because they go vet our info and find out we're accurate.
Here in America, you know, we're thought of as the bald-headed stepchild or something.
But, you know, that's changing.
But, you know, we stay up late at night and put these together.
We just started Googling Rick Perry.
And his big energy transfer deals, his water grab deals, and his highway grabbing deals.
It's just like foreign corporations have always come into third world countries, bought off politicians and looted infrastructure.
The stuff we've done in third world countries has just happened to us and sure enough.
The heads of the companies taking over our power plants on pennies-on-the-dollar deals have already been indicted for fraud.
They're Pakistanis, they're Germans.
And then we look at the water deals Perry's doing, a bunch of indicted known mobsters.
I mean, these are actual global mobsters, folks.
He went to a global secret mafia meeting.
I mean, you think of the Godfather, where the heads of the ten families, you know, based on reality, that's based on true stories, you know, would meet for the ten families across the U.S.
This is the global families, and these aren't Italian mafia boys and girls, though there are a few there.
I mean, this is the real mafia.
These are the kingpins, baby.
And Rick Perry got summoned.
So Perry speaks to a secret group in Turkey, that is, Mainstream News, Austin American Statesman, and here is the other story out of the Dallas Morning News, Perry off the secret forum in Turkey.
And News 8 did cover it to their credit.
I walked up to Ron Oldaveda, what is he, CBS or ABC, I forget, at that gala they were having that Perry was at Thursday night.
You know, nothing against Dennis Quaid and his children's charity, that's wonderful, we're all for that.
But Rick Perry needed to be protested at his governor's mansion, and we went down for a little while to the outside of the Omni, and the police, we were about to leave, and the police walk over, and we've got him on videotape, it's going up on YouTube tomorrow,
And one of the police captains says, you either leave and get off the sidewalk or we're going to arrest you.
And I said, buddy, you're on tape.
And I said, I'm going to personally sue you.
And I got real mad.
And the cops were going, why are you mad?
I go, this is America.
Our veterans fought and died for First Amendment.
Do you understand?
I get mad when you start grabbing stakes through America's heart.
And then he lied.
Then this newspaper reporter runs over and goes, well he says he didn't say he'd arrest you.
And everybody started yelling because they'd all seen him do it and I had it on three different cameras.
And I walked over and I got in his face and I said, how dare you?
Not only did you threaten to arrest us if we didn't leave, which was an unlawful order, a violation, that was official oppression, it was intimidation of my rights.
Then you went and lied about me to a newspaper and said I didn't say that.
Now, I'm, I'm, listen.
I've had Austin cops pull me over, state police, I've had cops pull me over in other states, and they know who I am, and they go, and they go, I'm letting you go, I can't believe you were so nice.
And I go, what, I was going 20 miles over, you're letting me go?
Well, I always thought you'd be real rude to me.
No, as long as you're nice, as long, you don't have to be nice, you can talk like a robot to me.
But if you try to violate my Bill of Rights, you try to destroy my country, and you act like it's, and then you lie to the media about me, yeah, I'm gonna start yelling at you.
And they masked their cops, and they masked their patio wagons, and they said, OK, we're coming.
And they finally were on.
They said, we got them on tapes, and we're going to arrest them.
And I said, listen, you're going to beat the rat, but you can't beat the ride.
I said, I'm going to sue every one of you, and I mean it.
And they know.
They know I sued the city department and sent the director to prison last year because this stuff came out about their embezzlement.
And I'm not kidding.
I will sue you, and if I lose that suit, I'll file suit on you again.
And it's not because I... And by the way, I don't sue for money.
I sue so you lose your job.
Those are the type you can win.
Because the courts smile on those.
I do that because I really believe in this country.
You understand?
I really want to defend America.
And I'm not going to let you give good cops a bad name.
By the way, we were about to leave.
We'd been there about 30 minutes.
And I was going, okay folks, let's get ready to go.
And the guy walks over, and he goes, you need to leave or we're going to have you arrested.
And I said, we're on the sidewalk.
We're not blocking anything.
And he said, I don't care.
You need to go.
And then he lied to the media.
Meanwhile, you got a gangster inside.
People are going, well, it's for the children, the charity.
Don't hurt the children.
Number one, they couldn't even hear us inside.
Number two, the human papillomavirus vaccine is killing people that take it.
We have the CDC documents.
Judicial Watch got them two weeks ago through a FOIA request.
They wouldn't release them.
And just in the first month, because we only have the first month of them starting to use it last year, that's how statistics are, they're way behind.
1,600 and something adverse reactions that include Ebola-like symptoms as blood pours from every orifice.
I'm not kidding.
And people die of this.
I mean, blood coming out of their fingernails, their nose, their genitals, their hind end, their gums, their face, their ears, their eyes.
It's a live cancer virus.
And I explained to the cops, and I said,
I said, do you understand that by Rick Perry mandating that Texas girls take the shot, which is a lie, it's not even a law, but he mandates its recommended list, that then that kicks in federal liability protection and the vaccine damage fund, $4 billion, to pay for all the lawsuits that it's going to cause.
See, Merck made the Vioxx cause the heart attacks, remember?
But they didn't have a governor making school kids take it, so they didn't get federal protection.
Do you understand that?
But by them knowing they've got a bad drug, by cynically trying to make girls take it, they then get liability protection.
Do you see how cynical and evil that is?
Hey, I sleep real good at night knowing we're saving a lot of people.
Exposing this.
But don't believe me.
Just go to Judicial Watch and read the actual secret CDC documents.
See you next week.
Sorry we can't take any more calls.
Hi, Ted Anderson here.
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