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Air Date: June 7, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, barely made it into my cockpit seat here.
I'm so busy with things running around out there during the pre-show.
So much news to cover, so much information to go over.
I'm going to be having a protest coming up this evening, 7 o'clock to 8 o'clock.
My wife asked me, why aren't I having it at 3 o'clock?
It's better for a news time, for the news to be able to come out and have it on the 5, 6 o'clock news.
I don't want to say I don't care about the mainstream media covering it.
That is important and I want you to call the mainstream media and ask them in Central Texas
Or even in Dallas and North Texas for that matter, or San Antonio and South Texas, to cover this because it was in the Dallas Morning News, it was in a couple of Texas TV stations, at least six or seven that we know of, and quite a few other Texas papers, but nothing really nationally.
When I got all excited late last week saying it's all over the U.S.
news, the more I thought about it, the more I looked at it, it was all Texas newspapers.
Hundreds of TV stations picked up the
Blurb out of the Dallas Morning News, so technically they carried it.
I don't know if they broadcasted it.
I got reports by at least six or seven, I didn't count them up, I know probably more, TV stations that did in Texas covered that the governor went to this secret globalist meeting that some say runs the planet.
And it of course was on News 8 Austin, here in Austin, Texas.
But we're going to be down there at the Governor's Mansion today, right off 11th Street.
It's right down by the Texas Capitol.
You can't miss it.
From 7 to 8 o'clock.
A one-hour protest.
And we're going to be out there.
I'm going to be out there bullhorning.
I'll be passing the bullhorn around, of course, if you have any comments you'd like to make to the Governor.
And then we're just going to march from the
west side of the governor's mansion across the street uh... down over around uh... the south side to the east side where there's a parking lot so we'll be there at seven bullhorn for about twenty thirty minutes and then march around to the other side and give the other side of the governor's mansion good bullhorning on the side where we shut down Vicente Fox and of course uh... the governor Rick Perry's press conference
I've been trying to find a time this week when he was having some dinner outside or having some press events so we could spoil that for them.
But we couldn't.
Six, seven, eight years ago they would publicly publish all that.
Now they don't.
But hopefully there will be something to spoil this evening for them.
I know the governor is in town.
I know he's at the governor's mansion today.
And it looks like he's going to be having somebody as a guest there.
But the point is, I need to call the state police, let them know we're dropping by.
It's the First Amendment.
We will be down there, ladies and gentlemen.
We've had protests down there many times.
And of course, we still have the First Amendment in Austin, because the state police lost, what was it, 14 $100,000 judgments, so $1.4 million, when they arrested people in 1999.
They said you just weren't allowed to protest anywhere around the governor's mansion on the sidewalks.
And so they got sued and they lost, and now they behave themselves quite nicely.
They can tell us all day it's the policy that we don't have freedom in this country, but once we drag you into court and sue the living daylights out of you, you will find out, real fast, that this is still America.
And so, we're going down there today, at 7 o'clock, to confront that open border promoting, North American Union-loving, anti-Texan, trollop,
Rick Perry for the Animal ID, the Trans-Texas Corridor, but mainly Bilderberg.
We'll come back and into all the news.
Stay with me.
It's here.
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Ease the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're being told that the immigration complete amnesty is dead.
Now they told you that three weeks ago.
Remember the big announcement was, it's dead, it's defeated.
And then they went, by the way, we're going to reintroduce it in the next few weeks.
And now they had that vote today and it was narrowly defeated.
But they're vowing to bring it right back up yet again.
And this is how they wear you out.
They look at it from the perspective that they just condition you to see everything as a foregone conclusion.
Instead, we should see this as we just beat them in a battle, but we haven't won the war, and that we just built our muscles up even bigger.
By the way, I'm calling for an intensification of calling Capitol Hill, and an intensification of confronting these scumbag Republican and Democratic leaders, everywhere they go, every public event they have, just citizen reporters, ladies and gentlemen, you just take action, you go confront them with a video camera, and you go set up your own blog, takes 10 minutes, and you just become your own group, your own organization, you take action.
You basically duplicate what I've been doing for 12, 13 years.
And what so many other people have duplicated, and then people have duplicated what they're doing.
And it's very exciting to see this burgeoning and exploding all across the country.
Don't wait for orders from headquarters.
Go to the sound of the guns.
So we'll be getting into that coming up in the third hour.
I've got Luke Rodowski joining me.
I've also got Matt Lepacek joining me.
And we're also going to have Jason Vermas.
We're trying to schedule that right now.
That's who I was talking to right before I started this segment and was almost late getting on air.
So we're working all of that out.
Here's just a few things that have frustrated me in the last few days because I haven't gotten to them.
Remember last Thursday and last Friday, Jim Tucker with Internal Sources inside Bilderberg.
And by the way, I talked to the international film crews that were there covering him and they're sending me the video.
He was being followed everywhere he went.
He was being followed when he went to meet with his sources.
They literally had to lose tails.
They had playing court people following him into restaurants.
This is all on video.
It'll be going in endgame.
This is incredible.
Thank God they've authorized me to get the footage.
Just amazing stuff.
And Jim said that his sources told him that Bush has completely, quote, surrendered, was the big announcement, and is submitting fully to North American Union global integration with a carbon tax, starting with a fuel tax.
Ladies and gentlemen, it was in the news yesterday.
In my stack, never covered it, and it was in the news today.
I'm looking at the Associated Press, White House press correspondent.
Bush urges global emissions goal by next year.
A new global treaty.
Now, that is the power of Bilderberg.
I mean, people last week, when I said that, I read my email over the weekend, it was, that's ridiculous, he's fought Kyoto, he'll never go for it.
And then, within days, this announcement was made... This announcement was made three days ago.
Within days, the announcement is made.
I mean, they literally give the orders.
They literally call the shots.
They literally run the nation and the world.
There's a handful of countries they don't control, like Libya, Syria, Iran, and a couple others.
And I'm not saying those nations are good, bad, or indifferent.
The point is, they're not under globalist control.
They've usually got evil governments running them, too.
It's the nature of man!
That's all I've ever been saying.
Their governments are evil.
Our governments are evil.
That's my point!
Is that history shows that.
The Bible says that.
Common sense says that.
Your own eyes and your own evidence shows that, and you tell that to the average American who was somehow convinced that we could do no wrong and everything was fine.
When the truth is, we've got the most evil elite on the planet, who've shown themselves to be the most ruthless on Earth right now, other than the Communist Chinese, and we're in deep trouble!
And that's all I'm doing is ringing the alarm bell here going, these people mean business!
Believe me, I would love to beat them and have some big collapse of their system next month.
And I literally would just do the radio show and cover local corruption and things around the country.
And by local, that's what I mean the country.
And I would literally work about five hours a day.
And I would spend the rest of the time with my family and fishing and stuff.
And gardening and hiking and camping.
I have no life, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, I was here.
I was working until 2.30 in the morning.
I mean, I'm a zombie because of it, but I can't stop because I know how short the time is.
And I love it.
Here's an example that just tears my guts out.
We're going to talk about the immigration bill today, and I was going to make a big report up and a bunch of coverage and set up a bunch of guests about the whole arrest thing and the debate and all of that, and frankly,
What's really important here is that this immigration bill is not going away, and they're not going to stop.
We've just got to continue to fight them.
I just want everybody to know that people think every time we get attacked, we can then, after we drive off the enemy, just for a few minutes, we can lay our weapons down and go back to picking our noses.
And I'm sorry, that is not the case here, ladies and gentlemen.
They're like wolves right out around the perimeter of the camp.
We've got this little campfire and people are telling you to go to sleep and lay down and get in your sleeping bag and leave your neck exposed so they can rush in and go for the jugular.
And I am not going to go along with that.
Also, in the next hour, we've got a guest coming on.
Remember Mr. Schwab, who was walking across the country for 9-11 Truth and against the war?
And they had an RV, they were doing it during the summer.
So that some of their family could go with them, and they were physically walking and then documenting the police state, literally being stopped every mile or two, being detained, just being interrogated, being told they can't have signs that say, you know, the war is bad or Christians aren't for war.
Well, guess what happened?
They went back to the state they're from for a wedding and CPS was waiting
And took his son, saying, you're not allowed.
By the way, this has popped up, I don't know how many times, many, many, I know more than 20 or so, in the last 10 years, and that's just when I catch it, it's usually some little local news item around the country, where families take off the summer, young families,
And they go on a RV trip with their children, and in small towns, big cities, the Stasi Secret Police of America, the general scum public, thinks that that's illegal, and or doesn't like the idea of a family being free out enjoying themselves, and they have the children taken.
They usually don't get them back.
Usually the pedophile rings in the town that run the CPS grab them.
If the family protests they're put in jail and they're just run off and the children are grabbed and disappeared and you know put on 15 different, I'm not joking, the average Texas child and WAITV a few years ago reported is on 7 psychotropics, some on as many as 18.
And Texas doesn't even have the highest average on drugging.
Florida and a few other states are higher.
New York, Florida, Michigan are some of the worst.
You think Utah wouldn't be bad, all the family talk, but it's one of the worst too.
Side issue, by the way, we're not joking about this.
This is serious.
And this is how they operate.
Then of course there's other Christian families, you know, who come into an inheritance or whatever, and they decide, you know, when their 25 year old husband and wife, I've seen these cases,
They've got an RV, they decide to take six months off with their three and two-year-old, and they decide to go across the country, they're grabbed immediately.
I mean, this is not a free country.
But again, the predators have certain prey, certain targets.
I mean, you're in the media, you've got a little bit of power, they're scared to death of you.
I'm telling you, the enemy fleeeth, ladies and gentlemen, in the face of any strength.
They are just like wolves, just like jackals, just like hyenas.
They go for the baby elephant, the baby gazelle, they go for the baby warthog that's got a broken leg.
You understand that?
They don't go head up against a water buffalo.
Paul Watson posted a clip of that where these water buffaloes are literally knocking these lions in the air.
They first grab a baby and the water buffaloes just come right back and run over them.
Now they've got their instincts.
We've had ours bred out of us.
But they know, if they see you've got a crazed look in your eye, if they see the light of power, the light of God in your eye, they generally scurry off.
But families, out in the middle of nowhere, it's like deliverance everywhere.
But in big cities, small towns, it doesn't matter.
They are pure evil, ladies and gentlemen, pure evil.
And for anyone that doubts that, I mean, they admit that every major youth facility in the state of Texas had rape rooms.
And they brought in, they sold the children as prostitutes, sex slaves, they had gladiatorial fights with the older ones, with stabbings and people dying and going to the hospital.
I mean, gladiator fights, sex slaves, and nothing's changed, nobody's getting in trouble, nothing's happening.
Texas Rangers tried to expose it for years, we're told to shut up.
I mean, folks, it's so evil.
It's so wicked.
That just, I can't even imagine it.
They're everywhere.
They're among us.
They're enemies of you and your family.
They're enemies of America.
And I think you're just now, believe me folks, it's horrifying.
I got the hair on the back of my neck standing up.
Just for me as a man, to sit here and face this myself, frankly, I can feel the evil.
I have the hair standing on the back of my neck for me to face it and let it really hit me like a bullet in the brain and to really take the impact fully and realize what we face.
But again, the fear never even kindles.
It instantly is turned into resolution.
It is instantly turned into duty.
It is instantly forged in my heart that we're going to take this country back.
And we are literally going to hang millions of these people.
You know it in your heart.
You know that we are going to defeat them.
And we are going to take them down.
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We've got some breaking news, and I'm not going to get set up in this, like I've been set up before.
I remember on December 31st, 2000, which wasn't the real new millennium, it was really 2001, but the media said it, so it must be so.
They tell you that Friday's Tuesday, it must be so.
And my wife ran in, the phones were ringing in the network,
They're reporting on ABC News that a missile has been fired from Russia, and the NORAD spokesman is on television.
Now, of course, they were doing this to test people's fear, to condition people, and I said, that's not true.
I said, let me go out.
So we went to Amsong.
I walked out.
I turned ABC News on, and sure enough, there was a general giving a press conference with Russian generals behind him.
This was all staged.
And he goes, oh, this just in, it wasn't an intercontinental ballistic, it was a Scud fired in Chechnya.
And then I got on there and joked, I said, oh boy, we're all dead, and the Russians fired a missile, and I said, you know, no, folks, it was just ABC News fear-mongering.
Didn't matter.
Jealous people would talk shows, edited the audio, concocted it, tried to claim a bunch of stuff.
So that's the problem with other people crying wolf.
Like ABC News, and then reporting on their crying world, because there's a lot of people in the movement out there who would like to, for some reason with me, claim that I was putting something out.
And so it gets to where I'm kind of hesitant to report things and put things out before I know, but at the same time, in case somebody is in trouble, and I've been trying to call them for 25 minutes, actually about 27 minutes when I've fallen on air, this was all transpiring,
You know, I want to find out what's going on.
I was trying to make phone calls during the break.
It's very frustrating, but the person's line that we had is disconnected.
We're getting calls from people that have been trying to watch what's happening with him.
There has been an arrest warrant issued.
We know that.
And it's Ed and Elaine Brown.
And the... Okay, so it is on news now.
It is confirmed.
Thank God.
I didn't want to go out on a limb with this.
Because, again, there's legions of people just waiting to twist it.
Uh, yes, it is WCAX-TV.
And again, I got a bunch of calls about this, and I wasn't taking them serious.
I was trying to make phone calls, and then Burmese was telling me about it, so I trust Burmese.
I was taking that serious, and I was unable to confirm it.
Uh, but I didn't want to go on air with it.
SWAT team's armored vehicle seen near Brown Compound.
If nothing happens, I'll be blamed for this.
Now watch.
They'll edit it, folks.
People will edit this, and they'll try to twist, but just later, and I won't have time to defend myself.
But I hope to God they're not rating them.
Everybody needs to get over there, and we need to
You know, peaceably stand in the way of this happening, and if they start pulling another Waco, trying to just machine gun into the place, then we need to have citizens arrested, these criminals, these armored goons that just engage in criminal activity.
We need the governor to block the feds from doing this.
We need the county sheriff to tell these, these are feds doing this, that they don't have jurisdiction.
This is just absolutely criminal.
Neighbors of convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown reported police SWAT teams and at least one armored vehicle converged on a field near the Browns' Plainfield, New Hampshire home this morning.
See, I would have loved to have been able to tell you this off-rumor, but we tried to make calls and we've...
Now I feel guilty for that.
I just can't win.
Federal and state authorities haven't commented on whether they are moving in to arrest the fugitives.
That means they are.
That means they probably are.
And the local police, the Governor's Office and the U.S.
Attorney's Office referred calls to the U.S.
Marshal's Office, which has been negotiating with the Browns since their tax evasion conviction.
We need to get a map of his house.
I know we already have that of where he's at.
Get it up on PrisonPlanet.com.
We need to get this article up there and we need to
Try to get Ed Brown on, but again, his line's been cut, but I thought, well maybe, I haven't talked to him in a few weeks, maybe he changed phone numbers.
So I was busy calling RBN, that he's affiliated with, Public Broadcasting Network, to try to find out, and we're busy doing that.
Do we have any word on that yet?
A neighbor who lives a mile or so away from the Browns on center of town roads said she saw police officers, SWAT team members, a fire truck, ambulance, helicopter, and at least one armored vehicle assembled in a field across from her driveway.
Brown told a blog interviewer this morning he's been getting calls from people reporting police in the town and said he lost power twice during the night.
The Browns had been sentenced to five and a half years in tax evasion.
They skipped their sentencing hearings, and Ed Brown said he and his wife will refuse to surrender.
God bless them.
Poor people, man.
Pray for them.
It may already be over, or the feds may back off.
I don't know.
We're trying to cover it here.
I want to thank those that did call here and tell me of the rumors.
Those are now semi-confirmed, I hope it's not true, from the AP.
A little mini Alamo may be taking place right now.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll try to learn more.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That toll free number again 1-877-928-8822.
Ed Brown was just a mainline guy paying his quote taxes.
And then the government raided him, beat him up.
I'm really paraphrasing.
I'm trying to condense it down.
It happened repeatedly.
Tried to claim they had weapons.
Tried to claim they were a threat.
Beat them up in the courtroom.
Just all, you know, the normal stuff they do.
The criminals!
Criminals run the country, and they... Most of them are so psychopathic, they don't even know they're criminals.
I think it's just their right to feed on us.
And, uh... They just got sick of it, and he said, you know what?
I'm just gonna sit here in my house.
And he said, I'm not going to pay all the money you claim I owe, even though they had it to pay.
They just said, come kill us.
We're going to fight you.
Just come on.
And the Feds did what they always did with the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, and they stole that and took that church and all the other things they've done.
They wait six months, a year.
They wait until everybody forgets about it.
They wait until the crowds leave.
They wait until everybody backs off, and then they come in.
This may even be SWAT team training in the neighborhood.
This may even be them as a probing move to test the response of the American people.
Or it may already be over.
We don't know.
Anyone that is in Plainfield, New Hampshire, the live free or die state, where they now arrest reporters for asking questions, that's why that story is so important because it just shows the police state we're living in and what Matt and
Luke and others went through.
The live free or die, the Patrick Henry State.
SWAT teams, armored vehicles seen near Brown compound.
And it says, Brown told a blog interviewer this morning, he'd been getting calls.
Okay, blog interviewer, whoever you are, you know the mainstream media will never source
The alternative media.
They'll tell you what they said and use their reporting, but never, because they're in competition with us, they realize we're destroying them, they'll never give you a link so you can actually find out what really happened.
So, I'm getting all these calls at the office, I don't know who's who, we're overwhelmed here, just call in, not on any other issue right now, not on immigration, not on Ron Paul and the debate being rigged, we've got that news confirmed, not on Luke and Matt being grabbed by the state police in New Hampshire,
That's all coming up later.
Not on the CPS grabbing a 9-11 truther's child.
That's coming up.
Right now, it's Ed Brown.
And I'm asking you, the listeners, specifically if you know, specifically if you talk to Ed Brown.
I know a lot of you talk to him.
Specifically the blogs.
I know Luke and others, if they had time in New Hampshire, were going to interview Ed Brown.
I don't know if they did that.
I never asked.
I know they were going to.
Maybe we need to get Luke on the line.
I'm a poor producer.
I'm in there shouting 15 orders at him during the break.
It's just too much going on.
I'm trying to make phone calls.
I'm just letting you know where we're at right now.
Help us.
Find out.
Do you live in New Hampshire?
Do you live nearby?
Get on your cell phone.
Drive by Ed's house.
You're an hour away.
Don't wait.
Get in your car.
Start driving over there right now.
And the Feds may be doing this on purpose to cry wolf a couple times, to do these drills a couple times, and so the third time, just like with Indianapolis Temple, the fourth time, they'll go ahead and move in.
They may have cut his line and cut his power.
That's what this sounds like is a PSYOP.
They cut his power twice, cut his phone line.
They've done this in land grabs too.
Messing with him so he'll put out the alarm so when he finally does put it out, you don't respond.
That could be what's happening.
Or Ed and Elaine Brown could have already been SWAT teamed.
It runs a mile from his house and people saw it and it's the local college or the local city or county.
Or it could be
Uh, that it's the feds getting ready to move in or they've already moved in and there's already been a firefight.
We don't know.
That's why, and I don't live in New Hampshire.
If I'd have known, you know, a day before, a week before, I'd have got on a plane and gone up there.
I know many of you have.
And we've sent InfoWars.com reporters there before.
We've interviewed Ed.
Back when all this started breaking, what, a year ago.
But the point is,
Ed Brown, Elaine Brown, making a stand for the American people saying, this far and no further, give me liberty or give me death in the give me liberty or give me death state, New Hampshire.
This is huge!
This is history happening, if this indeed is taking place.
Now again, my enemies are going to take the last five minutes and edit it.
I'm reading this, I'm covering this from WC
AXTV News 3.
We knew about this before Showtime.
I started getting calls this morning.
I tried to confirm it.
I couldn't.
I didn't know the people that were calling me.
I tried to call Ed.
I'd heard false alarms before.
Then Burmese called me.
I don't know what's going on.
I just know that this is in the news and this looks like something could be happening.
1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231, John Harmon up in Minnesota running things, answering the phones, literally like an octopus doing the job of three people.
Now, have you gotten any calls yet, people specifically, who talked to Ed today or yesterday, or who are in the nearby area?
Okay, Fred Smart.
Yes, I've heard Fred on the air, I believe.
Fred Smart.
Call Fred Smart right now, please.
Let's get him on the line.
I may have to push back the father who's had his son kidnapped because he dared have a 9-11 truth sign.
I'm telling you folks, it's like I'm in a lifeboat with millions of hands reaching up.
And it's just, just walk a mile in our shoes and that's what makes me so angry.
That's what makes me so aggressive.
And people don't understand it.
You know, they hear it, they hear the passion and they get confused.
They think I'm either nuts or I'm an egomaniac.
No, it's because I'm in life and death mode here, folks.
I know the cost, okay?
I'm fired up.
Let's go to Fred Smart.
Fred Smart, where are you today?
Hey Alex, I'm here in Chicago.
Okay, you know Ed Brown well.
Tell us basically about yourself real quick, because we know who you are, and then give us the latest.
Well, real quick, you know, we have, myself and a bunch of people, once we heard about Ed and Elaine early January, got the word out, email, blogs, whatever, and we've been doing a daily show on Republic, getting their voice out.
Got a call early this morning.
From Elaine, she had left a message as early as six o'clock my time.
Reno, who is a decorated Desert Storm veteran, was staying with them while his belongings were at the house.
Went to walk the dog early.
Forty-five minutes later, the dog came back.
Reno never came back.
Within the same half hour, Ed got a call and some friends in South Lebanon along the road had noticed several armed personnel carriers were heading south toward Plainfield.
So, they still had communications.
We got a couple of audio blogs going, an hour conference call, a few people called in, sent out some emails, tried to encourage other people to send out emails.
I just tried calling their line, their line has been disconnected now officially.
So, we have no communication with them, other than if they were on the internet, I would presume they have a satellite connection, but I'm sure they're not staring at their computer right now.
So we have a couple of people driving there and hopefully...
There's going to be more intelligence on what's really happening.
Okay, I want you to, again, repeat everything you just said with any other details that you left out.
Take your time, Fred Smart, who again has been co-hosting a show on the Republic Network with Ed Brown the last four or five months, I guess it was six months.
Tell us exactly, slowly, when you first got the call, what Ed said, word for word.
Go back and just flesh it out.
As we debrief you here, just really think about exactly what Ed said, because every piece of intel, as you know, is very important.
Well, I was on my way to drive my son to school, and I gave Elaine a call just out of the blue.
Something told me to call.
And I got up strangely early this morning.
I felt something was up, and I wasn't even thinking about Elaine.
But then I got in the car, and Elaine said, Fred, I've been trying to call you, trying to call you.
And we got a high alert situation and I said, what's going on?
She said, well Reno left to walk the dog 45 minutes later the dog came back and Reno didn't come back.
And we've since gotten word that some friends have spotted several armed personnel carriers with troops heading on the main highway toward Plainfield.
By proofs, I mean they look like regular Army or Marines where they're just dressed up in the regular terrorist enforcer outfits.
All I know it was just, he used some terminology, FTVs or AF, it was just, I don't know the lingo.
APCs, Armored Personnel Carrier.
And there's LAVs, Light Armored Vehicles.
It wasn't an LAV.
And on top of that, Ed said that yesterday a Cessna did a couple of flybys mid-afternoon, and then at night, around 8.30, 9 o'clock their time, a completely silent drone with a very high-beam light circled their property.
Uh, at that time.
And it's a big hunting trip.
They're chewing tobacco, and they go to the topless bar the night before, and it's high fives and all their gear.
It's hunting humans!
It's a lot of fun!
This is so sick!
And I want them all to know it's the Alamo, and every one of them that takes part in this criminal raid is going to be known as a traitor forever.
But you don't have to worry about the American people.
You've got God.
Just guaranteed to curse you for what you're doing, but this is the Alamo.
This is happening.
Please could you tell us about this?
Now what Ed said about this this drone?
Okay, Ed just said it was it was strange.
It was completely silent.
This is at night.
It was at night.
It cruised in the air overhead with a bright bright beaming light.
Can't put it on the border.
By the way, they're going to give all the illegal aliens, and this is in the bill, total tax
What time did this happen?
The drone was spotted 8.30, 9 o'clock their time.
It was toward the dusk side.
There were a lot of trees around the area.
They had open space.
It was really strange yesterday.
My phone has gone out several times in the last 24 hours, which has never ever happened with that frequency.
Another gentleman was on the show with Ed Milane yesterday.
Obviously, they will not be on the show today.
Uh, but uh, and we did hear word from RBN that they were going to be cut back to just Saturday for two hours versus Friday.
Okay, well that's a whole programming discussion.
The main thing right now is what's happening to them.
That's what's important here.
Let's just be clear here and walk through all of this.
So that happened at 8.30.
Now understand, at Waco and Ruby Ridge and other places, they're called laboratories, war fighting laboratories.
They bring in Israelis, Russians.
That's Newsweek, by the way, for listeners that just join us and think that I'm joking.
That's mainstream news.
I guarantee you this is going to be a laboratory.
They're going to have all sorts of gadgets and horrible little
You know, bloody inventions out there.
The main thing is who do you have in contact locally, liaisons locally, that can drive by the house?
That's the key.
Well, I've put in a couple phone calls and some other people have put in phone calls.
I've talked with two people, a volunteer gentleman from Missouri and myself and a guy from Vermont.
Who is driving on his way, about an hour's drive, 45 minutes to an hour's drive.
Another gentleman in New Hampshire was not aware of the situation, very close to the grounds.
He said he'd be heading right up there.
They both have cell phones.
I would say within the next 15-20 minutes there should be some reconnaissance, some information from them forthcoming.
The only other people is just hopefully people are getting the word out by email.
And some people can, I don't know if they're cordoned off the highways and the roads around the house?
Well I know people have pledged to always keep certain numbers there.
Well that will confirm it right there.
If you try to get within a half mile of the house and there's some goons out there, waddling around with an armored vehicle or an armored truck, you know that they're there and you know it's going down.
If he does, I don't know if they've been jammed yet.
I don't have any other number to call.
Fred, give us your blog, or give us any other good blogs.
Are you the blogger that the Plainfield Associated Press talked to?
Well, we've had several people maintain the blog.
I'm one of them.
I started it with another gentleman.
Yeah, I'm just trying to find out who the AP is, because this is unjournalistic to cite a blog and then not show the blog.
And again, I'm not mad about the AP being a bunch of scumbags and mainstream.
I just want to know who it was, because they're not engaged in journalistic activity here.
I'm not aware of what you're talking about here.
Well, we need to find out who this local blog is.
We need to find out who these eyewitnesses are.
We need them to call in right now.
John, have we had anybody else call in on the 1-800-259-9231 number who's nearby or is in New Hampshire, in Plainfield?
Just unbelievable.
You know, Alex, it's interesting.
You know what today's date is?
Is today in history?
No. 1967.
Okay, just refresh my memory.
What happened in 1967?
This is when the Six Day War began.
Oh, it is!
And then the 40th anniversary of the Liberty is coming up in just a few days.
So this is all, you know, it's 40 years later.
It's just kind of interesting.
Amazing energy.
Ed and Elaine are just wonderful people.
They're peaceful, they're civil.
Yes, Ed has a rough edge to him, but my God, they are true blue American patriots.
Well, this is horrible news.
I mean, it's in the Associated Press that people are saying this.
Why doesn't the lazy AP, this is huge news, get in their vehicles and drive over there.
We need to call, this is what we need to do, everybody needs to do this for me, because we don't have the staff.
We're going to try to call the plane-filled TV stations, plane-filled radio stations, get the radio to go out there.
In fact, let me just tell my producer, please get
Go Google the Plainfield AM talk station.
Call them and say, are you going down here to cover what could be one of the biggest stories of the year?
Get over there and cover this.
People's lives are in a balance.
This could be a new Waco we're talking about.
Who knows what could have already happened, or it could just be a drill.
You know, the Feds do try to test things and see who's in the woodwork, see who may be in that area.
What do you think is going on?
I mean, bottom line... It's cameras and video cameras and just the biggest thing is to provide some transparency and accountability in the form of recording what they witness, what they see.
Fred Smart, stay there.
I want to come back and ask you where you think all this stuff is going.
What's your gut is?
I mean, if they're cutting his phones and cut his power and he saw drones, it doesn't look good.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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This is the end
Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of all the elaborate plans, the end
Welcome back.
Alright, we've got breaking news here.
Police assembled by Brown's home.
Another article here.
This is out of a Union Leader newspaper.
Let's get the Union Leader reporter Pat Grofsmith and Kristen Sins on.
It's definitely on, ladies and gentlemen.
There's definitely something going on there.
And I'm sorry we were cautious at the start of the show.
We have to do that here.
I'm actually extremely cautious with what we cover.
And of course we always get blamed for doing the opposite.
Dozens of heavily armed state police and federal agents have assembled.
It is confirmed.
Confirmed, confirmed, confirmed.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Dozens of heavily armed, and stay with us Fred Smart, I want to bring you back up.
Let me get this article out.
Dozens of heavily armed state police and federal agents have assembled near the rural Grafton County home of tax protester Ed and Elaine Brown.
About 50 state troopers, some armed with high-powered rifles, the state working with the globalist private IRS, along with a vehicle from an explosives unit, oh that's what they can imply, they've got bombs, gathered this morning in Plainfield, a town where Edward and Elaine Brown have been holed up in their home since being convicted of tax evasion and sentencing to leaky federal prison sentences.
The Browns have been aware of the increased police activity all morning,
In an audio file posted on a blog this morning, he said a silent aircraft at about 5,000 feet... Notice they don't ever give credit to... It's normal!
You're supposed to link to your source!
No, they just take it!
That is total journalistic scammering!
And again, it isn't about who gets the credit, it's that we need that info!
We want to go to the original source!
That's why you're supposed to do it!
That's what we do in our articles!
You're supposed to source them by name.
You're unbelievable, you scum.
I don't know if the editor wouldn't let them do it, or I don't know if it's the writers that are scum.
The Browns have been aware of increased police activity all morning.
In an audio file posted on a blog this morning, he said a silent aircraft at about 50,000 feet in the air flew over his home overnight.
And he said at about 7.45 a.m.
this morning, a visiting friend
took a dog out for a walk but never returned.
They may just be listening to the show.
The dog, he said, came running up the driveway about an hour later.
He also said a neighbor called 845 to let him know that two and one-half dozen state troopers were coming down Route 12A, heading in his direction.
Hmm, interesting that fella slipped off.
Did they grab him or did he know when to go?
Who knows?
We'll find out later.
But Browns were convicted in January in U.S.
District Court in Concord for not paying more than $500,000 in taxes.
Do you remember how there was the B.A.T.F.?
I've met him.
I forget his name.
Hispanic officer.
I know him.
He was crying, saying, why'd you kill everybody?
Why'd you open fire?
He came out mad, throwing fits, you know, when they went ahead and just opened fire and attacked.
He was saying, why, why?
He could have picked Koresh up in town.
Remember that?
Now, maybe they grabbed this guy.
He's probably a great guy, but we have to ask ourselves, why did he slip off?
We, you know, have to ask that.
It's a classic M.O.
The Browns were convicted in January in U.S.
District Court in Congress for not paying $500,000.
The union leader correspondent was kept away from the Browns' compound by state police who would not say why.
That is confirmed.
That's what we're asking for.
Reporters went out there and were kept away.
It's on!
God knows what these criminals have done.
God knows what they've done to these people.
It's on with that line.
You can bank it, ladies and gentlemen.
The state police kept Pat Grossmith and Kristen Sens away.
This is outrageous.
That's it.
They are definitely surrounded at the bare minimum.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The best way to find Ed and Elaine Brown's blog is to type in Quest for a Fair Trial.
That's why the media won't link to it.
And you can find out all the basics there.
Quest for a Fair Trial.
Ed and Elaine Brown.
We'll get all the links up.
It'll come up.
They're already going up.
All the latest at PrisonPlanet.com.
For those that don't know, Pat Grossmuth and Kristen Sins have reported for the union leader out of Plainfield, New Hampshire,
That the State Police turned them back.
Union Leader Correspondent was kept away from the Browns' compound, their house.
It's always called a compound.
See, they don't want to say home.
This is all psychological warfare.
They don't want to say home.
They've got to dehumanize that because you'll associate it with your home.
See the enemy's crafting.
Now, union leader correspondent was kept away from the Browns compound.
See, when they come to kill you, your house is called a compound.
I've heard them call apartments compounds.
By state police, really federal police, they don't know it, who would not say why.
Oh, there's, we know why.
They're gonna have a big party.
A killing party!
Let's pray for the Browns right now, folks, if they haven't already been engaged by the New World Order's forces.
Susan Williams, who lives a mile or so away from the Browns, on Center of Town Road, said she saw police officers, SWAT team members, a firetruck, ambulance, helicopter, and at least one armored vehicle assembled in a field across from her driveway.
We confirmed that an hour ago.
Now we are confirming that they have been turned away.
They are bare minimum surrounded.
Okay, and again, what do you type into Google to find the blog?
The easiest, I've got their blog here in front of me, but what's the best web search for people?
Fred Smart, Friends of the Browns?
Actually, Alex, there's another site that a friend just typed in.
They have a live video feed on everything going on there.
If you'll just take patience here, it's Topix.net.
Okay, I'm going to...
Tell you what, stop.
Don't give it out.
Don't give it out.
You know why?
Because we need to get this feed.
We need... Guys, get a video camera because we don't have the coupling software.
Go to this site.
I'm going to get it off there.
Folks, don't search it.
Don't find it yet.
If everybody goes to it...
It will crash it just like the feed from New Hampshire with the debates.
I'm telling you.
That's why I didn't even want to plug it when Luke did the other day because I knew it would crash it because they were using a free service.
Don't give it out.
And again, I'm doing this because if we give it out, literally 100,000 people are going to go on it right now.
It'll crash and we'll lose the feed.
I should have got on infrastructure and bought them a server or something.
I can't do it all.
Let me get my guys in here right now.
I'm going to put you on hold.
Give the address right now to John Harmon and he's going to IM it over to my crew here.
They're listening a minute late on the internet.
Hey guys!
Let me bang on the wall.
I need an intercom in here.
We've said that over and over.
We haven't done it.
I need you guys to get in here and get a video camera on the feed so we can at least document that and then we can try to rig it up for some type of live stream here off of our servers.
I've been trying to get three more big servers because I know this kind of stuff's coming up.
But we've got servers right now.
We've got some backup servers.
I need my IT people to get in here now
We're not busy doing other stuff, and we need to get all this rigged up.
We should have had this rigged up before.
Or, you know what?
I guess I'll just give their address out.
Folks, should I give the address out and end the link where we don't know what's happening?
Or do you want us to have the link?
Nah, everybody's going to spread it all over the web already.
It's over.
Okay, let me just stop there.
When we come back, we will ask
What we're seeing off the live feed.
It looks like, thank God, they haven't moved in yet.
And we will try to find out what's happening there.
This is huge.
This is all happening right now, ladies and gentlemen.
Edna Lane Brown, falsely charged.
Robbed by the private Federal Reserve's collection agency.
Gone through living hell.
Now facing this.
I'm Alex Jones and we'll be right back on the other side.
We're going to try to rig something up as best we can.
I don't know if we have the skills to try to get a jump feed off this and re-up it.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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I'll be right back.
I'm getting some Kallax.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, we have the web address of the live webcam.
And it's working well, I'm told.
But if we give it out on air, or if you spread it all over the web thinking it's your little secret, you give it to one person, they give it to another, it will go down.
Do not watch it!
Or if we've got IT people that know how to grab the signal, that's the only way you should be looking at it, to grab it and put it out on your server or boost it.
But if we go after that source, I guarantee you, everybody uses these free services and you get more than a hundred people on those webcams, they go down.
They had one that could take, what was it, a couple thousand for the RNC.
You probably got 10 seconds out of every 30 seconds.
We need this.
Imagine at Waco if they would have had that.
And now we've got the responsibility, when something like this happens, we can't go look at it.
Now I've got cameras set up, they're in there starting to videotape it right now, but we can go to Fred Smart.
Who's there watching the video blog?
I'm going to shut up, Fred.
Tell me what you're seeing, what's happening right now on the video cam feed.
They're in there with some type of wireless shell phone.
They are smart.
Now the Feds will learn of this and start jamming it, too.
So it's also a catch-24 that we announce that, but whatever.
It's war.
We're not going to get it all right.
I caught myself before we gave the address out, though.
Tell us right now.
What are you seeing?
Tim, my internet's down, Alex, for some reason, so Tim... Oh, so that was Tim I was talking to.
I heard Tim in the background.
I was watching.
Yeah, go ahead, Tim.
Are you looking at it?
Tim, Tim, what are you watching?
Well, actually, actually, and I've tried to explain this several times.
What this is is the actual news feed for the Plainfield Wire.
And I just emailed the link to Aaron for him to look at.
This is the comprehensive news feed for Plainfield, New Hampshire.
It has three stories now up.
The latest one was about four minutes ago.
It's about Swat Team's armored vehicle.
I totally misunderstood in all the chat.
I thought it was a live webcam.
Somebody said live webcam.
Alex, it's not a live news feed.
It is a recording of their
No, I understand.
Thank you.
I understand now.
I was told earlier about the other person.
It was a live feed out of there.
I misunderstood.
I'm sorry, Alex.
No, I got it.
Hey, this isn't about sorry and anything.
We're all frothing here because we don't want him to get killed.
And I guess I was hoping that I heard somebody say live webcam out of there and I hoped, oh great, they're not dead.
There's a live webcam.
I'm just hoping here, and that's what we do when we care about people, don't want fellow patriots to be overrun by a bunch of criminals.
But thank you, sir, for that information.
Who else are we talking to there?
Who is that, Mr. Smart?
Tim from Chicago.
Okay, so we had Tim on earlier.
Okay, Tim, you got the floor.
What do you think is going on here?
What do you think we should do?
Well, I co-hosted with Fred and Elaine on their program, and they were talking yesterday when we were on air, they were talking about these various things that we've already spoken about happening.
It's obviously, it is happening.
There's new media.
They've blocked the roads.
People are not able to go back to their homes.
We don't know about this friend, this Reno kid who came up from Texas.
He's in his middle 20s.
We don't know if he was just presented by them and the dog escaped and came back home or if he was actually a plant.
We know that they do do that.
They do have beef covered people.
I don't know if Reno was one or not.
I have no idea.
Either way, he never came back.
It fits.
It fits big time.
Or they may have grabbed him either way.
They sneak on before they rain.
But that's what they do.
He could be in custody.
He's either a hero or a scoundrel.
Now, I don't want to speculate, Jeff.
What we do know is that they are moving in.
What they're going to do, whether they're going to attack or if they're just going to set up a perimeter and basically hold
So since they're doing the perimeter, it looks like they want to have a big national spectacle.
Maybe they want patriots to start the war now.
Maybe this is how Bush wants to trigger his martial law.
Military Commissions Act.
The Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act.
Military Commissions Act.
This is exactly what they said for insurrection or resistance.
It's all in the subsections.
And the fact that they didn't use the quickness... You know, Alex, at a certain point, at what point is the line crossed?
You know, as Patriots we've always been drawing lines in the sand.
And I've said for years, we need to have a line in the concrete.
Instead of in the stand, because the stand keeps getting erased, and we step back another, we draw another line, we step back, we draw another line.
Where does the line get drawn?
You yourself said it.
Maybe this is the Alamo, for our generation.
We don't know.
But the fact is, the feds are always pushing, pushing, pushing, and we're always retreating, retreating, retreating.
If it's the time to make the stand, then it is time to make the stand.
And people are going to have to decide on which side they want to be.
Just like when the Declaration of Independence was signed.
Which side are you going to be on?
Are you going to be for liberty and freedom?
Or are you going to be on the side of the oppressive super state?
Well, there's no doubt.
I mean, when I state the question,
We're here to analyze and flesh this out and look at every angle of it.
I'm making the statement, are the Feds trying to start and incite a fight?
They know people have said they're going to get violent if Ed and Elaine Brown are killed or assaulted.
So my question is, why would the Feds then
Want to incite this and want to activate this now on this bizarre day of the start of the Six Day War.
I think that is an interesting point.
Well, it's real simple because, I mean, if you strategize the whole thing out, what if it does do this?
And then people individually start to take out federal officials around the country.
Okay, they're going to declare martial law, and then underneath that, they're going to do house-to-house searches for weaponry.
Which is exactly what Bush has gotten all set up and declared himself dictator back on the 9th of last month, and they funded it, they got it all set up, and this is exactly what they want.
But the bottom line is, I want the police and military to know, you're set up, if this does activate, if this powder keg gets set off,
You are meant to be wiped out.
We've seen the globalist plans, we've gotten all the pieces, to later bring in the Mexican and Dutch and Czech Republic troops.
Those are public plans, mainstream news, to quote deal with American terrorists.
You are just as hated as we are by the New World Order, and I just can't believe they can find goons that will go do these type of criminal actions.
And I mean, from what we're seeing now... Oh, Alex, they've been raising these goons for the last 30 years in the public schools.
And creating an economy where people have no choice but to go to work for the army, and get trained in whatever the army is training people to do, to think, to follow orders, not to think for themselves.
That's exactly what's been going on.
So it's no problem them getting manpower, but the problem is, or the question is, is this a workable strategy on their behalf?
And I say no.
I say that it's just like in Iraq getting brought down in an insurgency.
If they were to create that situation here in this country right now, we've got two million firearms in the hands of the people.
We've already... Sir, there's 400 million firearms of new manufacture.
That means the last 85 years.
There's 160 million
Gun owners and if 1% is willing to fight, that's 1,600,000 American combatants against the New World Order terror forces.
Alex, you went on the map.
That's fine.
However many.
It's the strategy.
If they really think that... Well, here's the point.
I wasn't trying to go on the map.
We've got to go to break here in just a moment.
Sir, I want to put you on hold.
I want to go back and restate all this stuff because it's...
This is all very serious.
This is about Ed Milane Brown.
Let me just re-announce this news for everybody out there.
Police assembled by Brown's home.
It has been confirmed by the union leader.
And it looks like they can handle the bandwidth.
Go up there, John, and grab all those audio files, please.
And we're also going to air a Fox News piece that we got about 20 minutes ago coming up in the next segment.
I appreciate both of our guests that are friends with Ed Brown.
I don't know.
The Union Leader clips we're getting and we're asking people to go there and try to observe what's happening and to see specifically what type of military forces, that's what this all is.
It's military, trained police and forces arrayed against the people.
And you notice the Revolutionary War started in New Hampshire.
It started in New Hampshire, ladies and gentlemen, and in Massachusetts.
So this is just classic
New world order, launching their attack, and they know this has been a big national issue.
They've waited six plus months to do this.
This is terrible.
Union leader correspondent was kept away from the Browns compound by state police, who would not say why.
That is confirmed.
Susan Williams, who lives a mile or so away from the Browns, let's try to get her on the horn.
Call information for Susan Williams, John, I know you're doing 10 things in Plainfield.
Let's try to get her on.
Susan Williams, who lives a mile or so away from the Browns, on Center of Town Road, said she saw police officers, SWAT team members, and firetruck, ambulance, helicopter, at least one armored vehicle assembled in a field across from her driveway at the Browns' home.
The Browns answered a telephone call from the Associated Press saying, this is the Lord's house.
This is Sister Elaine and Brother Edward.
They said nothing was out of the ordinary at the house.
That sounds like the Feds have taken it over.
That sounds like psychological warfare.
At the Browns' home, the Browns answered a telephone call from the AP by saying, this is the Lord's house, this is Sister Elaine and Brother Edward.
They don't talk like that.
I know them both, talked to them both, interviewed them both.
That's just pure bull.
I mean, that is... Oh, there's nothing wrong here!
Military tactics.
This is horrible, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's pray for them right now.
God, please protect them if that's your will.
Please help them.
This is horrible.
The War on Terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas, or will it affect us here at home?
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No matter...
We're good to go.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Pastor Butch Paugh, Genesis Reporter.
Again, none of this is totally confirmed.
We know local news is reporting WCAX-TV that they are evacuating homes.
State and federal authorities have converged on the home of a New Hampshire couple involved in an attack standoff.
And there is a man named Drew Raines, who I know has been reporting in the past.
He's reported to Butch in the past.
This is unconfirmed.
We pray this is not the case, but we cannot hold this back from you.
Butch, tell them what the report is.
The report is the house is on fire, Alex.
That's the report I have received.
I cannot confirm it.
That's the report I received that the house is on fire.
I don't know the extent of this.
I'm just so angry now that it's hard to concentrate.
As a former Black Ops officer in the Army in Vietnam and in other countries, what is it like for you to see your country turn into this?
Well, being an Air Force Sergeant, knowing what I did in Vietnam, what I saw over there, and what I thought I was doing was right, this makes me so angry that I don't get this angry very easily.
But these people are patriots, they're fine people, standing for the truth, and we're watching and being taken down right now.
If the people do not stand up now, America is damned to hell.
I'm a pastor and I'm saying it as clear as I can say it.
If we do not stand up now, America is damned and rightfully so.
And so should every person in this nation be damned if we don't stand up right now.
We were talking during the break and you said it's a sin.
Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
It's time to stand.
There is no other time.
We're watching innocent people be taken down one at a time, two or three at a time.
Waco, Ruby Ridge, on and on and on.
When will we say no more?
Live or die.
Well now you said live free or die.
You said during the break, and this isn't a live free or die state, New Hampshire where this is happening, I think they picked it for a reason.
You, during the break I was saying, well don't you think the feds want us, I mean obviously,
And the Feds want to start it now because we're growing, we're rising, so we're not getting any stronger.
But I'm not saying people shouldn't really stand up against this.
My only point is that it's clear they're trying to have a provocation.
Of course, and I understand that, and I do understand that.
But we can't let in some people taken out while we're trying to build an army.
If we don't pin the first, we're going to have a hard time pinning the 10th, the 20th, the 30th.
It has to be now.
It can't be long.
We can't wait any longer in the future.
It must be starting now.
If it's for you being attacked, we'd have to do the same thing for you or for me or anybody else.
We cannot... Well, they're smart.
They go after the little guys first.
And then test.
This is obviously a testing of the waters.
Pastor Butch, I mean, we're here.
We see this going on.
We know they have evacuated.
They're blocking the press.
They say they're moving in now.
That means it was probably an hour ago.
That coincides.
Who is this Drew Rains fella, and what specifically did he tell you?
Well, this was a gentleman called, a call met the Drew Ranger, called him actually, and Drew Ranger, I understand, is a reporter, kind of a on-the-scene type guy like you and I. I don't know if he's there right now.
Okay, well we need people to call in because so far the rumor we've been told has turned out to be true.
I pray this one isn't the case.
But let me just read this news article for everybody out there.
Converge on Edna Lane Brown's home.
State and federal authorities have converged on the home of a New Hampshire couple involved in a tax standoff.
People are being kept several miles away from the center town road in Plainfield, where Edna Lane Brown lived.
You hear that, ladies and gentlemen?
They are being kept several miles away.
Look, we just need to call all the local reporters.
You call, John.
My people are calling.
Everybody call and ask, is there smoke?
Uh... tactical uh... raid same thing happened in Waco.
The press held back.
Same thing's happened in hundreds of cases.
And that's what they do.
The press has held back.
They don't even want to engage them in a firefight.
They generally do burn people out with incendiary weapons.
It goes on.
It says neighbors including some who have been evacuated reported police SWAT teams a helicopter.
They'll use helicopters.
They tried to burn out Ruby Ridge with a helicopter.
And at least one armored vehicle converged on a field near the home.
This morning, authorities have not said if they were moving in to arrest the fugitives.
If they burned them out, my God.
Fugitives from what?
The Browns have been barricaded when CPS tries to take your child and you don't let them and you leave out the back door.
They announce it's a kidnapping on the news.
99% of the time they hear an Amber Alert.
It's some parents who the CPS tried to take their child so they left.
And it's fugitives, fugitives!
The Browns have been barricaded inside their home for several months after being convicted of tax evasion.
They did not even attend their sentencing hearing in which they were sentenced to five years in prison.
You know what?
The tree of liberty is watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants, and I'm telling you, if they burned them out, if they storm-trooped them, it's only going to increase the power of the patriot movement.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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By the way, we're going to be protesting against the New World Order, the North American Union, and for Ed Brown today at 7 o'clock in front of Rick Perry's... In fact, now it's going to be about that.
You say, why in Texas?
Because he's one of the head New World Order minions in the U.S.
He's been to Bilderberg.
It's all part of this great evil.
This is where Waco happened.
No more Wacos.
We're going to have a demonstration tonight at 7 o'clock.
We were going for Bilderberg.
It'll be about that too.
I'm going to be out there at 7 o'clock tonight.
Now, Jack McClam just called us 20 minutes ago.
He was on the phone with the sheriff in the county there.
I'm told he just contacted us.
We're getting him lined up right now.
Do you have Jack McClam yet?
I'm sure 50 million people are calling his number right now.
Do we have Jack?
I need a bigger staff.
My people work so hard and do such a good job.
John's not coming to me.
He must be on the phone.
Let's go back to Pastor Butch Paul.
Butch, I hope you're wrong.
I hope that... I mean, I'm not saying hope you're wrong.
I hope this report you got is wrong.
But again, we have to report it as it comes in.
It was this unconfirmed report that the house is on fire.
But every other unconfirmed report up to this one has been confirmed.
In my gut, it fits the M.O.
The person leaving in the morning, the drone the night before, and the nail of fire.
That's what these cowards do is they burn people out, and they like to shoot them as they run out burning.
It's part of the fun.
And if they burn them out, I just... We need to get, you know, a week or so to have the local grand jury indict these criminals.
But of course, they back everybody off so they can carry out the murder silently.
I'm gonna say this, in any battle... John, are you there?
I didn't even know that I was calling for Butch and he didn't come back.
Okay, good.
Do we have Jack McClam?
Okay, good.
We're going to have Butch on with us, too.
We're getting him on.
I'm going to say this right now.
I'm not afraid to die.
And believe me, at my animal level, I like to fight.
I mean, I tear into people all the time.
I mean, I was a maniac growing up, folks.
And I mean, frankly, I like fighting two or three people.
I mean, I like having odds down.
It's just, I'm an animalistic person.
And I'm not saying I'm a tough guy, either.
No, I've just got a couple screws loose and everybody knows it.
But the point here is, I'm a pretty macho person, okay?
I'll tell you right now.
And people see me run up to 500 Larry Conquistas threatening me and telling me to bring it on.
But I need, I've learned to control myself because I've had this attitude of let's just go ahead and get it on, okay?
There's nothing I like better, believe me.
But, and I'm going to say this, and I can be the big coward here out in the public and everything.
If they've killed Edna Wayne Brown, or if they've burned them out, or if they've surrounded, and we know they've surrounded them and they've said they're moving in, and we sit there and let the word of this spread, because that's what happened at Lexington and Concord.
It took, you know, it took weeks for this thing to really get cranking, and in the scheme of time.
If we let the news of this get out, and how they burned them out, or what they truly did, once we find out, that will build our forces even greater.
They are doing this to preemptively try to make us launch military operations against the New World Order, take over the U.S.
because they're losing on the immigration bill.
They're losing on the North American Union and the Pan-American Union through CAFTA.
They are losing on their Second Amendment grabs.
They are losing on every front we are taking over
Las Vegas odds have gone from 15 to 1, you know, 100 to 1, 15 to 1, to now saying he is the leader, he's the only Republican that can beat the Democrats.
They're now saying that by primary time, this is major, these are the people that are never wrong, folks, I mean, rarely.
They are panicking right now and they want to pick a fight now and chew up all their idiot cops and dumbed down military.
I'm not knocking you.
You're brain dead.
You've been brainwashed.
You've been under major mind control.
We have tried to be your friends.
Oh, Jesus, God help us.
I can't believe we're in the middle.
Folks, I know the country.
This isn't people ten years ago in the Patriot Movement shooting their mouths off about shooting.
Do you realize, police and military, there are millions of former special forces and other people who want to start killing you.
You fools understand that if it starts, you're going to be dead everywhere.
Within days, you're going to be in armored compounds in citadel fashion.
We will literally kick the living hell out of you.
I don't want this to start.
This is about to start.
Do you understand that?
Do you understand people want to come after you?
Do you understand you idiots are being used?
Now I'm just asking people.
Do we need to wait a few days before this stuff kicks off?
I'm calling for calm.
Call me a coward if you want!
Let's bring up Butch Paul, then Jack McClam, who was just... But, I mean, Butch, I'm not trying to be cowardly here.
In fact, I'm afraid right now to even come out here and tell you what I really think, because I'm afraid of people thinking I'm a coward.
That's my only fear.
I'm saying, do we want to give them their war now?
Butch, is that what you're saying?
Well, I'm saying, Alex, that if this were you, or your brother or sister, or your mom or dad, or your children, what would you do?
You know, quite frankly, this is all happening live.
Obviously, I'd want people to rise up for me, but frankly, if I could coldly sit back and know that I was a sacrifice who would literally increase our power a year from now to defeat them, I just want to beat them.
So I'm looking at strategy.
I understand.
But I know sometimes you can't do strategy.
Forget the maneuvers, go straight at them.
Well, you know, again, if it's you or I, we wouldn't mind being sacrificed.
Understand that.
But if this were your brother or sister, mom or dad, son or daughter... I couldn't control myself.
No, no, you could not.
This is somebody's brother or sister, somebody's mom or dad, somebody's whatever, and somebody cares enough, and this has got... I don't want to say, Alex, I mean, this is another crossroads.
Are we going to... It's a test.
It's a test.
Are we going to fail another one?
Well, you know, we failed Waco, but then that energized the whole movement today.
It did for a while.
And then they carried out Oklahoma City to try to blame it on us.
But it doesn't work anymore!
Everybody knows they're behind the terror!
It's on the front page of the Jerusalem Post that Israel's staging terror!
You know, look at this from a pastor's viewpoint, and that's who I am.
I am a Christian.
I'm a Christian.
I'm a non-violent person.
Anyone knows me.
That's my five grandbabies.
I'm a wuss, and they know it.
I mean, I'm a non-violent person.
But when someone attacks an innocent person... Here you are.
You were running black ops in Cambodia.
Just stay there.
Let me go to Jack McClam.
Let's go to Jack McClam right now.
Jack, who was there at Ruby Ridge, who got the family out, who they caught it on video when they tried to burn the building up with a helicopter with a bladder full of gasoline.
Jack, I pray to God it isn't true.
Have you gotten any intel on whether that house is on fire or is that bull?
No, I haven't gotten any intel.
I talked to the sheriff's office just about a half hour ago when I heard that this was going on.
The sheriff is conveniently out of town.
That's the same thing they did up at Ruby Ridge.
Same thing at Ruby Ridge and the sheriff in
And Waco handed over jurisdiction to the feds and I left.
My only buddy within the office is a gal named Barbara who's the secretary of the sheriff and so we didn't do very well and she told me she was going to take her phone off the hook because she can't get her work done so she's not concerned at all.
Yeah, she's going to get her work done, eat her sandwich while people die.
So I told her, I told her, I said that we had sent our sheriff's video to the sheriff six months ago or more
Uh, showing that he is in total control when the feds come into town.
We've got this sheriff's video with him.
It's an absolute fact.
You know, and then showing him what his power and jurisdiction is.
And I told her, I said, I just, uh, I need to get the message to those on the scene that if they turn it over to the feds, people are going to die.
And I said, it doesn't have to be that way.
If the sheriff will stay in control or his men,
That they can have a peaceful conclusion of this thing.
I'm looking at Ed and Wayne Brown.
They're great people.
They're great people in the live free or die state.
They are literally living that maxim.
I've got to bring up the key point here.
Jack, you know this.
You saw Ruby Ridge with Waco.
You know those are the zeniths of the whole resistance.
If those wouldn't have happened and the feds wouldn't have done that, we wouldn't have the movement today that's defeating the amnesty, defeating the North American Union.
We're having victories.
Strategy-wise, not in a hot-blooded way, and I understand that, but I don't think we can control people.
The Feds may even stage something and say the Patriots did it.
I mean, that's what they do.
You know, Alex and Jack, this boils down to something that we need to think about.
The IRS and the federal government obviously doesn't need their pittance, their tax.
That is not the point.
They're losing control, and they know that.
If one person gets by with this, then others will do the same thing.
So they must make an example of Andy Lane.
That's what's going on right now.
They're trying to scare the people back in the box, back in the cage.
They don't need the money.
Money's not the issue.
It's a power trip, and they cannot allow us to take a stand.
They'll take us out one at a time.
And God forbid it would explode into a full-scale revolution.
But if it does, then so be it.
I don't see any... Well, let me give Jack McClam's take on that, and then if we still got Fred Smart and Tim, or is it Jim, who know Ed and have been doing a show with him.
If they're still there, I want to go back to them in a moment and keep both you gentlemen on.
We're suspending all other programming now.
I'm even trying to get Ted to suspend some of the ads here.
I'll pay for them, I don't care.
So much has changed.
Jack, I know you're having the same thoughts.
You're a veteran, most highly decorated police officer in Phoenix, Arizona's history.
You've been 27 years, police and military against the New World Order.
We knew this was coming.
We're having so many strides peacefully right now.
We're starting to turn the corner.
I know they've got to be stood up for.
We don't know if they're dead.
We don't know if they've really been burnt out.
It says that they've evacuated the area and quote, the federal and state forces, paramilitary forces have quote, moved against them.
That is confirmed.
They've been moved against.
At least they got in on the property.
They're encircling them, the bare minimum.
Jack, I mean, what do you see happening?
We can't control all the people out there that are going to go off and search.
What I think it is, and I have agreement with some of my friends,
I don't think so.
And we cannot reach any more people.
This may very well be the event they're pushing to try to get everybody to go there.
And they've been having Fox News TV productions and dramas on NBC.
Every TV show I've seen with dramas, with the cop shows now, is where a talk show host, and a lot of times they'll even have names like Alex,
Pastor, you know we're winning and if they can push us now, right now, into starting the war
We lose and they win.
If they can't push us into starting a violent revolution at this moment, they lose because we continue to go awaken people.
If they kill that family, then they lose big time and we still have the First Amendment.
We go to war with them right now.
Then they win because we can't reach any more people and that is exactly what they want to do.
Well, whatever happens, let me just say this and then Butch can jump in.
Whatever happens, it's the Globalist's fault and they caused this and they're a bunch of murdering scum.
Go ahead.
Okay, now my question is this and I'm not trying to...
I mean, can we justify that before a holy god?
I think we can, brother.
I think we can.
Well, we win.
If they kill that family, now I'm telling you right now, I'm here at my home, and if I were in that position,
I know that if they came in and killed me, that we would win in the freedom movement.
We would win because they wouldn't have pushed us into going to this violent confrontation that they want to put us under martial law and end our growth of awakening people.
That is tremendous right now.
They're scared to death of it.
They want to shut us down and this could very well be the way they're trying to do it.
is to get us to respond with our weapons all across the country into that area and we'll be under martial law and there won't be anymore people
Brought to the knowledge that the bad guys are actually... And let's be clear, then phase two starts that the police and military haven't been told, even as high as one-star generals.
You are all to be chewed up in the fight with us.
You're going to be completely defeated.
I want them to know this.
There's no doubt we will destroy you.
We will smash you.
We can totally, totally defeat you.
Just obliterate you.
Now, here's the point.
Then they're going to bring in the foreign troops.
And then it's on.
It's going to look like New Orleans nationwide.
And don't you think for a minute the globalists aren't planning it.
Everything they've done is for the moment we have now reached.
We are in the... This is... I ask God to give us guidance.
I ask this question again, and I totally agree with Jack.
I'm willing to be a sacrificial lamb.
I would be honored to die for the cause.
Right now...
If they would kill me, and it would help...
I think brother you know I pray every night
that God stops George Bush and company from doing another false flag operation because if he does that they will convince the American people that it was Iran and we gotta go into Iran and so the same way here I pray and I've already prayed this morning that the people will not go there in mass because that is what this is all about I feel it in my heart they're trying they they know that everybody's been praying for and thinking and
And knowing about Ed Brown and his family, and this is the way they hope to push us into the violent revolution.
And end our growth of awakening God's people.
Do you think we can, and again I'm asking a question that's been on my heart for a long time.
I'm 58 years old and I've been preaching for 30 years, so I've been part of this a long time.
Do you think that we're going to win a tyranny by voting or by talking?
The tyrants will not back down, but they won't be petitioning that office.
The point is that no one can doubt.
That our force is growing and growing and growing and it's important we're having this discussion.
We need to get more information.
We're going to skip this break.
Do we still have the other gentlemen on, Mr. Smart and others?
Gentlemen, I want to let you go, but I'd like you to pop back in here on Genesis as the day unfolds.
I know you've got your own program you've got to do here in a few minutes.
I've got three things to say.
Okay, who is this?
Oh, hi.
This is Tim.
Okay, go ahead, Tim.
I got three things to say, basically, Alex.
One is, uh, nemo me impunis et, which is Latin for, no man injures me with impunity.
When the law no longer works, we go back to the higher law, the older law, and that is the law of revenge.
Secondly, Michael Collins gambit.
What we're facing here is something we gotta be smart about.
If, as Jack McSlam said, if
They have killed this family and these people.
We cannot do a frontal assault like Amon D. Valera wanted to do back in the early 1920s.
Michael Collins is the one who says, no, you go for the head.
That's when he put the unit together and simply said, you take out the British leaders and you take out the Irish collaborators.
The third thing is leaderless resistance.
Everybody can look it up.
This is something that can't be coordinated.
It has to come out of your heart.
The point is, you cannot have a frontal assault.
It's called total resistance.
We cannot have a frontal assault.
It would be suicide.
No, actually, a frontal assault would win as well, sir.
It's a tidal wave.
They're a bunch of cowards.
I've seen these guys.
I mean, look at them in Virginia, hiding behind trees.
Listen, I appreciate you.
Let's go now to Mr. Smart.
Mr. Smart, comments?
Yeah, Alex, I'm a big fan of just the power of prayer and action in a positive light.
If you get people activated and motivated to get out and walk and run and pray, I don't care if you're praying the rosary, but you're getting outside a peaceful grouping of tens of thousands if not millions of people in and around Plainfield, in and around Lebanon,
Uh, is needed right now.
I agree, and I appreciate you.
Check in with us later.
God bless you, my friend, and I appreciate you, uh, with your reports.
It's the folks up here in the New Hampshire area that can get over there with video cameras right now.
That's the key.
Get out there right now.
Video all this.
Get doing video.
Get that information out.
Don't be cowards!
Drive up to the checkpoint and at least get video of that.
Show these murderers.
Sacrificial lamb, okay.
We'll say this could be another sacrificial lamb to further the cause.
I'm not going to debate that.
It could be what it could be.
But, again, I don't know that I have a right to choose who gets to be the sacrificial lamb and who doesn't.
That isn't in my... Well, let's just wait and see.
Let me get a comment from Jack McClann real quick.
Well, I'm a warrior for the Vietnam War, and I worked the war zone in South Phoenix for years, lost seven of my fellow officers down there in South Phoenix.
I would like to go kick butt.
I mean, I would like to go clean house, but I know their plan, and I don't want to be a part of initiating their shutdown of this wonderful awakening going on in America today, and I think that's what this is all about.
So we have to be wise.
And we have to think about what their plans are and why they're doing this.
And if our dear brother goes to heaven to be with the Lord and his family, we'll see him again one day.
But I know how I feel that if I could help the Freedom Movement awaken more people with my death, I would do it tomorrow.
I would have them come in and do me tomorrow.
So we have to be wise.
I don't like it.
I would love to go in and just kick butt and take our country back.
But we will have more people next week with us.
If they kill this family in the weeks after, then they won't even imagine.
They're hoping they can get us to do something violent as a group of people around the nation.
So I say that we must pray.
We should go there and pray and hold fast.
And we should all fast and pray to the Lord that the family be protected.
But let God's will be done.
We have to awaken more people.
Our main goal
I'll say this, I don't just say this for effect.
It's true.
They are imploding.
Everyone's waking up.
They're losing all credibility.
They are in info war retreat.
We are surging.
And I guarantee you, they're probably going to nuke Chicago in the next month.
There's no telling what the glove... I can just tell you right now, everybody feels it.
Everybody knows that it's all coming to a head right now, and I'm talking about the next year.
It's all accelerating, and whatever happens, happens.
But I guarantee you, those dumb cops and those dumb military people have no idea that they're being used right now.
What you said is very true.
They're going to do something to escape martial law, no matter what it is.
Whether we do it or they do it, they're going to do it.
I don't know when, I don't know how.
And I'm not saying for anybody to go out there and do anything, we'll say it's violent.
And honestly, I'm not Jack.
I'm saying, but what do we do?
When do we draw the line?
When do we say no more?
It's enough.
When we murder 50 million innocent children in the womb, and no one's stopped that yet.
We let sodomites and lesbians take over the country, and run offices, and control us.
When do we say no more as a people?
How long will it take before we say, we die by the means, or we die one at a time?
What difference does it make?
Well I've never seen so many police officers and soldiers waking up in my 27 years of doing this work and I want to see that continue.
More and more police and soldiers wake up.
I just talked to a guy this morning over there on the east coast that has his sheriff awake now and communicating with us and brother if a couple more of our people have to die right now so we can continue this great awakening
So be it.
That's the way it's got to be.
And that's not the warrior in me speaking.
I want to go kick butt and take these people out.
But you've got to realize, we will kick the butts... I want to make this point.
We will kick the butt of worthless scum minions in black uniforms that the New World Order wants to die.
Remember that.
What the fellow said earlier, if they start the martial law, the mass roundups, it is the resistance model used against the Germans in Europe.
It is the resistance model used over and over again.
That is the model.
And everybody needs to understand that.
And if you don't know what lone wolf resistance is, you better learn real fast, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, I do know that something's going to give in the very near future.
In my spirit, I sense this.
I know you do, Jack.
I know you do, Alex.
Something is going to break soon.
I don't know when.
I'm not a prophet.
But I'm also not unlearned.
But I do feel it in the spirit.
Everybody feels it.
I can't even sleep now.
It's imminent.
It's going to be in a minute.
It's just like when I was going to be shelled when I was in Cameron Bay and Food Camp and other places.
When I knew the shelling was imminent.
It's a gut feeling that you know it's coming.
Get ready.
Now this may be the key.
And this is what I fear.
And I mean this sincerely.
If we don't intercede.
Now I'm not telling us to do it.
I'm just making a comment here.
If we don't do it, will the Feds do it and blame it on us anyway?
They're going to have their way.
But that's a key point.
I mean, in my life, I have had a feeling right before a car came out of nowhere and hit me in the car.
I've had feelings right before somebody tried to mug me.
And you're saying, and I've talked to a lot of people, that right before you get shelled at random times, you'd know when they were coming before it even started.
And I want to just tell you how bad it's getting.
I put out a monthly news magazine called the Man Up Man News.
And I've had two people now, one from Ohio, one from Pennsylvania, call me that were pulled over by cops, saw the magazine on the front seat of the car.
This is a God's truth I'm telling you right now.
I just got one call today.
I understand.
The gentleman in Ohio, they called in the FBI, the terrorist task force, to come and arrest him.
That's the truth!
They took him for five hours and interrogated him.
He called a copy of my magazine on the front seat, along with a constitution and a road map.
And they called in Pennsylvania this morning.
The cops said, that magazine is subversive material.
This time next year, he said, this time next year, you'll be arrested for having that magazine in your possession.
Yeah, they're already telling the cops martial law is coming, and it was in AP last week that Christians, it even said gay rights groups, environmental groups, everybody gets arrested.
Good God.
Stay there, Jack McLean.
Stay there, Butch Paul.
I want to hear more about this.
You called the police and they told you, next year this time we're coming to arrest you.
My God.
Everybody, you know it's coming.
This is so horrible.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now, we don't know if this is more government disinfo.
It's from Fox 25.
We also have a source in WNET out of Scranton about National Guard.
...being mobilized in those areas.
This is Fox 25.
Marshals served search warrant to seize Brown's dental office.
Marshals Service says a supporter of the fugitives was detained near the Browns' home this morning and that they served a federal warrant to seize Elaine Brown's dental office.
Now, if they were on the property or near it and grabbed this guy while he was walking the dog,
That could be a cover for him, or it probably means he's a good guy, a hero.
But that means that they've done an abortive coup, and I said this in the first hour.
I said, just because they've surrounded, just because they're evacuating nearby houses, doesn't mean they'll move in.
They'll come in, like a pit bull grabbing a little puppy.
It'll grab it, and bite it, and then let go, and then grab it again.
We saw this in Indianapolis Baptist Temple.
I've seen this MO.
Before they invaded Panama, they did drills for months, where they'd act like they were going to invade, until the Panamanians finally stood down when the real attack came.
Now they do this.
They cry wolf.
So we'll put out the report and be seen as crying wolf.
You understand?
They'll send a wolf out, we'll report it, and people say, well, where's the wolf?
By the time the media's done, they'll say there was never police, nobody was ever out there.
But I got AP, I got local news, they are there.
And this could be another shield.
Because if they've already engaged and grabbed people off near the property or on the property, and they've already shut down roads and evacuating houses, they're probably still moving in.
That's what my gut tells me, but it may be wrong, because they may not know what they're going to do.
Jack McClam, with your military and police experience, and with you also, Pastor Butch Paul, with your experience, what do you think with this new intel?
What's your gut level on that?
You asking me or Jack, Alex?
Both of you.
I don't hear Jack.
But I don't know exactly what's happening.
I'm not there.
But I think this is another practice maneuver with the feds, with the military.
This is getting people used to it.
It's a laboratory.
This is another practice.
They're getting better at it.
You have to give them credit where credit's due.
They're getting good at this.
They do it almost undercover.
They take the press out.
They go in and do it.
And then the news cleans it up for them.
These people are radicals.
They had a compound.
They probably had bombs in the house.
They had weapons in the house.
They probably had machine guns.
They just like did at Ruby Ridge and Wake Grove.
That's what they did!
No, no, no.
They're painting them as demons.
And this is all... They got a compound.
There's a bomb truck.
They got bombs.
They're not human.
Jack McClam?
Did we lose Jack?
Apparently we lost Jack.
You know what, I think he walked away from his, Mike.
He's probably got some new intel coming in.
Just put him on hold.
Keep him live for when he comes back.
I can hear background stuff in this.
In his compound, his home.
But, Jack, I mean, it's just... This is unbelievable.
He's there now.
Jack, this is just in.
It sounds like disinfo.
Either way, I said first hour, they could move in, evacuate everybody, grab this guy off the property, and then say they're not raiding his house right now.
Clearly, they have surrounded it now for a siege, it looks like, and to keep the press and media and citizens back, they're saying it's all over, but saying that they're staying in place.
This from Fox 25.
We've seen this before, haven't we, Jack?
You better believe it.
I was there at Ruby Ridge and saw the 500 militarized troops there, but what we have here could very well be a PSYOPs operation where they're trying to get us headed that way to where they can cause a
uh... martial law scenario so they're putting out this information.
I smell a big fat gigantic stinking rat which which which I felt earlier at the start of the show who knows who we can trust in all of this that's right we can only trust our lord and ourselves uh... but anyway I'm saying that uh... it is not over okay until we fire our guns because then the first amendment is gone
And they love that.
That's exactly what they want.
And they want us to shut down the system that's awakening hundreds of thousands of people a day across the country.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, Jack McClellan and Butch Baugh.
I'm Alex Jones.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're working on getting a state representative who's been pro-Ed Brown and Elaine Brown on.
It's clear there's a siege going on.
AP, two newspapers and two different TV stations, three TV stations have reported
That they have blocked it off for miles, evacuating houses, have moved in with now it looks like hundreds of state and federal terrorist forces, literally.
I mean, just goon military forces.
Look how cowardly they are.
I mean, five guys, six guys could go in and, you know, if they were properly trained, you know, just evil scum and, you know, deal with a man and a woman.
But no, they're just, you saw them when they get, the feds tell them to stand down when they pulled that off in Virginia a few months ago.
They just do it, waddling around with their machine guns.
I think.
I don't know.
Bullies are bullies, as long as they can.
But I'll make one quick announcement.
On my program tonight, 9 o'clock Eastern, on Genesis, on different stations and on shortwave, on my broadcast tonight, I'm going to counsel a guest, and I'm not going to have a guest.
I'm going to have the lines open for updates on this.
Anybody wants to call in tonight?
Well, my program at 800-259-5791, 9 p.m.
Eastern, we're going to do an update.
In fact, I'm going to attempt on the other Genesis Shows today to be calling in and help the different shows with their reports.
You too.
You call in, please, if you hear anything else.
And Jack, you're on the air an hour before I am.
You please feel free to call in, too, and share, because the Lord has blessed me with a lot of outlets sent out, and I want to get the news out there.
So tonight, 9 o'clock, we should have a whole lot more stories of this.
So my hour will be open tonight at 9 o'clock, p.m.
Eastern, at 800-259-5791.
Continual coverage here on the GCN Radio Network.
I want to still get Luke Rodowski on because he interviewed Ed three days ago.
on Monday before they went to the Republican Convention and got arrested themselves with Matt LePacek and uh... and Matt and everybody else that was witnessed by the American Freedom of Fascism reporters uh... there uh... with the loose change crew uh... and I meant to get the father on who was standing up against 9-11 with a sign so the CPS took his son and said you're not allowed to uh... this is key now and I want to go back and recap everything that's happened and what we know is happening right now but this is key
A law enforcement technology magazine four years ago, I'll never forget it, said, this is a federal guideline, and they were talking about documents they'd seen, similar documents we've seen, we've put out, it's been now in the AP, but this is some separate stuff that said in there, if someone has a get us out of the UN sticker on their car, they're a terrorist, it said are a terrorist, they are to be arrested, and it said police chiefs
Call the feds in, interrogate them, look for weapons, at least arrest them, and bring them in for questioning.
Now, Butch, you put out a newsletter that's mainly mainstream articles, it's really thick, it's excellent, I get it.
It's just got stuff I never even found, but most of it's mainstream.
Just a big, thick compilation of news and important things that happened.
But regardless of what it was, you now have had two different listeners arrested who had it, and then you told me, if I'm correct, you were talking fast as we were excited, that you called the cops that did this, and they said, you're going to be arrested?
No, one of the gentlemen stopped one of the cops from Pennsylvania, his name is George, called me today.
The cop that stopped him and saw the magazine said, that's subversive material, and this time next year, you'll be arrested if that's found in your possession.
Now, didn't you say that somebody else got taken in for five hours?
Yeah, in Ohio, a guy named Howard was at our seminar this past weekend, was stopped by the police, they saw my magazine first, and then they saw a pop constitution, they saw a road map.
They called the FBI terrorism task force, the FBI, he's arrested, taken down to the police station, then when the FBI come, they took him into another office, handcuffed him, ankle cuffed him to a chair,
And interrogated him for five hours and said, he looks like you're part of a militia because from a news magazine is the picture of the minute man.
Which by the way is at state capitals everywhere in the U.S.
I mean that's just a symbol of a guy with a gun.
But they said because, by the way, as you mentioned, this brochure has been out for years.
Anyone who's called an anti-government group, if you have, for example, bumpers that say gun control equals enslavement, or the Constitution has been subverted, or... They say that!
Or you believe in the Bilderberg Group or an international conspiracy.
Let me just stop you.
In America, in the 20 loopholes in the immigration bill, which by the way is not dead, that is pure bull, okay, they're going to bring it back up next week, okay, just like two weeks ago they claimed it was dead and tried to vote it today.
This is the military tactics, just like they're saying he's not surrounded now, but everybody's evacuated and he is surrounded with Ed Brown.
This is all military tactics where they say this is not an assault, as they're killing you, just enough so you hesitate, that moment of hesitation and they win.
In the bill, we read the subsection yesterday, child molester illegal aliens are allowed in.
I'm not kidding, it's in the subsection.
Any MS-13 gang members are allowed in.
It actually says it.
Okay, you could not make this up.
It actually says total blanket amnesty for twelve years, not six, they've doubled it, for anyone that wants to be here.
Total unlimited skilled and unskilled visas.
Total end.
Total legalization.
Social security cards on the first visit.
Unlimited legalization.
That's all okay.
While these groups run around saying this is Mexico.
And openly saying it on big radio owned stations that aren't even owned by Mexicans.
But then, if you've got a pocket constitution, anybody that doubts that it's in Road to Tyranny, that happened in 2000, Abbey Newman, they find a pocket constitution, they find a Harrison Ford video, Patriot Games, the word Patriot first got them upset.
They're so dumb, folks.
These are state police!
This isn't me, it's on tape!
These are so evil!
Okay, but so stupid!
And they say, this is paraphernalia, this is contraband, should we charge her for that?
And one of them thinks and goes, maybe she's allowed to have that.
You evil piece of filth!
This is America!
You swore an oath to that!
Jack McClain, what is it like for you to know that cops nationwide, when they see the Constitution, start getting upset?
What is wrong with them?
How in the...
I'm going to say, how in the hell are they that speak?
Forgive me.
We're about to, the revolution's on, folks.
How have we gotten to this point, Jack McClain?
Well, brother, I'll tell you.
I see the other side.
I see contact from our police and soldiers that are waking up to this conspiracy and this evil treason that's going on.
But of course, I do know we contact police officers.
You've got a phone off at your office.
Somebody's listening at your office.
Yeah, what happened is somebody at your office was listening on the other line.
Jack, can you get them to hang up?
But if anybody is listening on the other line, please hang up.
They didn't know.
They were listening and then they didn't hang it up right.
Or something's going on.
But Bush, do you have somebody off the... I can't speak for you as well either, Alex.
I'll tell you what, I'm going to put you both on hold.
No one's on my line here, no.
Jack, can you hang up and call us right back?
I've got to do it.
Get Jack back on.
I want him for the rest of the hour, but we can't do this.
I'm on the ISDN line, so nobody's on this line.
Yeah, go ahead and let Jack go.
Okay, that's the network sending me an off-the-hook tone.
Now, was that the network, or was that Jack?
John's doing, literally, answering the phones, running the show, and he is trying to get me different press reporters and different people from inside, so.
Okay, get him back.
But Jack, I think it was Jack's phone, actually, because it was really low.
What is it like?
I mean, I'm not kidding, cops.
Maybe you have a higher level detective or a...
State Trooper, you haven't been in this training.
They say Founding Fathers are terrorists, Christians are enemies of America.
On video!
I have this in Kansas City, in the classroom, with FEMA teaching it.
We had the preachers on last year, Butch, where they're teaching them to tell your martial laws coming, tell people to turn your guns in.
They're not joking, folks!
They're moving!
That's happening.
And by the way, the gentleman who was arrested in Ohio asked FBI agents when he was being interrogated
Didn't you all not take an oath to uphold the Constitution?
Why is it all of a sudden a piece of literature that's controversial?
No answer, of course.
But this, again, is obviously, as Jack said, this is probably, or he said, a psychopathy.
I have no doubt this is.
It is mind control.
This is mind control.
This is people control.
Fear is control!
And we don't fear him.
And I realize, obviously neither does Andy Lane.
But again, Jack talked about the First Amendment.
I'm all for that.
Hallelujah for the First Amendment.
But how about the Second Amendment?
What's it there for?
I mean, is it there for us to hold reserve and chill with their murders?
Some more of us?
I'm asking a question.
I don't know.
This is a sincere question on my heart and mind.
All I'm saying is we need to wait and see what happens with all this.
I agree.
That's why tonight at 9 o'clock, folks listening, please tonight, tune in to our broadcast.
I understand, but we will.
We're going to plug that before you leave us.
I've got a bunch of other numbers and contacts here for reporters.
Do we have Jack McClamback?
Okay, we'll get him back on.
And Luke Rudowsky also interviewed him, InfoWars.com reporter on Monday.
That video interview is up on the web.
We're getting links to that.
Continual coverage of all this at PrisonPlanet.com.
And don't forget,
We're going to have a protest against the New World Order, against Waco, and against what's happening to Ed and Elaine Brown tonight here in Austin, Texas at the Governor's Mansion with the Bilderberg Traitor, Rick Perry.
I'm calling for a Logan Act investigation, a clear felony violation of it.
I'm calling for an official investigation by grand juries of this, and we're going to be down there tonight exposing the Governor.
I mean, we're in their face, folks.
We're asking for it.
That's what we're doing.
Well, we're putting ourselves in the way of the fist, but that's... They're intimidated right now is what they're trying to make their move.
7 o'clock, down there in front of the Governor's Mansion, right off 11th Street.
Just go to the Capitol.
Go to the Governor's Mansion.
You can't miss it.
I want to see you there tonight.
Call three of your friends and bring them.
I know it's spontaneous.
I just announced it yesterday.
I want to see everybody there today.
I want to see you there at 7 o'clock.
And then I'll call in and report to you, Butch, later.
I got a bunch of other numbers here.
To call with people that have talked to Ed and Elaine Brown.
Reportedly, we'll find out what happens there.
We know this.
The feds and the state police with armored vehicles, drones, helicopters moved in.
We know a drone was there last night.
And we know they evacuated for upwards of over a mile.
It says for several miles in the newspaper that they've got checkpoints blocking people.
They're saying, don't worry, we're not raiding this compound.
I understand that, Alex.
A mile away in New Hampshire, they can't see anything.
It's wooded, it's hilly.
It's not like a mile away in Texas where it's flat level in some places.
No one can get them with any kind of camera.
Well, in Waco, they kept them a mile and a half away, but the Germans still got the video of them.
Too far away.
New Hampshire's so wooded, though, they can't see that far away.
Let alone by airplane.
You know, this is where the Patriots fought the Redcoats.
Right there in the same spot.
The live, free, or die state, and that's what
Ed Brown and Lane Brown are doing right now.
Continual coverage as new developments break on the other side.
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June 7, 2007.
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Jerome O'Coursey's Iran leads attack against the U.S.
dollar document spells it out.
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Call 800-686-2237 for Corsi's report today.
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I'm good.
We don't know what the truth is.
We know the feds have surrounded and evacuated for over a mile.
We know there's armored vehicles, helicopters, paramilitary terror forces.
Literally, these are America-killing forces.
These are occupiers of the foreign banks that completely own this country and have run us into the ground by design and demonized our name worldwide.
Now U.S.
Marshals are saying they served a search warrant on his wife's dental office and that they've surrounded the house but they're not planning to raid it.
Total lie.
They're just waiting to see what happens.
Who knows?
There was a report that Butch got that the place had been burnt down.
We know they do that.
That was unconfirmed.
We don't know.
There's an individual named Drew Raines who I'm told has talked many times to the Browns and been in contact with them and talked to them today.
I don't know if that's the case.
We tried cell phone numbers and our home number.
We weren't able to get him.
He'll be on with us in a few minutes.
We'll see what's happening there.
I know that Luke Rodowski, Infowars.com reporter, met with him on Monday, one of the last big interviews he's done.
So we'll get Luke on in about 10 minutes with Matt LePacek and others.
But going back to Jack McClam, Jack, when you were gone a few minutes, did you learn anything else or anything going on?
No, no brother.
Our phones are ringing and ringing and ringing here in the office.
Carol is trying to take care of the calls while I'm on the radio.
But nothing new has come in.
We just know that we're trying to get people to call their state representatives there and tell them not to allow the feds to do another Waco or Ruby Ridge there.
I don't think so.
And let them know we're concerned.
In fact, on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, we'll post the phone numbers and continual coverage is all there.
Paul Watson, Steve Watson, Ryan Slickhize, and Aaron Dykes, they're all working around the clock.
Total coverage on this at JonesReport.com.
I know Aaron will be here until about 2 in the morning tonight.
We've got our protest coming up at 7.
It's good to have multi-state protests.
Call all the Texas media.
You ask why?
This is where Waco happened.
We're protesting.
Don't have another Waco against, you know, for national attention.
Like, we don't want another Waco in Texas.
They're protesting.
We're shifting the protest we're having for Bilderberg Grave over to that.
Now, it's very important that everybody call.
Don't wait for me to give you the number.
Just get New Hampshire information.
We've already put out the state.
In fact,
But two days ago we put out the state police numbers, or actually yesterday.
I had the sheriff's number right here.
I think the governor's office is the place.
Because when they were going to raid the Gray family and had the armored vehicles and the cameras and the people all ready, and we went out there back in 1999, and when all the other patriots were cowardly and didn't go out there, I was in there alone.
But of course I'm evil later.
They backed off and stopped because the governor
I have, I have Mr. Chairman
Yeah, that's right.
Well, I have the Sheriff's number here, Alex.
Let me give that out.
The Sheriff's name is Michael Prozo.
And he's conveniently out of town, they say.
But his number is 603, area code, 863-4200.
And I think we ought to just burn the phone line up.
And tell the sheriff's deputies and anybody there to be out there and keep control.
Okay, stay there gentlemen.
I'm going to put you on hold because we can't bring up three people at the same time.
Drew Raines, and now that name rings a bell.
I know he's, he hasn't even co-hosted for you Jack, if my memory serves me correctly.
Drew, exactly who have you talked to?
Have you talked to the Browns?
Do you know what's going on?
Thanks for coming on.
I appreciate the invite, and yeah, you're right.
I do stand in for Jack McLammy.
He's my favorite officer out there.
And I know you just love me to death, too.
The bottom line here is, with all hatred or any animosity against anybody out there, this is a day of problems in America, and we as American people need to stand up.
And yes, I did get a phone call 20 minutes before my personal show ended today from somebody inside the house.
And they told me that they were surrounded and blocked off and that the mainline telephone was dead and they were calling from the emergency cell phone number that was given to them or a cell phone that was given to them by a personal friend of mine who is in a militia unit there in Vermont.
Okay, stay there, stay there, but I need to understand who is in the house.
We'll find out on the other side with Drew Raines.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This is Elizabeth Border.
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On a lonely, lonesome highway East of Omaha You listen to the engine moanin' out his one-note song You think about the woman The girl you knew the night before But your power's so thin
Breaking news with Drew Rains.
He is a talk show host.
My brain is so scrambled today.
I know him.
I didn't even remember who I was on.
Drew Rains.
I know Drew Rains.
Oh, he co-hosts for Jack McClam.
He's got his own show.
I know Drew from Arkansas.
Drew's a great guy.
Drew, you, now I understand why you can't tell us, a militiaman who lives nearby, who you have a cell phone with, part of the coverage.
You got a call from him.
Again, we can't say who to protect the family because these feds don't play games.
What happened this morning?
What did you hear?
Twenty minutes before my show on American Voice Radio Network, I got a phone call.
That's fine.
What time was this?
What time was that?
Central Standard Time, this was approximately 11.44.
Okay, go ahead and tell us.
And the phone call came in, and the person on the other end tells me that, hey, Drew, something's going down here.
I got this phone here from a certain person, and I was told to call you and let you know that the house is under attack.
We are totally surrounded.
There seems to be about, at least from what we can tell, 40 to 50 men outside dressed all in black.
Can't even tell if they're sheriffs or U.S.
Marshals or what.
The next thing I'm told is that there is some shooting going on.
I'm just telling you what I was told.
I don't know if it's true.
I haven't been able to confirm anything.
Well, I do know the individual that made the phone call, yes.
Okay, well, and you know they were in New Hampshire, and like you said, they live nearby.
I know that this individual was in this house, and he lives within a certain number of miles of this home with a militia group, because I'm in touch with several militia groups around the United States.
Now, I don't know if the house is on fire.
I don't know if anybody's been shot and killed.
I am not there.
I'm in Arkansas.
Okay, I'm part of an informational freedom network just like you are, Alex.
We're putting the truth out there as we get it.
No, I understand.
I understand.
Nobody can second guess that.
That's why I'm being specifically clear.
But for the article, it is a militia member that you know that has been in the house.
He called you and said they were surrounded and that shots were being fired.
Anything else, Drew Raines?
All I can tell you is that, you know,
No, sir.
We need to be praying for America, because I know that these men are not going to go quietly in the night.
They are going... I've got personal word from this man.
He will die for freedom, and this is freedom.
Now, how many people are in the house?
I'm about to go to... Do we have Luke Rudowsky?
He was there on Monday.
I have no idea who all of you are.
You know there were eight members in this house when I asked him specifically how many people are there.
He said there are eight now.
There were nine, but one man hasn't returned.
He went out walking a dog and has not returned.
Yeah, and the Feds are putting out the story that they grabbed him, but they're not attacking.
That sounds just like Waco, but he may be either a patriot or a scoundrel.
We're going to find out.
Stay there, Drew.
I'm going to bring Jack McClam and Butch up in a minute.
We've got some people online.
I've got to put them on hold and take them off.
Let's bring up Luke Rudowsky, Infowars.com, WeAreChange.org, reporter.
He was there Monday in an interview with Ed and Elaine Brown.
You can see it all over the web on their blog.
You name it, it's on Ed and Elaine Brown's blog.
We've got links to that on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com and JonesReport.com.
Luke Rodowski, what did you see?
How many people were in the house three days ago?
Three days ago we had seven WeAreChanged.org members there.
I just really want to say really quickly, when we were there Monday, Ed and Elaine Brown were setting up UHF radio systems.
Uh, radio systems.
They're in the process of setting that up.
They either set it up or they didn't set it up yet.
But if anybody's in the New Hampshire area, listen to UHF radio channels right now.
Or listen to CB radio channels right now.
Did we get the UHF frequencies they're gonna be on?
I don't know what frequencies.
I know they were setting it up when we were there Monday.
They were setting up the radio frequencies when we were there Monday.
For all the ham radio operators, everybody, you get them set up, you start recording on those frequencies.
I wish we would have gotten the frequencies.
I don't know the frequency of numbers, but anybody... I didn't want to foolishly sit on top of this thing and wait for it to happen.
It's just unbelievable.
Luke, what else happened while you were there?
I mean, how many people, separate from We Are Change, how many people were with Edna Lane Brown when you were there?
It was Edna Lane Brown and one other gentleman.
There was only three people in the house that we noticed that were in there.
And these people are one of the nicest people out there.
They are true Americans.
They are innocent.
They did not do anything.
They're not guilty of anything.
These are one of the most beautiful, nicest people in the world.
The real criminals, they're outside their house right now.
And we have to understand that.
And I would just get a camera.
We just need video footage of this.
I'm heartbroken right now.
I don't know.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know what to do, man.
Look, I know you're going to upstate New York.
You just need to saddle up.
If you need money, I'll send it to you.
Are you ready to saddle up right now and get in a car?
Not a big RV or something.
I'll pay for a motel or whatever.
I'll wire you money if I have to.
Just go.
You and the two or three people get in a car now and put the pedal to the metal.
We're doing it.
Okay, right now.
Any other intel from inside the house?
These people were the nicest people there.
We were there for the whole day just talking to them.
We conducted a long interview with them.
What did you think of the person that was with him?
Was his name Reno or whatever it is?
I think it was a gentleman from Texas.
I think his name was Reno.
What was your vibe?
I don't know what kind of vibe off got him.
I can't really say now.
I don't know if he was a good person or a bad person, but he was there.
I don't know if he was really a close person to them, but he was one of their security guards.
He was watching them.
He was always watching us.
Now he's disappeared this morning, and they may have grabbed him off the property.
He may be a hero.
Probably is.
We'll see.
Luke Rodowski, launch!
And don't drive recklessly.
Hell, if you guys want to jump on an airplane, and you've got the cash on you, I'll pay it back.
Just get yourself a couple hundred dollar tickets.
But you'll need a car once you get there.
I'm getting my people right now.
Good job.
Okay, we've launched the probe.
Good job.
What a probe he is.
Absolutely the model we need to fight the New World Order.
Wow, I've heard Aaron Russo's called in from America Freedom to Fascism.
He's launched his own news gathering network.
This is beautiful.
It's spontaneously happening everywhere.
But first I want to bring up Jack McClam at a comment with his friend, Drew Raines, his co-host, Drew Raines, Phil Anos.
Jack, my friend, what do you think of all this new intel?
Well, I think
Drew is my favorite Marine.
He's a hardcore patriot.
And if he tells you something, he's going to tell you everything he knows.
And I would tend to trust anything he tells you.
But then again, he told you that he wasn't there.
He's just being told this information.
So it's secondhand information.
But I just received a call that we would ask our people to pull up Google Earth Satellite.
We're good.
If there's anything, it's actually the satellite that will show you the pictures right there on the ground in a playing field.
I don't know.
You have to be a premium member, but we'll buy a membership if we have to.
I don't know if the satellite's always over that.
They've blocked a lot of that out.
That's true.
That's true.
We're going to find out right now.
We'll check Google Satellite.
I know there's Google View and Google Earth, but we'll check that.
Drew Raines, anything else that needs to be added?
Hello, Jack.
Hey, brother.
How are you doing?
I'm doing great, sir.
God bless you for all the work you're doing.
I want to let you know that the Google satellite photos are 24-hour delay minimum.
Oh, I see.
On my network, on American Voice, a former show that I took over, we announced anybody that's in that area to meet up at truck stops and converge there at Plainfield on the New Hampshire and Vermont
And you know, a mass show of American people coming to the aid of an honest family who believes in freedom and justice.
Bare minimum, we need tens of thousands of people to converge there right now, peaceably, and to go up and to cover what's happening.
I agree.
And they need to see the same thing that happened at Ruby Ridge.
Jack, before we go to Aaron Russo, briefly break down what happened at Ruby Ridge.
Well, I was there and I saw
The Randy Weavers, the hole up underneath his arm.
I saw his bride, Vicky, laying up under the table in a pool of blood with her face blown off.
And I saw their young adopted son, Harris, laying over there with gangrene in his shoulder.
And I wanted to kill Lon Herucci, the FBI sniper, because he took the witness stand and said he'd do it again.
That he'd do everything again.
And so we do have these killers that they do promote up through the ranks today in law enforcement.
That's the sad thing.
The guys on the ground usually are not these hardened court killers, but they follow orders.
And so I spend 24 hours a day almost, it seems like, seven days a week educating our police and soldiers here that they should say no to this kind of tyranny.
And we're winning
We're getting more and more on our side all the time and so the government wants us to do something to start a war right now with them so that they can shut down the Alex Jones Show, GCN, and shut down Drew Rains Show and my program and shut down our publications so we cannot
We're having the greatest harvest of souls and minds and intellects ever.
Even though police think I'm hard on them, sometimes it's the system I'm hard on.
Most of them are big supporters of the show right here in Austin.
Listen, police, you work for pure evil.
The people running the country, you know it in your gut.
You know it in that same sixth sense that Pastor Brooks was talking about back when he was in, you know, Cambodia over the line doing secret ops when they knew an attack was coming and he didn't know why he knew.
Folks, you know your bosses are evil.
You know they're bad.
My God, Halliburton and DynCorp publicly run giant child kidnapping rings.
They put it in the newspaper and they don't get in any trouble.
We're the good guys.
You work for the bad guys.
And it's just getting worse and worse and we don't want to fight with you.
We know it won't hurt the New World Order for us to fight with you.
But we have to defend ourselves, and you just, you keep asking for it.
It's just like, you know, in the Rambo movie, First Blood, where he says, you just keep pushing me.
And I don't think, I mean, how many police and military, Jack, have you talked to, of the millions that are out there that are ready to rock and roll if they keep pushing?
Oh my gosh, brother.
For the last 27 years, I've had soldiers and police officers tell me they want to march on Washington right now.
And I've had to tell them, listen, let us awaken more people
Let us have the First Amendment a little longer, because the minute we march on Washington or on New Hampshire there at Plainfield, they're going to put us under martial law, and they win.
Because they will cut us off from awakening more people.
There's never been an awakening like this, as you know, Alex, on the face of the earth, of God's people.
I agree.
Let me keep you.
We'll bring Butch back up.
We're in the closing minutes of the show.
I'll be popping in on all the shows with reports, if people wish that.
On top of all of this, and I'll definitely be on with you tonight, Jack, and I'll definitely be on with you a bunch tonight.
I know you guys want me on with y'all.
I'll be there as I'm here at the office trying to finish in-game.
But right now...
Going to Aaron Russo, who's in Los Angeles, and we've all been praying for him, battling cancer, but he's here in the fight.
Aaron, now we've got a few minutes.
What's your take on all the things that are happening right now?
You know, your film, American Freedom from Fascism, you know, on the front line in the Info War, exposing what's happening with this criminal organization.
Well, first I just want to say you're doing a great job.
You're a great conductor today, Alex.
You're orchestrating this thing beautifully.
I just want to say that
I think it's very important that everybody remain calm, first of all.
I've gotten more phone calls this morning, and I feel more phone calls from people, you know, passing rumors, spreading this, spreading that.
There's a state of hysteria going on.
And the reason there's a state of hysteria going on is because we're not organized.
And I've been trying to say this, you know, all of a sudden, this thing is staring you in the face.
Everybody's been looking at this, knowing it's coming down.
And then when it happens, everybody's running around,
Like a chicken with the head cut off, not knowing what to do.
Aaron, what are we going to do?
What are we going to do?
What are we going to do?
And the point is, you can't decide what you're going to do on the spur of the moment.
You have to be organized in advance.
You have to know who we got, what we got, who we are.
Well, Aaron, I agree with you, but even the mainstream media isn't sure what's going on.
This is the way humans behave, and I agree we need big, organized groups.
We also need lots of lone groups, too.
Maybe I'm not making the point clearly enough.
I'm not saying we don't know what's going on in New Hampshire.
We understand that we don't know what's going on.
Don't block it out as much as possible.
But if we're going to react, if people who believe in freedom and the Constitution are going to react and have a sense of being so we can defend ourselves, then you have to have a control.
You have to have an organization that works.
You have to have an organization that says,
We've got people, we've got you in New Hampshire, get out there now.
You have to be like military precision.
You have to get together, join on a team, get organized, and have headquarters.
So when this stuff comes down, you can deal with it.
Otherwise you're just a bunch of people running around randomly without any organization.
And it makes no sense, I've been...
But we don't know, and again, Listener called in and said that Elaine Brown called into the Ed Brown Show and advised that their house is not on fire, and it appears the authorities have backed off or left, and we hope that is the case, but understand, they moved in, they admitted they shut down the roads, for everybody that just joined us, this is in New Hampshire, they admit they came in, they admit that they were doing all this,
Hold on, Aaron.
I gotta finish with this report here because as this stuff comes out, okay, that's what people are tuned in here as we do the news report.
And so what's happening here is that the feds have put out the news on Fox 25 that U.S.
Marshals have served a search warrant to seize Brown's dental office, but they admit that they've surrounded the house.
So they're doing that to make everybody back off.
Now, we don't know what the truth is.
We hope they've backed off.
But that's a whole separate argument in and of itself.
I'm discussing something different.
No, I understand, Aaron.
I'm just doing a new show.
I'm here getting the news out.
I know you think.
New stuff just came in.
I'm just trying to make a point.
The whole point of this is, what they could be doing very simply is
Doing this, seeing who reacts how, who gets the phone calls, what processes go to work, so they can monitor it, and they know what to do next time.
That's what I said in the first hour, of course this is a laboratory, but it's a laboratory for us too, to grow all of the grassroots organizations, the conversion of the asymmetrical warfare of the lone wolf, media, info war, physical, whatever, is the unstoppable, that way there's not one head to cut off, Aaron.
I agree with that.
But you have to have an organization.
And you have to have many heads there.
That's the point.
If you're not organized...
Yeah, you're just a bunch of guys running around.
Aaron, what are we going to do?
I understand, but I want to be positive on the air.
Aaron, I appreciate it.
I'll talk to you during the break.
We're about to go to break here, ladies and gentlemen.
We're here on air, ladies and gentlemen, talking about the Ed and Elaine Brown case.
And we've heard from many of the co-hosts of the show that Ed and Elaine Brown were doing.
We've heard from people in New Hampshire.
We have heard from Jack McClam who called to talk to the Sheriff's Office.
We've heard from Pastor Butch.
Uh, Paul, who has also been giving us reports.
We've been covering the news here.
We're going to come back in the final segment and everybody needs to converge there peacefully to cover this as a show of support.
Also tonight, seven o'clock,
Texas Governor's Mansion, right off 11th Street, right by the Capitol.
I'm going to be there 7 to 8, one hour, saying no more Waco's.
Believe me, call the press, tell them to be there.
That's the type of news the feds will want to see is multi-state, far away demonstrations happening.
We'll see if the Governor's Mansion also protesting his Bilderberg Group moves.
We'll come back with final comments from Aaron Russo, Jack McClam, Pastor Butch.
Stay with me.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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The future man says it's the end of time And the Mississippi River, she's a gold drive The interest is up and the stock market's down And you only get mugged if you go downtown
I live back in the woods, you see.
A woman and the kids and the dogs and me.
I got a shotgun, a rifle, and a four-wheel drive, and a country boy can survive.
Country folks can survive.
And this is dedicated to Ed and Elaine Brown, this song right now.
It's going to play a minute or so more.
Go back to our guest.
...all day long.
I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn.
We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too.
Ain't too many things these old boys can't do.
We grow good old tomatoes and homemade wine and country boy can survive.
Alright, final segment.
Continual coverage throughout the day on Genesis.
And I'll be on with Jack tonight.
I'll be on with Pastor Butch tonight.
We've got the Governor's number here for you.
Call it right now.
This is Government John... What's his name?
I was scribbling it down so fast, Butch.
I'm Lynch.
And the phone number is 603-271-2121.
That's 603-271-2121.
His fax number is 7680.
Same first number?
Closing comments, you've got 45 seconds, then Jack McClam.
1603-271-2121 or 7680 at the end.
All I can say is, folks, I hope that the news is true.
I hope they back down.
But we must unite.
We must organize.
It's time.
We cannot wait another week, another month.
We must organize now and decide that we're willing to die for the cause.
And no more Mamby Pamby.
Let's do something about this.
PrisonPlanet.com and JonesReport.com are the two sites that I'm going to have 24 hour a day coverage on this today.
Again, PrisonPlanet.com and JonesReport.com right now.
Those are my two sites that have the most coverage on this.
Thank you, Butch, and I'm going to join you via ISDN tonight, okay?
See you tonight, okay.
Help you bring in the reports.
Jack McClam, you've got the final word here.
Okay, brother.
Thank you for coming on with me tonight.
We really need to hit this hard, and I just want to say I've missed you, Aaron Russo.
We haven't talked to each other in years.
I remember when you kissed me on the cheek there at the Preparedness Expo.
I want to talk to you, brother.
Give me a call, would you?
Listen, we're praying for you all the time for your cancer.
Aaron is going to, if he feels good, I'm going to have him on tomorrow.
He's now gone so he can fully flesh out what he was trying to say there with me, hyperventilating.
So much is happening, Jack.
Number one, we need to pray for the Browns right now.
Number two, I think it's safe, Jack, to at least send people there to show numbers.
We should do that, right?
Well, you know, I've been involved in this business a long time and if you send them in there non-violently, tell them to watch for the undercover guys coming in to shoot the police officers from their crowds and they jump on them and they take their guns away from them if they try to cause violence because that's what they'll try to do.
We know they love it.
Jack, we'll have you back on tomorrow as this develops.
Thank you so much, my friend.
God bless you, Alex.
We'll have links to their shows tonight so you can hear when I'm on there with them.
And no doubt I'll probably be on Coast to Coast tonight.
Who knows?
They'll probably call.
I was on there last night.
As we continue to cover the really important news, the things that really matter, pray for Edna Lane Brown right now and pray for Luke Rodowski going into the sector.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.