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Air Date: June 6, 2007
2787 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Here we are.
It is the sixth day of June 2007.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
Senator Sessions has finally gotten a copy of the complete bill.
It's even semi-secret from high-ranking Senators.
It is total, absolute mega-amnesty.
The worst ever, even worse than we thought from the subsections that we've gotten.
We'll be going over the 20 total loopholes, the end of America, in the second hour.
In the first hour!
Matt Lepacek reporting for InfoWars.com and WeAreChange.org with Luke Rudowsky and Michael Narr were at the Republican debates last night in New Hampshire in the big media gymnasium area separate from the debates.
They went in, said who they were with, got CNN press passes.
They were letting, you know, small newspapers, TV stations, all over the country, didn't matter, Big Ten,
They went in and they asked serious follow-up questions to Rudolph Giuliani's minions about the two separate times in the last two weeks where they confronted him in New York and surrounding areas, politely as well, asking him about his comments that he was told Tower One and Two were going to fall.
He then denied it.
We have played, of course, the national television program Giuliani was on with
The now, of course, deceased anchor of ABC News, Peter Jennings, he also said it in front of the 9-11 Commission.
And his head pollster said, no, it's a lie, you don't have any documentation.
And then the press secretary was there in the crowd and ran off.
We have this from eyewitnesses, and I was watching the live video cam feed.
It's not on the main video feed that's out there on the web.
They went and got the police and the state police came in and arrested Matt LePacek and charged him with criminal trespass, ladies and gentlemen, which depending on how they apply it could be a felony or a misdemeanor.
He has since now gotten out of jail in the early morning.
It was historical because they had wireless internet via cell phone hooked up to the laptop and when they took his camera away and unplugged it, he still had the audio separately hooked into the laptop.
That went out for about five minutes in the squad car.
The only question is, were we able to save it?
I was watching it at home as it happened.
It was cutting in and out because of buffering issues.
So many people trying to watch it, which we were worried about.
But for other people, it wasn't buffering.
They were able to see it.
So I saw a lot of this live from the camera that he was holding in his hand, one of the InfoWars cameras that we donated.
Just absolutely amazing.
We have Matt LePacek with us when we get back in the second segment.
We're going straight to him.
It is on the front page of the Drudge Report.
It is on the front page of Digg.
It has gotten massive attention.
Go to PrisonPlanet.com.
Go to JonesReport.com.
We stayed up here until 2 in the morning writing this article and expanding it and putting it out last night about the incredible tyranny that everyone's witnessing.
And I haven't discovered who put the video up on the web yet.
I was thinking it would take, you know, until today to get somebody with all these cameras to get the video up.
It is somebody uploaded it and it is up on the Drugs Report all over the place right now.
So we're going to be breaking all this down coming up in the
Next segment.
This is huge news.
We also have Ron Paul's campaign popping in.
At the first debate, and this has been timed out, one candidate got 16 minutes when another candidate only got five and a half.
Last night it was the same thing.
The first half of the debate was just three of the ten people.
These are staged debates.
This has never happened before.
That's huge news.
We've got open talk of strikes on Iran.
Wall-to-wall bedlam.
We'll be right back with Matt Lepacek, Luke Rudowsky, and the rest of the WeAreChangeInfoWars.com team.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We've got the Ron Paul campaign popping into today, in the aftermath of another stage debate, that he's still won in every major poll.
I've looked at it, it's gotta be more than 20, including the CNN poll, he's winning right now at 56%.
It is Wednesday, the 6th day of June 2007.
Senator Sessions releases a list of 20 loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill.
Huge news.
It's worse than we even thought.
It's worse than I even reported.
And I get accused all the time of exaggerating.
No, I do my homework.
We happen to know how dire the straits are.
Frankly, in almost every case, I underestimate or I under-report.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
So that's coming up.
Let me just read part of this article, then we're going to go to him.
Reporter Urraso on orders of Giuliani Press Secretary.
Now, again, we know that his head press people were there.
They were Matt LePacek and others, Luke Rudowsky and others were questioning, and even mainline media was going, those are good questions, and were bringing up Ron Paul to him first.
They, of course, then accused some older gentleman who was with a major publication of being with our people.
No, if anybody brought up Ron Paul, they got mad.
This went on and on and on and on.
I was watching it on the live link at WeAreChange.org.
I'd get to watch a minute and it would cut out for a minute because so many people were hitting it.
But a reporter arrested on orders of Giuliani and then Matt LePacek
He says, you know, we've questioned Giuliani twice in the last few weeks.
He says he didn't say that the towers, that he got word that they were going to fall before they did.
But he told Peter Jennings, he told C-SPAN, we're going to play this audio later after our guests are gone, but it's up on prisonplanet.com right now if you want to see it.
And then he says, back off, and starts walking away.
But they were just asking him the questions.
And by then, his people had already scurried off to get the state police.
They came over and grabbed Luke, grabbed Matt, grabbed some other people, drug him outside.
Now, Matt... I talked to people that were in the line with Matt when he went up and said who he was with.
And they gave him CNN press passes.
Everybody got those.
It took special passers to get into the debate hall.
This was outside of an auditorium across the street.
This was a big, you know, facility with hundreds and hundreds of reporters.
This is a big overflow.
I mean, if you were writing for the local five and dime, you could get in.
You know, the local green sheet.
Anybody who said they were media got in.
They got CNN press passes and they ran up to him and CNN, to their credit, went outside and said, don't arrest Luke, don't arrest Matt, don't arrest these people.
We issued press passes.
And the state police said, we don't care.
The complaint was made by Giuliani's people.
He's going to jail.
We're putting charges on him.
Now, they've gotten so cavalier about these false charges.
They then went on to say, we may charge you with espionage.
We may charge you for having a hidden camera.
Nothing hidden about it.
They have the microphone in their hand, they have another handheld camera, and they have the other camera as backup for the laptop.
He's up there in their face saying, we're transmitting this live over the internet.
There's other live cameras there for national television.
It's a building filled with hundreds, and there probably was 500 press there.
Just giant throngs.
This is the Republican debates, the third, in New Hampshire, the key battleground state.
All of this is going on.
And then the sickest thing on Dig and on my message board and on the 9-11 blogger, I was looking and there are people on there saying, good, arrest them all, I'm sick of these 9-11 truthers.
They deserve it.
Alex Jones deserves to be arrested.
Talking about when I asked Bush a question and he had me arrested.
Almost broke my arm off, the state police did.
I mean, this is the new America!
Alright, I'm going to shut up and go to Matt Lepacek.
They didn't charge him with espionage as if he worked for a foreign government.
No, he works for
The American people.
And they told him that we could charge you for having a hidden camera.
No, that's if you had a hidden camera in a bathroom, or a hidden camera in somebody's house, or a hidden camera that isn't in a public place, okay?
I've read the laws, federal and state, and international as well, and let me just give it to you.
If you're in an area which does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy,
Those laws don't apply, you lying pieces of trash.
You don't go to a football game and say if somebody's got a camera and you're not allowed to tape them.
You don't go to a gigantic press circus with huge TV cameras everywhere and say you're not allowed to videotape me.
And all over the nation, I've had cops walk up to me and say you're not allowed to tape me, that's eavesdropping, I'm gonna arrest you.
I go, go ahead, it's First Amendment, I'm gonna sue you.
You may beat the rep, you're not gonna beat the ride, pal.
And then I'm going to sue them and they know it.
They look right in my eyes and they decide I'm going to leave this person alone.
You think you're... and I watched this big state trooper shoving them down.
They were physically attacked Luke and Matt.
It was supposedly even worse once they got outside.
This big thug in his Marine Corps drill sergeant hat.
You know, they love killing America.
They love hating this country.
They love shoving us around and working for the New World Order.
They enjoy it.
And don't think for a minute they won't man the FEMA camps.
Don't think for a minute they won't come and take your guns.
Don't think for a minute they don't want to play Jack Bauer on you and your family.
Alright, Matt LePacek!
Thank you for coming on with us, sir.
By the way, let's call Ron Paul's press secretary, and let's see if we can get him on at about 40 after to the 30 after, so I have time with these guys.
If not, I'll just hold them for five minutes when their guy comes on and hold them in the next hour.
Matt Lepacek, thanks for coming on with us.
Hello, Super Patriot.
Alex Jones, how you doing, sir?
No, you are the Super Patriot, and you guys are on just an absolute rampage of liberty and freedom engaging these people.
Al Gore,
John Edwards, Rudy Giuliani twice, Hillary Clinton, one of our reporters just two days ago got physically assaulted and thrown out for asking Hillary a question.
We haven't even done a report on that.
You guys have done so much.
David Rockefeller confronted.
Police walking up to you guys and saying, we're going to say you got bombs on you.
And hey, if you don't leave and stop protesting at Ground Zero, open frame-ups, total wickedness, all on video.
You are incredible, but listen, I'm excited, I'm going to try to shut up.
Describe exactly what happened last night, because obviously your eyes and ears and then other people that witnessed things can describe it even better than the video, which is riveting.
Alright, I'm trying to bear with me here.
We're going on a tad bit of sleep.
We had a four-hour trip back here from New Hampshire yesterday evening, but here we go.
As you said earlier, we were there, we had CNN press pass, CNN credentials.
We went to the press pass office, we spoke to the woman in person on the Sunday when we were there for Democratic debates, and we received contacts.
We then made our contact with that person on the Tuesday morning and secured our press passes.
Went down to St.
Anselm College where they were holding the debate over there and what they call Manchester, New Hampshire, which is really Georgetown, New Hampshire.
Anyhow, so we're inside the spin room, as they appropriately have named it.
We're waiting around.
We've got Sam and we've got Jason Bermas and a couple other guys out there, the loose change people, Rupert Dowski, myself.
We've got our guys Mike Naar, we've got Mir and Brian and Oscar and a whole bunch of other guys sitting in the Truth Mobile 1 over there in the RV that we had taken up there with us.
And we were inside, waiting around, and all of a sudden we're expecting the candidates to come out.
Now, we have been there over there on Sunday, covering the Democratic debate, and we've got some excellent footage on there, which I don't know if you guys have talked about yet, but we were aware that the big candidates aren't really coming into the spin room.
They're either being flown immediately out, or they're going to their private parties, and we had actually RSVP'd that evening for Rudy Giuliani's party.
We didn't have an opportunity to make it over there, as it seems.
So we were well prepared for the event that the main candidate, Giuliani,
and uh... there's some of the other frontrunners over there around me.
We're not going to actually... And let's get into what actually happened to you and when they took you to jail and I heard you were pretty concerned when you got your one phone call out to the guys at Truth One back to the RV that they were talking about moving you other charges.
Let's get into it.
So basically, we have a representative come out there.
I don't even know his name.
He represented Rudy Giuliani.
Two or three questions get asked.
The question right before me was Sam Matero.
It's his pollster.
It's national pollster.
But his press secretary was there in the crowd.
We've got witnesses that ran off and made the report.
Or it was his acting press secretary.
But go ahead.
Well, there was a question that arose prior to mine, which I can't even recount.
You'll have to look at the video to see it.
And they spun it, and they would not answer the question.
And we were interjecting, saying, sir, please answer the question.
All of a sudden, here it is, my opportunity.
You guys looking at me directly in the face?
And we did the same thing with you guys.
Keep hearing the same question.
You know, we confronted him on Tuesday at Seashore Restaurant, on ABC Video, we had an interview with Peter Jennings, Giuliani admitted at the World Trade Center that he had foreknowns they were going to collapse.
Then that Tuesday morning, when we went there at Seashore Restaurant,
He told us that he never made such a statement and that he did not have $4.00.
The gentleman said that, you know, I would like to see that video.
I said, sir, I have a notebook right here in my bag.
If you'd like, we can go sit down and take a look at it right now.
He was acknowledging me for the fact that... And then he yells, back off, and you start backing off, and the police come and arrest you.
And I can't even recount because I haven't watched the video myself.
And of course he says back off and you see his people run.
They're behind him.
You can see them suddenly move away.
They run and go, Oh my God!
It's one of them!
And the state police, big old guy, comes over and just, you're a pretty tall guy yourself, and just, Rah!
Pushes you, get out of here, boy!
Yeah, they were warning me in advance.
They were saying, oh, that's enough, that's enough.
And all we're doing is we're pressing the question because he's still engaging us, okay?
We were in the middle of engaging a question when I had gentlemen put their hands on me, three of them, and drag me out.
And I was later told that Luke Brodowski, which later said, hey, what are you doing?
He didn't do anything.
He was later dragged out by Mirror Association.
So, um, it was a wink and a nod, it happened for the Press Secretary, and that's when I was outside, I tried to clarify, who kicked me out?
If it was CNN!
You've gotta, and let me explain law, we actually, I have it in front of me, we actually pulled up New Hampshire law, we pulled up the code, I have it here in front of me, it's the same as Texas or any other state.
Yes, I do.
Then you have to be warned to leave if you were first invited, and then if you don't leave, they can get you on trespass.
They didn't do this!
Those police are criminals, and I call for their indictment on official oppression!
I want them arrested!
They are enemies of the Republic!
They are treasonous demons!
They are enemies of the very soul of this Republic!
And all of our veterans, all of our founding fathers are spinning in their graves.
Stay with me, Matt!
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June 6, 2007.
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We are armed!
What would you do if you knew all of the things we knew?
Would you stand up for truth?
Or would you turn away too?
And then what if you saw all of the things that's wrong?
Would you stand tall and strong?
Or would you turn and walk away?
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Or would you turn away too?
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I see a message from the government, like everyday.
I watch it and listen, and call them all suckers.
They warning me about Osama or whatever.
Picture me buying this scam, I said never.
I know we're crazed.
I know you see a lot of energy in us and we seem like maniacs.
We should respond with anger and force and energy to total corruption, our country being overrun, criminal police everywhere feeding on everyone.
Let's go back to Matt, who was literally kidnapped by the state police and taken to jail.
Matt, what happened once they grabbed you?
Describe it blow-by-blow for us.
Then we're going to get Luke Rodowski and others.
I'm going to keep you guys on into the next hour.
This is so important.
We're going to have Ron Paul.
People pop in in just a moment for a few minutes first, but go ahead.
And speed me along here if I go too slowly because I'm a playwright.
I understand you basically had no sleep.
You're exhausted.
Just turbo up and tell the story.
Okay, so basically we're asking the question and all of a sudden
I got people behind me, and they grab me, turn me around, I have my hand, they are holding on to my body, forcing me forward, you know, I'm walking along with them, I'm making statements publicly, making sure not to scream, but to say loudly and calmly, I'm being escorted out of this premises for asking, really joining on as a question, okay?
Making similar declarations such as that.
Going all the way outside, the officers finally take me to the staircase, where I'm escorted out of the building, and they let me go.
And they said, you have to leave.
So I did that, and I said,
For the most part, under whose authority am I being forced to leave?
See, you weren't supposed to talk to the gods, that's them claiming then that it was trespass.
Well, no, what actually happened here is that I asked them, okay, under whose authority here am I actually being, is my trespass voided, you know?
Is it just because of your discretion that you decided to remove me?
You know, I'm a press pass, and a press pass is not avoided at your discretion, of which you're choosing to do.
But now talking back in Soviet America sends you to the gulag.
That's forwarding, exactly.
So I say to them, you know, you're not providing to me any information here.
If I walk past you right now, is that me?
I'm going to get arrested.
And I say, okay, sir, I'm going to walk past you.
And sure enough, I get arrested, and they say, this is what you wanted, this is what you wanted.
You know, is that what I wanted?
I wanted clarification.
I wanted to stand up for my rights and know what the heck is going on.
And then you have to tell me that this is what I'm supposed to do.
Yeah, they've already put us in free speech zones.
They've already restricted us.
They're doing all this criminal stuff.
You've got an official press pass.
Then Luke told me that at that point, CNN got involved and said, no, please don't arrest him.
What happened then?
Yes, you know, I heard someone from CNN getting the police officer's attention.
I don't know exactly what they said, but nevertheless, then I was, you know, escorted.
That's because they know they're liable.
You didn't do anything, and they gave you those passes.
You were unbelievable.
Handcuffs, you know, right there on the front gate.
You know, they're saying this is something that I wanted.
Did anybody get footage of the handcuffing?
You know, I'm not entirely certain.
We haven't reviewed any of the footage yet.
Now, I've seen, you know, scores of posts who heard the audio once they ripped the camera off of you.
My internet cut out, but if mine's buffering, other people's wasn't.
And I've seen it, and basically from all these angles, that the audio continued out in the parking lot where they were saying, hey boy, this is what you wanted, do you like it?
And then comments in the squad car.
That was recorded on the laptop, correct?
Have you gotten that back?
You know, the information, actually, in order to have battery operate, make the battery last as long as possible, we're not doing client-side recording on that notebook.
We'll be contacting the encoders today, cam streams, to see if they can provide it with us.
We've got to buy you a bigger battery pack or something.
We've got to get you better gear.
We've got all kinds of stuff we need to get over here, you know.
Well, here's the next question.
Well, we're going to help you out, and I'm going to help you with your defense, too.
I'm told one of the cameras got damaged.
Do I need to send more cameras?
Well, not only did they get damaged, the camera was dropped.
I didn't see this, but I have a couple of people who have told me it was stepped on, okay?
And the camera right now is inoperable.
So, uh, as well as... So they broke the... they broke one of the Sonys I sent?
Yeah, it just so happened to hit the ground.
We're gonna send you two more for that one.
Just like they broke into your thing and stole your famous 9-11 inside job sign you've had for four years.
We're gonna send you... and then you made two?
You made two of those signs?
We're gonna send you two more cameras.
How's that sound?
You know, whatever else we can do.
I would like to have those people standing up, doing the same thing, going out there.
That's what we want.
More than money, more than donations, more than anything we could possibly do in order to change the world.
We need numbers, and to strengthen numbers.
That's what they're afraid of.
They're afraid of our unity.
You know, they can take our heartbeat, but they can't take our soul.
You know?
That's right, and they are afraid of your energy.
They're afraid of your will, on your mission.
Their whole police state, the whole tracking grid, is because they're afraid of citizens engaging them.
They're scared.
That's what this is all about.
They are scared.
These thugs are scared.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Are you lacking energy on a daily basis?
Do you feel tired all the
I think so.
We're good to go.
In the coming days we're going to analyze this whole thing because it's so important.
We've got emails and calls pouring in from
People who did shoot video in the parking lot at the gates.
Other people inside, they're going to be uploading it to YouTube and Google Video.
Also want to get the students for 9-11 Truth on, who shot some of the video, to get their perspective on what happened.
That is in the big green room area where all the media was let in, just asking Giuliani's minions a question about some of his statements.
They ordered the state police to come in and throw him out and arrest him.
We're going to go back to Matt LePacek and Luke Rodowski and others that have gotten back to New York, drove back overnight, here in about 10 minutes.
But right now,
Jesse Benton, press secretary, press coordinator for Congressman Ron Paul's presidential run for the presidency about the debate.
He's won every major poll, but yet again...
Jesse said he hoped yesterday he'd be given equal time.
Ron Paul was literally stuck on the end in the shadows.
One of my writers, Aaron Dykes, left at about 3 in the morning last night, but today he's going to time it all out.
But in past debates, we've seen 16 minute to 5 minute ratios.
It may even be worse this time.
It appears that three candidates were given about 60 plus percent of the time.
These are rigged debates.
I know you guys don't want to sound like sore losers because you won anyways as underdogs, but it needs to be stated that even in a rigged race, it's like a horse race where it's a 10 lap race and they
Let the other horses get five laps ahead.
They turn Ron Paul loose and he ran circles around them and literally wins by five laps when he was five laps behind.
This is untold.
This is off the charts.
Jesse Benton, thanks for coming on with us.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
I appreciate it.
I also want to get your take on one of the biggest Las Vegas
uh... groups that analyzes sports and they've been very accurate in every election they're now saying that Ron Paul has a good chance of winning and it basically sounds like your analysis or my analysis about how he's the only Republican that can win against Hillary
But I'm going to shut up about that.
Please get into the debate and your take on, or are you going to try to be a good sport and let them cheat?
I'm not trying to be mean, Jesse.
You guys are just too good of sports.
When they're cheating out in the open, and you see the ref being paid off $1,000 by Don Carleone, you know there's a problem.
Well, I've got to admit, I'm a little frustrated with the amount of coverage last night.
This is unofficial because I haven't verified it yet, but I had one of my assistants back at the office, Michael Crakel, doing some analysis for me, and by his calculations, Ron got 8 questions and spoke for a total of 6 and a half minutes, whereas Rudy Giuliani got 14 questions and spoke for about 17 minutes.
That's what we want!
Yeah, and you know, that's a little frustrating.
And you know, more so, right after the fact, Romney, McCain, and Giuliani all got immediate interviews with either Wolf Blitzer or Larry King.
And, you know, while CNN was pretty generous about offering Ron to come on their morning program today, which he couldn't do because of his flights,
You know, it's the after-debate interviews.
We were a little frustrated we were shut out.
Well, we've looked at the numbers.
What is there, about one-tenth of viewers on CNN morning compared to a huge debate?
Yeah, yeah.
Look, we don't want to cry too much about this.
You have to!
You have to!
Listen, you're winning from behind.
The American people are behind you.
He's a populist constitutionalist.
This is a major political realignment.
They're panicking.
So they literally, and I know lighting, I know cameras,
They stuck him in the dark on the edge.
They never cut to him.
That was our calculation just watching it last night while I was busy dealing with a reporter being arrested.
One of my reporters for no reason, literally.
I was watching, and that's what the numbers we had, was Giuliani around 18, Ron Paul around six and a half.
That means they got nearly triple the time of Ron Paul.
Now by any stretch of the imagination, that's not fair, Jesse.
And look, in past debates it was always fair exactly.
Each person got an exact amount of time.
This is rigged, and I think Ron Paul needs to speak out about it.
Well, you know, the mainstream media has always been behind the curve on these kind of things, and they're behind the curve on picking up the true grass fire support for Ron Paul.
You know, at the same time, I think that Ron did with his six minutes so much more than the other guys were able to do with triple their time.
And you know what?
I'm not so sure that giving these guys all this extra time is necessarily a great thing for them.
Do the American people want to hear Rudy Giuliani go on and on about how we need to stay on the offense and continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars overseas in this bogus war on terror?
Well, maybe they do, because that's going to tell them that he shouldn't be our president.
Jesse, that's key.
He's not speaking to us, though.
And a lot of top analysts have said this, even after we made the point.
And I'll only say that today.
We're not the only ones seeing this.
It's as if the Republicans are playing to the elite, and to foreign lobbies, and don't even care what the people want to hear.
Giuliani knows it's incredibly unpopular, even with Republicans, this war now.
He knows over 80% from 75 a few months ago are now against the war.
He doesn't care!
He said we need to forge our military into nation-building?
That means imperial troops?
I mean, this guy's like Emperor Palpatine!
Oh, yeah, you heard him last night.
He said that we need to train our United States Army to be a nation-building force.
That came out of his mouth last night, so it's pretty clear what he would do if he was president.
And, you know, I gotta say, I am a Republican.
I'm a die-hard Republican.
And I think that a Rudy Giuliani candidacy would be a death nail for the Republican Party.
We would see a Democratic big government majority become permanent if we run Rudy Giuliani.
You see the shrinking of the Republican base because of our dissatisfaction with the war and with police state nation-building.
And, you know, quite frankly, our base shrinking because of the lack of conservative values.
By the way, that's what the
That's what the top Las Vegas oddsmakers, who by the way are almost never wrong, they're the most accurate we've seen.
You ought to read this NFL bookmaker analysis.
It says only Ron Paul can beat the Democrats.
They've done the spreads, they've done the analysis, and of course they're betting on him.
There is literal betting going on right now.
So the media is telling you Ron Paul doesn't exist.
They're saying they're cheating in the polls.
They're saying these numbers don't fit with their analysis.
Las Vegas is saying that Ron Paul
Is the strong underdog and that Ron Paul is the only person that can win the presidency from the Republican ticket.
Exactly what I've been telling you people.
Much more so than traditional pollsters.
So I think we should listen to what they say and take what they say very seriously.
Oh, absolutely, because they're not just putting out political announcements.
Their whole world is on being right.
Their whole world is on getting it 19 times out of 20, literally, or they're out of business.
And this is one of the top analysts out there, especially on NFL, and they've done all the number spreads on this.
Now, what's the strategy now?
When is the next debate?
How can we help Ron Paul?
The next debate that we are officially in will be August the 5th.
There's going to be a special edition of ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos.
So it's going to be Sunday morning, August the 5th.
The way to keep helping Ron Paul is to keep sending all the money that you can afford to.
These things are expensive and we're doing well financially, but we need to start buying some media buys and producing some commercials.
Also, we're going to continue to do as much as we can with the internet through our YouTube channel.
I think it's the most important thing.
And just continue your online support with the blogs, with emailing reporters, with writing in to your local newspapers about Ron and about why you support him.
Jesse Benton, Press Secretary, Head of Media Operations for the Presidential Campaign for Ron Paul.
Have you seen the Washington Post article admitting that Ron Paul is very strong?
Well, I think that's absolutely correct.
I would say that we still have to wear the Dark Horse mantra because of our lack of access to tens of millions of dollars.
I think we are a powerful dark horse and I think we're knocking right on the door and I think we've got some of the quote-unquote top tier candidates pretty nervous.
What type of coverage did the congressman get last night?
Because I need the specifics, as you were there, you were watching it all happen.
We went into the spin room, which is apparently where your gentleman had some trouble, right outside of.
But we went into the spin room and it's hard to tell, you know, because I try to collect cards from everyone that talks to Ron.
There was a lot of alternative media, some general mainstream media, cameras, blogs, and he was probably getting the most attention of anybody in there.
We were just kind of swamped by, engulfed in a circle of reporters.
That was very good.
This morning he went on Judge Napolitano's radio show, and then tonight he's going to be the lead on the Tucker Carlson show on MSNBC.
He's talking to some other major print reporters.
There's going to be a major New York Times article, New York Times Magazine, coming out in about ten days.
But he was not given post-coverage by the big networks.
That is outrageous!
No, and it wasn't for lack of trying.
I sure did try to pin them down and we couldn't get that.
Now they know, they know he's the hot ticket.
They know that's what the people want and they know they keep giving him FaceTime, it's over, he's going to win the nomination.
Jesse, I'm going to let you go in just a minute and I appreciate all your time and I want to get you and the campaign chairman and the congressman back up in the next two to three weeks or any time you want to pop in with an announcement or if you need support or need to rally the troops in any way with our audience.
And again, we're honored to have him.
We're all praying for you and the congressman and the whole team.
Just to give you details, an Infowars.com reporter was in, and he's on the line right now.
I'm going to bring him up after you're gone.
He was there.
He just confronted Giuliani about some of his actions on 9-11, where Giuliani said he got word the towers were going to fall.
He told Peter Jennings that.
We have the video.
We talked to Giuliani a week ago about this.
He denied he ever said it.
Now we have the interview.
They went back and talked to his campaign people and said, hey, you said this, and they just freaked out and said, get away from me.
And the police ran up and arrested our reporter and then threatened to charge him.
I'm not joking.
They said with espionage.
Does this sound like America to you when he had official CNN press passes?
I have not seen anything other than your report at this point right now, so for me to comment too strongly would be inappropriate, but I am very much looking forward to seeing these videos up on YouTube and getting a little bit of information, because on first sniff, this just stinks.
And I can't wait to see a little bit more.
And if it's anything like the reports are right now, then the American people need to take a real strong look at this.
Alright, Jesse Benton, thank you for all the time.
We'll talk to you soon, my friend.
Thank you Alex.
There goes Jesse Benton.
He is the media coordinator, the head of the media operations for President Ron Paul 2008.
Congresswoman's run for the presidency.
Going back to Matt LePacek and of course Luke Radowsky and I'm going to keep you guys in the next hour.
I appreciate you all holding.
Had really no sleep driving back the four hours from New Hampshire to
New York, Manhattan, where they live.
They're at Luke's apartment right now.
Matt, please continue with what happened once they put you in handcuffs, the stepping on the camera, the rest of it, where that went from there.
Alright, so they pretty much put me, you know they bend you over the police car, right?
Maybe you're sitting there bent over the police car for three minutes or so like an idiot.
Alright, then they put me into the back of the police car waiting around for 10-15 minutes because no one knew what was going on.
I didn't know what I was being charged with.
I was never told what I was charged with.
They had to find somebody preemptive, I mean retroactively, after the fact to claim that you were trespassing.
Sure, go ahead.
Okay, so basically I'm in the car and they put me in the front seat to begin with, alright, and I've got my
Basically, I start moving around or whatever, trying to adjust my handcuffs, you know, just moving.
I'm not in this particular situation before.
I've never been arrested.
I'm not a renegade.
I'm not a radical.
You know?
So, I tried to adjust it, and this guy, one of these cops officers, looked at me, opened up the door, took me out, tightened the cuffs even tighter, just like you see on cops, you know?
And put me back in there and said, if you do that again, you're going to be charged with this, this, this, and that, or whatever.
So whatever, we'll wait around a couple more minutes.
By the way, I've been arrested quite a few times at protests and things.
And yeah, when they put them on really tight, of course you want to wiggle and move, or it's hurting.
Oh no, see, now moving is a crime.
We've got to fill all these labyrinth prisons.
Go ahead.
So another car pulls up, they transfer me to it.
I go into the other cop car, I'm on the way.
And, uh, long story short, I had an opportunity to speak with a lot of these cops there.
Um, three of them were absolute a-holes.
The one that I was speaking with, not to say that he was, you know, he had a phone call to say, shoot the guy, he wouldn't, you know.
But, uh, the guy I was speaking to, dude, he really, he was receptive.
We gave him all the Alex Jones information, none of the mysteries, terror storm, the whole deal.
Anyhow, this guy was sort of receptive.
And when I got back to the booking office and everything, we were talking about this whole thing for the entire time, talking about everything, you know, from this, that, A to Z.
This one guy, you know, in comparison to all the other a-holes over there, you know, really stood out among the crowd.
Again, not to say that if you got a phone call saying, throw this guy in a cage, he wouldn't do anything, you know.
But, um, it was interesting, that perspective.
This is the guy that you heard, um, you know, when they went to turn off the notebook, after we actually got back to the police station, we pulled up to this... It was freaking me out, actually, because, obviously, I'm aware that Giuliani is mafioso, alrighty?
So, you know, there's always a paranoia part of this as you're going through these things.
You're trying to react the best you possibly can, remain calm.
And you're not sure whether you're pretending to remain calm or you actually are.
But for the most part, we get in there, we pull up, we reach this gate, the gate starts to rise up, we pull in, it's a small little cubby.
Do they freak out when you explain this has been transmitted over the web live?
I was saying that the whole time, because Alex, I researched this a long time ago and I found out about it.
As long as you tell them, it's fine.
I told them a thousand times, you're on live inter-television.
We're trying to make a spectacle out of this stuff, you understand?
We're trying to make truth TV and take back the media here.
Yeah, what do you think?
We're broadcasting a TV show here, you twit!
Yeah, I mean, uh, this is, uh, CNN, uh, anti-propaganda.
You know, they have a sign over there that says CNN equals politics.
Duh, CNN equals politics.
Yeah, we know that already.
Thank you very much.
CNN equals propaganda.
So what happened once they learned that it had been recorded?
So, uh, once on the record, he says, you know, that's where he gives me the explanation, and perhaps you've heard it on the live stream.
He said, actually, in New Hampshire, we have this law.
And I said, you know, actually, I researched a little bit before, and it's actually a two-party, you've got to get as long as one of us.
As of consent, then it's not... It doesn't matter!
They're at a public event!
There's no expectation of privacy!
I don't like that!
He's an idiot!
They put handcuffs on me!
I never had an opportunity to turn off the equipment, okay?
I've got handcuffs on me!
It's up to... They're criminals!
They're criminal enemies of America!
Please continue.
They're enemies.
Go ahead.
Look, they're scum.
Let's start admitting what they are.
They are, okay, but we have to convert them.
Go ahead.
They're our friends.
We need their style practice.
Let me tell you something.
Most of these guys would blow toddlers' heads off if they were ordered to.
You can't study them.
They'd run incinerators.
They'd run incinerators if they were told to.
Let me stop you.
They'd line up old women all day and blow their heads off, okay?
That's what America is now.
They watch Jack Bauer.
They fantasize about torturing people.
This is who they are.
I've seen them frame people.
I've seen them torture women into signing documents to take their children.
I've seen it over and over again.
Not all cops, but these cops are absolute enemies of America.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is a definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Before you slip into unconsciousness I'd like to have another kiss Another flashing chance at bliss Another kiss
We still don't know who the mystery person is because they were driving all night to get back to New York.
Somebody shot video.
Uploaded it to the web with no bugs, no InfoWars.com, no we are changed, no 9-11 students for truth.
Just it's up there.
It's on the Drudge Report.
That's fine.
It's all over the place.
It's the top story on Digg.
It's huge.
Because it illustrates the tyranny right there on camera.
Now I know we've got Jason Burmess holding.
I've forgotten now.
I apologize, Jason.
Of the Loose Change crew.
I'm executive producing with the new Final Cut.
My good friend and comrade-in-arms in the fight against the New World Order for the Republic.
As Ron Paul said last week, this is the final battle for the Republic.
The country is fighting for its life right now.
It's happening right now!
That's why they're showing their teeth.
That's why they're really making a move.
That's why we're not pulling any punches.
We're showing ours too, folks.
We're just starting to fight, okay?
We haven't even begun to unleash the full power of the American people with the spirit of God's light shining through us.
Thank Jesus for all that.
And God does get all the glory and all the good things in this world come from God and our Creator.
Now, I also want to go to Luke Rodowski, who's been holding.
And let's continue and finish your story on what happened in jail, what happened right now.
Let's bring up Luke Rudowsky.
Let's bring up Jason Burmiss.
Folks, I'm so busy I'm not going to even plug my films really right now.
Just go to InfoWars.com if you want to support us.
Get the books, get the videos, get the materials.
That's how I fund a lot of this and we're just literally extinguishing all our funds right now in the fight.
We're putting it all in right now to fund all this.
I mean, this is one of the worst things ever.
I mean, in America, you ask a politician a question and you're going to be arrested?
I mean, and you're going to be charged with criminal trespassing even though you have credentialed trespassers?
I mean, this is criminal!
I mean, I don't know, I don't know how these scum, treasonous scum could get away with this!
I mean, it was, it was crazy wild!
Matt Lapaces asked a question to Giuliani's people.
I was there with the camera.
I was recording everything.
The Giuliani people got mad.
They pointed to him, and I don't know why they also pointed to me.
I didn't even ask a question, but they pointed to me also.
And then the cops came, the big cops came, and then the guy who was talking to the jury... That's important!
You're the eyewitness, and every other witness I've talked to, like five, said the same thing.
They pointed you guys out.
They gave the order.
Yeah, and what's really funny, they pointed me out, and I was even silent.
I was the camera person.
I was quiet.
That's the weird thing about it.
None of the candidates came out.
It was like they knew we were there, just to prevent us from questioning them.
Didn't that guy just ooze mafioso?
Yeah, he does ooze mafioso, but guess what?
These guys started hitting my camera.
These guys wanted to steal my camera away.
The Giuliani people tried to steal my camera away.
I was like, no, what are you doing?
Major news!
Give me details.
I didn't know that.
And then, and then, and then, and then... Give me the details of the attempted theft of the Giuliani campaign.
They were grabbing my camera about three times.
They hit the camera.
They tried to steal the camera, so I couldn't stop recording Matt getting arrested.
Well, that's because they're mad!
It was on Fox and MSNBC, the footage you guys shot of confronting Giuliani last week.
They're mad!
Look, they physically abused, they physically assaulted Matt Lipinski.
And that's not even, it's just worse than that.
I mean, for God's sake.
I mean, I was even a witness at that time.
Stay there, I want to come back to you and what you witnessed inside and how specifically who these weasels are on the video.
I need you to start identifying them on the video that's online.
These are criminal charges.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7644.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
An Infowars.com reporter, Matt Lepacek, was kidnapped by paramilitary forces of the federal government.
Idiot state police, who I guarantee you don't even know they're part of federal police, set up under the British Commonwealth Reorganization of the United States under the War Powers Act of 1933.
If you didn't know that, you fools, don't you sit there and laugh at me.
You go read it for yourself and find out who you really work for.
This is unbelievable.
And we've got Luke Rodowski of InfoWars.com and WeAreChanged.org.
He was there.
They broke our camera.
They assaulted his camera, which is my camera as well.
Tried to get it away from him.
The Loose Change crew was there reporting for America, Freedom from Fascism, as well as InfoWars.com.
And they witnessed a lot of this.
You've got the local, well they have to be based there in New Hampshire, but the national
Students for 9-11 Truth.
Need to get their site and plug that too.
They're all there.
This is unbelievable.
And the big story here is on Digg, that I'm reading right now, and other places, it's saying, hey, I'm glad they arrested him.
Good, put him in camps.
Hey, you're not allowed to ask questions.
The officer says leave, you gotta leave.
I guess if a cop comes to my door, he goes, knock, knock, mow my yard.
Or routinely here in Austin, hey, they pull over the topless dancers when they leave drunk.
I'm taking you to jail unless you go have sex with me right now.
I guess that's a lawful order.
Well, you know, I guess you gotta start like in Mexico.
You gotta pay them off.
It's a lawful order.
This is not how America's supposed to run.
By the way, a judge.
We got the huge immigration news coming up, folks.
Wait until you hear this.
But I'm gonna continue with our guest right now.
I'm going back to Luke Rodowski.
Luke, specifically, because this is big news, describe the scumbag, and then I want you to look at the video later and tell me which one they are, at which second on the video, so we can match up who they are.
I know you're at a computer or near one.
Specifically describe how many Giuliani goons went after the camera.
This one lady in particular started grabbing at the camera, started hitting it.
She hit it three times.
I don't know how they recognized me because I was the camera person.
I was separate away from Matt.
It was like me and Matt were two separate people.
And we were just asking questions.
And they somehow pointed me out.
And they made a connection between me and Matt.
I don't know how.
It's like they had foreign knowledge of who we were.
And after that, after they tried to grab these cameras, I told this lady, no!
What you're doing is illegal, you just assaulted me!
She started hitting and grabbing at the camera, I told her no!
So what she did, she went back, and then she got the police.
Then she got the police, she got about five, seven officers.
By the way, we got video of illegal aliens busting Americans' heads open, and then they go get the cops, and the citizen is arrested for having their heads split.
That's the new America, go ahead.
Alright, and the Senate police officers are running, are coming to me, and I'm...
And, um, I walk up right to these police officers, like, do you guys have a problem?
What happened here?
Did you tell the enemies of America that you were the American people?
I only have a question for this scum Giuliani that he is, because he lies to the family members and rescue workers.
I represent those family members and rescue workers.
I told the people that they're loud there, and they were dragging me out of there, and I didn't even do nothing.
They just made the association, whatever, they must have known who the hell I was, and they just started dragging me out of there.
Stay there, I want to hear more about this, but I want to bring up next, Jason Bermas.
Jason, we're about to break, but stay there when we get back.
I want to get your take on this, but in the 45 seconds we've got, what was this like?
It was incredible.
This was all put together by AFTF Media and Samuel Otero, basically the director.
He shot some stuff for the final cut out in Shanksville and last week contacted me and said, you know, we can get these press passes.
So me and Samuel were correspondents for LC, AFTF, InfoWars, and then we got in there with our two cameramen and it was wild.
The first people we went to were Giuliani's people and it got live real quick, Alex.
And then you were able to stay after everybody else got grabbed.
We'll also hear about that.
Actually, Alex, I'll give you the whole thing and how the whole thing started with Giuliani's people right after this.
Stay there.
Stay there.
We got a break.
We'll come right back to Jason Bermas, then back to Matt, and then, of course, Luke Radowski.
And there's other folks there as well.
We're going to get them all on.
Stay with me.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I think so.
Alright, let's go back to Jason Bermas, Luke Rodowski.
Let's bring up Luke and Jason both at the same time.
You guys just go back and forth.
You've got the floor.
Incredible attack on the First Amendment inside of the whole debate complex in the big press area, the main overflow area.
What you witnessed, what happened, how this all broke down.
And Luke, you come back in.
The lady assaults you, then she calls the police on you.
And then put Matt back on the phone after you're done.
Go ahead.
Well, I'd just like to say that this didn't even really start with Luke, myself, or Matt.
There was an independent journalist, about 4'5", maybe 55 years old, who stepped into the middle and started talking about Ron Paul to these three press people.
They seemed to get a little agitated, and I asked a follow-up question.
Well, you know, it made mainstream media.
Ron Paul asked if he had read the 9-11 Commission Report, Blowback, Imperial Hubris, and others.
Basically, his argument for why they hate us.
And they couldn't answer me.
They couldn't answer me.
They tried to turn it around on Iran.
It was at that moment that Matt asked about the collapse yet again.
And by that time, you really saw the press coming up, and then you saw the police coming up.
Now, Matt starts asking his question about that, and as they're dragging him away, Samuel Otero asks his people about his connections to Centrist Corp.
And they start dragging Samuel away.
So, we actually have the tape of Matt getting arrested and cuffed outside.
We literally didn't get back till 7 a.m.
Slept for four hours, and I'm sitting next to him right now.
We're trying to upload everything to digital file.
I'll put it on a server, get it up for you guys for YouTube, and we're going to try to get some MP3s going for the Louder Than Words radio show on GCN Live.
It's on Stream 4, so hopefully we'll have some stuff for that, but basically when they took Samuel out, he's like, look, we're on the list.
We're Press Credentials.
You don't know about Centrist Corp.
I mean, you're the media.
You're supposed to know, so please let him back in.
All of a sudden, the media surrounded Samuel.
He told them all about Centrist Corp.
Meanwhile, Matt is being arrested.
For those that don't know, that's the big Spanish-slash-Australian company that Perry's handed over 8,000 miles of roads.
They're handing over all the major... I mean, the biggest deal in world history.
All the major power plants that supply at least six states.
We even sell it to California.
They're handing over all the major lakes.
Total raping.
Private companies hiring giant SWAT teams.
Secret intelligence operations, foreign troops, total wall-to-wall New World Order.
We are under total takeover.
Giuliani's running the whole thing.
I mean, the country is dying!
I'm in the middle of the attack right here in Texas.
They're in the middle of the attack in New Hampshire.
First amendment being stomped on.
Idiot state police stomping around.
This is making me sick!
Yeah, I mean, so to look at it, they didn't want to answer the independent journalist questions.
Other journalists started asking who we were and what our credentials were.
And when we had them, they were very upset with us, Alex.
All this is on tape.
They didn't know whether their candidate had read the 9-11 commission report.
Apparently, they didn't know that he was involved in the centrist group, which literally is a pathway to the North American Union.
People, you really need to look at this stuff.
And that was a huge story.
And that's really only part of it, Alex, because I've got four other presidential
Uh, campaigners there, on record about the Pakistani ISI wire.
Well here's the deal, here's the deal.
I'm at pitcher lock in like three weeks and I wanna, I've got a section on the roads.
I need, I know we've got other video, but I want the video you guys shot, cause I know it's gonna be really good.
Uh, of this being brought up about Centricor, because I was leaving Giuliani out, cause I didn't think it would make sense you're showing some news articles about it.
I'd love to show that, so get that to me as quickly as you can Burmese.
Absolutely, like I said, we got here at 7.
Like three, four hours sleep.
Everything's being dubbed and uploaded right now.
I'm going to be doing the encoding.
Hopefully I'll have MP3s up by tonight.
No, that's fantastic.
I'm talking about the next day or two.
Make me a DVD tape and send it to me.
You got it.
You got it.
Just give me some selects.
I know you're busy, but you can do that.
Now, uh, listen, um...
Let's continue here.
Let's bring up Matt Lepacek and Luke Radowski.
Luke, are you on the line?
Yeah, I'm here, Matt.
Let's have you finish up, and then I want to bring Matt back on.
Finish up with, we're at the point of the Giuliani lady assaults you, attacks the camera, hits it three times, and then runs off and sicks the police on you.
They come up to you.
What happens from there?
They start dragging me out, asking me who I'm with, who's paying me to be here.
They drag me outside, they push me in a wall, and they have police officers right in my face, grabbing my press credentials, trying to rip the press credentials off my neck.
Saying, who you are, what you're being, give me your ID, give me your identification.
I was like, what did I do, sir?
All I did was ask a question, this is nothing illegal.
And then the police are just intimidating me.
They had six foot five cops here, looking me straight in the eyes, trying to intimidate me, trying to scare me.
With real sergeant hats on, you work for stinking foreign banks, you dumb cops.
They shoot your kids up full of cancer viruses and mercury.
You fools, where are your friends, you idiots?
Exactly, and they don't understand that.
They don't understand that we're confronting these scum, and these scum are against them, and we're trying to work with the police department.
But then the CNN people come by, and they're like, wait, he didn't do nothing.
Don't arrest him.
And they didn't arrest me.
And it was too late because they... So wait, wait, wait, wait.
Who stopped you from getting arrested?
The CNN people.
And they also tried to stop, I'm told, from witnesses.
But basically, that didn't work.
That didn't work.
They already had LePacek in handcuffs.
They were taking all my information down.
They were about to handcuff me.
Until the CNN people came by.
They were like, don't arrest him.
You know, he didn't do nothing wrong.
And then they just let him go.
It was Giuliani's thugs.
Giuliani's campaign managers, which really, you know, organized everything.
And they really are responsible for all this.
And it's sick and disgusting what they're doing!
I'll tell you what I hate is after they drag you guys out and arrest Matt LePacek.
His head campaign strategist, it's the press secretary that runs off and does the tattling, he turns around with satisfied pleasure and goes, and that's what they deserve.
They normally would assault me with a pie and claims you were assaulting.
I mean, implies it.
They're just such trash.
He was actually engaging us with conversation afterwards.
No, no, he runs back.
They run off the tattle.
And then he comes back, and then Matt's going, Sir, we could sit down, and we're going to play this later, we could sit down and talk about this.
I could show you on the laptop Giuliani saying it.
Yeah, exactly, and this guy's smiling, and then he has his little press secretary girls behind him.
There was also females, though, that were running around and doing all this, getting the police officers there.
And it's criminal what they did.
See, man, the whole... He's talking bad about the Don!
You don't talk about the Don!
You understand?
This is a new America, where the son of a non-capital mob boss is gonna be running things, capisce?
These guys are criminals and they're going down, man.
And I don't know, I mean, it's disgusting.
I was sick to my stomach and I'm pissed off right now, man.
Let me tell you something.
I got home, let me just tell you something.
I got home at 2.30 because we posted that article at around 10.
We called you right after it happened, got it posted.
I stayed up here until about 2, all jacked up, working on Endgame and adding to the article there in Dykes.
And I got in bed at 2.30 and couldn't go to sleep.
Okay, and I couldn't go to sleep till like four, rolling around on the bed, literally sick!
Because it was an image of those big, mean cops.
They were literally daggers going into America's heart.
And I realize they'll do whatever they're told.
They'll do whatever they're told.
And it's sick and disgusting.
Matt LePace is not a criminal.
These police officers, these Giuliani thugs, should be arrested for treason.
It's the destruction of freedom of speech and the Constitution.
And we have to stand up for it.
We have to make this case public.
We have to bail out Matt LePace against it with $400.
He has a court date, July 3rd.
He has criminal charges against him for asking a damn question!
I mean, people, wake up!
They broke our camera.
They stole the battery.
The battery that came with the camera is stolen.
They still have it.
They didn't give it back to us.
I sent you extra batteries, right?
Yeah, that's the extra batteries.
Well, listen, here's the deal.
I'm going to send you two new cameras, five new batteries, and I'm going to send $400 for LaPesa.
God bless you, man.
That would definitely help us out.
That would definitely work, you know.
Listen, and we're going to make sure those hundreds, we're going to make sure, in fact, I've got it all on the stack.
I've got the Governor's number, I've got the numbers to the New Hampshire State Police.
We are going to incinerate their lines in the next few days and get everybody to call them and call for criminal charges against the State Police and call for criminal charges on Giuliani's people.
Matt LePacek is not a criminal!
I am not a criminal!
All we did is ask questions!
By the way, they'll twist that and say, it's an Al-Qaeda plot to burn up phone lines.
I mean, figure of speech, so many phone calls coming through, it'll burn up the lines.
They'll probably have a CNN headline, Terrorist Jones plan to blow up phone lines.
I'm saying, we will make so many calls that the phone lines figuratively melt.
Gotta watch them now!
Gotta watch them!
They'll claim that was espionage!
Yeah, we have to support each other, we have to stand strong, and we can't allow these treasonous activities to be allowed.
Okay, here's the deal.
I'm getting all these calls and emails of other people that shot this, other reporters, saying they want to send me the footage, want to give me the footage.
Don't do that!
Upload it to Google, to YouTube, put some website you believe in, whether it's InfoWars.com or WeAreChange.org or, you know, whatever site you want to put up.
Yeah, I mean I have video also of it.
I have the camera as they were dragging me out.
We're going to be releasing the footage.
I'm going to be working on it right now.
We're going to release the footage.
Later on tonight, I'm going to be working very hard.
We're going to work very hard.
We just got home.
We're going to release the footage as soon as we can.
And by the way, you've got David Gergen.
You've got other presidential candidates.
You've got Hillary Clinton that nobody's seen yet, being confronted a few days ago on 9-11, and the person being assaulted, Fodi being assaulted, a great patriot.
You guys are on fire.
And what I like is, first it's one of you, then it's two of you, then it's five of you.
Now it's like six or eight patriots.
Isn't that exciting, Jason Bermas, that the numbers are just swelling?
Absolutely exciting, and I've got to tell you, it's the path to success.
We're good to go.
And he's like, oh, you made that 9-11 crackpot documentary.
I can't believe you're in here.
Did you tell him who you were?
I'm like, first of all, did you even watch it?
And he's like, oh, I saw some of it.
I'm like, no, you didn't.
You heard what Neocon said about it and you prejudged it.
Here's a copy.
And I'm like, why wouldn't I get a press pass?
We have the most watched internet documentary of all time.
We've been on the History Channel.
I do a weekly radio show.
I am a reporter.
We are the media.
We never demand respect because I don't care.
But the world needs to know.
PresentPlanet.com is tens of thousands of times bigger than Rush Limbaugh.com in every rating service.
They're a joke.
You're a dinosaur scum.
Your days are numbered where you monopolize everything.
I want to hear what else this scum said to you.
They are!
They're scum!
We have to start hating these people!
We have to start getting aggressive!
We're not trying to take their tax money!
We're not trying to feed on them!
We're not trying to take their country away!
We're fighting for a country that's going down!
We need to start hating these people!
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In 1814 we took a little trip along the Colonel Jackson down to mighty Mississippi.
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans.
We fired our guns and the British kept on coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
Welcome back.
We've got another cameraman who is inside separately.
He's going to be calling you in the studio in about 10 minutes.
I need to get into the huge immigration news.
It is massive.
The bill has now leaked out.
Senators have released the 20 loopholes.
It is complete amnesty.
Worse than I first thought.
That's almost impossible, but it is.
It's worse than previous bills that have been public.
Uh, from what the analysis we've gotten, it's a secret bill, is it was as bad.
No, no, it's far worse.
Uh, we have a bunch of Ron Paul clips and Giuliani clips calling for, you know, imperial government and everything else.
That's all coming up.
We'll also take some calls in the third hour.
I want to get to it all.
I mean, I have all of Ron Paul's comments.
It's only six minutes long.
We have Giuliani's comments that were 17 minutes.
Oh, that's a fair debate.
You heard Ron Paul's campaign saying, yes, it's rigged.
It's rigged!
Six minutes versus over 15 minutes.
He's rigged.
Let's bring Matt Lepacek up.
This is an Infowars.com reporter who got grabbed.
Matt, I want to say you've got the right stuff.
You were very calm.
You were very focused.
We're going to air the three-minute audio of this coming up in the next segment.
But what else happened to you, Matt Lepacek, when you were inside of the state police facility?
Well, I'm basically within a state police facility.
I'm sitting there waiting around, wondering what I'm being charged with.
Because I asked that question several times in the car.
I said, oh, we think it's trespassing.
We're not exactly sure.
We're going to get back to the station and get this all figured out.
So, I'm sitting there waiting around.
And, um, the old buddy gets a phone call and says, okay, yes, it's criminal trespassing, right?
And from that point forward, we received another phone call from a gentleman saying that someone was coming to pick me up, you know, having no idea who this person was.
I think so.
And, uh, there wasn't too many other events that took place once I was actually in there.
Um, I can tell you that once we got outside of the parking lot, all of us were there, we were all filming them, and they tried the police officer, who I was saying was, you know, uh, respectable at least, okay, um, you know, was taking issue with the fact that we were recording them, and, again, bringing up the fact that... You always gotta love that!
I mean, I mean, they got cameras in school bathrooms, cameras all over the streets, and they're like, Don't film us!
Oh, it's our privacy!
Yeah, way, way, way.
Progressive grassroots is how we're going to take control of this machine.
We have to understand it's an uphill battle.
But we can do this.
One man can do it.
Anybody can do this.
Hey, and Matt, it's a lot more exciting, isn't it, to be fighting the New World Order than bowling?
I mean, obviously you know this already here.
I mean, you're like a recharge for us over here.
I mean, if we didn't have you to listen to, if we didn't have someone to bitch and moan and basically represent us and fight for us, we wouldn't have the necessary strength and energy that we have.
So I think the brotherhood and the sisterhood of all of us together and everything that we're doing here, we stand up as one against these evil mothers.
If we actually do something, we can take this back.
The small ideas, creativity, truth TV.
Take back the media once at that time.
We've got this whole live air coverage to you guys.
We're not doing this to become powerful.
We're doing this because we want you guys to do it.
We've got a six page white paper we're publishing.
You guys are going to be able to do the same thing on your own cell phones and be able to publish this stuff.
We are encouraging everyone to get out there.
Ask the same questions.
Start meet-up groups.
That's always been the problem is that they can grab your cameras.
Like when I had special forces order, just in San Antonio, order the MPs to come up with guns to our chest and steal our tape that was in World Net Daily because the troops admitted they did arrest us or detain us.
I don't think so.
I just kissed my wife goodnight.
I walked downstairs about 8.30 Central, 9.30 Eastern, about 8.20 actually.
I click on WeAreChanged.org and there's the screen and I'm like, oh, it hasn't crashed.
And just to see the exchange right before you got grabbed, right when the cops came up, and then it cut out.
And then I left, and I looked at message boards, and they said, yeah, I heard him in the squad car, I heard it all.
This is the future.
And it's just, we've got to get some better connectivity system, and get some more... You know, this is just a question of, we're trying to stream like this, so we don't have to pay for the bandwidth.
We're using free services, and we've gone from one after another, Stick'Em, to CamStream, and... It won't work.
None of it, none of the free stuff works.
Let me tell you something.
It would have cost to feed everybody.
Listen, if we put that on our front page, and we tried to stream it out,
Let's say to 15,000 people, which probably would have tried to watch it last night, just randomly, that's a guesstimation, it would have been about... Eh, probably about three grand.
But you know what?
I'll dump the money into it.
I just don't care anymore.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Thank you.
I think.
This is Elizabeth Border.
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Front page of CNN.
Columnist, author, released after being arrested in the spin room.
A reporter, an accredited reporter was arrested.
They said it was an accident.
That makes the front page of CNN Manchester, New Hampshire.
But the brutal...
Assault on our cameras, breaking a camera, attacking another, dragging someone out, falsely charging him.
That's not going to be on CNN.
We have gotten a call, a contact through Countdown with Keith Uberman.
We're trying to work on that.
Everybody call CNN, call Fox, call them all.
Tell them they need to cover this attack on the First Amendment.
They can't miss the video.
It's on the Drudge Report.
I know they all watch the Drudge Report.
And I know they all know where the video came from.
There's also a plug for InfoWars in there, audibly, from Matt Lepacek, who, again, ladies and gentlemen, we were handing out medals.
He deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor in the InfoWars for what he's done.
So does Luke Rudowsky.
So does Jason Burma.
Finishing up with everybody right now.
We'll have Part 2 of this tomorrow, if they can do it.
I know a bunch of uploads are going up on WeAreChange, InfoWars.com.
Prison Planet, LooseChange911.com, all of it.
Jason Bermas, you did get an interview with Sit Down with Ron Paul last night, that's going up soon.
You did get one with Brownback about the Pakistani-ISI connection, which, by the way, you know is huge.
Did you know Luke got, and I'm sure, I know he's coming up there soon, I hope we can get that in a new film, Luke got video, the team got video, bringing up the Pakistani
ISI connection at the last debate, but let's bring Luke and you up together.
We'll go back to Matt Lopezek in a minute.
Who specifically, there's so many here I can't keep track of anymore, who was it specifically you guys got to talk about ISI?
Senator Biden admitted that he met with the ISI chief.
It was Biden.
We got an article out on that at PrisonPlanet.com yesterday.
Again, it's an orgy of news, folks.
This stuff, I could talk a week about each one of these articles.
I don't even know how we're supposed to cover it all.
I'm literally phoning at the mouth here.
There's so many targets.
It's like the Marines when they were surrounded in the fight against North Korea back in the 50s.
They said, they radioed in to the General, Sir, we're surrounded and the General was in the middle of them.
And he said, good, don't let any of them escape.
I mean, this is just awesome.
I mean, this is what you want when you're in the Info War, swinging your battle axes to have them all around you.
There's more people you can't miss.
You start hacking.
But, Jason, that's pretty exciting that they did get the ISI discussion with Senator Biden, but come in with your info with Brownback you were able to talk to.
Yeah, I talked to Brownback among others, but Brownback's answer was the most interesting of all.
None of the candidates I talked to actually denied the ISI transfer, and that was Duncan Hunter, Jim Gilmore, and Sam Brownback.
I think I got somebody else, but Brownback said something pretty funny to me.
I said, well, you know, why don't the American people know about this Pakistani funding?
He's like, well, probably the same reason that they don't know about the Saudi Arabian funding.
And then I followed it up with,
Well, could these two foreign governments be involved in the 27 redacted pages of the Congressional Report?
And he just, he looked for a second, he kind of shook his head, and he said, I can't really comment on that.
So, I mean, everybody I talked to in the mainstream couldn't deny the actual ISI connection at all.
It was just, yeah, it was pretty wild, man.
And you know, these guys, these guys can't deny it anymore, and I think this is a good angle to start
You know, this independent investigation... I keep telling listeners, when your congressmen or women come to your local church to give a speech, and they come to the local Rotary Club, when they go to anything, you need to be there.
Whether you're an old Korean War vet, or a school teacher, or a black man, a white woman, it doesn't matter
Hispanic, Black, Texas, New York, California, I don't care.
All of you have a responsibility.
If we start confronting them, and I made this point earlier but I want to make it again, that's why they're setting up this national police state and this worldwide grid.
They're banning confronting or even talking to the Royals or members of Parliament or having video cameras in sites all over England while they put up tens of millions of cameras.
Now over five million in London alone.
They're trying to ban speech here with free speech zones.
That's why they want cracker chips, as Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo, that's coming up at endgame.
They're doing all of this.
By the way, I've got to get that Tommy Thompson from you.
That will go in endgame.
I'm so glad you got that, Jason Burmiss.
I commend you.
All of this happening, all of this going on.
I mean, because they're afraid.
They've got to get their grit in, because they want to do all these bad things to us.
They want to take over the economy.
They want to bankrupt the dollar.
They want to take your pension funds.
They've said they're going to do it.
They've changed the rules so they claim they can, but they can't until they can oppress you when you fight back.
Jason, comments?
Yeah, absolutely.
I got some of these, you know, candidates to actually admit that.
Yes, the current immigration legislation is worse than blanket amnesty.
Everything you're saying about it is true.
It's not a pathway to citizenship.
It's a worker's visa for citizenship, and then you can bring in 11 of your family members.
That is the truth.
This would kill this country.
I talked about the American Union with a lot of these people.
None of them are publicly for it, but we all know what's going on.
Behind the scenes.
And I just want to let people know that all this video is going to be uploaded, hopefully, to freedomtofascism.com within the next couple of days.
You can get the latest update, again, on my show tonight, 8 to 10 Eastern.
And all the articles, of course, you're going to be able to go to Prison Planet and InfoWars.
You know, Aaron Dykes does a great job for you guys.
So there's Paul Watson and Steve Watson and the whole crew and just everything is now coming to a head.
There's lots of other videos being uploaded as well.
We'll be posting them all up on theprisonplanet.com, Infowars.com and JonesReport.com and of course right there at WeAreChange.org.
A lot of great places, more and more venues to get the truth and the information and that's so exciting.
Jason, thank you and I want to get you back up tomorrow to debrief you more on all the big events that happened and the other interviews you got and just as fast as you can give me that Tommy Thompson and that Ron Paul in the mail my brother and I thank you.
You got it, Alex, and I'd just like to thank Aaron Russo and Samuel Otero again, AFTF Media, and freedomoffascism.com.
Thanks again, Alex, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.
You bet, and I'm going to call you during the next break, okay?
Alright, here we go.
You got it.
Let's go back now.
You just popped in my ear.
Okay, Chris Caesar was there, correct, and he got some footage.
What did you say?
Let's go to Chris Caesar and then we're going to go back to Matt and others to finish up our discussion with them.
Matt LePacek and of course Luke Rodowski.
Let's go to Chris Caesar.
Chris, you were there?
Yes, I was Alex.
Listen, I really appreciate you contacting us and you said you shot some video of this.
What did you see happen?
Well, I actually just shot some audio of it.
I took some pictures.
I didn't have a camera on me.
From what I saw, my vantage point was actually exactly the same as the camera that's on the Jones Report.
So, I pretty much saw it all in person, and I could see someone gesturing to the police, and the police just came over and took him right out.
And I asked him why he got arrested and just followed him out.
Did you get photos of him being cuffed?
I have photos of that, yes.
Oh, awesome.
Because we don't have that yet.
How soon can you email those to Aaron at InfoWars.com?
Almost immediately.
I mean, don't you love it?
I'm here during the breaks, writing articles on the telephone, telling folks, you know, my take on articles.
I'm gathering data on air.
Listeners, you're getting the whole bird's eye view.
This is how it all operates.
Paul Watson always jokes, why should the government listen to our phones?
They hear it all on the air.
This is our life.
We kind of multitask and do it all in one spot.
This is what we do.
It's citizen reporters like yourself, Chris Caesar.
Are you with the media?
I mean, tell us about yourself.
Well, I actually just won a contest that the network was holding for bloggers.
So I am a reporter for a really small paper nearby.
Oh, tell us!
Tell us all about it.
It's called the Tri-Town Times.
I mean, it's certainly nothing of note, but yeah, this is certainly more important.
I mean, what did you just, you know, just in a sentence or two, sum it up?
What was it like seeing this happen?
It was terrifying.
And I mean, after I'd also witnessed Eric Alterman get arrested, which was a shocking thing.
Okay, now we've got the singing and whitewash on that.
What really happened with Eric Alterman?
Well, I didn't see the inciting incident, but it seemed like he was being totally calm, and from what he said, he was standing in a public venue as it was, and gave an answer to the police officer that he didn't necessarily like, and he cuffed him.
And, uh, I mean, so with that in mind, and with seeing your reporter getting arrested, I was trying to be as cautious as possible.
But when the police weren't even giving their badge numbers, I started to get a little heated myself.
And eventually we got them to give the badge numbers, but... Yeah, so it was just a completely terrifying thing to see.
It is scary because CNN even admits this guy, CNN report right here, they admit he did nothing.
He was just sitting there, he had press passes, cops walk up, and they said, we're cuffing you.
This is just some separate guy with a local newspaper there in New Hampshire, and we've got another local New Hampshire news reporter, Chris Caesar, on the line with us.
Let's bring up Matt Lepacek.
Matt, what is it like now seeing things through the eyes of Chris Caesar?
Well, I mean, for the most part, I don't know if I really have a comment, but I've got to look at the footage myself.
I can barely remember what I said.
I was in the spirit.
I was in the moment there.
Well, I mean, now you're hearing it from his angle.
See, I've talked to so many people.
We're getting a really clear picture of this.
This is Giuliani's people just going, she's that name!
In the name of the crown!
And then you're just off to the hooscow.
Yeah, I'm just glad we had the opportunity to do this.
You know, there's this guy over here, Mike Nair.
We've got so many guys working with us.
We wouldn't have had a dime to do this.
We wouldn't have had a 35 foot RV.
We wouldn't have had the funding to do this kind of stuff.
We could change the world overnight.
I'm telling you people.
I think so.
Crucial member of this organization.
That's so exciting, but again, my point is that everybody together, you're finding the resources you need.
Absolutely, and we're just starting this thing.
You know, we started with a Stickum broadcast and we're evolving slowly but surely.
And God knows where we will be in a week from now.
Look what we've done in five, six weeks.
Look what Luke started by himself with General Brzezinski, without a brother near him, okay?
He went there with an hour's notice and went and attacked these people himself verbally.
And this is a revolution.
And we have to understand that we have the power.
One man can do it, but it doesn't need to be.
Every one of us can stand up for these people.
And we're going to get this white paper out there because you will be surprised what kind of...
How secure and how full of yourself do you feel when you have a camera on you?
Listen, Matt, I really do appreciate you.
We're going to get you another camera since they broke the other one.
We're going to take care of that bond.
But you're going to beat this.
They're going to drop that.
We're going to put their numbers out tomorrow.
We're going to take action.
I really appreciate you joining us.
Uh, Luke Rodowski now.
Luke, uh, is there anybody else that needs to get on the phone, add their two-cent words, and then I'm gonna finish up with Chris Caesar here and then move on to the immigration.
Yeah, hello, Alex?
Yes, go ahead.
Yeah, man, I mean, it's been a crazy day.
I mean, we have Mike Nara here, man.
He's the one who really, uh, done most of the work here.
He's the one who really organized everything here.
And he was there actually.
He was watching the live feed from the RV.
As soon as he found out they were arresting him, he ran there.
And he had an inside perspective.
The police actually also detained him.
They detained Mike Knarr, one of our guys.
Let me talk to Mike Knarr and then we'll go back to somebody who was out there while this was happening.
Mr. Cesar, Chris Cesar.
Mike Knarr, thank you for coming on with us.
How you doing, Alex?
I know you guys are passing the phone around.
Thank you for coming on.
Describe what you saw when you were watching it on the video, screen cam in the RV over the wireless internet, and then you ran out to see them being let out the front.
Talk about from different angles.
This is the future.
Tell us what you witnessed.
Well, actually, from the RV, you know, the feed was cutting a little bit in and out, and we kind of went from an interview to a pop-up of an audio saying, why am I being arrested?
So, uh, we just reacted very quickly, and I was acting kind of in the capacity of Luke's and Matt's producer on this.
So, uh, I ran over there as fast as I could, and, uh, you know, by the time I got there, you know, I was pretty out of breath, and I came on the scene, and there was already four cops that had Matt pinned up against the wall, and, uh, I demanded to know, as the producer,
Uh, why my man was being, uh, arrested and what charges were being filed against him.
And, uh, I think what we have here is a local, uh, you know, police force, you know, that just got themselves involved in something, you know, that they thought, you know, there's a big-time operation, you know, I get to deal with Secret Service and all these... And they really got themselves in the middle of this thing.
And I don't know how they're gonna dig themselves out.
It looked like Secret Service was directing the arrest because when we called last night, we were told Secret Service was running it and we had to talk to them.
Let me tell you exactly what happened.
The chief of police was running around.
Like a man, like a chicken with its head cut off, okay?
He came down to the arresting area, and I was on my cell phone, I was telling... They were all baby Jack Bowers, this was their day to fight Al Qaeda.
Exactly, and I was telling them I was on the cell phone with corporate, I was on the cell phone with legal, we're demanding to know exactly right now, this moment, we have live internet feeds that saw this
We're good to go.
And it was during this process that they were trying to explain how we were not legitimate media, okay?
They were trying to figure out... They decide, and oh, you're asking questions!
Arrest him, too!
Well, here's the great thing.
Up walks this man in this small party of people, and he says, hey, I'm looking for my dad, Ron Paul.
Okay, so Ron Paul's son was standing, right?
I said, you just came upon the scene.
I said, you know where Alex Jones is?
And the police are standing there, and they're like, of course we know who Alex Jones is!
He's one of the biggest, you know, my dad's always on that show!
And so, they're just sitting there with their mouths dropped.
So Ron Paul's son is there.
Ron Paul's son was immediately on the scene, yeah.
Vedlam going on.
Yeah, I talked to his media guy, he already heard about it today, even before I got him on air.
This is just total insanity.
Yeah, I mean, he ran up the steps and, uh, you know, he had a powwow with some people and then he came back down and, uh, I said, you know, you're telling me if I leave this position, you're going to arrest me?
You know, he said, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Now you're not detained.
You can do anything you want.
I said, now getting back to this charge, what is the charge again?
Uh, we think it's going to be criminal trespass.
That's a license or privilege to enter a situation, okay?
I mean, if you're in a bar and you cause a disruption, you're thrown out.
That's disorderly conduct.
If they tell you not to re-enter the bar...
And you'd have to have the bar owner's permission, you know what I mean?
You'd have to have a complainant that you are trespassing, then they have to ascertain you were not invited, and then they could do a basic trespass.
Certainly not a criminal trespass, no, it's a false charge.
Right, and exactly what Matt was trying to ascertain is who is the complainant.
Who was the one directing this?
Anthem College?
And we know who it was.
It was Giuliani Goons.
Some woman who was with his entourage, with the campaign, assaulted Luke and my equipment.
Uh, and then she'd get herself out of trouble, as some women have a tendency to do.
She went and made up a story.
Okay, they had to whisk Matt away, because they knew, so I told them, I said, you know, because the other media then started coming up and starting asking me questions.
Hey, what's going on?
We want to cover this.
And so they had to get him out of there.
But of course, they did cover another arrest, but not this arrest.
This is not being, it's on Drudge, but only a link to a live link in the video that somebody uploaded.
We need to get all this stuff uploaded now, and we need to find out who this Giuliani goon is assaulting Luke Radowsky, and we need to get these, number one, these charges dropped against Matt.
And as this develops, I want to have you all back up tomorrow, and I appreciate you sir, aiding the crew in the important work that they are doing.
God bless you.
You bet.
And all of you, I want to get Matt, everybody, back up with us again tomorrow, okay?
Just in closing, Chris Caesar, I want to thank you for what you've done.
Sir, you want to plug your blog?
Um, sure.
My blog is just chrisscaeser.gather.com.
That's right.
Sir, thank you for sending those photos.
We will get them up.
Anything else you'd like to add?
I just said I asked the woman that made the charge, you know, why she did it.
Didn't she think that... Oh, stay there!
You saw the goon!
Oh my gosh, this is huge.
We're getting all the pieces with these witnesses right here now, publicly.
Stay there.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Alright, the next hour I'm going straight to the huge immigration news.
It is massive, it is of the utmost importance.
20 loopholes in it, biggest amnesty ever.
Cities now issuing ID cards to illegals outside the matricula.
Now, up in Farmer's Branch they tried to block the illegals taking over.
Federal judge, a state judge said, no way, total legalization by fiat.
Criminality everywhere by the government.
It's on our government.
It works for foreign interests to bring down the U.S.
and a bunch of idiot police and bureaucrats don't know that.
We're here to wake you up if you'll listen.
You're destroying your own future.
You're literally cutting your nose off despite your face.
Let's go back to
Our guest, who writes for a local newspaper, also has his own blog, and he's Chris Caesar.
Chris, you ended up talking, I guess, afterwards to the lady that was going after Luke's camera.
Did you see that?
A. B. When you came up later to her, what did you say?
I didn't see her take the camera.
I saw the camera get broken when they arrested Matt.
I mean, that's a separate one.
I mean, whenever she was at first going after Luke and the camera.
Yeah, she definitely made a gesture.
And I think it was the same woman I saw afterwards who was talking to police and wanted a statement from her.
So I assume that she definitely made the complaint.
And I just asked her, you know, don't you think that they would have been less... Because she was telling him that they were being antagonistic and stuff.
And I said, don't you think they would have been a lot more polite and respectful if the campaign staffer answered the question?
And she looked at me like I was from Mars and said, you know, what question?
Well, number one, who is she to be going around ordering people to be arrested?
Exactly, yeah, it's a total... Did you get her name tag?
What was her name?
She didn't have a name tag, unfortunately.
I might have her voice very faintly on my tape recorder here, but I couldn't identify her.
Man, upload that if you can.
We'll put it up on YouTube or Google.
You are awesome.
And again, I really appreciate you.
Anything else?
Not that I can think of, just that I told Ron Paul about it when it came out afterwards and he commented that, you know, aren't we supposed to be spreading democracy across the world?
We can't even handle it here in New Hampshire.
Wow, so Ron Paul had that statement.
Can you upload that?
Yes, sir, I can.
You are the best.
Put it up on your blog.
We'll link to your blog, my friend.
Thank you, sir.
That is awesome.
No, thank you.
This is wonderful.
I can go to so many angles, so many different people.
This is real media.
I am so blessed.
Thank you, God, for putting me in this position to fight this corruption.
We've let Luke and Matt and all of them go, correct?
They're sayonara.
We've let the other guys go, right?
Okay, just tell them thank you.
We're going to get them back up tomorrow.
Let's schedule them.
Get my producer with them because I want to get them all set back up again tomorrow as more of this develops.
A couple program notes.
I've been so busy this week.
I meant to have it today, but instead we're going to have it tomorrow.
There's going to be a protest in Austin, Texas tomorrow at 7 o'clock.
Right in front of the Governor's Mansion.
There's plenty of parking down there.
It's off 11th Street.
You can't miss it.
It's right by the... I forget the other street.
We'll put it on PrisonPlanet.com and JonesReport.com in the next few hours.
It's just the Governor's Mansion across the street from the Capitol.
We're going to be there tomorrow at 7 o'clock protesting the traitor Rick Perry, the so-called Governor, who staged a four-way race to get back in with a small percentage points of the vote.
He flew out, Van Valish of the Logan Act, to Istanbul, Turkey, to go decide the handover of all our roads and water and power plants.
We're going to call the media today.
You need to call them.
Demand they be out there.
We're going to force Bilderberg back into the news tomorrow.
Plenty of time to leave work, get a bite to eat, whatever, and meet us out there 7 to 8 o'clock.
It'll be still light.
7 to 8 o'clock.
It's light until late 15.
Right in front of the Governor's Mansion, just like when we shut Vicente Fox down, Bullhorn.
I mean, get the message out to everybody.
I mean, if you live as far away as Dallas, I want to see you there tomorrow.
Rick Perry.
Tomorrow, 7 o'clock, we're going to go Bullhorn and protest his handover of Texas and the Trans-Nav-to-Highways and the New World Order.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.
More than... Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have debate clips of Ron Paul, Giuliani with lightning striking when he's pushing abortion and saying God likes it, literally.
Repeatedly keeps striking the top of the building, and they got great photos of it.
Uh, we've got, uh, the debate clip where Giuliani's saying we need to turn our military into a New World Order enforcement arm for, quote, nation building.
That means blowing nations into dust and injecting everyone with deadly vaccines and giving them ID cards and killing them if they're caught out without them.
That's Tom Brokaw, before he left, admitted that.
We have video inside Fallujah.
My God.
They just walk around blowing people away 24-7.
Uh, just pure wickedness, ladies and gentlemen, on steroids.
That's coming up.
We are going to air the audio of the video of Matt LePacek being grabbed and drug off.
It's just a jam-packed third hour.
I'll even try to get in some of your calls.
Right now, though, this is frankly
Incredibly important, and I probably should have led with this, but our own reporter being grabbed and it being on the Drudge Report and the attack on the First Amendment is pretty important as well.
This is disinformation.
You're hearing fate of Senate immigration bill in doubt.
They're putting this out on neocon shows.
You think they're anti-open border, but really it's, okay, looks like we won.
Everybody go to sleep.
The vote's tomorrow, and I think they're probably going to pass it.
I've seen this too many times.
Unless you get on the phone now, unless you call into talk radio, unless you go completely ape, this is out of Reuters.
Senate Republicans on Tuesday accused Democrats of trying to rush a vote on immigration reform, casting doubt on the fate of the White House-backed bill that would tighten border security and legalize millions of immigrants.
Now remember, this has all been secret.
This has all been completely and totally
secret from the public.
And they wouldn't let the public see it.
But they said, oh, it's tougher than the past immigration bills.
Now, Senators leaked some of the subsections on the Z visa and the rest of it, and we compared them and said, this looks like it's just the Kennedy bill, total amnesty.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, now Senator Sessions and one other Senator have released larger subsections, though they're not supposed to.
In the new America, bills are secret from you, so they can tell you it's non-amnesty, and then it is.
That's the new freedom!
That's how we fight Al-Qaeda, is having bills secret.
They hire illegal aliens to build two miles of fence instead of 700 miles just to stage photo-op.
They can't even hire citizens to do that.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is not just amnesty.
It is total criminal activity.
It legalizes foreign child molesters.
Folks, you cannot make stuff up like this.
I didn't even imagine this.
I knew the military was hiring aggravated felony legal aliens.
I, in my wildest dreams, didn't imagine it would be child molesters.
It's mainstream news.
Senator's website, subsections.
It is twenty
Quote loopholes.
And it's a national ID card, North American ID card integration.
That's admitted now.
What we heard is true.
And it's just total amnesty, and legalization of pedophiles, and unlimited skilled and unskilled worker visas.
But the story here is, we already knew it was bad.
The story here is that we heard Tony Snow and all of them on LaRoche Limbaugh on the ill boards, telling the world this was not amnesty and lying.
They're lying about the war, too, folks.
They're lying about 9-11.
They're a pack of criminals.
Tony Snow is a government criminal.
George Bush is a criminal.
Hillary Clinton's a criminal.
Giuliani's a criminal.
These are criminals!
They're not liberals or conservatives.
They're criminals!
Do you understand?
They lie to you.
Of course they say there's no North American Union.
Of course they say there's no SPP.
Of course they say Perry isn't handin' over the roads.
Of course they say there's no Bilderberg.
It's a military tactic!
They could be stickin' a bayonet in you in a foxhole, tellin' you this isn't a bayonet.
But maybe it is a bayonet.
Now we got the bill now, and it's worse than I even thought, okay?
So I apologize.
As usual,
I'm not exaggerating.
This isn't hyperbole.
No, no.
As usual, I'm not hardcore enough.
As usual, I don't know how bad it is.
As usual, I even buy some of their spin.
I'm at fault.
It's worse than I said.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, I'm going to get into as many of the 20 loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill.
These are just all off the charts.
And then we're going to play Ron Paul clips, other clips, the kidnapping by the state police clip of our reporter, and even try to jam in some of your calls.
The number is 1-800-259-9231.
This is from PrisonPlanet.com.
It's off the U.S.
Senator Jeff Sessions' website.
Senator Sessions released a list of 20 loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill.
Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican in Alabama, released a list of 20 loopholes in the Comprehensive Immigration Bill today, which reveals the bill is fatally flawed, and this is their words, this is a whitewash itself, and will not establish a functioning immigration system in the future.
And again, it's just like the fence.
They never had intention of building it.
They built a couple miles of it with illegal aliens doing the work.
And it was just a photo-op, like Bush's ranch was a photo-op.
That's what I told you, folks.
And really, it's a North American ID card to have a job if the illegals by fiat are exempt.
The list of loopholes includes flaws affecting border security, chain migration, and assimilation policies.
The list exposes a lack of serious attention given to ensuring that the legislation fixes America's failed immigration system.
Yeah, this is like you got one leg chopped off.
Instead of putting a tourniquet on it, they chopped your head off.
Or, oh, you stubbed your toe.
Let me machine gun you in the head.
I am deeply concerned about the numerous loopholes we have found in this legislation.
They are more than technical errors, but rather symptoms of a fundamentally flawed piece of legislation, and it's a lie, that stands no chance of actually fixing our broken immigration system.
Well, it's like saying there's no more murder because we legalized murder.
Sessions continued.
Many of the loopholes are
Indicative of a desire not to have the system work.
Well, that's true.
For example, one loophole in the enforcement trigger, quote, fails to require the U.S.
visit system, the biometric border check-in and check-out system established by Congress in 96.
When that was established in 96, and I remember them doing it in Texas, it's only for citizens getting licensed.
It was in the local paper that the illegals are exempt.
So sick!
These idiots are for it, of course.
Congress in 1996, but never implemented to be fully functional before new worker or amnesty programs begin.
Without the system in place, the U.S.
has no mention for ensuring that workers and their families do not overstay their visas.
It's about destroying the middle class and debasing the economy for the new world order.
It's not about stopping the illegals.
It's for the open season on us, the idiot Americans.
Another flaw in the legislation prevents the benefits of merit-based immigration from taking full effect until 2016, until then, chain migration to the U.S.
will effectively triple compared to a disproportionately low increase in skilled-based immigration.
As a result, the merit-based system, that means, folks, no more skilled visa.
It's just an unlimited worker visa.
And that's what was in the other bills, just the same thing.
Is only a shell of what it should have been.
A third loophole in the bill.
So you'll have this language, but then the actual technical stuff says the opposite.
Like the Patriot Act says you have all these rights, and then it says you don't have any.
It's like the UN Declaration of Human Rights gives you all these rights until Article 29 and 30.
Go read it.
It says you have no rights.
See, that's how this stuff... You gotta read the fine print.
Because that's what matters.
But we're a nation that likes to be ripped off and scammed and jamed.
Because our forefathers were so aggressive and successful that we're their spoiled, scumbag, great-grandchildren.
It's that simple.
I don't know how to fix a combine.
I don't know how to... you know, do all these things our ancestors did.
I don't know how to, you know, do all... I mean... It's just, we're scum!
I mean, we just need to... all of us are scum!
We've become scum!
We're evil scum!
I'm evil scum!
Compare... I mean, we've become evil!
Let's just admit it!
We're evil scum!
So of course they run game on us!
We're a bunch of stupid idiots!
Let's stop being like that!
We're not going to change until we admit what we are, folks!
I'm not just calling you scum, police, I'm scum too!
I'm not as scummy as you, but I'm still scum!
We're pathetic!
Look what we've let happen!
A third loophole in the bill allows immigrants to avoid
Demonstrating a proficiency in English for more than a decade.
Illegal aliens are not required to learn English to receive a full promotionary benefits of citizenship.
Passing a basic English test is only required for the third Z Visa renewal twelve years later after amnesty is granted.
You see, in the previous bills it was six years.
I've been saying six years and getting emails and saying I'm a liar.
I'm sorry, it's double.
It's twelve.
Sessions will highlight many of the loopholes contained in the list this week during Senate debate on the immigration bill.
We need to take that.
A full list of the 20 loopholes is attached.
20 loopholes of the Senate Immigration Bill.
Loophole 1.
Now I've just gotten to the loopholes and there's six pages of these.
Should I read this or should I play Ron Paul clips?
We read some and they just get worse and worse.
Legal status before enforcement.
Amnesty benefits do not wait for the enforcement trigger after filing the application and waiting 24 hours.
That's 24 hours before it was years.
Illegal aliens will receive full promotionary benefits complete with the ability to legally live and work in the U.S., travel outside the U.S.
in return, and their own social security card to get welfare.
They don't add that.
Astonishingly, if the trigger is never met and amnesty applications are therefore never approved, the promotionary benefits guaranteed to the illegal alien population never expire.
So they just give it to you right off the bat.
And it just never, it's just, it's done.
One deal.
Here it is.
And the new social security card issued to the illegal alien population are not revoked.
Section PP1-209-291 and 315.
You want the bill?
Here it is.
Secret bill is now out.
Far worse than we thought.
And you heard all those liars and Bush.
He's lying to you about the war.
He's lying to you about 9-11.
They don't want Ron Paul in there because they want Hillary.
Only Ron Paul can win.
That's what the Las Vegas
Odds companies are saying now.
Democrats in for sure unless it's Ron Paul.
Las Vegas isn't wrong.
Just like we told you.
I don't need Las Vegas to tell me.
I can look at things and I can tell you.
That's why they're so scared.
That's the stakes.
You're gonna have Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or one of these globalists like John Edwards has been to Bilderberg.
All the Republicans are dead horses.
Except for Ron Paul.
They're running dead horses in the race.
The enforcement trigger, U.S.
visit, exit, not in trigger.
The enforcement trigger required to be met before a temporary worker program begins does not require that the exit portion of the U.S.
visit system, the biometric border check-in system or check-out system, first required by Congress.
So, they don't have to thumb scan and face print.
You do, under REAL ID, when you get your license, because you're scum, filth, slave.
You understand that?
We're the dumbest, stupidest, easy to manipulate people in the world.
We used to have the top test scores, we got the lowest now.
The cops are just like us.
Dumber than dirt, stumbling around thinking it's their boss to mind us, while criminals that literally kidnap children and ship in drugs run everything.
Just want you to know that, cops.
I can't read all this, it just gets worse and worse.
Loophole 3 triggers
Requires no more agents, beds, or fencing in the current law.
And it goes on to say that they will have no power.
They're not going to be arresting.
They're not going to be detaining.
They're not going to build more beds.
They're not going to deport.
They say they won't catch and release, but then it says right here, but they actually won't deport them.
It's all lies.
It's all right here.
You can go read it on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Loophole 4, 3 additional years worth of illegal alien status treated preferentially to legal flyers.
You know, they claim you have to have been here five years.
It says anyone, non-citizen, it says a friend, can sign an affidavit saying you've been here for five years and you're instantly legalized.
And you're never seen again.
You're given the Social Security card.
It's over.
You're legal forever.
It's in the bill.
Total end of the border.
Total end of everything.
The final thing complete tomorrow.
Tomorrow they're voting and you watch it pass.
And you watch all the scum that runs this country celebrate with champagne.
Loophole 5.
Completion of background checks not required for promotionary legal status.
And it's not, they call it promotionary, probationary, but when they issue it, and again, I've already read this, go read it for yourself.
I even heard Bortz accurately reporting on this driving in this morning.
He was reading each section.
He's a lawyer.
He was super hardcore.
He's finally telling the truth.
Thank God.
He tells you from something.
And he was breaking all this down.
Total legalization.
And anybody can sign the form.
Man, I tell you.
Loophole 6.
Some child molesters are still eligible.
Some aggravated felons.
Those who have, what do you think the Army's hiring them for five years?
Washington Times, Washington Post.
What do you think they're going to be ruling us?
You think I'm joking?
They're already hiring illegals for police.
Some aggravated felons, those who have sexually abused a minor, are eligible for amnesty.
A child molester commits the crime before the bill is enacted, is not barred from getting amnesty, and their conviction document omitted the age of the victim.
The bill corrects the loophole for future child molesters, but does not close the loophole for current or past convictions.
Let's see page 47.30-33 and page 48 of 1 of 2.
Actual links to the bill, would you like to go find out for yourself?
I've gotten to loophole 6, it goes up to 20!
Loophole 7, terrorism connections allowed.
Good moral character not required and it goes on to say you can be on the international terrorist watch list.
But reporters I know with no criminal record and members of Congress cannot fly commercial now that the government says they will not be removed.
You can go read loophole 7 if you like.
Loophole 8 gang members are eligible.
And it says that members of MS-13 are fully authorized for it.
It actually says it.
See page 289.
Now how many of the dumb public are going to read this?
You're going to have these slack-jawed hogs come up to you in the next month that they patch this and tell you Bush got tough on immigration.
You're going to have the local Republican lady with all her makeup on, her big hair, tell you that.
Because they hate America!
They're enemies!
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In the next segment, I'm going to, as fast as I can, finish up with the 20 loopholes for total blanket amnesty.
And I just can't believe the... just how they lied to everybody.
It's just unbelievable.
This is worse than I knew.
I know I keep saying that.
It just blows my mind.
They'll probably set off a nuke and say we gotta open the borders to keep us safe or something.
I mean, they're just... there's no end to these terrorists.
That's who runs the country is the terrorists.
Make no mistake.
You're gonna find out I'm right sooner or later, out there listening for the first time.
Alright, let me cover some things right now.
When we get back, I'll get into that.
And then I'm also going to... We've got Ted Anderson popping in for a minute.
And then I'm going to be trying to play some Ron Paul clips and Giuliani clips.
This is just all wall-to-wall.
You can see them all right now at PrisonPlanet.com and JonesReport.com and InfoWars.net.
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Some red, white, and blue.
Some red, white, and blue.
And when the band plays, hell to the deep, Lord knows, they point the cannon at you.
Sound it!
It ain't me, it ain't me, no I ain't no sinner, son It ain't me, it ain't me, no I ain't no fortunate one
Welcome back.
Alright, I'm going to get back into the 20s.
Loopholes for total amnesty for child molesters, unlimited foreign workers, 12 years of legalization, you get given this social security card on your first visit and it's over.
Nothing's ever been done like this.
This is total open borders.
I've also got a bunch of clips and the arrest of our people and a bunch of calls, but right now I've been wanting to get him up for a few days.
Ever since over the weekend I saw the United Nations website
And they're big economic directorate saying they believe the dollar is going to collapse.
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Well, I mean, folks, if you just buy a couple little coins every few months, it builds up over time.
It certainly does, and it's a great way to put away a savings account, and this is an excellent way to get involved.
I can't think of a better coin.
I love it.
I guess you get the deals as you come.
I called you two weeks ago and I said, give me the best thing you've got.
Numismatic at Nearmelt.
And I got something that was a few dollars more and is American.
And I know those who've got more of a premium collector and prettier coins.
So that is a great deal.
Ted, thanks for coming on.
Hey, thanks for having me up, Alex.
It's so great to be surrounded by such great people, isn't it?
I appreciate you, my friend.
It's awesome.
Ted Anderson, my friend, my confidant, a guy who's backed me up, never censored me once.
We're good to go.
Uh, the source of Genesis and how we operate.
Plus, these are great deals.
Uh, and he just wants a relationship with you, so that's why he's giving this to you.
But, by the time he pays his broker, he makes nothing.
And I ask, why do you do this?
He goes, oh, it's just good business to do these type of deals.
Uh, so, this is about relationships, and he's got them, you need to get them.
I'm done ranting about that, uh, now.
I know we have a lot of phone lines.
It's just the fate of the Senate Immigration Bill is in doubt, they're claiming.
That is not true.
The inside intel I've got is they're probably going to pass this out of the Senate Thursday or Friday.
That's tomorrow or the next day.
The last loophole we got to was number six.
Child molesters are still eligible.
It says those convicted of aggravated assault on a child will be allowed to become innocent citizens.
It's right there in the bill.
It's just you go one time, they give you a social security number, and you don't have to come back for 12 years.
It's done.
And the average illegal, of course, gets close to, it's not exactly, but close to triple the amount of welfare and services that they actually contribute.
And the average illegal family is having, what, 4.5 children?
And the average birth is 12 grand?
And these are young families mainly coming over?
What's 4.512 grand?
Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!
That's one form of welfare.
The anchor babies.
And then they get to get on SSI, they get to get all the goodies, and they get to have all these fake names.
And look what I've got in the news today, separate from this.
Judge blocks Texas Town's immigrant law, AP,
The town of Farmers Branch may not yet begin enforcing its voter-endorsed law barring the rental of apartments to most illegal immigrants, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.
You as a citizen got to show all that ID, but a legal doesn't.
Remember, Homeland Security four months ago said the Bank of America and Wells Fargo don't have to have any ID to give them accounts.
People complained.
Homeland Security said that's okay.
See, but you as a citizen do under the Banking Act, under the Patriot Act.
You see?
You see how that works, folks?
During a hearing Tuesday, lawmakers for the Dallas suburb acknowledged there were still drafting issues.
It goes on, the U.S.
District Judge to Fed Sam Lindsay extended a temporary restraining order to block the law until June 19th when he plans another ruling on whether the measure can be enforced while it is subject to legal challenges.
So, just like they passed a prop to bar welfare to the illegals 15 years ago in California, the federal judge said, uh-uh!
It stands!
You want to come ask questions at a press conference?
We're going to arrest you!
You want to have freedom?
And I got more articles here.
New Haven, Connecticut okays ID cards for illegals.
They say by fiat, that's where Bush is from, New Haven, Connecticut, born in New Haven, Connecticut, AP, they just say we're just going to issue it to them and make them legal by fiat and the feds support it.
That's AP.
This is the type of news that I have here in front of me, folks.
This is literally the evisceration.
If they get this, it's, it's,
It's not good.
I'm just going to say that.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
And it shows how evil they are.
They lie and say it is an amnesty.
Now, I've only got number 6.
There's number 7.
And I'll try to jam in some calls and play some clips.
Loophole 7.
Terrorism connections allowed.
Good moral conduct and character not required.
Gang members are eligible under loophole 8.
It says MS-13.
All of you are instantly legalized.
You just sign on the form renouncing your gang membership.
I mean, that is a joke.
They're going to be joining the Army, by the way.
Loophole 9, absconders are eligible.
Aliens who have already had their day in court and who ran, because they catch and release as they show up, are allowed instantly to become citizens.
So, you as a citizen don't... I have an employee.
It's not even an employee, it's a contractor.
Who had an expired license and I pull up at the parking lot and they're arresting you.
And I get out and the cops kind of buff up and pump up and they're like, oh Alex Jones.
There's three of them.
A female cop, black cop, white cop.
And I've told the story.
I said I want to talk tomorrow.
I'm just going to read all these at the start of the show.
This is huge.
And I walk up and they're like, oh Alex Jones, how you doing?
And then they put him in the car, and I walk over to the lady who was Hispanic, and I said, if he was an illegal alien, you wouldn't be arresting him.
And she got real mad and screeched out of the parking lot.
I guess she can't mention how there's the laws are a fraud to her.
She thinks I don't like her, which is the complete opposite.
I just want to be her friend, but that doesn't matter.
Like, I had one Metro guy tell me, Gringo, we don't care or you're gonna die.
You understand, we know.
You know, we know the government's behind us, but we're gonna stab them in the back, too.
We're taking over.
And I just said to her, and the black and white cop was sitting there talking to me, and I go, that wasn't illegal, you wouldn't arrest him.
He goes, yeah, we're not encouraged to, the judge just lets him go.
And we don't like it either.
I'm just like, you know what?
The country's gone!
That's what I said, it's just gone.
I told them, your children have no future.
And one of them had a little tear in his eye.
They said, yeah, we know, we know.
Well, good, at least you know it's gone.
At least you know that that piece of filth arresting him
I can't handle it anymore.
I just can't handle it anymore!
You think it's bad now, folks.
It's going to get worse and worse.
They're going to use all these illegals to vote for gun control, you name it.
It's going to just be like Mugabe taking your land, everything.
Loophole 8, gang members are eligible.
Loophole 9, esconders are eligible.
Loophole 10, learning English not required for a decade.
Loophole 11, earned income tax credit while cost taxpayers billions in just 10 years.
They're going to get tax money in it, tax credits.
It says it will cost over 20 billion dollars just in the first 10 years, conservatively.
Loophole 12, affidavits from friends accepted as evidence of five years in the country.
Just a random affidavit from anybody, not even a citizen.
Loophole 13, taxpayer funded legal counsel and arbitration.
The government's going to pay for being their lawyers to get them legalized if they have any problems.
In-state tuition and student loans, federally, unlimited, at higher levels than citizens.
You thought the states were bankrupt already?
That's the plan.
Inequity of the merit system.
People that have served, people that have been here, people that have done right, people that have been here five years.
They try to be legal citizens, doesn't matter.
The illegals get first preferential treatment.
Loophole 16, visas for individuals that plan to overstay.
Loophole 17, shame migration.
Treble before being eliminated.
So they allow that to continue throughout the 12 years.
Then they claim it's eliminated in 12.
Yeah, right.
Loophole 18, back taxes not required for people that haven't paid taxes.
Boy, I wish the IRS was me!
We know it's a fraud, but the point is, oh, I didn't pay taxes the last five years, but that's okay, right?
Oh, sure, Mr. Jones!
I mean, child molesters?
People that haven't paid taxes?
Are you starting to get the picture here?
Loophole 19, Social Security cards allowed for some illegal work histories.
So now I'm allowed to have fake social security cards.
Criminal fine is not proportional to conduct.
It's only a thousand dollar fine, actually.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the New World Order on steroids.
I went through the 20.
I'm going to try to write an article myself.
I'm trying to finish Endgame.
I'm trying to do everything else for them.
I'm kind of out of control and wild.
It's because I'm just all pumped up.
I'm going to come back and try to jam in.
Nottingham, Woody in England, Mellon, Illinois.
I'll try to cram in a few.
And please support us.
You know, I didn't do any plugging the first two hours.
That's why I'm doing it in this third hour.
I need your support.
I want to fund people.
I want to support people.
I want to, you know, try to buy footage from people.
Even when they try to give it to me, I try to buy it because I want to support them.
I need your support.
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We're good.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here.
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Final segment, I want to jam in some calls.
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Let's go ahead and jam in some calls here at the end.
But remember, tomorrow at 7 o'clock, 7 o'clock, downtown Austin, right off 11th Street, in front of the mansion, Governor's Mansion, right by the Capitol, we'll be protesting.
Perry, Rick Perry, help me get the word out on this.
In the North American Union, how he traitorously went to Bilderberg.
Help us call the media, News 8 and others, all the local Texas media.
Be there tomorrow.
Plenty of time after work.
I want to see you down there.
I'll be bullhorning tomorrow.
Let's talk to Wood, or WOD, excuse me, in England.
Go ahead, sir.
Hello, Alex.
Hi, go ahead.
It's Barry speaking.
Okay, I was told your name was Wood.
Hold on a minute, hold on a minute.
Because they told me your name was WOD.
Second name that, Alex.
Okay, did you tell me, hold on, did you tell us your name was Wad?
No, it's Wad is my second name.
Okay, Wad.
Okay, I apologize.
I was just thinking we were going crazy.
Go ahead.
No, no.
You're certainly not the crazies.
We are crazy, but go ahead.
I've made a recent acquaintance, Alex, and we were talking today about the CCTV in the United Kingdom and the rise of the cameras, and we moved along to the 9-11 subject.
Um, on the day of 9-11, she stunned me with what she said.
She said that it was a very poignant day to her, because she was in the air, coming from, er, travelling from Florida to Manchester, England, from a family holiday.
And all this took place, obviously, while they were flying.
And then she told me that they were very suspicious when they heard the news in Manchester when they landed, because
Their flight had made an unscheduled landing at an Air Force base in the United States.
The passengers were all kept at the base for, she recalls, about two, two and a half hours.
No explanation, nothing.
No information as to why they were on the ground.
They were then allowed to go on the way.
And nothing, she's never found out anything.
I need to get in touch with her, I need to get your name and number.
I thought I might be spooking her the way I was pushing her a little bit.
We're only recently acquainted and she's no idea how I think and things I look and see.
I think she would be, and she is a professional, I don't think she would be quite willing to
Well, this is true.
This is huge.
We know some of that stuff went on.
I'm going to get your number and I'm going to be calling you soon.
Thanks for holding to tell me that.
I really appreciate it, my friend.
And I apologize to all the other callers.
Lee in Northern Ireland, England, and people in New York and California, everywhere else.
I'm just totally brain dead right now.
There's so much happening.
Just overloaded.
You'll be able to hear the whole show again right now at Restreams at Infowars.com.
Don't forget the free podcast.
And I want to see you tomorrow out there, 7 o'clock in downtown Austin.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.