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Air Date: June 5, 2007
2136 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is already Tuesday, the fifth day of June 2007.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
Guess who we have coming up for you?
Joe Ranonza, National Payment Card, that's one of the companies where you hear on the news, hey, you can pay for gas or your groceries with your driver's license.
We'll be covering that and it dovetails with this headline, CNET News, experts call for Global Biometrics Identification Agency.
Then we have Ed Russel joining us in the second hour, each one of these guests on about ten minutes, for GOARFID.
Then we have Jesse Benton, the head of media operations for presidential candidate Ron Paul, press secretary, joining us.
And then in the third hour, Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com, who joins us once a month and always has great analysis and information for us.
That is coming up.
But yeah, experts call for Global Biometrics Agency.
Now remember, seven years ago, about six and a half years ago, it was in several
Australian newspapers at the UN had a world identification summit, I forget the exact name, but we made a big deal out of it on air, covered it a lot, because it is a big deal.
And they said, they agreed on world biometric identifier numbers, the number of numbers, how many numbers would be in the code, and so we're already under this, but now that they've set it up, they're now announcing it to you.
So you think it's a Texas ID card, you think it's a Federal ID card, you think it's a North American Guest Worker card.
No, it is a World ID card.
And while we're still debating whether or not the Real ID acts National ID card, they're already on the World ID numbers and the Cashless Society control grid.
So that's coming up later in the broadcast today.
Paul Watson wrote a great article that was out yesterday evening that I really cannot give enough attention to, and it's based on the headline of the Jerusalem Post.
This is a big deal.
We can't just glaze over this.
Shin Bet involved in 1976 hijacking.
So today I am going to spend more time on this.
We see one of these stories every couple days.
Kindergarten girl handcuffed, arrested at school.
They arrested the six-year-old Florida girl and even handcuffed her.
While she acted out in class, it's the same type of report we're always seeing.
So we'll be going over that.
Also, remember, last few days, since Friday, we heard there was a devastating plan to blow up the entire JFK Airport with the fuel lines.
They said it would have looked like a mushroom cloud.
Of course, it wouldn't have, but the media hyped that false image to terrorize you.
They work for the terrorists.
Agency French Press, and there's also an AP report on this, experts cast doubt on credibility of JFK terror plot.
And it's just like all the other plots, we'll be going over that.
Also, huge report, Biden admits meeting with hijacker financier, WeAreChange and Infowars.com reporter,
Questions Senator on details of CONFAB with Pakistani General.
So we will be going over that report for you.
Also, key Bush backers rally to Fred Thompson.
Members of the Bush family supporting him.
Well, in fact, I'm going to cover this first when we get back.
We got Ron Paul on the Daily Show from last night.
We have Ron Paul's Weekly Legislative Update I want to play.
We have three big guests for you today and we will even have some time to take some calls.
We will take your calls today at 1-800-259-9231.
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We're good to go.
Alright, welcome as we launch another live transmission against tyranny.
Three big guests coming up today.
But right now, let me launch straight into the news.
Yesterday, Paul Watson wrote an article titled, JFK Airport Plot Has All the Hallmarks of Staged Terror.
Near-retarded ringleader, paid government provocateurs, mirror legion of previous cases.
So many cases where they claim somebody was going to blow up the George Washington Bridge, somebody was going to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge, somebody was going to blow up the Liberty Tower, somebody was going to bomb the Parliament in Canada, somebody was going to go into Parliament chambers live on television and cut off the Prime Minister's head.
And for a week or a month or even two or three months, they'd have these headlines and then they would just say, all charges dropped, incorrect, wasn't true, or somebody joked at a bar, or it was provocateured, or the government has apologized and they staged it, or the literally retarded street kids, Christian street kids, claiming they were Al-Qaeda commandos that were gonna blow up nuclear plants and take on the FBI headquarters and, you know, basically like the Terminator or something.
I mean, it's just...
It's a total comic book, but the general public isn't paying attention.
They just hear, Al-Qaeda plot foiled, Al-Qaeda plot foiled, Al-Qaeda plot foiled, deadly Al-Qaeda strike foiled.
Only torture saved us.
Only checkpoints saved us.
It's a literal backdrop theater.
Then we have all of the mainstream articles that later came out.
This was in 2003.
That over 50 fake terror alerts had been issued, quote, for political purposes.
Then before he left in 2004, Ari Fleischer, Press Secretary for the White House, admitted that it was being done for political reasons.
Every time a scandal broke, every time there was news of corruption, every time an Enron document came out, every time, BOOM!
Al-Qaeda was going to blow up the Liberty Tower.
Turned out there was no building named Liberty Tower.
They just thought that name sounded good and then they literally showed film stock footage, manufactured computer CG generated video of a flying saucer blowing up a building in LA and they called it the Liberty Tower just to have that... I mean they don't... they treat you like you're so dumb.
They don't even call buildings by their real name.
And then they crop out the flying saucer and just show a building blowing up from a movie.
The Pentagon says, forget CGing a fake building, just show something from Independence Day.
They're showing you Independence Day videos.
They're laughing at you.
They're giving you fake names of buildings.
But again,
You have a general public that doesn't know what it means as the dollar plunges and make jokes about it.
You've got a general public that still make jokes about Bilderberg Group and say it doesn't exist when it's in the front page of the Dallas Morning News.
You've got a public, let's say a section of the public that want to go to the country club, play golf, go out on their boat, go on trips, they spend all their time planning trips, all their time buying lingerie, all their time putting skin creams on, all their time at the gym so they look just right, all their time in the delusional world of the stock market telling each other which stocks are the best and independently trying to hype stocks or
And listening to all the latest trends and buying the latest newsletters, which are all within the false news paradigm, which are all within the false spectrum of created reality.
There's some reality woven into all of it, but overall it isn't
I mean, don't you want to be in the real world?
Don't you really want to be informed?
Don't you want to be in on the skinny?
Don't you want to know how the world really works?
Or do you like thinking you know?
Do you like thinking you've got it all together?
Do you like it?
Because, believe me, your ignorance and your false aplomb is going to destroy this country.
Listen to me, fools.
And I'm not talking to my mainline listeners.
I'm talking to the general public tuning in for the first time today.
Giggling and snickering because they think they know it all.
You've got your hair combed just right.
You've got, you know, the perfect suit on, the perfect tie.
You've got a breath mint in your mouth.
You think you've all got it figured out.
You're, uh, you know, having relations with the secretary at night and, you know, not even putting in time with your family.
You think you got it all figured out.
Let me tell you something, Dumbo.
You're not a member of the elite because you're part of the Chamber of Commerce.
You're not a member of the elite because you've got your own parking spot number at the golf club.
You're not a member of the elite because you're worth three million dollars.
Let me give you a news flash.
You're nobody.
You understand that?
You're nobody, punk.
Your money is created by a private banking system.
And they're setting everything up to destroy you financially.
Do you understand that twit?
Now I know you're going to laugh now, but you're not going to laugh later.
And I want you to remember what you heard here.
Don't jump off a building.
Don't jump out of your window.
Don't slit your wrist.
Don't shoot yourself when you lose everything, because that never meant anything to begin with.
Get even with the New World Order and join us when the smile is wiped off your stinking face.
You hear me?
You go to congressional and senatorial fundraisers, you shake hands with people you think are the elite, you think you're powerful, you're nothing.
You need to be slapped upside the head repeatedly.
You need to be woken up to defend this country.
We don't just defend this country because we're saps that love the flag, though I do have that area in my heart.
It's because this is where we live.
Because people fought to create some semblance of a free market system
Where there wasn't patronage and where it wasn't about your family name and where it was about who you were and what you built.
And that's why we created most of the world's wealth.
That's why 4% of the world's population had half the planet's wealth.
And that's why we were tall and proud and strong and fiercely independent.
You are the opposite.
You're like male cheerleaders.
You are social club frat boys where it's all about your club or your clique and all about putting on a front and acting like you're powerful while your country goes down the tubes, you pathetic peacocks.
I'm already digressing.
I gotta get in the news here.
It's just I can't tell you how many times good old boys at events or good old boys when I'm walking down the street, you know, who think they're members of the elite and are always the same perfumed peacocks
With their chest sticking out with a proud look on their face.
You know the type I'm talking about.
You gotta watch the Texas Legislature.
They're the worst I've ever seen.
And I've seen video of other legislatures.
Like a bunch of effeminate homosexuals.
Excuse me, but that's just what they are.
And strutting around acting manly.
And it's a big joke to you guys that you're all part of the power system and you all flutter around and you all, you know, play your games.
All serious stuff's going on and while this whole civilization, this whole species is in complete and total crisis.
And the scientists that work for the true elite just sit there competitively with each other, producing more and more nightmarish inventions, bloody inventions, of mind control and propaganda and enslavement and tracking and control.
And then inbred peacock families sit there and use it indiscriminately and test it on innocent populations that have even served them.
The elite is completely out of control.
They're not like the smart elites of the past who were corrupt in their own right and wicked in their own right, but at least they, in many cases, when they were rising, look at Rome, look at Greece, look at the British Empire, didn't completely debase their own populations and didn't try to completely dumb their populations down.
They chose to energize their populations and have tribal fealty to wage war against other populations.
No, this global elite doesn't do that.
They wage war against everyone, even themselves.
Alright, I don't want to get off into... Oh, what is the point?
Do you know how important it is that everybody go to PrisonPlanet.com and get the articles in the News and Focus section on the right-hand side?
Yearning for terror is a GOP strategy.
GOP memos say they need terror attacks to get their takeover done.
Democrats the same.
More government-sponsored terror revealed.
That's a huge story.
It needs to be seen.
But here it is today.
Experts cast doubt on credibility of JFK terror plot.
An alleged plot, this is mainstream news, to blow up fuel tanks and pipelines at New York's JFK Airport had little chances of success according to safety experts who have questioned whether the plot ever posed a real threat.
authorities said Saturday they had averted an attack that could have resulted in an unfathomable damage, deaths, and destruction.
Well, you know the spin doctors came up with that line.
Unfathomable damage, deaths, and destruction.
And charged four alleged Islamic radicals with conspiracy to cause an explosion at the airport.
Well, according to experts, it would have been next to impossible to cause an explosion in the jet fuel tanks and pipeline.
Furthermore, the plotters seem to have lacked the explosives and financial backing to carry out the attack.
John Golelia, a former member of the National Transportation Safety Board, said that if the plot had ever been carried out, it would likely have sparked a fire, but little else, and certainly not the mess and mass carnage authorities described.
Yeah, but the general public doesn't know that.
They're shown videos of flying saucers attacking.
And told it's real.
I mean, you know, this isn't... I'm not joking, by the way.
We just tuned in.
They showed that on Fox.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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I was thinking there in the break about some of the big stories that we've covered in the last few weeks that haven't gotten the attention they deserve.
The New York Times two weeks ago reported that they are introducing legislation to tax
The internet attacks emails that the states are lobbying with international financing and telecommunications companies, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to get it done, to shut down net neutrality, which will kill the web, literally kill it and force you over the internet too.
And still, almost everyone I talk to who are web heads,
Who are on the internet constantly, whose businesses are based on it, whose lives are based on it, basically.
They know nothing about it.
Oh, yeah, there's a plan to shut down the hubs and force us over to a new system.
Yeah, it's been built for four or five years.
It's now nearing completion.
They're already using it.
And they're openly saying they're going to shut down the old web and tax the living daylights out of what's left of it.
And I don't, I just can't even get you to listen.
I've got Paul Watson writing an article about it in the next few days.
We've written quite a few in the past.
Just watch it happen.
They cannot continue to let alternative media, I mean when this radio show, and just one of my websites, is bigger than the online Dallas Morning News, thousands of times bigger than Rush Limbaugh.com, just a year ago we were neck and neck, now we're thousands of times bigger.
The difference is that they've got the illusion that they're the establishment, so they make boatloads of money.
We don't.
We can barely operate and pay our bills.
But that isn't what it's about.
But see, they know that illusion is starting to evaporate, so they're panicking.
You see?
And so they're moving to keep the illusion going and for all the big corporations to spend money with them.
Of course, the big corporations know that it really is an illusion.
They're trying to shore it up.
You understand, they're collapsing right now.
So they've got to move with martial law, they've got to move with more terror attacks, but they can't do that if we're exposing martial law.
You see, that's the thing I'm so mad at yuppies about and other people that think they're members of the establishment.
If we expose that the central banks have made the decision, not just the Federal Reserve, it's only part of that global system, to devalue the dollar, and if we point the finger of blame at them, as Joseph Stiklitz, chief economist of the World Bank, former chief economist, has said, then they'll be forced to hold back and not do it, and not pull the rug out from under us.
But if we don't expose them, if we don't finger them for these crimes,
If we don't point out that they're behind it, they're going to get away with it!
It's not... I'm so frantic because if we expose government-sponsored terror, they won't be able to do it anymore.
You understand?
We're trying to preempt them desperately.
If we expose them on the financial sector and how they are behind the booms and busts, and how they openly set the policies in 2001 to start the decline of the dollar, and it's been announced by Snow and others, Treasury Secretary.
It's been announced in the European press.
It's been announced by central banks and the UN.
It's been announced by the IMF and World Bank, holding companies for the central banks.
It's public!
If we can make people realize that it's the Bilderberg Group, and it's Roundtable Management Arms, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Club of Rome, Committee of 300, and their own regional sub-boards under that, tri-state regions, sub-regions within states, this is the real governmental structure!
And if we're able to preemptively show their hand, and show who they are,
We can preempt them!
But if we don't, it's over.
You know how big it is that we have the headline here, Jerusalem Post, Shin Bet involved in 1976, hijackings, declassified documents, British-Israeli?
You know how big it is to have a major documentary out where they have the German head of intelligence admitting that they staged terror attacks?
In 1977, a year after that event, you can take those admissions, and you can take it and go see... I mean, at the end of the article, which Steve Watson wrote for Infowars.net, the best place to find it is PrisonPlanet.com, and the News and Focus section on the right-hand side, is that there's a... we have a link to the Levon Affair, where Israelis blew up a hotel,
The 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre, which many German officials believe was a covert operation that spawned a vicious Mossad crackdown on Palestinian resistance, to Mossad nurturing and creating Hamas, to the discovery of fake Al-Qaeda groups in Palestine.
Those are all mainstream articles admitting government-sponsored terror, just like 9-11!
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think so.
The National Payment Card Directors, Publis has got the hour wrong, so we're going to have Joe Randazzo, that's one of the groups, setting up the system where you pay for your gas and groceries and everything else with your ID card, your driver's license.
Your national ID card?
He'll be joining us now for about 10 minutes while Mike Rivera is on with us in the third hour.
We do, coming up in about 30 minutes, have the head of a major RFID company joining us.
But that's kind of good because I wanted to get to some of your calls.
I know we have a lot of callers holding.
We will get to you here in just a few minutes.
But first off, I wanted to play Congressman Ron Paul.
He was on the Daily Show last night with Jon Stewart.
I wanted to play this first so we could comment on Jon Stewart's response and some of the things he was saying and doing.
And then we will go to your calls and cover a bunch of other really important news.
We also have Ron Paul's media director, his press secretary from his presidential campaign, joining us for an update.
In the middle of the next hour, on the build-up tonight, pre-coverage of the presidential debate.
Will Ron Paul attack Giuliani?
Will he go at the throat of the pro-gun, pro-abortion, pro-open border, New World Order candidate?
It's just incredible that Republicans love this guy, but it shows what traitors they are.
It shows they're not real conservatives.
But let's go ahead and go to Ron Paul from The Daily Show.
Here it is.
Welcome back!
My guest tonight, a Republican congressman from the state of Texas who is also running for president.
Please welcome to the show, Congressman Ron Paul!
Nice to see you!
Thank you!
It's very nice to be here.
Thank you for joining us.
You have accomplished no small feat
You're running for president very much as an underdog, yet you've created a nice little buzz going about the Ron Paul candidacy.
What do you attribute that to?
A good message.
The philosophy of liberty.
And people are still interested in being
Free people, living in a free country.
But you're talking about America not spreading that liberty to other areas, such as Canada.
No, no, no.
And I don't believe in trying to spread it.
I think it's a good message, but I don't believe in spreading it with guns.
We should spread it by setting a good example and get others to emulate us, but not to try to force it on other people.
Which brought up, there was an interesting question, and they're very pleased.
Chris Wallace asked you at the Republican debate, why are you running as a Republican?
But really, it's only your Iraq message that's somewhat different, maybe, from all of your counterparts.
Yeah, I think that's the case, but I don't think they're very good conservatives either.
You know, they talk about balancing budgets and spending less, but they don't really.
But you know, the Republican Party has been known to have a position where they didn't like going overseas.
You know, they didn't especially agree with Clinton on going into Kosovo and Somalia.
So they flip-flopped around.
But no, I've taken a very clear position that we shouldn't have gone in.
What's so interesting about Congressman Ron Paul is you appear to have consistent, principled integrity.
Americans don't usually go for that.
You seem to practice what you preach.
You seem to preach it consistently.
Even though people might disagree with the message, they certainly can't argue that you're a man of consistent principles.
Yeah, and I like to think that I've introduced a brand new idea into this campaign.
I've even suggested that we follow the Constitution.
I'm not familiar with that.
That document.
The Constitution.
The Constitution.
The thing that we sort of squared off whole.
See, I have found that the Republicans oftentimes will
Campaign against big government, but it seems, at least with this administration, they were against government they didn't control.
But now that they control it, they find it to be very useful and expand the power of it, as opposed to bring it down.
I think that's a temptation that most people yield to once they get into power.
And I hope I am different, and I hope I never yield to that temptation, and so far, so good.
Now, you originally ran as a libertarian.
I ran in 88 as a Libertarian candidate, but I've been in Congress for 10 terms, and my 10th term always as a Republican.
Now why, if you ran, you said something interesting before backstage, if you ran as a Libertarian, you wouldn't have gotten this platform.
No, no, you don't get in debates.
You know, we're overseas, spreading the message of democracy.
But you know, here, if you're in a third party, you have a tough time.
You can't get on balance.
You spend all your time getting on balance.
You have to be a Ross Perot to even get on balance.
But the two parties are very much in control of the system, and they exclude individuals who aren't in that mold.
What about your domestic agenda?
You know, I think you've sort of made your bones on this idea about Iraq and liberty.
You're a guy that really would get rid of a lot of our government.
Yeah, I think that'd be true.
I think a lot of our government is very wasteful.
Where would you go?
Let's say, because you won't accept, as a doctor, Medicare, right?
No, I never did.
But you're stuck to that.
Is that something you'd get rid of?
Yes, but that's not high on my agenda.
As a matter of fact, we've taught a couple generations to be very dependent on government.
And that's not my goal, because I think you have to have a transition period.
I happen to think that the market can deliver any service better than the government can.
Would you use that for defense, too?
No, we have defense, but this militarism isn't defense.
This is the opposite of defense.
So I think it would be much better for the private market to deliver all the services.
Would you go post office?
He'd say post office.
You've got to go to the post office.
No, I'd legalize competition.
I mean, what the heck?
Let a private firm, you know, there's FedEx and a few other companies that do exist.
I'd just legalize competition in first class mail and let the market decide which is best.
But doesn't that, in some respects, trust corporations over, or is that, because there's always been regulation.
You would get rid of regulation for that as well?
Yeah, and there's a big difference between corporations who benefit from government and largess.
That's corporatism, and that's evil.
You know, Halliburton and stuff.
No, I'm familiar with that.
The military-industrial complex.
No, no, no, no, I've heard some things.
I've heard of Bill Gates.
You've heard of that?
How about Bill Gates, though?
He's very wealthy because we buy his services, and I think that's okay.
I don't think we should be afraid of people who make a lot of money, even in entertainment.
We shouldn't be afraid of people.
No, I agree.
I think especially in entertainment.
Now what about, you've got a debate coming up.
Tomorrow is a big debate.
Anything you're going to throw out there?
Any insight into the other candidates you can share?
Is there anybody you find just unbelievably distasteful?
Well, ideas.
I find some of their ideas very distasteful.
You literally say, like, don't make my podium next to that guy.
No, I haven't said that yet.
I think what I like... Look at this Romney cat.
Has he talked to you?
Yeah, he said hello once.
He did?
Yeah, he did.
I don't go for him.
He strikes me as the Republican John Kerry in the sense of this sort of aristocratic bearing but playing the game of like, hey look at me, I'm hunting, I'm drinking coffee!
What does that mean?
What do you think that means?
That means I have to work hard and get my supporters out there and do a good job.
Here's what I'm going to do for you.
Very quickly, I'm going to give you a couple of zingers for these guys for tomorrow.
So when you're out there,
Okay, here you go.
Here's a good one here.
Let's go with Giuliani.
You love the War on Terror so much, why don't you marry it?
Oh, wait!
You'd probably then just divorce it a couple of years later.
Here's Lynch.
Hey, Tommy Thompson, what's your middle name?
I'll have this for you on cards if you want it.
Okay, I'm here to help you.
Thank you.
Me too.
I'm here from the government and I'm here to help you.
Thank you!
Thank you so much for coming by and continuing to bring excitement to the process.
That's what's lacking sometimes and it's nice to see guys just throwing their ideas out there for whatever it is and being principled.
It's nice to see you.
Thanks a lot.
Well, you're seeing a revolution here.
The fact that you see Ron Paul on Bill Maher and on The Daily Show and all over national television
Is because we have forced the establishment to respond and cover this.
Now we have another clip of Hillary Clinton.
And did you get that clip, John?
I should have asked you.
Oh, it's ready, thanks.
And this is Hillary claiming that all the Republicans are for the war.
Now, not only is she lying here, because Ron Paul clearly, and it's been national news many times, and she's a politico, she knows this, Ron Paul
has been against the war continually.
But that's not where it stops.
Hillary also was for the war and has been for the war and has even been for attacking Iran.
So not only is she lying about Ron Paul and the Republicans, she's lying during the debate to her constituents.
And to the American people!
But again, she is a Clinton.
Everything she says is a twisting or a lying or some form of spin.
So here is her quote, back-to-back with Ron Paul, from the last debate.
Everybody on this stage, we are all united.
We all believe that we need to try to end this war.
In two nights, you're going to have the Republican candidates here.
They all support the war.
They all support the President.
They all supported the escalation.
Each of us is trying in our own way to bring the war to an end.
Congressman Paul, you voted against the war.
Why are all your fellow Republicans up here wrong?
That's a very good question and you might ask the question why are 70% of the American people now wanting us out of there and why did the Republicans do so poorly last year?
So I would suggest that we should look at foreign policy.
I'm suggesting very strongly that we should have a foreign policy of non-intervention.
I tried very hard to solve this problem before we went to war by saying
Declare war if you want to go to war.
Go to war, fight it, and win it.
But don't get into it for political reasons, or to enforce UN resolutions, or pretend the Iraqis were a national threat to us.
Oh, let's hear Hillary one more time.
Everybody on this stage, we are all united.
We all believe that we need to try to end this war.
In two nights, you're going to have the Republican candidates here.
They all support the war.
They all support the President.
They all supported the escalation.
Each of us is trying.
But it's not just that Hillary's lying about Ron Paul, or lying about the fact that she isn't a warmonger, but that she claimed everybody on the stage.
I think there's one person up there who voted against it in the beginning, and that was Kucinich.
So that's another lie from Hillary.
Literally everything she says is a lie!
Or a half-truth!
They all voted for the war but Kucinich, and they come in with these half-measures and these smoke and mirrors, and basically, when Don King puts on a fight, I mean, one of the fighters shows up, they act like there's a fight, they act like there's a match,
But they either mismatch it where the one guy's not a good boxer, or he falls down, or it's a rigged deal.
So they haven't had a real resolution.
They haven't really tried to stop the war.
They're bought and paid for by the same people.
And that's why it's good that Sidney Sheehan's finally woken up.
That the Democrats are pure evil and a bunch of warmongers.
That's why it's good that a lot of liberals are waking up to this.
Your party's all... they started Vietnam!
They attacked Serbia after using Al-Qaeda to attack them.
Right now Al-Qaeda publicly is attacking Iran under U.S.
Mainstream news.
The Democrats are saying Bush isn't hard enough on Iran.
Kerry during the election three years ago was doing the same thing.
It's a fraud!
And stop acting like government's good.
Over 70% of welfare is corporate welfare if you cut out Social Security.
I mean, we always hear about the mom with the three kids who doesn't work and sits around like a hippopotamus, and I'm sure that goes on.
But most of it is corporate welfare.
The corporations lobby for big government.
The corporations lobby for regulation.
The corporations lobby for red tape.
The corporations lobby to shut down small businesses.
So don't compare small businesses, private corporations, private LLCs that really make products and don't suck off the government.
By the way, why does Ron Paul not take Medicare?
Because you're under federal regulation when you do that, and everything you do has to be uploaded to the feds now.
That's why he limits his practice.
But by the way, he had very low rates.
Generally, Ron Paul, I've looked into it, it's been in the newspaper down in the Houston area, about half.
Ron Paul delivered your baby, back 20 years ago if you were lucky enough to have him as your obstetrician-gynecologist, about half the price back then.
Because he didn't have to go to the insurance companies.
He didn't have to monkey with them to get the money.
He didn't have to go through the feds.
By the way, back when America didn't have any government involved in its medicine, we had the best medicine in the world and the cheapest in the world.
This is the country that wrote the book on doctors for the average person.
That's why with a lot of poor folks and a lot of country folks and a lot of people, it's a status thing.
That's where doctor fetishes began.
And let's take the kids to the doctor and people proud to go to the doctor.
And hypochondria.
Because it was a status thing.
Let me see on my dad's side of the family though.
One of his grandpas was a doctor, the great-grandpa was a doctor.
My dad remembers his mom telling the stories of her dad riding around in the buggy going to do the house calls.
I mean, America wrote the book on that, the guy with the black bag.
Okay, and that didn't come from the Federales.
Alright, I said I'd go to your calls.
When we get back, I will go to your calls.
But I do have a special offer for our listeners.
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Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
We will be right back with your calls.
And, uh, we will, uh, get into a bunch of other news as well.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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I think so.
Welcome back!
Alright, Anne-Marie, Richard, Carlos, Frank, everybody, we're going to get you before our guest joins us coming up here in about 15 minutes.
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Hi there.
On the 14th, 15th and 16th of June,
There's going to be a march in D.C.
called March for America, and I wanted to let you know.
I've tried to get through before, and it's just, you know, I haven't been able to, but it's coming up, so I wanted to call and let everybody know that this would be coming up.
What's the march concerning?
What's it for?
Well, it's going to be in protest of the North American Union, monetary reform, victims of illegal aliens, you know, people who have been killed.
Aren't they having those all over the country too?
I think they are.
I can't go to the one here that the Freedom Riders are putting on and that the Minutemen are putting on because I'm so far behind trying to finish Endgame, but Steve Mason invited me to speak.
I needed to have him or one of the representatives on.
They're actually having that the 16th of June here in Austin, so I am aware of it.
I just thought it was in the 50 state capitals.
You're saying there's one on D.C.
as well?
There's going to be an event and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is going to be there.
Lots of guest speakers are going to be there.
But I wanted to tell you real quick how the little organization that I'm part of, the National Association for Constitutional Leadership, I just wanted to give you a quick history on how they started.
We were all, well I was, once a premium member to Bill O'Reilly's website.
And all of a sudden, I started with everybody on the website.
Well, slowly, I ended up getting censored and kicked off by Bill O'Reilly, where I tried very hard to just email hundreds of emails saying, hey, you know, let's talk about this.
You know, why are you being a traitor to your country?
And so I ended up getting kicked off.
But a lot of these people that's part of this organization are still premium members.
And I think that's noteworthy because they know that Bill O'Reilly is censoring and hiding the truth.
But yet they're still moving forward here, but even more so... Well, it's great to use his organization as a recruiting ground for the resistance.
Absolutely, especially under the... I mean, it's a complete blackout.
I mean, he's kicking people off of his website, who is saying... That's why his website's rated about 50,000 on most rating services, and Prison Planet's rated about 5,000.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got the head of an RFID company joining us in Mike Rivera in the third hour and the head of the
We could have got him on, but he was in a noisy restaurant last hour.
I've rescheduled him to a third hour.
The head of one of the companies that's trying to get you to take a national ID card, basically, and use your driver's license or ID to buy and sell, which is all part of a larger plan.
That's in the last 30 minutes of the show today.
That's coming up.
And there's all this other news.
The Ron Paul debate is coming up tonight, the Republican debate.
And we've got Jesse Benton, his
Media Coordinator Head joining us coming up in 30 minutes.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
Mary Bell in Texas and Carlos Frank and others.
Mary Bell, you're on the air.
Hi, this is my second time calling.
I just appreciate the show and I just wanted to ask you, do you have any information on your website as far as medicine is concerned?
How the doctors have just become so corrupt in all of the medical education that they've learned?
Yes, and again, it's not the doctors.
We post articles all the time, but there should be a section on that.
Doctors, again, aren't bad themselves individually on average.
It's the training and the system and the indoctrination
It's just, I mean, they've been turned into spies against families.
Your child falls off a jungle gym, breaks a finger in front of witnesses, CPS snatches them.
They're just pushing deadly medicines, not even checking.
I mean, we know that close to 300,000 a year die just from bad drug interactions, not mainly from pharmacists.
They know what they're doing on average.
I've seen the numbers.
They're very professional because they get in trouble.
Doctors don't.
And so all the drug interactions, all of it, it's a disaster.
Yeah, Alex, what we found very scary is we're a homeschool family.
We've been homeschooling for 19 years now.
And they consider it criminal, don't they?
Yeah, sure do.
But we teach family medicine to our family and our children and our friends.
And what I wanted to say is that all, when I did our research,
Every single medical education, every university, every school teaches all, I said all of their students outcome-based education, which is really scary because they teach all of their
would be Dr. Future Doctors.
They're brainwashing all of them, and they've changed the medical schools for at least five years.
There's no more Hippocratic Oath.
Hippocrates, to do no harm.
They're there to exterminate.
I mean, they're actually engineering it.
Eugenics, euthanasia.
They're teaching them to be law enforcement.
And now, here in Texas, they're trying to pass a law where they can have you committed.
No judge, no jury.
They're now literally imperial gods.
We're in trouble.
Yeah, we said that on our site.
We link to your site from our site.
Oh, tell us about your site.
It's APM Formulators, and in a nutshell, what we do is just try to put parents in the driver's seat.
We teach parents how to use otoscope, how to use stethoscope, because what's coming is really ugly, and parents need to wake up.
And just realize what's happening on the camera.
They are using doctors to target homeschoolers and nurses nationwide.
It's savage.
Folks, again, the streets look clean, the trees look pretty, the sky is blue, but there's evil going on everywhere.
But we're conditioned to not be able to recognize it.
The thing is, Alex, parents can learn.
They have a brain.
They can move forward.
They can use logic.
They can learn medicine.
They can.
When we called Harvard Medical School about 12 years ago and we got their syllabus, what we simply did was weeded out the trash and kept the good stuff.
And just incorporated a lot of early... Well, in case there's this... I mean, I think doctors in the medical profession are wonderful, and their practices are important, and it's been hard for the new world order to break the back, and I appreciate your call, of the great medical tradition we have in this country.
Okay, so I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater here.
But it is being federalized, it is being taken over, it is being ruined, it is being destroyed, and that's why Ron Paul doesn't take government money in his practice.
And this is what we're facing.
And they know exactly what they're doing.
And I think it's good to have affordable food.
It's good to have firearms.
It's good to have some silver and some gold.
And it's good to have medical books.
And it's good to know how to shut a bone.
It's good to know how to tell if somebody's got a concussion.
It's important to have these basic medical skills.
It's good to know how to dig a bullet out of somebody.
How to sterilize the tools you use.
How to dress a wound.
I know how to do that.
I've also worked off and on for three years for a large animal vet and have performed.
I mean, I've done the cuts on cesarean sections on cows.
You name it.
If I had to, I could do it on a human.
We'll be right back.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We got Eber who sells on with us.
He's the VP of Sales and Marketing for the Gal Group out of Toronto, Canada.
And he's worked for you name it of the who's who of top telecommunications and technology companies.
35 years in technology industry experience and we'll tell you about their website.
There's a link to it up on our sites right now.
Coming up the next hour we have the head of National Payment Card coming on with the driver's license and other ID cards being used to buy your gas, buy your groceries.
Good afternoon, Mr. Jones.
How are you?
Pretty good.
Just tell us about RFID, how you got into it, and some of the uses that it has, because there's been a lot of discussions down the last few years, the media, a lot of talk about it being universally adopted, replacing the universal product code.
Tell us where it's going from the point of view of your company.
Actually, RFID's been around quite a while, but it's really gotten a lot of play in the last seven years with Walmart announcing that it wanted its major suppliers to adopt the technology, and then the Department of Defense also dovetailed right on that same initiative.
So it's gotten a lot of press again in the last seven years, but it's been around pretty well since World War II, actually.
It was used
I don't think so.
It's been a pretty niche-y kind of solution out there.
It's been adopted by certain vertical markets, but now that the supply chain is thinking of looking at it, everybody's suddenly starting to listen.
But we're talking about a total integration, total tracking of the supply chain.
I've seen it likened in some of the RFID consortium meetings, conferences, to Google as a search engine is able to track
The universe of cyberspace, but this will put tags on all the products and literally start tracking it from its manufacturer right through the supply chain to delivery right into the landfill.
Is that accurate?
It is right into the landfill.
It's right out of the refrigerator.
Everyone's thinking that everyone's fridge in a few years time will have an RFID reader in it.
And you'll have all kinds of fuzzy logic saying you gotta have so much pop or so much cheese or so much milk in the fridge and if you don't or if it's a certain date, if it's past the due date, it'll probably alarm you and say you better get rid of it.
And then if you're not buying enough food, maybe it'll call CPS on you.
Well, who knows?
Maybe the food bank will come walking and, you know, knock on the door.
Yeah, the social workers will come help.
Hey, they're starting Happy Test in England, which is really the new freedom initiative by the drug companies over in England and here in the U.S., but they call it a Happy Test, not psychiatric evaluations every week at age five.
But getting back to RFID, I remember back in 2001,
I saw a USA Today article saying that Walmart and the Defense Department, as you just mentioned, were basically telling their entire supply chain that by 2005 all products had to have it.
But that is behind schedule, isn't it?
Yeah, it wasn't as easily implemented across such a broad base as everyone was hoping it would be.
I guess the biggest constraint, I mean, everyone does things if it's cost-effective, and if you can't find value in it, then why do it?
Were you at the Chicago RFID conference three years ago?
When they first announced the EPC Global?
Yes, I was.
Because I've got some of the minutes of that where they talk about the public, 79% is against this, but it doesn't matter, they will submit in the end.
Well, you know, what it is, it's like almost any big radical change.
There's misinformation and information, some of it accidental, some of it intentional.
And, you know, there's... On TV, I think a lot of people are misled by the fact that, for example, if you put an RFID chip in somebody, they can be tracked, you know, from space.
The truth is, they can probably
With the tags that go under the skin today, they can only be tracked at a couple of inches.
But not with cell phone tower booster relays.
And we've got the patents and those are being rolled out.
I mean, I know you're more on top of this than I am.
Certainly, they're developing.
Take the RFID, the larger chips, the larger devices in the road tags that they're now trying to put into the inspection stickers right here in Texas.
That is read by passive readers at a distance.
The toll initiative, I think you've got a highway 121 that's supposed to go toll in the state of Texas fairly soon.
8,000 miles are going toll, yeah.
I mean, the thing is, the long-range tags have been around for highway deployment now for, I guess, at least about the last ten years.
And you earlier said in the show, for example, Exxon's been using RFID, those little key fobs when you go to the gas tank.
Tiger tag for about eight years, yeah.
So, you know, RFID's been with us.
A lot of us have been using it, don't even realize we've been using it.
When you've got underground parking access or office access, if you've got one of those clamshell cards, chances are that's an RFID tag.
Sure, I've got an RFID right now on the back of my wallet.
That's right.
Right there.
So, you know, the thing is, we've been surrounded by it, but now that it's becoming a little more pervasive,
And the fact that we're so wired in a wireless environment, I think that there's a real concern that this whole thing can go run amok if it's not properly implemented and controlled and the standards aren't followed.
Now what do you think about this big United Nations announcement that CNET News is covering today?
I would imagine you've seen it or if you haven't, it just came out today, but you're kind of at the higher echelons of this whole system, so I would imagine you've heard about them calling for a global
Standardization for RFID, for biometrics, for all these identification technologies.
Yeah, and you know the thing is, if you look at security, security's got really three main ways of being implemented.
It's either what you know, such as a password, what you have, maybe like that clamshell card to get in the office,
And then what you are, which is your fingerprint or your retinal scan.
But here's the problem, you're not a good little globalist, or you haven't paid your income taxes.
I mean, imagine what the Gestapo or Stalin or the Stasi or the Communist Chinese are now using RFID, trying to put it in their cards to control their public, and they're not making any bones about it, that they are using it for tyranny.
Certainly, with this being integrated into almost everything now, government has said, and is now, going to use it for that.
So, I mean, it's a fait accompli right there.
Yeah, I think it's going to be harder and harder to hide, as I think we've all realized in the last 15, 20 years.
The world's gotten smaller.
Yeah, so if you want to just maybe
Well, I guess you could always get that tag removed.
Well, you know I had the police chief on from Bergen County.
They have police chiefs in the county there.
He said, you know, he's involved with Applied Digital and IBM's pushing it, as you know, and he said that he wants to make everybody take these.
Did you know the Defense Department has white papers out on the public being forced to take it?
Andy Rooney said we should be forced to take RFID tracker chips?
Well, you know, I mean, it's still a free world, but I know over here at GAO we've been working with, actually, the healthcare industry's been using RFID to track patients.
Yeah, but I see stories every few months where they had that stuff and it didn't work, so the answer is don't stick it in their sock, stick it in their belly button.
And you know, some hospitals are doing that.
Yeah, well, the thing is, you know, we usually use the... Let me stop you, sir.
Are you aware that some hospitals are doing that?
Putting it in their belly button.
No, I haven't heard that.
Well, they put it in the part that's going to fall off, you know, the little, you know, inch bud there of the umbilical cord.
Well, we usually help, we usually help our customers deploy them in the form of a bracelet.
So that it's removable.
Well, you know how they, about an inch or so of the umbilical cord is left on and it falls off?
They're stapling them into those, as Time Magazine reported.
Well, that's a new way of applying it, I guess.
So if the government passes laws for mandating implantable chips, now you don't have to have it, just if you want to be able to buy and sell or go out and, you know, for the national sales tax they're going to have.
Are you going to be in support of the forced adoption of RFID?
Well, I don't think we'll see it, at least I don't think I'm going to see it in my lifetime.
I don't think that that kind of imposition is going to happen that quickly.
Would you support it if it was announced though?
I'd support it if I was able to maintain a certain modicum of privacy.
But see, you won't have privacy, you just add that term on as an addendum, sir.
Here's an example.
Last time I checked, nine different states are adopting or have adopted RFID and their inspection stickers to turn the mainline roads into toll roads, and they admit it tracks people.
It's been in the news six years ago, San Francisco's been using it in the Bay Area to track people outside of toll areas.
Right there, I don't have a choice.
If I want to go on those toll roads, because now they're phasing out the change, I've got to take an RFID.
Now that is forced RFIDing.
Well, don't you have an option to go on the toll road and just pay an extra amount of money for not having an RFID?
Well, no, they've doubled it in Chicago.
No, some areas they're phasing it out.
Just like self-serve lines.
Yeah, it's the same thing with using a credit card in the store.
They've got an audit trail on you.
Well, I think what you're already seeing in the credit cards and the passports are also bringing it on now, too, universally.
Well, you're a very helpful guest.
Do me a favor.
Three-minute break.
Stay with us.
Do five more minutes on the other side, because I want to give you a chance to give us your take on what your company's doing and where you're going with this.
I mean, I believe it's inanimate, but the question is, how is it going to be used?
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I think so.
I'm good.
Ed Ruscells is our guest.
G-O-L-A-R-F-I-D dot com.
We've got links to their sites up on our sites.
Ed, I mean, I know that they had RFID on the aircraft in World War II.
They were supposed to be the size of a Coke can to being tiny like they are today.
We've got RFID down to how small now?
Well, they're down to fractions of a millimeter.
It all depends if you want to count the antenna.
Most people just say that the chip is about the size of a piece of dandruff in some cases.
Where do you see this going?
How long until there is this universal adoption of RFID?
Well, you know, there's a few obstacles out there.
You've got the technological ones that are obviously getting in the way of the people that want to make money out of it, which is based on the supply chain side.
So those hurdles are going to have to be crossed.
Then you've got the legislative issues.
Where you've got people concerned about privacy, and those will have to be addressed.
But I think the public will eventually start to understand how the technology works and the safeguards we put in place, and it'll roll out.
But what about... I mean, did you see it last year, when one of the top British government officials over security said they'd done studies of Tony Blair wanting to put RFID in the National ID Card, and that people could actually come up and then read it right off your wallet and steal your identity?
I mean, certainly you know about those serious security problems.
Yeah, well, you'd have to get fairly close to the card.
The thing is, most of those technologies, when they deploy them like that, either on a credit card or in a passport, you usually got a read range of about an inch.
Well, wow!
A pickpocket can come up and steal your wallet without you knowing.
Come on!
You just walk right up behind them in a grocery store line or in a mall line or at the movie theater and just, boo, and you read it.
Easy as kiss my hand.
Well, I mean, the thing is, if they got your wallet, they got your wallet.
Who knows what else you got in your wallet?
Well, here's the deal.
I mean, this is all being rushed to be installed, and the people in major polls are against it, but I guess you guys have got the world's governments behind you.
They're certainly pushing it, so it looks like it's going to get adopted.
Well, you know, the thing is, the governments are going to move at their own pace for their own reasons.
What we're doing is we're finding that we're able to help our customers in the business sector.
I mean, things such as tracking wigs.
We've got RFID being deployed to track sushi in sushi bars to track a dish to make sure it isn't out in circulation too long.
We're putting RFID onto school buses to track kids so you know when they came on board, when they left.
That custody record, I mean, there's a lot of good that comes with that technology.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, think of what Hitler would have done with this.
You just talk about tracking the children and the... We're all being trained to be prisoners here, and I don't think you can just coldly sit there and look at it from the position of, hey, I'm just selling the stuff and then say everything that it's being used for is good.
Out of the gate, it's being used for bad.
I'm not saying the technology itself is evil.
But we were talking during the break, I'm not going to disclose what you said because you said you wanted it off record, but can you speak to the fact that the resistance you said to it has been having some effect?
Well yeah, we had a case in point a few years back where we had a done deal with a major clothing manufacturer and once the protest groups heard that
That manufacturer was going to start using tags on their clothing.
There was enough of an outcry that the manufacturer backed away.
Now, aren't there a lot of companies that are quietly doing it without even telling people?
That was done, but they backed away because they know that the backlash isn't worth it.
Because people caught them with the chips.
So they've been pretty open with it, and I think it's really a question of educating the public.
Well, you got the last word.
You got 60 seconds, sir.
Well, first of all, we see that RFID is being adapted in a lot of different verticals.
Animal tracking with the BSE, with the food safety issues, it's certainly going to help there.
We've got manufacturing
Organizations that are using RFID to track work in process.
Since 9-11 there's been a real concern about safety, security and access.
Security systems are better as a result of using that technology.
Access to parking facility is safer.
Access to office space and home space is safer because of RFID.
We see a lot of positive things coming out of it.
We're a lot safer with those nice men in black uniforms coming to save us.
Listen, you have been a very honest guest, Ed Ruscells, and it's G-O-A-R-F-I-D dot com.
We appreciate you spending time with us.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Take care.
Yeah, they're using the RFID with the National Animal Identification Act to shut down the family farms.
The big corporations don't have to comply.
We'll be right back.
They wrote the law.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
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Coming up, Senator Biden admits 9-11 meeting with hijacker financier
This is huge news.
Also, we've got debate coverage coming up here in just a moment.
We have the Jerusalem Post with the headline, Shin Bet Involved in 1976 Hijacking.
I talked about that some yesterday, but more developments have come out on that.
News on the economy, Mike Rivera joining us in the next hour.
But right now,
From the site of the debates in New Hampshire, he's outside, you can hear the rain in the background, is the head of media, media coordinator for Congressman Ron Paul's presidential campaign.
We really appreciate him.
And he's Jesse Benton.
He'll also be popping in.
He or the campaign chairman tomorrow.
We appreciate him getting us Ron Paul last week.
And Jesse, thanks for coming on with us.
Hey Alex, great to be with you.
We are going into the debate tonight and obviously Ron Paul's strategy is being a constitutionalist, telling it like it is, anti-war, pro-liberty, but what type of coverage is the congressman getting in the run-up, what is he planning to say tonight, and how important is this debate?
Well, we think it's really important to continue to build on what we've all been growing.
This grass fire movement that's been taking hold across the country through the internet and on the ground with actual boots on the ground now.
We're seeing Ron Paul supporters, Ron Paul signs all over the place.
Last night, Ron did an appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and there was a real nice rally by supporters, kind of impromptu form there.
We got up here last night and then we had a real jam-packed morning with New Hampshire Public Radio, New Hampshire Public Television, some other call-in shows to radio, and it's just been super positive.
We just did a little CNN spot.
We'll see more CNN tomorrow.
And, you know, we're just looking forward to tonight for, again, Ron to be up there and articulating his message and really showing everybody who the true conservative and the real Republican in this race really is.
Jesse, I know everybody's telling you, tell Ron this, tell Ron that, give Ron this message, give Ron that message.
Your suggestion carries some real weight, Alex, so I'm happy to hear it.
Well, I'm flattered, but when I had him on last week, I forgot to bring this up to him, because he's very humble, but frankly, I know he also wants to be accurate.
He said, you know, when he was on Bill Maher, that, well, we're not really showing up in the polls because we don't have enough money.
You know, 50-something polls, state and national, they've only included him in like six or seven.
So I think he needs to make the point that they haven't been including him in polls, and so that when it comes to real grassroots polls, he is leading.
I think Ron Paul ought to start saying he's a leader.
Well, I agree with that Alex.
We are starting to really make the point that, you know, professional pollsters are talking about their difficulties with accurate polling of voters right now.
We talk about the prominent use of cell phones only, caller ID, things like that.
We're thinking that these polls are really struggling to demonstrate that they're really effective on showing what voters really think.
We're confident that polls are going to start to reflect some of the other metrics of success that we've been seeing with the campaign.
Well, that's it.
They're polling two different universes, two different worlds, two different, you know, families.
I mean, when you poll with those old polling lists, frankly, old ladies or whatever, in inner cities, they probably don't even, a lot of them don't even know who the vice president is in national polls.
They're not going to know who Ron Paul is.
But you poll lawyers, doctors, school teachers, professionals, chemists.
I mean, you poll the intelligentsia.
You poll the Internet.
Ron Paul is the screaming leader.
Sure, yeah.
I mean, young folks in their 20s and 30s that are very unlikely to even have a landline anymore are not really getting reached by these polls.
They've got cell phones only, their numbers aren't on call lists, and they don't answer when pollsters call because the caller ID.
So I think you're right.
Also just to touch on your talk about some of the older voters.
They are a very important demographic for us.
One thing we'd like to stress with them is that Ron Paul is the only candidate out there that has never once voted to raid the Social Security Trust Fund.
If you want a candidate that is really going to protect your Social Security and look to reform Social Security,
And for your grandchildren, you can look to Ron Paul, because he has never treated the Social Security Trust Fund like his own personal slush fund.
Well, Jesse, that's a great point, and I want to be clear.
I'm not here saying old folks don't matter.
I love old folks.
I revere them.
You know, we do a lot to make sure that old folks and the elderly and the infirm have all their rights.
I mean, we really stand up for those groups.
I'm just talking, I've looked at where these polling companies are polling, and I'm saying they tend to be polling
Poor, uneducated, elderly for some reason.
I guess that's because they'll answer questions.
And I'm just saying that demographic is so skewed that I think that's the main reason Ron Paul only shows 2-3% in these polls when he's even added to the poll.
I think you make a really good point there, Alex.
I think you make a really good point.
And also another point to make is that a lot of this clamoring, you're right, Ron was excluded from a lot of polls early on, but a lot of the clamor and the outrage and the calls to make sure that Ron will be included in these polls, I think it's really had an effect because these pollsters aren't
I don't know.
What will the Ron Paul for President 2008 campaign see as a successful winner debate?
What does she see as a B plus versus an A plus?
What are the goals?
What are you going for tonight?
Well, first of all, we're just hoping for equal access and equal time.
Some of the Democrats have been real vocal in pointing out that it was a little bit of a skewed format, with Barack Obama got something like 16 minutes to talk, while Chris Dodd got something like 6 or 7 minutes.
We think that would be a real shame if they annoyed the so-called frontrunners with a lot more time.
Great point!
Oh my God!
You timed it out!
How much did Giuliani get?
Because it was clear to everybody watching.
I must have gotten, no exaggeration, 400 to 500 emails saying they were cheating everybody but a few candidates.
How is that fair if they give some people double or triple the time?
Yeah, and you know what?
CNN has actually acknowledged this a little bit, and I really do think that CNN is operating in good faith here and that they want to be fair, so hopefully we're going to see a little bit more equal distribution of time tonight.
And as far as what Ron wants to get out, you know, that's the great thing about Ron is because he has just so many natural contrasts built into his message.
You know, he opposes expansion of entitlements.
He supports non-interventionist foreign policy.
He's for sound monetary policy.
He's the only guy really talking about these things up there, so all he has to do is just be able to articulate his message and the distinctions are just abundantly clear.
Jesse, just three or four more questions and we'll let you go here in a few minutes.
I know you're very busy and we appreciate the time.
Folks, you need to continue to support Grassroots getting signs, getting bumper stickers at RonPaul2008.com.
You need to continue to call 1-800-RON-PAUL and continually, even if it's $5, $10, $20, give a donation every month out of your paycheck every two weeks.
I've donated several times.
My family's donated.
I know my father gave a large contribution.
So if you see that one in there from David Jones, that's from my daddy here in Austin.
It is so important for everybody to support Congressman Ron Paul because even if he doesn't win, and I think he can get the nomination, I think he can win, and you never know unless you try, he is injecting real issues
At a level I didn't even think he could, already he is changing the national debate.
This is a phenomenon.
And Jesse Benton, I wanted to bring this up to you.
Did you know, because we had reporters from Infowars.com there who confronted many of the major candidates Monday night, did you know that, over the weekend, that the Democratic presidential debate
I didn't know that, but it sure is nice to hear, and that just speaks to the
To the passion of Ron Paul supporters.
As people, more and more Americans are discovering Ron's messaging and waking up to the fact that we don't have to police the world, we don't have to have a nanny state, and we don't have to have government taking 50% of what we earn and then deflating our salaries and our holdings through the inflation tax.
The more that people are waking up to that, the more people are becoming passionate.
You know, it doesn't surprise me at all that Ron Paul is the only viable option for that kind of platform, and either party is gaining more support and more passion than other candidates.
Uh, no, I'd like everybody to please tune in tonight and also we're really trying to drive people to our YouTube channel.
Right now we have over 14,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel, twice as many as Barack Obama and more than every other Republican candidate combined.
So a lot of people make a big deal about appearance on MSNBC or something like that.
30,000 people at any one time watch MSNBC.
We're halfway right now to our own MSNBC channel where we can broadcast our own messages and our own programs tailored directly to voters.
So the more people that sign up to our YouTube channel, the more successful that's going to be and the more that we can directly communicate Ron Paul's message to the people.
So please sign up to our YouTube channel at www.ronpaul2008.com.
Well, let me add to that.
You talk about just your YouTube channel.
Sir, if you count the hundreds of other Ron Paul videos uploaded, I mean, I've got old interviews I did with Ron Paul three, four, five years ago that are on YouTube that have had 150,000 views.
Dozens and dozens and dozens of clips.
I don't know.
We've put up, with the average woman, probably 40,000 views.
That's millions of people just from videos I have uploaded.
And then you count... You talk the name Ron Paul into YouTube or Google.
There are thousands of videos, sir.
That's the point.
We are beginning to dwarf
Bill O'Reilly has a maximum of 3 million viewers a night, and that was a few years ago.
He's down to 2 million right now.
The point is, the alternative media is kicking their butt.
That's why I know Ron Paul is for net neutrality.
Is the Congressman thinking about talking about, in any of these debates with the press, about the open announcement in the New York Times that they want to shut down net neutrality and start taxing the web?
Well, you know, that's a point that Ron tries to make every time that he possibly can, is that he is the staunchest defender of the Internet in the United States Congress.
He has never voted to tax the Internet, never voted to regulate the Internet in any way, because he really truly does believe that the Internet is the last true vehicle of absolute liberty out there right now.
We can't have the government's hands on it.
And that's why it's winning and dominating and taking over.
Jesse Benton, am I going to have you or the campaign chairman on tomorrow?
One of us will pop on tomorrow, absolutely sure.
All right, we will talk to you tomorrow.
Thank you for the update.
Thank you, Alex.
Great to be with you.
You bet.
There goes Jesse Benton, ladies and gentlemen, and he is the media coordinator for Congressman Ron Paul and his presidential run for 2008.
All right, I want to go through some of your calls in the next segment and the segment after that.
Then we've got our guest joining us, and that, of course, is Mike Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com.
Before I go any further,
I want to just tell you that the FDA and Big Pharma are conspiring to deprive you of the nutrition, energy, and good health that you're entitled to.
Are they concerned about the stress and anxiety levels in your life?
You bet they are because they know that the more you have, the sicker you will be, and the more drugs they can sell.
Problem, reaction, solution.
You can change this.
Improve your nutrition with InnerFood, the best all-natural organic superfood on the market to give you that nutritional boost to keep you energetic, focused, and healthy all day, every day.
Do your body a favor and give them a call at 1-866.
I think so.
We're taking hours to tell you about.
I take it.
I love it.
I've been hearing about it for two years.
I've been using it.
It's awesome.
I don't know what I waited for.
You shouldn't wait.
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At least we're giving him a fight, we're going down swinging, and we have a chance to win.
But instead of thinking about who's going to win, just start pounding them as hard as you can, and never stop.
By the way, I was talking to that RFID peddler earlier, and you know, he's probably a nice guy to play golf with, but he says, hey, it's my business, it's what I'm doing, and he admitted me off-air.
He said it was confidential, but you know, the major group that protests, we know who they are.
And of course, I remember launching that protest actually against that deal with that clothing company.
I was involved, he didn't know that.
But shutting them down, shutting them down, shutting their sales down, blocking them.
They would have already had a total tracking grid in place in 2005, but you took action.
You answered the call.
Answer the call on these films and books.
Answer the call on Ron Paul.
Never stop.
So visit the online video bookstore right now at InfoWars.com or call 888-253-3139 and get the Info Bombs and start using them against the enemy.
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It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
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I think so.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
The battle for the Republic.
The United States literally fighting for its very survival.
Let's go to Carlos in Phoenix, been holding like a trooper.
Carlos, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
How's it going, Alex?
Good, sir.
Nice to finally talk to you.
I was just calling to actually let you and your colleagues know that the movement is in full swing in Arizona.
I'm actually up in Flagstaff, nice small little 30,000 person town, and we are blowing up.
We just had a meeting last night that was a Ron Paul meetup, and in the next two weeks here we're going to be really campaigning in this town and getting every single
Corner posted with Ron Paul's signs.
And again, a lot of naysayers say, ah, it won't do any good, ah, you can't affect change.
It's like building muscles.
Even if Ron Paul doesn't win, and look, he's got a chance.
We're building incredible momentum.
I knew this could happen.
By the way, I privately was one of the people that encouraged him to run for president.
I've been lobbying him for about six years.
And let me just finish saying this, because it's very important.
Folks, it's like building muscles.
Even if we don't win, at least we're in the mode.
We meet like-minded people.
You can use this Ron Paul local meet-up system to create communities to meet friends.
Maybe meet your wife.
Meet your husband.
Who said this had to be dull and boring?
You're going to meet hunting buddies.
You're going to meet people to, you know, go out to eat with.
This is about communities.
Sorry, go ahead.
I just wanted to say that what people don't understand
Sorry, it's not exclusively about Ron Paul, it's about the message.
It's about the message that this is a free country, it's been stolen from us, and we are taking it back, whether it takes a year or whether it takes five years.
We're taking our country back by storm.
Come hell or high water, we're not stopping.
We are literally just setting our jaw and moving forward, and nothing on earth is going to stop us.
Only God can stop us, and I know God's on our side.
Well, the thing is, we need to get those that don't believe in God as well.
We need to get people that just believe in their personal freedoms.
We try to put too much of our personal beliefs in this.
And we need to keep it as a community thing, like you said.
Well, I mean, I agree that... Hold on, hold on.
But a lot of times they say, don't get religion in it.
It means we should keep quiet about our faith.
I don't think everybody should just get along with each other.
I'm a Christian myself, but I will never interject my 9-11 beliefs or my Christian beliefs in my campaigning for Ron Paul, because I want people to understand that it's about this principle.
It's about a principle of a free society that we own.
I hear you, and I appreciate your call.
You want to plug the local Flagstaff, Arizona meet-up group?
It's just meetup.com I think is the website and just look up Flagstaff Arizona if you guys are interested in coming down anywhere in northern Arizona.
We will be meeting at the library coming this next week.
Not exactly sure of the time, just look up on meetup.com.
Good job, good job.
I appreciate that.
Absolutely, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bill in Tennessee.
You're on the air.
Okay, or Texas or wherever.
Just go ahead and call her.
Well, you know, just real quick about the gentleman you had on earlier.
I'm a ham radio operator.
Yes, sir.
And I've seen prints for those key readers that they use, like at the Tiger Marks, and you can build them for about 15 bucks.
Well, he had to admit that there's no security, that you can just walk up to somebody and get all their details.
I mean, I wouldn't build one doing something like that, but my question, my two questions,
I heard something about starting next year there's going to be a new law where you can't do any buying and selling or trading with gold without informing the authorities.
And I was trying to get the name of a guy you had on your show a while back who was a Texas Ranger and then went to work for the DEA and then wrote a book about how it's all corrupt.
You know, on both those issues, I... Stay there.
I'm going to try to refresh my memory during the break.
Hold the right book.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Michael Rivero joins us once a month with his great news and analysis.
Really a great political mind.
That's coming up in about six minutes.
Right now we're continuing with your phone calls.
Bill in Texas was asking about a former DEA agent.
He was also, of course, an army ranger in Vietnam, not a Texas ranger, who went public about corruption.
That's Celica Stillo, and the book is Powder Burns, which is out of print, but we've got about 75 of them left.
By the way, it's on discount.
Yes, we are.
But going back to Bill, you also want to know about gold.
There's already rules.
They confiscated gold at gunpoint in 1933.
My grandmother remembers it.
Handed us paper money, then doubled the value of gold in the next year after they shipped it to Europe.
The bankers took over the U.S.
in 1933.
That was their first major raping.
I mean, they took over the financial system in 1913, then the raping, the main raping in 1933, the federalization, the setup of the state police, the control grid, the slow domestication of the people with welfare and entitlements, and now the neo-fascism, total serfdom, dehumanization is now upon us, the final phase!
Here we are!
But I'm not aware of a new law.
I know that if it's collectible,
Or even semi numismatic, bullion with some collector value, it's not registered, there's not a record.
But I do know that if it is a pure bullion, that is at melt value or a little above, and graded as such, the feds register that and routinely confiscate it.
So yes, it's very, very serious.
And the last thing I had is this time of year is a good time to buy seeds on sale, because they're pulling them off the shelves.
And you can get them for 10-15 cents a pack versus a dollar to two bucks a piece.
And I've had packs of seeds that I've collected over five to seven years ago and they germinate just fine.
Well you know they took papyrus seeds out of 3,000-year-old, 3,500-year-old Egyptian tombs on the tombs up the river and they grow wonderfully.
So, as long as they're kept dry and don't get wet and don't get damaged by sun, seeds will sprout hundreds of years later.
Yeah, and I've got boxes of them just in case I ever need them.
Just keep them dry, as you know, or they'll sprout on their own.
And one last quick thing, being a ham radio operator, I've noticed about the last five, seven years, all the new scanners don't have the military frequencies on them.
So, pick up an old scanner, that way you can listen to all things.
That's right.
All around us, massive changes are taking place.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and make another call.
We've got time.
Let's talk to John.
John, you're on the air.
Where are you calling from?
Yes, where are you calling from?
Go ahead.
I just want to make an observation that Ron Paul's popularity, I think, is because he uses the word Constitution.
You know, and we, the people, we like Constitution.
We like that word.
And the Constitution is our way out.
In Article 6, it talks about the judges.
It says, it starts out, it says, all debts guaranteed or contracted engagements entered into before the adoption of the Constitution means we're going to take care of that debt.
It goes on to say, this Constitution and the laws of the United States, which shall be made in pursuant thereof.
And then it goes on to say... Tell you what, stay there.
I'm going to let you briefly finish up.
We're going to get Mike Rivero on from WhatReallyHappened.com.
He's his own talk show here on the network as well.
Ton of news.
I'm going to blitzkrieg through it with our guest on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
It's here!
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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We're good to go.
I think so.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Michael Rivero has the popular weekend talk show right here on Genesis and a website.
Rated tens of thousands, places higher than Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly's websites.
Tens of millions visit his site every month.
I know I visit it every day.
He'll be joining us here in just one moment.
We're getting him on the line.
Ted Anderson's waiting in the wings because he's an expert on gold, been in the gold business for 20 plus years.
Had minus for, I don't know, 10, 15, I forget.
But we have a caller talking about the Constitution.
A lot of people like Ron Paul because he talks about the Constitution.
You were talking about a subsection of the Constitution.
Finish up your point.
Yeah, actually I'm talking about Article 6 of the Constitution.
It goes on to say that the judges in every state shall be bound thereby.
That's their oath of office.
They swore to uphold and defend the Constitution.
But they're total criminals and ignore their oath of office.
But let me go on.
In Article 3, it states clearly, it says, the judges, both of the Supreme and the Inferior Courts, shall hold their office during good behavior and shall, at stated times, receive services and compensation, and so forth.
The key here is good behavior.
If they act in bad behavior... No, I understand, but I'm asking you a question.
How do you enforce on the judges when they are criminals and the system is criminal?
We have to start at the local level.
If a judge is in dishonor, if he is in bad behavior, we don't have to impeach him.
And that's why they say you're honor, because it means they're still being honorable.
That's right, but if they are in dishonor, then they're out of a job.
I hear you.
I gotta jump, because we got a guest, and I gotta let Ted, I drug the boss, the owner of the network in here, who also owns Midas Resources,
I hear you.
I'm glad to have you.
I'm trying to answer the questions.
I heard the caller too.
I'm not on the mic.
There are laws currently right now for reporting.
Presently at this time, there's the IRS Revenue Ruling 6045, which was passed in 1984, which requires people to report the sale of certain silver and gold bullion items.
It just means that you're going to get a W-9 form, you're going to get 1099,
And you'll have to give up your social security number in order to do that.
There are other things.
There's cash reporting.
Obviously with the Drug and Money Laundering Act, that's a real big one.
If there's $10,000 in cash or cash equivalents add up to $10,000 or more, they have to be reported as well.
So there are certain requirements there.
And the other thing, of course, is when gold did become illegal, which it did here in the United States of America, as a matter of fact,
From the year 1900 to the year 1976.
In 1933 is when Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated the gold from the citizens.
And he did that under executive order.
He didn't have an act of Congress.
He just did that on his own recognizance to bail out the banks, the Federal Reserve banks at the time.
But it wasn't really a bailout.
He shipped it all to Europe, and then it doubled in price.
Well, exactly.
That's what happened.
Roosevelt was a scumbag criminal, and I can't believe some people apologized for it.
This is the sad part about it, is we are required to turn the gold, not to the United States government, we're required to turn the gold over to a Federal Reserve Bank branch or agency.
So to be clear in closing, but if it is numismatic, meaning having some collector value, it is not under those same reporting rules?
That is because of the eminent domain clause of the Constitution.
This is where the Constitution stepped in and helped us out.
The Constitution reads, nor shall private property be taken by the government for public use without just compensation.
They were not able to take collector coins because of the fact that there was a value above and beyond just the bullion value.
If the government decided to start taking collector coins, it would have to evaluate each one for their certain value of what they were.
They didn't want that.
They just wanted to have the bulk of gold turned over to the banks so the banks could make this huge profit.
And the banks basically turned the debt around.
The U.S.
banks owed, the Federal Reserve banks owed the people the money because the people had gold certificates.
They were trying to turn them in in exchange for the gold that was supposed to be in storage.
Just another globalist scam.
The point is, your paper money is being devalued.
We're going to have Ted back up later this week to talk about this in more detail.
Ted, thanks for coming on.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Okay, going to Michael Rivera, a very busy show today, and I'm just going to shotgun out comments and questions at Mike.
You bet.
Mike, it's good to have you here with us today.
Well, thanks for having me on the show again, Alex.
Shin Bet involved in 1976 hijackings, and then we go up to Infowars.net, Steve Watson wrote an article about the Levant Affair, the 1972 Munich Olympics, which we've always known was a staged Israeli operation, Mossad nurturing Hamas, creating them, and fake Al Qaeda in Palestine cells, 2002.
These are just the events we know of,
But this isn't Mike Rivero or Alex Jones or somebody else or Michael Collins Piper or somebody saying Israel's behind a lot of terror.
This is Israel saying it and British intelligence.
How big is this report?
Well, the report is definitely a confirmation for people who are seeing an ongoing pattern of false flag attacks that Israel commits, carries out, and then blames on the Palestinians in order to basically destroy them politically.
And of course, people looked at the Entebbe hijacking and rescue.
The timing was just a little too cute, because the U.S.
was beginning to talk to Palestinian representatives to try and sort out the mess in Israel, and just when that was going to happen, along comes this hijacking, this very terrible situation in Entebbe, the heroic rescue and raid.
And the situation in Palestine, basically the U.S.
stopped talking to them.
Now, it was very valid for Infowars.com to put up a story about the Levant Affair, because the Levant Affair was one time where Israel was just absolutely caught red-handed.
And again, the motive was to destroy political relations between the United States and Egypt.
So what we're seeing here is a continuing pattern where Israel sets up these dirty tricks
In order to make sure that the only government in the Middle East that the U.S.
is talking to remains Israel.
We're not allowed to see any other point of view except Israel's point of view.
Victor Ostrovsky, an ex-Mossad agent, revealed how the Mossad smuggled a radio transmitter into Tripoli and sent out a bunch of bogus messages calling for terrorist actions against the U.S.
which tricked Ronald Reagan into bombing Libya
And trying to kill more Mark Gaddafi.
They missed and killed his daughter instead.
But again, this is the kind of dirty tricks that we see going on.
Back to the LeBron there.
That's right.
They snuck up with a midget sub on a coastline and hacked into the cable and transmitted out of it.
And again, a lot of people, as you know, this week will be the 40th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty.
A lot of people have come to the conclusion, I'm one of them, that the real motive, the primary motive for this attack was that if Israel had succeeded in sinking
The USS Liberty, they were going to blame Egypt for it.
And in point of fact, Israel did say, Egypt is attacking your ship.
But when the Liberty was not able to be sunk... Well, they also rigged up a ham radio system to a makeshift antenna.
The first thing the pilots did was shoot off the antenna mast.
That was the first thing they were doing, trying to knock out communications.
Again, precision attack.
Absolutely, and they were jamming American communication frequencies to make sure the Liberty could not call for help.
The really dark side of this story, of course, is that nearby U.S.
aircraft carriers launched airplanes to go to the rescue of the USS Liberty.
And I interviewed the Admiral who took the call from LBJ saying, I want that GD ship on the bottom.
Yeah, and McNamara basically ordered the planes to return, so it's very obvious that, as was the case with 9-11, and I'll get back to this in just a second, elements within the US government knew what Israel was doing and wanted it to succeed to further their own plans.
It is entirely likely that the attack on USS Cole was another false flag attack, an attack on a US ship to blame
Israel's enemies, in order to continually try to trick the U.S.
into war on Israel's enemies, because Israel by itself cannot fight wars of conquest against the Middle East.
They have to have a large military power supporting them, and that is the United States.
What does this remind me of?
Something that happened five and a half years ago.
Yes, very much so.
And this gets back to the whole story of 9-11.
Where we now have the majority of the American people know that the government is lying about what exactly did happen on that day.
We have the videotape of the BBC reporting that Building 7 has collapsed while it's still standing in the background.
This proves that it was all being stage managed and it was all just this
Horrific Caesar piece to try and convince America that we were under dire attack and that we had to attack these other countries to save ourselves.
Now this is exactly the same dirty trick that Adolf Hitler pulled on his own people.
Because in order to start the invasion of Poland, he had the German army attack a German radio station near the Polish border.
They dressed up prisoners in Polish uniforms and shot them dead so the bodies would be found.
The German radio station was screaming, the Poles are attacking, the Poles are attacking.
The next day Hitler said, we are being threatened by this enemy and marched the world off into World War II.
Now we know that the very first people arrested on 9-11 were not Arabs or Saudis or Afghanis or Iraqis or Iran.
They were Mossad agents.
And they were working for a company that was used as a front for Israeli intelligence operations and the owner of that company
Literally abandoned his home, his business, and everything and fled to Israel where nobody from the US is allowed to talk to him.
But the single most damning piece of information about who was really behind 9-11 came from a four-part series on the Israeli spy ring that was reported by Carl Cameron on Fox News and almost immediately erased from their website.
And buried in that four-part series was a report that there was evidence that linked Israeli spies to 9-11.
But that all of this evidence had been classified by the United States government.
So here we have a repeat of what happened back during the attack on the USS Liberty, where there is some kind of chicanery going on with Israel, and our own government is complicit with it.
Mike Rivero, stay there.
We got a break.
Come back and finish up.
But hey, there's no debating this.
Shin Bet involved in 76 hijacking.
Here it is.
Jerusalem Post.
We'll talk about the latest terror event.
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We're good to go.
Mike Rivera is going to be interviewing with me for about 10 minutes in the next segment.
If he joins us, the head of a company,
He's got it in place.
Many grocery stores, gas stations, all over the country, mainly in Austin, Texas, though it's saturated here, accepting driver's license as a way to debit and pay for things.
And that has some more shadowy things involved in it with the federal government.
So that's coming up.
Mike, you're right on top of the alert put out Saturday, the plan to blow up JFK, now even mainstream news.
Three days after we, of course, pointed out it was a fraud, you and I respectively, are saying that this is impossible and it turns out it's the same thing.
Provocateurs, patsies, set-ups, and then a few months from now, if we have it in every other case, we'll learn they're completely innocent and they'll drop charges.
Mike, break it down for us.
Well, in a nutshell, the mainstream media was trying to scare us all with terror plot uncovered.
These individuals were planning to blow up the entire John F. Kennedy International Airport, and we were regaled with horror stories of how they were going to plant bombs on the fuel lines that ran near the runway, and basically the fuel lines were going to
Explode into flames and the resulting conflagration would catch the airport itself on fire, spread to all the fuel tanks, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Okay, what we have here, however, is your classic setup of patsies to be used for propaganda value by a government that is desperate
To keep the American population too scared to objectively think about what's been going on.
And what we had was an informant who was functioning virtually as the leader of the group.
That's always the key!
The leader is always the informant.
It doesn't matter if it's a Klan group, they wanted to get to blow up a chemical plant in Fort Worth in 1998.
The leader is always in the government.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and this guy was a guy who had a drug charge hanging over his head
And basically he was told that if he was able to infiltrate this group and get evidence that they were involved in a terror plot, that they were going to reduce his sentence to some unknown degree.
So here we have a guy who's already a criminal, already cannot be trusted.
He's given a really strong motive to come up with anything at all.
Yeah, that's true.
That's in a good case.
I mean, there's different variants of provocateur, and that's in the good light for the government.
We know he did that.
In some of the cases, they don't even nod, and the informant, you know, like when informants say, that house sold me the marijuana, and it's a 96-year-old woman who gets gunned down.
Yeah, there are even worse cases.
There were some cases, I remember back, where everybody was being arrested for being a pipe bomb builder and it turned out they were just busting these plumbers who, of course, they have pipes and pipe caps and things.
In their home.
And these good old boys, they're hunters, of course they've got gunpowder and ammunition stored in their garage.
And the BATF was so, folks, the BATF was so bloodthirsty, they weren't even going after militia people who were their, you know, quote, enemies, to frame them.
This was back in the mid and late 90s.
Just to up their arrest and get more funding, they were literally picking plumbers, home plumbers, you know, small mom-and-pop plumbers, out of phone books and gruel.
I mean, that is so cold-blooded, Mike.
It absolutely is, and of course, carried to the extreme is what led to the disaster at Waco, Texas, when they staged a raid and invited the media along.
And of course, the media are the ones who alerted David Koresh that it was coming.
And the BATF just opened fire, and it just really went downhill from there.
But to get up to the current event, basically, the plan that the media has told us that these people were going to follow would never have worked.
First of all, jet fuel does not explode the way gasoline does.
Second of all, every large fueling facility, whether it's a refinery, your... They're separated, they've got bulkheads, they're locked down, they're underground.
Safety valves, all kinds of cut-offs.
If something happens anywhere in the system, everything shuts down and it's all compartmentalized.
So the plan would never have worked.
These guys did not have any bombs, they did not have any tools, they had done absolutely nothing at all.
In terms of actually committing any kind of crime... And we've seen this, what, 20, 30 times just in England and the U.S.
in the last five years alone?
I mean, the fake Ryerson plots, there was never any Ryerson in England, they just, they planted fake documents in an Afghan cave, that later came out, but that's always back of the paper!
Yeah, it absolutely is, but the goal of this is to keep the people too scared to be thinking, because once a government starts manipulating its people with fear,
It can never let them stop being afraid.
But it's like a junkie, though.
You've said that.
It's like a junkie.
Because the more they take, the more they need.
It doesn't work anymore.
Stay there, Michael Rivero.
We'll shift gears into ID cards and back into this.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, website centralwars.com, and we are joined by the CEO of National Payment Card, and we really do appreciate him coming on.
Also, we have Mike Rivera, who is co-hosting in this hour with us, National Talk Show host, in his own right.
And is it Joe Randazza, sir?
Is that how I pronounce your name?
Do we have the CEO of National Payment Card there?
Joe, are you there?
Yes, this is Joe Randazza.
Okay, Mr. Randazza, I appreciate you coming on with us.
I appreciate your show.
Tell us about your product, briefly.
National Payment Card offers merchants and consumers
The ability to control what they pay for gas at the pump.
Today, merchants are paying close to $0.80 a transaction for credit card and debit cards.
A national payment card offers merchants a low-cost transaction at $0.17.
So they're able to go out and offer consumers the ability to roll the price back from $3 as an example to $2.97.
So we're talking about saving, what, $0.03 a gallon on average?
Three cents a gallon by a consumer going ahead and participating in the merchant's program.
And the merchant might use a state driver's license connected to your checking account or a loyalty card connecting to your checking account.
Now how did this happen?
Because I know you're doing this in quite a few states.
I know it's big here in Austin, Texas.
I have several national news stories here.
Here's one from Business Week.
Use your driver's license as a debit card and it talks about
MPC, National Payment Card, the company that you head up, sir.
We appreciate you spending time with us.
I wonder why the national standardized driver's license, which we know the states are standardized, that's convenient that it just so happens to have the right type of barcode, the right type of swipe on the back, and the right type of digital information.
How did that all come together?
Well, you did say the right word, convenient.
We're not affiliated with any state agency.
We simply went ahead and turned a driver's license, which is a card of convenience, because it's already inside your wallet.
It has a mag stripe and credit cards are debit cards, there's a mag stripe on the cards.
So in gas stations and in 24 states you're able to use your driver's license with a mag stripe to be able to connect it for gas.
And we just use it as a card of convenience.
We're not affiliated with any state agency.
There's no big brother aspect.
Do you remember a year ago when
It came out that people had magically found out that they were able to at least get the machine to print a receipt for them by sticking their driver's license into the machine.
How did that happen, or did you ever hear about that?
I'm aware of that.
The driver's license, when you take a driver's license, or if you were to take a loyalty card such as a CVS card, or you were to take a supermarket card and swipe that into a majority of the gas stations in the United States,
It reads that card, there's a number on it which is called the financial PIN number, and it initially recognizes it as a debit card, but obviously if it's not connected to the point the sales system to be routed to a company's host, and a consumer doesn't enter a PIN number that's validated through a host computer, no financial transaction is going to take place.
Sure, but it was fooling the machines is my point.
I'm not exactly aware what you're talking about, but if you go ahead and you take the driver's license and you swipe it into a pump, it looks for it to be like a debit card, but obviously it has to be enrolled and connected as such.
Sure, well Mr. Randazza, let me just tell you what I learned about ten years ago, that they're going to get rid of the income tax and call it a social security tax,
At 10%.
They're going to introduce a 20-25% national sales tax and they're going to make people, even if you pay with a credit card, you're still going to have to swipe with your driver's license or ID because it's going to be an apportioned or graduated sales tax.
If you make under about $12,000 to $15,000 depending on the different ideas they're batting around, you'll pay no sales tax because the argument is that sales taxes target the poor and disadvantaged.
This way it wouldn't.
Have you heard about those proposals?
Not specifically.
Once again, in this particular case, a driver's license is used not as a vehicle from a state agency, just as a method for a consumer to use a card that already exists.
But I'm saying, isn't it interesting that it works with a car, the car is designed to do it, and I mean, have you seen how they swipe driver's licenses when a 65-year-old man is buying cigars?
They're doing that because they've had national consortium meetings and they're getting the corporations to comply with this in preparation for having to use your card to buy and sell.
And I don't even say that from a biblical angle, that is the angle the feds are pushing.
And I have mainstream news here with the UN having standardized global ID numbers.
Well, the driver's license is used for age verification and for law enforcement purposes.
The information that we use, consumers voluntarily enroll on a website, give us their information on the website, their name, their address, their banking information, and their driver's license information.
We simply use... Why can't you just offer a credit card that gives lower merchant fees?
And why are merchant fees so high?
I'll answer your first question, which is also the answer to your second question.
The credit card and debit card companies, in the case of gas stations, charge around 2 to 2.25% of whatever the price of gas is.
The difference between $2 a gallon and $3 a gallon, based on 10 gallons, costs a gas station owner an additional $0.20, because it's based on a percentage of the overall sale.
So today, when gas is $35, $40, it's costing a gas station around $0.80 a transaction.
Because we process the transaction not through the traditional debit card and bank networks.
We process through the Federal Reserve using the automatic clearing house, the same type of electronic fund transfer you would use for a mortgage or a pay electronic transaction.
We charge 17 cents a transaction, so the merchant is able to go ahead and offer the consumer a benefit back.
But my point is, I wonder why the banks who run most of the credit card companies and debit card companies, I wonder why they're not passing that on.
I wonder why they do charge exorbitant.
Let me bring Michael Rivero in here.
Mike, do you have any... I mean, obviously, I like to save money, too, but I just find this whole thing curious.
Mike Rivero, do you have any comments?
Yeah, just one comment, and I hate to be a wet blanket on this, but earlier you were saying that the gas stations that are switching over to use this driver's license-based system are going to save some 17 cents in merchant fees over your fill-up, but I notice the gas stations around here don't have any kind of a rebate for those of us who come in and use cash.
Obviously, if we're filling up the gas tank using cash, the gas station is not having to pay the merchant fee,
Yet we're not seeing a lower price being charged.
Hey, that's a good idea.
Their argument will be the cost of handling cash, but go ahead, sir.
Well, actually, in a lot of the processing agreements that are in place between the credit card companies and the merchants, they're not able, by those contracts, to offer a cash discount.
The companies that control the credit card and banking phase
Put that as part of their contractual commitment.
This does not fit within that because this is another card mechanism that doesn't go through traditional networks.
So we process through the Automatic Clearinghouse, the Federal Reserve, and we're able to go ahead and Michael, correct yourself if I can.
It costs the gas station 17 cents a transaction.
So instead of them paying 80 cents, they're paying 17 cents.
If someone fills up at 10 gallons, they're giving the consumers 30 cents
I'll say this right off the bat, I think anything that gives more competition
And that restricts the big banks being able to have these oligopolies and rapists on merchant charges is good, but you just said it.
This is the driver's license or the ID directly bypassing things going right to the private Federal Reserve that is basically trying to go for a cashless society.
I mean, were you approached with this idea, sir?
Or where did you come up with this idea?
Because I see areas of it that look good,
But then down the road, I mean, why is the Federal Reserve involved?
Again, why don't the credit card companies just offer this?
I mean, explain this to us.
Well, this all came about because around mid-2004 Visa and MasterCard was in a lawsuit with Walmart and the rest of the retail industry, where they wanted to choose between a credit card, a signature debit card, and a PIN debit card, because there's a big difference between a PIN debit card, which is 65 cents a transaction, and a signature debit card, which is 1.95 cents a transaction.
So, once the lawsuit was settled and Visa and Metha lost, it gave the opportunity for a company such as ours to entrepreneurialize the automatic clearinghouse to be able to take a low-cost settlement system and bring merchants a lower cost of settlement.
Mike Rivera?
Well, it sounds to me like the only way this is going to work is if the gas station switches over to the driver's license based system and terminates their existing contracts with the other credit card companies because
I think as you said, they write into the contract that they cannot offer a cash discount.
It seems likely to me that they will put a similar clause in their contract saying you may not go with this alternate system, which could open up a whole restraint of trade lawsuit.
But obviously the credit cards are going to oppose this.
Well, you have gotten it through with the loophole.
I can understand your statement, but it's an assumption that I don't see happening.
This is not in violation of the current processing agreements.
Today, gas stations have other forms of payment, such as... How many stores have signed up with your system, and how many people, roughly?
This is an emerging market.
This was not available several years ago.
Today we have 1,700 gas stations signed up that we'll be implementing through the remainder of 2007 and 2008.
We anticipate to have 5,000 stations signed on this year.
How many have implemented so far?
Okay, well...
Obviously, I think you're probably a good guy, and you're just the American Way competition.
I just happen to have seen documents and learned from insiders that we're all going to be paying for everything with our driver's license.
I've been telling people this for more than 10 years, and voila, here you are.
I think that you're going to be used in the endgame just to implement all this, but it sounds like you're going to make a lot of money in the process, and some people are going to save some money.
Well again my concern is if the credit card companies are able to enforce a no cash discount clause in their agreement
When the contracts come up for renegotiation, I would expect them to attempt to find some way to say that no discounts can be offered for any alternative payment methods to basically negate that advantage.
You know, the credit card companies do have the financial resources and the legal muscle to basically take it to court and tie it up in court regardless of whether they're right or wrong.
Sure, and they want to force a monopoly global cash flow society because then they can hide all the fees and taxes they want in there.
The other concern I have, as I mentioned before, I tend to do as much of my transactions as I can with cash.
We're seeing the end of an evolution away from the citizens' control of their own wealth to total government control of their own wealth.
And we started originally with gold and silver-based money, then we went to a fiat currency system where the worth of the money is under the control of the government.
The income tax code is set up to coerce where you spend your money and how you spend your money.
And now with this global card computer-based system, the government will ultimately have complete control over what you spend your money on.
And given the amount of mistakes we've seen in our justice system, in our tax system, in our financial system, I think ordinary citizens are going to find themselves terribly, terribly inconvenienced, to put it delicately, by this system.
I agree.
Mike Rivera, we've got a break.
The final segment's coming up.
When we get back, I want to ask you about where you see the government-sponsored terror going.
These fake terror alerts, these fake Patsy busts aren't working anymore.
More and more is coming out about German, the Israelis, the U.S., the British.
The Russian staging terror, where you see all of that going and where you see the debates tonight with Ron Paul and how that revolution is playing out.
We'll talk to Mike Rivera on the other side of this quick break.
You can check out his radio show and his website at whatreallyhappened.com.
In this segment, I want to tell you about a wonderful company.
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We're good to go.
This is not a miracle.
Little piece.
A little piece indeed.
Well, that's a miracle.
Oh, this is not a miracle.
Final segment with our guest.
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Going back to Michael Rivera.
Michael, in closing, where do you see all this going?
I mean, if their false flag events aren't working, if their provocateur fear-mongering isn't working, where they misname imaginary buildings, the Liberty Building, and say that Al-Qaeda wants to blow it up, and show footage of flying saucers blowing it up.
I mean, they really did that on Fox, for listeners to think I'm joking.
I'm not joking.
I mean, what are they going to have to do?
It seems like everything they're doing is stalling, and that they really are being revealed.
Well, we're seeing an evolutionary process.
The reality of how information flows through society is changing right before us because of radio shows like yours, websites like mine, the games and tricks that used to work during the height of the Cold War and even before that,
Don't work anymore.
Now the smart players are going to realize that the world has changed around them and they are going to have to evolve to deal with the new reality of not being able to get away with these things anymore.
The problem is that we are all hostage to whichever world leader is the least mentally stable and somewhere out there the real danger is that there's going to be somebody
Yes, we can make it work one more time as long as we do something so big that it will shock them into the fear that we want.
So I tend to think that the false flags should be fading away but there's always the possibility that somebody who feels they've got no choice at all
He's going to try one more really, really big one to kick off this global war.
Also, when they put in new politicians, they know it's a new ballgame to a certain extent, or at least it has been in the past.
Now it's not.
People learned that trick because they've done it so many times.
But I think we're in real danger when a Hillary or a Barack Obama goes in for them doing it.
I'm very much concerned about how many of our current presidential candidates seem to be more worried about what Israel thinks of them than the American voters.
And I don't want to be in the position of recommending candidates, but I would recommend to voters be very distrustful of people who seem to be getting a lot of money for their campaigns, because that money is not coming from ordinary citizens, and it is coming from people who want something back for it.
Well, look at them, the Bush family supporting Fred Thompson.
That's because they want him to head off Ron Paul.
Ron Paul has become a real threat to the existing structure.
And then with the Democrats acting like they're anti-war, they're a bunch of warmongers.
I think they just basically handed the Congress back to the GOP in 2008 when they voted down the Iraq timetable.
Mike, tell folks about your Saturday morning show.
Okay, my show is the What Really Happened Radio Show.
It's on GCN Live from 11 a.m.
to 1 p.m.
Central Time every Saturday.
You can listen over the web and call in and we have a very good time and a lot of very interesting guests.
Mike, it's always great having you up here once a month.
Take care.
Thank you, Alex.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we'll see you on the web at InfoWars.com.
God bless you all.