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Air Date: June 3, 2007
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Alright, here are the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 stacks of news I have in front of me.
One is all the new 9-11 inside job developments.
I'm from Rosie O'Donnell announcing that she's going to leave The View this week.
What's really behind that?
To John Kerry last Sunday being here in Austin, Texas and talking about Building 7 being a controlled demolition.
We'll be covering that later in the second hour.
In the first hour, the Wall Street Journal has reported, as well as the Associated Press, Yahoo News, and Reuters,
That global warming could be halted by government weather control and then they go on to admit chemtrails or aerosol spraying in the skies.
Oh my goodness!
Huge developments.
We'll be going over that for you.
Also how the whole global warming movement, man-made global warming movement, is nothing but a push for taxation.
In fact, I have
Up on the screen in front of me, the Weather Channel, and I've been sitting here for about 45 minutes getting ready, and I've seen already two news reports on global warming and how we must have a global tax to save us from it.
So we'll talk about what's really behind the endless hype for man-made global warming and how even the supposed solution to it, if you even believe it's man-made, which of course it isn't, is a fraud.
It is the dream of the New World Order for over a century to have a world tax, and they need a crisis, some way to get the public ninnying and rubbing their hands together, and climactic climate change is going to be their main mode.
That and the war on terror and several other big fear-mongering issues.
Also, Bush is now yet again pushing total blanket, complete amnesty for all illegal aliens in the country.
And they then have the liberal shills come out and protest against it.
That then fools conservatives, it's all staged, into thinking that Bush is actually for national sovereignty and for controlling our borders.
And when you see Bush on CNN or Fox or hear him on the radio, and I've been monitoring the news this weekend, they come out and say, Bush wants to get tough on illegal immigration!
You'll hear a clip of the President saying, it's time to do something about it!
Everybody knows it's broken!
His answer would be like if you had a leg chopped off.
You're bleeding to death.
His answer is not put a tourniquet on it.
It's chop the other leg off and cut your head off while it's at it.
But again, they have the general public completely dumbed down.
Just hears the slogans and the terms.
Total deception.
But we'll go over what's really happening with that.
The euro rises to record high versus the dollar.
It's never, no currency has never been in the last hundred years this strong against the dollar.
The dollar is tanking.
Last week it went down a cent a day.
That is massive, ladies and gentlemen.
The slide is now straight down.
And we will break down exactly what that means and how it dovetails with economic growth in the first quarter slows to 1.3 percent.
And if you understand that inflation is actually at over 10 percent right now, I know the official number says 4.5, but the official number also says unemployment is at 3 percent.
Because they don't count you once you've been off the rolls for six months.
So we'll talk about some of the real economic information.
Also, big-time war propaganda right now to keep the Iraq war going.
The Democrats are involved in ultra-massive dog and pony shows right now, convincing the public and the planet that they're actually trying to stop the war.
We'll break down that dog and pony show for you as well.
Again, the toll-free number to join us is 877-590-5525 or 836-0590.
I know we have a lot of calls that want to get on board and get on air.
We'll be doing that, but let me tell you the other bit of news I have for you.
It's a large stack.
This is just stuff that happened in the last week.
In fact, some of it just came out in the last two days.
And we'll be covering this pretty much exclusively, that and 9-11.
In the second hour today, about two weeks ago, almost two weeks ago, Luke Rudowsky, who is a reporter for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv, he called in at the end of the show but was unable to get on air.
My weekday show that I do, the syndicated show I've been doing for ten years now, or nine years,
And he called in and he said that he had been detained for an hour and had his camera and phone taken, but they called him a terrorist.
And then I was busy with other projects, didn't get to watching the video once he uploaded it a few days later to YouTube.
And then I went out of town and into business in Los Angeles.
And I just got back the other night and saw this and it completely freaked me out.
I've never seen anything this bad.
Dealing with the police state in America and the total Sovietization of our society.
And that video is up on PrisonPlanet.com and JonesReport.com.
Easiest place to find us, JonesReport.com.
It's been up now for about three days and still up on the main page.
Front and center, you can't miss it.
Headline, and it's all on video.
Now see, what's scary about this is the cops, we know mafia-type police in major cities have been doing this for a long time.
70, 80 years.
But they never did it on video before.
It's kind of like FEMA.
I have FEMA on tape saying all Christians are terrorists, gun owners are terrorists, anyone who's for private property are terrorists.
This is all intensified under Bush.
You'd think it's under Hillary and Bill.
And it was bad under them, but it's gotten far worse.
It's all part of... It's just lip service when they tell you they're Christian, folks.
The real enemy, though, is Christians because they know you won't play ball with their New World Order.
We're trying to pacify you just long enough until you find out about it.
But this new video I have... Now understand, I have video in Philadelphia in 2004 of Christians at an outfest, a public event in the city, praying on a street corner and being arrested by Homeland Security.
And charged with 47 years in prison apiece.
They got national attention and they were acquitted.
But they went to trial.
Praying now, like China, gets you 47 years.
So they tried 47 years.
But at least the police were solemn and businesslike in their criminal activities.
This new one, everyone who sees it, I just showed it to my wife the other day and I said, tell me what you think of this.
She goes, oh my god, they're like mafia out of a movie.
I show it to everybody before they've ever heard my comments and they say, oh my god, it's like The Sopranos.
You've got five or six 9-11 truthers standing in front of Ground Zero.
It's Silverstein Properties, the new Building 7.
And up walks, well you see on camera three different cops, or really six plainclothes, in suits, in black trench coats, men announcing themselves as police officers.
And they were commanding plainclothes officers later, so they must be officers.
And they say, we know you're not terrorists, but we're going to say you are and put you in jail.
I mean, this is on video with their faces up close.
I mean, this is hardcore federal and state crimes being committed on video.
In fact, we have links to federal and state law.
New York Law went and pulled it up.
I contributed to this article as we were writing it Friday night.
We posted it about midnight.
At midnight.
And I'm just proud of the fact we do work hard.
There's all these other truthers and other people out there that wonder why we're so successful at fighting the globalists.
It's because we don't go to a lot of movies and a lot of bars and sit around and suck our thumbs all day.
We're actually working all the time because we know how serious the new world order is.
If other people want to help defeat the New World Order and take down the New World Order, you'll start getting involved and working hard, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what it's going to take.
But here's the headline, New York Police Report Bomb to Frame Activist as a Terrorist.
Let me say that again.
New York City Police on videotape report bomb.
I mean, they call in a bomb to frame activists as terrorists.
By the time the government finds out, you'll be in the hole 30 days.
That's what the cop said.
9-11 Truthers told by officer admits to false accusation of having a bomb.
That's coming up in the second hour.
But first we'll go through the economy, the war, Kim Trails, weather modification, Wall Street Journal.
It's all coming up.
Keep it locked in.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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It is Sunday, the 29th of April, 2007.
Welcome back.
Can you believe that we are already about to enter the midway point of 2007?
I mean, my God!
It just seems like I'm 15 years old yesterday.
Now I'm this old man.
Ha ha ha ha!
Alright, your calls are coming up in the next segment at 877-590-5525.
Let me just get into this first, because on Thursday and Friday I mentioned it on my weekday show and never even covered it, and it is really, really important.
This is the Wall Street Journal that I hold here in my hand, and the headline is, Global Warming.
Could global warming be halted by controlling the weather?
And it says, frustrated with the limits of public policy to tackle global warming, some scientists say the time has come to engineer a way to control the weather.
The idea might seem appealing, says a science scholar.
And it goes on, one idea put forth by a physicist involved in climate control discussions would involve bombarding the Arctic atmosphere with specially engineered particles,
To deflect the sun's rays, thereby lowering temperatures.
Alternatively, a fleet of crop-dusting airplanes could deliver the particles by flying continuously around the Arctic Circle.
An astronomer suggested placing a huge fleet of mirrors in orbit to divert solar radiation.
Some of these ideas, say Mr. Fleming, are reminiscent of the optimism that framed the first attempts at climate control.
And then it goes on.
Okay, let's just stop right there.
Number one, they talk about frustration with the limits of public policy to tackle global warming.
The Earth is always heating up and cooling down.
All of the major studies show that a heating factor would actually increase the green belts across the planet, the growth belts, and create more oxygen and carbon dioxide for plankton in the oceans.
A higher carbon dioxide atmosphere increases the amount of oxygen in a symbiotic relationship between plant and animal.
I mean, I'm actually weird enough that I sit around reading long climate studies and studies on plant growth with higher
Carbon dioxide and things of this nature.
And I actually read what the real scientists and real institutions are saying, and they're saying man-made global warming is a complete and total hoax.
In fact, we have scientists unified on this, almost completely unified, but then on the other side, you hear the media, the UN, the federal government, European government saying, every scientist agrees, massive man-made global warming, the end is near.
Then they show polar bears and saying, look at them, they can't swim, their ice cap is melting, they're going to die.
I mean, I've seen national newscasts saying, look at these polar bears, they're going to die.
They don't tell you that a polar bear can swim several hundred miles in a day.
They literally can kill whales, medium-sized whales themselves, haul them up.
They swim from ice flow to ice flow in the ice packs.
That's what they do.
In fact, there's a 20-year study out just last month.
Polar bear populations have exploded and they're now moving south because humans aren't hunting them anymore.
That's right.
They used to be several hundred miles further south, but humans started shooting them because they're quite dangerous.
Now they aren't.
They're running around in limp-wristed fashion, groveling.
And now, again, grizzlies are killing people again, mountain lions are, polar bears are, rattlesnakes are exploding in numbers, and everyone's ninnying and dying, and that's just how it works, so enjoy yourselves.
But the point is, this is a fraud.
Man-made global warming is a lie, is a fraud.
Now, don't get me wrong.
It's either you don't care about the environment or you think the sky is falling and only world government can save us.
No, there are real environmental crises, hundreds of them, but none of those are addressed because the only thing the big corporations are pushing for is feel-good programs like a global tax.
You see, all the environmentalists aren't out dealing with genetic engineering, toxic waste dumping, really serious issues.
No, instead the general public is running around pulling their hair out, freaking out,
Giving money to groups that are quote going to fight global warming and now they're trying to pass laws to ban what cows can be fed because they're flatulence, they're methane gas.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, flatulence for those that are public school educated.
They're farts, and I'm sorry to have to talk like that in a second grade level, but that's what flatulence is.
The methane gas, and we must have a global tax now on beef.
Of course, you can do major studies, you can look at the major studies, showing that there are actually more bovine running around on free range just 150 years ago globally than there are in domestication today.
But that doesn't matter.
It's all about taxing, regulating, controlling, and Big Ag was behind it all to consolidate and knock out the small farms and ranches, just like they're behind the Real ID Act, the Animal ID Act, the Premises ID Act.
It's all about controlling humans and animals as cattle to be tracked.
So, setting the table with that, I remember a decade plus ago interviewing experts on weather control and being called a kook.
But then about what five years ago there was a Weather Channel special called Atmospheres Weather Control where they show the classified documents where they in Vietnam during the dry season could make it rain 10 feet and kill a bunch of people and then suddenly it was declassified three years ago completely and I was able to then learn who the head of the program was.
That was Ben Livingston, a meteorologist.
This guy in the fifties flew into typhoons that were 260 miles an hour.
He flew into hurricanes that were 175 miles an hour off our coast.
And he attacked the Vietnamese leading squadrons himself while they were under sham missile attack.
Either they can create hurricanes, they can stop hurricanes, they can knock out typhoons.
That's just a Pacific hurricane.
It's generally about 30-40% faster, more destructive.
Those can get up to recorded 280 miles an hour.
Hurricanes only 175 is about as high as they've ever gotten.
But, again, I'm digressing here.
Very brave individual, and he's credited as the father of weather weapons.
Still alive, lives out in Midland.
And so I flew him here, you know?
Put him on an airplane, flew him here, and interviewed him.
That's up on PrisonPlanet.tv.
Ben Livingston for members that are members of PrisonPlanet.tv.
It's 15 cents a day.
Why not go join?
All 15 of my films, hundreds of special reports, hundreds of my weekly TV shows.
The point is, it's a good place.
And I interviewed him, he brought in all these documents, all these declassified documents, and oopsie, I might have seen some things that were still classified, but to make a long story short, then it got picked up by a bunch of newspapers, a bunch of national radio shows interviewed him, and in the mid-1960s, the Stanford Research Institute and the Naval Weapons Laboratory certified that he could knock out hurricanes with seven aircraft.
That's because they have power cells that generate
And they can fly in with the ions and disperse them, the nuclei, with the aircraft and knock them out.
And they can build them and they can knock them out.
Now that's 1960s technology.
I have interviewed General Burton K. Parton, not just the former head of Air Force Weapons Development, he also headed up the Over Horizon Radar System, known as HARP.
I've interviewed other experts on the subject, and there are weather control systems with antennae, and that's why the Russians, you can hire their company for 1.2 million to clear any sky and guarantee any event will be clear.
The Chinese have an even bigger system using antennas, which they clear things, in fact that's Associated Press,
China to force rain ahead of Olympics, the reverse.
Point is, they talk about spraying.
It's already going on.
Remember up until 96, the condensation trails behind jets disappeared in minutes, now they're up there for five hours?
Well, we're already under a weather modification program.
It's being added to the jet fuel.
They're even putting it in federal textbooks now.
When you tell the public about it, they say it doesn't exist.
But then it's in textbooks.
It's like world governments in textbooks, but then the general public doesn't know.
If you tell them, they say it doesn't exist.
We'll come back, take your calls, get into the war news.
Stay with us.
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show!
Welcome back, it is May 6, 2007.
I'm going to go to your calls, everybody that is patiently holding from Bobby to Abilene to
Steve in Los Angeles, California.
The last caller I went to was up in Canada.
All right.
Big JFK news.
The cover-up's been blown wide open.
So is the 9-11 cover-up.
It hasn't collapsed as completely as JFK, but we will have black operators, black ops commanders who ran the attacks of 9-11 go public.
Don't worry.
It all, everything hidden, will be revealed.
Also, the BBC reports the EU and American Union are publicly merging.
But again, the general public only knows how to suck their thumbs and not actually find out about that.
Alright, I'm being a little bit sarcastic there.
It's all coming up, but I'm just now noticing, and I mean, people have always, when you're driving down Mopac or driving down I-35 or driving down a side street, and I was just out in Los Angeles, people were driving ten times worse than the last time I was there,
I've been driving in New York all over.
People are driving worse and worse and worse.
They're driving like people drive in Mexico.
But this isn't illegal aliens that are driving like this.
I'll pull up next to the vehicles, not to have some road rage, but more scientifically to just analyze who it is.
And it's soccer moms, old white guys, black people, Hispanics.
I mean, it's just a cross-section of society.
And I used to, about once every two or three weeks, and I should drive even more than I do now,
I used to do a lot of my own errands for my business.
Now I have folks that do that.
I'm just too busy.
But I probably drive about half as much as I did in the past.
And about every few weeks, every month or so, you'd be driving along and somebody wouldn't see you.
Right out of the blue would start coming over.
And I was in a few wrecks in my life with people hitting me like that.
Or people rear-ending you and don't stop.
I mean, we've all been through it.
And again, I'm not up here on a high horse like I'm the best driver.
But compared to these people, I mean, it's like I'm an astronaut compared to a
Reese's monkey or something, you know, back to the monkey analogy.
I mean, those are those little foot tall cross-eyed monkeys.
Walk around wearing diapers, but the point is is that is that today I almost got hit going down William Cannon with my family.
I am like luckily about eight car lengths back.
I'm going about 30 miles an hour.
This person slows down to get over because there's cars in front of them and just violently cuts over to out of their lane to hit me and I slam on the brakes.
First I looked in the mirror real fast slam on the brakes and went into the other lane and almost hit another car, but I had room and
And this soccer mom just went on driving like everything was fine.
Now, this is why I'm reporting on this.
Something has changed.
Because this is happening every day now.
And then I mentioned it to Trey and to Paul, who were in the control room.
Paul's in there answering the phones.
We don't screen the phones, he's just giving me your name and where you're calling from, what country or what state.
And Trey is in there, you know, running things.
And they just started exclaiming, oh yeah, I mean, people rubberneck now like they never did before.
They cut you off.
Now, I mean, you'll be trying to get over.
People will race to block you so you can't.
And they'll smile at you like it's some personal power thing.
And I don't understand why people think they get personal power out of screwing other people, because I let people in.
You know, except maybe once a month if I'm late for work or something, which I'm normally not.
And then even then I'll let people in, because it's just too dangerous.
I'd rather be late.
But, gentlemen, you want to comment on this?
You got a mic in the studio there.
I mean, why don't you comment on it, Trey?
The largest problem I have is just, it's always someone in a new car.
And I don't have a new car, and I'm sorry, I just can't afford to drive at the speeds that other people drive at.
Well, that's also because I think they're royal, but...
Do you want to comment in there, Paul?
There's only one mic.
He's running around.
Why are you guys coming here?
It's the cell phone and text messaging.
I think that capital punishment should be put on those people that do that, especially text messaging.
Well, I mean, I'm guilty of using the phone, but there are brief phone calls when I'm going down a straightaway, and still I catch myself not driving as well.
But yeah, I mean, we all know about the women putting on the Vector's Cases every few months, and a woman getting one of those, you know, eye color pencils, jamming their eye or face, and they're putting it on, or they're on the telephone.
I mean, I've seen people on the phone literally going in and out of their lanes.
It's like drunk driving.
But at the same time, I don't want the government involved because they never make anything better.
In fact, you don't see cops out there arresting people for reckless driving.
Instead, they're writing tickets for the system or installing Lockheed Martin red light cameras.
I see a lot of the racing towards the red light, like here in Austin, you know when a light's going to be red.
And they'll get mad!
If you start slowing down, they'll like violently cut out of the lane behind you to get around you.
Oh yeah, I mean they just cut, then they'll cut me off to get in front of me to wait at the red light.
And by the way, this thing with the cameras and the lights,
I don't understand why we can afford to put cameras in lights, yet we can't afford to put the cameras in the lights that don't make you sit at a red light when no one's even there.
I'm from Houston, and you don't sit at red lights in Houston like you do up here.
It's just ridiculous.
I've never wasted so much time.
There's no synchronization, and the city enjoys it.
I just, I don't understand it.
I'm from Houston and you never ever have to stop at a red light for nobody and I've sat at so many red lights for nobody in this town.
Yeah, some of these red lights are like two minutes, and it does seem like 30 minutes.
So it just upsets me that we can afford to write more, you know, put in devices that write more tickets, but we can't afford to put in devices that would increase the traffic flow and start causing more accidents.
Well, few things irritate me, but this week, and understand, I literally turn down on average five interviews a day.
In fact, Trey, you work part-time for me, you're in my office.
I mean, I turn down, you know, clear channel stations, 50,000 watt stations, you name it.
And because I'm so busy making films, I'm making one film, I'm producing another major film, and I'm consulting, and I'm doing all this other stuff, and I'm overseeing web stories, and I'm writing articles.
I mean, no exaggeration, my average day is about 15 to 16 hours.
Some days 18 hours.
Because I love my work.
I love fighting tyranny.
But it's frustrating.
I heard a local talk show here in Austin.
I'm not going to say the station.
And I'm driving along, and I think, you know, I'm busy.
My kids are in the house.
I only get to see them about two hours, because I like to go home about four, seem to go about six, and I go back to work.
I have a double shift, really.
And so I call at about 4.30 as I'm getting back to my house, and I sit in the parking lot for 15 minutes, waiting for the call screener to go to me.
And he goes, yeah, what's your name?
And I said, it's Alex.
And automatically, oh, no, no, you're not going to come on.
And I said, well, no, I just want to tell people, because I mean, I wanted to warn the public.
I have this burning desire to let people know what's going on behind things.
And I said, these red light cameras have been ruled to be uncivil and illegal.
That is, they've been found civilly.
I've been thrown out in San Diego and just literally scores of other cities.
And I happen to be some of an expert on that, because I've covered it a lot.
And it's also
You know, very, very dangerous.
Lockheed Martin, the defense contractor, got caught in San Diego shortening yellow lights from four seconds to two and they got sued over it.
The city admitted it caused a bunch of fatalities and injuries because you really couldn't stop at many of them.
And also, if an officer isn't there riding the ticket.
If an officer has to be there giving you the ticket, there has to be this person who's sworn in for the municipality or the county under state law who's empowered to do that.
Lockheed was just giving people tickets, and each camera was making over twelve million dollars a year, and they had scores of them in the city, and they made hundreds of millions for them.
And the same thing they're doing now in some of the towns in Texas, where they actually shorten the lights, they hide the camera where you can't see them, which kills the whole point of it, they do it on the edge of town,
It's about money, ladies and gentlemen, and it's dangerous, and it's, you know, that's why I'm on the radio.
Because I want to tell you that mercury and vaccines has caused autism to go from 1 in 25,000 people
Twenty-four years ago, to one in a hundred and sixty-eight, and that was two years numbers, CDC.
Now it's even, it says below more than one in a hundred and fifty, the mercury brain damages you.
I want to warn you that drug immune TB is spreading everywhere, and that the illegal aliens are carrying it, whether they're from Russia or Mexico.
We're in red-level crisis.
Your children are breathing it.
When it happens, they quietly lock them up, or quietly get, or are on house arrest.
Hundreds of Austinites are on it right now.
I want to warn you, but most of the shows don't talk about real issues, folks.
Or when they do, you can't even get key info into them.
Now, I know how to get past call screeners.
You call and act really stupid.
But I just won't do that.
I'm not going to be dishonest.
I just thought I'd mention that, too.
Now I've warned Austin and the rest of the country about the red light cameras.
Don't believe me, though.
Go research it for yourself.
All right, I promise.
We're going to come back and blitz through five phone calls on the board that we have time to get to.
Then we'll start the next hour, get into JFK, 9-11, you name it, PrisonPlanet.com's the website.
We'll be right back.
And we don't screen your calls.
You can call right in.
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It's Alex Jones.
All right, I've had my little rants and covered some of the news.
We'll get more into the illegal aliens and how they're being used by the New World Order to destroy U.S.
sovereignty, exactly what the Global Crime Syndicate wants, known as the Fortune 500.
Getting rid of any competitors they have, and they see governments as their competitors.
Governments are only used to rape the people.
As their modus operandi, as their mechanism.
Right now, let's go to Kent in Deanville, Texas, and he wants to talk about charities.
He says they're bad, like Meals on Wheels.
In my experience, that's a good charity.
I have no doubt a lot of these big charities are bad.
Charity does start at home, so I may agree with him, but let's see where he's going with this.
Go ahead.
Alex, you know me.
Please bear with me for a minute here.
You may be totally unaware that there are... Well, Dean, when you say I know you, I mean, I know a lot of deans.
I don't... Well, no, Kent, it's, uh, you... Actually, your drug policy is based on my work on AXS TV.
Let's get to the subject, which is they're using your Christian generosity to grow the prison planet under the new rules.
That meal that you're, you're, generosity.
Well wait, I mean you say that you taught me everything I know about drug policy.
Oh no, no, I was just, part of your drug policy is based on... I'm just trying to remember who you are, that's all.
I'm the cannabinoid expert that was, uh, that's been on Access TV for a long time.
I don't, I don't remember you now.
Well, that's okay.
Listen, let me get you... Well, I saw you, I'm sure I know who you are.
Uh, we've, we've met a couple times in the studio, it's no big deal.
Anyway, let me get to the point is that they now count that meal or any sort of gift or anything as
Unearned income is deducted from many of us who are like, say, we're unfortunate enough to lose pensions or something like that, or many elderly, or many... Oh, and then they try to take your house when you die.
They count, it's so, their rules are so bizarre and stuff that they count like the same money twice and so on, and if you fail to report, if you commit, you know, it falls under perjury.
There's nothing left.
I'm actually, your criticisms of the Aggie crowd,
It's tough, I'm actually, they figured out how to get to me, and I'm... Aggie crowd, now I'm really confused.
When you were discussing the bioweapons labs over there and stuff a week or so ago, and stuff like that... Well, that was in the news that stuff got loose.
Well, I'm just saying, they're not a nice bunch over there.
They're attacking me right now.
They're apparently going to make me one of their example cases on this.
Well, listen, sir, I really appreciate your call.
Yeah, government red tape gets in the way of anybody doing good.
And all over the nation, they're banning quote, feeding the homeless.
Now, let's get one thing straight.
I don't like the drunk stumbling around in the middle of the street demanding money from people.
That's one thing.
But it's free speech.
If I want to go to a park, say in Miami, or a park in upstate New York,
Or they've got some places or cities in Texas where feeding the homeless is banned.
And if I want to give somebody a sandwich, I should be able to do it.
And then they have all those bureaucratic rules of, well, it could be a poison sandwich.
That's what freedom is like.
You can never keep everyone safe.
And the government sells the public on, we're going to regulate everything in the name of safety.
When in reality, the government's the last group you want to leave.
You know, the control in the hands of, because it's such a big centralized bureaucracy, he'll never be able to administer it right.
And that's on the good hand.
On the bad hand, it's going to be tyrannical and do bad things to you.
That was a strange call, probably because I was bumbling about trying to figure out what the caller was talking about, but I appreciate your call, Kent, in Deanville.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Maryland.
And Mike, you're on the air, welcome.
Yes, so thank you very much for taking my call.
I'm a proud member of dc911truth.org and it's great to talk to your show.
Yeah, and for those that don't know, that's a District of Criminals, District of Columbia, 9-11 Truth group that goes out and demonstrates and exposes 9-11 as an inside job.
Yeah, that's right.
We have a lot of really good members.
There's people in that group, I swear, that do more in one day than I do in a month sometimes, but I try to help out.
I heard you earlier, on Officer Jack McLam,
Yeah, I've had Greg Pound on.
Oh, okay.
Remember, this is what happens with callers.
You know, we're kind of having a private discussion right now.
You're kind of having a discussion about something else I said on another show today, and we need to fill folks in on what we're talking about.
Well, how the Child Protection Services
And the CPS worker that took his children has been convicted of falsifying the report, and a bunch of other children, but they say, we don't care.
That's one case in Florida where the neighbor's dog came over the fence, bit their child, they took it there, and they said, okay, we're taking all your children, and they took them.
And then the lady that wrote the false report was convicted of falsifying over 30 other reports, and they don't care, and they say, we don't care, we're gonna keep your kids.
No due process.
That's how America works now.
It's totally insane, but let me tell you folks, you know, Alex Jones doesn't make anything up.
I mean, this is really, this is the real deal.
But the main reason I called is, I hear things, I hear a lot of good information on shortwave alternative media, but what's your opinion of
The United States citizenship versus a citizen of the United States of America.
Like the gold-fringed flag.
And the uh... None of it means anything.
None of it means anything.
That's real and the global corporate government and its regional governorship of the District of Columbia incorporated in contract fraud and city incorporations and the fact that everything's run under private international maritime jurisdiction and that the government's totally illegitimate and it was taken over under total public declaration of seizure in 33 with a public executive order and declaration.
Now again they're announcing to the public in the Washington Post two days ago
I mentioned that earlier.
So they don't care.
They have brainwashed forces that believe they're serving America who will go out in their black Ringwraith Darth Vader outfits and enforce it.
And so you can explain to them that you're a state citizen and you've taken yourself out of the District of Columbia and you're no longer under its incorporation in Puerto Rico and Guam.
And again, you're talking to... I mean, the chairman of the committees don't know where Iraq is on a map, sir.
They don't know what a Shiite or a Sunni is or what a Persian versus a Saud is.
And so, I mean, when the committee chairmen don't know, and of course the big corporations know, they've got all the people with 180 IQs and 200 IQs and, you know, huge private merc forces and they just go in and write the legislation and the congressmen are busy, you know, having fun with their hookers and their private ski resorts and they're just running around all being paid off publicly and we've been totally taken over.
And so you've got mechanized, scientifically focused, global corporations.
Again, 46 of the biggest economies are corporations.
Bigger than most governments.
Totally taken over.
They've combined forces, like the Legion of Doom to rule over us.
And you try to tell the general public about a private corporation running the U.S., you might as well be talking space language to them.
You might as well be talking Octarian to them, man.
They have no idea what you're even talking about.
That's why when somebody calls in about something, I go, hey, we're doing all this Patriot shorthand stuff,
And I do it too.
We've got to tell people what we're talking about in common sense terms.
Like, people jump on me all the time because I'll talk about pirate radio.
And they email me going, it's not pirate, it's micro, and it's not hurting license stations.
And yeah, that's all true and great.
But the general public isn't going to know what I'm talking about until I say the word pirate radio and then combine it with the term micro.
And again, I don't even put that much forethought into it.
I've just learned a little bit of communication skills.
But maybe I'm not good at communicating.
Half the time I'm at a restaurant and I say what I want to order and the waiter, the wait staff, let me be politically correct, I don't want to say waitress, won't even understand what I'm saying, so maybe it's my fault.
But let's jam one more in.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Kansas, then we'll go to Craig, Amy and others.
Mike, we're not in Kansas anymore, but you're on the air.
Hi Alex.
Here's a kind of a documented forgotten piece of history you might find interesting on ABC News 2020 in the 70s.
They documented a land development in Arkansas and they were interviewing some people who went there and they claimed they signed some papers that they hadn't read and ended up losing everything they had.
Homes, cars, businesses, they owned businesses.
Well that happens all the time.
I mean... Well, wait a minute.
And they even claimed they lost their identities, as they had no records within government files, such as a driver's license, marriage certificates, and they claimed that all they were left with was their Bibles.
Anyway, to make a long story short, I had went there because I had forgotten about the show, and anyway, I wrote a paper on my experience, and I was wondering if I could tell you what the name of it was and where you could find it.
Yeah, go ahead.
Okay, it's called Clinton Bush Connection to Warrantless Wiretapping and the CIA Exposed and it's on BreakingWire.com.
Alright, good plug.
What else is on your mind?
Well, I think this is pretty important because I thought it would tie it in with what you and Nick Begich were talking about.
Sure, but I'll have to go read the paper.
Yeah, well, I was just trying to... Well, tell us about it.
Go ahead.
Well, it's hard to explain because... Yeah, I figured.
That's the problem.
All this stuff is...
Complex, I understand.
Alright, look, I'm going to come back and get into the rebellion against tyranny in China.
I'm also going to get into the poll.
Congress' approval rating is as low as Bush's.
That's good news, by the way.
Also, billions missing in Iraq, U.S.
study finds.
Talk about the foxguard and the henhouse.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
All right, continual coverage of the big story this week.
Ron Paul hands down winning the last two Republican presidential debates.
Winning not just in the polls, but in the amount of media coverage and controversy.
Visited Austin last night for a big fundraiser.
Around a thousand people showed up.
Close to 800 tickets sold, around 200 guests.
I didn't go, I didn't want to become a distraction, but I did send my camera folks, and they did get an interview with Ron Paul, also asked him some questions during a press conference, and we got his speech, which hasn't been aired yet.
We're going to air a large portion of his 18-minute speech that he gave coming up near the end of the show in this hour.
I know I haven't gotten your calls yet because there's an unusual amount of news today, but I will get to Lee and Mark and others that have been holding
Like real troopers here, most of you have dropped off.
Here's the number.
Your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
877-590-KLBJ, 877-590-5525 or locally 836-0590.
Did you go to the event?
I mean, this is exciting.
Normally I say, you know what, presidential elections are a distraction.
Bob Dole vs. Bill Clinton, no real difference.
Or even George Bush Sr.
vs. Bill Clinton, they're both globalists.
Or it was going to be Rudy Giuliani vs. Hillary.
I'd say, who cares?
Focus on governors and county commissioners and dog catchers.
You know, the state level, the city, the county.
That's where you can have a real effect.
School board.
That's where good people can still have an effect.
At the presidential level, it's all bought and paid for.
But Ron Paul has such a great history, so many people grassroots behind him, that he could get the Republican nomination.
He could make Ross Perot look weak.
He could come from nowhere, though, not as a third party, but as a Republican dark horse.
He could be that wild card, and it's showing in every major poll now.
This is history.
We've got to give it our best shot.
And it's just so exciting to see a real Republican, a real conservative, challenge the people that have hijacked the party and given it a bad name.
And not just given the party a bad name, given America a bad name.
We've gone, just in the last 10 years, because Bill Clinton was a big part of that too, for being one of the most loved countries in the world, being the most hated.
I think only North Korea is ahead of us, is being seen as the world's greatest danger.
And I don't like what's happening in our name, but there's a lot of twisting going on.
Ron Paul, though I love him, hasn't said that 9-11 is an inside job.
In fact, two years ago he came out and said that, you know, he thought there wasn't evidence of that.
Now he's changed and said, yeah, there is some government-sponsored terror, and given historical examples.
Gulf of Tonkin, Mozadek 53 in Iran, Ardennes in Cuba, excuse me, Ardennes with Guatemala in
He's talked about that on my show.
He's talked about it right here.
He has not said it's an inside job.
He was saying what the CIA's reports, Whitewash reports, what the 9-11 Commission report said, that the military occupation clearly has stimulated terrorist attacks.
And clearly there are some real terrorists, and it does stimulate that.
The Pentagon's own plan, P-2-O-G says, we're going to go over there, attack them, make them stimulate attacks, quote, as a way to expand the war, as a pretext to stay in the Middle East.
I mean, that's a pro-neocon paper.
And it's six plus billion in federal funding every year in the Pentagon to carry out Operation P-2-O-G.
Google it.
So they come out and they lie about him.
And it blew up in their face and their attempt to set him up blew up.
But here is the clip that was misfiring earlier.
We're going back to the old analog here with the CD.
Just the last few minutes, a few days ago, of them trying to demonize him with John Gibson or whatever his name is on Fox television.
Here it is.
Ron Paul really has no business being on stage as a legitimate representative of Republicans, because the 9-11 truth virus is something that infects only a very small proportion of people that would identify themselves as conservative or Republican.
And as you say, John, this is far more prevalent, this strain of 9-11 truth or virus,
Why did 35% of Democrats believe it and I think it's another 26% haven't quite made up their mind about it?
Well, I think part of it is what Charles Krauthammer has famously called Bush Derangement Syndrome.
I think that pathology has taken hold... Alright, hit pause, hit pause.
We're going to continue in a minute.
Notice they always try to make it left-right.
Oh, it's the leftist.
Oh, it's those crazy... No, actually, it's the left.
The Nation Magazine and Democracy Now!
and the London Guardian that has attacked myself, Rolling Stone.
The left is virulently against 9-11 being an inside job.
Okay, they love the government.
The government's their savior.
I mean, remember Bill Clinton using terror, clearly involving the OKC bombing.
Don't forget that, conservatives.
Most conservatives, when polled, believe that Clinton was behind that, and you're right.
But when Bush is in power and it happens, oh, it's impossible.
Bush is a complete puppet.
I'm not saying Bush carried out the attacks, but the military, big pharma, media complex.
The farm banks that are in our country, look at the shareholders of these companies.
They're the ones that did this.
They wrote white papers saying, we need terror attacks to be able to get our empire going.
They said we need to stage terror attacks.
We have official U.S.
government plans to do it.
I mean, of hijacking jets by remote control and flying them into things.
Bombing D.C.
Committing sniper attacks.
Committing staged mass shootings.
That's all in Northwoods.
Google it.
ABC News, Baltimore Sun.
But that was out in 2000.
Alright folks, and there's a bunch of admitted cases of this.
And so they always make it about the left.
Oh, the left, the left.
Hey, uh, Malkin, Fox News contributor, Ron Paul and Alex Jones and other real conservatives, paleoconservatives, we're not consulting for Hillary's campaign like News Corp.
We're not having fundraisers for her where she raises 25 mil at a pop.
So shut up!
I mean, Bill Clinton was just hanging out at a steakhouse having dinner with Rush Limbaugh.
I've had enough of it.
I don't vacation with Bill Clinton like Bush Sr.
I don't call him a surrogate son like Barbara Bush does.
It's staged, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm not part of that.
I'm not the one tripling the size of the BATF like Bush did.
His NRA board member, Congressman Bob Barr, said on my show a few months ago that Bush has been more anti-gun than Clinton.
You just haven't known about it because they've had a cloaking device.
It's called camouflage.
Have you figured out?
The New World Order poses as liberals and conservatives.
They're globalists.
They must be stopped.
Finish up the clip, please.
Quickly, before we go to break.
Let's finish the clip.
Why did 35% of Democrats believe it and I think it's another 26% haven't quite made up their mind about it?
Well, I think part of it is what Charles Krauthammer has famously called Bush Derangement Syndrome.
I think that pathology has taken hold among many Democrats who would consider themselves mainstream.
So anything that they could do to suspect or blame him for America's problems, and particularly the terrorist attacks, they're willing to believe.
I think a lot of it is just plain ignorance.
And then there's a paranoid strain on the left, I talked about this in my book Unhinged, of tinfoil hat wearers who indulge in this kind of fantasy where America bears the blame for global jihad.
You know, Michelle, Rosie talks about this stuff all the time on The View.
And the view has a large audience.
Would this notion be as prevalent as it is if there weren't prominent people like Rosie, Charlie Sheen and others constantly talking it up?
Well, they certainly do bear blame for mainstreaming it.
Rosie O'Donnell and Alec Baldwin and Charlie Sheen, I believe.
But it's there on the internet and these people are absolutely rabid and they are impervious to reason or logic.
It's great that we have magazines, publications like Popular Mechanics that are out there slogging every day.
There are a lot of blogs as well that have been debunking a lot of these 9-11 conspiracy theories.
This war is going on on places like YouTube and in social networking places, but I think it's incumbent on mainstream news outlets to debunk these people, and I don't think you see nearly enough of that outside of Fox News.
Part of this 9-11 truth movement
When we get back, we'll finish the last little part of this.
We were playing more than the clip that I intended, but uh... When we get back, we'll finish up where they attacked me and Ron Paul.
Then we'll go to your calls, I promise.
At 877-595-525-8360, 590 locally.
And we'll continue, and then we're going to play some of the speech from last night.
Ron Paul, here in Austin, Texas.
The website's OurPrisonPlanet.com.
You can watch the speech he gave on my website and the press conference on PrisonPlanet.com.
Right now, we'll be right back.
It's here!
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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If you're going into a battle and they give you a rifle and a sidearm, how much ammunition do you want?
My answer would be all I can get.
In the battle for freedom and the lives of your loved ones, food is your only ammunition.
How much do you want?
When do you want it?
Now or after the battle starts?
When will you need it?
Can you buy it without proper identification?
Will there be any food?
Will it make your children sick?
If there's a quarantine and you can't feed yourself, will you go to the gathering center and be immunized?
You wipe out all these problems if you have a good food supply.
Food is your ammunition to fight for your freedom and your life.
How much will you need?
We don't know.
How much do you want?
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Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
And I don't think you see nearly enough of that outside of Fox News.
Part of this 9-11 truth movement says that the United States attacked the Pentagon with missiles and a plane did not hit it.
I have never been able to understand how the 9-11 truthers then explain where is American Flight 77 and where are all those people?
Have you ever heard them try to explain that?
You know, I try not to spend too much time in these cesspools, but it is worth taking a visit to places like, you know, these WTC7 sites and Students and Scholars for Truth.
And I note that Ron Paul has basically allied himself with these people.
He appears with Students for Truth on campus and he's appeared on radio shows like 9-11 Conspiracy Nut.
Alex Jones, and I would hope that that would disqualify him the next time around from appearing on stage with other Republicans.
We shall see Fox News contributor and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin.
Be sure to check out MichelleMalkin.com.
Yeah, that's right.
Be sure and go hear a founding conservative that's there to neutralize you and ensure that we don't actually save the country and that we just blindly believe that it's really a fight between Republicans and Democrats up there.
Let me give you a little news flash.
It's a military-industrial complex, as the head of the Naval War College says, that works for foreign corporations.
I've seen presentations on C-SPAN with the head of the Naval War College, or top futurist, admitting they work for, quote, New World Order.
Okay, and I'm not saying our average troops are bad.
I'm saying the system is being taken over.
It's been taken over.
And, by the way, Popular Mechanics is the name of yellow journalism, literally.
You know the joke where they say in the dictionary next to the word ugly, there's a picture of you?
Well, in the dictionary, literally, in the encyclopedia next to the word yellow journalism, it says Hearst Publishing, Popular Mechanics.
And by the way, Michael Chertoff's family wrote the piece, his cousin wrote it and admitted it, and it all got blown open, and they lied about a bunch of stuff, or they found kooks out there in the movement and debunked what they said, or they lied and said other things.
And now they've been debunked completely.
But again, they know the average.
I mean, I've got a major newspaper here saying there's no such thing as a North American Union when I have the four-year documents released from the SPP meetings saying it's a North American Union.
They just lie!
It's like they say this is an amnesty, and now leaked sections of the bill.
Now, there's old versions out there, but the new bill, AP reporting it secret.
They're gonna supposedly vote on it Monday, and they're just saying it doesn't exist.
Let's go to calls.
Lee, Mark, Jack, Rodney, and others.
Let's go ahead and go to Lee.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
How you doing?
Hey, Alex.
What's on your mind?
Thanks for holding.
Now the reason why I called is because I came across this directive released by the White House called the National Security and Homeland Security President's Directive.
It's NSPD 51, HSPD 20.
And essentially what this thing does, from my analysis of it, it looks like
Yeah, it's total martial law, and then Bush enacted that last year with the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, literally openly funding and setting up martial law, and saying he's above the governors, the legislatures, even the state guards.
And then with the Military Commissions Act, it's torture and secret arrest.
And then if you elaborate and expand under PDD 60 that Clinton signed that Bush forwarded and continued, we will also accept a first nuclear strike before even retaliating, which will mean we're totally wide open.
So the borders are open, we're open to nuke attack, but PDD 51 and PDD 25 are in force for martial law.
Well actually, Alex, this is a new directive.
This was released May 9, 2007.
Well, then they've reissued it, sir.
That's what I'm saying.
They continually reissue.
Sometimes every four years, sometimes every year.
That's scary.
I did write an analysis on it, and it got around 4,000 digs on dig.com.
Well, do me a favor, send that over.
Good job.
Yeah, that's hundreds of times bigger than the Drudge Report.
Send that over, for those that don't know what a dig is, send that over to Aaron at InfoWars.com, two A's, Ryan at InfoWars.com, Watson at PrisonPlanet.com, and we'll make sure that your story gets up.
Sounds good.
Thank you.
God bless you.
Now, I'm fully aware of PDD.
Well Alex, first time caller, I've been a long time listener, I've watched a lot of your documentaries and you do an amazing job.
Thank you.
What's on your mind?
Drug Enforcement Agency of being a drug cartel.
I'm just going to go over some quotes.
Well, I mean, forget... I mean, why go off what Chavez says?
The head of Latin American Military Task Force, number two to the drug czar, was caught shipping in masses of cocaine and heroin.
They're constantly catching him.
I've probably interviewed 20 top or more CIA officers who were there loading the cocaine and heroin.
Bill Clinton was there and Bush's were driving around and this is just in MENA.
Best-selling books have been written, Esquire magazine, DEA bus C-130's, it's U.S.
troops with CIA backing unloading it.
Our government ships in over half of it.
The rest of it's certified cartels.
They have GPS-controlled planes that spray by GPS one field in Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala.
Or Colombia, or Peru, and they won't spray the field right next to some other general.
So you got certified drug cartels that ship it and pay their cuts of around 30 points to the banks to launder the money.
That's the tax, but that's only about 45%.
The rest is brought in by our government.
A very small percentage brought in by others.
And most drug enforcement is actually against the drugs they don't control.
And then on the other side, they're pushing legal drugs whose molecular makeup is even more toxic than naturally occurring different types of narcotics.
One other thing I wanted to mention, I urge all your listeners to look this up on the internet.
I don't think it really, overall, there's not really a lot of attention paid to this because it's kind of, it's not like a huge issue to a lot of people.
Go ahead and look up the Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007 that Alberto Gonzales helped push through.
Yeah, it says if you think about infringing on a copyright ten years in prison and what is it, a half million dollar fine?
I'm not sure.
I read that a few days ago.
I read the actual bill.
I'm going from memory on that, yeah.
So yeah, if you attempt to commit copyright infringement, it's now a felony.
And then that means downloading music, and I appreciate your call.
But they're not going to get away with that.
Listen, the new economy isn't building cars and computers and happy families.
It's prisons everywhere, mindless brainwashed cops with tattoos all over them, with shaved heads, wearing body armor, okay?
With Mexican troops running around.
By the way, I have Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, and AP.
They're hiring and going to hire Mexicans to be our police now.
And our military.
It's already been happening.
Okay, I mean, I'm telling you folks, we're so far gone, you can't even begin to imagine it.
But you keep saying it can't happen here.
Rodney in Texas.
Go ahead, you're on the air, sir.
In Austin.
Yeah, I just wanted to tell you a couple of things that I heard in that little excerpt that you played from Michelle Malkin.
You know, she keeps... The liberal, yes.
Yeah, she keeps using the word debunk.
Well, to me, that's just cold for them.
We want to censor their First Amendment rights so that they can't make any kind of reply
To all the evidence that you... That's right, it's buzzwords!
Who cares if Lawrence Livermore Laboratory says the bullet, the single bullet's impossible?
Who cares if top FBI labs say it?
Who cares if all the facts and eyewitnesses say it?
We'll just say it's a grassy knoll.
I'm gonna put you on hold.
I'm gonna come back to you, Rodney, in the next segment.
I'm gonna take three or four more calls.
Then I gotta hit all the drills they're doing, putting guns to kids' heads, unannounced, and brainwashing them.
I gotta get into the foreign troops, new order quotes, and part of Ron Paul's speech last night here in Austin, Texas.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I'm Dr. Bill Deagle, M.D.
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I think?
We're good to go.
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Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
You can clearly mark 1963 as the point in time when the police state started getting shut up, when the federal government started taking over every facet of society, when voter news service started manipulating the votes and projecting them before the polls had even closed.
That's when we had our own military coup here in the United States.
And we just got declassified documents under FOIA request.
Even more just came out in the last two weeks.
Now from last September's meeting,
Up in Banniff.
Canada, where the SPP, Security and Prosperity Partnership, met in secret.
It is the North American Union.
NORTHCOM, the new North American Command, was running the meeting with the heads of the Mexican, U.S., and Canadian government, and it was all about how to circumvent Congress, how to set up the taxation grid with fake environmental and global warming taxes.
Bush is all involved.
The Clintons are involved.
You know, you hear Bush isn't for the carbon tax.
That's pure bull.
And this is why I'm so freaked out.
I mean, I've read and scanned through these, and Jerome Corsi and Human Events had written about it, and Lou Dobbs had talked about it.
I just spent four hours yesterday, no, no, no, about four hours Friday, another hour or two yesterday, because I'm making a film about it, actually reading every page.
I mean, it's over a thousand pages.
I mean, scanning them.
And it's unbelievable how Mexican troops are going to, quote, deal with American terrorists, how they're going to have a carbon tax, how they've got to keep it secret from the people.
I mean, this is treason!
I mean, I have it!
In fact, Trey, you were at the office earlier today.
You saw me walk around with those big stacks of documents.
You saw Rob with her editing.
I mean, literally, we have them!
It's just... But the general public is never going to go to Judicial Watch, who'd had to sue to get these documents.
You're not going to go read this, Trey.
I've got a soccer game to go to, I don't know.
Man, I tell ya, I mean, it just totally makes my head spin.
Let's go through a bunch of calls.
We'll get into this 9-11 news and the global warming, global tax news.
I don't know who's been holding the longest because the regular phone system's down today.
I wonder who's been holding the longest out of all these six callers here.
Or I guess seven.
Or seven callers here.
I just can't keep track of it anymore.
Let's go ahead and go to Bobby and Abilene.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Bobby.
Hey, uh, you there?
Go ahead.
Yes, I am.
All right, man.
I appreciate you.
Uh, man, I just heard about you about, oh, I guess about two, three months ago.
And, man, I must say you're really awesome, Alex.
I mean, you're really doing a wonderful job.
Well, I'm just trying to do a good job.
It's hard, and I get tired, and I get frustrated.
Really, I'm like a bookworm who has this other personality of this loudmouth.
So, basically, usually a bookworm wouldn't have the cojones to go on air and do all this, whereas, you know, I'm kind of a maniac, so what you get is a bookworm with a maniac.
Yep, there you go.
Anyway, uh, you're talking about the corruption of the police, the corruption of the judicial system... Oh my god, yeah.
Uh, listen, I was put on probation back in 87, okay?
You've never gotten off of it.
And you've always been on the system ever since.
Pardon me?
And, uh, it says right here, motion, uh, granted, and case dismissed on the 23rd of April, 1987.
Now this is strange, because I was put on probation anyway, even though the judge dismissed it.
So here's something really awesome that you want to hear.
And lo and behold, you stayed on probation and never got off.
Uh, well, uh, they gave me eight years.
I got off in four years.
I had to go and get an early release.
If you would, sir, let me finish.
Where it says right here, conviction previously entered is this cause to be satisfied and the help for not.
And then I'll be granted.
Well, I understand, but listen, listen, instead of going over the whole court history, boil down what happened to you.
Sir, I understand.
Listen, if they can't get you on welfare, they're going to get you in the criminal justice system.
This is how they take your rights.
They set up the 14th Amendment.
It did not actually free black slaves, it made everyone wards of the state.
It's actually in it, go read it.
We all became slaves at that point, if they can get you in a ward position with the state.
I didn't know about this until about eight years ago, and my cameraman wouldn't let... It's a long story.
It actually went out live over the radio.
It got huge attention here locally when I was on another station doing a local show at the time.
I guess that was ten years ago, actually.
Yeah, that was 1997.
My God, time goes by.
Mike Hanson... I'd have to dig out that recording and play that.
It was incredible.
He was up at the corner of William Cannon and I-35 with his then-daughter, Crystal, who was like ten years old.
My God, she's married now and off and everything.
And uh... has just had a child or no is that his son got married and had a child, Justin.
But long story short, he's walking out of Hollywood Video and the alarm goes off, you know they always do.
And the manager said, go, go, it's just messing up.
And he had the VHS tape, some Disney thing in his hand.
He was wearing shorts and a shirt.
And this off-duty sheriff's deputy runs up and says, I need to search you.
And Mike said, well,
There's the manager right there.
I got my receipt.
I got one video here.
And the guy said, sort of wanted to pat him down.
And Mike said, don't touch me.
And the manager comes out and says, no, no, no.
It's been malfunctioning all day.
Mike goes, thank you.
He starts walking to his car.
The guy goes, no.
You're Mike Hanson.
Because back then, Mike was all over TV.
And you know, because this is Alex Jones's cameraman.
He's going to pay.
Mike gets in his car, closes the window.
They call the police.
They surround it.
He's live on the radio.
Listeners pulled up and shot two different video shots of it.
The Ritter shot some of it.
We all had it on video.
They knocked the window out.
They grabbed him to the ground.
They claim he assaulted them, but we had it on tape.
We caught him not doing a thing.
See, you think frame-ups are just okay.
Like, I'll send you to prison.
Let me frame you.
That's something we do, you know.
There's no conscience.
There's no... I mean, it's so incredible.
Last week, you know, we played it.
We now have New York police walking right up and going, you're not allowed to protest or we're gonna say you have bombs.
I'll put you in jail, I know you don't have bombs, but I'm gonna frame you right now.
We played it!
I mean, cops now just say, I'm gonna frame you right here on tape!
They don't even care anymore!
I mean, that's how bad it is.
And so Mike's in jail, and that was about 7, 8 at night.
Later, at 10 o'clock at night, we're down there with like 100 people at the Austin Jail, down off 7th Street and I-35.
And Mike's in there.
And, uh...
He calls my cell phone and he says, listen, they've been beating me up.
They're trying to make me sign documents saying I've committed all these crimes.
I can't do it.
I can't be bonded out.
You're going to have to bond me out.
I'm going to have to.
And then, oh my God, no, don't.
And then the phone hangs up.
Folks, later he even sued them and actually got the surveillance tape, and right when they put their hands around his neck, because of what he's saying, the tape cuts out.
I mean, but they wanted everybody to know.
It was like an arrogance.
There's been a lot of deaths in that jail, I'm sure you know, and guards going to prison for it.
They start putting their hands around their neck.
It's like a nightmare Soviet movie, or a jack-booted Nazi camp.
I mean, this is why I'm not against cops that are good, but my God, the system's corrupt!
And then I walk up to the window and I say, do you guys ask people to sign something?
They go, yeah, here have a copy.
And it says, I'm convicted of drugs, I'm convicted of drunk driving, I'm convicted of robbery.
There were nine, I'm convicted of family violence.
I adjudicate myself and I go on probation under this personal recognizance that I've committed crimes and I'm going to take $3,000 worth of classes.
And then CBS News called us and had seen my TV show where I was showing it.
They said, will you give us a copy of that local CBS?
And they did a piece and they said, in America you're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.
But not in Austin, Texas.
You're guilty until proven innocent.
And they went on to report, and they still do that.
You get arrested for no seatbelt, you get arrested for whatever, warrants.
Man, they don't tell you.
They come to the door.
Now what the Soviets did in underground torture centers,
You know, sign this document.
We do right out in the open, and it's public.
Take Judge Jean Meir, who they built a giant complex after her name before she even retired.
She's still in there.
I mean, this is how sick it's getting.
And I remember seeing local newscasts where they just call kids in who've been late to class three times.
They say that that constitutes truancy.
We went to the county commissioners and pointed out it didn't.
They had to back off with the ASAP program.
And she screams at parents till they sign their kids over onto probation.
You see, sir, you didn't know.
The judge said, no, this is a mistrial or you're not guilty.
But then the prosecutor walked up and said, just sign here.
It's a formality.
It's a civil system.
It's all fraud driven.
They're building FEMA camps.
Private corporations own all the county and city governments.
It's hardcore tyranny.
We'll be right back.
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Well, I said I'd get to all your phone calls, and I've got like five other major news stories to cover here, and we're accelerating down towards the wire.
Let's blast through them right now.
Tom in New Jersey, you're on the air.
Oh, God bless you, Alex.
God bless you, man.
I just want to tell you that I love you.
I'm sure you're tired of hearing it, but you are the man.
I want to share my thought about Romans 13, if it's okay?
Sure, go ahead.
And that is Hitler's favorite verse to tell the public to only worship government.
Yeah, well, obviously, Chapter 13, if anybody knows the Word of God, it is a spiritual passage.
It's for God's Kingdom.
It is not for government on Earth.
It's not a physical passage.
It is a spiritual chapter.
He's saying render under God, what's God's?
And if you're following God, you're gonna go out and fight evil.
Of course, but yeah, of course, of course.
But it's profane, but it's profane to the profane.
Obviously we're not gonna serve rulers that are terrors to good works.
We're going to serve God!
Well, I mean, the way they interpret it, the way these preachers put it, people should worship Hitler, and I'm not going to worship Hitler, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm sorry.
You may be upset with me, but all government is not my God, and I'm not going to follow it.
Steve N. Mass, you are on the air.
Hi, Alex.
It's my honor to speak to you.
Nice to talk to you.
What's on your mind?
I found out, well this is going to be on the lighter side, I managed to get on C-SPAN live this morning.
Oh, good job!
Yeah, and I made a comment and asked them, they had a guest writer on, they had a guest writer on from the Boston Globe, and I asked them, gee why is it that a second, or a proposed second tier candidate like Ron Paul,
Um, leading the polls of all the first-tier candidates.
Not newsworthy.
I can't understand that.
And, uh, the guy was kind of taken aback and he gave some kind of lame excuse that, uh, and he put it on Ron Paul and said that, you know, Ron Paul isn't running a campaign properly because he isn't going around... Well, Ron Paul, as I will, he doesn't have $100 million to do this with, but... Sure, sure.
Listen, I appreciate your call and I'm glad you brought up Ron Paul and keep it up with those calls to C-SPAN.
That has a big effect.
uh... ron paul in uh... many of the national polls that they gave was winning or in many others he was in the top two or top three he clearly was the strongest candidate a major showing in the polls
But Keith Olbermann said, all the Republicans are pro-war.
He's a Democratic operative.
And I like a lot of things Keith Olbermann does.
I think he's very talented, very smart.
I love the way he calls a baseball game back when I had time to do such things and watch ESPN.
But still, he's going to be telling us Hillary's great when she's president, and that witch is going to be hell on wheels, folks.
I mean, I'm literally more afraid of her than I am of Bush.
I don't know what to say here.
But yeah, Ron Paul really won the debate and he's not getting the attention he deserves.
So go to PrisonPlanet.com and get the stories we wrote about it and get it out to people.
Let's try to jam in a few more so I can hit this final news.
Let's talk to Paul in Austin.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Paul.
Well, I just wanted to briefly talk to some listeners real quick.
Yes, sir.
You know, as a former Marine, I've been in this info war for going on 12 years now.
And people, get some courage.
You people out there that listen to Alex all the time, that it's like you're fascinated with the facts and you're sitting back waiting on somebody to come up and save us, whether it's Ron Paul, and I'm for Ron Paul, like crazy.
But people, get some courage and stop sitting on your butts and get out there and try to make something happen.
People have no backbone, and it's really discouraging when you talk to people and you see the defeatist attitude in everybody.
So if out of love, I could just encourage you people to please...
Take over in some section of your whole life and make some things happen, and we can do this.
And I appreciate you, brother, for everything.
Well, I appreciate your courage, and I want to be clear.
We have a lot of great military, a lot of good police, and people that do want to be protectors and defenders.
But when you follow the criminal orders, when you go along with the criminal system and don't have the courage that Paul has, you become part of that evil and guilt by association.
You become an accessory to these systems.
I mean, folks, it does take gutting up to get on the radio and, you know, go up against some of the most powerful families and elites in the world.
But somebody's got to do it.
I mean, these are bad people.
They're doing bad things.
And, you know, I joke and laugh and try to have a good time here on air, but let me tell you, when I go to bed at night, it's... I mean, there's a chill in my spine.
I know this isn't a joke.
I know this isn't a game.
But somebody's got to have courage.
And that somebody should be you or we're going to lose this society.
Let's talk to Timmy in Houston.
You're on the air.
Oh, hi Alex.
It's good to talk to you.
I just wanted to quickly bring to your attention, if you weren't aware of it, an article in the Houston Chronicle from Thursday, TYC bars access to abuse records.
Yeah, the governor's involved.
The government will say, spy on your neighbors.
If somebody spanks their child, it's abuse.
Let's CPS take them.
But then statistically, with all 50 states averaged, Texas and Florida are some of the worst, much higher in the abuse.
The government's five times more likely to abuse children.
And they got literal rape rooms that make Saddam look tame at every one of these major facilities.
We've been down there to cover it at the legislature in testimony.
And meanwhile, the media's engaged in a whitewash.
I know.
I mean, it literally just made me sick to my stomach to even see that, even though we knew it was coming, of course.
But anyway, I just wanted to just bring that up.
I appreciate all you're doing.
It's nice to talk to you.
It was good to talk to you.
Now, again, let's just go ahead and take a few random calls here.
Let's go ahead and take calls.
But when you hear the noise, that means we're going to you.
Say your name and where you're calling from.
Caller, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, hi Alex, this is Mark Cullen from Austin.
How are you?
Good, good.
I guess you're a KLBJ 590 listener.
What's on your mind?
Yes, sir.
I want to mention something about another type of economic depression.
It's with the education.
I noticed that myself and a few people I know noticed that a lot of colleges across the country are suddenly locking out adult students.
In other words,
Not straight out of high school, they won't touch you, so anybody that wants to do career change, go for it.
Yeah, it's social engineering, and they want to make you, when you go to high school, they're going to decide what you're going to be with the European socialist model.
It's absolute command and control.
It's the antithesis of the American way.
Alright, a few stories I wanted to hit.
Sorry, we don't have time to take any more calls, though they're loaded.
Gasoline prices hit $3 a barrel.
National average as refinery strain.
Associated Press.
Now what they don't tell you here is that we have, due to major public interest law firm lawsuits in 2000, 2001 AP articles, where they got the actual oil company memos, the top five, where over a ten year program from 1990 to 2000, they bought up all the independent refineries to create an artificial choke point so that there wasn't enough refining capacity because there's too much oil.
Meanwhile, Dutch Rochelle documents were released, the BBC got them, a 2000 operation, well it was released in 2000, from a 1995 meeting, where they were going to fund fake environmental groups to push peak oil, or the theory that the oil was running out, because they'd actually discovered too much, and they wanted to create artificial scarcity, just like they do with diamonds.
If you don't know what that is, go to the encyclopedia, Artificial Scarcity, or type it into Google.
That is a key word in our everyday lives.
So I read scams like that, oh, the poor oil companies, and then fake conservatives defend them and say, oh, it's free market, let them make money.
It's not free market, it's thieving, ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, now here's an example of what global warming is really all about.
This is a Toronto Star from a day ago.
Queen treads lightly in U.S.
Palace planning to offset environmental cost of royal jet flight.
Introducing the new Green Queen.
Well, at least say hello to the monarch, aware of a very large, very real carbon footprint.
When Queen Elizabeth II landed at Richmond, Virginia yesterday, it marked the second first time that the environmental cost of an official trip by Her Majesty was to be measured and offset with payments made.
Buckingham Palace says she's going to pay $22,000 for her flight.
Now, this is why John Travolta can have ten planes, and Al Gore can use fifty-something times what the average person does.
Number one, that's to cement the fraud that carbon dioxide is a pollutant, when in reality it's a life accelerant in plants in photosynthesis, then to upload a higher level of oxygen to the atmosphere.
They tell you 100% of climatologists agree with man-made global warming.
Actually, the majority and all the big Nobel Prize winners say it's a complete fraud.
We have UN documents, 35 years old, saying they're going to create a world carbon tax.
We just got SPP, North American Union documents, out of Banff, Canada, saying it's a scam, but they're going to give us a carbon tax.
That's why every radio show and ESPN and the NFL and even the conservative groups
And all the magazines and the Weather Channel and everybody are saying the Earth is dying, it's heating up, we're all gonna die, oh my God, we need a carbon tax!
Even if you believe in man-made global warming, which is a fraud, it's the sun heating up, the ice caps on Mars are melting, Pluto's heating up, the sun is at the highest radiance in the 200 years of recording it.
This is all NASA reports.
I've actually spent months in the aggregate in the last 12 years studying this, okay?
I've interviewed literally 50 plus tops.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
I don't know how many.
Probably over a hundred.
That's what I do.
You understand?
And it's a total scam.
But see, they're already voluntarily paying huge taxes to fly to offset their carbon.
See, oh, it's okay to use carbon, it's okay to use oil, but just pay a big tax.
There is no tax yet.
It's like in Austin a few years ago, they started a voluntary higher emissions test.
Now it's the law.
They're training you how to be slaves.
See you next week.
God bless.
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