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Air Date: May 31, 2007
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...until 45 after.
Jim Tucker, thank you for coming on, my friend.
It's always fun.
I'm glad that they were able to get all that, uh, squirrel together.
Uh, yeah, the, the crats have been hopping like bunny rabbits.
Well, I know we were gonna do this in your room, but I guess somebody thought of the idea to have you do it from the roof, huh?
Uh, yeah, uh, so we're at the top of the, uh, rooftop restaurant here.
Well, fantastic.
Jim Tucker, tell us exactly where you are, in or around Istanbul.
I'm told that you're overlooking the hotel where the Bilderberg meeting is being held.
Please give us the details.
Well, I'm at the Orient, here in Italy.
Still going emotionally, but I forgot where I am, but I'm in Turkey.
I know, you've been interrogated, they're running around with wiring all around you, I understand.
This has been a better interviewer in your room, but fine, let them have their way.
It'll make good radio.
But just trying to get the report here, did it end up being at the hotel where your source thought it would be?
Still not 100% pinned down.
We were at the... What was that hotel we were at this morning?
Well, it's Carlton, and it looked like a typical Bilderberg scenario.
They had the armed guards all around the place.
We went all the way around the building.
They had platoons of cops in formation waiting for the disbursement.
They also had cops all the way around the building, and they had all those high-tech things where every member can hear whatever spoken in any language instantly translated into his own language.
There, uh, so we feel, uh, tilted toward the Ritz-Carlton as the scene of the crime now, but we will check out the classes in case.
And they've never met in two places at the same time before.
And that was typically a Bilderberg formation with all those armed guards surrounding the Ritz-Carlton today.
So I think I would get, my favorite guess would be that Bilderberg is lying, which they're very good at.
They've had a practice for more than half a century.
And the Ritz-Carlton, we're just going to try to nail it all the way down.
Has it ever been this far down to the wire where it's about to start tomorrow and you still aren't sure exactly where it is?
Really never this close.
The closest we came was some years ago when I was at the
Men's Bar at the National Press Club in Washington with my other pair of socks in one suitcase and my good old Remington Tiefighter in the other.
And we knew it'd be Brussels area, but not exactly where.
Our Washington sources from the Eagles for many years were the Bilderberg Luminaries, called just in time to say it would be the something Duloc, which was about 20 miles out of town.
Uh, we're able to call the newspaper back and get the update on the precise location.
Well, there's no doubt that, I mean, there's no doubt that you're going to find the location, but generally, have you ever seen them having phalanxes of troops and police and guards and buildings blocked off without that being the spot?
I mean, do you think they go to that elaborate trouble to have a decoy building with that type of security?
That's exactly why I think they lied to the reporters that it would be the flash system calls.
In addition to all the other evidence, we had my two personal cops following me today.
I was not aware of it because my nose was always sticking to the camera and my jaws were always flapping.
But the TV crew said, those guys are going to follow you in their car.
Follow us out to the hotel.
Then they identified the two cops in plainclothes, not business suits, but sports shirts and so forth, who were my cops, so I went over to tell them how bad I was for shooting and so forth.
They gave a silly little grin, typical, and followed us to the protest rally at the Taxi
Square or something like that.
Jim, stay there.
I want to keep you until 45 after the bottom of the hour if we can because the interview got going a little bit late.
I want to give you some breaking news.
Governor Rick Perry, kind of the heir to be for George Bush many have said from right here in Texas.
It's the front page of the Dallas Morning News.
Uh, that, uh, he is going to Bilderberg.
I wanna give you this information on the other side of your take on it.
Looks like we've identified it as the Ritz-Carlton, ladies and gentlemen, in Istanbul.
Jim Tucker, straight ahead.
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Alright, we go to the once Christian city of Constantinople.
Now, the Vanta to Istanbul, right there in Turkey.
He is high atop.
The Orient Hotel, and in the distance is the hotel where I was just talking to Jim during the break, there's no doubt.
It is the Ritz-Carlton, not the Classis, outside the city.
He said that there's phalanxes of troops and police and the black sedans pouring in, his words, trundling in.
Jim, continue to tell us what you saw today when you were out at the Ritz Hotel.
Well, that was about two o'clock this morning.
We were there for about two or three hours.
Cops every 30 feet all the way around the little mountain that the Ritz sits upon.
And then at the main gate, there are two large platoons of armed cops.
And we teased them a little bit, you know, take good care of those Bilderberg boys.
They think they're important.
And you give that a funny little grin.
Then the TV crew identified my two cops.
Uh, the ones who had been following us from the, uh, uh, this hotel to the scene of the crime, and then followed us later to the, some kind of a rally, the anti-Bilderberg rally they had at the downtown square.
Well, those two cops are probably just good guys doing their job.
They probably, uh, married the girl and feed their children.
Uh, so they're just doing their job.
I'm not mad at those kids at all.
Uh, but it helps identify the scene of the crime.
What happened when you went over to the car with the goons that were following you?
Oh, uh, we talked to them on the, uh, sidewalk.
I just, uh, told them that they'd be going to the rally after this and they're welcome to join us.
And he got that little silly grin.
Uh, then, uh, some of the other guys we met back here in the Orient about four o'clock
I don't know.
I don't know.
Rockin' Germany, the Dorit Hotel was sealed off because they were having a meeting of physicians.
It was a medical conference.
They even had a funny photograph of alleged physicians meeting.
The whole thing was a lie.
We explained it to the girl from the local newspaper the next day, gently as possible, pointing out that we know that she was being honest, and they told her that
She was too intimidated to correct the story.
Now Jim, my governor, Rick Perry, it's in the front of the Dallas Morning News.
I've never seen it in the Dallas Morning News.
It is really starting to become more public thanks to you and many other tireless fighters and journalists.
That have been exposing this, but the headline reads, Texas Governor Rick Perry to attend Bilderberg, and his gubernatorial spokesman said that he is paying for it out of campaign funds from Texans for Rick Perry Committee.
This is the guy handing our state roads over to foreign Spanish-owned companies.
This is the guy pushing for blanket open borders and total amnesty, which we know is a key part of the North American Union, which is the big project right
Right now the Bilderberg Group.
What does it mean to have the governor of Texas in the Dallas Morning News just admitting he's going to Bilderberg Group?
And that's a violation of the Logan Act.
Can you tell folks about that?
Well, yes, it means he's a potential president.
Even as the obscure governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, lost his virginity at the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1991, and he's elected president the following year.
Now, if he goes nowhere in the run for the White House in the years ahead, they'll drop him like an old shoe.
They do that often.
But, uh, officially, uh, Bildenberg considers Governor Rick Perry a potential President of the United States.
Uh, yes, there's a, uh, violation of the Logan Act, uh, for which, uh, the White- Bill Clinton's White House was fined $300,000, which means the taxpayers paid it.
But Judge Royce Lambert chewed out First Lady Hillary Clinton and in very angry tones pointed out it's illegal for federal officials to meet private citizens behind closed and locked doors.
And by the way, we gotta break, Jim.
Final segment with you on the other side.
Let's come back with the Logan Act.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Ladies and gentlemen, from Istanbul, high atop the Orient Hotel, in the distance, the
Rich Carlton, clearly where Bilderberg is being held.
Jim is always very conservative because of the disinfo he's seen him put out in the past.
But there are the phalanxes of military, police, guards, and black sedans going in and out.
And I have never seen them just openly seeking out press.
Rick Perry people contacted the Dallas Morning News.
They sought out the interview.
They released the press release.
Okay, the Logan Act makes it
Federal crime for any U.S.
official to hold a secret meeting with private citizens to make public policy.
Now, obviously, the federal officials can have a private meeting when they're planning a war.
Some things do have to be secret.
We understand that.
But you cannot meet behind closed and locked doors with private citizens to make policies for crime.
And Hillary Clinton did exactly that when she was first lady, or first alleged lady, and was solving all the health care problems, the universal health care plan and all that.
She met so-called experts behind closed doors.
The White House was fined $300,000 for that crime.
Taxpayers paid it, of course, but Judge Royce Lambert was very strong in his denunciation
of Hillary Clinton violating the Logan Act.
I stress that it was a criminal act and, well, just chewed the White House out just wonderfully, which stresses the fact that the U.S.
officials, I don't know about the laws of other countries in Europe, but the officials of the U.S.
government attending this meeting are committing a crime and they have
Fifty years for these meetings.
Now, Jim Tucker, what does it mean then to have Governor Rick Perry openly announcing that he's going to the Bilderberg Group?
He's also claiming that they're not going to be setting policy in there preemptively.
It looks like he's trying to claim it's not a violation of the Logan Act, but we have Bilderberg Minutes, we have Bilderberg Diaries, we have memoirs written by Bilderberg members that they are indeed
Literally founding the brainchild of the EU was there.
We know that they made the decision to attack Iraq in 2003, not 2002.
We know they made the decision to drop the Berlin Wall.
You learned of that a year before.
We know they're setting policies so.
Is Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Bush's minion, his aide-de-camp, is he violating the Logan Act?
Well, he's a state official, and a little bit actually applies to federal officials.
Nevertheless, it's most unbecoming, and I suspect the gray-haired old boys, the longtime Bilderberg luminaries, will chew him out for getting excited and telling the newspapers.
Maybe they should stress to him more and more how secret it's supposed to be.
You're not supposed to admit that you're going.
You're not supposed to tell anybody what happened, what transpired behind those locked and guarded doors.
Well, Jim, not to correct you, but I'm actually putting the Logan Act in my new film, Endgame, that you, of course, feature in.
I'm told they're making another film about Bilderberg right now, and they're videotaping this.
But in Endgame, we actually have the new Logan Act.
I'm going to pull it up in just a minute here.
I'm glad to hear that.
I didn't know.
They made the Logan Act apply to state level and local levels, which is good.
The original Logan Act applied only to federal officials, but now they've extended it to include state and county and city officials, I suppose.
So I'm glad to learn that.
Young kids like me learn things every day.
Hey, I learn stuff every day.
Here it is.
This is Order Code RL33265.
This is from Cornell Law.
Conducting foreign relations without authority.
The Logan Act.
February 1st, 2006.
It was expanded.
And let me go ahead now and read Logan Act summary.
Any citizen of the United States
Whether he may be who without authority of the United States directly or indirectly commences or carries out any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer of agent thereof in relation to any disputes or controversies within the United States or to defeat measures of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years or both
The section shall not abridge the right of free citizen to apply himself or his agent to any foreign government or agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.
The Logan Act was intended to prohibit United States citizens without authority from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments.
And it goes on to say they appear to have been and then it expands on from there.
Go ahead, Jim.
Well, that's very good education.
I'm glad they did expand.
You say that in 2006, a year ago, they did that update just before the Democrats got in Congress.
Incidentally, as you know, the congressional leaders in the House were on something of a European tour, and one of the local newspapers said that
From Ankara, they're coming to this city to meet with economic leaders from Western Europe.
It could only mean Bilderberg, which means Nancy Pelosi and the others who are Democratic leaders in the House who are taking this tour are also at Bilderberg this year.
There's no other such meeting in Istanbul except for Bilderberg.
Now, Jim, on other facets, any other key points, anything else we need to know?
Were you harassed at the airport?
Did anything else happen to you?
The airport guys made me get a visa, which took a while, kind of irritated me, because once I get off the airplane, I'm ready for a cigarette.
And, uh, they took me down some other window and said it cost, uh, $20.
I started giving them leave notes and they wanted $20 American dollars instead.
Uh, that was, I felt harassed.
I suppose that may be routine, uh, except for the cops following.
That was not harassment.
They have as much right to be on the same sidewalk as I do.
Uh, they were not threatening in any way physically or otherwise.
What do these chaps look like?
A middle-aged woman, sort of reddish-haired, wearing a sports shirt, not looking like a conspicuous black cop, but more like any man on the street.
So they're in plain clothes?
Plain clothes, but a black sports shirt and slacks, not bin-stripe suits.
And it was the camera crew you're with that noticed this?
Yes, because they keep the microphone under my chin.
And keep me staring into the camera so they can look around.
I can't.
But they were right when they said that car, they're getting in that car and they're going to follow us to the scene of the crime, which they did.
And that's when we had our pleasant little chat on the sidewalk.
Now, Jim Tucker, generally, I guess they start arriving today and tomorrow.
When does it officially begin?
Has it already officially begun?
They'll get to work at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.
They'll have a communal breakfast at about 7.
Those kids do work hard.
They'll start their first meeting at 8 o'clock if they follow the normal pattern and work at it until noon, lunch break, and then a drink break, and then back in the afternoon.
Typically, Saturday mornings are reserved for golf.
I understand they don't have a golf course at the Carlton, I was told.
But those old fools don't really play golf anymore.
Not many of them because they'd have to walk five steps.
Well, we're developing sources and I'm quite hopeful.
The new type of source appeared about a first time a couple years ago in last year in Ottawa when you were with me.
This MiracleAgent website and all that jazz.
I get a call at the hotel asking if they'll help me and could we name a site where we could meet alone and that gives me a fill-in.
And of course, we don't identify them.
I always say, don't tell me your name, because they put me on the rack.
I keep telling them, well, at least I can't use your name.
And those sources, like the other sources from earlier years, history is always confirmed by what they told us and what we reported.
So, your sources inside, time and time again, that have gotten you documents, minutes, that have gotten you the agenda, so many times that Bilderberg later has admitted is accurate, it's turned out to be good info.
And, Jim, can you describe why that is?
A lot of times you say they won't help you at first, but then they see how rude and mean the Bilderbergs are.
They do.
In fact, how many witnesses have told you that they're not allowed to look the Bilderberg members in the eyes?
Several times.
I'm sure they have the same drill now.
Stafford Hotel just told you, never look the Bilderberg guy in the eye.
You do not speak to him unless he speaks to you.
If Rockefeller says, good morning, you're able to say, good morning, Mr. Rockefeller.
Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.
All those petty little instructions.
As far as these sources coming forward, they have for a lot of years since
I was in Montreal, Alaska, about 15 or 20 years ago, and the first evening I was staying at a, I went to a little shabby restaurant bar across the gravel road from the Billeberg, a huge resort, where I found, I learned that, in all advance, the hotel staff would be meeting.
We're good to go.
The next evening he came in speaking fluent English, and he said, they're trying to expeditive deleted my country and yours too, we'll help you all we can.
They came in loaded with documents that they put in their pockets and started throwing in trashcans, or the girls put them in their purses of the trashcan.
They became our eyes and ears, eavesdropping as they served the meals and so forth, and
A ton of information.
Well, this is why good is always going to win, because the people see them openly saying, we're going to bring down Europe, we're going to unify the Americas, we're going to take people's liberties, we're going to seize the infrastructure.
And we know, now from the SPP and other documents, that's what they're doing.
And so people that wouldn't help you always are ready, because they see this great evil.
Jim, I've just got one or two questions for you, and I'm going to let you go, but you were trying to make a point.
Go ahead.
No, I'm just waiting for your question.
Jim, I know you want to be careful here because you said back on Monday that you thought it was going to be the classic hotel, but you said that could have been disinfo.
Now you say it looks like it's disinfo because it's in the local paper, but you're seeing the classic Bilderberg police and military and black sedans going in and out.
I mean, it's kicking off.
You know, you've got sources all over the city.
If it is another location, you're surely going to find it.
But would you say you're 95, 98% sure now that it is the Ritz Hotel?
I'd say a good 95%.
Where is that located in Istanbul, geographically?
Let's say the middle of the city is the center of the face of a clock.
Where are you on the face of the clock?
I think it's mostly, well my mental map of this city is not very good, but I think it's on the edge of the city, it's on a hill, all by itself, high on a hill, very tall building, high on a hill, and they can put, as they have, put cops all around that hill to keep anybody from jumping over a fence to the rear and coming up from behind, and of course to the main entrances and so forth.
I would put it on the edge of the city, I think.
I'm not even sure about the way these cab drivers turkey around the city getting to a place.
It can be totally geographically disoriented.
But it is a snob hill, which fits their pattern.
Jim, in closing, I want to thank you for reporting for us here at the GCN Radio Network, and I also want to thank the film crew for their fine work, and I'm glad all's
Fair and loving, Warren.
I'm glad that we worked everything out here in the final equation.
We're able to get you on.
I want to welcome them if you want to do it again tomorrow.
I know you've agreed off-air to do another interview at the start of the show tomorrow.
7 o'clock Istanbul PM your time, Jim.
I would like to have you again on the show for just about 10-15 minutes to give us a report.
Yes, we are.
You know, their own stories to tell, so we can pool everything here together.
And I would love, you know, after you're done being on with this 10-15 minutes at the start tomorrow, to hand the phone over to them.
And again, it's AmericanFreePress.net is the revered paper that you write for.
And my last question is, sir, and then we'll let you get back to your evening of collating information and pooling with other reporters, when will we see some reports in American Free Press about what you've gleaned there?
In the very next edition.
The complete story and the list will be in the very next edition.
But I also know a lot of times you do some filings that are put out on the web as well.
Well, they take my stuff and put it on the web.
I'm not very high tech.
Well, I just want to tell American Free Press, we're going to write an article today about what you're doing, and they're welcome to use the PrisonPlanet.com article with your interview.
We may even do a transcript of some of the key areas, so just tell American Free Press, anything they want off PrisonPlanet.com concerning Bilderberg is theirs.
Oh, that's Prison Planet.
Yes, PrisonPlanet.com.
I'll contact him.
It's just some of my writers are going to do a story about this interview.
I'm just letting you know.
You're welcome to use that.
Jim, let me talk to you.
Jim, I'm going to let you go.
We've got a break, but Jim will be back with us tomorrow.
Stay right there, Jim.
I know you've got a question for me.
We'll talk during this break.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
That was Jim Tucker from Istanbul.
I'm Alex Jones.