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Air Date: May 31, 2007
2330 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
Well, we had Jim Tucker from Istanbul.
He is atop a hotel literally across the street from the Ritz-Carlton, where the Bilderberg Group is holding its meeting.
But an international film crew is wanting to do an interview with him and me at the same time and at the last minute.
So who knows if this interview is going to happen while they try to patch in phone lines and do everything that TV people do, not understanding how radio works and how it's a live situation.
But that's just the way the ball bounces.
Regardless, we're in touch with a lot of reporters there on the ground in Istanbul.
And I woke up this morning to this news.
Texas Governor Rick Perry to attend Bilderberg.
Austin, Governor Rick Perry is flying to Istanbul, Turkey today, and he left this morning, to speak at the super-secret Bilderberg Conference, a meeting of about 130 international leaders in business, media, and politics.
Now, they've gone from five, six years ago saying it didn't exist and we were insane, to the cover of the Dallas Morning News.
The invitation only conference was started in 1954 and named for the Dutch Hotel where the conference was first held.
Those who attend promise not to reveal what was discussed.
Security is tight and the press and public are barred.
The conference has been the subject of conspiracy theorists and even Christian groups who wonder about its influence.
Robert Black, the governor's press secretary, said the governor was invited to attend and speak about state-federal relations.
Mr. Black dismissed the conspiracy theories.
He's looking forward to learning the secret handshake, Mr. Black joked.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
No, it's been secret.
The media has denied it existed, and they do set policy.
We've gotten the minutes out of the meetings as far back as their first official meeting in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland.
And they are there setting a world agenda.
And I've told you that Texas is the front line, ladies and gentlemen.
I have, uh, the last time a governor went, it was Bill Clinton.
We're good to go.
Paying for the trip and hotel costs, usually among the top in the world, out of campaign contributions from his Texans for Rick Perry committee.
It doesn't matter, ladies and gentlemen, this is still a violation of the Logan Act.
We have Mr. 36% of the vote, Mr. Rick Perry, who couldn't even get elected by a majority in that three-way, or you could call it four-way race here in Texas.
We'll be breaking this down.
We will attempt to get Jim Tucker on.
Is that film crew still working their magic there, John?
Yeah, they're not.
Jim was scheduled with us and then a film crew got him and said, let's do that interview live from the roof.
And then nobody could give us the phone number in Istanbul.
It took us days to work out just to get connected right at the hotel, at his room to do this.
It doesn't matter.
They'll figure that out and get him down in the room soon enough.
He'll probably be on in 30 minutes or so after they're done doing their business.
Yes, I could throw chairs across the room, ladies and gentlemen, but that's just because I really try to get these interviews.
It's like hunting.
I want to bring these to you.
I get really aggressive about it, and I've just seen this stuff.
I'm telling everybody, my producer here, I go, watch.
There'll be some snafu at the last minute because I've lived this more than once, ladies and gentlemen.
Especially when you're talking about people in third world countries.
I guess you'd call them old world countries.
John, don't count on them to be able to get through to us.
That'll be too complex.
Just call the hotel again and explain to them that the hotel's calling it their roof landline.
And just continue trying and you'll probably get the same producer on, heavy breathing, trying to figure out how to get us on.
And just tell him that he's not going to get his interview unless they pull up stakes and go down to their hotel room and quit wringing their hands in a ninnying fashion.
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I think so.
I think so.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's just as I predicted.
We had Jim set up for a week at this time when he got to Istanbul.
He is across the street from the Ritz Carlton where the Bilderberg Group is meeting.
They're in Istanbul.
And what happened is a film crew came in and told him, Oh, we have a wonderful idea.
Do it from the roof with us.
And then, of course, they can't get it with their phone patch to work.
Instead, they could have just gotten a CD from us or the radio show.
And so now they won't get an interview and we won't get Jim Tucker for you.
But Ron Paul is scheduled on the show.
Coming up later.
But it doesn't really matter.
We'll get you all the inside scoop on what's happening at Bilderberg and we have other reporters to talk to there as well.
The big news here, ladies and gentlemen, is that Governor Rick Perry is now on his way or has already arrived in Istanbul.
We talked to his office.
They wouldn't be clear if he left last night or today.
Texas Governor Rick Perry to attend Bilderberg.
Governor Rick Perry is flying to Istanbul, Turkey today to speak at the super-secret Bilderberg Conference, a meeting of about 130 international leaders in business, media, and politics.
And it says the invitation-only conference was started in 1954 and named for the Dutch Hotel where the conference was first held.
And then they go into their regular jokes.
It says that Mr. Perry is paying for his trip and hotel stay.
With money out of his campaign fund.
Previous speakers at the conference have included GOP stalwarts.
As outgoing World Bank Chief Paul Wolfowitz and former U.S.
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
Last year the conference was held in Ottawa at the Toronto Star reported that it had received a unsigned press release saying the 2006 group included David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix of Holland, we can confirm this, we videotaped it, New York's Governor George Pataki, media moguls, high-level officials from Spain, Greece, and the heads of Coca-Cola,
Credit to Saucy and the Royal Bank of Canada.
Bilderberg chairman Etienne Davignon, a former Belgian diplomat, granted the British Broadcasting Corps a rare interview two years ago in which he brushed aside myths surrounding the organization.
When people say this is a secret government of the world, I say that we are a secret government of the world.
We should be bloody ashamed of ourselves, Mr. Davignon said.
Mr. Black said the governor was going because he was invited
He looks forward to talking to them about a system of federalism here in the United States, he said.
Regarding the secrecy surrounding the event, Mr. Black said, it's their conference and I suppose they can run it any way they want.
The governor was honored that they would ask him to come speak on the American experience.
Oh sure, that's what he's doing.
And he's happy to do it.
Mr. Perry returns to Texas on Monday.
Governor Rick Perry, ladies and gentlemen, who has handed over 8,000 miles of Texas roads to the private Spanish company, CentraZachary.
Governor Rick Perry, who has been in the front line of total blanket amnesty by Fiat with then-President Vicente Fox, now Felipe Calderon.
Governor Rick Perry, who they've got so much dirt on, it's just unbelievable, who is a complete minion of the New World Order.
Is obviously being vetted and lined up like many others that have gone there and have been vetted before.
Now, I know there's a lot of press, a lot of independent reporters, even major reporters there, taking photos, trying to get video right now.
As people arrive today and tomorrow, they're in... I'm trying to control my anger and not get in the gym because people get in the middle of it.
They're in Turkey.
They're in Istanbul, the suburb of Istanbul.
And if Rick Perry is there greeting people at the door, that means they're his darling.
That's like if you're their little monkey and you go and basically greet everyone at the door, it shows that you're the special person that they are going to try to bring up to the next level from regional governor to imperial sector governor, basically, is how this works.
Let me guess, those guys haven't called you back yet, John?
Okay, I want you to do this.
I want you to call the hotel and not ask for the landline, but the other line that gets the TV producer up there who's got a line that is working.
And I want you to explain to him that Jim's got to go to a meeting in the next 45 minutes with a bunch of reporters that are coming back to pool information and that he's not going to get his on-the-roof interview.
Unless he, unless they pull up stakes and give him a regular line and then we can give him a CD with better audio.
He won't be listening.
He'll be, you know, like all TV guys do.
He'll be telling you, oh, they're going to figure it out when the cows come home.
So what you do is you explain to him, you go, ah, ah, ah, and you say, listen to me.
Just give him a regular phone line and dial it for him and then we'll give you the disc later.
Or you're not going to get this.
It's always fun.
I'm glad that they were able to get all that squirreled together.
Yeah, the cats have been hopping like bunny rabbits.
Well, I know we were going to do this in your room, but I guess somebody thought of the idea to have you do it from the roof, huh?
Yeah, so we're at the top of the rooftop restaurant here.
Well, fantastic.
Jim Tucker, tell us exactly where you are, in or around Istanbul.
I'm told that you're overlooking the hotel where the Bilderberg meeting is being held.
Please give us the details.
Well, I'm at the Orient, here in Italy.
I know, you've been interrogated.
They're running around with wiring all around you.
This has been a better interviewer in your room, but fine, let them have their way.
I understand.
It'll make good radio.
But just trying to get the report here, did it end up being at the hotel where your source thought it would be?
Still not 100% pinned down.
We were at the hotel we were at this morning.
It's Carlton, and it looked like a typical Bilderberg scenario.
They had the armed guards all around the place.
We went all the way around the building.
They had platoons of cops in formation waiting for the disbursement.
They also had cops all the way around the building, and they had all those high-tech things where every member can hear whatever spoken in any language instantly translated to his own language.
So they can keep up with it.
But then, one of the newspapers here in Istanbul today had just about a six paragraph story on Bilderberg and they said they'd be at the Classes in St.
Louis, Carlton.
Now, they could be lying because Bilderberg's told much bigger lies than that one.
And they could have told a good, decentralized reporter it's going to be the Classes as a diversion.
Nevertheless, we're going to check it out tomorrow to see if they have the same armada there.
So, we feel a killing toward the Ritz-Carlton is the scene of the crime now, but we will check out the classes in case.
And they've never met in two places at the same time before.
And that was typically a Bilderberg formation with all those armed guards surrounding the Ritz-Carlton today.
So I think my favorite guess would be that Vildenberg is lying, which they're very good at.
They've had a practice for more than half a century.
And the Ritz-Carlton, the Ritz-Carlton tried to nail it all the way down.
Has it ever been this far down to the wire where it's about to start tomorrow and you still aren't sure exactly where it is?
It was never this close.
The closest we came was some years ago.
I was at the Men's Bar at the National Press Club in Washington with my other pair of socks in one suitcase and my good old Remington typewriter in the other.
And we knew it would be Brussels area, but not exactly where.
Our Washington sources from the Eagles for many years were the Dilverburg Luminaries called just in time to say it would be the Something Duloc, which was about 20 miles out of town.
Uh, we're able to call the newspaper back and get the update on the precise location.
Well, there's no doubt that, I mean, there's no doubt that you're going to find the location, but generally, have you ever seen them having phalanxes of troops and police and guards and buildings blocked off without that being the spot?
I mean, do you think they go to that elaborate trouble to have a decoy building with that type of security?
That's exactly why I think the lie to the reporter is going to be the classic of the cause.
In addition to all the other evidence, we had the not-too-personal cops following me today.
I was not aware of it because my nose is always sticking to the camera and my jaws are always flapping.
But the TV crew said, those guys are going to follow you and their car followed us out to the hotel.
I don't know.
Taxis, squares, something like that.
Jim, stay there.
I want to keep you until 45 after the bottom of the hour if we can because the interview got going a little bit late.
I want to give you some breaking news.
Governor Rick Perry, kind of the heir to be for George Bush, many have said, from right here in Texas.
It's the front page of the Dallas Morning News that he is going to Bilderberg.
I want to give you this information on the other side, get your take on it.
Looks like we've identified it as the Ritz-Carlton, ladies and gentlemen, in Istanbul.
Jim Talker, straight ahead.
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May 31st, 2007.
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I think so.
Alright, we go to the once Christian city of Constantinople.
Now, the Ronda to Istanbul, right there in Turkey.
He is high atop.
The Orient Hotel, and in the distance is the hotel where I was just talking to Jim during the break, there's no doubt.
It is the Ritz-Carlton, not the Classis, outside the city.
He said that there's phalanxes of troops and police and the black sedans pouring in, in his words, trundling in.
Jim, continue to tell us what you saw today when you were out at the Ritz Hotel.
Well, that was about ten o'clock this morning.
We were there for about two or three hours.
Cops every 30 feet all the way around the little mountain that the Ritz sits upon.
And then at the main gate there are two large platoons of armed cops.
And we tease them a little bit, you know.
Take good care of those Bilderberg boys.
They think they're important.
And you give that funny little grin.
Then the TV crew identified my two cops, the ones that had been following us from this hotel to the scene of the crime, and then followed us later to some kind of a rally they had at the downtown square.
Well, those two cops were probably just good guys doing their job.
They probably married the girl and feed their children.
Uh, so they're just doing their job.
I'm not mad at those kids at all.
Uh, but it helps identify the scene of the crime.
What happened when you went over to the car with the goons that were following you?
Oh, uh, we talked to them on the, uh, sidewalk.
I just, uh, told them that we'd be going to the rally after this, and they were welcome to join us.
And they got that little silly grin.
Uh, then, uh, some of the other guys we met back here in the Orient, about four o'clock,
We're good to go.
Rockin' Germany.
The Dorrit Hotel was sealed off because they were having a meeting of physicians.
It was a medical conference.
They even had a funny photograph of alleged physicians meeting.
The whole thing was a lie.
We explained it to the girl from the local newspaper the next day, gently as possible, pointing out that we know that she was being nice, and they told her that
She was too intimidated to correct the story.
And other lower forms of life calling, dragging their knuckles into the door at.
Now, Jim, my governor, Rick Perry, it's in the front of the Dallas Morning News.
I've never seen it in the Dallas Morning News.
It is really starting to become more public thanks to you and many other tireless fighters and journalists.
But the headline reads, Texas Governor Rick Perry to attend Bilderberg and his gubernatorial spokesman said that he is paying for it out of campaign funds from Texans for Rick Perry Committee.
This is the guy handing our state roads over to foreign Spanish-owned companies.
This is the guy pushing for blanket open borders and total amnesty, which we know is a key part of the North American Union, which is the big project right
What does it mean to have the Governor of Texas in the Dallas Morning News, just admitting he's going to Bilderberg Group, and that's a violation of the Logan Act.
Can you tell folks about that?
Well, yes, it means he's a potential President, even as the obscure Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, lost his virginity at the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1991, and he's elected President the following year.
Now, if he goes nowhere in the run of the White House in the years ahead, they'll drop him like an old shoe.
They do that often.
But, uh, officially, uh, Bloomberg considers Governor Rick Perry a potential President of the United States.
Uh, yes, it's a violation of the Logan Act, uh, for which, uh, the white, Bill Clinton's White House was fined $300,000, which means the taxpayers paid it.
And by the way, we gotta break, Jim.
Final segment with you on the other side.
Let's come back with the Logan Act.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Ladies and gentlemen, from Istanbul, high atop the Orient Hotel.
In the distance, the Ritz Carlton, clearly where Bilderberg is being held.
Jim is always very conservative because of the disinfo he's seen him put out in the past, but there are the phalanxes of military, police, guards, and black sedans going in and out.
And I have never seen them just openly seeking out press.
Rick Perry people contacted the Dallas Morning News.
They sought out the interview.
They released the press release that he's paying for it out of his campaign money.
Texas Governor Rick Perry to attend Bilderberg.
Jim Tucker, we got cut off on the last break.
Can you recap, go back over what the Logan Act is, what happened to Clinton, the intel we got, Hillary was there last year for only about six hours, but we know in the past that Clinton was fined over this.
Please break down the Logan Act.
Okay, the Logan Act makes it a federal crime for any U.S.
The whole secret meeting with private citizens to make public policy.
Now, obviously, the federal officials can have a private meeting when they're planning a war, or some things do have to be secret.
We understand that.
But you cannot meet behind closed and locked doors with private citizens to make policy.
It's a crime.
And Hillary Clinton did exactly that when she was First Lady, or First Alleged Lady.
Was solving all the health care problems, the universal health care plan and all that.
She met so-called experts behind closed doors.
The White House was fined $300,000 for that crime.
Taxpayers paid it, of course, but Judge Royce Lambert was very strong in his denunciation of Hillary Clinton violating the Logan Act.
Stressed that it was a criminal act and
Well, just to the White House, just wonderfully, which stresses the fact that the U.S.
officials, I don't know about the laws of other countries in Europe, but the officials of the U.S.
government attending this meeting are committing a crime, and they have for 50 years that they attend these meetings.
Now, Jim Tucker, what does it mean, then, to have Governor Rick Perry openly announcing that he's going to the Bilderberg Group?
He's also claiming that they're not going to be setting policy in there preemptively.
It looks like he's trying to claim it's not a violation of the Logan Act.
But we have Bilderberg Minutes.
We have Bilderberg Diaries.
We have memoirs written by Bilderberg members that they are, indeed,
Literally founding the brainchild of the EU was there.
We know that they made the decision to attack Iraq in 2003, not 2002.
We know they made the decision to drop the Berlin Wall.
You learned of that a year before.
We know they're setting policies so.
Is Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Bush's minion, his aide-de-camp, is he violating the Logan Act?
Well, he's a state official, and a little bit of that actually applies to several officials.
Nevertheless, it's most unbecoming, and I suspect the gray-haired old boys, the longtime Bilderberg luminaries, will chew him out for getting excited and telling the newspapers.
Maybe they should stress to him more and more how secretive it's supposed to be.
You're not supposed to admit that you're going.
You're not supposed to tell anybody what happened, what transpired behind those
Well, Jim, not to correct you, but I'm actually putting Logan Act in my new film, Endgame, that you, of course, feature in.
I'm told they're making another film about Bilderberg.
Right now and they're videotaping this but in the endgame we actually have the new Logan Act I'm gonna pull it up in just a minute here on the computer But they redid the Logan Act a few years ago to not just be federal officials But any member of the government state local it doesn't matter with foreign officials or corporations Deciding on policies of the United States or anything within the United States, so I know
I'm glad to learn that.
Hey, I learn stuff every day.
Here it is.
This is Order Code RL33265.
This is from Cornell Law.
Conducting foreign relations without authority.
The Logan Act.
February 1st, 2006.
It was expanded.
And let me go ahead now and read Logan Act summary.
Any citizen of the United States.
Whether he may be who without authority of the United States directly or indirectly commences or carries out any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof in relation to any disputes or controversies within the United States or to defeat measures of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years or both
The section shall not abridge the right of free citizen to apply himself or his agent to any foreign government or agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.
The Logan Act was intended to prohibit United States citizens without authority from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments.
And it goes on to say they appear to have been and then it expands on from there.
Go ahead, Jim.
Well, that's very good education.
I'm glad they did expand.
You say it was in 2006, a year ago, they did that update, just before the Democrats got in Congress.
Incidentally, as you know, the congressional leaders in the House were on something of a European tour, and one of the local newspapers said that
From Akron, they're coming to this city to meet with economic leaders from Western Europe.
It could only mean Bilderberg, which means Nancy Pelosi and the other Democratic leaders of the House who are taking this tour are also at Bilderberg this year.
There's another special meeting in Istanbul except for Bilderberg.
Now Jim, I know there's other facets, any other key points, anything else we need to know?
Were you harassed at the airport?
Did anything else happen to you?
The airport guys made me get a visa, which took a while, kind of irritated me, because once I get off the airplane I'm ready for a cigarette.
And, uh, they took me down to some other window and said it cost $20.
I started to give them leavers.
They wanted $20 American dollars instead.
Uh, that was... I felt harassed.
I suppose that may be routine.
Uh, except for the cops following.
That was not harassment.
They had as much right to be on the same sidewalk as I did.
Uh, and they were not threatening in any way physically or otherwise.
What do these chaps look like?
A middle-aged, one with sort of reddish hair, wearing sports shirts, not looking like cops, but more like any man on the street.
So they're in plain clothes?
Plain clothes, but like sports shirts and slacks, not these type suits.
And it was the camera crew you're with that noticed this?
Yes, because
So they keep the microphone under my chin and keep me staring into the camera so they can look around I can't but they were right when they said that car they're getting in that car and they're going to follow us to the scene of the crime which they did and that's when we had our pleasant little chat on the sidewalk.
Now Jim Tucker
Generally, I guess they start arriving today and tomorrow.
When does it officially begin?
Has it already officially begun?
They'll get to work at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.
They'll have a communal breakfast at about 7.
Those kids do work hard.
They'll start their first meeting at 8 o'clock, as they call it, the normal pattern, and work at it until noon, lunch break, and then the break, and then back in the afternoon.
I don't think so.
Where do you, what are you planning to do?
What's your game plan?
Well, we're developing sources and I'm quite hopeful that the new type of source that appeared about it, first time a couple years ago and last year in Ottawa when you were with me, it is MiracleAgent websites and all that jazz.
I'm going to call the hotel asking and they'll help me and could we,
We're good to go.
But they told us it won't be reported.
So your sources inside time and time again that have gotten you documents, minutes, that have gotten you the agenda so many times that Bilderberg later has admitted is accurate, it's turned out to be good info and Jim, can you describe why that is?
A lot of times you said they won't help you at first but then they see how rude and mean the Bilderbergs are, they do.
In fact, how many witnesses have told you that they're not allowed to look the Bilderberg members in the eyes?
Oh, several times.
I'm sure they have the same drill now.
Staff at the hotel just told you, never look the Bilderberg guy in the eye.
You do not speak to him unless he speaks to you.
If Rockefeller says, good morning, you're able to say, good morning, Mr. Rockefeller.
Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.
All those petty little distractions.
As far as these sources coming forward, they have for a lot of years.
I was in Montreal, Alaska, about 15 or 20 years ago, and the first evening I was staying at a little shabby restaurant bar across the gravel road from the Billeberg, a huge resort, where I learned that in advance the hotel staff would be meeting.
We're good to go.
We're good.
My country and yours too will help you all we can.
They came and loaded some documents that they put in their pockets instead of throwing in trash cans.
Or the girls put them in their purse instead of trash cans.
They became our eyes and ears, eavesdropping as they served the meals and so forth.
Well, this is why good is always going to win, because the people see them openly saying, we're going to bring down Europe, we're going to unify the Americas, we're going to take people's liberties, we're going to seize the infrastructure, and we know now from the SPP and other documents that's what they're doing, and so people that wouldn't help you always are ready because they see this great evil.
Jim, I've got one or two questions for you and I'm going to let you go, but you were trying to make a point, go ahead.
No, I'm just waiting for your question.
Jim, I know you want to be careful here because you said back on Monday that you thought it was going to be the Classis Hotel, but you said that could have been disinfo.
Now you say it looks like it's disinfo because it's in the local paper, but you're seeing the classic Bilderberg police and military and black sedans going in and out.
I mean, it's kicking off.
You know, you've got sources all over the city.
If it is another location, you're surely going to find it, but would you say you're 95, 98% sure now that it is the Ritz Hotel?
I'd say a good 95%.
Where is that located in Istanbul, geographically?
Let's say the middle of the city is the center of the face of a clock.
Where are you on the face of the clock?
I think it's mostly, well my mental map of this city is not very good, but I think it's on the edge of the city, it's on a hill, all by itself, high on a hill, very tall building, high on a hill, and they can put, as they have, put cops all around that hill to keep anybody from jumping over fences in the rear and coming up from behind, and of course they're the main entrances and so forth.
I would put it on the edge of the city, I think.
I'm not even sure about the way these cab drivers are jerking around the city, getting to a place that can be totally geographically disoriented.
But it is a snob hill, which fits very better.
Jim, in closing, I want to thank you for reporting for us here at the GCN Radio Network, and I also want to thank the film crew for their fine work, and I'm glad all's fair in love and war, and I'm glad that we worked everything out here in the final equation.
We're able to get you on, and I want to welcome them if you want to do it again tomorrow.
I know you've agreed off-air to do another interview at the start of the show tomorrow, 7 o'clock Istanbul.
I think so.
You know, their own stories to tell, so we can pool everything here together.
And I would love, you know, after you're done being on with this 10-15 minutes at the start tomorrow, to hand the phone over to them.
And again, it's AmericanFreePress.net is the revered paper that you write for.
And my last question is, sir, and then we'll let you get back to your evening of collating information and pooling with other reporters, when will we see some reports in American Free Press about what you've gleaned there?
In the very next edition.
The complete story and the list will be in the very next edition.
But I also know a lot of times you do some filings that are put out on the web as well.
Well they take my stuff and put it on the web.
I'm not very high tech.
Well, I just want to tell American Free Press, we're going to write an article today about what you're doing, and they're welcome to use the PrisonPlanet.com article with your interview.
We may even do a transcript of some of the key areas, so tell American Free Press, anything they want off PrisonPlanet.com concerning Bilderberg is theirs.
Oh, that's PrisonPlanet.com.
Yes, PrisonPlanet.com.
I'll contact him.
It's just some of my writers are going to do a story about this interview.
I'm just letting you know you're welcome to use that.
Jim, let me talk to you.
Jim, I'm going to let you go.
We've got a break, but Jim will be back with us tomorrow.
Stay right there, Jim.
I know you've got a question for me.
We'll talk during this break.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
That was Jim Tucker from Istanbul.
I'm Alex Jones.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
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TerrorStorm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
TerrorStorm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Breaking news on the traitor Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, violating federal law.
Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 45, Subsection 953, Private Correspondence with Foreign Governments.
It's now been expanded.
And the U.S.
Code reissuance was in 2006.
I think they changed the Logan Act several years before that.
I'm digging all that up right now.
You talk to the Governor's Press Secretary.
Robert Black, we of course told him first we were with Genesis, wouldn't come to the phone.
Then we told him we were with KLBJ, which we are.
I am a KLBJ reporter and talk show host.
Then they wouldn't do that.
Yeah, thanks for having me on, Alex.
Thanks for having you on!
You work here!
You get a good job in here!
There's no groveling to the chief monkey!
Not a radio person!
But the point is, obviously, this is the Governor's Press Office.
The official press wing of the Governor's Office there should be totally public.
Uh... declined that he was even a public official although it seems to be clearly his title but they've been frustrated with calls about Wait a minute, he told you, and I want word for word, write an article on this, he told you Rick Perry is not a public official.
He told me he himself is not a public official but that he works for the governor's press office and he would not come on the show even though I invited him on and uh...
Well, basically he declined that there was anything going on.
Wouldn't come on the show even though he's a press secretary.
I think that's the main point.
But I mentioned the Logan Act and how Rick Perry's trip may well be in violation.
He denied knowing what the Logan Act was, but then said this is not a government trip, this is a personal trip.
Oh, I don't know what the Logan Act is, but let me give you details and a loophole to get out of it.
That's correct, yeah.
He clearly knew what we were.
It's like the video we have yesterday of troops with machine guns.
They're going, we don't have guns!
Yeah, Alex is on a mainline station in town, KLBJ 590, and he wouldn't come on to that show.
But then, out of nowhere, with no mention, came on and said, I don't talk about conspiracy theories.
Which kind of alludes to his quote in the article about the secret handshake.
Now, had you used my name?
I did not use your name.
I use my own name.
What else did he say?
That was mainly it.
He batted on for a minute but wouldn't come on.
You've got exact notes there.
Aaron's really good about writing notes.
Specifically, word for word, Paul Watson's writing an article.
What did he say?
First he said that he personally isn't in the government so he doesn't have to come on.
Well, he didn't say he wasn't in the government.
He declined being a public official.
Uh, I guess alluding that the governor's press office would be a private office of some kind.
But how did that even come up?
Well, he said he wouldn't come on the show, and I said, you're the press secretary, right?
You'll be coming on the show, won't you?
He wouldn't do it.
But he's listed as the press secretary.
He's saying that's not a government position?
He's the official press secretary.
Well, he is with the government, then.
I believe so, yeah.
I wonder if the president's with the government.
I mean, this is just...
This is unbelievable.
When you brought up the Logan Act specifically, he said, I don't know what that is, but no, this is a private trip, not a government trip.
Yeah, that's right.
I did a little bit of explaining that the Logan Act, you know, forbids people from doing specifically international negotiations without government authority.
Which, but I mean, hell, look at what happened with
Cintra Zachary making secret deals with the Texas Department of Transportation and then telling the legislature of the state it's secret from them.
I mean, that's a total violation of the Logan Act right there.
That may well be what Perry's there to discuss anyway.
Oh, there's no doubt.
This thing's $200 billion.
TxDOT admits they'll make in the first 14 years of this.
Two hundred billion, and that's in phase one of the toll roads.
You know, Henry Kissinger referred to the Trilateral Commission as government in exile, and they want to say this is not a government thing, it's a private meeting.
You know, what's the definition of government?
When the government's in secret, who is the government anymore?
They're there making decisions, they're making deals, and Rick Perry's a criminal.
On his face.
Aaron, I want your opinion.
I mean, you've analyzed the Logan Act.
We've interviewed lawyers on this.
Constitutional experts.
Is this a violation of federal law?
Well, he's using personal funds, isn't he?
He's not on a state trip.
Isn't he supposed to work for us every day of the year?
Well, it doesn't matter.
See, they remember the old Logan Act.
They don't know it's been revised for citizens in private action.
See, just like Tucker didn't know.
We'll be right back.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Man, it is an unbelievable news today.
We just had Jim Tucker covering Mildenberg for 35 years.
He's been to 28 or 29 of them.
Physically, he's in Istanbul, they've confirmed.
It is the Rich Carlton there.
With all the armored police and the sedans coming in, it was not the Classis Hotel.
That was Bilderberg Disinfo, planted also today in the local paper.
News 8 Austin just told us they're probably going to cover Rick Perry going to the Bilderberg group meeting.
You ought to call local Texas media and say, hey, it's on the cover of the Dallas Morning News, cover of one of their state sections, the state section
That Governor Rick Perry is to attend the Bilderberg Group that he flew out last night.
We just called their press secretary.
That is breaking news.
We got Ron Paul scheduled coming up in 30 minutes.
And yes, ladies and gentlemen, Luke Radowsky, big breaking news with him.
They got the second confrontation with Rudolph Giuliani, ladies and gentlemen.
It's going up very soon.
We've got it.
We'll be playing that here as well.
I mean, this is just off the charts.
And the news I've got here in front of me, the stack, is off the charts.
And yesterday's news, most of which I didn't even get to, is off the charts.
I mean, it is just slamming and bamming.
I mean, it is so much is happening right now.
David Rockefeller confronted.
We're in Istanbul.
Governor Rick Perry's going.
National News of Giuliani being confronted.
So much is happening.
The Empire is on the run, ladies and gentlemen.
We're on the march.
Oh, it just makes my head spin sometimes.
I'm scheduled to go out of town tomorrow, but I'm just going to do the show at least the first hour, maybe even longer, via telephone tomorrow.
We're going to have
A bunch of different guests on, hopefully, from Istanbul.
In fact, we're lining that up right now.
Jim's already agreed to be on at 7.
We need to contact and vet out whether he's going to be on the roof again or whether he's going to be in his hotel room.
And we also are working on some other things, let's put it to you that way.
And again, we do have Ron Paul scheduled coming up in 28 minutes from now.
The websites are PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, InfoWars.net.
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It's here!
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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We're good to go.
I think so.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Ron Paul is scheduled coming up in about 20 minutes and Governor Rick Perry is a traitor, is treasonous for handing over 8,000 miles of our roads.
Hey, get that clip that Jim Dillon got.
He was out there protesting.
Last year, late last year, was that this year?
I think that was January.
Yeah, he's out there protesting, and out comes Rick Perry, and we did confirm, people I know even separate from Dylan saw this happen, and it was Governor Rick Perry.
And Governor Rick Perry talked about how I was a big, fat, sweaty hog, which I was.
It was all over the newspapers and TV because for a couple hours I bullhorned him and Vicente Fox.
They were scheduled, this was on the Governor's press site, to give a 30-minute speech and press conference.
They cut it after two minutes.
That was when, meddling in our internal affairs, then-President Vicente Fox was here in 2003.
It was November 5th, 2003, and he was here in Austin.
I was just reviewing that footage again for Endgame.
I'm probably not going to put it in the film.
I decided to put it in the extras.
But it tells the story of how the glove was for breaking down the U.S.
for the North American Union.
It just shows everything that Rick Perry is trying, everything that Rick Perry is doing.
I mean, no one has... I mean, Central was happy to get one major expressway they're going to make tens of billions off of in Indiana.
And they're happy to grab a few roads in Australia or Mexico or China.
Here, it's just, you want every state road, everything we've got here, it's yours.
Just put toll roads on existing roads.
I mean, the Globalist can work with Rick Perry.
I mean, this guy is something else.
And here he is, Dallas Morning News.
You know what this means, to have it in the front page of the Dallas Morning News, that he is at the Bilderberg Group meeting?
That is so huge, that now it's mainstream media.
Now it's becoming a household word.
They got that movie Bugs Out, or I haven't seen it, where they make fun of conspiracy terrorists who believe in the Bilderberg Group, and people who believe in the Bilderberg Group dump gasoline on themselves and light themselves on fire because they're so mentally ill and insane.
Well, I guess the Dallas Morning News then is mentally ill and insane.
I'm trying to get the details.
He is scheduled.
Luke Rudowsky and WeAreChange.org had some new confrontation with, I believe with Giuliani, and there's a new video that we're going to be getting of that.
We'll find out in the third hour all together on that.
We're able to find that Rick Perry piece?
Still looking in the thousands of clips and things that are there.
I'll also throw a few phone calls in on Bilderberg or on the New World Order.
I'm frankly salivating about thinking about getting Ron Paul on to comment on this Dallas Morning News in Bilderberg.
But we'll see what happens with that.
Texas Governor Rick Perry to attend Bilderberg.
Hey, John, instead of trying to find it in your computer, do a Google search on it.
You can get it that way.
Just Rick Perry, talk to Alex Jones, it'll come up.
Texas Governor Rick Perry to attend Bilderberg.
Governor Rick Perry is flying to Istanbul, Turkey today to speak to the super-secret Bilderberg conference at a meeting of 130 international leaders in business, media, and politics.
Now again, they would deny its very existence before.
I keep forgetting during the break to call Paul Watson.
You know what?
Let me call him.
This is so big.
Make sure he's listening on this.
Paul just does a tireless job writing three or four articles a day now and updating the site and doing customer service for presentplanted.tv.
But frankly, I take the cake for working the hardest, which is something I'm trying to ease back a little bit, folks, because it's getting just too out of control.
That's why I was going to take tomorrow off, but I just can't do it now.
Watson's not answering.
I have to communicate with him now over the air.
That's how we do it.
He's probably playing cricket or something in the yard.
I'm joking.
Cricket's a good game, you know.
Paul actually plays badminton with his girlfriend.
The other day, I was playing badminton.
It's actually a fun game.
I played badminton when I was a kid.
I was at the beach a few months ago.
I tried to play badminton.
There was too much wind to play badminton.
So you shouldn't throw stones in glass houses.
Making fun of him for playing badminton.
At least he can play badminton.
I can't even play badminton.
I fail at it.
Okay, he's not answering.
He's probably writing a story.
I get a little too wild sometimes, folks.
Frankly, exclusives from Istanbul, confirming now the location as the Ritz-Carlton, and Rick Perry on the front page of the Dallas Morning News, and confrontations this week with David Rockefeller and Giuliani and Al Gore and everything else.
There's just so much.
Ron Paul coming up.
It's almost like an overload.
I'm like a dog in a butcher shop.
I'm just like, I run into this huge hall of every select cutlet you can imagine.
And I'm just like, my eyes are wide open, my tongue's hanging out, and I'm like, oh, what?
Too much, too much input, because all I want to do is expose these people and bring them down.
And I tell you, it's happening.
They're trying to now, because they've lost the info war.
They first had to lie and say the new order didn't exist.
And now they're trying to say it does, but you notice they do double think in this article.
In fact, I've seen articles, I remember when black helicopters from the late 80s until the late 90s were swarming around the country doing black op drills, terrorizing farmers and ranchers.
The media would say it doesn't exist, you're insane if you say it exists, there's no such thing.
And then, we basically enforced it.
I mean, standing on the shoulders of everyone else, I just happened to really get involved in it right when it started breaking.
They hit San Antonio without authorization.
I got the police chief to talk about it.
I got other police chiefs to talk about it.
Kingsville emergency managers, about how they were told it was for martial law.
I mean, the head of, Thomas Sanchez, Vietnam vet, a patriot, the head of the county's emergency management, said, I told them no because they showed me PDD 25.
They showed him a classified one and said, this is for a continuity of government martial law.
And he said, that's treason.
I'm not going to be involved in that.
That's in my film, Police State 2000.
What a classic, man.
And they went ahead and still raided the town and blew some stuff up and terrorized everybody.
And, uh, why did I get off into that?
Oh, yeah.
Then they had a front page of the Austin American Statesman.
I mean THE front page of the paper.
And then right next to it, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones believes in black helicopters.
So here they are admitting it happened and admitting I'm covering it, but next to it, another article written by the guy that wrote hit pieces on people for the TexDot.
He was also a writer for the, excuse me, for the DPS is the fella.
He's one of their boys, used to work for them directly.
He wrote a piece about how the black helicopters didn't exist.
You gotta love that.
I mean, right next to it, admitted and police chiefs and everybody being interviewed.
Right next to it is here's Alex Jones and it doesn't exist.
And that's what they did in this article.
Texas Governor Rick Perry to attend Bilderberg.
That is the Dallas Morning News up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
By the way, I don't know why we didn't dig this article.
Somebody needs to dig it.
Governor Rick Perry is flying to Istanbul, Turkey today to speak to the super-secret, oh, it's super-secret Goldenberg Conference, a meeting of about 130 international leaders in business, media, and politics.
The invitation-only conference started in 1954, and then it goes on to say he's looking forward to the secret, learning the secret handshake, Mr. Black Joke, that's his press secretary, he said that Mr. Perry is
Paying for the trip to host Hotel, usually among the top of the world, out of campaign contributions from his Texans for Rick Perry committee.
Now, you need to call News 8, KVUE, all of them.
Of course, they won't want to do a meme piece on Perry, or they won't get access to this creature.
So what?
So what?
They need to do a story about the Logan Act.
And see, everybody seems to think the Logan Act hasn't been changed.
I'm on Cornell.
I'm at law.cornell.edu.
Forward slash U.S.
code, forward slash U.S.
code 18, forward slash U.S.C.
underscore sec, underscore 18, underscore zero, zero, zero, zero, nine, five, three, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, zero, zero, zero, dash, comma, HTML.
Or you can just type in Logan Act into your favorite search engine.
And it will come up for you, and it is U.S.
Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 45, Code 953, Private Correspondence with Foreign Governments.
It's private, it's not just the government now.
Okay, so they keep saying, oh, he's a governor, it's okay.
Look, that witch Hillary went to Ottawa last year, and they tried to keep it secret, but we know she's a criminal.
And we know she's been in trouble before.
Three hundred grand-o.
Three hundred thousand dollars.
Because Mrs. Segundo thought that she could just go in there and do what she wanted.
Now I want you to call News 8 and the rest of them and tell them they need to call the press secretary who says he's now not a member of the government.
By the way, that is a government position.
I pulled that up too.
I already knew it, but I double-checked it.
He has all the responsibilities of the press secretary of the governor's office of the great state of Texas.
Now, we know Perry and these guys are masquerading as that.
Hell, his head of Texas-Mexico relations is a Mexican citizen and a registered lobbyist of the government of Mexico.
I mean, that's as legal as...
Bank robbery, folks!
Having the tech agency with no governmental power, except the legislature, telling the legislature they can't see secret agreements with foreign companies, and signing secret agreements, is as illegal as bank robbery!
It's a lot more illegal than drag racing down the center of the town, drag!
I mean, this is high crimes, folks!
This is jail time, and they just want to go around flaunting this, just like they selectively don't arrest the illegals and let them all have bank accounts without... By the way, it did come out.
Larger sections of the amnesty bill have now been released up on prisonplanet.com.
We have links to the JBS, John Birch Society broke the story, and it's what we already knew from the other sections we got.
It is total amnesty, and the headline is, Bush lied to the Senate.
I've been running around for three weeks telling you that it's not amnesty.
Of course it's amnesty.
This is all military tactics.
This is not an assault.
This is not an assault.
While they're assaulting you.
They got fixed bayonets stabbing the country in the gut telling you it's not an assault.
The War on Terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas or will it affect us here at home?
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It comes down to getting the news out, ladies and gentlemen.
Number one when it comes to fighting the New World Order.
I tell you, I love fighting the New World Order and I'm glad that you are with us because we take this on like a war.
And we love exposing the enemies of the people.
We love taking them on.
If we're going to risk our lives, we're going to enjoy it.
And we're going to go for all the gusto and every single bit of it.
The thrill of the fight, ladies and gentlemen.
We did confirm, Luke Rodowski's got new footage, a new confrontation with Giuliani.
Remember back on Tuesday as they stormed out?
I had been so busy that I literally just haven't even paid attention to that, never even thought to call him and say, did you get it?
And that's why I know their M.O.
They like to edit the video, upload it, and have it first, and then announce it.
They had a new Giuliani confrontation.
No doubt this will be news.
We have the video.
We're going to be airing the audio coming up in the next hour.
And Luke Rudowsky will be joining us.
The video is up on WeAreChange.org right now.
The reason we grabbed their video, though, and put it on YouTube is the streaming system they use, just for some reason in my office, takes forever to stream or download.
I think so.
Audio pulled off right now, and so we can play that for you in the next hour.
New confrontation with the piece of trash Republican frontrunner, Rudolph, traitor to America, Giuliani, who by the way has been to Bilderberg Group, our sources confirm.
125 of the world's most powerful people and five minions are invited each year, and the chosen darling
opens the door and greets the people.
Literally, governors, high-powered senators, Hillary's done it, sit there and Clinton's done it, and open the door.
George Bush Sr.
did it back in the mid-eighties.
I mean, that, imagine, you vet yourself before them and you go and open the door and greet everyone.
The elitists come in and go, oh, you're my greeter!
It's like a valet, a butler,
Our governors serve as butlers, and let me tell you, it's up on a hill, high security around it.
We're told it's hard to get video or shots up close, but there are reporters there.
I've got a big international film crew on tomorrow that's going to come on after Jim to see if, because I wish I should have gone to Istanbul.
I should have gone to Constantinople, ladies and gentlemen, because
We could.
I mean, I just can't do it all though.
I'm trying to finish Endgame.
That's about last year's.
But the good part is, Endgame is so far behind schedule.
I've been working on this for over a year.
Oh my God, I'll never make the money back I've spent on it.
But it's quite a whopper.
Wait till you see this film.
All shot in high def.
Just no expense spared.
We have really lavished this production.
But I'll be able to now go in and add
Uh, this newest information.
The question is, though, that may keep me from even releasing it in time for the holidays.
But I don't care, man.
This is my baby, and I want it to be right.
I've got to make a decision in the next few days.
Go ahead and call the Congressman.
Let's go ahead and get him up.
We do have the Congressman with us.
That is so exciting.
We're going to go to break and come back with the Congressman and talk to him about his campaign that is just exploding.
The big Las Vegas odds had him at 200-1.
He's now 15-1.
And you watch, he's going to continue to rise.
He's not 15-1.
If the American people get behind him, he can win the Republican nomination.
And that's why we all need to donate our time, our money, our resources, but most importantly, our time emailing on the message boards, the phone calls, the talk radio, letters to the editor.
We are surging forward, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back on the other side with presidential candidate Ron Paul.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Ladies and gentlemen, presidential candidate on the Republican Party ticket.
He is the true people's candidate.
A constitutional populist is the term I would use to best describe Dr. Paul, Veteran Ron Paul, Congressman Ron Paul, Grandfather Ron Paul, Husband Ron Paul, Patriot Ron Paul, who's got a perfect conservative voting record, literal founding father material.
He is a very humble man.
He doesn't like hearing that.
I know I cringe and people compliment me, but you know what?
He is the real McCoy.
I mean, people say he's in the mold of Barry Goldwater.
Frankly, I've looked at Barry Goldwater's voting record.
And it is a pox compared to Congressman Ron Paul.
And he's got a good record, but it's got quite a few potholes in it.
This guy is Sterling.
He is literally the Excalibur of candidates.
And ronpaul2008.com is the website.
1-800-RON-PAUL is the number to donate.
The Congressman joins us now for the rest of this hour, the next 25 minutes.
Congressman, thank you for spending time with us.
Thank you, Alex.
Good to be with you.
So much has happened, just out of the gates.
What is most important to Congressman Ron Paul and presidential candidate Ron Paul?
Well, of course, the exciting thing is that the message has caught on.
I think one of the more interesting things about who's responding, and it's the younger generation, which I think is good news for the country.
You know, it's the younger generation that is bearing the burden.
They're starting to recognize what we're dumping on them, whether it's the war in the Middle East,
I don't know.
But it's the idea of freedom, that if I'm willing to present a case for allowing these young people to have their way and not put a burden on them, all of a sudden they have become very excited about what's happening.
I've got to bring this up because I've probably gotten, I don't know, 500, 600, I don't know, emails, 50 calls on air.
All I know is it's a lot.
Oh, we've got to protect him.
They're going to Bobby Kennedy him.
Ask him how we support him.
Do we donate for bodyguards?
And I go, I don't want to get the Congressman on and bring something like this up.
I go, he's a smart guy.
You know, he knows there's a risk.
Well, I think that's real.
I think we're at a point right now where they're still hoping I will go away, but the fact that they've started to attack me means that we are annoying them, to say the least.
But I'm still working on the assumption that my automobile may well be a lot more dangerous than me being attacked.
But like you say, if we get a little bit closer to really achieving success in the political sense, then I think there's reason to be concerned and to be alert.
Well, they went after George Washington, they went after Andrew Jackson, they've gone after a lot of people that are patriots.
And George Wallace, who wasn't exactly in our camp, but he sort of resented the establishment, and they finally did something with him, too.
Yeah, and look at the big kingfish.
Look at Mr. Long.
Mm-hmm, that's right.
They'll do it.
So there's a lot at stake.
You know, if we shake up the establishment,
What is at stake for us is our freedom.
What is at stake for them is the money and the control and the power and the monetary system.
So this is high stakes.
So yes, they will be very determined, but I think right now they're going to just
Coming into the debate, I know you've been pretty public about your strategy, liberty, freedom, less government, constitutional principles.
In the next debate, I talked to Aaron Russo.
He told me he talked to you.
Obviously, I've seen your campaign already attacking Giuliani.
I mean, that is the smart thing.
You don't need our advice, but what about going after him about the dust, which he helped cover up, which they now admit, you know, major medical institution, that it's hurting their lungs, the asbestos, the concrete, the glass.
What about going after
Well, the likelihood of me initiating that in a debate where time is so limited, and that takes a little bit of explanation, I'm not likely to
The fact that he made a charge which was unbelievable, that he had never heard our side of the story about how our foreign policy could contribute to our dislike of American government overseas, that was astounding.
So we did go after him, but I thought in a dignified fashion to point out to some very, very credible CIA
I don't think so.
Unless it lends itself.
If I'm asked a question, obviously I can take advantage of the opportunity.
Well, if I was a betting man, I would guess he'll wrap himself in 9-11 again and bring up what a hero he is.
He said he was a victim, which he wasn't last time.
Just amazing stuff.
I'm just saying, if he brings that up and says, hey, why are they all mad at you for covering up the dust?
You knew about that.
I think that's a winner.
I think you're right.
I have to be ready to use the opportunity to present.
Obviously, Dr. Paul, I defer to your knowledge.
You've been up on the Hill for many years and you've experienced all this.
You know ten times with half your brain tied behind your back that I do about strategy.
What are you planning to bring up in the debate that's coming up next week?
You know, if I have an opportunity to direct this discussion, I would probably follow this line of thinking.
You know, I've made the case for the more arguments against our foreign policy, and the politics of it, how bad it is for us as Republicans, and how unconstitutional it is.
But I'm going to start talking more about, to sort of needle away at the conservatives, how this is not conservative.
We don't even have any money.
We borrow every penny to fight this war from the Chinese.
The Chinese can bring us to our knees because of our monetary system and our trade policies, and yet nobody says anything.
And the conservatives call this a conservative philosophy?
At the same time, they're running up these huge deficits.
I'm going to put the burden back on our Republican leadership for not being exactly what they say they are, and trying to make the point that instead of making me the strange Republican,
I think I'm a mainstream Republican.
You know, I still believe in balanced budgets.
I think they're radicals.
I think they're radical in their foreign policy.
I think they're radical in endorsing the Democratic proposal for entitlements.
They're radical when it comes to taxes and entitlements.
And now they have a need to run up these deficits and continue this fraud that exists in the Federal Reserve System that keeps printing money to pay the bills.
Which literally wipes out the middle class.
I'm going to emphasize the economics of this war, since we have talked about the other conditions that have given us trouble.
And then I saw Bloomberg as the Mexicans are panicking because the peso is surging up the charts, gaining on the dollar.
This has never before happened.
And maybe that is a reflection of what they see coming with the North American Union.
Maybe they're betting they're going to be successful.
And you know, this immigration bill is pushing that bill along too, this whole idea of the North American Union.
And if they're going to combine our currencies, that means that you would be betting on the peso gaining against the dollar.
You know, it's a guessing game, too, because none of the currencies are anything other than paper currencies, so there's a lot of political guesswork being done, and yet, I hope I'm wrong on that assessment, but it well could be some speculators thinking that they're going to be pushing us into this North American Union, which obviously we have to continue to fight.
Well, when the peso starts running up against the dollar, we know... There's something wrong.
Yeah, there's definitely something wrong.
Talking about the economy, I mean, now even Alan Greenspan is saying serious recession coming, which is what you've been saying for a few years.
And you said a few years ago you saw that happening in the next three to five years.
Do you still give us that prognosis, Doctor?
Yeah, I think so.
And, you know, the evidence today is there.
Our growth in the economy is .6% annualized, and those figures are always fudged to make it look better than it really is.
But there's an interesting statistic that shows that we're actually in negative growth because our population grows at 1.5%, so if you want even growth, you know, just holding our own, you have to grow at 1.5%, and yet we're at .6%.
So we're in negative growth right now in real terms.
Well, doesn't the federal government also cook and fix a lot of the economic indices and datum that they add into the whole inflation and growth scales?
Yeah, I don't really believe any of them, and I don't know who puts them all together and whether they sleep well at night.
I don't really trust him.
I think this website that John Williams has out is very good.
He keeps tabs on real growth and money supply.
He's the one that put this M3 money supply together, and he also talks about the PPI and CPI in real terms.
If you just use the old
You know, we have an inflation rate of 7, 8, 9 percent, you know, so what happens is it's sort of like the money supply.
They don't want us to know they cancel it or change it, and they do that with these other statistics, too.
But that's why I think people are much more disgruntled than the government statistics would indicate.
You know, everything is wonderful according to government reports.
At the same time, you know the people and what they're complaining about, and they're not all that happy.
They know that their liberties are being undertaken and removed at the same time their economic conditions are getting worse.
Congressman, last year the Defense Authorization Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, moved us much closer to
The president controlling the governors in emergencies, even environmental, then of course, and of course you've written about this, but for the listeners, recapping, we saw the Military Commissions Act, which all the top law professors looked at and said, yes, they strip citizens of citizenship and then can secretly use torture in a court of law.
Uh, in one of these kangaroo courts against you.
Now, with Presidential Decision Directive 51, Bush, quote, gave the presidency, I don't know how the president does that, the new power to circumvent Congress during, quote, environmental emergencies or any emergencies he sees fit.
In the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, they use the term during insurrection or rebellion.
So please speak to the overall dictatorship that you've talked about that now is being set up and then can you expand on that too?
Is the elite doing this so they can bankrupt the economy and fully suck us dry or are they doing it because they've drunkenly overspent and now they can't control it and they're afraid of when it implodes people are going to riot.
Can you speak to that?
I think my first guess would be that they're preparing
Uh, for bad conditions, and they know what we know, although they deny it and wouldn't say it, and they expect turmoil.
And, uh, you know, when the entitlement system breaks down, there's gonna be a lot of chaos.
And I think they also know that the Chinese could bring us to our knees if they desire to, and they could destroy the dollar, and there's gonna be a lot of unhappy people.
So, in some ways, the executive branch always overextends, but the Congress is derelict because when they passed the change in the Insurrection Act in the DOD budget, they literally said it would be okay.
So it has become law now with this recent executive order.
He's putting it down in black and white, in concrete, and he's telling us exactly how they can do it, and yet, nobody seems to care.
Is that a public... I had a reporter here yesterday, and he said, is that hyperbole, Mr. Jones?
He said, I heard you say this is an open declaration of dictatorial powers.
I mean, that's what it is.
Yeah, but they don't say that.
They just say that they can take over the function, but it is military dictatorship, is what it is.
It's authority, and it doesn't have to go through the Congress.
But for those in Congress, I mean, for those of us that study this and are into this and are informed, it is an open declaration.
Well, yeah, even though I'm just saying they don't use those precise words, but in reality it is, you know, and they have this authority.
It's been incremental.
This seems to be a big burst of energy to solidify the power in the executive branch.
And, uh, I guess we can't look into the minds and souls of everyone that's doing this, whether they say, oh, I love dictatorship and I want it, or whether they're just preparing for rough times and sincerely believe this is the way to do it.
Well, that's what concerns me, sir, is that, you know, we saw preparations 20, 30 years ago, but it was very small, it was emasculated, it wasn't robust.
Now, everything they do is clearly being done
Well, it's hard to say, but they are prepared, and you know, this whole idea of getting rid of habeas corpus means that, you know, if they need this type, or they're going to use this type of power,
I mean, they're not going to want to be handicapped by all of us going before a judge and forcing them to explain why they're holding us.
Now they can hold an American citizen without habeas corpus.
That to me is one of the most atrocious changes in our law recently.
That and the change in our foreign policy where we start preemptive wars.
These two things, one international, one domestic, is a real threat to us.
Is that not what Hitler and Stalin did?
I mean, that's what Napoleon did.
When you start saying there's no habeas corpus, you're guilty until proven innocent, and I'm going to preemptively attack whoever I want.
I mean, what is that called, sir?
Well, it is.
It's tyrannical.
For them to succeed, though, they're going to have to really attack the Second Amendment, because that is the ultimate test of whether the American people will stand up to this abuse.
So we'll have to wait and see if there's any extra
As a matter of fact, there are some gun laws being prepared now as a consequence of this recent school episode, so they are going to make some more attempt.
But still, the American people are armed, and we still have access to radio talk shows, and we still have the internet, so our voices can be heard, and I think that's a lot about what this campaign is about.
Congressman, is it fair to say that the Republic is in the fight of its life, literally for its very existence?
Well, I think so.
I think it's been going on a long time, but it seems to be coming to a head.
And that's why, you know, what we do now is crucial.
That's also the reason I'm encouraged that our information is getting out better than ever before, and the young people are waking up, and that's great.
Congressman, the Logan Act, the cover of the Dallas Morning News, Texas Governor Rick Perry to attend a Bilderberg meeting, and they say it's super secret and that he's flown over there to meet.
Yeah, well, that sure is a sign that he's very much involved in the international conspiracy.
And, of course, he's been the promoter of the highway.
But wasn't it pretty neat how the people in Texas spoke out and the legislature also all of a sudden, you know, backed away and put a moratorium on that?
That means that people do have a voice.
But this information about him going over there and violating, if that becomes the case, the Logan Act and getting involved, I'm just very impressed that that's in the ordinary media.
So that's, to me, I think that's encouraging, too.
So go ahead and ask another one, but I gotta go.
Okay, Congressman, stay there just one moment.
We've got you scheduled at the bottom of the hour.
If we're unable to, that's fine.
I need to speak to you for one moment off air.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Presidential candidate Ron Paul.
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Alright, we had Ron Paul penciled in for 30 minutes, but we got him for 20.
They were talking to the other radio show he was about to go on during that break.
I did get a chance to get the question in to him, should there be an investigation under the Logan Act of Rick Perry going to the Bilderberg Group meeting, and he said yes, that he would call for an investigation.
By that he wasn't saying, I'm calling for one, because he had to go.
He was saying, yes, I'm for an investigation under the Logan Act on this.
Congressman Ron Paul is saying this should be investigated under a violation of the Logan Act.
So there you have it.
Because you can read it in clear black and white.
See, I thought I had another five minutes with him, so I was going to get into the New World Order conspiracy, the New World Order program, this entire system.
But we did not get that question in.
I should have gotten the big question out up front.
But it doesn't matter, we got the Marshall Law information discussed, and we got other key areas brought forward there with Congressman Ron Paul.
Absolutely amazing!
We've got Luke Rudowsky coming up, and we've got a new second confrontation that he had with
Rudolph Giuliani, about 9-11.
The first one was with Sabrina Rivera.
Before I end this hour, my friends, I do want to encourage all of you
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, this is a high-octane transmission.
First, Jim Tucker joined us from Istanbul, high atop a hotel, the Orient, overlooking the Ritz-Carlton, where the Bilderberg is being held.
It was disinfo, they had planted in newspapers, that they were meeting in the other hotel, in the Classis,
And we're going to be getting a big report written up for this.
I've been told I'm on Coast to Coast AM tonight to cover this.
I need to have my producers get in touch with their producers because I don't think this can be covered in just one segment as I was already scheduled to do.
Rick Perry is attending.
Recapping that, that's coming up.
I thought I had Ron Paul for another segment, but the phone was ringing and he had to go on another national radio show.
Because he was elaborating on the international conspiracy that Rick Perry is obviously part of for being going to Bilderberg, and I want him to elaborate on the Logan Act, but we ran out of time.
That is HUGE!
Man, we're going to hurt the New World Order with this one.
I just hope that Steve Watson and Paul Watson can get all this written up.
We've got Luke Rodowski and WeAreChange.org, and Tom Foti and Sabrina Rivera.
What a team.
And others.
I can't list everybody that goes in the pack of
New Info Warrior is savaging the enemy, but they had a big effect.
Not only did they confront Al Gore last week, David Rockefeller, John Edwards, another Bilderberg member, Al Gore's been there too, not only did they confront all these people, but now they went back
The day and a half ago I confronted Giuliani again.
We now have that video up on JonesReport.com.
We're getting it up on PrisonPlanet.com.
It's up on WeAreChange.org if you want to check it out there.
Now, it's got the first Giuliani and the second is on the second part of it.
We're going to play that audio coming up in about 15 minutes.
I mean, it's just so exciting to see people taking action, you know, talking to activists in Istanbul and talking to Congressman Ron Paul and then talking to you and talking to everybody.
We will just jam in.
I mean, I'm going to do it, but I'm going to cut you all off.
I've done this before on the Sunday show I do from 4 to 6 p.m.
on KLBJ.
I am just going to take calls, but 45 seconds apiece, from the bottom of the hour coming up in about 25 minutes to the end of the show.
Just bam, bam, bam, bam.
Here's the number.
Now we're going to come back and play the clip after the break, but let's bring him up.
Luke Rodowski, 20 years old, in the fight now for a couple years.
Luke, just out of the gate, there's other young people, doesn't matter if you're old, young, black, white, Hispanic, we can all fight the New World Order, but it is great to see young people.
How did you wake up to the New World Order, Luke?
Man, it was you, man.
It was all you, man.
I saw Police Day 2000, and after being beat up by the police here in New York City by the NYPD, it really opened my eyes up to what's going on here.
And it really made me, uh, just go to you.
It made me go to InfoWorks, ToThePlanet.com, and ToThePlanet.tv.
It really opened my eyes to a wide range of issues.
And of course, then you brought me to 9-11.
And ever since the age of 17 here in New York City, for about three and a half to four years,
I've been doing a lot of street actions.
I've been out there every Saturday at Ground Zero with a big banner that debates 9-11 with an inside job.
And then they started threatening you and intimidating you and trying to frame you so you have quadrupled.
I wouldn't say quadrupled.
You've gone from a one to a thousand.
Now you're just literally foaming at the mouth, engaging the enemy, just rampaging, berserking over them.
I mean, if this was the Info War and we put it into physical terms, you have a huge double-edged battle axe just shooing enemy soldiers, just savaging them.
Oh yeah, I mean, they gave me some death threats.
They gave Sabrina Rivera some death threats.
They tried to stop me.
They told me that, you know, they were going to kill me if I don't stop.
And just understanding that situation, I decided just to step it up on another, on a whole another level.
And to show them that we're not scared, and they're not going to scare me.
And the word of truth.
Truth and justice will never stop.
And that they're going down no matter what.
And they think they can stop us?
They're not.
It's only going to get intensified.
Let me hear your war growl!
We're coming for you!
Come on!
We're coming for them and they're coming down, man!
Come on, baby!
We'll be right back!
Stay with us!
We'll be right back!
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, coming up we're going to air the audio of the second Giuliani confrontation.
Luke Rodowski, recap what you guys did last week, who you confronted, those videos, most of them are out, some of the others will be posted over the weekend, and then go through this, because when we talked to you Tuesday, you were then going to leave, while you were busy dubbing tapes to mail me and uploading them to the web, editing video, you were about to storm out.
I mean, last week, I mean, all of last week, the last seven days have been really crazy for us.
We confronted John Edwards, Richard Hoff, the president of the CFR, John D. Rockefeller, John Edwards,
And now, Rudolph Giuliani.
Now last time, last time I was on the phone with you, I started editing the footage, I put everything together, and then Giuliani was doing two other talks.
One in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and another one in Staten Island.
We at We Are Change.org, me, Sabrina, Tom, and my good friend Matt, and Nate, we had both of those events.
And the Bay Ridge event was pretty interesting because there was
A group of about 40 to 50 family members and rescue workers actually protesting Giuliani outside of his fundraiser.
There was family members there pissed off about his lies, and we have great video of family members just speaking out about, you know, how pleasing this and how scum Giuliani really is.
And what was really interesting is that the police department here in New York City totally shut down the whole street where Giuliani was.
They set up barricades and they barricaded in the family members
Away from Giuliani.
They barricaded away the press.
Nobody could get near him.
But, as soon as Giuliani came out to his private car, to his private witness signature service, everybody just started bullying him.
Just all the family members there just started boiling.
And that's what I was talking to Ron Paul, the presidential candidate, last hour about.
He is literally in polls.
Close to 90% of New York hate him now.
Liberals, conservatives, it doesn't matter.
The police hate him.
The fire department hates him.
The civil service hates him because he was such a crook.
Everybody knows it.
And all the stuff's come out of him with the dust and the rest of it, but there's this national illusion that he's so loved.
I mean, the media kind of really ignores it.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, they did a great job.
I'm telling you, if Ron Paul attacked him and said, you keep wrapping yourself in 9-11 flag, New Yorkers hate you, and they boo you everywhere you go, it'd be huge controversy.
Ron Paul would probably win the nomination.
But you heard him.
He's such a gentleman.
He says he's not going to do that last hour.
He is a gentleman, but you have to see the video.
This is not the time to be gentlemanly.
It's in the video.
It is.
You see family members and rescue workers bullying Giuliani.
Giuliani comes to New York City.
Literally, he has to have Secret Service all around him because family members and rescue workers always are going to confront him.
And he's actually staying away from New York City.
He goes around nationwide collecting millions of dollars off his speeches of 9-11 and claiming he's a hero.
But when he comes to New York, he has to hide.
He has to shut down streets.
Just to get in this car.
That's how bad it is here in New York City.
And we also got him a second time.
And then he did another fundraiser in Staten Island.
So what we did, we got in the car, me, Sabrina, Nate, Matt, and Tom, and we took the car to Staten Island.
And as we got there, as we got there, Giuliani was siding baseball.
He was outside, actually.
And Tom, Nate, and Matt just ran up to him and started questioning him.
Questioning him.
And he was just laughing.
He couldn't, he didn't even, he didn't even try to answer some of the questions.
And then we just told him, you know, how big the field could be a puppet for the New World Order, and he just started laughing.
And then the Secret Service security guard started shoving on us and pushing us away.
It's all in the video, man.
And then, and then... I know, it's bombshell.
I've seen it.
Yeah, the Secret Service was following us all the time.
They had police escorts as we were leaving each location, and it was pretty creepy and scary, man.
You even see one Secret Service dude trying to ask me and Sabrina for their full names and our contact information, trying to really intimidate us.
Hey, don't worry, we're going to make them big stars too!
Oh yeah, they're already big stars, man.
The video's up on We Are Change.
I'm working on a high-resolution, quality, better version up right now.
I'm doing everything I can.
I'm here at home.
I stood up all night making this video.
I hope people really enjoy it.
And it really just shows you what Giuliani's about.
Giuliani's a crook.
Giuliani's a liar.
Giuliani's not a hero.
He's one of the criminals on 9-11, and we have to expose that.
We have to come up to him.
And we have to do follow-ups, man.
If anybody knows where Giuliani is, come ask him a question again.
Come confront him again.
That's what it's about, man.
Truth Revolution.
Keep hitting him, Luke!
I mean, that's what it's about, man.
He's a crook!
I mean, he came in... He came, you know, be in New York City, for God's sake.
His own city, where he was the mayor.
He set up a total police state here when he was the mayor.
The people despise him.
The police despise him.
The firefighters despise him.
The rescue workers, the family members despise him.
He lied.
He's responsible for injuring 50,000 rescue workers.
He lied about the air quality knowingly.
He lied about it.
He lied about knowing the towers were going to collapse.
He's on record lying to the media, lying to family members, lying to Sabrina Rivera about him not knowing the towers were going to collapse.
He knew, there's video of him talking about it on 9-11, the towers were going to collapse.
We got away.
We took as many people as we could.
He's lying.
He knew what was going on.
He's a new Alberta puppet.
You said he was at the Bilderberg, right?
Is that documented, Alex?
Luke, I am giving... I'm talking a whole lot right now, and I was listening to you, but I'm triple-tasking here, as I'm literally... Is it true what, Luke?
Was he a Bilderberg member?
Is who a Bilderberg?
What about Giuliani?
Yes, we've gotten reports that he's been there since he was mayor in the last four and a half years.
We have gotten reports.
I've got to nail that down.
But it looks like he may have been there when he was mayor as well, when it was held out in Chantilly, outside Virginia, a few years ago.
Yeah, because my friend Nate said, you know, you're just a puppet for the new world order.
And he saw his whole demeanor change.
His whole security staff, his whole security staff got all tensed up.
Well, that's like when you went up to one of Rockefeller's security people in that, uh... In that Rockefeller video.
Yeah, in the Rockefeller video, and you say to him, you know, he's fighting for a new world order.
And the guy goes, he's against the new world order?
He knew what it was, but wait a minute, he's for that.
I mean, you can hear the guy going, wait a minute, he's against the new world order?
And you go, no, no, no, he's for it.
And the guy goes, yeah.
Because you gave them his book.
I mean, they all know that.
They all know who they work for.
Hell, listen.
We go to these Bilderberg functions, and I've talked to reporters that have been there, you know, almost 30 times, and they'll never help them.
The waitstaff, all these people, they will never help them.
Okay, and then as soon as they hear him talk about destroying France, destroying Germany, destroying America, they go, we'll give you everything you need!
I've had it happen to me when I was in Canada!
I mean, because you're around evil, man!
They're meeting in their Legion of Doom against America, and Rick Perry is their little darling, because he's pulled off more criminal operations than I've ever seen a governor pull off.
I mean, handing over the whole road infrastructure of Texas, trying to hand over the water, he's just...
Rick Perry!
How long have I told you, man, that guy's going to the top because they got so much dirt on him.
Oh yeah, he's total scum down there in Texas, what he's doing with the NAFTA cap to highways, man.
It's totally destroying Texas, not only Texas but America itself.
We are going to defeat them.
These guys want to destroy America.
We will not let America be destroyed.
We will not let the Constitution be destroyed on.
We will not let it be trampled on.
We are revamping the Constitution.
We are taking America back.
And these guys, you have to understand, these guys really want to destroy America.
They want to start the North American Union so they can merge Canada and Mexico together to start this North American New World Order Union.
That's why they got the EU, that's why the CFR papers even call for an Asian Pacific Union, an African Union, a Middle East Union, because that's what they're going to start doing.
Grouping these little nation states together until they're going to have a one world order.
And that's their basic wet dream.
That's what they wanted forever.
And I told Rockefeller he's not getting one.
Let's go back to Giuliani.
I was listening to most of what you said, but I made a quick call to Watson about just seeing if he was up for this.
If not, I'm going to have to cancel what I was already going to do.
I've got to get Steve Watson on it, Slick Heisen, Aaron Dyches.
We've got to get it all going here.
Strike while the iron's hot.
We've got major breaking news from Istanbul that it's not at the Colossus like they'd announced.
That was a diversion.
They put it in the local paper.
They're really meeting clearly.
He said 95% chance armed guards and black limos.
Lockdown at the Ritz-Carlton.
Clearly that's it.
Then we've got... So it's been confirmed.
Then we've got all the news of him being followed by Secret Service.
What's happening there with Rick Perry going in violation of the Logan Act.
We have his office
...saying it's not a violation of the Logan Act, because they're not aware of the expansion of it.
It's not just federal now, it's citizens, and governors, state, you name it.
We have it in the Dallas Morning News.
We have that going on there.
Giuliani, yet again, and tell me who these Mickley, who are on your, with the team here, with WeAreChanged and OurInfoWars.com, explain to me, on this, who went up to Giuliani, where they were, what was said, specifically, right now, with Total Information Warfare Fusion?
Oh man, it was great activists here in New York City.
It was Matt, one of our great activists, Matt Lepacek, Tom Foti, and our good friend Nathan who confronted him outside the Staten Island fundraiser here in New York City, the third fundraiser which we're having here in New York City, and came up to him and told him, you know, we know that you just lied to us.
We know, we used to be family members.
You know, how come you didn't talk about the family members?
How come you threw the family members in the garbage?
You know, and they just started barraging him with questions.
Were they asking why he used them for potholes?
Yeah, that's exactly one of the things, you know, the media isn't even covering, like, you know, used to clean up streets, or used to, you know, refill streets, and that's sick and that's disgusting.
And then the media starts to say the Truth Movement is against the family members.
Money is on the Truth Movement's side.
And people have to understand that, man.
Truth is on our side.
Luke Radowsky, stay there, my friend.
Infowars.com, Info Warrior, on the front lines of the Info War.
Cueing and crowning and crashing through the enemy lines.
The berserking will continue.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, coming up, we're going to air some of this.
There's a crowd screaming, yelling, cussing at Giuliani, so some of that we really don't want to air here.
FCC lets you do it if it's documentary.
I mean, you'll hear stuff on NPR.
If it really happens, it happens.
But we're not going to do that here.
But I think most of it's clean.
You can barely hear some of the background.
And then, of course, there's the confrontation.
We're going to be able to air that coming up.
But in closing, Luke,
So much is going on.
You just shouldn't have reprised me on the fact that Aaron Russo has been trying to call me for a week.
I'm pathetic.
I just get where I get so focused on filmmaking and everything else I need to call him because you've got a project going and I just heard the Loose Change guys.
I know I'm supposed to call them.
I've just been trying to leave them alone and let them make this final cut.
But very exciting stuff coming up on the debate.
I'll just leave it at that with Ron Paul next week.
But Luke, anything else that you think needs to be added?
We're working hard here.
I mean, uh, we're going to release the John Edwards CFR and Al Gore footage soon.
I'm working on it hard, stood up all night.
I'm going to stay up all night tonight working on the great footage.
Also, what's really important to note today, I mean, uh, at Saturday at Ground Zero, we're going to have a live video feed of the street action that we're doing at Ground Zero.
And we found out why you're using that hard blip TV, because you're saying you're having trouble uploading to Google and YouTube.
Uh, so what we'll do is, we'll just grab it off there and for you, and then upload it to YouTube.
That way it gets up.
Yeah, I mean, I don't know what's going on with YouTube.
I don't know if it's censorship or something, but I've been having a lot of trouble with... Well, now that you've talked about it, there'll probably be 300 versions of the video uploaded by other people.
That's great.
That's good.
Yeah, I can't wait, man.
By the way, speak of the devil, we've got that contest going on that's, I don't know, had like, I don't know, I didn't count, looks like 15 or something submissions that are amazing with a $1,000 prize, plus I'm going to give you like 40-something of my videos as part of the InfoWar package on top of a $1,000 cash prize.
Yes, we are.
Some people are submitting stuff that doesn't even plug InfoWars.
It's got to plug 9-11 Truth and InfoWars, folks.
That's part of the contest.
But we're still putting submissions up there that don't do that.
Other people are also submitting other people's work.
You're not going to win doing that.
But we've got, I don't know, a whole bunch of really good submissions up there at Prison Planet.
I know in between everything else you're doing be sure and get me those dubbed copies and get those to us immediately because that way you'll have more copies out there floating around as an InfoWars.com reporter.
I commend your courage and what you and your team are doing and remember you represent 9-11 Truth at the highest levels now and look at how you tried to get squeezed out locally
We're good to go.
Every time somebody tries to, you know, play dirty tricks on our website or on work we've done, and we know all your dirty tricks, folks, it only helps us.
Thank you for the blessing.
Thank you.
Keep it up, if that's God's will, because we are never going to stop, are we, Luke?
We will never stop.
As long as we have truth and justice on our side, we will never stop, no matter what.
Well, be single-minded, be focused, my friend, and God go with you, our prayers go with you, and you just keep up your fine work, my friend.
Godspeed, Alex.
Take care.
Alright, there goes Luke Radowsky, ladies and gentlemen.
I said we'd take nothing but calls when we got back, but we never were able to get the clip until now because of BlipTV, or Blink, or whatever it is.
It's atrocious.
It took us like five hours of the day to download the last clip, but this time it's streaming.
We're getting it up on our servers and on Google and everywhere else so you can get it.
We have a thing where we upload it simultaneously on three different identities.
So one of them always gets through.
So we always triple attack.
If you try to block us, we triple attack.
People tried to block us from the Ron Paul meeting.
The museum and others did.
So I quadruple attacked.
We actually had five cameras in there.
So that's just how we roll.
And it's not even that we're that special, folks.
We're just average people.
If we're going to go into a fight, we're going to go 110% against you.
And you just better realize that.
The new order sets me up, plants drugs on me, whacks me, does whatever they do.
It'll only intensify the movement a hundred times.
I don't want that to happen, but that's what makes the grass grow, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what waters the tree of liberty.
That's why I'm committed.
In fact, I want everybody to know this.
I want to say this now.
I've always wanted to say this.
I win either way.
I want it to be known in the future, if they do ever kill me or set me up or do something, that you don't win.
I want you to know that I fully consciously knew the stakes and knew the dangers, just like Ron Paul said he does, and I want you to know I win.
You cannot win.
You cannot defeat us.
You cannot win.
Like Obi-Wan Kenobi told Darth Vader, you can't win.
You understand?
You cannot win!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We at The Bible Says want to alert the world to the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
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The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the REAL ID Act.
We're good to go.
We're good.
I need to get my feet in shape for summer.
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I'll be right back.
I'm getting some Cal-X.
Oh yeah!
If this ain't the Fight Club, I don't know what is.
All right, let's go ahead.
We're going to your calls here in a moment.
Here's about five minutes of where they're confronting Giuliani up close for the second time on Tuesday.
The second time they confronted him, but twice in the same day.
So three confrontations with his lordship.
With over 20 victims, family members booing him.
That's before on the video.
I don't think we have time to play that.
Maybe we'll cue that up too and play some booing for you.
But there's some cuss words involved too.
You might be able to hear some in the background.
So much is moving so fast here, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go ahead and go to this clip.
His lordship Tuesday night being confronted by the InfoWars.com WeAreChanged.org flotilla.
Mr. Giuliani, do you have any comments about Wall Street Center No.
7 class?
Sir, please.
Do you have any comments about your colleague, Larry Silverstein's admission to the Bulls' Billy Bean Poll?
Mr. Giuliani, can you tell us why you cleared the debris from the crime scene, sir?
Mr. Giuliani, sir?
Can you tell us why you took the evidence away from the crime scene, sir?
I care about the 93 reports of Giuliani's vulnerabilities.
Do you have a comment for the family members, sir, as to why you took the remains from the crime scene, sir?
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
Hey, you're going to talk about 60,000 people?
Oh, stop.
You're going to talk about 60,000 people?
Yes, we don't want to hear this nonsense.
What we want to hear is an answer!
What we need is an answer, sir!
Sir, why did you allow them to go out there when you knew they were going to die?
Why'd you allow them to go up there, sir?
Don't touch me.
No, don't touch me.
The air was polluted, huh?
Oh, gosh!
They're not going to stop me from signing this stuff.
No, but why don't you mention it?
I'm dying.
I'm going to reach 70,000 in a year, sir, probably.
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
Could you get your book down?
You guys must do football.
You're pretty good at that.
Hey guys, Nate, Nate, Nate.
Come on.
Be careful.
Be careful.
Sir, why did you take the evidence away from the...
So you've got Secret Service shoving all everybody, they've got to keep their mob boss safe while Los Perry's on the night circle.
I mean, this is how these people operate.
And you hear him, you know, they knew the towers were going to collapse, he told Peter Jennings that, he told the commission that, but he still sent the firemen and police in and didn't tell them to get out.
But he announced that he knew.
Then he tried to lie last week, and major New York papers picked it up.
Uh, WNBC, NBC picked it up, and then we pointed out to NBC, hey, here's his quotes, and they put in the article that Giuliani did say he was told to get out.
So see, this is how it's happening.
I'm telling you right now, we're doing an article on this, it's going to be big, because you're going to help us get it out to everybody, folks.
Don't let these huge stories just go unnoticed.
There's a lot of stories we put out this week that are just huge.
Like Bush using known Al-Qaeda groups that are real Al-Qaeda to attack Iran and calling Iran Al-Qaeda.
Or putting out this known Mossad agent running around saying he's Al-Qaeda about to launch attacks on America.
This Qaddan guy.
I mean, that stuff needs to be out too.
Help us get aggressive!
Ron Paul talking about, yeah, Rick Perry violating the Logan Act.
I mean, this is just huge.
Let's go to calls.
Now, well, should we play the rest of this?
You know what, folks?
Yeah, just go to presentplanet.com and infowars.com or we are change.org and jonesreport.com.
It's all up there.
Continual coverage in the next few days.
It's just ongoing video clips are going to be going up.
It's going to be massive.
Just stay with us.
I haven't even eaten yet.
I just thought about that.
A minute ago I was like, I haven't eaten yet today.
I was on coast-to-coast AM last night.
I've been battling since early this morning.
I love it.
I feel good.
I mean, this is good.
Oh, and that's the point I made earlier.
People take pleasure when they play dirty tricks on us, and they get pleasure when they threaten us, or they get pleasure when they do bad things to us.
And I just want you to know that I know I'm winning.
I know that God's will is being done when I fight evil.
And I know we're standing up against you scum, and I know we're better than you.
And I know we're the good people.
And I like being good, and I like being on the side of right.
Okay, you understand that?
And I like the strength it gives me.
And I like the courage.
And I like having honor.
You understand that?
Those are my possessions.
Those are my treasures.
And I want you to know something.
That all of the stuff the New World Order has done to me.
All the things they've threatened to do.
I want you to know that's all a blessing.
What does not kill me only makes me stronger.
And you even kill me.
You can't win, Darth, like the saying goes.
You strike us down, we'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
And you look at all the people that came before us, our forefathers, the people that fell at Lexington and Concord, that's what started it all.
And that's why Thomas Jefferson said, the blood of patriots waters the tree of liberty.
And it's just the fight, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what it's all about.
We know you're going to our throat.
We responded to your first blood attacks on us.
You drew first blood over and over again.
And we're going to clean your clocks and we're going to arrest every single one of you.
And you're going to have a jury by your peers.
And then you're going to prison, bare minimum.
And I want the New World Order to know that you're going to fall.
You know what?
You could have played it cool.
You could have kept going.
You could have just had your power.
But you had to go for it all.
You had to try to really destroy our lives.
And you thought you could publicly run Dying Gore and Alliburton child kidnapping rings.
And you thought you could publicly steal trillions out of the Pentagon?
And you thought you could publicly walk all over us and do whatever you wanted to?
And you thought you'd get away with it forever?
And you thought you'd kill those people on 9-11 and then stand up there and grandstand as the heroes?
And then use their bones to fill potholes?
And put it in the Associated Press and laugh at us?
You thought you'd just frown it all on our face?
You thought you'd get away with it?
I can feel the spirit of liberty rising.
And I tell you now, your New World Order is going to fail.
Now, you may launch it on its maiden voyage.
You've got it in the docks right now, about to cut the holds on the cables and let it slide into the bay.
But I'm telling you, that thing is going to be like the Titanic on its maiden voyage.
I see the New World Order rising and having the capstone placed.
And the instant you place that capstone, your fall begins.
The second, the second you place that blasphemous capstone on that black pyramid built on the dead bodies and the souls of all those you fed on, is the minute that hell is released against you!
I hope you know that, you fools, because your master's only here to kill, steal, and destroy.
It's against life itself, and that means you too, you wicked Luciferians.
And I don't fear your God, I fear the God that made your petty God.
And I fear the God that gives life, and can take eternal life, that can kill the soul, and your New World Order is going to fail.
And it's that simple.
So I want, on the record, for everybody to know, I've made my choices in life.
On the record, I'm glad I've done what I've done.
On the record, I'm so blessed it makes my head spin.
On the record, when you do right, even if you get defeated, you win, ladies and gentlemen.
It's that simple.
Chris in Tennessee, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Chris.
People, man, glory to God.
I'm excited.
I'm a long-time listener.
I just wanted to say some quick things about Ron Paul.
Just three ways to support him.
One, I think the big one that I've been doing, you know, the value of dollars got me a little down, so I haven't been doing the monetary thing, but I can a little bit, but to pray for him.
I know we can pray for God's will to be done with him.
Divine intercession.
You know, to frustrate the plans of his enemies and, you know, for his message to be heard.
Because, you know, if we don't, this is a great way to get his message heard, you know, the whole year before the election, you know what I mean?
I agree.
The whole world should pray for Ron Paul and pray for this movement against the New World Order.
So I think we should just go into a room, close the door, and contribute to his campaign in that way, in prayer.
And also, I'm waist deep in DVD minus R's here, burning DVDs, all kinds of different titles, and I was wondering if there was a title, a Ron Paul movie that's kind of sanctioned, that we can get that out, you know, for the ground truth.
Well, there's about 15 minutes or more of Ron Paul in my film.
A Matrix of Evil.
That's the film out there that's got the most Ron Paul I know of.
My documentary on DVD, The Matrix of Evil.
I appreciate your call.
Cliff in Idaho.
You're on the air worldwide.
Alex, I need you to please listen to me.
I've been waiting for over an hour.
I wanted to talk with you and Ron Paul.
When your man come on to let me on, I said, please get me on there, but then Ron had to leave.
I'm going to put him on hold real quick.
Okay, we didn't open the phones up then.
I opened the phones up just now.
And you're on the air, sir.
So I had them congering for a limited time, but I can't have radio discussions about the execution of the radio show.
That I can't do.
Because it isn't real radio to sit here and talk about how you didn't get on with Ron Paul.
Now, if you want to make a point, sir, go ahead.
Go ahead.
But what I have to tell you this, and everybody out here needs to listen real close to this.
I've got eighteen and a half million dollars sitting in the bank, the Westminster Bank in London.
Now listen to what I'm saying, please.
Please listen to me, Alex.
I cleared it through the President, which he just went out two days ago, and also the head of the Economical Crimes Commission, to have it cleared to send here to the United States.
Then the IMF came in and put a hold on it because of the Patriot Act and the denims they put to that.
You know what I'm telling you.
Sir, I think you've sent me faxes, haven't you?
Yes, I have.
I just said a bunch to Ryan concerning this.
I have all the documentation, everything about it.
Have you filed liens or something?
Sir, I have $18.5 million as a beneficiary fund that was coming from overseas.
Oh, explain to me where that came from.
It came from my beneficiaries and everything else that was in it.
The oil and the gas out there from 2003 I've been hunting for it.
And they didn't notify me.
I finally found out, okay?
Well, that's amazing.
Listen, I'll check into it.
Let me just tell everybody about this.
This is standard oil company operation.
And, uh, that most people don't even know that they're being ripped off when there are oil rigs, or not rigs anymore, but oil being pumped off their land.
It's standard operating procedure to not pay people.
Look, I'll try to read it.
I got Aaron Russo calling me.
I haven't called him back.
I got the loose change guys calling.
I'm literally haven't even eaten, but I'll try to do it, okay?
Believe me, I wish I didn't have to eat.
I wish I didn't have to sleep, ladies and gentlemen.
Believe me, I'm going to be tired later today.
I'm not whining.
I just want you to know why I get so wild, because I have to get ramped up to even have the energy to do all this.
I'll read your faxes.
I think you sent them weeks ago, too.
But trying to get money out of oil companies that's owed to you is like trying to get the Easter Bunny to, you know, come visit you on Christmas.
Who's up next?
Mid-Atlanta, Georgia, site of the North American Union Capital.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Good, what's on your mind?
I was wondering if you had heard about the Senate Bill 1082 about the regulation of drugs and supplements?
Yes, they're trying to shut down supplements and they're making their move.
They've introduced legislation to put a tax on all email and to start shutting down net neutrality.
The New York Times!
We were so busy we didn't even write an article about this week.
The New York Times said they're ending the internet as you know it.
Internet 2 is coming in.
I appreciate your call.
It's all happening.
North American Union.
By the way, John Birch Society reported they ended up getting larger sections of the bill, and they're very conservative.
When they report something, you can bank on it.
We already knew this, though.
Senators that have seen it say it's the old Kennedy bill.
Total blanket amnesty.
We already knew that.
And the senators are all mad now because they weren't allowed to see the old bill, and now they've learned it's just the Kennedy bill.
With some language about how they'll build the fence, which they'll never do.
I mean, right there, folks, it's just Tony Snow and all these liars all over TV and radio lying to you.
They're trying to give America a final dose of cyanide.
They're trying to put it down.
They're putting this down, folks, like you put a horse down.
Like you walk up to a horse with a .45 and when it's got a broken leg and put two in its brain.
You understand?
They're making their move!
And Texas is the front line!
That's why Rick Perry's been summoned to the Bilderberg.
Well, I'm on the front lines here, ladies and gentlemen.
I think there's a reason that, you know, there's such a big fight here, such a big fight in Austin.
It's just, it's, it's, it's, it's... It's big time, folks.
What we're facing is the crossroads, as Ron Paul said.
They're making a big push.
He said it's all accelerating.
What was the term he used?
I've got to go back to it.
He said that it's, uh...
So they're accelerating, but he used another term.
He said, it's all happening right now.
I mean, he said, we are, I said, are we in the fight for the life of the Republic?
And he said, yeah, it's been going on for a long time, but now it's all coming to a head right now.
Right now!
It's all coming to a head, ladies and gentlemen!
The next couple years, it's just toe-to-toe combat with the New World Order at point-blank range.
If they think they can get away with it, they're going to set nukes up, they're going to arrest people, they're going to bring in foreign troops.
And I know a lot of you are laughing right now.
If they win this next round, they're going to fail in the end.
And when you are sitting there seeing it, do not lie to yourself at that point.
Remember what I told you.
Remember what you heard here.
Don't rationalize and make excuses.
It'll be a lot easier on you if they get to that point, if you resist and fight then.
Because if they move with force on a mass scale, they may just test it out in a few cities like New Orleans, but on a larger scale.
If we move against them strong and speak out and do a lot of other things, they may back off.
This is life and death right now.
This is the overthrow of the U.S., but it's done in a corporate way, with militarily and economically.
Who's up next here?
I don't have the call list.
Nick in Kentucky, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex, how's it going?
I know you've got short time, so I'll try to make it quick.
I was getting so sick and tired of all these people getting on the radio preaching that Fred Thompson is their savior.
Peace of hell!
I did some research on Fred Thompson today.
He's a globalist.
He's just like the rest of them.
They're going to try to give him a down-homeboy appeal like they did Bush and flip him in, get the Christian conservative vote.
We just need to get out and get on Mr. Thompson there, just like we got on Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Get him out of the race.
And also, Alex, let's get off topic, but when I was about 10 or 11 years old, I read Revelation for the first time.
And for the first time, I realized that in my life, I very well might have to make a decision whether to take that mark or to take death.
And I would take death every time.
I'm going to hang up, Alex.
You have a good day.
God bless you.
Well, look, you can never give in to tyranny.
I mean, I am going to live on my feet, ladies and gentlemen.
Who was it that said that rather die on your feet than live forever on your knees?
The old saying from the Founding Fathers was die on your feet instead of living on your knees, but then some Mexican rebel changed it.
I saw the quote the other day.
I'd rather die on my feet than live forever
On my knees.
Because, folks, you don't want to live on your knees.
We'll be right back.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Hello friends, Alex Jones here.
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All in the hands of a total stranger.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I only have time to take one more call.
Who's first up in line?
You said Art?
Oh, Andrew's first.
Andrew in New York, last caller, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I just wanted to tell Luke really quick, we're doing our part here in Syracuse, New York.
You keep it up, guy.
You're my hero, too.
Not just Alex, but you, too, now.
And I wanted to ask you, sir, do you know of any current office holders in New York that are also going to Bilderberg?
No, on Coast to Coast last night they asked me about office holders and I said I didn't know yet because it hadn't started yet.
They started arriving today, it really starts tomorrow.
But now, Dallas Morning News, Rick Perry, but you can bet you've got, I mean, it's governor and above.
I know Pataki was there last year in total violation of the Logan Act.
We have him on video, we put it on the web, it's in the new film Endgame.
God, Endgame's powerful, folks.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
You know, this show is going to continue to re-air when the broadcast ends until 11 o'clock tomorrow, and I'm going to be back live.
I was going to take one day off and spend time with family.
And I'm still going to do that tomorrow, but I'm going to be live on the phone.
My children begged to go to the beach, folks.
They begged.
And so I just, I can't say no.
But I will be on the horn
On the phone with everybody.
And we're scheduled to have some filmmakers from Istanbul on.
We're scheduled to have Tucker with new reports on.
I'm scheduled, as they say, to be on... Gotta stop saying that.
It's annoying.
I'm going to be on with Coach to Coach Dam tonight.
It's just wall-to-wall stuff happening.
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So much is going on.
So much is happening.
Freedom and liberty is rising at every level.
Your voice needs to be heard.
Whether you're a doctor, a lawyer, a school teacher, an auto mechanic, Hispanic, black, white, old, young, from New York or Texas or Alabama or Kentucky or
Ohio, or Oregon, or Canada, or Germany, or Japan, or Africa, or Costa Rica, it doesn't matter.
In the military, a police officer, whoever you are, you know tyranny's coming down on us.
You know we're losing our freedoms.
So tell our people about this show because we're the most effective.
We're on the front line.
Tell them about all the other great shows that are fighting the New World War II.
But we've got a free podcast, the show at InfoWars.com.
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Support our AM and FM affiliates out there, our sponsors, Shortwave, everybody.
The Great Genesis Network and all the other networks that are out there.
Everybody that's out there.
We all need to work together against the New World Order.
Alright, I'm out of time ladies and gentlemen.
Sorry we didn't have time to get to more of your calls.
We will tomorrow.
I'll interview some folks from Istanbul, and we'll take some calls.
We'll probably hear that Ron Paul interview and some other things tomorrow as well.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, we are in the fight for the life of this republic.
You are sorely needed now.
Worldwide, the enemy is moving against what's left of any sovereignty, and we must globally fight this global New World Order.
Alright, God bless you all, ladies and gentlemen.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.