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Air Date: May 30, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Up on PrisonPlanet.com right now we have a news story that Paul Watson put out last night with a video that InfoWars.com reporter Luke Rudowsky and others Tom Foti and others shot confronting David Rockefeller.
A very nice little piece they put together.
We've got the raw footage now.
It came in via FedEx this morning.
We're going to try to get it loaded up so we can
I mean, the music they've got over it, it's great with video online, but for radio it's better to not have the music over it.
So we're going to try to get a rough cut of that up on the web by this afternoon, but even before then, later in the third hour, play the confrontation between Tom Fote and Sabrina and, of course,
Luke and everybody else out there, this is just fabulous stuff.
There's also other video that hasn't even been seen yet that should be going up today and tomorrow with the confrontation inside the Council on Foreign Relations with, of course, Presidential Candidate John Edwards, a confrontation with Al Gore concerning 9-11 and the New World Order, and just so much more.
Just great job there, so we'll continue to cover that as it develops.
It is May 30th, 2007.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We don't have any guests today.
In fact, we had guests earlier in the week.
I just had them cancelled today.
We don't have any guests tomorrow either, except for Ron Paul will be with us tomorrow, scheduled.
So that should be quite informative.
We've talked about strategies to get him into the Republican nomination and of course hopefully the presidency as we fight there at the highest levels of the federal government while our ongoing fight goes on in the media, the alternative media, and here at the grassroots level.
We're going to have open phones today, but hold your calls.
I'm not giving the phone number out quite yet because I have been up since early, early this morning collating and documenting and
Researching all the news that's in front of me and let me tell you it is mind-boggling.
I then came into the office today and went through some of the stacks of news from the last couple weeks that I never got to or that I didn't cover properly and I'm going to attempt to cover it all today.
But with all of the news I have in front of me, I went up to PrisonPlanet.com this morning and I was watching a video
titled welcome to the police state and it was really a coalition of a rehashing of three of my police state films with some young men going over how we're going into martial law and integrating it with some of the new executive orders and some of the new CENTCOM and NORTHCOM announcements but then I saw a piece of video I'd never seen before about ten minutes into the footage and that was in
Jekyll Island, Georgia with the G8 Summit they had in 2004.
Now we had listeners calling and said they were having police state drills and there were troops on the streets searching people and I'd seen that many other places so I knew that it was accurate and I saw a few blurbs in the press but I actually saw a video of it today and it was horrible what I saw.
It was troops and police
Bullying a woman, playing games with her, meshing with her, was all a classic PSYOP and it didn't make me angry.
It's not a new feeling, but it's becoming the dominant feeling when I see this.
I actually felt sorry for these police and military people.
They were so pathetic.
They were so un-American.
They were so cowardly and bad and gang-like and evil.
And I just saw them for what they were.
The ultimate expression of our wickedness.
They were scum.
True trash.
And true enemies of everything good.
I saw cancer.
Yes, I saw cancer.
And it's growing.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, I have a new video clip, that is, it's new for me, of Jekyll Island, Georgia, but there on the town, on the main coastline, across from the island.
I have some new footage that I came across this morning.
And I want to integrate that with NRA, the untold story of gun confiscation after Katrina.
This is a short little piece, seven minute piece that goes over the actual video of the gun confiscation, the audio of that video.
And that dovetails and integrates with footage from Road to Tyranny where we have
The terror training manual that says gun owners, Christians, those that talk about the Constitution are terrorists, because the AP reported yesterday that Alabama put this on their website.
It was the standard federal manual.
It said land rights activists, gun rights activists, anti-immigrant activists,
Environmental activists, gay activists, just basically any activist, you're a terrorist.
And it actually says, you're a terrorist.
Now the law enforcement magazines say those with anti-UN stickers need to be arrested.
It actually says, go ahead and arrest them.
And it tells police chiefs to go ahead and try to find some charges.
Once you're arrested, that's been in major law enforcement, law enforcement technology magazine three years ago had that in there.
But I've seen it all over.
I mean, this stuff sounds wild.
It is wild.
I mean, it's just treason everywhere.
Right out in the open.
Just no more free speech.
Arrest everyone.
They're training the cops to do this right now.
I want to integrate it with those stories that I was just mentioning.
Coming up later in this hour, we will do that.
Play those clips and break it all down for you.
The footage from Georgia is 2004.
And it's Humvees, and you see an armored vehicle drive by, and it's upset townspeople saying, why are the troops out here?
Why are they pointing guns at us?
Why are they coming into the buildings?
Why are they knocking on doors?
Why are they coming into the churches?
It's a Sunday, the day before the G8 kicked off.
And I remember getting calls about this and saw a few blurbs in newspapers, but here's the footage.
And the Army went into churches and was listening to what the preachers had to say.
The Army went door-to-door and knocked on doors and asked people if they quote, had a problem.
And I've been to drills where they do this.
It's all to gauge the public's response and acclimate the public so when they really hit us
When they're really going door-to-door, greasing people that are on the red list and those that are on the other list, loading them in trucks.
Now this is all public.
You know, we talk about this for so many years and people didn't want to believe it and now it's actually happening.
And I mean, there are gang member troops all the way, just like the types you see
Shootin' people and laughin' about it in Iraq and sittin' off the side of the highway just shootin' family vehicles drivin' down the road and laughin' and goin' look at that bitch fall out of there dead!
Ha ha ha!
I mean they're just, they just go out and cat people 24-7 folks!
It is one big enjoyment!
I'm not saying all the troops do it, but it's certainly sanctioned.
Blackwater just got in trouble, because... Well, I mean, it's in the news all the time, where different mercenaries or different troops will just say, I just had a bad email from my wife, I'm gonna go out and kill somebody.
And they just walk out on the street, rape somebody if they want, gun them down if they want.
It's, uh... It's... it's pretty evil.
But what do you expect from the country that... whose heroes are Jack Bauer torturing people every episode, and where we've had 50 million abortions?
I mean, really, what do you expect?
And to all the yuppies and all the good old boys and all of you, you think you're going to get away with all this?
You think you're going to back up a government and back up a culture that does all this and that you're going to be immune from it?
Let me give you a little secret.
None of us are immune.
I'm not immune and I'm fighting it.
We're all going to be judged, ladies and gentlemen, for being part of this.
And all the plastic flags made by Chinese slaves aren't going to cover up our sins, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm sorry, the PSAs on TV and the Star Spangled Banner and the plastic Chinese flags hanging up inside the Walmarts aren't going to cleanse us of our sins, I assure you.
And no amount of sticking your chest out and festooning your vehicle with, uh, support the troops, keep them in the meat grinder stickers are gonna save us either.
Only repenting and then changing and getting away from our evil ways give us some snowball's chance in hell of averting what we now face.
I couldn't sleep last night.
I tried to go to bed a little bit earlier.
I went to bed about 10 o'clock.
And I woke up about midnight, and I just... I had really been in deep thought.
I really wasn't sleeping.
And I just felt like the New World Order was really looking at me.
And I walked downstairs, and I sat down in front of the computer, and the phone started ringing.
And it said, Bohemian Club A. And I answer the phone, and somebody's breathing, and I... And then they hang up.
I say, yes, and they hang up.
And then I went and did a Google search on the phone number and found out it was Monterreo, the tiny town where it's located.
I called the number a bunch, somebody to answer and hang up.
So I called information and got Bohemian Grove Security's number.
And the head of security answers, he goes, hello Mr. Jones.
I said, hi, this is Alex Jones.
He goes, hey, how you doing Mr. Jones?
And I said, you know who I am?
He goes, of course I know who you are.
And I said, well, is this your phone number?
And he said, wait a minute.
And he said, let me have the head of the Grove
Call you tomorrow.
And I haven't been so busy.
A call hasn't come in in at least about an hour ago.
I haven't checked my cell phone.
That's the number I gave them.
Well, I mean, it actually was encouraging, though, to have them calling me.
Because that does not intimidate me.
It does not intimidate me one bit.
But I have to tell you, I actually miss just hating these people.
And I miss the more animalistic level of my psyche where I just detest them and hate them.
I don't even hate these people anymore.
I'm just sad.
I'm just sad now.
I mean, this video from Georgia that's up on PrisonPlanet.com This video
It's this woman and she's saying, why are there Tribs here?
Why is this?
Why are you going door to door?
Why are you knocking on our houses?
Why are you trying to start something?
Why are you aiming guns at us?
And the Tribs are doing the real fake thing where they, it's police training, where they put their hands in your face and they say, I don't have a problem!
Hey, settle down!
And then every time you try to talk they go, hey, settle down!
And there's these swaggering cops, and then with his fake voice, but getting in her space, and every time she tries to talk and give her complaint, they go, hold on!
Hold on!
I mean, just to watch our military and our police being integrated, and trained how to not listen to us, and trained how to try to get us upset, so you can do something.
I mean, you're just a pack of crooks, is all you are!
You're pathetic gang members, and I want you to consciously get that through your head.
That's criminal training you've been given.
They only want this martial law training, you buffoons, so they can completely pull the rug out from under the economy, and they're going to pay you a paltry sum, but you're going to lose economically as well, you complete fools.
And then she says, they were pointing guns at me.
And he laughs at her and says, we're not pointing guns.
Frankly, that's ridiculous.
We don't have guns.
And she points and goes, there's machine guns on top of those vehicles.
And there's a veteran there.
And he says, that's a such and such.
And then the police point at him and put their hands at him and give threatening gestures like, you be quiet.
And then the military guy giggles and he says, well that's just what the government issues us!
So first they're there denying, there's no guns, there's no assault, just like Waco, just like there's no amnesty bill.
See, I mean this is all just, it's a big joke to you guys.
Just like the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff got up and said we're getting close to 3,000 dead, when it's really over 14,000 dead now, but they don't count if you die outside the country.
Or in that aircraft leaving the country, and it's really 3,500, but he says almost 3,000.
I mean, they do that to lie to you on purpose.
They enjoy it.
That's how you get up the chain of command, is being a scumbag.
And then she says, but you do have guns, and you're coming in our church, and you're coming to our doors, and... Why are you doing this?
Well, lady, they're doing this to acclimate the police and the military.
Number one, it's about training them.
Number two, it's about conditioning us in every city in the country, and on every big televised event, from the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, to Miss America, that you've got to have troops out searching people.
This is about oppression.
And every chance they get, they're going to do this.
So I said, you know what?
I remember they had guns.
I remember it was on the news.
I'm gonna type in, and I found the date, and I typed in the date, and then, uh, when they met, it was in June of 2004, and I hit enter into Google Images, and guess what came up first?
An army soldier with an M16 patrolling the street.
So here's this woman, she's going, what?
You're pointing guns at us!
They're going, there's no guns, lady!
And somebody goes, that's a... and he lists the military name of the gun, and they go, that's just what they issued!
There's no guns!
And she goes, they got machine guns!
And of course, technically in the military, that assault rifle is not what you'd call a machine gun.
In the army, a machine gun is designated as a larger, you know, two-man type weapon, or mounted weapon, so he uses all semantics.
There's no machine guns!
And then after the cops have done that, you see one of them give an order, and there's an officer behind them, they give an order, the cops give an order, boom!
They move on to the next group of citizens to condition them.
It's like, alright, we're done with that, sweet!
Next move!
As they acclimate, I mean, watching the military acclimate us for a takeover, and watching you sit there and play games and push a woman around, really makes me sick.
I'm not angry at you, I'm sick.
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I slipped and fell into the wet concrete below.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
The bigger picture here is that if you look at what's happening, not just with the pieces now, but openly stated, that government is prepared and geared up for martial law and spending hundreds of billions of dollars on it just in the last 10-15 years alone.
This is not being done for no reason, and we have to talk about what we're going to do if the globalists set off a nuclear weapon, release a biological weapon.
Lord knows what they're planning, but, well, we do know what they're planning.
They keep preconditioning us of what's going to happen and how we're supposed to behave once it develops.
This is a long-term plan.
And imagine, you're just some town ten miles away from Jekyll Island,
And suddenly there are troops coming to your door, knocking on the door and saying, you got a problem with things?
And bugging their eyes out at you and coming into your church services and sitting down to listen to what you have to say and what you're doing and the cops are strutting around acting real aggressive and predatory.
And I've seen this in other places.
Swansboro, North Carolina, Hebron, Maryland.
We got the footage in my police state films.
Where families are just driving along and troops come up and say, get out of the car, we're searching.
And they say, what's going on?
They go, it's part of a drill, but then the police are there to back them up, and the drill goes live.
That was in the BBC, what, three years ago?
Just out of the blue, they had former Eastern Bloc troops, Ukrainian troops.
The headline dealt with the townspeople being upset because Ukrainian troops set up checkpoints and started searching everybody and doing drills and taking over the town center.
And I've been to these drills, and they're just, the troops will walk right up with a machine gun, and they'll be backed up by cops.
They'll say, turn your camera off.
You got a problem with me?
You're like, I'm just here covering this, and they practice taking over the city hall, the public schools.
Then they have ROTC drills over and over again, and put in mass shooting, loudspeakers, and Blacksburg, and then look what happens.
We're in a lot of trouble.
And just to see them going, there's no guns, and there's guys right there with guns.
And then you, there's no guns, we don't have guns here, well there's a gun right there.
Oh, well that's just what the government issues us.
That's not a machine gun.
And then you type in, G8, Georgia.
You get an even better search if you put in the date, end of the 2004 G8 meeting.
And you hit Google Images and there's troops patrolling the streets with machine guns.
With assault rifles, with M16s, with Colt M16s.
And the woman starts getting freaked out, she goes, what do you mean there's no guns?
You're just in our church, you're knocking on our doors, what's going on?
And the cops are smiling, the troops are enjoying it.
Cause oh, their boss has taught them how to lie to people and it's fun to play games.
Now listen, ten years ago they'd do this stuff.
They'd do this stuff eight, nine years ago in Kingsville, Texas.
And the emergency manager of the town, Thomas Sanchez, was a Vietnam vet.
And he is a patriot.
And they brought him in PDD-25.
And they said, here's declassified PDD-25.
We're doing a martial law takeover drill.
We want you to take part.
And then they hit the town and he goes public saying it's wrong and they they covertly lease the police station the week they move out then they blow the thing up terrorize the public.
I mean I got a stack of news on this when we get back I'm going to cover it then all the other world news there's so much today you don't want to miss a second of this broadcast we'll be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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While you were sleeping They came and took it all away
The place is where you used to play.
It was an inside job by the well-connected.
You're a sinner's broken, so merrily rejected.
It was an inside job.
Alright, let me just shotgun out some of the news that's coming up, your calls, and some of the other stories that we're going to be covering.
Then I'm going to get back into the main story today.
And it should be the main story every day.
The incremental deployment and activation of classical martial law with a high-tech overlay.
Here's the news I have in front of me.
isolates traveler infected with super tuberculosis.
Now, we'll be breaking that down on what that really means.
Very important article by Paul Watson up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Mossad agent Perlman releases phony al-Qaeda tape.
Yeah, this guy's grandfather is literally the head of, one of the heads of the ADL.
He was part of the whole Defense League deal and literally got in trouble for beating up Muslims outside mosques.
I mean, he was the equivalent of a white skinhead, but a Jewish one.
I mean, he would run around literally beating people up.
He was that rabid.
And then he magically becomes the Al Qaeda spokesman.
And it's issued out of known Defense Department organs, these videos.
But again, you've got a general public.
That doesn't even know the difference between Shia and Sunni, so they'll call Shiite Al Qaeda all day.
I mean, c'est la vie!
Also, Digg did something really suspicious.
government uses Al Qaeda to attack Iran.
Bush authorizes group formerly headed by alleged 9-11 mastermind to bankroll and arm a CIA for covert regime change.
This made it onto their popular page, and Digg just
Erase the story.
I clicked on it today to reprint it, and it has been erased off of Digg's website.
And again, Digg is hundreds of times bigger than the Drugs Report.
You're able to vote it onto the main page, for those of you who don't know.
And they just, this story must have upset them something fierce.
They just erased it.
By the way, we put this up Monday.
It was at Memorial Day.
Paul wrote this.
And it should have gotten more attention across the web.
And it dovetails with this Mossad agent Perlman releases phony al-Qaeda tape.
And in the bottom of this story, Polny's had a link to it.
Steve Watson, about a year ago, wrote an article.
Hidden in Plain View was a massive story.
They released, supposedly, Mohammad Atta in Afghanistan, admitting to the attacks.
But then it came out that it had been released by a U.S.
government-controlled neocon intelligence, quote, site.
Quote, intelligence site.
And it turned out it was actually a made-for-TV computer morphing to show how the CIA was morphing with computers supposed Al-Qaeda members faces on the videos, showing them that they had confessed as part of their torture.
I think?
And produced for TV, but then the government recycled it and used it again, because the average person listening can't even, doesn't even have the critical thinking skills to follow what I just said.
They literally, for my listeners, many of which are more smarter than I am, more well-read than I am, more intelligent, you're, you're, I mean, I know you've had, the sad fact you've had to learn this, but we have to consciously learn this.
The public is so brain dead, so brainwashed, so brain damaged,
By television, major studies out showing it does brain damage people with long-term massive viewing.
Actually brain damage issue.
Because it lowers your brain waves.
You watch it 5-6 hours a day and it destroys neural pathways.
By the way, they've known this since the 40's.
Now they've added certain flicker rates and certain flash rates to increase the brain damage.
The acceleration of the cognitive deterioration.
But, uh, so you got a public who doesn't even know who Muhammad Ali is.
What was it?
That big Gallup poll last year?
Of the people above 40 didn't know what year 9-11 had happened?
But they're all for attacking Al-Qaeda, let me tell you.
And they could arrest me today and tell them that I was Al-Qaeda on the news.
They could probably tear me limb from limb with huge meat hooks on television and half the public would get up and cheer thinking that I was Bin Laden or something.
I mean, you know, they're gone, folks.
They're gone.
And we've got to realize that we're not going to ever be able to convince them.
They're gone.
They're gone.
But there are people who can still think who we're able to reach out to.
And I would think that this is just a wild level of lying.
You know, I said I would just cover some of the headlines, but I'm already getting into the story because it's so big.
And my big passion is to be able to take the analysis we put together, and these articles we put out, and to make them really big.
Because that's what thrills me, is to expose these new world order creeps.
Let me explain something to everybody.
I always try to give you proof and facts and evidence and then sometimes I think maybe I'm going the wrong way about this.
Maybe I should just be like the neocons and just state things.
Though I'm telling the truth, they just state things and lie.
Maybe it's just more efficient to just say the way things are instead of trying to prove it all day long.
Whereas they just state lies and then claim it's the truth.
They really are setting up martial law.
We really are deeply into martial law and a military dictatorship right now.
They are moving ahead to attack Iran.
They are moving ahead to completely debase the dollar's value.
They are moving ahead to completely switch the economy over from any vestiges of free market into a complete command and control system.
And I'm not afraid, I'm more disgusted and in just wonderment and amazement at it.
I marvel at it.
I just can't believe it.
And how much work they put into doing this and brainwashing the military and brainwashing the police and dumbing down the public.
And ten years ago, with his training, the troops, we're talking 80 plus percent of them, were against gun confiscation and mass roundups and the rest of it.
And then you fast forward to two years ago, or a year and a half ago, and you've got them doing it in mass, following orders in New Orleans.
And you've got them all over the country starting to smile and enjoy it.
Now a lot of that is because a lot of them are gang members and convicted felons of their American citizens.
Literally, who didn't get enough nutrition growing up and were eating lead paint.
And the rest are illegal aliens from Mexico and Latin America and the Philippines and Eastern Europe.
I mean, can you believe they're openly talking about hiring Mexican police to police American streets?
That was in Associated Press two weeks ago.
Can you believe that over 20% of our ground force in the army in Iraq is illegal alien?
We're in deep trouble, folks.
I mean, I don't...
It gets to a point where I don't even know what to say anymore.
And then I literally got sick at my stomach this morning.
I got so sad for this country.
Hatred was kind of a warming thing for me.
I would basically breathe in deeply and grind my teeth.
fantasize about doing violent things, you know, these trips and humiliating American citizens and murdering my beloved Republic.
I would at least feel good, but I don't even have that anymore.
I just was disgusted, and I got tears in my eyes, and I saw these stupid cops waddling around on their power trips.
I totally assess them.
I know everything about them.
You just learn who they are, and I looked at the military.
They were even worse.
The regular troops standing around were just dumb as fence posts and their officers were just wicked social climbers whose masters inject them with deadly poison and have them breathe deadly poison and treat them like complete crap.
They'll still kill this country in a minute if they're ordered to.
And it literally, the word is, tear my guts out.
Because I'm going to be honest with you, I want to be camping and hiking and eating good food and working out and loving.
And deep sea fishing folks, I don't want to be doing this, but I have to.
And it completely possesses me to fight these people.
But I realize it doesn't hurt the New World Order if a bunch of slack-jawed gang member troops come into our cities and try to load us on paddy wagons and take our guns.
That doesn't hurt the New World Order one bit.
In fact, they plan on the American people wiping them out.
If just 1% fights you fools, that'll be over a million and a half.
If 1% of the gun owners fight you, that's over a million and a half combatants, you complete idiots.
And that's a guerrilla force.
A lone wolf force.
And all of your cameras and all of your junk and all of your surveillance won't help you if it comes to this.
All of that is just a blanket for you so you feel confident in doing what you're doing.
You're being used just like the SA to take over Germany and as soon as you're done taking over Germany, those of you that are left are going to be long-knifed by your masters, you fools.
You know, there's a way they do this.
There's a way going back thousands of years, from Rome to the Byzantine Empire to the Dark Ages.
There's a way this is done.
You see, there's a procedure.
And you're in that procedure now, and uh... I don't even know what to say to you.
But I'm tired of you walking up with your guns and saying, there's no guns.
We're not.
Well, we're knocking on your doors just to be friendly and ask how you're doing.
We're just coming in and listening to your church services in our uniforms with our guns because we're your friends.
And then the woman tries to give her complaint and they just interrupt her, interrupt her, interrupt her.
It's that tactic.
I mean, do you think that's cute?
I mean, does that make you feel good at the end of the day each night?
When you go out and you do these urban warfare drills, Marines and Army, and now you do it with foreign troops.
I got you on video all over the country doing it.
We're being taught how to be occupied.
The country's being taught how to roll over to it and how to give in to it.
But I just want all of you that serve this system out there and all of you that call it threatening me and all of you that try the dirty tricks and all the stuff you do, all you do is encourage me to work even harder against you.
And all you do is show everybody else out there who you are and what you're all about and what you stand for.
I hope you know that.
Let's go ahead and start with this.
This is a clip from the takeover with Jack Brooks, the congressman, and it comes up about plans to put people in FEMA camps, and they're told not to talk about it.
This is while they're interrogating Oliver North.
And then we'll play the next clip in Georgia.
Colonel North, in your work at the NSC,
Were you not assigned at one time to work on plans for the continuity of government in the event of a major disaster, Mr. Chairman?
I believe that question touches upon a highly sensitive and classified area, so may I request that you not touch upon that, sir?
I was particularly concerned, Mr. Chairman, because
I read in Miami Papers and several others that there had been a plan developed by that same agency, a contingency plan in the event of an emergency that would suspend the American Constitution.
And I was deeply concerned about it and wondered if that was the area in which he had worked.
I most respectfully request that that matter not be touched upon at this stage.
If we wish to get into this on certain arrangements can be made for an executive session.
Back then, the apparatchik for martial law was about five feet tall.
This is an analogy.
The grid to do this is now, and I mean this when I say it, it was 5 feet tall in 1986.
It's now about 500 feet tall, and growing 50 feet a week, okay?
And when it gets up to about 700 feet, it's going to be big enough to do it, to at least try it.
Now, they wanted to go with this then, and they said, Brexit 84 got declassified, they would bring in illegal aliens, and then foment some riots, and then they would sell the American people on martial law being declared, but you notice, Congress has cut out of this, and now Bush funded it last year, got the Military Commissions Act through, John Warner Defense Authorization Act, and then he signed the PDD 51 on May 9th,
To go ahead and put it into place.
Because before, Congress was at least involved in the continuity.
Not anymore.
There's no reason to cut Congress out of it.
So we're now under it.
He's declared himself Caesar.
The question is, is he now going to try to use it?
He may not.
They may pass on over to Hillary.
They like to do that and start with a fresh slate because she'll be able to get more done.
Or they may just go ahead and go for broke.
And there's a lot of people that are listening who think you're just going to stick American flags on your cars.
You're going to make a cowardly decision to go along with this.
I've talked to a lot of you that do this.
Let me explain something to you and I want you to listen very carefully to what I'm telling you.
If they're able to not get pushback on this, they are going to take it
As acquiescence, and they're going to do it, and then this system is going to abuse everybody, and it's bad for everyone.
Even if we push back, just like on immigration or any other issue, they will back off.
Now, I'm trying to buy us time here.
This is serious.
We'll be back with more clips.
Stay with me.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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We're good to go.
There's a reason that 40 years ago, all of these World War II and Korean War vets, mainly combat veterans, colonels, generals, former special forces commanders, were the ones that went public and said, there's a plan for martial law, there's a plan to take over America, there's a plan to destroy our system.
There's a reason, because they were in the government.
They knew what black ops looked like.
They had heard and seen a lot of things, and so they warned us.
And it took a long time to set it up, but now it's not even looking at troop movements, looking at training, looking at manuals.
It's now openly being announced.
That for any environmental problem, or any economic problem, or any reason the President wants that Congress isn't involved, the people aren't involved, the President, quote, gave himself these new powers.
And then everybody just kind of glazed over it a few weeks ago.
We wrote articles about it, and frankly, we can write an article about Rosie O'Donnell and it gets half a million readers, and we write something about earth-shattering events and it gets 50,000.
Alright, this is Georgia.
Started with the, uh, this is some local filmmakers, uh, talking about, they were using clips of my films and also this footage, I don't know where they got it.
But again, I already confirmed this stuff happened in Georgia in 2004.
But if you listen carefully, the troops are admitting that they were knocking on doors, going in churches and listening to the sermons, which they now admit that they've done in plain clothes to quote, watch peace groups and conservative groups.
And they got, not just the military violating positive commentators folks, they got them doing intelligence gathering on us.
And then openly in uniforms videotaping us.
I mean, I've seen footage, which I was not allowed to use, by the way.
The guy brought it down to the studio about five years ago, showed it to me, but said, well, I was painting on the roof down in San Antonio at the base, and they'll know it was me, so you can't have it.
But I'm going to let you see it.
And it was a group of over 100 role players saying, you can't take our land.
This is America.
And the Marines just mow them down.
Let me tell you, and I said, can I please have this?
And the guy said, no, I'm too scared.
And he left, and I never saw it again.
Oh, just, you know, he just, he'd shot it the day before.
Marines practicing just mowing us down.
This is America!
We deserve property!
Machine gunning us!
And they treat the American people just like Iran.
They say, if you ever fight back when we come to kill you, we're gonna call you terrorist.
Well, you don't have a choice, folks.
And, uh,
Young gang member marines and army soldiers, and that's what most of them are now.
Common force.
It's not our government, it's not our military.
Alright, we'll start playing the clip and then we'll, you know, I don't have time now.
I'll play it when we start the next hour.
And then I promise we're going to have open phones.
I've got so much news here in front of me.
I've got stuff like Judicial Watch uncovers three deaths related to HPV vaccine.
I never even got to that.
1,637 bad reactions.
Common chemicals pose danger to fetuses.
New HIV and Hepatitis was in the blood supply.
More on the government.
Still shipped it out.
Bush takes on opponents of immigration deal.
Spews more lies.
The AP's honest and says Mexico hates America.
And that's why they booed Miss America.
They said, don't worry, they're not booing her individually.
They just hate America.
But you know, there's a little bit of friction.
So we'll go over that.
Another big article Steve Watson put out.
This is from Homeland Security's own numbers.
Less than one-tenth of one percent. 0.01.5.
Homeland Security cases are terrorism-related, so why does the government say terrorism is DHS primary focus?
Because all government function is under the War on Terror, and any violation of any non-law is terror now.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now into hour number two.
Open phones in this hour at 1-800-259-9231.
The last hour I was getting into the public preparations for open martial law.
For the first time in modern history, really since the Civil War, the President has announced himself a total dictator above even Congress.
But he's gone to a level even more intense than that, because there's not even going to be a puppet Congress.
He's told Congress they have no authority, for the first time in U.S.
The powers have been slowly being codified, administration to administration.
Look for the baton to simply be passed to another administration if Bush doesn't go into a hot war.
against the U.S.
The President is an agent of the New World Order here to abolish the United States.
To destroy our currency, our good name, and to use us up and to run up our debt to basically empower the globalists.
And there's some footage up on PrisonPlanet.com today from three years ago at the G8 Summit in Georgia
And it was on an island, but they went on to the mainland and were just randomly telling everybody, knocking on their doors.
They had M16s saying, you got a problem with us being here, being aggressive, coming into churches, listening to the services and trying to intimidate the people.
And later, of course, it came out in mainstream news.
They do go to churches and in plainclothes and spy on the preachers.
And they use the military criminally to do this.
I mean, this is right out of the Soviet Union, and they keep telling this woman, while they've got guns, that they don't have guns.
And then they keep interrupting her, going, hey, hey, settle down!
And then, oh, settle down!
Oh, settle down!
Using that tactic, here it is.
The following footage is from Brunswick, Georgia.
This is nearby where the G.A.
was recently held.
The G.A.
is when the world's most powerful leaders get together to discuss the most important world issues.
For them, apparently,
Police and military took over town close to the G8, stood in and listened during church services, and created a threatening environment for those just trying to go about their day.
This is a very clear example of the Posse Comitatus Act being violated, and the military and police merging into one solid force, much like the Gestapo.
There were five of us out here this morning.
They came with two different things.
They came with our shirt.
He said shirt service.
You guys have a problem with him sitting in the search service with you?
No, no, we had nothing to do with it.
We didn't find anything.
Alright, but the other thing is, he asked if I wanted to make a complaint to the commanding officer, and I said yes, but I don't want more of these vehicles coming up here, pulling up here, because it's scaring me that you don't like me.
Ma'am, we're down here.
We're down here.
This is for local, state, and federal law enforcement.
Can I ask a question?
Can I ask a question?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are your times?
What are
Because they think you're here and we're doing something bad.
I'm trying to answer your complaints.
Right, and I asked Lieutenant Thomas here if there was another way that I could make this complaint besides this.
You've got to kind of understand, we're not the police department.
We live in a sealed environment.
Well, I'm sure there's somebody that has an office somewhere.
You got a problem with us being in this church service?
And they're all milling around, got real aggressive body language, and he tells her, Oh, we live in the field.
There's no way to make a complaint anywhere else.
He doesn't tell her about his battalion commander, doesn't do what he's supposed to do.
But again, it's all about getting us ready.
And they don't let her file the complaint.
And they say none of them have guns.
They point out guns they've got, and they go, Well, those are just what the government give us.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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That's KenSoller.com.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're playing audio from video of the U.S.
Army with police, quote, there to support
Local law enforcement, and they were going into churches.
They were knocking on doors.
They admitted multiple doors, multiple churches.
Just sitting down in their camouflage, bugging their eyes out.
And I've been to these unannounced drills.
I mean, sometimes they set buildings on fire, blow cars up unannounced.
It's all part of acclimating.
And then they've got M-16s.
You can type in, uh,
2004 G8 Summit Georgia into Google or any other major search engine and click on the image function and you will see the photos and then links to the news articles where they were there with their guns and then again one of the cameraman videotaping is one of the locals goes who'd obviously been in the military knows the proper name of one of the
larger uh... you know uh... medium-sized uh... guns up on top one of the humvees and then the guy goes that's just what the government issues is and they keep interrupting her every time she wants to quote file a complaint and they just walk off uh... let's go back to the tape listen carefully to talk about knocking on people's doors hello we're here from the army uh... mind if we inspect for weapons
By the way, that happened in 1998.
It's the earliest I know of this happening.
In Hebron, Maryland.
We have footage of that.
And then locals came out with cameras and troops walk right up with machine guns and say, turn your camera off.
I mean, this is America, folks.
They've been doing this very quietly, very slowly, but now they've done it in every town I know of.
It's all to train the local cops that when they roll in, they roll over and then they orderly attack their enemy, that's the American people.
And listen to him, he talks about his rules of engagement, too.
Yeah, with the American people.
It's high treason, ladies and gentlemen.
Every one of these people is a violator of federal law and guilty of treason.
Here it is.
Well, I'm sure there's somebody that has an office somewhere that I can call up on the telephone and talk to you without having Humvee coming out here.
Well, ma'am, that's the vehicle that we're equipped with.
I don't have a renter card.
That's what I'm saying.
I didn't say that you did, but I'm sure there's somebody in an office with a telephone that I can talk to you without having you come down here in your vehicle.
Well, ma'am, your complaint is serious enough that we want to address it immediately.
Because it's actually very outrageous.
Because none of my soldiers are equipped with machine guns.
Do you see it?
There was five of them.
What kind of machine gun?
I don't know.
It was a big black gun on the front.
Sir, sir, sir.
You don't have to get into the comic strip with me.
I'll show you that.
I'm saying, I'm saying, I'm saying that the soldiers, the soldiers went door to door this morning.
They went door to door asking the neighbors if they had any... Stop it right there!
Back it up about a minute.
Notice one of the locals says, hey, that was a mark whatever, a PPK.
And the cops step forward and go, ho, ho, be quiet.
You stay out of it.
And they start muscling up over towards him.
Whoa, those aren't guns.
You understand?
They got guns mounted up on top of the Humvees, and they got M16s.
And they're saying, there's no guns?
It's kind of ridiculous your complaint.
So we're knocking on some doors.
So we're going in your churches.
What's your problem with that, ma'am?
And they do this all over the country.
This was the G8s.
They were a little more aggressive.
But I've got video of them.
They pull families over with guns and say, get out of the car.
The cops are there and say, get on the ground.
And then they'll start saying on video, thank you for complying with this drill.
Well, take Road to Tyranny.
I've got so many clips of this.
The fella that I interviewed here in Austin, Texas owns a successful computer company.
I'll just leave it at that.
But, you know, he's upper middle class.
He was driving down the road.
You've heard my show before.
This was like... I did this interview in 2000.
But put it in Road to Tyranny in 2001.
He's driving down the road.
He'd heard my show for years, and he's older now.
But he had been in the Marine Corps in the 80s in Virginia, and they had recruited him secretly into a secret project to begin the destruction of Posse Comitatus.
And they did door-to-door gun confiscations in certain areas, drills, they raided gun shops, they raided drug dealers' houses, and they would put on police uniforms.
And by that, they're just black or blue uniforms that say police.
I heard a fella on the radio the other day, a veteran, he was taking care of a 70-something year old sick wife, called the hospital to send an ambulance, and instead, guys wearing fire department, black uniforms that said fire department, this was in Arkansas, came in with sidearms and were in triangulated positions interrogating him before, and they just said, well we come now to every ambulance call.
Guaranteed that was military.
But only because I've seen it literally 50-something other times or more.
I know the M.O.
You know, they had their pants bloused, they were in good shape, they were... But side issue, this guy's driving along in Kyle, South Austin, broad daylight, U.S.
Army's got a checkpoint out there, randomly pulling over our people, searching vehicles, and of course he had been in the Marine Corps, then he became a police officer in Florida,
And then he started a computer company here in Austin.
And he said he just couldn't believe it.
He said, I'd heard you talk about it.
And of course, before he became a police officer, he'd been a Marine Guarding Space Command.
He even showed me photos of that stuff that wasn't classified.
But I saw all his paperwork and everything.
Because see, he got put into one secret project for gun confiscation and gun confiscation drills.
And then he got put into another secret project, and then he went into law enforcement, and then he got out of it.
But I'm already digressing.
This is so criminal, what they're doing, and they're using tactics on the American people.
Now, in Iraq, they just spray the woman in the face with machine gun bullets, take a vehicle, take an Abrams tank, and run over her car, and laugh at her, and take her children to Abu Ghraib.
By the way, I'm not joking.
We have video of them just shooting children, shooting women, blowing cars up, laughing.
You can see them guzzling beer and then laughing and going, watch this.
And there's just a busy highway and they're just opening fire as cars explode and people are falling out dead out of the sides.
And one of them laughs and says, look at that lady.
And she's like 600 yards away.
He's got a 50 Cal.
He goes, what do you want to bet I can blow that bleepers head off?
Alright, let's see you do it, and they shoot, and it's described, they do this in front of reporters, as the woman's head blows off, and then she just falls down, and it was described, her hand was in the four-year-old's hand, and the hand just slipped out, and the child, I mean, think about the cinematic nature of that, the way it was described.
I mean, you can't get any more tyranny, a woman's walking with a small child, holding its hand, and they blow her head right off.
I mean they blow it right off and they laugh and it's funny because they played video games growing up they watch television they were indoctrinated in all this and they just blew her head and that was outside Basra they just blew her head right off and that child imagine your mother's head blows right off while you're holding your mother's hand and then you're just sitting there and describe the child they're trying to get their mother up where the 50 cal bullet had gone in right in the face
Blown the whole back of the head off.
You think you're safe with a government like that?
You fools!
You think they're doing stuff like that and they're not going to try that with you?
What is wrong with you?
What goes around comes around.
You reap what you sow.
You dig it?
You ever figured that out?
Let's go back to these archenemies of America as they sit there and play games with this woman and a man speaks.
Because you notice on the video they're kind of telling the men to stand back.
We're going to have a woman talk and we're going to discredit her and we're going to not let her file a complaint and go, we just live in the woods, ma'am.
There's no way to file a complaint.
We can't go to church?
I'm going to one of your churches right now.
And of course it's now admitted they're in their spine on the churches as traitors do.
As enemies of everything American do.
Back to the traitors.
That's what I'm saying.
I don't have a renter card.
I didn't say that you did, but I'm sure there's somebody in an office with a telephone that I could talk to you without having you come down here in your vehicle.
Well ma'am, your complaint is serious enough that we want to address it immediately.
Because it's actually very outrageous.
Because none of my soldiers are equipped with machine guns.
Do you see it?
What kind of shooter was it?
There was five of us.
I don't know.
It was a big black gun.
You don't have to...
Get into the comments for a minute.
I'll shoot you, man.
I'm saying that the soldiers went door to door this morning.
They went door to door asking the neighbors if they ever had any problem with that.
It seems to me they're trying to seek out a problem that may not exist.
Like if someone has a problem, they'll call and they'll complain about why they're trying to find something that may not be there.
Let's stay focused here.
Alright, but you said somebody pointed a machine gun at you?
Yes, they were parked over there!
They were parked right there!
I will assure you, ma'am, none of my soldiers, my role to engagement does not... Well, I saw a machine gun.
When the cameraman goes over to show them, you see another cameraman go, look I got it on tape, he starts walking over to show the officer the video, that's when the police go, let's go, we're out of here!
And they all just leave and go to the next group to condition.
Because obviously they don't want to see video of the guys aiming a machine gun at them.
Folks, I've had MPs walk right up and put a gun to my chest and tell me that I'm gonna get on the ground and they're gonna kill me.
And Mike started arguing so they grabbed him and shoved him down and put the gun right up to the back of his head in San Antonio, Texas.
So don't tell me these punks don't do that.
These America killers have got a job and that's to bring the Republic down and they like it!
Now go back to the filth!
Well, ma'am, I will assure you, none of my soldiers have machines.
Runs for police department.
Somebody had one.
Well, ma'am, then... And it was driving up on me.
It was one of those things that was in the rack.
Ma'am, as you can see, as you can see, as you can see, this is the standard setup of my vehicles.
I can't choose what vehicles I have.
This is what the United States government has issued me.
The first thing is, soldiers want to come to a church service, that's great.
But why, it seems awfully
It's of all the churches in Brunswick, Georgia.
Of all the churches in Brunswick, Georgia.
They take it to one where it's the minister's church who signed the permit ordinances.
My soldiers have got three services just today.
Alright, we'll be right back.
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All right, let's finish up with these clips and get to your calls.
Here they are saying they just want to go to their church.
It's the local church that I guess have been protesting against something locally.
There's all these Humvees out front.
They're all walking around the streets.
And I did see footage at the time of other such behavior and see it in the news.
And we had guests on, so they were searching vehicles and doing a bunch of other stuff.
But it's the dishonesty on this tape.
But we don't have guns.
Well, there's a gun right there.
Be quiet!
Well, here's video of them pointing the gun at us.
Oh, we're out of here.
Oh, what's wrong with us going to your churches?
What's wrong with us knocking on your doors?
They admit it all.
Here it is.
Of all the churches in Brunswick, Georgia, of all the churches in Brunswick, Georgia, they picked the one where it's the minister's church who signed the permit ordinances.
My soldiers have got three services today.
I'm on my way to the service right now.
I'm not finished.
I didn't know, you know.
You're interrupting me.
Oh, ma'am, you're being... You said you wanted to hear my complaint.
It doesn't sound like you really want to hear my complaint.
I apologize.
It doesn't seem like you really are listening to my complaint at all.
I shouldn't have interrupted you, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
But I think we were...
Going in a certain line, and we're not going in there.
This is intimidation!
Is there someone we can contact if this happens again?
Yeah, who can we contact if that happens again?
We want a liaison.
I don't even remember seeing them.
I don't even know what you saw.
And then they drive off.
Now, if you go to PrisonPlanet.com, you can watch that video.
It's mixed in with a bunch of clips from my other documentaries.
I want to know where this footage comes from and I want to find out the original source of it because it's important to get a better copy out there on the web.
It's not a very good encoding or upload.
It looks like it's a video of video off the web.
But really, it's just par for the course with everything else that's happening.
I remember six, seven years ago telling people about training manuals that had phone numbers on them to the FBI saying gun rights groups, property rights groups, people that make frequent references to the US Constitution are terrorists, call the police on them if you see them.
And I would get calls on radio, I would get emails, I would get letters saying you're a liar, this just isn't real, it's a fake flyer.
And I remember scanning that flyer onto the web about eight years ago and people were constantly on message boards saying, this is fake, this isn't real.
And now it's gone light years past that.
Now it's in the Associated Press, the online flyer, a similar federally written guideline with the state of Alabama.
But the only reason the media cares is because it goes after, quote,
Gay rights.
So-called gay rights.
I mean, at a certain point, what is even the point of even getting all this news?
I mean, really.
It's starting to make my head spin.
They're all around us, setting up martial law.
They're engaging in every form of crime you can imagine.
And they don't care.
They're just gonna continue
To push it and push it and push it and run around in their uniforms telling us that they're God and they don't even know that they work for the foreign banks that now completely own this country.
I've got here in the stack the AP article about gay rights groups put on anti-terror list.
Trying to dig it out.
I wanted to read the exact headline for you but it's probably just easier to say it doesn't exist and I'm a liar.
It probably is just easier to do that.
And then there's this.
It is admitted that a year ago the federal government released a tape that was an admitted computer morphing piece made for National British Television that aired on National British Television in 2003.
And they air it, and it's admittedly fake, but then they simultaneously still say it's real.
It's like CNN got caught showing footage of Mexican troops attacking citizens and said that it was Hugo Chavez doing it, and then CNN said it was a mistake.
Sure, it was a mistake, and I'm a leprechaun.
It's just, it's propaganda.
Mossad agent Hurlman releases phony al-Qaeda tape.
We'll cover this later.
I mean, the guy is admittedly, admittedly a Mossad agent.
And he's the American al-Qaeda.
This is unbelievable.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All our times have come Here but now they're gone
Welcome back!
The American people don't want war, the people of the world don't want war, but the elites do, and the wars really are waged against the internal populations more than they are against even foreign nations.
The attack on Iraq is about profit, it's about a police state, it's about domestic control, just as much as it's about seizing control of trillions of oil and hundreds of billions in no-bid weapons contracts.
Charles, Jeff, Steve, Steve and many others that are holding, we'll go to your calls here in just about
10 minutes, but I wanted to get Cindy Sheenan on because there's been comments like, you know, good riddance, attention whore, and Drudge carried that headline.
Her son died, and I remember interviewing Cindy before the Democratic Party basically co-opted her, or tried to.
I remember whenever she was really first on this show, and shows on Genesis, when she was speaking out about the fraud that is the war.
And so they tried to destroy her work and her son's memory and what she's done, just like they're now claiming Rosie O'Donnell was fired when it's admitted she wasn't fired.
She left the show because of censorship.
They want to destroy the fact, that's another news story today, that she boldly stood up for her convictions.
Fox News and the Pentagon, that's who runs Fox, wanted to take that away.
And so joining us is Cindy Shins.
You see, she's not giving up is the headline that I'm reading here, but that she's just getting out of the so-called peace movement.
The co-opted Democratic Party.
Look, as long as anti-war is a set piece for political power, it's okay.
But now, we've got to get a position for Hillary to come in and warmonger into Iran.
And so, I've heard locals talk about how bad she is.
Well, they loved her a year ago, but Cindy Sheehan, she's not good, which shows us that both parties are controlled.
Cindy Sheehan, thanks for coming on with us.
Thank you, Alex.
It's great to talk to you again.
Tell us about the whole saga, just summing up what the last two, three years have been like since you've been going public and really being on the front line and being a focal point of this war being an international war crime, a war of aggression.
And then what led you to make this announcement a few days ago?
Well, you know, after Casey died, I started to really do what I should have done before he died.
I started to research about our country and what our country does.
I had a vague notion being a history major, but they don't teach us history, even in universities.
You know, we get hand-picked, cherry-picked stories of how great our country is.
And so I just started researching, you know, and I evolved to the place I am now from being anti-war to being anti-imperialism.
Anti-fascism, anti-corporatism, that really characterized the nature of this conflict and the nature of the United States.
And, you know, something struck me when you were talking that I was co-opted or the Democratic Party tried to co-opt me.
Well, I think that they definitely used the anti-war, what they call left, the anti-war left in this country, to be elected to regain control of Congress
And then they have totally betrayed us, and that's really last week when they voted for the funding.
I left the Democratic Party, any ties I had to them, which were very, you know, tenuous at that point anyway, I cut all ties, you know, I renounced my, you know, my membership in the Democratic Party, and then the so-called left started slurring me with as much vigor and
You know, as despicably as the right has been doing for these past years.
And I said, you know what?
I don't need it.
Why am I killing myself for trying to make this country better than it is?
And why am I, you know, using up all my savings, all my energy, all my physical health for a country that really doesn't want to be helped?
Well, I understand that it's depressing sometime in the face of the fight, but just since you made that announcement two days ago, I've seen you make some other announcements that you're realizing you can't give up because you're going to save lives of men and women in Iraq and our troops, other cases out there by what you're doing, and it's clear now.
This is a wake-up call for everybody in America.
The left-right paradigm is a false matrix-like
I mean, look at the poll that came out a month ago
Uh, that Bush has the same approval rating as Congress.
So Democrats did have a better approval rating a few months ago, but now it's plunged too.
So, so really I think this is all part of the process of kind of an end of childhood for a lot of people, you know, mentally, that, my God, they really don't care what we want.
We're really not in a free country.
Well, you know what?
We're a laughing stock all over the world.
The world sees that the majority of Americans want out of Iraq.
They want the Bush administration gone.
And they're still functioning.
And if 80% of America is on my side, and 80% of America supports what I say and wants the same things I want, then 80% of America has to start making some sacrifices also.
And not just sit behind their computers criticizing people who are making.
The sacrifices and I will never give up on humanity.
There are so many people in our world who are being destroyed, whose lands are being taken, whose families are being taken for this corporate military imperialism of the United States and I will fight for them now and I hope that there's some residual positive effect here in America.
Well, it is true that worldwide people are really waking up to what's happening, but I want to make it clear, and I want to get your take on this, Cindy Sheehan.
When we say American imperialism, we have foreign interests, multinational corporations, Halliburton's now in Dubai, using America as their engine, as their front, to carry out world domination.
So I think it's important to not, at the same time, just say that it's America.
Do you want to comment on that?
Well of course it's corporate America and with the backing and the approval and the cooperation of our government is what's happening here.
I am sure, I'm positive that if
American citizens knew what was going on.
If they were really educated, they would be appalled and opposed to what really makes this country tick.
And not just be opposed to the Iraq War or George Bush, because they're just symptoms of an underlying cancer in this country.
Well, you're right, it is a cancer, and it's always been disgusting to me that when George Bush is doing something bad, conservatives can't see it because he has a conservative label, and then when Democrats are doing bad things, liberals will defend them regardless.
I mean, that's a recipe for enslavement.
Well, you know, and what is a liberal now?
People say Hillary Clinton is a liberal, and that's just...
You know, an abomination of the term.
Like you said, you know, she's just a war hawk, a war monger, and very little distinction between her and, let's say, a John McCain, or a Rudy, more specifically, probably, or appropriately, Rudy Giuliani.
Well, those two are almost identical.
It's just one's a man, one's a woman.
You've been asked a lot about 9-11 truth and questions and calls like Ray McGovern has done for an independent investigation and the pools of molten steel and all of it.
And I was just curious, did the Democratic operatives and people ever try to keep you from talking about that or talking about this war also being partly for Israel's gain?
I mean, now that you've divorced yourself from the establishment system, which you were never really a part of when I said...
I mean, they were trying themselves to co-opt your message.
But now, is there anything you want to say openly here about 9-11 investigations or about Israel?
Well, you know Alex, I have also called for a valid, independent investigation of 9-11 and I've signed the petition with the Jersey Girls who have been asking for a valid
Independent investigation also.
I think that the 9-11 Commission and their report was, you know, a total travesty and a smokescreen.
And I am also calling for, you know, like I said, a better investigation.
I mean, actually, really, an investigation into 9-11 because the other one was just a farce.
And I have
Steadfastly, stuck to my guns, that I believe that part of the reason why we're having so many problems in the Arab-Muslim world is because of our overwhelming support for Israel's policies in Palestine.
And I've supported that, I've said that, I'll stand by that statement, you know, 100%.
I think that our policies need to be fair in that region to everybody who lives there, not just
The government of Israel.
And I know there are many people who are Jewish and who live in Israel who agree that their government is very oppressive of the Palestinian people.
And I think that those are occupied territories as much as Iraq is.
And I've called for occupations to end all over the world.
Specifically on 9-11, why are you calling for another or really a first independent investigation?
Well, because I think the other one was just, um, you know, for one thing, George Bush and Dick Cheney held hands and testified behind closed doors, not under oath.
You know, it would be nice to get these people out in the open.
Let's get everything out in the open.
And there are many things that just don't add up on that day.
What about specifics?
I mean, yeah, let's talk about some of the things that don't add up on that day.
Yeah, I'm not going to sit here.
I'm not going to say that I know that the government did it because I don't know that.
And the only reason I don't know that is because I have not had time
To study it as some people have had time to study it.
But you were just saying though that there are some things that don't add up.
What are some of the things that make you question?
Well, why was the air defenses, why were they doing exercise that day?
Why was a new FAA head in there that day just for the first day?
And why weren't the controls, the automatic
Mandatory controls is when you lose contact with an airplane, you intercept it with a military jet.
And that should only take seconds.
And that, those orders weren't, I mean, that's not even from what I understand.
And you know more about this than I do.
It's not even an order to do that.
It's mandatory.
It's default.
But from what I understand is the FAA person, the head of the FAA who just started that day, countermanded that automatic order.
Yes, that's what happened.
And then of course, the molten steel at temperatures hotter than jet fuel even burns for months in the basement.
And it does look to me like it was a controlled demolition.
But I'm not an expert.
I understand, but you might look like a... And I haven't had time to research it, but it does to me look like a controlled demolition from a very amateur eye.
I understand, but there have been a lot of engineers... I'm looking at common sense.
I'm just coming at this from a common sense.
But there have been a lot of engineers... I'm not an expert.
Sure, but there have been a lot of engineers and scientists saying it's a controlled demolition, and then we have all the firemen and police on video saying they were told to get back, that it was going to be brought down.
Right, so there's just a lot of very questionable things.
We also have Bush in the bunker, I mean, Cheney in the bunker, in control of the whole thing, and Norman Mineta's testimony about, you know, saying that the order still stood.
Well, see, and like I said, you know more about it than I do because I've been so busy and I just try to stay up on, you know, the lives of the Iraq War, and I know that they're tied in together.
That's great!
I just want to make a statement and get your take on it.
I mean, there are some top, you know, fake neolib sites attacking you and people attacking you who are part of the system and make their living off of being apologists for the corrupt Democratic Party.
But overall, I mean, the American people are supportive of you.
Overall, people are disgusted with the Democratic Party.
And that's why we see their approval ratings dropping like a lead in the ocean.
Well, and I do know that there's a lot of support and love.
I do know that there's room for everybody to be involved in the movement, too, so I'm going to step out of the way and make room for those people.
But right now, for right now, my website is thecampkcpeaceinstitute.org, and we are my staff.
I have one assistant, my sister.
We're going to pull back this month.
We are going to be back, but we're going to be back from a different angle or a different direction.
I think I've come to a brick wall in what I can do within the peace movement, so we're going to come at it.
We've exploited the chink in the armor of the Bush administration, so we're going to come at it at a different angle.
I hear Bush is going to leave his Hollywood cowboy set soon.
I heard that they're going to move to Dallas, yeah.
Where Dick Cheney lives.
So he won't need the Cowboys set anymore, I guess.
Yeah, I am selling the property in Crawford, Texas that I purchased.
And, you know, we can't... Camp Casey is going to live forever in people's memories and hearts.
And, you know, I hope that... You know, the other day I said Casey died for nothing, but so many people have emailed me contradicting that, saying that
You know, his death sparked to them the activism and I just hope that people will honor Casey's death and the death of the others by continuing the struggle for truth, for peace, and for accountability.
I agree.
By the way, you had to buy that property because they passed a special county law not letting you guys protest on the dirt roads.
In the ditches.
Yeah, just basically anywhere, all over the county, and so you had to go buy that property.
I'm just curious, how much did you buy the property for?
I paid $52,500 and I have put in tens of thousands of dollars in improvements, so, you know, I'm set I won't, I'll consider every offer as long as it's reasonable.
Well, it would be great to keep Camp Casey in the hands of people that are anti-war.
I guarantee you, that needs to have a historical marker placed on it a hundred years from now if we survive as a species.
I hope so, and I hope we survive as a species a hundred years from now.
As soon as you're rested in a month or so, I know you're exhausted, I want to get you up for a full hour to really talk about your experiences in the last three years that you've been out there fighting.
Almost, yeah.
I started on the 4th of July 2004.
I think that you are going to come back even stronger after a month's rest.
I haven't had a rest, a real rest, more than a week or so in 12, 13 years.
Oh my goodness.
Yeah, and I certainly need one myself, but I'm actually, I'm afraid.
I've taken off a week before, and then I'm totally exhausted when I actually relax that I have to keep going or I'll fall apart.
I've kind of gotten into that catch-22, but we'll all pray for you and Cindy Sheehan, we appreciate you coming on and you've really been an incredible trooper and we salute you.
Well, I hope that we can, like you said, talk further and longer the next time.
God bless you.
Okay, you too, Alex.
Thank you.
There she goes.
We'll be right back with your calls, I promise, straight to your calls on the other side.
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I think that a parasitic dream will never come back.
It painted my hands and my face blue.
And suddenly, in the wind, life takes me away.
We're good.
Welcome back.
Charles, Jeff, Steve, Steve, Jerry, Jeremy, everybody.
Your calls are coming up.
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We're good to go!
Alright, let's go to Charles in Louisiana.
Charles, you're on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Mr. Jones, about that presidential executive order when it makes him dictator.
Thanks for holding.
I was talking to a guy that was on a radio show and he said if he wanted he could just add...
Mexico on to the United States.
Is this true?
I mean, according to Bush, yes.
He's saying... Look, it says Congress isn't involved.
It says the governors aren't involved.
It says no one... I mean, it says, I, the President, give myself the power.
I mean, it is... Even mainstream conservatives have looked at this.
Liberals have looked at it.
This is not Alex Jones's opinion.
You can read it in plain English.
Bush says, for any reason, he can say he's a dictator.
I got involved with this truck rally, you know, last month.
And I realized how dumb, and I'm not trying to knock anybody, how really dumb, really dumb the American people are.
And I'm wondering, how could we educate them?
If it goes like this, Mr. Jones, much longer, we lost the country.
I don't think we're going to get the country back, but maybe you see something I don't.
Well, here's the deal.
Most of the mainline dumbos
have heard us and they've snickered and giggled and said well it's not true but the seeds are planted and so if we're unable to stop the next phase going into place their life's going to be so bad that a lot of them are going to remember what Charles and Alex told them.
Yeah, but Mr. Jones... Stay there, I'm going to come back to you but take us out to break, go ahead.
I was in New Orleans when he was taking these guns away from these people.
They was the scariest people in the world.
No, I know.
I was just thinking about the images of it.
I was there.
I mean, just trembled down with fear, and I mean, just lay down there.
No, I know.
These guys with tats all over them, driving Harley.
See a cop, they wet their pants.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
More than
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Open phones in this third hour.
A ton of news.
I've just got to somehow cram it all in here.
Charles in Louisiana has made over 6,000 copies of my films.
Giving them out to police, military all over Louisiana.
I know because I've gotten calls from people that have gotten them from him.
He calls in a few times a year.
He's called in today.
And he was there trying to help people in New Orleans during Katrina.
And the reason we talk about him going into wealthy areas is that was high and dry.
And they went in and took the guns.
And I'm going to play those clips coming up in the next segment.
Because the troops have been trying to do it nationwide.
It's not just New Orleans.
And now Bush has announced that the executive branch of the president is a dictator.
And there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
This is a public announcement.
But he talked about, yeah, people quaking and groveling to the police and the troops when they would come into the houses and confiscate the guns.
But believe me, those good old boys would assault you if your chihuahua went in their yard.
Because again, they're trained
They're trained like animals.
Americans have been turned into animals, by and large.
To cower from the master, but then to fight amongst themselves.
You go ahead, Charles, and finish up your story.
The thing is, they just had a policeman get his eye cut out by a legal up here.
He was on the highway, and they cut his eye out.
And he didn't shoot the guy, but he said, Charlie, they don't run.
They don't run.
I said, well, no, but the people y'all beat and framed, they don't run neither.
How come you could be bad with the American people and you scared of the illegals?
He said, well, you know, Charlie, there's certain ways you do it.
We've got certain order.
Well, to make a long story short, we, the American people... Let me just stop you.
It's open season on the American people.
We're here to be abused because we're the idiots.
Right, right.
But where is, where is... I'm not no brave man, Mr. Jones.
I'm not no brave man.
I respect you.
But I think, if God gives me any coverage at all, I'll fight.
But where is the spirit of America?
You've been on air for 13 years, sir.
13 years, you've been putting your heart into this.
I've prayed for you many nights, my wife has too.
And when I went in this truck rally, you know... Well I knew it, I got the Bohemian Grove calling me up at the middle of the night now.
Oh, my gosh.
Their number, everything, yeah.
Well anyway, when I went in this truck rally, this is the worst thing in the world.
Three nights, me and my wife stood out there, 16, 17 hours a night.
And you know, I talked to the Canadian truck drivers and all that.
Mr. Jones, the spirit of America is broken.
It's not the spirit.
They're looking for something.
That's because they're looking for iPods and styling gel and Corvettes.
Yes, sir.
And they don't know why they're so unhappy.
Because you don't have your liberty.
That's why you're unhappy.
Well, anyway, Mr. Jones, I don't think we have much to work with.
I mean, for the American people.
And we ought to be mad at the American people, not the politicians.
Because with the American people, if this wouldn't happen, we wouldn't be fighting the politicians if they wouldn't let it happen.
Well, it is true.
I've got to say this about the Mexicans.
They have not been completely broken yet.
The CPS, they try to take their kids, they just run.
They don't hand their kids.
You've got to admire some things about the Mexicans, is that they're not completely domesticated yet.
And that's another reason the cops have been told to leave them alone, is they're just not a good target.
Americans have been born and bred as slaves now for at least two or three generations.
One more question.
When the chip comes out next year on the identification chip, do you think people are going to go with this or go against it?
Well, they won't even know that there's an RFID.
They don't even know what RFID is on their credit card.
They just know that now when they buy gas or anything else, they demand you swipe a card, even if you're paying cash, and that's getting us ready for the National ID sales tax.
They're just going to have to... You know what?
People are going to just... See, the globalists have openly said they've got to bring the economy down slow, which they're doing.
But at a certain point, people are going to realize it, and it's our job to let them know who did it to them.
Yes, sir.
Well, I tried, you know, Mr. Jones.
I respect what you're doing.
Good God, if it wasn't for a few people like you, these dumbos wouldn't know how to walk.
But I thank you for what you're doing.
And I think you ought to get all the support you need.
They at least ought to do that for you.
I mean, they ain't going to do nothing else.
Well, we do get a lot of support.
Thank you.
Hell, I haven't even plugged my videos yet, so that's one reason I haven't been getting a lot of support, because I frankly don't even care anymore.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is a definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Jeff in Oklahoma, you're on the air, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Thanks for calling.
First one I want to talk about is the GOP debates.
I've been trying to keep up watching it on YouTube because I don't know what time it is on the TV and I'm usually at work.
So from what I've been able to gather Ron Paul really won those debates.
He won the MSNBC polls.
He had about 30% of the polls.
Yeah, he won all those and then he won all the other polls except for the official Fox poll which he was leading until the poll closed and he came in second place behind Mitt Romney.
Yeah, well and secondly I understand what you mean by these major media talk show hosts being nothing more than corporate puppets because
I am very, very disgusted with Sean Hannity.
When he tried to ask Ron Paul a question, and Ron was trying to explain his position, he kept talking over him, kept interrupting, wouldn't let him answer.
Well, that's their job.
Their job is to keep our message from getting out.
I mean, there's all this talk about, like I told Cindy Sheehan last hour, she's a decent person, she means well, but she's talking about America being, you know, the great evil.
Well, yeah, the people running America and bad people in America being part of that, but this isn't America.
The same people invading Iraq are the ones getting rid of our borders right now.
I want all the good ol' boys to understand that.
The reverse of what Sheehan says.
She thinks America's evil.
Well, they think America can do no wrong and that we're all part of this empire.
No bozos.
The people destroying America are the ones that are invading Iraq.
And vice versa.
Also, I was finally able to get a copy of G. Edward Griffin's The Creature from Jekyll Island.
Yeah, The History of the Federal Reserve.
It looks like it's going to be a long read for me because I'm not what you call a very avid reader, but I'm going to try and read it all the way through.
I know some of the basic things to Aaron Russo's film.
I'm now understanding what's really going on.
Basically, before I started going to your website and watching the documentaries, I was in that crowd.
You know, that thought, well, it was the terrorists, we need to strike back, and, you know, I fell into that, you know, category of, uh, well, it's up to them.
Hey, it's slick Pentagon propaganda.
When you realize our Pentagon doesn't work for us anymore, it all makes perfect sense.
Listen, I was fooled.
I mean, I was a long time ago, I was a mainline conservative and thought the Republicans were going to save us from Bill Clinton, and then I found out that they really weren't after Bill Clinton.
Just like the Democrats aren't trying to stop the war.
God bless you, Jeff.
I appreciate your call.
Let's talk to Steve in Chicago.
Steve, you're on the air.
Yes, Alex.
I want to talk about the upcoming G8 Conference.
It's June 2nd in Rostock, Germany, Heiligendamm.
And the U.S.
State Department has issued a warning for the American people to stay away from these demonstrations.
And that was stated the 25th of May, this month.
I go to the German site, and they're the host country, and it says, don't panic, come to the protest.
There's no reason to be afraid to come to big demonstrations in Rostock.
We have a very big, very colorful, and very strong demonstration.
We do not expect major problems, etc.
There are State Departments there to try to frustrate people being involved in the process.
That's exactly right.
They want to go in there and say, condiment rice, and President Bush will say,
We don't have any protesters coming here because all the people of the United States are satisfied.
It's a cornucopia.
It's a superabundance.
Everything is plentiful.
They don't have any gripes at all.
Now, isn't that a dirty trick for them to do something like that?
Sir, less than one-tenth of one percent of homeland security activities are terror-related, but they tell the public they're all fighting terrorists.
And they literally have known Mossad operatives up in Indian Halloween outfits, posing as Muslims, saying, I'm gonna kill you every time Bush needs support.
I mean, it's completely transparent.
It's just so hard for the general public to get their mind around the fact that we're living in a propaganda state.
Well, the only thing, I want to let you go because I know there are other people behind me, but I'm going to predict there are going to be half a million protesters there.
They're going to try to block the airport, the incoming airport that's at Rostock Lager, and if they can't get around that fence, they've got a Berlin Wall there.
They're going to try tactics of stopping the Autobahn and everything else.
I think we're going to have a bigger and stronger showing than Genoa.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And in Genoa, they did run over people.
I've seen the video.
With an armored vehicle, they run over four or five people, back over one guy twice, and kill him.
And they would take the American protesters in, and they would beat them so bad, reporters from major newspapers took photos later of where the police would take them to warehouses.
They would beat them so bad that there would be blood splatters on the wall in the shape of a human being.
That's your freedom!
That's your loving government.
Look, man, we're run by a bunch of big banking families who do whatever they want, whenever they want, and they're setting up a worldwide police state so they can suck everything out of you.
So in a way, all you scum that go along with this, you get what you deserve.
Ride along with my family and everybody else.
I've tried my hardest turning this around, and I think we can still, but I don't know, I'm in a dark mood today because
Here's the problem.
I spent all these hours reading all this news and analyzing it all and then I get to the point of I want to take your calls but I also want to cover news and then I have this way of trying to cover one article and then perseverating on it and not getting everything I wanted to cover.
We're going to go to Alex and skip in a minute but I mean look at this.
Crystal and Kagan put everything behind Escalation so we can bomb Iran and Syria.
And then it's got the Weekly Standard with William Crystal and Frederick Kagan and they have quotes in here about how we need to go ahead and just escalate the war and we've got to fail forward and just start the war with Iran now.
And then it's admitted that known Al Qaeda groups, real Sunni
Wahhabi terror groups, I mean the real deal, funded out of Saudi Arabia, are being trained by the U.S.
in Iraq for at least three years, and are carrying out bombing attacks, attacks on police stations, schools, power plants, dams.
I was doing research on this this weekend, there were hundreds of articles, French press, British press, but they all report it dryly.
And I mean, here is our government, using Al-Qaeda to attack Iran,
And then every time the Shiites are fighting back, they call them Al Qaeda.
Understand, folks, Shiites are the mortal enemies of Al Qaeda.
I know you, the listeners, know this, but
Just something simple like that is too confusing for the public or even committee chairman over the defense operations.
The Armed Services Committee, new chairman, didn't know what a Shiite or a Sunni was.
Bush doesn't, in speeches.
I mean, God help us, man!
Al-Qaeda is the name of the CIA computer program and file.
Brzezinski's now written about this last year.
We already knew this, but now it's admitted.
The guy that was the National Security Advisor running it.
They went out and basically recruited, or re-recruited, all the radical Wahhabis that they'd recruited out of the Muslim Brotherhood, the 1940s Muslim Brotherhood at the end of World War II, and they just kind of reconfigured them to fight Communists, quote, fight Communists.
And then they used them in the late 90s against the Serbs, and then they're using them against Iran, and they used them against America, at least to take the fall for the attacks.
And there it is!
And our government, it is in our government, is saying, the people that pose in our government, the people that have hijacked our government, say, we're going to nuke Iran if they fight back when we bomb them.
I mean, there's been headlines, Iran may strike back!
If we hit them, my God, imagine!
If we bomb them, they're so evil, they might fight back!
With Al-Qaeda!
When they're Shia.
They're Shia.
And then... Oh, it's just off the charts.
I don't even know what to say anymore at this point.
And then it's... Bush announces over the weekend in a press conference that they are going to up the covert military and economic operations inside Iraq.
They tried to overthrow... inside Iran.
They tried to overthrow Iran, what, three years ago.
It's been ongoing.
Special forces are all over the country.
They're commanding Al-Qaeda forces.
I mean, this is real Al-Qaeda.
This is real attacks.
And of course, Al-Qaeda works for the government as usual.
It's like top FBI agents said right before 9-11.
It's as if Al-Qaeda has moles in the Justice Department.
They don't have moles.
They are the Justice Department.
The CIA, the Justice Department is just Al-Qaeda upstream.
And then we got an article like this today.
By the way, this was on Digg, and Digg just erased this story off of Digg.
They just erased it.
Pure censorship, caught red-handed.
government uses Al-Qaeda to attack Iran.
Bush authorizes group formerly headed by alleged 9-11 mastermind to be bankrolled and armed by CIA for covert regime change.
And this thing's getting censored all over the web.
Of course it is.
Here's one today.
Mossad agent Perlman releases phony Al-Qaeda tape
While President Bush authorizes the CIA to bankroll and arm the real Al-Qaeda in Iran, Adam Perlman, the Jewish Mossad agent who once wrote stinging essays condemning Muslims as bloodthirsty terrorists, had once again popped up as an Al-Qaeda spokesman to frighten the dwindling number of Americans who still believe Al-Qaeda exists outside of the United States intelligence circles.
An American member of Al-Qaeda warned President Bush on Tuesday to end U.S.
involvement in all Muslim lands or face an attack worse than September 11th's suicide assault, according to a new videotape.
Wearing a white robe and a turban, Adam Gadahn, who also goes by Azeem Ali al-Mirakai, said Al-Qaeda would not negotiate on its demands, reports the AP.
And who is he?
When we get back, we'll tell you who he is.
This article needs to be covered by everybody.
It won't be.
We've got more important things to cover, I guess.
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I think so.
Later, I'll finish up when the Mossad agent Perlman releases felony al-Qaeda tape.
And then it dovetails with an earlier report admitting, remember the fake Muhammad Atta confession video?
They later admitted it was a made-for-TV computer morph.
I mean, the government errors step on TV saying it's fake.
In a program, and then they take it again and release it as him admitting it on national U.S.
television, and then no one ever even points it out.
It's like when they'll kill this leader of Al-Qaeda five times, and this guy three times, and this guy fourteen times.
They do all this on purpose!
Let's go to Steve in San Francisco.
Steve, you're on the air.
Alright, thanks for taking my call.
First, a brief comment about your interview with Sidney and then a short question for you, Alex.
Sure, go ahead.
With regard to your interview with Sidney, let me say that the entire non-profit establishment is tightly controlled with the goal to be ineffective.
While peering on the surface to their constituency as active change agents.
You know, my experience is they're designed to be another component in an endless treadmill, burning individual's energy on intentionally designed failed measures.
It's unfortunate that it took Sidney so long to sort of figure this out.
However, even with all that said, I'm still not certain whether Sidney herself is an op, a stooge, or a sincere actor.
Well, her son died.
I mean, I think, you know, that she's been used.
Well, her son's birthday is... Don't you think it's interesting that her son's birthday is also Memorial Day?
Isn't that a little too convenient?
I mean, come on.
We're designing an op here.
Look at it from a psychological perspective.
I don't know.
I'm just questioning it.
But let me go to a question for you, and let's move beyond that.
You know, Alex, I've been listening to you for a long time.
I've been dealing with these issues for probably as many years as you have, if not longer.
My question for you is, why do you use the fear component?
Why are you choosing to use fear as part of delivering your message?
What are you trying to do there?
Well, number one, I don't sit here and calculate what I do on the air.
So, there is no... I mean, I just try to cover the news.
I am myself.
There's not... I even said that in the first hour.
I said, you know, why do I always try to prove everything instead of just doing what the media does and just stating it?
Because whereas they lie, I'm telling the truth.
So why not just state they're doing this and let's fight it?
I mean, I'll get off the air today and wish that I would have... I have it here in the stack to give the number out for Congress to try to beat Bush and the National Amnesty Plan.
Which is an amnesty plan.
So, I mean, fear component, I am concerned.
I have found that by being honest, that we're in trouble.
If you call that fear, so be it.
About open borders, or the new world order, or gun control laws.
I mean, fear, let's say I'm standing on the edge of a 50 story building, and I'm looking down and I feel that tingle in my stomach, that's fear.
That's a good instinct.
I'm always telling people, and again it's an organic message, I'm always telling people, Steve, that they need to take action because it's very scary if they don't because this enemy is going to win.
The fear is if we let them win, then it's a very bad world indeed.
So I don't know if I'd call that a fear component.
Don't disagree with the points that you're making there.
You know what, I'd direct you to the first chapter of a book which I just was handed this weekend.
It's not by one of my favorite people, but Al Gore's recent book.
What's interesting in that book is that the entire first chapter is dedicated to how fear works the brain.
I found it very interesting that a former candidate for president understood at a neurological level how well fear works and how it impacts us.
So if your goal is to achieve what you say you are trying to achieve, you will see that making people afraid does not help achieve that.
I come at this just from fire and forget.
I just get up on the air and talk, and talk about how I feel about something, and I'm intellectual about the facts, but then I get emotional about the content.
And I find that we've motivated millions of people, and we've been very effective, so the proof is in the pudding, or the proof is in the fruits of the tree.
And then on top of that, it isn't about Alex Jones.
I mean, I'm not here held to some higher standard, but I disagree with all this New Age stuff about just be positive, and don't ever have fear, and believe in something, and it's going to happen.
Look at India.
India believes that, and it hasn't gotten them very far.
And I mean, India has some things to offer.
I'm not bashing the overall culture.
I just, magical thinking is not really a big thing in my book.
I mean, I trust in God, but pass the ammunition, as they say.
Or trust in God, but roll away from the rocks.
Or trust in God, but tie up your camel.
Because he's still going to wander off.
God helps those that help themselves.
I don't know.
I mean, I found it to be a big motivator.
To tell the truth.
I mean, this is scary stuff.
So, that's kind of new age stuff there.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think so.
I think so.
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I'm going to take a few more calls real fast and I'm going to do nothing but cover news here at the end.
Alex in New York, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, go ahead.
How you doing?
Uh, I just wanted to, like, talk about two things.
First of all, uh, on YouTube, um, just updating on the censorship.
You now can't type Siebel Edmonds, and you cannot type self-inflicted.
I thought it was, it says, uh, you're trying to post a URL or email address.
Um, I thought it was maybe something else I had in the comments, so I just tried typing just those words alone.
You can't type it.
Doesn't let you.
Well, let me tell you, MySpace is blocking our bulletins, Ron Paul's, Yahoo's doing it, Digg is now just completely erasing whole articles we post whenever they're on key subjects.
They're doing this because we're hurting them, ladies and gentlemen.
They're doing this, I mean, they call Ron Paul spam.
They know there's a revolution, they know we're marching, they know that we can win, they know that we can affect change, and so they're desperately trying to block us.
Yeah, yeah.
And another thing is, are you in contact with Michael Rupert at all?
No, I'm not.
Mr. Rupert is no longer in the... I don't know if he ever was in the anti-New World Order movement, but he is, I believe, in some type of retirement.
Yeah, he's having health problems.
It sounds like he's having a similar condition to Aaron Russo.
I'm wondering if it could be the same type of thing they're doing to him.
Um, but I want to plug something.
In the Prison Planet forums, prisonplanet.tv forums, I posted up some flyers that a friend of mine made.
It's flyers, door hangers, and pamphlets.
That's right.
Who wants to start campaigning for Ron Paul, but doesn't really know where to start, that's a great place to start.
God bless you.
Or you can just go turn the television set on and let it destroy your brain and say there's no hope and say that there's nothing you can do, which is what a lot of people decide to do.
So you don't have a choice, ladies and gentlemen.
We have to fight for the Second Amendment.
We have to fight for the borders.
We have to fight against the war.
We have to campaign for Ron Paul.
We've got to resist.
Believe me, we're having a big effect right now.
They would have already gotten their amnesty the last four or five times they tried.
They would have already gotten their hate crimes bills.
They would have already gotten all the stuff they wanted.
They get some of what they want, but not all of it, because they need you to at least think that you're giving acquiescence.
And that's the hope there, that's the positive thing, is that we are having an effect, we do have power.
Alright, let me get more into this article and I'll go back to your calls.
Mossad agent Perlman releases phony al-Qaeda tape, and then it goes into how he's well-known Mossad, and there's no doubting it.
And then they talk about how it's this Neocon Defense Department controlled and owned subsidiary that always releases the videos and the IPs where they originally get released are, you know, in Houston and Little Rock and DC.
It goes on, the Intel Center
We're behind the 2006 release of the Laughing Hijackers tape that showed Mohammed Atta and Zaid Jarr allegedly attending a 2000 Al Qaeda meeting and reading their last will and testament.
Segments of the video that were interspersed with footage of the Laughing Hijackers, Jarr and Atta showed Bin Laden giving a speech to an audience in Afghanistan on January 8, 2000.
Were called from the terror experts described as surveillance footage taken by a security agent.
Ah, videotaping at the Al Qaeda summit.
News reports at the time contained the admission that the U.S.
government had been in possession of the footage since 2002, while others said it was found when the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001.
And yet it was still bizarrely reported that the tape, bearing all the hallmarks of having been filmed and edited by undercover U.S.
intelligence, and having admittedly been in U.S.
position for five years, was released over the weekend of September 31st, October 1st, by Al-Qaeda.
It's admittedly out, released already everywhere, and then they release it again and say, oh no, they just released it last year from Al-Qaeda.
See, I mean, they just treat us like we're complete idiots.
But here's the really good part.
Now, Steve Watson wrote an article about this last year.
We need to repost this.
We need to get a link in this article, too, because I remember the story.
The video also contained segments that were first broadcast in a British documentary called The Road to Guantanamo, which was originally aired in March of 2006.
The context of the corresponding
seen in the dramatized documentary featured U.S.
interrogators attempting to coerce Gitmo detainees into confessing to Al-Qaeda membership by showing them fake videos where their likenesses had been computer-generated to appear as if they were in attendance during bin Laden's January 8, 2000 speech.
So, the government admits they created these fake videos to freak people out in their big fake video division that the general public still doesn't know they've had for 20 years.
We're good to go.
It goes on here.
I mean, you understand the import of that?
I hope people get this article and get it out to everybody.
Mossad agent Perlman releases phony Al-Qaeda tape because it really covers three issues.
Al-Qaeda being funded and supported in the attack on Iran while they simultaneously call Iran defending itself Al-Qaeda.
It's just a term now in the mind.
And then you have Perlman putting out a new fake tape claiming he's Al-Qaeda when he's known Mossad.
High-level ADL.
And then we've got this other big story here, obviously being rehashed but important, that they put out TV shows of fake computer morphing and then they admit it's fake computer morphing and then release it years later saying, look, here is Al-Qaeda admitting they did it when it's an admitted computer morph.
But again, the general public doesn't know what a computer morph is.
I mean, they literally know nothing.
You just tell them and they go, huh?
What's that?
government used Al-Qaeda to attack Iran.
I can't believe Digg censored that.
Bush takes on opponents of immigration deal.
He said, if you want to scare the American people, isn't that what you do, Bush?
What you say is the bill's an amnesty bill, Mr. Bush said this afternoon, a training center for border enforcement agents located in the town of Georgia's southeast corner.
That's empty political rhetoric trying to frighten our citizens.
I mean, I heard Tony Schnell yesterday on the radio, he was saying, we've hired thousands more border patrol to replace the tens of thousands you've redirected and given other jobs.
I mean, everything they said was a lie.
Yes, this legalizes all the illegals, and everybody knows it, it's a Z visa, and
Bush is now panicking over this.
Hughes closely to his long-sought goal of a new immigration system with three components.
Tighter seals on the nation's borders.
They always pass money for that and give it to the military or give it to domestic ops against the people.
They've built nothing, folks.
They've built a couple miles of fence where they have photo ops.
Tighter seals on the nation's borders, a guest worker system for non-citizens wanting to work here, and a path to citizenship for more than 12 million immigrants already in the country.
A system for non-citizens.
Yeah, unlimited skilled and unskilled visas.
The bill, the product of a compromise struck by Republicans and Democratic leaders two weeks ago, has encountered stiff resistance from the left and right.
And it goes on.
Meanwhile, the dear Mexicans that love America so much, when Rob Allen & Co., Bush's PR firm out of Dallas, hands out the millions of little flags.
They had trucks, Rob Allen & Co.
Out there handing them out.
They drop them on the ground or use them for toilet paper and then fly those Mexican flags loud and proud.
Booing the... AP admits, Mexican boo Miss USA showing discord.
And it says, don't worry, it's not her they hate, it's America, but that's alright.
You want to call the Congress and the Senate switchboard and tell them that you see right through their fraud and you'll never buy it?
And see, all this really is is a national ID card for you.
You're going to have to have a national ID card to have a job.
The illegals don't.
It's all selectively enforced.
Pesticides that are designed to go after the neurological systems of bugs are linked to Parkinson's disease.
Gee, what do you think eating all these pesticides on your food and breathing it and walking in it?
Builds up in your brain and causes Parkinson's.
Pesticide use causes Parkinson's disease, BBC.
Researchers discovered the high levels of exposure increased the risk by 39 percent, while even low levels raised it by 9.
A gunman exposing U.S.
operations was gunned down in Iraq.
It's a 22nd reporter killed just in the area, one area of the Kurdish territories, all part of the freedom.
We got video where Abrams tanks drive right up to Reuters reporters and you see the commander give the order and they just machine gun the camera, people.
That's America for you.
And you think that won't happen here, you fools.
They're all coming back here to be cops and rule over us.
It's gonna be rough.
And as they know who feeds them too, folks, they'll do whatever they're told.
Now, a lot of them won't.
A lot of them will join us.
A lot of them will burn out.
A lot of them will commit suicide.
But there's a large percentage that will eat their guts and ask for seconds.
I've talked to so many Marines who, when they're in training, they have to talk about how they'll kill their family in order to do so.
And they have little chants about shooting American schoolchildren.
By the way, the Marines didn't used to do that until about 20 years ago.
Those chants are treason against America.
So that's some of the news there.
That NBC News 4 piece with Luke Rudowsky and Infowars.com reporters out there confronting Giuliani with WeAreChange.org.
They did add WNBC when Giuliani denied that he ever said he got word that the towers were going to collapse.
They did get the ABC transcript and add it.
So that is added now.
They're showing that he's a liar.
So the truth is coming out.
Ron Paul got 91% of Straub polled.
And that was one where they just put it out unannounced, so it is a lot more accurate.
So of course he got a higher percentage because it was more scientific.
Not completely scientific as they call it.
Fox said that Rosie was fired.
It's publicly known that she walked off, turned down a three-year contract.
So they have to take the honorable things she did away.
They can't have that type of honor, and that example is not the right example.
She must be defeated in people's minds and censored.
And so they just lie and say it, and now that will be truth on talk radio and Fox News.
While CNN is doing more sophisticated things, airing video of Mexican troops attacking Mexicans and saying it's Hugo Chavez.
And I'm not defending Hugo Chavez and shutting down of that TV station, even though it was CIA run.
I mean, he's trying to keep his government intact.
The point is, is that CNN airing fake videos is what they did on 9-11 with the Palestinians and two-year-old stuff.
It's admitted to be fake, but people still will argue with you on the streets, folks, because they don't know any better.
They don't understand.
Even they like to be lied to, some of them.
Here's one out of Toronto.
Schools ask if they want surveillance cameras.
Federal government there pushing it on them.
I got a bunch of other news here.
I know we got Skip and Sam and Ted and many others that are holding here.
I haven't even gotten in two days and a judicial watch uncovers three deaths related to HPV vaccine events.
Reports obtained from the FDA tell 1,637 adverse reactions to Gardasil, the live cancer virus injection.
With established drugs and vaccines, about 1 out of 10 adverse reactions get reported.
That's a conservative number.
That's a number pretty much accepted by medicine.
And in an unproven drug, because they don't know what they're looking for, it's about 1 out of 100.
So what is 100 times 1,637?
That is 160,000.
Excuse me, 160,000.
And if you've got multiple deaths, three deaths, well it's 100 times that, 300.
Those are just rules of thumb.
It might be 150, it could be 500 have died.
We don't know.
No one will ever know, but you take this stuff, a good percentage of people have Ebola-like symptoms and blood starts coming out of their nose, their ears, their mouth, their hind end, their sexual organs, their toenails, their skin starts peeling off.
Of course, ten years from now when we find out all these girls have been sterilized, it'll be a minor footnote.
They'll have some new drug that sterilizes you, you're supposed to take.
I don't know, I think that is pretty scary.
I actually want to scare you.
I want to stop you from taking a live virus.
I guess that caller's right earlier, huh?
I'm scared.
I'd be scared to give this to my daughter.
When I get up around Tall Brush in the summertime, by the side of a lake, I try to follow the paths and I look for water moccasins.
Because I've been out at the lake when I was a child and seen a guy bit by one and taken to the hospital.
Yeah, I'm... I don't believe in that New Age mumbo-jumbo that I... I shouldn't be here warning you, the more I think about it.
Actually, that's a negative to say, if you are good.
If you are, see that doubt, if you are a good person.
Well, if Cindy Sheehan is good.
Nobody's good, but can't trust anybody.
Well, you can trust yourselves.
And I'm telling you, take action, get involved.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
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I'll give you that number and address that one more time.
When we get back, stay with us.
It's here.
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Sundown on the Union.
We got milk and honey.
We got decadent.
We got stupid.
Foreign corporations came in here and bought things off, trained our police to be attack dogs.
They're imploding the country in on itself, literally ending the nation right now.
I mean, it's probably irreversible even without an amnesty.
An amnesty will be a crushing blow by a frothing nationalistic group openly booing us, hating us, cheering Bin Laden, who they really think attacked us.
It's just unbelievable.
I'm going to try to go to your calls here at the end.
Just in closing, Researched Herbs does have a lot of great herbal remedies and things that have been proven to have a lot of nutritive effects.
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See, I want to go to your calls right now, but I just can't even do justice to your calls.
And then I've got all this other news I meant to get to, but let's just give each caller about 30 seconds or so here today.
Let's talk to Skip in California.
Skip, go ahead.
Hey, there's a couple of points I wanted to make.
One thing is, I'm worried about a possible RFK-style assassination on Ron Paul.
So maybe we should start bringing that up just so they try not to do it.
And then another point I had is like when Ron Paul was on Bill Maher and right after his appearance Ben Affleck said something to the effect of, he seems like a nice guy but he'll never win.
And I think the attitude we need to have is
Ron Paul will win.
People have to be that confident, otherwise you're not going to put the same amount of effort into it.
It's a self-fulfilling process.
It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
I appreciate your call.
They just tell you.
It's a foregone conclusion.
It's going to happen.
No, we're going to fight you tooth and nail, period, and we're having victories, and we're going to win.
That doesn't mean it's not going to be a knockdown drag out, and it's not going to be bad.
Sam in New York, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
I just want to remind the listeners to register Republican to vote in the primaries for Ron Paul.
I hear you, thanks.
Thank you.
Ted in Virginia, go ahead.
I'm a member of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership and I want to turn everybody on to the new movie they just released.
It's called The Gang.
It's about the B.A.T.F.E.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
I'll have to get Aaron Zellman on.
I might even carry that video.
Thank you.
And I spent three hours.
I haven't plugged my films.
I might as well do that.
I'm a filmmaker.
I've made 15 films.
Terror Storm Edition 1 is almost sold out.
Every copy that goes out, we're sending a signature card with it.
You want it, info-awards.com or 888-253-3139.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
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