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Air Date: May 25, 2007
2161 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
It is Friday, already the 25th day of May 2007.
In just a couple days, we will be halfway through the year.
That is absolutely amazing.
Coming up in 30 minutes, he's getting ready to jump on a big jet airplane and fly over to the Near East.
Istanbul, Turkey.
Jim Tucker will be popping in.
He was on with us a few weeks ago.
He's going to join us for just one segment to tell us the latest info he's got on where the Bilderberg Group meeting is being held in Istanbul.
We also got a list of attendees through a mole, through Daniel Estelin, as well.
That is coming up.
And then next Thursday, on the kickoff of Bilderberg,
The first day of Build-A-Bar, we're going to have Jim Tucker, Lord willing, joining us from Istanbul, and I guess about 10 o'clock in the evening, his time here on the show to give us analysis on the day's events.
So, that is coming up next Thursday.
Congressman Ron Paul is scheduled to be joining us on Tuesday, just letting you know some of the news and information that is coming up.
Jack McClann to talk about Bush pushing for total, complete martial law and the preparations for that.
Officer Jack McClann, the most decorated police officer in Phoenix, Arizona history, military veteran, and for 25 years running Aid and Abet newsletter, military and police against the New World Order.
Or police and military against the New World Order.
He is coming up in the second hour today.
We're also going to have open phones.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Well, the New York Times has a headline that the majority of Americans support amnesty.
Now there's a problem with this poll.
Every other poll, scientific, non-scientific, Gallup, Mason, Dixon, Angus, and Reed, Zogby, shows between 82 and 92.
I actually last night saw this story, went and pulled up a few polls, I didn't just go off memory.
And I pulled up some past polls from last year, and they were all from the low 80s to the low 90s.
On average, we're talking about 87%.
Now, if you look at the major polls they've had, questioning Mexican-Americans, who are American, and 67% want the borders shut and illegals deported.
So even with Hispanics, the vast majority want this.
Well, not by the time the New York Times is done with it.
By the time the New York Times is done with it, we all want completely open borders and absolute complete amnesty.
So I thought I would go over that.
Of course, really read the poll.
It was a very deceptive poll, and they basically polled the brain-dead couch potato types who literally do not know which end is up.
I mean, you've got to understand, folks,
Large sections of the population are completely brain dead.
And that's by design.
We'll break some of that down today as well.
opposition to Iraq war hits all-time highs.
We'll be going over that new poll.
Government knew of HIV risk from imported blood.
Now this is just another story where governments knew, Red Cross knew, Bayer knew, and knowingly, knowingly infected hundreds of thousands.
But they wouldn't hurt 3,000 people on 9-11.
No, of course not.
Also, Pentagon says they may just stay in Iraq forever.
Now they're being honest.
It's all coming up on the other side.
It's here!
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, Jack McClam joining us in the next hour.
Jim Tucker prepares to leave for Istanbul, Turkey to cover
I think it'll be like his 29th conference.
He's physically covered.
He's been covering it for 34 years total.
The big elite of the world meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.
That is coming up.
Before I start the news and how the Pentagon openly says they may stay in Iraq permanently, or much longer, we're talking about decades, or the U.S.
government funding wiretapping systems in Mexico, or propaganda stories like this one out of the New York Times, majority favor changing immigration laws, poll shows, and that is just incredible deception.
Before I cover all that, let me just start with this story out of the London Guardian today.
Government knew of HIV risk from imported blood.
Expert panel decided against import ban.
Since then, 1,757 have died.
And you better believe that is a complete and total minimizing and whitewash of what really happened.
Now that's just talking about one country, by the way.
Hundreds of nations
were hit by this stuff.
Hundreds of nations were hit by this bioweapon.
Government knew of HIV risk from imported blood.
The government advisors on medicine knew that patients were at risk of contracting AIDS from imported blood products as early as 1983, but ruled against a ban because of fears it would cause a shortage of supply.
That's a whitewash.
See, this is how they just announce unfathomable evil calmly like it's no big deal.
Minutes obtained by the Guardian of the meeting held on July 13, 1983 revealed that the Committee on Safety and Medicines knew that patients who repeatedly receive blood clotting factor concentrates appear to be at risk of AIDS.
They also knew that the risk where the highest of the blood products came from the blood of a homosexual or IV drug users in areas of high
incidents New York City and California and for those who repeatedly received high doses of the blood plasma products despite this the committee ruled that the risk of contracting AIDS had to be balanced against the life-saving benefits of their use to hemophiliacs they also argue that withdrawing the blood products was not feasible on the grounds of supply
British patients with the rare inherited condition in which blood does not clot normally were not told of the risk.
Critics say they would have preferred to carry on receiving their previous treatment called Cryoprecipitate manufactured in UK from single donors even though it meant going to hospital.
Nearly 5,000 people were infected with Hepatitis C
1,200 contracted HIV after receiving the imported plasma after the late 1970s and early into the mid-eighties.
Okay, let's just stop right there.
This isn't just a story about Factor VIII and Bayer.
It's a story about whitewashing.
Because this stops in 1983 and thousands dying from that.
They knew right through
And they continued to ship the blood to the United States, to Canada, to England, to Germany, to France, to Belgium, to Holland, to Russia, to Australia, to New Zealand, to China, to Africa, to Latin America, to Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, everywhere!
And it was predominantly manufactured in Canada, and most of the blood came from the land of evil.
And don't lie, folks.
That's what we've become.
The land, there's still a lot of good here.
But overall, we've got the highest per capita, I've got to tell you.
We are the land of wickedness.
And of course the curse came from here.
Of course the wickedness came from here.
Because we have the corrupt prisons that would do it.
You couldn't find them in France or England to do it.
You couldn't even find them in wicked Russia to do it.
No, you've got to come to America to find good ol' Boyd Systems, mainly Arkansas, but it also happened out of Texas, where they openly sold the heroin and cocaine to the people.
They were literally zombies who could hardly walk.
The punks, mainly.
And they would go, and that's the male sex slaves in the prisons, and they would go and give blood every couple days.
Literally, many of them died in the prisons of just exhaustion and collapse.
And we've interviewed the doctor of prosthesis who was there and others.
He got firebombed, by the way, when he went public the same night the Hemophiliac Society got robbed in Canada when they were suing Bill Clinton.
And we now have the official documents.
They knew full well
Because by 1980, there were CDC documents saying, we've got to stop prison blood because it's been, it's full of AIDS, HIV, it's full of hepatitis, it's full of all sorts of other problems, it's full of heavy metals, by the way, from all of the bad drugs that the guards were selling them.
This is how it works.
You've got to get them addicted to then get the blood money.
Literally blood money.
It was from all over the country, but Texas and Arkansas being absolutely, and I'm a Texan, I'm proud of my state, but the law enforcement, the government is just completely backward and corrupt.
That's why they are moving really hard against the people in Arkansas and Texas.
Oklahoma's bad too.
You got a bunch of well-meaning Christians who think everything's fine and stay in their prayer closets and don't fight evil, and then you just got the hillbilly corrupt running around ruling.
You know, living in 50 million dollar houses.
With SWAT teams that'll kill if they snap a finger.
They got squads of killers with badges that'll do whatever they're told.
They rule, period.
They run the whores, the coke, the heroin, the presents, everything.
They rule.
They rule.
We're mafia ruled.
Dixie Mafia, period.
And you think they care?
No, they'll take that AIDS blood, they'll ship it out to little kids all over the world.
They'll ship it out to hemophiliacs all over the planet.
But why would they know that and not even decide to test?
Why would they take the blood lots knowing it had AIDS and HIV and then Hepatitis and HIV that causes AIDS?
Why did they do that?
Because it's a larger idea of eugenics.
They publish books in the twenties and thirties and forties saying sterilize hemophiliacs, kill hemophiliacs.
Because they don't care, ladies and gentlemen, and it turned out they knew from at least 1980 right into the late 1990s, and they still continue to do it.
They do not care about you.
They're bloodthirsty criminals.
You'd think I'd learn to turn my, uh, cell phone off.
But, uh,
Let me turn that off.
I have it.
Forgot to have that in my pocket.
Very nutritious.
Broadcasting nutritious wavelengths into my body.
We call it our electronic vitamin machine.
I'm being sarcastic, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh boy.
And so,
It just goes to the mindset.
But then you look at this article and the way they whitewash it.
Well, they thought that the benefits were better than them not getting it.
How about you just don't take blood from people in prisons?
And how about you do the cheap blotter test?
I mean, you're talking about maybe a dollar, maybe two dollars, depending on which test you do, with the blood to do the blotter test.
They just put a drop down out of the blood.
You know, out of the pint you give, they just sit there and they blot it on a sheet that has special chemicals in it that tells you if it's got different pathogens in it, different diseases, different viruses, different bacteria.
There's no reason to do that!
And then we'll just put it into a political process later to, well, it was for the greater good.
And after they knew that it was happening, they just continued it.
And how many people do you know went in to get blood transfusions, had automobile accidents, or had heart surgery, or intestinal surgery?
You know, you don't need a cesarean section, but they just give you one.
You don't need your wisdom teeth pulled, but they just pull them.
And you didn't need blood, but the doctor just decided, because it's kind of the policy, everybody else does it, just to give you a pint of blood, give you some more blood.
There you go.
Have some hepatitis.
Have some HIV.
And then you get to come back into the whole hospital system when your liver's rotting out or you're dying of AIDS and they're going to suck every dime out of you you got.
It's the biggest racket out there.
Biggest racket, and again, most of the doctors aren't even part of it.
They're compartmentalized.
They don't know what they're part of.
They don't see the bigger picture.
It's just like cops.
I don't dislike the average cop out there, but I am just disgusted with you because you can't look around you and use your smarts to look at what you're part of and what we've become.
I mean, we're in deep trouble as a society.
And this goes directly to the mindset of the New World Order.
What they think of us, who they are, what they do.
This goes directly to the heart of the New World Order.
And if they would let hundreds of thousands, it's over 200,000 worldwide, conservatively, that's official numbers.
We've got top lawyers and scientists on who've covered this in the press and been litigants to it.
Over 200,000 dead.
Over another 100,000 conservatively that are infected by all this living with it.
This went on until just about 10 years ago.
Oh, they wouldn't kill 2,800 and something people.
No, they'll just take inner city kids out of New York and test pesticides on them until they die.
They strap them down and they test pesticides on them until they die and they put it in the newspaper and nobody goes to jail.
Oh, the government won't hurt us, they love us.
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We're good to go.
That's right!
I'm real friendly until you try to push me around or drop a bomb on my street, as they say.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Your calls are coming up.
Jim Tucker's going to just pop in for one segment.
We've got Jack McClam coming on about all the martial law news.
Our president's been announced a dictator.
PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.com are just kind of calmly receiving the news because we already know it.
But really, I need to break through my conditioning and consciously realize what a big deal this is, even though we've known about it.
And then it was coming for a long time, now it's arrival kind of comes with a whimper, not a big bang, and we just slip slowly into the death of the Republic, I guess.
While our friends knowingly shipped HIV, Hepatitis, blood to everyone, knowing people that had it were allowed to give blood, knowingly.
Now, if you sneak over to your neighbor's house and put poison in their medicine, you're going to go to prison for murder.
When Bayer and the governments of the world do it in conjunction,
It's all eugenics, by the way.
They're doing this on purpose.
They like killing people.
They enjoy it.
As long as it's for the Earth.
As long as it's getting rid of the infirm.
That's their religion is eugenics.
It's their religion.
You know, a Muslim likes to go pray five times to Mecca.
And a Christian likes to go do their communion.
Well, New World Order kills people.
That's their ritual.
And they like it!
And they like the fact that you're naive and just can't get your mind around that, and they're going to continue enjoying themselves until we stop them.
Here's an incredible propaganda story.
Majority favor changing immigration laws.
Poll shows.
Ah, yes, the New York Times.
They were going to try to pass the law, total blanket amnesty, Monday, five days ago.
And because there was massive heat and the phones were melting down, they backed off and said, OK, we're not going to do it now.
And then within an hour of that announcement, they said, oh, we'll do it in a few weeks, and we'll do it this week, and we'll do it... See, they're just trying to get you to, OK... In fact, I've heard some of them saying there is no amnesty, there was no bill.
They're also trying that.
This is not an assault.
This is not happening.
There's no North American Union.
There's no amnesty.
Everything's fine.
Hey, let's see if this lie works!
You're for it!
You like it!
The other sheep are for it!
You're a sheep, aren't you?
Then you should get behind this!
Everybody's doing it!
Everybody's doing the monster mash!
Majority favor changing immigration laws, poll says.
By Julia Preston and Marjorie Conley.
Yes, who write... I wonder if they write other works of fiction for the New York Times.
As proponents from the right and left challenge an immigration bill before Congress, there's broad support among Americans, Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike.
Wow, wow!
I didn't know about this big bandwagon, this big populist move.
Well, everybody knows we love open borders!
For the majority, the provisions in legislation according to the latest New York Times CBS poll, which the majority like the secret bill that we've gotten subsections leaked of?
Z Visa?
Total complete amnesty?
Oh, don't have to leave the country to get it?
Oh my goodness!
Or do you mean the people you polled believe the lie about they gotta pay $5,000, they gotta leave the country, and they didn't tell you about the unlimited skilled and unskilled worker visas?
You mean, because they can actually bring them here, not just legalize who's here?
You mean you might have been able to poll people selectively in Dumbo land somewhere?
I don't even believe that, it's a push poll.
You actually read the questions, it's something the general public can't even grasp, and so it's a deceptive poll.
It's like when you try to go vote on propositions at the state level and it takes a brain surgeon to figure out or some type of genius literary linguist to be able to figure out what the riddle is and people end up voting for the proposition they were against.
It's all about tricking you.
It's all about scamming you.
Literally, con artists run the government.
You understand that?
And the media.
Taking a pragmatic view.
This is meant to target those people who think they're members of the establishment or well-meaning.
Oh, I'm pragmatic.
I'm reasonable.
Oh, listen.
Taking... This is all written to manipulate you.
You can tell when it's just some mainline hack who's just copying a press release from the government and doesn't mean to be a government operative.
And you can tell when they know what they're doing.
Taking a pragmatic view on the divisive issue, a large majority of Americans want to change the immigration laws to allow illegal immigrants to gain legal status.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The disciples asked Jesus in Matthew 24, What shall be the signs of thy coming and the end of the world?
You shall hear of wars and rumors of wars.
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There must be some kind of way out of here.
Said a joker to the beat.
There's too much confusion.
Thank you for joining us on this 25th of May 2007 edition.
Hard to believe
Milderberg 2007 is rolling around.
It kicks off next Thursday in Istanbul, Turkey.
It seems like literally just minutes ago that I was sitting in a hotel there in...
Ottawa, the capital of Canada, eating a hamburger and drinking a Coca-Cola with Jim Tucker, who I just, he's just a great person.
He's great to be around.
He's a real character.
He's very well-read, very intelligent, and he's just pure Americana, ladies and gentlemen.
What would he grow up on?
Virginia, or was it a Georgia cotton plantation, basically, in a little four-wall shack, basically.
He is quite a character.
And at 70-something years old, he is off to Istanbul facing the Turkish jails to cover Bilderberg 2007.
He's been arrested before, detained.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he's been shot at before in Portugal.
We have that in the new film, Endgame, coming out in just a few months.
We'll be able to even have an Endgame, some photos and news articles and the latest from 2007.
But a lot of Endgame centers around Canada in 2006.
It's always a pleasure, Alex.
Jim, I always forget, are you from Virginia or Georgia?
Neither, North Carolina.
See, I knew I was getting it wrong, but I got it right about the cotton plantation.
Yeah, well not plantation, it's 40 acres and two cows, two mules to pull the plow.
It was not a plantation, it was more like Tobacco Road.
More like Tobacco Road, a plantation that had been broken up.
Yeah, that may have happened a few years earlier.
Well, my whole point is you definitely come from the agrarian society.
I'm a certified redneck.
To be certified, you have to pick cotton with your own hands.
There's a lot of pretenders in Washington, but they're not certified.
Well, listen, I'm not certified.
My dad is certified.
He picked cotton?
He picked cotton with his hands, yeah.
He's certified.
Jim, tell us what you can about what you've learned since you were on a few weeks ago.
Have you learned where it's going to be in Istanbul, or what other developments can you bring us up to speed on?
I know Daniel Estolano is up on JonesReport.com, got a partial list of attendees and some inside intel, but give us your take either on that information or anything you've learned.
Well, I've not been able to do this online computer nerd stuff because my computer at home, something went wrong so I can't get online.
So I haven't been able to check with those chaps recently.
Unless they've just found out something that I don't know recently, like in the last day or so.
We still don't know precisely where it is, but we think we have a good idea.
So we plan to
Spread out all over the big circumference of Istanbul, likely to be 40 miles out of town typically.
And fortunately, a young lad volunteered his services for, oh, just pay his gas and parking tickets only, and he runs a tourist service in Istanbul.
I'd never met him before, he just volunteered his service by email, so he's going to
We're going to have you on Thursday evening from your hotel.
Very good.
Yeah, Daniel Estillon just put this out a couple days ago.
That's fantastic.
It's up on JonesReport.com.
Estillon tracks Bilderberg 2007 meeting and its attendees.
This is huge news.
And he did get a list of some of their attendees, but that was, in fact, he believes it's the entire list.
So I probably need to fax over to American Free Press
A copy of this for you, Jim, since your computer's broken.
Oh, yes, if you would, please.
Could you do that today?
Yes, in fact, I will.
Before you leave us, I'll put you on hold and get the specific fax number to American Free Press.
And I will fax this over, or I can simply email it to one of your colleagues.
I mean, you're going to be back over at the newspaper today, or...?
No, not until...
No, I'm not that high tech, but if you could fax it to American Free Press, I'll call them and tell them to expect it, and then I can pick up that copy on the
Monday morning before jumping on the airplane.
For some reason we posted this on Jones Report when he gave it to us three days ago and it never got on Prison Planet or InfoWars.
My fault.
It's huge news.
This is the type of stuff that I just glaze over routinely.
Let me just do this.
Let me call Paul Watson.
Stay there, Jim.
Right now on air.
And we'll just tell him to post it on the main page of PrisonPlanet.com.
Then I can just call American Free Press and tell them to print you a copy off the main page.
It's already moved down halfway on Jones Report.
Hey, Paul, do me a favor.
Will you go to PrisonPlanet.com, or excuse me, JonesReport.com, and will you grab the Daniel Estellon exclusive story and
Slap a headline on it and put today's date on it and put it up on the top of prisonplanet.com for everybody so we can dig it and get it out.
Also American Free Press wants it.
We put it on Jones Report but it didn't get any traction so even Jim didn't know about it.
Thanks a lot.
In fact, I tried to email Danny Estrin recently and the last email address I had for him did not work.
We've got all his numbers and stuff.
We'll give you that too.
By the way, he's in Australia.
He's going to be leaving Australia.
He's doing investigative reporting there, tracking them.
He's going to be, that's how he got this info, from Secret Service over there.
And then this information, that email we got from him with the list of names is from Secret Service.
And then we're going to, he's going to be flying into Istanbul early next week, as you know.
So if you want, now that was a couple days ago I talked to him.
He was still in Australia.
He may have gone into Europe by now.
Do you want me to track him down for you too, Jim?
Well, if you can find your section to email anything you have to... Well, you know I'm at your service, Jim.
I really respect your work and you're also going to be reporting for us from there.
Now, last time you were on, we didn't talk a lot about what you think is going to be on their agenda.
Do you have any other inside info from any of your sources on what may be happening?
Yes, they're going to tell the Europeans that they have to have a European Constitution.
They thought they'd have it five years ago.
And they're telling the Germans and the Dutch, don't do this nonsense of letting the voters vote on it and have a referendum.
Just approve it in your parliament.
Which like most of the other states did.
So they're very angry about this business of putting the
I think?
Was it France?
I think it was France and the Netherlands, definitely the Dutch.
Yeah, it was France, the Netherlands, and then later three others after they voted it down said no.
So EU expansion failed, but by fiat the bureaucracy is just signing deals and going forward to remove the last vestiges of sovereignty from the member states.
And of course European Union expansion wasn't the only thing that failed.
Of course, the NAFTA expansion also failed miserably, so they're trying to do a piecemeal with the North American Union.
They have got to be worried, because instead of them always moving forward now, they're actually being reversed, aren't they, Jim?
Oh, yes, sir.
The first several years I've covered them, those kids were
Uh, quite cocky, uh, celebrating, uh, the invasion of, uh, Kosovo, celebrating, uh, the Bush administration's new tax pledge, celebrating kicking Maggie Thatcher out, uh, expected to have a European constitution and everything all settled by the year 2000, this is years ago, and also they're extremely angry, uh,
CNN, International, now a lot of other specials.
They point out the fact that in the United States we have very good control except for some right-wing journal out there somewhere.
Pretty much 100% blackout in the United States.
Why can't we do the same in Europe?
Why can't you control your newspapers better?
That's part of the heated discussion they'll be having also.
Now, Jim, let's talk about your personal safety.
I know you don't like to talk about it, but it's very interesting, the things you've been through.
And you do phone in each day to a source in D.C.
to a
Answering machine to let people know that you are okay when you're over there.
First off, why do you do that and what are some of the things you've gone through in the past?
And obviously, Turkey is not known for its democratic processes.
Are you worried about getting roughed up or jailed or grabbed or shot at?
I mean, have you had that type of stuff happen in other nations?
Well, in Portugal, I don't think they're really shooting at me.
They just shot over my head to intimidate me and they succeeded.
Because these sharpshooters now on top of those big boulders surrounding that resort in Portugal, I think if they weren't to hit me, they would have.
Because they're 20 feet above your head, it's a matter of getting your attention.
But Jim, you try to water down and play down people shooting at you in your direction.
You said right above you.
That's still a big deal.
I know you don't like to make a big deal out of that, but having them fire in your general direction is a big deal.
I think so.
With all the attention in the media in Europe now, the European newspapers know right away, they shot me because I was trying to get information.
I was trying to infiltrate their meeting.
You know, in a way, I kind of hope they stop you, but I hope they're not too rough with you in the Turkish gulag or the Turkish dungeon.
But that's really what caused Canada to really break out last year.
And make it into every major newspaper in Canada.
I mean, many journalists said that they're detaining me for 15 hours and my crew really triggered that.
Do you agree with that?
Oh, absolutely.
In fact, when they detained you and your staffers, to be the reverse of what they wanted, they tried to shut you down so there'd be no coverage about you.
But when it was quite by chance that
I think you gave me a call this morning and told me you were at the TV place.
Yeah, I called you and they ran up and yelled, turn your cell phone off, but I was able to get a call into you at like six in the morning.
We were able to then get the media there.
I didn't know that TV, radio, and print, literally a monomerous, showed up outside and then the whole tune changed and we got out about noon, six hours later.
Of course, we'd flown in at midnight.
So, I previously had scheduled an interview with a
A beautiful girl, a radio broadcaster, she picked me up in her car and drove me to the CBC.
She was very lovely.
And I told her about it as soon as I got in the car.
She got on the phone with her radio station.
I think they alerted the others, even though they might be considering themselves competitors,
They haven't completely driven the instinct out for reporters to stick together.
I mean, when reporters start seeing other reporters being grabbed, they know they could be next.
Yeah, they're sort of a brotherhood.
You're competing, and you're not, well, in Europe we're not competing.
We pool the information calls.
American Free Press is not competing with the Financial Times.
They're from different countries.
Their newspapers aren't competing directly, so it's more efficient just to work together and pool your information.
In your case in Canada, you probably had competing TV stations and competing newspapers sharing information with each other out of brotherhood outrage.
No, that's exactly what happened.
Well, do you think they're going to be smart and leave you alone, or what do you think is going to happen?
I mean, just gut-level instinct, what do you think is going to happen?
Uh, I'm not going to tell you very much at all right now.
I've never been to Turkey before.
I understand it's a little bit of a roughed-up society over there.
I don't know if they're going to be handcuffing everybody outside the gates or not.
I just don't know.
Yeah, from what I know, it's pretty bad.
I mean, they will arrest you.
It's basically under military rule.
They just have puppet leaders.
And, uh, it is rough.
I mean, that's not any secret.
Especially when those, uh, very important sellers kill them too.
Yeah, well, I mean, if you just try to videotape cops on the street there, you're lucky if they don't beat you half to death.
I mean, it is, it's kind of like Mexico and North Korea mixed together.
No, you just better be really careful.
I want you to know I'm going to pray for you, Jim.
And I mean it when I say that, folks.
Don't just say you're going to pray for him.
Pray for him.
And our prayers go with you, my friend.
Thank you much.
If you tell me what to tell the abuser, I'll call them right away.
Well, I'm going to do this.
I'm just going to call American Free Press, and you tell me the contact, and I'll ask for their email.
Give me two people at American Free Press you want this story emailed to.
It's going to be thetopofpresentplanet.com in the next few minutes.
So believe me, us just talking about this, I guarantee you, 500 listeners probably just emailed this to American Free Press.
They're probably going to have this coming out of their ears.
But during the break, I'm going to tell my producer to call American Free Press and to fax and email this over.
Who is the contact?
Who do you want this to the attention of?
Julie Foster and Chris Petrick.
Judy Foster and Chris Patrick.
Jim Tucker, we will get it to them.
And here is your song.
God bless you, my friend.
Our prayers go with you.
We'll talk to you Thursday night.
Thank you very much.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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We're good.
Even old New York was once New Amsterdam.
Why'd they change it?
I can't say.
People just liked it better that way.
Oh, yeah.
You know, it's a friendly, nice-sounding song, but Heston Boyle is pretty rough.
They've got a few little kind of cordoned off tourist areas, but you've got your friendly Muslim extremists that want to stab you or blow you up over there.
You've got your military dictatorship running, who just said if they elect the wrong president, they're going to have another military coup.
So basically it's a soft dictatorship of the military.
And it is just rough.
They're really rough on journalists.
They torture people.
George Bush and The Globalist, I guess, have chosen a proper place to have their Bilderberg Group meeting.
But that is going up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
That big news from Daniel Eskalon.
Eskalon tracks Bilderberg 2007 meeting and its attendees.
Big breaking news that I frankly just barely mentioned a few days ago and no one's really picked up on.
But it is going up on PrisonPlanet.com right now for anybody that wants to go up there.
Hello normal people can you hear me?
Yes, I just graduated from Texas Tech, Mechanical Engineering, and I just wanted to say, to encourage your listeners out there, I know it's a lot, to translate the info war.
I mean, basically, the messages of Ron Paul and why he is a true conservative.
You know, you can tell people, if you know, I don't know, somebody that knows a few illegals, just to know, bond with them and see if they can translate it.
Or if you speak another language, try to reach people from other countries and tell them
I agree.
I know they've taken a lot of my films and put them in German and Spanish and Chinese and those are floating around for people.
We need to get those out.
Just the overall message.
We try different translation programs but basically it just turns them into gobbledygook.
It's hard to understand.
I mean, if we had people volunteering to maybe take the main articles that we write every week, just the main stories we put out, or one article a week, and the folks would translate that for us in German or in Spanish or in Chinese.
I mean, Spanish and obviously Chinese are the two big ones.
Spanish and Chinese are really two of the biggest languages after English in the world.
We would post those in a section on InfoWars.com, but we just don't have the money to pay translators.
Yeah, I'd also like to encourage people, maybe you don't have to translate an article, if you could just get in the habit of being at the talk level, at the conversation level with people, and just talking to them for a little bit, and you can give them a great deal of ideas just in a short time, and just try to encourage them, and just at the conversation level, that can spread.
So what's the other language that you speak?
Oh great, so you talk to people about the New World Order?
Yeah, I'm from Colombia, and I'm trying to contact my friends down there.
Mostly, they're young people are more likely to, you know, speak English and watch Terror Storm, maybe, or... Good job!
What are you telling them?
I'm telling them who Ron Paul is, and I'm telling them about false-light terrorism, and I'm telling them about, you know, globalism, and why, right now, the globalists do not care about the national sovereignty of countries, and, you know, plants for the Amaro.
Hey, man, it's great having you on board.
God bless you.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We can't just glaze over news reports of Mexican police to patrol the United States Associated Press, or 20% of our military being in the army on the ground in Iraq being foreigners.
We can't glaze over Bush announcing publicly that he is now a dictator.
We're going to be talking about that with Jack McClam coming up in the next segment and have open phones throughout the rest of the broadcast today.
Right now, let's go to Chuck in Montana, then Mike, Chris, Carl, David, and others.
Go ahead, Chuck, you're on the air.
Yes, I called.
It's a real pleasure to be able to hear your program every day.
But I called in to make first a statement from my faith
Without justice, there can be no peace.
One for me, when the law breaks the law, there is no law.
And the second one for me is the CPS, or social workers.
And a social worker is a social disease in need of a severe need of a cure.
So I wanted to tell you those things because I think you, my fellow listeners,
Anything else you want to add?
I appreciate your call, sir, and I appreciate you holding to tell us that.
It's important.
And again, just like I'm not saying police themselves are bad, the system is bad, or just like I'm not saying that somebody who works at the Red Cross is bad, but we know the Red Cross takes your money and gives it to gun control groups.
It's the establishment that's bad.
It's the leaders, just like the Bible tells us.
Wickedness in high places.
That's where they get into those positions, then they bring in more of their people and they take over.
And you know, a hundred and something years ago in England, the social worker corps began because you had giant
You know, poor areas of literally starving people, and so the Christian organizations got together with private social workers trying to help people.
But then government got involved, and now it's a cure looking for a disease, and
Nine times out of ten, just from what I've studied locally and seen around the country, they violate due process, they take innocent people's children, and statistically, they're much more abusive and dangerous than the general public.
So they have no right to be in positions of power.
Statistically, it's the most dangerous people to give children to.
Those are federal and state numbers.
Five times.
And that's with them reporting on themselves.
Because you're going to have a much higher
Frequency of pedophiles and abusers, or just people who want to warehouse children and make a bunch of money off of them.
And then they are the watchers, so who's going to watch them?
I mean, who robs banks, folks?
A lot of times, statistically, it's people that work at the bank.
They come in with a mask, and they know the procedure, so they rob it.
I mean, everybody knows that about sixty percent... I was shocked when I learned this.
My dad, about ten years ago, who's in management for medical
He said, he told me that around half, I learned it was more like 60% of theft is employees.
You know, there's all these cameras and targets in Walmarts, and they'll have employees trying to search you when you leave.
That's all just part of the training to be a slave, but really the thefts are their employees.
Well see, it's the inside job, just like it always is, as the rock and roll song says, by Don Henley.
So that's where you, it's an inside job.
It's not hard to know that crooks try to become cops.
It's not hard to figure out that pedophiles try to become CPS workers.
It's not hard to figure out that you're going to have terrorists in government.
I mean, it's history!
And they've tried to tell you to deny history.
It's like this New York Times article saying that the country wants illegal aliens to be legalized.
Every poll says they don't!
But they now concoct some cockamamie poll in the 11th hour
to tell you that everybody wants illegal aliens to be legalized.
Well, I mean, that's just pure bull.
And they always try lying in the, you know, in the last three or four yards, trying to get that touchdown in sudden death overtime, and it isn't going to work.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to be talking about Bush announcing himself publicly to be the first dictator of the United States, literal, King George I, Emperor of America.
And I'm not joking when I say that.
I know we've got Mike, Chris, Carl, David.
We're going to get to all of you, but we're about to go to Jack McClam and then a few segments from now we'll get to you, I promise.
He can talk about any issue.
Most highly decorated police officer Phoenix, Arizona history.
A military veteran.
And of course, just a good friend of mine.
He's here to talk about Marshall Lobb.
But he's been warning people about for 25 years with the Aid and Abet newsletter, Police and Military Against the New World Order.
Just Google Jack McClam and you can find his website or go to infowars.com and you've got a direct link to his website because it is a long web address.
But Alex in Germany, I'm going to you first.
Because I just mentioned that people translated Terror Storm into Deutsch, into Russian, into Spanish, into Chinese, that I've seen it, and are you the fella that translated it into Deutsch, or are you just telling us about it?
No, I'm the one who did it.
I produced a German dubbed version, so it's not subtitled, it's a clean, professional audio dub.
How do you say Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror in German?
That would be Terrorsturm, eine Geschichte des regierungsgesponserten Terrors.
Sounds good.
We decided to leave the name of the movie as it was, but I've done subtitled versions of Martial Law, of Police State 3, but people were coming up to me and saying, well do an audio dub, we want an audio dub, it's going to be much better.
So I tried it and it worked out beautifully and
With a friend, I've recently done an audio dub of Freedom to Fascism.
Terror Storm is up on Google Video, the German version, and it has, if you can trust the Google counters, which we don't trust them, it has about 350,000 hits, and that's just one version that's up there, of the German dub.
You've got to watch it from front to back, that is huge!
How many hours did that take you?
I didn't keep track of it, but you have to imagine the translation, you do the translation first, you listen to the entire movie, you do the translation and that would be about maybe 10-15 hours, and then the recording.
That's another 10 to 15 hours, so it's a lot of work.
But let's think about this ratio of cost-benefit analysis.
You spent, let's say, three or four working days doing this, then you upload it, and 350,000 Germans, or German speakers, get to learn the truth
That is you, the listeners, that are getting the truth out.
God bless you, Alex, and I want to thank you for what you've done.
How long has it been up there to get 350,000 plus viewers?
Um, it's been up for a couple of months.
I've put it up last year, at the end of last year.
And, uh, they've tried, I mean, apparently Google tried to censor our upload of the German dub, Freedom From Fascism, because I tried to upload it, my friend tried to upload it, and it didn't work out.
You know, it's called, you know, it says it's processing and it's still processing.
They're not going to put it up and we've uploaded it at some other kind of a Google video clone and we've put the link up and it's going very successful.
You need to chop it in 10 parts and put it up on YouTube.
That's the way to probably weasel around them and maybe call it something else because they've got
Yeah, I think so.
All right, that's www.infokrieg, that's infokrieg, that's translation of infowar.
That's the address.
And listen, I've seen your site.
I appreciate the work you're doing.
Email me your contact info because I might want to work with you doing something for us with Endgame when it comes out, my friend.
And Alex, I mean, you're already public with everything.
What's your full name?
My name is Alexander Benesch.
That's B-E-N-E-S-C-H.
Well, Mr. Benesch, it's great to meet you and God bless you.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks for your work.
You bet.
The InfoKrieg is rising!
I love it.
Hey, Jack McClam, that is exciting, isn't it?
It sure is, brother.
Good to hear.
Good to hear.
And I tell you, that rolls off the tongue well.
InfoKrieg, huh?
Yes, it sure does.
We got a Blitzkrieg going with the InfoKrieg.
Yeah, I've got a German wife and she's used to some of that language, but this old Irish cop is not.
So you met your wife when you were in the military over there?
No, no.
She came down with a Gulf War sickness after the first Gulf War and Colonel Bogreitz and me were speaking in Phoenix.
And she came up to talk to him because the government kept telling her that all of her buddies were dying because it was all in their head, and that they were all psychologically unbalanced, that there wasn't a Gulf War sickness.
So she came up to talk to Colonel Bo at our meeting we had, speaking engagement, in Phoenix, and that's where I met her, and just liked her right off.
Very sweet lady, but very sick at that time, and she's still got the Gulf War sickness today.
The loving shots and the loving D.U.
and you know it just came out in the news that they knowingly hundreds of thousands of people died.
This is just out of Britain where they knew going back what 17 years ago that it was killing people with the tainted blood but they didn't stop Jack because the government loves us right Jack?
That's right they love us they love to see us die because they've got to eliminate two-thirds of us minimum off the face of the earth here in the near future so
Whatever works, you know.
Jack, so much is going on and I know you've been covering here on Genesis on your own show.
Bush grants presidency extraordinary powers is one headline, another one Bush power grab.
I have the actual National Security Homeland Security Presidential Directive 51 in the PDD and the Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD 20
And I've got all the other reports here where the Washington Post said the shadow government now has total dictatorial powers.
It says for any economic, military crisis anywhere in the world, that he, that Congress has no power now, that before they were involved in continuity of government, the three branches of government were, now he has declared
Total dictatorial control.
He got the military funding for it with the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of last year.
So they're doing this all official, funding it with the Military Commissions Act.
They allowed secret stripping of citizenship of citizens, secret torture and execution.
This is not a joke.
It's everything he warned us about.
My friend, when you woke up 25 years ago to the New World Order and started aiding a bad newsletter, Jack, give us your analysis.
I mean, again, we cannot put stronger words on this.
Mayday, mayday.
He has announced that he is literally the F├╝hrer.
It has now happened.
Jack McClam.
Well, brother, I hear from our police and soldiers all the time, and some of them are high officials in the military and in law enforcement, federal, state, local.
And they're all ticked.
A lot of them are ticked about this because they don't want their children to live under a dictatorship here in America.
Especially this, uh, they think he's, uh, most of them think he's insane.
By the way, he's a dictator who wants open borders.
He's a dictator who wants gun control.
And open borders.
That's right.
And a lot of law enforcement and military people are really ticked at him.
You've already heard that some of the
Generals and others have said that if he goes to war with Iran, they're quitting.
They're just leaving.
And so, a lot of them are figuring this out, brother.
I've never seen such an awakening across the land, in our areas, law enforcement, the military, before.
I've never seen it.
We're getting, I've got 38,000 emailing behind an opening, and I'm getting 200, 300 a day.
Of course, that's nothing to what you get, but
I sit here and try to answer all that email from our police and soldiers, and it's impossible.
So, praise God, Alex, it's working.
But the only thing is, we're just one false flag bombing away from total martial law in this country.
And I've been warned by military leaders.
That that is the case, that all he has to do is carry off another false flag bombing.
Now they've been saying, our military people say, he can do it in Britain, he can do it in Israel or America, and the American people, the majority, will allow themselves to be put under martial law to keep them safe.
So he can kill two million Israelis by blowing up, you know, with the Communist Zionists that control Israel as a part of the criminal cabal.
Or he can do it in America or Britain, and the American people will allow him to put him under martial law.
So that's how close we are, brother.
And they've got to do it, brother, the way I see it, because we are awakening so many people.
The listeners out there are helping us, handing out terror storm tapes and tapes from shows and telling people to listen in to Genesis Communication Network.
Read Aidan Abett's Police-Military Newsletter on Constitutional Issues, and it is growing so fast!
People are awakening so fast, our enemies can see it, and a great example is their shock at how well Ron Paul is doing!
You know, old Hannity, the old talking head for the Republican propaganda, Fox News, Hannity almost fell out of his chair that night right after the
The forum they had, you know, the Kennedy Forum, when he saw that Ron Paul was ahead.
And that's what the government's doing.
They can't believe it.
And, of course, they can't allow Ron Paul to become president or it's over for him, you know.
So we figure that all we have left, Alex, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, is to have people pray that God will stay their hands and confound them.
And totally, as David said, destroy them with double destruction if they try to carry out another false flag operation in England, America, or Israel.
And I don't know how to stop it otherwise.
You know, the military leaders have told him that they're going to quit if he goes into Iran, tries to start World War III.
And you and I can't stop it.
The American people can't stop it, but God can stop it if we all pray and ask God to give us more time to open the hearts and minds of more Americans.
We're going to take our nation back, but if he carries off another false flag bombing, we're going to be under martial law.
We are, Jack.
We've got a break.
When we come back, let's talk about what happens if he does do it.
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The Renegades of Funk!
A real live constitutionalist.
A real patriot.
A real warrior for liberty and freedom.
A renegade against the New World Order's beast system.
Antichrist world system, as he calls it.
Jack McLamsart, guest.
Jack, you've got the floor right now.
Let's say the New World Order, we know Bush is their puppet, but he is their obviously mentally ill puppet, stages nuke attacks.
The CFR likes to brag about what they're going to do.
They've said Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, L.A., New York.
I believe it could be a low-yield nuclear weapon killing 50,000 plus, radiating over 100,000, would die in the next few weeks.
It could be a bioweapon.
It could be anything.
You're right, it could be in Europe.
It could be with an ally.
They're making the preparations.
They've stepped up covert operations inside of Iran right now, publicly attacking him, using Al-Qaeda, which is CIA.
They're using Sunnis, ladies and gentlemen.
They're using Wahhabis to attack the Iranians.
That is admitted!
Well, like I say, and I mean this Alex, and I can't stress it enough,
That there are times in history when we can't cope with things, but our God can.
And so I just want to encourage the people, like I do every night, to pray that God gives us more time to awaken more people in this nation, because the First Amendment will be gone under martial law, the web will be gone, we won't be able to surf the web, we won't be able to communicate through email, because it'll all be tracked and they'll have
Uh, the red flags, if you mention anything at all on your email, uh, that has anything to do with anti-government, the corruption and the traitors in our government, you'll be hauled off to prisons.
And, uh, so First Amendment will be gone.
There won't be any more Officer Jack McGilliam program or Alex Jones program, of course.
And, uh, uh, then the sad thing is we know that they will come into the family homes
And the family homes will be saying, bowing down, saying, thank you for keeping us safe under martial law.
And then they'll separate the children from the families and take them into these re-education camps because the parents won't be trusted with their children.
And that's one of the horrendous things they do under martial law.
And then your house, if you have a nice size house, you're going to have eight to ten families in that house.
You better not complain about it, or you'll be gone.
And then they'll be looking for anybody that showed any signs of patriotism or true love of God that's too religious or too patriotic, and those people will be hauled off.
So you and I will be gone, Alex, if... Of course, I'm not going to go easy, and I don't think you are either.
We can't even imagine the change.
Everything is going to be controlled.
You know, if you need to go out of your community someplace, you're going to have to get a permit to go out of your community to go into another community.
Transportation will all be controlled.
You won't get gas unless you have the national ID.
You won't get food and so... By the way, they're all announcing that now.
Everything you warned us about is being announced.
That's right.
We can see all these tumblers, all these pieces, all these puzzle pieces now coming together.
I'm sad to say, Jack, you were right, I was right.
I mean, I consider you to be an old timer.
You've been for 20 plus years, 25 plus years.
You've been exactly right.
I mean, Jack, I remember hearing you 15 years ago when I was waking up thinking, that guy's a little extreme.
And frankly, you were holding back, weren't you?
I was holding back, sure.
Yeah, I knew a lot more than what I talked about because I didn't want to scare people off.
You know, it was amazing that I've read a lot about some of our leaders that have been castigated and destroyed, like Hoover.
When we get back, we've got to cover it.
Stay there.
Jack McClam, police and military agents of the New World Order is our guest.
Your call is a ton of news straight ahead.
This just in, Mexican cops get themselves chipped.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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A lot of bad things are happening.
There's sure a lot of beauty and good things in the world.
That's why we fight so hard to protect it from the real live monsters that come from our own species that are robbing and ruling over us and have something wrong with them, folks.
They don't have the normal governor over them, over their animal instincts, over their desires, over their wickedness, and they just have been given completely over to it.
I mean, whereas I tend to become a better and better person, I'm still not a very nice person.
I got lots of problems.
I'm a sinner.
Believe me, but I'm conscious of that.
I'm trying to be good.
And I know how good it is to be good.
I want to be good.
The New World Order does not want to be good, folks.
They revel in darkness.
And we're going to be talking to Jack McClammore.
And I promise your calls, here in just a few minutes.
And there's so much news I'm going to go over with Jack.
I'll even hold him over some of the next hour if he'll graciously do that.
I know he's got a lot of appointments and things to do.
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Jack, everything's speeding up.
The patriots worldwide are rising.
The tyranny is rising to meet us.
But I mean, I'm glad there's an awakening with Bush announcing himself dictator, literally.
And funding the military to do it, people better be getting concerned.
I mean, I'm glad to see Jerome Corsi, who used to be a pretty mainline neocon, come on the air a few months ago.
He said, yeah, Alex, I'm having a look at 9-11 being an inside job.
Now he still thinks the Muslims are extremists or a big threat.
I've never said there aren't some who aren't a real threat, but they're nothing compared to the New World Order.
They're being used by the New World Order, but he's coming along.
He's gone public saying Bush is now a dictator and a great threat.
They certainly are not, brother.
They're doing things that most people don't even know about today.
The Carlisle Group, we've learned through our intel that the Cheney-Bush-Carlisle Group is buying up the ammo companies in America today so Americans can't get ammo for their guns.
They're doing this through phony companies and also... By the way, we're not joking!
We're not joking that you cannot get the ammo all over the place.
The surplus is gone.
Sure, the .223 ammo.
We have a friend that bought himself a Ruger Mini-14 and the gun owner, store owner, told him that it'd be next year before he can get a .223.
Folks, if you're going to get your guns and ammo, do it now because the day's coming very soon.
As a matter of fact, last night we had a meeting for local citizens here talking about the ID chip for children that the Masonic Lodge is putting in the children now all across America.
And they're having these get-togethers for parents that are afraid their kids will get kidnapped and they're putting the chips in the kids.
The special forces officers have told us that they're chipping the special forces guys now.
Now my cousin told me that three years ago.
He said they told us, they called them in for a big meeting here in Texas, a hundred plus officers, and told them you're all going to be getting chips.
But the sad thing about it is we heard later on about a year ago from a high official who doesn't want to be named
That they're implanting in the Special Forces guys a chip that has an explosive device to kill them if they go off the reservation and try to help the Patriots.
Because they don't want these guys running around there helping us to try to save America from these traitors and dictators that are coming on board.
So, very sad.
And we can't seem to get that message out very fast to our Special Forces brothers and sisters out there.
They're going to be taken out if they don't serve the New World Order.
Very easy.
They do from satellite.
I don't know how they do it electronically.
They have to power them.
I know they've been developing those where the shell tower tracks you down to about 15 feet.
So it's a satellite order to the shell tower.
And then it powers it up that way, yeah.
Yeah, and they may very well implant that in all the chips they put in the human.
By the way, this is just out, Jack.
This is just out.
Mexican cops get themselves chipped.
The government of Mexico is RFID-tagging police in order to combat record high levels of kidnapping and disappearances.
About 170 officers are said to have subsequently targeted and been tagged in their arms with microchips about the size of a grain of rice.
Yeah, and some of these we've heard have poison.
Capsules in them, and they can blow that ship and kill you.
Yeah, let's be clear.
It's not an explosive charge where the explosive kills you.
That's what I've heard from sources, is that these are good sources.
Top of sources that told me 9-11 was going to happen, folks.
That they detonate the ship, and yeah, it's got cyanide in it.
Yes, and so you're gone if you, like I say, if you join the freedom movement, you love America and love your family and want them to be free and not under this dictatorship that's coming.
Then you're gone, and I'm afraid they'll probably do that to all the chips, Alex, you know?
That they put in everybody, you know?
And just in case you're one of those wild-eyed, crazy people like me that loves freedom and loves God, and you, Alex, our chip would have a device in it to eliminate us if we don't behave.
Well, remember Aaron Russo, I mean, point blank, Nick Rockefeller, Nicholas Rockefeller, on record, we've now done research on him, and he's big with the merger with China and the trilateralist, and he's a big member of the different boards.
He told him, hey, join us, and your chip will say, leave this guy alone to the cops, but that really is their plan.
I mean, they're not playing games!
No, they're not.
We just found out that they're going to spend upwards to $20 billion
Because they know martial law is coming, and they know a lot of people are going to try to escape into the forest.
They're now going to put in 20 billion dollars worth of these trail metal detectors.
Now by the way, a couple years ago in the Denver Post, I saw an article about that, where in Colorado they were putting readers in, and then they have like these long wires that go like 5 miles with little propelled robots.
Now these are up now, and Austin said they're going to put them up to, quote, stop dumpers in the parks and in the lands.
And so these little wheeled things run along these wires in the trees with cameras.
Sorry, Jack, go ahead.
Well, this is metal detectors buried in the trails.
The environmentalists made sure that you have a hard time not walking in the trails by not letting the timber be cut, and so all the underbrush is there.
And if you have a rifle and you're walking in the woods and you trip one of these trail guard metal detectors, it's called, put out by the Wildland Security Group out of Brooklyn, that within an hour, they know which way you're going because there's several of them together and you trip one at a time and then walk a couple yards and you trip another one, they know which way you're going.
And then a gang of SWAT team people drop out of a helicopter and pick you up and find out why you have a gun.
Now again, all over the country I've seen news articles, they're burying these, they're putting in little cameras that buzz along these wires, and they're wiring it in grids!
This is for total control, but we can't have that on the border, can we, Jack?
No, no, they can't stop anybody from coming across the border.
That's what our representatives tell us.
Oh, that's impossible.
But they can stop us in the forest.
Now, one thing I want to ask the listeners out there, I am a man, I can take a shotgun away from a guy, but I don't know anything about electronics.
But I want to tell our people out there that know something about electronics, we need devices
To where we can foil these detectors in the forest.
And one guy said that he was looking into a multi-frequency RDF detector to carry in his backpack when he goes into the forest.
Now, I don't know what he's talking about, but it's a detector of some kind, but we need some of our electronic geniuses out there listening to devise
Well, I'll tell you where they're going to put them.
You just can't enter the forest on major trailheads.
You've got to cut around those.
They're going to stick them in major trailheads.
Yeah, so anyway, they have a unit in the tree that accepts this message and then it goes up the satellite and then goes into the special forces or the
troops or whoever they're going to use to go on these patrols to pick you up in the forest.
Now, if they stop you today, Alex, we've been told by our law enforcement people that if they stop you today before we're under martial law, what they do is they take a 36 card out of their pocket or a combination report, it's called different, but they put the gun
Well, it's just more anti-gun behavior.
I mean, government goes bad, it tries to take over, it tries to dominate, this is what it does.
Jack, what did you think last week when the AP reported, and we already knew this was happening, for 30 years they've had the exchange program, we already know major departments have Mexican citizens in them right now, but Mexican police to patrol New Mexico and other areas,
20 plus percent of the troops in Iraq are now illegal aliens, legalized.
That's what we always said, foreign troops, but they just do it by bringing them into our military.
It is red dawn in slow motion.
Yeah, we've had communication through some of our recruiters, military recruiters, and they've been in Mexico at least two and a half years recruiting Mexicans to fight in our military.
And like you say, Alex, 20-25% of our military today are foreign people who have no reason, really, to be obligated to support and defend the Constitution, defend our nation from enemies foreign and domestic.
So it's really worrying some of our soldiers who have to work with these guys who know that if the bullets start flying, some of these illegal alien Mexicans can turn to the side of the opposition.
Well, you've always said that... Well, now, now, now, now, you said that when you were a police officer in Phoenix, you ran into guys that you knew were special ops.
They were not, I mean, they were not, you know, people out there picking strawberries.
No, they're not fruit pickers.
Every cop along the border knows that millions and millions, up to 30 to 37 million illegal aliens are in the country right now, according to law enforcement.
Not 12.
And they know a high percentage is revolutionary, Marxist revolutionaries, military trained.
And I battled these guys on Phoenix and I'm disabled today because of an illegal alien drug smuggler.
Who was military trained that I got in a battle with in Phoenix before the cavalry could come and help me.
And I held him until they got there, but I went into retirement because of my injuries, and he went to jail for a couple years.
I'm sure he's back out selling dope again now.
So these are not fruit pickers, all these people.
And it's funny, Alex, the Mexican people know this.
And 60-some percent of the Mexican people, good American Mexicans who are citizens,
They hate illegal aliens.
They take their jobs.
They depress their income because an illegal comes in and you have a Mexican-American there doing a job for 12 bucks an hour.
Stay there, Jack.
Let's finish up on the other side and take calls.
I promise we're going to your calls on the other side with Jack McClan.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying,
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Alright, we're going to go to Mike and Chris and Carl and David and everybody else.
Jack McClams will be with us for another 20-30 minutes into the next hour.
We appreciate that on this Friday edition.
A lot of other news we haven't gotten to yet about the Pentagon saying, yeah, we may just stay in Iraq permanently.
They're now being more honest.
Will Bush triggers some type of martial law action.
But before we go any further, major breaking news on Rosie O'Donnell.
I knew about this two days ago, but I was not at liberty to talk about it.
And again, I don't agree with Rosie on a lot of issues, but she's got guts to talk about 9-11.
She is watching my films.
It was Terror Storm that woke her up.
I was told that by two separate people that know her, and I've gotten emails.
She woke up last September seeing Terror Storm.
Since then, she's talking about New World Order, both parties being controlled.
She's waking up, and I'm somebody who's attacked her over the years for other issues on gun control.
But she's got guts, and guts is enough, as they say.
And it was announced by ABC's, one of their producers, to get Neocon Attacks going to get it cancelled, that they were going to have a loose change crew and William Rodriguez on this Thursday.
They put it out on TV Guide and everywhere else last week, last Wednesday.
We announced it Friday.
And they left it up until yesterday.
I mean, they said they were coming on.
Now, Rosie had already walked out Wednesday when Hasselbeck staged that attack on her and they all ganged up on her, saying that she said the troops were terrorists, which wasn't true.
And Rosie said at that time she was going to quit a couple weeks early and leave because she knew that they were going to demonize her, this is word for word, demonize her before she left to try to burn her and ruin her before she left so that she couldn't get another job and so they could stop the other contracts.
She was working on it.
She walked off because they were trying to restrict her free speech.
And so, you know, she had the courage to do that and turned down a three-year contract and a lot of money.
And now they're just trying to attack her before she leaves.
So she's meeting with ABC officials today, right now.
There was no view yesterday.
It was canceled because she wasn't there.
Not just Bush and the Rose Garden.
At the very same time, only preempting the view.
And so she could walk out.
She could have done her last show already.
She may do one or two next week and not finish out next month like she was going to do and may just never return to The View again.
But they're in serious negotiations right now.
You need to contact ABC and tell them, stop attacking her.
That's what the neocons are doing.
They're saying, ban her, fire her, attack her.
Trying to restrict free speech.
Tell them, let her finish out the month.
Don't make her quit.
Don't gang up on her.
Don't do what you're doing to try to ruin her in the future.
And get this story off of presentplanet.com.
This is breaking.
This is an exclusive.
Now when we start the next hour, I'm going directly to your calls.
They're really getting desperate.
They're scared to death Alex.
They're scared to death because the people are waking up and that's their worst nightmare.
They're picking up their speed in every particular area, every area, to try to cut us off at the pass.
But they've got to be worried.
They've got to make an example of Rosie and Charlie Sheen and others.
I mean, to have her, the big liberal, coming over.
She is becoming a patriot, by the way, Jack.
Yes, I know that.
And there's others, too, Alex.
As you know, we're finding that the left, who's been promoting the communist leftist movement in America,
Are beginning to find out that it truly isn't going to be a chicken in every pot, that there's going to be the super rich and the super poor, and Rosie is not going to be one of the super rich, because super rich you're talking about having a hundred billion dollars in your pocket, and these actors and everybody that's been pushing the Marxist-Leninist program in America for years are now realizing that they don't want to live
Under the system they see, it isn't going to be a utopian society.
They're beginning to realize that because they see these idiots that are setting it up and see their goals.
So we're going to see a lot more of the left, Alex, come over to our side.
And not just the left.
Bruce Willis saw a terror storm.
He woke up.
Rick Linklater talked about it.
He gave an interview to Vanity Fair saying the government killed Kennedy and they're still in control today.
Yes, yes.
Bruce Willis, Rosie O'Donnell, they're all defecting from the left and right.
They're becoming constitutionalists.
Praise God, as Jack McClain would say.
We'll be right back with a third hour.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Jack McClam riding shotgun with us for another half hour.
I may twist his arm into the whole second, third hour.
You got a link to his website up on Infowars.com.
He is the most highly decorated police officer in Phoenix, Arizona history.
A Vietnam-era veteran and he is also a good friend of mine and has one of the oldest anti-New World Order groups in the country.
And I mean literally there's not many who've been out there longer fighting the New World Order than maybe the John Birch Society and he's a one-man army.
Let's go to the calls my friend!
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in British Columbia, then Chris, Carl, and others.
Go ahead, Mike.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, Alex.
I've been looking at this stuff for about two years.
I've been looking at things like David Icke and these different things, and it seems like you only talk about the White House, and you don't really talk about the powers that are behind... Blood-drinking lizards?
I don't really buy into that, but I'm talking about... Well, here's the deal, sir.
I'm making a film about the Bilderberg Group.
I snuck into Bohemian Grove.
I constantly talk about the Council on Foreign Relations.
But hold on.
I'm not mad at you, but you just made a statement that was... Jack, do I talk about the shadow government?
Absolutely, all the time, brother.
But listen, you got the floor right now.
I mean, I'm not trying to be mean to you, Mike.
I just, I just, you're saying something that isn't true.
I mean, maybe you've tuned in and maybe I'm not talking enough about it.
So I tell you what, it's my fault.
I'm bad.
I'll try to talk about it more.
You got the floor right now.
Tell us about it.
Well, I'm just talking about like, you talk about the White House, but what, and the Council on Foreign Relations, which obviously controls the,
United States Corporation, but what about the Sovereign Military Order of Malta?
Which, you never, I never heard you say anything about that.
You never talk about Peter Hans Kolvenbach.
Oh, give me a break.
Look, I'm gonna stop you right there, okay?
Now, now I understand where this was.
Now I know why you said something that wasn't true up front.
There are people who've called me years ago and said, you will have me on or else about the Vatican.
Well, when somebody says that, I mean, you get on my show pretty easy, by the way.
But if somebody comes up and says, you're going to do what I tell you, I'm kind of stubborn.
I'm kind of like a mule, a jackass.
I mean, you want to pat me on the head and be nice to me, I'll pull your wagon.
But you want to come up and knock me upside the head with a two-by-four, I'm not going to do what you want.
So, number one, then I heard those people that put that out,
You know, the people that say it's all the Jews say everybody's a Jew who isn't even a Jew.
They say, I'm a Jew.
By the way, I'm not.
Wouldn't be bad if I was, but I'm not.
They say the Easter Bunny's Jewish.
They then say that I'm secretly a Catholic super order of the death
Goblin or something like that.
That's not true.
So I know the people putting that stuff out have lied about me.
What else are they lying about?
Does the Pope call for a new world order?
Have I talked about it?
Am I saying the Catholic Church is evil?
At the top, there's no debating that.
And so are the Protestant leaders.
But then they want to make it a debate about how long they've been evil.
Jack McClain, you want to comment?
Yes, brother.
Yes, I can tell you I've been, I was a Baptist a long time.
And then First Church of God, and all of these great organizations, religious organizations, the Catholic Church, and all the Protestant denominations, which now are turning their ex-Protestants, because they're going under the Catholic Church now, are evil at the top.
They're absolutely a part of this Antichrist world government system.
They're helping set it up.
The Baptist leadership, too.
And so, we just have to understand that.
That doesn't mean your Baptist minister is a part of it, but he is bamboozled.
We have a Hollywood producer named Steve Wahlberg, who's a Christian now.
He's a Jewish Christian, and he wrote End Time Delusions, proving how the seminaries were taken over in the early 1900s.
And the Scofield Reference Bible was put in there to delude the American Christian pastors who came out and lied.
Well, they didn't lie.
They didn't know.
They were deluded.
They were taught things that were wrong.
Jack, we've got a break.
Stay there, Mike, because you sound like you disagree.
And, you know, if I'm a co-agitator, junker, bunker of the snumpter, expose me, please.
I don't know a word of Latin, but maybe I'm evil.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I want to be frank about something.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Rosie O'Donnell for her courage.
Because if she hadn't done the things she's done on The View, 9-11 Truth wouldn't be as big as it is now.
And it is the foundation.
If we don't expose that...
Then the war, the tyranny, the domestic police state is going to continue.
Mainstream news, even conservative publications are reporting Bush has officially declared himself dictator under any economic or foreign emergency.
He can supersede the Congress without Congress even having input.
This is unprecedented.
He funded this last year with the John Warner Defense Authorization Act and with the Military Commissions Act to strip citizens of their citizenship secretly for secret arrest and torture.
Linkletter, Richard Linkletter told you last year that while they were on the set making a film with Bruce Willis, he saw my film Terror Storm and woke up.
He's now gone public in Vanity Fair saying a shadow government's in control.
My point is, is a lot of these big stars like Rosie O'Donnell and others are starting to wake up, starting to have their paradigm shifted.
And frankly, no one has done more now at that level of the media than Rosie O'Donnell
To have the courage to go after these people.
And I just got word that Rosie's folks and Rosie are tuned in to the show right now and I want to tell Rosie O'Donnell, thank you from the bottom of my heart because I want my family and my children and my wife to live in a free nation.
I want you to live in a free nation.
I want your family to live in a free country and a free world.
And what you've done, the type of leadership
And the type of example that you've shown in the face of tyranny is the spirit we need to defeat this tyrannical world fascist system.
And you are welcome on this show anytime.
I would love to have you and William Rodriguez on this show anytime you want.
And obviously you can have a press conference in New York or do whatever you wanted to.
I know you're thinking about other venues to go public.
I know that they've been attacking you and demonizing you and
Censoring you all the behind-the-scenes things I've learned of that you've gone through in the last year on The View.
Them telling you you couldn't talk about the number of dead U.S.
Then them lying and claiming that you called the troops terrorists when all you've done is given them money and supported them and tried to get them out of this bad situation.
They hate the troops.
They're the ones killing the troops.
They're the ones using the troops.
And we just really appreciate you, Rosie, and everything that you have done.
We appreciate Charlie Sheen's courage.
You guys will be remembered in history for your courage.
Because as Mark Twain said, in the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, hated and feared.
But in time, when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
We just posted the story, Rosie, incensed by witch hunt, could leave the view
Next week, Neocon producers' effort to discredit O'Donnell before host exits ABC show.
We learned this from the folks that booked people for the show.
They told some of the people that were involved this.
I also learned it from other people in connection to her management and from some of her friends.
So I got it from triple sources.
I've known about this for a couple days.
It's her decision.
If she stays there, they're all going to gang up on her.
Basically even those that were supposedly her friends are selling out so they can really demonize her before she leaves and give her a nice send-off trying to destroy her.
It isn't going to work and we all need to contact ABC and tell them to stop the hit pieces and contact Fox and let them know that we know they're neocon propaganda.
Well, I want to say to Rosie that
You know, she wasn't my favorite for years because we were on the opposite side of the political spectrum, but I want to say from tens of thousands of police and military, Rosie, we love you for coming out and helping us try to take our nation back from these tyrants and traitors in our government.
And so we love you, my dear, and you're one of our favorite people today.
We don't agree on everything, but
But Doug Garnett, we love you for standing up and having the courage to try to help us save America for all of us.
Our children, our grandchildren, and for Rosie and her family too.
Well, she's got guts and guts is enough.
That's right.
And she's smart and she knows what's going on.
And she knew what she was doing.
The others in Hollywood have the bully pulpit.
So many of Americans watch and listen and follow these people in Hollywood.
Even more than follow Alex Jones.
She was being paid millions and millions and millions.
I forget what her contract was, but it was in the multiple millions on The View.
And she literally, they wanted to sign her contract but have control over it, and she said no.
That means she walked away from the payoff.
Thank you, Rosie.
Praise God!
We just love you, sister.
What patriotism that is!
I mean, can you imagine that?
I have friends that won't even give up any money whatsoever to save America.
Now, they're not good friends, but they're so into money and property and everything that they won't join us because they're afraid they're going to lose.
I contacted, I was in a meeting with one of the biggest, he's not a televangelist, but he's a psychiatrist that has the most listened to radio program in the nation, and I was in a council on foreign, not a council on foreign relations, but a council of national
I can't even think of the name of it now, but I was there with a millionaire friend of mine, and I listened to him speak about how the government was closing down the churches through their 501c3 and controlling the churches.
And afterwards, I told him, I said, well, brother, you have 30 to 50 million people listening to you a week.
I said, why don't you get on the radio and tell the people this?
And he wrote back to me and said, I would lose too much money.
And I mean, you know, we're talking about saving the nation.
Are you talking about Dr. Dobson?
Yeah, Dr. Dobson.
I have his letter.
And I wrote him a letter reminding him of what we spoke of, trying to get him to stand up and speak out.
You see, there's the difference.
Rosie O'Donnell, all these fake Christians can throw stones at her all day, but they're cowards and won't help their own countrymen from the destructive jaws of the New World Order, but Rosie will!
That's right.
And Dr. Dobson and these other glitter bugs on TV are into money and power, and they're not going to do it.
So we're so proud of Rosie.
I wish they had an idea what doing the right thing, what a treasure that is, what standing up and having honor.
That's what I treasure and I'm not even that good of a person.
How could you not want to do the right thing?
How could you not want to stand up against evil?
With me, it's instinctive, Jack.
I don't understand how it's even a choice.
Yeah, well I've given 27 years to this when I could have been out making a good living.
I live in a 1977 single-wide mobile home and I'd love to have a nice home, but Alex, if we lose our country, what does all the items and the property and all the things mean to us if we're slaves to these international criminals?
It means nothing!
So, I've spent 27 years working to try to save America as a volunteer
And it's been good duty and I'm not sad about it at all, but I could have been dedicating myself to making money.
I made money after the Vietnam War.
I had businesses in California up and down the Southern California coast.
I was making big time money.
But I realized we're losing our nation and my nine grandchildren will be slaves!
And so I live in poverty today, still volunteering 12-14 hours a day.
Uh, to educate our police and soldiers, but it's good duty, brother, and it's worth it!
And so, Rosie, I couldn't be more proud of this Rosie for standing up.
I was shocked that she did, but I am so proud, and so are hundreds of thousands of police and military.
Rosie O'Donnell.
I don't know what's going on.
Rosie O'Donnell has done, I always call her O'Donnell, I get so hyped up, Rosie O'Donnell has done just so much.
And again, it's the example of courage.
Now, let's go back to Mike, who was busily saying we're covering up
But the Catholics are the great wickedness.
Look, the whole world, all the big systems have been taken over.
And I don't get into name-calling or saying this group or that group.
I just fight the corruption.
And, Mike, you sound like a nice fellow.
I just don't like the people, the main leaders of the movement against the, quote, Catholics, I found to be a bunch of dishonest scum.
And you want to get right down to the final equation, so that's why you don't hear me having those people on.
Go ahead.
Just kind of hard to figure out, like, where the power, like, really is.
I mean, you help me figure out, like, a lot of stuff, and you help me learn about lots of different things in the world, but as far as, like, Ron Paul, I'm still kind of suspicious about if he's controlled, because it kind of looks like it could be trying to control... Look at the roots of Ron Paul!
Look, he's not controlled, okay?
I've known him for
15 years, I've been interviewing him for 13 years.
I know the Congressman since before he got back into Congress, okay?
And I know people who are his family members, okay?
I know people who were with him in Vietnam, okay?
I know Ron Paul.
He is an obstetrician.
He's delivered 4,000 babies.
He's a father.
He's a grandfather.
He's about to be a great-grandfather.
And Congressman Ron Paul has introduced legislation to abolish the UN, get us out of it, the Federal Reserve, to fight the New World Order.
And he is the real deal.
Why do you think they're attacking him?
Jack McClam comments?
Yes, I've known Ron Paul for 20 some years and he's always been a stand-up guy.
He's always taken on the beast system and he's been ostracized horribly all these years in Congress for doing that.
But he still stands and he still does it every week on the floor of the House.
The man is absolutely pure as far as I can tell.
You know, we disagree on a couple things like drugs and so forth, but I mean, Ron Paul is our man.
We're pushing Ron Paul because he's the only one that's a constitutionalist, loves God, loves our nation, and will stand up against this beast system.
Yeah, I mean, and you can't look at the fruits of Ron Paul.
They're nothing but good.
And then the fruits of people attacking him are pure garbage.
Jack, stay with us.
Let's come back and talk to Carl and many, many others.
Chris, Carl, and others that are holding.
PresidentPlanet.com and InfoWars.net are the websites.
Stay with us.
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and erasing economic borders.
Bush met with Vincent Fox, President of Mexico, Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada, discussing a security and prosperity partnership.
The formation of a North American Union will have a great impact on the U.S.
Jerome R. Corsi published the document, The Plan to Replace the Dollar with the Emerald.
The sovereignty of the U.S.
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Look at this story!
Treated as terror suspect for taking photos of french fries.
They have the evil Al Qaeda photo.
Some of the news I'm going to be covering coming up in the next segment.
Jack McClam is our guest.
Let's talk to Chris in Minnesota.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air, Chris.
Hey, thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I also want to thank you for waking me up to the new world order.
When I hear something or see something that catches my interest, I study it until I know everything I think there is to know about it.
One thing that I'd like to talk to you today about is the Ron Paul for candidacy.
I know that he's coming up on the Bill Maher Show tonight.
But if you go on the HBO website right now and click on the Bill Maher link, there's a weekly poll right on the front page, and it says, of the Republicans listed, who do you think will get the GOP's nomination nod in 08?
And the only options that they offer are the Nazi Giuliani, John McCain, Romney, Huckabee Thompson, and even Newt Gingrich.
Yeah, everybody's calling us about an HBO poll, I haven't seen it, where they don't even mention Ron Paul.
That's correct.
That's what I'm talking about.
And this is on the Bill Maher site of hbo.com slash Bill Maher.
Well, you see, Bill Maher doesn't control that, and he's saying Ron Paul is his new hero, and so what's happening here is obviously the management wants to give them a four or five day long head start before they have Ron Paul on tonight, so hopefully Ron Paul won't win it.
Look, there's so much vote fixing.
They've had over 30 plus national polls, over 60 different state polls for the 50 states, multiple per state in some areas, and in most of them, he was only included in five of those polls.
So when you hear he's not in the polls, it's because they won't let him in the polls.
Jack McClam?
That's right, brother.
They're scared to death of him.
Just scared.
I was so pleased to see that the talking heads for the Republican Party, the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, Fox News,
Right after the debate on Fox News, Kennedy almost fell out of his chair when he found out when they were denigrating Ron Paul, and then he looked over to see that he was ahead in the polls.
It was wonderful, but they're running scared from Ron Paul, and they know that the jig's up.
If he gets in, it's over for him.
And so they're going to do everything they can, and that's why I asked all of my listeners on my radio show to pray for Ron Paul, because they will definitely try to have him have an accident if he keeps growing and going the way he is.
Well, it's the same thing with Rosie.
Anybody who's got courage and is prominent and who can capture people's imagination, they're going to try to demonize or go after her, maybe even more.
Yes, absolutely, and they can't allow him to get up and speak more in these forums, these candidate forums, because he keeps getting too much truth out.
And so I'm just asking people to pray for him, that the blood of Jesus Christ will be over him and protect him, because they may try to get rid of him early, have an accident in a car or something like that.
I hope that's not the case.
Let's take a call from Carl, and Carl, where are you calling us from today?
Yeah, I'm right outside of Memphis, Tennessee.
Welcome, sir.
I just want to thank you.
It's an honor to be on the show.
I'm a listener for about a year now.
First time caller.
Well, thanks for holding.
It's an honor to have you, sir.
Go ahead.
I want to call and I want to say thank you for all the work you do.
I know it's everybody.
We're all a family working on it together, but you're the one that did the most for me as far as waking me up.
Basically, I just want to call because I know you hate hearsay, but my sister,
There's a criminal justice...well, was a criminal justice major at college, and she was going to work for the Border Patrol.
And when she went out there for it, they were, you know, talking to the people that were out there for the tests and stuff, and she was told point-blank that, you know, you can carry a firearm, but if an immigrant crosses the border, you know, an illegal alien crosses the border, you can, you know, you can pursue them.
But you can't use force, and if they shoot at you, you're not allowed to fire back.
Oh, that's not a hearsay.
That's just confirming official policy.
Jack, you want to fill him in?
Absolutely, yes.
I was a cop on the streets of Phoenix in what we called the War Zone, South Phoenix, the high minority and high crime area.
And we weren't allowed to touch illegal aliens.
And I hear from Border Patrol agents quite often
That they're so restricted, and now Bush is having Border Patrol agents put in prison for doing their job to get the Border Patrol to stand down.
And that's the agenda message.
They also have them half the time picking up garbage in the rattlesnake infested scrub brush, and they're only allowed to look one direction, not the other.
Look folks, it's all designed, plus they hire them to send them to Iraq.
Anything else you want to add, Carl?
Um, yeah, there was a few news articles... Stay there.
I'm going to keep Jack a few more minutes on the other side so we can get to David, Tom, Rod, and others.
Then I got a bunch of news I'm going to cover as we end the program with a news blitz.
Stay with me.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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That toll free number again?
Big news, ladies and gentlemen, up on presentplanet.com, an exclusive on Rosie.
Is she going to leave The View early?
This is a big exclusive.
She may leave a few weeks early because of them targeting her and trying to smear her and demonize her before she goes.
She may not play ball.
Let's play a little bit of this song, though, for Rosie.
The girl you knew the night before
But your thoughts will soon be wandering the way they always do.
When you're riding 16 hours, there's nothing much to do.
And you don't feel much like riding, you just wish the trip was through.
Here I am, on the road again.
There I am, upon the tears.
Here I go.
We're good.
Welcome back.
Final segment with Jack McClam.
Police and military against the New World Order.
Take a few final phone calls with him.
Jack, I'm really excited to see you encouraged in your 25 years of aid and abet, 27 years fighting the global crime syndicate that now is becoming revealed, to have Bush try to announce that he is dictator.
Quote, the president gave himself the new powers of during continuity of government for any emergency Congress is not involved.
That is dictatorship on its face and now everybody is starting to wake up.
By everybody, anybody who's got half a brain knows that we're in deep trouble.
Jack, do you think they're going to get away with it?
Or do you think people waking up will cause them to maybe back off?
Well, I think that they're running scared and they're going as fast as they can to put us under a dictatorship because they know the people's waking up, brother.
And they need to cut us off.
They really do.
And so anything's likely to happen, but it's going to happen fast.
Because they better do it fast or we're going to take back this nation.
Let's go back to Carl down in Memphis, Tennessee.
Carl, go ahead and finish up your comments.
We're going to go to David, Tom, and Tom.
Go ahead.
All right.
Over the past week, I've seen a few news stories.
I wanted to get your take on them.
The first one was the Senate unanimously approved the takeover of D.C.
public schools by the mayor, which joins 10 states as of February that have already handed over their school districts to the mayor.
You know, I just see that as the next step in turning the schools into prisons.
I mean, students have to wear IDs, and... Oh yeah, they're already getting rid of the sheriff's departments, uh, city councils are told what to do by unelected regional boards.
This is the takeover where, at every level, they're trying to cut off the people's avenue for a redress of grievances.
The same thing that led us to the Revolutionary War in 1776.
Jack McClain?
Absolutely, brother.
Everything is moving faster as they're trying to close off the avenues of escape for the people.
And, uh, you know, everything, even planting metal detectors in the forest.
They're getting ready for the revolution so that they can find you if you run into the forest to try to escape and invade.
So, everything is moving quicker on their side, but also, Alex, everything is moving quicker on our side.
And that's why I tell people to pray that God will bless us, that we get there first, and that we can have more time to awaken more of God's people in this country, and take this nation back.
Well, bottom line, a lot of people aren't going to listen to you when you tell them Bush is trying to become a dictator and they're setting all this up.
He will always make their move.
But if they do make their move, then a lot of people that didn't listen to you will finally see it.
So it's also important to plant as many seeds as you can.
Carl, thanks for the call.
David in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, go ahead.
Okay, he said hello and hung his phone up.
Who's up next in line here?
Tom in Ohio, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Welcome to the USA, gentlemen.
United Slave Association.
I'm sat here looking at pictures of Black Hawk helicopters landing on high school campuses to glamorize the kids.
Well, that was happening before the war.
They had Blackhawks in Cobra's land to condition them.
They had Marines go in to schools there in Pensacola, Florida and put guns to their heads and say,
That the government wants you to know what martial law is like.
That was in the Pensacola News Journal.
They have these, oh Jack McClain, these drills now they're having everywhere where they go in and announce and put guns to the children's heads and the teachers and tell them it's real and people are having to go to mental institutions.
They're having such incredible breakdowns.
It's been all over the news now.
Why are they doing that?
Well, they're conditioning the people to be kept safe by their government.
That's what they're doing.
All of this is to make you believe you're going to be kept safe by your government, and when they pull off the next false flag bombing in America, England, or Israel, the people will be so happy with their government preparing to keep them safe under martial law.
Elaborate on that.
Well, we see it everywhere.
We get reports from our police officers that they are going into schools, they're going into different office buildings and carrying off these programs to scare the people and make them think that they're being invaded and really it's just good practice for our
uh... militarized police but it's also indoctrinating the people that uh... putting fear in them, making them think that these things can really happen.
And it also sets the precedent I mean if they can make children stay in a classroom for eight hours, make them go to the bathroom in a trash can, on record, coast-to-coast federal grants, scream we're Christian homeschoolers here to kill you, that also makes the children then hate Christians and homeschoolers.
I mean this is so sophisticated, the brainwashing that we're seeing.
Oh yeah, they've said that the homeschoolers are coming to kill you, and Christians are coming to kill you, and I'm looking here at that FBI brochure, remember that came out about five years ago, where the FBI lists in this brochure that went out to police officers.
It lists mainline liberals, mainline conservatives, anybody though who doesn't play ball with them.
It lists everybody!
It does, it does, and it says here we're domestic terrorists.
Patriots that mention the Constitution too often are domestic terrorists?
It says word for word, make frequent references!
Make frequent references, yes.
And then also, Butch Reno, when she was Attorney General, listed Christians as doomsday cult-type groups.
And that's right in that brochure that Christians are domestic terrorists to the federal government today.
They use that term that she coined.
Now it doesn't matter whether it's Christians or anti-war protesters, everybody's having their free speech attacked.
Let's talk to Todd in British Columbia.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, just wanted to thank you guys for taking my call.
Thank you for calling, go ahead.
Hey, just wanted to let all your listeners know that 9-11 Truth is very alive here in Canada.
And thank you guys for making me aware of not only 9-11, but also encouraging me to become a little more aware of my local political landscape in Canada.
Soon after that, to become more involved.
I've personally had several people look at the facts and just wanted to, you know, thank you guys and Rosie for your bravery and Alex and your team for all the hard work.
And just, you know, I was at the David and Ray Griffin speech here about a week and a half ago.
And just wanted to say, Canada has a special place for maybe asking some questions as an outlet, a safe haven.
Absolutely, there's been a lot of 9-11 truth in Canada going back five and a half years.
Appreciate the call.
Last caller for Jack McClann, then I'm going to cover some news.
Fred in Philly, go ahead.
How you doing?
Alex, you're right on as far as seeing through Bush's lies on the immigration situation.
Deportations are down.
Around 95% since early 2001.
Entries have accelerated and I think that there has to be a people power basically on the border because Alex, you can't really exercise control of the border unless you have people power.
It's the only kind of power that can't be corrupted.
What do you think?
Bottom line, I'm not even against these immigrants that want a better life.
I don't blame them.
I mean, if I lived in Mexico City in that hellhole, I'd want to be here too, and I'd fight to be here.
The point is, we've got six-plus billion people that all want to come here, and the big corporations are literally using them as an economic weapon to drive down the wages and to balkanize the society.
And I'm sorry, I was watching video last night, right here in Austin, the raw video of these immigration rallies.
Pro-Amnesty rallies, and man, they're holding up their babies in Spanish and saying, we are the future, viva Mexico, you know, get out pilgrims.
And I mean, it is aggressive, it is anti-American, and it is dangerous for everybody, and it's got to be stopped.
And it's just Americans have lost their nationalism and the Mexicans haven't.
And they're all saying, this is Mexico, get out, we're taking over.
And it's just sad that our government media, the Fortune 500, has actually lobbied to actually indoctrinate the Mexicans to believe all of this.
But it's a diabolical plan to bring this country down, Fred.
Well, you can't.
Bush has been lying.
All he wants to do is delay until the North American Union goes into effect.
Well, that's right.
You see, and by Bush calling for blanket amnesty, we already have amnesty by fiat.
The police are told not to enforce.
The illegals don't have to have IDs.
Citizens do.
It's all happening by fiat, so he asked for something, so we're busy fighting him on the new amnesty he called for and deciphering that lie, while meanwhile we're unable to then get on the offensive and reverse what's happened.
Fred, thanks for the call.
Closing comments on that, Jack McClam.
Well, brother, everything you say is absolutely true.
One thing I want to say to the listeners, though, is that so many great Americans are Hispanics.
And they hate this amnesty bill.
They hate what's going on in America.
They formed a group called You Don't Speak For Me that people should go to their website and see it.
YouDontSpeakForMe.com and over 60% of Hispanics oppose the amnesty.
I lived in the Latino community for 15 years right down there in the high crime area of South Phoenix.
And I saw a lot of lovely families of Latinos that are trying to keep their kids off drugs and out of gangs, and they're being raped by the system.
And they love America, and they love this country, and they love God.
And so we shouldn't think that they're all, you know, on the side of the
Very evil groups like La Raza and American Civil Liberties Union and so forth, because they're not.
A high percentage is on the side of freedom, God, and country here in America.
Folks can go to InfoWars.com and link through to Jack McClam's website or just Google police and military against the New World Order or Jack McClam or Vampire Killer 2000.
His big report that millions of copies have been sent out to people in the military and the police.
Jack, good having you on.
Have a great weekend.
God bless you for all you do, Alex.
We love you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for the time you spent with us.
Folks, go to the website, check out the materials.
He's an American treasure.
And again, I'm just flattered that Rosie, I'm told, is tuned in to the show today.
And wanted to hear our announcement that basically was leaked to us by three different angles and it was going to go out anyway so we went ahead and announced it.
Rosie, Incense by Witch Hunt could leave the view next week.
Neocon producers effort to discredit O'Donnell before host exits ABC show.
And you can read all the details at PrisonPlanet.com right now.
This is big news.
This is breaking news.
It shows how they're trying to censor her, how they're trying to demonize her.
We need to support the free speech in America and support courage, admirable examples of courage like this, when they are shown.
So I salute you, Rosie O'Donnell.
And I would just ask everybody out there to help get 9-11 Truth out to everyone so she can be fully vindicated, and so all of us can be vindicated.
We're always being vindicated, but just so everybody knows the truth.
Go to Google, type in TerrorStorm, watch it for free.
And then email that link out to everybody.
Don't stop.
That's why they're trying to censor it.
We just caught them censoring Loose Change again.
Loose Change had enough views to be in the top ten.
They just took it off there.
Same thing with Order of Death, my film about George Bush and his religious and bizarre sexual habits.
And he claims to be this Christian conservative, and I mean, it's not Christian nor is it conservative.
I'll just leave it to you like that.
That was at number one.
They just cheated it right out of there.
The page views, the views showed it should have been still in the top ten.
They don't care because they don't want us to win this fight.
Well, just get that link and send it out to ten times as many people.
Or go to Infowars.com and get your hard copy on DVD.
They can't stop you from making copies of Terror Storm on DVD.
They can't stop you from going to PrisonPlanet.tv and downloading it in super high quality.
I mean, it looks like TV quality on there and burning it to disk.
That's a factory of resistance, PrisonPlanet.tv.
They can't stop you, folks.
So if you've got a prisonplanet.tv membership, use it.
And if you don't use it, I mean, go get the audio interviews, the video interviews, my in-studio.
We videotape the Sunday show.
I do from 4 to 6 p.m.
every Sunday.
Be sure and join us for that.
And Rosie, you were invited on this show, you know, through your producers or through Willie or through the loose change guys you've talked to.
If you want to come on this show and have 30 minutes, an hour to unfetter, say what you think about 9-11, then please, let's talk.
Let's get you on.
Well, I've got the story about Mexican cops get themselves chipped.
That's just escalating and continuing.
We have news here.
Finally, Blackwater is to be audited by the government.
I have another report.
Here in front of me that is just mind-blowing.
There are just so many of these reports.
Just, just, just every one of them is off the chart.
Pentagon considering staying in Iraq for decades.
That's always been the official Pentagon plans, but now it's finally hitting mainstream news.
The Department of Defense is studying the possibility of maintaining a core group of forces in Iraq, possibly for decades, reports the National Public Radio.
We have published no orders directing the plan for the overall withdrawal of forces.
General Peter Pace, who is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate when asked if the Pentagon had any contingency plans in place for troop withdrawal.
Now they're building over two dozen permanent bases, one of them bigger than the Vatican.
It holds 6,000 people.
And he goes on to say that they plan to stay.
They say one thing to the public and another thing to the Senate.
They lie to you like you're a bunch of fools.
I'll hit a few key news stories on the other side as we wrap up this Friday edition.
And the news that we're breaking up on Prison Planet and Infowars is just unbelievable.
We hope you help us get past the censors and get this news out to the American people.
Help us go viral.
It's here!
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House probe to disseminate fake news, NSA spying,
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Hello friends, Alex Jones here.
I want you to imagine waking up one morning to find out you've been burglarized.
An intruder has taken your personal possessions, credit card numbers, social security cards, banking information, and more, all in the hands of a total stranger.
What's worse is you realize he got it through your front door because you left it unlocked.
We're good to go.
I think so.
The preacher man says it's the end of time, and the Mississippi River, she's a gold drive.
The interest is up and the stock market's down, and you're only getting mugged if you go downtown.
I got a bunch of news I want to hit here at the end of the show.
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Give them a call today or go to the website.
There's banners for both those sponsors we just told you about up on PrisonPlanet.com if you missed the address.
A man treated his terror suspect for taking a photo of french fries.
He writes for a food magazine.
He took pictures of some french fries.
And it was over.
They said he was a terrorist.
He was headed back to Connecticut after a weekend with the family when he took a photo of the potatoes.
I'd eaten the fries on the way over, but couldn't stomach another round, so I snapped two photos at the food counter.
And as I was putting the camera away, two guys came up behind me and grabbed him and they took him in and said he was a terrorist and everything.
Just go read it.
It's out of the Fairfield Weekly.
But again, the borders are wide open.
It's just idiocy.
But it's all about control.
Here's another one here.
Police in two cities still are sifting through the details of a shooting incident in which the man apparently shot his wife Thursday night.
They're using the OnStar to track him and what he did.
Just a point for you to know that's surveillance.
Iran is probably three to eight years away from a nuclear bomb.
That's the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Reuters, but they don't care.
Mainstream News is reporting.
This is out of the Washington Post.
Ross Frey reporting on that.
Cheney and an aide are clearing the path to attack Iran.
It's just incredible, ladies and gentlemen.
We will continue to watch this as all of this craziness intensifies.
We'll continue to track it.
I'll be live this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., on Genesis Communications.
I will be live, ladies and gentlemen.
Other people will be taking off.
I won't.
I'll be live.
So I'll see you this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., and I'll see you back on Monday and Ron Paul on Tuesday.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.