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Air Date: May 23, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I was in the grocery store last night.
And I saw some people in front of me in line talking about, did you hear on the news?
The president now is a dictator!
And I asked them where they'd seen it and they said on the nightly news.
They weren't sure where.
They had just seen it kind of out of the corner of their eye.
And Sunday night I was doing my Sunday radio show and we had a couple callers calling about it who had seen it online.
And this morning I heard Gary Brownfield talking about it, and frankly, I'm glad everybody's talking about it, but I'm getting all these emails going, Alex, you've, you've really dropped the ball.
You're not telling us that Bush became a dictator?
Are you hiding something?
Ladies and gentlemen, this is all we ever pretty much have talked about in the past.
It's what my first seven or eight films are about.
And I got news for you, this is nothing new.
This is just the public announcement, okay?
It's not me that dropped the ball, frankly.
It's people that send me emails like that that drop the ball.
You either weren't listening, which is fine, or you didn't believe me.
You thought, oh, that's Alex.
You know, he's a good guy, but sometimes he exaggerates.
No, it's the opposite, ladies and gentlemen.
I literally
Do not have the mental skills or the verbal skills, the speech skills to articulate to you how all-encompassing, how wicked, how unified this thing is.
Now, Jerome Courcy, I like him on the border issues, and I like him on the North American Union issues, I don't like him on the issue of the war.
You know, it's a World Net Daily story, everyone's freaking about, about, you know, foaming at the mouth, having convulsions of fear.
That's a pretty good story, but if you'll just go to articles from five years ago.
Let me see, I wrote an article in 1999 with Ed Homan titled, Martial Law Is Here, and it's a three on the Richter scale.
And I think we need to do a search on Infowars and Prison Planet and maybe create a Martial Law section or a Dictatorship section.
Like, let's do that.
Let's just grab twenty or thirty of the hundreds of articles.
Let's not overwhelm people.
And let's put it all up there together.
And then let's have a headline.
Well, we need a couple.
We've been in a dictatorship for a long... America's been in a dictatorship for a long time.
That's one headline.
And then
White House publicly announces dictatorship would be another.
Because that's all that's happened here.
And, you know, I'm not even really irritated by it.
I'm not irritated by it, you know, the fact that everyone's calling me asking if I heard the big development, ooh, the big breaking story.
That's like
Bob Dacey, five years ago, was writing about the Napa Superhighway and the NAU.
And, you know, even on the air, or maybe he was during a break, he said, hey, I like Jerome Corsi.
I'm glad he's been writing about it the last year and a half.
But, you know, Bob's like, I was the one getting attacked when I was saying it five, six years ago.
And I guess if there is any frustration, it's this.
We could have been a lot further along fighting this and a lot further along countering this if people would have just taken the stories we wrote and the analysis we put out and checked it out for themselves and found out it's true.
Now maybe part of it's my fault.
Maybe it's my delivery style in the past.
I mean, I get myself hyped up to get on the air.
It's actually very exhausting, so I tend to get into a hyped-up mood.
You know, if you're going to do something, might as well enjoy it.
But when we get back, I'm going to just calmly walk through.
Because I just woke up 45 minutes ago.
I was working so late and did some early morning radio interview.
I went back to sleep, so I don't think I've ever been this close to out of bed on air.
So I'm pretty relaxed.
I'm going to walk through all this when we get back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is the 23rd day of May, 2007.
We'll be live here for the next two hours and 51 and a half minutes.
Websites are InfoWars.net, JonesReport.com, PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
Up on InfoWars.com is a global research article.
New presidential directive gives Bush dictatorial powers.
World Net Daily's got its own story here by Jerome Corsi.
Bush grants presidency, extraordinary powers, orders for emergencies, apparently gives authority without congressional oversight.
Suddenly this is a big story.
It's always been a big story.
And when a caller called into my Sunday show talking about this a few days ago, I said, this is just a reissuance of unauthorized, illegal,
usurped powers that Franklin Delano Roosevelt put into place when they finally broke this country's back and took full control of the executive branch in 1933 with the War Powers Act.
But with the War Powers Act, they had a small federal government at that time, so the next phase... You know what?
Let me just start at the beginning.
What's happening is these stories come out and it's true that the president is now a dictator.
But then a lot of people in the public have heard this so many times in the past that it's kind of like in 1933 they had a .22 revolver to our head and now they've got a 100mm howitzer to our head.
And in 1933, they started the slide into martial law and into a federally controlled police state.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, our entire society is Pentagon designed, and we are literally in a surveillance grid that's intensifying every day.
Here's another analogy.
It was a hot day in July in 1933.
We are now literally on the surface of the sun, and the question is, do we want to plunge into the heart of the furnace?
That's the only real debate here.
That's why I wrote an article with Ed Homan back in 19... Was it 98 or 99?
I want to say 98.
I've got to pull it up.
It's Marshall Laws here, and it's a three on the Richter scale.
And I know it's still up on Infowars.com.
Type it up during the next break and pull it up.
And we said it's a 3 on the Richter scale.
You see?
And we lay out there that in the coming years it will be ratcheted up to a 10.
Now, right now we are at about a 6.5.
And a 10 is mass extermination camps.
A 10 is huge FEMA camps, slave camps.
A 10 is one child policy.
A 10 is locked down cities and yearly bio-attacks launched by the government that are blamed on shadowy turbaned men.
And I don't even know if they'll even go to a 10.
I mean, they say they plan to go to a 10.
They talk about it, and the eugenicists running everything just may do it.
But the point is, they're set up for it, and that's their plan.
I mean, I don't know if they're going to go to a 10.
I mean, if we go to a 7.5, folks, that's gun confiscation and mass arrest.
We're at about a 6, 6.5 right now.
I actually created a scale.
Remember back in 98-99?
I know I created the scale in 98, the Marshall Law Scale, and it's kind of like the Doomsday Clock they got up in Switzerland or whatever it is, but let me just go over this.
From the day this country was founded,
British agents, globalist agents, were trying to overthrow the country.
And they wrote books and they had Times of London articles saying, in this free market system, without a noble gentry controlling everything, without the aristocrats and the aristocracy running everything,
This new idea, this hyper-renaissance is going to spread, and Europe's central control is going to fall.
So they made public declarations to come in and try to finance and try to back a robber baron class.
I'm talking from the 1790s.
To overthrow the United States, to back the Federalists,
Of course, the Patriots didn't like that, so they invited Mr. Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton, out into the street in New York, and Mr. Burr gunned him down right there.
Didn't even give Hamilton a chance to draw.
He got him out there legally in the line and just shot him down dead like a dog.
Because Hamilton was a traitor, wanted a king, wanted a Federal Reserve, and wanted to have that central bank run by the British and the Bank of London.
The Bank of England.
Based in the city of London.
London, England, London.
The city within a city.
And so they were continually trying to take over, publicly trying to buy everybody off, and there were gunfights and swordfights at the Capitol, and people killing each other, and it was just ongoing subterfuge.
And then of course the British attacked in 1811 and went on to the War of 1812.
They finally beat the British at
New Orleans with Colonel Jackson there, outnumbered many times to one and they backed off.
And then later he became the president in the late 1820s and the 1830s, especially the 1830s.
And on his deathbed, right after he left the presidency at the Hermitage in Tennessee, he said, they said, you know, they had a biography there, they said, President, Mr. President, what are you most proud of?
Yeah, you can go pull up the full text of it.
The famous line is, I killed the bank, but he was literally in a fever, very sick, he'd been ill for years, and he was dying, but he was, his last words, he continued to struggle, just saying over and over, beat them, don't let them take over.
Arrest them, hang them, they're trying to take over right now.
You've got to beat the European banks, they're trying to overthrow it.
And we've got to do this for future generations, unless there's an expansion.
You know, the United States is going to fall very soon.
I killed the bank, but only for a time.
Kill them!
Kill the bank!
But it was more eloquent than that.
I mean, literally, folks, his dying words would defeat them.
That's why historians try to demonize him, attack him, tell a lot of lies about him, or misrepresent who he was at the time he was in, because he stalled them big time.
There's no doubt we'd be in a lot worse shape if it wasn't for Andrew Jackson.
Just an amazing, I mean they've got it, of course I'll never make a movie about him because they don't like him, but you talk about a real movie, you know, a kind of Hyborian Age real live Conan, but he wasn't a Conan, he was a tall skinny guy.
That whole guy's life was just amazing, ladies and gentlemen.
All the assassination attempts, the duels, the sword fights, the
Twelve years old, as a signal runner, fighting the British, his family dying in a concentration camp.
I mean, it's just an un... and that's by the time he's twelve years old.
I mean, it just goes on and on in the Indian fighting, and just, it's action-packed, ladies and gentlemen.
The entire life is action-packed.
And it's not legend, it's documented, but I'm already getting off into Andrew Jackson.
I mean, it makes the movie The Patriot, which is a combination of three real characters, look, that character looks tame compared to the real Andrew Jackson.
So Andrew Jackson stalled them.
We're going to get into martial law here and everyone's telling me about the big breaking story.
And again, I'm very glad everyone's now learning about this, but you see, we need to take this serious now and move forward to defeat it and realize just how late in the game it is.
What did Ron Paul say just a couple months ago here?
He said, we are on the edge of total dictatorship and going into martial law and mass arrest and radio shows like this one being shut down.
The safety's off, the gun's at our head, it's been oiled, it's been prepared, it's got hollow point bullets in it.
It's a .357 Magnum.
And people are just now learning about this.
The National News is announcing, yeah, the President's got dictator powers, but it's to keep you safe.
It's openly being announced.
So, just to finish up in a nutshell history, they try to establish a central bank.
They fail all the way up until 1913.
And it was advertised all over the big newspapers that the
Foreign central banks owned or controlled, or had allied robber barons that owned, who they had financed to already consolidate industry and the railroads and the main engines of power.
But there was still a lot of free market, a lot of private property, a lot of other independently wealthy newspaper owners, and there was still a lot of diversity when it came to power and wealth in this country.
And the growth rate some years was 15%.
I mean, they say China's had a fast growth rate some years at 10%.
This country had 15% growth rates.
For hundreds of years?
That threatens elites.
They're monopoly men.
And so they advertised that there was a new bill that the bankers were against.
And the bankers later wrote about this.
This was published.
And J.P.
Morgan would go out, and the Rockefellers would go out, and the Carnegie would go out, and Schiff would go out, and Warburg would go out.
And they bad-mouthed it, and had little cane fights on the steps of Wall Street.
And they had big arguments, and they wrote editorials against the Federal Reserve.
And it fooled the public, and it passed.
But still, it passed in a rigged deal with three senators.
Then they got their Federal Reserve, and then they engineered the Depression of 29 to further consolidate.
Then they set up the first official martial law.
Well, I kind of skipped the Civil War.
And again, that was British-financed and manipulated.
That's mainstream history.
We know where to look.
To try to get the federal government to grow.
Then they got their Federal Reserve in 1913.
Then they got their War Powers Act in 1933.
We'll start there and walk through it when we get back.
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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, as we go deeper into martial law, and as the public
He's now being introduced to it.
Which tells me they're getting ready to drop the hammer.
When they start admitting it, you know we're entering the final hour.
Hell, I just want to get it over with.
I say good.
We didn't ask for this fight.
We sure haven't drawn first blood.
But all this waiting around, all this dragging it out while all these evils go on is...
Frankly, a greater sin.
All right.
Yeah, let's let all these know-it-all think tank boys and the Bilderberg Group and CFR go ahead and turn this into a hot war.
That just makes it one more step towards them being marched in there for their high crimes and misdemeanors and their high treason.
That's one more step towards these treasonous vermin getting strung up after a court of law finds them guilty.
All right, bringing us back now to 1933 and the War Powers Act Public Declaration of Martial Law.
But back then that was kind of like a... It'd be kind of like somebody who weighs 95 pounds trying to go into a professional football
player locker room and tell everybody to lick his boots.
It didn't work too well.
So the domestication process happened.
You've got this granddaddy long legs federal government that's got these little spindly arms that can't enforce all of its edicts so it does the next best thing.
It tries to buy the people off and domesticate so they started dumping grain out
To get the wild horses trained, get them into the pens, so they could get some of them in, get them saddled, and use them as war horses against the public.
They'd also used right before that prohibition that they engineered as a way to energize criminal gangs, create a new big black market.
It was many top government officials that engineered using Christians who meant well to get prohibition because they knew it would be incredibly profitable to have the nine years of prohibition.
That helped grow the federal government, the BATF, the FBI, set those up in every city.
They got some of their first gun control laws with that.
So that led up during the Depression, and then they just went ahead and set up martial law with Roosevelt, four years into the Depression, in the very depths of it, 1933.
Yeah, they set up the War Powers Act, making the federal government dictatorial.
Then they chartered the state police that, if you read their charters, they're actually federally chartered.
Most state cops don't know this, most of the state-ies don't know this, but I've been down to the DPS main offices,
Here in Austin, and even looked at some of their official books on it.
Went down there a few years ago, a few years now, ten years ago, and looked them up.
And it sure enough was true, it was chartered right after the War Powers Act, as was almost every other state police out there.
And so they did that, and then the next big benchmark was the 1947 National Security Act.
And by then they'd used World War II, which again the same globalist funded Hitler, as a way to build up the military-industrial complex in the United States and Russia and England as a way to enforce the new global empire with the three groups publicly allied at the time, still allied until just recent times and evidence shows they still are covertly.
And then they tell their public that they're all fighting with each other again as an excuse to energize and build up the mechanisms of government.
And so the shadow government went into effect in 1947 publicly and got massive secret funding totaling some years as much as the entire public defense budget.
Hundreds of billions of dollars a year.
Ongoing, black ops,
Then they began bringing in the criminal gangs that made up the New World Order, and skull and bones that peopled, that literally crewed the entire upper echelons of Defense Intelligence, FBI, CIA.
They then had always been in control of opium and cocaine, as well as backing the major pharmaceutical companies that imported it.
They then, of course, made that illegal.
Yeah, increased the enforcement of that to jack up prices on the new Prohibition.
We'll explain it all when we get back and tell you where we are today.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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So America was a big nut to crack, and it took a long time to build bureaucracy to fully dominate it.
And the way this works is, the globalists are here, they're printing the money, they've got their fellow reserve in place, 1913 War Powers Act 33, National Security Act 1947,
And then they had already criminalized, back in the 30s, the narcotics they shipped in and increased the profits.
And they really started enforcing and having a war on drugs.
And then, of course, the bigger the war on drugs gets, the more drugs we have on our streets.
And there's a war on poverty, and a war on this, a war on that.
But every time they declare a war on poverty or illiteracy, it always gets worse.
Because, actually, the war mantle is what they're using under the War Powers Act of 1933.
That's why... I'll never forget one time my dad called me up, he was watching C-SPAN, and he said, I just saw him live on C-SPAN walk in and declare another emergency for the year and say that the President was a dictator.
And I was like, yeah, it's amazing.
Isn't it?
They do it every year.
But let me explain what was happening.
They declared martial law in 1933, but still there was the Bill of Rights, the Constitution.
Still, judges thought that they were the legislative, excuse me, the judicial arbiters.
Still, the legislative at the state level and the federal level, there was a separation of powers.
They didn't just cede it and give it up.
And so the executive was quietly growing and amassing its power with the fellow reserve, quietly paying off the politicians, quietly changing congressional rules to centralize the power in the committees and make it all be about basically peerage and seniority, which it had never been about.
Centralizing everything, turning it more into a Roman Senate, like the Roman Senate had become a puppetdom, a marionette during the imperial age of Rome.
Puppetdom, I don't know if that's a word, I just invented it if it isn't.
I guess I'm getting too much into history here.
And so,
Then Bill Clinton with the omnibus crime bill and doubling the size of anti-terror forces in 1996.
They couldn't pass it in 95, but then the bombing happened and they were able to pass it just a few months later.
And then they started handing out FBI training manuals to police saying gun owners, Christians, are terrorists.
They started having drills all over the country, coast to coast, where they tell, you know, eight-year-old children at gunpoint that Christians are here to kill you and that guns are bad.
And then the children for their life are traumatized and terrified of guns and terrified of Christians.
Terrified of homeschoolers because I mean then that by the way be just tuned in they do this coast-to-coast This is trauma-based mind control.
It's hardcore and it sets the precedent for him to be able to do that Going back.
We've got documents going back at least 25 years.
They were going to put in cameras RFID chip tracking systems in your inspection stickers.
It's a MIT Defense Department designed grid and
And now they openly brag about it.
I mean, I've seen them bragging for at least five years that this is all Pentagon designed, the way the highways are set up, even in the fifties.
Those were designed for military control of the cities, by the way.
Now the cameras, the video cameras, hooked into the software, now that read your lips, that listen to you.
They also have, of course, audio, but they also listen to you by recording your lips with AI computers chronicling and creating transcripts as far away as 200 plus yards during good visibility.
Rain can mess it up or fog, cloud cover on the ground.
The local school districts have all been federalized.
The cities have been federalized.
They've set up regional boards through the Chicago Metro 1313 model.
Every city, every county is under federal control.
This has been done generationally now since the 50s, so new mayors don't even know.
They don't know the city managers really run everything and go to the big city manager association meetings and it's all staged.
There's a double set of books, comprehensive annual financial reports.
Private corporations own now 70 plus percent, or 75 percent last year.
It's growing exponentially.
They're racing towards total ownership of everything, so there's not even a need for the illusion of free market, the illusion of a stock market.
There's not even a need for an illusion of anything, because the 20 percent that's left in the people's hands, most of that is in the wealthy's hands, who already buy into the corporations and the government investments.
And the rest of it, the middle class is completely leveraged out in debt.
Everything, just like they did in 33, or in 29, leading in 33, is about getting you in maximum debt.
Showing they pull the rug out.
Then they've got the police trained as riot police.
The highway's ready to be shut down to control things.
The FEMA ready for full distribution.
They're the only jobs you'll be able to get.
This is already happening in the new curriculum at the colleges.
And ITT Technical isn't ITT Technical, it's ITT Law Enforcement.
And security guards, and database mining, and checkpoints on the streets, and checkpoints in the malls, and checkpoints on the buses.
It's a new culture.
The free market is completely being erased.
A crony capitalism was used to consolidate wealth, buy off the government, and now that's going to be completely
The state government's already happening to with unfunded mandates.
They're already blowing them out and bankrupting them, bankrupting the general public.
That it all is rolled in and consolidated into the federal government.
It's militarily enforced.
And then the new jobs will be being imperial troops.
And by the way, the Pentagon says this.
It's an economic
Slavery, where you're forced into this.
You're going to be a cop, you're going to be a jail guard, you're going to be a data analyst, you're going to be a security guard, you're going to be a consultant that feeds into all of this.
And that's just the next phase of total domestication.
Then the mass culling comes after that.
The Club of Rome, Committee of 300, Bilderberg, they've all written autobiographies, books,
White papers, think tanks, UN treaties, executive orders, CIA documents.
I mean, we're wallowing in evidence.
It is diabolical to the tenth degree.
I mean, I can't even articulate to you how bad this is.
It's cold-blooded, and they're conditioning us with the stars, the heroes, all tortured children and their families on television.
In the real world, the CIA tells the Washington Post, yeah, we're torturing people's children to get confessions.
And then when the public doesn't like it, they deny it.
It's that military tactic of they introduce it, then there's resistance, but you're getting conditioned to accept it and acclimated.
Then they push back and say, oh, you're crazy.
We didn't announce that in the Washington Post.
And then they push back and announce again.
Every time there's some new scary announcement, then we push back.
But each time, they gain a couple feet.
And then, my gosh, everybody starts calling me.
There's the big news.
Did I hear?
It's so incredible.
But here is April 11, 2007.
I typed in Ron Paul Dictatorship.
Ron Paul Martial Law into Google.
And I got Presidential Candidate, U.S.
in Danger of Dictatorship.
Congressman Ron Paul warns the elite believe they own us and are always prepared to take our liberties.
That was Steve Watson and Alex Jones that wrote that.
Infowars.net, April 11th.
Let me go back to Google.
I should have searched on this.
Here's another one.
Republican Congressman says U.S.
Close to Dictatorship.
There's a bunch of headlines that we've
Here's another one, Ron Paul warns of dictatorship.
So, I mean, my point is Ron Paul's been putting this out too.
Let me just walk through what's happened since 9-11, okay, in the interest of time.
First off, and by the way, we're under martial law now.
Okay, we've been under it since 33, but we're in
A lot hotter water.
The analogy of the frog in the water.
You throw a frog, I guess the Cajuns discovered this, you know, cooking frogs and boiling frogs with their frog legs.
I bet frog legs are pretty good.
You know, you throw a live bullfrog into the water, and it's boiling, he's going to jump out.
You're going to have to throw him back in and put the top on so he doesn't buck out of there.
But you put him in there when it's cold,
And he turned it up, and just in the few minutes it takes to boil, he's gonna sit there, and it's gonna be like a hot tub at first!
Kind of like it was in 33.
Hey, you know, the government had engineered this depression.
The banks had done it.
There was this Savior Roosevelt.
He was here to take care of everybody and introduce you to the nanny state and give you a social security card and help you out and put you into make work.
See, this time it isn't going to be make work where you're out building dams and highway rest stops.
No, no, it's going to be tattling on your neighbor and running FEMA camps.
That's all been announced, by the way.
Homeland Security has been announcing it for four plus years.
Big public plans on it.
High schoolers in Secure Corps trying to confiscate guns.
That's been in the Baltimore news.
It's been in the Philadelphia Inquirer.
But I'm sorry.
It's all stuff in my memory.
I remember seeing it all.
You need to look it up for yourself.
But I'm digressing.
We are now boiling.
It sits down to the point of where the country's dying right now.
The frog, if somebody doesn't reach in and take it out now, in the scale of time in the next year or so, if we don't start reversing this now, which we're starting to get some traction.
You know, when all the propaganda and everything isn't soothing the deep down instinct everybody's got to, something's wrong.
You know that feeling you get when, right before your tire blows, and you go, man I'm feeling like something's wrong.
The tire blows.
Or you ever been out in the woods, and you're on your own property, and there shouldn't be anybody there, and you feel somebody looking at you, and you turn and walk through the woods 200 yards, and where you couldn't even physically see somebody, but there's the poster up in the tree, and you say, hey you need to get out of here, you need to get off this property.
That's happened to me a couple times.
See, deep down, you're just like a mouse, or you're just like a cow, or you're just like any other mammal that knows ten hours before a hurricane comes, or ten hours before a tornado shows up, before that cold air even comes down, before there was even thunderheads.
See, even if you don't research, everybody's concerned, and the government and the psychological warfare experts know you're restless and concerned at a very deep level.
But your brain is so sophisticated, it's already spit out a card telling you things aren't good in Denmark.
Things are rotten.
And so they know you're going to have that fear, so they're going to even use that fear that your intellect, your soul, has picked up on innately, and they're going to hold up a picture of Bin Laden and say, that's why you're scared.
And everybody's like, yeah, man, we're scared.
Things are bad.
Things aren't going good.
Things aren't right.
And they're like, yeah, it's Bin Laden.
That's why you feel this survival threat.
No, ladies and gentlemen, that's not why you feel the threat.
Basically, in our development, folks, if you didn't feel that, if you didn't develop that sixth sense, that tiger that was crouching, that lion that was crouching, right there in the tall grass, your eyes couldn't see him.
So, if your mind didn't pick up on it, whatever this is, we know it's real,
That lion would have gotten you, and that lion did get your ancestors, and they're not around, folks.
But then there's the general public who also read it, and see it, and see it at work, and see it on the street, and see the cameras, and see what's happening to the dollar.
They intellectually know something's wrong, but still, well, Bin Laden will get me, I better give my rights up.
So there's also the intellectual level to all of this.
I know Paul Watson's listening for my analysis to write an article about this today, and had his own great information, so let me just get to the crux of it.
But I'm leading up to this.
Everybody's calling me, telling me, my God, why aren't you talking about martial law?
Bush is now a dictator!
Kennedy found out he'd been given dictatorial powers, that he inherited them, and he spoke out against it and they blew his head off in Dallas.
It's been there a long time.
But they never had the muscle.
They never had the infrastructure.
They never had the surveillance system to do it.
Now they have it.
You ask, well, why would they build it for 50, 60, 70 years?
Because they're always expanding their power.
The people sitting in the control cockpits, in the throne rooms, already have incredible power and wealth, and the more labors trowel, the more land, the more living space they get, the more property they grab, the more control they get for those institutions that they pilot, the greater their power.
People say, well, how could the elite go on for hundreds of years?
Well, how does royalty do it?
How does corporations do it?
How do universities do it?
UT's got, now I've learned, close to $100 billion, I was saying $65 billion, in just raw cash accounts, publicly.
And they're raising tuition and shutting everything down and kicking people out and doing everything else and taking more tax money than ever, more oil money.
University of Texas, biggest university in the world, richest.
They're not going to stop.
There's never going to be enough.
That's a microcosm of government and corporations themselves.
46 of the biggest economies in the world aren't
Countries, ladies and gentlemen, of the top 100.
They got their own intelligence agencies, everything.
Their own hitmen, everything.
And they put up this nice PR front about how they're sweet and good.
No, they're really smart people, but they made a decision to join evil and serve it.
This is how the sales line goes when they try to co-opt you.
Listen, the public's dumb, they don't care, they don't want your help, they don't appreciate you, Alex.
They don't appreciate you Aaron Russo.
They don't appreciate you Ron Paul.
Believe me, I've had the talk several times.
They don't appreciate you and they're going to stab you in the back of the end.
You might as well dominate these cattle.
They don't want your help.
If you threw them a life raft, they wouldn't accept it.
And there is a lot of scum and a lot of dumb people.
There are a lot of good people too.
And I'm not ever going to buy into that elitism and that sardonic view.
Just because the general public's a bunch of idiots, and they don't want help, and they're decadent and wicked, doesn't mean I shouldn't try to help all the other people.
Because let me tell you something, New World Order, you know you're grabbing innocent families' children.
And you know you've got a lot of evil people working for you, because you need evil people to enforce this thing.
And that's why Nazi Germany got out of control, and at first was very streamlined, but later was a huge bureaucracy, because all their own little Gestapo chiefs set up their own little petty kingdoms.
You're doing all sorts of evil.
You talk about all these big goals, all these great things you're doing, you're wicked!
And so, they give us the Patriot Act, blanket secret searches, secret searches of bookstore records, secret arrests, it says all misdemeanors are acts of terrorism, it says that
Seven of the ten amendments to the Bill of Rights are null and void.
Then they give you Patriot 1.5, expanding it, claiming they were bridling it back and cutting it back a few years ago.
It wasn't Patriot Act 2, it was like 1.5.
They didn't get it all.
And then they did finally last year with the Military Commissions Act for secret arrest, secret torture, stripping U.S.
citizens of their rights.
And then they had the John Warner Defense Authorization Act last year that made Bush the dictator over all the governors and the National Guards and the State Guards.
And now, of course, he'd handed all the power over to his bureaucracy, Homeland Security, and now he just made a public declaration about it.
So, this is what's really going on.
We'll come back, tell you the latest, then we'll start the second and third hour.
PrisonPlanet.com is the website.
Stay with me.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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I want you to imagine waking up one morning to find out you've been burglarized.
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Welcome back.
Bush grants presidency extraordinary powers.
The news here is that it's being announced.
Which means they are preparing to use the powers.
Which are completely illegitimate.
The government was illegitimate a long time ago when they set up secrecy and were involved in narcotics trafficking and got caught.
It's illegitimate when branches of the federal government, including the president, engage in high treason and dissolve the United States as he did with the North American Union Agreement via the Security and Prosperity Partnership.
Signed in secret.
The document is still secret with Canada and Mexico under national security, but the minutes of the meetings around it aren't, and it is North American integration.
Just like the bill for the Amnesty was secret, or the legislation here isn't even legislation in Texas.
It's just a secret agreement for toll roads and the legislature can't see it.
See, because they've got agreements between corporations.
We've already been taken over.
And they can't let us know that.
Government is all just about PR to make us think they're listening to us.
And different sciences of telling us what we want to hear to make us go away.
Or to have little local boards that have no authority where they tell you you make a decision and then your input goes nowhere.
Bush grants presidency extraordinary powers, orders for emergencies, apparently gives authority without congressional oversight.
Yeah, and they had to get the funding for this year to do this, so they funded it last year with the John Warner Defense Authorization Act.
And they've got to have the quote legalese enforcement, so they've got the Military Commissions Act.
Congress is on board.
The military's got the funding for it.
The President's announcing, hey, my office runs everything.
I run everything.
I run Congress.
I run the states.
I run the military.
I run the people.
And I can sign any agreement I want with any foreign government to get rid of our borders or to legalize the illegal aliens, and that's what they're doing.
I mean, they'd like to get Congress to sign off on it, but since there's so much heat, and that would be too public, they're just doing it anyways.
What do you think it is when Bank of America and Wells Fargo says, we'll just accept the consul matricula of Mexico as ID?
Or when the police departments get awards from foreign heads of state because they don't follow the law?
I mean, I got foreign heads of state coming to Austin.
Fox, three, four years ago, giving awards to the police department for breaking the law.
I mean, they give awards publicly for treason!
And that's what it is!
Treason awards!
I mean, it's all in plain view.
Right out in front of everybody.
Bush grants Presidents extraordinary powers.
President Bush has signed a directive granting extraordinary powers to the office of the President.
You gotta love that.
He signs a directive, that's like an egg having the chicken.
Like an egg appearing out of nowhere and then it gives birth, uh, you know, it generates the first chicken.
That's not how it works.
President Bush has signed a directive granting extraordinary powers to the office!
The office gave the office new powers!
Of the president in the event of a declared national emergency, apparently without congressional approval or oversight.
The National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive was signed May 9th, notes Jerome R. Corsi.
It was issued with the dual designation of NSPD 51, National Security Presidential Directive, as a National Security Presidential Directive, HSPD 20 as a Homeland Security Presidential Directive.
And, uh, we will continue when we get back, and then I'll take your calls, hopefully, on this subject.
And we'll go over the real import of this.
What this really means.
It means that they've, we've been under martial law a long time, but they're worried that the rest of the government may not go along with it, so he's gonna play dictator.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're talking about the mainstream media, from the nightly news to human events, reporting on the fact that President Bush has just publicly announced he's a dictator.
Before, there was a cloak.
It was shrouded somewhat.
But now, all pretenses have been abandoned.
And with the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, with the Military Commissions Act, with Patriot Acts 1 and 1.5, with all that we have seen, it is clear that they are, at the bare minimum, considering open martial law.
Now we're in martial law where the mechanisms have been laid and that you know when CPS is grabbing children coast to coast without a judge, a jury without due process, when police are openly on the street talking about framing people, when the government says we don't care if it violates the law, we're just by fiat legalizing all the illegals and telling the police departments not to arrest them.
All the lawlessness that you've seen
I mean, there's just so many examples by the government.
Well, they say it's not lawlessness because it is directives, it is policies of the state police that are chartered federally under federal funds and chartered under the War Powers Act of 33.
I'm sorry, state police around the country, if you didn't know your history, let me just give it to you now.
All of this, but see, they're now getting ready to exercise it and to have Bush announce
With the military funding and are now in place and Northcom set up, Homeland Security set up before 9-11.
That's now even been on ABC Nightly News that it was set up before 9-11.
Then they announced it after 9-11.
And now martial law has been set up, but now they're announcing it.
Hey, the governors, you have no authority, the president runs everything.
Congress, you have no authority.
Now understand, we're supposed to have co-equal branches of government.
Legislative, executive, and judicial.
The President has literally crossed the Rubicon, as Caesar did when he brought his troops across that river, which violated the Roman Senate because they knew if a leader brought in his troops, Rome knew to not trust the military.
I mean, that's what overthrew all these other weaker nations, was militaries were always running coups and crowning themselves king this, king that.
That's all Caesar means is king, emperor.
And so you weren't allowed to bring your troops over.
And sure enough, he brought them over, made himself dictator, and that was the beginning of the end of Rome.
Well, Caesar didn't cross the Rubicon here.
A group of private merchants and bankers took over in 1913, set up martial law in 33, set up shadow government in 47, and have expanded their power ever since, and are now just ready to go for broke.
Get rid of, you know, even their puppet government.
Get rid of the facade!
They're just, get the facade out of here!
Just get rid of it!
And they carried out the attacks of Oklahoma City and 9-11, 7-7, to scare everybody into going along with this, to acclimate you to it.
They had a thousand different TV programs, different episodes of every show you can imagine.
Torture, secret arrest, police, martial law, getting you acclimated.
And I don't know if they're going to do it, but they certainly are, certainly have spent trillions of dollars setting it up, and certainly are now announcing it, just letting Congress know, hey, by the way, you now are useless.
You now do nothing.
It's the first American empire openly announced.
I mean, Bush may go give a speech someday after an attack.
Newt goes off in L.A., Newt goes off in Chicago or Dallas.
Those are prime targets.
And the CFRs brag, criminals love to brag about what they're going to hit.
Denver, Cleveland, Dallas, L.A., New York.
And he'll go in there and he'll give the speech, ladies and gentlemen.
And every CIA analyst, everybody in the government is going to know who did it.
But they'll fall down on their knees in front of him.
And all the evil we've seen is just going to pale in insignificance.
So I'm glad everybody now knows that we're under martial law.
Okay, where it's not coming, we're in martial law.
Bush is a dictator.
Now the question is, is he going to act like one?
Is he going to use the powers?
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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That's KenSolar.com.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You talk about a war room, during the break I just learned some unbelievable information, but I can't talk about it on air.
So I'll find out more during the next break and find out what I can say, I'll just put it to you that way.
But amazing.
And yes, the person listening that just told me, don't worry, I won't say anything.
Oh, it's crazy.
We've got Professor Stephen E. Jones waiting in the wings with the new
Controlled demolition information he has, the new white paper he's put out.
It's incredible.
And this is just news that the debunkers are running the other direction away from.
And that was a challenge we put out yesterday on PrisonPlanet.com as we challenged the debunkers to try to debunk this.
Just in closing, in the third hour, I'm going to talk more about this.
The headline from Global Research, New Presidential Directive Gives Bush Dictatorial Power, National Security Homeland Security Presidential Directive Establishes National Continuity Policy.
WorldNet Daily Headline, Bush Grants Presidency Extraordinary Powers, Order for Emergency Apparently Gives Authority Without Congressional Oversight.
And you can go to the WhiteHouse.gov and just read it.
Just type Presidential Directive 51 into Google, you'll be on the White House website.
And read it.
It's in no uncertain terms.
And it dovetails with everything else they've been doing.
And they're not setting this up for no reason.
This is very serious.
And now I'm glad that people are talking about it in grocery store lines, that I'm getting phone calls, you know, cluing me in on the new development.
It is not a new development.
It is simply the announcement
By that, I mean, it's not a new development in the architecture of martial law.
It is a new development, though, that they are announcing.
That is a big new development.
And it just goes on.
It makes the National Continuity Coordinator under President Bush the most powerful person in the federal government.
In fact, it makes it like a legate.
Now, the term legate was the emperor would have one or two generally old, trusted men
Who had been in power for 30-40 years, who could speak for the Emperors so they could be sent to different corners of the Empire.
And then a General would have a Legate, a Centurion would have a Legate, but you had Imperial Legates, and you had Caesar-level Legates, Senatorial Legates, and that's all this is, is it sets up an Imperial Legate
Who can then give legate power under the Emperor's direction.
And when I use terms like that, uh, Bush is the first Emperor of the United States.
That would be a nice headline.
But it's not a joke, you see.
I'm not saying have a headline like that because it's a joke.
Ron Paul, the last four or five times he's been on, by the way, he's on next Tuesday.
We got a campaign director on tomorrow, has said, we're in martial law, we're in tyranny, and Bush could become a dictator, they could put us in camps.
He said those exact words on the show, and then my writers are so restrained that they've written headlines that just say, Ron Paul warns of martial law.
So I'm done talking about that for now.
He's on vacation.
I didn't know that when he agreed to come on, so I'm sorry to, uh, when he's out on some family trip, twist his arm, but it's such big news.
I mean, it's huge.
And there it is, hidden in plain view, right in front of everybody, that the government blew up the towers and firebombed them.
I want to make this clear.
First off, he saw the airline, aircraft, government, NASA photographs.
We're good to go.
500 plus degrees hotter than jet fuel even can burn.
You got people standing in the wounds of the buildings.
They're not burning, but giant four-foot-round columns all snap off and aerosolize.
But right before they snap off and the explosions start, you see founts, gouts of molten metal
burning, pouring out at the same light intensity, and the same fluorescence, and the same type of ejections of smoke, the signature of steel being melted in a thermate reaction.
Then they get all these different samples, and then samples from ground zero victims, and it's little perfectly spherical, and some not perfectly spherical, globulins of frozen metal,
You're going frozen.
It's not cold.
Steel freezes at another temperature, folks.
Not what water.
We tend to think in that term.
But it's frozen.
A piece of steel is frozen.
It's in its frozen form.
And it's got the elements in it, the exact signatures.
And when you see the video presentation we've got up on PrisonPlanet.tv, it's in the article that Paul wrote yesterday.
And by the way, Paul did weeks of research on the physicist OmniSearch.
Just so we would do a proper job on the article.
It was that important and it's up on PrisonPlanet.com right now in the News in Focus section.
This is information that the debunkers are running from.
And so joining us is Professor Stephen Jones.
Thank you for joining us, sir.
I'm glad to be here again.
Alex, how are you doing today?
Good, my friend.
I've tried to put it in a nutshell, but can you, as the doctor, as the physicist, can you condense down just in a maybe five-minute statement exactly how you got into this, what you discovered, and then the research every time is confirmed.
I mean, this is like a classical Sherlock Holmes deal where it just keeps spitting.
Yeah, it is.
Rolling in and now we're using state-of-the-art equipment, electron microscopy with electron microprobe.
And as I tell people when I talk about this, this will be on the exam.
So, you know, it's called EDS.
And energy dispersive spectroscopy.
You do it much better, actually Alex, you and Paul's article, Paul Watson there in Prison Planet, very well written.
But let me just see if I can then get at the results with this state-of-the-art equipment.
So now we're looking at these spheres.
I think I mentioned in my talk that I first saw spheres just, well several months ago now,
By the naked eye there's some of these spheres you can see they're about sixteenth of an inch in diameter and then there's a lot more though as you go smaller which you look at with the electron microscope and then probe to look at the elements inside these spheres.
So the very fact that these are iron rich I mean
You know, 50-75% iron already tells you that there was a very high temperature reaction.
Something high temperature because, as you mentioned, iron melts at high temperature in steel, mostly iron.
But iron melts at around 2800 Fahrenheit, 1500 Centigrade.
You just can't get anywhere near those temperatures with ordinary
Fires that is burning church at fuel type of kerosene or wood, paper, whatever you have in your office there.
Not going to reach anywhere near the temperatures to melt and then volatilize too because you have these drops as you mentioned frozen is a good word for these.
Liquid at one time and so they form spheres or near spheres and many of these are really very spherical by the way.
So this metal, when you get a drop of liquid, it pulls into a spherical shape because of surface tension.
And then with iron and other metals in there, it hardens, it freezes, solidifies very quickly as it goes through the air.
And yeah, we're looking at these.
I found one today actually, it's on the electron microscope.
I was looking over the shoulder of the guy who runs it, and we found a hollow sphere that had cracked open so we can actually look inside one of these spheres that was hollow.
And I'm puzzling over just what that means to have a hollow sphere now.
But, you know, this sphere is only about, well, 50 microns, 70 microns across.
I'm looking at the photo here.
So, you know,
The bottom line here is that you have temperatures way in excess of what these types of low burning
Fires could do, and we also visually see that the fires are almost out.
We have the audio of the firefighters, who are experts, saying that small fires can be knocked down by two teams.
And then suddenly these buildings turn to dust, and you've got founts of metal spraying out.
I mean, this is ridiculous!
This is in your face, and then now you've got all these samples, and then you show the chain of custody on this.
I mean, it's unbelievable!
I mean, this is something the debunkers don't want to touch, is it?
And look, we have another dust sample that we looked at yesterday from the World Trade Center.
That's correct.
It also shows the iron-rich spheres.
One thing I need to emphasize, Alex, as we talk about these little spheres in the dust, is that this is not just steel.
These spheres show high aluminum and sulfur content.
And so, that you wouldn't have in steel.
I mean, we're talking, the spheres you're looking at... That's the signature of the accelerant in the thermate, and you've done the side-by-side thermate versus these spheres, and ladies and gentlemen, on these graphs, I mean, with metals, because I've researched this now and looked at it, they're always different.
These things fit like, like, like, like jaws of a Tyrannosaurus together.
I mean, they're exactly the same!
This is unbelievable!
Right, right.
Aluminum, sulfur, iron is the signature for thermate.
We've looked at the spheres made by thermate independently.
I did some experiments, and when thermate goes off, you get the flow and you get the sparks, which turn into spheres when you collect those, which I did.
They show the same signature, Alex.
That's the point.
I just don't know how the debunkers are going to get around this.
I don't know how jet fuel causes giant steel columns to fount and spark and spray molten metal everywhere.
I'm really going to need to figure that out because, again, or the wood-burning stoves I know about, I don't know how they're not founting and exploding too.
Because, you know, Mr. Gibson on Fox says steel melts in fire now.
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I think so.
I'm good.
By the way, I'm going to clear up some rumors right now because I just got another call during the break about it.
You are not going to see the Loose Change guys on The View tomorrow.
And people are calling me up saying, oh, because they put out a press release and you talked about it.
That's why it's cancelled.
As of yesterday, it's still on your TiVo.
It's in your TV guide that Loose Change is going to be on there.
Okay, they called him, they told him, they put out a press release, ABC News put out a press release last Wednesday.
Okay, ABC News, abc.go.something.
In fact, I'm going to post it, that's it.
I'm going to post the ABC press release on jonesreport.com.
I'm going to have him post it in the next ten minutes.
We'll just put it up there without any comments, their press release.
I mean, that's not right to the guys that ABC announces it so that they've been being quiet about it.
And we believe one of the producers there leaked that so that there would be neocon heat and complaints, so it would get cancelled.
And that indeed is what happened.
But, I mean, I'm getting calls here, you know, and other Genesis hosts are going around saying bad stuff about the loose change guys, and it's just wrong.
That's why I don't particularly like some of those individuals.
It's just so annoying.
Let's stay focused on fighting the New World Order.
So there's a bunch of ninnying people who are salivating over getting on The View and basically they're just mad that it's not them or it's not William Rodriguez getting on.
They're just mad that it's William and the loose change guys that are scheduled.
It was ABC, they put out the press release, and they backed it off, and I don't know what's going on.
Well, I do know what's going on, I'm not going to lie.
But I'm not going to talk about it, I'm just going to leave it alone, and I'm not going to worry about it.
Because we're getting the word out regardless.
We're winning the fight.
Professor Jones, I'm sorry for having you hold during that.
It's just, I don't like stuff being said about my friends that isn't true.
Of course, you've been contacted by him, too.
I didn't ask you during the last break when you're going on, but I don't want to know, let's just leave it at that.
And see what happens, Professor Jones.
Getting back to the thermite, sir, what do we do with this evidence?
I mean, you've got it, you've written a new paper, it's out there, what do we do?
Okay, let me put this in a little bit of historical perspective.
This truth about 9-11, Alex, is big, and I believe unstoppable at this point.
There is so much data now, not just the thermite, but also the collapse of Building 7, and
And the put options.
I mean, we could go through the list.
But there's so many evidences now.
And of course, all the things going along with it.
As you mentioned, this NAU and what were you... I see you were talking about the martial law thing going on there.
It's just amazing, appalling at the same time.
But it fits together.
As people start connecting the dots, it can't be stopped.
And I was thinking this morning about Galileo.
He was part of a revolution in his day, which led to the Renaissance, by the way.
So, you know, it pulled people out of the Dark Ages, really, to get a new viewpoint and to realize the truth.
I'm actually kind of excited about that, as I think about the historical parallels, the opportunities we have here to contribute to this truth effort.
Through his telescope, he pointed it at Jupiter, and he saw moons going around Jupiter.
Of course, at that time, everything was supposed to revolve around the Earth.
The Earth was the center of the universe.
Talk about an egocentric point of view, I guess, but that was the view in that day.
We now recognize that as a popular myth.
It wasn't true at all, but, you know,
It was widely accepted, just as the myth about 9-11 is widely accepted worldwide today, and yet it's breaking down, just as the Earth-centered view broke down in Galileo's day.
And what broke it down was observations such as he made, science.
And so he got out his telescope and he reported that, you know, look, these moons are going around Jupiter, they're not going around the Earth.
Furthermore, the Earth's
It makes, if you look at all the data, it makes sense.
The earth is going around the sun, not vice versa.
And of course, the authorities in his day didn't like his bringing out these facts and they threatened him.
You know, they threatened him with torture.
He was shown what it would be like.
Well, they said we're going to kill you and then they still put him on house arrest.
They still put him on house arrest.
He did.
...verbally recant, and that is to say, he said, OK, I'm not going to fight this battle right now.
But as he left the trial there, he said, nevertheless, it does move.
That is, the Earth is really moving, not stationary at the center of things.
So, let's talk more about Galileo, because to know the current times and the future, one only need understand the past.
It is literally a time machine forward.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones talking to Professor Stephen E. Jones, a doctor of physics, and he is one of the leading physicists in the world.
He doesn't like to toot his horn, but if you pull up, you know, the major scientific journals, he's been published in the biggest in the world.
He's made major discoveries, multiple major discoveries that were announced, you know, back in the 80s and the 90s on the nightly news.
I mean, he's a top scientist.
And he wasn't told he was going to be killed, at least not by the government directly, and he wasn't sent away to be locked in his house, but he did, you know, get shown the door and told to move on, basically early retirement, for daring to say that the Earth is not the center of the universe, or for daring saying that, you know, basically I guess that the Pope isn't infallible.
And we're going to go back to him in just a moment.
I hope you will visit InfoWars.com.
And PrisonPlanet.com.
On PrisonPlanet.com, the News and Focus section, it's got yesterday's news.
And 9-1-1 debunkers hide from slam-dunk evidence of controlled demolition.
We put this out yesterday.
Electron microscope analysis of steel spheres from WTC site proves thermate, proves collapse of Twin Towers, was an act of deliberate arson.
This is big news!
And it's not going to be big news unless you get out there and push it.
Unless you go get this article, and IM it, and email it, and dig it.
They did make Dig's front page, but then Dig itself censored it and did take it down.
We've learned how to track that.
Google Video, by the way, did pull Loose Change and Order of Death off.
We did track that it had enough views to stay in the top 100, both of them.
Order of Death hit number one two days ago.
Normally, when you hit that, it stays there.
They knocked us out again and cheated, because they weren't watching, and it got up to number one, and they took it out.
It's just so sick.
But it doesn't matter, because the truth will out in the end.
And you cannot stop the New World Order from you emailing this article and Professor Stephen E. Jones' new expanded paper with all this new added material that we link to in the story.
You cannot be stopped from getting the Order of Death film on DVD, our leader's bizarre activities and belief systems, very dark,
Now, in that film, that was number one on Google.
You can buy the DVD at Infowars.com and have it in high quality and support us.
You can get Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
There are only a few hundred of these left, and when they're gone, they're gone, because the second edition, by the way, has the new Thermate Spheres info in it, I would add.
That'll be out in July, late July, but I'm sending a signed card with every one of these that goes out.
Until they're gone.
There will still be some left at Amazon, but that's almost sold out too.
Those are not signed.
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We do need your support.
Infowars.com or 888-253-3139.
And there's another little side note.
For some reason, the 9-11 community, some of the people, Professor Jones has been lashed out in the past too.
Some of the very same crowd has been claiming that the loose change guys
Got everything cancelled by going on my show last Friday and talking about how they were going on The View.
We had them on two days after ABC News had a press release and announced it on The View.
It's in your TV guide right now.
They're still coming on tomorrow.
That is not the case.
And William was going to be on with them.
William Rodriguez, one of the heroes of 9-11, the last guy to get out alive.
But who knows if they're going to be on?
The word is, I've got... You know what, I'll make an announcement in the middle of the next hour.
I've got to make sure what I can talk about here.
Because it gets... I know a lot of stuff would be big headlines, but it's not just about making headlines here, it's about... My God, if ABC announces they're coming on next week, I guess I'm not going to talk about it.
Because I'm evil if I do.
Really, it was about people in the 9-11 Truth Movement jealous that the guys, the men that made this film and Willie were going to be going on air.
That's really what it was all about.
But I'm already digressing.
Just I wish we weren't like this.
And I wish that we honored great filmmakers and great scientists like Professor Jones.
And I know we do.
But we just need to keep our eyes on the prize and move forward and know we don't even need the view, folks.
We don't need the mainstream anymore.
We are growing exponentially.
And in closing, before I go back to Professor Jones, I appreciate joining us.
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Let's go to our guest, who again, I'm really honored to have taken time out of his vacation to join us.
Please continue with Galileo.
Where do you see 9-11 Truth going?
Again, just in layman's terms, sir, how big this scientific, now peer-reviewed, with other scientists with you looking at it, chain of custody control, multiple samples, I mean, I just, I'm not trying to hype this, folks, this is huge!
Please continue.
Yeah, I agree.
You know, along with these other evidence, evidences that we've pulled together, Alex, through the years, yourself included, of course, we just have an overwhelming
story now of facts and hard physical evidence.
It's just growing.
I'm very excited about the iron-rich spheres in the World Trade Center desk because they carry this message.
You know, this is how a very high temperature is required to form me.
See what I'm carrying?
Look at me.
More information.
And there's the sulfur and the aluminum and the iron in there.
And in a number of them, we also see potassium and manganese in large quantities.
I mean, where'd that come from, all this potassium?
Now explain.
That's an unbelievable signature.
And by the way, with other molten steel, other molten alloys, you're never finding these stuff together.
I mean, this is off the charts.
That's correct.
This fits exactly with the thermate test you've done.
It does exactly.
And I've also melted steel.
We have a small sample of World Trade Center steel that was sent to us from some folks.
Maybe I won't say where, but I do write on the air because I have to get their permission.
But to be public, you do have chain of custody with photos and everything.
We do have chain of custody.
Briefly explain that.
It's a different...
Let me just finish that thought.
So we melted some steel then with an oxyacetylene torch and you do get sparks which form into spheres and these now are steel spheres because they're produced from the steel melted.
We compare those with the particles found in the dust and we find
The overwhelming majority of the particles in the dust do not look like steel spheres at all, because they have this high aluminum and sulfur content along with the iron, which is the signature on the other hand for thermite.
So again, I want to emphasize that what we're seeing is not melted steel in the dust.
There will be some of those, and we have found, I think, one out of now dozens of spheres that we've looked at.
That one that looks like steel.
You expect that because the thermite cuts through steel, so you're going to get some melted steel in there as well.
But predominantly it is not the melted steel, it's the residue that matches the chemical signature from thermate.
So, you know, I'm sorry that science... Well, it's not so complicated really when you think about it.
You cut through steel with a chemical reaction, you're going to get mostly
The chemical reactants.
And it's not like looking at thermate as some new thing.
It's the first thing they look at with arson, because arsonists love, arsonists do it for pleasure, because they're pyromaniacs or whatever it's called.
I mean, just doing a Google search on thermate and arson, all the time they go buy it, they mix it, then they love to go burn, then they love the explosive power of it.
And so they always test steel in buildings that have been burned for this, but they didn't on this event, did they?
No, and that's a good point, Alex, that the thermite is spelled out in the fire code for investigations, NSPA 921, if you Google on that, and then search for thermite, you'll find it's in there.
They're supposed to look for high temperature accelerants.
In particular, thermite is specifically mentioned.
Along with magnesium, you see, those are two that are used.
But cermite, you can buy on eBay.
I mean, I'm sorry that it's so easily available.
But it's a well-known reaction.
It's been used for over a hundred years for good.
And it can also, of course, like most things, be used for evil as well, arson.
And that's what we're saying, is that now we have looked for these residues.
And now that the secret's out, Alex, I'm hopeful that other
I know of one group.
I probably won't mention which university, but there is another university now looking at the spheres and the dust and we just have some preliminary results.
But the point is, they will want to publish, we will want to publish in the scientific, the larger journals.
I will say that our Journal of 9-11 Studies has just taken off
Since January, I was looking at the numbers.
I point people to that because if they want the, should we say, the meat of this, the science, the rationale for these studies and these announcements, you go to the journal of 911studies.com.
That's where my latest paper is on these microspheres.
I talk about those there.
Anyway, we've had 43 papers
Just so far this year.
Last year we had 16 papers.
We started the journal last June.
16 papers last year, and so far we've already had 43.
So... Get that website out again.
For some reason, InfoWars is linked to Scholars for 9-11 Truth and Justice.
Is that a good one to link to?
Well, yeah, but then they linked, and that is a good one, and they linked to the journal
But the journal is quite independent.
No, I know your journal.
I guess my webmaster got that wrong.
I'll put a link up on info or it's changed over to that.
Give that address out again for people.
Journal of 911 Studies.
And I believe in the article we wrote about your findings, that we do have a link in that one that's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Going back to Galileo, not even too many years after he died, it came out and people said, yes, the earth orbits the sun, and the sun is orbiting around a larger galaxy.
All this came out.
And he was vindicated, and people don't remember the kooks and the folks that were wrong back then that tried to persecute him and other scientists.
They remember Galileo, and I would imagine you take some heart in that, not that this is about being remembered, but that knowing that the enemies of truth, they're going to be in the dustbin of history, and those of us that did take the bold stand, we're going to be on the winning side, even if it's long after we're dead, but I don't think we're going to have to wait that long on this, because the dam is breaking.
That's right.
You know, truth has that way, and we see it historically, Alex, that dictatorships often try to repress the truth because it threatens them.
But as the truth comes out, then people are freer.
Last time we had the Renaissance, and it just occurred to me as we've been chatting about this that, you know, if we can get the... not if we can...
As we get the truth out, because it's invincible, you see, historically.
It comes out.
People keep, they want the truth, they want freedom, and it comes out.
Those two go together.
So, I'm hopeful that, the question is timing, of course.
What kind of difficulties do we have to go through?
Do we have an Inquisition type thing, like they had back, you know, dark ages, to repress the truth and freedom?
Or can we get through that faster this time, and get
On to a renaissance.
Look, this New World Order, as you mentioned, the powers that be, as people wake up to this, they must be terrified by the truth and by the concept of a renaissance that would clean the slate.
But that gives me hope!
I agree.
It gives me incredible hope.
I think it's very profound what you're saying.
We're on the same page here.
This whole police state apparatchik they're trying to put into place is an attempt to head off a new hyper-renaissance.
They've got to have ignorance and degradation.
Fox News though, almost every day now,
says that fire does melt steel and that small fires can melt it.
And they just stated this fact.
I mean, that's like stating that crocodiles fly.
I mean, it's just... No, it's ridiculous.
But, you know, I think they're getting desperate to say such things.
Well, how dumb do they think their audience is?
I don't know.
I mean, you know, I guess they try to dumb down the audience and so on.
But, you know,
As the evidence builds and the facts, it's just going to be unstoppable.
And I think there is hope.
We've got to come up with a name for this now, a second renaissance.
It may take several years to get there, and there will be difficulties, I'm sure, as we break through.
But I'm confident that it will come.
I'm not worried about that at all.
I think there's a great light at the end of the tunnel here that we can press towards.
Well, there's the old saying that people don't even appreciate their freedom until somebody tries to take it away.
And the tighter they squeeze, the more resistance they're going to form.
I mean, people thought I was like a three-headed space alien ten years ago talking like this, and now, I mean, almost everybody I talk to knows there's a problem, and mainstream news says that the president is now a dictator.
Can you believe that he openly signed a presidential decision directive saying he's a dictator?
And it's amazing how blatant they're getting, frankly, on this.
I saw that.
And the NAUSPP, you know, that's been hidden, and they've worked toward it, but now it's coming out.
If we can just get people galvanized to work towards eliminating these steps that they're taking, I think we can break through and clean the slate here and get some... Well, not having a choice is a big motivator.
We don't have a choice.
It is a big motivator, Alex.
It's been great talking to you.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Alright, there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes of The View.
We can't tell you about a lot of it.
But William Rodriguez is going to pop in here in just a moment to try to fill us in.
I mean, obviously it's no secret now that he talks to Rosie, he's friends with her, he's met with her.
We've written an article about that.
And he was scheduled with a loose change crew to be on tomorrow.
That is not happening.
Though it's still on the main website of The View and on ABC television's site.
And somehow I got accused of being the one that put this out.
It's not the case.
This was out days before we reported on it.
Now there's folks in 9-11 Truth that want to find some chink in my armor to claim I did something bad, but you've got to look for something else.
Frankly, there's plenty, too, if you knew where to look.
Nobody's perfect.
Let's go back to Professor Jones.
I'm going to let you go, sir.
I know you're on vacation, but tell us again about your new paper, where we can read it, on the Journal of 9-11 Studies.
Okay, thanks Alex.
I would like to encourage people to look at, David Ray Griffin has a paper there this month, May, and I do, and you'll find papers by Kevin Ryan and others that, you know, these are solid efforts at scientific truth and scholarship.
So the journal is simply journalof911studies.com.
And that'll get you right into it.
Nearly 60 papers now by scholars there, professors and engineers.
And by the way, people hear scientific paper, they think boring.
This is riveting stuff to get in there and look at the studies, look at the photos, look at the videos, look at all the exhibits, and really know the science, not just take our word for it.
Please, go read his paper, which is, you know, thanks to the internet, full of clips and audio and diagrams and scans.
Yeah, I appreciate that Alex, and we're trying to do that on the journal, since it's an electronic journal, we're able to bring in photos and clips.
You know what, William Rodriguez wants to say hi before you leave.
Let's bring him in.
William, say hi to Professor Jones.
Oh my God, what a beautiful opportunity to say hello to my great friend, Professor Jones.
It's great to talk to you, William.
Great to hear your voice.
You are so good.
Thank you.
We did a presentation.
We met in Irwin, California.
Yeah, we did.
A couple of months ago.
And it was such an experience.
And him and his wife are just such a bunch of beautiful people.
I mean, I love them both.
I love you, too, brother.
Well, thank you.
You know, there's a camaraderie in the 9-11 Truth effort that is so important.
And, you know, we love Alex, too.
You may remember that at the time that we did the presentation in California, you told me that they were going to have this experiment working out and basically you were going to put yourself in communicator for several months because you were going to be so involved in doing all the tests.
And Professor Dr. Dark Rocky basically validated some of your information.
It was powerful.
I had the first results.
You remember the aluminum and the sulfur along with the iron in those spheres and the dust.
I showed those to Doug Rock, he likes to say, William, and it was just within days that we got that.
Tears came to his eyes and he said,
You've shown what these guys did.
I think he used a different word than guys.
Let me add to that the important thing about the work from Professor Jones.
I've been accused and basically words have been put in my mouth many times by debunkers and everybody else that I have said about
You said you heard explosions before the plane hit?
Come forward to validate some of that information, not me, because I'm just a simple janitor on the workplace.
You're a great hero.
Listen, we've got to end this segment.
We're going to come back with William Rodriguez.
We've got to say bye to Professor Jones now because he's got to go.
Professor Jones, thanks for coming on with us.
Thanks, Alex.
We'll be right back.
God bless.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNLive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we've gotten into 9-11 today.
Coming up, we'll be getting into Marshall Lobb.
Open talk of hitting Iran again is back on the table.
Big developments there also with the economy.
We'll also open the phones up later in the shower at 1-800-259-9231.
But right now, William Rodriguez is on with us, and William, of course, one of the last people out, one of the last civilians out, citizens out, the key master there, the master janitor, and he's been, he's met with Rosie, you know, we've released the photo of him, well, her with his key.
And he was scheduled ABC release last Wednesday that he and the Loose Change crew were going to be on there and then we think maybe one of the neocom producers released that but we don't think so they could then have their buddies at Fox and others and online try to bully Barbara Walters into pressure but you know what I'm just gonna let William talk about it all so that I don't let anything out of the bag I think that's the best way to do it William what's going on?
Well, you know, basically it's well-known information already that I am the one that has been advising Rosie on everything related to the 9-1-1 situation.
So, you know, it's out there now, so basically everybody can blame me directly for
All the things that are going on on The View directly, but I must tell you, yeah, I was basically scheduled to appear and give them some names of the people within the organizations and the movements and basically to put a dissenting voice over what they had months ago with the Popular Mechanic people.
And it's such an uproar that we're doing this, that basically it has created such a bad negative position for ABC that, you know, I'm just so crazy that, you know, it was announced that I was going to be on Tuesday, then it was announced that I was going to be on Thursday, and you're right, you know, the initial press release was done by ABC, and ABC basically put out this information.
I will not
And I repeat it, I will not be on Thursday, I will not have anybody
Talking about 9-11 on Thursday, so that's it.
You know, stop it already, everybody that is doing that.
Basically, at this point, I'm pulling out everything about 9-11 from the ABC, The View, so nobody will go crazy because of our position.
Well, they also ganged up on her this morning, didn't they?
They are.
They ganged up on Rosie so bad.
I mean, Rosie basically asked Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the air, you know, could you please explain
To the people, do you think that I said that the soldiers are terrorists?
And she wouldn't answer straight on the show.
I mean, she just asked, you know, just tell me if it's a simple yes or no.
And she went into this diatribe of explanation.
And basically, Rosie was left in the open there with no support whatsoever.
But she wouldn't actually answer her straight.
And it was one of the biggest confrontational debates, probably the biggest that they have had on The View since Rosie's been, you know, the co-host of the show.
So, you know, basically what I see is just a neoconagent to basically... You see, Rosie's leaving.
Let's put it this way.
Rosie's leaving the show pretty soon.
She doesn't have a contract anymore, basically.
She does have a contract for the remaining days, but the other way that ABC can go around, basically, is to pre-enter.
Think about this.
They attack her now.
They leave her in the open.
Basically, what they are doing is closing the door for all the network to pick her up.
That's right.
They're demonizing her.
They're savaging her.
They're stabbing her in the back right now so that as she loses her voice, they're trying to diminish her power before they throw her out of the helicopter.
That is correct.
Let's do a few more minutes.
Stay there, William.
I know you're busy, but I want to come back and do a few more minutes with William Rodriguez, and then I'm going to get into all this martial law news.
Folks, I got the Rocky Mountain News here in front of me.
Claims of 9-11 conspiracy has suspect running scared.
I'm not kidding.
That's the headline.
It's just wild.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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That's 1-800-845-3841.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I mean, let's tell it like it is.
William is in contact with Rosie on a weekly basis.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
Let him say what he can.
There were some big behind-the-scenes developments, but I can say this.
The neocon producer on the show wants to quote make her look like Hanoi Jane and wants to destroy her character before she leaves so that she's damaged goods and cannot get another TV show which she was planning to do.
They asked her to do a longer three-year contract.
They wanted to have editorial control to control what she could say.
She said no and turned down a big money increase to keep
Her credibility and her honor.
And again, folks, that is very admirable.
I disagree with her on a lot of issues.
But somebody turning down a lot of money to tell the truth about a government-sponsored terror attack, and believe me, that's dangerous for her, folks.
Not just from the government, but the kooks that follow it.
The mental patients that support it.
And to know what she's gone through, folks, I know so much behind the scenes.
Not just from William, but others, and Rosie's friends, and emails, and things I've gotten.
I'm just going to leave it there.
But I tell you, she is a trooper.
And William, how much more can I share?
How long until we can tell the rest of the story?
Or maybe never?
No, no, no.
We'll be able to talk about it in a couple of days.
But basically, we're going to see how things are working out.
But at this point, I'm canceling everybody that was scheduled to appear.
And also, basically, what I'm trying to do is just show her support.
This is people that, I'm talking about the people attacking her, that have never supported the families in any way except just saying a couple of good things on television.
Rosie has been the opposite.
Rosie has been meeting with the victims, with survivors, with family members.
Rosie has been meeting with soldiers that came back from Iraq.
I don't know.
That you know, I have to put it out there.
She helped these people.
Well, even O'Reilly's admitted he knows in New York she gives a lot of money to charity.
Yeah, well, I've never seen that O'Reilly helping the family groups, and you know, and he's been the one saying that, well, I've done more for the family members than you ever did, and that makes no sense to us because we have never seen any kind of support financially or, you know, basically asking for a reinvestigation of what happened on that day.
So, you know, when you have people coming out and having these kind of claims, it just really makes you think, you know, what are they behind of?
Of course, it's just news making, it's just to gather attention and support for themselves.
When the real issues have never presented, they call her fat, they call her lesbian, they call her an idiot, but they don't address the issues that she is putting out there.
She was attacked for saying that, you know, there are 650,000 dead Iraqis and that the soldiers
Uh... I've seen by the people in Iraq as the terrorists, because they are going into a different country, a different country, and attacking them.
And it will happen to any country.
I mean, it doesn't have to be American soldiers.
It could be any soldiers.
The same thing will happen if I go to Puerto Rico and invade Puerto Rico, where I come from.
Basically, I will be seen as, you know, an outsider invading a sovereign country.
So, you know, her words have been taken out of context.
They have not seen the issue.
We're good to go.
Uh... issues and they basically have no voice.
They don't want to hear it.
They don't want to put it out there.
So, you know... Well, that hassle about getting up there today and yelling and screaming at her and having people walking off the stage and basically saying that she, you know, thinks the troops are terrorists and bad.
Rosie never said that.
That's all these neocons do is wrap themselves in the flag and claim that we hate America.
When it's the neocons setting up the North American Union trying to pass blanket amnesty,
I mean, it's got to get old.
Don't the troops and the people and the citizens see through it?
When somebody's always claiming how they're your big friend and they do it all for you.
Listen, the corporations that are making the money off this war are all moving offshore.
They're all leaving America.
But not only that, you have to take this in context as well.
Uh, Rosie has said from the very beginning that she supports 100% of the troops.
She just wants them back!
It's the same issue that the Democratic Party has been saying, even Nancy Pelosi has been saying this, but because if Rosie says it, you know, she becomes attackable.
You know, it's so ridiculous that a person would take the same positions as everybody else, but because she has something that nobody else has, is a stage, is a platform to reach 35 million people, then there is a problem.
Then it's an opinion that should not be aired.
Come on.
That doesn't make any sense.
William Rodriguez, give out your website.
Is William 911.com William the numbers 911.com and they can order the video about what really happened on 9-11 there on
Or here at InfoWars.com, they can get it through Alex.
It's William Rodriguez tells the story of what really happened on 9-11.
It's excellent.
It's an important historical document and very well done.
Everybody needs to get this video, a compilation of what, like a six-camera shoot at the L.A.
Symposium available at InfoWars.com.
William, thank you for coming on and hopefully I'll get you back on tomorrow to let the public know what's really going on.
We'll talk tomorrow about the other project that we have, the one with Daniel Senguera.
Take care.
You got it.
There goes William Rodriguez, ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, I've got all this news here in front of me.
It's just unbelievable.
I don't even know where to start with all of this.
This is all just off the chart.
Bush authorizes new covert action against Iran, ABC News.
Claim urged on Gardasil, all over the world it's causing massive health problems.
I said claim, I can't talk suddenly.
Calm urged on Gardasil, because it's hurting so many girls, as we warned you three months ago.
They just started giving and people are having autoimmune problems, convulsions, seizures, dying.
Doesn't matter.
The injections will continue.
The media is going to be real quiet about it.
A bizarre article on the Rocky Mountain News.
Claims of 9-11 conspiracy.
A suspect running scared.
That's up on JonesReport.com.
A former Federal Emergency Management Agency videographer
Accused of killing his wife in Denver, seeking political asylum in Argentina, and claiming the U.S.
government wants him silenced after what he saw in smoldering ruins of the Twin Towers after 9-11.
You know, our story doesn't ride on people like this, because we don't know if he's telling the truth or not.
He looks suspicious, like he had been speaking out quietly, and then suddenly his wife dies, and then they say he killed her, and then it came out he didn't, but now they're after him.
Time will tell on that.
Who knows?
Bush grants presidency.
Now understand, that's like saying there were never chickens in the world, but an egg appeared and then it hatched and a chicken came out.
Bush doesn't have these powers, but he grants himself the powers for total martial law.
Paul Watson is doing a big article.
He's been working on it for the last two hours.
It's going up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
I have been screaming and yelling about this.
I made a film called Martial Law.
It's a three hour plus film.
It's really three films in one.
That's why I made the film.
Please get the DVD.
I know it's not even a plug.
I just start thinking about this stuff needs to be out there.
Buy one copy, make a hundred!
If you get my films and make copies of them, a couple copies every day and give them to people and do it for a year, that'll be six hundred and something copies, and it'll cost you maybe six hundred dollars to make that many copies on DVD.
I'm already digressing.
I don't even know where to start here.
I get a headache.
I want to take your calls.
I want to have all these guests on.
I want to... I want to do all this.
Just look at what I've got here in front of me.
This makes me sick.
The news I've got here in front of me.
Where did it go?
I just had it.
Where they're just setting up a carbon tax without even asking people.
And I told you this was going to happen because they've announced they were going to do it.
Look at this.
Tourist green levy slammed on industry.
I'm going to go over that in a minute.
Carbon offset market raises questions.
I've got a bunch of these today.
About nine years ago I read federal documents how they were going to set up higher emission standards on cars.
Just as a tax.
To then fund more green policing.
I don't want to breathe smog out of a car.
I'm over catalytic converters.
Sensible stuff done in the 70s and 80s.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
This is just, you know, instead of a test that costs $10 to do, you know, $500.
It's a tax.
That's what we're talking about being bad.
And raising the standard, and the standard, and the standard.
And they have the Austin Air Force.
It's called the Austin Air Force.
Nothing to do with the military.
And they got a huge multi-hundred thousand dollar grant a year for just a couple of employees.
They got, and mainly that money was spent to buy PSAs on radio and TV and print.
They'd have quote, free oil changes if you came by and got an emissions test.
And that was all just for events every weekend for years to get the news out.
To create the image.
See, we're social animals, creatures.
What we, you know, we see the other
Other humans going and doing something and drinking out of the lake, we think the water must be good.
This is all sociology and psychology.
This is psych warfare, okay?
I mean, this is who runs things.
Military psychological analysts with other top people run it all, folks.
It's all crafted, it's all decided, and that's all public, by the way, in major textbooks.
That's not a secret, I just told you.
And I went up to the Director of the Austin Air Force on video.
I've got this somewhere aired on TV.
And I said, this is all just to get everybody ready for a new emissions tax, isn't it?
You're just conditioning them to run them through this.
I said, I read this in a British psychological warfare manual that was in a major psychology magazine last year.
This was like many years ago.
And he goes, yeah.
Yeah, Alex, that's right.
Uh-huh, we're here conditioning people.
And I was like, you're not joking.
He goes, no, there's nothing wrong with that.
You know, I believe these emission tests are good.
We need the money for the tax, so we're here conditioning people to accept this.
I mean, he just didn't even... He just smiled at me.
When I walked up, he said, hi Alex.
I watch the show.
Just, you know, that's just the way it is, you know.
I mean, you like being played.
You like being manipulated.
I don't.
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That's $683.09, $337.05, and $168.53.
There has been talk coming from the Council of Foreign Relations of forming an American Union combining Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.
and erasing economic borders.
Bush met with Vincent Fox, President of Mexico, Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada, discussing a security and prosperity partnership.
The formation of the North American Union will have a great impact on the U.S.
Jerome R. Corsi published the document, The Plan to Replace the Dollar with the Emerald.
The sovereignty of the U.S.
is under attack.
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In constant sorrow, his days I'll unhand the man
You know, I'm sorry folks.
It's Hick music, but I can listen to it all day long.
It's what I am.
It's who I am.
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Hi there, Alex.
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I thought you were playing that bluegrass music for my sake.
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I like it all.
I like classical.
I like rock and roll.
But I love that old style.
I like country gold.
I like bluegrass.
I like it all.
You know, my husband's a banjo player.
I didn't know that.
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Oh, thank you.
God bless.
And you can go to his website if you ever want.
Tell me the website when we get back.
Oh, stay there.
I hope it's got a big server.
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Here's the best part of the song.
You know, I want to elaborate on my view on Muslims, on Zionists, on Ron Paul and his comment about Bin Laden blowback.
I meant to do a lot of that today and I just don't know if I have time.
I may have to hang a big sign here in the office and just do that in the first hour tomorrow when I get into the studio.
We're about to go to Larry, Tom, Richard, Michael, Richard, Jeff, others.
That's all I have time to take call-wise.
Got another smattering of top stories I need to cover as well.
But going back to Debbie.
Debbie, tell us about your husband's Bluegrass website.
Oh, okay.
It's bluevalley.us.
That's a good name.
Yeah, Blue Valley.
And he's the banjo player.
And if you click on the link that goes from him to YouTube, then you can find videos.
And there's a comedy routine of me actually doing updates at the Opry House in Grapevine.
So everybody can then see me and go, oh my God, that's what she looks like now.
But it's really fun.
You look great.
Debbie, we'll talk to you soon.
Thanks, Alex.
God bless.
You bet.
She really is a sweet lady.
I've known her about, I don't know, I've known her since 99.
I even knew her before they were a sponsor starting in like 2001.
They're just great folks.
She just works on the radio side.
She just does the interviews and takes those calls.
It's a big factory, big company.
The biggest gravity-fed, filtered seller in the U.S.
The biggest distributor, the British ones.
Okay, I'm done talking about it.
I'm done talking about it.
Going up soon on Prison Planet will be Watson's big article about martial law, Bush being a dictator.
He is a dictator, there's no debate, there's no discussion.
We have to admit he's a dictator so that if he tries to use the powers of a dictator, this needs to be added to the story by the way, we need to expose that the power of a dictatorship is now in his hands to A. show that it's illegitimate.
This is key.
To A, show that it's illegitimate, and to B, so if he does try to use these powers any further, we can stop it.
We're already seeing dictator powers with him signing the North American Union Deal, SPP and keeping it secret, Bush saying he's allowed to order torture because he's above the law, he is the law.
That's all dictator behavior.
You can be a dictator and never even change the law.
If you can get away with it and do it, you're a dictator.
Well, no, they're dotting their I's and crossing their T's.
That's the key I didn't add.
I hope Paul adds that to his story.
That's going up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Okay, all this other news here in front of me.
There was something there in the break I was thinking about and I was going to come in and talk about it.
Oh yeah, the Ron Paul thing.
I've got to go ahead and talk about this now.
Number one in politics, nothing's going to be perfect.
I mean, I can't get irritated if, say, some of the locals involved in Ron Paul's campaign have a fundraiser, and then they tell the museum to tell people with 9-11 truth shirts to turn them around backwards.
Now, I talked to Ron Paul's campaign.
That was not their decision.
He's all for free speech.
But you can't blame him for what locals do.
And we can't even put our finger directly on who was given that order.
Personally, I wouldn't turn it around backwards.
That's like Cindy Sheehan getting grabbed for having, in the Capitol, wearing a shirt that had the number of dead at the State of the Union when she was a Senator's gift.
I'm against censoring her, and I'm against censoring 9-11 truthers, and I'm against censoring neocons.
I'm against censoring liberals who want to confiscate guns.
I mean, you've got to let them do what they do.
I don't like the Ku Klux Klan, but they've got a right to say and do what they want.
Because I don't want my rights being taken, okay?
It's real simple.
Frankly, I wrestled with even talking about what I just mentioned.
It's not a big issue because we tracked it down.
I know it was just some low-level people who I think are probably in the wrong branch of the Republican Party.
Again, they're scared to death that the news might show a 9-11 shirt and then associate it with them.
Hey, Congressman Paul isn't worried.
Okay, he's come on this show, and he has said that our government has staged terror before.
We've got articles out on that.
We ought to re-release those.
He's come on this show without prompting.
He's not stupid.
He's a 71-year-old man.
He's delivered over 4,000 babies.
He's lived.
He's got a bunch of children himself.
He's a Vietnam veteran.
But you've got people who want to be handlers.
I've had those in my own life, and you just can't put up with it.
And so I don't blame Ron Paul for the things handlers do.
Now clearly he's been on this show and he has said George Bush should be impeached.
And you know what?
They use that in ads against him.
My radio show, in radio, TV and print ads, in taxes against him.
It didn't work.
So he's got a lot of courage to come back on here knowing the type of attention this show gets and knowing the things that he says get magnified here.
Now, frankly, Ron Paul knows about government-sponsored terror.
He said our government could stage something to go into Iran.
He said that a month ago.
He said that two months ago.
He joins us every month.
Or thereabouts.
Sometimes twice in a month.
Sometimes every two or three months.
But it depends on how diligent we are in getting him on, because we're on when... Congress is in session is the biggest problem.
He's always there on the floor.
But to make a long story short,
Ron Paul in the debates said, well, we're over there abusing them and bombing them, and so that's going to stimulate terrorism.
They're attacking us.
He didn't specifically say 9-11.
He said they are attacking us because of what we're doing over there.
Well, there's three or four different types.
You can say three, but there's some sub-groups of terrorism.
I've talked about this.
There's purely government-operated terrorism, the big spectacular stuff.
Then there's the most common, provocateur.
There's different gradients of that, where the person doesn't even know they're being provocateur or funded by an intelligence agency or a private corporation who's fencing the money for Israel or the U.S.
or England or Russia, four of the biggest purveyors of false flag terror.
And then there's just good old-fashioned, a woman goes on a bus, and she's all jacked up with hate and desperation and stabs and kills.
I saw some article where one woman killed like 14 Israelis with a butcher knife.
I mean, that's charged up, folks!
I mean, it's hard for a full-grown man to have the will to really go up and stab somebody.
I know she stabbed like 20-something, and I think 14 of them died.
I'm going from memory.
I mean, that is charged up, baby!
I mean, I'm not recommending you try that at home.
I mean, I've just been in a few really rough fights, and I know it takes a lot to sit there and jam a knife all the way into somebody.
I can tell you right now.
Just because it takes a lot of will just to go ahead and bring down a chair on somebody's head if you know what a chair will do.
The point is, we've got like that governor in us that holds back on things.
So there's real terrorism going on.
It's people targeting civilians.
You want to call it that.
I mean, we bombed Dresden, killed 500,000 in one night.
Bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
Well, they killed 600-something total, or more, in the aggregate over time.
And they had one firebombing of Tokyo that caught fire to three other cities and killed like two million people in a three-day fire.
The firebombs really did it.
By the time we were dropping Fat Boy and Little Boy on them, there was really nothing to blow up by everything else, but it had already been knocked over.
Famous photos of a woman sitting on a front porch and it hit her dress with a dragon pattern on it and literally burned it into her skin and kind of an instant, kind of like an iron-on.
I mean, if that isn't terror, I don't know what is.
And I'm not debating whether we should have or shouldn't have.
It's just that's called terror, folks.
Dropping A-bombs on civilian cities is terror when Japan had already tried to unconditionally surrender.
That was all about launching the nuclear age into a new arms race.
So, the bottom line on this is that when Ron Paul says that they're attacking us because we're attacking them, he's telling the truth.
Now, when Shiite attacks the tribes, and that's one of the biggest tribes doing it, they call it Al-Qaeda.
Now, folks, Shiite is the opposite of Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda is a Wahhabi Sunni extremist sect out of Saudi Arabia.
Now, there was another article yesterday with the White House saying Iran's behind Al-Qaeda.
Ladies and gentlemen, our government is actually funding Wahhabis in the West to carry out terror attacks
Against the Iranians right now.
There's four different terror groups blowing up dams, shooting people.
I mean, every day.
That's in the news today.
Our government actually is Al Qaeda, is behind Al Qaeda, and has been using radical Wahhabis back in the 50s to overthrow communists or anybody else they didn't like.
Now, that's a historical fact, and that's why this whole thing is so suspicious.
Ron Paul knows that when he's attacked on being soft on terror, if he comes out and says it's an inside job, they would spin that and claim it was a defeat.
It is popular with the people.
It is now the majority's suspicion and view.
But still, the media would spin it as so crazy, and it would not be good for Ron Paul with a main Republican base.
I'll put it to you that way.
And so he has a limited view.
I can tell what he's doing.
You can see it.
He's saying P-2-O-G.
The Pentagon actually says they know the occupation of Saudi Arabia and Iraq causes more extremism, and they say that causes more weapon sales, lets us know where the terrorists are.
We fight them over there instead of over here.
It's really sick.
They say we're stimulating terror attacks.
That is, i.e., resistance.
And Sunni
It's just unbelievable.
It just makes my head spin that all of this is going on, and that they would claim that the Shiites, backed by Iran, are Al Qaeda.
That's like... That'd be like looking at a black guy and saying he was from Norway, and that he was Germanic, or Icelandic.
I mean, it's just on its face, it's different.
It'd be like putting a sombrero on your head and saying it's a Japanese person.
It's just a lie, folks!
They don't want you having that image of Mujahideen freedom fighters not wanting to be occupied, so they just call everyone Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda had no foothold in Iraq.
It is true that Wahhabist sects that aren't CIA controlled do exist.
Happentown don't even know they're being funded and manipulated by Western Intelligence and Mossad, and that they have now gotten some footholds in a couple areas, in the Sunni triangle and other areas, but they're a minority group in the fight against the occupation.
And every time somebody fights back, because they don't like all their men being drug off to torture camps and killed, 13 and up, that's admitted, they're called a terrorist.
And you better believe, when they're occupying the U.S.
with foreign trips, which they're now announcing they'll do, just part of international agreements, that if you fight them, you're going to be called a terrorist, too.
They'll claim you're Al-Qaeda.
If you fight back, just be ready to see yourself on news as Al-Qaeda.
You can get on your knees every Sunday and be a Baptist.
They're going to call you Al-Qaeda.
Because it's real simple.
It's something that idiots can get their minds around.
Now, I said I'd go to your calls.
I don't even know.
I should not even give them the number.
I'll take a few here in a minute.
Now, there is a problem since Ron Paul did this, because it's been misinterpreted to say, they're over here because of 9-11.
And he's being deliberately vague, because he is pointing out that being over there does stir them up.
I mean, there's no doubting that Ron Paul's right about that.
So these big CIA guys are coming out and going, Ron Paul's right, Al Qaeda is a big threat, and we're just stirring them up being over there.
So it is a limited fallback now, and the media has adopted it because they're desperate to stem the tide of 9-11 truth any way they can.
And so in a weird way, it's hurt us a little bit, but it's kind of like when you're running somebody over, you're going to dent your bumper.
I mean, it really isn't doing anything.
We give it attention by freaking out about it and saying, oh my God, can we trust Ron Paul?
He's on record saying the government stages terror on the show with historical examples.
He sticks to that, what he can conclusively, admittedly prove.
And he said our government may stage something to get us into Iran, just like Brzezinski and everybody else has said.
So, there is Ron Paul's real position, period.
We probably need to get a blurb out on that, explaining that to people.
That the Pentagon does want terrorists.
They are generating real terrorists.
There are real suicide bombers.
Folks, I spent a couple hours the other night on Muslim websites
Watching them in English, and these are real groups in London and all over the place, saying they're going to take over, saying they're going to make us convert to Islam.
They're not the big threat right now.
When Muslims start running around and really trying to make me do that, I'm going to, you know, just like I'm fighting the New World Order, I'll fight them.
Those particular sects that are a large portion, but not the majority.
There's this new poll out, the neocons are misrepresenting it.
I saw the headline, 60% of Muslims support suicide bombers.
Then you read and it's like 80-something percent of adults don't.
Twenty-five percent, I've got to get the actual numbers here on the stack, of under thirty-two.
The neocons just lied with their headline.
But that is a problem.
And if the government was really worried about it, they would stop importing all these people.
Because frankly, those cultures do not mix well.
Frankly, you know, if people want your women to wear turbans, or wear headdresses, burkas, and you don't like seeing our women with their long pretty hair and all the rest of it, just don't move over here!
Look, don't get me bent, folks.
Don't get me wrong.
But the big threat's the New World Order.
Bunch of Muslims go around, start trying to push me around, I'll break the jaw, knock your teeth right down the throat.
You understand that?
Somebody start telling me how to live my life, and telling me how to live, and telling me what to do, that's another form of tyranny, and they're gonna get
They're going to get my mouth first, then my fist, and then the barrel of a gun.
And the globalists know it's a legitimate thing.
I mean, they can point at a billion and a half people and say, hey folks, you know, these guys are, you know, they're having five, six kids, they're doing all... Well, why didn't our government tell us to do that?
No, they encourage everybody else but Westerners to do it, because we're the real threat to the New World Order, folks.
Let's get this straight.
Muslims out there want to beat the New World Order?
You better thank Western society, and you better thank the people of the West, who created any history of freedom, ever.
And you better know, we've been hijacked and we're being used to try to dominate you.
I want you to live in your countries, live in peace, do what you want over there.
Just don't come over here and tell me how to live.
I mean, are there Islamofascists?
Absolutely there are.
Are they funded by our government?
I mean, did our government create them?
It's kind of like if you find a little seedling and you take it and nurture it into a mighty yoke.
Yeah, our government created them.
They didn't create the original seed, but they did the planting, and they did the watering, and they did the pruning.
And they've been wind-up toys the whole time.
So yeah, they can pull out the Islamic boogeyman and a turban and a big beard all day, and our government's in bed with Saudi Arabia where all that stuff comes from.
And Saudi Arabia is completely degenerate.
I mean, they have giant, they have the actual big gardens over there.
There's like 5,000 plus princes and they have their own little private harems, but their women out of Western Europe and others, kidnapped.
I mean, at an animal level, I wouldn't mind watching gunships land in Saudi Arabia and line all those princes up and hang them high.
Our government, though, uses their buddies as a threat to us so they can take over when the Saudis are buying everything up.
We're the dirtbag Israelis.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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We'll start the show tomorrow with open phones.
I apologize to everybody holding them.
Call back tomorrow.
Tell them we're on hold.
We'll get your calls first.
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Okay, I'm out of time.
I meant to get to the Southerners.
Man, there's just not time in the day.
Tourist Green Levy slammed on industries.
They want to use
This is out of the AAP out of Australia.
They want to make a deal worldwide between airlines without a law just to start a huge tax, a green tax for carbon footprint.
See they're just implementing it by fiat and they're talking about
They made your call by several institutes and the airlines to start this now.
Since when the Queen flies, she goes, I paid the tax!
It's not the law yet.
She's paying it to get you ready for it.
Because she's going to get most of the money from it, of course.
They're going to use it to fund their New World Order.
Alright, we're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
See you back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.