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Air Date: May 15, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
It's another live edition.
of the Alejandro Jones radio broadcast coast-to-coast, border-to-border, worldwide.
I want to welcome all of our listeners across the great continents and the seven seas, as well as folks at the polls listening.
And no, I'm not joking.
We've gotten calls and letters from McMurtle Weather Station in Antarctica.
We have gotten emails from people on board cruise ships and folks on board chemical
Ships, fishing trawlers, you name it, we have listeners all over the place because we're on satellite internet, shortwave, not to mention wonderful AM and FM affiliates right here in the United States.
I am your wartime broadcaster in the fight against the New World Order, and I am honored to be your host.
The websites are InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, JonesReport.com, InfoWars.net,
PrisonPlanet.tv and a few other great sites.
Why do we have those sites?
So we have multiple servers, multiple backup systems and different writers and different webmasters over each site where you have a lot of the same news on each site but a lot of original articles and video clips and audio clips on each site daily
And I think it's been a good plan for redundancy to be more effective in the fight against the New World Order.
Then we have big internet outages and things like that.
Only one site will be down instead of all the sites being down, or instead of just having one site, and then it's down.
Hence the reason for all the websites.
And yes, I've got a lot of irons in the fire, but we are going to have a new website launched someday over the rainbow, but hopefully sooner rather than later.
And so that should be quite informative as well, more of a user content-based deal.
But I wanted for you to upload audio, video, have your own pages on top of it.
It's really kind of a synergy portal that many other people have done, but I think that we'll do better.
And put a lot of energy and traffic, thanks to you, into it to really have a big effect against the New World Order.
Because there's a lot of great stuff out there on the web, and we attempt to bring that to you here, and to magnify the great activists and organizations and researchers and filmmakers that are out there, because if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it make a sound?
And I think really the answer is no.
Okay, here is the news in front of us today.
Agency concludes, Iran is stepping up nuclear work.
Meanwhile, Richard C. Holbrook, former U.S.
Ambassador to the United Nations in Bilderberg, Bigwig, says Iraq's civil war is raging out of control.
That dovetails with the suicide bombings and mass killings at record levels in the four years, three months of liberation over there.
We have a clip of some clips of Bush, what he said four years ago and what he's saying today, compliments of
John Stewart and the Daily Show will be going over that.
And the really big news for you today, Rosie sounds off on WCTC demolition and destruction of crime scene.
The View host lays out collapse facts to millions of ABC viewers.
Prominent 9-11 truthers set to appear on show.
Now, I knew this about a month and a half ago, and I knew who was going to be on.
One of the people was going to be on a month and a half ago.
Then I found out one of the other experts that was going to be on a few weeks ago, and then I learned about the filmmakers that were going to be on last week.
And I'm not going to tell you who they are, because it might endanger all these folks getting to get on the show, though Rosie, now last night, did confirm on her blog that she's going to quote be having experts on
The show in the near future.
I was actually getting emails yesterday going, you're making this up.
She's not going to have anyone on her.
No, I just have it directly from the O'Donnell office, from O'Donnell, from her best friends, and from everybody that's been contacted.
It's no secret William Rodriguez and their scheduling Jones, Professor Jones, but I'm not going to tell you the others.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, big news on the ongoing war in Iraq.
Luke Rudowsky, reporter for ImproWars.com and the GCN Radio Network will be joining us in about 20 minutes to report on the Silverstein security man who claimed he was a cop and who implied that Luke had a bomb has been reportedly fired and the big news Luke told me about this a few weeks ago but he's willing to go public about it now a Silverstein security guard and he told me about this a few weeks ago I don't know if he brought this up again to a security guard and they repeated it
But talking about Larry Silverstein not being at work that day, and at the same time, this came out in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, him putting out his alibi that, oh, his wife threw a fit and demanded he go to the doctor that day, and that's why he and his family members that worked in the building weren't there that day.
Because he supposedly had breakfast every day up on top one of the towers that he just bought a few months before.
That's right, he only owned Building 7 before that, since its construction in the early 1980s.
So that is coming up.
We also have our monthly visit with Michael Rivero.
We're good to go.
We have the man that shot the video of that joining us coming up in the third hour to talk about why illegal aliens are a protected hyper citizen and why citizens are scum slaves according to the government.
Also, we're going to get into all this new information on the view and the gas prices going above $4 a gallon in many areas of the country on both the west and east coast.
uh... but uh... or edging out near four dollars and it could go above four nationwide it is about four in some areas but uh... before i go there listeners i'm gonna sign every copy of terror storm final edition of the orders that came in yesterday and today until they're sold out every copy you get from info wars dot com or prison planet dot com from our yahoo secure safe shopping cart
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Enough of that.
Let me just right now get into the view.
We'll play the audio clip of this coming up in the next segment.
Rosie sounds off on WTC demolition and destruction of crime scene.
The Views host lays out collapse facts to millions of ABC viewers.
Prominent 9-11 truthers set to appear on the show.
Rosie O'Donnell has returned 9-11 truth to prominence.
It's always prominent, but I guess we're returning to prominence on her show by laying out the fact
The facts were a controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and Building 7 on ABC's The View this morning.
O'Donnell also exposed the destruction of the crime scene and how the WTC medal was immediately shipped off to China.
And that is a first for that program or most of mainstream television.
I think it's been mentioned a few times on CNN or Fox during debates, briefly, but she really pointed it out in a calm, well-formed, extremely
Well-rounded way.
She put it forward in a gin-teal way, where it really had an effect.
The subject of Giuliani receiving criticism on Fox News for having had the New York Emergency Command Bunker stationed at WTC 7 cropped up, and Rosie used the opportunity to educate the audience about Building 7 and the pools of molten steel found under all three buildings that collapsed on 9-11.
And Fox is only criticizing Giuliani now to position Hillary, who they're financing, fundraising for, and propagandizing for now.
Yeah, we're going to deal with a lot of conservatives now supporting her and calling us traitors for being against Hillary.
A lot of sick people out there.
Resident Neocon Stepford wife Elizabeth Hasselbeck was on hand to attempt to debunk the facts, but sat in silence when Rosie asked her to explain how the towers felled
In seconds, at the speed of almost no resistance.
We have now come to understand that the prominent 9-11 filmmakers and other activists within the movement are scheduled to appear on The View in upcoming weeks.
Okay, they're talking to Jones about coming on.
I've confirmed that.
I haven't talked to him in a few weeks, but I know they were setting him up a few weeks ago.
I know they've set up William Rodriguez.
And I know that there's some other people, but again, that's... I'm not going to announce that for a week or so.
Then we'll have the folks involved with that.
It's almost like I should... It doesn't matter.
Never mind.
I was about to make a joke, but I'm not going to do it.
It says, uh, we have now come to understand the prominent 9-11 filmmakers and other activists within the movement are scheduled to appear on The View in upcoming weeks, as well as debunkers like Popper Mechanics, but the two camps will appear on separate shows and not engage in debate of any kind.
Expect a week-long orgy of ad hominem attack pieces from neocon attack dogs, like O'Reilly, Hannity, and the rest of the usual Hillary Clinton supporters, I would add.
So, uh, there you have it.
When we get back, we'll get into the actual rosy clip, then I'm gonna talk about gas prices hit a new record at the pump
Nationwide, gas prices at the pump exceeded post-Katrina record, while gas future prices lied.
Gasoline prices hit a new record at the pump on Monday, but gas future prices fell on concerns that $3 gas would crimp demand.
Oil prices meanwhile rose on reports of refinery problems in the U.S.
and abroad.
The national average hit 3.073 or right above a fraction of about $3 a gallon for 87 octane.
Up almost a penny from Sunday, also record-setting price, according to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service.
Gasoline is now well above the previous record of 3.057 set on September 5, 2005, soon after Hurricane Katrina.
Now, in areas of California, it's already gone above 4 gallons, $4 a gallon.
Now, they're also reporting out of WCBS in New York that gas could reach $4 in the tri-state by Memorial Day.
President Bush announced a new alternative fuel plan.
Yes, that will save us.
Features slideshows, and it goes on.
So we'll talk about what's really behind that after we get more into The View and big shows.
By the way, I've got the info from talking to the different sides and Rosie's office that they're going to probably have three different 9-11 programs before she leaves in the middle of next month.
So that's what we've got forward to look at there.
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Bush met with Vincent Fox, President of Mexico, Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada, discussing a security and prosperity partnership.
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This is some of the strongest stuff that Rosie O'Donnell has brought forward concerning 9-11.
Doing an inside job on her TV show.
But she's leaving because of censorship.
This is the view yesterday morning.
Here it is.
Giuliani, post 9-11, appeared to be very heroic, but now they're saying that he was not that efficient in helping the people who were the recovery seekers.
Also, he was, you know, instrumental in making sure that all of the steel was removed and shipped to Canada right away.
Giuliani was shipped to China, sorry, right away.
For what purpose?
Well, to get it out of there, and to have, you know, all of the stuff, but it was all gone.
So there was no, like, metal to test.
There was no, there was no... So he was turned down?
He was trying to cover up?
No, it's, the, the, the, the, the what?
Captain Giuliani was involved in the cover-up?
Is that what's going on?
I just want to check, because I...
Look, here's what I think is happening.
According to what I've been reading, they told Giuliani to take the Command Control Center out of the World Trade Center because it's a target.
Maybe they'll try again.
Everybody told him to do that.
He did not listen.
He kept it in the World Trade Center.
So, when they attacked the World Trade Center, the Command Control Center went up with it.
And now... Wait a minute.
It's in Brooklyn, right?
Wait a minute.
The Command Control Center was in World Trade Center 7.
Not in 1 or 2.
It was in the building that mysteriously collapsed at 5.30pm.
It was not in Tower 1 that got hit by a plane.
It was not in Tower 2 that got hit by a plane.
It was in Tower 7 that got hit by nothing, 47 floors, and dropped at 5.30 into itself.
There was also internal fire in that building, which can melt steel, which is holding it down.
No way, Elizabeth.
I mean, that's how bad it is.
It can weaken it.
If you ask physicists alone, the force by nature, the volcanic force alone, could have taken that building down.
But that is an entire different discussion.
It's 2700 degrees melt steel.
And how much does it take to weaken it?
I think it's 270.
270 degrees?
I'll check.
Well, if you watch all the documentaries... It's weekend.
It's weekend.
It doesn't have to be completely melted.
Well, did you know that there were three pools of molten steel?
There was one pool underneath World Trade Center 1?
I've read all of the conspiracy theories on this.
I know that that's what they're saying.
So you label it a conspiracy, I'm just telling you there was a fact.
There's a fact that there was molten steel under those three buildings.
And it is also a fact that the volcanic pressure alone could take that building down.
The volcanic pressure of what volcano?
The pressure of the other two buildings coming down.
Wait, the bomb?
When you're saying the plane.
The point is the other two buildings coming down, but alone, take that building down.
Do you know how fast it took those towers to fall?
I don't have the exact time on you.
Nine seconds.
You know how fast it would have taken something to free fall with no resistance from the top of that building?
Nine seconds.
Physically impossible.
I, I, I, there are so many theories on this show.
I mean, we should have two experts on either side.
You know what, why don't we have that experts on this show to just discuss that for five minutes.
The way we talk about some other things on this show.
Did this settle your mind?
You should move on to her story today.
Yes, let's move on.
That would be a good thing to talk about, but people don't want to talk about it.
Everyone gets... So there they are, getting the setup ready for guests to start coming on the program.
And basically, it's not going to be a free-for-all.
Supposedly, Hasselbeck, if you want the details, is going to have the neocons on by themselves to spew whatever vitriol and propaganda and disinfo they want.
That there wasn't molten steel, and the government admits there was, and the rest of it.
And Rosie, in the next few weeks, is going to have some live shows and some tape shows with some people.
And we'll see if the censors are able to stop it.
I mean, this is out, this is known.
But regardless, we don't all stand or fall on Rosie O'Donnell and The View.
The truth's out about 9-11, period.
And by exposing government-sponsored terror, we may save lives.
Because I assure you, if we wouldn't have exposed 9-11 day one, if I wouldn't have gone on air, and if many of you wouldn't have gotten on the telephone and gone on air in the weeks and months and years after, and if all these experts and prominent pilots and engineers and physicists and politicians hadn't gone public, and victims' families and victims, then the government would have already carried out criminal attacks.
And I know it's an element of the government, but that element is the dominant
You know, it's like an element of the ship is piloting it.
The captain is an element of the ship, but the captain's in control.
And the captains of this New World Order system that dominate our country, and run our taxing system, and run our state governments predominantly, are mass-murdering killers who will think nothing of exterminating human beings en masse to further their aims.
And we're boldly, and historically, standing up and saying, we know you're a pack of murdering scum,
And don't try it again, because the whole world's watching, killers.
And people inside the government now know what to look for.
And you're not going to get away with a big event again.
In fact, if the globalists do it, it will be the beginning of the end of them.
They've probably already gone too far.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The disciples asked Jesus in Matthew 24, What shall be the signs of thy coming, and the end of the world?
You shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars.
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
And there shall be famines, disease, and earthquakes in many places.
We are living in this time of earth's history.
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That's 1-888-211-1715, and ask for Packet B.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Some folks are born to make the way to fly.
The red, white, and blue.
The red, white, and blue.
And when the band plays, hell to the chiefs, Lord, no!
They point the cannon at you.
Stop that!
This song is dedicated to all the 9-11 trippers out there, especially people like Luke, with InfoWars.com, out there having them calling fake bomb threats on him, trying to set him up.
CIA, FBI, here it is.
Some folks are born to be spoonin' dead.
Don't they help themselves?
I said.
The tax man give them the key to the land.
There wasn't wide enough to left for school and health.
Trust me.
It ain't me, no.
It ain't me, no.
I ain't no millionaire son.
I don't know.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We have some action.
We have it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're my friend.
Secret service.
You're telling.
I ain't the fortunate one.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones here, live, honored that you have decided to join the broadcast today.
Coming up, a recap.
JFK Conspirator wanted every Kennedy dead.
That's quite a headline from PrisonPlanet.com.
E. Howard Hunt wanted to finish the job by killing Senator Ted Kennedy.
Basically, what he was really saying there
I mean, you can interpret it either way, but it was really, we ought to finish the job, which is a tapset admission of killing Kennedy, but he's now admitted to being involved in that.
Greeted news of RFK's assassination with pleasure.
And it goes on, JFK assassination conspirator E. Howard Hunt wanted to finish the job by killing Senator Ted Kennedy, and greeted news of Robert Kennedy's murder with glee.
According to his son, St.
John Hunt.
We'll get more into that later.
Luke Rodowski, we've got a story we put up yesterday afternoon on PrisonPlanet.com.
Headline, claims Silverstein wanted
And warned not to come to work on 9-11.
9-11 Truth Activist says security guards spilled beans while one gets fired for calling in a false bomb threat to frame demonstrators.
That was all caught on video.
Yeah, I saw a bomb there.
I think he's got a bomb.
I know you don't have one, but you're gonna still spend 30 days in the hole.
And then of course went on to say that he was a cop and the other security guards said they were cops in plain clothes.
And then the cops showed up and did follow their orders.
The cops did grab Luke's camera and phone and said that that was a gun.
And so, uh, but, uh, now joining us, uh, the man who has been in the center of this, Luke Rudowski, 21 year old New Yorker and college student in the fight now for a couple of years.
Luke, it's good to have you on with us.
Thanks for having me on, man.
It's always great.
Let's just cover first things first before we get into the big Silverstein issue.
You told me about it a few weeks ago, but I guess, and I haven't even talked to you yet, that my producer set you up.
I only know if this was the old statement two weeks ago or the new thing you just learned.
But let's go back first and recap briefly what happened out there almost a month ago now, or I guess it was the 11th, it was over a month ago when they tried to set you up, and now how you found out this guy was fired or how you've confirmed that.
Oh yeah, I mean, last time we went out there, those guys really tried to set us up.
Silverstein was pissed off that we were right in front of his offices, and he sent out his thugs, who claim to be New York City police officers, to harass us and kind of set us up.
But luckily, if you've seen the video footage, you know, we kept the cameras rolling.
That's one thing we did, you know, that we didn't mess up.
If we would have stopped filming, I don't know what would have happened, but we never stopped filming.
And that's very important.
Guess who's going to jail?
Guess who's going to jail?
I mean, he sounds like a cartoon character.
It really does sound like a cartoon character.
It's really sad and pathetic.
I really do feel sorry for that guy, man.
And what I found out, because what we did, because we do street actions on every 11th of each month for, you know, for the live 9-11, so it goes down.
And this 11th, we came back there.
Not, not the past 11th.
This 11th we came back there again.
This was, this was after the bio-threat just to show them that we're not going to stop and that they're never going to stop us.
And when we came out there, one of the employees came out of the building 7 and he ran up to us and he said, oh, you're the InfoWars guys.
You know that guy got fired that called you guys terrorists?
And, you know, we were just, you know, we didn't know what to believe.
Now, you need to confirm that.
Now, I know you wanted to come on tomorrow so you'd have time to get us the video, but just get it to us today or tomorrow, online.
We'll get a story out on it, Luke, about what happened.
But, yeah, you've got this new stuff on tape.
Please continue.
Now, another thing, another thing I got on tape, this was recorded before, actually two months before in January.
I remember you told me about it, I said two weeks, it was actually months ago, yeah.
It was actually two months ago.
A long time ago you called me and told me about it.
It was actually two months ago.
And we need to get this out now.
We, we were talking to, uh, to library service teams, uh, security guards, and I don't want to put them on record, I don't want to put the security guard on record, but I have the conversation me and him had on audio, and it's in my first film, it's in Dedicated.
It's on wearechange.org and within 10 minutes into this film, you can see a conversation that I had between me and this gentleman.
His identity, I don't want to release his identity, but he told me specifically that Larry Silverstein was on his way to work on 9-11.
He was in his car after he got a phone call telling him not to show up to work.
Then he called up his daughter and him and his daughter never showed up to work on 9-11.
His daughter supposedly came in late.
And I've been talking about this for about two months, and I resurfaced him a couple days ago, went on a main publication, mainstream publication, and he just restated his alibi.
You know, why would he do it?
Now I'll tell you what's suspicious.
The Wall Street Journal normally reports on petroleum prices, it normally reports
I don't know.
This is ridiculously obvious, Luke.
I mean, yeah, Silverstein knows what's going on.
That's why he fired one of his security guards.
That's why he fired the main security guard that called us terrorists and tried to call us false bomb threats.
And he knows what we're doing.
Do you think Silverstein watched the video and the article we posted?
I think definitely, because why would he be stating his alibi on a mainstream publication like the Wall Street Journal?
Why would that be happening?
And the guy, let's be clear, they ran out, you've got this on tape, and say you're the InfoWars guys.
A guy, an employee, an employee, one of the guys working there, came out and said, oh, you guys are the InfoWars team.
You know that guy got fired who called you guys terrorists.
And we have it all on tape and we're going to release it soon.
Absolutely amazing, Luke.
Please continue.
And you know, we stood there and then the police officers came this 11th.
And we were talking to these police officers, and then we made a public plea to them, and we made them understand that we're not against the police, and we're actually doing this for the police department.
Because we here in New York City, we as, you know, change as
We were the first organization, really, to cover the, you know, health issues.
The EPA's health issues.
And we were the first ones to really tell people about what's really going on with the rescue workers.
And then, back then, they said we were conspiracy theorists.
But it's not.
It's true.
And we told these guys that we're doing it for them.
We're doing it for their brothers and sisters that died on 9-11.
And we actually came out with a banner, and they let us stay there.
The police officers let us stay by Building 7.
Oh, how gracious of them.
I mean, I know you're trying to be nice, but that's your First Amendment right.
I know, but we had a long conversation with these police officers.
We also have that on videotape, and they actually understood what was going on.
They were kind of different police officers than last time, and the sergeant understood what was going on.
He kind of gave me the idea that he knew that, you know, what Silverstein was up to.
We told him everything we knew about Larry Silverstein, about how he was told not to come to work, about his insurance policies, and his public comments, and those guys really did understand, and they kind of really supported us, because they came back in the building, and they said we could be there no matter what, and you know.
Well, that's what it's all about.
Nobody's going to give it to you, you've got to take it.
And they've tried to kick you off that land over and over again, and you've just kept coming back until they acted wrong, and now they're in trouble, and now the police know the rules, and now you have occupied, you have literally squatted there, and it's your piece of turf.
That's how it works.
There's only one thing in this world that gives orders, Luke.
That's God, man.
And we have our freedoms.
It's my God-given right to stand on the sidewalk and be able to say and do what I want.
As long as I'm not hurting or violating anybody.
And it was a beautiful day because we really sent a statement to Larry that we're not going to leave no matter what.
You could try to set us up.
You could try to threaten us.
But we will never stop.
No matter what.
And we sent him a message.
We got tons of flowers and DVDs outside his building.
Well, you better know, you're under surveillance, you're probably being followed.
I know you know this, because you're right there in the belly of the beast.
The regular 9-11 activists wouldn't have this.
Everybody should use your courage, everybody else's courage as an example.
Just one thing.
And a benchmark.
Sure, go ahead.
Just one thing, you know, I also wanted to say this.
I don't know if I should really make this public, but I also have been getting a lot of death threats.
And my loved ones and friends close to me also have been getting a lot of death threats as well.
Now, see, you haven't told us that, Luke, but I could guess that.
Yeah, and why don't you go ahead and now I know it's best to talk about it.
What's happening?
I just want to talk about it before anybody before before anything really bad happens, but I just want people you know I just want to the people know who are listening who are who are you know doing whatever on me that I will never stop doing what I'm doing and you know they called they called people close to me and
You know, talking about personal information that really nobody knows about.
They called me, you know, they threatened me, it's okay, but now they started doing it to people close to me.
Well, yeah, I mean, I mean, the mafia works for the government, so it's just some fat, uh, slimy mafia guys, uh, you know, sitting off in an office somewhere making those threats and, you know, they, um, hell can't come soon enough for them.
I mean, describe specifically what these slime bags are saying.
I mean, basically, if you know what's good for you, you're gonna stop or else.
You know what's good for you, you're gonna stop or else.
I remember when Luke made an A-plus that year when he was nine, and he gave you the little picture.
Is that the kind of call you're getting, Luke?
I'm getting a lot of personal calls and it's really a lot of information that these guys are throwing me that a lot of people don't know about.
Is this stuff like we know Luke's only got 120 bucks in the bank?
I mean specifically what type of personal stuff?
That intel will help me assess probably what quarter it is.
Like this one week I was leaving.
I was going out of state for one week and nobody knew where I was going except for a few random individuals.
You know, those individuals who I told where I was leaving for just the weekend knew where I was going.
And they wouldn't tell anybody, just for like a little weekend break.
And these people called me up, and they called my loved ones up, telling them they know where I'm going to be.
That's probably the government, then, if it's newer information.
That's probably just phone tabs.
By the way, your phone's been having a lot of problems when we've been trying to call.
Yeah, my phone's turning on and off.
I don't know what the hell's going on.
We're just sending a little message.
Listen, we killed those 3,000 people.
Don't think we won't kill you.
Do you understand?
Roll over and take it.
Let us have our way with the country, Luke.
Let us have Giuliani as the president.
I mean, I will never let any of these guys get to me.
They did shock me, but this only is going to make me stronger.
And I won't let these scum get to me.
If they're listening right now, you know, I'm not going to stop no matter what.
They can do whatever they want from me, because the word of truth will never stop.
Few people get the blessing you get.
Actually, this is how you get forged in the fire.
And that's why most of these activists aren't the real deal, because they haven't been death-threaded, they haven't had guns put to their chest, they haven't had things like
I've had things happen, frankly worse than what you're going through right now.
This is what will show you people how real it is, and this will only make you stronger, Luke.
And exactly, you tell them, you are never going to stop, you're only going to intensify your activities.
Go ahead and tell them.
I will never stop, no matter what.
And, you know, even if, whatever they could do to me, it won't matter because the truth is coming out.
The word of truth, it's coming out.
And, you know, no matter what,
No matter what you say, no matter what you do, I will never stop doing what I'm doing.
I'm always going to keep doing it.
Well, here's the deal.
If we give in to them now, and let's be like Mexico, Guatemala, Russia, China.
If we give in and cower now, they're going to win, and then they're going to rule, and it's only going to get worse and worse.
For our children, and for those that will come after us, we must, as men, stand and fight these murderers.
We all have to stand up, because if we don't, it's only going to get worse.
I mean, just think about the situation with Hitler.
People just let it happen.
We can't let this happen to America.
We have to fight back.
We have to stand up.
And we have to fight this for all of us.
We can't be scared, man.
And I don't want to scare people from doing anything.
We're just talking about what's going on.
Because I want people to understand, the more of us that rise up, the more people that stand up for truth and justice and love, which is what life is really about, the harder it is for them to stop us.
And they can't stop us.
That's why they're immature.
That's why they're calling me and making stupid death threats.
Well exactly, but let's be clear, they're afraid because they're cowardly scum and they think, see that would scare them.
They live in a world of fear, not in a world of courage and honor and strength and that's why they try to play their card on you that works on all the pumps and pimps and scum and snakes and filth that they traffic with.
They need to understand.
Folks, don't be scared though.
You may get some tribulations, but probably nothing compared to Luke.
Luke's right in the King's court.
Luke is right in the front lines, right in the thick of battle, right in front of Silverstein Properties, right there clearly in front of the office of someone involved in 9-11.
Silverstein's scared, folks.
They're all scared.
He is scared.
I mean, especially, because I have audio.
I have audio of his security guards.
I don't want to release his identity yet, talking.
He was told not to come into work that day.
That video footage, you know, it's the first thing on wearechanged.org.
It's the first thing on our page.
Well, Luke, I mean, I know you have the audio of that, but it'd be safer for everybody if you at least go, you know what, get more out of their face and release it.
But it needs to have that much more credibility, because obviously it's holding on to things that are dangerous.
I'm gonna start, you know, I'm gonna start editing some of the footage.
I'm gonna try to put it together.
And as soon as I have it, I'm gonna let you guys know.
Well, that's good, Luke.
And we appreciate all the great reporting that you're doing for Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
It's just, uh... Now, you need to confirm, though.
Have you called Silverstein's offices to... I mean, I know you've been calling, but have you found out whether they specifically fired this guy, or is this just an employee telling you that?
This was an employee telling me that, but I saw the security staff, and the guy who made the threats wasn't there.
And I made, you know, I was there, I was there a lot of times before... But they may have gone, Paulie, Paulie, you caused enough problems, you stay in sides.
I will, I will.
Okay, stay there, Luke.
We're going to come right back in a final segment with you.
WeAreChange.org is the website.
As we continue the fight against the New World Order.
Oh yeah, when they start death-threatening you, or when they show up wanting to give you over a million dollars to shut up, you know how real the New World Order is then, folks.
And I've had both.
And I guess they haven't tried to buy you off yet, Luke.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Well, Luke's putting himself through college and he's working a full-time job in New York.
It's tough to do for anybody.
Very expensive.
And he finds time to go out multiple times a week with street actions and to shoot video and edit it.
Get us those reports as soon as you can, Luke.
And we'll get a big article up on PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com or WarJonesReport.com in the next few days with that.
But I wanted to get you on now
Uh, for your safety, I could just, you know, uh, surmise that what you're doing, you're going to be getting some problems, and you are indeed getting that, and it's good to let the scum listening right now know that you're a shameful bully scumbag, and you're a cowardly piece of filth, and, uh, that we're not afraid of you trash.
It's just sad how low these guys will stoop.
I mean, I'm an American.
I love this country.
I love the Constitution.
And I'm fighting for it to prevail.
Because the New World Order wants to destroy this country.
The elite are destroying this country.
They're looting this country.
And they're going to make threats against me.
I mean, this is ludicrous.
I mean, that's why we have to expose it.
That's why I'm not going to be scared.
I'm not going to stop.
And I hope more people don't get, you know,
I hope more people understand what's going on and step up and understand how important this is.
Like, we hear Luke's going down for a little trip here.
What do they say?
Hope he's safe.
I mean, what are they saying?
They said, you're going to get it.
You know, just wait until we get our hands on you.
A whole bunch of personal negative stuff that they bring up.
Are they calling your folks?
No, they're calling my household.
My parents don't pick up the house phone here.
The house phone's not even registered in my name.
It's registered in my parents' name, so I don't know how the hell they got this phone number.
But, you know, they say a lot of negative stuff.
My parents do not pick up the phone.
I always pick up the phone.
My friends are giving phone calls about me, telling them if they don't stop supporting me, that they're going to kill them, that they're going to kill me.
They know where I am.
And all this negative, you know, conversation, all this, you know, just trying to scare me.
But it's not scaring me.
It's actually making me more mad.
And it's actually going to even prevail.
It's going to help us.
Well, number one, by you going public, if they do kill you, or you slip and fall on a banana peel, or a bolt of lightning strikes you, the first place everybody's going to go is right to Silverstein.
So, by going public, you're completely safe now.
We definitely need to go public, and it's also some of my friends that are also being threatened, and it's not just me.
And it's just really, you know, they can threaten me all they want.
Now it's a man's voice?
I mean, have you personally picked it up or have they done it to others?
No, they've done it to others.
I personally picked up and it was a male voice.
Now my friend picked up, it was a female voice and then a male voice again.
And it's two different voices.
And, I mean, is it a snickering or is it very serious?
It's very serious.
It's not even a snickering.
It's not even, you know, it's extremely serious.
So you're going to get it if you don't stop?
Or, you know, if you don't stop hanging around Luke, you're going to get it.
That's what they basically call some of our friends up.
What have they said to you when you pick up?
That's what they tell us.
You know, this is Luke, you know.
First they try to say, oh, we're going to help you spread the truth, move in, this and that.
And then they started with death threats, yeah?
And then they started, you know, just
Yeah, I think so.
Well, I just want everybody to pray for you and all of your comrades, all of your people that are with you in this fight, all the patriots, and that God put a hedge of protection up for all of you.
I know the scumbag evil that does this stuff doesn't believe in God, but they will believe in God when bad things start happening to them.
Most definitely.
I don't even want bad things to happen to them.
I just want justice to come out.
I do, but I'm not the one that's going to do it.
God's going to do it.
They want justice.
As long as there's justice and there's truth, that's all that really matters.
Let me tell you, when the scum that calls up and threatens you, whether it's Feds or Mafia, it's probably both, when they do that, they become accessories to killing those people on 9-11.
Luke, stay there for one more minute.
I want to finish up on the other side.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yeah, hidden in plain view to the point where I haven't even really covered it.
Up on WeAreKings.org, there is a video clip
Where the audio of one of the Silverstein employees talking about Larry not coming in.
That's been out for over a month and magically you notice he's in the Wall Street Journal with his alibi.
I mean a whole article with Silverstein's alibi as the headline.
I mean this is getting really obvious.
If there's any detectives left on the planet that aren't on the mob, take.
I mean you can't put two and two together there.
But, you know, Larry don't like you down here, so we're going to frame you if you don't make like a tree and scram.
But, really, everybody should pray for Luke Radowsky if we are changed there in New York.
They are the big 9-11 truth group, the activist 9-11 truth group in New York.
And I saw that Luke's taking action, has a good spirit about him, and got his head screwed on straight.
In the times I've been up in New York and seen the many videos he's sent us of his work,
And I just commend Luke for all of the things he's doing.
But Luke, I know you don't like to call the police, but it's important for on record.
I've done this with death threats in the past.
Most of them I don't.
There's been so many over the years, but the real serious ones and, oh, the little dog, you know, or the little dog's doing well in the backyard.
They're scratching on the window and the little dog's scratching on the window.
Oh, I see it.
You know, it's I'm out front and you drive out and you walk out and the person drives off.
That's when you call the cops.
So it's on record.
Uh, you know, if they cap you.
Uh, but generally when they're threatening you, they're not going to kill you.
Uh, they're just really freaked out, really embarrassed, really upset, uh, because, you know, they wanted to kill those 3,000 people, be heroes, but they don't want to kill people exposing how they murdered 3,000, because martyrs make more people get on the case.
But you are dealing with hardcore murderers.
And I'm sure the people I have calling you might have even been the crowd planting bombs in the buildings.
So be very careful and you do need to call and have everybody make a police report.
You call the police out, you go into the detective, four or five of you that got the threats, and you talk about what's happening.
Okay, Luke.
I won't let this stop me, man.
I just want people out there not to be discouraged.
And I don't need to stand up, because we all need to stand up.
No, this only encourages us, Luke, to know that the killers are showing themselves.
They definitely are, and it's coming out, and that's why they're acting childish, and that's why they're doing this to me.
And people need to understand, that's why we're winning.
I mean, look at the Gandhi quote, you know.
First they ignored us, you know, first they make fun of us, and then they attack us.
And that's basically what they're doing right now.
And we won't let them get to us.
You know, we're winning.
We really are.
Well, I agree with you, and call in in the next few days when we get that video and we upload it and do an article on it, Luke, and we'll have you back on to cover that.
When is the next Street Action going to be?
Because I know you're not just out on the 11th, you're out every week, aren't you?
Yeah, we're out every week.
We're probably going to be out this Friday.
What about the Feds that are out there trying to debunk you?
Are they starting to get a little upset?
What's really interesting is this gentleman has come back and has been taking pictures of us at Ground Zero there.
And he just ran away before we could even get a camera on him.
Oh, I'm sure he's upset that in martial law he's a big star.
Yeah, he is a big star in martial law.
And what's weird is he's around here now and he's taking pictures of us and we don't know what the hell's going on.
Oh, man.
At least you don't have helicopters over your mom's house yet, though, flipping her off.
Luckily not yet.
Hopefully he doesn't get me.
And I think just by me making it public, they're going to stop.
Yeah, I really have to take care of it.
I won't never let them stop him.
Yeah, I'd like to get my hands around whoever's doing that's neck.
I'll tell you that right now, Luke.
Don't worry, we're going to have trials.
We're going to get them.
Those that try to escape to other nations will be hunted down.
They're going to lose.
They're going down, man.
They're going to lose.
You and those are going down.
They're going down, my brother.
God bless you, Luke Radowsky.
God bless you, too.
Michael Rivero, straight ahead.
Tons of news.
Your call.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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I'll be right back.
I'm getting some Cal-X.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Now, look where Dowski's parents were anti-communist in Poland.
And they got over here in the US in the early 1980s when he was a little boy.
And now he's 21 years old.
Living under similar tyranny.
It's just amazing.
Michael Rivera, who had one of the first big sites on the web, WhatReallyHappened.com, exposing the Vince Foster killing.
I remember back in, like, 96, you know, being on the web, 95.
No, we're just constitutionalist patriots.
We're here to fight the New World Order.
We understand that both parties are bought and paid for.
But, Mike, I wanted to get your take on dictators acting like dictators, as you always say.
The fact that Luke, every week, with others, goes and protests in front of Silverstein properties, and they've tried to threaten that, you know, that, oh, they've got bombs, we're going to set you up.
Now, one of the guys that did that got fired, they reported, we haven't confirmed that.
Now, he and his friends and others are getting death threats at their homes, at unlisted numbers, and even at family's phones.
This is, I guess this means he's over the target if he's getting this much flack.
Yeah, definitely.
When you start getting this kind of harassment and treatment, it means that you have gotten close enough to make somebody in power very, very nervous.
And in a way, it's almost a badge of recognition, because if you're getting this kind of treatment, it means, you know, you are accomplishing what you're trying to do.
You're getting the point across.
It's like getting a gold medal, isn't it?
It's like getting a real gold medal.
Yeah, well, more like a gold star.
They just stick it on your forehead and say, yeah, this guy is really making his point, so we have to go after him.
And in a way, it's almost a credibility booster, because if he's getting this kind of treatment, basically it means that he's saying something that we've got to pay attention to.
I think that Silverstein and Crewe are making a big mistake, though, going after some young college students in this bullying way.
I mean, they've got to know that history shows that that's the worst possible course for them to take.
Well, I think the history that they're looking at is back in the 50s and 60s, in the Cold War and COINTELPRO days, when these kind of tactics actually would work.
But in the days of the Internet and alternative radio, it's very obvious that these kind of tactics only call attention to the people they're trying to target.
It makes them into sympathetic victims.
It underscores the fact that somebody somewhere is very concerned about keeping certain things secret.
And I agree that Silverstein is not going to get the reaction that he wants with this kind of behavior.
I know when I was going through my own difficulties back in the 90s, all it did was it just made me angrier and angrier and just kept me working at what I was doing.
Do they think we're cowards like they are?
I guess they do this because that would scare them, someone threatening to kill them, because all it does is make me mad too.
I think you may be right at that, and it's not just the idea of the death threats, it's the idea of smearing somebody's reputation, because they live so much on the basis of their reputation and their public image, that an attack on that really is something to be feared.
But then when you have people like yourself, who are really committed to a cause, and really don't care what anybody thinks about you as a person, so long as they're listening to what you have to say about the cause, those kind of effects aren't really going to work.
And if anything, again,
It's just another way of getting free publicity for what you're trying to do.
I think you've hit on the key here.
We're committed, for the right reasons, trying to literally save this society and live free lives.
And they're committed to power and Cadillacs and big houses just for its sake.
And so for them, it's so alien, they think everybody's going to take the quote, safe route.
But if the whole society takes the safe route, we're all going to lay down and be slaves.
Yeah, that's very much the truth, and that's very much what they want to see happen.
But again, it all comes down to valuing your own self-image versus valuing the country and your neighbors.
And obviously, if you care about your country and your neighbors, attacks upon you personally really aren't going to seem all that significant.
Well, also, frankly, what I think of myself
Is literally 99% of my personal worth and I mean I look at myself and then make the determination of how much value I have.
I don't go off of what other people think.
To me it's so alien that so many people in society and we've been raised this way now in the past people were only concerned really about what themselves and you know doing the right thing in their own moral compass.
I mean I don't understand why
I remember being maybe a junior high and being embarrassed or shamed or being insecure, but after junior high, I don't ever remember really caring what people thought of me, Mike.
Yeah, that's basically what I went through as well, but in a world where so much of our esteem is purchasable and wearable, because we're trained to be that way to serve commercial interests, people who do have a lot of money and a lot of power do spend a great deal of it on bolstering their public image, and that becomes a point of vulnerability for them, as we are seeing in the D.C.
Madden case.
Where, you know, they will go to great lengths to protect their public image because that's what they're trafficking in.
Whereas, you know, the blogs, for the most part, the webmasters tend to be pretty much faceless.
Alternative radio, we're a voice, you know, you're a voice out there talking about the facts of what's going on.
And so the personal slights, it's not a point of weakness for us because all it does is simply say that
The people challenging us can't deal with our facts.
They can't deal with the logic.
They can't deal with the law.
It's like the old lawyer joke.
You know, if the facts and logic are against you, call the other lawyer bad names.
Well, for some people that's going to work if that public image is really what their identity is wrapped around.
But for you and I, we define ourselves in terms of our work, in terms of getting the truth out about what's going on in the country.
No, I agree with you, and that's really, I guess it's the difference of what makes us tick versus what makes them tick.
I mean, folks, I got news for the New World Order.
We're not some poor immigrant family running our first grocery store, and you're going to walk in and shake us down.
I mean, that's not going to happen.
You're going to get something you don't like.
But I think the New World Order is starting to figure that out, Mike.
Yeah, they're a little late getting a clue as to what's going on.
And what it really comes down to is the Internet has really changed society as dramatically as movable type printing did.
I say more so.
I would say probably more so because of the scale and speed with which it's happening, but if you go back and study the history of Gutenberg's time, you will see that the same entrenched power
Back then, very quickly tried to find a way to keep these books out of the hands of the general population.
The church was actively suppressing the Bible, trying to keep it from getting in the hands of the common people.
The man who did the first English translation of the Bible was actually sentenced to death by the church, and that first English Bible was burned.
So, you know,
They were a little late getting on board the fact that those books were here to stay and eventually they adapted to it.
And we're seeing the same thing here with the internet.
Where up until this point, the government institutions and corporate institutions have been trying to play the propaganda game by the rules that worked back in the 50s and 60s, and they're not working.
They're just now beginning to figure that out.
And eventually, what I am hoping is going to happen is that the government and the corporations are going to realize that the days when you could successfully lie on a huge scale to the general population are over and gone forever.
And that their own welfare and profitability is going to be dependent on an increased level of candor and honesty and forthrightness with the taxpayers, with the customers, with the general population.
I'm hoping that's the way it's going to go.
But as was the case in the wake of Gutenberg's movable type printing, there will be some institutions that are basically going to refuse to adapt to the new environment, and they will become extinct.
Well, there's no doubt in that.
There's this paradox in the New World Order system, or this oxymoron, where the globalists are destroying America, debasing its borders, debasing its sovereignty, driving down the value of the currency, blowing out the debts to stratospheric levels, rocketing ever upward.
And then destroying our name globally, and then snickering and saying that's part of their global plan to discredit us, to merge into a larger merger of three super states, Asia, Europe, and America.
But at the same time, they've got such a good job of destroying America, that it may even cause their whole system to collapse, and even the Financial Times of London and others are openly writing about how the financial bubble is so big it may even damage the super elites!
Well, this is the reason I am opposed to global government.
I know that there are a lot of people who think a single global government is a great thing because it would mean no more wars, that we could deal with global situations like poverty and medical crisis in the environment, but I view national borders as serving the same function
for our planet as fireproof doors in a building or watertight bulkheads in a ship.
They are there to contain a disaster so it doesn't destroy the whole entity.
If you flood one compartment on a ship but you've got the watertight bulkheads, the ship as a whole remains afloat.
If you have a fire in one office in a building but the fireproof doors are closed,
The whole building does not go up.
Or another way to see it is a separation of powers like the founders splitting the government up under three groups and then even subdividing those.
Yeah, that's actually a very, very, very good point.
But if you prop open the fireproof doors to make it easier to move around, or if you leave those waterproof bulkheads, you know, welded open because people want to go back and forth in the ship a lot faster, then you have a disaster and the whole building burns, the whole ship sinks.
If you have a single global government and something goes wrong, there is no safety in the system.
And the example I like to use is, what if we had had global government in the 1940s
And Hitler became the president of the entire Earth.
And they wanted to institute his policies.
Who would have stopped him?
That's beautiful, that's beautiful.
In fact, I'm going to use... I'm just finishing some voiceovers on a film.
Do I have permission to use your bulkhead analogy?
Of course, of course.
I'm honored.
Well, no, that really says it all.
That's the best analogy I've heard so far.
I mean, that's the thing.
You don't... And just for diseases, you want national borders.
Because that also acts as a bulkhead.
Yeah, you have to be able to control the flow of people, certainly in the case of a medical crisis, and if you have a completely global society and no borders at all, and no containment,
You know, we live in an age right now where a serious outbreak on one part of the planet is just one aircraft flight away from anywhere else on the world.
Here in Hawaii, you know, we have a situation where anytime there's a minor flu outbreak anywhere in the Pacific Rim, it is here in Hawaii 24 hours later.
We'll be right back.
Michael Rivero, stay with us.
We'll get into geopolitical issues, the war, and a lot more.
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Mike Rivera is our guest.
Mike, there's so much going on.
And I see articles today about gas because it's $4 a gallon, it's already above three national average.
And then we have oil company documents from the mid-90s, AP reported on them back in 2001, where they said they were going to buy up hundreds of privately owned refineries to shut them down, to create an artificial bottleneck.
So we have absolute red-handed right there.
We know there's more oil they can do anything with.
We know a lot of the uptake in prices, of course, dollar devaluation, but that's only for about half of the increase.
The rest is just basic raping.
It's not free market.
What's your whole take on what's happening with the gasoline prices?
Well, you're absolutely correct on that.
We've seen a lot of manipulations before with oil prices.
The games that Enron was playing was really nothing new about that sort of corporate chicanery.
It's just Enron got carried away.
Made it too obvious to ignore anymore.
One thing that we notice here in Hawaii is that as we head into the summer tourist season, there's always a reason for the gas prices to go up just a little bit more because they want to catch the tourists more on the mainland doing cross-country driving and recreational vehicles.
So it really is not a case so much of supply and demand as it is of speculation.
And partly, as you say, it is the devaluation of the dollar, but on the other hand, since these are mostly American oil companies that are operating these foreign refineries and wells, it's simply a case of them exploiting the situation to their own benefit, because they could certainly price their commodity in American dollars right at the wellhead, but choose not to do so.
I do know that going back to, as you said, the mid-90s, these congressional records, a set that I have on my website,
Definitely points to oil company interests as a major reason for the plan to invade Afghanistan.
And it's worth noting that in 2001, in the early spring, around March and April, the United States announced to other countries that the U.S.
would be invading Afghanistan in October of 2001.
This has raised quite a few eyebrows because, of course, in September of 2001 we had the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Towers.
And they happened just exactly at the moment that the United States needed an angry American population to support a war going into Afghanistan.
And if you remember those very early days, right after the 9-11 attacks, the finger of blame was always, it's Osama and he's in Afghanistan, we must invade them.
Well, we invaded Afghanistan.
Then all of a sudden it was, well, it's Saddam was behind 9-11.
We must invade them.
And as we ramp up here in Iran, we are seeing the propagandist attempt to find some way to link Iran to the attacks of 9-11.
They're just going to go on pointing the finger, blaming everybody, saying they were part of 9-11.
They were part of 9-11.
Invade, invade, invade.
And the one common factor, of course, is that every place we're invading is sitting over huge resources of oil.
And it is for this reason that when Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the papers from Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force, what was released turned out to be maps of Mideast oil fields.
So it appears that this entire war program is rooted, at least in part, in a desire for American oil companies to be given control of Mideast oil fields.
And we see this manifest
In the Iraq oil law, which is wending its way through the Iraqi parliament right now, which will basically hand control of the majority of Iraq's oil to American oil companies for the next several decades at virtually giveaway prices.
So, oil is definitely a big part of what is shaping the world right now.
And certainly I think one of the reasons why there is little interest in developing true alternatives is that the oil company lobbyists are still very much in control of the White House and the Congress.
Certainly our president comes from an oil family, and they don't see any reason to change things from a system that, at least for the moment, continues to work for them.
I'm just tired of hearing the news and local talk show hosts, you know, claim that, oh, the oil companies aren't running any scams.
They're a free market.
They deserve profit.
I'm all for free market.
What they're doing isn't free market.
It's a type of crony capitalism or monopoly capitalism.
Well, it's basically they've created a society which is totally dependent upon their product, and then by crushing out the competition, they can charge whatever they want for that product.
And, you know, everybody has to pay, or they simply don't drive, they don't run their factory machinery, they don't fly their airplanes, they don't even fight their conventional wars.
And then you try to explain to the leftists out there that global warming and peak oil is being funded by the oil companies, even though we have the documents, they don't understand that the multinationals are getting the lion's share of the tax money and they want a global tax!
I mean, they are slick.
Mike Rivera, I want to get your take on that.
Then get into the war.
And a lot more on the other side.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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There must be some kind of way out of here.
Say that joker to the beat.
There's too much confusion.
There's too much confusion.
I can't get no relief.
Business man there, drink my wine.
Clown man, dig my earth.
Welcome back.
Michael Rivera is our guest.
We're going to go right back to him in just a moment and get into a host of key issues.
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Let's go ahead and go back to Michael Rivera.
Mike, I want to continue with what the phony environmentalists are doing.
None of us want to breathe mercury from coal-fired plants.
None of us want to drink dioxin in the water, dead bacteria killed by the chlorine.
None of us want to have the honeybees dying from GMO, Bt, Monsanto, chemical corn that has the gross pesticide in it.
But the mainline environmentalists are all bought and paid for by the big monopoly men, and all they're doing is pushing for grabbing people's land, handing it over to smart growth conferences.
Now the environmentalists are saying ban the cows, global tax, one-child policies in the West.
That's openly been called for.
That's, quote, the carbon footprint taxing children.
Now the Earth Times says scientists stuns experts by saying trees worsen greenhouse effect.
And this is the environmentalist saying, cut down the trees, get rid of them.
You see, this is the fallacy of the argument that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.
Carbon dioxide is one of only two life-giving gases in the plant and animal interchange.
Or symbiotic relationship.
Higher carbon dioxide causes larger and higher levels of oxygen.
Animals and plants both thrive in a oxygen-slash-carbon-dioxide-rich environment.
And so, in reality, this is a life-giving gas.
By the way, the majority of the scientists have stated this, but the media just lies and says, all scientists agree, cows and trees are killing us, we must get rid of them.
So now the logical extension of this is, the trees are
Well, I have a little sign I put up on my site the other day when that article came out.
It's called, Let's Pave the Earth, One Planet, One Slab of Cement.
And I'm being facetious because I like having trees around.
I'm sure the people in Florida right now probably would disagree with me.
But the issue is not one of science and who is right and who is wrong.
The issue is that we have political opportunists
And people with products to sell who are seizing upon the environmentalist movement as a device to sell whatever they are selling or whatever agenda they're pushing or whatever vote they're trying to get.
And what the whole global warming issue is, it is a device to justify even further encroachments on our personal freedoms and how we live our lives.
It is a justification for yet more taxes upon the poor, who already are struggling.
They're losing their homes trying to meet the rising interest rates and the taxes that are being placed on them.
And in many cases, as this article illustrates, the science that is being cited as justification for all this intrusion into our life
It is not as clear-cut or black-and-white as is being presented.
If you go back and you look very carefully at the record from, for example, the mid-1930s to the mid-1940s, carbon dioxide levels were rising, and yet the measured temperature of the Earth was actually in decline.
So this one... Well, bottom line, all the major climatological and also societal studies and animal and plant studies, a hotter planet is good for life.
We're dealing with microscopic changes in temperature over very long periods of time, and if you get back into the geological fossil record, of course the Earth is getting warmer.
We just came out of an ice age in geological terms.
The last mini ice age only ended about 150 years ago.
Gee, I wonder why we're getting warmer.
You have to understand that ice ages and the non-ice ages, they don't butt up against each other.
We're like, you know, one day you go to bed and there's glaciers outside and the next day you wake up and there's palm trees.
There's a very slow transition period.
And this idea that the last Ice Age ended on thus and such a date, it is an arbitrary designation where somebody says, well, I think we can definitely say we're out of the worst of it there, but we're still transitioning.
And the whole history... That's right.
The peak of the last major Ice Age
The peak began to end, and then recession of it began 12,000 years ago.
But that doesn't mean we don't have ice caps.
And to elaborate on that, the anthropologists, the archaeologists have clearly traced every major human expansion across Asia, Eurasia, into the Americas, happened during warming periods.
And so, I mean, bottom line, a warmer planet is good for Homo sapiens sapiens.
Very much so.
I'm sure that the reason they can't get any traction with global warming up in Canada is Canada would welcome a little bit more warming.
Certainly, you know, the idea that it's bad everywhere is nonsense.
I was in Ottawa last June and it was literally snowing at night every evening.
Well, archaeologists have discovered that Vikings actually had colonies on what is now Greenland.
Obviously it's a very uninhabitable place right now, but at one point it was warm enough where there was all kinds of human habitation around that northern part of Canada.
And Greenland.
And the idea that, you know, warming up the planet is going to be bad for everybody, that's not an automatic given.
There are a lot of sectors of our biosphere that would benefit from increased warmth and increased carbon dioxide.
Here's another example.
Carbon dioxide crops will grow.
More food will grow.
We have a planet where the human population is suffering famine on a large scale.
We should work to have more plant growth.
And what do plants need to live?
They need carbon dioxide.
Absolutely, but carbon dioxide is with al-Qaeda, so we have to ban it.
It's a deadly bio-weapon.
But expanding on that, the deception, remember five months ago, all over national news, the cover of major magazines, the polar bear family on an ice floe.
What they didn't tell you is a polar bear can swim 300 miles.
They routinely swim over 100.
They swim from ice floe to ice floe to hunt seals and beluga, whale, and other porcines and other creatures.
And of course, that's pigs, excuse me, pinnipeds, but they're doing all sorts of things, and that actually, since things have warmed up in the last 50 years, we've seen polar bear massive spikes and increase in numbers.
But the point is, they said polar bears can't swim, oh my god, they're going to die, look at them, and it was that they were hunting on an ice floe, it's a total lie!
Well, the interesting thing is that photograph, as it turned out, was taken in the springtime when the ice is supposed to be melting anyway.
And again, it's all about selling people on the idea that they have to pay another tax.
It's all about
Getting the people to accept further controls on their lives.
What it really comes down to is convincing the general population of the Earth to make do with a little bit less, so that the powerful can have a little bit more.
To do their wars with, to build their palaces with, to live their exalted lifestyles with.
And it's snake oil.
Back in the 70s, we were being told that a new Ice Age was imminent.
If we didn't support this or that political agenda, or if we didn't donate money to this or that particular cause, or this foundation that was researching the problem, there is big money!
In fact, since the 30s, they've had four different cooling, warming scares already.
Yeah, it's just they'll run it until people get tired of it as they're getting tired of global warming now and a year from now it'll be something else that they're waving around to try and get you to donate money or give up some more of your freedom or pay another tax.
And you know I've got intelligent friends, Mike, who've got degrees, work in successful businesses in media or in other areas and you tell them, no, no, no, trees, you know, trees like carbon dioxide, no, no, no, it's a life-giving gas.
No, no, no.
All the major core studies show it's been higher in the past and that we would actually live longer if we had higher oxygen.
And they just, it's emotional.
They go, no, we've got to have the global carbon tax.
And I'm like, no, no, no.
That isn't going to, even if you believe in man-made global warming, a global tax isn't going to help it.
But they just, they just won't get it.
They like to be conned.
Well, what it is, is that it's a matter of fashion.
They want to be fashionable.
Remember we said in the earlier segment about people polishing their public images?
This is how the sell works.
The media is selling that you're not really trendy and hip unless you're wearing the correct political causes to go with your designer jeans and your fashion statement jewelry.
And right now, global warming is the fashionable cause to be connected with.
And a lot of people like to get
Connected to this cause and support it because it's safe.
You know, it's very, as we were talking about in the first segment, it's very dangerous to be taking an anti-war stance.
It's very dangerous to stand up to the government and say the government is lying about weapons of mass destruction.
It's very dangerous to stand up and say the taxes may not be legal.
But anybody who wants to go around saying, I have a cause I support, they can say, I, global warming,
And they can wear the t-shirts and feel really good about themselves for doing something better for the planet without risking themselves personally.
And that is one of the reasons why global warming is such a popular cause.
It's safe.
Well, I agree with you.
Shifting gears into a whole other subject.
But again, folks, now the environmentals are saying the trees are evil.
They'll probably convince you by the time they're done.
Of course, that's pure baloney, but again, what do I know?
I'm not sure I'm on a ski slope.
If you're Cher's husband, you're in deep trouble.
Yeah, Sonny Bono.
Yeah, Sonny Bono.
The war.
A new federal report came out.
Since the surge happened, it's many times more violent.
Things are clearly descending into total bedlam.
Even the strategy of tension has been overplayed.
They're now in total siege mode.
Troops are dying at record levels.
And Bush is saying that bombings is a secure country, and that endless civil war is actually a victory, and that we can never leave, and that we can't even have progress reports for Congress.
The Democrats are clearly just smoke and mirrors, acting like they're against the war for their constituents, but falling down over and over again.
We've now got even Richard Holbrook saying it's a complete civil war descending into absolute, open, hell-like bedlam.
3 million Iraqis have died in the last 15 years of this wonderful, now 16 years of liberation.
Close to a million.
New numbers are coming out that the Lanzik study of 650,000 is conservative.
Another year now tacked on, it may be over a million.
Will the liberation not be complete until every Iraqi is dead and no longer breathes Babylonian air?
Well, I think that may actually be the plan.
The United States has already realized it cannot win Iraq militarily, so I think the plan is to keep the Sunni and the Shiite killing each other off until eventually there are none left.
And this reminds me of that quote by Tacitus regarding Rome.
They created a desolation and called it peace, and it seems like we're on the same path.
In Iraq right now.
Meanwhile, I noticed that the mainstream media today has just been waving around the story of these missing three soldiers.
These poor, missing three soldiers.
And don't get me wrong, I feel bad for the fact that they got captured and everything, but who put them in harm's way?
I mean, the Iraqis are only doing what you or I would do if the United States was invaded and occupied by a foreign power.
We'd be out there harassing them and trying to get our country back.
Who put these three soldiers in harm's way?
It was President Bush?
And his lies about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.
Certainly Israel was not shy about cheering the United States on invading Iraq.
Let me just add this.
There's a bigger thing going on.
Every time anybody fights back, they call them Al-Qaeda or Al-Qaeda connected.
And then later you read and they say someone claims one of their leaders might be Al-Qaeda connected.
Al-Qaeda wasn't in that country, even if you believe it's a real group.
Saddam was anti-Al-Qaeda, so we removed him to get rid of WMDs.
Now we say to get rid of Al-Qaeda,
And they'll have Shiite fighting the occupiers, and then they'll call them Al-Qaeda.
Shiite is the opposite of Al-Qaeda, but they treat the public like they're complete morons, but the chairman of the committee doesn't know the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni.
I mean, are you not sick of this, Mike?
I'm absolutely sick of it, and I'm very angry about it, especially because, as you say, Al-Qaeda, it's about as real as global warming.
It's a manufactured media event.
The word Al-Qaeda means the base, and it originated on the front of a CIA file cabinet, which was the database of Mujahideen in Afghanistan who were assisting the United States against the Soviet Union.
Brzezinski did it!
It's a big joke!
It's a government name for Muslims they handle!
Yeah, exactly.
It's the base.
But here's the really funny part.
In Arabic slang, Al-Qaeda means the toilet.
So if you were going to form a terrorist organization to go out and reshape the world, would you name yourself the toilet?
No, you'd call it... I'm here to blow up your school bus.
You'd call it Holy Jihad or the Eternal Fighters.
You wouldn't call it the toilet.
Yes, I'm here from the toilet.
I'm here to blow up your building.
Nobody's going to say, get out of here.
Yeah, basically, I've heard the different, you know, folks and linguists and people that, you know, study all the slang.
All over the Middle East, it translates to the crapper.
Yes, that's exactly right.
So, you know, as names of made-up terrorist groups go, it's pretty lame.
And then you go back in and you find the few Al-Qaeda cells that have been arrested.
They arrested one in Palestine, turned out to be a bunch of Mossad people.
You have this guy here in the United States running around, the American Al-Qaeda, who calls himself Adam Gadahn.
His real name is Adam Perlman, and he's the grandson of an ADL board member.
It's all a gigantic hoax to get people to go along with this war of conquest, just like global warming is a hoax to get people to go along with higher taxes and fewer freedoms on how they live their own life.
It's manufacturing consent by deception, and that is the modus operandi of the United States government, and has been for most of our country's history.
You're right, but there is a group that's real, and that's LCIADA.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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We're good to go.
I think so.
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Mike Rivero does a Saturday morning radio show that I believe he's expanded.
Mike, as I tune in now, it's longer than an hour now, isn't it?
Yeah, it's a two-hour show now and we've got twice as much mayhem on Saturday morning, so people want to tune in.
It's from 11 a.m.
to 1 p.m.
Central Time, and we're having a lot of fun and we're getting a lot of really good guests.
Where do you see the war going now?
I mean, Bush's approval rating slid a few more points.
The Congress in the same Gallup poll has the same approval rating, which is good news.
It shows that people know that both parties are complete whores and bought by the same John, the New World Order.
Where do you see it going?
I mean, will they just put it into a process forever and just the troops will be there?
Or is this thing just going to build to a head where they're going to have to bring them home?
Because now we have massive record desertions.
We have just, they won't let the troops get on MySpace or any other social network site because they're all posting how much they hate it.
The news is coming out that they killed Pat Tillman probably on purpose.
I mean, how can this continue?
Well, it's going to continue as long as we, the people, allow it to continue.
And, you know, part of the problem, of course, is with the massive vote fraud that we're seeing in this country, the politicians are no longer afraid of the voters.
So, you know, the mainstream media is completely ignoring the peace marches and demonstrations.
We know that they're out there because we see them on our blogs, but the mainstream media is really ignoring them.
But there's going to be one of two outcomes.
We cannot win this war because the reasons given to start the war were all lies.
There were no weapons of mass destruction.
Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11.
Iraq was not aiding Al-Qaeda.
They were actually enemies.
So we cannot win.
What we can do and what the government, I think, wants to do is continue to garrison the country
As a point of power projection into the Middle East for the foreseeable future.
And it's also a black hole just to pump hundreds of tons a week of hundred dollar bills into.
Now, of course, the other alternative is that the Iraqis could succeed in driving the United States out of Iraq, much as the Vietnamese succeeded in driving the U.S.
out of Vietnam.
And I personally think we're headed in that direction.
And I think it would be a good thing, because it would bring to an end this idea that we're going to invade Iran and eventually Saudi Arabia.
Which, in turn, I believe, would eventually, inevitably, lead to a direct military confrontation with Russia.
Mike Rivera, I agree.
It's a domino effect.
The Anglo-American establishment is going to drive this horse, ride this horse, until it collapses.
Better it collapse now than deeper down the road like Napoleon did.
Mike, thank you for coming on WhatReallyHappened.com.
You can hear him here Saturdays on the GCN Radio Network.
Thanks for coming on.
We'll talk to you next month.
Next month.
God bless you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Remember on May Day, now 15 days ago, the illegal aliens were rioting in cities near you, stomping around, demanding Larica and Kisko waving foreign flags.
And while one American dared tell them he didn't like it, in a verbal, non-verbal communication, so the police banged his head in the concrete and the illegals celebrated with pleasure.
And that's why we wrote an article about it titled, Illegal Aliens Are Above The Law.
That gentleman's coming up in about five minutes who shot the video of that.
Doesn't know the man he saw being viciously assaulted by the police that work for the private bankers and don't even know it.
But right now, I wanted to play this Daily Show piece that really says it all.
We're going to be analyzing it here on air.
You know, commenting on it for comment purposes.
But again, it's not a laughing matter, but Jon Stewart makes it one.
I can't help but snicker myself, where he just breaks down the double-speak of the President concerning the four-plus years of the extermination operation going on in Iraq.
Here it is.
Starting in Washington, if you remember two weeks ago, Congressional Democrats passed an Iraq spending bill that tied benchmark deadlines for United States withdrawal to war funding.
Reaction from the President was swift.
In return for you spending that money, it's your money after all, it makes sense for government to say, is it working?
Are we meeting objectives?
I'm sorry, wait, that was from a speech on No Child Left Behind.
I'm sorry.
This is him on the Iraq funding bill.
So I vetoed the bill?
That's better!
Seriously, 8th grade English teachers must be held accountable for test scores.
But Iraq, you know...
But the Democrats came back with another plan to provide half the war funding now with the other half contingent on a progress report in July!
That one got shot down too, but still!
On both sides of the aisle, everyone agrees the Iraq situation's got to change and fast.
The White House spokesman Tony Snow wants everyone to understand that Iraq's not going to turn around overnight after four and a half years.
The idea that a rock is like Oz, and one day it's going to be black and white, and the next day you're going to wake up and it's color.
I guess, depending on which Oz you're talking about, I mean, definitely this Oz... Yeah, no, I don't think that's going to be it, but maybe this one might be...
That could happen.
So, with all the uncertainty, it really does make you start to wonder, what is victory in Iraq?
Victory in Iraq is a country that can sustain itself, govern itself, and defend itself.
Half the nations in the Coalition of the Willing can't do that!
Seriously, I'm looking at you, Marshall Islands.
You want a piece?
Seriously, that's a tall order.
Can we really stick to that plan?
We will never back down.
We will never give in.
And we will never accept anything less than complete victory.
Then we're good to go!
We got a clear definition of victory.
All that's left is to stay with it, and then we get one of them sign-in ceremonies on the battleship.
There will not be a signing ceremony on the deck of a battleship.
Because don't you think that'd be pretty cool?
There will be no surrender ceremony on the deck of a battleship.
Okay, you don't have to be a d*** about it.
But so then, we're all clear though on what constitutes success.
There's no challenges there.
It's one of the challenges I have to explain to the American people what Iraq will look like in a situation that will enable us to say we have accomplished our mission.
I thought you did that four years ago.
The beacon of freedom in the Middle East, government that can sustain itself, bulwark against terrorism.
What are we saying success is now?
Iraq will be a society in which there is relative peace.
I say relative peace because if it's like zero car bombings, it never will happen that way.
See, you can't have zero car bombings...
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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That's 1-866-885-6625.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, so there's a bunch of illegal aliens.
In Seattle, Washington, stomping around with their supporters, yelling, this is Mexico, a reconquista.
Pilgrims go home, the regular racist stuff.
Anti-American stuff.
And this guy's blocked in traffic, can't get to work, so he starts flipping them off.
The illegals come over and physically assault him.
The cops pull him off very lightly.
I mean, as if they were touching the Pope or something.
uh... or the president then they grab him out of the car uh... because he dare be assaulted by the gods and they slam his face down the concrete, blood's literally pouring out of his lips and nose and uh... our guest josh moore who just so happens to be a videographer happens to have his own little media company and took a lot of great photographs he sent us that are going to get posted as well that uh... aren't with the google video and uh... he protested the best way he could
And he shows what happened.
And it goes on from there.
We wrote an article titled, Illegal Immigrants Above the Law at PrisonPlanet.com.
It's in the News and Focus section.
We're doing another update on this from the eyewitness reports of our guest.
Then the illegals, it's not enough to beat him up and have the cops beat him up, because you know the cops have been told these people are here to destroy America.
They're here to break down the borders.
They're here to bring in the New World Order.
They're here to bring in the North American Union.
They're allowed to have bank accounts without ID cards.
They're allowed to be above the law.
And, uh, cops know.
I mean, they can shotgun or attack whoever they want with rubber bullets up close for no reason, but you do it to illegals in L.A., you get fired!
And you know, that's the rule.
So it's not enough that they beat up the car, knock out its windows, then they come over and put signs right by the cops while they're still shackling the man they've now bloodied and clearly loosened his teeth, busted his lips, smashed his nose.
I mean, the blood isn't just dripping, it's gouting.
Gouts of it are spraying the ground.
And mission complete!
America destroyed one cut at a time.
Death by a million cuts.
Good job, police.
You work for the New World Order.
With that said, that's just what I got from the video.
The eyewitness, Josh Moore, who shot the video, is our guest.
We appreciate him taking time out to join us today.
Josh, good to have you on with us.
How you doing?
It's good to have you here on the show.
It was exciting to hear that you'd actually heard me on the radio before and heard me on Coast to Coast.
You kind of know where we come from.
I've never pre-interviewed you, though.
My producer talked to you.
Trey did.
Just give me your views on what happened, what you witnessed, and anything else that isn't in the short video you put up on Google.
Yeah, well, I head down to Seattle to kind of check it out.
I've never been to
A protest rally like that, and I picked myself a high point on the street so I could get a nice view of how many people were coming down there, and there was a lot more protesters than I think was anticipated, and so it was pretty amazing.
You're also there to see a first-class citizen.
I mean, as an American citizen, you have no rights and are a complete slave now.
You probably wanted to see an actual God.
Yeah, absolutely.
Oh, yeah.
And I had these guys sitting there trying to recruit me down into the crowd to march with them, too, which was kind of amazing to me.
Every now and then some guys would come along and try to talk to you and try to get you out there, and I just said, just watch.
You know, that kind of thing.
As I'm sitting there watching everybody come down the street, I notice people start whistling and pointing, you know, kind of almost like they're having fun.
You heard the whistles of gods?
And they just do cheering and kind of waving to the guy.
And, you know, I thought, huh, what's going on over there?
And it, you know, I maybe missed a minute of the guy sitting there in his car.
And so I walked around the corner and noticed the guy's hand out of the center of his car.
And, uh, he was just sitting there, cold, stone cold face.
You could tell he was a little bit petrified, but he was emboldened to do what he needed to do.
Um, which, you know, I was tempted to walk up to him and tell him to keep it up, because everybody else was yelling at him, and... Yeah, the revolution's gonna start when all American cases start killing people on the streets, so don't worry, that's when their destruction comes, but please continue.
Oh, yeah, and, uh, so, you know, he's sitting there with his hand up, people running by, hitting his car, slapping his hand, yelling at him, and one of the pictures you can see
One of the main instigators of the situation was reaching inside his car, you know, just screaming at him.
And the guy, he never said anything to anybody.
Well, listen to me, from the video, they're grabbing on him.
It looks like they're grabbing his hair and other loving little gifts.
But the cops, they know who's bad.
Not the guy being assaulted.
I mean, not the people doing the assaulting or attacking the vehicle.
It's the evil American.
Oh, absolutely.
And you know, it really was, it was truly heartbreaking to see
That a guy has to stand up to invaders of his country and not fear them but fear his own government.
Just basically ripping them down and taking them in while he's standing up to protect basically his own country.
I don't know.
It was really disturbing at the time.
I like it for the right whale, because whalers are the right whale.
It was sweet, it was nice, it put up with anything.
We're the marks, as American citizens, we're the people that are to be abused.
But please continue.
Yeah, and you know, so he's just sitting there, and just as I'm getting ready to walk up to the car, I see a couple of police officers start to walk towards him, and I thought, well you know, maybe I should shoot this and shoot the video instead.
And so basically they just hollered at him to put his hand down, I think they told him twice.
And I'm not even sure he could have heard the cops.
It was so loud there.
He might have seen the one officer.
Heard the gods.
Yes, heard the gods.
Excuse me.
And so, one officer walked up to him and basically reached inside his car.
And as you can see in the video, they just, you know, basically dragged him out.
They grabbed the serf slave.
And as soon as they grabbed the serf, he...
He basically took his foot off the brake because he had a stick.
He was at a red light, yeah.
Yeah, because the protesters were blocking traffic and the car rolled forward.
And of course, now they're going to charge him with trying to use a car as a weapon and working with Al Qaeda.
I mean, just watch him.
Yeah, and his car rolled forward and there was a cop bicycle because there are bicycle cops, of course, in Seattle.
It crushed one of the cop bikes underneath the car in front of him.
Unfortunately, actually, there was a bunch of people standing in the car just moments before, and nobody was hurt.
But he did crush the cop's bicycle, and that really pissed the cops off.
And you can see when the car rolled forward, they just drug him out.
And he went out really without protest.
He just wasn't sure what they were doing.
And he was stood up, he had his hands behind his back, and then they just threw him to the ground face-first.
You know, the cops love Fitch.
Well, that's what we deserve.
I mean, in fact, a lot of times when cops in a raid shoot their own officers, they just go ahead and throw a fit and shoot the whole family.
It's just what they do.
I mean, let them.
We deserve it.
Come on.
Yeah, you know, it's always easier to take the less, uh, the less... Yeah, I mean, don't take on the foreigners that are usurping everything and screaming death to America.
Just, uh, go ahead and beat up an American citizen.
It's much easier.
Yeah, yeah.
And, you know, I think what even upset me at the time more was that everybody who was there taking pictures, um, media,
Um, was cheering on the cops and afterwards I had some guy tell me, you know, what a jerk to me about the guy that got thrown to the ground.
And he didn't say it so politely.
And I kind of went over and had a few words with him, but it just, I couldn't believe that somebody's thinking that he's a jerk.
You just brought up the key here because from Texas to California to Washington,
In the curriculum they teach America is Latin American.
It belongs to Mexico, not just the Southwest, the whole country.
That whites are evil and white teachers actually teach this.
Black teachers teach it as well.
And of course this is all federally funded to break the country up with the North American Union.
It's all part of Balkanization.
And so yeah, these are the type of cowardly yuppies who will stand there and have a celebration as the First Amendment and America dies.
They think as long as they agree with it that somehow they've got personal power.
So you've just got to feel sorry for the people there, you know, the media and stuff celebrating it, because they're just scum.
Yeah, oh absolutely.
I mean they think America is like a popularity contest.
All they are is social climbing trash.
Yeah, and they'd rather trash on the guy that's protesting the
The 20,000 illegal aliens, instead of doing what they know really needs to be done.
They're actually intimidated by it, they're scared by it at a subconscious level, but they then see it as popular.
Oh, there's 20,000 for the destruction of America, and the North American Union, and Larica and Keystone and Greater Oslon, then I better go join that and then I'll be on the winning team.
It's like people who pick a baseball or football team when they're in the finals and sure to win.
Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, and you know the thing that was really frustrating about it is as there was, you know, multiple, multiple police officers there.
Multiple first-class guards.
Yeah, multiple first-class guards.
And as they're arresting the serf, he
You know, there was people basically smashing the guy's car.
You can't even see it in the pictures, them kneeing it and what have you.
I did catch one guy ramming his body up against it where they broke out his window.
And they didn't go after any of those guys.
Oh no, they're two feet from police, savagely ripping the vehicle.
They've already attacked this guy.
That doesn't matter, you see.
I mean, listen, we've got video now in Southern California where the illegals attack this guy.
They come over and beat him to a pulp.
He tells the police, gives them video.
They're now charging him with the assault.
You understand, sir?
Listen, we had Vicente Fox come to Austin and give awards to the Austin Police Department for not enforcing and not arresting illegals without a driver's license.
I mean, the APD are traitors to America.
And I don't mean every cop is, but the leadership in that organization is criminal.
Foreign leaders coming and giving you awards for destroying America?
And I'm not just putting words on this.
I mean, that's really what they're doing.
It's a machine, and the individual set aside the machine is definitely going in the wrong direction as far as the interest of Americans goes.
So, yeah, that's insane.
It really is.
You don't know what to do as an American when you're in a situation like that.
If you stand up, you can lose your rights.
And that's all we have as Americans is our rights over the illegals, and apparently we don't even have that.
Well, I want to hear how they took him away.
Thank goodness he was so dangerous.
And did any of the dear, special, first class people, did they hurt their knees on his car?
Should they sue him?
Because by him not going along with what they were doing, he forced them to physically attack him in the vehicle.
And maybe the officers should sue the man whose teeth they knocked out, because he's evil.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, we're gonna deprogram all the commies, too.
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You know our banner's the real deal.
Come to it!
Right beside us!
War against the globalists!
Not some half-measure, not some fake revolution.
The real deal!
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Josh Moore is our guest.
Josh, it is great to have you on.
In the last few minutes we've got together.
Anything else you want to add without me being satirical here?
This footage, for those that haven't seen it, it's up on PrisonPlanet.com on the right hand side.
It says illegal aliens, illegal immigrants are above the law is the link.
You need to go read it if you haven't seen it and watch the video.
But for anything we couldn't see on the video or capture, and then how it ended as they drug him away, the huge celebration of pleasure,
Yeah, well, you know, they basically did what you saw in the video and stood around and loitered around his car while they figured out, you know, what to do.
They had to get a tow truck there and they pranced him around the corner into a paddy wagon and it kind of dispersed everything.
What was interesting is I got a guy on YouTube who said he was in the paddy wagon with the guy.
And he's got a whole group of protesters, including not the guy in the car, but including some other people, were holding up signs that were just simple anti-immigration signs, and they were all detained inside the paddy wagon until the end of the protest.
Oh my God, this just got 50 times worse!
You mean in Seattle they were scooping up anybody that didn't submit to the illegal aliens or Reconquista?
You see, Seattle, the feds staged the riots there with a hundred protesters they hired and funded, and we have this all on my film,
The police take you to the takeover.
You can go watch it on Google Video.
Or get the DVD from us.
And now I've got to hold you over.
This is incredible news.
See, it's always worse than we say.
And they were scooping people up.
And in Seattle, I have on video where they go, no protesting is allowed anywhere in the city if you protest.
And they're searching bags and confiscating little anti-WTO pins in 1999.
Were you aware of that?
I didn't know that happened, but I was aware of the WTO protest for sure.
My God, Seattle has got some of the worst, but it's real liberal and real velvet glove type police state, but there's an iron fist inside.
Tell me more about the YouTuber you talked to.
I must have contact.
Yeah, he makes a basic comment on the YouTube comments and said that basically he's in the paddy wagon with this guy, and after everybody else was released, this guy that had the blood dripping from his face, he said he was just covered in blood by that time.
Um, that he was the only one that was arrested is the one in the video.
Well, yeah, they have to arrest whoever they've abused because they've now got a false charge him to protect themselves.
Yeah, plus they destroyed somebody else's car, cop bicycles.
They've got stuff they gotta charge.
See, that's why I hate the police system.
I don't hate the cops individually, but I just, I mean, it's the system is just totally gone.
It's insane down there.
And, and, you know, and after having that, I tried to look up to find out who the guy was.
I looked in the papers.
To see who was arrested and there were some people arrested at the event.
You know, they had a guy that drove through the crowd.
And, but for some reason they didn't list this guy as being arrested, and I couldn't find out any information.
Yeah, I guarantee you the guy that drove through the crowd just was, it was guaranteed it was an accident, but they, well they probably causally beat him for two hours.
You're gonna learn!
This is Mexico!
Yeah, we're gonna beat you!
I mean, don't the illegal aliens get it that the system is behind them?
They need to stop acting like they're revolutionaries?
Don't they understand that the man is behind them?
Yeah, yeah.
They've got a golden ticket in here, that's for sure.
And, uh, you know, we put that on YouTube and I, you know, wasn't really sure what to expect.
And, you know, it was amazing the number of people that were interested.
And I'd say 60% of the people who leave, you know, comments about the video were anti-immigration, but you get some real nutty people who are pro-immigration and the arguments don't make any sense.
They're threatening usually, you know.
And right now I think of 40,000-something people looked at it just in a week and a half.
Yeah, that's just one version of it.
There's actually a score of versions.
I did an aggregate check of it.
It looks like about 65,000 people have seen it.
Oh, really?
Good, good.
Yeah, I noticed we got a lot of people, a lot of clicks from people from your website.
I mean, something like 12,000 just to our
Well, I'm glad that you appreciate that.
Normally, folks whose videos we link to, they don't appreciate it.
They think it's some slight to send people to their videos.
I tell you what, let's talk about it a few more minutes on the other side.
Do you have time?
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that at the 29 Palms Marine Base located in California, a questionnaire was given to Marines stationed there?
It discussed the United States military under UN command.
Would the Marines accept this?
The final statement to be answered, yes or no, was, I would fire upon American citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the United States government.
Is this what Americans want?
Forced confiscation of guns?
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Thank you for joining us.
Josh Moore shot a little handheld...
They've been out for years, but now they're getting a lot better.
Just these little $200, $300 Sony-type handheld cameras I found are the best.
And they can shoot video, and the police still haven't figured out that they shoot video, because cops will run up while you're under surveillance cameras that they put up and say, Turn that off!
Well, under what law?
Under the destruction of America that I serve!
I'm God!
This is the third world pool now!
You do what we say!
But they don't freak out too much on the little cameras.
Well, I was in Chicago last year, and they did know what they were, and were like, Turn those off!
You're not allowed to tape us!
Didn't you get the memo?
The country's dead!
Ha ha ha ha!
And of course, that's basically what they're doing, so I've got to get them to think about what they're doing.
And we're talking to Josh Moore, who shot the video of this.
Yeah, do you know how many days ago that was in the YouTube comments?
Because I want to go get that and I'm going to have Paul Watson do an article about it.
Just about how you talked to folks that were saying that that's what they witnessed.
I want to get those comments and post them and do a part two on this story.
Elaborate on that and then just what was it like to see him running up celebrating with signs right by the cops?
And was there anything the camera didn't pick up going on on the periphery around you?
Yeah, well, one of the things, you know, as you mentioned, it was a small camera.
I was actually on my motorcycle that day, so I didn't take my big camera with me.
And the one thing the video didn't pick up was the sounds, as well as I'd like to, and the stuff that people were saying.
Most of it's unrepeatable.
It was just kind of a background, like a sports stadium, sure.
Yeah, and... Well, let me guess, I've been to these, was it, you gringos are gonna die, this is Mexico, go back to Europe, go ahead and die, we're gonna kill you, bleep, bleep, bleep?
Uh, nothing that intelligent.
Most of it was, you know, this is our country, you know, a lot of the F word and, you know, that type of stuff.
You know, arrest them, take them down, that kind of thing.
You know, they didn't... They were just, I think, probably acting more on the moment, the people that were there.
But certainly some of the signs that people had that they were showing in front of the camera... They were celebrating the death of the First Amendment!
Celebrating it, but notice, it's all selective.
Well, you know, what occurred to me is that, you know, a majority of the people in this country are obviously citizens.
And if you're going to come to this country and want to become a citizen, you'd want to make friends with these people.
Not sit there and get them arrested and cause conflict among these people, because they're not going to be your friend.
They're not going to let you in the country.
You do this in Mexico, they will gun you down, not with rubber bullets, but with full metal jacket rounds, okay?
Well, here's the deal.
So they get up here, and then the media says, do it, it's yours, have fun, because they want to foment all this, and they're just being used.
They have no idea.
But I mean, just to watch the cops, there to make sure citizens can't protest, there to arrest people that were peacefully protesting, there to slam their faces into the ground and then frame them and set them up, while just basically massaging the illegal aliens.
I mean, it's just disgusting!
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
I mean, they gave them permission, of course there was
The fear that it might be a trick to deport everybody, but nobody really believed that, and I certainly would have rather the police put their efforts... Oh yeah, don't worry, you're not going to get deported, illegals.
They're going to have a few show deportations to fool middle America that supposedly something's been done.
They'll deport 200,000 a year and cause it a huge increase.
There's three plus million illegals, a million legals a year.
Don't worry.
If America's legs were chopped off, they're just going to put a mandate on it.
They're not doing anything.
Don't worry!
You're going to get to rule a giant third world cesspit.
Yeah, let's turn America into Mexico.
That's what we need.
Well, it's going to be far worse because it's just going to be a huge frothing mass of everyone hating each other and the government manipulating and pulling different strings to play different groups off against each other.
Well, you know, like I said before, they're hurting themselves by being our enemy, by being American citizens' enemy to the point where
If they become citizens, how do we distinguish those people?
But see, their leaders have been given the word.
Don't worry.
Whatever the American people do, we want a North American Union.
You are going to be legalized.
Just come on.
And that's emboldened these people.
And then you're going to have a situation, I think, where American citizens are going to have a lot of resentment towards the Mexican community in general.
Are you kidding?
The illegal alien community, by and large, doesn't care.
They love it.
They'll tell you in some restaurants, just get out.
We don't want you here anyways.
Yeah, well, you know, don't go.
There's other businesses, other restaurants then, I guess.
Well, the sad thing is, you know, Hispanic American citizens are some of the most patriotic, wonderful, nice, good people, and they're integrated into society.
Their culture has merged with society and made it richer and better.
It's this new wave of illegal aliens and their supporters
And unfortunately, I'd say there are about 30-40% of the 30 million that are here.
Another 20-30% are kind of on the fence.
And about 30% are great people.
And it's just hell on earth, brother.
It's just going to get worse and worse and worse.
Yeah, absolutely.
And you have that guy that sent in the comments saying that he's in the paddy wagon.
You know, I emailed him once.
Yeah, I should almost ask him if he could give you any info there.
Because he's got some pretty incredible stories, I thought, about being detained for protesting.
If you can get a hold of him, have him email his details.
It's just best if he writes up a statement to Watson at PrisonPlanet.com.
We can write an article around it.
Watson's so busy, he doesn't even really do interviews.
It's just better to have the info given to him.
Or he writes off my interviews on air.
We kind of multitask.
It's media fusion integration with a small crew.
Also, what you can do is, you can interview him if you'd like and then send us the information, or you can meet back up with him and videotape it.
That'd be a great part two to put on the web.
But this is definitely important to show the follow-up that it was everybody being stopped, because that's a racketeering, that's a corrupt organization's criminal action by the city, and they should be sued for that.
Because it's not just that they did that to him, that they did it to other peaceful people with signs.
That is a hardcore civil rights violation.
I mean, that is just unbelievable.
Oh, absolutely.
Well, and you know, being down there, being in Seattle, period, if you're at all right-wing, man, you're in a pack of luna.
Uh, you know, going down to Seattle that day, I had to park really far away and walk through the streets, probably, you know, a mile or two.
And there was all types of people walking the streets that day.
And, uh, you know, I saw maybe five or six people that were anti-immigration the entire day that I was there.
And obviously they were around, and there was a lot of people there.
But in Seattle, you don't realize how, you know, alone you feel in this, in these views.
And you don't realize that there's other people out there.
And, uh, you know, it's extremely liberal here.
And, uh, when I put that on the Internet, it was just amazing to see the numbers of people that, uh, responded to, uh, the YouTube, the numbers of people that were extremely passionate in their comments on there, um, about what was going on.
And the links that I got from websites, you know, I got some from, uh, your websites, a website called Newsnet14.com.
They gave us a huge number of hits.
It's just a really, you know, amazing response that we got on that video.
Well, we just appreciate the fine work you've done and
This will illustrate from America, and it's going to get worse.
There'll be public killings of citizens with cops helping, and it'll all just pave the way towards our victory against the New World Order.
This kind of stuff has to happen, just like the British soldiers had to engage in their crimes in front of everyone.
And it's going to be the same thing here.
And again, we have an open hand.
Everybody who wants to join us, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, you want to fight for America and the true fight?
And all these fake conservatives that support the war, the very people supporting the war are the ones dismantling our borders and dismantling our sovereignty.
Fox News is behind Hillary Clinton now.
They're fundraising for her.
I mean, Josh, I don't know you well, but you as a conservative, have you figured out that there's the mainline left and the phony conservatives are really snowing us and working together?
Oh, absolutely.
Yeah, you know, and the whole George Bush deal, when he first came in, I was extremely hopeful.
And, you know, ever since he's been in office, it's been nothing but disappointment, left-wing leanings, and it's just gotten further and further to the point where our now Republican Party is the old Democratic Party.
And, you know, just become liberal.
And the Democrats are the Supreme, and the Democrats are the Supreme Soviet.
Yeah, absolutely.
I would put it like the Republicans are the fascists and the Democrats are the communists and in the middle they meet and it is quite a crowd of reckless, barbarous creatures that are just raping and subdividing and strip mining the entire culture.
The video's up on
Good talking to you.
PrisonPlanet.com, you can see there on the right hand side, if you missed it, it says News in Focus, and it says illegal immigrants are above the law, and they certainly are.
Go read the story, Part 2, coming in the next few days.
Good to have you on.
I'm going to have Mike Nelson call you right now, sir, and I appreciate you spending time with us.
Alright, thanks Alex.
Okay, there he goes, documenting what the government's little friends are doing.
Alright, let me just tell you about a quick sponsor and then I am going to get into all the other news we have not yet covered and recap a few top stories as well today.
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Amazing coffee.
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WorldNet Daily got around to doing a story.
We appreciate that today.
Stage gun attack is beyond absurd.
The children were in the room in the dark begging for their lives.
But I have gotten some emails saying that telling people that men are coming to murder them and having them stage the murders and having them wet themselves is a good thing.
No, it's trauma-based mind control.
A teacher and assistant principal at a Tennessee school have been suspended for two weeks because they staged a gunman attack on the sixth grade students for a prank or a learning experience.
No, it was a federal grant.
We haven't confirmed that, but every other case has been one.
Guaranteed federal grant, depending upon the explanation.
You just haven't done the research yet.
Federal grant.
Or I'm an Easter Bunny.
In every other case it's been.
Officials with the school district in Murfreesboro told Walnut Daily that the decision was being described only as a disciplinary action.
No, the principal who allowed it and all of them need to be arrested.
Folks, let me give you a newsflash.
If you run out and grab a bunch of kids and put them in a room and say you're going to blow their heads off, you're going to go to prison and you should.
And these cops that do this stuff under federal grants, you need to go to prison too.
But see, it's about setting precedents and terrorizing people.
Director of schools, Marilyn Mathis, has been suspended.
Suspended lead teacher, Mr. Quentin Mastin, and assistant principal, Don Bartik, for unprofessional conduct and neglect of duty due to actions taken by the Scales Elementary School.
But what about over the rest of the country?
They do this and they get awards!
Finally, a school district with half a brain!
But it's because you called the school and you got mad and you got angry this is happening.
And they hope it goes away with this.
The feds that wrote these drills and this stuff up, they need to go to jail.
Again, the Mafia Don that orders his capos to order his commanders to order the soldiers to carry out the hits, they need to be punished in a greater fashion than the man that pulls the trigger.
It's real simple.
The suspension is without pay until
The Commission of 14th of 07 and continue through the end of the school year ending June 1st 2007 said, that's just part of what critics who have been lobbying for dismissal wanted for the teachers.
Teaching methods have a new hallmark in education, a reader commented in a blog at the Tennessean newspaper website, which reported the official story and opened its page for reaction.
The story is beyond absurd.
See, for years, for seven years, I've been screaming about this, and been laughed at, and it didn't exist, and I'm nuts, and now people are getting mad.
Frankly, this is nothing compared to telling them they're going to die, putting guns to their heads, and marching them out in the woods.
This is nothing compared to Michigan where they actually tell them they're going to die and throw fake blood on them.
Or where they don't let them eat.
Where they don't let them eat so that it freaks them out more and they get low blood sugar and make them wait out eight hours and then the gunmen arrive.
This permanently scars them, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely incredible.
You see, now, you've been telling us that we're freaks because we're against this, but now the public's found out about it and knows that you're the freaks.
And they're going to find out you're behind the terror attacks government, and the corporations that own you, and they're going to find out you're behind illegal aliens, and they're going to find out you're behind it all.
It's only starting, you understand us?
It's only starting.
You can get some of us, you can crush some of us, but you can't kill ideas.
And I know that we're going to kick your hind in.
Now, the biggest thing we face is the churches.
Predominantly under the World Council of Churches, controlled by the UN, every major denomination is under its control now.
Every denomination, folks.
Every major national denomination.
It's telling them, world government's good, hand in your guns,
Don't fight evil.
It's a blessing.
It's of the Lord.
Romans 13.
That is total blasphemy.
The last link in defeating these people is realizing we can defeat them with God's help and realizing it doesn't matter because we have a duty to do it regardless.
And to realize your churches predominantly are run by actual demon-possessed preachers.
Most of your pulpits are filled with actual demons.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Hello friends, Alex Jones here.
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New article up on Infowars.net in the last few minutes.
Silverstein family were all running late on 9-11.
Amazing coincidences spared all three Silversteins from harm.
Now that the tape has gotten out of
A Silverstein security person saying that he was told not to go to work that day that Silverstein was.
Following our article yesterday in which we revealed New York 9-1-1 Truth Activist Luke Radowsky's claims that Silverstein's security had personally told him that Silverstein and his daughter got a warning on the morning of 9-11.
Not to come into work that day.
We have been inundated with emails asking us to highlight the fact that there were, in fact, three Silversteins working in the towers who were all running late that day.
You know, the family got a little warning that day.
And it goes on.
We talked to their private security staff.
We talked to the people who were there with Larry on 9-11.
They said he got a phone call telling him not to show up to work and he called his daughter up and his daughter also never showed up to work, Rodowski told a radio show this past weekend.
More information comes in the shape of a March 13, 2003 New York Observer piece on Silverstein and his attempts to secure insurance money, which he claims is the only source of revenue for rebuilding at Ground Zero.
And it goes through that.
But then the Wall Street Journal this weekend, as this stuff was breaking, oh, we have an important Stop Everything, Stop World Events, here's a big article about Silverstein and why it didn't go to work that day.
But they're not saying it's an alibi, just putting it out there.
Oh, Silverstein calls, just wants an article about
Why he wasn't there that day.
I mean, this is so... This would be like somebody showing up at the police station in a murder investigation who isn't even in the investigation and going, Officers, I have an alibi!
Here's my wife.
She... I was at home making dinner with her.
They'd go, Very nice, Mr. Silverstein.
We'd like to talk to you back, you know, since you dropped by.
I mean, this is so obvious, ladies and gentlemen.
But we'll also get an article up today about the death threats that Luke and others have gotten.
Luke, the InfoWars reporter, Luke Radowski, receiving death threats since protesting at Silverstein properties.
Told to stop what he's doing.
Or else you're gonna get killed there.
Alright, I gotta stop doing that voice, but that's exactly how those guys were talking.
You know, I know you don't have a bomb, but I'm gonna say you got a bomb, and you're gonna spend 30 days in the hole.
By the way, I'm a police officer.
Then he ordered the cops around.
It turns out he's not a cop, according to reports.
We can't confirm any of that.
We just know that he was ordering cops around, and they claim he's been fired, but won't tell us the details.
Oh my goodness!
And then the big article, one of the big articles of the day,
Also by Paul Waddy Jr.
JFK conspirator wanted every Kennedy dead.
E. Howard Hunt wanted to finish the job by killing Senator Ted Kennedy.
Greeted news of RFK's assassination with satisfaction.
The Rolling Stones say they can't get satisfaction, but E. Howard Hunt can.
JFK assassination conspirator E. Howard Hunt wanted to finish the job by killing Senator Ted Kennedy and greeted news of Robert Kennedy's murder with satisfaction.
According to his son, St.
John Hunt, E. Howard Hunt was a former CIA veteran agent and one of the infamous Watergate plumbers.
He died in January of 07.
John Hunt recently went public with an audio tape containing his father's deathbed admission
That he was part of a conspiracy to kill JFK that was ordered by Lyndon Baines Johnson.
Again, that's as high as his compartmentalization went.
We're not saying that it didn't go above LBJ, as some disinfo operatives have been claiming.
Trying to keep you off the trail of exposing this.
Appearing on the Alejandro Jones Show yesterday, Hunt dropped new bombshell revelations.
You can read those in the News in Focus at PrisonPlanet.com right now.
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God bless you all!
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