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Air Date: May 13, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Sunday, May 13, 2007, and we're going to be live here for the next two hours, roughly.
It is now just at seven minutes into this hour.
We're going to have open phones.
The toll-free number to join us all over the country on our growing list of wonderful AM and FM affiliates is 877-590-5525 or 836-0590.
If you're listening to the station I broadcast out of is the mothership KLBJ-590.
You know, this station is always number one for talk stations in Central Texas, but it's good to see the ratings come in, since I've been doing the syndicated show out of these studios, continue to rise.
The last two books got a little congratulation note in here.
That's always exciting to know that people are hungry for the truth, and the truth sells, and the truth is beginning to win out in this country in the fight against the New World Order.
And we have stations across the nation that in every case see a massive increase in ratings.
Always by a year, but many times by the first book, so it's always exciting to see that, and I thank all the listeners out there that do tune in.
Remember, we grow by you spreading the word, so if you listen in Tennessee, or upstate New York, or in Norfolk, Virginia, or here in Austin, Texas, or in San Diego, California, wherever you listen, be sure and tell your friends, your neighbors, your families.
I'll be at a grocery store buying a Mother's Day card one hour before I go to the Mother's Day celebration.
Do what I do.
And, you know, say, hey, tune in to me today, four to six.
And if I know of other shows that are telling the truth, I'll also plug those.
I'll roll my window down and plug it, word of mouth.
I'm not just telling you to do that, because it's important to get the word out about liberty and freedom and the real political paradigm and who runs the world and how we can hopefully together stop them.
All right.
What do I have in my stack of news today?
I have some good news.
There was massive vandalism, not just to Mao Zedong, but in different areas of China in the last week.
And also some communist Chinese television stations were taken over by remote control by valiant freedom fighters.
And so it shows the human spirit is shining through.
Every couple weeks we hear about massive pitch battles between the corrupt parasite government's enforcers, the police and military, against the Chinese people, where they're attempting to drive farmers and homeowners off of their lands to make way for international slave plantations and Fortune 500 slave mills to build widgets for dumbed-down Westerners.
And it's extremely exciting to see that they're resisting.
I mean, I've seen video shot by demonstrators in China where you'll have people with hoes and axes and rakes taking on the military that is firing automatic weapons into them.
I mean, they're mowing families down, but the families still win.
They just charge over them and hack them to death, the cowardly scum in black uniforms with automatic weapons.
And all over the Chinese nation, there has been a rebellion intensifying for five years.
Grassroots, organic, like we saw against the Romanians' leadership with Ceausescu.
If you don't know about that, just Google Ceausescu or the Romanian revolt.
And it's just everywhere.
The people are actually winning battles against the government.
They're panicking.
The more they try to squeeze and oppress, and the more people they murder, and the more organs they take, and the more babies they kill under the one-child policy, the more resistance forms against what they're doing.
By the way, China is the New World Order model.
If you want to know what life is like in the U.S., England, Germany, Japan, the Western World, or Western-style, middle-class, prominent, first-world, industrialized countries, look at China.
And last Monday, there were headlines all over the Times of London, Associated Press, babies bad for Earth, babies bad for global warming.
We need a one-child policy.
We need to tax people if they have more than one child.
It starts with, oh, we'll tell you what kind of toilet to have.
We'll tell you what type of light bulb to have.
We'll tell you to pay special taxes for a carbon tax.
And then, oh, by the way, we want a one-child policy.
I'm going to get into some of that in at the second hour today.
I was going to lead with it, but
I left that stack at my house and only have the stack of news I got at my office before I came down here from my weekday broadcast office, and so I'm going to have to print those up during a break so I'm a little more accurate when we get into the whole eugenics.
When you hear modern environmentalism or when you hear the term sustainability, when you hear those type of terms, no, that just means a new PR face on eugenics.
It's not.
And if you don't know what eugenics is, you better find out, because that's what's governing the world.
And I don't mean that in a condescending way.
There's a lot to learn.
We'll just be going over some of that coming up in the next hour.
By the way,
I heard the local news announcement.
Stations around the country wouldn't have heard it, but the local news here at KLBJ was about Meals on Wheels, which I have volunteered for back in college when I had more time.
I have written quite a few checks.
My wife has written quite a few checks to Meals on Wheels.
She was involved in Meals on Wheels before we even met.
I did a little bit of volunteering.
You know, just drove a few routes, gave some money years ago, but we continue to give checks every year.
That and Salvation Army, because I've done a study of charities, and those are a few of the charities that aren't involved in giving money to gun control groups, open border groups, basically New World Order groups.
And yes, United Way and Red Cross do do that.
And let me tell you, again, I'm not knocking those that have volunteered.
You're good people.
But the leadership is thoroughly corrupt and they've been caught, literally, it's been in the press hundreds of times, just unbelievable fraud and corruption.
Not to mention giving money to handgun control groups and, again, open border type groups.
So I do just want to say that it's shameful that I heard on the news that they've had to cut back.
They don't have drivers for 50 routes.
That is thousands of people.
I mean, that's got to be.
50 routes that they don't have drivers for right now in a town like Austin with 800,000 people, I guess over a million metro.
Folks, I literally have been working 17-18 hours a day, producing one film, making another film, directing, editing, doing it all myself with my editor, but I mean I'm running the whole shebang, but I'm also producing a film, doing radio six days a week.
I'm not tooting my horn, it's just that I think I'm going to have to, on top of it, go drive some routes.
We cannot have... Guess what happens to these old people, folks?
They don't get the nutrition they need.
When they get sent to the nursing home, most of these nursing homes, they don't get the care they need.
And they go downhill and they die quickly.
And some of you will say, well good, let them get out of the way.
That's kind of the whole eugenics idea.
That's kind of the yuppie idea in America.
And again, to even get into this subject, maybe I should just not take any calls today.
Maybe I shouldn't even cover news.
Maybe I should just talk about taking care of our old people.
And a lot of you aren't going to want to hear this, because a lot of you haven't taken care of your folks, and you haven't taken care of your family.
And frankly, folks, I mean, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, and I've helped my grandparents, but probably not even to the level I should have.
But compared to most people, I've been a saint.
And that's shameful.
Because there's so many facets to this.
Number one, there's a lot of neat old people out there.
I mean, you know, I don't want to hang out with movie stars.
I don't want to hang out with all the painted faces people with the liposuction and, you know, who are totally obsessed with themselves.
I like to hang out, you know, at an old fish and shack somewhere and talk to some 85-year-old man about their life and their ideas and, you know, what they did growing up.
I mean, that's neat.
I like to go deliver food to old people.
I like to spend time
uh... with people and she and they say well that's their family's job they got scumbag yuppie family ladies and gentlemen that moved off chasing jobs uh... that made excuses that rationalized and the old folks aren't gonna complain they're not gonna or in some cases they have complained and they're living on really small fixed incomes
They don't get out to get the food they need, and the society is totally unraveling when something like Meals on Wheels can't even get the people it needs.
And by the way, I did some Googling since I heard this 20 minutes ago and found a bunch of examples of it all over the country.
They're having record problems.
Of course they are.
America is a bunch of degenerates now.
We are a nation of scum trash.
I'm not saying everybody individually, but per capita.
We're it, folks.
Baddest, dumbest, most wicked, most self-centered.
We're the devil.
I mean, our tanks have 666 human skulls on them.
And the general said the troops were having fun.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Raging for the truth.
Exposing corruption.
Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
And I want to be clear about that Nation of Scum comment.
I'm saying per capita.
We have the highest
degree of just outright decadence by every yardstick that you can measure by and no one can deny that.
Trey just popped in and said, besides Thailand, hey Trey, anytime you want to pop in, just turn the mic on and say it on air.
It sounds like I'm talking to myself.
Yeah, but that's certain prices there.
I mean here, I could, again, get into that for hours.
We don't, I know this, people in Mexico, people in China,
They take care of their grandparents.
They take care of their parents.
And they're honored.
There was a wedding for my cousin, and my grandmother went to it down in southern Mexico, because that's just the resort they were at on the Pacific side.
And my dad was just talking about how nice they were to my grandmother, who's 87 years old, and had polio years ago.
Everybody rushed to help her there around town, not just at the resort, in her wheelchair, got her around.
Here, it's like an encumbrance,
But Americans weren't always like that.
We had the majority of the patents.
We had, when we went to war, the most feared military because we had a gun culture, a Second Amendment culture.
They'd hand guns to Europeans and they'd have to learn how to use them then.
When our people went to war, it was over, folks.
They'd been shooting turkeys since they were five years old.
You know, it's the same thing.
I mean, when it came to the highest test scores in the world 50 years ago,
I mean, we were the best, folks, and now we have the lowest test scores in the industrialized world, and we're behind a whole bunch of third world countries.
We're the fattest, and I've got a big spare tire on my waist, folks.
We are now, our sperm count is the lowest after England.
I mean, just on every indicator, our bees are dying.
It's just, it's scary!
And I want to get America back!
So I'm trying to illustrate what we're facing.
You know, I read about, and I hear about, and I see the cases of Child Protective Services and Department of Family Services around the country kidnapping kids.
You hear about the Texas Youth Commission with all the child rape going on there.
Folks, that's where these people gravitate to.
But they're the good guys, see?
And just all the evils I'm aware of.
It's frustrating!
And then I've got this.
And in fact, it's almost like there's themes in the news.
Because I scan global news.
China, Japan, Russia, Africa, South Africa, Latin America, U.S.
newspapers, Canadian, policy reports.
I mean, that's all I do.
I'm addicted.
I mean, I just constantly study this stuff.
I can't tear myself away.
And in the last couple weeks, there have been more than a dozen major university government reports out of Canada, the U.S.
and England.
There was also one out of Japan.
Showing that television actually brain damages children.
In fact, just type into Google, don't let children under three watch television.
You'll get a bunch of the reports.
Another one said under two.
And these are government and university reports.
It actually cognitively damages pathway creation in your children's brains.
And now this from England.
This is out of the UK Daily Mail.
Your calls are coming up, by the way.
Toddlers to get lessons in talking as TV kills conversation.
The children are taught to have a relationship, a passive spectator relationship, with a television set rather than one with their playmates or their family or their siblings.
And, I mean, I've got a four-year-old and a child about to be three and, I mean, literally they talk, you know, we'll go to the swim meet or we'll go to gymnastics or whatever and their six, seven-year-olds can't talk.
And my children will be sitting there.
Frankly, my four-year-old has a larger vocabulary than most adults.
And I don't mean that sarcastically.
Because there might be... We've actually kind of backslidden.
There's probably 30 minutes of TV every two days now.
You know, certain educational things about NASA or trains.
We make them mainly watch adult things.
There's been some slippage, though.
I think we need to just totally break the televisions and get them out of the house.
But the point is, radio and print, all the major scientific studies show, increase your mind's cognitive capabilities, increases your calculation abilities, increases your creativity, actually increases neural pathway and brain CPU usage.
And that's really what it is.
An electrochemical... It's a cholesterol-based computer.
It's water and cholesterol.
That's what the brain basically is.
It's an oil-based computer.
Because when you read, you have to image it in your mind, and then connect it to thousands of experiences you've had in your life to image it.
When you listen to radio, you have to image it.
If I say, blue bicycle, you just saw a blue bicycle.
If I say, blue whale, you saw a blue whale.
If I say, Marilyn Monroe in her dress blowing up in that famous shot, you just saw that famous shot, didn't you?
Not when you watch television.
It is rendered up to the brain and it brings you, on average, after just a few minutes, some people are more susceptible, some others less.
Go read the studies on this.
This is not my opinion.
This is a fact.
Your brain goes into a sleep state.
Then it goes into a low sleep state.
Now you add video games to that where you're doing complex calculations.
Mentally, with it, it brings you into a near-death state, a state only found in low-oxygen, deepest REM sleep, that's actually unnatural.
By the way, folks, there are just tons of studies on that.
That's why every few months you hear about somebody, some 18, 25-year-old dying after three days, non-stop playing games.
They actually get locked into it.
I just thought you'd need a little advisory on that.
Television brain damages you.
When you, especially in children.
Now how many years did we tell you, we had the studies and the approval of it when they did approve it in 83, that serotonin reuptake inhibitors cause massive increases in suicide and massive increases in psychotic break violent activity.
I mean, read the criminology books, read the news, if you actually follow the details of news.
Every time some mother chops the baby's arms off, grounds five kids, drives the kids off, gets caught stabbing her husband with a butcher knife, shoots him nine times, every time a husband gets, most of the time, men sometimes do it on their own, uh, you know, killing people, or every time it's a school shooter, we always say, watch, he'll be on a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, that's a Prozac or a Lubox, uh, type drug.
Finally, Europe put advisories on it, now they've done it in the U.S., and it should, for young people,
And then you actually read the insert, it says, well, it won't cause you to commit suicide at the highest levels as you get older, but it still does.
Problem, reaction, solution, though.
They create the problem.
Then they offer the solution, which is more drugs.
What do they say?
Oh, we have an epidemic of suicide since the mid-80s when this stuff was popularized and introduced to children.
Now 15% in the U.S., highest level in the world on the drugs.
12% in England, a little over 12% in Australia and New Zealand.
Same numbers, and growing.
The New Freedom Initiative, two years ago, some of their own executives quit and said, I'm not going to be part of this.
And it gets released that the New Freedom Initiative that they passed into law will force, instead of pushing 15% on drugs, up to 50%.
And the drug companies wrote the new psychological force testing going on in schools everywhere, where everybody's got to go to the school counselor who's bought and paid for to put you on Prozac, which then massively increases the rate of suicide.
And then when half the kids are on suicide, you're gonna have a lot more suicides and a lot more shootings because they're on a drug in the hallucinogenic class.
See how it's all interconnected, ladies and gentlemen?
That you stick your kids, and they have them watching all this television in school.
Look, folks, I like cinema.
I go to the movies every couple weeks.
You can have a little bit of this stuff.
But the average American watches close to five hours of television a day.
The young people are watching close to seven.
That's why young people don't talk anymore.
They go... Hey!
You've been brainwashed.
You've been brain damaged.
Break your conditioning.
We'll go back, take a bunch of your calls on the shotgun of different issues.
Then we'll get into all this other news.
It's massive.
Stay with me.
I'm Dr. Bill Deagle, M.D.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, I kind of went into a rant at the start of the show.
I didn't even mean to get into it about helping old people, being involved in society.
The best thing to do is just know your neighbors.
Get to know your community.
And if there's some old person, a shut-in, knock on their door.
You know, they might be reclusive and crotchety at first, but you know, at least try to help and try to get to know each other.
Instead, everybody just wants to not talk to their neighbors.
They don't want to be left alone.
I mean, they do want to be left alone.
They want to get back inside and watch television.
20, 30 years ago, you'd drive around, you'd see people on their front porches, people talking, children everywhere riding around on their bicycles.
You still see a little bit of that, but mainly you drive around at night, you see the blue glow of television sets.
And have you ever been up at a high-rise in Austin or a big city like New York?
And you're looking out the window, you don't see any people watching television these days.
And here's the numbers.
Toddlers to get lessons in talking as TV kills conversation.
This is out of England, UK Daily Mail.
Exact same situation we have here.
Toddlers will be taught how to talk in an attempt to arrest the shocking decline in children's communication skills.
A recent study revealed that half of them are unable to string a sentence together at age five.
As a result, ministers are encouraging the use of a special early talk program targeted at infants from their earliest months to age five, which uses singing, gestures, and symbols to expand vocabulary.
Research from the children's charity, ICANN, revealed last year that half of the youngsters
Rising to 84% in some areas began formal education with impoverished speech and language.
And it goes on to say it's all television, ladies and gentlemen.
You're not supposed to sit there for five, six, seven hours.
Again, seven hours is what your average child is watching.
Seven hours, ladies and gentlemen.
And a lot of those studies don't even take into account the, quote, educational programs they're watching at preschool or elementary or middle school or high school.
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
You go home and you watch television and you play games where you're murdering people.
And it is just... Our IQs are dropping, our test scores are dropping.
This stuff's killing us!
And we're getting more and more hooked into electronic devices, which in a way is good because television is not interactive.
At least the internet is interactive, and there's a lot of reading involved.
But still, you should try to limit that, and I'm the first addict to tell you it's hypocritical, but we should all try to get out.
Again, I'm not trying to preach here, it's just this is scary, ladies and gentlemen.
And I've seen the difference.
My children literally have the electric spark in their eye.
You look at old black and white photos, and people look so alive.
My children look like that.
You look at other children, predominantly, or you can see a really upright, intelligent, well-spoken child.
Hey, let me guess.
Your child's homeschooled, or goes to private school, and you don't let them watch television.
Yes, we don't believe in television.
We eat organic food.
I mean, it's just night and day, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh boy, okay, I'm going to shut up and take calls.
Mike in Cleveland wants to talk about citizenship controversy, whatever that is.
Ron Paul and announcements.
We've got somebody saying my show should be used as a class in a college.
Actually, my show and my films is used in at least five or six college courses I know of.
I am flattered by that.
Some are attacking me.
Actually, it's more than five or six.
They've got a course predominantly about me.
Uh, in Arizona, about how I'm evil and global government's really good, and they study the things I say and do.
And then, um, my sister was going to St.
Edward's in the opening class.
They showed video clips of me and how I was evil and the ultimate creature to be stopped.
And then other classes talk about how I'm doing a good job, and I've been invited to speak there.
So, I don't know why everybody's focused on me.
I'm just an average person.
I got my God, folks.
But, uh, all right.
We'll take your calls.
Let me just tell you some of the other stuff coming up.
Great poll!
Congress approval the same as Bush's.
This is good news.
They are not buying that pack of Democratic criminals in there.
As the savior.
In the past, you'd have Democrats high, Republicans low, or Republicans high, Democrats low.
The left-right paradigm is broken.
Humpty Dumpty is broken for all the government criminals out there.
And you have been exposed.
And we have just started the march that will bring you to justice.
So we'll get into that.
We'll also get into Bush sets up martial law style government.
Washington Post, shadow government now in place.
That's been in place since 1933, but we'll give you the details on that.
Bush orders contingency plan for terrorist attack.
Riot police show strength to warn troublemakers.
This is out of Reuters.
We've always known that the black mask and black Darth Vader outfits on the police are internationally issued from Texas to Moscow, from Volgrad to London, from Tokyo to Johannesburg.
But now, here it is admitted, the government trying to intimidate the people.
Also, Al Qaeda says it has missing U.S.
Very deceptive Associated Press headline.
Of course, it's a complete Pentagon lie.
I'm all for the troops being released.
I'm real sorry this has happened to them.
But the term Al-Qaeda is imaginary.
But they admit in this article that it isn't really, quote, Al-Qaeda.
It isn't the Tooth Fairy doing it.
Anyone in the world, Shiite, Sunni, they call them Al-Qaeda.
I mean, it's like they called... They call people Chemical Ali.
They give you little buzzwords because they know we have a public that doesn't know how many
Governors there are.
How many continents there are.
The head of the Armed Services Committee doesn't know what a Shiite or a Sunni is.
So they talk to you like you're five-year-olds.
Because cognitively a lot of us are through this brainwashing to the television set.
So we'll be going over that also.
Billions of missing oil in Iraq, U.S.
studies says.
This is out of the
New York Times.
And I thought it dovetails with this UK Daily Mail story that, by the way, got denoticed.
This story went up, and the government didn't say it was wrong.
No retraction was issued.
Over there, they have censorship.
And they just said, National Security, jerk it down.
Hookers, spies, but we happened to get it before they did that.
Hookers, spies, cases full of dollars.
How British Petroleum spent $400
45 million pounds, that's 90 million plus dollars, to win Wild East oil rights.
And so we have time.
It's up on presentplanet.com.
We have the UK Daily Mail story here that's been denosed.
We're not under the crown here though, at least not yet.
And I'm definitely going to cover this.
I will definitely cover this.
Illegal aliens cheer as police beat amnesty protester.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen.
We're not going to play the audio here.
There's too much profanity as the illegal aliens celebrate the police beating him in the head.
He's in his car.
He protests them.
He's not allowed to do that.
And then we have the article here that Paul Watson wrote about it.
Illegal aliens are above the law.
And that dovetails with the story out of the AP today.
Anti-illegal immigrant law.
OK'd in Texas.
No, it's not an anti-illegal alien.
Farmer's Branch saying, we will enforce federal and state law here.
I mean, if you're a citizen, you gotta basically give blood, a DNA sample, some hair, you're first born, to get an apartment or a house.
I mean, folks, when I bought a house, it was as if, I mean, there were birth certificates, there were social security cards, there were IDs, there were just everything.
There were all sorts of letters of recommendation.
The AP reported a few months ago what we already told you.
Illegal aliens have to show no ID to get bank accounts, to get driver's license.
And Austin cops have told me point blank, yeah, we're not supposed to arrest illegals without driver's license.
As they were arresting my employee, who they pulled over as he drove into my parking lot a few weeks ago,
Who had an expired driver's license.
Oh my gosh.
I mean it just, it just blew, it just blew, and they were fans by the way.
Both the cops were, oh yeah we like you Alex, but sorry we have to arrest him, but yeah we don't like it.
Uh, and you can quote us on that, we're not allowed to arrest illegals.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
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All right, I've had my little rant and covered some of the news.
We'll get more into the illegal aliens and how they're being used by the New World Order to destroy U.S.
sovereignty, exactly what the Global Crime Syndicate wants, known as the Fortune 500.
Getting rid of any competitors they have, and they see governments as their competitors.
Governments are only used to rape the people.
As their modus operandi, as their mechanism.
Right now, let's go to Kent in Deanville, Texas, and he wants to talk about charities.
He says they're bad, like Meals on Wheels.
In my experience, that's a good charity.
I have no doubt one of these big charities are bad.
Charity does start at home, so I may agree with him, but let's see where he's going with this.
Go ahead.
Alex, you know me.
Please bear with me for a minute here.
You may be totally unaware that they're using your Christian generosity to grow the prison planet under the new rules.
That meal that your generosity... Well wait, I mean you say that you taught me everything I know about drug policy.
Oh no, no, I mean just part of your drug policy is based on... I'm just trying to remember who you are, that's all.
I'm the cannabinoid expert that's been on AXS TV for a long time.
I don't remember you.
Well, that's okay.
Listen, let me get you... I saw you, I'm sure I know who you are.
We've met a couple times in the studio, it's no big deal.
Anyway, let me get to the point is that they now count that meal or any sort of gift or anything as
Unearned income is deducted from many of us who are, say, unfortunate enough to lose pensions or something like that, or many elderly.
Oh, and then they try to take your house when you die.
Their rules are so bizarre and stuff that they count the same money twice and so on, and if you fail to report, if you commit, it falls under perjury.
Your criticisms of the Aggie crowd?
Well, listen, sir, I really appreciate your call.
Yeah, government red tape gets in the way of anybody doing good.
And all over the nation, they're banning quote, feeding the homeless.
Now, let's get one thing straight.
I don't like the drunks stumbling around in the middle of the street demanding money from people.
That's one thing.
But it's free speech.
If I want to go to a park, say in Miami, or a park in upstate New York,
Or they've got some places or cities in Texas where feeding the homeless is banned.
And if I want to give somebody a sandwich, I should be able to do it.
And then they have all those bureaucratic rules of, well, it could be a poison sandwich.
That's what freedom is like.
You can never keep everyone safe.
And the government sells the public on, we're going to regulate everything in the name of safety.
When in reality, the government's the last group you want to leave.
You know, the control in the hands of, because it's such a big centralized bureaucracy, he'll never be able to administer it right.
And that's on the good hand.
On the bad hand, it's going to be tyrannical and do bad things to you.
That was a strange call, probably because I was bumbling about trying to figure out what the caller was talking about, but I appreciate your call, Kent, in Deanville.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Maryland.
And Mike, you're on the air.
Yes, so thank you very much for taking my call.
I'm a proud member of DC911truth.org and it's great to talk on your show.
Yeah, and for those that don't know, that's a District of Criminals, District of Columbia, 9-11 Truth Group that goes out and demonstrates and exposes 9-11 as an inside job.
Yeah, that's right.
We have a lot of really good members.
There's people in the group, I swear, that do more in one day than I do in a month sometimes, but I try to help out.
I heard you earlier, on Officer Jack McLam,
Yeah, I've had Greg Pound on.
Oh, okay.
Remember, this is what happens with callers.
You know, we're kind of having a private discussion right now.
You're kind of having a discussion about something else I said on another show today, and we need to fill folks in on what we're talking about.
Well, how the Child Protection Services
And the CPS worker that took his children has been convicted of falsifying the report, and a bunch of other children, but they say, we don't care.
That's one case in Florida where the neighbor's dog came over the fence, bit their child, they took it there, and they said, okay, we're taking all your children, and they took them.
And then the lady that wrote the false report was convicted of falsifying over 30 other reports, and they don't care.
And they say, we don't care.
We're going to keep your kids.
No due process.
That's how America works now.
It's totally insane.
But let me tell you, folks, Alex Jones doesn't make anything up.
I mean, this is really, this is the real deal.
But the main reason I called is, I hear things, I hear a lot of good information on shortwave alternative media, but what's your opinion of
The United States citizenship versus a citizen of the United States of America, like the gold-fringed flag and the... Sure.
None of it means anything.
None of it means anything.
That's real, and the global corporate government and its regional governorship of the District of Columbia, incorporated in contract fraud, and city incorporations, and the fact that everything's run under private international maritime jurisdiction,
And that the government's totally illegitimate and it was taken over under total public declaration of seizure in 33 with a public executive order and declaration.
Now again they're announcing to the public in the Washington Post two days ago, I mentioned that earlier,
So they don't care.
They have brainwashed forces that believe they're serving America who will go out in their black and ring-wraith Darth Vader outfits and enforce it.
And so you can explain to them that you're a state citizen and you've taken yourself out of the District of Columbia and you're no longer under its incorporation in Puerto Rico and Guam.
And again, you're talking to... I mean, the chairman of the committees don't know where Iraq is on a map, sir.
They don't know what a Shiite or a Sunni is or what a Persian versus a Saud is.
And so, I mean, when the committee chairmen don't know, and of course the big corporations know, they've got all the people with 180 IQs and 200 IQs and, you know, huge private merc forces and they just go in and write the legislation and the congressmen are busy, you know, having fun with their hookers and their private ski resorts and they're just running around all being paid off publicly and we've been totally taken over.
And so you've got mechanized, scientifically focused, global corporations.
Again, 46 of the biggest economies are corporations.
Bigger than most governments.
Totally taken over.
They've combined forces, like the Legion of Doom to rule over us.
And you try to tell the general public about a private corporation running the U.S., you might as well be talking space language to them.
You might as well be talking Octarian to them, man.
They have no idea what you're even talking about.
That's why when somebody calls in about something, I go, hey, we're doing all this Patriot shorthand stuff,
And I do it too.
We've got to tell people what we're talking about in common sense terms.
Like, people jump on me all the time because I'll talk about pirate radio.
And they email me going, it's not pirate, it's micro, and it's not hurting license stations.
And yeah, that's all true and great.
But the general public isn't going to know what I'm talking about until I say the word pirate radio and then combine it with the term micro.
And again, I don't even put that much forethought into it.
I've just learned a little bit of communication skills.
But maybe I'm not good at communicating.
Half the time I'm at a restaurant, I say what I want to order, and the waiter, the wait staff, let me be politically correct, I don't want to say waitress, won't even understand what I'm saying, so maybe it's my fault.
But let's jam one more in.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Kansas, then we'll go to Craig, Amy, and others.
Mike, we're not in Kansas anymore, but you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Here's a kind of a documented forgotten piece of history you might find interesting on ABC News 2020 in the 70s.
They documented a land development in Arkansas and they were interviewing some people who went there and they claimed they had signed some papers that they hadn't read and ended up losing everything they had.
Homes, cars, businesses, they owned businesses.
Well, that happens all the time.
I mean... Well, wait a minute.
And they even claim they lost their identities as they had no records within government files such as a driver's license, marriage certificates, and they claimed that all they were left with was their Bibles.
Anyway, to make a long story short, I had went there because I had forgotten about the show, and anyway, I wrote a paper on my experience, and I was wondering if I could tell you what the name of it was and where you could find it?
Yeah, go ahead.
Okay, it's called Clinton Bush Connection to Warrantless Wiretapping and the CIA exposed that it's on breakingwire.com.
Alright, good plug.
What else is on your mind?
Well, I think this is pretty important because I thought it would tie in with what you and Nick Begich were talking about.
Sure, but I'll have to go read the paper.
Yeah, well, I was just trying to... Well, tell us about it.
Go ahead.
Well, it's hard to explain because... Yeah, I figured.
That's the problem.
All this stuff is...
Complex, I understand.
All right, look, I'm going to come back and get into the rebellion against tyranny in China.
I'm also going to get into the poll.
Congress' approval rating is as low as Bush's.
That's good news, by the way.
Also, billions missing in Iraq, U.S.
study finds.
Talk about the foxguard and the henhouse.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Every Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time, we're here live, syndicated, out of the studios of NewsRadio 590K LBJ, carried by a great and growing list of M&M affiliates.
Also on the Internet, at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, as well as JonesReport.com, and on WWCR 100,000 watt twin transmitters, going out worldwide on global shortwave.
Okay, I know we got a lot of calls.
I'm going to get to you.
I want to hear from you.
Kind of always a great grab bag with the callers.
Different issues you bring up.
877-590-KLBJ or 836-0590.
But before I go to Craig and Amy and everybody else that is patiently holding, I'm going to cover a few articles and I'm going to mention some of the other stuff that's coming up.
I should talk about this.
This came out a few days ago, but
Really, we're tooting our horn here because we're having an effect.
From Unlikely Quarters, Bruce Willis ends the JFK debate and says that he questions the official story on 9-11.
Now, Rick Linklater, the Hollywood director of School of Rock and Days to Confuse and Slacker and Scanner Darkly and a few films I'm in, like Scanner Darkly and Waking Life and others, great guy,
The anti-New World Order fellow right here in Austin, Texas.
We're honored to have another great Texan here.
So many great people in this state.
But he gave Bruce Willis my film, Terror Storm.
He'd already given it to Martial Law.
Out of the blue one day, he told me about it and I had him on the air talking about it with Scandra Darley coming out, talking about Bruce woke up and isn't a neocon follower anymore and now he knows both parties are controlled.
Well, people couldn't believe that when he said it.
Michelle Malkin attacked and Fox News said it was made up.
Didn't go ask Bruce, they just said it couldn't be true.
Well, Bruce Willis told Vanity Fair some things, so we'll give you those quotes coming up.
It's this month's Vanity Fair.
It's actually the June issue.
It comes out a little bit earlier, in May.
And also, environmentalists call for the culling of the human population by 89%.
That is in the Times of London and other publications.
I told you we'd get into that.
Children bad for the planet, they are saying.
But first off, I wanted to get into an article we put together this week titled, Only Ron Paul Can Defeat Hillary Clinton.
The Republican Party has blown its credibility with conservatives in this nation, and they're going to vote third party if not for Ron Paul.
Ron Paul, in every major poll, from Yahoo to MSNBC to MySpace, won.
He also won scientific polls.
And they literally censored him.
He's not in this week's Newsweek.
They just don't have him as a candidate.
Yahoo admittedly had to get over 100,000 emails before they would put him up there.
Then they claimed he wasn't a real candidate, and that had to be retracted.
The Yahoo main homepage on election 2008.
He is popular with Democrats because he's anti-war.
He's popular with conservatives because he's pro-border and anti-federal reserve and income tax.
I mean, he's a constitutionalist.
He's a real old-line, founding father, quality conservative.
And Hillary's going to win.
Now, I've reported to you, it first was broken four years ago in the New York Observer.
By the way, that's a conservative newspaper.
What, Ron Rosenbaum broke it?
That secret meetings between Hillary and Rupert Murdoch and that Fox News would be behind them.
Fox is into winning, folks.
They've only been neocon the last ten years because they knew that's where the world was going.
Bottom line, it's called opportunism.
Well, now they see Hillary and the wicked liberals coming to power, just as bad or worse than Bush, if that's possible.
Can't believe I just said that, but we know.
I cut my teeth fighting the Clintons, and believe me, they're bad folks.
They're criminal.
Now we're going to have to deal with that.
And it isn't going to be Obama, it's going to be Hillary.
And that's Limbaugh's told you that, and he knows, because his boss Roger Ailes is one of the campaign strategists.
And I've been supporting her behind the scenes with advice, and I've got... By the way, Rupert Murdoch's come out and says global warming's real.
We need a global tax, he says.
That shows you it's not real.
Rupert Murdoch's for it, folks.
You can believe it's 180 degrees.
See, I'm a real conservative.
I actually want to save this country.
I actually tear up when I see the flag at a football game, not because of the red, white, and blue, but because I know what it symbolizes.
We're in a lot of trouble, folks.
We've got an article up on PrisonPlanet.com on the right-hand side, News in Focus.
Only Ron Paul can defeat Hillary Clinton.
And he's having a fundraiser next weekend here in Austin.
I won't be there.
I'll be busy editing.
But you can find out at the RonPaul2008.com.
More details on that.
I know we have some callers who want to talk about Ron Paul, so when we get the calls, we will do that.
Let me right now get into the illegal aliens.
Now, one cannot be told about the Matrix.
One cannot be told about the New World Order.
One must really experience it for themselves.
One must take the red pill, as they say.
One has to go to PrisonPlanet.com, or just go to Google, and type, Illegal Cheer as Police Beat Amnesty Protester.
Now I've actually talked to the guy that shot the video in traffic.
We're getting in touch with the fella that was in the car, and it's as we thought.
The person was just mad because for a half hour they had to get to work, and the illegals were taking over that downtown and blocked the road.
So he flips them off.
The cops come over, and the illegals, by the way, are flipping off, cussing, doing their customary behavior, and believe me, I've been to these things.
Any cop in the country who's been to him knows that's the case.
This guy flips him off, the cops come over, drag him out of the car, slam his face in the pavement.
And there's blood pouring out.
The illegals run over within two feet of the cops and hold up signs celebrating, going, yeah, bleeper, that's what you deserve, yelling racial epithets.
Now, I'm not going to play that here.
The cussing, the racial comments.
We're not going to degrade the show to that level.
Oh, by the way, the cop who said he claimed there was a bomb on somebody, if they didn't stop their protest, New York was fired.
We'll have the details for that for you tomorrow.
I'm getting them all together right now.
Remember that thing we played from New York a few weeks ago?
Well, you know, you got a bomb in you.
I'm gonna have to stop your free speech if you don't, uh, go.
I'm gonna say you got a bomb.
I know you don't have a bomb, but I'm gonna say you got a bomb.
And, uh, well, he got fired.
I'm sad he got fired, but this is America.
But, anyway, side issue.
Uh, here the police come in Seattle, Washington, and slam his face repeatedly in the concrete.
They just run over and grab him out of his car, because he had his hand out the sunroof, doing the, uh, the, the, the Hail Mary, the Queen Elizabeth, as they say.
Uh... and uh... you know really going for broke I guess and uh... they came over, violated his free speech, slammed his face in the ground and then the illegals come over and knock the windows out of the car.
Well all the cops stand there.
They knock the windows out and they bash the sides of it up and they scream and have celebrations.
Folks, I've been two hundred feet from police in different parts of the country from Florida to San Antonio, Texas
And I've had them run over and say, turn your camera off when they're searching a vehicle, and I say, no, free speech, I'm a reporter, and it's my First Amendment, and I really don't want to have to sue you or have you lose your job, officer.
I'm not in your way.
If I was over there getting involved in the arrest, you could arrest me.
I'm not interfering with the police officer's duties.
I'm not obstructing justice.
And you're trying to violate my civil rights right now, and I really will sue you.
And the cops go, okay, yes sir, thank you.
We got one we can't push around.
But if you go get in the middle of the police and an arrest, you can and you should be arrested.
Not the illegal aliens, ladies and gentlemen.
They are in this video right up there with a celebration.
And of course, you all saw the stuff two weeks ago in LA.
And they all show the video of cops running people over in the streets and hitting camera people and the rest of it.
And I think it's wrong.
But it's also wrong the media isn't showing you illegals when it all started throwing bottles and rocks and coke bottles and coke cans full of soft drinks at the police.
Now that happened a year ago in the nationwide illegal alien demonstrations and the cops stood down because they were ordered to.
Because illegal aliens are above the law.
They're above everybody in this country.
And the proof is they don't have to have any ID to have
To go get a driver's license, to get a bank account, to get a housing loan, to get apartments.
And all Farmers Branch has said is, we enforce the law here.
It is a criminal violation and they're enforcing the state and federal laws.
They're simply saying, if someone breaks the law, a landlord, and rents to illegal aliens, then we will come after you.
And everyone's freaking out.
We'll explain why this is happening when we get back.
Go to your calls, and then I'll get into the really important news dealing with one-child policies coming to a city near you.
We'll be right back.
Yo, top of the crown, raise the queen.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
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Free humanity does not want to be enslaved by the tyrannical world government known as the New World Order globalization.
And I want to tell all the scum running the planet and all the parasites and all its servants, hell hath no fury like the American people and the people of the planet, and we shall prevail.
Resistance to us is futile.
Alright, let me just finish up with these illegal aliens.
There are 100 million people now in Mexico, 30 million of their population living here.
That's the real numbers.
And there's more people living here than
But dying in the U.S.
every year that are Mexican citizens that are dying in Mexico.
We are basically used as their whole welfare system.
An illegal alien, according to California's own numbers, uses around three times the social services they actually contribute in taxes.
So I'm sick of hearing, oh my God, we need somebody to pick the lettuce.
They're doing jobs nobody wants to do.
What the illegal aliens do is they drive the wages down to where somebody paying insurance trying to live in the system and not tend to a house cannot do that job and survive.
So in a way it's true to say they do jobs nobody wants to do.
You used to get 20 bucks an hour meat packing?
Now you get 7.
Now you get 8.
And that's only going to go down.
You used to be able to make $25 an hour roofing a house?
And you could raise a family on that?
You get 10 bucks an hour roofing a house.
Not anymore.
You see, that's how, and then people think they're getting a better deal.
No, you pay taxes to subsidize, because the illegal aliens, the truth is, really can't make it on that.
And so they're going out and getting on welfare.
And many times, under many multiple names, and that's all come out.
So, places like Farmer's Branch, outside Dallas, very close to where I grew up, are completely run by illegal aliens.
And they said, you know what?
It's, it's, you people are illegal.
And, uh,
If people read to you who are committing a felony, then we're going to come after you.
And Farmer's Branch, I interviewed their mayor a few months ago, when they first passed it, I guess six months ago or so, and everybody freaked out over it.
So they said, well, we'll just take it to a vote of the people, and the people overwhelmingly approved it.
And let me just tell you something.
Until about ten years ago, you couldn't buy land in Mexico.
If you weren't born in Mexico, and now if you jump through a hundred hoops, you might be able to, but they still steal it from you half the time.
Let me tell you something, you break the law down there, they're going to suck a hundred grand out of your family.
You come across the border from Guatemala into Mexico illegally, they put you in a forced labor camp for six months in open air pens, ladies and gentlemen, and have you brushed in rocks.
And that's the poor Guatemalans and Panamanians and Nicaraguans coming through there, because they don't have any money.
If you're a citizen of the U.S., whether you be Hispanic, black, white, doesn't matter, they're going to suck a lot of money out of you.
So, and everybody knows that.
There's a few terrorist areas you can go in Mexico where they don't shake you down.
But you go outside those areas, you're going to have Mexican troops shaking you down, or Mexican federales shaking you down and laughing at you when they take the money out of your wallet.
They don't roll the red carpet out for us, and then they shoot their mouth off and say this is part of the Southwest, this belongs to Mexico.
Spain couldn't hold on to this.
The Comanches and the Apaches and the Blackfoot were kicking your soldiers' hind ends.
And you couldn't even get settlements going here, so you called the King of Spain, called the Tennesseans and the Alabamans and the Georgians in here to do something you couldn't do.
That's what happened.
And then after that happened, Santa Ana overthrew the government of Spain and took over, and his own people tried to kick him out.
He was a dictator, and he marched up here with 4,000 troops, and he killed 168 people, 186 people.
And then, the Texians, against 3 to 1, defeated Santa Ana at the Battle of San Jacinto.
I had family there.
And I'm sick and tired of the schools funded by the federal government that wants to destroy America and destroy Texas and California, who want globalization, talking about how Texas is bad and America's bad.
Let me tell you why that movie, The Alamo, failed.
Because it distorted history and it tried to destroy the memory of the Alamo.
You're not going to kill that memory.
Hey, Santa Ana, we're killing your soldiers below.
So that people will know, and people will say, remember the Alamo.
You ought to go pull that Johnny Cash song and play that.
I was butchering the quote there.
I mean, literally, folks, and I'm not, I'm not into, but I guess I am into where my family comes from and who I am.
You know, the heirs on my mother's side of the family raised Colonel Travis's son.
You know, the scene you see in that stupid movie.
And I had family at many of those major battles.
And I am just sick and tired of hearing my country and my state being walked all over by a bunch of illegal aliens waving their Mexican flags, bad-mouthing my country and my state!
It'd be one thing if we had Switzerland in the South or Japan or something where it wasn't just totally corrupt and totally evil and totally enslaved.
But my God, why do you want this to be Mexico?
Why in heaven do you want that?
And why in heaven do the colleges and the public schools not tell Hispanics that over a third of the people in the battle for independence were Hispanic?
Or that the father of Texas independence who wrote the Constitution was Hispanic?
They steal your heritage from you, too!
And they try to make it racial so they can manipulate us and divide and conquer and destroy America.
America's already gone.
Two years ago in March, Bush signed the North American Union.
We now have the official declassified documents.
It's total treason.
They merged a week ago Monday, the EU with the North American Union, publicly.
They said, we're merging them right now.
They had press conferences because they got caught being secretive before and they got in a lot of trouble.
I said I would just cover this and be done with it, but when you watch an American citizen having his face rammed into the concrete...
Trey, turn your microphone on.
You've seen this video.
In fact, you're now producing my weekday show, and Trey, you've seen the video.
You've contacted the guy that shot the video.
What is it like to see him beating the car to bits, and the cops dragging him out, while his car's beating to bits, and while they get right up where they're attacking him?
Well, regardless of whether you not agree with what he was doing, he was sitting there peacefully.
He wasn't doing anything back.
He wasn't...
I mean, I could see how they might want to charge him with inciting a riot because by him sticking his hand in the air... But why are the illegal aliens allowed to flip off and run around and do all that stuff?
No, I mean, I agree.
See, they're above the law.
That's because they're precious.
Can you get a bank account, Trey, without an ID?
I just opened one.
No, they needed a couple things for me to open a bank account.
Okay, it's in the Associated Press.
No ID.
The cops in Austin have told me, all over the country, it's in the news, you just type in, police say not allowed to arrest illegals.
They're not allowed to!
They're above the law!
I've run into people who worked in the kitchen at the restaurant I used to work at, at the same bank as me, you know, depositing stuff, and, you know, I've always wondered, the money's gotta go somewhere, they don't just stash it under their mattress at night.
Well, I mean, it's been in the news now.
Bank of America, Wells Fargo, but before that all broke three months ago.
Now it's been all over Lou Dobbs, everywhere.
I have been in the bank watching illegals set up bank accounts with no ID.
That's how I'd already reported on it.
That's how I already knew about it.
Well, like I said, I mean, I know people who I've worked with who I know weren't there legally.
Remember Vicente Fox came to Austin three years ago?
I bullhorned him and shut the speech down.
We've got the video of that.
It's on the web.
Just type Alex Jones, you know, shuts down or Alex Jones crushes Fox or something like that on Google Video.
It's out there for free or prisonplanet.tv.
And, uh,
He came to give an award to the Austin Police Department for not following the law.
That's called treason!
The Austin Police Department engages in treason, publicly, from the foreign head of state, giving them an award for not following the law and not arresting illegals.
That's why I went down and shut down that speech.
I shut him down!
He's nothing but an oil company executive, Coca-Cola executive to begin with.
Big front to bring down America.
He also... Ah, it makes me sick.
Anything else, Craig?
That'll be all till next session.
All right, I promise I'll get to your calls and all the other news.
Bruce Willis, yes, I woke him up.
We'll be right back.
Really, Rick Linklater did.
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Alright, we're down to the wire.
You know, in my mind, I've got this three hour program.
I do two hours on Sundays, so we always
Run a little short and don't get to everything I need to.
But I do want to go to the loaded phone lines.
Derek, Craig, Amy's been holding it long enough to go to her first.
Felix, Alex, many others.
On the subject of the illegal aliens, you got six billion, two hundred and something million, there's 6.6 billion now on the planet, who want to come here.
Six plus billion.
And Latin America has
Tens of millions of new births a year.
They all want to come here.
You got half a billion people down there, plus.
And we just can't do it, ladies and gentlemen.
There's almost half a billion, I guess, in Brazil.
We just can't do it.
And then we pay for the welfare, and we pay for the health care, and we pay for it all.
And the whole country's going bankrupt.
The dollar's plunging in value.
We're becoming a third world country.
It just... It's horrible.
And then I watch people waving foreign flags
Beating up folks, I've seen videos from last year, and you've got to see them on the web because the mainstream media won't show it, because it's politically incorrect to show a quote minority group, which is really the majority in many areas of the country, beating somebody up.
In fact, I found out about the plan of San Diego.
Just type that into Google.
First link will be University of Texas.
Plan of San Diego, the Germans in World War I had a plan for ethnic cleansing to fund the Mexicans to kill everybody in the Southwest.
They actually launched attacks in South Texas and one night killed 23 people.
They killed children, you name it.
That really started the beginning of bad race relations.
Before, there were pretty good race relations.
And then they tried to launch the plant of San Diego.
Hitler did in 1943, but that got foiled by the Texas Rangers.
Oh, you didn't know the Mexicans worked with Hitler?
Oh, you didn't know that the Nazis were big down there?
Oh, I'm sorry.
You just don't know your history.
And I'm tired of it!
I mean, I've had enough of it!
Let's go to your calls.
Let's just go to your calls.
Amy in Illinois, you're on the air.
I appreciate you holding.
Okay, thank you for taking my call.
I was going to talk about the real ID, because I find that they put that into law so offensive that it morally outstrips that.
Yeah, federally standardized national ID card with the illegals don't have to have it.
Um, and I was hoping to ask if you could possibly put a petition on your website against it.
If you do, I will personally go to local churches and speak to the pastors and tell them, you know, what website it's on and the fact that it makes you have an eye for an eye.
I mean, personally, it offends me as a Christian.
We want to force me to have something like that because there's no way I would ever do it.
Well, I mean, most churches will tell you that it doesn't exist and it's not a national ID.
Just like most churches will tell you, the Easter Bunny really, you know, is working with Count Dracula.
But, no, no.
There are petitions online, and I've seen it at the big petition websites, to fight the National ID Card, which has already been implemented, folks.
They tell you it's coming in 2008.
That's not true.
When they retina scan, they thumbprint, they got digital barcodes, they got strips on the back.
I mean, Texas had its IDs federalized in 93.
My first film made in 97.
America Destroyed by Design documents that.
And, yeah, we just have to say no to this.
And when they want your ID now, I'll be paying for cash.
And they'll say, I want your ID.
And you say, no!
And they say, well, we can't sell to you.
You say, fine.
And then you just videotape an illegal alien doing it without ID, and then you sue that company.
I mean, we've got to get aggressive.
And Maine and two other states have passed law saying that they won't follow the federal law, and I'm hoping that more states will follow, and I really hope you'll put a link up to it on your website.
Well, I have had the state legislators on for Maine, New Hampshire, and what's the other state?
Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
Maine has passed it, the others are moving.
I think it's 37 states that have introduced legislation in the last year to overturn the REAL ID Act.
And I'd also like to say I highly support you.
I think that civil strife is being created unnecessarily by a bunch of people that leave our borders wide open while trying to clamp down on innocent citizens.
And I live in Illinois.
I don't know if you heard, but recently in the Chicago Sun-Times, and you should still be able to access it by their website, they actually arrested a gentleman who was 17 or 18 years old.
He wrote a paper in class.
It was a creative free writing assignment.
I saw it.
Sure, go ahead.
And they arrested the gentleman.
They told him, write it about whatever you want, and it was a violent article.
Well, that's right.
It didn't mention any names, and it sounded like a Stephen King novel, and they arrested him.
And, you know, Amy, that's what's really scary, is that they tell you in the culture, do whatever you want, play video games where you simulate murders hundreds of times an hour, ripping guts out.
They have games where you rape a woman, and you get bonus credits.
What is it?
Grand Theft Auto?
I mean, this stuff is
Simulated murder.
It has an effect.
And don't tell me I'm censoring.
That's not censorship.
They have a right, I guess, to make that stuff, but I have a right to say it's pure trash.
But you simulate all this, and then a salutatorian, they ask him in art class, paint a picture of your parents, he paints a picture of his Marine Corps Captain Dad with his M-16, and they arrest him.
Or, the valedictorian, it's always the valedictorian for some reason, has some Dixie spoons and forks and knives to have a cake with their teacher at the end of school.
At the last day of school, I interviewed her, and they come in and they find out that she's got plastic knives and they arrest her and take her degree.
Take her diploma.
She had to go to summer school and get it.
They took her last semester.
I mean, see, zero tolerance.
It's thought crime.
They're training you about thought crime.
And they selectively enforce.
Oh, you protest the illegals, we're gonna bring you down and arrest you.
Because, you know, you guys might get in a fight, you might get in an argument, there might be a problem.
We'll arrest them!
They shouldn't even be here to begin with!
Got a bunch of foreigners stomping around on top of us, and we're told to sit down and shut up, or the cops are gonna rubber-bullet us.
Let's go ahead and, um...
Talk to Derek in Sydney, Australia.
You are on the air.
Welcome, Derek.
Hi, Eric.
It's actually Eric.
Derek, Eric, Eric.
It's good to have you on with us.
Thanks for listening.
I have a very quick question.
I was involved in a 9-11 protest for the 11th of the month thing down at Town Hall in Sydney.
And I have a question for you.
Maybe you can give me some advice.
My question is what
What is the relevance of 9-11 for Australia and should we focus on maybe another topic like 7-7 to maybe get the Australian public away?
Well, 9-11 they told us changed the whole world.
Everything's different now.
There's no freedom anymore.
We've got to take all your rights and Australia's used it.
The Bali bombing, it has now come out in mainstream newspapers in Europe and I think even in Australia that the government, quote, knew and let it happen.
No, that was a government op.
A lot of people died in that nightclub, also in the hotel.
I would expose that, and I would expose how they took your guns, and I would expose how they're trying to ban protesting, as you know, there.
They're trying to go back to the 15th century under Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't have profanity on Aaron's surname.
But, I mean, no, I think 9-11 is the key.
That was the worldwide event that, you know, billions of people watched.
Yeah, yeah.
You exposed that.
You exposed their entire paradigm.
Anything else from the land down under, my friend?
Look, just a quick question on population control.
Do you think... Stay there, I'm going to put you on hold.
We're going to come back and get into population control with Derek, get into Bruce Willis, Awake to 9-11, and the JFK assassination.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying,
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I think.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, it's the final segment.
I don't know how I'm going to get to Derek, Craig, Felix, Alex, and Rodney, and I've got to stop there.
Look, on the subject of population control, the people running the planet believe in neo-feudalism and serfdom.
Their excuse to set up tyranny is that humans are a disease and they've got to exterminate us.
Once they set the policy that we're subhuman, they can then move forward to arrange our lives, control us, one-child policy,
And that's what China has.
They fine you, they regulate you, they finally arrest you if you have more than one child.
That's being proposed by different organizations in the U.S., Canada, and England.
Children Behind the Planets, an environmentalist group, and I actually interviewed the co-chairman of the group, and I brought up Prince Philip, who's involved with them.
No, that's the Queen of England's husband, the breeder, that he's involved and says 80% should be killed.
She hung up.
She wouldn't do the interview.
And by the way, he published a book that he wrote the foreword to called, If I Was an Animal, and gave a Reuters interview in 88 when he said that.
It's in my new film I'm making.
So I'm somewhat of an expert on this.
I've been studying it for over a decade.
And it's really scary.
Let's go back to Derek in Australia real quick.
Derek, go ahead.
Alex, just quickly, shouldn't there be some type of guide as to how many children we should have?
Two is reasonable, twelve seems unreasonable.
Well, here's the thing, you can't have the state... Sir, let me just explain to you, because now I see where you're going and we're out of time.
The West is having an average of 1.5 children.
The West is dying.
You've got to replace yourself.
Two is replacing yourself.
1.5 is dying.
The West is dying.
Japan is dying.
Once you industrialize, people have less children.
So, you can't have the state come in and start controlling how many children you have, because that's called tyranny.
And there aren't too many people in the world.
Some of the technologies are dirty and need to be cleaned up.
But once we industrialize the third world, then we can clean things up and they will stop having as many children.
Let me just speak a little bit more about this, because it's a central issue.
The things I just said are not my opinion.
The population is supposed to, this is U.N.
zone numbers, plane off at around 9 billion in 2050.
Now, the big eugenics groups, they're not pushing for people to cut back on children in the third world.
They're pushing for it in the first world, claiming our carbon footprint on greenhouse gases is much larger.
Which it is, but greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, are not pollutants.
It's a life accelerant in the plants.
And again, there's thousands, literally thousands, of major reports and studies and pieces of data on that alone.
Plants breathe carbon dioxide, put up more oxygen.
Major ice core samples have shown that we have higher oxygen levels in the past.
That's actually better for the life forms on this planet.
But the thing is, they want to tax a gas expelled by humans.
It's a tax on humans.
That's what carbon dioxide taxes are.
That's what we exhale.
It's a total scam.
And that's what they say here in the Sunday Times of London.
A tax on breathing.
A tax on life.
What we breathe gives life to the earth.
It's not a toxic waste.
I have Bilderberg Group documents.
I have the Security and Prosperity Partnership, North American Union documents.
They're on Judicial Watch's website, where they say it's a scam, but that they're going to use it as a world tax.
They say it's a scam!
Dick Cheney wrote in September of 2000 that Saddam didn't have WMDs, but that they were going to say he did.
Go read it.
It's in Rebuilding America's Defenses, September 20, 2000, on the PNAC website.
They don't even hide it.
But he knows you're not going to go read white papers.
They write white papers about how to lie to you when they're not vacationing with Hillary.
It's all staged, folks.
It's all fake.
All right, I said I get to all these calls.
How am I supposed to do it when I can spend another hour on that one subject?
Craig, on the USS Liberty, you've been holding.
Go ahead, Craig.
Then we'll go to Felix and others.
Yeah, hey Alex, I had a question about the USS Liberty.
I've been doing some research on that a little bit ever since I discovered it.
The 1967 attack for two and a half hours by Israeli torpedo boats and two waves of fighter-bombers, Descente Miseries, and then tornadoes.
But please continue, I just wanted to fill folks in on that.
There's no doubt that the Israelis attacked that ship.
What I want to know though is what
You gave a quote, I want that ship down.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you said that the president... LBJ, yeah, that came from two different admirals.
Yeah, do you have the names of those admirals?
Yeah, one of them is deceased.
I've interviewed both the admirals.
I've interviewed the first mate of the crew.
I interviewed the captain before he died.
I've interviewed... I've probably interviewed 20 plus men.
Well, see, the reason I have the President is that he came on the phone to the admirals in the fleet, telling them to turn the air cover back.
So you'll have to research the official accounts of these individuals.
I've also interviewed the head JAG admiral, Captain Ward Boston at the time, who was told to expunge all that out of the record.
Then they threatened to kill the crew if they told anyone what they knew.
Also, these are eyewitness accounts, mostly, because it's very hard to dig this stuff up.
Yeah, yeah, let me just stop you.
Let me just stop you.
You got admirals.
You got the fleet admiral.
Okay, and I've interviewed the fleet admiral.
Then I've interviewed his adjunct on the ship with him.
Lyndon Baines Johnson is on the phone.
To the aircraft carrier.
They've launched.
They're only 70 miles away.
They've launched fighter bombers to go take out the Israelis.
They're trying to sink the ships.
They could blame it on Egypt.
And they know it's Americans.
They keep radioing, begging.
The attack's gone for hours.
That's on record.
But what they didn't know is that the federal government had positioned the ship, was clearly in on it, and that they wanted it going to the bottom.
And that's what the Admiral said.
One Admiral told me, I want that GD ship going to the bottom.
The other Admiral said, I don't care about that GD ship, it's going to the bottom.
And I'm not going to sit there and repeat the full quote here on air.
That's what I wanted to hear.
Thank you.
Sure, thank you.
And I'm glad you're asking the question.
In fact,
Again, that's where we get these reports.
I've interviewed the people.
In fact, I'll do another round of interviews on this.
The problem is to make such claims... See, I make those claims in films.
I make those claims in full, hour-long, two-hour-long special interviews.
I have had the admirals.
I have had the Judge Advocate General on.
I have had... I mean, he was the head of the navies.
He was the Judge Advocate Admiral.
But at the time, Captain Ward Boston was just the head of the official whitewash.
And they knew it all.
And the Admiral that took the call from LBJ called the men in, he took his stars off, and he said, listen.
He said, talk to me as if I'm not an Admiral, and tell me what really happened.
After they were done, he said, you will be killed if you tell anyone.
It wasn't, it wasn't, you are going to be court-martialed.
It was, you will be killed.
Just go read the accounts of the Admirals.
I mean, they're on videotape.
There's a half-dozen films out there, or more, on the USS Liberty.
But no, those audio files are on the web.
They're on my website.
I've been doing those interviews.
I've been interviewing admirals and the rest of them for ten years on the subject.
And why did Israel attack the ship?
They did it to blame it on Egypt.
They attacked the ship.
And by the way, an Israeli pilot has now gone public.
Huge American flag, giant surveillance ship, 15 miles off the coast.
The seven-day war is going on.
They want to go ahead and wipe the attack into Egypt.
They attacked the ship.
They first strafed it.
It had a big American flag.
They first strafed a knockout, and then they were sending helicopters, commando helicopters, to actually kill those that were left.
The captain had his guts tied in with a life preserver so he could stay at the bridge.
He got the Congressional Medal of Honor secretly.
It's the only time it's ever been done.
He was given it secretly.
That's now public.
There was a Congressional inquiry on this that found the same things I'm telling you.
Okay, now do you realize the magnitude?
They wanted to... It was a false flag, folks.
See, they staged attacks on the destroyers three years before to kick off, four years before to kick off the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam.
Now declassified, now CIA.gov has now admitted it.
We already knew that, but now they've admitted it.
Then, but they didn't actually kill anybody, it didn't work.
So they went to the pure false flag of actually having a client state attack one of our ships to launch a further war, and they were going to have a war in the Middle East at that time.
Okay, now that's what the Admirals have said, that's what the Captain has said, that's what the First Mate has said, it's what the Doctor has said, it's what the Judge Advocate Admirals said, it's what they've... I've interviewed all of them.
And this is what happened.
I mean, they came in with torpedo boats attacking, and 50-cal machine guns, and strafing the ship, and bombing it, and white phosphorus.
It had thousands of holes in it.
Over 850 cannon holes.
And then bombers bombed it, and then fighter jets strafed it and attacked it.
The attacks went on.
And on and on, really for over two and a half hours.
Then the commandos came in to kill everybody on board with their machine guns hanging out the windows.
I mean, they were coming in with the Israeli Special Forces to go on the boat and kill every American and blow that boat and sink it and blame it on Egypt.
I've interviewed them.
See, because they set up their battle stations, they thought it would sink, they closed the bulkheads, it wouldn't.
It burned people alive in there.
And then the Russians came to the aid.
Not saying they're good, but the point is, they've been watching the whole thing.
The Russians, in their own right, said, we're not letting this happen.
And the Russian ship came in, and the Israelis peeled off.
And then, boom, as soon as they got back to the carrier, the White House and McNamara said, launch jet!
The jets took off, they came in, they towed the ship in, they saved the people.
Okay, folks, so now you know what I said.
I go to your calls.
I'm sorry.
Felix wanted to know about the soldiers missing in Iraq.
But the show's basically over now, so... They say Al-Qaeda says it has missing U.S.
Point is, they've lied so many times.
Al-Qaeda's a made-up term.
And later they say a group that may be affiliated later in the AP.
This guy they claim they just killed?
They've killed him seven separate times, this number two in Al-Qaeda.
And they've shown his body before.
That's what I'm going to do when I leave here.
I'm going to go dig up the articles.
I remember it.
And I'm going to show you photos of his dead body before.
Just that they'll show his dead body next year and you won't care.
God bless you all, ladies and gentlemen.
And Pat Tillman didn't get killed in friendly fire either, right?
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