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Air Date: May 6, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
It is May 6th, 2007 on this live Sunday edition.
I'm coming to you from the studios of NewsRadio 590K LBJ out over the ABC News Star Guide satellite feed to a growing list of wonderful Aminathem affiliates and a gigantic audience.
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Okay, as usual, this Sunday broadcast turned into kind of a shotgun effect because I do two hours here instead of three hours I do weekdays, and there is so much to cover.
We will be taking your calls throughout the next two hours at 877-590-5525.
That's 877-590-KLBJ.
Or locally in Central Texas, 836-0590.
And we will get you up and on the air today.
I wanted to go over a BBC news report that came out this week about a summit that European leaders have with the United States last week.
And later in the second hour I will cover this in some detail.
US and EU agree to a single market.
The United States and the European Union have signed up to a new transatlantic economic partnership at a summit in Washington.
This is the merger of the European Union and the North American Union, but most people aren't even aware that we've been under the official North American Union since March 23rd, 2005.
And we will go over that for you today, exactly when the United States ceased to exist, and how we could hopefully raise the nation from the dead, or we can remain experts on football and on
Paris Hilton having to go to jail for violating parole on drunken driving.
And we can talk about, you know, basically female chauvinist pigs all competing with each other to see who looks the most beautiful.
Women don't even care about what men think anymore.
It's all about it being insecure and flopping around with arrogant attitudes.
We could talk about how all our petty TV news people are on little petty power trips.
Little egomaniacs themselves.
But we're not going to talk about all those petty, distractionary issues today.
We're going to talk about serious issues.
For about a month, it has been... Well, the JFK assassination cover-up has been exposed and completely imploded.
It's fallen apart.
I will spend... In fact, I mentioned last weekend, I said I'd get to this.
I never did.
There's been new developments since then.
I have interviewed, of course, E. Howard Hunt, the CIA Black Op commander.
The guy who carried out the overthrow of Ardennes in Guatemala and many other nations, who ran coups worldwide.
We always knew that E. Howard Hunt ran the op in Dallas 43 years ago, killing John F. Kennedy.
But now, we don't just have the Rolling Stone cover article with the handwritten notes of E. Howard Hunt, given to his son before he died a few months ago.
We now have the actual audio tape.
We're going to be airing some of that here today.
In fact, there's 15 minutes that hasn't been released yet, but he's coming back on my weekday show this week.
We'll have it for you next Sunday here, and he's going to be playing more of that tape, Never Before Heard, where he talks about how he led the operation for the Vice President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, to run the operation.
We're going to be playing E. Howard Hunt, ladies and gentlemen.
Many of you know him as the head of the Watergate burglars.
But you see, I don't just go off the words of E. Howard Hunt.
We have the Dallas Times-Herald, now defunct, and the Dallas Morning News photos, and they're up on prisonplanet.com right now.
of him with other top CIA commanders like Frank Sturgis and others.
You have three top CIA commanders together being led by the police from behind the grassy knoll.
Up close, black and white photos, crisp and clear, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and others.
There's another photo taken seconds before of George Herbert Walker Bush standing right by the Books Depository building, right behind them.
Yes, the former president, ladies and gentlemen.
Not only did the vice president run and command the op, but someone who would later become El Presidente is clearly in the Dallas Times-Herald and Dallas Morning News photos as well.
So, we'll be going over this for you.
Of course, it doesn't really matter that all this came out.
We have polls with over 90% of the American people, and I mean there's been hundreds of these polls, they're 85, 96, depending on the poll, but on average over 90% of the American people before the E. Howard Hunt revelations came out, the smoking gun,
As if the photos weren't smoking gun enough.
But it didn't matter.
The mainstream controlled, Dyncor, Halliburton, General Electric, Lockheed Martin owned media told you that you were crazy.
And the facts didn't matter.
Well, now it is the Faith Complete or the Coup de Grace,
I mean, it's totally collapsed, just like the 9-11 cover-up has collapsed in five and a half years.
Is it going to take 40 for it to collapse?
It's completely collapsing.
Big new developments there.
In fact, this is coming up too.
I have the Associated Press here in front of me.
This came out on Friday.
We'll have a big report on this tomorrow at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Potential terror jurors cite 9-1-1 doubts.
Potential terror jurors cite 9-1-1 doubts and it says here in the Associated Press that due to the cottage industry of conspiracy theorists that has sprung up among academics and others, engineers, colonels, generals,
Uh-huh, sure.
Members of the Cabinet.
A cottage industry of conspiracy theorists has sprung up among academics and others who claim that such things as the U.S.
was involved in 9-11 attacks, and it says that the government can't find jurors to be part of their staged trial, because most of them either say the government's lying, or they say they don't trust the government, the media, the government could have done it, so they just can't find jurors now.
That's Associated Press.
Oh, I'd say that's a collapse!
See, what happened is you lost your monopoly-controlled government press, and now you are losing whatever market share you had rapidly.
And the people are going to take the day.
But we'll get into that.
Also, just a really serious issue.
These super hurricanes, super tornadoes, super typhoons, they're always killing people, they're always going to be killing people, but that doesn't make it any less painful when one hits north of Austin and Gerald, killing what, 30-something people?
Or when it tears into a Kansas town, killing just a huge amount of people.
And we pray for all those.
Tornadoes continue to sweep the Midwest, by the way.
And with the colder temperatures colliding with the spring warm air coming up from the south.
And I think it's times like these when you remember how transitory, how short, how fleeting life is, and to stop worrying about having the biggest, shiniest car, acting cool, or even making as much money.
It's about living today, taking your sons and daughters out fishing, spending time with them, spending time with your wife and husband, trying to simplify our lives.
Lord knows, I'm talking to myself when I say this.
And because life is short, ladies and gentlemen, and you will blink, and your children will be grown, you will be old, and you'll blink and then you'll be dead.
So all of us need to realize that.
And my wife asked me today to just say something about this on air.
She just said, will you say something?
A lot of people listen to you, and I know it won't change things overnight, but will you just say something?
I'm not the best driver, but I knock on wood.
I haven't been on a lot of wrecks.
Speaking of tornadoes, two years ago I was driving back from Fredericksburg, Texas, visiting family.
I'd slowed down because it was raining and wind was blowing, and suddenly my truck, my Suburban, was blown off the road.
My father was in the driver's seat, and we would have been killed.
The state police said if it wouldn't have hit the back, it would have hit the side.
It crushed in about five feet.
Well, I've already digressed there.
The point is, when we get back, I'm going to talk about the way people are driving these days, and how that's the number one cause of death, and if you really want to try to take control of your life, this is a good way to do it.
So there you have it.
It's just a complete mishmash of news.
We'll talk about the degenerate piece of filth, Queen Elizabeth visiting the United States, and why I hate that scum, our ancestral enemy,
And a lot more, so stay with us.
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Bush met with Vincent Fox, President of Mexico, Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada, discussing a security and prosperity partnership.
The formation of a North American Union will have a great impact on the U.S.
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Through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
Okay, I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
I'm just going to go to your calls right now.
Do something a little bit different.
When we get back, I'm going to get into the Queen of England being here and how that ties into a global tax.
The new carbon tax.
That's what all the global warming hype is about.
All the supposed man-made global warming hype.
Then the federal government's having trouble getting people for their kangaroo jury in the Jose Padilla trial because the prospective jurors think that the government is behind it or that the media and government aren't trustworthy and they quote don't know what the truth is.
That's the Associated Press.
Also super virulent new strain of TB raising fears of pandemic.
It's completely drug resistant.
People are going into sanitariums very quietly all over the United States right now.
The average illegal alien that has TB, whether they be Russian, Mexican, doesn't matter, will transfer it to over 40 people in one year in a office or school environment.
Now that's CDC's own quote there.
This is out of Washington Post.
But you rarely see it in the media.
I'm surprised to see it in the media.
And that's one of the biggest problems we should have with all these illegal aliens.
Cooking the food and doing everything else, and defecating in the fields, and then you get E. coli when you eat that spinach, and they always knew what caused it.
But it's politically incorrect, so the media won't tell you.
So we'll be going over that, and the huge JFK.
The JFK, you want smoking gun?
The man who ran the operation, CIA section chief.
He'd run overthrows all over the world.
This guy was so high level, make your head spin.
And E. Howard Hunt, deathbed confession on tape of running the black op.
In Dallas, 43 years ago.
Of course, I interviewed the President's mistress, and I interviewed the President's lawyer, and of course we have all the circumstantial and we have all the forensic, physical evidence.
But we know about the meeting the night before in Dallas when the hit was already planned.
Go ahead and give the green light.
At Clint Murchison's, the big oilman's house.
We already knew all this and what E. Howard Hunt came out and said meshes precisely with it.
It's a big deal, but of course, it's been in the Rolling Stone, and that's it.
And that was before the tape got released.
He just had the handwritten pages, and the mainstream media was saying, oh, well, we're not going to cover that.
In 60 minutes, it was said they were scared to cover it.
And then now he's released a tape.
Five minutes, and more will be released next week on my weekday show.
So that's coming up.
But right now, let's go ahead and go to the calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Paul in Canada, then we'll talk to Mark, Steve, Adam, and others.
Paul, you are on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good, sir.
What's on your mind?
Good, sir.
Well, I just had a question.
It was kind of like a big picture question, if you don't mind.
Sure, go ahead.
Well, I was just wondering, like, what do you think would happen realistically, like, let's say the day after the NWO was defeated?
You know what I mean?
Don't you think that the way society is currently
That it pretty much won't take long before it descends again.
It's a secretive... Well, that's right.
That's right.
No, I mean, not only are the elite a bunch of inbred, demonic, sadistic control freaks who love to engage in mass murder and control, but the general population has degenerated into something very, very close to a pack of retarded baboons.
That's why I wanted to ask, like, do you think, really,
Shouldn't there be some sort of, and I hate to use the term, but organic globalization in the sense that
Like, we're the freedom-oriented NGOs out there, you know what I mean?
Like, we have these NGOs out there giving, you know, AIDS vaccines and the... But see, you're way ahead of people there.
Most people out there don't even know what a non-governmental organization is, or the acronym NGO.
Indeed, I'm sorry, but you... Well, no, no, I'm not poo-pooing what you're saying, but here's the deal, and look, again, I could stop all calls right now, and I could talk for the next hour and a half,
We're an hour and 36 minutes until the show ended about the one point you just raised.
We started out as agrarian societies, well, first hunter-gatherers, then agrarian, then city-state, then nation-state, and then globalization the next step.
The problem is, when they set up a North American Union, they don't even tell the public.
They erase due process, they erase posse comitatus, they erase habeas corpus, they erase every pillar of freedom.
And then they set up the new government systems in a tyrannical form.
And anything that is centralized, and when you have no choice, when you destroy diversity by global government...
Even if you had loving, good people setting up a global system.
Let's say, you know, nice little angels set one up.
You set up a centralized lever, you're going to get a bad guy in there someday that controls it.
It's called separation of powers.
You've got to read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers to realize that the founders were very intelligent and studied history, on average spoke about four languages, and studied the Greeks and Latin and the Roman Empire and the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
And so they set up three branches of government knowing they would then wage war on each other for supremacy instead of waging war on the people.
So it was an elaborate counterbalance system.
So no, we should never have a global government.
If we want to have free trade confederations, that's fine.
It should be voted on by the people.
None of the sovereignty of the nation should be given up.
By the way, it adds a whole new layer of bureaucracy.
Governments never go away.
They just add new ones.
You know, they always push global government as if it's going to cut back on bureaucracy, you know, it just adds a whole other layer.
It's like these people with liberal and conservative front groups pushing national sales tax.
For ten years, since I learned of it, I've been telling you that they would push this.
And you're probably going to see it happen.
And I know you won't listen now, just listen later.
That's the power I've got.
Because I know what I'm talking about, I go off globalist documents, so what I say is going to happen.
Because I know what I'm talking about.
Because I did eight hours of research yesterday until two in the morning and I got bloodshot eyes right now.
I got so much knowledge I can't even impart it to you.
I mean, it's that simple.
And you just better go figure it out and find out about it for yourself.
Because what they're going to give you is, they're going to keep the income tax but change the name of it.
They're going to claim they're keeping it as a social security tax at around 10%.
Seven to ten percent.
And then they're going to give you a sales tax that brings federal control into every cash register, every shopping cart, every company, and they're going to serve that out and share it with the locals, bringing total federal control.
Now, if you think a whole new branch of government, federal control, and somebody in your business every day auditing you in real time, with a national ID card you swipe to access it, because it's going to be a graduated sales tax, if you think that sounds good, then okay, go jump off a cliff, because that probably sounds good to you, too.
But again, they've got these scumbag fake conservatives up there, selling you cyanide and telling you it's a lollipop.
And it's not.
And this is what's frustrating.
Could we have a wonderful global government?
Could we fly around like Star Trek together in a thousand years?
Not with the current way humans work.
It's like communism.
Communism sounds good on the surface.
Oh, we're all going to share and love each other.
But we know that's not how it works.
It's like neighborhood associations.
They sound good, but only the control freaks get involved in it.
I mean, you're gonna... I've already blown the time here I had.
When we get back, I'll continue with calls and get more into the news.
These segments go by so fast.
But let me go back to what my wife wanted me to say here.
I always like the sports guy, during the week on this local station,
Who tells everybody, drive safe out there when he signs off.
That's really true.
And you know what?
That's something we can do something about.
And when we get back, I want to briefly comment on that.
Because, again, people are driving like chimpanzees on PCP.
And it's all of a sudden, it's like they put PCP in the water supply.
And it's scary as hell out there.
It's like, it's like Crash Up Derby or something.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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We're good.
I think so.
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Welcome back, it is May 6, 2007.
I'm going to go to your calls.
Everybody that is patiently holding.
From Bobby to Abilene to Steve in Los Angeles, California.
The last caller I went to was up in Canada.
Big JFK news.
The cover-up is from Blowin' Wide Open.
So is the 9-11 cover-up.
It hasn't collapsed as completely as JFK.
But we will have black operators.
Black Ops commanders who ran the attacks of 9-11 go public.
Don't worry.
Uh, in all, everything hidden will be revealed.
Also, the BBC reports the EU and American Union are publicly merging.
But again, the general public only knows how to suck their thumbs and not actually find out about that.
Alright, I'm being a little bit sarcastic there.
Uh, it's all coming up.
But, but, I'm just now noticing, and I mean, people have always, when you're driving down Mopac or driving down I-35 or driving down a side street, and I was just out in Los Angeles, people were driving ten times worse than the last time I was there.
I've been driving in New York all over.
People are driving worse and worse and worse.
They're driving like people drive in Mexico.
But this isn't illegal aliens that are driving like this.
I'll pull up next to the vehicles, not to have some road rage, but more scientifically to just analyze who it is.
And it's soccer moms, old white guys, black people, Hispanics.
I mean, it's just a cross-section of society.
And I used to, about once every two or three weeks, and I should drive more than I do now,
I used to do a lot of my own errands for my business.
Now I have folks that do that.
I'm just too busy.
But I probably drive about half as much as I did in the past.
And about every few weeks, every month or so, you'd be driving along and somebody wouldn't see you.
Right out of the blue would start coming over.
And I was in a few wrecks in my life with people hitting me like that.
Or people rear-ending you and don't stop.
I mean, we've all been through it.
And again, I'm not up here on a high horse like I'm the best driver.
But compared to these people, I mean, it's like I'm an astronaut compared to a
Reese's monkey or something.
Back to the monkey analogy.
Those are those little foot tall cross eyed monkeys.
I walk around wearing diapers, but the point is that today I almost got hit going down William Cannon with my family.
I am, luckily, about eight car lengths back.
I'm going about 30 miles an hour.
This person slows down to get over, because there's cars in front of them, and just violently cuts over out of their lane to hit me, and I slam on the brakes.
First, I looked in the mirror real fast, slam on the brakes, and went into the other lane and almost hit another car, but I had room.
And this soccer mom just went on driving like everything was fine.
Now, this is why I'm reporting on this.
Something has changed.
Because this is happening every day now.
And then I mentioned it to Trey and to Paul, who were in the control room.
Paul's in there answering the phones.
We don't screen the phones, he's just giving me your name and where you're calling from, what country or what state.
And Trey is in there, you know, running things.
And they just started exclaiming, oh yeah, I mean, people rubberneck now like they never did before.
They cut you off.
Now, I mean, you'll be trying to get over.
People will race to block you so you can't.
And they'll smile at you like it's some personal power thing.
And I don't understand why people think they get personal power out of screwing other people.
Because I let people in.
You know, maybe once a month if I'm late for work or something, which I'm normally not.
And then even then I'll let people in because it's just too dangerous.
I'd rather be late.
Uh, but, uh, gentlemen, you want to comment on this?
You got a mic in the studio there.
I mean, why don't you comment, uh, on it, uh, Trey?
Uh, the, the largest problem I have is just, it's always someone in a new car, and I don't have a new car, and I'm sorry, I just can't afford to drive at the speed that other people drive at.
Well, that's also because I think they're royal, but, but, uh...
Do you want to comment in there, Paul?
There's only one mic.
He's running around.
Why are you guys coming here?
It's the cell phone and text messaging.
I think that capital punishment should be put on those people that do that, especially text messaging.
Well, I mean, I'm guilty of using the phone, but there are brief phone calls when I'm going out straight away, and still I catch myself not driving as well.
But yeah, and we all know about the women putting on the Vicar's Cases every few months, and the woman getting one of those eye color pencils jammed in their eye or face, and they're putting it on, or they're on the telephone.
And, I mean, I've seen people on the phone literally going in and out of their lanes.
It's like drunk driving.
But at the same time, I don't want the government involved, because they never make anything better.
In fact, you don't see cops out there arresting people for reckless driving.
Instead, they're writing tickets for the system, or, you know, installing Lockheed Martin red light cameras.
And I see a lot of the racing towards the red light, like here in Austin, you know when a light's going to be red.
And they'll get mad!
If you start slowing down, they'll like violently cut out of the lane behind you to get around you.
Oh yeah, I mean they just cut, then they'll cut me off to get in front of me to wait at the red light.
And by the way, this thing with the cameras and the lights,
I don't understand why we can afford to put cameras in lights, yet we can't afford to put the cameras in the lights that don't make you sit at a red light when no one's even there.
I'm from Houston, and you don't sit at red lights in Houston like you do up here.
It's just ridiculous.
I've never wasted so much time.
There's no synchronization, and the city enjoys it.
I just, I don't understand it.
I'm from Houston and you never ever have to stop at a red light for nobody and I've sat at so many red lights for nobody in this town.
Yeah, some of these red lights are like 2 minutes and it does seem like 30 minutes.
So it just upsets me that we can afford to write more, you know, put in devices that write more tickets, but we can't afford to put in devices that would increase the traffic flow instead of causing more accidents.
Well, few things irritate me, but this week, and understand, I literally turn down on average 5 interviews a day.
In fact, Trey, you work part-time every year in my office.
I mean, I turn down, you know, clear channel stations, 50,000 watt stations, you name it.
And because I'm so busy making films, I'm making one film, I'm producing another major film, and I'm consulting, and I'm doing all this other stuff, and I'm overseeing web stories, and I'm writing articles.
I mean, no exaggeration, my average day is about 15 to 16 hours.
Some days, 18 hours.
Because I love my work.
I love fighting tyranny.
But it's frustrating.
I heard a local talk show here in Austin.
I'm not going to say the station.
And I'm driving along, and I think, you know, I'm busy.
My kids are in the house.
I only get to see them about two hours, because I like to go home about four, see them until about six, and I go back to work.
I have a double shift, really.
And so I call at about 4.30 as I'm getting back to my house, and I sit in the parking lot for 15 minutes, waiting for the call screener to go to me.
And he goes, yeah, what's your name?
And I said, that's Alex.
And automatically, oh, no, no, you're not going to come on.
And I said, well, no, I just want to tell people, because I mean, I wanted to warn the public.
I have this burning desire to let people know what's going on behind things.
And I said, these red light cameras have been ruled to be uncivil and illegal.
That is, they've been found civilly.
I've been thrown out in San Diego and just literally scores of other cities.
And I happen to be some of an expert on that because I've covered it a lot.
And it's also
You know, very, very dangerous.
Lockheed Martin, the defense contractor, got caught in San Diego shortening yellow lights from four seconds to two, and they got sued over it.
The city admitted it caused a bunch of fatalities and injuries, because you really couldn't stop at many of them.
And also, if an officer isn't there riding the ticket.
If an officer has to be there giving you the ticket, there has to be this person who's sworn in for the municipality or the county under state law who's empowered to do that.
Lockheed was just giving people tickets, and each camera was making over twelve million dollars a year, and they had scores of them in the city, and they made hundreds of millions for them.
And the same thing they're doing now in some of the towns in Texas, where they actually shorten the lights, they hide the camera where you can't see them, which kills the whole point of it, they do it on the edge of town,
It's about money, ladies and gentlemen, and it's dangerous, and it's... You know, that's why I'm on the radio.
Because I want to tell you that mercury and vaccines has caused autism to go from 1 in 25,000 people...
Twenty-four years ago, to one in a hundred and sixty-eight, and that was two years of numbers, CDC.
Now it's even, it's just below more than one in a hundred and fifty, the mercury brain damages you.
I want to warn you that drug immune TB is spreading everywhere, and that the illegal aliens are carrying it, whether they're from Russia or Mexico.
We're in red-level crisis.
Your children are breathing it.
When it happens, they quietly lock them up, or quietly get, or are on house arrest.
Hundreds of Austinites are on it right now.
I want to warn you, but most of the shows don't talk about real issues, folks.
Or when they do, you can't even get key info into them.
Now, I know how to get past call screeners.
You call and act really stupid.
But I just won't do that.
I'm not going to be dishonest.
I just thought I'd mention that, too.
Now I've warned Austin and the rest of the country about the red light cameras.
Don't believe me, though.
Go research it for yourself.
All right, I promise.
We're going to come back and blitz through five phone calls on the board that we have time to get to.
Then we'll start the next hour getting to JFK, 9-11, you name it, PrisonPlanet.com is the website.
We'll be right back.
And we don't screen your calls.
You can call right in.
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All right, let's try to clear out these loaded phone lines and then get into the really big news in the next hour.
Who's been holding the longest here?
I guess it'd be Steve in Los Angeles.
Steve, you're on the air.
Yeah, hi Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
You bet.
Welcome, sir.
Yeah, I got a question.
I was checking out your website.
I think it was either last Friday or yesterday.
You had a story up there about Bush
9-11, something about ABC report that he was asked about what was going on in New York before he even left his hotel.
Yeah, that's right.
It was a full 35 minutes, because they're reporting it 30 minutes before he even got to the school.
And they're saying, we just talked to him in his hotel.
In about 30 minutes, he'll be at his school.
He knows the building has been hit.
And then, boy, I saw the plane.
Then he said, hey, I like that.
Keep it rolling.
Then he said,
I saw the plane hit.
Well, that didn't come out for a day or so, the Nadé Brothers video of the plane hitting the first tower, the first tower to be struck.
Then he changed his story and said, no, I never knew until they told me about the second plane.
But then Times of London photos got released of him at the school before he went out to the kids showing the tower smoking.
So, the point is, it's just more lying.
And then the bigger point is, the Secret Service has a default position.
It had been known for over a week where it was going to be.
There were airports nearby.
They thought there were 20 other planes hijacked because the government was running drills that morning of that happening.
And the Secret Service has a default.
They don't ask.
They grab you and take you out of there.
But they didn't.
Isn't that interesting?
They had open lines.
Well, yeah.
The FAA had open lines with the Secret Service right after they, I guess, the FAA contacted needs.
NORAD at 940, I'm sorry, 840 AM, okay, and Bush didn't get to the school until 9 o'clock.
But look at you worried about timelines.
You know the name of federal agencies and you're informed and you're worried about things.
Why don't you just go watch Paris Hilton and take some Ritalin and Prozac and doesn't matter if they admit it causes suicide and every mass shooter's been on a serotonin reuptake inhibitor.
And then more people go psychopathic, so more people get put on drugs.
And more people go psychopathic, so more people get put on drugs.
I mean, problem, reaction, solution.
It all works perfectly, sir.
Just submit to government.
Stop being an Al-Qaeda member.
Questioning government means you support Al-Qaeda and you hate America.
Just submit to your world government.
Don't worry, Hillary will be saving you soon.
Oh yes, when she's not vacationing with the Bushes or hanging out with Roger Ailes or good old Rupert Murdoch.
You can see Fox getting ready for the switch over to the Dems.
That's freaking out all the braindead phony conservatives.
Let's go ahead here and
A little bit of satire there, folks.
But I'm serious about him being behind her.
You won't figure that out until it's too late, will you?
Let's go ahead and... They're CIA folks.
Let's go ahead here and... Hillary and all of them.
Let's go ahead here and go to Mark in Atlanta, Georgia.
You're on the air, my friend.
Hey, Bruce.
Go ahead.
You're ever in our prayers.
Thank you.
I need them.
Listen, there's a verse that's been commonly misapplied because I find very few translations that render it accurately.
In the Greek, it says, Pasa tuque exousia, all full authorities.
When people say... Well, your phone's cutting out, sir.
Are you on a wireless phone, or are you on a... I'm on a cell phone.
Okay, start over with what you said.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Go ahead.
In Romans 13, verse 1, most translations do not accurately convey the qualifier that is in the second word.
Pasa tuque exousia is basically, get left alone.
But there's a word between them.
Suke is for the soul.
All soul authorities.
That is, authorities that are in turn in submission to the authority of God.
So I've had cops that basically, oh, Romans 13 says you've got to submit to our authority.
And I'm like, well, you don't know better, but this verse does not actually say that all authorities part blanche, but all authorities that are spiritual.
Absolutely, absolutely, and I appreciate your call.
Look, McCullough brings up a really important point, and I've interviewed many pastors, I've read it myself, we are a Christian nation, I'm a Christian, and they misapply Romans 13, render things unto Caesars, and things unto God that are God's.
Now, Jesus was killed for not doing what Herod, and not doing what the religious leaders were saying, and not doing what the governor was telling him to do.
And eleven of the twelve disciples were boiled in oil, crucified, their heads chopped off, life in prison, because they didn't follow the orders.
And the Christians were burned at the stake, and they were fed to the lions in the Colosseum until 300 plus A.D.
After the death, or the 300 common errors, they've now changed it.
So, I guess our Founding Fathers shouldn't have fought the king, because he was the government.
And I guess we shouldn't have fought Hitler, because Hitler was a curse, put on us by God, and we shouldn't have fought.
Hitler's favorite verse, and this is in Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, it's in Heinz Hobel's Order of the Death Set.
I actually read 1,000 page history books.
And I'm not bragging, I mean, it's entertaining, it's interesting.
You watch 24 and Football, I read Order of the Death Set.
I read things like that.
It's 900 and something pages, not quite 1,000.
And so I know actually what Hitler did, and boy, let me tell you, when the government starts saying, render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and follow what Caesar says, it's a fraud.
They were trying to set Christ up to kill him early, to stone him to death, and they said, should we not pay taxes unto Caesar?
And they're trying to set him up, and it wasn't time for him yet to give his life.
And so he gave them a riddle back, and he said, well, no, the things that belong to Caesar, because that's his currency, that's his system, that's his issuance, render unto Caesar.
But those that are gods, unto God.
And the rest of the chapter goes on to explain that you are to fight evil government.
Look at all the prophets!
That's all they did was fight corrupt government.
About a hundred years ago, they set up the National Council of Churches.
It later became the International Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, openly funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation.
And these preachers teach you, lay down to government, do what you're told, always submit, grovel.
They're the opposite of what the Bible teaches.
But the Bible tells you there will be false teachers.
And of course these are false teachers.
They're there to have big mega-churches and everybody dresses up and feels good and, you know, goes and does business deals at the church and it's just a big social club so everybody can see who's got the fanciest car in the parking lot and look for better business deals.
That's social climbers that don't produce anything real in the world.
They just play golf and act cool.
The world's always been filled with leeches and scum.
But people that change history for the better, people that stand up for the orphans, the people that stand up for the widows, the people that go... I mean, all the prophets went and rebuked Nineveh, and rebuked Jerusalem, and rebuked all of these evils.
It's unbelievable.
I mean, Moses fought back against Pharaoh.
And literally led his people in rebellion.
He beat a thug.
He beat one of Pharaoh's police officers to death with an axe, ladies and gentlemen.
Beat his brains all over the place.
It says he savagely hacked him up in pieces because he was beating an old man to death.
And you don't like watching old men and women and children getting beat on by scum!
So that's not what the Bible says!
The whole Bible is the complete opposite of that!
But of course, Adolf Hitler said, do whatever the government said.
And Stalin used Render Unto Caesar.
And kings, 500 years ago in Europe, used Render Unto Caesar and do what the civil authority says.
They've taken that verse, they've got all these new versions of it, they misappropriated, and they sell lies to the people.
So there, yes, I'm informed on Romans 13.
You should read it in the Greek, but there's over 150 Greek translations that are false out there.
You've got to go to the King James, because they've now checked it with the scrolls, and it is a word-for-word translation out of the original Greek that it was translated into, out of Aramaic.
You want to know?
Yes, I've studied that as well.
All right?
Let's go ahead and jam one more call in here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Adam in Arlington, Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I have a comment and a question.
Yes, go ahead.
The comment is about your driving situation.
It seems like society is obsessed with speed.
What's the fastest runner?
Who's the fastest runner?
What's the fastest computer processor speed?
What's the fastest car?
I think also innately people are selfish.
That's why people like the founding fathers and good parents deserve so much respect because they're unselfish.
They've taken that sacrifice.
I remember sitting there watching 9-11 when that second tower fell and I knew that something was up.
I knew it just wasn't the plane.
I don't have a lot of background and structure and everything.
You know, just after the amount of evidence that, you know, people like you have, uh, you know, uh, brought together and everything, it just kind of confirmed my suspicions.
But have you noticed any kind of correlation between, uh, you know, the big events and, uh, people's reasoning skills and logical deduction skills to actually figure that out?
I'll talk about that when we get back, and I'm told we have someone who really disagrees with me.
He says they're a sheriff's deputy and they quote, or, he said,
He said I'm drunk?
Oh, I need to be arrested, I'm drunk.
No, I don't drink.
That's not true.
I think I had a beer about a month ago.
All right.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Tyranny is when the government becomes corrupt and when the
People that run the system start thinking they're God and you're there to serve them because they know best.
And we had somebody call in in the last segment going, he's crazy or he's drunk, I disagree with him, I can't believe what he just said.
And Trey said, okay, what's your name, where are you calling from?
Sheriff's Department, Austin, Texas.
That'd be Sheriff's Department, Travis County then.
But maybe you're in Austin, Texas.
Nothing against the Sheriff's Department.
Very nice people.
They had a former jail guard, though, just convicted of killing somebody.
But other than that, I'm just trying to understand here...
I know it made you mad.
You've been told that Jesus says you run everything, and Jesus says we have to submit to do everything government says.
The Bible doesn't say that.
I know it's upsetting to you.
I know you feel like you've got a direct power beam from heaven, you know, like energizing you like Mothra or something, or Super Scroll.
But, see, the Declaration of Independence, if you haven't read it, type Declaration of Independence into a search engine, it'll pull up.
That it's our right and duty to throw off oppressive government, and that we empower the government, and that we're the boss, not you!
Now I know most police know this, most sheriff's deputies are nice people.
I see them even out still changing people's tires and helping old ladies, and that's very nice.
But people like you though, and let me just say, you're afraid to call in.
I know the lines are loaded, but there was one open then.
And at any time you might try line six hung up and then just lit back up and put it on hold.
Maybe that's him.
But you're local so 836-0590 and you can call in and you can explain to me how I'm wrong.
Or you can tell me that the Declaration of Independence is of the devil, which you probably will.
I mean, hell, what am I saying?
I got FEMA on video teaching a classroom full of cops that the Founding Fathers were all terrorists and were bad.
I got training manuals saying gun owners are all terrorists.
Those aren't both, by the way.
I mean, you can't make this type of stuff up.
This type of stuff up.
You just can't do it.
By the way, France has this new president, and I'll just briefly comment on that for everybody.
There's no choice at all.
Either a horrible gun grabbing.
They already have like an 80 plus percent tax rate when you add it all together.
I have friends that live in France.
I've got some British friends who moved over there.
Because the housing is cheap, because if you've already got money when you go there, then you're okay.
But it's all about the elite.
See, the elite actually push for big government to take your wealth and transfer it to themselves.
That's what the liberals don't understand.
They think that with class warfare you get the rich guys by voting for big government, when it's actually big corporations lobbying for big government to actually regulate the real free market companies out of business.
This new president over there, this guy's a big warmonger, big neocon, but the reason he got elected was the CIA used nine different big newspapers that are known U.S.
government fronts.
By the way, that later came out in the news.
For those that don't know, a lot of our domestic news is CIA-run.
That's just one agency doing it of many.
And that they actually published the Mohammed cartoons.
They weren't real submissions.
They were forgeries.
They'd gone out and taken video stills from cartoons and then created black and white stills of them because the CIA didn't even have good artists in that particular department creating that forgery.
And so it was just made up.
And then of course the Muslims played right into it and ran around burning everything in France and ten other countries.
At least, and killed a bunch of people, and then that was all kept real quiet by the news, because the very same neocons aren't going to stop bringing in all the foreigners.
See, that's the great part about this.
We have wide open borders, unlimited foreigners pouring in, coughing tuberculosis and everything else on everybody, and then the neocons sit there and talk about how we're fighting Islamo-fascists while they bring in foreigners at record clips.
You can't have your cake and eat it, too!
And they did precipitate in a PSYOP, and that's what the CIA did over and over again.
That's what E. Howard Hunt did in Guatemala and at least five other nations.
He is the man who ran the overthrow of countries.
They would pull the exact same type stuff, and the public always plays right into it.
And I mean, do you like having them play all these tricks on you?
Do you like being laughed at?
Do you like not knowing how the world works?
Is it fun for you?
We had a caller earlier who was asking me, you know, what do we do?
Why won't people see the facts?
Why won't they listen?
Some people will listen.
And, you know, we say the public's dumb, and there are some people out there who are really quick to get it and quick on the uptake to get smart.
But it's not that they're dumb, they're just focused on the issues that really don't matter or they're experts on beanie babies or football players who are prosthesis for their manhood or other issues.
You can become an expert on whatever you wish.
I happen to have picked geopolitics and real politics and what truly happens on the planet and history.
Other people, you know, it's their tattoos and Harleys and how to act tough when you swagger out of a liquor store.
And that's fine.
I mean, how to act tough is fine, and how to act manly, and how to bug your eyes out and act scary is all very, very important.
You know, those types just need to know they don't need to mess with the quiet guy out there trimming his hedges, because he fights his whole life trying to contain the rage and power that you only wish you had.
But side issue, I'm already digressing there.
It's just I see a nation of scum.
And I'm sorry, I just have to admit it to you.
50 plus million abortions.
We can't even defend our own sovereignty.
The average American doesn't even know that the North American Union has been going for two years.
We were now merged last Sunday with the European Union.
Publicly, they even had a ceremony.
The general public doesn't know.
And I would just like to try to wake you up and try to reach out to you and get you to be involved and realize what's happening.
It's really that simple.
We don't have 40 years for you to figure out 9-11 is an inside job like it took 40 years for you to figure out that JFK assassination was a government op.
And it's now, again, over 90% of the American people in major polls know it's an inside job.
I mean, just the mechanics of it, three shots out of that rifle was impossible in 6.4 seconds.
You couldn't shoot through the live oak tree that was up in front of the window.
We know that there's video, there's film footage of his head blowing out the back.
That's what rifle rounds do when you shoot somebody from the front.
We've talked to many of the witnesses who didn't die in the next few months of gunshot wounds to the back of the head, who saw men up behind the grass you know firing their rifles.
The police that weren't part of the op picked the guys up and brought them in.
And then when they got released, the newspaper took photos of them, and it was three high-level, known CIA section chiefs.
I mean, just plain as day, there they are, just walking right out in front of everybody.
And surprise, surprise, the guy that was the field commander, E. Howard Hunt, deathbed confession of how he was running the operation.
And so, when we get back, I'm going to start getting into this, and then we'll go to the loaded phone lines here.
We will go to Paul and Paula and Rick and Tom and many, many others here that are holding, but we will get into the JFK assassination.
Now, to be clear here in the timeline, a month ago, the cover of the Rolling Stone,
Talked about deathbed confession of E. Howard Hunt.
Now that was just the written pages he did.
Hundreds of them.
Now, his son then, a week and a half ago, released five minutes of a tape.
I interviewed him.
Other national shows interviewed him.
Coast to Coast did.
Then, later this week, he's scheduled to release the rest of it.
And it is E. Howard Hunt laying on his back
And he's talking about how he was running the operation and ordered to organize it under Kordmeier.
Kordmeier, another Maureen.
And this is what they did.
And this is how they did it.
And they went over there, and it was only about 30 feet away, and they capped the president in the head.
That Chrysler had so many holes in it,
That Chrysler looked like a pen cushion.
That's why they grabbed it and took it and refurbished it all and then put it back into service.
Oh no, there's no assassinations in government history.
By the way, they were violating Romans 13.
LBJ wasn't following his leader.
Ooh, he wasn't very Christian.
We'll be right back.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Alright, the best way to find this article that we put together and links to the Rolling Stone and some other mainstream magazines and newspapers that have covered this is to go to PrisonPlanet.com and on the right hand side you see News in Focus.
It's one of the top stories there.
Son of JFK conspirator drops new bombshell revelations.
Kevin Costner was set to make documentary on Hunt's confession before Miami Mafia stepped in.
That's his second family, as was described.
E. Howard Hunt believed government had sabotaged his wife's plane, killing her when she was picking up the payoff money from Nixon.
Let's be clear here.
The Texas oil companies behind Nixon, as actually portrayed in JFK, were clearly more involved than even the presidency, which literally was the puppet of the very same oil companies.
And I've interviewed some of the people that were there at the meeting, some of the people that were then told about the meeting.
The Texas oil man's house in Dallas that I mentioned earlier where the plan had already been set in motion.
E. Howard Hunt was there and then they went ahead and gave the authorization to do the hit.
Just absolutely incredible.
But here he is.
Now, three years ago he recorded this.
He thought he was going to die.
He was on his deathbed.
He had both legs amputated.
Had cancer in his jaw and throat and all over his body.
And he made this recording.
And he'd already told his son this verbally and written it out.
Then he didn't die.
I don't know.
I heard from Frank that LBJ had designated Gordon Meyer, Jr.
undertake a larger organization while keeping it totally secret.
Cord buyer himself was a rather favored member of the Eastern aristocracy.
He was a graduate of Yale University and had joined the Marine Corps during the war and lost an eye in the Pacific fighting.
I think that LBJ settled on Meyer as an opportunist parent, like himself a parent, and a man who had very little left to him in life ever since JFK had taken Court White as one of his mistresses.
I would suggest that
Cord Meyer welcomed the approach from LBJ, who was, after all, only the Vice President at that time.
And, of course, could not number Cord Meyer among JFK's admirers.
Quite the contrary.
As for Dave Phillips,
I knew him pretty well at one time.
He worked for me during the Guatemala project.
He made himself useful to the agency in Santiago, Chile, where he was an American businessman.
In any case, his actions, whatever they were, came to the attention of the Santiago station chief, and when his resume
became known to people in the Western Hemisphere Division.
He was brought in to work on the Guatemalan operations.
Sturges and Morales and people of that ilk stayed in apartment houses during preparations for
The big event.
Your addresses were very subject to change.
So that where a fellow like Wallace had been one day, you're not necessarily associated with that same address the following day.
In short, it was a very mobile experience.
Let me point out at this point that if I had wanted to
Fiction-wise, what went on in Miami and elsewhere during the run-up to the big event, I would have done so.
But I don't want any unreality to tinge at this particular story, or the information, I should say.
I was a benchwarmer on it, and I had a reputation for honesty.
I think it's essential to refocus on what this information that I've been providing you and you alone, by the way, consists of.
What is important in the story is that we've backtracked the chain of command up through Kordmeier and laying the doings
At the doorstep of LBJ.
He, in my opinion, had an almost maniacal urge to become president.
He regarded JFK as he was, in fact, an obstacle to achieving that.
He could have waited for JFK to finish out his term and then undoubtedly a second term.
So that would have put LBJ
At the head of a long list of people who were waiting for some change in the executive branch.
Now I learned of this tape a few weeks ago.
But by then I heard it was good.
That's good.
We're playing that clip from when he played it on my show and so you hear me from earlier this week talking about it.
Now, that has aired all over national radio.
In fact, even though talk radio is predominantly, quote, conservative, and that's a fake, counterfeit conservatism to neutralize real conservatives because you are the main threat against the New World Order, my fellow conservatives, if you just wake up.
But I've got to admit, that's the only place that wasn't censored.
That has aired all over national radio in the last week, including my weekday syndicated show.
But it's aired right here on KLBJ.
Twice, last Saturday and then Tuesday night with Coast to Coast AM.
But it has also aired all over WABC in New York.
It has aired all over Dallas radio stations.
And the only place you've seen it, other than the Rolling Stone reporting on these revelations, 60 Minutes came out and said they know it's real, but they're scared.
A lot of others are scared.
I know some people, I'm sure, here in town are scared.
But you know what?
When you allow things like this to go on, and when you allow corruption to breed like this, this was a coup against the United States.
It never went away.
It's only gotten worse.
And 9-11 was carried out by the very same progeny, was carried out by the very same military-industrial complex apparatchik.
And I assure you, it was the big central banks and the big oil men who were at those meetings.
And so, you know, it's like at the feet of the Commander-in-Chief.
He himself is just a puppet, just like George Bush or Hillary Clinton or any of these people.
They remove one, and then they simply bring somebody else in later to replace them.
Just like the Pony Express, when one horse gets tired or breaks a leg, you just put in another one.
Or I've likened it to Birdcage Liner.
So I would say that this is quite historical.
We have the official fraud of JFK's assassination.
The official conspiracy theory that a lone gunman in six seconds got off three shots perfectly.
It's completely blown away.
I mean, it's just...
Did you ever wonder how an opera singer that hits a high note is able to shatter a wine glass?
Well, the glass has a natural resonance.
If the resonant frequency force making the glass vibrate is big enough, the size of the vibration will become so large that the glass shatters.
Using this similar principle, Royal Raymond Wright discovered that diseased organisms can be destroyed using different resonant frequencies.
The Biosolutions Frequency Instrument
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You're listening to the GCN Radio Network.
Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
You can clearly mark 1963 as the point in time when the police state started getting set up, when the federal government started taking over every facet of society, when voter news service started manipulating the votes and projecting them before the polls had even closed.
That's when we had our own military coup here in the United States.
And we just got declassified documents under FOIA requests.
Even more just came out in the last two weeks, from last September's meeting up in Banff,
Canada, where the SPP, Security and Prosperity Partnership, met in secret.
It is the North American Union.
NORTHCOM, the new North American Command, was running the meeting with the heads of the Mexican, U.S., and Canadian government, and it was all about how to circumvent Congress, how to set up the taxation grid with fake environmental and global warming taxes.
Bush is all involved.
The Clintons are involved.
You know, you hear Bush isn't for the carbon tax.
That's pure bull.
And this is why I'm so freaked out.
I mean, I've read and scanned through these, and Jerome Corsi and Human Events had written about it, and Lou Dobbs had talked about it.
I just spent four hours yesterday, no, no, no, about four hours Friday, another hour or two yesterday, because I'm making a film about it, actually reading every page.
I mean, it's over a thousand pages.
I mean, scanning them.
And it's unbelievable how Mexican troops are going to, quote, deal with American terrorists, how they're going to have a carbon tax, how they're going to keep it secret from the people.
I mean, this is treason!
I mean, I have it!
In fact, Trey, you were at the office earlier today.
You saw me walk around with those big stacks of documents.
You saw Rob over there editing.
I mean, literally, we have them!
It's just... But the general public is never going to go to Judicial Watch, who had to sue to get these documents.
You're not going to go read this, Trey.
I've got a soccer game to go to, I don't know.
Man, I tell ya, I mean, it just totally makes my head spin.
Let's go through a bunch of calls.
We'll get into this 9-11 news and the global warming, global tax news.
I don't know who's been holding the longest because the regular phone system's down today.
I wonder who's been holding the longest out of all these six callers here.
Or I guess seven.
More seven callers here.
I just can't keep track of it anymore.
Let's go ahead and go to Bobby and Abilene.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Bobby.
Hey, uh, you there?
Yes, I am.
Go ahead.
All right, man.
I appreciate you.
Uh, man, I just heard about you about, oh, I guess about two, three months ago.
And man, I must say, you're really awesome, Alex.
I mean, you're really doing a wonderful job.
Well, I'm just trying to do a good job.
It's hard, and I get tired, and I get frustrated.
Really, I'm like a bookworm who has this other personality of this loudmouth.
So basically, usually a bookworm wouldn't have the cojones to go on air and do all this, whereas, you know, I'm kind of a maniac, so what you get is a bookworm with a maniac.
Yeah, there you go.
Anyway, uh, you're talking about the correction of the police, the correction of the judicial system.
Oh my God, yeah.
They broke the order.
Uh, listen, I was put on probation back in 87, okay?
You've never gotten off of it.
Pardon me?
And you've always been on the system ever since.
And, uh, it says right here, motion, uh, granted, and case dismissed on the 23rd of April, 1987.
Now, this is strange, because I was put on probation anyway, even though the judge dismissed it.
So here's something really awesome that you want to hear.
It says right here on this 15th day of December 1988 came to be heard the motion for a new trial and set aside the judgment of conviction and to release the defendant from all terms and conditions of probation and the court is of the opinion that such motion be granted.
It is therefore ordered and adjudged and decreed that the judgment... And lo and behold you stayed on probation and never got off.
Uh, well, uh, they got me eight years.
I got off in four years.
I had to go and get, uh, an early release.
If you would, sir, let me finish.
Where it says right here, conviction previously entered is this cause to be set aside and held for not.
And then I'll be granted.
Well, I understand, but listen, instead of going over the whole court history, boil down what happened to you.
Okay, here's what happened was that they put me on probation for what I've written, and they didn't have the right to do this because the case was dismissed.
Okay, and then Brady Bill come around, and I didn't have firearms back in 91 after I got off probation as far as where a rifle was concerned, but not a pistol.
And then they let me have a rifle.
Sir, I understand.
Listen, if they can't get you on welfare, they're going to get you in the criminal justice system.
This is how they take your rights.
They set up the 14th Amendment.
It did not actually free black slaves, it made everyone wards of the state.
It's actually in it, go read it.
We all became slaves at that point, if they can get you in a ward position with the state.
Now, I didn't know about this until about eight years ago, and my cameraman wouldn't let... It's a long story, it actually went out live over the radio.
It got huge attention here locally, when I was on another station doing a local show at the time.
I guess that was ten years ago, actually.
Yeah, that was 1997.
My God, time goes by.
Mike Hanson.
I'll dig out that recording and play that.
It was incredible.
He was up at the corner of William Cannon and I-35 with his then-daughter, Crystal.
It was like ten years old.
My God, she's married now and off and everything.
And, uh, has just had a child.
No, his son got married and had a child, Justin.
But, long story short, he's walking out of Hollywood Video, and the alarm goes off.
You know, they always do.
And the manager said, go, go, it's just messing up.
And he had the VHS tape, some Disney thing in his hand.
He was wearing shorts and a shirt.
And this off-duty sheriff's deputy runs up and says, I need to search you.
And Mike said, well,
There's the manager right there.
I got my receipt.
I got one video here.
And the guy said, sort of wanted to pat him down.
And Mike said, don't touch me.
And the manager comes out and says, no, no, no.
It's been malfunctioning all day.
He starts walking to his car.
Mike goes, thank you.
The guy goes, no.
You're Mike Hanson.
Because back then, Mike was all over TV.
And you know, because this is Alex Jones's cameraman.
He's going to pay.
Mike gets in his car, closes the window, they call the police, they surround it, he's live on the radio, listeners pulled up, shot two different video shots of it, the Ritter shot some of it, we all had it on video, they knocked the window out, they grabbed him to the ground, they claim he assaulted them, but we had it on tape.
We caught him not doing a thing.
You see, you think frame-ups are just okay.
Like, I'll send you to prison, let me frame you, that's something we do, you know.
There's no conscience, there's no... I mean, it's so incredible.
Last week, you know, we played it.
We now have New York Police walking right up and going, you're not allowed to protest or we're going to say you have bombs.
I'll put you in jail.
I know you don't have bombs, but I'm going to frame you right now.
We played it.
I mean, cops now just say, I'm going to frame you right here on tape.
They don't even care anymore.
I mean, that's how bad it is.
And so Mike's in jail, and that was about 7, 8 at night.
Later, at 10 o'clock at night, we're down there with like 100 people at the Austin Jail, down off 7th Street and I-35.
And Mike's in there.
He calls my cell phone and he says, listen, they've been beating me up.
They're trying to make me sign documents saying I've committed all these crimes.
I can't do it.
I can't be bonded out.
You're going to have to bond me out.
I'm going to have to.
Oh my God, no, don't.
And then the phone hangs up.
Folks, later he even sued them and actually got the surveillance tape, and right when they put their hands around his neck, because of what he's saying, the tape cuts out.
I mean, but they wanted everybody to know.
It was like an arrogance.
There's been a lot of deaths in that jail, I'm sure you know, and guards going to prison for it.
They start putting their hands around.
It's like a nightmare Soviet movie or a jackbooted Nazi camp.
I mean, this is why I'm not against cops that are good, but my God, the system's corrupt!
And then I walk up to the window and I say, you guys ask people to sign something?
They go, yeah, here have a copy.
And it says, I'm convicted of drugs, I'm convicted of drunk driving, I'm convicted of robbery.
There were nine, I'm convicted of family violence.
I adjudicate myself and I go on probation under this personal recognizance that I've committed crimes and I'm going to take $3,000 worth of classes.
And then CBS News called us and had seen my TV show where I was showing it.
They said, will you give us a copy of that local CBS?
And they did a piece and they said, in America you're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.
But not in Austin, Texas.
You're guilty until proven innocent.
And they went on to report, and they still do that.
You get arrested for no seatbelt, you get arrested for whatever, warrants.
Man, they don't tell you.
They come to the door.
Now what the Soviets did in underground torture centers,
You know, sign this document.
We do right out in the open, and it's public.
Take Judge Jean Meir, who they built a giant complex after her name before she even retired.
She's still in there.
I mean, this is how sick it's getting.
And I remember seeing local newscasts where they just call kids in who've been late to class three times.
They say that that constitutes truancy.
We went to the county commissioners and pointed out it didn't.
They had to back off with the ASAP program.
And she screams at parents so they sign their kids over onto probation.
You see, sir, you didn't know.
The judge said, no, this is a mistrial or you're not guilty.
But then the prosecutor walked up and said, just sign here.
It's a formality.
It's a civil system.
It's all fraud driven.
They're building FEMA camps.
Private corporations own all the county and city governments.
It's hardcore tyranny.
We'll be right back.
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Well, I said I'd get to all your phone calls, and I've got like five other major news stories to cover here, and we're accelerating down towards the wire.
Let's blast through them right now.
Tom, in New Jersey.
You're on the air.
Oh, God bless you, Alex.
God bless you, man.
I just want to tell you that I love you, and I'm sure you're tired of hearing it, but you are the man.
Um, I want to share my thought about Romans 13, if it's okay?
Sure, go ahead.
And that is Hitler's favorite verse to tell the public to only worship government.
Yeah, well, obviously, Chapter 13, if anybody knows the Word of God, it is a spiritual passage.
It's for God's kingdom.
It is not for government on earth.
It's not a physical passage.
It is a spiritual chapter.
He's saying, render unto God what's God's, and if you're following God, you're going to go out and fight evil.
Of course, but yeah, of course.
But it's profane.
But it's profane to the profane.
Obviously, we're not going to serve rulers that are terrorists to good works.
We're going to serve God.
Well, I mean, the way they interpret it, the way these preachers put it, people should worship Hitler, and I'm not going to worship Hitler, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm sorry.
You may be upset with me, but all government is not my God, and I'm not going to follow it.
Steve N. Mass, you are on the air.
Hi, Alex.
It's my honor to speak to you.
Nice to talk to you.
What's on your mind?
I found out, well this is going to be on the lighter side, I managed to get on C-SPAN live this morning.
Oh, good job!
Yeah, and I made a comment and asked them, they had a guest writer on from the Boston Globe, and I asked them, gee, why is it that a second, or a proposed second tier candidate like Ron Paul,
Um, leading the polls of all the first-tier candidates, not you, I think.
I can't understand that.
And, uh, the guy was kind of taken aback and he gave some kind of lame excuse that, uh, and he put it on Ron Paul and said that, you know, Ron Paul isn't running our campaign properly because he isn't going around... Well, Ron Paul, as a... He doesn't have a hundred million dollars to do this with, but... Sure, sure.
Listen, I appreciate your call and I'm glad you brought up Ron Paul and keep it up with those calls to C-SPAN.
That has a big effect.
Uh... Ron Paul in uh... many of the national polls that they gave was winning or in many others he was in the top two or top three he clearly was the strongest candidate a major showing in the polls
But Keith Olbermann said, all the Republicans are pro-war.
He's a Democratic operative.
And I like a lot of things Keith Olbermann does.
I think he's very talented, very smart.
I love the way he calls a baseball game back when I had time to do such things and watch ESPN.
But still, he's going to be telling us Hillary's great when she's president, and that witch is going to be hell on wheels, folks.
I mean, I'm literally more afraid of her than I am of Bush.
I don't know what to say here.
But yeah, Ron Paul really won the debate and he's not getting the attention he deserves.
So go to PrisonPlanet.com and get the stories we wrote about it and get it out to people.
Let's try to jam in a few more so I can hit this final news.
Let's talk to Paul in Austin.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Paul.
Yes, sir.
Well, I just wanted to briefly talk to some listeners real quick.
You know, as a former Marine, I've been in this info war for going on 12 years now.
I think so, yes.
People have no backbone and it's really discouraging when you talk to people and you see the defeatist attitude in everybody.
So if out of love I could just encourage you people to please
Take over in some section of your whole life and make some things happen, and we can do this.
And I appreciate you, brother, for everything.
Well, I appreciate your courage, and I want to be clear.
We have a lot of great military, a lot of good police, and people that do want to be protectors and defenders.
But when you follow the criminal orders, when you go along with the criminal system and don't have the courage that Paul has, you become part of that evil and guilt by association.
You become an accessory to these systems.
I mean, folks, it does take gutting up to get on the radio and, you know, go up against some of those powerful families and elites in the world.
But somebody's got to do it.
I mean, these are bad people.
They're doing bad things.
And, you know, I joke and laugh and try to have a good time here on air, but let me tell you, when I go to bed at night, it's... I mean, there's a chill in my spine.
I know this isn't a joke.
I know this isn't a game.
But somebody's got to have courage.
And that somebody should be you or we're going to lose this society.
Let's talk to Timmy in Houston.
You're on the air.
It's good to talk to you.
Oh, hi Alex.
I just wanted to quickly bring to your attention, if you weren't aware of it, an article in the Houston Chronicle from Thursday.
TYC bars access to abuse records.
Texas Youth Commission?
Yeah, the governor's involved.
The government will say, spy on your neighbors.
If somebody spanks their child, it's abuse.
Let's CPS take them.
But then statistically, with all 50 states averaged, Texas and Florida are some of the worst, much higher in the abuse.
The government's five times more likely to abuse children.
And they got literal rape rooms that make Saddam look tame at every one of these major facilities.
We've been down there to cover it at the legislature in testimony.
And meanwhile, the media's engaged in a whitewash.
I know.
I mean, it literally just made me sick to my stomach to even see that, even though we knew it was coming, of course.
But anyway, I just wanted to just bring that up, and I appreciate all you're doing.
It's nice to talk to you.
It's good to talk to you.
Now, again, let's just go ahead and take a few random calls here.
Let's go ahead and take calls, but when you hear the noise, that means we're going to you.
Say your name and where you're calling from.
Caller, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I'm calling from Austin.
Good, good.
How are you?
I guess you're a KLBJ 590 listener.
What's on your mind?
Yes, sir.
I want to mention something about another type of economic depression is with the education.
I noticed that myself and a few people I know noticed that a lot of colleges across the country are suddenly locking out adult students.
In other words,
Not straight out of high school, they won't touch you, so anybody that wants to do career change, go for it.
Yeah, it's social engineering, and they want to make you, when you go to high school, they're going to decide what you're going to be with the European socialist model.
It's absolute command and control.
It's the antithesis of the American way.
Alright, a few stories I wanted to hit.
Sorry, we don't have time to take any more calls, though they're loaded.
Gasoline prices hit $3 a barrel.
National average as refinery strain.
Associated Press.
Now, what they don't tell you here is that we have, due to major public interest law firm lawsuits in 2000, 2001 AP articles, where they got the actual oil company memos of the top five, where over a ten-year program from 1990 to 2000, they bought up all the independent refineries to create an artificial choke point so that there wasn't enough refining capacity because there's too much oil.
Meanwhile, Dutch Rochelle documents were released, the BBC got them, a 2000 operation, well it was released in 2000, from a 1995 meeting where they were going to fund fake environmental groups to push peak oil, or the theory that the oil was running out, because they've actually discovered too much, and they wanted to create artificial scarcity, just like they do with diamonds.
If you don't know what that is, go to the encyclopedia, Artificial Scarcity, or type it into Google.
That is a key word in our everyday lives.
So I read scams like that, oh, the poor oil companies, and then fake conservatives defend them, and say, oh, it's free market, let them make money.
It's not free market, it's thieving, ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, now here's an example of what global warming is really all about.
This is a Toronto Star from a day ago.
Queen treads lightly in U.S., palace planning to offset environmental cost of royal jet flight.
Introducing the new Green Queen.
Well, at least say hello to the monarch, aware of a very large, very real carbon footprint.
When Queen Elizabeth II landed at Richmond, Virginia yesterday, it marked the second first time that the environmental cost of an official trip by Her Majesty was to be measured and offset with payments made, Buckingham Palace says she's going to pay $22,000 for her flight.
Now, this is why John Travolta can have 10 planes and they can all, you know, Al Gore can use 50-something times what the average person does.
Number one, that's to cement the fraud that carbon dioxide is a pollutant, when reality is a life accelerant in plants in photosynthesis, then to upload a higher level of oxygen to the atmosphere.
They tell you 100% of climatologists agree with man-made global warming.
Actually, the majority, all the big Nobel Prize winners, say it's a complete fraud.
We have UN documents, 35 years old, saying they're going to create a world carbon tax.
We just got SPP, North American Union documents, out of Banff, Canada, saying it's a scam, but they're going to give us a carbon tax.
That's why every radio show, and ESPN, and the NFL, and even the conservative groups, and all the magazines, and the Weather Channel, and everybody are saying, the Earth is dying, it's heating up, we're all going to die, oh my God, we need a carbon tax!
Even if you believe in man-made global warming, which is a fraud, it's the sun heating up, the ice caps on Mars are melting, Pluto's heating up, the sun is at the highest radiance in the 200 years of recording it.
This is all NASA reports.
I've actually spent months in the aggregate in the last 12 years studying this, okay?
I've interviewed literally 50-plus tops.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
I don't know how many.
Probably over 100.
You understand?
And it's a total scam.
That's what I do.
But see, they're already voluntarily paying huge taxes to fly to offset their carbon.
See, oh, it's okay to use carbon, it's okay to use oil, but just pay a big tax.
There is no tax yet.
It's like in Austin a few years ago, they started a voluntary higher emissions test.
Now it's the law.
They're training you how to be slaves.
See you next week.
God bless.
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