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This is the GCN Radio Network.
USA Radio Network News, Richard Curtis reporting.
About 1,800 people packed St.
Timothy's Catholic Church in Chantilly, Virginia yesterday in honor of 18-year-old Rima Samaha.
Many speaking to the audience made reference to Samaha's dancing and other talents, as well as her smile.
Her father, Joseph, said while there is great grief, he does forgive his daughter's killer, son Hui Cho.
We express our most sincere condolences to the families
Of the other Virginia Tech students and professors that died on that same day.
We also want to extend our condolences to the children and members of the Korean community who have also lost a son.
President Bush addressed the annual White House Correspondents Dinner last night, striking a far more somber note than he has in years past.
In light of this week's tragedy at Virginia Tech,
Uh, decided not to be funny.
The president, however, did tell those in attendance that he felt the dinner came at a perfect time, given what a tough week it's been for the entire nation.
He then turned over the microphone to this year's entertainment comedian, Rich Merle.
And an Illinois woman accused of killing an expectant mother and her unborn child now charged with murdering the woman's three other children last September.
A grand jury has indicted 24-year-old Tiffany Holland, the deaths of the children ages 1, 2, and 7 years.
CSA Radio Network News.
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Navy's best pilots was killed yesterday afternoon when an F-A-18 jet fighter crashed during an air show in Beaufort, South Carolina.
One of the U.S.
The pilot and his plane were part of the Blue Angels flight demonstration team.
An investigation is underway to determine what went wrong leading to the crash.
At a news conference, Belfort County Emergency Management Director William Wynn said there will be restrictions for people in the vicinity of where the crash occurred.
No one will be allowed into that area due to pending investigations and debris that is scattered with some hazardous materials involved.
Wynn said there's no clear information available on the number of houses that may have been damaged by debris from the stricken jet as well.
Some residents in part of Georgia are feeling the effects of the largest wildfire to ravage the area in roughly half a century.
The 45,000 acre Sweat Farm Road has destroyed close to 20 homes since it was first reported last Monday.
At least a thousand people have been forced to evacuate their homes.
This is USA Radio Network News.
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In the aftermath of the massacre at Virginia Tech, it is only natural for people to suffer some residual emotional effects.
Dr. Ferris Chuma with the National Institute of Mental Health says it's important for people to acknowledge that they have been affected by tragic events like this in order to help them deal with emotional impact.
In general, and it sort of depends on the age of the child, it's probably a good idea for parents to be prepared to explain what's happened as best that they're able, to encourage their children to express their feelings and to listen to them without sort of passing judgment of telling them that they're right or wrong about the way they feel.
And an auction held yesterday in New York City raised nearly two and a half million dollars to benefit musicians who virtually lost everything they had in Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
Among the high-dollar memorabilia hitting the block was a Les Paul guitar used by U2's The Edge for $240,000.
More news on usaradio.com.
I'm Richard Curtis, this is USA Radio Network News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is the first day of April, 2007.
April Fool's Day.
I could get up here and tell you that wild hyenas had escaped from the Austin Zoo.
I could tell you that George Bush was a conservative.
I could
Even report to you that there's no such thing as a New World Order, but I don't joke around, I don't play games, my friends, and so we're going to dispense with any April Fool's jokes today.
This is a syndicated broadcast I've been doing now for about six months out of the studios of NewsRadio.
590KLBJ, the mothership right here in Austin, Texas.
Speaking of that, I want to thank all the affiliates out there, AMFM, Shortwave Internet, that are picking up the show.
You can also go to 590KLBJ.com, and there is on the main page a chat room.
I'll also be taking your questions from that chat room today.
It's very easy to register and get set up with the chat room, so be sure to visit 590KLBJ.com, and I'll be taking
Questions via the chat room as well as the toll-free line 877-590-5525.
That's 877-590-5525.
Let me go through some of the headlines and news we'll be covering today.
ready to strike Iran on Good Friday.
That's next Friday.
That's from the Jerusalem Post today, Sunday, April 1st.
Another report here, London Evening Standard, Russian officials say U.S.
will be ready to strike Iran in April.
Another report, out of the French News Agency, Agency French Press, AFP, U.S.
carrier deploys amid Iran tensions, the U.S.
Nimitz, now will bring that to three aircraft carriers.
And if you think it's really there to relieve the Dwight D. Eisenhower, I got a bridge I'm really ready to sell you.
Also, the Debco file, which has proven to be pretty accurate in the past, is reporting the war is going to be on.
So I know a lot of you that associate your manhood with watching CNN and aerial bombardments, get ready to feel powerful in your easy chair.
We'll get into the trap, though, and how we're being set up here a little bit later.
Also, I've interviewed Craig Murray, the former ambassador, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan.
Last year, he also headed up the British government's Maritime Administration.
Very powerful, very important.
And so he's an expert on territorial waters and boundaries.
And he's gone public, along with many others now, to state that it is not true, ladies and gentlemen.
All the evidence points towards the British in Iranian waters.
Now, the British government, though, is not lying to you.
They're playing a lawyer game, like Bill Clinton saying, it depends on what the word is, is means.
Depends on what your meaning of is, is.
The British
A few months ago, we wrote the maps themselves and now claim that new maps that have never been accepted are the territorial waters.
That's kind of like if Mexico just claimed half of Texas belonged to Mexico, which they're actually claiming the whole Southwest does, but I mean, for the sake of argument, if Mexico just, you know, said that as far north as Dallas belonged to Mexico and just wrote a new map, would that be the case?
No, it would not be the case.
So we'll be getting into that report as well.
Also, I remember ten years ago learning that they planned to fund the European Union, the North American Union, the Asian Union, then merge those three unions to fund that, a global tax.
And the UN officially said they were going to have a worldwide emissions tax on any fossil fuels that are used.
They are just now broaching this to the public, though, and you read stories like this one out of the Washington Post, Total Propaganda by Juliet Elprin and Stephen Mufson.
And it says, tax on carbon emissions gains support.
And they say they just thought of this last week.
It's a wonderful new... It's kind of like the Pentagon announced last year.
Oh, we're going to break Iraq in three parts.
Oh, we just thought of that.
The official Pentagon plan from the early 80s.
So they would break Iraq into three parts.
I mean, for those of us that actually read government documents and actually follow the real policy and not the stuff on Fox and CNN,
It's just how they insult your intelligence, but I guess it works.
So, here's world government right here.
Here's world government in front of everyone's face.
So we'll be getting into the new taxes you're going to be paying unless you can wake up and admit to yourself there's a North American Union and America's under attack.
The real threat is not Iran.
It's the criminals that run our government, both parties.
We'll be breaking that down.
Also, foreclosures accelerated.
Million-dollar homes right down to $80,000 and $150,000 homes.
Massive foreclosures.
Record foreclosures since the Great Depression.
But they're still telling you that the economy's great.
Meanwhile, the dollar's in absolute free fall.
I'm pretty upset about that myself.
But I'm so busy covering the news, I don't have time to scramble with the money I've saved and put it into something that's safe.
I just don't have time.
I literally don't even care.
I'm just sitting here in horror, watching the country go into a new depression.
It's kind of like a heroin head that's taken their last injection, but when that wears off, there's no more heroin.
And it's going to be quite a crash.
So we'll be going over that.
We told you three and a half weeks ago, a week before the Rosie O'Donnell story broke, where she says 9-11 is an inside job, basically.
We told you about her getting ready to go public before she did, because of our inside sources.
And then, of course, she started about three weeks ago putting stuff on her blog.
It is now in the top two stories in the country.
It's Iran and then Rosie O'Donnell.
And it's on every CNN, MSNBC, FOX, every major publication that I've seen, wall to wall, from AOL to USA Today, and I'm very close to getting Rosie on my show this week.
I talked to Charlie Sheen yesterday.
He might be coming on with some comments.
I don't know.
It'll probably be later because we're working on some things privately that have now been pretty much blown wide open, putting loose change in theaters nationwide.
Bill O'Reilly called for Mark Cuban's arrest, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Friday.
And Danny Bonaduce, the admitted drug addict and partridge boy or whatever he is, he is calling for Rosie O'Donnell's arrest and execution.
We're going to play that clip later, but really this Iran News is more important, so we'll be going over that.
By the way, friends, for those that just joined us, this is not about left and right, okay, as the cliche goes.
It's about right and wrong.
I, frankly, boycotted Rosie O'Donnell when I got a chance to talk to her, which will be soon.
I'm still going to tell her that I did.
You know, it was a big part of that, frankly, I launched it.
Don't tell anybody.
You know, against her and Kmart back in, what was it, 2000.
Okay, so, but I have to tell you that I have newfound respect for her on going public on 9-11 being an inside job.
I disagree with her on a lot of political issues.
But it takes a lot of guts, and I've talked to some of her good personal friends.
I've talked to
Christine Ebersol, who co-hosts sometimes on The View.
She's going on vacation with Rosie to Florida this week.
And I'm going to be talking to Rosie.
I really haven't tried very hard.
I've actually been playing phone tag.
And so I'm going to get in touch with Rosie.
And I know now that she's shifted her paradigm.
And it's not what you'd call a classic left-winger.
She now has shifted her paradigm into New World Order awareness.
And she's getting the big picture.
And she's getting past the control of the left and the right.
And getting back to real political issues that matter.
So, when we get back from this quick break, I am going to first get into the Iran news, which is extremely serious.
It really could happen.
The strikes really could take place in the aftermath.
Any way you slice it, it's not good for the average American, the average Britoner, the average Iranian, the average Middle... Anyone on this planet, this will not be good.
It will be good for the oil companies.
It will be good for the defense hardware manufacturers.
It will be good for the police state.
It will be good for darkness and tyranny.
So I thought we would go into that and talk about how both sides are bad.
Both the new world order and Iran.
So they like to make it black and white.
Now how about black and black?
Okay, that's really how governments as the founding fathers told us.
It's black and black, not black and white.
Government is evil in and of its own nature.
And then we'll take your calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
The websites are PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
And we've got an hour and 45 minutes spanning out before us.
Stay with us.
It's here.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Welcome back, my friends, on this April 1st edition, 2007.
Hard to believe we're already in the fourth month of 2007.
I'm still thinking it's 2005.
Alright, let me get into the really big news and analysis, and then we'll start going to your phone calls.
I don't want to take a lot of your calls today.
At 877-590-5525 or locally in Central Texas, 836-0590.
No matter where you are around the United States listening on AM, FM, Internet, Shortwave, Satellite, you are welcome to call in.
And I am looking at... A lot of folks are in the KLBJ 590... 590KLBJ.com chat room, since I mentioned it.
But they're all conversing with each other.
I don't see any questions, so if you've got any questions, I'll certainly read some of those off of there later.
I do see some funny comments, though.
But this is not a funny subject here in front of me today.
ready to strike Iran on Good Friday.
Now, about a week and a half ago, Russian newspapers, Novostat and others, that have been pretty darn credible in the past, they're certainly not Pravda,
The equivalent of the Russian Fox News of disinformation, but they said that there was a plan to attack on April 4th or 5th or 6th, and to hit hundreds of sites in and around Iran, and by around, hitting their floating fortresses, these militarized oil rigs they've got, and some of their missile cruisers they've got there in the Persian Gulf and surrounding waters.
And sure enough, here it is in the Jerusalem Post today.
Now, let's be clear.
It's always governments and media that say this, and then when there isn't an attack this week, and I pray to God there isn't, you're going to call me up and say, you said there was going to be an attack this week.
There's two aircraft carrier groups in the Persian Gulf.
There are four other fleets there with different configurations of ships.
Hundreds of large craft.
Literally thousands of aircraft.
The media, I've got reports here, is now massing in the Gulf states at the hotels.
They're setting up on rooftops.
They're flying into Baghdad.
They're flying into Basra.
They're close to where some of the serious warfare may take place on the Gulf.
And another mega-carrier is on its way.
The French are sending their only aircraft carrier.
The British have massed around half their fleets there.
This has been called a huge armada.
Now, every time the private banks that own this country, in modern history, because it's not America doing this, let's be clear about that.
Every time they've massed this type of firepower, they have used it, okay?
Now, they'll send a carrier and threaten people.
And once or twice they've sent two carriers.
They've never had three lined up and with other support armadas to do this.
The United States will be ready to launch a missile attack on Iran's nuclear facilities as soon as early this month, perhaps from 4 a.m.
until 4 p.m.
on the 6th, according to reports in the Russian media on Saturday.
And again, the Jerusalem Post and others are just getting around to reporting what we did a week and a half ago.
I'm not tootin' our horn.
I don't know what's wrong with these people.
They can just never get anything before we do.
According to Russian intelligence services, the report said the U.S.
had devised a plan to attack several targets in Iran and as an assault could be carried out by launching missiles from fighter jets and warship stations in the Persian Gulf.
And it goes on to say it was reported by Novosti.
That's one report.
Here's another one.
This is out of the London Evening Standard.
Russian officials say U.S.
will be ready to strike Iran in April.
This came out yesterday.
A report filed today by the Russian news agency, RAI, indicates that the Russian intelligence has information that U.S.
armed forces have nearly completed preparations for a possible military operation against Iran, and said they will be ready to strike in early April.
Gee, do you think that's really the case?
carrier deploys amid Iran tensions.
The U.S.
French news agency, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz, he's from Fredericksburg, Texas, will sail Monday to support U.S.
operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The U.S.
Navy said amid a spike in tensions over Iran's seizures of 15 British Marines and sailors.
The Nimitz and its battle group of destroyers and guided missile cruisers will relieve the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.
That's also with the USS John S. Stennis.
Do you believe that?
Okay, here's where we get into the serious news.
Debka file.
financial sources in Bahrain report American investors in Bahrain advise to pack up business operations and leave.
The advice came from officers with the U.S.
Central Command at the 5th Fleet HQ
We spoke of security tension, and hint at an approaching war with Iran.
Arab sources report the positioning of a Patriot anti-missile battery in Bahrain this week.
They say occupancy at Emirate hotels has soared past 90 percent, due mostly to an influx of U.S.
military personnel.
They also report Western media crews normally employed in military coverage are arriving in packs.
And, uh, it goes on to say that General Khalid al-Abbasi, Bahrain's Chief of Air Defense Operations, disclosed the new alarm networks have been installed and the air defense systems upgraded to handle chemical, biological, and radiological attacks.
British and other allied embassies are preparing for evacuation.
That was in the Associated Press last week out of Tehran.
That's the capital of Iran, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, with all that going on, and I'm gonna
Get into why this is all happening and what's really behind it.
First, I thought we'd cover this in more detail.
This is out of the UK Daily Mail.
Now, they're a predominantly conservative publication.
Let's be clear on that.
But I also just so happen to have interviewed this gentleman twice.
He ran the British Maritime Administration.
That is very important in England.
In fact, that's the most important position they have.
Liaisoning between the civilian government, the military, and then also in their trade.
It's a very important position in England.
It's an important position everywhere.
There's a Maritime Administration here, but in England, obviously, you know about the Britannia and their fleets.
That's what they're all about.
So when we get back, I will get... well, I'll just cover it now.
It says, How I Know Blair Faked Iran Map.
Former Ambassador to Uzbekistan and the head of the Foreign Office Maritime Section.
And it goes on to say, like most senior Royal Navy officers, Commander Nick Lambert has great reserves of personal expertise and common sense.
The Coalition Task Force commander was aboard the HMS Cornwall when 15 Royal Navy personnel serving on the frigate were seized at gunpoint by Iranian forces March 31st, 23rd.
And then it goes into how he reported the truth, and then it was twisted.
The Navy stated that 14 men and one woman were on a routine patrol in rigid, inflatable
We're good to go.
Lambert said, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they were in Iraqi territorial waters.
Equally, the Iranians may well claim that they were in their waters.
Then Blair and others spin it, because when you read deeper, you learn the official maps were changed by Britain a few months ago, just magically claiming now that that was Iraqi waters.
It wasn't.
It was Iranian.
And before neocons out there, who love open borders and gun control, have heart attacks, stay there and I'll come back and break this down.
Not siding with the moodless.
The facts of the facts.
We'll be right back.
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He's Alex Jones.
It is April 1st, 2007.
We're going to be going to your calls in this segment, but continuing with the situation in the Middle East, now with three carrier task force groups.
One steaming that way, two already there with a huge flotilla.
An open discussion of some type of strike in April.
I doubt there'll be a strike on April 6th.
If you ask me from past behavior of the New World Order, this is how the psychology works.
They will claim that Iraq is going to be invaded in 2002 in March.
And it was in the Washington Post.
It's going to happen for sure.
It's an absolute guarantee.
And then, of course, I knew that Mr. Graham, the owner of the Washington Post, and his editor had been at the Bilderberg Group meeting that year.
I believe it was in France.
And that it had been decided upon to launch the attack in March of 2003.
So I was able to go on the air, thanks to Jim Tucker, who covered the event, and say, no, it'll be in March of 2003.
And, of course, I was told I was an idiot.
We wrote articles about it and it turned out to be the case.
Because we watch the people that run the planet, not the puppet Hillary or George Bush or Karl Rove, these nothings who get to act like they run things for the big banks.
But in truth, they're nothing but complete and total figureheads to absorb all of your anger and ensure that the real elite never gets in any trouble.
But I do think they're going to hit Iran.
It could happen as late as the fall of next year.
It could even happen in the winter.
It could happen as late as next September.
It could happen this week.
But if we really get the word out, and if we really warn the people, and if we really beat the drums, and expose how this is a fraud, it will
It may not happen.
I mean, they would have already been in Iran, but for the public exposed, there were no WMDs and the White House memo and that fraud.
But let me just be clear, before I get back into the 15 captured Brits.
Saying that the world is black and black, not black and white.
People say, well, there's good and there's evil.
Or there's black and white, but most is gray.
Maybe in your own personal life a lot of things are gray, but when it comes to governments, the Founding Fathers told us this, Plato told us this, it's common sense, it's history.
99% of the time, governments are tyrannical and abusive and serve at the behest of a tiny oligarchy or elite.
In the old times it was royalty, now it's the big business titans.
And they engage in predatory activities.
Iran is run by a bunch of degenerate, corrupt, opulently rich moolahs, who give most of the big business contracts to their family members, and they live in giant palaces.
And the United States has been bought and paid for, since 1913 completely, by foreign, predominantly European banks, and they've done everything they can to butcher the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and blow out our economy and get us all in debt.
And this is a global empire basically picking on a rogue nation that isn't under their control.
It's real simple.
I mean, if you ask me, who were the good guys, you know, 2,400 years ago with the popularization of the movie 300, which is totally unhistorical.
I mean, I've actually read history books on the subject and find it quite interesting.
With the phalanx and the, you know, in that movie 300,
They, you know, the Persians are all gay, and the Spartans aren't, and they're wonderful people who are good.
Now, in the real world, the Spartans kept the Hellens, the Hellets, as slaves, and when a boy became 13 and was a Spartan and lived out in the woods, he would then have a human sacrifice, this is an encyclopedia, of a Hellion, or a Hellet, whatever term you want to use, and that they kept as their slaves.
They did human sacrifice.
And it was a pedophile society, and totally degenerate.
And it's held out as the model of democracy, when that was actually the Athenians.
The different branches of the Greeks.
The worst, the Nazis.
There was some laudable things about ancient Greece, but it certainly wasn't the Spartans.
And so, but the Spartans were corrupt and brutal, and so were the Babylonians.
See, you can't say one's good and one's bad.
Or, I shouldn't say Babylonians, the Persians.
Babylon is Iraq.
So just go research the history for yourself.
It's the same thing here.
You've got elites that totally own and run this country, doing everything they can to dismantle the family, everything they can to build more prisons and get you in the system by hook or by crook.
Trillions are missing from the Pentagon.
Corruption is just rampant.
The country is dying.
I mean, we've been in the North American Union for two years.
Over two years.
Bush signed it back in March of 2005.
We got four-year documents out last year.
Okay, I mean, these guys run things.
And it came out with the minutes that got released that it was the big banks there, literally, with the heads of the State Department and the Canada State Department and the Mexico State Department, the Foreign Office, telling them what to do.
This is how it works.
They sit around in big councils and the big corporations that own the majority of the government, because the government for 50 years plus has been investing 70 plus percent of the tax money in that.
You're not even told about that.
And they just sit there telling the government what to do.
It's off budget.
And, uh, the big corporations are passing laws and getting Supreme Court rulings where they can take your private property without just compensation when they want.
It's called fascism, ladies and gentlemen.
It's called command and control.
And so the very people telling you, pro-America, support the troops, this is what America does, America's gonna fight them Iraners and them Iraqers.
You're being manipulated by Madison Avenue propaganda, by slick Wall Street propaganda you're being laughed at.
The people that want to attack Iran are the very people killing America.
Hillary Clinton wants it.
Chuckie Schumer wants it.
George Bush wants it.
Bill Clinton vacations with the Bushes.
It's all staged.
It's like Delano Roosevelt said that something happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way.
That's a paraphrase.
I mean, this is big money, folks.
There's almost $4 trillion, the Associated Press has reported, missing from the Pentagon.
They've taken the pension funds, everything.
It's gone.
They have congressional hearings about it, and Rumsfeld would say, I'm not going to talk about it.
I'm not going to tell you where it went.
Just like it comes out in the Chicago Tribune about Dyncor and Halliburton running giant child kidnapping rings.
I mean, it comes out in the paper, and it was in the paper that they actually have lobbyists in Congress for the slave rings, and that Congress orders the Pentagon not to act on it.
I mean, you can't make stuff up, okay?
This makes any charnel house, any nightmare, The Saw, or, you know, Terror Planet, or whatever, Quentin Tarantino, that stuff is like milk toast, okay?
That's like pap, okay?
The real world is brutal.
There's six and a half billion people.
The elites say there's nothing cheaper than human life.
They see you as absolute dog meat.
By design, they made the decision six years ago to incrementally plunge the dollar.
That's when Treasury Secretary O'Neill quit.
And Snow came in.
The decision was made.
It was in the Financial Times of London.
It was in CFR releases.
It was in IMF press releases.
They made the decision last Monday to drop it even more.
The IMF put out the order.
We covered it last Sunday.
And the dollar dropped again.
Okay, so you're all into, I mean you watch these fake people up here, the private banks own the defense contractors who own the media, the MSNBCs, the Fox, the CNNs, and they sit up there
Trying to one-up each other, going, we love the troops, and anybody that criticizes whatever the government wants to do hates the troops and hates America.
And if you love America, you'll do whatever the government says.
And anybody that disagrees with the government should be arrested.
That is 180 degrees from what our system is.
And I've had enough of it.
These people don't care about the troops.
They pump you all up.
You march off to die.
They give you experimental, deadly vaccines.
You breathe depleted uranium?
And they just sit up there.
The country is dying right now.
The Republic is dying right now.
And they've got you looking off at Iran.
Yeah, run by a bunch of crooks as well.
But no threat to us.
I promise we'll go right to your calls on the other side.
Got a caller who disagrees with me as well.
Stay with us.
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You're listening to the GCN Radio Network.
Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
Well, I got some bad news for you.
Hillary Clinton, as you probably already know, is at the forefront of the pack of Democratic New World Order puppets.
Literally, I don't know who I hate more, George Bush or Hillary Clinton.
I mean, they're just total New World Order trash.
Hillary will fool those liberals all day and George Bush will fool Republicans all night.
And together in the twain they meet in total domination.
The enslavement continues while we're busy worrying about Iran and it's been confirmed by the former head of the British Maritime Administration that the British changed the map.
That is Iranian territorial waters, but that's mainstream British papers, conservative papers even reporting it, but you'll never hear that here in the United States.
It's just, you support them Iranians.
Well, last time I checked, the Iranians aren't hanging people by their toes, or shocking them with electrodes, or raping them, as the Army Report admits, when on an Abu Ghraib.
Let's go ahead and talk to Frank in Florida, says he has a bone to pick with me.
Go ahead, then we'll go to Kevin, TJ, and others.
Go ahead.
Okay, just to get right into it, as far as, I agree with 95% of what you say and all your guests and everything, but you have some guests on there that really, they're kind of like enemies in the camp.
One of them is Kevin Barrett.
Another one is Jimmy Walters.
I haven't interviewed Walters in about a year and a half.
That's true.
But he is, you know, he's one of the 9-11 Movement guys, anyway.
Hey, he's a billionaire who's going around talking about 9-11 being an inside job.
I interviewed him a couple times.
Okay, that's true.
But let's say Kevin Baird, because there are several... I don't want to take your time.
For those that don't know, he was a University of Wisconsin professor who's an Anglo-Saxon who converted to Islam, and he's a satirist by training.
I mean, why is he an enemy in the camp?
Have you checked out his website?
I mean, that Majuka.com... Yeah, what is it?
The Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance?
For 9-11 Truth?
It's not just Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliances.
It's a New World Order website.
That's what this guy is proposing here.
It's on the religious side of things.
Well, I'll say this right now.
I know about that with Barrett, and I don't believe in the liberal brand of the New World Order.
David Ray Griffin, a very famous theologian, very cogent on 9-11, but he has a council on foreign relations members writing the intros of some of his books, and he believes in the New World Order.
That's why he's been able to get some really high-powered people to listen to him.
I agree with you.
Well, I would just say that a lot of people need to be careful.
I don't know about Barrett, but I certainly know a little bit.
Yeah, you talk about different ones who call you the leader?
Well, no, I mean, I'm not the leader.
I don't want to be the leader.
I am the father of 9-11 truth.
Well, what I mean is that people can be their own leader.
Just pay attention to what's going on.
Oh, I agree with you.
Just like Sybil Ludington here in New York in the 1700s.
The Redcoats were coming.
She's a female Paul Revere.
And she warned her neighbors and fought off the British.
That's right, she did.
And sometimes your leadership, it might be a short-term thing.
Just pay attention to what's going on.
I hear you.
What do you think about the news that the British government changed the map and then sent their sailors in there?
Just like the Israelis, admittedly, this was in the Israeli papers, sent their guys over into Lebanon to get them captured.
Well, it's just another Tom Kim thing.
They say it's a Tom Kim type thing.
Well, I'm not supporting Hezbollah either.
I'm just reporting the facts.
You see, I mean, so many people, so many people, they frame the way they see the world around what their views already are.
I just try to report what the evidence is.
You know what?
One more thing, I'll let you go.
You know, Al Bundy told Peg once,
These people that don't wake up.
He said if Darwin was right, they'll figure it out in two million years.
I just wanted to call and say I love your show, and I'm a big fan of your show, and thank you for what you're doing.
For all of us, and I mean, I'm in the fight right there with you, sir.
Well, thank you, my friend.
Do you think we're going to be going to war with Iran?
What do you think the aftermath or the repercussions of that could be?
I'm not sure.
I mean, I'm totally not sure.
I'm just listening to your show just for your opinion and everything like that.
I listen to the news.
How are you listening to us today?
Excuse me?
How are you listening to us?
By internet.
Well, it's good to have you on board.
Yeah, well, I just wanted to call you and talk to you about the Ron Paul issue and his campaign.
Yes, there's a question in the chat room.
Let me just address this now.
Did I see him Friday on Bill Maher's Plotly Incorrect?
The answer is no.
I knew about it and announced it Friday on my weekday show, but I would like somebody to call and tell me how that went, but go ahead.
Oh, I saw it.
I saw it.
Well, great.
Killed two birds with one stone.
Tell us how it was.
Yeah, let me tell you that
I was very disappointed in how Bill Maher went about the interview with Ron Paul.
He acted like a total jackass towards him.
He didn't really want to get towards the issues.
You know, Bill Maher, he's a stickler for global warming and everything like that.
He's all into the scam and everything like that.
I tell you, these guys are on the ball in here with the dump button.
You said, excuse my language, and they dumped you immediately when you just said jackass.
And I agree, it's OK.
Bill, oh, you were getting ready to.
I saw the hand on the trigger.
Yeah, Bill Maher is a jackass.
And he's another one of these fake liberals.
But now he's starting to question the official story of 9-11.
Why did Bush sit there for 20-something minutes?
It wasn't 16, folks.
While he'd been told that the second tower had been hit, why didn't the Secret Service go to their default position to jerk him out of there, when for many days it had been announced that Bush was going to be at that school, Brooker Elementary?
Let's keep jamming the calls in here.
Let's talk to Chris.
Who is up next?
Alex, good to hear from you.
Glad for KLBJ putting on your new Sunday spot.
I really appreciate that.
I'm sure everyone else does too.
My question really quickly, about three weeks ago,
Zygmunt Brzezinski was on NPR.
The former National Security Advisor, founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller, called for New Pearl Harbor to launch a new empire, but says the neocons have gone too far and they may stage terror attacks to blame it on Iran.
That was in testimony a month and a half ago before the Senate Armed Services Committee.
I didn't hear the NPR.
What did he say there?
Yeah, really, that was a really interesting interview from NPR.
They had him on for about an hour, and three times, or maybe four times, he used the phrase 20 months with respect to our invasion of Iran.
And basically what he said, and I want to get your take on it, and I'll try to call in.
It's difficult for me to find time during the week.
I wish you might send us clips of that, but we don't have the staff either.
I understand.
Basically what he said was that if the U.S.
had invaded Iran inside the next 20 months, we could look for our role
That's the trap.
Earlier I said I'd get into the trap.
I'll get into what Brzezinski represents in a minute.
Basically what he said was he expected to see right after that a tactical alliance between China and Russia.
What's your take on that?
There is no China-Soviet split.
They've always been together.
I've interviewed former heads of the Pentagon, War College, the experts that study all that.
Yeah, let me break down what's going on, okay?
It's simple.
To bring in a European Union-dominated one-world government, which in case they didn't tell you on the news,
Ladies and gentlemen, it has been in place.
We're already in a North American Union.
We're already in a European Union.
You know, they just celebrated a week and a half ago, and literally no one in Brussels literally showed jugglers and bands and marching bands and floats, and no one on the streets to celebrate.
Fifty years of the EU, European Union, and you're going, you're going, wait a minute, fifty years of the European Union?
Alex, it only started in 2000.
Just like our American Union, they didn't tell the people there.
They just started merging the bureaucracies.
And they did it back in 1957.
And Bilderberg formed in 1954 with the express goal of doing that.
Now, to the New World Order, and again, we're owned by predominantly just a few families in England, Germany, France, and the Dutch also.
Queen Beatrix is one of the richest people in the world.
And, uh, this is actually in major financial publications.
It's just not in the stuff the general public gets, or even so-called highbrow Wall Street Journal stuff.
But it is in the Financial Times and other places.
And we're totally bought and paid for.
But, you know what?
We're running out of time here.
Second hour coming up.
Let's break down, just briefly, and we'll go back to your calls, the trap.
How America has been set up, what we're going to look like in 5, 10, 20 years, it's all been stated.
Okay, and what this Iran-Iraq thing is all about.
Okay, this is a trap.
It is a trap.
The websites are InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Stay with us.
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USA Radio Network News, Richard Curtis reporting.
Many have taken pause to honor those who were murdered on Monday in the Virginia Tech massacre.
Jackson Ivey has the story.
It was an emotional day as close to a dozen funerals and services were held across the country Saturday for some of the victims of the massacre at Virginia Tech.
Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards was among hundreds of mourners who packed the high school in Narrows, Virginia to honor Jarrett Lane.
An engineering student who would have graduated in May.
A Navy Blue Angels jet has crashed at an air show in South Carolina, killing the pilot, injuring eight people on the ground.
Fred Yelenik saw it happen.
I heard a very strange crashing noise behind me, and in the time that it took me to just turn around 180 degrees, the fireball went up some 300 yards from where I was standing, and the crash was over that quickly.
Several homes were also damaged.
It's not yet clear what brought the F-A-18 down.
Iran has expressed hope that talks with a senior EU official this coming week could lead to a solution with its row with the West, but it's made clear it will not halt a nuclear fuel enrichment program.
Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, and European Union foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, due to hold talks on Wednesday.
This is USA Radio Network News.
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Farmers in southern states now struggling with drought conditions following a number of other weather-related phenomenon this year that will likely cause a number of economic problems for them.
The major freeze over Easter weekend did major damage to the peaches and blueberries and strawberries and apples across the deep south.
This is really just adding insult to injury.
We're good to go.
It started around 6 a.m.
when the third floor of the building rapidly spread to three rooms where younger children were sleeping.
This is USA Radio Network News.
Hey, Emily, what's wrong?
Ugh, these corns are killing my feet.
Ouch, I've been there.
Getting rid of them has been a huge pain.
Oh, no pun intended.
I keep using my corn remover over and over and ugh, will this ever end?
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Deb, if my feet could talk, they'd say, thank you.
NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.
has introduced two alternate paint schemes to his number 8 Chevrolet that show his support for the men and women of our armed forces.
It's a desert camo car that we're going to run in the Coca-Cola 600 and Memorial Day weekend to celebrate.
Uh, Memorial Day weekend, and the third race, July Independence Day, we're gonna race a red, white, and blue Stars and Stripes car, uh, Daytona.
Earnhardt's primary sponsor also helping out, donating money to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.
A tornado has ripped up farmsteads in western Nebraska, injuring several people as thunderstorms rippled across the plains.
The twister spread debris along a path that was up to a half mile wide in places.
And two small planes carrying a total of eight people crashed in separate incidents off the coast of Florida.
No survivors have been found.
There's more news on usaradio.com.
Richard Curtis reporting.
USA Radio Network.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
All right, it is April 1st, second hour.
We're here every Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., syndicated show.
A lot of great affiliates picking up the broadcast around the country, a growing list.
And we come to you from the studios of NewsRadio 590 KLBJ right here in Austin, Texas.
Hence the phone number 877-590-5525 or locally 836-0590.
I tell you, I mentioned the KLBJ chat room and there's so many people posting.
By the time I try to focus on what somebody said, the whole page reloads.
There's hundreds of people and they're going wild.
But one guy's going, uh, Alex, you're nuts!
You're saying they're gonna attack Iran?
You're paranoid, you darn liberal!
I mean, basically, that's the mindset.
I'm just reporting all of these major newspapers saying that they're set to attack, they're gonna attack, that the military's telling their sources there's gonna be an attack.
I'm not saying that.
What do you think three aircraft carriers and hundreds of support ships are over there for?
What do you think?
I mean, it was in major publications this week that for years, U.S.
Special Forces and British Special Forces have been in the country marking and lazing targets.
There have been shootouts on the Iranian-Iraq border between U.S.
and Iranian forces.
Time Magazine is reporting deaths resulted.
I hope to God there isn't an attack.
But they did invade Iraq!
With a made-up story about WMDs and claiming they carried out 9-11.
And it was stated in Pentagon plans back in the 80s, they wanted to invade Iraq, break it in three parts, then use that as a launch base to go into Iran and Syria, then link up with Afghanistan, right up to China's doorstep.
Now, again, I'm no fan of Iran.
Here's an example.
There not being any good guys in this.
Take Napoleon, who finally found his Waterloo in 1815, in Belgium.
Emperor Napoleon was horribly corrupt and evil and did all sorts of bad things.
The British Empire was corrupt and wicked and did all sorts of horrible things.
I mean, who would I have been for?
Well, if I would have been British, I would have been for the British.
Because back then, if your empire was doing something, in the end it would generally turn out to be pretty good for you.
Or if I would have been French, I would have probably been, obviously, for Napoleon.
Of course, if I wasn't, I'd have been killed by one of the secret police immediately.
Which is what our media calls for now.
Banning and arresting anybody who speaks out and doesn't agree with the government.
That's the new American way.
Land of the cowards, home of the slaves.
I seem to think we're still land of the free, home of the brave.
Free speech.
First Amendment.
We run the country.
We have our own views.
We make up what the nation's policy is, along with the Bill of Rights and Constitution as the guiding anchor.
So really, I mean, it gets down to philosophy.
Now, when you serve the American Empire, you need to know that the people that own this country are using us as their pit bull, who gets chewed up in these fights, or like a rooster in cockfighting.
I mean, this is not good for us.
We pay for it.
The private banks and oil companies get the land, get the oil, get the weapons sales, get to set up the domestic police state.
They get to dissolve the borders, set up the North American Union, and kill the country.
And that's what they're doing!
Iran isn't dissolving our borders and trying to legalize 30 million illegals right now with a guest worker program.
Iran doesn't have HBO shows on where they started screaming, La Raza, La Raza!
We're taking over America!
We run the country!
That means the race.
We run the country.
And again, 70% of Hispanics now in major polls are against that.
But the media, white boy media, wants to divide Hispanics from the rest of America and make them be for the North American Union.
Hell, Mexico is totally run by Chase Manhattan and Citibank.
Go research it.
They're being used as a weapon to destroy this country.
Drive down the wages.
We're in the North American Union.
So don't sit up there in their stuffed suits.
Now, if Lou Dobbs wanted to be for the war, which he really isn't for the war,
Then I would say, hey, maybe Lou Dobbs is, you know... I mean, if the whole government had that attitude, the media had that attitude, where we're defending the border, we're going to have sovereignty, we're going to have low taxes, we're not going to be foreign controlled, and we're going to go off and have a war, I would, at least at a primitive level, be more like, yeah, I'm part of the country, let's go be an empire.
Which I'm not for.
I'm saying, at least that's more honest.
But when you're for this, yeah, let's turn them into a glass parking lot and take their oil, which neocon followers will tell you.
I mean, I've been at these neocon protests.
They'll tell you, yeah, let's kill all the Arabs, and yeah, I want their oil.
But I go, yeah, you're just paying for a war to go take oil that's then given to multinational corporations so they can jack up your oil prices.
I mean, they tell these stupid neocon followers that we're over there to get cheap oil.
And they go, well, I want cheap oil.
And I go, no, no, no, no.
I've had them tell me.
Here's a Dutch Rochelle.
Here's an Exxon Mobil internal document.
This came out in a lawsuit.
Here, it's even in the Associated Press.
Here, read it.
They say that they wanted Iraq to be attacked in 1991 because Saddam was selling too much oil and driving down the prices, where people were paying 90 cents a gallon.
And then a year after that war, you were paying $1.50 a gallon.
And now you're paying, on average, what?
$2.60 something?
About to be $3.00 again?
And then the good old boys sit there.
They don't have any real logic.
They get a few little ideas in their heads, and they go,
Well, not much oil's flowing out of Iraq now, less is flowing than was.
See, it ain't about the oil.
It's about artificial scarcity, you dunce.
Yes, it's about shutting the spigot off, because there's too much of it.
Why do you think the oil companies lobbied to have almost the entire Gulf of Mexico laid off limits?
Because there's too much of it.
Don't you understand that?
And I'm going to be frank with you.
I've got family that's making money because of what George Bush is doing.
I've got family that's made nice sums because of the war and the increase in oil prices.
They're drilling again in Texas.
Gas wells, oil, stuff like that.
I don't see a red sin of it.
But the point is, I don't want that money, and I have family that doesn't even particularly like what's happening.
So don't tell me... I mean, I guess my family's one of the one-half of one percent
Who actually are profiting from this evil empire.
And I'm here telling you it's bad, folks.
I got a family that's a petroleum geologist, right down to Roughnecks, a family that's run some of the biggest refineries in Houston.
Believe me.
In the oil business.
At every angle of it.
And let me tell you, folks, they don't want more oil flowing out of the Middle East.
There's too much of it.
Sweet crude coming right... It's like gasoline coming out of the ground, folks.
That's the bottom line here.
That's the bottom line of what's going on in this world.
And the British admit, the former head of their maritime administration says they rewrote those lines, and didn't even announce those lines, and then told their troops, hey, this is our lines on your GPS, go ahead and go across on your rubber boaty and go over there and search some people.
And the Iranians came right across and grabbed them.
They're so stupid to take the bait, but it wouldn't have mattered if they wouldn't have took the bait, the British would have started sending them all up in their harbors.
Hell, it's admitted that Special Forces troops are all over Iran, staging terror attacks.
By the way, I'm no fan of the Mullahs and the things they do and the things they're involved in, but I demand that if you're going to be for this war, you have a little bit of a history lesson about the Persians, the Iranians.
I think you need to know a little bit about these people.
Okay, they had an elected leader who was pro-America, trained in the West, Mohammad Mossadegh, who was secular.
He kicked the Communists out of his country, and he told British Petroleum, then Anglo Oil, that we're going to keep 20-25% of our oil revenue for our people.
And the British said, no, we took this country over 100 years ago, as well as Afghanistan, go read your history, and you're going to be a puppet, or you're going to die!
And the CIA, led by Kermit Roosevelt, and Norman Schwarzkopf's father,
General Schwarzkopf went in there with a 12-man team and 50 million dollars and they staged terror attacks all over the country and printed up millions of handbills saying Mozadek did it and they went and arrested him and they took his cabinet and they publicly cut their heads off and put him on house arrest for the rest of his life.
Then they put the Shah in who tortured to death over 200,000 people.
Now, did Iran overthrow the U.S.
in 53 and cut our leader's heads off on television?
No, they didn't.
And that's only one-tenth of what the globalists have done to Iran.
I'm going to tell you more of what they've done when we get back and go straight to your calls and get into the big Rosie O'Donnell 9-11 controversy that we broke a week before it went national.
Infowars.com is the website.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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I think so.
You're listening to GCN.
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Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
All right.
Coming up in the next segment, I'm gonna play... Mr. Bonaduce.
I don't know how he's now a political expert for Scarborough country and not MSNBC but also Fox as well.
He says Rosie O'Donnell should be hung for treason for questioning the provocation with the British commandos on the rubber boating.
Ladies and gentlemen, even if you disagree with Rosie O'Donnell, it is her right
To come out and say that.
And by the way, she didn't say that.
She said, could it be Gulf of Tonkin?
They staged things before.
They could be staging them again.
I said months ago, I said, this is how they'll kick the war off.
They're going to stick all those fleets up there.
They're going to have provocations.
It's going to get kicked off.
You know what happened in 1988 at the end of the Iran-Iraq War?
They were mad.
The U.S.
had given the sarin nerve gas and had given the biological weapons to Saddam, their CIA asset, who they trained at the age of 18 in 1958, and who they put in as they had a battle security in 69.
They helped stage a coup in 79, put the U.S.
government asset Saddam Hussein in.
Oh, that's encyclopedia, by the way.
And they put him in, and he nerve-gassed them and attacked them, and our advisors were there with the weather reports and how to spray it and how to lay it down.
Then they use it on the news to demonize him.
Man, that is rich.
It's like if the mafia orders a street thug, one of their soldiers, to go kill somebody, bust a cap in them, and then imagine that guy gets hauled into court and the federal judge is the mob boss.
You're going to prison for killing, and he's like, but you gave the order!
I'm not defending Saddam!
You see how I'm not?
He's bad, and so is our government, setting the whole thing up, because it's not our government.
It's a pack of crooks.
But they were real mad because the Iranians had lost over a million people, but they were winning against Saddam's, what, he lost 300,000 or so, and the 30-plus billion in weapons that our government gave him.
And so they want to start a fight, so they shot down two different, not one, but one had 290 people on it, a big Airbus.
They shot down two Iranian aircraft right over the Gulf.
I mean, these are high-flying jumbo jets, man.
They just missile them right out of the sky.
I remember being a kid watching that, you know.
Teenager, I guess, and just, it was just, that's good, they deserve it all.
I mean, those women and children just in a plane?
And then that didn't work.
So, in 1988, they just, a huge sneak attack.
Operation Praying Mantis blew up their battleships, their missile cruisers, blew up their oil wells, just, I mean, you're like, what, you're not for America?
That's not America doing that, Operation Praying Mantis.
The same people that did that are the same ones that are devaluing your dollar, and getting rid of your borders, and setting up a police state, and getting federal rulings that can take your private property or private interest.
You understand, folks?
You understand it's not that simple.
Hitler was evil.
Here's an example.
Hitler was evil.
But, Hitler fought evil.
You're going, what do you mean?
Well, how do you think Hitler convinced his population to go along with him?
He said he was fighting the Soviets, fighting communism.
They'd already killed at least 25 million people before Hitler got started killing his millions.
And so Hitler could point his finger at an evil, see, and say, give up your rights, follow me, don't criticize me.
At first you could criticize Hitler when he got elected in 1933 and then he firebombed his own building to get martial law, just like they staged 9-11.
And that's it.
The President's grandfather, of course, was the head Nazi agent in the U.S.
New York Times.
If you don't believe me, just go Google it.
The point is, see, that's how this works.
See, Iran is run by evil people, but we're run by evil people.
See, that's how they confuse you.
That's how they trick you.
I want to play this Rosie O'Donnell clip first, then we'll go to break, come back, take calls, and play the second one.
This is the first clip where they're introing the show, then we'll come back and play Gary Bonaduce, who's attacked me savagely, too, as well.
Just a real little... just a nasty little creature.
First got a lot of attention going after John Connor.
He's on the same network I'm on.
Here it is.
In America, we are fed propaganda, and if you want to know what's happening in the world, go outside of the U.S.
media, because it's owned by four corporations.
One of them is this one.
And you know what?
Go outside of the country to find out what's going on in our own country, because it's frightening.
It's frightening!
You know, she's at it again.
While Rosie O'Donnell says the U.S.
media is feeding the American people propaganda,
She has no problem serving up her own brand of crazy on her blog, writing today that the British troops were taken hostage by Iran and it was their own fault.
The British did it on purpose into Iranian waters as U.S.
military builds up on the Iranian border.
We will be in Iran before the summer is planned.
She's kooky.
And, for the first time today, she took her 9-11 conspiracy theories from the blogosphere to national television.
I do believe that it is the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel.
I do believe that it defies physics for the World Trade Center Tower 7, Building 7, which collapsed in on itself.
It is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved.
World Trade Center 7.
World Trader 1 and 2 got hit by planes.
7, miraculously, the first time in history, steel was melted by fire.
It is physically impossible.
So is Rosie crazy?
That's a historical question, by the way.
Let's just stop right there.
She's crazy.
The Associated Press, British papers as well, reported U.S.
troops are massing on the eastern Iraqi border, on the western border of Iran.
That was in the news.
She was linking in her blog to other people's stories.
Then she's crazy with 7.
Let me see.
I've interviewed, I don't know, six, seven firefighters, three or four police.
I've played clips of dozens of other ones on other interviews and on videos and on national TV going, yeah, that was all molten steel.
Gypsum can't do that.
And we don't know how it happened.
And they said they were going to blow the building up and it had bombs.
And we've got all these reports.
We got the BBC reporting 22 minutes before it fell that Building 7 had fallen.
Larry Silverstein says, yeah, we gave the order to pull it.
Demolition term for destroy it.
And then
They call her crazy.
I mean, you know, they ignored it when the German defense minister went public a few months after and said it was an inside job.
They ignored it when members of the Bush administration, their chief economist for the Department of Labor, went public.
Morgan Reynolds.
They ignored it when all of these CIA agents, like Bill Christensen, who was the head of the European desk, the head of the Western Europe desk of the CIA.
Folks, you know how powerful that position is?
I've interviewed him three times.
Bill Christensen says, total inside job.
Bill Christensen!
He worked for Ronald Reagan.
You know who else worked for Ronald Reagan?
They had a threat assessment who gave the morning briefing to Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr.
and Ray McGovern.
I mean, there's hundreds of them.
Just type in hundreds of former government officials and go public on 9-11 into Google.
I have the video of the molten steel.
I have the video of the blast points at Seven Falls.
I've got this
Extra pieces, Hollywood debunking pieces.
They go, look, popular mechanics, yeah, you know, you know, uh, Hearst Publishing in the encyclopedia next to yellow journalism.
You know, people make the joke, in the encyclopedia next to the word ugly, there's a picture of you.
In the, in the encyclopedia next to the term yellow journalism, literally, there is popular mechanics.
Ha ha ha!
I mean, Hearst Publishing, you know, Rosebud, all that stuff.
Do you know about it?
I mean, hell, they blackballed forever Orson Welles for making Citizen Kane.
Well, we're making the final cut.
I have a loose change for theaters.
I wonder how blackballed that will get me.
I'm not going to get blackballed.
We're going to beat you guys.
We're going to expose you.
We're going to defend the Republic.
We're going to save this nation from the New World Order with God's help.
PleasantPlanet.com and InfoWars.com are the websites.
Tons of news, more clips.
Your call, straight ahead!
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, I promise to get to your calls, but let's play the next clip, where, uh, Danny Bonaduce,
Calls for the killing of Rosie O'Donnell.
She should be hung for treason.
And I've had most of the big national neocons call for this in my case.
It's just so sick.
There was some big article written up by a newspaper earlier this week that called me a professional fear monger and that I'm delusional and Lou Dobbs is delusional and
Jerome Corsi and Human Events have rolled out a daily delusional that there's no North American Union.
It's like some ten-page article with all these posts saying we're crazy and dangerous and we're liars.
I mean, that's like denying the sun came up.
But the general public wants to be fooled.
See, good propaganda just speaks to people's laziness.
Oh, we're the good guys.
We support the troops.
America's doing a great job.
Everything's fine.
The economy's great.
Don't listen to them.
You think I'm going to get up here and say the economy's going in a bad direction because I want it to go down?
No, I don't like the fact that it's in bad shape.
But I'm not going to get up here and lie to you and create a false sense of security.
Just take a third mortgage out.
Just get in more debt.
Everything's going to be fine.
No, I'm mad that my money in the bank's been devalued now by over half.
Don't email me and go, two weeks ago you said 47%.
Now it's more than half, against British Sterling.
And if you don't know what that means, just go look into currency devaluation, currency values.
But here it is, Neocon, execute Rosie for questioning the government.
Go ahead and roll it.
Well, I think any corporation's main goal, we are a capitalist society.
Personally, I think at this point, if anybody had a rope thick enough, I think that Rosie should be strung up for treason.
But the point is, ABC is an entity in a capitalist society, and their first and foremost obligation is to earn money and pay taxes.
So he's, I mean, there he is talking about stringing her up.
Now, I don't have time to play all these.
I've got radio show clips of her saying, kill her.
In fact, I've got people here on the line who want to talk about people who have been talking about her.
I've got Bill O'Reilly, and I've got the clip of this.
Bill O'Reilly suggests throwing Mark Cuban in jail.
He's the Mavericks owner, for those who don't know, who's financing loose change.
The final cut that I'm involved in, and some of my footage is in it, and I'm consulting.
Very honored to be involved with Charlie Sheen and Dylan Avery and all those guys.
Corey Rowe and Jason Burmiss, good friends of mine.
And I was glad to get those guys hooked up last June at our big L.A.
symposium that we got on C-SPAN.
I flew all the guys out there to meet Charlie and, boom, off the races.
There they went.
But loose change is to ask the questions and shows Building 7 and shows, you know, these serious issues that, by the way, in major polls, 84% of the American people, Angus and Reed, Wall Street Journal, ABC News poll last year, believe that there's a cover-up of 9-11.
Now, the media likes to focus in on the Ohio, Scripps Howard University poll.
36% believe total inside jobs, 68% believe cover-ups.
So, you've got a problem, O'Reilly and the rest of you, and Bonaduce.
By the way, Scarborough, why don't listeners go type in, why Scarborough left Congress?
Why don't people
Why don't people do that?
Boy, you certainly are the type of person they want.
Very compromised.
Like Carrick.
Now about to be indicted for lying about his resume to the Feds.
That's who we'd have for Homeland Security.
Probably better than Michael Chertoff.
He's got dual citizenship.
I just can't handle it anymore.
I just can't handle it anymore, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go ahead and go to your calls.
Let's talk to TJ in Wisconsin.
TJ, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
How you doing today, Alex?
What's on your mind?
I want to talk to you about Rosie, but first I just want to touch on Iran really quick.
I don't know how people didn't see Iran coming with Iraq.
That was the reason for no exit plan with Iraq.
It's the same propaganda that they said in Israeli and U.S.
Pentagon plans from the 80s, these are public, that they would break Iraq down, get sectarian violence going, just keep it from being first world, make it third world again to not be a leader, and use it as a launch base to go into Iran.
And it's exactly... Iraq is a big aircraft carrier now.
Yes, it's a perfect place to keep, you know, keep surveillance on and launch quick strikes against anywhere in the Middle East.
Yeah, then it's not for American interest.
It's for the interest of the private banks that own this country, that are gutting my beloved country!
My beloved republic!
You pieces of trash!
Get your dirty New World Order hands off my country and quit posing like you're a bunch of pro-America patriots!
You hate our troops!
You hate America!
They all need to be arrested for their high crimes and misdemeanors against this nation and the trillions they've stolen out of the...
I'm telling you, not for people's free speech!
They want to ban our free speech, they want to try to stop us, and they're not going to be able to!
And as for Rosie, Rosie O'Donnell, all people have to do is wake up and watch that, and they can see the meteor spin.
They totally spun the woman's words.
Well, notice this, and I said three-plus weeks ago, before it even broke, I said, she's about to go public.
You watch, I said, they're going to bite on it.
Because they're 10-20 years behind in the propaganda system.
They're still in the world where they had superiority with the talk stations and the TV and the print.
They don't anymore.
Their ratings are all dropping.
They've been totally discredited.
I knew they'd bite on her.
They would ignore the former head of Europe, CIA section chief, Bill Christensen.
They would ignore, I mean, these hundreds of credible people that have gone public saying total inside job.
But they cannot ignore her because she is a loose cannon.
She is a big mouth.
But she put her facts out good on this.
She focused on Building 7.
That's true.
The news spun it.
They spun it.
Saddam knows that people are all good and innocent, and it's America who's bad, and that's not what she said.
She never said that.
She said, she said, I don't agree with Iran, and we don't know what the truth is, but this looks like a setup because they've done it over and over again.
And now it comes out the British changed the map to claim Iranian waters.
Right, exactly.
That's the former head of the British Maritime Administration.
The guy that could, the expert on this.
She said that, you know, our newspaper... And this isn't out of some pinko publication.
Hell, the pinkos are for the war.
The Democrats are more warmongering than the Republicans right now.
This is out of a conservative British newspaper.
Yeah, our words have been getting spin crazy.
She said that, you know, our media here in the United States totally demonizes the whole entire country of people.
She never once said she sympathized with its leaders.
And she went on to say that.
She said, I'm not talking about the fact that we have the whole thing up on PrisonPlanet.com.
You can go in there, and on the right-hand side, it's got Rosie Goes Public on The View, and that's from, you know, back Wednesday or whenever she did it.
You can go there and actually watch the whole 11-minute segment that they did on the subject.
And you can actually hear what they really said, not what Scarborough and Fox and all these Pentagon minions did.
Let's go ahead and jam a few more in here.
I just can't tell who's been holding the longest.
Going back to the old phone system in here.
Well, let's talk to Carl.
You're on the air, go ahead, calling from Liberty Hill.
Alex, God knows who's really created treason.
You're a hero.
You're a patriot.
Don't worry about the enemies or the people that are calling through your head.
Keep the faith.
You're doing excellent work.
No, that only confirms to me who they are.
Well, you're doing excellent work.
Sean David Morton was on.
George Norrie, I know you've been on George's show a lot.
I don't think so.
And they're going to have it in position, it's got a timetable, and they're going to go in.
And I'm wondering whether it's going to be an escalation situation after this British thing, whether that's the Gulf of Tompkins kind of affair to get us, get the ball rolling.
And what about if we do go in?
Because he said this whole thing is set up, it's the biggest, they're using foreign intelligence sources to say this is the biggest build-up since when we went into Iraq four years ago.
The aircraft carriers are there, all of this stuff was built up before the British incident.
No, no, I agree with you, sir.
I appreciate the call.
Let me come back, because I said I'd do this, and I didn't really articulate it fully.
I said that I'd get into this, how this is a trap for America, and I kind of got off into it and then ran into Blake again.
I'm going to come back and explain the long-term strategia that was brought up by Bozsignia Brzezinski that the caller was mentioning.
All right, we'll be right back with the final segment.
Stay the course.
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I think so.
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He's Alex Jones.
Well, this two hours always goes quick.
Websites again are PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
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Got some of the best analysts and writers working seven days a week with multiple updates daily.
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All the admissions of where our government and other governments admit they've staged terror attacks as a pretext to start wars and invade enemies and control populations.
Alright, here's the bottom line.
Of the 100 biggest economies, 46, it was 44, now it's 46 of them are corporations.
They have their own intelligence agencies, their own lobbyists, their own mercenaries.
They have bought off our government.
They have paid the government off to basically, for the last 50 years, through the comprehensive annual financial report system, to transfer the people's wealth into investments that's off-budget, off-government.
They now are the government.
Now they're erasing the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Now they want the European Union to be the center dynamo in all of this.
But they need to be able to take over more countries to restrict the flow of oil, to be able to make higher profits, and there's a bunch of other reasons.
It's also a wartime economy.
They want to have the threat of terrorism, to have a domestic police state.
They want to go and invade Muslim countries to actually generate real terrorism, not just government-sponsored.
It's called P-2-O-G.
It's a Pentagon-slash-Israeli plan.
It's worked very well to actually go kill people and get them to then attack you, and you call it terrorism to create a real enemy.
And so the U.S.
acts as the Soviet Union.
The very same banks that run our country.
In 1917, the British financed Lenin.
And that's part of the history.
That's mainstream history.
We can read it.
To then bring down the British royalties.
Cousins, the Tsars.
And then they let the Soviets play the part of the bad guy.
Take over land, take over nations.
At the end of World War II, we gave them half of Europe.
And then they killed more people than Hitler had.
It's the same thing today.
Now, we're like the old Soviet Union, owned by the very same people.
We're being used.
I mean, worldwide, we've gone from most loved to most hated.
All the truth comes out overseas, but not about their own country, just about us.
And we get the blame for everything while we expand the New World Order.
Then we fall into third-world-dom.
Our economy's blown out.
Our dollars merged with the Amero.
We go fully into the North American Union in the next ten years.
That's how we're being set up.
It's all a big trap.
And, uh, Iran would be a first-world nation.
You could go, you know, I guarantee they'd have Disneyland there if our government hadn't overthrown their country and put in a dictator and led to all the things you now see there today.
And, really, what our elite's done in our name to Iran is nothing less than mass murder.
Blowing up their airplanes, bombing their ships, putting the Shah in, who tortured to death over 200,000 people conservatively.
All right.
Again, I'm not siding with Iran, folks.
I'm giving you the geopolitical model.
And the very people that did that there are doing that to our country.
Let's go ahead and talk to Rock in New York.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Yes, go ahead.
Hi, this is Mark from New York, and I just wanted to thank you for taking my phone call.
I was listening to one of the stations here, a radio station on AM, and Lionel, the Lionel Show, he came out in favor of Rosie O'Donnell.
I know that's a pretty big syndicated show.
Well it's good that that happened because every other major TV and I mean literally folks we're talking it's on Fox ten times a day it's on MSNBC four times a day it's on CNN three times a day it's all I mean on when it's on the front page of AOL
Because I've got AOL on one of my computers just so I can see what the general dumbed-down public is seeing, and it's the top story.
I mean, this sucker is big, and we told you three weeks ago it was going to be breaking, and so we need to stand up for her.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Even if you disagree with Rosie O'Donnell, which I don't, I totally agree with her on this issue, not much else, then you should still fight to the death for her right to say it.
And it is true that you should go outside the media, not to get the truth, but to get different perspectives.
Because the truth, you know, you get the truth by studying a lot of different areas, a lot of different facets.
Publications, news, legislation, insiders, mainstream news, alternative news.
That's what I do.
That's why we're cutting edge.
I mean, we really do a pretty darn good job for the financing we've got and the personnel we've got.
And I'm here on Sundays, man.
I work seven days a week.
I got home at 2 a.m.
last night.
I pulled up my driveway at 2 a.m.
last night, and I was up at 9 this morning.
I spent a few hours with my family.
Precious time.
Believe me, I don't like the fact that I'm about to go into my studio right now and work on the new film I'm doing, but I've got to do it for this country.
I've got to fight these people.
I mean, when you learn how evil they are and what they're doing to America, I love this.
I'm the guy who starts crying when they sing the Star Spangled Banner.
I love the red, white, and blue.
And I will defend what it really stands for, not some corporate facsimile of fake patriotism, and then they all juxtapose everything against the kook liberals, who we know are a bunch of kooks, and say, well, aren't you with the conservatives?
They're not conservative.
They're there to neutralize you, and most of them are on Pentagon payroll.
Don't know about that?
Type in 1.6 billion in fake news into Google.
Let's take three final calls here.
Let's talk to Jeff in Michigan.
We can jam them in.
You're on the air, Jeff, and we'll go to Lewis in Hello.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
I wanted to thank you, one, for
Telling the people the other day to find out why Scarbrough isn't in office anymore.
I did some search on that and found that.
That was very interesting.
Yeah, we just leave it at that.
Mainstream news.
And we tell you, look at the love novels that Michael Savage Weiner wrote.
We just leave it there.
Very, very interesting.
One thing I am curious about is with Halliburton moving to
Well, that's what patriots do!
Haliburton's from America!
I'm glad they're getting no good contracts!
They were gonna give port control to the United Arab Emirates.
And then Halliburton quote runs that, but really the Arab Emirates do.
Oh, it's a complete... Our whole infrastructure's gone.
That's why they want the dollar low, so all these foreign banks and companies can buy us up.
Man, it's a fire sale, and you got people running around with plastic Chinese-American flags all over their cars feeling good.
Hey, I love America too, but you people out there doing that don't know you've been gamed.
You've been fooled.
Do you like being laughed at by the elite?
Is that what it is?
The United Arab Emirates, are they basically like Saudi Arabia?
Yeah, look, look, this is how it works, okay?
The people of the world are treated like whores in a whorehouse.
You've got the rich, British, the Dutch.
This is the hierarchy.
The British, the Dutch, the French, an American elite, a Japanese elite, an Italian elite, a Chinese elite.
That's how it works.
And then you've got the Arab elite in there.
And it's all the same.
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely.
They're setting up a world government to oppress the people to ensure their monopoly of power.
Let's go ahead and make another call here.
Let's talk to Luis in San Antonio, Tejas.
You're on the air, Luis.
Hey, how are you doing, Alex?
What's on your mind?
We've got to move quick.
I just want to tell you that I have a lot of respect for you, for what you're doing.
And another thing, how can I help to awake people, because nobody wants to believe in this, and once they believe, they're scared of doing anything.
Okay, tell them when the economy crashes and they tell you the dollar is toilet paper, tell them that that's probably going to happen and that the international bankers did it.
Tell them, look into the private Federal Reserve.
Tell them, learn that Al-Qaeda was CIA created and funded.
That's mainstream news if they don't know how to look for it.
Just plant seeds.
Call the talk radio.
Plug websites.
Start a blog.
Start a MySpace.
Get copies of my films.
Make copies of them.
I'm going to make copies of it.
Another thing, a very important question.
I got the redemption manual for edition.
I don't know if you know about that book.
How to become a secure party creditor.
There's a lot of information about the credit card companies and about mortgages and stuff that is promoted by some of the Patriot community.
Some of it's real.
Some of it's questionable.
Be very careful.
Are you a secure party creditor?
You know, I'm not involved in... Here's the problem.
The banking system is a fraud.
And how they create and fashion their banking is a fraud.
There's people out there telling you that there are ways to get out of that, and I'm just not an expert on it.
I've just seen a lot of people get hurt in that, sir.
It's very complex.
Hilo in California.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Hi, how are you doing, sir?
Good, go ahead.
Uh, the reason I'm calling is, uh, have you ever jumped onto, uh, bushflash.com?
It's like a... has a bunch of different editorials, cartoons... Yeah, it's kinda liberal in its view.
Uh, you know that if you jump onto that website right now, the Department of Homeland Security has, uh, shut the site down, citing Section 802 of the U.S.A.
Patriot Act.
You're kidding!
I'm not kidding at all, sir.
I tried to jump on it today.
I'll have to look at that right now when I get off air.
I don't have time on air right now to do it.
That actually wasn't Hilo.
This is Hilo.
I apologize.
Hilo, make it quick.
We're almost out of time.
Yeah, first I want to talk about Freemasonry, how like they had a National Geographic when they talked about how there was more Freemasonry in the presidency than there were, and the one that they had on Discovery Channel, and the one in the National Geographic said Benjamin Franklin wasn't a Freemason.
The one on Discovery Channel that just came out this year said he wasn't.
Well, here's the deal.
Most Freemasons aren't bad.
They don't know what the top is controlled.
We're out of time.
Call me back during the weekday show or next Sunday.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
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