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Air Date: April 18, 2007
2481 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we're already three days into the terrible shooting at Virginia Tech that's killed 33, several others may die, 20 plus seriously wounded.
The police standing down as usual, just like Columbine, just like New Orleans, like every other major disaster in the past.
If you go back
Pre-20 years ago, the police always charged in valiantly because men were still men in the United States.
And I don't want to hear a bunch of whining from the police.
You act like pathetic cowards in mass situations.
Every day I read about heroic police out there by themselves on the street because nobody was commanding them.
When you have one of these events, it is mass cowardice.
Mass cowardice.
Same thing with the students.
It's bad that they're dead.
It's terrible.
But a few of them had the courage to jump out of a 15-foot window and one of them broke an ankle.
That's a lot better than a couple bullets in the head from a psychopath on Prozac, as usual.
We knew that.
Of course, it's now in the news.
There's never been a case where they're not.
There's never been a case where they're not in some weird psychiatric facility.
There's never been a case.
And then, of course, it'll all come out.
And in every other major case, there'll be some top NASA psychiatrist that was his psychiatrist who was involved in top mind control programs.
I mean, it's always like that.
And you've now heard that Prozac, the serotonin reuptake inhibitor class, they haven't said exactly which type, but it's the same thing.
It's like, you know, bourbon whiskey is bourbon whiskey.
Depends on the brand, it's still bourbon whiskey.
You know, Prozac is the big brand name of the main one that most people know about.
But he's on the serotonin reuptake inhibitor.
So, you know, it's like a Corvette's a Corvette.
We're arguing about what color it is and what type of gas is in the tank.
And you just watch.
It's always the same, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, we know why.
These are black ops.
It's gone from 90% chance it's a black op to 95% chance it's a black op.
And it's still a black op in that the training and the lockdown systems and the way these schools have been trained to respond is a government action.
The cowardice that's been instilled into our once valiant police has been engineered.
So it's government period.
Government did this any way you cut it.
And I don't know how any of you allow your children your pride and joy, your world, I guess for some parents they're not your world, your universe.
I don't know how you let your children go to these government training brainwashing camps where they can't defend themselves.
I don't know how you let them go into public schools where they're frisked and searched and metal detectors and cameras in the bathrooms and thumb scanning to get school lunches and it's more dangerous, not safer.
Let me give you a little tip, ladies and gentlemen.
All that security isn't going to stop somebody who wants to go in there and kill people.
It just stops parents from coming in and seeing what type of brainwashing is going on in the school.
And it sets the precedent the state owns the children.
I want to get Larry Pratt on today.
I've been so crazy busy with 15 other things we didn't put the call in, but we're going to do that.
Let me get Larry Pratt or Aaron Zellman to pop back in.
Maybe even the NRA.
We've got a bunch of news about how they're circling the wagons in the Second Amendment groups to defend the mother of all assaults by the gun confiscation victim disarmament lobby.
And we are in for the fight of our lives with a democratically controlled anti-gun Congress with an anti-gun president who says he will sign anti-gun bills.
And for fake conservatives, yes he was for the Assaultman's Bill, yes he's used federal regulators in the words of NRA members, we've had NRA board members on, in the words of Zelman, in the words of Larry Pratt, other big gun groups, Bush, Bob Barr here on the show, more anti-gun than Clinton.
We are in big trouble.
Get ready for the gun grabbers to strike back
Here comes a juggernaut straight at us.
Prepare to repel the enemy.
Prepare for impact.
Brace yourself for impact.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
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We're going to be getting Larry Pratt and probably Aaron Zellman as well to pop in today to give their analysis on what's happening with the Second Amendment.
We had Ron Paul on for a full hour last week.
I may even try to get him to pop in today or tomorrow on Friday.
I am going to have two different co-hosts sitting in the next two days.
I promised my family to take a few days off to spend some time with them and I had to literally do that just to even spend time with them.
So I won't be here Thursday and Friday because I'm going to spend time with my family.
Every time I'm going to go on vacation, I always do mini-vacations, two or three days, there's always some big news and then I don't want to leave.
My wife's like, go ahead and cancel.
It's alright.
And I'm like, no.
We'll have a couple of sit-in hosts here from the network on the next two days.
We'll let that surprise you.
I can tell you right now, one of them's going to be Mike Rivero.
But he's just going to be sitting in for the first hour for the two days, for Thursday and Friday.
And then there's going to be another guest host sitting in for the
Four hours that remain on Thursday and Friday.
So that is coming up.
And then I've got a really big development in the fight against the New World Order that I may have to cancel my vacation.
We'll see what happens there.
By the way, you'll want to visit JonesReport.com today, JonesReport.com, because I put the call out to listeners to write their own articles, their own stories, their own comments, and that if they made any sense at all, that we would post them.
And boy, we got some great stuff.
A lot of the angles covered that my writers frankly don't have time to cover, you know, every facet of what's happening.
And so we want you to write articles for us.
We want you to, I mean, if they're good enough, we'll make them major stories.
They're just, you know, more of a comment or more opinion.
We'll put it in the comment section and post it on the main page.
And tens of thousands, if not in some cases millions, you never know what story will get picked up or get big.
Millions can read what you have to say.
And I guess over time, in the aggregate, millions will read it as people find it on the web.
Every story we write or put together or post has a life of its own.
They're not even posted right now on InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
I've instructed the crew to do that, and I'm sure they will, amongst all their other duties.
They do a great job here, but we'll get those up on those sites as well.
Right now, they're there at JonesReport.com.
A lot of facets to this.
Before we end the last segment, I said incoming.
And that's the old, I guess, World War I, World War II, Korea-Vietnam term.
Still the term.
For infantry soldiers, when enemy artillery is on missiles or honing in, you can hear the artillery go off from many miles away.
And in the 20 seconds or so as it comes down on its downward arc, there is generally a whistle.
You know, the old
That's your incoming.
Well, right now, and then... Incoming!
Get in your bunkers!
Well, we don't need to be in our bunkers in this fight.
We need to be manning our artillery.
In fact, never stop firing your artillery, but people will tend to finally get in the foxholes and man the guns and get in the emplacements and start firing downrange with ones that are abandoned when you know they're coming for your guns.
It's been an attack by stealth the last seven years, six and a half years.
Larry Pratt has told you on this broadcast, Aaron Zellman has told you on this broadcast, the two heads of the real hardcore Second Amendment no-compromise groups, Jews Preservation of Farms ownership, and of course, Governors of America.
There's many other great Second Amendment organizations have done the analysis, but we've had NRA board members on, we've had
I've had two of them on, but the big one, of course, was Bob Barr last year.
But we need to repost, we need to flashback all those articles right now on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com, so out goes the order, so people can recirculate those Bob Barr headlines.
Former Congressman Bob Barr says Bush more anti-gun than Clinton, and then he gives examples.
But see, Bush is smart.
They don't talk about it.
He gives a few speeches saying you have a right to keep and bear arms if prescribed by law.
He adds that little caveat, addendum, sidebar, that proviso, that true poison pill to it.
It's treachery.
It's camouflage.
It's guerrilla combat against us.
And I, frankly, am sick of it!
I mean, it should make you madder.
At least Hillary admits she's a piece of trash who wants your guns, and wants to totally enslave you.
Handgun Control Inc.
admits it's about control.
Sarah Brady says they want National Socialism in America.
That is not Nazi Socialism.
They said they want Socialism in the U.S., which would be National Socialism.
And that's on record, folks.
She said that on the floor of the House, in a speech, when she was invited to speak.
I mean, these are bastards.
But they'll admit who they are, and I appreciate that.
They'll run their flag up and fight fair.
These neocons don't.
And they've been shutting down importation.
They have tripled the funding.
Well, it was doubling.
If you heard a show three or four years ago, I said doubling.
It's now at least tripled.
They built the newest, biggest federal building in D.C.
It's now a giant BATF headquarters that just opened.
Hell is upon us!
They didn't build a gigantic
Go look it up.
Just huge, sprawling complex.
And start hiring tens of thousands of new goons for nothing.
A new age of warfare against the Second Amendment has begun.
And if Bush calls for gun control, folks, when they go into some school and kill 105-year-olds, and I'm looking for that to happen.
That's what I've been seeing on the tea leaves, as they say, of all the analysis and thousands of points of info I've got.
That's what I see in the intros here.
I say that figuratively.
I don't really do that.
It's a joke.
But that's what I see in my mind's eye.
I see over a hundred dead, splattered children.
They're going to show video of it, and Bush will call for national gun registration.
Then within two years, there'll be a massive attack.
A string of staged attacks, mass shooting, claiming Al-Qaeda's doing it, and you will turn your guns in.
Others like to go swear to Homeland Security to be spies, then you'll be deputized with no pay, then there'll be lots of potbellies swaggering around with guns, with NRA stickers all over their cars.
Enemies of America.
They'll think that's the Second Amendment.
So, uh, that's what they like to do, okay?
And that's the warning to everybody.
If you want to defend the Second Amendment, in fact, we've already been hit by multiple barrages the last three days.
I mean, you watch ten minutes of TV, I've been sampling, they'll call for gun control five times.
I mean, FBI agents on CNN saying, get rid of the Second Amendment, wall-to-wall gun control, foaming at the mouth, something's got to be done.
They've introduced the assault weapons ban again.
A bunch of other states are moving to ban guns outright.
Cities are banning them outright.
Lawsuits are being filed against gun manufacturers.
You know there'll be suits filed with this guy with a 9mm.
If they just want one or two suits, that will wreck the gun industry.
We are
The VATF is harassing gun manufacturers at levels never before seen.
Do you understand?
Larry Pratt, Aaron Zellman, Bob Barr have all told you on this show, Bush is more anti-gun.
But I go into the local McBrides here in town, nice folks,
Huge selection to buy a similar shotgun to what Dick Cheney shot the lawyer with here in Texas, to go do the ballistics test with a police officer, military...
You know, Army Ranger and others to do the test to show that he clearly shot him from at least 15 feet.
It could have been maybe 20, but to be conservative, 15 feet, not 90 feet like they claim.
Then I walked in and a fellow walked over, one of the guys, he said, Alex, I want to tell you, Bush is not for the assault of his band.
That's a lie.
I heard you tell it.
And then the manager walks over and says, uh, uh, uh, and then you tell the guy got in trouble.
Like, don't talk back to the customers.
And he goes, no, no, he was for that.
Hi, Alex liked the show, and two other guys said, yeah, yeah.
And the other guy was like, huh, what?
No, it's true.
So the good news is that three people that saw this knew in the shop that yes, Bush is a gun-grabbing twit.
One of the guys didn't.
So you see, you've still got at least a fourth of our forces, gun owners, I'd say maybe more than a fourth, who are on the bench, don't even know there's a war, don't even know there's an attack on the Second Amendment, have no idea what's going on, and think, I'm a liar!
They think Aaron Zellman's a liar.
They think Larry Pratt's a liar.
They think Bob Barr, NRA board member, is a liar.
We're not liars, okay?
I, every week, spend probably an hour surfing, because I like guns, in the Second Amendment, looking at the current situation.
And, quite frankly, we have been winning on one front.
People are more pro-Second Amendment than ever in major studies and polls, and politicians that have been anti-gun have been losing consistently, whether they're Democrat or Republican.
Gun owners are activists, and there's over 150 million of us, about 160 million, and that's what's known publicly.
There's a lot of secret gun owners.
The number's probably up at 180, 190.
Most people have guns if they've got any brain in their head.
I mean just the feeling of security that I got an instant access pistol safe in my bedroom and I can get in there in three seconds and again I will defend my family and when I'm out of town my wife sleeps secure because there's an instant access pistol safe upstairs and downstairs and she's ready to defend and so
Bottom line, we're winning with our hearts and minds.
But, by stealth, they are attacking and destroying and rending and suing the Second Amendment into oblivion.
In the absolute oblivion.
So while you can, fight to the Second Amendment, but always act as if they're going to take it and that they're going to win.
Get the gun shows while you can still do the private purchases.
Purchase more guns.
There's nothing more valuable.
It's more valuable than food.
It's more valuable than gold.
Those things you need too, big time.
May have waters.
The only thing that's paramount up there at the same level of guns.
A weapon, a means of defense makes you mighty.
But it's the willingness to use it in defense of home and country that makes us invincible as a nation against the New World Order.
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We're good to go.
Before you
Slept into unconsciousness I'd like to have another kiss, another laugh
I think we're good to go.
Welcome back!
You'd rather cry, I'd rather fly.
That's a great song.
All right, your calls are coming up in the next segment.
I'm going to go right to you.
I'm going to rampage through them, I promise.
We've got Larry Pratt popping in at the bottom.
Actually, at the start of the next hour, and then some other guests coming up as well.
Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America.
But I do... I keep thinking about that, and I forget to tell all my webmasters.
I want to repost all the flashbacks of Larry Pratt, Ron Paul, oh, I forgot about him, Bob Barr.
Oh, they all must be lying, yes.
George Bush really is an anti-gun.
We're in deep trouble.
We're stuck.
Oh, by the way, did you know Nancy Pelosi's daughter made the new PR film about Karl Rove and Bush?
What is it?
Travels of Georgie or something like that?
I was reading the reviews of it and I've seen some clips.
One of the guys who works in the office has seen it.
It's just unbelievable propaganda.
Just, I mean, it's all staged, folks.
It's so staged.
And incoming, I mean, incoming, they are not going to stop.
You're never going to hear the end of this now.
And the neocons, here's the news.
The neocons are now trying to tie this in with terrorism and say we need anti-terror forces at the malls like the FBI called for three years ago and we need them at checkpoints everywhere and we need to get federally funded or actual federal police out on the streets of America.
No amount of cops with gear hanging all over them so much so they can hardly walk.
Now just watch that video for hours.
Cops fumbling with outfits and gear and they're waddling.
All you need is crazed eyes, men.
All you need is a jaw sticking out and your eyes on fire.
That's all you need and firearms training and a willingness to die.
Because you're supposedly the warrior class.
You supposedly signed on to this!
You want to tell us how tough you are?
Then go up there like Ray Martinez and others did in that tower and kill people when they're sitting there taking pot shots!
Do like they did and run while he shot at them!
You have no excuses!
You're cowards!
I'm sorry, I said I'd cover the news.
I just cannot believe the cowardice.
I just can't.
And yes, folks, I've had people twice pull guns on me and I've taken them away and pistol whipped them.
I know what I'm talking about!
I just cannot believe how cowardly people are.
Car computers could help in traffic control.
I need to settle down.
I just cannot.
That's the kind of news I've got.
I've got all this other news.
EU official criticizes US-Mexico wall.
Mexico says they're going to go to the UN and try to shut us down.
And we're under treaty, folks.
It may happen.
We're in world government.
This piece of garbage, of course, was, he may be a victim of mind control, who knows.
As usual, he was on serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
Threats rattled schools in ten states, including right here in Texas.
In fact, this doesn't even list Texas, and I know schools here had lockdowns and shutdowns, and the university right here in Austin, St.
Edward's shutdown, panicking and fear-mongering.
We've got Virginia Tech reportedly on anti-depression meds.
Increasingly angry.
Leading up to massacre.
We've got one right here.
Neocons to spin Virginia massacre as terrorist attack.
Propaganda junkies.
Maymilk is llama.
AX to say bloodshed was spurred by militant Islam.
Though there's no evidence this guy was a Muslim.
If it turns out he's supposedly a Muslim, it's total black op.
I mean, that is the cherry on top, the coup de grace.
I mean, that's it.
It's open and shut then.
Four bombings kill 157 people in Baghdad.
This is a point that I'd like to make.
Hundreds die every couple days there.
The average is like 50-something a day die just in bombings.
The average is always changing.
I saw that a few weeks ago.
70-something died a couple days ago, 157 today, and the day's not over there yet for a few hours.
I don't even know what to say anymore.
I'll compare this, get into the gun grabbing, take your calls.
We'll take your calls first and get into all this.
The websites are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com and jailsreport.com.
I just don't know where the men in this country are.
I just don't understand it.
I mean, it's instinctive to assault somebody who's killing innocent people.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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In 1914 we took a little trip along with Colonel Jackson down to mighty Mississippi.
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans.
We fired our guns and the British kept a coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they began to run it on down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
Down the river and we see the British come And there must have been a hundred of them beatin' on the drum They stepped so high and they made the bugles ring We stood beside our cotton bales and didn't say a thing We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin' There wasn't as many as there was a while ago We fired once more and they began to runnin' On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico
If we didn't increase it, we could take them by surprise.
If we didn't fire muskets till we looked them in the eye.
We held our fire till we see their faces well.
Then we opened up our squirrel guns and really gave them well.
We fired our guns and the British kept on coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they'd forget to run it.
Well down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
We're good.
We fired our cannon till the barrel melted down.
So we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round.
We filled his head with cannonballs and powdered his behind.
And when we touched the powder off the gator lost his mind.
We fired our guns and the British kept a coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they began to run.
On down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
We're good.
And what have we turned into as Americans?
At the Alamo, the Texans, 160 something against thousands and thousands, all fought to the death.
Every single person.
Not one person refused to stay behind.
Travis drew his line on the sand and said, stay here and die with me.
And everyone stepped across knowing they were dead.
That was the difference.
They didn't even want to die.
They just wanted to fight and they weren't afraid.
They weren't ever going to give in to fear.
I tell you folks, I don't know what we've turned into from back in 1960-something with Ray Martinez and others charging up that tower and killing that guy and with what happened with what we witnessed out there on Monday.
It just says it all.
It tells you everything you need to know.
If somebody was up in a tower shooting,
And citizens pulled out deer rifles, because there were deer rifles in half the cars, and other people went home and got them, and started shooting at the tower.
Cops guaranteed would walk right up and blow your head right off.
Most of them would.
They'd run up, and they'd be so afraid of a citizen with a gun, they'd shoot you.
And they'd sit around for, oh it'd probably be a three day siege.
Well, they wanted to negotiate while the psychopath was still shooting everybody, and it'd just go on and on and on.
But back then, the police didn't expect anything.
In fact, I've interviewed the police that were there.
They were there shooting with their handguns, and a few of them had rifles, telling people, go to the gun store, get guns, go home, go get me guns!
They were telling the citizens, go get guns, God help us!
That was back when Americans were Americans, we were all on the same team!
We've got to have a government we worship and a government that can't trust the people.
But no, no, no, no.
I'm just tired of it.
I mean, reading all old history books about American history and even prohibition and the gangsters.
Cops used to be tough, man.
But Americans used to be tough.
And it wasn't men trying to be tough.
I think it's hormonal or something.
I mean, we know there are studies with all the dioxin in the water and most plastics put off very strong estrogen.
And we just aren't as aggressive.
I mean, I remember my grandfathers, they were aggressive people.
And I remember hearing stories about their and the old guys and their brothers and their daddies.
I mean, these were the type of people where bureaucrats would come by their houses, and you'd hear the stories, and tell them something, and they'd just punch them right in the face.
And it was normal!
I mean, men would just attack people if they got in their face.
Everybody was real polite.
That was why, because we were savage!
And all over the world, men were more aggressive.
And the police knew their place, too.
You didn't go around bossing people around.
Oh, man, I just, um...
I just don't know what's happened to us.
We are not men anymore.
Women aren't women, cars aren't cars, and men aren't men anymore.
The old saying, when men more men, I forget how it goes.
Those are the best of times, the worst of times.
That saying keeps coming up.
All right, I said I'd go to your calls.
We'll go to them.
I got tons of news here.
World government, war news, dollars plunged all-time lows.
I mean, everybody's getting scared.
I just can't believe all the stuff that's happening.
It's just... Sam and PA, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Alex Jones, Samuel here.
How are you?
Good, good.
What's on your mind?
Listen, man.
You are absolutely right.
You should be wound up.
People should be freaked out.
The reason why we are in the situation we are in, in this country, is because we have been trained to be a people that operate from the standpoint of being a victim.
We've been asleep at the wheel.
The Chinese of the world have had free run because we've allowed them to.
And just like the analogy that you're bringing to what happened in Blacksburg, I'm not going to pretend, but I knew what it would be like.
To be in that room with somebody executing 25 of my friends around me.
However, that analogy that you're talking about, you know, why are we not fighting back?
People need to wake up and realize that we are the country, we have the power, we control the Constitution, we are not the criminals.
And I wanted to commend you for this.
We need to wake up, take this country back in every facet
And it starts by getting aggressive.
I mean, here's an example.
First, I mean, when I was growing up, it was even worse before that.
The coaches would stand around at the field house when people beat the daylights out of each other, and then they'd pull you off when a tooth got knocked out, and it was all kept quiet, and they'd pat you on the head afterwards.
Now, man, you go to prison for that, I mean, the first time, your life's over, and then, oh, then it's, we're going to ban dodgeball, we're going to ban tag, then we're going to ban running.
See, they're banning everything.
They want you to be a bunch of Prozac jellyfish.
I'm sorry, it goes, you're right, and it goes so deep to the point where we become so apathetic.
Listen, I'm Aaron Russo's new media director.
Nationally, we had a national state, a national conference call of all of his America Freedom to Fascism state volunteer coordinators, two nights ago, discussing this truck out.
Have you heard about this?
Yeah, I've got D.V.
Kidd and one other guest on next week about it.
Yeah, and there were some folks we were discussing, that issue came up, like,
You know, are we really going to be getting that aggressive in this?
And it comes down to... Yeah, people are going to be slowing the highways down, blocking the capitals.
Can I, can I real quick give, Aaron issued a seven, we got a seven minute personal message
At him endorsing this thing.
It's a very powerful video.
Can we give you the link to this?
Yeah, sure.
Just send it to AaronInfoWars.com.
I sent it to him.
Okay, we'll get it up right now.
And listen, call Aaron for me.
I haven't called him in so busy last week.
I haven't called him.
I know he's called me.
How's his health doing right now?
He called me yesterday.
That's why I'm calling you.
He called me yesterday and said he's going to be out of commission for a few days.
He's got to take care of some medical stuff.
Oh boy.
But he's doing fine.
He's doing fine.
Things are going well.
You know, Gary Franchi is now the National Coordinator.
Yeah, sure.
Gary called me last week.
Listen, I've got to jump here, my friend.
I really appreciate your call.
We'll get that video up.
And since he raises it, if you want to get American Freedom from Fascism, it is tax time.
American Freedom from Fascism, actual, original, high-quality DVD, not a dub, not a burn, not a copy, but the one that actually supports Aaron Russo.
Believe me, he needs your support.
You ought to buy a few of the originals, folks, if you ever want to see these type of films being made.
We carry the DVD, the original, the real film, at Infowars.com with a nice color cover and the shrink wrap with the DVD with the affixed stamp on the top, you know, with the color artwork.
This, and even if you know all about the IRS and all about the Federal Reserve, your neighbors don't, folks, and there are a lot more apt to watch this than a burned copy.
And if you can't afford it and somebody gives you a burnt copy, great!
I'm just saying, get America Freedom From Fascism from us.
It's available at Infowars.com or it's available at PrisonPlanet.com
And let me just give you the number, toll free number to call and order American Freedom to Fascism 888-253-3139.
In fact, I know my wife's listening, go ahead and call Aaron, honey, and let's try to get him on, our CWIT medically, he's going through right now.
See if we can get him on next week or something.
We've been having Aaron on a lot, as you know, the last six months or so, he's been real sick.
I've been with him personally, folks.
He doesn't like to tell you.
It's tough.
He's been fighting cancer for four and a half years.
This guy is an animal.
He is tough stuff, folks.
He's basically had more surgeries than Darth Vader.
He's a national champion arm wrestler.
A lot of other stuff.
He's a real character.
He's a tough guy.
And he is battling for his life.
I need to call him.
I know that.
He called me last week.
I have hundreds of phone calls a day.
I can't even call people like Aaron back.
But let's see if we can get Aaron on because he's precious.
And in case he doesn't make it, we want to have as much of him on the air as possible before he makes the jump into hyperspace, as they say, as Kurt Vonnegut just did.
And I don't think that's going to happen.
The point is, get America Freedom From Fascism at InfoWars.com or toll free 888-253-3139.
I've been so busy the last two days covering this, I haven't even really plugged the videos.
That's an important part of the fight.
Eric in St.
Louis, Missouri, go ahead.
Yes, go ahead Eric, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, first time caller, long time listener.
Go ahead.
I have two questions for you.
First of all, do you think it's a little strange, and possibly a red flag, that this Virginia Tech shooter's sister is a Yale graduate and works for McNeil Technologies, and on the board of McNeil Technologies is a guy by the name of Robert B. McKeon, who is the founder and president of Veritas Capital, which, among other companies, also owns DynCorp.
Yeah, I have seen that.
Listeners are putting that in articles and emails.
Write it up for us.
Write your research up.
We'll post it.
It's all about everything people have been sending us up on JonesReport.com.
I think he said he posted like 15 or something things yesterday.
Aaron was working until 1 o'clock in the morning last night.
Just keep sending it to Aaron at InfoWars.com, to Watson at PrisonPlanet.com.
We're going to get it all posted on the site.
Just keep making your points.
Keep doing your research.
Again, don't wait for orders from headquarters.
Go to the sound of the guns.
And my other question was, during the Katrina gun confiscation, and in any possible future gun confiscations, how did they know who had guns and who didn't?
Was it just whoever was holding them, or were they going off a list or something?
Because it would seem to me, if you had guns,
Uh, you could just put them away when the police came to your door and said, well, you don't have any guns.
They came into houses and tore them apart.
They put people in handcuffs at every house.
And then just started searching and people would tell them, you know, because they'd say, you're going to prison if you lie to us, where are the guns?
And we've interviewed people this happened to.
And they'd say, all right, they're in the gun safe.
Give me the combination.
And I mean, you got gang member cops waddling around, young, dumb, GED troops.
It's just... And of course, they're America troops!
Let them take your guns!
They're patriots!
No, they're not!
They're enemies of America!
Worse than, even if you believe in Al-Qaeda, they become Al-Qaeda when they take guns.
Well, and also, did you notice that in St.
Louis, Governor Matt Blunt just signed a law that said, uh, Missouri citizens' guns cannot be taken away
By any type of authorities in the event of an emergency.
I heard about that.
Put that in the story.
Send it to us.
I can't even keep track of it all anymore.
And they've just passed laws in Texas and Florida that if somebody comes into your office or your business or your home, there's no debate.
If you feel threatened, grease them.
Are those the capsule laws?
Well, I think we have to step in the right direction.
I see.
Anyway, I love the show.
Like I said, big fan.
So, thank you, Alex.
Well, I appreciate it.
And I'm telling you folks, if somebody's got a weapon or somebody's busting your house, shoot first, ask questions later.
I mean, it's real simple.
And that's why you don't have a lot of home invasions.
And people that break into houses in Texas, make sure you're out of town.
Not like that in New York or Chicago.
Can you imagine these old ladies and people busting in all the time and raping them?
I always read about like 85 year old women being raped.
It's like every day I see it.
What is this thing with raping old women?
These are some really sick thugs.
These old women need firearms and they need to kill them.
I might get shot by the gun.
He might take it away.
Well at least you're not going to get raped.
I don't know.
It's just all this TV watching.
It's like sucked our souls out or something.
I mean, we need to get our women... You talk about feminism, I'm all for it.
Let's have strong women with their jaws sticking out, with handguns in their purses.
Let's teach these women not to pull out a bottle of pepper spray and spray it in some thug's face, who then beats the daylights out of them and puts them in a car and drives off with them to torture them over a week before they slit their throat.
Why don't you just pull a gun out of that parking lot while he grabs on you and pop four rounds in his chest?
Which happens all the time.
Well, there's case after case of women with these little .25 Browning copies.
I got one of them.
Great little guns.
And, uh, little .25s, somebody comes up to you, you pull it right out of your fanny pack and just start shooting them right in the chest.
Don't stop until you unload.
Believe me, you shoot somebody three or four times in the chest with a .25 and you shoot them a couple times in the face, just hold it right up to their eye and just shoot them right in the eye.
Just, boom!
Just don't think about it.
How's that feel?
Right into their brain.
Put one right into the brain.
That's how you fight fire with fire, ladies and gentlemen.
And these criminals will start knocking their knees together.
Kennesaw, Georgia, said you had to own guns back in the late 80s.
They had a huge crime spree going on.
Said you had to own guns.
And guess what?
Crime dropped by 92% in one year.
The criminals just said, well, we're getting out of here.
You see?
That's why they target women.
That's why they target old people.
They target who they think is weak.
It's like the state targets poor people and women and single parents and minorities.
And the blacks in this country and their communities have been engineered to be fed on by the government.
It's like a big gerbil cage for the python in the inner city communities so they can just come and feed.
And I've been there, folks, when the pythons take, you know, swallowing up a whole family and stealing their kids and the people are freaking out.
I'm there helping the Hispanic families when the Pythons are eating their babies.
And let me tell you, I don't see these other Hispanic leaders out there doing anything for you.
They just want to be El Jefes and be part of the pot-bellied corrupt system and be the big kingpins over you, the patrons over you, the boss.
You understand that?
Rally to liberty and get strong again and get aggressive again!
That's what it's going to take.
Okay, we're going to go to David, Brian, and Jay, and others when we get back from break.
Blitz through your calls.
But again, get America Freedom from Fascism.
Get Loose Change 2nd Edition.
I mean, have the historical film, not just have the real deal in your hand.
And support the filmmakers.
Mind Control by Nick Beggins, an amazing film we carry.
All the new other films we're covering, like Iraq for sale.
Who's making a killing?
Who's getting killed?
You know, we've got it all, ladies and gentlemen, in the online secure video and bookstore at InfoWars.com.
Go there, patronize us, support us, so we can fight!
So we can take action!
I got some big projects coming up, folks, that are going to take a lot of capital, and your support allows us to swing our guns around and engage the enemy.
So it's not just us getting hit by incoming, it's them getting hit by incoming.
Like I tell you, support Ron Paul.
Get in there and donate to him.
Support us.
Do it by getting the videos today.
We'll be right back with more of your calls.
Stay with us.
It's here.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Hello friends, Alex Jones here.
I want you to imagine waking up one morning to find out you've been burglarized.
An intruder has taken your personal possessions.
Credit card numbers, social security cards, banking information, and more, all in the hands of a total stranger.
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Matthew Kazee, I believe is how you pronounce his name, who called in on Monday when all this was happening, learned that he lost two of his friends.
I just talked to him and I gave him the hotline number, but we wrote it down real fast right before we came out of break.
So I don't know if he's been able to call in right now, because the regular toll-free line is filled.
That's why I was a little bit late getting PAC on air.
We're busy working on this stuff during the breaks.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls while we're seeing if Matt Kazee is able to get on with us.
David in Texas, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Good afternoon or morning, Mr. Jones.
It's getting harder to listen to you down here in Austin, uh, over the radio anyway.
Okay, what's on your mind, sir?
The, uh, I'll just, it's, yeah, we're running out of time here, and, uh, just for the local listeners down here, of course, the gun show's this weekend.
Uh, everybody needs to get out and purchase a gun, I guess, before it's too late.
Um, just, uh, wanted to thank you for the good job you're doing.
I love your show.
The couple of past shows that you've had there are really good.
Just got a brand new computer and gonna try and start getting these discs out to people and get the word out.
Yes, making copies of the films, radio shows.
You can get all my TV shows, all my films at PrisonPlanet.tv and download them in really high quality.
It's a great activist tool.
Yeah, I liked your last two films that you've made there.
They're really good.
I've shown them to people, got some people here at work interested in them, and like I said, we're running out of time and people need to get busy, man.
Thanks for holding to tell us that, and yeah, I'm on Sundays 4 to 6 p.m.
Good job, David.
on NewsRadio 590KLBJ.
I've been on weeknights many times on two different stations, 1260 and
Of course, 98.9, but those things sell.
Change hands.
We're not on during the week here.
There were some micros for many years.
Those are now off.
When I say micros, the public knows them as pirates.
They were doing a great job, but they're not there anymore.
Let's go ahead now and take a call from Brian.
Brian, where are you calling us from?
Lincoln, Nebraska.
Yeah, Alex, I just wanted to comment on this Virginia Tech thing.
Kind of from a different angle.
Sure, go ahead.
On the front page of the paper today, I see there's a whole article dedicated to using cell phones for text messages in case of emergency.
Have you seen anything like that?
Well, they're talking about by law for many years, they tried this in the late 80s, having the government take over TV, radio, they already have it in place, and your phones to send you alerts.
But again, it's the government that knew this happened at 7-15 and tried to keep it secret until 9-55 when they turned the sirens on.
Again, government is the problem.
Anything they're involved in isn't going to help you.
Yeah, I just thought that was a... There's a lot of evidence, sir, that the government's involved in this.
It's the old Trojan horse of safety over liberty.
Those that will give up liberty for security deserve neither.
I hear you.
I appreciate your call.
Great points.
We're going to come back from break and go to Matt.
Let's go ahead and bring him up right now.
Matt Kazee.
How do you pronounce it, my friend?
It's Kazee.
Well, listen, thank you for coming on.
You called in Monday as this was all happening.
Now we've learned that you did lose some friends.
Yes, I had two friends who got shot.
One thankfully survived, took a shot to the head and the arm and it survived.
And another who was critically wounded, a local activist.
Julia Pryde, a local mountain justice activist.
So this scumbag... Stay there!
Scumbag shot one of our activists.
Can you stay there for 70 seconds?
Stay there.
I know your grandmother's real sick too.
You're dealing with that right now.
Can you stay with us for 70 seconds?
I'll come back to you in five minutes.
Okay, then we got Larry Pratt coming up.
Yes, I can.
More of your calls.
Aaron Zellman joining us again.
Continual coverage of the blackout.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're now back into hour number two.
Ron Paul is scheduled to be calling in
Randomly sometime in the next hour.
We talked to his office.
We're not sure when he's calling in.
I'm trying to figure that out right now.
He's written an article here called, Ron Paul, More Guns Will Deter Shootings.
The presidential candidates take on this.
We had this for a full hour last week.
Matt joins us.
Matt lost one of his friends and another one got shot in the head in the arm and wounded.
Just in a nutshell, I know your grandmother's really in bad shape right now.
You're also scheduled to be on a national TV show today.
Have you been able to do that with your grandmother so well?
I'm just letting folks know why you've got to go so quickly.
You've spent a few minutes, sir, telling us exactly now, in the aftermath, two days after you first called in and gave us continual coverage and even sent us photos of what was happening, what happened to your friends and what you've learned and are your suspicions
Uh, verified of some type of black op or what's going on?
Uh, well, I will say, um, you know, over two days later now, and I think the whole town is still in shock.
I know I am still in shock.
It still hasn't...
Sunk in 100%.
We're just now starting to feel the pain of this thing that we're going to be feeling for many years to come.
I did have two friends that I know of so far that were shot.
A local activist, Julia Pride, for a mountain top removal activist who was shot and killed.
I haven't found out many details on her yet.
And another friend of mine, a local
Who works at a restaurant in town, Boudreaux's Matt Webster, who was shot twice.
He actually laid down and acted like he was dead.
And the guy came up behind him, put the gun to his head, and pulled the trigger, and luckily...
It didn't kill him, it just grazed his head.
No, I mean, that's why only high velocity rounds, that's what I was saying, will penetrate.
Yeah, you were saying that.
Normally they deflect and you have a huge scalpel splatter, it couldn't blow off as much as five inches of skin, but the skull is thick, folks, but go ahead.
He was shot, he didn't flinch, he laid down and acted like he was dead, the guy stepped back and shot him again, it was towards the side, but it went through his arm,
And he didn't flinch again and the guy assumed that he was dead and moved on.
Now there's also this teacher who stood up and blocked the door as people jumped out of the window.
There's just incredible valiance there with the instinct to protect his students, which the cops of course didn't have, they just had all their gear.
What else happened to your friend or any other details?
Well, Alex, I am starting to hear the tales of that there were some people who fought back, there were some people who went to attack this guy who were shot and killed, and other people saw this happening that played into that much more of the fear of it all.
And, um, it has just been a crazy couple of days to say the least.
But they need to help those people so they didn't die in vain and charged with him.
You're absolutely right.
See, in the past, everybody are 90% with a charge.
Now it's 1%, so we get run over because of all the cowardliness.
Well, like you were pointing out yesterday, and like CNN has been pointing out, that there was a situation where he was telling people, okay, okay, it's over, just sit still and it'll be over.
You know, and it's just one of those things where we have seen yet again that if anything like this happens, you have to be vigilant, you have to charge these people, you have to end it as quick as possible.
And here's what I have found out after a night of two drinking, or two nights of drinking with friends and family at the local taverns who are just now starting to vent, that there seems to have been some kind of confusion in the chain of command, and that maybe there was a
I know it!
It's a total black op!
That's it!
I said on Monday, if there's some weird federal op with some federal liaison, just like Columbine, it's over.
Oh my God.
I've got Larry Pratt on, but can you stay for three more minutes, through a break, and just finish up this story for people?
Okay, thank you, Matt.
By the way, he's scheduled to be on national television today.
I don't want to say exactly where, because they might get word and try to block it.
They've done that before.
But Matt needs to hit him and hit him hard with the truth.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Ask for George.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We've got the Chairman of Governors of America waiting in the wings right now.
Aaron Zellman will be popping in, head of JPFO.
Joining us as well, another Second Amendment rights organization fighting the New World Order.
But right now, Matt Kazee, who's scheduled to be on national television later today if he's able, but his grandmother is extremely sick right now.
I don't know how much details he wants to give on that, but he's busy taking care of her.
He's there at the college.
He lost one friend, another was wounded.
Incredible story.
He's been talking to parents and others at the local restaurants and bars at night.
He was telling us the words out that were sent out by Federal Hold.
Now this happens all the time.
The Feds say, stop, wait.
And the universities are basically under Federal control.
Everything is under Homeland Security while everybody bleeds to death.
Weird federal involvement as well, with Columbine 4 hours 15 minutes waiting, and they say about half the folks bled to death because of that.
I guess they want to get the highest numbers possible.
Again, just like Katrina, they blocked NEA, blocked the firemen, blocked the police, blocked the National Guard even at first, because they wanted it to be as bad as possible to then get more funding later and say, oh look, we screwed up.
Matt, tell us specifically any other facets and what exactly they were saying and how many different sources you heard this from.
Specifically, what did you hear?
Okay, I heard this from two sources and I cannot say
Uh, right now, who those people are, because I do not want to endanger them in any kind of way, but I will say that one of them was a rescue worker, and, um, apparently there were a couple of police, uh, I know of a local policeman and perhaps a local sheriff, uh, who, who were literally on their way into the building when things got changed, and, and there was some kind of hold-up until people got into place.
By this time, by the time they got down here from Roanoke, or wherever they were coming from, and it sounds like it was from Roanoke, um, it was over.
It was over.
Now was it Homeland Security or BATF or FBI?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I know that FBI is probably what I'm thinking, but I have no idea.
It's so shameful how these local dumb cops are on federal funds, have federal agreements, and they call.
He's in there shooting kids.
Oh, let us wait a few hours.
Don't say anything while the feds come down.
And they go get on their tough guy gear and drive down and they keep it real, you know, I mean this is, folks, everybody needs to be arrested.
The police chief, the heads, these feds, they are, you know, they tell us we can't have guns and then wait hours and then go hide behind trees.
I mean, how mad are the people?
I know there are student groups calling for rights to defend themselves.
Everybody's calling for arrest or firing of these police chiefs.
Tell us what the feeling is at these vigils, at these bars at night.
Okay, the first night I had friends who had lost people who were literally screaming in my face that the president of the university would be fired by yesterday afternoon.
I was telling them this isn't going to happen.
Bush is going to show up, folks.
He's been appointed to Homeland Security and elevated as a great hero.
You're a hero for Katrina.
You're a hero for 9-11.
They become heroes out of this.
Now, Alex, you have to understand something.
You know, you didn't know too much about Virginia Tech before all of this happened, but now you have got a strong listenership in this town.
Not just from students, not just from locals, but even from police.
Now, I know for sure that there are some cops who are punching the walls mad
That they weren't allowed to get in there and finish this thing.
Well, let me be clear.
When I said cowardly, I said communal cowardice under the orders.
I said there's cops every day doing valiant things on the street.
But anytime it's some big communal thing where they're under command, it's like a collective cowardice.
Well, I think you've harmed a lot of people who agree with you there.
I know that
People are just now locally here starting to ask the question.
CNN has just been all over everybody and has been really going around to all the restaurants and bars and has left a bad taste in everybody's mouth locally.
I'm sick of their coverage.
I'm ashamed at the way that they're handling this.
They seem to do good for a while and then they drop the hammer and it's just disgusting.
A lot of people are getting fed up and are outraged.
A lot of people are still in shock.
And the rest of the people are holding us all together.
Larry, what do you think of what you're hearing here?
Well, it underscores the vital importance to get rid of the ban on concealed carriers being on campus.
If somebody can't have a concealed carried firearm on the campus,
Then you can expect this is going to happen.
Whether there was a bad order, no order, confusion, it doesn't really matter because the cops aren't going to be where the criminal strikes unless the criminal is flat stupid.
And in the meantime, folks like us need to be able to protect ourselves because the cops were on the campus by the time they got there.
I don't think they went in right away.
I agree with that.
I saw cell phone pictures which you could hear firing and
Cop standing outside, didn't show them running inside.
Well, that's just not going to cut it.
Well, I'll tell you right now, you know, in 1963, whenever the tower shooting happened, Ray Martinez and other cops and the citizens didn't wait, they just opened fire.
And that's, I don't know how we've gotten this condition.
So this doesn't completely cut it.
You know, when we were following orders.
I mean, I understand that that would kind of blunt your courage and make you stand back.
But Larry, I mean, I don't know, I don't think cops 20 years ago would have followed orders.
They would have gone in there.
Well, probably the difference is that they wouldn't have been expecting to get any orders.
They would have been expected to get right in there.
That was their job.
You don't wait for a plan, because when there's a battle, all plans are gone the first bullet anyway.
Here's an example.
We've got a cop driving down the street, and he sees a bank robber in a bank.
He doesn't... I mean, in the past, they wouldn't wait, or maybe he says, back up, back up, and gives the code, but then he goes in there and shoots the guy.
I mean, what is... I don't understand this attitude of just... It's the old maxim that when you hear the sounds of battle, that's where you go.
And they've been putting increasingly PC clamps on cops, and they're not able to do their work until there's a committee meeting.
You know, I think our generals are working the same way, and you don't get a whole lot done that way.
So meanwhile, the rest of us, even if it's illegal, we better be having a gun, like those guys down at Appalachian State College, like the
They were the law students there that saved the day, got their guns, went back on campus, violated the law with their illegal guns, and stopped the killer.
Same thing with the principal in Pearl, Mississippi.
By the way, did the police and prosecutor enforce that against them?
Did they arrest them after they defended the people?
Thank you for asking.
It's a question I've been asking, especially anti-gunners, because I say, you know, if you think that we ought to keep the ban on the campus, then you've got to tell me that those men should have been prosecuted.
I don't know.
Not because they shot the perp, but because they had an illegal gun.
That's the only way you have a gun in Brooklyn.
Happens all the time, because the police are just total mafia there.
I mean, I've seen it, believe me.
But let's go back to Matt Kazee there, who lost a friend, and his other friend played dead and still got shot in the back of the head by this scumbag.
Now, again, you're talking to, you say, an emergency worker.
Look, there's so many, they won't know who it is.
Was it an EMT, or was it a cop, or was it a nurse?
I'm not sure.
Like you said, there were so many that were there from various places.
I'm not sure if they were local or from the city of Blacksburg.
Was somebody saying they were an EMT or an emergency worker?
They looked like an emergency worker.
I don't know the difference between an emergency worker and an EMT.
They were dressed like they were an EMT.
Um, they were far away from the scene.
This is the first person, um, one of the first people that told me the number of people that had been shot way before they actually started telling people.
And they turned out to be exactly right.
Okay, so they were telling us, you know, almost 60 people shot.
That's like 56 or something.
33 dead, including the shooter.
Going back here, Matt, who else?
Just give us a rough, because we're going to write an article about this, but it's a needle in a haystack.
They won't know who your source is.
And again, you've been dead on the entire time, but if you send us photos, Matt's there.
Who else told you this?
Where else did you hear this?
I heard, well, that's what everybody was questioning at the taverns.
And you asked me earlier about my gut reaction.
You asked me that day.
And the smoke's cleared a little bit, Alex.
You know, still, I'm too close to this thing to start talking too much.
I need for everything to settle down a little bit more until I can read things.
But I will say this, that my friend Jamal was the one who shot the cell phone video.
And I heard that live while I was on your show and didn't even realize who it was.
And he was saying that they may have used an explosive to actually get into the door.
Um, pathetic!
They should have run up in full body armor with shields, I mean almost total coverage that way with their Kevlar helmets, used huge bolt cutters to cut it and go through, or they should have just rammed the vehicle through the door.
Well, you can see clearly in the video that those police are fast in pursuit, and from that point until when it was all over, a substantial amount of time had transferred.
Not to mention the two hours before they even started warning people.
Students are outraged.
Parents are outraged.
The community is so hurt right now that they can't really think...
That head of the school will probably end up being governor.
He'll be worshipped and loved for his evil, and he has blood on his hands.
So all the locals want him fired or arrested, and they thought he'd be fired.
He's not going to be fired, is he, my friend?
Well no, that's what I was saying.
I made bets saying that if I was to lose that bet it would be the best money I ever spent and they assured me and they assure me today that he's still eventually going to be fired.
I will say this though, it is starting to seem like from all the locals that this kid lived here since 1992.
His parents still live here.
I've got friends who know his family.
He has been around here for a long time.
Now you have to understand with this Will, more of a thing had happened.
During the whole year, everybody on campus that knows the name Will Morva and has said literally stuff like, oh, what, are you going to go Morva on me?
Meaning, like, are you going to go postal?
That has been a common thread in this community since that happened.
Now I would say, and what some of my friends think, is that this kid literally decided to go more of a, except he was going to make it the biggest of all time.
And that's a guy, that's a guy a year ago who shot a bunch of cops and killed a bunch of people as well.
And so, and so you're saying you don't think this is, because I know Columbine was an inside job.
Well, Alex, it's an inside job.
After the fact, you're guilty by association if you're holding up something.
And that may have been where the confusion came from because of this.
Then it got federalized because it had just happened here before.
But it was a major screw-up.
By the time those guys got in place... Either way, the government is complicit in this.
Larry Pratt, stay with us.
Matt, stay there.
We'll see what Larry's solutions are for this.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to keep Larry Pratt a little bit into the next segment with us to talk about the strategy to defend the Second Amendment.
But Larry and I were talking during the break before we go back to Matt Kazee who's lost one friend and another seriously wounded.
It was his friend who got the video of the shooting going on.
He literally was a block from all of this happening.
Go back to Larry Pratt.
Larry, you were making a point during the break with Domingo Green, with Matt, about either way, this is really the government has the greatest responsibility here.
Against Matt, because I too share his skepticism that they're going to fire anybody responsible.
The government is never in a rush to admit that they made a mistake, and as we learned after Columbine, in fact a father, I think his last name is Rorbaugh,
They found out that they had a meeting in Columbine the day after with the Sheriff and the D.A.
and all the other poobahs connected with this thing.
And they simply, quite explicitly, it later leaked out, had an agreement, secretly, they were going to cover everything up.
And had it not been for the tenaciousness of people like Mr. Rorbaugh and other parents,
This never would have been known.
Eventually, the sheriff, I forget whether he resigned before he got defeated or whether he was defeated in a primary, but anyway, he didn't get past that.
But you know Columbine was suspicious.
126 giant bombs, some of them weighing over 100 pounds, drugged you in, and no, they had armed school cops there that didn't stop them.
And then the police chief and others aren't there that day.
The school was half empty because everybody had heard about it.
I mean, but the police hadn't.
I mean, Larry, you've looked at that.
Doesn't that stink to high heaven?
Well, and I think the people who were the most frustrated were the cops that wanted to go in, but these new, quote, rules of engagement...
is wait for a general somewhere at command central and you gotta go through layers of bureaucracy and well by the time all that gets done the crime's been long over.
Sure, let's go back to our guest.
We're going to let him go just a moment and come back and get some solutions from Larry Pratt.
Matt, other things that you haven't covered.
There's so much.
You said you hadn't slept for a few days.
You finally went to sleep.
You just woke up.
I mean now anything else important we need to know?
Well, I think that there are several things important.
One is the roommate's testimony is very important.
Of course, the writing on the arm isn't that strange.
There are a lot of strange factors building up to this.
I was here while this was building up, and I swear to you, it seemed like it was building up into something.
They definitely capitalized once it happened, like vultures flying down to pick the bones.
I mean, it's disgusting.
And it took forever for the media to come in, and they got down here and acted like they cared about us.
But really, all they cared about was splashing those photos across the news.
And scaring us with it.
And you were right, Alex.
There have been a string of shootings.
Your guest yesterday, after I got off the phone, was talking about how there's probably going to be a bunch of copycats.
You were talking about it.
It's already starting to happen.
The legislation is in place.
We've known about it for a while.
Everybody was waiting for something like this to happen and boy oh it happened and they capitalized.
I think we have seen the event for this spring.
I think that the smoke is going to settle for a long time until the fall.
Let's be clear.
Through mass TV brainwashing, since they've had suicide education in schools the last 15-16 years under federal funding starting, we have seen now 16 children commit suicide a day from only about 4.
And I looked at these numbers before suicide education began.
It brings it in their mind.
It makes them think of it as an option.
Well, it certainly shows that if we're going to trust our security to the government,
Whether it's by design or just incompetence, I tend to look at government as incompetent and share Will Rogers' skepticism.
Thank God we don't get all the government we pay for.
Whatever the case, we better be insisting that we, the sovereigns, we who have established this country, not allow a coup d'etat to go any farther, taking away the power of the sovereign.
The government is not the sovereign.
They call themselves sovereign.
They have sovereign immunity.
Well, they shouldn't.
And we should insist that we're still the sovereign.
We're the ones that created them.
We, the people, do hereby establish and ordain.
And for them and the government to be taking away our guns is to basically take away limited government, where you have individual responsibility, where you have a government under law.
And that's what it means to have
Gun-free zones.
You are striking much more than just at guns.
You're striking at the heart of limited free government.
The website's gunowners.org.
Just to be with us a few more minutes on the other side.
Same thing with Matt.
He says he's got the time.
I want to ask you both what the solutions are to defeat the anti-gun, anti-self-defense lobby who is now preparing for massive attacks.
They're already attacking.
And what's it like to see the victims' names being used by the gun control lobby when most of these people are pro-gun?
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The government couldn't protect you on 9-11.
Oh yeah.
They couldn't protect you.
In fact, they came to take your guns in New Orleans.
We've got some more clips of that we've never played before.
In every case, they can't, they won't, they aren't.
And you watch though, they'll spin this and they're taking lemons and turning them into lemonade.
We need to take your guns.
We need to register them.
We need to do all these things.
We need to turn the schools into bigger police states and frisk everybody.
As if that's going to stop anyone.
I mean, you can't keep weapons out of maximum security prisons.
Well, that's what America's going to be.
What is it like for you, Matt, because you're a victim of this, but you don't want the victim mentality.
You know, this traumatizing event.
You wish you guys were able to be armed.
I know there's now a student group there at the campus who's saying, we want to be armed, and that's been on the news.
They're trying to clamp down on that.
But to see CNN, and even Fox is kind of being an anti-gun, I've seen some of that from them, putting it out like, now the people, the victims and their families demand action.
And they'll take the one or two gun control people, families, and they'll be big national, like Sarah Brady types, now, from the 81 shooting in Alabama.
What is it like for you to know they're going to use this when, as you said, the people at the bars and individuals are mad at the government and hate the government and want to be armed?
What's it like to see that happening, Matt?
Well, I can assure you that was the bad taste in everybody's mouth that we had.
CNN, they waited.
They waited until everybody else had already said it multiple times, but then eventually they capitalized on it, too.
That morning, the next morning, at their sunrise,
Announcements, they were basically calling for that last night.
You know, before I get into the blog and stuff, I do want to say the ballistics are showing, from what I've gathered, that the shots came from one gun, the 9mm.
Yeah, we've got a guy with one gun able to supposedly shoot, what, 54, 56 people.
We've got all this happening.
Larry Pratt, getting back to solutions, I'm going to let you go on a moment.
I've got another interview coming up.
Larry Pratt,
How do... What are your ideas to stand up against this?
What are your ideas to resist this?
How do we get out ahead of the gun grabbers?
You know, the good news is, we are now hearing the government being blamesome.
We are hearing people finally get past the spin.
You know, ten years ago, the mass shooting would have been all the Second Amendment's fault.
It seems like, at the grassroots, the American people know who's really culpable here.
I think so, Alex.
I think people are coming to the conclusion that
When somebody says, I'm here from the government, I'm here to help you, what they really mean is, I'm here to put you in a body bag and take notes.
And if we don't want that to happen, we're going to have to push back.
And if we just sit around politically, and I wish our colleagues on the pro-gun side of this battle were saying something right now, we're the only ones out there saying anything.
What we need to do at a minimum is to talk about getting rid of the very law
that ensured that nobody could defend themselves.
I've already read one letter from a man who wrote to the Roanoke Times down there, basically the local paper for Blacksburg and Virginia Tech, and said he was a concealed carry holder, but he was afraid of losing his graduate career if he got caught carrying on campus, so he left his gun off campus.
He said, now I realize that was really stupid, because if I lost my life, I'd also lose my graduate career.
The same thing happened with the, she's now a Texas representative, with her parents at Luby's.
Tell that story.
Susana Gracia Hupp had left her gun in her car.
She was afraid of losing her medical license.
Went into lunch at a cafeteria.
A guy drives through the wall and pops out, starts killing people, including her parents.
And what, she was angry.
Not so much, as she says, at the killer.
I mean, he was, you know, pig squeal, and so he did what you expect killers to do, but it was the legislators who, in both cases, both in Texas and in Virginia, who facilitated the killer.
And she went and told them to their face, as a witness, before she became a state rep herself, told them to their face, the blood of my parents is on your hands, because of that law that intimidated me.
To keep my safety in the car.
I bet the Susanna Gracia Hub videos on YouTube, we ought to grab that and play that.
Larry Pratt, we need to rally as you know well now to get out ahead of this.
I am seeing that happen on the web.
We need to call in to talk radio.
I'd like to get any other brief ideas you've got on what we need to do right now.
Well, I think politically, that's what we're equipped to do.
We're the Washington Lobby Group, and we're set up with an email alert system, and people can go to gunowners.org.
It's a freebie.
All they have to do is get signed up for that email, and we'll send it.
We're not going to fill up their inbox, but when something comes, it's because action is being requested.
And it's really easy to send an email of your own, and what it does is to remind the Congress
Oops, there's constituents that are still out there that might vote for me.
I'd better make sure I wake up from this bubble I'm in here in Washington.
Lastly, what about the reintroduction of the assault weapons ban and talk of other gun control legislation?
Well, we're going to have to fight it all over again.
Feinstein's talking about doing it in the Senate.
Carolyn McCarthy on the House side has already put it in.
So, yeah, we're going to be up against it.
And you can't fight something with nothing.
So we need not only popular grassroots participation,
But we also need our own bills and we're seeking actively, as we speak, as a guy up on the hill right now, seeing if we can't get somebody persuaded to put a bill in to undo the ban on having a gun on a college camp or any campus.
Alright, well listen, really good job Larry Pratt with what you're doing and defending the Second Amendment.
Thank you for spending time with us.
And people can sign up for those free email alerts at gunowners.org.
I want to contact your office and see if I can't contact Matt.
I think I want to talk to him myself.
In fact, Matt, is it okay if we put Larry on hold and give him your number?
No problem at all.
Thank you much.
I think Matt called in, though.
You know what?
I'll have my office, actually this office has it, the network does it in Minnesota.
I'll have my office call your secretary, Larry, and give you Matt's number.
Appreciate that.
Alex, thank you a million.
Okay, thank you, Larry Pratt.
Matt, and do we have Marty yet on the line?
Okay, great.
Matt, just in the last two minutes we've got here together, and call back in later if you've got anything else you'd like to add.
You've got the floor, but I'd like to ask you this last question.
You say police are hopping mad.
They were barred from protecting people and had to wait for the feds to arrive.
You say they were slugging walls or that mad.
Can you tell us how you ascertain that or who told you that?
I heard that from, first, a couple of people on the scene after the fact.
That something was happening while they were waiting to get put in place, the SWAT teams or whatever, that it just unfolded before their eyes.
And then later that night at the Tavern, there were several people who were saying that that had to be the only way.
And more started coming out about, I had talked to somebody who said that they were waiting for people to come down from Roanoke.
I have no idea who those people are or what
What was going on there, but I will say when you listen to the roommate's testimony about a kid with a stone face and that it was like talking to a wall and that he would be gone for hours at a time and I didn't know where he was going.
I just thought he had class.
He was gone more than he was ever at his dorm.
And then, you know, I've got a friend who was actually the teacher who was counseling, bringing up to the school, in 2005, this kid has got problems.
After the morbid thing, everybody started talking about people like that.
Now, the school has known about this, the police has already said that, yes, we've talked to him several times.
It's sure starting to smell like it's provocatory.
We found out about the antidepressants and the craziness, scribbling.
He said he had an imaginary friend that he talked to.
I mean, it's sure starting to smell like provocatory.
And we know for a fact that they, either way, it doesn't matter.
That doesn't matter because they capitalized.
And they are using this against this community, and they picked the wrong community to use it against.
Alex, like I said, you've got a huge listenership in this area.
The Sheriff's Office in Franklin County, every one of those guys knows who you are.
They've all seen Road to Tyranny.
They all know what's going on.
This is a community that
That is strong for civil rights and strong for family and we're not going to take a bunch of media and you know I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the governor actually say it made him sick to his stomach to hear people calling for gun control in this situation.
I thought that he was going to play ball and go with it.
Well that's because it's look we won the fight on abortion it's wildly unpopular now all the polls are shifting we won the fight now
Uh, on the Second Amendment with the people, but we won the fight in the North American Union, we won the fight on borders, but the government won't do what we want, and what's constitutional.
Are you still there, Matt?
Yes, I am.
Okay, there was a beep on your phone.
Do me a favor, uh, call us back.
I know you gotta go take care of your sick grandmother, and you're also there at the school.
Call us back.
If anything else pops in your mind, you're a great asset, and I'll be getting a call from Larry Pratt.
Alright, thank you, Alex.
You keep up the good fight.
Anything else you want to add?
Um, not at this moment, uh, but like I said, you gotta speak to the students, because we've been listening to you for years around here, and there's a lot of students, a lot of EMT, a lot of firefighters, a lot of police who know who you are, Alex, and you need to speak to these people, and lift up the real heroes in this incident, because we can't- I know, I've been throwing fits and attacking the police, it's just, I mean, cops?
In the past, when they charged in there, they didn't need orders.
And I understand now, now I understand they were ordered not to go in, but then the people above them need to be held criminally, that's criminal negligence by that school police chief and by whoever gave these orders, okay?
And I know that, I said earlier today, I said, I know police, you know, I've seen squad car videos where the cop beats up two guys that assault him and fights back and, you know, grabs the gun out of somebody's hand.
I know that cops aren't all of them wimps.
A lot of them are fans of the show, but I'm sorry, somebody fell down here, this didn't happen in the past, and I find out you're saying a lot of the police like me and listen over there.
Well, fine, I mean, they need to call in and explain to me what in the world happened here.
Because, I mean, it's just absolutely out of control.
You're reacting from your gut, as you always do.
You're an emotional man, like a lot of people in life, as we should be.
And trust me, Alex, nothing that you have said on the radio in the past two days, I didn't hear in the taverns the past two nights.
But notice, we're not really hearing that in the media, so when you get on national TV, hit them hard, bring the truth out, that government can't protect you, and if you can get out a website, that'd be great.
But God bless you, my friend.
Take care, Alex.
All right.
Take care, man.
Now listen, I'm going to get him back up with us next week.
I appreciate him coming on today.
He joins us once a month.
I promise we're going to go to your calls.
We're going to take a lot of calls today.
I'm only going to keep Aaron Zellman for like 10 minutes, JPFO, to get his take.
Ron Paul's office said he would try to call in, and about 90% of the time when we hear that, it means he's going to call in.
It means if he can't, Jeff Dice, his chief of staff, will call in from the congressional side, because he wrote a big article about this, and I want to get his take on it.
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We'll be right back.
God bless.
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When the band plays, Hail to the Chief!
Some folks are born, make the way to fly.
They're red, white, and blue.
Red, white, and blue.
And when the band plays, Hail to the Chief, Lord knows, They point their cannon at you.
I ain't no senator, son.
This song says it all.
Secret Service.
Let's play a little bit more of this and I'm going to go to your call.
Let's sing with calls.
Let's sing with calls.
At 1-800-259-9231.
I think?
I think?
I think?
I think?
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I ain't no fortunate one!
No, no, no, no.
I think it says it all.
Somebody took that song and put it on
The video of me getting arrested by Bush, it really fit well.
When they dragged me off, it goes, Secret Service.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we will start the third and final hour.
Just get ready.
Get ready Stan and Richard and Doug and David and Jim and everybody.
Because even when I get Aaron Zellman on, he's only on for one segment.
I'm just going to talk to him for like three minutes, and then I'm just going to start going to you.
In fact, he's not going to be on until late after.
When we come out of this break, I'm going to BAM!
As best I can, no matter how good your call is.
Just when we got eyewitnesses calling in, and Larry Pratt, and the only way you're going to get preemptive is if Ron Paul calls in, and they said he is, and he'll probably call in the last ten minutes.
That's generally how that works.
I've already had him an hour last week.
I don't want to, um,
Go to that well too many times.
It's just so important.
You wrote a great article that's up on PrisonPlanet.com and I think JonesReport.com.
I saw it there too.
Ron Paul, War Guns Will Deter Shootings.
Up there right now.
And a lot of great writing by our listeners.
You answered the call.
Send the stories you write up with your perspectives on what's happening and the research you've done.
With any angle that's important.
And we'll get it up there and get it posted because we want to hear from you.
The website's JonesReport.com.
All right!
The third hour, 70 seconds away!
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into hour number three, straight to your calls now.
Stan in Missouri.
I don't know if that's wrong to say Missouri.
I'll say Missouri.
Missouri, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hi, Stan.
My understanding is that this perpetrator of these murders didn't have any identification on him when they found his body.
Well, I was watching Primetime last night, and one of the reporters said that he had to have a special door for him to get through with identification, where you slide the card across the door to get in.
Well, one thing about people that don't carry identification in this country, Alex, you have three types of people that don't carry any type of identification.
Those are vagrants, people that are wanted for hardcore felony crimes, and the other, the third, is special forces operatives do not carry any type of identification when they're going behind enemy lines.
And also, your government spooks don't carry any type of identification when they go into foreign countries unless they assume a different identity.
Yeah, I got ID in my back pocket right now.
I have ID too, Alex.
Another thing about this, I listen to Matt.
I listen to Matt, and I understand these kids.
They have every right to be mad.
I don't blame them.
But that's exactly what this government wants.
They want these kids stirred up.
They're going after the most vulnerable people in this country, our children.
I know, it just makes me mad.
It makes me mad, Alex.
Why don't you ever read, why don't you, if these are mind control subjects, why don't they ever go into a biker bar?
Why don't they ever go into a redneck bar or someplace like that where people are stirred up and they will defend theirselves?
They're picking on the most vulnerable of the kids, the situation there with the kids.
If that punk walked in a big biker bar, he's ten people... Well, I'll tell you what, Alex, I went to a school, a country school.
Thirty years ago, if that would have happened in my school, I'll tell you what, we would have had that guy, we would have had that guy knocked down and probably just about killed him.
And he probably would have shot two or three of them, but everybody... Well, we would have tried to take him out, Alex.
Well, the point is, everybody would have rushed him back then, instead of one.
Yes, that's right.
And now it turns out one or two, and now it turns out... Go ahead.
...all of us in this country.
Alex, I was watching the Benication.
These kids are in shock.
I understand these kids are in shock.
But did you watch the Benication about yesterday?
You're talking about that vigil?
Yes, I'm talking about the vigil, Alex.
I can't.
I saw it a little bit.
I can't watch it.
Well, I didn't like what I seen.
I did not like what I seen at all.
What were they doing?
Well, they had three different types of preachers up there, and I mean, it just was entirely upsetting.
I mean, these kids are in total shock.
I understand that.
Well, was that a giant gun confiscation fest or what?
Well, Bush was on there last night.
He was talking there last night.
You know, they're very after the guns.
Wait a minute, Bush went and whored there?
See, I didn't even know Bush went there?
Yes, Bush was there, sir.
He was there yesterday at the vindication.
Remember how Bush was there yesterday at the vindication?
I mean, I knew he was going.
I knew he'd been, but he was up there.
He was at the vindication.
He was there, sir.
And now, I bet his approval rating will go up now, though.
Well, that's what they're after.
That's what they're after.
Oh, he cares.
They're trying to get these kids stirred up, Alex, just like they did back in the 60s.
They want an internal revolution in this country.
They want everybody at each other's throats.
Well, we know that.
Boy, you know what?
I'll get the transcript of what he said.
You've got to understand how the Communist Manifesto and communism works, Alex.
You've got to understand this.
The people have got to understand what's going on in this country.
I've got police officers I've talked to.
This is a setup, Alex.
This is a setup.
Well, I agree.
You know, you say communist.
Rose Banner, their name is still a rose.
The globalists have a technique that they also shared with the communists, but the fascists did it too.
But you're absolutely right to call it communist, and you're right.
They plan for us to have a revolution.
They plan for 9-11 to come out.
But they plan on people just thinking it's conservatives, and then Bush puts the blame on conservatives.
It's working both ways, Alex.
Your liberals and your conservatives, they both have the same goal.
They want this New World Order.
No, I know, that's what I'm saying.
You're a very intelligent individual, Alex, but most people have been so desensitized to what they see on TV with violence and everything, we've been accustomed to it.
Yeah, we can watch lots of violence, but when it comes time to go take somebody out, people just can't get up the courage to do it.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We knew it!
This scumbag was on a Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor.
You know him as Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil.
You're in a car wreck, they put you on it.
You've got...
Menstrual cramps, they put you on it.
You're old, they put you on it.
Your kids won't visit you, they put you on it.
It puts you into a dream-like state.
Every woman who's cut their baby's arms off, every woman who's drowned her five children, every woman, I've talked to cops, they pull up a woman's dancing around naked with butcher knives, with a completely normal realtor, cutting herself, she's on Prozac, went wrong, causes chemical imbalances.
It is classed in the psychoactive hallucinogens.
Did you know that?
Serotonin reuptake inhibitors are hallucinogens.
They're also developed, actually, in the 60s, these type drugs, for CIA mind control.
And they had massive drills at the school, constantly.
And they said all the school talked about was how to stop mass shooters, which really caused a copycat event there, even if it wasn't a black op.
The government disarmed the people and caused this to happen.
Any way you cut it,
Remember death education?
They introduced about 1990 nationwide federal funding.
Columbine was the pioneer school by 1991.
They've been a 2020 special because they had like 15 kids.
It was a huge number.
He committed suicide in like two years.
I say 15 because memory served.
It was more than what died at Columbine.
It died there a suicide.
One child died in the coffin.
They put him in a coffin.
They suffocated as part of the death education.
I mean this is weird education camps.
I think?
Richard, Doug, David, Greg, others, we're going to get to you.
Aaron Zellman, I'm not going to get you wrong, very busy man, JPFO.org, popping in again with us today, popped in with us a few days ago.
Aaron, now we've had a chance to see more come out, we are confirming news reports, we do have eyewitnesses saying that EMT type workers and police and others
We're at the bars, everybody's mad, saying that the feds told them to stand down for those two hours until a federal team got there, or an hour and forty minutes, whatever it is, close to two hours from 7.15 to 9.55, when the loudspeakers actually went off.
All of this happened.
We know they blocked aid going in.
We know they ordered police to stand down.
The police shouldn't follow orders, but they're not as culpable as their bosses.
Aaron Zellman, it's worse than you even thought two days ago.
Well, it certainly sounds like it.
I was not aware of these other reports.
But I think that there's no doubt about it, the folks who want to control our lives, actually destroy our freedoms, or rape our rights, perhaps that's a better way to put it, are certainly not losing any time in doing it.
And as I said before, I thought that this situation at the Technical College, the timing of it was most interesting.
A couple weeks before, there was the Parker decision in Washington, D.C., where some federal judges said, you know, this whole thing about guns, it really is an individual right.
It's not a collective right.
And that is the last thing that the government of the United States wants people to be thinking about.
And we have other governors saying we're going to get rid of our gun laws.
We really ought worse.
Now, Bush covertly, as Bob Barr, NRA board member said, has been worse than Clinton.
Covertly, Bush has been trying to double and triple the size of the BATF, build a new building, harass gun shops, enforce all these things, do straw purchase things at the gun shows, ban a lot of importation.
But at least in the hearts and minds, wouldn't you agree we were really gaining ground?
People were figuring it out, Aaron.
Well, we'll have to get back to reminding them.
We'll have to get back to turning the lightbulb on.
I mean, it's going to be up to us to reach out to people and say, wait a minute, this is what you better be thinking about.
Well, there's no doubt this is going to cause real copycats, and we're already getting reports of some things happening.
Well, in fact, there was an incident right at the college again, where there was a shutdown, and the police were running in there with their guns.
I think that was today.
Yeah, total hysteria.
We've got that.
We'll be covering that after the break.
Total hysteria is going on.
I mean, we're in for the fight of our lives, and literally for our lives, with the Second Amendment.
Every time they take the guns, tyranny follows, and crime rates explode.
What do you see happening?
They've reintroduced the gun assaults ban, the gun ban.
They're talking about even stronger gun legislation, anti-gun, victim disarmament.
What do you see happening, Aaron Zellman?
Well, that's kind of an odd question, Alex, because last night I was listening to Tim Russert, who was on the Jay Leno Show, and he felt very strongly that the Democrats aren't going to do anything in the way of gun control, because they know they lose elections.
Now, it would be interesting if Tim was right, but I'm not going to hold my breath, waiting.
I think that they may feel that they can promote gun control schemes, and they'll go ahead and put it in full steam and do it.
Well, as of now, if you type gun control into Google News, thousands of news articles come up, and I'd say 95% are anti-gun.
We need to get the stories out, the articles that JPFO is putting out, that Gun Owners is putting out, that we're putting out, and we need to get them to the four winds now.
Don't we, Aaron?
Well, absolutely.
I mean, people who are on our email alert list could take our alerts and start sending them off to newspapers.
Just forward the email.
Give us some more solutions.
We can't make it much simpler than that.
Walk through some solutions for us.
Well, I think one of the first things we have to do is there's a hundred million gun owners in this country and we've got to wake them up.
I mean, only maybe four or five million of them really care about anything.
The others have their eyes closed or their blindfolds on.
As I mentioned earlier with your wife, there's a hundred million gun owners, there's 2,300
BATF agents in America that are just nothing more than arrogant bureaucrats.
So 2300, 2300 thugs are making 100 million armed citizens known as gun owners.
And they have tens of thousands of little bureaucrat supporters that work in their offices, but still, we outnumber them tens of thousands to one.
So I think it's time for gun owners to, if you really want to solve a problem, if you want to make gun control die, if you want to have a final solution for gun control, if I can put it that way, then we have to reach out to other gun owners and say, well you guys wake up, join the fight, or get out of the way, and here's five bucks for your gun collection, because that's all you think it's worth.
Let me tell a story I've told like 20 times to listeners.
I was in a big gun shop here in Austin about six months ago or so.
It was about 8 months ago, that doesn't matter.
The point is, I'm in the gun shop, and it's a big place, and a guy walks over to one of the salesmen, and he says, you know, I don't appreciate you telling people Bush is anti-gun and for the assault of his band, I saw you say that on TV, that's a lie.
And then his manager heard it and walked over and said, no, whatever his name was, that's not true, Alex is right.
And the guy was like, huh?
And then the other guys walked over, they have a lot of service people there at McBride's, and said, no, he's right.
But still, I guess one-fourth of gun owners think we're liars, Aaron.
They think everything's fine and Bush is good.
Well, part of the problem, Alex, and this is a tough one to fight, is that about 52% of the American people are getting something from the government in one form or another.
A government benefit in one form or another.
Now think about that.
That's scary.
That should frighten everybody.
Uh, that, you know, that over half of the American people are getting something from government.
You know, whether it be Social Security or whether it be some type of benefit, at some level, they're getting something from government.
A lot of people don't believe that government is bad, that it is evil.
And now, and the Founding Fathers and history shows us it is, but now they're advertising to the third world to come here and get on welfare and then use those people as a group to vote out guns, like they're doing in L.A.
right now.
Oh, absolutely.
So I think that, you know, it's a number of things that have to be done.
One is we really have to wake up gun owners, and two, we have to make them
Uh, you know, become part of a movement to bring America back to America.
And that can't be done if we don't get their blindfolds off.
Well, I know this.
Just the logic and the fact that gun control doesn't work has come out now.
And I do see that more and more.
I'm even seeing Hollywood movies by Quentin Tarantino where there's pro-gun messages now.
Uh, you know, I mean, so stuff's happening.
Well, I think that one minute, you brought up a very important point that everybody listening can run with immediately, and that is that they can start telling everyone in their town, gun control gets you killed.
Want proof?
Check out Virginia Tech.
And that's a statement they can make over and over and over, and never stop making it.
And the Sarah Brady's of the world are going to have a hard time being able to argue with that.
But one control gets you killed.
Why do you think they're always on a Prozac-type drug?
Well, it's kind of curious.
I think it's also curious why they always commit suicide.
No one to question.
Everything is just tidied up.
It's just becoming... Surely people can see this now that there's a... These guys are always going to kill themselves afterwards so that no one can ask any questions.
Everything's tidied up.
Surely people have got to be able to smell that something's going on here.
Well, it's admitted that the government has conditioning mind control programs that do exactly this.
I mean, from Larry Ashbrook to all of them, and then Buford Furrow living at that Army, at that Air Force base before he goes down to the Jewish school, and just all this stuff.
This stinks to high heaven.
Well, I think we're going to see more of this rot.
And we're going to smell more of it.
Because, you know, for example, I don't think you're going to have a North American Union, which is coming at us, if it was a guided missile, and still have an armed citizenry.
I mean, I think you're going to see them turning up the heat.
Yeah, because they've got massive gun, total gun ban in Mexico, and really strict stuff in Canada.
So, and so, you know, if you're going to have
Yeah, you're going to do it with the borders.
You're going to have this North American trade zone.
Whose laws are going to be in charge?
262-673-9745 or 800-869-1884 I'm going to be out of town a little bit in the next few days, but I'd like, and you've been very gracious to spend time with us, to get you to come on at least once more and give us a report.
Aaron Zelman, thank you.
My pleasure.
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I think?
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The BioSolutions Frequency Instrument
I think?
Well, a EU official criticizes the US-Mexico wall.
New Scare Rattles Virginia Tech.
New Cervical Cancer Vaccine Awaiting Approval.
I'm gonna get to a bunch of news, I promise, before we end the show.
But right now, let us go to the phone calls.
Richard in Texas, then Doug, David, Chris, Rex, and others.
Richard, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
There's young people like Matt out there.
It's wonderful.
It's great to hear him.
You know, the concept of counting on anybody else to take care of your own personal protection is just illogical on its face.
But that's one thing.
The government, the people want to take care of themselves.
They tell us, we're not going to let you take care of yourselves.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, and you know, I think a lot of people are going to be starting to look at the possibility of obtaining protection now that perhaps haven't, because you're getting a lot of new litters out of this.
And one thing I want to express is that there are avenues to obtain guns, particularly kit guns and certain gun show situations that are outside the reporting mechanisms, and I think people ought to have a look at those.
Also, I'd appreciate it if you would comment on the logic behind the conceal and carry allowance that ought to be given at schools and how, you know, a lot of people are going to think that the concept of young people carrying guns at school is just, you know, too much because of their youthful age.
Well, I mean, it's like Aaron Zellmer processes, you know, the violence attached to any of those people is virtually unheard of, and they're highly trained in the use of their firearms.
No, I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Let me comment on that.
We've now got, what, six, seven years since it went in in Florida and Texas, and the gun grabbers said, you will see law of the jungle, mass killings by these gun owners.
They'll throw fits and kill everyone.
Literally no cases.
There was some case where a guy killed his wife, which would have happened, you know, regardless, and they really hyped it nationally like a year ago.
I mean, there's like no known cases other than that.
And crime goes down by upwards of 20 to 25 percent.
It's always in that number.
In Texas, it's 22.
Florida, it's 25.
It's just, go look it up.
Because the crooks get scared, man.
They actually move to other states.
I got my family's got concealed carry, which turns a right into a privilege, but it's a stopgap.
What I don't like is if you get that concealed carry, you're supposed to roll your window down and stick your hands up when the idiot cop pulls you over.
You have no criminal record.
You've been vetted by the state police.
You've been registered.
You can't have as much as a crooked toenail, but still feel the officer may be scared.
Oh my God!
So what I do is I carry a rifle in my car, folks, because I don't have to lick the boots of the police or anybody or do anything.
And I don't carry it all the time.
Sometimes if I get a threat or something, the shotgun goes in there.
And I've got a legally short shotgun, so it's easy to deal with.
And believe me, I'm not going to miss with that Russian, it's a Russian, you know, it's the type of double barrel, but it's sawed off a legal length.
It's manufactured short.
What's that thing called?
Bounty Hunter?
Yeah, and believe me, I'll be able to protect myself with two shots.
That's why I got a revolver right here with seven shots.
I don't need a whole bunch, folks.
What do they say in that movie, The Departed, about big guns and automatic ones?
It doesn't add to your prowess.
I mean, there's a use for those.
If I was going to be held down by people charging me, it'd be nice to have semi-auto.
We're good to go!
Alrighty then, I'm babbling again.
I said I'd go to your calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Doug in Texas.
You're on the air, Doug.
Hello, Alex.
It's a pleasure to talk to you.
I've been following your work and I'm quite impressed with it.
I'd like to come to you today with two perspectives based on experience.
One, as a military personnel, Vietnam, 66-67, actually in the same gunboat division as Senator Kerry.
Only he got there a little bit after I left.
The other one is my career that I had as working for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Specialist.
I worked in the trenches not to try to build up my resume and put peer reviews on there.
Based on those two reflections, I'd just like to comment on two things.
One, I'd like to preface it by saying, did you know
that uh... several days ago before the shooting
That the case for Columbine, a lot of documents were decided by a court to be suppressed, I think, for 20 years.
I had seen that it went to court and it was going to be a decision a few weeks ago.
I didn't know the decision would come out.
Very, very unique timing.
I tried to pull it up again today for you to try to give you that link, but I noticed since yesterday... Oh, we're safe!
We can activate another sleeper.
Stay there, we'll come back to you.
Yeah, it's always somebody who suddenly won't talk and is like a zombie, who's on a serotonin reuptake inhibitor hallucinogen.
That's what they're classified in, the hallucinogenic category.
And they put you into a dream state.
And then they magically go kill a bunch of people, the police stand down as usual, and then they do the disposal function that they've been well trained to do.
Because the pain stops and the torture when they simulate killing themselves.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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So this crazy man shot 57 people at least, killing 33.
That means he shot 56 and then himself, so... But he shot 56.
Killing 33, he'd pump three shots per person.
So, what's the... And that's what they're saying.
Let's say he didn't shoot everybody three times.
Let's say two times.
Two times.
That is a hundred and twelve rounds.
So that's a hundred and twelve rounds fired calmly with precision, shooting people twice, getting them on the ground, putting one in the back of the head, while in classrooms people waited to be killed with one nine millimeter.
Now, even if he was trained properly and we know he had like, say, 15 shots per mag, and then he'd shoot, you know, 12 in there, 13 or whatever, you know, it wouldn't really count, but you generally know.
Then you put another one in while one's chambered so people can't rush you.
Now they're saying he didn't use the .22.
This stinks to high heaven.
It would take a rare person to not get sick, to not get nauseous.
There's been a lot of these mass shooters that go in, they kill two or three kids, and they start throwing up, even though they thought they were evil.
That's kind of what happened with Harrison Clyde in the old corner reports.
You know, they could have killed a lot more, but there was supposedly some other shooters in there, but it just gets pretty nauseous when you're actually splattering heads of innocent people.
Do you believe in Jesus?
Do you renounce him?
No, I do not renounce him.
There goes your head.
Larry Ashbrook did that too.
Do you renounce Christ?
Blow the head off.
I guess at that point when somebody's about to kill you, and one guy said, I do, and he said, you can go.
Why are they always doing it in mid-April, late-April, Hitler's birthday?
Why are they always very occult?
The occult High Holy Day is April 19th, the night of, into the 20th.
That is the most important druidic slash, and it goes into Satanism holiday.
It's even worse than Samhain, Halloween, and my God, heaven help us.
Heaven help us.
Just look at all the patterns.
It's the same.
It's like with 9-11.
You've got all these weird, esoteric patterns, but we don't even get into that because we have all this hard proof we can show, but the globalists always leave their calling card.
Like leaving death's heads, skull and bones cards at the shootings.
I've got to write a note on that for an article.
Northwoods talks about how to commit mass shootings, sniper attacks, and then how to blame Patsy's.
And they said they do it in D.C.
and Miami.
I mean, the government wrote up plans about
Stage mass shootings, okay?
And out-of-frame patsies.
Now, these are more sophisticated, and we know they have mind control.
The stuff you see in the Manchurian Candidate, the one made with Sinatra, and the one that came out a few years ago, that is as accurate as it gets.
I mean, that is what they do, folks.
I've seen on History Channel, with Jolly and West and Ewing Cameron,
Where they would just grab kids out of foster homes.
They get people to commit their family members and for no reason to pressure them with teenagers.
Take them and a year later they release them and the woman would have a new name.
Believe all this stuff.
They give a program word.
She'd do whatever they said.
I mean, this is, this isn't, this isn't like they know how to build a, you know, a Ford F-150 on a Ford plant, okay?
Lockheed Martin knows how to build a certain type of fighter jet.
I mean, they can build these.
This is 1950s technology.
And they drug you up on hallucinogens, they torture you, they scare you, but then everything gets nice, everything gets happy with certain keywords.
Then they drug you for months on end, they go back and forth with all different sorts of drugs, with audio recordings, with headsets on your head, repeating things.
So it has these powerful compulsions.
It's like an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
They like put you into this state, into this area.
They like to find people who already, who they've profiled, who would fit into this.
Uh, and then they create, they'll torture you, then take the pain off with a certain word, they'll give you a fake gun, you simulate shooting yourself, they go, good, good.
And then, uh, you know, you teach, I mean, this is how they do it, what you do is you teach them
That's real!
They did get 120 plus bombs in the Columbine.
The son of an FBI agent did start it.
There was a black op going on there.
Over half the kids weren't there that day.
Everybody knew about it.
They made a film about how they were going to do it.
They were being handled.
One of them's parents was a top NASA physicist in secret underground space comm, space command operations while they lived there.
The other guy was a Fulberg colonel also in secret military applications in space command for the Air Force.
Okay, you've got two kids in mega-secret government black-off!
You've got... I don't have time.
I said I'd get into Columbine today, but I've just... I said I'd go to your calls, too.
It's just... You start going over the evidence.
It just blows your mind.
I said I'd go to your calls, though.
Let's go back to Doug in Texas.
Finish up, Doug.
Yes, I just wanted to say that this Virginia Tech seems to be a very, very strange place, to say the least.
Prior shooting, not too long ago, you know, somewhat unusual.
They put loudspeakers in the week before this happens?
Yeah, but again, based on a military perspective, as far as I'm concerned, again, none of us want to jump to conspiracy theory and be irresponsible about it, and I'm sure you're at the head of the pack at that.
My instincts, it's my old ambush instinct when I got into Vietnam, tells me that the first shooting smells almost like a duck.
What I call, it smells like a ruse to try to detract attention away from something later that was going to happen.
Which would make sense if there was again some, you know, exacerbated planning on it.
Second of all, the other interesting thing is, of course, you know, there were certain anomalies like the serial numbers being filed off the guns, which we heard, you know, a little bit earlier.
Very strange for an individual who may be intended to kill himself.
There was, you know, really no need to worry about being traced.
But the most unusual thing that I find
Is that what I studied, from the psychology point of view, when I look at this kid's face, and I have plenty of experience in this area, and I look at his eyes, that's something I've seen before.
It's something not... Thousand yard stare!
He has, in the business I was in for PTSD, we used to have a term among Vietnam vets, it was called the thousand yard stare.
It's that scare that somebody has been somewhere, or either that or they've been on some kind of psychiatric medication, which they claim that he may have been on.
Of course, that's what we're told, that he was on.
Nobody really knows that.
But the strange issue is not only the two-hour break in this whole other business.
But I also recall hearing of this area, this place called Blacksburg, somewhere before.
And I remember seeing those eyes somewhere before.
So I just did a little research on my own, and I came up with two things real quick.
One is, I checked back to a book that was called Access Denied.
I don't know if you're familiar with Ken Ryan and Mark Phillips?
These are people, and they've got some Google tapes, and from a psychological point of view, I've watched their tapes over and over again.
And I believe this woman, she's got that thousand-yard stare, she's got that look, she's been through something.
Well, so much!
Also, let me just go back.
I used to, I didn't believe them ten years ago.
I couldn't believe it.
But a lot of what they talk about came out later and has been proven with stuff that leaks out.
You know, the homosexual prostitutes, and that's just the upper layer, that's kind of like hors d'oeuvres, and all the stuff that keeps coming out of the White House, the bohemian grove that they describe before anybody had ever infiltrated.
Well, sometimes she's been in all of that.
Plus, she claims, you know, she has a very, very interesting story.
And I've watched her over and over again in those tapes, you know, to be very, very cautious.
And I believe her.
There's a form of dissociation when she still talks.
There's a compartmentalization between her emotions sometimes, which is pretty predictable of that.
But, here's an interesting thing for you, Alex.
I don't know if you're aware of this.
In her book, Access Denied, which came out before the shooting, that's what reminded me where I heard of the little place called Blacksburg.
Because before the shooting, in her book,
She mentions Blacksburg, and so I did a curious little search up on her site, and what I got out here is that apparently she's already talked about Blacksburg, listing it as a place in her book, Access Denied, and if I may just quote just briefly from what she says here, she says,
It's about a tiny little town in Virginia, Blacksburg.
We felt strongly it would eventually become news again.
Not paraphrasing the quoting.
Because Blacksburg's an underground, excuse me, in the underground side of a local Blacksburg mountain.
There's the best kept United States government above top secret laboratory for the developing and applying, as such as in Kathy's case, of such weapons as human robotic mind control and programming.
Oh my God, when did she write that book?
That, I don't know the exact date on that book, but what are my suggestions?
I'm asking you, is that in the book?
Uh, it's quoted here that they said that they had it in the book.
I pulled it down from their site and it's listed then in April 16, 2007.
But my question... I'll get him on, my God!
Get her on, because I'm telling you, she's got... Listen, her whole story, presuming it's believable and I believe it, you know what?
It's almost a template, a template of exactly your philosophy of what you've been preaching for a long time, and I mean that in a kind way of preaching.
It's a template of mind control, and she's a very, very convincing speaker.
And also, the man that she's with, Mark Phillips, is somewhat compelling, because he has some background in the intelligence community.
Now, when I watch that, and I listen to the shooting, and again, the quote in here even says that, sadly, she says, though predictably, that she's not surprised
I hear you.
Listen, call back in the next few days with your analysis.
I've got to get to the other callers, but thank you.
It's great, sir.
He's coming in with a lot of reports here.
More mind control, thank you.
Says, mind games, new on the internet, a community of people who believe the government is beaming voices into their minds.
They may be crazy, but the Pentagon has pursued a weapon that can do just that.
And then here's another one.
Why did you bring this in about the guy that got killed?
Oh, Nassau Langley is connected, and the professor that got killed is involved?
Oh my God, get Watson on it now.
It always turns out, we told you, NASA's always involved, specifically with the kid.
They're always on Prozac-type drugs.
They're always on serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
It always turns out there's more shootings.
The police always stand down for hours.
Oh no.
I wish it was just a nut.
Oh no.
Oh no.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
David in PA, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
I guess not too good.
It just never ends.
Well, I have something kind of related.
I don't know if anybody said anything about it, but there's a house bill that's been introduced into committee up here in Pennsylvania.
House Bill number 760.
And I would just encourage everybody that lives in the state of Pennsylvania to call their state representative.
Can I get that phone number?
It's a general number for the whole state and they can transfer them from there.
It's area code 717.
787-2372 and it's a Firearm Registration Act bill and there's some real vague stuff in here and there's some real direct stuff and basically it comes down to they can take your gun if they so choose to and the lady on the phone when I called her said she doubt it would ever go to vote but if people I've called quite a few friends of mine and they all seem like oh it'll never happen and I think that's the mentality once it's done it's too late then
And I'm kind of concerned about it because, you know, I think that's exactly what the Nazis did back in 1938.
They took the guns away from the Jews so they didn't have an uprising because they knew what they had planned on doing and once the Jews realized that there were concentration camps, just with their regular firearms, they were able to fight pretty well, actually.
And also I want to make one quick comment about, you know, a lot of times, you know, people say, well, you can't make everything a conspiracy, the government's involved in it.
One big thing that I think you said that I think is the most important thing is if they installed speakers and they didn't use them when you initially killed anybody, to me, that would say there's something going on there that has to be something that's a cover up.
Well, see, and the whole school wouldn't be involved in the black op.
The speakers and the SWAT team drills, that's all an excuse for the... and they bootleg the op through all that.
It's always the same.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
There's always drills.
It didn't matter if it's 7-7, 9-11, Oklahoma City.
They just never stop.
You'll have feds and cops right next to cops that are part of it, and they never even know.
Look, these major reporters came out and said it was the government, and in like a week, three of them got their heads blown off.
I mean, they're not playing games, folks.
Governments do this.
Let's go ahead and talk to Greg in North Carolina.
Go ahead, Greg.
Yeah, go ahead.
Well, this is kind of unrelated to that whole thing, but did you notice that
The Supreme Court had ruled against the state's rights for the banks lately.
Yesterday there was a Supreme Court ruling.
Uh, stating that, like, the states have less regulation, and it's all been pushed over to the feds again?
Yeah, everything's consolidating, and the dollar's plunging, and they're gearing up for war, but we're all talking about Anna Nicole Smith, and, uh, and, uh, and Gonzales was about to get in trouble, but now it's all the shooting, and they've, they've not set a new date, uh, looks like it's gonna be canceled, no investigation on Gonzales, it's all just shooting, shooting, shooting.
It just seems like more cover-up for stuff that's going on in the background as it all happens.
Well, I'm going to tell you, if Kathy O'Brien indeed wrote in her last book that Blacksburg has a mind-control facility and that she looks for something to happen there, I'll kiss my foot.
I mean, I'll eat my hat.
I just, uh, I mean, I just don't know.
This is just kidding.
It's always the same, though.
I said it'd be NASA, it'd be mind-control facilities.
I know they've got some continuity of government facilities out there.
We're in so much trouble, folks.
They've been taking unlimited government funds and doing secret black ops forever, genetic engineering, drugging, you name it.
I mean, we're just... It's just crazy.
And regardless, the government held the cops back, made this ten times worse than it would have been.
I don't know what to say.
The government let him go on forever, taking his time.
The people have been conditioned to sit there and behave themselves while they kill them one after the other.
That's mass mind control with the media and the culture.
We're all under mind control.
We've got to break it!
Anything else?
He's gone.
We might take a few calls in the final segment.
I did say I'd get into some other news.
I'm going to blitz through some news in the final segment.
And, well, in this transmission, I just make my head spin.
Literally spin to see all the things that are happening.
And one thing's for sure, it's going to get rougher before it all gets better.
But we're going to go in through and beyond, my friends.
Stay with us.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Virginia Tech!
Catherine Logan named NASA Langley professor.
Turns out that we're getting some interesting calls and we're confirming some of it.
Guess what, folks?
We have a big program with the CIA and NASA.
That's the intel we're getting and we're confirming some of that right now.
Hmm, strange.
Mike, you're getting calls from folks that don't want to go on air.
What are they saying?
I got a call from a gentleman earlier who said that Virginia Tech, the other day, when the shootings originally happened, he was surfing their website, found their departments, and their science department had a biomechanics undergrad program that is sponsored by NASA, and the residency program is at Langley.
And he said he's been back on the website.
Now the links are down.
I've been to the website now.
I can't find the links anywhere.
A lot of the links error out, so there's no way to look at them.
But I'm trying to find the links to that program, but that program's been removed.
We need to go to the Wayback Machine, the Google Wayback, and I got a few other things that save that before they expunge it.
If they are indeed covering that up, that's an even bigger red flag.
And the only thing that I could find is this professor that is appointed to NASA through Virginia Tech at Langley.
But he, the caller that called didn't want to go on the air, but he said that they do have a program that residencies at Langley through Virginia Tech.
Now remember what I said on Monday, I said there's a NASA connection, if there's a lag when they went in, if this guy's on serotonin reuptake inhibitors, it's over.
And now they had drills and weird, the Fed said wait, oh my, I mean, come on.
I mean, it's just every time, Mike.
That's, yeah, that's, it seems to be, um, it's kind of strange that all the links to NASA from Virginia Tech seem to be down.
Well also, probably as I said on Monday, if people can say, well that's just a college, they're all going to have NASA links.
No, no, no, it's the high schools too, folks.
They have weird special... By the way, I know someone, a good friend of mine, who actually was in a special NASA school as a child, and it was actual mind control.
And the person is a movie director, and the person is a movie producer.
And he's completely sane, and he was in the non-high grade mind control program.
He was in another program.
I'm not supposed to get into it.
The point is, NASA's got these schools everywhere.
People just don't know about it.
Pretty scary, huh, Mike?
That is scary.
That is scary.
Even when I googled Virginia Tech together with Langley and NASA, I got one page that came up as Project Monarch.
Looks like it was from the 60s, but I haven't gone very far.
Excuse me?
Do you know what Project Monarch is?
I'm not familiar with it.
That is an official... That was a declassified mind control program.
Oh my God, Virginia Tech was involved in Monarch.
Oh my God.
Oh man, how dumb do they think we are?
Oh my.
By the way, I was supposed to go on vacation, folks, and I'm going to have some co-hosting here covering it, but I am going to go on vacation, but I will be for at least an hour tomorrow and Friday co-hosting with the folks.
I'll be on with Michael Rivera.
Also, Jack Blood has agreed to come in and sit in for some of the hours, and that's it.
I'll be on vacation.
I'm going to take off two days on Saturday, but I'm going to be on the air, okay?
I will be here tomorrow.
And I'll be on with Mike, and I'll also be on... I'll just call in with reports, but I'm going to spend some time.
It's not like I want to say, I'm going on vacation.
I'll call in.
I'll call in for ten minutes.
I'm going to be there with reports, stuff in front of me.
I'm going to be working on this.
I'm going to get Paul Watson on this.
All our guys.
You need to go do the research and dig up stuff we can't find.
I'm sorry to all the callers.
It was all this other news.
We're out of time here.
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