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Air Date: April 15, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on this live April 15, 2007 edition.
I'm live six days a week and here I am Sunday evening coming to you on a growing list of AM and FM affiliates, Global Shortwave and of course the Internet at Infowars.com and presentplanet.com, not to mention a couple of satellites.
Well, I'm going to tell you out of the gates.
I'm not going to be talking about Don Imus.
I've probably dedicated about 20 minutes in the last week and a half to that.
I will not discuss it.
I will not talk about it other than to say I've never liked Don Imus.
But other than that, I still defend his right to free speech, and it shows what a police state and what a politically correct, I guess, Supreme Soviet that this country has turned into, that people get fired after they beg and plead and apologize.
If you want to turn him off, you want to boycott his sponsors, that's one thing, but to have the corporations do that, it's because they want to set the precedent
Now, Tom DeLay is saying, or the crook, is saying that they should fire Rosie O'Donnell for saying there was something suspicious about those British troops.
Now that's come out in the major British press that it was a propaganda operation.
There's a lot of evidence pointing towards that.
And that she should be fired for saying we should investigate 9-11.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, even if I disagree with Rosie O'Donnell, which I don't, she shouldn't be fired for her speech.
So it's very, very dangerous.
Very, very serious.
Now, while we're busy being distracted and diverted with that, we have a huge stack of important war news here on the plate today.
The Democrats, of course, after putting on a dog-and-pony show that they're anti-war, will be fully funding the war, which, according to Pentagon documents, will be going on at least
for 30 years.
They never had any intention of leaving.
The whole point of going to Iraq was permanent bases there to project power into Iran and Syria because Saudi Arabia had not become a safe base.
They don't think that they're guaranteed to be able to hold it because of the Wahhabi sect that emanates out of Saudi Arabia gaining so much power.
I know we have a country run by congressmen, most of which in a congressional study that was done.
You don't know the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite.
And most Americans don't, but they'll make lots of decisions and have their own opinions about, uh, there's some brown people over there and we need to kill them.
And let's parking lot them.
Nuclear, nuclear parking lot!
We hear that over and over and over again, and it's so sad how we're being played like a fiddle by the New World Order.
So we'll be going over a huge stack
Of war news today.
Also, the global, man-made global warming hype and fraud has gone into overdrive.
I want to walk through the developments of the week there.
Here's some of the other news I have in front of me.
Was Pat Tillman murdered to conceal the truth?
New panel to investigate all the lies, foul play, deaths, and cover-ups surrounding the Tillman and Lynch cases.
Which may be another whitewash.
Also, I interviewed Congressman Ron Paul, the presidential candidate, for a full hour earlier this week.
We have a story out here.
Presidential candidate, U.S.
in danger of dictatorship.
Congressman Ron Paul warns elite believe they own us and are, quote, always prepared to take our liberties and put us in concentration camps.
That's Congressman Ron Paul.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Also, Sherwood Ross writes for us.
He also writes for Reuters.
Now, he wrote, Texas A&M fails to report stricken student in bioweapons lab mishap.
Oh, they were infected for 14 months, but it did quietly get reported here in our news by the Sunshine Project of Austin, Texas.
So, that's some of the news we'll be going over first, after the break.
Also, tooting our own horn, the London Telegraph has called me the loudest and, I guess, most popular alternative documentary filmmaker.
That was interesting.
It was, I guess, kind of a positive article.
It said at the end that there's a danger of watching these alternative films.
We may convince you
And there was another report out of the register where we've been complaining about the censorship of our videos online and some of the other issues, and that was a pretty fair article as well.
In fact, that was conspiracy theorists, feds, web hosts conspire against us, and the other is London Telegraph saying that I'm the loudest documentary filmmaker.
But I'm sorry, we're not going to really have time today, unless maybe a little bit in the last hour for a few minutes to get into the press that we're generating.
This week, I'd like to pop in and let you know what's happened each week.
I could spend an hour on this little tidbit, too.
Later, I will get into this in a 9-11 segment.
There's going to be a demonstration.
They're wrapping up a student organization that sent me out to a meeting that had about a thousand people at it.
This one, I'd say, had about 500 over the weekend.
No more than about 300 at any one time, but it was a great meeting.
And they had Webster Tarpley and Bob Bowman, the former head of the Star Wars program there, and a lot of other great people.
Professor Stephen Jones of physics.
I'm now retired, going over how it's an inside job.
I want to get Steven Jones and others on in the last 30 minutes, right outside the UT Tower, where at 5, they're going to leave, and they're going to march out there to the tower.
Folks, wherever you live in Austin, Texas, or surrounding areas, or even if you live in Waco, you probably jump in the car and get there.
It's going to go past 6.
Wherever you live, get down to the tower at 5, 530.
Because we want to have a big showing down there for 9-11 Truth, exposing that inside.
Jobs will be popping in.
I could have spoken about this as well during my presentation yesterday and today, but again, there's so much.
How can you cover it all?
I was in contact with Kurt Vonnegut.
I did.
It was private.
I'm going to leave it at that.
But Kurt Vonnegut, I was contacted, and he had seen some of my earlier 9-11 films about a year ago.
It was right around the time he gave his last speech to a university, and he did send me one of his lithographs of an open birdcage, I guess symbolizing freedom of the soul, or freedom of expression, hand-signed for me.
And I know that he was questioning 9-11.
I know that he was asking questions about that.
And you know what?
They wanted privacy then.
It's just he died now, and how do you keep quiet about that?
I've got the Kurt Vonnegut picture hanging on my wall.
I mean, how do you not talk about it?
Also, tomorrow I will have big Rosie O'Donnell developments on why she went public, what she knows about 9-11, and more.
I'm 95% authorized to talk about it.
They said, wait until tomorrow.
I'm supposed to get a call tonight or tomorrow, whether I can talk about it or not.
But they said, pretty much, in case something happens, I can talk about it tomorrow.
So that should be interesting as well.
Look for that to develop up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com as well.
Also on the 9-11 front, former Bush speechwriter, close Bush family.
A friend hints at 9-11 inside job.
A big Canadian newspaper that's conservative, their editor came out and started saying 9-11 could be an inside job.
I mean, this is just getting wilder and wilder and wilder by the minutes.
And I really gotta give kudos to the people that really deserve the kudos, and that's Paul Watson and Steve Watson, the British brothers over in England that power up PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Those guys.
I've got so many people I've worked with and been around who just crave attention and crave, you know, oh, you did the good job, you did it all.
Well, let me just tell you right now, that isn't what matters.
We're trying to save this country, but it is important to single people out occasionally, and I'm telling you the Watson brothers.
Just, I mean, this week they broke, and I worked on the stories as well, the synergy between the radio show and the websites.
They were writing like two articles a day, breaking major news, and it's all up there on PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
We also have InfoWars.com and Aaron Dyche does a great job over at JonesReport.com, but I do want to thank those guys for their great work.
Alright, we're going to break when we get back.
We're going to get into Texas A&M fails to report stricken student in bio-weapons lab for 14 months.
Was Pat Tillman murdered to conceal the truth?
Presidential Candidate, U.S.
in Danger of Dictatorship.
We will be going over all three of those stories and then to some of your calls.
And then I'm going to leap back into the Iraq War.
It's not just the Lansink Medical Journal.
Now John Hopkins looked at their numbers and looked at Iraqi numbers and said, yeah, it's 600 plus thousand dead in the first three years.
Another year's gone by.
It's being estimated at over a million.
That's quite a liberation.
Hitlerian in scope.
We'll go over that.
And how they're criminalizing everything.
I mean, your toddler throws a fit.
Okay, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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By the way, I forgot to mention, we've got our own message boards, but you can go to the KelbyJay 590 message board and I'll read some of your comments later as well.
That's 590KelbyJay.com.
We've had message boards in the past on InfoWars and Prison Planet, but we're trying to develop some new, really
You know, easy ones to use.
But the one I've got up on the KLBJ site is pretty good.
So I'll be pulling that up and taking some questions or comments off of there on air.
The problem is that there's so many every time I plug it.
Literally, you know, because the page holds like 20 and it scrolls up.
By the time I look at one, I usually can't even read it by the time it scrolls up.
So I almost need to just hit print so I can print that page and get it on air.
It's crazy how many of you get in there.
Again, this is the problem every week.
I'm here with, no exaggeration, it's got to be 60-70 stories that I want to cover, each one of these, but we're going to try to go through them as quickly as we can.
Here's an Associated Press article.
Panel will look into claims about Lynch and Tillman, Associated Press, House panel.
That'll be a complete whitewash.
Now for those that don't know, these were classic Pentagon domestic propaganda.
And when Private Lynch, when it came out that she really had hidden and cowered in fear, and that it was actually men in the unit that had fought to the death, and that the military had knowingly given her credit for what they did, people that rescued her and a few of the survivors started mysteriously dying.
I mean, we're talking about, they're cooking hamburgers in their backyard in Phoenix, somebody in a black uniform pops up and double taps the head.
We're talking about people being pulled out of cars and drowned.
And I mean, this is, I'm sure it's all accidental.
It probably was just a vapor that shot those bullets into their heads, or probably, you know, an Easter Bunny that pulled them out of the car and drowned them.
But it was four or five people that died in a week, and then Lynch went public and said, it's all a fable, it's all a fable, as she would have.
The young lady died in a car wreck today, but she'll still be our hero.
Let's put women in the military.
That's how important these myths are to them.
My office has talked to Kevin Tillman, Pat Tillman, who's a brother, about six months ago.
He wasn't ready to go on air.
And then since then, we called.
We didn't bug him after that for six months.
We probably should have.
But he's not doing interviews.
And the numbers changed.
So that happened.
But talking to him, it was, well, look, there's more.
There's more.
They're admitting now that your brother was killed in a friendly fire and they covered it up and lied.
Well, they lied about more.
They lied about more.
And finally, in the last few weeks, a couple of mainstream articles and some big blogs started saying, was he killed?
Because they started looking at what the Army Colonel, before the whitewash started, said in the first report that this was high negligence or maybe even manslaughter.
Was it a fragging?
Was it something else?
We know that happens where people kill those above them, but he wasn't that high up in the military.
I mean, if you know the circumstances now that are emerging of what happened, we know that Pat, the big NFL star, who quit and left millions a year to go do this, and watch folks, this is going to come out.
We've hinted at this in the last six months, but it's starting to come out.
And this is all in a big article we put together off of mainstream articles and admissions and what's been said.
That there's a good chance Pat Tillman was murdered by the Pentagon because Pat Tillman had written letters to family and was getting madder and madder about being in Iraq, about being in Afghanistan, saying it was a lie, it was a fraud, it was abhorrent.
These are the type of... We've got his quotes here and what he told his family.
They weren't about to let that guy get out of the military and go bad mouth the war as so many conservative troops have done.
So, Pat Tillman, shot repeatedly in the body armor and then waving, you know, coming to them, hey, don't shoot, walked right out in front of everybody.
It was like something out of Platoon.
Which is, you know, kind of a composite of true stories where the one guy wants to kill his commanding officer and he's like, they're walking through the mist there at the end of the movie and he's like, hey, how you doing?
And he just sees him look at him and take aim and blast him.
But regardless, we know with Lynch, Jerry Bruckheimer was involved, producing and advising the special forces how to go in and say, go, go, go, and how to kick down doors, and that whole story is the Iraqis had been, you know, for three days going, come get her, come get her, we got your people, and we got the bodies of the dead, you know, our Republican guards pulled out, and then the troops had taken the whole area days before, they knew that, but they just waited, and then just staged a raid,
And then when the story started unraveling, people had to die to keep that story going.
And let me explain how the higher-ups of the military do this.
It's the military culture at the highest levels.
There were cases in Vietnam where they'd have over a thousand troops in a gorge, several famous cases, where our military would put them out there as bait to draw in an overwhelming attack, and they knew it would get most of those troops killed, but then to draw the VC into an attack and then come in and destroy them.
I mean, that's just, let them take our pond, we'll get their rook.
We'll get their knife.
That's basic chess that the Persians developed 3,000 years ago.
That's sacrifice.
And they'll do that to troops, ladies and gentlemen, and they'll do that to keep war propaganda going.
Let me give you an example of this project.
Shad, the thousands of different tests they did upon tens of thousands of troops.
They did it to U.S.
and British troops.
I've interviewed people involved in the experiments.
This is now BBC and Associated Press admitted.
And this went right up into 1986.
They wouldn't tell somebody, you're going in to have flu tested on you, you get three days leave after you're sick.
They'd walk them in, hit them with VX or sarin nerve gas, they'd flop around, vomit, die.
Sign a form.
They'd dissect their body and tell mama they died of the flu.
And see, the argument is, once you have this Malthusian argument, or once you have this social-Darwinistic model, or once you decide it justifies the means, well, by doing this, we'll learn what sarin gas does and we can protect our troops from a really hit.
Let's kill these young men.
Well, the attack on the towers is needed to mobilize against the radical Muslims.
I've even had good old boys come up to me, it's always the well-to-do type, and go, alright, maybe something happened.
That's how we get things done.
That's why America wins.
No, that's not why America wins.
That's not why.
See, I've just covered one article, ladies and gentlemen.
I have 50, 60, I don't know, articles.
I just, stacks of them in here.
There's no way to cover it all.
I could go through all the evidence of Tillman.
Just go to PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com and read it for yourself.
Was Pat Tillman murdered to conceal the truth by Steve Watson?
It's taken from Wire Reports.
Here's another one.
A great writer we've got at PrisonPlanet.com.
Also written for Associated Press and Reuters.
Sherwood Ross filed this with us on Friday.
It says, Student, Texas A&M fails to report stricken students in Bioweapons Lab for 14 months.
Now let me just stop you there.
They have three dozen level four bioweapons labs they opened in the last four years since Bush got that Bioshield program passed.
I said opened.
They didn't build new facilities in most cases.
They took University of Texas down at Galveston and many other facilities, 36 of them around the country, one of them is A&M, and they took level one or level two and just said it was level four.
Now level four really should be underground, at least three stories, with special its own ventilation sealed, with three rings of barbed wire, machine gun nest, and minefields.
And they're designed to burn up.
If the pathogen gets out, the staff is given a few minutes if they were in the safe areas to evacuate.
After that, it's detonated.
Everyone's burned alive.
This is stuff that, you know, mega super weapons, mega bio weapons, super bio weapons.
Not in America now.
Remember a couple years ago when they mailed the 10,000 samples of superflu around through FedEx?
And then they had a wreck and they stepped all over the highway?
Why are they doing this?
We'll tell you about it.
Breaking news right here when we get back.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
You know, it is mildly serious compared to some of the other bioweapons type releases that have happened.
But the point is, it wasn't even reported.
The Austin, Texas based
Sunshine Project, it's done a lot of documents released, found out that the Texas A&M University failed to report in a timely manner to federal authorities that a biology student was stricken with a dangerous Rucilla pathogen in its college station laboratory for bioweapons agents research on February 9th, 2006.
And by the way, they're doing bioweapons research and they got students in there, it's not level 4.
The University made its disclosure this April 10th, 14 months later, and only after insistent prodding by the Sunshine Project, an Austin, Texas-based arms control watchdog organization.
Under federal law, such incidents are supposed to be reported within seven days in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The student was seriously ill for several months with Rassilis, and it goes on to talk about how many people it kills a year, and it talks about how similar
Infections broke out in a Seattle lab in 2004 at the Texas A&M.
Professor David McMurray, inventor of the Mac, according to Sunshine, in the case of the stricken student, is the third report of a serious illness in connection with the chamber's use.
So this is another chamber.
This Mac chamber, same type that this got out, and it lists some other examples of where the chamber has not contained the pathogens
Just go read it if you want all the details.
And then, of course, Congressman Ron Paul interviewed him for a full hour earlier this week.
The interview is up on PrisonPlanet.com for you to listen to.
And he just out of the gate said, every indicator is.
And again, he's a veteran, a medical doctor, the most conservative voting record in Congress.
And he has done the analysis and says that they are clearly setting up FEMA camps.
Concentration camps, and that the government clearly wants to set up a dictatorship.
And again, when Bush leaves office, it doesn't matter.
Hillary will try it.
They work for the same people.
And he got into the North American Union, the possibility of a draft after a staged terror attack.
I mean, just Ron Paul just blew my socks off.
By the way, Zbigniew Brzezinski, again, I need to mention this, February 1st,
Testified, he's the former Trilateral Commission founder, is the founder and former National Security Advisor, saying that the government may stage events as a pretext to go to war with Iran.
He said that before the Senate Committee.
Absolutely amazing to have things of that magnitude coming out.
Alright, I see that we got calls from Vancouver, calls from New Jersey, Indiana, New York, New York, Atlanta, and many, many other states.
And so, what I'm going to do is, I'm just going to mention some of the other news I've got, and then we're going to kind of go through some of your phone calls and get back into that news.
I really want to cover this first.
So as soon as I get a chance, this is a headline, six-year-old under arrest, and they've got it as young as three-year-olds, being arrested.
It's a new policy nationally.
Again, these policies are just written up federally and then it's advised down at the state level.
And if your child throws a temper tantrum, doesn't have to hit anybody, just yell and scream, you will be charged as a felon.
That's right, when a six-year-old, Desiree Watson, threw a tantrum in her kindergarten class a couple weeks ago, she could not have known that the full force of law would be brought down on her and that she would be carted off by the police as a felon.
And as the police chief sang, she was screaming and yelling.
And he said, uh, that is what we had to do.
And it, uh, goes on to say that she's being criminally charged.
But the illegal aliens don't have to have any ID to get bank accounts.
Just, seriously, you didn't hear about that?
A professor who criticized Bush added to terror no fly list.
He's a prominent Marine Corps colonel and he holds the same chair at Princeton that President Woodrow Wilson had.
He is actually a conservative and he criticized that Alberto Gonzales and others have said that they're above the law.
It was pretty mild speech.
He just read some of their memos.
This is dangerous.
And he's harassed and ransacked and on the no-fly list now.
And the White House admits they put senators on this.
You criticize them.
And again, that's your free country.
The border's wide open.
But I got to do that.
I mean, I know if it was a liberal, you'd be all for him not having any rights.
After some of the neocons listening.
But I mean, this is conservative.
But he criticized God.
And so he's evil now.
I'm getting to it now.
I said I'd get to this later.
I'll cover more of it.
Ordinary customers flagged as terrorists.
Washington Post.
We'll get into that for you.
Experts say scans should be embraced.
Scanning to buy and sell your thumb.
Here's another one.
AP, TB, patient locked up, maybe for life.
But the illegal aliens again are brought in and aren't searched.
And the TB kids in the schools where it's spreading, they're not going to be checked.
But if you get it, we're locking you up for life.
Can't do that.
Also, Round Rock student protesters reach settlement.
But see, if they're illegal aliens walking out of class and breaking the law and blocking highways, that's just fine.
That's just fine.
Again, this is just stuff this week.
I mean, this is... I had a huge stack in my car of the last few days of news I covered on the radio, and I'm just going through it, going, like, what am I going to cover Sunday?
I want to kind of condense all this, kind of a week in review as the week starts, kind of an end of the week, kickoff of the new week.
I'm going to go over this later.
I'm going to go over that.
Let's take a call or two before I've got to go to break here.
Who has been holding the longest?
Let's talk to Jeff in Vancouver, Canada.
You are on the air, Jeff.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Good, sir.
I got a quick story here for you.
I won't take too long.
I went to a drugstore today to buy some things and I saw this sign here, which I have, and it says, Dear Customer, effective May 1st, London Drugs will be asking ID from any customer purchasing tobacco products regardless of age.
Uh-huh, and see, they had, three years ago, they had a series of big conventions with the corporates.
The feds came and said, we're getting ready for a national ID card.
And we want you to condition everyone.
They had an agreement.
And I've told, if you heard me on the air talk about, I've seen 80 year old women who are literally having trouble walking with canes, buying their six pack of beer.
That's probably keeping them alive.
And no, I'm sorry.
You're going to show your ID.
It's mindless devotion because they're going to have a national.
Canada's the same.
Same policies.
You know, in England, it's safe start.
We're secure start.
In Australia, it's head start here.
It's something start up there.
All the same programs.
All the same names.
Again, we don't run anything, but now we're learning we don't, and we're going to get our country back.
So tell me what happened.
You go into the store, and the store is saying, and back when I did use tobacco products, when I started that a few years ago, I'd go back and forth.
I just walked up and told them, hey, I'm not buying from you anymore.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, what happened was I gave them my license, and I was like, so are you going to cart 80-year-old men too?
And the manager was like, well, we'll probably use at discretion.
And he takes my license and starts punching the numbers into the computer.
And I was like, hold on a second.
I said you could look at my ID.
I didn't say you could copy down my information.
He's like, oh, well, we just punched the number into the computer and it tells us if you're old enough.
And I was like, well, can't you just look at the card?
Look, look, let me stop you.
See, you're two years behind.
Some places in Canada or in England, you're more ahead of us on some police estate things.
But other areas, we're more ahead.
First, they're going to type in your age to see.
OK, and then next, do you have a strip on the back of your card?
It's got an identification number at the top.
OK, well see, you're going to be getting new IDs then.
Now they just swipe them.
And a couple years ago, down the street from my house, there's a Diamond Shamrock, now a Valero.
And a listener, it was a fan, it was a manager over there, he doesn't work there now, a veteran, a nice fella.
And the point is, our old veterans have to work at Valero's to make money.
But he's there, and I watch him swipe some old man's card.
And as he walked out, he goes, come back here, I'll show you.
He looks at me, he goes, these cameras are wired into the corporate, but I don't care, I'm quitting soon.
And he goes, swipes, he swipes my card, and all my data comes up.
He goes, look there, see it shows you've got warrants.
He goes, what is this for?
And I said, well, you know, you're going to have to swipe it.
I told everybody, because I saw federal documents ten years ago, have you heard about how you can pay for gas with your driver's license?
Have you heard about that?
Yeah, pretty soon you'll just be able to use your cell phone.
And then remember about eight months ago, that was a scam.
People in the US and Canada, from New York to Texas, were paying for gas with their ID cards, and no one knew why the driver's license could buy it.
Because it's already set up, you're going to use that to buy and sell, and there's going to be a national sales tax on top of it, pushed by phony conservatives, but they're also going to keep the income tax,
And again, I know you're laughing at me, Neocon scum.
I know you're listening, driving around laughing.
Just wait until it happens, because you don't research.
So in a couple of years, when it happens, you'll go, my God, I pushed that for fair tax, and I was wrong.
Good to hear from you up in Canada.
Oh, I shouldn't have hung up on him.
I should have asked him what happened, and he'd grab his car back and leave there and buy his succulent cigarettes somewhere else.
We'll be right back with more of your calls.
I'm going to rampage through your calls.
We'll go through like seven of them or so.
Then I'll get back into the news.
Then we'll go live to the rally.
From downtown Austin.
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Raging for the truth.
Exposing corruption.
Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
There's a march that's going to start in about 15 minutes.
Everybody needs to meet up at the University of Texas Tower, Project for a New American Citizen.
The UT group exposing 9-11 as an inside job at the War on Terror as a fraud.
I spoke yesterday at their conference they had that was a big success and also today at a roundtable panel discussion.
And it ends in 15 minutes or so with a lot of people rallying down there.
We're going to, the last 15 or 20 minutes or so, have some people call in from that.
We're going to call them and have them on the air there as they engage in the First Amendment and expose the fact that the military industrial complex is staging terror attacks as a pretext for control and to scare the population to utter and complete submission.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to your calls.
Let's talk to Mark in Atlanta.
Mark, you're on the air.
Hey, what's on your mind?
Yeah, yeah, there we go.
Yeah, I've been eagerly awaiting to speak with you.
Newsmax, on the 8th of this month, they send out regular things about what kind of articles they're running, and this one, basically, I think his name was Ziegler in KFI Los Angeles, was pointing out that pro-war talk show hosts are losing market share, and at the same time, anti-war talk show hosts
Our gaming market share... Yeah, I mean, I thought these phony neocons thought that they could shovel anything in conservative's faces, and because we hate Hillary Clinton, we would listen to it.
And real conservatives and real constitutionalist libertarians of a conservative stripe are deserting, and know that Bush is anti-gun, pro-open border, pro-New World Order, so is Hillary, they're all scum,
And the people are waking up, and yeah, these national talk show hosts, this is a national show now, that are sitting there pumping out propaganda.
It isn't working anymore.
I mean, I've heard national talk show hosts still say the CFR doesn't exist.
There's no North American Union.
I mean, that's like saying, again, that there aren't fish in the blue ocean.
Yeah, well, tell you what, I'll be concise.
But let me stop you.
You can look at three or four rating services.
They all show about the exact same numbers.
Alexa, run by
Because it has the most cookies out there on the web.
I've found, and a lot of industry people have told me, in national advertising, that Alexa, Alex with an A at the end, is the most accurate.
I don't want to put names out here and bash people or anything, but guess whose website has fallen from in the top thousand down to like 20,000 in the last year?
I take it he's a neocon.
No, he's the biggest thing on talk radio.
No, my website is 50 plus thousand places ahead of O'Reilly.
But listen, I appreciate your call.
Very interesting information, sir.
Look, they're legends in their own mind.
And corporate America still hasn't figured out how blown they are.
How late it is in the game for them.
They're just now starting to figure that out.
You have to add into those ratings that China and India are now really getting on the Internet.
So about half of their losses in Internet ratings are because of that.
The other half is there is a huge exodus away from them.
And I've actually been reading the big corporate reports where they've been studying all this.
I mean, the think tanks are putting it out, but I don't think the big bosses have figured out just how serious... Well, that just gets off into media theory and marketing and just everything else.
Despite the fact that the internet, like 40% more people have gone last year, it's exponential now worldwide.
Well, presentplanet.com is now reaching more people in its reach, but it's dropped from like 5,000 six months ago in the web ratings.
Give you an idea, Drudge is like 600 now.
He's dropped from like 100 and something.
But Grudge is still reaching more people than ever.
Well, see, I didn't go up to 20,000 like a Limbaugh did.
He's gone up to 500.
I just went to 9,000.
Now we're fighting back, going upstream, even as the audience gets bigger, reaching more people.
And that's a website run by two people, ladies and gentlemen.
You see, that's the alternative media.
And I'm just one person here in that.
Let's go ahead and go back to some of your calls here.
Let's talk
Uh, to Mark in New York.
Mark, you're on the air.
Hi, go ahead.
Oh, hey, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Go ahead.
Oh, okay.
It sounds different.
Um, yeah, I had two questions for you.
Uh, sorry about that.
One, I was reading online about the RFID chips and about how they're probably going to be used for gun control.
I was wondering if you could explain that.
Again, federal documents 12 years ago we received that they want to put a tagament tracker identification chip and then by seven years ago they were calling it radio frequency identification devices.
In all the bullets, and in all the guns, and then that also has to have its own regulation over it, and then crimes will be committed if you somehow disable the chip.
But they also want to put it in your inspection stickers nationwide.
The feds are pushing.
It's back in the Texas legislature.
If you disable the chip or it accidentally breaks, it's a felony.
Again, everything's a crime.
Walmart and the Defense Department
In 2000, by the way, the Walmart Defense Department in 86 forced the adoption of the Universal Product Code or Bar Code.
They said, we're going to force adoption of the RFID by 2004.
They are now three years behind because customers are refusing.
So they're trying in mass to have all the products take it.
All the manufacturers take it so you can't boycott just one or two.
So, just like Google or a search engine can track everything in cyberspace, and then you can actually go anywhere in cyberspace, with these chips and everything, they'll be able to track with their wireless readers, the cell towers and the rest of it, everything in reality.
Okay, that's why this is total surveillance being adopted.
I appreciate your call, and you're absolutely right about what you brought up, sir.
Now let's go ahead and speak to Andrew in New Jersey.
You're on the air, Andrew.
Go ahead.
Alex, the show is on fire this week.
9-11 Truth is hotter than it's ever been.
It's getting bigger every day.
And you talked about something this week earlier that I really wanted to get back to, Austrian economics and the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.
I want all of your listeners to go to Mises.org, M-I-S-E-S.org, go to the media section, listen to some podcasts there, talk about exposing the false left-right paradigm, this is where it's got to go.
You talk about 9-11 truth, people ask, what's next?
Once we expose that, what happens?
This is how it's got to be.
We've got to get out there.
You know, we can't solve problems using the same thinking that we created them with, and government is the problem, and there are alternative paradigms.
The stateless society is coming, and that's a fact.
Well, good to hear from you and I appreciate your call, my friend.
Now, let's go ahead and talk to Roger in Indiana.
Roger, you're on the air.
I hope I'm not too off topic, Alex.
I'm a PrisonPlanet.tv member, and I've viewed your Occult Symbolism in the Western Hemisphere Part 1 and 2.
It kind of inspired me to do my own research within Indianapolis.
We have a famous monument called Monument Circle.
The official name is the State Soldiers and Sailors Monument.
So you saw my piece with the big black pentagram behind the Texas Capitol?
Oh yeah, that was freaky.
And I've got the Russian media with me going, this is a temple to a goddess they worship.
And then I didn't know they put up a display admitting it was a goddess and they worship her.
And we walk into the Capitol and there's a goddess display and the Russians were going, what?
Yeah, I was going to say, her face was like, her jaw dropped.
But anyway, the guy who made this monument, Bruno Schmitz, he was a German architect.
He was the Kaiser's favorite film sculptor.
There are fascist symbols all over this thing, the little lightning bolt.
After we beat the Germans, they brought into the Congress House the fascist Nazi symbols, the bundle of sticks and the hatchets.
Those weren't there until then.
They came in and remodeled it all Nazi.
Again, it's all a big joke to them.
Occult temples everywhere.
Nazi regalia everywhere.
Everything festooned with it.
The general public just bumbling along, totally mindless.
It is confirmed that it is the goddess Columbia, because the hotel across the street is the Columbia Hotel.
Behind it, there are three glass pyramids.
This would be great.
I have to send this to you.
You know, see our big owl building?
You walk in, there's giant pyramids.
Oh, they're awesome.
It's all glass.
And, uh, to the left of it is the Scottish Rite Temple.
And it overlooks, uh, like a memorial to the dead.
The statue... Always does.
The goddess always has a sacrifice of dead soldiers.
They always place it before her.
Alex, one more question.
When Endgame comes out, will you allow PrisonPlanet.tv members for a look at it?
Well, of course Endgame's gonna be there for PrisonPlanet.tv members.
Alright, man.
You bet, man.
Good to hear from you.
It's gonna be there for you guys before it's out on DVD.
Uh, it'll be out at least two weeks before it hits DVD.
In October.
They will be available to you.
Now, that's if I'm able to get it out on schedule.
But let's continue with your phone calls.
I'm going to come in with a huge news blitz in the next hour, and then down to the protest.
Who has been holding the longest now?
Let us go ahead and talk to George in Austin.
You are on the air.
Oh, hi.
Go ahead.
Are you familiar with Pravda?
Yes, the Russian newspaper known for ridiculous propaganda.
Well, a couple days ago, they said that Imus was getting
They were going after Imus because he was going to come out about 9-11.
And, uh, that sounds like Pravda to me.
I mean, I, I have seen no inkling from Imus.
Now, that shows how they eat their own.
He was, he was bomb all the Arabs, turn them into a parking lot.
I mean, I'll type in Pravda, Imus 9-11, and, uh, I'll see you in a minute during the break when we end the shower, uh, if that is indeed the case.
Uh, let's now go ahead and take another call.
Let us speak with Eric.
Eric, well, you know what?
We've got to get a break.
We'll come back to Eric and others when we get to your calls.
All right, I'm going to get into the Iraq War.
I'm going to get into how the government's criminalizing everything to get you into the system.
They couldn't get you on welfare, and they couldn't destroy you with the economy.
They're going to get you into the criminal justice system.
This is, they just want to control you.
It's modern slavery, new 9-11 developments.
New Iraq war developments.
It's all coming up.
Don't forget my new film, Terror Storms, in stores and nationwide right now.
Terror Storm!
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Three weeks ago on this radio show, when it had broken into national news that the Attorney General had blocked and covered up the huge Texas Youth Commission child raping scandal, the pedophile scandal, that what they would do was prosecute a few of the thousands of the weakest cases and then
Basically try to claim that the whole thing was like some witch hunt hysteria.
How come there were over a thousand convicted criminals and over 300 convicted hardcore felons, some of them child rapists, working?
Right there!
I want the heads of it.
I want the officials arrested for hiring felons.
I'm sure they were sweet felons for arson and robbery and abuse and child rape.
You know, that's there.
We've been down to the hearings.
We've gone and covered it.
We've done reports on it.
We've been at the state.
I've read the reports of the Texas Rangers.
That's ten times worse than what you'll read in the papers.
Let me tell you something.
There's a cover up here, and the governor's blocked the legislature from a real investigation.
And then I, what got me going off on this?
I heard a local news report.
Not a local news report, it's an important issue.
They were just covering what the officials, the authorities were saying, and it was pure bull.
And I predicted exactly what they do.
It's not hard.
It's not hard.
They do that all the time.
All the time they will
Here's an example.
They had torture at Abu Ghraib and 30 plus camps in Iraq.
So they went after General Janice Karpensky, who I interviewed first, when I started going public.
And the reason I'm bragging about that is it's a major newsmaker and she went public about a lot of it, but we also have the documents, not just her claims.
She wasn't allowed into those wings of those prisons.
And then the government said, well, she should have demanded it.
They admitted that the CIA was telling them, don't go in those areas.
And as she said, the minute she would have gone in there, she would have been removed from command!
And it's the same thing at Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay.
They have a base within a base.
Oh yeah!
You know, they've let observers and congressmen go there, and the congressmen get showed the big meals, they get fed, and they go, look how good their meals are!
But inside of it is a facility within a facility, who no one can see, and that's where the torture's going on, and it's now been admitted.
So what'd they do?
They went up for Janice Karpinski, General Janice Karpinski.
They tried, and they said, oh, she's behind it, it's her fault, and the government knew that when she finally got investigated, it'd be found she was innocent.
So I have no doubt, I bet this jail guard that they're holding up as the biggest demon on earth, he, he, there's a good chance he didn't do anything.
And they knew that, so they'll go after him, and then everybody's mind, oh, see, there wasn't a problem.
They hired a bunch of felons!
They hired a bunch of pedophiles!
There's your problem, right there!
And the Texas Rangers wanted to start indicting people, and the state blocked it.
And that's one of the better law enforcement agencies we've got in this state, and one of the better ones in the country.
So I'll take the Texas Rangers' word over the baloney of the Texas Youth Commission, run by a bunch of criminals!
Alright, I said I'd get to the news.
I said I'd get to your calls.
I'm just sick of it!
I'm sick of the tricks they play!
I'm sick of knowing the tricks they play!
I'm sick of always being right!
I want to be wrong!
I want to be wrong about this stuff.
I'm tired of it.
I've had enough.
You know what?
I said I'd go to your calls.
We're going to have a live report from a 9-11 protest down at the UT Tower going on right now.
It's going to be going past 6.
If you're out there, I want you to pull up, park, park off campus, march in there to the UT Tower, park on the drag.
Park in the parking garage.
Just get out there for 9-11 Truth, ladies and gentlemen.
Because that's going on in Austin, Texas right now.
We're going to have some of them on with us in about 20 minutes.
But in the meantime, I said that I would get into some of the military news.
But I think it's important to get into what Karl Rove is up to and what the neocons and his government are up to first.
And to set the table for this, here is Reuters.
Russian police arrest 170 anti-criminal protesters.
I don't watch a lot of TV.
I can go read the articles, see the photos, but I had to see this last night, so I turned it on.
Had to find a foreign, you know, CNN to tune into it.
And it was just 170 people.
Really, the intelligentsia of Russia.
It's called Other Russia.
People that don't want a total police state.
And the police just came up and beat their heads in and put them in armored vehicles and drove off with them.
But you notice, our media doesn't say Russia's turning into tyranny.
Our media says Putin's a good guy.
Our media says China's good.
China's executing more people than it ever has publicly at sports stadiums.
China is now coming and taking second and third born children and selling the babies for medical experiments before they drown them in a bucket in front of the parents.
This is mainstream news over in Europe.
But now they just take them and they disappear.
Well, they've got live specimens until they're ready for the harvesting.
I'm not kidding about that, by the way.
That's the horrors.
Our government says nothing, does nothing.
State Department came out last year and basically defended China, but didn't know they'd already left other State Department reports from 5-10 years ago up, decrying it all.
Point is, it's getting scary, folks, when our government says torture's good, and they say Russia's good, and we've got free speech zones, and any type of protest against Putin is banned, and they beat your head in with clubs.
I mean, that's tyranny, and notice it's happening all over the world!
A new darkness, a new age of wickedness is settling upon the globe, and is it any...
I'm surprised that the beacon of liberty and freedom America has turned dim and turned black and turned very wicked, ladies and gentlemen, with a red glow.
I mean, the world sees this and is not worried about losing IMF or World Bank funding.
It's not worried about being criticized.
It's a green light, ladies and gentlemen, a green light to engage in any barbarism you wish.
And it's scary!
I wanted to read to you from the Washington Post
And this came out in October 18, 2004.
And the headline is, What's Karl Rove Up To?
And you read deeply into the article, and this is Karl Rove at a cocktail dinner, bragging to the press corps, predominantly the White House press corps.
And Karl Rove is, and I talked about this in my speech last night at UT, to a big student group,
This is literally the mindset.
This is in the open.
And you've got to read the whole exchange.
It's a group of high-powered reporters, you know, A-tier newspaper reporters.
And they're going, well, sure, there's an elite that runs things, but aren't we having big government and an elite to help the people?
And shouldn't the people have some input on that?
So it's really kind of a groveling, shimpering elitism to begin with.
It's already bad news.
I mean, the reporters are bad enough!
And then, Karl Rove says this to reporters.
We're an empire now.
We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.
And while you're studying that reality, judiciously, as you will, very condescending, we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out.
We're history's actors, and you, pointing at the room of reporters, all of you will be left to just study what we do.
And that's it.
I mean, that's an admission of dictatorship, of dictatorship of ideas.
It's just, you're spectators, you're in the bleachers, you don't count, you're not on the field, you're literally nobody.
And the government, the White House, they told Congress they have no authority.
They told the courts they have no authority.
They're saying, we, we make the decisions.
And that's why high-powered law professors and professors of jurisprudence, you know, at the biggest universities, who are even conservative in some cases, like the Princeton chair, are going, my God, this isn't America, you can't do that.
And Bush goes, the hell I can't, you're on the no-fly list!
I mean, is that what America's all about?
Is that what we've turned into?
Is that what we are?
Where six-year-olds and four-year-olds throw a tantrum, don't hit anybody, and the cops come and arrest them and put them in handcuffs?
But the illegal aliens are above the law because the government wants to destroy the sovereignty and flood our country with third-world populations?
That's what it's become.
We'll come back, go straight to your calls, get to war news, and then give you a report for about 10 minutes on what's happening downtown with the 9-11 Truth March.
I'm Alex Jones.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the syndicated broadcast.
We kicked off on Sunday.
Five days a week wasn't enough.
Syndicated via MS Communications and Genesis Communications.
Quite a few affiliates signing on.
Very thankful to all those stations out there.
It's not about left and right, it's about right and wrong.
We are defending the republic from the neocons and the liberals, who are all bought and paid for by the very same foreign banks.
So, in front of the press corps, Karl Rove says, you don't make any decisions, the American people don't make any decisions, none of you mean anything, we're the bosses.
And now they're telling the Congress that, they're telling the public that, on open borders, on the plunging value of the dollar, on gun control and everything else.
They're not conservative.
They're would-be dictators, is what they are, but that's because their bosses in the military-industrial complex are making a move on this country in every way.
Alright, let's go to some of your calls.
Let us go ahead now and speak with Eric in Austin, who wants to talk about solutions.
What are the solutions?
Is that a question or a statement?
Well, I got a combination of both, Alex.
First of all,
I do respect you, okay?
I'm not calling to criticize, and I'm not calling to call you a hate monger.
I serve my country.
I don't serve my government.
I hope that makes sense.
Yeah, that totally makes sense.
That means you serve the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Which is being dismantled in front of you.
It's being assaulted, and it's not by Al-Qaeda.
I understand that.
My question to you, and something that I have not seen in any of the video samples that I've seen from your website,
Which I think is pretty good.
What is your solution?
Do I think something is going on?
Yes I do.
I am a devout Roman Catholic and I saw what happened 40 years ago.
I'm only 30 years old.
I'm in existence because of something I hate.
Two words.
Vatican II.
What the Freemasons did to my church
And everything else was absolutely horrific.
I do not know what your personal beliefs are in God.
I do not know... I'm a Christian.
I'm a Christian.
Well, listen, I appreciate your call.
You're saying you want solutions.
Number one, if your house is on fire, and I'm the fire department, or you're the, you know, we pull up, we're together, we're the fire department, and we gotta first get people out of the house.
And we knock down the door because it's locked.
We go in.
Everybody's sleeping in their beds with flames lapping the bed sheets.
And we're like, get up, get up!
Your house is on fire.
And they're going, what?
We hear conspiracy theorists say that.
The ceiling's falling in.
There's fire shooting out.
You know, we're losing all these liberties, these freedoms.
The country's being overrun.
All this stuff.
And we're like, wake up!
Do something!
And the person's just laughing at us.
We're trying to drag the public out by the hair.
Now the public's just now starting to go,
Maybe I do smell smoke.
It's like the door blows open and fire shoots across and burns their hair off.
You know, their skin's hanging off.
They're going, maybe there is, maybe something is hot, Wilbur.
You know, that's the analogy or the parable here.
So, I mean, I don't, I'm here covering it.
There's, you know, people say, well, we know the government's evil.
Now let's do something about it.
Well, we can't do something about it until the people know that both parties are controlled.
Okay, well Bush is better off to vote for Hillary!
No, no!
They vacation together, Roger Ailes and Fox News, and they're all behind her.
It's staged.
Here's the proof, you know?
And conservatives have got to find that out.
It'll blow you away, just how staged this is.
So, I mean, I'm doing my part here.
I'm exposing this, and to me the biggest thing is sunshine.
I mean, if Hitler would have been exposed, and if Hitler, if somebody would have fought Hitler in the years he was in office before he went, you know, global and started the war, he could have been stopped early on.
Even after he was elected.
But the general public didn't do that, because these tyrants first punish and first torture and first persecute small groups, and then they expand out from there.
Okay, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Allen in Dublin.
I don't know if that's Dublin, Ireland or Dublin, England, but you are on the air.
Go ahead, Allen.
Hi, it's Alex.
Yes, where are you calling from?
Yeah, it's not Dublin.
It's actually Devon, Exeter, Devon in England.
My computer said Devon.
No, that's fine.
That's why I was... Well, he's doing three things today.
The guy that usually answers the phones is at a wedding, so... That means if he had a wedding, I'd be running the show right now.
He's elsewhere, but he's still taking a call on the mobile.
Yeah, yeah.
Anyway, let's get to the point.
Alex, I'm a great fan of yours.
I heard you're on the James Wales Show over here in Britain.
Last summer, I think in June, and that might completely turn my mind.
That's a big national show.
I'd like to go back on there.
Well, just recently, James Whale had a 9-11 conference with Annie Watson-Face, you know, who's on your television.
James Whale put one on?
Wow, he's really come around.
I remember telling him about that job five years ago.
He didn't believe it.
Yeah, it was fantastic.
It was a three-hour discussion.
Talk show, 1080 and 1089.
The voice of Britannia.
That's right.
It was very, very good.
I think, you know, when someone, the more and more it comes out, the better, obviously, it goes down there.
But what I wanted to say was, I had a little fantasy about this recent 15 sailors that were captured in, well, you know, disputed waters, but most likely Iranian waters, because it was Iraqi waters, and why the hell didn't the other guys get captured?
And my fantasy was that this was, first of all, supposed to be like a false flag thing to cover, you know, the attack on the 6th of April against Iran and all the rest of the Americans wanted to help.
Well, see, what I did is I went and got the former head of the British Maritime Administration, who before that, when he was a deputy, ran the Persian Gulf and actually gave the orders to the military on what to board.
He said clearly they were in the no man's land, about to be into Iranian waters, and that if they would have gone over there and done searches, if the Iranians would have come that far into British
And it really is British U.S.
waters into Iraqi waters.
Oh, they run things.
And I got a bridge I want to sell you.
Oh, sure.
That they would have arrested the Iranians and that the British just rewrote the map and suddenly claimed Iranian waters.
So in a weird, you know, weird lawyer way, it was suddenly Iraqi waters.
Well, from what I understand, I mean, you know, that's another detail.
But from what I understand, these so-called borders were made up in 1975 and they should have been renewed every 10 years.
Yeah, but let me give you the actual answer.
But everyone had pretty much been abiding by the 75 guidelines.
So that's the point.
The British suddenly changed and claimed a wider area.
That's right.
But my fantasy was that it's sort of like a counter-terrorism operation by military people themselves saying, look, we don't want a war.
The British guys getting together with the, you know, perhaps with them.
And this is a fantasy.
I mean, you know, this is not a conspiracy idea, but they said, we don't want a war.
Let's turn it around the other way against all the, you know, against the new world order.
Let's do this.
And, you know, happy days.
You send the guys back.
Britain doesn't ever get involved in the war.
Hey, I hope that's the case.
Let's jam in a couple more here, because I've got to go to some other guests on the news here.
Great to hear from you over in England.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Austin.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Steve.
Yeah, I had a follow-up from that guy's question about the Iranian waters.
You had alluded a couple weeks ago to some news report, I think you had at least, stating that the maps were redrawn.
I googled it and couldn't find anything.
I'm wondering if you've got a link?
Yeah, I have the head of the British Maritime Administration on, and they just claimed waters that were not in the 75 Agreement, and that was openly stated, so you might have missed that.
I heard him on, but I guess I thought, and I may be construing this wrong, but I thought I had heard... They were in no man's land, yeah.
But I thought I had heard of some news actual reporting of that.
There was some, that's why we reported on it.
But did you hear the British government say, okay, we might have had a navigation mistake?
That was the London Guardian.
So they did back off of it and the Iranians let them go.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
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This is the GCN Radio Network.
Home to hard-hitting talk radio.
Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, it's crunch time.
I've got about 27 minutes left in transmission.
I've got war news, fake man-made global warming hysteria, really for global tax info I want to go over, and some police state news as well.
And loaded phone lines here, so we will try to get everybody.
Matt Dayton is one of the founders of PNAC, Project for a New American Citizen.
That's a pun off of the Project for New American Centuries, the neocons set up where they called for a helpful Pearl Harbor event, but a Pearl Harbor event minus that, without a big terror attack, they couldn't get their New World Order and get us to invade the world so conveniently right on time.
A year later, there was a huge terrorist attack, and the guy that wrote the article for them called Rebuilding America's Defenses was Dick Cheney, and he got to be our savior, and save us from the evil Al-Ci-Ada, I mean Al-Qaeda.
I always call it Al-Ci-Ada, because that's what it is.
But they're down at the mall, down there at UT in front of the legendary Tower of Doom.
The Shooter's Tower.
It is a beautiful tower at night though, not knocking it.
But the famous tower and a lot of folks are out there.
So let's go ahead and bring Matt Dayton up.
Matt, what's going on out there?
Well Alex, thank you for having me on.
It's a pretty beautiful sight out here.
We have all of our signs with
Reading multiple phrases including 9-11, remember, rethink, investigate 9-11, no war with Iran, honor the families of 9-11, control demolition, 9-11 was an inside job.
Tons of our banners are up here.
Jack Blood speaking currently.
We're right in front of the main tower.
Let me stop you, Matt, because you're so close to Jack Blood, talk show host on the same network I'm on, Genesis, that it's overdriving you.
Just stop for a minute and let me hear what Jack has to say.
Sure, no problem.
Very benign.
I think we've found over the last seven years that it is not in fact.
If I went into a coma in 2000 and woke up today, I wouldn't recognize the country I'm living in, the country that I love, and the country that I'm ready to fight to defend.
Richard Searle loves this nickname, the Prince of Darkness.
Michael Chertoff, head of Homeland Control, because security really is control.
Your social control number.
Prosperity and development is control.
Security is control.
Homeland Control Department, but Black Chertoff's name literally translates to the devil in Russian.
We have a guy named Mike the Devil who is protecting us with the Department of Homeland Security.
John Negroponte, who was the star... Alex, can you hear that?
Yeah, I want to hear more.
Keep going.
But apparently, this is a word bandied about quite a bit now in our culture.
Uh, the intelligents are John Negroponte, a proven war criminal, a torture specialist, ran death squads in Iran-Contra, now number two in the State Department.
I will, uh, give you my opinion that number two is almost always number one.
We can just look at Big Time Dick Cheney for that.
Yours will be Bush himself.
Along with Cheney, mass murderers.
Donald Rumsfeld got Aspartame approved, which kills people and cripples people all over the world.
In fact, the Philippines, I just read, banned Aspartame from being allowed to be consumed by their people.
But of course, Donald Rumsfeld got that approved.
Donald Rumsfeld is the one that negotiated the deal in North Korea to sell low-water nuclear reactors, which eventually turned into what we hear now are nuclear weapons.
With a company called APD.
And I'm sure he'll go back to that.
In fact, I'm sorry to have to tell this to you, Donald Rumsfeld is still, to this very day, right now, running the Pentagon as an unpaid consultant.
Our President, and I'm an equal opportunity muckraker, I've got plenty to say about the Clintons.
Our President came this close to being going to jail for insider trading.
His daddy bailed him out.
He was an admitted drug addict.
A drunk driver, a mass murderer, a congenital liar, and some have even said a rapist, and a cheerleader.
And he tells you, well I have to repeat things again and again to catapult the propaganda.
Admit it!
And he also, Leslie Butler, he also says that things would be a heck of a lot easier if this was a dictatorship, just so long as he was the dictator, but back to Jack.
Many people wanted him to be president, and he wrote the book, War is a Racket.
And it is.
Because we see key vote on who benefits.
When we're talking about 9-11, we look at motive, opportunity, who benefited.
And any average rookie detective in Homicide Squad is going to go right after the person that has the motive, the opportunity, and capitalizes and cashes in on the insurance policy.
That's what we need to do.
Re-investigate 9-11 right now because it was a cover-up, it was a whitewash, and they did not ask the appropriate questions or have the appropriate debate.
We need to get that re-investigated right now.
And if you care about this country, or any country, you'll do that.
You'll help us do that.
Matt, can you hear me?
You know, I'm gonna, I think I'm gonna leave the coverage right there just because obviously it's a great speech and I wanted to get some comments from people but they're busy in the middle of the speeches that are being given.
When I leave here though, I'm not going back down to the mall.
I have to, there at UT, I have to go into my little nest
I'm going to let you go because of the sound.
Thanks for checking in with us, and great job.
How many people showed up out there for the little rally?
We've got about a hundred or more.
Thank you.
Listen, I really appreciate you, my friend.
Take care.
Good to hear from you.
Alright, we're done there with that.
Thank you so much.
Alright, let's go ahead now and take some calls.
Then in the final segment, I'll just blitz through the news.
Bottom line, 9-11 is an inside job.
It's a false flag, self-inflicted wound.
It's a false flag, government-sponsored terror event, ladies and gentlemen.
Let us now go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Roland in Massachusetts.
You're on the air, welcome.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Thank you for calling.
Do you have your radio on in the background?
Okay, he's gone.
Let's go ahead now and take another call from Anson in Dallas.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, my name's Anson.
I'm calling because I would like to recommend a guest on your show.
Sure, who is it?
His name is Tom Cryer.
I'm not sure if you're familiar with him, but he's a seasoned attorney that's going up against the IRS over the income tax.
Yes, I've heard the name.
Great, great.
Yeah, and I think having him on your show would be a great way to help raise support for Edwin Brown, Aaron Russo, Joe Bannister, you know, the whole tax honesty movement.
We're going to do some shows on that.
You know, tax time is right now, and I'm all for, you know, we need some government, we need some taxation, but the income tax goes right to the private Federal Reserve.
Ronald Reagan had a congressional investigation of that.
It's never been audited, and it is a fraud.
It doesn't run this country.
You're absolutely right.
The Grace Commission said that all the income tax only pays for the interest on a budget deficit.
So, you know, that goes to show that, hey, it doesn't pay for our infrastructure, it doesn't pay for any of the services that we expect from the government.
Hey, I really appreciate your call.
You made a lot of good points there.
You know, for those that don't understand what we're talking about, it's real simple.
Private banks, just a handful of private banks took over our banking system, the government issuance of currency and national debt in 1913.
And so they want to get us into debt, and they issue money, and then the Treasury is ordered to issue it, and then their paid interest for money just would be created before our government just printed the money and issued the coin.
And so, literally, you'd pay all your income tax just to pay the bankers for the privilege of the country having money that's just supposed to be a symbol of wealth and agreed-upon mode of exchange.
So you're not trading two chickens for one pig or whatever with barter.
Check into the Federal Reserve.
It really is key to understanding what we face.
All right, I'm going to come back.
I'm going to hit some news on the war, some news on the police state.
And we're going to also take some final phone calls in the final segment.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is a syndicated broadcast every Sunday, right out of the studios of NewsRadio 590K LBJ in Austin, Texas.
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
It is April 15, 2007.
This is the Sunday edition of my radio show.
I'm Alex Jones.
And I'm on the air six days a week.
The websites are presentplanet.com and infowars.com.
Ordinary customers flagged as terrorists.
The Washington Post, private businesses such as rental and mortgage companies, and car dealers are checking the names of customers against a list of suspected terrorists and drug traffickers made publicly available by the Treasury Department, sometimes denying services to ordinary people whose names are similar to those on the list.
And why is this done?
This is done as part of the Patriot Act.
Instead of just know your customer with the banks, it's loans, car loans, check cashing.
And they've told these businesses they'll be arrested if they don't.
But, remember what's been in the news the last few months?
We reported this four years ago.
Now it's been in the mainstream news.
The illegal aliens don't have to show ID cards to get bank accounts or housing loans.
Or, and 800 plus cities are sanctuary cities, you don't have to have a driver's license to drive.
I'm not against the illegal aliens!
But my God, there's nothing to do with security when the citizens have to do this and are treated like this.
Remember what came out a few months ago where the air marshals had been ordered, if a family takes a picture or people eat a certain meal, to just put people on terror lists for the rest of their lives?
And the head of the air marshals in Denver said, I'm not doing this anymore!
We're ruining people's lives just to create the numbers so they can go before Congress and go, look at all the suspicious persons we saw.
And it goes on to say that they're doing this.
Ordinary customers flagged as terrorists.
Here's another one.
They're doing that to citizens, everybody.
Experts say scans should be embraced.
And all over the western world, they're taking fingerprints to get school lunches.
They're giving it to get into schools, to get a library book.
In all 50 states now, they're implementing it.
Texas has had it since 1993 under executive order.
Thumb scanning.
It's all international standardized.
It's going to be the World ID system.
In 2000, they had a summit in Australia.
The UN did it and announced it.
That's how we know this.
They announced it.
They set the policy.
Our government signed on to the UNESCO treaty that Reagan got us out of.
Bush signed back on to three years ago.
And we're under it!
Oh man, it's just unbelievable.
Listen to this.
TB patient locked up maybe for life.
And this is out of the Associated Press.
And all over the country they've built very quietly tuberculosis clinics and facilities.
The old word was sanitariums.
And they have drug-resistant, extreme drug-resistant, and what they're now calling totally drug-resistant TB.
Where they just lock you up until they get a cure and no one can see you, ladies and gentlemen.
They wear like spacesuits if they come in.
Now let me explain this again.
We have 7,000 cases plus of wet leprosy in the year 2005.
Before that, in the last 50 years, there have been three cases.
They have set up a leper colony outside Palestine, Texas.
Ladies and gentlemen, we actually have wet leprosy all over the place now.
One person they found in a business or school setting will give up to 50 people TB.
And the kids have got it, man, in these schools.
I wouldn't put my child in a public school.
I wouldn't put my child in a private school with illegal aliens for all the tea in China, and they're cooking the food, everything.
I'm not against them.
When you were Irish or Italian or African immigrants coming here 50, 60, 70, 100 years ago, they checked you at Ellis Island, folks, and you stayed in quarantine until you were better.
Not now, folks, but if you get this once you're here, you literally go to quarantine.
I mean, see,
This is the police state.
But then, illegal aliens walk out in the Round Rock schools, and they get in a little bit of trouble over it, and Round Rock will mail you to the wall.
They'll arrest you in Round Rock and Williamson County if you're a week late on videotapes.
You know, to Isla Video or to...
uh... to uh... the local video places you know hollywood video whatever but no no no the illegal aliens they get the baby paid a hundred dollars for walking out of class the police state up there paying them to do it now this is uh... out of k i t v round rock student protesters reach settlement looking the other way on immigrants washington post it's also the sanctuary towns where they're above the law uh... again six-year-old
Arrested for throwing a tantrum.
Not touching anyone arrested and charged as a felon.
I've got as low as four-year-olds that happen.
This is just the last few days.
A professor who criticized Bush added to no-fly list.
Marine Corps colonel, top constitutional scholar at Princeton, who gave a televised speech that slammed President Bush's executive overreach.
Recently learned that he'd been added to the Transportation Security Administration's terrorist watch list.
And they said they won't tell him why he's on it.
That's Kafka-esque.
I interviewed him this week.
They won't tell him why he's on it.
They just say he's now on the terror watch list, and they ransack and do all that stuff to him.
I got more on that.
I got more on the war here, where they're now breaking into the green zone.
Even the armored citadel isn't safe for them.
For the troops over there.
They put the troops now with the surge out in 16 substations with little or no defenses and sandbags so the numbers of dead have gone up.
Washington Post, of course we knew that happened.
It was just a gimmick.
Oh, we're doing something new.
There'll be a new gimmick in a year and a new year.
Oh, here's one Associated Press.
UN wants New York City cops for peacekeeping.
The UN has come and says they may hire the New York police to be deputized UN forces.
That's right.
That's happening everywhere, folks.
It's just incremental.
Again, New York Times, security increase made Baghdad deadly or battleground for U.S.
It was also in the Washington Post.
Iraqis face immense suffering.
International Committee on the Red Cross has also confirmed the numbers of the British medical journal Lancet, and it was also confirmed by another U.S.
medical journal, John Hopkins, put that out.
But the neocons go, there ain't nobody dying, it's liberation!
Six hundred and something file the first three years.
Well over a million now, fourth year as a lapse.
It just goes on and on and on, but we're out of time on all that.
Up on PrisonPlanet.com, former Bush speechwriter hints at 9-1-1 inside jobs as neocons would be
credited would have created a false flag.
Let me read this again.
Former Bush speechwriter hints at 9-1-1 inside job says neocons would have created a false flag to justify war had it not been for the WTC attack questions official story.
And that's Bush insider, Bush 41 speechwriter and close friend of the Bush family writes in his new book that before 9-11 the neocons that control the Bush administration were eager to seize upon a manufactured provocation to go to war just as LBJ had done with the Gulf of Tonkin in 65.
It's early 64 and questions the official 9-11 story.
Victor Gould is a veteran GOP campaign operative who worked closely with George H.W.
Bush and it just goes on and on.
But don't worry about all the election fraud you've heard about on another front, and all the proof of these machines stealing votes and stealing elections.
The Justice Department, run by Alberto Gonzalez, the congenital liar, says they work just fine.
New York Times.
Let's take a few final calls here.
Let's go to New York and talk to Robert, because he wants to talk about 9-11.
Robert, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, hi.
Thanks for taking my call.
It was just quick.
I just went down to my first 9-11 truth event on the 11th, and I just wanted to call and just say how much respect I have for those guys and how great it is what they're doing.
Well, that's truth action pushing for every 11th day of the month in every major city, and there were hundreds of these on the 11th, I'm told.
There's video all over the web of it now, and people are going out and exposing the inside job because 9-11 is the foundation of the whole agenda we're seeing right now.
Yeah, it's great.
I just wanted to call and say just how much respect I have for Luke and those guys down there.
I just look forward to being involved with them in the future in every way I can.
They're great team players.
Love them.
Thank you for the call.
Now let's go ahead and talk to Jim in L.A.
He wants to talk about Pat Tillman.
Was he murdered by the government?
That's now becoming mainstream news that he may have been.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Hi there, it's really a pleasure to talk to you.
I just wanted to bring some of your attention here.
I was watching the History Channel the other day, and it turns out they have a show on there, and it's called Shootout, and the show specifically is called Afghanistan's Deadliest Snipers.
And the weird thing is, first of all, it's nothing about snipers.
The thing that got me... We're almost out of time, tell us.
They have a complete breakdown of the government's version of the death of Patrick Tillman.
They have these 3D representations and reenactments.
It's totally weird and bogus.
Who would have thought the History Channel?
I mean, you know, it's just, it was just crazy just to watch this thing and see this.
So, so it's been, so it's, so Pat Tillman, I mean, publicly now we know the Pentagon lied and they shot him a whole bunch in the head and the chest and he was begging for help and they kept firing very close at him and that's why the family's now thinking it may have been more than just friendly fire.
And boy, is this going to hurt the New World Order, because he was about to go public against the war, and that just couldn't be allowed to happen.
That could have brought the whole thing down right there.
But you're saying that they're still airing a program that is still using the official old lie that's now been discredited?
Yeah, it's like preemptive propaganda.
They wanted to come out and get this story out to the public before anything ever got out about the real story about what happened to Patrick.
Well, you know that History Channel.
They're some wicked devils.
All right, listen, I appreciate your call.
Really interesting to hear from you.
I haven't seen the program, so I can't really comment on it.
Rex, in Philadelphia, on 9-11.
You're on the air, Rex.
We've got one minute.
Hey, Alex, thank you.
Real quick, this might be a really neat segue to go from Pat Tildman, who's in the NFL.
I wonder if anybody out there in the world has put together how the neocons of our government actually controls all of the networks in the condom that they put over them
In the lesson learned by the 9-11 scientific and video data that now is the main implementation of this entire movement in our nation, which is awesome, has anybody yet put together that the results of that lesson learned by our government is what now triggered the NFL on its Super Bowl Sunday?
Yeah, I didn't really understand that, but hey, that's the way to end it.
We're out of here.
God bless you all.
We'll see you at PrisonPlanet.com.
Get out there and fight the North.
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