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Air Date: April 10, 2007
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Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, welcome.
If this broadcast is any gauge of the American people's mindset, the Freedom Movement, those of us that want constitutional government and national sovereignty and liberty and free market, is beginning to turn the tide.
The worm is turning on a host of issues.
And really, our standard-bearer, if any one person could be said to be the leader of people in the United States who wish to go back to constitutional government and move forward, it is Congressman Ron Paul, who is running for president.
And he's getting a lot of support and he's going to be with us for the next 59 minutes, a full hour.
We're going to talk until the bottom of the hour about his policies, his ideas, what he would do if he was president, and how you can support him and get involved.
In this historical election season that's coming up with this candidate who is founding Father Material.
And I said that a few months ago.
It has been picked up.
I did, I guess, coin that term.
And it has really gotten out there with banners and websites.
And I hope the Congressman's seen that.
Because he is founding Father Material.
He's 100% constitutional.
I haven't seen a candidate like this in over 100 years.
Good to be with you, Alex.
Well, I know that Congress is out for a few weeks and you're taking care of the campaign and trying to visit your family.
And again, you join us from, I guess, your home in Texas.
Tell us, sir, basically what the number one issue facing the United States is right now.
Probably it's a threat to individual liberty because our government is growing endlessly.
By leaps and bounds, nobody seems to want to put a hold on it.
And every time government grows, it's at the expense of personal liberty.
And then you can go into the many, many details of which is the worst issue.
Is it the IRS or the Federal Reserve System or the foreign policy or our immigration policy?
I mean, there are so many other problems.
I think the debt overhang is horrendous.
This entitlement commitment is a financial burden that's going to hit us here.
In the near future, that's going to be very devastating to us, and we're not very prepared for it.
But I think the overriding issue is the issue of individual liberty, which is what made America great, which is what the revolution was fought about, and which the Constitution tried to desperately enshrine and preserve for us.
But we're at a crisis point now because we have been so neglectful of protecting those liberties, and we're going to suffer the consequences if we don't straighten it out.
Can you speak to what some of those consequences are going to be?
Well, economically, the consequences will be that there's going to be a wholesale rejection of the dollar, because the world has trusted the dollar ever since, especially since the breakdown of the Bretton Woods in 1971, when the linkage of the dollar to the gold was broken.
They still trusted the dollar as if it were gold.
And therefore, we can print the money, and we can spend the money, and the foreign countries take our money, then they loan it back to us.
They're getting a bum rap.
We actually get a temporary good deal, but what it does is it encourages us not to be productive.
It encourages us not to have manufacturing any longer.
We can let others do it cheaper, cheap labor, and then we buy it with cheap money, and that's going to come to an end.
And then when that happens, and even today the dollar was down sharply and gold was up sharply, which is indicating that's the movement that we're in.
And that means later on, there's going to be a lot of changes here.
Domestically, the interest rates are going to rise, the inflation rate, the prices of all goods and services, that will rise, and the economy will weaken.
So we have some very serious problems ahead.
I want to continue getting your analysis, Congressman, on this obvious issue of prime importance, the economy, the debt, the subprime, loans, all of it.
When you think we're going to see it start unraveling on the other side, then we'll go through the gamut of issues and talk about your campaign.
Stay with us.
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We're good.
The ideology powering the Democrats and Republicans is not liberalism or conservatism, but globalism.
Globalists are concerned with what's good for big business.
We're good to go.
We're good.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
He really is founding father material.
I know this interview will have its own life on the internet, so for new listeners, you can visit Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and read his bio.
We have banners up there that link over to his presidential run website.
It's RonPaul2008.com.
And Congressman, it's probably best to really start the interview officially for this full hour we've got with you, with Ron Paul in his own words, who you are, what your awakening was like, what formed your ideals, and why you're running for the presidency, and then I want to run through the economy.
The war, open borders, the North American Union, and some of the things that you and most Americans who are informed think are most important.
And then your strategies, if elected president, of what you would do to fight that.
But first off, in a nutshell, who is Congressman, doctor, father, grandfather, Ron Paul?
I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and my goal was to become a physician, which I was able to achieve.
I went to Duke Medical School.
But as I was finishing medical school and getting into my training, I became fascinated with also reading about economic policy.
I came across Hayek's book, The Road to Serfdom, and he represented the Austrian School of Economics.
And that fascinated me because I believe they were on the right track in explaining why you had to have sound money, why you didn't need a central bank, and why you didn't need government to regulate the economy, and central economic planning always failed, and years and years ago they predicted that communism couldn't work and socialism always fails.
So that fascinated me, and when the Bretton Woods system of money that was started right after World War II broke down in 1971, I thought, I need to talk about this because it fascinated me.
And I was busy in a medical practice, but I just sort of on a lark ran for a congressional seat in the early 70s.
And though I didn't win the first time, the second go-around I did and I won a congressional seat in 1976.
But I've been back and forth in politics and medicine.
I've delivered about 4,000 babies and I'm still fascinated with medicine, but right now I'm 100% involved in this political activity, maintaining my congressional seat as well as running for the nomination in the Republican primary for the presidency.
I love medicine.
So the issue that drove me the most to run probably was the economic issues, the fascination with how the monetary policy in the Federal Reserve was so damaging to our economy, and yet over the years,
That interest in economic policy also transferred an interest into foreign policy because I saw the connection that our efforts to police the world and spend money and maintain an empire was dangerous, hurt our national security, was very damaging to our financial health, and it was connected in that if you have
If you have military spending out of control as well as domestic entitlement spending out of control, the only way you can maintain it is through a central bank that creates money out of thin air, and they all came together.
So I work very hard on foreign policy as well as monetary and economic policy, and serve on the banking committee, which is the financial services committee, as well as the joint economic committee, and also foreign affairs.
If you were elected President, what would be the first actions that you would take?
You know, there are so many things that can and should be done.
There's a limit to what you can do without, you know, trying to follow best you can the rules, and that is getting Congress to go along.
But there's still a lot you could do.
As a Commander-in-Chief, you certainly could handle the troops around the world.
I would not.
I would start talking to all our allies, tell them what the plans were, and start coming home.
And we are now spending close to a trillion dollars maintaining our foreign policy.
And it's a lot bigger than most people realize, but if you add up the DOD, the supplementals, the interest on the money we spend in taking care of our veterans, and by the way, sometimes very poorly.
It's also a foreign policy that has taken us from the most loved to the most hated.
That is true.
You know, they accuse us, who believe in the Constitution, in minding our own business, yet trading with people they call us isolationists.
And yet, what have they done to us?
They have made us, we've turned our country into isolationists.
Diplomatically, we don't talk to anybody.
We have more enemies than we've ever had before and fewer allies.
And at the same time, our ability to defend this country is being diminished on a daily basis.
And we worry about borders all around the world.
We worry about borders in Korea.
We worry about borders around Iraq.
And what do we do with our own borders?
They built a fence over two-thirds of Afghanistan that cost, what was it, $4 billion.
And here, we don't do anything.
We have behind the scenes the plan for a North American Union.
And, you know, that's the part that the American people are starting to wake up to, although we have a long way to go to wake up Washington.
It's amazing to me how many people outside of Washington are very much aware of some of these plans with this North American Union.
At the same time, they're in total denial in Washington, except for the few who, behind the scenes, are laying the plans and providing the finances.
Congressman, let's... I've got a whole gamut of questions I want to walk through with you.
We're honored you're spending a full hour with us today.
Our calls are coming up in 15 minutes, folks.
But let's just right now, because I'm getting calls every day, emails every hour, calls every... I mean, it's wild the amount of support you've got, because we're being inundated.
How do we help the Congressman?
How do we help the Congressman?
How do we help the Congressman?
So, without giving away too much, what is your strategy?
How do people in the 50 states support you?
Number one, monetary right now, folks.
I'm going to write a check today and mail it to the Congressman.
You can also donate there on the website.
Obviously, you haven't raised $23 million like Hillary, but you've raised, as you told me off air, $600,000 plus.
How do people support you?
I mean, I guess, number one, they've got to believe you can win.
They've got to know you can win.
And on top of that, regardless, you're going to interject some real sanity into the presidential debate.
Well, let's hope so.
And the competition isn't all that great, so I hope we do well.
And that'll be coming up pretty soon.
The first debate will be at the beginning of May in California.
And I will be in that.
But the most important thing, especially for us, is to raise the money so that we can hire the staff.
But we also have a strategy that we have to be proportionate to what we have.
We can't plan for television in California at this moment.
That wouldn't be a wise decision.
But we can work very hard in New Hampshire, very hard in Iowa.
I will be leaving
Within an hour or so after we finish this program, I'll be leaving for Iowa and I'll spend three days there.
And that's my first trip there and we'll probably get a pretty good feel for how things are going and how the grassroots are responding in that state.
But another early state is Nevada.
That's a good state for us.
I've been to Arizona and the reception there was exceptionally good.
So the strategy will be to go into these five or six early primaries, the states that it's easier to reach.
Thank you.
Obviously, money is essential.
You've got the policies, you've got the brain, you've got the crew.
You need money.
Specifically, Congressman, how do people support financially your presidential run?
Well, the best way is to get hold of our website, Ron Paul 2008, and you can donate over the website.
People who are not anxious to use the website and their credit cards over the internet,
They should call 800-RON-PAUL.
That's an 800 number we have and you can get details about the address to send the check and find out more about the campaign that way.
That's 1-800-RON-PAUL.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to give $1,000 today to the campaign.
These laws get so confusing.
Can I give that much, Congressman, as an individual?
Yes, matter of fact, I think it's now $2,300.
Per person, per campaign.
Well, right now, and I'm not a wealthy person, I'm going to give $1,000.
And the reason I'm doing this is I don't want to hear this talk of he can't win, they're too big, the election machines, it's a fraud.
Regardless, we've got a chance here with somebody who's got a perfect voting record, who has tried to abolish the Federal Reserve, who stands up to the Fed Chairman when he comes into the Banking Committee.
We're going to play a clip later in the hour.
We've got somebody who will bring the troops home, not like these fake Democrats who put on smoke-and-mirror, dog-and-pony, carnival-barking shows.
We've got somebody who is dead-on on every single issue and who is popular in every single group.
The liberals, the conservatives, the libertarians, the constitutionalists.
We've got to get behind Congress from Ron Paul.
This country is in dire straits.
The economy is unraveling.
There are so many problems and we cannot have a Hillary Clinton or a Mitt Romney or one of these
That's exciting.
Ross Perot with government contracts and spook behavior.
I'm not going to attack him.
I supported him at the time.
It's just that Congressman Ron Paul doesn't have those skeletons.
I know him well.
I've looked at him carefully.
And I'm telling you, get behind him.
He can become a phenomenon like we saw with Ross Perot.
And he can win, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, this is a chance to be part of history.
You go to Ron Paul's website.
You go to ronpaul2008.com and you donate.
Or you call 1-800-RON-PAUL and you donate.
Right now.
It's time to stop the talk.
It's time to take action.
Now, there are other strategies.
Wherever the Congressman's going, you watch his website, where he's going to be, and if you live in that area, you come out and support him.
You call the newspapers.
You call the TV.
Fox News had him on and said, man, you've got a lot of supporters.
You have already been knocking down the doors at Fox, CNN, Bill Maher, to keep the buzz going, to demand they stop ignoring him.
Every time the Congressman wins,
A poll?
They then pull him out and say, oh, his people are cheating, you know, there's no way he could be winning by 65-70% in a five-way poll.
That is the will of the people.
I'm here to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, people are anti-New World Order, they're pro-Constitution, and Ron Paul needs to be the next President of the United States!
So right now, I want you to go to RonPaul2008.com, RonPaul2008.com,
Or 1-800-RON-PAUL and I want you to donate and I want you to be extremely generous because this country and our children and our grandchildren depend on it.
Listen, in a few years we may have to start evacuating the country, ladies and gentlemen, and there's nowhere to run.
If we don't turn this around now, this is a real avenue.
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I've been watching politics since I was a little bitty kid.
Checking out the
There's stuff going on with Watergate, and I've been doing talk radio for quite a while and covering this, so I know a little bit about politics, and I've talked to a lot of experts and strategists and people in both parties, and believe me, they're scared of Congressman Ron Paul.
He's got a real chance to win, because you don't have election fraud machines in place everywhere.
You've got massive grassroots support.
People want a change.
They want a true populist with constitutional principles.
Congressman, you wanted to add one more point about the campaign, and then we would get into the questions.
Right, you emphasize the need for money and that certainly is the case.
But you know there are other things that can help a candidate like myself and that is the internet.
The internet already has been very helpful and I think it's going to be more helpful as time goes on and that's something that is becoming more so every day.
You know 10, 15 years ago it wasn't even significant.
The other thing is that radio talk shows like what you have, they're very important.
Almost every place I go somebody will come up to me and ask, well how did you get involved in this?
And it's through your show.
So there's a lot of people who have joined our campaign and who have already started to show up at our events because of your encouragement.
The other point is,
We're good to go.
As important today to run a campaign that way as it used to be in the past.
So, there's a lot of other reasons for us to be hopeful that this thing will take off and that we'll do much, much better than anybody ever dreamed we would.
Well, I'm already seeing that.
In fact, when you decided to run, you said you were, you know, testing the waters in your exploratory committee.
And then you said, if memory serves, that it was a bigger response than you were even hoping for.
Yeah, it wasn't a surprise to me, you know.
I'm usually the skeptical one because I don't want to overstate a position and not only disappoint my supporters but I don't want to fool myself either.
I'm rather conservative in my estimates but each day we go on I'm feeling better about it.
I mean, you know this better than I. You've lived longer and you've seen a lot more than I have, but I've learned this in life.
If you don't get in the game, you have no chance of winning.
And you're in the game, you're suited up, and you've got the tools, and you're the man for the job, and so we've got to support you.
Some people say, well, why do this?
That's right.
And they'll point out all the negatives, but you're right.
If you don't do it, you know absolutely what the outcome is going to be.
You make the point that time is running out.
I talk about the financial situation that that's running out.
We may lose our liberties to the point where we won't have these responses.
There's nothing that guarantees that they'll allow you to have your radio show forever.
Already trampled on our rights there.
They talk about putting people in prison today without habeas corpus.
Congressman, I've had probably four or five national TV hosts and radio hosts call for my imprisonment, call us all traitors if we question the war.
I mean, this is getting scary.
No, that is true.
If we don't preserve our fundamental
Freedom, we can't fight back.
People say, well, you know, what you're saying is that the country's like it's bankrupt.
And, you know, in many ways, that's the case.
But I'm convinced that one thing, you know, we could all be poor tomorrow, very, very poor and start from scratch.
But if we have our freedoms and we have our sound currency and we have the government off our back, this country would rebound so quickly and we would regain the jobs.
You know, we would have our manufacturing base back.
All these things would happen.
I am absolutely positive on how freedom works, and I don't worry about us getting poor, even if it's just temporary, because I believe we would be very productive once again.
Congressman Ron Paul, that is one of the questions I had for you, because I make the observation
That the Federal Reserve debt that we have, most of it is based in fraud and you and others have a plan to basically discharge that during the depression that they would engineer to further consolidate control as they've done in 1933 and in other cases globally with the IMF and World Bank documents that came out via Joseph Stiglitz, their chief economist.
A few years ago.
And so if the people are aware of who is behind this financial implosion, this may be what catapults the Constitutionalists, you know, back into control of the nation to turn loose the people.
And so it's one thing for them to claim ownership of us, it's another thing for them to actually execute that ownership.
And the laws of economics are much more powerful than the laws of government.
I know how powerful the Fed is and the government is and the IRS is.
But ultimately, the laws of economics prevail, no matter what they do.
You recall, in the old days, they said, we will keep the dollar strong.
This dollar is worth $35 to an ounce, and we'll do that.
And yet, eventually, the laws of economics broke that down.
It broke loose, and we had that horrendous inflation and recession of the 1970s.
The same thing's happening now.
We're moving into recession at the same time the inflation is coming back and yet they don't do anything in Washington.
They keep spending and keep printing.
Let's expand on that on the other side and take your calls with Congressman Ron Paul.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This is the end Beautiful friend
This is the end.
You know, we've got a five-minute clip, and we're not going to play very much of it, but about two minutes into it, this is a few weeks ago, and then he did it a few months before that, Congressman Ron Paul confronting the new Fed Chairman on the fact that the Federal Reserve is completely non-transparent and secretive.
In fact, John, I forgot to ask you, do you have that queued up to about two minutes in?
Let's go ahead and roll about 30 seconds of that, and we'll go back to the Congressman and get his response to it.
With other central banks, we get less and less information regarding the money supply each year, especially now that we don't even have access to M3 statistics.
The role the Fed plays in the President's secretive working group on financial markets goes essentially unnoticed by Congress.
The Federal Reserve shows no willingness to inform Congress voluntarily about how often the working group meets, what action it takes that affects the financial markets, or why it takes these actions.
But all these actions directed by the Federal Reserve alter the purchasing power of our money.
And that purchasing power is always reduced.
The dollar today is worth only four cents compared to the dollar that the Federal Reserve started with in 1913.
This has significant consequences on our economy and our political stability.
All paper currencies are vulnerable to collapse, and history is replete with examples of great suffering caused by these collapses, especially to the nation's poor and the middle class.
This can lead to political... Now, rather than continuing the whole clip, Congressman, can you give us your take on Bernanke's response?
And, you know, you talk about four cents.
That number that I've got is from a couple years ago, before they really made the money supply secretive, and a lot of the experts I've talked to say it could be devalued down to a cent and a half right now, or I guess there's really no way of knowing?
No, it's hard, and there'll be different statistics.
We know that it's steady and it's always going down.
There's a private source now trying to reproduce M3, and they claim that it's growing between 11 and 12 percent.
That's a horrendous amount of monetary inflation.
As a matter of fact, since that clip, Bernanke was before the Joint Economic Committee,
And I didn't have as much time, but I presented the same questions, especially about the Working Group on Financial Markets, which I think is a very, very sinister group.
I think they have more control over trying to bail the big guys out when there's a stock market collapse, and then the little people get held holding the bag.
But when I ask him, you know, again, how often do you meet and do you hold minutes?
And he says, it was so blunt.
He says, I don't know.
And it was, you know, no expression, nothing like, don't bother me, don't bug me with this.
It was, I don't know.
And we've got that clip, but in the interest of time, we won't play it.
But later, folks, after the Congressman leaves us in the third hour, we'll dig it up and play it.
But, I mean, think about this.
This is Congress.
This is the Banking Committee.
These are our elected representatives of the people.
This is the government.
And here comes this guy from a private Federal Reserve, owned by private families, that instructs our Treasury, and colludes with the President secretly.
I mean, and again, the average American is just now beginning to realize this.
That's right, and I wish I could wake up the Congress to realize how significant this is.
And you know, the liberals are always concerned about the poor people, and you know, and how they're coming up short.
And I agree with them on so many issues that their analysis of the problems we face are true.
You know, there are poor people and they're hurt.
Inflation hurts them.
They lose their jobs and they lose their homes and all these problems we face.
And yet they do not see the connection to the monetary problem.
They want the Fed to print more money to accommodate their spending.
Well, we know elites have always waged war on the middle class and we know that elites have imploded currencies before by design to consolidate.
Yeah, I think that's a possibility because I think
In the early and the slightly later stages, the elite can protect themselves.
But think of what happened to the so-called elite in Germany when the runaway inflation occurred.
I mean, eventually, they had to, you know, resort to a dictatorship.
They had to find a scapegoat.
At that time, they found the Jews were the scapegoat.
And unless you became an SS officer, you were a victim.
But eventually it's political chaos is what happens, and too often it leads to war.
And there's a protectionist sentiment.
You know, we have problems and prices go up and say, well, what we need to do is go protect our oil.
And they don't realize that it costs a lot of money to protect the oil.
Then when we go over, we disturb markets.
And instead of the price of oil being protected, the price of oil triples.
Well, Congressman, you just hit on it, though.
That's the pre-positioning we see of ready to go into Iran, ready to go into Syria, FEMA camps built.
Open discussion.
We now learn Tommy Franks was on secret Pentagon payroll when he, quote, was an independent citizen giving speeches saying it's too bad.
Next attack, we're going to have a military dictatorship.
That's what the people want.
We see them pre-positioning and having open discussions and the Justice Department declaring total dictatorial power of the presidency.
Clearly, would you concur that the elite is pre-positioning for a dictatorship in response to a depression?
I think they're always prepared.
And every day they have more powers than before, because under these emergency powers, the president now has more authority than ever.
And the contest really that's going on in this presidential election is, are there enough of us who care about our freedoms versus those who are willing to succumb to the temptation of dictatorship?
Just think of the attitude that what was like right after 9-11 when they passed the Patriot Act.
I mean, there was no way, people.
I had members of Congress tell me, I said, you know it's not even available.
You can't even read it, and we're getting the rate of vote.
It doesn't matter.
The people want us to do something.
It doesn't matter.
This looks like we're doing something that sounds good.
There's no way I'm going to even question this.
So they voted for it.
And they got their signals from the people.
And it's true, there's a lot of people that wanted something done, but it takes a while.
The big question is, are there more of them or more of us?
I think we have the answer there.
There's going to be a fight regardless.
Do you see any way of even stopping them attempting?
Because they're already trying to set it up.
Or do you just see the slow slide into this and we're now in the fight of our lives?
Well, I think it's been sliding for a long time, and it's getting worse.
It got a lot worse after 9-11.
And I'm always afraid of some concocted event that will scare the American people.
You know, our country is probably not on the verge, like tomorrow, of bombing Iran.
But if they have some event,
And that British thing was an event that they were probably contriving, hoping maybe that the Iranians would act more irrational and that would give them an excuse to start it and blame it on them.
So if the people in this country need a little bit more reason to go along with the President,
But, unfortunately, our leaders in this country too often have been able to provide the incident that unifies the country behind more militarism.
I actually talked to the former head of the British Maritime Administration, and he was also the ambassador to Uzbekistan, and he said that the British were telling the truth that they were in Iraqi waters, but that the map was fake.
It was a new map that never existed under any treaty.
They just changed the map and then sent their sailors and marines in there.
Yeah, well that's a possibility.
I don't know the details of that, but that sounds very plausible.
There's been a lot of neocon and liberal denials that the North American Union even exists, but now we got the four-year documents via Judicial Watch of the September meeting last year, where the first agenda was keep it secret, second agenda, North American Union fuel tax, carbon tax, that's now racing ahead.
Can we stop it, or what do you see happening with the North American Union?
Well, at the moment, I don't see much resistance in Washington, so the resistance is in grassroots America, and that is building.
I would say yes we can, but we still need a lot more support and a lot more messages sent to every single congressman up there to waken them to what is happening.
And you're right, the evidence is there.
They pretend that this is nothing and they keep denying it, but I think the evidence is overwhelming that there's an intention, long term, not next year, you're not going to have a North American New Union next year, you're going to have it.
You know, it was first it was GATT and WTO and then NAFTA and now the highways.
Same thing with the EU.
Same thing with the EU.
I mean, how long did it take the EU?
I think it took them 50 years total.
You know, from the very, very beginning.
But with this, they have founded it with that SPP agreement, and now they're, you know, putting in the plumbing, but they've laid the foundation.
Oh yeah, it is there, and they've had the academic journalists at the CFR writing up the detailed plans.
That's available to us on what exactly they want.
I mean, that's where the term Amaro came from.
Shifting gears again, if they attack Iran, do you think we'll see some type of draft?
Because we're hearing the spin out of the Republicans and Democrats.
Oh, it won't be a draft, it'll be compulsory national service.
Yeah, that's what the Democrats call it.
That's a real obstacle for them.
They're in catch-22 because the American people aren't going to be very happy with the draft.
They're going to rebel.
This is one reason why so many of them remain in denial, saying, well, it doesn't affect me.
I don't go.
They're volunteers.
Let them suffer the consequences.
But this is also the reason they're not
They're not likely to invade Iran.
Shall we know it?
They're liable to bomb them, but then the Iranians are liable to move into southern Iraq or something, and then we'll feel compelled that they'll have to sell it to the American people.
And then there might be a terrorist attack that, oh, we've got to have it left.
Yeah, they're very capable.
If they weren't capable of doing it, they would have gotten rid of Selective Service.
Which is something I've tried to do for 20 years.
Get rid of it.
We don't need it.
We don't have a draft.
We don't want it.
We know they've reactivated the draft board, so they're clearly lurking around.
It's there because they believe that they own us.
I think there's two things.
Yeah, I think
But the state is not God.
Congressman, let's go to calls.
Mark just hung up from Atlanta.
We'll go to Richard in Texas.
Richard, you're on the air with Congressman Ron Paul, making a run for it for President.
Thank God for you, Ron.
I'm sure glad you're doing this.
You're our only viable hope.
And just wanted to ask you quickly if you could give a brief overview on how you would see the dismantling of the Federal Reserve and, you know, sort of the impact of that.
It's obviously one of the deepest evils that kind of ride over all these issues that we're facing.
Thank you.
Well, even I, who can't stand the Fed and we shouldn't have it, it's unconstitutional and we need to get rid of it, I would not say tomorrow you should close down the Federal Reserve.
It would be very, very chaotic.
The first thing we need to do is legalize competition.
That is, legalize the Constitution.
That gold and silver should be legal tender in competition with the monopoly money, which is the Federal Reserve note.
Which means that you take off all taxes and regulations, no sales taxes or income tax on any types of gold transactions to make it money.
And this would be one step in the right direction.
By the way, you've introduced legislation to shut down the Fed, and then in that, you walk through the process.
And the other thing is,
Without closing the door immediately, then the next step would be to deny the Federal Reserve the power to monetize debt.
To take a treasury bill and then literally create money out of thin air.
And this would immediately put restraints on the politicians.
Politicians like the Federal Reserve because that means they can spend... That would kill their whole magic trick system.
Yeah, they would consider that the Federal Reserve would be a check-clearing house and nothing more.
But the whole gimmick is that they want the power to create money out of thin air and fool the people and deceive the people.
So how long to get the heroin addict congressman off?
I mean, how long would it take then to wean us off this system?
Well, it depends on the conditions.
If you started today, it could take a while and it would be tedious and it'd be hard to get people to support it.
I think we're going to have the financial crisis, and then they will be forced to do it, and maybe we could even do it more dramatically than I propose.
My suggestion is under today's conditions, but if you have total collapse of the financial system and rejection of the dollar, you have to restore confidence, and therefore, you have to make the money worth something.
It has to have some value to it again, or they will not believe you if you just say, oh, well, we'll quit printing the money.
Eventually, the people will lose trust in
Now, we know what their real plan is, but they're not ready for it.
That's why we're trying to sure it up for now.
Let it implode, then come out with a national ID card slash credit card system, which goes cashless, and they're shooting for 2011.
Yeah, those plans are being laid, too, and I've heard debates on that, where, why mess around with cash anymore?
Well, I mean, my point is, we've got to have you in there as president.
We've got to, bottom line, raise awareness of the real political financial paradigm so that they can't stage things again and then act like they're the saviors when they're the progenitors of the mess we're in.
Let's talk to Eric in Washington.
Go ahead, you're on the air, Eric.
Oh, hey, Alex.
A great show.
I'm so humbled just to be here and talk face-to-face with the future president of the United States.
Thank you.
What I want to ask though is that I really love your style Ron Paul.
I saw you on the Bill Maher Show.
You were a little meek there, but you speak softly, but you carry a big stick, and I really appreciate it.
Well he absolutely mopped the floor with Bill Maher.
Oh yeah, rhetorically yeah, he had nothing against you, but Bill Maher's really snide, his cynicism can really cut through, and the sleepers, they're not going to know what's going on.
I'm doing my part, just getting one-on-one with my friends and tell them about you and your campaign.
What I really want from you though is the guarantee that you're going to be the man for the job.
Well, I don't know what you mean by the guarantee.
I can guarantee that I'm going to be out there fighting this battle and delivering the message and doing my very best.
And I never know what the results will absolutely be.
I don't have control of the future.
Within his constitutional restraints, as I've heard him say it, within the Constitution, he can do everything he can to reduce government and restore the Constitution to the Republic, correct?
That's absolutely the case.
I didn't know whether he meant in the campaign or after the election.
So, no.
After the election, there's a lot you can do, just like the first thing I mentioned was you're the Commander-in-Chief, and you can do a lot to reduce the spending overseas.
And then there's no reason, even though I don't believe in changing government through the executive order, I don't think there'd be any reason why you can't repeal executive orders that have been so detrimental to us.
I mean, I would think that would be very legitimate for a constitutional president to get rid of the laws that the president wrote himself.
Does that answer your question?
Uh, yeah, too, and also is that this political game is really tricky.
You know, there's voter fraud and there's media propaganda.
What are you going to do to bring it to the front line if there is, you know, a dispute in the votes?
Or if you don't win the primary, are you just going to go independent and bring it forth even more?
Well, I haven't thought about that.
I think about, matter of fact, leaving here within an hour to go to Iowa and campaign, but I think you're right.
I did have one election stolen from me, and that's something you have to be alert to, and it's a little bit more complicated and sophisticated now, but it's very rare.
We've got to break.
Stay there.
Final segment.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, I'm going to blitz through your calls for the Congressman.
Let's talk to Todd in Kentucky.
You're on the air with Congressman Ron Paul.
Thank you, Congressman Ron Paul, for running.
We really appreciate it.
My question to you is,
Is that what kind of resistance is your staff finding when you try and get on to like Lou Dobbs and O'Reilly?
Well, Lou Dobbs is at it twice.
Yeah, matter of fact, I was scheduled, I did.
You were scheduled last night.
Yeah, but it was a legitimate bump.
They wanted to do more on Imus and they promised me even more time and I think it'll be beginning of next week sometime that I will be on his show again.
CNN's been very nice.
I think Fox, they had to have a lot of
Let's not criticize the wrong people.
CNN's been doing a good job.
Let's encourage more.
But Fox, MSNBC, we need to get him on there.
Yeah, we need to, because obviously every time they mention the candidates, they always skip over Mr. Paul.
We need to make sure, exactly, they are censoring our congressman comments.
You know, the one show that I would like to get on, because I know he's very sympathetic to our views, even though he's a liberal, and that is Chris Matthews.
Many of our things, like on the war, he's been sympathetic, but I haven't been invited to be on his show.
We need to get you on Meet the Press.
Well, that won't come right soon, but I'd have to perk up even more in the polls, but that should be our goal.
Well, you can perk up.
If they give you the coverage, you'll perk up.
The congressmen and senators, I respect you the way you talk about them, but basically, in my opinion, humble opinion, they're nothing but crooks and traitors to their country.
A lot of them certainly are.
And that's really all they really are.
Congressman, when is that CNN debate coming up?
Uh, the CNN?
Well, you mean Lou Dobbs?
No, I mean, I always thought it was going to be a presidential debate.
Yeah, there's a presidential debate, and I think it's the 4th of May.
It's in California.
It's at the Ronald Reagan Library.
There are 10.
So all the candidates have responded, and that's going to be carried on MSNBC.
So that should be a good opportunity for us.
That'll be a big breakout point.
Let's talk to Gabe in South Dakota.
Let's get a few more in.
Gabe, go ahead.
Oh, hey guys.
I listen to the Jones Report every day.
I support Alex Jones and I support Ron Paul for president.
And I want to ask Ron a question.
I think what this situation needs also besides you running for president is we need to, like we did with Defend Rosie, create an online petition for citizen's arrest.
Of our government.
We need 51% of the public to sign it.
We need to outlaw secrecy in the government.
Anyone who's part of a secret society, we need to try them in a jury trial.
We need to arrest the 9-11 perpetrator suspects.
And I think they can all await trial at a freedom camp.
Well, we've got to be careful about taking the government back because revolution can be dangerous.
I want a restoration.
It can go into tyranny itself.
Thank you for the call.
Congressman, you want to comment on that?
Yeah, just very carefully.
That was a lot of things I'd have to accomplish rather quickly.
I think the one important point was that governments have no right to be secret, except under these very, very rare national security reasons.
But we have too much government secrecy in the purpose of the government.
My purpose as president would be to protect your privacy.
Not the government's secrecy.
They have it backwards now.
Our privacy means nothing to them, whether it's medical privacy, financial privacy, you know, the national ID card, the whole work, and yet government becomes more secret every day.
Did you hear about this big law professor who gave a speech critical of Bush and now they put him on the no-fly list?
I saw that.
That was a scary story when I read that.
I'll tell you, you know, that should wake everybody up.
Congressman, the website is RonPaul2008.com.
Call, donate, support him.
Volunteers, find out how you get yard signs, how you get out there.
Call the media, tell them to cover him.
That's how we do this.
And he's already raised a lot of money for just launching his campaign.
Let's increase that.
Congressman, Godspeed to you and safe travels for you and your staff.
And I want to thank your family for supporting you in this as well.
We really appreciate what you're doing.
Good to be with you.
Thank you, Alex.
Take care.
There goes the man who could become the next president.
We'll be right back.
If you would like a copy of this show, go to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, I don't really brag here on the show about the effect we have.
I talk about the effect you have, the listeners.
And I've been told that by Ron Paul's staff.
That the most support, and we're talking about over half of it, is from this show.
This show, this network.
It's not when he goes on Lou Dobbs to, you know, three million people.
It's not when he, uh, you know, goes and gives these speeches.
But I tell you, in my own town where I live, it's like I'm dirt or something in the local media, and the local people in this community, and everybody likes to dish me.
I don't care.
And you know what?
I love it.
Because I don't have a big image of myself.
In fact, I'm humbled.
I'm freaked out.
Every night, when I go to bed, it's when I get really humble, and I just think, God, I've got a responsibility.
And frankly, I don't do a very good job.
But you know what?
I'm doing the best job out there.
Now that really shows how pathetic we all are.
I've got guts and guts is enough.
You know what?
And you've got guts and guts is enough.
And we don't have to do a perfect job.
We don't have to have all the answers.
We've just got to put one foot in front of the other.
And when somebody comes in here saying we're their slaves and we've got to be their slaves and we've got to lick their boots, we've got to have the will to stand up and just start pounding.
I mean, it's a fight, ladies and gentlemen.
And all I hear is, well, how's he going to do it?
Well, there's no way.
Well, he can't win.
Regardless, we're doing the right thing here.
And we are going to win.
Look how far we've come.
Frankly, we don't have a choice.
They would have already carried out more terror attacks.
You heard him hinting at government-sponsored terror.
He didn't want to come right out and say it, because they'll use that against him.
But I said, oh yeah, something might be staged to go into Iran.
He goes, yeah, yeah, that's what they'll do.
He goes, you see them getting ready with the national draft.
You know, they're not stopping.
They haven't gotten rid of Selective Service.
I mean, he knows, ladies and gentlemen.
He talked about Gulf of Tonkin, or he talked about Mossadegh staged terror when he was on Bill Maher.
Ron Paul is the man, and frankly, he knows it.
He knows that if he actually won, they would deep-sex him, but he's ready.
I mean, that's what leadership is all about, ladies and gentlemen.
He's a grandpa.
I'm not a grandpa.
It's a lot easier when you get that old, frankly, to be willing to sacrifice yourself.
A lot of you are young and you go, well, I've got to party.
I've got to have a good time.
I'm young.
I deserve a... And then you're retired.
Well, I deserve to retire now.
I deserve to not worry about all that.
You're not even living.
You think you're satisfied doing a lot of golf courses or women or good food or deep sea fishing.
You know, no amount of whatever you men out there are into is going to satisfy you.
I'm telling you right now, there's nothing more satisfying than fighting corruption and fighting tyranny.
Michael Rivera is coming up here in just a few minutes from Hawaii.
Right now, I'm sorry we didn't get to all your calls, but the Congressman was raring to go.
We've got the Sumner, got him on here for you so you can talk to him.
Jeffrey in New Orleans and then others.
Go ahead, Jeffrey.
Okay, he's gone.
Who's up next after him?
Avery, where are you calling this from?
You're on the air.
Sorry you couldn't talk to the Congressman, but you're on the air.
Hey, no problem, Bob.
Yeah, you do a great job, Alex.
Appreciate all your work, man.
I have been kind of on the fence with Congressman Paul, because I'm still not clear on the full-blown libertarian monetary position.
I mean, you can probably explain this to me, because I haven't heard it explained well yet.
And the things that you point out about the corporations, the big pharma, big agra, the military industrial complex, I don't understand how the libertarian can promote a free market system when the elites and the monopolies don't play fair.
And without, what kind of a check and balance do you have against
Well, I wish I would have gotten you on with him, and you know what?
I promise you, if memory serves, I'll try.
Next time he's on, I will bring that up.
Number one, I've watched videos about it.
I've read a couple books, a few pamphlets, a lot of papers, out of the Louis von Mises Institute, and I've studied the school of economics out of Austria, the Austrian school.
There's really two schools.
They get confused sometimes.
You just kind of glanced over it.
You know what?
I appreciate your call.
I'll try to briefly give you my take on it on the other side.
And then we will go to Mike Rivera and continue with your calls throughout this hour.
Our guest will be with us on the other side.
He's got the website WhatReallyHappened.com
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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The next stop that we make will be mine.
Tell all the folks in Russia and China too.
Don't you know that it's time to get on board?
And let this train keep on riding, riding on.
We're good to go.
Welcome back.
You know...
I had never played that song on the show, but remember when the Iraq War started four years ago?
Clear Channel and several other big networks put out public memos.
It was admitted banning that and hundreds of other songs that mentioned love, not just war.
That's the level of micro-management that we have going on.
Let me tell you something.
Those Iraqis are real people.
Those Iranians are real people.
Their governments sure aren't great in what government is.
And I'm sick of hearing neocons on talk radio saying, parking lot, kill them all.
You bastards need to get online and type in dead Iraqi children.
You need to look at little kids with their arms and legs blown off.
You need to watch a video of mothers sitting there with their dead babies and then they're just lovingly kissing them.
They're not even crying, ladies and gentlemen.
And you see the sorrow in their eyes.
Their soul has literally been ripped out of their chest.
And it makes me want to literally gouge your eyes out, neokinds, when I hear you get up there.
Let me tell you, I'm the first, I'm a violent person.
I'm the first person, if somebody punches me to get in a fight, I'm the first person to stand up.
I'm the first person, but I don't get off on stomping on little kids and dropping cluster bombs on people.
And that isn't manly, and that's not American, and we're killing those people!
Now, we're going to go to Mike Rivero, and I said I'd answer your question about Austrian school of free market and economics, but what I'm going to do, sir, is such a big issue, is when the next hour starts, I'm going to spend about five minutes on that.
I'm going to write some notes up and really think about it, trying to break down the false free market versus the real free market, and how the globalists confuse their system with free market.
This is not, I mean, it's a lemon socialist type capitalism.
They use socialism to consolidate our wealth, and then they give it to themselves.
This is not free market.
People keep saying the Constitution in America failed.
No, we didn't follow it.
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But other than that, I mean, it looks better than TV did watching color television in the 80s.
I mean, it's really
Well, thanks for having me on the show, Alex.
We had Ron Paul on in the last hour, and I haven't talked to you since you've been holding for the last four minutes, but I'll just bring it up to you and get your take, because I know you're for free market.
Can you explain to the last caller the difference between real free market, the type of Austrian school of economics, versus how we're told this modern system is free market?
Well, the difference really is between whether it's going to be individuals simply engaging in trade or barred for a shared common unit of worth,
Versus the managed economy where the freedom...
It is simply the freedom to ignore national borders, and it really is a case of more of a corporate free market rather than the individual people, because you still see price controls being imposed at the consumer level in this supposed free economy.
The other major difference, in my opinion, of course, gets back to the unit of monetary value or debt value that you're
You're using in a free economy.
You will use a metals based currency like we started the United States with.
But in this new so-called free market, we're still using fiat currencies whose value can be altered by government fiat from above.
I mean, he just summed it up.
I would babble for 10 minutes trying to even describe it.
Just crystallized it all.
This is a happy hunting land.
This would be like if psychopaths took over.
Oh, I guess they did.
And made it legal to abduct and kill women.
That would be their free market.
It's not a free market where they're allowed to come in and buy off your politician and have the Supreme Court rule that they can take private property if a private interest wants it without proper just compensation.
It's a free-for-all for them to set up big government to socialize our wealth and conduit into their fat mouths.
That's what they're doing.
This is not free market.
You know, a free market basically puts the power and control in the hands of the individual citizens and this current manifestation which is being called a free market
Again, we never pre-script this interview.
Mike, what do you think is most important?
What are the two or three big things that you're focused on right now?
Then let's get into some of the news, the war news, the British sailors, what's happening with the dollar, the economy, and so many other fronts.
What do you think is most important that we should talk about right now?
Well, I think one of the most important things that everybody needs to be aware of is yesterday, President Ahmadinejad of Iran announced that their nuclear enrichment facilities are now operating at industrial levels to manufacture fuel rods for Iran's power stations.
And a lot of people viewed this as an intentional provocation or escalation of the situation where Iran is waiving its defiance of the world, but in reality what Ahmadinejad
He did, if he issued a caution, because if the U.S.
bombs Iran's nuclear facilities now that they are operating, it will trigger a radioactive leak disaster.
Chernobyl, mate!
It'll be much worse than Chernobyl, because of the chemicals involved.
They're very corrosive.
We will see tremendous amounts of uranium particulated and thrown into the air.
And it will make the depleted uranium issues that we're seeing currently in Iraq, it'll just be more of the same thing.
Which never stopped the neocons in the past.
No, it didn't, but this plume, and if you go back to Chernobyl, the plume from that disaster spread all over Western Europe, all the way up into Norway, Scandinavia.
And now 20 years later, we've seen massive increases in cancers.
Cancer, leukemia, severe birth abnormalities.
Yeah, absolutely.
Our own soldiers, when they serve in the wars with the depleted uranium munitions, and they just handle those, and then they come home and they're having children, there's an epidemic of severe birth abnormalities in our military.
Four times, and it's the classic radiation-associated deformities.
Absolutely, and if the U.S.
bombs the Iranian nuclear facilities now, there will be an environmental disaster that will just dwarf all of the prior ones.
And what Ahmadinejad is saying is, it will be the United States' fault if this disaster is unleashed on the Middle East and Central Asia.
And it's not something that is going to be confined to the other side of the world, because once these materials get up into the high altitude winds,
We're already seeing detectable levels of depleted uranium from the Iraq War showing up in England.
And, you know, this will get all over the planet.
At eight times the same level, the exact isotope from DU?
Yeah, absolutely.
And so, this is going to be a huge environmental disaster mistake, bombing these facilities.
And that's really what Ahmadinejad was saying, is you can't bomb them now or it's going to harm everybody, including the United States.
So that is a very important issue that I think people need to be aware of right now.
Absolutely essential.
We'll get more from the man who runs WhatReallyHappened.com.
I saw a little story on there.
I'm going to dig it out about a father gave his child a vaccine and the child's organs all failed, but the newspaper says there's no connection.
Everything's wonderful.
So we'll also talk about that with Michael Rivero.
Stay with us.
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I think so.
I don't know.
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Michael Rivero is our guest.
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Is this the first time I've done that today?
Michael, I saw this story here in the stack out of Australia.
Where it you know the headline is the father's given so much his little baby went in to get her last round of shots and she was totally healthy but by that night went into a coma and he had to give her part of his liver and now he's gonna give her his kidney because she's dying still but he's such a good father but it just mentions oh by the way this all just out of the blue happened when she got the shot I mean everybody I know who's got children have autism I mean all of my go let me guess 18 months third round of shots yes in the car today's the seizure starter at home that night no in the car
And of course you bring it back to the hospital or the clinic and they go, oh no, it's not the shots.
It's not the mercury.
It's not all the, you know, this little body.
I mean, you've seen how much is in those shots?
Just a virus material?
I mean, and I saw you comment under, I always love to go read your comments that you do on the site under the blogs you post, the stories you post, where you said, oh yes, it's a coincidence.
Absolute coincidence.
Well, it's an unfortunate aspect of our time that we have all become very, very cynical.
Actually, maybe it's a good thing because it also means we're very skeptical and we're not as trusting of some of the things that have been given to us.
But the current medical industry is definitely suffering a credibility crisis regarding vaccinations.
And they did bring it on themselves by using the mercury-based preservatives and then getting caught misrepresenting the safety and efficacy of these compounds.
So now people are very, very suspicious when they are told that for the health of their child and themselves, they need to take a shot.
And then almost immediately afterwards, some other medical situation develops.
And I know a lot of people, and I'm one of them, we don't get our flu shots every year.
And it's been about 10 years since I got a flu shot, and it's about
It's been about 10 years since I've gotten the flu.
My mother used to run triathlons like 10 years ago.
She still is a master swimmer for UT.
And she thought, well, I've got this triathlon coming up in a month.
It's winter.
I don't want to get the flu.
I'll go take it.
My mother's never sick.
She almost died from that flu shot.
And listen to this.
This is from the article.
This is out of the Daily Mail.
I guess this is actually England.
It said, I tried to think clearly and ask questions about why her kidneys failed, said Gashen.
She had had her first immunization shots earlier that day and I wondered if they were responsible.
But the consultant ruled that out.
He said her kidneys had been failing for a while.
It was just a coincidence that she'd become so ill the day of her vaccinations.
Well, again, the medical industry is always going to protect itself, and that's not unique to either Great Britain or the United States.
But Mike Rivero, it's so weird that that man died after that Mack truck ran over him.
But they say the Mack truck had nothing to do with his intestines being all over the street.
Yeah, his intestines were weak already and therefore it wasn't.
But the problem is that in Great Britain the vaccine makers can still be sued and so obviously the medical institutions are not going to admit any existing links between the vaccinations and medical science.
Here in the United States, believe it or not, the bill that created the Homeland Security Agency
Had a rider attached to it, which protects American vaccine makers from any kind of lawsuits resulting from illness or death connected to the use of their vaccine.
That's right.
And that included the thimerosal preservatives.
That's right, which they haven't taken out by the way, ladies and gentlemen.
They have made, by regulatory, not even a law, available small lots of thimerosal free.
They play a lot of word games, don't they?
Yeah, they absolutely do, and unfortunately we are in a situation where the government very clearly is aligned with corporate interests against... well, the interests of the common people are definitely subordinate, and that really is the classic definition of fascism.
Even Mussolini, who we will all acknowledge is an expert on being a fascist, said that it really was corporatism, where the government and corporations work together,
We're good to go.
Certainly when we watch the TV commercials for a lot of the medications that are being sold to us now, and we hear that very rapid voice talking about the possible consequences, these are some very toxic materials that are being sold to us.
But they're being sold for conditions that are being redefined as diseases, and in many cases these very unsafe compounds are being sold because it's a new patent
Where they can sell for much higher profit than an older medication which has now gone generic that would treat the same thing.
So it's all about maximizing profits and very often the safety of the American people is very much a secondary issue until something really bad happens that they get caught doing.
So certainly the vaccination industry has been caught
Concealing issues linked to their vaccine.
Mike Rivera, we've got a break.
Stay there.
I want to talk more about that when we get back.
And also the big picture going forward.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The disciples asked Jesus in Matthew 24, What shall be the signs of thy coming, and the end of the world?
You shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars.
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
And there shall be famines, disease, and earthquakes in many places.
We are living in this time of earth's history.
Many people are trying to understand the climactic world events in light of human wisdom.
But without the wisdom of God, this is impossible.
2 Peter says, We have a more sure word of prophecy.
I think so.
Day after day
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
But nobody wants to know him.
They can see that he's just a fool.
And he never gives an answer.
What's the fool number here?
Welcome back.
We've got William Rodriguez popping in.
He went out to speak at a university over the weekend.
I don't know.
The bombs going off even before the tower started collapsing were big explosions.
People came running up out of the basement with their skin burned off like a zombie movie.
He described it as just skin hanging off their arms.
I mean it's because they had lots of charges going off.
Then they said well that's because an elevator fell down the 110 stories.
There's a problem.
The elevators, I don't know the technical term for this, but like they go down, I don't have the plans in front of me, but say they go down like 45 stories and then there's another group of elevators next to them staggered.
There aren't continual shafts going down.
Okay, that's complete and total bull.
We'll bring that up with him, but the reason he's coming on is he talked to some of the family members of one of the stewardesses, one of the flight attendants, I'll be politically correct, excuse me, who
We're on flight 77, and they now believe it's an inside job, and came to his talk, and we've got some audio of him talking to them coming up.
Going back to Michael Rivero, and I know we've got calls, we'll get to those.
Mike, I had Ron Paul on, presidential candidate, obviously, in the last hour, and
He openly said, yeah, they'll probably try a dictatorship if the economy implodes.
He agreed that they're trying to shore it up right now.
They meant to implode it later, but once they had their cashless grid in by 2011, as the head of Visa and others have said, to totally bankrupt it and bring in their false solution of a new total fiat cashless system where they can really manipulate and rob us through inflation.
He's confronted the Fed Chairman on these issues, but he said that clearly they will try to set up a dictatorship very soon.
All the signs are there, but like you said, make a dictatorship act like a dictatorship.
He was saying he doesn't think the people are going to buy it, and literally that everybody we wake up now is a race against the devil.
I mean, you could say that,
Yeah, I think so.
More details every month.
Where do you see this going in the future?
What do you see happening with Iran?
What do you see domestically happening with the subprime mortgages?
Here's a big indicator.
Then I'll shut up and let you comment because I really want to hear it.
In the past, in the 80s and the 70s, whenever they've done these controlled corrections, these financial snacks on investors and homeowners and the middle and working classes, they will allow implosions and consolidate.
They love it.
It's their feeding time on the little minnows that they've gotten in a big school.
Well, I want to step back a little bit.
What you were talking about, you know, these repeating cycles of inflation, recession, inflation, recession.
Everyone says, oh, how can we control inflation?
Well, when you have a fiat money system where the Federal Reserve is simply printing up the money or tallying it up in a computer account out of thin air, it is very obvious that the Federal Reserve controls all inflation.
They can halt inflation immediately simply by shutting down the printing presses and by saying, okay, we're not adding any more numbers to these computer accounts.
I'm very concerned that this repeating cycle of inflation recession is designed to basically pump, like a giant heartbeat, the real wealth out of the general population and into the corporations.
And I think the real estate market is a really good example of the kind of manipulation that we're seeing.
We know that the Federal Reserve, in order to try and keep the economy going a little bit longer,
I think so.
Okay, the government would get all this extra money from the Federal Reserve and they'd spend it to support their war and their programs.
It would trickle through the society and then people would take that money and give it to the banks on their mortgage payments on all these new homes that they had bought, you know, with the refinancing and the larger properties and everything.
And the homeowners were thinking they were getting richer because the home that
15 years ago cost only $40,000, was now going for a quarter of a million dollars.
And they were thinking, my God, I'm just getting so rich under this system.
But in reality, it's the same home, it's the same number of bedrooms, it's the same garage, it's the same front door.
It is just on paper that the numbers were getting more and more impressive.
But the reality is that the Federal Reserve was effectively counterfeiting money to give to the government, the government was spending it, and then the real estate
Financing institutions were sweeping it all back up so that we didn't have all this extra money chasing too few goods and services, which is what pushes prices up.
Well, now the cash sink has closed.
The real estate market has stumbled.
We're seeing a lot of people getting caught by negative equity.
We're seeing a lot of foreclosures.
So that extra money that the government is spending doesn't have a hole to go into anymore.
And we are now starting to see upward pressure on prices because
There's too much money chasing too few goods and services.
So that's a big part of why the collapse of the real estate market is a major, major monkey wrench into the Federal Reserve's attempts to keep the US government solvent as it goes into these wars.
Now, with regard to Iran, as I said earlier in the show, I think attacking those nuclear sites is going to be a horrendous environmental mistake.
I don't see how the U.S.
thinks it can sustain an actual ground invasion of Iran.
I assume that what is really wanted is just the southern part of Iran where all the oil fields are located.
But I have to wonder to what extent George Bush and his neocons are really being insulated from some of the realities of what's going on.
Because all this talk about going into Iran is very much reminding me of the last days of World War II.
When Hitler was ordering armies into battle that did not actually exist, and nobody would dare tell him that they didn't exist for fear of being shot.
So, I have to wonder if the plans to attack Iran... And by the way, we know that even his favorites are fired if they even question.
Which is totally delusional.
Yeah, very much so.
And, you know, we already know we're barely hanging on in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Right now, as we speak, U.S.
forces are in a major firefight right in the streets of Baghdad itself.
So, it's not going well there at all.
We don't have enough troops to support that.
They're continuing to cannibalize the state national guards to send troops to Iraq.
With what is Bush planning to attack Iran?
Yes, he can certainly go in there with the carriers and he can blow up those nuclear installations.
And unleash a tremendous radioactive cloud all over the region.
But we don't have the military forces to actually go in on the ground.
But hey, neocons that listen to talk radio think it's manly to kill people in countries they can't find on maps.
I mean, I think they really don't care if their kids die of leukemia.
I mean, these people are sick.
And that's the bottom line.
They were taught as children that it's manly to attack countries you can't name or find on a map or you can't spell.
And they know they've got 25% of the country that would drink cyanide Kool-Aid if ordered to do so.
And that's in both political parties.
And I think the plan is that they may escalate Iran.
To get us, you know, well you know how Ponzi schemes work.
That, you know, when a guy's up against the wall, he takes a hostage.
They've got to go ahead and just puff it up to the next level.
And even if the economy tanks and we're in a depression, at least we'll be in a new war.
And then Iran would have the right to strike back.
That'll be called terrorism.
People will run around the streets screaming, my God, we nuked them and they fought back.
We've never seen such evil.
Satan himself must be there.
I mean, because there's not reality with these neocon
Well, I think the problem is that they're still trying to play the game by the rules and methods that worked back during the Cold War, and I suspect the thinking is that if they can crank up a war in Iran, that it will re-ignite the patriotic furor of the American people, and they will again back their president and his cause in Iran, and we'll all start signing up
With the military recruiters to fight this new crusade.
Unfortunately, for the government and fortunately for the people, because of radio shows like ours and because of the blogs and because of the internet and communication, the American people already know that they were lied into the last couple of wars.
They know they're being lied into this one.
Every time Bush has attacked somebody, that little poll bump that he expects at the end of it has been getting less and less.
So I think when Bush attacks Iran, he is not going to see any kind of surge of American popular support for himself and his policies, and we will find ourselves in a war that ultimately we cannot win.
Well, they don't have aircraft carriers over there to play Parcheesi or a game of badminton, and just like with 2002, they play this psychological game of saying in the Washington Post and everywhere else, we know it's going to be mid-March 2002, they said that three months before, you know, right with the New Year in January, they were saying it or two months before,
And it turned out the Washington Post had been at the Bilderberg Group meeting and that the decision that later came out had been made to not attack until March of 2003.
And then it kind of becomes a foregone conclusion where even those of us against the war, you know, who are violently opposed to it, are just expecting it.
And then, boom, the attack comes.
A lot of you heard Ron Paul last hour when I said, well, you know, we could have a staged terror attack.
I don't think so.
To the races, you've got to hit the streets.
I mean, don't wait for some spontaneous, don't wait to get an order to go to a demonstration.
You've got to spontaneously do it, spontaneously call into talk radio, spontaneously come out against this.
But I mean, to specifically answer my question, Michael Rivera of whatreallyhappened.com, I mean specifically give me your take on
Do you think that their orchestra, because we know that they wanted to do this later, that's their program and we know that, and there's all the evidence we can't go into because of time.
We know they wanted to implode the economy sometime around 2010-2011.
The Congressman agreed with me on that.
George Humphreys, an economist, agrees with me on that.
I mean, it's pretty obvious, that's when their game plan will be fully in place, that right now they're still trying to shore things up, but I don't think they can shore things up now.
So what I'm saying is, A, do you think they're trying to shore things up?
Or, B, do you think they want to go ahead and let it slowly decline?
And then, C, will it just be an accelerated implosion?
What do you think is going to happen?
I think the economy is not as much under their control as they would like to pretend, and I think certain individual private interests are already in the let's loot some for ourselves stage, because we know it's going to go down sometime, and the longer we can prop it along, the more we can take out of it for our own personal greed.
I mean, we heard just this last week, the CEO of Ford, who was only on the job for a few months, and he just walked away with this incredibly huge compensation package,
We're seeing corporate leaders loot their own companies.
We're seeing government leaders loot the nation.
That, to me, basically says that whether intentional or not, it is thought that the collapse is not very far off indeed.
No, I mean, please continue, but I want to concur with you.
That's why I'm actually losing sleep now.
I mean, folks, I don't lose sleep.
I've actually been awake.
I've actually been really, I mean, like never before, I'm feeling anxious because of all the indices.
Yeah, you can see them kind of creeping to the door, and now more and more getting up and creeping towards the door, and now they're starting to shove, and they're starting to be a stampede, and then I see the general public still buying designer clothes, giggling, laughing, loving the war, and in a sick way, I kind of can't wait until these yuppies are out on the street, because they deserve it, Mike!
Well, I'm not sure how much they deserve it, but yes, there have been a lot of very short-sighted people.
But ultimately, that was the goal of the brainwashing that we saw through the mainstream media.
And to an extent, that propaganda was successful.
Had it not been for shows like yours and websites like mine, they would have been much more successful.
So I think we have to look at the fact that
That they're not able to easily achieve their original agenda, because it's clearly not going the way they originally planned it to, and that definitely is the result of a new awareness among the American people.
The Internet and non-corporate radio have definitely changed the formula by which information flows between the general population and society's leaders, and has really changed the rules, I think, as dramatically
As when movable type printing came along.
Well I want you to elaborate on that and also elaborate on the Ministry of Defense report the British just put out.
And this is where they're saying what they believe probable is going to happen and they say the big problem is the alternative media now has killed government's monopoly of information.
But I want to go back and be clear.
I'm not glad this is going to implode.
I'm not glad that this is happening.
I'm freaked out and upset and a lot of us will get crushed in the process and I'm not in a good position.
None of us are.
I'm just saying for the war-mongering scum who love this system and don't know these corporatists aren't their friends, that, you know, I'm not going to cry for them is my point.
Well, I think, unfortunately, the people who are pro-war have already got their golden parachutes and they will be the ones least to be hurt by it all.
And that is, unfortunately, a historical constant that the people who are pro-war... I mean the general... Mike, I mean mainline Dumbo neocon followers.
Yeah, the followers, they will get hurt.
The useful idiots always get hurt.
They get slammed.
And yes, to an extent, they deserve it because they sold out the common good of their neighbors and friends in exchange for a few pieces of silver from their corporate masters.
And yeah, it will be somewhat vicariously pleasant to see them stumble and fall when this all comes apart.
I mean, I'm sad, but that's the wages of sin or death, folks.
You reap what you sow.
It's the law of cause and effect.
And we can't be the pig people of the evil empire and not be hurt by it.
And I'll be hurt by it, too.
And I don't want this to happen.
But I'm just letting the pig people out there know, the ones that really like all this,
Those that say parking lot, parking lot, I want them to know, let's turn them into a glass parking lot, I want them to know that your masters never cared about you, the people killing those innocent Iraqi children are the ones that are destroying our borders and our sovereignty and our country.
And I just want them to know when it happens, who did it to them.
Absolutely, I would agree, and you'd think these people would look back at history and look at the way our government is treating our own wounded soldiers coming back from Iraq.
If there was anybody that deserved a little care and gratitude and good treatment for having made that ultimate sacrifice, it's our returning wounded veterans.
And yet, look how badly they're treated.
That basically tells you that the people calling shots on this war, they think of themselves only, and even their good friends are expendable to serve the agenda of greed.
Michael Rivera is our guest.
The website is whatreallyhappened.com, or come back and take a few calls and talk about the Ministry of Defense report.
It's here!
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Here I am, on the road again.
We're good to go.
I don't think so.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I want to keep Mike Rivero 15 minutes or so into the next hour.
If he'll stay with us, we can take your calls from Seth, Tony, Olivia, and others.
Michael Rivero, this is always a great conversation we have back and forth, adding to each other's analysis.
The Ministry of Defense report, I saw you wrote a big blurb on that.
The British report that came out, why don't you in a nutshell tell folks about that report and your comment on the story that Paul Watson put out.
By the way, that whole report, we dug it up, is now posted on PrisonPlanet.com, but give us your take on that Ministry of Defense report.
The Ministry of Defense report, basically they came out and said, well let me back up just a step.
This issue was the Iranian capture and then release of the sailors and marines.
Has turned into a public relations nightmare for Tony Blair and for the British war effort.
The Iranians were very wise to treat the captured sailors gently.
They videotaped it to document how they were treated.
It was very obvious in the videos that were being shown that these people were not under any kind of duress or stress at all.
And it just made it very obvious that when they were finally returned,
There's sudden retractions.
It was obvious to anybody watching that one sailor who was reading the prepared statement.
He seemed to be under a great deal more stress there than he was on the videotapes in Iran.
So the Ministry of Defense has basically been looking at the issue of morale among the military.
And they're basically reporting that on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, they are starting to see what they term as a revolt that is starting to spread through the forces, and they're saying it's basically demoralizing the British Army, because despite all the controls on what the soldiers on the ground are allowed to see and hear and read,
Uh, just word of mouth is carrying, uh, the lies and deceptions, uh, throughout the rank and file.
By the way, Mike, 9-11 truth, as you know, is rampant in both the military.
Yeah, no, absolutely.
I get a lot of emails from soldiers on the ground in Iraq saying basically, you know, we know it's all a lie and we're here because of a lie.
70 seconds.
Stay there.
We got a break.
We're going to let you finish and go to calls.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Michael Rivera is our guest.
We're scheduled in about 30 minutes to have William Rodriguez on, one of the heroes of 9-11 who saved a lot of people.
He just spoke to a big crowd and there was some of the family members of one of the flight attendants on flight 77 that supposedly hit the Pentagon.
And they had some interesting comments and we have some audio of that.
We got three minutes.
I don't know how much of it will air, but Willie's coming up, a good friend of the show.
Let's uh... Now, Michael Rivero, finishing up your comments on the Ministry of Defense report on the heels of the implosion of their morale, which I'm glad you brought that up.
That's very important.
The Ministry of Defense report with the flash mobs and the brain chips and oh, there's going to be no middle class, so they're going to rebel.
I mean, it sounds like we wrote that article because they're admitting that they're losing control.
Yeah, absolutely, and it is unfortunate
Well, this actually gets back to that comment I made one of our previous shows, that the fastest way to end a dictatorship is to force them to act like one.
And as both the British and American governments continue to see themselves losing control over the population, we're going to see more and more attempts to impose draconian controls over us in an attempt to retain their power and wealth and position.
And I think given the degree of education
of the American people, certainly because of radio shows like yours.
These actions are going to trigger exactly the opposite response.
And again, this gets back to the idea that a lot of the people in charge of these government operations are still thinking in Cold War terms.
You know, back 20-30 years ago,
Britain's manipulation of the propaganda regarding the seizure of their sailors would have worked.
The public would have bought it, that Iran treated them badly, that they were tortured, that they were abused, and therefore Iran was really bad.
But because of the global reach and flow of information outside of government and main corporate control, they weren't able to pull that off, and this really did blow up in their faces.
So, getting to that Ministry of Defense report that you refer to, yes, it's describing a scenario where Britain will impose, by force, control upon the people to make sure that government policy is implemented without fear of rejection or opposition by the people.
And that is a dictatorship by any stretch of the imagination.
We have more than breached their monopoly of information, and I think they're beginning to realize that if the elite would have just been happy with what they had, or slowly grown their empire, they could have won, but like every other control freak mass in history, they got too confident, they got on power trips, and now it doesn't look good.
No, no, if anything hubris
Is what is going to bring them down, because the more they get, the more they want.
And I guess it is something, an aspect of the sickness of greed, that people who have got more than they could ever really need to live on, they start seeing money not as a necessity for life, but simply as a way of keeping score and playing the game.
And eventually they lose sight of the fact that what they're really playing with isn't money, but other people's lives, and people will resent that.
And I do think that they've overreached.
I think the American people are definitely waking up to the fact that their government is not in service to the people, but is in service to large amounts of money.
We saw Nancy Pelosi traveling through the Mideast running errands for Israel when she's supposed to be here in the United States taking care of business.
We're seeing Hillary Clinton is urging the Polish government to restore confiscated Jewish property from World War II.
When she is paid to be taking care of the people of New York.
So we're seeing this, you know, a U.S.
Congressman are basically the hired messengers for private commercial interests.
And I think the American people are getting tired of that.
We will go directly to your calls.
Seth, Tony, Tim, many others on the other side.
The final segment with Michael Rivera, then I've got a news blitz coming up, and then William Rodriguez will be joining us as well.
The websites are InfoWars.com, JonesReport.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shockingly classified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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As the world's biggest debtor nation, we are borrowing in excess of 80% of the world's net savings.
That's $2 billion per day to finance the biggest deficit in history.
Our creditors are becoming increasingly concerned that the debt can never be repaid.
Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
debt, are looking to greatly reduce their exposure to dollars.
In fact, China has privately hinted that a U.S.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
I tell ya, it's a stop I make about three times a day because he updates it about three times a day.
It's whatreallyhappens.com.
We have links to it today up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And Michael Rivera is our guest for one more segment.
Okay, let's get to your calls.
And let's move quickly through here.
Seth in Nebraska.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing?
Yeah, hi Alex.
Good, sir.
How are you doing, Mr. Rivero?
I'm doing fine.
Thanks for calling.
Oh, no problem.
I just wondered if I could change subjects real quick.
I tried calling in yesterday, Alex, when you were talking about the toll roads in Texas.
Yeah, we're talking about everything, and Mike covers every issue, too.
He's one of those guests that can talk about everything.
Okay, good.
A few months ago, I was working at an office cleaning job, and I was at a Meritas brokerage firm.
That's great.
The toll roads and hand it over to Centra.
It said that in the article.
Well, you should have sent it to me, but we have the TxDOT documents.
And again, a private Spanish-slash-Australian company comes in.
They spend around 100 mil over 7-8 years by the entire legislature.
I mean, they've got literally like 95% of them.
And then they literally just hand everything over.
Folks, this is so criminal.
This would be like if Michael Rivero or Alex Jones or Sally Sockerbob or Joe Sixpack went and paid, say, your mayor $5,000 to give you a city building worth a million.
I mean, we're talking about tens of billions a year they'll make in Texas alone.
They're taking all the existing major roads in Austin and publicly turning them into toll roads.
And, Mike Rivero, you want to comment on that?
Well, yes, I agree.
This is a criminal situation because the government does not really own those roads.
We, the people, own them because our taxes paid for them.
They are the property of the people, not the government.
And for the government to take these roads, which are built with taxpayer funds,
Then turn them over to private companies who will then start making more money off the same taxpayers who pay for those rents.
And then pay to upkeep them!
And then pay to upkeep them!
In fact, it's one step worse.
It'd be like if I gave the mayor $5,000 to give me a million-dollar building, and then he agreed to do $50,000 of upkeep each year for 50 years.
Yeah, Alex, just like you said, Texas is the linchpin of the entire nation.
Without Texas,
The North American Union cannot go through.
And they're doing the same thing up here in Nebraska.
I've seen the cameras go up everywhere and the legislation saying how, oh, the tollbooth will be an economic boom for the state and it's just a total joke.
I remember when they said that about the lotteries.
Oh, and now, Mike, I've seen it on your site, so I know you know about it.
They're selling lotteries that make, take Michigan, 800 plus mil a year profit.
They're selling it for a billion.
Now, in past similar sales, you know, they'd sell it for 5, 10, 15, 20 billion.
You'd sell it for many multiples above what it makes a year.
Again, how are they getting away with this?
They're getting away with it because the people let it happen.
The people in the states are looking at it and saying, well, you know.
And a big part of it is, and I talk about this a lot on my own show, I think Americans are too conditioned by TV to sit and wait for a hero to come in to fix the things.
We all grew up knowing that the Lone Ranger was going to ride in or Batman was going to come in and punch the bad guys and make everything all better.
Or we're taught to just sit at home and pray for divine intervention, but none of that is coming.
If we want the world to be a better place, we're going to have to do it.
And it begins with getting right in the face of that government that makes their money off of our taxes, and saying, this is how you're going to carry out your business.
Yeah, that's right.
In fact, I mean, you're right.
The Founding Fathers, they prayed for God to help them, but they went out and did it.
Sure, go ahead.
Yeah, absolutely.
These were the people who started our country basically said, okay, it's broken.
We have to fix it.
If we want there to be a heaven or hell here on earth, it's going to be up to us to make which one it will be.
And they went out, and I know we're taught not to be confrontational, we're taught hate is bad, no matter, you know, if the person we're looking at deserves to be hated, or the institution we're looking at deserves to be hated, we're taught hate is bad.
But we're going to have to be confrontational, because the government and corporations are stealing our country from us,
We're going to have to take it back, and it's going to be a confrontation.
There's no peaceful way to reverse the course that we're on right now.
I wish it was otherwise.
I don't like it.
But, you know, if we want these things to stop, we all have to make it stop.
Not just Alex Jones.
Not just Mike Rivera.
Batman's not coming.
You know, Superman is off making movies.
We, the people, are going to have to change it.
Well, no, I totally agree with you.
That was so important what you said.
I was almost speechless earlier when I busted in.
I wanted to say that
People call me every day and literally say you're a superhero.
They call me and say, oh, we're glad you're doing it.
We're glad you and others are out there.
Hey, folks!
I'm facing a whole army here.
I'm not Superman.
I'm not Batman.
And I'm just an average person.
And let me tell you, folks, it's going to get a lot worse if you don't get involved.
In fact, I think people are starting to get involved.
But if they knew how bad it's really going to get, I think you'd see a lot more involvement.
Yeah, absolutely.
But there's still a degree of denial because everyone grew up with this image of America that we were all taught in state-sponsored schools.
We don't want to surrender that because it's actually become part of our identity.
But it really is happening and it's going to get worse until the people stop it from getting worse.
There's no reason for the government to stop abusing us and taking our money.
This whole global warming thing is just another device to get everybody to accept global government.
To make do with less so the government can have more, to surrender more taxes for carbon offsets.
It's all about creating a new crisis with which to manipulate the people and take the money.
And it's going to keep getting worse and worse until somebody, until the people say, stop, we've had enough.
We want our freedoms back.
We want our lives back.
We want our money back.
And you know, we're, we're willing, you know, we're willing to do what's necessary to halt this slide into dictatorship.
But again, they're going to act like dictators and do it regardless, so we need to marshal our forces, grow our numbers now, knowing the bigger battle, and like Mike said, it's probably going to end up with dead cops all over the streets and troops.
I mean, it's just going to happen.
They're going to have to get their clocks clean, you know, to learn a lesson, and they're going to have to find out their black ski masks don't scare us, and they can get some of us, they can't get us all.
I'd rather the cops and military wake up and join us.
Yeah, I'm sorry to interrupt.
I keep hoping that the U.S.
government is basically going to go the way the U.S.S.R.
did, where it simply reaches a point of rotten corruption, that it simply collapses on its own ruin, and there's a minimum of bloodshed.
I really do hope for that, but I just don't see the American people putting up with this stuff for very much longer.
I mean, have you heard about the Texas scandal, where they literally just have mass rape rooms at every major facility?
Yeah, I heard about that.
And the governor's blocked you from doing anything.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, and Alberto Gonzalez, I think, was connected to that one already.
Oh, yeah, covering it up for years, you know.
Well, you know, I think this is sort of the younger Bush's version of the Franklin scandal, which affected the elder Bush's time in the White House.
And you begin to wonder if our leaders are acting the way they do because they really do have some serious personality problems.
And this gets back to that old saying that the problem with power is that it's going to attract the very people who shouldn't have it.
That's it.
That's exactly what the Founding Fathers said.
Let's go to Tony in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Thank you, Alex and Michael.
It's an honor to speak with both of you.
God bless you for what you're doing.
I just real quickly have a couple of
Friends of our family who work in a very powerful senator from the state of Nevada's state offices here, and they told us about a week and a half ago that Blair and Bush were going to use the hostages, the so-called detainees, whatever, 15 British sailors that have been picked up as a reason, they were trying to use it as a reason to hit by Good Friday Iran, and then they said
That was the primary reason, though there's many reasons, well on Wednesday of last week anyway, Blair came out and said in 48 hours we're going to take it up another notch.
But they said that was the primary reason for Pelosi's trip to Israel, to Syria, to get Syria to put pressure on Iran to release those hostages before Good Friday, and that's exactly what happened.
I was just wondering if any of your sources state she was there for multiple reasons, but to use pressure
We heard that from a lot of different quarters and a lot of different sources, and Italian and Russian newspapers reported that a week before all of that even broke.
Michael Rivero, comments?
Well, my comment about that is because Bush wanted to use the Iran sailor situation
As a pretext for war, I'm not sure I would buy this idea that Pelosi was sent in there to pressure Syria to get Iran to release... Yeah, because Israel wants war, and she's bought and paid for by AIPAC.
Yeah, and Bush wants the war, so for both those reasons, and certainly Pelosi is a Bush supporter.
She's kept impeachment out of the Congress so far.
Yeah, let me just say, most of these staffers you're going to find, even at a senatorial level, know which lobbyists they work for and what bills to write.
Most of them aren't that widespread.
They don't have general, widespread knowledge.
Most of them have specific, limited, detailed knowledge, whereas Mike Rivera and myself, we go for wide-spectrum analysis.
Correct, Mike?
Yes, absolutely.
We're trying to maintain the overview.
That's why I wanted to ask your guys' opinion on that, because I was just curious and wondering what y'all had heard, and we've got to get behind Ron Paul, and I would call just every program you can and try to get in there and pretend to say something else, and as soon as you get in, push Ron Paul, because they're fearful.
That's why they're trying to get Fred Thompson, or if we even can get to another election, which we need to pray about, because like you guys, I feel the breath of the New World Order on the back of my neck.
I don't even think they want to get it to another election, but that's why they're moving the primaries in all the major states.
To the forefront, because they don't want you, like a Ron Paul, to be able to get his voice out.
Paul, there's no doubt that move to California with the primaries is meant to block out third-party or dark horse or populist upstarts.
Mike, comment on that?
Yeah, absolutely.
With the massive exposure of vote fraud that we're seeing, they're having to go to other methods to try and lock out the non-approved candidates.
I think this last November,
uh... sent a real strong message that the american people if they do decide to vote with one voice and one purpose that they can in fact overcome the vote fraud so they're basically trying to reshape the electoral process where the only possible choices are already pre-approved by the corporate and uh... various other foreign interests and it is definitely an attempt to lock out third parties
All right.
I appreciate your call.
You know what?
Mike, stay with us five more minutes.
I want to come back and jam in two or three more calls on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
Mike Rivera is our guest.
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Don't just treat
We're good.
The Fisherman says it's the end of time and the Mississippi River she's a-goin' dry.
The interest is up and the stock market's down and you're only gettin' mugged if you go downtown.
I live back in the woods, you see.
A woman and the kids and the dogs and me.
I've got a shotgun, a rifle, and a four-wheel drive, and a country boy can survive.
Country folks can survive!
All right, welcome back.
All right, let's go through a bunch of your calls with Michael Rivera quickly.
Tim in Michigan, you're on the air, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Mike, nice to talk to you too.
Thank you.
I just want to mention, I actually saw William Rodriguez this weekend.
What a great man.
I just wanted to mention that.
I urge anybody in the Michigan area to go to A2Planet.com.
You know, like you said Alex, this isn't a cool club.
This is really a race against time.
And you know, people have lost their jobs speaking out against the news.
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
And, uh, you know, Defeat the New World Order is on MySpace right now.
If you go to that, you know, Rupert Murdoch's MySpace, we know all about that.
Um, Meetup.org's coming soon.
Um, I'm also giving away DVDs, Terror Storm, uh, Freedom to Fascism.
Just contact me at DefeatTheNWO at MyWay.com.
I got DVDs given away for free.
And I'm also using marketing experience to send out 9-11 inside job flyers and mass mailers all around the Michigan area.
Good to hear from you.
Good job.
Keep it up.
You know, that's the exciting thing, Michael Rivero, is the grassroots has been unleashed.
That is the whole point of all of this, is to get everybody talking.
And the more you talk, the more you give other people courage to talk.
Tony in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes sir, it's an honor to talk to you gentlemen, and it's an honor for the millions of listeners to be listening to what I'm going to say.
I have a message of hope.
Now we are in desperate times, but I have a message of hope.
I'm from Mississippi.
Yes, country folks can survive by God's grace.
And as long as you're doing what God has put in your heart to do, you've won the day.
As long as you walk in the path that God has prepared for you, nothing can deter you.
Now, whether you wake up on, whether it's Ruby Ridge, Waco, 9-11, or the coming atrocities that they have in store for us, ladies and gentlemen, Alex, Mr. Rivera, God is going to bless our endeavors.
It's time, you know, and I just want to kind of reiterate some great things, you know, but this is a wonderful thing.
I mean, I'm sitting here thinking about this.
There's people all over the country right now at this moment who are being drawn by the truth.
And it's time for us to stand up and get in their face and say, look, now this is about freedom and this is about tyranny.
What are you going to choose today?
Because for me, in my house, we choose to follow the Lord and the Lord has blessed us
I think all of us right now in this moment have blessed us with the ability to see the truth.
I hear you, my friend, and it is a blessing to know the truth, and I appreciate your call.
Let's now go to George in Florida.
George, go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
You bet.
Even though I'm a previous caller, I am a Teamster truck driver.
Oh, there's that big... I should have talked about that more.
Tell folks about the big protests that are coming up.
You're supposed to be surrounding the state legislatures, the big truck strike.
And the thing is, I talk to people in my local, and they're pretty interested in Ron Paul, and there's not so much getting the national leadership more Ron Paul, it's going by local by local.
And I talked to my brother, he's a UAW, and he just found that UAW just sold out all its members to globalism, and of those union members, some of those big union bosses are on the same payroll as the politicians in the New World Order crowd.
Well, that's the problem.
The elite only has to buy up the central players.
That's why we have to reverse it, take control of the grassroots.
Yeah, absolutely.
Michael Rivero?
The problem with, you know, getting everybody collected into one group with a leader is that leader is very easy to corrupt, and the corruptors certainly have enough money and influence to do that.
I think so.
I was one of a handful, and things were very, very dangerous, and now there are thousands and thousands of blogs getting the truth out, and that is wonderful, because they can't buy us all off, they can't threaten us all off.
The truth is getting out there, and that's really what it's all about.
Michael Rivero, and to all the callers, thanks for calling in callers.
Mike, thanks for coming on.
I look forward to having you on for your monthly visit coming up next month.
You got it.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
God bless you, my friend.
There goes Michael Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com.
My websites are Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv, and JonesReport.com.
William Rodriguez is our guest coming up.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We are carrying a five-camera shoot production of the presentation that William Rodriguez gave last June in Los Angeles, and it brought so many people to tears.
We all pretty much unanimously agree, I know Charlie Sheen and myself, that it was the most powerful presentation that was given.
Of course, I got second place, ladies and gentlemen.
It doesn't really matter.
But the point is that it's extremely powerful, and we got a couple hundred copies of these, and those are going fast.
And William produced this himself.
It's very well done.
And our two cameras, and he had three cameras there.
He did a great job, and he lays, you know, he goes through 9-11, he goes through the tragedy, he goes through how he saved the people, and then how the cover-up's taken place, and how they try to use him.
It's a very poignant, important, well-done piece.
We carry it.
Fifteen dollars at InfoWars.com.
It's called What Really Happened on 9-11 by William Rodriguez.
Available at Infowars.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
And while you're on the site or calling the toll-free number, be sure and get America, Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo.
Be sure and get my new film Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror, and peruse all the discounts and specials.
Okay, going to William Rodriguez now.
This morning, I talked to him, and he'd just gotten back from his trip from New York to Michigan, and he'd been there defending Kevin Barrett, the professor who they've been calling for him to be fired, for him not to be able to give speeches, for him to have his... I mean, it's horrible.
You know what they do.
I need to be put in a camp.
Charlie Sheen needs to lose his job.
Mark Cuban needs to go to prison.
I need to die.
Rosie needs to be hung by the neck until she dies.
All of this is going on.
And we're sick of it.
We're tired of it.
And they love to use the first responders, the heroes like Willie Rodriguez.
They love to do all of this and they love to sit up there and use them and use their heroism to appropriate it under their own agendas.
And we're sick of it.
The majority of the families believe it's an inside job.
Bill Doyle, the head of the biggest victim group, has told you that on air.
Many others have come on air.
The majority of police and firemen, the vast majority I talked to in New York, know there's a cover-up.
Okay, so the New World Order is sitting on top of a keg of dynamite here, a keg of TNT, and let me tell you, there's fuses all over the place, and those fuses are already lit, folks.
The question is, will that keg of TNT go off and blow us to bits, or are we going to get in a position where this doesn't hurt us?
And now is the time to act.
So William Rodriguez joins us.
He also spoke to some of the family of one of the people on Flight 77.
And he did a really professional job, but I didn't talk to him after this morning.
He sent me this video clip he put together of a slideshow, so it made more sense to just cut out the questions that we're asking, you know, insert them ourselves, to make it have more brevity.
But I was unable to get that in time, so William's going to do it.
William Rodriguez, thank you for joining us.
Thank you, thank you.
It's a pleasure, like always, to be on your show, and a lot of things are happening here in the Tri-State area as well.
The presentation this weekend was amazing.
We have close to 300 people, full venue.
Tell folks about that.
Where you went, why you went, what happened.
Ann Arbor, of course, the site of Michigan State University, and what we were trying to do was, I heard
And read on one of the bloggers that Kevin Barrett was attacked by one of the survivors of the World Trade Center.
And when I read the whole story, it just started to clarify the sense of why the attack was happening.
It was brought in by the Jewish Republican Union.
from his university while he was away.
He wasn't even at the university.
He was doing a speech, a conference somewhere in another state.
And they just kind of put this together because they knew he wasn't going to be there to debate this guy.
And what basically this guy is doing is he's going on a speaking tour, you know, promoting a book.
And he's a survivor from the 50-something floor and basically attacked Mr. Barrett directly.
And what we have here was an attempt by this organization to discredit these men.
But again, you know, you're going to have, of course, the victims that do not agree with what we're doing, but the majority agree with what we are trying to do to look for the search for the truth.
And so I got so angry that I said, well, how come they never call me this group?
And of course, because they wanted to attack Mr. Barrett.
So I said, no, I'm going to take it upon myself to go over there and try to do something.
And what little do we know is that so many people were so upset that they started to call for the possibility of an argumentation and debate forum.
And they brought Mr. Kevin from UL Laboratory and Kevin Ryan.
And they put together this debate and invited the youth of the Republican Party, they invited all the groups that supposedly attack us constantly, and they didn't show up.
We had an empty seat, and what happened was that Mr. Barrett and Mr. Kevin Ryan had to do the debate themselves.
And it was funny because just to see Mr. Kevin Ryan playing the devil's advocate,
Made it more of an interesting event for the day.
After that I spoke and little did I know that in the front of the audience, sitting in the front seat, was a family from the flight 177, the plane that hit the South Tower.
And they were totally moved by the presentation and the support was overwhelmingly positive.
And that's what we came
Now tell us specifically about who this family is, who this woman and man are that you then talked to and who they had that was family on Flight 77.
Well, this is John and Bev Titus.
They lost their daughter.
Her daughter was Alicia Titus.
And if you play the clip, you could hear the first question that I asked is, can you please tell us, what do you think of William Rodriquez's presentation?
And this is what they said.
Okay, network, go ahead and play that and then leave William's audio up.
He's going to speak and ask the question so it's more condensed, so it makes sense.
Leave it running.
Yeah, yeah, just leave it running.
Here it is.
I thought he did an incredible job of telling the facts, giving us some insight from the inside of the towers, portraying it in such a strong and powerful emotional way, and with the evidence to back it up, that it was beyond credible.
It was incredible.
It's something that we've been looking for the answers for a long time and to hear people that were there that knew what was going on helps us in some of the, in our grieving.
Who do you lose on 9-11?
Alicia was killed on the second plane that hit the South Tower.
So we've been dealing with her own grief and we felt Mr. Rodriguez's pain as well and we know that
That he's dealing with some of the same issues that we are.
Yeah, let me ask you the question everybody has in their minds.
As an affected family member of 9-11, do you support us and Mr. Rodriguez's search for the truth on what we're trying to bring out for the families?
That'll be our lifelong quest is to try to find the truth of September 11th and what's really the real story behind it because we know that what we've been given is only a glimpse of it and distortions of it.
My daughter deserves better than that.
Where was your daughter on 9-11?
She was a flight attendant on Flight 125.
I feel five years later that it's still very difficult for me to wrap my mind around that Alicia was killed and that there are still no answers to so many questions that we have and we've not been given the truth.
And that we're going to continue to search and support people that are out there asking the same kinds of questions and demanding the truth.
Yeah, for us it's a loss that will never end.
I mean, each day we feel the pain and the sadness from the loss of our daughter who is
Very important in our lives and it's it doesn't you know we have moments where we can feel joy but the pain is always there it follows you around the sadness in our family we feel it whenever we have family get-togethers and family is very very important to us.
We ask them how they feel five years after and this is what they answer.
She was like a best friend as well as a daughter.
And I know her and Bev were... She used to call her almost every day and tell her about what was going on in her life.
I mean, it was... Even though she traveled all over the world, she was very, very connected with us.
And still is, but... The loss is great.
And the last words after the interview was these ones.
We want to thank Mr. Rodriguez for all he's doing to bring out the truth because it's very important to us.
Wow, that is amazing.
In fact, I think we might just at the end of the show, in the last five minutes, re-air that with just you at the first, William, you know, asking three or four questions up front and then just playing it.
Uh... there because that is that is so amazing another family going public another family who's been doing their own investigation went and heard your talk and then you know finally went public here obviously you've got that video are you going to be encoding that and and uh... and uh... putting it out.
I will place it on my website in a day or two.
The interview is really long.
Are we just going to put the one that you just played?
Sure, what website is that?
911keymaster.com or William911.com
That's easier to remember.
William911.com and of course we've got links right now up on InfoWars.com to your main site there.
Basically what we're going to do, we're going to re-edit everything.
Actually I did a long interview because I'm going to many, many of the families and recording them on their views and also to support me on some of the things.
I'm putting my gloves on.
I'm fighting a lot of the people out there that are attacking us.
I'm putting together the support from the families and what you will see is one of the future release of another video that we are putting together that of course we're going to make available to you.
You know I love the way you put that though.
You say I'm putting the gloves on me and you're getting in the ring with them but I guess in Texas we say we're taking the gloves off but bottom line William Rodriguez is taking the gloves off.
I'm fighting back and I'm fighting with all the strength that I can to expose these people, people that supported us in the beginning as well and then attacked us.
I'm just going and just protecting, protecting what we're trying to do here.
And what we have here also is a full... I want to talk about so many things, but they're confidential.
So it looks like that's on for this week then?
Hopefully, yes.
If not, next week?
Well, you know, it's some mixed communications of what we're doing, but hopefully something will happen this week.
Well, if I know this individual, we're going to see something sooner rather than later, because they just can't, you know, they're like us, they want to charge in.
Yes, yes, correct, correct.
But the other thing is, like I said, I've seen a lot of activism.
Tomorrow here in New Jersey, in the Journal Square area of Jersey City, there's going to be a huge, huge rally for the truth.
It's going to go through three different stations from the Port Authority.
And they are going to demonstrate there, so it starts at one o'clock in Journal Square, then they're going to go at three o'clock to Grove Street, and they're going to finish in an area called Exchange Place.
These are all three places from the PATH station that belongs to the Port Authority of New York, and they are going to demand the truth to be told.
So that's the big train that goes out of New Jersey into New York?
Oh yes, that's exactly the same one, yes.
Been on that many times.
Now, William,
I mean, obviously this is why you're doing interviews with victims, but you didn't even know they'd be there.
But that is really a good idea, to counter these neocons, is to make a whole film just with victims like yourself, and also heroes, saying, we know it's an inside job, we know it's an inside job, we know it's an inside job, but then I guess the Fox News and others will still just ignore that, but at least we can get it out to the people going, look,
You know, the victims don't believe the official story.
They know it's an inside job, many of them.
Because, I mean, we talked about this last time you were on.
It makes me sick at my stomach watching the very killers use those they killed and their families to make themselves look like heroes.
But it's got to feel good to you now to see people fighting back like this family.
And again, it's Joan Titus, and what's the husband's name?
The wife is Beverly, Bev.
Okay, Beverly.
Go ahead and dig it out, it's okay.
John and Bev.
John and Bev, okay.
John and Bev Titus.
And their daughter was... By 177, that was the flight that hit the South Tower.
Alicia Titus, right?
Okay, I've got it all written down in the other room, but of course I don't have my notes in front of me, sorry.
But Alicia Titus, did you get their phone number, William?
Because I'd love to get them on.
I have all the information, and not only that, we actually are going to put something big, uh, we are talking about 400 families, so we are- Oh my god.
Yes, and that's some of the big news that we are putting, uh, on-
Well, we cannot talk too much about it because, you know, the people of the powers that be will try to preempt whatever we are trying to do.
That's why you have, I mean, I sent several emails to the people from O'Reilly and these both folks won't even have me on the show because he knows that I will go face to face with him and, you know, the first question that I will ask him, were you there?
Were you there?
How can you speak about something you have no experience whatsoever on what happened on that day?
Very simple.
And let's see what he responds.
Well, he's not stupid, you know.
O'Reilly used to be anti-New World Order.
We've got a bunch of clips of him from JFK to the Illuminati, and he really sold out.
That makes him even worse.
You know, and the other thing, I mean, a news aside was that I just read an article that says a professor who criticized Bush was added to terrorist no-fly list.
Oh yeah, that's mainstream news, yeah.
That's in a law journal, yeah.
Yeah, it's incredible, but you know what?
Welcome to my world.
Remember, I'm a recognized personality and hero by both governments, and I have been put on the same no-fly list.
I am on the no-fly list for more than two years.
And it's funny because people don't understand it.
Sometimes they stop me in the airport, put me in a room, and they ask me, we don't understand why you're on this list.
People that recognize me from television.
They said, how can they put you on this list?
You're such a recognized person for what you did on 9-11.
They said, well, there you go.
I talked against the administration and what they have done to eliminate the civil rights and how they have used 9-11 as an agenda for propaganda, and they put me right there.
I'm probably on the top of the list.
And for those who don't know, they ransacked your bags.
Frankly, I'm on it, folks.
They lose them every time if you're even able to get on the airplane.
And then they put my family on the list, but I don't like to give them attention.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm is a definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Look at your young men fighting Look at your women crying Look at your young men dying The way they've always done before
Let's go.
Look at the hate we're breeding.
Look at the fear we're feeding.
Look at the lives we're leading.
The way we've always done before.
Welcome back.
You know, we don't have time to play that again, but we did play it.
I've got the raw audio file.
We're gonna post it.
We'll post it with the questions that William did ask, that we even had a little computer slideshow we put together, so we'd know the questions.
Really nice of him to do that.
William, it's got to be encouraging though, because Gandhi did say that first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.
And they are in the major attacking phase right now, and the truth is coming out, and time is on our side.
Do you think they'll try to stage another 9-11 to smokescreen the fact that we're exposing them on the last attack they carried out?
As we get closer to the truth, that's exactly what's going to happen.
It's their modus operandi, and they need to basically bypass the attention of the world to something new.
They need to keep people on their toes.
And exactly what you said, they will need to stage something new.
I believe that.
Now, you went down to Venezuela, and then just a few weeks after you guys were there and you talked to the head of the parliament and got your info to the president, he went public saying 9-11's an inside job.
You know, we here in the U.S., the majority believe there's a cover-up, and the majority of that majority inside job.
But overseas, you've been all over the world, from England to East Asia.
What's going on?
What percentage overseas know the truth?
It's incredible.
Everybody's just like... In the tour, for example, the last two tours that I have done, I probably received from hundreds and hundreds of audiences that I presented the information only to dissenting voices.
And that's incredible.
I mean, even by anybody's standards.
And the dissenting voice was usually somebody from the control media.
But from the audience, all I got was support.
Look, it's simple.
It's simple.
The bad guys have taken over America, and the bad guys always... You can go on for a long time, but sooner or later, God's going to cut you down.
And I think they've gone... I know they've gone too far.
Do you think, though, they're still full of hubris and arrogance and bravado?
And, you know, are still macho about this, William Rodriguez?
Or do you think the elite's starting to figure out they're in trouble?
They know they're in trouble, but they're still keeping their machismo stance because they think that nobody can take them out.
But they have a surprise coming.
Because once we start identifying people and whistleblowers, the problem with the United States is that they effectively eliminated the Whistleblower Act.
There is no way to protect anybody to come out publicly from the government and speak about crimes inside the administration.
I don't
But now the costs are so high, though, they're being forced to.
William, it's always great to have you on.
Thanks for spending time with us.
And there may be some big news this week or next week, and you'll be the first to tell us about it, and we'll be here to let everybody know about what's going on, because we're privy to the same info.
And so we'll be talking to you very, very soon, my friend.
His film, his presentation, available at InfoWars.com.
William Rodriguez, What Really Happened on 9-11.
Get it today.
William, talk to you soon.
You got it.
All the best.
We're going to write an article about it and get your audio up, okay?
Got it.
Good job, my friend.
God bless.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
Thanks for tuning in.
Thanks for taking action.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.