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Air Date: April 8, 2007
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He stands for what's right.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
Here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Easter Sunday, the 8th of April, 2007.
We'll be here for the next two hours, roughly.
We're going to have wide open phones at 877-590-5525.
That's 877-590-KLBJ.
Or, if you're listening to the station that this syndicated broadcast originates out of, all over Texas, the local number is 836-0590.
And we will get you up and on the air.
I tell you, most days I'm glad to go into a radio talk show.
It's very rare that I'm not chomping at the bit, and I'm on the radio six days a week.
I have a syndicated weekday show I've been doing now for about eight and a half, nine years.
But today I was really chomping at the bit, but then there's that problem.
There's so much to cover that I really can't do justice to it, but I will try my best and take time out to take your calls.
We'll be talking about colony collapse disorder.
I've had family that has been involved in ranching and farming and also a lot of industrial level beekeeping.
In fact, my uncle worked for a brand name that's one of the best here in Texas that a lot of you probably heard of.
And so I know a lot about beekeeping, or at least more than the general public, but I wasn't going to comment on it the last few months without doing some research.
So in the last couple weeks, I've probably spent, because I found it to be fascinating, 10 hours.
10 hours in-depth reading CDC reports, reading zoology reports from Russia, China, Germany, the United States.
And I'm concerned.
In fact, it's pretty darn scary.
So we'll be talking about Colony Collapse Disorder today.
Probably spend 20 minutes on it.
I'm going to read some reports from the CDC, some interpartmental discussions that have gone on, and I'll read a basic synopsis of several studies.
that have been done with not just the decline but in the state of Texas alone over seventy percent of the wild and the domesticated honey bee colonies have disappeared and they're disappearing in a way that in the thousands of years of written tradition studying beekeeping it's it's one of the oldest agriculture sciences out there no one's ever seen this before they fly off and they don't come back
In the past, you know, colonies might get sick and then they would basically produce more queens and then that hive might die.
That's not happening.
They're just disappearing or they're dying out altogether, so we'll be going over that.
Meanwhile, the big banks and the big oil companies are financing the hysteria that you see from the Super Bowl with the fake neocon behavior, the fake conservative behavior, not supposedly conservative, to the Weather Channel and the public schools
And every other major publication, global government, global tax, global carbon tax, save us, save us from the deadly pollutant carbon dioxide.
Carbon dioxide is actually a life accelerant and produces a higher level of oxygen after it interfaces with the plants.
And we actually, all the big studies show, we want higher carbon dioxide.
We've had higher carbon dioxide in the past, but they're telling you something that's not a pollutant, is a pollutant, and telling you that the solution to global warming, which is going on, it's not man-made, is a global government.
And so you've got things like that that aren't real environmental crises, and then they've got serious issues like genetic engineering that the evidence is in, that's causing the honeybee, and
Many other species of insect have dropped dead en masse, as well as a lot of new problems in human beings.
But you're not going to find that outside scholarly reports, because the global government really could care less.
In fact, out of these crises that are going to be caused by it, they'll just offer you more solutions, and that's more of a micromanaged police state world.
So, we'll go over that for you.
Speaking of global warming being a fraud, here it is the front page of the Statesman today.
Here in Austin, that's our paper.
Record cold brings snow sleet to Central Texas.
And I have several articles around the country.
And as if the honeybee wasn't in deep enough trouble now, it was springtime across the nation.
It's now wiped out what was left of the honeybees, a large portion of them.
So, I have reports on that, of course, as well.
The government's trying to spin now that the honeybees have all died because of cold weather that just came in the last 48 hours.
So, nice spin for you.
Also, news on Iraq.
One in the stack I have there.
Iraqis flocked to the city for anti-US war protests.
Another one, London Telegraph.
Five more years in Iraq, say defense papers, for the US and British troops.
Of course, the real defense papers say that they're never going to leave.
Permanent bases built for at least 30 years, and then a puppet governorship put in 30 years from now.
So that'll be 26 years.
A little under 26 years.
But on the nightly news, you'll hear a completely different story, of course.
That's for your general consumption.
If you'd like to actually go read Pentagon documents, you'll learn they never plan to leave.
The troops are never planning to go home.
They lie to the troops, the American people.
But you like to be lied to, so go ahead.
Vote for global government and a global tax.
That won't save you.
And let the honeybees die.
And just eat your GMO food.
Doesn't matter how many top scientists and reports show that it's killing humans as well as bees.
Just eat up!
Also, huge news broke in the last week.
I heard about it.
I knew E. Howard Hunt had died.
I already had stacks of photographs of him in the Dallas arrest report.
He got picked up up there as one of the commanders of the CIA hit team in Dallas.
LBJ's lawyer I've interviewed go public about him saying, you know, that the government was involved.
Or I can interview the president's mistress before she died, or I can interview all these people and have all the experts on.
And now over 90% of Americans know the government killed Kennedy.
But now E. Howard Hunt's handwritten notes that he wrote three years ago, the last time they thought he was going to die, his son St.
John went and got these from him, and now they have the handwritten notes.
He also talked to Kevin Costner about it.
And, yeah, about being the head of the shoot team.
They had five teams.
The first team got him.
If they didn't get him, they were going to get him down the road and all the way back to the airport.
They were going to claim that communist guerrillas attacked him.
And if they had to, they were going to have planes dropping bombs on the president.
I mean, because they're not going to start an attempted hit and have it fail.
You know, that's how that works.
I mean, they had U.S.
military troops in the air above the city.
It was a full go-go-go-go-go, as the head of Black Ops, Fletcher Prouty, later exposed.
But we will go over that.
It's the last confessions of E. Howard Hunt, the cover of Rolling Stone.
I was sitting with my parents yesterday morning to dye Ishtar eggs.
And we were in there dying Ishtar eggs for the fertility ritual.
And, oh, I'm going to talk about that later.
They're banning Easter at a lot of the schools saying it's Christian.
No, it's not Christian.
So don't feel bad, liberals.
I know you're a bunch of atheists, but your pagan brethren before you have replaced every Christian holiday with, you know, Santa Claus, the elf, the druidic elf, and Easter in Babylon, Ishtar, and of course going back before that into
Other areas was symbolized by a fertility and the rabbit.
See, Playboy got it.
You have to understand.
The rabbit's the symbol of, I guess, productivity, of sex, of fertility.
And so, now, listen, I'm a Christian, but I'll get criticized by Christians who do want to worship Iskar and then not admit they're doing it.
Me, I'm conscious of what it is, and dying eggs is no big deal, and you know, kids like it.
But I can be honest about it, so we'll later talk a little bit about that.
But side issue, I was dying Ishtar eggs, Easter Ishtar, rabbit eggs, ladies and gentlemen.
There's actual Sanskrit with a little egg and the rabbit.
Weird thing.
Enjoy it.
It's what your Masonic preachers tell you.
Get it over with.
When you go in and they have you do it, they are laughing, man.
Because that's the dominant religion in the elite in America, is the Masons.
Of course, the low-level Masons believe they're worshiping Jesus.
They never get above the 32nd or even 33rd.
There's 360 degrees.
They don't want to actually worship the Black Dragon.
He's a very friendly fellow.
Alright, sorry.
So we've got all that for you.
I'm going to go over it all.
I've got news about terror drills.
They put guns to kids' heads until they wet themselves in the public schools.
And they scream, we're Christians, we're going to kill you.
That's mainstream news.
We have good news.
The North American Union is being thrown out by more states.
And look, it's all coming up today.
PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com are the websites.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
Stay with us.
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You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
I'm going to blast through a bunch of your calls right now, then I'm going to detail the Iraq news, the new JFK assassination news,
Yeah, one of the top guys from Watergate.
One of the top CIA spooks, right through the guy that ran Bay of Pigs and was fired by Kennedy.
The guy that was photographed in Dallas being picked up as the Tramps.
You see these guys in these sharp suits with these cheap-looking overcoats over them, being marched out by the police all on a staged event.
And, oh!
He told us what we already knew.
Surprise, surprise!
He was the commander of the shooters killing
JFK, 43 years ago, just north of me.
I mean, look, can you imagine the day it comes out on 9-11?
They'll have the operators just, oh yeah, we carried it out, it's for your own good.
Government loves you, give them all your rights.
So we'll be going into that, and colony collapse with the bees and the Iraq news, and I've just got a bunch of other wild news here in front of me.
Plus, it's one of the biggest stories in the country.
I mean, it's all over CNBC and
CNN and it's everywhere.
Fire Rosie O'Donnell for reviews on 9-11 being an inside job.
Bill O'Reilly screaming, it's huge, it's huge.
Of course, we told you before it even broke she was going to go public.
Let me tell you, she's going to probably do something big this week.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
She comes back from vacation.
I'm already digressing.
Let's just go ahead and go to your calls.
Let's go ahead and go to Florida in Miami and talk to LMS.
You're on the air, LMS.
Yeah, Mr. Jones.
Hello, how are you doing?
How are you doing, Mr. Jones?
First things first, I just want to thank you for just keeping up the fight of giving people the most basic, human, and most important right they have, which is the right of information and knowledge and knowing the truth.
I want to thank you for that first off.
Well, I mean, I relish unlocking minds.
I relish exposing people to the fact that they are slaves so that they can psychologically cease to be slaves, and that's where it all begins.
Exactly, and believe me, down in Miami, we're doing our part for that fight.
We're doing our part to keep people informed and to educate people on what's going on.
And the reason I called today was for two things.
The first thing I wanted to touch on, and I wanted to remind people, was if they don't learn from history, they are doomed to repeat it.
And with that, I'm bringing up a man by the name of Terrence Yickey.
Now, for those that don't know, Terrence Yickey was a hero of a cop.
He was an officer at the Oklahoma City bombing.
Well, he was cop of the year, and he was built like an NFL linebacker.
He was a black man, and he was on the detective squad, and he won cop of the year.
He'd already been on the top couple of cops there in Oklahoma City before that, and he went in and hauled out more than 15 people physically, really hurt his back doing it, dragging full-grown men and women out of the building.
And, uh, the BATF came up, he said, I mean, because he was right on the street when the bomb went off, and they were in their bomb gear, and he said, how did you know?
And the BATFs looked up and said they'd been warned not to come in that day.
So he got on the investigation, and he called his partner, going to the storage building where they hid the evidence, because the chief had told him to get off the case, and he said, I'm getting followed by some feds.
They took him out, tortured him to death, shot him in the back of the head twice.
I've interviewed them.
They ruled it a suicide.
They ruled it a suicide, even though he slit his own jugular vein twice.
And then dragged his own body a mile and then shot himself in the head at a downward angle.
I wanted to bring that up and thank you for educating people because people need to understand that, you know, it's not just innocent civilians that are getting murdered by these people.
It's people that are willing to stand up and take a fight and it's heroes.
And people need to understand that there is strength in numbers.
And the more people that rise up together, I mean, they can't kill all of us.
They can not.
There's simply too many of us.
Well, people ask why I'm not dead all the time, and it's because there are too many of us now.
And I'll find it interesting, you know, within a few days of E. Howard Hunt dying, one of the main shooters who was in federal prison for killing federal judges, Charles Harrelson, who was photographed there at the scene as well with the tramp, with E. Howard Hunt, notice he suddenly died in his jail cell within days of E. Howard Hunt.
We've now gotten a report that one of the other shooters suddenly died right after Hunt went public.
I mean, they are.
Anybody he listed as shooters, man, boom, dead.
I mean, they're whacking shooters.
And some of these guys are in jail for being shooters.
Charles Harrelson.
He's got a famous son.
And his son is a fan of the show.
And his son says his father was innocent.
I just wanted to say I appreciate what you're doing.
I don't know if you've heard the book or not.
It's Confessions of an Economic Hitman.
Yes, by Mr. Perkins.
I've interviewed him about three times.
It's a great book.
I'm about halfway through it.
He worked at the international banking level, going in with a CIA handler to blow out third world economies.
Yeah, it's really old-minded, like I said, but especially about the Iran situation, what they're really trying to pull is, you know, it's clear to me that they're only about... There are less than 10 countries that don't have the private central banks in control.
Basically, the new world order shows up and says, you will let private banks masquerade as your government and issue your currency and own you, or we will send in smart bombs.
Then they actually tell them, you will let us run you or we'll smart bomb you.
It's just, like I said, it's really old-minded.
What else opened your eyes in the book?
Just the casual nature of how it's all done.
Right out in the open.
See on the nightly news it doesn't exist and then the elite publish their own autobiographies and their own policy documents are public saying we're all slaves, they're taking over, ha ha ha.
Yeah, it's crazy.
I really think that, you know,
We need to start getting a little more aggressive with these people.
Well, I'm trying to be aggressive.
I'm trying to get other people to be aggressive.
I hear you, my friend.
I really appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead now and talk.
It's a Catch-22.
If I don't go quick and speed over you folks, nobody will get on.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark in Austin.
Mark, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I'm from the UT student group, PMAC, and I'm calling to give some publicity to the conference that we're having this weekend.
You mean next weekend?
This coming weekend.
And I'm the keynote speaker, and then Professor Steven Jones of Physics, exposing bombs in the buildings, is going to speak Saturday night after me.
And the thing's got 550 seats.
Believe me, you're not going to need publicity.
Okay, well, I just thought more people would like... Oh, no, no, I'm glad you're plugging it.
I'm just saying.
I mean, it's going to be something else.
Yeah, and we appreciate your help in getting the word out.
So it's 14th and 15th.
All day and into the night on Saturday and then starting at 10 a.m.
on Sunday.
And you can get information on the conference at pnacitizen.org.
Now did you say it's going Friday too?
No, not Friday, just 14th and 15th.
Fantastic man, appreciate your call.
And I'm going to have some folks on the weekday show as well talking about that.
No, it's just that
I didn't even plug that I was going to go to UT, and for like a day or two I did, and there were a thousand people packed the hall in the big banquet hall.
They turned away hundreds.
And if you're going to have a big event with Stephen Jones coming in, Webster Tarpon and myself, folks, you'd better have your 500, you'd better be lined up hours before it opens Saturday, I'll tell you right now.
They're going to have an overflow room for like 200 and something, but they're all worried about promoting it.
Give me a break.
I'm worried about promoting it, frankly.
I mean, please.
If we could get 3,000 people in there, no problem.
No problem.
That's the kind of crowds we get now.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back, especially here in our home base, in the Resistance Capital against the New World Order.
Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com are the sites.
We're going to come back.
I'm going to hit colony collapse disorder with the honeybees.
Then we're going to go to more of your calls and get into a ton of other news.
Stay with me.
We're good to go.
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Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
We're live, my friends.
It is Easter, April 8, 2007.
And we've got a full hour and a half left here.
I know we have loaded phone lines at 877-595-5255 or locally in Central Texas.
If you're listening to our home base, the mothership KLBJ-590AM.
Again, I want to thank all the new affiliates picking up the show.
Some new ones about to be turning us on.
I need to plug and thank them.
To all our MNFM affiliates, thank you.
Huge listenership on the internet at InfoWars.com, JonesReport.com.
PrisonPlanet.tv and of course we're also on WWCR 100,000 Watt Global Shortwave out of Nashville, Tennessee with the World Outreach huge response there as well.
I want to thank that fine station for picking us up.
Boy, I tell you, there's no way to do this justice.
This is such a big issue.
I've spent probably 8-10 hours the last few weeks studying this.
I already knew quite a bit about it.
And the reason I was spurred to at least spend some time today on this is because the Associated Press and CNN and ABC News have all done pieces and they go, well gee, Willie Willikers, we don't know why 70% of the bees are dead in Texas and 60% nationwide in the U.S.
Gee, we don't know why they're dropping dead.
Some people think it's the might, or the weather, or GMO crops, or maybe it's the... Well, actually, we do have a good idea of what's doing it.
Number one, there are all sorts of different types of pesticides that have been used, and are being used, domestically, and all the chemical treatments and the rest of it, and that is causing a serious problem.
There's no... I mean, people weigh, you know, chemicalize more than is needed.
I'm not saying restrict it, because you do that, there'll be certain avenues of government that will try to shut down agriculture altogether.
But we need to look for cleaner ways to do this, and more organic.
Now understand here, ladies and gentlemen, global, man-made global warming is a complete fraud.
Literally 95% of the environmental groups you see are criminal organizations that steal farmers and ranchers' lands and to get water rights.
They're funded by big banks, big money.
You ought to go to a smart growth conference.
I mean, they openly say it's big business, nothing to do with the earth.
They're laughing.
I mean, it's like being in an Al Capone meeting.
I went to, the first one I went to was in 98 in Austin, Texas, and it was like 5,000 people there at the convention center, and I thought I'd entered some type of mafia zone.
They were just laughing.
Of course it's about money!
Of course we're taking all the property!
Ha ha ha!
I mean, I shot video of that we put on the local cable channel.
It blew me away.
So I need to explain and make it clear that, see, this is what happens.
This is how problem reaction solution works.
The government and these top 50 or so global corporations are bigger than most governments.
They care about nothing but the bottom line.
They are involved in just unbelievable evil things on a thousand fronts.
And there's cold, hard data environmentally showing that they're committing these crimes.
But nothing's done.
So everybody gets real upset about the environment.
People deep down know there's a problem with the Earth, with Spaceship Earth.
That's what we are, folks.
This thin layer of life that lives on the surface and a few miles of breathable atmosphere above us and the seas.
And people know there's a problem.
Twenty years ago, in the Gulf of Mexico, you could catch your limit every time and you'd see a hundred shrimp boats on the horizon.
Now there's three shrimp boats on the horizon and it's hard to catch fish.
When my dad was little, out on shrimp boats with family that had shrimp boats and stuff, we'd go visit.
There were thousands of shrimp boats.
Yes, just everywhere.
You'd haul in
Giant fish almost every time you throw your line in.
I mean, there's simple things that we don't need the government to tell us to know there's some problems going on.
And then there are solutions to that and ways to deal with that.
See, I want to get into the colony collapse, but I've got to set the table here or it won't make sense.
Billions, not millions, billions of gallons of contaminated water filled with nickel, cadmium, heavy metals, mercury, lead, arsenic.
Just type in government dumps three million gallons of nerve gas in the Delaware River.
I mean, you can't make stuff up.
Just type it into Google.
I did that a couple years ago.
Killed everything.
I didn't care.
Nuclear reactors dumped off course in North Carolina, off coast.
Type in Army dumps nerve gas stocks in Atlantic.
And they're still doing it, by the way.
The government does whatever it wants and then runs around regulating and taking ranches and farms and harassing people and all these new environmental crimes.
I mean, you're talking about in Europe going to jail for some oil on the ground, or you drop a battery in your backyard, a little battery.
We're talking a couple years in prison.
Meanwhile, hundreds of genetic engineering firms, bioengineering firms, are wildly on assembly lines, cross-species chimeras.
I've interviewed Nobel Prize winners, top scientists.
You know, it comes out in major publications that, oh, they made a pig that's 15% human, and it gave rise to a super virus, and we don't know what to do.
And, oh, the Texas company, Protegene, in 97 locations, planted live corn that grows live HIV in it, and bees picked it up and spread it to other corn.
And, well, the government, I mean, literally, this was five years ago, sent in guys.
It was on environmental websites and government sites in spacesuits!
They didn't stop it, it spread!
Okay, it spread!
I mean, thousands of these.
There's no way for me to even cover it.
I can't even tell you how bad it is.
And meanwhile, Al Gore's running around with Dutch Rochelle propaganda, that's oil company propaganda.
They want a global tax on fuels.
They're behind it.
Then they come out publicly and decry it while they're funding it and funding peak oil scams.
It is amazing how sophisticated they are.
And then the young, you know, 15, 20-year-old whatever comes to your door and knocks on it, the college student and wants money for Greenpeace or money for Nature Conservancy or money for
Sierra Club, all for land-grabbing, all for restricting human development, all for government control.
Meanwhile, there's up a nerve gas in the ocean and cross-BC engineering, and they've got German university studies, they've got zoological insect studies, they've got Chinese studies, they've got French studies, they've got American studies, they've got CDC studies, and I've got the things all right here in my hands.
And I could read these till the end of the show in an hour and twenty minutes from now.
I mean, it is unbelievable.
Here's the AP.
Disappearing bees stump beekeepers.
See, that headline isn't a lie.
It's stumping the beekeepers.
It's not stumping the scientists.
But, God, let's not go scare the public.
Let's not go ask them.
Here's another one.
European bees also taking a nosedive.
So, here's Colony Collapse Disorder.
I've got reports, BBC, British Government, CDC reports.
Let me just read over a synopsis of some of these reports for you, okay?
Just let me start going over this here for you, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, well, you know what?
Let me set the table here.
Remember Starlink corn six, seven years ago got into the big bins?
And for those who don't know, you know, farmers generally can't own their own giant grain elevators and hoppers.
Those big silos.
So people come and it's weighed at the end of harvest and it's dumped into that by the train track and the trains come and they dump it in the backs of the trains and they ship it off to the factories.
We're the breadbasket of the world, though now we import more food than we produce.
See, it's all about dependence.
No longer.
It's all about bankrupting the family farmer.
It's all about using federal regulators to shut them down.
Fake environmental laws that do nothing, while they're involved in Island of Dr. Maru, Mingala, crazy science fiction movie behavior that's already caused critical breakdowns in the biosphere.
And certainly the Earth will go on.
Life is resilient.
But I do like diversity.
I don't want to cause a bunch of things to go extinct.
I don't want to breathe genetically engineered wheat and corn pollen, which top studies are showing is causing all the allergies.
It's just adding to it.
My grandmother never had allergies.
She's 82 years old.
She's got them now.
Everybody I know's got them.
Everybody I know can't breathe, man.
Because there's no bees in Texas.
We're the worst in the country.
Over 70% gone.
They eat the pollen.
And trees respond when there aren't bees by producing more pollen.
So you're huffing it.
I've got studies on that.
And it's not just pollen.
It's genetic engineered.
When we get back, I'm going to go into this, ladies and gentlemen.
It is unbelievable.
But again, you're not going to hear all the phony environmental groups bringing their hands about this.
They're there to give you a fake solution, a global tax, that has nothing to do with the environment, when global warming is not man-made.
The ice poles on the planets in the solar system and Mars are melting!
It's absolute fact!
We'll be right back!
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We're good to go.
I think so.
Did you ever wonder how an opera singer that hits a high note is able to shatter a wine glass?
Well, the glass has a natural resonance.
If the resonant frequency force making the glass vibrate is big enough, the size of the vibration will become so large that the glass shatters.
Using this similar principle, Royal Raymond Rife discovered that diseased organisms can be destroyed using different resonant frequencies.
The BioSolutions Frequency Instrument
I think so.
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Let me just make a few more comments on this, and then I will get into the latest on colony collapse, honeybees, especially in the U.S.
dropping dead.
The U.S.
and Canada will do all the cross-species behavior.
When you hear a neocon on the air reading off their talking points, or a fake liberal,
And they only create the illusion of a debate and a fight going on.
It's staged.
It's a fake $3 bill.
They'll tell you, hey, George Washington Carver, a hundred and something years ago, cross-pollinated different species of potato and peanut and carrot and hundreds of things.
Why, that's just normal engineering.
That's like breeding your cows or breeding a different breed of dog.
Yeah, but you take the genetics that are in a dog and then you manipulate those within the genus of canine familiaris.
And you go for certain attributes within the genome you originally had.
It's the same thing with closely related species of peanut or potato or tomato.
It's still a tomato.
It's like a black man versus a white woman.
Or a Hispanic man versus an Asian.
Very similar genetics.
It's the same species.
There's just a different variety.
In fact, very small differences overall.
But you can take those and manipulate them.
But that's still within the species.
That's breeding.
That's hybridization.
And how many times I've heard neocons on air, you know, go, well it's just like, you know, well they've been doing this for thousands of years.
They have not been taking goats and making them 22% spider.
Garden spider.
Where their udders are spider spinnerets and produce body armor for special ops troops.
I was at Conan's Pizza a few years ago and this guy pokes me in the back and I turn around and he goes, Hey!
I took biology, you too, you're a liar.
There's no such thing as spider goats.
And I went, hey man, I'm just getting pizza.
He goes, well you need to defend your ideas.
I said, no I don't!
I talk about it on the radio, you can call in.
I said, I'm not even going to argue with you.
And I said, let me guess, you were in college, what, 20, 30 years ago?
Hey, Mac, things have changed.
Now get out of my face!
He was some big guy.
I thought he'd just punk me around.
That's not how it works, scumbag!
Excuse me!
You're the ignoramus!
And I didn't get mad that quick.
I said, why don't you go Google it?
Spider Goats.
It's been on CBS News everywhere.
And he just called me a liar.
And that's when I said, get out of my face.
So I know there's a lot of you out there conditioned.
You will say it doesn't exist.
I'm lying.
It doesn't.
Now, for those that know how to look something up, I'm going to continue.
I'm sorry, that just makes me mad!
Your ignorance, man!
Your wanton ignorance!
And you poked me in the back!
You're lucky I didn't, excuse me.
Now... I have a cough button for that.
Ah, there we go.
I've interviewed the top scientists.
I mean, guys that are making a couple million a year.
A bunch of them.
Who would be doing these internal studies and find, well, we made a new potato that has different insect genes and different bacteria genes.
It's cross chimera.
That's Greek for multi-gened animal.
The chimera has a head of a dragon, a head of a goat, and a head of a lion.
That's why they call it chimera.
And so it's these cross-species, and they take bacteria and put them in plants, then put the plant in a mammal, and then put the mammal back into a cockroach, and then put the cockroach into a pig, and then put the pig into a human.
Folks, I'm not kidding!
And then put that into a chimpanzee, and then put that into an embryo.
And that's the stuff they admit, because, I mean,
They'll do like 30, 40, 50, 60 different chain reactions to get this certain effect.
And the top scientists I've interviewed who gave up millions a year to tell the truth.
I mean, these are guys who were running it and they'd go public because it was being kept quiet.
According to them, yeah, you can go change the one thing you want and say make that tomato or that potato last three times as long and taste better and the bugs won't eat it because the bugs know something.
Or the bugs do, they get sick.
Here's an example, GMO crops, so many farmers, their pigs won't eat them.
You throw it down in the slop in front of them, the pigs, the cows won't eat it.
Because they can smell it, folks, their olfactory nerves are a lot better than ours.
That's the nerve for your nose.
For those public school educated like myself, before I educated myself after the programming.
I broke the conditioning, ladies and gentlemen.
I've set the table, and I cannot describe to you how bad it is.
They take potatoes, okay, and they feed them to guinea pigs, rats, mice.
They all die.
I mean, you don't have something that's going to live three, four years, five years.
It dies in six months on average.
And it caused mutations in the rats, which scientists didn't think was possible.
I mean, it was like the movies.
They were mutating in months themselves.
These were things different from cancer, which is a type of mutation.
This was just like the intestines doubling in size.
This was just all sorts of bizarre stuff going on with the rodents, uh, dying.
I mean, go pull it up!
Go read it for yourself!
Just like, potato test killed rats!
And then, they put it on the market!
We're eating it!
And they don't label it!
You say, well, yes they do.
Now they changed the law.
Something can be 75% GMO.
And they don't have to tell you now.
It's called organic.
I mean, this is hell on earth, ladies and gentlemen.
This is not hybridization.
So, so,
That's what's happening.
Now, with the honeybees, they have all of these crops that the honeybees pollinate.
And let me read from this report here put out by Cialis.com.
C-E-L-I-S dot com.
It's a compilation.
Every comment they make is a link to a government document or news report.
So, the best thing I found out there.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com right now.
George, just type into Google, European bees also taking a nosedive.
And I can't read the whole thing.
Now, Einstein
Einstein said, back in the 60's, that if the bee disappears off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years to live.
No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.
I don't know if it's that bad, because Einstein's... we shouldn't listen to him.
He's probably with Al-Qaeda.
But anybody who criticizes what the government's doing is evil.
But that's what Einstein had to say, and they talked to the German scientists, they quote a bunch of them here, zoologists,
As far back as 2005, Hayfecker ended an article he contributed to the Journal of Der Christischer, and it says, Critical Agriculture Report, with the Albert Einstein quote beginning it.
It says, mysterious events in recent months have suddenly made Einstein's apocalyptic vision seem all the more topical.
For unknown reasons, bee populations throughout Germany are disappearing.
Something that is, so far, only harming beekeepers.
But the situation is different in the United States, where bees are dying in such dramatic numbers that the economic consequences could be dire.
And I have an AP article today saying over 70% in Texas, gone.
Over half in the US, gone.
Wild bees, beekeepers, you name it.
I haven't been seeing any bees.
Have you?
I mean, when I was a kid, there were swarms of them.
They were all over the plants, everywhere.
No one knows what is causing the bees to perish, but experts believe the large-scale use of genetically modified plants in the U.S.
could be a factor.
Then you link it to the actual reports, and it's clear.
It's that.
That's a contributing factor.
It could be other things as a cocktail.
And then it goes into it.
It says, since last November the U.S.
has seen a decline in the bee populations so dramatic that it eclipses all previous indices of mass mortality.
Beekeepers on the East Coast of the United States complain that they have lost more than 70 percent of their stock since late last year, while the West Coast has seen a decline of up to 60 percent.
Again, AP says 70 plus in Texas.
In particular, worrisome, she says that the bees death is accompanied by a set of symptoms.
This is a zoologist who studies insects.
Which does not seem to match anything in the literature.
See, new stuff's happening that's never happened before.
And then it goes on, folks.
This is where it really gets scary.
Walter Hayfecker, the German beekeeping official, speculates that besides a number of other factors, the fact that genetically modified insect-resistant plants are now being used in 40% of cornfields in the United States could be playing a role.
The figure is much lower in Germany.
And it goes on, Heybecker recently sent a researcher at the CDC working group some data, and then it goes through a study done at the University of Genome, from 2001 to 2004, the researchers examined the effects of pollen from a genetically modified maize variant called Bt corn.
Now this is just one they looked at, and listen, it wasn't that that hurt them!
But it stripped their intestinal wall of its defensive coating, then the bacteria are able to kill the bees.
It goes on to say that.
These things all cause weird chain reactions.
It's unbelievable.
The bees are dying.
I know you don't care.
Who cares about the bees?
They're with Al-Qaeda.
I understand.
Just go listen to the neocons.
They'll tell you this is no big deal.
A gene from a soil bacterium had been inserted into the corn.
See, that's not George Washington Carver.
Let me say that again.
A gene from a soil bacterium, oh that's real smart, had been inserted.
Because see, you get the one change you want.
The bugs won't eat it now.
That is, many forms of insects won't.
The bees still will.
What do those bugs know?
The bugs are like, eww, not going to eat that.
And it makes the things, it does a bunch of stuff.
A gene from the soil bacterium had been inserted into the corn that enabled the plant to produce an agent that is toxic to insects.
Oh man, that's good for us to eat!
It's toxic to insects!
Remember when everybody got sick from Starlink when it got out here in the U.S.?
Doesn't matter now, it's in like 87% of varieties.
That's another thing.
This stuff is taking over all the other plant varieties.
They had a Monsanto back in 99 said that.
So we're just going to infect everything and then sue everyone claiming we own it.
By the way, if they infect your fields, they come and steal plants off your property and then sue you for them infecting your fields with their genetics.
You don't have to have some plant that's 100% theirs.
If it has 1% Monsanto genes, whether it's corn, canola, soybean, they take your property.
Ha ha ha!
Because they own the courts.
They literally finance the creation of the main court in St.
Louis, Missouri.
They actually run the court.
Ha ha ha ha!
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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That's right, and if you want to get involved on air, the lines have been filled as usual the entire broadcast.
You just wait until you hear me go to a call and complete that call and you can dial in and get into a line maybe.
Love to hear from you.
I know we've got
Antoine holding the longest.
We're going to get to you in a minute.
Vince, TJ, Ryan, Todd, Jimmy.
We're going to get to everybody.
Last hour I was talking about genetic engineering.
And cross-species is very dangerous.
Because it gives rise to super viruses, new bacteria, causes chain reactions in the food chain that can kill a lot of animals.
The honey bee, the European bee, as well as some of the domestic forms of bees,
uh... are disappearing are dying and uh... it's extremely serious it's happening all over the world where a lot of pesticides are used where this asian mice are introduced but it's being accelerated and they're finding a connection to total die-off where they've been exposed to just one type of Monsanto Bt corn
Now again, starling corn had been altered and caused serious illnesses in those that accidentally ate it.
Remember hearing about that?
I mean this stuff's really, really serious.
But humans are a lot bigger, a lot stronger.
A bee's kind of a canary in the coal mine.
And they pollinate things.
They allow plants to continue their reproductive cycles.
And not just the food crops, but everything from oak trees to flowers to the bluebonnets.
It's extremely serious, and it goes on to say that they found in different university studies, we have several here that found the same thing, and Der Spiegel's reported on it, the Chinese reported on it, it's been in some of our newspapers, but it's still not popularly known, and that is there's a clear link to the bacteria genetics they put into the corn, causing an autoimmune response, a lack of autoimmune response in the digestive tract of the bee.
For those that don't know, honey is bee vomit.
And the bees eat pollen and regurgitate it to store it for the winter.
So you need to understand folks that's also why there's so much pollen now.
70% of the bees gone.
I think it's more than that.
I mean, where are they?
I think I've seen like one bee since spring started.
In fact, I was outside my office, outside my house.
They've got those mountain laurel or lilac.
And I go out on the greenbelt and I'm looking for bees.
I'm looking for flowers.
Where are the bees?
When I was a kid, every flower had bees on it.
Where are they?
I think I've seen like one or two bees.
This is a big deal.
But meanwhile, please don't hear me talk about this.
And then when some 18-year-old college student
Knocks on your door and says, I'm here for the Nature Conservancy.
The earth is dying.
The salamander's in trouble.
Will you sign up to give us $50 a month to help get ordinances passed to protect our earth?
All they did was go and take farmers' and ranchers' land back in the mid and late 90s.
First, they wouldn't let them build on it or use it.
Then they sold it for pennies on the dollar.
Then they took the restrictions off and built five-star spas and million-dollar ranchettes.
Total fraud.
The environmental movement is a criminal group of degenerates.
Okay, I've studied them.
I know more about that than I know about genetic engineering.
I've interviewed all the experts.
I've seen the horrors.
I've seen what they do.
It's a land-grabbing, socialist group, bankrolled by the big banks.
And again, the low-level environmentalists, they mean well, folks.
But, they're taught, don't let highways be built, and restrict development, don't let people farm and ranch, and don't do this and that.
You see?
Instead of, don't dump nerve gas in the ocean, and don't cross species, and then have no idea what it's going to do, and just plant it in the open air.
If the Nature Conservancy knocked on my door, and was introducing legislation and lobbying, and said, we are trying to criminally go after protein gene for planting in the open air in 90 plus locations, live pharmacological corn that had live AIDS virus in it.
We, HIV virus.
Before you roll your eyes, go Google it!
There's a research farm they had right outside Austin.
I don't like... BREATHE IN IT!
So before you sit there and roll your neo-con, gun-grabbin', open-border-lovin' eyes at me, you're not real conservatives, just shut up!
And you go check out my claims.
And start getting on some real issues.
And for you stinking liberals, stop going off with the corporate media pushes and what they tell you is important.
They know you're concerned about the environment, so they con you with false avenues of getting something done.
I'm sorry.
I'm frustrated because I want to go to your calls too.
I'm done talking about the bees.
Just type colony collapse disorder.
Type bees into a search engine and just click news.
And go do a few hours of research.
No, but you're not going to do that.
You saw a video on the news this year of polar bears stranded on ice.
They can't swim.
They're going to die.
Polar bears can swim up to 300 miles.
They routinely swim 100 miles.
They go to ice flows to hunt whale.
They can haul in a beluga that weighs twice their size.
They're just the most powerful creature on the land I've ever heard of, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, you don't believe me?
Just type polar bear killing beluga into YouTube.
You'll get hundreds of clips.
My wife walks in and goes, what are you watching this horrible buddingness for?
I was doing research.
And I go, I heard they can haul in a beluga.
I didn't believe it.
You can watch one with one arm go, yeah, right into the water and just pull a beluga out.
A huge white whale and start gobbling it.
Oh, the boat can't swim.
No, it can just swim 300 miles in the Arctic Ocean.
I mean, you just, you just, the Earth, we better do something, do something.
Gobble water.
We're all dead.
The U.N.
proposes a carbon tax, Washington Post.
A new idea just came up.
Oh, no, I read it in U.N.
documents 12 years ago.
A carbon tax.
A tax on you, the global government.
That has nothing to do with polar bears.
Let me tell you what's dying.
The honeybees, ladies and gentlemen.
Not the polar bears.
Their population has exploded.
By the way, polar bears have been dug up as far south as Minnesota.
Their range was once much greater.
But their population now is larger than it was 50 years ago.
I'll just type that.
Don't believe me?
Type polar bear population exploding into Google.
Again, folks, this is what I do.
I check stuff out.
I mean, five, six years ago, you'd say, well, is global warming real?
I'd go, well, there's some climate change.
It looks like the sun's heating up.
By the way, since the sun has had accurate measurements the last 200 years, it's the brightest it's ever been.
The ice caps on Mars are melting.
I know I said that last hour.
I mean, they had frozen moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn that have now melted and have got methane oceans.
The whole solar system is heating up like gangbusters.
We're going to come back and do phone blitzing until I get to Ryan and Antoine and Vince and TJ and Tom and Jimmy and everybody else that's holding.
I'm just going to bam, bam, bam through your calls.
I know it's all great info.
I've covered one topic so far, and the show's done that much.
We've got 45 minutes left here.
Uh, we got E. Howard Hunt going public before he died.
It's now released that, yeah, the government killed Kennedy.
Well, we didn't need to be told that.
We already knew it.
Thank you very much, Rolling Stone cover.
Um, we got, um, what's going on over in Iraq.
Zanny Abidin, forever.
Yeah, so what?
Shut up.
And, uh, we've got, uh, Drill Angers Conservatives.
They're mad that the drill was a drill of parents who scream, we're Christian conservatives against separation of church and state.
Why aren't the parents mad that they do the drills coast-to-coast and point loaded... and by the way, they've been loaded.
They've shot kids in the head before and shot a cop of the year in the head in Fort Worth and shot a kid a few years ago in the face in Michigan.
But they go in with guns unannounced.
The kids freak out.
We're talking sometimes six, seven-year-olds.
And then they scream, we're homeschoolers, we're going to kill you.
Oh, you don't believe me?
In Michigan, it was in AP, three years ago, they threw fake blood on them.
Oh, it's not enough with the re-education brainwashing.
They run in and throw fake blood on you, and then scream, we're gonna kill you.
I mean, you know, this is what we're talking about here.
And you have no... But see, they've made conservatives mad.
Oh, that'll mess with your programming.
They said the word conservative.
Now all the fake conservatives listening will go, cannot compute, cannot compute.
I better be for the cops.
I better be for putting guns against heads.
But it says conservatives are mad.
What do I do?
What do I do?
Because you're in a false paradigm.
You need to break your conditioning.
I got all this other news.
It's just masses of it.
PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.com.
My new film is Terror Storm.
Get it today at InfoWars.com.
We'll be right back for phone blitzing.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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An example?
In 24 hours, clementine oranges doubled in price.
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Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
And there is one line open now at 877-590-5525, or locally in Central Texas, 836-0590.
This is a syndicated broadcast, and we're glad that so many of you are on board with us.
Okay, let's get to the calls.
We're going to go to Ryan on IraqiVetNext, but first up is Antoine calling from Brooklyn.
Antoine, you are on the air.
Hi, Alex.
As you mentioned earlier, the JFK assassination conspiracy
I'm good.
There's no corruption in Texas or any government anywhere.
Government is where life and goodness and happiness and honor flows from.
It's the family and individuals that are bad.
We need a government and a CPS grabbing all the kids.
I just love government.
I mean, how dare you?
But don't you think Texas is unique in some ways, and the events that have taken place there, like JFK's assassination, the Bush family, OBJ, and the oil money, and Enron, and all that?
It is, especially in the past, per capita for the population, a lot of big events.
And they've been saying for a hundred years, as Texas goes, so goes the rest of the nation.
And Texas is very influential.
Well, it sounds like the Wild West out there from where I'm sitting.
Well, I mean, it's pretty darn corrupt in New York, too, my friend.
Oh, no kidding.
I mean, Giuliani's dad and uncle were admitted mob bosses.
It's been in mainstream newspapers, but the average person, you tell them that and they go, huh?
We got a report up on it on jonesreport.com.
I recently saw an interview that you did with Aaron Russo where in the interview Aaron Russo stated that
The actual economic system we have in this country more closely resembles communism or socialism than it does capitalism.
Yeah, that's true.
He's the director of America, Freedom to Fascism.
He made some Eddie Murphy movies and some other stuff.
Good friend of mine.
We carry it at InfoWars.com.
You mentioned how one of the pillars of Marxism actually is the central bank, which we obviously have.
Now, let me explain this.
I don't believe, and Aaron doesn't believe, that it's a communist conspiracy.
The big banks publicly, this is mainstream history, if you go look in the right places, it's admitted, funded and financed, Lenin coming to power, keeping Stalin in, they put Mao in in 1949, again, I've even seen that on mainstream cable, they've had the CIA guys going, well, we actually thought Mao was better, and David Rockefeller in 76 wrote an obituary for Mao Zedong, the New York Times actually have the microfilm, we went and got it for the new film I'm making,
I don't just have the quote off the web, I have the New York Times with that piece of trash, David Rockefeller, openly lauding a mousy tongue, because they consolidated.
Carol Quigley, the head of political science at Georgetown, Bill Clinton's main mentor, who Bill Clinton thanked in his acceptance speech once he became president after he'd been sworn in.
Whatever that speech is called,
wrote a 900 plus page book called Tragedy and Hope, admitting we're for world government, we control the communists, the fascists.
Communism, fascism, it's all still just consolidated big government.
It's just different how they administer it, yes.
Okay, also I wanted to ask you, what do you think would be the best book that I could read to help me understand this matrix that we're living in?
You know, I really don't think there is just one book.
I really, uh, and we're such a visual society.
I mean, what facet?
You've seen America, freedom to fascism on the Federal Reserve and the IRS, and who really rules this country.
Have you seen Terror Storm?
Yeah, absolutely.
Terror Storm's the history of government-sponsored terror, how they stage terror attacks.
That's one of their key modes, to scare us into submission and forward their aims.
Uh, there are, you know what?
I would read Tragedy and Hope, 900-plus pages by Carol Quigley.
And that's from their perspective, saying how good it is.
Tragedy and hope.
About a year ago now.
Well, they can try.
It ain't going to work.
They can try.
Well you know what, I gotta say, I spent a lot of time in guard towers with nothing to do but just talk to fellow soldiers while I was over there.
I think that most of them realize that this whole thing is
Is wrong.
And we're part of the problem, not the solution.
But see, the problem is the solution.
As Americans, we hear this illegitimate government.
It's not our government.
I am pro-America.
I'm not for this illegitimate government.
And they say, oh, the war on drugs.
Yeah, there's triple the heroin, double the cocaine that there was 12 years ago, and more people in prison than ever.
But the war on drugs is failing, so we've got to boost the funding again.
No, no, no.
Well, wait, wait, wait.
When you find out it's actually approved drug cartels and banks laundering the money, and that our government, literally, and private banks control the drug trade, and steer it, and then use it to militarize our society, the war on drugs is a great success, man!
They're shipping more in, the country's falling apart.
Same thing with Iraq.
If you're a defense contractor, a bomb maker, or Halliburton, now moved to Dubai, not American anymore, you neocons, of course they slit our throats and left.
Carlisle, look at it.
Do they make more money in Iraq if we're there six months, get the power on, and leave, or if we're there 30 years later?
If we're there 30 years later.
And I appreciate you, sir.
And I know it's scary to realize you've been conned, but that's what they do.
They use the troops.
They use the people they killed on 9-11.
They use the valiant police and firefighters and emergency workers from 9-11.
And they, the very people that carried it out, use them and use their memory.
Well, we're taking their memories back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're not letting them expropriate our symbols anymore.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
I think I've got time.
Let's jam in Jimmy in Michigan.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Yeah, I just went to the 9-11 Truth meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
It was fantastic.
I could kiss the O'Donnell, yuck!
There's probably a third of the people I talked to were fence setters.
And I think Mr. Rodriguez's presentation really changed a lot of minds.
He's one of the heroes, the janitor who took the fireman up with the key to get the people out.
The building collapsed on him.
He saw the bombs going off.
And every time he's been on national news and said that, they cut it right there.
Yeah, that's what a lot of people were saying.
They'd never... Does that matter now?
We've got hundreds of firemen and police on tape saying it.
Yeah, I don't know what he would know.
He was only there that day, you know.
But, uh, there was a lot of different people there, and I think maybe, probably a third, there was probably 240 people or so, and I'd say a third were Fed-setters.
Yeah, there's a lot of new people now waking up.
I mean, that's the point.
People say, well, who cares if Rosie O'Donnell speaks out about 9-11 in an inside job?
What does her opinion matter?
The point is, is it makes them look at all the Air Force colonels and generals and officers.
Like, a couple a week ago in public, now I'm interviewing two of them on Monday and Tuesday.
I mean, folks, I mean, we're talking Republicans, Conservatives.
...are going public, going, George Bush is no conservative, the government carried out 9-11, I'm a fighter pilot, commercial airline pilot, I couldn't fly those maneuvers.
All the people we've talked to personally, quietly behind the scenes, are now going public.
Look, this thing, they can't put it back together again.
They went too far.
This isn't 1963 where you can blow the president's head off in secret government and feed us a load of bull.
We got the info war now.
We got the information network.
We're putting it out and we're not backing off.
You tried to destroy our republic with the North American Union?
You tried to kill this country?
You thought you'd get away with this?
You're not going to get away with it.
Let me tell the CFR and the rest of them, you're going to prison.
And when you're found guilty of treason, you're going to hang from the neck until dead.
We'll be right back.
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You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, we're back live rampaging through your calls.
I'm really going to accelerate through them now.
Let's go ahead.
And talk to T.J.
in Wisconsin.
T.J., you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing today, Alex?
I gave you a call to say happy Easter to you and your family.
Thank you.
And I look forward to seeing you at Ground Zero this year, but I called in to tell you that a lot of us around the country do appreciate what you're doing and you're very relentless in the fight, but you need to take a break every now and then, my friend.
Spend some time with the family.
Every few months, I take off a few days.
I hear you, but if it's just Sunday, you should be, you know, taking these two hours off today.
Spend some time.
You know, I did spend time with my family until about 2 today, and then I went and did some video work for about an hour and some voiceovers, and then I'm going to go back to the office.
Today is a light day.
I'm only going to work until about 11 p.m.
I mean, literally, when I go home sometimes at 8 o'clock at night, that's like a day off.
Last week, I worked until 1 or 2 a.m.
I think five days.
But when you know they're terrorists carrying out attacks, when you know the honeybees are dying, when you know they're setting up world government and Bush is about to vote for total amnesty for the illegals, and they have the fake illegal group come out and say, oh, we're against Bush, he's hurting us, then conservatives get fooled by that, it's a dog and pony show.
See how that works?
He's giving them total amnesty, they come out and protest and say that he's taking their rights away.
It's just dog and pony, man, I gotta do it!
Listen, these people are killers!
These people funded Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.
They killed 200 million last century.
They want to turn my country into a police state run by a bunch of Jack Bowers.
But in the real world, Jack Bower's a terrorist and blows up buildings.
I hear you, Alex.
You definitely, though, you know you're on the front line right there.
You're doing it every day, day in and day out.
Well, I love it.
I can't keep myself from working hard.
Your convictions definitely come through every time I listen to you.
When you know this stuff, you can't shut up.
And I'm sick of seeing people get conned and manipulated and scammed.
The New World Order is just a bunch of scum!
It's crazy, the things that are happening.
And look, ladies and gentlemen, the world's never had anything good in it except people that stood up for what was right.
It's always going to have bad.
But I mean, if good people weren't in the world, it'd be really bad.
I mean, we've got to do this.
I'm not going to be apathetic.
I'm not going to be jellyfish.
I'm not going to be pathetic.
I'm not going to be scammed.
I'm not going to be conned.
I'm going to be aggressive, and I'm going to fight for this republic.
And we're going to win.
I may not make it, but ideas are bulletproof, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go to Todd.
Oh, I didn't see this.
There's so many calls.
He disagrees with me.
Sorry, I would have gone to you earlier, Todd, if I would have seen that.
Todd, go ahead.
Hey brother, Alex, this is Todd calling from Corpus Christi, and a couple of Fridays ago on your weekday show, you and Lucas were talking that people in Corpus, all they do is worship Whataburger.
So first of all, I'm a vegetarian.
Second of all, I'm out here working, maybe not as hard as you are.
I worship Whataburger.
It was a joke that Whataburger is based down there.
Yeah, well, you know, so obviously there's that kind of perception about Corpus.
No, it's a joke!
Well, you know, I just want to put this out there.
I feel like sometimes I'm by myself here, actually.
So I want to put out an email so people can get in contact with me.
I have seen the InfoWars sticker other than the one on my car, so people are out here in Corpus.
So if anybody wants to get in touch with me, it's bewareofbabylon at hotmail.com.
And some big things are happening.
We just had the Ocean Security Initiative Conference here.
25 delegates from 200 different countries.
Yeah, big UN grab our waterways system.
Yes, and if we can get something together here, you know, we can hit stuff like that.
So, just want to put that out there.
And I love you, man.
Whatever Easter means to you, you know, God bless you.
We love you.
I hear you.
No, I wasn't knocking Easter earlier either.
I'm just saying that the rabbit and the eggs is Ishtar.
It is a symbol of fertility, like the playboy bunny.
That's a symbol of fertility for 3,000 years.
That's why Hugh Hefner used the picture of the bunny.
Because the bunnies, you know, well, they're into fertility, ladies and gentlemen.
They multiply, absolutely.
So I'm just saying, like the Christmas tree.
I'm just into knowing what things really mean, okay?
I like a Christmas tree as much as the next person.
Smell good, they're pretty, whatever.
I'll haul him into the house, whatever.
But just know, it's a cannon bomb, and it's an occult symbol.
That's all I'm trying to get you to realize.
Let us now go ahead and speak with Samuel, who's calling us from Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Alex, happy 30th, sir.
Thank you.
Hey man, I was really glad to hear your rant on the genetic engineering.
This goes back so far.
I want to give your listeners a resource to go back in the Wayback Machine.
This goes back to 2000.
On my website, as I was listening to your show, I dug back into an old talk show that I used to do.
It was called The Green Wave.
It was when I lived in Oregon.
This goes back to 2000, the year 2000.
I interviewed one of the United States, the world,
experts, forefathers of genetic engineering, Dr. Alan Capular.
He was the head of research for seeds of change in New Mexico for many, many years.
This guy, genius, graduated at the age of 19 from Yale University, the very first world-ever graduate of their genetic engineering program, right?
This guy went to the Rockefeller Institute afterwards,
He was approached by the demons, so to speak, in regards to utilizing what he has discovered in regards to genetic manipulation, and he said, screw this, man!
And he ran in the opposite direction, and has been a godsend to this planet.
The guy, from that time on, in the late 60s, dedicated his life to seed-saving and to... You know what?
Check this out, man.
Hold on, hold on.
I might want to have you or somebody on as a guest, or hear who you recommend on this, because I've done a lot of shows on it in the past.
Well, Valen's still alive.
I could get him for you.
There's a two-hour interview with him.
I just dug it out of my archive in real media.
I'm going to have to move on here a minute, sir.
I want to give you an email.
Send me the link to your interview, and send me your contact info to Kevin at InfoWars.com.
I got Kevin's email.
And to Aaron at InfoWars.com.
And between those two guys, we'll make sure that it doesn't fall to the cracks.
But bring us to the bottom line of what he said.
The bottom line is, he's parroting just what you're saying.
That it's basically, and he uses the word in there, these are demonic, possessed people.
Yeah, that's what they are.
They're monopoly men.
And they create monopolies.
And they had a Monsanto.
I know in 2000 it was in
In a major publication.
It was a National Geographic.
That's where I saw it.
And they were quoting it like it was no big deal.
There was a Percy Schmeiser case, a Canadian canola farmer up there.
But it was the CEO of that saying, yeah, we're infecting the entire genome and then we own everything.
I mean, they're trying to infect it all so you have to eat GMO food.
And we're talking about bug genes in your food, spider genes.
We're talking about bacteria.
We're talking about, I mean, this is crazy stuff.
Let's go ahead and try to jam a couple more in here.
Let us now speak to Jeff in Detroit, Michigan.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex.
Good to talk to you.
I want to thank you for all your hard work you're doing.
You're right about when you know what's going on, it's really hard not to talk about it.
I'm driving everybody I know crazy with telling them things they don't want to hear.
But you woke me up two years ago with 9-11 Road to Tyranny.
And I thank you for that.
Thank you for watching the film.
And I've got every one of your films.
I've got every film that you've pushed.
I met Bob Schultz a couple years ago, got involved with We the People.
And what I've been doing is giving away volumes of all this information, all these videos, to everybody I know.
Just watch it, make a copy, give it away.
And what I want to tell that soldier that you were just talking to, there's a copy of a movie out there on Google called
uh... capitalist conspiracies jedward griffin did it it's basically and he exposes how it's the capitalists behind the communists you know but tragedy and hope uh... condensed yeah that is that the capitalist conspiracy in this program the capitalist conspiracy we will look at the not the accidental view of history but on a system of it being my design uh... i'm not a member of the film but i just watched it again a few months ago uh... there is some research uh... let
Do I have time to jam in one more?
I don't.
We're going to come back and I'm going to just do a news blitz on all the news I haven't covered.
Like a minute per story.
Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.
And then we'll try to jam in Chris Zines, Mike Harvey's calls.
Let's get to those five.
Please stay with us.
The new film is Terror Storm, ladies and gentlemen.
You can watch it for free on Google Video.
Just type Terror Storm, one word, into Google, and you can watch it.
Be sure you watch the one that says high quality version.
Some of the uploads folks did aren't that good.
Or you can watch it in super crystal clear quality at PrisonPlanet.TV.
We'll be right back.
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Alright, a huge report.
We're going to go to Harvey Mike and Chris Nutter here in a few minutes.
Huge report.
Long story, didn't get to the kicker to the last page.
Uh, but, uh, from Rolling Stone Magazine, the last confession of E. Howard Hunt.
You know, he died a few weeks ago, and upon his death, he allowed the release of writings he did three years ago, the last time he thought he would die.
And, uh, he lays out who the shooters were.
You know, we don't need, and this is a CIA operation, we don't need E. Howard Hunt to tell us that.
Mr. Hunt, we had photographs of you there, along with the other two CIA operatives, the so-called tramps, all up there at the shooting gallery on the grassy knoll.
Over 90% of the American people know it's an inside job, and now it's a fait accompli.
The coup de grĂ¢ce.
We know!
End of story!
Same thing is going to happen on 9-11.
It's already happening.
But that detailed report is up on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com.
We have a link to the story from the online journal.
It just kind of boils down the report to two pages instead of ten or whatever it is.
It's better.
The last confession of E. Howard Hunt, U.S.
government CIA team murdered JFK.
And boy, when this broke, a whole bunch of old shooters started dying, including people convicted of killing.
Federal people killing a federal judge.
Charles Harrelson died real fast in federal prison when this came out.
Don't want to be talked to.
Not going to be talked to.
He's beyond them now, isn't he?
Just in case, old loose end tied up.
Drill, angers, conservatives.
And this itself is a whitewashing, as bad as it sounds.
I've been covering this for years.
I put it in a film, Road to Tyranny, that I made in 2002.
We have video of it.
I mean, the media thinks this is so normal.
They show video.
Unannounced, SWAT teams in federally funded drills run in screaming, get on the ground, and sometimes in third, fourth grade, as well as third and fourth grade, pointing MP5 submachine guns at them.
And they scream, they yell, they cry, they soil themselves.
Sometimes they won't let them have lunch.
It'll go for eight hours and parents aren't even told.
And I talked to the principal up in Michigan, the last one I have, I remember a few months ago I talked about it, and he's a former colonel.
He said, that's how we get them ready for Al-Qaeda to hit.
But in that case, everything's all caught.
Any government corruption, any CPS grabbing kids.
You know, the governor won't do anything about the child kidnapping rings here in Texas, and the horrible stuff in the Youth Commission, the rape rooms that are worse than Saddam's.
Literally, it's on the front page of the paper today here in Austin.
It doesn't matter, though.
The government will save us.
Drill angers conservatives, and this is the same thing.
This came out in World Net Daily and Associated Press
Five years ago, we first started seeing this, but since then, every few weeks, we see it.
Texas, Michigan, Ohio, it's everywhere.
This is out of Philly, Pennsylvania.
And they unannounced come in and do all this, but the media is real slick at not covering that.
No, no, no, conservatives are mad.
The fake conservatives are mad.
But they should be mad.
The kind of the George Bush type, Jay Seculo, who spent his own time attacking me, that they, that in the program it was Christian conservatives doing the killing.
And it was because they were mad about separation of church and state.
The written scenario used by police during the drill described the intruders as members of a right-wing fundamentalist Christian group called the New Crusaders, who do not believe the separation of church and state.
They among the strong contingent in their right to bear arms.
So, they were demonizing gun owners, and they were demonizing Christians.
Folks, they've had drills in Michigan, this was in the paper, where they throw, unannounced, cops run in and throw buckets of fake blood on you, and then scream they're going to kill you.
Children literally start pooping themselves, okay?
I mean, in the parking lot, it started with throwing flashbang grenades, so they hear explosions.
In one case in Minnesota, the teacher passed out and busted her head open.
I interviewed her.
They didn't even announce it, just door kicked in.
She's like, oh!
I mean, traumatized, basically a mental patient now.
We've got to do it to fight Al Qaeda!
But of course the border's wide open.
I mean, it's a... and illegals will have to have ID to get bank accounts.
Don't believe that?
Type it into Google.
You'll get Associated Press.
I mean, we are the slaves.
We are the cowards.
We're to be taught how to be treated like scum!
So they can do whatever they want with us.
Here it is in the Statesman.
Amid scandal questions of pace and politics.
And it says that six weeks have gone by and he's blocking the state from... This is the paper saying this, not Alex Jones.
Perry balked.
And lawmakers fumed, but face-saving strategy prevailed.
For almost six weeks, Governor Rick Perry resisted state lawmakers every step on the way towards nuking a state agency with a culture of denial that for years had not addressed allegations of workers might be molesting youths.
And now it's admitted.
We went to the testimony.
This is the admitted stuff, folks, where they were raping children.
Okay, and I mean brutally, ladies and gentlemen.
They had gladiator nights where they'd have them attack each other with weapons.
I mean, this is something, and it was every one of these facilities, and they only would hire other fellow pedophiles.
That's who runs things, ladies and gentlemen!
How long have we told you this?
And they're not going to do anything about this!
Because it goes all the way to the top, ladies and gentlemen!
Nothing's gonna be done!
They'll burn a couple and no bodyguards, they'll make a big deal about them hiring felons, and it's always some side issue.
See, instead of going, why are they pointing guns and screaming at kids and terrorizing them, it's, why are they saying they're Christian homeschoolers?
Well, that's bad, but that just goes with the whole thing.
You see, here, the paper always focuses on some other issue.
Oh my God.
There's good news over here.
JBS is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Another NAU success Missouri resolution heads the floor.
They've overthrown the North American Union in three states, Idaho and a couple others.
Now it's moving to the Missouri floor.
The Missouri House Rules Committee voted to pass H.C.R.
33, a resolution that would urge the Congress of the United States to withdraw the United States from the North American Union.
In case you didn't know, since March of two years ago, we're in it, okay?
Oh my God.
Continuing, road charges, equipment introduced by stealth.
I've got three articles on that.
From England to the U.S.
They're putting in the microchip reading systems and will be in all your inspection stickers and tattoos as you go down the road.
It's been reintroduced, by the way, in the Texas Legislature.
And it also tracks everywhere you go.
Remember that.
Not just taxing you.
Not just on the toll roads, boys and girls.
Oh, man, I am just rampaging through this as fast as I can.
You know what?
With the Iraq News, British troops have been told they'll be there at least another 5 years, London Telegraph.
Folks, our troops are never leaving.
In the official Pentagon plans, they said 30 years.
30 years.
30, 30, 30.
They lied the whole time.
But that's alright, sir.
You found Al-Qaeda.
Oh, and it's coming out in mainstream news about Bush's connection to Al-Qaeda.
And they're saying, why does he claim there's a connection to Saddam when the real connection is to the Bushes?
And the Wall Street Journal wrote about it again.
Business deals with Al-Qaeda are going to come out?
Did I say Al-Qaeda?
I meant the Carlisle Group and the Bin Laden family.
Excuse me.
That's what they're talking about.
Let's go ahead and take some calls here.
Let's talk to Chris in South Carolina.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, my friend.
How are you doing today?
Happy Easter.
I'm fired up.
Oh, and I just want to say hi to my family.
I love my family, my son and daughter and wife, listening right now.
I fight this hard because I love them.
Go ahead, sir.
I just want to say that I'm amazed on how much progress went on the Ron Paul campaign.
I'm really amazed about this whole thing because I really think there's a chance that he could win.
At first, I didn't think there was a chance.
But that's how courage and duty works.
You fight even when you don't have a chance to win.
And suddenly you find out you're going to win.
I just wanted to ask you, have you ever heard of the Democratic candidate running for president called Dennis Kucinich?
Yeah, I've interviewed Dennis Kucinich.
And he's right on the war and the Patriot Act, but he is a mega socialist.
And so I would vote for him over Hillary Clinton or George Bush, because I think he is for real, and he's good on a lot of things.
We're already in socialism, so why not have a socialist?
It's worse to have a Republican going, We're good conservatives!
We're good Americans!
When we're in socialism, you better have somebody just admit it!
That's how they talk, folks, the people that are into all this.
Who hate America.
Just want to feel like they're conservative or they'll destroy the nation.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Wyoming.
You're on the air, sir.
Thanks for holding.
Happy Easter, Alex.
Am I too crazed today?
No more so than usual.
To the Iraq veteran, one thing we can do for each other is to give each other good information.
Travelling Helps is a very revealing book, but it's as dry as toast.
Let me suggest some alternatives here.
Des Griffin's book, Descent into Slavery, gives you good bird's eye view.
Dr. Stan, the host on GCN.
Brotherhood of Darkness.
It's a short read, too, and he covers a lot of ground.
Dr. John Coleman.
We're out of time.
I've got to take one final call.
Harvey in Florida, you take us out of here.
Harvey, hit him.
Hey, Alex.
Talking about genetic engineering.
That Monsanto and Dow bought up most of the small companies that went bankrupt experimenting.
And they're buying up the heirloom seed companies.
Oh yeah, the suicide seeds.
And don't forget the Roundup Ready crops that are all over the country.
Received by Monsanto.
But it's all about monopoly, and when it creates an environmental disaster, they'll have some new tax to get control of us.
We never needed one bit of it, Alex.
No, it's... Early investor, and I...
You repent, my friend.
Well, God bless you.
Sorry to cut you off.
Back next week, 2 to 4 Central.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
Great job to the folks running the show.
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