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Air Date: March 20, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got a big broadcast lined up for you today.
The 20th of March, 2007.
It was the 20th of March, 2006 that Charlie Sheen came on this radio show.
And folks, if it would have been some other celebrity talking about how they like to play bridge or how they like to jump around on pogo sticks, it wouldn't have been newsworthy.
Who cares?
But he came on air and laid out serious questions about the official 9-11 story, and then his actions clearly led, precipitated a chain reaction that I want to go over later in this hour.
Also, we had Mark Kornke on for two hours yesterday.
He's been in prison for seven years.
on false charges.
I really never have a guest two days in a row, but I'm going to have Mark Kornke back on in the third hour today just to take calls because I know the phones were loaded the whole time he was on with us and I only took calls the last 15 minutes.
We will take calls the entire time in the third hour.
He's going to join us a little bit before the third hour when Mark Kornke joins us, the political prisoner who's now written several books behind the wire
And we'll also pick his brain about more of the issues that we weren't able to cover because we just, frankly, ran out of time.
So that's coming up.
I did have another guest set up today, but I canceled them in the third hour, as I did yesterday, because this guy's been waiting seven years to be able to speak out.
And he was one of the really founding catalysts for the explosion, the genesis of the Patriot movement.
Now, again, of course, the Patriot movement went back to 1776, but he caused a chain reaction with others, just as Charlie Sheen has caused a chain reaction, and we can trace that chain reaction back historically, and it's very, very important to look at it.
So that's coming up.
I've got a huge stack of very important news here in front of me, obviously, we'll be getting into today.
Blair, Iraq withdrawal may spark 9-11 repeat.
Iraq withdrawal may spark a 9-11 repeat.
Oh, we know that you'll cause a 9-11 repeat.
Don't worry.
troops in Iraq won out.
Also, U.S.
We'll be getting into that report.
Only 10% in U.S.C.
Iran is an immediate threat.
There have been big developments there with the Russians freezing their Bashar nuclear power plant.
It's construction.
They've kicked out the U.N.
inspectors again as that continues to heat up.
Bush is affirming support for Alberto.
The Bush is above the law and tortures good Gonzales.
McCain's now claiming he might be for immigration control.
Total lie because he knows he's a political dead duck with that view.
He's still anti-American, ladies and gentlemen.
Also, uh, Bloody Foreigners is now a racist taunt and illegal, they're saying, over in England.
This is the attack on free speech.
We'll be going over all of it today in a story I saw in the news yesterday, but I didn't get to, which is really a very important article.
It's the New York Times.
In fact, lest I not cover this, stuff that I tend to forget to cover, I like to just
Covered at the start of the next show.
We'll do that when we get back.
The man who may become the richest Rothschild is the headline.
Again, the man who may become the richest Rothschild.
And it says, like his forebearers, he prefers that his influence remain unseen.
That is posted
That is written as a headline by the New York Times.
Now, I remember ten years ago, the New York Times would say Rothschild didn't exist.
The CFR didn't exist.
Remember that?
Limbaugh still says it doesn't exist.
It's a kook detector.
You talk about a Rockefeller, a Rothschild, you talk about the ruling elite, they don't exist.
You're insane.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
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I was up working until 3 in the morning.
I've got to control myself.
And then I woke up at 6.30 by my children.
And then I never really wake up.
I don't get sleep.
And then I start swerving about like a man drunk on the deck of a ship.
But let me get into the news.
The neocon media has responded savagely, viciously, pointedly at Rosie O'Donnell's valiant stand for 9-11 truth.
Her courageous, dangerous stand.
And of course, I was once a great enemy of Rosie O'Donnell.
I still do not like the fact that she's anti-gun and a few other things.
But regardless,
We know now from sources, and we're trying to get a hold of her, people that are her friends.
Talked to two people that know her personally, that she is totally aware of 9-11 truth.
I talked to one about a month ago, and oh yeah, she knows all about it.
You know, she doesn't know how to go public.
But I didn't want to go on the air with that and say, hey, Rosie O'Donnell knows.
I just said, hey, have you noticed she uses any excuse she can to say 9-11's an inside job, 9-11's an inside job.
And she goes, that's what John Connor says.
You know, she starts shouting, 9-11's an inside job!
9-11's an inside job!
Imitating John Connor and others as an excuse to go public.
Well, we knew at the time that she was doing that because she wanted to go public, but we just said, oh, looks like she wants to go public because we didn't want to speak through the grapevine for her.
Now she's gone public and the neocons are
Really going after her, but it's a traditional enemy of mainland conservatives, so I really don't blame grassroots conservatives for having that instinctive kind of inbred rivalry with her, but you've got to get to the point where you can make alliances with people or at least support them when you're in a common fight here.
I do not support her on most issues, but you've got to commend the courage.
You know, she's silly and she's ignorant, but she's got guts and guts is enough, as they say.
Private Joker is silly and he's ignorant, but he's got guts and guts is enough.
Comes from Full Metal Jacket.
Okay, so details of that coming up.
Hit pieces in the National Ledger.
Hit pieces in WorldNetDaily.
Hit pieces here on our own network by, I guess, the one resident neocon who comes on in the morning.
The man who may become the richest Rothschild.
Let me get into this, then we'll get into O'Donnell, then we'll get into the really serious Iran news.
The man who may become the richest Rothschild.
Now, the Rothschilds, conservatively, estimates,
This is by major think tanks and major economic publications that are public but kind of proprietary in that they're only in certain circles.
But you can, we've actually dug these out of the library and dug these out on online archives, you know, talking about the trillions of Rothschild wealth 50 plus years ago.
Well, with inflation, they conservatively have somewhere around $150 trillion in assets.
Leveraged, they control roughly half the world's wealth, well over $300 trillion.
Now, they engineered the fake fall of the Soviet Empire, which they had financed from the start, out of London.
With Lenin's famous train of gold, and it came out in the records at the time.
There was also some Warburg and Bank of England funding, but it was mainly Rothschild money.
They controlled the factories, they controlled the transfer of technologies, they controlled the extermination programs in Russia, they financed through the Rockefellers the rise of the Communists in China, and of course Rockefeller wrote the
Peace eulogizing Mao Zedong when he died.
And by the way, I don't just have the actual quote of that.
I have the actual New York Times article.
We went to the microfilm and got it for the film that we are making right now.
Very dangerous film, by the way.
Most dangerous thing I've ever done.
But we're in a rush to get this done because this goes right to the heart of the matter and who they are and what their master plan is.
But let me just start dwelling on that and kind of get caught in a loop there, thinking about it.
Let me put the deer in the headlights.
Let me go back to this.
Remember the oligarchs in Russia, when one of them got arrested by Putin, who had a multi-trillion dollar oil company, Yukos.
Remember, it was suddenly in the Financial Times of London and several other big papers that, oh, it doesn't matter.
Lord Rothschild, the current head of the family in England, the head of the big British dynasty, the most powerful of the five families, which are all in her breads, it doesn't really matter.
In fact, why don't you send up, since I'm talking about Rothschild's, I never got to it, it's probably already been sent up.
Do you have, John, that female Rothschild, I forget her first name,
Kevin, bring that article in.
Two weeks ago, we sent it up to the network.
The Charlie Rose piece, where he's interviewing one of the heads of the French dynasty.
Forget her name, again, for lack of sleep.
Kevin will send it to you.
I think he sent it to you a few weeks ago.
It was Charlie Rose.
And he's interviewing her, and she goes, there's five families, and of course, we're all in the bread.
And she's French, speaks with perfect English.
These people are unbelievable.
But to make a long story short, when they arrested the head of UCOS, it turned out that the entire company was owned by one Rothschild, the entire oil system of Russia
The quote, state-owned refineries, fields, pipelines, trucks, infrastructure that delivered petrochemicals, all of your oil derivatives and gasoline itself, from wellhead to market, during the 70 years of communist rule, almost 80 years of communist rule, that was just overnight given to the one oligarch over oil.
Well, it was always owned by the Rothschilds.
They were just doing a public transfer, and when they arrested that guy, and again, I'm going over all this because I want Paul Watson to take this New York Times article, to go over all the points I'm making, to ferret out his own points, go pull up the old articles, and kind of codify all this and document it in.
This is very important because they've really revealed themselves in this New York Times story I'm about to cover.
And that's just one window in to how they literally own everything.
I mean, you'll find out that almost every major airline has a Rothschild on its board, or a Rothschild bank representative on its board.
You'll find out every major mine or mining consortium.
You'll find out every major telecommunications and television network of the Big Five.
Every major newspaper chain is controlled by Rothschilds or one of their operatives like the Rockefellers.
We're good to go.
We'll be right back.
I'll actually get into this New York Times article.
The man who may become the richest Rothschild.
Like his forebearers, he prefers that his influence remain unseen.
He's got blue eyes and red hair.
Nice Jewish fellow.
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We're trying to find that clip of the head of the French Rothschilds.
We didn't find her name.
It was Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, owner of Chateau Mont Rothschild.
Talks about the inbreeding and Waterloo inside bank info.
And yeah, I know that Rob, he's not at the office today because he worked till about 2 in the morning last night.
I know it's in his computer because I had him capture it.
It's an incredible high quality on Charlie Rowe's website.
But I guess we didn't send it up to the network.
We're not able to find it right now on the web.
But we'll get it soon.
Rob's scheduled to get in here in about the next 30 minutes.
So we'll be able to find it then.
But this got picked up by a bunch of newspapers.
They even have a map of the family.
It says, The Man Who May Become the Richest Rothschild.
And this is out of the New York Times.
Now remember, I would tune in to Rush Limbaugh 15, 16 years ago.
And I would hear somebody calling about the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and he would say, you're nuts, none of that even exists, it's a kook detector, what do you believe in?
You know, mother wheels, like Calypso Louie, the original name of Louis Farrakhan.
He would just mix all that stuff in together.
And a few days ago, somebody called in about 9-11 and controlled demolitions,
And, you know, Limbaugh said, we just don't have kookdom, uh, kookery here on the show.
We just don't allow it.
Yes, if you don't agree with the government 110%, and if you admit there's a ruling class.
I mean, of course, humans always knew there was a ruling class, even going back to small tribes.
You knew the chief was the boss.
No, no, there's no ruling class.
The elite are people that drive Cadillacs and live in million dollar houses.
Uh, no, they're lower middle class.
Real elite, you don't know their names most of the time, they own the printing presses that issue the money.
So the Rothschilds own the world's central banks.
So they're able to use that wealth they create, the symbols of exchange, to literally control and consolidate the world.
They engineered depressions, wars.
The Rothschilds have bragged, back when they were more public, 100, 200 years ago, going back to Waterloo, 200 and what, 10 years ago or so,
That they would finance all sides.
Not just both sides.
Sometimes there would be three sides fighting.
And they would just finance everybody.
They'd always win.
Living the Rothschild Tradition.
A name he inherited, but wealth he earned.
Now, this is what's bizarre here.
We printed this off the New York Times yesterday.
And the headline was, The Man Who May Become the Richest Rothschild.
That's an article in and of itself.
Yesterday, on the New York Times website, it said, the man who may become the richest Rothschild.
And we have printouts that say New York Times with it saying that.
Guess what it said ten minutes ago when I was online, they were pulling it up to post it, and I noticed, well that's the wrong headline.
Then I read it was the same article.
I guess the Rothschilds didn't like the headline, so it's been changed now to that he earned it.
I guess one of the propagandists of the New York Times said, say he's rich, we'll get them greedy.
Say he earned it.
Living the Rothschild tradition, a name he inherited, but wealth he earned.
Oh, oh, so there's wheels within wheels now as articles are changed.
Happy or unhappy, each family generation often resembles another.
And this is especially true when it comes to the Rothschilds.
And it shows his great-grandfather who he looks
Like, and his great-great-great-grandfather he looks identical to, from photographs and carvings.
More than 200 years after Mayor Amschel Rothschild founded the family dynasty that offered discreet counsel and investment wisdom to kings, queens, emperors, and industrial titans, his 35-year-old direct descendant, Nathaniel, has emerged as a kingmaker in his own right and an investor who some say may become the richest Rothschild of them all.
And then it tells you about some pocket change he had in the corner of his pocket, and then you marvel at the wealth.
Ooh, Bill Gates, $50 billion.
Ooh, they had trillions in the 40s.
In five short years, the man in line to be the fifth Barron Rothschild, the fifth Barron Rothschild, is they have roiled him.
And again,
You ever talk about a Rothschild bad?
They say you're anti-Semitic.
I wouldn't care if he was black, white, purple, polka-dotted.
They do claim that he does claim they're Jewish.
Though they're married into British royalty, he's got red hair and blue eyes.
And every Rothschild I've ever seen has got blue or green eyes and Nordic features.
So... Alright then.
When we get back, we'll go over this in more detail.
Lord Rothschild.
That's why I joke around with people who want power.
I always call them Lord this, Lord that.
Lord Rothschild.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Government is best, which governs least.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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Feeling unknown and you're all alone.
Alright, we're back live.
Continuing with Baron Rothschild and Lord Rothschild and who are lords that don't exist Rush Limbaugh says in the New York Times.
In five short years, the man behind the line to be the fifth Baron Rothschild
And that's what the British line is close to becoming a billionaire.
Oh, he's close.
No, I mean, this is so this is just total disinfo through a web of private equity investments in the Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and most significant, his partnership stake in Atticus Capital, the fast growing 14 billion hedge fund.
The ascent of Mr. Rothschild is an avid illustration of how the still glittering, if somewhat faded, prestige of wealth of Europe's most storied banking family has been reinvigorated from bold bets in this era's new money investment vehicle.
And they have all these shows produced by BBC and Prince Philip's
Second son, I always forget his name.
He owns the biggest tabloid company in England for television programs and they produce shows about the family.
Inside Windsor Palace and the rest of it.
And it's always about how Prince Charles, his brother, paints his own paintings for his own money.
I mean, this is a joke.
These people have palaces the sizes of Dallas, Texas.
Literally, they have these palaces.
Did you know that?
Like half of England's off limits to the public is palaces?
It's just, oh, but Rich Charles makes his money off his paintings!
And notice the New York Times changed the headline to, where is it, Living the Rothschild Tradition and Name Inherited but Wealth Earned.
They've now changed the headline because the man who may become the richest Rothschild was too strong.
It goes on, Mr. Rothschild is a principal advisor to Olga Drespanska, one of the richest oligarchs in Russia.
Also, he's a chief advisor, but of course if Olga gets arrested, we'll find out just like his cousin Lord Rothschild running England, that Lord Rothschild will of course find out that he really owns it.
Mr. Rothschild is a principal advisor in Olga Drespanska's
I'm sure I'm not pronouncing that right.
One of the richest oligarchs in Russia and the owner of the aluminum giant Ruzzle, which again the Rockefellers own the other big aluminum plants, which recently merged with two other companies to create the world's largest aluminum company.
Mr. Rothschild received no public credit despite having played a crucial role in getting the deal done.
Well, no doubt we know that all the natural resources of Russia were owned by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers being junior.
I mean, I've got New York Times articles from the 50s about the Rockefellers owning the aluminum plants in Russia.
And like a true Rothschild, he has a taste for the good life, as an avid skier,
His principal residence is in Klosters, Switzerland, and he uses his Gulfstream jet to shuttle among his other homes in Paris, Moscow, London, New York, and Greece.
But he doesn't have any money.
He earned it all.
But he is also a man of contradictions.
He dates supermodels and actresses, sits on the advisory board of the Brookings Institution, that is one of the major
policy boards that runs this nation, a resource organization in Washington, and serves his guests the best wines from the stolen Rothschild vineyards, I would add, which he himself will not drink.
He professes to have a penchant for privacy and would not be interviewed for this article, yet he allowed his lushly renovated townhouse in Greenwich Village to be featured in Men's Vogue magazine, despite his reputation as the most gracious
I don't think so.
The burden of being a Rothschild can be a heavy one.
In 1996, one of Mr. Rothschild's cousins, Amshell, having been asked to fill a leadership position in the Family Bank in London, hanged himself in a hotel bathroom at the age of 41.
That was a hit 110%.
We've covered that in Grade II.
It's like royalty.
They like to kill each other.
Just like David had a hand in Nelson's death.
That even came out in a few papers, but was quietly shut down.
Quickly shut down.
Four years later, Raffiano de Rothschild, also a cousin, died on the sidewalk in Manhattan at the age of 23 from a heroin overdose.
In the early 1990s, some thought that Mr. Rothschild might also buckle under the weight of his family name.
He appeared to be an aimless
Society Playboy with a taste for slacking.
Unchallenged lifestyle so often embraced by sons and daughters of Europe's richest families.
This is the story of Prince Hal turning into Henry IV.
Said Charles G. Phillips who supervised Mr. Rothschild during his time at the investment firm Gletcher and Company.
He is one of the few sons of great men who has enhanced the family stature and created his own wealth.
The family legacy was daunting at first for Mr. Rothschild, whose ancestor, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, helped finance Britain's victory at Waterloo, and whose father, Jacob, split from the family bank in 1980 to begin his own successful career as an investor.
So, so much, that until he started work at 25-year-old investment analyst at Gletscher 95, Mr. Rothschild avoided it altogether.
And then it just goes on and on.
Look at this.
Listen to this piece of propaganda right here.
Here's the part about Waterloo.
Here it is.
The family legacy was daunting at first for Mr. Rothschild, whose ancestor, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, helped finance Britain's victory at Waterloo, and his father, Jacob, split from the bank in 1980 to begin his own successful career as an investor.
We've got like a 20-minute clip ready.
We can't air it all.
We'll get it posted up on JonesReport.com today.
We just are so busy we forgot to do it two weeks ago when this interview surfaced on Charlie Rose's program on PBS.
But this is the Baroness Rothschild, head of the French family right now.
And I've seen a few interviews with Rothschild.
She seems pretty outgoing compared to most of them.
The reason I raise that point is she admits that they orchestrated the stock crash.
And that's the amazing thing about this, is it's in the mainstream history books that you have the Battle of Waterloo, and the French Rothschilds were financing Napoleon, and the British Rothschilds, and they all had the same holdings, were financing the British Crown, and he had fast Corvettes
Several of them waiting, and he had fast relay riders who sprinted as soon as the British won the battle.
As soon as Lord Wellington won the battle against the Napoleonic forces, and it was the final crushing defeat, the outnumbered British and Dutch trounced Napoleon's forces, they sprinted back on the racehorses
Kind of like a Pony Express, relayed, got to the Fast Corvette.
They actually had several ships, got the news.
It was what, three Rothschild ships race to the fastest manufacturer.
One was, I believe, a Cutter.
Two Corvettes.
They race across the channel.
Riders are just waiting on these stallions to rush in to the London Exchange and begin screaming, Napoleon has won!
Napoleon has won!
Reading a proclamation that was already written up, ready, about a total defeat of Lord Wellington, who had never been defeated, by the way, since his days in India and all over the world.
And, oh, it was just total panic.
The market went down ninety-nine percent, and Lord Mayor Rothschild stepped forward, bought the entire market, the Bank of England bankrupt, and he became the richest man in the world at the
At the penultimate power point, the British Empire was the most powerful it has ever been in 1800.
And that was at the absolute pinnacle of power.
They stepped into the full British Empire, full owner.
And the kings had already been weakened enough where they couldn't just grab him and kill him and take the money back.
It was over.
And they became the owners of the British Empire.
And then, of course, the British then set up the terms with France and the Austrian Empire.
Kevin just ran in here and said that they used carrier pigeons.
Kevin, come in here!
He knows a little bit of history.
Pretty smart.
Kevin, my understanding is they used horses and then ships.
He just hung on the broadcast window.
Carrier pigeons.
Pull the history then.
Pull me three histories later.
We'll try to mention all three.
But the point is, the Rothschilds, this later came out, they bragged about it.
So this is the type of stuff they do.
But by the time it hits the New York Times, who wouldn't even talk about Rothschilds ten years ago, it's, oh, save the British, oh, defeated the... I mean, this is treachery upon treachery.
And now we've got a... And they finance all the big eugenics operations.
They financed Hitler.
And then strangely enough, Baroness Rothschild says her mother was grabbed and sent to a camp during the implosion when the Nazis were pulling out, that she got grabbed off the street, which could indeed have happened because they were just grabbing people randomly and got killed by the Nazis.
But of course, Hitler himself, his grandfather, was the head Austrian Rothschild.
This is mainstream news.
His father was the bastard son of a Rothschild.
And then of course... Well, there's a connection to Rothschilds there, and there's another connection, excuse me, through his mother, who was the daughter of one of the serving girls who had admittedly been impregnated by a Rothschild.
Backwards, but there's even a connection to his father.
They also have secret breeding lines.
I forgot about that.
I mean, folks, you couldn't make stuff up this weird.
Let's go ahead and play Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, owner of the Chateau Mont Rothschild.
She gives the same propaganda about how she makes her money off wine.
Yeah, and cluster bombs.
Let's go ahead and go to that club.
Baroness Philippine de Rothschild is here with me.
She runs the Mouton-Rothschild Chateau.
It is a legendary vineyard, but this empire is about more than wine.
It is about art, great art.
The vineyard has commissioned leading artists to design a new label every year since 1945.
Designs have been painted by Picasso and Chagall, Bacon and Warhol, Dali and Mata.
This year the artist is His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, an old family friend.
The Baroness is here in New York for a special exhibition of the art from the Mouton Rothschild labels.
It is being held at Sotheby's.
The auction house is also hosting a special auction linked to this exhibit.
She will be selling wines from her private cellars.
She's been running the Chateau since 1988.
She inherited it from her father, who inherited it from his father all the way back to 1853.
Her sons are expected to take over after she retires.
One will handle the business side and one will handle the art.
I am pleased to have her here at this table for the first time.
Thank you.
I got that about right, did I not?
You got it very right.
Even, I would say, accurate.
Well, that's good.
Take me back to... just to understand the family.
Take me back to Nathaniel Rothschild.
Again, you're being very accurate.
Nathaniel Rothschild, 1853, English branch of the family, son of Nathan, the famous Nathan, who was Waterloo and all this.
Nathaniel bought Mouton and had married, by the way, so I always say, you know, the family is the Five Arrows, the Five Arrows, which are the five sons of Amschel, who left Frankfurt.
I mean, one stayed in Frankfurt, they all went around Europe,
and created those extraordinary banks and I always say that I descend from two arrows because Nathaniel Rothschild, English, married Charlotte, French Rothschild, daughter of James, French James.
So I descend from them both and there was a lot of intermarrying in the family at the time and so Nathaniel married Charlotte and bought Mouton in 1853 more or less for a mixture of his health and he never set foot in Mouton
And also to have his wine, his own wine, at his own table.
So, Mouton really became his property on that year, which means that we had a great affair to celebrate the 105th anniversary in 2003 of Nathaniel.
Then it came down directly at the fifth generation, which is me, a first woman owner.
The others were men, you know.
But who was your grandfather?
My father, Philip.
My grandfather, Henry.
My great-grandfather, James, but not the great French James, another James.
And my great-great-grandfather, Nathaniel.
It's very close.
Your father was the famous... Of course, of course, of course.
My father, Philip.
That's where my name came from.
But he's enormously famous because he also, during the war,
We're good to go.
And that, you know, gives you something very special in life.
I owe my life to an unknown German who had a girl of that age of my age, that is ten, in Germany.
And you spent
Right there.
Very, very suspicious.
Do you notice that?
Clearly, they were involved with the Vichy.
Not her specifically, but I've read about them always trying to play all sides.
And we know the Rothschilds, some of the branches, the German Rothschilds were involved.
Again, financing Hitler, the British Rothschilds as well.
You don't get your family out, you leave them in Vichy France for four years, and then your mother gets grabbed at the end when they're pulling out of France.
Clearly working with them.
There's no doubt about that.
Would you leave your family when you had a chance to get out before?
Inside Nazi-controlled France?
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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We're good to go.
Yeah, I don't, uh... I didn't mean to spend all this time on the Rothschilds.
And once you start talking about history, it just branches out into so many things.
Kevin was just pulling up news stories where they even used carrier pigeons on top of it.
Yeah, I mean, he had multiple ships, horses, pigeons, just trying to get that message there first, which he did.
In fact, it was several hours until the news actually arrived that Wellington had won, and by then, people didn't believe it.
But 200-something years later, oh, the Rothschilds had helped England so much.
Yeah, in one fell swoop, took over the entire empire.
In other news, it is the anniversary of Charlie Sheen's 9-11 trailblazing legacy.
Chain Reaction raises profile of Truth Movement.
After we take some calls in the first 30 minutes of the next hour, I'm going to get into that report.
Some of the other news I'm going to get to in between your calls, the toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
First-time callers are always welcome, but whoever wants to call can call.
Iraq withdrawal may spark a new 9-11, Bush says.
troops in Iraq want out.
Only 10% of U.S.C.
Iran is an immediate threat.
Bush affirms support for Gonzalez.
I also want to play this Glenn Beck clip where he's demonizing Rosie O'Donnell for questioning the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed story.
Why don't you go after Matt Lauer?
Why don't you go after 90-plus percent of the American people now in polls saying they don't believe it?
I mean, it's admitted to be fake.
He didn't bomb the World Trade Center.
He wasn't involved in 93.
He wasn't involved in a planned attack that the government put out to attack something on the West Coast in 2006.
That's admitted to be fake.
They had his children.
The government admits they threatened to torture him.
How do you... See, they like to attack O'Donnell because of all of her baggage.
So we'll go over that, too.
Also, big news on Iran.
In fact, we'll cover that first when we start the next hour, and then I'll go to your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central Time, that's noon to 3 Eastern, 10 to 1 Mountain, 9 to 11 Pacific.
No, that'd be
What would it be Pacific?
That would be 9 to noon Pacific.
The toll free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
We'll be getting you up on the air coming up in the next segment.
Danny, Paul, Jeffrey and many others that are patiently holding.
But right now I need to get into this really important news.
This is out of the New York Times.
Russia gives Iran ultimatum on enrichment.
Let's give you some background here first.
For three months, Russia has been refusing to deliver fuel rods to the Bashar reactor and to several other facilities, the parts they need.
And the Iranians have been refusing to pay, and it's a paltry sum for a government.
Now, Iran has capitulated.
Iran has bowed down.
And if not even following a peaceful energy program.
But Achmed Dinejad, there's a debate on how to pronounce it.
I can only pronounce my own name, it doesn't matter.
The guy running Iran, who is just a president, he's a puppet over there.
Yeah, they elect him, but the Supreme Council runs everything.
It's a dictatorship, folks.
So, oh yes, the puppet's elected.
The puppet
He still shoots his mouth off about how if he gets attacked he's going to strike back.
He's got to do that.
What would our president, the puppet of the bankers do, of the global dictatorship, not just the rogue state of Iran, do if he was being threatened?
He'd act tough.
You've got to act tough.
And that's what these people do.
And so the CIA said a year ago it would take ten years for them to have a weaponized program.
Now that's nine years.
The Israelis say four years.
The CIA says, now in new assessments that they tried to cook up six years, whatever, if they were left alone and given everything they needed to have a crude device, many years.
While North Korea, China, Russia, South Africa, all these countries have nukes.
France, I mean the list goes on and on.
There's a lot of nuclear powers out there now.
But there's this hysteria, we got to attack, we got to attack, we got to attack.
You've got three aircraft carrier groups and task forces floating around there in the Persian Gulf.
There could be a staged Gulf of Tonkin any day.
Meanwhile, Iran is years and years away.
You've left to their own devices and given everything they needed, and Russia's not even doing that now.
Because, on purpose, Iran's not even paying.
And then Russia comes out with a staged announcement to look like they're getting tough, when Iran has already buckled.
To the New World Order.
Russia gives Iran ultimatum on enrichment.
Paris, March 18th.
Russia has informed Iran that it will withhold fuel for Iran's nearly completed Bashir power plant unless Iran suspends its uranium enrichment as demanded by the United Nations Security Council, European, American, and Iranian officials said.
So, the whole thing's already been suspended by FIAT.
For all intents and purposes, but now the UN's upping things, saying we need to inspect, we need back in there, and Iran's saying no.
That's just unbelievable.
The ultimatum was delivered in Moscow last week by Igor Inovar, Russia's Security Council Secretary, to Al-Husseini Tash, Iran's Deputy Chief Nuclear Negotiator, said the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, because a confidential diplomatic exchange between two governments was involved.
For years, President Bush
...was, has been pressing President Vladimir Putin of Russia to cut off help to Iran, the nuclear reactor, which is Tehran's first serious effort to produce nuclear energy that has been highly profitable for Russia, but Mr. Putin has resisted.
So, they'll probably end up and attack Iran anyways, it doesn't matter.
They'll probably claim they've got death beams from space or Pluto or something like that.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, now 8 minutes, 22 seconds into this second hour.
For those who just joined us, Russia gives Iran an ultimatum.
They're not finishing the reactor.
It's been shut down for months.
Nothing's going on.
It would be years and years till they had a weapon.
The world doesn't care.
They see another weak third world country of 65 million people that can be bombed into oblivion.
Lots of couch potatoes that can't find it on a map will cheer with glee as the very same elite bombing Iran destroys our sovereignty and our dollar.
They just don't care.
Coming up, we'll get into U.S.
troops and Iraq won out.
It's a one-year anniversary of Charlie Sheen coming on this radio show and causing a chain reaction on 9-11.
Mark Corn, he's going to join us again because people were calling in the whole time he was on with us for two hours and I said we'd take calls.
We only took calls the last literal
It wasn't even the last 15, it was the last 12 minutes.
There was an ad in between there.
We're going to get Mark on about 45 after or so and have him at the end of this hour and all the way into the next hour.
Kind of let him recap and cover a few other issues for that 15 minutes.
Start the third hour, take peer calls for Mark, the political prisoner, who's now been released after 7 years coming up.
It's important, people want to hear from him and we're going to have him back on.
Let me just go ahead and go to your calls right now as promised.
Let's move quickly.
Danny in New York, go ahead.
Hey, how are you Alex?
First time call, long time listener.
I have the great opportunity of having a giant office and about eight to nine workers and a whole bunch of medical students.
And your talk show about Gardasil and all that other stuff really got a lot of those students thinking, so I want to thank you for that.
I like hitting them with, you know, war on the middle class.
You have a lot of physicians and they love their money.
So, you know, they listen to your show and I said, well, just check it out.
Go on Google and check it out.
And, you know, tell me what you're saying.
Now, you've got a lot of people with open eyes now and open ears and they're looking into this and I just want to tell you, you know, I did seven years in the Army.
And thank God I got out with no problems.
Thank God!
I was there on 6th Avenue when two buildings came down.
Saw the second one come down.
A little funny to me.
And had a guy with me who was a Sergeant Major at the time.
And he said, didn't we just get briefed about this two months ago?
And I remembered, we had some ex-Special Forces guy, you know, to get these contractors after they finished the military, to, you know, brief soldiers on terroristic actions.
Yeah, they go around for FEMA, fear-mongering.
Now it's under NORCOM.
And one of the main, you know, of course after the Nation of Islam, they showed this guy, Bin Laden.
And he said that we're after him now, and he's been, you know, planning some things, and of course, two months later, this is what happened.
That's right, and not just to the military, and I've talked to a lot of military who were briefed on it.
We're about to be attacked, they're probably going to hit New York.
I mean, they were telling us what they were going to do.
Exactly, and I remember catching myself saying, you know what?
That was bin Laden.
But then a few weeks later, I'm laughing at myself because how could some guys in a cave
Plan all this stuff.
I mean, I know when you do military operations, it takes a lot of planning.
It takes a lot of people involved.
Well, it's the coordination, and then you've got the Air Force standing down, NORAD standing down, drills of the exact same buildings being hit at the exact same time.
I mean, give me a break, folks.
When I woke up from that, it just made me a little sick.
You know, you're in the military, and your job is to protect the Constitution, both foreign and domestic.
And, uh, you walk down the street and the cops are frisking people, they're, you know, treating people.
And I have, uh, unfortunately, I have police in my family and I hit them all the time with this, uh, since you woke me up, I'm kind of like a lion now, you know?
And, uh, and I hit them, I said, look, listen, you know, you have, you have these people who, who you can just walk to them and, uh, there's a law there that can arrest them.
You can do, you know, bitching, walking, whatever it is.
And you give them a hard time, and you put them in the system, and for what?
You can only do it to us, and you can't do it to, you know, illegals?
And, you know, I just, again, if it was not for the fact that I woke up, you know, a few weeks after September 11th, and I thank you for it, because I've been listening to you for a long time, and you know what?
I Google everything that you say, and I double-check everything, because I don't want to sound like a crazy idiot, and have no facts.
And I want to thank you for, you know, keeping
As honest as you have been on the air, and I will keep on this battle.
And I mean, I was talking to an Austin cop last week, and he said, oh my gosh, he was up in New York and asked an officer, hey sir, do you know where this is?
And, does it look like information on my chest?
Get out of here!
Let me see your ID!
I mean, how did America turn into that?
And the numbers just came out, what, in the New York Times a couple weeks ago, when we read them here on air.
I forget the exact numbers.
It was, uh, was it in 2004?
No, in 2003, there were something like 95, 97,000 what they call stop and frisk, where they just randomly stop people on the street and search you and question you.
Just randomly.
And it said that in 2006, it was 550-something thousand.
Now, again, those aren't the exact numbers.
It was 500-something thousand, 90-something thousand before.
Up five-fold plus.
We're good.
Never in trouble with the law.
It just has been so busy.
I'm the same way.
I got a headlight burnout.
I got a bad inspection sticker.
I've been so busy, I don't have time to put my car in the shop.
For like a month.
The inspection sticker's been out for like two months.
And I'm pulling up and there are cops in there with a headlight burnout.
And I'm like, oh my gosh.
And I pull in.
I already told this story.
And they're putting an employee of mine in handcuffs.
And I go, what's going on?
Well, he has an expired driver's license.
And I went,
I have had McManus on and I have called
In the last 12 years on radio, I've probably called Mick Jasper twice a year, so 24 times probably.
And it's always, we're going to come on later, we're going to be doing interviews later.
So there's the answer to your question.
I'm a member of the John Birch Society and we got a letter from the headquarters asking us to help put together a plan to
The attack and the defeat and the stamp that's going on and how to put it all together and educate people about how this is economically, domestically, and how we can tie it into everything that's going on worldwide.
Yeah, I'm trying to figure out how... Yeah, we fight it every day.
We just had a big rally with, I don't know, about 2,000 people total over the day down at the Capitol against the Trans-Texas Corridor, Napa Superhighway, the taxing mechanism of all this, and we're fighting it, sir.
Yeah, because I'm a big listener of your program and a big supporter of your program and trying to turn people on up here.
Well, keep it up, my friend.
God bless you, and I appreciate the call.
Yeah, the John Birch Society in the past really wouldn't do interviews.
Now they say they're, quote, changing their policy.
But I haven't really seen that.
Let's go, I mean, I guess McManus came on to promote an event he was going to be at.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeffrey.
Jeffrey, where are you calling from?
I'm from Michigan, Alex.
Thank you.
I have a comment and also a question.
The comment
I have some co-workers who mentioned this program called Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
and for some reason I decided to watch it I think last week and I watched two questions and had to turn it off.
This totally falls in line where they're dumbing down the masses.
The people cheered and rooted on for a CEO slash president of a building company
Because he couldn't figure out how many square inches were in a square with 12-inch sides.
And I was just mortified that he decided to just take the money because he was too stupid to realize length times width.
Okay, I'm stupid.
I'm stupid here.
Explain to me what the program is, what was going on.
There's a program on Fox called
Are you smarter than a fifth grader?
And I guess they have people on there who have to answer questions that fifth graders learn in class.
And if you can successfully answer the questions, you keep raising your level on how much money you can win.
He was up at $50,000 and if he answered the questions successfully,
He would go up to $100,000.
If he was wrong, he would drop down to $25,000, and he'd be done with the show.
And he decided, since he couldn't figure out the answer of the question, he was just going to take the money, and he has to say afterwards, I'm not as smart as a fifth grader, and the crowd is cheering, and everyone... Yeah, that's what Fox does, is it's all about
Every male role model is an idiot who can't get out of bed in the morning.
He's such a drunk.
The women are all the bosses.
Everyone's an idiot.
Everyone's scum.
This is the elite programming the public.
It made me sick to think that, I don't know what the number is on their television ratings, but people are actually watching this show thinking it's a great show to watch.
It sets a terrible example.
The public is completely brainwashed and completely dumbed down.
Thanks for the call.
More calls straight ahead.
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Let's ask the question that the Bush regime hopes you will never ask.
That is, is the USA already bankrupt?
As the world's biggest debtor nation, we are borrowing in excess of 80% of the world's net savings.
That's $2 billion per day to finance the biggest deficit in history.
Our creditors are becoming increasingly concerned that the debt can never be repaid.
Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
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The ideology powering the Democrats and Republicans is not liberalism or conservatism, but globalism.
We're good to go.
I think so.
We're good.
Let's go ahead and play this Glenn Beck clip.
It's about three minutes long and I'll comment on it after the break.
This is him last week attacking Rosie O'Donnell for her comments on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
Now listen to this.
She's the enemy.
She's saying that these terrorists, guilty until proven innocent, or just guilty period, deserve to be tortured, you see.
But then when they call you a terrorist, you've been dehumanized, you deserve the same thing too.
Here it is.
Defending 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?
Oh yeah!
Apparently terrorists are people too.
I want to start with some footage that just blood shot out of my eyes when I saw this.
The View with Rosie O'Donnell.
She is defending the mastermind of 9-11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
Watch this video.
I think the man has been in custody of the American government in secret CIA torture prisons in Guantanamo Bay, where torture is accepted and allowed, and he finally is the guy who admits to doing everything!
They finally found the guy!
It's not that guy Bin Laden, it's this guy they've had since 93!
And look at, this is the picture they released of him.
Doesn't he look healthy?
Okay, we're going to just try to open this up for a free-for-all, but I want to start with you, Ashley.
I found more venom for the United States government than for the guy who perpetrated 9-11 on this country, from Rosario.
Later when Mark Corenkey joins us, we'll play the whole clip, two more minutes of it, and then get his take on it, and take calls, and get your take on it, but do you see what he just said there at the start?
He is the mastermind.
He did it.
He is a terrorist.
Oh, terrorists are people too.
So see, as soon as you're accused of being a terrorist, you're not a person.
And he is taking a confession that we don't even know is real.
I mean, we know it's fake and a fraud and a lie, but Khalid Sheikh Mohammed may not even have said these things.
He admittedly has been held for four years.
He admittedly has been tortured.
This is a government that's been caught premeditatedly lying over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again by design.
Not accidentally lying or giving you disinfo.
I mean, are we going to set the precedent that the good guys torture people, and that then when the person is arrested and disappears into a black hole, four years later the government releases a redacted transcript taking credit for everything under the sun, and then if you laugh at it, you're a traitor!
And they used the highly-charged O'Donnell to attack.
Notice that.
They didn't go after Matt Lauer.
They didn't go after Republican members of Congress.
They didn't go after all these mainline, respected people who were saying the same thing.
They didn't go after the former, you know, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, Father of Reaganomics, Paul Craig Roberts, saying the same thing.
They didn't go after 90-plus percent in major polls.
It was 74, and then, after three or four days of the news coming out that it was all fake, it's 90-something percent in major polls.
He didn't attack any of those folks that are known as being normal.
No, it's the big mouth, Rosie O'Donnell, who's been in all the controversy and all the trouble, who conservatives hate, so, see, then they buy into it.
All crafted to manipulate you.
All crafted to, can you believe what a traitor she is?
She just doesn't accept
It's secret torture dungeons and she thinks this person's a human and she hates America!
And then he adds the American government.
See, loving America means loving the government.
See how they're doing bait and switches on you?
All psychological warfare, folks.
You can tell.
Some shows are just regurgitating propaganda.
Some shows are just putting out propaganda but the host themselves isn't an operative.
Glenn Beck, give me a break.
I mean, that guy is a total shill.
The whole thing is using every trick in the book.
Now, even if you're for the war and hate O'Donnell, and I don't particularly like her myself for things she's done in the past, even if you're for all this stuff, do you like psychological warfare?
Do you like Pentagon-designed propaganda?
Do you like being lied to?
I mean, is that pro-America?
I mean, do you like people treating you like you're an idiot?
And it's just, it's just incredible.
Alright, Mark Kornke's coming up in about 15 minutes.
Adam Locke's going to be joining us to talk about some news that's been developing.
And it's just jam-packed, jam-packed transmission.
Tons of news coming up.
More clips as well.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Let's go ahead now and go to Adam Locke.
Many, many years ago, I got a chance to know Adam Locke.
He's been involved in the Patriot Movement and covering the Patriot Movement.
He, of course, previously was one of the head honchos over at WWCR, Worldwide Christian Radio, and he now works with my good friend, Jim Shepard, who has the Made in America
Big Berkey, Black Berkey elements.
He also carries the British Berkey if you prefer.
But the reason I got Adam on is that Adam is really up on, I heard him on another show, Adam is really up on water in the news right now and some of the things that have been happening with the water and some of the things that are in your tap water and we hope that you will avail yourselves of the best gravity-filled filter on the market that just so happens to be made in America and just so happens to support this broadcast and getting the truth out.
Adam, thanks for coming on with us today.
Alex, thank you.
It's certainly a pleasure to be a part of your program.
We appreciate our little time here.
Oh no, I called you guys up.
I'm glad that you agreed to come on.
Tell us, because there's so much happening, and I see it every day in the news too, but you really have been focusing on this.
What's water doing in the news?
It's just incredible.
The National Academy of Science, just late last month, said severe water shortages predicted in the southwestern U.S.
Warburn, Massachusetts, first of this month.
Residents there are told, boil your water.
The presence of E. coli was detected near a city water tank.
Hastings, Minnesota.
Trace amounts of industrial chemicals are turning up in the water there.
Compliments, they think, of 3M.
They're not really certain yet.
Health officials there are telling families, buy bottled water or use a filter if it gives you the peace of mind.
There's stuff all over the place.
Arsenic found in wells and water in New York.
It's just constant, and it's not just in the states Alex, it's happening overseas.
Now last time I checked though, MBTE, that fuel additive that the environmentalists demanded be put in the gas is a deadly carcinogen and is in 49 states water supply?
It's still there.
It's going to take 10 years to get it out of the water.
It's still filtering down into the water tables.
And they admit that stuff's really bad.
Please continue.
Yes, yes they do.
I was going to say, over in Fiji, you know, there's stuff happening all over the world.
It's not just here in the United States.
Three weeks in an area called Ba, they were without proper water.
I don't know.
Close to Australia that's famous for the headhunters.
And for her end of high school trip, she's 15 years younger than me, a couple years ago, she went there for a month during the summer and her and her friend got sports burkies.
Everybody else had these big filters.
Everyone got sick but them living in the mountains for a month.
I mean folks, the sports burkies, the big burkies,
But, Adam, you talk about all these problems and every day I see articles in Denver or Dallas or New York where they're finding not just trace but high levels of the female hormone estrogen from the birth control pills.
They're finding the serotonin reuptake inhibitor chemicals from large, 15% of the population in some major cities taking antidepressants.
That stuff's
We're good to go!
It doesn't cut those out, but I mean, just the herbicides and pesticides, I mean, if you go to the EPA's website, which I've done, and I'm sure you guys have a link to this, but if you go to their page that has the allowable chemicals, there are hundreds of things that are allowable, the herbicides, the pesticides, the chemicals, and you add that together, it's a cocktail of stuff.
I don't know how anybody's still drinking tap water, Adam.
It's scary.
As you said, you have them, I have them at my house.
I have the sport bottle sitting on my desk here at work.
I use it constantly.
And I've taken it down to the local creek, stuck it in there, and not worried about it.
It works!
We've sent these things overseas, as you have mentioned.
I've got another group going to a Central American island in a couple of weeks.
Doctors Without Borders.
We're sending Sport Berkey bottles with them.
You better believe it.
And they want them.
They know the difference.
Tell us about some of the other water stories in the news.
Well, there's just a lot going on.
We have started something up on our website where we're listing water news now.
And you can go there and see what's going on.
One of the other big ones that happened was Phoenix, Arizona, got an F for their water from a men's health magazine recently.
Out of 100 cities, they tested for levels of arsenic, lead, coliform, bacteria, haloacetic acids, trihalomethanes, just nasty stuff.
And Phoenix, again, is all over
Well, by the way, Adam, we're not just here, I mean, you know, just saying this so people buy water filters.
Obviously, we want you to, but I really believe in this.
I mean, I've quit counting, but I know I've bought more than 10 systems for Christmas and birthdays.
I bought my parents one.
I bought my grandmother one.
I bought my aunt and uncle one.
I bought friends.
I bought other family.
I mean, I know I bought more than ten of these.
I believe in this.
I use this.
Folks, take the chlorine and take all the stuff that they've got to put in these water supplies that have sewage in them, you know, to make it safe to drink.
But all it does is kill those bacteria.
You're still absorbing those dead, toxic bacteria when they break down.
They have enzymes and chemicals in them that basically are the same thing as rotten meat, and it just gives you trace illness, trace nausea, trace blood problems, instead of getting the big dose of rotten food that would kill you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Humans have always had problems getting a hold of clean water.
It's so integral.
It's so basic.
I have a family that lives in Houston, and I sent them a big Berkey, and they use it now.
I don't know how they all those years didn't when the water tastes like gasoline there because of all the refineries.
Even teenagers I have talked to know that, boy, it just makes better water.
Coffee, tea, anything you use, you want to purify your water.
And the Berkey systems are going to do that for you.
Well, it's really simple, folks.
You need to get one of these filtration systems.
If you procrastinated, if you haven't done it, go to Infowars.com.
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Great to have, but use it every day.
Use it at the gym, when you go to the water fountain.
It's just a sports bottle, but then it's got the element up in the top that makes it safe to drink and reduces a lot of it, doesn't cut it all out.
The big Berkeys do cut all the toxins, all the poisons out, and then leave the healthy nutrients and cuts out all the bacteria and the dead bacteria for you.
Or just call, you guys still have that five pack deal where they're only $20 a piece if you get five sports Berkeys?
Yes, we sure do.
And they have knockoff models at major camping supply stores with an element a third of the size of the Berkey element.
And those things are like $35-40.
These are $20 a piece when you get five of them.
Adam, if somebody just wants one, how much are they?
Typically they're $29 a piece.
I believe.
I have to look.
I believe you're right.
Last time I looked it was $29.
We also sell them via the InfoWars shopping cart.
We have all the same deals, all the same prices, and then we just give them the order a day later and they drop ship it via UPS.
Or you can go directly to BerkeyWater.com.
We have banners on InfoWars.com, on PrisonPlanet.com.
That's BerkeyWater.com.
Adam, give out that number for folks to call.
Debbie is always happy to talk to your listeners.
And of course, if you do go to the website, make sure you mention that Alex Jones sent you.
And by the way, it's not just so we know that we're having an effect in supporting a sponsor.
They already know that.
That's so you get the discount.
Because understand, this is the national manufacturer and the national distributor of the British, but they make the American, which is at a higher standard.
And again, they had major universities.
What was the university, Louisiana?
But like four years ago, I guess he had the, when he was first developing it, he had the university there at Louisiana do the test.
You said also Arizona?
And so the black element took it to non-detectable, meaning with an electron microscope, they can't find it.
And the Berkey folks will send you those studies if you want those.
Antigenic bacteria, which you're talking about, E. coli and things like that, you're already at non-detectable levels, that's correct.
Now again, scientists will never tell you there's no bacteria there.
They take murky water, they put it in a petri dish, they let it grow for a week, non-detectable.
And one university, I remember reading the report, said this is a new standard.
This has never been reached.
So, folks, you need to give him a call right now, 888-803-4438, and tell him Alex Jones sent you, because you're already getting discounted by ordering from him.
But by telling him Alex Jones sent you, you get the free gift.
They've got several different things you can get.
Potassium iodide, a Sheltering in Place DVD about preparedness.
I believe in this.
This is so important.
Give Debbie at New Millennium a call, 888-803-4438.
Adam Lock, anything else?
You've covered it all, Alex.
I appreciate your time.
Thank you for having us on the show.
I hope to talk to you again soon, Adam.
God bless you.
Thank you.
Again, folks, if you call that number and it's busy, it means they're getting a lot of calls.
Leave your name and number and they'll call you right back.
Let me explain what happened.
About six, seven years ago, they were the national distributor for the British Berkey, which is excellent.
I have some of those still operating.
I have a travel Berkey as well.
What you do is, they then manufactured the American Berkey, which is as good or better.
Bottom line, it's as good, probably better.
The studies show better.
And they said, why don't we just sell to the American people instead of just to distributors?
You can find their stuff in the major stores, the military, others get it, Red Cross gets it.
But you get a discount, number one, getting it from the source, and then getting it through this show, an even bigger discount.
$8.88, $8.03.
Okay, I'm going to shut up about that.
I hope you take action.
You can also order via InfoWars.com.
I know we have Skip and John and Greg and many others that are holding.
We're going to start the third hour in exactly 15 minutes.
And when we start the third hour, we're going to take calls for the entire third hour, one after the other, in rapid succession.
With who?
Mark Kornke.
Now, Mark, you can probably do this better than I. Just in 60 seconds, or take 120, whatever, and thank you for joining us again two days in a row.
I'm doing this because, number one, I miss Mark, and he has a lot of knowledge to share.
He's been doing a lot of thinking and writing in prison, falsely charged, run off the road by police and set up by them.
I have the squad car video.
That's not just his word on it.
They've had to set him up for a bank robbery.
They admit he did and wasn't involved.
No criminal record before that.
Totally set up.
But we've got him back on because he was on for two hours.
It went by in ten minutes, and we didn't have time to take a lot of calls.
We will today.
And then he's going to be a regular guest contributing to the show.
We're working on getting him a Genesis show as soon as possible.
He just got out last Thursday, less than a week ago.
But Mark, thanks for coming back on.
In 120 seconds, recap who you are and the new books that are coming out, and then I've got a few questions for you, and we're going to go to calls.
Yes, well, originally, years ago, when I wasn't as knowledgeable, but politically active, I joined the military, of course.
I've always been involved in politics, had a lot of fun there, at the state level, at the local level.
Joined the military, became a 94B20, originally a 94B10, intelligence analyst.
I was school trained at U6, United States Army Intelligence Centers and Schools.
Eventually, of course, moved on and increased my rating in 94B20.
Anybody out there in the military knows that's just a nomenclature for level of experience.
I also worked as a counterintelligence NCO.
I worked as a facility security officer.
I'm school trained in both of those positions, by the way, and that's pretty well documented.
The important thing as an intel analyst, I was school trained.
Most people hold the position, but don't necessarily have the background.
Later on, through happenstance, the units that I served with, I'm familiar with, in fact, we helped to expose Wrex 84.
I didn't know what that's what it was at the time, to be quite honest, because of compartmentalization.
From our perspective, I worked with a command group and was set in on many of the briefings.
That kind of got me moving in another direction because
Years ago, I had people approach me.
They wanted me to work in the camps, work in the new jobs that were being proposed back in the early, early 80s.
That kind of got the ball rolling and got me asking a lot of other questions.
Eventually, I worked behind the scenes all through the 80s.
There's a lot of stuff that we're going to talk about here in the next several months that I helped to bring forward from behind the scenes, but we did it anonymously.
We did it for a long time.
It eventually got to the point where the water level was so high, before 93, but into 93, and with Waco.
It produced American Peril as a public document, but as everybody knows, we didn't do any advertising at all.
It went around the country in a matter of days.
In fact, several days, American Peril 1 eventually became a multi-million copy tape, which was VHS back then, and audio tapes and such.
Yeah, this was the first loose change.
It really was, folks.
This was the first underground video to go completely nuts.
Yes, in fact, I received responses from about 68 countries total.
It was translated into Japanese.
It was translated into German.
It was even translated into Russian.
We know it went into Africa.
I had people responding who we had never had contact with, ever.
I mean, these were just people out of the blue who realized after they watched what was transpiring in the United States and seeing what pieces they had from national television, they took an interest and expanded very quickly their
Most important, as we said, just copy it.
The idea was to get the information out.
And what I did is I did it as a regular sit-briefing.
I don't think listeners still realize the power of an individual making a couple DVDs, a couple VHS every day, and just randomly giving them to people.
The power of that is immeasurable.
And the fact is that you don't have to repeat yourself a hundred times each day.
The machine is doing it for you.
This is one of the things the other side, of course, wants to ridicule.
They have to ridicule.
It's the idea that this is communication.
Any time where we can do mass communication and bring everybody up to the same level of expertise, or at least understanding, so they start to ask questions, so they investigate themselves.
I argue this, and we're going to take longer than 120 seconds, but the reason for this is that this tool, this technique that we're using,
Well, I'm not saying it's even a good thing, but this is what was used to overthrow the Shaw in 1979, with audio cassettes.
Absolutely, that's exactly what happened.
VHS tapes were sent into France by the Ayatollah Khakimimi, and the rest is history.
So it works just exactly like that.
But anyway, I don't want to say that we got a break.
We're going to come back.
I've got a through a couple of stories I want to throw at you.
Get your take on it.
We're going to open the phones up.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back on the other side.
He's out of the hooscow.
Seven years behind the barbed wire.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind.
There was something so pleasant about that place.
Even your emotions had an echo in so much space.
And when you're out there, without care, yeah I was out of touch.
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough.
I want to go back to something that Mark was just saying.
In 1996, the Army declassified, and I want you to write this down listeners, the Civilian Inmate Labor Camp Program.
In 1996, the Pentagon declassified, declassified, it was secret, the Civilian Inmate Labor Camp Program.
Now, I remember Mark in the early 1990s saying there is a Civilian Inmate Labor Camp Program that he'd heard about while he was in the Army.
Now, in 1996, they declassify it with phone numbers, names, it just types Civilian Inmate Labor Camp Program into Google, you will see the documents.
In my book, Descent into Tyranny, we have a copy of the cover page and it says that from the early 80s until 1996, this is a briefing on the declassification, that there were a dozen
Civilian Inmate Labor Camp Programs and it lists them.
Red River, Anniston, you know it goes through them.
And it says now we're opening 24 more and we're putting federal and state prisoners already on these and they've been there since the early 80s.
There were prisoners
Being transferred out of prisons, secretly, in a program to train the cadres for the military to run labor camps.
Now, it's now declassified.
I want to make that clear.
This isn't some rumor.
People always say, did you hear this rumor?
This is the government websites.
Mark Kornke.
In 1993, when we did American Peril, I specifically mentioned, with American Peril 2 and 3,
I incorporated all the information that I had directly from personal experience.
This is where I was sitting down in briefings.
We would have components of the briefings, or a series of briefings, but we wouldn't have all of the pieces to the big picture.
But the problem with dealing with the intelligence personnel is that you can pretty well, if you have a... It's like, what's a puzzle?
Once you have so many pieces of the different elements of the puzzle,
Even if you don't know exactly what the picture is?
Yeah, the specific endgame can be secret, but you can look at the machine and pretty much tell what it does.
What you look for is spending.
That's right.
As much as anything else, the way that I tracked foreign troops, especially in the late 80s, 1988-89 is when we saw the first influx of a combination of foreign troops, and this is the secret.
This is one of the things that worked very well, why I could give specific numbers.
The manpower allocation was financed through a series of payroll budget statements.
These payroll budget statements gave specific information on every level of manpower to include command and control and all the way down to rank and file enlisted personnel.
The allocations were for bedding, you know, for housing for instance, food reserves, and also for purchasing or renting specific military facilities through different treaties and arrangements.
Those were not classified, but they gave us specific windows so that we could determine the force strength and the number of boots on the ground.
People said, well, how would you know?
It's because all the other information was there.
Utilizing all the secondary information that they didn't classify, we were able to identify facilities and focus human intelligence... By the way, that's one of the chief engineers that I've...
AT&T last year went public.
He said, look, this whole floor, this whole area is NSA.
And it's all secret, but all the diagrams and the wires and the specs for what went in there was public.
And we know what it is.
So it's easier than a reverse engineering.
There's a specific pattern.
The only variance would be in percentage.
Because, for instance, the fact that you have some people who have more seniority, so there's a little higher payroll.
But payroll subdivision per tier would all be consistent.
Alright, we'll be right back.
We'll be right back in 70 seconds, Mark, to finish up this thought and take calls.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
More than...
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday, from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, right here on Genesis, on all the birds.
Transmitted 24 hours a day over the internet at InfoWars.com, a free podcast as well.
You can subscribe to it, get the three hours daily delivered to your MP3 or iPod player.
Mark Kornke joins us in this third hour.
Political prisoner, just got out of jail for being run off the road by the police for seven years.
Worked in Army Intelligence and
We're good.
We never really got to this yesterday, but just in three minutes, four minutes before we break, we're going to come back and take calls continually.
What does Mark Kornke in his tea leaves and his crystal ball, projecting forward with all the intel and data and ideas and instincts and precog, everything you've got
What do you see unfolding in the next five years?
Looking at current Patriot growth and resistance, New World Order actions, give us your best dead reckoning.
I mean, not this could happen or that could happen, what do you see happening?
We understand it's not 100%, it's not 80%, it's probably 70%, but in generalities, what do you see breaking?
First of all, there's one project just that you've mentioned, the prison camp slash the prison system mechanism in the United States was designed to help bankrupt the state-level governments.
That's something that's on the horizon right now.
Some states backed out of the program.
This is part of the Civilian Detention Camp Networks program.
But it was expanded here, for instance, in Michigan.
We see this now in Texas, in your own state, California, and also, for instance, in New York, New Jersey, and there's a whole list.
But many states did not buy into this program.
So now you have a patchwork of states that are in better economic standing, even though they were mediocre states for resources.
Other states like Michigan have completely destroyed their economy.
The socialists have done exactly what was expected.
What they did is they virtually handed by the bucket load with no accountability money through the 90s and got these people to overspend on a vast level.
Michigan only had three prison pods, three sets of prisons in the whole of the state for probably close to 150 years.
All of a sudden, for instance, we have 54 prison pods in the state of Michigan.
These prison pods each cost almost as much as the original prison site.
And they've got to feed more people into them continually to continue growing that system or it implodes.
The darkness of what we explained to everybody very early on was that, remember, they're treating it like a business.
That's right.
If you're treating it like a business, what's the product?
The automatic growth rate needs to be 2%.
If it's 2%, that means 2% more in the way of people have to come in.
But here's the problem.
This is a vampire feeding frenzy.
They're used to thieving and stealing out the back door from a specific level.
This is going to really heavily damage the state economies, but it helps them to shift over to the regional government mechanism.
Now let's be clear, they destroy the local and put it into regions and counties, and then into the state, which is then in state regions, with federal boards over it, and then the federal boards all reporting to international boards, and you have the total circumnavigation of local control and sovereignty and nationalism.
So far you can't hear any of the voices that are supposedly managing the situation and they being totally disconnected could care less about the end result.
And that's where we are right now.
Now that's one of the key points because
It has undermined the education system.
It has expanded the gulag system in the United States.
Well, let's be clear.
And they've settled with Homeland Security.
All the big new scholarships, some colleges, like half the curricula now is Homeland Security.
You ensure the new economy is secret police, is secret arrest, because it's the only jobs available and the fiat money system will only fund that.
Then you bankrupt the economy and literally put people into work brigades under national service.
This is all being discussed.
This is by design.
Yes, and in fact... Shifting us out of a free market into a command and control slave grid.
This is what Soviet Socialism was all about.
Why there are no movies on it.
Hollywood can't do the movies about it because they embrace the practice.
They have embraced it.
The Soviet Russia worked exactly the same way and this country is being geared to be put in the same way.
Alright, we'll finish that thought and go straight to your calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
It's here!
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, as promised, we're going to go to your phone calls, but this point that has been raised about the economy shifting over into a command and control...
First, they get you into a fake cold war by the very same banks who are financing both sides to build up a large centralized state.
They have welfare.
They sell you on it if the state wants to help you.
Their own federal documents show that it's about domesticating you, getting you dependent, breaking up the family.
We've gone from, you know, in the single digits of
Illegitimate children being born to over half now in the black community over 90% everything falling apart Then the state comes in after they tell you to run around like a bunch of heathen You know train you to not discipline your kids, so they turn out bad then the state comes in whammo
While leaving the borders open, destroying the sovereignty, pumping in the illegal aliens to drive down the wages, to blow out the economy, building prisons everywhere.
I mean, Texas has more prisons.
Texas is number three in the world for prisons, ahead of any country.
It's the US, then China, then Texas.
Prisons everywhere.
The only economy in small towns.
No more manufacturing.
They say this.
By design, then the terror threat.
Then, major university heads we've had on.
Major professors.
We're half the new curriculum.
It's homeland security.
How to data mine.
How to spy.
How to set up cameras.
How to be a police officer.
How to be a security guard.
ITT technical.
Doesn't teach how to fix motherboards or computers anymore.
It teaches how to be a security guard, how to be a cop, how to be a jail guard.
Everything shifts over because now they've blown out the free market economy that made you independent.
Now they're forcing you out of the money system they control to work in one of their conduits.
And again, you can call that the command-and-control neo-feudalist model.
When we say the Soviets did it, I don't want to get in the trap of, oh, it's a commie conspiracy.
That's only one face of a multi-faithed hydra out there.
One more command-and-control system is, real quickly, Bill Clinton's mentor, head of political science, Georgetown, said, the bankers, the roundtable groups, control the communists, the fascists, the socialists.
Anything that consolidates is their friend.
Mark Cornyn, finish that thought.
We've got to go to calls.
No, it's not just Soviet Socialism.
The reason I call it not Communism, but call it what it is.
Soviet Socialism.
I wasn't disagreeing with you that Soviet Socialists did this model.
I was just expanding it out and showing people the semantical fact that it is different names for the same creature.
We have Fabian Socialism, Soviet Socialism, National Socialism.
Here's the key word.
They're all the tripe that believes that they own your person.
The key to this is private property.
My time is my time.
Alex's time is Alex's time.
Our lives on this planet are not the property of a bunch of sycophants.
And they're training us to think in groupthink, not to help the whole, but because the elite is scared of the population, they want to get us all into a herd mentality so they can extract our wealth.
In fact, wealth is time.
Time is everything.
You cannot reach into a pocket and pull out a pop
You can't reach into your pocket and pull out a handful of seconds and give them to me, can you, Alex?
And that makes it the single most valuable commodity.
No, I can't.
The sick minds at the other end that we're dealing with here, the trash, the gutter wipes.
And they make us spend all our time complying, and scooping, and bowing, and notice how they've changed the nomenclature from public servant, from statesman, to official, authority, excellency, your honor, sir, kissing up to them.
The problem is, is that this gets back to the same thing that we broke away from and scraped the table clean of, and that was getting away from these hierarchies and actually creating a society that was based upon people.
Based upon the fact that all of us have specific God-given rights.
That's what the whole document is about.
And the incredible part is the socialist minions claim it's all about humanity and the individual.
It's the opposite.
True free market, true liberty culture is the ultimate utopia.
It grows into incredible wealth, but then the kids become decadent, their children become evil, and you get evil again.
The problem is that this system makes us too successful.
Well, my problem with that there is, if we were to keep on course, and if America taught America
We would not have that problem, but remember, what was the first thing that our enemies focused upon?
They took over the education system.
Through the use of taking over the finance system, they altered and created an alien education mechanism.
That's right.
Then they bought the media.
That's right.
Then they federalized the local cities.
Then they brainwashed the police.
And not only are they buying it, but keep in mind, remember that it may take a generation, but the boobies that they have conditioned through the higher levels of higher education, the graduate study area,
Remember, I worked at the University of Michigan for 18 years, and I watched this.
First of all, it's interesting.
On the one hand, more and more of this, who the person is, male, female, he, she, or it, and the key it being getting more promotion than he or she.
It doesn't make any difference who it was, what race it was.
The idea is that when you get up into the higher tiers, they have got this conditional mechanism whereby it's that they're at war and it's us and them.
I don't think so.
My children, homeschooled at the 4th grade level, were producing better papers, better products.
And they take mindless drivel written at a 5th, 6th grade level for current education standards, and they call it genius and incredible ideas.
And they just fawn over each other.
It's disgusting.
Well, part of that is to remember this.
The nature of the creature is such that once they have power, they're always looking over their back, concerned about the executive letter openers being thrust between somebody's shoulder blades.
And that's one of the things that has created this downward spiral.
The problem is, like you said, the decadence is coming because the people who are controlling key elements of the controlled media, as we call it, but key elements where they're focusing on the young to create conflict.
In fact, they would say, don't rebel, but then automatically
Everything is designed to get it right.
Well, look at Fox TV.
Every male role model is stupid, mindless, weak, and the woman rules him.
That goes back to the slave plantation with the house slaves being the women keeping everybody in line.
But that, of course, remember, wasn't just that group of the population that was being done with.
They weren't the only ones that were slaves.
There have been examples of this throughout the history of mankind.
Indentured servants, yeah.
You know, that's one of the things.
Western civilization used to be taught.
Of course, now the en vogue thing, and it has been since I was going to college, the en vogue thing was for everybody to be looking down on American history.
And the problem with that is, again, America is not teaching America.
I don't give a hoot what's happening in Iraq right now.
Other than the fact it's threatening the peace of the world, but that's halfway around the globe.
I can turn and go down the street here and show you empty factories.
I can go down the street here and I can show you people who are losing their homes.
I can drive down the street right now and out of a hundred homes that are on a county road, you will find 87 of them for sale.
You'll find all the toys out in the front yard for sale.
Because while everybody's looking way over there, you've got the vampires feeding off this country to the point where they're down to leather and bone over here.
We need to focus here.
But there's a guy with dark hair and dark skin.
He's gonna get me.
And in a matter of 14 seconds, if we really, really, really were serious, we could turn the area into a glass parking lot and the rest would be history.
But it wouldn't be any fun for those people who are power freaks.
Because they're not only manipulating... They enjoy America as being demonized.
Gone from the most loved to the most hated.
And the globalists are setting up their European Union as the central spire.
As America expands their Lebensraum, their living space, we then take the blame for expanding the New World Order.
Just like the Soviets took the blame of expanding the first phase.
The biggest thing we have here right now is to offer solutions.
And the one thing is, for those people who are highly motivated,
It is the small business, and actually, this is the key to everything.
We've lost the heavy, large businesses.
They're gone.
They're leaving.
General Motors already cut its tendons here years ago when they moved the axle plant.
The key components were already sent to China.
They're ready to send the rest of the trappings, the minor parts that mean nothing.
Drive train and heavy components are what make up industry.
The machinery that can drop-forge, the material, the systems that infuse, cast,
Whatever technology, whatever toys you want to play with, you can stare at your desk right here in front of you right now.
The factories that make the machines that make the machines.
It took us hundreds.
It took the founding fathers, well, planting a seed.
Look in the Constitution.
It states that we will protect our tradesmen and artisans.
We're not talking about somebody with a bottle of urine and a crucifix in it.
They were talking about the men who build machinery, the people who build an industry.
If you go to the Fairfax Resolves, if you go to even the Declaration of Independence, and the Fairfax Resolves are crucial, read them first.
They were presented by a series of delegates, and they were the key problem to what we were worried about.
Because England was engaging in mercantilism and wouldn't allow finished goods to be developed here, and that forced secret industry to form.
Well, right now we have small machinery.
We have the capability.
We haven't lost it all.
We have this whole series of trained professionals who are masters of many trades.
Who are hands-on masters, but we're going to lose them to death.
Because we are not focusing on preserving the knowledge, the passed-down knowledge from person to person.
Well, grandpa who's out there listening, grandma who's out there listening, one of the things you can do is to buy machinery.
We don't need big, we need lots of little right now.
We're going to have to be ready to rebuild because if they collapse the economy, their assumption is that we're all supposed to throw our hands up in the air, run on the front porch and sit and wait for FEMA.
Well, we saw what happened with that down in New Orleans.
If you sit and wait for me... And you've always been saying this, Mark, and we did see what happened.
We've got to be ready to have small communities.
And frankly, I know in the first wave, if they decide to go with this scenario, they plan for us to get in big fights with our military and the police.
Chew them all up.
You're going to lose, by the way.
They told you you're going to win.
And then they're going to send in the foreign troops as a second wave.
Well, the problem is, okay, that's war.
Don't worry about that.
We're going to kick their ass.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Forgive me.
We're going to kick Rumpus.
Bottom line is that the population has the capability.
They don't grow soldiers on trees.
They're already having a problem and hiring mercenaries that aren't very good.
The quality has gone down because... No, that's my point, Mark, is that we're going to trounce the military and the police if they try this.
They don't know they're being set up by the globalists for the patriots to destroy the first wave, the globalists' real enemy, our police and military.
Then they're going to send in the real wave.
That's what I... Originally in American peril, and long before that, this is something which I've argued, is that you do not have to worry about the internal war.
What you would have to worry about is the fact that the other elements that are the true threat are the tools that they're going to try to use.
And by the way, folks, how many things have happened you thought you'd never see?
This is the plan.
It's going to happen.
We've got to go to calls.
I promise, the second we come back, straight to your calls!
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I don't want to get into all the news about how foreign troops are helping us and all the events I've been to where foreign troops trained to take our guns and put us in camps.
I mean, folks, I've been there.
I've videotaped them admitting it's for America.
This is real.
Mark Kornke is our guest.
Greg in Florida, then Joe, Greg, Bill, Brandon, and others.
Greg, you're on the air.
Alex, thank you.
It's been a while waiting, but it's been worth it here.
Let me... Alex, let me tell you what I'm dealing with.
I'm in the state of Florida, in Pinellas County, where Terry Scheibel
We're starved to death.
And what it is, two and a half years ago, our daughter got accidentally bit by someone else's dog.
The Department of Children and Family have come out and taken our kids now for the past two and a half years.
And me and my wife have fought to get our kids back, and they're planning on terminating our rights in May, and we've done everything you can possibly do.
So a dog bit your child, and they came and took how many children?
They took four kids.
What kind of dogs do you have?
It wasn't our dog.
It was someone else's dog.
It was a German Shepherd dog.
How old are your children?
Well, they're seven years and older.
We put together a website called FreeOurKids.com that's gone out over the nation.
If you could watch it, Alex...
We would like to have you host a program just watching what's happening in the state of Florida to our children.
Now sir, I know they kidnapped 3,000 that are missing.
That was in the news a couple years ago.
I'll tell you what, sir.
Let me check it out.
I'll get you on as a guest.
And yeah, they grab your kids and they try to terminate it.
I mean, Mark, you want to comment on the scumbag CPS?
Well, that's one of the things that was tied into the whole program, separation of the children.
We've had a series of
Children have been taken from their parents up here in the state of Michigan, and it's been covered in almost every one of the controlled papers, where they were handed over to other foster, commercial foster homes.
Let's call them what they are.
These people are foster parents, but they're stacking and racking the kids like cordwood.
One beat a child to death here about a week and a half ago.
Hell, the Texas Youth Commission is run by a bunch of pedophiles publicly.
They run whorehouses of them out of the buildings, and no one's going to stop it.
The government's run by pure scum!
Well, that's one of the things that's a good example.
Remember, we talked about colleges, the process of moving the children, or moving the students, and filtering them through the school system, the college system, until you get a specific type of person.
And it is not qualification that determines who is going to be moved up into the graduate area.
The individuals who are... Remember, once you plant the seed, you get the perverts in there.
What happens is they become the dominant force.
Let me go back, well I agree, let me go back to our caller, Greg in Florida.
Greg, now let me guess, at first you didn't know about this and you signed some papers?
No, no, we refused.
Our people that we knew told us.
They put us in a, they court ordered us into a parenting class where they told us that we have to teach our kids about being homosexual, lesbian, gay, and bisexual at the age of five and six years old.
And me and my wife, we're Christians!
And so you said no, and when did they come and snatch your children?
They came two days ago.
The girl who came and took our kids, she falsified 26 cases prior to our case, and she was arrested.
But the reason she was arrested was because what happened is she was laughing at me on the phone as I was crying.
I was crying out to God after I got on the phone, and I asked the Lord God,
And the next day, in the St.
Pete Times comes up, Megan Gallagher arrested for falsifying 26 cases for the public.
Let's pray right now.
Everybody pray right now that his children be released.
How many of your children have they kidnapped?
So you have four kidnapped children by the state, and they're trying to terminate your... I mean, what, is the state making this a big fight?
I say, once you see it, what it is, we have become a national, when you watch the website, FreeOurKids.com, you'll see we have become... And so Florida's making it a fight.
How long have they had your children?
Two and a half years.
Did they brainwash them and not give them food to say lies about you?
Everything you can imagine... No, I mean, that's standard in their hands.
Yeah, that's a handbook.
It's so sad to see what they've done to our kids.
Well, listen, sir, I'm going to check it out.
I'm going to get you on.
I'll give that to my producer.
Thank you.
Mark, that's the big thing that tears my guts out.
But right down here in Texas, they admit five times more likely to abuse children is the foster care system and is the state, but then they act like they're the good guys when they're above the law.
And really, every pedophile in the country just goes and joins up.
Well, at each tier, we're seeing that this is consistent, especially with, first of all, indoctrinating the children at the lower level, or once they get home, like you said, through any combination of depredation, lack of heat, lack of food.
Dehydrating them a little and then turning around and basically... By the way, it's standard, folks.
They torture the children.
Even school counselors, to make kids talk, will grab them in the morning and not let them eat all day.
That's mainstream, that they publicly torture them.
Did you hear about it in Michigan?
Where they come into the elementary students and throw fake blood on them and put guns in their head until they soil themselves and then say, malicious did this, homeschoolers did this.
That's classic trauma-based mind control.
That is shock re-education.
Well, one other thing.
Now, there again, everybody's listening.
We need solutions.
We need to make sure that we're educating.
How do we educate?
With the massive tools that each person can now afford for pennies.
A CD or a DVD disc can be left everywhere for people, and everybody can be motivated to watch it.
That's right, folks.
Don't be frustrated.
Get even with these murdering, pedophile scum.
Go totally insane.
Make copies of films.
Start websites.
Call into talk shows.
Run around.
Just never stop.
We're going to go right back to your calls when we get back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think so.
I think so.
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My friends, it's not a joke, and when you find out how abusive these government bureaucrats are, and the things they do, and the cold-bloodedness of them, it's just, it'll blow your mind.
Let's hurry through calls now, we gotta go quicker.
Joe in Indiana, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, hello?
Yes sir, go ahead.
I had a couple of questions.
First of all, I hope the guy before me, I hope everything is turning out alright with him.
And for the guest, I wanted to speak more on the Merrill Lynch with the loans and the prisoners.
And you, maybe the vaccines for the schools, they're getting school funding for that?
I want to know.
Well, they also, the police get a bounty.
That's why when they come to your house, because the neighborhood is yelling, somebody will go to jail.
Not for a conviction.
Police departments get federal money, hundreds of dollars, just for arrest.
Then they tell the officers that's part of their funding.
I mean, it's, Mark, you want to comment?
Well, yeah, what he's talking about.
Most important here is something that we did a complete process of while I've been in the monastery.
And, uh, it has to do with the fact that every time a prisoner goes into the system, they create what is called a penal bond.
If you punch up penal bond, you get limited information through Google.
You're gonna have to go into the law library, uh, law libraries, and also into the, uh, Secretary of Treasury's office.
The Secretary of the Treasury is completely cognizant of this mechanism.
What this is is an indentured servitude device, which allows them to levy virtually hundreds, tens of millions of dollars per person, per prisoner,
Based upon their time of incarceration.
These bonds are generated when a person is transferred from the county level to the Fed or to the state.
They're generated, the bond instruments themselves are printed through the federal government, through the Secretary of the Treasury's office, combined with two others, including the IRS.
The bonds are then sold on the open bond market for between 21 and 27 cents on the dollar.
A prisoner's number.
If you can find any prisoner's number and you were to do a search through the Secretary of the Treasury's office, you can identify where the bond is because it's his obligation.
He does work.
He's one of the few people who does work for the people under the constitutional government of the United States.
He's a business person.
You tell him what you want, he finds it and brings it back.
Now, you won't necessarily recover it, but what he's first doing is a survey to identify where the instruments are.
Mark, Mark, I'm going to have to have you on about this whole thing because I want to get to calls.
We talked about it yesterday.
It's a big, complex issue.
Was that your specific comment or question, Joe, or what did you want to know?
And also, the school's getting funding for, like, vaccination rates.
They have, like, 90 plus percent or something like that.
That's all federal money that they're receiving as a bounty to kill the kids, basically.
There's no thing with the edict to have the young girls vaccinated.
All you people need to investigate what money they're receiving from the Fed.
They get what is basically a bounty of $3,000 to $4,000 per head to perform an action that only costs pennies.
They're using the mindset of the prostitute.
And it's because the government has special goodies in the shot, because they love your daughter.
That's exactly it.
Even if it was just what's in the shot, what they claim, it's bad enough, because again, what you said earlier, the whole idea of this hedonistic promotion of, you know, eat, drink, and be merry, and worry about the consequences later, is what is destroying the United States from within, while there's pressure being applied from without.
Let's take another call.
Thank you, Joe.
Greg in New Jersey.
Go ahead.
Greg here.
Hi there, Alex.
I'm calling from the People's Republic of New Jersey.
Gun confiscation and imminent domain.
Hey, listen, you're talking about children getting their shirt under the stick.
I took on my local school because they were collecting information on my daughter, on her grades and whatnot, and they were refusing to share it with me.
And so I pulled an Alex Jones on them, and I was able to cite them the FERPA Act, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.
Title 20 U.S.C.
Section 1232.
Very good.
And I... Everything they do is color of law fraud, but go ahead.
You better believe it.
They said they couldn't share with me the documentation that they collected on my daughter, and I said, and I cited them the FERPA, and I specifically told them, I said, I got, I got information for you.
You either provide the information in the next 48 to 72 hours, or I will see to it that your funding will be pulled because it looks like FERPA somehow applies to any school that receives federal funding.
So they didn't provide this information, which is going to affect my daughter's career, if you will, scholastic path.
I told him, I'll use the FERPA law against them, I'm going to use this, I'm going to go down to my congressman's office, I gave him my congressman's number, I gave him my lawyer's number, and I said, and I got a list of radio shows, yours of course at the top of the list, Alex.
I said, I will drag your people through the mud if you don't capitulate.
And then I got a bunch of lazy crooks who tell you you can't get in the school to see your children, they're doing it for your safety.
It's so they can have their way with them.
And I reminded them that you work for me!
And you should have seen the look on their face!
I said, you got it?
I said, I pay your bill!
So they tried to tell you to sit down and shut up like they do everybody else?
It has no comparison to this poor gentleman whose children were taken from him.
But it just shows you that on the little things that they will do, anything that they think they can get away with.
Remember the girl that was the valedictorian and all that, and the CPS tried to take her?
They said she was going to college too early in New York, and these people never stop.
Thank you for the call, sir.
Mark, comments on that?
Well, very quickly, what he was mentioning.
Remember that you're dealing with corporate contractors.
Everything is being done by both the Fed and the state and the county and the local government.
What they're buying into is corporation.
Well, they have a great time and they can spend the money, but they have a terrible time when they're put to the rules.
Remember that using corporate law, you can apply specific complaint structure to the federal government and actually force the Fed
To respond to and put a great deal of pressure from that direction on these other corporate entities.
And that's using it against them because the system was designed for the Fed to dominate the local, but you can activate the federal system to prosecute against its own tendril.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Bill in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Good, sir.
How you doing today?
I've tried to get through a couple times.
I'm glad to make it through today.
I think you're a real patriot.
I really like your show.
I've been listening.
For about six months.
I'm glad I did.
You brought up gene-specific weapons and things like that.
I used to work as a middle, upper-level manager in a company that was affiliated with Anglo-American out of South Africa.
And at a company function, one of our very senior level officers was a little bit in the bag, and he actually told us of a gene-specific weapon program developed in South Africa in case they were to be overrun during the times of apartheid.
Well, what, he was drunk?
By in the bag, you mean he was drunk?
Uh, yes.
Yeah, well that's actually a public program they developed, and then they sold that to the Israelis in the mid-1980s.
Actually, the Israelis helped them develop the program from what he said, and he used to be a naval officer in intelligence, so he knew what he was talking about.
Well, that may be another program, but just expanding on that, in the PNAC document, September
In 2000, Rebuilding America's Defenses, Dick Cheney wrote that they needed to legitimize in the media the use of race-specific bioweapons.
So we have open discussion of race bioweapons in major national security white papers by think tanks.
Mark Kornke?
Well, actually, it's one of the biggest problems we've got is when clandestine operations are created, one of the difficulties is keeping a leash on it.
No matter what government it is,
If you have a series of little secret societies that are doing the managing of special programs, who's to say what was done with them when there's a management shift, or say as we saw a significant change in government structure, like many of these countries that have been in turmoil, the sky's the limit as far as how they could market it once they become rather commercial.
Now let's go back, because I don't want to stop Bill.
I have another point I'd like to bring up right at this point.
Sure, finish up what you wanted to say about the bioweapons and what he was saying.
I just wanted to bring it up that it's been developed and out there since the mid-80s.
What else did your boss say?
He was pretty much in the bag at that point.
Then he realized he should have kept his mouth shut and walked away.
Was this a bio company you were working for?
No, it was one of these metal... It had a bio affiliate with it, but it was into metals and catalysis and platinum.
So he was just saying this is a former officer in the Navy?
No, he was down in South Africa dealing with their government because that's where they exported all their metals from.
A couple other things.
Going to Mark in Detroit right now, Reuters is saying that you can buy houses in Detroit for less than cars.
You had Ron Paul last week give his speech.
I think you should put that on your website as an MP3.
And then lastly, they got on and said that Osama was the conspirator behind 9-11 within 15 minutes of the crash.
Why did it take them three months to figure out who the D.C.
sniper was?
It's because he wasn't one of their in-the-bag terrorists.
Absolutely great points.
And let me go back to what you just said about Michigan.
If you want to know what the rest of the country is going to look like, there are certain areas of Texas, certain areas of Ohio, certain areas of Michigan.
I mean, it's just ghost towns with old factories and facilities, and anybody who can still stay there works at a prison, or works servicing the police.
The police become totally arrogant, stomping around, swaggering, poor people scurrying around.
I mean, Mark, it's pretty sad to see them do this to us, and everything's now the prisons.
Well, I've had many people writing over the years here, and one of the things, like example of Wisconsin, 126 farms and houses on one road.
Two of the ladies who were counting them, 125 for sale signs.
People trying desperately to move anything at all.
The problem is, who's going to buy it if they do this natural land grab?
This is integrated into many different programs where the eco-freaks are attacking us from one direction, and that's not an accident.
There are people who are actually rather... And then you've got the corporations, and you've got the cheap goods coming in, and you've got the environmental laws.
Well, it's the same thing in Mexico.
We were down in Mexico 20 years ago,
And they were already selling UN biosphere land and they would kick all the native Indians off their land who were living in subsistence but happy.
Growing maize, growing corn, hunting, you know, owning ancestral little plots of 20, 30, 40 acres.
And they forced them all into Mexico City, and then now onto the Maquiladoras, and now they are taking those jobs away to China, and so, I mean, it's all imploding.
This is all, this is warfare!
This is total siege!
On a level that most people really have a hard time accepting, because the first thing you have a difficulty with is accepting the idea that people would be this wicked.
People have a difficulty with this.
A lot of your listeners will just scrape that away.
This is a different school of individuals.
This is cold-bloodedness.
They revel in executing war against the individual, because they see an independent, happy, healthy individual as a rival to their penultimate power monopoly.
Right, and that gets back to the whole issue of private property.
We are, in America, have done a fine job of taking care of ourselves.
And private property is an engine of wealth, which is an engine of liberty.
Yes, exactly.
Now I'll tell you, one of the things that everybody needs to be doing again, we already know about storing, storage for food, we already know about water purification, but we also need to concentrate on food production.
Everybody, everybody needs to be looking at seeds.
And this is part of an ongoing program.
Grandma and Grandpa, my mom and dad, they're still alive by the way, always have had a root cellar, always have had a garden.
My grandfather, right up until the day that he died, and he died about 94,
I don't
Everybody was caught flat-footed in the fall.
Let me tell you, white-tailed deer, and there were even mule down here in the Depression in East Texas, they were almost all eaten.
The mule were all gone.
But the white-tail were almost all gone.
You couldn't find possums, armadillos, nothing.
And that was back with a moral upright people.
Eighty percent of the public still living rural or semi-rural.
Now you've got the opposite, eighty percent being urban.
Can you imagine a Great Depression with the Lexus driving bimbos?
I mean, it's going to unravel in days.
And that's again, when you take a look at what happened with New Orleans, around New Orleans proper.
Now, not all areas were like this, because some areas were already organized.
But, but, but, didn't they send the FBI flatback trucks, backed up by Army, to go into the wealthy and middle class areas that had generators and had guns, to put them on the ground and take their guns?
We have video.
But the thing is, that was only the point where people were caught flat-footed.
Oh, exactly.
The bottom line is, you're going to have to support the militia.
The bottom line is the militia is the local population designed to protect and deal with all these types of problems.
You're going to have to do it quickly.
You're going to have to organize the fireteam and the squad level.
And for the people who are coming in late, there's millions of people who have already organized.
It's not cut down.
It didn't die.
There are millions upon millions of people out there.
They're well organized.
They're well trained.
They're the cadre that can help to teach others now.
And as we have said many times,
A combination of both the militia, combined with the gray matter between your ears, because your mind is your first best weapon.
A well-rounded patriot is capable of working in government, shoveling cow manure if need be, defending his country, building a plane, helping to construct an industry, developing a farm.
Virtually, we are generalists.
If you become too specialized and think, I'm not going to dirty my hands in this, well guess what?
You're going to have a problem.
We're going to have to be fully cognizant of all of our environment, and we're going to have to participate accordingly.
And everybody out there who goes, well, I don't want to get involved with that.
You know what?
In 1775, a lot of the people didn't either.
But the bottom line is, is they had to cough, make sure the body parts were attached, and step forward.
All right, let's take another call.
I agree.
Let's talk to Brandon in Missouri.
Brandon, go ahead.
You're on the air.
It's an honor to be on your show.
Earlier in the program, you were talking about the REX 84 program.
We all know that FEMA has been setting up prison facilities.
Yeah, Mark, what do you think of that?
Now in the Houston Chronicle, they admit they're building camps for the American people.
Well, if you know what American Peril is all about, then you'll understand it.
I wrote about this.
In fact, I gave out a lot of the information clandestinely before we ever did American Peril.
In 1988, when the first wave took place, Rex 84 was only four years old.
Everybody knew it was actually a correction.
REC-84 was seven years old at that time.
I had an individual step up to me.
I was walking.
I was an inspector.
There are many hats that I've worn.
You do this.
Anybody who's in the military knows you don't wear one hat.
You've got several different tasks.
I worked as a facility inspector for security and for intelligence operations.
It was my job for the G2 shop.
Anyway, I'm walking along.
An individual walks up to me and starts talking to me and says, Hey Mark, how you doing?
Hi, how you doing?
We're walking along and we're talking about what's going on with the inspection.
He says, uh, hey, are you going to fill out the applications for those new jobs that they're proposing?
And of course I'm thinking, hey, new jobs.
So I didn't want to say anything because I wanted to get that job.
Or I wanted to continue my career at that time.
And there was a lot of cutbacks taking place.
I'm talking, and of course he carries on for an hour talking about that they need interrogators, that they're going to need process personnel, and that they're going to be working at these facilities or at these temporary camps that they've already have proposed and mapped out.
Walking along, he realizes I'm not giving any input.
And then finally realizes, I have no idea what the hell he was talking about, other than I had bits and pieces of it.
And immediately hightails and walks away.
Man hasn't talked to me since.
Never made contact with me again.
Even though I'd seen him many, many times, he realized that he had a piece that I didn't.
It's like calling a wrong phone number and you start talking and they just listen.
Last night I called the wrong Eric and started just telling him about stuff, but it happened to be somebody who knew the person I was talking about and they're going,
Uh, you know, I was calling somebody out in California, and then I called a whole other person, uh, because I, you know, got the wrong phone number off the computer.
Uh, just amazing.
Okay, uh, anything, uh, else, Brandon?
Uh, no, I didn't really ask my question, but, um... Well, ask your question.
Go ahead, ask your question.
Well, my question was concerning, I was just wondering if you all had any information about Corporate America assisting FEMA in enslaving the American population?
Oh, absolutely.
We've got lots of answers on that.
A few final calls on the other side.
I want to thank Mark for joining us.
Stay with us.
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I want to answer that young man's question, Brandon, and then talk to Chuck and John.
That'll be good for calls.
We're going to try to have Mark up every few weeks as a guest with his great analysis.
A good friend of mine.
Glad to see him out of prison.
We're about to go back to Mark here.
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Don't forget that.
Mark, I want to go to two final calls and answer that fellow's question, but real fast, give out your website.
Again, that's www.pbn.4mg.com.
And we're going to have you up for two hours when the books are ready and out here in the next month or so.
Definitely promote that.
Answering the question about how corporate America works.
Corporate America meet up at these big consortiums.
We get their minutes and they say, we want to adopt RFID to attract the public.
Let's all say how great it is in our ads.
Or they say, we want to make people show ID to get them ready for the national ID card.
Make everyone card for cigarettes or beer.
I mean, can you answer this question?
Well, absolutely.
The biggest problem we've got is the corporations are tied into, and there's nobody can deny that, are tied into virtually every aspect of military production.
The Commer River truck plant, let's put it this way, middle of the Cold War.
Russians need tactical transportation to get the warrior to motivate their war machine.
Guess who built the Commer River truck plant?
The largest truck plant in the world.
It covers square miles.
It's not just one building.
It's virtually... That was Ford, wasn't it?
Uh, General Motors Corporation.
General Motors, yeah, I've seen that.
Okay, the point is that General Motors built that plant in the middle of the Cold War to build virtually an exact copy, although it had a little different bumper system and fenders, but it's the M35 truck.
Yeah, they're behind it all.
Let's go ahead and take a quick call.
Chuck in Indiana, then John.
Go ahead, Chuck.
Hi Alex, I'm glad to see you're out and about there.
I support you and Alex as well.
I do a lot of posts on your InfoWars forum forum board.
I'm known as Chuck41.
In Johnson County, Indiana, the capital of Franklin and Johnson County, they have what's called a work release program.
Now you would think that the work release program would be owned by the taxpayers of the county, but it's not.
It's owned by the county judges.
Now I was wondering if either one of you could explain to me how these thugs get away with this kind of stuff.
No, no, no.
Total criminality is just being made public.
I mean, pretty soon they'll be wearing crowns and we'll have to lick their boots, Mark.
Well, again, the titles of nobility issue, this is the thing that the original 13th Amendment from before the Civil War addressed, that this would be a problem.
Andrew Jackson, in his speeches, extensively talks about what would develop with regard to the titles of nobility.
We've got to get Mark back.
Thanks Chuck.
John in Alabama, 30 seconds.
Yeah, I just wanted you to know that Rosie O'Donnell was touting today the Ghosts of Abu Ghraib.
It's a special on HBO, it's been running ever since.
Gotta call me back tomorrow.
We're out of time.
Mark, thank you for spending time with us.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless.
You bet.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the new world order.
Terror Storm!
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.