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Air Date: March 15, 2007
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Government cover-ups.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, I am fired up and ready to go today.
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I'm honored and humbled.
It is the 15th day of March 2007, and it's 40 seconds into this first hour.
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Alright, I had DV Kid coming on today to talk about the income tax, the IRS, the Federal Reserve.
She's also now a Texian.
She's moved to Texas.
Legendary with her work.
She's done the books and pamphlets.
She's written on the New World Order for decades.
But I rescheduled her for tomorrow
Because yesterday I said I was going to play large sections of Congressman Ron Paul's famous neocon speech, which we finally uncovered, thanks to listeners.
I'd always just had the text, now we had the video.
And I didn't get around to airing very much of that, so I will air a large portion, if not all of it, coming up in the second hour today.
The Ron Paul speech.
And then in the third hour, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, number two at the Department of the Treasury under Reagan, the father of Reaganomics, exposing the New World Order, exposing what he calls the Orwellian police state that is unfolding.
His latest article breaks down how we're now entering a literal brave new world, and I wanted to get Dr. Roberts' take.
He joins us on average about once a month, just as Dr. Ron Paul does.
We are working on getting the congressman who has now officially announced, he had his exploratory committee for a month, now he has officially announced his run for the presidency and we're working on getting him for a full hour in the near future so we can talk for about 30 minutes and then take your phone calls.
Give you a chance to talk.
I'll have to control myself.
I'll have so many questions I want to ask, but I'll have to somehow sit here and beat myself in the head with a ball-peen hammer and gag myself, so I'll let you get a chance to call in and talk to the Congressman, but that is coming up.
There is a bunch of news, obviously.
You're probably wanting to know what I think about.
Al-Qaeda number three says he planned 9-11.
And then you read into the
Story, the report, and he says he carried out the 93 bombing.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and I studied the case, interviewed the experts involved, they never said he had anything to do with it ever.
I mean, even the people the government claims were involved had no connection to him.
The FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver, and when the informant tried to activate the sting, he thought it was a sting, they said, no, Mac, the bombing goes ahead.
Now, that's been in the New York Times, it was on CBS Nightly News, we even have some of the tapes the government released, where the bomber's saying, look, you told me to cook the bomb, why aren't you stopping them?
This is unbelievable.
So, pretty soon they're going to claim that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed killed Lincoln in the theater and not John Wilkes Booth.
I mean, this is... Maybe he was behind Napoleon.
Maybe he was behind Hitler.
Maybe he was behind crucifying Christ.
Why, he probably was really the snake in the garden that slithered down out of a tree and said, take a bite of this, baby.
We're going to go on a wild ride.
And so, she and Khalid Mohammed will break down an incredible analysis by Paul J. Watson.
It's up on prisonplanet.com.
We'll get back and plunge you into all the other news.
So strap yourselves in!
It's here!
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has taken credit for the great Bowie Bowl infestation of 1947.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has taken credit for a crooked toenail your grandma had when she was five years old that hurt.
He has taken credit for killing Kennedy, Lincoln, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and everything else.
I mean, if you're going to believe what you've been told,
By the White House, with their history of lying, their history of planting evidence, of manufacturing false documents on Niger Yellow Cake out of whole cloth, if you think a secret military tribunal that redacted much of the confession itself
I don't know.
And it says that, uh, I was responsible for 9-11 Operation A to Z, Mohammed said in a statement read during the session, which was held last Saturday.
The transcripts also refer to a claim by Mohammed that he was tortured by the CIA, although he said he was not under duress at the U.S.
Naval Base in Guantanamo when he confessed to his role in the attacks.
So, earlier it had come out that he'd been tortured, and everybody already knew that, and the government had gotten in trouble, but now, just, well, they tortured me, but that's not why I'm saying this.
And if you believe this confession, you've got to believe our airmen shot down by the North Vietnamese, who went up there and basically lied for the Communists.
And remember the famous case of them blinking torture, torture with Morse code?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, they were bad, like the North Vietnamese said.
Because torture's good, and you can trust a government that tortures.
Of course, the North Vietnamese and all of their corruption,
Corruption of government period.
Never wrote White House memos like Gonzalez did saying children could be tortured or what his deputy wrote saying they could be sexually tortured.
In a section of the statement that was blacked out, he confessed to the beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.
The Associated Press has learned Pearl was abducted in January 2002 in Pakistan while researching a story on Islamic militancy.
Mohammed has long been a suspect in the killing.
Using his own words, the extraordinary transcripts connected Mohammed to dozens of the worst terror plots attempted or carried out in the last 15 years and to others that have not been occurred.
Also, all told, thousands died in operations he directed.
His words draw Al-Qaeda closer to plots of the early 1990s than the group has previously been connected to.
Including a 93 World Trade Center truck bomb, six people with links to global networks that were convicted in federal court and sentenced to life in prison.
So, there you go.
Oh, and they were behind Richard Reed, too, and they were behind just everything.
Ladies and gentlemen, in the FBI's own cases, even in their official lie, there was never a connection to Al-Qaeda.
Never a connection.
Never even a tenuous one.
In fact, the only group that we see directing and financing and building bombs and giving them detonators is the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
And I am just outraged by the fact that they would add this into it.
And there's four or five others out of the 29 where we know that even the CIA front group, Al Qaeda,
And basically it's just a name, a term, that then any real terror can be attached to.
And there are real Muslim terrorists.
There are real Muslims that target civilian populations.
And our government's terrorists, too.
It drops cluster bombs on cities.
That is terrorism.
It is terrorism to attack innocents.
It was terrorism when Hitler bombed London, and it was terrorism when the US and England bombed Dresden, killing over half a million Germans in one night, most of them children, because it had been an agreed-upon sanctuary city.
So, terrorism is terrorism, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, let's go ahead and get into Paul Joseph Watson's analysis of this piece.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, he abbreviates him to KSM, the ultimate pansy confesses.
Go back to sleep.
You can trust a press release from a heavily redacted secret military tribunal of a tortured detainee conducted by individuals
Representative of an oligarchy whose every deception, gross violation of U.S.
law, and act of imperial bloodletting over the last six years rest on maintaining the orthodoxy of the official 9-11 myth.
And it goes on, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged Al-Qaeda mastermind, has confessed to direct involvement in a myriad of terrorist attacks and assassination plots around the world, including 9-11, from A to Z, but some are likely to be disappointed that after five years of torture, he stopped short of accepting responsibility for killing Kennedy, creating AIDS, and being the real Santa Claus.
I like that.
The Pentagon's press release was subject to editing on behalf of the U.S.
Department of Defense to remove any sensitive material that Khalid might have unwittingly revealed between his waterboarding sessions, but I'm sure we can trust the same gaggle of criminals that lectured us on WMDs and accidentally misplaced over $2 trillion.
It's now almost $4 trillion.
That was $3.9 trillion last year.
It's over $4 trillion now.
They say that they won't tell you where it is.
The Pentagon just says we won't tell you.
And we have the nukes, so shut up!
Have you noticed troops are drilling in your major cities?
And Thomas Barnett, the Naval War College futurist, comes out and says we work for Wall Street and the New World Order.
You know, and Gordon Brown, the conservative leader, says we're going to have a one world government, new world order to implement the global warming system, and the debunkers say we're lying, there's no world government, just everything's fine, ha ha, everything's wonderful.
In the document, KSM confesses to almost every nasty thing that has happened in the world over the past twenty years, as well as formulating plots to assassinate Clinton, Carter, and the Pope.
It's just a shame that the torture masters were not given more time to really put the screws to Khalid, because then we may have found out that he was also responsible for the Challenger disaster and the O.J.
Simpson murders.
Uh, yeah, think of... and Paul, this is a good article you wrote.
It's cynical, it's pointing out with satire how ridiculous this is, but
And I know you get into serious analysis later, but we need another short piece that just shows lies and focuses in on 93 bombing and the fact that they admit he was tortured for four years.
The government admits they tortured him four years to break him!
Four years!
I mean, this is incredible!
I mean, folks, if the government grabs me and a month later I come out, you know, saying that I'm Al Qaeda, I mean, please know that's not true.
I mean, I'd probably break in a month of waterboarding.
I'm a pretty tough guy.
You know, I've had a bone sticking out of me and I've had, you know, been in car wrecks and had my teeth loosened and been hit upside the head with a post hole digger.
But I've certainly, you know, pain's pain and I'd cry uncle real fast.
These Muslims, though, don't break too easy.
You've got to start smearing them with pig blood and then having the prostitutes come in.
By the way, some website was attacking me, saying I claimed that they were putting blood on them.
You're lucky I didn't go into details.
It was in mainstream news three years ago that they have prostitutes with... I can't say it on air, okay?
I really am not going to, because children listen.
And, uh, it's just unbelievable.
So, quote, it is not clear why Mohammed would have wished to confess to such a wide-ranging number of outrages, reports The Guardian.
The alleged confession is likely, however, to stiffen the resolve of the Bush administration in pursuing its conventional policy of putting the biggest cases of suspected terrorism through the closed military hearings.
Secret hearings, secret tribunals at secret camps.
These are people that snatch men and women and children off the streets.
By the way, Paul, I want you to go pull the Washington Post article.
I believe it was
From October 2001, where the CIA Section Chief for the Middle East, they didn't even give his name, it just said the CIA Section Chief, speaking under anonymity, to the Washington Post says that they grab family members and interrogate them to make a suspected terrorist answer questions.
And that was torture, and I don't want to talk about torture.
Well, now you've just got the Gonzales Memo saying they torture children.
Then you have the General Togumbo Report, the Army's own report admitting they torture children.
So there's no debating.
But again, that's what the good guys do, after all.
When you sit back in your easy chair and fantasize with Jack Bauer watching 24, the good guys torture.
It would be very clear why the establishment would be interested in hanging out the Ron Jeremy of terrorism to dry as a scapegoat for an official 9-11 story that holds about as much weight as a Milan catwalk model.
Okay, I guess that means it doesn't hold much weight.
But invoking the but-he-admitted-it line, any debate about the mountain of unanswered questions surrounding 9-11 is effectively silenced.
But this cuts both ways.
In his first interview following 9-11, Osama bin Laden denied any involvement in the attacks.
I have already said that I am not involved in the September 11th attacks in the United States as
A Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie.
I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act.
Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people.
Such a practice is forbidden even in the course of battle.
Bin Laden told a Pakistani base
We'll continue with this on the other side.
We've got Ron Paul coming up.
We've got Dr. Paul Craig Roberts coming up.
We've got your calls coming up.
Stay with us.
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Get up, stand up!
Stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up!
Welcome back.
Your calls are coming up.
It's short and sweet.
I want to move through them quickly because I've got a bunch of news and the neocon speech I want to play and the Dr. Paul Craig Roberts coming up.
So we have Bin Laden, the known CIA asset, I guess really trying to cover his rear end, coming out and saying he didn't do it, but then all these fat Bin Laden tapes and fake
Re-edited old videotapes which had aired in 99, 2000 and they always announce there's a new Bin Laden videotape and then a week later, a month later, oh that really was re-edited old tapes the government put out.
I mean, it's absolutely amazing.
Also, some of the Al-Qaeda tapes that have been released have turned out to be government simulations that they put out in secret trials and stuff.
Remember, four or five months ago, Steve Watson discovered that, and it was a huge story on the web, and then we just kind of forget about it.
Kind of like we forgot about Building 7 on BBC, 20-something minutes before it collapsed, they announced that it collapsed, and then they said the tapes had been lost, and then they turned out another BBC channel reported it, and CNN prescripting.
But let's continue.
If Bin Laden wasn't involved in the 9-11 attacks, then KSM confusion is rendered obsolete.
It all boils down to whether you trust a Pakistani newspaper or a press release from a heavily redacted secret military tribunal of a tortured detainee conducted by individuals representative of an oligarchy whose every deception, gross violation of U.S.
law, and act of imperial bloodletting over the last six years rest on maintaining the orthodoxy of the official 9-11 myth.
These are the people that lied about yellow cake and aluminum tubes and mobile weapons trucks.
And it goes on, but since Khalid has squealed on the A to Z of 9-11, perhaps he can provide some answers to a few troubling little questions that still have us 9-11 conspiracy nuts running around in circles.
Was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed responsible for the FBI ordering a 93 World Trade Center bombing to go ahead?
We have links to all the facts.
In his confession, KSM says he ran the attack, but fails to explain why it was the FBI who provided the terror cell with the bomb materials through their informant.
Just like Oklahoma City.
Was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed responsible for NORAD completely reversing its standard operating procedure on the day of 9-11?
Was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed responsible for the collapse of three steel buildings?
One that was not hit by a plane from fire damage alone from the first and only time in history?
Was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed responsible for warning, according to Newsweek, a group of top Pentagon officials to cancel their flights on the evening of September 10th to New York due to security concerns?
Was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed responsible for the record number of put options, speculation that the stock of a company would fall, that were placed on American and United in the three days pending September 11th?
This despite a September 10th Reuters report stating airline stocks set to fly.
And again, they put him on September 11th.
Continuing, was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed responsible for the FBI blocking anti-terrorist investigations before 9-11 related to the Bin Laden family and the Saudi charities that were front groups for Al-Qaeda?
Was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed responsible for advising the Secret Service not to remove President Bush from a completely unsecured Florida elementary school by letting them know he wasn't a target on 9-11?
I remain confident the next time KSM spills the beans, he will be able to fill in these gaps and further enlighten us on the real culprits behind some of history's enduring mysteries, including the disappearance of planes and ships and the Bermuda Triangle, the Chernobyl disaster, and why Britney Spears went insane.
Yeah, and let me just ask this question.
Will KSM be able to tell us why he wrote Operation Northwoods for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, L.L.
The official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11 type attacks?
Will he tell us why 44,000 and 18,000 British troops were massed in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan and other countries and carrier task forces?
And why Bush had to launch order to attack Afghanistan on his desk?
MSNBC Newsweek Associated Press.
The day before 9-11,
Can he explain to us why the head of Pakistani intelligence, General Mahmood Ahmed, wired $100,000 to the supposedly hijacker Mohammed Adam?
Can he explain to us why when Al-Qaeda members left the U.S.
to go to a Malaysian terror summit and tried to come back in, the U.S.
embassy heads were ordered to let them back in until they were really U.S.
government agents and their terror designation in the computer system was only a cover?
Uh, can they tell us why the Dean of the Defense Language School went public saying that he trained some of the hijackers?
Can he, uh, I mean, please, tell us.
Explain to me.
We need to add that to the story.
And, uh, we need to make a whole other article just basically stating how this is a fraud.
How, A, you can't trust it, information from torture.
B, the people doing this have a motive to lie.
C, they've been caught torturing people to lie.
They've been caught lying about everything else.
And, uh, I guess you can go down to Z here.
That just all these facts are complete frauds.
He couldn't have done all these things.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Government is best, which governs least.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
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We're good.
I think so.
Thus says Yahweh, if you will not keep my commandments by violating my covenant, I will bring upon you sudden terror!
Just as prophesied, the judgments upon America have begun.
Yes, the terror attacks of 9-11 opened Revelation's first seal.
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Welcome back.
Alright, I'm told John Illinois disagrees.
We'll go to him first, then Norman, Vincent, Richard, Rhiann, and others that are patiently holding the toll-free number to join us.
It's always a good idea to give the number out, 1-800-259-9231.
I really don't have much more to say about KSM.
We're going to cover it more tomorrow as we have time to analyze it.
But I did read, last night and today, probably 15 articles, and it's just
It's impossible.
I mean, let's say Al Qaeda could carry out 9-11.
Make NORAD stand down, have the aircraft do maneuvers that weren't possible.
Do all these insane things.
This one man couldn't be behind all these other things.
I mean, it's just so ridiculous.
But, oh, they say it's too complex for the government to do.
But these guys who are hunted and living in caves, they can do it.
On its face,
We need to point out an article that the FBI cooked the bomb, trained the drivers, guaranteed no debate, admitted in 93, and now we got the former deputy director of the FBI saying the government was involved, there's a cover-up, that there needs to be a new investigation, we got affidavits flying around, you know, listing that McVeigh was a black operator, we already knew that, and then you look at this case,
I mean, they claim that Sheikh Khalid Mohammed was involved in the 93.
That is just... We need to recap that, and we will do that tomorrow.
And I'm going to have Paul Watson, Steve Watson, great researchers, great writers, the two brothers over in the UK, working on this full-time.
Because this is important, and we're never going to hear the end of it.
And they're going to have more trials of people tortured 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years over the next, you know, 4 or 5 years, and it'll just always be, you know, I stabbed Santa in the back!
I killed Moses!
I, I mean, you know, it's, it's that ridiculous.
Some of the, well, let me just make this point too.
Another key is not just that it came from torture, or that it's impossible, or that cases they claim that he did, we know the government did,
But the government has a motive to lie about this, because it fits into their whole orthodoxy, and they've been caught premeditatedly lying to us.
The White House memos out.
It's public.
The White House admits it's accurate and wants to arrest whoever released it.
Where he's meeting with Blair, right before the Iraq War, saying we can have a defector come out and claim he saw WMDs, and we can fly planes low and try to get Saddam to shoot them down, paint them up like UN aircraft.
And how they could stage events.
And they did stage events.
And they did have defectors come out.
And that's now been admitted.
Lying to you.
I mean, even if you're for the war, and even if you think killing Iraqis is going to make you happy, healthy, and wise, and live forever, fine.
But do you like being lied to?
Do you like being treated like an idiot?
I mean, do you enjoy neocons on talk radio?
Every time I tune in, literally every week, I hear them when they get into WMDs.
Every time they talk about WMDs were found, they always say the same stories.
We found Mobil and Thrax trucks.
Those were British-made trucks.
Saddam bought eight of them.
They found two of them at one spot.
They had serial numbers.
The British troops that found them knew exactly what they were, because the British own a whole bunch of them.
They're for pumping up
Hydrogen surveillance blimps, balloons, that you crank up to spy with wireless cameras on your enemies!
They're for artillery direction, and they bought them during the Iran-Iraq War!
The Seven Year War!
So shut up!
I mean, I get so tired of it!
They treat you like you're idiots!
I can't believe these neocons will not stop lying!
They don't even stop using stuff that is totally admitted to be false!
They continue it.
I mean, I hear Hannity say it, I hear Liddy say it, I hear Limbaugh say it, I hear all of them going off their talking points, and I just, it makes my blood boil.
Some of the other news that's coming up, after we've completed talking about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, on a complete
In total, waste of time.
This is out of Financial Times of London.
Web censorship spreading globally.
And they looked at 40 countries that have been reported to be doing it, and found that 20 plus are engaged in Chinese-style firewall blocking of just millions of keywords.
Because that's the only way to really censor the web, is just block most of it.
I'm trying to give you a synopsis.
You can go read this if you want.
But it says that since Google and China and others have worked together, that the system Google developed and Yahoo developed to censor, that's just being quietly duplicated all over the world now.
And believe me, it's going on here domestically.
They just don't like to announce that we've already got a censored web to a great extent.
You know, I could spend hours on this.
I don't have time.
I can't.
But Luxury Pie, New York City restaurant, offers $1,000 pizza.
Now that is obscene.
That is so obscene.
Nino Celadon unveils grand pizza featuring caviar and lobster.
I bet it tastes like crap.
Featured slideshow, and it goes to the celebrity, real names revealed, and
How they all go and gobble the $1,000 pizza made of caviar.
Yep, that'll be $1,000.
This is for the nouveau riche trash.
Now let me be clear about this when I attack things like this.
I don't go with the communist or socialist view that any consumption is wicked and evil and bad and that having nice things is bad because that really comes from people who are greedy who just want wealth for themselves and can't stand it.
I believe wealth is good.
I believe it generates more wealth.
I believe that if it's a good free market system that it hires other individuals and gives people choice.
But this is not free market.
When you've got these fat lobbyists, and these media moguls, and these currency speculators, and their daughters having $65 million birthday parties while they sell defective body armor to the troops.
I mean, I know who these people are.
And they've got so much money that it's a religious thing to them to burn it, to blow it.
If you've got wealth, number one, you shouldn't worship it.
Number two, you should respect it and try to do good things with it.
Number three, again, wealth itself is not bad, but do not get into the idol worship.
You know, when I was growing up in Sunday school, I thought, you know, that's dumb.
Idol worship.
Why shouldn't you have something gold in a calf?
I mean, who cares?
It's a decoration.
Well, I was young and dumb.
I didn't understand that what it was saying was that you worshipped it.
You got off on it.
It was a symbol of wealth.
It was a symbol of worshipping success for success's sake.
It's great to build a nice skyscraper, it's wonderful to build a new design of ships, or a new engine, or a new transmitter, or a beautiful painting, and it's great to sell it for a million bucks.
A billion bucks.
That's fine.
Have big houses, have whatever.
But when you worship it, when you revel in it, when you idolize it, when that's all you are... I mean, I know a lot of wealthy people, and I mean people that are working, you know, 50 million, 100 million, 300 million, billion bucks.
I know a few billionaires.
And real billionaires usually live in a medium-sized, high-security house.
They've got a couple of vacation retreats.
They're very quiet.
Most of them are wearing just decent, middle-of-the-road suits when they've got to wear suits or polo shirts.
They're driving maybe a $40,000 car.
They want something reliable.
They don't want you to know they have money.
But then there's the Nuevo Riche billionaires, and none of them are worse than the New York type, the L.A.
type, and the Nuevo Riche Mexicans.
My lord.
I mean, it is just like J.P.
Morgan, where he'd have six white horses pulling his golden carriage.
This conspicuous consumption.
It is just... Alright, I said I'd go to your calls.
I'm already running out of time here.
See, I said I could talk for three hours about this.
I can.
You know, if you're going to have a lot of wealth, I don't know how you couldn't spend a large portion on it trying to help people.
And I don't mean just giving it to some foundation that tells you they're helping people and really uses it to hurt people.
That's where most charity goes.
I mean, I'll tell you right now.
If I was worth a billion bucks, I would spend most of it on fighting the New World Order, and getting the word out, and fighting CPS, grabbing children, and fighting fluoride in the water, and fighting mercury in the vaccines.
Things I know that are really hurting people.
And I would try to have educational programs about how they're putting HIV in the vaccines, clearly in Africa, because that's how you're going to help those people.
And of course, I'd burn the money pretty quick.
But I'd also try to put some of it into a foundation for media.
I mean, there's no way...
There's no way.
I mean, number one, folks, I'm not into things because I don't like having to spend the time it takes to go buy things.
I could live in a nicer house, probably.
I could drive a nicer car.
But I hate buying cars.
I hate going and looking at cars.
But I see other people petting it and kissing on it.
Oh, my car!
And just constantly cleaning them and getting off on it.
And I know most of you do it.
I'm not saying you're bad.
It's just
Wouldn't you rather spend time with your children?
Wouldn't you rather read a great book of literature?
Wouldn't you rather climb up a hilltop and see a sunset or a sunrise or go camping and see lizards on rocks eating bugs?
I mean, wouldn't you rather look into tidal pools in upstate California and then see the starfish and little schools of fish teeming with life and surging and going out and looking at the whales?
I mean, if I had time, that's the kind of stuff I'd be doing, would be walking around in Redwood Forest.
But no!
No, we've got to have big houses, and have fancy furniture, and the right artwork hanging up, and have parties over, and then congratulate each other, and pat each other on the back, and all feel powerful!
It's just disgusting!
I mean, how can we sleep when our world is turning?
How can we sleep when our beds are burning, or however the song goes?
But I mean, a thousand dollar pizza,
That is just... That is just... I mean, frankly, if I was still a drinking man, I could see a $100 bottle of wine, because let me tell you, a $100 bottle of wine tastes a lot better than a $10 bottle.
But I'm a teetotaler.
Total teetotaler now, by the way.
I might go two years without drinking, and then all of a sudden, I'll have a few beers, and all of a sudden, oh, it's a six-pack.
Uh-uh, that's what's making me fat.
I'm already digressing.
That's right, I shall never drink again.
And tobacco products shall never touch my lips!
Alright, I really am digressing.
It's very obnoxious and I'm sorry.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls here.
There's a hundred other articles plus in the stack.
I just covered three of them.
There's no way.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Illinois, who disagrees.
Go ahead, John.
Hello, Alex.
Great work that you and Kevin and the rest of the gang are doing.
Keep it up.
I got a disagreement with P. Coyle and a couple other
I'd like to go over with you very quickly, so just bear with me.
Okay, you've heard of Matt Simmons?
He's a Texan, I think, in the investment banking industry around Houston.
No, I don't know who they are, but I've heard the name.
But I do know that Giuliani Consulting is involved with Sitco and its refineries down in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas.
Okay, Matt Simmons wrote the book, Twilight in the Desert, and he's been a guest on Jim Poplava's Financial Sense Online a couple of times.
And basically what they're saying is that we really are getting short on proven reserves.
And we're also short on refinery capacity, so even though the oil mafia might be treasonous, the fact of the matter is we probably really are running out of proven reserves.
Oh, we probably really are.
We probably really are.
Look, I'm not trying to be mean to you, sir, because you sound like you have a legitimate point with me, and you really believe what you're saying.
I actually went and looked.
At Discovered Proved Reserves from the Arctic Bering Strait down to Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico, the United States, North America itself, the Gulf of Mexico, Prudhoe Bay.
Sir, if you cut in half the Discovered Reserves, we have enough oil for several hundred years with a
Increase in usage factored in.
Now, let me expand on that.
Then there's all the undiscovered or unproven reserves.
It's astronomical.
We are literally floating on oceans of oil.
And I have the actual numbers.
We have the actual facts.
I have family in the oil business.
I have family who are petroleum geologists.
I know a lot of petroleum geologists.
I live in Texas.
I've had family from people that are refinery heads, engineers, down to roughnecks.
I know all about it, and let me just tell you, for people in the industry, peak oil is a giant joke, and Greg Palast of the BBC and ABC News was able to get the documents, now 11 years old, from Dutch Rochelle when they cooked up the peak oil fraud.
Okay, I want to plug your web hosting service for your listeners.
I posted a website with your service back in October.
You guys did a great job in helping me.
And I am now advertising with a banner on Prison Planet and my hits have picked up a heck of a lot.
What are you advertising on the site?
I'm advertising my website.
It's called DuPage911Truth.org.
Oh yeah, I've seen that site.
It's a good site.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Listen, I want to make something clear here, okay?
I want to make something clear.
I think fossil fuels are dirty, and they do cause a lot of degradation to the environment, and there's a lot of bad things happening to the environment, and I don't think that we should just run around haphazardly killing off species and doing these types of things.
But, and there's an article out today about great analysis, which is just the facts.
I mean, I love these articles.
Nobody's ever heard of this show, never heard my opinions, never heard their opinions.
It's like I wrote the article.
Pollution, not global warming, is the problem.
And believe me, I don't like drinking dioxins and heavy metals.
I don't like what's in the air.
I don't like these coal-burning plants with dirty coal that admittedly put mercury out.
I don't want my babies breathing that.
There's no doubt there's problems.
But I have a responsibility to research things.
And I remember hearing about global warming 15 years ago.
I told folks, I didn't know whether it was real or not.
I looked into it.
And sure enough, there is climate change, but it is not man-made.
And sure enough, the government, the global system, is taking your instinctive concerns about your environment, about your happy hunting ground, your instinctive concerns about your surroundings, and they're scaring you.
And they're giving you solutions that do nothing to help the environment.
I believe environmentalism should be local,
And I believe that people that do bad things that clearly hurt others, it needs to be demonstrated to a grand jury, and then it's criminal.
There's always, frankly, what the EPA and others allowed is, you know, if you dump something toxic and poison people, you went to jail 50 years ago.
Now you just pay a fine.
Don't you understand big regulators actually are controlled by big corporations?
You try to tell some environmentalists this, and it's your religion to them.
I don't want to breathe bad air.
I don't want to drink poison.
But a global tax to a bunch of mass-murdering criminals?
That's just unbelievable.
And you want to worry about something?
Why don't you worry about genetic engineering and chimera cross-species jumping into other species?
You don't know what that is?
You better look into it.
Okay, environmentalist?
You want to really worry about something?
There it is.
We'll be right back.
It's here!
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, I want to get through who's been holding the longest, Norman Vincent... Richard... Ranera, is it?
And a few others.
And I'm going to air it this hour, because I've never been able to find this tape.
It was mailed to us and we lost it, but we found it online.
The Ron Paul neocon speech.
It's pretty good audio.
We air the first five minutes where he's talking about conservatism has been betrayed, the Republicans are big government, and then he goes into who the neocons are.
Find a good spot about five minutes in, because we played the five minutes yesterday.
Find a good spot, a good break point where it makes sense, John, if you can.
We're going to start playing that as soon as we can.
But right now, let's go to Norman in North Carolina.
Thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
Hey, uh, what is it with these folks?
Don't they realize that the truth has already outflanked them?
I mean, every time they augment their official story, they actually insult the intelligence of the common sense American citizen.
We know what's going on.
You're talking about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and he took credit for killing Lincoln, he took credit for, you know, being involved in the assault on Mordor.
Yes sir, evidently this guy is, uh,
Pretty efficient.
He's been able to take credit for for lots of things and I don't know.
I mean, it's just unreal to me that
That we've been duped.
The power elite have conducted an assault on the working class and we're supposed to continue to take it and believe their lies.
When in reality we all know that the United States American citizen is the highest authority in this land, not the commander-in-chief.
He's just the boss of the military.
He serves at the pleasure of the people and we have been done a grave disservice and I just can't believe that people are outraged and
And jumping on their hats about this stuff, because it's so self-evident, it just rolls me over every time they augment the official story, and we're supposed to just, you know, it evolves, it changes, but it never has any consistency, it never adds up.
Well, I mean, this is, another point we need to make in the articles we're putting together on this fraud, is that they claimed that they killed a bunch of other Al Qaeda leaders, in some cases over 12 times,
I mean, you know, they killed No.
2 five times, they killed No.
4 ten times, they killed Chemical Ali three times, they killed his sons four times, they killed just over and over.
But remember, these are the same folks that premeditatedly lied about aluminum tubes, Anthrax mobile factories, Niger Yellow Cake, wrote fake documents, wanted to have fake defectors come out.
This is the same crowd that's been caught buying billions in fake news.
That needs to be added.
I mean, there's so many points.
I mean, just the billions of fake news that the Pentagon's bought and it's been found to be illegal, buying off reporters covertly.
How could anyone believe anything they say?
And then they've obtained it through torture!
Yes, sir.
Well, we have no doubt that their getting away with murder by numbers, but we have to go all the way back to 9-11 and hold them accountable
For this, because this is the one thing that they're holding up as their justification for their every illegal action.
And it's just not fair.
I mean, I was, I grew up and placed allegiance to a flag of a country where I thought that it was a level playing field.
And my great grandmother taught me that truth is paramount.
And now as I get older, you know, I'm realizing that there, I've lived under a lot of illusions.
And it's just very disheartening because I know that we are a good people and we're so much better than this, but it's hard to discern that these days because people are so apathetic and pusillanimous in their ability to deal with the crisis in the capitalist order right now.
I mean, we've got a good system, but
It's just been, like you say, taken over by the power elite.
It's been taken over by fraudsters, by scammers.
I appreciate your call.
By Ponzi operators, who've got the fanciest propaganda and PR you could ever imagine.
Alright, now we get back from break.
I gotta go quick to Vincent, Richard, and Ranera, and others, because I want to get to this Ron Paul speech.
I want to air most of it.
It's actually... I had remembered it being like 45 minutes long.
And it's actually 50 minutes long, so...
We're gonna air most of it, and uh, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is joining us for 30 minutes the next hour.
Whatever we haven't aired, we'll air in the last 30 minutes.
But I want to try to air it as one big congruent piece.
Alright, PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.com are the websites.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, welcome back.
Let's jam in some more of your great phone calls and I'm going to play
There's no way to just start at five minutes in.
We played five minutes of it yesterday.
I'm going to play a large portion of this 50-minute speech of Ron Paul titled, Neocon.
He got threatened by the neocons.
He got threatening letters.
But it's all right out of their own books, their own publications.
It starts kind of slow, but gets into some really important meat.
So we're going to air a lot of it in this hour.
And then we got Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for 30 minutes the next.
And I'll air more towards the end of the show if we have the time.
But right now, let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up next here?
Vincent in Texas, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
I was at that Texas rally.
I don't know if you remember me.
I was the one that came up to you right after you finished your speech.
Well, anyway... Are you the guy that's in the military?
Oh, and you gave me the Saddam note.
Yes, I did.
Yeah, you gave me the old Saddam money.
And you've got footage you were saying of
Green Zone stuff, interesting things.
I'd love for you, once you get that back from your mom that you sent it to, to send me a copy.
Well, I have a problem right now.
The problem is, she sent it to me three weeks ago and it's locked in the mail right now.
Well, the White House admits they have the mail torn open.
It's freedom, sir, but go ahead.
What did you fight for?
Well, the reason why I called is because I have a problem.
I just returned from Iraq in December, and just two weeks ago I
We received an enlistment briefing from my unit commander urging us to re-enlist.
Our country needs us more than ever.
He said that if we lose the war in Iraq, the gas prices are going to skyrocket.
We need to serve our country.
Their letter says it's to keep gas prices down.
No, this is what our unit commander said to us.
Well, the thing is, the day after they gave us this re-enlistment briefing,
Now they're telling us we're going to get stock lost, and we're going to go over there anyway, so we might as well re-enlist.
And they're throwing $20,000 in front of our faces just to get us to re-enlist.
Well, look, I mean, even if you just wanted the money, it's not worth it to take those inoculations.
I mean, I wouldn't join the military for all the tea in China because of the deadly vaccines, the experimental vaccines, the illegal vaccines, the guinea pigging that our troops go through.
Of course.
Of course.
And my contract ends in October and I just want to go home.
Well, are they giving you a $20,000 bonus straight up or are they claiming to dole it out?
Straight up.
Straight up, Alex.
Have you heard all the callers and the news articles about how they just handed out wads of cash to the troops of those billions that were flown in?
Yeah, I've heard about that.
One of the missions I did in Iraq was to escort money, but I can't get into that right now.
I understand, but let me just ask you, what's your question to me?
I just wanted to comment on it, and I also have something else to comment on about your show Sunday, on your show, the Sunday edition.
Yes, what about?
You commented on the city of Kareem, and you said that it is true, their entire economy is based off of this,
Off of Fort Hood, the entire time.
And you said that they supported the troops.
Well, the only reason why they supported the troops is because there's two reasons.
One reason is because when we go over there to Iraq, of course I'm not married, but when we go over there to Iraq, the men in this town, they go mess around with the wives over there, and then we come back, and the guys that have wives, they find out that their wives cheat on them, and it causes all kinds of problems.
And second, yeah, they supported us because when we go over there, we make all that money, we save it up,
And we come back, and of course, you see all these signs everywhere, we support insurance, I can give you a deal at a low price on a car, anything.
Oh yeah, they support getting your money as long as you go over there and die for them.
Of course.
But, so are you planning to get out in October?
You were saying you needed my advice on something?
Well, I just wanted to comment on that and just let everybody know about what they're doing.
Well, you're a really nice fella, and I gave that old Iraqi money you gave me to my son, so I really appreciate you giving that to me.
Thank you.
It was nice meeting you in person, my friend.
Take care.
Alright, let's go ahead and take another call here.
Rhianna, I believe, in Wisconsin.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Love all of your documentaries.
I've been watching them for a couple years now on one of my friend's websites, where I get them for free.
And, uh, I was watching the news last night on the local NBC affiliate up here in Madison, and, uh, they showed a very interesting video clip, uh, very much Rise of the Police State Posse Comitatus.
Now, the interesting thing that, uh, I was on their website looking at the, uh, the written article for this,
And I just hung my head and laughed in shame, because they say, according to internet sources, Posse Comitatus is a Christian anti-government group that has anti-Semitic resources and
I just wanted to hear you comment about this.
Well, they know the general public.
Again, the general public doesn't know how many state capitals there are, doesn't know who the vice president is, just kind of halfway hears words.
There's a country over there, they want to kill us, okay, let's get them.
And the Feds did this back in the 90s.
This is a leftover from Clinton.
They would go out because they wanted to demonize militias, and they knew the public was dumbed down.
And so they went and found a motorcycle gang that had no connection to militias, and it was called the Viper Motorcycle Gang.
And so for a year, it was a small gang of some drug dealers, just some white trash methamphetamine dealers.
And this all later came out in the press that it was totally fake.
I mean, it was buried in the newspaper, but they admitted it.
And over the next year, this FBI agent
And some of his associates became the leaders of the gang, and they said, now understand, leading the group, not just in it and informing on it, we're now going to be a militia, we're going to buy weapons, and we're going to call ourselves the Viper Militia.
Now they never planned any violence, never did anything, they just counterfeited some money and dealt some drugs, but it was just so they could announce, Viper, Viper, Viper.
The word Viper, you know, a deadly, venomous snake,
We're good to go.
We're good.
And doing search-and-seizure is a violation of posse comitatus.
And then I can have JAG generals on, retired, you know, major lawyers, universities, and say they're violating and it's horrible.
Well, the general public hears me say that and they go, that's code!
No, it's an 1878 law, after Reconstruction, when the troops were running around raping and burning and killing and enjoying themselves for ten years, and finally people rebelled against it, banning troops engaging in law enforcement activities and occupying the U.S.
So it bans that, and yeah, I've got Governor Ridge on tape when he was Homeland Security Head getting up on TV and saying we need to reverse posse comitatus.
We need to get rid of it.
Well, they basically already have by militarizing the police themselves.
So that's basically it.
Yeah, I mean, they just, they raided everything.
I mean, this is a couple that was like 60 years old, and they just
I don't think so.
It's not even white supremacist.
I mean, they raided Fritz Springmeier, who had a huge library, wasn't a white supremacist.
They set him up on bank robbery later.
They tried to set him up like five times for pot dealing and this and that.
You know, the guy, tea toddler, doesn't smoke.
They did all this stuff, and then they said they found a white supremacist book at his house.
Well, my gosh, my house has got a couple white supremacists.
My house has got Mein Kampf.
I remember back in college, I went and bought Mein Kampf at the bookstore to write a paper on it.
And the lady freaked out at the counter.
And I went, Lady!
You're selling it!
You just, you got an ignorant moron public.
And, uh, you know, I'll probably be raided now, because I've got a devil book, and I shouldn't read it.
Somewhere in storage, I got a couple books on black magic.
I wanted to really know what the devil worshippers are into.
I went and read it.
Does that mean I'm into black magic?
Listen, I appreciate your call.
Uh, man, we gotta go here.
I don't know how I'm gonna get to all this.
Um, I gotta reply to this Ron Paul.
Let's go ahead and talk to David in British Columbia.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Hi, I'm a first-time caller, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
We've got about a minute and a half.
Go ahead.
And, uh, what I'm phoning about is, uh, on the radio last night, CBC Radio, on The Arts Tonight, they, uh, were interviewing a, um, a director that was down in Austin, Texas, that was premiering their film called, uh, Manufacturing Descent, and I just wanted to know if you knew anything about it.
Manufacturing Descent.
Yeah, it's a... I've heard of that, but no.
Okay, it's a new film, and the folks in Austin really enjoyed it, and it's about Michael Moore.
Oh, I saw the AP article about it.
Yeah, and the interesting thing about it... I do know about it.
Yeah, sorry, go ahead.
The filmmakers that made it were going in as the fans of Michael Moore.
But as they got halfway through the production and making of the film, they started uncovering some disturbing truths about him.
Well, and the AP did confirm, and I already knew this, that Roger and me, back in the 80s, PBS, you know, up in Flint, Michigan, where he's from, he did get the interview, he lied about it, and the whole film was about how he couldn't get the interview.
Tell you what, stay there.
I'm going to get into it.
What I'll do is, I'm going to take your call and that's it.
Then for the next 30 minutes I'm going to air Ron Paul.
That'll get most of it in, but with the breaks it'll be about 25 minutes of air time.
Then we'll start the next hour of Dr. Roberts on.
Then I'm going to play another 15 minutes of the show.
We'll get most of it played.
I've got to get it played.
Even if it means I don't have time to plug my videos, which keeps us afloat here.
We'll be right back.
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Yeah, I did actually on Monday see an article out of the Associated Press and I found the story here.
Christy Lemire, AP movie writer, film questions Michael Moore's tactics and it is his fans
It's on record that they, big liberals, his fans, and they made the film Manufacturing Dissent.
It clicked, but then it took a few seconds, David, in British Columbia to remember what you were talking about.
That's why, folks, when you call up and ask me if I know about something, give me a second.
It'll seem like I interrupt.
I go, no, I don't, and then you'll start talking, and I go, oh, yeah.
A documentary filmmaker, I'm like a computer, I guess, an old junkie, when it takes me a second, and it goes on to report that
Number one, Michael Moore won't let you get anywhere near him.
You know, he acts like, oh, these big corporate chiefs and these New World Order people, they're so inaccessible and they won't talk to you and they hide out.
Well, I've tried to get a nice interview with Michael Moore for years and he won't do it.
And then I've never had anybody's bodyguards other than George Bush's manhandle me other than Michael Moore's.
They were shoving on me.
They were dishonest.
It's in my film, Martial Law.
And that's why I went ahead and got obnoxious.
I wasn't going to be mean.
I wasn't going to put him in my film until he did this.
And we heard where he was at.
And we were with some TV producers that were friends with him.
But when he found out it was me, he just went and hid in a restaurant.
And we sat out there for an hour.
And the guy's a complete fake.
His bowling for Columbine is a fraud, is a lie, is disinformation.
Uh, his, uh, Fahrenheit 9-11 has got some important points, and I think this is the only really good and fair and honest film he's made.
Uh, that's really all I can say about him, but he lied in Roger and Me, and it's now admitted that he did get the interview with General Motors Chairman Roger Smith, uh, the evasive subject of Roger and Me, but chose to withhold the footage from the final cut.
He is a dishonest piece of trash.
I just can't believe that, but it's just amazing.
Okay, go ahead and finish up what you were going to say, David.
I was just going to say that it was well-received.
Both Moore's critics and film critics were going wild over the film.
That's what I'm reading or heard on the radio last night.
And yeah, the two self-described lefty filmmakers from Canada that made the documentary do question many of Moore's tactics throughout the film, apparently.
Well, they're very dishonest tactics, but I'll tell you why he's getting hammered right now, why this is getting attention.
I mean, A, these guys have made this film, but B, the fact that he owned Halliburton Stock has come out, the fact that he's lied about other things, bowling for Columbine is a complete fraud.
But also, he's going after Big Pharma now, and so I think they're going to allow a lot of his dirt to come out now.
Right, because that's his newest film he's making, or
I'll tell you right now, I know people that know Michael Moore, and he does know 9-11 is an inside job, but he won't go public about it.
So that makes him even more despicable.
Well, that's the thing with the Fahrenheit 9-1-1.
It's sort of like disinformation in some sense.
Like you say, it brings out some excellent points, but it only takes us three quarters of the way there.
Well, we should do a report on this.
I did confirm that Rosie O'Donnell on her own blog wrote that she knows 9-11 is a cover-up, that Bush acted like he knew at the schoolhouse, that there should be a bigger investigation, and that she thinks that it could be an inside job.
She basically said that, and as much as I don't like her on her anti-gun stance, even if somebody's wrong about a bunch of stuff, if they've got the courage to come out on 9-11,
See, that shows you that Rosie O'Donnell means what she's saying.
She's not like an operative.
She's just a hardcore leftist who at least believes the bull she puts out.
So because she hates Bush so much, she would at least look at the evidence of 9-11.
Well, see, I'm different.
I just go to the facts.
And Bill Clinton carried out Oklahoma City.
The people that control Bush carried out 9-11.
It's not partisan.
We're just covering the facts here, ladies and gentlemen.
I appreciate your call.
You know, it's funny, I was calling Alberto Gonzalez a criminal on Sunday's radio show, and I got an email from somebody going, how dare you say that?
Writing memos as White House Chief Counsel saying the President's above the law and can order people tortured to death is criminal.
And look what came out.
It's not just that he fired eight U.S.
See, the neocons are all focusing, well, Hillary and Bill fired them all.
Yeah, it was wrong.
But, oh, he fired eight.
It's the fact that they fired him because they wouldn't have politically motivated witch hunts against Democratic candidates.
I mean, folks, if you're a real candidate and you try to follow the election laws, you can't follow them perfectly.
They're written.
Everything's written for selective enforcement.
Where normal people can't follow the law, and if you're a crook, you don't have to.
If you're with the in crowd.
I discovered one more news topic I wanted to get to.
I squeezed that in.
Alright, we're going to come back
We're gonna go right into Ron Paul.
This speech was given over three years ago on the neocons.
Right around the start of the war, I believe.
Not only have the text before, now we have the audio.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think so.
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The Cruiser man says it's the end of time and the Mississippi River, she's a gold drive.
The interest is up and the stock market's down and you're only getting mugged if you go downtown.
I love this part.
Rank it up!
I can flower field all day long.
I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn.
We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too.
Ain't too many things these old boys can't do.
We grow good old tomatoes and homemade wine and country boy can survive.
I love it.
Welcome back.
I'm glad that you spent some time with us today.
Yeah, you can't just starve us out and you can't make us run.
Alright, here's Ron Paul.
I'm even going to play some of them at the next hour and just have Dr. Roberts hold.
We'll continue.
We're going to get it in.
This is Ron Paul.
He starts slow, then he gets into who really runs the neocons.
This totally freaked out the White House.
They went completely ape over this.
And this is the audio of the videotape that Kelly Rushing in Kentucky gave to the state police.
And this was on C-SPAN.
And they came and arrested him and tried him for giving police what you're about to hear.
Okay, in America, this is considered criminal.
Here is Congressman Ron Paul, running for president right now, most conservative voting record.
This is considered criminal, what you're about to hear.
Gentleman from Texas, Dr. Paul is recognized for 60 minutes as a Deputy Majority Leader.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker, and I ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks.
Without objection.
Mr. Speaker, the modern day limited government movement has been co-opted.
The conservatives have failed in their efforts to shrink the size of government.
There has not been, nor will there soon be, a conservative revolution in Washington.
Party control of the federal government has changed, but the inexorable growth in the size and scope of government has continued unabated.
The liberal arguments for limited government in personal affairs and foreign military adventurism were never seriously considered as part of this revolution.
Since the change of the political party in charge has not made a difference, who's really in charge?
If the particular party in power makes little difference, whose policy is it that permits expanded government programs, increase ending, huge deficits, nation building, and the pervasive invasion of our privacy with fewer Fourth Amendment protections than ever before?
Someone is responsible, and it's important for those of us who love liberty and resent big brother government identify the philosophic supporters who have the most to say about the direction our country is going.
If they're wrong, and I believe they are, we need to show it, alert the American people, and offer a more positive approach to government.
However, this depends on whether the American people desire to live in a free society and reject the dangerous notion that we need a strong central government to take care of us from cradle to grave.
Do the American people really believe it's the government's responsibility to make us morally better and economically equal?
Do we have a responsibility to police the world while imposing our vision of good government on everyone else in the world with some form of utopian nation-building?
If not, and the contemporary enemies of liberty are exposed and rejected, then it behooves us to present an alternative philosophy that is morally superior and economically sound and provides a guide to world affairs to enhance peace and commerce.
One thing is certain.
Conservatives who worked and voted for less government in the Reagan years, over of the U.S.
Congress and the presidency in the 1990s and early 2000s, were deceived.
Soon they will realize that the goal of limited government has been dashed, and that their views no longer matter.
The so-called conservative revolution of the past two decades has given us massive growth in government size, spending, and regulations.
Deficits are exploding and the national debt is now rising at a greater than a half trillion dollars per year.
Taxes do not go down, even if we vote to lower them.
They can't, as long as spending is increased, since all spending must be paid for one way or another.
Both Presidents Reagan and the elder George Bush raised taxes directly.
With this administration so far, direct taxes have been reduced, and they certainly should have been.
But it means little if spending increases and deficits rise.
When taxes are not raised to accommodate higher spending, the bills must be paid for by either borrowing or printing new money.
This is one reason why we conveniently have a generous Federal Reserve Chairman who is willing to accommodate the Congress.
With borrowing and inflating, the tax is delayed and distributed in a way that makes it difficult for those paying the tax to identify it.
Like future generations, those on fixed incomes who suffer from rising prices, and those who lose jobs, they certainly feel the consequence of economic dislocation that this process causes.
Government spending is always a tax burden on the American people and is never equally or fairly distributed.
The poor and low middle income workers always suffer the most from the deceitful tax of inflation and borrowing.
Many present-day conservatives who generally argue for less government and supported the Reagan, Gingrich, Bush takeover of the federal government are now justifiably disillusioned.
Although not a monolithic group, they wanted to shrink the size of government.
Early in our history, the advocates of limited constitutional government recognized two important principles.
The rule of law was crucial, and a constitutional government must derive just powers from the consent of the governed.
It was understood that an explicit transfer of power to government could only occur with power rightfully and naturally endowed to each individual as a God-given right.
Therefore, the powers that could be transferred would be limited to the purpose of protecting liberty.
Unfortunately, in the last 100 years, the defense of liberty has been fragmented and shared by various groups, with some protecting civil liberties, others economic freedom, and a small diverse group arguing for a foreign policy of non-intervention.
The philosophy of freedom has had a tough go of it and it was hoped that the renewed interest in limited government of the past two decades would revive an interest in reconstituting the freedom philosophy into something more consistent.
Those who work for the goal of limited government power believe the rhetoric of politicians who promised smaller government.
Sometimes it was just plain sloppy thinking on their part
But at other times they fell victim to a deliberate distortion of a concise limited government philosophy by politicians who misled many into believing that we would see a rollback on government intrusiveness.
Yes, there was always a remnant who longed for truly limited government and maintained a belief in the rule of law
Combined with a deep conviction that free people and a government bound by a constitution were the most advantageous form of government.
They recognized it as the only practical way for prosperity to be spread to the maximum number of people while promoting peace and security.
That remnant, imperfect as it may have been,
was heard from in the elections of 1980, 1984, and then achieved major victories in 2000 and 2002, when professed limited government proponents took over the administration, the Senate, and the House.
However, the true believers in limited government are now shunned and laughed at.
At the very least, they are ignored.
Except, when they are used for the right, the new conservatives now in charge of the U.S.
The remnants instincts were correct, and the politicians placated them with talk of free markets, limited government, and a humble, non-nation-building foreign policy.
However, little concern for civil liberties was expressed in this recent quest for less government.
Yet, for an ultimate victory of achieving freedom, this must change.
Interest in personal privacy and choices has generally remained outside the concern of many conservatives, especially with the great harm done by their long-time support of the drug war.
Even though some confusion has emerged over our foreign policy since the breakdown of the Soviet Union, it's been a net benefit in getting some conservatives back on track with a less militaristic interventionist foreign policy.
Unfortunately, though, after 9-11, the cause of liberty suffered a setback.
As a result,
Millions of Americans voted for the less than perfect conservative revolution because they believed in the promises of the politicians.
Now, there's mounting evidence to indicate exactly what happened to the revolution.
Government is bigger than ever and future commitments are overwhelming.
Millions will soon become disenchanted with the new status quo delivered to the American people by the advocates of limited government and will find it to be just more of the old status quo.
Victories for limited government have turned out to be hollow indeed.
International debt is increasing at a rate greater than a half trillion dollars per year.
The debt limit was recently increased by an astounding 984 billion dollars.
Total U.S.
government obligations are 43 billion dollars, while total net worth of all U.S.
households is just over 44 trillion dollars.
The country is broke.
But no one in Washington seems to notice or care.
The philosophic and political commitment for both guns and butter, and especially the expanding American empire, must be challenged.
This is crucial for our survival.
In spite of the floundering economy,
The Congress and the administration continues to take on new commitments in foreign aid, education, farming, medicine, multiple efforts at nation building, and preemptive wars around the world.
Already we're entrenched in Iraq and Afghanistan with plans to soon add new trophies to our conquest.
War talk about when Syria, Iran, and North Korea may be attacked.
How did this all transpire?
Why did the government do it?
Why haven't the people objected?
How long will it go on before something is done?
Does anyone care?
Would the euphoria of grand military victories against non-enemies ever be mellowed?
Someday, we as a legislative body must face the reality, the dire situation in which we have allowed ourselves to become enmeshed.
Hopefully it will be soon.
We got here because ideas do have consequences.
Bad ideas have bad consequences.
And even the best of intentions have unintended consequences.
We need to know exactly what the philosophic ideas were that drove us to this point.
Then, hopefully, reject them and decide on another set of intellectual parameters.
There is abundant evidence exposing those who drive our foreign policy, justifying preemptive war.
Those who scheme are proud of their achievements in usurp control over foreign policy.
These are the neoconservatives of recent fame.
Granted, they are talented and achieved a political victory that all policy makers must admire.
But can freedom and the republic survive this takeover?
That question should concern us.
Neoconservatives are obviously in positions of influence and are well placed throughout our government and the media.
An apathetic Congress put up little resistance and abdicated its responsibility over foreign affairs.
The electorate was easily influenced to join in the patriotic fervor supporting the military adventurism advocated by the neoconservatives.
Those who still hope for truly limited government diminished and had their concerns ignored these past 22 months during the aftermath of 9-11.
Members of Congress were easily influenced to publicly support any domestic policy or foreign military adventure that was supposed to help reduce the threat of a terrorist attack.
Believers in limited government were harder to find.
Political money, as usual, played a role in pressing Congress into supporting almost any proposal suggested by the neoconservatives.
This process
Where campaign dollars and lobbying effort affect policy is hardly the domain of any single party.
Unfortunately, it is the way of life in Washington.
There are many reasons why government continues to grow.
It would be naive for anyone to expect otherwise.
Since 9-11, protection of privacy, whether medical, personal, or financial, has vanished.
Free speech and the Fourth Amendment have been under constant attack.
Higher welfare expenditures are endorsed by the leadership of both parties.
Policing the world and nation-building issues are popular campaign targets, yet they are now standard operating procedures here in Washington.
There's no sign that these programs will be slowed or reversed until either we are stopped by force overseas, which won't be soon, or we go broke and can no longer afford these grandiose plans for a world empire, which will probably come sooner than later.
None of this happened by accident or coincidence.
Precise philosophic ideas prompted certain individuals to gain influence to implement these plans.
The neoconservatives, a name they gave themselves, diligently worked their way into positions of power and influence.
They documented their goals, strategy, and moral justification for all they hoped to accomplish.
Above all else, they were not, and are not, conservatives dedicated to limited constitutional governance.
Neoconservatism has been around for decades and strangely has connections to past generations as far back as Machiavelli.
Modern-day neoconservatism was introduced to us in the 1960s.
It entails both a detailed strategy as well as a philosophy of government.
The ideas of Teddy Roosevelt and certainly Woodrow Wilson were quite similar.
Let's pause it right there.
This is where the speech gets good.
We'll come back in the next five minutes, play more than the first five minutes of the next hour.
Then we'll get Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on for about 25 minutes.
Then I'm going to play all of it.
I'm going to play the rest of it.
Because he goes out of their own books, their own documents.
He tells you their manifesto.
And folks, they say they're going to take your freedom and destroy America.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, a couple years ago I was mailed a copy of this speech, and I can't find it.
So we didn't have it, and then it resurfaced on YouTube, which they're constantly jerking stuff down off, but we've recorded it.
It's not the best audio quality, it's decent, it's decent, and then it kind of pops and burps a little bit, but that's just the nature of this rare recording.
C-SPAN will not sell a copy of this, we called them weeks after, and they go, Alex Jones, we know who you are, we're not going to sell you a tape.
We had others call, they said they don't have it.
Again, the White House got mad about this, so you're not supposed to be hearing this.
We'll continue it for this segment, the next, and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts will join us and we'll play the rest after he leaves us.
Here it is, he starts getting into who the neocons are.
Neocon spokesman Max Boot brags that what he advocates is, quote, hard Wilsonianism.
In many ways,
There's nothing neo about their views, and certainly nothing's conservative.
Yet they have been able to co-opt the conservative movement by advertising themselves as a new or modern form of conservatism.
More recently, the modern-day neocons have come from the far left, a group historically identified as former Trotskyites.
Liberal Christopher Hitchens has recently joined the neocons and it has been reported that he has already been to the White House as an ad hoc consultant.
Many neocons now in position of influence in Washington can trace their status back to Professor Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago.
One of Strauss' books was Thoughts on Machiavelli.
This book was not a condemnation of Machiavelli's philosophy.
Paul Wolfowitz actually got his PhD under Strauss.
Others closely associated with these views are Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams, Robert Kagan, William Crystal.
All are key players in designing our new strategy of pre-emptive war.
Others include Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute, former CIA Director James Woolsey, Bill Bennett of Book of Virtue fame, Frank Gaffney, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld.
There are just too many to mention who are philosophically or politically connected to the neocon philosophy in some varying degree.
The godfather of modern-day neoconservatism is considered to be Irving Kristol, father of Bill Kristol, who set the stage in 1983 with his publication, Reflections of a Neoconservative.
In this book, Kristol also defends the traditional notion on welfare.
More important than the names of people affiliated with neoconservatism are the views they adhere to.
Here is a brief summary of the general understanding of what neocons believe.
They agree with Trotsky on permanent revolution, violent as well as intellectual.
They are for redrawing the map of the Middle East and are willing to use force to do it.
They believe in preemptive war to achieve desired ends.
They accept the notion that the ends justify the means.
That hard politics is a moral necessity.
They express no opposition to the welfare state.
They are not bashful about an American empire.
Instead, they strongly endorse it.
They believe lying is necessary for the state to survive.
They believe a powerful federal government is a benefit.
They believe pertinent facts about how a society should be run should be held by the elite and withheld from those who do not have the courage to deal with it.
They believe neutrality in foreign affairs is ill-advised.
They hold Leo Strauss in high esteem.
They believe imperialism, if progressive in nature, is appropriate.
Using American might to force American ideals on others is acceptable.
That force should not be limited to the defense of our country.
9-11 resulted from the lack of foreign entanglements, not from too many.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back as he exposes the neocons.
It just gets more powerful.
Stay with us.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
They dislike and despise libertarians, therefore the same applies to all strict constitutionalists.
They interest attacks on civil liberties such as those found in the Patriot Act as being necessary.
They unconditionally support Israel and have a close alliance with the Likud party.
Various organizations and publications over the past 30 years have played a significant role in the rise to power of the neoconservatives.
It took plenty of money and commitment to produce the intellectual arguments needed to convince the many participants in the movement of its respectability.
It's no secret, especially after the rash of research and articles written about the neocons since our invasion of Iraq, how they gained influence and what organizations were used to promote their cause.
Although for decades they agitated for their beliefs through publications like the National Review, the Weekly Standard, the Public Interest, the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, and the New York Post, their views only gained momentum in the 1990s following the First Persian Gulf War, which still has not ended, even with the removal of Saddam Hussein.
They became convinced that a much more militant approach to resolving all conflicts of the Middle East was an absolute necessity and they were determined to implement that policy.
In addition to publications, multiple think tanks and projects were created to promote their agenda.
A product of the Bradley Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute led the neocon charge, but the real push for war came from the Project for a New American Century, another organization helped by the Bradley Foundation.
This occurred in 1998 and was chaired by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kistel.
They urged early on for war against Iraq, but were disappointed with the Clinton administration, which never followed through with its periodic bombings.
Obviously, those bombings were motivated more by Clinton's personal and political problems than a belief in the neocon agenda.
The election of 2000 changed all that.
The Defense Policy Board, chaired by Richard Perle, played no small role in coordinating the various projects and think tanks, all determined to take us to war against Iraq.
It wasn't too long before the dream of empire was brought closer to reality by the election of 2000 with Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld playing key roles in this accomplishment.
The plan to promote an American greatness imperialistic foreign policy was now a distinct possibility.
Iraq offered a great opportunity to prove their long-held theories.
This opportunity was a consequence of the 9-11 disaster.
The money and views of Rupert Murdoch also played a key role in promoting the neocon views, as well as rallying support by the general population through his News Corporation, which owns Fox News Network, the New York Post, and Weekly Standard.
This powerful and influential media empire did more to galvanize public support for the Iraqi invasion than one might imagine.
This facilitated the Rumsfeld-Cheney policy as their plans to attack Iraq.
It would have been difficult for the neocons to use their foreign policy for restraints of Colin Powell's State Department without the successful agitation of the Rupert Murdoch Empire.
Max Boot was satisfied as he explained, quote, neoconservatives believe in using American might to promote American ideals abroad, close quote.
This attitude is a far cry from the advice of the founders who advocated no entangling alliances and neutrality as the proper goal of American foreign policy.
Let there be no doubt, those in the neocon camp had been anxious to go to war against Iraq for a decade.
They justified the use of force to accomplish their goals even if it required preemptive war.
If anyone doubts this assertion, they need only read of their strategy in A Clean Break, a new strategy for securing the realm.
Although they felt morally justified in changing the government in Iraq, they knew that public support was important and justification had to be given to pursue the war.
Of course, a threat to us had to exist before the people and the Congress would go along with war.
The majority of Americans became convinced of this threat, which in actuality never really existed.
Now we have the ongoing debate over the location of weapons of mass destruction.
Where was the danger?
Was all this killing and spending necessary?
How long will this nation building and dying go on?
When will we become more concerned about the needs of our own citizens?
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
C-SPAN refused this office and other offices' request to sell to anyone the Ron Paul neocon speech.
He got mean calls from neocons, threats.
Those have all, of course, subsided because he was just using their own quotes.
And he gave this speech, what, three years ago, just a few months into the Iraq War.
And it rings even more true today.
Coming up, there's only about 20 minutes of it left.
We'll have time in the last 30 minutes to air that.
But until the bottom of the hour, we are honored to be joined by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
He, of course, was one of the editors at the Wall Street Journal, credited with being the father of Reaganomics.
He was also number two in the main policy head, the man, the economist, I guess you could call it, or the head guy at the Department of Treasury.
And he's also a nationally syndicated columnist for Creator Syndicate, and he's gone public on government-sponsored terror, on just basically everything, on the police state, on the end of the republic, and he's written some great new articles.
The Future has caught up with us, and he goes into how we're, and he has bibliographed links to everything in here, how we're turning into basically Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.
And another great article about the world's eyes.
We have become America with a K. But I was talking to him and I said, what do you want to talk about?
He said, well first I want to talk about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
Well that's good because we spent the entire first hour basically going over the fraud of this.
Number one, he was tortured.
You can't trust anybody that tortures.
That's admitted.
Number two, he couldn't possibly have carried out all these things he was supposed to carry out.
Number three, we've been lied to by the neocons over and over again, and they've planted evidence, claimed WMDs, created fake documents.
We have the White House memo.
I mean, obviously, but I want to hear what points he has to say.
I'm just recapping that there are literally hundreds of these.
The big one, though, is the FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver, gave them the detonators, New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, CBS Nightly News.
It's in my film, Road to Tyranny.
We've got links in the article Paul wrote this morning about it with the mainstream news articles that the FBI ran that off, okay?
Just like the Clinton boys ran, and now the Deputy Director's gone public.
Danny Colson's saying, yeah, government's involved.
There's a cover-up.
That was on BBC last week.
This stuff's unraveling.
So it's basically like saying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed killed Kennedy Lincoln, assassinated Santa Claus.
He's the guy that blew up the Lusitania, the Maine.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
To give us his take on it is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
Doctor, thanks for coming on with us.
Well hey Alex, I wasn't going to give you my take, I was going to ask you for yours, but you just gave it to me.
Well I was wondering, because of the position you've taken on the 9-11, when you have an allegedly high Al-Qaeda guy confessing
What you made of it.
When I saw the news I came to the same conclusion.
He's obviously been tortured for a number of years and if you're being tortured and you figure you're done for anyhow you might as well get some PR out of it.
So I figured if they were going to
Well, it's pretty ridiculous and I think they screwed up because they put in so many things that he clearly, in fact the Associated Press says,
Strangely, there had never been any connection to Al-Qaeda, or that Al-Qaeda was even involved in terror in 1993, but now we know he ran the whole thing.
I know all about that case, and it was FBI from start to finish, Bill Clinton, but you cannot, I mean, to claim Al-Qaeda was involved, this is, they really think the public's stupid.
Well, the public has fallen for most of their lies.
What struck me about it, too,
I think it's something you also mentioned is that there's so many things that he is said to have done and it almost seems that that's excessive.
I mean there's only so many hours in a year and for him to have planned and done all of these things it did seem to be like too many admissions, too many charges,
Yeah, 29 attacks and hundreds of others planned, and I went and looked up some timelines last night and this morning.
I'm doing a piece on this, or contributing to one, trying to, and you don't even hear about this guy until 1996, so I think they really screwed up bringing him into masterminding huge events where he wasn't even, you know, basically existing.
But, you know, Alex, a lot of people are going to believe them, and it makes me feel like
It's a setback to the 9-11 truth movement because they now have somebody who's confessed and many people won't know about the torture or they'll discount it.
So I think in a way it may be the way they've decided to answer David Ray Griffin and others and including the emphasis that your program puts on it.
But I don't know anything else about it.
The thing is, it strikes me, if he actually did plan all this stuff, the building still blew up.
That's the mystery.
How did he manage to have the buildings wired so they would
Well, here's the question.
I agree with you.
How did he make NORAD stand down?
How did he run CIA drills at the exact same time being attacked?
How did he mash 44,000 and a bunch of British troops as well, 44,000 US and 18-something thousand British troops, and have the launch orders to attack Afghanistan?
Well, we thought Captain Marvel, or Captain America, or Captain Marvel, whichever his name was, dead, but apparently he's still alive.
His name is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, okay, that's all.
I just wanted to know your take on it, because I couldn't listen to you earlier.
I was in the dentist chair.
Well, I would be honored if you even took my opinion as worth anything, but, I mean, no.
I mean, that's what... Listen, they've had him for over four years, and they're not going to have real trials.
I mean, these are secret trials, and they even redacted what... Well, we don't even know that he said any of that.
These are not open court, and they can produce what
Any kind of transcript?
They won't!
Just like Stalin's guys produced in the Purge trials.
They produced whatever kind of transcript Stalin wanted.
Well, that's the point I wanted to ask you about.
And that's a really good point I hadn't thought about.
They could just totally even fake this.
It doesn't even matter.
That's right.
It could be a total fake.
Well, remember what they did with the American they grabbed and then finally convicted on other charges and then at the conviction
They brought in statements about 9-11 when that wasn't even what Padilla was convicted for, and then it came out that they had tortured the guy until he was basically a mental patient.
Yeah, they can give you all kinds of mind-altering drugs.
You see, my opinion, my position on this has always been, if they actually know enough about these guys to know that they're terrorists and done these things, then they have enough evidence to bring into open court.
The only reason they need secret courts and secret trials and secret evidence is because they don't have any evidence.
And so they have to pretend they have it and claim they have it, and they do that in proceedings that are not open.
So it's obviously no need for secret trials and secret evidence.
If you actually have evidence on something.
Well, Americans knew back during Vietnam, after an airman had been gone for four years or five years, they show up with their eyes all sunk in, with their heads shaved, lying about the U.S.
war, and, you know, putting out propaganda, to know that was Bull.
I mean, you cannot listen to anything that a witness says who's been held secretly for four years, when they admit they're torturing people.
I mean, that's just a no-brainer.
I agree.
It's a no-brainer.
So I think that, in a way, the Military Tribunals Act undercuts any of the transcripts or testimonial claims the tribunals can make, because they're secret, they're based on secret evidence, and they're not in open court.
There's no reason to believe anything they say.
So... Now, I mean, let me just put it on record.
If you get grabbed or I get grabbed, which National Talk Show hosts have named me and said I should be arrested, and they've named many others, uh, if we disappear into some black hole, folks, if I come out two years later and start saying I, you know, I'm an Al-Qaeda person, please, that's not true!
I mean, I don't think I can hold up to four years of torture.
Could you, Dr. Roberts?
Oh, who could?
Nobody could.
Nobody ever has that I know of.
The only people that escape it, they torture them so bad they die, but they're pretty good now at keeping you alive.
They got that deal where they stop your heart, but your conscious?
They get up on TV and brag about it?
You know, when they come for you, you just have to take out as many of them as you can and just die right there.
You remember old Gordon Liddy used to say a long time ago, shoot for the head, the bastards wear body armor.
Boy, they got mad at him about that, didn't they?
They did, I'm sure.
I don't know where he stands on all these issues because he's not on the radio around here anymore.
That was his solution.
When they come for you, take as many as you can.
Shoot for the head, because the bastards wear body armor.
He used to say that all the time.
Well, here's the good news.
At least I'm getting this.
A lot of people in government now know what's going on, and I do see a lot of people awake.
But then you've got that segment that'll believe anything they're told.
Yeah, they'll believe anything they're told.
And the media will love this story.
This is exciting.
They'll spin it for them.
Anyhow, let's get on to the other topics.
You're way out of my expertise on this.
Well, we're about to break.
We've just got one more short segment.
I was just glad to see you wrote an article about the Brave New World and basically how that's coming true.
Well, that's right.
It's the three famous dystopias, Huxley's Orwell's and Franz Kafka's Novels of France.
They have predicted our future as much as 75 years ago.
I've read all three of those novels, as well as Wee by the Russian novelist, and it is scary.
I just... Well, Huxley said that that was the actual plan.
That's why he wrote it.
We'll be right back with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
Stay with us, sir.
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This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
Let's ask the question that the Bush regime hopes you will never ask.
That is, is the USA already bankrupt?
As the world's biggest debtor nation, we are borrowing in excess of 80% of the world's net savings.
That's $2 billion per day to finance the biggest deficit in history.
Our creditors are becoming increasingly concerned that the debt can never be repaid.
Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
debt, are looking to greatly reduce their exposure to dollars.
In fact, China has privately hinted that a U.S.
attack on Iran could result in China's dumping massive amounts of U.S.
Treasury bonds.
To find out more about this, call for a free report on the coming dollar collapse.
Call Whitehurst International at 1-888-892-6238.
That's 1-8888-XANADU or 1-8888-XANADU and ask for George.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is our guest.
Really, time's just flying past.
Maybe I'll twist his arm and stay five minutes in the next segment before we finish the Ron Paul speech.
A new story, The Future Has Caught Up With Us, he wrote a few days ago.
It's excellent.
There's like 50 links in this thing, documenting every statement he makes.
The Future Has Caught Up With Us, this is a pretty discomfit little treatise you put together.
Give us your take on it.
Well, I looked at the three anti-utopian novels, the dystopias.
Kafka's The Trial, George Orwell's 1984, and Huxley's Brave New World.
And if you look at those three, you have a portrait of present-day United States.
Of them, I think the most scary is Franz Kafka's novel, because at least in 1984,
The person knows he committed a fault crime.
He was guilty of a fault crime.
But in Kafka's novel, in Joseph K., no reasons are ever given for why he's arrested.
And the crime that he's tried for is unspecified.
It's never said what it was.
And he's then executed.
So there you have a model for the military tribunals.
I don't think so.
And on the basis of a confession extracted by torture.
And they admit that.
I mean, even the Nazis didn't put it down on paper.
Why do you think Gonzales and these guys are so arrogant?
I mean, why do they have the most aplomb or hubris or chutzpah that I've ever seen?
And I mean, I've studied quite a bit of history.
I've never seen such arrogance.
No, I haven't either.
And I don't know what the explanation
For it is.
It's like they never expect to be held accountable.
That means it's like they expect to always be in power.
So I don't know what it means.
Let's not glaze over what you just said.
You just hit the nail right through the board.
They are doing everything by the book to set up a total dictatorship and acting just like it.
I think they would like to have that.
I don't know that they can achieve that.
I think it's too much
That's kind of like this sheet being responsible for everything that's happened in the last 20 years.
I think it's too big of a task, but I could be wrong.
I mean, I have no way of knowing, but I agree that that's something they would like.
They would like to have total power, total unaccountable power for the rest of their lives, yeah.
Well, I mean, Hitler had total power, and in limited circles they said he had power, but he even wasn't this arrogant.
I just can't believe that they are... The economy, Dr. Roberts, where do you see that going with these mortgage, these subprime lenders in so much trouble?
What do you see happening with the dollar being inflated?
Well, I think the mortgage thing will be contained.
It'll hurt a lot of individuals, but I don't think it'll destroy the economy.
The dollar would have already
I think so.
Well, I agree, but aren't we seeing instead of the Euro or something else rising as the clear, you know, backed up currency for the petrodollar, you know, for the conversion, instead we're seeing this basket, we're seeing this move into a spectrum of currencies and other assets.
Something else.
I mean, China's announced they're going to dump, what, 30% of their trillion?
Well, I don't know if they actually made that kind of announcement, but they did say that they were going to
Manage it differently so that they can make more money.
I think the Financial Times said they were going to take $300 billion or something and invest it in other things.
Three hundred billion all at once would be a devastating blow.
Well, do you see a kind of creeping towards the door, like everybody doesn't want to be left holding the bag, but they know if they rush it'll totally tank the dollar, and so they want kind of a gradual decline, or do you see the dollar resurging?
Well, I think what it is is they don't know where to put it, where to take it.
It's not that there's a... When you have fiat
Paper currencies as the reserve, there's no clear place to run to.
You know, the Chinese are tied to the dollar, so you can't really run there.
The Japanese don't want the reserve currency role, and made that clear.
The Euro could possibly take it, but that's not certain either.
So I think they just don't know what to do, Alex.
They're worried.
But it's not necessarily where they see a solution.
Well, I tell you what, this is only a three-minute break, and I've got to play this clip so I won't keep you too long, but stay four or five minutes on the other side, Dr. Roberts, because I want to flesh this out and get your expertise, because this is what you're a real expert on, for the listeners, and tell us where you think it's going.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back.
We're talking to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and I've just been having him on for years.
I always say, is there a book we can plug?
Is there an article we can plug?
No, he just comes on to get the word out, but we'd love to support him in any other way we could.
The Future's Caught Up With Us is one of the great articles he's written.
He writes multiple great reports every week on a wide range of topics.
We post them up on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
We get them from V-Dare.
We're good.
Greenspan can double the money supply, and then Bernanke comes in and says he's going to double it again, and then makes the M3 money supply secret.
I mean, you were in there setting a lot of that at the Treasury with the Federal Reserve.
I mean, how long can it continue with, you know, the dollar's been devalued by 40-something percent, but the general public doesn't even know what that means, but some poor migrant from Mexico does.
People in Canada are laughing at us, because now Canadian money's worth more than ours.
I mean, how long is this party going to go with 80-something trillion dollar obligations?
Well, you know, obviously it can't go on.
It can't go on forever.
Just like Warren Buffett said, you know, things that can't go on forever won't.
And it won't go on forever.
It could still be corrected if they would stop running budget deficits and if they would stop this offshoring of production for American markets.
What do you think of Halliburton moving to Dubai?
I think that the Middle East will go against the United States and that they'll be very vulnerable there, but I don't really know.
But to come back to this dollar, you know, look, the situation could be still corrected.
It doesn't mean that they will.
It doesn't mean they'll stop running budget deficits or trade deficits.
But keep this in mind, what the whole focus is on is on our energy dependence.
Oh, we're energy dependent.
We have Bush running around in South America trying to do ethanol deals.
And we have all the big oil companies, they're talking now about getting ethanol from trees and grass.
And the fact is, the energy deficit is small compared to our deficit in manufactured goods.
For example, in 2004, the United States trade deficit in manufactured goods was almost three and a half times larger than the deficit in crude oil.
It was two and a half times larger than the deficit in mineral fuels, which would include refined gasoline.
I'm not sure they have natural gas in that as well.
Just the deficit in vehicles and clothing.
We're good to go.
Look, as I said, just... We get it cheaper than Japan and China!
It doesn't make any difference.
I'm talking about the magnitude.
No, I understand, I understand.
What we spend on clothes and vehicles is 1.4 times greater than what we spend on importing crude oil.
Look, in 2005, the trade deficit, the American trade deficit in manufactured goods was $506 billion.
That was 2.8 times the value of the crude oil imports of $182 billion.
So you see, it's not what they tell you.
It's not, oh, if we could only have energy independence.
It's all the offshore production of goods and services for American markets.
Well, isn't that just modern mercantilism?
No, it's American capital chasing absolute advantage and lowest factor cost abroad.
I understand it's short-term gain, but to have certain sectors, and that's what the globalists say, we're going to have certain things made here and certain things put together there, and then that balances and keeps control of everybody, but then it's the multinational corporation that moves into the governmental capacity in that system.
Well, the way it's moving, if that isn't the case, in fact the case is, nothing will be made here.
It'll all be made somewhere else.
And I can't see how that's in anyone's interest, really.
I agree with you.
Do you think Bush is going to hang on?
Do you think Gonzalez will step down?
Do you think the Democrats will end up being even worse?
I don't know.
I don't think... You know, Alex, you know as well as
As I do, that both parties are controlled by the same organized interest groups.
APAC, the Energy, the Military-Industrial Complex.
They're the three most powerful.
And it's just hard to see.
And they're all in bed together, so... They're all in bed together, so I don't know what's going to happen.
But, you know, look, what was the consequence of Hitler's hubris?
He overreached.
He marched into Russia and he had a Stalingrad.
Now, I think these people may have overreached.
Okay, what is their water load?
Well, it may be this U.S.
Attorney thing.
It may not have anything to do with the things that most concern us.
Well, I agree with you.
I've always said that.
It may have to do simply with something like, you know, what's bringing Tony Blair down?
It's not all his real crimes.
It's this honors for cash deal.
Yeah, some petty bribery deal.
Some petty bribery deal.
So you don't ever know what's gonna... You know, they never got Al Capone for gangsterism.
They got him on income tax evasion.
Yeah, they didn't get him for the St.
Valentine's Massacre, yeah.
Right, so you don't, we don't know.
It may be they've overreached.
It may be that it's just too much stuff has happened, and I don't think the Democrats are as likely to cover up for them as the Republicans, and so it just may be too much for the system to absorb.
Plus, you know, Democrats are ambitious, too.
And so they may want to take them out and be there themselves.
Maybe they want all the payoffs from the interest groups rather than letting Bush and Cheney and Halliburton have them.
I agree.
All right.
Well, Dr. Paul Greg Roberts, thank you for popping in with us.
We'll talk to you in the next month or so.
You'll grace us.
And folks can look for all your great columns all over the Internet.
You're very prolific.
And thank you for spending time with us.
George talking to you, Alex.
Three and a half years ago, talking about the neocons and how they're not real conservatives, and C-SPAN's banned this video.
People have been arrested for distributing this to the police.
The police think this video is illegal.
I'm not joking.
This is the new Soviet America, and it's just a calmed doctor, a family doctor, reading their quotes, but it scares them.
And it should scare them.
They're criminals.
Here it is.
Who knows where we'll go next?
Iran, Syria, North Korea.
At the end of the Cold War, the neoconservatives realized a rearrangement of the world was occurring, in that our superior economic and military power offered them a perfect opportunity to control the process of remaking the Middle East.
It was recognized that a new era was upon us, and the neocons welcomed Francis Fukuyama's End of History Declaration.
To them, the debate was over.
The West won.
The Soviets lost.
Old-fashioned communism was dead.
Long live the new era of neoconservatism.
The struggle may not be over, but the West won the intellectual fight they reasoned.
The only problem is that the neocons decided to define the philosophy of the victors.
They have been amazingly successful in their efforts to control the debate over what Western values are and by what methods they will be spread throughout the world.
Communism surely lost a lot with the breakup of the Soviet Empire, but this can hardly be declared a victory for American liberty as the founders understood it.
Neoconservatism is not the philosophy of free markets and a wise foreign policy.
Instead, it represents big government, welfare at home, and a program of using our military might to spread their version of American values throughout the world.
Since neoconservatives dominate the way the U.S.
government now operates, it behooves us all to understand their beliefs and goals.
The breakup of the Soviet system may well have been an epic event, but to say that the views of the neocons are the unchallenged victors and that all we need to do is wait for their implementation is a capitulation to the controlling of the forces of history that many Americans are not yet ready to concede.
There is surely no need to be so.
There is now a recognized philosophic connection between modern-day neoconservatives and Irving Kristol, Leo Strauss, and Machiavelli.
This is important in understanding that today's policies and the subsequent problems will be with us for years to come if these policies are not reversed.
Not only did Leo Strauss write favorably of Machiavelli, Michael Ledeen, a current leader of the neoconservative movement, did the same in 1999 in his book with the title, Machiavelli on Modern Leadership, Why Machiavelli Armed Rules Are as Timely and Important Today Five Centuries Ago.
Ledeen is indeed an influential neocon theorist whose views get a lot of attention today in Washington.
His book on Machiavelli, interestingly enough, was passed out to members of Congress attending a political strategy meeting shortly after its publication and at just about the same time a clean break was issued.
In Ledeen's most recent publication, The War Against the Terror Masters, he reiterates his beliefs he outlined in 1999.
He specifically created destruction, both within our society and abroad.
Foreigners seeing America undo traditional societies may fear us, for they do not wish to be undone.
Amazingly, Ledeen continues, they must attack us in order to survive, just as we must destroy them to advance our historic mission.
If those words don't scare you, nothing will.
If they are not a clear warning, I don't know what could be.
It sounds like both sides of each disagreement in the world will be following the principles of preemptive war.
The world is certainly a less safe place for it.
In Machiavelli on Modern Leadership, Ledeen praises a business leader for correctly understanding Machiavelli.
Quote, There are no absolute solutions.
It all depends.
What is right and what is wrong depends on what needs to be done and how.
Close quote.
This is a clear endorsement of situation ethics and is not coming from the traditional left.
It reminds me of, it depends on what the definition of the word is, is.
Ledeen quotes Machiavelli approvingly on what makes a great leader.
Quote, a prince must have no other objectives or other thoughts or take anything for his craft except war.
To Ledeen, this meant, quote, the virtue of the warrior are those of great leaders of any successful organization.
It's obvious, and that's close quote, it's obvious that war is not coincidental to neocon philosophy but an integral part.
The intellectuals justify it and the politicians carry it out.
There's a precise reason to argue for war over peace according to Ledeen for, quote, peace
Increases our peril by making discipline less urgent.
Encouraging some of our worst instincts in depriving us of some of our best leaders.
Peace, he claims, is a dream and not even a pleasant one, for it would cause indolence and would undermine the power of the state.
Although I concede the history of the world is a history of frequent war, to capitulate and give up even striving for peace, believing peace is not a benefit to mankind, is a frightening thought that condemns the world to perpetual war and justifies it as a benefit and necessity.
These are dangerous ideas from which no good can come.
The conflict of the ages has been between the state and the individual.
Central power versus liberty.
The more restrained the state, and the more emphasis on individual liberty, the greater has been the advancement of civilization and general prosperity.
Just as man's condition was not locked in place by the times and wars of old, and improved with liberty and free markets, there's no reason to believe a new stage for man might not be achieved by believing and working for conditions of peace.
The inevitability and so-called need for preemptive war should never be intellectually justified as being a benefit.
Such an attitude guarantees the backsliding of civilization.
Neocons unfortunately claim that war is in man's nature and that we can't do much about it.
So let's use it to our advantage by promoting our goodness around the world through force of arms.
That view is anathema to the cause of liberty and the preservation of the Constitution.
If it is not loudly refuted, our future will be dire indeed.
Ledeen believes man is basic evil and cannot be left to his own desires.
Therefore, he must have proper and strong leadership, just as Machiavelli argued.
Only then can man achieve good, as Ledeen explains,
In order to achieve the most noble accomplishment, the leader may have to enter into evil.
This is the chilling insight that has made Machiavelli so feared, admired, and challenging.
We are rotten.
It's true that we can achieve greatness if, and only if, we are properly led.
In other words,
Man is so depraved that individuals are incapable of moral, ethical, and spiritual greatness, and achieving excellence and virtue can only come from a powerful, authoritarian leader.
What depraved ideas are these to now be influencing our leaders in Washington?
The question Ledeen doesn't answer is, why do the political leaders not suffer from the same shortcomings in their monopoly on wisdom?
Once this trust is placed in the hands of a powerful leader, this neocon argues that certain rules are permissible to use.
For instance, quote, this is what Ledeen says, quote, lying is central to the survival of nations and to the success of great enterprises.
Because if our enemies can count on the reliability of everything you say, your vulnerability is enormously increased.
Close quote.
What about the effects of lying on one's own people?
Who cares if a leader can fool the enemy?
Does calling it strategic deception make lying morally justifiable?
Ledeen and Machiavelli argue that it does, as long as the survivability of the state is at stake.
Preserving state is their goal, even if personal liberty of all individuals has to be suspended or cancelled.
Ledeen makes it clear that war is necessary.
We'll come back and play a few more minutes of it.
Good pause there.
There's only like five minutes left.
We'll play it tomorrow.
This is getting so good right here.
I'll probably back it up and play it like ten more minutes tomorrow.
Then we'll be done.
It's actually a fifty minute, fifty-two minute speech.
And these are quotes by these guys.
See, we have to kill everybody on 9-11.
It's for a greater good for our empire.
And that's just what they tell their mid-level people.
Up top, they know they're just evil.
We'll be right back, talking about our leaders.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to evil.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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All right, let's let Ron Paul take us out, and tomorrow we'll air the last five minutes of his 52-minute neocon speech that gets everybody in such a tizzy in the New World Order, because he reads quotes out of their own books saying they're a bunch of criminals.
Here it is.
Dean makes it clear that war is necessary to establish national boundaries, because that's the way it's always been done.
Who needs progress of the human race?
He explains, quote, look at the map of the world.
National boundaries have not been drawn by peaceful men leading lives of spiritual contemplation.
National boundaries have been established by war and national character has been shaped by struggle, most often bloody struggle.
Close quote.
Yes, but who is to lead the charge and decide which borders we are to fight for?
What about the borders 6,000 miles away unrelated to our own contiguous borders and our own national security?
Stating a relative truism regarding the frequency of war throughout history should hardly be the moral justification for expanding the concept of war to settle man's disputes.
How can one call this progress?
Machiavelli, Ledin, and the neocons recognize a need to generate a religious zeal for promoting the state.
This, he claims, is especially necessary when force is used to promote an agenda.
It's been true throughout history and remains true today.
Each side of major conflicts invoke God's approval.
Our side refers to a crusade, theirs to a holy jihad.
Too many wars boil down to their God against our God.
It seems this principle is more a cynical effort to gain approval from the masses, especially those most likely to be killed for the sake of the war promoters on both sides who have power, prestige, and wealth at stake.
Ledeen explains why God must always be on the side of the advocates of war.
Quote, without fear of God, no state can last long, for the dread of eternal damnation keeps men in line, causes them to honor their promises, and inspires them to risk their lives for the common good.
Close quote.
It seems dying for the common good... Look, we're going to back this up 10 minutes, and I'm just going to air 20 minutes of it in the first hour tomorrow.
This is too powerful, because I want to analyze each point.
Also, these are literal pot-bellied, rotten-muscled,
Green-skinned chicken necks.
These neocons, none of them have fought.
They're all cowards.
I've read about them.
They all live little sequestered lives.
Never even been in fistfights, folks.
These are literal wimps.
So, of course, they think war's real cool, fighting's real cool, as any piece of trash does.
Real warriors don't like to have to go to war.
And then, you expand on it.
This is a war of empire to go dominate and enslave people.
And by the way, the same people that are launching this war are abolishing the U.S.
sovereignty with the NAU, North American Union.
So, it's played five minutes yesterday, about 40 minutes today.
I'm going to come back tomorrow in the first hour, play more of this, analyze it.
Kidd joining us a lot more.
We've got D.V.
God bless you all.
Get Terror Storm.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.