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Air Date: March 13, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
They've got a big National Geographic retrospective on Luby Ridge coming up this evening.
If it's anything like the CIA operation we've seen in the past, they're the worst.
National Geographic is a government front, basically.
It's come out in the press for many decades that they use their, quote, photographers, their reporters, as government fronts.
It's a perfect cover.
Just like they use other members of the press, and of course pastors and others overseas.
But I'm already digressing.
The point is, there's a big Ruby Ridge special tonight, so I thought we'd get Randy Weaver, who hadn't been on with us in a couple years, one of the sole survivors of that government attack, to join us in the second hour.
We're going to have open phones today as well.
It is Tuesday, the 13th.
Of March 2007, we'll be live for the next three hours.
We've got tons of news on the global warming hype falling apart, but that doesn't stop the government and the media from intensifying their lies, their hoaxes that do fool still quite a few people.
We'll also get into some of the financial news that's developing.
There's just too much.
I mean, I was in here this morning trying to get ready for the show, and I literally
I literally have probably got something like 150 news articles here in front of me.
They're putting implantable microchips in diabetes patients.
They're brainwashing thumb scanners going in schools, telling the kids they've got a thumb scan when there's no law.
Just total control grids going into place.
attorneys involved in all manner of corruption for political power and gain.
Government drug dealing news.
Just wall-to-wall corruption.
Just hordes of criminals running around, foaming at the mouth in government office, just raiding and looting everything savagely, preparing to attack Iran, preparing to bust the stock market bubble, the general public just totally mindless flopping around cramming cheeseburgers in their mouths.
I mean, it's just amazing.
It's amazing.
New Century
Gets default claims, says it lacks cash.
This started breaking over the weekend and now it's confirmed.
Bloomberg Financial, the century financial corporation, the nation's second biggest subprime mortgage lender, second biggest, said it doesn't have the cash to pay creditors who are demanding their money, increasing speculations the company will go bankrupt.
Oh, that'll be good.
The New York Stock Exchange, citing the credit crisis, halted trading of New Century this morning until it decides whether to keep listing the company's securities.
Shares of Irvine, California-based company, already down 90% in 2007, lost half the remaining value in pre-market trading, and rivals fell as much as 25%.
That's right, the other major mortgage companies are across the board, plunging right now.
And of course, if this does cause things to go belly up here in the next few months, you've all got to get your knee pads out and get down on them and start worshipping the Federal Reserve.
They're going to explain how it's all our fault and how they are helping us, and how the global government is good.
And again, those that have designed all of this, by design, will be worshipped as the people that are sent in as the idea men to fix everything.
This is part of the richness of our lives, to have to watch the killers of 9-11 pose as our saviors, George Bush, Giuliani, and others.
And to have to see the financial institutions that engineer these booms and busts to consolidate wealth as part of a cyclical system, we have to worship them properly.
It's very important to learn to worship our abusers.
So we'll go over that.
Halliburton's Dubai deal moves sparks U.S.
political ire.
Turns out George Soros is involved, of course.
And it's just masses of news.
That's just two articles out of 150 plus.
And no, we won't cover but a few of them, of course, because we're failures too.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The United States is being deconstructed by design.
Every major corporation and institution in the Fortune 500 is being moved offshore.
The country is being completely leveraged and put into the deepest debt as possible as that wealth is transferred to the private global crime syndicate known as the New World Order.
They are amassing international governmental power off of literally sucking the innards out of this nation.
And unless the people realize this and become fully conscious of this, they're going to implement a worldwide depression that will be one of the final financial consolidations for the public founding of the New World Order, and all of the horrors that come along with that.
This is domination, usurpation, the military conquest of free western nations by financial means and by propaganda means.
Halliburton Dubai move sparks U.S.
political ire, but of course you'll find almost no discussion of this in our press.
It's all in the French News Agency.
Soros buys Halliburton, and he bought 2 million shares at $31 million.
Another report here.
30 a share, 62.6 million, about 2% of his total portfolio.
Let me give you a news flash, folks.
George Sardos is a member of the team.
It's all staged.
I could go through an hour long treatise on the subject.
If you want to go do research on it, you can find it.
It's staged.
The Clintons and the Bushes vacation together.
It's staged.
It's all staged.
Staged, staged, staged.
Did I say staged?
People really have trouble getting that.
It's staged!
We'll be getting into that later.
Let me get into this first.
Continuing with financial news.
New Century gets default claims says it lacks cash.
That's out of Bloomberg Financial.
New Century Financial Corporation, the nation's second largest subprime mortgage lender,
But it doesn't have the cash to pay creditors who are demanding their money, increasing speculation that the company will go bankrupt.
The New York Stock Exchange, citing the credit crisis, halted trading of New Century this morning until it decides whether to keep listing the company's securities.
Shares of the Irvine, California-based company already are down 90% in 2007.
And have lost half their remaining value in the pre-market trading and rivals fell as much as 25%.
Yeah, they didn't stop trading it to decide whether to delist it.
They stopped trading because it triggered a slide that was causing a huge crash in other mortgage companies.
They're one step closer to bankruptcy, said Boze George, an analyst at Keefe
Bury it and Woods in New York, who rates the shares, market perform.
The only possibility for survival now is for someone, potentially an investment bank, to step in.
And you may see a Chase Manhattan City Bank, Federal Reserve owning bank, who just literally issued money out of nothing, step in and grab it and try to pump it up.
And they've done that a lot in the past, but you can only pump it up so long, and believe me, the establishment at a certain point is going to want to go ahead and implode things.
Now, they're going to do that as soon as they know you'll submit to the good guys, the nice men in black uniforms and ski masks and armored vehicles with submachine guns who've been building and manning the FEMA camps around the nation.
As soon as you believe that Keither Sutherland is a good guy,
And that torturing children is good, and that police states are good, and that it's somehow needed to fight Al-Qaeda.
As soon as they know you're go, as soon as they know you'll put up with the oppression that's going to... See, because they can't bankrupt the economy like they did in 29, where most people behaved themselves and starved, in some cases to death.
And where crime didn't really go up too much, and where people basically got in line and did what they were told, they know that things will unravel.
The precious illegal aliens and others will burn down major cities.
And so they have to make sure that you're ready to be oppressed properly.
They've got to have that all lined up before they fully destroy the middle class, fully eradicate their enemy, and bring you into great bondage.
Then you'll clamor for military jobs and clamor for government make work projects, but there's now going to be military and domestic police state type activities that's been announced.
It's a hellish new world they have for you.
And just as soon as they think you're going to buy it, just as soon as they think you're ready,
That could come after a nuking of a city, or a release of bird flu launched by Al-Qaeda, or an Iranian attack on an aircraft carrier.
They'll dovetail the two most likely, and then we're off to the races!
But don't worry, when they take your bank accounts and pension funds, which they do plan to do, I don't know when they're going to do it,
You can still watch the television, and they'll give you some fall guys and blame some mid-level managers, but they'll still have advice for you, and you'll still tune in to get all the advice you need, and they'll be there advising you.
Don't worry.
They're the government and the media.
They love you.
I've gotten a little bit cynical lately.
Have you been picking up on it?
New Century may be insolvent because too many of its customers, most of whom have poor credit histories or heavy debt burdens, aren't repaying their loans.
super-prime mortgages are at a seven-year high, forcing more than two dozen lenders to close or sell operations.
Bad U.S.
Their woes may contribute to more than 1.5 million Americans losing their homes.
And 100,000 people losing their jobs, according to real estate executives, economists, analysts, and the Federal Reserve Governor.
And the Federal Reserve Governors are a real leader.
New Century said in a federal filing it doesn't have funds to repay lenders, including Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Inc., and Goldman Sachs Group.
The creditors want New Century to repurchase all outstanding mortgage loans they refinanced.
As shares plunge, the country's shares traded for as little as $1.36 in pre-market trading.
The company went to $3.21 on Friday, a day when the stock hit an 8-year low.
The company said March 2nd that U.S.
prosecutors in Los Angeles were investigating trading in the new century securities.
And again, if Chase Manhattan or Citibank doesn't come in and bail this out quickly, then see, this will be the fall guy we were talking about last week and last month.
See, there's always a fall guy.
They caused it.
It's all them!
And then, of course, you look at the real economic system here in the United States.
Again, we have, since last year, the highest private debt ratio in U.S.
The previous record shattered late last year, and now we're way in worse shape than even breaking the record.
We've gone much deeper down the cesspit.
And we have a higher debt ratio than late 1933.
All by design.
Again, as soon as you start making money and get out of debt, you don't get credit cards.
I might get a credit card every three months in the mail because I don't have a lot of debt.
Again, I had them cancel a Bank One credit card, I guess, five, six years ago because I used it about three times a year and always paid it.
They just said, no, you're canceled.
I called and said, I'm canceled.
They said, that'll be a mark on your credit, too, because you didn't use the card and always paid it.
We don't like that.
And now, of course, it's been in the news how they fine you or kick you out if you don't do that.
Oh, but when I lived in that one-room, dirty, bachelor apartment in college, and when I had basically five shirts and two pairs of shoes, when I worked two jobs, I got credit cards four or five times a week.
You see, they issue it out of nothing.
But they're going to get you and your whole future.
And they're changing the laws, and there's going to be debtor prisons in this country.
But you have to go, quote, work at the government facility, work at the government factory that's privately owned but under government control.
They've announced all of this.
This is going to be your new future.
This is our future.
The only jobs you're going to be able to get are law enforcement, security guards, or spies, or join the Empire's military, or work in a weapons plant.
There's a reason they want to destroy the middle class, because then you've got to do what the social engineers say you're going to do.
And you're going to do it.
Because you want to submit to your masters.
Alright, I'm being a little cynical here today.
It's just...
I remember telling snot-nosed Dell employees six, seven, eight years ago, hey, Dell's got a public plan to move almost all its operations to China.
Here's the documents.
Oh, shut up!
You're just jealous that you're not a Dellionaire.
No, no, I'm saying you ought to dump that stock now, because, that's what I'm saying, because he's going to move to China.
And I mean, it was the same Dellionaires who would sit around laughing.
So what if the illegal aliens are coming in and taking construction jobs?
That's just the free market.
And I said, well, you're going to lose your jobs to India and China.
No, we're not.
Well, now you have lost your jobs, haven't you?
But the few of you that still got them, you still think you're members of the system.
So you'll sit around and lick boots till you too are laid off.
And don't worry, there'll be a job for you at HEV.
At a grocery store.
Or maybe you can go join the New World Order and wear a spiffy uniform.
And steal property and stuff.
That's what you're gonna do, isn't it?
Until we take the country back and put you on trial, you pieces of trash.
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We've been hearing the USA has been spending money faster than tax collections.
Now the government has published the document that sounds the alarm.
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This will directly affect programs like Social Security to FDIC's ability to insure bank deposits.
Taxation and inflationary printing of the U.S.
dollar are inevitable pressures facing the economy.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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They're back live.
I'll try to be serious without being so angry.
I just see them getting ready to tank the economy is not pleasing.
And getting us overextended hundreds of times what it was in the Great Depression.
And people still were agrarian, but 70% of the population lived in rural areas, had skills.
I mean, are you kidding?
People today are a bunch of spoiled brats.
Man, they're really going to get control of us and use this and I'll just have to hear the idiots at bus stops and in malls and at restaurants babbling about the economy and they'll all be experts repeating what the mainstream media said.
I just want to slap them because they don't know what they're talking about.
And I just got handed all this.
The Rockefeller Foundation
Rockfound.org about how they're all behind the HPV papillomavirus and they're pushing it with the UN and it's all part of their eugenics program.
Man, you take that vaccine, you're nuts.
And now, of course, Governor Richards
Bill Richards of New Mexico says, you must take it, it's the law.
That's the new America, just governors stand up and go, it's the law!
It's not a law, you lying Bilderberg piece of trash!
You know, there's a story I saw over the weekend out of, uh, what was it, the London Telegraph, and I never got to it.
And I had two other articles that dovetail with it from the week before, where they announced in one report that the government was ordering the schools
to without a law to get the thumbprints and fingerprints of the children biometrically but the parents were mad and so they got caught being told don't tell the parents and I have the article here somewhere in the stack before I went on air I was trying to find it and got frustrated and that put me into the whole tizzy I'm in now and I wanted to dovetail all this together with the actual articles instead of just telling you but I've done the research it's true go look it up for yourself
And then the next article was about how they were trying to do it and parents were mad, and the next article, separate paper, was how the headmasters would announce, okay, you're all British secret agents, spies, come put your finger on the computer pad, and they have the elementary students go and do it.
We ought to write an article about that.
And just to me, that hit me, how criminal government is.
They do the same stuff here.
I mean, now that's what the schools are.
Where they creep around and try to... Oh, and by the way, they told them, don't tell your parents.
Don't tell your parents.
As they illegally enroll you, the government criminally does it.
Criminally tells the schools lie, say they're secret agents, and tell them it's part of being secret agents, don't tell your parents.
It's in the newspaper.
The government teaching the children they're secret agents.
That's only the beginning.
That's Nazi, Stasi, East German, Russian, you name it, secret police behavior.
It doesn't get any worse.
And then we look at the US with that creature Bill Richardson.
Rick Perry, all of them, just on TV lying, saying it's the law.
You've got to take the HPV.
It's the same thing.
I mean, there's your illustration.
They're criminals.
They lie and say things are laws that aren't laws.
They lie and tell children not to tell their parents and tell them it's part of a spy game.
Do you understand, folks?
The government is transparently criminal.
It's owned and run by global corporations that 50 years ago seized control of the government and had the government, through taxing, transfer almost all of our wealth into their hands.
They sold you on big government in the name of welfare and raising man up, but that was never their plan.
Now you're dependent.
Now you're dumbed down.
Now they're going to take all the welfare away.
Unless you serve in their oppression corps.
That's going to be the only welfare that's left.
If you're one of their enforcers.
And now the corporations are ordering the governments to sign over any infrastructure that's left.
And they're blowing out the dollar.
Every corporation under the sun that's of any size is exiting right now.
All the money people are buying islands outside the country and getting armed guards.
They all know.
And the general public is driving around like a bunch of idiots.
And we're here on the edge of a Great Depression, World War III, everything.
I mean, I don't know how else to put it.
I don't know what else I've got to say.
And I just know I'm going to have to watch people worship their abusers once it all happens.
I'm so sick of it!
I'm so tired of them getting away with it!
The dumb police are just as dumb or more dumb than the general public because they love the authority.
All they know is they've got authority and they'll enforce whatever they say.
And you got all these national talk show hosts saying, put Patriots and 9-11 truthers in FEMA camps.
They're going off talking points.
They're deadly serious.
Bunch of trash.
How could they sell their country out for some money?
What have we turned into?
Just scum of the earth.
Your call's straight ahead.
Tons of news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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In 1814 we took a little trip along with Colonel Jackson down to mighty Mississippi.
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans.
We fired our guns and the British kept a coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they began to run it on down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
We looked down a river and we seen the British come And there must have been a hundred of them beatin' on the drum They stepped so high and they made their bugles ring We stood beside our cotton fields and didn't say a thing We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin' There wasn't as many as there was a while ago We fired once more as they began to runnin' On down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico
Yeah, Andrew Jackson's mother died in a concentration camp.
Both his brothers died in a concentration camp.
He was part of the rebel army when he was 12 and 13 years old.
They captured him.
He wouldn't clean the red coat captain's boots, so he slashed him across the face with his saber.
You see, that's what this country is born out of, but look at our 13 year olds today.
Just a bunch of pale, slack-jawed, spoiled, TV-watching lambs of the slaughter.
It's just unbelievable.
We're in so much trouble, folks.
I'm just horrified at what I see.
I'm disgusted at what I see.
I come in here each day with a hundred articles.
Usually about fifty.
Today it's like a hundred and fifty.
Each one is incredible.
Each one is amazing.
But it's amazingly bad.
I've got all these world leaders.
I've got the Rockefeller Foundation, their eugenics arm, involved in this HPV.
I knew that'd be the case.
I guarantee you there's something more to this.
And I'm sitting here looking at this, it makes me sick.
And all these stupid families who just trust everything.
I just, it's disgusting!
You're gonna go give your daughters this, and then wonder why she gets a bunch of cancers, wonder why she's sterilized, and you'll just, it just won't matter.
There'll be some big, big crisis and some big issue ten years down the road.
That'll get swept under and they'll be hitting us with ten more things by then and it won't even matter.
It'll just keep moving on like everything else.
I'm just getting to the point though where the people that serve this system, I just don't even want to see your stupid faces.
I'm serious.
I just want to punch you upside the head.
I want to break your nose.
I mean, you want to really get down to it, your smiley faces, your ignorant gibbering, how you think you know everything, how you sit there and you laugh at us.
You're idiots, okay?
There is a North American Union.
They are raping the daylights out of us.
They are setting up a one world government.
They are planning to do bad things to you.
They are doing bad things.
These are bad people!
And your willful ignorance needs to stop right now!
All of you!
I've had enough!
I just cannot believe it anymore.
I cannot deal with it anymore.
I'm going to be honest with you.
I've got a load of phone lines.
I'll go to your calls.
I just... It's real simple.
Once a government goes bad, and they do 100% of the time, 100%
Not 99, not 95, 100% of the time governments go bad, crooks, people that enjoy exercising power, people that love it, people that live to prance around and be worshipped and be in regalia and to be seen as God and to exercise God-like power over masses,
I mean, once you get a corrupt Caesar, they'll just crucify 10,000 people upside down on one day just because he wants to show you he's the boss!
A Hitler will kill 20 million people just because he feels like it!
A Stalin will kill 50 mil!
A Mao will kill 60 mil just to show you who the boss is!
And you sit there, after what our forefathers built, and the milk and honey we've had, and you sit around making slack-jawed jokes about it, when hardcore, super-tyranny is upon us!
Like nothing I've ever seen, like nothing I've ever studied in history, the most vicious, black, stinking mass of evil you can imagine!
And you're sitting there twiddling your thumbs, it makes me mad!
Makes me want to crown ya!
And I don't mean put a crown on your head.
I mean knock you upside the head with a poleaxe.
And get you... Yeah, you think that's painful?
There's something a lot worse coming than that.
It's called bondage, humiliation, domination.
We have an incredibly evil elite.
The greatest synthesis of wickedness the world has ever seen.
A survival of the most wicked.
A survival of the most evil.
A survival of the fittest.
They are in control.
They want to move into their next phase.
They're held back by 160 million gun owners in this country.
They're held back by the fact that a lot of people are waking up.
But they've made the decision to go ahead and move forward regardless.
They think they're going to win.
They're going with the gamble.
And I'm telling you, we don't have a choice.
We've got to fight them!
We've got to stand up to them!
And we've got to beat them!
I want to beat them!
Don't you understand this is life and death out there?
Don't you get it in your gut?
This isn't an act!
This isn't a joke!
This is serious!
This is who I really am!
This is how I really feel!
This is what we face.
It's simple.
Crooks get into power.
They then promote other crooks below them.
They take over.
They set up scams.
They use fancy propaganda and public relations from their idea men to sell you on it for all the reasons.
Then as they get more wealth, they put it back into expanding their control and getting you in debt and getting you under their system or getting you in the criminal justice system or getting you on welfare to get control of you, their monopoly men,
They're not free market.
They're organized crime syndicates with the best and brightest minds working for them and they control the issuance of capital and credit.
And when you actually find out what they're into, all they talk about is how they want to kill us.
All they talk about is how they want to sterilize us.
All they talk about is the horrible things they're going to do to us.
That's all they do!
They're sick!
But of course they're sick!
To do all the evil things, millions of landmines to blow children's legs off, and chemical and biological, and testing stuff on children, and the giant
Snuff film, child kidnapping rings, and everything else they do, they're into it!
They like it!
This is what they do!
I mean, again, how am I supposed to respond to this normally?
How am I supposed to?
This is a normal response.
My God, they're evil!
Heaven help us!
Just look at these people!
Look at what we know they've done!
How can any of you out there be in denial?
You know, the globalists are masters at understanding that your subconscious mind, your soul, knows the truth about them.
So they put a facsimile out called Al-Qaeda.
Because they know you deep down, just like a rabbit, or a rat, or a mouse, or a squirrel knows a day before the earthquake.
Knows five hours before the tornado, or the hurricane hits.
They know you instinctively feel great darkness.
They know that in your spirit you feel great wickedness upon us.
I can feel it, can't you?
I can feel it intensifying every minute, getting stronger, getting more power unto itself.
Massing its armies to be unleashed upon us.
You think what stuff going on now is bad?
That's the vanguard.
That's only the forerunners, their dark riders, their scouts.
They've laid these plans carefully, and you sense that.
So they, oh, global warming, oh, that's why you feel fear.
Oh, Al-Qaeda!
And that's why the threat of Al-Qaeda seems real.
You know there's a threat.
You feel great anxiety.
You see?
And so there's more reasons they put out the threat of terror in front of you.
It's very sophisticated.
And to try to explain the propaganda, the wheels within wheels, the cogs within cogs, is just...
Here's an example.
It's a very simple example.
Take HPV.
They keep it out of the media that Merck's paying everybody off and runs the whole thing.
They keep it out of the media that the Rockefeller Foundation's behind it.
They keep it out of the media, predominantly, that if you know where to find it, you can.
Uh, that it only covers four strangers out of 126.
They keep it out of the media that it does make young girls think that they're protected, but it doesn't protect from all strangers.
And instead they just go, backwards hillbilly Christians, a bunch of toothless hill dwellers, think that this will make their girls promiscuous, and they don't want that, those backwards idiots.
Number one, they're not backwards idiots.
Their children are winning the spelling bees and getting the corporate jobs.
But the point is, is that then the quote, intellectual world hears that and thinks, oh, it's a bunch of backwards, slack-jawed hillbillies that are against it.
No, you really read what those slack-jawed hillbillies are saying, as they're saying it doesn't protect you from the virus or other venereal diseases, and it creates a false sense of security.
And I've seen the message boards in the women's groups, and I've been on the radio shows, and the women think it protects them from all the forms of HPV, and they, a bunch of them, think it protects them from cancer, period.
Well, if you, then this isn't some sugar pill sold out of the back of some snake oil, uh, caravan.
That's bad enough.
No, this is a live virus that's going to eat you up and is hurting people.
I love beauty and I love happiness and I was driving to work today looking at the blue sky and the clouds and the trees and the breeze with the window down and I just felt so good and so happy and I'm so alive
I mean, I'm so blessed to be alive, and you know they'd be a liar if they told you I didn't love you.
If they told you that I didn't love you, you know they are a liar, my friends.
As the saying goes.
And I get up here and get up on my hind legs and get mad and slop around and just bang into things, just trying to reach out to you at a primitive level.
Because that's where I come from, a primitive level.
I just try to reach out to you and try to fire up the instincts you've still got, and the soul you've still got, to recognize intellectually, but I first got to trigger you out of your deep sleep.
I'm trying to trigger you, trying to get you to awaken, and then just, if you've got the nerve, man, you can't be told about the Matrix, somebody's got to see it!
But let me give you some good news, then we'll go to your calls.
We are having an effect against the New World Order.
We are having an effect against the globalists.
They're scared.
They're openly saying they want to put us in camps and openly trying to promote and legitimize that so they can use it.
And believe me, they didn't want to start promoting that until after the next event.
And they're just waking more people up because they're arrogant.
They're blinded at a certain level because they just think they're so powerful.
So I tell all their little whore spokesmen like Neil Bortz and Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and Michael Wiener Savage and all of them.
I tell them that I don't even hate you.
I feel so sorry for you.
I mean you just love power and you love to pose and primp and you just love going to all your little events and people fawning after you and you just don't even know what life's all about and you sold out your fellow humans for 20 pieces of silver.
And you're cursed.
Let me tell you, you've cursed yourselves, folks.
God doesn't do the cursing.
You make the decisions, and you put yourselves in the darkness, and you put yourselves where you're at, and I feel sorry for you.
You separated yourself from everything that's good, and I just think about all the innocence, and all the goodness in the world, and all the bad things that are persecuted against goodness.
Now when I realize, when I let it consciously burn into my soul, and my mind, and my psyche, that there are people who hate innocence, and there are people that revel in rending innocence, and there are people that revel in conning others, and people that revel in manipulating others, and people who revel in just hurting the innocent and the weak!
Every fiber of my body wants to tear you apart!
Every fiber of my body wants to hit my hands around your neck!
And I'd break your neck like a chicken!
But then I realize you're just mindless, weak, soulless drones.
You have no intellect, no soul left.
All you feel is the dark energy force which you just wallow and prostrate yourself before more and more every day.
You're not even human anymore!
You're absolute scum!
You're a pack of demons!
Legions of trash!
Who love lies!
And love wickedness!
Page in Arizona.
I'm gonna shut up now.
Go ahead, Page.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
I guess I'm doing alright.
I got, uh, something to my helpers here.
Uh, we are exempt.
And we don't have to volunteer.
It's all a scam.
That's right.
They train you that, oh, it's voluntary to get a license.
Oh, it's voluntary to get a license for your church.
Oh, it's voluntary.
And then they got these dumb idiots that they'll come try to enforce on you when there's not even a law.
Here's what I mean, Alex.
When we put out that W-4 form, you know, most people at work, we can put exempt down there on it.
And when we come April 15th, we don't have to volunteer to do that either.
But most people won't do that.
They'll just go ahead and go along with the system.
Yeah, Halliburton doesn't pay hardly any taxes.
They're offshore.
It's all designed, but they were supposed to know about the back door where they didn't have to pay, and then con us to pay.
And we should keep it to ourselves, really.
Be wise as serpents, but a horn as a dove.
Because we're chic among wolves, and they will eat us up if we
Make any noise.
I found folks that are quiet do get, well you gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold them.
I don't know about that.
You gotta know when to walk away, when to run.
You gotta know when to charge head on at these people.
Yeah, if I'm true, like you're doing, cry aloud and spread a knot.
That's right, but some things people don't need to know about, you know.
You don't have to tell them your business.
Keep it to yourself.
Oh, I totally keep my private business to myself.
I agree.
I don't mean you, but I'm just saying people in general.
No, no, I'm saying I agree with you about that.
But we need to get it out to the people just how criminal the system is.
Yeah, it is.
And they're just like you say they are.
They're just criminals.
They're like Capone and all those other people.
They're going around struggling with that smile on their face, thinking they're getting away with it.
They're not getting away with it.
But they're worse than criminals.
Capone didn't run white slave rings.
Capone didn't put cancer viruses in vaccines.
He just sold liquor and, you know, killed his adversaries.
I mean, Capone's like a little angel.
That's a good example, exactly, but still he's a... No, no, I agree with you.
This is like Joseph Mingala.
I appreciate your call.
God bless you, sir.
Good points.
Joseph Mingala would
Take little children out once a week and feed them chocolates on the side of the road.
And he'd pull a luger out and shoot them a couple times in the head apiece.
Just cause he liked it.
To him it was like eating a stick of bubblegum.
You know, just ahhh.
That's who runs things, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
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I think so.
I think so.
Before you slip into unconsciousness I'd like to have another kiss Another flashing chance at bliss Another kiss
We're back.
We're back live.
Let's continue with your calls.
I'm not going into preacher mode.
See, I intend to get into all this news and not just blow up.
We got John Howard's speech.
I'm trying to find the video.
I have the text of it.
The guy that they're already telling us is the next Prime Minister.
And he's the conservative leader that only one world government can save the Earth.
And I still can't get some people in the general public.
You tell them there's a one world government being formed, they'll just laugh at you.
Or they'll say it's good.
Then you inform them that you don't have any due process or freedom.
I mean, I'm sick of it!
It's all coming to a head.
Let's go to Lucas in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me on.
I'm sorry you're in such a bad mood today.
It's not even a bad mood.
It's just so obvious.
It's so ridiculous.
The two stories I'm about to tell you are only going to add feed to your fire.
Basically, I had the opportunity yesterday to be in a Bexar County courtroom.
I was there, and the judge that was presiding there was a sit-in judge, basically a fill-in, because the judge normally... Sir, you were in San Antonio?
Yes, sir.
And the guy that was on trial, he was illegally carrying a handgun.
Well, everybody had cleared out of the courtroom, and it was just the judge and the court reporter and me sitting in the courtroom.
And after everybody had cleared out the judge, this is what he said.
He said to the court reporter, he was most likely an illegal alien.
Then the next thing he said is,
I noticed that many of the judges that preside here regularly put illegals on probation.
That's against the law.
The terms of probation state that you are not eligible for probation if you break any laws.
By being an illegal immigrant in this country, they are already breaking the law, so they are not entitled to probation.
Then the court reporter replies back, that happens every single day here.
Then the judge says, well, I don't do that.
I end up putting them in jail and giving them a smaller fine, but I don't give them probation because that's against the law.
Then the judge goes on to say something even more shocking.
He says, the thing that really scares me is that if we arrest an illegal for rape or even murder, we end up turning them over to ICE and they're back out on the streets in a couple days.
I will swear under oath that I heard these statements.
Well, sir, it was in the Houston Chronicle last year, 480,000 I believe the headline was, aggravated felons released.
Folks, they don't have to show ID to get bank accounts.
They're God!
State police have been on record.
Sheriffs have been on record where they arrest them with drugs and they're told let them go.
Because again, oh I said I'd do this yesterday and I didn't do it.
I said I would describe, and then I get distracted during breaks and forget what I'm going to cover.
This show is totally unscripted.
I'm just out of control, folks.
So much evidence.
But I was going to compare us to the right whale.
You sound like a pretty smart guy, but do you know why the right whale was called the right whale?
No, sir, I don't.
Well, because they're real affectionate.
They're big.
They carry a lot of oil.
A lot of whale oil on them.
They're very affectionate and curious.
They come right up to boats.
They don't run when you start killing them.
They're not stupid.
They're real smart, but they're just real sweet.
And so they're called the right whale.
I tell you what, stay there.
Well, that's us, folks.
That's Americans now.
So the right whale was almost extincted because the whalers, it was called the right whale.
It's the right.
It's the right one.
It's the one we want.
Oh, they had songs to it.
No, no, no, no, no.
The illegal aliens are another set of rules because they're key.
Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yeah, so as I was saying in the last hour, Americans are seen as our easy mark now.
We think we're free, we're spoiled, we're in debt, we're dumbed down, our brains are laced with mercury and heavy metals, literally.
The illegal aliens come in.
Folks, they can literally be in jail for rape, for assault, for arson, and they are released.
And every few months they have some arrest of 800, 1,000 people.
That's a joke, folks.
There's 30 million plus illegals here.
But let's go back to Lucas in Texas.
You said you were in a San Antonio courtroom.
Why were you in this handgun case, concealed handgun case of an illegal alien?
Why were you in the court?
I wasn't actually in there for that.
I was there for something else.
I was just waiting for somebody to meet me there in the actual courtroom when I was sitting there waiting.
So you were on a case later in the docket, and what did the judge say?
He just said that I have to release killers?
Basically, the judge himself was a real good guy.
You could tell he was a real good guy.
He was old school.
He was probably about 72 years old, somewhere around there.
But, you could tell that he was displeased with the other judges in Bexar County that they were putting these illegals on probation.
I mean, that was... that... Which, by the way, they use fake names and never just show up to anything.
That was really shocking, but something that touches even closer to home that happened last Friday.
My roommate calls his sister to wish her happy birthday.
She's all worked up.
He's like, what's wrong?
Well, she apparently went to go pick her kid up at school.
She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
She's got an eight-year-old boy.
Well, she ended up waiting 45 minutes outside the school.
All of a sudden, all the students come out of school.
Kid gets in the car and he's like, permission to speak freely, mother.
So, she's like, okay, what's going on?
Apparently... The military was in there brainwashing.
What they've done is they've banned talking during lunchtime.
And if one student talks during lunchtime, they hold the whole lunchroom after for detention.
And what they did is they made the kids run around the basketball court while the teacher sat there taunting them for a half hour.
Look, it's re-education camps, and I am aware of this.
First they banned dodgeball, then tag, then touching, and I have seen articles where talking is now banned, and you see then it's zero tolerance, folks, and then your children get in the system.
Let me give you an example here in Austin.
If you're late to class three times, it's considered a truancy.
Now, the state law says it's fourteen unexcused absences is actually a criminal truancy.
This isn't even a real truancy, but then they call you in.
They have portable buildings with judges.
They scream.
They order the parents to sign you over onto a further judification.
Then if there's any problems for six months, then you go into the criminal system.
Sir, it's going to get worse and worse and worse.
And you know what?
The fat scumbag America is going to get to drink from the goblet of evil.
I'm telling you folks, you wanted it, you're gonna get it now.
So, can I get her on the show to talk about that?
I will definitely try.
I know that this week she had an appointment to go in and talk about it, so I will see what I can do about that.
Oh, whatever.
Look, I guarantee you it's a former army colonel.
It's a brainwashing camp.
They claim they're teaching them.
See, first they teach the kids how to act like animals.
Well, with Dr. Spock training, and then they bring in total control.
Anyone who's got their child in a government death camp is insane.
Well, so I went researching this after I found out about this, and I found out that in Rhode Island they're banning talking in schools, and the different premises that they're using.
Well, they claim talking causes taunting, so you must ban something that might cause pain.
It's for the children!
That's one of them.
Of course it is!
And the Houston police chief wants cameras in every home!
They're psychopathic demons!
One of the premises was that one kid up in Rhode Island had choked while he was eating.
So they said that if you talk while you're eating, you have a chance of choking.
Oh yeah, so it's for the safety.
We've got quite an interesting guest, Randy Weaver, scheduled.
I want to hear more about this.
Stay there.
Email them all to me.
Listen, listen.
I've got a challenge to all the listeners when we get back, okay?
A challenge to you.
A challenge to you.
A challenge to you.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We've got one of the few survivors of the Ruby Ridge Massacre, Randy Weaver, on the line with us.
They're calling it the final report on the CIA National Geographic Channel.
The final report.
They're giving us the final word.
Oh, yeah.
So we'll see what happens.
I don't know if Randy's had a chance to see it yet.
It hasn't aired yet.
But letting Lucas, then we'll go to Rob and Glenn and Bruce, we'll get to everybody today, giving him a chance to finish up.
Yeah, this is the type of stuff that gets in my sack that I mention but don't cover.
First they ban dodgeball, then they ban tag, then they ban running, then they ban playing, then they ban talking.
And, uh, it's just incredible brainwashing everywhere.
So, so, so, uh, our listener Lucas found out about this and went and did some research.
My challenge to the listeners is this, and we're going to go back to Lucas, then Randy Weaver.
My challenge is this.
I've got Aaron Dykes who writes articles.
I've got Paul Watson, Steve Watson, and then I guess once in a blue moon, because he's always busy on something else, Ryan Slick Eisen does.
I'm trying to make a film.
I'm trying to do radio interviews.
I did two hours of radio interviews this morning.
I literally don't have time to do anything.
I can't do all this.
And then I go on the dig.com and the other places and I see the comments on our stories in the message boards that are more eloquent, more researched than what we're doing, frankly.
Digging up stuff I didn't even know.
Finding documents.
I need you listeners because I want to give the work you do the proper attention it deserves.
And some of you will write stuff that we can't vet and we won't post it, but most stuff I see is incredible.
That doesn't need to be on some big message board that maybe 500 people are going to see.
It needs to be on PrisonPlanet.com.
And so, it can be two paragraphs.
You just write up what happened with the lady, what the school was.
Here's some other examples of it in your comments.
Or it can be 20 pages long.
And you email those to Paul Watson.
It says, email webmaster at Prison Planet.
Email them to Aaron Dykes.
Email them to Ryan at InfoWars.com.
Kevin at InfoWars.com.
We need more content.
Or you hear me rant about something.
You need to go check out my claims first.
Find out it's true.
Add your own input and add it.
Because this is what's making me go crazy.
I want to expose all of this.
And I can't.
I don't have the time or the energy to expose it all.
I need your help.
And then we can put better content on the website.
And you can write for us.
And people say, well give me some money.
We don't make any money off that.
We can barely pay our bills.
If you just want to get the word out, folks.
And, uh, hell, if you've got some website of your own and, uh, you want to put a link to it at the bottom or something, that's fine, too.
Just, we need the articles.
It's about winning the war against the globalists.
Randy was tuned in right there at the end.
He wanted to hear the story.
Recap it real fast, and we'll go to Randy Weaver, Lucas, in Texas.
So you call your friend who lives in Arizona.
She was freaked out.
Again, what did she say happened?
Well, actually, it was my roommate that called his sister, and yeah, she was all upset because she ended up having to wait out in the parking lot with a bunch of other parents.
Waiting for a whole lunchroom full of kids.
See, that's guaranteed federally written up.
I've seen the references and documents before.
To also train the parents that the schools got your kids arbitrarily.
Have you heard about the articles where they gotta use the bathroom, including defecation, in trash cans in front of the class?
Have you heard about how they've got cameras in the bathroom?
It's all about humiliation.
If they can set that precedent, and the schools are now announcing the children are theirs, they want to keep them until 8 o'clock at night, they want to get rid of the summer vacation, go ahead.
Well, after that, I wanted to do some research into it, so I started looking on the net, and I found instances all across the country where parents are afraid to speak out.
They speak out on blogs and all that, but where the recess is being taken away from the kids, and the lunch break is being, they're putting them in seated assignments where they're not allowed to sit with their friends, and they're not allowed to talk.
Sir, it's worse than that, okay?
They've had drills from Missouri to Texas to Ohio that I've done shows on.
Where the police arrive with guns, yell and scream, the children cry.
Then they say, no food, and they give them no food until 3.30 to put them into psychological deprivation.
It is a re-education camp.
And then they demonize guns.
After freaking them out, this is happening for gun safety.
This is happening because guns are bad.
And the children are taught guns cause you to not get food to demonize guns.
Okay, do you understand the wickedness, the scientific crafting we're talking about?
Oh, it's unbelievable.
You know, I guess I'll end this call with, I got back from San Antonio yesterday to find out that YouTube deleted all my 9-11 videos off my account, even my little trailer.
So, I'll be putting it back up.
Listen, my brother, I need you and others to write articles.
You see what you just said?
I've been on to that.
I've wanted to write stories.
We haven't gotten it done.
It is up to you to go do the research, write the article, and we'll get a million readers on it, okay?
Start writing this.
Will you do it?
I do it every day.
I'll do it.
I know.
Thank you.
Send it to us.
Thank you.
Alright, I apologize to Randy Weaver, but that subject is so important.
That's why he got his children out of the government death camp, and that's what they are.
They teach them how to be sexually permissive, how to catch AIDS, and your kids get on drugs.
It teaches them to take time magazine for kids.
Two separate issues I've got in the last three years tell them, take the microchip.
Your parents are backward.
They're stupid.
You're smart.
You know the chip's good.
Randy Weaver, what did you think of what you just heard?
I'm going to shut up.
Well, several popes back, one of them said that if you give him a child to raise until the child is seven years old, he'll always be a Roman Catholic.
Now that applies to any type of brainwashing.
And 99% of the time it's true.
And that's why the government wants our kids under their control right from the start when they're little.
Instead of a preschool now of one year, they want to go like two years in some places.
A lot of times kids 7, 8, 9 years old, they're pretty much, their thinking is set.
So parents, if they let their kids go to these public schools or whatever, they have to get in there and make sure they want to find out what exactly they're teaching them.
But right now there's a few friends of my daughter, youngest daughter still lives with me, and she's a freshman in high school and there's a couple
And so I'm figuring, well, here we go again.
I've been in trouble before.
They'll call me a, you know, some kind of a cult leader or something, but I'm going to let them watch it because they need to see it.
In America, you got to go, should I let a few people come over and watch a film in my house?
Isn't that funny?
You're so free.
Will they send the death troops?
I'm going to be honest with you, Alex.
Ruby Ridge, several years before Ruby Ridge, this is back in the late 70s, early 80s.
I got in big trouble with preachers because I didn't always agree with their doctrines and their churches.
And set me up as a cult leader and all that.
And had it on the news that I was a cult leader and all that, which proved out later.
And actually the cops come to my defense because they knew the preachers were bugging me and my family.
No, that's how this works.
You've got all these people that want to be our rulers, that tell us how to think and what to do and how to operate.
Randy Weaver saying, I mean, everything you were saying about the government being corrupt, trying to get your family out of the system, I mean, it's all been borne out now.
Everything, you know, that nut Randy Weaver was saying back in the 1990s, early 1990s, has come true.
Well, I'm not any nuttier now than I was then, but I'm not any less nutty either.
Well, I'm a nut, too.
I mean, I'm a nut.
I mean, I can read official documents for the North American Union.
I mean, the guy that's about to be the new British Prime Minister says we need one world government to enforce a one world system.
But it doesn't exist, Randy.
It doesn't exist.
Well, you know, just some of the things that the world leaders, they think we're nuts.
Well, you know what?
If we are nuts, we're the good nuts.
They're the bad ones.
That's funny.
That's like Henry Kissinger talking about the military boys.
He calls them a bunch of ignorant, stupid animals just to be used by the elite, you know, for their own purposes.
And what George Bush has to say about the Constitution and your
Your lower court judges, they say that the Supreme Court rulings are irrelevant?
He did say it was a piece of G.D.
He did say that he wanted to be a dictator.
And he did say in public that he has to repeat stuff to catapult the propaganda.
Talk about just slipping up!
Well, I think a lot of times when you think they're slipping up, they're doing it on purpose just to test the waters and to find out that nobody... You know, we sit out here and we talk about this stuff, but
Way back in the late 70s, I got accused of being a survivalist because I told people to have their guns and bullets ready because it's coming again to this country.
And I still believe that.
Well, you know, back then you had foresight.
People couldn't see it.
Now, how could you not see it?
I mean, we're talking about two minutes to midnight here.
Yeah, the only thing you're going to understand is lead.
You know, people want to do this and that.
Just be prepared for it, because it's coming.
It's coming down the pike real quick.
Well, it's already come down the pike for you, didn't it?
I mean, on a real large scale.
It happens.
I think it happens every week, maybe every day, but we don't hear about it.
It gets covered up.
The thing that saved us up at Ruby Bridge, and the rest of my family anyway, saved us.
And it got out in the media was because of the three or four hundred people that came down and stood at the roadblock and were protesting at the time it happened.
Those people saved our lives.
They killed every one of you and claimed that you were a cult leader who shot his wife and children.
Guaranteed that he shot everyone in the head, poured gasoline on you, and said you did it.
Yep, that's right.
In fact, that's what you caught him trying to do.
And I was wondering, have you heard any more about the Ed Brown situation?
I just know that they're saying they may move in on him.
Yeah, well, I don't have a lot of money.
If I had the money, I'd go out there and stand with him, but I haven't got it.
I'm sitting here in Arkansas, I'm caretaking a place that one of my daughters has interest in, and just keeping an eye on my youngest daughter here.
That's about all I'm doing right now.
Well, you've already been fighting these people enough, but people didn't just support Ed.
It's also sometimes hard to support people because some of the folks that they end up being involved with, but it's just absolutely amazing the things that are happening, Randy.
Another thing, Alex, I wanted to talk to you about was when Kevin called me, he told me a little bit about the situation between Tim McVeigh and the feds.
Yeah, stay there.
Let's talk about it after the break.
We'll be right back.
Baby, baby I'm gonna leave you
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Mexico's new puppet.
Calderon tells Bush, Mexico needs more.
More open borders.
It's not enough that the illegal aliens are under absolutely no law.
Don't have to have insurance.
Can commit serious crimes.
The police have been ordered to release them.
That's mainstream news.
Oh, we need more.
We need more.
But the right whale Americans, we're like the fat, dumb, and happy, easy thing to hunt.
We're under more and more rules, because we'll put up with it.
Randy Weaver, the survivor of the Ruby Ridge Massacre, is our guest.
Randy, how many years now since the massacre?
It'll be 15 years this coming August.
Talking about illegal aliens and what they get away with in this country, my youngest daughter lives here with me, Elizabeth.
She's a freshman in high school, 15 years old.
She wants to get her driver's permit.
Well, here in Arkansas now, and probably most of the other states, you have to have a birth certificate to get a driver's permit or a license.
So, I've been trying to get her a delayed birth certificate out of Idaho, and they have to have certain documentation to do that.
Well, she don't have the documentation.
And the expert on delayed certificates in Boise, she goes, well, maybe I'll have to get a court order.
She's the specialist.
He didn't even know.
And I don't know what I'm going to have to do.
But just think about it.
They have programs on TV showing where these illegal aliens are going to work and they're getting caught driving back and forth with phony Mexican driver's licenses.
And all they do is tell them that, well, they better get a good driver's license.
They pull your daughter over without it?
She's going to jail.
Listen, it's a fact.
I mean, I knew this four years ago because I saw it.
Now it's in the news.
All the major banks, no ID to get a bank account.
And then they go around with consul matriculus, which literally you get out of Cracker Jack boxes and get on welfare.
It's designed that way.
I mean, is there nothing?
Why do you think America's got it so bad when we used to have it so good?
Is it just the people are so gullible, Randy?
I don't know.
I'm thinking about going back to school and taking some more chemistry so I can invent a smart pill that I can dump in the water towers.
I don't know what we're going to have to do.
You know, in any revolution, which is what's coming to this country, it's always one, two, three percent of the people that are willing to sacrifice all for the welfare of the rest of the people.
And that's the way it's going to be.
Well, we've got to steel ourselves, because I don't think these people are going to wise up until it's too late.
It's just amazing how slow or stupid they can be, or scared.
I think a lot of them are scared, Alex, and you can't blame them.
And you know, I've got a sister, one of my own sisters, she is a very devout Assembly God Christian.
And I said, what are you going to do when this happens, Colleen?
And she says, well, I don't even want to talk about it.
It scares me.
I said, you're the one with all the faith.
I said, I'm ready to die for what, you know, I was born here and my family and my kids and grandkids.
She says, well, Jesus will take care of her.
I said, oh boy.
Well, I hope so.
And good luck.
Well, that's the delusional thing.
God helps those that help themselves.
Well, I believe that if you help yourself, it helps, that's for sure.
Rather than sit around and do nothing.
Well, you know what?
They're going to be just like the Christians in Soviet Russia, or they're going to be like the Christians in Communist China.
They're going to be sitting there squealing while they're getting tortured to death, and God's going to say, did you stand up against the evil?
Did you get involved?
Did you do anything?
It's just pathetic.
It's absolutely pathetic.
Yes, it is.
But that's what these creatures teach.
They teach them to lay down and just lick boots.
That's what they're taught.
I know it.
Get in line.
Shut up.
That's right.
Just let the government just slap you upside the head.
That's love.
This country, it's just a shame.
You know, I grew up in the 50s and 60s.
And what a difference I've seen in just my lifetime.
The Founding Fathers, you know, some of them warned us.
They knew what was coming to them.
They knew what it would turn into.
They had that foresight.
But, you know, they were very educated people.
If you try to read McGuffey's reader, which is what those boys grew up learning from, I read like a fourth grade level McGuffey reader and I had to use the dictionary about 20 or 30 times on the first page.
No, I know.
Try to read an old, try to read a 200 year old news article.
Yes, I imagine same way.
14 foot long words.
Yes, that's why people, go ahead.
No, go ahead.
That's why people today that write books about the founding fathers, they have to interpret it differently and put it in layman's language today because they're so down dumb, even my generation.
Oh, I'm more informed than most and I'm a complete idiot compared to them.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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As the world's biggest debtor nation, we are borrowing in excess of 80% of the world's net savings.
That's $2 billion per day to finance the biggest deficit in history.
Our creditors are becoming increasingly concerned that the debt can never be repaid.
Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
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Well, you won't see me
Welcome back.
Randy Weaver, one of the survivors of the Ruby Ridge Massacre, is our guest.
We were going to get into Oklahoma City.
We forgot about that.
Now I want him to recap for those that don't know about Ruby Ridge, what really happened, and what he knows about this big television piece they're going to do on the totally untrustworthy National CIA Propaganda Channel.
And they go way back with the CIA, boys and girls.
But before we go back to Randy Weaver, and then Reb, Glenn, Bruce, Jeff, Tony, George, many others that are holding,
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That's fine.
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It's like when I ask you to write articles for us.
I can't cover every issue.
You're so eloquent.
I look at the stuff, like we write stories every day and I look at the dig comments.
And they're incredibly well-researched, and there might be 20 links and stuff I didn't know they'd find.
I mean, you need to write that in an article.
You need to send that to us.
We need to post that.
We need to work together.
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I'm there to build up what he's doing.
I don't care, frankly, if you listen to me.
I wish there were other people who were fighting as hard.
Alright, I'm going to shut up.
The point is, folks, this is life and death.
This is down to the wire.
This is serious business.
And there's a lot of things I want to do that we don't have the capital for.
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All right, I'm going to shut up.
Randy Weaver, you've got The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge.
In our own words, the book.
Tell folks how they get that.
Well, they can write to me here in Arkansas.
The address is 14258 Highway 7 North, Harrison, Arkansas.
That's AR for Arkansas.
And the zip code is 72601.
And thank you for that, Alex.
If they send $20, I'll have it shipped to them the same day I get to check their money order or cash or however they want to send it.
By the way, I got a signed copy from you, but that was in person a few years back.
We had a chance to go to dinner.
Is this a signed copy they'll be getting?
Yes, signed copy.
Well, that's even better.
Give that address out, please, slowly.
It's 14258
Highway 7 North, Harrison, Arkansas, 72601.
Also, I don't carry him anymore, but Richard Mack, Sheriff Richard Mack, who's a really good guy, helped me write another book called Bicky, Sam, and America.
Uh, how the government killed all three.
And I don't, he's got some at his home.
I don't have his address.
Uh, I just, just Safford, Arizona is where he's at.
No, folks can find that.
He's, he's got a website.
We've got a person, might be able to tell us that, calling in another GCN Radio Network host, who I need to get back on as a guest soon.
Our very own Sheriff, uh, Sheriff, I was thinking of Sheriff Mack, Officer Jack McClam.
Hey, Jack, how you doing?
Hey, buddy, I'm doing fine.
Hey, Brother Randy.
Hi Jack, I love you.
Yeah, I love you too, brother.
Hope the family's doing well.
Jack McClann went up there with Bo Grich and helped keep him from killing the rest of the family.
Yes, he did.
You know, my daughters trusted Jack when he was up there with Bo, and they didn't trust Bo.
And I didn't know why, but I think sometimes women are more tuned into that sort of thing.
I won't say anything more about that other than that I love Jack very much.
Likewise, brother, and I miss you guys.
I'd love to see you all again one day and I hope everything's going well for you.
Jack, we've got cloudy skies and 70 degrees.
How hot is it up in Idaho?
Cloudy skies and about 55 degrees here, brother, in the Rocky Mountains.
That's not too bad.
Well, I think it's about time, but I am shocked.
You know, what our government has done for years and years and years, and I'm talking about
International criminal elite that controls our government is if there's any witnesses out there they usually end up dead so I'm we're here at our two police and military associations pretty shocked that these people are still alive because usually they go around and clean out any witnesses so this never happens in the future and so but we're very pleased and I would ask all the listeners to pray for these people that they're
Randy, your comments on it?
Well, until the day they supposedly euthanized Tim McVeigh, it didn't enter my mind that he might be an operative for the government.
But the day they zapped him, one of the three reporters that witnessed the supposed execution
She came on live.
I was watching it on CNN that morning because I was interested in it.
And she said that she didn't think he died.
And they go, what?
And she goes, yes.
She said, I've watched these before and they always turn blue.
We got to find that.
I know.
There was also a syndicated columnist, a black reporter, a black man, I forget his name.
And he came out and said that McVeigh was still breathing.
Well, I've believed that ever since that day.
This is interesting, Randy, because at our police association here, that was the talk going around that we knew he was an operative and that they wouldn't kill him at that time.
And they probably made him promises of being out on some beach in the Pacific someplace with all the naked ladies and all that.
And then they'd kill him later because they just can't have somebody out there like
Tim McVeigh, can you imagine if he'd been found?
I mean, they can't allow that, so he's probably dead today.
Yeah, he wasn't very bright and kind of a loose cannon.
I knew guys like that in Special Forces.
And I saw things in there I didn't like, and that's one of the big reasons I got out, but... Right.
I understand his psyche and why they would use him and get away with it for a while and be able to cover it up as long as they did.
Yeah, you and I both know these guys.
I was just thinking before I came on the show today about the guys I've known that are just, they'll do anything government tells them to do.
Mass murder, kill anybody, because they're pragmatists.
They want to be on the winning side and their whole psyche is, I'm going to do anything
To be on the winning side.
But what they don't know is their soul loses.
We could even lose to the New World Order, but our souls win.
That's right, brother.
Yeah, we're going to go through some rough times, I think.
I think we're winning this thing, Randy and Alex.
Our mail and our email from police and soldiers and private sector people makes us believe that we're winning this thing.
And God may grant us the victory at this time.
We're still going to go through hell.
It's going to be tough.
But these guys, they're so stupid.
Randy, you know the guys I'm talking about that will go out and execute people, presidents, and blow up buildings and different things.
They think that they're going to be allowed to live, but then they put a double tap in their head and they're gone after they do these things.
They're really so stupid.
You know, these hitmen, hitmen and bombers for the government, because they're not going to allow them to be out there and go down to a bar one night and get drunk and talk about what they did.
Well, you know, Jack, I'm glad you called in because you were there during the siege.
In a nutshell, boil down what happened at Ruby Ridge and what you witnessed.
Well, it was really a turning point in my life, Alex, and Randy knows this too.
I know it was a turning point in his life, poor brother, losing his family like that.
But when I saw, when I was standing up on that back porch and looking around, and every bush was one of my fellow officers in Kevlar and camouflage, and part of the trees were even some of my fellow officers coming against one family that just wanted to be left alone.
On that mountaintop in Northern Idaho.
Just wanted to be left alone.
And for them to come in and do a search and destroy mission on this family.
I saw Vicky's body up underneath the table in a pool of blood.
And I know they machine gunned little Sammy in the back as he was running away.
He was no threat to anybody.
And I saw Randy, who was shot up underneath the arm, and Kevin Harris, who almost lost his life because he had gangrene setting into the wound that Lon Herucci had put into him.
And it just broke my heart.
I mean, it broke my heart forever.
Now, I knew that there was police officers and soldiers
That would execute people when the government told him to, but I had never seen anything like this.
I never thought I ever would.
But one thing Randy may remember that I do remember very, very well, praise God, is when we were walking down that hill that Monday with little Alicia in Randy's arms and Bo's arms around them.
And I had little Sarah and Rebecca in my arms.
And we were walking down past this whole line of 500 militarized police in Kevlar and face paint and everything.
I looked into the eyes of some of these guys with disgust, and I saw tears running down some of their cheeks.
And that made me feel a little better because some of them still had a heart, but it just broke my heart forever to see what they did to this wonderful American family that loved the Lord
I just wanted to get out of this Antichrist system that's being set up here in the United States.
And how can you deny it now?
You know, I got reminded by a listener, Jack, last hour, because I've seen the articles, they've now banned talking at lunch in hundreds of school districts we know of, and they now are literally not allowing them to play tag or chase, cameras in the bathrooms.
I mean, these are prisons now!
Yes, that's right.
Yeah, they have purposely
We've turned our children into humanists and with no moral code.
I read all the time here the reports from some of these humanists that have set up systems in our schools where the children are taught that it's okay to kill, it's okay to rob, it's okay to do all these things if you've clarified these values for yourself with no pressure from your parents or your priest or anybody like that.
And so we have these children today who spend more time at the schools than they do with mom and dad.
And the schools tell them mom and dad are crazy, they have these old antiquated ideas, and they have to look to their teachers.
They do!
How can a parent send their child, when Time Magazine for kids says your parents are bad, don't listen to them, they're backwards, take a chip, when the teacher says it's fun, come put your finger on the thumb scanner, but don't tell your parents.
I mean, what the... Man, I mean, that's incredible!
We just put up with anything!
I know it, and yet the parents keep sending their children to these schools, and it's absolutely insanity, because, and now, now they're saying, well, we've got to have these cameras in the bathrooms and the toilet stalls, because the kids are animals.
They're just, they have no moral code.
Well, guess who taught them that evil moral code?
Well, look, they knew what they were doing.
Teach them to not have any discipline, then they act like animals, then you get them in the system.
They have them play violent video games, watch violent movies, tell the parents don't discipline, and then as soon as you're 17, you're going to go into prison because the world isn't going to put up with that.
That's right.
And then they say, oh, we have this injection that we want to put in the child so that he doesn't go bad.
You know, we've got these injections now we put into the child that will
Get rid of that part in their brain where the child turns to the bad side.
Oh yeah, for those that don't know, the whole new class of vaccines attacks the brain so you can't, quote, use drugs, but it actually eats those areas of the brain.
I mean, how could you not?
This sounds like Antichrist.
I mean, who could come up with stuff like that?
It's like a Philip K. Dick science fiction nightmare.
I know it.
Imagine making a movie 20 years ago where the government wants to inject you with vaccines that attack your brain.
I know it, brother.
Yes, we have a leading child psychologist that talks and trains prospective teachers to go into the teaching field, and he says every child who believes in God in America is mentally ill.
That's right.
In fact, that was to what the National Teachers Association back in the, what, 70s?
Oh, it's been a long time ago.
Dr. Paul Brandwein.
Yes, they're all mentally ill, and it's our job to change that.
That's right.
They've got to have injections to chase that mental illness that they have.
Jack McClann, the show is right here on Genesis 7 p.m.
Central in the evening.
Thank you for joining us, my friend.
Thank you, brother.
God bless you, Randy and the family.
Hope to talk to you soon, okay?
Thanks, Jack.
Say hi to all my friends up there.
A couple more segments with Randy Weaver.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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A railed against the crown another rag tag band declaring
They laid their bodies down on a bloody war for liberty, for their descendants.
Look folks, none of you are going to get out of this alive.
And I'm telling you, to really live, you've got to join the good side.
You've got to stand up against evil.
You've got to stand up for the weak.
It's what you're designed to do, it's what warriors are meant to do, not be a bunch of idiots in black uniforms stomping around acting tough.
Those guys are a bunch of weaklings.
They think being a man's being a big scary beast, and that's not what it's about.
And I tell you, when people got the odds against them, that's when they're a lot stronger.
That's like a little woman picking up a car when it's on her baby.
And I'm telling the New World Order they're going to be defeated.
Randy Weaver, I have no doubt that these creatures are going to go too far and they're going to lose.
Yeah, well, you know, Alex, talking about the little guy against the big guy, I was the third smallest kid in my class out of 124 students when I went to school.
And I loved dodgeball.
But anyway,
Well, no, you're right.
That's what they're doing, though.
They're taking all the fun, all the action out of everything and turning it into jellyfish.
I encourage my kids.
Well, I don't have to encourage them too much anymore.
They're old enough now.
Their ways are pretty much set.
But like my one daughter, she likes to shoot gophers with a 45-70.
So she's ready.
Well, your daughters certainly got an education in the New World Order, didn't they?
Yes, they did.
And of course, my youngest doesn't remember any of it.
She was a baby at the time.
What do your daughters think when they see Lon Hortigucci on television?
Well, I don't know if they... One daughter doesn't watch TV at all.
The one that shoots the gophers.
And the older one...
Well, you know, Sarah, she remembers it the best.
She was 16 at the time and she just, you know, she's kind of like me.
Has some bad feelings, you know, will die with bad feelings about what happened and who did what up there.
And Elizabeth just, she just knows what she heard from the rest of us.
But she's doing real well.
She was in your wife's arms, right?
Yes, yes.
And she was the baby that Vicki was holding when they shot her.
Well, I tell you, we really appreciate you Randy and we're sorry for all the things you've been through and we're sorry that more wasn't done at the time.
But as you said, the 200, 300 folks that showed up really did save you.
You know, up in those mountains, you can hear a shot ring out for miles around.
Yes, they did.
It echoes back and forth and all that.
And they couldn't see.
It wouldn't allow them close enough to see anything.
They were two miles away down the road, at the end of the road.
But they could hear.
If there's any shots going on, they'd be able to hear it and count them and figure out what was going on.
Plus, some of them actually were sneaking around
One neighbor, the one neighbor of mine, old Jack Riddle, a great guy, lived on a hilltop across the valley from us, about a half-mile from us, and he took that, uh, Tom Grant was a reporter, TV reporter out of Spokane, Washington, took him up there with his camera, and they're the ones that got that helicopter flying around with a diesel bladder on it, circling over the place.
That's right.
They were going to burn you out and burn those babies.
And what they did, Jack started jumping up and down waving his arms to let them know that he was watching.
And by golly, it was about 20 minutes later, after that helicopter, it immediately landed.
It took off and went down into the valley and landed at their base camp.
And 20 minutes later, Jack and this Tom Grant were both arrested and interrogated for a few hours in town.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Do you know where the 78 potentially active volcanoes in the U.S.
are located?
And do you know the locations of the top 300 prime terrorist targets?
You can find these answers and more in the new interactive... Big Brother.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Gary Franchi, who does the Genesis World Report, will be joining us to go over a bunch of news in the next segment.
I know people have been holding forever.
So many interesting things have come up.
Webb in Colorado, then Glenn, Bruce, Jeff, George, Tony.
We're going to get to everybody.
Webb in Colorado.
You're on the air with Randy Weaver.
We called you before and you decided to come out.
I understand, sir.
Do you want to talk to me to let you go, or what's going on?
Yeah, we got that total evidence tape of a
Fabricated conversation and we thought that maybe you didn't understand because you said you were too stupid to understand back then so we got you the website how you can put that together and it's called covert hyphen systems one word dot com click on audio.
Hey listen listen I understand I'm an idiot and everything but let me just go back what are you talking about?
We got this to the Pentagon.
It's a fake tape made by the Lakewood Colorado PD, the Jefferson County DA, and the state of Colorado, CBI.
And it's being obstructed by Mr. FBI.
One Friday, he admitted to two major federal crimes, subversive felony.
Okay, I'm gonna check it out.
The voice is a little creepy.
I'm not trying to be...
I don't usually get strange calls like that.
It sounds like you're frustrated from holding.
I'm sorry.
Folks, it's just we have guests on the show here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Glenn in Philadelphia.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I agree with you about a great many things, but not everything.
You said something about it being two minutes of midnight earlier.
Well, that's probably true.
We may be only a couple of weeks away from an attack in Iran now that that general
They may just use whatever information he provides.
No, that's what they're saying.
They're saying they may use that to attack Iran.
Yeah, you're right.
Yeah, I think that's very likely.
I agree with you on a great many things, but I think you tend to de-emphasize or maybe not grasp the pervasiveness and ubiquity of the Freemasonic influence in all this.
I know you acknowledge that there's an influence,
Personally, I do share the school of thought that says that these guys are really the nexus of the whole thing.
Though, you know, I know you may or may not agree with that.
Depends on the understanding of the organization.
No, I mean every major group's controlled by the same New World Order crowd.
Randy Weaver, you want to comment on the Masons?
Well, I believe that all these different organizations with all these different people in them, most of these people are members of the Freemasons, whether they're the Eastern Star or the Sonic Lodge itself.
So they belong to several different organizations, most of them, and Freemasons is one of them.
And I think our biggest enemy right now is, as I agree with Aaron Russo, it's the Federal Reserve and the international bankers.
Well, that's definitely the root of it, the foundation.
You defeat them, it all falls.
Yes, I believe that.
They're controlled through economics and the phony money.
I mean, we have no money.
And that's a place that can't be... I mean, you can debate Masons or Catholics or different groups all day, but you cannot debate that the private banks issue the money in the industrialized world, and that they're using their power to issue currency and credit to totally dominate and buy up the rest of the economy, and they're the criminals.
It's all a con game, because the American people have confidence that dollar, that fraud note, is a real dollar, which it's not.
It's just a piece of paper.
And now they've used that fraud note to totally devalue the currency, to totally set us up for a fall, and now major, it's in the top ten, it's the second largest in a whole division of mortgage companies is going belly up.
Way back in the early 80s, I knew about the Federal Reserve and was talking to a retired Air Force pilot.
He was a major colonel, can't remember now.
But I asked him, I said, you know, you realize that the Federal Reserve isn't a government entity or there's nothing in reserve?
He said, oh no, he said, Federal Reserve, that's government.
I said, no it's not.
He just thought, he just went off and called me an idiot and all that stuff.
And here he is, you know, he would have bombed the people that disagreed with him when he was in the airport, you know.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is a definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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The answer is at 1-800-686-2237.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, there's some balking in the news now by the big German insurance company.
I know they received testimony on the controlled demolition of Building 7.
The lines not paying for destroyed WTC.
Yeah, I don't know a whole lot about it.
I haven't seen it yet.
I don't know how they edited it out and all that.
And I did not know that the National Geographic was hooked into the CIA, but I probably should have figured it, but... Oh, massively, yeah.
It's totally, um... Yeah, I don't know.
I wasn't going to do this piece, and then my oldest daughter, she had interviewed with them and said, they're such nice people, and so I let them come down here from Chicago, and they talked to me about five and a half hours, and I'll probably get 30 seconds of that on there, which is fine.
Well, I'm not saying everyone's CIA there, but...
From its beginning, even back to the OSS, they would use National Geographic jobs as the front for agents because they're in all these exotic places.
It's part of history.
It's on the record for those out there that aren't aware of it.
And there's even been protests by National Geographic employees who are tired of getting kidnapped and stuff overseas, telling the company not to be such a CIA front.
And we've seen some of the worst hit pieces on 9-11 Truth, OKC, stuff like that by them.
But who knows?
This might be a fair piece.
Yes, we'll find out tonight, I guess.
Other than that, I'd like to say keep up the good work.
I miss all you Texans.
You're all great people.
And all the other listeners, too.
I've got friends all over the country.
I love you all and I appreciate your time.
Randy, you know, we love you too and we appreciate your courage and we appreciate you all these years later standing up and not changing and telling the truth and we'll talk to you again soon my friend.
Alright, bye bye.
There goes Randy Weaver.
Alright, I'm going to blast through a couple callers real fast because that's mean to make you hold them.
We're going to go to Gary Franchi who is lavishing us with his presence, holding patiently.
Bruce in Texas, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hi Alex, this is Bruce.
I called you about a month ago.
I got the 9-11, it was an inside job memorial bus, and I was passing through Texas here, and I'm close to Austin.
I was going to ask if one of your staff could possibly get my information.
I'm confused.
Get your information?
Well, yeah, I wanted to meet with you.
I spoke with you.
I was a bus cheerleader, and it was a 9-11 memorial bus for the victims.
I turned it into a... 9-11 was an inside job.
It's all the photographs... Well, here's the deal.
Here's the deal.
I'm not going to see my family today.
Oh, I understand that.
Because, no, no, no.
I mean, let me just explain why.
And I hate having to do this because I can't stand it.
I don't have a life.
I've got a deadline on this new film for the middle of August to have it go to the distributor and go to the manufacturer with the film I'm making.
And basically I've got 400 plus hours of video.
I'm wallowing around.
I've got too much stuff.
It's too good.
I've got too much evidence.
I'm trying to write the thing up so instead of just making it in a linear line.
I shouldn't have done a two hour radio interview this morning.
I've had to stop doing radio interviews so I have time.
I can't.
I'm just pulling my hair out.
It's totally insane.
I'd love to be able to meet with you.
There's very few people here.
We're very poor, basically.
And so I hate to have to tell you that I can't come meet with you.
And I know I've made more enemies than there are grains of sand by not returning emails.
People all feel burnt, snubbed, scorned.
But I just literally don't have a life.
I have to, as fast as I can, brush my teeth.
And I have almost no leisure time and I'm a pathetic jellyfish.
How does that sound?
I completely understand.
I'm working with a visibility project with 9-11 Truth.
Yes, and you need to meet with Michael Berger.
Oh, he's a wonderful individual, isn't he?
Let me tell you who you might want to hook up with.
There's the Project for the New American Citizens.
I'd love to get some video of your 9-11 truth bust for another film I'm going to make about the 9-11 truth movement, but that's coming up after the next one.
So I'm sure we'll meet someday, my friend, but what's on your mind?
Well, I was just going to stop by.
I knew you would love to see it.
And I know you have a... I was thinking, you know, Alex has a family.
He's got a wife.
You know, he can't be... Well, I do have a family, but I don't know them very well.
Oh, I know.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
I appreciate your call.
Listen, if we don't go quicker through these, I'm not going to be able to.
This is Gary Franchise holding.
Jeff in Texas, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
What's on your mind?
I've been listening to you for a long time.
First time caller, I guess.
It pretty much got us, right?
I mean, the government runs the military... And they're now genetically engineering the key vaccines that attack the brain into the food supply.
They're now admitting that.
And it's total body snatcher, twilight zone, insanity, run down the street screaming weird.
I think that's part of the thing.
The Masons always said that part of their joke was that they did everything right out in plain view.
You know, the streets of D.C., the emblems on the dollar bill, all that.
And now, they're doing all this with the media, with 9-11, and they're just doing it in plain view of all of us.
And it's compartmentalized, where most nations don't even know that.
There's so few people, I feel, that are capable of some kind of political response.
What I mean by that is, initially, didn't America start by rebelling against the tyranny of England?
Well, there was a small group of people that decided to do something, you know, and take some sort of action or whatever.
Whatever it would lead to in the coming years, but I mean, I feel like this is a kind of time and age that we're in where we might have a little foresight right here to read the history so that we don't repeat it right now, you know?
I agree with you, and things are going to get a lot worse before they get better, but we don't have a choice.
And all I'm trying to get people to do is to realize how bad it really is.
It is so out of control.
The people running things are so evil.
I mean, even for those out there that know about the New World Order, I want you to consciously let it burn into your brains, folks.
I'd rather be watching movies and going to rock concerts and going fishing and, you know, cooking good food and hanging out and seeing my grandmother, who's my
Children's great-grandmother, who I love dearly, but I haven't seen her in a few months, because I don't have time!
I have to sit here reading about these scumbags, and reading their own documents, and reading about them calling us dumb and slaves, and reading about how they want to kill us!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
And I have to, because I have to fight them!
I appreciate your call.
We're going to go to George and Tony and others here, but I want to go ahead and go to our guest.
Gary French, he is very articulate.
I first got to meet him
In early June last year, for the 9-11 conference up in Chicago, right before I ran off the Bilderberg Group meeting a week later, he started the march up, took action, got everybody to move forward to march from the 9-11 conference to downtown Chicago, and then he hooked up with the Genesis Network that I was happy to hear he did.
Let me explain this.
This doesn't usually work with talk radio, but it does on Genesis.
Monday through Friday, 7 to 9 p.m., the Genesis World Report.
It doesn't usually work, but they've got four different hosts.
And on Monday, it's Dan Abramson, who does a great job.
And then Gary Franchi does Tuesday and Wednesday.
He's the only host of those two days.
And then Webster Tarpley is on Thursdays.
And then John Connor is on Fridays.
And it's a good broadcast, ladies and gentlemen.
My show's on 24 hours a day and has more listeners on the internet than the entire Genesis Network times two, and bigger than any other Patreon network, just on the internet.
But I don't care.
You should not listen to me.
You should go over and listen to the Genesis streams for some of the shows that are good over there, and this is one of them.
You can listen to my show from 7 a.m.
to 10 a.m.
You can listen to it from midnight if you want.
You can listen whenever you want.
But I'm not the only game in town.
I'm here to promote other people.
I'm here to build up others in the fight because they can't kill ideas.
They can kill me.
They can't kill ideas.
And I think Gary Franchi is a bull.
I think he's got the strength and the focus and the intellect we need in this fight and that's why he's on with us right now.
Gary, thanks for coming on with us.
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
Alright, you want to talk about solutions.
Later I want to get into some news with you, but 9-11 solutions.
First off, what was 9-11?
What is 9-11?
And how do we fight these murderers?
Well, you know, we've got to fight them by continually pressing forward and spreading the information.
One of the things we're doing at the Lone Lantern Society, Lonelantern.org, is we are mass-producing, duplicating DVDs, hating the streets, passing them out to the average citizen, waking them up at the grassroots level, and activating people.
That's what we're about.
It's time for empowering and acting and just getting involved.
No longer sitting on the sidelines.
It's time for action.
And what are some of the things you guys are doing, gals?
Well, right now, one of the things we're doing in Illinois here is, uh, we're actually, we have meetings here every two weeks.
We meet at a local coffee shop and one of the things we're doing is we're going to be submitting legislation at the grassroots level to all the state senators to defeat the Real ID Act.
What we did was we copied the Maine legislation and adapted it to the state of Illinois.
And we're sending certified letters to every state senator, and we're going to... And you're not sitting around sucking your thumb, asking somebody else to do it.
You're doing it, and we've got 30-something, I think it's 38 now, it was 36 a few weeks ago, I'm told more, are talking about resolutions, but you're pushing for real binding resolutions, laws, and now they've had to back the REAL ID Act off.
That's really baloney, folks, it's already in place.
But at least now it's being reversed.
Yeah, see, we're putting pressure on the legislatures themselves.
See, we've got to hit them at every angle.
We've got to hit them at the protests, in the city centers, with the pickets and the bullhorns.
We've got to hit them on the street corners, with the DVDs, and the face-to-face, hand-to-hand combat type of situations.
And then we've got to hit them at the legislation level.
We've got to hit them at every single level, because they will not be able to back down.
And then one day, we're going to drag them out of their rat's nest, and we're going to try them.
We're going to take them out, put ropes around their neck,
Ropes so long their heads are going to pull off their big fat bodies.
Stay there Gary Franchi.
We're going to win!
And we're going to get every criminal out there that runs this system.
And you're going to be going to prison.
You hear me scum?
You pieces of trash.
You child kidnapping, murdering, scumbag 9-11 attackers.
We're going to get you!
Good morning, honey.
Wow, the weather is beautiful, the cabin is terrific, and it's the first day of our vacation.
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Hi, folks.
Jack Browner and Dramitas Resources.
The real money folks.
Let's review a few things from the past year.
November 2003 to November 2004.
The dollars range from $9,800 to $10,300.
The dollar's value has dropped from $0.96 to $0.70 against the euro.
A 5% increase.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that there is a concentration camp program that was designed during the Ronald Reagan administration called Rex 84?
This program is designed to imprison anyone whom the federal government deems an enemy of the state.
A judge in Houston, Texas declared that the plaintiff had proven that there was such a program that existed, but no one had been harmed or imprisoned by it, so he declared it unconstitutional and dismissed the case.
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What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
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Some folks are born to wave the flag.
Welcome back.
Gary Francis, my guest.
Links to it up on Infowars.com right now.
Look how far we've come from two months before 9-11 when I exposed the fact that they were probably going to attack the World Trade Center and blame their asset Bin Laden, to the day when we started the operation to expose them.
To now, the majority of Americans know they've been lied to.
A majority of that group know it's a total inside job.
And that's taken a big tool away from the globalists.
It's freaking them out that we're not buying their garbage anymore, and we're exposing them on global warming, and their global tax, and we're exposing them on every single issue, but they just keep going forward thinking that they're going to win, they're going to lose, because there's people like Gary Franchi out there fighting them.
Gary, continue with this
You know, we're not going to stand for it, okay?
We are not going to sit on the sidelines.
We are activating the people.
We are submitting legislation.
There's 59 districts in the state of Illinois.
Okay, they got a state headquarters and then they got their district headquarters.
We're sending certified letters to each each office We're following up with phone calls.
We're gonna make sure that the legislation passes Okay, we can't there's no time to wait Okay, when I came on board with 9-11 truth when I'm when I became aware I was so inflamed Oh So so aggravated I needed to find more people.
I felt really like I was all alone.
Then I reached out, created the website, and just started building this network, hooked up with Aaron Russo, his network, G. Edward Griffin, his network, Bob Scholes and his network.
We're all working together.
So please, if you're out there, you're listening, you need to plug in and get involved.
You need to get off your couch, you need to hit the streets and do whatever you can.
Don't be a part-time patriot, be a full-time patriot.
That's right, Gary, and you've also gone out to things like the big marathon and handed out 10,000 copies of Loose Change.
Yeah, you know, the Loose Change guys, Dylan and Jason and Corey, they sent us, actually it was 5,000.
They sent us 5,000 copies.
We went out to the Chicago half marathon.
Somebody else got 10,000.
I guess we handed out 10,000 in New York then.
That's how I got that in my head.
We got them, we got them passed out in about three hours.
People were hungry for it.
No opposition!
We passed out a couple hundred at Lollapalooza.
People are like taking them.
I saw Horatio Sanz there, he's like, he's like, oh yeah, let's change.
I've heard of it.
Here you go.
I mean, people know, people are out there.
Look, people have got to get aggressive with loose change, Terror Storm needs to get out there, people need to buy DVD burners, and I mean aggressively, with grinding your teeth, slamming it in, making copies, and realizing that it's one step closer to arresting these people and bringing them to justice.
You can have whatever you want, folks, but instead of like Oprah says, you've got to visualize it, no, you've got to take action.
You gotta take action and you can have it, and we're gonna have it.
And if we don't have our way, they're gonna have their way.
That's the point I'm trying to make here.
I mean, they're setting up a hellish system.
They told us they are, Gary.
Yeah, well, I'm not gonna let that happen.
I am not gonna let that happen.
Until there's no blood in my body, Alex.
Well, we're also trying to fix things peaceably right now, and the globalists want to make it violent because they think they're losing, and they are.
But when push comes to shove, they're going to keep pushing until it's... And it's just like a fist fight.
Growing up, I don't know if some people out there grew up in places where you didn't get in fights every week.
I grew up where you did.
And you're always scared until the person goes ahead and hauls off and hits you or tries to hit you.
And then after that, it's all business, folks.
You're not afraid anymore.
You're just beating the living daylights out of them and doing what you have to do.
And it's the same thing with the New World Order.
They've taken first blood.
They've sat there and keep pounding on us.
And I've had enough.
Are you in the same boat with me, Gary?
Am I in the same boat with you?
There's not going to be any more Ruby Ridges.
No more Waco's.
Ed Brown, the situation out there, is a perfect example of this fast action Patriot Network that's been developed.
The call goes out, he's got a radio show, he's broadcasting, he's blogging, people are out there on his property protecting him.
This is what needs to happen when any Patriot makes the call.
We need to rally around them and support them.
And they can sneak up on people and still kill them, but all that does is enrage people even more.
Yeah, they show their cards.
They're sloppy.
They're really sloppy.
Yeah, it's going to be a wipeout for the New World Order.
Alright, Gary Francis, stay there.
Let's continue to talk about strategy, where we go from here.
And we're going to take your calls.
I want to take your calls.
George and Tony and others that are holding 1-800-259-9231.
I've got a smattering of other news we'll be covering as well.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I don't know.
This is Elizabeth Border, author of the two book set, America Attacked and Chaos and Chemtrails.
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That's right.
We are living in strange days, ladies and gentlemen.
Gary Franchi's our guest at a talk show.
Monday through Friday, it's the World Report, Genesis World Report.
It's co-hosted by four guys, Daniel Abramson, Gary Franchi, Webster Griffin-Tarfley, and John Connor.
A lot of those guys also do weekend shows here, and Gary really does do a good job.
Outside of what he currently individually is doing, I wanted to get his take on 9-11 Truth as a whole.
I mean, how do you see it damaging the New World Order, or do you think it's effectively neutralizing their problem-reaction-solution ace card?
Because we have shown they've got it up their sleeve.
I mean, we're basically showing that it's a rigged deck, and I think we've reached critical mass.
I mean, I went to see Children of Men.
It was a big movie the last few months in theaters.
Within five minutes of the movie starting, they say the government's behind all the terror twice.
And it's like everywhere, in music now, and in hip-hop, and just, it seems like everybody I talk to, everywhere I look, people are talking about it.
Don't you think the worm has turned?
Oh, without question.
You know, what's happening here, when they pulled off 9-11,
They thought that they could get away with it.
They thought that, you know, we would just buy their propaganda.
But they underestimated the people.
We're smarter than what they think.
And we've taken control of the media.
We have the facts.
I mean, you look at the physics and science and it's irrefutable.
Any average high school age person who understands simple science, the falling of a rock, can understand 9-11 truth.
So with that happening, they just screwed up.
They got too arrogant.
They played all their cards on one hand.
And they screwed up.
And now the people are awake.
There's nothing they can do.
It's like, it's Pandora's box.
And they're busy trying to take us to the next Ponzi scheme, the next level, in their multi-level marketing pyramid, to go into Iran, hoping that that'll smokescreen 9-11.
Their new boogeyman, you know, the new reason they have to have a global government and a global tax and a global police state is the Earth is dying, and a global tax will supposedly fix that.
But you're right, on every front, people don't buy anything they say anymore.
Well, the mainstream media's dead, Alex.
You are the new media.
I am the new media.
We are the new people pushing out the truth message.
People are flocking to us because they know we know what's going on.
They don't buy the propaganda anymore.
They don't buy it.
Well, I'm calling on all the listeners to not just read our websites, but to write articles, to put up websites, to do blogs.
If people hear me make a point, go research it, elaborate on it, add to it.
I mean, I think I've been focusing on something that's pretty darn important.
Taking control of the media to what we have with the internet is just a wonderful tool to spread information, but it's only a tool.
The actual, the power comes when people meet face-to-face.
They shake hands.
They make eye contact.
They actually hear your voice, not from a speaker, but from your mouth.
And that's where the power is.
We need to meet people regularly at big conferences.
Well, just so you know, I'm starting a big website and I'm really going to put a lot into it.
If I could ever get around to it.
I'm so busy with everything else.
Well, and it's like a lot of other sites, but it's really going to be promoted.
It's going to have a lot of facets to it, where you have your own video blog, your own audio blog, all on one platform, kind of like a MySpace, but then like a Craigslist, for Patriots, for 9-11 Truth, for everything.
I've been planning it for years, and I even have the office and the equipment, and I'm in the process of trying to build the infrastructure, but yeah, that's the key, is getting, because people call me every day, and they go, I'm in Southwest Arkansas, or I'm in
I'm in Southern Illinois, or I'm in Northern California.
I want to meet somebody.
Here's my email.
We're going to have maps of the whole country, every county, every city.
You're going to be able to go in and post, and your town or city and other people are going to be able to go and find you there.
And that's what Gary's saying is so important.
Well, that's very similar to what we've got going on at LittleLantern.org.
Is where you can sign into the forum, you can post, say, look, we've got people all across the country, all across the world hitting the site.
We've got groups in Albany, Cleveland, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, South Florida, Northwest Tennessee, Denver, a new group starting in Madison, and Nebraska.
Why don't you explain what Lone Lantern means?
The name Lone Lantern originated from the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.
See, Paul Revere... A tied up member?
Well, see, Paul Revere wrote a set of two lanterns in the Old Norse Church, and what we're doing is we're placing one lone lantern in that virtual tower.
We're setting forth the riders to sound the alarm, because the enemies are here.
One is by land, two is by sea.
So two lanterns means a sea invasion.
This is coming from internally, it's one lantern.
Yes, that's where the name comes from.
That's the origination.
And the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.
Some people confuse me.
They call me the Lone Lantern.
No, I'm not.
We are each individual lanterns of truth, shining in the darkness.
Well, folks like it.
It's a good way to capture the imagination, to have a signet, a logo.
Jack Blood, another GCN Radio host, popping in with us.
How are you doing, Jack?
Hey, thanks for having me on, Alex.
And I just wanted to call in and give my wholehearted support to the Lone Lantern Society and Gary Franchi.
We work with him over in Arizona.
He does a great job.
We need more people like him.
And I think, you know, what we're starting to figure out is that a very small amount of people, we had maybe five, six hundred at the protest that you spoke at, Alex, about a week or two ago.
And we saw those Congress critters running out scared with fear in their eyes, knowing that they have to listen to the people.
I think one of the important points to make here is that we don't need a million people in our city to change things.
We only need 500 or 1,000 people and we can really make a difference.
Yeah, I think it was about 1,000 at the most, but yeah.
No, I mean, certainly, listen, nobody's involved now.
People are just laying around like a bunch of ignorant jellyfish and we're going to take this country back.
Gary, it starts with just a few people, doesn't it, in a given city and it snowballs from there?
Oh yeah, it only grows because people are attracted to it.
They see what you're doing, they know there's something wrong, and they want to be a part of it because they don't know where else to go.
You have to build it, and then people will show up.
That's why we have meetings regularly.
We post it.
We say, come, meet other like-minded individuals.
Plug in.
It only takes an irate minority keen to set bushfires in the people's minds, and that is what we are doing.
And that's what this is all about, is we've got to have a sense of community.
We've got to get together.
You know, we've got to find like-minded people, you know, if you're single, dating.
This is about a community, a living together, a people, black, white, hispanic, old, young, people that want freedom, who are ready to fight to the death for liberty against the New World Order crime syndicate.
They are going to lose.
It is reverse social engineering.
We are reversing the social engineering that has been engineered by UNESCO and the Tavistock Institute, and this is what they hate the most.
And speaking of engineering, Alex, if you'd allow me, if I could just throw a quick plug out for the little event we're doing here on Thursday.
Oh sure, against electroshock and the drugging of the people.
Yeah, we want to make Austin, Texas, and even Texas, a safe, free zone for artists and for people to think outside the box without being locked up, strapped to a gurney, drugged, and electroshocked.
So, we're doing the 5th Annual Rocky Erickson, from the 13th Floor Elevators, of course, his psychedelic ice cream social.
I'm hosting the event.
Peter Buck from REM is playing.
Robin Hitchcock is playing.
Rocky Erickson is playing.
Townes Van Zandt's son JT Van Zandt is playing.
Just a load of rock icons playing.
You know, I was thinking about going to that.
Should I go to that, Jack?
I'd love you to go, and I'll certainly put you on my guest list if you're not already.
But this is family-friendly.
It starts at 2 o'clock this Thursday at Threadgill's in the afternoon as part of South by Southwest.
And you bring the whole family down and really celebrate freedom of mind and freedom of consciousness, and it's just so important.
So thank you for letting me get that plug out.
Thread Guild this Tuesday, the Rocky Erickson Psychedelic Ice Cream Social.
How long does that go for?
I'd love to see you there, Alex.
How long does that go for?
Probably until about 8 o'clock at night.
Okay, well that's fantastic, Jack, and you're coming up here in about
Twenty minutes on the network, so thank you for popping in.
Hey, and thank you to both you and Gary.
We love having Gary on GCN.
Yeah, we're fighting at so many levels here.
Let's take some calls.
Who's up next year, call-wise?
Bruce and Tejas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
This is Norman.
Okay, well, Norman, where are you calling us from today?
Wilmington, North Carolina.
All right, sir.
Go ahead.
I just want to thank you for fighting the good fight and doing it right, and I'm doing my part to wake people up here in Wilmington.
I've burned about 2,000 CDs over the past couple years.
You gotta get mad, folks.
First you gotta get mad and shake off the programming.
It starts by getting mad every day and then taking action against the criminal enemy.
That's where it starts.
Getting mad, folks.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Well, we're doing battle with invincible ignorance and we're winning because when people see the truth, they can no longer practice self-denial and they have to wake up because they're compelled to.
And I also wanted to commend customer service at InfoWars is great.
I don't know about that.
Well, you guys always follow through.
I appreciate the service I've received and I intend to keep ordering and ordering and just doing whatever I can.
I just want to thank you so much.
Your work is so honorable and noble.
I stand with you all the way, brother.
Well, we try our best.
Thank you, sir.
Just to be clear, I don't sell a lot of books and DVDs and films and stuff, but it's quite a lot over time, I guess.
We only had one person doing all of that because we didn't have the money.
Now we've got two people.
We've tried to put in a better shipping system with a computer to keep track of it, and we purge the stuff every two months.
And so, yeah, we're getting to where we're trying to ship the day after we get an order, and there's still a few problems here and there, but we're trying to get it all slick and fancy for everybody.
So, yes, I will say our customer service has gotten better, because I've given the people in the back office the tools to do that.
But we're still trying to make it better, so thank you for all your support.
That's why I love something like PrisonPlanet.TV.
You can go to PrisonPlanet.TV right now, 15 cents a day, sign up, passcode, download all 15 of my films, hundreds of my TV shows, special reports, other films, burn them to disk.
It is an amazing activist tool.
These are in high quality, high resolution.
You can start burning copies right now and getting aggressive or call and get a terror storm or an American Freedom to Fascism.
Start making copies.
Folks, you cannot underestimate the power
Of that, it is so incredible.
Gary, any comments on the power of handing out films?
The power of film is that it's visual, it explains, all the information is there.
It's the exact same brainwash techniques that they've been using on us for the past 60 years.
You see?
So by handing out DVDs where people sit down and they watch the information the same way
They've been receiving the information.
It just deprograms them.
It rips the veil.
And it can't deny it.
Well, and see, that's the thing about the truth is that it's like a...
An enzyme, I mean, or like acid, it dissolves through.
One ounce of truth can destroy a million tons of lies.
The globalists have to keep reapplying their propaganda, they're twisting, they're disinfo, they have to continue dumping mountains of it for every ounce of truth we put out.
We cannot be stopped.
We're going to expose that you carried out 9-11 and the other terror attacks.
And more government, people are always saying they want government officials to go public.
Well, where's the whistleblower?
Well, Danny Colson, because I think he's getting worried about himself, by the way, is saying, yeah, government's involved, there's a cover-up.
Okay, folks, that was the deputy director of the FBI!
He's gone public!
Now, I made my first film in 97, America Destroyed by Design, and you know what it took?
It took 12 years, 11 years for this stuff to start coming out, but it's coming out!
And now it's snowballing!
And 9-11's gonna come out!
And all you people that have been trying to cover it up, and trying to stop the facts from coming out, you're gonna look pretty stupid!
And by the way, if we don't win this fight, they're gonna have their way with your pension funds, and your stock market, and your mortgage, and your dollar value.
Do you understand?
They want the police state so they can have their way with you!
That's what tyranny's about.
Gary Franchi.
You know, what's happening here with the police state, with the martial law system they're putting in place, it's really foolish for them to continue.
At the rate that people are waking up, they're just going to have that much more opposition, they're going to have to apply that much more force, and then they're going to be that much more exposed.
So it's going to become productive any way they decide to push it.
So they might as well just fall in line with what the constitutional, you know, constructs of this nation are built upon, and just, and say, look, okay, yeah, this is how it's supposed to be.
The Constitution.
Let's follow it.
Let's not make up all these new laws and taser guns and weapons to attack the innocent people.
Come on.
Well, it's simple.
Private corporations bought up the government.
They have the government transferring all the infrastructure to them right now.
They're looting the daylights out of us.
We're being taken down.
All we gotta do is raise the alarm bell and warn the people and get them moving and we can turn it around.
And that's exactly what we're doing.
And they can't stop it.
They can't stop it.
Even if they try to shut down the internet, even if they try to shut it down, there's going to be networks, wireless networks, popping up everywhere.
Every laptop, PDA, cell phone.
Come on.
There's no way they could shut down the net.
I don't believe it.
I think that with the wireless network technology available, hackers would have no... would take the whole thing apart.
They'd be setting up wireless network towers in their cities and towns.
There'd be no way they could do it.
No way.
Let's go ahead and make another call.
Let's talk to George in Florida.
Thanks for holding, George.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
My neighbor, she just, five days ago, I just found out that CPS snatched her kids.
And I thought she was on vacation.
And she finally got her kids back after she got a lawyer.
And the horror story the kid told us about having sleep deprivation and CPS not feeding them in the foster home just to try to get him to say something against his mother.
Have you heard any similar stories Dr?
I was eating, sorry.
Did you hear me?
I haven't eaten yet today folks.
Did you hear me in the earlier hour where in the schools they don't let them talk now at lunch and then they tell them terrorists are going to attack with cops aiming guns at them and don't feed them all day without even telling the parents
And a lot of times they interrogate them.
They take 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds.
They'll starve them sometimes 3 days!
Till they say mommy hurts them.
I'm telling you, we live in a hell hole.
People just don't know what's happening because they don't know their neighbors.
Tell us more about the story.
Well, she finally got a lawyer.
We all chipped in and helped her get a lawyer.
The lawyer managed to tell the CPS, you're not to talk to that kid unless I'm present.
And the CPS is sort of like stonewalling her.
They won't tell the lawyer where the kid's at, so the lawyer can interview them.
Well, let me tell you how you... Wait, she hasn't gotten the child back yet?
Oh, the mother's... Okay, what they'll do is they'll... Listen.
A lot of these kids get flown out of the country.
I'm not trying to scare, but you can pull it up on Google.
It's three years old now.
Headline, 3,000 children missing in CPS.
Some of them they found dead, buried in shallow graves, heads chopped off.
The media then tried to focus on other cases where they had just lost their names.
The three heads of CPS in Florida were convicted pedophiles.
Florida has the most criminal CPS in the country, sir.
And, uh... I'll tell you what, stay there.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
And this is the thing that just makes me just boil with hatred.
I mean, I just wanna...
And believe me folks, this is how they operate.
And they're gonna torture that child till they say whatever they want.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Celebrating 18 years of dedication.
Folks, I've been at the hospital as a cop chokes a woman making her sign documents, okay?
Imagine you open the door and a cop's choking a woman.
This is the world I live in.
This is the things I've seen.
And you think I'm joking.
Pedophiles run the Florida CPS.
Every other major CPS is filled with them.
It's their guild.
It's where they operate from.
And, um, it's how they operate.
A lot of the cops that investigate that stuff operate it too.
It's the safest place for them.
Let me guess, number one, how old is, you say, is this a boy or a girl that's been snatched?
The boy's nine years old and he got in contact with his mom through a cell phone when he went to school.
One of the students loaned him a cell phone and he called his mom.
Oh, but that's why they have the schools fenced off now, is so that they can have them outside the camp, put them back in the camp, but mommy... So now he's fighting to talk to mommy, then he found out they're not giving him food and stuff.
And, uh, the thing is... And of course, he went to his school counselor, didn't he?
And supposedly said something?
She had her son in a camp?
Was her son in a re-education center?
Or have they put the son in a re-education center?
Well, no, it actually happened.
She took her son to her yearly doctor visit, and the son told her, yeah, my mom owns a gun, and they use it as child endangerment.
That's exactly how they, and again, they make the doctors now, ask those questions, this country is completely gone.
Folks, this is America.
Okay, listen, you've got to get her in touch with some of the
I'll give you our number here at the office.
We've got them in the computer.
I forget all the names of the different family counsel groups and CPS fighters.
You've got to get real lawyers that know how to deal with them.
They'll disbar a local lawyer if he actually gives you rights.
The family courts aren't real courts.
They're part of the hoax courts.
You've got to get serious people in there, serious advocates.
You've got to get before the judge and get the child out of there.
Thank God it's a nine-year-old though.
It's harder for them to make nine-year-olds break.
Everybody's got to talk to your children first.
Never talk to the government.
Never talk to police.
It's not that they're all criminals, but a large portion are.
We're now in the Soviet America.
They are the enemy.
They must be defeated.
And they will be defeated!
Alright, and I'm not saying the police themselves, but the criminals in it are the enemy.
Gary Franchi, you want to comment on this disgusting filth we're talking about?
We need to take the kids out of the public school systems.
Because when they go into a public school system, they get their number, the school gets money because they're sitting there in a chair.
Take your children out of the system.
Stop participating.
Look into the homeschooling networks that are already out there.
This is the only way that you will be able to raise your children with the values that you want them to have, not what the New World Order's satanic system wants them to have.
Take them out.
I'll tell you what, I'm going to give you my office number.
I want to try to get this lady on.
I'm going to try to get you in touch with some groups.
Okay, George?
Well, she's not home right now.
I mean, she's like in court today.
No, I understand.
I'm going to give you my office number and I'd like to help you.
I'm going to try to give some advocacy groups.
Because his lawyer will probably just suck money out of her for a year, then they'll terminate parental rights when she doesn't even know about it.
The child will probably be shipped to Saudi Arabia.
I'm not joking.
That's where they ship a lot of them, to Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Heaven help us.
Well, a lot of these CPS lawyers and social workers do play cards during recess, so I know where you're coming from.
Well, I'm ignorant.
What do you mean play cards at recess?
I mean, when I went to court and I had a criminal attorney, I mean,
I had a criminal attorney.
They were sitting there playing cards with the prosecutor.
And you know, it's like, uh... And you know, and I saw, like, uh... Yeah, well, they're going to hell.
They're scum, Phil.
I mean, it's just bottom line.
Let's start hating these people.
Let's start getting fired up.
Let's call them what they are.
A bunch of scum!
Alright, back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Sorry to all the other callers.
We'll get back to you tomorrow.
Gary Franchi, thanks for coming on with us.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
It's been a pleasure.
You better take care.
Folks, I'm asking you to get my documentaries.
I'm asking you to go to Infowars.com.
I'm asking you to make copies of them.
I'm asking you to get aggressive.
We're going to bring them to justice.
When we take the country back, we're going to send these people to prison.
Alright, God bless you all.
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