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Air Date: March 11, 2007
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Welcome my friends.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're live.
It is March 11, 2007.
We'll be here for the next two hours, roughly, taking your phone calls.
Any news item, any issue, any story, any comment.
You disagree with me, you agree.
We don't screen the calls.
It's your first name, where you're calling from.
You want to tell us what you're calling in about.
That always gives us more to go off of when we go to your call.
So I'll have some semblance of what you want to discuss.
The only way we screen calls is that you volunteer the fact that you disagree with me on an issue, you go to the head of the line.
Unlike the neocon and fake liberal talk show hosts that litter the talk radio landscape with their establishment worship, we do the opposite here, my friends.
We actually want to hear what you have to say.
We're not here afraid of defending our ideas.
Alright, there is some good news.
Appeals Court overturns the District of Columbia, D.C.
gun ban.
And this is out of the Associated Press.
The Federal Appeals Court overturned the District of Columbia's long-standing handgun ban Friday, rejecting the city's argument that the Second Amendment right to bear arms applied only to militias.
In a two-to-one decision, the judges held that the activities protected by the Second Amendment are not limited to militia service, nor is an individual's right or the right contingent on enrollment in a militia.
The ban on owning handguns went into effect in 1976.
Now it will go to a higher federal court.
But yeah, total gun ban in D.C.
Now, the bad news is, in Illinois, where they first registered the guns, and they always come to confiscate them, every case in history, they're now banning almost every type of rifle and shotgun with the assault weapons ban of 2007 up in Illinois.
And the headline here, Illinois one step closer to gun ban out of CNS News.
So, the fight continues.
George Bush tried to ensure the passage, reauthorization, of the federal assault weapons ban last year.
And I've actually had wannabe conservatives who live in a wonderland, la-la land, come up to me on the street and tell me I'm a liar that Bush didn't lobby and didn't push for the assault weapons ban.
Well, call up with your name and wager $10,000!
You don't know what you're talking about!
And I'm frankly sick of you living in your delusional world where you tell me I'm making stuff up just because it doesn't fit into your fairy tale!
And no, I'm not going to sit here and talk about Hillary Clinton and what a monster she is.
We already know that.
And I'm not going to talk about Newt Gingrich, while he was going after Bill Clinton, of course was having an affair.
We know Newt Gingrich is a piece of trash who says the First Amendment should be outlawed.
We understand this.
He's a Council on Foreign Relations member who openly calls for the New World Order.
That means the end of this country.
And they all are on the same team, the Republicans and Democrats, working together
And the American people still haven't figured that out yet, and that's why there's a good chance you're going to get to live through real tyranny.
Unless you grow up now and start getting involved and informed now on the real issues, you're not going to like the way the world shapes up for you.
Here's the problem.
I've gotten in here today, and I frankly don't know where to start.
I mean, I've got a stack of global warming hype and fraud, two inches thick,
Of just the incredible lies being pushed by these people.
On the face it's a lie, but hey!
You've got a general public that believes Saddam carried out 9-11.
You've got a general public that can't find Iraq on a map.
You've got a general public that doesn't know who the Vice President is.
You've got a general public that doesn't understand basic issues.
And so, of course they're going to believe the sky is falling, and that global warming is man-made, and that a global tax is going to save them.
So good!
Enjoy it!
Alright, I'm being a little bit negative here.
We're going to walk through that today.
There is some good news.
Bill would block credit cards for illegals.
Bill would block credit cards for illegals.
That's been introduced at the federal level.
Because not just Bank of America, but Wells Fargo and 800 plus other major lending institutions for several years.
It's just that Bank of America is the latest.
Don't make illegals show any form of ID to get a bank account.
And then with that, they get a tax ID number, and with that, they're able to get housing loans and car loans and welfare.
Now, some banks ask that they show a consular matricula, but those things literally come in crackerjack boxes, so it doesn't matter.
But don't worry, you, the mark,
The establishment knows.
You're the American people that think you're free, so you'll put up with anything.
You're the mark.
Well, they got a nice federally controlled, state-issued IDs, which are really national ID cards for you, and you're going to say, yes, boss, and do whatever they say to you.
Because you want to be a slave.
Really, you do.
You don't want to have to make decisions.
You don't want to have to be informed.
You don't want to have to be involved in your life.
So you're going to be a slave!
If you don't control your life, somebody else is, okay?
And later today I'll go through what it's going to entail, you being a slave.
And who knows, perhaps you're going to enjoy it, but I really do need to stop being as sarcastic as I am here today.
Let me just go through some of the other news we're going to be covering.
Justice Department, FBI misused the Patriot Act.
Misused it.
That's like saying that somebody misused a cattle prod when you jam it up against the side of a cow trying to make it go into a squeeze shoot when you're going to dehorn it to send it off to the slaughterhouse.
It wasn't misused.
It's like they said, oh the NSA
misused their spying system when every major telecommunications hub in the country in 1996 had huge snooping hubs put in.
The phone company is the NSA.
Everything you say and do on radio, everything you fax, everything you email, every phone call you make, everything goes through government data banks first.
That George Bush gets up on television last year and says, Oh, I promise you we don't spy on you without a warrant.
That's the biggest bunch of bulls I've ever heard.
But you like being lied to, don't you?
Well, don't worry.
You're going to get lied to a lot more.
Alright, I'm going to settle down.
I'm getting mad here, folks.
Justice Department, FBI misused the Patriot Act.
They misused... Oh, and the Justice Department, that's like Adolf Hitler reporting to the German people that Hermann Goring had been misbehaving himself.
That's like Satan cuddling on Beelzebub.
That's like Lucifer reporting on the devil.
Oh, Alberto Gonzales, the Mecha La Raza supremacist member, the person who's joined a group who's sworn to destroy America, the individual that writes memos saying small children can be tortured in front of their parents!
He says the FBI has misused something!
Justice Department, FBI misused Patriot Act.
The FBI improperly, and in some cases illegally, used the Patriot Act to secretly obtain personal information about people in the United States underreporting for three years how often it forced businesses to turn over customer data.
A Justice Department audit concluded Friday.
Oh, the FBI agents sometimes demanded data without proper authorization.
The audit?
According to a 126 page audit by the Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine, and at other times the audit found the FBI improperly obtained telephone records in non-emergency circumstances.
I mean, folks, this is what's weird about the news.
You will read in trade publications, and in government documents, and even in the back of, by the back of, you know, deep in news wires, what's really going on.
Then you'll read something that's for public consumption like this.
It has no connection to reality.
Let me explain something to you.
Everything you do is watched.
Everything is recorded over any type of transmission.
We'll come back and give you the exact facts on this, okay?
You want to know?
Can you handle the truth?
We'll be right back!
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
First off, before I get into what the NSA and the CIA and the FBI are really doing, let's just get one thing perfectly straight here.
Most of what the National Security Agency does is spy on corporations.
They spy on U.S.
They spy on international offshore corporations.
They spy on everyone.
And economic data that can be used by the select few at the upper crust of the Fortune 500
When a new microprocessor is coming out.
When someone's planning to go public with a stock split.
When some bad news is going to come out.
And then select global corporations that own and run our government and our country.
And own us!
Let's not lie about it.
Totally own us!
Whose lobbyists manipulate and own our entire government.
Who have their own private armies, mercenaries, intelligence agencies.
And their own individuals in every agency.
They then use that data for insider trading.
They use that data so they can economically defeat their rivals.
They use that data to then steal new developments and then reverse engineer it and bring it to market before anybody else can.
Number one, the NSA engages in economic warfare.
And they engage in it against the U.S.
to develop the New World Order, to develop globalism, which transfers national sovereignty into the hands of the global corporations, 46 of which now are in the top 100 biggest economies.
That's right, 46.
And in the next few years, they're reporting, Forbes and others will, that over 50% of the 100 biggest economies will be corporations.
Now they come in with the IMF, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, they lobby your politicians, they then advocate, they hand over their authority to these private institutions.
It's real simple, okay?
So number one, the NSA is spying, also just for basic economic data.
I mean, people are out there with Nielsen and Arbitron and stuff like that for radio and TV.
Oh, give me a break, folks.
No, no, no, no.
The power of the NSA, which just predates and now is Google and the Internet, same keyword systems, is constantly being called for the real data of what society wants, of what society's thinking, of what people are into.
Here's a real simple analogy somebody who works for the NSA gave me years ago.
Most of this has been declassified.
Let's just say that for some reason a grassroots trend develops that strawberry-patterned clothing is going to be the style.
They've already picked up on it and can tell from past analysis that it's going to break out and be big.
Select corporations inside the global system are then given that info and they move forward to beat others getting that to market.
That's a very simple, boiled-down example.
Now, what's the number two thing that the National Security Agency, the NSA, and there's 15 other big spy agencies, most of them you don't even know the name of, you should learn the name of, Naval Reconnaissance, Defense Intelligence, on and on and on.
What else are they doing?
Well, number two, they're trying to keep their crimes secret.
So the NSA and these special compartmentalized areas is busy spying on the FBI, the CIA, and other agencies and giving that political data to different factions inside the system and finding out if the drug enforcement agency, the DEA, is going to try to stop a CIA ship with heroin coming in so your daughter can get addicted and be a whore.
And, you know, uh, two, uh, two, uh, because the government loves you so much!
They ship it in like a bunch of idiots!
You sit there and you go along with the war on drugs.
Yeah, so they, so the very drug cartels can stick you in the prisons they own so you can work for 20 cents an hour displacing everyone else's jobs, and the good old boys will drive down the street saying, make them criminals work, wondering why they've been laid off!
I'm sorry, I'm digressing here.
I'm gonna really
Angry mood today, folks.
So number one, the NSA is there to spy for economic data.
Number two, it's there to spy on good compartments in the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other areas, and for different factions.
Let's continue from that point on.
Those are the first two.
And then it's also so that when the government or criminal elements of it are going to stage a 9-11 or a 7-7 or an Operation Ajax or a
Other operations like they've launched, the USS Liberty attack, the Gulf of Tonkin, and other events, it's so that agents carrying out the attacks don't get caught by other agents that are compartmentalized.
So it's also to make sure they can carry out their events.
So, actually, the NSA is there to make sure the terrorist attacks happen when the black ops want it to.
So there are some of the reasons.
And then, they've been announcing they're spying on you, but only on a limited level, to have a chilling effect to scare you now.
See, ten years ago they denied even NSA existed.
Now they're ready for you to know, so they're incrementally bringing it out to introduce you to the fact
You're being surveilled by all the cameras, and you're being surveilled by all the police, and oh yes, we're listening to you, and oh yes, you've got to have a national ID card, but not the precious illegal aliens!
So this is how it works.
You're being taught now.
You're being slapped upside the head.
Bitch-slapped, I believe they call it.
Just right upside your head, just backhanded.
Here, let me just... The government says, shut your mouth!
We wear black uniforms!
We wear black masks!
Shut up!
We'll send SWAT teams by to splatter your guts all over the wall!
We're the government!
We rule, you scum!
We rule everything!
You understand?
It's called tyranny!
Shut up, scum, and learn to be trash!
Learn to be slaves!
Learn to have one-child policies!
Take your vaccine filled with mercury and live cancer viruses and just go play your golf and drink your whiskey and let your families fall apart and just shut up!
Shut up!
We'll shut up and serve the government!
So we will!
We'll shut up and America will die!
We'll shut up and be a third world country with our borders wide open overrun by a bunch of foreigners greedily waving their flags with hatred for this country!
I've had enough of it!
And I've had enough of you fakes out there with the plastic American flags made by Chinese slaves, with your George Bush stickers on your cars, telling me you're conservatives!
You're a bunch of feminine trash!
You're a bunch of weak un-American scum!
I'm sick of all of you!
These national talk show hosts get up there every week and they say I should be put in camps, they say I should be arrested, and you know why?
Because they know they're not stupid, they know they work for a criminal system, and they know the American people are rising, they know the American people are taking action, and they know we're gonna bring the New World Order down, do you hear me?
You hear me?
We're gonna defeat you!
From the depths of my soul, I swear eternal resistance to tyranny!
Dying Corrin Halliburton or in the Chicago Tribune riding giant child kidnapping rings.
My response to that, getting mad, is normal.
Your response, telling me that everything's okay, is stupid!
Well, come back and take your calls.
Continue to get into the news.
We'll be right back.
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It's Alex Jones.
Yeah, I went pretty wild during the last segment, didn't I, ladies and gentlemen?
We got calls from Australia, Atlanta, Virginia, Florida, Philly, all over the place.
We'll be getting your calls here in a moment.
I got a bunch of other news.
No, I mean, I'm sick of it.
I've got the White House memos written, given to the military, where it talks about torturing children with pliers.
I've got congressional testimony on it where they go, yeah, the President's got the power to order the torture of children.
They have parties on C-SPAN.
The White House does thanking with Show 24 for conditioning the public that torture's okay.
I mean, we're being warped, being turned into demon creatures.
And meanwhile, I don't listen to a lot of talk radio, but I'm sent audio clips all the time where I've tuned in and heard it.
I've just turned on Sean Hanley and heard him attacking me.
I'm just in my car, just randomly, you know, or other national hosts on some of the stations I'm on will come right out and say I need to be put in a concentration camp along with my listeners.
And they're serious, folks.
Michael Savage, Bortz, all of them.
And you know what?
They ought to be afraid, folks.
They should be afraid!
Because this stuff is real!
And what's happening is real.
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are real.
The New World Order is real.
You're like, what's a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report?
It's the real set of books.
Where they take almost all of the government tax money and put it off budget in funds and invest it in corporations and then you never even hear about it.
It isn't for the pension funds, it's for nobody.
It goes directly to the corporations.
When you find out 75% of the markets are owned by government.
Counties, cities, water districts.
Power districts.
School districts.
And when you learn that they're openly saying, hey, they're just going to take it all.
And when you learn that China is dumping a trillion dollars in U.S.
greenbacks right now and is going to buy up a trillion dollars of U.S.
assets, that makes the Arabs look like they're playing tiddlywinks.
Small time.
I love this country.
And it's being destroyed in front of me.
The dollar's been devalued by half.
Half the value of the money you got in the bank or the stock market.
You think the stock market's high right now?
They've doubled the money supply since 2000.
Then they made the money supply secret in 2006 when Bernanke said he was going to double it again in the next two years.
There's 1.5 cents of value in a dollar from what it was in 1913.
They have totally ripped us off
And we're in a fiat system where everything is totally extended, where we are just absolutely wide open, where we're totally exposed to the globalists, and one day they're going to pull the plug on purpose, like they did in 1929, and it's going to be a hundred times worse conservatively.
We have higher debt ratios in this country than we did in the depths of the Great Depression in 1933.
This stuff is real, folks!
The evil, the things that are committed by these people, how they've set us up, how these private interests have totally bought up our government, paid off our politicians.
The arrogance just makes my blood boil.
Alright, let's go to Sean in Australia.
He goes to the head of the line because it says he disagrees about some things.
You're on the air, then we'll go to everybody else.
G'day Mike.
Listen, I agree with everything you say.
The only reason I'm calling is to challenge you, effectively.
I'm not really challenging you.
I just wanted to get your opinion on oilempire.us.
Just totally mindless.
Peak Oil is a complete scam.
Yeah, the guy that's running this, he's trying to point out that 9-11 was a job, an inside job, but he's trying to point out that, you know, like it's all about peak oil, and they're great for power.
Now that goes into global warming, and I'm going to detail that in the second hour.
I just had to blow some steam off before then.
Yeah, the thing is, this is why I only called this show because usually I listen to your other show on GCN and I know you were talking about the evolution versus creation aspect and you were saying you don't know where to go with it and stuff.
I was saying it's a false debate!
Some preacher 150 years ago comes up with a story that the Earth's 6,000 years and then we have a false debate with the scientists which is a distraction!
Yeah, it's a straw man argument.
The whole thing's a straw man, exactly.
Yeah, the point is, though, is that this philosophical sophistry, right, it's just to cover their philosophical hegemony.
They're trying to maintain an idea that, you know, things just sort of come about from, you know, top down and all this sort of stuff.
They're trying to distract people from their sovereignty.
No, I agree with you, and all these false debates are just political footballs.
Everybody's been throwing around.
I appreciate your call from the land down under.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's see who's been holding the longest here.
Uh, let's go ahead and talk to Nick in Philly.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, thanks for having me on the show.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Yes, this is Nick from Philly 9-11 Truth, actually.
And, uh, I was calling today as a request that you might talk up the, uh, March 17th event that's going to be happening at the Pentagon.
We're trying to have an organized contingent of 9-11 Truth there representing.
Going into what really?
Hit the Pentagon?
Well, just to have a presence, because, I mean, the peace movement in general, in my opinion, is simply a steam valve.
Oh yeah, there's going to be some big anti-war communist thing going on there, and so you guys want to be there and try to get some real info out?
There's going to be over a million Americans there, conservatively estimated, and we're going to give them some direction, really, because at this point they're just kind of inert mass, and I think that we can... We did it at the
January 27th, and it was pretty effective.
Webster Tarpley and others were out there.
Sounds good, man.
Why don't you plug the website?
Yeah, dc911truth.org.
Appreciate the call.
All right, let's go ahead and go to the next caller.
Mark in Atlanta, Georgia.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yo, bro.
I sympathize with your rage to feel betrayed.
But we don't want to make it any easier for them to portray us as over-functioning.
Oh, I don't care!
You know what?
I don't care!
I don't care!
Let me tell you something.
Those bug-eyed yuppies driving along, when they finally figure out their dollars is basically toilet paper, and when they sign this stuff out later, I want them to remember!
I want to get their attention!
I want them to know I'm upset!
Well, and you've got... That's the thing that they completely... It's like I saw it on the Neocon about the...
Let's call them what they are, a bucket of socialist, pro-war, garbage, government-loving, torture-loving trash, who don't even know that they're not real conservatives.
Let's call them what they are, scum-suckers.
We're talking to a scum-sucker.
The thing is that, you know, this guy, he just basically dismissed it.
Don't care what some, just killed four more employees.
A completely missing question.
What did he dismiss?
Yeah, your phone's cutting out, man.
I wish I could have taken your call.
I just couldn't understand it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tony in Virginia.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, hey, I just read that scientists were threatened for climate denial.
I think that's a pretty good story.
The Boston Globe said that denying man-made global warming should be arrestable as holocaust denial.
You see, first they start out with holocaust denial, and you go, okay, let's arrest people for that.
And then next, oh, you don't believe that the sky's falling?
Arrest them!
This is the new freedom!
They teach our kids this in these dirtbag public schools we send them to!
These indoctrination centers!
Yeah, that movie is really good.
It's on Google Video right now.
Yeah, if you go to PrisonPlanet.com, we have a link so you can find it, to the Global Warming is a Scam film.
That's right, right, yeah.
It's definitely good.
It's very informative.
I'm going to go over that in the next hour.
But go ahead and tell your story now.
Well, there was an interview of Patrick Moore on there.
He's the co-founder of Greenpeace.
And he had a good quote in there.
When I left Greenpeace, it was in the midst of them adopting a campaign to ban chlorine worldwide.
Like I said, you guys, this is one of the elements in the periodic table.
You know, I'm not sure if this is our jurisdiction to be banning the whole element.
Just good stuff in there.
The other thing was about the NSA.
You were just talking about the NSA.
I just had an experience with that recently where I was posting some stuff to a mailing list and I started talking about Bilderberg Group and all that kind of stuff and then all of a sudden just magically my email shut down and I couldn't get into it for about 15 minutes.
And then about two weeks later, the police showed up at my house at 11 o'clock at night.
It's freedom!
Keep the borders open, but search you!
Stay there!
I want to hear the story on the other side.
Hope you go to a forced labor camp!
In America, you don't ask questions!
In America, you don't post opinions!
In America, you go to camps!
Yeah, that's freedom!
We'll be right back!
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas.
Broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
About 15 years ago I woke up at the new world order.
12 years ago I got on air.
And I've sworn to defend this country and our Bill of Rights.
From the Republican and Democratic parties, they're nothing but two management teams bought and paid for by global corporations.
And these corporations are not free market, they act as a worldwide crime syndicate, waging war against the people.
Let's go ahead and go back to Tony in Virginia.
Folks, I'm not joking, national talk show host every week.
Say, they almost have talking points.
We should all be putting camps.
Alex Jones needs to go on one of these camps.
Yeah, there's camps.
Let's put them in there.
Newt Gingrich, let's ban free speech.
I've had John McCain, you know, write four words to books about how evil I am and how dangerous I am.
I'm dangerous to you because you're part of the Keating Five, Mr. Anti-Corruption.
I'm not part of any giant stock swindle.
You better believe I'm dangerous to the New World Order, because I'm energizing the American people.
I'm getting them to take action.
Tens of millions of them know who the enemies of this country are.
I'm not licking your boots, I'm not under your mind control, and I'm not afraid of you!
Ideas are bulletproof and you can't stop us.
You're not going to stop us and you're going to be brought to justice.
You just need to know that.
And when we do get this country back, we're going to get all the federal documents and find out how many talk show hosts were paid off, who was given what money.
By the way, that even broke two years ago.
1.8 billion in fake newscasts.
Reporters paid off.
You only learn the tip of the iceberg, ladies and gentlemen.
Thousands of prominent members of the media are on government payroll.
Let me give you an example of one that was on government payroll.
Let me go to your calls.
Tommy Franks, the head of CENTCOM, who trotted over to run things in Iraq,
After four months, I guess he didn't like breathing all the depleted uranium they blasted the area with, so he came back.
And then I'd see him on Fox News and CNN going, no, just that fake Texas action.
I just want to be clear here.
I'm not a Republican or Democrat.
I just want to say that
I think the war's going very well.
We need more troops.
We need to support the President.
It's real sad to have to say, but if there's another terror attack, we're going to have to set aside the Constitution for a military form of government.
I don't like it, but it's what the people demand, and probably what needs to happen.
And he said it to Cigar Fish United.
He said it all over TV.
And of course, I remember seeing it on Fox, and I went, oh my God, he's on the payroll.
He goes, I'm not a Republican or a Democrat.
Now, martial law's what's coming.
I'm real sorry about it.
And guess what came out, ladies and gentlemen?
Tommy Franks was getting 500,000 plus dollars a year, secretly, after he got out of the military by the CIA as part of a fake media campaign.
I mean, we're not all as dumb as the general public.
You can put that old spook up there on TV and have him tell us the military's going to be taking over.
I mean, look, I read my Gibbon.
I read my Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.
I read my Shearer, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
I read my Hobel, Order of the Deathshead.
I read my Machiavelli, The Prince.
Don't try it.
I mean, how dumb do you think some of us are when you and others are out talking about camps every day and talking about abolishing the Bill of Rights in America?
It's because a bunch of greedy corporations are doing to the U.S.
what they did to hundreds of third world nations.
They're overthrowing us.
They're acing us.
And they're using fancy PR propaganda to get the job done.
But what they're not going to be able to stop is after they pull it off, if they do, you're all going to know that I was right.
And you're all going to see it.
And you're going to know.
And things are going to get so bad for you in this country, you're going to be forced to stand up against those that are guilty.
And to stand up against those that need to be punished.
And you'll know who your enemies
Yes, and you'll know that ideas are bulletproof and will never be stopped!
You may be able to rationalize to yourself out there that having CIA paid fake people in the media and government run teleprompters is freedom and torture camps, but it isn't!
And don't you try to tell me it's because of 9-11, you dumb people out there that don't understand that!
It was an inside job!
So they could take your freedoms!
I'm in a bad mood today.
I mean, really, because I get to the point in radio where I come into these smooth, nice shows with analysis, and I'm just like, no, that's not what they need.
Why do I need to go over facts anymore?
Why do I have to prove what I'm saying?
It's all been proven.
The truth is, it's all in industry publications.
They announced in 96 that 9 billion dollars to every major telecommunications hub backbone was to have NSA move in with whole floors run by the NSA.
Now I've said that almost every week since I learned it in 96.
You've heard me 50 times.
I've written articles about it.
And what came out?
Last year, one of the top employees, one of the top engineers at
AT&T in San Francisco said, yeah, there's a whole part of a floor run by the NSA.
Everything goes through it.
They listen to everything.
And he had the documents.
And he goes, yeah, what's behind the door is a secret, but then they had the people here putting it in, the construction workers, and all the documents were public.
That's the point.
They can say what the government's doing is all secret, but it's not.
It's in the industry publications.
It's in the blueprints.
It's in the filings.
It's in the documents.
It's in what they do.
And they announced at 96, 9 billion bucks to wire the hubs.
They were already spot grabbing and doing things, but then they got the data.
Then they got the
The amount of memory space they needed, 96, and everything's recorded.
Every region has NSA listening systems.
There's a bunch right outside Austin.
And then they just sit there picking up all the radio transmissions.
Whether it's transmitted or whether it's
Broadcast, it doesn't matter.
And folks, it has nothing to do with stopping Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda's gonna get you if you don't give up all your rights to the government.
I mean, I'm so sick of you being so stupid.
I'm so sick of you being conned.
You need to be slapped upside the head!
Alright, let's go back to an evil Al-Qaeda, Tony.
In Virginia, I'm glad they were watching you, Tony.
So you was on the internet posting something that was un-American!
And they dropped by, didn't they, boy?
Yeah, it happened, but... Good!
You deserve it!
That was amazing!
I mean, my whole email was just shut down.
I couldn't get into any of my accounts, my website... Because you're with Al Qaeda!
And everybody else out there better shut up and not get involved!
Everybody else out there better lay down and take the slavery and hand your kids over to the government!
You just heard what happened to Tony!
This is Land of the Coward, Home of the Slaves!
So start acting like it!
Get afraid out there!
Don't talk to nobody!
Lay down!
I'm sorry, go ahead.
That's freedom.
Yeah, that's freedom.
And, uh, then I found out the next day that there was, like, ten of them out there.
Ten of them!
Yeah, I guess they were all undercover cops.
Um, and so they said that they'd heard that, uh, they'd gotten a tip that there was drug dealing going on in the house while I don't do drugs, and then I... Here with Alka, shut up, boy!
So basically, they kind of made some threatening remarks and let him in.
Okay, so I'm completely dead asleep.
And then I hear a knock on my door.
And, you know, this guy comes in, turns the light on, and goes, Hi, how you doing?
I'm officer so-and-so.
I'm completely dead asleep.
And I'm in the military, by the way, so he looks at one of my medals and, you know, I guess he was sort of bewildered.
He looked bewildered.
I think he was really expecting to find drugs in the house.
He didn't find anything.
He didn't find any of the products his bosses had shipped in?
Yeah, exactly.
That's right.
He didn't find their dirtbag government product?
That's awesome.
He just looked at me and he said, well, I appreciate what you do, which I can't stand it when people say that, but whatever.
And then he leaves, and I go back to sleep, and I think about it the next day, and I'm like, wow, this is really weird.
This is like Soviet-style America.
There's 10 of them sitting outside.
And this guy's handshake, he was cold.
He must have been sitting out there for probably an hour or something like that.
Listen, listen, I gotta jump, but I appreciate your calling.
Anything else?
Uh, I think people should start manufacturing businesses in the United States.
I think that this is one of the ways that we can get out of this predicament that we're in.
That's all.
You mean start grassroots businesses?
Absolutely, Alex.
Don't you think?
I agree.
We need to be more independent.
Listen, folks.
I'm not kidding around with you.
You need to understand this.
I'm not saying the FBI's bad or local cops are bad.
I'm saying the system's bad and the people running are bad.
I mean, you can't imagine the amount of evidence I've got.
And I have to live with this.
I have to know how evil they are.
It's unbelievable!
The things they've done!
Our government, in the 40s through the 60s, took over 10,000 little children and radiated them to death.
They'd tell their parents they were going to go get an x-ray.
Now, that's one example of literally thousands I could give you right now.
You know, I'm making a film about eugenics right now.
Don't know what eugenics is, but you know what a quarterback is, though, don't you?
Because it's manly.
Well, okay, but it's manly to also know how the world works.
And it's manly to be informed.
You better find out what eugenics is.
And I'm studying eugenics right now, how the government
Oh my God.
When I learned biometrics was a eugenics term.
We'll be right back with a second hour.
Just stay with me.
Stay with me.
Global Warming coming up.
Your calls.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
We're now here into the second hour.
Let's just blast through these loaded phone lines, then I'll get into the global warming scam, how it ties into a little terror you'll be hearing more about from your corporate-controlled media.
It's supposedly serene, though.
I'm about, uh, the, uh, peacoil, and how that ties in.
But basically, it comes down to this.
The game is fixed, the dice is loaded, and individuals out there, the average person, looks at issues on an issue-by-issue basis.
You've got to look at how they're interconnected.
Like, take the cover of the Austin American Statesman today.
It says the war looks different in Killeen.
Military town thrives as Iraq conflict continues.
Troop support runs high.
So, because it doesn't run high in Austin, the statesman has to go out and manufacture a story out of Killeen to come bring it back here and tell us how everyone loves it.
So you hear support the troops.
Now they take the definition of that and they set the parameters.
Supporting the troops means
Having some of them start their fifth tour coming up in a couple months.
Actually, just a few weeks.
The war started four years ago this month.
And the fact that there's automatic re-upping, stop-loss, that in World War II they made you serve 11 and a half months.
Vietnam, 11 and a half months.
Not in the new America.
No, no!
One, two, three, four, now I'm going to start your fifth year and you're going to love it!
And it doesn't matter if the government lied to you, this is how we support you.
Well, in major polls, take Gallup for instance, 70% of the troops want to come home and believe the mission is not working.
Of course, they don't even know what the mission is.
Let me tell you, for the troops listening, let me give you the mission.
The Israeli plan in 83 is mirrored by the 2002 Pentagon plan.
And this is all after, if you want to go look it up, to break Iraq in three pieces and stir up sectarian war, and then use it as a launch base to go into Iran.
The plan's going quite well!
You see, you're told it's failing.
Oh, no, no, Bush is executing!
Just like Bill Clinton executed his program of destroying this country.
And meanwhile, we're being demonized worldwide.
And it was the same thing on the war on drugs.
The government says, yeah, it's failed, but we need more funding.
There's triple the heroin, double the cocaine.
Five times as many people in prison as there was 12 years ago.
It's a great failure.
No, more drugs on the streets is the plan.
More people in private prisons is the plan.
More doors getting kicked down without warrants is the plan.
It's an incredible success, which is why the funding will be increased.
Timmy, you don't think the drug dealers just ship it in?
No, then they get your sons and daughters and put them in, and you go look at the big private prison industries, they're owned by the big drug cartels, they're the big banks that launder the money, whole reports have been done on that, and you will serve in the drug dealer's prison!
I mean, haven't you figured this out yet?
They just make something highly addictive illegal, then that makes crime be involved with it, then they get to get your family and put them in prison?
I mean, it's 2 plus 2, folks!
2 plus 2!
It equals 4!
You see?
Common sense is there on every issue.
And I could talk for 10 hours about my evidence the government deals the drugs.
How many FBI, how many CIA, how many former heads of Latin America counter-drug, anti-terrorism officers do I have to get on?
Who were there watching the cocaine be loaded by the CIA to be flown in?
Of course, they don't ship most of it in.
I mean, sometimes they like pure profit for themselves.
More often than not, though, it's just the big cartels pay their cut to said bank for laundering.
And instead of getting points on interest, the drug cartels might pay 10, 20, 30 percent points on their money to be able to launder it.
It's 300 billion dollars a year now here in the U.S.
Oh no, the government and the corporations aren't involved.
By the way, government, I don't use any of your dirty, filthy drugs.
Now, young people, MTV and the culture makes you think drugs are cool and rebellious.
No, it's not.
Be strong.
Be straight.
Don't get in trouble.
Drive the speed limit.
Just get out of your government training camps.
Keep your head down.
Don't let them catch you and get you in the system.
That's all they want to do is get you.
If they can't get you on welfare, they're going to try to get you in their criminal justice system.
Beat them.
Beat them.
Beat them.
And just the whole time, just be scanning and getting info and knowing who your enemies are.
Just the whole time, know what the New World Order is and just get the word out about the New World Order.
That's what we're going to do.
We're going to defeat them!
We're going to defeat them!
Oh man, I'm fired up today.
Can you tell I'm fired up today?
I haven't even had very much coffee today either.
Oh, man.
But so I see this.
We support our troops.
See, we just let them have that position.
We support them!
Oh, yeah, you give them deadly experimental vaccines, you cheat them on their health care, you treat them like dog meat, and you lie to them saying they'd be home in six months, promising, and the plan the whole time was to be there for at least 30 years, and you think lying... Oh, oh, you support them.
Next time, folks,
Next time the police go to somebody's house and somebody shot their wife, I think the officer should just give him a medal because he supported his wife.
Of course, I'm being sarcastic.
No, he killed his wife.
It's bad.
It's not helping the troops to feed him into a meat grinder.
You know, have you ever stick your hand in the garbage disposal and it accidentally kicks on, cuts a couple of your fingers off, mangles them?
That's supporting your fingers.
In fact, just go ahead and shove your arm in deeper!
Oh no, we're not going to back out now!
Here, just shove it in deeper!
Meanwhile, our country's being overrun.
Millions of illegal aliens are marching in the streets, preaching down with America.
The Attorney General is a member of Mecha and La Raza.
That's like the equivalent of a Nazi.
Openly, publicly.
That's okay.
Uh, and, uh, the whole country's falling apart.
The dollar's falling apart.
Oh, but let's not defend the borders!
Let's not do anything real.
Let's just make everybody feel good.
Let's just tell them, oh, we, we support the troops.
I mean, this is amazing.
The war looks different in Killeen.
Military town thrives as Iraq conflict continues.
Troop support runs high.
You know, you don't connect the dots.
It's the same government that launched this war, that wasn't even declared, with all these no-bid contracts for profit, who signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership.
The country ended in, oh my gosh, that was two years ago now, March of 2005, SPP.gov.
We are now in the North American Union.
Judicial Watch sued last year when they had another meeting, got their documents, and it said, keep North American Union secret, abolish the dollar, bring in the Amaro.
It's all available, you don't have any excuse.
It's been in the newspaper.
Lou Dobbs has covered it.
The country ended.
We're now being merged with Canada and Mexico.
You try to walk up to one of these types, it's got the ribbons all over them and the hats.
Not all of them.
A lot of those guys care.
Either those guys with the ribbons and the hats are more involved and care and know about the new world order or they know nothing.
They'll go, I don't know what you're talking about.
I support the country.
I support whatever the government does.
I talked to some guy yesterday on the street.
I was doing interviews.
Or it was Friday.
And I go, do you know about the North American Union?
Do you know about the European Union?
Listen, I'm a veteran.
I support whatever the government says.
And I said, but isn't the government the people?
No, I just do whatever they say.
I've got him on tape!
Hey man, that's not being an American!
And you guys have got the nerve to point at me and others and tell us it's un-American to ask questions, it's un-American to be informed, it's un-American to be involved, and I should be arrested and put in a concentration camp.
Now, I know three national talk show hosts that have said that.
There's got to be a memo or something.
And, Newt Gingrich is saying ban free speech.
And, all these other, the Deputy Attorney General of California, a Democrat, is saying arrest people that disagree.
Because they're scared!
You better be scared!
You better be scared!
Because you are crooks!
Anybody that calls for putting Americans in camps are crooks!
I don't think you should call somebody bad just to put people in camps.
Next, you're going to say Hitler's good.
That'll be the new thing.
You don't like Hitler, you're bad.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
I promise, if you're causing global warming, stay with it.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
The point I'm trying to make is this.
The very people claiming they're leading us to a great victory, a great war for America, are the very ones dismantling the country's currency, its borders, everything.
And I'm tired of them up there in this high and mighty pose of, we support the troops!
You know, you're the one getting them killed in a line of fraud!
You hate the troops!
And, there's so many people who are like, well they're there, so we just gotta keep supporting them.
We need to get them home.
You know, the majority of the American people, 70 plus percent, and the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, the war wasn't declared, say you gotta bring them home.
And the government says, no, we're going to put 20,000 more in, and another 2,000, another 4,000, another... They're going to build all up to 40,000 more troops, and it's never going to stop.
But for those of you out there sucking your thumb, who are pro-war, who think, well, that's because we run things, and you don't, liberal.
Let me just tell you something.
You don't run anything, okay?
Let's get that straight.
And you are the liberal, if you actually want to go off the terms you use.
But I know you don't care.
As long as America's destroyed, you're going to be happy.
And don't worry.
It pretty much has been.
I get a little bit of pleasure knowing, though, that though you helped all this happen, it's going to hit your pocketbook, too, when you find out what your dollar's worth when the news finally gets announced.
When all the rest of it comes home?
Yeah, when you're sitting there.
When you're sitting there and you've lost almost everything.
I just want you to remember.
I know you'll still be sucking your thumb, watching the TV, worshipping your leaders.
They'll be up there telling you what you can do to get out of it all.
Because they're your leaders and they care about you and everything's fine.
But at least deep down you'll know you're a scumbag slave, won't you?
Alright, I'm being a little bit nasty today.
It's because I'm just letting you know folks, I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of putting up with baloney.
I'm sick of putting up with lies.
I know what I'm talking about.
I've done the research.
Criminals run the government in the country.
The only reason they haven't killed me is because they killed a lot of people in the past, and they found out what Thomas Jefferson said was true, that the tree of liberty is nourished by the blood of patriots.
And they crush me.
They just make people pay attention to what I've said, and you just turn me into a martyr.
Better to just marginalize and ignore, besides you can't get us all, can you scum?
Let's go ahead and take some more calls here.
Let's talk to Melody in Ohio.
You're on the air, welcome.
Hey Alex, I'm so glad you took up my call.
I want to tell you about how me and Emily are helping you fight this InfoWars.
Oh, that's right.
Your daughter, I'm trying to go from memory here, she is trying to set up a 9-11 truth group at her school.
Yeah, she's not having much luck with it, but she's still trying.
Now, let's be clear.
Because the school decides if it's authorized.
Who cares if it's authorized?
Just tell them it's a banned group.
Ten times the kids will want to be involved and have it off school grounds.
Yeah, that's what she's been trying to do.
We've been taking our portable DVD player with us wherever we go out to eat.
And we stick in a, you know, like a loose change movie or one of your movies in and start watching it and then we kind of talk kind of loud about it.
And we've had people come up and ask us, you know, I've heard about loose change and I tell them where to go to watch it and, you know, people will sit around kind of sneak peeks at it and try to listen to it.
So that's kind of, I know it's not a lot of people, but we get a few people.
Hey, millions of folks are doing what you're doing right now.
That's why my film, last time I looked, Terror Storm, my newest, has had over 7 million views on Google Video alone.
Liz Changes has now had over 70 million.
And that's a conservative number.
And, uh, but it's been out about a year and a half.
Mine's been out about six, seven months.
And we're having a huge effect.
And my latest film, Terrorist Storm, hit number eight on Amazon.com.
Folks can learn more at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
And I just hope you get, or we obviously already have Terrorist Storm.
I hope you make a lot of copies of it and get it out to people because it's highly effective, as you know.
And, uh, there was one other thing.
You talk about vaccines a lot.
And I've been looking into all that stuff.
Me and my husband both take insulin, and I've been so scared to look to see what's in our insulin.
And I couldn't find the thermosol, the mercury, but they put creosote in our insulin.
Good Lord, I didn't know that.
Listen, I appreciate your call, and I commend you and your daughter.
Folks, that's the thing.
There are hundreds in some of these processed foods, derivatives from petrochemicals, crude oil, chemicals.
This stuff's deadly.
The stuff that's in our medicines is out of control.
And, uh, thimerosal is mercury, and autism has gone up tens of thousands of percentage points.
From what, 25, 26 years ago?
Uh, from 1 in 24,000 to now less than 1 in 150?
By the way, they haven't taken the mercury out of the vaccines.
The AP reported they hadn't, but then you hear big news announcements they had.
Well, you also hear a lying governor, Rick Perry, get up on the radio and TV and the newspaper and tell everybody it's the law, you gotta take this new HPV papillomavirus vaccine that doesn't even protect you from most of the cancer viruses that can give you cervical cancer.
Then he lies and says it's the number two cancer.
That's a complete lie.
Just go top in.
Top ten cancers in women.
Total lie.
They just lie to you!
I'm so sick of how they just lie and lie and lie and lie.
There's no law you gotta take that.
There's no law you gotta take any vaccine.
Don't take my word on it either, by the way.
Go check it out!
You know, the average American now just goes, well, he's wearing a nice suit and that's a nice teleprompter he's reading off of.
I think I'll believe this news anchor.
Folks, do not believe me just because I just told you that.
Type into Google, Texas vaccine laws.
Vaccines not mandatory.
Vaccine waiver.
Just go to the State Health Department.
Man, I want you to find this out.
You think I'd just get up here on the radio and I'd say, DynCorp and Halliburton were in the Chicago Tribune and reporting on how they were running giant white slavery rings, kidnapping women and children?
You think for five minutes I'd be on the radio?
That wasn't true?
But I still can't believe it.
I know why you can't believe it.
Because it's scary, folks!
It's real scary!
This is not your government!
Bunch of bloodthirsty killers is what it is!
Have you ever watched the Texas Legislature?
There's a few of them that are good there.
They're a bunch of painted up, dressed up, with their hair all done, in these $5,000 suits, strutting around, just loving power.
And folks, I just can't understand it.
These people that just love power, and love money, and would sell their country out, and they're real effeminate.
These men are real.
They're trying to act macho, but they're real.
They're just a bunch of chicken necks.
They're a bunch of scum!
A real man would take care of his family, and his country, and his state, and be a statesman.
A statesman.
Not like that state senator, our former mayor, who big land grabs, all the scams, and now he's on the Campo board going after our roads for foreign companies.
Kirk Watson!
Make me want to throw up, you little twit.
Alright, let's go ahead and take another call here.
I said I'd get into global warming.
I'm just so angry today.
I don't even know how I can operate.
Let's go ahead and go to Scott and Kelly.
You're on the air, Commander.
Hey, how you doing?
Hey, you know what?
I'm ashamed to say I only woke up about a year ago.
I've been following your show, and you say you're a libertarian.
You believe in libertarianism, which implies to me that libertarianism is the best solution to the problems we have, in your view.
Well, I mean, what brand of libertarianism?
I mean, there's a hundred stripes of that.
I'm saying if you want handles, I mean, the media always calls me a libertarian.
I'm a constitutionalist, and I think that that embodies really the most
Baseline, middle-of-the-road, libertarian ideas.
Okay, well, there's Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mies, Frederick Hayek, and Murray N. Rothbard.
Murray N. Rothbard, in particular, was the most frightening of the people I studied.
By the way, I studied him because I'm a follower of your show.
No, no, I understand.
We'll come right back to you.
Stay there.
This sounds important.
And then I promise, I'm going to get into some global warming news, latest developments.
PrisonPlanet.com is the website.
Stay with us.
Did you ever wonder how an opera singer that hits a high note is able to shatter a wine glass?
Well, the glass has a natural resonance.
If the resonant frequency force making the glass vibrate is big enough, the size of the vibration will become so large that the glass shatters.
Using this similar principle, Royal Raymond Rife discovered that diseased organisms can be destroyed using different resonant frequencies.
The BioSolutions Frequency Instrument
I think so.
I think so.
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Government is best, which governs least.
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Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
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You're listening to GCN.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked into the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, there's a whole branch of libertarianism.
Get rid of the borders.
It's globalist.
Have no sovereignty.
Anything goes.
Total laissez-faire.
That's why I said I'm a middle-of-the-road libertarian.
That's why none of these terms can even fit.
I'm a constitutionalist.
I believe in the Bill of Rights.
I believe in the Constitution.
I believe in the Second Amendment.
I believe in sovereignty.
I believe in a strong military to defend the nation.
I mean, let me tell you, Mexico is shooting at us every week.
I mean, I'd be down in Mexico, if I was the president, we wouldn't have troops in Baghdad, we'd have troops in Mexico City.
And I mean that, see that's, oh my gosh, that's extreme!
Iraq didn't do anything except have a CIA puppet put in, who our government set up, named Saddam Hussein!
Iraq's done nothing to us!
Mexico openly says they're absorbing the Southwest!
And Mexican lobbyists basically run the Texas Statehouse, I was down there Friday, it's pathetic!
I'm sick of it!
Alright, sorry.
I am out of control today, it is true.
Let's go ahead and let Scott in California finish up with that.
Go ahead.
Okay, well, libertarianism.
You mentioned that you're a middle-of-the-road libertarian, but as you've mentioned so many times, the general public, even your listeners who are more educated than most, probably aren't going to do all the research to be able to delineate and separate all the different kinds of libertarianism.
And so I'm afraid that the definition
If the Libertarian Movement did get power, and did take hold, that just as politicians always do, they'll try to expand the definition, they'll try to twist the definition, and my real fear is that the New World Order will actually forward their agenda more quickly under Libertarianism than under the current system we have.
Well, I think under a certain brand of it that is one of the dominant strains, it is globalism.
And so I appreciate your call.
Very good points.
Let's just rampage through the rest of them so I can spend the rest of the time on global warming fraud.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ian in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Ian.
Yes, Ian.
Going once.
Going twice.
Going thrice.
You're gone, aren't you, Ian?
Let's talk about Ron Paul with Jeffrey in Michigan.
Go ahead, my Michigander.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Here's my question, and I don't want to sound like a pessimist, but realistically, with the corruption in voting and stuff... Yeah, we're totally screwed.
We're going into FEMA camps, total annihilation.
Hopefully it doesn't get that bad.
I hope so, yeah.
I hope you're right.
Um, I support Ron Paul and I'm hoping he's making a huge running for the Republican Party, but I fear the fact of it's not a population vote.
Well listen, you couldn't ask.
Let me just say something about Ron Paul.
He's a good friend of mine.
This is founding father quality, and he's from right here in Texas.
I agree.
And you could not ask for a better statesman.
I haven't seen anybody this good on the Constitution in like 200 years.
I mean, he's better when it comes to the Constitution than somebody like Andrew Jackson, who I, by the way, love, Andrew Jackson.
I mean, you talk about a man of the people, he was the real deal, folks.
We haven't had anybody half decent since him.
And, you know, Kennedy got his head blown off because he was actually trying to help the people, but he was nothing compared to somebody like Ron Paul.
We need Ron Paul, and in a lot of straw polls he's leading the Republican PAC, but they won't let him in most polls, but he's going to be in one of the first big presidential debates coming up in a few months on CNN.
Now, see, I agree.
I think he's great.
He's the perfect example of what this country needs, but do you realistically believe he has
The chance, basically.
I mean, with the Republican Party, they can easily make him look as though he's a crazy idiot.
Well, that doesn't work anymore.
I mean, of course they're going to do what they do.
Look, look.
There's been a fundamental change, okay?
Thinking Americans found out there's billions in secret funding to reporters and talk show hosts.
So, number one, the public isn't buying as much bull anymore.
Number two, in the past, you would have either Republicans or Democrats in favor in the polls of the general public.
Now the Congress has a 14% approval rating.
The Democrats have a very low rating.
The Republicans have a low rating.
Across the board, people know that there's no difference.
So what does the establishment do?
They move in with police state.
They move in to make you feel like you're by yourself.
They move in to make you feel inadequate.
It's lies, okay?
They wouldn't be on air going, yeah, the government's watching you, and yeah, we're going to put you in FEMA camp.
Shut up!
You're with Al-Qaeda if you disagree with us.
They wouldn't be doing that if they weren't scared right now.
It doesn't matter if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush or Newt Gingrich or
Any of them get elected, they're all just as bad.
They're all bought and paid for, pro-war, pro-open border, pro-New World Order.
Anybody that gets pushed by the national media is going to be New World Order.
They'll fight over a few little side issues that'll never get decided.
And I say there's... I mean, abortion is not a side issue.
But it is a side issue because they never really debate it.
The fight's not real.
Okay, Bush controlled the House, the Senate, the Governors, the Legislative, the Judicial, the Executive.
He didn't do anything about it.
So it becomes a side issue because it's just a football.
They're just playing with it.
And so you can forget it.
Let's start thinking about local government.
Let's think about where you can run and really have an effect.
As a city council member, or as a county commissioner, or as a dog catcher, or the school board, or the water district.
And we're getting to a point where you're going to have to run and act like you're New World Order just to get in, and then start blowing the whistle once you get in there.
And in the public, when you hear about corruption, you've got to get angry about it.
And you've got to file lawsuits!
Let me tell you something, I'm not a litigious person, but you go after me, I will go after you!
And I had to sue AXS TV here in Austin, the birthplace of AXS Television last year, because I knew they were trying to shut it down, and I had no idea how bad it was.
I had no idea there was money and payoffs and hundreds of thousands stolen, and the director of it got 40-something years in prison, commuted down to like nine years, and is in Huntsville right now.
And I had to spend $11,000 of my money
For the PI and the lawyer, but we busted them up!
Now look, I'm just a little guy, okay?
Why don't you do stuff like that?
Why do I have to recognize all the evil?
Recognize all the corruption?
Why do I have to get out there and do it all?
Let's go ahead and talk to
Is Ian back?
Because I don't like to take a call.
He says he's back.
We'll try one more time.
Ian, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I'm sorry about that.
It's okay.
Go ahead.
I haven't talked to you in a long time, and it's good to talk to you again.
I was wondering if you wanted to comment on how Bush supposedly bought 100,000 acres in Paraguay.
Yeah, he bought it.
It's an investment.
Everybody thinks he wants to run there.
He's not going to run anywhere.
He's going to suck this country dry, and he's going to be loved for it.
But I guess that country passed some legislation where international war criminals can't be touched there.
That's why people think he's going to mess his little escape plan.
They'll probably fly out of here on that red carpet he rides on.
I don't know what he's gonna do.
Alright, you know what?
You guys gotta stop it.
Through the glass they laugh at me, then I start playing to them behind there.
I'm sorry.
No, you know what?
Some say he may be planning to run and leave the country, and it wouldn't be the first time a president's been, you know, gotten in a lot of trouble and been removed from office.
But we'll see what happens.
Again, it doesn't matter.
George Bush is a total puppet, runs nothing.
I mean, let me just stop you.
Did you know it's admitted
That Bush, when Vicente Fox came to town three years ago, said, let's go ride horses, because Fox owns like some 100,000 acre ranch down there, and Bush said, no, no, no, I'm scared of horses.
I know people that know Bush, okay?
I mean, nothing against you if you're from Kennebunkport, Maine and talk with a Thurston Howe, Buffy, you know, that English Atlantic accent.
But this is how George Bush actually talks.
That's how he talks, but then he gets out there with a cowboy hat and goes, I'm your president.
I'm John Wayne, and waddles around.
Everybody goes, by God, he's a cowboy.
Oh boy, he's scared of horses!
It makes me want to throw up!
It's all fake!
It's all fake!
Yeah, exactly, well... Did you hear Hillary Clinton?
Type in the... Hold on a minute.
Guys, hold on a second.
I'll come back to you if I have time.
Type into Google real quick, Hillary Clinton in Kentucky, where she's going, I like you boy!
Good to see you!
You're out there in the cement pond swimming.
I mean, I mean, that's how dumb they think you are.
Bush out there going, hey, you know, it won't hurt.
And Hillary's going, I am glad to see you, bong dang bop.
I mean, come on, be real.
Let me hear your war cry.
Yeah, all right.
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I don't feel no way tired.
I've come too far from where I started from.
Nobody told me that the road would be easy.
Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
Yeah, that's Hillary about two and a half weeks ago at a black church in Kentucky.
And this is how dumb she thinks Americans are.
This is how stupid she is.
And Bush does the same thing.
And Bill Clinton does the same thing.
But Hillary's from Illinois.
When she goes to New York, she's booed by all the firefighters and police and big functions.
And she gets up there and puts on a Brooklyn accent when she's in Queens.
She puts on a,
I don't feel no way tired.
Let's hear the first part one more time.
I mean, this is Hillary Clinton.
I don't feel no way tired.
I've come too far from where I started from.
Nobody told me... I mean, again, it's just form over substance.
This is what they do.
It's like these phony conservatives.
They're not conservative any more than she's not from Kentucky.
I mean, hell, if I went to Kentucky, I'd be Alex Jones.
I'm here to talk to you.
That's what people want, but these politicians think you're so stupid that you're going to buy all their fakeness.
And I guess some people do.
Look, I know we've got loaded phone lines here, but I said I'd get some into global warming, and I guess I'll do that, and we'll try to jam a few calls in here in a moment.
If you want to fight these murdering pieces of trash that run the New World Order, folks, you need to get Terror Storm available at InfoWars.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
Just remember the word.
One word or two words, however you like it.
Terror Storm.
Terror Storm.
In case you forgot, Terror Storm.
All right.
You guys need to stop it in there.
I don't care anymore, folks.
I mean, this stuff, the government's so corrupt now.
Stuff's so out of control now.
I just can't even believe it's this corrupt.
I mean, I can't even believe, when you know the stuff I know, you know the stuff they're doing.
Frankly, I...
Sometimes I just wish I'd go crazy and they'd just throw me in a rubber room.
I'd go worship George Bush.
I'd look at him on TV and say, that's John Wayne!
Everybody in the mental institution.
But I guess that is America.
America's like a big mental institution.
Alright, I'm going to stop it.
Let's get serious here for a moment.
That was real with Hillary.
Let's play it one more time.
This is real, folks.
This is a conspiracy if I say that it doesn't
Oh, they're pulling it back up.
That was off the web.
No, I mean, it's a conspiracy theory.
I'm an extremist.
You know I make stuff up.
Hillary's not faking what she thinks a black Kentuckian sounds like, a stereotype.
This is really how Hillary Clinton sounds.
It's not condescending she was talking this way.
Maybe she secretly is from Kentucky.
I don't feel no way tired.
I've come too far from where I started from.
Nobody told me that the road would be easy.
Alright, that's enough.
I'm going to drop it.
Oh my gosh.
Scientists offer dire forecasts for the Earth.
Climate Report warns of global warming effects, AP.
And basically it just says most of us are going to die and it's all over.
Only world government can save us.
It does.
Here's another one.
EU challenges world with climate change plan.
And of course it's a big giant global tax.
Even if you believe humans are causing global warming, their solution does nothing but fun the criminals around everything.
But they're not worried about real things like this story here out of the Daily Mail.
The Rice with Human Genes, the first GM food crop containing human genes, is set to be approved for commercial production.
The laboratory-created rice produces some of the human proteins found in breast milk and saliva.
developers say they could use it to treat children with diarrhea, a major killer in the third world.
So it's a pharmacological crop.
I've interviewed Nobel Prize winners and others who were working in big farms making millions a year.
But they had morals, and they found that take the one variety of genetically modified potato, and there are several of these varieties that have caused these problems, and half the rats in less than a month being fed it die.
And it's causing all sorts of problems in humans, and allergies, and cancers, because it creates new amino acids that have never been around, never existed in any form of plant or animal.
It's poison!
But it doesn't matter.
You're going to eat it.
We have real problems like this going on.
Meanwhile, let me just break it down for you.
The sun has heated up to record levels in the hundreds of years that they've been recording its radiance.
It is at record levels.
That's NASA.
That's the European Space Agency.
That's major universities.
And when the sun heats up, lo and behold, the Earth does.
Not just Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, ice cap is melt, ice peak, but the ice caps on Mars have receded massively.
And Saturn's moons are heating up, and one of their frozen oceans is now liquid, and the entire solar system is heating up because the sun is going absolutely bonkers.
They've also done ice core studies, and they know that carbon dioxide comes after the solar events, and that raised levels of carbon dioxide are actually good for the environment, because it causes plants to be more healthy and grow faster, and then they put out more oxygen that we breathe.
And so you want more carbon dioxide.
Of course, we've got the secret North American Union documents that EU members were at last September for a request by Judicial Watch.
Keep talking about those, it's a pretty big deal.
And agenda one was keeping it secret from you, as I said earlier.
Agenda number two was how to get a North American Union carbon tax and how they needed to push this baloney.
And so now... Oh, here's something else.
I'm not an expert on polar bears, but I've probably watched five, ten shows over the years.
I don't know.
Watched one the other night about polar bears.
One of the few things I let my kids watch is the, you know, nature shows.
And it talked about how polar bears swim 200 to 300 miles, and they get on ice flows to hunt seals.
But it doesn't stop the media from showing a polar bear on an iceberg saying, oh look, it's dead, it's over for it, as it floats by the nearby shore.
They just show it to you and it's fine, but the London Telegraph does report polar bears thriving as Arctic warms up.
Pictures of a polar bear floating precariously over a tiny iceberg have become the defining image of global warming, but may be misleading according to a new study.
A survey of animal numbers in Canada's eastern Arctic has revealed that they are thriving, not declining.
But you go to these websites, it says it might someday be threatened, not even endangered.
And it goes into how there are tens of thousands more in every region from Siberia to Alaska and they're all over the place running around breeding like cockroaches.
Uh, so they can kill the belugas and walruses.
Uh, there aren't just a few more bears.
There are a hell of a lot more bears, said Mitch Taylor, a polar bear biologist who spent 20 years studying animals.
Well, don't let that get in the way of Sports Illustrated, and my gosh, you show the good ol' boy Sports Illustrated says it's happening.
Shut up, you communists!
We need a world tax right now!
If George Bush says turn our guns in, we better do it right now!
I mean, that's how they act.
You guys have ever seen those guys?
That's it.
They'll just be like, watch yourself right now.
Don't you talk about my president.
Here it is, Sports Illustrated, going green.
As global warming changes the planet, it's changing the sports world.
To counter the looming environmental crisis, surprisingly, and innovative ideas are already helping sports adapt.
And at the Super Bowl, they had some big thing where we're planting trees.
They just want to give you a big fat tax, folks.
Which then will be fed right into the corporations.
Of course corporations want it.
They're the ones that get most of the tax money.
Look at this.
Two years to change EU lightbulbs.
And in California they're trying to ban lightbulbs that don't last longer.
That's planned obsolescence.
Why don't people just make lightbulbs that last anyways?
Look, ban trans fats, ban cigarettes, tax this, tax that.
It's all control, folks.
They could care less about you and your family.
Here's an article that illustrates that here.
Prison threat for pensioner who put sand back on beach.
This is out of England.
Daily Mail.
Seventy-something years old.
Lives on the beach.
Has a garden.
The sand blew over.
He put a wheelbarrow of it back on the beach.
He's facing five months in prison and a $100,000 fine.
This is a 50,000 pound fine.
And six months in jail.
Excuse me.
Uh, because he did such an environmental crime, and folks, you don't think the drug cartels that own the big prisons around here, and they're passing similar things here, are gonna stop!
No, they're gonna put you in their prison!
If you won't use their drugs, they're gonna have to get you in there some other way!
Kingpins like slaves, man.
Hey, it's freedom versus slavery.
Slave masters are in control.
They got some fancy PR trying to sell you on slavery.
I'm out of here.
See you back next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., as we wage war on corruption.
Infowars.com, JonesReport.com, and PrisonPlanet.com are the websites.
I'm not a slave, and you shouldn't be either.
Hi, Ted Anderson here.
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