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Air Date: March 9, 2007
400 lines.
Hello Alex.
Yeah, it was called The Great Global Warming Swindle.
It was on Channel 4 television, which is broadcast in the UK last night at 9pm.
90-minute documentary.
And, you know, the evidence wasn't presented on the basis of photographs of stranded polar bears on ice caps, ICPP representatives impersonating chimps, or, you know, shutting off the lights on the Eiffel Tower for five minutes.
Which is how the other side try and get people to believe that global warming is man-made.
Yeah, they're approaching the mindless, bestial nature of a public that can't find major continents on a map.
Right, and to get it straight, because the very first comment that my article received, which I predicted, was
Everyone knows that global warming is real.
Anyone who tells us otherwise is a dumb.
And then you can fill in the three-letter word afterwards.
And you predicted three weeks before that they would say that they wanted to ban global warming denial, saying it's like Holocaust denial, and they've now done it.
Well, yeah, they're preparing that.
There was a Boston Globe journalist who came out and said,
There's no time for a debate.
The debate over anyone who disagrees is akin to a Holocaust denier.
Let's get back to the film.
I'll shut up.
Tell us about it.
Why I mentioned that comment was, this person obviously didn't get as far as reading my headline, which is, powerful documentary tramps as man-made, that's man-made warming hoax.
We don't deny that global warming is happening, because it has always happened throughout the Earth.
A million, 4.5 billion,
Year history.
We don't deny it's happening, but the evidence clearly suggests that it's a natural occurrence, and it's not man-made.
And regardless, the UN solution, a global tax, even if you believe the official story, won't help.
No, it'll only hit us in the pocket, and then people accuse us of being with the corporations.
And with the polluters, if we dare question this religion of global warming.
And really, they just want socialism, a way to attach more wealth.
What they don't know is the big corporations are lobbying for all of this as a way to get control.
Yeah, just like they created peak oil to get artificial scarcity.
They can manipulate it on a whim.
But they had scientists, professors, climatologists, weather experts, space experts,
And it was basically a 90-minute rebuttal of the proposition that global warming is caused by CO2 emissions.
One of the other comments on that board was, you know, how can you deny that the Earth got warmer since the Industrial Revolution?
Well, in actual fact, the Earth's temperature from the 1940s until the 1980s, which was when the major wave of
You know, the Industrial Revolution really kicked on after the war.
The Earth's temperature got cooler.
So much so that by the 1970s, there was political and media scaremongering.
It was quite funny how they played a BBC documentary that was made in the mid-70s, which basically said that the new threat was global cooling, and that if we didn't take drastic steps to offset this
Coming Ice Age, then, you know, we were facing a basic meteorological apocalypse, and that was in the mid-70s.
It was all about global cooling, because the Earth was coming to the end of this cycle of cooling, and then after that, it picked up again after the 80s, because sun activity, sun radiation, sunspot activity increased, which is what they also proved in the program, that
Global temperatures match almost precisely sunspot activity, and they've traced it back hundreds of years.
And they also took on, um, Al Gore, who in his film, uh, Inconvenient Truth, and remember Al Gore is not a scientist and neither am I, so if Al Gore can comment on this subject, then so can anyone else.
He's a politician, he's a professional liar.
He did not invent the internet.
And he takes these Antarctic ice core samples and says that they show that carbon dioxide leads temperature rates.
As carbon dioxide goes up, so do temperature rates.
In actual fact, he reversed the data.
It's the opposite way around, and that's shown in the documentary.
The carbon dioxide levels lag behind temperature rise by 800 years.
But it's the temperature rise that causes the carbon dioxide, not the other way around, as Al Gore claims.
Paul Watson, thank you for joining us and giving us that basic thumbnail sketch.
We're going to play some of these clips when we get back.
And get well, my friend.
Continue your hard work.
We appreciate it.
Alright, thanks Alex.
You bet.
We'll be right back and start playing the first of three clips, then your calls.
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Alright, now these clips are even more powerful than the graphs, but listen carefully.
Go to PrisonPlanet.com and watch the clips for yourself after the show or whenever you'd like.
Here is a little clip, the first clip from the great global warming swindle.
Here it is.
Imagine that we live in an age of reason.
And the global warming alarm is dressed up as science.
But it's not science.
It's propaganda.
There's no direct evidence which links 20th century global warming to anthropogenic greenhouse gases.
We're just being told lies.
That's what it comes down to.
You can't say that CO2 will drive climate.
It certainly never did in the past.
If the CO2 increases in the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas, then the temperature will go up.
But the ice core record shows exactly the opposite.
So the fundamental assumption, the most fundamental assumption of the whole theory of climate change, due to humans, is shown to be wrong.
The whole thing stinks.
Man-made global warming is no longer just a theory about climate.
It is the defining moral and political cause of our age.
Campaigners say the time for debate is over.
Any criticism, no matter how scientifically rigorous, is illegitimate, even worse, dangerous.
But in this film, it will be shown that the Earth's climate is always changing.
That there is nothing unusual about the current temperature, and that the scientific evidence does not support the notion that climate is driven by carbon dioxide, man-made or otherwise.
Everywhere you are told that man-made climate change is proved beyond doubt.
But you are being told lies.
All right, that's the first clip.
Let's go ahead and try to jam in the second clip.
Here it is.
Warming of the Earth happened in the wrong place and at the wrong time.
Most of the warming took place in the early part of the 20th century and occurred mostly at the Earth's surface.
The very opposite of what should have happened according to the theory of man-made global warming.
I am Al Gore.
I used to be the next president of the United States.
Former Vice President Al Gore's emotional film, An Inconvenient Truth, is regarded by many as the definitive popular presentation of the theory of man-made global warming.
His argument rests on one all-important piece of evidence taken from ice core surveys in which scientists drilled deep into the ice to look back into Earth's climate history hundreds of thousands of years.
The first ice core survey took place in Vostok in the Antarctic.
What it found, as Al Gore correctly points out, was a clear correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature.
We're going back in time now, 650,000 years.
Here's what the temperature has been on our Earth.
Now one thing that kind of jumps out at you is, did they ever fit together?
Most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
The relationship is actually very complicated, but there is one relationship that is far more powerful than all the others, and it is this.
When there is more carbon dioxide, the temperature gets warmer.
Al Gore says the relationship between temperature and CO2 is complicated.
But he doesn't say what those complications are.
In fact, there was something very important in the ice core data that he failed to mention.
Professor Ian Clarke is a leading Arctic paleoclimatologist who looks back into the Earth's temperature record tens of millions of years.
When we look at climate on long scales, we're looking for geological material that actually records climate.
If we're to take an ice sample, for example, we use isotopes to reconstruct temperature, but the atmosphere that's imprisoned in that ice, we liberate, and then we look at the CO2 content.
Professor Clark and others have indeed discovered, as Al Gore says, a link between carbon dioxide and temperature.
But what Al Gore doesn't say is that the link is the wrong way round.
So here we're looking at the ice core record from Vostok, and in the red we see temperature going up early time, key interval, when we came out of a glaciation.
And we see the temperature going up, and then we see the CO2 coming up.
CO2 lags behind that increase.
It's got an eighth year lag, so you're eluding CO2 by
There have now been several major ice core surveys.
Every one of them shows the same thing.
The temperature rises or falls, and then, after a few hundred years, carbon dioxide follows.
So obviously, carbon dioxide is not the cause of that warming.
In fact, we can say that the warming produced the increase in carbon dioxide.
We'll come back, play the third clip.
It's really very simple science, and then they have hundreds of I-square samples that show the exact same thing.
As usual, what the government and Al Gore are saying is a complete and total hoax.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, let's go ahead and get into the third clip of the Great Global Warming Swindle.
And it just covers basic, concrete, hard facts about the planet.
Here it is.
Senior scientists of the Danish Meteorological Institute decided to compile a record of sunspots in the 20th century and compare it with the temperature record.
What they found was an incredibly close correlation between what the sun was doing and changes in temperature on Earth.
Solar activity, they found, rose sharply to 1940, fell back for four decades until the 1970s, and then what was after that?
When we saw this correlation between the temperature and solar activity, or sunspot cycle lengths, then people said to us, OK, it can be just a coincidence.
So how can we
Prove that it's not just a coincidence.
Well, one obvious thing is to have a longer time series or different time series.
Then we went back in time.
So Professor Friis Christensen and his colleagues examined 400 years of astronomical records to compare sunspot activity against temperature variation.
Once again, they found that variations in solar activity were intimately linked to temperature variation.
...was the sun, it seemed.
Not carbon dioxide or anything else that was driving changes in the climate.
In a way, it's not surprising.
The sun affects us directly, of course, when it sends down its heat.
But we now know the sun also affects us indirectly through clouds.
Powerful cooling effect.
But how are they formed?
In the early 20th century, scientists discovered that the Earth was constantly being bombarded by subatomic particles.
These particles, which they called cosmic rays, originated, it was believed, from exploding supernovae far beyond our solar system.
When the particles coming down meet water vapor rising up from the sea, they form water droplets and make clouds.
But when the Sun is more active, and the solar wind is strong, fewer particles get through, and fewer clouds are formed.
Just how powerful this effect was became clear only recently, when an astrophysicist, Professor Neer Shaviv, decided to compare his own record of cloud-forming cosmic rays with the temperature record created by a geologist, Professor Jan Weitzer, going back 600 million years.
What they found was that when cosmic rays went up, the temperature went down.
When cosmic rays went down, the temperature went up.
Clouds and the Earth's climate were very closely linked.
To see how close, you just flip the lines.
We just compared the graphs, just put them one upon the other, and it was just amazing.
Jan Weiser looked at me and says, you know,
We have very exclusive data here.
I've never seen such vastly different records coming together so beautifully to show really what was happening over that long period of time.
All right, and that's the three clips I've been able to see.
I'm told now the whole film is floating around on Google.
But again, I've already read all these reports.
I've interviewed many of these individuals.
We're going to be getting them on the show again and some of the other folks on the TV show that you were just hearing the program.
Bottom line, the sun, ladies and gentlemen, is a giant ball of gas, and it's the main heating mechanism of the earth.
That's not debatable.
At night, it cools down and gets dark, and during the day, that's when the plants grow through photosynthesis, and it's the sun that heats up the oceans and heats up your body.
You get a suntan under it.
And I know most of you know this, but the people that believe in man-made global warming just can't understand this.
And they can correlate the sun's brightness with the Earth heating up, but what this is saying is that more importantly than that is the nuclei of the different particles coming in to the atmosphere help water vapor condense and form clouds.
And then that leads us into chemtrails.
How has our atmosphere changed that until 1996, condensation trails disappeared in a maximum of about two minutes?
And now our skies are completely different and these things stay up there for hours.
We're going to be getting some experts on to discuss this next week, but that's a separate area.
But now government textbooks, we just talked to a meteorologist, he said, well, yes, there is some things being sprayed, but that's the sunscreen for the Earth.
That federally written textbook says that.
Discovery Channel basically said that.
It's a secret program, but it's all for our own good.
And it is true that these type of nuclei being put into the atmosphere artificially would cause a cooling.
Heaven knows what's really going on.
I mean, frankly, we don't.
There's a lot of weird behavior happening and a lot of strange behavior going on.
And I do not believe that most of the spraying that we see is bioweapons or chemical weapons or radiological weapons being directed or mass inoculations of some have said on the benevolent side.
But that's mainly because something sprayed at 30,000 feet is not going to hit you where you're at.
It's going to hit somewhere thousands if not tens of thousands
Now, there are thousands of publicly-admitted examples of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft spraying at a thousand feet or lower near cities with chemical, biologicals, radiologicals.
I mean, that's on the record.
But the people that cover chemtrails never want to talk about that.
It's kind of like a religion.
They just want to talk about the big planes up in the sky, which the evidence points towards weather modification.
Now, the barium salts and aluminum oxides they're using are not good for you.
And it's a huge secret program, and it's certainly going on.
But I don't subscribe to the orthodoxy.
This is some type of chemical or biological attack from 35,000 to 25,000 feet.
So that's where I stand on that, just trying to study this, racking my brain, looking at it.
I am not debating the fact that the sun is going wild.
I am not debating the fact that the earth has not heated up some.
But that heating has radically decreased in its acceleration since the 40s.
But the sun now is heating up again to a record level, and so who knows what's going to happen?
But the point is, you read Roman history, Greek history, Babylonian, Sanskrit, I mean, there's climate change happening.
Volcanoes exploding, huge earthquakes, islands disappearing, islands being formed overnight.
All sorts of earth changes happening, and the major body of science is moving now towards a younger earth.
And I'm not debating how old the earth is.
I think there's been a false debate between Christianity and science, where they've set the two sides against each other as a distraction.
But the scientists are saying things are looking like they happened quicker than they thought.
And you can debate that all day, whether it's hundreds of millions, billions, or what others say that's really pulled out of nowhere.
It's just mind boggling that you have this new religion
In fact, here's the UK Daily Mail.
Global warming, the bogus religion of our age, the world is heading for environmental catastrophe, or so we are constantly being told by politicians and self-appointed experts.
They warn us that unless we take drastic action, the earth will soon be devastated by climate change and global warming.
Entire species will be lost, crops will be obliterated, floods and famine will sweep across the planet, and western economies will slide into depression.
Tonight, Channel 4 will broadcast the Great Global Warming Swindle, which suggests the whole subject has been such a political hot potato that other explanations for climate change are not being properly examined.
And it goes on, certainly there have been many sweeping predictions of global ruin, few more emphatic than the report from Sir Nicholas Stern in the Economics of Climate Change, which states that with an air of
Challengable conviction.
The scientific evidence is now overwhelming.
Climate change presents very serious global risk and it demands an urgent global response.
His study commissioned by the government in July 2005 and published amid much Whitehall hype in 2006 seemed to carry all the more weight because Stern is one of the most senior civil servants in Britain, the head of the government's economic service.
His conclusions appeared to be based on powerful scientific authorities, since his team of 20 or so officials had drawn a wide range of published papers and data.
Tony Blair has described it as the most important document produced during his 10 years as Prime Minister, and urged that the stern blueprint
With its calls for more regulation and taxation be adopted in full.
The disaster is not set to happen in some science fiction future, but in our lifetime, said Blair, who went on to claim that the world faces nothing more serious, more urgent, and more demanding of its leadership than climate change.
All this has helped put the Stern Report at the very forefront of the debate, the central theme of it,
...is that there is a near universal consensus of opinion with scientific community about the dangers of climate change, but this is not true.
This article goes on for four more pages.
You need to go read it.
There is no such unanimity among scientists.
Throughout the 550 pages of the document, Stern continually strikes a confident note as if there were no dispute about the issues completely divorced from scientific reality.
Yet this self-assured stance is completely divorced from scientific reality.
It is an inconvenient truth for Stern and his political allies that there is, in fact, precious little evidence to back up his sweeping claims.
In a revealing recent comment, Stern admitted that when he was appointed by the government, he had an idea what the greenhouse effect was, but wasn't really sure.
This lack of understanding of science shines through every chapter of his report.
He is guilty of
Leading the data, of distorting the evidence to suit his political master's dogma, of throwing numbers about with reckless abandon, of promoting alarmism in a place of rational discussion, and of reinventing climate history.
There are fundamental misconceptions throughout the document.
He seems to think the climate prediction is a mature science stretching back to the 19th century, hence the confident tone, science stretching back to the early century, hence the confident tone of his pronouncements.
But in reality, climate prediction is relatively modern science, which has emerged only in recent decades, thanks partly to the emergence of computers.
And it just goes on and on through the bad information, and we don't have time to cover it all.
But let's be clear about this.
Let's say man-made global warming is real.
Let's set it aside and agree with the hoax.
I'm not debating you.
Those of you out there listening are freaking out right now.
I'm not debating you.
Let's say it's real.
What does a global tax, and by global it's only on industrialized nations, but they're from New Zealand to England to the United States and Canada.
Less than 20 countries will be under it.
China, India, Mexico, they're not under it.
160 plus countries are not under it.
How does a global tax paid into the IMF and World Bank and United Nations and served out to expand more global enforcement, more laws, and quote, strengthening global laws for the environment, so if you shovel sand off your garden on your beachfront beach house, you get five months in jail and a million dollar fine.
How does that do anything?
It does nothing.
It will not curb or reduce the greenhouse gases.
And I will tell you again, this documentary only looks at the sun and solar radiation and cosmic radiation.
And it looks at ice core samples and proves itself conclusively.
But you add into this that CO2 that plants can
Successfully double, and if there's enough water, more than triple their carbon dioxide uptake, and then do you know what they do?
They then put out oxygen, and major studies show that humans live longer, do better, have less cancer, as well as all of their animal life, from animal-based plankton right up to your Savannah lion.
That they've done ice core samples, the earth has had much higher oxygen in the past, displacing and having an increased saturation above other gases that we do not use.
We use oxygen.
It's a symbiotic relationship between animal and plant life.
When new carbon dioxide is emitted,
When levels go up, plants grow faster and are healthier.
More oxygen is put out by the plants.
They breathe carbon dioxide.
They expel oxygen.
It's the main chain of life.
That's better for us.
The Earth actually has a low oxygen level compared to what it had 15,000 years ago from the ice samples.
There's less oxygen now.
We want more CO2.
The plankton in the sea
What's the plankton called?
Photoplankton does better when there's more carbon dioxide.
It increases the amount of food chain life above it.
From the krell, shrimp, right up to the blue whale.
I mean, when you start studying science, it's so simple.
Because we have the data.
I mean, it's like when they said, oh, we've got to ban
We've got to ban CO2.
Because it's eating the ozone layer.
And now they found that there's always holes in the ozone layer during certain parts of the year on the poles.
And that it wildly shifts.
But again, they tell you that ozone is being produced in the atmosphere, destroying it,
When ozone drops to the ground and doesn't get into the atmosphere at those levels, and that it basically breaks down in a matter of minutes with other compounds, and is good for the environment.
But see Dow Chemical and DuPont's two separate patents on Freon were running out, and so they made the entire world, with the West starting first, we're the suckers, the marks.
We're good to go.
It just makes my head spin sometimes.
They're so mad they can't get the Kyoto Protocol, they're so mad they can't force this into place, that they have got Sports Illustrated, and that's it, folks.
When the good old boys read Sports Illustrated saying it, we're going to be called communists because we're against it.
Just like we're communists because we're against gun control.
Just like we're communists because we're against open borders.
Just like we're communists who need to be put in FEMA camps because we don't think Bush is a conservative and he's destroying our country.
The guys that read Sports Illustrated, most of them, folks, that type will do whatever it tells them.
I mean, if they told them to run, jump off a cliff, it's manly to do, they'd do it.
Okay, you want to be schmucks, you're going to get a big fat tax on top of everything else.
And you want to be conned?
You want to be aced?
You want to be scammed?
I mean, they got the National Football League on board.
They've got all the big corporations on board.
And we got the four-year documents out of SPP last year.
And it says they got to get all the corporations together to push a carbon tax.
It has nothing to do with climate change.