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Air Date: Feb. 26, 2007
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He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're going to have wide open phones today.
It is the 26th of February 2007.
We've almost exhausted the second month of 2007.
As we fight the New World Order toe-to-toe in Mortal Kombat for this Republic.
All right, big broadcast lined up today.
Wide open phones.
We only have one guest joining us from the Project for a New American Citizen.
Briefly, at the bottom of the next hour, to talk about how 9-11 Truth went out last Friday to confront Barack Obama, and they basically took the little speech over with a giant banner.
There were several other signs in the crowd, and the media was flipping them off and cussing at them and getting extremely mad.
It did make the news.
But several of the other newscasts shot him from weird angles so that the signs wouldn't be evident.
And then the Project for New American Citizens, a local UT group,
Went out yesterday to the destruction of the Intel building that never got completed when Intel pulled out of Austin in 1999 during the dot-com bust.
It's going to be a new super federal command bunker.
I guess you could call it a globalist embassy.
That's all these federal command centers are.
They basically command and control the enslavement, the tracking, the domination, the destruction of the country.
They're going to build one of those there, but they blew up the old Intel building.
We're good to go.
With controlled demolitions and couldn't bring it down!
Then that happens, I'm told, about one time out of ten.
So even when you have precision and have weeks to plant the bombs, it's hard to bring them down.
But fire magically did it on Tower 1-2 and 7 on 9-11.
We have the NIST engineer later that I'm going to be getting to.
In fact, they played this clip when Peanak put on
The big speech I gave at U2 to a packed house of over 900 people, over 100 turned away.
It was a great event.
Again, they're so active.
This is exactly the type of leadership we need against the globalists.
They played this clip before my speech, and coming up later, we'll play the head of NIST.
National Institute of Standards and Technology saying there was no molten steel, but then we play video of the molten steel and video of firefighters saying there was molten steel, and then have him saying they didn't even do any scientific investigation because they know what caused it to collapse.
Pretty amazing we'll be playing that when one of the PNAC gentlemen joins us, Project for a New American Citizen.
Kind of a pun on Project for a New American Century.
Huge Oklahoma City developments at the end of the week and over the weekend.
We now have portions of the sealed federal documents that have been unsealed.
Huge reports up on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com.
Right now we'll be going over that in the second hour as well.
In the meantime, Friday they met!
And we have the aftermath of it, as well as a Lou Dobbs report that will analyze this out of the Canadian Free Press.
North American political leaders meet in Ottawa, this time for a public SPP meeting.
We'll be breaking it down and going over their deceptions.
The White House is gearing up for an attack on Iran.
Headline, U.S.
generals will quit if Bush orders Iran attack.
American Armada prepares to take on Iran.
funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran.
These are all mainstream headlines.
funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran.
forces in Iraq say they found more Iranian-made weapons, but the thing they announced three weeks ago turned out to be a fraud.
This is probably another fraud.
Also, report three Gulf states agree to IAF overflights en route to Iran for an attack.
Democrats reinforce war on terrorism lie.
Iran fired a research rocket, and they tried to claim it was a weapon.
The media did.
Our troops left to suffer.
In these mortuaries that double as VA hospitals.
It's all coming up today.
Masses of news and info.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Alright, since we interviewed the lawyer who went and interviewed Terry Nichols, one of the supposed co-conspirators in the Oklahoma City bombing, there have been major new developments that is coming up at the start of the next hour.
We'll also have wide open phones throughout the three hours today.
We've gotten the sealed federal documents.
Portions of them now unsealed.
We broke that Friday on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com and a special report is out today on it.
Target Iran is really heating up.
The preparations are getting clearer and clearer with Israel making preparations to go ahead and strike the Islamic State.
We will be going over that for you.
Also a bunch of really important Big Brother on steroids news.
And a ton of clips that we're going to be covering on a host of issues, including a 60-minute piece I want to break down and analyze several clips from where they interviewed soldiers last night who were current enlisted soldiers who were decrying the war.
You'd think it was anti-war, but only to a certain level, so we'll analyze and decipher this propaganda as well.
But let me tackle this now.
I did take off Friday.
We're good.
Unsealed federal records and I had to call lawyers and find out that indeed he had gotten the judge's authorization to release some of this.
I'm not whining, I'm explaining why we're just now getting to this.
We get so busy in this office that somehow only jonesreport.com covered in any way that the SPP was meeting on Friday.
We learned of this with our guest on Thursday.
It had just broken that day that they were planning to have this meeting.
It was done very covertly, but it was semi-public, and some demonstrators did rush the stage and basically exposed the whole thing as a fraud.
They were there in Ottawa, scene of last year's Bilderberg Group meeting, basically trying to sell us on this North American Union.
So let me go ahead and go through the best report I've seen of, what, there's ten different newspaper reports, several TV reports out of Canada, almost no news coverage in the United States other than Lou Dobbs on CNN Friday, and that clip's coming up in just a few minutes.
Headline, North American political leaders met in Ottawa.
Now before I go any further, there are three leaders
In cabinet positions of each nation that go and chair the governmental meeting.
That is generally the Secretary of State or their counterpart in the other government.
Like here it's called Secretary of State and it's the same in Canada and Mexico.
But then they have Homeland Security Director and then they call that Security Affairs in Canada.
But it's the counterparts of the military, of Homeland Security, and of the Secretary of State.
Of the three governments, under the SPP documents that we were able to get via FOIA requests that were released in January from the September meeting last year, the first agenda, go read it at judicialwatch.org, the first agenda was secrecy and how to keep this secret from the public and how to stop it from leaking.
It did leak.
One individual who was there, sworn to secrecy, a press reporter, because they let in a few of them, tried to co-opt them, refused to go along with it below the whistle, so we learned of the secret meeting with over 200 CEOs and large delegations from each government.
It was a governmental meeting setting policy.
Remember, the President signed this in March of 2005 with Fox and Martin of Mexico and Canada, and
The SPP agreement is still classified, and four-year requests have been ignored under national security reasons.
So, Congress, when you call them and they say, we know nothing about it, some of them are telling the truth.
I mean, most bills are not even read.
In fact, our own downsized DC show that's on weekends here on Genesis, Mr. Babka, his main focus is trying to get legislation passed.
He is a slash lobbyist
is to make them have a law where they've got to read the bills.
They pass 5,000 page bills no one's read that the insurance companies or Big Pharma write, or in the case of Animal ID that's written up by Monsanto and a few others.
They literally write the law, come in and give it to the politicians.
It's not read, it's put into action.
And then moron, dumbed-down civil servants go out and enforce it.
It's just off the charts.
But I'm already digressing.
The point is
When we read this, it's literally nothing but lies.
But still the lies are so transparent, this is a good article.
It is ten pages long from the Canadian Free Press.
Big national publication.
Headline, American, North American political leaders meet in Ottawa.
United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Wright, chats with and shakes hands with Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter McKay, before they start the Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting in Ottawa, Friday, February 23rd, 2007.
That's the photograph under it.
This is by Jennifer Ditchburn.
Top North American ministers deflected criticism that they
had consulted only big businesses for their talks on trade and security rules suggesting Friday there are different venues for public interest in labor groups to raise their concerns and suggestions.
This is because they have the secret meeting last year and literally the CEOs go in and then they basically have it all written up to aid them and aid in monopolies and consolidation.
And we have the documents on that as well.
And then suddenly, every TV ad you see, everything in the culture is, is Miss North America, or, oh, the new North American, you know, Excellence Award, GM, Saturn, just everything's now North America, North America, North American Union, North American Integration.
Now, just suddenly, they're all parroting it.
They all get together, they go on the same page, they go out and push the agenda.
It's all about consolidation.
The opposite of free trade, the opposite of a free market, the opposite of middle classes.
That is their sworn enemy.
Let's continue.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership, SVP, is an ongoing dialogue between Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
Oh, it's a dialogue to find more common ground on issues ranging from border security to emergency preparedness.
That's martial law.
The group has an arm of business leaders that provides myriad recommendations.
The CFR wrote up the SPP plan in early 2005.
It was implemented word for word from the documents we've gotten.
So they write it up and it becomes law.
Just like the Hart-Rubman Commission wrote up the plan for Homeland Security and their 51 recommendations have all been implemented.
They wrote that up a year before 9-11.
They get up on TV and they say we need to use this disaster for a new world order.
They are the government.
They write the laws, and then it's given to Congress or the Parliament, and it's passed.
No discussion.
Or, if the Congress won't pass it, they just have agreements and have the presidents get together and sign a secret agreement.
It's just done anyways.
The average cop on the street doesn't even know what the, say, Seventh Amendment is, so they'll go off and enforce it.
There's no law there.
Just like there's no law you gotta take vaccines, they'll still come snatch your children.
And feel good about it while they do it!
The group has an arm of business leaders that provides myriad recommendations but has no form and formal mechanism for consulting the public at large.
The first agenda was secrecy!
Go read the World Net Daily article, it's the best one I've seen from January, that boiled down the secret documents that were released under Fourier.
Or go do your homework and read the hundreds of pages at judicialwatch.org.
The SPP was
Struck by the leaders of the three countries in 2005 to enhance the continent's competitiveness.
Oh, what's wrong with competitiveness?
Just like NAFTA and GATT are so competitive.
But for at least the first year received little attention with their dry talk of regulations and cutting down on paperwork.
At least, you know, writing all the new regulations in secret.
Recently, nationalist groups and politicians in Canada and the United States have raised alarm bells over the lack of formal consultation with either civil society or legislatures.
And it continues.
Some of the issues ministers discussed during the meetings included finalizing a North American plan on dealing with flu pandemic and another for common regulatory environment in all three countries.
New Environmental Laws, Environmental Crime Laws, Environmental Tax Laws, Fossil Fuel Tax, that was in the four year documents.
This is just off the charts.
And then notice, if you go read the Pandemic Flu Plans, or the SARS Plan, or the Anthrax Plan, from Top Off 2, and the Dark Winter Drills they had in 2000.
You will learn that it means foreign troops in all three countries from each other's nations and UN troops and mass quarantines.
This is martial law.
This is unifying their martial law grid.
So some of the issues the ministers discussed during their meetings included finalizing a North American plan on dealing with the flu pandemic and another on a common regulatory environment in all three countries.
And remember, Army Times a few months ago reported, oh, if we're attacked by terrorists, yes, the Mexican troops will come into America.
This is all part of that, too.
And NORTHCOM's now over the whole North American continent.
It continues, that could include common food safety rules.
That means European-style super stringent controls to consolidate and regulate animal ID, you name it.
Listen to this, Canada currently has more stringent rules for fortified products.
That means vitamins, Codex Alimentarius restricting vitamins, folks.
See, there it is.
Insiders say the value of the SPP is that it puts the weight
Of ministers and national leaders behind projects that might normally languish for years among bureaucrats.
Well, when they say bureaucrats, folks, they mean they're using the bureaucracies unelected to do this through executive power.
This is actually shutting off the legislatures and the people and due process and the constitutions.
So see, but the average person reads that, oh, it gets rid of those bad bureaucrats.
No, it puts the bureaucrats in command.
The issue of public consultation was at least identified during their meetings.
In a final statement released by ministers, they said that they discussed the importance of transparency and communication with stakeholders and the public.
No, in the FOIA request from last year's meeting, the first thing was how to keep it secret!
Go read it!
See, everything they say, it's the opposite.
They say it's to stop bureaucrats, it puts the bureaucrats and the corporations in control.
They say it's to
It's just incredible.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
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until 2 p.m.
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We're here live.
Your calls are coming up the next segment.
I've got to play this short Lou Dobbs clip concerning the SPP meeting.
But let's go back to the Canadian Free Press and go over this report.
This is so important.
The issue of public consultation was at least identified during our meetings.
In the final statement released by the ministers, this is last Friday, they said that they discussed the importance of transparency and communication with stakeholders and the public.
We also heard the word common ground.
This is all Delphi corporate technique developed in the 60s.
This is where they tell you they're listening to you, but then you have absolutely no input.
They just, quote, say they're listening to you.
When you hear stakeholders, that means global corporations.
Oh, they have a vote, too!
Yeah, they own the government.
The NDP leader, Jack Layton, raised the issue during Friday's question period in the Commons.
By the way, we do have this tape from C-SPAN.
I'll be airing it later in the week, clips of it.
The fact is, these discussions were worrisome to all Canadians.
They have been incredibly secret from the get-go, and there has been no public input.
Repeat, no public input, Layton said.
The government
Has not sought out the opinion of the parliamentarians, that's the elected representatives, or the public on it.
Of course the conservatives think they know best.
So they make it a conservative-liberal thing because it's the new conservative government.
The liberal government did the same thing.
The SPP's business arm... Oh, there's a business arm to the new government!
No one elected the bureaucrats, and the politicians were bought and paid for by the business arm, so it literally runs the show!
Oh, the business arm!
See, they have something to say.
They're criticizing everyone.
The business arm.
The non-governmental organizations.
This is all Agenda 21.
All UN.
The SPP's business arm, called the North American Competitiveness Council, rejected the criticism as misguided.
Oh, you're misguided.
Saying that there was nothing secretive about their work, or that of the partnership, Tom,
De Aquino of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives said, there hasn't been public input because most people aren't clued into the issues.
Oh, we're just stupid and don't, we're stupid because in our society this is never covered.
Because by design we've been made ignorant.
How do we take a lot of issues that are really quite important, but frankly quite boring, they're not terribly exciting.
Again, this is boring, don't be involved, and bring those to the public light so the people will discuss them.
All I can say is that the more of the discussions that we have, the better, and probably the faster than it will be to get results.
The Council tabled a series of recommendations to the ministers, many of them were moving and revolving around the situation at the borders.
And see, they had a big
Propaganda event because you read the SPP four-year releases and again the best article I've seen is written by Farah of World Net Daily in January.
I'm saying that because Steve Watson's listening.
He's going to write a big report on this.
He uses my research and his own research and we collaboratively don't even have time to talk to each other on the phone so we do it here on air.
This isn't just for the audience.
Very weird radio but people like it.
This is real war room, folks.
We're actually here in the war room, breaking this down.
So, Paul and Steve, I forget the exact headline on that.
I read it two weeks ago on air.
It came out about a month ago.
was extremely powerful and the reason I say that it was bullet point by bullet point I went and read most of the four year released hundreds of pages of documents uh... but for you just get the world that daily it had most of it and then integrate it with this new info but that also link to the judicial watch dot org subsection that has two different filings and releases of uh... four year documents the reason I say that is SPP says all we need to be publicly want to be public
But the first thing they did, again, was say, this has all got to be secret, and they were clearly running the meeting.
How do we take a lot of issues that are really quite important, but frankly quite boring, they're not terribly exciting, and bring those to the public light so that people will discuss them?
All I can say is that the more of this discussion that we have, the better, and probably the faster that it will be to get results.
The Council tabled a series of recommendations to ministers, many of them revolving around the situation at the borders.
They were critical of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, the American plan that will require passports at all the ports of entry.
The report urged the governments to come up with a low-cost, secure alternative for continental security.
It goes on, which was the plan all along, which the U.N.
has announced, which Homeland Security has announced, a continental security border with a mix of Mexican, Canadian, and U.S.
customs with no internal borders.
That's the plan.
But again, they grandstanded at the public meeting, claiming the whole meeting was about helping the economy and stopping terrorists.
That's all they're trying to do.
But you read the four-year documents, none of it has to do with, quote, terrorists.
It's all about how to consolidate wealth, how to destroy the middle class, how to keep the North American Union secret.
So there's my basic analysis of that big report coming out on Infowars.net or PrismHunter.com.
I'm not sure which one.
Tomorrow on this, integrating it all.
We're going to come back and give you Lou Dobbs' research on this, and he even interviewed Ron Paul as his expert, the presidential candidate.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's too much confusion!
I can't get no relief!
I tell ya, I got depressed yesterday.
I rarely get depressed.
But again, it was just the beauty of just the happy people I see as I drive down the road.
Again, the moon up during the day, the blue skies, all the good things in life and all of the meek things and the ignorant things and the defenseless things who I just want to warn.
And I got depressed over getting these sealed
FBI documents, the filing that's now been unsealed concerning evidence of the government being involved in the attacks.
I mean, we've always known it, but just, you'd think I'd get happy as we prove it and nail it down and get more and more evidence, but it's depressing.
I mean, there's people who will blow up daycare centers, who'll kill children.
And then there's all these stupid, ignorant individuals who work for the government and work for these corporations that are doing this, who are compartmentalized and bottom line are part of the problem.
And they're just so cowardly they won't admit what they're part of.
And look, this is what we do.
This is what we research.
We don't set about to prove our point of view on something.
We wish we were wrong.
And it's just so horrible what we're facing.
None of us are safe while these globalists are in power.
We're always going to have corruption.
There's always going to be evil in the hearts of men.
There's always going to be problems.
But this current crop of elites, their fathers and grandfathers and mothers literally funded Lenin and Stalin and Mao and Hitler.
And they literally have engineered a world of just control and domination.
And that's why they're in power, because they're ruthless.
And I just... It's such a curse on humanity.
And now Americans have gotten fat, dumb, and happy, and very decadent, and my fellow Americans may know they're being lied to, but I don't think they realize just how serious things have gotten.
We're going to go to Mark and Mike and Ron and Alakai and Mike and others here in just a moment, but here's Lou Dobbs, Friday night, talking about the Security and Prosperity Partnership, having a public PR stunt meeting, where they claim it's about stopping terrorists and helping the economy.
When you read the globalization documents, it's about consolidating and lowering standard of living.
It's about annihilating any competition to the elite.
It's about securing their monopoly of power and control over humanity and putting a high-tech cashless society surveillance grid into place designed by the Pentagon and MIT.
With behavioral recognition cameras on every street corner in your house and on your computers, the Houston police chief again calling for cameras in everyone's homes.
I mean, cameras in bathrooms everywhere.
It's just, it's, it's, this is not freedom!
Here's Lou Dobbs.
We'll analyze this clip and go to your calls.
Mexican truckers apparently will soon be hitting American highways.
The U.S.
Department of Transportation announcing a plan that allows Mexican trucking companies to begin making deliveries in the United States.
That is, if the Bush administration has its way and follows through on an announcement made not in the United States, but in Monterey, Mexico.
Bill Tucker's here to tell us it may be one more example of trade trumping security and national interest.
Load up in Mexico and just keep trucking past the border crossing into the heart of America.
It will be the first time Mexican trucks and truckers will be allowed on our roads since 1982.
And for the first time ever, U.S.
truckers will also be allowed the same access to Mexico's highways.
Transportation Secretary Mary Peters making the announcement today, saying the authority to launch the program is granted to the DOT under the North American Free Trade Agreement.
It is not a program that sits well with the leader of the Teamsters Union.
What's happening here is that the Bush administration is buckling to the pressure of Mexican business and the Mexican government and U.S.
business to have cheaper trucks and cheaper truck drivers on the highway at the sacrifice of American safety on the highway so that corporations can make more money.
The pilot program is scheduled to be a year long and to begin in roughly 60 days.
Democrats in Congress have no intention of letting the program proceed unchecked.
Representatives Peter Defazio and James Overstar, who lead the House Transportation Committee, put out a statement saying, quote,
Under NAFTA, the U.S.
has consistently compromised its environmental and labor standards.
Now we're being asked to risk the safety of citizens on highways and in communities where these trucks will travel.
DOT officials respond saying Mexican drivers will be required to meet the same regulations as American truckers and truck companies.
Both congressmen are promising hearings.
On the Senate side, Senator Patty Murray sits on the Senate Transportation Subcommittee and she's promising hearings on the DOT's actions as well.
Now, the announcement does have one significant concession from the Mexican government.
For the first time ever, U.S.
inspectors will be allowed into Mexico to conduct inspections of trucks there.
And under the terms of the pilot program, DOT officials, Lou, are promising that 100% of the trucks involved in this program will be inspected to see if they meet safety requirements.
You know, I can't say that I, as I think about this,
This government, this administration, and what it is doing to American working men and women in this country and their families, the way they're proceeding with the North American Union, this integration so-called security and prosperity partnership
What this administration is doing, I wouldn't believe a word anyone in this administration said about anything.
And there's significant questions about whether they can, in fact, the United States, we can inspect all of those trucks because of roughly seventeen and a half thousand truck crossings every year, Lou.
This is, it's unconscionable.
And the way this administration is behaving, its conduct, is rising to a level of recklessness and disregard for the American people.
That I think is bordering on the unacceptable.
Bill Tucker, thank you very much.
Top-level meetings in Ottawa today to hammer out changes in border security, the energy grid, and regulations among the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
That, too, part of an effort to integrate the economies of the three nations by 2010.
The plan is moving quickly at the highest levels of our government and, of course, at the highest level of corporate America.
Without congressional oversight and certainly without, in most cases, public knowledge and certainly without public approval.
Christine Romans now examines the agenda of today's meeting and the implications for the United States as a nation.
It's called the Security and Prosperity Partnership.
This is a broad agenda that is going to make life better for people.
It is the only way that we can achieve security and prosperity for our people is through this cooperation.
We recognize today that the issue of security is intrinsically linked with economic and trade flows.
It's all about cooperation amongst our neighbors.
Three governments working closely with 30 big corporations, called the North American Competitiveness Council.
This diverse group of companies presented a wish list to its governments.
Quote, improving the secure flow of goods and people within North America.
From breakfast cereal to food safety inspections, cutting red tape, quote, minimizing minor differences between standards and regulations between three countries.
Another priority, integrating the energy grid.
Business, a driving force in the SPP.
The Canadian Public Safety Minister was asked, where was the input from the citizens of the three countries?
That type of thing happens in different venues on a host of other occasions.
Similar concerns in the US.
It's a process designed to move forward without congressional approval.
SPP architects maintain it's not necessary.
Some members of Congress disagree.
Maybe I'll be doing something decent and good?
Who knows?
Maybe there are some benefits of these things they're suggesting.
But to me, it's sort of a collusion between secret government and big business, and I don't like what I see coming.
He and other border security advocates see a move toward open borders.
They point to business community statements like today's, quote, any tightening of the borders between Canada, Mexico, and the United States threatens to erode the North American advantage created by NAFTA.
The criticism of the SPP and its mission spans the political spectrum.
Here, conservative groups like Judicial Watch fear an attack on the sovereignty of these countries and they'd like more transparency into the process.
On the left, in Canada, are those who fear a move to undermine their health care and their food safety rules in favor of lower common standards between all three of these countries, Lou.
There is, of course, a wide range of choices to make here when one talks about examples of the arrogance of this administration.
And the abuse of power by this government in a nation that is, after all, a representative democracy or at least it once was.
But for that minister, the Canadian minister, to respond, that happens in other venues and on other occasions.
The fact is, there is no role for the consent of the governed in this process.
And that's exactly what the critics are saying.
They'd like to know where their role is in this, especially since it's designed to transcend politics.
No matter who's in government, no matter who we vote in, this is something that's meant to move along on its own, and that's something that concerns people.
It should be more than concern.
It should infuriate.
It should mobilize anyone who cares about something as archaic as a nation-state called the United States of America.
This is absolutely reprehensible conduct.
And to what level it rises will depend upon, I suppose, to the extent they can get away with it, what happens next.
Christine, thank you.
Christine Romans.
That brings us to the subject of our poll tonight.
And then, of course, then the high 90s people are against it, just like we're against the toll roads on existing roads, just like we're against the open borders, just like we're against the Iraq War, and they just say, we don't care.
Shut up!
We have men in black uniforms and black masks.
If you give us a problem, they'll microwave gun you down on the streets.
They'll come to your houses and blow your guts all over the wall.
Do you understand?
Shut up!
We're the New World Order.
We run things.
Take your vaccines, eat your GMO food, and shut up!
Okay, fine!
Enjoy it, ladies and gentlemen, because it's going to get worse and worse.
You like globalization devaluing the dollar by almost half?
You like globalization destroying your country?
Alright, let me start at the beginning with the trucks.
Number one, the trucks have been here for at least four or five years, okay?
Driving on I-37 or I-35, there's Mexican trucks all over the place.
That's the bottom line.
You can see it everywhere.
I've been on airplanes, you know, flying to Chicago, and I'm sitting next to a guy who's sitting there before we take off from Chicago back to Austin, and he's sitting there for 30 minutes while the plane waits on his cell phone giving orders to his Mexican truckers.
And I say, where are you based?
I'm based in New York.
How many trucks you got?
It was, I forget, hundreds.
And he goes, yeah, they're all Mexican.
It's based in Mexico, and they drive from up through Texas all the way to New York and all points between.
He was just laughing about it.
But, oh, see, Bush is now going to do it.
You're now going to get a national ID card.
You've had one since the early 90s.
You're now going to have a North American Union.
It's been going into place for decades.
You're now going to... It's just on and on and on.
And these sick freaks are trying to make mandatory new vaccines in Canada, the U.S.
and England, where the live virus attacks your brain, so that you never could use drugs again because it won't make you feel good.
Yeah, because it ate holes in your brain.
I know I just threw that in.
It's because, I mean, it's Twilight Zone!
I mean, they're talking about making us take vaccines that eat holes in our brain!
It's mainstream news!
And we're all just acting like it's normal!
Alright, let me get back into what I was saying.
Number one, the trucks are already here.
They say that U.S.
trucks will be allowed into Mexico.
Oh, really?
Last year I was down in Costa Maya, Mexico.
We took a bus trip to see some of the pyramids.
And we got stopped and the bus driver had to pay off the military with machine guns.
And they were stopping another bus coming the other way.
Okay, that's how Mexico is.
Oh yes, our inspectors will be down there, and our trucks will go down there.
And you know what?
When they take the trucks wholesale and just steal them, it won't be on the news.
It just won't be.
Oh, that's our friends to the south.
And, uh, they say it's a pilot program.
Again, nothing pilot about it.
Uh, by the way, you notice it says our inspectors will be down there?
Yes, and under the North American Union, SPP, they'll be up here.
In fact, they'll be at port at Kansas City, where the Mexican government will search the goods coming in from Southern Mexico, all the way to the U.S.
Again, this is globalization.
Our regulators are down there, their regulators are up here, vice versa with Canada.
And, uh, this is the new world order, ladies and gentlemen.
And so, uh, that's the bottom line on that.
Notice Lisa Rice said it's the only way we're going to have security and economic success is if we have this integration.
It's the only way we're going to be safe.
It's security and prosperity.
By the way, it makes it harder for citizens of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.
if they do it legally to migrate back and forth.
Unless it's a selected worker group out of Mexico or any other third world nation who are allowed to come in on unlimited work visas under the plan.
So see, under this plan, is it easier to go to Canada?
Is it easier to get into the U.S.
now if you're above board?
Oh, no!
It's a nightmare!
So, again, more controls over us, more regulations over us, but the illegal aliens, eh, you don't have to show ID to get a bank account, housing loan, or car loan.
It's a joke!
But don't worry, the state police are out there with their radar guns everywhere.
You know, keeping us safe on roads designed to drive 90 miles an hour.
So you gotta drive 70 all bunched in in big packs of cars wrecking everywhere.
They've done German studies, it's safer to actually drive and stay away from other cars.
Now they give you tickets if you're driving in the fast lane, not even blocking anybody.
They're just out there radar gunning everyone, feeling good, because they tell the agencies, there's no money, there's a deficit, we've got to increase enforcement.
New York in the last three years has upped its, quote, spot checks and searches five times from 90-something thousand to over 500,000.
Every other state has more than doubled
All the small things.
Don't wear a seatbelt, go to jail.
Seen smoking, go to jail in your car.
Seen on a cell phone, go to jail.
Cameras everywhere, scanning us.
It's going to be maximum enforcement on everybody and making things that were civil.
Now criminal penalties, you're going to have point systems already going in, three tickets.
They randomly take your license or charge you thousands of dollars.
They don't even tell you exactly what they'll do.
It's just hellish micromanagement.
Kids getting frisked and checked.
Gotta show ID and be thumb scanned to get in a lot of the schools now.
Thumb scanning for school lunches.
Thumb scanning for library books.
Being searched, being controlled.
Cameras in the bathrooms.
Our journey to enslavement is now heating up.
We're getting deeper into the merc now.
Deeper into the tyranny.
Deeper into the control.
And the illegal aliens are exempt because they're part of the North American Union.
Again, I don't even blame them.
They just want a better life.
But the point is, it's part of the globalist plan to drive down wages and break this country up.
And they selectively enforce what sheriffs in Vermont and Tennessee and other places go, yeah, we arrest the illegals.
The state police arrest the illegals.
And it's catch and release.
They're just given a form under any fake name and released.
And they haven't ended that.
They've expanded that.
And you can't get Border Patrol to come pick them up.
Because there isn't the funding.
But the state police will pull you over, boy.
Need to do a search of your children's safety seats to make sure they're in properly.
How you doing, child?
Is your mommy and daddy nice to you?
They haven't been hitting you or touching you, have they?
This is just normal to be interrogated on the side of the road.
After all, 9-11 just happened.
We gotta keep you safe.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Man, that is hand-out stress.
Could be the yoga.
Could be the local priest.
Well, there's sometimes, sometimes, you know, we come as a man.
Welcome back.
Alright, I know I haven't gone to your calls yet, but we're going to do that now.
Coming up, we're going to give you a brief report on Barack Obama getting confronted at a big rally on 9-11 Truth here in Austin Friday.
Then yesterday, they blew up the Intel building and
Well, the controlled demolitions couldn't even blow the whole thing up!
But, oh, 9-11, excellent job they did.
Uh, let's, uh, go ahead and go to Al-Kai in Hawaii, then Mark, Mike, Ron, Mike, and others.
Go ahead, Al-Kai.
Hey, yo, Alex, you, uh, I think you pronounced my name right.
What'd you say again?
Al-Kai, is that correct?
Yeah, I called you, like, I don't know, five years ago, six years ago?
Remember me?
Probably not, right?
I don't know if I do.
What's on your mind?
I was going to say, I think these are the two strongest arguments.
Like, these are the two top smoking guns that truthers should push when they get onto, like, Fox News, or CNN, or talk radio, or other media outlets trying to talk about 9-11.
Because these are, like, I think these are the two best arguments in my mind.
I'll go, Sam.
You know the New York firefighters, the police officers, and the first responders that have gone public saying they were told, get back, 7 is going to be brought down?
That's the, uh,
First point, and the second one is the hijackers being trained at U.S.
I think those are the two ones that I think have the best chance at actually convincing people.
And by the way, both of those are admitted.
The hijackers admittedly were trained and covered operations secretly.
The heads of bases have gone public, but it came out in the mainstream news, but then never got covered again.
Yeah, I know.
Like, those are the ones that you actually have names
Alright, that's basically all I want to say, but also something else.
I'm tired of... What is that?
You know about MSG?
It's like in almost every food now, MSG.
Listen, you can hardly find potato chips that don't have it.
You can hardly find any processed food that doesn't have it and it's horrible.
I've searched the whole store and I couldn't find anything.
It's a deadly poison.
When you give it to cats or dogs or mice, their brains go hyperactive and produce massive amounts of the hormone that causes your body to produce more fat cells.
And, um, it even kills your brain cells by making them go hyperactive.
I know, it's an excitotoxin.
But, you know, we've had top scientists on.
Don't believe them.
Cell phones are good, MSG's good, GMO foods are good.
Doesn't matter if all the reports say it kills you.
The government loves you.
Just enjoy.
Thanks for the call, Alki.
Good to hear from you.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark in Atlanta, Georgia.
Go ahead, sir.
Yo, bro.
I believe it's Ezekiel that is told that, you know, like Ezekiel, you're a watchman on the wall, and you're sending out a warning, and if the people don't heed it, then their blood is on their own, that you are discharging your duty.
So, you know, you've called out a warning, and the warning is that the enemy is within our own gates, that it's not out there.
And I, routinely in my prayers,
And I was wondering, what can I do to help Ron Paul?
I've been trying to get in touch with other people about the DVD.
I've got a DVD burner.
I can pack it back with a DVD player on my desktop, which is handy for making copies.
And I want to see about getting something that promotes Ron Paul and what he's about.
Well, here's the thing.
He has a small office and small staff.
They're doing the exploratory committee now.
He's going to run.
He's just trying to get everything lined up.
He's got to jump through all these regulatory hoops.
He's going to be running.
Anything else you want to add?
Do you love Jesus.org?
Let her you.
Stay there.
I'll just come back to you.
Stay there.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Already into hour number two.
I'm going to recap and get into some of the new developments concerning the clear evidence that Oklahoma City was an inside job.
We've gotten sections of the now unsealed federal lawsuit and the deposition of Terry Nichols concerning Oklahoma being quote, an FBI operation.
We've got a bunch of news on Target, Iran.
We've got guests coming up for about 10-15 minutes at the bottom of this hour to talk about confronting Barack Obama on 9-11, and a controlled demolition they had here in Austin yesterday.
But right now, let's continue with your calls.
Mike in Atlanta, you were trying to finish something up before the break cut you off.
Oh, okay.
Well, a friend of mine in the John Birk Society, he has the view that we will fight and ultimately lose to the Antichrist.
The good news is that after our heads are reattached to our shoulders, we will reign with Christ for years.
And to me, that makes it all worth it.
I'd rather lose in a good fight than win on the side of evil.
I agree, and I appreciate your call.
What would it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
The problem is, and I don't want to get off into a big debate about theology, but
For about a hundred years, they've been telling Christians, lay down, go along with evil, don't fight it, because the world's just going to end.
And, you know, regardless of when the Antichrist stands up and when all this happens, we have a duty to go, hey, DynCorp's running child kidnapping rings, here it is in the Chicago Tribune, we better stand up and try to defend these people.
They're being raped and tortured and killed right now.
Hey, these genetically modified potatoes that most of us eat every day kill over half the rats in just a month after they start eating them because it has artificial new amino acids in them and it really hurts humans.
Hey, we better talk about that.
Hey, Rick Perry wants to try to lie and claim that girls have to take an experimental vaccine.
We need to fight it.
Hey, we were lied into Iraq by design to make the world hate us and set the U.S.
up for a fall.
Now that's completely evident.
Hey, we've got a job to warn people.
And so duty is ours, consequence belongs to God.
I mean, I may not have a snowball chance in hell of defeating the New World Order and defeating this current manifestation.
It doesn't matter, I'm going to fight them and try to defend.
I know if we lay down, they're just going to win that much quicker and have that much more fun.
I mean, let's say a couple lions had me cornered and they were about to eat me, I'm going to fight them.
May not have a chance before they grab me around the neck and break my neck, but I'm gonna attack!
I'm gonna fight back!
By the way, statistically, that's happened to people, not just with mountain lions, but with a real deal.
A lot of times, they see something charge them back, something fight them back, they end up running off.
Same thing with grizzly bears.
It's not like you could actually win that fight if they really fought you 110%, but the point is, it's the initiative.
Are they willing to get hurt in the process of killing you?
Are you going to act like a prey animal, like a bunny rabbit or a gazelle?
You want to kill me, I'm going to bite you back!
I'm going to fight you with everything I've got!
It's that simple.
You're going to get hurt in the process.
You think you're the boss?
You think I'm your slave?
You're an evil piece of garbage that thinks you can just go on and go on and go on?
And history shows, more often than not, if the good stand up, the evil get trounced.
Alright, I'm starting to rant.
We're going to break, and I'm going to hurry through calls.
Okay, 1-800-259-9231.
Just the callers all bring up such good points.
Mike in Pennsylvania, Ron in California, Mike in Texas, Alex in Florida.
Others, we'll get to your calls on the other side of this quick break.
And don't forget, the websites are PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, JonesReport.com, InfoWars.net.
They're all excellent.
They all have original reports on them every day now.
And I hope you'll visit all the sites today.
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My books, the videos we carry, the other videos I've made, online, video and bookstore at InfoWars.com.
If you believe in what we're doing, go there, peruse them, or call toll free 888-253-3139.
We'll be back on the other side.
Keep it locked in.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Continuing with your phone calls...
Let's go ahead and go to Mike in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Good, sir.
How you doing?
First of all, I'd like to give you my internet nickname, because I often write you news tips and stuff like that.
Would that be okay?
I call myself Mike, and I put in front of it, it says Rack Attack.
So I don't know if you've ever read any of my emails to you, but that's who I am.
One main question that I have to ask you, you kind of had ESP, is about this virus, this live virus that attacks your brain.
That's the main question that I wanted to ask you about.
I want to ask you about more details about that, like what's the name of it and stuff like that.
Okay, I've been covering it for two years.
It's a whole class of vaccines and I'm actually doing the research now to collate all that again and put it in a film I'm making.
It's a whole class of vaccines and it's a psychoactive class of viruses that go in and attack the receptors that would take on the molecules of opiates, narcotics, nicotine, because those all plug in basically to the same type of receptor sites.
The virus then plugs in, there's an autoimmune response, a plaque is created,
Thank you.
I think so.
Or even if you don't believe in God, it's science has shown that when you follow basic human code of doing the right thing, being good to the tribe, good to the community, that you get a rewarding feeling.
When we break a big story, when we expose evil, I'll get really euphoric and excited.
Sometimes I get depressed after because I realize just how bad things are once we confirm things.
But you asked the name of the vaccine.
They got approval for several of them in England.
It was in the London Independent, it was in the London Times, it was in the BBC two years ago.
It's all over Infowars and Prison Planet.
I can't remember the exact titles of the articles, but it was headlines like, New Vaccine to Cure Smokers, New Vaccine to Stop Drug Use.
Just type that in, New Vaccine to Stop Drug Use, or a headline like,
Government wants all school children to take new anti-drug vaccine or new anti-smoking vaccine.
There were probably, I don't know, 15-20 articles we read on air over and over again two years ago.
The point is, now those companies are here, they're pushing it.
There are several companies that are doing it.
I don't have it here in front of me.
So when I raise the point about the Merck Human Papilloma Virus, HPV,
When I talk about that, it's the same class.
It's a live virus that goes into the body and engages in different programming functions, and then supposedly causes an autoimmune response, and then you're cured.
That's not even as bad as the live viruses that actually create plaques in the brain.
Does it actually kill brain cells?
Yes, it kills them.
About 9-11.
Let's be clear.
They're neurons and they have receptor ganglia.
It's neurons form to create receptor sites and then when the chemical goes in, it fires an electrochemical jolt through that neuron to larger strands and ganglia.
I don't claim to be a neurobiologist or anything, but we've had the scientists on, we've covered what it does, and we've also shown what mercury does in the receptors.
Mercury, when it hits receptors, causes an electrochemical explosion.
All other heavy metals simply block them up and kill the cells they come in contact with.
Mercury causes kind of like a surge and causes massive blowouts and kills large areas and then the mercury starts eating through like acid and doesn't stop.
It's the gift that keeps on giving.
That's why it's so particularly deadly and it also causes autoimmune inflammation that causes brain tissue death as well.
Can I continue?
About 9-11, BBC hit these and other debunkers and stuff like that, and this guy just called a little while ago saying there's these things that cannot be debunked.
One of the things I think really can't be debunked is these record put options that were put on the main airlines of 9-11.
Just American and United at many, many times previous record levels.
The all-time record by leaps and bounds.
I think it's, what, six times the record level?
And you've got to watch my films, you get the actual news articles.
And then it led back to Alex and Brown and their former head, Buzzy Kromgaard, executive director of the CIA at the time.
But instead of burning them, they burned two low-level FBI agents who just made a few mil locally in New York off of it.
They did go to prison.
Two more quick things.
The insurance companies that paid off Larry Silverstein.
I did some research on it.
One of them is German.
Yeah, there's like five different insurance companies that dealt with that.
Anyway, why isn't the insurance companies raising a heck about this and investigating it themselves?
Because it would seem that since they're paying it off... Who do you think owns the major shares in the dominant insurance companies?
Yeah, corruption everywhere.
Well, no.
Yeah, it's the Central Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, Bundesbank.
I appreciate your call.
That was brought up.
The German bank
I don't
German company, they did take testimony on 7, but nothing ever came of it.
This is how it works, okay?
The airlines, too.
At that level of the power structure, these CEOs and individuals, that's why they chose Silverstein.
I guarantee you that's why they chose those insurers, because they were in the loop.
They'll just be paid off through other investments and other government deals.
And $7 million sounds like a lot.
It's just chicken feed.
I don't believe the attacks were carried out because they wanted $7 million.
They just do a cost-benefit analysis, and that was the perfect location because of the things Silverstein's already been involved in, and then, of course, that's part of his payout then, a large profit for being involved with the attacks.
Those are all great questions.
Let's go to Ron in California.
Ron, go ahead.
Good morning, Alex, or I guess afternoon now.
I want to go through a few things, quick things.
First I want to start off with a word of encouragement from the Bible, Proverbs 11, 6.
The treacherous will be caught by their own greed.
Verse 19, And he who pursues evil will bring about his own death.
And verse 21, Assuredly the evil man will not go unpunished.
So your work will bring about
The Lord will make sure that what you're doing and all the others out there are doing to stop the New World Order will come to fruition.
But one thing I wanted to ask you is, you've got the Google search bar on your front page of PrisonPlanet.com?
Have you thought of changing that to Yahoo or Doc Powell or one other?
They're all bad.
They're all bad.
It's all New World Order and we use their tools against them.
I just wondered why you had that, because you talk about Google quite a bit.
Fox News propaganda piece.
Every day we've got links to what they're saying.
We want you to know.
We don't just link the stuff we agree with.
Right, okay.
One thing, I listen to Mike Malloy every night, and there's one organization, I think it's 911accountability.org, they're running ads on his show.
Have you thought of running ads on his show and other liberal talk shows?
Well, frankly, I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, but this show,
It's just totally dwarfs programs of that nature, sir.
Oh, okay.
So you don't think it would be that much?
Yeah, and we're not even geared towards profit here.
We probably should be to fund and expand what we're doing.
But we grow organically, and I don't have the capital to go out and do big advertising campaigns.
If somebody wants to go produce ads to promote Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and you want to pay for them, I think that's even better.
I mean, I can run my own ads on this network.
I'm so busy, I never cut new ads.
I mean, that's just insane.
And I have to hire more people.
I've got to make more money so I can get a better organization together, you know, because everybody here has worked to the limit.
Well, one thing I'm interested in doing, who can have contact on your staff to do volunteer work for you?
Who's the best?
A lot of folks want to volunteer.
I'm not saying you want to do this, but they really want to drink coffee and hang out.
I know you don't want to do that, but my point is, I don't have the organization.
I'm not set up to deploy volunteers.
Then I would be liable for what volunteers did.
It also opens us up to infiltration.
I'm not saying you would want to infiltrate.
It's just that with the type of work we do, it's good to stay small and lean.
Basically, I have to try to micromanage everything.
But we're going to be creating something soon that is meant to turn volunteers loose, that is meant to empower you, and so we'll be talking about that in the near future.
I was thinking if you just had a research project that maybe you could... No, stuff like that is great, but here's the deal.
I've got so much research and documents myself I can't even cover it all, but I don't want to say don't do research because you guys discover new stuff all the time.
I mean, what area would you like to research?
How would you like to help us?
You know, if you've got a research project you want, like I can line up people for interviews, contact people that you want to contact and get a hold of and try and
Here's the thing, in the time it takes me to interface with you, to get those people and to vet and confirm those interviews, I can do those interviews.
We can set that up.
So a lot of it's interface.
You know what you need to do?
Get Terror Storm, get Martial Law, I'm telling you, make copies of them, spread links on the web, don't wait for orders from headquarters, go to the sound of the guns.
But listen, I'm honored by your request, I want to volunteer.
I'm also not big on volunteering, I like to pay people.
Because, you know, then there's no hard feelings.
The War on Terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas, or will it affect us here at home?
If you are like most folks, you want to be prepared, but can't afford an underground shelter.
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Welcome back.
Let's go to Mike in Texas now, and I'm going to talk about individual activism in the next segment to kind of expound on what Ron was saying.
Mike in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, first of all, I just wanted to say, Alex, I can't get your radio transmission here in South Austin.
I've been getting it for the last two and a half years on the same radio, and it's not coming through.
Yeah, those are the micro-FMs that, off and on for like nine years, pick up different programs, and those are not on right now.
So that's the basics on that.
I really can't tell you anything else about it because I don't know.
Okay, that's fine.
I'm just getting on my phone.
I recently emailed all my family and friends what I thought about New World Order, sort of came out of the closet, if you will, on George Bush thing, and of course it's upset my father.
He sent me back an email from his... he's a priest and he's... I mean, a minister.
He sent back an email that's going around with him and his friends about this demonstration in London of a bunch of
Right out of Central Casting, these Muslim extremists who are dressed up in the usual outfits holding the awkwardly worded signs.
By the way, the government will never kick them out when they're saying, kill the police, kill everyone.
Every time it gets exposed, they really work for British intelligence, but then they use the new laws to restrict everybody else's free speech.
Right, and I'm trying to email my father back my explanation of this, which he's not going to believe it, but they're holding up signs that say, free them, vote who has.
Send him the article with the Nazi rally that they had in Florida a week and a half ago.
They're in Orlando being led by the FBI, and you can find other articles where these, quote, Imams, and we're not saying there aren't bad Muslims and bad groups out there either.
The point is the globalists are funding and empowering and shepherding these groups.
Yeah, that's right.
I've got something I want to say to people that always have this.
This is amazing.
I can't believe that George Bush, look how they smile.
I can't believe they'd be doing anything like this, and Bill Kristol and all.
And you've got to say, have you ever spent time on a car lot with a used car salesman?
I mean, of course they're going to smile, and of course they're going to be seemingly... Well, I mean, there have been lots of serial killers that wear suits and ties and have short haircuts.
And that doesn't mean that they're good people.
You have to look at their real actions.
Thank you for the call, Mike.
I appreciate you holding.
Let's talk to Alex in Florida.
Go ahead, Alex.
Go ahead.
Okay, Alex.
A couple quick points.
First of all, I want to thank you for all the work you've done on this Gardasil research.
Thank you.
Using that research convinced my sister not to let my nieces get the injections despite the urging of their so-called know-it-all pediatrician.
And it was kind of funny because the day after she had the argument with the pediatrician about getting it, they did an article on the ABC No News Tonight where their medical editor, Tim Johnson, was harping about how wonderful this thing is and how many lives it was going to save and how if he had a daughter he wouldn't hesitate to get her shot up with the stuff.
And we all had a big laugh out of that because it's such transparent propaganda.
Good, so you're saving people's lives.
By the way, I have a newscast we probably won't have time to play, but I hadn't seen it before.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Whoever did it played Pink Floyd music over, and that's why we can't really play it.
Number one, it's too long.
Number two, the Pink Floyd music is really too loud for radio.
But you can still go watch it on Prison Planet, and it's Perry going, Cancer killed 44,000 Texans!
We've got to have this vaccine!
It's killed 44,000 in Texas!
But listen, this is how it works.
It really killed less than 200 in Texas, and that's the official number in the Associated Press in 2006, but this is how the lie works.
All forms of cancer killed that many.
You see, this is really a very rare cancer.
The amazing thing about guys like Perry is not that they're for sale, it's that they're for sale so cheaply.
Well, there were only 9,600
And I forget the exact number.
It was 9,600 and something total infections of the cancer in 2006.
That was in the AP.
Let me think.
2,000, excuse me, 9,617.
9,617 cases the CDC reported in the whole country and less than 4,000 deaths.
Well, the main thing I want to talk about is just a little bit of activism.
We started last night at my house.
My wife had her annual Academy Awards party.
And, uh, we ended up not watching Academy Awards because a couple of the people started talking about this new video they saw on the internet called Loose Change.
So I pop out my copy, and we all stopped watching that.
When it was time for the Academy Awards, I said, well, why don't you look at this?
I brought out my new Terror Storm.
Stay there.
I want to hear about this on the other side.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Welcome back!
I want to let Alex and Flora to finish up, then we'll go to Jessica, Mike, and many others, after we talk to Matt Dayton of Project for New American Citizens.
I just walked out during the break and told my radio producer, I said, hey, I don't have time to search for it.
I called her earlier in the hour,
Uh, had asked about the name of the vaccines that are, it's a live virus and attacks the brain to, quote, cure you of cigarette smoking, cure you of cocaine, methamphetamine, any type of narcotic.
They all hit the same, uh, receptor areas.
And he said, oh, I didn't hear you talk about that, but that was on the news last night.
Take the new vaccine.
It's approved.
Oh, it's so good.
It'll, it'll cure cigarette smoking.
And I said, well, Kevin, where, what was it on?
He said, local news.
So he's off trying, he thought it was on K view.
He's off trying to... Again, we're wallowing in this.
And a caller called and asked, you know, where is it?
Where's the evidence?
I've got him printing a bunch of articles about it right now.
We type it into Google and just pages just popped up of it.
How wonderful and how we all need it.
But then you read deeper, it's a live virus that attacks your brain.
Yes, I said it correctly.
A live virus that attacks your brain.
And again, it's just reported calmly.
Oh, it's like mother's milk.
It's so good.
We are entering the ninth circle of hell.
I mean, if you think it's bad now, folks, it's going to get crazier and weirder and nuttier by the minute.
And they have vaccine immunity.
It doesn't matter how many tens of millions have got autism now.
It doesn't matter how many tens of millions get Alzheimer's from the aluminum and the rest of it.
It doesn't matter.
It's just going to continue.
Because people won't wake up and stop trusting these killers.
A lot of people just want to laugh at us and it's all funny.
Go give your children a live virus vaccine for cancer.
Give them a live virus vaccine so they won't use drugs that the government ships in to begin with.
They're ruthless killers that funded Hitler in control.
They're using fancy high-tech PR to sell you.
We're in a crisis.
Real fast, Alex in Florida.
So, they heard a loose change, that's why I love it, and then you use that as a doorway to put Terror Storm on at this party instead of watching the Oscars.
What ended up happening?
Well, I ended up giving away all five of my new copies of Terror Storm that I ordered a couple of weeks ago, and now I've got to get some new ones.
But, you know, I hear people calling all the time, you know, Alex, what can I do?
How can I help?
It's real simple.
For 50 bucks, you can get five copies of Terror Storm with a nice DVD cover and a pretty graphics,
All you do is get some of those and give them away.
Making copies is great, but I tell you what, people, when they see the nice graphics and the professional cover and the beautifully pressed DVD, it elevates the credibility just that much more.
Well, it does, and then we end up making a few bucks off that when you buy them at $9.95 apiece.
I still haven't paid off the cost of that film.
And if I keep going like this, I've looked, in about a year and a half, I'll be broke, but I'll probably just put out the next film for free, too.
But, you know, it just doesn't... I just want to get it out to people and folks like you, Alex, that do buy five copies or ten copies.
You make it all possible.
You fund... I mean, look, I've been so busy today.
I spent, what, 30 seconds?
At the start of this hour, saying, hey, buy our videos, support us.
I've gotten to where I don't even plug our products anymore.
I'm so busy wanting to interview all these people and talk to you and warn folks and cover the news.
So, yes, go to InfoWars.com and get a bunch of copies of Terrorist Storm, America, Freedom to Fascism, you name it.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
And that's the type of activism we need right there.
And again, for earlier callers who want to help us, I just don't have the capacity to tell volunteers what to do or have it be effective.
And just the interfacing with you and talking.
I don't have time to hardly see my family.
I'm not whining about it.
We don't do as good a job we could because it just gets crazy!
So much is going on.
That's why... Here's the deal.
Chairman King came to town last year of the 9-11 Whitewash Commission, and I could have gone up there and made big headlines and asked the best questions and yelled at him about covering up the implosion of WTC7, and I knew it'd be big, but I just sent a couple of my guys here from the office there, and Bob Dacey went, and then that's going to be in loose change final edition.
And I knew full well that'd be an important video.
David Gergen's coming to town this Thursday.
I don't think I'm going to go down and confront him.
That's for other people to do.
Other people to get the spotlight.
Other people to be leaders.
Other people to rise.
That's what we have to do to win here.
I don't relish the spotlight.
I don't relish having to do all this.
I'll be on the air eight hours today doing interviews.
Two hours of TV, three hours here, two hours of rants, and another hour.
Eight hours.
And again, I do that because it's having an effect.
But I try to get my people that work here to do interviews and they don't like it.
I try to get Paul Watson to do them.
Again, I'd like to see you start a website and then see you doing interviews and you getting linked and you having an effect.
That's how we're going to win.
If it's just a couple of us, they can beat us.
They can kill our leadership.
This is an idea.
Ideas are bulletproof, as V says.
You cannot stop an idea.
And to see two young college students who in the last year, I guess, from founding Project for a New American Citizen have had, I don't know, 20, 30 rallies, huge halls filled with 500 to 900 people, massive effect.
They've been all over the news.
They did two things this weekend, Friday and Sunday, and joining us is Matt Dayton to talk about what they did.
Again, and they've gone out and helped us research Bilderberg Group, and helped get us news articles for this film I'm making.
They give us some of the photos and video graciously, and then we combine and collaborate, get it up on the website.
This is the type of volunteering I need, where here it is, not just the raw footage, it's been boiled down to ten minutes.
Here's the photos.
Here's an article.
Write articles for us, folks.
If they're decent, I'll post them.
Give us material.
We'll try to build you up.
Let me go to Matt Dayton, who I know is down there at college right now.
Thanks for holding.
Matt, tell us what happened Friday with Barack Obama.
This is round three as we're exposing him, and then tell us about the demolition of the Intel building and how you guys used that as another platform to expose 9-11.
Oh, well, first let me thank for, you know, bringing me on again, Alex.
Yeah, I'll start with the Barack event.
Well, I mean, we knew this was
We knew cameras were going to be there.
We knew it was going to be a huge event.
And, uh, I decided it would be a good idea to just take a sign down there and see if I could get it on camera.
Um, so, you know, basically that's what I did.
I, I saw where all the video cameras were lined up.
I saw where Brock was going to be speaking.
Um, and so I, I positioned myself in between and sort of, I, you know, put my, my, you know, neck out there, um, you know, alienate myself from the, uh, you know,
Masses of people.
I don't know if you've seen the pictures, but it's just... He has thousands of people and a sea of Barack Obama signs handed out to them, all scripted.
Here's this huge Investigate 9-11 poster right in front of him.
Yeah, I mean, and what... Images are the most powerful thing that we have.
It's all about... I mean, that's what they use against us, these photo ops, these PR events.
And so if we can just do that
You know, in reverse, and sort of stage events like the Barack Obama, and get photos like that out there, I think it can be effective.
My mom did a fantastic job taking the pictures, and my friend did the filming, and it was on News 8, and thousands of people saw the banner.
It was a great experience, and I encourage, I would really like
You know, for people out there to try and go to those rallies, and whenever Barack Obama or any other candidate come to their town, just bring banners, find where the cameras are.
Obviously, he's total New World Order.
People are like, is he good?
If the national media is telling you he's the man, he's bad news, just like Hillary or Newt Gingrich or any of them.
But tell folks what happened with the media hissing at you, flipping you off, getting mad.
Tell folks what happened.
Well, I planned to put up a sign right when he was coming out because I knew that was going to be the most usable footage for them.
So right when he was coming out, I just put my banner up and just held it there for a couple of minutes.
I was just looking at all the news media people and just see their faces turning red.
One lady was pointing towards the ground, you know, get your sign out of the way.
Another lady was fumbling with her camera and flicking me off.
It was actually quite hilarious.
Now let's be clear.
At a rally where people could bring whatever signs they wanted, the mindset of the average American and the media is hissing, how dare you not be part of the group thing?
How dare you ruin something precious?
You need to stop your speech, stop your communication, stop your First Amendment, stop being able to express yourself.
How dare you, Matt Dayton, engage in such al-Qaeda-esque activity?
This is so un-American.
Yeah, and so I kept doing it.
I would put it up every time they would put up, you know, all the Barack Obama flyers or banners would go up.
And finally some lady came down there and was just like,
Um, your sign is really, really in the way.
And I was like, I know.
And she's like, well, we're just trying to do our job.
And I was like, so am I. Yeah, lady, you're the media there to not control the event.
You're the media there to shoot video of what happened.
Don't you understand that?
Don't you understand?
I mean, what's wrong with them?
What news station was this idiot with?
I'm not sure what she was with.
She was a photographer, so she stepped in front of me because she couldn't get any good pictures.
You're about three, four people back from the stage.
Now let's understand.
I'd say you had the sign up about as high as his knees.
You weren't blocking the precious dear freshman senator, junior senator.
You were there engaging in the First Amendment.
How dare you?
I'm surprised they didn't come over and say there's a free speech zone over here.
We decide which is speech and which isn't.
Yeah, people, you could hear the sort of mummer around me, and somebody mentioned something to me, but I was like, good thing I live in America that I can do this, just real sarcastically, because they were, you know, basically attacking me.
Stop him!
Look, he's communicating!
Oh my gosh!
Oh, we've got to shut down the First Amendment!
And Newt Gingrich is saying, ban the First Amendment.
All over national TV, they're saying, arrest all of us.
We're traitors.
Members of Congress who have an opinion on the war, evil.
You're not supposed to have opinions.
Just submit to them!
Submit to the new America!
Yeah, um, you know, and then, uh, after that lady came down, she stepped in front of me and got her pictures, and then another guy came down and was just, you know, we really, we really can't get any good pictures.
Can you, can you take it down?
And I was, you know, I'll think about it.
Of course I would put it down and then put it back up.
I didn't want to be mobbed.
That would have been better, but that's what fake liberals do.
They kind of come and peck on you and start grabbing on you.
Come on, let's be friends.
Let's talk about it out here.
Come on.
It's alright.
I mean, I've seen them at 9-11 events where they're having World Can't Wait stuff and somebody tries to ask a question and they all mob him.
Come on.
Stop him!
Get him!
It's like Body Snatchers.
Don't let him!
But you ought to be around Neocons.
They'll start going, Get out of here, commie!
You ought to be put in a camp!
I listen to Savage!
Well, then I did it again and the lady who had come down at the beginning tried to physically force my arms down.
You should have called the police there at that time.
No, I just smiled.
It was on News 8.
You can see her trying to pull my arms down and me just laughing.
We're going to post that in an article about this.
So now you have them physically grabbing on you.
Who was she with?
It was the same lady who came down.
I'm not sure.
Stop him!
He's defaming our leader!
Save us from Bush!
What else happened?
That's about it.
We put the banner up every time the other signs came up.
We were pretty successful as far as getting the pictures that we wanted and getting the video that we sent over to y'all.
I got tons of people calling me, like, saw you on News 8.
Yeah, all the other news, because we watched it, my staff did, was able to shoot from weird angles and cut the banner out.
Now, there was some other 9-11 banners.
We saw one that said 9-11's an inside job.
That was a pretty good one.
Right, yeah.
I didn't even see that guy.
I mean, there was very few people there who had any sort of 9-11.
What did you say when this woman started grabbing you?
I would say, that's assault!
And that gets their hands off you real quick.
And see, you want to be firm with them, because they'll go ahead and assault you, and then call the cops out, and then say you assaulted them.
So it's very important to say, that's assault!
Stop now before you go to jail!
And just talk to them like children.
They're children.
They'll take the brain-eating vaccine.
They'll do whatever they're told.
They would march into gas chambers, man.
They'll do whatever they're told.
Now, let's shift gears and talk about, well, anything else that happened at that event?
Because I don't want to talk about the control demolition downtown when they blew up the building.
No, I mean, I think that's about it.
We got help getting a press pass to get up and get those pictures from that angle.
Yeah, you're right in front of the
Big computer building that they never finished because Intel pulled out so they just built the big concrete steel skeleton and it's been there since the dot-com bust in the late nineties and so you've got images of a big sign saying controlled demolition.
Tell folks what signs you had what happened there.
Well we just we brought a one that says controlled demolition real big bold letters and underneath it says World Trade Center 1, World Trade Center 2, and World Trade Center 7 and so me and another guy named Clayton
Um, you know, grabbed that banner and held it up in front of the whole crowd, walked up and down the crowd.
You know, showing that banner before the video.
Did you get video of that?
Yes, I believe we do.
Clayton's got to get it over here.
I'm salivating.
We've got to get that video up ASAP, man.
Come on, bring it down.
I'd like to play that on my TV show tonight, if you could.
Because I'll be live on TV tonight.
If you could drop that by.
The show's earlier now, it's 6 to 7.
If you could get over there by like 5.30 or so, if it was on a mini-DV or a format I could play, we would just play it raw off the tape.
Yeah, I need to see
I haven't actually gone back and looked at the footage since I was holding the banner.
Well, I've seen the stills and you've got the building blowing up with the signs.
And that's it.
Tell folks about your website.
Our website is PNACitizens.org.
It's just a blog right now.
We're working on a... PNACitizens.org.
And we're grabbing all that and posting it on JonesReport.com.
The Obama footage is going up too.
That'll be up by this evening as well.
And speaking of confrontations, I just wanted to let everyone know that Karl Rove is actually going to be speaking at the
It's Texas State University at 11 a.m.
I believe in Evans Auditorium.
So that's tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Now that's the one in Georgetown, right?
Um, in Georgetown, no, in San Marcos.
Okay, I got them backwards.
They changed the name of the San Marcos one.
I'm brain dead.
Okay, so yeah, what's the name again?
I'm going to try to make it.
I want to get another
What I originally wanted to do with the Bill Kristol event was, you know, do the same thing that we did with Obama, and just get that image of a banner, something with him in the background, you know, just maybe like, tyrant.
Oh, you also want to yell, 9-11's an inside job, and you're one of the architects.
Yeah, absolutely.
Because those guys put on this arrogant front that they control reality and we're all just sitting on the sidelines.
That's not the case.
Tomorrow, 11 a.m., folks, everybody get in there with your little video cameras, get them out, and people need to be there tomorrow.
Austin's becoming, and this whole central Texas is becoming such a mecca for politics.
I tell you, these snakes are here almost every week now.
So yeah, we just gotta capitalize on those events.
You know, I was on the news two times in one weekend, and all you have to do is just enter and get out there and know where the stories are happening.
One good thing to do is you can just have a little bullhorn.
When they go to live news feeds, you can also bullhorn them.
That upsets them, but... Absolutely.
One time they were having a fake bio attack, and I, down at the DPS, when I went down there and told them it was staged, they had to admit it was staged later.
They didn't like that.
Alright, so what were people saying and doing as you held up big signs saying controlled demolition?
Oh, we actually got a good response at the beginning.
We got several claps, but then after we were holding it up for a while, people were going, Boo!
Don't hold that sign up, you're blocking our view of the real controlled demolition.
Stay there.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
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In the next hour, I'm going to play the clip of the NIST director saying that they haven't done any scientific research about why the towers fell, because they know why they fell.
There was no molten steel, and we cut to all these clips of firefighters saying it.
And it was Matt Dayton and his colleagues that put that together as well, and they played that before I spoke to a packed house of over 900 at UT.
So this is how you take action.
Um, what else happened whenever you held up the big sign that said, Control Demolition?
And I haven't been watching the news, you're saying that also made it on the news?
Um, yeah, there was some live footage going on, um, you know, at the event, and I had my Investigate 9-11, um, I haven't actually seen the footage, but some people said they could definitely see it in the background holding up our sign.
So I know they didn't play that footage again.
Everywhere they go, every opportunity, that's all they see is 9-11 Truth.
And it's happening all over the nation.
But we're leading the fight here.
You're on the vanguard, my friend.
And I also wanted to let your listeners know that tonight we're having an event in the UT Union Ballroom at 730.
We're screening a film called Truth Be Told, and also with a short lecture by Hank Gilbert.
So if anyone's interested in that, that'll be 7.30 tonight in the Union Ballroom.
What's the Truth Be Told about?
Truth Be Told is basically exposing the Trans-Texas Corridor and the toll roads.
I believe it features mostly in San Antonio.
But just getting information out there to people about that.
We also have some clips from 60 Minutes concerning the war.
I want to get into Iran.
I'll get through all these callers that have been holding the longest first, like Jessica, Mike, Melody, Dan, Johnny, and others.
But I've got to move quick, so be ready with your calls, be ready with your questions, the points you want to make.
Before this hour ends, I'm going to take a minute and a half here and just invite you to visit InfoWars.com and to click through to the secure, safe online video and bookstore Yahoo!
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas,
Alex Jones.
Alright, this third hour will be completely jam-packed.
Massive Iran news.
Multifaceted report.
I also want to report on Iraq and play some clips from a spin piece off 60 Minutes.
And so much more.
Right now though, let's get calls out of the way that have been holding the longest.
Jessica in Utah, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hi, I actually wanted to thank you first for waking me up.
I had just like barely watched Terror Storm a couple weeks ago and I ended up having to go buy five copies and give them away.
But I'm really having problems with people watching it.
They just don't seem interested.
Tell them it's a video of Jessica Simpson shaving her head.
Yeah, and it's just like amazing to me.
Are you trying to get family to watch it?
I've told my brother about the website and I've
Pass it along to a couple of coworkers, but it just seems like they're just not interested.
What kind of business do you work in?
I actually work with fasteners, nuts, bolts, and screws.
Well, I mean, look, a lot of people are just thinking about what they're going to drink at the bar tonight or how to get more money to drive a more fancy car because that will fulfill them, they think.
And you'll find pockets of, you know, either we get a caller saying, everybody's waking up I talked to, or they're saying nobody's waking up.
And it just seems, luck of the draw, which area you're in.
I mean, I go on stations like Ktalk.
I mean, every caller calls in agreeing.
They have huge 9-11 truth meetings up there in Utah.
Where are you in Utah?
I'm actually in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Yeah, I mean, it may just be who you're around.
How do you approach them?
Do you say, hey, here's a film about the government being behind 9-11?
Yeah, yeah.
And you know that there's other facts in it, too, about, you know, the Gulf of Tonka and just, you know, other things that I think they should know about, but it's kind of
I guess not that important.
Well, a lot of people also take some... I mean, if you just talk about politics, a lot of people go, what are you doing, trying to show off?
Look, we got one that can read!
Look, she even walks on her hind legs!
Not bent over like a gorilla!
She's probably with Al-Qaeda!
So I would just move on.
I mean, it's unfortunate to run... I mean, all five people you approached didn't want to see it?
Well, one hasn't returned the video yet, but I'm not sure if they watched it.
And the other just said, no, no, no.
Yeah, that it's not real, you know, it's not believable.
Well, that's because deep down they're afraid.
So you might just try another approach and say, man, these are really interesting films.
You ought to check it out.
But look, things are so bad that you have to have that attitude.
You see, if you're not going to fight this,
And you're not going to admit that we're losing our freedoms and America's in bad shape.
I mean, I know yuppies email me, and I've heard them on the street.
They go, the dollar's not devalued.
Oh, sure it is, Alex.
And are the Martians going to get me?
And I go, no, no, here's the Times of London.
Sure it is.
Oh, yeah.
You know, again, they're cowards.
Deep down they know it's true.
They can't deal with that.
They're so afraid that they just go, no, no, no, no, no.
So just move on.
Now I hope this is okay with you, but I have InfoWars and Prison Planet posted in my car window.
Of course it's okay.
It says 9-11 is an inside job and to visit this website I get so many different looks and
But I think it's getting somewhere.
Do people ever honk or wave at you?
Oh no.
Unfortunately no.
But I do see in the rare view of people writing it down or, you know, really reading it.
I've seen people roll their eyes, so... No!
She thinks the government might be bad!
But how on America?
But I was just wondering if that's okay to post your websites like that?
Number one, even if I didn't want you to, which I do want you to, it's a free country, free speech, you can post whatever you want.
Please do it.
But people call me all the time and say, is this okay?
Of course it's okay.
But even if I didn't want you to, it's your right to do it.
Please do it.
And I'm sorry to hear that you're having bad luck there, but just continue.
A lot of people that laugh at you now, later, when the cops beat their kid up or something, they'll come back to you.
They just think they're part of the system right now.
They haven't woken up yet.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
During the break we were googling for articles concerning vaccines that quote cure you of drug addiction because they burn holes in your brain to put it lightly.
Here's the Associated Press, though.
This is FDA OK's Pfizer anti-smoking pill.
And this creates a protein that blocks it in the brain, but it also blocks your normal endorphins.
Then we did find an article here.
This is a press release from news-medical.net, put out by the Pharmacological News, by Zinova Group, PLC, new vaccine to stop cocaine addiction.
The good articles are the London Independent and the London Telegraph.
I remember those.
We've got to find them.
When something's two years old, it's like buried and searched, you know, thirty or something deep in there.
Has announced the presentation of results of two-dose escalation phase two studies of TACD.
It has his experimental name.
A vaccine being developed with the treatment of cocaine addiction at the College on Problems of Drug Independence.
Sixty-sixth annual scientific meeting in Puerto Rico.
June 12th to the 17th presentation by Dr. Bridget Martwell.
And this is all just a scientific write-up on it and what it does.
And it says, results from both studies show that the maximum mean antibody response occurred between 70 and 90 days post-vaccination with specific cocaine antibodies persisting for at least 16 months.
What happens is it causes an autoimmune response in the brain and so plaques form blocking it.
And it kills those cells.
Eight subjects also received a booster 15 to 18 months post-vaccination.
All of them showed an increased levels of antibodies.
So that's their proof.
That's a basic sign.
The best one was in the Independent, I remember, two years ago.
And it talked about how it attacked the brain.
That was quite useful.
But we'll dig all those up and repost them, because I said we would.
I know they're in our format on our own sites.
We've just got to... You've got to remember the exact headline name.
And Kevin was in there for like an hour trying, because he didn't have the exact headline.
I came up with the exact headline from memory, but found newer articles that people use the same headline with.
Like new vaccine to stop cocaine addiction.
Try new vaccine to stop drug addiction.
New vaccine promises to fight drug use.
There's a bunch there that I go from memory on.
Alright, let's go back to the calls as promised.
Let's go ahead now and take a call from Mike in Toronto, Canada.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Alex.
Great to talk to you.
Long time listener.
First time caller.
There's been some, uh, big news that I'm surprised that none of your other callers have mentioned.
Um, and it concerns Building 7, and the fact that the BBC, on their World Service, reported that Building 7 had collapsed at 4.57 PM.
Which, of course, is a full 23 minutes before it actually did.
Do you have that clip?
I do.
All you need to do is go to Google Video, type in Building, the number 7, and... Hold on, let me write this down.
It's very simple.
Just type in building, then a space, the digit 7, and then BBC.
And you will get that clip.
Okay, go slower.
I'm sorry?
Go slower so I can write this down.
Google Video.
Yeah, Google Video, then what do you type in?
Then a space, the number 7.
So a space, no dash.
No, just a space.
Okay, building 7.
And another space, BBC.
You will find a rather interesting clip that was taken from the big, huge internet archive that has apparently just been made public of all sorts of media coverage of that day.
And someone, and I don't know who, has gone and just watched all the BBC coverage from that day and was astonished to see that they reported that Building 7, and they refer to it as the Solomon Salomon Brothers Building.
That's how it was also known.
And what's even more incredible
Is that at the top of the clock, at five o'clock, they continue to announce that Building 7 has collapsed and they go to a live hit with a BBC reporter, a woman in New York with the skyline behind her.
And she continues to say that Building 7 has collapsed.
And you can see it.
You can see Building 7 right behind her.
This is massive!
This is massive!
This is massive!
Hey, Kevin, get Aaron in here, in case he's not listening.
I'm gonna have him grab it.
In fact, the network can.
John, can you go to Google, click on the video link, and type in Building 7 BBC?
Oh, he already had it.
How far in does this happen, or is it immediate?
Well, no, the clip that you'll get as your first hit on Google Video
...is a little kind of explanation of this that someone has put together with an introduction and everything, and it just points out where Building 7 is, as the woman is telling you it's collapsed.
At 5.15... How long has this been up?
...since yesterday.
That's why I thought someone would mention it.
Call Watson!
Get an article out on ASAP!
Emergency article!
A guy named... who goes by the name of Shure, nicknamed Shure, his name is Jeff, and he lives up in Sudbury, I think, up here in Canada.
He's already called the BBC.
Oh, he's already called their lordships?
I wonder how they'll deal with this.
He's asked them, can you account for the fact that you announced that Building 7 had collapsed?
Twenty-three minutes before it actually did, and of course they're just totally flustered.
Well, this is the type of call we need because we're not omnipresent.
People think we know everything.
We don't know very much.
We're always trying to learn more, and it's almost always you, the listeners, that point all this out to us.
But let me just go back.
This fits in with what I've already confirmed before I ever saw the clip, which we're about to play.
You can just stream it right off there if you want, John.
We don't have to save it, but go ahead and save it afterwards.
And folks, grab that.
Grab it before they take it down.
Because believe me, they'll try to sponge this very quickly if it's accurate, as you're saying.
And I do believe you, because this is what happened.
Well, let me just finish.
Let me just... I mean, this is a really important call, but I want to elaborate, and then... Tell you what, you finish your point, then I'll say something.
Just very quickly, this guy Jeff in Sudbury had actually called the BBC, asked them about this, because he saw it early this morning, and he has now put the recording of his phone call to the BBC on the net, so people are really onto this.
The thing that needs to be made clear is that even if they take this particular clip off Google Video, the source of the video itself is from the big Internet archive.
Alright, I'm calling Paul Watson right now as you talk.
Just continue.
Okay, so in other words, although... It's too late.
I mean, the cat is out of the bag.
Someone may try and take this particular... it's a 25... Hold on one second, I got Paul Watson here.
Hey, Paul, the BBs... You're already listening?
You were already listening or did you already know about it?
Well done!
I'll call you back.
Get a blurb up ASAP.
Get it up.
Get it in RM format before they snatch it.
Thank you.
Yeah, we want a link to the Google video.
It's a 25 minute and 43 second clip.
This particular assembly, but the original clip is like all the Internet Archive clips of footage that day.
No, I understand.
In fact, just back on September 11th, the BBC, CNN, all of them, quote, released their entire archives.
Sir, I appreciate your call and I appreciate the info.
Alright, let me comment on what he just said.
The reason this makes sense is, and we're still developing this big special with all these first responders and eyewitnesses and all the clips, the problem is we're now at over 70 clips.
And so I've got to spend hours and hours collating them and telling the network which clips to play in an order.
I rarely script shows.
I'll have to heavily script it because I'll be, go to clip one, go to clip two, go to clip three.
There's a lot of the clips the network hasn't gotten yet.
They've got to put it all in one folder.
We literally have 70 plus clips of them saying, get back, they're going to blow the building up, get back.
Firefighters saying they're going to blow it.
They said get back.
Police saying it.
People saying it after the fact.
This is the problem.
And this goes back to 9-11.
I get a call.
I'm in the shower.
I tend to get up, do research, then take a shower.
It was like, you know, 8-something in the morning.
The first plane had hit.
I get a call.
I come running out, dripping.
I turn on the television.
There it is.
I start calling people going, it's a terror attack.
Another plane slams in right after that.
And I'm running around.
I'm going, this is the attack.
This is Northwoods.
Get everybody ready.
You know, they may try something any time.
I think a bio-attack is going to follow this in the next month.
Which, by the way, the ADL had attacked me and said I was crazy.
Saying the government would probably launch an anthrax attack.
Now I can thank the ADL for ever enshrining that prediction I made on the radio.
I just know how they work, folks.
My head is in the game.
And then I did solid Genesis broadcasting.
I was on Derry Brownfield.
I was on David Joyce.
I was on Derry Brownfield.
I did three hours of my own show.
I did Michael Trudeau's show next.
And I broadcast right up until midnight that night.
I was doing two shows a day then, completely nuts.
Six hours a day on the Genesis network.
Now we've done a rebroadcast, nine to midnight.
My girlfriend said, hey, why don't you go out and get some food at the grocery store and I'll sit here and answer the phone at that time I'm almost out of my house.
So I jetted over.
I don't know why I'm telling this story.
The point is I'm driving in the car and I'm flipping between news stations.
It's continual coverage.
And I don't know if it was CBS or whether it was ABC.
Memory fails.
But they announced.
It was like 4.30.
Well, Building 7 could damage other buildings and so they may demolish it.
They may bring it down.
They're saying they may bring it down.
And I kind of forgot about it for a few weeks.
And then I started covering Building 7, the first to really focus on it.
But there it was!
And then I went to New York in 2004, and these cops are walking up, and emergency workers are walking up, they're in martial law, and they're going, yeah, they told us to get back from the building, it's gonna be brought down.
And then now we found all the firefighter and police tapes, folks, we've got them on this!
We've got them, we've got them, we've got them!
I looked it up for over a month!
Because in the first hour, I said, when they blew up the Intel building yesterday here in Austin, it took weeks to set it up.
I just said that.
I knew it took at least two weeks.
We went and looked it up.
It was in the paper.
More than a month ago, they began drilling the columns and getting ready to plant the bombs.
They wrote up the plans a year ago to demolish it.
So, over a year of planning and over a month to rig it, and the building didn't completely fall.
They said, that's no big deal, this happens quite often, we'll just blow up the other parts.
Absolutely true!
I should have been there yesterday!
But I was getting ready for my Sunday show, I do.
I literally am like a dog in a butcher shop, folks.
It's just there's so much evidence, I don't know which to bite into.
So thank you, caller, for the heads up on that.
We are gonna blast it out big time.
Everybody, this will be up in Prison Planet in the next hour.
Get it.
Get it out to everyone now.
We're gonna play the clip coming up.
We'll continue with your calls and get to all the other clips as we defeat the terrorists!
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A fractional reserve system means only a small portion of your deposit is held in reserve for immediate withdrawal.
Deficit spending will skyrocket through FDIC if the government is forced to insure deposits during a bank run followed by a depressed economy.
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This program is designed to imprison anyone whom the federal government deems an enemy of the state.
A judge in Houston, Texas declared that the plaintiff had proven that there was such a program that existed, but no one had been harmed or imprisoned by it, so he declared it unconstitutional and dismissed the case.
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Ladies and gentlemen, as we spoke, Google jerked the video, but InfoWarriors reloaded it.
We're grabbing the clip now as they fight to pull it down and stop us from exposing the murderers!
We're never going to stop you killers, you murderers!
We're going to expose you for Oklahoma City, we're going to expose you for 9-11, we're going to expose you for everything!
Jason Burmiss of Loose Change,
Calling in.
He got the clip this morning.
They had jerked it.
It's back up again.
He's seen it.
Describe this to people.
This is from the unedited live archive.
Seven minutes into the clip, and we're trying to grab it right now, folks.
We have to do this in real time.
Seven minutes into the clip, they talk about how Building 7 has been brought down, been demolished.
And then Burmese is thinking, well, they've just got a time issue.
Maybe they've got their time zones off.
Because it really happened at 520, not 420.
But no, they got their script off, then they cut to the reporter live, and there she is with the building smoking behind her.
Burmas, tell us, you've seen the video, what does it show?
It basically does what you just said, at like 457, it goes to a news report, at a desk, at the BBC World.
And it basically says, uh, building 7 has fallen due to fire and... Now wait a minute, you said 7 minutes in.
Is it 4 or is it 7?
Because we're grabbing... I'm looking for... I'm on the website right now, actually, and it won't load for me.
So I can't tell, but it is, uh... If you type in World Trade Center 7, 23-minute warning, it's up there.
And, like you said, I thought it was just a time error.
Well, then they go to New York City.
And the woman reporting, you can kind of see Building 7 in the background, but you're like, there's no way.
It's too good to be true.
It can't be.
It's still 15 minutes until the building collapses.
And then all of a sudden they focus in on New York City, and it's clear as day for over two minutes that World Trade Center Building 7 is still standing, and that somehow this got on the AP wire beforehand.
Well, that's the scripting.
This is incredible.
It's like when Powell, days before they attacked Iraq,
He goes before the Senate and he says, it's on Al Jazeera right now, Bin Laden says he works with Saddam.
Which, of course, wasn't true.
And everybody ran out of the room and they came back and said, Al Jazeera doesn't have that.
And he said, they will later today.
Again, they get their times off.
And I'm here right now, it looks like they're pulling it, Alex.
It had 1,087 views and right now it is down.
Okay, so they pulled one, and then another one went up.
And then they pulled that.
What about the original BBC archive?
Well, what we're doing right now is getting the raw video and hopefully by tonight it's a large file.
It's over a gig.
We're going to YouTube it, and we're going to post it everywhere we can.
We're going to WMV it.
We're going to get it out to people.
We are too.
Where is it on the BBC site?
I guess it's live footage from the day.
What section?
I think it's actually archive.org, but I have to ask Dylan.
We're going to actually be hosting Deadline Live after your show today, so we'll have complete updates on this and where people can get it, because they're not going to be able to censor this, Alex.
Okay, we've got it cued up.
Where do you have it cued to, John?
Okay, but then we need the second clip.
How many minutes after the first clip did they then go to the reporter?
It's about a two or three minute news clip and then finally they go to New York City.
So it's in between him reporting it at 4.57 and around 5.05.
Before they jerked it for the second time.
Again, operatives battling us in real time right now.
Ladies and gentlemen, continual coverage.
John, were you able to get the second part of the clip?
Okay, check the other machine.
Was it able to get it?
Thank God we got the download.
It is still.
Man, I tell ya!
I just love the battle!
What about you?
I am diggin' it, Alex, and this is just another example of how to use a command.
They're going to prison!
They're not gonna stop the Republic!
That's right, and you know, as long as we keep confronting people like Obama Barack and great guerrilla tactics from Project for a New American Citizen and others, we're going to take these guys down.
We're going to make 9-11 Truth the issue of 2008.
If it comes out fully, the new order will fall.
Oh my gosh, I tell you.
So you've gotten four minutes in.
Are you still recording to get the next part so we can play that after the break, John?
Okay, we should have this after the break.
You know what?
I'll definitely chime in and pop in during deadline with you guys as we continue to analyze this, Jason.
And we really appreciate the fine work you've been doing.
Tell folks about your... Alright, thank you so much, Alex, and I can't wait to hear from you there.
You bet.
Tell folks about your Saturday transmission.
Oh yeah, that's on GCN from 9 to 11 Central Time, Saturday mornings, me and Dylan, Louder Than Words Radio.
All right, thank you so much.
Thank you.
Oh man, I tell you, this is just... I meant to get into Iraq and Iran attack news, and we're going to try to do that as well, but I know we have loaded phone lines and I want to get to all your calls, but again, this show is so fluid.
We got the unsealed federal documents that were completely sealed concerning the FBI being involved in orchestrating the bombings.
We have all that that we can break.
I covered it over the weekend on Sunday.
New developments there.
We've got Jesse Trinity, the lawyer, coming back on soon.
We've got some debtor rights there.
We've got this.
It's just...
It's just so much is happening.
This is a war room!
And these are the issues we're focused on.
And that's why we're having an effect.
And I just want to say that John Harmon's doing a great job there at the network.
Like an octopus doing ten different jobs.
We'll be right back on the other side.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, enemy forces pulled it earlier.
Real time, they pulled it again on us, but not before our computers had seized it.
Whoever uploaded it needs to continue uploading.
We're now getting reports that the BBC site itself is taking it down.
If this isn't evidence of ongoing cover-up, I don't know what is.
Just like Terry Nichols tries to reach out to Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2004 from his maximum security prison in Colorado.
And then all media being able to visit with Nichols is suddenly terminated under an order.
Then the feds instantly seal the filing, but I mean literally a day after.
This is unbelievable.
It's the same MO over and over again.
We now have the clips for you.
I hope they don't cut our satellites off.
They've done this once or twice before when something's this big.
But you're not going to stop us, murderers.
This is 440 in from live BBC archive of the day.
440 into this clip.
They're talking about building 7 has collapsed.
Then we fast forward to roughly 1520 as they cut to her, the BBC reporter, talking about how building 7 has collapsed.
And right behind her, there is building 7 smoking.
They're reporting on this an hour before, excuse me, about 25 minutes before it truly did collapse, getting off in their scripting.
Exactly what I heard that day, and it's going to come out.
We're going to end up finding the ABC News piece where they said that, oh, there's been an order to blow it up?
It's just all going to start coming out because people now with the web are scanning everything.
We are a private organic intelligence operation against the New World Order.
Millions of you out there crawling all over everything.
Get out there!
Find it!
Bring it to us!
Oh, we're going to expose these murderers!
I'm just getting so excited here, because I've committed my life to this, I've risked my life in this, I want to bring these killers to justice, we will bring them to justice!
440 BBC, live from that day, here it is.
Well, you and I might think that, but some people don't look at the world in that way.
If people say the only thing that works is force, that works in both directions.
We'll leave it there for the moment.
We've got some news just coming in, actually, that the Salomon Brothers building in New York, right in the heart of Manhattan, has also collapsed.
This does fit in with a warning from the British Foreign Office a couple of hours ago to British citizens that there is a real risk
Let me get the exact words.
The British Foreign Office, the Foreign Department of the British Government said there was a strong risk of further atrocities in the United States.
And it does seem as if there now is another one with the Salomon Brothers building collapsing.
We've got no word yet on casualties.
One assumes that the building would have been virtually deserted.
Whether this latest collapse is going to influence the President, who we heard about a few moments ago, was expected to be heading from Nebraska back to Washington, we don't know.
Dan Keshe,
What do you think this is going to do to that crucial equation between, on the one hand, freedom, and on the other hand, security?
The balance is going to change, I would have guessed, radically in the United States after this.
Americans pride themselves on their freedom, but I think we will see a real crackdown on the security front, particularly for access and travelling around in America on domestic airlines, which notoriously have been very, very open.
What will this do to the American psyche?
You know them well, you've lived there.
I think the idea that Americans will just retreat into themselves is nonsense.
That was the Japanese hope when they attacked Pearl Harbor.
But of course, the Americans responded massively to that.
America, I think, will engage the world.
We have to see whether they do it strongly.
Dan Pleasure for the moment.
Thank you.
Okay, uh, does it continue, or should we continue, John?
Let's go to the next.
This is 15N, but let's back it up a little bit where he introduces her live on the scene.
John's up there.
He just saw it.
I haven't even seen this yet.
John's seen it.
John Harmon at the network.
Jason Bermas has seen it.
Paul Watson has seen it.
All confirming that this happens.
It shows them saying the building's collapsed.
Then it, for two minutes, zooms in on the building.
Nothing's collapsed.
Uh, this is, it is Building 7 with that, uh, brick red color in the black windows, the big spook base that they blew up.
Uh, now again, we have all the firefighters, the police, the witnesses, but here's the news announcing early it collapsed because of the script.
You got off script, didn't you?
Here it is.
Now, more on the latest building collapse in New York.
You might have heard a few moments ago I was talking about the Salomon Brothers building collapsing.
And indeed it has.
Apparently that's only a few hundred yards away from where the World Trade Center towers were.
And it seems that this was not a result of a new attack.
It was because the building had been weakened.
During this morning's attacks.
We'll probably find out more now about that from our correspondent Jane Stanley.
Jane, what more can you tell us about the Salomon Brothers building and its collapse?
Well, only really what you already know.
Details are very, very sketchy.
There's almost a sense downtown in New York, behind me, down by the World Trade Center, of just an area completely closed off as the rescue workers try to do their job.
But this isn't the first building that has suffered as a result.
We know that part of the Marriott Hotel
Next to the World Trade Center also collapsed as a result of this huge amount of falling debris from 110 floors of the two twin towers of the World Trade Center.
As you can see behind me the Trade Center appears to be still burning.
We see these huge clouds of smoke and ash and we know that behind that there's an empty piece of what was a very familiar
Presumably there were very few people in the Salomon Building when it collapsed.
I mean, there were, I suppose, fears of possible further collapses around the area?
That's what you would hope, because this whole downtown area behind me has been completely sealed off and evacuated, apart from the emergency workers.
That was done by the Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, much earlier today, because of, of course, the dreadful collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre.
But New York very much a city still in chaos.
The phones are not working properly.
The subway lines are not working properly.
And we know that down there near the World Trade Center there are three schools that are being turned into triage centers for emergency treatment.
And I know that over in New York Harbor, where the famous Statue of Liberty is, there's a field hospital where 1,500 people are being treated.
And we have heard, though it's unconfirmed as yet, that 100 New York City police officers have been taken there as well for treatment.
But we do need to confirm those figures for the officers.
And it goes on.
Keep listening, John.
We'll play more if there's more important areas.
Now, again, the video is...
John, let's just bring you up.
You've seen the video.
I don't allow myself to have a computer here in the studio because it becomes a distraction.
I print stuff off.
It's in the other rooms.
They've seen it.
You've seen it.
Watson's seen it.
Burmese has seen it.
But it goes along with the descriptions.
You've seen the video.
Again, they've jerked it again.
That's twice.
They're moving quickly.
This is unprecedented.
We're told they've jerked it off the BBC site that is the source of this.
We'll see if it's on archive.org or if they've been able to pull that.
I want everybody in my staff scrambling.
Get it.
Here's the problem.
Secure it.
Here's the problem.
We would put out clips of my films for free in the past and we would find places like archive.org and put them out.
Because we couldn't pay for the bandwidth.
I've tried to put a film out for free on the web before, even a 10-minute clip, that time that bribery at the Capitol, and they were paying people off to give testimony against the Second Amendment, we caught video of it.
Hundreds of thousands watched it.
I got some, like, $9,000 bill, and this was, like, seven, eight years ago, and I had to take it down.
So thanks to YouTube, Google, and some of the other places, we've been able, because they've got the bandwidth, to have millions of people watch our films, hundreds of thousands watch the clips.
I have just secured more servers.
I've got a lot of bandwidth now.
In fact, I'm about to do something in the next few months that's going to cost a lot of money, but I'm going to the grade A bandwidth.
Most people don't even know it exists at that level.
It's like 10% the cost everybody else pays, but you've got to buy masses of it.
We will post this if we're able to.
It may crash the sites.
I don't know what we're going to do, but that way they can't pull it.
We'll just have them come after us.
We will expose the crimes.
I don't care.
But John, turn your microphone off.
Kick anybody out of the studio if it's noisy in there.
John Harmon that runs the show, a real hero, does such a good job.
The show's gotten so much better since I've had him doing things the last few years.
John, you've seen the video.
Describe what you see.
Well, there's a BBC female reporter and basically she's talking about how Building 7 collapsed and the towers collapsed.
But actually, you can see right behind her, Building 7 is still standing.
And that was, what, 25 minutes before it actually did collapse?
And the clock, you know, they start reporting this 30-something minutes, and by the time she's up there, it's, what, 24, 25 minutes until it collapses.
Nothing's collapsed.
They're smoking Building 7.
And it's just amazing.
I wonder how they're going to try to spin this.
So that's how it's been described to me by you and everybody else.
Describe exactly what you see.
Berman said for like two minutes while she's talking, they zoom past her shoulder in on the Building 7.
Yeah, they zoom right in on it.
She's talking about how they all collapsed and you can see it clear as day.
And someone, whoever made the video, actually pointed an arrow saying, oops, it's still there.
Someone messed up.
I'll try.
This is the copy that somebody grabbed off the BBC and then added this to.
We need to get the raw original that I'm told is at the BBC website.
I'm told it may be pulled down or at archive.org.
We've got to go absolutely ape and everybody's got to grab this immediately.
John, what is it like doing this job, seeing these clips, hearing the video?
I mean, seeing the clips, hearing the audio from these videos, knowing it.
I mean, you live in the middle of this.
What's it been like working here for you?
Well, this is just another day in the jungle, and it's definitely, I'm totally convinced, and I mean, day after day, we play these clips about, you know, firefighters and eyewitnesses, and I mean, this is video evidence.
I mean, there's no ifs, ands, or buts.
You can't debate that.
Well, everybody I talk to, I mean, literally hundreds in New York, go, oh yeah, they were on NPR, and they were on ABC, saying they were going to bring down Building 7 for everybody's safety.
And then they blew it up and Silverstein slipped up and said they pulled it.
And people try to spin that.
I heard it in my car that afternoon.
And I was listening to WAI and KLBJ back and forth.
I think it was ABC on KLBJ.
They now carry Fox.
I can't remember though.
The point is, now we have all this video, all this audio, and now we have this, where they're showing that it's twenty-something minutes before the collapse, and it shows how they follow a script, how mindless these reporters are!
There is, and it's the Solomon Brothers building, folks.
It's just designated number seven in the complex.
We call it seven, it's proper name was the Solomon Brothers building.
And we have the maps of it, and the tenants, and who was in it.
And there they are, zooming in on it, saying this.
How are they going to spin this, John?
They cannot.
I mean, they did that with the pull-it clip with Larry Silverstein, saying, oh, they're going to pull the firefighters out.
But the firefighters had never been there that day.
Everyone was already evacuated.
So, you know, exactly.
Well, in the same documentary, they cut to them months later demolishing six, and they go, getting ready to ball building six.
And then they define what pull-it means.
It's a demolition term.
I haven't seen it, but I've got a call by one of my friends.
He said on one of the local newscasts, they said, getting ready to pull it.
That's the term.
Pulling in 10 seconds.
Maybe they'll tell them not to use that term now.
We'll have to change the meaning of it.
Well, I mean, how are they going to spin this?
And you know it's going to start coming out.
I can't wait to hear that NPR that literally hundreds of New Yorkers told me about.
I can't wait to hear all this.
I can't wait.
We've got to go dig it out.
I've tried to get it from NPR in New York, and they say they're not releasing it.
I mean, how do these people work in these jobs knowing the government did this?
How do you as reporters go along regurgitating the lie?
John, let's play some of those clips again to back this up.
Let's play the CNN where the two cops are saying, get back, Building 7's coming down, they're gonna bring it down, it's gonna blow up.
And then let's play Silverstein saying, pull it.
And then let's play the firefighters talking about the molten steel.
Just play the clips in whatever order you want.
It doesn't even matter.
Do you have the CNN one?
We need to put all these in one file.
I know I sent you like 40 something more the other week.
I don't know what you've done with those.
That's another thing now.
We found like... It's more than 70 clips total we have now.
And I found 44 news articles.
AP Reuters with firefighters saying, yeah, we pulled building 7.
We were told to demolish it.
I mean, I'm just wallowing in this evidence.
I don't even know what the point is anymore.
But it's like when Perry comes out and says it's the law, you've got to take vaccines, and I say he's on the Merck payroll, and it's in the Associated Press, and people email me going, you're a liar, he hasn't been lobbied by Merck.
I mean, how far does your denial stretch out there?
Do you have the next clip?
Molten steel, here it is.
You'd get down below and you'd see molten steel.
Molten steel, running down the channel rails.
Like you're in a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava, like a foundry.
Like lava
Like lava, like a foundry.
Yeah, here's Silverstein.
Okay, uh, were you able to find the CNN?
You know the CNN one where they're saying, get back, get back, it's going to fall, they're going to bring it down.
You know that clip of the cops running in front of 7?
I know, here on the go, that's the problem, going through all these clips.
Again, the evidence shows the BBC archive of a live broadcast that day, 30 minutes plus before they start announcing that building 7 has fallen, then 20 plus minutes it says,
Well, they've got all the clock numbers.
Go back and give me those clock numbers again.
They say that it's going to collapse.
No, they say it has collapsed, and then they cut to her talking about how it collapsed, and there it is, smoking behind her for two minutes.
CNN's ready.
Here it is.
Just in the last few seconds
Okay, so the cops are saying it's about to be brought down, it's about to blow up, it's about to fall, and I've talked to the cops, the police, they're on record.
There is a countdown.
There was a 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, pull!
It goes down.
And it takes weeks to plant bombs.
They didn't do it.
That day, they did it beforehand.
9-11's an inside job.
9-11's an inside job.
9-11 is an inside job.
9-11 is an inside job.
How dumb are all the servants of this system gonna feel?
Who weren't even on the payroll, but you've lied for the system.
You've lied to yourselves about it.
It's all going to come out.
God has promised that every lie will be exposed.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
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Day after day, alone on a hill.
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
But nobody wants to know him.
They can see that he's just a fool.
We are making history.
You the listeners out there analyzing the clips, going to the archives, finding this material.
The globalists play the old game where they can kill presidents and stage attacks and fund dictators in the dark.
Now they're being exposed.
And I think it's poetic justice that the BBC would construct that nauseatingly
Juvenile hit piece against us two weeks ago that this come out of their own mouths.
They're going to have a lot of trouble spinning this.
Because why is it important?
It shows that they put out, this was on the AP wire we've now learned, that they had pulled it.
They got it early.
Because when you script stuff, you're going to have screw-ups.
No modern steel building had ever fallen.
One and two had fallen.
Seven had small fires in it.
Not hit by a plane, and they told everybody, get back, we're going to pull it!
We're going to blow it up!
We're going to bring it down!
We've got all these witnesses, now we have BBC sitting there scripting it, and screwing up the script, and they're so brain-dead, there's Building 7 behind her, they zoom right in on it, and it hasn't collapsed, and twenty-something minutes before she collapses, she's saying it!
And we've got the news anchors back at the BBC, thirty-something minutes before it collapses, saying it's collapsed.
There's another clip of it up on Google right now.
People are uploading it.
Everybody needs to go upload it under other names.
You know how to upload out there?
Go grab it yourselves.
Start uploading it at different places.
Put it on YouTube.
Put it on hundreds of different areas under hundreds of different names.
And that's how we're going to beat them.
Because they've got people in there right now.
I mean, normally you put up some clip.
They don't want to take some weeks to get it down.
This is boom, boom, boom.
This is high-level takedowns, which is just more evidence of how they're scrambling to stop this information from getting out.
You cannot let it get out.
There will be a detailed report next hour on PrisonPlanet.com.
It will be mirrored on all the sites.
We are getting this up.
This is vitally important, and help us get it out to everyone.
It's important in the article we write.
That we continue to add other links to previous stories and video clips and documents.
Get the basic blurb up there, five, six paragraphs, and then under it, put the archive on Building 7 in there, so people just can't see this one piece of evidence and try to engage in double-think.
Because the average person who's been brainwashed should just use their brain to get around things and rationalize and make excuses.
They blew Building 7 up in front of everybody.
People say, well, folks would talk.
Cops and firemen are on record going, yeah, they said they were going to blow it up.
We play the clips.
They come on the radio.
We interview them.
People go, eh, whatever.
We do have the eyewitnesses.
They're here.
I hope that everybody visits InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
And I hope you also support us and get Terror Storm.
Terror Storm, the history of government-sponsored terror, detailing all the declassified admissions where our government admits they staged terror, and then all the latest developments, 7-7, 9-11, the war, the tyranny.
It's my best film.
Terror Storm.
Get it on DVD.
Get it out to people.
toll-free number to call and get it 888-253-3139 and support us.
Blue Chain Second Edition is available at InfoWars.com.
Own the DVD.
Have it for your archives.
Have it for your library.
America, Freedom to Fascism.
Support the Defenders of Liberty, the heroes that have made these other films and support us at InfoWars.com or get your membership at PrisonPlanet.tv, Incredible Activist Center at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 with continual coverage.
Watch the Genesis Network for continual coverage on all the other shows.
And I'll be trying to pop in next on Jack Blood's program that's being sat in by the Loose Change crew.
Again, go to InfoWars.com and support us.
Get the videos.
Defeat the New World Order.
Have faith.
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