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Air Date: Feb. 20, 2007
2089 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome and thank you so much for joining us today.
It is Tuesday, the 20th day of February 2007.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
In much of the second and third hour, we're going to investigate the live cancer virus that Rick Perry and the big pharma company are running around the nation claiming it's the law that you must take it.
And we're going to be joined in studio by the president of the Texas Eagle Forum, Kathy Adams.
Then, 30 minutes into that hour, we'll be joined by Diane from Pennsylvania.
That's all we're going to say.
Well we've confirmed her story and the Eagle Forum has confirmed it and it's been picked up as well by in many other reports put out by the government itself about serious adverse reactions with this vaccine and that's been in the press.
But her daughter took it and we'll tell you what happened to her young daughter when she did take the vaccine.
So that's coming up.
Right in the middle of the broadcast today, and in the last 30 minutes of the show, we have Papantonio, famous trial lawyer, joining us, also one of the head honchos over at Air America.
He'll be joining us to talk about his experiences with Merck.
His experience with Pfizer, his experience with Bayer, some of the other big pharma companies.
He's the guy that successfully sued Bayer for the AIDS tainted blood, knowing it had AIDS in it, and still delivering it in the blood products they sold from the US to Australia.
Just to give you an idea of how premeditated this evil is and how they get away with it, the very same players over and over and over again.
So that is coming up in the last 30 minutes of the show today.
We'll also have open phones in this first hour, into the second and third.
I'll go to your calls early in this hour.
259-9231-800 259-9231 and we'll get you up and on the air.
In the meantime, I want to get into the attack on free speech in this country and the different angles, different sectors it's coming from.
Over the weekend, the New York Post came out with a headline on Saturday that voting against the war
...is treason and that members of Congress are traitors.
There is now another report out where a Congressman is saying that you need to be killed.
And he's serious.
He says we need to start arresting, trying, and hanging anyone who is not for the war.
Yeah, that sounds like Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.
That's... Isn't that just special?
And they're doing this because they're losing control.
Seventy-plus percent of the public in every major poll you look at knows they're a pack of criminals, both parties, and knows the war is a fraud and is aware of them.
So go ahead and show everybody who you are.
Go ahead and say you want tyranny.
Go ahead and say you want martial law.
Go ahead and buy your reporters and pay for your fake news.
Just keep making it worse for yourselves.
Just please continue.
Because you're acting like dictators.
You're showing everybody exactly who and what you are.
So we'll go over that after this first break.
And then we'll go directly to your phone calls.
Another report here out of Ceylon.
Authoritarianism can happen in the United States.
And they say it could happen.
It could happen.
It's happening.
Big developments in Iran and Venezuela.
I've got some more comments about the BBC debate we had yesterday with their producer and director of the 9-11 hit piece.
The government okays high levels of lead in your children's lunch boxes.
It's all coming up.
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Thank you again for joining us today for stations that just joined us now in the second segment.
It is Tuesday the 20th of February 2007.
We have Mike Papantonio joining us in the last 30 minutes of the third hour today.
Talk about his experience suing Big Pharma knowingly having AIDS in their blood products and tying that in with some comments on the human papilloma so-called vaccine that's a live virus.
In the second hour we have the Texas president of the Eagle Forum, Kathy Adams.
Yes, we are.
She'll be joining us.
So we'll talk to a lawyer who's been in the middle of fighting these people.
We'll talk to the head of the Eagle Forum here in Texas and on the National Board who's been on the front lines investigating it.
New developments yesterday at the Texas Statehouse with Big Pharma trying to lobby this through.
And we'll talk to a victim.
A person whose family has been clearly damaged by this.
And again, I have mainstream news articles admitting that the CDC, the EPA, the FDA, not the EPA, the FDA is saying that, yeah, this thing hasn't been properly tested yet and has been causing problems and bizarre autoimmune responses, so that is coming up.
But first off, yesterday I covered a report out of Saturday's New York Post with a headline screaming, those that vote against war are involved in treason, and we went over that story, and it's up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
But there's a new story out today, and Kurt Nimmo has reported on this,
Hangman Young string up Dems daring to speak.
Big Oil Don Young, Republican, from Alaska, wants to see Democrats sent to the gallows.
Quote, I'd like to make a quote, said Big Oil on the House floor.
Last week, congressmen who willfully take action during wartime that damages morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged.
Big Oil, called such because he fought to have American taxpayers underwrite the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline for the likes of Conoco, Phillips, BP, and OxonMobil, believes he is
reacting to the feeble effort by Democrats to tap down Bush's surge in Iraq, and it goes on to say, Licklin, according to Big Oil, had the same problem his president had with a very unpopular war, the same problem with people trying to redirect the commander-in-chief.
In fact, Licklin never
Said such, big oil quote, was penned by J. Michael Walter, a professor at the Institute of World Politics.
And it goes on from there.
Now, if you tune in to Michael Savage or others, you will hear them say, over and over again, anyone who protests the war is aiding al-Syiadam, they call it al-Qaeda,
And need to be arrested and put in camps.
And I've heard Savage even add, we shouldn't have to pay for their room and board while they're there, so they should be forced labor camps.
And countless other neocon writers, editorialists, have said similar things.
In fact, Bill O'Reilly has said that Kevin Barrett, who's going to be in studio with us Thursday, should be floated down the river.
He's said, of course, that Professor Jim Fester needs to be investigated and perhaps arrested, and that we all need to be investigated.
I mean, there's too many examples to go over.
I wanted to re-read the New York Post.
I was paraphrasing its headline, and I couldn't find it here in my stack just now.
So, in the next segment I'll come back.
I'm going to get that printed during the next segment and try to find it online.
Guys, can you pull me the New York Post Treason Traitors story again?
Because I don't want to paraphrase it.
I want to read to you exactly what it said.
I thought I had it here.
But again, Hangman Young, string up Dems for daring to speak.
The Big Oil Don,
Young Republican from Alaska wants to see Democrats sent to the gallows.
I'd like to make a quote, said Big Oil on the House floor recently.
Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and underwrite the military are saboteurs and should be arrested
Exiled or hanged and this is directly Quotes from Don Young on the floor of the house last Friday during debates Just incredible the debate went on all day long and I saw some similar quotes on the Daily Show that aired yesterday, but
It's just mind-boggling that here in the United States they would have the nerve to talk like this.
It is not just your right, it is your duty to speak up on what you think is correct and proper.
It is congressmen and women's duty to go to Washington and carry out the will within the framework of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence that their constituency sent them for, their bosses.
And we have 78% of the American people in major polls, now 70 plus percent.
It was 70 last year, the new poll out of Iraq.
72% of our troops polled.
And you've heard them call to the show from bases all over the U.S.
and Germany.
And they'll tell you that it's way over 70% of the troops.
Know the war is a fraud.
Know it's a scam.
Know that it's, quote, pointless, that they're not really trying to bring democracy to Iraq.
They've been re-upped, some of them, forced to stay in theater for upwards of four tours.
Some of them about to start their fifth tours.
It will be four years in March.
Four full tours for some people.
Now you do have brainwashed zombies who really think they're fighting Al-Qaeda and who buy into all the propaganda.
But I want to remind everybody that the federal government premeditatedly lied about knowing right where the WMDs were and we have the White House memo where they're talking about staging WMD discoveries or having defectors come out and claim that they saw WMDs.
It's an open discussion between George Bush and Tony Blair concerning the staging of that event.
We have the earlier Downing Street memo that much to do was
Much to do really about nothing compared to the White House memo, where they're telling Tony Blair, look, the policy's already set, war it is, we've now got to fix the intelligence around it.
Confirmed to be an actionable memo, Downing Street has admitted it is accurate and is very angry and trying to arrest whoever leaked it, just like they're trying to arrest whoever released the
White House memo on the eve of the war.
And the whole time Bush was saying, we have no intention of attacking Iraq, we just want to stop them from developing their weapons of mass destruction.
And we have no plan to attack them, but then the Treasury Secretary O'Neill quit and said the first day in late January, the first day in the White House, the first day they were there, they had the Energy Task Force and the oil company execs in there around the big conference room projecting on the screen who was going to get what oil fields when they invaded Iraq.
And again, that's about a future holding in an asset and restricting the output of that oil to then jack up prices and oil prices more than doubled in the first three years of the invasion and have now dropped $20 a barrel but still are $25 above what they were before the war started.
And thank you guys, you did bring it into me.
Here it is, New York Post.
Those who oppose surge in Congress are guilty of treason.
The New York Times reported on this.
Treason screamed the front page of the New York Post today.
This is from Saturday.
In reaction to Friday's vote in the House of Representatives, which easily passed a non-binding resolution opposing President Bush's troop surge in Iraq, 17 Republicans joined the Democrats in the vote.
The Post's Ralph Peters called it the most disgraceful congressional action since the Democratic Party united to defend slavery roughly 150 years ago.
Peters charged, providing aid and comfort to the enemy in wartime is treason.
It's not just politics, it's treason.
The vote was a huge morale booster for Al-Qaeda, for Iraq's Sunni insurgents, and for most
Worst of all, the Sunni militias.
We've now reached a low point in the history of our government when a substantial number of legislators would welcome an American defeat in Iraq for domestic political advantage.
Now, this is really another dog-and-pony show here.
Can you pick up on it?
The Democrats come out with a House resolution that's non-binding that simply says they support the war and the troops, equating supporting the troops with supporting the war, which is a fraud,
It's like, we support throwing more off a cliff to their deaths.
Oh, that'll support them.
I support children.
Let's run over them with 18-wheelers.
There's a disconnect there, but the resolution just said that they were going to then have a committee look at it and send a letter to President Bush.
It did absolutely nothing, and they couldn't even get it passed out of the Senate.
It failed by five votes.
But then by having the neocons come out and say they're all traitors and should be hung from the nearest tree, which a Republican congressman set on the House floor, it now creates the illusion to Democratic constituents that the Democrats are really doing something.
Just like Bush and Nancy Pelosi got together and it's now come out and cooked up, you heard Ron Paul agree last week on the show, every other analyst, it's as obvious as the nose on your face,
To have them increase the troops, truly by 40,000, not 21,000, and then have a debate about the increase instead of a debate about a drawdown, or their Orwellian term, build-down.
So again, it's all dog and pony shows.
There's one party, the New World Order party, waging war against us, the people.
We'll come back, get more into this, and take your calls.
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We're good to go.
Welcome back.
To boil down what the Congressman said, he was later asked about it, he said, well, Lincoln had people arrested who criticized the war.
Lincoln had members of Congress arrested.
And that's what they want to go back to.
They want to go back, quote, to the Civil War, which was martial law.
I guess maybe they'll have Sherman resurrected to burn half of the cities in the South in his march to the sea.
Maybe he'll come into St.
Louis and Kansas City and burn it to the ground and march down to New Orleans and do the same.
And that's what they're pushing.
That's what Tommy Franks on secret government payroll, that later came out, one of the paid propaganda arms on Fox News and CNN said, oh it's terrible, one more attack, the people will demand it, a military form of government, an end of the Constitution.
And they're gearing up for it with Homeland Security in every single city because 97% don't want the foreign-owned toll roads on existing roads, 91% don't want open borders and guest worker amnesty, almost 80% don't want the war, 90-plus percent don't want the National ID Card and the Real ID Act, and 36 states now are pulling out of it.
So they're openly talking about, well, you're all just traitors!
No, anyone that says there's not a First Amendment, anyone who says that our elected representatives who are in Congress are beneath the President and are not there to put forward their views and cast their votes as they see best, is a traitor to the Bill of Rights and Constitution, the heart and soul of the United States.
And the very same people who are pushing an end to our borders and a North American Union, the very same president who signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement and sponsored the North American Union Summit last September secretly in Canada, we now have the Foyer documents released!
They are the treasonous traitors!
We don't need to impeach George Bush for carrying out 9-11 because that would be, I guess, too painful for some to ever be able to admit to, and I can't see that happening in the near future.
But we can certainly impeach him for trying to give amnesty to illegal aliens.
We can certainly impeach him for signing criminally the North American Union Agreement.
We could certainly impeach him for lying to Congress to get us into the Iraq war and the White House memo trying to stage the discovery of weapons of mass destruction and a hundred other issues like the Patriot Act that is a complete violation and a frontal assault on the Bill of Rights.
So the people, the Michael Weiner savages and the Congressman Youngs and others
that are out there pushing all of this.
They are the treasonous traitors by their actions, not by their free speech.
If Young wants to sit up there and say we need to start hanging members of Congress, I guess he has a right to say that, but I think it crosses the line when you start calling for violence against people.
That becomes a terroristic threat.
But let him say it.
We have a right to say you are a bucket of maggots.
You are a bought and paid for New World Order shill.
You are the anti-American.
You are the antithesis.
You are the 180 degree polar opposite of what this country is all about.
What did Teddy Roosevelt say to paraphrase?
That it's patriotic.
In fact, it's a duty.
There's nothing more patriotic than criticizing your president and your government.
That a patriot defends the Bill of Rights and Constitution in the country?
A patriot doesn't defend some would-be dictator?
You see, they're losing the fight for the hearts and minds.
The people are discovering who the real threat to the Republic is.
It's not some shadowy group in caves in Afghanistan.
It's those that prosecute valiant border patrol agents.
And now the government was forced to release the documents.
Homeland Security lied on everything.
Concerning Campion and Ramos, the Border Patrol agents.
They premeditatedly lied.
They had other Border Patrol lie on the stand.
This convicted drug dealer lie.
They told Congress that they had documents and admissions and signed statements by Campion and Ramos and Campion and Ramos said that's not true and I took their word on it and now Homeland Security and the federal prosecutor have admitted that they lied.
So I want you to think about that long and hard.
Who are the real traitors?
Who are the people destroying our sovereignty?
Who are the people debasing our dollar?
Who are the people destroying our economy?
Who are the people running up giant debts?
Who are the people letting foreign corporations come in and buy up the infrastructure for pennies on the dollar?
It's the Republicans and Democrats.
It's Hillary and Bush.
It's all of them together.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Coming up, we'll be breaking down the facts of this live cancer virus that they're bluffing the American people, hoaxing the American people into believing it's the law that you have to take.
Over 20 states now are starting to parrot Rick Perry's lie.
But, Perry was at the legislature yesterday trying to get him to pass a law, but again, not to make it mandatory, to add it to the list of recommended, which then the media parrots the propaganda that it's mandatory.
Very sick to see this happening.
That's coming up in the second and third hour today.
We'll delve into eugenics overall.
Right now, let's go to the calls.
As promised, the toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
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If you work the night shift, you can always listen at InfoWars.com to the continual stream.
Let's go to KC in Minnesota.
KC, thank you for holding.
How are you doing today?
Hi, Alex.
Good, sir.
I just want to let you know, speaking of laws that never were, such as the vaccine so-called law, that I just got off the phone with Ed Brown yesterday, and he's willing to offer anybody, the first person to show him the law that requests him to pay an income tax, $10,000.
Now, for those that don't know who Ed Brown is, he's up in New Hampshire.
And the fella is a successful businessman, his wife is a dentist, and the IRS raided him a bunch, did a bunch of horrible things to him.
We interviewed him a few weeks ago.
It's gotten national attention, and now the court has issued the SWAT teams to go in and seize his house, and he's saying he will fight to the death.
Listen, other people, other groups have offered, what, $100,000 before?
If somebody can show them the law, they've gone to the IRS commissioners, the former commissioners, the current commissioners have been asking press conferences about it, and they will not show you the law.
Sales tax is real, even things like property tax are real.
You can argue whether it's constitutional.
Tariffs are real, tolls are real if it's governmental.
But when you get a income tax that is paid into the coffers of private banks on interest, we have to pay them interest just because the private banks let the government print money.
That's not how it was before 1913.
It's a total dog-and-pony show fraud.
And the New World Order really is the government of a hoax.
They claim that global warming is a human cause, when NASA even reports that it is the sun heating up, the entire solar system is heating up, volcanoes create more than one major ash or gas eruption in all human activity in the last hundred years, one average volcano, whether it be in Iceland, or whether it be in the South Pacific,
Or in Guatemala.
And those are the reports out, scientific reports.
A big hoax!
And what is their answer?
A global tax, selectively on western nations.
160 plus third world nations totally exempt.
Accelerating the movement of industry to those third world slave controlled countries.
We have the hoax of Rick Perry saying it's the law.
You must take it.
There is no law.
He signed an executive order ordering the state health department to claim that it's on the list of recommended.
Then the schools engage in the bluff and the fraud and say it's the law.
Total lie.
And they bluffed us on WMDs in Iraq.
Another hoax.
Bush says that his amnesty plan is not an amnesty.
The guest worker program clearly is the biggest amnesty ever.
They tell us under the Real ID Act we'll have to have it to have a bank account, to have a job, to have social security.
You can't even get a license now with your birth certificate.
You've got to have a letter from the county where you were born certifying it.
But illegal aliens don't have to have any ID to get a bank account or housing loan.
Again, a hoax!
They say it's for security.
It's a hoax.
We're the fat, dumb cattle, the American people that have been sucking our thumbs and getting deeper and deeper into tyranny and feeling all self-assured.
So we're here to be fleeced because we're a joke!
And yes, we get hoaxed and hoaxed and hoaxed and hoaxed and hoaxed and hoaxed and hoaxed and hoaxed.
I'm sorry, you're making a point.
Go ahead.
Well, I just want to encourage your listeners to go to showedthelaw.com and if they think they can show them the law,
Just click on the link there and send an email and try and show the law.
Because he will pay you out of pocket $10,000 if he can do so.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
And we all need to pray for Mr. Brown.
What, he offered a million dollars?
Jimmy Walter, the hundred plus millionaire,
He offered a million dollars if you could show how Building 7 fell from 15 to 2000 degree fires.
And no one could do it.
You can't do it.
And it's the same thing over and over again.
Lucas in Texas, you're on the air.
Hey, what's up Alex?
Thanks for having me on again.
I had a couple things I wanted to talk about.
One of them is the people that are in denial, like let's say your friend Troy who calls in all the time.
You know, you figure after Gitmo and torture and secret prisons and forced vaccinations and waterboarding and depleted uranium and lies about the WNDs and wiretapping and talks of using nukes and
You know, reading people's mails, oppression of science, assault on the Constitution, and the lies, and the lies, and the lies, you'd figure people like him would eventually decide to wake up.
I mean, how many lies can somebody be told before they're... Well, that's the example I always give.
If I have a neighbor...
Who's lied to me two or three times.
I quit talking to them.
If they wave at me, I'll still wave at them.
Or if I've got a neighbor who's been drunk before and cussing at me in the parking lot, I'm not going to talk to him anymore.
But the government constantly lies, by design, tens of thousands of times.
And hundreds of times we know of has killed troops, black men, children, radiological, biological, chemical testing going on right now, sterilizing almost half a million.
Why would we believe anything that comes out of their mouths?
I just, but listen, Troy, the last time he called in, or maybe the time before that, and he's welcome to call in any time, we're kind of missing having called in a few weeks.
I said, well, Newt Gingrich is saying we should restrict free speech.
And he said, no, he isn't.
No, he isn't.
And I said, well, should my speech be restricted?
And he said, yeah, I think so.
I think you shouldn't... See, I mean... So, see, that's Orwellian double-think.
That's exactly what George Orwell talked about.
And he was mirroring that off the propaganda at the BBC when he worked there, a girl named Eric Blair.
I don't know.
I'm digressing.
In 1984, doublethink is where you'll say, Big Brother isn't torturing and killing people, but then even when you get tortured, you say, well then, okay, they aren't torturing me, but they are, but torture is good.
So, here's doublethink.
They're not restricting free speech, but they are, and I agree with them.
Here's another thing I wanted to talk about.
People don't understand.
You know, I've heard that one of the main debunking points by anybody is, oh, it would take too many people to hold a conspiracy like this together.
Well, you have to think.
The Pentagon admitted that they lost 2.3 million.
I know it's more like 3.7 million.
No, no, no, no.
Trillion, trillion.
I'm sorry, trillion.
I meant to say trillion.
So you say million, I say billion.
No, no, no.
It was over to, it was $1.9 trillion in 2001 when the AP broke it.
It was $3.9 trillion late last year.
Well, my point being is that if you take $2.3 trillion, you could pay 10,000 people $230 million each to keep their mouths shut.
So that shows you on the grand scale of how you can pull off a 9-11 situation like this.
And people like Troy, I mean, I wonder if he's a Hatfielder or a McCoy.
You know, people like Troy, you know, he's like the person in one of those drama catastrophe movies that freaks out.
You know, there's always got to be one person in denial that just grabs their hair and says, I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die.
And somebody has to grab that person and slap them in the face to snap them out of it.
That's what these people that are in denial are, you know, that's basically what they're in.
Remember I called in a couple weeks ago and we talked about the MSNBC message boards and how they were deleting the 9-11 post.
Well, they shut down the Keith Olbermann board.
It's been shut down since the day after I called in.
Well, Flight 93 was totally taken over by Patriots and Truthers.
When that movie came out and so first they kept claiming it was malfunctioning and they would erase everything and finally they just said that we're taking it completely down.
Well they took the whole Olbermann message board down.
So now anybody that wants to talk about InfoWars or TerrorStorm or 9-11 go to the MSNBC message boards at the US section where there happens to be some more truthers there that they're deleting the 9-11 posts.
And also, I'm coming out with an undebunkable documentary that should be done here in about two weeks.
And it's totally undebunkable.
It doesn't have any narrative.
It's basically completely all news clips.
And there's no debunking it.
There's absolutely no debunking it.
Well, be sure and give us a heads up when it's out, and we really appreciate you.
Good to hear from you.
Now, let me go back.
This is why I love taking calls.
Because callers take us in directions that I wouldn't think to go in.
And he brought up
Their favorite tactic of, you couldn't keep a conspiracy this big secret.
They kept the B-2 Bomber secret for at least 20 years.
And I talked about this yesterday.
They said that SR-71 Blackbird developed and built in 54, in service in the mid-50s, just right after that.
They still claim that's the fastest plane.
But Jane's Weapons Quarterly reports that no, they've got a whole fleet of hyper-advanced space planes.
But I digress.
Let me just go back here.
Folks ask, how could you keep it secret something on the magnitude of 9-11?
And a lot of different statisticians and experts have looked at this and they've concluded, conservatively,
250 to 300 people could carry out the entire 9-11 operation.
And then others that were in support roles wouldn't even know it because they would believe that they were taking part in drills.
And that they would fund the operation through the auspices of drills.
That's why they had four major hijacking drills that day involving over 20 aircraft.
And that's why they had three other major anti-terror drills on the ground, including one that had the command center already moved in the days before out of Building 7.
I mean, how ridiculous does this have to get?
And I go back to Tuskegee, and I only use Tuskegee because if I talk about Project Shad 1976 in southern England and Wales,
Which has been in the news but most people don't know about how they had in one case US and British troops go out and sit on top their tanks and low-flying jets flew over and sprayed biological weapons on them and a bunch of them died the next week.
Or if I talk about a case in the late 1970s again and we've had the naval officers on where they would send them out on these ships and have jets fly over and spray chemicals on them and some people died on the spot, others weeks later, others months later, others tumors all over their bodies today.
All declassified.
But most people don't know about those examples.
So take Tuskegee.
It went on from the 1930s into the 1970s.
And it didn't come out.
And so we're talking about 40 plus years.
Thousands of black men given syphilis and others not treated for syphilis and allowed to spread it to tens of thousands.
Syphilis, the equivalent of microscopic worms that enter your brain, liver, and other key organs.
Now, the government decided, that wasn't even whistleblown, the government decided to declassify parts of that.
Over 10,000 American children were radiated from 1941 through the mid-1960s.
That's even been in Newsweek.
And first they start out with retarded children.
Now, why did they start out with poor, retarded children?
Because they weren't doing radiation tests.
That was a small part of it.
It was testing their personnel.
And documents have come out on this.
This is all psychology.
First they started out on badly handicapped children.
Oh, we're just euthanizing them.
And then it was retarded children.
And then it was pregnant women.
And then it was healthy children.
Oh, we're going to x-ray your child's feet to see if they've got a problem.
And they'd hit them with enough juice where they'd die two days later after screaming in pain.
Literally with radiation burns all over their bodies.
And don't you sit there driving around in your squad car or your government office building or there in West Virginia at your car dealership laughing at us and say it isn't true.
Listen to me.
You go check that out and you find out it's true.
Don't you deny it!
Out of hand without checking first.
But why do they do this?
Why did Israel irradiate 110,000 children under U.S.
The main reason is testing.
They take cadres of jet pilots, cadres of helicopter pilots, cadres of CIA operatives, and it starts like this on average.
You're a young recruit, you're in regular army, you take the Special Forces test, you go into the Rangers, you go from there into Special Forces, and now it's 10-12 years later, you've been a Special Forces operative, you've been given a lot of power, you can land on an aircraft carrier deck and the Admiral will salute you and do whatever you say, because you work for Black Ops.
And you've led assassination squads on communists and drug dealers.
It was always bad guys, you were told.
And then you get a job to do something a little worse.
Now you're going to blow up a car full of a family along with an ambassador, but it's for the better good.
Injustifies the means.
They're taught Machiavelli because we're going to blame it on the communists.
After all, they're so evil.
If we're not more evil than them, they're going to win.
One of their mottos is basically, in their different configurations, is that we use evil to protect good.
And it's the same thing.
They take army doctors.
They do psychological tests on them.
They find out what they'll do.
And first it's a radiating, a badly deformed two-year-old child who's in great pain and has holes in their heart.
And then next it's a retarded child.
And then next it's give plutonium and uranium pills to an eight-month pregnant woman there at the GI clinic in Alamogordo.
There at the Air Force Clinic.
Okay, so this is how they do it.
And then now they've got cadres of trained people that'll do this.
And they'll even write them up for stuff they've done, even though they followed orders, just to have it hanging over their heads.
And they have other divisions that will then spy on those people and have dirt on them.
And around all those bases and key areas, they make these individuals live in certain areas around the country, 10 or 15 areas.
They also have local assassins who are ready with a phone call to go kill whoever they're told.
So, you wanna know who carried out 9-11?
When we get back, I'll tell you who carried out 9-11.
We know from their past M.O., from their past operations.
I'm like somebody who hunts serial killers, folks.
I've been studying it so much, I can tell you when they're gonna strike next.
You gotta have your head in the game to be able to do that.
I do.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Wake up, boys, there's a light at the window.
I can hear someone knocking on the door.
There are voices in the street and the sound of running feet.
And they whisper the word, REVOLUTION.
There are men coming down from the valley.
There are tall ships flying off the coast And they carry the light in the dark of the night Like a whisper in the wind Revolution!
Bring my gun and a handful of silver By the sea we will gather for the fight
It's been so many years So many tears We have lost once before Now we'll settle the score When our cannons will roar Revolution!
Watch and wait.
Get ready for the sign.
There are many here among us now who have not seen the light.
We must send the word to all the people in the land.
Go to every hill and mountain for the sign is now.
All right, what I'm going to do is we've got a guest in the next hour, two guests in the next hour, and a guest for the last 30 minutes.
I'm going to get into how they breed killers, how they incrementally train them just like attack dogs from puppies up to being able to carry out the type of black ops that we have witnessed.
I really can't do justice to it in this segment, but I've written a note here.
I'm going to cover that from 1 p.m.
We can't let people know that AIDS is in it because then that will make our shares go down.
Oh, but the government wouldn't hurt you.
Corporations wouldn't hurt you.
They wouldn't do anything to you.
Just trust them.
Have no oversight.
Just be mindless and go quietly into the night.
Everything's going to be okay.
They're now talking about a vaccine for another disease, Chlamydia.
There are hundreds of new vaccines every year and Big Pharma comes in and lobbies.
Last week I was sent an email of some quote Alex Jones watchdog website going look at Jones again unsubstantiated on the air saying that Big Pharma was funding Rick Perry and that particularly the company that came out with the HPV vaccine was funding him.
That was out of the Associated Press and Reuters saying that his former chief of staff was on their payroll, that the entire congressional delegation pushing this front women's group, they're on the payroll.
It was in the news!
I mean, even when stuff is just admitted!
The New York Times came out over the weekend and said that there's horrible conflicts of interest.
But no, it doesn't exist.
It's that Alex Jones making everything up again.
Don't forget, I'm a documentary filmmaker.
The latest is Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
I've made 15 films.
Available on DVD at Infowars.com and VHS at Infowars.com.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
First Nation is just joining us.
Thank you for carrying the broadcast.
It is the 20th day of February 2007 on this Tuesday edition.
Coming up in 30 minutes, we're just going to call her Diane from Pennsylvania.
We know her full name.
We learned about her from the president of the Texas Eagle Forum, Kathy Adams.
She's also involved and chairs some of the national boards.
Of the Texas Eagle Forum.
We're going to have her with us for the full hour in studio.
And then in 30 minutes, Diane from Pennsylvania, whose daughter had very serious adverse reactions to this vaccine, will be coming on with us.
But it's embarrassing what's happened to her.
I'm not going to say any more.
Obviously, the mother doesn't want her full name known on air and the different things that she has dealt with.
And we again are honored to have Kathy Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum, since 1993 in studio with us.
She has a lengthy bio, but in the interest of time, why don't you just tell the listeners in a nutshell a little bit about yourself.
It's fine, the microphone's fine right there.
Tell us just a little bit about yourself.
Well, I am Kathy Adams, and I've been president of the Texas Eagle Forum for a number of years, since 1993, as you said.
And I'm more proud, actually, of being married for 37 years, such a rarity in our day.
And I'm most excited about expecting the fourth grandbaby, actually, in August.
And so, that's about who I am.
And actually, my motivation, I think, is very clear, then, with my precious family.
I'm out to protect them.
What about dealing with where the money comes from for all this to happen out of the gates?
All I was doing was reading out of the Associated Press.
That's right.
The Associated Press did break this story that our governor has gotten $6,000 from Merck, the very company that is the producer of this vaccine.
Now, the rest of the story is that's kind of a small amount.
I mean, he gets very, very large donations, and so $6,000 is not that much.
Now, his former Chief of Staff being the lobbyist for Merck, and of course he's making much more money than $6,000 in order to be such a lobbyist, I think that that is actually much more influential in this case than the money from Merck directly to the Governor.
And you also have Merck lobbying this little legislative subgroup that is pushing the whole thing.
Yes, and what's really interesting about that is I've been to a number of United Nations meetings, as you know, and the way that the United Nations hires their lobby is very unique.
They hire non-governmental organizations, and these organizations are just a bunch of mouths that don't think for themselves.
I think so.
I don't think so.
And so they're very, very well funded.
I've never seen better street action in my life.
But now, how is that relevant?
Because the United Nations has paid for their lobby for years.
Their most influential one in the past was Bella Abzug, who was the woman who was the arch enemy of families, in my mind, and the arch feminist.
And so, starting in 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, in order to lobby for all the environmental wacko ideas, Bella Abzug put this group of radical women together.
And then the media points at them and says, look, it's grassroots.
And it's on UN payroll.
Stay there, we've got a break.
When we come back, long segment, plenty of time to walk through all this.
And basically how they engage in this rent-a-mob and just how much Merck has lobbied all over the country for this new live cancer virus vaccine and the huge backlash now against Perry concerning that.
Stay with us.
We appreciate you joining us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is a definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Kathy Adams is the president of the Texas chapter of the Eagle Forum.
She's also on several of our national boards.
Has been to many United Nations meetings, many different other meetings where they're pushing the whole New World Order globalist agenda.
We're honored to have her in studio, and I do want to spend some time in the shower with her talking about other issues that she's been exposing and fighting as she's defending our sovereignty.
But if you read the articles in Reuters, the Associated Press, and the Washington Times, and all over the place, you keep seeing her name pop up because she's right here in Texas.
She is effectively fighting our governor, Mr. Open Borders, big government, phony conservative, Rick Perry.
I don't
Uh, you know, the governor puts out a young, intelligent, twenty-something year old spokesperson about how great this is and all the girls need it.
They're talking about girls as young as nine getting it.
The governor's recommending ten to eleven.
It is a live virus.
Tell us, again, for stations that just joined us, a little bit about yourself, how you got involved in this, what we're facing, and just run down the gamut in a nutshell in about four or five minutes, and then we'll detail more of that.
But if you were, you know, say we're on national television right now, and you had five minutes to lay it out, what would you say to the American people about this live cancer virus that they want to try to force our girls to take?
Well, I think that the thing that is most onerous about this is that it's being presented as a preventative of cancer caused by an HPV virus.
The fact is that there are more than a hundred strains of HPV and this Gardasil vaccine for HPV only guards against or targets four of those strains.
So if a young girl has one of those other hundred strains of the vaccine,
And they're very different, as a matter of fact, from one country to another.
So those along our border coming up from Mexico would be a bit different than they might be in the northern part of Texas.
And so this vaccine has been presented as a prevention for cancer and there's no way that that kind of claim can be made.
As a matter of fact, when you look at the fine print being put out by Merck, the company that produces this Gardasil vaccine for HPV, they don't make the claim that it prevents cancer.
They cannot.
And as a matter of fact, the same company is being sued because of how they misled people concerning another one of their drugs.
And so I think what they're doing is they're trying to help pay for Vioxx, the name of their other drugs, that they've lost a lawsuit in the court of law because they were misleading patients.
And so now with a vaccine and especially with a mandated vaccine that cannot come under the same kind of law.
That has been concerning the Vioxx vaccine.
So they can help pay for Vioxx HPV instead of human papillomavirus preventing.
Because as I say, there are more than a hundred strains.
There are only four that are being targeted.
And another uniqueness about this vaccine is the fact that for the first time they are taking a genetically altered virus and introducing it into a human body.
This is new and different and really no one knows what's going to happen with that.
Furthermore, I think it's really interesting to note that if you go online, you'll find that there are 80 some cases of reactions to this vaccine.
But the group that follows vaccines nationwide has found now that there are 385 of these kinds of reactions.
And that's with a vaccine that was approved only last June.
And there's been limited use so far.
As you just pointed out, this just started in June.
And normally, historically, the numbers later will be much higher because doctors don't know what they're looking for right now.
As this problem progresses and gets much worse, as the indicators are showing, then we're going to see a lot more reporting on it.
That's right.
The vaccine itself was just approved by the FDA only after a six-month review and a four-year test just last June.
And so now Texas would be the very first state in the nation for a mandate
Once you have a mandate, then parents believe that someone must know more than what they do.
Someone must be smarter than what they are.
And so when they go to the physician, the physician says, this is a mandated vaccine.
Then the parent is going to step out of the way and say, well, I want my child to be protected from that.
And so this whole mandate idea is very much a ruse.
It will for the first time cause our little girls in Texas to become experiments for a nationwide plan.
And the New York Times is reporting that over 20 states are now lining up saying they're going to do it as well.
So Rick Perry basically trying to pull
We're good to go.
I don't know that this women in government group, though the state leader for Texas, is the chairman of our public health committee, which is very suspect as well.
Because when you have the chairman of the public health committee, part of the women in government, that is funded by Merck.
That's on record that she's gotten a lot from them.
Yes, and then you start following the money.
And then you also recognize that her daughter-in-law is the Governor's Chief of Staff, and then the current lobbyist for Merck is the former Chief of Staff, and things get very, very suspect.
But let me explain.
Wow, this is a web!
Yes, it is a web.
And our Governor is seeking actually $29 million in state money in order to mandate this.
Let's be clear, last week I was saying $360 roughly to get it.
The New York Times is now reporting upwards of $400.
Is it $360 or $400?
It is going to be the upper end and let me tell you the numbers that were coming out originally were $160 just for the vaccine cost itself.
I've spoken with a person who works in a public clinic in Lubbock, Texas who would be administering this at $225 per shot
Plus a $50 fee to administer it.
So that's $900 because there's three shots?
Yes, that's right.
Oh my gosh, this is big money!
This is the most expensive vaccine on the market.
The most expensive vaccine on the market.
$250 plus a $50 clinic charge per injection, pre-injections, three times $300, $900.
That's right.
And so when you follow the money,
It is very suspect that this is anything other than, when you figure there is no health crisis, you figure the number of cervical cancer cases per year is less than 4,000.
And my heart goes out to the women who have cervical cancer, especially those who are innocent victims, those who have husbands who are unfaithful.
But still, 4,000 out of 300 million people, 150 million women, that's nothing.
Well, when you look at the fact that it represents .007% of the new cancer cases per year, we're talking about something that is not a crisis.
Okay, now let me walk through this.
I don't know if we'll play these clips today, but two weeks ago we did.
Local newscasts, national newscasts, there were so many lies that I was filling sheets of paper, you know, just trying to go over them all.
First they claim that it's 900
9,716 cases in the year.
But then you read deeper, it was 9,700 and something women that had the virus when they were tested.
It looks like it's really right around 4,000 that have actually died.
We're talking a couple hundred in the state of Texas.
It's a very treatable cancer.
Then Merck admits on their own website that this doesn't even treat.
It might help with some forms.
Yes it is, and also it's interesting to note that while the governor is saying this is going to be a cancer prevention, which even Merck Gardasil does not make such a claim.
But one of the other strains that it does target, among the four strains only, is one that creates or would produce genital warts.
And some of these are like cauliflower shape.
I mean it's really gross.
So why in the world are you going to say to a young girl that this is a prevention for cancer when really what you're doing is causing her to think that she has a sense of security, a security against a cancer or against something else that could be... Well in truth it only covers a few strains and there's hundreds and so she's going to go out and
That's right.
Oh my gosh.
And be unarmed, actually.
Thinking that she's protected.
I mean, very obviously, if this would protect against 4 strains out of 100 of the HPV virus, what about AIDS?
It doesn't protect against AIDS or the other nearly 40 other sexually transmitted diseases.
Oh, but don't worry.
I've got another report here where they're saying now we've got a vaccine for Chlamydia.
Also in the local news piece, they had the spokesman for Mercon and the Governor's spokesman saying, listen, this is the number two cancer for women.
I went and pulled it up, and the number one cancers in this country are, and it changes year to year, but in the top ten are lung cancer, breast cancer, in men it's the prostate cancer, it's liver cancer, it's skin cancer,
Yes, absolutely.
It grieves my heart that we have so much misinformation out there and part of it is even coming from the man who issued the executive order
And in the name of health, in the name of truth, I think that parents deserve so much more than that.
Legislators deserve so much more than that.
But certainly the little girls don't need to be thinking that they're going out armed and safe and secure when they are not.
You made that point and I had never thought of that.
And I guess when you get quoted in the press, I'm sure you're saying that, but they're not putting it in there.
Because absolutely, I did read it only covers four strains, but they admit that there's, what, over 300?
So it actually is going to cause more cancer!
It certainly can, because even they admit that they have identified other strains, at least 30% more strains that are cancer-causing, and they're not targeting it in this vaccine.
So it's going to cause more promiscuity, which is going to accelerate not just this particular VD, but dozens.
That's right.
And it's so unfair to the young girl.
Stay there, we've got a break.
We'll be right back.
This is amazing.
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I think so.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Kathy Adams, the president of the Texas Eagle Forum, is on the front lines fighting Rick Perry.
Now, to me, the biggest issue here
Is that there is no law that you have to take any vaccine, but the schools and the media every year across the country say it's the law, you've got to take them.
No, all it is is recommendations from the governors and the legislatures that it be on the list
On their mandatory list of recommended and they don't tell you that there is by state law a waiver form for religious or conscientious objection and that's been through court.
You don't have to fill out a waiver form for something that isn't the law to begin with.
What they do is they expel or suspend your child then they come in with criminal truancy when it's the school that falsely kicked your child out to begin with and lawsuits have been won over this.
This is the big secret we're trying to get out.
Can you speak directly to this hoax that Perry's trying to perpetrate?
And then, of course, he was at the legislature yesterday trying to now get a committee to pass it out, to go ahead and try to have the state put it on the list of recommended, which they then falsely claim is mandatory.
I mean, just the hoax nature of this alone, everybody should be against it.
Well, I am concerned about what happened yesterday in the legislature.
There was a hearing in the Public Health Committee, and we were working very hard to see language change from may to shall.
Instead, the may was dropped, and we are not so certain that that is as strong as saying that the governor shall not issue an executive order to mandate the HPV vaccine.
And also, just like you have already excellently pointed out, who else can mandate this?
And if they just put it on a recommended list, is that going to be accepted by a physician as a mandate?
And so, the words are always easily misunderstood, especially by parents who want to do the right thing for their children.
But my point is, the media, who also gets massive amounts of money in advertising funds from Big Pharma in general, goes out and lies every year, two months before, saying, you've got to take the shots, or your child can't go to school, and then you'll go to jail.
It's a lie.
Well, and parents in Texas have a little bit better opportunity to opt out than in some other states.
In that we do have the conscientious objection, and we do have the religious exemption, as you've already pointed out.
However, you still have to, now he says he's going to have this exemption online, you still have to go online, you still have to offer personal and private information about yourself and your little girl in order to opt out of this, and you have to refill out this form every two years.
That's not freedom!
No, it's not.
Here's another example.
I have good personal friends who have friends themselves, but it's a local, prominent family.
I'm not going to say their name.
Not because they don't want me to, but I haven't gotten permission to.
I always say this is happening to well-to-do people.
It's not like I'm saying poor people don't count.
I'm saying if they're doing it well to do people, then imagine how bad it is for poor folks that can't defend themselves and the system knows to basically pick on them.
This woman had a baby at a Sheetan Satellite Clinic.
Two weekends ago, and she said, no, you're not giving my baby any of these vaccines.
And they said, we're going to take your child.
We're going to call CPS.
It's illegal to not take vaccines.
There is no law, but they're threatening people with taking their children.
And what vaccine are they trying to give this newborn baby?
Hepatitis B, which is a sexually transmitted disease.
I mean, this is absolutely unconscionable to be doing that.
And you're in good company.
Star Parker, who is a syndicated columnist, has made the same point.
She said, here you are coming up with this nonsense of an HPV vaccine, and it's going to hurt the black community.
And then she goes through those who are going into the free clinics and those who are going to be receiving a mandated vaccine and not having someone interceding on their behalf.
Well, I think the hoax angle is the most important because it isn't a law, it's color of law, it's racketeering because you've got all these organizations and groups combining together to push a fraud.
We've only got about a minute before we break again, but getting into the reactions, which we'll do after the break, tell folks what this vaccine is actually made up of.
This vaccine is a genetically altered virus which is the first of its kind in a vaccine and so they're really after a four-year study and mostly on girls who are 16 to 26 not as young as what this mandate would require before entering the sixth grade then in four years is not a long long enough time and furthermore you don't know if even
Five years later with this vaccine is still going to be preventing one of those four out of more than a hundred strains of HPV virus.
And so it is a genetically altered virus that is being injected into these little girls and there's just not enough time to know what that's going to do to the masses of little girls.
Listen, that's another question I have.
I read over a hundred strains.
I read over 200 strains.
I read close to 300 strains.
In different medical literature, how many strains are there?
Are there new ones every month or something?
Well, you know, I really don't know.
I've read also there's different numbers, but the most specific one I read was 127.
But usually I'm reading four out of more than a hundred.
And so that's what I repeat because that's what I've read most of the time.
So that's a conservative number.
It covers four of the virus strains of 127.
It's totally worthless.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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I think so.
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I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind.
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Even your emotions had an echo in so much space.
And when you're out there, but out there, yeah I was out of touch.
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
The president of the Texas Eagle Forum, Kathy Adams, is our guest.
We're about to talk to Diane from Pennsylvania, who's the mother of a young girl, young lady, who's having some serious problems after she took this.
But for the listeners that just joined us, Kathy, can you recap basically what we're dealing with with this live virus and the hoax they're trying to push nationally emanating out of Texas that it's the law, you have to take it?
The fact is that the human papillomavirus is more than 100 strains.
This vaccine is not even promised as a cure and actually not even as a prevention of cancer, even though that is being touted by some, especially politicians.
Furthermore, we have no crisis of HPV causing cancer.
As a matter of fact, the numbers have gone down by 74%.
The fact also is that this vaccine is the first genetically altered live virus that is being injected in little girls.
And it gives them a false sense of security because they think that they're now protected from HPV when actually it's only targeting four out of more than a hundred strains and furthermore it doesn't protect them from other sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS or any other kind of cancer.
And can you recap the type of lobbying we're talking about and how much this vaccine is going to cost?
This vaccine is the most expensive of all vaccines.
And I think that we've got to follow the money in order to see that for nearly a thousand dollars for one series of three shots, who is being paid, who is being paid handsomely.
And first of all, Merck is the company that produces this, and the lobbyist for that company is the former Chief of Staff of the Governor of Texas, Mike Toomey.
And furthermore, we can see that the Chairman of the Health Committee, the Public Health Committee in the State House, is also the Head of the State Women in Government, which is partly funded by Merck as well.
And she has family that's his current Chief of Staff.
That's right.
Her daughter-in-law is the Governor's current Chief of Staff.
And so if you follow the money, and you follow the power here, it's like, my goodness, no wonder they're usurping parents' authority and they're usurping legislators' authority.
They've got money to be made here.
And 50 million women and growing in this country.
If just 50 million women take this, what's 50 million times $900?
Well actually this company is set to make $4 billion if this can be instituted across the country.
And of course a mandate is something meaning that you're going to have to go to trouble in order to opt out of.
But that's just if they make 10 and 11 year old girls take it.
Well, the four billion dollars, yes.
And so then what happens to those who may be in the seventh grade or the eighth grade who didn't get it?
Are they going to go after them on the second round of this mandate?
And meanwhile, Merck is in deep trouble for Vioxx.
That's right.
So this is not a human papillomavirus HPV vaccine as much as it is a help pay for Vioxx
And I'm not saying that the persons that we've mentioned are making money, but I'm saying that Merck is making money, and they don't deserve to make any money at the risk of the health of our little girls.
And again, you made the point that it doesn't even protect the girls, but it makes them think they're protected.
That's right!
It is a false sense of security when you are giving a girl a vaccine that is only going to protect them, maybe, against four out of more than a hundred strains, and then that doesn't even count
Those girls who are harmed and some are in even life-threatening situations today because of this vaccine.
And we're about to go to our other guest and I hope you stay with us for that but we also have at the very same time big
Pharmacological companies coming out and saying they've got a whole bunch of other vaccines for supposedly sexually transmitted diseases and a lot of young women are going on MySpace accounts.
I've seen it.
Callers have called and said, I'm taking it so I don't get breast cancer.
There's also this ignorance of medical matters with the general public believing that it's an anti-cancer vaccine period.
That's right.
And it's not going to protect them from other cancers of course.
And even Gardasil, the name of this vaccine,
That's right.
It certainly is.
And here's the New York Times from Friday.
Fuhrer overrushed to require cervical cancer vaccines, but they restate the hoax saying that it'll make you take it.
No, that's not true.
So there's lies within lies.
Going to Diane in Pennsylvania.
Diane, and that's her real first name, I'm not going to tell you her last name.
We first were in contact with her
With the young girl's grandmother, Diane is the mother.
They live in Pennsylvania.
I don't know how much Diane wants to tell you about her daughter.
It's obviously in school, very embarrassing what has happened to her.
And the Washington Times also reported two weeks ago about the massive autoimmune responses, lesions, bleeding, seizures.
There's a long list of contraindications on this.
And some women are even more susceptible if they have other risk factors such as smoking or using oral contraceptives.
And so women can be very much compromised in their health already and then with this vaccine be more susceptible to the problems caused by it.
But let me tell you, the newest information from the National Vaccine Information Center is that it's not just 82, as Merck is showing online, of those who have been harmed by this vaccine.
82 adverse reactions.
Right, adverse reactions since last June, but now there are 385
And that was found by the National Vaccine Information Center.
So in 6-7 months, we're talking about 385 cases, and the doctors don't even know what they're looking for.
Generally with a new drug, you get about 1 out of 100 actual reportings on a long-time tested drug where they know what to look for, only 1 in 10 adverse reactions.
So conservatively, it's probably 99 times what we're actually hearing.
I mean, this is off the charts.
Yes it is.
I think that we are clearly seeing that a live genetically altered vaccine virus in a vaccine is probably something that is going to require a lot more work before it is actually acceptable in the general public.
And they knew what Vioxx was doing.
Take Bayer again with a live
Well, and this Gardasil vaccine is now in our health clinics across the state of Texas.
You know, when they're going to be used, how much of them is going to be used, I think is dependent upon what our legislature is doing right now in the state of Texas.
Are they going to be able to stay the hand of the governor?
On this executive order and I sure hope so.
Well I think bottom line they can say we have to do this we don't we're free human beings this is experimental and highly dangerous all the other bad vaccine reactions and problems it's a live cancer cultured a live virus there's no telling what type of mutations and problems and clearly it's causing serious problems we've got to say no.
Going to Diane from Pennsylvania.
Diane thank you for coming on with us today.
Hi Alex thanks for having me.
If you could just give us a thumbnail sketch of what happened, telling us as much as you can.
Obviously, I don't think anybody is going to be able to tell who your daughter is.
If you can, give us as much info about her and what happened to her and how quickly these bloody lesions formed after she took the shot.
I took her to the pediatrician for her yearly physical because she participates in cheerleading at her school.
And it's mandatory that you have a physical every year.
She was a perfectly healthy child.
It was presented to me by the physician's assistant that I get my daughter the vaccine, which I had seen on the media.
I had seen on the commercials that it prevents cervical cancer.
And I, of course, was concerned and asked about the side effects.
And she had told me that it's the typical redness at the site.
Some mild symptoms of fever and any other type of flu-like symptoms.
So at that point I figured it was the best thing I could do for my daughter to prevent cervical cancer and I consented to the vaccine.
Only to find out about three to four weeks later she developed vasculitis, which is a small blood vessel disease and she has huge purple lesions that are blistery.
They're covering her lower extremities.
And it also has affected her intestines where she's had a little bit of rectal bleeding.
And I'm concerned about her future in terms of kidney disease because I understand it can go into your kidneys.
And knowing what I know now after the fact, I would have never had her vaccinated.
Well, we're going to have Peppa Antonio, a super high-powered lawyer who got Bayer convicted in court.
He also went after the tobacco companies.
And so I hope you'll tune in for that in the last 30 minutes of the next hour.
Now, it's a three-shot regimen.
How many of the inoculations, the vaccinations, did your daughter receive?
Well, she received the first one November 1, 2006.
We were supposed to return in January.
But, um, after she had developed a vasculitis, um, you know, I myself was convinced it was from the vaccine.
So with one shot, your healthy daughter developed this?
Thank God she didn't get three.
Um, and unfortunately now as a result, I mean, she's 14.
She's, um, very conscious of her appearance.
I mean, she has to cover up her legs everywhere she goes, even in her cheerleading, which, you know, generally they wear skirts and she has to continuously be covered.
As well, she has a lot of abdominal pain because she has symptoms in her intestine.
You need to sue Mark immediately and not just to help your family for medical treatment costs and the pain that's been caused, but so other women hear about this and don't let this happen to the little girls.
I agree, yeah.
Yeah, it's unfortunate because if I knew then what I know now, I would have never vaccinated her.
They just made it sound like this was the prevention of cervical cancer.
I thought I was doing right by my daughter, and I'm just appalled that they would try to even mandate it, which is in another area.
Kathy Adams, you've got comments?
You know, Diane, I just, I really, as a mother and as a grandmother, my heart just goes out to you, and I have to tell you, I think that what you are saying now is going to be so helpful to so many people.
Now, on this vaccine, it was not explained to you that it was the first genetically altered vaccine.
Manufacturer's name of its drug, this Merck drug, doesn't even on its own written materials make the claim that it is a prevention of cancer and so it's being sold under a false
Well, the big question here is, how do they think they're going to get away with this?
I mean, they continually do this with so many vaccines, so many drugs.
This is totally experimental, live, mutated virus.
It doesn't even protect you, but with four of the 127 strains, and that's a conservative number, I mean, this is a no-brainer.
And does it concern you, Diane, to now know that the Governor of Texas claims girls have to take this without a law even being passed?
I mean, he thinks he's Dr. Perry now?
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, my daughter only being 13, well she's 14 now, she turned 14 in January, only having the first series of the injections.
I don't know if they would mandate her or I'd have to go to a court of law just to... I'm never going to have the other two vaccinations, the other shots.
I refuse.
How long after the first shot in June did she develop this?
It was approximately 27 days.
And then what happened on the 27th day?
She broke out in a rash and I took her to the emergency room.
They weren't sure what it was.
I then took her to a dermatologist who biopsied it and told me it was vasculitis.
I took her to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and to a rheumatologist and basically the rheumatologist there told me not to get the other two injections.
Oh, so you have a doctor, a medical personnel, saying don't take the shots.
And he told me that this is, you know, when the studies go out, it's in a controlled setting.
It's not until it gets out into the population that you start seeing the real side effects.
And he told me that he
Would never have given the vaccine within the first two years of its sale.
So in other words, the little girls in Texas are going to be experimented upon because they'll be the first ones out there as a mandate receiving this thing.
This is so wrong.
Diane, you know, this is really sweet because let me tell you, you are protecting so many other families from having to suffer the same fate.
And there is a daddy in Odessa, Texas, and I mean this guy is one big guy, and he said, not only is my daughter not going to be vaccinated, and she is at the age where she would have to be vaccinated before entering school in 2008, but he said, I'm not going to fill out the opt-out provision either, and I dare anyone from the state of Texas to come after me and force me to.
That's right.
Inoculation for something that seems like it's needed, tetanus.
But they'd added a very expensive synthetic female hormone and bound it to the tetanus so the body had an autoimmune response to that hormone.
That hormone is only released by the female homo sapien sapien when she enters the second trimester.
So at that point it causes 100%
I don't want to get into details, but I have family who went and got the type of
Absolutely, especially with such young girls as this, and it puts parents in a position like Kathy had brought up.
I was under the impression if the FDA approved it, it must be good.
It must be the right drug for my daughter.
And it must prevent cervical cancer.
So how could I not consent to this vaccine?
It scares me that they're going to mandate this and give it to these nine-year-olds.
And when it's only... The immunity is only good up to five years that we know of.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
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Diane and Kathy will be with us for five minutes in the next hour.
We'll definitely have to get them back on in the near future.
It is a distinct pleasure to have great people like this on the show who will speak up and stand up and it's a great honor and I'm blessed to be in this position on so many great AM and FM affiliates across the country, satellite, internet, shortwave, because I have a passion to warn people.
I guess I'm just kind of a goody two-shoes.
I want to warn people.
I want to warn women.
And I've seen the medical community hurt women that are close to me in my life and it seems like women are being targeted and there's no seems about it with the United Nations and the World Health Organization.
That's why every Aminathem affiliate from upstate New York, to Kansas City, to Austin, Texas, to Chicago, to Ohio, to Florida, all of you, and we need more affiliates.
We're listening on the internet or shortwave in your area or satellite.
Call local stations.
Get them to pick the show up.
We've got to try to get
Kathy and Diane on Coast to Coast AM.
I know George has helped expose this stuff on over 550 radio stations.
That's why I do this every day.
That's why I work so hard.
Because this evil is so incredible.
Before we go back to Diane, there was a point that you wanted to make, Kathy.
Absolutely, and that is that in 1986 the federal government passed a law that protects vaccine producers of any mandated vaccine from lawsuits.
So this gives them liability protection?
That gives them liability protection.
That means that we are subject to health issues with no recourse and that's not good.
This is incredible and it means even if a lawsuit is won the government bails it out.
That's right.
And you have the vaccine damage fund that's what three billion dollars that if you can jump through 500 hoops you might get paid for your child that's autistic or for your daughter that's in all this trouble.
Diane, other points you'd like to add?
Yeah, like I was trying to say before we went on to a break, when Kathy was bringing up the point about parents being uninformed,
Or believing that the government is going to protect us.
And it's only after this happened that I realized that the government really doesn't care about me as an individual.
Oh, contrary.
Believe me, I've studied it.
They actually want to hurt you.
Look at Bayer and the AIDS.
They could care less.
This is guaranteed.
This is part of some type of eugenics program.
The Rockefellers were big into vaccines in the 20s.
They funded Hitler.
There's a whole other agenda out there, Diane, and they deceived you.
They lied to you about this.
Well, I just hope that they, um, I hope people step up and express what, you know, if their daughters have been vaccinated and they have side effects, I would love to hear that there's other people.
I mean, it's a misfortune.
I don't want to see anybody hurt, but I just, I know this is something that my daughter was subjected to because of the vaccine.
How is she doing with this now happening?
I mean, in such a special time in her life at 13 years old.
Really, she was a very active social person and she's very depressed.
She's withdrawn.
She doesn't participate in the activities like she used to.
I'm concerned about her.
I'm concerned about her physically.
I'm concerned about her mental health.
I don't know what this is going to do to her in the future.
I mean, you know, I have four children.
I have one daughter.
I don't know what this brings for her future.
Well, I have a daughter and they're just so precious and sweet and innocent.
It just enrages me to think about these bastards want to shoot her up with this crap.
It'll never happen over my dead body.
Excuse me getting upset here, but I just... That's all right.
I agree with you.
I mean, I wish I would have...
I wish I wouldn't have been so naive when I was sitting in the pediatrician's office.
Well, it's not your fault.
You didn't know.
Now you know and you're doing the right thing speaking up.
Listen, I've interviewed dozens and over the years talked to hundreds of families and I go, when did your child become autistic?
And they go, 18 months.
It's always the third round.
The child's walking around happy, giggling, talking.
They take the shot.
They're gone forever.
And that's the mercury.
The third round builds up to a toxic level.
Oh, great point.
In this vaccine, they add aluminum.
And if you look at persons with Alzheimer's and their autopsies, you find aluminum in their brains.
And so this one has an inordinate amount of aluminum in each of the three vaccines.
Aluminum plaques.
Does it have the thimerosal mercury?
I don't know that it has.
I don't think they can because that would kill the live virus.
I would imagine.
Well, that's true.
Oh, so this doesn't have mercury.
This has a live cancer virus.
And aluminum.
Seventy-second break.
Final five minutes with both our guests.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got, uh...
Mr. Pep Antonio joining us coming up in about 30 minutes.
I'm going to cover other news issues in the 20 before he joins us.
But right now, finishing up with both of our guests, I appreciate
Kathy Adams, President of the Texas Eagle Forum, for coming in.
I appreciate Diane from Pennsylvania, whose mother actually got in touch with the Texas Eagle Forum, and now we've been able to get in touch with you.
And this thing's just been out a few months and already 380 plus adverse reported reactions with the new vaccine.
It's conservatively 99 to 100 times that.
Even with proven problems with drugs and vaccines, it's normally one out of ten gets reported.
So whether it's ten times that or a hundred times that, we know it's serious.
You were just making another key point, Kathy.
And that is that what the medical community is trying to do now and the advocates of this vaccine is to trot out women who have cervical cancer and it's metastasized, as in the case of a woman who went to testify last night,
In Austin, Texas, is that it's now metastasized to her pancreas and to her liver and her life is now... They're using fear.
Yes, they're using fear, but I think in order to counter that kind of an argument we've got to know
Diane, we've got to know what happened to her daughter.
We've got to know that this is a genetically altered live vaccine that is being injected into little girls and a mandate is not what we need unless anyone who would be supportive of that idea is saying that we are willing to become experiments for Merck and Company.
Literal guinea pigs.
That's right.
Our girls are becoming guinea pigs.
That's right.
And don't worry, they've got plenty for boys now.
They're saying they want to give it to boys.
They said they're going to have a version for boys and they've got this chlamydia vaccine.
Hundreds of new vaccines a year they want to push.
Diane, can you give us more details of when you took her to the different doctors and the vaccine?
Which particular doctor or expert was it that told you don't take the other two shots?
It was the rheumatologist at Children's Hospital.
The rheumatologist at Children's Hospital where?
Yes, in Philadelphia.
They told me, um, when I told her that I believed it was from the vaccine, she told me not to get the other two injections.
And then my pediatrician also told me, um, that, that this, the vaccine, that the fact that she has vasculitis was definitely caused by the vaccine.
And that, you know, he would have never given it.
At least he doesn't give new drugs and new vaccines within the first two years.
So what is, what do they think, what do both these doctors in different disciplines, why do they think this live cancer virus is causing this inflammation?
Well, you know, basically, when I first went to the dermatologist and even to the rheumatologist down at Children's Hospital Philadelphia, they wanted to, the one, he was doing a fellowship there at Children's,
He insisted that he didn't believe that this was caused by the vaccine.
He felt as though there's a trigger factor to this specific type of vasculitis my daughter has, but he couldn't tell me another trigger factor.
It usually follows an upper respiratory infection, which she had never had and she was tested for strep throat and other types of strep.
So it was the head of the Rheumatology Department.
She's the one that told me.
She never directly came right out and said it was caused by the vaccine.
But she told me not to get the other two injections.
But then your pediatrician said that wasn't he or she thought it was caused by that?
It's a male and he told me he believed that this is what the vaccine had did to her.
I'm sorry?
I'm just going to add that there's a physician in Houston, Texas who has four children and he kept getting his children the series of vaccines
And one was born perfect and then at 18 months was autistic.
The second one, the same thing.
The third, the same thing.
After four children, he finally figured it out and he finally humbled himself before the altar of his profession and said, you've made a mistake.
That's the shame.
That's really sad.
Four children affected.
How do we, you know what?
I don't want to end it like this.
We've got a three minute break.
I just want to spend three or four minutes with you ladies if you have time on the other side.
Do you have time, Diane?
I have a couple more minutes, yeah.
Okay, Kathy, do you?
Because I want to give out contact info or how folks can help.
Talk about some solutions here on the other side.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here introducing Prudent Places USA, an interactive CD book that is your premier resource for hard-to-find information.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas,
Alex Jones.
Final segment with both of our guests and Papantonio will be joining us to break more of this down and just how sinister it really is in the last 30 minutes.
But there is no law.
It's a fraud.
It's experimental.
They'll get immunity by it being mandated.
That's all that's happening here, ladies and gentlemen.
With past activities that cannot be trusted.
Diane from Pennsylvania, whose daughter has been obviously really hurt by this.
Any closing comments?
Any way that we can help you?
Any solution?
Ideas you have?
Or is it just to warn the people and fight this?
Your show is wonderful to get the word out there.
Most people are being deceived by the commercials and the gynecologist offices and the pediatricians offices that are recommending this drug to prevent the cervical cancer.
Um, I would like to also explain, I don't think I touched on the fact that this is, um, and the type of vasculitis my daughter has is an autoimmune response.
Well, there you go, autoimmune response.
Basically, what happened is when the vaccine entered her body, she built up antibodies, which ultimately attacked her vessels.
So, I strongly believe, I'm 100% convinced that this vaccine is damaging, and, um, I don't know what the long-term effects are going to be for my daughter, so... And let's be clear, she's also bleeding, correct?
Oh yeah, oh yeah, absolutely.
She also has the vasculitis in the vessels in her intestines and she's had some rectal bleeding and it can cause obstructions and perforations of her intestines.
Well, that's basically what Crohn's disease is.
Yeah, along the lines, the same thing.
There's a lot of evidence that Crohn's is actually, and it's getting more and more common, has been caused by vaccines.
And then they find the key antibodies in the guts, in the intestines, upper and lower, of people that have taken vaccines.
So it's just incredible.
So just getting the word out there and informing parents so that they question this vaccine before they consent to such a thing.
Alright, well I know it's hard to go public and you don't want to embarrass your daughter, but we need to get people like yourself up there on television all the way to be able to warn millions or they're just going to trot out people that are on the payroll or people that have been duped and then con millions more women to do this.
Diane, you are very, very articulate.
You are quite good at being able to present in a very impassioned and calm way.
So that other parents can listen, and I hope other parents will take to heart what you've said.
And as more people get damaged, a lot of our listeners probably won't be damaged because they'll check it out.
But for others, guaranteed this is going to roll forward.
We'll stop it.
We'll end up stopping it, but not before it devastates more lives, and then we'll be able to turn it around.
I know you've got to go and pick your son up from school.
Diane, we'll be in contact with you.
You've got my office number.
The websites are Infowars.com and JonesReport.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Stay in touch with us at any new developments.
Please give us a call or anything we can do for you.
I want all the listeners, and I believe in this, to pray for your daughter and ask that God heal her.
Thank you for that.
I think God probably will because of the courage you've shown.
I said I've been putting holy water on her and I'm using God.
I'm hoping any which way I can to get my daughter better.
Alright, God bless you.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thank you very much.
That is just unbelievable.
Take care.
Heart rendering.
You know, in Texas we still have hope because this mandate I think is very, very likely to be overturned.
What we're trying to do is make sure that they're not parsing words in such a way that, okay, the governor's executive order is overturned, but the health commissioner can come in and add it to the list of mandated orders.
And then they'll just use color of law and say it's the law when it's not the law.
So exposing the hoax is the key.
And so we have testified on that.
I have to tell you, most of the pro-family groups were very much trying to influence
Our wonderful full-time volunteer who testified last night, Mary Lynn Gerstenschlager, come out and support the bill!
Come out and support the bill!
And she very wisely and very astutely said, I haven't seen the changes in the bill and I'm not going to sign off on something sight unseen.
That is tremendous wisdom and I think that that is an earmark of our organization in Texas and I invite you to look at our website
Which is worldwidewebtexaseagle.org and join us.
You can sign up there for our email loop as well.
Well, I got a chance to meet the local Austin coordinator.
She's another great lady here in the office.
We need to get her on sometime and anytime there's an issue or a news story or something you want to get out to the people, you have a welcome mat to call into the show or come back and be in studio in the show.
Are you up in Dallas?
I am in Dallas and Mary Lynn is here during the legislative session.
So, give folks that website again.
It is worldwidewebtexaseagle.org and it's spelled out T-E-X-A-S-E-A-G-L-E dot org.
Now I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, but I'd like to talk about the power of our listeners and activists.
You told me before the show started, before you came in in the second hour, about you got the biggest response ever from the time you came on for 30 minutes.
That's right.
I was supposed to be on vacation, but I was doing lots of media because of this HPV mandate.
We talked to you from Cozumel.
That's right.
And as a response, I got lots of email feedback.
So you are being very effective, not just within Texas, but across the nation.
As a matter of fact, I wouldn't have met Diane if it hadn't been for your show.
Thank you.
Well, that's fantastic.
Well, thank you for coming in, and we appreciate your time.
Just tell the folks a few of the other issues that the Texas Eagle Forum also covers.
Well, of course we think that life is a creation of God, and so it deserves a right to life.
And so that is one issue that we work on.
We also think that smaller government and lower taxes is not just a mantra to be elected, but it's something that we absolutely believe had better be upheld, or maybe there's not a dime's worth of difference in the parties.
But I don't believe that right now.
As a matter of fact, I'm going to go over to the Capitol after this show today in order to say, don't break the spending cap.
And as a matter of fact, you can cut $9 billion out of that budget and still give us a tax break, and that's what we want.
Well, government always says we want more, more, more.
Did you see the story out of Italy where the government's making a 13-year-old have an abortion?
Oh, my.
What a travesty.
So I didn't see that, but I think that defending the family is something that we've been doing since 1972 on a national level, and we invite you to join us in Texas.
Thank you for the time.
Thanks again.
Take care.
All right, a great lady here.
It's Kathy Adams, and she is the Texas president of the Texas Eagle Forum.
And I like Phyllis Schlafly.
I don't think she's hardcore enough on a lot of issues, but she's been getting more hardcore against the North American Union and the New World Order, and certainly I like what I see from the Texas contingent.
And Kathy Adams is on some of the national boards of the Eagle Forum and goes to UN meetings and helps get out a lot of key info.
In fact, I'd like to have her back up in the near future to talk about some of those issues with our listeners.
So I appreciate her spending an hour and 14 minutes with us here in studio.
I've got a smattering of other international and national news that I'm going to run through, kind of blitz through, in the middle segment from the 24 to the 30 that's coming up here in about five minutes.
And then Mike Papantonio will be joining us to really talk about the seedy underbelly of this and the whole eugenics program and just the cold-blooded nature of the New World Order.
He'll be joining us from his radio studio where he's doing a radio program right now.
I guess some type of multicasting will be going on.
He's down in Pensacola right now.
But before we end this segment, I've done two hours and sixteen minutes of broadcasting today and I really haven't properly plugged my films.
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That's what you're doing.
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I think so.
Get up, stand up.
Stand up for your rights.
Get up, stand up.
Stand up for your rights.
Get up, stand up.
Stand up for your rights.
Get up, stand up.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, I said I would get into some news, but I've forgotten.
We'll probably only have Pat Antonio on for 15 minutes.
I'll get into that news before the show ends, after he leaves us.
In the first hour, I spent a few minutes getting into the psychology of the New World Order and how they sell us on their worldview that torture's good, torture of children's good, preemptive war is good, lying's okay as long as you still say you're the good guy, things of this nature.
And I talked about how they irradiated
As many as 15,000, but I'm just conservative.
Over 10,000 children in this country paid for Israel to radiate 110,000.
Most of them died.
Black men, syphilis, Tuskegee.
There's thousands of cases.
I'm just using some of the well-known ones.
And they do that not to just test the chemicals and biologicals and radiologicals, they do it more to compromise and condition and train incrementally huge cadres of governmental and corporate contractors that will follow any order they're given to, any order that they're directed to carry out.
And it's a process.
You know, they have you kill or maim or test in the name of good, and then it just gets worse and worse and worse.
And that's the type of individuals that carried out 9-11 inside several different defense contracting operations inside the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency, clearly some foreign governments involved in support roles, MI6, Shin Bet, Mossad.
Clearly a huge governmental theatrical production on that clear day and then blowing up all the buildings and Silverstein's ownership to make a clean sweep with the insurance money which was just a
added fringe benefit.
People think it's over opium in Afghanistan, or trillions in oil, or hundreds of billions in weapons sales.
It'll be a trillion total within two years in Iraq.
And then they have debates about all the reasons they did it, and the media claims, oh look, they can't even agree on why they did it.
No, it's a cocktail of reasons.
They do a cost-benefit analysis, and they say, this will be good for us to consolidate power, get control, set up a domestic police state, trillions in oil, trillions in weapons,
Trillions in domestic control.
Shifting the entire society and academia and the scholarships into homeland security and the technical schools into law enforcement.
And it's all a joke with the Real ID Act.
You're going to have to have the national ID card through the state government.
It's already in place, but it's the law starting next year.
You've got to have it to have a job, go to school, social security, to pay your social security, everything.
But illegal aliens don't have to show any ID to have bank accounts, housing loans, you name it.
Because it's no ID to get a bank account, then once you have the bank account, then you get the tax ID number with that bank account, then you get the welfare, you get everything else.
And the banking heads get up on television and they tell the Associated Press, they say, hey, we're doing this to help the illegals grow roots.
We're doing this to frustrate the movement to kick these people out of this nation.
I'm not against the illegal aliens themselves.
I'm not against immigrants.
I don't blame them.
The point is they're being used as a battering ram to destroy this country.
There's no doubt about that.
Can we just sit back and watch that happen?
Can we let this happen?
I keep talking about how they don't have to show ID.
All over the country, police departments are called sanctuary cities, 800 plus cities.
They're told, leave them alone.
But then you're going to have to have a national ID card and they're going to tell you it's the law you gotta take some live cancer virus that causes horrible autoimmune responses and seizures.
The CDC and FDA even admit that.
But now they get immunity so they can't be sued.
I think they may be even planning to dump the vaccine and knowing it's going to be defeated with suits and it's so deadly and so they're just getting the immunity now through the mandated
Directives now being coming out from what, 21 states, Texas being the leader.
Texas is leading the way for the Animal ID Act to make you put chips in all your animals, but then big producers don't have to have chips, they have group chips, so it costs them hundreds of times per unit less.
It's to put you out of business.
Texas is leading the way with Premises ID, leading the way with the Trans-NAFTA Highway and the Texas, Trans-Texas Corridor.
It's pathetic.
I am on the front lines.
I am behind enemy lines.
My state is run like a whorehouse.
And the good people of Texas need to wake up and see it.
But it affects you nationwide.
We are the bellwether.
More than California or New York or Florida now.
Texas leads the nation.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hey Jane, how's it going?
Gosh, I'm not doing so well.
Even though I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do, my blood sugar is way out of control.
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That's 888-200-0265.
You know, I could spend an hour trying to read the bio of Mike Papantonio.
He, of course, really helped out
Air America was one of the principals there, still is I believe.
He has successfully sued Bayer concerning the fact that they knew AIDS was in their blood products and really helped expose that and at least stop them from further contamination and all the deaths and maiming and illnesses that have been caused by it.
He really does a great job with his work out there in the community because this is one of the last
We're good.
When it's not the law, you've got to take any vaccines.
It's a recommendation through the state health departments to the schools, but they get federal and state funding, so they then claim through color of law that you have to take it.
I think that they're extremely liable.
So joining us is Mike Papantonio.
We have links to his law firm and to his bio up on InfoWars.com right now.
Mike is an extremely busy individual.
We're very honored that he, from time to time, takes time out of his schedule to join us.
Mike, thanks for coming on.
Alex, I always love coming on your show because I think you always nail the issue.
I mean, when I follow... I'm following you, for example, just on the HPV issue.
You're ahead of it.
You're ahead of it.
You have mainstream media that still doesn't really understand this issue.
It's a complicated issue because, unfortunately, when you look at a risk-benefit analysis with Merck this time, it does lend itself to having to really analyze a little bit of closure.
With something like Vox, the risk
Benefit analysis was easy.
They didn't need the drug.
It killed people.
They knew it was going to kill people.
Their clinical data said it was going to kill people.
They sold it anyway because it was all about profit.
Here you have a situation to where you really might save lives, but unfortunately, because of the players involved, and this is what it really comes down to, when you look at the players involved, you start by saying, okay, first of all, you have Merck saying that we're going to sell a drug that is the most
The most expensive vaccine ever marketed in America.
The most expensive vaccine ever marketed in America.
It's a vaccine that we say, okay, well the FDA looked at this, but we know the story with the FDA.
We know that the FDA has always helped engineer piggish feeding frenzies with companies like Pfizer, Merck, Lilly, Glaxo, and we know it's a 400 billion dollar industry and we know
Also, that we have an industry that really has complete immunity here.
I mean, understand, there's a Vaccine Immunity Act that says that the company, a company like Merck, would have to willfully murder the people getting its product before you could ever hold them accountable.
It's a provision that was put in there by way of
National Security say these companies have to develop vaccines and because they have to develop vaccines we're going to get complete immunity.
The standard is not negligence, it's not recklessness.
The standard is that this company, we have to prove, you would have to prove that this company willfully murdered people and knew they were doing it to ever be able to correct a problem if something goes wrong.
Well let me add something here because this is a key point you raise.
It's central.
Let's say a Ford Motors got a federal law passed that they had zero liability unless they actively premeditatedly wanted to kill you, I would never get near a Ford.
This is amazing!
It is amazing.
And again, the problem here is that if this were another company involved, if this was another setting, if we didn't have Rick Perry, for example, out of Texas mandating that Merck sell its product to 11-year-olds, or whatever the age is that he's mandated out there, and if we weren't following the money here,
Then we wouldn't, you know, it wouldn't strike us.
The only risk analysis would be, okay, well, this is going to help prevent cervical cancer, which is a horrible disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people.
But isn't that the key, that by him mandating it, it then kicks in the immunity?
Well, exactly.
He mandates it.
Now, if something goes wrong out in Texas, Merck gets to say, well, gee whiz, you know, we've got, first of all, we have a mandate to an executive order by the governor, and then on top of that we have the president who's given us this do business for free bill that says you can't sue us even if, you know, even if we're reckless.
It actually says the company can actually be reckless.
Not just negligent, but reckless.
Now, let me ask you something here, Alex.
You have an 11-year-old.
You're going to give her something that's created by a company that has this history that is a deplorable history.
I mean, all you have to do, if you looked at one case alone, if all you did was analyze Vioxx,
And you knew all the facts on Vioxx.
The fact is they had clinical data where they did their own clinical studies.
The clinical data showed there was no question about it would kill people in a rate that was four times, four to five times the normal population.
Then they took that data, they phonied it up,
And then they sold it to the FDA.
The FDA never asked any questions, and sure enough, when the product came out on the market, it started killing people.
When it started killing people, they started covering up the fact that it was killing people.
So, you have to ask yourself, is this a product called Gardasil that you want to give your 11-year-old that's been manufactured by Merck?
That's what's bothering me most about it.
As I analyze this, really, as I take a look at the facts
You know, about how this can work.
It's using their non-infectious, mercury-free vaccine, genetically engineered viral particles, and they use it with a simple yeast product.
Now, that all adds up positive.
It's not all good, but at least it's far more positive than what we saw with the
Well, here's the problem, though.
Out of the gates, there have now been 386 adverse reactions, and those were just reported in the first two months of the six-month rollout.
And we know that with new products, the 10-to-1 reporting goes up to almost 101, so it could be 100 times 386.
And then we have the CDC even saying, yeah, it's causing autoimmune responses and seizures.
I mean, if I had a neighbor who had a history like Vioxx had, I wouldn't let my kids get anywhere near them.
Of course not.
And that's the problem.
If we didn't have Merck on this front line, and if we didn't have an FDA that has become completely dysfunctional, intentionally dysfunctional, it has been packed
With exactly the kind of hacks that responded to Katrina down here on the coast.
That is the methodology for this administration.
So we have a suspect corporation, Merck, we have a dysfunctional oversight agency, the FDA, and then we have them believing that we have to do this right now.
That it's so important that we have to have our governors mandating that this be used immediately.
Now look,
What if we had done that?
I mean, look at DTP.
I mean, look at what happened.
140,000 cases of children having seizures, all types of abnormalities.
140,000 cases.
Then you added the fact that some of them, the question is, did it even manifest itself by way of autism because of the thimerosal that was used early on?
You have all of these questions that are in people's minds right now and the best way to solve this problem is to slow it down,
Stand back.
Have somebody besides Merck driving this train.
And if you do, maybe it is something that we need.
Maybe it is something that will prevent a horrible disease such as cervical cancer.
But right now, if you look and follow the money issues here, it's bound to scare anybody that's looking at this.
They admit that there's 127 conservatively, there's really over 300, but 127 that are causing cancer.
This only covers four of them.
This is going to make young girls, who get it when they're 11, become promiscuous at 16, 17, 18, running around thinking now that they're protected from this, when it doesn't protect you.
I mean, that'd be like selling condoms that were full of holes, saying, well, it might work.
Well, you've got another part of it, too, and I know you've talked about this, and that is that it doesn't even address the fact that the male is also the carrier for the virus.
There's no symptomology other than genitalia, warts.
I mean, for the male, from the standpoint of carrying it,
Unless you cure that too, you don't really have a cure to the problem.
Unless it's a global solution, not just state-by-state, unless you have a theory about how to get your arms around the whole problem... Yeah, there's new mutations coming in on airplanes and ships and over the border every day.
And that's a huge part of the problem.
I got an email last week with some website that supposedly tries to debunk me going, there was Alex on the air claiming that Perry's on the payroll with no evidence.
I just read the Associated Press where his former chief of staff is on the payroll.
Mike Toomey.
Yeah, Mike Toomey.
Is that who you're talking about?
And this women's group, her sister-in-law is his...
Well, then you know all about it.
Tell us about the real connections here.
Well, I mean, the real connection is, first of all, you have three main lobbyists there in Texas.
One of them is Mike Toomey, as you pointed out, former Chief of Staff for Rick Perry.
I mean, there's no question about where his obligations run.
His current Chief of Staff's mother-in-law, Texas Republican, I think she's Diane White,
Delissie, I think is her name, she's director of the Women in Government.
Now, Women in Government, what Merck did, Merck is spending all this money, Merck is spending all the money with fear tactics, trying to get women in government, state by state, to mandate and put pressure on their governors to mandate this issue.
Anytime you look at Rick Perry, anytime you follow the money with a GOP kind of guy like Rick Perry, you've got to ask questions.
And then you add to that, you add to that now Alex, that the same methodology has unfolded here that we see on every major pharmaceutical rollout.
Here it is.
They first create a need.
They spend billions of dollars a year with direct advertising selling Americans on the idea that, you know, they're either too stressed out, they're too sad, they're sleep deprived, they lack virility.
They fund the medical institutions, they fund the psychiatrists to create all these new illnesses.
And then they say, okay, well that's no problem because we have now the magic mystical pill that's going to do that.
We're going to make your life better.
The next thing the mega drug companies spend money on, in advertising, PR, marketing, packaging, is on, they don't spend the money on things like double-blind perspective safety studies or clinical studies.
Today, you know what the ratio is, Alex?
The ratio of what the typical pharmaceutical company spends on actual clinical research compared to what they spend marketing their product is 1 to 20.
For every dollar they spend actually studying the product, they spend $20 trying to figure out how they can scare the hell out of people to use the product.
Well, I've seen cases where their own research systems, their own research laboratories come out with bad results, and then they have one of their scientists relabel bad results as good results.
Let me tell you, I take depositions constantly where I see that happening.
You're sitting across from a guy that says,
I thought that this was right.
Now I'm telling you, I didn't know that this was not correct.
It was changed somewhere.
I can't tell you where it was changed.
Time after time I've seen that.
But after they do this thing, after they unleash this product, where they give you this idea that they're solving a new problem, the next thing they do is they start influencing the regulators, the FDA.
They tell these people that they're going to get high-paying cash jobs when they leave the FDA.
That they'll just be reasonable.
If they won't put too much pressure on them, if they'll let them come out with this drug quick, no time delay, then there's going to be job at the end of all that happening.
Then what they do, Alex, this is really where it gets ugly, if somebody within the regulatory agency actually shows some character or some high ground honesty,
And they dare to ask tough questions and demand solid answers about safety and efficacy.
Well, that person is history.
They unleash the forces of political corruption, and that Republican trick monkey congressman makes a few calls, turns up the pressure, and that honorable FDA or regulatory guy is gone the next day.
They do the same thing to medical doctors.
Well, the same thing happened with the dust.
Day one they knew on 9-11 that it was concrete and mercury and all this stuff.
Now 20% of the
The firemen and police and emergency workers are saying are going to die.
Mount Sinai, all these big medical institutions have done scans and biopsies and then the EPA documents come out that the EPA tried to do the right thing and treat everybody and Bush's office said no that'll be a big political problem just tell them they're fine and he blocked the ninety six million dollars for treatment.
I mean these are cold-blooded bastards.
You're following that story
It's the same picture that I follow day-to-day in the pharmaceutical industry.
I can't tell you the number of doctors, I mean I'm talking medical doctors in the field who've actually prescribed these new money bonanza medicines and all of a sudden they understand that that medicine is killing their patient.
Well, what happens?
You have the FDA come down on them.
You have the industry come down on them.
What they do is, if the doctor dares to speak out against this new wonder drug, the doctor's hospital privilege is revoked.
They discredit.
They embarrass that person.
They even threaten and harass that person.
So they'll shut up and hopefully the scare will be enough to make them go away.
We see it happen all the time.
Well-meaning doctors that are sold something like, you know,
We're talking about HPV.
We don't know whether this is the case here, but if you have a doctor that discovers, he says, listen, I've given this now to a thousand people.
I'm seeing an increased rate of adverse reaction that's above 2%, maybe even as high as 5%.
I think there's something wrong here.
The first doctors, let me make you a promise.
I will make you a promise, Alex.
The first doctors that come out that are critical about this are going to be shut down like yesterday's news.
Well, take the head of the British government research system 15 years ago, who was making millions a year himself.
We've interviewed him and he was just vindicated by major British papers because all these Russian and British and US studies came out.
He was studying it.
He found out these chimera cross-species potatoes were giving cancer to more than half the rats at an accelerated rate.
He said, internally, we've got to stop this.
And remember, he's got private stock.
He's making millions a year.
But he had morals.
He said, I didn't know this.
It's changing this gene, but it changes these others.
It's killing people.
And they fired him and then had a national campaign to discredit him.
Oh, yeah.
We see it all the time.
Look, one of the most capable people that they have working with the FDA right now is a guy named Graham.
Graham has always come out, he's always been very quick.
I could name five in a row where Graham came out two years before we started seeing the problems develop within the consumer market.
Where he was telling, he was telling the FDA, he was telling people inside the FDA, he said, listen, you got to stop this.
You need to put a black box warning about this.
You need to pull the product.
You need to do a restudy on the clinicals.
Every time he has done that, he has been shut up.
We can't even take his deposition.
We've tried to take his deposition in cases.
We can't even get his deposition.
Now he stays on with them because, you know, that's the guy's job.
But Graham is an example of what you see, this manipulative process, where you actually have the Pfizer's and the Merck's and the Lilly's and the Glaxo's that are controlling the flow of information and controlling the flow of these drugs out on the market.
It's not the FDA.
So when you start talking, Alex, as you've already done here, and I just think you're right on the mark, when you start talking about fears, people should have fears.
Final segment with Mike Papantonio on the other side.
We'll give out some of his websites and more info.
We really appreciate him coming on with us.
I want to talk about what you just in your crystal ball think will happen with this HPV because they've reached so far now on so many other issues that people don't trust them anymore.
And this is really a crisis of trust.
What's going to happen?
I mean, why is Merck so arrogant?
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining this final segment.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight central, retransmitted.
Don't forget the free podcast at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Mike Papantonio, legendary lawyer, joins us.
Very successful against these crooks.
In closing, the last four minutes we've got left.
We see Bayer knowingly shipping out blood product that has HIV in it, killing tens of thousands.
They've been caught, they've been convicted, they've been exposed, but still they're so powerful they don't get in trouble.
You've helped expose that.
We see the black men in Tuskegee and the syphilis, we see the Vioxx, we see hundreds and hundreds of examples
of this, and we see that they have no liability, so it's a guaranteed recipe for disaster.
The people don't trust them anymore, and I think Merck and Perry and Bush and others have reached too far, because the public now has no trust.
Dick Cheney has a 12% approval rating.
The Congress has a 14% approval rating.
I think that they're so arrogant in their ivory towers, they don't know that none of their bull is working anymore, Mike.
Comments on that?
Yeah, I think that the way this is adding up, this HPV for example, the way this is adding up is you not only have organizations like Family Research Council that's way, way out there to the right on their whole issue happens to be just the promiscuity issue, just the morality issue, but when you have consumer groups that have been following Merck as long as they have, when you have
When you have organizations that have watched Merck, for example, take a look, you know, February 13th, they come out, the FDA warns about Merck vaccine.
Well, that was a rotavirus where you actually have children who are developing Crohn's disease, as you point out.
An incurable, chronic, horrible disease that kills people.
So, now, understand this.
Merck is
Merck, if they do kill these children, is never going to have to pay a dime.
Because what they've been given is basically immunity.
They've been given the right, right now, the standard.
For example, on the HPV virus, if you take a look at the standard, you have a standard where the company would almost have to intentionally murder people before they can ever be held responsible.
Now, Bayer finally got semi-held responsible.
When you depose these people, what is it like to talk to somebody who knew it was contaminated, but just didn't want to have a recall because it would scare people, so I'll just let all these hemophiliacs die.
Alex, let me tell you something.
I've prosecuted, I've been across the table from sociopaths and psychopaths.
And I can tell you, these guys have the same look in their eye.
It's all about the bottom line.
I deposed the CEO one time, where the CEO made, I think over a period of maybe 11 months with the company, made $150 million in stock options.
Just what he was able to, you know, sell off.
The same year he was doing that, he was killing people.
The company was killing people with the product that they were making.
It was almost as if it was just the cost of doing it.
Here's the problem.
Right now, what you have running these companies is what I call short-term CEOs.
It used to be, when you had a company, a major company, they were in it for 20 years.
These guys are in four to five.
They're going to make as much as they can.
Go home.
And they lobby our Congress to give them total immunity.
Mike Papantonio, any websites you want to fire up?
Yeah, yours.
If you want information, they ought to be tuning in to you, man.
Well, Mike, we ought to be tuning in to what you do as well.
Are you still doing that weekend radio show?
I am.
Ring of Fire is still on the air with Robert Kennedy.
We're on Saturday and Sunday, so we talk about these issues all the time.
Alright, just type Ring of Fire with Mike Papantonio.
Into your Google search engine.
You've got links to it up on InfoWars.com.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Thank you for joining us, sir.
Alright, man.
Thank you.
Thank you for the good work you're doing.
You know that guy sleeps good at night.
But all they do is demonize these lawyers, ladies and gentlemen.
That's all they do.
We need these lawyers.
Alright, God bless you all.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.