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Air Date: Feb. 18, 2007
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome and thank you for joining us.
I'm here every Sunday evening from 4 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
That's 5 to 7 p.m.
Eastern, 3 to 5 p.m.
Mountain, 2 to 4 p.m.
Huge broadcast lined up for you today, jam-packed with news and information.
We'll also be taking your calls from all over the United States, Canada, and the world.
We're routinely getting calls from as far afield as Japan and Australia.
In the second hour, we're going to analyze a massive BBC hit piece that was run primarily on myself and several others that just ended six minutes ago.
I happen to have two colleagues, two members of my crew who live and work in England, in London and Sheffield.
They're the webmasters and editors for PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.net and PrisonPlanet.tv, three of my news and video websites.
And literally just five, six minutes ago before the show started, I was on the phone listening to the audio of the end of the hour-long TV special.
9-11 conspiracies attacking those of us that question the official fable that's been completely disproven and shown to be a fraud.
We got internal leaks from inside BBC that it was going to be a hit piece.
A few months ago BBC was here in studio videotaping this Sunday show that I do.
Here out of the studios of News Radio 590, Cal BJ, and syndicated out across the land.
And after a week of interviews, they ended on that Sunday night, and basically the director, the producer, Guy Smith, told me it was a hit piece, and laughed at me, and said that he didn't believe a word I'd said, and he wouldn't let me get into any of the real issues concerning the fraud that is the official conspiracy theory concerning 9-11, the fable.
So we'll break that down with Paul Watson joining us from England in the second hour and get his take.
Who knows, we may even get Steve Watson, his brother, one of my other colleagues, to get his take from London on the piece.
I know he was there as well watching it.
In fact, we wrote a story earlier this week about the oncoming hit piece before it had even been released, and that was picked up as one of the top stories on Dig, rated number 55 of the biggest websites in the world.
To give you an idea of how big Dig is, and their front page is, number 55, Drudge, is 500 and something right now, and we've got millions of readers.
On that story, so already we have been exposing and battling the BBC's hit piece before it was even released, and we'll be breaking that down and analyzing it coming up for part of the second hour.
I know we already basically had loaded phones before the show even started, but because we have open phones and don't really screen your calls and let you bring up any issue or news item you'd wish, that's fine, but let me give the number out for those that don't know it.
It's 877-590-5525, 877-590-KLBJ, or locally in Central Texas, if you're listening to the Texas Affiliate, it's 836-0590, and we'll get you up on the air.
Okay, I literally have 50-something articles here.
There's no way to cover them all, but I intend to give each story a mention.
You know, some days I just cover two or three big issues, maybe one topic.
Other shows, we just open the phones up.
And then other shows, I tend to just cover a whole bunch of different issues, sometimes as many as a hundred of them, just giving them a mention.
But I don't like doing that because I like to get into depth, but again, there's no way to, with the time constraints, to actually do that.
That's why I suggest you visit PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com to really get the threat assessment that we put out daily, exposing what the Global Crime Syndicate is doing and how they're destroying our nation's sovereignty.
Here's just some of the news in front of me today.
New York Post, those who oppose surge in Congress are guilty of treason.
We'll be going over that.
Hillary liar Clinton urges start of Iraq pullout in 90 days.
We'll be going over that.
A report that is just extremely damning to the FBI out of the Orlando News.
It's also in Reuters, but the Orlando Sentinel wrote the story on Thursday.
Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant.
Now, MS Communications happened to syndicate this show, and I was very proud of them back in 1998 when they gave first place Bum Scare Award, a big insult in Texas, the number one magazine in this state and a national magazine, to the FBI for creating a Klan group outside of Dallas and trying to get them to blow up a chemical plant.
I actually put that in my film, Police State 2 The Takeover, that I made in 2000, and then we showed a whole bunch of other documents and mainstream articles
Where from Germany to England to the U.S., most of the white supremacist groups aren't infiltrated with Feds.
They're run by intelligence agencies.
We'll explain to you why they do that and give you the evidence coming up as well.
Just despicable that the government is behind this hate and this type of attempt at getting people to have racial divides and to divide and conquer this population.
So we'll be going over that.
Also, a new chapter in Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, trying to be a bellwether, claiming he had the power, without the legislature's action, to order
all school-age girls in the state of Texas millions and millions of children to take an experimental live cancer virus vaccine and the New York Times is now weighed in furor on rush to require cervical cancer vaccine and then I wanted to integrate that with some other health news today suppressed report shows cancer link to genetically modified potatoes
About three years ago, I interviewed a Nobel Prize winner on this subject, and I also interviewed another top scientist, who's mentioned in the article, Dr. Arpad Puzaitai, who is one of the top scientists in England, and actually developed much of the chimera cross-species
food plants that we are now eating and he was making millions of dollars personally here himself and they found out it was killing more than half of the rats and mice they just fed normal potatoes to that have been crossed with other species other life forms non-plant
And he went public and they tried to run him out.
Now other major institutions and governmental institutions worldwide have done multiple studies and found that indeed, and by the way, most potatoes you now eat have this type of gene sequencing and they create new amino acids.
There's only 50 something amino acids in the natural world.
They create new amino acids that cannot be absorbed and are highly poisonous proteins in the body.
Okay, this is actually, the whole world's genetic code is basically very similar and it all works together.
A plant vs. an animal vs. photoplankton or animal plankton.
Now they're creating new building blocks that have never existed, that our bodies cannot absorb, and that are toxic.
There is no debating this, but now we have the London Independent with a damning report where the... and by the way, most potatoes are now chimera cross-species, that is, they have cockroach genes, grasshopper genes, salmon genes, pig genes,
For some reason, insect genes really work well.
And again, they only make the genetically modified change for one specific attribute.
That the potatoes be bigger, or the potatoes last longer.
But then it randomly changes hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of other factors in the potato.
And we're talking about potatoes here!
And so, we wonder why CANDRIDGE is exploding and why all this is happening.
This is just one more reason.
I'm already digressing.
Some good news.
This out of Forbes Magazine.
Retinal implant restores limited sight to the blind, where they can see the shapes of people, light, be able to cross the street, and that's only with 16 cell electrodes.
When they go up to 60, they believe that it is going to be just a lot better, and they're only a few years away from being able to basically restore full sight.
This, this is good news.
This is amazing, exciting news.
I wanted to spend some time on that.
But first, when we get back, New York Post.
Those who oppose Serge in Congress are guilty of treason.
Let's talk about treason.
Let's talk about who's really guilty of treason.
Then we'll get into who's behind the Nazis and much more.
PrisonPlanet.com is the website.
I'm Alex Jones, blasting out border to border and worldwide.
We'll be right back.
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By the way, if you call in and tell the folks answering the phones that you disagree with me, you go to the head of the line.
I see here with some of the comments that at least one person does, so they'll go to the head of the line, but they were already there.
The person called in before the show even started.
So Mark and Georgie, you'll get to hit me with your best shot after the news coming up in a few minutes.
Let me get into the stuff that really matters right now.
New York Post.
Those who oppose the surge in Congress are guilty of treason.
This out of the New York Times.
Treason screamed the front page of the New York Post today in reaction to Friday's vote in the House of Representatives, which easily passed a non-binding, I would add toothless, resolution opposing President Bush's troop surge in Iraq.
Seventeen Republicans joined the Democrats in the vote.
The Post's Ralph Peters called it the most disgraceful congressional action since the Democratic Party.
United to defend slavery roughly 150 years ago, Peter's charge providing aid and comfort to the enemy in wartime is treason.
It's not just politics, it's treason.
The vote was a huge morale booster for al-Qaeda, for Iraq's Sunni insurgents, and for the worst of the Shia militias.
We've reached a low point in the history of our government when a substantial number of legislators would welcome an American defeat in Iraq for domestic political advantage.
If you were in Iraq, would you be willing to trust Americans and risk your life after the United States Congress voted to abandon you?
Okay, let me go over this.
Oliver North, a month ago, went on Fox News and wrote an editorial saying that the troop surge was a horrible idea and to stick 21,600 troops, now we've learned the number is really going to be 40, but over 10,000 have already been deployed, in undefended sub-police stations around Baghdad and one other city.
That it would do absolutely nothing but encourage the insurgency
All the major CIA assessments have said the presence there is contributing to the destabilization and the ongoing activity.
So I guess now Oliver North is an evil commie liberal who is against the precious troop surge.
The troop surge was done for one reason.
It's now come out in the news.
It wasn't hard for me to figure out what it
What it was done for, and then later it was admitted.
I got on air the day it happened, and I said, this is so they can have a debate about the troop increase, instead of having a debate about the fact that the Democrats were sent to Congress with that huge landslide mandate.
The number one issue in the polls, 78% of Americans want a de-escalation, want the troops home.
They were sent there to bring the troops home, so instead of having a debate about a bill down or a drawdown, no, ladies and gentlemen,
They want to now have a debate about the increase.
So it was a dog and pony show, had nothing to do with the military aims of the operation.
This is just the facts.
So now you're a traitor, now you're a treasonous.
I thought in this country it was about the elected representatives of the people going there and doing what the people told them to do, and following the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
The war was never declared.
We were lied there.
We have the White House memo where the White House premeditatedly talked about staging WMD discoveries and lying to the people.
That's on record.
We also know that they plan to have the troops there at least 30 years.
They lied when they said they'd be home by Christmas.
The White House and Pentagon's own strategy says they want to have civil war, break the country in three pieces, and use the civil war as an excuse to keep troops there to control the oil supply, to actually not sell oil, to then boost prices,
The Saudis were always mad, and OPEC was always mad at Iraq for over-pumping.
Go pull your newspaper articles out from the eve of Desert Storm, Desert Shield in 1990 when Saddam drove oil prices down to where you were paying, what, 90 cents a gallon at the pump.
By the way, most Americans, they've done polls, don't know the difference between a Shia and a Sunni.
They don't know.
Most Americans can't tell you who the Vice President is in major polls, but they've got their opinion about Iraq, and the government and the corporate interests and the defense contractors that control our government know that.
Look, the Democrats did this because their constituency is mad at them, so they had to act like they were doing something on Iraq.
Even if this would have passed the Senate, which it didn't, it got blocked by five votes,
It's toothless!
It does nothing!
It just says we think we ought to look at a strategy in the future of removing some of the troops.
Okay, the troops are doing nothing there but getting killed.
Those people over there have been killing themselves since 16...
Look, it just goes on and on.
They have been killing themselves for hundreds and hundreds of years, and it's not going to stop.
And, again, this is about hundreds of billions in no-bid weapons contracts.
This is about the war machine needing to have a war, and using Iraq as a launch base to invade Iran and Syria.
And if we just go read the official Pentagon plans, that's the case.
Something the New York Times and the Washington Post will never publish.
I'll tell you what, New York Post, you've got a lot of nerve with your headline that it's treason.
I've heard the Neocon talk show host on talk radio for several years saying, if you oppose the war, you're a traitor, you should be arrested because by criticizing the war, you're aiding Al Qaeda.
And every time somebody shoots back at our troops, they're called Al Qaeda.
Though in congressional studies and other reports they've admitted there is no quote Al-Qaeda, L-C-I-A-D-A, in Iraq.
They call Shia, they call Sunni, they call bandits who are just robbing people Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda is just a catch-all term for a population that can't find Mesopotamia on a map.
Al-Qaeda is just a boogeyman.
Like, you know, something out of Aladdin's lamp.
And that's all it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Then they try to claim that Saddam was in bed with Al-Qaeda.
The truth is, he was constantly fighting against the insurgents that were coming out of Iran for the entire time he was in power, from 1979 until 2003.
So actually go research the history of Saddam.
Find out at the age of 18 he was hired and trained by the CIA.
That he carried out assassinations against communists in Iraq.
I'm not defending him.
He's a horrible CIA killer.
The point is, is that they set him up.
They told him to attack Iran.
They told him to go ahead and attack Kuwait.
They told him, we've got a defense treaty with you, not with Kuwait.
They set him up!
They set up their own agent!
Like they always do!
It's the same thing over and over again.
Before we go to the news here and come back with your calls, I just want to talk about the real treason.
In March of 2005, George Bush, Vicente Fox, and Paul Martin, the leaders of the North American continent, signed the North American Union Agreement, the Security and Prosperity Partnership.
A month ago, Judicial Watch was able to get the minutes
Through a FOIA request?
Partial release?
You ought to go up there and read it.
Hundreds of pages for yourself.
You need to go to judicialwatch.org and read it.
It's, oh, this is North American Union.
We've got to keep it secret from the people.
We're going to have a carbon tax on the fuels.
We're going to control everybody.
We're going to have unlimited immigration into all three of the countries from outside of the North American continent.
And then we're going to have unlimited migration of foreigners that come into Canada and Mexico into the U.S.
Go read it!
And they talk about keeping it secret from the American, Canadian, and Mexican people.
We have the Freedom of Information Act documents!
Now that is treason, dissolving the United States.
As Lou Dobbs said, the end of the U.S.
is we know it.
And again,
90 plus percent of Americans in major polls, CNN, Gallup, and others are against the North American Union.
Now that's treason!
Not some phony boogeyman so the military has somebody to attack over in Iraq.
So you want to talk about treason?
What about the open borders?
What about the gun control?
What about $4 trillion missing from the Pentagon?
What about mass looting and corruption?
That's what we're really facing.
Alright, tons of news.
Your call.
A bunch of big medical developments on the other side.
Stay with us.
Come on, Bill.
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Raging for the truth.
Exposing corruption.
Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
I've got a police state report I'm going to get to before the transmission ends in the next hour.
From the Daily Tribune out of Georgia, the magistrate judge had decided a couple will be prosecuted for stalking a police officer.
They put a radar gun and camera at the
We're good to go.
Also, again, we've got the big news about suppressed report shows cancer linked to genetically modified potatoes.
London Independent, New York Times reports on the furor over Russia requires cervical cancer vaccine for all young girls.
That's a hoax in and of itself.
There is no law.
Perry can't do that.
We'll go over it.
Also, a blow to free speech.
You know, I don't agree with people like Erzsondal that basically say Hitler was a good guy, and I know Hitler killed a lot of people, including millions of Jews.
But even if he said stuff that I disagree with, I will fight to the death for his right to say it.
And he's been sentenced to five years.
He was extradited out of the U.S.
He'd lived here since the early 1950s, since he was a young man.
And in fact, a teenager, and Ernst Zundel was sent back to Germany, held for two years, and then tried, and the judge said it doesn't matter whether what he's saying is true or not, he's not allowed to say it, and they're trying to pass similar laws here in the U.S., they have passed similar laws in Canada.
In fact, he was a Canadian citizen.
They deported him out of Canada to Germany because he was also a dual German citizen.
Again, I don't agree with the La Reconquista movement saying that all whites and blacks should be forced out of the United States, but I agree with their right to say it.
The racist Hispanics.
I don't agree with things that David Duke has to say, but he has a right to say it.
I don't agree with certain black militant groups that, you know, that black professor last year said, kill all whites.
I think that's terrible, and if somebody acts on that, then he can get in trouble, but again, he has a free speech right to do anything up until the point you start calling for killing people.
I think he did go over the line, so we'll go over that just a little bit as well.
And I'm going to get into white supremacist activities after we take some calls.
Again, this is out of the Orlando Sentinel.
This came out on Thursday.
The AP picked it up on Friday.
Subsequent reports yesterday and today.
Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant.
That is the Orlando Sentinel headline.
Folks, I've gone and protested now, what, ten of these rallies over the years.
My staff has protested three or four others.
We shot video last year here in Austin and documented that it was really informants and feds not infiltrating the groups, running the groups, and now here it is in the Orlando Sentinel, and we'll explain why they're doing that.
Right now, let's go ahead and go to Robert Cole, Mark, Raheem, Diana, and many others, but Mark has been holding the longest, so we're going to go to Mark in Georgia.
Mark, welcome to the airwaves.
Oh, what a privilege to speak with you again, bro.
Recently, Dr. Bates was at some kind of religious broadcaster's thing, so they had somebody filling in for him, and I asked him if we could set aside the ad hominem arguments and
You know, I brought up the chief most obvious... For those who don't know, you're talking about a nationally syndicated Christian radio show that routinely attacks me.
Well, I wouldn't say routinely, but... Well, I haven't listened in about three or four years.
I've got a few affiliates that also carry the show, and I've actually heard the audio files many times.
I don't know if he's doing it now.
Well, the thing is, I said, you know, regarding basically the thing I pointed out is that you're at the ad hominem argument that Dr. Bates has used that you're just trying to sell DVDs is, you know, like, given that your stuff is on Google Video, your argument is meaningless.
And then basically the guy who was filling in said that you don't offer solutions and that somehow you were culpable for the guy who kind of went off the deep end and tried to burn down the Bohemian Grove.
And I'm like, Alex, you never asked for anybody to do something so stupid.
And correct me if I'm mistaken, basically what you're calling for is one, people should get informed.
They need to check things out for themselves.
They need to wake up other people and write and otherwise express their concerns to local
Representatives in the state legislatures and the Congress critters.
Listen, I totally agree with you and I appreciate your support, sir.
I went to your call first, though, because I thought it was somebody disagreeing.
I just saw here in the box that, hey, people say you just do this to sell DVDs, so I wanted to address that.
But let me just go back to what happened at Bohemian Grove.
That's where the world elite go.
It's admitted it's been on national U.S.
television, the footage I shot.
Secret Rulers of the World's aired from Japan to England to right here in the U.S.
The most aired program ever on the TRIO network.
And a lot of national Christian shows just said, Skull and Bones doesn't exist, Bohemian Grove doesn't exist, I'm making it up, I'm crazy, I'm of the devil, I'm a liar, George Bush is a Christian.
And yeah, Jeff Gannon, the male madam that keeps visiting the White House at midnight as a gay porn star, but that's okay too.
And the New York Post headline, Top Gay Porn Star Service Moguls at Bohemian Grove.
I guess they're lying about it too.
I mean, I don't know who they're servicing there, but the point is they're doing some servicing.
And when I snuck into the Grove, I had a lot of people hitting on me.
I thought I'd walked into a gay bar.
But, again, it's like Congressman Foley ran the Missing and Exploited Children Program.
I mean, what, we've had two different deputy heads of Homeland Security caught in pedophilia now?
I mean, that's mainstream news.
This whole website's dedicated to Republican pervert scandals.
And it's almost like you've, I guess, got to be involved in it to join their club.
I mean, I'm sorry reality is this scary and freaked out.
I'm just reporting on what's going on.
And Democrats are into it too.
Barney Frank was caught running an underage brothel in the late 90s out of his Maryland high-rise.
He had a townhouse, three stories.
And we're talking about 14, 15 year old boys.
And he said, I'm going to start blowing the whistle on everybody.
And the FBI and everyone just dropped it and said, that's it?
Barney Frank walked out, gave a press conference and said, that's right.
Keep your mouth shut!
And they said, yes sir!
So for cops out there listening that don't believe that, just go do a LexisNexis or Google search.
You'll get the mainstream news articles about it.
I mean, it's... and again, he's a Democrat.
It gets really scary when you find out this stuff's going on, and then there's a lot of, quote, Christians who are in denial.
They don't know how badly they've been fooled.
Now, getting back to my films.
My passion is waking people up.
My passion is reaching out to folks.
I pioneered the inexpensively made political track documentary.
I've been making films for 10 years.
Going back eight years ago, as early as 1999, I would upload my films to file sharing networks for free the day they were completed.
If you go to Google Video, you'll see Terror Storm, Marshall Lobb, films like that uploaded by me, it will say by me, by my office, for free.
Imagine making a hundred thousand dollar film.
Does Paramount do that?
Does Fox, News Corp do that?
No, they don't do that.
And so I put my films out for free
And yes, I do sell them.
How am I going to run an office, have cameras, hire crew, do everything we do without charging for my films?
It's not bad to have your political view.
I'm honest about my political view about things.
We have a global criminal government, completely out of control, that's bought off most governments.
And is destroying our liberties and freedoms and lying to us.
And setting up a high-tech control grid, a police state.
And I'm going to fight it.
I'm going to fight the North American Union.
I'm going to fight the open borders.
I'm going to fight for the Second Amendment.
I'm going to defend the Bill of Rights.
I'm a constitutionalist, okay?
I don't swear allegiance to a party.
I swear allegiance to America.
And to what it stands for.
And that's its founding documents, its heart and soul.
So when people start attacking me, I mean, how would I make a film?
How would I get on airplanes and fly places and do interviews?
How would I go to England?
How would I bust my butt?
I was working on a new film I'm doing today.
I'll go see my family for a few hours after the show.
Then I'm going to go back to the office until about 1 in the morning.
I mean, that's why I work this hard.
Trey, who's running the show right now, came in to get cameras last night to bring them in to videotape this radio show.
We put it on the web and put it out.
And, you know, he saw me there at 11 o'clock at night working last night.
This is what I do.
This is what I'm committed to do.
And it just... I mean, Peter Jennings, you get 12 million bucks a year to read off a teleprompter and put out, you know, government propaganda.
But I'm not supposed to be able to write a book, self-publish it and sell it to get the word out.
So, it just bounces right off of me.
It means nothing.
In fact, I have a tendency of not plugging my films and telling you how you can get them.
But you can call toll free 888-253-3139 and get them or go to InfoWars.com and order them off the Secure Online.
We'll be back with more of your calls.
Tons of news.
Stay with us.
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What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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All right, welcome back.
I've got a guest coming up for about 30 minutes in the next hour that I'm gonna get into a bunch of other news, but I want to try to get to your calls now, but try to be brief so I can get to the next person.
Let's go ahead and see who's been holding the longest here.
Let's take a call from Raheem in New York.
Raheem, you are on the air.
Hey, Mr. Jones, how are you?
Good, sir.
Listen, man, I've been checking out Lou Dobbs for the last six months.
I was wondering if you ever decided to get him as a guest on your show.
We have been trying to get Lou Dobbs.
You know, I've gotten Charlton Heston and Charlie Sheen and congressmen and senators and former defense ministers on the program, but we have had no luck getting through all of his staff.
Very, very busy person, I would imagine.
I definitely can't.
He's been right on point with the borders and amongst other issues that I'm very happy.
At least some anti-media is starting to
Well, that's why he's got the number one show on CNN.
People want to hear the truth.
They want to hear real issues.
I have one other thing.
I want to thank you for posting that documentary about vaccinations on your website.
It's very informative.
What is it called?
Head and Truth, right?
There are a lot of documentaries.
We post YouTube and Google videos every day on a wide range of issues that we think are informative on the sites.
Well, I know that this one is, I guess, either from England or Australia.
Do you know of any good, like, American vaccination documentaries?
There are a bunch of them.
As soon as I go to break, I'll remember some of the names.
I'll try to remember some of the films and books on the subject that are out there.
But I would just do a Google search on the video category for vaccines.
I just want to say thanks again, man.
You woke me up four years ago.
I haven't been the same since.
I've been trying to wake up everybody I know here in New York.
I just want to say God bless you.
God bless you, too.
I appreciate the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert in Colorado.
Robert, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Hey, Mr. Jones.
Thanks for taking my call.
I appreciate it.
Good job, as usual.
Two quick questions, if I may.
First off, as you know, February is designated as Black History Month.
As I get older, I think about that, and I think the more I think about it, the less I like it.
I'm just wondering if you know anything about it.
What's the history?
Who started it?
Where did it start?
What got it going?
Well, I mean, first off, what's your perspective?
Are you black, Hispanic, white?
I am black, yes.
Why don't you like it?
Because I'm wondering why it's just that there's one month, as opposed to January and then March and December.
Well, I think it was started as a good idea to get blacks to look at all the achievements and the contributions that blacks have made to science and literature and agriculture and society.
I don't tend to like who, with Black History Month, the media tends to promote.
Who falls in that category, do you think?
The other quick question is, you were talking about Pat Tillman the other day, I think Thursday or Friday.
Is it your belief that that whole scenario was planned to get him in that ravine at 2 o'clock in the morning so they could absolutely kill him?
And I appreciate your call.
Again, I can't do justice on that.
That's the frustration, is I could spend an hour on that.
My office has talked to Kevin Tillman, Pat Tillman, the former NFL football player's brother.
We've talked to Kevin.
All I can say is the San Francisco Chronicle and several other publications did report excerpts of the army captain who did the initial report and said that foul play, that there was evidence that criminal foul play was involved.
And then the army tried to lie with three different stories that he charged Al-Qaeda, was trying to kill Al-Qaeda leaders.
Turned out there weren't any Al-Qaeda for hundreds of miles around, or Taliban for that matter.
And I've interviewed a lot of other army officers.
At the time, we're criticizing saying we're never allowed to engage.
If we capture a Taliban general, we're ordered to release him.
We're here to guard poppy fields.
And Pat had gone there to, you know, he really thought that Al-Qaeda had attacked us on 9-11, so he was there really to fight.
And when he found out that it was just basically, just like Jessica Lynch said, a photo op, a fable,
And that they were just there to guard opium production that then exploded.
He was starting to get angry.
They couldn't have Pat Tillman go public, could they?
That would sink them.
And so he got some bullets put into him.
But what we do know is they lied and tried to give him medals and claimed he died fighting Al-Qaeda.
And then they had to admit it was friendly fire.
Now they've been very secretive about exactly what happened.
It wouldn't be the first time.
Five members of the unit that Jessica Lynch was in, remember?
Private Lynch?
Her convoy got ambushed and then the hospital gets her.
The Iraqis had pulled out.
They called our troops.
Jerry Bruckheimer, the BBC reported, the big director, got on stat TV and told the Delta Force how to go in, how to make it look like a daring raid.
And so they kicked down doors that weren't locked, assaulted people for no reason.
Then Jessica Lynch said, look, I
Well, members of her unit that survived are saying, listen, she hid and cowered.
She didn't fight anybody.
It was a Hispanic gentleman who really did fight the Iraqis up on top of the truck with a machine gun and got shot a bunch and then finally stabbed to death, bayoneted to death.
And so five people who shot their mouths off died in a two-week period before Lynch went public and said it's all a fable.
One of them was in Arizona in a nice neighborhood barbecuing in their backyard.
Somebody popped over a privacy fence in a black uniform with a black mask, double tapped him to the head with total precision.
I mean, total professional hit.
Others would be pulled over and drowned on the side of the road.
Others committed suicide.
They were all killed to try to keep that official story going.
And then I think Lynch, to stay alive, went public and admitted it was all a Pentagon fraud.
Because they wanted to have a nice blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl.
Oh look, women in the military really work.
It came out they wanted to use her to push women in the military.
And that's a fact.
If you didn't know about it, why don't you go research it for yourself.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
A new phone system here keeps reloading on me.
Let's talk to Diane in Florida.
Diane, thank you for holding Your On The Air Worldwide.
Yeah, Alex, I know you're pressed for time, so I won't go into what I was going to.
But being a typical, not wealthy person, but wanting to do something, I wanted to ask you first.
If I start buying your films, if I would be allowed to
Yes, ma'am.
You don't even need to buy my documentaries.
If you can find somebody who's already got them, get them to make copies.
I don't want you to order my films on DVD or VHS, the 15 films I've made, unless you're going to make copies for non-profit purposes to get them out to people.
Well, I would just like to be able to do something for her.
Ma'am, libraries let you donate anything you've purchased.
You could go buy Tragedy and Hope, or you could go buy Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.
I'm hoping everyone else out there will, too.
I mean, you could go buy Red Dragon, for that matter.
But for us that wring our hands and wonder, what can we do?
I was hoping that everyone out there listening might just try that, even, you know, to put one film in the public library.
Absolutely, it's a fabulous idea and you don't need my authorization to do that, ma'am.
I mean, just, again, I make my films as a passion to get the truth out to expose criminals.
The little bit of money I have just sits in the bank.
Everybody that knows me knows I'm a very frugal person.
I do all this because I love this country.
I hate tyranny and I'm fighting.
So yes, make copies of my films.
Donate my films.
Watch them for free at Google Video.
Again, that's why I put them out for free.
I just want to get the word out.
Let us now go ahead and continue with your phone calls.
Let's talk to Cole.
Hey Alex.
Hey, I've been listening to you since the days of Mike East.
But for a long, long time.
Sure, we've got two minutes, go ahead.
If that's really true, and I believe just about everything you say, if that's a fact, how come Bush doesn't have the FBI and the Homeland Security going in there and arresting these people?
Well, let me stop.
I was reporting on the New York Times, reporting on the New York Post.
Let me be clear.
So I didn't believe the New York Times.
I went and clicked through, found the cover story from yesterday, from Saturday, out of the New York Post, Rupert Murdoch's rag.
And it did indeed say that they're all treasonous traitors and enemies of America.
Now people who are elected by us aren't supposed to be able to have their own opinion or vote.
And again, Oliver North says the troop surge is a horrible idea.
He's against it.
So the Congress is against the troop surge and they're traitors.
Oliver North's a traitor.
I'm a traitor.
Congress is traitors.
The Republicans that voted against it are traitors.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
No, it's our rights.
To have our opinion and to elect our representatives and this war is a fraud and has no end in sight and no goals.
We've been lied to the whole time.
The people saying that it's treason are the real traitors because they're trying to say there's no First Amendment and they're trying to butcher our Bill of Rights and Constitution.
They're trying to kill the soul of America.
Terrorists can't kill America and kill our soul, but people that come to kill our Bill of Rights can.
Bush said the terrorists attacked us because they hate our freedom.
Then why is he always trying to get rid of all our freedoms while leaving our borders wide open?
And I'll get into that later.
The illegal aliens don't have to show ID to get bank accounts that finally broke again big time this week.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Now into the second hour.
I'm here every Sunday evening or afternoon, depending on which time zone you're listening to us in, here in the North American Union.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-590-5525 or locally in Central Texas.
Well, I guess just this affiliate, KLVJ, goes all the way up to Oklahoma and down into Mexico in some areas.
That's 836-0590.
But we're going to get to your calls, those of you that are holding from New York and Wisconsin and North Dakota.
But that'll be in the last 30 minutes of the show, interspersed with the key news I mentioned in the first hour.
Orlando Sentinel neo-Nazi rally was organized by the FBI through an informant.
Oh yes, why is the government staging Nazi rallies all over the country?
I don't think so.
And they won't even let him do basic banking without two forms of ID.
So you can have bank accounts with him, it doesn't matter.
But if you're an illegal alien, man, you're like God.
That's all part of the North American Union as well.
We'll break that down.
Now, I've been attacked by popular mechanics, good old yellow journalism, Hearst Publishing.
I've been attacked by the Washington Post and Vanity Fair and literally hundreds of magazines and newspapers and dozens of national and international TV shows and I get a little bit used to it.
But the BBC came here, I don't know, back in August and for a week followed me around at my office, my home, my car, here at the studios here in North Austin where I do the Sunday radio show.
I just started the show.
We were developing it for syndication then for a few months before it kicked off four months ago.
And rarely at the end of an interview, especially when I've spent off and on a week with people, would they just tell me that they don't believe a word I've said and laugh at me.
But Guy Smith, the director of the program, a big mainline BBC production that aired tonight, it ended about an hour and eight minutes ago,
I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but we saw the synopsis and four or five articles the BBC put out promoing it and several clips, and it was clear it was a hit piece.
They admitted it was a hit piece, basically.
Well, at the same time, denying it.
Like, oh yeah, they're a bunch of crazy kooks, but at the same time, this is a balanced piece.
Well, Paul Watson, who's a reporter for PrisonPlanet.com and the editor over there as well, joins us from the UK, and he had a chance to see it tonight and to write up some notes.
And so this is delving into how they run these hit pieces, how they operate,
Good to be here, Alex.
Paul, you had a chance to see it there with your girlfriend this evening.
Tell me what the notes you have.
I know a big article is coming out tomorrow on PrisonPlanet.com.
You're going to analyze it.
You wrote several articles previously this week, one that got picked up on the main page of Digg.com, hundreds of times bigger than the Drudge Report, and so we got millions of readers just off of that report.
What are you going to be writing about tomorrow?
Well, I predicted in those articles at the end of the week, Alex, that this would be a highly sophisticated hit piece.
Well, you can, um, subtract the words highly sophisticated, and then you'll have an accurate reflection of what it was.
It was a hit piece, but it was blatantly obvious that it was designed to be that all along.
For the lowest common denominator.
Exactly, and you said that, um, the BBC followed you around for a week, basically.
And at the end of it, just started laughing at me, and I literally
I felt like I was sitting there with operatives or something at the restaurant.
We ate at P.F.
Chang's after the Sunday show and they were just all laughing at me.
Just on the sheer numbers alone,
They had three individuals representing the 9-11 truth movement being Alex Jones, yourself, Jim Fetzer and Dylan Avery.
They had eleven individuals either representing the official story or the incompetence whitewash.
So just by the very numbers they had more than three times the amount of debunkers versus so-called 9-11 truthers.
And the method they used was... You said 14 to 3, that would be... 11 to 3.
So that would be almost 4 times.
Almost 4 times.
The tactic they used was they would let the debunkers talk at length about their issues and the 9-11 truthers were highly edited.
I mean, you alone to say that they spent a week with you
The total amount of time that you were on the show, I guess, would equate to about three minutes.
And you had little segments alone.
They also promised to mention PrisonPlanet.com.
I mean, I gave them free films, had stuff dubbed at great expense, spent just four or five hours a day, sometimes eight, nine hours a day, catering to these people, and you say I'm in the film three minutes.
Yeah, it's short segments of you.
There's no mention of PrisonPlanet.com.
In fact, on the BBC's own website, for the promo material they linked to InfoWars, they got the wrong link, so it was a dead link and they failed to correct it.
Yeah, I'm sure that was an accident.
But they say every great work of fiction has to have a strong beginning, middle and end, and that's exactly what the BBC produced in this work of fiction.
Because at the start of the program, the debate was framed so as to make it appear that 9-11 truth, and even asking any questions about it, was an insult to the victims.
And they keep saying that we're emotional, and that it's a religion, and that we're not going off facts.
The major... Okay.
The head, and you need to put this in the article, and I've interviewed him, the head of the biggest 9-11 families group,
Now believes it's an inside job and said the majority of the victim's families believe it's a total inside job.
Be sure and add that.
They have had huge demonstrations at the White House.
The majority of the firefighters we talked to in New York, we have them on video, believe it's an inside job.
We have 84% of Americans in major polls believing they're being lied to about 9-11.
But I did predict they would claim that we were insulting and making the families mad.
Right, I mean the very start of the show was a narrative of the official version of events and as I predicted it was this sneering sardonic female narrative.
narrator, and then they showed images of the event while narrating the official story, along with the grief-stricken faces of the victims, therefore marrying the two, the official version of events and the poor helpless victims in the mind of the casual viewer.
And as he mentioned, failed to include the fact that the majority of family groups are now the ones asking the questions, and that it was a government cover-up in the very hours after 9-11,
That has now resulted in 20% of the heroes, the first responders, dying as a result of that cover-up, which told them that the... And now it's admitted they have the EPA documents where they say they were ordered to cover it up and not give them medical treatment.
And that's 20% of the first responders that are now dying.
And by the way, all of the police dogs are now dead from nasal and lung cancer.
Right, and we know for a fact that they talked to first responders who were there at the scene, like Craig Bartman.
That's right, who I've interviewed for video.
Well, let's talk about that.
Oh, man.
I mean, folks, there's so many... We're analyzing a hit piece.
We're analyzing propaganda here.
And so basically, it was an emotional piece.
They just went after emotion, Paul.
We'll find out on the other side from Paul Watson of PrisonPlanet.com.
Find out the truth, folks.
See TerrorStorm for yourself.
We'll be right back on the other side of this quick break.
Stay with us.
We're good to go!
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It's Alex Jones.
Alright, welcome back.
Your calls and a ton of really important news on other subjects coming up after the break, but about eight, nine months ago they had the Scripps Howard Ohio
Poll 36% believe 9-11 is a total inside job.
66% of that poll believe they're being lied to.
And a few months after that, what now just about five months ago, the Angus and Reed poll for the Wall Street Journal and ABC News found 84% believe they're being lied to about 9-11.
You have documentary films on 9-11 being an inside job, being routinely number one and almost always in the top 100 of Google Video like my film Terror Storm that you can again watch for free.
And then you've got the BBC constantly interrogating me, trying to get me to screw up, trying to get me to talk about straw men or issues of 9-11 that weren't true, because there are a lot of kooks out there putting out this info.
And so I guess for a week, because they didn't plan to be here but for a day or two, but they just kept coming back and doing more and getting more and more frustrated and then pretty much on purpose saying, oh we just need 30 more minutes.
My wife's waiting for me to eat dinner.
They take almost two hours.
And I guess they didn't get what they wanted, Paul, because you say I wasn't in there very much.
Let me guess, Fetzer was in there a whole bunch.
That's correct.
Fetzer especially got prominence.
The tactic they used was they played the statements of the debunkers at length and gave them a chance to talk, whereas your statements and Avery's statements were highly, tightly edited and brief.
I mean they had one shot which was just of the interviewer asking Dylan Avery a question and it shows Avery, you know, shifting his eyes.
A blatant attempt to discredit him.
And, you know, this is not repeated.
Yeah, they spent days with them, too.
Imagine me for a week having to keep my eyes straight, never picking my nose, never wiping my face, always, when they had the camera on, having to be totally on.
Did they catch me in anything stupid?
Because they were sneaking around the entire time.
Did they catch me acting buffoonish?
No, but what they did was they would refer to the debunkers as either, you know, heroes or sober professionals.
But they referred to Dylan Avery as a quote self-confessed dropout and they referred to you as an internet evangelist.
So they threw in those negative connotations immediately in the description of who they were interviewing.
But another tactic they used, as I mentioned, they would let the debunkers talk at length.
And then the sneering female narrator would lend them credibility by announcing the supporting evidence and referring to documents and so forth.
Let me guess, they used NIST to support why the towers fell, Building 7 not hit by a jet aircraft, did they mention, and at the time I gave them the documents on this, that NIST has removed the five reasons they claim the towers collapsed and are saying they're now having a look at explosives?
They did not mention that they were looking at explosives, all they said was
It's subject to an upcoming report, which is most likely going to back up the official version of events, which they said... But almost six years on, right now they're saying, okay, we, the buildings have never fallen like this, there may be bombs.
But I guess when I gave them that in this report, they didn't care.
No, and the focus on Building 7 was so pathetic it barely amounted to a minute.
They focused their core attack around three issues, which were that a C-130 plane coordinated the attack on the Pentagon.
The supposition that there was no plane in Pennsylvania and the Jewish conspiracy angle.
Now let's be clear, neither I, Avery or Fetzer think it's an Israeli attack.
In fact, they've had national polls of people that believe it's an inside job.
7% believe Israel was involved.
They kept trying to get me to talk about that.
I said no, the military-industrial complex
Criminal elements of it.
I laid all that out and I saw from the promo and I predicted they would have someone who was Jewish who lost a family member saying he died so why wasn't he warned not to go to work?
And let me guess, is that what they had in the film?
Yeah, that was one of the three centerpieces of it.
They showed this victim, this Jewish victim, photographs of his family, his baby.
They regaled us with tales of how he saved other people in the building, thinking... Did they imply that I said that they weren't in the building?
No, not to you personally, that was mainly... It was all guilt by association, you know, that's how they operate.
Well, I mean, that whole story started because Haraj, Jerusalem Post, and Newsweek reported the fact that Otago Instant Message Company, based in Tel Aviv, warned their New York offices two hours before to get their employees out of the building, and the director of Otago is on record, but a lot of people got warnings.
In fact, other companies got warnings.
That's why, at that time of day, that building was only at half the occupancy it normally was.
Right, but they said that Hezbollah was the source of that, so they then linked us in with Hezbollah and terrorists.
What they did with the collapses, they actually showed the Nova animation, which shows the so-called pancake collapse.
Which says there were no central columns in Tower 1 or 2.
Right, and the animation shows the floors collapsing at a rate of about 2 or 3 a second, when we know that each tower collapsed in just over 10 seconds, meaning that 11 floors a second would have needed to collapse without resistance, and that was never mentioned.
Now let's be clear, they fell at 3 fall speed, impossible.
By the way, underwriting laboratories who underwrote the buildings did a study and concluded it was impossible.
And then when the director of one of their projects went public, Kevin Ryan, they fired him.
Whenever you see UL on a building, or UL on a fire extinguisher, or a life vest, they certify everything in the western world, folks.
They said it's impossible, and then were told for national security reasons not to report it.
Yeah, and they were showing this Nova animation, which has been debunked time and time again because it shows two floors collapsing every second, which would have meant that the entirety of the building would have taken... 50 seconds!
50, 60 seconds to collapse, which is obviously not the case.
Now, one collapsed in 10, one in, what, about 11?
Right, another tactic they used was they lent the debunkers more credibility by
You know, telling the public that they were there.
Well, they were there.
They must have known what would have happened.
Well, I mean, how many... Let's go back to what you just said earlier.
I've interviewed a bunch of police officers.
Next week, we're going to literally have like 15 guests on concerning this.
We're lining them all up because I've had them all on, but I want to have them on separate.
I mean, we've had them on separate.
I want them on together.
Firefighters, police, emergency workers, EMTs saying they were told, get back from 7.
The government's going to blow it up for everyone's safety.
Get back.
People saying they saw bombs go off.
Firemen saying it was like molten steel, like lava, which jet fuel can't do.
On and on and on.
Again, the majority
I'd like to ask you during the break, my memory's failing today, I interviewed him about a year ago.
Who's the head of the 7,000 plus victims group, Doyle, Bill Doyle, who lost his son, Joey Doyle, came on my show, this is a guy you've seen all over the news, folks, the head of the biggest group, and said, yes, the government did it, I didn't believe it, I've looked into it, they did it, and I said, how many in your group believe it?
He said, more than half believe the government did it, and the rest are starting to think it.
So I want that in an article too, I want the mother of all articles,
I want to discredit every second they said with video, documents, NIST reports.
I'm just going to crush you!
New World Order, we're coming at you!
I just love the fact you lied and twisted.
We've got you now!
Paul, I got loaded phone lines, but I want to do just about four minutes with you on the other side.
Because I want you to be able to get into any other facets.
You guys got me laughing in there.
I got cameras in here.
The guys in the control room are laughing at me.
Makes me laugh.
This is not a laughing matter.
Paul, stay there.
Let's do about three or four minutes on the other side, alright?
Alright, I'm Alex Jones.
Paul Watson is our guest joining us from England.
And I just love it.
The New World Order just gets themselves deeper and deeper into trouble every time with their propaganda.
We will now
Debunk them.
Debunking the debunkers.
Stay with us.
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Alright, Paul Watson, you talked about one of the police officers I interviewed at the memorials, an admitted hero, he's been in the newspaper as a hero, talking about the bombs going off, everybody being told to get back from the buildings,
Right, well, you make reference to Craig Bartmer.
Who was a former NYPD official who was in the service on the day of 9-11.
He went down there to help out his buddies and got the call through the radio that Building 7 was about to be brought down.
He was running away from it when it was collapsing.
And by the way, we don't just have him.
We have CNN with two cops going, get back, they're going to blow the building up.
They're bringing seven down.
And then we have all the other firefighters, EMTs we've interviewed saying, yeah, they said they were going to blow it up.
There's dozens.
He heard the bombs tearing down the building as he ran away from it.
But in this documentary, the only quote of a fireman or first responder that they use is somebody who says that the sprinkler systems in Building 7 have been damaged.
Therefore, that then led them to make the case that Building 7 was
Um, imploded because the fires were out of control and that's what caused it.
But how do you plant bombs and the government says they didn't blow it up, now they're trying to admit they did blow it up, but let's be clear, they interviewed him, did they even use him in the film?
No, they didn't use any first responder or fireman, even, they didn't even quote the official tapes from within the towers that reported bombs going off, yet they used this
One offhand quote.
No mention of the bombs in the basement either.
No mention of the molten pools, you know, under the towers months, weeks after.
They didn't use any quotes from Fireman on the Day, but they used this one to back up the narrative.
Well, we've got to do, if it takes a five-parter, we've got to do it.
We've got to decipher and break down everything.
Don't they know that this just digs a deeper hole for them when they do these type of shoddy jobs?
Well, it became so obvious that at the end, the sardonic sneering female narrator, just to mirror what these producers did in your company, before they'd even finished filming this...
Let's be clear, we've got a former Fox exec...
I mean, Viet Dinh is on the Fox board of directors, the guy that wrote the Patriot Act.
He involved in this, and we had internal BBC reports saying this was going to be the mother, that previously it wasn't a big enough of a hit piece, so they went in and re-edited it.
I talked to Guy Smith on Friday, the director.
He denied that, but said he couldn't come on Friday because they were still editing.
Right, it was always going to be a hit piece, but the pressure from harming BBC's corporate interest in America obviously made them go all the way.
Now Smith also, you found out, is involved with the Ford Foundation?
Oh yeah, Mr. Guy Smith is a consultant for the Innovation Corporation, which is a
Uh, a media consultancy agency.
It's run by, uh, an individual that is in the Ford Foundation.
So, that gives you an... It's basically the BBC, what they were trying to achieve in this production.
News, government, television, by the way.
Yes, that's what we pay our license to.
It's a tax.
We get taxed for this government propaganda in this country.
They're repeating, they're repeaters, and they want to repeat the establishment line, because they're part of the establishment, and they weave all these psychological webs about how we need 9-11, we need to think it's something more than 19 Arabs.
Oh, that's right!
It's too scary to think 19 Arabs did it.
It's not scary to think we have a criminal government that did it, and it's a mentally ill religion that we have, which they put on their website before they even aired it.
Hey, we're just going off the facts.
And I kept saying, won't you talk about Northwoods, the declassified U.S.
government plan to hijack jets, bomb D.C., blame it on foreign enemies?
Won't you talk about Gulf of Tonkin, that they now admit was staged?
Won't you talk- and then no, no, we're not talking about any of that.
No, and they had you talking about, um, our leaders have lied to us again and again, and they said they needed, uh, an event like this to launch a pre-planned war.
Whereas they would support the debunkers with further evidence via the narrative of what they had said, they did not mention PNAC after you said that, and that was a tactic used time and time again.
Which is what I did.
I used their own documents.
I gave them stacks of mainstream reports in their own documents.
And no mention whatsoever of Northwoods either.
And they tried to play it as if
The people who were interviewing these experts were there at the scene.
They even interviewed the Popular Mechanics Yellow Journalism Hearst Publishing guy at Ground Zero just to give the impression that he was there as well.
And then Homeland Security Director's first cousin is the guy that directed the whole piece.
Right, and then
Just with the facts of it, they said that the Flight 93 debris field was not 8 miles wide when the FBI and the NTSB admitted that it was.
Yeah, we have the Associated Press.
Yeah, and crash debris found 8 miles away, Pittsburgh Tribune Review.
They found papers from mail that was being transported from the plane eight miles from the crash site and that's admitted by the FBI but they just lied and said they basically implied that you made that up just because the river was one mile.
Oh that was done here at the studios at the end of the radio interview they were in here videotaping that.
I mean, and they have Spotnitz, the X-Files guy.
I mean it was like, it was like... They had the creator of the X-Files, I've seen that clip, that's what they promoed, going, they're just mentally ill and they need to believe this and it's just, and they get very upset when, but they never exposed any of our facts, did they?
No, and he was sat there talking uninterrupted, like three or four minutes, whereas yourself or Dylan Avery got ten seconds at best.
And then it was told so, as they were backed up, the debunkers, via the narrative, whereas you were dismissed as evangelists and dropouts.
Well, you know, in a contract agreement I signed with them, I said, you've got to mention InfoWars.com, and I guess that's why they put it on the BBC website, but accidentally got the link dead.
Yeah, they also accidentally got the links dead to the 9-11 Commission on the NIS report, even though people had been emailing after.
And they didn't correct them, just by accident.
Yeah, they want to go, here's the link to the report, but they don't want you to actually go read the NIS report that says, no, bombs could have been in the buildings.
Oh no, can't have that!
Just say the NIS report says something else, and then, oh, the link's dead!
We're sorry!
And Guy Smith, when you talked to him on Friday, said, assured you that it was a balanced piece, and then hours after,
Up on the BBC website goes this questions and answers what really happened, which was basically paraphrased from the Popular Mechanics piece, where they narrowly focused in, for example, on the demolition and said, oh, these squids are just ejections of smoke as the floors are pressed onto one another.
End of story.
But they're exploding seconds before it collapses.
Right, so you've got this litany of supposed debunked questions about 9-11, which appear two days before the documentary, and yet this guy's still telling us that it's the balanced piece.
But he's supposedly coming on my Monday syndicated show tomorrow.
Paul, thanks for spending time.
Hit him hard.
Get the reports out quick.
Get a basic report out, and then I want a detailed report on PrisonPlanet.com by tomorrow.
Thank you, Paul.
Thanks, folks.
All right, absolutely incredible.
All right, I promise we'll go to TJ, George, Airman and others, then get into the FBI staging the Nazi rally.
Stay with us.
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That's 1-800-845-3841.
You're listening to GCN.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Raging for the truth.
Exposing corruption.
Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
Okay, I've just got time for three or four calls.
Folks have been holding the longest.
We're going to go to those, and I'm just going to news blitz through a ton of news.
Just give you the headlines and give you my take on it.
You can do more research yourself.
Let's talk to TJ in Wisconsin.
You're next up.
Thank you for holding.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
How you doing?
I was just giving you a call about the BBC hit piece.
I administer.
I'm an administrator on the Loose Change Forums.
And we've had the most users today than we've ever had at 800.
Everybody is speaking out against it.
And that's just a forum.
You've got PrisonPlanet.com with several million visitors a week, and then I've got nine websites all together, over five million visitors a week.
No, every time there's a hit piece, it just sends more people to us.
They find out we're telling the truth.
They see all our documentation and facts, and it blows up in their face.
That it does.
And even Dylan, I was talking with Dylan, he said his email is just overflowing with positive email.
It's not going to work.
They're in deep trouble.
Thank you for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to George in New York.
You're on the air, sir.
Hello, Alex.
How are you?
I heard someone calling earlier about that Bohemian Grove they mentioned, you know, like it was a joke or something like that.
And it's interesting, in one of the disks that you have,
That Gergen, when you interview him real quick, he freaks out on it.
Yeah, the Karl Rove of five administrations.
I bring up the rituals, he doesn't deny them.
He just blows up and starts screaming at me.
It's just very interesting.
That's all I wanted to talk about, just real quick.
Thank you, sir.
Look, I mean, treat the stranger than fiction.
I'm just reporting on the facts.
They do weird rituals at Skull and Bones, and as old men, they go to Bohemian Grove and do even weirder ones, and I'd always heard they did it, and I snuck in in 2000 and got footage, and it's aired in every major country in the world, from Japan to the U.S.
And my film is Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
Part 2 of it is The Order of Death.
You can watch them on Google Video for free or just buy the high-quality DVDs at Infowars.com.
Last caller I've got time to go to.
Airman, listening in North Dakota.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Oh, hello.
This is Alex.
Yes, sir.
Oh, how you doing?
Yeah, I'm sitting here in North Dakota.
I'm actually still in New York.
What I wanted to talk about was Building 7 and how people don't see it.
And I'm trying to get this out to other military people, and it's actually working.
Um, so I really appreciate it.
It's because military folks are involved a lot of times in demolitions, they understand what demolition is.
I work around JDAMs, and what hit the Pentagon that day, I've seen the actual video from Pentagon Friend, and that was a JDAM missile.
I'm sorry, but that's what happened.
Well, it's a 16-foot hole with no wreckage before it collapsed, and you know, it's a mystery, so.
And I mean,
Every one of us in the military, we take an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic, and right now... And that means asking questions.
That means standing up to tyranny.
They claim patriotism is shutting up and worshipping big government.
No, it's not.
Yeah, they say we support the terrorists.
Like, 19 hijackers would have done that.
Why are 9 of them still alive?
What the hell is going on, you know?
That's right, and that's even the BBC reporting on that.
Anything else, sir?
Uh, no, that's all I can think of right now, but there's a lot.
I mean, I see everything.
What do you bring up to people in 30 seconds when you talk about Building 7?
Uh, the explosion.
Building 7?
I watched it live the day it happened.
Then it comes straight down.
I was only 16 years old and I remember it vividly.
And I watched it and I was like, that looks like an implosion the day it happened.
Well, they blow the central column.
You see blast squibs on the outside.
It falls in to its own footprint.
And the New World Order's got a big problem.
Building 7 is not a lucky number for them because they blew it and
They destroyed it, and the facts are coming out on it, and they can't stop us.
All right.
Texas Monthly, a highly respected newspaper magazine, back in 1998, gave the number one place Bumsteer Award to the FBI for creating a Klan group out of nothing and trying to get them to blow up a chemical plant.
The local police found out and stopped it from happening.
Now, that's mainstream news.
There's hundreds of these examples.
The latest came out at the end of last week.
This is from the Orlando Sentinel.
Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant, and it goes on to report that he created the group, he set it up, and he had just nine of these punks, including himself,
March in in Nazi outfits into the black neighborhood of Orlando, terrifying and enraging black Americans, white Americans, and many others that came out to protest them.
And every time they're trying to pass hate crimes legislation to restrict free speech, these groups pop up everywhere.
There's never any more than 12 or so of them.
And it always comes out later that they're led by the feds.
They create these groups
To then create racial division, get everybody scared, and they have the riot cops come out and, oh, see the nice guys in black ski masks?
They're here to keep us safe.
Same thing in Germany.
All the headlines about neo-Nazi groups being controlled by the German government.
Same thing in England.
They do this to have them come out and yell, Howl Hitler, outside a state house in Idaho or Tallahassee, whenever they're trying to pass restrictions on free speech.
And the media goes, look!
They're screaming the N-word and saying they don't want the hate speech law.
We better pass it.
They do this over and over again, or they come out and try to connect themselves with the Minutemen, and now you want to control our borders?
You support the Klan?
It's absolutely, absolutely disgusting.
Let's just real quick go to Christian in England.
I said I was done with calls, but he just saw the BBC documentary.
Quickly, Christian, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex, Matt.
How are you doing?
Good, go ahead.
Total whitewash.
I just do not know what to say.
Uh, they didn't mention any facts whatsoever.
Proper... I mean, they made the 9-11 Truth Organization look like a bunch of loonies, basically.
You know, they didn't mention any of the facts.
You know, nothing about explosions, nothing about steel, nothing about... well, just nothing.
Well, there's nothing they can do, and I appreciate your call, because the cat's out of the bag.
It's declassified that our government carried out hundreds of terror attacks at CIA.gov.
That's how my two-hour film, Terror Storm, starts, with the admissions, where you can go to CIA.gov, or the National Security Archive, where you can read.
Hitler did it.
It's the old trick in the book.
You blow up your own building, you blame it on somebody you want to attack.
It's called a frame-up!
It's not our government that did it, it's criminal elements involved with our government.
I've made three films, published a book, written a book on the subject, done hundreds of radio shows.
There's no way to go through all the evidence today.
Just go to Google Video and type in Terror Storm and watch it for free.
Alright, let me just run through some of the other news.
I told you last year, the AP reported, that illegal aliens at over 800 major banking institutions don't have to show ID to get a bank account.
No ID.
Then with that, they're able to get a tax ID number, housing loans, car loans, and credit cards.
Here's Reuters out last week, credit card aimed at illegal aliens, Bank of America's card for those with no social security number.
Here's the L.A.
Times, Bank of America, and it goes into what they're doing, but then citizens are under this incredible police state.
Shifting gears to another report here out of the New York Times.
Furor over Russia requires cervical cancer vaccine.
Racing to embrace a new vaccine, at least 20 states are considering mandatory inoculation of young girls against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.
And then it goes through how he's on the payroll of Merck, Rick Perry, and how it's all a big scam.
But they don't tell you the truth that there's no law!
He signed an executive order putting it on the list of recommended vaccines for schools.
You don't even have to sign the waiver the schools have.
There's no law you've got to take it.
But the schools won't tell you and will say you violated policy.
They'll suspend or expel your child, never telling you there's a waiver form that by federal and state law they're supposed to give you.
Then that's when criminal penalties kick in.
This is a huge hoax.
And no one seems to understand that.
Just type in state of Texas vaccination regulations into Google.
You'll be at the state health department's website.
You can read it for yourself and find out I'm telling you the truth.
In other news, thousands of different types of foods have GMO.
I'm not talking about cross-pollinization or hybrids.
I'm talking about animal genes, insect genes being put in plants.
It creates new amino acids that have never before existed and cause massive cancer.
Over half the rats in hundreds of major studies die within weeks of taking this.
That's why there's so many new allergies and health problems and cancer is way up.
London Independent.
Suppressed report shows cancer linked to GM potatoes.
It's all these suppressed British and Russian and all these other governments that know that the GMO foods are killing us!
Unbelievable report up on PrisonPlanet.com in the Science and Technology section.
Great news out of Forbes!
Retinal implant restores limited sight to the blind.
This is so exciting!
researchers of a new high-tech implant is restoring at least some hope and some sight to people blinded by eye disease.
With only 16 micro-connection electrodes, they were able to see the shapes of people, able to see light, able to basically have basic sight.
They're saying with 60 electrodes, they're going to have good sight.
Folks, this is so exciting!
And I just can't wait to see this more developed to help all the people out there who don't have sight.
And a lot of us who live long enough end up having limited sight, and things like this are really going to be fantastic.
I'm really, really excited to be able to report that to you.
I promise to get to this report.
This is the police state in America.
All over the country people get arrested for videotaping cops.
This family had speeding teenagers, and they had a young son, so they put a
Speed camera in with a radar gun.
And they called the cop and said, you're speeding 60 miles an hour over the speed limit.
Please stop.
They didn't even tattle on him.
And he tried to have them indicted and arrested.
The judge dropped it.
Just go read it for yourself.
That's out of Kennesaw, Georgia.
I don't have time to get to this, but this is out of the New York Times.
Driver's license emerges as crime-fighting tool, but privacy advocates worry.
Face scanning cameras everywhere.
Then they run your driver's license photos of the national database against anybody who's wanted.
The problem is they're tracking law-abiding citizens.
And then I had three other articles on this same subject.
Where they're going to force you to take tracker chips in all your cars for the toll roads and to track you.
But we're out of time.
Be sure and join us back here next Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
God bless you all.
I'm Alex Jones signing off at InfoWars.com.
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