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Air Date: Feb. 16, 2007
2305 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we've got a gigantic Friday transmission lined up for you.
It always seems that Mondays and Fridays are the most jam-packed.
Paul Watson joins us from the United Kingdom in 30 minutes.
There have been big new developments concerning the gigantic BBC hit piece scheduled for primetime Sunday evening.
He'll be joining us in 30 minutes to talk about that.
In the meantime,
I covered this in my second police state film, The Takeover.
We only spent maybe 5-10 minutes on it because there's so much evidence there's really no way to ever give it proper coverage.
I did a piece a few months ago when the Minnesota American Nazi Party came to town and it was obviously cops, obviously informants, obviously ADL people.
The folks up there in line in the literal brown shirts
Would look very well at home in Tel Aviv.
And we even had some people track that down.
And I covered it on the TV show.
And we know that most of these Nazi groups aren't just filled with Feds.
They're run and founded by Feds.
Even Texas Monthly gave the FBI a bum steer award.
Number one, they got first place out of, what, the 25 places.
It's very prestigious to get that from MS Communications.
owned a magazine.
I'm honored to be syndicated via MS Communications in association with Genesis, but I'm just proud of the point that I'm associated with folks that exposed the FBI as founding a Klan group and attempting to get them to carry out terror attacks.
So there's a lot of background on this, but this is in the Associated Press, Orlando Sentinel.
I have several mainstream articles on this.
Here's the headline, Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant.
And it's always the same.
In fact, I haven't seen a Ku Klux Klan group or a Nazi group that isn't federal in its operations.
Let's be clear.
Not infiltrated by Feds, commanded and run by Feds, by FBI, or their informants.
And now they've been caught red-handed and the people are extremely angry.
Literally, they'll have 10-15 of these cops, and you just look at them, they're, you know, you look at them, you know what they are just looking at them, generally Mossad, and you will, you will go out to these events, I've bullhorned at least 10 of them over the years, Nazis, Klan, you name it, and you'll have hundreds of police in riot gear protecting them,
And the news, national news covers it, every local station covers it, and it just gets whites and blacks and everybody looking at each other with suspicion.
And then, oh, we need more hate crimes laws and more police and more surveillance and intelligence units to counter this great threat when the threat does not exist.
And every time they're trying to pass hate crimes legislation from Michigan to Idaho, they will have people in literal Nazi uniforms prancing around.
And then if you go track back their P.O.
box, it's a rabbi running it.
That came out in the news, what, about eight years ago?
So, I'm sick of it.
And I'm tired of it, and you notice you've got the white supremacist websites attacking me, always going after me, and that's because they're a bunch of feds.
In most cases they're informants, and in others it is actual feds attacking this show because we will not engage in race
battles, we will not make our fight against the new world order a racial issue and we're effective at exposing Israel.
We're effective at exposing other crime syndicates.
We're effective at exposing our open borders.
They want us to descend into racism so we can be more effectively demonized.
It is not going to work.
We'll get into this and some other news that is just off the charts.
A family was tired of the police speeding up and down their roads, so they videotaped it.
And their warrants for their arrest are being issued for videotaping the cops.
We'll be right back.
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I think so.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, in 23 minutes from now we'll be joined by Paul Watson from the United Kingdom with amazing new developments concerning what appears to be a massive BBC hit piece against the entire 9-11 truth movement, chiefly myself, Dylan Avery and the Loose Change Boys and others.
Getting a lot of attention.
One of the top stories on Dig that is several hundred times now bigger than the Drudge Report in the top 50 websites in the world.
A huge story getting millions of readers right now.
The story he put out yesterday.
Paul Watson has a new report out today up on PrisonPlanet.com with new developments also up on InfoWars.com.
We'll be covering that.
And yes, the BBC director who made the program
Has agreed.
Now we emailed him and called him last night.
We got his email back today.
We've got to hook up and make sure it happens.
But it appears that he will be joining us in the third hour graciously.
And we've got an open mind here.
We want to hear if this is a hit piece or not.
We're now hearing from inside sources.
This is unconfirmed, but we're trying to confirm that there are two different versions of the program.
One for U.S.
and Canadian transmission.
Now with BBC America.
And another for England.
So we will get into those developments also.
Former federal prosecutor, author of the book, U.S.
vs. Bush, Elizabeth de la Vega, will be joining us to break down how, from a prosecutor's perspective, how indictable and how prosecutable this entire administration is on a host of issues.
That, in the second hour.
Coming up in a few minutes, you've seen the cases of where Ron Paul's speech in the floor of the house is given to a state police officer and so the man that gave it to him is arrested and charged.
They call the video criminal and say it's a threat to law enforcement.
It goes forward to trial.
He's found not guilty.
Or you've heard of the case of the fellow that puts a sign up in his yard saying our court system is corrupt and a judge from an outside jurisdiction orders police to arrest him for that.
You've seen these reports.
They're videotaping in New York or Dallas or L.A., and the cops walk over and arrest you for videotaping their operations from a hundred yards away.
I've been threatened many times.
You've seen it in the film Martial Law.
All of that goes together, but there's a case out of all places, Kennesaw, Georgia, which seems to me a pretty good town from past actions.
That's the place back in the 80s that had a high crime rate, a suburb of Atlanta.
And there, they had a big crime increase.
So they, by law, said you had to have a gun in your house.
Of course, it was a waiver.
It was just really an encouragement.
And crime, violent crime, dropped by 95%.
All other forms of crime by over 80%.
And that was numbers within one year of that happening.
And it is the safest town in Georgia.
But it's sad to see that in that same town, a judge that looks like it has nothing to do with the good laws in the town,
Some citizens were tired of these cops speeding up and down the street, and so they videotaped, they put cameras on their house, and now the judge is talking about having them arrested for, quote, stalking him.
So, microphones, cameras everywhere for the citizens, but you videotape the police that come after you.
I'm trying to get those folks on Monday or so.
We're working on it right now and covering this case, but I'll talk about it in a few minutes.
First off, though, let me get to our top story today.
Out of the Orlando Sentinel and other publications, neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant.
A paid FBI informant was the man behind a neo-Nazi march through the streets of Paramore that stirred up anxiety in Orlando's black community and fears of racial unrest that triggered a major police mobilization.
That's the whole point.
The revelation came Wednesday in an unrelated federal court hearing and has prompted outrage from black leaders, some of whom demanded investigation into whether the February 2006 march was itself an event staged by law enforcement.
Does a duck swim in the pond?
Does it have a beak and little pink feet?
Does it quack?
The FBI would not comment on what it knew about the involvement of its informant, 39-year-old David Glenzie of Orlando, in the neo-Nazi event in court Wednesday.
An FBI agent said the Bureau was paid its informant at least $20,000 during the past two years.
And it goes on to say that he organized, commanded the group, and organized the demonstrations.
And we have photos up on JonesReport.com that go along with this guy.
We're going to do some more Google searches and find more photos of him.
So you have the leader of the group.
Now, let's be clear.
From Idaho to Dallas, Texas to Arlington, Texas.
I just say Dallas because, you know, that's the Metroplex.
To be specific, Arlington, Texas, a suburb where the Cowboys play.
I have family that lives there.
And back in 1998,
And the FBI, for two years, tried to find a Klan group.
There was no Klan group.
So they went to a local trailer park, had their 18-year-long informant, who'd set up other Klan groups and white supremacist groups, go in and pay them tens of thousands of dollars.
They were alcoholic, white trash.
I'm not saying you're white trash if you live in a trailer, folks.
Trailers are great, cheap housing, I'm saying.
They were white trailer trash.
It was described literally as toothless,
Uh, total alcoholics that never even hardly got out of their house.
Uh, described them as not even being able to get up out of their chairs most of the time.
And, uh, for two years he tried to give them weapons and bombs and tried to get them to carry out a bombing of a chemical plant on the border with Fort Worth and Arlington.
They were unable to.
The local sheriff finally got chatter of it and busted them and rebuked the informant.
Then of course the feds ran people against that sheriff.
But this is why it all came out.
Because local police, local peace officers foiled it when the FBI had finally cooked bombs and finally had them on their way.
Uh, to attempt some assault.
And I mean, the Texas Monthly described them as drunkenly talking about how they would assault the White House, and then be kings, and rule, and how they would fall, and how he'd build bottle bombs, and buy them a video camera to videotape blowing it up.
There's another famous case, what about eight years ago, nine years ago now, in Idaho, where they were trying to pass very restrictive hate crime speech legislation.
So they had a bunch of guys out in literal Nazi uniforms, brown shirts and black shirts, Sieg Heiling, and saying horrible things about blacks and others, and you know, the K word, the N word, on and on and on.
Then it turned out that the whole group was run by a rabbi, and it was a front clearly connected to the good old boys at the Defamation League.
So, folks, there's hundreds of cases.
In fact, in Police State 2 The Takeover, I then put BBC articles, Reuters articles out of Germany, out of England, where it turns out that the neo-Nazi groups are founded, commanded, run the bombings, the fire bombings of Turks in Germany, and then they get to come in and crack down on everybody, and anybody that criticizes the open borders is then bad.
This is just like the British are now letter-bombing their own police state, you know, data-mining camera command centers, and then, oh now, if you protest that, you know, you're involved in bombing.
It's real simple.
And the government's going to carry out terror attacks and say it's groups against national ID cards.
And then, oh my gosh, if you're against national ID cards, you're a terrorist.
Literally, folks, there's so many hundreds of documented, admitted examples of this, I can't even do justice to it.
Just go do a Google search.
Government behind white supremacist, government behind extremist, government behind German neo-Nazis, government behind Klan, FBI behind Klan, FBI founds Klan group, FBI funds white supremacist group, FBI behind the Order, FBI behind the Aryan Nations, FBI behind the
They're not infiltrating it, they are it.
They're leading groups.
They go found militias and then try to lead them into violence to demonize good militias.
On and on and on.
So Neo-Nazi Rally was organized by FBI informant.
Joining us is Aaron Dykes who's writing a story on this and has been doing intensive research since we learned of this yesterday afternoon.
Aaron, give us your take on it and go over some of it and describe for folks some of these photos that they'll see up on JonesReport.com.
Yeah, absolutely.
I just wanted to add that we're not speculating when we say this FBI informant was behind this neo-Nazi rally.
When you Google this guy's name, David Gletty, it goes to a neo-Nazi website called overthrow.com, and there are pictures of him discussing with his group of eight or ten Nazis, and... And they're guaranteed to be feds, too.
Yeah, they all look like feds, but we don't know that.
There's no doubt.
Just look at them, assess them, but go ahead.
Yeah, so he's in these pictures commanding his troops and getting them ready.
And the page is actually for this Orlando march that the story is about.
So you can see where that led to.
Which, by the way, was in a predominantly black neighborhood and is pretty much cited to have just triggered
You know, racial unrest.
Yeah, if these were serious white supremacist or quote, white rights groups, they'd be like David Duke in a suit and a tie, really trying to make the case, really trying to come across smooth.
David Duke's for real, folks.
I'm not saying, you know, he's good.
Obviously, he's out of control.
The point is, he's for real, folks.
When you see people going in and trying to make the blacks mad and trying to make the Mexicans mad and trying to create fear, it's bad.
Yeah, that's what happened in Austin because it was like stage drama.
It, you know, I wouldn't be able to connect with someone who's up there, uh, sincerely protesting as a Nazi, but, you know, it's their right.
But, uh, the guys in Austin were like fake spitting on the flag, the Mexican flag.
They're dramatically spitting and stomping and really getting this crowd going and flamed up.
And there was actually a lady we had on tape and the audience shouting, burn yourself, burn yourself.
And so this neo-nazi had really just inflamed her and that's about the time when the riot cops came out 200 strong.
In their black Darth Vader outfits, they're the good guys.
They need more anti-terror funding.
See, there's this big white supremacist threat all over the nation out there passing the hate crimes bill.
These guys always come out right on time and go, down with the N's!
Down with the K's!
Kill them!
Get them!
Now there's a famous clip of me bullhorning the Klan in
Waco and the head Klan guy.
I'm going big fat federal agent, big fat federal agent.
He goes, look at that.
He's a child molester.
I'd like to blow you away and kill you.
And then I go to the cops and I say, hey, uh, and, and, and he just threatened to kill me.
And the cops said, get back, get back.
And I didn't have the camera, Mike was walking away and the cops were like, we're part of the Empire Boy.
And that was up in Waco and I was like, whoa man.
Remember back in 1992 is when it really came out for the militias?
It's called the Good Ol' Boy Roundup.
I've got that tape somewhere, it was even on 60 Minutes.
And these militia guys get into the Good Ol' Boy Roundup, where was it, in Alabama?
And they get into it, and there's thousands of people, and they're almost all cops.
And they're hanging blacks in effigy and burning them, and selling in-hunting licenses, and all this, and it's just, it's cops!
So it's not just that the cops infiltrate and create the groups, a lot of them also like it.
So it's sick.
Yeah, absolutely.
Stay there.
Let's talk more about this when we get back.
I don't want to run over you here, but I wanted to get you in here to talk about this and read over some of those notes there in the articles and tell folks about some of the photos.
But the article admits an FBI informant commands the group and had the rally.
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Welcome back.
Okay, I got Kevin Smith in here, too, because he and Aaron went down to the Minnesota Nazis rally, and it was just FEDVILLE.
And that's why the cops are there to guard.
That's why there's such incredible security for them.
There would never be that for us, because they're there to protect officers.
They're there to protect FBI informants and FBI agents leading the groups.
Aaron, please continue with this Orlando Sentinel story, and then I'm going to get Kevin's... Well, you were both there at the meeting.
I want to get Kevin's take on it, too.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I just wanted to comment on your part about the militia.
I think this kind of Nazi stuff is really demonizing a more legitimate move for border control and other issues along those lines.
It's no wonder the anarchists and the far leftists are shouting xenophobic racist at border control on, you know, border issue stuff.
Which has no connection to people in Nazi outfits stomping around.
You go to a border control meeting, a third of the people there are Hispanic.
There's no connection between the people, but the Nazis are there demonstrating.
No, that's what they do.
They come and say, we support the Minutemen!
Kill all the ends!
And then the news is all there to show that as a photo op, and again, it's the feds leading.
In fact, we have the chance in what they said at this meeting they had.
And I'd just like to add, while it was not the same individuals, the uniforms, the very banners... The exact same flags.
These people looked like they could have been the exact same group.
They're following the same script.
Yup, and it's eight Nazis.
No more, no less.
It's just a small, tight... They all look like feds.
But the news for weeks hypes it up, and then every black in town comes out and screams and yells at them, not knowing it's feds and they're doing just what they want.
Explain why they're doing this, Kevin.
Well, you know I hate the Minnesota Nazis, like nothing else.
But they bring these guys in here, half a dozen, eight of them, very similar to the Klan showing up to protest against gay marriage.
It shows the left that comes out there to counter them.
Look, the police are actually protecting them.
Look, they're dressed up in black or in brown shirts, just like the Nazis are.
So they make this association.
And then, of course, the Nazis will hold up something, say, we're for border control.
Or something like that.
And then I have these anarchists screaming at me that these guys are nationalists, they believe in sovereignty, they believe in a lot of the things that we do.
This is all being done to demonize us.
Of course!
And while I was trying to explain to these anarchists, I said, listen, if you weren't here,
There'd be nobody here.
They wouldn't need the 200 riot cops to protect them.
It's one of those, if the trees fell in a forest and no one heard it, would it make a sound?
And I said, listen, you're just emboldening a police state.
And I guarantee you, those guys are federally controlled.
Those guys are FBI agents.
And there was an older, back from the 60s, 70s, Black Panther standing there listening to me.
And he goes, yep, uh-huh, exactly.
Those guys are feds.
And I said, see?
He gets it.
He gets it.
And I don't really blame the left for wanting to get out there and fight and oppose them, but they've just got to be
They can't be parts on a chessboard.
They're being used as pawns, and they don't even realize it.
No, they aren't.
Instead, they're buying into the illusion.
I mean, here you've got the Fed staging these all over the country, caught red-handed, and they're there to openly demonize border control movements.
I mean, it's easy to understand, folks.
It's 2 plus 2.
And so we need to demand now, every time one of these rallies happens, to go show this to the media and get out there and bullhorn them.
Big fat federal agent.
That's what I do when I go out to these events.
I mean, they turn green.
They go pale.
When you start saying that, because then they look at you with fear, and I mean that's how you know.
You go, you're a federal agent, I know you are!
And they just go, huh?
Like he knows!
It's like in They Live, they go, we got one that can see!
And then they'll have a little pow-wow, and the next thing you know, the legitimate cops in uniform will come up to you, that's enough, Jones.
Get you out of here, Jones.
But there can be a hundred anarchists screaming God knows what, but they'll come after you for exposing the truth.
And when that rally was over, when I was in Waco,
I looked up, I'm wearing a t-shirt and pants, and they're in a parking garage, and they've got two snipers on me, beaded on me, and I walk over and start waving at them, and Mike starts videotaping, and they wave back.
I mean, I've got, I've got Remington 700-308s pointed at me, and the cops are, it's sick, man.
You saw, people saw the shots from the top of the CSC slash DynCorp building.
We're good.
There's a couple military snipers up on the top floor so I started waving to them.
Hi military snipers and you know they could hear us and we were filming them they were filming us and then we went around the governor's mansion got in our vehicles to leave.
Police helicopter starts following us.
So we've got video that we put that out we need to take that do a report and add it with this.
And maybe take the audio from this show as a narrative.
Maybe as a special report.
It'll take a week or so to get it done.
I got Paul Watson coming up.
But stay there.
I'm going to do five more minutes with you guys to specifically break down this new development.
Folks, when you see them in the stupid clown outfit, Nazi outfits, and you see the police out there guarding them, know that in every case they are led by the federal government.
And it's to demonize free speech.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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There are real Nazis.
There are real members of the Klan.
Just like there are real Muslims that go into Utah shopping malls and kill four people.
And there are real heroes that take them down.
But they're few and far between.
They are rare commodities indeed.
And every time the higher-up authorities are aware of one of these rogue groups or individuals planning something, they do everything they can to open doors for them.
But that is a rarity.
In 90 plus percent of the cases of Klan rallies, white supremacist rallies, terror, mosque bombings, from Iraq to Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to New York City to Oklahoma City, in every case when the dust settles, when the smoke clears, it is a federal operation.
And who has the motive?
All over the nation last year, in the same month that this happened, everywhere, in every major city, from Orlando to Austin, Texas to Michigan, Detroit, Michigan, the Nazis came out, usually five to ten of them, same Nazi uniforms, exactly the same, exact same flags, iron cross, swastika with iron cross, the exact same slogans, exact same speeches,
Separate group, supposedly, and it's always led by informants.
And here it is in the Orlando Sentinel.
Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informants.
Now, that is a fact.
You cannot get away from that.
And so for anybody who's getting involved with these groups, for anybody who's being contacted by these groups, or anybody that's buying into what they say, you need to know you're being commanded, you're under the command, 90% of the time, by Feds.
And 100% of the time, if your group's bigger than 5 people, there are Feds in there.
I mean, if somebody is a real white supremacist, they're gonna go to prison.
See, David Duke did.
And David Duke tries to come across as slick, as well-spoken, as reasonable.
He tags on to reasonable issues.
That's somebody you can tell, and I've done an analysis of David Duke over the last, it's gotta be ten years, I've watched him carefully.
It takes me time to come to a conclusion.
David Duke is the real deal, okay?
The rare, real McCoy, love him or hate him,
Okay, David Duke is the real deal.
Dr. William Pierce was the real deal of the National Alliance.
As soon as he died, it descended into a bunch of feds that had already infiltrated.
The whole thing fell apart.
And they still use the real deals to then tag them on to other groups that are against open borders, or the end of sovereignty, and then demonize good groups using people like David Duke and Dr. William Pierce.
But there are very few out there who are real.
I've got Paul Watson coming on about huge BBC developments, and Kevin, before we get back into closing comments about these Klan groups and Nazi groups led by the FBI, as Texas Monthly reported in the Bumster Award in 1998, trying to get them to bomb chemical plants,
Before we do that, you're working on getting Guy Smith, the director and producer of the 9-11 Mega Mash hit piece, it appears.
We're trying to get him on sometime today.
No, we'll have him on on Monday.
We'll do Monday.
Oh no, we need him now.
I don't know if we can do that.
We need him now before he gets cold feet.
I mean, you said he emailed you back today saying he'd come on.
He emailed me back, but I tried his office.
You know, they're six hours ahead of us.
I did not get a call back from him, but I'll keep trying.
You know what?
I have his cell phone that was a British cell phone when he was here in the U.S.
Call my wife.
that I called him on.
Have her get into the old emails from six months ago, five months ago.
Well, that was in July or September.
It was in September?
They followed us around in August.
Yeah, so we need to go into emails around that time, find his number.
August, yeah.
I want him on today.
Oh, you say you have it?
I think that's the number I used, yeah.
Well, just keep calling.
I want him in the third hour if we can get him.
We've got to go to Washington here in a minute.
Both of you, closing comments.
You've got some other notes written there.
Aaron, comment on anything else?
Yeah, I'd just like to say their website, which, by the way, looks artificially tense with racism.
It's got stuff about blacks versus whites.
It's just...
Sure, it's very cartoonish.
It's cartoonish.
But they have lumped themselves in with 9-11 Truth from the Zionism angle, and I just want to put a warning out there to 9-11 Truth.
Look out for being overrun by artificial things.
You saw the leftists a couple weeks ago now calling 9-11 Truth and Bilderbergers xenophobic, calling them racist.
Yeah, you talk about the ruling elite and now see, oh, that's code for racism with nothing to do with it.
So see, and we're making a film exposing them as really being the eugenics Nazis.
And folks, we're seeing this from CNN to local groups.
This is the new program.
If you want to fight the elite, let's name them.
Let's get it out there and let's fight the real enemy.
Let's not be played.
I agree.
You've got other notes.
Follow the money.
That's a good point.
Anything else?
No, that's pretty much all I got.
I mean, I was in there during the break looking at these feds leading these different groups.
It's just so obvious.
Well, Alex, it's the same thing from the articles that Steve's written recently in some of the interviews with the IRA bombers.
He said, hey, if you're out on an off with five guys, you don't know who for sure, but you know within that five, they're British intel agents within the group.
And then there were cases of them torturing their own intel agents not knowing, and he said, the different agents we've had on, they're on record.
This is now admitted.
That over 70% of the bombings in Ireland and London were purely British Ops.
And now, since that great article that Steve wrote, who are the real terrorists in Iraq, now it's been picked up by a number of people that are making the parallels between Ulster and Belfast.
They all see it.
You know, Britain's dirty war is being applied to Iraq.
So it's the same across the board.
These groups are always infiltrated.
They're always led.
They find toothless, willing dupes to go along.
And notice that you were talking about David Duke.
Now, those people go to jail.
You know, they do time.
And you're like, well, that was pretty mild what he said compared to that guy on the corner shouting all this racial stuff.
Why doesn't he go to jail?
Well, because he's doing his job.
You know, he's perpetuating the agenda.
I mean, and again, we're not defending what Duke does.
We're just being scientific about analyzing this.
You wear a suit.
You're well-spoken.
You've got a doctorate.
You're making all these points.
You're garnering real followers.
You're not infiltrated.
You're going to jail.
I mean, now all we need is the Klan to come out or the Nazis to come out and tell us something about the Trans-Texas Corridor, the North American Union, because they did the same thing for gay marriage.
They did the same thing on the border issue.
They show up, you're on the fence, you're not sure about it, and then the Klan shows up or the Nazis show up and protest.
You're like, well, that's not me.
I've got to reassess my views on things.
Gentlemen, thank you.
How long until we get a text report?
I know you're doing 10 other things.
And how long until we get, until you pull the old video report from a few months ago when you guys covered that and integrated with this, Aaron?
Over the weekend.
No, don't kill yourself.
I want you to take some time off.
I mean, what?
If you don't work this weekend, how long?
Probably Monday.
Okay, we'll take your time on it.
Hey, good job guys.
We're going to integrate this with video of these feds for you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Alex.
And again, just do research on your own.
You'll find out so many cases of this.
Okay, I apologize for having Paul Watson hold for seven minutes.
Let's go to him.
Paul, let's kind of in a nutshell go back and recap what's developed, what this BBC program is, some of the basic things they're doing, and then to the latest chapter, BBC pressured to air 9-1-1 hit piece, that's the question.
Paul Watson joining us from Sheffield, England.
His brother is also our correspondent for InfoWars.net.
in London right now.
Paul Watson, give us a breakdown.
Hello, Alex.
This is a program called The Conspiracy Files, which is airing on BBC Two.
It's a four-series, a four-program series, the second of which is about 9-11 and airs on Sunday at 9pm.
And obviously, you were involved in the filming, which stretches back several months, as were others.
Who, at the time of the filming, said that basically they were fishing for the most tenuous subjects related to 9-11, not the hardcore evidence about Northwoods and explosive demolition, etc, etc, but these nebulous, unproven theories that are often used to debunk the 9-11 truth movement, including
A guy who we featured in an article last Saturday called Craig Bartmer, who was an NYPD official on 9-11.
Who, by the way, I've met personally, seen all his credentials, he's been in the news.
Because they say all the people we interview aren't real.
Go ahead.
Right, and he was there on 9-11.
He ran away from Building 7 as it collapsed and said, you know, he could clearly hear the bombs taking it down.
He was interviewed for the show.
And he basically said, to paraphrase, you know, your line of questioning is insulting to the victims, it's insulting to me.
Because they were dismissing everything that the Ground Zero rescue personnel... And now we have scores of personnel, police, firemen, emergency workers, saying they were told, get back, we're going to bring Building 7 down.
We played a bunch of those clips last week.
I posted an article a few days ago where there were 50 different examples of people saying that who were there at the time.
So he said that the line of questioning was clearly being directed towards these nebulous theories that couldn't be proven and that it was basically an insult to the victims who were reporting this.
And yet it seems the BBC is going to play that insulting to the victims card and use it against the 9-11 truth movement.
Because in one of the previews for the show, they include this presumably Jewish woman saying, you know, my husband went to work that day, why would he go to work if he got a warning not to not to be in the building?
I mean, that's what it's basically saying, which derives from this theory that Jews were warned not to go into the World Trade Center on that day.
We know many people were warned not to be in the area.
I mean you had Pakistani teenagers in nearby New York schools pointing out the window at the buildings and saying those buildings are not going to be there next week.
So people were warned not to be in that area, but not just Jews, but they're going to play that race card to try and demonize the rest of the 9-11 truth movement.
And that story came from Odigo, the Israeli instant message company, and telling the Associated Press, and Haratz, and Jerusalem Post, that yes, they were told, get their employees out.
The latest on it, after we wrote these
I've now wrote three articles on it.
The one that I put out yesterday morning got picked up on dig.com on the front page and got read by, you know, I'd guess at least a hundred thousand more people than would normally read it just from it being carried on that website, which is five times bigger than Drudge.
It's actually hundreds and hundreds of places ahead of Drudge, but go ahead.
Yeah, the new thing is that Ian Crane, who is
One of the chairmen of the 9-11 UK Truth Movement for UK and Ireland, who works for the BBC and still has sources within the BBC, he put out an alert last night, I read it this morning, saying that there are two different versions or two different edits of the documentary that the producers have created, one of which is, as good as you can get, reasonably balanced,
Which would seem to fit in with the previews and the summary article the BBC wrote on the 9-11 Truth Movement which were, obviously while not being perfect, as balanced as you're going to get compared to past examples which are outright attack pieces.
So there's that edit and another edit which is the outright hit piece that many who were interviewed for the show, including yourself, were widely expected to see.
But the pressure from the new US BBC Chief of Commercial Operations, Gareth Ansier, who is a former Fox executive, they say he's pressuring the BBC into airing the hit piece over the balance piece for fear of harming
Let's be clear, BBC is government-run, so that's perfect for Fox executives to be involved in running it now.
Totally government-run publicly.
They just love it.
Now, did you put in the article, because I've read it twice, did you make the point that Crane did work at BBC?
I don't think that's in here.
I think that's a key point to add, that's why he's a good inside source.
Because I knew that, and I didn't see that in here, and then you just said it again.
You might check that, Paul, but go ahead.
Right, and he says that the pressure is being brought to bear because of fury amongst the establishment in Britain that over the past few weeks there have been several
You could almost see glowing write-ups of the 9-11 truth movement.
In Scotland, in London and now in Ireland, major top five papers are coming out saying inside job basically.
The Daily Mail, the Scottish Herald today gives a glowing account.
London Evening Standard.
Then of course you had The Guardian, which carried George Mombiot's piece, who is basically a left-wing gatekeeper.
Two mega-headpieces!
Right, who had previously written articles for The Guardian entitled, We Need a New World Order, by coincidence.
And then they printed a rebuttal from the Loose Change crew, because it was an attack piece on Loose Change, basically.
So you've got this kind of resentment that the UK media is actually starting to give 9-11 Truth a fair hearing.
So apparently now pressure is being brought to bear for the BBC not to air the balanced edit of their show this Sunday, but to air the hit piece.
And this hit piece clearly hits the three or four biggest Vanguard 9-11 crews.
Right, and the way I see it, I mean obviously we've got to watch it before we
I don't have a definitive summary of it.
But the way I see it happening is, basically in the promo material, the clips and the articles and the blog and the BBC website, they don't highlight any rebuttal from debunkers.
All they do is kind of, in the previews, they'll play you and Jim Mars talking about 9-11, Dealey Pauzer, etc, etc.
They'll play Dylan Avery talking about it.
They don't counter it, really, apart from the Jewish woman in the previews with the other side.
So I'm guessing what they'll do, which is kind of stock for what the BBC normally does with these kind of shows, is they'll just play you making statements and they'll edit out all the hardcore evidence.
They'll play carefully edited statements and then they'll have this kind of sneering, arrogant narrator, female narrator,
Simply citing NIST and the 9-11 Commission, and kind of in a standard BBC London estuary accent, dismissing all the claims by just referring to the official version of events over and over.
Yeah, just a sneering, preening, down-the-nose behavior.
They're also going to quote, and we know this from three articles they've got up about the piece, depending on which piece they run, but in text on the BBC that I've read many times and analyzed,
They continue to just talk about our psychological delusions, our psychological problems, how we have to believe this, and they do quote the State Department trying to debunk us.
The same State Department debunking page that says China doesn't sell political dissidents organs, when on the State Department's own website in previous reports they say they do.
And China admits they do.
So, it's just, clearly that's what it's going to be.
Now, Paul, do we know which piece they're going to air now?
Because I'd heard rumblings previously of several different versions, and I know a lot of times they have several different versions before they go with a final one.
Do we know, or do we have any inkling?
We're trying to get Guy Smith on, maybe he can tell us.
Well, he's the only one that can tell you.
I mean, I'm just reporting it as the claim of somebody else, but judging from the... If the previews are a clue to what we're going to see, then they're going to air the balanced piece.
Well, I mean, Smith laughed at me at the end of a week of interviews and just said he didn't believe a word of it, and basically I was going to get tore up.
Then he sent me an email this week, snickering as well, you know, just kind of in a, well, I don't believe a word of it, but you'll soon see.
And the previous one they did on Diana was a complete whitewash.
Final segment with you, then we've got a big guest coming up.
Stay there, Paul.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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We're going to keep Paul with us until five minutes into the next hour, then our next guest will join us eight after.
I actually lost my breath here, running to one end of the office, running back, and then running to another machine.
I just talked to Guy Smith for about two minutes during that three-minute break, and he is the producer slash director, the chief of this piece, and he couldn't come on today.
He said they're still working on the piece.
And I said, is there any truth to there were two different versions?
He said, no, this was already such an expensive project.
Of course, there's only one, but obviously we're always, you know, working on it to the last minute.
I said, so there isn't pressure.
And he said, absolutely not.
We're going to be sending out a statement and I said we'll send it to Kevin and he said it will get to you soon and we will post that in the body of the new article that Paul has written and then you can decide for yourself and Guy Smith has promised he will join us for one hour on Monday in the aftermath of all of this and if I have to get on the telephone just listen to the piece
Well, Paul and his brother, I know it's on some cable systems and some satellite systems here, and I'm sure pieces will be up on YouTube, we can analyze it.
But Paul, what does that development sound like to you?
Well, I don't think you're going to come out and admit that they've had any pressure, even if it is true.
The only way we're going to find out is by watching the program.
But I mean, from past history, I'm not that confident, because
I mean, right back from 2003 into 2004, there was basically a clean-out at the BBC, where people lost their jobs for daring to suggest that Blair lied or exaggerated the case about weapons of mass destruction.
And then the head of the BBC had to apologize and resign for doing nothing.
Right, and, you know, Blair made the 45-minute claim, and it all came out that it was complete hokum after, but, you know, nothing was said after it.
Well, I mean, every single year when the Bilderberg group meets, the BBC whitewash it.
A couple of years ago they said that anyone who believed Bilderberg had any influence over world events was sympathetic with Bin Laden.
And they've done that on several other occasions in the past.
You mean the biggest empire, the most powerful elite in the world, personally owned?
Is New World Order agenda driven?
Well, people in this country call it the Blair Broadcasting Corporation, so that should tell you everything you need to know.
They had Adam Curtis, the creator of Power of Nightmares,
Which was a BAFTA award-winning documentary about how all the terror was hyped and the fact that Al-Qaeda didn't exist as it's presented to us in the media.
Gave a speech at the BAFTA award ceremony and he started talking about how
The British government had overhyped Al-Qaeda and they'd basically faked the Ricin plot before the war to get the population on board for the war invading Iraq and the BBC cut out that little segment where he was talking about it so they censored his speech.
So there's numerous examples in the past where they've linked what they would call conspiracy theorists to radical right-wing extremists like Timothy McVeigh and
Well, this program will air over and over again over the next few years on BBC.
It's on their mainline channel and will air in hundreds of countries, so this is going to be a big deal.
Right, and I expect it to be on Google Video within a day or so as well, although BBC has been telling YouTube and Google Video to remove any of its material.
It'll be a battle on that score.
Well, you guys are going to watch it, right?
Sunday evening?
Yeah, I would just record it, just to have a record of it.
Then you can transcribe it yourself.
So we'll be able to document it.
I want to decipher it.
I want to break it down.
I want a three-part series next week, Paul.
You do such a great job.
Just literally doing an autopsy on the program to break down what happened.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The BBC is denying claims by Ian Crane, who reports that he's worked for the BBC in the past, one of the heads of UK 9-11 Truth.
He says that inside sources at BBC have told him the BBC was pressured to air 9-11 hit piece.
And from every indices I've got, it's gonna be a sophisticated, multi-layered hit piece.
But I just talked to the director of the piece, and he claims that it's, quote, balanced, and that they're not, they don't have two versions or a working version, but that he can't come on today, because they're busy doing finishing touches!
Paul Watson, we've got about three or four minutes in this segment.
Any other comments or key points you'd like to make surrounding this?
I'm glad that you've been focused on this without me even telling you to be.
Why do you think this is so important?
Why have you been focused on it?
Well, because the BBC is syndicated worldwide now with BBC America, so I'm sure it will be repeated in several other countries.
And it's a kind of litmus test for the recent sea-changing coverage of the 9-11 Truth Movement, which, although there has been a few virulent hit pieces like George Monbiot,
The tide is starting to turn where the coverage is complimentary, and in some cases even glowing.
And the government has to do that while slipping their propaganda in, because when you've got 84% believing they've been lied to in an Angus and Reed, ABC, Wall Street Journal poll, and when you've got 68% in Zogbies believing inside job, 36% believing inside job in Ohio polls,
They've also kind of changed tack on the way it's treated from ad hominem name-calling attacks and just blanket denouncements.
They've been moving, in my opinion, into straw men and also going to coots.
Strawman, yeah, and also by creating, because they can't debate us on a level playing field, they can't answer any of the questions, so they've moved to this tactic where they're calling it a kind of, what the exiles producer called it, a secular mythology or a religious faith that we engage in because it makes us feel more comfortable about the world to believe that major tragedies are controlled by some higher force.
And that was, one of the originators of that was a Fox News columnist, syndicated columnist called Betsy Hart, who said the same thing, basically.
And writes for Script Tower News Service and had to reverse her article about me and print a retraction.
Yeah, and she was basically saying that
I wrote in the article quite how a group of ragtag fundamentalists was a scarier prospect than the leviathan menace of an all-powerful genocidal state in control of a standing army was never explained.
Because she said we're just so afraid of these Muslim extremists that we will create an alternate account of history just to try and vanquish that threat from our minds because it makes us feel more comfortable and that's
Very similar to what this X-Files guy they interviewed said.
Well, that makes zero sense.
Paul, you've done three reports on this, and I know you want to spend some time with your girlfriend this weekend, and your brother's the weekend editor at Prison Planet, but this is so important.
I need you to listen to my hour, first hour yesterday, where I laid out, I think, a lot of points that haven't been covered yet, and then go do your own research, add your own info, but that psychological test they have.
And then how I break down how many things they claim still aren't real are admitted by the government to be real and just walk through their tactics and how they're failing.
I think this is really important, this BBC piece, and I have looked it up.
It's going to air in hundreds of countries.
But 9-11 truth has reached critical mass.
I think it's reached the tipping point where these kind of hit pieces, if it does turn out to be a hit piece,
They're not having the same effects anymore.
The holes in the ship are massive and wide.
The water's pouring in, and they're trying to bail it out with thimbles.
That's right.
It's an energy well, and the more they attack us, the more energy they give us.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for joining us, Paul Watson.
Thanks, Alex.
Take care.
We'll be right back with a very special guest, and we'll be taking your phone calls as well.
It's here!
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I don't think so.
Another lonely day.
No one here but me.
More lonely than any man could bear.
Rescue me before I fall into despair.
I'll send an S.O.S.
to the world.
I'll send an S.O.S.
to the world.
I hope that someone will
Alright folks, welcome back.
We have literal breaking news during the breaks and I end up getting back late sometimes.
Guys, you need to pipe me some audio.
Thank you.
We now go to Elizabeth De La Vega.
De La Vega is a former federal prosecutor with more than 20 years of experience.
During her tenure, she was a member of the Organized Crime
Strikeforce and chief of the San Jose branch of the U.S.
Attorney's Office for the Northern District of California.
Her pieces have appeared in The Nation, the Los Angeles Times, and Salon, and she writes regularly for other major publications, and we're honored to have her.
The new book is Us or the U.S.
vs. Bush, and from her perspective, she looks at it from a grand jury point of view of what this administration has really done.
Thank you for coming on.
Well, thanks for having me.
Yes, it's U.S.
v. George W. Bush.
But I kind of like how it's a double entendre, or kind of a pun, because it looks like us versus you.
I know, yeah.
Other people have mentioned that, too.
You're right, it does.
And what I did was, as you mentioned, I was a prosecutor for more than 20 years, and when I retired, I took early retirement in 2004, and I really had a chance to look at
The pre-war intelligence and I approached it just exactly as I would have any case and I gathered all the evidence I could find that was declassified from behind the scenes and that was from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report, the 9-11 report and so forth.
But let's stop for a moment and tell folks about who you are, why you've written this book, what this is all about, and how you got the courage to do something like this, because it's quite an indictment, and I've read over it, quite accurate from my research point of view.
I mean, break down what this book is about.
Okay, well what it is, it's a hypothetical grand jury presentation, and I set forth this evidence that I was just describing.
Um, just as if it were a grand jury, um, in the same way that I presented any fraud case to any grand jury over the years.
And, um, the legal basis, the statute that I use, there are actually a number of different crimes I could have analyzed, but this one is called Conspiracy to Defraud the United States, and that's a statute that's been around for many, many years, actually over a hundred years.
And, um, it prohibits anybody in the executive branch, or anybody at all, from
Using fraud to interfere with another branch or agency of government.
Doesn't that go back to Ulysses S. Grant when he was president and all that corruption?
And then Hogue after him?
Right, right, right.
Yeah, it's been around since that time and it was used actually against H.R.
Haldeman in the Watergate cover-up scandal and it was also charged against people in Iran-Contra.
And so
The main point I try to make in the book is that this fraud that was perpetrated by the administration is, on the one hand, really no different from frauds that are prosecuted every day around the country in that they use the same kind of fraud techniques that people use to sell bogus stock investments or contracts or, say, the Enron fraud.
But on the other hand, as we now sadly know, the scope of it
was just massive and much broader than anything I've ever seen.
And then you roll through the evidence of that, and obviously we're talking about the Bush administration and several major initiatives.
Break that down please.
Okay, well, I do go through the whole chronology, but just briefly, when the Bush administration announced in September 2002, and of course the authorization was voted on in October 2002,
When they announced that they were going to have a quote-unquote open dialogue about the war, I go through this in detail in the book, but the war had, the invasion had already taken place and was well on its way and the very next day actually after that open dialogue announcement, we and the British launched the largest number of airstrikes against Iraq that had ever been launched since 1998.
So that statement in and of itself was defective.
And then they set about with this massive marketing campaign and they used broad fraudulent assertions like, you know, Iraq is a grave and gathering danger, even though the National Intelligence Estimate said no such thing.
And then right around that time we get the White House memo, the smoking gun, where they're saying we can stage WMD fines, we can get our aircraft shot down.
Right, right.
And see the thing about it is that, and another reason I wrote the book is that
People who are even really paying close attention get all the information piecemeal as you go along and I wanted to lay it out in one place and my biggest problem actually is that there's just too much evidence of deceit and I couldn't even... Exactly!
Every day I say that's our main problem.
And they're kind of like a moving target and they keep doing other things that are also criminal so people
Really can't catch up with what they've done already.
So I wanted in one place to have just this whole layout of the fraud, both the broad kind of deception and then some more specific statements that I go into in detail.
This was one of the cases that you directed at the U.S.
Attorney's Office as their Director of the Organized Crime Task Force there in San Jose.
I mean, I've heard other prosecutors, and it's even been in a few movies, they call this an orgy of evidence.
I mean, is this an orgy of evidence?
Yeah, I've never used that word before, but you're right.
It's just overwhelming evidence.
And what was astounding to me is that we seem to all know all this, but nobody can act on it.
And my hope in writing this out was to motivate both the public and ultimately Congress to really do something about this, because
For example, when Enron broke, everybody was outraged.
Of course they were, and rightly so.
And if people had just said, well, it's all over now, let's not worry about it anymore, that would have been...
Just an outrage to the public.
And what Bush is doing is hundreds of times bigger, and clearly he was involved in Enron as well, but with the attempt to start an Iranian war, this could be thousands of times bigger than Enron.
Oh my, that is so true, and in the book I lay out what happened with Iraq and the statements that were being made, and what they knew behind the scenes and what they were doing, and it's so chilling, the comparison between what they're doing now
We're good to go.
As I talk about in the book as well, they've been wanting to do this, many people in the administration, for years, to invade Iran.
And they've published papers on it, so this is premeditated, so we have clear evidence of that from their own mouths.
Right, and I go through all that, the Project for a New American Century documents, and the aid to Cheney, whose name is David Wormser, he's the aid on the Middle East, he's been writing about invading Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, since 1996.
Now, you go through this chronology.
What happens in the book with the hypothetical grand jury?
I mean, just bullet point it for us if you can.
Oh, well, okay.
A lot to go through in ten minutes, but I start out actually talking about the Project for a New American Century and the predisposition of the various people in the administration to invade Iraq, and not only based on political philosophy, but including the fact that President Bush
Actually declared that he wanted to be a wartime president.
He thought that would be a good way to be successful.
And then, so it's kind of a day-by-day thing.
There's six days of grand jury testimony.
Then I go into what happened after Bush was elected and prior to 9-11 even, I was surprised myself to find out that Bush was starting to make these implications about Iraq and talking about Iraq in connection with terrorism even before 9-11.
So I kind of traced that, and then after 9-11, of course, the plans for war started.
Actually, September 17th, President Bush asked for a preliminary war plan for Iraq.
November 21st, he asked for a formal war plan, and throughout 2002, we were moving troops.
We had the CIA over there.
We were moving funds from Afghanistan to Iraq.
Cheney went all around the Middle East, every country around
Iraq, and when asked about that Meet the Press, Condoleezza Rice said it was just a coincidence because he had friends over there.
And that was believable, right?
Yeah, the Vice President visiting his friends.
So I go through that whole lead up to what was going on behind the scenes that most people didn't know about, of course.
And at the same time, they were trying to throw out
Implications that Iraq was connected to 9-11, and I analyzed that pretty carefully in terms of fraud, because one of the things people don't really understand is that fraud isn't just lying.
Under the law, and juries are told this all the time, lying is one kind of fraud, but it's also when you say things that are literally true, but they're intended to deceive, such as the statements Bush made repeatedly about 9-11 and Iraq, and he's still making them today.
Um, that's one kind of fraud.
Another one would be the half-truth.
And Cheney, uh, very famously would say that we knew that there were chemical weapons because Saddam Hussein's son-in-law told us.
Well, the part he left out of that story, which people would have wanted to know, was that, uh, Saddam Hussein's son-in-law also told us that the weapons had been destroyed.
So, um, there's just kind of one after the other.
We've got five minutes left with you on the other side.
Quick break, then a five-minute segment, and then we'll shift gears into other news around the country and the world and open the phones up to your calls for the balance of the transmission.
I'm really honored to have a former federal prosecutor and author of the book, U.S.
vs. Bush, back on the other side with us to wrap up this important interview.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back.
Our guest is former federal prosecutor, Elizabeth de la Vega.
The book is U.S.
vs. Bush.
And to boil it down into simplistic terms here,
They criminally defrauded the public and staged the provocations to go to war with Iraq, and to make hundreds of billions in weapons sales, to seize and control trillions in oil, and to set up a domestic police state.
Continue with what your book lays out for us.
When you get around to the point after the President decided to announce that he was going to have a dialogue about this war, which is September 2002, Karl Rove and Andy Card, who was the Chief of Staff at the time, actually announced their intent.
They said, we are going to do this marketing campaign and we're going to get Congress, by convincing the public and Congress, to authorize this war.
And in the end, they said, it will be difficult for anyone to vote against it.
Now that's really a statement of intent to
Um, interfere with Congress.
Now, it's one thing if they had told the truth, but of course they didn't.
Um, if they'd used their actual reasons and let people discuss them, that would have been one thing.
But one of the key points that, uh, the administration started touting at that point was about these aluminum tubes.
And I, I bet your listeners know about these.
They were claiming that they were, Iraqis were getting these tubes just so they were only suited is what Condoleezza Rice said.
For use in centrifuges.
Well, at the time she and others were making that statement, they had 14 reports available to them behind the scenes.
And this is really undisputed.
It's a fact.
These are facts found in the Senate report that talked about these tubes.
And 12 of them said that this is highly controversial, whether they could be used at all.
And then six of those reports said
From our own nuclear lab experts and so forth, and the State Department, said they couldn't possibly be used for nuclear centrifuges.
They were too long, too wide, they had a coating, and they matched exactly the kind of tubes that the Iraqis were getting for something else.
Then I heard Limbaugh and others just say they were tubes for missiles.
I mean, the propaganda is so childish, the level of propaganda they use, and the very same guy that wrote that with Judith Miller at the New York Times is the one last week that put out the report about Iran supplying the sophisticated devices, and that's now been debunked.
I mean, it's the same people!
Right, right, exactly.
And what's astounding about the New York Times is that they have this one article
In their, uh, the front of their paper, but then they have an editorial in their editorial page saying, you know, we shouldn't let the administration deceive us about the Iran war.
So I just don't even understand why they would print such an article.
Well, you got operatives there, and you got people that aren't operatives there, and sometimes the editor's out and misses a story that tells the truth and that makes it out to the people, but what should happen to the Bush administration
Could we see a state or federal grand jury start the ball rolling?
Should Congress have hearings like we did on Nixon?
What would you like to see happen?
That's exactly what we need to do.
And I explain that in the book.
I think the best model here is that we have to have hearings that are serious hearings with subpoenas and follow through if the administration doesn't comply.
And we have to do the same thing that happened in the Nixon era.
And what happened there, of course, is that the information was so compelling
But it did lead to the articles of MP10 and the Special Prosecutor.
But then they had to say, what did he know, when did he know it?
We have the neocons so arrogant, they're admitting everything!
I know.
Well, I mean, the thing about what did he know, when did he know it is exactly what I addressed at length in the book.
And it's a very readable book, and I think most people who read it come out
Being quite overwhelmingly and sadly convinced that... Do you think it'll be like Iran-Contra?
Do you think that Bush will escape prosecution or any of his minions will escape it?
You know, I really don't know.
I'm just still hoping that Congress will do its job, which it's supposed to do under the Constitution and conduct oversight.
The problem is they're bought up by the very same... most of the Democrats are bought up by the very same defense contractor lobbyist.
Right, I know that's a huge problem, but I still think that people have a say in this, and I just hope that people who want that to happen will continue to say it regardless of how successful they think it'll be, because if they don't say it, it definitely won't work.
And in closing, I interrupted you.
You say they'll come away from the book with what?
Well, the overwhelming and very sad conclusion that the President and his whole administration intentionally deceived the public about the war.
Elizabeth De La Vega,
Former Organized Crime Force Chief Investigator, San Jose Branch.
Former Federal Prosecutor.
The book, U.S.
vs. Bush, on bookstore shelves everywhere.
Thank you for spending time with us.
Thanks, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
You bet.
We'll come right back with your calls.
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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen Alex Jones here live with you.
David, Leslie, Joseph and others were going to your calls directly here in just a few minutes.
In a minute we're going to go to Dr. Deagle, who is a member of the Genesis Communications Network, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he would be joining the Genesis Network again this week.
He's got some breaking news he wanted to have a few minutes of time to discuss that I found to be quite interesting because I'd already seen some information on this out of James Weapons Quarterly.
And this concerns the Iraq-Iran situation in the coming invasion, two seconds to midnight, as Dr. Deagle puts it.
So we'll talk to him for a few minutes, then go to Joseph first.
He's at the end of the line, but he's on his own dime.
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All right, let's go ahead and go to Dr. Bill Deagle.
And Dr. Deagle, I'm glad you called in with this special report.
You're joining us via ISDN line from your home in Canada.
You've got some new developments concerning, we know China's been showing off their satellite obliterating particle beams.
We know they've got lots of asymmetrical warfare tools.
We know they've been giving a lot of those goodies to Iran.
Give us the new report.
Well, we're going to break the entire report.
Do we have Dr. Deagle with us?
Okay, Dr. Deagle, please tell us about the guest you've got coming up.
Okay, Will Thomas is going to be on in hour two of my show, which of course follows yours.
It'll be on stream number four today.
Will Thomas is the journalist that broke the Naval Intelligence Report on the Israeli attempt in the last few weeks to bomb Iran and return back by our jets.
But he was approached by some very high-level military intelligence that were extremely concerned over the fact that they literally Walmarted, in his words, the entire military and put in chips that are not hardened.
Now, as a physician, I worked as a civilian on Atmel Corporation, Colorado Springs, where they make these hardened ferromagnetic chips.
And what it means is that the Chinese have literally, with the intelligence knowing this now, demonstrated they can knock out all of our missiles, our ships, our guidance systems, our jets, everything.
Now, be clear, what is Mr. Thomas saying?
He's saying they can knock out the hardened chips?
Or they've also gone to chips that aren't properly shielded?
Well, what happens is they've literally gone... The hardened chips, basically, are not through all of our hardware.
And I remember, this is one of the problems we were dealing with back in the mid-90s when I worked at Colorado Springs with Atmel as one of their doctors taking care of their employees.
They had needed to literally replace billions and billions of chips and everything from vehicles to jet aircraft to electrical systems and in our ships and our aircraft carriers and the problem is the Chinese have literally taken over production even from places like Taiwan where they made military grade chips that were not going to fail but apparently are special defects that allow the Chinese to take out our chips and they've demonstrated apparently in their testing that they can now take out
Yes, we are.
Uh, and what type of weapons platforms?
Because I know all major... EMP type.
No, I understand they're EMP, but how is it delivered?
There's EMP bombs, EMP missiles.
The most powerful systems are large stationary or truck mounted systems that are line of sight.
I mean, what type of EMP... There's not just EMP, of course, there's also microwave weapon.
Yeah, I only talked for a few moments to Will.
We're going to break the whole story in an hour or two, but I understand that his intelligence sources are very concerned that the systems are now in place in Iran, that the Chinese are directly behind it, that what it will do is basically poke our eyes out and totally neutralize our armed forces, and the military, the senior military, are very freaked out by it, but the people on the ground, literally the runner,
We're good to go.
So he's saying it's not a system that can take out hardened chips, but that they've got weapons that will take out the chips that are conventional.
Right, and the problem is that what they've been doing is that the military has been buying literally from these open systems.
Well I know that's been a big problem.
They've also been buying from the EU subcontracts into Taiwan, Japan, and China.
That's the problem with having a super high-tech military.
They at least need to have redundant backup systems from the fighter jets to the tanks to the anti-missile systems to the missile systems and most of them do not have backup systems.
Right and this is the problem is what we call a daisy-chain effect where you might have say missile guidance system but the electrical power back on the
We're good to go!
Sure, they knock out any piece of the chain, they've knocked down the whole system.
Right, so all the details Will's going to give today, and he'll have the article up at willthomas.net on Monday.
He's the journalist who broke the story with his intelligence contacts about our jets turning back the Israeli bombers trying to bomb the Bushehr reactor on the Persian Gulf, as well as the city of Tehran.
Okay, Dr. Deagle, good to hear from you.
Appreciate the contact.
Take care, everyone, and keep tuned.
We're going to be releasing a lot more information in an hour or two.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Thank you, Dr. Deagle.
Let's now go ahead and go to Joseph in the United Kingdom.
Go ahead, sir.
Evening, Alex.
Good evening.
You know, this BBC program that's coming up on Sunday about 9-11 is going to tell us all how we're a bunch of crazy idiots.
You had a bit of input in this, so I'm right in thinking that they were making this program around about the 5th anniversary, is that right?
Right, well check this out basically, because for the 5th anniversary I attended a series of events down in London that were fairly well promoted, they were very high profile.
We had David Ray Griffin come to do a talk on a, I think it was the Saturday,
On a Sunday, we basically had a nightclub get-together with leaflets, all that kind of stuff.
On the Monday, we staged a demo outside the American Embassy.
There was plenty of media there, plenty of reporters.
And this is 9-11 Truth in England, yeah.
Yeah, there was David Shaler, there was Annie Machon, there was all the big people, Ian Crane.
I was there myself as well.
We had this demo outside the American Embassy.
Police with, um, well, machine guns, basically, um, you know, standing around us, you know, sort of giving us the intimidation tactics.
It was all done very professionally, but I can't think it's intimidating having that presence there.
But that's beside the point, anyway.
Um, we had this demo anyway, and we had an overwhelmingly positive response from the public.
Um, we travelled on the underground with our banners.
Again, it was mostly positive response.
And we went to the BBC headquarters,
Again, this is the morning of the 5th anniversary of 9-11.
And David, Shayla, and Annie-Michele, and I think a couple of other people actually went in basically to see if somebody would want to come out and cover this, because this is a big story.
We have a load of DVDs that I personally produce, and my web of directives is on some of the 9-11 Truth stuff that I've done.
Your phone's breaking up a bit.
Your phone's getting a little bit watery.
Specifically, just boil down what happened.
Yeah, basically we went into their headquarters and they weren't interested.
They didn't want to cover this.
So if they were supposedly filming a documentary about 9-11 truth and this was all going on and they knew that we had this going on in London itself, we were actually outside the BBC headquarters, why did they not want to know about this?
That would have been an interesting tie-in.
Very interesting.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and talk to David in Michigan.
David, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, how you doing?
It's off topic.
I want to talk about Pat Tillman.
I've done a lot of independent research on Pat Tillman in the past few weeks.
That's the football player that joined the Army Rangers and was killed by friendly fire in the Pentagon.
Tried to cover it up and claim he died battling Osama Bin Laden.
Correct, they gave him the Silver Heart for valor and combat, which is not supposed to go to victims of friendly fire.
But my theory is, and I think that quite frankly anybody who does any investigation, including the reporters who have studied it extensively, that it was not accidental, that there was intent.
I know, I've talked to Tillman's brother.
In fact, producer, try to get him on again.
He said he'd come on in a few months, maybe.
We've talked to Kevin Tillman.
Kevin Tillman is the only reason that Richard Scott, who did the first investigation, and Richard Scott, by the way, he's a captain in the Army, he's, by all accounts, an intelligent, you know, industrious, hard-working guy in the Army.
He did the first investigation of Pat into the death.
He said, quote-unquote, gross negligence, also, quote-unquote, criminal intent.
Now, that's not really mincing words when I say criminal intent.
Clearly, Pat was getting mad from what we know, and I've got to be very careful about this, because people involved aren't willing to go public with this.
No, no.
But there you have the report, and first it was he died charging into an Al-Qaeda nest, then it turned out there were no Al-Qaeda for hundreds of miles, no Al-Qaeda, no Taliban, and then it was basically that he was targeted, and then that he was mad about the missions, found out it was all a joke, found out they were just staging raids on things that didn't exist.
We've had Corey Rove, Luce Chain John, who was there in those operations staging
You know, with CNN, oh look, we found Al-Qaeda nest.
It was all made up.
And that Tillman was getting real mad because he was there to kill Al-Qaeda.
And then there was, of course, special forces colonels were going public at the time that they would target Al-Qaeda and be pulled off.
They'd capture Taliban generals.
They'd be ordered to release them.
The troops are getting mad on record about all the opium, that they're really there to guard the opium.
And they couldn't have Pat Tillman shooting his mouth off.
And there is some evidence that it could have been pal play.
You just read the first report.
I've read that report.
Oh, you read it.
I know Kevin's talked to Kevin Tillman.
I know I've done research, this is like six months ago, on this.
Specifically, so I can go pull it back up, where did you get that?
I've done all sorts of, I've basically looked at every single news article from the AP for ESPN.com did a terrific story, although ESPN's
They had their video report on it.
It was complete nonsense.
They had a computer graphic of all these Afghan bullets whizzing down at them.
Let me say this definitively.
There were no enemy forces nearby.
There were not a single bullet.
I understand.
Your phone was cutting out for a moment though.
Refresh my memory.
In fact, give me the Army Captain's name again because I do want to do a report on this and then go back over where specifically you saw that.
His name is Richard Scott.
He did the first investigation.
He's actually a high-riser.
He's a captain.
He's probably been higher than that now.
Are you on an IP phone?
Yes, I am.
This keeps cutting out.
Richard Scott, captain.
Where did you get that particular first filing?
I just saw mentions of that in the press.
You have the filing?
I have one for the San Francisco Chronicle, 925.05.
You know what, I'm going to have to put you on hold.
Get that from him when his phone gets better.
I just can't do it, folks, because it's too frustrating.
I appreciate good callers, but at the same time, when it's these IP phones, and I can't understand a word you're saying, I just can't deal with it.
Alright, yeah, I remember seeing that.
That's right, San Francisco Chronicle.
Get that headline from him because I don't want to just make that claim without having it.
I know we covered it months ago, probably six months ago, but let's pull it out again and maybe mention that in the third hour if we have time.
Yeah, and again, that's what the family is strongly suspecting.
And they know that they got reports from his buddies that Pat was getting real mad.
I mean, he gave up millions of dollars a year.
He thought we really were attacked.
He did what a patriot and a warrior would do.
And he got up there like all the other troops and found out it was all baloney.
It's not real, folks.
They're there to guard heroin to ship here to America so your daughter can become a junkie and then become a prostitute.
That's what it's all about.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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In the next hour, I want to play clips of Limbaugh on the new Fox comedy show with Ann Coulter to analyze the propaganda of the liberals.
You can go by their yardstick, they are liberals, on especially the finances of this country.
And we're going to get into
Oh, you videotaped the police speeding.
Well, that's stalking.
Watching us is stalking, but we're going to watch you.
We'll go over that report.
I also want to get your take on this big Orlando Sentinel article about the FBI informants founding and leading Nazi groups into black neighborhoods to terrorize them.
Again, to create the illusion of all this racism.
And to get hate crimes legislation passed, we'll be going over more of that.
There's a big stack of news here I haven't even glanced at here, that is, we haven't even covered it in a glancing blow.
I've certainly glanced at it, but we haven't even glanced off of it yet.
So we'll be going over all of that.
Right now, let's go to Leslie, then we'll go to Dustin in Germany and many others.
Leslie, in Canada, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hi, Alec.
First time caller.
I love you, man.
Welcome on board.
We love you, too.
As a Canadian, I don't know if Americans realize we have no constitutional firewalls.
You guys are our front line.
Canada is just wide open season for these New World Orders.
It is.
It's very bad.
Yeah, we have nothing to stop anything we've got.
You know, the Americans came up here with the Banff meeting.
You know, it's evolution by stealth.
It's treason in slow motion as far as I'm concerned.
Yeah, the North American Union, yeah.
Exactly, yeah.
You want to get ahold of Mel Hurti.
I contacted him and I sent you his phone number on your chip line.
It looked as though he would be interested in talking to you.
I introduced you guys to him.
I didn't talk to him personally, but he sent me an email.
That was one of the reporters that was at the meeting, right?
Well, he's actually with the National Party, and he's the one that blew the whistle on the BAMF meeting.
Yeah, I told my producer I wanted him on Mel Hurtig.
Also, we were going through our old VCR stuff on 9-11, and we gleaned out some interesting information.
There's only two networks in Canada, CBC and CTV.
And the main anchor is Lloyd Robertson.
I'll just read you four lines here if you're interested.
He actually admits to seeing the first plane just like Bush.
And this was on the afternoon or evening of September 11th.
Do me a favor, because they read all your mail up there, and now Bush admits they read the mail here too, it's part of being in a free society.
Label it something like Bambi, or label it something like Super Bowl, or Hockey, and then mail it, and just don't say Alex Jones, say like Kevin Smith or something, or say Aaron Dykes or something, and then just give my address.
Well, because they do go through everything.
It's, again, part of the freedom.
And mail me that.
I'd love to get that.
Like the video footage?
Yes, it would be very useful.
We always find new stuff.
We're going to try to get it on to CB off of VCR.
I can just read it for your listeners, if you're interested.
It's very short.
Sure, go ahead.
Okay, here it goes.
A night of reflection for all of us, to consider the fragility of life and deed and
you in an instant he snaps his fingers as we saw this morning when we saw that plane fly into the World Trade Center bang that was the beginning of it there were two two more after that another one at the World Trade Center another one at the Pentagon and then the plane that went down in Pennsylvania which was apparently so we're told being diverted from another target
And this is Lloyd Robertson on September 11th, CTV, America Under Attack, it's called.
So there's actually a second point there.
He admits to someone telling him that the Pennsylvania plane was diverted from another target, which is kind of interesting also.
Well, also, just everybody needs to get old tapes they've got, and don't think for a second that we've seen it all.
Every time somebody gets a tape off the shelf at CNN going, we're being told to get back, the government's going to bring down Building 7,
I mean, just these gems keep popping out every day like they're being dropped by leprechauns.
Another one on tape, I would try to get a cleaner view of it.
When we're switching back and forth from one channel to another, Giuliani and his police chief,
Just as we switch to the station, a reporter asked the police chief about the rumors about bombs in the buildings.
And just like anything, when your eye follows the wrong part of the video, when you actually examine Giuliani's face, he starts smiling.
And then he purses his lip to stop the smile and try to wipe the smile off.
I've gotta have that.
Are you kidding?
I'm salivating.
Stay there.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We were just talking to a crawler who lives in Canada who was taping CTV and CBC, their two big channels.
He was talking about audio of the press reporters asking the police chief about bombs going off and Giuliani smirking.
Apparently getting his composure.
I'd love to have that tape.
And then you were making another good point, which I had seen.
No elevators in Tower 1 or 2 went all the way up and all the way down.
There were three different levels.
They were staggered.
And so there were explosions in the bottom before the buildings collapsed and the government said, well, that's because elevator shafts fell from the top to the bottom.
You wanted to make that point.
Go ahead.
Well, we haven't confirmed it, but it's one of the books that we read.
No, I've seen models of the building.
That's true.
Yeah, exactly.
And you've got those those two upper, they call them foyers, or it's like like like double high.
The elevator shafts are divided into three sections.
And so there's no such thing as an elevator going from top to bottom to my understanding.
But yeah, the Giuliani, it's cute.
It's just like when we watch the towers collapsing and the cores are left.
We don't look at the smoke originating from the cores, which are still standing.
And if you start looking at that, you realize that there's all sorts of things going on with the reporters, you know, asking
Thank you.
I need you to help me out on something, man.
We got a live one here.
I got a friend of mine on, uh, back home.
She's 22 years old, and she's got breast cancer.
She doesn't have any family history other than nothing.
Just popped up on her.
She just put this, uh, gave me this bulletin on my little MySpace thing about this HPV vaccine, where she's going on and on about how it's
She's so great and she's telling all her friends and everybody needs to repost this.
I've seen her stuff before.
She's with me on the 9-11 and New World Order and all that, but I can't get her... I don't know a lot about the vaccine.
How many years old?
She's 22.
And she's already got breast cancer!
She's got breast cancer!
No one should have their girls...
Drinking out of plastic cups and we all do it.
We can't stop so everybody's going to die basically.
It's filled with dioxin and accelerates their hormonal development and it causes big problems.
So do the different birth control pills.
So do a lot of things.
And a lot of times too they over-diagnose breast cancer now and just cut out non-cancerous fatty tissues that normally develop in breast.
And so there's a lot of things going on, and it's just horrible what's happening to our women.
We need to keep them off the hormone beef and chicken.
That also, with the growth hormone and steroids, is really screwing women up.
It makes the boys effeminate, and it makes the females super feminine.
That's why women in the past went into puberty at the average of 13.
Now it's down to like 11.
Some girls 8 years old are doing it.
So if you love your girls, mothers and fathers out there, if you care about them, you'll stop giving them fast food, you'll stop eating hormone food, and
You'll stop having them drink out of the plastic.
Towards an article or something about this HPV vaccine.
Well, I mean, do a Google search, sir.
Do you ever do that?
I mean, yeah, but like, uh, you know, I typed in, uh, asking if there's mercury in it and all that.
Yeah, you know, stay there, sir.
We're gonna need to talk on the other side of this break.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Right now.
We'll continue with phone calls throughout this hour, cover a bunch of news, and play several different key audio clips as we track the mainstream controlled media.
Dustin called in for stations that don't carry the first five minutes of every hour.
We do that live for stations that don't want the news.
If you do carry it, c'est la vie, that's fine.
Let me just recap.
He called in and he said he's got a friend in the U.S.
He's over in Germany.
I don't know if he's in the military or in business.
Probably military.
We'll ask him in a second.
And he said she's 22, got breast cancer, and she's heard about this new papillomavirus, live cancer virus vaccine.
And she's emailing all her friends.
She's picked up on
The big pharmacological companies push.
They've got women out hyping and kind of like a Lance Armstrong thing.
We're fighting back.
And you can send her the Washington Times.
You can send her the Associated Press.
There were a bunch of... We did never write an article.
This office should have, but we only have about four writers, and they all have other duties.
I did do, I don't know, two weeks ago when this broke, several multi-hour discussions of it.
So you need to go, in fact I know on YouTube folks took those and broke those down into ten minute sections so I would just YouTube Alex Jones and hit a date added for the most recent then I'd look back about two weeks say a couple hundred clips down because there's probably 10-15 a day with people are putting stuff up I appreciate that it's very effective thank you doing stuff this office doesn't have time to do.
to get the word out and fight very effective InfoWarriors.
You can send her a bunch of YouTube clips where I break that down.
You can email those to her or you could transcribe what I've said if you want to give her an article but you can find the CDC and other groups saying that it and the American Medical Association even though they're normally on the payroll of big pharma saying listen this isn't been tested properly yet we have approved this for experimental use
But it is causing seizures and autoimmune diseases and a lot of problems.
It's a live virus, cultured live.
And even if you don't think they're trying to do something bad on purpose, there are lots of mutations and DNA fragments and microplasms and things associated with these live virus vaccines.
And so it is the cancer virus.
It's just had its DNA chopped.
A piece of its DNA core inside its protein injector vehicle has been altered.
Viruses are like little computers, little living computers, and they are like craft.
They go in and plug in, go through the cell, and then generally have the cell mass replicate.
Most cancer is caused by viruses.
I've been talking about that since I got on air 12 years ago.
People laugh at me, but I was reading scientific literature, mainstream scientific literature.
That is what's triggering a lot of it, and then your body, your immune system gets out of whack, either jacked up too high or too low.
And so we can't effectively deal with it.
But you can just do a Google search.
Let's go to Dustin.
Dustin, I mean, you said you need me to help you out here.
I've probably done six, seven hours the last two weeks all together on different programs we've done where I've laid out and read news articles.
And then I get emails from people saying, Hey, look at this website.
They say you're lying or you've unsubstantiated that
That Rick Perry is on the Merck payroll, and that his former chief of staff is on the Merck payroll, and the women's group in Texas, headed up by a legislator, is on Merck payroll.
It's all in the Associated Press.
I mean, I don't have to, after I source something five or six times, after that I just say, and the press report it.
It's like in a couple days I'm going to say, look at what happened in Georgia, these people just videotaped the police, and so now they're being charged with stalking.
Well, I want to see your proof of that!
Well, today it's the Daily Tribune and several other publications, but in a month I may not even remember which publication.
I've got a pretty darn good memory, not as good as it used to be.
Look at it two ways.
I've got brain cells dying, which, you know, accelerates after the age of 30, or there's just too much up there, too much data.
But are you there, Dustin?
Yeah, I hear you.
I mean, what do you need from me?
What can I do for you?
I mean, it's been in the news that it's got serious adverse reactions.
It's been all over the news that they didn't take the mercury out of the vaccines.
They've actually increased the amount of mercury in vaccines.
And then, through federal regulation, told companies they would like them to make available limited lots of non-mercury vaccine.
Well, I mean, she's hyping it pretty hard.
I mean, she put it on... Well, good for her, man!
She's already got breast cancer.
Okay, so she thinks the government's good?
She thinks it's good?
Yeah, she's scared to death.
You know what I mean?
Some people are gonna... I just wanted to... What?
You said Washington Post and Associated Press.
I'll look them up.
And, uh, you know... I'm looking for... I'll tell you what, let me try to give you the exact...
The exact headline.
Let me think back to the one about the CDC and other watchdog groups reporting on the virus.
It was the Washington Times was one of them.
And the headline was, uh, groups warn of dangers of vaccines, I believe, or warn of bad reactions from vaccines.
Just type in bad reactions, adverse reactions, and then the name of the vaccine.
Alright, yeah, I'll make that happen.
Yeah, you know, I'm really worried, you know, cause like, you know, she's thinking this is like the golden miracle cure for cancer, you know what I mean?
And she already, she hasn't even questioned why she got cancer at such a young age with no family history.
Autism's up tens of thousands of times, cancer's up thousands of times, so it ain't gonna get worse.
I mean, hell, half of us are going to all have it soon and we're all going to be walking around going, I wonder where it's coming from?
And then you go, listen, I've got New York Times, I've got Washington Post, I've got stacks of original news articles.
Headline, John D. Rockefeller funds eugenics and sterilization, funds vaccine programs.
They studied how to put cancer in vaccines in the 20s.
And then they brought up all the big cancer hospitals and it went from 80 year olds getting it and it being very rare to basically everybody's got it.
It's like getting a cold now.
It's gonna get a lot worse.
It's the eugenics program.
They're killing us now!
You're damn right, man.
Wait till you see this new film I'm making.
I appreciate the call.
I mean, it just makes my head spin.
That's what makes me so mad at people that have forced me to get diverted off of this film, but it doesn't matter.
Now that I'm committed to it, I'm just going into it with full gusto.
Unlike people out there that take great pleasure in this, I take great disgust in it.
But if you're gonna do a job, you gotta do it all the way, legally.
And I part with large sums of money quite easily.
Oh yeah.
Okay, let's, a lot of research goes into it, a lot of preparations.
Make sure you get the truth down just right before all those depositions start.
I'm sorry, I'm digressing, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm digressing.
Okay, let's go ahead and go to Mark in Florida.
Mark, you're on the air.
Thank you.
Alex, I commend you, first of all, for all your great work over the years.
Long-term listener, a long-term patriot.
You mentioned the Orlando Sentinel article.
I just needed to know
I'm at my mom's in Florida and we have no internet.
Yeah, but see, I'm not mad at you, but you're seeing a problem I'm getting into, because I put the info out, and then I've got to repeat it over and over again and have it at my fingertips.
It's yesterday's Orlando Sentinels, today's AP, another Orlando Sentinel today.
I think my guy took it out of here.
Because he had it writing notes on it while we were in studio.
I just can't help you, sir.
It's all over the news, fake, that the FBI informant created the Nazi march.
I set it up.
Today is for today, sir.
It's a whole bunch of news articles.
I think I've seen five, and they're all on my websites right now.
Okay, thank you very much.
And don't feel bad for asking.
It's getting to where every call, and then I have decent
Organizational skills?
It's just, I get, if I sound like I'm griping, it's because I can't find it when I want to find it.
They listen on the internet in the other room.
That's about a minute and a half delay.
They'll come running in here any second.
I'll give it to you later in the show.
Just keep listening.
The headline was, just type this in, FBI informant
Led or set up a Nazi rally.
I think that's the exact headline.
Okay, shifting gears.
I'm going to continue with your calls, but I need to get to some news first.
Magistrate judged to decide if couple will be prosecuted for stalking officer.
A Bartow County couple will go before a magistrate judge today to see if they will be arrested
For allegedly stalking a Kennesaw police officer for installing cameras to track neighborhood speeders.
That's right.
And last time we heard, as of this morning, they were going to issue the arrest, but now this just came in.
Kennesaw officer withdraws complaint against the Sipples family, but we're going to be getting them on next week.
We're now in contact.
with them through the reporter but but again this goes to the psychology of police judges in the system so I want to spend some time on this and walk through it.
Here it is!
I found it!
And then here's the other article.
This was Orlando Sentinel, Thursday, February 15th.
Orlando Sentinel, Thursday, February 15th.
As soon as I wasn't looking for this it was in the other stack.
I saw it sticking out.
I literally had like a hundred articles today, okay?
I got it already, Kevin.
Thanks, I found it.
They finally got the delay and got in there with it.
No, I've got it right here.
Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant.
Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant.
Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant.
Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant.
Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant.
We'll be right back.
Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant.
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A fractional reserve system means only a small portion of your deposit is held in reserve for immediate withdrawal.
Deficit spending will skyrocket through FDIC if the government is forced to insure deposits during a bank run followed by a depressed economy.
A current effort is underway by the Fed along with other central banks to increase liquidity for depositors.
However, an increase in money supply without equal expansion in productivity can cause inflation.
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And here we are with season tickets on the 50-yard line.
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Somebody said he came from New Orleans, where he got in a fight over a Cajun queen and a crashing blow from a huge right hand sent a Louisiana fella to the promised land, Big John.
Welcome back!
Big John!
Big John!
Alright, I was being obnoxious earlier reading that headline over and over again, but there is the headline, Neo-Nazi Rally was organized by FBI informant, and there's several other headlines.
Just type that into Google, click news, or do it on Yahoo, and you'll find a whole bunch.
There's like four or five articles by this morning.
I wasn't looking that hard.
So, they're up there.
It's there for you.
Getting back to this other subject, remember Kelly Rushing in Lyon County, Kentucky?
And even when I saw this in a local newspaper, I couldn't believe it.
Kelly Rushing, regular listener, called before.
But four or five years ago, I still didn't know half as much as I do now.
And this stuff wasn't as common.
But on the same VHS tape, first was Ron Paul, and that entered into court.
They said that was criminal.
The congressman running for president.
He'll be in the presidential debates.
Vietnam veteran.
Most conservative voting record.
Gave a speech called Neokind.
Where they laid out the police state takeover program and how the neocons are really trotskyites from the documents, from their books they've published.
And then there was also a road to tyranny on after it.
And he gave it to a state police officer.
And the next day the officer pulled him over, waiting for him down the street, pulled him over and put him in handcuffs, said you're being arrested for giving me that video, that's a threat to officers.
And he called his wife and he laughed.
Ruining somebody's life is fun.
It's no big deal when you're a sociopath.
Think about the disconnect.
A normal person doesn't want to hurt innocent people.
And he just said, I've got the videotape bandit in the back right now.
They took him.
They charged him.
And with three charges.
They said the two charges from the videotape, from Ron Paul and myself,
And the third charge was, he said, you threatened me with that video.
And he said, no sir, I care about you.
I thought you'd love your family and you'd want to... And this all came out in court, you know, because the cop was recording it.
He thought this was evidence.
That's how brainwashed they are.
Kelly Russian going, I just thought you'd want to know this for your family's safety and for the country.
Oh, another threat!
Another threat!
Well, they played it for the jury.
The jury didn't buy it.
Found him not guilty.
And then the harassment started.
It was hellish.
And there have been so many cases of this.
You hear about them all the time.
You're wearing a shirt that says, Peace on Earth.
They decide in a shopping mall it's anti-war.
You're arrested.
You're the head town's lawyer.
Or you get arrested for videotaping the cops.
Or it just goes on and on.
And this goes back ten years, and I know not to interfere with police activities.
So I'll be fifty, a hundred yards away when they've got some checkpoint shooting video down over the road at them off of access, you know, some car dealership or some other parking lot.
You've seen it in Police State 2000 where the cops run over.
What are you doing, felon?
Stop that!
What are you doing?
And I go, I'll do whatever I want!
At that point, I get in their face.
Because they're trying to violate my precious First Amendment that our veterans have fought and died for.
I'm talking about veterans in 1776, in a real war for liberty.
And so I've experienced it personally.
And so many times, Mike Hanson or others will be out videotaping the cops run over.
Say the exact same thing.
They had troops one time doing drills at the old airport.
Mike's across the street, not even up against the airport fence, videotaping the cop runs over, TURN THAT OFF RIGHT NOW!
No, I'm sorry, you're not God.
Somebody told you you were, but you're not.
In this press report out of Georgia, this officer and others have been speeding around the neighborhood and the family got tired of it.
They got tired of speeders.
And once you have children, I remember people yelling at me when I drive just a few miles too fast when I was a teenager and I'd get mad at them.
Now I understand.
Somebody goes blasting through your neighborhood, you want to clomber them.
Now I just drive a neighborhood just looking for little kids.
Because, you know, I've got that on my mind and I'm worried about it.
But, uh, Kennesaw officer withdraws complaint after, uh, against Sipples.
But let's go to the first article.
I got so flustered with that other story.
Here it is.
When we get back, I'll go over it.
Magistrate judge decide a couple will be prosecuted for stalking officer.
Stalking the officer mounting video cameras on their house.
Well, if that's the case, I'm stalking everybody.
I got cameras bristling on this office in my home.
It's like a porcupine or something.
You fight fire with fire.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, welcome back.
We've got about 27 minutes left.
I've got several audio clips I want to play, and a bunch of calls I want to get to, but let me just finish up with this story out of Georgia.
A Bartow County couple will go before a magistrate judge today to see if they will be arrested for allegedly stalking a Kennesaw god, I added that, police officer, by installing cameras to track neighborhood speeders.
Lee and Teresa Sepple,
Spent $1,200 mounting three video cameras and a radar speed unit outside their home, which is at the bottom of a hill.
They have said they did so in hopes of convincing neighbors to slow down to create a safe environment for their son.
The Simples allegedly caught Kennesaw Police Officer Richard
Perrone, speeding up to 17 miles over the speed limit.
Perrone alerted Bartow authorities, who in turn visited the Sibyl's home, to tell them that Perrone intended to press charges against them for stalking.
And it went before the judge, and the cop dropped it, because he came to his senses.
They didn't in Lyon County, Kentucky.
I talked to the judge on the phone.
I called him one Saturday.
And he said, well, I'm not going to talk about the case, but yeah, you read the paper, it's a real case, we're just going ahead.
And they, I had court watchers on the show, remember?
I mean, they came in and said, yep, here's the video of a congressman giving a speech, and here's this other video, and this is anti-law enforcement, and thus it's illegal.
It's threatening to the officer.
Officer got up and tried to send him to jail for two years on each count of harassment and stalking.
It would have been over six years in the state pen.
And then poor Kelly Rushing.
When it first happened, I called random numbers.
It's a small town.
You know Kelly Rushing?
What type of person is he?
I know his mom and daddy, and he owns a business.
Really nice man.
Does he go to church?
Is he upstanding in the community?
They're one of the best families around here.
My point is, is that just nice people absolutely like you to have this video.
Oh my gosh, I'm arresting you!
I mean, they're ready to put us in camps, folks.
They're ready to line us up.
They'll do whatever they're told, most of them.
I mean, they're cult members.
I mean, they think in America... Well, look at my film Road to Tyranny, pre-911.
The clip in there is from 2000, where they pull over a naval veteran, no criminal record.
Basically, Amish that drive cars.
I guess you could call her kind of Mennonite.
Mennonite Light.
And they find pocket constitution in the back of the car, and man, it's all over.
They're like, this, this, I think this is illegal.
Is this illegal?
And the other cop goes, I think she might be allowed to have that.
You idiots!
You swore an oath to that, you morons!
That is the soul of America!
And you think it's illegal?
This is some kind of paraphernalia!
I ought to get the audio of that and play it on the air.
This is some kind of paraphernalia!
Look at all this!
Here's the Police State 2000 in here!
There's a... There's a Patriot Games!
He also had a Patriot Games movie.
That's really evil, folks.
Oh my gosh.
And we see it all over... Remember the Tennessee case where the upstanding, you know, the big timber company there in town?
He got divorced and...
We had him on the air and he talked about how his ex-wife was involved in drugs and had all these convictions and things.
And he went in and the judge did nothing and gave his kids to her.
So he put a sign up saying, our court system is a joke.
The judge saw it and sent deputies to arrest him.
Now, those deputies shouldn't have followed that illegal order, but at least they said, we apologize, but we've been ordered to do this.
And he was telling them as they put him in handcuffs, guys, you're going to get in trouble.
Last time I heard that judge was getting suspended.
By the state higher courts that oversee that.
But again, the judge, the cops, they have been exercising undue power and tyranny so long.
I mean, in New York City, the cops just run up screaming at you when you've got a video camera out.
They don't even know who you are.
They just start screaming and saying, I can arrest you for the same thing in England.
They come up and threaten to arrest you.
It's all over, but they've got cameras on us!
They've got microphones on us!
They're data mining us!
They've got databases that are illegal on us!
But don't you videotape them!
No, no, no!
That's stalking!
I'd recommend to everybody, you can do it remotely.
It's pretty inexpensive.
Put in a wireless camera.
I'd put one inside your house, in your foyer.
I'd put one hidden in a plant or hidden under an eave.
It's pretty inexpensive to do.
And then it goes to a remote location over phone lines or over digital lines where the power's off, it doesn't turn off.
For a couple, maybe a hundred bucks more, you got a little battery backup.
And that sucker's hidden, most gun shops do this now, for the BATF.
They have hidden cameras in the walls.
One place I know they got a bass on the wall and it's eyes the camera.
And then the crooks come in and start talking about how they're going to steal the guns for themselves, and how much money they're going to make off of it.
They don't get in trouble once it comes out, but at least it makes them back off on the case.
Because they're so criminal now, on average, that you surveil them back, you're going to catch them in dirty work.
You're going to catch them red-handed.
But here's another example out of the Daily Tribune on this.
The Kennesaw officer, I guess, finally came back to reality.
Kennesaw officer who sought the arrest of a Bartow County couple in regard to them recording his vehicle with a camera and radar gun dropped his complaint Wednesday in Bartow Magistrate Court.
See, you want to do it to us, but you don't want it done to you, do you?
Officer Richard Perrone alleged that Lee and Teresa Sippel stalked him after they purchased 1,200 in video surveillance and radar equipment that allegedly tracked Perrone speeding past their home, which lies at the end of a steep hill up to 17 miles over the speed limit.
The Sippels have emailed Perrone several times in regard to the matter.
And see, they didn't go... that was their mistake.
They didn't go complain to the police chief.
They thought they could talk to him as human beings.
Hey, we got a little boy that plays out by the road, and we put this up to stop everybody speeding.
We're really tired of it.
And they probably should have approached the city about putting speed bumps in.
We did that and got them put in.
It's just amazing.
But the story here is that he wanted them to go to jail.
And he'll sleep good at night sending people to prison!
I mean, he'll sleep good, folks!
But Kelly Rushing made the mistake of, he went over and apologized to the state trooper after he was found not guilty.
He said, he called in that afternoon after the case and said, and he said he walked up and said, I'm real sorry about all this trouble.
I just want to be friends.
The officer wouldn't shake his hand.
Walked away and the harassment started.
And I told Kelly, I said, you made a big mistake.
I said, that's not going to help you.
That's going to be seen as weakness.
And sure enough,
He and his friend would go ride their horses.
The cops would be waiting at the end of the street.
They claimed DWI on a horse.
They beat that.
Constantly being pulled over.
Car being searched.
That's how America works, folks.
You need to know that.
Now, not all police are like that.
But more and more of them are.
And the ones that act like that get promoted.
And the judges act like this is normal.
Alright, I think I've been ranting enough on that subject so far.
Right now, let's go ahead and go to Lou Dobbs.
This is part two on the illegal aliens getting the bank accounts, housing loans, car loans with no ID.
Now, they don't need any ID.
That was in the original AP article.
This one claims they need a consular matricula, but these things literally come in Cracker Jacks boxes.
Anybody can get one.
So, but oh don't worry the cops got databases on you and are going to arrest you for videotaping them.
Here it is.
There's rising outrage tonight over Bank of America's shocking plan to offer bank accounts and credit cards to illegal aliens in this country.
Many in Congress say simply it is a dangerous precedent posing serious security risks to the nation.
Kitty Pilgrim reports.
Los Angeles County, one of the largest concentrations of illegal aliens in the country.
Bank of America is reaching out to the community to help people open bank accounts and then qualify for a credit card.
The Bank of America is tapping a resource of people in our country and knowing that they deal only on the cash economy is going after that money and making a profit off it, making a profit off of illegal entry into the United States.
For identification, Bank of America accepts the ITIN, a taxpayer ID number that illegal aliens commonly use instead of a social security number.
Officials at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency confirm today that an ITIN, along with name, address, and date of birth, is allowed to open a bank account.
The bank then has to verify the information with another government issued photo ID document.
But that document can be issued by any government.
So illegals often use matricular consular issued by the Mexican government.
Easily forged or available on the black market.
No passport is required.
No visa is required.
And once a bank account is opened, ID does not have to be rechecked for a credit card.
The office of Senator Richard Shelby, the ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee, released this statement today.
Senator Shelby wants to ensure the financial services industry is not offering products or services that facilitate, encourage, or even reward illegal immigration.
51 branches of Bank of America in Los Angeles County are launching the promotion.
The Bank of America is saying, I don't care what our immigration laws are.
There's a niche market here and we're going to go after it.
Bank of America says they are simply going after an existing customer base in the Los Angeles area.
Now, officials at the Government Regulator of National Banks, the OCC, said they have no position on whether banks should allow illegal aliens to open checking accounts or have credit cards, adding that's an immigration issue.
That's the worst kind of obfuscation and spin on the part of people who know far better.
It's remarkable.
I do want to say one thing about Bank of America.
As you know, Kitty don't like
I try never to call anybody a name.
Now, last night I said a spokesperson for B of A and going through some nonsense claptrap about trying to rationalize this ridiculous decision.
I said that person was an idiot.
And what I really meant to say is what that person said was idiotic.
And so I want to apologize to that person.
I called an idiot.
I just meant that that person was speaking idiotically.
Kitty, thank you very much.
President Bush used his news conference today to once again push his amnesty agenda for illegal aliens to give citizenship to 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country.
President Bush claimed again, the only way to have effective security along our border, now let me repeat this, the only way to have effective security along our border with Mexico is to give illegal aliens the right to live and work legally in this country.
We need a temporary worker program so that people don't try to sneak in the country to work, that they can come in an orderly fashion and take the pressure off the Border Patrol agents that we've got out there.
So that the Border Patrol agents don't focus on workers that are doing jobs Americans aren't doing, but are focusing on terrorists and criminal elements, gun runners, to keep both our countries safe.
Did the President mention drug smugglers?
Like the one given immunity to testify against the Border Patrol?
President Bush and Open Borders advocates are trying very hard to revive the so-called comprehensive immigration reform legislation that died in our last Congress.
We'll see what happens.
Outraged tonight over the National Football League's decision to reject an ad from the U.S.
Border Patrol for its Super Bowl program.
The NFL claimed the recruitment ad was, quote, too controversial and that didn't want to enter into the national immigration debate.
That's right, can't have an ad to recruit more Border Patrol.
And then they gave Border Patrol $24,000 a year starting pay raises to go be marshals.
And actually, if you look at it, it lowered some of the pay grades for the Border Patrol with the toughest job in law enforcement.
No debating that.
Except maybe for SWAT teams.
For the amount of action they actually see.
Alright, I wrote a bunch of notes on that Lou Dobbs piece we're analyzing.
It's just amazing to have the federal government, number one, says it's okay for them to not have an ID to do this.
Then they go on to talk about there's no more than 51 branches doing it in LA.
That's a lot of doing it right here in Austin for years.
This is the first time I've seen in the piece they show video of Wells Fargo, but they don't talk about Wells Fargo.
They're doing more of this for at least three years than I know of.
They got awards from Vicente Foxer in Austin on that in 2004.
So it's not 51 branches, folks.
That's another piece of propaganda.
And then you hear Bush's little clip, Bush there in the press conference, talking about how we don't need the Border Patrol stopping people that just want to work, who do jobs that Americans aren't doing.
They're not doing it because they can't get the jobs.
Many of these meat packing plants, it's all illegal alien workers except for the managers.
And they don't want you on the job if you're not.
And this has been in the news about people in LA and other areas where if you don't speak Spanish, you can't now work as a chef.
You can't be in the kitchen.
So Bush repeated that.
This is the North American Union, period.
His guest worker program is the North American Union ID card that's in the SPP.gov documents that were already public.
Even more has come out now in the foyer.
Releases that Judicial Watch got released in the last month.
It's just
I wrote even more notes.
I don't have time to get to it all.
I want to take a few final calls here in the final segment that's coming up.
I may not do those, though.
I may play this ridiculous Rush Limbaugh Fox TV show piece just to analyze some of the propaganda.
But before I do that, who knows?
I'll probably get to your calls.
By announcing I may not, though, maybe I'll just hang up.
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We'll be right back.
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I think this song says it all.
The New World Order and all their minions and all their control freaks and all the abusers that work within its system.
You're going to be watching everything you do.
Get ready callers, I'm going to run through your calls very fast.
Just got to let Sting have a few seconds.
All right, let's blast through your phone calls.
You'll be each caller in about 40 seconds.
Let's go ahead and talk to Linda in Kentucky.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex?
Gosh, I'm just flustered.
I can't believe I'm on live.
Thank you.
I'll go ahead.
I just woke up.
I knew about the border, and I'd known about a lot of things for many years, for about 12 years, but I just woke up.
And, uh, I want to ask you about the urban assault systems.
And, uh, they kind of remind me of the videos that we saw of the people that would be held hostage, like, over in Iraq.
They were, you know, at the... What was the guy that they blew up here?
Um, Zarqali?
You know, where they would hold... Like, you know, they took a woman or something, and they held... And you would see these guys in black... black masks.
And you know what I'm talking about, the Urban Assault System?
The gear?
Don't they resemble each other?
Yeah, it's all very important.
Well, I think you need to talk more about this because a lot of us are waking up
And it's a big shock.
Well, I'm going to be on the radio 4 to 6 p.m.
this Sunday.
If you get a chance, call in.
I'll give you more time.
Good to have you on board.
Congratulations on waking up, and thanks for holding.
Let's talk to Paula in Florida.
Quickly, Paula, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, hon.
Remember what you said last week?
You said that when God hears from us, He'll heal our land?
That's exactly what's going on right now, is that He's hearing from us.
You know what I'm saying?
And the churches tell you don't do that.
No, no, no.
You can't turn things around.
Just lay down to evil.
No, that's a lie.
But anyway, I don't want to let you know what I've been up to.
I've been on the phone to some attorneys.
I want everybody to hear this.
It's about the Merck report you've been talking about.
I got ahold of an attorney, a big law firm, and they said, Paula, thank you.
They're going to do it.
Okay, great, Paula.
I actually have Papantonio, the big guy that
I sued a bunch of big companies into oblivion, including Merck.
He'll be joining us to talk about the cancer virus situation next Tuesday.
Let's talk to Rob.
Rob, where are you calling us from?
North of Toronto, Canada.
How are you doing?
Just wanted to comment on the absolutely absurd proposition that the plane strikes and fires resulted in the near free fall, you know, explosive destruction of those buildings.
You know, the record of how they went down, I mean, that's preserved in perpetuity.
So, you know, anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of physical laws can't help but... The steel and concrete was aerosolized.
Jetfield doesn't do that.
Yeah, and it went down at the rate of practically freefall.
There was no resistance encountered at all.
Which is absurd.
You know, you've got the building exploding outwardly from the top down, leaving pretty much nothing but atmosphere above the remaining structure.
And you've got blast squibs a second before the collapse begins.
Yeah, and the building was tapered ever thicker towards the bottom.
It upheld everything that was above it throughout the lifetime of the building.
Call me back Sunday or Monday, we'll talk about it.
Sorry to cut you off, Rob.
All these great callers.
Matt in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, it's a pleasure to talk to you, Alex.
Just wanted to commend you on your work with promoting Ron Paul for presidency of 2008.
We're trying our best.
We're glad you're on the team.
Yeah, and I was also going to ask you if you have heard of and what your ideas and possible outcomes are on the new assault weapon ban proposed by Representative Carolyn McCarthy from New York.
Well, I mean, Giuliani says he wants to ban guns.
It'll be held as conservative.
If you're not for gun control, you're illiberal.
It's the new paradigm, the new freedom.
We're out of time.
Sorry to Jeff in Oklahoma.
If you call me back next week, I'll put you in front of the line or call me this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
God bless you all.
Take care.
Have a great weekend.
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